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The Morgans

... long as we could do it together. The working, the playing, the f****y life, but most especially the sex. You sure couldn’t tell ... shorter skirts. After I had tossed our bags in the trunk I opened the door for you. You slipped in, spreading your legs ... ... Continue»
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The Lesbian's Girlfriend

100% true stories from me as you can tell from my other stories. Well here is goes....

This is a story of sweet revenge. Back in high school there was this one girl i had a super crush on. I tried dating her for like a year and it never worked out. She kept on rejecting me time after time. I finally found out that she was gay and was dating this other lesbian girl at my school. I was pissed because she led me on like she wanted to actually date me sometimes. So I ended up asking around and getting her girlfriend's phone number. I started texting her and after using some reverse psychology and telling her that she couldnt handle my dick, she fell for it and told me to come over one day. I came to her house and went upstairs to her room. She closed the door and told me to drop my pants so she could see my dick and see if it was really as big as i said it was. I dropped my pants and pulled out my dick. Her mouth kind of dropped and she said "yeah it is big". Then next thing i knew she was rubbing my dick. She pulled me into the closet and and pulled her panties down and bent over. I tried to stick it in but we were at a weird angle from stepping on shoes, clothes, etc. I pulled her out the closet and took her shirt off and let her big fall right out. I layed her on the floor and lifted one leg up on my shoulder and I fucked her silly. The condom i had on broke so i pulled out and cummed across her stomach and tits. After that we had a couple of more hook ups at her house. Funny thing is that the girl i was chasing back in high school? She is now currently my fiancee. She still doesnt know that I fucked her lesbian girlfriend back in high school.... Continue»
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a day in the woodshed -hope you enjoy

I was in the wood shed today getting all sweaty and dirty as I had to find something to fill my mind-I imagined how we might be there ..................

It was a saturday afternoon .I knew you were coming over and decided that to keep occupied I would chop some wood and keep busy-already my mind was filled with thoughts of how later we would be and the night ahead was to provide untold and new pleasures as we got to know each others likes and desires-would you be wearing that black negligee or those amazing stocking and suspendors I wondered and hoped.And how long before we got into bed from the moment you arrived-I was alreadt horny and had been all day but resisted the urge to stroke my cock-I wanted you to do that.

It was a hot work and although a cold day I had taken fleece off and was working hard splitting logs -and smiling as the logs split easily and thinking how sweet it was to feel your legs part and offer your tasty sap just like the logs to savour and enjoy

I didnt hear the car pull or see you come to the door and peep through the crack-I was woking hard now and took my tshirt off too ,the sweat was on my back and I felt good inthe cool breeze.Muscles were hard and taut from swinging the big axe I kept for this work.

You looked and made not a sound but slowly without thinking your hand went to the front of your jeans and felt the fire there-you gasped as you didnt realise how hot you were already .You loosened the top of your jeans and eased your hand into the top of your panties,they were the blackones you had shared in your pics earlier-a treat for me later when yuou were tying me to the bed you thought but now your thoughts were on other things

My shoulders lifted and swung the axe at a particularly hard piece of wood and you heard my groan of pleasure as it split into 2 clean halves-your fingers were now seeking out your moistness and source of your fire-you could feel your selfdribbling into your hand as now your whole hand was there with one finger expertly working on your exposed sex with the lips wide open and wanting just like the wood I had split so well.You let out a low groan as you felt the first tremor in your belly and your legs turned to jelly as you strted to stroke yr clitorus with your thumb while keeping one finger sliding in and out like the hard cock you knew would be there later

I looked up and saw you eyes closed holding onto the door post with one hand to take your weight now your legs apart and saw the speed you stroked your self as you liked to be stroked that way

you hadnt seen me looking you were lost in your pleasure .I came over and kissed you hard on the lips forcing our tongues to clash together and slid my hand under your arse and sought out your hot gash -it was too much and your orgasm overtook you - collapsing onto me your jeans now off ,your bra loosened by my busy fingers as we kissed and now you felt mycock straining and hard between us

I took your hand and led you to bed ...................... Continue»
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in the wood shed

I wrote this to a gfriend as we were not able to see each for a while-hope you enjoy-I do have a woodshed and cut logs so there is -anyway....

I was in the wood shed today getting all sweaty and dirty as I had to find something to fill my mind-I imagined how we might be there ..................

It was a saturday afternoon .I knew you were coming over and decided that to keep occupied I would chop some wood and keep busy-already my mind was filled with thoughts of how later we would be and the night ahead was to provide untold and new pleasures as we got to know each others likes and desires-would you be wearing that black negligee or those amazing stocking and suspendors I wondered and hoped.And how long before we got into bed from the moment you arrived-I was alreadt horny and had been all day but resisted the urge to stroke my cock-I wanted you to do that.

It was a hot work and although a cold day I had taken fleece off and was working hard splitting logs -and smiling as the logs split easily and thinking how sweet it was to feel your legs part and offer your tasty sap just like the logs to savour and enjoy

I didnt hear the car pull or see you come to the door and peep through the crack-I was woking hard now and took my tshirt off too ,the sweat was on my back and I felt good inthe cool breeze.Muscles were hard and taut from swinging the big axe I kept for this work.

You looked and made not a sound but slowly without thinking your hand went to the front of your jeans and felt the fire there-you gasped as you didnt realise how hot you were already .You loosened the top of your jeans and eased your hand into the top of your panties,they were the blackones you had shared in your pics earlier-a treat for me later when yuou were tying me to the bed you thought but now your thoughts were on other things

My shoulders lifted and swung the axe at a particularly hard piece of wood and you heard my groan of pleasure as it split into 2 clean halves-your fingers were now seeking out your moistness and source of your fire-you could feel your selfdribbling into your hand as now your whole hand was there with one finger expertly working on your exposed sex with the lips wide open and wanting just like the wood I had split so well.You let out a low groan as you felt the first tremor in your belly and your legs turned to jelly as you strted to stroke yr clitorus with your thumb while keeping one finger sliding in and out like the hard cock you knew would be there later

I looked up and saw you eyes closed holding onto the door post with one hand to take your weight now your legs apart and saw the speed you stroked your self as you liked to be stroked that way

you hadnt seen me looking you were lost in your pleasure .I came over and kissed you hard on the lips forcing our tongues to clash together and slid my hand under your arse and sought out your hot gash -it was too much and your orgasm overtook you - collapsing onto me your jeans now off ,your bra loosened by my busy fingers as we kissed and now you felt mycock straining and hard between us

I took your hand and led you to bed ...................... Continue»
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The one that got away

I had some really heavy furniture delivered a few years ago to an apartment on the 9th floor.It would not fit in the elevator.It was delivered by two teenagers around 17 and 19 years old.The 19 year old was the driver and the other was the helper.They had to go up the stairwell on a very hot day.
The first pieces arrived easily,I noticed that they where beginning to get hot but they said they where OK and continued on.They where very well turned out for a delivery job in beautiful new tee shirts and blue jeans.
Next came the real heavy stuff and as they came in I noticed that the younger one had taken his tee shirt off showing a beautiful bronzed upper body.When I first noticed him my heart skipped a beat as his body was sending me all the right signals.When I looked down at his back and the minute blonde hairs at the base of his spine,I felt weak at the knees,he had lovely little brown moles on his back,just two or so.My heart started to thump.Beautiful brown nipples,slim muscular tummy.Joe Boxer underwear with white elastic waist band showing.
They finished their job and the younger one asked me if he could have a drink of water.I asked if he would like an icy cold Coke instead.He said yes and I watched him drink it down.I could feel the heat of his body.He really liked that Coke.I noticed that he was bleeding from a cut on his biscep just under a Japanese type tatoo.I got a band aid and put it on.He was very grateful.They both took some old furniture away down the stairwell and I followed.I watched every second looking at the younger ones body.I saw the crack in his bum,I saw the sexy ribs,I wanted him so badly but could not bring myself to invite him back.If he were alone then yes I would have.
As he left he gave me a wink and I skipped a couple of more beats then two huge thump thumps followed.I knew he was interested.
That night after getting the furniture together the bed got it's first christening.I could not stop thinking of that young teenager,I masterbated to all the body information I took in...he was gorgeous.I wish he could have stayed.... Continue»
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The Holiday - Chapter 2

Check-in was essentially uneventful, except I knew that I was the luckiest guy in the airport. Every possible opportunity you gave me the chance to not just glance, but stare down your top. Your tits are magnificent. Utterly perfect. Perfectly sized, perfectly proportioned. Perfected topped by perfect nipples. I absolutely never tire of seeing either them, or your equally perfect pussy for that matter, but especially in forbidden settings – like airports.

Lets see, I had a great view of your ass and your pussy as you bent over to tie your shoe, while going up the escalator in front of me, I looked down your top while you rummaged in your carry on bag and the floor in the check-in line. I got a great view as you leaned on the check in counter, but best of all, you sat directly across from me in the waiting room and were constantly crossing and uncrossing your legs. The glistening that I could see, even from where I sat gave away how excited being such an exhibitionist was making you.

There was hardly anyone else in the waiting area. That was understandable though. Not only was it off season, but also it was going to be an unpopular overnight flight. It was no accident that we had picked this one, because we had talked at great length about the best way to join the mile high club. We had strongly agreed that simply slipping into a washroom for a quick fuck was copping out so we hoped to find a way to have some fun while everyone else around us slept.

We were luckier than we had dreamed. There were less that two dozen people on the flight, so even though we were seated near the front I led us towards the back where there wasn’t anyone behind us, and nobody for at least six rows in front of us.

We were just about to push back from the gate when an attractive young couple came bursting into the plane. They made there way down the aisle and ended up sitting directly across from us. I overheard the girl mutter “damn, the girl at the check in counter said nobody was sitting aft of row 12”. I didn’t think anything of her comment at the time.

Take-off and climb weren’t noteworthy. Nor was the meal. It had grown very late, and everybody else on the airplane had their reading lights turned out and seemed to be asl**p. That is except for the couple directly across from us. They kept looking at us and I couldn’t figure out why. I wouldn’t have noticed except that I kept looking at them, hoping to see some sign of them turning their lights out so that we could implement our plan to make love on the airplane.

Finally, with a look of exasperation in our general direction the girl turned her light off and spread her blanket over her and her partner. The fellow followed suit, shutting off his light and slipping under their blanket too. I whispered to you that this might finally be our chance so we decided to turn out our lights too.

We did just that and it took a while for our eyes to adjust to the dimness. As it turns out though, we were immediately in front of a set of emergency aisle markers that provided a surprising amount of illumination.

As we sat there we covered ourselves with our own blanket and I spooned up against you, holding you tightly against me. After a few moments I glanced across the aisle to see if our ‘friends’ had gone to sl**p yet but noticed that they seemed to be having trouble getting comfortable. I was nuzzling your neck with my hand up your shirt when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. Our neighbor’s blanket had slipped to the girl’s waist. That wasn’t very noteworthy, but was of considerably more interest was that fact that she was bare, at least as far as I could see. They weren’t paying any attention to us though as the guy’s mouth was fastened to one of her tits while his hand was fondling her other.

I very quietly asked you if you saw what I saw and you just nodded subtly as you apparently didn’t want to draw any attention to us. After a moment the girl must have noticed her lost covering and drew it back up. I kind of figured that they had the right idea and so I unbuttoned your top. As I was edging it off your shoulders to free you magnificent breasts the couple across the way changed position. The girl leaned forward to bury her face in her friend’s crotch. Her head was under the cover, but from the bobbing is was very obvious what was going on. It was also obvious that she was totally naked as the blanket had shifted slightly away from the seat and left a narrow strip of bare skin exposed, all the way down her back, across a very bare buttock and from what I could see the top of a bare thigh.

That was all the encouragement that we needed to get your top the rest of the way off you. I suspect that we were considerably more careful with our blanket management though. Once your breasts were bare you began to unbutton my fly. A few buttons later my rigid manhood sprung free. About this time the other couple changed positions again. This time the girl sat up and the guy apparently began to lick her. In the process their blanket slipped right off and they didn’t even make the attempt to straighten it out. We then readjusted ourselves so that I could lift your skirt up to slip my straining cock up your dripping cunt as we watched the show across the way.

What an experience. Having sex while watching another couple fuck was nothing new to us. Saturday nights were always porn nights at home, but watching someone fuck on screen and watching some chick have her pussy licked only a few feet away was something totally different.

The slow rocking motion set up by my hips under the blanket must have caught the fellow’s eye because all of a sudden he stopped, sat up, and then whispered something in the girl’s ear. She was shaking her head vigorously, but as of yet had made no move to cover herself. The fellow sat up tall and looked around the airplane and then leaned over to whisper in the girls ear again. Whatever he said she must have agreed because she made room for the fellow to clamber over her to the aisle seat, where he reclined the seat all the way. He was totally naked with a huge erection. Decidedly both longer and thicker than mine. Guys like this were only supposed to be in movies, not in real life. The girl bundled up the blanket and then knelt on the seat next to him and began to suck his huge cock. They were clearly putting on a show just for us.

From the moment when they noticed us watching them we had gone totally rigid, but watching her lips slowly fuck his cock I began to rock my hips back and forth again. Every time I thrust forward you complimented my stroke by pushing back. Even though we were totally covered the couple smiled at us when they saw our motion begin again. In fact that seemed to trigger them to try a new position. After flipping up the remaining armrest between the seat the fellow lay back and the girl straddled him and then leaned forward so that they could 69. I’m not sure whether it was for his benefit or ours but he rhythmically pulled the girls ass cheeks wide apart, holding them that way for a long while before squeezing them together.

Our motion picked up speed and I began to wonder what position we could switch to that would allow us better penetration.

The couple were amazingly quiet as they sucked and licked even though it was clear that they were having a tremendous amount of fun. These folks were nothing if not both resourceful and considerate. They were going out of their way entertain us! Their next position they demonstrated for us was doggy, but once again facing away from us so that we would have the best view possible of that massive cock pummeling the girls pussy.

I really wanted to thrust hard and fast, and I couldn’t do that while spooning but I was too embarrassed to let the blanket slip while changing positions and I didn’t dare, so I just kept pumping you from behind. I figured that if I was that shy you must be beet red with embarrassment.

I was a little alarmed when they broke off and the fellow came right to the edge of the row and sat on the arm rest facing us. I thought that he was going to talk to us, or proposition us or something but then the girl came out in the aisle too. Once the girl was past, the fellow leaned well back and the girl positioned herself in front of him, but facing us. She climbed up and settled herself slowly down so that that the huge erection was slowly consumed by her cunt. She immediately raised herself back up and off him. She then repositioned herself over his well moistened cock and allowed him access to her ass, Sighing as she settled herself down on him. She then put one foot up on our arm rest and the other on the armrest of the row in front of us and began lift herself up so that we could see the head of his cock just begin to peek out at us before settling back down to take him deeply inside her ass. She used her left arm to help balance, support and lift but she used her right hand to furiously rub her clit while her ass took a pounding.

I asked you if you would mind trying another position and without even asking me what I had in mind you got on your hands and knees in front of me, letting our blanket slide to the ground in the process. With one foot on the floor and one on the seat I thrust back into your eagerly awaiting pussy and began to pump like a madman.

Our friend across the way began to quietly grunt so the girl pulled herself off of him and spun around to take him in her mouth. He obviously began to cum. The girl was clearly experienced at dealing with this and took every drop. Then, as if it had been choreographed they changed places, with the girl sitting on the armrest, and the fellow kneeling before her with his face buried deep in her crotch.

As I pumped I reached around to your waist to rub your clit and found you already well at it. As soon as you felt my hand nudge yours you grasped it and used my fingers as if there were a dildo, occasionally using my fingers to slap lightly at your clit but mostly just rubbing yourself like there was no tomorrow.

Then, in one magical moment I felt my cum began to boil in my balls just as both you and the other girl began to simultaneously buck. You had to bury your face in the seat to avoid crying out as I felt the walls of your cunt constrict around my shaft like a silken fist with each wave of your orgasm. It was if you were milking me. I definitely knew that I wanted to reach simultaneous orgasm with you again.

The other couple seemed to be winding up too. After it was clear that the girl had finished her orgasm the two of them got themselves sorted out and dressed just as we did.

You leaned over to me and whispered “I can’t believe that we did that!” I couldn’t believe it either and I responded by saying “at least we will never ever see them again”.... Continue»
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Fucking the Other Boss

Another 100% true story coming from me. By the way thank you for all the people leaving me comments. Keep them coming and I will try to get some more girls to sl**p with and bring u my true stories. Well here it goes....

I worked at a park which offered a whole lot of different things like food and other attractions. I worked at one of the restaurants at the park. Each section and restaurant of the park had a different manager. There was this one manager who i thought was cute in her face but as everyone knows wearing uniforms isnt the sexiest thing to wear. One day while I was at work the other manager came in wearing a tank top and these VERY short shorts. I mean her ass cheeks were like hanging out the back. And when I saw her ass it was huge. It made that little cuff at the bottom of each cheek every time she walked. I got her number that day and started texting her. She wanted to see a pic of my body so i sent it to her and she liked my abs etc. She then sent back this half naked pic and from there I knew I had her hooked. She kept on claiming that she wouldnt have sex with me until I date her. One date she called me and told me she was horny so I decided to give her what she wanted. Crazy thing is that she told me she would have sex with me only if i brought her some breakfast from mcdonalds. Damn I wish I met more girls like her. I brought her the food and she opened the door in nothing but a tank top and some panties. I followed her up to her room and she layed down on the bed and started watching t.v.. I layed down next to her and couldnt keep my eyes off her ass. I couldnt resist so I leaned over her and pulled her panties down. When I got them over I saw the biggest clit i have ever seen. I barely even put my tongue on it and she started to go crazy. I licked her pussy for a while then rolled over and pulled my dick out. The first thing she said was damn thats big. She started to suck on it but then started to choke on it but she stopped. I bent her over and fucked her hard. Every time I jammed my dick in her ass would make this huge wave and her ass would clap together. If anyone knows of the pornstar pinky, her ass was that size. I fucked her for about 30 mins before I finally pulled out and cummed all over her back. I mean up to her shoulder blades. I slapped her ass with my dick a coupld of times before starting to get dressed. She couldnt even get up after I finished fucking her. I could see her legs shaking every time she tried to stand up. It was classic. After fucking her that one time i never got that great oppurtunity again. Damn it.... Continue»
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The Point

A completely fictional story told from two points of view

It was two weeks until graduation. I had been going out with Billy for about six months and was looking forward to spending the summer with him before starting college in the fall. We had been up to The Point a few times before, and I had let him make it to second base. (The Point was a sandy flat spot up on the ridge overlooking the city where all the high school k**s would go to make out.) I loved the feeling of his finger inside me and his cum running down my hand after I jacked him off. As we drove up to the point I decided I was ready to let him go all the way, it was a thrilling thought actually having his cock inside me!

As we turned the corner onto Brambles Drive, we both noticed the police car parked under the tree. In it sat officers Brock and Nathan. My boyfriend immediately slowed down and was watching in his rear view mirror. He had had some run-ins with Officer Brock before, and it was no secret that his dad, who sits on the city council was responsible for Officer Brock missing several promotions. We were in his daddy’s car, so my boyfriend knew that Officer Brock would love nothing more than to bust him. We drove around a bit before heading up to The Point, just to be sure we weren’t being followed by the police car.

We were the only car at The Point that night, and spent awhile talking about our friends at school, our plans for the summer, that sort of thing. Finally he leaned over and kissed me, and the make-out session was on! I responded with a little sucking of his lips and a squeeze to his crotch. It wasn’t long before our clothes started coming off, as we climbed into the back seat to get a bit more serious about it. His hands explored my body, my senses began to reel. The positions were right, his dick was stiff, and so I dropped my head down and lowered my mouth over the tip of it. He made sounds that told me he wanted more, and so I began to bob and stroke, wondering what it would feel like to have this cock buried in my pussy hole. I couldn’t take it any more, and as I continued to stroke him I looked him in the eyes and told him I wanted him inside me. He wasn’t going to say no! We shifted our bodies so he was lying on top of me. I had to flop one leg up over the front seat, and then I felt it…. His dick bumped against my pussy and it sent shivers through my entire body. I reached down to guide him in and could feel the wetness oozing out of me. This was it I was about to get fucked for the first time in over 2 years, and this time everything felt right. He eased it into the opening and in one smooth slide put it balls deep inside of me. We both let out a little scream as he hit bottom and began to withdraw for another stroke.

Then what I remember next is feeling his cock pull all the way out and in one smooth move his entire body lifted off of me and disappeared out the door, and I heard the booming voice of Officer Brock hollering “Get of the car!”

I saw that prick in his daddy’s car drive by and suspected they were heading up to The Point. I didn’t want to tail them, as I hoped to catch them in the act and take full advantage of the situation. His dad fucked me over on a few occasions now, and that prissy girl friend of his comes from a wealthy powerful f****y in town that is connected to the top, and I hated them for it. If I could embarrass and humiliate them both at the same time it would taste sweet…. And if I happened to get a piece of that fine prissy ass at the same time, it would taste even sweeter.

As we approached the Point, I shut off all my lights and coasted to within view of the car. I could see them climbing around and knew I had arrived just in time. I told Nathan to light us up once I had them out of the car. I walked quietly up to it, and saw his little white ass between her legs, and acted immediately. I opened the door and reached in and grabbed a handful of his hair, and miraculously he slid right out of the car as I pulled. I cuffed him to the car door, noticing his still stiff cock as soon as Nathan hit the spot light. I turned my attention back to Ashley who was scrambling to grab clothes to cover up. In my best pissed off voice I demanded her not to touch anything and to get out of the car. She begrudgingly obliged, and it was just precious to see this little slut with nothing on except her tennis shoes, trying to cover up her little breasts and smooth pussy with her hands as she stood in the bright light. She was pleading with me to let her get her clothes to which I spun her around and bent her over at the waist on top of the hood of the car and made her spread her legs and allowed my eyes to soak up the delicious site of this naked teenager bent over. Then I did a full pat down, letting my hands enjoy her skin, and even took a little dip between her legs and felt her wetness. She was crying and Billy was calling me names and demanding that I stop, so I reached down and smacked his slowly deflating boner. I saw her panties on the seat of the car and stuffed them in his mouth to shut him up.

“I’m sure your daddy would love to know what his little girl was doing tonight, perhaps I’ll go tell him” I said.

“No! Don’t, we haven’t done anything wrong”, squealed Ashley.

“Driving with a busted headlight is i*****l”. To make my point I bashed out the front light with my baton.

“And well placed strikes don’t even leave bruises, but they hurt like hell”, as I drove my baton in her boyfriends gut. He knew better than to spit the panties out and grunted as he dropped to his knees. I pulled him up by his hair, and told Ashley “Would you like me to show you more?”

She got the point. “Stop it you asshole!” She screamed.

I slapped her little ass hard, and made that tut, tut noise of disapproving parents, “ such language for a fine young citizen. Verbal assault on an officer perhaps?”

She stood up and turned around, her arm still trying to cover her breasts and her hand between her legs, “just let us go… don’t tell anyone, I’ll do whatever…”

Score, I had her now. “Fine, drop your hands and let me see your body”. She did, obviously embarrassed, looking down at the ground.
“Unzip my pants and take out my cock”


“Unzip my fucking pants and get my fucking cock in your mouth or I arrest you both for loitering, indecent exposure, and a bunch of other shit! Now fucking do what I tell you!” I screamed f***efully in her face.

The tears welled up as she recognized she was in a very bad spot, and dropped to her knees to begin unzipping my pants.

That first instant her warm lips wrapped around my cock were pure heaven. The bright light shining on her face as she began to work my cock with her mouth, was a beautiful sight. I could hear the dumbass grunting through the panties, no doubt pissed about watching his girlfriend blow me. I grabbed handfuls of her soft hair, and as soon as my dick was at full attention, I f***ed it balls deep into her head, and immediately popped it out. She gagged and spit like an angry snake.

I stood her up and told her suck Billy until her was hard. As she bent over to get to his dick, I gave a little slap on her tight ass, and ran my hands down the crack until I found her holes. I spread her little cheeks and put my stiff cock up against her slick little pussy hole. I could her slurping on the boy’s dick as I slid my shaft past the opening and into her precious little fuck hole. It was tight and silky and fantastic. She bucked a bit in disbelief, trying to dislodge me. She even cried out for a moment, so I grabbed her head and f***ed it back onto the cock in front of her, and told her not to come off it again. I grabbed her above her slender hips for handles and began to take full strokes. This teenage body felt great, and to hear her struggle with the cock each time I went deep forcing the cock in her throat at the same time, nearly made me pop a load right there. But I had other plans…

Oh my god! This asshole policeman was about to see me naked! He made me get out of the car, and then when the spotlight went on, I felt utterly and completely vulnerable. I could see Billy, his cock still hard. Before I could even react I was f***ed over the hood of Billy’s dad’s car. His hands were on me. I felt him stop at my pussy and cop a feel.

I don’t really remember what was said, but I do recall him busting a headlight, and hitting Billy with a club. Officer Brock found my panties that only a moment before were on me, wet in anticipation of finally having sex with Billy, and now they were in Billy’s mouth. I knew we were both in big trouble if either of our parents fond out, and I vaguely remember telling officer Brock I would do anything, just don’t tell. I will never forget however, the grin that crossed his face at that moment, and my mind became crystal clear with the realization I was very naked and vulnerable and had just given him the green light to touch my body.

He f***ed me to take out his penis and begin sucking him. I heard the sound of the zipper as my hands worked it, and I remember thinking as I fished his already growing hard –on out, that this was the biggest dick I had ever seen. (Having only seen 3 high school boys before, that’s not saying much I suppose.) I felt him playing with my hair, and then without any notice, my had was shoved onto his stiff cock. I felt it kinda pop down my throat. My eyes were probably huge. As quickly as it went down it came back out. Having never had a cock buried in my throat before, I was thankful it didn’t last long!

He then told me to suck Billy. I looked up into my boyfriend’s eyes and saw all kinds of emotions in them, from fear to anticipation to fascination. As I put his dick in my mouth I felt Officer Brock put his hands on my butt, and begin to feel me up. Then I felt the head of his penis at my pussy and realized that he was about to have sex with me. I wanted to scream no, and make it stop, but his penis entered me my head was f***ed down onto Billy’s cock and I all I could do was gurgle as I tried to scream out.

I had really only ever been with one other boy besides Billy… and I’m not really sure I’d count Billy since he only had his cock in my pussy for about 20 seconds. After a few minutes I realized I was fucking two men, and my body was literally like a piston bouncing between the two of them, cocks alternating between deep in my pussy and deep in my mouth. I felt Billy tense up and was preparing to have him cum in my mouth, when I was suddenly yanked up by my hair.

Office Brock pulled me to him and whispered. “Now Ashley, your dumbass boyfriend is going to cum in your pussy, so don’t bother claiming ****. It’s almost over, so just relax and try to enjoy yourself”

I felt a hard slap on my ass and heard Office Brock tell Billy to enjoy himself. Then I was pushed back onto Billy. Office Brock was now in front of me, and lifted my head by my hair while still keeping me bent over. He slapped my face and demanded me to open. So I opened my mouth, not fully ready for what was about to happen. He quickly began taking full strokes in my mouth and I was gagging and retching at the invasion to my throat. I could feel Billy’s cock in my pussy going in and out in time with the cock in my throat. Suddenly everything went still and I could feel the twitching deep inside as Billy began to cum, and at the same time couldn’t breath as Officer Brock had his cock buried deep in my throat. I could feel the lurching of his balls against my chin as I felt a warm sensation going down my throat. It seemed to go on for a very long time and just when I thought I would pass out I felt a tugging sensation in my mouth and the cock came out as I sputtered for air.

I made it clear to Ashley that going for a **** test afterwards would be pointless, because her boyfriend Billy was about to cum in her pussy.

He was good and hard as I turned her around. I gave a hard slap on that gorgeous little ass, looked Billy in the eyes, and told him to enjoy. I then helped find the hole and went around to her head. I grabbed handfuls of the long soft hair, demanded she open up, and began to fuck her head as if it were a pussy. I could feel the head of my cock get a little massage each time it popped past her throat ring. I could feel my balls slapping against her chin. I literally was standing still and with the fistfuls of hair, was using her head to slam her body fully into me, cock buried in her head, then slammed her backwards so as my cock was on the out stroke, Billy was getting some balls deep action in her pussy. I worked her like this for a minute or two, then looked at Billy and asked him if he was ready. He nodded. I slammed her body full onto his cock, then drove my dick all the way in her throat as I began to cum. Heaven on earth, to feel my cock trying to bob with each cum spurt but being lodged so tightly that all it could do was quiver as blast after blast shot out and down into her belly. I could feel her throat u*********sly swallow to ease the stress, which just massaged to last few spurts out. I literally heard a popping noise when I extracted my cock from Ashley’s head, like a cork leaving a bottle. I looked down at her beautiful face. Her makeup had run everywhere, her eyes were red, and she had slobber and strings of goo dripping off her chin, it was a fantastic sight.

I felt a bit sick to my stomach as I realized not only had I just swallowed that assholes cum, Billy had cum inside me without a condom. I just wanted to go home and take a shower, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw something moved, and without realizing why felt suddenly scared. Then I saw Officer Nathan walking toward me, his enormous penis swaying back and forth with each stride. He picked me up and layed me on the hood of the car. He put his weight on my back and I tried to move but couldn’t. Then I felt it, his giant dick touch my butt hole, and I felt panic when I realized he was about to try and stick it in there. I never had anything up there before and had only read about it. I felt him put all his weight behind it, trying to f***e it in. I felt my butt hole give and body get invaded by this monster. It was shock and pain and disbelief all at the same time and I remember trying my hardest to get him off me but I couldn’t. I think I blacked out from the pain. I don’t remember much of it, once I knew it was in all the way I tried to relax. I remember a strange wiggling sensation deep inside my body, the pain coming and going in waves, the sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before.
I recall the pain starting to subside as I felt the full weight of this giant man on top of me, and I could feel the lurching inside me as I realized he was cumming. A strange warm sensation filled me. The next thing I remember is staring straight at this giant dark penis, dripping with oozey stuff. He made me stick it in my mouth and as I felt it pass my lips I could smell the cum and felt nauseous at the thought I was sucking a giant black cock that was just up my butt. I could barely get my mouth around it, but did what I was told and tried to lick all the stuff off it. I felt even sicker inside when the thought crossed my mind that it actually tasted good and made me feel as if I wanted more.

I was in a complete daze. I remember Officer Brock handing me money and telling me to get the car washed and buy a pregnancy test, then the spotlight went out and I was left standing there naked wondering what had just happened. I looked at Billy and he was dirty and his face looked all glazed like. We got dressed, went to the car wash, and didn’t speak. We are still together and to this day have never spoke of the events of that night.

It wasn’t over yet. I looked up and saw Nathan, a fairly large black man, walk out of the shadows with his monster cock swinging back and forth as he walked right up to Ashley. He looked at me and said “sorry sir, I can’t take just watching anymore”. In one swoop her picked up the girl and dropped her facedown onto the hood of the car. It was quite a sight to see his big black hand spreading open those tiny ass cheeks. He spit on his cock and put the head at the entrance to her butt hole, and began to push. It clearly wasn’t easy, and when it popped in, Ashley let out a tremendous scream and began to thrash around. Now speared in the ass, there was no escape. The big black cock began to stroke in and out of Ashley’s tiny little butt hole. It didn’t seem possible for it all to fit, but with a bit of perseverance, it was soon had it buried to the root. Now he began to pound, taking full strokes in and out as the car rocked back and forth with the pounding. He let out an a****l growl and put all his weight onto her as his body tensed up. The whole car seemed to shake with each blast of jizz that shot up into Ashley’s body. As he extracted the giant black penis from her teenage butt, a slimy puddle of cum and bl**d pooled onto the car hood. Her body glistened with the sweat from the pain and the fucking.

Nathan then yanked her off the car, dropped her down, and told her to clean it. She was swollen with tears as she hesitantly put the slimy cock in her mouth. I looked at Billy still handcuffed to the car and could see his dick had gotten rock hard again, he must have enjoyed the sight of his girlfriend getting used up by the big black cock. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a trail of slime oozing down the hood of the car. I slapped Billy’s hard-on, uncuffed him and made him lie on the ground with his head underneath the front bumper. I sat on his chest and made sure he kept his mouth open as the slimey goo dripped off the bumper and into his mouth.

I got Ashley back on her feet, and handed her 50 bucks and told her to go through the car wash on the way home, but a pregnancy test, and keep her fucking mouth shut. I uncuffed Billey and as I pulled away, enjoyed one last look in the spotlight at the two young lovers, standing naked, Ashley still breathing heavy, and Billy still standing like a lost puppy with a hard-on. It was priceless!... Continue»
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The very 1st time I sniffed my own pussy scented p

Hi! Today, I am a confirmed Pantyslut and have been selling my dirty, creamy, cum stained panties to sexy men, a few women, and quite a few couples all over the world for over 2 years now. I am in my early 40's now and have had so many crazy, sexy, nasty, and erotic adventures. This is a story about the 1st time that I experienced the scent of a wet pussy on a pair of panties.

For me, it all started with a Penthouse magazine. Years ago, my dad had a subscription, and I found where he kept them completely by accident. I had never heard of it but I was attracted by the extremely beautiful, and very scantily clad women that I saw on the cover. My heart was pounding, and I began to feel a tingling as I snuck one back to my room, and crawled into bed.

I didn't have a lock on my door, so my heart was beating so fast as I read the headlines on the front of the magazine. I don't remember any of them, but I do remember that I was thinking about how beautiful the woman was on the cover! I opened the magazine, and began turning through the pages. When I saw the 1st pictures of naked women, with their plump, curvy breasts, and to my complete surprise, very hairy pussies my fear turned to lust, and I felt like I was on fire between my legs. I had a little bit of hair that had been growing between my legs, but not as much as I was seeing in the pictures. I am a natural blond, and even today, my pubic hair is very light and wispy. My breasts were getting bigger all the time, but were still nowhere near the 38 c's that I have today.

I had on pajamas, and I reached under the waistband, and rubbed that tingling sensation through my white, cotton panties. Electrical shocks went through me, and I realized that the crotch of my panties was soaking wet. I found the Penthouse Forum and started to read the 1st story. It was a story about 2 men fucking a woman in the bathroom where they worked. By the 2nd paragraph, I had 2 fingers pushing my panties as far into my pussy as they would go. I almost screamed out loud as I orgasmed for the very 1st time in my life. The story got a little bit rough, with the woman getting fucked hard from behind, while the other man f***ed his cock down the woman's throat. He was also pinching and twisting her nipples, and I began twisting and pinching mine with one hand while I finger fucked myself with the other. I came so fucking hard, I had to roll over on my stomach and scream into the pillow.

As I laid there that night, flipping through the pages of this amazing new discovery, I found out that I could make myself cum as many times as I could handle and I could handle a lot! I was literally panting and exhausted by the time I finally fell asl**p with my fingers still pushed between the lips of my young inexperienced pussy. I never had taken off my panties because I was too afraid that someone might walk in and find me stark naked.

That day, began my life as the secret cum loving slut that I am today.The next morning as I peeled off my panties to take a bath, I noticed that they were still wet, and seemed to have a thick creamy stain in the crotch. I felt my pussy get slippery again as I realized that it was my cum from last night's discoveries. I can't tell you how dirty I felt, as I lifted them to my nose, and inhaled my pussy scent for the 1st time. What, I can tell you, is that was one of the longest baths that I had ever taken. My mom had to knock on the door 3 times to finally get my fingers out of my pussy. I hadn't even washed my hair yet!

LOL I hope you enjoyed that. The memory of it has these panties I am wearing right now, just as wet as they were that day! I am a multi orgasmic squirting milf and have been very adventurous sexually. I have even recreated that 1st scene I read about, and much more! I love fucking myself hard with some of the most amazing vibrators and dildos available. Would you like to hear more of my stories? Take a look at my profile to learn more about me and see pictures and a video of creamy pussy.

Kisses! CreamyMilf... Continue»
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The Professor 1- My Fanasy Come True

It all started after class one day. My history professor needed some help with one of her presentation she was doing.

“Jimi, would you mind staying after class to help me? I have a presentation due tomorrow for the speaker. I just need a little help.”

“Sure,” I said.

I had a crush on her since the beginning of the semester. She was in her early 50’s, but she knew how to say in shape. We ran into each other all the time at the campus gym. We would always greet one another as we passed. I could never help but take a nice look down to check out her body. She never said anything to stop me. There was a thigh workout that she did. I couldn’t bench at the same time because my mind was so drawn to watching her firm thighs push apart. The workout bra that she wore kept her breasts in place, but did little to cover her nipples. When she jogged on the elliptical, I just couldn’t stand to watch her tight ass move. She could probably see my bulge in my shorts even though they were baggy. At times I saw a slight discoloration in her tight shorts. In the locker room I always dreamt that it was because she got so wet from watching me workout. I know that I worked out more than just my upper body when she was in the gym. When she went to the locker, I always wished that I could go in there with her.

“Jimi, did you find the information I was looking for?”

“Not yet.”

Then I realized she was leaning over my shoulder. Her blouse was hanging down, and I could see right down to her bra. It was a red lace bra that really got me started. I couldn’t help but stare even longer than usual. Her breasts weren’t the biggest, but they were just right. They were still firm. A small part of her tit stuck out from the bra. Their firmness made me firm in my pants.

“Here, let me go and see if it’s in another book,” she said as she walked away. She went to a desk not too far away. I couldn’t help but look at her whole body now. Her legs were so sexy with stockings. As I started to look up her legs, I noticed that they were not crossed or together. My tool got even harder. There was no way that I could look at anything else. Her dark brown bush stuck out against her blue blouse. Then her legs separated completely inviting me in. My cock was about ready to break open my pants. She then walked out of the room.

The door opened, but I did not see her come in. I heard a key go into the door lock. Was it the janitor? No, it was my professor as the door closed. She had stripped down to her bra. Her radiating pussy stood out against her stockings.

“Jimi, I heard your girlfriend gossiping how great you are at fucking. I thought I should put you to the real test of pleasuring me.”

My jaw just dropped. She did not know many wet dreams were coming true right now. I took off my shirt and pants as I walked over to her. As I got to her, she took off my boxers. She rubbed her hand on my cock to prove what she already knew.

I started out by kissing her neck. As I moved down her arm, I pulled her bra strap off. The rest of her breast came out. As I kissed her other arm, I undid her bra. Her nipples were now free. I slowly kissed into her chest paying careful attention to each breast. Amidst her breathes she told me that so many men that she has been with skipped her tits. They always went straight to her pussy. Her nipples were one of her spots. Before I started on her pussy, I teased her by going down each leg. I decided to leave her stockings on because they gave me wood. Right before I ate her pussy, I looked into her eyes. Her eyes told me that she couldn’t way for me to dry up her pussy. I looked down. Her hairy pussy was dripping wet. There was a streak of water dripping down her ass. I buried my face in her cunt. Her hair skillfully kept all the smell of her pussy in that one spot. As I licked her up, I couldn’t help but take huge whiffs of her hairy hole. She started to squeal. I pinched her lips together. The only time I let go was to shove my finger up her hole. She couldn’t stop moaning. She kept dripping her cum into my mouth.
I got up, and put my 7 inch dick into her. She couldn’t even catch her breath. I was thrusting her so hard that she was scooting across the classroom floor. As I was banging her, she was moaning so hard that she couldn’t even put her arms around me. I took my cock out for a minute, and put my arms above her shoulders so that she would have nowhere to go. She had enough to catch one breathe, but not many. Lucky for me I worked out so that I could keep her in place. She had nowhere to go between my cock and my strong arms.
Being the experienced fucker she was, she knew the exact moment when I was about ready to blow. She took my cock out of her hairy box. I pointed it at her face. She slowly got her breath back and said “Are you k**ding? I’m a milf. I put it down my throat.” She took my loaded cock, and put it down her throat just as I unleashed my cum. She swallowed every last drop. I took my dick out of her mouth.

“Is there anyway I can repay for such a great fuck?” She said as she gave me a handjob.

“You already have,” I said.

She finished me off with her handjob, she got up and said, “I really got to go to the bathroom.” I looked at her without saying a word. She smiled, and put her legs on each side of me. She unleashed all the piss that had built up inside of her during our fuck. It went all over my body. She got down on her knees, and sprayed her piss right in my face. “How do you like that?” She said. I just smiled.

“I hate to be the janitor that has to clean this mess up. If I knew that you were this good at fucking, I would have made up an excuse to be with you sooner. How about doing this another time?”... Continue»
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The Professor 2- Favors

(A week later) After class my professor stopped me again. I wondered if she wanted her pussy pounded again.

“k**do, my husband wanted to try something new in bed. He wants to watch me get fucked by somebody else. He said that I could pick up whoever I wanted as long as he could watch. Would you mind firing up my engine in front of my husband?”

“Is he going to join?” I asked.

“I don’t know if he’s going to or not. He’s not bi, so if he does, he’ll just be sandwiching me. If you do this for me, I’ll be sure to repay you. You know how good I am with repaying you. He wants you to come over this Saturday. Don’t worry about the paper due next week. I’ll take care of it for you if you come.” She winked and licked her lips.

I couldn’t protest to that. I didn’t think that I would mind giving dp to a woman as long as the guy kept his hands off me. As long as the other guy kept his attention on her pussy, it wouldn’t be a big deal.
When I got to her house, I did not know what to expect. My professor was so hot. I did not have any idea about what her husband might look like. He seemed like somewhat of a perv by asking her to have sex with a stranger while he watched. Then again, banging his wife was nothing new to me.
I rang the door bell. A man came to the door. “Who might you be?” the man asked.

“My name is Jimi. I’m a student of your wife.”

“Oh come on in Jimi. Honey, one of your students is here. Sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

Nobody really said anything for a minute as the professor’s husband went into the other room. It made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Finally, my professor’s husband came back and broke the silence. “So I heard that you fucked my wife really hard the other week. I overheard her telling one of her friends at work how great it was. I also caught her in bed one time fingering her butthole. I don’t know how to pleasure her back there, but maybe you younger k**s might know what to do. I just want to give her all the sexual gratification she desires. Don’t tell her I overheard her either.”

I was somewhat confused by all of what he said. I guess I have a reputation to uphold now. My professor came into the room. I could tell that she was not wearing a bra because I could see her rip tits. “Hello Jimi. I see you have already met my husband. Did everybody want to have a small bit to eat first? I made us a couple things to get us in the mood.”

We went to the kitchen to see what she was making. She gave each of us a piece of pie. “I thought it would be sexy if you didn’t use silverware.” As her husband and I licked away at it, she gave a small giggle. “Now it’s time for my treat.” She took a banana and started to put it down her throat. After a couple thrusts, she took off the pealing. She put the banana back down her throat deeper than the last time. When she pulled it out, the banana was still in tact. I thought to myself how lucky her husband was to be living with her. She took the banana out, and ate it in only two bits.

“Now it’s time for desert boys.” She put her arms up in the air and opened her mouth to get ready for the orgasm she was about to have. We both came over to her and started to rub her down. I put my right hand on her butt and my left on her firm breast. Her husband got her other tit and her leg. She took care of both of our cocks with each of her hands. We both lifted up her dress. She was now wearing nothing but a thong. Her bush was sticking out of it all over the place. We both took care of taking off our clothes as she rubbed our cocks as she took her position on the floor.

She started by licking her husbands balls. She turned her body as if to ask me to start out by licking her pussy. I took off her thong that did very little to cover anything. Then I went to work. Before you know it I had her moaning. My professor, having the skills she does, didn’t take too long either to get her husband going. She then changed her position. She started to engulf my tool, and gave her box to her husband. She stuck her ass in the air as if to ask her husband to put it in. He instead put it in her pussy. She made up for that by putting all of her energy on tool. Her moaning did go down a small bit.

After a short time she went to her original position. She then offered her ass to me. She let out a small scream as I put my dick into her ass. When it was in, she was able to take it like a pro. She was trapped between my dick and her husband’s balls. A muffled moan could be heard as she blew her husband.
She took her husband out of her mouth, and climbed on top of him. She put his lubricated cock into her hairy slit. I got behind her, and reinserted my cock. She had to take a long breath in as I put my dick in her. I put three of my fingers into her mouth so that it would not feel left out. Her husband rubbed her tits as she bounced up and down on her double dicks. Each time as she came down, a loud smack sounded. The look on her husband’s face said that he had never heard her moan this loud before.

A while later she got off our cocks. She turned around to give me her pussy, and her ass to her husband. At first he did not put his thing inside her ass. She turned around and gave him a look. That was enough for him, and he went ahead with it. After she started bouncing on her back, I inserted my dick into her. I put my fingers back into her mouth. Her husband propped her up on her back. I then bent over to lick her tits. As apprehensive as her husband was, he was actually not that bad with her ass.

Within a little time, he was starting to get used to the inside of her ass. Shortly after, he released his load into her ass. Since I was still going, he kept her up. Two minutes later, she took my tool out of her. It sprayed all over her front. I got a small bit of my load on her cheek.

“Well, thank you,” she said.

I got off of her, and she got off of her husband.

“Thank you for helping me to pleasure my wife.”

“Don’t mention it.”

She put on a small bath robe. I put my clothes back on. She walked me back to her door. “So when do you want your repayment for this great fuck?”
“Honey, if it means that I get to fuck your pussy, it can be whenever you want.”... Continue»
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The Professor 3- Repayment

After class my history professor came over to me. “Hey Jimi, my husband is going to be on a business trip. I thought that you could come over and I could repay you for dping me.”

This was the best semester I think I ever had. My grades were up, and most of the time so was my cock. Early in the semester I started to get the reputation that I could fuck the best on campus. My girlfriend was probably the one that started the whole thing. That’s why I think it’s her own fault that I got asked by so many girls to fuck them. None of the other girls compared to my history professor. My history professor was the hottest milf. I do not think that there was anything she could not do in bed. She also had a nice way of repaying me. I couldn’t wait to see what the repayment for this was.

“When do you want me to come over?” I asked.

“7 should be fine.”

I just shuck my head in agreement.

My girlfriend came over to me. “Did you want to come to my dorm tonight? My roommate has something. I’m sure my pussy will be wet.”

“I don’t know. I really have to go back home to get something for tomorrows class.”

“Will you fuck me after your class?”

“Of course I will. I’ll save you a nice big load.” She gave me a nice sexy smile, and then walked away. Sex with my girlfriend was not as great now that I had my professor. She was much more experienced. My 7 inch rod could finally be put to good use with her. My girlfriend did not know how to use it as good as my professor. I just kept my girlfriend around because she was in her college lesbian faze.

Seven o’clock came around. I knocked on my professor’s door. The secretary from the history department answered the door. She was probably in her mid 40’s. My professor came into the room. “You two already know each other from school right?” We both shuck our heads. “Well, that’s nice. That means we can skip introductions.” She gave out a nice smile to everybody. Something was awkward. When I looked at my professors clothes, it looked like she was wearing a bra and a pair of panties. This was the first time I saw my professor wearing a bra and panties other than in class. I did not know what to make of everything.

My professor invited each of us to sit down. She and the secretary sat on one couch, while I sat on the one across from them. Everything started to make sense. They started to make out. My smoking hot professor also liked women too. They undid each others dresses. Underneath both women were wearing edible undies. The rim of the secretary’s edible panties showed deep brown hair. Even the normal cut panties were not enough to contain her bush. My professor grabbed the secretaries’ breasts in her hands, and started to eat up her bra. She then licked her way down to her clit. To my surprise the secretary did not like to shave either. It looked like she gave up trimming long before my professor. Every last piece of the underwear was consumed. After my professor was done, they switched places. After the secretary got done eating the panties, she started to lick up her clit. She seemed like she had much more practice with licking. I couldn’t help myself, but to rip off my clothes. My cock got harder than I ever thought it could get. I think it grew about to 7½ inches.

The secretary got up. Both of them looked at each other. They got their cunts together and interlocked their legs. They started to trib their cunts together as they rocked back and forth on each other. They both let out small moans of enjoyment as they looked at each other. I looked into the jungle of bush that their two pussies created. When I got over to their couch, I went down on my knees and buried my face in their combined forest. They both put a hand on my head and f***ed me deeper into their clits. If I could have stayed there for the rest of my life I probably would not have complained. Women have other needs though.

They separated and came down to the floor with me. I wanted to have some time with my professor’s snatch. The secretary wanted to see what my cock tasted like. I shoved the coffee table out of the way. We all lay across the floor and matched up with someone else’s crotch. My professor started fingering and licking the secretary’s cunt. The taste of my professor’s pussy was second to none. I did want to try the other pussy though.

I think she was reading my mind. We got up off the floor. I sat up in the couch. The secretary stood up on the couch and sat on my face. I have to admit, it was close to the smell of my professor. It was a very close second. My professor jumped on her back. She cleared her pussy for landing on my cock. She then reached around to the secretary’s hole to assist me with my licking. I let her have one set of fingers to suck on while I licked her. I reached my hands around to my professor’s butt hole. Now that I knew she licked anal, I was going to make sure that both her holes stayed full at all times. Both women were moaning at full capacity.

My cock was uncontrollable. It has never been as hard as it was on that couch. I’ve never been with two women that were so skilled. As I finished the secretary off, my professor got off my dick. It was time. They both went down to get their prize. My professor got the first shot. As they switched a shot of cum went across the room. The secretary took the rest.

The two milf’s looked at each other. “Let’s give him a dose of his own medicine.” They both stood up on the couch and rubbed their clits. I helped them rub them off. I looked back and forth to see which one was going to go first. It was the secretary. I put my lips up to her hole and drank her up. I licked her couple times to make sure I got every last drop out of her bush. My professor came next. I licked her as well to make sure that I got all of her tasty treat.

I held each woman in each arm. “So, why did you wait until your husband left? He seems like he wouldn’t mind.”

“Are you k**ding? He hardly can handle me, let alone two pussies. Only the best for my patch pal.”

“Don’t feel like we can’t do this ever again.” The secretary said. “There are a few rooms I have keys to on campus if you have free time during the day. Your professor and I go there all the time to be alone. I’m sure that we could fit a dick in there too.”... Continue»
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The Holiday - Chapter 3

While both being very aroused at our last encounter we were both also in shock and didn’t quite know how to interact with the couple across the way from us. In the end we chose the cowards way out and simply didn’t deal with them. We smiled on those few occasions when we couldn’t help making eye contact as we reached for our bags in preparation to disembark, but somehow that just seemed easiest.

Bags, customs and immigration were painless and our taxi ride was uneventful as it was still early in the morning and the streets were deserted. Our resort was gorgeous and we were excited by the wide array of options presented to us upon check in. As the hotel had overbooked the standard rooms we were given a ‘supreme’ room. After spending some time reviewing our options we elected to rent a pontoon boat later that day for fun and snorkeling. As well, we signed up for a day of sightseeing around some ancient Mayan ruins.

We then went and checked out our room. It was gorgeous, all tiled with marble and all upscale accents. There was a king size four poster bed with a mirror over it, a large TV and a jetted tub that was big enough for an entire dinner party. We were both famished and tired but we couldn’t go for breakfast without checking out the bed first. Neither of us had ever been in a bed with a mirror over it before and we wanted to check out the possibilities before we left for breakfast.

I pushed you backwards until you obligingly toppled over onto the bed. As your legs flew up your skirt landed around your hips, saving me the trouble, and giving me a spectacular view of you luscious, still fairly freshly fucked pussy. In fact some of my cum was oozing out of your slit.

I grabbed a couple of pillows from the head of the bed and propped them under your bottom in the hopes that you would have a better view of me going down on you in the mirror.

The bed was big enough, that by laying kitty korner there was enough room for us both to stretch out. I lifted my head just long enough to ask you if more pillows would help your view, but you said that you could see just fine and were enjoying watching my tongue circle your clit, or watching me suck your pussy lips into my mouth, or watching me trail my tongue all the way from where your landing strip used to be, all the way down to dip briefly in your ass.

As you got more and more aroused your cunt lips began to gape hungrily, and in doing so they began to release more of the cum that I had blasted into you an hour or two before. As I lay there licking and twiddling and sucking it seemed to me that this was just one more way to watch live action porn, but with all the wonderful sensations to boot.

Once I had licked up all my cum from your drooling pussy I crawled around beside you so that I could give you a long wet kiss. As we kissed I made sure to share as much of my cum as I could. Your moan as I moved back to its source was a tremendous vote of thanks and encouragement.

Anyway, I hadn’t even gotten around to using my fingers, and I was just starting to think about finger fucking your pussy, your ass or both when you grabbed my head and pressed my mouth hard against your cunt. I could hardly breathe, but I stiffened my tongue as hard as I could and used it to rock back and forth across your clit until you gasped and shuddered as you came.

We didn’t even have to dress to go to breakfast. All you had to do was pull your skirt back down and straighten your blouse. On our way to breakfast we toured the grounds of the resort and were amazed and delighted by the beach, the waterfront facilities, the pool, the hot tubs, the hammocks and the generally garden like aura of the place.

We finally got to what appeared to be a delightful restaurant. We were waiting to be seated when we became aware of another couple joining the line behind us. I glanced over my shoulder at the newcomers and had to stifle a gulp. I prodded you and pointed behind us as inconspicuously as I could. We turned around together to the sound of “Hi, my name is Mark, and this is Mandy”. We had finally met the couple that had sat across from us on the plane.... Continue»
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I'll never be the same

I had done my share of threesomes but after this one...I'll never be the same. I met Cindi and Jay on the inter net when I answered thier ad. They post a list looking for a guy to watch them and "maybe join in". I had jerked of to internet por and was ready for something different so I replied. After a few emails and talks on the phone we agreed to meet at thier house.
When I got to thier house Cindi met me at the door. Cindi is 41 yrs old and stunning! Cindy was wearing just a robe and high heals. Come on in and get comfortable"...
Jay was sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts smoking a joint. Welcome he said as he passed me the joint, have a seat. I couldnt help but notice his shorts seemed to be clinging to his big cock. I guess i was so high I didnt realized i was stairing until Cindi said, hey youve looked at his cock long enough take a look at this instead...with that Cindi stood up and took her robe I said Cindi is stunning and when i saw her naked body I got rock hard. I want you to eat my pussy she said to me, "get on your back, im going to sit on your face! with out hesitation i got naked and laid down...let me see you two 69 Jay says...Cindi's pussy was so wet and tasted soooo good! I couldnt belive it, the ad said "maybe join in". and here i was eating the sweetiest pussy, Jay got up and said I need to join this and moved behind cindy...Give me that ass Cindi he said. As I laid there i watched Cindi arched her back and gave her ass to Jay...Jays cock was moving in and out of her ass. I never had a cock so close to my face and it was HOTT!!! Jay paused for a second and said "open your mouth bitch"...he pulled his cock out of Cindi's ass and pushed it in my mouth!!!
I never suck a cock before but was so excited I was more then eager to do as I was told...
Jay was fucking my face when Cindi say, fuck his ass Jay, i want to see you fuck his ass like you fuck mine!!! Wait a minute I said, Im not sure Im into that...shut the fuck up Cindi yelled, youre going to do what we tell you to do. roll over! I couldnt tell you why but it really turned me on, as i rolled over i couldnt wait to have my ass abused...Both Cindi and Jay spat on my ass and began rubbing my hole. Cindi said Jay eat his ass, get him nice and wet, It felt sooo good his tongue licking deeper in me, fuck me jay fuck me please...I couldnt belive what i was saying!!! begging for his cock. Thats it make him a slut, fuck his ass Cindi yelled...I was suprised how easy i took his cock...I didnt know i could cum so hard from getting fuck but I did...and just as i shot my load Jay pulled out of my ass and came on my face...clean my cock bitch...and i was all to glad to do so...... Continue»
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The White Place

"Beth, everything will be fine....Just...fine..." My mother said hesitantly. Today is the day. The day I lose everything. The day my life will be over. We are heading to the white place, or as girls from school say, the black place. Six years ago something terrible happened in the world. A strange, yet natural plague hit, and spread everywhere. It killed much of the population in the United states, and many other countries suffered great losses. The government came up with the "brilliant" idea to do what they called "project PR". The PR standing for population reconstruction. They implemented a policy in all schools, and in all homes, that 3 months to a year after a girl begins menstruation she must be impregnated. Most girls begin around 13 or 14. Some much earlier, and some much later. Pregnant bellies, and babies were everywhere you went. Each girl could be called to be impregnated any number of times they want, and whenever they want. If you don't show up for your appointment, they arrest you, and take you to the white place.
I was called a week ago. I was one of the lucky ones. I was a late bloomer. I started my period 7 months ago, and only just a week ago I got the call. I remember when my mother picked up the phone. She happened to be engaged in a hot and heavy session with her lover from next door. I hear them having sex every day. I always listen outside her bedroom door, ever since I was little. I enjoyed listening to the bed banging into the wall, my mother's ear blasting moans, and the neighbors grunting, and sometimes the slapping noises that go along with it. Lucky for my mother, she's too old to get any call from the government. Married people have the option of making c***dren themselves, but single people do not. I was an accident, otherwise I wouldn't exist.
You could call my mother a slut, because it's what she is. I remember when she hosted an orgy at the house. I was only 7. I watched from the kitchen as 8 woman, and 13 men began to undress. All of the woman were beautiful, curvy, large breasts, nipples rock hard and succulent. All the men had huge cocks, that I remember well. They all were between 9-11 inches long, and 3-4 inches thick. I didn't know where those long fat swords went, but I stared at them. I wanted to touch them, and see what they did. But I stayed obediently in the kitchen, watching, fascinated. Then they all began to mesh. The men went over and began caressing the woman in naughty places. It made me feel pleasure, but I didn't know what it was then. Some of the men began to eat the woman's pussys, and suck on their nipples, while their hands played with their clits. Other woman were sucking on their huge rock hard cocks. Their tongues were going crazy all over those cocks. Up and down, swirling around, sucking and licking the head. The men groaned, the woman moaned. It was a beautiful chaos. The cocks started to penetrate the wet pussys. They like to build anticipation by rubbing their cocks on their clits, and pussys. Many woman MMMMed, and ohhhhhed. Then they place the head at the pussy hole, and slowly push it in. The pushed those huge cocks all the way in, and their balls hit their ass. The moans increased, and got louder. I saw every position in the book all at one time. Some chicks were getting pussy slammed from the back, some woman were on top, some men were on top, some were sideways, some were standing up, some were backwards, and everything else. Every pussy getting pummeled so hard. Many were getting double penetration, and one woman even got triple and quadruple penetration. I couldn't believe my eyes. Four men gathered 'round her. One man sat down, and she placed his rock hard cock in her ass. Another man came up and stuffed his cock in her ass too. She moaned in pleasure. The third man easily slid his huge cock in her pussy, and the last man stood on the couch, leaned down, and mashed his enormous cock into her pussy too. 2 cocks in her pussy, and 2 cocks in her ass. She screamed in extreme pleasure. I hoped to experience that one day. I remember how juicy it way, I watched all the men pumping their cocks in and out, in and out. Pounding her pussy so hard, and then four groans sounded all at the same time as they came inside her. They pulled away one by one after finishing their entire loads in her ass and pussy. She was dripping with cum, and making a pull on the carpet. I remember my shock when I saw it was my mother. She smiled so hugely, and started putting her hand in her pussy, and licking the cum off her fingers. She told me later that she wasn't on birth control. She didn't get pregnant, strangely.
The scene of the orgy was running through my mind as we approached the white place, my pussy getting a little wet. We parked and climbed out. The cement was pure white. It shimmered. As we walked toward the building, I was in awe. It was 12 stories high, huge, and everything was pure white. The doors, the windows, the roof, the paint, the wood, the employees cars. Everything was white. Like they were compensating for what went on inside. When we opened the doors, the light and all the white was blinding. As we walked up to the front desk, I looked around. At the end of a hugely wide hallway were doors, evenly spaced apart, on both sides. At the end of the hall there was a set of 4 white elevators. We approached the front desk. "name?" A hot little slutty thing was before us. She wore a white lab coat that was unbuttoned, and underneath a white shirt with a slit in the middle that went down to her belly button, her tits were falling out a little. "Beth Marshal." My mother said. The slutty woman looked up my name. "you will be on the 7th floor, in room 32. The man who will be servicing you is William Peterson, he will explain everything to you." My mother nodded, and dragged me to the elevators.
My heart was pounding. I was about to lose my virginity, and become impregnated by a complete stranger. Flashes of the orgy, and all of my mother's one night stands were racing through my head. We reached the 7th floor, and right outside the elevator, was room 32. I gave one last glance to my mother, and knocked on the door. Almost immediately the door opened, and a handsome ripped young man, probably around 17 or 18, looked at me. "You Beth Marshal?" I nodded shyly. "Great, come on in." Unlike the rest of the building, the inside was laden with chiffon of blue, purple, and red. The bed was a nice rich brown wood, with cream colored sheets, and a colorful quilted comforter. There was a lonely chair in the corner. The room was quite small. The bed took up most of the space. He was completely naked. He was stroking his cock, and staring at me. I stared at his cock. It was big. Really big. I wondered how he would get it in my tiny virgin pussy. "Hi, I'm Will. Okay, so basically what happens here, is we have sex, and I cum inside you. You have to lean your ass up in the air against the wall for about 20 minutes, and then you can go. They'll call you in a month to see if you've conceived. If you haven't, you have to come back in. If you don't conceive for 6 consecutive appointments, then your fertility will have to be tested. If your fertility is fine, then often times they'll send you to a room with about 10 guys in it, 10 more chances at once ya know?" I didn't answer, I only looked a little horrified. "Okay....So if you would be undressed, and lie on the bed, we can just get it over with." As I undressed, I felt his eyes on me. I went a lay on the bed, and waited. He climbed onto the bed, and got in-between my legs. He rubbed my clit, and put his finger in my wet pussy. I moaned a little. He took his rock hard cock, and slowly eased it in. It was so big. It filled every space my pussy had to offer. He pushed it all the way in my virgin pussy. A little bl**d escaped. It hurt a little, but I was so turned on, I hardly noticed. He fucked me gently at first, and then hard. He reamed my pussy with all his might. In and out, in and out, the juices flowing between us. The bed was banging into the wall, I was moaning with passion, and as his cock slammed into my pussy a slapping noise sounded over and over, faster and faster. It was as if his cock was growing inside me, my pussy was overflowing with cock. Finally, he grunted, and suddenly he pulled out, and came on my tits. He groaned as his huge load came to a close. I was confused. "Weren't you supposed to come inside me?"
"Yes. But I like you. I'm buying you a little more time. When you make your next appointment with them, request me. I can buy you at least 6 months maybe more. I think what they're doing is horrible. I want to help." He smiled at me, with the most sincere, and beautiful smile I have ever seen. I saw my hero. He saved me. He leaned down, pressed his body to mine, and kissed me. "I'll see you next month. Beth."... Continue»
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the couple who cannot be name

Last night I had one of the best Bicouples in a long time hot nasty
it started like this I was having a drink with my friend david and kashame
just chilling. They decied to go to the peep show on 8th ave.
so we going from booth to booth they stop in the gloryhole.and i conitue to
brouse the store.when i notice this couple white older looking me up and down
The man who i can"t name beacuse i never got them said you have alot of body art. He said his wife had some also would i like to see i said yes i would
we went upto a booth and the both started sucking on this black dick their so fucking hot but not much you can do in a peep booth. so we to get a room and thats when the shit fot nasty.wile she suck my dick he starts to lick my ass hole i have never felt so much passion for people i just met.we fuck for houes .The pussy let me tell you about the pussy.fat jucy lips cum running out close your eyes and just think about that wet pussy and now i want to stop and rub my dick but back to them hot sex all weekend they were in New York I never got theri names or were they live but i sure that sweet carma will bring us togeather once more... Continue»
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The importance of knowing yourself

Right off the bat let me say this story does not have a happy ending (no pun intended).

As I stated in another story/account, ever since I was sexually aware I enjoyed a hightened sexual sensation when something was in my rectum. The closer the size to a large male penis the better the sensation, the more powerful the orgasm. The desire for something in my rectum would come in a cycle, every 8 or 9 months, but the instant I came the desire was gone and all I felt was akin to shame or embarrassment. After years, the cycles still came but that feeling of shame subsided somewhat. fast foward to 33 years old.

married, 2 k**s. out of a job and at school to learn a new career.

Now the story about knowing yourself (myself).

The school is 250 miles away from home, we recieve a nominal stipend for food and lodging, not alot but you can survive if you are frugal. The school cost a pretty penny if your out of a job but the oppertunities are out there to make up any losses in a short time.

We were doubled up in our rooms, to offset the cost of lodging and I got stuck with a, for lack of a better term, sponge. He was chosen as my roommate because we lived about 10 mile apart. we had weekends off and I was his ride to school initially, ( the school offered me extra money to bring him out at the start of school, no other money was included) I went home on the first 3 weekends and my roommate went with me. Never offered cash for gas, or even a thank you only "I'd offer you gas money but I'm broke right now". On the 4th weekend I stayed at school. not enough gas money for the round trip, my roommate some how scrounged up enough cash for a round trip train ticket home, and had the nerve to ask me to pick him up at the train station monday morning so he wouldn't be late for class. ( He was late ). Sorry, venting a little, but his absence plays into this.

While in class there was this guy named Glenn. He was about 42, former insurance salesman, nice guy. We (he and I) hit it off. He knew I didn't leave that weekend and said he had heard of a cool place about an hour away and asked if I would like to go on saturday. Sure I said and offered to drive. (Glenn had his car also).

It was just an old town, pretty cool looking early 1900, lots of shops and stuff we just walked around and talked. Not about sports(trivial to me, what do I care other than my tax dollars going to make someone else rich) or women, just, hell I don't know, life I guess. We had lunch at some street cafe and headed back. I felt pretty good, a nice day all in all. On the drive back he asked my if I would mind giving him my opinion on an invention he had thought up.
Sure I said, what is it?
Well, it's a vibrator slash dildo.
oh? ( not a brush off "oh" a "tell me more" oh).
Well(a little encouraged by my response), the tip is a vibrating ball, say about an inch and a half or an inch and three fourths then a series of metal balls lined up right behind it so there all touching, that way the vibrations travel the entire length and it can be six or eight or even ten inches in length and its all enclosed in a rubber sleeve with just a wire and a loop coming out of the end.
why metal balls? Where would the batteries for the vibrator go? I asked.
Well, he said, the wire coming out is for the remote battery source, the loop is for total insertion and metal balls because they transmit the vibration better than plastic, they have more weight than plastic, so it will be heavy like a real meaty cock, and heres the best part(he leans closer to me) the entire thing can be submersed in warm water and the metal will hold the heat much longer than plastic so it will feel warm longer!

I was, up until that moment not in one of my "phases" but anyone with two eyes could see by looking at the sweat beading on my forehead, the pulse pounding at my wrists or the fact that my pants had shrunk 2 sizes in the crotch area that he had me turned on!

At that moment we both knew, he was gay. He read me like a book, made his play and I... I was to much the insecure, do what society says is right regardless of how YOU feel about it slug, and I played it off. I started criticizing his Idea.

He told me he had a "prototype" if I would like to see it, I said yea, maybe later.
we got back to our lodging, he went to his room, I to mine. He called my room later that night but I brused him of with some excuse or other.

Sunday he didn't call.

Monday he didn't show up for class.

Tuesday the school said he dropped out.

Glenn knew me better than I knew myself, he simply misjudged how deep the indoctrination was.

Today I would offer to test his prototype, ask him to watch, to make sure it was being tested properly, I would tell him I need something to compare it to, the real thing and he would need to make that "sacrifice" in the name of science and research. Afterwards I would tell him with every fiber of my being I need to feel his hot,dense,sticky load shot deep down my throat.

But that is now, and we can't turn back the hands of time.

Sorry for the downer story.

On the up side I recieved an invatation to another "lesson" on Wedensday.

I'll let you know how that cums out thursday if I'm not to tired.

Jay... Continue»
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the time I saw my friends mum naked

One of my mates mum was really pretty, when our group of friends grew up we later all joked how we would love to fuck g's mum. She was really hot, she was only about 5'3 tall, she had a great little body, she had mousey blonde hair and a nice tan. But I was lucky enough to recall the day I saw her naked, all those years ago when I was 7 years old.

It was the summer holidays and I spent a lot of time at my friend g's house. My parents were at work so I had to stay there all day. We would play around, playing football, or cricket. Or we would watch tv and play video games.

One day she took us swimming to a leisure park with slides and everything. We arrived and we paid and then walked down the corridor to the changing rooms. There were communal ones and then f****y cubicles as well. G and I were going to the mens changing rooms and then G's mum said we had to change with her because she was looking after me. She was worried about us going into the mens changing rooms without an adult.

So we went into a f****y cubicle. G's mum placed her bag on the bench, as I moved to the opposite bench and put my sports bag on the bench. G was a bit embarrassed but we were only 7 years old so it was'nt that big a deal.

ANyway, I watched as Gs mum started to get undressed. taking of her top, she had a white bra on. Then she took her jeans off, she had her back to me at this point, I was geting changed myself.

As she tooke her jeans off i saw her arse was amazing, quite round but nice and smooth. She had white cotton knickers on. Then she took her bra off, turning to the side as she did. I caught a glimpe of her breasts, they were nice, not massive but a good size.

Then she took her knickers off, as she stepped out of them i saw her pussy from behind, could just see the flaps underneath. I was naked now and felt a sensation in me, i was nude and another woman could see me and i could see her naked. A situation that in adult life would lead to one thing.

as she put her costume on I wished she would turn around so I could see her pussy in full but she did'nt. she put her costume on, then she asked if I was ok and had everything i needed before we went to the lockers. I had put my trunks on by now. We went swimming and then when we had finished went first to some showers, were we showered with our swimming gear on and then to the lockers and then back to the changing cubicle.

She took her costume off, placing on the bench, then she tooke her towell out of the bag, and started drying off. This time she turned around for a second as she was drying off, she was talking to me about something, i cant remember exactly. It was then i glimpsed her pussy properly for the first time, she had a hairy bush, it was a browny blonde colour, i saw her pussy flaps as well.

I had a slight hardon, Id just started getting them around this time, I could'nt help it, i was with a beautiful naked woman, as i dried off it got harder. I tried to hide it, G would have been embarrassed. But I think G's mum saw it and I went all red with embarrassment. She said something about maybe I was getting a bit too old to be changing with a woman but it was only because she was worried about us that we had to change with her.

I never forgot that day and as we gre up and would see her, i always had the image of her naked in my mind.... Continue»
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the sauna (fixed me spelling lol)

They worked me
i had been to the spa a few times and really never noticed any thing or any one for that matter. I really like the sense of freedom i felt there, being an all male club, you could walk around nude.

After i finished a shower, i went into the sauna. I was more then happy to find the sauna empty. after a few minutes i began to totally relax. I let my towel fall open and before i realized it i began rubbing my cock. soon, my cock was rock hard and i was stroking it faster and faster. suddenly, the door opened and a guy walked in. Then man was tall with a strong build. I quickly tried to cover my hard on but it was too late. "don't stop on my account" he said. of course i did and nervously said its not what you think..."if you say so" he replied.

for the next few minutes neither of us spoke. I had begun to drift off and wit out realizing it i resumed touching my cock...with out hesitation the man got up and put his hand on my balls. I jumped and he laughed, "relax pal...i wont hurt you".

i had often wanted to have sex with another guy i just never had the chance. here was my chance so i figured why not?. I spread my legs and when i did, he knelt down in between my legs. as he wrapped his lips around my cock, i moaned it felt soooo good, better the i imagined!
AS he sucked my cock i became so involved with what we were doing i didn't care when the door opened and a few more guys came in. "well, well, one said, looks like we got here just in time". they walked over and without saying a word some one put their big hard cock right in my face! I had never had a cock so close to my face before, i couldn't resist!!! I took it in my hand and guided his cock to my mouth...

Here we were one guy sucking my cock as another guys was fucking my face. "hey get on your knees", he tells me, "I want to relax while i cum in your mouth"...not wanting to miss a drop of cum i quickly did as i was told. once i was on my knees the first guy got behind me and pulled my ass up. "you can have his mouth but I'm gonna get this ass" he says! with that he spat on my hole and massaged my was when i felt his tongue in my ass that i went nutz!

I lost total control of myself...i arched my back and beg him oh yeah, i want you to fuck my ass...i couldn't tell you how long it lasted but they sure took turns on be honest i couldn't tell you how many guys fucked me that day but i can tell you...they sure worked me!!! come to find out i wasn't the first new guy to get this introduction... Continue»
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Master takes misty to the Porn Theatre, May 2009

My Master is a big guy; at 6 foot 2 He towers over my insignificant 5 foot 4 frame. I love to wear flats around Him when I feel the need to be “overwhelmed.” He is well built with strikingly intense blue eyes that turn an icy blue and seem to spit fire when He feels I have disobeyed Him for one reason or the other. Despite this, He did not realize the enormous control and power He had over me until the day I surrendered to submissive sex with Him at the local porn theatre.

As we drove there, Master instructed me to take off my bra and panties and leave them in my purse. He then ran His hand up and down my well toned legs and thighs while erotic scents of Chanel No.5 and pussy wafted through the car. I could see His excitement by the pulsating bulge in His pants.

When we arrived, Master paid for the tickets and e****ted me inside. Everywhere you looked, there was porn playing; on TVs outside of the theatre, in a small room where a bunch of guys played pool and in the theatre itself. The atmosphere was dark and smoky; it smelled musty inside. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

We took our seats a little toward the back and a few seats in. There were two people fucking each other on the screen in front of us, but Master was excited for a different reason. The way these men looked at His slave in her black stiletto heels and short black cotton dress with her long red hair flowing wildly down her back aroused Him intensely. I assumed not many females frequented this place.

Once we took our seats, Master grabbed the back of my hair and kissed me passionately and deeply, sticking his tongue all the way down my throat. His tongue felt electrifying and went straight to my clit where I felt a gush of wetness hit the seat I was in. His one hand had me pulled protectively to Him while His other hand travelled up my legs that lay open across His lap, to my aching pussy, where he moaned with pleasure at how wet His slave had become. He inserted two fingers inside and teased my G-Spot, while His thumb worked my clit over. He then pulled the dress I had down to my shoulders to expose my perfectly formed tits, leaned me back and put His hot wet mouth on my nipple. His tongue and teeth tantalized one tit, while His other hand squeezed the other and I couldn’t help but moan with excitement. It was then I sense something else in this darkened room. Although I had my eyes closed, I could feel eyes on us as well as the unmistakable sound of masturbation and it excited me to think these men who had come here to watch a regular old porn movie, where getting a nice unexpected surprise by looking at “live” porn. I decided to give them a show.

I innocently extracted myself away from Master’s grasp and explored His mouth with my tongue while unbuckling His jeans. His shaft was hard with anticipation as I expertly pulled His throbbing member from His pants. My dress still exposing my tits, I leaned forward, wet my fingers with my pussy juice and rubbed His engorged head. He moaned. Once that was good and moist with my taste, I inserted His cock in my mouth. I heard Him sigh with relief. My tongue travelled around the head and deep throated the shaft several times until I gagged and came up for air; my eyes tearing and saliva dripping down my chin. Master gave me a look that told me I was not finished with Him. I went down on Him again and this time I felt movement around me. Again and again, I deep throated Him as I heard Him moan, continued to lick up and down His shaft and teased the swollen head of His cock with my tongue. The second time I came up for air, the movement I had felt was men sitting in back and in front of us watching me go down on my Master while they jerked off. Since Master didn’t seem to mind, (in fact, he seemed quite pleased!) I continued satisfying Him with oral favors.

As we were being watched, I licked and sucked His cock making it nice and wet with my saliva and going down on Him as I also jerked Him off. I could feel Him getting close to exploding. His breath was getting shorter and more rapid and His hands quickly caressed my back.

I heard him groan, “oh misty!” as I felt His cum travel through His cock underneath my hand that rapidly stroked Him and shoot into my mouth. I teased His now sensitive head with my tongue as he held my neck down to get me deeper inside. He was happy and relaxed immediately and as I finished cleaning Him off, men were still jerking off around us.

By now, my pussy was so wet and my clit was throbbing, aching to be satisfied by a f***e all its own. I knew I had to ask permission first. I seductively whispered, “may I cum Master?” and he replied, “yes, misty, as long as you don’t mind an audience.” I shook my head “no” and he instructed to get up and follow Him into the room with the pool table. He asked the men in there if they wouldn’t mind having His slave masturbate in front of them and of course they said “no!” He lifted me onto the pool table, told me to spread my legs open wide, knelt in front of me and lapped up my juices. I closed my eyes, arched my back and moaned. Master asked, “do you want to be tongue-fucked misty?” I couldn’t speak but shook my head an enthusiastic “yes” and felt His tongue go deep inside, tasting me and sucking my enlarged clit. He commanded me to lie on the pool table and play with myself while everyone watched and I begged Him to please insert two fingers in me. He did so willingly and my pussy gripped His fingers as I manipulated my swollen clit. My body tightened and I exploded, along with several eager bystanders. Moans and groans were heard throughout the room.

Master then flipped me over, lifted my skirt and bent me over the pool table where His eager cock slipped inside my tingling pussy. My pussy was wet and warm as His cock stroked the inside of my walls. Almost immediately He came from the excitement of the day and lay against my back, exhausted and sweaty.

Always a gentleman, he thanked the men around Him for being polite around His slave, buckled up His jeans, lifted me off the pool table and ushered me out to our waiting car.

Believe me, it was an experience I’ll never forget…and neither will Master…
;-)... Continue»
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