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The Mirror :Part 7

The Mirror (Part 1)

The distance between our apartments was about 20 feet. Just wide enough to get a truck into the ... the mirror, reached over and turned off the light.
As quickly as it began, it was over.
As I stood there looking across the ... ... Continue»
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The Mirror. Part 2

The Mirror Part 2,

The next day school seemed to go on forever. Finally it was over. I hurried home and up to my room to sit at my desk, without any real concentration at the jumble of maths in front of me, started to do my homework. A few minutes later she appeared and sat down and took out her books but never looked across at me. I was confused.
I didn’t understand. How could she set up such a show one minute and pretend it didn’t happen the next???
The afternoon dragged on into dinnertime and finally time for bed.
I looked hopefully across the alleyway but there was no light in her room. I left my blind half open and lay down. Half an hour passed before her light flicked on and I bounded out of bed. I could see her moving around beneath the almost closed blind and then the main light went off leaving only the bed light to cast shadows across the room. I looked at the mirror. Taped to the mirror was a piece of paper. On it was a cell phone number in large enough numerals to read from this distance. I copied it down and scrambled around in the dark for my phone.
She picked up on the first ring. Before I could say hello she spoke. Her soft voice had a beautiful melodic sound to it. “Don’t say anything” she said. A silence of several seconds followed as we listened to each other’s heavy breathing. Then she spoke:
That delivery truck that comes very morning at 5 15 am would be high enough and wide enough for you to climb out your window and cross the lane way. He stays for 30 minutes. I paced it out this morning, The laneway is 18 feet, trucks are 8 feet wide . That means there is about a 5 feet gap either side. Can you do it?
Y-y-yes I stammer….. Yes easy.
Good she said. See you in the morning then and hung up.
In the mirror, I watched her undress. Facing way from my view she unlaced her shoes. I had a beautiful full view of her backside and then she slipped off her panties, bending over again so that I could see her arsehole and cunt perfectly framed in the mirror.
Bending her legs as she turned around, her fingers went into her cunt. I watched as she lent back on the bed to give me a full view of it by spreading the small lips apart. It was SOOOO pink, I could see the wetness glistening in the lamp light.. My God she was Beautiful. My cock throbbed.
I stood up and started to wank my cock so she could see it. She watched for a minute, smiled, blew me a kiss, then light went out. I was left with a pulsating hard cock in my hand, staring out into the darkness of an empty window.
I didn’t finish. Flopping down on my bed, I couldn’t sl**p. Laying awake for hours I gave in and took my cock in my hand, stroking it gently and thinking of the view I has etched in my of that beautiful tight little brown arsehole and pink cunt just below it.
5.15 was still 7 hours away when I shot my load, wiped my cock dry with a tissue and curled up to get some sl**p.


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The Mirror. Part 3

The Mirror. Part 3

I was awake long before the truck arrived. I heard the drives door close and the back doors swing open. The windows on these old apartments were big steel framed swing out types, built about 60 years ago and strong as hell. I used the window to support me and swung over on to the top of the truck which was only about 4 feet below the window.
Creeping across the roof, I reached the other side just as she opened her window. The driver had parked closer to my wall than hers. A good 6 feet of open space lay between us. She smiled and reached out her hand. I could easily touch her fingers but it was still quite a distance and with no way to get a run up I had to use the window frame again but it worked and I was able to slip quietly into her room.
She still had on her PJs, s small Tube top and shorts. Her kiss hit me like a hot fire as her tongue went into my mouth. Her body pressed tightly against me and I could feel her hard little perky tits against my chest. The push of her pelvis into my crotch almost broke my cock in two. I was hard. I had been for hours, my balls were tight, my cock was throbbing and I needed to cum.
Stripping her top off, her tits were even more beautiful than I had seen them in the mirror. I licked her nipples and sucked her urgently. I needed to fuck her NOW. I started to pull at her shorts.
She was a lot smarter them me. She pushed me back slowly but firmly, put her finger to her lips for silence and stripped off her shorts, I was in a pair of baggy shorts and T Shirt. They came off in a flash and we both stood there naked admiring each other’s bodies. I had never been with a girl like this before. The closest I had ever got was finger fucking Sarah Hughes at the movies a few times and playing with her tits. Sarah liked to wank me off and thought it was funny when I left the movie theater with cum all over my pants.
She wouldn’t let me put my cock into her though and eventually she found someone else to wank.
To see this beautiful tiny body so close and in every detail was almost overwhelming. She reached for my cock and started to gently stroke it, looking up at me with a quizzical expression on her face as if to say, is this right? Do you like it?
I could only smile and look down at her and nod. Getting down on her knees she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. Not very deep or fast, just, slowly as she explored the sensation. She never took her eyes off me, just as she did in the mirror.
Reaching up, she pushed my legs slightly apart, just enough to get her hand in. She began stroking my balls and fondled them, before running her nails down my tight sack and around my arsehole.

I couldn’t help it. Without warning I shot my load into her mouth. She looked startled and choked. Clamping her hand over her mouth to stop the noise as she gagged several times. I was mortified. I kept whispering sorry, sorry, sorry, over and over. She glared at me and I got the message, I grabbed up my shorts and T-shirt, headed for the window.
Halfway out, she grabbed my arm, pulled me around and kissed me. The joke was on me. In kissing me she spat my cum back into my mouth and punched me on the arm. I had no option but to swallow. It tasted terrible. UGH… now I know why she was so pissed off at me. I don’t blame her.
Before she could do anything else to vent her anger I sung out on the window, crossed over the truck and scrambled, naked, into my room. I looked across to see her standing back from the window pulling her PJ`s back on. She stopped, waved, blew me a kiss and pulled the blind down.

On my way to school my phone rang, she must have saved my number.
Incase you ever need to know, she said, my name is Mika.
All I could think of to say was Hi Mike, Pleased to meet you.
She laughed. It was a beautiful laugh and just as musical as her voice. I was in love.
Sorry about this morning I said lamely.
I-I-I just couldn’t hold it back.
She laughed again and said, Its Ok, just a hell of a surprise that’s all. I nearly choked. God if I had woken the house up we’d be dead by now. My father is VERY strict. He sent my elder s****r back to Lebanon for going out with guy behinds his back. I know she still a virgin. She told me she was too sacred to sl**p with anyone.

I’ve never had my, ahhhh… (not sure how to put it), cock sucked before, I half blurted out, looking around to see if anyone heard me.
I’ve never sucked one before either she replied evenly, not at all phased,
I’ve just seen it in some porno movies my s****r and I used watch on our computers.
By now I had arrived at the classroom door.
Mika I have to go, I’ll see you after school. Will you meet me at the bus stop? I’ll wait for you.
No, she said in a panic. You mustn’t. Don’t even let on you know me. My father finds out he’ll probably kill me. We are not like you. In our religion, it’s called an honor killing.
OH FUCK I though! What the fuck have I got myself into?
Then she said, I have some things I want to share with you on my laptop. I think you’ll like them. See you in the morning. Same time.
A voice in my head screamed at me to hang up and never look her way again, but I was hooked. Somehow I had the feeling that this could all turn to shit in a heartbeat.

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The Mirror part 4

The Mirror .Part 4

I wasn’t going to go but you know how it is, A soon as the truck arrived, I slipped across to her room and she was awake waiting. Her kiss was long and her tongue felt wonderful in my mouth. Her hands went straight to my cock. I was hard and it was pulsating as she slowly stroked me. I slipped my finger into her cunt. It was tight but hot and wet. She moaned softly and got down on her knees to suck me. The minute my cock went into her mouth she looked up at me and half smiled. We both knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my load but this time she would be ready.
Stroking me while she sucked my cock was sending me over the edge too quickly. I grabbed hold of her hand and she stopped stroking. It took a few second for the wave of cum to subside enough for her to continue sucking. The sensation was too overwhelming to resist any longer. I couldn’t hold back, I had to cum. She sensed it this time and looked up, she was ready. My cum filled her mouth and she swallowed and continued to suck me. A stifled cry was all I could let go as my body shuddered with the intensity of the climax. My cock exploded into her mouth and she moaned as she sucked. Her gentle squeezing on my balls made the sensation all the more erotic as she drained every last ounce of cum from my pulsating cock. Cum was running down the side of her mouth as she licked it off with her long wet tongue.
Leading me over to the bed, she slipped off her PJ pants and got up on her hands and knees. Her cunt and arse were just at a perfect height. I was still hard. I wanted to cum again. I started to push my cock into her hot wet cunt but she reached around and stopped me. Using her saliva as a lubricant, she directed my cock into her arse and pushed back against me. I felt the tip of my cock going into her. It was very tight but a beautiful feeling. Uttering a low primal grunt, she pushed back harder until I was completely inside her. I began to stroke, slowly at first and then faster and faster as the sensation took hold. I was going to cum again I could feel it. Her arse was now relaxed and my cock glided in and out with ease. Fucking here like this was so erotic I was beyond thinking of anything else except the sensation of my cock pounding up her beautiful brown arse. If her arse is this good , how will her cunt feel? I couldn’t concentrate on that for more than a few seconds. I was too far gone now to care.
Tell me when she whispered. Tell me when I want to feel your balls when you cum.
She reached back and gently held my balls. My explosion was even more wonderful than the first time. I felt my hot cum squirt into her arse and drove my cock in as deep as I could get it and my body went completely rigid as I reached the climax of a lifetime. Never had I dreampt that sex could be so wonderful.
Mika was masturbating as she pushed back against me, her climax was only a few seconds behind mine and she collapsed face down on the bed, shuddering in ecstasy as the wave of pleasure over took her.
The world seemed to stop turning, for several minutes we both lay there exhausted. Suddenly we heard a door downstairs open. I leapt up and was out the window, across the truck and back in my room in seconds. In the mirror Mika blew me a kiss, pulled down the blind and vanished from sight. I hear my mother starting to set the breakfast table. I don’t think I can eat I am too excited. I cant wait until tomorrow morning. But I know I have to.

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The Mirror :Part 7

The Mirror: Part 7

I looked at the text for several minutes trying to work out who had sent it and what it meant.
It simple said. “I Know”
It rattled me the more I thought about it. Know What?
Did someone know about Mika & Rena? Or was it something completely different.
There are only 3 windows in the laneway. Mine, Mika`s and another small one about ten feet along from mine that lets light into and old upstairs storeroom for the shop behind ours. That shop fronts on to the street behind us. No one lives in that building. Only Mika`s parents and mine live above their shops in this lane way so WHO WAS IT?
The second text arrived as I was waiting for the bus to take me to school.
Ready to talk? Was all it said.
Who R U? I sent back
Storeroom widow 6 am came the reply.
It was a long day.
It took me hours to go to sl**p and when I did it was only for short amounts of time.
The truck arrived as usual and I looked across that Mika`s window. The blind was down.
Summer was over and the days were growing shorter. Daylight was just beginning to break. That suited me. I always felt exposed in the morning light crossing over the lane.
It was 5 .59 am. by the bedside clock. I swung down on to the truck and made my way to the storeroom window. It was open. I could just reach it from the top of the truck. I swung up as I do to get into my room and scrambled over the sill into the room. The smell of dust and stale air was all that greeted me. There was very little light in the room and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I didn’t see anyone. The soft woman’s voice startled me.
Your punctual I’ll give you that. Still I couldn’t see her.
I’ve watched you every morning for the past few weeks crossing over to the young girls room and now I see she has a friend. Do you enjoy both of them?
The voice was light with a hint of laughter in it.
I think you and I should come to an arrangement.
I wont tell her father if you do what I ask. Is that a deal?
What do you want.? I stammered.
Why, just the same thing as you are giving those two young women over there. After all, it would be very selfish of you to keep that lovely cock of yours just for them.,
It was a mocking tone that was hard to take offence to, even though it was blackmail
Take off you clothes she said quietly
I was sacred, but curious. Who are you? I said with more confidence than I felt.
Does it matter? She replied.
Yes it does. What’s this all about? At least come out where I can see you. I answered

She stepped out from behind a pile of large cartons into the partial light that the room offered. Her movements were slow and graceful. She was totally in control of her every move and used to being in control I suspected.
She was very tall, almost 6 foot, at least 30 and to me at nearly 17, looked like someone’s mother, which she probably was. Her silver blonde hair was shoulder length and parted in the center. She wasn’t really beautiful but she had an air of mystique about her that I found an immediate attraction for. She wore large black-rimmed glasses and her body was partially hidden behind a Pale gray Poncho type garment. Her shoes were simple slip on brown leather clogs
Take off you clothes please, she said quietly.
Somehow I felt comfortable around her, there was nothing really threatening or demanding, just a nice feeling of being around a confident, attractive woman who was pushing all the right buttons. Yes, I was wondered what this was all about but I thought, what the hell, this might be fun.
I stood there naked while she slowly walked around me as if appraising a stud slave on a market block. Stopping in front of me, she reached down and lifted up my cock.
Your not putting on as good a show as usual she said and laughed.
I know I blushed but it’s true, my cock wasn’t much more that semi erect and I’m not sure why it was even that.
Slowly she slid her hand down my shaft and looking me straight in the eye. Her eyes were the most unusual shade of dark blue I had ever seen. Her glasses seemed to make them look even bigger than they actually were. Very slowly, but firmly started to stroke me. My cock responded quickly and it was fully erect in a few seconds.
Hmmm she said, quick on the rise too I see.
You’d like me to suck you wouldn’t you? She asked.
All I could do was nod. She went down on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Both Mika and Rena were good but they were nothing compared to this woman’s abilities. With one hand on my cock she gently twisted it as she sucked deep back into her throat. I had never been that far into a woman’s mouth before. I was overwhelmed by the sensation of being deep throated. Quickly and expertly she sucked my cock and ran her tongue up and down my shaft. All over my balls and sucked both of them as she slid her finger into my arse.
I want you to cum in my mouth she said in a husky voice, cum for me now, cum for me. She sucked and stroked steadily and my balls contracted ready. It took only a few more strokes, my cum shot out of my cock into her open mouth and she swallowed and sucked every last drop. I was still standing in the same spot as I had stepped into the room but my knees weren’t going to hold me up much longer. She sat back on the dusty floor and looked up at me smiling. With her eyes roaming all over my cock and naked body,
Turn around, she said still smiling.
I turned slowly and behind me was a large full-length mirror. It was set at the perfect angle. I could see Mika and Rena watching me through the angels of the two mirrors. They were only about 20 feet away.
I was totally gob smacked! What the fuck? I mumbled as she laughed, waved at the girls who waved back. I looked like a stunned Mullet not knowing what to do or where to look.
Now she said, Lets have some fun Her smile was infectious. It was a beautiful smile with perfect white teeth, set in a wide mouth surrounded by full natural red lips.
She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her cloths came off in a quick fluid motion revealing a stunning body, small firm tits, pale olive flawless skin and small erect nipples. A completely shaven cunt and nice shaped legs. Throwing her clothes on the floor, she lay on her back on top of them and opened her legs. Holding her arms up to me she smiled and whispered, come and fuck my cunt, the girls want to watch.
Her cunt was the first one I had ever put my cock into. I was so used to fucking Mika and now Rena in the arse, fucking a cunt was a completely new and welcome experience. It was hot, wet and soft. As I pushed into her wetness I felt the heat on the tip of my cock. It was a completely different sensation from fucking an arse. I loved it. She drove her hips up to meet me as I rode her and the harder I drove the more she responded. It was soon like what I imagined riding a bucking horse or bull would be like.
She growled and raked my back with her nails. Fuck Me You Bastard. Fuck My Dirty Cunt. She repeated over and over. I did as hard as I could but it was soon obvious that I was going to cum before she did. Quickly she pushed me off her and took my cock in her hand. Bending it down, the climax I had almost reached, rapidly disappeared.
There, she said. That will keep you going a bit longer

Let me help you back up. Her mouth was hot and wet like her cunt. I was soon fully erect. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mika and Rena lying side by side playing with each others nipples as they smiled at me. I smiled back and put my cock back into the hot beautiful cunt in front of me. This time she wasn’t going to let me cum first. Using her fingers, she rubbed her clit as I fucked her and as she climaxed, the feel of her body’s reaction sent me over the top and I shot into her with a deep guttural moan, my cock spewing forth its load of hot cum into her rapidly opening and contraction wet cunt.
Lying on top of her I was completely spent. Nuzzling my ear she murmured sweet sound that made no sense but I enjoyed hearing them anyway. They were sound of contentment, to me at least. I was no longer a virgin. I had enjoyed a proper cunt fuck I was smiling to myself. I’ve got to have more of this I told my spinning head. It took a couple of minutes for me to get my breath back.
Once again I almost missed the truck.
Who are you? I asked as I scrambled into my clothes.
Dana will do for now she said quietly, slipping her garment over her head
Who are you Dana? I asked
My husband owns this building, and after a short pause…. I’m also Mika & Rena’s Aunty; now go before you miss your truck she said with a laugh.
I almost collapsed in shock. If Dana hadn’t shoved me I’d still be standing there with my Jaw on the floor!
Who set this up, I asked as I climbed out the window.
Dana kissed me on the cheek and ruffed my hair as I left. Mika she whispered. Mika set it up.
Arrived back in my room totally confused, I looked across the laneway. The blind in Mika`s room was pulled down.
What the hell am I involved in? I thought. Who know? Who cares? Shit this is fun…but, what happens next???
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The Mirror part 5

The Mirror Part 5

The blind wasn’t up the next morning, or the one after. Being the weekend, I didn’t get a chance to see Mika at school. It was a long, long 2 days. I was awake earlier than usual on Monday morning impatiently waiting for the delivery truck to arrive. When it did, I looked anxiously across at Mika`s window just as the blind came up. As soon as I heard the driver going inside the shops with his delivery, I crossed over to Mika`s room.
By now it was a perfected routine. I would always find Mika naked. After a quick kiss she got on her knees with her legs spread waiting to take me into her. and my cock went straight to work.. We had dispensed with any fore play. It took up valuable time and besides, we were both more than ready. Mika was hot and wet. She always pre lubed her arse with hand cream and these days my cock was always hard enough 24/7 to pole vault across the alley
We were so intent on our fucking, we never heard the door open. And all of a sudden Mika dived out from under me with a gasp.
Confused I turned around and there standing with her back to the door was a girl whom I could only assume from the similarity in looks, was her elder s****r, She must have crept in and shut the door without us ever being aware. Every bit as exotic in looks but a little older, I guessed around 17/18, she was clad in a very sheer night dress that showed her beautiful brown skin and stunningly erect nipples almost as if she was naked. Putting her fingers to her lips and whispered Shhhhhhh
Please she whispered, keep going PLEASE. Mika was stunned and I was so embarrassed, my cock had lost a lot of its erection.
Creeping over to the bed, her s****r took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. The response was instant, rewarding her with a full erection. Mika, still unsure got back onto her knees and her s****r guided me into her. Let me join in PLEASE, her s****r pleaded in Mika`s ear as I continued to stroke deep in to her arse. Mika, quickly returning her normal urgent morning fuck mode, just nodded.
Putting one foot up on the bed, hers s****r lifted back her nightdress and began to masturbate for me. Reaching over, she circled my cock with her finger and thumb. It meant I wasn’t able to go into Mika as deep but the wonderful sensation more than made up for it. Her pussy was beautiful, completely hairless with very large swollen lips. Mika watched fascinated and began to breath even heavier. The sight of her s****r s naked pussy so close was exciting her. She reached out and touched it. Her s****r guided Mika`s finger into her wetness. My climax was instant. I grunted as my cock spewed forth its message, Mika`s arse tightened in response to the hot cum and her s****rs whimpering sounds were far too loud for comfort.
Mika quickly turned around and took my cock in her mouth to finish me off as she always did. Her s****r licked her wet fingers in pleasure as she watched her little s****rs expertise in action. Getting down on her knees she placed her mouth open just beside Mika`s. there was no mystery as to what she wanted. Mika obliged. Taking my cock out of her mouth, she let her s****r clean off the last few drops of my cum. She stroke a lot deeper that Mika, my cock went well back into her throat and then she teased me by running the tip of her tongue all around my cocks head. Mika joined in. Quietly giggling they both ran their tongues over my cock and balls until I was almost ready to scream. Then Mika made me bend over and got behind me so she could run her tongue all around my arse while her s****r took me deep into her mouth again. It was torture…. of the most wonderful kind. I wanted to fuck both of them NOW… I was ready and started finger both of them in preparation. Eagerly they spread their legs to let my fingers in. They were ready also; both cunts were so wet and hot. Sliding my fingers into her s****rs arse confirmed what I suspected. She too had been saving her cunt. Her arse was beautiful soft and ready. It easily took 2 fingers and I’m sure quite able to take much more My cock was throbbing as Mika smiled and stoked me.
Suddenly, in the back of my mind I heard the truck doors shut. I had to go. It was almost daylight when I made it back to my room. Looking back across the alleyway I saw Mika and her s****r waving at me. Her s****r giggled and slipped her nightdress off letting it fall to the floor. Standing there naked with their arms around each others shoulders were two of the most beautiful sexy creatures I could ever imagined I would ever have sex with.
Once again I heard that now familiar voice warning me… This is not going to end well!!… The other voice took over. Who cares? There are two of the most perfectly fuckable women in the world waiting for my cock! To morrow I must find out what her name is.. if I remember
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The Mirror: Part 6

The Mirror: Part 6

It was four long and boring days before the window blind was up and the signal to come over was at last visible.
As soon as I entered the room both Mika and her s****r were naked and ready. Mika kissed me and her s****r came behind me and hugged me with her hand slipping down to my cock. I was hard and had been for some time waiting for the signal. I had masturbated last night and every other night before so I didn’t cum too quickly but it was still a challenge not to squirt right there on the spot I was so horny.
What’s you name I whispered to the s****r.
Rena, she replied, licking my ear and nibbling on my lobe. Mika went to the bed, getting on her hands and knees ready to take my cock in her arse. Rena whispered to Mike.
Mika, you promised I could go first remember.
Reluctantly Mika made way for her s****r and I enjoyed the sensual view of what was on offer as I knelt behind Rena on the bed. Mika took my cock in her hand and stroked me gently, all the while looking at me and smiling. Then before I could enter Rena, she bent down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked. Her tongue was quick as it licked and probed around the head of my throbbing cock. It felt wonderful, then she stopped, spitting on her fingers to moisten them she began to prepare her s****r for my entry. Twice she used her saliva to moisten Rena’s beautiful very dark brown arsehole. Rena’s body was superb. Her tits were full and round; her cunt was a beautiful pale pink in contrast to her coffee colored skin. Her wetness was clearly visible. I wondered if there had been some fore play between them before I arrived. The room smelt like it. That unmistakable beautiful odor of a woman’s moisture permeated the small bedroom. I’m sure they had got them selves ready for me. My fleeting idle thought were interrupted as Mika she guided me in.
Holding my balls in her other hand, she slipped two wet fingers into Rena’s cunt and we both stoked in opposite directions. Harder and harder, deep as we could we both pounded Rena’s holes. Rena collapsed burying her face in to Mika`s pillow to mute her screams of pleasure as she began to shake and whimper. My cock felt like it was about to explode. I was trying my best not to cum but I knew it wouldn’t be long. Diving my cock deep into Rena’s arse I could feel my balls contracting tighter and tighter in preparation. Mika sensing my pending climax, quickly got behind me and began running her fingernails along the bottom of my pulsating hard cock. I couldn’t hold back. I exploded.
Rena clenched her arse cheeks around my cock as I drove deep into her and my hot cum filled her arse. She came with me. Mika was fingering Rene with one hand and me with the other. It was pleasure and pain all rolled into one. I wanted to yell but a long low grunt of pleasure was all I could permit myself.
Locked together, our dual climax rendered us both ridged and shaking. I held my self in the deepest penetration I was able to get and Rena pushed back into me just as hard. I was so engrossed in my own pleasure that at first I didn’t feel it but gradually I began to sense Rena’s mussel control as she opened and closed her arse hole on my cock. It was undeliverable. The sensation aroused me quickly. The opening and closing of her hole squeezed and released me as if she was sucking or stroking my cock. Rena looked back at me and smiled. I returned the expression and Mika, unaware of what was taking place, used a face cloth she had taken out from under her pillow to wipe my cum running down Rena’s legs and got ready to clean my cock as soon as I took it out.
Rena had other ideas. My cock was being firmly but beautifully massaged in her arse. This wasn’t the first time she had practiced this trick. Leaning gently forward she started to slide up and down on my cock again and squeezed with every in-stroke. I was being fucked and I knew I should be sharing with Mika but I couldn’t stop. Rena’s control was too beautiful to leave. I began to drive into her again, just as she had planned I would. Mika slapped my arse.
It’s my Turn, she whispered angrily. Rena looked around at her s****r and smiled.
Mika, come here she said and patted the bed in front of her. Mika slid up to where her s****r had indicated. Rena moved her into position facing her, then spread her s****r’s legs, began to lick her hot wet little cunt. Mika forgot about my cock sliding in and out of Rena’s arse and lifted her hips to receive her s****rs long hard working tongue. Moaning quietly in pleasure she began to masturbate.
The turn on watching them was unbelievable. Just as I squirted for the second time, the truck doors closed. I don’t think Rena or Mika heard or felt me leave. They were too engrossed in their own pleasures. The truck was already backing out of the lane way and I had to jump to make my window. It was close.
Little did I know I was being watched every morning, but I was. I would soon find out by whom, and what my morning pleasure would cost.

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The Mirror: Part 8

The Mirror :Part 8

Although I had promised Mika that I would never contact her out side of school, I had to, Waiting at the bus stop I saw he coming down the street with her ear buds in listening to music. She didn’t see me untill I stepped out of the shadow and stood beside her. Mika jumped in fright. What are you doing? She hissed.
I had to see you, I said.
You know my father has me watched. If he sees you talking to me Ill be on a plane before you can blink she said urgently.
It took my Mother almost a years pleading to get Rena back.
There were about 20 people gathered at the bus stop so I felt we would be safe enough. Let me sit with you on the bus, we’ll be safe enough there I said.
Mika nodded her head and walked way to stand with a group of girls.
The bus ride home is only 20 minutes but enough time for Mika to explain what was going on.
Dana is married to Mika`s Uncle who is 10 years younger than Mika`s father and owns several valuable pieces of real estate in our area. The old shop behind my house is one of them. Dana has always found a friend and confidant in Dana. Dana caused a lot of trouble when she married Mika`s Uncle. She was not of the faith and therefore as outsider. Mika`s Uncle was not nearly as strict as her father and didn’t care much what the others thought. Making him an outcast also. The problem was, he had made a lot of money and he helped all the f****y when they were in trouble so they tended to look the other way. Funny how conveniently money overcomes religious fanaticism. Her aunty, although not approved by the f****y acted as a chaperone on many occasions for Mika and that allowed Mika a little freedom she would otherwise not have. Dana took her shopping and to movies as well as sight seeing tours around the city. Mostly these excursions were just an excuse to get Mika out of the house
Mika had told Dana about me and Dana enjoyed giving advice. After an in-depth discussion about our attraction to oral and anal sex, Dana offered to tutor Mika if she needed it. Mika took up the offer and they met in the storeroom about twice a week. Dana and Mika became regular lovers. It was Dana who suggested that I become involved.
Let him have my cunt Mika. You know you cant but I can. I think we can set up mirrors so you can watch. Mika readily agreed and so they set up my early morning jaunt to the storeroom. Rena arriving home unexpected and delayed the meeting but once Dana found Rena a willing participant, she re arranged my appointment.
I listened intently as Mika whispered the details of what had transpired.
Well I asked, what happens now?
We had arrived at our stop and Mika jumped up and got off the bus ahead of me without a word.
That evening I got a text from Dana. Storeroom tomorrow 4 pm. Use front door.
Wholly Shit!!! I thought. What now??

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I slipped through the front door of the old warehouse and up the stairs to the first floor. In the space where I had fucked Dana yesterday morning lay a new queen sized air mattress and 2 folding Sun lounges. All 3 girls were there. Dana stood up from the Sun lounge where she had been sitting, smiled and took me by the hand. Welcome, I think this is a lot safer than your previous sexual encounters. No one can hear or see us here and as long as the girls are out shopping with me, no one will suspect anything.
Right who’s first, we all laughed.
Mika said, You two have had all the fun so in the past couple of days, I’m first.
She was wearing a sweater and jeans. They were on the floor in a flash and she offered her arse to me. Dana helped me undress as Rena used the tube of hand lotion that had appeared as if by magic to lubricate Mika`s arse for me. I fucked Mika hard. She grunted out loud with each stroke as I drove my cock into her, Dana and Rena were content to sit and watch; from time to time they offered encouragement to either Mika or I and the harder we fucked the more lurid the comment became. Sitting on the lounges with their legs drawn up and open, they fingered swollen and moist clits. Fuck her arsehole good, make her scream, cum on her arse, fuck her mouth, make her bleed , fuck the dirty little bitch. And I did. This time I didn’t have to hold back. My growl was enough to wake the dead when I shot my cum up her arse. Grabbing her hips, I drove my cock into her as hard and deep as I could get. My load took k a long series of convulsions to empty out my balls. This experience was way beyond anything I ever thought I could even dream of. Dana and Rena rushed over and began to suck Mika`s nipples and stretch her climax out as far as it could for her. When I took my cock out of Mika`s arse, Dana took it in her mouth and sucked all the cum from it and using the tip of her tongue, even cleaned out the eye for me. Then she said, on you knees, it our turn to have fun. My cock wasn’t ready to fuck again so I obediently obliged and got on all fours. With my cock and balls hanging down limp Dana spread my legs open and went to work with her tongue on my arsehole, Rena meanwhile was doing the same to her s****r and cleaned my cum from her arse while Mika lay with her head on the mattress and enjoyed every second of the attention.
Dana was the first to speak, she stopped licking and said to, Rena pass me that toy I brought will you please.
The Vibrator going up my arse was the first time I had anything other than a tongue or tip of a finger in there. I was too small and it was too big but Dana used the hand cream and slowly but surly worked the 9 inch long rubber phallus into me. At first it felt strange but I soon learnt with Dana’s encouragement to relax and let the sensation take over.
You’ll be ready for me soon Rena said and kissed me on the cheek. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke me as Dana gently fucked my arse with the Vibrator. Mika was content to lie there and watch. She smiled at me and said. I think this should go on forever…. I agreed but would I be able to keep this pace up?
I can feel Rena’s hand on my cock becoming more and more assertive. She was to fuck now. Dana’s breathing has become a lot heavier than it was a few minutes ago.
I doubt if Mika has finished with me yet either. This freedom is too good an opportunity for them to pass up. I feel like a lamb in a slaughterhouse. My cock is hard. Rena backs into position with her arse ready to take it. I enter her as Dana begins to work the vibrator into me. With Mika holding my balls in her hand I start to fuck her s****rs arse, harder and harder, deeper and deeper until my cock is completely buried up to my now filling balls held gently in Mika`s grasp. There is a lot of afternoon left as I reach around hold Rena’s beautiful firm tits in my hands. I have a long brown nipple between my fingers, I squeeze the harder and harder she moans. My cock plunges on and on and on into a beautiful soft wet brown arsehole that was made to fuck. As my cum builds, I feel Mika squeezing my balls, Dana has told her how to control my climax by squeezing hard if I get too close. They intend to make me fuck all afternoon, Dan turns the speed of the vibrator up and the tingle runs through my arse to my cock like a lighting bolt. Mika squeezed harder and the pain makes my cum subside.
Just think of my hot cunt waiting for you when you finish fucking Rena, Dana’s husky voice whispers in my ear. I cant think of anything at the moment but fucking Rena.

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The Mirror: Part 9

The Mirror: Part 9

This fuck had now gone on for almost 15 minutes when Dana took Mika`s hand away and turned the vibrator off. I was exhausted. I could feel my legs shaking from exertion as they struggled to hold me up. Rena began to work her arse mussels to help me, and in an instant, my climax that had been controlled for a far too long by Mika, erupted with all the intensity of a mini Vesuvius. Rena’s scream was so loud, that for a split second I forgot where I was and almost jumped up in fright, expecting her irate parents to come charging thru the door, but it was safe, as Dana had said, completely shut off from the outside world. I pulled out of Rena’s arse and collapsed on the mattress. My rapidly shrinking cock was covered in cum. Dana picked it up and began to clean me. Rena crashed onto the bed beside me and lay face down with her arm across my chest; She was as spent as I was. Mika took the cloth and began to clean between her s****r’s legs and arse.
Dana wasn’t getting much response. My cock was on strike. It had been severely used this past half hour or so and wasn’t about to raise its head for another round for some time. Dana had other ideas. Slowly she sucked and stroked, stopping every so often to blow on my balls and up my cocks shaft. It was an erotic feeling. I began to respond. Slowly my cock began to stand up again. Dana worked harder and harder until I was fully erect. Quick as a flash, she pulled the ribbon that held her hair in place free and in a few seconds had tied it tightly around my cock and balls. The bl**d from my erection was trapped it had nowhere to go. I would remain erect and couldn’t cum until the ribbon was released. With my cock now trapped in a permanent erect position, Dana straddled it and slowly slid her very hot wet cunt all the way down my shaft until she came to rest on my pelvic bone.
“Just lie back and relax,” she said smiling. “I’ll do the work this time”
All I could do was weakly smile back. I wasn’t in a position to answer, let alone go anywhere. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful cunt that was working on me with all the subtly of a velvet glove.
Rising up until the tip of my cock was on the verge of slipping out, she closed her cunt mussel and when she slid down my shaft, I could feel the ripple of her mussel squeezing me all the way. She was an expert. The amount of control she had amazed me. Rena and Mika just lay back and watched their Aunty go to work. Leaning back with her hand on my ankles, she continued to slide up and down my shaft VERY slowly and squeezing and releasing all the way. Her nipples stood erect and looked beautiful as the light from the window shone directly across them. Dana just let herself go, becoming lost in a world of controlled eroticism, working her cunt up and down my cocks shaft.
The only sound in the room was our combined breathing.
Mika was the first to react. I looked at her face and it was contorted in pleasure, her hand was in her s****r’s lap with a finger inserted in Rena’s slit. Watching Dana was turning her on as much as it was me.
With her back arched, at the top of her stroke, Dana looked beautiful. Her large firm breasts moving softly with each motion. Mika reached out for one of Dana’s nipples and worked it between her fingers. She was in heaven. Fingering Rena with one hand and Dana’s nipple with the other, her gaze was centered on my cock and her Aunties cunt as they danced together. She was now on her knees. Rena slid her hand under her younger s****r and worked a finger into her cunt and one into her arse. Dana continued to move slowly and steadily but Mika and Rena were now approaching a fever pitch. Any minute now I expected Mika to reach her climax and when she did, it was no surprise to see the intensity it.
Letting go of both Rena and Dana, she fell back on the bed and curled into a fetal position, wrapping her arms around her legs, moaning, almost sobbing, with pleasure.
Dana steadily continued to work her magic on my trapped, but loving it, hard cock.
Rena leaned over and sucked my nipple.
“ Mika will want to go next I think” she said with a grin.
“OH Fuck NO, Please NO” I said desperately, … but I knew they weren’t listening
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The Mirror : Part 10

The Mirror :Part 10

Mika leaned over and placed her head on my chest. It was still heaving from the exertions of the past hour. Slowly running her wet finger around my nipple, she began to trace the mussels in my stomach until her finger was just brushing the top of my cock.
Having been subjected to the most arduous afternoons fucking I had ever had, I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to get an erection again! Seriously! I was shattered.
Mika continues to slowly run her finger over my body, tracing out every mussel she could find. Each minute that passed her touch became more and more f***eful.

“Roll over” she said quietly.
I rolled over on my stomach and relaxed. I could feel the hot wetness of her small cunt on my back as she straddled me.
I enjoyed the sensation as she began to massage me from the shoulders down to my waist.
Dana handed Mika a small tube of moisturizer from her bag. Mika sat beside me and emptied the entire contence on the small of my back. With slow steady strokes, the cream was spread all over my arse.
Every now and then, Micas’ finger would slip around my arse hole but in to it, just enough to arouse my sensitivity. I began to anticipate each stroke. Would she finger my arse this time? No? Maybe the next time.
I was becoming aroused. My cock began to awake from its slumber and the bl**d returned to strengthen it once more to semi erect.
There it was, this time; she slipped just the tip of her finger into my arse before moving on up my buttocks. The next time she penetrated a little further. I enjoyed the feeling and pushed up to get her finger in deeper but she withdrew and moved away. She was enjoying teasing me. It was almost a minute before her finger, still coated in cream, slipped all the way into me. She worked it up my arse and I squirmed in pleasure at her gentle touch. My cock was rock solid again. With one finger now working away inside my arse she began to scratch my balls using the nails on her other hand. It was an awesome sensation I began to groan with pleasure. Rena and Dana watched closely and I could see they were highly aroused by Micas’ actions and my response.
Rene slid over and sat right in front of me. Opening her legs she lay back and spread her cunt open of me. As she pulled her cunt lips apart I could see deep into her wet pinkness. Sliding a finger into her self she sat up so I could see her face and smiled. I watched her fuck herself and Micas’ intensity was increased by her s****r’s show as well.
Dana got on her knees behind Rena and let her lay back slightly upon her. Dana kissed Rena’s neck and nibbled on her ear as she worked both nipples between her fingers. I could hear Mika`s breathing becoming rougher and more urgent as she watched and worked on me.
“Roll over, quickly” she said, “Quickly”
. I rolled over and my cock stood up as hard as a rock. Mika grabbed it in her hand as she straddled me and began to rub the tip of my throbbing cock against her tight young pussy lips.

She was trying to slip the head into her cunt just a small distance. Not enough to penetrate but enough to give her the arousal that she was looking for, each time she pushed down a little bit I could feel my cock going in that bit further. “Fuck it”!! she cried out and slammed her cunt hard down on my cock. I went all the way into her. Fuck Me! Fuck the shit out of me she screamed. Mika rode me so hard that beads of sweat dripped off her face onto my chest.

Rena and Dana stopped their love making immediately and looked on in horror as Mika continued to yell “Fuck Me” “Fuck Me Hard “ and drove her cunt onto my cock. bl**d ran down my shaft, over my balls and onto the mattress.
I was enthralled and terrified all at the same time.
I gave up thinking about the consequences of her actions and drove my cock into her as hard and as fast as I could.
The fury of the fuck was so intense; it didn’t last long at all.
We came together, her primal scream tipping me over the edge.
Mika slammed her tiny fists onto my chest time and time again as she convulsed.
“Keep fucking she gasped don’t stop. Keep fucking me”
… I couldn’t. I was completely spent
There was a mess between my legs. A thick mixture of sweat, cum and bl**d pooled under my sagging balls. Mika continued to bleed profusely.
“My God” Dana said
“Get something for her Rena”. We have to stop her bleeding
I was too exhausted to think straight.
What did they mean? Wasn’t this normal?
Rena and Dana helped Mika to her feet. Bright Red bl**d ran down her legs in thick rivulets. She was hemorrhaging.
I panicked.
“Here” I said
“Use my shirt”
. Dana took it and made a make shift loincloth with it.
“Quickly”, she said, “Get dressed, all of you”. We did.
Dana looked at me “You go home and say nothing to anyone” she said.
“I will let you know how she is later”.
Dana turned back to helping Rena dress Mika.
I went through the old store and back out into the street. I had worn a T shirt under my shirt so no one would have looked twice. I couldn’t look up incase I ran into someone. I felt that every one would take one look at my face and know that something was wrong, but luck was with me. I never encountered another soul, making it back to my room unseen.
Safe behind my bedroom door I fell apart. Oh My God. Her father will kill me when he finds out. I was shitting bricks.
Going over to the window, just before I pulled the blind down to hide from the world, I saw the three of them getting into a cab at the end of the ally way. What will happen now?
It was a long 2 hour wait until my phone rang.
It was Dana.
She was at the hospital. Mika was going to be OK.
They told the Dr that she was sliding down the banister and landed on handle bars of a push bike that was always parked at the bottom.
It was a half plausible, half lame story I know but, that was all they could come up with in a hurry I suppose. Whatever Mika`s father though of it I can only surmise.
I assume he didn’t buy it because I never saw Mika or Rena again.

Dana called three weeks later and asked me to meet her back at the store room in an hour. I almost said no but then, I hadn’t had sex since that afternoon and had been masturbating almost every day since. The thought of that beautiful body made my cock hard just thinking about it.
I lay on my bed and thought about Dana. My cock was in my hand without even being conscious of it. I started to masturbate, thought better of it, took a quick shower and headed out the door.
I’m sure Dana will take care of it for me.
Quietly opening the store room door, I couldn’t see much in the dim light. As I stepped inside I could smell Dana’s perfume.
Without a sound a rope went around my neck and dragged me to the floor.
There are Stars behind my eyes, how bright they are.
I claw at the rope but it was no use, it is too tight. The bl**d is pounding in my head and there is a loud roaring in my ears. I began to feel my strength slip away and then the stars began to fade away into darkness.
A mans guttural voice echoed from miles away. ”Now cut off his cock” was the last thing I heard.

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The SPA part 4

Sara returned home at the end of the weekend. She was happy but refused any conversation in relation to her weekend activities. We had a good week with no sign of the padlock. There was a threat of it as I persisted about the Spa and her ending her visits. I gave in and was rewarded with a pleasant time. I would be lying if it was not taking a toll. I had to make endless excuses as to why we did not attend weekend functions together and fend off increased interest from f****y and friends about our marriage. The following weekend Sara went as normal, I had no contact or clips to watch, I have to admit I watched some of the old ones I had saved to disc. The following week was uneventful and as close to normal as life was at that stage.

Sara returned that weekend and suggested we had a weekend away together. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. She told me to leave it to her. Friday soon came around and we found ourselves travelling to a large town in the West Country. The hotel was situated on the harbour side. We freshened up and went out for a pleasant meal before returning to the room or should I say suite. The suite had three rooms in total, a reception room with TV and well socked mini bar, two sumptuous sofas and vies across the harbour. It had a main bedroom with a large four poster and a second bedroom with two single beds. I was exploring the rooms and discovered that the mirror in the second room allowed a view of the main bedroom when the lights were off but on in the main room. I did not think anything of it. We had a couple of drinks and retired to sl**p after a long day. Saturday dawned and we spent the day sight seeing and shopping.

On returning to the room Sara said she had arranged to meet someone later. We would go for a meal and then onto a club. I asked who she was meeting. She told me she would explain later as she had to get ready. She went into the bedroom and closed and locked the door. After what seemed an age she emerged looking stunning her long legs encased in black nylon, the LBD barely covering the tops of the socking. She wore a lot more make-up than usual. The dress was low cut showing a lot of cleavage. She told me to get ready and we were soon heading out, it was not surprising that Sara had more than her share of admiring looks. During the meal I again quizzed her about what was going on. She told me that she had a business contact to meet in the club. She told me that it would be best if I left her to it once she met him and that she would see me back in the room. I must have looked dejected as she told me she would make it worth my while later, it was important and she pleaded with me not to interfere.

The meal over, we then made our way to a nearby club. It was very high class and busy. We got a drink and watched the room for a while from the raised bar area. The dance floor was busy. The clientele was mainly older men and attractive younger women. Some were clearly couples others it was hard to tell. We chatted but Sara constantly scanned the room, suddenly she said she had to go and that she loved me, she would see me back at the room. I watched as she made her way around the room to a booth the other side. I could not see who she met as a pillar obstructed my view. I tried to go and get a look but I did not have the members pass and was barred by door staff. Sara did not reappear, after about a hour I left and made my way back to the room. I had a drink watched the city for a while. I then got a call from her; she was still in the club. She told me to go to the spare room and stay there, she apologised that she would be coming back with company, it was Spa business and if I did not comply we were finished. At that moment things became clear, I stood for a while, part of me wanted to leave and be done with it. The devil on the shoulder said different. I was drawn to watching through the mirror. It was clear; this was planned not by Sara but who ever had paid. Was it time to confront her and throw him out? My thoughts were interrupted by the clunk of the door, I dived into the spare room and closed the door.

At first the bedroom next door remained dark. I listened at the door. Sara offered a drink, it was accepted by a deep voiced male I picked up a slight foreign accent. I could hear muffled talking followed clearly by some sexual activity, there was a little moaning on Sara’s part. I was frustrated, I was so close but unable to see. Proceedings were interrupted by a knock at the suite door. The male clearly answered and invited someone in. I could just make out a second male voice. There appeared a little protest from Sara, I recognised the first male telling her she would do as she was told. The two males then engaged in conversation, I could hear laughing and relaxed chat and the clink of glasses. My ear to the door I then became aware of a change in the atmosphere. There was movement I thought at first walking towards me, and then the light came on in the main bedroom, my heart raced. At first no one entered, I waited not sure what I would see, I then heard a sound at the door of my room. I realised it was the key turning in the lock, someone had locked me in. I went to the door and tried to listen, I heard a male voice in a moaning tone say “suck it bitch”, she obviously did as the male continued to moan. I was then aware of movement towards the bedroom. I reached the mirror as a very large built greying man of Asian appearance enter the room, he was partially dressed, he looked back and said “Bring her in here”. Moments later a second well built middle aged Asian male came into the room carrying Sara. She was only dressed in black stockings and heels. He walked over to the four poster bed and threw her onto. The two men quickly undressed, they were both well built but not toned, they were however both very well endowed, even in their flaccid state their cocks swung between their legs. Sara was pulled onto her knees. The male that had entered first now present his hardening cock to her mouth, she hesitated and was slapped on the cheek for her trouble. She was ordered to suck, her eyes watering she complied. It grew immediately having an impressive diameter to match its length. She could barely get the tip fully in her mouth.

The second male meanwhile had climbed onto the bed and was rubbing his cock along her glistening slit; it too rose to the occasion. He began to nudge it into her pussy, stretching it wide open as he did.
The first male was still working on her mouth. He had reached down and was grabbing her dangling breasts twisting the nipples as she gagged on his girth. Soon the males had a rhythm with the second male plunging an incredible length in and out of her tight pussy. After a while the males swapped places and again got into a fast deep rhythm. Sara suddenly started to shudder and had a massive orgasm, her juices seeping around the cock buried deep inside of her. The male removed his cock from her mouth, she let out a scream and pleaded with the other male to stop, this encouraged him to greater efforts as he rammed deeper inside of her.

I was standing my own cock rock hard inches away from my gorgeous wife being brutalised by these two males, using her, abusing her fucking her senseless. I should have hated it but I was simply aroused and guilt ridden all in one. The male who had been using her mouth left the room, the other just kept pounding her, now slapping her ass with every thrust. The male returned now accompanied by a third male, similar aged, again Asian but not so well built. Sara caught sight of him and said “No I Can’t” the male fucking her, slapped her ass and told her to shut up. The new male stripped, he did not lack in the cock department, not as thick but very long. He soon had his cock in her mouth and was able to fuck it feeding more length in as he did. The male standing aside said it was time to make her air tight. He sat on the edge of the bed, Sara was lifted onto his lap and he fed his cock into her pussy. The other original male climbed onto the bed and began with difficulty to use her mouth. The new male his cock wet from her mouth found her ass and drove hi cock home. They fucked her like this for a while before changing positions, they kept changing with incredible stamina until all had visited each hole at least twice, Sara had several smaller orgasms as they pounded away, she did not have the energy following the first big one. The males then discussed that they were ready to spunk her as they put it.

They pulled her to her knees and one at a time took a handful of her hair they pulled her head back and wanked their cocks until they pumped their loads in her mouth and over her face. The men wiped themselves clean with her hair. All of a sudden the mirror view changed and all I could see was my reflection. I stood overwhelmed by what I had watched. It was different being so close. In some ways it was arousing and in others shocking that I could watch my wife used in that way. The pure sexual a****l she had become shone through. It did not appear to be an ordeal even though it sapped every ounce of energy from her. I sat on the bed waiting for the door to open. I did not know what I was going to say to her. Time passed I heard doors close and muffled voices. I could hear movement in both the lounge and the main bedroom. It was approaching one in the morning now. I was tired and apprehensive, I continued to wait.

A little while later I became aware of the sounds of sex coming from the direction of the lounge I put my ear to the door and listened. It was not clear and difficult to make out what was going on. It was another fifteen minutes before I saw the mirror change to allow a view. The room was empty, almost immediately I saw movement. A black male entered, he was naked sporting a massive erection. He was followed by a second black male who held Sara upside down with his cock embedded in her throat; he stopped in direct view off me and set about eating her shaved pussy. A third black male followed in, he told the male holding Sara to share the cum-dump. One of them pulled an armchair and positioned it in front of the mirror, it was clear they knew who the show was aimed at. One of the males sat in the chair his cock must have been twelve inches in length. Sara was well lubricated as she was anally impaled on the cock and it sank balls deep. Once she was sat on it another cock of equal length was pushed into her swollen pussy. She moaned loudly, her eyes rolled as she got used to being so full. The third male managed to find her mouth with his cock and they set about a furious fucking of her. She was kept impaled on the cock in her ass whilst the other worked their cocks in and out of her. She moaned between thrusts into her mouth, saliva dripping from her mouth, her eyes watering as she gagged. The cock in her pussy reddening her lips more with each thrust. After a while it was swap time, the cock that had been in her ass was now in her mouth and she was again fucked with relish. They swapped again with another ass to mouth. Eventually two pulled away leaving impaled anally. They repositioned with Sara now knelt on the chair. This allowed the male to anally fuck her hard and deep. Sara moaned loudly as he drove his cock home, he said”Someone shut her up”, with this one of the other filled her mouth, they then set about some more ass to mouth swapping again. This continued for a full thirty minutes, I was astounded at Sara’s stamina although she was now no more than a fuck toy. Eventually one of them deposited a full load in her ass. As he with drew the white cream started to seep. This was caught in a glass. A second then set about emptying his load followed by the third. Throughout this Sara appeared to move from orgasm to the next it was hard to define any of them as they wracked her body. The white creamy cum was scooped out of her ass with a long thin spoon. It was all collected and then as a final act she drank the ultimate ass to mouth cocktail. The mirror reappeared.

Surely that was the end it was now 3am. It must have been a full hour later the door was unlocked. No one entered. With some trepidation I let myself out. I found Sara naked sat alone in the lounge. She looked at me not saying a word. There were actually tears in her eyes. I asked her if that was what she brought me her for. She shook her head. Eventually she told me she had been tricked. The master had set it up. I admitted at that point what I knew and what I had seen. We both cried for a while and decided we needed to talk later. We went to bed and fell into fretful sl**p. Before leaving the hotel we sat and talked, it was to be the start of as new chapter.
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The Rambler part 4

That was less than a mouthful, that's for sure.

It was little more than a week after we had pawed through the pictures that the bomb arrived in the mail in the form of a bill, forwarded from my mother's last address, for the next year's storage fee. The bill didn't state what was being stored, just the square footage and a rate per square foot for heated indoor storage space, and a total payable within 30 days or the contents would be seized and disposed for services rendered.

I called, but the attendant didn't know what was in the storage room. The room was was secured by the owner's lock which he couldn't open unless I had proof that the owner was indeed deceased and that I was the rightful owner according to the will. If I presented a notarized document to that effect, he would open the locker and allow me to remove the contents after paying a fee or continue to store it in a new contract in my name.

The next week, I drove up to the storage facility armed with the appropriate legal documents and a lot of curiosity. I wondered what could Mom have been storing so long - the attendant said the storage contract was the oldest one they had on file, almost 20 years he said. Why did she need to store things outside her home, in the next town no less?

With a profound sense of mystery, I eagerly peered under the rising metal door as the attendant lifted it with two hands and pushed it toward the roof where it rolled along the ceiling and bounced back and forth, handrope dangling wildly as the door bounced off the stop springs.

"A car!" the attendant exclaimed.

It was indeed a car ... under a fitted canvas cover.

The attendant stood back to let me by. I walked in, squeezing alongside the car to the far corner. There was nothing else in the room. I bent to lift the cover and the attendant rushed to help, thinking I wanted to remove the cover though I only meant to take a peek.

"I wonder how old it is?" the attendant said, lifting the canvas at the other end.

Together, we exposed the side and I followed as the attendant dragged the canvas over the roof toward the other side of the car. A lump had developed in my throat as soon as the red and black two-tone paint was revealed in the dim light.

"Wow, what kind of car is that?" the k** said. "Some kind of early Lincoln?"

"No," I replied, having difficulty speaking. "It's a 1959 Rambler American Contintental," I informed him, an old yet still familiar defensive tone creeping into my voice.

"A what?" the k** said.

"A Rambler," I muttered, dropping the canvas to the floor and walking over it to the driver's door.

I opened the car. It smelled very musty. I squeezed inside and sat behind the wheel, ignoring the attendant who was saying something. Dust rose up as my weight hit the seat and I looked around the car, then opened the glove box which was empty except for a sheaf of old and dry papers. Insurance papers for the last year the car was driven, 1975, some twenty-four years ago, about a year after Laura and I met and five years before we married.

I closed the glove box but kept the registration papers. Continuing my inspection, I noticed the car keys dangling from the ignition and removed them. Craning my neck over the seat, I confirmed the backseat was empty before extricating myself and walking out of the garage.

"You going to want to keep it here?" the attendant asked as I opened the trunk.

"I don't know yet. For a while anyway," I said.

"OK," he said, walking away. "Stop and let me know before you leave," he called over his shoulder.

"Uh huh," I acknowledged, moving back to lift the trunk.

Spare tire, a small tool box, an old blanket, a picnic basket and a couple of empty wine bottles. The last three items held oodles of memories for me.

* * * * * * *

I wondered what happened to Jeez, Dad. What an ugly car.

Now, it seems, Tom thought the car was 'cool', a great project for his automotive class at school. He and his friends could blow everyone away if they could recondition this 'relic' from the past.

"C'mon, honey. Let him do it," Laura piped in. "Your mom loved that car. Why would she have kept it all these years, in secret, if she didn't?"

"Yeah, Dad," Tom moved in for the kill. "It might even be worth big bucks. I mean, man, it's got to be rare."

"It'll bring back the magic of those days, too, sweetheart," Laura added, delivering the coup d'etat.

I felt cornered. Why was I resisting. It wouldn't cost much if Tom's instructor let him and his pals take it on as a project. I had already dealt with the flood of memories that had assaulted my brain as soon as I had turned up the corner of the canvas covering the Rambler. What was it? Something nagged me to say no but, against my better judgement, I agreed.

"OK. You can ask Mr. Martens, but it has to remain original. Gran wouldn't have wanted to see it all hopped up."

"Awesome," Tom jumped up in a mock cheer, right arm thrust agressively up, ending in a closed fist. Laura looked pleased and I knew it was because she believed this would motivate our son who was not exactly pleasing us with his attitude and performance at school. Maybe that's why I said yes.

* * * * * * *

The project was nearing its end. Tom and three of his friends from class, the 'Rambler' team were meeting in his room. Their meetings, originally held in our kitchen, had moved to his room about a month ago. Just before that, they adopted a curious habit of lowering their voices, stopping their conversation or changing topics whenever anyone else came near the kitchen.

At first, I thought they were talking about something else than the car, some girls or plans to get hold of some booze for the weekend, but eventually I realized they were keeping something secret about the car itself. I became suspicious that they were contravening my rule about not customizing the car.

Rather than go to the school to find out, which might embarrass Tom, I queried Laura whether she knew if Tom and his pals were up to something with the Rambler and was surprised by her response.

"I don't know. Why would you think I would know anything about it," Laura snapped.

I looked at my wife's back as she whirled away from me and pulled something out of one of the cupboards, though she had looked like she was leaving the kitchen when I came in and asked her what she knew about the Rambler and the boys' secretive behavior.

"I don't know," I answered, confused by the intensity of her response. Looking at her, now crouching in front of the lower cupboards that held pots and pans, I noticed her neck and the bit of her face that I could see from behind was rosy red. "I was just wondering."

"Well, I don't know anything about it," Laura snapped.

Bewildered, I backed out of the kitchen. Now, more than ever, I was determined to find out what was going on. I was convinced that Tom and his pals were hopping up the Rambler and that Laura knew about it and was afraid to say anything to me. I went to the school.

"Nope, it's completely stock. All original," Dennis Martens assured me. "Those boys are really into this car. They're here every spare class and after school until I kick them out. They've done a beautiful job, just look at it." He waved his hand at the Rambler, all shiny red and black in the far bay. I had to agree. It looked great, and original.

So what were those boys up to, and why had it upset Laura so much when I asked? Come to think about it, she had been acting kind of funny for the last while. On edge, like.

That was my excuse for searching my son's room. I'm not proud of it, or of the fact that I invaded my wife's privacy, by reading her diary when I came across it.

Tom, it seems, had found a set of diaries hidden in the Rambler, stuffed in the heater blower, easily accessed by a little metal door under the dash. A cold sweat enveloped me.

According to Laura's diary, Millie had had sexual relations with her son and she thought this might have something to do with why he was so different when he came back from Vietnam. It wasn't all the war, she had written. Thank god it was Milie's diary he'd found and not Mom's.

I read on, working back from the middle and then springing ahead, but I'll give it to you from the beginning, from Laura's first relevant entry.

I found a little black book in Tom's room today. It was a diary belonging to Gran's friend, Millie. It was sad, really, because it was mostly about Millie's thoughts about her son Tim. Tim had been Rick's best friend in school. He left for Vietnam before Rick and I met and though he came back twice, I never met him. Sadly, almost every entry was about Tim. Millie must have missed him so much, I thought, but I was shocked toward the end of the little book to find out how much.

Evidently, Tim had started making advances toward his mother. The improper kind. Millie was quite concerned about it, at first sure she was just imaginging it, but realized it wasn't her imagination when her son touched her one morning, innapropriately patting her bottom several times in the kitchen while she was making breakfast. Her husband was right there, sitting at the table, yet after the last pat, Tim let his hand rest on top of her buttock for several seconds, as if daring his father to look.

Millie was beside herself for several days. She hadn't said anything at the first touch because she was so shocked she wasn't sure it had happened. The second time, she just didn't know what to do and the next two times, she was afraid to say anything lest her husband hurt her son. She convinced herself she would give Tim a talking to once they were alone but the last time, when he'd let his hand linger, she was sure Tim thought she was OK with it. All that afternoon, she fretted that she had mistakenly encouraged her son. She vascillated between feelings of incrimination and guilt, the latter because the whole episode had been fraught with danger, and yes, Millie was surprised and loathe to admit, excitement.

Millie didn't get a chance to talk with her son that night and the next day the whole scene was replayed again, but this time, Tim found more opportunities to let his hand rest on his mother's ass. Again, Millie was afraid to move in case she called her husband's attention to what was going on. Unfortunately, her submissiveness encouraged Tim. He stood beside her, blocking her husband's view, put his arm around her and took the full weight of her breast in his hand, squeezing her for many seconds while she did absolutely nothing to stop him. A few minutes later, he did it again, and then sat down at the table as if nothing untoward had happened. Millie confessed in her diary that it was a couple of minutes before she could follow because she could hardly walk, having just leaned against the sink in the throes of a small orgasm.

This nonsense - Millie's words - carried on for several days. Tim was careful not to be alone with his mom, clearly wanting to avoid a confrontation with her. Friday night after supper, Millie insisted that Tim help her with the dishes instead of joining his dad in the living room.

She told her son she wanted to talk. I know, he had replied. Come to the drive-in with me and we can talk all night. At first, Millie was uncertain but then she realized that at the drive-in, she could have things out with her son without fear of interruption, so she agreed. As soon as she did, Tim's hands slipped under her arms and each grabbed a breast, and a very firm boner lodged itself between her cheeks, clearly felt even through the thickness of her pleated skirt.

He whispered in her ear, "We'll get it all settled tomorrow night."

Millie was so shocked, she just set her hands on the bottom of the sink to brace herself against his thrusts as he ground his stiffness against her backside, massaging her tits until he suddenly shuddered, gasped into the hollow of her neck, and stumbled out of the kitchen.

Millie hung her head in shame as another orgasm shimmered through her groin, its warmth spreading as she twisted her legs tightly together, not to squash it, but to wrest every thrilling tingle from it she could. She was more shocked at herself, she wrote, than her son. His teenaged behavior she understood. Her's, she didn't.

I heard Tom coming home so I left, leaving the little book exactly where it was. I would confront him about it later, I thought, but first, I wanted to read more.

* * * * * * *

I couldn't find the little book the next day, though I searched Tom's room thoroughly. That night, after we had all gone to bed, I quietly got up and went to my son's room. He was surprised to see me and even more surprised by what I had to say. He pleaded ignorance but fessed up when I threatened to tell his father about the diary which could only have come from the old car.

He had found them behind a small metal door stuffed in the heater vent under the dash.

"Them?" I asked. Yes. Evidently there was a stack of them in there. "I want to see it."

Tom got up and retrieved the little book from his school backpack. "The others?" Still in the car at school. He brought it to me where I sat on the edge of his bed. I began to read.

Tom sat next to me on the edge, reading along. I ignored him and quickly became immersed again in Millie's story. What had happened during their talk?

They had gone to the drive-in but not alone as Millie had expected. Evidently, Tim had manipulated his friend Rick into talking his mother into coming too. How he'd done this, Millie didn't know. She was angry at first because she couldn't talk but then she got swept up in the excitement of going to a drive-in, like the old days. She could talk with Tim after the show, she reasoned, when they were back in their own car.

It wasn't long after the show started, she wrote, that Tim snuggled close, arguing that they would look like dorks if the other k**s could see them sitting way apart. She didn't remember letting her son kiss her, she just remembers his lips on her and that it felt nice, so she let it continue, thinking a little kissing couldn't do any harm. Anyway, in the darkness, nobody could see and, as in the kitchen that week, she didn't want to call attentin to what was happening.

That was a big mistake she wrote. She drifted with the feeling of his lips on hers, which got better and better. It was quite a while before she realized why. Tim's hand was under her skirt, way up, rubbing her panties. She was wet, soaking!

She started to struggle but Tim whispered frantically in her ear, "Shhhhhh. Don't make a fuss or Rick's mom will know."

In her muddled mind, his logic made sense. Afterward, thinking about the confined space of the car, Millie knew that Mary must already have known. Still, she relaxed and let Tim have his way with her. Soon, despite herself, she was pushing up against his hand, rubbing herself on him even harder. Before she knew it, her son had inserted himself between her legs, loosened his jeans and pushed them down, though his shorts were still on. He replaced his hand with his hard boner, a nice one she thought to herself shamelessly, as he pushed and shoved against her soaked panties.

Rather than pushing her son away, Millie opened her legs and threw her arms around him and held him tight, loosing her hold only when he needed room to get his hands under her sweater, pushing her bra roughly off her breasts and taking a tit into each hand. She didn't even mind how roughly he mauled her tits. In fact, she wrote, she loved it and began bucking against her son as wildly as he was. Twice more that night, in the car, she and her son rubbed themselves to mutual orgasms, each session lasting longer than the last.

Millie wrote in graphic detail, probably because she wanted to record the depth of her feelings at the time so if she questioned herself later she would have a basis to understand what she had done. I know I found it hard to believe that the really nice lady I had known was capable of i****t, but I had seen the diary with my own eyes, and I could feel the intensity of her emotions through her words.

I was surprised to find that Tom was leaning in very close to me, his arm stretched behind, and his right hand was resting on my leg above my knee, his fingers just poking into the crease created by the pinch of my thighs where they pressed together. We were both breathing faster than normal. I know I was excited reading this, so I figured a teenager must be too. I was acutely aware that I was wearing just a nightgown with nothing on underneath, something Tom could easily see by simply looking down to where I held the book a few inches in front of my chest. Tom, having already been in bed when I came in, was sitting in his underwear and nothing else. I was well aware of that, too.

I knew I had to leave but I wanted so much to read more. Tom's hand pressed down on my leg, restraining me, when I started to get up. I looked at him, apprehensively, afraid of what might happen next.

"The book," he said.

I said I would bring it back but he argued that my room wasn't a safe place, not with Dad there. I said OK but said I wanted to read more. Tom nodded and agreed to bring the book home so I could read more the next night.

That first entry had been written in April. Laura had known about this for almost two months!

I can't stop thinking about Millie and her son Tim. They would have been about the same ages as Tom and I. I just can't imagine it. I have to admit that I caught myself looking at my son differently in the days that followed. I gave my head a good shake but I found my eyes following him again a couple of times, and I was regarding him as a handsome young man. Maybe that's normal for mothers, I thought, just before their sons are about to leave home to start their own life.

I snuck into Tom's room today to read more of Millie's diary but I couldn't find it. * * * * * * *

That night, Tom brought the second book home. At midnight, I slipped out of bed and crept quietly down the hall to my son's room. Tom sat up in bed and made room for me beside him. This book was even more graphic. Millie described in detail several encounters with her son in their own home. Evidently, she had decided not to further her i****tous relationship after that bout in the car but was struggling against strong urges for the next few weeks. She couldn't help letting her son touch and rub against her and, in the end, she let him take her while her husband was sitting in the next room! I just couldn't believe it. Millie had had intercourse with her son!

At first, I felt very uncomfortable reading this with Tom sitting next to me in his underwear but I had became so engrossed in Millie's story I actually forgot he was there. I was almost shocked when I realized he was still sitting next to me on the bed, reading about Millie and Tim fucking, and became flustered for a few minutes. He was very excited. I could see his erection poking up in his underwear and his swollen balls below.

Why hadn't I worn a robe? The longer, almost knee-length, slip-like nightgown I was wearing had pulled halfway up my thighs when I had crossed and uncrossed my legs. I tried to get Tom to let me take the the book to read on my own the next day but he refused, ignoring my argument that we were both getting too little sl**p. The book, he said, had to stay in his room. So I leaned back against his pillows to get more comfortable and started reading again.

I had only read four more pages when I realized I was holding the diary with one hand, even flipping pages single handedly. My other hand had strayed down to rest on my belly. Tom was lying on his side, bracing himself on his elbow next to me. My filmy nightgown had parted slightly on my chest, widening the slice of visible skin between my breasts but still leaving them properly covered as did the skirt of my gown, though it had fallen almost to my hips when I raised my knees so I could rest the diary against my bare legs. My breasts, however, couldn't hide their excitement, poking against the flimsy material of the nightgown, but there wasn't much I could do about that, and I wasn't ready to quit reading, not yet. This diary was the hottest thing I'd ever read.

Strange, but I didn't think of Millie as a bad person. She clearly loved her son, and her husband, too. But the incredible excitement she felt when she was with her son shone through her writing and I can understand how she couldn't stop herself. She was at a loss how to explain it herself. A church-going woman, she found it very difficult to resolve and then simply gave up.

The descriptions of the sex in their home would make any woman envious. They did it everywhere: in the basement, the kitchen, and even her son's bed when her husband was home; on the stairs, the living room floor, bent over the dining room table (in those days?) and her own bed when they were alone in the house.

When I finally finished reading, my hand had slipped lower and I was almost cupping myself, my fingers resting not so lazily across the top of my panties. I didn't need to see my nipples poking through my gown to know I was very ready for sex. Shocked, I got up very abruptly and left, yet I turned to toss the book flilppantly back to my son.

"Get another one for tomorrow night," I half whispered.

* * * * * * *

Tom didn't bring the next diary, claiming he forgot. I was distraught but he was calm and suggested I read my favorite parts from the first two books out loud, suggesting it would help him remember to bring the next one. I don't know what he was up to but I didn't want to go back to bed without another serving of Millie soup, so I agreed.

Tom handed me the diaries as I settled on his bed, mentioning that he liked the nightgown I was wearing and was glad I hadn't worn a robe. I snapped that I had left my robe because I didn't want to wake his dad but that wasn't quite true and I had no excuse, even to myself, for putting on one of my sexier nightgowns. I had a fleeting feeling of being a little like Millie.

So I found myself whispering to my son as I lay beside him, reading the part where Millie let Tim inside her from behind while washing the dishes, with her husband watching TV in the living room. This saved Tom from having to read himself and I understood the roots of his demand as I felt his eyes roaming over my body. It's difficult to describe how nervous I was, how fluttery my skin felt. I had a hard time not touching myself and felt strangely glad about the nightdress I had chosen, with its see-through bodice. I knew my son could see my breasts and nipples in all their gory detail. Reading aloud was vastly more exciting and, as much as I didn't want to sense them, reading to my son sent amplified my feelings so high I felt I could shatter.

It was when I re-read the part where Tim first began patting Millie's ass that I felt the first brush of Tom's fingers on the back of my right thigh. I wasn't sure at first, just as Millie had been uncertain. But when he did it again there was no doubt. Still, I didn't object. Why not? My husband wasn't sitting in the room, ready to explode, as in Millie's case.

There it was again. A stroke this time, not a brush. He won't bring the rest of the diaries, I rationalized, if I make a big fuss. He's just tickling my leg, making it feel nice. There's nothing wrong with that.

The strokes grew longer, traveling further, all the way up to the underside of my knee and then slowly down, sometimes in the center and other times outside but later, more often, down the soft inside, coming close but always swerving aside before colliding with my panties. The sparkle of my son's touch reached as far as my toes and spread through my groin. I was ready again and it wasn't just from reading.

I closed the book with a snap. "Time for bed," I said.

Tom implored me to stay a while longer.

"Why?" I asked.

"Could I kiss you?"


"Just to see what it feels like. They seemed to like kissing a lot."

It was too far. Tom, seeing my confusion, said, "Just a little one. I promise I'll bring the next book tomorrow."

I relented, holding still and even pushing my lips up as Tom lowered his face to mine. He gave me a little peck, then another, and another. Relieved, I laughed, releasing my nervousness, but when I did, his lips pressed firmly down on mine. We had a real kiss. A nice one. When it was finished, Tom asked, "Just one more?"

I nodded, and we kissed again. The same way but right at the end, Tom let the very tip of his tongue push between my lips, barely inside my mouth, swiveled it from side to side and quickly pulled away.

You can imagine how I felt at this point, can't you. My wife and my son. How could she do this to me?

Tom surprised me by coming home from school at lunch today. My anger about him skipping classes dissipated when he held up two new diaries, one for this afternoon, he said, and one for tonight. I followed him as he walked upstairs, waving them beside his head, and joined him when he sat on the edge of his bed. Tom held the books away. Try as I might, I couldn't reach them, so I gave up.

"I can wait as long as you can," I sulked, not even convincing myself.

"You can't see them until you put on your reading clothes," he said.

"My nightdgown? Tom. I can't put that on in the middle of the day. What if Dad came home?"

"Why would he. It's the middle of the day?"

I made a grab for the diaries, a response to his logic not forthcoming, but he easily held them away.

"All right," I said. "Give me a minute."

I walked away knowing it was wrong for him to ask this of me and even more wrong for me to comply, but I was surprised that I wasn't mad. I even gave my hips a little extra sway as I left his room. For some reason I can't explain, I felt strangely excited and even pleased that he was making a game of our afternoon reading session. Somehow, it made it less sordid.

I was standing in front of my dresser mirror when Tom knocked on my door and poked his head inside.

"You're taking too long," he complained.

I could see in the mirror that he was pleased. I was wearing a deep green nightgown, knee-length but cut too deep in the back to be ordinary sl**ping attire. This one was designed for entertainment, not sl**ping. I felt a tinge of wicknedness for wearing it. I hadn't worn it for years and was pleased it still fit so well.

"I thought we'd read in here," I explained. "It's more comfortable than your bed."

Tom came in and walked up behind me in his own 'sl**ping/reading' clothes. He had taken his shirt and pants off and was wearing only his underwear. He headed for my bed but I stopped him.

"Please undo my necklace for me," I asked, lowering my head and holding my hair to one side to expose my neck, stretching it to make it look long and slim. Why was I teasing my son this way? Because it makes me feel alive, I answered myself.

Tom had a difficult time getting the necklace undone but he finally managed it. I could hear him smelling my hair and neck. I knew he wanted to press against me, like Tim had done to Millie, but he restrained himself. He wasn't so cocky now and I enjoyed putting him in his place.

I turned and padded in my bare feet toward the bed, glancing in the mirror as I passed, mischievously pleased to see the effect I'd had on him. I leaned over in exaggerated fashion to fluff and stack the pillows before settling back into them, holding my hand out for one of the diaries. Tom handed me one and settled in beside me as I opened it and, unasked, began to read aloud.

It was a fantastic story. Millie described how she prepared herself all day to be with her son: soaking in the tub for hours to soften her skin, shaving her private parts, scenting herself, going shopping for sexy underwear with lacy tops, plunging necklines, and panties that barely covered but separated her cheeks. She seemed to revel in recounting every little detail. She described a long kitchen scene in which Tim had come home from school, like Tom had today, and taken her against the door of the fridge. It was very intense and exciting and I imagined myself in her place being thrust hard against an appliance my husband had bought for me.

That thought returned my attention to my son. I don't know how long I had been riveted on Millie's story but I barely noticed when Tom began stroking my thigh, like he had last night. But today he was allowing his hand to stretch out on the downstroke so the back of his fingers could caress the inside of my other thigh. I found, with a little shock, that he was no longer swerving to avoid my panties. Instead, he let his knuckles drag between my legs, skittering over my panties down to my bottom before swooping in a long arc up my leg to start over again.

I was wet. I glanced down at my chest to confirm what I already knew: my nipples were poking shamelessly through my nightgown.

Tom's fingers glided down my inner thigh and sc****d across my panties before starting another ascent. Shameless, I read on. That night, Tim snuck into his mother's room and, while her husband slept, pulled her from her bed, taped her mouth and fucked her standing up right in their room. Millie described how she soaked for hours in the tub the next day, reminiscing and playing with herself as she recalled stretching her hands to the floor to brace herself as her son rocked her from behind.

At some point during that story, Tom had pulled my nightgown off one shoulder, baring my right tit. The skin was incrediby tight over my breast and it was perking up prouder than it had for fifteen years. My nipples were aching and I scolded myself for letting my breast be exposed like this. There was no excuse for going this far, yet when Tom tugged the loose sleeve down my arm, I let go of the diary to let him slide it off my hand.

I started reading again but had barely read three sentences when Tom's head lowered to take my sore nipple into his mouth. I sucked in my breath and lifted my arms to make room for his head so I could keep reading. Tim had skipped classes again and was ramming it into his mother, holding her legs so far back her knees were on the mattress. Millie described this in such detail, I could feel it nudging at my own door.

No. It was Tom. The page blanked before my eyes. My nipple was sucked deep into his mouth but his fingers were no longer sliding up and down my thighs. His palm was pressing against my bottom but his fingertips were on my panties and they had worked their way into my secret crevice. They moved so gently, as if they didn't want to call attention to themselves, to get caught. Oh, so delicately they pressed.

If I don't react, I remember thinking, I can pretend I don't know. I'll stop in a minute. It felt so nice. Oh, god. He was worming his finger around so good. How did he know to do it that way?

I read more, soaking in encounter after encounter, until I butted up against some pages stuck together. No, not stuck. Taped. I banged the book down on Tom's head and showed him the taped pages when he reluctantly pulled his mouth off my tit with an audible, sucking smack.

As he looked at me, groggily, I didn't recriminate him for sucking my breasts or invading the sanctity of my panties. Instead, my eyes pleaded, begging him to remove the tape. I needed to read more. I wasn't just super curious, I was horny as hell. As I looked at my son, he sat up and moved his hand, between my legs like before but now all the way, snug against my mound, cupping his fingers in a firm massaging grip, moving as if trying to squeeze water out of a wet tennis ball.

I should have been outraged, I should have smacked him, but I didn't even look down. I wanted to read more and my eyes must have told the story because Tom kept massaging my panties, pressing his thumb which stretched across the top and curling his fingers to cup my pussy.

Tom nodded at the tape and, with this approval, I removed it and began reading again. I felt my panties sliding up my thighs within seconds, to my knees and over, down my calves. Absently, I lifted my feet so my son could slip my panties over my toes.

I can't say I didn't feel Tom slowly run the tips of his finger along the sole of my foot and then drag his nail up the center of my calf, do a little circle around the back of my knee, and then creep with agonizing slowness down my inner thigh to return to where my panties had been. They paused there for a moment before beginning the first, tentative exploration of their new, unprotected claim. The tiniest little touches, flicks and rubs. For my own sanity, I pushed my nose back into the diary.

I was in the middle of an intense fuck in the Rambler at a drive-in movie when Tom slipped his fingers inside me. Strangely, I felt like part of the story when my son's fingers first pushed into my slit, then slid forward, pushing past my lips and into my wet pinkness. It's just part of the story, I thought, when I felt his knuckles widening my opening.

I offered no resistance when Tom urged my legs wider and his fingers began moving steadily in and out of my pussy. I actually opened my legs more and began twisting my hips to meet his i****tuous hand, reading the story, becoming the story. I don't know how long I let Tom finger me. I know I came, at least once, but I didn't return to the real world until I finished the book and then I knew why Tom had taped it shut.

Millie described it so well, looking over Tim's shoulders while he squirted the last dregs of his spend inside her, watching Rick almost falling over the seat as his hips hunched into his mother's face. This affected Millie deeply; she made a special note in her diary, in capital letters: 'I WANT TO BE MARKED TOO.'

Rick had had sex with his mother? In the Rambler? Was that why she wouldn't let him take me out in it? Why she'd kept it all these years?

I dropped the book. I was barely aware of Tom, pulling my legs wide apart and thrusting his stiff undershorts against my soaking pussy hair, vigorously dry-humping me. Well, not so dry. Within a minute I realized his cock was sticking out of his waistband, just before it began spraying his frothy cum all over his stomach and mine as he groaned his way to his first orgasm on his own mother. Rick got his mother's face, Tom got his mother's belly.

This has to stop before it's too late, I thought, as I sc****d a palmful of Tom's spunk off my tits.

Thank god, Laura had come to her senses before real harm had been done. A fingering. I could live with that. I had no choice. But not I knew that Laura knew about me and Mom. That's why she's been so difficult the past couple of months. If I'd cum on my own mother, then who else wouldn't I try to have sex with? She must be wondering about that. I turned the page, looking for the next entry, to see if she had forgiven me in her mind. There wasn't any more entries, not yet.

I couldn't sl**p. That's my excuse. Lying awake, staring at the dark ceiling and listening to Rick snore, I couldn't get Millie's reference to Rick and his mother out of my mind. That sweet old lady that had looked after her grandson so many times, might have fucked her own son. Had she really, or was it just that one time, a blowjob?

I pointedly didn't think about the afternoon, and Tom, but I convinced myself that I needed to get that next book. I needed to read it tomorrow, to find out. I would demand that Tom give it to me tonight.

Cautiously, I snuck out of bed, easily getting to the door and out without so much as a peep or interrupted snort from my husband. Yes, I admitted. I could have easily slipped on my robe. Without so much as a shrug, I stepped through the door and padded confidently down the carpeted hallway in the darkness.

There was a crack of light showing underneath Tom's door. I opened it and he looked up from reading the diary, smiling, as if he knew I'd come.

"Hi Mom."

I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, then stepped toward my son, my hand held out.

"Give it to me," I demanded.

"No," Tom smiled, closing the book and pushing the hand that held it under the covers.

"I mean it. I'm not playing around, Tom."

"I am."

"I want to read it, by myself, tomorrow."

"No way, Mom."


I kneeled on the side of Tom's bed and tried to get my hand under the covers, succeeding easily but several minutes of struggling proved that I wouldn't be able to pry the book from Tom's grip. Flushed and panting from my efforts, I twisted around and sat on Tom's bed. Tom sat up and began fluffing his pillows, setting them vertically against the headboard before leaning back, sitting up, watching me. I ignored him, concentrating on catching my breath, wondering how I could get the book away from him. Tom pulled up on his covers, trying to pull them open but couldn't because I was sitting on them.

"C'mon Mom. Let's read a little tonight," my son said, his voice pacifying.

I shook my head.

"C'mon Mom. You know you want to. I'll let you read the rest tomorrow by yourself if you do."

Tom tugged on the covers and, after a moment, I lifted my weight, allowing him to pull them back. I twisted my back toward him, lifting my feet onto his bed and slipping them beneath his covers.

"Just for a few minutes?"

"Yeah," Tom replied.

"You won't get carried away like this afternoon?" I asked for his self-control, privately doubting my own.

"No way," Tom replied, handing the book to me.

I opened the book and, as I sucked up the first two sentences, Tom's hands pinched my neck, a gentle massaging assurance, then caressed my shoulder and outer arms, pushing the ribbon straps of my nightgown off my shoulders, then down and over my elbows.

"No funny business, Tom," I said, leaning back into the pillows.

"I know," my son acknowledged as I settled into the book, not missing a word as I passed the book from one hand to the other, facilitating his removal of my arms from the straps of my nightgown.

I was deep into the next part of Millie's story but I still felt the rustle and then a thrill as my son tugged the loose front of my nightgown down and away, freeing my breasts. They were already taut, nipples hard, trembling before his gaze. I lifted the book higher, the better for him to see. I turned the page and began reading Millie's description of her conversation with Rick's mom as she twisted around in the Rambler to talk while her son obviously fingered her from behind.

Tom's hand closed over my left tit and squeezed my nipple, released it for a moment, rolled it between his fingers, then tugged it upward, lifting my breast from my chest. He let it fall, then started rolling, squeezing and tugging. I was about to say something when Tom's mouth enveloped my right nipple and sucked it long and hard. I decided to keep reading. I'd already let him do this before. What harm could it do? I let my hand caress the back of his head, my fingers toying with his hair as I concentrated on what Millie had to say.

He fucked her! He fucked her! He took her from behind.

Oh god. Tom's fingers were on me again. Shit! When had he done that? My panties were halfway up my thighs, my legs as open as the stretched panties would allow. Oh god, that felt so good. His fingers were fluttering all around my pussy and dipping, unexpectedly, just a little bit in. Fuck. He was so good at teasing me. There. Now. The little dip. Yesss. Ohhhh and up my slit, opening me, letting my wetness seep out. Oh, yeah. Fluttering, fluttering, dip, slide up my slit, now ... OMG, oh fuck.

Tom had suddeny plunged two fingers deep inside me, right into my pink hole, then shook them like a little vibrator.

"Shhhhh, Mom."

I must have moaned out loud. His fingers pulled out, made a quick circle around my soaked puss, then pushed inside, deep, the thickness of his hand pressing against my pubes, shaking. Ohhhh, jeez.

My panties were at my knees. He must be pulling them off with his other hand. I wasn't reading. My eyes were closed. My legs were pulled back, probably in reaction to his first deep insertion. I couldn't let him take my panties off. They were sliding down my calves, already at my feet. I can't, I can't let him. They were scr****g over my toes. I lifted my feet, stretching my toes in futile resistance, trying to hook the waistband of my panties. They were off. I couldn't stop him.

Immediately, my legs opened wide, very wide. I don't know if Tom pulled them apart or I let them fall but I know I reached out to clasp my knees, holding my legs lewdly back, wide open.

"Tom," I murmured.

"I'll let you take the book," he whispered, his lips pinching the tender inside of my thigh, his fingers already making my lower lips scream again.



God. His thumb was inside me, his fingers stretching down toward my bottom. What was he doing? His mouth was here. He's ... he's ... licking me. OH GOD. Oh god. Oh god. Don't stop. Wigglling thumb. Tongue. Tongue. Tongue. Magic. Lick me. Lick me. Right there. Oh yes, right there. Suck it. Yeah, suck it. Yeah, licking, I know, licking, suck it again. What's your finger doing? Poking me there. Why?. Oh, yeah ... that's it, suck it, suck it, like a little cock, that's it, suck it, suck my woman cock, yeah, ok, your finger, if that's what you want, just keep sucking, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby, yeah, baby, suck, I'm cumming, cumming, cumming, ohhhhhhhhh, gooooodddd!

Jeez, my hips were humping, humping his face, so hard, ... there, again, ohhhhh, goooood, yeah, humping, fucking my son's face, buck, buck.

Finally, nirvana. Relax. Relaxed. I looked down. Tom's head still between my legs, his thumb inside me, his finger ... in my ass. God, that's so weird. No one has ever done that. He's wiggling it. It's so weird. So different. He's licking again, sucking. No, I'm done. ... Where's that from? That tingle, surging, yess, yess, spiking, yess, ohhhhhh, yeah, wiggle, suck, wiggle suck wiggle, suck, ohhhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh.

Now, finally, RELAXED.

Tom. Climbing over me. NO. I closed my legs, clamping tight. I can't, you must understand, son. He's still climbing, straddling my thighs, my stomach, over my chest. Oh, god, he's naked. His cock is pointing right at me, he's holding it, jacking it, leaning forward, no, Tom, I can't, I can't, mmmphhhhhh, no, Tom, mmmmmphhhhhhh, ok, mppphhhh, ok, slow, mppphhhhh, give me a chance, mmmmphhhh, mmmmphhhh, mmmmphhhhh, jeez, in my mouth, c'mon, not my nose, shit, it's in my hair, how am I going clean that before going back to bed, gurrgle, gurgle, I can't hold any more, Ok, on my face, that's it, empty it, mark me, mark me, mark me.

* * * * * * *

The next day I rushed around getting all my chores done so I could reserve the afternoon for reading Millie's diary and nothing else, in my room, alone. I had a bath first, thinking about it, then settled in on my bed wearing my big white, fluffy, terry cloth bathrobe with only my scented body within. Not long after I began reading, my wicked right finger, the long one, crept under my robe to ruffle my pubic hair. But not for long. Soon it was exploring my sensitive nub, dipping lower to retrieve a little natural lubrication to spread around, in tiny, loving circles.

Millie detailed several encounters with her son. She and Tim were fucking like rabbits now, every chance they could get. Millie had long since passed any semblance of reluctance but she did play it up, though briefly, just to tease her son. She confessed that teasing Tim was the most erotic foreplay she had ever experienced and couldn't help wearing the pleated skirts he seemed to like so much. She found many opportunties to open her legs while they were all sitting in the f****y room to let her son see her naked but nicely trimmed and scented pussy, tripping on the potential danger inherent in a simple twist of her husband's neck. She thrived on the shock on Tim's face and the visibly growing lump in his pants, especially when she lifted both legs from the couch, stretching her legs and curling her toes, perfectly matched with a seductive smile, and sometimes a blown kiss. By the time she snuck out of her room, she had to scurry down to the basement with Tim hard on her heels. He was so worked up the first fuck was inevitably hard and noisy.

Sexy as Mille's record was, I found my mind straying to Tom. I kept wondering if he wanted me as much as that, if he would stay as interested if I actually let him, not that I could ever bring myself to do it. But look what you've done already, Laura, I f***ed myself to face the facts. You let Tom kiss you down there, put his finger in your dirty place, got him so worked up he came on you. Had I secretly been wanting that ever since I read Millie's description of Rick doing it to his Mom?

I dropped the book beside me, opened my robe and legs wide and used both hands to pleasure myself. My eyes closed, I imagined Tom skipping classes, coming home and finding me like this, legs wide open, hot and wet, loving myself. Wide open. Yeah. My finger moved faster while the other rubbed harder. How would he fuck me? I knew he would. There wouldn't be any choice, not with his libido driving him. He'd have to and I wouldn't be able to stop him. I'd have to let him take me.

I orgasmed soon after that. Tom didn't skip school and he didn't come home. I was both pleased and disappointed. I was properly dressed when Tim and then his father came home. I put the diary under Tom's pillow with a thank you note saying I had finished it, that it had been a special time sharing its secrets but now it was over, our own secret to be cherished for the rest of our lives.

"So you finished it," Rick said as soon as he came in.

I blanched, bl**d draining from my face as I turned to look at my husband. How did he know? I tried to wipe the guilt from my eyes as I faced him, but he wasn't looking at me, he was looking at Tom, both of them with huge grins on their faces.

"When?" Rick asked.

"This afternoon," Tom replied. "Do you want to take it for a spin after supper?"

"Let's go now," Rick replied, excited. He turned to me, "Is that OK, Laura?"

"Sure, sure," I said, shooing them off.

So they went for a ride. They were gone over an hour. When they returned, Rick insisted that Tom take me for a drive the next day to show me what I had missed. Tom was more than pleased, assuring his father that me definitely intended to show me what I had been missing.

So now we're up to date. I had begged off joining my son and wife on the Saturday drive. There things I needed to do.

What ludicrous words I had uttered last night, before I found Laura's diary this morning, and the note with Millie's diary she'd left under Tom's pillow. Now I was waiting for their return. They were gone all day and I couldn't read their faces when they came home. If anything, they acted more normal than they had for the past few weeks. Well, we'd see about that. All I had to do was wait for Laura's next entry in her diary. Probably Sunday or maybe Monday after I had gone to work and Tom to school.

Tom had told me he only had the car for a week and then he had to let the other members of the team use it for a week each so it wouldn't be back for at least three weeks after this one. I figured if something was going to happen, it had to be this week.

It was a lovely day for a drive. I was apprehensive about being alone with Tom in the car where it had all happened for his father but thought the confrontation may be necessary for to find closure, for both of us. I made a nice picnic lunch, including a bottle of merlot to take the edge off, should it be needed. What the hell, I thought, I threw in an extra, just in case.

Tom was the perfect gentleman, taking us for a long drive. I wondered if it was the same place he'd taken his Dad because it would certainly have been memory lane for him, in the country outside his old home town. Tom pulled off onto a windy country lane that climbed a small knoll and curled around to the far side, out of sight of the main road. He pulled off of that in the grass and pointed the Rambler toward the valley below us, a small quaint farm in the distance. It was very picturesque.

I started to get out so we could have our picnic on the knoll behind us but Tom suggested we stay in the car and enjoy the view without the bugs. So we did. As we ate and drank our wine - from plastic beaker, such class - I waited for Tom's plea to revisit our new relationship. I girded myself, resolving to stand fast, but the assault never came. We finished our sandwiches and fruit, and then the bottle of wine. Tom pulled the second bottle out of the basket. Against my better judgement, I let him open it after he promised we would stay put for a couple of hours at least to enjoy the splendid scenery. How often did we get to spend a relaxing afternoon in such a beautiful place, he asked?

I was very relaxed, even a little tipsy, when Tom made his move. He lowered the back of his seat and urged me to do the same, so we could have a little nap and let the effects of the wine melt away. I declined, saying I was quite comfortable the way I was but after a few minutes, I found it awkward sitting upright while Tom reclined next to me, so I relented and set my seat back to his level, lying almost flat. The back of the Rambler's front seat reclined all the way until it was resting on top of the back seat, creating a makeshift bed that was almost but not quite flat. Expecting Tom to make a move, I braced myself for the inevitable confrontation.

"Not sl**py?" Tom asked.

"No," I replied quickly, nerves to jumpy, not enjoying the prospect of a fight with my son. I wished it hadn't been such a nice day. It was too warm to wear a coat, so here I was wearing a sleeveless summer dress and sandals with nothing underneath but bra and panties. At least my dress was modestly cut in front, showing the tops of my breasts but that's all, and the loose skirt fell almost to my knees. Actually, I looked like a mom.

"Want to read a little, then?" Tom asked.

That caught me off guard. "Read?"

"Yeah. I have one of the diaries with me."

A tingle raced down my spine and dissipated slowly through my pelvis.

"I don't think so, Tom. I've read Millie's stories. I wouldn't mind reading them again one day, but by myself."

Tom took a long sip of his wine, craning his head up to avoid spilling. "Suit yourself," he said.

Minutes passed until my curiosity finally got the better of me.

"Do you have one I haven't read?"

"Of Millie's? No you read all of them."

"I didn't quite finish it," I said.

"I'll give it back to you, if you want."


Tom craned his neck and finished his wine, tossing the empty beaker behind him. Clasping his fingers behind his head, he sighed, sounding very relaxed.

I was perplexed. My son wasn't going to cause a scene, taking the news about the end of our special relationship calmly, as if he was already resigned to it, or more accurately, that he wasn't bothered by it.

I felt a weird twinge, one I hadn't felt since I was a young teenager during my first year of dating. It felt like I wasn't the one calling it quits, and I didn't like that. I knew I was, but he should be upset, and he wasn't. He's a libidinous teenager, I reasoned, recovering my pride, he must be faking it.


"I don't have that one with me," Tom said, assuming I was asking about Millie's diary, but I had already forgotten about the diary. Had he not found it under his pillow with the note?

"Didn't you get it with my note?" I asked, suddenly nervous again.

"Yes, I got them," Tom answered. "They're still there."

"Then?" I said, inquisitively, providing the opportunity for him to let loose, to tell me how much he wanted to go further, and for me to deny him, for our own good and that of our f****y. I braced myself for the emotional onslaught I knew would now be forthcoming.

"I thought you'd like to see one of the new ones, so I brought one along," Tom's new information floored me. It was like an unexploded bomb had landed, sizzling between us.

"One of the new ones?"

"Yeah. One of Gran's."


"One of Gran's?"

"Yeah," Tom turned on his side to face me, lying closer. "Do you want to read it?"

There was a long pause. "Yes," I said breathlessly.

"Turn around then," Tom instructed.

My whole body was tingling. Feeling suddenly meek, I turned around onto my side, facing away from my son. I could hear him fumbling behind me.

"Close your eyes," he said.

As soon as I did, his his passed over me and rested on mine.

Tom didn't say anything, so I opened my eyes to find a small red diary, red like my own instead of black like Millie's.

"Read it," Tom suggested.

I opened the book and began reading, to myself, flipping through entry after entry of mundane stuff until I encountered Mary's misgivings about her son's sudden interest in her, similar to those felt by Millie about Tim. Her misgivings were followed many entries later by a subtle shift in attitude, to one where Mary was piqued by Rick's interest, even flattered.

Considering her son's lust to be a temporary phase, Mary confided that she couldn't help having some fun while it lasted and began engaging in actions she knew would heighten the experience for both of them. She wore clothing she knew would catch her son's attention, walked and sat in ways that would emphasize her legs, and wore soft sweaters that would capture Rick's eyes. The more she play acted, the more she scolded herself, and the more she played the more she enjoyed the feel of Rick's eyes on her body. She became addicted to her son's lustful attention.

And then, Rick said Tim's mom had suggested they go to the drive-in with their sons. Bull as it turned out, but neither Mary nor Millie knew that.

As I read about the first 'date' from Mary's perspective, Tom removed my sandals. I had tucked my legs back on the seat.

"You shouldn't put your shoes on the seat," he admonished me, slipping my sandals from my feet. He didn't explain why his hands needed to stay on my legs, brushing up and down, his fingers scratching along my calves, nor did he offer any reason why his upper hand eventually slipped around my knee and under my dress, caressing the top of my left thigh.

Mary was describing what transpired at home between the first and second drive-in excursions when Tom pulled me closer to him. His leg hand was now caressing the top of my thigh from knee to hip under my dress. Stop him, a little voice whispered in my head. Tom's other hand was tickling my neck, so platonic, so nice. It wasn't until I finished Mary's description of Rick's manipulation under her skirt as the lay on her stomach talking to Millie that I realized that my dress was unzipped and the back of my bra unsnapped. How could I be so focused not to feel myself being undressed?

His fingers finally dug inside my panties, Mary wrote. I was lost again. Dimly, I was aware of Tom pushing my dress up and over my hips, shoving my left hip forward, tipping me onto my stomach. I accommodated his efforts, my sole concern keeping the diary where I could read it easily.

Tom moved in close; he was reading over my shoulder. Mary's description of Rick's surprisingly masterful manipulation of her secret lips was making me very wet. I felt Tom's fingers behind me, scr****g up my inner thighs until they were rubbing underneath my panties, in the damp part between my pussy and my ass. When had I opened my legs to beckon him so blatantly? I knew I had. He rubbed with more and more friction as I read until, suddenly, there was none. His fingers had slipped through the leg, inside my panties. His other hand slid under my dress, outside my lower leg and up my waist, curling around to my tummy and then up to palm my right tit, flattened against the seat. My stiff nipple was firmly grasped between Tom's fingers, squeezing hard. I bit my lip as my son's lips began nibbling my neck.

Put your fingers in me, Mary wrote. The thought echoed in my mind. Put your fingers in me, son. As if he could read my mind, Tom's fingers slipped inside me again. Mary's description of the way Rick fingered her was matched exactly by my own son's invasion of my cunt. He was reading along with me; we were playing roles: Rick and Mary, Tom and Laura. I opened my legs wider, welcoming his fingers, knowing the squishing sound was implicit in Mary's writing. I was lost.

Tom's hand was moving aggressively inside me, pulling out and banging in with a twist. I loved it, as I did the fingers roughly squeezing my tit. It was as if he was fucking me with a big stick, trying to get more and more inside me. Suddenly, he pulled out and grabbed my panties, pulling my hips up, then dragging my panties down over my thighs to my knees. I stayed up, shamelessly presenting my backside with wide open legs, my pussy literally dripping.

I moaned out loud as soon as I heard Tom unbuckling his belt and groaned when his jeans were shoved roughly over his hips. I twisted my head, leaning on my forehead to look under myself, instantly mesmerized by my son's dangling weapon positioning itself behind me. Am I really going to do this? Mary did, she gave herself to her son. Why shouldn't I?

I was still pondering when Tom's cock pushed into my slit. I was watching all along but I guess you can see something and not think about it at the same time, so it surprised me. Now he was through my slit, spreading me. God, he felt so good. It wasn't that he was bigger than Rick, though we may well be, it was the tensile strengh his youthful pole vibrated into my clasping muscle, singing I'm here and I love it. It sang so vibrantly, passionately bursting forth and just as arduously withdrawing, pausing for the chorus to chime in, then thundering through the hall again.

I struggled to help him fit me perfectly like I'd never done before. I had never put such effort into being fucked. Sweat poured down my face, over my forehead into my hair and onto the seat. I dug my toes into the floor to push my ass wantonly up to meet my son, begging him to drill me down to the seat, grind me with exhuberance, and pull back for another onslaught, my trembling ass cheeks following him up to ready my hole for the next attack.

He filled my pussy with his spend, and then some. It overflowed, dripping down my legs. Exhausted, Tom collapsed on the seat, sweating as profusely as I.

I'm proud to say that it was me, and all my years of exercise, that recovered first. Tom was still gasping for breath, his still cock wavering in the air above his lap, when I straddled him and lowered myself, enveloping his manly member, my cuntlips struggling to sc**** down his tired shaft. I felt like my tonsils had been given a tickle when our pubic hair mingled. He was definitely a little bigger than his father. I began fucking him, lifting and letting myself fall with a bang, pulling his head to my tits, shoving my long nipple into his mouth, grinding his face on my chest. Nipple to nipple, again and again, over and over, until his semen seeped into me again, the excess once more spilling down the inside of my legs. He certainly manufactured a lot of cream.

By the time Tom felt ready for another one, it was too late in the day. He tried to convince me, telling me that later in the diary, Gran described an afternoon right here in this spot, that is, the hill behind us, when Tim and Rick had fucked their mothers from behind as they lay over the removed backseat of the Rambler.

"Another time," I told him. "You can't do it all in one day."

Tom smiled, "But it has to be this week. I have to give the car to the other guys for a week each. That was the deal for their help."

"Just the car, right?" I asked.

"And the diaries too. They saw them."

I started to argue but Tom stopped me, "Only the ones about Millie and Tim, not the ones that mention Dad."

I was satisfied. It wasn't until we were on the way home that the implication dawned on me.

"Your friends are going to try to do their moms, aren't they? That's what you've been whispering about for weeks."

Tom turned to me and smiled wickedly, "Yes."

I nodded, digesting this delicious information. I knew all these women, had known them for years.

"Will you tell me everything you find out?" I grinned at my son.

"Of course," he grinned back, dropping his hand from the wheel to grip me firmly between my legs. "Then you can write it down and read it while we ... fuck."

I pulled my son's hand tighter against my reviving pussy, "Don't talk like that."

Despite my protest, his talk made me tingle again. He slipped his finger inside me, wiggling as he drove and talked, whispering to me how he thought his friends would approach the seduction and capture of their moms, my friends. I came again on the long drive home.

But it was such a long drive. I stretched out for a nap, my head lying in my son's lap. In the darkness, I unzipped his jeans and pulled his healthy young cock into my mouth, bobbing and weaving, he loved it all, even when I sc****d my teeth down his shaft. Perhaps he loved that most of all because as soon as I did it he burst inside my mouth, rocketing the last of his jiz into my throat.

I lay quietly the rest of the way while Tom caressed my neck and shoulders. I thought about how Tim and Millie had fucked like rabbits, everywhere they could. I wondered if it would it be like that for us now.

I was angry reading Laura's diary the following week but when I finished, my cock was in my hand and I was masturbating. I too wanted to hear about what happened with the other moms. Even through my anger, I realized a certain balance to it all. Anyway, how could I confront them without bringing it all out into the open. None of us wanted that.... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Three.)

(See Part One for preamble)

Chapter Fifty Eight.

“Oh Pixie! Pixie!” Jennifer was saying over and over again, safe at last in Rachel’s embrace. Rachel was just holding her and soothing her with gentle caresses.
“Come on sweetheart let’s get you down from here.” Rachel relinquished her hold and walked over to the wall.
“Don’t go away!” Jennifer cried in panic.
“I’m going nowhere honey! Just releasing your chain.” There was a whirring noise and the tension in the chain holding Jennifer’s arms up was relinquished. She slipped to her knees on the stone floor relieved at last to rest her legs. Her shoulder’s ached horribly and she squirmed, trying to relieve them. Rachel was back at her side unclipping the chain from Jennifer’s cuffs. Once Jennifer’s hands were free Rachel reached up and unfastened the blindfold around her eyes. Jennifer blinked and looked around fearfully. There wasn’t the slightest sign of any rat, nor any indication that there ever had been. It was just a large warm brick chamber gently lit by the big open fire and the gas lamps. It wasn’t even particularly dusty. She couldn’t even see so much as a cobweb. In fact it was rather cosy if anything. Jennifer began to feel foolish.
Rachel was squatting down, naked in front of her and smiling quizzically. “Well my love. It’s not so bad is it?”
“Oh Pixie! I was so frightened!”
“You waste far too much of your time being frightened darling. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”
“I was scared of the rats Pixie!”
Rachel chuckled in the deep way that Jennifer loved to hear. “Rats darling! You honestly thought you were going to be attacked by rats! I hope you didn’t tell Sebastian that! He’d have been mortified! He carries out continual, unremitting, unrestricted warfare against the vermin in these cellars. He’d have felt insulted to know that you thought the place was crawling with rats. Oh there are rats undoubtedly but I’ve been coming down here for years and I’ve only ever seen a couple in all that time. Mice yes. Rats hardly ever.”
“I could hear them.” Jennifer whispered but she felt silly now and not at all sure anymore.
“There’re all sorts of creatures here in the cellars Jenny. There’s birds that roost in here, mice, voles, bats, all sorts of things that might rustle and squeak in the corners, all universally harmless. There’s nothing horrible down here except…” Rachel leaned forward to tap the side of Jennifer’s head “except what you bring with you in here!” Jennifer gazed into Rachel’s deep brown eyes and found safety and warmth there, her fears disappearing like dust in the wind. Suddenly she jumped as a large furry object brushed against her back.
“Oh it’s the cat!” Jennifer turned to see that her erstwhile saviour was an enormous grey Persian tom with a benign expression of such benevolence on its wide face as to be almost comical. She stroked the big furry head and the cat closed its eyes rapturously, rubbing its head against her hand and rewarding her with a deep throbbing purr of pure happiness.
Rachel laughed and reached over to pick the cat up and nestle it against her breast where it seemed to go into something approaching feline ecstasy. “So you’ve met Chester have you?”
“Yes. I thought he was protecting me from the rats.”
Rachel tossed back her hair and laughed richly. “I’d choose a better champion for yourself against the rodent hordes down here if I was you Jenny. Chester’s far too fat and lazy to be going chasing rats and mice aren’t you, you old slob!” Rachel tickled Chester between the ears and even Jennifer had to laugh at the growling buzz of ecstatic purring that emanated from the big Persian.
“How do cats get in here then Rachel?”
“Oh there’s plenty of ways the house cats and those in the grounds can find their way into the cellars Jen. They come down here to catch the mice. Not Chester though. Chester lives down here. He’s our official cellar cat if you like. We put up with him because he’s too slothful to bother the bat colonies we have.”
“There’re bats in here?” Jennifer looked around nervously.
“Not in this part but there are plenty of colonies and roosts in other areas. Mathom Hall has hundreds of bats in and around the buildings and grounds. In the winter many of them hibernate in the caves adjoining the cellars.”
“W… won’t they fly into my hair?”
“Oh Jenny! Don’t be silly! Bats have got better things to do with their time than fly into your hair! That’s an old wives tale!”
“Well can’t you get rid of them?”
“Get rid of them! Why ever should we want to? They’re completely harmless lovely little creatures. They’re not only doing no harm whatsoever but they’re positively beneficial. They keep down the mosquitoes and midges in the summer and the gardeners even come down here to collect their droppings for the flower beds and rose bushes.”
“Whatever for?”
“Well apparently bat p*o is just about the best organic fertiliser you can get. In America they even have specially constructed bat roosts where they harvest the stuff on an industrial scale for gardeners.”
“Oh I see.”
“So no Jenny we don’t want to get rid of our bats. On the contrary we encourage them and make sure that their roosts aren’t disturbed. They are protected a****ls after all and we just like them.”
“I’m sorry Pixie. I’m just being silly again.”
Rachel laughed warmly “Let’s go and sit nearer the fire Jenny. There’s an old rug there you can sit on whilst I rub your shoulders. They must be aching.”
“Yes they are. Thank you Rachel.”
The warmth of the big fireplace was intensely soothing and Jennifer squatted down on the rough rug cross-legged. Chester climbed into her lap and settled there as Rachel ministered to her stiff shoulders. The awful dungeon of her torment was transformed into a cosy place of warmth and intimate security. Her past terror seemed like c***dish hysteria to her now. She winced occasionally for her back was still sore from Sebastian’s strap but she soon succumbed to the pleasure of Rachel’s gentle kneading. Sebastian appeared in the chamber carrying a tray with a small bottle and a couple of glasses on it. “I thought perhaps Miss Walstow might appreciate a little restoring brandy after her discomfiture Miss Rachel.”
“That’s a good idea Sebastian. I’ll have one too.” Jennifer flinched once more “Still sore Jenny? Really Sebastian you didn’t have to beat the poor girl that hard you big brute! A little gentle paddling would have done to begin with.”
“I’m sorry Miss Walstow. Are you in considerable discomfort?”
“I… I shall be all right Sebastian. Thank you for your concern.”
“Oh she’ll get over it.” Rachel noted “Here Jenny take a sip.” Rachel handed Jennifer a glass. The brandy was fiery and soothing. “Well darling! Are things looking better now?” Rachel asked.
“Yes thank you Pixie. Please what are you doing here? I didn’t expect to see you.”
“I’m here for you my love. My Mistress, …. Sorry our Mistress asked me last week to be here to look after you.”
“Oh Pixie! I’m so glad!”
“A labour of love my dear!”
Sebastian cleared his throat. “If you ladies will excuse me I have a few items that require my attention. I thought perhaps that you might wish to dine at about half past seven. Would that be satisfactory ladies?”
“Yes Sebastian.” Rachel told him “Do carry on. I’ll take care of Jennifer in the meantime.”
“Thank you Miss Rachel. Until later then Miss Walstow.” With immense dignity Sebastian left the chamber.
“How long have I been here?” asked Jennifer.
“All afternoon sweet. It’s about half past six now. We’ve got time to take a bath and get you back up to scratch before we sit down to eat. Are you hungry?”
“Yes I am. I am now.”
“Good! Now are we sure we’ve got all the things that go bump in the night out of our pretty head?”
“Oh Rachel! I’m sorry but I was so scared!”
“Yes you were darling! Can you figure out why?”
“Was… was I put here to be frightened Rachel?”
“Listen honey! Listen very carefully. At no time since you have been here have you been in the slightest danger whatsoever. You were placed in a warm completely secure environment, protected and carefully watched over. Nothing, but nothing could have harmed you here. All right you had a little discomfort and the odd little whipping to keep you focussed but at no point could you have come to any serious peril at all. Do you believe me?”
“Yes Pixie.” Jennifer whispered.
“Good! Now ask yourself this. Do you honestly believe that anybody within this Hall wishes you any harm?”
“Well no. I suppose not.”
“You have little faith Jennifer. Did not Lady Mathom tell you to be brave and that all would be fine?”
“Well yes.”
“So you didn’t believe her? This is your Mistress Jenny! Vowed before the Goddess to nurture, love and protect you, and you have so little belief in her that you’d rather believe the ghoulies in your imagination than accept that she wouldn’t let anything harm a hair of your precious little head! Your Mistress has paid millions for you Jennifer! Millions! Does she buy a priceless work of art and use it to feed the fire? Of course she doesn’t! Who brought you to these cellars?”
“Rebecca.” Jennifer’s voice was a subdued whisper.
“Yes! Rebecca! A woman that loves you! Your fiancée! Would she for one moment have brought you here if she thought that anything at all untoward might happen to you here?”
“N… no.”
“But you didn’t believe her either did you? She told you that you would be looked after. She told you that you’d be cared for. You let your fears doubt her love for you! All the time that you were here Sebastian has tendered to you. He came to see that you were all right every hour. He’s the kindest man I know Jenny. I’ve told you that before. Do you doubt me also?”
“No…! No Pixie!”
“Yet you’ve let your fear betray all the people that love you haven’t you Jenny? You’re supposed to trust your lovers. You’re supposed to trust your Mistress. You’re not doing very well are you Jenny?”
“No…. No I’m not! Oh Pixie! I’m sorry! Forgive me!” Jennifer was in tears.
“Fear can rule you Jennifer. Fear can destroy you! A lady of the Line must learn how to conquer her fear. There’s nothing to be frightened of down here Jenny. You brought your own fear with you. You were chained up in the darkness and left to face your own fears. They might have been spiders, mice, bats, bogeymen, whatever. You bring your own goblins into the cellars Jennifer and you have to look them in the eye and laugh at them. In your case you brought your rats with you!” Rachel laughed “Ever read any George Orwell honey?”
“Some… at school.”
“1984! The main character Winston is f***ed to betray his love in the room 101 through his fear of rats! They’re the worst thing in the world to him Jenny. He’d rather have his beloved die horribly than have his face eaten by starving rats. He betrays her.”
Jennifer wept softly. “Oh Pixie! Tell Sebastian to come back and whip me for my foolishness!”
“There’s no need for Sebastian to whip you honey. You’re doing a fine job of it by yourself! Come along now! Don’t cry! It’s hard being a slave of this House Jenny. Nobody expects you to get it right first time. We all go through this. Tell me did you think that you’d been completely abandoned; left to rot in the cellars?”
“Y.. yes I did.”
“Well at one time so did I. Do you know better now?”
“Yes Pixie.”
“And do you now know that you have nothing to fear but fear itself?”
“Y… yes.”
“Good! Then here endeth the first lesson! Come along! I don’t know about you but I’m hungry!” Rachel stood and helped Jennifer to her feet. Jennifer looked at her properly for the first time. She was as naked as Jennifer herself but she bore cuffs and a collar, set with amethysts and diamonds, as beautiful as those that Jennifer wore. There was something else too. Rachel had a glowing warmth to her that defied description. There was a hue and fullness to her body that seemed some aspect of the Goddess in all her womanhood. She was unutterably beautiful in her tranquillity and happiness. Rachel surprised her by taking a clip and attaching the cuff on her left cuff to that of the ring on the cuff on Jennifer’s right wrist.
“I…. I’m not going to run away Pixie.”
Rachel threw back her head and laughed luxuriously. “Oh Jenny! You’re a gem! Wherever do you get these singular notions of yours?” Rachel reached over and pinched Jennifer’s cheek playfully. “You silly girl! Look it’s just a simple clip! You can unfasten it anytime you want! This is just a little custom among us. An endearment! It’s like holding hands. When we clip ourselves together it’s like saying that we’re s****rs, s****rs in slavery.”
“I’m sorry Pixie! I’m being very stupid today.”
“Stop spanking yourself Jenny! There’re plenty of people here to do that for you!” A plaintive miaow caught their attention. Rachel turned and smiled. “All right Chester! Come along then! You may join us for dinner.” The big Persian was instantly between their legs purring in deep satisfaction.
“I… I thought Chester was a rat stalking up on me Pixie. I thought he was the biggest rat of all, the king of all the rats down here.”
Rachel shook with laughter “Nasty big wotten Chester. Has he been fwightening poor little Jenny wenny?”
“All right Pixie.” Jennifer laughed ruefully “I’ve got the message!”
“You’ve been reading too many novels dear! This isn’t Changi!” Rachel led Jennifer through the cellars. Jennifer was coming to enjoy the intimacy of being attached to Rachel by the wrist. It felt, as Rachel had said, like the ultimate expression of s****rhood. There was a serious point to it too she saw. All your actions required the other’s cooperation. You had to be in complete harmony with your s****r. You formed an indivisible duet. You couldn’t even scratch yourself without your s****r’s acquiescence. She’d read somewhere about the marriage customs in some cultures where the bride and groom were tied symbolically together by the wrist at the wedding. She saw the point.
“Do we have far to go?”
“No Jenny. We’re nearly there.”
“When Sebastian brought me here we seemed to go an awful long way.”
“He probably brought you around by the scenic route!”
“I’m glad we didn’t go the ugly way! Just how big are these cellars anyway?”
“Vast Jenny. You’ve only seen a little bit of them. In a sense these are not cellars at all but simply the occupied parts of an enormous catacomb of caverns that honeycomb all the ground underneath the Hall and its grounds. I’ve never begun to explore more than a fraction of them. They stretch miles back into the hills. They’re on lots of different levels too. In places they go hundreds of feet under the ground. There are subterranean streams flowing through them. There are even underground lakes! Don’t you dare go off exploring on your own! You be lost in a twinkling! They’re dangerous too. You could easily fall down a pothole in the dark.”
“You have my firm assurance that I have not the slightest wish or inclination to wander off through a bunch of dark caves on my own!”
“Good girl! Stick to the environs in and around the house. Normally we don’t leave the prison quarters much. There are a lot of regions where access is forbidden in any case. If you’re interested I’ll give you a little guided tour around some of the nearer parts tomorrow but I’ll keep you on a tight leash!”
“Oh that’s a point! Whatever happened to my chain? Has Sebastian got it?”
“No it’s hanging up in our cell honey. You don’t want to lose that. It’s solid silver!”
“Our cell?”
“Yes you’re putting up with me. You don’t mind sharing do you?”
“On the contrary! It’s the best news I’ve had since coming down here!”
Rachel laughed and squeezed Jennifer’s hand. They emerged into a large warm chamber. To Jennifer’s surprise it was day lit by means of a skylight high overhead. There was a huge log fire crackling in a massive brick fireplace and bits and pieces of simple wooden furniture s**ttered about. There was a large wooden trestle table in the chamber surrounded by benches. “We prisoners normally use this as our living and dining area Jenny. Our cell is just off to the right there and the bath chamber is straight down that corridor. Come along we’ve got plenty of time to freshen up before Sebastian hauls the trough out. Not you Chester! You can wait here!”
The bath chamber was quite the most fantastic place Jennifer had seen yet. There was a small anteroom leading in to it that Rachel described as the dressing room. Jennifer thought that hilarious since the entire extent of their dress between them would have fitted easily into a handbag. “Still you should take your collar and cuffs off here honey. Its damp in the bath chamber and you could spoil them.” Rachel told her. Jennifer had been wearing these accoutrements ever since Lady Mathom had put them on her and she’d been growing accustomed to the feel of them. She found them curiously comforting and she felt oddly even more naked without them. “Can I see them Jenny?” Rachel asked. Jennifer handed them to her. “They’re beautiful Jenny!”
“Lady Mathom gave them to me Pixie. She said that they belonged to my mother.”
“You must never lose these Jenny! Those are real emeralds! These are worth a small fortune!”
“Are those diamonds on your own?”
“Yes! Do you like them?”
“They’re lovely! Are these the ones that you told me about in that restaurant?”
“The very same Jenny! I wouldn’t wear anything else down here.”
“You’re not wearing anything else!” The two women laughed, easy in their familiarity. “Oh!” said Jennifer “You’ve got amethysts on yours too!”
“Of course Jenny! We wear our Mistress’s stone! We’re slaves of the purple-eyed Lady! We bear the amethyst with pride!”
“Oh of course!” Jennifer felt a thrill pass through her that she was at a loss to define.
“Look put your collar and cuffs on the dressing table here. They’ve sent your handbag with your things in down here but, apart from your pill, I don’t think there’s much you’ll be needing from it.” That was putting it mildly. The dressing table was enormous, ornate and quite extraordinary. It held all the cosmetics, perfumes, hairdressing utensils, manicure implements and assorted accessories that any woman could possibly desire, in front of a huge mirror. It was flanked by two floor to ceiling mirrors and it was picked out in glittering light. It was an altar, a shrine, to female vanity. No expense had been spared to allow the prisoners of Mathom Hall to preen in their nakedness before it.
“There’re toilets just through that door Jenny if you need to use the loo.”
“I… I’ve already been thanks.” Jennifer was blushing deeply but Rachel ignored it.
“Ok! Let’s go get wet and soapy!”
Jennifer gasped when she saw the bath chamber. Even though Rachel had once described this chamber to her she was unprepared for the huge old-fashioned bathhouse, covered entirely in Victorian style brown and lime green tiling. The bath itself was the size of a small swimming pool in the centre and there were showers and washbasins s**ttered around. There was a whirlpool bath, big enough to seat half a dozen, as a more modern innovation in one corner and several raised massage platforms in the same brown tiles. It was hot and steamy in the bathhouse but not apparently enough for Rachel for she grabbed Jennifer’s hand and said “Come on! I know just the thing for getting the cellar cobwebs out of the system!” With that she led Jennifer to the far end of the bathhouse where they rounded a tiled partition and passed into a smaller chamber. It was difficult to make out any details within this chamber because it was wreathed in steam.
“Goodness it’s hot in here!” Jennifer breathed. Every breath seemed to draw a furnace of heat into the lungs. Rachel pulled her to the tiled seating platform that ran along all four sides of the wall. The tiles were hot on Jennifer’s bottom as they sat and she was soon gasping in the heat of the steam bath. Rachel was holding her close and their bodies were slick against each other. Jennifer buried her face in Rachel’s shoulder to gain some release from the scalding intake in her nostrils. Had there been any residual chills from the cellars they were far away now. Jennifer began to fantasise about snow and icicles and bathtubs full of ice cubes. Breaking the ice and jumping into a frozen pond struck her as an excellent idea. Finally, when Jennifer felt that she could take no more, Rachel led her back out of the steam bath and used a shower to douse them both with cold water. It was delicious and exhilarating. Jennifer felt her body glowing and tingling. After that they sat on the edge of the bath and bathed each other and shampooed their hair before plunging into the deep hot water to soak luxuriously. After a leisurely long wallow in the warm sudsy bath Rachel hauled herself out saying. “Best dry off now Jenny. Sebastian said half past seven.” She took an enormous heated towel from a rail and held it invitingly for Jennifer. It was sheer heaven to be folded into the soft warmth of that towel and Jennifer almost purred like Chester as Rachel rubbed her down. Once they were dry there was a new pleasure as Rachel directed her to a raised platform and bade her lie down whilst she massaged scented body oil into her skin and Jennifer could have stayed there forever, her eyes closed ecstatically, with Rachel’s firm hands easing the last pains and aches from her muscles. But Rachel laughed and raised her from her revelry with a sharp slap on the bottom. “Come along little Miss sl**py Head! We don’t want to be late for our bread and water do we?”
Back in the antechamber Rachel “dressed” her for dinner as she put it, applying cosmetics quickly and expertly and drying her hair with a blower. She looked over Jennifer’s shoulder at her reflection in the big mirror and grinned at her. “You look just lovely sweetheart. Are you feeling better now?” Jennifer nodded. She was feeling wonderful, refreshed, happy, glowing and ready to face any new trial the cellars might impose upon her.
“Oh Rachel thank you for spending this time with me. Lady Mathom hinted that there would be a lovely surprise for me at the end of this day but I never dreamt that it would be you!”
“Like I said earlier Jenny. She asked me to come last week and I was more than happy to oblige. Even if you weren’t here I love to spend time in the cellars. I’ve told you my story. You know what these chambers mean to me. But looking after you was the icing on the cake and I’m going to enjoy licking it off!”
Jennifer laughed “You come here every year in any case don’t you?”
“Yes at least once a year, sometimes more.”
“Do … do you get whipped whilst you’re here as well.”
“Usually yes.”
“Are you going to be whipped this time as well?”
“Good grief! No! Are you forgetting? I’m in the f****y way! You can’t imagine that Sebastian would raise his hand to a pregnant woman can you?”
“Oh sorry! Of course! You look lovely in your pregnancy Pixie. Are you enjoying it?”
“Yes! Yes I am. I’m just into my second trimester and they always say that that’s the nicest one. I haven’t put too much weight on and I’m pretty stable emotionally now. The morning sickness has left me and even the soreness in my tits has vanished although they’re a sight bigger than they used to be! I had a check up before I came down here and everything is just dandy. I’m healthy, happy and just gloriously knocked up! Come along now shift your fanny and let me in front of the mirror so I can pretty myself up for dinner.” Jennifer relinquished her stool and stood watching as Rachel brushed out her brown hair and made up her face.
“It seems so silly to put make up on when we’re both going to be sitting down for dinner stark naked Pixie.”
“Not at all Jenny. In fact it’s more important than ever to look your best when all you’ve got to wear is your skin. You’ll come to learn Jenny that the flesh you stand up in is the single most important item in your wardrobe. If you’re happy with that then you’ll know that you’re beautiful whatever you wear. Clothes are just body ornamentation to a lady Jenny. If you don’t get the basics right no amount of pretty clothes are going to conceal it. A woman that is thoroughly happy with her body can dress up in rags and still look gorgeous. You have to learn to carry your body with pride and pamper it. You can’t trade it in for a new one. Talking of clothes you’d better be putting your collar and cuffs back on. They’re obligatory dinner dress here! Can you do it on your own?”
“I think so.” In fact Jennifer found it awkward to buckle the cuff onto her right wrist with just the use of her left hand and had to ask Rachel for assistance. Rachel also fastened Jennifer’s collar on and the moment was a symbolic sweetness punctuated by a gentle kiss on the nape of Jennifer’s neck. In the lingering intimacy Jennifer had another question. “Pixie will… will I be whipped here?”
Rachel smiled and brushed Jennifer’s hair from her face “Oh yes Jennifer! Every day in fact!”

... Continue»
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The Dominissive part 3

The Dominissive part 3- By:Stretchmefillme
For parts 1&2, please search for “The Dominissive” in stories or blogs. Thank you, I hope you enjoy!

Again this story is a work of fiction.. sort of.

I closed my eyes, as the room whirled about before coming to an abrupt stop. The feeling of soaring was something quite unexplainable, you would have to experience it first hand. What I can tell you is that it is a mixture of the best orgasm and the highest roller coaster at the same time. Well, for me it is anyways. There really is never a first time feeling I could use to describe it. Always, time after time it feels the same. His leather glove rough against my flesh. The kind you can buy at any garden variety store, except for in this case it came from downstairs. His f****y had owned the hardware store since settling here in the late 40's. A neighborhood f****y owned business that had always pretty much been in the same building since it came to be. His parents had long since passed on, and his older s****r wanted nothing to do with tools, gardening supplies or anything else in the store for that matter. She said that it was of no interest to her, and she would gladly sign over her half of the business to him if he would throw a few coins at her now and again. This was an arrangement that was between them and them alone, it would not carry unto her c***dren should she have any.
“I've always loved suspension!” Ginny says clapping her hands in c***d like glee. I breathe in, shallow and slow trying to get used to the cotton rope binding my bits and bobs to the high vaulted ceilings. At first there was a bit of apprehension on my part, and it was something that we had to work on. Daddy always said what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, or wish it would have. The pinch of the rope against my inner thighs wound up my torso felt in all honestly delicious. He was really into rigging, having been a rigger by trade before his parents died suddenly in a house fire 13 years prior. He works on tying intricate knots, placed in various places, my favorite being against my crotch. Predicament Bondage is growing on me.. Trying to avoid immense pleasure or nagging dull pain is quite the feat sometimes. Either way you wiggle sometimes you're screwed.
He places another strand of rope through the pulley, and gives it a tug, pulling my right leg from my left exposing my freshly waxed slit. The cotton knot rubs deliciously against my clit making me squirm, which in turn pulls at the weighted clover clips on my nipples. I can't decide which I loathe or crave more. The mixture of emotions and sensations intense.. I let out a supple moan. “Quite, Mine. I didn’t give you permission during lesson to make any noise. Very important you don't say anything at all while I am suspending you lest you're hurt. Understood?” He asks patiently. “Sir, yes Sir.” I respond.
So, I'm rigged up now, hanging in mid air about 5 feet off the ground at mouth to crotch level with Daddy. He likes suspending us higher he says, because of his height and the fact that he can raise and lower us at his will. But when he does lower us, we know that we are in for a special treat. With his left hand he flicks on the hand held massager. “Do you want this, baby girl?” he teases, flicking it off again. I sigh in exasperation his right hand brushing my taut flesh just under my buttock. Ahh ! The vampire glove! My pulse quickens, in anticipation. Never knew what would happen with those things. The sting could be delicious, or sensual depending on his mood. He pulls at the ropes above my head setting me into motion.. Flicking the massager on again, it comes to life with a buzz. He catches me by my foot, giving it a squeeze launching the massager at my exposed cunt. I wriggle against my confinement my body confused at the sudden assault, but wanting more! I'm let go again being teased with the massager every time the momentum pushes me forward. Oh torture, sweet sweet torture. Every time my body fights it and I involuntarily wriggle against the ropes, the knot presses against my exposed flesh rubbing my clitty. He pulls me closer yet again. Lowering me, he rubs at my labia, my wetness evident in the huge mirror as he spins me around to look at myself. I did look beautiful, but seeing myself in such a predicament was a real turn on too.. I watch him in the mirror, his foot on the rope. He lowers his pants, pulling his cock out of his boxer briefs. 9 inches of terror as the other girls called it, and I never would understand why until now. He spins me around my legs spread opened, my honey hole vulnerable. He pulls the rope a bit raising me up to perfection. Bringing me to him, I feel him pressing against my velvety slit. His hot rod throbbing, the tip dripping with precum. This was to be our first time together. He begins stroking himself with his left hand, and moistens his right after pulling the vampire glove off with his teeth. His hot skin brushes against my flesh creating goose pimples. I wanted him, I wanted the kind of relationship I had seen in the movies, I craved being his one and only. I longed for him to take me and make me truly His. He pulls me closer, his hardness pressing against my thigh, and he kisses me. “Be a good girl, Mari,” he whispers, as he slides a moistened finger slowly into my snatch. My chest heaves, I am trying to be quiet but finding it impossible. The ropes pinching me in places I didn't know existed but I don't care. “Look at me, baby girl..” he coos. I don't break eye contact. He slides another finger inside of me, and I feel a pinch. My mouth lets out a silent whimper. “Good girl,” he says. I can't take my eyes off of him. No one else is there in the moment with us. He rubs at the rope gently, my head falls back as he presses just behind the inside of my belly button. A wave of pleasure, much like the one in the bathroom only 3 weeks ago.
“Ohhh, My lovely slut...” he whispers pulling his fingers out of my cunt and sliding them into my mouth. “See how you taste, girl? This is a taste you will never ever ever experience again.. suck” he whispers burying his face in my neck. He bites my earlobe gently as I do what I was told. My tongue instinctively swirls at the salty mess on his fingers.. It tasted sweet, and salty and a bit like a wound. In fact, it should have. This was my first time. He slides the fingers back into my wet cunt, working them in and out, in and out. My body quickens, my face flush.. I keep watch in the mirror, as he rubs against my honey hole with his thick uncut cock. I bite my lip feeling as grown up as I ever had. I watch his ass muscles flex as he slides into me. As I fight against my restraints, he uses them to thrust me, pumping in and out of me. 1,2,3,4 times more filling me with his seed. He lets out a guttural moan, Ginny and Charlotte at his feet. He steps aside, the girls knowing what to do they begin to lap at me like puppies. A mixture of me, and him dripping out of my slit as he lowers me to near floor height.. I was finally his. I was theirs.. And I now belonged. I let myself go, closing my eyes I fall into mind shattering orgasm after orgasm.

To be continued... Continue»
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Secrets in the Bedroom Part 1

Secrets Behind the Bedroom Part 1
Written by TrueRoyalty

I've never felt this horny. Sitting on the bed alone. I was moving my hands up and down my thighs feeling my smooth skin. I moved to my inner thighs when I felt a tingling sensation. Tyler had walked into me at the store. My boobs were pressed against his chest and I couldn't help but imagine those were his hands. He plays college football and has strong hands. I wanted to take off my panties and feel my pussy when the telephone rang. I wanted to pick it up but I was too horny to get up. I let my hands feel my boobs and I delicatley squeezed them. The telephone kept ringing but I didn't care. They could leave a message for all I cared. I felt my nipples get hard and I took of my shirt. I stopped wearing a bra when I'm at home because it makes my boobs sore. I was getting wet and I couldn't take it anymore. I took off my panties and looked in the mirror and turned to see my ass. It was soft and hairless. I wanted Tyler to grab me by my ass and touch me. I bent over and saw my pussy in the mirror and I rubbed it. I began to let out a little moan. I slowly slided on the bed from the mirror and started to finger myself. I had seen Tyler's cock once at a party. We had been drinking that night. He had a big cock and I wanted it inside me. I put three fingers inside my pussy as my other hand massaged my inner thighs. My pussy began to tingle and I moaned. I rubbed my clit and slowly inserted two fingers deeper inside me. I teased my pussy and continued to massage my inner thigh. My hand moved to my ass and I squeezed my ass. "Oh, Tyler!" I shouted with excitement and I rubbed my clit faster and faster. I felt like jumping up as I moaned in pleasure. I cummed all over my bed.

I checked the messages on my phone to see who the caller was. I read the caller I.D. And it seemed familiar. Then I remembered it was Tyler's phone number. I played the message and I smiled. He wanted to invite me to a party.

Later that day at the party I had already been d***k. Lights were flashing everywhere and music was playing loud. I was walking through a sea of people dancing and laughing. Some were flashing there boobs or making out. I realized it was sundown and the night was young so I planned to make love with Tyler. I found him in the kitchen where creepers were hitting ont the d***kest girls at the party. I smiled and fixed my hair and tried to push up my bra so I could get his attention. Whenm I was ready I walked to him and smiled. "Hi, Tyler this is a great party isn't it?!" I hoped he had noticed my boobs. I've never been too sure if was attracted to me. "Hey, Gabby it's nice you showed up. I'm glad you're enjoying it," he sais with a cute grin on his face. We talked for a while and drank a little. I was so d***k I couldn't hold my beer cup still. Plastic cups and spilled beer was all over the floor and one of the d***k girls in the kitchen had been fucking a frat boy on the counter top. I was too d***k and horny to talk with Tyler. He was horny too. He kept eyeballing the d***k girl who had her ass bouncing. He wanted sex but I remembered how it felt touching myself. I had never cummed before and liked the feeling of my hands touching my smooth skin. I told Tyler to meet me upstairs with a few friends in the bedroom. We were both horny but I had something different in mind.

Leave a comment and a like down below for Part 2! XOXO
TrueRoyalty... Continue»
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Desire is mightier than the mind, part II‏

So it had been a few days since I had sex with my grandmother. I hadn't been able to get it out of my mind and when my girlfriend came over one night I fucked her hard but I was thinking about my grandmother the whole time. I felt really bad inside but I kept getting hard every time I thought about my grandmother. Then a couple days later my grandmother called not and wanted me to come over for dinner. She didn't seem mad or sad, or like anything had even happened. So of course I agreed, but I was really worried. How do I know I wasn't being set up?

When I arrived at her house I was even more nervous. I kept waiting for police to show up at any moment. Or my f****y to show up and kick me out. But my grandmother was very pleasant and seemed happy to see me. She was wearing this long dress sweater like thing that had big buttons down the front. Under that she was wearing some kind of low cut white shirt and I could really see her cleavage. I got a little more worried as I thought about what blackman had said. What if she didn't remember? But that couldn't be because my grandmother always was very intelligent and has never had memory problems before. Still I was really worried as the night went on.

She had cooked a very good dinner for us of steak, mashed potatoes and stuffing. She even had pulled out some wine and we ate and drank and talked like we were best friends. Everything was wonderful. But the as the we talked about things in the news, movies, and the rest of the f****y I was getting more and more horny. She looked beautiful and her shape was driving me crazy. Then she asked me about my girlfriend. I told her the truth, it wasn't anything too serious right now. I then asked her about Roger. She kind of looked at me kinda shocked. She didn't really say much about him. I then took a deep breath and asked if he made her happy, sexually? She looked at me shocked again and told me it was none of my business as she downed another glass of wine. I then asked her if he made her cum like she did when she was with me. She looked at me embarrassed. I told her it was ok. It was just between us. She said what had happened between us was wrong and disgusting. But I asked her if she liked it though. She looked down at her plate embarrassed and said she hadn't had an orgasm in quite some time until I was with her. And she couldn't stop thinking about it.

Well needless to say I was hard as a rock now. I told her how beautiful I always thought she was and how bad I had always wanted to make love to her. She told me to stop it couldn't happen again it was wrong. I stood and walked over to her and she saw the bulge in my pants. I was shaking and she looked away. I stepped in front of her and took her hand. I put in on my bulge and told her how excited she made me. She didn't look at me but I swear she started to feel my bulge and started to rub it. Her touch through my pants felt good. I wanted more so badly. I then started to unzip myself. She looked at me surprised and stood up quickly looking embarrassed again and asked me what I was doing. I told her I wanted her right now. She told me to stop it but I took her hand again and placed it inside my boxers. I was surprised she didn't really fight me. She actually grabbed my cock and started to play with it. I was so hot I leaned in and started to kiss my grandmother. She was hesitant but suddenly began kissing me back. God I was so turned on. I was really kissing my grandmother now while her hand was playing with my hard cock. Quickly I reached into her sweater dress and felt her panties. I slid my hand inside fast before she protested and began to finger her. She got really wet fast and our kissing got more passionate.

I was about to tell her I wanted to fuck her when she suddenly pulled away releasing me and took a step back. She covered her face and was silent for a moment. She told me she shouldn't have done that. She began to go on the speech again that its wrong and disgusting. She was my grandmother and I was her grandson. Her daughters son. I told her it didn't matter I loved her and wanted her. She was really embarrassed and poured another glass of wine. She told me we cant do this and she walked off to the bedroom sipping her glass.

I was too hot to stop. I know I should have left but her wetness was still fresh on my fingers. I walked into the bedroom and she turned to me looking nervous. She finished her wine and I told her I wanted her again. She put the glass on the floor and was about to tell me to go when i rushed up and started kissing her again. She tried to push me back for a moment but suddenly began kissing me back. I quickly began fingering her sweet pussy again and I could tell she was trying to hold back her pleasure. Getting hotter by the second I pulled open her sweater dress and it dropped to the floor. She looked so hot standing there in here white granny panties and her white shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and her hard nipples were poking through the shirt. She told me to wait again but I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it above her head and tossing it to the floor. As soon as it was off I began kissing her deeply again before she could say anything. And she was kissing me back. As we kissed I grabbed her panties and pushed them down to her feet.

She then pulled away again and tried to cover those beautiful breasts and that wet pussy. She began to say her speech again that we had to stop it was disgusting what we were doing. I was her grandson and the son of her daughter. She looked so hot and so beautiful. I wanted her now. I lightly gave her a push and she fell back surprised onto the bed asking me what I was doing. I didn't say anything but fell to my knees. Her pussy was right in my face. She put her hand in front of my face again telling me to wait, wait. I responded by licking her fingers. She pulled her hand away and I leaned in and could smell her wetness. It was like a d**g. I felt dizzy. Thats when I noticed her legs bend and go up on the bed, exposing her pussy even more to me. I began rubbing her thighs on both sides of my head and quickly began to eat out my grandmother. I was eating OUT my grandmother. Her pussy was in my mouth. It was delicious and soooo freaking hot. I was licking deep inside her, and against her clit. She covered her face at first but I noticed her breathing had picked up. I was still dressed except for my unzipped cock and I reached down and squeezed my balls hard. I was fighting hard not to cum by just eating out my grandmother but I was so hot I think I leaked quite a bit of pre. Then I felt my grandmothers hands on the top of my head kind of softly rubbing and she let out a very erotic very slow mumble. "Johnnnnnnny stooooooop iiiiiiit." Something about the way she said it drove me insane and I began eating her faster. I had to squeeze my balls again to stop myself from cumming. Her hips started to rise and fall under my tongue and her breathing was so fast. I stared at her big c cups with their hard nipples. My grandmother then shut her eyes and shut her mouth tightly and her head went back. I think she was still trying to hold back. Not let me know that she was enjoying it. Suddenly her hips started to tremble hard and I knew that my grandmother had just cum in my mouth. Her hips rose high against my mouth and she shook all over as I continued to eat her. Finally her mouth opened and she let out this loud gasp.

Her hips fell back onto the bed quickly and she covered her face again. Her breathing was still heavy and it had me worried for a moment there. I stood up and watched her sexy body still shaking. There was some sweat between her breasts and it looked so hot. I pulled off my shirt and watched my grandmothers covered face. As I began to pull my pants and boxers off I saw her fingers spread and here eyes were peeking at me from between them. I was now totally naked in front of my totally naked grandmother who just came in my mouth. God it was hot. It was also so hot that my grandmother was staring at my hard precum wet cock. I climbed onto the bed between my grandmothers bent knees and pointed my cock at her soaked pussy. I was so gone. I reached up and grabbed my grandmothers wrists and pulled them down. She looked away embarrassed and I released her wrists. I then scooted forward a little more and started entering her. Her eyes closed tight and her head rolled to her left. I groaned loud. She felt so good. I pushed it as far as I could and sat still for a second like the first time. I was in my grandmother and I was loving it. Quickly I began to move my hips. Not slow at all but right away I was moving at a good speed. She was already so wet from me eating her and it was feeling so good. I was breathing hard and I sat up fucking her good. Her c cups were bouncing pretty erotically and her hands were on either side of her clutching the blanket she was on. I was doing her good and wasn't holding back. I was groaning pretty loud.

I thin asked her if she had cum good. She didn't say anything at first. I picked up speed a little more and gave it to her a little harder and asked her if she had cum hard. Her head rolled back and while keeping her eyes tightly closed she actually mumbled in a hurry, "Yes. Yes you made me cum." I slammed her hard a few more times and then had to pull it out because I felt my cum rise. I shook myself a few times and then put it back in her. I shifted myself and layed down on top of her as my hips moved up and down quickly. I ran my hands through her hair and clamped my mouth down on hers and began french kissing her passionately. She must have really enjoyed it because she started to kiss me back and her arms suddenly wrapped around me and her hips surprised me by starting to move up and down with my thrusts. I think we both groaned into each others mouths.

We were really fucking hard for quite a while when I felt her thighs suddenly clenching around my waist. I lifted my head and her head rolled back and she let out another hot moan. "Johnnny your maaaaaaking meeeee cuuuum agaiin." I groaned louder and started moving as fast as I could while staring at the headboard. I tried to focus my thoughts on the headboard and not think about me fucking my grandmother, or how hot it was just so I wouldn't cum. She then lifted her hips and began shaking again. She shut her mouth though this time and held back any noise which was pretty disappointing.

I kept moving for a few more thrusts when her hips ly still against the bed then pulled it out. We were both pretty sweaty and I was still hard because I hadn't cum but had leaked plenty of pre in her. She put an arm around her eyes as she was breathing hard and I began to suck her nipples. They tasted so good and I just kept going back and forth between the breasts. She just ly still with her eyes closed and her arm hiding them from me. I pulled away from her and took a second to look at her open wet pussy. God it looked hot. I then grabbed her hips and began to flip her over. She looked at me surprised and with a look like she just woke up.

She asked me what I was doing as she got up on her knees. She got up on all fours with out me even saying anything. She then started to tell me once again, "Wait wait. We can't do this. We have to stop." But just looked at her open pussy and her so hot pink butt hole and grabbed her hips. Standing on the floor behind her on all fours on the bed I pushed myself back into her. Her head hung down as I pushed it deep. Immediately I began to fuck my grandmother doggystyle. We were both naked and we were fucking. She then let loose another one of those hot groans that almost made me cum finally. "Jooooohnnny stooooop." But I couldn't. I was like an a****l fucking her from behind like mad. Her pussy started to actually make farting noises every so often when my cock went in deep. It was so hot. What caused that? To wet? Too open now?

That's when I noticed the mirror. To my left I noticed her dresser with the big mirror. I started to cum just a little, I had to fight to hold it back again. I could see myself in the mirror fucking my naked grandmother. It was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. I watched in the mirror as I fucked my grandmother and couldn't help but ask her: "Do you like it grandma? Do you like getting fucked by your grandson?" I was so horny I was sounding like a bad porno. It's funny when i think about it. She didn't answer and I asked her again. I was hoping she would answer because I wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer I knew.

She then moaned so hotly, "Don't make me say it." I started to leak some more in her I felt it and I asked her again. And again she said the same thing. "Johnny don't make me say it." I couldn't take it much more and told her to look in the mirror, her grandson was fucking her. She hesitated but slowly lifted her head and looked into the mirror. Her eyes got huge and it was the hottest look I've ever seen on her. She must have been like me and liked what she saw because then she just blurted out "Yes, I like my grandson fucking me." That was it. I yelled like a wounded a****l and started shooting over and over in her. It felt like it was never going to stop I swear. I just kept shooting and shooting. I was actually cumming in my grandmother again and the thought of it seemed to make me shoot more. By the time my cock had finished my balls felt so sore. My grandmother collapsed on the bed. I hesitated but then lay down next to her. She covered her face again obviously really embarrassed. I moved in really close to her and pulled her hands from her face. She looked at me with this embarrassed gaze and I couldn't help myself. I leaned in and kissed her deep. I then moved so she could put her head on my shoulder and I held her. It was an amazing feeling. We didn't say anything for several minutes.

She then with out looking at me said something like A grandson is not suppose to make his grandmother cum and cum. Her saying that was hot to me. I kissed the top of her head and I could feel her suddenly staring at my cock. I can't describe it but I just felt it. She was just staring at it. And it started to grow again. She didn't say anything but stared at it and when it was pretty erect she wrapped her hand around it. Her hand felt great. She didn't say another word and fell asl**p with it in her hand. A few seconds later I passed out too.

When I awoke according to the alarm clock it was about five in the morning. And I was hard as a rock. My grandmother had rolled over during the night and was still a sl**p. She looked beautiful. So sexy. I started thinking about what we had done and hot really horny fast. I started to kiss her shoulders and her back. I then rolled her onto her back as she started to wake and began kissing her breasts. She really started to wake up when I started to suck them and my finger went into her pussy. Still nice and warm and wet. I didn't hesitate and climbed on her. It only took a second for my cock to enter her and she didn't hold back. She moaned. As did I. I immediatly began to thrust. I was fucking my grandmother again. And I was moaning loud again. Her eyes were still closed and we began to kiss deeply again as we kissed. After a few moments of thrusting in her I rolled over, pulling her on top of me. We kissed some more and she put her head onto my shoulder. I whispered into her ear, "Ride me grandma.Fuck me." She didn't say a word but started to move. In a second she was riding me really good and we were both moaning. I don't know why but this one wasn't as long. With in a few minutes she started cumming and gasping. At least time she wasn't holding back. I held her sweet white ass tight as she came and not more than a second or two after her my cock erupted in her. We kissed deep for a moment then she slid off me and lay beside me. I held her from behind and kissed her shoulders and neck.

After a few moments she slowly rose from the bed and put her robe on. She was a little shaky, probably weak at the knees and leaned against the dresser. I got up and stood in front of her. I kissed her and then she lightly stopped me. She told me I had better get home. We shouldn't have done any of that. I was kinda shocked by her words and pretty hurt. She still felt like it was wrong? I mean it was but it was so good. I quickly dressed and left the room. I didn't know what to say or do. But right before I opened the front door my grandmother rushed at me and kissed me very deeply. I was pretty shocked but totally engulfed. She really kissed me good. She then told me no one can know about this because its disgusting and wrong. I didn't know what to say and just said of course. She then kissed me softly on the lips and I left.

What a night. What a morning. I was feeling really high but confused. I went home and showered and went to work. I was all torn up inside. But then it got worse because when I got home my grandmother had called and left a message on my phone to drop by for dinner again.
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Aunt Abby and the Artist (Part III)

Aunt Abby Makes Sex Fun... and Funny!

Here is Part III of my reality based fiction, 'Aunt Abby and the Artist', dedicated to my dear friend Abby Rhodes. Again, if you'd like to see the real Abby, here she is... her beauty makes the story even more enjoyable, and she approves of this message:

If you haven't read Part I and Part II yet, I suggest you do so. If you have, then on with the show... and there will be a final chapter, Part IV

'Aunt Abby and the Artist... Part III, Aunt Abby Makes Sex Fun and Funny'

When you first wake up in the morning, the mind can blur the lines between a dream and reality, and as David Connelly started to awake from an incredibly deep sl**p, he thought, “Wow, the sex dream I had about Aunt Abby seemed so real.” His mind was still telling him there was no way that something so wonderful could have actually happened, but as he wiped the sl**p from his eyes, and let them adjust to the bright sunlight streaming through the window, he saw how blissfully wrong he was.

As his eyes focused, he realized that he was in his aunt’s room. Then he looked over at the antique chaise in the corner and saw the red bra, matching thong, and red high heel shoes that he ‘dreamed’ she was wearing were thrown on top of it. And finally there was the fact that he was in her big, soft king-sized bed with the silky sheets… and he was naked.

“Holy shit… maybe it wasn’t a dream,” he thought to himself as he sat up. And as his head continued to clear, he ran his hand over his stomach to the light patch pubic hair above his penis, and felt that it was crusty and matted together with a combination of his own sperm and Abby’s pussy juice, and that was when he realized there was no dream, Davey Connelly had definitely had sex with his beautiful aunt!

Now he was fully awake, and the memories came flooding back… the kisses they had shared, the blowjob she had given him, how he had licked her pussy, and finally his hard cock entering her tight pussy for the very first time. It was all real, and very vivid, and as his mind ran through every detail, he instinctively wrapped his hand around his swelling penis.

Davey closed his eyes and replayed the previous day’s events like they were a movie in his head, and as he did he began absent-mindedly stroking his erect penis, but suddenly his concentration was broken when he heard his aunt’s voice say, “Well good morning sl**pyhead, I see you’re up… and I mean up!”

“What,” Davey asked, being totally caught off guard. He had been so engrossed in his thoughts that he hadn’t even heard her come in, and as she stood in the doorway, wearing the long silk robe she had worn the day before, he followed her eyes down to his crotch and saw the blanket had fallen away and he was openly jerking his erection right in front of her. He quickly pulled the sheet over his crotch and said, “I’m sorry Aunt Abby… I didn’t hear you come in.”

Abby just smiled and said, “Davey, after yesterday I don’t think we need to be embarrassed about anything,” and once again she asked him, “And seriously, is that thing always hard?”

Davey just smiled, and thinking quickly he said, “When I’m around you, I guess it is.”

Abby laughed at his clever reply and said, “Well aren’t you the charmer.” Then she sat on the bed, and as she pulled the sheet down to expose his erection she said, “Why don’t we go have some breakfast and take a ride to the mall, and then just maybe we’ll come back and I’ll give him a nice little treat.”

“What kind of a treat,” her teenage nephew asked in mock sarcasm.

Instead of answering him, Abby lowered her head and took about half of his twitching organ into her mouth. Davey let out a loud groan as she unexpectedly sucked on his cock, but just as he felt the tightness of impending orgasm building at the base of his penis, she let him slip from her mouth, and with a wicked grin she said, “That kind of a treat.” Then she stood up and said, “Now go get a shower, and maybe I’ll finish what I started when we get home.”

Davey got up and headed towards the shower, and as he did his aunt watched in admiration as eight inches of hard, thick teenage cock bounced in front of him, causing her mouth and pussy to drool. It hadn’t been that long since he had been pounding that incredible tool in and out of her, and as she remembered it, she reached inside her robe and began stroking her pussy. For a moment, she thought about fingering herself to a quick orgasm, or even joining Davey in the shower, but she decided there would be plenty of time for that, and reluctantly stopped playing with her inflamed cunt.

Soon they were both showered and dressed… Davey in cargo shorts and a tee shirt with the iconic picture of Andy Warhol on the front of it, and Abby in a stylish top that showed a nice amount of cleavage, a light summer skirt that showed off her legs, and her trademark heels that made her ass look even more magnificent than it already was.

They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at a local diner and chatted the entire time, but at no point did either of them mention what had happened the night before. They talked about art, music, f****y, and everything else under the sun. But even though they didn’t address it, both Abby and Davey had memories of the previous evening fresh in their minds, and the sexual tension that existed was palpable.

After breakfast they headed to the mall where Davey had spent a lot of his c***dhood before he and his f****y moved. His mom had dragged him there many times despite his protests, but now he was actually glad to be there with his gorgeous aunt. As they walked through the large atrium and took the escalator to the second level, Abby said, “I want to stop in this home store that I know you will just hate, but there is an art store right across from it that you can check out.”

“It’s okay Aunt Abby, I don’t mind going to the home store with you,” Davey said, not wanting to disappoint her.

“Trust me, you’ll hate it,” she replied, and then as she slipped him some money that he didn’t want to take, she winked at him and said, “And besides, for some reason you never got around to sketching me last night, so go get what you need.”

Davey just smiled and said, “Thanks,” and then watched her as she walked towards the home store… and while he couldn’t be certain, he could have sworn she was putting a little extra swing in her ample hips for his benefit as she walked away.

When she disappeared through the shop’s doorway, Davey went into the art store. He found what he needed, a new pad and a variety of pencils, and then headed to checkout. After he made his purchase, he walked out to wait for his aunt, and that was when he saw the three big, macho lunks leaning against the railing that overlooked the first floor of the atrium.

Even though it was summer, they were all wearing football shirts from a local high school he recognized from when he had lived there, and as he tried to inconspicuously walk past them, the obvious leader stepped in front of him and said, “Hey dudes, check out nerd-boy with his coloring book.”

The other two boys laughed as Davey moved to walk around him, but the leader moved into his path again and said, “So who are you supposed to be, dork… some kind of Mozart?”

Davey thought about pointing out to the mental midget that Mozart was a composer, not an artist, but instead he just kept his head down and tried to keep moving. But this time all three of the Neanderthals stepped in front of him, and just as he was deciding what his best course of action would be, he heard Abby’s voice say, “Is everything alright babe?”

When Davey looked up, he saw all three bullies staring at his gorgeous aunt. At first nobody said anything, and then the leader said, “Wow dork, I’m glad your big s****r came to your rescue, because she’s smokin’ hot.”

Abby had to admit she was a little flattered that the gorilla thought she was Davey’s s****r, but instead of expressing gratitude, she glared at him and said, “I’m not his s****r.”

That was when he said, “Holy shit dork… if she’s your mom, then she’s a serious MILF!”

The muscle heads began laughing until Abby walked over to Davey, and as she put her hand on his shoulder, she shook her head and said, “Boy you guys really are morons… I’m not his s****r, and I’m certainly not his mother… I’m just the woman that’s fucking him.” And then as the three macho bullies stopped laughing and watched in stunned silence, she kissed Davey deeply.

Abby made sure the three of them had a good view of her tongue going in Davey’s mouth, and then as she broke the kiss, she looked at the leader and said, “It’s like this pencil-dick, while jocks like you, Dumb and Dumber here are chasing airhead cheerleaders who just send you home to beat your own meat, artistic, sensitive guys like David are actually getting laid by women like me.”

The three boys who had tried intimidating Davey were now speechless, and that was when Abby decided to apply the coup de gras. As they watched, she reached down and cupped a handful of her nephew’s ample crotch, kissed him on the neck and loudly said, “C’mon Baby… lets finish shopping and get home… I need to get this monster inside of me.” Then as she looked at the three stunned jocks, she held up her hands about a foot apart and said, “It’s this fucking big… I swear to God!”

The once boisterous bullies stood in silence as Davey and Abby walked away, with his arm around her waist, and her head resting on his shoulder. Now she was definitely putting some extra hip action in her walk, just to show them what they were missing, and as they watched, she raised her hand, extended her middle finger and hollered, “Later assholes!”

Once they were out of sight and ear shot, Davey and Abby slipped into a department store, and the two of them broke out in hilarious laughter. Then Davey looked at her and whispered, “Thanks Aunt Abby… that was really cool.”

Abby just smiled and said, “Ahh, they deserved it, who do they think they are to make fun of you.” Then she checked to make sure nobody was looking before she grabbed a handful of his crotch again and said, “Besides, I just told the truth, I really do want to get home and get this monster inside of me.”

Davey was wondering how this day could possibly get any better, and that was when Abby got a mischievous grin on her face, grabbed his hand and said, “Come with me… lets have some fun.”

The teenager followed her as they walked to the women’s wear section of the store, and then into the intimate apparel department. Davey watched as Abby leafed through a rack of sheer sl**pwear before picking out a few very sexy negligees. Then she looked at him and whispered, “Just follow my lead,” and after giving him a smile and a wink she started walking towards the dressing rooms.

The upscale department stores had fitting room attendants to help guard against shoplifting, so when they reached their destination, a very proper, spinsterish looking woman of about 60 approached Abby and Davey and said, “May I help you?”

“Yes,” Abby said in a very pleasant tone, “I’d like to try these on,” holding the sexy lingerie up in front of Davey. The older woman gave her a less disapproving glare, but handed her a claim ticket and counted the items. Then she pointed Abby towards the fitting rooms.

Davey watched as his aunt started walking towards the enclosed changing booths, but then she suddenly stopped, turned to him and said, “Well aren’t you coming with me?”

Both Davey and the attendant were surprised at her request, but Abby just smiled at the prudish woman and said, “He’s my fashion consultant.”

This time a more direct glare of disapproval came over the attendants face as Abby and Davey walked back to the dressing room. She wasn’t sure of their relationship, but she did know that the attractive woman would probably need to strip to try on the sexy outfits, and the young man accompanying her would be right there to see it all.

Once inside the dressing room, Abby was like a giddy school girl, and had to suppress a laugh as she whispered, “Did you see the look on her face when I told you to come with me?”

Davey giggled and nodded, still not totally sure what was going on, but then he watched as his aunt pulled her shirt over her head and hung it on a hook before reaching behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it slide down her arms and exposing her magnificent breasts. And finally she unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her full hips and round ass, showing that she wasn’t wearing panties.

The teenager couldn’t believe what was happening. His aunt had just stripped in front of him in a public place, and immediately he felt his penis starting to swell in his shorts. Then he looked over her shoulder and saw a full length mirror that gave him a perfect view of Abby’s ass, and he was amazed at how round it looked. But if Davey thought she had only taken off her clothes to try on the negligees, he found out how wrong he was when she lowered herself to her knees and began undoing his belt.

“What are you doing,” Davey whispered as Abby tugged his zipper down, and then unbuttoned his shorts… but instead of answering she just looked up at him and held her index finger to her lips, telling him to shush. Then after pulling his cargo shorts and boxers down in one motion, Abby leaned forward, and took his semi-hard cock in her mouth.

Davey slapped his hand over his mouth, only letting out a muffled “Mmmmppphh,” as his aunt started to expertly fellate him. Almost immediately his penis swelled to a full erection, and Abby began sucking him in earnest.

Abby wasn’t just performing oral sex on Davey… she was sucking his cock with a purpose. She had been horny all morning, and making a fool of the three jocks and then toying with the attendant had really gotten her pussy juices flowing. As her mouth and left hand worked their magic on Davey’s thick member, her right hand slipped between her legs and began rubbing her dripping cunt and swollen clit.

Another floor length mirror to his left gave Davey a perfect view of what his aunt was doing. He could clearly see her naked breasts heaving up and down, and her hand moving furiously between her legs. He could see she was rubbing her own pussy, and the thought of his beautiful aunt masturbating while sucking his dick was quickly pushing Davey towards orgasm… and that was exactly what Abby wanted.

As she sucked his cock, Abby pressed her middle finger deep in her sodden cunt… coating it with her juices before returning it to her hard pleasure button. Her hand was a blur as her slippery finger worked furiously on her clit… and at the same time her tongue began massaging the underside of Davey’s raging prick. She tried her best to open her throat and take as much of his enormous organ into her mouth, and that was when he whispered, “Aunt Abby… I’m gonna cum.”

Reluctantly Abby pulled her hand away from her cunt so she could use it to play with her nephew’s balls, while the other hand worked in unison with her talented mouth to bring him off. Just then she felt the muscles in his thighs tighten, and as he clamped his hand over his mouth to suppress a scream of ecstasy, his cock began flexing wildly… flooding her mouth with his thick cum.

“Mmmmmmm,” Abby moaned as his cock came alive between her lips, pumping gouts of warm semen into her mouth. She swallowed the first couple of blasts as the hand that had cradled her nephew’s balls disappeared back between her own legs. She was so overcome with the blatant sexuality of the moment that as soon as her finger stroked her clit again, her own orgasm erupted.

Abby’s muffled groan of pleasure reverberated around Davey’s spurting cock as aunt and nephew came together. Pussy juice poured from her convulsing cunt and covered her invading fingers as a powerful orgasm ripped through her groin. At the same time she could feel the contractions in Davey’s prick began to ease, and she took his twitching organ from her mouth and stroked the shaft, smearing the last dregs of his spunk drip onto her face.

As the final tremors in Abby’s pussy faded away, she fell back onto her pillowy ass and swallowed the rich, salty sperm that was in her mouth. Then she looked up at Davey, and he could see she still had pearls of his thick white liquid still clinging to her face. But instead of wiping it off, she smiled and pulled his pants up.

Once Davey was dressed, Abby put her clothes back on, and as she opened the dressing room door, Davey whispered, “Aunt Abby, on your face…” and as she looked back at him he motioned to his own face, telling her that she still had quite a bit of his sperm on her cheek and chin.

But instead of cleaning herself, his aunt flashed her mischievous grin and winked again, and then walked back to the clerk’s station. When they reached the counter, the older woman looked at Abby’s face, and her eyes almost bugged out of her head. Even if she was a prude, the old spinster knew exactly what was clinging to the younger woman’s face, and as she handed the lingerie back to her, Abby said, “Thanks for your help, but I think I’ll keep looking… these may have been a little too much for the young man.” Then she took Davey’s hand and they quickly walked out of the store… laughing as they did.

As they walked back into the mall area, with Davey’s semen still on Abby’s face, they saw the three bullies from earlier still standing by the railing. Davey thought they would walk around the other way, but he was surprised when his aunt grabbed his hand and began walking straight towards them. As the trio stood silently, still reeling from their earlier humiliation, Abby stopped a few feet away, and loud enough for them to hear, said, “Jeez honey, why didn’t you tell me I still have your cum on my face.”

The three jocks stared in shocked silence as she sc****d the remnants of Davey’s sperm from her cheek and chin, and then put her cum-coated fingers in her mouth. After licking them clean she took Davey by the hand again, and as they walked past the Three Stooges, Abby smiled and said, “I couldn’t wait so I gave him a blowjob in a dressing room… and now I’m taking him home to fuck his brains out.”

Abby and Davey walked hand in hand towards the exit, thinking the incident was done, but they were taken by surprise when they heard the leader holler, “Dude… you are the MAN!” And as they looked over their shoulders, his two sidekicks raised their hands over their heads and began bowing at the waist in the universal sign of ‘we are not worthy,’ while the leader began a rhythmic clap of respect for Davey.

Thanks to his beautiful aunt, the ‘artsy nerd’ had finally gained the respect and admiration of the popular crowd. And as the two of them turned and headed towards the door, with the loud clapping echoing throughout the atrium, Davey smiled and said, “Aunt Abby… this has been the best two days of my life.”

Abby just squeezed his hand and said, “And it isn’t over yet.”

Davey was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. He gleefully helped his beautiful aunt with all the chores she had for him to do, and never complained once… mainly because she was by his side all afternoon wearing a pair of shorts that showed off her incredible ass and a shirt that she tied off just under her magnificent tits, exposing her soft, flat tummy.

The teenager spent half the afternoon putting boxes in the attic, cleaning the yard and organizing the garage, and the other half ogling his barely-clothed aunt... and that was exactly what Abby had hoped for. She had purposely worn the revealing outfit to keep Davey enticed, because even though she had already sucked him off, she figured her provocative outfit would keep him excited for later… and judging by the constant bulge in the front of his shorts, she saw just how right she was.

Davey finished his last task late in the afternoon, and Abby could see his tee shirt soaked with sweat from the Texas heat, and his hands and face blotched with dirt. She told him that she was going to start dinner, and if he wanted he could use her large, walk-in shower to scrub away the day’s activities. He took one more long look at his beautiful aunt in her revealing outfit, and then headed down the hall towards her bedroom… and as he did could hear pots and pans rattling as she got ready to cook.

Davey adjusted the water temperature, and then peeled off his dirty clothes and got into the shower. The hot water felt great as it cascaded down over his body, soothing his skin and relaxing the muscles in his shoulders and back. Then he poured a generous amount of shampoo into his hand and began to massage it into his scalp… and that was when he heard the shower door open and then close.

Lather was pouring over his face, so he couldn’t open his eyes, but he soon felt arms wrap around his torso before pulling him back… and as he felt her large breasts press into his back, and her thick patch of pubic hair brush against his buttocks, he heard his Aunt Abby say, “I thought you might need a little help washing your back.”

Once again Davey’s teenage cock began to inflate as his gorgeous aunt began to soap his shoulders and back. He just tilted his head back and let the rest of the shampoo rinse from his hair, and the additional lather help Abby’s hands glide even more smoothly over his body. Davey let a soft groan slip from his lips as her hands ventured down to his small buttocks, soaping them thoroughly before letting her slippery fingers part his ass cheeks to scrub his tight little hole.

Abby’s hands hadn’t gotten anywhere near Davey’s penis yet, but it was already fully gorged with bl**d and sticking straight out from his body. The teenager couldn’t get over how amazing his aunt’s hands felt as they rubbed the fragrant soap over his body. Then he felt her hands and arms wrap around his waist again, only this time when he felt her breasts press against his back, she also wrapped her soapy hands around his raging erection.

“Oh God Aunt Abby,” Davey groaned as she began sliding her slick hands back and forth along the length of his swollen organ. She planted little kisses on the back of his soft, wet neck and she slowly jerked his cock with one slippery hand while the other dipped between his legs and began massaging his balls.

Even though he had used a soapy hand to jerk his own cock many times, this felt totally different. Abby was slowly manipulating his prick and balls with her soft hands, and that combined with the feel of her huge tits pressed into his back, and her tongue teasing his neck had the pressure already building at the base of his twitching cock. Abby sensed it too, and released him before he could cum… only to tell him, “Turn around and I’ll do your front.”

Davey turned around and was finally able to see his aunt. Her deep red hair was tied on top of her head, and her green eyes sparkled as she looked back at him. As his eyes scanned down, he was amazed at how incredible her wet body looked. The water glistened on her skin accented every curve and swell. Her tits looked so soft and creamy, and her nipples stood out like the erasers on a Number Two pencil. And beads of water clung to the thick patch of dark, curly pubic hair at the apex of her muscular thighs.

After giving Davey a good look at her body, Abby gently kissed him, and then she began soaping his hairless chest. Her hands felt incredible as they rubbed his skin. Then she used her thumbs to tease his hard little nipples before sliding her hands down to his stomach. The warm water was spraying onto his back and flowing over his shoulders, helping keep his skin smooth and slick, and as her hands neared his stiff cock, she lowered herself to her knees in front of him.

Davey’s body shivered as Abby’s hands wrapped around his hard shaft once again. This time she used the water rolling down the front of his body to rinse away any soap residue. As she did, Davey could see the shower spray striking her face, but once all the soap was gone, she leaned forward to use his body to block the spray… and then she opened her lips and sucked his bloated cock into her warm mouth.

“Oh Aunt Abby,” Davey groaned as his beautiful aunt began practicing the fine art of fellatio on his long, thick erection. This wasn’t the first time she had sucked his prick in the last two days, but Davey was certainly not getting bored with it. Each time she put his hard cock in her mouth, it was just as exciting as the first time. Maybe it was because blowjobs were still new to him, or the different circumstances and places she had done it, or the fact that it wasn’t just any girl, but his beautiful aunt using her mouth to give him pleasure… but for whatever the reason, each time she sucked him he immediately felt the pangs of an impending orgasm.

Abby could also sense that it wouldn’t take long for her nephew to begin blasting torrents of thick young cum in her mouth and down her throat, but as exciting and appealing as that was to her, she had something else in mind. So she reluctantly released Davey’s twitching cock from between her lips, causing him to moan in disappointment, and then she stood up and said, “How about washing my back?”

As Abby turned her back to her nephew, she could already feel her pussy melting into a pool of its own juices. Davey rubbed the expensive bath soap between his hands, and then began massaging the combination of soap and bath oil into his aunt’s shoulders. His hands easily glided over her flawless skin, and she let out a soft sigh as he massaged her shoulders and upper back, before sliding down to her sides and hips.

The puffy head of Davey’s swollen cock occasionally bumped into Abby’s hip like a ramrod as he soaped her lower back and sides, then as he pulled her closer to him, the length of his penis pressed between her fleshy ass cheeks, and his hands slid upwards and cupped both of her large, milky white breasts.

“Ohhhhh,” Abby groaned as Davey filled his hands with her ample tit flesh. He began slowly kneading the soft mounds as he hunched his hips forward, pushing the length of his cock upwards and capturing it between her ample ass cheeks. His slippery fingers began playing with her erect nipples as the hard shaft of his swollen prick glided over her puckered anus, causing tiny pangs of pleasure to emanate from the sensitive area, and the dull ache deep in her groin to intensify.

While a few men had used their fingers to play with the hidden jewel, and a few others, including Davey, had used their tongues to tease the tiny hole, she had never experienced anal sex. It wasn’t that Abby was turned off by it. On the contrary, she had always enjoyed having her tight, pink rosebud teased. But even though some may have considered the notion ridiculous, she had decided that if she did get married one day, and she hoped she would, then she would have something to give her husband that no other man ever had… her virgin asshole.

Both aunt and nephew could feel their passion rising, and that was when Davey lowered his hips and slipped his long, thick cock between Abby’s legs from behind. She trapped the pulsing rod between her thighs, and then groaned out loud as Davey began thrusting his hips back and forth, causing the top of his shaft to rub against her pussy lips, and press against her inflamed clit. As she looked down, she could actually see the swollen head of his huge penis pop out beneath her thick patch of lush pubic hair, before disappearing again as he pulled his hips back.

The grinding of her nephew’s hard shaft against her exposed clit had Abby racing to yet another orgasm, but she wanted more. So she bent at the waist and braced her left hand against the shower wall for support, and then she reached back between her spread legs, grasped his cock in her right hand and guided the spongy head to her dripping slit. Davey was like a dog in heat, and as soon as he felt the soft wetness of her pussy lips pressing against the sensitive head of his penis, he slammed his hips forward, and buried eight inches of hard cock in his aunt’s quivering cunt with one violent thrust.

“Agggghhhhh,” Abby screamed as Davey’s long, thick shaft split her cunt wide open. She hadn’t expected such a brutal assault on her womanhood, but her nephew was overcome with lust, and there was a sudden jolt of pain as her sensitive pussy lips were stretched wide, and her vagina was filled to capacity with young, hard cock. But the pain was only momentary, and was quickly replaced by indescribable pleasure as Davey grasped her fleshy hips and began fucking her from behind.

“Oh God Davey, yes… yes… yes…” Abby groaned over and over as her nephew, crazed by passion, began mercilessly pounding her pussy like a jackhammer. She was now using both hands to brace herself against the wall, not wanting her head to slam against the hard tile during Davey’s onslaught. In all her experiences, nobody had ever fucked her so hard or so deep, and even though she didn’t always have an orgasm from intercourse, she knew that wouldn’t be the case today… she was going to cum.

A hard clapping sound echoed off of the tile walls of the bathroom as Davey’s slender hips slapped against his aunt’s magnificent ass. The impact was so hard that he could see the fleshy cheeks ripple with each deep thrust. He had always been fascinated by Abby’s derriere, and she knew it, so as she looked back over her shoulder at him, she groaned, “Davey, you’ve always loved my ass, haven’t you?”

“Uh huh,” the teenager managed to grunt as he kept fucking his aunt… with the all too familiar tightness beginning to build just behind his testicles.

“You used to jerk yourself off while you watched me… didn’t you Davey,” Abby asked in a strained voice… finding it hard to speak while being hammered by her nephew’s huge cock.

All Davey could do was groan “Uh huh,” again, but Abby’s words were having the desired effect, because hearing his beautiful aunt saying such naughty things had him racing towards an orgasm.

Abby’s own orgasm was also getting ready to overtake her, and that was when she said, “Look at my ass Davey… look at my ass while you fuck my pussy.”

“Oh yessss,” Davey groaned as his hips began moving faster. His thrusts were getting deeper, and as he looked down, he could actually see between the fleshy cheeks to where his cock disappearing and reappearing over and over again from her tight, wet cunt. It was truly a dream come true… and the sight was more than a teenage boy could take.

Abby could also feel his thrusts getting more erratic, and knew he was close, and that was when she looked back over her shoulder and said, “Cum for me Davey… fill Aunt Abby’s pussy with your cum!”

Hearing his aunt utter words he only fantasized about her using pushed him to the brink, and as Davey somehow curled his hips under his Aunt’s ass cheeks, driving his cock past her cervix and even deeper into her cunt, he screamed, “AUNT ABBY… I’m CUMMMIIINNNGGGG!”

Davey’s cock began pulsing wildly, causing him to cry out as involuntary muscle contractions pumped jets of searing hot cum up from his balls, through his cock shaft, and into his aunt’s waiting pussy. Her vaginal walls was wrapped so tightly around his prick that she could actually feel it pulsing as he unloaded what felt like a gallon of semen deep inside her cunt.

Abby had also reached the point of no return, and as she screamed, “Harder Davey… fuck me HARDER,” he gripped her thick hips and continued pounding his still spurting cock in and out of her aching pussy. Then, as he buried himself deep inside her with one last hard thrust of his huge prick, she arched her back and came.

“Oh my fucking God… YESSSSSS,” Abby cried out as her pussy had a nuclear meltdown. Her screams of ecstasy echoed off of the tile walls as she came, and her vaginal muscles clamped onto Davey’s spurting shaft so tightly that they almost cut off the rich supply of thick semen he was pumping deep inside her. “Yes… fuck yes,” she groaned over and over as the intense feeling of release spread throughout her body. Each contraction in her pussy and asshole sent a new sensation rippling through her body, and she rode those waves of pleasure until Davey’s hips stopped moving, and the last of his spunk coated her insides.

Abby kept her hands on the wall, trying to keep from collapsing to the hard shower floor as the last waves of orgasm slowly washed over her. Davey’s orgasm had also faded, and as he looked down between her magnificent ass cheeks, he saw his softening penis slip from between her deep red cunt lips, covered by a mixture of syrupy pussy juice and thick white cum.

Davey started to turn himself towards the spray of what was mostly cold water now, getting ready to rinse the remnants of their love making from his still semi-hard cock, but before he could, Abby turned around and dropped to her knees. And then as he watched in amazement, she took his cum-covered prick into her mouth and sucked the gooey mixture of their juices from it.

“Mmmmm,” Abby moaned in satisfying approval as she sucked his cock clean. When she was finished, she leaned back, smacked her lips and said, “I love how good we tasted together.” Then she stood up and kissed her young nephew deeply, sharing what was on her tongue with him… and as some of their mixture coated his tongue, Davey had to admit she was right.

Aunt and nephew shared a long, deep kiss… so engrossed in what they were feeling for each other that they didn’t even notice how cold the water had gotten. Then as they broke their kiss, Davey looked deep into Abby’s eyes and saw sadness. But before he could ask what was wrong, she whispered, “You know tomorrow is our last full day together before you go home.”

Davey had been enjoying himself so much that he hadn’t even thought of that… but now that the realization set in, a lump formed in his throat. At the same time he could see tears filling his aunt’s beautiful eyes. But before they were both completely overcome by emotion, Abby hugged her nephew and whispered, “We’re going to make the very best of our last day… I have something very special planned for you.”

Then, even has tears rolled down her cheeks, Abby managed to smile and give Davey one of her trademark winks… and at that moment he knew their last day was going to be one he would never forget.


As always, this copyrighted story is property of the author. It is a work of fantasy, is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention. Any attempt to reproduce this story will be met with legal action.

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Aunt Abby and the Artist (Part IV)

Here is the fourth and final part of my reality based fiction, 'Aunt Abby and the Artist', it is, of course, dedicated to my dear friend Abby Rhodes. Again, if you'd like to see the real Abby, here she is... her beauty makes the story even more enjoyable, and she approves of this message:

Of course, if you haven't read Parts I, II and III, I suggest you do so before you read Part IV. If you have, I hope you enjoy the finale!

Davey stretched and yawned as he lounged in the smooth satin sheets of his Aunt Abby’s king sized bed, and as he did, he began contemplating the fact that this was the last full day he would be spending at her Texas home. He had arrived two days earlier for what was supposed to be a visit to his favorite aunt while his parents took a short cruise… what it turned into was a sexual awakening for the teenage boy.

His mind began to replay the events of the last two days like a movie as he propped himself up on a pile of fluffy pillows, and as each erotic scene unfolded in his mind’s eye, he looked down to see the tent his erect penis was pitching under the golden top sheet. He always woke up with a morning erection before he peed, but the thought of what he had shared with his beautiful aunt caused even more bl**d to race to his engorged member, making it larger and harder than normal.

The previous day had been particularly active. Aunt Abby had given him an incredible blowjob in a department store dressing room, then they had sex in the shower, and finally she took him to bed and they had sex in every position he could imagine, and a few more he wasn’t familiar with. She had gotten on top of him and rode him… his hands gripping her soft tits as she bounced up and down on his magnificent cock. Then she had spun around and done the ‘reverse cowgirl’ and as Davey squeezed her ass, she ground on him until he came deep in her cunt, causing her to orgasm too.

Even after they had both cum, they weren’t done. Abby took advantage of her nephew’s youthful recuperative powers, and after a short rest she had sucked his soft cock back to full erection, and then rolled over and had him take her doggy style. It was kind of like when they made love standing in the shower, but in bed Abby was able to arch her back more, making her ass look even bigger, and allowing his prick to drive even deeper into her aching cunt.

He remembered how, since he had already cum a few times, he was able to fuck her long and hard. He loved doggy style because it gave him the best view of his aunt’s incredible ass… an ass he had coveted and worshipped from the first day he wrapped his hand around his own adolescent penis. It seemed like his thrusts were deeper than ever, and his hips slapped against her jiggling ass cheeks as he slammed his huge cock in and out of her tight pussy, bringing her to yet another orgasm.

Then as the last act of the night, she rolled on her back and pulled him up until his cock lay between her beautiful tits. It seems his beautiful aunt had discovered she loved swallowing his sweet young jism, and wanted his final load of the day in her mouth. She pushed the soft globes of flesh together, trapping his hard shaft between the magnificent mounds as he began instinctively fucking back and forth. The thick coating of her syrupy pussy juice had provided plenty of lubrication for Davey’s enormous cock to slide between her tits, and just as his orgasm hit, she pulled him forward and took his spewing prick into her mouth… draining his balls one last time, and then swallowing his gooey discharge.

As Davey reminisced, his penis started throbbing again, and the added pressure from needing to pee had it as hard as a steel rod. But just as he was about to get out of bed to relieve his bladder, he heard a soft voice say, “Hey sl**py head, are you awake?”

All Davey could see was his aunt’s face as she poked her head around the door, smiling the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. He just smiled back and said, “Good morning Aunt Abby… I’m up.”

She giggled a bit, then nodding towards the huge tent in the sheet, she said, “Well I can see that!”

Even after everything that had happened, Davey’s face blushed red, and then he said, “Well that’s from thinking about us last night… and because I REALLY have to pee!”

Abby laughed out loud and said, “Well why don’t you go ahead and pee and brush your teeth, and then come to the kitchen… I’m making breakfast,” and then she disappeared. But before he could get out of bed, her head popped back around the corner again, and as she gave him one of her winks, she said, “And don’t put any clothes on.”

Davey’s heart began racing as he thought about his aunt’s request that he stay naked. After peeing for what seemed like an hour, his hard penis began to soften. Then he brushed his teeth, did the same to his hair, and then began making his way to the kitchen… naked as she suggested, and wondering what was awaiting him.

When he reached the kitchen, he took a deep breath and then he stepped into the doorway, and stopped in his tracks. There, in front of him, was one of the most incredible sights he had ever seen. His Aunt Abby was standing at the stove with her back turned towards him wearing a tiny black apron, black high heeled shoes… and nothing else!

From the back, the only material covering her was the bow that was tied above her magnificent ass, with the two loose ends dr****g down over the thick, round cheeks. They looked ripe and succulent, with the black material of the apron contrasting her alabaster skin perfectly. And the high heels accented her firm calves, but more importantly, caused her luscious derriere to stick out even more.

Almost immediately the bl**d that had drained from his now soft penis began rushing back. That was when Abby turned around, and she looked just as beautiful from the front. The top of her apron hid her stiff pink nipples, but the sides of her soft round breasts were easily visible, and the bottom of the apron barely hid her triangle of thick pubic hair, and left her round hips and shapely legs completely exposed.

For a moment the two just stood there, and then Abby said, “Don’t move for a second Davey… I want to watch this.”

“Watch what,” he asked, not really sure what she was watching.

Then he realized she was staring straight at his penis when she said, “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen honey.”

Abby was actually witnessing her nephew’s penis growing from a limp tube of flesh only a few inches long into the magnificent tool that made her mouth water and her pussy ache. She watched in amazement as it grew longer and thicker, lifting itself straight out from his body. It bobbed slightly as bl**d filled the shaft, and turned the light pink, puffy head into a purple knob. The previous two days it was either already hard when she saw it, or had grown in her hand or mouth… but now she was mesmerized by the sight of Mother Nature performing one of her most wonderful acts.

When Davey’s cock was fully erect, Abby walked over to him, and as she looked him in his eyes she gently wrapped her hand around his hard shaft and said, “I made your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes.” Then as she slowly stroked his penis, causing him to groan, she said, “Now go over and have a seat and I’ll get your breakfast.”

Abby reluctantly released her favorite toy and returned to the stove while Davey walked over to the table. There was fresh squeezed orange juice, bacon, fresh fruit, and whipped cream which he loved on chocolate chip pancakes. The leather chair felt cold on his bare skin, but he hardly noticed as he was more interested in his aunt’s naked ass cheeks, still on display as she stacked pancakes onto a plate.

When she returned to the table, Abby picked up the can of whipped cream and sprayed a few dollops onto Davey’s pancakes… making a smiley face like she had done when he was just a young boy. As she did, Davey noticed there was only a plate for him and said, “Aunt Abby, aren’t you going to eat?”

Abby smiled at him as she began lowering herself to her knees, and then she said, “I might have some fresh fruit a little later, but for now I think I’d like something bigger and more satisfying in my mouth.”

Davey had no interest in pancakes as he looked down at his aunt kneeling in front of him, with his hard penis bobbing inches from her face. Then she shook the whipped cream can and sprayed a dollop right onto the swollen head of his penis. He flinched a bit as the cold topping covered the sensitive flesh, but he didn’t have to worry about the cold for long as Abby wrapped her other hand around his shaft, aimed his prick towards her face, and took the whipped cream-covered knob into her warm mouth.

“Oh God,” Davey groaned as his aunt sucked the sweet cream from his cock head before taking about half of his shaft deep into her mouth. Slowly she began bobbing her head up and down as she used her hand to stroke what shaft was still exposed. After a moment she released him from between her lips, sprayed a little more whipped cream on the head, and then took him deep in her mouth again.

Davey couldn’t believe what was happening. His beautiful aunt, wearing only a tiny apron and high heels, had made him his favorite breakfast, and as he sat ready to eat it, she had started giving him a blowjob. He could already feel the inside of his groin churning as Abby expertly sucked him. After cleaning the second dollop of whipped cream from his cock, she lifted her mouth from him and said, “Mmmm… yummy.” Then she looked at Davey, and with a wicked grin she said, “Now eat your pancakes before they get cold,” before covering the head of his penis with whipped cream one more time, and then swallowing as much of his organ as she could.

As Davey tried to eat his pancakes, Abby’s warm, wet mouth was sucking him towards his first orgasm of the day. He could feel her tongue massaging the sensitive spot right behind the glans as he chewed another bite of his breakfast treat, and just as he thought nothing could possibly ruin the moment, his aunt’s cell phone rang.

Abby never took her mouth from his twitching cock as she reached for her phone, sitting on the table next to Davey. She held it up where she could see the screen, and then she let his hard prick slip from between her lips and casually said, “Oh… it’s your mom.”

If Davey was disappointed that his mom’s call had interrupted his aunt’s amazing blowjob, he was shocked when she kept stroking his massive erection as she pressed the ‘Receive’ button and said, “Hey Angela… how’s the cruise going?”

Abby looked up at her nephew with an evil grin on her face as she jerked on his stiff cock with one hand while holding the phone to her ear with the other. Davey couldn’t believe his aunt was actually talking to his mom while stroking his erection. The moment was so surreal and exciting that the intense cramp deep in his groin that signaled an approaching orgasm was building fast.

Davey couldn’t hear his mom’s side of the conversation, but he could tell she had asked what they were doing when Abby said, “Oh, we’re just having breakfast.”

His mom must have asked what they were having, because as Abby continued to stroke him, she nonchalantly said, “Well I made Davey his chocolate pancakes, and I’m having this new breakfast sausage I found… it just bursts in your mouth with flavor.”

Abby smiled at her own witty double-entendre, and Davey almost laughed out loud at her ‘bursts in your mouth’ comment. Then his mom must have asked what the brand was, and a quick thinking Abby said, “It’s called, ummm… Davidson.”

Once again Davey had to hold back his laughter as he realized she had called her imaginary breakfast sausage ‘David… son’. Abby had basically just told Angela she was munching on her son’s cock, and she had no idea! Then his mom must have said she wanted to give it a try, because as she continued stroking his erect penis, Abby said, “I’m not sure you should try this sausage Angie… it might be a little too spicy for you.”

The teenager was almost dying as he listened to Abby clearly fucking with his mom. He had always known his aunt had a quick sense of humor, and her innuendo-laced comments were not lost on the intellectual teen. Then she shocked him as she quietly leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth again, while still holding the phone to her ear.

Abby made little ‘mmmm’ sounds as she sucked on her nephew’s thick erection while listening to his mother gab in her ear. Then she lifted her mouth from his twitching penis and said, “Sorry Angie… I just had another mouthful of that sausage.”

Once again Davey had to control his laughter as Abby said, “Oh, he has been great, and he has done so much around the house for me. He works so ‘hard’, and he’s always ‘up’ for the next task… he just keeps ‘banging away’ til the job is done, and there isn’t anything I’ve given him that he can’t ‘lick’.”

Davey’s face was bright red as he held back his laugh, and the more questions his mom asked, the more sexual innuendoes Abby fired back. She was telling her s****r exactly what had been going on, and Angela still had no clue. Then his mom must have asked what all he had done, because Abby said, “Well, he’s been stuffing boxes, plugged some holes, and he even used a snake on some plumbing that’s been neglected way too long… honestly, the amount he produces is really hard to swallow!”

The teenager couldn’t believe how his beautiful aunt was messing with his mom… and all the while continuing to stroke his hard shaft. He could tell his mom was asking her something else, and then Abby said, “He told me he had never used a snake before but you wouldn’t know it, he knew exactly what he was doing, and he just kept screwing it deeper and deeper until everything released and the plumbing was cleared… and trust me, it’s never worked better.”

Now both aunt and nephew were trying not to laugh as Angela said something, and then a wicked grin came across Abby’s face as she said, “Well, as good a job as he did, I don’t think you should have Davey snaking your plumbing… that should be a job for his dad.”

Davey couldn’t believe Abby could be any quicker with her comebacks until she said, “Well I gotta run Angie, I want to finish this sausage… if it gets cold it gets soft and mushy, and I like it when it’s still firm and juicy.” And as Davey’s eyes almost bugged out of his head at the blatant penis reference his aunt made, she said, “Here, I’ll let you say ‘hi’ to your son,” and as she handed Davey the phone, she ducked her head and sucked his cock deep into her mouth again.

As Davey took the phone, Abby swallowed almost his entire cock, causing him to groan, “Oh God…” and then realizing his mother was on the other end, he quickly ad-libbed and said, “…I miss you mom.”

“Well what I nice greeting… I miss you too honey,” his mom replied gratefully, having no idea that her son’s enthusiasm was caused by her younger s****r using her best oral skills on his hard dick.

Then Davey groaned, “How’s the cruise,” trying to maintain his composure as his beautiful aunt shifted into full cocksucker mode.

Davey was barely paying attention to his mom as Abby increased the speed and pressure of her mouth and hand on his hard, thick shaft. The teenager could feel the tightness building behind his balls as he watched his aunt’s soft lips slide up and down his hard shaft, leaving it glistening with her saliva.

Abby had her teenage nephew hurtling towards yet another orgasm, and the fact that she was sucking him while he was on the phone with his mom increased both of their excitement. Davey would let the occasional “uh huh” slip from his lips, acting like he was listening to his mom… but at that moment all he cared about was looking into his aunt’s eyes as he prepared to unload his balls in her sucking mouth.

Davey knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, and there was no way he was going to be able to hide it if he was on the phone with his mom. Abby knew it too, and applied the last straw when she opened her throat and let her nephew’s cock inside, and as Davey reached his boiling point he cried out, “Mom, I need to go, Aunt Abby needs me… I’m coming Aunt Abby, I’m cummmiiiinnnngggg!!!”

Just as Davey hit the ‘End Call’ button, his cock started pulsating like a jackhammer… pumping wad after wad of thick jizz straight down Abby’s gullet. She gagged for a moment and then backed off until the swollen head was pulled from her throat, and spurts of sweet teenage nectar filled her mouth.

“Don’t stop Aunt Abby… please don’t stop,” Davey groaned over and over as the exquisite muscle spasms right behind his balls kept pumping his creamy cum up through his pulsating shaft. Abby had no intention of stopping as she used her lips, tongue and hand to try to milk every drop of his salty-sweet liquid into her mouth, savoring the flavor on her tongue before swallowing the sticky mass.

Finally Davey’s cock stopped twitching and Abby sat back on her haunches, letting it slip from between her lips. The teenage boy looked down at his aunt sitting between his knees and smiling, and then she opened her mouth to show him the pool of thick, opaque fluid still inside before closing her lips and then swallowing with a loud gulp. Then she leaned forward and licked the last drop of sperm leaking from her nephew’s cock head, smacked her lips and said, “Now that was a delicious breakfast.”

Davey just stared at his aunt for a moment, with a look of amazement on his face, and then he said, “I can’t believe you did that with mom on the phone.”

Abby just smiled and said, “Yeah, me neither… but it was fun, wasn’t it?”

The teenage boy paused for a moment, and then smiled and said, “It was the greatest!”

Both aunt and nephew broke out in hysterical laughter at what had just happened: Davey at the fact that he had just gotten a blowjob while he was on the phone with his mom, and Abby at the fact that she had actually done it. They just looked at each other laughing and shaking their heads in disbelief, and then Abby raised herself up on her knees and kissed Davey tenderly.

As they broke their kiss, Davey saw his aunt’s eyes misting over and asked, “Aunt Abby, what’s wrong?”

Abby’s voice cracked a bit as she said, “I was just thinking about how you have to leave early tomorrow.”

Now it was Davey’s turn to fight back the tears as he said, “I know, and it sucks because this has been the greatest three days of my life.”

Abby cupped his chin in her hand and said, “Davey, this has been very special for me too, but I know you’re a very intelligent young man, and you know that this can never be anything more than what we’ve enjoyed the last couple of days, and life has to go back to normal when you leave.”

Davey was intelligent, and knew exactly what she was getting at as he said, “I understand Aunt Abby, and it would be crazy to think that we were, like… boyfriend/girlfriend, but I do love you.”

“I love you too Davey,” she replied, and then she added, “and that’s why I want you to go back home and find a wonderful girl your age and enjoy all the things a young man your age should be doing.”

“I know Aunt Abby, and that’s what I want,” Davey said with an understanding far beyond his years, and then he said, “but I will never forget this… ever.”

Abby smiled and said, “Believe me Davey, I’ve enjoyed it as much as you, and whenever we are together at f****y events, we will always have enjoy a secret smile that no one else will understand.” Then as she choked back the tears again she said, “Besides, the day isn’t over, and I have a very special gift I want to give you before you go home tomorrow.”

“What gift?” Davey asked curiously.

“Later,” Abby answered in a soft, sexy tone, and then she wrapped her hand around his semi-hard penis and said, “Now I have to run some errands that I’ve ignored because I’ve been busy with this,” and as she squeezed the instrument that had occupied her attention she said, “so why don’t you hang out by the pool til I get back, and then we’ll have dinner and enjoy our last night before you fly out tomorrow.”

Abby stood up, and as she did Davey’s hand slid up the inside of her thigh, and before she knew it one of her nephew’s fingers was buried deep in her pussy. “Oh God,” she groaned as he slowly fingered her cunt. She was so wet from the excitement of sucking him off that his finger easily plunged inside of her.

At that moment Abby thought of impaling herself on Davey’s hardening cock, but instead she squeezed her thighs on his hand and said, “As bad as I want you inside me right now, I have to go,” and then she added, “So why don’t we just keep all this sexual excitement building until later.”

Davey groaned a disappointed, “Okay,” as he removed his finger from her dripping quim.

Abby turned and walked away, and as she did Davey watched her incredible ass cheeks swaying naked under the black apron bow. Just then Abby stopped, turned and pointed at his cock and said, “And keep your hands off of that… I don’t want it worn out before I get to it tonight,” and then she disappeared.

After Abby showered, dressed and left, Davey took his sketch pad and lounged by the pool. He thought about sketching some landscapes, but all he could think about was his beautiful aunt, and all the things they had done. His swim trunks did little to hide the huge erection that the thoughts of her caused, and for the entire afternoon he had to fight the urge to jerk himself to another orgasm. Instead he concentrated all his sexual energy into his art.

Davey sketched by the pool for hours, and then made his way to the house and collapsed on his aunt’s king sized bed for a nice nap. He was so tired that he fell into a deep sl**p and never heard Abby return. She decided to let him sl**p as she prepared dinner, and then once everything was going she quietly crept into her bedroom where her nephew still lay sound asl**p.

She took a moment to just look at him, still wearing only his bathing trunks, lying on his back with his right arm folded across his naked chest, which was slowly rising and falling with the rhythm of his soft breathing. He looked so cute, with his chest just beginning to show signs of muscle definition, and his thin legs just beginning to sprout a layer of blond hair. But then her eyes widened as they focused on the bulge of an obvious nocturnal erection pressing against the nylon fabric of his trunks.

Abby quietly approached the bed and sat next to Davey, and then carefully reached for the waistband of his trunks and began lowering the front of them. Her nephew stirred for a moment, but then went back into a deep sl**p as she gently lifted the fabric and lowered it, exposing his rock hard penis.

“Mmmmm,” Abby groaned softly as she gazed upon the organ that had become her personal play-toy the previous few days. It bobbed up and down as bl**d rushed into the shaft, keeping it hard, and swelling the bulbous head. For a moment she wondered if he was dreaming about her, or if it was just basic physiology causing his erection… but then she decided it really didn’t matter, and lowered her head, parted her lips and gently sucked it into her mouth for the second time that day.

Davey let out an u*********s groan as his aunt began sucking him. She was being careful not to wake him as her lips slowly moved up and down along his swollen shaft. Even though he was sound asl**p, she could see his breathing getting more rapid, and knew that her oral ministrations were having an effect. As she kept sucking him, she eased his trunks down further until they were low enough that she didn’t have to hold them out of the way, and then her free hand circled the base of his bloated cock and began pumping up and down in the same rhythm as her mouth.

She could feel his shaft swelling even more between her lips, and wondered if she could make him cum without waking him. Very gently she used her other hand to cup his balls and as she felt them pull up against his body, she could tell he was almost there. Just then he let out a groan, and then snorted as his eyes flickered open.

Davey awoke from his deep sl**p only seconds from orgasm, and as his eyes focused on his beautiful aunt sucking on his erection, he became suddenly lucid and shouted, “Aunt Abby… I’m gonna cum!!!”

No sooner had the words escaped his lips than he felt his groin muscles contract, and a stream of rich sperm rushed up through the shaft and into his aunt’s sucking mouth. “Mmm hmmm,” Abby groaned as another load of sweet, teenage semen splashed against her palate and coated her taste buds. She sealed her lips tightly around the pulsing shaft, not wanting to lose a drop. She knew this might very well be the last time she sucked a load of cum from her nephew’s cock, and she wanted to savor the moment, and burn the taste and texture of his creamy ejaculate into her memory forever.

Abby concentrated on every swell, pulse and spurt that her blowjob coaxed from Davey’s cock. Never in her life had she been so excited by the act of sucking a man off, but having Davey’s hard young penis in her mouth, and swallowing a load of his fresh young jism never hesitated to make her pussy gush. Even now she could feel the crotch of her thong soaking with her pussy juices… but she knew she needed to wait for her own satisfaction, and instead released his softening penis from her mouth, swallowed the last of his cum, and said, “How’s that for a wake-up call, Davey?”

Davey just looked down at her beautiful, smiling face and said, “Wow, that was… wow.”

Abby giggled and said, “I’ll take that to mean you liked it.” Then as she stood up she said, now why don’t you go get a shower, get dressed and get ready for dinner… I have something very special planned.”

This was the third or fourth time his aunt said that she had something special planned, but instead of asking for an answer he knew he wouldn’t receive, Davey got up from the bed, pulled up his trunks and headed upstairs to the shower and dress as Abby went to the kitchen to start cooking.

Davey decided that for their last dinner before his early departure the next day, he would dress up a little. After his shower, he put on his one pair of dress slacks, an open-collared dress shirt, and the sport coat his mother had f***ed him to pack… ‘just-in-case’. Once he was dressed, he looked at himself in the mirror and had to admit that he looked more mature. Then as he made his way down the steps he inhaled an aroma that smelled both familiar and amazing… Abby had made her famous filet medallions!

The growing teenage boy had skipped lunch, and almost immediately his mouth began to water at the incredible smell wafting throughout the house… but as he rounded the corner his mouth drooled for a different reason. There was his Aunt Abby in a little black dress that accented every curve of her voluptuous body.

From the back he could see her shapely legs as they rose from the black stiletto heels, and the smooth black fabric of the dress clinging to her amazing ass. The skin of her shoulders and back looked soft and creamy, and contrasted beautifully against her red hair. Then when she turned towards him, Davey could see plenty of cleavage spilling out from the front of her sexy dress, and even though he had already cum twice that day, he immediately felt his teenage penis beginning to inflate again.

At first he just looked into her eyes, and then he softly said, “You look beautiful Aunt Abby.”

Abby actually felt herself blushing at his compliment, and then she smiled and said, “And you look very handsome David.”

Suddenly the teenager felt like a man… his aunt rarely referred to him as ‘David’, and it made his chest swell a little bit. Then he noticed how elegantly she had set the table, with fine china, sparkling silverware and folded napkins… and he was a little surprised to see two wine glasses. It was then that he realized that, in the best sense that they could, he and Abby were having a date.

If there was any doubt that it was a date, it was all removed when Abby approached her nephew and kissed him deeply. The two wrapped their arms around each other in a tight embrace as their lips pressed together, and their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Their bodies pressed tightly against one another, and David could feel his aunt’s full breasts pressing against his chest. At the same time, Abby could feel her virile young nephew’s hard penis pressing against her moistening crotch.

After reluctantly breaking their kiss, Abby whispered, “Why don’t you go and pour a glass of wine for both of us and I’ll get dinner.”

Davey had only tried a few sips of alcohol, but figured this was a special occasion. As he poured some red wine into each glass, he noticed that there was a Caesar Salad at each place, as well as warm dinner rolls and butter. After he had poured the wine, Abby approached the table with two plates holding perfectly cooked filet mignon topped with mushroom sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Once they were seated, David surprisingly took the lead as he raised his glass and said, “Aunt Abby, I just want to tell you that this has been the most amazing three days of my life… and nothing else has ever come close.”

Abby felt tears coming to her eyes as she raised her glass in return toast and said, “For the rest of the night why don’t you just call me ‘Abby’, and you will never know how much the last few days have meant to me David.”

As both aunt and nephew fought to control the lumps of emotion forming in their throats, they each raised their glass to their lips. Abby had selected a rich, delicious Cabernet to go with the steak, but she could still see Davey make a little face as he mistakenly took a large gulp instead of a sip. She just smiled and said, “Just sip David… wine is meant to be savored, just like sex.” Then she said, “And besides, I don’t want us to drink too much because I have something very special planned for later.”

Once again Davey wondered what this ‘special’ thing was that his aunt kept referencing, but instead of asking he just dug into his perfectly cooked steak.

All through dinner the two chatted. Abby took every opportunity to encourage her young nephew to pursue his artistic talents, and on more than one occasion mentioned the sketch pad she had discovered on the day he arrived, and how his amazing sketches had helped lead the two of them to the intimate relationship they had developed. She stressed again how much women were attracted to artistic and creative men, and how that could apply to girls his age as well.

For Davey’s part, he wasn’t sure he really wanted to talk about a future with other girls, but he knew what his aunt was trying to say… that their physical relationship was coming to an end soon. The next morning he would be on a plane headed back home, but before then, he hoped that their last evening would be as wonderful a memory as the previous three days would be.

After dinner, the two cleared the table together, and then Abby excused herself… but before she disappeared into her bedroom she said, “Give me about ten minutes and then join me.”

Davey’s heart was racing as he checked the clock over and over, waiting for ten minutes to pass. Even though they had already shared many sexual experiences, each new one came with as much anticipation as the first for the young teenager, and this one also carried the promise of something ‘special,’ as his aunt stressed over and over.

When ten minutes had passed, Davey slowly walked towards his aunt’s bedroom… even though he wanted to break into a full sprint. As he walked in the door, he noticed she was nowhere to be found, and softly said, “Abby?”

“In here David,” Abby replied from the bathroom.

Davey slowly approached the master bath, and he could see light flickering from the doorway. As he stepped across the threshold, he saw his gorgeous aunt sitting in the huge garden tub, surrounded by candles. Her hair was put up on top of her head, and her beautiful face was bathed in the soft light of the flickering flames.

“Why don’t you get undressed and join me,” Abby whispered in a soft voice as she raised a hand and used her index finger to beckon him towards her.

Davey didn’t say a word, but instead began taking off his clothes, first tossing his sport coat aside, and then kicking off his shoes and socks before removing his shirt and pants, leaving him wearing only his boxers. As he hooked his thumbs into the waistband, his aunt focused on the huge bulge in the front. Even though she had seen it, held it, sucked it and had it deep in her pussy, Abby was still amazed at the sight of her nephew’s erection.

As Davey slowly pushed his boxers over his hips, his hard, thick penis sprung into view, and with a deep sigh Abby said, “My God David… you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen.”

The teenager had to admit that he was very flattered at his aunt’s assessment of his equipment. He could see that she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his erection as it bobbed up and down in front of his thin frame, and as he slowly stepped into the tub, she reached up and wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft, and held it until he lowered himself into the water. Once he was seated next to her, Abby kissed her nephew deeply as she began masturbating him.

Abby slowly stroked Davey’s erect penis under the warm water as they kissed, and then suddenly the fast-learning teenager pulled his mouth from hers, lowered his head, took one of her hard nipples between his lips and began flicking it with his tongue.

“Oh God David… yes,” the aroused woman groaned as her nephew sucked and licked one nipple, and then the other. She had already given her virile young lover two blowjobs earlier in the day, but she had not experienced an orgasm of her own, and her swollen cunt was aching for attention… and that was when Davey reached between her legs, raked his fingers through her thick mound of pubic hair, and slipped two digits deep into her quivering pussy.

Abby’s head dropped back onto the edge of the tub, and a low groan escaped from her throat as Davey began slowly finger fucking her. She was so aroused that his fingers easily penetrated her puffy cunt lips and buried themselves deep into her lubricated canal. Her thick hips and full, round ass began lifting from the bottom of the tub to meet her nephew’s thrusting fingers, and at the same time she released his cock and wrapped her arms around his head, pulling his sucking lips tighter to her sensitive nipples.

Even though his experience was limited, Davey could tell he had his aunt hurtling towards an orgasm. That was when he pulled his fingers from her pussy and lifted his face from her breasts. Abby let out a groan of disappointment, but then she smiled when her nephew slipped his hands under her amazing ass cheeks and lifted upwards. She immediately knew what he wanted her to do, and she lifted herself out of the tub and sat on the corner. When she did, Davey parted her knees and slid in front of her, and then dipped his head forward and dragged his tongue along her pouting slit.

“Oh fuck David… Yessssss,” Abby hissed as she felt his tongue flutter up and down her swollen cunt lips. The teenager could taste the mixture of bath oil and pussy juice as he lapped away at his aunt’s aching womanhood. Her outer labia felt smooth and puffy against his tongue, and he was being careful not to venture too high… wanting to wait until he had teased her thoroughly before assaulting her hard clitoris.

Abby could feel her passion building as Davey alternated between licking up and down her drooling cleft, and thrusting his tongue in and out of her steaming cunt. Then she let out a squeal of surprise and pleasure as he flicked his tongue over her pink, puckered anus. She never remembered her asshole being so sensitive, and it was something that she would make good use of for both of them very soon.

Goosebumps had begun to form on Abby’s smooth skin as the cool air replaced the warm water she had been sitting in, but she didn’t even notice. All she could feel was the sensations her handsome nephew was creating with his tongue on her quivering pussy. She could feel the tension beginning to build deep inside her pelvis, and that was when Davey finally dragged his tongue upward, and wrapped it around his aunt’s hard clitoris.

“Agggghhhhhh,” Abby cried out as Davey began flicking at her pleasure button with the tip of his tongue. Her back arched against the tile wall and her ass slid forward on the edge of the porcelain tub, spreading her pussy even wider for his exploring tongue. Almost immediately her arousal soared, and as Davey’s fingers sought out her hard nipples, and his tongue massaged her throbbing clit, Abby knew she wouldn’t last much longer.

Now Davey’s tongue was fluttering against Abby’s clit like a tiny butterfly, and his fingers squeezed her nipples as her orgasm approached. Her steady groaning echoed off of the hard tile of the bathroom walls as her nephew licked her hard nub, and just as she thought nothing could be more pleasurable, he sucked the tiny organ into his mouth and pressed his tongue underneath the hood… and Abby came.

“Oh fuck David, I’m gonna… AHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Abby cried out as the muscles deep in her groin went into a series of wild spasms. A flood of pussy juice covered her teenage lover’s mouth, and he could feel the walls of his aunt’s pussy quivering against his lips as she came.

Abby had lost all control, and she screamed, “Yes… yes… yes…” over and over as wave after orgasmic wave flushed outward from her groin. She was cumming so hard that Davey could feel her entire body shaking, yet he kept his mouth sealed to her pussy, licking her clit until he finally felt the spasms subside, and then she slowly slipped back into the water.

His aunt’s orgasm had been so intense that for a moment Abby’s entire body went limp, and Davey was actually holding her head from slipping beneath the warm bath water. Slowly she regained her senses, and that was when she opened her eyes and found herself staring into those of her nephew. At first she just smiled at him, and then she said, “My God David… that was amazing.”

Davey just smiled at his beautiful aunt and said, “I love doing that for you Abby,” still remembering how she had asked that he call her by her first name that night.

The two sat for a long time, just holding each other until the water began getting cold. Then Abby lifted herself to her feet and stood before her nephew. Davey took the moment to take in her beauty as the flickering candles reflected off her glistening skin. Her face looked perfect and unblemished, and water clung to her perfect breasts. He could see light shimmering on her flat tummy, and the outline of the tattoos on her full round hips. And then there were the droplets of water clinging to the dark triangle of lush pubic bush that covered the apex of her muscular thighs and shapely legs. If there had been any doubt, it was gone… his Aunt Abby was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes upon.

After giving him a good look, Abby extended a hand down and said, “Come with me.”

Davey took her hand and lifted himself out of the cool water. As he stood up, Abby looked down to see his beautiful cock sticking straight out from his body yet again. It seemed that no matter how many orgasms he had, he was always hard… and she loved it. Then as she kissed him she wrapped her hand around his thick organ, and as she squeezed it she broke their kiss and said, “I have something very special planned for this.”

The two of them stepped out of the tub, and Abby immediately grabbed a huge terrycloth towel and began drying her nephew’s body. As she dried his chest, she slowly lowered herself to her knees. Once again, the cock she had sucked so many times bobbed in front of her face, and once again, she leaned forward and took it into her hungry mouth.

Abby just couldn’t get enough of her nephew’s thick shaft filling her mouth, and she certainly got no argument from her Davey. But as much as she would have enjoyed sucking one more load of sweet, salty cum from his magnificent orgasm, the beautiful woman had other ideas, and reluctantly released his prick from the confines of her warm mouth and stood up.

As Abby lifted herself to her feet, Davey grabbed another fluffy towel and began drying his aunt’s incredible body. First he wrapped the towel around her shoulders and then rubbed it down her back before cupping each of her soft, round buttocks in his hands and slowly drying them. Then he gently dried her breasts, causing her sensitive nipples to poke out. And finally he slid the towel up between her legs, causing her to shudder and the soft terrycloth dragged over her still quivering pussy.

Once they were both dry, Abby took her nephew’s hand and led him to the bedroom. As they walked, Davey couldn’t resist one of his favorite past-times… watching his aunt’s magnificent ass cheeks as they swayed back and forth with each step she took.

When they reached the bed, Abby lay on her back and pulled her nephew down next to her. At first they just gazed into each other’s eyes, knowing the significance of the moment, and the sad realization that it was their last night together. Both the beautiful woman and the handsome young man felt a lump of emotion building in their throats, but before the tears could begin to flow, Abby pulled Davey’s face to hers, and their lips met in a deep, romantic kiss.

As their lips and tongues teased one another, Abby could feel the length of Davey’s erection pressing against her hip. It felt hot against her skin, and hard as steel as ground against her hip bone. She never broke their kiss as her hand slid down his side and then coaxed his body to the left until he found himself lying between her beautiful legs, with the shaft of his cock now nestled in the thick triangle of pubic hair.

The two finally broke their kiss, and as they gazed into each other’s eyes without saying a word, Abby’s hand slipped between their bodies and gripped Davey’s hard shaft. Then as he raised his body slightly she aligned the swollen head of his penis with her slick cunt lips, and then she released it as he slowly, instinctively began feeding every inch of his massive cock into her aching pussy.

“Oh God yesssss…” Abby groaned as she felt her nephew’s thick shaft began piercing her tight slit. Inch by inch she felt it entering her, stretching her vaginal walls and filling her tight canal until she finally felt the head pressing against her cervix. She had never felt as full as when Davey’s cock was inside her…. and once he had penetrated as deep in her belly as he could go, he began fucking her.

Slowly Davey began pumping his prick in and out of his beautiful aunt’s tight cunt. The muscles that lined her pussy gripped him tightly, but the lubrication her passion was causing allowed him to thrust back and forth with little effort. The feeling was indescribable, but it was so good that the teenager was already feeling the pangs of impending orgasm beginning to build behind his balls.

“Oh yes… fuck me David,” Abby cried out as her nephew’s thrusts became harder and deeper. She could feel the tension of her own orgasm starting to quake as Davey’s massive tool entered and exited her tortured pussy time after time. The ache of emptiness as he pulled himself from her, followed by the euphoria of being filled beyond capacity over and over again had her arousal nearing a breaking point… but just as both aunt and nephew approached a shattering climax, Abby wrapped her legs around his waist, stopping his motion.

“Are you alright Abby,” Davey asked as he looked into her eyes… stunned that she had stopped him.

“I’m perfect David,” she replied with a smile, and then she said, “I was just about to cum, and I know you were too.”

“Then why did you stop me,” the confused teen asked.

Abby looked into his eyes, and with his twitching cock still buried in her trembling cunt she said, “Remember I told you I had something special I wanted to give you?”

“Uh huh,” Davey said as he nodded, even thought he was still uncertain what his aunt was talking about.

“Have you ever heard of anal sex Davey?” Abby asked, for a moment calling him ‘Davey’ again.

“Yeah, I’ve read about it and seen some things on the internet,” the teenage boy replied, blushing a bit at his confession that he watched porn on the internet.

With her nephew’s cock still firmly imbedded deep inside her tight quim, Abby said, “Well Davey, I’ve never had anal sex… not because I haven’t wanted to, but because I wanted to save that part of me for that special man that I hope to meet some day, and give it to him for the first time as sort of a gift.”

Even though he was still confused about what it had to do with him, Davey just nodded and said, “I understand.”

“No, I don’t think you do Davey,” Abby said shaking her head, then she said, “What I’m saying is that I think I’ve found the special man who I want to give the gift to… and it’s you.”

“Me?” Davey asked, still not certain what she was saying.

“Yes you Davey, it’s the ‘something special’ I’ve been talking about since yesterday.” Abby replied, and as tears formed in her eyes, she said, “You’ve been fascinated by my ass since you were a young boy, so I doubt I will ever meet a man who will appreciate it more than you… plus, even though I hope I will meet someone and settle down one day, these last three days have been so wonderful, and you will always be one of the most special men in my life.”

Now Davey could feel tears welling up in his own eyes as he said, “Aunt Abby, are you sure you want to do that with me… I mean, what if you do meet someone you want to marry, won’t you regret it?”

“Davey, things don’t always work out in relationships, but you will always be special to me, no matter what.” Then a smile came to her face as she said, “David, I would love for you to be the first man to have anal sex with me.”

“And it would be an honor to be the first,” the teenager said with a smile. Then as Abby kissed him deeply, she released her legs from around his hips, giving him the queue to reluctantly pull his throbbing cock from her aching cunt.

Even though they were both excited over what was about to happen, they each groaned their disappointment as Abby’s pussy was suddenly left empty, and Davey’s prick no longer felt the tight warmth of her womanhood clinging to him… leaving them both on the very edge of orgasm.

With Davey hovering over her, Abby reached into her nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. After squirting some on her hand, she reached down and began spreading the slick fluid on his cock head and shaft. The teenager let out a soft groan as his aunt stroked his shaft up and down, spreading the lube generously so to make it easier to put his thick tool into her ultra-tight orifice.

Abby was taking her time putting the lube on, enjoying the feeling of Davey’s rock hard shaft in her hand until the overexcited teenager groaned, “Abby, if you keep doing that, I won’t have an erection much longer.”

“I’m sorry David,” Abby said with a giggle as she released his cock, realizing she was about to make him cum with her hand if she didn’t stop.

“It’s okay, it felt great,” Davey replied as his voice cracked, then he said, “But I would really like my next orgasm to be in your perfect ass.”

The words alone caused Abby to let out a groan as small tremors of arousal shook through her groin. Then as she began to roll over she handed Davey the lube and said, “Now spread a lot of this around so it doesn’t hurt me.”

“Hurt you?” Davey parroted, and then he said “I don’t want to hurt you Aunt Abby, are you sure you want to do this?”

“There is nothing I’ve ever wanted to do more,” his beautiful aunt replied, and then she said, “It’s just that I’ve never had anything bigger than a finger in there, and you have a big, beautiful cock, so I just want to be careful.”

“Okay,” Davey said as his aunt rolled onto her tummy, and then she pulled her knees under her, lifting her magnificent ass towards him, the fleshy cheeks parting to reveal her dripping vagina and tight anus.

Davey’s cock twitched and jerked as he knelt behind her, taking in the incredible sight. Abby’s hips were large and round, and her ass cheeks full and fleshy. Her pussy was still slick and swollen from their recent fucking, and the hair around her labia was matted with her juices. And above her pussy was her virgin asshole… pink and puckered, and already covered with natural lubricant that had flowed from her slit and poured over it during their lovemaking.

First Davey spread a liberal amount of the slippery lube onto his fingers, and then he began rubbing it onto his aunt’s hidden jewel. Abby’s body jerked at the first contact of her nephew’s massaging digit, and then she let out a groan of pleasure as he began rubbing the tight, nerve-filled ring, mixing the warm liquid with her own secretions.

Abby was arching her back as Davey played with her ass. Her arousal was building steadily as the nerves in the puckered flesh sent electric impulses directly into her cunt. The she cried out, “Oh David, yessss,” as his middle finger penetrated her, taking lubricant deep into her rectum.

Davey had never felt anything so tight… even his aunt’s pussy, which could grip his penis like a vice, couldn’t match the tightness of her ass… and his cock pulsed at thought of being embedded inside the virgin hole.

Once he had put enough lube onto her nether region, Davey applied a little more to himself just to be safe, then after putting the tube back on the nightstand he moved behind Abby, aimed the swollen head of his cock at her puckered asshole and pressed forward.

“Easy David, just go slow honey,” Abby groaned as she felt her nephew’s mushroom shaped cock head press against her anus. At first it felt to Davey like he was trying to use his penis to penetrate a brick wall as his aunt’s asshole involuntarily clamped shut at the threat of an intruder. He wrapped his hand around the shaft to increase its rigidity and pushed… but nothing.

Abby’s asshole was so tight that it felt like there was no opening there, and Davey wondered if he might be missing the mark, and then suddenly he felt something give. As he slowly pushed forward, what he thought to be a solid wall of flesh began to relax, and the bulbous head of his cock began to enter the tight orifice.

“Oh Dear God Davey… slow baby… just go slow,” Abby moaned as she felt her nephew’s cock begin to stretch the elastic ring of flesh. Almost immediately a searing pain began to build, and for a moment she wondered if a cock as large as his should be the first to take her virgin ass. It felt as if he was trying to insert a baseball bat inside of her, and she let out a hiss as the burning sensation spread.

Davey sensed his aunt’s pain and as he halted his pushing he said, “Abby, do you want me to stop.”

Even though it felt like she was being torn in half, something told her that if she could withstand the initial pain, what lay ahead would be worth the journey, so she said, “No David don’t stop, just go slow.”

With her approval, Davey resumed his pushing. At the same time, Abby was doing her best to relax the tight muscles of her anus, even though the tissue around the puckered hole was still on fire. But as more and more of his bulbous cock head slipped inside her, she could feel the sensation beginning to change, and a new feeling deep in her groin starting to build.

Davey looked down to see the swollen purple head of his penis disappearing into his aunt. He could hear her saying, “Slow David, just go slow,” over and over as he pushed with a slow and steady pressure. Abby’s asshole was so tight that it felt like a tiny rubber band had been stretched around his huge cock head… and then suddenly it disappeared and Abby’s anus clamped behind the rim, trapping it inside.

“Oh FUCK!” Abby cried out as the swollen bulb lodged itself in her ass. It felt huge inside her rectum, even though it was only the head. Then suddenly something else happened… the searing pain that had accompanied its entry into her body was being replaced by a rush of pleasurable warmth… almost as if the pain she endured was now being rewarded… and it would get better.

Now Davey began to push forward, and as he did he looked down in amazement as inch by inch his long, thick shaft began disappearing deep into his aunt’s ass. He heard Abby groan, “Oh yes David… go slow… go slow,” as he fed more and more of his cock into her rectum until his hip bones made contact with her ass cheeks, and his entire cock was inside her. Both aunt and nephew were perfectly still, marveling at the new sensations they were feeling, and then Davey began to fuck his aunt’s ass.

Abby buried her face in a pillow and moaned, “Oh yessss,” as her nephew began pumping his massive tool in and out of her tender asshole. His eyes were locked on her magnificent derriere as his shaft appeared, shining with the lubricant, before it disappeared again as he thrust forward, burying himself deep in her rectum. The searing pain that had been there earlier was now completely overcome by the building pressure of an orgasm… but this one was going to be different.

Davey could also feel his orgasm rising as the new sensations being generated from fucking his aunt in the ass began to push him to overload. Abby’s asshole was gripping his shaft so tightly that he wondered if it might cut off the flow of semen when he ejaculated… but at that moment he didn’t care what was going to happen, and began fucking her harder and deeper.

“So full… so fucking full,” Abby groaned almost incoherently as Davey’s cock stretched her insides. His dick was so deep in her ass that she swore she could feel the head in her belly. The pleasure she normally felt from being fucked in the pussy were usually very localized, but the waves of warmth and hard muscle contractions from being fucked in the ass felt like they were in every inch of her body.

Now that there were no objections, Davey gripped his aunt’s full round hips and began fucking her harder and faster. His cock was like a piston as it plunged in and out of her over and over, and the tight grip her asshole had on his shaft had him hurtling towards orgasm. At the same time, Abby was approaching her own orgasmic cliff, and as she screamed “Fuck my ass David… fuck me harder…” she reached a hand back between her legs and stroked her hard clit, and that sent her over the edge.

“Oh fuck… I’m cummmiiinnnnggggg!!!!” Abby cried out as every muscle, nerve and fiber in and around her ass and pussy began convulsing. She had thousands of orgasms in her life, from masturbation, oral sex and intercourse… but none of them ever consumed her the way this orgasm had. She was cumming so hard that she worried she might black out, and she hoped the feeling would never end.

Davey couldn’t believe how loudly his aunt was crying out, or the incredible sensations he was feeling. As she came, he could feel muscles deep in her rectum gripping the entire length of him as he continued to plow her ass. He could feel his balls tightening, but didn’t want to cum until he had given Abby as much pleasure as he could, but finally the sensations became too wonderful to control, and with one last thrust… he exploded.

“Abby I’m cumming… I’m cumming,” he cried out as his cock began flexing against the tight ring of her anus, pumping streams of hot semen inside her.

Over and over the base of his penis contracted, and jets of thick cum blasted into her rectum and flooded her bowels. Abby, still in the midst of her own climax, could feel the heat from his sperm spreading throughout her belly as he filled her, and she kept rubbing her clit to prolong her own orgasm as long as possible.

Davey held Abby’s hips tightly and pressed his belly against her ass cheeks, holding his spurting prick deep in her ass until he felt his last orgasmic twitch, and her final contraction. Then, once they were both done cumming, he collapsed on her back, and she lowered herself to the soft mattress with his cock still lodged in her ass, pulling him by down with her.

Both aunt and nephew lay still for a moment, their breathing rapid and sporadic, and their sweaty bodies sticking together in a most sensual, wonderful way. Abby could actually feel Davey’s spent cock begin to soften inside her tight asshole, and the feeling of fullness inside her belly began to dissipate. Then finally he let out a sigh as his shrinking penis slipped from between her incredible ass cheeks, and then he rolled his body from on top of hers and then lay by her side.

For a few moments they just looked into each other’s eyes, neither saying a word, until finally Abby said, “David… that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt.”

Davey just smiled and said, “Thank you so much for letting me be the first to do it with you.”

Tears began to fill Abby’s eyes, and her voice cracked a bit when she said, “I am so glad you were the first.”

“Are you sure you won’t be sorry you didn’t wait if you meet someone,” Davey asked.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I wouldn’t change it, or these last three days for the world,” Abby replied as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Now Davey’s eyes began to well as he said, “I can’t believe I have to leave so early tomorrow.”

Abby sniffled and said, “I know… I’ve already set the alarm, but would you like me to set it earlier so we have a little time to make love once more before I take you to the airport.”

Davey thought for a moment, and then said, “Aunt Abby, you just gave me the most incredible gift anyone will ever give me, so I think I would like remember this as our last time.”

Abby couldn’t believe how sweet, sensitive and mature her young nephew had become, and as tears freely flowed from her beautiful green eyes, she whispered, “I love you David.”

Davey, fighting back his own tears, whispered, “I love you too Abby.”

Then the emotionally overcome, sexually spent, physically exhausted aunt and nephew kissed each other deeply one more time, and then fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

The next morning broke bright and sunny, and Abby stretched her still nude body in her luxurious bed. The cool satin sheets felt so good against her bare skin as she rolled over, but as the morning fog in her mind began to clear, she looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30… only one hour until Davey’s flight.

She quickly sat up and said, “Davey, we have to get you to the airport honey… get up.”

But as she looked at where he had laid the night before, she saw he was gone… but on his pillow was a beautifully wrapped package with a note attached. She pulled the not from under the colorful ribbon, opened it, and tears flooded her eyes as she began to read the words:

Dear Aunt Abby,

I’m sorry I didn’t wake you, but I wasn’t really sure I would be able to control my emotions if you took me to the airport, so I decided to get up early and take a cab. Please don’t be mad, I just knew I would be too hard if I actually had to say goodbye to you, so I thought this was best.
I want you to know that these have been the most wonderful three days of my life, and I will remember them forever. I know that things have to go back to ‘normal’ now, but when I do see you in the future, I will always think back to what we’ve shared, and the wonderful gifts you’ve given me... the amazing sex, but more importantly, the maturity and self-confidence.
I can never give you anything that will show how grateful I am, but I do hope this present shows what the last three days have meant to me. I had a hard time sl**ping each night as I thought about the wonderful things we shared, and this gift to you is the result… I hope it reminds you of our time together every time you look at it.

I love you,

Abby wiped the tears from her eyes and then began opening the package. When she tore away the wrapping paper she saw it was a sketch pad. She lifted the cover and the first page were the words ‘Abby and David’ in beautiful script, surrounded by perfectly drawn flowers. Then as she began leafing through page after perfectly drawn page, she saw it was an erotic chronology of the previous three days,

From the first drawing of her waiting in the airport the day he arrived, wearing the form-fitting dress and heels she had worn, to the last night when she had given him her final virginity, each drawing was detailed beyond belief, and unlike his earlier sketches, these included her tattoos, and lush pubic bush.

There were sketches of him looking down on her as she sucked his magnificent prick for the first time, and one of him fucking her from behind in the shower, and a perfectly drawn depiction of the two of them in the mirror in the department store dressing room, with her kneeling in front of him with a mouthful of his thick cock while she played with her pussy. There was one of her standing at the stove wearing only the black apron and high heels. And then there was the close up of her thick round ass being penetrated by his swollen member. It was so detailed that she could see the tight ring of her anus clinging to his shaft as he fucked her ass for the first time.

Abby couldn’t believe how erotic and precise the drawings were, and she could feel her pussy tingling as she leafed through page after page. Then when she got to the very end, she saw a perfect portrait of the two of them, wearing the clothes they had worn on their ‘date night’, and smiling like two people very much in love. Tears freely poured from her eyes as she looked at the picture, and then she began slowly looking at each drawing again, and as she did, her hand slipped between her legs and her fingers found her swollen clit.


Disclaimer: As always, this copyrighted story is physical and intellectual property of the author. It is a work of fantasy, is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. Any attempt to reproduce this story in its original, or altered form will be met with legal action.

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sex on the lawn part 3

Sex on the lawn
Chapter 3
The Cottage
We got out of the car and Tammy said her Tummy was hurting where he had kicked her this morning, and then I only just sore bruises on the top of her left arm, and said “did he do those to you to” she knew what I was on about and said I will show you the rest after, let’s have a look around OUR new home shall we babe” holding her as close to me as I could we went to find the wheelbarrow with the door keys where hidden. “Babe” she said “look at this back garden, its massive, and I love that Privet hedge, it must be seven foot tall, alright for my sunbathing and making our babies in, I’m not joking, I love feeling the sun warming my pussy believe me” over by the hedge was an old wheelbarrow and Tammy went over to it pulling her up her mini skirt to reveal a lovely white bottom and said “ do you like” I said “that’s the best ass in the country” what I never noticed was, Tammy had undone the button on her mini dress and was now bending over looking for the key, she stood back up and turned facing me with a bunch of keys in her hand, then started running back dancing when the mini dress fell to the floor and I said “you are beautiful my baby, all over, and you will never have to worry about anything ever happening again” with that she jumped on me, rapping her legs around me as tight as possible and giving me the sexiest kiss I have ever had, her tongue was right in my month playing with my tongue and I could feel her really pressing her pussy tight against my lower Tummy I could feel the crack of her pussy and I knew she could feel my cock starting to get harder, we stopped kissing and I carried her towards the back door, she pushed her hand down between our body’s and started to undo my zip and pulling my now hard cock out, pushed him between her very wet pussy lips, he was that hard and she was that wet he just slide into her cunt and as we walked towards the door it was like having it on the lawn, she said “Keith I can feel your cock and it feels like he is right up in my pussy, every step you take he is rubbing against my clit, if feels fantastic too” “ open the door love” I said and we entered the cottage (in more ways than one). Tammy said “if you go and get our things out of the car and lock it up, I will phone Kate and let her know we are here, I said I would phone when we arrived, ok babe, oh yes can you please bring my skirt in with you, love you millions and millions” I said “will do, love you millions too babe”. I went out after putting my baby back on her own feet putting my wet cock back into my jeans, I could hear Tammy singing in the living room and I knew she was a lot happier than this morning. I went and pick up her skirt, and had a good look at the garden, Tammy was right, you could be out here with nothing at all on, the only things that could see you was the birds, the garden was about thirty foot long by about thirty two wide, it needed a lot of work, Tammy and myself like gardening so we will be able to do it as we liked. I walked back out though the back gate to where the car was, moved it closer to the cottage and started to get our things out of the boot, hearing the front door keys in the lock, I looked up to the door and there was the loveliest and most sexiest being you could ever wish to see, I knew we were meant to be together from this moment, we would have a fantastic life time both of us could feel it, Tammy I said “ good job I am not the paper boy or postman because I have just seen the most beautiful thing in my life and it would have sent them blind ha” Tammy said “ what about these then” and pulled her T shirt up revelling two great looking tits, I said “I will never give up looking at the most beautiful body in this country” she said “well you will have to for about an hour” covering her breasts back up and asking for her skirt, which she put back on “ I just phoned Kate, she is over the moon to know we are here, and is asking her friend from the village (Amy) to come and show me how to turn the electric on, come and look what she left us for tonight, taking some of our stuff in doors she took me into the living room and there on the table was two bottles of champagne, a portable TV, and a letter which read.
Hi Tammy, I’m pleased, everything has worked out and you have at last left that nuttier you was with, if I had been with him I would be in prison by now because I would have killed the bastard. They say dreams don’t come true, yours sure have if Keith is with you, he has been the only one you have ever kept on about for years now, you wondering how big a cock he had to how long he could keep it up, I bet you have some idea now lol, YOU DIRTY GIRL, the house is yours, I have already told you this. It will be my dream if you accept it, after all you are my best mate, big s****r and was always been there for me, when you and Keith get married it will be your wedding present anyway from me, I will come up tomorrow afternoon to see you, give you two lovers sometime together ok, oh yes, in the cupboard by the cooker you will find some potatoes, some beans (fresh today) a loaf of bread ,butter and Amy will bring the steak enjoy, don’t, do anything I wouldn’t,
Love Kate xxx
Tammy said “Kate told me millions of times to follow my heart, if you felt the same way about me; we would be together one day. You never knew how much money I got left me did you?” I said “no” Tammy said “put it this way, we will never have to worry about anything, if we want to go on Holiday doesn’t matter where we can afford it, in fact, I knew Kate had this cottage some time ago, if you had not come with me I was going to buy it off her because I could not live over there with someone who kept beating me up nearly every three or four days, plus it was killing me knowing and seeing the only person I loved, oh yes loved for so long, with someone else, who like me they never loved” “you and me are like mirror images of each other really, we are both lucky we did not marry, but lived together with them, thank god, you don’t like wearing pants, I don’t and never have like wearing knickers’, we both like the same music, we both like doing things outside, yes and that, cannot wait, and we can do our home up together, we like travelling, believe me we will be doing a lot of that, and we love just talking to each other” I said “babe you just gave me a matter good idea not for now but in the next few weeks’ time, I will pay if you say yes, let’s have a holiday, you and I love Greece, very friendly people and their food is great, shall we have a few weeks in Corfu, what do you think” “yes that would be fantastic” just as she was finishing to speak there was a knock on the door, and the both of us said “Amy” together.
Tammy opened the door and I heard Amy say “Tammy, I’m Amy, Kate asked me to come and show you where to turn on the electric and to give you these, she was going to turn it on and leave these in the fridge but she was not sure you was definitely coming because you had only just phoned, and she was not sure” I heard Tammy say “come in”. Amy came into the living room and said “this room has not changed since I was here a few years ago, it’s nice to know f****y is taking it on again, if you ever need anything, doesn’t matter what, I only live just up the road in the main street, just past the spar, my house name is Belle View. Kate is always talking about you. Well anyway” she said “see that little cupboard behind the kitchen door, your metre is in there, just turn the switch on” I said “I cannot make you a cup of tea, but would you like a glass of wine” Amy said “only a small one please” after finding a glass in one of the kitchen cupboards I opened the wine, giving Amy a glass, I said to Tammy “ would you like one babe” she said “ I’d love one please babe” and started smiling. Amy said “how are you going to manage to sl**p tonight because your mum’s bed was thrown out after she passed on” Tammy said we’ll manage its only for one night because we are getting a new bed tomorrow morning” Amy said “there is some sheets and blankets in the airing cupboard if I had a spare bed you could have stayed at my place tonight” Tammy said “don’t worry we will be alright, we’ve done it before haven’t we babe” I said “yes, it not the first time to sl**p on the floor”, Amy said “well I off now, it was very nice to meet you and your husband, hope we can all do it again sometime, oh yes I have been trying to think where I sore you before, I remember now it was the funeral, it’s nice to meet you on better conditions, you’ll have to come to ours for a meal, see you” we said “thanks Amy for everything and come down anytime for a cuppa” with that we watched as she got into her car and revised out of our drive way then peeped her horn wand was gone.
Tammy and I went back indoors and I said to her, “I love you more than life itself” and give her a kiss which lasted of three or minutes and felt so good as we played with each other’s tongues, I said “Tammy, all our stuff is in bags in the kitchen, if you start putting it away in the cupboards, I’ll start making our tea, fancy a glass of wine babe” she said “yes please, I think you’re trying to get me d***k, you after my fanny ha ha” I said “yes, and what a lovely, warm, sexy one it is too” starting to laugh and pick some of the bags up, she said “I’m so happy” and went into where the bedroom is, I could hear her singing and wondered how long ago she was happy like that, as I started to put the dinner on, I heard something in the door way to the kitchen, Tammy was showing the lower half of her leg and singing, she then started to come further into the kitchen bit at the time, at this point I could see most of her leg and the lower part of her very sexy body, it just dawned on me she had taken her skirt off, and I started to wonder what else she had on, she was now facing me as naked as the day she was born, “Tammy” I said “I hope you never change because you have the sexiest body I have ever seen and want to see either, and by the way you never said you were a natural blond,” “how do you know” she said “because there is a little bit of hair you missed when you shaved at the top of your pussy, why dye your hair when you look so beautiful with your natural colour” “if you like me natural, I will keep it like it forever babe, what about this natural, do you like me like this, because this is the way I like being, I hate wearing clothes around my own house” Babe” I said “Please don’t ever put anything on again, we will end up having babies all the time, I could fuck the ass off you every time I see you like that you’re so sexy and I love you, so does someone else” as she looked down toward my jeans then said “be a good boy I have something special for you to do later really special” she gently touch my bulge in my jeans and said “I hope you realise now I have to think of a name for you, I can keep calling you cock can I?” she then said “Keith what would you say if I told you I want your baby and have wanted it ever since we meet all those years ago, I have waited and prayed for this day for so long but never thought it would come, I have not had any sex with Ray for over 18 months, so I had no reason to take anything, the pill or anything else, all I’m trying to say is what if I have caught already because that sex we had this morning on your lawn I really enjoyed and out of all the sex I have ever had that is the only time I have ever cum, I used to hear people saying about women Cumming like that but I always thought it was just something for them to talk about, now I really know what it is like and it has made me feel like a woman at last, if I live to be a million I will never forget this morning, and today.” “Baby” I said “if you were pregnant right this second it would be the best thing I could ever wish for, you make me feel so very proud just being with you, but to know you would be having my baby would be like winning the lottery, fantastic, shall we try now” “yes please” she said “better have our tea first because its nearly ready sexy, shall we have some of the drink Kate left for us with tea my lovely” “yes” she said “lets enjoy ourselves for a change baby” “I’m sure your trying to get me d***k to have your evil way with me, more drink please, I can’t wait” she went to sit down at the table and said “cor that chair is cold on my fanny” I said “can I warm it up” she laughed again. “I must be the luckiest man in the world to have someone like you babe” I said “and I must be the luckiest woman too” she said, I went over and kneeled down beside her, cupping her right breast in my hand, I started to run my tongue around her pink nipple and stroke her lovely smooth tummy with my other hand, gently smoothing where he had kicked her this morning, I was running my tongue from her nipple down over the top of a very soft breast, onto her tummy, around her belly button and gently poking my tongue into it, she tasted so good I could have had her for tea, licking just above the top of a beautiful looking pair of thighs and crack, still licking back up over her heaving tummy to the right breast were I started running my tongue just under the bottom of her breast gently playing with her left nipple, slowly licking up and around her two now heaving breasts I kept licking and playing with her nipples I then slowly moved up to her neck and kissed her, both of us wanted to do it but the dinner was done. Tammy said “that felt great you can do that anytime you like, you know now to turn me on don’t you, just come and feel this please” taking my hand she put it on a very wet pussy and said I can’t wait for you to fuck me again and again, take me anytime you like” with that I licked her juice off my fingers, she tasted good.
Putting her tea on the table and giving her a rather large glass of champagne we sat down to our very first meal together. I said “where are we going to sl**p babe” she said “we only have to rough it for a night or two, because tomorrow we can go into Wellington and get new stuff of our own, what do you think we need” she said “well babe, firstly we need a bed, mattress, blankets, new curtains won’t go amiss, if you know what colour you want the bedroom,” just a minute “ she said reaching for her handbag and taking out a pen and a notebook, “Right” she said “ carpets right though the cottage, bed, mattress, blankets, paint ( cream and pink), paint brushes, curtains with maybe cream and pink on, settee with matching chairs, TV and stand, and a new table and chairs, plus new pots and pans, plates and cutlery” “and the main thing we both forgot about food and drink” oh yes she said “ two new phones, before they try to contact us” taking her phone out of her bag, she wrote down Kate’s number and said that’s the only number I want, she took the sim card and snapped it in two, and said let them try now. I started to laugh and she said “what’s the matter” I said “I was just thinking if he has tried his whiskey yet and what she thought about your bra in my pants, I wish we had took a photo of us on the lawn together. Anyway babe that’s some shopping list, at least we haven’t got to worry about money forever have we?” I said “have you ever had champagne before, it’s nice isn’t it” Tammy said “it was really nice, but do me favour before I forget or can’t stand up, lock the doors babe” this I did and pulled the curtains turning on the lights Tammy look even more beautiful, tipping her another drink she said “if I have an hangover tomorrow I going to fuck the ass off you all-night and your Toby will be worn down to half his size ha ha,” I said “who” she said “Toby your cocks new name good what” she said “do you like it here, I know Toby likes being somewhere nice and warm and I wish he could be there all the time,” “he can if that’s what you want” I said, I went to the sink and just undid my jeans so they would fall down as I passed my baby. I got a glass of water and just stood by her with no jeans on. After about a minute she screamed out and gave Toby the biggest kiss he has ever had and said “that was a great surprise, take the rest of babe if you like” Tammy held Toby and was just rubbing the top of him then got her drink and put Toby into her drink and stirred it with him, taking him out she started to lick the drink off him, very slowly and gently, putting him back in her glass again she pulled back my skin and let the drink go under it, taking him out again she gently put her tongue all around the top of him then started licking under my foreskin and just opening the eye with her fingers putting her tongue into the crack, she just teased the top of him, but it felt fantastic , as she slowly run her tongue down the trunk of him, I started to gently run my finger around a nice sized pink nipple , she was now licking the bottom of Toby and just letting one of her finger nails slowly and very gently slide over my balls and go down towards my ass, it was very arousing, she, then started to squeeze and roll my balls in the palm of her hand, then she said “I wish we had got together years ago, babe I am not being funny, but can we wait until we sort somewhere to sl**p and see if that old TV works, we got up and Tammy said “ don’t put anything back on babe, I love you being like that, be like me and think what we will save on clothes ha, I love watching Toby moving around as you walk, it looks and makes me feel so sexy its unable” I said ” you’re just fantastic yourself and have just an unbelievable body, how long have you not wore clothes in the house babe, and yes your ass looks and feels great” as I touched her lovely firm cheeks, then I noticed the huge bruise just under her left cheek. ” Babe” I said “is that bruise sore on your cheek, it looks awfully sore to me, what the hell did he do to you this morning, that other bruise on the top of your thigh still has his sole mark of his shoe, he sure meant to try and hurt you didn’t he, the bustard, looks like he tried to kick you in the pussy and hold you down by the finger marks on your arms and legs”. We put some pillows and blankets down on the floor and was going to use the edge of the settee to rest our heads on, getting the champagne and wine in reach, I poured another two glasses and gently helped her to get down on the pillows, as I sat beside her she leaned her head close to mine and said in a voice which I thought she was going to start to cry in, said “Keith my love, when you came to Birmingham, I really hoped and prayed you had come for me, I longed every day to be with you, the ace for you was so bad, right from the day we meet in Worcester I knew it was you that was my life, no one else mattered, it got that bad I could not sl**p and food meant nothing to me, all I could think about was finding ways to see or be in your company, even if it was just for a few minutes. Sue dropped her knickers for you because she realised how much I wanted to be with you and she realised you had feelings for me too, that’s why she told you she was pregnant but after a few weeks she said she had miscarried, the only thing then was she knew she had to keep telling you lies and try to get you to hate me” I said “Tam I could never hate you, you are my life, my pride and joy forever my lovely” we poured ourselves another drink and she said “the pain and ace which was deep down in my tummy and mind just got so bad, I was crying most of the time, not eating, Kate tried to get me though it and told me millions of times to talk to you about how I felt about you because she could see what you meant to me but I kept chickening out, thinking you would reject me and I would have lost you forever, as time goes by she used to say, it will get better, you really do love him don’t you, I feel so sorry for you Tam, Kate would say. I looked at her face and sore her wiping a tier from her eye as she said “Babe I need a pee this drink is going straight though” I said “race you” and we both made a dive for the toilet but I let her win, she sat there smiling and looked as beautiful as a picture, she wiped the droppers off and said “come on then sexy, let’s have him” and holding my cock she said “come on then I’ve always wanted to hold Toby while you were having a piss”, as I slowly started to pee, she started laughing and was spraying all over the place, the more she laughed the more it went everywhere, she said “ Babe look at the mess you are making, no control at all but if feels nice to feel it coming tough Toby, I don’t know how you control him” as I finished she wiped Toby with toilet paper and said I will be waiting in the living room after you clean up that mess you made ha ha” I have never dreamed I could end up with such a beautiful woman who loves being in the nude all day and believe me she had such a fantastic body to show me it was something special. As I went back into the living room she was sitting back down with her leg tucked under her bum, and she said “where have you been sexy, I hope you haven’t been trying to put anymore fires out because I’m the only one who can control that hosepipe ha ha” giving me another glass of wine I sat beside her again and put my hand on the top of her thigh, just brushing her pussy lips the skin was so soft and silky and was as smooth as a babies bum. I said “babe, why is your skin by there so soft and smooth, and you clit and lips feel like velvet and must be the most silkiest things I have ever touched” she said “they are always soft and silky just after you come off your period, I only came off mine last night, they all believe it’s the best time to catch for a baby too” I said “babe I wish you were having my baby but we have plenty of time to make one or two” Tammy said “one or two, my dream right from a little girl was I would have seven , hopefully four girls, and three boys” I said “babe we got a lot of work to do, shall we start on the first one in moment” Tam said “don’t worry we have all night, in fact we have all our life’s to do and enjoy each other, there is no way will I ever want to lost you my sexy machine” “Anyway where did I leave off just before we went to wash the toilet” she said “oh yes I remember, I was saying about Kate saying I loved you so very much and she was sorry for me, Kate was always there not like most of my f****y, she knew me so well, even mum did not understand what was wrong with me, then one day I had the biggest shock of my life, I had been up your house most of the day and I know it was the first time you sore my pussy because I made sure that day to sit opposite you, in the morning I had just shaven my fanny and it was a bit sore, I remember I had to wriggle around a bit because if was faintly hurting, I was watching your face when I shore in your eyes and the smile that you had seen something and was surprised by it too, I then realized this could be a way to get you back, I remember Sue saying that she never liked sex much before she meet you and it was only now and then she wanted it, not like me, I don’t mean with anyone else, only you, I fantasies on making mad love with you in all ways and positions you can imagine, you was talking to me about something which I can’t remember, I thought I wonder if he likes this and slowly opened my legs a little at the time as I did I watched your face and jeans I knew you had seen my glory because I could see this nice big lump rising, plus it really made me horny, I could feel my juices flowing between my lips and from that day I knew one day we would get together. Look at Toby Now he knows”, he was has hard as a rock and a little juice was sparking in his eye Tammy said “nice” and took hold of him and was gently squeezing and rubbing him on my leg, she said “here babe” handing me a sweet and another glass of wine, she said “the biggest shock was about to hit me, as I went home and walked in, mum was crying so was my s****rs, I said “Mum what’s the matter” Mum said and I will never forget “Tammy, it’s your Dad, he was in work and they think he had an heart attack, he died before they could get him to the hospital” I held her close to me and I could feel her naked body throbbing and feel her tears running down my chest” I said “that’s it babe let it all out I’m here for you and you will feel better to have a good cry over it” deep down inside I knew this would happen one day because her Mum told us she never cried or wanted to let him go and would not believe he was gone, just stroking her head and back I said “that’s it babe it’s alright to cry, I understand how you feel and no matter what ever happens I will always be here for you, you will never have to worry about being alone ever again” she said really sobbing “none of the f****y really knew how much I was hurting and I couldn’t tell Mum either, then this happened with dad, it felt like my life had fallen apart, I had days not even coming out of my room, at the funeral I had no one’s shoulder to cry on. I have never felt so alone in my life and I started to wonder if there was anything worth living for, I could not see how I could make you know just how much I loved you and Dad I really thought I had no one. Kate then took over and made me go and live at her mums until I sorted myself out”, Tammy said to me “don’t stop doing that by my pussy it is sending tingling feelings right over my body and is very nice, anyway babe after a few weeks, with Kate and her Mum things started to feel a little bit better, and one Saturday night we went out for a drink” passing me another glass of wine “she said “we’ll be too d***k to do anything later, is that all the time is 8.37pm” I said “yes and look at Toby he likes what you have been doing to him for the last hour and half, he has not spit at you once tonight yet” Tammy said “he did earlier and you can think what you like but that was the first time I’ve ever tasted a man like that and it was lovely mmmmmm, on that night out I meet Ray, worst luck, he was alright for the first four or five months, then one day he started picking on me, and making me do things around the house, then finding faults like with his food, saying things like it’s not cooked right or there was too much salt and then started hitting me about over nothing at all. This morning was the final time he was ever going to hit me, that’s why I came around your place , I was going to tell you that I loved you so very much, and could no longer take his beatings I made his cupper and had just gave him two rounds of toast when he jumped up and threw the plate with the toast on me, I screamed, then he kicked me by here, and she pointed at the bruise on the top of her thigh, he was hitting and throwing me all over the flat and shouting something about his toast, had some jam on or something, after what seemed like ten minutes he shouted I’m going down the pub and this place had better be cleaned up when I come back, you bitch, and you had better not say anything to those slags of a f****y you got, if you do your going to get the same again, understand bitch, and he went out the door, as soon as he had gone I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up because my nose was bleeding and I had a lot marks to cover up with some makeup, I went and got my handbag because I had already put all my important things, like passport, bankbooks, and my personal things ready and wrote on the mirror in the bathroom what a wanker he is, phoned Kate about the cottage, if I could have it for a week or two, she said if you tell Keith what you have gone through and how much you think of him the cottage will be yours and Keith’s, because it’s only a matter of time before you two get married, it was going to be a wedding present off me to you after all you are in my mind my big and only s****r, I could not live there myself (to many mummeries’) plus I could not sell it to a stranger, I said “Tammy, here have this drink babe, why did he kick you there ? And by the look from where your make up as come off he gave you a black eye too, why didn’t you get the police to sort him out” she said “he made me too scared to even tell Kate, but she knew from the bruises what he was doing” I said “ I only wish you had told me about the shit, I promise nothing like that will ever happen to you again babe, although that one bruise on the top of you pussy, you should see a doctor in case he has done other damage” she said “he started kicking me or trying to kick me there because he said he would stop me having anyone else’s baby if I ever left him” Tammy said “babe I think I’m getting pissed, are you trying to get in my knickers, hops I forgot I never have any on anyway, I should say you are trying to get inside either my juicy pussy or my ass, you can get inside anywhere you my sexy babe” with that she said “babe I’ve got to go again” and started to pull herself up and over my legs, sitting on the top of my legs she started to laugh and said “babe I got a cock, look its sticking out from my crack” as she was laughing she started to leak and even laughed more and tried to get up when she started to piss over my cock, as she tried to get up she was pissing over my body, it felt great, lovely and warm, she managed to stop and said “babe what did that feel like, I didn’t mean to give toby a wash, I just could not stop, if it had been that thing I was with,. He would have killed me, she started to lean over and rub her lovely soft tits on my chest, her nipples where now sticking upright as she swayed them from side to side, barely touching my skin, she swayed from side to side working up towards my awaiting mouth, she said “Keith you make me sexy as hell, I feel more horny now than I ever thought possible in the past, since this morning I had an orgasm, played with your toby in our car and have been able to be myself here, got d***k and do my favourite things, like not having to wear anything at all, I really hate clothes on my skin, bl**dy bra’s in the summer make my tits sweet and they start to get sore underneath” she then got her right breast and leaning closer to my face started running her nipple around my lips firstly going around then across the middle then going in the opposite way as she was moving the nipple I opened my mouth and had her breast and nipple inside, I just held on to her nipple with my teeth and started to play with her other tit, I gently had it in my left hand and her other nipple trapped between my fingers which I gently squeezed and massaging her tit by squeezing and licking her cleavage, as I was licking up between her tits and slowly going about half way up her chest, then across the top of her tit and going back down just under her arm, and licking up and down on her tit just under her arm, after doing this a few times I started licking down and around the bottom, and just pushing my tongue up and under her breast, then working my way back up to her nipple which by this time looked harder than a few seconds ago, all of a sudden she started laughing and said “sorry honey I just had a vision of that wanker drinking that whiskey and spitting it out all over the place in a fine spray, I hope it chokes the bastard” she got off me and started to lick my chest and run her tongue up and down my tummy, poking it into my belly button, this position was better for me because I could now touch more of her fantastic wet body, she was glistering in the light, her tits where hanging down with her hard nipples pointing at the carpet, I pulled her a bit closer and started running my hand on the cheeks of her ass, smoothing her leg and thighs then sliding my hand onto her belly and creak at the start of her pussy, pushing forward with my hand I now had her clit and lips which still felt like velvet and I was sure they were the softest things I have ever felt. She then moved around and was touching my cock and I could feel her breath on the lower part of my tummy, after about two minutes she put her leg over and I could feel all of her body on mine, her pussy was only inches away from my face and I could see just inside her fanny, it looked so inviting sparkling in the light, just parting her pussy lips was a fantastic pink fanny just waiting for my hard cock, I was running my fingers up the middle of her fanny and gently rubbing a clit which I could now see in all it its glory, I gently rubbed the very top where it looks like a V shape upside down, Tammy started to morn as I did circle movement’s on her clit and put a little bit of pressure on her velvet bits, with the other hand I started to play with her ass, and very nice it is too, slowly moving my fingers around her hole, I then moved my hand from her fanny and started licking from the bottom up between her lips, sucking and running my tongue around her clit, all this time she was sucking and licking my cock, taking him deep into mouth and always licking around the trunk of him, with her hands she was playing with my balls, gently squeezing and rolling them, a few times I felt her fingers pressing into my ass. My fingers were now sliding into a wet fanny, her juices also tasted so good, at first she took two fingers, after a few strokes, three then four, she was really morning and before she knew, one of my fingers on the other hand were gently sliding into her ass hole, this started to send her wild, pumping her whole body up and down, and asking for more, she was now taking all my hand up to the knuckles plus a finger up her ass which soon turned into two, pumping her pussy and pushing my hand in a little at the time she screamed “Keith I’m Cumming, oh my god ohhhhhhhh, oh god” I could feel her nails digging deep into my thigh and leg and she was really pulling on my cock with her mouth as she screamed and shouted “I LOVE YOU” by this time I was really pumping her fanny with my whole hand and licking as much of her sexy Bute as I could. She then started to sit up on my Tummy and I could feel just how wet she really was, she moved down my body still facing away from me and started rubbing her wet minge against my very hard cock, she was also rubbing my balls in her hands and sliding them down my groin, gently smoothing her fingers over the top of my ass hole, which felt good. At this point I thought Tammy was going to slide my cock into her already waiting pussy but she simply said “have you ever had it this way before darling” and before I could reply was putting my nob on her pussy and just sliding him into a I very nice hole, she only was pushing him in until my nob was just inside, then pulling him back out, she did it again and again, she then moved slightly and started putting him around her ass and said “Keith fuck me, I want you more than anything or anyone in the world” and eased him into a tight ass hole after a few strokes she said “nice I’ve always wanted it this way, but waited for the person I know was the right man for me, someone I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with” I could see my cock sliding in and out and glistering with her juices sparkling on my cock, all I could do was lie back and enjoy what she was doing and believe me it was a fantastic feeling, she was in full control. All I could see was my cock in between two lovely cheeks and disappearing in and out of her ass hole, every now and then a pair of lovely swinging tits came into view, gently swaying from side to side, when I could see them I noticed under her right breast she had a red birth mark in the shape of a tree and I wondered if she knew it was there, by now she was really pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her ass and I knew I was going to cum, I could feel this tingling deep down in my tummy and a sensual feeling all around my body, no sooner had I had these feeling than my cock started to pump and pump my sperm deep into her ass, I have had a lot of sex before this but never have I ever felt anything like this I didn’t think my cock was ever going to stop pumping into her body. Tammy just waited until every drop pumped out of my cock and said “that was the best feelings I have ever had, believe me Keith I only ever thought feelings like this where fairly tails, my whole body is tingling, I have never felt anything like this not even when I’ve played with myself” I said “what” Tam said “even little boys have played with them self’s at some time or another, I bet you have pulled Toby more than once, haven’t you ha” I said “noooo well maybe only once, but I was really little then,” “ bl**dy liar” I heard her say” she said “ he’s not little today is he, and you will have no need to play with him again, that’s my job from now on, and I can’t wait to start, he’ll be six foot long soon” she said laughing and gently sliding back and forth on toby and my balls with a very moist pussy. She said “babe, do you want another drink, may as well be wet inside as well as out” I said “babe do you realise we have d***k a bottle of Champaign, and a bottle of wine, someone’s going to have a bad head in the morning, it’s going to be our first hangover together ha ha, and yes I do love you more than life itself especially dressed like that, wish you could be like it for ever and ever, how do you manage in the winter wearing no knickers, don’t your pussy and other bits feel the cold,” She said “ I have never wore them because they make me feel hot and itchy and it seems natural for me plus I feel more comfortable, if it gets cold I do what you would, put on my jeans, but I still never wear anything around the house, I really hate clothes in the house because when I was little, Mrs Poole, a woman who we lived by, and used to baby sit for mum, was babysitting us one day and started screaming and ran out of the house with her night clothes on fire, of course we didn’t know what happened and the police got mum to come and get us, when we got back home all she told us was Mrs Poole was in hospital and was very hill. Later on, well a few months we found out her nightdress had caught fire and the material had melted into her skin, and the shock had killed her what made it worse was she ran outside instead of rolling in a carpet or something, after that I had bad nightmares and would rip my clothes off. Mum and Dad took me to the doctors and was told I would grow out of it, never have and never will, I can see her poor face now, that’s why I like being like this” I said “babe I had no idea, that must have been trouble for you, anyway I like you like this, those breasts and those pink nipples look fantastic, I could look at them all day and every day, I hope you never want to cover them up, only when we go out somewhere, don’t change anything my lovely” I said “if that’s what you want, I honestly don’t mind, But don’t blame me if you get pregnant, or I walk around with three legs Ha Ha,” she said “ oh yes please, I wish I was pregnant only with your baby though, it is something I have really dreamed about since we first meet , anyway Ray and me have not done anything for months and months, why should we when he beats me up like he did, anyway I never loved him, I have known that for years and years, this is what I’ve wanted for so long and now it has come true I just cannot believe it, it’s like being in a dream, if it is I never want to wake up” as I tried to sit up a little to take a drink of wine, I got her left tit and nipple right in the eye and spilled my drink over them. She said “Toby has just slipped into his home,” he had slide over her clit and somehow slide between her lovely wet lips and my nob was just inside her pussy, she also said “ oh leave him have a rest, he wants to get warm and I wish he could stay there for ever and ever” I said “ babe we ,d have soon funny looks walking down the street don’t you think” she laughed and said “yes I can image what it would look like, me with my legs wrapped around your waist and all my bare back showing, and you holding my ass and trying to cover my tits and keep your cock out of sight Ha Ha” still sitting on my tummy she said “do you feel hungry because I am starving what have we got to eat, I’ll just go and have a look” she got up and her mound was right in my face, all wet and shining, I went to kiss her tummy and she said “ you can’t eat that yet, but if you like, you can have it all for dessert ha ha,” I watch her naked body slowly going into the kitchen and listened to her sweet voice singing as she went, deep down inside I knew this was my angel and I also knew she was happier now than probably she has been for years and it made me feel so probe to know she had fallen head over heels in love with me so long ago and followed her dreams hoping one day this would happen, as she was in the kitchen it was really nice listening to her voice singing she really had a heavenly voice and could sing like an angel too. She came out with two plates of cheese sandwiches, wiggling her hips and swaying her tits and smiling, I said “babe I would rather those any day,” as she sat down beside me on the floor I said “you should be a singer babe, you have a lovely voice, I really enjoyed your singing out there,” we started to eat our sandwich and finish our drink, as I tipped another glass of wine she said “when I was little I always wanted to be a singer, poor old Mum and Dad used to send me to singing class in Northfield, I went there until we moved to Hopwood, then of course the singing lessons went out the window, before we moved though Mrs Wilson told my Mum and Dad to try and keep me having lessons, but in those days money was short plus they had all the rest to think about, so that was the end to that” I said “that was a shame because you sound lovely, and who knows you could have been on the stage” she said “yes sweeping the stage off after” tipping yet another drink out and finishing our sandwiches off she said “I don’t know how they managed in those days when you think there was nineteen of us, and they had to feed us and clothe us, I know a lot of the clothes where hand downs from your b*****rs or s****rs but it must have been hell trying just to feed us all, I could do it. I have always dreamed of having seven, don’t know why but that was my dream, how would you feel about having a rather large f****y babe” I said “would love it with you, if that’s what you want, that’s what we can try for, either way we are going to have lots of fun try, the only thing is we will have to get a bigger house” “oh yes “ I said “talking about baby’s, do you know you have a birth mark right under you left breast in the shape of a tree” “yes” she said “I have seen it myself when I was growing up, but Mum used to tell me it was in the shape of a oak tree, she said she was about six month gone carrying me. One day she just sat down on the ground under this oak tree down the Maypole and it started to thunder and lightning, she does not remember if the tree was struck by the lightning or if it was the sudden shock of the thunder, but the doctors think it imprinted the shape on my skin, whether or not it was right I don’t know, how did you know about that babe” she said “when we were doing it a few minutes ago, I could see it on the underside of your left tit, looks really sexy too” I said “babe” she said “give me a cuddle my skin feels a bit cold,” so we got under the two blankets I was cuddling her as close as I could to me body, it was fantastic to feel her one leg over and the other leg under my legs and I could feel her cold, wet pussy pressing right up against the top of my legs, her tummy was pressed tight against my tummy and I could feel her tits burning into my chest, they felt really soft and sexy, I could feel her arms wrapped around me and she was pulling me as close as she could, she said “babe if I died this second, I would never forget this day, I am thirty-six years old and out of my whole life this is the happiest day I have ever had, please God don’t let it ever end, I’m so scared to go to sl**p in case I wake up and find I have only been dreaming” “my sexy” I said “it’s no dream believe me, if you feel sl**py, let me put the light out, and I will be here for you when you wake up now and for ever, I will always be here for you in the mornings, nights for all-time until we are ninety.” She said “go no then babes turn it off but I am not going to sl**p yet, I want to enjoy your body close to me for as long as I can” I said “babe I be here for you for ever no matter what happens” just laying here, touching her lovely soft body, and gently rubbing my hands up and down her back and sides was such a turn on. She said “I have never believed what some women have said about the feelings only some women have when they cum, most women go right though life without having an orgasm, I used to think how could your whole body shake and tingle with so much pleasure by some man poking your pussy with his cock and Cumming all over you. You can cum over me anywhere you like babe and as often as you like, today was the first time in my life I have ever sucked a cock or tasted a man’s sperm, I just never thought of doing it, and I am really over the moon you where my first and only, it was worth all the suffering I went through just watching you with someone else and knowing you where my life and I wanted you so badly I could have screamed it from the mountains, and the only other person who knew, and I could talk to about you was Kate” I said “babe we have each other now and it’s you I want to spend the rest of my life with too,” she said “even your touch makes me feel like I could rip your clothes off and play with your cock for ever, every second of the day,” I said “babe you wouldn’t have to do much ripping would you, here he is for you to do what you like with, and believe me he is only ever yours,” with that Tammy rolled on top of me and started kissing me, long with her tongue in my month and moving around my tongue, I could feel her heavy breathing on my chest and her hands just handing my face, with the kissing she also started to slide her body up and down on mine, my cock was between our body’s and it felt like she was going to make toby come with her body, she stopped kissing me and was running her tongue around my ear and down my neck, she knew this was making me horny because she could feel my cock getting harder and harder, she slide her body down mine and was licking around my nipples then down to my belly button, she licked around it a few times I felt her licking around the base of my cock and over the top of my balls, sucking one ball at a time in her month, firstly one then the other, always moving back up to my cock and gently nibbling at the base of my very hard cock, she started to lick up my tummy and was rubbing her tits from side to side over my cock while baiting my nipples and rubbing my sides with one of her hands, she moved up my neck and with her tongue around my lips and started kissing me really passionately, just touching the edge of my tongue with hers, I could feel her lovely soft lips pressing against mine and her soft body heaving body with every breath she took, she was pressing her tits tight against my chest. I had my arms around her and was gently pulling her tighter into me also gently smoothing my hands up and down her back and sides, working down to the cheeks’ of her white soft bum and pressing down on it even if she was moving the lower part of her body from side to side and up and down every now and then I felt the pressure on my now very hard cock which was still under her mound. She then sat up and was sitting on my cock, she reached down and took my hands and put them on her tits, in the dark I could feel her nipples felt harder than they had before, she still had my wrists and was moving them so that my hands where rubbing just the tops of her nipples, I tried to get hold of her breasts as she was doing that and she said “not yet darling, I want you to enjoy every second of this, if you feel like you are going to cum tell me before you do, I don’t want you to waste a drop and I want to feel every drop going in me, it feels lovely to feel him throbbing and your juice going in, nice and warm, I love you more than life its self-babe, you are my life, my one and only, and the only one I will ever want in my life, I knew that years ago, and I know without you my life would be over, I would have no reason to live, believe me” still sliding her pussy on my balls and cock and moving my hands off her tits onto her tummy and just onto the start of her crack, “babe” I said “ Mmmmmmm you had better put him in now because I am going to come” with that she reached down and just put him into her lovely soft pussy and he started to throb and pump my juices into her body, she said “babe that was nice” some of my juice,s was now running down towards her ass, and she just reached down and rub it into her thighs
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Watching the wife part 1




Watching My Wife

The music was blaring as Earl took another swig of his mixed drink. He had no idea where his partner had disappeared for the last hour. Knowing how Clyde was, he was probably out trying to pick up a date for the evening.

Earl caught a glimpse of the dark haired woman again as she briskly walked past his stool at the bar. He barely caught a peek at her large breasts swaying but he got a very good look at the way her hips swayed as he watched her disappear into the woman's lounge.

Earl motioned to the bartender to get another drink and turned back toward the rest room as he waited and watched for that gorgeous woman to come back his way.

He could still see the vision of her full round cheeks swayed above those beautiful long sleek legs as she strutted by him moments ago. She resembled his wife to a tee the way she was when they were married ten years ago.

Janice had gained a lot of weight and Earl was always nagging her about her appearance. Earl took a swig of his new drink as he remembered the day when he moved out of the house.

That was sixteen months ago and he hadn't seen her since. They talked on the phone a couple times but never got a chance to get together.

Earl moved to Miami soon after moving out of their house in Tampa and started an advertising firm with his old army buddy, Clyde. He couldn't even remember all the reasons why he moved out other then the fact that they were having financial problems at the time and Earl didn't like the fact that Janice wasn't taking care of herself at the time.

The last time they spoke on the phone, Janice wanted him to come back home and start over again. Earl still loved her dearly and he knew she loved him but Earl had gotten the business started and found it very difficult to try and move it back to Tampa.

Earl remembered telling her he needed more time to get his business stabilized before he considered coming back home. She told him she was doing great selling real estate and was working on changing her life.

Earl caught the glimpse of the dark haired woman again. She was strutting her way toward his stool and Earl was getting ready to stop her when she came near. She was wearing a tight gold dress and Early could see those shapely well proportioned breasts swaying as she walked his way.

Here she comes. Let her get a few steps closer and stop her. Yes. Earl reached out with his arm to stop her and she starred his way and smiled.

Earl smiled back. "Janice? Is that you?"

"Earl? I didn't expect to see you here!"

Janice stepped closer as Earl got off the stool and gave her a hug. He stepped back and glanced down at her low cut dress and saw that half her breasts were displayed to the patrons of the lounge.

"You look absolutely gorgeous, Janice. What happen?"

Janice playfully spun around in a circle giving Earl a good look at her figure.

"You like?"

"I can' believe you look so good! What happen? What have you been doing?"

Janice let out a girlish giggle as she reached out and held Earl's arms.

"I've been working out with my friends for the last several months and I've been eating right and working pretty hard."

Earl kept looking at her figure with a wide grin on his face.

"Janice. I think you look beautiful. I can't remember seeing you look this good since our wedding day."

Janice smiled then gave him a quick look over from head to toe.

"Your looking pretty handsome yourself tonight. What are you doing here? Are you alone?"

Earl shook his head and smiled. "Of course I'm here alone. Except my business partner is running around here someplace."

"Is he the man you told me about?"

"Yeah, he's the one. He's probably out trying to pick up somebody tonight. He's been single now for two years and he's getting a little antsy."

Janice laughed. "I know the feeling."

Earl kept starring at her and didn't want to let her go. "Why don't you join me for a drink?"

Janice peered across the club as she nervously looked back at Earl. "I'm with a group of friends right now and we are celebrating our weight loss tonight. Sort of a little women's' group and I don't want to keep them waiting too long."

Earl laughed. "How long are you going to be in town? I'd like to get together with you so we can talk."

Janice smiled before replying. "We'll be here until Monday. I'm free tomorrow afternoon if you want to meet for lunch."

Earl smiled knowing she was interested in speaking to him. "Why don't I give you a call around ten tomorrow and we'll setup a place. I know this nice little place in South Beach we can go to."

Janice gave Earl another hug and kissed his cheek. "Honey, I have to go before they wonder where I went. I have your number and I'll call you if I don't hear from you by ten."

Earl smiled at Janice as she walked away and turned around and smiled back before strutting back to her friends. Earl kept watching her ass swaying in the tight dress until she disappeared out of sight among the crowd of people that were on the dance floor.

He did catch a glimpse of her thong beneath the thin gold material of her dress as she was walking away. Earl also noticed that she wasn't wearing her wedding rings tonight. He felt uncomfortable about the lack of the symbolic none presents of her wedding band more than anything tonight.

Earl sat back down on his stool and reached around with his right hand and felt his wedding band which hadn't left his finger since their separation begun. Earl then turned around on his stool and glanced toward the dark area of the huge club trying to look over the group of people out on the dance floor.

All Earl could think about was his gorgeous wife with her dark eyes and long dark hair and her beautiful pale skin tucked into that pretty dress tonight. Earl hadn't seen her wearing high heels shoes with such a long spike since they dated in college.

Earl took another swig of his drink debating if he should walk to the opposite end of the club and try to get another peek at his wife. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea if she were out with her friends right now. Maybe she didn't want to explain anything about their separation and ruin a good night out with the girls.

Clyde made an appearance a few minutes later all cheerful and happy as he laid his arm on Earl's shoulder.

"Earl, why aren't you out there dancing with one of those good looking babes tonight?"

Clyde held his arm on his friend's shoulder and twisted him around on his stool as they peered out at the dance floor together. Earl twisted his head around to stare up at the well dressed handsome black man.

"Your not going to tell me you hit gold out there tonight, are you?"

Clyde laughed as he moved his hand down along Earl's back and rubbed it as he cheerfully replied.

"That's why I cam over here to speak to you about. I just wanted to give you a head's up in case I bring her back to our suite tonight. I wouldn't want you to be surprised if you saw a strange woman in the middle of the night."

Earl laughed. "Is this woman that strange one that you have to give me warning about?"

"No, I don't think so. It's just that she hasn't had any dick in a long time and is horny as they come right now."

Earl laughed as he thought about something he knew about Clyde. "Maybe I should warn her about you! I remember seeing that huge black sausage you have hanging between your legs."

Clyde laughed. "I do remember the remarks you made down at the racket club that afternoon when we were in the shower room."

Clyde appeared anxious as he patted Earl on the shoulder. "Listen. I better get back to her table before she changes her mind. I'll catch you in the morning."

"OK, Clyde. Just don't knock the bottom out it tonight. I might want to get a little sl**p."

Clyde laughed as he walked away from Earl across the dance floor and disappeared into the dark club.

Earl took a bottle back to their suite and turned on the television then shut the door between his room and Clyde's. He lay on the bed watching a movie until he just about fell asl**p when the door opened and Clyde came walking into the room with his shirt off. "I don't suppose that you have any condoms packed in your suitcase, do you?"

Earl starred up at his buddy with a smile. "I'm really sorry, Clyde, I wasn't expecting to get that lucky this weekend."

Clyde looked disappointed as he starred at Earl. "I guess I'll just tell her I had a vasectomy or something."

Earl smiled and pointed his finger at his friend. "You better watch it!"

A few seconds later and Clyde was gone. Earl switched off the television and fluffed the pillow and turned out the light.

Earl heard them talking and laughing for the next few minutes until it absolutely went silent in the other room. It did bother Earl a little that his friend was getting pussy and he wasn't.

His dick was hard as he lay on his back wondering what his friend Clyde was doing with his new found lover. Maybe he scared her off when he couldn't provide any condoms or perhaps she took one look at his massive cock and decided she couldn't accommodate such a weapon inside her.

Earl's curiosity was getting the best of him so he crawled out of bed and walked over to the door and slowly turned the handle until the door was able to move. Earl had to walk into the tiny hallway that divided their rooms.

He was in luck! The door to Clyde's room was ajar and Earl saw a light on in the room. He eased himself slowly down the short hallway until he was standing outside the door and slowly eased forward until he saw Clyde's feet near the edge of the bed.

Earl took a chance and gave the door a little push so it slipped open a little further giving Earl a better view of what was going on.

They were lying on their side in a sixty-nine position. Clyde's face was buried between the woman's legs. Her back was turned toward Earl and all he could see was her dark hair.

One of her legs was propped up over Clyde's shoulder. She was still wearing her high heels. Earl saw Clyde's head moving furiously in her crotch. He knew his buddy was giving her a good tongue job in preparation for what was to come.

She was moaning as her hips moved with Clyde's tongue. Her head was rocking back and forth which made Earl think she was licking the head of that big black cock.

Whoever the woman was, she was very attractive from what Earl could see. The next thing Earl saw was the woman's body as it began to shake violently as her moans became louder until she finally screamed out in a loud voice.

"UH...God....Yes.....Baby....I'm Cumming!"

She moaned out loud as if she were in pain than whimpered. "Oh...Clyde....It feels so good, baby."

Earl watched as Clyde raised his head and stroked her thigh and starred down at the woman.

"Are you ready for that black dick, baby?"

"Oh....God...Yes...Clyde. I'm ready for it now, baby."

Earl moved away from the door as they twisted around on the bed. He was trying to be careful not to be caught and waited a few seconds until they switched into position.

Earl eased near the door again and peered inside and saw Clyde's body which dwarfed the attractive woman straddling above her. She was just opening her legs and Earl could see that huge black salami pointed straight out and resting on her white belly.

Clyde was positioned her legs back with his arms until he had her pinned where he wanted them. Clyde began sliding his massive cock along the smooth white skin of his nervous white victim.

Earl saw her hands clutching his arms and appeared to be starring up into his eyes with mercy as he rocked his body back and forth until he moved back allowing his big cock to drop down in front of her wet pussy lips.

She knew what he wanted and instinctively dropped her hand down between her thighs and took hold of the thick shaft and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy.

She whimpered. "Please, honey. Be gentle until I can stretch a little."

Clyde didn't answer her verbally but Earl could see his friend rocking gently until the head popped inside her. Earl saw her body stiffen as she let out a yelp. Clyde worked his body until his cock began slipping inside the woman.

Earl saw her raise her hand against his belly for a moment as to try and ease his entry until her pussy got accustomed to his size. He could barely see her face in the dim light but saw her long well manicured nails sticking into Clyde's skin as she tried to hold him back from ramming his cock inside her.

Clyde raised her legs up until they rested over his shoulders making her eyes bulge out in fear that he would ram his thick cock inside her. Clyde kept his gentle motions with her to assure her that he wouldn't hurt her.

Clyde leaned down and kissed her lips as his body began to sway as he pushed himself further inside her pussy. The wet sound of their passionate kiss filled the room while she moaned into his mouth as he started to fuck her in a steady motion.

Clyde lowered himself down on top of her and allowed her legs to move away off his shoulders as she moved them around and locked them around his ass. Her hands were rubbing his back as her breath became more rapid.

Earl could see her long manicured finger nails dig into the black man's skin above her as Clyde moved his hips from side to side.

Earl was excited beyond belief as he made a bold move and got down on his hands and knees and started to crawl into the room toward the foot of the bed. He kept down low until he thought it was safe and slowly raised himself enough to see over the mattress.

Earl was only a couple feet away from the vision that filled his eyes. He was watching that huge black cock as it sliced into the woman's tight pussy. Her pussy seemed stretched beyond its capacity.

Her pussy lips seemed as if they were stretched out and clasping the big cock that was tight inside her.

She started to whimper again. "Oh my...God Clyde, I've never felt so full in my life! You're so big and gentle, baby."

Earl had the best view in the house. This was better then watching any porno flick he ever saw. He'd always been aroused watching interracial sex but never thought he'd get to watch in person.

To his amazement, Clyde began chanting to his white lover.

"Tell me, baby. Do you like that big black cock inside you?"

She was moaning and making little noises like an injured kitten and finally whimpered. "Yes. I love your cock inside me. It's been so long since I've had anyone inside me and never this big."

She whimpered a little than added. "You're so good."

The wet sound of Clyde's cock slicing into her wet pussy filled the room as Earl got comfortable on the floor near the edge of the bed. Earl turned his head when his hand touching something on the floor.

It was her purse! Earl moved his eyes further across the floor and saw her dress dangling from a chair. Earl began to wonder when he saw the gold dress and studied the material for a moment until he realized it was made like the one Janice was wearing at the club tonight.

The sound of the mattress began to get louder as Clyde began pushing into the woman with more f***e now. Earl took hold of the purse and gently opened the flap and looked inside. He saw her wallet inside and gently pulled it out as he glanced back at the bed.

He turned his head back and took both hands to open the wallet and saw her driver's license. Earl just about had a heart attack at that moment when he read the name and saw the face. It was Janice!

Earl started to panic as he closed the wallet and put it back inside the purse and carefully put it on the floor where he found it. His heart was racing and his arms began to shack as he tried to figure out what he was going to do next.

Earl thought about standing up and pulling Clyde off his wife but couldn't even imagine what sort of scene that would cause.

Earl listened to Janice as she whimpered under the big fellow above her and hollered out as her body shook again. She was having another orgasm as Clyde hammered away inside her tight pussy.

Earl thought he would dye when he heard Clyde begin to grunt and yelped out like a c***d being beaten. "Oh God....I'm going to cum....God....Here it is, baby.....Take it....." Earl watched as Clyde slapped his massive legs into her upturned ass a few more times and sunk his cock inside her until his large balls slapped against her ass one last time and stayed there as he emptied his seed inside her womb.

Earl could hear Clyde as he tried to catch his breath. A few moments later he heard them kissing again until Clyde rolled off her body. The only sound that could be heard was of them trying to catch their breath.

Earl thought about crawling back out but was worried about being caught and stayed down low to the floor until he heard Clyde talking.

"Why don't you get on your knees down on the edge of the bed and hold onto the railing."

Earl began to panic. He could hear them moving around on the bed and luckily started to kiss. That gave Earl just enough time to look around and think. There seemed to be enough room under the bed. He quickly moved his legs around and tucked them under first. He wiggled his body and moved further underneath the bed in the nick of time.

Earl listened as he heard them moving and noticed a full length mirror on the wall directly across from the edge of the bed. Earl looked up at the mirror and saw his wife's face.

He saw her smile and heard her laugh as she held onto the edge of the footboard. Earl could see her large breasts dangling freely as she giggled and seemed to be waiting for Clyde to do something.

Earl carefully looked up into the mirror and saw Clyde's face above her body. Earl wondered what he was doing until he saw and heard Janice yelp out as her body jerked forward.

Earl had his answer! Clyde was going to fuck her doggie style!

"That's it....Careful, baby."

Janice purred like a kitten as Clyde began rocking into her pussy. A few moments later and Earl could see her body rocking as her tits swung freely below with Clyde's thrusts.

Earl could see his wife's face making little pouting motions with her lips as Clyde fucked her hard. Earl panicked again when he saw Janice stare into the mirror. She was watching herself being screwed by her black lover.

Her eyes seemed to be focused on watching how her tits swayed as she whimpered and groaned as Clyde banged her pussy.

Earl kept his eyes focused on his wife's face until Clyde finally started to groan and grunt and slapped his body into Janice one last time and came. Earl watched Janice close her eyes and smile as she felt Clyde's sperm filling her pussy.

Earl watched the expression on her face and saw her lips move and barely caught the words she said. "It feels so hot coming inside me."

Janice stayed in that position as she closed her eyes while Clyde leaned down and kissed her back and shoulders. Earl saw him reach around with both hands and cup and massage Janice's huge breasts. He was apparently still lodged inside her and began to fuck her again.

Earl could see that Janice was pushing her ass back against Clyde as she giggled and said. "How can you stay so hard after two orgasms?" Earl listened for Clyde's answer and heard him say. "I haven't had any pussy this good in a long time. I might just fuck you all night!"

Janice giggled as she pushed her ass back against Clyde. Earl kept watching the lust on her face and knew Clyde was giving it to her good.

Earl watched them fuck until Janice finally turned around and spoke to Clyde. "Honey, why don't you come over here and let me try something with you."

Earl saw them moving on the bed and waited to see what she wanted to do. Earl scooted around and put his hand on the foot board and watched as Janice lay on the bed and positioned herself so she could suck on his cock.
Earl could actually see her stroking the thick shaft in her hand and starring up at it like she was worshiping it. Earl watched as her face moved closer then saw her open her mouth and take the large head inside her mouth.

Janice kept sucking and licking around the head. There wasn't anyway possible a woman could ever get such a huge shaft inside her mouth. What Earl saw next surprised him for all it was worth.

Earl watched as Janice opened her mouth and seemed to position her head in a manor in which his cock would slid down into her throat. Earl watched and listened as Janice took it inside her mouth.

Clyde's big black cock kept disappearing inside her mouth until her throat made a sound as if she were choking. She quickly pulled it out and licked the head then repeated the same moves with her head.

Earl listened to Janice as her throat made sounds as if she were going to choke again. She actually was able to get his cock all the way inside her throat on the third try. Earl could see the tip of her nose touching his hair around the shaft and was actually amazed at how she did that!

Janice sucked on Clyde for several minutes and took it out long enough to plead for Clyde to shoot his load. Janice quickly went back to sucking it down her throat a few more times until Clyde began to grunt.

Earl watched Janice as she lovingly sucked Clyde's cock as he shot his load into her mouth. She licked the head making sure that every last drop was cleaned off his cock and lovingly played with it with her hands as she starred up into Clyde's eyes.

They moved back near the pillows and began kissing again. Earl laid his head on the floor and listened as they began to fuck again. Earl was too tired to get up and just glanced up at the mirror and saw Clyde's feet moving around.

He raised his head up far enough to see Janice was lying on her side with her ass pushed back against Clyde. He was lying on his side and fucking her from behind now.

Earl rested his head on the floor and almost fell asl**p while the couple fucked above him on the bed. They stopped moving after awhile and Earl figured that Clyde must have pumped another load into his wife.

He slowly got out from under the bed and slipped across the floor and looked up over the edge of the bed. They appeared to be sl**ping but still in the position that they were screwing.

Early looked close and saw that Clyde's cock was still shoved inside Janice's pussy as they slept. Clyde's hand rested on her hip. Earl tried to imagine how messy his wife's pussy must be right now with all of Clyde's cum inside it.

Earl decided he would get out of the room while they slept and slowly crawled along the carpeted floor until he reached the doorway. Earl peeped back inside the room and thought he saw Janice move and quickly walked away from the doorway.

Earl went into the bathroom to pee hoping that nobody heard it splashing into the bowel. He carefully cracked the bathroom door open after turning the light off and started to walk into the dark hallway and got startled when he heard Janice let out a terrified yelp.

Early quickly covered her mouth with the palm of his hand. She tried to fight him for a couple seconds until she realized who he was. Her body went from stiff to more relax as he lowered his hand away from her mouth.

She whispered. "What are you doing here, Earl?"

Earl grabbed her hands and pulled her into his room and quickly but gently closed the door.

Janice started to say something but only got his name out when Earl put his lips onto hers and pulled her body against his chest. He kissed her passionately as she circled her arms around her.

Early kept kissing her until she was responding back and after a few moments he pulled away long enough to look into her eyes.

"You don't know how much I've missed being away from you these eighteen months."

"I miss you too, Earl. I wanted you to move back home months ago!"

"I know you did and I was a fool for letting it get to this. I'm sorry we had that fight and love you very much."

"I love you very much too, Earl."

Earl kissed her again and pulled her ass against his body. He was rock hard and wanted to fuck her right there in the middle of the floor but pulled her toward the bed.

Janice allowed him to pull her near the bed but let out a verbal objection. "Clyde is going to hear us in here. We better stop now!"

Earl kissed her again as she kissed him back. "I don't care what Clyde's hears. I want to fuck my wife!"

Janice allowed Earl to push her back on the bed and quickly get between her legs. Earl kissed her thighs as she stretched out her legs into the air above his shoulders. Earl was hard and didn't waist much time poking his cock into her still wet pussy lips.

He aimed his cock into her slit as he kissed her ankles and pushed forward until his cock hear popped inside her. She didn't flex and stiffen as she had done with Clyde a short time ago. She was still stretched out from the massive thickness of Clyde's big black cock.

Earl held her legs as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy. She felt hot and wet but not very tight as he remembered her to be and wondered if Clyde were the only man she was screwing.

Earl also didn't notice until a few minutes later that her pussy had been shaven bald. She was definitely out hot to trot tonight! He'd never remembered Janice ever shaving her pussy for all the years they were married.

Janice was moving her hips to Earl's movements and reached out and took his hands while they screwed. Earl looked down into her beautiful dark eyes. He was trying to vision how Clyde had just aid on top of her and stretched out her once tight married pussy. Earl picked p speed and leaned forward as Janice gave him verbal encouragement.

She wasn't too sure if she had enough energy to have another orgasm right no. She knew her husband wanted to cum and enticed him with kisses as he labored to cum. It only took a couple more minutes before Earl started to send his load of hot seed deep inside his wife's belly.

Earl collapsed on the bed next to his wife and pulled her close so that he could hug and kiss her as he caught his breath. Earl stroked her hair as he starred into her eyes.

Janice kissed him back but said. "I have to pee really badly."

Earl kissed her one last time before helping her off the bed and gave her one last kiss before she walked out toward the bathroom. Earl waited for his wife to return but heard Clyde talking in the hallway.

He must have waked up! Earl quickly walked toward the door and peeped through the crack and saw Clyde standing in the hallway kissing Janice on the lips.

"Let me go pee and I'll be right in there."

Earl watched Clyde go into the bathroom and shut the door. He opened the door wide and looked around the corner at Janice.

She quickly walked to him and held his arm and whispered. "I better get back before he comes out and finds out we're married."

Earl was getting frustrated and nervous. "Janice!"

Janice squeezed his arm and gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered. "We'll talk later."

Janice quickly turned around and walked back into Clyde's bedroom leaving Earl standing in the dark hallway. The bathroom door opened and Clyde came out and saw Earl standing there naked.

Clyde whispered. "I hope we didn't wake you up!"

"No at all. I was just coming out to use the bathroom."

"Have a good night!"

Earl watched Clyde walk into his bedroom and close the door. Earl used the bathroom while he was up and turned off the light. He saw the light under the door and knew they were probably screwing again. Earl lay on the bed starring up at the ceiling and listened as he heard his wife whimpering. She was being screwed again.

He thought about getting up and checking them out but was so exhausted that he fell asl**p.

"Good morning, Earl! Are you going to sl**p all day?"

Earl opened his eyes to see Clyde poking his head inside the room. He turned and glanced at the time. It was eleven-thirty and looked back at Clyde.

"I'm getting up right now."

Earl stood up and grabbed a robe off the hook and wrapped it around himself and walked out into the hallway. He wasn't sure what he was going to find as he peeped around the corner and saw Clyde cleaning his shoes on the edge of the bed.

The bed was all neatly done and Earl wondered where Janice was. "Where is your lady friend this morning?"

"She said something about a lunch date with one of her friends and left about an hour ago."

Earl thought to himself that he forgot about his date with Janice for lunch and quickly returned to his bedroom and called her cell phone.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I'll meet you at that little café in front of the hotel near the pier as soon as I get dressed."

Janice said she would wait and Earl quickly got into the shower and dressed. Clyde was still cleaning his shoes as he walked past his room. He decided to ask a couple questions about Janice and turned around and walked into Clyde's room.

"Who was the woman you had here last night?"

Clyde laughed as he put on of the shoes down on the floor. "I was going to tell you about her but never had the opportunity. I met her several months ago at the club downstairs."

"You mean to tell me you've been seeing this woman?"

Clyde laughed again. "I'm really sorry I didn't mention anything before tonight. We've met several times whenever she can make it down from Tampa. Let me tell you how hot that woman is in bed!"

Earl stood listening as Clyde gave him all the details.

"She surprised me this weekend by shaving her pussy for me. Can you beat that?"

"I guess I can't. How many times have you screwed her?"

Clyde sat counting on his fingers. "This is the seventh time we got together and it gets better every time."

"Is she safe? Is she taking something for birth control?"

Clyde laughed. "I told her I had a vasectomy after the fifth time. I think she takes the pill though."

Earl felt disgusted and said. "I have to go and get something to eat. I'll see you later."

Earl closed the door behind him and took the elevator down. He didn't know what he was going to say to Janice but he wanted to come home.
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