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The Massage by Kevlar.

The Massage by Kevlar.

... coming from her she was very much so filled to the brim! By this time,Marcie looked down and saw a very dripping ... robe. Jeff turns around to get his massage oils and sees Marcie lay on the table on her belly with only her ... ... Continue»
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The Sauna by Kevlar.

... laid down on the bench on her stomach n used the towel as a pillow. A few minutes went by when she heard the door open. She ... legs. She walked into a white room with a massage table in the center of the room. The man told her to disrobe n lay on her ... ... Continue»
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The Maseur

... look on my face.
He answered, "Yes, for the men, I end the massage by oiling their cock, give them a few strokes of ... my hand. They climax, and the result of the massage is increased ... ... Continue»
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A Little Twist at My Last Massage ...... By BigSof

... use each week, placed a fresh towel at the end of the massage table, turned on the CD player and turned to leave telling me ... “Ooh, very tight… must stretch” She then took me by the ankle and stretched my leg upwards slowly and said, “Tell ... ... Continue»
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Korean Wife's nudist resort visit w/massage..

... available by appointment for half or an hour. I asked what "open air" was and the lady responded with; our masseurs use their massage ... in great shape for a 50 something man. Anyway, he started the massage by applying an oil to her legs, belly, and chest area ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... her a long massage before he even tested that readiness. He had the massage table set up an ... butt and back, and moved to stand by her head, his now rampantly erect cock ... on a large TV screen Rita could see by slightly turning her head.

“I thought you might ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... underpants and lay face-down on the table. Eventually she returns with a bottle of warm massage oil.

The massage begins and you both make ... you. Your cock is flattened against your stomach, pressed down by her pussy. She rocks her hips, sliding her cunt ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... so i was feeling relaxed & went with the flow.

We arrived at the massage venue & we were greeted by a beautiful, busty & very sexy young blonde ... ... Continue»
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Carole’s hairy cunt and the massage

... that go with this story at “Carole’s hairy cunt and the massage

Since being with Keith (my husband) most of my sexual ... I have a hairy bush seemed fascinated by the sight.

He was wearing shorts (which most of the shop assistants do) but I could tell ... ... Continue»
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the massage therapy centre

... warm up and I hear a little laugh from the other end of the massage bed. I will have to massage low on your back, I say. Do ... aware that's a lie as I want her to see how aroused by her I am. I ask her to move her head so she ... ... Continue»
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The massage

The massage.

Taking my courage in both hands I ... you relax and open up a little more.

Encouraged by this I start to work on your thighs. Your oh ... sensitive. I slow down, and go back to the gentle massage of your body. My erection touches you.

“ ... ... Continue»
Posted by Covenmaster 3 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation  |  Views: 535  |  

The massage

... but even though I was a bit put off by the idea of a guy doing the massage my muscles convinced me to do it anyway ... okay and I turned over revealing what the conversation had done to me. He just continued the massage without any reaction so I relaxed ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... of his other hand. She raised he bottom off the massage table and he could see she was dripping wet. He ... in and out of her one short teasing stroke, followed by a long one.

He inserted a finger into her arse as he ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... a full body naked massage by Bob. He gives the best erotic massages. I went to the club and he was ... He then kissed and sucked and pulled the nipples with his teeth.

He then poured ... knees and spread my legs so he could massage my pussy as he always did. My ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... to his boxer briefs in order to get the massage done. One day he was over and ... was really embarrassed as I went over to the sink to wash some dishes but my embarrassment ... up in the air. I smiled as he licked two fingers then lubed my ass by pushing them ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

It was my first year of college. I knew ... stopped at my waistline. He asked if he could
massage my legs too. I complied.. I bent up and ... sure if I was ready for it. He continued to massage me, my legs and
my butt through my boxers. ... ... Continue»
Posted by john1195 11 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Masturbation  |  Views: 418  |  

The Chamber Of The Goddess by Cactus Juggler

... one would come out alive, the one chosen by the place to be the new goddess of the tribe."

Audrey noticed that ... to walk towards Paula.

Paula was terrified by the need she felt, by the sickening knowledge that Celina was right. She ... ... Continue»
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Seducing the Babysitter by loyalsock

... of Jamie tied down to a bed, her wrists tied to the headboard by the leather restraints as Tiffany, wearing a black strapon, drove a ... was enveloped in Jamie's box. Jamie loved being fisted by Erika as the woman moved slower, more deliberate, as her hand ... ... Continue»
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For as long ... old man. Then, I started sucking on the underside of it, alternating between licking down to ... So, I followed him off the bus and onto the sidewalk and up the walk of his small dilapidated ... ... Continue»
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The Cheerleaders

... to calm himself, he was startled by the quiet applause coming from behind him. ... Jim reached forward and began to gently massage Ashley's breasts. Her hand slid down ... spell blasts, swords sliced through Kevlar, and in the most comic tragedy in gaming history ... ... Continue»
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