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The Plucking of an exotic island blossom

The Plucking of an exotic island blossom

... generation Englishman, who had recently arrived on Pitcairn Island to take up the threads of the life ... island, and married many of the local girls and merged with the native island dwellers. Grandpa ... until his death about a year before Trevor came to the island.

Trevor spent his working days... Continue»
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My first time dressed as a girl (A True Story) The

... for the plucking and didn’t recognize me. I was going to get a beer but Mikki insisted I have a Long Island Ice ... exotic appearance. She even used some on my cleavage ,after putting pads in the corset , making it look ... in?”
Now he looked even more confused for a moment until I saw realization blossom in his eyes, grinning... Continue»
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Rachel's Reward

... have stood out a little.”

“Yes…” Rachel smiled. “Miss Frutchey was quite the exotic staff-member ... Pacific-island eyes. “Hapa haole,” she’d once explained. “My mom’s Caucasian as all get, and my daddy’s ... an Islander. “As for how I got here,” she would respond affably to the students’ queries... Continue»
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Beginnings: My First time as a crossdresser (PT 1)

... remarked upon. The blush really made my cheekbones stand out, giving my face a more feminine exotic ... to the bar. I couldn’t believe he looked me over like I was a piece of ass ripe for the plucking and didn’t ... recognize me. I was going to get a beer but Mikki insisted I have a Long Island Ice Tea. “You need... Continue»
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... her jump. A second set
of red bars blossomed into being as the impact rocked
Angela forward ... of
agony, her panting breath loud and quick. Her hips writhed
like an exotic dancer, weaving ... with a
mixture of reluctance and anticipation. I stood in the
darkness surrounding the island of light... Continue»
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A real woman - called Rachel

... was quite the exotic staff-member. We’d always ask her why she’d left the sunshine.”

It had seemed ... -blonde with mesmerising Pacific-island eyes. “Hapa haole,” she’d once explained. “My mom’s Caucasian ... as all get, and my daddy’s an Islander. “As for how I got here,” she would respond affably... Continue»
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The Underpants Ms ANTONELLA 48yo

... a painter construction worker per hour at the time was working with a friend of mine named Luigi ... morning in the middle of the month of July we went to a modest but nice chalet full peripheral ... center of the city, came to the area to 7:00 we knocked on the intercom to enter the house with their... Continue»
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It was paradise.

A million stars burned across the night sky. The swollen moon ... on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. My daughter was staying with my husband. I missed both of them ... was not one of our original group. Allison had befriended her on the island a few days earlier... Continue»
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Knull gubbe 2

... .

– TACK! Sa alla i en mun och trippade fram. Snart satt de alla och nynnade med i ”House Of The ... pipan och drog några lugnande bloss. Där nedanför fortsatte stojet och glammet utan att någon av ... för henne fastän han körde hårdare. Reaktionen lät inte vänta på sig, hon slängde av och an med... Continue»
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Jumping the Fence - Chapters 1 to 2

... imagined such things existed. Rows of sex toys, Videos in wrappers, exotic lingerie, creams / lotions you ... . The boring daily routine of the housewife suddenly held no end of exotic opportunities which I ... then he plucked up courage and asked if he could lick it.
“Oh! Please do Graham, as hard and much... Continue»
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Anita in a pool party

... stretched her almost to the point of treating her pussy...

After she felt I was done an adequate ... make an announcement. She got the guys attention. She said that she knew most of the guys were spent ... it.
The top part was a typical triangle style and the bottom covered only half of her ass cheeks... Continue»
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Shy Gujarati Aunty Turned Hot

... this is an experience of me Raj, with my sexy friend Pooja aunty a sexy Guajarati lady with big ... boobs and butts. I live in Ahmedabad in India. This is the first experience of mine at age of 25. This ... story starts with the place where I was just searching rooms of yahoo to find out anyone to do hot... Continue»
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Loren Leading The MILF Astray

... thinking bad thoughts about as I walked down the school hall in my short skirts or stretch pants. One of ... lifted the front of my skirt and snapped a picture of my panties. I lifted my left foot and placed it ... between her thighs on the edge of her seat "pull my panties aside and I will take a picture of my... Continue»
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... you see in the high street, and a big fat lady with a microphone, calling out the number of the girl ... and hairy, he had a huge clump of pubes.
The girls very very pretty, very slim, like boys, small ... relaxed about it.
'Drinks he called', and one of the girls went onto a phone and called down for... Continue»
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Auf hoher See

... erreicht haben, ‚wie bringt die bloß noch ihren Mund drumrum?’ war ein Gedanke ... Überfahrt von Port of Spain, dem Hauptanleger von Trinidad nach Tobago dauerte knapp 90 Minuten ... ok with the ladys, Anke feels a little bit sick, she isn’t realy a bootsman“ antwortete ich. “Last... Continue»
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Watching my wife fuck a stranger.

... have at the gym club. He’s an older black a little on the fat side and I’d guess well north of 50 ... the whisper of dirty words. Penis becomes cock, vagina turns into cunt….the words light the fuse ... settles into watching Carol fuck another man.
Long ago it was about her ex-husband and the size of... Continue»
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... afternoon is better time. He agreed and at decided time we reached the mall and buy a diamond ring of ... for the celebration. And said to her hubby don’t drink, he said it’s the time of celebration time and ... myself for few second and again apply more trust and most of the my cock inserted in her pussy due to... Continue»
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Geil im Fotostudio (gefunden im Netzt)

... , doch ich war zu schwach.

"Willst du etwas trinken? Ich würde einen Long Island Icetea nehmen!"

"Caipi ... war etwas verschämt. "Yeah u know mister white women re loving having sex with the black man. Im sure u white men can ... fucking the white woman she deserves to be fucked but the black man can give her some bonuses. U... Continue»
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Earthquake acetic Ramy intercourse with his mother

... include our own and start lists instructions and steps to be taken in the event of an earthquake and that ... for an earthquake even Gbanna drowsiness and went all of us to sl**p in his room the next day I ...

Rami in the fourth year at the university studying in the Faculty of Medicine I am 22... Continue»
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Doctor, Doctor!

... my way to the bathroom, then to the kitchen
and started our coffee. I was sitting at the island ... and Dad tonight."

Cam was at the kitchen island talking with his folks, both of them were ... blossoms and underneath a starlit sky. The revue in the Sunday
paper said they were redefining... Continue»
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