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The Mirror : Part 10

The Homely Wife Part 2

... when Vishal ended counting …9 …..10……. Aditi placed the tray on the middle table and let her ... it.

Still standing in front of the mirror Aditi thought again, ‘And did ... only see the upper part of the apartment building, not the road or the ground floor, ... ... Continue»
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The Lecturer – Part 1

... at the question in a simpler way and talked me through the main part of the lecture again ... so I checked myself once more in the mirror and headed out the door.
When I arrived at University ... he couldn’t help but look every 10 seconds as it was. He must ... ... Continue»
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The pencil test; a story about Tom and Tina

... quick glimpse of her appearance in the full mirror before returning to the living room. The flower did look lovely in her ... He felt rested and ready to fuck if given the opportunity.

Part 10: Problem solved

Tina struggled to sit back with her ... ... Continue»
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The Bell Boy - Part 1

The Bell boy – Part 1

I assume you all know a bit about me and ... on my hips and was pumping away. I looked in the mirror and I saw my boobs bouncing. It made my ... he pumped me doggy for 10 mins. Then he lay on my side facing the mirror. He held my left leg ... ... Continue»
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The Mirror : Part 10

The Mirror :Part 10

Mika leaned over and placed her head on my chest. It was still heaving from the exertions of the past hour. Slowly running ... into her as hard and as fast as I could.
The fury of the fuck was so intense; it didn’t last long at ... ... Continue»
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The Wrong Bus, Part 3

... it to the original author her email is at the bottom of the story

The Wrong Bus, Part 3
By ... a clear view of me. After about 10 minutes of the workout
I was not sure I could ...
up and done. I glance in the mirror on the wall and with out having to
look ... ... Continue»
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 10

... warm tip touch my crotch, I glanced down into his mirror. The firm dildo sported a formidable mushroom cap-like corona atop its ... I ever so slowly, began to pump, so I glanced over into the mirror to see what Miss Moneypenny’s pussy looked like. As her ... ... Continue»
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Meeting Amanda: Part 10

... moved here, getting someone pregnant was not part of the plan. Right now I’m actually scared.”

... Tommy stood there looking at his self in the mirror. “Damn I look good.” He said out ... looked around the room. She noticed that there were about 10 to 15 ... ... Continue»
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King University's New Slut Part 10

Chapter 10: Quinn Takes Charge

When I left Tayshawn and Antonio's dorm, I ... he have planned?" I say to myself. I looked up at the mirror and saw myself, my face was somewhat flushed and my ... ... Continue»
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The Mirror: Part 8

The Mirror :Part 8

Although I had promised Mika that I would never contact her out side of school, I had to, Waiting at the bus stop I saw ... on.
Dana is married to Mika`s Uncle who is 10 years younger than Mika`s father and owns several valuable pieces ... ... Continue»
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The Mirror .Part 1

The Mirror (Part 1)

The distance between our apartments was about 20 feet. Just wide enough to get a truck into the laneway. When they moved in a ... up from her book and looked directly at me in the mirror, she smiled. I was frozen. She put her finger ... ... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing room Part 1

... was a white tank top that left very little to the imagination. The worst part about it all was that she hardly even needed ... she couldn't even move.

He locked eyes with her in the mirror and slowly slipped his forefinger into her waistband. Then he ... ... Continue»
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Connie The Oral Closer - Part 1

... after my knees first hit the carpet. Five minutes in the review mirror, some lipstick, and ... . Some stroking and kiss teasing on her part gets things straight between you and her. ... average 5 score (out of 10) bar room pro with the live version of my cock ... ... Continue»
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The Mirror. Part 2

The Mirror Part 2,

The next day school seemed ... leaving only the bed light to cast shadows across the room. I looked at the mirror. Taped to the mirror was a ... see her arsehole and cunt perfectly framed in the mirror.
Bending her legs as she turned around, ... ... Continue»
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Remote Control Slave

Part 10

It was late. The Mall would be closing in about 45 minutes, so the people there were an ... I redressed, glanced at myself in the mirror and blushed even more.
While I was in the store, Piss-Master had moved cock-master ... ... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing room Part 2

... He then stood leaned on one elbow against the mirror so that he towered over her. She ... poked it with a finger. It twitched.

Part of her had thought—hoped—that it was ... into her.

Simon pushed her back against the mirror while she still clung to him, then ... ... Continue»
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On The Road Again Part 1

... Motel called Dream away Motel. The small building had what looked like 10 units and the front sign said open / vacant ... the security mirror by the door. She was checking me out as I left the office. I jumped in the car and pulled around to the rear of the ... ... Continue»
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The wrong bus, Part 2

... to the original author her email is at the bottom of the story.

The wrong bus, Part 2 ... and move over in front of the full-
length mirror to see myself standing there. ... I think only 10 hits with the crop today."

I begin to pull against the leash as I ... ... Continue»
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Fun at Work (part 10)

... about it. It was a shot of me in front of the mirror, in a skimpy two-piece suit. It wasn't even a sexy pose ... standing in front of a mirror. My twins are covered but the cheeks are showing.

The next thing I knew, the wife saw it. And they ... ... Continue»
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... she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK. Watching myself in the mirror, I slowly slid the tiny thong panties up my legs, thighs running my ... adventurous and wicked I turned shuffled my legs making my thighs part and displayed for a few long seconds and went back to ... ... Continue»
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