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The Pool Party

from the bed with wide, confused eyes, still dressed in the pink
top and miniskirt in which she had left the pool party. The ... at the pool party. That was the same. But
everything else... it was like night and day. This Jennifer - the
one who opened the ... ... Continue»
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The Pool Party

When I woke up the next morning, Brian was waking up. His dick was hard and I was ready to have him cum in my mouth. I wiggled around and began to suck his dick. Brian was rubbing my slit back and forth and making sure he rims his finger around my asshole. I was sucking him fast and hard, when he said that he wants to fuck me. I crawled on top, slid my pussy on him. Brian pulled me to his chest, kissed me passionately and fucked my pussy hard.

We must have woke Timmy with the movement from the bed. To me, Timmy's hard on looked bigger than it was last night. He stroked a few times, pulled his dick to my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes, then I told him to slide that big think into my ass. I looked at Brian for his approval. Brian was nodding with a big smile, he said that he loves how his slut likes to be fucked in both holes.

I had Timmy grab the lube, put some in my hole and slide himself in. The three of us moaned loudly and we all enjoyed the fucking. Timmy fucked my ass hard, slipping out a few times, then back in. Brian said he was ready to cum and asked where I wanted it. I told him, I want both of them to cum in my mouth. Timmy and Brian both pulled out of me, I lay on my back as each of them stroked their cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop.

The three of us, showered and got dressed in our swimwear. Brian tied my bottoms, Timmy the top. Very erotic, having both of them tie me up.

Once out by the pool, Scotty has started the bbq grill, he said he wants to have some fun too and not to be at the grill all day. Timmy and Brian vacuumed the pool, blew up the toys and mowed the grass. I was in the kitchen making dips and getting the rest of things together for the crowd.

Daddy came in to see me at the counter cleaning the carrots and cucumbers before slicing them. He grabbed one of the carrots, took a bite off and slid it between my legs. I had spread my legs a bit, daddy then slid the carrot in my pussy. The coldness felt great in my hot hole. Daddy asked if I liked it and if I wanted him to continue. Stupid question. Daddy lifted me to the counter, pulled my panty to the side and fucked my hole with the carrot. Making sure, he pulled it out to suck my cum from it and back in again.

One of my girlfriends walked in, seen what daddy was doing, then snuck out to the patio. She told Brian what I was doing. Brian laughed and said that daddy and I fuck around all the time and that it was ok. A few more people walked in the kitchen, some of them stayed and watched, the others went outside to mingle. Once I was having an orgasm, daddy bent down to lick me dry and my friends applauded.

Daddy went to his office and told us to have a good time. I went outside, turned the music up and got me a drink. The party was going strong, when a few of the guys, lifted the girls on their shoulders for a chicken fight. The first girl who lost their top, had to get down and suck a dick, the second and so forth had to do the same.

I watched while Scotty got my friend Karen. Brian got Linda and Timmy got some chick Sue. Sue lost her top by Linda. Sue got a hold of Timmy's dick and sucked him dry in no time. Linda was next, then Karen. Some guy I don't know came up behind me and untied my top, I laughed and turned to reach for his dick. To my surprise, he had no shorts on and his dick was hard.

I got on my knees to suck his cock. His cum was nasty and I gagged. He said I was a lousy sucker. I told him, that he was in the wrong place to be judgemental. Once I got him off, his dick shribbled up alot and was very small. One of the other guys that was there, heard his rude remark and told him to get his shorts on and leave. He wasn't very happy and started to throw things around. I yelled up to daddy to come help with this idiot.

Daddy came down, he told us to call the police and have him removed. I asked Brian if he knew who he was, Brian shook his head no, Scotty didn't know either. Daddy asked around and no one knew him. Knowing this guy, he seen everyone come in and just fololwed. The police got to the house, daddy and Brian e****ted the guy to them. The police put him in handcuffs, asked if he had a car. The guy said yes and pointed it out.

Officer Ryan (really fucking HOT), ran his plates, found out he has warrants and will be taking him to jail. I had put on a cover up just in time to see Officer Ryan put him in the car. I told Brian that he is hot and I'd love to do him in the back of his car. Brian laughed at me, slapped my ass and told me that I'm a horndog in heat. We started to walk to the backyard, when Brian disappeared.

Daddy and I told everyone that the idiot won't be bothering any of us anymore, that he was going to jail. Everyone cheered and went on with playing volleyball in the nude. I think daddy was getting a hard on, seeing all the tits and dick, flopping around. I grabbed daddy's dick and told him to join the fun. He took his shorts off and jumped in the pool. A few of the girls freaked out when they saw him.

Karen and Linda went over to him and began to caress and kiss on him. Daddy backed up to the steps, where Karen and Linda bent over to suck on daddy's cock. Some of the guys hooted and hollered as they were sharing the licking. Scotty went behind Linda and began to suck on her ass. His fingers were playing with her pussy. Karen was bent over with her fingers in her pussy, then she would put them in daddy's mouth.

One of Scotty's friends went over to Karen, pulled her from daddy and stuck his cock in her mouth. From what I could see, he was huge. Karen was gagging on his big girth. Another girl came behind Karen and began to finger her pussy and lick her ass. Karen knew the girl and was into her moves.

Daddy was ready to explode in Karen's mouth. The girl that was eating Karen's ass came around to get some of daddy's cum. I know daddy was in seventh heaven with all the attention he was getting. The other girl, Tina, she went back to playing with Karen. Sucking her tits, playing with her pussy and ass. Karen sat down on a lounge chair with her legs spread wide for Tina's access. Tina grabbed her bag, before going back down on Karen.

In Tina's bag, out came a glass dildo. she sucked it for a minute, then inserted it in Karen's pussy. Karen moved to get it in a more comfy position while Tina pushed and pulled it out to get Karen to cum. When Karen came, Tina slid it into her own pussy and some guy was doing the pushing and pulling. Tina licked Karen's pussy til she came herself.

Tina went into her bag again, pulled out a hot pink double headed dildo. She told Karen to get on the blanket that was spread out on the concrete. Karen got in the doggie position and so did Tina. The guy that was helping with the glass dildo, helped the girls put the dildo in their pussy's. Tina and Karen were working together to enjoy the dick. Then the guy held the dildo and moved it around while the two girls fucked each other. What a sight!!

Brian came back from the front yard or where ever he was at. He said that I should get involved with the double dildo. I got on my hands and knees, backed up to Tina, Brian put the other end in me. OMG it was great feeling. We bucked back and forth making each other cum. Brian got on his knees in front of me, with his dick sticking straight out for me to suck. Another guy did the same to Tina.

When Brian came in my mouth, I stopped with the fucking of Tina. The sun was going down and couples were fucking everywhere. Some in the water, on the diving board, chairs, the yard and even inside the house. When I walked in the house to get something to drink, I saw daddy with two guys and a girl. Daddy was fucking one of the guys ass. I'm glad I bought the big box of condoms and layed them all around.

Brian and Scotty were helping me clean up some of the mess, we found a bunch of used condoms filled with cum. Wrappers all over the place. It is rude that these people can't pick up their used condoms, but what do you expect with a bunch of horny d***ks. I was loading the dishwasher when Karen said she had to leave. I reached over to hug her, she then kissed me. Not your ordinary kiss, but her tongue in my mouth. I reached down to her tits and tugged on her nipples. I could feel myself getting wet again.

Karen stepped back and left, before we got hot and heavy. Linda finished helping me with the dishes. Sue came in to help with other things. She seen daddy and Liz fucking, so she walked over to play with daddy's balls. The other two guys were fucking each other, then working daddy's ass in their fucking. Sue got the hint and left them alone. Scotty came in next, plopped his ass on the counter and chatted with us on how much fucking is going on.
We finished in the kitchen and went back outside. There was a good song on the radio, I turned it up and began dancing. More people joined in the dancing. We were having a great time, when the police showed up. Sure enough, Officer Ryan was with them. He seen me naked and dancing. I knew he was checking me out, while he was telling me to turn the music down. He asked where my daddy was, like I was a little k**. I told him he was in the livingroom fucking some guys.
Officer Ryan looked in, turned around and laughed. I could tell his cock was growing with all the tits and dicks exposed. Him and the other officer left. I told them when they get off the clock in a bit, to stop back by and have a drink or to take a swim. Officer Ryan winked at Brian, then left. I asked what that was about, Brian told me I just have to wait and see.

Midnight chimed on the grandfather clock in the house. I was coming out of the bathroom when I heard the doorbell. I had just a thin coverup on when I answered the door. It was officer Ryan. He told me I was under arrest, he hand cuffed me, did a full search over my body, then led me to his car. He opened the back car door and bent me over. that's when I heard his zipper come down. He must have had a condom on before coming to the door. He slid his dick deep in my pussy. I began to moan, then he grabbed my hair and told me to be quiet. With him saying that, he shoved his dick in harder.

Once he felt that I had my fill of his dick in my pussy, he turned me around, sat me down in the backseat and made me lay back. He lifted my legs and shoved his dick in my pussy again. I was uncomfortable cause my hands were behind my back. I told him to please let my hands be free. He got up, undid my hands, then made me suck his dick. I started to pull the condom off and he stopped me. I sucked him for a minute or two, when he told me to get out of the car and put my hands on the trunk of the his car.

I did just so, then he spread my legs wide, before inserting his fingers in my ass. He said that my asshole had been used once today and that I didn't need to be stretched for him. He then put his dick in my ass. One quick push and he was in. No lube, no slow entry, just a quick shove. OMG he felt great. I was in seventh heaven now. Brian came out and asked me if I was having fun. I smiled big and said yes. I heard a lound smack and looked around. It was Brian and Scotty.

Brian had slapped Officer Ryan on the ass, then he slapped Scotty's ass. Scotty was stroking his cock as Brian whipped him. Brian got on his knees and began to suck on Scotty. Officer Ryan pulled from my ass and stuck his cock in Brian's mouth. As I'm still turned around, Scotty came ovver to me and shoved his cock in my ass. If someone drove by, they would have seen a fuck show going on. I begged Scotty to fuck my pussy, he said no way, he wants my ass and to cum in my ass. He did just so, then bent down to lick his cum from me.
Officer Ryan told Brian to bend over. Brian got on all fours when officer Ryan entered his ass. Scotty then got under neath Brian and began to suck his cock, while Office Ryan fucked. I sat on the police car, fingering my pussy. Officer Ryan was ready to get off, he pulled out, yanked his condom off and shot his cum on Brians back. I came over quickly to suck the officer dry. Scotty just about had Brian ready to cum. He was sucking and tugging on his balls,when Brian finally came in Scotty's mouth. Scotty swallowed all his cum, before I could reach around to get some.

Officer Ryan said that he had a great time, gave me his card and told me that next time I have a party to invite him. He said he would bring some other officers that would love to be fucking whomever.

The three of us went back in the house. There were some people still fucking and others were passed out. Daddy was in the back drinking a beer. I asked him if he had his share of dick. He said he was satisfied for a while. We all finished cleaning up more of the trash and danced til we couldn't stand up any longer. Timmy came out from behind the bar, his dick had lipstick all over it. I asked him if he needed help cleaning it.

Timmy went to my bathroom to take a shower. I heard him yelling for me. When I got to the bathroom and walked in, Timmy had one of my dildo's in his ass. I liked what I saw and pulled and pushed it back in. Timmy moaned and said that he had so much pussy, tht he never found time to fuck or to be fucked by another guy. He told me that he had an awesome time. At one time, he had 5 girls waiting to be fucked by him. He said he had pussy juice all over his body. The girls were riding his face, fingering his ass, rubbing their pussy's on his chest and arms.

Sounds like we all had an awesome time. The next morning, some of the peope left and some of them stayed to finish off the beer and food. We actually had another orgy. There was about 12 people fucking in the pool area. The girls (including me) layed on the concrete while the guys, fucked each one of us. Each guy fucked our pussy's and asses. Some of us drank the cum, some didn't. What a waste of lucious cum.

By the end of the day of swimming and fucking, everyone had left. I was cleaning up the pool and found a shit load of condoms in the filter. I vacuumed the pool, then shocked it. Timmy cleaned up the bar area and swept the concrete. Daddy, Brian and Scotty cleaned up the house. Mom was coming home tomorrow morning and things have to be perfect. the evening went on, we ordered pizza and watched some porn. The four of us fucked and fucked the rest of the night.

The next morning, mom came through the front door and seen us sprawled out on the f****yroom floor. All of us naked. She said good morning and that the house smelled like a fuck house. I laughed and said that we had fucked all night, til we passed out. I told her to join us if she wanted. She said no and went upstairs. I woke daddy and told him she was home and is upstairs waiting for him to fuck her ass. He jumped up to do just so.
I layed back down next to Brian and Timmy. Scotty was next to Timmy in the spooning position. I fell back asl**p with Timmy's dick next to my ass and Brian's dick next to my pussy.

I've had so much sex in the past three days, that I feel like a whore. I kinda like that feeling. I really like the fucking I got from Officer Ryan. I also like the fucking tina and I had done together. I don't think there was a fucking I didn't like. I think daddy leaves next month for a week, I think another pool party is needed. This time, I will definately will invite Officer Ryan and his cop buddies. ... Continue»
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The Night Before the Pool Party

Mom was going out of town for a week, which left me, Scotty and daddy alone. Daddy said he had a lot of work to catch up on, since he was out of town.
I had made some plans to have a pool party on Saturday and let my friends stay the night, if they were going to be drinking. I told Scotty he could invite some of his friends, if he wanted. Daddy gave me some money to go buy some food and drinks.

When I was at work that Friday night, I bought some waterproof toys, lube and condoms. I knew things would get heated up, with some of my friends. I made sure to invite some couples who were open and a bunch of singles. We are going to have a fun time.

Friday night after work, I came home to find Scotty and daddy sucking each other off. I watched thru the sliding glass window. It was making me horny, so I snuck to the patio and called Brian to come over. He said he was bringing a friend and his clothes for the weekend. That made me happy, he was going to sl**p with me in my bed for a few days or more. One of these days, I will be moving out.

Brian and his friend Timmy arrived, with beer and water toys. Toys were fun, noodles and rubber plugs. OH boy, things will be fun. Timmy started to clean up the patio, as Brian and I went to my room. I couldn't wait to get down there and peel his pants off to suck his dick. the thought of daddy and Brian, hmmm...cum in their mouths.

I was sucking on Brian, holding his balls in one hand and the other hand was rubbing his ass, with a finger finding it's way into his asshole. Brian let out a loud moan when I slid my finger deep inside of him. Brian held my face close to him and fucked my mouth, with each stroke of my finger in him. The faster I finger fucked him the faster he fucked my mouth.

Brian was ready to cum, he fucked my mouth faster and shot his load into my throat. I smiled as I looked up at him. As I continued with my fingering for a few more minutes, Timmy came down the steps and watched. he pulled his growing cock out and stroked for a few minutes. Brian asked him if he was horny. I laughed and asked what guy isn't horny?

Timmy said yes, he was. Brian told him, that he just got off and I need to have some dick, if he was interested. I grinned and couldn't wait to taste his cum, too. I was still on my knees, when Timmy strode over to me with his swim trunks around his ankles. I pulled him closer and took his cock into my mouth.
I sucked him for a bit, and told him that I'm in need of his cock inside my wet pussy. Timmy told me, that Brian had told him that I had a sweet pussy and that he needed to try it for himself.

I got up, led Timmy to my bed. Timmy had me bend over the end of my bed as he bend down and licked me from behind. He spread my legs wide, kissed my inner thighs and ass. His fingers were in and out of each hole, along with his tongue. I was wiggling around as I was cumming in his mouth. I fingered my clit and was ready to cum again. I turned around, leaned back and shot him with my silkiness.

Timmy got what he could in his mouth, before taking his cock and shoving it deep in my wet pussy. I let out a very loud moan and wrapped my legs around his waist. Timmy fucked me in a way no one else ever has. He lifted me from the bed, walked me over to the wall and fucked my throbbing fuck hole. With me holding tightly to his neck, my tits were rubbing his chest. My nipples were very erect.

Timmy told me he wants to eat more of my lucious pussy. I said yes, as long as I could have his cock too. Timmy lifted me off his cock and flipped me over, with my legs around his neck and with his cock in my mouth. He held me like that licking and fingering my holes. I slipped my finger in his, he jumped and giggled in an evil way.

I could feel the bl**d rushing to my head and told Timmy I was getting light headed. He helped me down, layed me on the floor and fucked me some more, missionary style. His cock felt soo good, He was curved upwards and was hitting my g-spot with each thrust. He made me cum a lot.

Timmy held on to me and rolled to his back. I fucked him for a while, then twisted around and faced his feet. I leaned forward, kissing his thighs as he slid a thumb in my ass. He slapped me a few times, making my cheeks sting. I told him I liked to be spanked, so he continued. His thumb was starting to feel too good before I lifted and slid my ass on his cock.
Brian came back down the steps, to see me getting my tight ass fucked by Timmy. He watched for a bit, then walked over and had me suck his cock, while Timmy bucked in and out of my hole. When Timmy was ready to cum, I pulled from him and stroked his cum into my mouth. Brian leaned over and took Timmy's cock and sucked it dry.

I told the boys, I still needed my orgasm. Brian came over to me, pulled his pants down and fucked me hard. Timmy brought his dick over for me to lick somemore. Brian lifted me to the bed, lifted my legs up high, spread them wide and fucked my wet hole. Timmy stood above me, holding my legs in a deep V. Brian was slamming my thighs, so hard, that he was lea ving red marks from the abuse.
Once he was ready to cum, he let out a loud yell and fucked me til he was dry. Brian pulled out and him and Timmy fingered me a bit more and gave me an orgasm. Making me wiggle a lot.

The three of us cleaned up enuf, to go upstairs and join Scotty and daddy in a movie. When the movie ended, everyone went to bed, including me and Timmy, in my bed. We fell asl**p right away. I know I had some exciting dreams and could only hope to wake up with two hard dicks waiting for my attention. I can hardly wait to see what the morning brings.... Continue»
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by Isabelle Vagaba

Nate looks adoringly at his beautiful wife. Isabelle is a petite bombshell, barely 5'2" tall she has an angelic face with straight blonde hair and a body to die for. Her skin is light and perfectly unblemished, with large DD cups that look huge on her tiny frame and a narrow waist that ends in a perfect bubble butt and legs that look out of proportion with her body. Nate knows he is very lucky to be married to one of the hottest women he ever seen in his life.

Ok, she has a strong personality and, sometimes, an attitude problem. But she can also be smart and fun. Nate feels very submissive when near her. He knows he is not all that good looking, with his skinny body and plain face. He also knows Belle has been something of a wildcat during her college years and she had a reputation for hanging out with the hottest guys.

Her girlfriends make sure to tell him lots of details about their 'college fun' that he'd rather not know about. Nate knows he is not well endowed and is not all that good in bed. In fact Belle excites him so much he usually cums a few minutes after they start to have sex. Belle doesn't hide the fact that she is not happy with their sex life and he knows it is his fault. Over all he feels not worthy of the sex goddess he married and could never understand how he managed to conquer her.

Now that she started a career at a prestigious company and started to meet new people Nate feels very scared of loosing his beautiful wife. She has been eagerly talking about her girlfriends in the office, the bosses, career openings, some office mischief, mainly the girls having affairs with the guys, their happy hours and all the wildest stuff that happens there. Nate couldn't believe that a work place could be so full of lust and casual sex between coworkers. Now Belle told him the company has set a celebration for all employees in the next days and he is slightly scared of what he may find. Nate is deadly scared of loosing Belle to some stud or to piss her off hard enough for the hot woman to leave him.

"Ok Nate, this party is really important ok?" Isabelle says as she puts a see through with top in the bag of clothes she'll take to the club. "I am new at this company and I want to get to know everyone in it, I want to have a good personal relationship with them all."

"Sure, honey. Am I invited, too? Or is this an employee's only sort of event?" Nate's eyes watch her hand as the lewd top slips into the bag.

"No, we are supposed to bring the f****y along." She smiles to her husband. "But please, don't embarrass me. I need to make new friends and I don't want your jealousy to prevent that ok? So far I've made a few girlfriends, but I need to have a good relationship with the guys too."

"My jealousy? Honey, when have I ever been jealous?" Nate answers meekly. "And of course I won't embarrass you!"

"Ok ... I trust you not to embarrass me, sorry darling." Belle says soothing her submissive husband.

He smiles sweetly, calmly. "What should I wear?"

"It is not a formal occasion." She shrugs. "You can dress on jeans and t-shirt."

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to under dress ... how nice is this party?"

"Don't worry dear, it'll be a very casual kind of party." Nate blushes as he realizes she is browsing her bathing suits. He bites his lips nervously. Nate realizes her coworkers are going to see his hot wife in a bathing suit.

"Wait, this is a beach party? I-I see..." His eyes widen a little.

"No, but the club has a pool." Belle zips up the bag with a big smile on her face. "And the drinks are free." She giggles, putting her daring red bikini in her bag.

"Belle!" Nate's eyes lower down from Belle's face to her neck, then over her shoulders and downwards. "A-are you really wearing that bikini?"

"Of course I am. I don't want to look stuck up or something." I answer. "I want them to know I'm all fun and cool, not a boring housewife."

Isabelle gives her wimpy husband an evil stare and he coils. Nate knows better than piss her off. He knows how vicious she can be when angry. In their relationship she is always the one to yell and he is always the one to yield. The worst part of it is that he knows she can find a much better man than he any day of the week, while he will never be able to even kiss a girl half as hot as she.

"I ... I see." He smiles, pretending it is ok. "Well, I'm dressed alright? You're sure? Shouldn't I get a swimsuit too?"

"Trust me. I don't want you to show your body on the pool." She says looking down at him. "You're not in good enough shape for that." She says mocking him. "But I am sure you'll enjoy all the drinks there and the nice talk to my coworkers."

"I-I..." He thinks about complaining, but gives up at her no nonsense face. "Sure, baby. Of course." He nods, blushing a little as he realizes he really is really pretty skinny.

"Ok. I'm ready, let's go!" Belle says in an enthusiastic voice. She is dressed in a daring miniskirt and a top, Nate can see she is braless, but he doesn't even try to complain. Her sandals are also a little too high, looking sexy but slightly vulgar.

"Of course, honey." He smiles sweetly. As his wife turns, Nate's eyes drop down her body, over the curve of her delightful ass. He stares in awe at the little skirt, down her legs to the naughty looking shoes. 'She is HOT' he smiles proudly 'and she is my wife'.

Nate can feel a heat, a sudden pressure between his legs. He stares at Belle as she walks to the door. His boringly average-length cock starts to swell a little.

"And remember be nice to all the other guys at the party!" Isabelle says as they leave.

The road is long and tiresome, Nate drives all the way. He is not very comfortable with the idea of attending a party that has the fame of becoming wild at its end. Specially since Belle took so long to wake up and doll up herself they are arriving quite late already, just when most families with k**s are supposed to leave it.

Part 2

One hour later the couple is at the remote club. It is quite cool a place, large, classy and far from the city. It has lots of rooms, a table with snacks and an open bar where two bartenders create all kinds of drinks for the crowd who eagerly grab them.

There is a bar stool, looking old fashioned, almost saloon style. It is tall, large enough to cover most of Isabelle's body, if she was to stand behind it, about from half her tits down. Behind the bar stool there are several bottles of beers of different countries, also free for the employs.

Nate and Isabelle can see there are already dozens of company families here, and the pool area is filled with the secretaries in bikinis and the guys ogling them, already half d***k. Most of the families are already leaving for the gardens and other parts of the club more suited to c***dren. They know that things can get a little too naughty in these parties. Every year the single employees get bolder at the pool and dance floor.

"Are the drinks free for spouses too?" Nate smiles, surveying the crowd, wondering if he can take some of the free beverages.

The wimpy looking husband notices several guys checking Isabelle out, smiling her way. The guys don't even try to hide it, their eyes survey her hot body in the little skirt and top.

"Yes, I think so!" Isabelle giggles. She looks very excited to be in this party, the first of her career, in such a prestigious firm. "Oh! There comes one of my co-workers! Let me introduce you to him. He is the manager in my office; even the bosses listen to this guy!" Isabelle grabs Nate's hand and drags him along before he has a chance to get his drink. "Hi Jeff!" Belle waves him, her braless tits sway with it.

"Hi there, Isabelle!" Jeff smiles, stepping closer. "Wow, you look amazing ... too bad they don't let you dress that way at work, huh?" The muscular man winks, as if he doesn't even see Nate there.

"Thanks Jeff!" Isabelle giggles like a sluttish schoolgirl. "Oh, this is my husband, Nate."

"Hi" He extends his hand to shake, barely moving his eyes away from the curvy blonde. "So ... got a swimsuit under that? Ready to check out the pool?" Jeff grins. "I bet you look even better in a bikini than you do in a mini-skirt."

Jeff's look turn a little sly, as Nate starts to blush. The strong man's eyes drop to check out Belle's firm, large breasts. Nate knows he should do something, say something. But he doesn't want to annoy his beautiful wife and she told him she didn't want to see him acting like some possessive jealous husband.

"Hey do you think I have a bikini under here?" Isabelle asks mocking Jeff's lack of perception. "Hu?" She moves her shoulders playfully, making her jugs sway to show him she's braless.

"Guess not." Jeff grins happily. His eyes light up as he watches her nipples firm up, as they slip against the fabric of her top. Isabelle's breasts bounce delightfully.

"No I don't. I'm braless ... but I'll change into a bikini as soon as I can!"

"Can I watch?" Jeff jokes, grinning. His eyes never leave Belle's breasts, as if her man wasn't standing right there.

And rather than make a challenge, Nate just takes it, silently, blushing. Nate feels uncomfortable with the situation. There is another man checking out his wife, enjoying the sight of her sexy body. Yet he doesn't dare to complain and, in fact, he feels strangely proud of her.

He feels good to be the husband of such a hottie, even if she is exposing too much of her body, even if he knows the guy in front of him would love to fuck her. The shy and skinny husband sees several guys from her office looking at his wife. Some of them actually point at her while they mutter things to their friends.

"Of course NOT!" Isabelle says fake enraged. "Well, I think I'm gona change, you can go get us a couple of drinks honey?" She asks her husband.

"Honey I ah ... sure thing" Nate smiles, walking towards the bar, with a nod to your work friend. The poor husband knows Jeff will stare at Belle's ass when she walks towards the restrooms. But he doesn't want to see it, so he turns his back and leave the two of them alone.

"Hey Jeff." Isabelle turns to her co-worker. "Do you know where the changing rooms are?" She winks and giggles. "I don't want to get lost in this huge club!"

"Sure, I'll show you"

"Please, lead me!" The blonde beauty giggles and follows Jeff.

"My pleasure!" The tall and muscular man opens a wide smile.

He puts an arm around her waist and pulls her closer. Isabelle looks over her shoulder, worried about what her husband might see. But he is still trying to get a drink, with his back to the scene. Soon they turn around the corner to the corridor where the restrooms are located. This art of the building is basically empty, a waiter occasionally passes by, but otherwise it is not as crowded as the main room or the pool area.

"Oh, here we are!" Belle says as she sees the door with a sign indicating it is a changing room. It is, in fact a group of five different rooms, all rather small. They are individual rooms, not common bathrooms for lots of people.

"I told you I'd lead you safely." Jeff smiles.

"Thanks!" Isabelle licks her lips. "I guess it is time to take off my clothes and put that bikini on!"

"Hey Belle." Jeff grins and leans towards the short girl, still holding her, now with his two large hands on her hips. "Do you think your husband would mind if I help you out?" He whispers, standing close to the married hottie.

"Not if he doesn't see." Isabelle enters the small room and opens the door wide for Jeff.

The strong man slips in, pushing the petite girl up against the wall suddenly, passionately. The door swings shut at the same time Nate takes a sip from the beer at the bar, not aware of what is happening in the far changing rooms. Meanwhile, Jeff's lips are tightly pressing against Isabelle's and his hands slip up under the little mini-skirt.

"Hey!" Belle purrs. "I have to change!" She feels horny. Her husband hasn't lasted more than five minutes for the last several times they've had sex and left Belle unsatisfied. Of course, he's just not good at sex, so the last time was over a week ago. The petite blonde feels justified to have Jeff make out with her, as a kind of revenge against her sexually incompetent hubby.

"I'm just helping you out of this skirt." Grins Jeff, his hands tugging at the fabric, feeling her smooth thighs.

"Ok then." She giggles, taking off her top. "The more help I get, the sooner I'll be in the pool!" Belle is almost nude now, just in her panty and the sandals.

"Maybe you'll need a swim by the time I finish with you..." Jeff smiles. His hand slips from the skirt to his own pants. His fingers against the zipper, tugging down. The big man is grinning, as his eyes linger on the hot blonde's bare, firm breasts.

"Jeff!" Her hand grabs his cock. "My husband will get suspicious if we take too long!" She starts to jerk him off. "And anyway, you are my superior in the company, I'm not sure this is proper!" As if to contradict her words, Isabelle cups his balls with the other hand as she keeps pumping his shaft.

"Better tug fast then, honey ... and maybe I'll put in a good word with management." He winks. Eight stiff and thick inches are wrapped by Belle's soft hand. Two inches longer than Isabelle's husband's boring dick and much fatter.

"Would you?" She asks wide eyed and masturbates him faster.

"I'll think about it." He smiles. "Tug me this good every day, and you'll soon be promoted..."

"I love these company parties. It is such a good place to make contacts!" Belle giggles and presses her large tits to Jeff's chest while wanking him eagerly. "Your cock is so BIG!"

"Bigger than that little bitch of a husband you showed up here with?" He smiles, pushing against her hand. The tall man feels her firm breasts on his chest and his hands slip up, to cup Isabelle's firm, full breasts. Soon he is squeezing, rubbing and cupping them as he grins happily.

"Yes, at least two inches!" Belle nods enthusiastically. "Will you cum for me Jeff?" She purrs.

"Maybe I will." He grins. He winks feeling the blonde's soft hand stroke his solid cock. Jeff puts his hands on her shoulders and presses her lightly to knee down. "We wouldn't want this to take too long and have your husband figure things out, would we?" Feeling little resistance as she starts to bend over, he gets bolder and jokes. "And I do cum quite a lot. I could end up staining your clothes, so you better put your lips to work."

"I'd not want Nate to think we are doing anything inappropriate ... and I wouldn't like you to spoil my top!" Belle reasons and gets on her knees in front of Jeff, taking the cock tip into her mouth and slurping over it.

"Ohhh, yeah. That's it." He grunts smiling down at Isabelle eagerly. "That new girl in accounting gave me a good tug yesterday ... but now that you're on your knees, I think it shows you're more dedicated. The next promotion is yours Isabelle."

Belle looks up still with her mouth full of cock and winks to her superior. She starts to bob her head fast and hard, swallowing the large pole with easy, showing she is not new to giving head.

He grins, happily. Jeff is actually amazed since it is the first time in a year that he's had a deep throat suck like this, belle is really able to swallow the shaft to the hilt and suck all the way back without gagging. She had a lot of practice in her college years, sometimes she spent hours at frat parties giving head to dozen of guys.

"That's it ... oh, fuck! Another one of these this week and you'll be on the fast track for sure." He moans, eagerly pushing his hips to sink the stiff eight incher pole deeper. Isabelle presses down until she feels her cute nose pressed to Jeff's pubes and his balls slapping her chin.

"Fuck, you're GOOD at it!" He grunts, his hands slipping to Isabelle's hair, holding her and guiding the rhythm of her sucking."Gonna be my cumslut in the office now, Belle?" Jeff's firm stiff meat wedged fully in the blonde's throat.

Isabelle doesn't let the cock go as she nods slowly. Jeff grins and starts to throb hard, pumping suddenly. This was too much for the hunky man. A sticky and heavy gush of semen flows down Isabelle's throat. While his balls tighten against her chin, his hands release her hair. The hot blonde opens her throat and let the first shot go down the hatch.

She moves her head to start bobbing it again. Jeff's hips start to buck, thrusting wildly as he drives his cumming, fat cock, into her throat again and again, squirting deep. Suddenly he pulls back, letting the last spurts of semen gush across Belle's tongue. Wet and thick ropes of semen fill her mouth. The pole never stops throbbing between her lips.

"Does your hubby give you that much?" Jeff grins, watching Isabelle swallow again. He knows her tongue is smeared with semen, with his heavy thick load.

Isabelle does her best not to gag as she shakes her head 'no'. Before she married, Belle had a very wild sex life, especially during her college years. Only now she realizes how much she misses it! Belle keeps the last drops of cum in her mouth and quickly puts her bikini, putting the skirt and top into her bag.

"Got to go, exit the changing room in a minute!" She speaks, trying not to spill the cum.

She winks and exits the small changing room. Isabelle walks swiftly back to the main room, back to her hubby. She finds him sitting there at the bar, sipping his beer. Nate can't help but wonder how long it takes to change out of a little top and mini skirt into a bikini!

"Honey ... that took a while!" He grins, watching her strut over to him in those hot sandals and tiny red bikini.

Belle grabs the drink on his left hand and drinks it in one single gulp, along the rest of the cum. She notices Nate had more than a few beers in the time she sucked off Jeff. He is not d***k, but is positively more relaxed and has a silly smile on his face.

"Oh, it wasn't easy to tie the bikini in my back!" She says casually.

"Worth the wait, though. You look great." Nate smiles, unaware of what was in his wife's mouth before the drink.

"Thank you, you are a sweet!" Isabelle kisses him lightly on the lips as she takes her husband's hand and guides him to the pool area. "Let's have some fun!"... Continue»
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Pool Party

Nicole war gelangweilt. Ihre Freundinnen hatten gesagt diese Pool Party würde der absolute Hit werden. Aber der attraktive Teenager kam sich völlig fehl am Platz vor. Hier waren nur einige ältere Herren die sich von Barmädchen, die nichts weiter als einen String Tanga trugen, bedienen ließen. Als die knackige Brünette das Gelände durch das Hauptgebäude betrat, hatte man sie in einen Umkleideraum geführt, in dem sie in ihren extra knappen und dazu noch hauchdünnen Bikini geschlüpft war. Nachdem Nicole das Poolgelände betreten hatte, stellte sie zuerst fest, daß ihre Freundinnen scheinbar noch nicht angekommen waren. Aber auch sonst war keiner da, außer fünf älteren Männern, von denen der Jüngste Ende 40 zu sein schien. Der Älteste war mindestens 70. Eines der barbusigen Barmädchen führte sie zu den Männern. Diese waren nicht schlecht überrascht, so einen hübschen Gast zu haben. Von einer Party wussten sie nichts, boten der 18-Jährigen aber einen Drink an. Sie musste wohl irgendwie an eine falsche Adresse gekommen sein?

Nicole setzte sich zu ihnen und nahm den hochprozentigen Cocktail, den ihr eine vollbusige Blondine brachte, dankend entgegen. Die Männer waren nett, wenn sie auch viele Zoten rissen oder die Bedienung begrapschten. Als Nicole bei ihrem vierten Drink war, zog einer der Männer, ein etwa 55-jähriger Fettwanst, die blonde Kellnerin auf seinen Schoß. In null Komma nichts lag ihr Tanga am Boden. Mit dem Rücken ihm zugewandt hockte sie auf seinem Riemen und ritt ihn, während er ihre vollen Titten knetete. Alle, auch die inzwischen schon leicht beschwipste Nicole, feuerten das Paar ordentlich an. Nachdem sie fertig waren, behielt der Dicke ihr Tangahöschen als Trophäe und sie mußte total nackt weiter bedienen. Die Männer machten immer mehr Anspielungen über Nicoles nur spärlich verhüllte Möpse. Es war eindeutig, sie wollten sie unbedingt in natura sehen. Durch den Alkohol enthemmt, willigte sie schließlich ein. Nicole stand auf, öffnete den Verschluss und ließ ihre, für eine gerade 18-Jährige sehr beeindruckenden Brüste ins Freie. Die Männer waren voll des Lobes über ihre Prachtballons, und sie musste sich vor jeden einzeln hinstellen, damit er sie genau betrachten konnte. Ersten Grapschversuchen wich sie geschickt aus, stellte sich dann aber wieder vor die Männer und zog sich zuletzt gar noch ihren Slip aus. Als Nicoles spärlicher Bewuchs ins Blickfeld kam, klatschten die Männer begeistert.

Freizügig posierte sie vor ihnen, präsentierte all ihre Reize und spreizte bereitwillig die Beine, damit sie auch ja gut ihr Allerheiligstes sehen konnten. Dann stand der Fette, der die Blonde gevögelt hatte, auf. Er bedankte sich bei ihr für diese tolle Vorstellung und bot an sie nach dieser kleinen „Prüfung" zur richtigen Party zu fahren. Nicole willigte ein und schon bald kamen sie zu seinem Haus. Dort schmiß sein Sohn die Pool Party, bei der auch ihre Freundinnen waren. Die anderen Männer waren nachgekommen und mischten sich auffällig unters Jungvolk. Kaum auf der Party angekommen schlüpfte die leicht beschwipste Nicole wieder in ihren knappen Bikini und begrüßte ihre Freundinnen, die sie schon vermißt hatten. Auf der Party war die Hölle los. Dutzende junge Menschen tranken, rauchten, hörten lauten Hip-Hop und tobten durchs riesige Gebäude und im Pool. Das Ganze hatte eine unheimliche Ähnlichkeit mit MTVs „The Grind". Außer, dass viele Mädchen nur Tangas trugen und freizügig ihren Busen zeigten. Auf einer Wiese lagen drei Paare, völlig nackt, und sonnten sich. Nicoles Freundinnen amüsierten sich hier schon eine Weile ausgezeichnet. Die 19-jährige Inga trug einen hoch ausgeschnittenen Einteiler. Svenja, genauso alt wie Nicole, trug einen ähnlichen Bikini wie diese. Die schon zwanzigjährige Tanja war die mutigste des Quartetts, sie hatte nur eines dieser Tangahöschen an, wie sie hauptsächlich die schon etwas reiferen Frauen trugen. Ihre prallen Brüste mit den großen Brustwarzen setzte sie schonungslos der strahlenden Sonne und den gierigen Blicken des anderen Geschlechts aus. Aber auch einige Mädchen warfen ein paar neidische Blicke auf Tanjas Oberweite. Nicoles Brüste würden im nächsten Jahr bestimmt ähnliche Dimensionen angenommen haben.

Der Vater des Gastgebers gesellte sich zu ihnen, seinen bereits 25-jährigen, gut aussehenden Sohn direkt hinter sich. Er stellte ihm Nicole vor, und diese stellte dem Vater wiederum ihre Freundinnen vor. Alex, der Sohn, starrte unentwegt auf Nicoles verborgene Reize. Sein Vater hatte wohl von ihrem Striptease berichtet. Dieser wiederum verbarg nicht sein Interesse an Tanjas Brüsten. Da alle schon etwas angeheitert waren, war der Umgangston entsprechend offen. Auf Alex Wunsch hin nahm Nicole ihr Oberteil ab, und setzte ihre Möpse das zweite Mal an diesem Tag den geifernden Blicken aus. Sie genoß es einfach, von bereits Erwachsenen begehrt zu werden. Dem wollte Svenja nicht nachstehen und zog ihr BH-Teil ebenfalls aus. Auf dieser Party waren Textilien einfach verpönt.

Die sechs heißen Girls schlenderten hinüber ins Wohnzimmer, wo die anderen älteren Männer sich mit Grapschen und Kneifen vergnügten. Keines der anwesenden Girls nahm es ihnen übel, denn das Spiel mit den Reizen gehörte hier einfach dazu. Auf dem großen Billiardtisch tanzte eine braungebrannte 23-Jährige zur wummernden Musik. Dabei spielte sie mit ihren Brüsten und ließ sich von einigen Jungs anfeuern. Diese schrien:

„Verena! Ausziehen!"

Die Tänzerin folgte nach einigem Zögern den Aufforderungen und entblößte der johlenden Menge eine teilrasierte Pflaume. Über ihrem Schlitz stand nur noch ein schmaler Streifen. Die Zuschauer klatschten und pfiffen. Das Mädchen legte sich auf den Rücken, zog ihre Lippen weit auseinander und begann ihren Kitzler zu reiben. Währenddessen hatte der Fette sich hinter Tanja gestellt und begonnen ihre Bälle zu massieren. Zuerst wollte Tanja sich wehren, aber der Schauer, der durch ihren Körper schoss, verhinderte dies. Es fühlte sich einfach zu gut an. Einige der Anwesenden meinten es wäre Zeit, dass auch ihre Freundinnen die Slips verlören. Immer mehr Mädchen im Raum streiften sich also ihr letztes Kleidungsstück ab. Die Linke des Vaters wanderte tiefer in Tanjas Höschen. Er strich über ihre Scham und versenkte seinen Mittelfinger in ihrer bereits feuchten Spalte. Alex wendete sich Nicole zu und ergriff ohne zu fragen ihr Bikiniunterteil und zog es mit einem Ruck herunter. Der verblüffte Teenager stieg wie selbstverständlich heraus. Svenja zögerte erst, aber nach einem Blickkontakt mit Nicole entblößte auch sie ihren spärlichen Busch. Alex quittierte das mit Wohlwollen und lobte die hübschen Venushügel der beiden Nackten. Ohne Ingas Einwilligung abzuwarten, zogen Nicole und Svenja ihrer immer noch verhüllten Freundin den Badeanzug aus. Ihre kleinen Titten mit den sehr spitzen Himbeeren kamen bei allen an. Auch ihr so gut wie nicht vorhandenes, zum Großteil abrasiertes Schamhaar zog einige interessierte Blicke auf sich.

Alex und sein Vater zögerten nun nicht länger. Schnell hatten auch sie sich ihrer Kleider entledigt. Die anderen älteren Herren waren schon längst nackt und hatten sich willige Gespielinnen gesucht. Obwohl ihre Partnerinnen doch um so viel jünger waren schien es ihnen zu gefallen von den reiferen Herren bedient zu werden. Auf dieser Fete schien wirklich alles möglich, und der Sexus floß sehr leicht über. Alex Vater hatte sich wieder Tanja zugewandt und diese zu einer Couch geführt. Der fette Alte setzte sich darauf und dirigierte den Kopf des Teenagers zwischen seine Beine. Tanja hatte durchaus schon einige Schwänze geblasen, aber durch den festen Griff um ihren Kopf wurde sie gezwungen, diesen zur vollen Länge in den Hals zu nehmen. Brutal hielt er sie gepackt und fickte ihren Schlund wie eine Fotze. Immer heftiger stieß er in sie, und als es ihm kam, befahl er dem Mädchen alles zu schlucken. Auch das war neu für Tanja, wie noch vieles was der Fette mit ihr vorhatte. Alex hatte sich indessen Nicole und Svenja gegriffen und in sein Schlafzimmer geführt. Die beiden Teenager ließen sich aufs Bett fallen und zogen für ihren strammen Hengst eine heiße Show ab. Die Mädchen legten sich in 69er Position nebeneinander und leckten sich ihre feuchten Muschis aus. Etwas was die beiden schon sehr oft miteinander getan hatten, allerdings nie um einen Mann anzuheizen. Alex stand vor ihnen und wichste dabei seinen steifen Prügel.

Tina lag inzwischen mit weit gespreizten Beinen auf der Couch und empfing den Penis, der vor nicht einmal einer Stunde in einem Barmädchen gesteckt hatte. Durch sein hohes Alter, und der gerade begonnenen zweiten Runde, konnte er jetzt unheimlich lange stehen. Der Alte vögelte Tina, auf das ihr Hören und Sehen verging. Die Jüngste der Runde, Inga stand etwas abseits und beobachtete die wilde Orgie, die in vollstem Gange war. Mit einem Mal spürte sie etwas Feuchtes zwischen ihren Schenkeln. Jemand hatte ihr von hinten seinen Schwanz zwischen die Beine geschoben und rieb ihn über ihre Möse. Sie wollte protestieren, weglaufen, aber war viel zu geschockt, um sich auch nur einen Millimeter von der Stelle zu rühren. Hände legten sich auf ihre Brüste, kniffen vorsichtig in die Brustwarzen, die sich sofort aufrichteten. Inga stöhnte leicht. Ihr unbekannter Liebhaber hob sie hoch und trug sie zu einem großen Esstisch. Sie fand sich neben einer großen Blonden wieder, die genau wie sie ihre Ellenbogen auf der Platte abstützte und ihren Hintern einem jungen Burschen entgegenreckte, der seinen Hammer heftig in ihr bereites Fleisch stieß. Immer noch hatte sie ihren Partner nicht gesehen, der als zweiter Mann in ihrem Leben seinen Schwanz an ihre Pforte hielt, bevor er ihn langsam und gefühlvoll in sie gleiten ließ. So gefiel ihr das.

Alex gesellte sich zu den „lesbelnden" Mädchen aufs Bett, ergriff Nicoles Hüften und fing ohne große Worte an, die sieben Jahre Jüngere in Hundeposition zu nehmen. Nicole genoss den großen Riemen in ihrem heißen Döschen. So etwas brauchte sie öfters mal. Insgeheim gestand sie sich ein, sogar bei den älteren Männern wäre sie nicht abgeneigt gewesen, hätte sein Vater nicht leider abgebrochen, bevor sich einer an ihr vergreifen konnte. Jetzt war sie ihm dankbar dafür, denn Alex sah nicht nur gut aus, sondern bewies ihr auch gerade seine Standfestigkeit. Dafür müsste sie seinem Vater noch mal irgendwann ihre Dankbarkeit beweisen. Jetzt aber musste sich ihre Zunge Erstmal noch mit Svenjas Fötzchen beschäftigen, die unter ihr lag und Nicoles Kitzler leckte, während Alex ihr Loch stopfte.

Tanja lernte immer noch. Nachdem er in sie entladen hatte, drehte er sie auf den Bauch und penetrierte druckvoll aber immerhin mit gewisser Vorsicht ihren jungfräulichen Arsch. Das tat besonders am Anfang verdammt weh aber nach einigen Stößen obsiegte die Lust und Tanja genoss das neue Gefühl. Ihre vollen Titten lagen in seinen kräftigen Pranken und wurden heftig gewalkt. Auch das gefiel Tanja nach einiger Zeit. Sie gewöhnte sich schnell an diese raue Behandlung und wusste, dass sie für ihn nur ein Sexobjekt war, das er benutzte, um sich Lust zu verschaffen. Aber genau das tat sie auch, und sie nahm sich vor, in den nächsten Stunden noch einigen männlichen Wesen hier zu gefallen zu sein. Inga hatte nicht ganz soviel Glück. Ihr Begatter zog sich aus ihr zurück, bevor sie gekommen war, und verschwand wortlos, ohne dass sie ihn gesehen hätte. Frustriert reckte sie ihren Hintern in die Luft und spreizte ihre Beine etwas weiter. Einer der älteren Herren, der von seiner Partnerin verstoßen worden war, sah ihre Aufforderung und war sofort zur Stelle. Erschreckt stellte Inga fest, wer sich da jetzt an sie rangemacht hatte. Aber protestieren war zwecklos, sie wurde bei den Hüften gepackt und von dem Opi angestochen. Widerstand war zwecklos, immerhin hatte sie sich doch selbst der Menge angeboten. Aber als Ficker bewies er erstaunliche Qualitäten. Immerhin kam sie lange, bevor auch er seinen Samen in sie schoss. Dadurch war sie aber schon längst wieder heiß. Inga schaute sich um. Alle hier waren voll beschäftigt. Tanja schrie unter den gewaltigen Stößen, ihr schien es ohne Ende zu kommen.

Während Inga sich auf die Suche nach einem neuen Partner machte, hatte Alex schon die zweite seiner Gespielinnen durchgevögelt. Nach einer kurzen Erholungspause stürzten sich die drei Sexsüchtigen wieder aufeinander. Abwechselnd bliesen Nicole und Svenja ihm einen, während er ihre Muschis und Ballons küßte und streichelte. Anschließend versenkte Alex seinen Kolben noch in den Hintern der beiden heißblütigen Stuten. Für Nicole war das nichts Neues, schon ihr erster fester Freund, immerhin der Dritte, mit dem sie im Bett gelandet war, hatte es ihr öfters anal besorgt. Ihre weiteren, meist etwas älteren Freunde waren immer begeistert gewesen, dass sie es ihnen vorschlug, so auch Alex. Nicole hatte vor, sich diesen gutaussehenden und dabei auch noch reichen Jungen auf alle Fälle warm zu halten. Okay, auf Treue konnte sie verzichten, solange sie genug abbekam, war es ihr immer schon egal gewesen, mit wem ihr Freund noch rummachte. Sie holte es sich im Notfall sonst eben selbst woanders. Für Svenja war es das erste Mal in den Arsch, und sie verkrampfte sich fürchterlich. Alex hatte Schwierigkeiten sie richtig zu ficken und schließlich gab er es auf. Svenja beteuerte ihre Wünsche es noch einmal zu versuchen aber Alex wandte sich lieber wieder Nicoles schon gut geschmiertem After zu. Enttäuscht rollte Svenja sich auf die Seite. Nicole feuerte Alex an, der immer schneller und tiefer in sie stieß. Genau so musste es sein, so wollte sie es: Hart aber herzlich. Sein Sperma entlud sich endlich Schub für Schub in Nicoles Leib. Erschöpft umarmten sich die Beiden, lächelten sich an und küßten sich leidenschaftlich, bevor sie eindösten.

Tanja war geschafft. Aber trotzdem bettelte sie um mehr. Der alte Mann grinste dreckig. Dieses kleine Biest würde er schon noch zähmen. Seine scheinbare Dauerlatte versenkte sich wieder in ihrer saugenden, feuchten Höhle. Dabei lud er sie ein ihn zu besuchen. Er sei immer auf der Suche nach hübschen Mädchen, und als Bardame könnte sie sich bei ihm ihr Taschengeld ordentlich aufbessern. Für jeden Fick in seinen Diensten würde sie ein großzügiges Trinkgeld bekommen. Ohne zu zögern, willigte Tanja ein. Geld verdienen während man Spaß hat war genau das Richtige für sie. Das Aussehen und das Alter ihres Partners interessierte sie nicht mehr, Hauptsache er konnte es ihr ordentlich besorgen. Während sie bumsten, sagte er ihr, was sie alles mitmachen müsste, mit jedem der sie haben wollte schlafen, sie dürfe niemals jemanden zurückweisen, sondern müsse immer höflich sein, egal wie ekelhaft er sich benahm. Tanja kam erneut zum Orgasmus. Ein etwa mittdreißiger Schwarzer hatte die blutjunge Inga ins Auge gefasst, die scheinbar planlos in der Gegend herumlief. Das splitterfasernackte Mädchen sah verteufelt hübsch aus, die mußte er unbedingt haben. Seine Chancen schienen aber gleich Null zu sein bei solch einem Feger zu landen. Also mußte er etwas nachhelfen. Er schlich sich von hinten an sie heran und packte sie. Dann warf er sich das zappelnde und wild um sich schlagende Opfer über die Schulter und trug sie in das nächstgelegene Gästezimmer. Dort warf er Inga aufs Bett. Ohne Widerstand zu leisten lies sie sich die Schenkel spreizen. Sofort legte er sich auf den Teenager und führte sein Glied ein. Verwundert, dass sie nicht protestierte, hielt er kurz inne und sah auf ihr Gesicht. Inga hatte die Augen geschlossen, öffnete sie aber und fragte ihn verstört, warum er nicht weitermachte? Fassungslos sah er auf ihren wunderhübschen Leib hinab aber da hatte sein Becken auch schon ganz von alleine angefangen in rhythmischen Stößen, sein Werkzeug in Inga zu bohren. Später schmiegte sie sich an ihn und schnurrte fast vor Zufriedenheit, denn endlich hatte es ihr einer richtig besorgen können.


Am Freitag der darauffolgenden Woche trafen sich alle bei Alex Vater. Tanja diente als sexwilliges Barmädchen und verdiente in ihrer Freizeit ordentlich Kohle. Der Vater besorgte es ihr nämlich fast stündlich. Svenja hatte sich schon längst einen neuen Freund geangelt, der hatte einen dünneren Schwanz und sie übte fleißig mit ihm, um endlich vernünftigen Analverkehr haben zu können. Dann würde sie es Alex schon zeigen. Inga war allein gekommen, seit der Pool Party hatte sie keinen Verkehr mehr gehabt aber sie wusste, bei ihrem neuen Freundeskreis würde sie noch viele Gelegenheiten haben. Ihr schwarzer Bekannter wollte sie am Wochenende jedenfalls einigen seiner Freunde vorstellen und sie war sich ziemlich sicher, dass alle von denen es ihr gut besorgen würden. Nicole schließlich war jetzt fest mit Alex zusammen und verbrachte jede freie Minute mit ihm im und am Pool, wo sie sich kaum jemals voneinander lösten. Jetzt wollte sie sich aber endlich bei seinem Vater bedanken. Der nahm sich ihrer auch gleich an und stieß seine Lanze mit Leichtigkeit in ihre nasse Spalte. Damit Alex nicht untätig blieb, ließ Inga den Jungen sich an ihrem Hintereingang versuchen. Zu Aller Erstaunen hatte das junge Ding keine Probleme und genoss den scharfen Ritt. Svenjas Freund hatte schnell seine Verwunderung über dieses offenherzige Verhalten verloren und nahm sich auch gleich die Freiheit, die vollbusige Tanja mit einem Tittenfick zu beglücken. Er hockte sich über das viel genutzte Girl und presste ihre Möpse über seinen langen, dünnen Stiel, um seine Nille in ihren Mund zu schieben. Svenja meinte schon leer ausgehen zu müssen, als Alex von Inga abließ und sie ihm endlich beweisen konnte, dass es bei ihr auch ging. Inga wechselte zu Alex Vater, der sichtlich gefallen an ihrem jungen Körper hatte.

Nicole stand auf und begrüßte die vier älteren Herren, die gerade den Poolbereich betraten. Dieses Mal würde keiner die Männer davon abhalten es mit ihr zu treiben, und obwohl Nicole diesmal nüchtern war, öffnete sie sich den grapschenden Händen bereitwillig und genoss die drängenden Berührungen überall an ihrem Leib. ... Continue»
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Jon's Pool Party

My friend Jon is a very successful 28 y/o with a roving eye for group sex! He called me last week and ask me if Hayden (my 29y/o son) and I were available for a pool party at his house over the weekend. Of course I was, Jon's parties are legendary for food drink and wild sex. I ask Hayden if he had plans or if he would like to go as well. He said his plans are now changed if there is a party at Jon's. I called Jon back and let him know we would love to come, when should we be there, what should we bring, and what to expect!

Jon said bring our selves and be ready to have fun as the plan was for early snacks, plenty of drinks, and a late dinner followed by suit optional swimming, with music and games around the pool and patio area. Be at his house as soon after 5 PM on Friday as we liked and plan on staying till Sunday afternoon, if we could stay that long.

He said it was only going to be a small group as he thought we would find plenty of activities with only 5 of us there. I ask about the other two," anyone we know"? "No, I don't think so, My friend Jason had planned the weekend in Miami, Fl. for months, but his Mom and s****r had announced a few days before they were coming to see him for 3 weeks"!

He told them he would love for them to come, but he would be gone from Friday Noon till Monday evening, but was sure they could find something to do till he got home. This was their first trip back into town since they moved out of state following his parents divorce 2 yrs ago. They were very receptive to the idea,

So after visiting with Jason the plan was hatched! Jon had been Hot for 47 year old Terri, one of his favorite MILF's since he had met her when he and Jason had became close friends in High School. Her daughter, Betsy age 23 had just been a spoiled Brat Grade school er back then but the last Christmas they lived in town Jon spent Christmas Eve at their house, and Betsy had "Blossomed"!

Their first day in town, after Jason went to work, Jon called them and told him he heard they had been abandoned for the weekend and they should come hang out with him and a few friends for the weekend. They were excited, not to be facing "so how have you been since the split"? So, they quickly accepted.

Let me tell you about Jon, he is nothing short of a work of God!
He is a 5' 11" hunk, tan average build, but well defined, with short brown hair, and smokey Grey eyes that could seduce you to let the Devil fuck you! His personality is second to none, he always made every one he met, feel at ease instantly! He just had that catch me fuck me look about him! Many times I had wondered if he would go both ways, but the right time just never allowed me to pursue that suspension! I had met Jon several years back in a local club, and our very magnetic personalities, just seemed to connect! We had became close, yet never intimate.

Jon was hoping that with us being few years older than than the girls, they would feel comfortable, and more relaxed with "party mode" than with all under 30's there.

Hayden and I are off Fridays as we are working 4 days-10 hour weeks right now so we stayed up late on Thursday and slept in Friday so we would be rested for the big weekend!
When we got there about 5;20 and found that Terri and Betsy were already there! I guess they had plans for a "good nite" as well they were already a bit tipsy when we arrived.

Not knowing what to expect, as I could get little more out of Jon about the gals except "Man they are sooo Hot"!! He didn't lie, Terri didn't look like she had ever been to a delivery room. with a red and white plaid shirt tied beneath her very perky 36-C breasts, and a pair of white short shorts on, there was no sign of a stretch mark any where! She was only about 5' 3" and a good thick tight build with some of the best muscular gymnast legs I have seen since the Olympics! Her Light brown hair was short cropped in a Page Boy cut, with the bangs riding above some of the deepest brown eyes I have seen. Hayden couldn't take his eyes off her! Hayden has a thing for MILFs and I have a thing for the under 30 gals! Don't get me wrong, he nor I are age specific, just our personal preference!

It was time to meet Betsy next! OMG, what a girl! She was just walking in the back door as we got our hello's said to Terri. She has long silky sun bleached blond hair and the most incredible emerald green eyes that just seemed to dance in their sockets and that damn deep dimple in her left cheek with full puffy lips! She wore a light pink crop top covering a great set of 36 D's tits. The material was straining to conceal those hard buttons trying to poke thru the fabric! I haven't admired a pair of "Daisy Dukes" like that since the Dukes of Hazard went off the TV! Her sweet rounded cheeks were peeking out beneath them behind and a beautiful camel toe up front! She has some of those long legs, shapely, and well defined muscles that run all the way down to the floor!

With the sexual tension being so high, I gave thanks when Jon ask, "So what do you two want to drink"? We both ask for a Gin n Tonic, such a great summer drink with a twist of lime! Jon freshened the girls drinks, and got one for him self, with drinks in hands everyone headed for the Pool! We got the families histories out of the way and on into the occupations we were involved in! Turns out that Terri is a very happy divorced school teacher, and Betsy was headed to an internship in the fall having just finished an engineering degree in May! They were both foot loose and fancy free till late August! The chit chat continued through interest in music, movies, and dance clubs only to find they were very open about their sexual interest and activities, how refreshing! Terri had been a one man woman till her marriage went south, and it took her about 6 months to find out that sex was not a duty to be filled, but rather an activity to be enjoyed by all parties! I melted every time Betsy open her mouth to talk, and she really threw me when she said she became sexually active at the old age of 14! This opened an exchange of "first time" Hayden admitted that he was a virgin until age 18, Jon, was 15, Terri confessed 22 on her wedding night, and I confessed mine was 10 with another guy, 11 with my 1st girl. Wow, the evening was moving fast, we had several more drinks, and after everyone had tried a Gin and Tonic and finding they enjoyed them, Jon feeling left out as the Bartender, made a large pitcher of G n T's and the party was on!

We shared a few snacks, they were professional grade, Jon knows how to entertain, after several pitchers and snacks, Betsy said "why aren't we in the pool"? We all responded by heading off for suits and diving in for a great time of dunkin, splashing, and grab ass! Betsy was in a really skimpy Yellow bikini, and Terri wore a Conservative one piece Black suit. They both looked great. Hayden told Terri he couldn't believe that she hid that smoking hot body under a one piece, she laughed and headed for the deep end and when she surfaced, she was holding the wet black material in her hand which she quickly flung toward Hayden! Not to be out done, he slipped his trunks off and threw them at her! That really opened the door for all of us and the suits were gone! It was just getting dusky and the outside lights had come on! The good natured sexual tension only built from there!

Terri said " I have never been with a man over 3 yrs of my age, and thought I was a "cougar" when I hooked up with a 43 yr old, now look at me hitting on a man under 30"! Hayden followed her cue, and moved in for the kill as it were! Betsy commented that she had always wanted to share her self with an older man! I mentioned 3ways and group sex and the whole party went crazy from there! Jon joined Hayden and Teri, and Betsy and I found ourselves in a very deep tongue probing kiss! It seemed to just happen, soon we were all in a group in the middle of the pool. Hands and Bodies seemed to be every where, I respect Hayden's heterosexuality, so I would never think of touching him, but everyone else was fair game! It really was an all out orgy in the water!

As much fun as the "grab ass" secession was, the inconvenience of treading water soon over took us all and we moved to the shallow end of the pool where everything got serious about Body penetrations! I found myself buried deep in Betsy's tight little pussy, slowly stroking in and out, getting ever so slightly deeper with each stroke until I was Nuts deep in her, just gently swaying back and forth. Jon was sitting on the side of the pool with his dick in Terri's mouth, while Hayden slammed deep in Terri "doggie style"! Soon, Terri was babbling something like a Pentecostal Preacher uttering incoherent syllables and speaking loudly of "Jesus, and God" all the while choking and gagging on Jon's swollen cock! Mean while I had picked up my pace with Betsy, and she had her long muscular legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck and was chewing on my neck and shoulders like a hungry dog on a bone! She started to quiver then shake and scream like a wounded a****l, and then went limp in my arms. I eased her up on the side of the pool and layed her back on a beach towel, never letting my hard cock slip out of her. I slowly eased back into a rocking motion and she began to softly moan. I looked over to find that Hayden had layed down on the pools edge with Terri straddling his dick, and Jon buried in her tight ass. Soon Terri was thrashing about and experienced her first ever Double Penetration orgasm, at the same time Betsy shrieked as she cum for the second time, and all three of us guys spewed our our spunk with in seconds of each other with us all basking in the after glow, Jon suggested getting dried off and going inside for drinks while dinner was finished up. There was much conversation about the excitement of the pre dinner fun and a common bond was established between all of us while Jon set dinner on the table. We reluctely slipped into comfortable clothes and headed to the table.

To be continued...............

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Father has pool party for daughter's birthday

Daddy helps Natasha become a woman.
I stood at the kitchen sink slowly working my way through the unusually large pile of dishes, glancing from time to time out of the window at the small group of k**s cavorting around the pool. k**s? I shook my head wonderingly, some of them didn't look much like k**s any more even though they were all of a similar age to my daughter Natasha. She had just turned 18, and this was a slightly belated birthday party. When she'd first asked for the party I was a little dubious, heck the last thing I needed was a tribe of screaming k**s around, but I couldn't really refuse Natasha, she'd taken it very badly when her mother left three years ago, and was only now starting to come out of it and start smiling again. So I'd agreed and had even done much of the catering myself, to the surprise and delight of Natasha's friends, who thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

But as for a tribe of screaming k**s, well they were a little noisy jumping in and out of the pool, and that was to be expected when 6 or 7 teenage girls get together, but k**s they certainly weren't. My mind flashed back to the two who had recently rushed into the kitchen to get themselves a cool drink, I'd turned to say something to them, but had only managed to gape. They were both kneeling in front of the fridge peering in, trying to decide what to drink, with them leaning forward and me standing up looking downwards I had a perfectly clear and uninterrupted view of their firm young breasts almost spilling out of their bikini tops, and I found myself reacting almost violently, my cock leaping and jerking inside my shorts. I quickly turned away, shocked by my reaction, and worked furiously at the dishes until they had left, then I collapsed against the sink and groaned. Damn it was time I had another woman in my life, three years of abstinence was playing havoc with my hormones, I needed to get myself under control and fast.

Once again I glanced through the window, and groaned aloud, damn, there was another one, just so sexy. She was standing at the pool's edge, her back to me, bent over ready to dive in, her bikini bottoms had crept almost totally into the crack of her ass so it looked almost naked as she hesitated before diving. Everything took on that freeze frame, slow motion aspect, and I could clearly see the interplay of the muscles in her ass cheeks as she rocked slightly back and forth. My cock was immediately rock hard as my eyes almost bored into her cute, sexy ass, then she hurled herself into the water and churned down the pool, turning at the far end and churning back down again, and I watched her all the way, totally mesmerized. Then she stood up, laughing, and I gasped in shock, it was Natasha, my own daughter that I'd just been perving on, that I'd just reacted to with the biggest, hardest erection of the day so far.

I knew it was time for me to get out, to get as far away from these horny young ladies as possible, but I was stuck, I'd promised their parents that I'd be here the whole time. As all these thoughts were going through my head I was still standing staring out at Natasha as she laughed and spoke to one of her friends off to the side, then she placed her hands on the side of the pool and levered herself out of the water, and I groaned afresh and a huge shudder ran through me as I found myself staring at her amazingly ripe breasts almost escaping from her bikini, indeed, momentarily one breast did pop out and I found myself staring lustfully at her hard, almost ruby red nipple, before she quickly popped her breast back in as she stood up and clearly made some joking comment to one of her friends, as I heard the extra loud peals of laughter ring out. Then she turned and waved and grinned at me through the window, and I flushed with embarrassment, damn, she'd known I was there, probably knew that I'd seen her little accident, how was I going to face her later.

Fortunately, at that point I came to the end of the dishes, so I scuttled out of the kitchen, grabbing an ice cold drink as I left, and retired to my study, flicked on the computer and started to surf the net. For a while I couldn't concentrate, images of those nubile young things out at the pool kept on intruding, but eventually I found some interesting information I'd been looking for and started to concentrate again on the more mundane realities of life, like work.

The next couple of hours sped by as I engrossed myself in the new information I'd found on the web, so much so that I was quite startled when there was a knock on the door and Natasha called out that some of her friend's parents had arrived to take them home. I hurried out and played the gracious host for a short while. accepting the girl's thanks and their parents thanks and waving them on their way. Over the next half hour the rest of the parent's turned up and the girls all left, and I slipped into the kitchen, knowing there would at least be some glasses to wash and dry. I was surprised on glancing out of the window to realize that it was dark already, wow, where had all the time gone.

A beaming Natasha then came in with another lot of glasses and stood there telling me how great the party had been and how much everyone had enjoyed it, and how wonderful the food was, etc. I listened and smiled and washed the glasses, glad that at least she was back in normal clothes and I wasn't subjected to what had happened earlier, although just the thought of that had my cock starting to twitch again, especially when she snuggled into me real close and gazing up at me asked if I'd liked her friends. When I laughingly said they seemed a lovely group, she grinned and said that some of them thought I was quite a spunk - which made me flush a little - and I tried not to seem too eager when I asked laughingly who could possible be so blind. When she told me it was the two girls that I'd reacted to in the kitchen, I almost reacted again, remembering their hot little breasts, and maybe it showed a little on my face, because Natasha looked strangely at me, "Are you ok , daddy?, you look quite flushed" she said.

"Oh, I'm fine" I muttered, "guess it must be the steam from the water"

She nodded and smiled, but with a lift of her eyebrow that said she wasn't totally convinced I was telling the truth. "Well, if you're really ok, I think I'll go off to bed, it's been an exciting day, thank you so much, daddy, I know you didn't really want all those people here, but it was lovely, and I really enjoyed it" she said, and lifted onto tip toes to brush her lips across my cheeks, then dashed from the room.

For some reason the heat of her lips stayed with me long after she'd gone, a discomforting reminder of the feelings I'd experienced that day. Heck, she'd kissed me before and I'd never reacted like this, it could only be the turned on feeling that all those nubile young girls had given me earlier that evening. I finished the dishes and cleared up in the lounge room then headed back to my study to resume my work on the computer, but this time I couldn't settle and couldn't concentrate at all. Eventually I gave up in disgust and closed the computer down and wandered into my bedroom, standing staring for a long moment out at the pool glistening in the moonlight, then making a sudden decision to take a dip, after all it was still very warm, and I knew I wouldn't be able to get straight off to sl**p. I smiled to myself as I undressed, maybe a dip in a nice cool pool was just what I needed to get rid of the heat that was inside me, a heat which even now had my cock standing almost to attention.

Damn, I was never going to squeeze that into my bathers. I looked out again, remembering that Natasha had said she was going to bed, there was no one else around and the neighbors couldn't see over the fences at all, so why bother, I thought. For a moment I stood there undecided, almost unaware that I was gently stroking my cock and it was swiftly rising to full attention, but when I did realize it I pulled my hand away sharply, groaning. Damn, how stupid, now I had to go in like that. Quietly I eased the sliding glass doors open that led from my bedroom to the patio, and walked outside. The moon was surprisingly bright, bathing the back yard in quite a glow, I looked up, stopping for a moment as a cloud scudded across, then realized I'd walked around the pool to the shallow end, so without any hesitation I dove in, cutting the water fairly cleanly so there was very little splash, and stroking almost eagerly up the length of the pool.

The sudden coolness of the water had the immediate effect I'd been hoping for, collapsing my erection like a pricked balloon, so when I reached the wall I felt comfortable and at ease. I held onto the wall for a moment, then did a slow backstroke down to my original starting point. As my arm came over on the last stroke, instead of a hard wall I found a soft squirmy body and a loud giggle "Oh daddy, look where you're going"

I was so shocked I promptly turned turtle and took in a mouthful of water and came up spluttering and coughing with tears streaming from my eyes, " did you come from?" I spluttered.

"I was here when you came out, didn't you see me?" she asked, laughing at my discomfort.

"No, you weren't, you couldn't have been" I stammered, hoping against hope that I was right.

She grinned at me "I can prove it by telling you what you looked like" she said, mischievously.

I looked at her blankly, then it hit me like a sledge hammer, I'd walked out to the pool with the most enormous erection, oh God she hadn't? ..... but one look at the grin on her face and I knew she had. I felt my face go the brightest shade of red imaginable.

"Whatever were you thinking of, daddy?, all those gorgeous girls in the pool this afternoon perhaps?" she asked impishly.

"Natasha!" I exclaimed, "how could you think......"

"Well" she broke in, laughing, "you were certainly looking at them, and at me too, I saw you. All the girls saw you, and all of them were trying to catch your eye, I told you, they think you're quite a spunk, did you think they were pretty....and sexy?"

"Natasha!" I exclaimed again, my vocabulary suddenly very limited, "You shouldn't speak to your father like that"

"Sorry, daddy" she said, looking suddenly very contrite, "I didn't mean to tease, but you did like them didn't you?"

I sighed loudly and tried to look away, "Well, ok, I admit that they were all pretty and I did look...but none of them was as pretty as you" I quickly added.

"Really, daddy, you mean that, I thought Samantha was much prettier than me and certainly much bigger" she said.

I found myself flushing again, "Well I can't speak about size, I mean I wasn't that close...gulp...but no one is as beautiful as you" I stammered.

"Oh daddy, you are sweet" she said, and lurched up out of the water and threw her arms around my neck. It was then I realized why she'd been crouched down with only her head showing...she wasn't wearing a bikini top! fact, as her young body folded itself into mine I realized with a start that she wasn't wearing a costume at all.

"Natasha!" I gasped, damn, same vocabulary again, "You're not wearing...why...what"

She giggled into my neck, "Well if it's ok for you to wear nothing, it's ok for me too"

I groaned, knowing full well I should break away immediately, but her naked body felt so good, so right pressed up against me, her firm young breasts pressing into my chest, her hard nipples almost burning into me, and my reaction was too quick for me to hide anyway, as my cock started to throb and grow, pressing against her upper leg. I did make an effort, I reached up and tried to pry her hands from around my neck, but that just seemed to make her wriggle more, "No, daddy, please, I like it like this" she whispered, her face upturned to mine, and we stood like that a long moment, a moment when my cock got harder and harder and pressed ever more firmly into her. My hands had fallen back to her shoulders and then down to her back, and then onto the slopes of her naked buttocks, lightly caressing her, and still we stood there, not a word said.

Then, with a deep groan I lowered my lips to hers, felt hers part immediately and my tongue dart inside, felt a huge shudder run through her body, felt her tongue come out to dance with mine, and we were kissing wildly and passionately. I don't know how long that kiss lasted, but when I finally pulled away I was shaking from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. We were both breathing like we'd just run a mile in record time, her firm young breasts heaving and bouncing around, drawing my eyes, "Do you really think they're beautiful daddy" she whispered.

"Oh yes" I said, another shudder running through me, "as beautiful as I've ever seen", and I lifted one hand and gently cupped one of her breasts. She seemed to arch backwards as I stroked her breast, rolling the hard nipple between my finger and thumb, causing it to swell even more and a shiver to run through her, then I leaned down and brushed my lips lightly over it, running my tongue around her hot nipple, bringing a groan from her throat.

"Oh daddy, that feels so good" she whispered, "I don't ever want you to stop"

Well I didn't want to stop either, right or wrong didn't seem to matter any more, all I wanted was to please her...and to please me too...I was on fire.

Without another word I led her to the steps and helped her out of the pool, taking the opportunity to gaze lovingly at her tight sexy ass. Then I was leading her to my room, my hand around her waist, hand resting on her tight ass cheeks, and she was looking up at me, a smile on her face, and her hand lightly stroking my massive cock.

Then we were inside, and I guided her to my bed and sat her down, "Are you sure you want this?" I whispered.

A shudder ran through her, but didn't disturb the smile on her face, "Oh yes, Daddy, whatever, you want" she whispered back.

I took her hands and guided it to my throbbing cock, "I want you to lick and suck my cock first, get to know it before it comes into you, do you understand?" I asked.

She gazed at my big cock from just a few inches away, and her tongue came out to sweep across her lips, "Yes daddy, I know" she said, and leaned down and started to run her tongue up and down the length of it. My body almost exploded on the spot, god it had been so long since a woman had done that to me, and now, my own daughter, oh, wow it was so hot. I watched as her lips and tongue teased and played with my cock and my balls, and was surprised at how much she seemed to be enjoying it, occasionally she would glance up at me and grin, "Mmm, daddy. You're so big and hot, am I doing it right?" God was she ever! She was driving me wild, and I knew I'd better stop it before I blew my stack.

She actually mewed with disappointment as I moved her away and eased her down onto the bed, but those quickly turned to mews of pleasure as my own hands, lips and tongue took to her body, searching out and caressing every single part from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. When I got to her pussy, she literally went wild, thrashing about and almost falling off the bed, crying and screaming her delight, urging me on...and I was all too willing to oblige, dipping my tongue into her tight, juicy pussy, reaming her tight little ass, sucking on her surprisingly large clit, and lifting her through a number of quick, surging orgasms.

Then she was pulling at me, urging me up, my tongue running over her stomach to her incredibly firm beautifully formed breasts with their tight hot nipples, and she was reaching down for me, clasping my rock hard cock and rubbing its head up and down her pussy lips, "Please, daddy," she whispered hotly, "Please, come into me"

Well I don't think a stampeding herd of elephants could have stopped me or pulled me away by this time, I wanted her so badly. I reached down and hooked my hands behind her ass cheeks and lifted her slightly, allowing the tip of my cock to slide into her pussy lips and she cried out, "Oh yes, oh god yes, daddy", spreading her legs wider still.

"Oh Natasha, daddy wants you so much, daddy wants to fuck you" I whispered hotly and pressed my cock ever deeper into her tight pussy, spreading the walls wide, god she was so tight. She screamed once more as I lanced so deep that my balls cannoned into her raised ass cheeks, and I held still for a moment, waiting for the pain to ease, the pain I knew she'd felt as her hymen had been split by my ramming cock. Oh god, I'd just taken my daughter's cherry! the fire was raging in me, and I started to move, slowly at first and not very far, but as she loosened up and started to respond, my strokes got longer and harder, and soon I was fucking her like crazy, lifting her ass and pounding my cock into her, and she was crying out again, not with pain this time, but with pleasure and delight.

"Oh yes daddy, fuck me hard, so good, Oh I do love your cock in me" she cried, and I fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her, amazing myself a little with how long I was managing to last in her tight hot pussy, but then I knew I was close to coming, my balls were bubbling and boiling like crazy, my cock starting to swell. Oh god, I suddenly couldn't remember if I'd arranged for her to be on the pill, and I was just about to let fly. I quickly pulled out, hearing her deep groan of disappointment, and grabbed my hot cock and started to pump it, but she grabbed it away from me and pumped it like mad, and after just a few seconds I was exploding. Great arches of hot, white cum juice spraying over her breasts and her face and her body, and she was screaming and trying to catch it in her mouth, so I leaned forward and jammed my cock into her mouth, spewing the final spurts deep into her throat, fucking her mouth like I'd been fucking her pussy.

God what a hot , horny mess of cum, all over her, and she, lying there with a smile like a Cheshire cat all over her face, "Mmmm daddy, that was so good, but why didn't you shoot into me...pout...I wanted you in me" she said.

I groaned, "I wasn't sure if you were protected" I said.

She grinned, "Of course, daddy, I'm not silly you know, I organized that when I turned 13...just in case" My eyes flew wide and she laughed, then reached up and stroked my face, "But I was saving it for you, daddy, except you never seemed to notice me, well not as a woman, that is" she added.

I looked down at her and grinned, "Oh, if you only knew, I've been noticing you ever since you were 14" I said.

She grinned right back and reached down and cupped my still partially hard cock, "Well" she said, "Now that you've done more than notice me, now that your beautiful cock has filled me up and I've made you cum, now I'm a real woman....your woman...whenever you want me"

That sent a hot shudder right through me, and I looked at her with entirely new eyes, then let those eyes drift down her tight, succulent body, "Oh yes. Natasha, you're daddy's girl from now on, and there's nothing I wont do to make you happy" I said, hotly.

She reached up and placed a finger over my lips, and pouted, "I'm daddy's woman, not daddy's girl, and I'm going to make sure you never look at another woman ... unless I want you too!" she said , and grinned, "Maybe if you're extra good to me I'll get some of my friends to come around and............"

Oh Jesus, the thought of her horny young friends just about exploded me again, and without any warning I rammed my newly erect cock back into her tight pussy. Causing her to scream and wail some more, as I fucked her even harder than the first time, and this time, much to her delight I didn't pull out, I filled her steaming pussy with my hot cum juice, filled it to overflowing!!! Then I lay between her legs and slowly and sensuously licked my cum juice from her pussy, enjoying the almost cloyingly sweet taste of our fused juices, enjoying the shaking and shuddering of her body as my tongue reamed around her throbbing , swollen clitoris, enjoying her cries and whimpers as still more orgasms rippled through her. God, I couldn't get enough of her succulent body.
Then she was squirming around, and her lips were stroking my softening cock, bringing it back to instant hardness, her eager tongue flicking over my cock head, driving me wild, before taking the whole cock deep into her hot mouth. I moaned loudly, my body going into frantic spasms as her hot your mouth toyed with me, taking me to the brink of another orgasm before easing away and slowing down. Lifting my surging cock high, she took my heavy balls, one by one into her mouth and slowly squeezed them with her tongue, before flicking her tongue over that super sensitive area between the ball sac and the anus. I groaned loudly and shuddered, and immediately she took my cock back into her mouth and with a combination of sucking, licking and stroking brought it back to that point where nothing could stop it exploding like a veritable volcano, and she was drinking my hot cum, pulling my spurting cock deep into her throat so she didn't lose one drop. Her own pussy was convulsing on my tongue, pouring her pussy juices into my eager mouth, and we shook and shuddered and emptied ourselves into each other. God it was soooo good.

When we were both spent, I squirmed around until I was again holding her beautiful young body to mine, gazing into her dark, fire filled eyes, "Wow, wherever did you learn to do that?" I whispered.

She chuckled, "Well, while I was waiting for you to notice me .... and do something about it, I had to do something about my own horniness, and the boys seemed to love it when I blew their stacks for them"

"God, I can imagine" I exclaimed, "It's a wonder they didn't want to take it further"

"Oh they did" she giggled, "But when I finished playing with their cocks they never seemed to be in a fit state to do anything about it"

I leaned back and laughed, "Now that I can believe" I said, but my own cock was trying to make a liar out of her as it swelled and stiffened yet again, and looking down at it she grinned.

"But they were boys .... And you're different" she whispered hotly, as she swiveled her body on top of mine and her hot, horny pussy once again surged down over it, "mm, yes daddy, yes, fuck me again, please, don't ever stop"

Well, I tried not to! and for a while time again stood still as we took each other to new heights of ecstasy.

Afterwards we lay for ages in each other's arms, each no doubt dreaming of all that was to come. MMMMMMMMM!!
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A cuckold pool party

My wife had the idea of a memorial day weekend pool party. She made out a list of chores for me to do while she worked on her own list. She and I talked it over to be sure each one of didn't forget anything. My list had all the yard work and pool cleaning type stuff whie my wife's list was shopping and food prep. I was getting my yard working tools out of the garden shead when my wife came out on to the deck to let me know she was leaving to go shopping. When I saw how she was dressed I took a minute to walk over closer to talk to her. She was wearing a white pleated cotton skirt and a light blue two button shirt. Her legs where bare and showed off their nice even tan. he was wearing white tennis shoes whith the short sox that had little light blue balls on the heal. I told her I thought she looked great. Then said let me guess white panties? She was holding her hand bag in her left hand so she took her right hand at the same time as she answered and lifted the skirt to she I was wrong, the panties matched the shirt, light blue. I've never seen those I told her , are they bikini? She spun around on her hills and flipping up the skirt from the rear showed me they where thong. WOW I said I like that. then she started back into the house and over her shoulder she aid that's all you get to see for now get to work.

I was busy most of the morning just in the pool area. around noon I was starting to get hungry. I was headed to the house to get something to eat when the patio door opened and my wife said come in I fixed lunch. I was a bit sun blind from being out in the bright sun all day and I couldn't see her when she called me. I stopped at the door and took off my shoes and made sure all the grass clipping where off of my legs. Then I came in , I stood still and let me eyes get used to the darker kitchen. My wife called to me from the table she had everything out and was already eatting. She was on the back side of the table and I sat closes o the door. I asked if she got all her shopping done and while she was telling me about it I was checking out her outfit or at least what I could see of it. She had on a white bikini top and a white beach coverup, the coverup was fishnet and you could easly see her tanned body through it. I fixed my plate and said I forgot to grab a drink, I started to get up and my wife said I'll get it for you. The fridg was just a few steps behind where she was setting. She stood and went to to open the fridge I saw the rest of her swim suite it was a thong bottom and the cover up stopped right at the tops of her butt cheaks. Her ass is always as tanned as the rest of her. I asked if that's what sheis going to wear at the party? She said yes , do you think guest will like it? I said will I know the husbands will, then I asked who all have you invited? She came to the table and sat my drink down and started telling me. Seems her cuckold group desided that our house would be the best place to have a get together. Oh I said so it's going to be just a bunch of cuckold husbands and their sexy wife's ? Well yes she said but each of the couples are bringing the wife's favorite bull.

After we finished eatting as I cleaned up the dishes I asked my wife the question I had been wanting to ask her since she told me of the bulls attending. Who are you asking to be your bull sweetheart? She said well I'd rater it be a surprise all the other ladies are surprising their husbands too. I said can I get a hit? She said you can ask but I may not answer. I thought about the question as I loaded the dish washer. I snapped the door closed and hit the start button and said out loud is he white? I looked up from the start button to my wife to see her answer , she turned her head to face me and smiled , then she said I have to get all this stuff sorted out you had better go get busy. She left the kitchen and me just standing there still waiting for an answer.I went back out and picked up where I left off, the whole while my mind was racing abut who she was bringing to the party. I have met a few of her black friends but I haven't seen her have sex with a black guy in well over a year. Oh well I finished up my work and looked at my watch it was six fifteen. The party was set to start at eight.

I came in the house and headed towar my shower , I expected to see my CB3000 laid out for me to wear as always. But instead all I saw was a white tank top and a pair of white shorts that I'd never seen before. I was in the shower when the bathroom door opened , my wife said make sure to shave. I said OK I will . She said shave your legs too. I said OK . Then she said you are finished come in the bed room so I can help you get dressed. Yes mam I said sorta had smart assed. I shave my pubic hair always but I rarely shave my legs. I shed everything thing smooth , legs, arms, and my junk. I was drying my hair with a towel as I entered our room, my wife said stand still and let me check your shaving job. She was setting on the bed and used her hands to turn me around and look at my naked skin. You missed some on your ass cheeks she said but other than that you look nice and bare, go get the razor I'll shave this that you missed. I brought her the razor and she shaved my ass cheeks dry... it didn't hurt she was very careful. After that she powdered me from neck to toes. Man is this cool I thought , I never get this much attition. After she rubbed the powder in she noticed I was getting a hardon. I was facing her as she still sat on the edge of the bed. She said oh that's not going to work then she grabbed ahold of the head of my penis. This little thing won't be needed tonight so I mas well kill it for the next twen hours. She stood and left the room, when she returned she had a small cup of water and her new best friend he small orange pill. Oh baby I said ,not that. She said yes. You can't wear the device with your new outfit so you must take this to keep you soft all night. She watched and made sure I swallowed the pill, she even made me open my mouth so she could be sure I had swallowed it.

How does that pill make you feel she asked me? It doesn't make me fell strange at all I told her , the last time I took one at that other party I had forgotten I even took it , I ever put me staying soft all night long together with the pill. Ok well now that we know you won't be getting hard and ruining what I have planed for you let's get you dressed. She handed me the white shorts. they are Lycra and as I looked them over trying to figure what was the front and back she asked what I was doing. I said men's bike short have a small pocket in the front for our junk to fit in and I can't find it. She said well that's because those aren't men's bike shorts they are womens. Oh OK so my junk with be held down I said wel not really he said , step into them and turn around and face away from me. I did , she said now blow your legs alittle as if to squat. I did that and she reached in betwen my legs and pulled my cock and balls back toward my asshole. She held them tightly as she told me to pull up my shorts. I pulled them up my hairless legs she said pull them up tight. Then she said turn around and let me see. I faced her and she ran her hand across my smooth front. Now you look like the dickless little cuckold you really are. I looked at my self in the mittor , baby everyone can see that I'm smooth down there I told her. Yes they can she answered , now put on your sox and shoes then she handed me the sox they where shorty ones with little pink balls on the back. OH I protested , PINK? She said it'sway to late in this relationship for you to worry about your manhood.

After putting on the sox and shoes I headed out to the pool area and started setting up everything. As the guest arrived each one had a remark about the fact I didn't have any junk showing. One of my wife's best friends ran her hand across the front of my shorts and said maybe I should have my husband castrated also. I told her I had all my junk but my wife had it hid away for the evening. She said what would happen if I made you hard would it show then? I knew I was unable to get hard but I told her to see if what she had could make me hard. She's such a bitch I thought this could be fun. She pulled her bikini top off to show me the seven thousand dollar tits she made her husband buy her. They where nice and round with perfect sized nipples. I told her they looked great but that I didn't feel myself getting hard. As all the others where chatting and swimming this lady was sure she could get a raise out of me. She pulled down her bikini bottoms to show me her baby smooth pussy. sexy lips with no inner lips showing. I said again that is nic but I'm getting nothing. She snatched up her bottoms and put on her to and told me I must be some kind of a homo sexual for not getting a hardon from looking at her. I returned the insult by saying maybe you aren't as hot as you think you are. LOL she huffed off.

Well after the sun went down so did the swim trunks on the bulls. There where long hard fat cocks swinging back and forth everywhere. A few had hooked up and where having sex in the pool and around it . Most of the husbands huddled together and talking like to keep themselfs form staring at their mates.One of the husbands I didn't know came over to where I was tending bar and asked me how I cope with all this sex? I asked him what he ment? He said his cock has been hard for three hours from seeing all the fucking going on. I told him I don't get hard from watching this . I asked if he cleans his wife after she has had sex with someone else? He said clean her , what do you mean ? I said do you eat her pussy after her bull as cum inside her? He said Oh no that's nasty. I said buddy you are missing out on the best action you are going to get. I ask if she had him in chastity? He said no , he is free to jack off when ever he wants to. I told him you are not living the cuckold lifestyle all you are doing is allowing your wife to fuck around. He didn't like what I had to say so he walked away. Being a cuckold is alot more than being a man with a wife that fucks outside the marrage. The cuckold has a roll to play also. Letting your wife boss you around, chastity and even cleaning her after she is finished is just a few of your duties.

I never got to watch my wife with her bull , she took him inside to fuck. Once when she came pasted me she stopped and told me she had a big load of cum in her asshole. She said she was going to hold it there for me to clean out. I said well are you done fucking or the night? She said no thast she still hadn't been fucked in her pussy . And she was going to borrow a bull from one of the other ladies to do that for her. I asked who? She said who ever has the fattest cock , that she in the mood for some streching. Well half an hour later she came back to the bar with a very black guy in tow. She was leading him around by his cock that was totaly soft yet still a good eleven inches long. Her fingers didn't even meet as the wrapped around it. Honey she said ,this is Johnson , he'll be the guy fucking and streching my pussy tonight. I stuck my hand out to shake his. Very nice cock you have there Mr. Johnson I said. He shook my hand and said thank you I'm sure your wife will love how it feels in her. My wife OK guys that's enough I want to get that thing hard. Then her and Johnson headed toward the house. I was turned watching them when one of the husbands came up behind me. He said is that your wife with that monster cock guy? I turned around and said yes it ,smiling at him I said did you see that thing? He said buddy I don't see how you can smile knowing that your wife's lady parts are going to be ruined after that. I said I hope they are. I said I hope she is left gapped wide open. He said why? You can't do that any good with that small equipmet you have. I informed him that I'm not allowed to put my cock in my wife's body anywhere.

Well I never saw my wife again that night and the party started breaking up around two AM. I saw the last of the guest out the gate to their cars. I blew out the Tiki torches and turned off the hot tub. I came in the house turning off lights as I made my way to the bed room. Our bed room door was closed and locked . When I turned the knob it had a slight noisethat my wife and Mr. Johnson heard. Go away I heard my wife say I'm bust in here. I spoke up and said it's just me honey, everyone has gone and I was coming to bed. She said well sl**p in the guest room I'm getting the work out of a life time in here. I asked did you get it in you? She said yes it's bottomed out and and I'm enjoying the pain it's causing. I said OK baby I love you have a good time and good night Mr. Johnson. Just as I turned to go to the guest room I heard his voice say good cuckold and say good by to your wife's pussy I'm totaling it out tonight. The guest room and our room share a wall so I could hear their love making. I sware a few times I could hear what sounded like my wife crying. She and I have a safe word and I listened to see if she ever said it. She was OK just dealing with more hard dick than she has ever delt with before.

The next morning I was awake first. I slept in my shorts with my junk still tucked between my legs. I'm starting to enjoy the way it feels when I walk . My thighs squish my balls from side to side. I cleaned up the back yard and I was in the den picking up a few empty beer cans when I hear our bedroom door unlock. I know better than to go look down the hall, our bed room has a bath off of it so theres no need to come out of the bedroom to use the bath. If the door was being opened it was so they could come out. I was just going back into the den for the ktchen when I saw Mr. Johnson walking down the hall. His cock was swinging and bouncing off his thights as he did. I said good morning to him. He stuck out his hand and said good morning to me. I shook his hand. Did you have a nice time last night I asked him? He said yes you where a perfect host. I thanked him , then I said I want to thank you for servicing my wife for me. He said OK but I thought that was for her not you. I told him I'm not allowed the use of my wife's body and that I get pleasure from seeing her happy. He said well once the sorness wearings off she is going to be very happy. I looked down at his still naked cock , I said what does it feel like to carry that thing arund all the time , is it heavy? He said yeah it is . feel it if you want to. I glanced around like if to see if anyone was watching me then I took it in my hand. I told him I've never felt another man's cock before. He said it's OK look all you want. I sorta possed it and felt how heavy it was when I caught it. I said I bet it weights three pounds. He laughted and said I have no idea. He then said I'm going to get my stuff and leave , your wife is still asl**p. I thanked him again and patted his back and told him bye. I went to our room to check on my wife. she was sound asl**p in a small ball. I kissed her forhead and left her alone. It was after three in the afternoon when she came out of the bedroom. She had on a short robe and house shoe. I asked her if she was hungry? She said yeah fix me something please. I made her a snack and she sat at the kitchen table to eat it. I sat and talked to her about the night before but I never brought up Mr. Johnson.

After she had eatten she said she wanted to take a hot bath. I asked if he needed any help? I ran the tube for her and as she sat in it relaxing she told me that since I wa a good boy that I could pick out something for her to wear around the house today. I knew her lady parts might be tender so nothing tight...I picked out a thin cotton print summer dress and a pair of sandles. When she drie off and came into our room she saw I had made the bed and was there to help her get dressed. As I slid the dress over her head she asked ,no panties? No honey I thought you may be sore so I thought you could go commando. She said good thinking I helped her slide the snadles on. She said lets go set by the pool. As we sat there she said well aren't you full of questions about what Mr. Johnson and I did last night. I said yes baby I am . She said well go. I asked how big was it hard? She said the same size and my arm at my hand. I said how did he get that in you? She said he was a good lover and was being so easy with her. After about half an hour he still wasn't inside her so she had him lay on his back and she sat on it forcing it into her. She said I started crying at first it hurt so bad. Then she said after a long time I was able to move up and down on it and as I did my pussy eased up the grip it had on him. She said that the first fuck lasted a hour. She feel asl**p after he came in her , she said she woke up as he was sliding back into her. By the last time they fucked she said her pussy was nub and it was no trouble getting it in. I asked her if it hurt now. She said it aches , like if I had been kicked in the pussy. I aked if she was going to see him again. She said yes that he told her he wanted to meet for lunch on day next week and talk to her about allowing some of his close friends to come see her. I said where here? She said he didn't say where. I'd rather you didn't bring a lot of black guys here I said, the neighbors are nosey enough and they will start thinking you are a slutwife. She agreed.

I asked her that night if I could look at her pussy? She laughted and said why? You are't going to get any of it. I said I just to see it. She allowed me to lift her dress and have a look. It looked perfectly normal. I said a pussy is a wonderful thing it can take an all night beating yet it looks like you where a good little wife. She said I am a good little wife. I let you serve me and even allow you to lick me after I am serviced by a man sized cock. Oh that brings up one thing I said, I didn't get to eat your pie after last night. She said that's right and that she was sorry. Well this week after I meet him she said I'll have him cum in me and I'll save it till you get home. Well Wednesday I came home to a wife wearing her black garter belt lace top stocking and four inch high hills and that's all . she said lay in the den foor I have something to feed you. She sat her nasty pussy right over my mouth. The lips where swollen and extremely wet. There was a smell of a man on her too. I licked her and licked her At one point I was begaining to wonder if there was any cum in her at all. She had an orgasm and when she tightened up the dam broke. I had a mouth full of a mixture of her juices and his cum rush into my mouth. I cleaned her as best as i could . She stood up and saw I had a raging hard on. Stand up she ordered. I did and she said pull down your pants. I followed her orders. out sprang a throbbing four inch dick. She smiled at it and said oh baby I thought you here hard. I said I am , she quickly slammed her knee into my balls and said that not a hard on. I crumpled to the goround in pain, she said when you can get up, how about fixing dinner I'm going to just lay back and enjoy mayself. She stayed dressed in only the garter and stocking all night. even as sexy as she was I couldnt look at her in fear of anotherknee to the balls. ... Continue»
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The Tease

This is the start of a story involving two of Helen's fantasy fucks. David a young fella she teaches with and Drew one of our neighbours. She would dearly love to fuck them both at the same time. I'd love to see her fulfill that fantasy. This is just to tickle her wanton cunt.


Contains cuckoldry, bisexuality and psychological femdom aspects.

By Thomas Waller

"What a prick!" David grumbled more to himself than in any attempt to communicate with his wife. His head and neck were craned as he backed the Lexus slowly out of his bosses' circular drive," A first class bona fide Asshole." He felt rather than saw Helen's eyes upon the side of his face and knew that she would be wearing her amused, impish grin. He did not want to rave about the situation since that would only encourage her but he was fuming. "He only throws these things to show-off and bully everyone on their only fucking day off. All ‘goddam’ PRICK
week is not enough for the shit-head. Drew, what a pretentious dick. I guess Andrew isn't GQ enough. Running around the pool in his obscene fucking Speedo. I wonder if the fuck ever took a breath, trying so fucking hard to display his six pack. Sure, go ahead... spend hours in the gym, asshole... the rest of us are doing all your work for you. What a prick."

While he drove, David's tirade was as controlled as he was able to keep it. He knew that every line would come back to him with a vengeance. He knew that he was feeding Helen ideas and ammunition but he couldn't stop himself. He dared not mention Drew's and Helen's outrageous flirting: the actual cause of his rage. She would love that and he would hear that throaty, sexy chuckle of hers. She would begin a monologue of her own. One of an entirely different nature than David's rantings. She would tease him mercilessly for the entire drive home. He knew the routine.

He continued to mull over the pool party replaying both Drew's and Helen's outlandish behavior. Yet he only muttered inanely about the prick continuously humiliating his employees. ” The only reason someone didn't clock him was that he paid their salaries...” and on and on. That was all he would reveal to his wife. All the while images and phrases of their cavorting flashed across his mind: a touch, a look, a comment, a laugh. His eyes slid over to take in Helen's long curving legs. They were crossed above the knee and her foot bounced jauntily while he ranted. She was enjoying this completely. She knows what is really driving me insane. David reflected.

God she looked spectacular today in her lime bikini. Her ass had always turned him on...the saucy little creases with their hypnotic winking still sent jolts directly to his cock. The trouble was that they had a similar effect on every man woman and c***d at the pool. Helen's red hair and green eyes were attraction enough as far as he was concerned. But that ass, her perky little tits and long legs were a calling card for all: and, who should respond but that dick-head Drew. He had foreseen this of course. He had been subjected to their little games at other parties but this pool display was by far the worst. Before they arrived David was sure that the pool party had been arranged so that "the fuck" could see Helen nearly naked and that he could parade about in his yellow Speedo. A yellow Speedo for fuck sake.

David continued to call Drew names out loud and suffer his real agony internally. "No wonder wife number one and wife number two left the prick. Too much of a bully. Too self absorbed. I'll bet Jean fucks off as well." He hoped that might cool Helen's jets. “He’s no good with women.” David regretted the comment immediately. It was too close to the unspoken topic. He heard the whir of the electric motor within the seat beside him. Helen reclined into the chair and breathed a luxurious sigh. He knew what was coming. He was agitated. He was excited. He was jealous as hell.

In a sense David blamed himself. Helen had come into their marriage a stunning yet reserved girl. David, who was always horny as jack rabbit almost f***ed her into watching his porn collection, f***ed her into fantasizing aloud for him. It was he who had coerced her into imagining that she was fucking his friend Gerry. How would she do him? What would he do to her? He eventually had her fantasize about almost everyone they encountered. It always drove him crazy to hear her do it but his cock would stiffen like a poker and they would have wild sex afterwards. He prodded, goaded and cajoled her into more and more lascivious fantasies. He encouraged her to use the name of her would be partner. It sent his bl**d boiling with a powerful admixture of lust and self loathing.

Within months she had surpassed him at the game and she soon came to enjoy both tormenting David and the exploring her own sexuality intently. He had controlled her in the initial stages but now she played him like a violin. David had created a monster. One who understood the visceral link between his jealousy and his lust. She delighted in controlling him through his needs. She would f***e him to endure more and more lurid images as she climaxed repeatedly.
“You could see the outline of his cock in that flimsy swimsuit. You know what David? I think I could even see where his bulging cock head began. Mmmm.” Helen had changed back into her pleated mini as they left the party. She now flipped up the front of it and was pressing her palm against her protruding mound as she spoke. “And those big weighty nuts. She extended her legs and pushed the balls of her feet against the firewall slightly lifting her ass off the seat.”Mmmm, all gift wrapped in that revealing Speedo.” She began rubbing her thighs together and languidly ground her ass into the leather seat. “Well, he was staring blatantly at my cunt and you know that bikini rides up and folds into my pussy. To tell you the truth, David, I was intentionally sliding forward in my lounge chair I wanted to create a little cameltoe action. A cameltoe: that’s what you call it isn’t it David. I’m sure that’s right. You are always mooning about cameltoes.” She hiked up her panties which hugged her cut provocatively. “Like this David? You like? Since he was examining my cameltoe, well I naturally felt justified in ogling his fat dick. I think he shaves his prick because his belly was so smooth and there were no cluster of hairs around his inner thighs. I’d like to watch him do that. I love a tight belly. I saw it growing David as I stared at it. I was trying to see if there was a little telltale wet spot on the end of his knob. Mmmmm. Wasn’t it funny when I winked at him and suggested that he dive in and get that thing er... yourself wet? Remember. I told him it was getting so, so hot around the pool. He understood what I wanted to see and jumped in and splashed about for a few moments. He was back up on that deck in no time standing directly in front of me. Did my mouth water David? Did I look too hungry? How embarrassing.”

It had begun. David gripped the steering wheel viciously. There was no way to stop her. “I remember,” he spoke through clenched teeth. “Only a fucking faggot would wear a swimsuit like that. What a dick.”
“What a dick. You’ve got that right. With you sitting right beside me he stood there brazenly with his cock sticking out, pointing it right at me. I think he was almost fully erect. Don’t you? Maybe just semi. God I hope just semi hard. I could almost see the veins sticking out of the underside of his shaft. If he let it get fully stiff, I’ll bet the head would peek out of the leg of his trunks. Or even up and out of his waistband. That would look so hot. His cock was pushed over to the left. If I close my eyes I can picture it. I can see every detail. Mmmm.”

Helen did indeed close her eyes and worked her hand down her stomach and into her panties. She began to finger herself wantonly.

“Stop it Helen.” David demanded.

“Stop it? Stop it? You are the one who taught me to fantasy fuck everyone we meet. You are the one who keeps pressing me to fuck another man while you watch. You are the one who loves getting horny and jealous at the same time. So get horny, David, horny and jealous now. Have you looked down at the raging dick you are sporting at the moment? You want me to do it. You love it.”
She was correct on every count and David’s cock strained against his trousers. “That’s because you are masturbating beside me.” He lied.

“It’s because the thought of Drew sticking that long hot poker inside me drives you crazy and makes you hornier than you’ve ever been. Remember how you devoured me after the company Christmas party. After Drew and I danced and cooed all night.” She reached over the gear shift and tweaked the head of David’s prick. “You remember that don’t you.” She smiled that smile at him then eased herself back into the bucket seat. She closed her eyes again. “Oh Drew, show it to me baby. Just stick your thumbs in the waistband and flip it down. Down, over your thick cock and heavy balls. Please Drew. Please. Just let me look at it. Let me touch it. Let me lick that sweet little eye. Stroke it for me baby. Let me see you thrash that splendid cock. Mmmmm Drew. Yes baby. Yes. Tell me you need to fuck me baby.”

He legs were now spread and David could hear the squishing of her cunt juices as she worked over her clit. “You still want that threesome David?”

“Not with that cocksucker, I don’t. Now cut it out. What about some of the other guys at the party? Gimme a fucking break Helen. That bastard bosses me around all day. He fucking loves it. He’s a sadistic control freak. He belittles me and everyone else in the firm. I don’t even want to hear his shitty name... Drew for fuck’s sake.”

She ignored him completely. “Did you see the tight muscular ass on him?” She was slowly tracing circles on her clit. “Mmmm. I’d like you to be behind him watching that hard ass work as he thrust his dick into my cunt. I want you watching his ass, back and leg muscles work as he plows that fuck stick into me. Oh God, I love a tight hard sculpted ass David.”

In spite of himself David had to reach down and adjust his straining cock. He gave it room to expand. Her last image excited him more than he even admitted to himself. He hoped she had not noticed. But, Helen noticed everything. She was a maestro.

“Mmmm, you would watch his cock pry my cunt lips open and then see him ram it inside me. Oh yes Drew fuck my wet cunt. Fuck me hard. Oh that feels so good. Oh baby.” Helen went quiet for a moment enjoying her fantasy. Then she clicked her head round to face David... “no, no David. I want you to put his cock in me. I want you to take his dick in your hand and guide it into my cunt. You can spread my cunt open with the fingers of your free hand and stick his hot cock inside me. First you’d rub the head up and down against my swollen clit. Then, whap. You’d slam his engorged cock deep into my cunt. Pubic bone against pubic bone. Mmmm.” Helen began to shudder out an orgasm at the thought. She pressed her thighs together and trapped her own hand between her legs. After a few taught seconds she began massaging her cunt again and moaning. Oh David you have to do it. You have to take his cock and put it in me. Isn’t that the hottest thing ever?”

“There is no way I am touching his cock. Are you insane? You want me to handle that asshole’s prick. What do you think I am?”

“But baby, what about your Wayne story. Hm? You know your Wayne story. The story you tell about the cottage after graduation.”

David knew the story. How could he forget? He had told Helen about him and Wayne Harris on the rocks of Georgian Bay. He told her all about it when he was trying to get her to open up to him, to confess her darkest desires, to fantasize with him. If he told her the Wayne story, she may respond in kind. Ultimately he hoped she would rethink the idea of inviting a woman into their bed. That was one of David’s lifelong wanking dreams. The Wayne story had aroused Helen more than he had imagined and she would constantly ask him to repeat it. Like a young c***d’s bedtime story, she knew every word and detail. She always rewarded him with unbridled sex afterwards. So, he did not mind in the least.

“That was different. We were friends. We were teenagers experimenting. Most boys experiment with a friend. They are as horny as fucking hoot owls.”

“Tell me now. Tell me while you are driving. Tell it with Drew playing the part of your friend Wayne. Use his name. I want to masturbate while you tell it.”

“No fucking way. Not in a million years. Fuck off.”

“If you do. I will tell you about Cindy Dury and me one night when we were baby-sitting. We were both sixteen. I will tell you every tiny detail of what we did to each other. I still cum when I recall the details, David. I have never told anyone about that night. You will blow the top of your cock off. Do it David. Tell me.”

David swallowed hard. He knew Cindy Dury, she worked at the local Chevy dealership. He had fantasized about her luscious ass on many occasions. He may even have shared a fuck fantasy with Helen over Cindy. He tried frantically to remember how hot Helen was during the roleplay. His mind was reeling with her revelation. He ached to see Helen with another woman even more that he wanted to watch a man fuck her. He cleared his throat and began.

“It was the day after graduation and Wayne, er Drew and I went to recover at my folks’ cottage. It was a hot day in June and we lay on the rocks, sunning ourselves. We began to discuss the girls at the prom. Who may have got laid? Who probably gave head? Who we would like to fuck? Who we had felt up... that kind of thing.”
Helen interrupted. “You forgot to mention the bees and the water lapping the beach. And I want you to pretend that you and Drew considered me.” She lay back and continued fingering herself. The thought of Cindy Dury and Helen f***ed him to continue.

“It was beautiful, the bees and insects hummed and the water splashed against the rocks. We nattered on about girls in our class. Theresa Jarry had the finest rack and she liked to give handjobs but would never do anything else. Just show her tits and wank your cock like a milking farmer. Linda Grant fucked anyone and really enjoyed it. We recalled the time she was in the next room with Peeler and the racket she was making as he fucked her. She was screaming and crying out. Peeler sure got everyone’s respect after that. We admitted that we both wanted to fuck Helen Benning. She was so goody-goody but probably fucked like a nymph. Her red hair and her splendid ass really turned us both on and we wondered if she had red cunt hair. We talked about spreading her long legs and devouring her lovely pink twat. Getting our tongues right in there. We both shut up and thought about that for a while.

It was hot and we were both horny. I think we were still a little d***k. I looked to see that Drew had a hard on, just as I did. When we were talking about Helen Benning he started to rub it with the palm of his hand. I was surprised by this but figured ‘what the hell’. I started to squeeze the head of my cock right there in front of another guy... in front of Drew. He told me that he would love to see Helen’s red head bouncing up and down on his cock. Soon I heard him unzip and he had his cock out of his pants and in his hand. I did the same thing and we lay on the rocks and jerked off beside each other. It was pretty cool and exciting.

We told each other that we had never done anything like this before. I could hear the familiar squishing sounds of a cock jerking session and I looked over to examine his dick. I stared obviously at his swollen cock while he rolled to his side and inspected mine. He immediately reached his other hand over my stomach and began fondling my balls. He shut his eyes tight and he was whimpering. I reached over my body and began to wank his cock, pushing his own hand away. He did the same and we were hammering away at each other pretty good. I enjoyed the solid warm feel of a stiff prick in my hand and ran my thumb over the spongy wet head. ”

Helen was groaning and pumping in the seat beside me and her hands were both going at her cunt.

“I remember that I rolled over on my sides and we mashed our cockheads together as we yanked on each other."

“I love that.” Helen moaned. “I love the image of two cocks smooshed together. I wanna see that.”

David continued. “He started panting and calling out, “O fuck, fuck yeah.” Drew kissed me full on the lips, and instead of reacting with shock or indignation, I responded immediately. Next I heard him whisper. “Let’s suck each other off.”

He did not wait for a reply but flipped himself about so that he could suck on my dick and his prick was inches from my face. I took his cock in my hand and slowly inserted it.”

“No, no.” Helen groaned.”You examined it. You squeezed the piss hole open. You pulled on his balls and inspected them. You licked the precum out of his slit. Then you slowly inserted it into your mouth. You put Drew’s cock in your mouth. Drew’s big cock in your mouth. Mmmm.”
“For Chrissake Helen. You know it better than I do. I put Drew’s cock in my mouth. He was sucking on me ravenously by now and he had worked a finger up my asshole. I started to suck him off hungrily; running my tongue back and forth under the shaft as I slurped him back deeper and deeper into my throat. Everything was so new, so strange that I began to blow my wad into Drew’s mouth. I longed for it to last but I was so, so excited and he was sucking so f***efully. When he felt me cumming he wrapped his arms around my ass and gave me a bear hug pulling my prick further into him. He started to cum in my mouth at the same time. I imitated him and we were rolling around the rock, pumping sperm into each other. Hugging each other’s asses like wrestlers. He didn’t stop sucking and I was flipping about like a fish. I was doing the same thing to him. Eventually we both collapsed. Spent like never before.”

“Oh fuck yes. I love it.” Helen groaned. “It was that story that got me going on this fantasy kick of yours. I need to see that David. I want to be there. She undid my fly and took out my raging cock. I’m gonna make you do that again. You see if I don’t. Guess what happened back at the pool party.” She was giving David a tantalizing hand job as she spoke. She could have told him anything. He was that worked up. “Drew followed me into the house when I went in for my last glass of wine. He stood directly behind me with his cock brushing against my ass... Not pressed against but just brushing my ass.
‘Helen,’ he said ‘let’s get together some time for some real fun. Just you and me....’
‘ I don’t, haven’t and would never do ANYTHING without my husband.’ I scolded him. Then I pushed backwards, my ass against his cock. ‘But my husband and I together would DO just about ANYTHING.’ I then skipped out of there with my drink. No doubt I left him with quite a boner.” She chuckled her sexy Helen chuckle.
David was furious and tried to push her hand away from his cock. She smiled at him and began to stroke his excited dick frantically. She began fondling his balls. She leaned in and lay his cock lovingly against her cheek. He was putty and ached for her. He was flushed with sexual arousal and tension.

“What about your story? Your...your Cindy story?”

“When we get home. When we get into bed. Now I have some business to attend to.” She took David's cock and examined it. “Oh Drew it’s so big. So big and thick. I have to suck you off Drew. I need to suck your cock. I want all your hot cum pumping down my throat. Come here baby. Come here lover.”

They were in the driveway when David exploded in her mouth. She swallowed gulped and gagged down, then licked up, every drop. Then, she hopped quickly out of the car and skipped into the house like a school girl.

... Continue»
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Living on the west coast I never saw much of the rest
of my f****y, although we kept in touch by phone and e-

I'm Greg, 44 years old single, I live by the beach,
working in the local resort hotel.

One morning I got a call from my s****r Jane, telling
me that her and her hubby were going on a business trip
to Europe, the problem being they could not take their
daughter Becky and there was no one to watch after her.
So would I do the honours. After a bit of persuasion I
agreed. The plan was I would meet her off the plane and
she was to stay with me for the two weeks while Jane
was away.

A week later I made the short trip to the airport to
meet Becky. I hadn't seen Becky since she was nine,
that was four years ago, the last time I went to a
f****y gathering.

Her plane landed I looked for her as the line of
passengers filed through passport control. At last she
came through the gates. Small for her age at 4' 8" long
red hair she came running up to me, gave me a big hug
and kiss. "Hi uncle Greg ain't seen you for ages" she
screamed with excitement. We collected her baggage and
made for the car park then back to mine.

I showed Becky her room and was about to helped her
start unpacking when she said, "I'll do that uncle
Greg." Obviously she didn't want me sifting threw her
clothes so I left her to it.

That evening we eat out at Mac's, then went home. Becky
asked if she could shower before she went to bed. She
went upstairs and I got settled in for the late night

As I got stuck into the film the door creaked open,
Becky was standing there, her red hair damp, wearing a
very short nightie. It was sheer, almost see through,
and the only reason I couldn't see her perky teen tits
clearly was that the cloth was wrinkled across them.
"Uncle Greg?" she said, standing there completely
unembarrassed by her near nudity. "Can I watch the
movie with you. Would it be OK?" She gave my lips a
quick peck with hers and then sat next to me on the

As the movie wore on I looked over to Becky she had
fell asl**p. Because her nightie was so small it rode
up her thighs and he was greeted to a view of her arse.
The movie was over I gave Becky a little shake to wake
her, she sl**pily woke up "Its over time for bed" she
got up and went to bed. I follow after cleaned up the
front room.

She woke me up the next morning by jostling my
shoulder. She had let herself in, later explaining that
she had knocked at the door, but it hadn't wakened me.
"Can we go down to the pool please uncle Greg?"

"Of course honey soon as we have had breakfast." With
that she jumped off the bed and went to get changed. I
got up pulled a pair of joggers on walked down the
hallway towards the loo, passing Becky's, the door was
wide open I glanced inside as I past by I watched
Becky's little arse wiggling out of her night briefs,
not wanting to be seen I carried on. The door was shut
when id finished my pee. I went and cooked breakfast. I
called Becky down when it was ready. She had shorts and
a halter neck on. When we finished we made our way to
the local outdoor pool.

Becky was very quick to take her shorts and top off. I
was shocked what she had on. It was a little blue
bikini set. I didn't think she was old enough to be
showing that much of herself off in public. It was so
small it was almost obscene. If she had been old enough
to show pubic hair she would have had to have shaved it
before swimming... As soon as my mind got onto that
track I got hard, and that was another reason to forbid
the suit. I mean, if I was getting aroused by it, god
help the boys around the pool! She was continually in
and out of the pool, diving in splashing around like
any normal thirteen year old.

I saw she was now quite red from sunburn and she asked
if it was OK for her to take a shower as she had done
enough swimming. We both got changed and went home.

Becky was now complaining about her sun burn. "Will you
put some lotion on my back please uncle Greg" "Sure
honey". With that she scampered upstairs I followed
her, she went to her room after a few minutes she
called me in, Becky was sitting on the edge of the bed
with a towel wrapped around her.

She lay on the bed face down unwrapped the towel
exposing her red back, I poured the lotion onto my
hands and began tentatively started rubbing her back,
she jumped at the first touch. My hands were feeling
every inch of her back, every contour of flesh, her
small well rounded shoulders, and her fleshy lower
back. I had to control my thoughts as i reached her
lower back the contours of soft skin made me quiver.

"Would you rub some lotion on my legs uncle Greg?"

I moved behind her and she spread her legs a little for
me. I just stared at her crotch, that thin blue fabric
barley covering her virgin pussy. I could clearly see
red pubic hair was sticking out the sides of her
bikini. I started rubbing the lotion inter her shapely
legs. I started at her caves and worked my way up to
her thighs. I couldn't believe how turned on I was. But
instead of being repulsed by the sight I was getting
more and more turned on. I stood up and said, "That's
enough, you should be OK now, just keep out of the sun
for a few days."


That evening Becky said she was going to bed early as
she didn't feel to well she gave me a peck on my lips
and said goodnight. I stayed up and watch TV. Feeling a
bit sl**py myself I made my way to bed. I thought id
better check on Becky. I carefully turned the knob
leading to her room. I pushed the door open a crack,
and stood there, my heart pounding, my cock pulsating
with a mind
of its own.

A light shone in through the window, illuminating my
little niece lying on the bed, she had kicked off her
sheet during the night. The room was warm, and only a
portion of the sheet covered one leg. Except for the
white sheet covering her calf, she lay there on her
back, nearly naked. There was a nightdress of some
flimsy material, covering her breasts.

During the night, the hem had risen nearly to her
chest, uncovering her groin and stomach. By the light
of the streetlight outside, I could see her legs spread
slightly. My throbbing cock jerked at the sight of her
laying there, her legs spread. I pulled down my shorts
and began to stroke myself. My cock had never been so
stiff, so throbbing, so pulsating. I shot my load into
my waiting hand, looking at the red patch of fuzz at
her groin. Then crept back to my room, feeling guilty.
I had work the next day.


In the morning at breakfast I told Becky I was off and
would try to get home at lunchtime 1.30. and left.
Luckily work was a bit slack so the manager said I
could have an early lunch. I opened the front door,
Becky was nowhere to be seen, I made my way upstairs as
I was near the top I heard groaning. I went to her room
and stopped frozen at the sight of her on the bed.

Becky's nightgown was pulled up to her waist and her
panties were no where to be seen. the top of her gown
was unbuttoned down to the waist and her little lemon
shaped tits were fully exposed. She had her hands
between her legs and was frantically rubbing her pussy.
Her eyes were closed and she had a look of pleasure on
her face.

I watched as Becky groaned and rubbed her pussy hared
and faster. Her hands were still busy in her pussy
working away. I could even hear the sounds as her
fingers worked over her sopping pussy. She was not
aware that I was there.

Her eyes were still closed and she was shaking her head
back and forth.

While watching her, I saw her ever so gently push the
index finger on her right hand first along then into
the base of her vagina. She then bent her finger and
began to slowly pull it up between her lips. She pulled
upwards until her finger rested just below the visible
reddened glans of her clitoris, which had now become
fully extended. It resembled a soft

satiny pink button. Her finger was placed just under
her clitoris and then pressure was applied squeezing
the button up against her pubis. She let out a load
groan. "Uuuuuuhhhhhh God, yessssss!"

I quickly made my way downstairs opened and shut the
door loudly so she would hear. "Becky, honey I'm home!"

She appeared at the top of the stairs looking
exhausted, "Y-you're early uncle Greg," she stammered.

I explained why, we had lunch. I couldn't get it out of
my mind the sight of her frigging herself off, my cock
was swelling harder and harder.

I decided to throw a sickie so I called work.

The next morning after breakfast Becky suddenly stood
up and said, "Can we go to the beach today uncle Greg?"

"Of course honey, get your things together and I will
get a packed lunch and the sun lotion."

We walked down to the beach, found a quite spot. Becky
undid her wrap around, her bikini top was a bit over
sized for her small breasts. We had a swim and slash
around, twice after she popped out of the water her
bikini top slipped enough to expose a pert brown
nipple, looking at me looking at her, she pulled it
back into place.

"That's enough for now, we had better get some lotion
on you before you burn again."

"Cool uncle Greg."

I spread the towel out for her to lie on, The coldness
of it made her jump a little. I told her to relax and
started rubbing the lotion in, ever so softly and
slowly. My cock had already started to murmur in my
shorts as I did this. Her skin felt so soft as I
continued to rub.

I rubbed all over her back and could hear small murmurs
under her breath as I did so. lower and lower down
Becky's firm young back. I had reached the top edge of
her bikini bottoms when Becky reminded me gently.

The following evening I had forgotten I had made
arrangements for a couple of buddies to come over for
drinks and watch the soccer. I told Becky I was going
to cancel, but she said, "No, that's cool with me."

The next evening on time Keith and Ben arrived wearing
shorts and t-shirts with a sack full of booze, I
introduced them to Becky. "Hi, nice to meet uncle
Greg's friends," she said. Then she went upstairs to
watch TV in her room while we watch the match.

The booze was running freely all us guys were getting
pissed. At half time Becky came down stairs wearing a
large, baggy night shirt, but she obviously wasn't
wearing anything underneath. If I had noticed that I
knew Keith and Ben had too.

"Can I try some of that uncle Greg?"

"Go on Greg give the k** a swig," Ben said.

I handed Becky my glass of bourbon, she swigged the lot
back and spluttered.

"To strong for you k**?" Keith laughed at her.

"No!" she snapped back in embarrassment, went over to
Keith grabbed his glass and drank that to.

"That's enough Becky, you're too young to drink," I

"Leave the k** alone let her have another," Ben said.
He handed her another drink.

By now I could see it was having an effect on her, she
was giggling and being silly. The game started again,
there was no room for Becky to sit. "come and sit here"
Ben said. Becky went over and sat on his knee. Our team
scored the winning goal, Becky jumped up and down on
Ben's knee she pressed down again, mashing her little
teen pussy on his knee.

After the game was over, in the kitchen Keith said,
"That niece of yours is one little prick teaser, how
can you control yourself?"

"I'm finding hard to," I said.

We turned to go back to the living room. We couldn't
believe our eyes. Ben was massaging her thirteen year
old pussy through her nightshirt and we could see her
spread her legs a little so he could feel her up

"Ummmmnnnn," she said. "That feels so good!"

Keith and I froze to the spot Ben put his arm around
her waist and pulled her nightshirt up he let his hand
move down my nieces back to her rounded buttocks where
he began to stroke and feel her young body. He reached
out with his other hand and touched her developing

Becky looked down at his hand and pressed her young
breasts against his searching fingers, his hand ran
down her flat tummy and slowly to the mound between her
legs. Becky put her hands to cover her pussy looked
back at Ben said, "You can't!"

Keith coughed, Becky jumped from Ben's grasp and
staggered past us and upstairs. Ben had a look of fear
on his face. "Sorry Greg, she's been teasing me all
night, it's the booze sorry." Keith gave me slap on the
back, "Don't worry Ben, he's not mad at you, look at
the hard-on in his shorts."

We all burst out laughing. I went on to tell them what
I had seen Becky doing the day before when I came home
early from work. Both of them were rubbing their hard
cocks through their shorts by the time I had finished
my story.

"I wanna bit of the action Keith," said. "Me too," Ben

"OK guys, lets leave a while till she's asl**p."

We waited an hour and four more bourbons. We plucked up
the courage and the three of us crept upstairs. I
quietly opened her bedroom door, Becky was fast asl**p
lying on top of the sheets. Keith made the first move
he lifted her nightshirt up to expose her red wispy
pubic hair, her pussy lips were a rosy red. He bent
down between her legs and started to tongue her, Ben
and I had our cocks out our shorts wanking.

"Suck me! Suck my cunt!" Becky groaned in slurred
voice. Hearing my niece say that and watching Keith's
tongue in her firm teenage slit made me start to cum
all over my hand.

Suddenly Keith pulled away from sucking her cunt pulled
his cock free from his shorts and spurted his cum onto
her open crotch, some of it dribbling into her open
pussy lips. I noticed that Ben was on the bed aiming
his cock at Becky as he almost imperceptibly moved his
hips toward her. Clearly he was thinking what it would
be like to ease his hard cock into Becky's naked pussy,
but instead shot a fountain of cum over the top on her
nightshirt and over her red pubic hair.

We quickly made our exit back down stairs, "God! That
was wicked." Keith an Ben gasped. We've got to go now
and left. I went back to Becky's room, she was still
laying on top on the sheets asl**p. Dried cum hung to
what pussy hair she had. I looked at this little angel
from bottom to top, I got a wet flannel and wiped her
pussy down the best I could then went to bed.

In the morning I got up for breakfast, Becky was still
sound asl**p. While tidy the house up I just couldn't
get it out of my head what went on. I was very worried
what Becky's reaction might be and what she might say
to me, her mum or even the police. Eventually I heard
her stirring and coming downstairs, my stomach was in

"Morning uncle Greg," Becky said in a horsed voice.
Before I had chance to say anything she said, "Look,
I'm ever so sorry about last night. I think I drank too
much. I've got a terrible headache and I can't remember
a thing. Who put me to bed?"

With a worried sigh of relief I said, "Hey honey, it's
OK, we all do daft things from time to time come give
me a hug." She came over threw her arms around me. I
could smell the scent of stale spunk on her. As she
pulled away from our embrace I could see Ben's spunk
stains on her nightshirt. I told her to run up stairs
and take a shower and I'd fix breakfast for her.


The rest of the week was uneventful, I thought it best
to leave things be and try not to have anymore evil
thoughts about my thirteen year old niece.

Two days before Becky was due to fly back home, I met
Keith and Ben on my way home from work at the local
bar. "How's that little prick teaser Greg?" said Keith.

"Look, she can't remember a thing, it's best if we
leave it that way."

"Ya your right, I guess," Ben replied.

After a couple of beers a couple more of our buddies
came into the bar, Gary and Jim. "Hi guys I'm off now,
see you later," I said. I was about to leave when Jim
shouted over to me, "Greg we're having a bit of a pool
party down at Stu's place Friday afternoon, you

"I can't, I've got my niece staying over."

"Bring her along then we ain't seen you for ages," Gary

"I'll think about it," I said.

Back home I mentioned it to Becky. "Please, can we go
please? Please? Please!"

I gave in to her demands.

I finished work at lunch time that Friday, told Becky
who was over excited about the pool party to get ready
and not forget her costume. We made our way to Stu's
place. The music was blaring we could hear splashing,
introduced Becky to Stu, Gary and Jim. "Here love, this
way to get changed."

Stu led my niece away. On his return he said, "Ben's
right, she is a little prick teaser shaking her arse
like that." As he put his arm around me and dragging me
to the rest of the guys, "Ben and Keith told us what
you guys got up to with your niece the other day."

"Just leave it Stu, OK?" I said.

"Ya, sure man," he smiled at me.

Becky appeared by the pool side gave a little wave and
with horror I realized she was wearing that little blue
bikini set, her small perky nipples were erect. All the
guys wolf whistled at her as she jumped in the pool and
so did they. I watched from the side as they all messed
around with a beach ball.

After a while Becky asked for a drink I gave her a
coke. It wasn't long before the beer was having the
normal effect on us guys, things were getting loud,
throwing each other in the pool, just have fun like a
group of guys do. I noticed though Becky was getting
the same way, how, then I saw Jim topping up her coke
with Vodka, no wonder.

Well things weren't getting out of hand so I turned a
blind eye to it. Gary said to Becky, "Love, you're
starting to get a little red from the sun, lie on the
lounger and I will rub a little lotion on you if you

"Sure yes please," she replied.

Gary started up around the nape of her neck and moved
gradually down her backbone, spreading the coconut-
scented lotion left and right. It was a bit of a
strain, so he scuttled around behind her and knelt
between her spread out legs. I went to work again,
spreading the warm and slippery lotion over her
shoulder blades, I could see a bulge in his bathers as
he massaged her back.

I had to intervene, "That's enough now," I whispered to

As the afternoon turned to evening dark thunder clouds
started to form. Stu shouted, "Right then, everyone
inside!" As the rain started to fall Becky wobbled into
the living room I threw her a towel to dry her hair

Stu put the music on and got a big bottle of bourbon,
Becky was getting board, "Can we play some games or
something uncle Greg?"

The guys looked at me I shrugged my shoulders, "Like

"Blind mans buff!" Gary shouted.

"Yes, that's a good game," said Becky.

Stu went to get a scarf while I went for a pee. On
returning I saw that someone had given Becky a large
glass of bourbon she was drinking it threw a straw. We
span a bottle to see who went first, Jim was first Stu
put the silk scarf over his eyes then told him to put
his hands out and tied them too, "Hey what's going on?"
Jim laughed out.

"Makes it more hard for you to catch us," Stu replied.
Stu spun Jim around. We all darted around the room as
Jim stumbled around falling over the furniture, it was
hilarious. He caught Gary first, he was the same we
were having such good fun.

I kept a close eye on Becky screaming and giggling as
she fell about the room and by now was much the worse
for drink. So it wasn't long before she got caught, Ben
carefully tied her hands while Stu covered her face,
they gave her a quick spin. Becky stumbled around as
she blindly searched around for us. The guys were
shouting here we are, can't find us she fell on the

Stu stepped forward and gently fondled her breast. I
almost creamed myself seeing that. "Don't!" she said,
turning away in an attempt to dislodge his hand. He
simply groped her the other side. "Hot little tits
missy," he grunted.

Gary motioned for him to stop.

"Can you take this blindfold off please and untie my
hands?" Becky asked hopefully. I wanted to reach out
and hold her.

Gary replied, "What? You can't see?" He suddenly moved
in and allowed his hands to traverse her upper body,
smoothing across her shoulders, down her back, across
her hips and up between her breasts.

She gasped at his touch. He leaned in and kissed her on
the lips which had her recoiling with disgust. "Never
been kissed eh, darling? Oh, this is gonna be a night
of firsts for you."

At that second, the other men closed ranks around her
and I watched in abject fascination as they all began
to feel her up as she stood there. Hands cupping her
breasts, others feeling the concave perfection of her
slim hips, sliding around to cup and rub her bottom.

I was so hard I was losing my grip on reality. Becky
was gasping. "Please let me go, Pleeaassse!" Her
impassioned plea was heartrending although ultimately

"See here sweetness," Gary whispered to her as he
continued fondling her breasts lewdly, "The boys here
are kinda hot under the collar, if you know what I
mean. Wouldn't be right to deny us just a little fun
would it?"

I heard her gasp, as Stu's fingers brushed against her
cunny, she squirm as his fingers rubbed her though the
material of her bikini Gary glanced across at me, as I
stood over near the far wall. "You'll be OK, trust me
sweatheart," Stu crooned to my neice.

They had her with her legs up against the sofa now and
it took but the least push to send her sprawling back.
From where I stood even, I caught a glimpse of her hot
little blue bikini bottoms as she fell on her back. The
other two were openly feeling her breasts now and
vocalizing their pleasure loudly.

"Goddamn, she's a hot little cunt," Stu muttered, "I
love small tits!"

"Let's suck her," said his compatriot, thrusting one
hand roughly down her top. I had to unzip myself.

Unable to pull her bikini top off, they simply tugged
it up, "NOOO!" she wailed as they roughly pushed it up,
right up, completely exposing both her milky white
breasts to our gaze. I had to approach the sofa for a
clearer view.

"What you reckon Greg?" said Gary, looking up at me,
"Have a feel my friend, she's one hot little piece of
ass and she won't know it's you."

I had to do it, and bending down, took a hold of her
right breast, feeling it, cupping it and smoothing my
hand across its center, experiencing the texture of
that beautiful brown nipple that undoubtedly was
showing signs of arousal. I watched as Stu began to
suck the other one as my niece squirmed and wriggled.
She would have been able to feel all five sets of hands
and lips on her, taking liberties she could barely

Right then, Gary moved it up to the next level,
slipping a hand and gently smoothing along her inner
thigh, moving ever upwards. As he did so, her breathing
was getting heavier Becky gasped, "NO! Don't do this!

Stu leaned forward kissed her hard through her bikini
bottoms on her pussy. She let out a real yelp of shock
and wriggled, which achieved no more than making her
look more vulnerable and sexy than ever. Obviously
Becky's vulnerability was too much for Gary.

I watched as he just slipped a hand up between her legs
and began rubbing her pussy through her bikini with
frenzied deliberation. "Don't... don't do that -
please!" she tried to draw her knees up to limit access
to the front of her bikini. Those whimpers were
heartbreaking had it not been for the sheer spectacle
of seeing an innocent little girl being sexually abused
quite openly.

"Hold her legs for me," said Gary. "Let's have some fun
with her."

Pulling her once more on to her back, Keith and Ben
took a hold of her legs - a hand each under one knee
and f***ed her legs wide apart. Even as she was sobbing

"NOOO!" plaintively.

I dropped a hand to my own erection, watching dry-
mouthed as Gary slipped a hand up inside the leg of her
panties and found what he was looking for. Her
restrainers were amusing themselves meanwhile feeling
her breasts and rubbing her nipples – fully exposed as
they were.

"God, she's hot and but not tight," he muttered, one
finger obviously having penetrated her vaginal cavity.

Becky was shaking her pretty head back and forth not
understanding what was happening to her. I couldn't
however wrench my gaze away from her splayed legs and
Gary's hand performing unspeakably crude things beneath
her bikini.

"Let's see her pussy," said Stu, they all broke away
from her, the guys then pulled their bathers down their
cocks were as hard as mine I saw that all of us were
near the same size give or take an inch, apart from
Jim, his was at least nine inches long, fat and a huge
foreskin that hung over his cock end by an inch.

"She's getting really hot now." He added, inclining his
head towards her breasts and indeed I could see that
her nipples were rock hard due to the stimulation they
were receiving.

Pushing her legs together just long enough for Gary to
tug her bottoms down and pull one leg clear of them,
she gasped and wriggled with fear and embarrassment at
having her young genitals exposed in such vulnerable a
position. Stu whistled his delight at the scene before
him while the others simply muttered, "Jesus what a hot
little cunt.

A "hot little cunt" it was too! I could but stare at,
what for so long I had simply imagined! - my niece's
virginal and currently somewhat moist-looking slit.
Displayed before us in all its colorful and inviting
glory, not a man born could look upon the sight without
experiencing erectus supremus.

So hot was she lying there like that. Softly curved
hips, wonderfully flat and smooth tummy blending-in
with those cute red curls framing her hitherto
protected labia that Gary now was separating so
carefully with his fingers, Becky's head bolted back as
Jim poured some sun lotion over her red flaming cunny.
Her knickers, hanging loose off her left ankle
completed the picture of abject debasement, her own
personal flag. Not so much at half-mast as bearing
witness to the death of their young owner's innocence.

Gary's instructions of "Hold her legs wide now,"
signaled the end of tease and the onset of a new one.
Gary took his time. Despite her quivers of disbelief
that this could be happening to her, her pussy was
obviously far from dry and even as Gary slipped his
seven inch erection up and down the folds of her labia.
Then gently the first inch f***ed its way in, he let
out a cry of "God, she is tight," as he cupped her
bottom and held her up marginally.

I had to ease the burning lust between my own legs and
began stroking myself as I watched him sink it further
in. Becky was sobbing loudly and pleading with him not
to put in her and that she could get pregnant. That was
something I hadn't been thinking of, but her very words
of warning just upped the ante. The thought of watching
her get pregnant simply added fuel to the furnace
despite the obviously damning consequences.

"It'll be very quick sweetie," he said and thrust into

Before they could get a hand over her mouth, Becky
screamed. It was a scream of pain, shock, lost
innocence and God-knows what else. Withdrawing
temporarily, we could all see the red-tinged rivulets
trickle out of her, staining with the mark of a lost

He was in her now and with slow thrusts he started to
fuck Becky. Resigned to defeat she allowed his lust to
run its course. The Stu, Ben, Keith and Jim were
muttering obscenities watching as Gary turned into the
home straight. For myself, I was but milliseconds from
finalizing my own little sexual contract, I let go of
my erection breathing strenuously.

"Fuck me! I'm going to fill her cunt!" Gary announced,
before pulsing into her for fully ten seconds.

I wish I had been able to see Becky's eyes right at
that moment. He pulled out and I saw a thin stream of
viscous white fluid seep out of her pussy. Having let
go of her legs, Becky closed them and half-turned on
her side moaning and breathing heavily.

Her rest-period was short-lived. Stu pulled her now to
the edge of the sofa as Ben and Keith again held her
legs bent at the knee and spread wide for easy access.
He pushed his five inch cock hard into her and she
grunted with surprise. I felt pre-cum trickling down my
own leg as Stu fucked Becky with plenty of zest. Her
breasts were vibrating with each thrust and her head
being tossed from side to side as he thrust in and out.

Again she just lay there, letting him fuck her. I did
notice a quiver from her own hips trusting back as he
neared completion. "You're such a fucking hot little
tease," Stu announced. Grabbing her around the hips, he
leant forward and began sucking her right nipple while
still taking her so deep.

To everyone's surprise Becky's tied hands went to Stu's
head pulling him onto her nipple. It looked like she
was now enjoying it. He came in her with roar I noticed
that even when they let go of her legs, she made no
immediate attempt to close them. Both Stu and Becky
were breathless. Again, she turned on her side and just
lay there moaning quietly. Her arms must have been
aching incredibly.

"Someone please untie me now," she puffed.

"Only if you keep the blindfold on," Jim replied.

"I will, I promise," she said.

Jim undid the scarf binding her hands. Rubbing her
wrists, "Can I have a drink?"

Jim was quick off the mark and put his glass of bourbon
to her lips and tilted it back. Becky sputtered as the
alcohol ran down her throat. "Now it's my turn," Ben
eagerly said. He swiveled Becky's legs over the arm of
the sofa and pulled her up so her spunked pussy was on
the edge of the arm he lined up his seven incher, his
cock head slipped in her with ease slowly he started
his rhythm of fucking her holding her thighs as he did

Becky was panting each time her thrust home. This was
too mush for Keith, he crouch over Becky's face rubbing
his pre-cummed cock head over her lips. "Suck it
Becky," Keith said.

"No! It tastes horrid!" She moved her head away.

""et that bourbon Greg."

I handed the glass he put his cock in the glass as if
he was washing it. Again he offered his cock to Becky,
this time she opened her mouth and sucked his cock head
with vigour. Her hand came up and grabbed his shaft and
started wank him.

This was too much for both Keith and Ben they both came
simultaneously. Becky's mouth bubbled with Keith's
spunk as she tried to spit it out. Ben just stood there
as he pulsated his load into her.

"Get me a water quick I feel sick!" Becky screamed.

Stu handed her a glass of soda she gulped it down to
wash the taste of Keith's spunk away.

Ben pulled out of Becky's cunny thick cum dribbled out
onto the arm of the sofa.

Jim sat beside Becky who was now sitting on the sofa
with her knees tucked under her chin. Jim held her hand
and moved towards his hard cock, without looking what
she was doing, her hand opened and grasped the middle
of his shaft, her small dainty fingers couldn't
encircle his wide girth.

Jim held her wrist moving her hand up and down his
shaft, each time on the down stroke his foreskin
withdrew over his cock head, it looked more like a rams
head a large amount of pre cum was leaking from the
large pee hole lubricating his shaft. Jim tried to pull
her head towards his cock, Becky resisted she was
having none of it.

You could see the frustration on Jim's face, he pushed
Becky on her back and lent over her rubbing his cock
head up and down her wet slit. "Please don't it's too
big," Becky groaned.

But Jim was oblivious to her pleas with gritted teeth
he pushed the large rams head between her wet folds.
Becky's body tensed and she let out a loud yelp.
Standing at the foot of the sofa I could see you red
swollen pussy lips gripping his shaft. Jim's forehead
was dripping with sweat. "She so fucking tight!" and
with another push about five inched of his cock
disappeared. His buttocks then started short stabbing
motions as her fucked her.

I could see her hips moving upwards to accommodate his
thrusts and her breathing was becoming heavier. She was
on the verge of her first orgasm of the night. The guys
had now gathered round Becky, their cocks out and
jerking them. Then white streams of cum simultaneously
across her face, her nipples and her lower abdomen.

It triggered Jim's own delivery. "Oh god! Oh god! I'm
cummminnggg! he roared as he sank fully into Becky's

I could see his balls pulsating his hot cum into her.
Jim pulled out, the six of us just stood or knelt
there, watching Becky wriggle slowly on the sofa, and
moan abstractly. Glistening cum ran down between her
breasts, trickling down her face over the silk scarf
hiding her eyes as well as a heavy stream of cum
pouring from her exposed open hole.

"Well Greg," Gary was whispered, "Want to wrap this up
now? Or do you want to fuck her?"

Slipping the biggest damn erection I ever had back in
my shorts, I said, "N-no, I'm taking her home. She had

I looked down at her, at her exposed nipples – still
erect, her ravaged pussy pulsing out gooey white spunk,
her red wisps of pubic hair were matted together. She
half sat-up, "I'm just so sore."

I went over to her, picked up her bikini bottoms and
then tugged them back up. Even then, cum was squelching
out of her, soaking the front of the thin blue cotton.
She would be needing one hell of a shower when she got

I took off her blindfold got her shorts and t shirt
helped her on with them without a word being said we
made our way out picking up her bikini top up as we
left, for the ten minute walk home. Halfway home I had
to pick her up, her legs were so weak.

We didn't speak a word all the way home. Once inside I
told her she had better have a shower. Becky went
upstairs I followed shortly afterwards, I could hear
her sobbing over the noise of the water. I tapped on
the door, "You OK in there?"

There was no answer, so I opened the door she was
behind the shower curtain washing. I coughed, "Becky
you OK?"

"Yes uncle Greg," she sobbed back.

"Well I'm off to bed now, see you in the morning."

"OK uncle Greg."

In the bedroom I stripped off, got under the thin
cotton sheets rubbing my cock I reached over and turned
the lamp off. Not being able to get the sight of Becky
being banged I started wank off.

Just as I could feel the sap rising the light came on.
Becky was standing there with a bathrobe on. I let go
as quick as I could, trying to hide the outline of my
erection from her, there was no hiding my arousal.
"Honey w-what's wrong?" I knew what was wrong she was
going to accuse me of betraying her at Stu's party.

"Um, Uncle Greg, I need to ask you something... and I
want you to tell me the truth."

With a hard swallow I said, "Sure honey, what is it?"

Becky came and sat on the edge of the bed beside me.
"Uncle Greg did you do it to me as well?"

"No honey I didn't, I couldn't."

She started sobbing again, "Why? Why? Don't you like
me? Am I ugly? I love you Uncle Greg, don't you love

I sat up and took her in my arms a hugged her, "Don't
be silly Becky, of course I love you and no your not
ugly. You're the most beautiful girl in the world."

Becky was hugging me harder as I said that, then the
shock came I felt her hand move over sheets to the top
of my leg, then she grasped my cock which made me jump
with the shock. "Are you sure you want this Becky?"

"Yes uncle Greg I do, I wanted you to be the first!" At
this she stood up undid the belt on her robe and let it
slip off her shoulders. She was naked and slipped under
the sheets with me. Becky snuggle up against me as I
lay on my back. She laid her head on my chest and put
her right arm around me. She began rubbing my chest
where her hand was. She began rubbing her leg along my
thigh. Soon her leg was on top of my leg and her little
mound was against my hip.

She began grinding herself against me as her knee rode
up my leg higher and higher until she touched my
testicles and the base of my erect penis. She began a
gentle slow massage of the full length of my erection
with the inside of her knee. Her hand began to rub my
stomach lower and lower. I succumb to Tracy's seduction
and put my arm around her; placing my hand against the
small of her back as she worked herself against me.

She ran her fingers down my side near my erection
without touching it. She cupped my balls in her hand.
Then she slowly closed her hand around my cock. I held
her body tighter against my own body. My right hand was
hugging her head against my chest. My left hand reached
down and cupped her round little ass and squeezed. She
liked that. She moved up higher on my torso and began
to shift her body on top of me. Soon she was on top of
me and straddling me with my hard-on sticking up right
in front of her as she sat on my balls.

She took me in both of her hands and squeezed and
rubbed the clear goo up and down my shaft. She held on
the end of my cock with both hands as she rode up and
over me until the base of my cock was sliding across
her opening. She began to ride me back and forth across
the length of it until the purple head was rubbing her
little rosebud. She began to quiver and jerk as her
release approached. I reached for her little breasts
and her swollen nipples. When I rubbed them and gently
squeezed them, Tracy erupted into a loud throaty moan
that I couldn't believe came from that tiny body. Then
she rolled off me trying to catch her breath.

My left hand snuck down towards her pussy. I inserted a
finger into her hot moist pussy. She was already
juicing. Her fluids were just coating my finger. I
gently rubbed her pussy lips. My lips slowly trailed
down towards her pussy. As soon as my tongue touched
her love bud, she gave a little hop. I eagerly
continued my work. I licked her from the top of her
clit, through her pussy lips, which made her shiver
right back to her little rosebud. Her musk filled me
with erotic notions, although I could taste a heavy
salty tang from her juices.

Becky's hands grabbed my hair and pushed my head deeper
into her crotch, her thighs formed a vice like grip on
the sides of my face, "OH I'M CUMMING!" Her skin broke
out into gooseflesh as massive orgasms rocked her
teenage body when she came down from her cum she
released her grip on me, my face was covered with her
pussy juice.

I lifted my head up and wormed my body up hers, licking
her flat belly past her navel. I moved my hands onto
her firm breasts, and licked my way up to the puffy
buds. They tasted good in my mouth, and I rolled my
tongue over them and felt them press back at the
stimulation. I moved further up and looked down into
her green eyes. Our lips smashed together as we
embraced, with my penis wedged between us.

Becky wrapped her legs around my naked buttocks and
pushed her pelvis against my swollen cock. I tried to
enter her without success. I encouraged her to take
hold of my cock and rub it up her vaginal opening. As I
felt her hot pussy lips began to spread over the head
of my cock as I lowered her down. Then the tightness of
her wet cunt slipped slowly down my shaft.

She let out a very throaty low moan as I penetrated her
deeper. She let out a little scream and held me tight
for minute and then she started to push back against
me. I took slow gentle strokes till she started to pant
and tell me how good it felt. Becky started to buck her
hips back up at me and tell me to fuck her harder I was
trying to hold back but when she let out a loud scream
went rigid and hissed through clenched teeth. "Ohhhh
YESSSSSSS! Ohhhh GOD YES!" And she pulled me tight
against her I let my cum spray deep inside her tight

I was surprised at the amount of sperm and pussy juice
that was oozing out of her. I don't think I have ever
came that much in my life. We spent the next 4 hours
fucking every way we could think of.


I woke late in the morning Becky was laying next to me
sound asl**p. To my horror I realized that I had
planted love bites all over her neck. Her pussy lips
were still swollen from the fucking, wetness gleamed
between its folds.

And she was to go home to her parents this very


... Continue»
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Pool Party Gangbang with my GF

Hey guys, as a lot of you know I a stripper here in Las Vegas. I know a lot of you have been dying for another story from me. Sorry, I've been lazy but here is a good one that recently happened.

I get invited to A LOT of pool parties out here, prolly cause I'm a slut and I usually end up fucking at least a few guys at most of them lol ;) Anyway, in July I got invited to yet another at a house where there were a few guys I had hooked up with before. I invited my friend Amber to come along. She's a dancer too and might be even a bigger slut than me if that's possible!

So she picks me up at my house so we can get ready. I ask her what shes wearing and she shows me this tiny silver thong bikini she's going to wear. I really liked it and tried it on myself, omg, it barely covered my pussy and the top was way too small but it was hot looking. Well, we made a few drinks and I settled on this really skimpy blue bikini that is shiny and really made my tits look good. Then we were off.

We show up at the party and there are a lot of people. My friend made us some more drinks and we went to get into the pool. There were a ton of cute guys there. Well, we stripped down and almost all of the guys were looking at us...and I think all the girls hated us!

We got into the water and chilled out for a bit, then some more drinks and some food then more drinks, now it was getting dark but the party was still going. a lot of guys were flirting with us. One of the guys suggested that Amber and I take our tops off, so we did, which pissed off a few of the girls I think cause I heard them say something nasty and a few of them left. Then one of the guys was like "you two should make out" So I grabbed Amber and we started kissing. I have hooked up with her before, she;s hot a shit.

Now when I looked around I noticed all the guys checking out our show and I was getting horny as fuck. The guy who owned the house asked if we wanted to go upstairs in the house to smoke. Haha, I knew what this meant. So Amber and I got out and we went upstairs to the master bedroom which was huge! We smoked for a few minutes while sitting on the bed, there were about six guys in the room with us. Then I wanted to continue the show so I pushed Amber down and peeled of my bikini bottom and pulled her head to my pussy, She started tonguing my pussy. it felt so good! then we switched and I went down on her for a bit. The guys were really into the show.

After going down on her for awhile I got up then sat on her face and made her lick my pussy like that. I was getting so turned on, my nipples were rock hard. I motioned for a few of the guys to come close as they were starting to play with their cocks a bit in front of us. Two guys came up on either side of me and with Amber licking my pussy, I took a cock in each hand and started stroking them then sucking them. Then Amber wiggled out from under me and joined in with a few of the other guys. One of the guys told me not to move and slid under me and started to suck on my pussy just like Amber had been doing.

This went on for a little bit with the cocks in our faces, I was so busy I didn't notice all the other guys walk in. I guess someone told hem that the party had moved upstairs cause when I looked up there were at least 20 guy in the room! Now it just became a whirlwind of hard cocks everywhere. I was on my hand and knees with a cock in each hand and one in my mouth when I felt the first guy o the night behind me. I could feel the tip of his penis on my wet pussy and I pushed back onto him, I wanted it so bad!

Amber was getting fucked too, and she screamed out "fuck my ass" and I looked over to see one of the few black guys with a HUGE fucking cock ease himself into Amber's ass from behind. The guys took turns fucking us. Then then next thing I knew I was riding a guy and I came sooo hard. Then I looked back and saw the black guy that had been fucking Amber before, he pushed me down forward and with a cock still in my pussy he spit on my little asshole then shoved his thumb in and started working it. Another guy got in front of me and offered me his cock to suck and I was able to grab two more, one in each hand as the black guy slowly filled up my tight ass with his 10" of thick meat. OMG, I felt like I was going to split in half but then it started feeling so good, I was taking five cocks at the same time, one in each hand, and one in my mouth, ass and pussy. I came again like three more times, The guys rotated and the black guy who was fucking my ass came around to the front and grabbing the back of my head, slowly pushed his giant shaft down my throat.

He fucked my face for all it was worth and then I felt the first load of cum of the night empty out into my throat and mouth as another cock entered my ass. I looked over and saw that Amber was getting dP'd just like me, and now a few of the guys were cumming. One guy came on her pussy so I crawled over on my hands and knees to her to lick up the cum. When I did this, the guys went nuts! Now she was getting load after load of cum on her pussy and belly and all the guys were cheering for me to lick it off, so I did.

After licking up about ten loads of cum they flipped her over and started fucking Amber's ass really roughly. The first guy pulled out and sprayed his cum all over Amber's stretched out asshole. She had cum dripping down onto her pussy. One of the guys was like " come on, lick it up now" and I just shook my head no. Then two of the guys grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back and and pushed my head down towards Amber's ass. I darted my tongue out and licked up all the cum from around her ass until it was all gone. Then one of the guys called me a good little slut and said "next"

Another guy slid his cock into Amber's ass and fucked it until he came in it. They kept me pinned and made me tongue her asshole again as she moaned in pleasure. This went on a few more times, guys would cum on her ass And I would be f***ed to lick it up, then I said. "I'm not doing this anymore unless someone licks my ass too." And I arched my back and shoved it up in the air. It was a few seconds before I felt a hot tongue in my ass, it felt soo good.

Another load of cum was sprayed on Amber's ass and I eagerly licked it up then began tonging her stretched out little butthole. I felt the tongue in my ass being replaced my yet another cock and looked around to see another 5 or 6 guys had come to join the party. They continued to fuck Amber and I in the pussy and ass, there must have been about 25 guys total, I totally lost count. I know I licked up about 10 loads of cum from Amber's ass though, and another 10 from her pussy, there was just sooo much cum.

Eventually it winded down, and Amber and I passed out on the bed together until the morning when I woke up with another cock in my face and so with Amber still asl**p I took some more meat in my swollen pussy and mouth before he came on my face. It was such a crazy night! I could barely walk the next day and had to call in sick to work. I' a bad girl, I know.

Anyway, hit me up guys if you wanna chat xoxo B.... Continue»
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Aunts pool party

As you know from my previous stories I live with my mom cathy and aunt Tina .It was in the middle of summer, mom was away with work and me and Tina was sat around the pool at the house. Where we lived was in the middle of the country side, no houses around for miles and the whole property was surrounded with 12ft walls and big gates. The house itself stood proudly in it's 250 acre settings, the was a winding driveway up to the house and then garages to the right.

The pool was at the back of the house, no one could see what went off in this area which is pretty good really. Anyway back to the story, as we was having a drink around the pool my aunt suggested a pool party later on that night, I knew what this meant ( one massive orgy ) I text and rang a few friends and they invited their girlfriends and the girls bought their boyfriends , my aunt invited only a few of her close female friends, of which I didn't know.

The time came for the party, I wore my plain blue swim shorts, there was no point in wearing a top as it would only come off at one point, the friends started coming all in swim wear, some of the lads wore vests, all the girls either had monokinis on or incredibly tight fitting thong time swim suits.

My aunt and her friends all came out the house at once, now when you saw them you HAD to stare, they wore the skimpiest swim suits, all with blonde hair and fake boobs, it was like a scene from a movie .everyone was having a good night , I couldn't help but stare at my friends girlfriend Lucy, she was a size 6/8 , it was obvious she went to the gym with how toned her bum was, because of her small frame she had a boob job and they was now a EE cup. My friend loved her to bits and apparently she was a wild one in the bedroom.

There was a table full of freezer boxes full of beer, champagne on the tables, there was even a shot counter, every had too much to drink and a lot were sick in the bushes down the side of the house.

As the night went on people either left to go home or they found a empty room for them and their partner, I let my best friend Mitch have my room with his girlfriend Lucy, as I said I would crash on the sofa.

But as you are aware from my previous story I don't sl**p on the sofa, more like sl**p with my aunt on the sofa.
I headed up to my aunts room. She was already waiting for me, just laying there naked. She was being as naughty as ever, dildo next to her and some fur handcuffs on the counter .

I jumped on her, my tongue was between her cunt slips before she could say a word, she loved me licking her tight wet cunt, I caressed her breasts and carried in licking, I was too horny to have my cock sucked, I just rammed It straight into her . She yelped as she wasn't ready, I was on top and drive deep I to her cunt, arching her back when she could so I could go deeper, I wanted to cum but I held it in, Tina got on top and started grinding her cunt down on top of my throbbing cock, there was a gushing of cum as she orgasmed but carried on, I picked up up and fucked my aunt up the wall, as I was doing this the bedroom door sprung open, it was a d***ked Lucy, my best friends girl.

She stood there for a moment and then shut the door, scared of being caught I ran out the room to catch up with Lucy , I was stood there, naked with a rock hard cock trying to convince her it was ok, I managed to sweet talk her and she came to my aunts room.

Lucy sat down on the bed, my aunt got her a drink and sat next to her, I couldn't believe it when my aunt just went in and started kissing Lucy , Lucy kissed back and before I knew it my aunt and undressed Lucy and handcuffed her to the bed.

Lucy laid there with her perky breasts , her nipples were solid, you could see her clit was moist, my aunt wasted no time and sat on Lucy's face, Tina was grinding her cunt into Lucy's mouth, she couldn't use her hands, my aunt Tina then bent down and started licking Lucy's clit, it looked like it had never been touched.

Both women were groaning , I undone Lucy's handcuffs so we could turn her on her front , she laid there with the size 6/8 toned ass in the air, I started to finger her and she pushed back on me to go deeper, I worked my fingers in to her clit, it was now dripping wet, I took the handcuffs off and told her to stay in the doggy style position in the middle of the bed , I rubbed my cock around her lips and eased in, Lucy was groaning loudly, Mitch didn't have a cock as big as mine and I could tell from how Lucy was moaning. I fucked her in the clit as my aunt joined in, and got Lucy to lick and finger her whilst she was being fucked, my aunt cummed all in Lucy's face.

My aunt turned Lucy over, grabbed her legs and held them at her shoulders for me to fuck her hard, my balls were bouncing off her ass, I fondled her fake breasts and fucked harder and harder, Lucy started to shake, having a enormous orgasm she screamed!

I pulled out and made her get on top, I put my dick to her as cheeks, she didn't want to at first but after a few fingers and been in there she wanted it, I pumped my cock in her ass, my aunt was on the side fucking herself with the dildo, I cummed in Lucy's ass, as she cummed violently again !

After we had put our clothes back on, Lucy went back to Mitch in my room and I stayed to fuck my aunt again after she showered, Lucy split up with Mitch and often comes round to see me and my aunt, wait till she meets my mom, then she's in trouble ;)... Continue»
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Son's Pool Party

Son’s Pool Party

My son was having a pool party at our house on Saturday night. I told him I’d stay out of the way. I had a book I was wanting to start anyway. Friday afternoon was my “day “though as I swam in the pool and lay out. My son has a few friends who have seen me laying out sunning in the nude on the deck, so I was never really concerned about that at all. I’m getting side tracked…lol . Saturday came and my son woke me up in “our special way “ I reached down and gently stroked his hair as he sought out my clit with his searing hot tongue. He has learned all of the little tricks I’ve taught him, plus a few of his own. He slid a pillow under my butt which gave him more access to my pussy and butt hole. I let my knees fall open and let out a long slow sigh. I was waiting for his tongue to dip down and start at my puckered butt hole then lick all the way up to my vagina and finishing on my clit.
My hips involuntarily started pushing up and moving in a counter clockwise motion. My son looked up at me and our eyes locked on one another. I felt a rush of love for him pour through me as I smiled and groaned out a sigh and smiled at him as my pussy opened like a flower to his licks and kisses and gentle sucking on my clit. I gasped out as he spread my wet shiny lips open and his tongue made fast flickering movements on my clit. I was nearing an orgasm and he knew it . He went from my clit to my butt hole and licked and
pushed his tongue up in me and wet a finger and pushed it in my ass in a twisting motion as his tongue found my clit, I exploded into an orgasm. I lay there lingering in that post orgasmic glow when he got on top of me. I reached up and held his face in my hands and kissed him softly at first then with urgent passionate kisses. I reached down to once again let my hand run along the length of his hard erect cock and feel how thick it is. I smiled at him and said you must have gotten that from your uncle on my side of the f****y, we both laughed. He rubbed his hot hard cock up and down between my soaking wet pussy lips teasing us both. I kissed him and our tongues danced with each other and I could taste myself on his lips. He was rubbing the head of his cock on my clit and I was moaning out loud and squirming under him. I said come on baby give that big cock to mommy, you know she wants it so bad. He leaned down and kissed me and said I love you mom, you’re the best mom in the whole world. I held him close to me and felt tears stinging my eyes, as I told him he was the best son a mother could ever hope for. He slowly fed my aching wet pussy his cock inch by tortuous inch, and when he hit bottom I cried out uh huh oh god I love you so you make me feel so special, he grinned and said you are special mom. We make love on Saturdays as I whispered out moans of pleasure as his cock pumped slowly in and out of my dripping wet pussy. We could hear the sound of my pussy lips and inner vaginal walls clamping down on his cock! He was making corkscrew thrust and motions into my waiting and willing pussy as I gently rolled my hips and cried out softly uh huh uh huh oh yes baby fuck mommy give mommy that cock she so loves. I was gripping the bed sheets and moving my head back and forth as I felt another orgasm starting to build up. My son was saying oh god mom you’re pussy is like a fire pit oh god it’s so hot and wet oh shit mom I’m going to cum! I thrust my hips up and cried out yes yes yes baby cum in mommy cum deep up inside mommy’s hot little cunt yes baby fuck me fuck me my love. He made one final deep thrust that hit my cervix as I wrapped my legs tightly around him. I held his neck as I felt his hot young cock pulsating inside me pushing against the walls of my cunt as he shot his hot sweet load deep up inside my twitching spasming greedy cunt. I clamped down on his cock and whispered yes baby that’s so good mmmm I love to feel you so deep in me. I felt his balls quiver as the last drop of his sperm shot its way into my hot wet waiting cunt. I threw my arms back over my head and said god you’re getting good at this. My son said if I could I’d marry you mom I would you know I’m not lying. I laughed and said oh so your mom has some good pussy and that makes you want to marry me? He hit me with a pillow and said you know what I mean. I answered yes my darling boy I do. We were lying on our backs when I turned to face him I told him one day you’ll marry, and hopefully one day I’ll also marry. He looked at me with a hurt look on his face I pulled his head to my breast and ran my fingers through his hair softly stroking his head. Soon I felt his warm breath then his lips on my nipple as he sucked it into his mouth and gently bit and nibbled on it. I asked what are you doing, he said getting you horny again and he laughed as he licked and suckled my other nipple then moved his head to my pussy. His cock was now over my face. I said and just what do you want mommy to do with that thing? He laughed and said nothing if you don’t want as his mouth found my cum filled cunt and his tongue started probing inside me. I could feel his cum running out of me as he sucked and licked at my pussy. I reached up and grabbed his cock and held it in my hand and said you have a beautiful cock J****l. I sucked and licked his balls and my tongue found his puckered anus. I pushed it open with my tongue probing the dark interior of his asshole. My hand was moving up and down the shaft of his cock real slow as I enjoyed the taste of his ass and balls. Soon though I had to have that hard cock back in my mouth. I slowly licked my way up the shaft of his delicious cock making sure I licked sucked and kissed each side as I made my way to the head of his cock. I took his cock into my mouth and wrapped my lips around it. I sucked hard and ran my tongue just under the head of it making flicking strokes with my tongue. I then opened my throat and made low gurgling sounds which causes vibrations on my sons cock and is a favorite of his. Deep throating my son is no easy task, but something I love doing anyway. My pussy always quivers whenever I deep throat him as it knows soon it will be split open by his cock. Today was no exception as my pussy gushed onto my sons tongue flooding his mouth with my sweet fragrant juices. My orgasm quickly followed, at that my son came and lay beside me and I snuggled into his chest. I turned my body and I threw one leg over him. We kissed and talked, I couldn’t ignore that erect throbbing cock though. I rolled over on top of him and raised my hips and adjusted myself so his hard cock soon found the hot wet opening of my pussy and I gasped out loud as it sunk deeper and deeper into me. We were face to face and I could see the love for me in my son’s eyes. I didn’t want to but I felt tears nonetheless, my son asked me what was wrong. I told him not a thing not a damn thing my darling boy, just fuck your mothers pussy baby shhh now and I kissed him and he pushed his tongue in my mouth and our tongues danced like lovers. I got up on top of him and put my hands on his chest and rocked back and forth on his cock as it drove deeper and deeper into my wet splayed open cunt. I sat up straight and moved my hips back and forth riding my son’s hot hard wonderful cock. I threw my head back and let out a primal scream of lust as my pussy went into spasms all over his cock. My son rolled me over and told me he wanted it doggy. I laughed and said oh pretty demanding huh?, he said no I just want to get as deep in you as I can! I got all excited little a giddy teenaged girl and turned my ass to him and reached back and held myself open to him. I felt the head of his cock nudging my exposed hole, I feel so vulnerable in the doggy style position, almost as if I’m submitting, maybe that’s what it is. My mind was jarred back to reality as he slammed his cock into wet open cunt until I felt his balls bounce off my asshole. His hands were on my hips pulling me back with each thrust it felt as if he was splitting me in two. He was being very rough today; I hung my head in submission and offered my wet hot pussy to his steel hard cock as it hammered into me over and over. A chorus of oh god yes oh yes yes yes uh huh uh huh yes baby right there fuck me fuck me so hard fuck me so good, oh god so deep and hard omg your cock is so deep in me omg yes yes oh shit oh fuck oh yes fuck meeeee. His breathing grew labored and loud as he drove his cock into my hot cunt over and over he pounded into me. I was having an orgasm that curled my toes and I threw back my head and screamed out yes yes uh huh oh god yes I’m cumming. My son screamed out oh god mom me too.I’m cumming in your sweet hot pussy I love you mom arghhhhhhh it was hard to tell who was being louder him or me. I felt his cock grow even bigger in me as he kept it buried deep deep in me as jets of sperm flew into my pussy. The sweet gushing squishy sounds my pussy makes when it’s full of cum took me over the edge one more time as I screamed through my orgasm. I simply collapsed on the bed my son following me down and kissing my shoulders and neck. He was telling me how hot of a mom he has. I told him right now your mother’s pussy is all fucked out. Which brought a laugh from him and he smacked my ass and said remember mom Sunday is “anal day “I said so it and so shall it be. Until next time Mrs. X... Continue»
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by Isabelle Vagaba

The couple walks to the pool area with Isabelle giggling and greeting her office friends while Nate just smiles along, noticing the lewd stares of the guys at his sexy wife???s body. They leave the main hall and arrive at a large open area.

There are, in fact three different pools, a larger one that is full of people, swimming and playing around, a smaller one that is clearly meant for c***dren and is almost empty and a last pool, that is, in fact a hot tub. The tub is round and fits comfortably five people sitting around it. It is set high above the ground and people need a six step stair to get inside it.. Its walls are about five to five three tall, with a thin vapor floating over it. The hot tub looks inviting, yet it is empty now.

When they finally make it through the small crowd at the pool area entrance, Belle sees a small group of beautiful girls and elbows her hubby, getting his attention while he finishes his drink.

"Hey, there are my girlfriends!" She says waving to them. Isabelle???s barely contained tits wobble with it and suddenly all male eyes are on her chest. "Michelle, Bruna!"

"Belle!" They cheer back, obviously half d***k already. "So cool you came!"

Nate smiles, watching they approach. The girls are beautiful and dressed in bikinis as daring as his wife???s. His cock feels a little stiff against his jeans. Bruna is a cute long haired brunette with tits as big as Belle???s, blessed with a pleasantly plump fair skinned body. Michelle is also a brunette, but tanned, slim and athletic, with small tits but a perfect butt.

"Girls, this s my husband, Nate!" Isabelle introduces him to the hot girls.

He smiles at each, extending his hand to shake. His eyes gravitate towards Michelle. Before he realizes, Nate is staring inappropriately at the cute and gold skinned brunette. He feels ashamed of his own desires and looks back at his gorgeous wife, trying to hide his attraction to the girls nearby.

"Hi Nate." Michelle says. "Belle told us a lot about you!" She starts to laugh.

"Yes, she told us you are a LITTLE darling!" Bruna completes and they laugh.

Nate can't help but blush hearing it. He notices the double meaning in what they're saying. The skinny man wonders how much Isabelle must have said??? and, worst of all, that the girls must think he???s not big enough. But the three of them look so good he can hardly focus on the implications.

"I??? well..." Nate stammers, unsure of what to say. His eyes are soon roving over each of them again.

"Belle looks so HOT!" Bruna giggles in a tipsy way, cutting his speech. "You are lucky to have such a hot wife!"

"I know I am." Nate smiles.. "The luckiest man here!" He grins happily as he looks his wife in her little red bikini.

???You know, even in her work clothes we could see she was staked." Michelle adds. "But in this bikini... she looks just FUCK-A LI-TIOUS!"

The girls laugh at the joke while Nate smiles dumbly. Ogling Michelle???s perky breasts again. He is just unable to let himself realize what it means - if the girls could see how hot you are, how great those firm breasts are... then surely every man belle works with can too!

???You know Nate, all the guys in office are crazy to get into her panties??? but now they'll be climbing up the walls to do it!" Bruna elbows the wimpy husband. "You are so lucky to have this HOT, hot wife!"

"Good thing she's in love with me." Nate smiles unsure of his own words. Yet he enjoys the contact, feeling myself swell a little at it. A week and a half without sex, or even a tug, and he is pretty pent-up... even an innocent touch is enough to turn him on.

"Yes, or else she'd be fucking all those well hung hunks at the office!" Michelle agrees.

"With tits like hers every guy would die to cope a feel. Hell, they???d give an arm to fuck her!" Michelle continues. ???Hey Paul!" She calls a coworker who was walking by. "Come here and tell me, wouldn't you fuck Isabelle if you could?"

"Oh hell, yes!" Nate???s eyes widen as Paul steps closer grinning. The handsome man winks, staring at Isabelle, checking her out in her bikini as her husband blushes. Nate has one hand in his pocket and the other holds his drink, watching the scene stunned. He just can???t believe this is happening.

"No, you wouldn't!" Isabelle giggles looking very proud of his immediate answer. She presses her arms to the sides of her tits 'casually', making them grow to huge proportions.

"God! Look at those melons." Michelle says. "I wish I had tits that big." Paul glances at Michelle, he grins and nods, as if agreeing. Then he turns back to the busty blonde with a half-d***k smile on his face.

"Oh fuck yea, I'd slip my cock right between them... fuck her like that ???til...??? Paul suddenly stops and frowns. ???Hey, isn't she married?"

???Yes." Bruna laughs. "And this is Nate, her hubby!" The wimpy husband stares at Paul, red-faced, as he laughs.

"Sorry man.??? The smiling coworker says, not really looking like he regrets his words. ???You're lucky to have a wife that hot."

"That's what we were telling him!" Bruna agrees. "We were saying that all guys want to get into her panties... no offense Nate!"

"Yeah. Better hold onto her. Paul grins, winking at Belle who openly smiles back. "She's a wanted woman! With tits like that it is no surprise."

"Do you think her boobs are bigger than mine?" Bruna asks with jealousy on her voice.

The new man looks at the brunette???s boobs appraisingly. Then he turns to take a good look at Isabelle???s.. Nate???s eyes grow wide at the way Paul leers at his wife???s jugs, but doesn???t to spoil the moment and look jealous in Belle???s eyes, so he just shuts up and let the other man stare as much as he wants.

???I???m not sure?????? Paul finally says, in doubt.

???Look again!??? Bruna smiles and sticks out her tits. Paul???s eyes grow wide, as does Nate???s.

???Hey, you???re cheating!??? Isabelle laughs and does the same, presenting her ripe melons to her coworker, not shy about her husband???s presence.

???This is too hard to judge?????? He chuckles and reaches up to slip his fingers around Bruna's breasts. He squeezes them a little and finally says. "Yeah, Isabelle???s are bigger." He smiles, without touching the blonde.

Nate???s mind races. How could Paul know that Bell???s boobs would ???feel??? bigger? The wimpy husband realizes that maybe he's felt them before??? would Isabelle have done it? He is not sure, but he is too scared to annoy her or too cause a commotion to complain. Nate knows she is too hot a woman for a man like him, so he ends up swallowing his pride and fears.

"No way!" Bruna yells. ???You didn't touch hers!" She says enraged! "You can't tell me I'm smaller than Isabelle if you didn't touch hers!"

"Nate." Michelle asks sweetly. "Would you mind if Paul just, you know??? touched slightly on Belle's bobs, just for a second, to measure it?" She tries to make it sound unimportant. "It is no big deal, just a second!"

"Please!" Bruna begs turning to Nate, grabbing his hands and making him turn to face her. The husband???s eyes are now away from Belle as he looks at the beautiful busty brunette. "You can measure mine too.??? She grabs Nate???s hands and places them all of a sudden on her large udders. ???I need a second opinion, and you already know what Belle???s tits feel like."

Nate???s mouth drops in surprise. He feels breasts under his hands, his eyes go wide as he looks at Bruna. The pale brunette smiles to him, forcing the wimpy man to knead her large mounds. Her boobs are full and about the same size as his wife???s, but not as firm as Belle???s, maybe just a little larger.

With his side view Nate watches as Paul steps up confidently. His hands rising to slip around Isabelle???s firm full tits. He squeezes them, fondling the large hooters right in front of her hubby as if he wasn???t there. Michelle laughs as Nate touch Bruna's melons and Paul touches Belle???s.

???Darling!" Isabelle giggles. "I never knew you were so fun! You are measuring Bruna!" she looks at her husband with a sly smile. "Since you are kneading Bruna, there is no harm in Paul measuring me, right?"

"I... ah???" Nate gulps, his hands drop from Bruna???s firm tits as Paul squeezes Isabelle???s knockers.

"I know you???d agree!??? Michelle steps between man and wife, hugging the skinny man. Her body prevents Nate from seeing Isabelle and Paul. ???Nate, you are a darling!"

"I-I am?" He stammers, feeling in pleasure her lithe and slim body against his. He touches her slightly and feels her firm, toned, athletic body and looses all attention on his wife???s actions.

"Yes!" Michelle distracts Nate. The girls keep him stunned, lost in a daze of lust. ???I wish I had a boyfriend so cool about other guy touch my tits!??? She says with her sweet breath on his ear, making him shiver.

People start to stare at the little group of giggling girls and guys playing with their tits. Some of the women in the pool area give them an evil look, more because they are jealous of the attention they are getting than any from any moralistic notion. But others giggle playfully, usually the ones already d***k, considering the idea of starting a game like that themselves. On the other hand, all the guys are staring at Belle and Bruna wide eyed, obviously in lust.

Paul's hands drift down Isabelle???s body. Her coworker is grinning wickedly as one of his hands round to cup the blonde???s large firm ass and give it a squeeze as her friends stand close. Paul smiles, knowing that the poor husband has his vision blocked by the cute girls??? bodies. On his side of the action, Nate hopes that Michelle can't feel his erection as she hugs him.

Isabelle???s bikini top slips a little bit, baring her nipples. She mouths 'OOPS!', but doesn't tuck the large boobs back into cover. Paul leans in, kissing one nipple then the other. He pulls Isabelle up, close against him, before slipping a hand around her wrist and guiding the hot wife into the hot tub.

Nate doesn???t even see Paul???s hand on his wife???s butt as they climb in to slip under the water. The wimpy husband stands there in his jeans and shirt, unable to follow what happens to his woman as the girls talk excitedly around him. When he looks back Nate finally notices Belle is gone.

"Hey Nate, are you done feeling up Bruna's tits?" Isabelle asks in an angry voice from the tub. The hot tub is round, tiered and bubbly. The bubbles obscure everything below the surface.

"Honey! I... I wasn't! She made me, you saw it!" He answers blushing, obviously embarrassed.

"Oh yeah!" Belle says in anger. Her hand grabs Paul???s cock under the bubbling water. ???And I could see how hard you resisted!"

"Honey she grabbed my hands! Ah God, I'm soo sorry!" Nate wonders what to do.

He knows he'll have to buy her flowers and chocolates tomorrow. But he is scared of her reaction now, Belle has a fiery temperament. As if taking some revenge on her husband, the blonde wife takes her coworker???s hard dick out of the trucks, all hidden in the hit tub.

"Well... maybe I should forgive you.??? She surprises her hubby. ???You were just being playful, right Paul?" Isabelle asks as she starts to jerk him off under the water.

"Yea, of course... just being playful.??? Paul agrees closing his eyes as Isabelle???s expert hands work on his nine inches pole. ???It is not like your husband, groping other woman right in front of you is anything really wrong..." He grins with his hand under the water against Belle???s thigh, sliding towards her bikini bottoms, as his stiff dick swells in her hand.

Nate watches from the floor, his head slightly above the hot tub. The poor husband notices Isabelle???s arm begin to move. He can't help but blush as Michelle and Bruna hover close, whispering to each other.

"Ok..." Isabelle grins, not stopping the masturbation. "Now you know you have absolutely NO RIGHT to complain about anything I do today! You already had your share of 'mischievousness'... I can have mine now, right?"

"Wh... what do you mean, baby?" Nate asks blushing. He watches in disbelief as Belle???s shoulder move. Deep inside he knows what she???s doing. And knows he doesn???t have the guts to stop her. Worst than that, the wimpy man is somehow turned on by it. Even feeling as humiliated as he is, Nate???s cock is aching in his pants.

???Since you are allowed to touch and grope another girl, I can dance and have fun with other guys too...??? Isabelle says with an impish smile. ???No big deal, just dancing and games."

"I... I guess, okay. Sure.??? He nods meekly. ???Just dancing..."

"...And games!" Isabelle adds f***efully.

"Yeah. Sure baby, games." Nate trails off. He blushes red as the weird realization washes over him. He finally accepts the fact that he is seeing his wife is stroking another man's dick not six feet away from him.

"Tha's ok.??? She calms down, her arms slowing the pace of the wild masturbation. Paul actually moans, relieved. ???Now, can you fetch another drink? This time make it a tequila for us!"

"U-us?" Nate???s eyes grow wide. The poor man knows he'll obey and he also knows he'll pretend he can't tell Belle is stroking Paul???s fat cock under the water.

???You fool, us is you and me!" Isabelle giggles calming down her nervous hubby.

"Oh, of course. Sure baby.??? He smiles relieved.. ???I???ll be right back."

He leaves the hunky man with his wife as the girls laugh aloud. Nate knows they are laughing at him, but he doesn???t care, all he can think is of Bruna???s delightful tits and his wife having unlawful fun with her coworker just in front of him. ???How can this be so exciting?!??? he asks himself. He can???t understand why he is so horny with the thought of his beautiful wife giving a hand job to an arrogant stranger.

"Ok Paul, the bartenders are full of people to attend, we do have some time!" Isabelle giggles as they see the skinny husband walk away in a hurry.

"What a loser." Paul grins, kissing Isabelle???s lips. "Why'd you marry that guy?" His solid cock twitches in her grip.

"Well... he is nice and don't try to boss me around!" Isabelle shrugs. "I don't like to belong to one man. I like to have my fun with my lovers, so I need a hubby like Nate. We were made for each other!"

"Well??? if you like to have fun with your lovers you can count me in!??? Paul grabs one of her tits while the other hand rubs between her thighs insistently. ???Call me up next time he's outta town and I'll give you what you need."

???Why wait?" The horny blonde tucks her bikini bottom to the side and guides his cock to her pussy.

Paul grins surprised as she pushes him, so he is ends up sitting on the inside bench of the tub. She turns her back to him, showing her large heart shaped butt, and slips up onto his lap. The solid length starts rubbing against the entrance of her twat. Then he presses it to cunt, forcing up the large pole between her folds. Isabelle closes her eyes and opens her legs, letting the massive cockhead slide slowly into her married pussy. But, before the whole tip manages to fit into her small opening, she hears a voice.

???Don't start the fun without us!" Isabelle turns to see Michelle, Bruna, Lizzy and Carol climb into the tub, along four guys. Michelle is an athletic and tanned brunette with Middle Eastern features and a perfect butt, large and very muscular as well as great legs. Bruna is a pleasantly plump brunette, with a curvy body and cover girl face; her tits are very large and slightly sagging. Lizzy is tall and has a beautiful dark brown hair; she has classic features and a body to die for, with tits slightly bigger than Belle???s. Carol is tall and slim, with surprisingly large C cup boobs and a bubble shaped ass, her long straight hair goes down almost to her ass and her skin is pale and perfect.

All the men sit along the tube, using up all space. Since there is no place for them, the girls have to sit on their laps. The fun part is that all the men take their cocks out and the girls tuck their bikini bottoms to the side, just like Isabelle has done. Not surprisingly the girls sit on the guys??? cocks, pretending this is just a casual and innocent fun between coworkers.

Meanwhile, Nate struggles through the long line at the bar, unaware of the fact that his wife is getting filled with a nine inch dick among her friends. Worst than that. They are doing it right there, in front of the whole party. Thankfully, most of the people around are too d***k to care, if they ever notice it. All of the families have gone, now only singles are here, aside from me and Nate and Belle. And she is sure acting like a single.

???Well, I guess we can start the fun now.??? Paul jokes and thrusts into the hot blonde hard from below, enough to make her tits bounce out of the bubbling water for all to see.

"Welcome to the team!" Carol laughs and the girls cheer Isabelle.

"I never thought you'd be one of us Belle. "Lizzy giggles. "You looked so prim and proper at the office."

"And look at her now???" Grins Paul, thrusting again.

"A good thing she has those life savers." Michelle jokes pointing at Bell???s large udders. "Otherwise she'd drawn!"

"Oh God! Jay! You are so big!" Carol moans. "Michelle was telling me the truth!"

???Fuck!??? Isabelle moans. "He can't be bigger than Paul, this guy is huge!" Nine solid inches of prime man meat are deep in her quivering pussy. Isabelle is wet, and not just with bubbly water???

???Hey, what about if we changed partners... shift one person to the side?" Lizzy proposes laughing.

"I dunno about that." Says Jay. "Carol feels fucking good!???

"I'll be ???fucking good??? too!" Bruna purrs, eager to feel how big he is.

???I am sure you???ll be??? I remember how tight is your pussy Bruna.??? Jay smiles. ???But I'd get to try the new girl." He winks at Isabelle.

Isabelle is on Paul???s cock, riding the large pole in glee. To her right side is Lizzy in a stranger's cock, then Michelle on another guy that Isabelle never met. Bruna is sitting on the lap of a black man called Jack, to Michelle???s right and then Carol on Jay's pole, completing the circle as she fucks him at Isabelle???s left.

The group tries not to draw too much attention, the girls have to try to move and yet not show exactly what they are doing. Then a loud music starts to play. The DJ started the dance floor on the main room while the ten coworkers are in their circle fucking. They all laugh and the girls start to move faster, pretending to be dancing on the men???s laps. The water gets even more bubbly than expected, with all the girls bouncing.

From the bar, Nate tries to see what his wife is doing. He is finally almost up close enough to ask for the drinks when he turns his head to look back at the hot tub. He sees it crowded with men and women, each of the girls on a man's lap... ???dancing???. Hints of breasts above the water now and then draw his eyes. Then he sees Isabelle moving up and down on Paul. He can see the girls are moving to the music, but yet, it is so lewd! He can???t see them clearly, and someone blocks his vision from time to time, but Nate is sure his wife is performing a lap dance for the arrogant coworker.

"Fuck girls!" Carol moans, moving her body pretending she is dancing to the music on Jay???s lap. "This is soooo HOT!" His hands slip up round her chest, cupping her perky tits, squeezing them. His huge cock is wedged deep between her parted thighs, eagerly banging the tall pale brunette.

"I-I can barely take Jack???s dick!" Bruna closes her eyes in pleasure. Jack's body moving under her, filling her little pussy with stiff and thick inches. He moans as her ass bounces against his hips.

"I'm so full... I-I. Hey, what is your name?" Lizzy asks as she rides her man.

"Jim." He grunts, thrusting into the curvy brunette, loving the way she moves. Her huge tits slap the water in a lewd way. Jim happily fucks a girl he just met.

"Oh girls." Michelle purrs in pleasure. "This is john, from accounting!" She presses her body down on his dick, engulfing the erect pole again and again.

"God I wanna fill you up." Groans John, holding his stiffness deep inside her.

???Fuck, I???m filled up!??? Carol almost yells, the loud music keeps their conversation private from those outside the tub.

???I-I never been filled up by an eleven inch cock!??? Isabelle says amazed as she looks to Jay by her side.

"Dammit Jay... all the girls want you." Groans Paul as he thrusts. He slips his fingers between Belle???s legs, flicking his fingertips over her hot little slit, as his dick slides in and out.

"What can we do if he is a fat 11 incher?" Lizzy laughs and everyone laughs along. "But Ron here is not doing bad at all!??? She purrs.

Jay is eying Isabelle eagerly, hungrily. Everyone can see he just wants to stretch her out with his monstrous dick. Bruna turns to see not only him, but also the other men around stealing glances at Isabelle, the new girl in the group.

"It looks like all the guys want the new meat!" Bruna jokes.

"If I had tits like hers all of them would want me too!" Michelle laughs. All the girls are still moving in a way that looks like they are dancing to the hard techno music, but also bouncing up and down and back and forth, fucking their partners.

To Belle???s right is Lizzy with Jim. But the blonde???s eyes are to her left, where Jay is pounding Carol so hard she looks like fainting! All the while, as he fucks her roughly, his eyes are on Isabelle. Jay has a sly smile on his lips, letting the married woman know she???s next. Paul notices the exchange of looks and tries to thrust as fast as Jay. But he tires, slowing the pace to just hump Isabelle slowly, filling her as best he can. Yet he knows she'll be in love with Jay's huge cock as soon as she???s on it.

"Ok girls!" Bruna giggles. "All set? We???ll do it clockwise then, so Jay gets 'the new girl'. "

"Time to exchange partners!" Lizzy yells and the girls laugh. They hold their hands and stand up. They walk to their lefts, until Isabelle has Jay just behind her. The girls??? delightful asses are in level with the men???s faces, they have a perfect view of their butts, the thongs tucked to the sides. The walls of the tub barely hide the girls??? asses from people standing outside it. Carol and Lizzy, who are taller, are surely putting quite a show to the people looking at their direction, since their butts are above the walls of the tub.

Isabelle doesn???t even notice the terrified stare of her husband, who can partially see her body from the bar. He is relieved that at least belle still looks like she???s wearing her little bikini bottoms. But he can't tell that Jay's getting an eyeful of her pretty little pussy when Belle leans forward, but he knows he has a perfect view of his wife???s amazing butt. Nate swallows one large dose of the drink he just managed to get and tries to ask for another. He can???t help but think of his wife's hot, tight tunnel that he hasn't been in for weeks.

"Bend over girls!" Carol orders and they all bend over, sticking up their butts to the men???s faces as they pretend to dance, still holding hands like a bunch of schoolgirls.

Nate sees it too, as he turns with the drinks on his hands. He figures this must be the ???game??? Belle was talking about. He assumes it's some sort of lap dance tease.... not all out fucking in the hot tub. The a bunch of people gets behind him and he can???t see what is going on anymore.

Isabelle???s tits hang down, as do Bruna's and Lizzy's large hooters. Carol and Michelle have smaller and firmer tits that look perfectly perky, even in this position. The guys are looking at the girl in front of them, admiring each curvy, smooth ass, then glancing past to get an eyeful of the other girls' tits. Jack seems to be in love with Isabelle???s chest. His eyes hardly leaving Belle???s breasts as he stares open mouthed.

"Fuck, I can't stall anymore!" Lizzy moans and sits on Paul's dick. Michelle follows the lead and f***es her cunt to Jim's member. Bruna has no trouble getting John's cock into her cunt and Carol is now impaled by Jack's large black dick.

Only Isabelle remains to sit down and slide onto that eleven inch monster cock. She wants to feel it stretch her out like none other, but is actually afraid of the sheer size of the big thing. Scared with the size of Jay's monster, Isabelle moves her hips slowly and carefully, feeling his tip opening her labia. It is solid... fat. It is twice the width of her hubby???s average, boring little dick.

She presses down firmly as Jay grins, easing upwards into Belle???s hot slit, forcing it open. Belle feels her hot little rim gripping him. She closes her eyes and f***es herself down a little more, engulfing five inches of prime fat cock. Isabelle feels so full she can???t believe he???ll ever fit into her small pussy. It's thicker, harder than her hubby???s, and nearly as much as Nate???s dick is already inside her. And she hasn???t swallowed even half of his length.

"Hey girls, I think Belle will pass out!" Bruna mocks her friend.

"What's wrong Belle? Can't you handle it?" Carol jokes. Isabelle gives her an evil look and makes another effort. The short blonde wife lets out a 'UGHH!' and presses down again, to take nine inches. The largest member she ever had was this long, but not this thick. The huge head mash against her cervix, buried deep, as he holds the married woman on it. Jay keeps her from pulling up off that huge fat length. His hands are on Isabelle???s hips, pinning her and actually forcing her deeper.

"A little bigger than your husband?" Asks Jay, wedging in further. With a sudden thrust he jams it in even deeper, only an inch is outside her twat now.

"T-twice as biggg!??? Isabelle moans. The girls are performing their 'lap dance', but Belle just can't do it. She stands there, wide eyed, feeling a huge shaft inside her. Isabelle starts shaking! Jay rams suddenly, plowing it in. He breaks through to Isabelle???s womb, filling her more fully than ever before.

Belle stops breathing. He can???t believe she has that huge massive monster all inside her. But she finally feels her butt cheeks planted to his lap. He is all in! Jay let???s her move up a little bit, letting three inches out, then fuck up hard. His hands grab Isabelle???s hips to pin her down on it. Then he thrusts hard, fucking her tight, stretched pussy??? the tightest he's had all night. Isabelle???s cunt walls grab his member like a second skin. She would never believe something like that really existed outside porn flicks.

"OH GOD!" Isabelle yells. ???I???ve got eleven inches inside me???' She says amazed. Thankfully the loud music doesn't let people outside the little group hear it.

"Hey people, it looks like Isabelle has seen the light!" Bruna laughs. "Jay has shown her what a monster cock feels like."

???YEAH!??? Jay yells in pleasure and victory as Belle starts to ride his dick timidly at first."You'll be in my office working late every night this week won't you?" He grins, whispering in her ear. Jay reaches around to slip a finger against her folds. His dick is wedged fully, up to his balls in Belle???s gripping little tunnel.

???You bet I will!??? Isabelle yells in answer and the girls cheer the best they can, between their pleasure moans.

Jay thrusts upwards, eagerly, grinding his huge balls against Belle???s folds. His massive dick plunges deep inside the married woman. He just loves to see the face of pleasure in a girl when he fucks her. He loves to know she'll be back after work every day another taste of his huge member. Jay knows that every girl in the tub wishes she was in Belle???s place right now.

Isabelle, on the other hand, can???t even think. All she has in her mind is the feeling of pleasure, stars exploding in front of her eyes. She starts to move again, finally getting used to be so full. Nate has finally managed to get the two drinks and is returning to his beloved wife. Then he sees the scene and almost faints.

The poor husband can see Isabelle starting to bob on the stranger???s lap, from across the large room he sees her head showing above the dancing crowd from time to time. She has a look on her face he has never seen before. It clearly looks like humping from where Nate is watching. Straight, dirty sex in a hot tub. He just can???t believe how lewd this lap dance is.

Isabelle starts to move up and down faster, not really trying to emulate a dance anymore, she just can't! She is too lost in pleasure and lust to care about what people might see anymore. She doesn???t know her husband is staring wide eyed at her, but she???d NOT stop if she knew.

"Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Isabelle moans aloud. The music is at its peek, a loud bass beat that is sexy and savage.

Carol is already orgasming. Her eyes are closed as she still does the 'dance' routines. Bruna is now frantically 'lap dancing', her tits escape the bikini top and she just doesn't care, just keeps riding the cock as her jugs bounce in the nude. Michelle can't take it anymore, she changes position and straddles Jim, facing him and kissing her partner as she cums. Lizzy leans back and her head lays on Paul's shoulder as she f***es her body even harder against his, grabbing his hand to put them on her sizable tits, she yells her climax with no pretense of hiding it anymore.

Only then Nate realizes just what is going on. He stops, staring at the obscene scene red-faced, watching in disbelief. He sees the looks of ecstasy. He sees the women humping, thrusting, dancing??? all of them moaning with their mouths open, sexy lips parted. He blushes as he realizes his wife is completely full of another man's cock. Strangely, the sudden realization makes his face flush and his cock harden. He is excited by it!

He stops on his tracks. He just can???t walk towards the orgy anymore. Nate watches the sex party get wilder by the second. He knows he could never please a girl like that. The submissive poor husband watches in a shameful lust as Jay pounds his wife???s hot little tunnel roughly. The stranger is fucking Isabelle???s hot wet pussy with his hands on her hips to hold her. He is drilling her cunt with wild, a****l lust. His average sized dick is fully hard now and a few girls laugh as they pass him by pointing at the small tent on his trousers.

It wakes up from his daze and he walks slowly and unsteady to the hot tub. The girls start to shiver and tremble, Belle leans back like Lizzy and Nate is sure the stranger is playing with his wife???s tits now as she tenses up for the last moments of her climax. He takes his time before getting to the hot tub.. When he finally reaches the grinning group they are already spent and with that post orgasm after glow.

???Hi darling, here is your drink.??? He says meekly and everyone finally notices his presence. Michelle and Bruna laugh aloud. Lizzy smiles and winks to Michelle. The men smile and high five each other. ???W-what h-have?????? he starts top ask, afraid of the answer, but Isabelle cuts him, grabbing the glass.

???I told you I???d be having fun with dancing and games?????? She sips the drink. ???So don???t try to complain now.???

???Ok, sorry!??? He says taken aback.

???I???m finished here.??? Belle says tugging her bikini bottom back in place and standing up. ???I think we should go for a walk, see who else is around.??? She leaves the hot tub as her coworkers start to make out and cuddle.... Continue»
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Pool party

When I woke up, it was still dark out. I glanced at my alarm clock, and it was only 3:30am. God, was I ever going to get a full night's sl**p? For the last couple of weeks, I was having trouble sl**ping, and most of the time I would wake up with a raging erection which I would have to take care of before I could fall back asl**p. I suppose that wasn't entirely uncommon for a nineteen year old guy like me, but this problem stemmed from a particular circumstance that had been happening for about a month now.

My dad surprised the f****y with a pool last summer. Let's just say, we were thrilled. Honestly, if anyone who has a pool says that it's not fantastic and a shitload of fun, they're lying to you. We were out swimming in it every night, me and my two s****rs and my parents. I was surprised how much my mom and dad wanted to use it, but they didn't use it nearly as much as we did. My two s****rs, Julia and Hannah, wore their bathing suits around the house practically all the time now. Julia is younger than me by a year, and we always call her Jules. Hannah is two years older than me, and our new pool didn't seem to motivate her to move out any time soon. We hated having to cover the pool during the winter, but come spring we were back out there.

So now, the current circumstance that was causing my nighttime problem.

I guess I should preface it by saying that my f****y is kinda liberal with certain things. Nudity being one of them. Yep, it's one of those stories about a f****y swimming naked together! Seriously, my s****rs and I took baths together until we were way too old, so it wasn't a big deal. My s****rs are naked all the time around each other, since they share a bathroom and up until a few years ago a bedroom. I've used their shower before while they were in there, so we were used to being nude around each other if not necessarily with each other. So when our parents told us this summer that they were interested in using the pool au naturale, we took it pretty well. My s****rs laughed a lot about it, and that first time as a f****y walking out of the house in just towels and dropping them at the pool was interesting. Let's just say, I had to get in that damn water quick! I wasn't about to ruin this first time by letting anyone see me rock hard. And my s****rs were quick to follow too, each one having decent jugs and pretty sweet bodies.

If you've ever swam naked, then you know how blissful and wonderful it really is. Little compares to the feeling you get being completely free and natural in a nice cool swimming pool. Once we were all under the water, and our bodies were mostly hidden, it wasn't awkward at all. In fact, we kind of forgot about it after a while. Mom and dad being naked kind of kept things from being sexual. No offense to them, but seeing my dad's hairy body and my mom's sagging boobs didn't really arouse me. Seeing Julia's B cups and tight stomach, and Hannah's more generous C cups and nice round ass, was a different story though. So I fought to keep them out of a sexual context and just enjoy the pool. I didn't want to ruin our wonderful swimming routine for anyone by getting all weird and dorky.

So eventually, after about a week, everyone was basically totally comfortable with our f****y being amateur nudists. Mostly it was in the pool, but it spilled out into our enclosed patio and sometimes even in the kitchen right after a swim. I always kept my towel handy, but Julia and Hannah never covered their tits. If I suspected that I would have a problem hiding my arousal, I would just place the towel casually in my lap. I think my parents never thought anything of it, but I know my s****rs knew what I was doing. They always smiled when I grabbed my towel, as if they knew what they were doing to me.

The first night I had a problem sl**ping was right after a late swim with just me and my s****rs. Mom and dad had gone to bed long ago, and it was a really warm night. So we all stripped out of our pajamas and raced out to the pool. After a lot of splashing and fun, we just relaxed and floated along. As I drifted on my back past my s****rs, I knew they were probably staring at my penis, which was clearly in view. My ears were just under the water level so I couldn't hear them. But when I glanced over at them, they were both smiling brightly at me.

"What are you two staring at?" I asked boldly. I purposely stayed on my back, leaving my penis just out of the water as I floated up to them.

Julia blushed and turned her head away, but Hannah's smile just got bigger.

"Your dick, dummy," Hannah said, laughing.

"Hannah!" Julia gasped, slapping her on the arm. This made both their tits jiggle a bit.

I purposely floated right up to them, keeping my penis close to them to freak them out. "You perverts."

Julia couldn't keep from glancing straight at my cock, but quickly grabbed my arm and dragged me under the water. I wrestled with her a bit, feeling her soft body all over as I groped and tugged at her. Hannah stayed out of it, just laughing at us.

"Ew gross!" Julia said in mock disgust. "I felt it touch my shoulder."

We all busted up laughing. We were all used to each others' naked bodies by now, so it was really no big deal. Or so I thought.

"No fair, you got to touch it," Hannah said, pretending to be sad. "I'm jealous!"

"At least you didn't get felt up by your own b*****r," Julia said, just to get at me.

I roared with fake anger and lunged at her, pushing her under the water and away from Hannah. "You little twerp!"

"Help! Help!" Julia cried out, laughing too hard and getting water up her nose. I let her alone while she coughed it out.

"Still jealous?" I asked Hannah, not even realizing that all this activity had made me semi-hard.

Hannah rested back on the ledge of the pool on her elbows, making her chest stick out proudly for me to see. Was she doing that on purpose?

"Maybe," she smiled deviously. "I've seen you naked plenty by now. I can pretty much guess how disappointing it would be to actually touch you."

I splashed water in her face, which broke her calm demeanor and started another wrestling match, this time with her. We both rolled in and out of the water, holding each other's arms and legs and trying to submerge the other one. Julia cheered us on from a few feet away.

I noticed that Hannah's thighs kept moving between my legs, probably from her trying to pin my legs down with hers. But every few seconds, I felt her soft skin brush against my balls and my almost erect penis. I didn't think too much about it at first, but I could tell that after the fourth or fifth time, she was doing something on purpose. I didn't fight the last time she did it, and her leg kept in contact with my crotch for a good few seconds. My erection twitched against her soft thigh, and I know she felt it. I couldn't see her face through the wrestling, and we both kept up the appearance that we were trying to best each other. Julia was drifting off to the side, letting us have fun while she just relaxed. She couldn't see what was happening really.

I had to test this, to see if Hannah was really trying to pull off some funny business. This time, I reached my arm down to grab her leg, and moved it between her thighs like I was going to hoist her up onto my shoulder. She squealed in a delightfully fake protest, and my forearm went right up into her crotch. I felt very little hair and a lot of soft flesh touch the top of my wrist. She pretended to pound on my back, but really she just braced herself on me so I could lift her. I could have easily thrown her over my head the way I was holding her, but I really wanted to touch her vagina now. I don't know what came over me, but I moved my arm back just a bit and rotated my hand upward so her pussy landed flat on my palm. I pretended to lift, and my hand grabbed her genitals blatantly. She gasped, and kept a big smile on her face, but her fingers dug into my shoulder where she was bracing herself, and I could tell she was totally caught off guard. But there was no fighting against me, or squirming her hips to avoid the intimate contact.

Neither of us were keeping up the appearance of wrestling anymore, and we both forgot about Julia at the other end of the pool floating aimlessly. Hannah's eyes met mine and her devious smile told me she wasn't in total disapproval of this. I kept my hand there, quite enjoying the soft, and very smooth, sensation of her vagina resting on my hand. I had to withdraw after a few seconds, though, or else it would get infinitely weirder. I slid my hand away from her, purposely rubbing her lips with my middle finger as I pulled away. I swear I saw Hannah's eyes close just for a second as she enjoyed the sensation. But there was now way we could continue what we were doing with Julia right there. And I didn't even know if Hannah was seriously wanting to do anything more than this innocent accident.

"I win," I said, and flung myself backwards into the water.

Inadvertently, this made my rock hard penis fling out of the water and slap my belly as I swam on my back, and it was an embarrassingly loud sound. Julia was swimming over to us as I did this, and her jaw dropped when she saw how excited I was. Hannah was laughing hysterically, both at me and Julia.

"Oh my god," Julia whispered, as if our parents or someone else could hear us. "Are you hard?"

Hannah was gasping for breath. "It's cuz my boobs are bigger than yours."

Julia lunged after Hannah, beginning another wrestling match. I watched them play around with aroused fascination, somehow knowing that I would be replaying this somewhat lesbianic scene while I stroked off my rather intense erection. It wouldn't be the first time I had masturbated while thinking about my s****rs. Hannah and Julia had always been fond of wrestling with each other and roughhousing. But doing it naked was much more exciting for me.

"Ok ok!" Hannah protested finally. "I give up. I have to pee really bad, just let me go!"

"Apologize to him for the boner," Julia said.

Hannah was shocked that she was bringing it up again, but of course I was still really hard. And we would all be getting out of the pool together, so they were going to see it again.

"Sorry for making your penis big and hard," Hannah said with a laugh, but her eyes said something else to me. "And long."

Julia punched her arm this time, and we all swam to the ledge. Hoisting our naked, dripping bodies out of the water, we toweled off and walked inside. Hannah ran inside first, apparently not lying about having to pee. Julia was right in front of me, and seeing her naked ass swaying only inches away from my stiff penis made me lose my balance. I ended up taking a big step forward and poking her ass cheek with my boner.

"Sorry!" I whispered, now that we were in the house.

Julia giggled, and turned around to face me. She kept her eyes up and away from my crotch, but she boldly reached out and grabbed my dick with her hand. My eyes went wide, and we both just froze for a second, her eyes just as wide but her face about to crack up in laughter. She acted like she was d***k or something, and squeezed my penis in her hand.

"Julia!" I gasped, instinctively pulling my hips away from her. My penis slid out of her grasp in a wonderful sensation of friction.

"It really is big," she said, very quietly. Her eyes finally drifted down to it. "Hannah got to touch it a lot more than me tonight."

I didn't know what to say, I was shocked. So she had noticed what we were doing in the pool earlier. What did this mean, though? Was she jealous?

Without saying another word, she stepped forward and grabbed my penis again, this time holding it firmly and staring straight at it. Her thumb gently caressed the underside of the shaft. She nervously glanced up at me briefly.

"Is this ok?" she asked softly.

I just nodded dumbly, unable to speak. It felt so fucking good, and I was so horny from all the horsing around. Her eyes darted back down to my penis in her hand. I still don't know why I did it, but a feeling of bold confidence washed over me suddenly and I reached my hand out and grabbed her tit. Julia inhaled sharply, and squeezed my dick hard. I relished the feel of her soft, firm flesh in my hand. We had never been this intimate before, never even close. But now she was nearly masturbating me while I squeezed her breast.

"I like that," she breathed, and I thought I was gonna cum right then and there.

"Oh god..." I sighed, making her smile. She reached her other hand up and cupped it right underneath the tip of my penis.

"It's ok," she said, her eyes meeting mine for just a second before looking back down at what she was doing. "You can let it go if you want."

When I realized that she was cupping her hand in front of my dick to catch my cum, and when I felt her grip tighten and she openly tugged on my penis, I groaned involuntarily and braced myself on her tit while I came spectacularly. Her cupped hand caught only a bit of the huge load I let go all over us both. I spurted thick white cum heavily onto her stomach where she aimed it, and trails of slimy sperm landed across her hand where she intended to catch it. I just kept firing thick ropes of cum over and over, unloading all my tension for her.

"God, you really needed that!" Julia said, quietly but excitedly. She left the cum on her stomach alone, though it was dripping obscenely down her body now, and she brought her hands up to her face to see my cum close up.

"I'm so sorry, Julia," I started, even in my orgasmic haze knowing that we shouldn't have done that.

She just shook her head and smiled at me. "Don't worry, I won't breathe a word about this."

With a wink, she ran off to the bathroom. I just stood there for a moment, my satisfied erection still dribbling semen onto the floor. I didn't bother to clean it up, I just went straight to my room and collapsed on my bed. I had never been so turned on in my life before. How would I ever be able to swim with those two, especially Julia, now that this had happened? I started squeezing my boner, using my own smears of cum to masturbate, though I wasn't trying to have another orgasm. It just felt good to be touching myself there, where Julia had been touching me. I had totally forgot about Hannah, and how we had been touching each other. I just kept thinking about Julia's cute little hand wrapped around my penis, tugging on it gently.

I drifted off to sl**p that night, but from then on I would always wake up in the middle of the night, needing to jerk off badly. For the next couple of weeks, my s****rs and I never spoke about what happened. Julia had been true to her word, since Hannah didn't say anything about it even though Julia tells her everything. And we didn't stop having late night swims, though our parents had been joining us lately so we were almost never alone in the pool. If we were, then our parents were right inside in the kitchen.

I had a constant boner if my s****rs were swimming with me, however. While they wouldn't go out of their way to brush up against me, they were not shy at all about bumping into me or rubbing my dick with their legs. I guess that was all we could do at the moment, until we could all swim alone, without our parents. The anticipation of that happening was fueling my late night masturbation sessions, and I would usually be the last one out of the pool so that my parents wouldn't see my erection. I don't think it would have been a huge deal for them, but I just didn't want to hint that anything was going on. My s****rs enjoyed sneaking peaks at it while we toweled off, which I enjoyed as well.

Finally, my chance to take things further came. Our parents were going away for a week, and leaving us to ourselves. When I heard they were leaving, I practically got an erection right then. I just knew that if I was ever going to get to interact sexually with my s****rs again, this would be my opportunity. The night they left, Hannah cooked us a nice dinner, and we all ate outside in the enclosed patio. We were all dressed when we went out there, but halfway through the meal Hannah started taking her shirt off.

"Hey, mom and dad are gone," she said, yanking her top off. "Let's go naked as much as we want."

Julia seemed excited to join in, and started peeling her shorts off. "Yeah!"

I just shrugged and took my clothes off too. In a minute, we were all completely naked sitting at the patio table. We resumed eating, but each of us was thinking of anything but the meal. After we finished, Julia stood and stretched a bit, probably just to show off her body, and went to sit by the pool.

"Come sit by me," she called to us, dipping her legs into the cool water.

Hannah was quick to get up and practically run over to her s****r. I guess that meant they wanted to be able to look at me while I walked over there. Fortunately, I wasn't totally hard, so it wasn't too embarrassing. They were both staring at me openly though while I walked over to join them. I could have squeezed between them, which they might have been hinting at, but instead I sat a few feet away from them off to the side. I could easily see their tits, which they were not hiding from me at all. I could even see Hannah's neatly shaved crotch, and Julia's almost completely bare mound.

"I guess we have to wait to go swimming, huh?" Julia said. "Otherwise we'll cramp up."

We all just sat there for a few minutes, none of us really saying much. We were all nervous, each of us knowing that something was going to happen beyond what had transpired in the pool weeks ago. I guess they were as shy as me to start anything.

"Fuck it," Hannah said, using language she would never use around our parents, and she hopped into the water.

Julia laughed, and followed her. I just kicked my feet for a bit, watching them float around. They were so sexy, I could have just stroked off watching them swim around casually. I was starting to get hard, and Julia was especially taking notice. Things had been kind of tense between us, since that night. Whenever our eyes met, we both got really nervous and had a hard time talking to each other. I think it must have been just as stressful for her as it was for me. Surely a girl gets frustrated from jerking a guy off and not having anything done to her in return.

Hannah was always the boldest of the two girls. "I think he's getting hard watching us."

My attention was pulled back to reality, and I just laughed, not bothering to hide anything.

"I think you're right," Julia giggled. "Isn't that wrong? A b*****r getting aroused by his s****rs?"

We all laughed, but there was a weird edge to her statement, and when I saw the look in her eyes, even though her face was laughing, I could tell she was thinking about the other night.

"Get a good look, girls," I said, leaning back on my elbows and letting my manhood sprout free. "You'll never see one this big again."

Hannah roared with laughter, but the two of them drifted closer to me to get a better look. There were a few seconds where things were quiet, and very tense. But seeing as how they had seen me this way before, just not so up close and personal, I think it helped the situation. And it was my intent to escalate this to something sexual, after all.

"It is pretty big," Julia said, sheepishly.

Hannah was looking very closely at me, almost studying my penis. When it twitched, they both giggled. She looked up at my face, and the look in her eyes said she was about to do something devious. Before I could move, her hand darted out of the water and she grabbed my dick firmly and pulled. With shouts of laughter, I lunged for her and all three of us tumbled around the water. I felt a c***dish sense of revenge and tried to wrestle with Hannah, maybe grab some boob or ass, but mostly I just swirled around the water with the two of them. I pretended to chase them, first Hannah but then Julia, and when I would get close enough, or they would let me get close enough, I would grab their legs or arms and pretend to pull them under the water. Once we were under, it was a virtual free-for-all of grabbing and groping. Hannah didn't fight me as I pawed at her tits or squeezed her ass, and her hands were all over my stomach and thighs and everything in between. When her hand would clumsily find my penis, she would squeeze it firmly and hold onto it for dear life while we wrestled. Before I could reach between her legs, Julia would tackle me from behind and climb up my back, dragging me back under the water.
I could feel her legs wrap around my midsection, and her feet brush innocently against my erection. I released Hannah and spun around to attack my other s****r, and my face ended up right in her chest. I couldn't stop myself from darting my tongue out for a quick but determined lick of her breast while I grabbed her thighs and lifted her. I did the same move I had done to Hannah that day when things had started, I moved my hand between her thighs and cupped her vagina while I pretended to hoist her up. She gasped, both from the intimate contact and from her sudden suspension above the water, and I launched her as far as I could. Hannah was quick to retaliate and she lunged at me, her shoulder hitting me right in the stomach and knocking me back into the water. We spun around in a splash of energy, her entire body rubbing against mine like we were embracing. Her crotch was firmly locked onto my leg, and her fingers found my erection. I was holding her breast quite openly while we pretended to fight.

When she let go of me, Julia was suddenly on top of me, wrapping her legs around me again. This time she wasn't behind me, though. Our crotches made contact, and her powerful legs kept us smashed together like this. She grabbed my shoulder and tried to pull me down, and I was too surprised by our genital contact to fight. As we tumbled into the water, she seemed to make the most of our temporary hiding from Hannah's view, and her vagina slid down my penis in a very bold move, then back up a few inches. It felt so good, I instinctively thrust my hips forward into her. While we kept up the appearance that we were wrestling, we were really humping each other under the water. Julia's hand on my shoulders went from pulling at me to holding onto me closely, pulling her breasts up against me. My penis slid up towards her stomach, splitting open her pussy lips and nestling comfortably against her opening.

I could hear Julia gasp, and for some reason Hannah wasn't coming back to attack me. Was she watching us? Julia continued to grind her pussy against me, literally masturbating herself against my raging erection. I wasn't about to follow suit and hump her back, but I let her do whatever she wanted. If she was ok letting Hannah see her doing this, then I wasn't going to stop her. After a few seconds, Julia seemed to finally collect her senses, and she let go of me. Her vagina trailed along my penis as she drifted away, and I felt like I needed to fuck something badly. If I didn't remove myself from this situation, it might be one of my s****rs.

Julia smiled at me, somewhat nervously, and swam away to the ledge. Hannah swam near us, but the wrestling was over. We were all too aroused by it now, and we knew where it would lead, either accidentally or on purpose. The three of us just floated there together, Julia against the ledge floating on her back. I could plainly see her pussy when her legs would move apart, and even from a few feet away I could see that her bare vagina was flushed red with excitement. Hannah brushed against my back as she glided next to me. The water was calm now but our mood was totally tense. I didn't know what to do, but I didn't want to just leave.

"I think I'll go inside now," Julia said, and didn't look at either of us as she turned and climbed up onto the ledge. Hannah and I watched her naked backside as she grabbed her towel and walked into the house, dripping wet. She was in a hurry to remove herself from the situation, and I couldn't blame her. But I was disappointed.

I glanced at Hannah, who was just floating in place, her legs kicking around to keep herself afloat. I wondered what she'd be up for, since it was much too early to go to bed, and we were now alone. Julia wasn't the kind who would spy on us.

"Do you want to go inside?" Hannah asked.

I slowly shook my head. "Not really."

Her eyes lit up, reading my signal loud and clear. Her reaction made my stomach knot with excitement. But I had to play this cool.

She swam over to me and stopped when she was right in front of me, within arm's reach. We just stared at each other for a while, only moving enough to keep ourselves floating in place.

"Wanna wrestle?" she said finally.

I nodded.

This time, it was different. We weren't frantically groping at each other and playfully tugging at each other's bodies. This was a slow, purposeful dance kept hidden underneath the ripples of the pool. Hannah climbed onto me, my penis mashing against her stomach, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me. I grabbed her hip with one hand and wrapped my arm around her back, and quietly we began to roll in the water. It became a game of how long we could hold our breath. We would dip beneath the surface of the water and go under a few inches, not too deep, and just twist around together. The wonderful pull of the water against our bodies and the friction of our contact felt great. Her generous breasts pushed at my chest, and she gently slid her hips upward until her vagina touched my penis. Just like earlier with Julia, we stayed locked together like that, no penetration but just genital-on-genital contact. I couldn't hold back from thrusting against her though, and we humped at each other gently and quietly. After a while Hannah was just holding onto me, and I was doing all the movement in the water, pretending to be cautiously wrestling with her. I'm sure no one would have been fooled, however, if they had been outside watching. At least from the kitchen, they would just see the two of us moving in the water.

Hannah's legs squeezed my waist harder, and her vagina splayed itself against me as she thrust. I knew she was making no attempt to hide her intentions, and it would have been useless anyway. Both of us were doing this for the sexual pleasure. We didn't have to pretend it was anything else, at least between ourselves. I kept up the poor show for our invisible spectators. We moved up and down the length of the pool, making awkward laps while we nearly fucked each other. Hannah's lips found my neck and I heard her groan above the sound of the water splashing gently. Her pussy grew hot and began to twitch in convulsions against my rock hard dick. I felt a warm sensation, almost like she was peeing in the pool right in front of me. After a moment of confusion, I realized she was having an orgasm, and was squirting girl fluid all over me. The realization was so intensely arousing that I thrust once sharply into her, making her nearly squeal in pleasure, and started to cum myself.

Holding her against me tightly, I came hard into her body. She softly caressed my neck and hair while I came, squirting my own fluid into the water just above her vagina. Her pussy lips were wrapped warmly around my shaft as I fucked against her, grunting and thrusting. My semen balled up in cloudy puffs in the water, and floated away like whiffs of smoke. But my throbbing erection stayed between her pussy lips, making Hannah move her hips seductively against it, as if she wanted it inside of her. I knew that was probably just her instincts, and now that my orgasm was finished I was thinking a bit more clearly. But I really wanted to bury it inside of her, and she wasn't helping with her movement. Finally her hand reached down and wrapped around my dick, twitching in her grasp. She purred, and quickly moved it down in a sliding motion that ended with the tip lodged firmly in her very wet hole. We finally looked at each other, and I saw for the first time how aroused she looked. I could see the hunger in her eyes, and I must have looked similar too. She didn't pull away from me, though we had stopped moving in the water completely.

Gently, and ever so slowly, I allowed my hips to move forward and I very carefully began to penetrate her. I was still rock hard even after my orgasm, and she was so wet it was almost effortless. Her moaning told me she wasn't objecting, and after a long few moments I was buried completely inside of my big s****r. She hugged me close, burying her face in my neck. Very softly, she squeezed her cunt around my shaft, sensually coaxing pleasure from it. It felt so good, I could probably cum again if we were going to actually fuck. But I didn't think that either of us was going for that. This was just a wonderful end to our already forbidden sexual encounter. Hannah let my cock stay inside of her pussy for a few minutes, enjoying the connection as much as I was. When I finally couldn't take it anymore and I thrust a bit roughly into her, she released me from her embrace and just smiled at me.

"Thanks for that," she said, her eyes sparkling.

"Thank you!" That probably sounded really stupid, but I didn't know what to say.

"Julia is going to be suspicious." Hannah carefully lifted herself off of me, my penis sliding wetly from her pussy. Her fingers drifted along my slimy shaft. "It's going to be hard to do this again."

My heart raced, knowing that she wanted to repeat this encounter. I had to keep reminding myself to play it cool, and not be an idiot. I couldn't let anything ruin this.

"Let's go inside," I said. "We'll just pretend this never happened."

Fortunately, Hannah took what I said the right way, and knew I wasn't saying we wouldn't try again some other time. I just meant that we wouldn't let on in front of Julia that we had been fooling around. We both toweled off and went inside the house to join Julia, who was waiting naked in the living room. She was watching television, and smiled when she saw us.

"I was waiting for you guys." She was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, not hiding her nudity at all. "Let's watch a movie."

Hannah sat next to her, and I sprawled out on the floor in front of them. If I had just been messing around with a girlfriend like I had been with Hannah, I would have wanted to sit right next to her and cuddle at a time like this. But it was different since we were siblings, and we couldn't do anything like that anyway. I felt totally satisfied laying naked in front of them, and didn't look back once at Hannah while we watched the movie. None of us talked about nudity or my boner the rest of the night, we were all just happy to be spending time together. Even when I popped a boner at a love scene, no one said anything. The evening was perfect just the way it was.

That night, I slept more soundly than I had in weeks. I didn't have to wake up and masturbate, though by the time morning came, I was rock hard as usual. I went to go use my bathroom, the one downstairs by my room that only I used, and even though the door was open, Hannah was naked in front of the mirror.

"Morning," she said. "Julia is taking forever in our bathroom, so I came down here."

I just smiled at her, and went straight for the toilet. Aiming my not-quite-full erection down at the bowl, I started to pee while she watched. I figured it was no big deal, after last night. And no one would see us in here together. Hannah's gaze was fixed on my cock, watching my stream in fascination.

"I've never seen a guy pee before," she said.

I laughed. "Yeah? How is it?"

She giggled. "Kinda gross, actually."

We both laughed, and I flushed and went to wash up next to her at the sink. She bumped her naked hip into mine playfully. I pretended not to be infatuated with her body, but my erection spoke for itself. She noticed.

"Are you getting hard staring at me?" she asked, pretending to be surprised.

I nervously smiled. "It's the morning. And I haven't done my business yet."

"You jerk off every morning?" she asked in true surprise. "Wow."

I just shrugged, and casually touched my penis while I waited for her to finish whatever she was pretending to be busy with in my bathroom.

"Well," she said, turning to leave, "save some for the pool."

She winked at me, and left. I was so glad to hear her say that, I felt like jerking off right then and there. But for some reason it wasn't the same anymore, now that I had her to be sexual with. I wanted to share my orgasm with her. And there was still Julia too, who I really wanted to fool around with. Could I actually mess around with both of them? I found myself masturbating while thinking about it. I f***ed myself to stop, and knew that if I saved it, then I'd be more aroused later and get to do something stupid again.

I took a shower and continued on with my day.

I didn't see my s****rs until much later. They had both left the house together, and I had stuff I wanted to do too. I almost lost my nerve that afternoon, and jerked off in my room. I was close to cumming, and with my dick in hand and my s****rs on my mind, I was somehow able to stop just before shooting off and decided to save my load. I assured myself that if I wasn't getting any from either of them tonight, then I would just finish the job myself later. My balls almost couldn't take all this tension, with two opportunities to masturbate interrupted now. I was going to be a horny wreck later. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea, but part of me knew that was what got me into such wonderful trouble in the first place.

Julia came home that night with pizza, and Hannah was nowhere to be found. She had stayed out with friends, and Julia had actually refused an offer to go out. Was that a sign? I chose not to read too much into it. I reminded myself that I could just as easily jerk off in my room if I screwed things up with her. And going slow had only made things better the night before.

Julia and I ate dinner fully clothed this time, and before we finished our television show it started raining. Both of us frowned to each other, knowing that swimming wouldn't be much fun in the rain. In the back of my mind, I wondered if this could work out even better for us. We were alone in the house, and we could still find a way to mess around. I decided that if Julia wanted it to happen, then she would give me a sign.

"I really liked watching a movie last night," she said while we watched the rain from the kitchen table. She sheepishly smiled. "Naked."

That was the sign! And if it wasn't, it didn't matter anymore.

"Yeah, me too," I agreed, playing along. "But I got kind of cold down on the floor."

"Well this time sit with me on the couch, stupid. We can share a blanket."

The obvious contradiction of being naked but covering ourselves with a blanket was apparently lost on her, or she just didn't care. I was going to get some action from her tonight, I could just taste it!

She popped in a movie, and we ended up on the couch naked. Julia had fetched a blanket, and pretended to ignore my erection as she spread it over the two of us sitting next to each other.

"If you get cold, just cuddle up to me," she said. "I don't mind, even if you poke me."

I laughed, but she didn't appear to be entirely joking. We sat there together and watched the movie in virtual silence. I was actually a bit warm under the blanket, but I wasn't about to break our naked contact. Julia finally inched her backside toward me and my erection bumped into her ass. Neither of us said anything, but the move had been obvious. Now that our inhibitions were all but gone, I got more comfortable and scooted closer to her. My penis was digging into her ass cheek, so I moved it down a bit and slid it more comfortably between her cheeks. She gasped out loud as the tip made contact with her butthole. I hadn't intended for that to happen, but when she didn't move away, I did all I could to make sure my penis stayed exactly where it was, pressed right against her tight little hole. She must have showered recently, because she smelled really good and her skin was so soft and clean. It was really nice being this close to her.

The movie Julia had picked had more than a couple scenes of nudity. Of course for our f****y that was hardly a big deal. We watched these movies with our parents after all. But this movie in particular seemed to be full of it. Julia had picked this on purpose, no doubt.

"God, this movie always makes me horny," she said. I almost laughed. Could she be any more obvious?

My dick flexed against her ass. "Really? I always wondered if girls got turned on by this stuff like guys."

"Of course we do. I've actually masturbated to this movie before."

Our eyes met briefly when she said that, but she looked away from me as if embarrassed. I didn't want her to change her mind and end this moment from embarrassment.

"Yeah, I usually have to go jerk off after a scene like this too." I wanted her to feel better so I admitted the truth also.

"I can tell," she said, wiggling her ass against me. That had the effect of burying the tip of my penis deeper in her butt crack. It was very obscene considering we were b*****r and s****r. But we both wanted this.

"Why don't you do it right now?" I ventured. "I don't mind."

Julia looked at me with a fair amount of shock. She had been so bold up until now, I guess I caught her off guard by being bold myself. She just stared at me, and I could see the internal conflict. I tried to help her out by gently pulling on my boner, encouraging her to do the same to herself.

"It's ok," I said in almost a whisper, just like she had said to me that night when she jerked me off.

I could see the change in her face, the flush of excitement, and she nodded. She turned back to the television, and her hand went south to her thighs. I couldn't see what was happening, but I didn't have to. I started slowly masturbating while she did the same.

Even though we pretended to watch the movie, I couldn't focus over the sound of Julia's soft moans. I was stroking my boner against her ass, playing the tip against her butthole. She didn't object, so I kept it up. I spit heavily onto my hand and coated my dick with saliva, making sure it was nice and wet. When I had put a particularly generous amount of lubrication on the tip, and I rubbed it over her asshole, just for a moment it went inside her. Julia moaned loudly, and her body began to shake as she climaxed. She was getting off on me playing with her butt! I spit again onto my dick and nudged it against her tight sphincter again. With absolutely no resistance from her, I began to push my dick into her little pucker hole. I lifted her ass cheek so I could get a better look as the head of my penis disappeared into her warm butt. After a bit of gentle pushing, my shaft began to slide into her. I ignored how wonderful it felt, and the urge to thrust hard into her, and stopped my movements. I didn't want this to hurt her, and so far it didn't appear that it had.

Carefully, I pulled my dick back out of her, dragging along her tight asshole until the head was peeking out. Then I pushed it back in as far as it had gone previously, and just held it there. I was only a few inches deep, but it felt so good I thought I would explode inside of her. I twitched and throbbed inside of my s****r's tight butt, and she was loving it. She was shaking the couch, her arm was moving so fast. After a few minutes of this, with me gently fucking her ass while she masturbated, she finally cried out in release and spasmed. She clenched her eyes shut and her mouth hung open while she came, her ass clenching down on me hard. I just held her and kept my dick lodged firmly inside her as she rode it out. She finally came down from her high and just laid there, exhausted.

"We are so bad," she cooed, flexing her ass around my cock.

I groaned, not able to hold back much longer. I thrust deeper into her, and with more pain than I intended for her, I buried my erection deep into her bowels. She bit her lip and whimpered, but even though I could tell it hurt her, she didn't pull away or resist. She allowed me to claim her ass. I didn't want this to be painful for her, so finally I allowed myself to cum long and hard inside of her tight little butthole. I grunted and moaned loudly as I began to pour out my orgasm inside of her, load after load exploding from my balls and into her ass. She kept whimpering as she felt my cum painting her insides, but her hand reached back and found my hip. Her fingers dug into me as she held my body against her. She wanted this, definitely. I didn't have to worry about that.
"Oh god!" I breathed finally. I could feel her pussy oozing fluid down onto my balls and thigh. I was so deep in her ass, I was afraid to pull out. We just stayed that way for a while, basking in the warmth of our orgasms.

"I can't believe you just fucked my ass," Julia finally said, with a smile.

"I can't believe you let me," I replied.

"It was sooo fucking sexy..." Her ragged breathing told me she was still feeling aftershocks.

"I'm afraid to pull it out," I admitted. "I don't want it to hurt you."

"Then leave it in," she said. "When you're not hard anymore, it'll just slip right out. I don't mind."

The movie was still playing, but neither of us was paying any attention to it. We laid there for a half hour, and my dick stayed rock hard. I wanted so badly to fuck her again, and it would be so easy since I was already penetrating her body. But I was afraid it would hurt her so I resisted my urges. It would take a lot of ass fucking to make me cum again so soon. She wasn't ready for that.

"I love playing around like this," she cooed, her eyes closing halfway. She was falling asl**p.

"Me too," I said, kissing her on the back. "I hope you're not mad, but Hannah and I have done stuff too."

Julia just smiled, her eyes closed now. "I know."

I was a bit surprised, but not much. Now we didn't have to hide anything between us anymore. That had been part of the fun, but now we could just mess around whenever we wanted.

"Will you fuck me tomorrow?" Julia said, her voice beginning to trail off in sl**piness. "Really fuck, not just in the ass."

I grabbed her breast and cuddled against her. "Of course I will."

We both drifted off to sl**p, our bodies still connected. My dick did deflate and eventually slipped out of Julia's ass, but we stayed like that the whole night. It wasn't until we heard Hannah open the front door that either of us awoke...

"Wow, you guys didn't waste any time, did you?"

Hannah seemed a bit buzzed when she walked through the front door. Seeing Julia and I cuddled together on the couch under a blanket, she correctly assumed what had happened between us. That must have been hours ago, since the sun was beginning to come up now.

Groggily, since we had both been asl**p, I rubbed my eyes and slowly came to. It took me a moment to remember what had happened, but feeling my younger s****r's warm body beneath me was all it took. Only a few hours ago, I had fucked this gorgeous little beauty's ass. The couch was a dried sticky mess between us where my cum had leaked out of her and pooled. We would have to clean that up before Mom and Dad got home at the end of the week.

Hannah stumbled inside and closed the door behind her. She was wearing a cocktail dress, and I could hear a car pulling out of the driveway. Thankfully she hadn't driven herself, since apparently she had gone drinking with some friends.

"How was your night?" Julia asked, maybe trying to deflect the conversation from what we had done.

"Not as good as yours, I take it." Hannah sat on the couch next to us, and noticed the large stain between us. She just smiled. "Damn, I missed all the fun."

Julia stretched and kicked the blanket off of her. She glanced back at me and winked.

"We didn't do anything, really," she said, stretching the truth almost to the point of tearing it.

I just smiled. Hannah wasn't buying it, but since I had actually been inside her pussy briefly not that long ago, she obviously couldn't scold us.

"So he took your virginity?" she said, looking seriously at Julia.

Julia stood from the couch and casually rubbed at her pussy. "Nope, she's still untouched."

Hannah raised an eyebrow. " were both..."

I just shrugged, and my smile wouldn't go away no matter how hard I tried.

She nodded. "Oh, I see. You took her ass cherry then. Good job, I'm jealous."

My morning wood was at full stiffness, and I wasn't doing anything to hide that fact. Hannah stared openly at it, still a bit hazy from her partying. She sloppily reached over and grabbed it, and even though I was surprised, I didn't budge.

"You need to wash this thing off then," she said, tugging on it in mock masturbation. "How about a dip in the pool?"

I almost laughed at how obvious she was being, but then I realized that she probably wanted to fuck me. In fact, now that I had messed around with both my s****rs, and we had the house to ourselves, they no doubt both would expect some sexual interaction with me. If I didn't need to pee so bad, I might have made a move on her right then. But she was right. It had all started with the pool. We should keep that going.

"Ok, meet you out there after I pee," I said.

She nodded, and stumbled her way through the kitchen to the back patio, leaving a trail of her clothes behind. She walked outside naked and waited on the ledge.

I glanced at Julia, getting a nice look at her naked body, and she seemed to enjoy letting me.

"I have to pee too, want to join me?" she asked, then turned without waiting for a response.

We both went to the bathroom and she sat on the toilet. She held it until I was there too, and she lifted herself off the seat a bit so I could watch.

"Try to do it with me," she said, showing a kinky side to her I never imagined existed.

"I don't know if I can, I'm too hard."

She could see that, and the look of lust in her eyes told me how aroused she was. This was going to be the best day of my life, I could tell.

"I don't wanna gross you out or anything," she said, standing up and moving off the toilet. "I'm not into sick stuff or anything, but I've always had this weird urge to pee on a guy."

I honestly didn't know what to say to that. I wasn't prepared for her to reveal something on that level. But it spoke to how open we were being with each other. I had opened a can of something by getting involved with her sexually.

She turned red. "It's sick, huh?"

I shook my head. "No, no...I just can't believe you said that. I don't know what to say."

"I know it's gross." She stepped into the shower. "You don't have to do it. But we could just do it in here and then shower right after. I can have the shower running while we do it if you want."

I watched my hot s****r, trying to hold her bladder while I decided what to do, and seeing her in this completely open, sexual state really had my balls raging. I would do anything she wanted at this point, if it meant I could cum all over her sexy body at some point.

"Ok, I'll do it."

She seemed giddy, and she turned on the shower. I got in the stall with her, and we both just stood there in front of each other. Seeing each other naked was one thing, but relieving ourselves in front of each other, much less onto each other, was a completely different story.

"Ready?" she said, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers and tilting her pelvis up as far as she could.

"Where do I aim?" I asked.

Julia smiled devilishly. "Anywhere you want."

I couldn't hold it anymore and neither could she, so when trickles of pee began to fall under her, I just let loose. It didn't take long for both of us to be at full stream.

I wasn't the type to do anything humiliating or disgusting, so I had to hold my erection down a bit to keep from hitting her near her face. She, on the other hand, had to do the opposite so she could hit anything higher than the floor. My pee stream arched upwards and began splattering on her legs, and I kept raising it until I was splashing her stomach and tits with my pee.

She seemed delighted, and in return she arched her own stream higher so that it began splashing onto my arm and the hand that was holding my penis. Feeling her warmth touch my groin and splatter all over my crotch was surprisingly arousing. It was definitely the naughtiest thing I had ever done with a girl. And probably the most extreme I cared to do.

We both kept it up for a good minute, and the shower was washing it all off immediately after. By the time we were finished, we just stood there under the shower staring at each other. Julia was panting with arousal, and looked possessed. She lunged at me and started kissing me hard.

I pawed all over her body, and after a few minutes we broke it off. She grabbed the soap and handed it to me. I began lathering up her body, especially her tits and her ass. She purposely massaged soap into my pubic hair and used the suds to get my penis nice and frothy.

"Hot dog me," she ordered, and spun around.

I obeyed her, and pressed my firm length between her buttocks. I slid myself up and down, fucking her ass cleavage. She seemed to enjoy it, and I thought about sticking back in her ass. But the soap would sting, so I refrained. Besides, I would be getting into that ass plenty from now on.

"We better go outside now," I said, remembering Hannah waiting for us.

Julia didn't let me go that easily. "I feel like I'm on fire! I'm a virgin, but I have had stuff up my pussy before. I want your dick in me, now!"

She leaned back against the shower wall, and I cautiously moved closer. She grabbed my dick and aimed it at her entrance. I moved slowly, but sure enough there was no resistance to my penetration. She groaned so sexily as I buried myself, and when I was all the way in, she hugged me tightly. Not just in a sexual way, but more in appreciation.

"Thank you," she said, her face buried in my chest.

I had to hold myself back from fucking her in two, but I kept still and silent while she enjoyed the moment. It was nice, I had to admit. But I was aching to cum.

"Hannah will want some," Julia said, looking up at me. "You've given me your load already, she needs it now."

I nodded, and we slowly withdrew from each other. Her pussy clenched tightly onto me, not wanting to let my dick go. We both composed ourselves and went dripping wet through the house out to the pool.

Hannah was wading her legs in the water, patiently waiting for us. She smiled when she saw us.

"Hey, you got wet already," she protested. "Not fair."

Julia leaned down to her s****r as she passed by her to get into the water. "You get him first."

Hannah beamed, and as I approached I could see that she still seemed buzzed. I felt like maybe I shouldn't take advantage of her in this state, but she had wanted this already. There was no question.

"Wanna wrestle?" I asked, mirroring our initial encounter in the pool.

Julia floated on her back away from us, giving us space. She was being really cool about this. I would have to make her feel really special later.

"Of course," Hannah said, and splashed her way into the water.

I dove in after her and pretended to chase her. She squealed and led me on, and all the while Julia pretended to be oblivious. Our bodies touched and I felt that initial excitement of our forbidden encounter. I couldn't wait to get inside of her.

"Shall I tackle you?" Hannah asked, strangely as if she needed my permission.

I leaned back against the ledge of the pool and let her approach me. She swam slowly over to me, and from the look in her eyes I could tell this wasn't going to be a mock-violent movement. She carefully and methodically placed her body over mine and reached down for my penis. With no hesitation, she placed it at the entrance to her vagina and settled down onto me.

I groaned as I felt the second pussy this morning to accept my manhood. Hannah was thoroughly enjoying this, and her body movements and expressions weren't toned down at all considering our s****r could be watching. Julia was aimlessly floating on her back still, pretending not to see us. Honestly, I thought it would be sexy if she was.

"Fuck me," I said.

Hannah began to move her hips, and we got a good motion going under the water. She began whimpering as I split her open, and her pussy was nice and tight around my cock. She was so wet, she must have been aroused for quite a while before we started.

As we began to speed things up and both of us were approaching climax, I felt Julia swim over to us. I glanced over at her in the midst of my approaching orgasm, and she smiled dreamily.

"Kiss me while you fill her up," she said softly, and leaned in close to my face.

Hannah watched as I greedily sucked at Julia's face while still plowing her tight cunt. When she felt my explosion inside of her, she cried out and grabbed Julia's shoulder while she came too. The three of us stayed like that for a good minute, Hannah and I cumming hard into each other and Julia and I kissing passionately. It felt so good to be experiencing both of them at the same time like that.

"Mmm, that was delightful," Julia said, her eyes still closed.

Hannah drew in a deep breath. "That was pretty good."

"I want more," I said, still hard and buried in her.

Hannah smiled, and obediently she moved off of me so that Julia could take her place. She did, and I slipped easily into her soft opening as she propped herself up. I pawed at her tits and began to thrust up into her.

"Save some for my ass," Hannah said, and then floated away blissfully while we went at it.

Julia and I were grunting as we smashed our bodies into each other, trying to outdo each other with the power we exerted. She was a wildcat, which really surprised me. I had always thought Hannah would be the one to do something kinky, while Julia had always been so proper and conservative. I guess that was out the window now.

"Do you want me to fuck Hannah in the I did with you?" I said between thrusts.

Julia looked savagely into my eyes as she dropped her hips down onto mine over and over. "I want you to fuck her ass, while I lick yours."

I smiled, finding her new kinky nature amusing. What would she think of next?

We fucked for a good fifteen minutes, with Hannah swimming casually around us until she finally sat on the ledge of the pool and masturbated her cum-filled pussy while she watched us. Julia had been climaxing wildly since about five minutes in, and was exhausting herself. I could tell she was getting tired.

"Maybe you should stroke off onto our faces," Hannah suggested.

Julia smiled and nodded, and quickly hopped off of me to join her s****r on the ledge. I got out of the pool and stood over them, beating my meat as they sat neatly alert watching. I wasn't embarrassed at all to let them see me do this, in fact I felt proud that they both wanted me to. I could feel the cum rising, but I wanted to postpone this as long as possible.

"You two should kiss," I said, hoping they would go for it.

They instantly complied, as if they had wanted to and were waiting for my signal. When they began frenching deeply, I realized I couldn't hold out like I wanted, and would soon explode again.

"Open your mouths!" I said, and bent forward to cum on them.

They both faced me with their mouths open, looking right up at my face. It was just like a porn movie, except so much sexier since these were my s****rs I was about to plaster. I groaned and began shooting off over them. I splashed thick cum across their faces, tagging their cheeks and splattering white across their tongues. I came so much I nearly fell over from the intensity.

"Yes! Fucking yes!" Julia said, rubbing her pussy while Hannah eagerly leaned forward to suck on my dripping penis.

I watched her lick the cum off the tip, while Julia rubbed out a quick but sharp orgasm, and felt like things couldn't get any sexier.

"How soon can you fuck us again?" Hannah asked, her cum-covered face glistening beautifully as she smiled up at me.

My cock twitched against her lips, and I sighed contentedly. "Maybe if you both lez out for me, I can do it quicker."

Hannah winked at me, and then began licking the cum from Julia's face. I watched my s****rs clean each others' faces, and then they began kissing again. This was going to be a great day!... Continue»
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Pool Party

My name is Dennis, my wife and I recently finished renovating our basement, turning it into a rec room complete with a bar and pool table. Its a great place to entertain friends.

One weekend about a month ago, my wife went to visit f****y out of town and our daughter Claire said she was going to be staying at a friends house. So, I invited over a few buddies to watch some sports and have a few beers.

After the game we were playing pool when my daughter came home . My daughter Claire is 18 5"9 curly brown hair slim athletic body, with very pert 36 D breasts, she gets noticed often. Claire asked if we minded if she stayed and played some pool too. My friends didn't seem to mind at all, so Claire got her self a drink and watched as we finished the game.

I noticed the guys checking her out a lot, especially her long lean tanned legs, it didn't help matters that she was wearing a short black skirt and a scoop neck top that showed off her cleavage. Claire joined in the next game and every one was having a good time joking and laughing. Every time some one would make a joke, Claire would touch one of the jokers arms.

As she was bending over to shoot, several times we all got a nice view down the front of her shirt where you could see her lacy pink bra. I heard the guys whispering comments about her legs and ass. Then my friend Eric said "great ass" loud enough for every one to hear. Claire just laughed telling him to behave.

Eventually as Claire would bend over the table to shoot her skirt would ride up a little more exposing more leg. Several times I saw my buddies "accidentally" rub up against her and cop a quick feel of her ass when they didn't think I was looking. she just giggled playfully when they did.

Claire did pretty well for a while, but after she missed a shot she complained that her heels were beginning to hurt her feet. That must have given Richie an idea because he suggested we play strip pool. At first Claire said no, saying she couldn't play strip pool with her dad, then she turned and said it was up to me. I guess I figured that if Claire started to loose she would call it quits rather than get naked, so I said "sure, why not"

The game began, and each of us took shoots and continued drinking. First Eric lost his shirt, then Doug and I lost our shoes. Then Claire was barefoot. Eventually she started to win against our d***ken play. The guys not wanting to lose started to cheat a little. When Claire would lean over the table, some one would touch or squeeze her ass, causing her shots to go bad.

Soon she was at the point of loosing her skirt if she missed the next shot. I pulled her aside, telling her she didn't have to go through with it if she missed, no one expected her to take off her skirt. She smiled and said she was a big girl and that I didn't have to worry about her.

She went back to the table and lined up her shot while the guys reminded her what was at stake, saying "no pressure" and telling her "she couldn't make that shot". Well, she made the shot but scratched the cue ball. With that Eric said "time to pay up". Claire handed him the pool stick and with out missing a beat began to wiggle out of her skirt in front of my friends. She turned her ass toward them as she slowly slid the skirt down exposing a hot pink thong. I'm not sure the guys could believe what they were seeing.

The next couple games Claire took full advantage of the fact she was half naked, often standing directly where the guys intended the the ball to go so that they were staring at her obvious camel toe, it worked too. we had lost everything but our boxers. Just when we thought she might beat us she missed the final shot and lost her top. Now the guys were really getting to see my daughter like never before.

The lace bra barely covered her aureoles and her flat stomach was accentuated by a piercing in her belly button. The guys were all starting to sport obvious hard ons. Doug's cock was so big that it stuck several inches above the band of his boxers.

My daughter paraded around the room as each of my friends tried to grope her while I pretended not to look. The guys hands were on her ass, legs and tits. She teased them mercilessly.
The next time she shot for a ball across the table, she arched her back and stuck her ass way out. Richie walked up behind her, grabbed her waist and ground his crotch against her ass like he was fucking her from behind. She just laughed going along with the joke but I heard a slight moan escape her lips.

Richie's boxers gradually worked their way down until his cock head was rubbing between Clair's ass cheeks, with him holding her waist, he told her to shoot, saying she had been teasing us and it was payback time for all the shots they had missed.
When Claire missed her shot, Richie reached up and unsnapped her bra letting it fall onto the table exposing her double D mounds of flesh to my buddies and I.

Claire was as playful as ever, smiling and laughing as she stood practically naked, now only wearing her pink lace thong which was drawn deep between her ass cheeks. I wondered how far this would go and whether I should allow it to continue.
I finished the rest of my beer and excused myself to the bathroom, when I finished I quietly snuck around the corner and peeked into the room.
Claire was standing just behind Doug and as he took his shot she quickly yanked down his briefs making him miss the cue ball entirely. He didn't seem to mind, he just stood there holding the pool stick in one hand and his hard cock in the other.

Claire shot next, and Doug wasted no time looking for payback as he quietly got behind her. When she bent over, he grabbed her hips like Richie had done and pulled the tiny bit of fabric covering her pussy aside and with her still bent over rubbed his bare cock up and down her cunt. Claire moaned and then spread her legs even further apart inviting Doug to penetrate her pussy as my friends watched.

I heard Doug comment on how tight my daughters snatch was as he pushed deeper into her cunt, then Claire said something about the size of his cock. I heard him tell her to "Just relax" as he continued to work his big shaft slowly into my daughters pussy. By now she was moaning and squirming up a storm, until finally she had Doug's big cock balls deep in my daughters fuck hole. Doug was grunting wildly as he slid his tool in and out of Claire's hot cunt.

From where I was I had a view I never thought I'd see, my daughter bent over my pool table as my friend Doug gripped and spread her ass cheeks allowing Eric, Richie and I to see her wet pink cunt being fucked.
Eric and Richies eyes were as big as saucers as they watched in amazement, Doug sliding 8 inches in and out of Claire vigorously. Pulling out and then slamming back into her as she gasped and maoned the whole time. Doug reached forward and grabbed a hold of her big beautiful titties, squeezing them with each thrust deeper into her wet snatch causing her to groan with pleasure.
This went on for at least 10 minutes before he stiffened and unloaded his balls deep into her quim. He pumped her for a few more strokes and then pulled his softening cock from my daughters pussy.

I could see the cum start to leak out of her cunt and run down her thigh. The look on Doug's face was pure satisfaction as he turned to the others and calmly said "Next".
Richie quickly took his place and put his cock to Claire's freshly fucked hole, grabbed her hips and easily slid the length of his prick deep into her with one powerful thrust.
"Oh Fuck yes" she moaned as he began a knee deep stroke that soon had her building toward and orgasm. As my Horny daughter gasped and moaned, the expression on her face revealed her extreme pleasure.

It wasn't long before Richie announced he was cumming and then pulled his throbbing cock from Claire's pussy, shooting his load all over her ass and cunt. It was a huge load of sperm and left her dripping. He then gripped his cock and slid it back into her well lubed fuck tunnel for a second round of even more furious pounding.
Claire flayed as her tits swayed back and fourth, still bent over the pool table.
"Fuck me, Fuck me harder" she exclaimed.
Without even realizing it, I had my cock out of my briefs and was stroking my dick as I watched my daughter being fucked like a porn star.

Richie grunted, unleashing his second load. This time he held Claire's hips, his cock deep in her womb, pumping his cream into her as he let out a final groan and collapsing on top of her before pulling his cock from her gaping cunt. Richie was breathing hard as he stood up.
"Fuck, that was a good ride" he said. "Get in their and fuck Jakes daughter." I heard him say to Eric.
It was only a quick moment before Eric stepped between Claire's legs, but I could see what a sloppy mess my friends had made of my daughters cunt. It was gaping and oozing hot cum that Richie had just deposited.

Claire's legs were spread wide, she even reached back and began to rub her clit in a circular motion. Again she let out a long approving moan as Eric sank his cock balls deep into my daughter.
"oh god yessss, fuck mmmmm" she moaned.
They fucked for about 5 minutes then, as he sensed her building toward another orgasm, he slid his index finger into her asshole and she came instantly.

I couldn't believe what happened next, after Claire caught her breath, after her third shuttering orgasm, she pulled herself off Eric's cock, stood up turning around to face him.
"Fuck my ass!" She said as she hopped up on the edge of the pool table. His eyes got big and his jaw dropped, but he was eager to grant her request as she positioned herself on the table with her legs spread and pointing up to the ceiling.
Richie grabbed a couple of pillows off the couch and put them under Claire, then he and Doug got on either side of her holding her legs.

Eric stepped up, putting the tip of his fat cock against her asshole and slowly eased into her. She reached down and placed her hand on her ass cheeks opening herself as wide as she could as Eric pushed deeper into her anus. Amazingly I again had a good view as his dick started to disappear into her ass, Claire cursing and screaming with both pleasure and pain.
"God dammit, fuck my asshole, fuck me deep, deeper!" she kept screaming, gritting her teeth. Her eyes got glassy, with tears forming in the corners.

Doug and Richie were still holding Claire's legs as Eric worked her asshole, but now Doug was alternating between playing with her tits and her pussy all the while encouraging Eric.
"Fuck her ass Eric. She loves it. Do you believe were fucking Jakes daughter? Man, fuck that ass deep."
With just a couple of inches of cock still showing, Eric asked Clair if she wanted him to stop and pull out.
"Don't you dare" she spit. "Just give me a moment"

So he stopped for a minute, taking a deep breath until she snapped back at him.
"what the fuck are you waiting for, I thought you were hot to fuck my asshole?"
Eric continued to ease his way up Claire's ass, nice and steady when Richie suggested maybe he should stop.
"Maybe you should mind your own fucking business." she said, and then looked back at Eric.
"I want it all, keep fucking my ass!"

He started pushing in again, a fraction of an inch at a time. Gradually her grunts and moans turned into oohs and aahhhs. He took this as encouragement, and began to fuck gently in and out, and then picked up the pace a bit, sliding his cock in a bit deeper with each thrust.
Several minutes later as Claire gurgled and panted, Eric buried his dick balls deep in her asshole. He fucked her faster and faster, until she started to shake violently as she climaxed for the fourth time. Eric stiffened, pumping his cum up my daughters ass. When he pulled his cock from her asshole, she collapsed back on to the pool table exhausted. Both Doug and Richie let her legs go and they dangled over the edge of the pool table, sperm leaking out of both her fuck holes.

After a few moments Claire sat up, and climbed off the pool table, her legs still woobley. Doug helping to hold her up, his cock still semi erect.
"I've still got a load for you" he said as he took her hand.
Claire Smiled, as he led her back to the bar where he sat on a stool. Claire sinking to her knees in front of him, eagerly taking his cock in her mouth, licking it up and down.
"That's it baby, suck that cock" he said encouraging her.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I had just witnessed one of the greatest fuck sessions of my life. I had been stroking my cock the whole time. I don't even remember doing it but I walked up behind Claire holding my dick and knelt down behind her and started to ease my cock into her ass just like Eric had done.. Startled at first, she just smiled as she glanced back over her shoulder and moaned "mmmm, yea. Fuck my nasty asshole daddy" then she went back to sucking Doug's throbbing member.

Her ass was loose and slick from Eric's fucking and load of jizz he had pumped into her bowels. All I remember is how incredible it felt to have my cock deep inside my own daughters tight asshole. By now non of the guys were shocked by anything they were seeing and started to offer encouragement as I pumped 7 inches of hard cock in and out of my daughters sphincter.
"Fuck her Jake, fuck her ass deep. she loves it. don't you Claire?" Eric said
"I loved fucking your daughters asshole Jake. Can you feel all my cum lubing it up for you?"

I increased my pace as Claire fingered her twat, grunting and moaning, waves of euphoria overwhelming both father and daughter. I fucked her hard for about another 2 minutes, then just as Doug was cumming in her mouth I erupted in her ass, filling her with a second load of sperm coating her insides.

I nearly passed out as my cock came loose from Claire's brown eye. Before I realized what was happening Richie and Eric grabbed me by the arms and sat me on a bar stool. Claire didn't hesitate and was soon sucking my sweaty balls and all the cum from my cock that had just been deep in her asshole. She was like a women possessed.

Now it was Richie turn. My daughter was becoming an anal whore right before my eyes as a third cock violated her spunk filled rectum.
I heard a voice ask "Whats it like to watch your daughter get gang fucked Jake?"
My head was spinning, all I could do was moan with pleasure as Claire worked furiously on my throbbing prick.
"Looks like they both love it" somebody said
"Fuck that ass Richie, give the anal slut another load. She loves it doesn't she Jake? Bob asked.

I felt my balls tighten and looked down at Claire, our eyes locked and then I gently nudged her off my dick just as I exploded all over her. I released a torrent of sperm all over my daughters face. Her tongue still licking the head of my cock as she pumped the shaft for every last drop of cream.

"MMMM, tell him to fuck me harder." Claire said. "I love it up my ass"
I was still in a fog, not really able to speak when I looked up at Richie, his hands on Claire hips moving back and fourth. His face contorted with pleasure and lust. My balls completely empty, my dick went soft. I got up my mouth dry as a desert, looking for something to drink.

Eric handed me his beer. He and Doug stood watching Richie sliding the length of his tool in and out of my daughters asshole. I downed half the beer in a single swig and then stared transfixed at Claire's body, her large tits swaying back and fourth, her face covered in my cum, her pussy and ass filled with the white milky fluid overflowing down her thighs.
"I want to hear your balls slapping against my cunt" Claire gasped between thrusts.

"That's one hot piece of ass Jake" Doug said to me as Richie increased his speed, his flesh smacking against Claire. I could see him tighten his grip on her hips and make one last deep push up my daughters rectum before groaning with unmistakable pleasure adding now a third bucket of cum into Claire's ass.
"Ohhh fuck, take it all slut" Richie cried
"MMMMM oh yessss, I can feel you filling me, more! give me more!" Claire moaned

It looked like Richie was experiencing the same sensation I had felt after I came. He nearly fell over with exhaustion as he withdrew his spent cock from my daughters asshole. Just as they had done with me, Doug and Eric lifted Richie up onto a bar stool in front of Claire where she had no hesitation in taking the dick that had just savagely ass fucked her for the last 10 minutes into her hungry mouth.

Doug moved back behind her and knelt down holding his hardening cock.
“Damn Jake, come take a look at your daughters ass and pussy. What a fucking mess” he said with a laugh
He was right, Claire's asshole was red and swollen with 3 loads of cum oozing out of it and the lips of her pussy were still open even as Doug inserted two fingers past his knuckles into her.

For a moment I thought I should stop this, she couldn't take any more. Then she lifted her mouth off Richie's dick and said “Fuck my ass! Put your cock in my ass.”
I could barely believe what I was hearing, let alone seeing.
Doug lined up hs cock to Claire's ass and for the fourth time, my daughters rectum was being filled with a buddy's cock. Her asshole was slick with jism and Doug was balls deep with little effort.

I had fallen back onto the couch, to stunned to do anything but watch as Doug made a point to angle himself and Claire's behind so that Eric and I could see each time he plunged in and out of her.

“You like my big cock up your ass don't you Claire?” Doug asked, his breathing starting to quicken.
“Uh huh” she moaned still slurping on Richie's dick.
“mmm, Jake. I can't tell which of your daughter's fuck holes I like better.” He said looking my way. His dick sliding easily in deep. Then he pulled all the way out leaving Claire's ass gaping wide. Then he guided his prick into
Claire's cunt.
“Mmm, thats nice too. Fucking hot pussy, ass and mouth” Doug groaned burrying his stiff member into Claire's cunt again.
“Oh god yesss, keep fucking me, mmm yesss I love it!” She purred

My dick grew stiff again and I couldnt help but stroke it as I watched his cock move in and out of my daughter.
“Jake, you never got to try her cunt” Eric said
“That's right, you didn't Jake. You've had her mouth and ass, you should have her pussy too.” Richie said leaning forward to play with Claire's tits as she licked his balls.

“Don't you want your dad's cock in that hot little pussy of yours Claire?” Richie asked.
“Mmmm, yes. I need to be fucked raw. Fill my cunt, I need it bad!”
Doug had pulled out leaving her empty and splayed open, rubbing her clit.
“No, I can't. I can't do it... I think we've all done enough.” I said, still stroking my cock.
“C'mon Jake, you've already fucked her ass and mouth. You might as well.” Eric said
“We've all been balls deep in your daughter's fuck holes and she's loved every minute of it.”

“Her pussy is still nice and tight Jake.” Doug said as he pumped his cock into her for a few strokes and then pulled out again.
“We're not going to stop until you get your cock balls deep in Claire's snatch Jake.”

I reluctantly got up from the couch, not believing what I was about to do, but I knew the guys meant what they said about not stopping until they saw me penetrate Claire's pussy.

Doug moved aside as I got behind Claire and put my hands on her hips aiming my dick at my daughter's well fucked cunt.
Richie leaned forward and whispered in Claire's ear.
“That's your dad's cock about to fill you”
“Oh god yesss, fuck me daddy, fuck me deep!”

The head of my cock pressed past Claire's outer lips and easily slid deep into her womb.
“Oh my god” I moaned, my eyes tightly closed.
“fuck her Jake, fuck her good!”
“Yess yess fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy. Mmmm”

Richie had gotten up and moved beside us to watch me plunge my cock in and out of my daughters cunt.
“That's fucking hot.” He said as all three of my friends watched Claire and I.

I felt another load building in my balls, as Claire's pussy started to quiver, her muscles clenching my cock.
“Oh fuck daddy, ohh yesss I'm cumming, I'm cumming daddy, fuck me, fuck me. Ahhhh yessss yesss, ahhhhhhhhhh. She moaned

At that moment, I blew my third load of cum into my daughter's pussy, pumping hot white cream deep into her cunt.
I remember right before we came I had reached forward, holding both of Claire's tits and then collapsing with her into a heap on the floor, my dick still twitching and spewing cum even as I passed out.

I don't know how long I was out. It couldn't have been very long, but when I opened my eyes all three men had a cock in each of my daughter's holes. Moaning with intense pleasure, Claire encouraging all three to give her their cum.

“uh huh, mmm, fuck yesss. Fuck me. Fuck me harder!!” She said licking Eric's cock. And then as if on cue, all three men shifted to another fuck hole. Eric moved from her mouth to her pussy. Richie went from her pussy to her ass. And Doug went from her ass to her mouth.
“I bet you love this don't you Claire?” Doug said to her. “Being fucked non stop.”
“Oh yesss, I love it. I love being fucked like a slut. I love feeling your cocks in me. She said between grunts and moans.

The three men switched again after a few minutes. They had no problem inserting their dicks into Claire, she was so streched and lubed from all the fucking and cum.
“Fuck I'm going to cum!” Eric moaned
“yesss, oh godd yesss!” So am I Richie said as he fucked Claire's cunt
“ahhhh fucckk, take it slut!” Doug said, blasting another load into claire's mouth. “That's it, swallow it all baby. Make your daddy proud.”

Claire started to convulse, her body shaking as another wave of pleasure went through her body.
“Oh god yesss yess ohhhh my fuckk yess ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” she babbled
Each man dismounted from her leaving her spasming on the floor as cum flowed out of each of her orifaces.

“Holy fuck!” Bob said, catching his breath.
“Whew! Thats one insatiable cunt!” Richie said still pulling on his dick.
“Damn Jake, We'll be over to play pool every weekend if Claire's going to be here.” Doug said with a grin.

Eric and I helped Claire to her feet. She could barely stand let alone walk. We got her to the couch where she quickly fell asl**p still covered in cum from head to toe.

The guys got dressed and thanked me for an amazing night. Claire slept the rest of the night on the couch under a blanket. I took a shower, went to bed and quickly fell asl**p.

... Continue»
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College student pool party with three mexican men!

I am currently a 19 year old freshman college student attending a major university in Arizona. My f****y lives about 30 minutes from my university so I go home for weekends quite often. I am a rather tall, 5ft 10 natural brunette with a naturally thin and lanky physique. My breast are perky little b-cups with tiny pink nipples not much bigger than a dime. I decided to go home one Friday night on warm spring day to see my parents. I packed my bags and drove home, my parents have a pool and live in a large house far away from even are closest neighbors. I always enjoyed swimming in the pool, at times when my parents were out for the evening I would swim topless, even nude in the pool. I wasn’t sure if my parents would be out long enough for me to sneak in a quick nude swim. I arrived home later in the evening and to my surprise discovered my parents had gone without notice to Phoenix. I stripped off my clothes and walked to the shower lathering up with soap. Since my parents were out and I had the house to myself I decided to just stay nude for the rest of the night, watching TV, painting my toenails and making a salad. I was so relaxed I fell asl**p naked on the couch in the living room. I awoke around 10:30 a.m. when I heard a truck pulling into the driveway. I looked out the large window overlooking the long winding driveway to the house, I had totally forgotten that my parents employed 3 Latino gardeners and Saturdays were their workday for are property. They knocked at the door, I of course the night before reposted the note my parents had left me on the front door which read they would be gone until Sunday night. The gardeners read the note and realizing there was no one home decided to go for a swim. They ran to the fence and jumped it, tearing off their clothing until they were naked. The tree men were all of Mexican decent, about forty years old, and built in the typical stocky fashion of a 5ft 6in pudgy man. I observed this from the second story window that overlooked the pool. Without even realizing it I was beginning to get wet, and started to toy with my lips rubbing up and down ever so slowly. I started to fantasize about joining them, just walking outside and jumping in the pool with them. My heart began racing at that thought, that a group of men twice my age could see my tight, young 19 year old body. I let out several gasp as I came, experiencing one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. However after all of that I still couldn’t get the thought out of my head of me joining them, and allowing them to see all of me. I decided to do, I started walking down the hallway to the stairs to the kitchen of my house as the sound of my racing heartbeat drowned out the sound of my bare feet on the tile floor. I arrived at the sliding glass door, and slid it open, walking the twenty feet or so to the pool the men didn’t even notice me until I was standing right by the pool. One by one the men looked up at me, their moths dropped open. Immediately they started almost in unison apologizing for swimming and begging me not to tell on them and for seeing me naked. I assured them their secret was safe with me as I stood at the edge of the pool dipping my big toe into the water and making little circles with it. The men attempted to look away from me but I could tell they were enjoy the view of my recently waxed mound and perky little breast. I asked them if I could join them, they all said yes and I slipped slowly into the water by sitting on the side of the pool and slowly easing my way in to the water. We decided to play volleyball 2 v 2 in the deeper end of the pool, I was paired with Juan, a forty two year old recent immigrant from Mexico, Juan was shorter , about 5’6” with a little bit of a belly. We began to play and after a while the ball was hit out of the pool by Christian, Juan without even thinking jumped out of the pool to retrieve it, I immediately noticed he was getting hard. Juan’s penis was on the smaller side, about 5 inches erect. The other gardeners began giving him a difficult time about his state of arousal. Juan yelled back in Spanish before grabbing his erect penis and began to stroke it in front of all of us as if we were have a normal conversation. I felt mildly aroused by his bravery but being raised to masturbate in private I decided to jump out of the pool and lie down in one of the chairs. Christian called to me mocking Juan asking me to “suck him off”. Juan was now cuming in front of all of us, I watched as the head of his penis became even bigger and white liquid began to spill out on to the ground around him. After he finished cuming he called to me to asking “ Do you have a towel or something to clean up with?”. I tossed him my towel and he wiped the head of his shrinking cock and cleaned off his left hand. His penis now fully flaccid he lay down in the grass a few feet from me. Soon Christian and the other man named Eddy, jumped out of the pool and passed by me. I was lying in the chair with my legs spread open allowing air to reach my private parts. As Christian walked by I noticed he had an erection, he commented “you have a very nice body, I have never seen a woman with no pubic hair”. Christian was built like Juan but with a cute little erection and more facial hair, his penis was thick though. He grabbed his penis and began rubbing it, his next question nearly knocked me out of the chair, he said “Would you be offended if I masturbated to your body”. I couldn’t speak, but simply nodded yes, he moved in closer to my body and began to stroke it with just to finger ****d around his little cock. He then asked “ you haven’t taken your eyes off of my cock since I started, do you want to feel it?”. I reached out and felt the soft skin of his cock head with my pointer finger, making little circles over the head and feeling the pre-cum between my fingers. He asked me to taste it and I did, it was colder than I expected and tasted fairly bland. H e than asked me if I had ever tasted cum, I shook my head no curious what he may propose next. He then proposed I give him a blow job. I agreed and moved my mouth to just in front of his head, he then moved the tip of his penis over my outstretched tongue, wiping his pre cum all over my taste buds. By now Juan and Eddy were standing right by my chair both as hard as a rock. Eddy began to touch my breast with one hand while stroking his 5 inch cock with the other. Juan began touching my vagina rubbing my clit and sliding into my vaginal cannel. I spread my legs and without thinking gave him the go ahead to penetrate me. I felt his cock head sliding into me, spreading me open to accommodate him. I soon realized that not only was I having sex with someone besides my boyfriend but I was having interracial sex for the first time. Trying to fit three men onto a lawn chair is difficult so I suggested we go to my room. Part 2 to come!... Continue»
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College student pool party with three mexican men!

I am currently a 19 year old freshman college student attending a major university in Arizona. My f****y lives about 30 minutes from my university so I go home for weekends quite often. I am a rather tall, 5ft 10 natural brunette with a naturally thin and lanky physique. My breast are perky little b-cups with tiny pink nipples not much bigger than a dime. I decided to go home one Friday night on warm spring day to see my parents. I packed my bags and drove home, my parents have a pool and live in a large house far away from even are closest neighbors. I always enjoyed swimming in the pool, at times when my parents were out for the evening I would swim topless, even nude in the pool. I wasn’t sure if my parents would be out long enough for me to sneak in a quick nude swim. I arrived home later in the evening and to my surprise discovered my parents had gone without notice to Phoenix. I stripped off my clothes and walked to the shower lathering up with soap. Since my parents were out and I had the house to myself I decided to just stay nude for the rest of the night, watching TV, painting my toenails and making a salad. I was so relaxed I fell asl**p naked on the couch in the living room. I awoke around 10:30 a.m. when I heard a truck pulling into the driveway. I looked out the large window overlooking the long winding driveway to the house, I had totally forgotten that my parents employed 3 Latino gardeners and Saturdays were their workday for are property. They knocked at the door, I of course the night before reposted the note my parents had left me on the front door which read they would be gone until Sunday night. The gardeners read the note and realizing there was no one home decided to go for a swim. They ran to the fence and jumped it, tearing off their clothing until they were naked. The tree men were all of Mexican decent, about forty years old, and built in the typical stocky fashion of a 5ft 6in pudgy man. I observed this from the second story window that overlooked the pool. Without even realizing it I was beginning to get wet, and started to toy with my lips rubbing up and down ever so slowly. I started to fantasize about joining them, just walking outside and jumping in the pool with them. My heart began racing at that thought, that a group of men twice my age could see my tight, young 19 year old body. I let out several gasp as I came, experiencing one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. However after all of that I still couldn’t get the thought out of my head of me joining them, and allowing them to see all of me. I decided to do, I started walking down the hallway to the stairs to the kitchen of my house as the sound of my racing heartbeat drowned out the sound of my bare feet on the tile floor. I arrived at the sliding glass door, and slid it open, walking the twenty feet or so to the pool the men didn’t even notice me until I was standing right by the pool. One by one the men looked up at me, their moths dropped open. Immediately they started almost in unison apologizing for swimming and begging me not to tell on them and for seeing me naked. I assured them their secret was safe with me as I stood at the edge of the pool dipping my big toe into the water and making little circles with it. The men attempted to look away from me but I could tell they were enjoy the view of my recently waxed mound and perky little breast. I asked them if I could join them, they all said yes and I slipped slowly into the water by sitting on the side of the pool and slowly easing my way in to the water. We decided to play volleyball 2 v 2 in the deeper end of the pool, I was paired with Juan, a forty two year old recent immigrant from Mexico, Juan was shorter , about 5’6” with a little bit of a belly. We began to play and after a while the ball was hit out of the pool by Christian, Juan without even thinking jumped out of the pool to retrieve it, I immediately noticed he was getting hard. Juan’s penis was on the smaller side, about 5 inches erect. The other gardeners began giving him a difficult time about his state of arousal. Juan yelled back in Spanish before grabbing his erect penis and began to stroke it in front of all of us as if we were have a normal conversation. I felt mildly aroused by his bravery but being raised to masturbate in private I decided to jump out of the pool and lie down in one of the chairs. Christian called to me mocking Juan asking me to “suck him off”. Juan was now cuming in front of all of us, I watched as the head of his penis became even bigger and white liquid began to spill out on to the ground around him. After he finished cuming he called to me to asking “ Do you have a towel or something to clean up with?”. I tossed him my towel and he wiped the head of his shrinking cock and cleaned off his left hand. His penis now fully flaccid he lay down in the grass a few feet from me. Soon Christian and the other man named Eddy, jumped out of the pool and passed by me. I was lying in the chair with my legs spread open allowing air to reach my private parts. As Christian walked by I noticed he had an erection, he commented “you have a very nice body, I have never seen a woman with no pubic hair”. Christian was built like Juan but with a cute little erection and more facial hair, his penis was thick though. He grabbed his penis and began rubbing it, his next question nearly knocked me out of the chair, he said “Would you be offended if I masturbated to your body”. I couldn’t speak, but simply nodded yes, he moved in closer to my body and began to stroke it with just to finger ****d around his little cock. He then asked “ you haven’t taken your eyes off of my cock since I started, do you want to feel it?”. I reached out and felt the soft skin of his cock head with my pointer finger, making little circles over the head and feeling the pre-cum between my fingers. He asked me to taste it and I did, it was colder than I expected and tasted fairly bland. H e than asked me if I had ever tasted cum, I shook my head no curious what he may propose next. He then proposed I give him a blow job. I agreed and moved my mouth to just in front of his head, he then moved the tip of his penis over my outstretched tongue, wiping his pre cum all over my taste buds. By now Juan and Eddy were standing right by my chair both as hard as a rock. Eddy began to touch my breast with one hand while stroking his 5 inch cock with the other. Juan began touching my vagina rubbing my clit and sliding into my vaginal cannel. I spread my legs and without thinking gave him the go ahead to penetrate me. I felt his cock head sliding into me, spreading me open to accommodate him. I soon realized that not only was I having sex with someone besides my boyfriend but I was having interracial sex for the first time. Trying to fit three men onto a lawn chair is difficult so I suggested we go to my room. Part 2 to come!... Continue»
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Tammy Sue and the Survey Party part 2

This is a true story from the 70's:

Mike, Chris, Tom and I were talking about the party. We all wondered if it would be anything like the exciting time we had with Tammy Sue, earlier. We all vowed to be there on time and be ready for anything.

Friday night came, I drove into Highland Park and found the address. There were valets out front motioning me to drive up to the front door. I got out and one of the valets took my keys and said, "Go straight through the door, through the den and out the french doors to the back yard. You will receive additional info there." I followed instructions and when I got to the pool area I saw about 12 other guys all in swimsuits. Jr. saw me and came over and said I could change into my suit in the cabana and wait for the others to join us.

There were several other guys in the cabana in various stages of undress and I quickly changed into my suit and went back out to the pool. After a few minutes there were 22 guys out there in their swimsuits. Jr. told us he had a keg and said to help ourselves, the girls would be out in just a few minutes. We all got a beer and sat or stood around waiting for the girls...

When they came out from the house, I knew what kind of party it was going to be, none of the girls had a thread of clothing on. Tammy Sue led the way and I have already described her beautiful body in part 1. The 3 girls with her were all different shapes but beautiful in their own right. Tammy Sue said these were her friends and introduced them in order. First was Suzanne, a tall girl about 5'11' and probably weighed about 140 lbs. She had long tan legs and d cup boobs, with blonde hair and a pretty face. Next was Renee, an blond, athletic looking girl with muscular legs and arms, a narrow waist, shapely hips and ass, and small a cup tits. However, Renee was tan all over except 2 small triangles over each nipple, a small triangle over her shave pussy and a triangle at the top of her butt cheeks that were completely white. I thought that was extremely sexy. Last but not least was Melissa, about 5'4" tall with red hair and c cup boob and shapely legs and she was fair skinned and lightly freckled. After each girl was introduced we applauded.

Tammy Sue said that we were going to have a lot of fun that night if everyone cooperated. The girls had been talking and planning something like this for a long time. She said, "I guarantee you guys were handpicked by each of us and will enjoy yourselves immensely with cooperation on your part. We want to do things in order but just so you know at some time tonight each of these girls and I want have sex with 5 of you at the same time." We all whistled and applauded. Tammy Sue signaled us to quieten down and went on to say'"Each of us girls recently have decided that the thing that turns us on the most is seeing male cum flying in our direction or at one another.(more applause and whistles)So we want to cause that cum to fly and see if we can have a contest to see how good we can be at making it fly. So we purpose a contest we are going to take you one at a time at first and work on you to make you cum. We are going to offer prizes to whoever shoots the farthest, most volume and best aim. You will enjoy the prizes I promise."

She went on, "Because it is his house and he is such a good boyfriend to me we are going to work on Jr. first. The rest of you can watch and get yourselves ready to go and Melissa is going to pass among you with a hat, with numbers from 2 to 22 for the rest of the order of performance. We have talked about how best to facilitate ya'll but if you have a specific like for shooting enhancement you may ask. We don't think under our working on you that it will take you to long to cum. Then we can move on to other things. Jr. front and center!" Jr. jumped up and went over to her. Melissa began walking to each of us, instructing each of us to draw a number and then she reached out and gave each of us as we were drawing a squeeze on the crotch and then a caress upwards making oohing sounds with everyone that was already sporting a hard on, and believe me that was most of us from the sound of the oohs. Then she walked back to Jr. and the girls.

Tammy Sue folded a towel and set it on the ground and instructed Jr. to kneel on it. Renee laid a towel down in front of him and Tammy Sue laid one down in back. Melissa and Suzanne each folded a towel and knelt next to Jr. Renee laid down on her towel and Tammy Sue hers. I immediately saw why they did not think it would take us long to cum for them, Renee reached for his cock and pulled it out of his trunks and started sucking on it. Tammy Sue slid her head between his legs from the back and started licking his balls. While Melissa and Suzanne each started licking his nipples and squeezing his butt cheeks. I have already described Jr.'s 10" cock in part 1, but needless to say it was fully hard in a hurry. Renee was amazing at how far she could take his cock in her mouth and soon his precum was spilling out the sides of her mouth mixed with her saliva. I looked away for just a moment and saw several guys already stroking themselves, I didn't dare stroke my 8" hard on because I was number 19 and would never make it that long playing with myself while watching this scene. Jr. was really groaning now his nipples were being sucked, balls licked and cock sucked all at the same time. I don't know how he lasted this long but he finally croaked, " I am about to cum!" Immediately the Renee stopped sucking and started jerking his dick over her face with her hands, Melissa and Suzanne stopped licking to watch but kept licking at his nipples with their wet fingers so they could watch and Tammy Sue hopped up and said, "Shoot your wad for us!" Jr. obliged by starting to shoot long ropes that traveled over Renee's face, tits and belly and landed on and between her legs, three long ropes like that and then another that landed between her tits and then one that hit her neck and chin. Tammy Sue then took out a tape measure and recorded the distance and asked the girls to notice how much and estimate she then marked it all down and said, "Thank you, Jr.! Number 2! One of the guys that had been stroking himself earlier with blond hair and a 7" prick knelt down and the girls went back to work. 7" is not small and this prick was wide but Renee sucked it all the way in. This guy started groaning right away. It was amazing watching Renee suck, like watching a porn movie, except she was a real woman less than 10 feet away. She sucked and sucked some more as the other girls worked on nipples and balls. Then #2 said, " I am going
to cum" The girls began the hand job and fingering his nipples and watching. He came quickly and shot onto Renee's belly and tits dripped on her face. Tammy Sue recorded the info and called for #3, a short brown haired guy with about 7" of cock and he took his place. Renee and the girls had only been working on him for about 45 seconds when he groaned pulled his cock out of her mouth and started shooting on her tits and neck and chin. All #3 could say was, "Wow!" Tammy Sue made a notation and called for the next guy. The results were recorded for each and Chris, Tom and Mike all lasted longer than #3, but no one could bear more than 3 minutes of 4 girl action without blowing his load. #16 was a surprise, when he stood up he had at least a 12' inch cock as thick as a coke can. Renee smiled and said, "yes" and began sucking. Tammy Sue was taking his tennis ball size nuts into her mouth one at a time. Melissa and Suzanne began stroking the back of his cock that Renee could not get into her mouth at that angle. #16 made it longer than the rest, but after about 4 minutes he said, "I am going to cum!"
Renee started stroking with both hands and Melissa and Suzanne kept stroking and he suddenly arched his back and shot a thick long rope of cum all the way over Renee onto the pool deck, followed by another the same length,then hit her feet, then her legs, her belly and then her tits. Two of the guys waiting came watching that scene and said, "Damn it". Tammy Sue said not to worry made her notes and said #17. One of the guys who just came raised his hand sheepishly. Tammy Sue just went on, "#18" A red headed guy stood up with what looked to be a 9-10" cock and assumed the position. He only lasted a minute or two during the 4 girl assault on his body and hollered, "I'm cumming!" He shot down to her toes and then her legs and chest. Tammy Sue noted and then called #19. I stood up walked over and knelt down. Renee had cum all over her and along with those little white triangles on that tan body, I could not have been more turned on. Melissa and Suzanne started licking my nipples, and Tammy Sue started licking and sucking on my balls. I don't think I had ever felt so hard, my cock was aching and then Renee started to suck, I shoved my cock all the way in her sucking mouth, then amazingly I felt her tongue caressing the veins on my cock. Wow, never before had I experienced anything like this! I lost track of time, the tongues on my nipples, balls and cock, were driving me wild. I was going to blow, I remembered the contest and managed to croak out, "I'm cumming!" and felt Renee jerking my wet cock and then I shot, shot after shot, I knew I had never cum that much before. I looked at Renee and saw thick new ropes by her feet, on her legs, and on her chest. I was still hard and dripping on her chin and neck. I mumbled, " Thanks!" and got up. I barely watched numbers 20,21, and 22.

Tammy Sue thanked each of us and then suggested we get another beer and get ready to watch a little show. She said the results would be tabulated and the winners announced at the end of the evening. We all got a beer and sat back down . I noticed that while Melissa, Suzanne and Tammy Sue were standing Renee was still lying on her towel. When we all were seated Tammy Sue she wanted to help us get back into the mood, so see if this helps. Tammy Sue, Melissa and Suzanne all knelt around Renee and began licking our cum off of her body. Off her feet, legs, pussy, belly, small tits, neck and face. The 3 girls licked every inch of Renee's body which now glistened with saliva instead of semen. I was starting to get hard again already...but that is another chapter.... Continue»
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Pool Party

I was at a pool party at a friends house. I was 25 at the time.I was standing near the house away from the pool so I wouldn't get splashed by the k**s in the pool.I was wearing a tie dyed half t-shirt tight sleeveless top exposing my belly,incredibly flat at that time,a pair of short shorts and a pair of Roman sandals,the ones that had straps up my calf to my knee.Very sexy even today.My hair was straight and long,to my shoulder blades.A real hippie.My girlfriend,whose house it was ,was talking to me when this couple walked up and they all hugged and kissed.It was her s****r and b*****r-in-law,whom I didn't know. She introduced me to them and the b*****r-in-law looked at me and said "hi sexy how are you".Right in front of his wife.She walked off in a huff.He looked at me like he was going to fuck me right there.My friend pulled me away from him.but he followed.She told him she needed to talk to me and would he excuse us.She told me her s****r married a womanizer.She told me they were on the verge of a divorce.He was constantly looking at me.At one point he followed me into the house and cornered me in the kitchen.He was telling me how pretty and sexy I was.I was trying to be nice but he was making it hard.I had to practically push him out of my way.He was near me all day.As I was leaving he asked if i needed a ride home.Mistakenly I said no I only live a block down the street.The next day was Sunday.About 12 noon I had a knock at my door.I lived in a cheap apartment so there was no peep hole I had to open the door and there he was ,the b*****r -in-law. He walked right past me and was in before I could react.I asked him how he knew were i lived and he told me I told him.I didn't.I think he followed me the day before.Once he was in he started his sweet talk.I decided to humor him and be nice.Of course I was dressed as usual in practically nothing.Honestly ,the guy was hot.Long blond hair,piercing blue eyes, great build.He was actually gaining my interest.The next thing I know we are kissing and he is really good.His hand was on my tit and my nipple was hard so that really got him going.He pulled my tight half t-shirt up over my tits and was sucking my nipple in an instant.Well that was it he had me.I reached down and slid my hand up his leg of his tight cut off jeans to the big lump in his shorts.He pushed his lump up to my hand and said,"would you like to see it,it's pretty big".I figured it was time to take control.I sat forward and undid his shirts,no underwear.It was right there as soon as the zipper was down.He was right,big..I went right down on him and he groaned loudly."Oh yeah baby you know what daddy likes"he said.I sucked him hard to try and shout him up.He threw his head back against the couch groaning and moaning,he was going to cum I could feel it."Oh my god ,you little whore" he said as he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all.He was shocked "you swallowed it?" he said.I said nothing and opened my mouth to show him.His jaw was on the floor.I said"are you going to be able to fuck me now after that".Another mistake.He got up ,his cock hanging out of his shorts and pushed me down on the couch.He yanked my shorts off violently and fell on top of me pushing my legs apart with his knee.His cock went right in my hairy cunt and started pumping it in and out in a frenzy.I wrapped my legs around his muscular body and pumped with him.We fucked for a long time,his big cock felt so good and he knew how to use it.I think I climaxed twice,little ones.Then his cock felt like it grew two times its size.and he yelled out AAAAAAAAGH as he filled my cunt with his cum.My body responded immediately and I started convulsing in waves of ecstasy.I was screaming EEEEEEEEEEEE OH MY GOD YES.He drained his cock in my cunt and I continued to climax ,my body thrusting up to push his cock even deeper in my cunt if possible.I clung to him my body quivering in pleasure.He got up and went to the bathroom.I just laid there in a daze his cum dripping out of my cunt.When he came back he was dressed.He leaned down and kissed me.He said"I have to go before the old lady gets suspicious".That made me feel like a real whore.The problem came later when he said he was in love with me and wanted to move in with me so he could leave his wife.It took me weeks to get rid of him. ... Continue»
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