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The Massage by Kevlar.

The Massage by Kevlar.

... very much so filled to the brim! By this time,Marcie looked down ... the rain.” Marcie watched as he came into the house and placed what she now knew was a massage ... the small of her back and hips. He slides the towel down a little as he continues to massage ... ... Continue»
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The Sauna by Kevlar.

... laid down on the bench on her stomach n used the towel as a pillow. A few minutes went by when she heard the door open. She ... the cum dripping out of her ass n down her legs. She walked into a white room with a massage table in the center of the room. The ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... to relax, and give her a long massage before he even tested that readiness. He had the massage table set up an ready with ... images suddenly appeared on a large TV screen Rita could see by slightly turning her head.

“I thought you might like to watch ... ... Continue»
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The Massage Table

... my front for the whole 30 minutes...that's the fun part anyway!" she smiled as she climbed up onto the massage table and lay ... over her pouting opening. When he did that she responded by moaning and moving in a suggestive way.

He began to linger ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... i was feeling relaxed & went with the flow.

We arrived at the massage venue & we were greeted by a beautiful, busty & very sexy ... . She showed us to the massage room which consisted of a shower, a massage table & a leather chair in the corner. She told ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... underpants and lay face-down on the table. Eventually she returns with a bottle of warm massage oil.

The massage begins and you both make ... you. Your cock is flattened against your stomach, pressed down by her pussy. She rocks her hips, sliding her cunt ... ... Continue»
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Carole’s hairy cunt and the massage

... the photos that go with this story at “Carole’s hairy cunt and the massage

Since being with Keith (my husband) most ... I have a hairy bush seemed fascinated by the sight.

He was wearing shorts (which most of the shop assistants do) but I could ... ... Continue»
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The massage

... The massage.

Taking my courage in both hands I knock on your door. ... them. I feel you relax and open up a little more.

Encouraged by this I start to work on your thighs. Your oh so ... ... Continue»
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The massage

... called the number. It was a male voice that answered but even though I was a bit put off by the idea of a guy doing the massage ... and I turned over revealing what the conversation had done to me. He just continued the massage without any reaction so I relaxed ... ... Continue»
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The Massage

... so I decided I needed a full body naked massage by Bob. He gives the best erotic massages. I went to the club and he was waiting for ... could massage my pussy as he always did. My pussy was waxed smooth and bald and I felt his fingers spread the lips ... ... Continue»
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The Chamber Of The Goddess by Cactus Juggler

... the group massed by the unlocked door. Lora had already lifted the open padlock from the end of the chain and had her hand on the edge of the ... ... Continue»
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The Cheerleaders

... startled by the quiet ... the two opponents were waging a fierce battle. Gunfire was exchanged with spell blasts, swords sliced through Kevlar, and in the ... massage them, her nipples stiffening under his touch. Breaking the kiss for only a moment, Jen pulled the ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... massage by itself. Others prefer vajra
stimulation before contact with the prostate. The following directions assume the later,
but feel free to vary the ... ... Continue»
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Katie's Massage

... massage, and the only thing she had even hinted at was the possibility of having a nude massage by a well-proportioned male. When I had pushed the ... ... Continue»
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Martys Massage

... Further
down the hall were the massage rooms. He led me to a door marked
'Private' at the end of the hallway. He unlocked the door ... was lying completely naked on the massage
table with her most private places hidden only by a towel while Bob
worked his ... ... Continue»
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Tami and her b*****r discover their love for one a

... by the second as I massaged my s****rs small but pert breasts, noticing her nipples harden at my touch. Although not part of the massage by ... ... Continue»
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My best friend's mom needs a massage

... left her bikini top uncovered, she would often come out by the pool and hand us

sandwiches and a drink. I always loved ... back today I want you to really massage my

lower back good”

“Okay mom”

So I applied the massage cream and went to work on ... ... Continue»
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Massage To My Innocent Chachi (aunty)

... wearing her bra and said, chachi, don’t wear clothes now. The massage is not over. Lower part of your body is still ... tongue inside her and explored her clit. I did it continuously. By the time her pussy has become soft. I saw that my chachi ... ... Continue»
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Understanding the G-SPOT and Female Sexuality ...

... teasing way. Massage the muscles gently;
working the flesh actually tugs at the edge of the vulva, helping
to open the labia and ... for both of us. By the time I finished the massage,
she was relaxed and in a casual state. The atmosphere was
romantic, ... ... Continue»
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by shelly

"Baby this going to great!" I said as I looked out the airplane's window. "The water is as blue as the ... the massage on the couch or in the bedroom?" Ann asked excitedly. I was shocked.

"You pick the spot Ann, but the ... ... Continue»
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