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The Phone

The Phone

... was closing everything down in the restaurant when he saw the phone in the lost and found box behind the bar. He’d always been a bit ... couldn’t help but pick up the phone. He told himself it was to help find the owner of the phone, but really it was just ... ... Continue»
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... couldn't do it in the kitchen where the computer was so I took the phone and moved it upstairs ... if you will); Karen. After the night on the phone, none of us could wait ... mom decided to narrate like we did on the phone just a few days ago.

"I'm unhooking ... ... Continue»
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Rachel and Stephanie (part 6 - The Phone Call)

... fucking.

“Great, I’ll just hold again.” I put the phone down on the table again and was now able to grasp Stephanie ... . Speak to you then.”

“OK bye.” Before I hang the phone up I passed the mouth piece slowly across Stephanie’s bottom so that it ... ... Continue»
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The Phone Call

... sound calm.

"Ooooh God..." a drawn out female voice moaned into the phone.

I smiled to myself, "Hello? Who is this?" After all ... , No!" She said a bit desperately, keeping me on the phone, "No, I like the way you talk. It really... gets to me."

"Who ... ... Continue»
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The Phone Call

... .

"Could you put your Mother on the phone for a sec please." I handed Mom the phone and then started moving my cock in ... ...I heard it...Sorry, dropped the phone, love you too." Hearing her use the excuse that she 'dropped the phone' did it for me and ... ... Continue»
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Brief sex 009 A slave to the phone

... far away unfortunately.

Sometimes it happened that make love on the phone. Oh I know it's been a lot of people smile. Yes make ... shorter as rode his excitement. Although she held the phone near his ear, I heard the sound of her fingers into her wet sex ... ... Continue»
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The Phone Call

... juicy. He heard her softly moan into the
phone. He requested that she tell him exactly ... pussy, and she heard him on the other
end of the phone now. He was also breathing ... meet her own thrusts. She squealed into the phone that she
was coming. He told her ... ... Continue»
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Katie the phone sex girl

... whispered in my ear. “These are the rules. When I’m on the phone, you are not to make a ... so be a good boy.” Just then, the phone rang, and Katie picked it up, her ... tired of pretending to have great sex on the phone. Do you think we could help each ... ... Continue»
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The Phone call

... you. Hold on a second she said let me put the hands free in the phone so I can use both my hands. I began to ... and thanks for the fantastic phone call, gotta do it again soon, see ya……
The phone went dead just the sound of the phone buzzing. ... Continue»
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The Phone Call - True Story

... then get some sl**p that was the plan. Then the phone rang.

I jumped, startled at the sound, terrible thoughts running through my head as ... they do late at night when the phone rings before I realised anyone ringing me would have rung ... ... Continue»
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Cheating On The Phone

... who just can't leave their cell phone off, and as luck would have it, ... sighed and waited for her to get off the phone, but I was feeling kind of playful so ... she said she had to go, shut off the phone, and, humping my mouth wildly, shrieked "I&# ... ... Continue»
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the phone call

Meet me in twenty minutes,down by the canal at the back of the church,
she gasped own the the phone i need tosee you she said in ... ... Continue»
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... and walk to the phone. Seeing this Salim dragged
her on the floor itself to the phone and gave her the receiver. He
satisfied was trying to free the zipper as the cell phone rang.
Kalpesh reluctantly answered the phone as his other hand continued ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... lips opening my mouth and watching myself in the mirror when ... the phone rang!
I jumped startled and quickly lowered my ... again.
"Damn it!" I said aloud frustrated at the sudden interruption.
The phone rang again, it would not stop. I quickly walked ... ... Continue»
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LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones. CHAPTER 2

... thirty!”
Stacy sighed and glanced down at the phone…continued to click through the myriad of obscene images of herself contained within ... crotch area.
Shaking it off, she glanced back to the phone and realized it was done deleting.
“Alright, man…porn ... ... Continue»
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Cell Phone Slave Pt 5

... stalls and Amaya ducked into one as she pulled the phone out. She turned the phone on and started apologizing before she realized there ... felt curiously knowing. Is it possible that he knew about the phone? The only way that could be possible is if Chris was ... ... Continue»
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Phone sex

... basically amounts to Masturbation while talking to someone on the phone. Of course there is a small risk of having your feelings ... be an option for people wanting to get the flavor of phone sex without the risk of being turned down. It’s also one ... ... Continue»
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Against Her Will, I Gain The Perfect Wife

... that they could
clearly see her panties. I spoke into the phone, nodded
my agreement and told Rhonda she was to raise ... sign with his fingers as he served the

When the waiter left I spoke into the phone saying that
I was sure Rhonda would ... ... Continue»
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The Blackmail Saga

... must have anticipated it, because he just calmly picked up the phone and started to dial a number.

"What are you ... the a cell phone ringing in the living room; it was the one that Ted had left me. I staggered out to the other room and grabbed the phone ... ... Continue»
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The Right Side of 40: A Midlife Reawakening

... impromptu sex with Karen right after she got off the phone with Chloe the other night. Distractions! She’s pretty, I thought. ... with me on the phone. Hi, I whispered back, instinctively hiding the cordless phone secretively and tightly in the fold of my ... ... Continue»
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