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The Next Stop Pt.2

Cumslave at the rest stop pt.1

... stop for blowjobs when she did this.

A little further down the freeway she put up the next sign. It read
'THIS WAY TO THE ... but the next car did stop. Cumbag turned to face
the five teenagers in the car and sucked her cunt-juiced fingers.

The ... ... Continue»
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Cumslave at the rest stop pt.2

... as he stepped back to allow the
next man up. The next man took Big Daddy's idea to the next step. He chuckled as
he ... and slowly dragged the pliers over her

"NOOO!... Don't stop... Hurt my fat slut-tits... Please don't stop
lover... Hurt ... ... Continue»
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The Journey Pt. 01

... had built.

Chapter 2

For the next several days, the only thing on Janice's mind was the proposition that Tim had made ... clothing. Tim took the ones he liked most and purchased them while Janice dressed again.

The next stop was the exercise section ... ... Continue»
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Busty Bride Ch 3 – The Hen Party Pt 2

... spent the whole of the next day in bed. After the previous night's incidents, I stumbled my way home, d***k, tired and sore ... up at me. I blushed – I actually blushed. I was telling myself to stop it and be cool but I was melting here.

Mike leant ... ... Continue»
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The hot maid pt.2- The best night of my life

... and feeling exhausted we fell on top of each other. 
The next day I woke up with Neelam wrapped in my arms we ... But I did not stop fucking her then I carried her to the bed and placed her to be fucked in the doggy style. I ... ... Continue»
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The woman next door Pt.2

... not sure if she ment me until she said the next thing. "Bill I know your dick is big but ... to have her too. I walked in the room and to the bed. I stood next to it and looked down ... still felt good and I didn't want her to stop. She sucked as much of my dick ... ... Continue»
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Making of The Monster - Vampire Pt 2

... in all the pain. As more time passed I started to feel a lot of pleasure, but I keep begging for him to stop and ... the house.

The next evening I looked around seeing no one around I grabbed my bags and lit a fire in the house to burn the evidence of the ... ... Continue»
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Busty Bride Ch 3 – The Hen Party Pt 1

... be shrinking under the pressure. The girl had grabbed it and was now wanking it furiously, much to the guy's discomfort. The next couple ( ... previously she was sobbing and pleading for him to stop.

"I'm gonna flood that pussy some more" he grunted in ... ... Continue»
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Bitch in the Dog House (Pt 2, More Rauncher)

... would be in for the next day and maybe the day after. The next i don't know who it was, but i heard him say, "come on over and see the ... He said that for the next thing I know I felt the Man's piss ... ... Continue»
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... pushed his way to the exit and alighted at the next stop.
Asha was wet with desire and at the same time humiliated ... woke up the next morning, both the women felt very sheepish.
However Anjali broke the awkwardness by declaring that she loved the
taste ... ... Continue»
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Against Her Will, I Gain The Perfect Wife

... The next stopthe metro.

We caught the blue line that would give us about a 45-
minute ride to the other part of the city. We boarded
the ... ... Continue»
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... and pussy but not my ass, those are the rules ok”.

Part 3

The next morning around seven o'clock sweet little Zo?trolled ... out a yelp. “Ouch oh fuck stop it hurts, stop. Please stop Zo? don't like it; mommy make her stop please”!
Jo cradled her ... ... Continue»
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Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part11

... doing was pissing him off. At the next stop light Tommy rolled down the front passenger window and told the guy. “Hey man, she has ... The next thing they saw was the guy pulling into the parking lot. They could see he was looking for his clothes by the ... ... Continue»
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... tortured ass. A sheen of sweat glazed her body. But the next stop was hers. Fuck, she thought. It’s not gonna ... illicit.

By the time she reached the car, her pussy tingled and ached.

For the next twenty minutes, it got the treatment it deserved ... ... Continue»
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Ass Sniffing On The Bus

... awhile no one was standing in front of me. Then, the next stop, a guy on a personal scooter got on. This made everyone push ... two stops later! I got off on the next one and cabbed it back to my car. I can't wait until the next time I ride the bus! ... Continue»
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Stranger on the Train

... . I was getting off the next stop. I wanted him to cum before I got off the train. I wanted to make him weak. My stop came and I wanted ... at that point to stop him. He rubbed his head on my pussy. next thing I know I was dizzy from the banging and thumping ... ... Continue»
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the train ride

... The next stop came few minutes later and again no one got off the
train, but few managed to squeeze in. The conductor announced the
next stop ... ... Continue»
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The Next Night, Part 2

... and leaves the room.

I put in the stop, turn on the faucet, and pull some candles out of a drawer, which I arrange around the room and ... it around, and goes back down. My brain turns off.

The next thing I know, we've traded places, she's on her back ... ... Continue»
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The Rest Stop

... waited through all of the exits that just led to the middle of nowhere for the next truck stop along the way, while he could feel his stomach churning. Sherri was nodded off in the passenger seat next to him and the ... ... Continue»
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A trip on the train with mum turns horny.


Just as we was pulling up to the next stop mum took of her cardign. what a site ... got on i sat next to mum with the guys opposite from us.

'whats the purpose of your ... then i looked up and said stop as one of the connecting doors opened and a women ... ... Continue»
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