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The Photographer Always Looks Twice

The Photographer Always Looks Twice

... oozed an atmosphere of sultry pleasure. It was late in the afternoon, the mellow three some were taking their ease. Relaxing, chilling ... . Graham took pictures of Rita’s face as the passion of the situation grabbed her very soul. God she was enjoying ... ... Continue»
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Brenda and the Photographer


Nate asked Brent to be the photographer for his upcoming wedding. Money ... better."

"Thanks, you've always been very thoughtful."

Brent grinned back ... "Looks perfect."

"It goes without saying that those photos don't see the light ... ... Continue»
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The Photographer

... That's Ms. Lott to you."

The photographer looked down at the beautiful singer on the bed. Pixie's wide eyes were ... and teary mascara, she returned to where the photographer was waiting.

The photographer looked Pixie up and down and grinned lasciviously ... ... Continue»
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Exposing All to the Photographer

... then you can give me a show!"

"What do you mean? I'm the photographer." I said.

"Oh, don't be a spoilsport." she replied.

" ... are hare-brained. I've always intended going round to the other side of the camera once my modeling career ... ... Continue»
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The photographer at the weeding (true Story)

... what was around that a natural emergency
earlier, I had noticed the weeding photographer, she was a very hot lady, in his middle 50's, ... up.
As I was leaving the loo, opened the door and just trying to come in was the photographer, who smiled again at me ... ... Continue»
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the photographer !!

... done and you decide to warm yourself up a bit before the photographer turns up!
You rub your fingers over your well trimmed ... horny you get them out but you still dream of the photographer and his rock hard cock and you are already planning ... ... Continue»
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The Star and the Prision Guard Part 2

... afternoon, Warden," you say, as calmly as you can.

The warden always looks somewhat agitated, perpetually looking somewhere between extremely constipated and in ... ... Continue»
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The Postman Rang Twice

... all brought on by a scene in the 1980's remake of "The Postman Always Rings Twice" movie. Jillian got a video ... the middle of the center seat of the old Suburban while the guys relaxed in the front bucket seats as "The Postman Always Rings Twice" lit up the ... ... Continue»
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The Postman Always Rings Twice

... all my body hair. On Saturday the parcel finally arrived. The doorbell rang and the mailmen asked just: “Muller?” I nodded ... skinny legs. Then I donned the black thong and the bra. Afterward I watched myself in the mirror. The lingerie fitted me very well. ... ... Continue»
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Photographer's Assistant

... But I was happy enough. Mom always said that I was a late- ... everyone happy, I went to meet the photographer.
Harry Stablemeyer was his name and ... first
year was only twice, but otherwise let me ... the pictures.

"Suck in the sides of your checks, so it looks ... ... Continue»
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My mom the model

... this is something that I've always wanted to do."

She released ... ," Suzy gushed, "but it looks like we still won't be ... I'm not your son today; I'm the photographer's assistant. And my professional opinion ... for it. Twice he caught the moment perfectly and ... ... Continue»
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Meeting the Maddisons 2

... she did once or twice. And then I had ... at the photographer was inviting.

Mr Maddison was climbing the stairs ... I think it's fantastic. She looks absolutely unbelievable, just amazingly beautiful." ... along the little ridge that I'd always thought was the spot ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... it... the more looks... the more whistles... the ruder comments about my body I got... the sexier I walked. By the time we reached the door ... asked, excitement sparkling in his eyes.
My son was always a photographer. I felt a slight reluctance, I was so bare ... ... Continue»
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the photo shoot

... ... the more looks... the more whistles... the ruder comments about my body I got... the sexier I walked. By the time we reached the door ... asked, excitement sparkling in his eyes.
My son was always a photographer. I felt a slight reluctance, I was so bare ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt17

... what are we doing today? This set looks kinda weird," Natasha said.

& ... once, twice, and a third time. Natasha lost her sword the third time ... the photographer left. The photographer was actually an employee of Mrs. Whitman's not of the magazine the ... ... Continue»
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Sonja at the nympho-night

... She didn't have to tell me twice and emmediately started to suck on Sonja ... titty.

I kept on sucking after the photographer took the picture and because he didn't know ... show by moaning and giving the camera sexy looks, shich gave the courage to slide my ... ... Continue»
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The Scrabble Wager

... Next to the clock was a picture of Linda taken a few years ago by a photographer friend. An ... wife. William was right. She was, as always, delicious.
"I believe you're getting rave ... him cum with only your mouths. The way he looks, it doesn't appear it will ... ... Continue»
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The Full Photo Shoot - Gallagher & White Chapt

... eye on me’ like he always does…”

“He ... the looks and body of a supermodel, the intelligence of a politician and the mouth of a marine. If half the ... while Eve takes a breather?” The photographer did as bidden, and moments later ... ... Continue»
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... the stairs and walked towards the 'photographer'. Andy could see the damage that had been done by the fall. The fingers on the man ... camera again without remembering what happened tonight and think twice about doing it again," Andy thought as he walked ... ... Continue»
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... clear pool of water. Chris always assumed it must be the photographer's idea of an oasis. ... returns smiling.

Miss Rashad looks at Chris as if for the first time. He's tall ... imaginary teacher. Her eyes seem twice their already tremendous size as she ... ... Continue»
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