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The Masked Revenge part 3

The Masked Revenge part 4

... was the mask that concealed my identity. I gained some confidence as I remembered that I could let ... was a sex toy, but--because of the mask--tomorrow I could go back to being Mindy again.

We started off ... and must have been a sight to see. Four hot girls wearing masquerade masks and grinding on each... Continue»
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The Masked Revenge part 3

... a line of people waiting to get in. Jenn handed me a black masquerade mask. It was exotic, with shiny ... sequins and black feathers. Kim, Jenn, and Amy all put on a similar mask, each a different style ... no one else would know them. This reassured me a little as I donned my own mask. 'No one will be able... Continue»
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The Masked Revenge part 2

... ." She said as Jenn broke in.

"OK. Here's the deal Mindy. We're gonna get a little masked revenge ... of our own. Tonight, we going out to party. We're all gonna wear masks so no one will know who were ... .

"You'll be wearing a mask too. But you will also be wearing this."

She pulled out a leather collar... Continue»
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The Masked Revenge part 1

... and asked him to help me get revenge on John. This time, he photoshopped me fucking John's best friend ... minute I told Jenn the story about me and John and the pictures and the revenge. Jenn just sat ... masks had been photoshopped on our faces.

After a moment I weakly added, "No one can tell who you... Continue»
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The Sexy Squirter part 3

... Before I could get one word out of my mouth, she pushed my shoulders down to the bed, straddled my ... slightly, applying a firm but comfortable pressure to the base of my cock, and slid her pussy back ... and forth. I had the perfect view of her sweat-kissed tits, her beautiful eyes, now half open in... Continue»
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Revenge on Olly part 3

... with it being held and being pushed onto the dildo. "Girls heel." They stopped and i quickly put a mask... Continue»
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Katies Revenge part 3

... Read parts one and two first for the best effect.This story is fictional ... lets me loose I will kick the shit out of her...Part 4 next.... Continue»
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57C The Mayflies’

... , and she then went on to say ”she wished before her death that as part of the final ritual she ... and the details of the bucket list Jane explained about the sadist coming on the morrow as part of the list ... , but Maggs was the only one in view her heart missed a beat.
She stepped back in shock, her face a mask... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 7

... Venetia, her smiling, classically beautiful face suddenly changing to a hard mask of cruelty. “As I told ... was approaching the lower part of the buttocks. Swick! Swick! Swick! Swick! With cruel joy, Flavia watched ... and her revenge was complete now that it was Xena’s turn. The final dozen or so strokes fell across... Continue»
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The Neighborhood - Must Read

... ear to the door. As the earlier parts of this story demonstrate, I'm somewhat clumsy and managed ... this that is doing it in a big, big way for me. I don't know if it's the forbidden part of it or...ohhhh!"

I had ... .

"What else could I do for you Kay?"

Her eyes sparkled as her mask of lust lit up in a big wide... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 4

... Cockatoo Part 4

Return From Bangkok

It was late afternoon by the time my flight left Bangkok ... keen to
become part of all this, I acted without thinking it through, I'm sorry.
Is it a big ... Cockatoo 3 moored to a buoy and as we reached the other two,
Areeya was readying the small tender... Continue»
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... that the first part of his plan had gone well. The next part was going to be harder though, finding ... for that part of it, will you still go through with it?"

"I'm not sure," Kelly said. "Probably ... of your revenge."

"So, revenge is it now," Tom said, a big smile on his face... Continue»
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The Seduction of Amy

... room to know that the size of his private parts matched his large frame.

Suddenly, John's pants ... her head and smiled as she saw her friend's private parts come into view. An unwanted jolt ... a mask of horror.

"Well, not at that moment. Bradley noticed the big purple bruise and we had... Continue»
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Part Three

... to the suspenders. Fuck I think what am I supposed to wear to this “Masked Ball” I’ve got skirts and casual ... showing through, fuck what type of Masked Ball is this going to be…………………………..

We leave the lift ... we are given our masks a sliver sequined one for Wendy and a black one for me, Wendy holds my hand... Continue»
Posted by charlieboy2262 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  

Romantic Trial

... of hate that had been cooked to perfection within her masked skin and exterior and the jungle boy ... to any possible trespasses they may have had toward any part of him. He turned to find the young ... The cunning serpent knew he had crossed a line and had to make right with his true desires and to... Continue»
Posted by llvcvrz 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  

Black Man's White Pussyboy

... returned to normal. Jay's cock was still up inside me but only softened part way. Still I watched ... to the bedroom.

Chris was clearly confused. I could tell that he thought he had done his part. He had ... do. The guy almost had tears in his eyes. His face was a mask of desperation, but there was also lust... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... but a part of Lulu’s old saloon still stands as a legacy to this grand lady’s immoral contribution ... to a masked ball at Versailles and by March she was installed in her own private apartments just below ... without parts of her dress coming unstuck. Of course, as evidenced by the portrait in this gallery... Continue»
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Separate Lives (Chapter 1)

... . This wasn't a part of town that Sherrie would normally go. It was a long way from her office and she ... rough sex because her face was screwed up in a mask of lust and illicit pleasure. The camera could take ... yet to do. Monday would come soon and I'd have a long talk with my lawyer.

Chapter 3

Sunday... Continue»
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New Life

... much trouble accepting because our bodies, or some
part of them, are always locked in some sort ... by our Mistresses are just
a small part of the life I now live. It is a life made up entirely ... a part of
my life from the very beginning of this two years and neither she nor
I know... Continue»
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Perfect Neighbor's

... like it was going to continue until they looked at me. I am 6ft 3 and weigh in over 250lb, most ... didn't mean to probe into your life".
"Alaska, It's part of my work". the taxi stopped our talk ... she quit. This time there were no hidden parts, no dim lighting. I was sure her Mother could see. I... Continue»
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