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The Last Prayer of Medusa

... the mundane repetition of her last prayer, her lips moving without any sound.
As she neared the end of her prayer she felt a slight tremor travel through the ... ... Continue»
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"The Last Week of the Summer Holidays."

The Last Week of the Summer Holidays.
John Kavanagh.
While being home from school for the long summer vacation had been very pleasant, sexually for the most part it had been difficult living where we were in a rural part of southern Ireland and though I had made the best of it my carnal appetites awoken on hitting puberty last term at school along with all the opportunities offered by that situation had caused me to develop a great appetite for sex – sex of pretty much any kind!
It was with some anticipation that I set out on my journey back to school and a visit to Jerry, my friend from school for the final week of the summer vacation, a regular arrangement and one which since the onset of our sexual explorations last term I knew would be a source of some mutual sexual relief.
I was met at the station by Jerry’s mother in their battered Land Rover and I was struck by how attractive she was, something that on previous visits I had barely been aware of: she was Jerry’s mum and a nice mum too but as we bounced and rattled our way to their farm I saw a different side to her and kept sneaking glances at her full breasts as they struggled to keep within the confines of her bra and light summer cotton shirt. She was quite pretty too now that I looked at her with newly opened eyes, her blonde hair pulled back into a knot and her pleasant profile concentrating on the narrow roads.
As we crunched into the yard of their farm Jerry and his little s****r Jenny emerged from the back porch he waving she smiling shyly. She was always a little shy with me and not having any s****rs of my own presumed that was just how little s****rs were. I did however notice for the first time how closely Jenny resembled her mother: a miniature version of the woman that I had been admiring on our way back from the station; right down to the similar jeans, and blonde hair pulled back from her face. At ten she obviously lacked some of the other characteristics of her Mum but I looked at her also in a new light. Jerry however was his usual cheery self and after dumping my bags in my usual room and changing into shorts we were off exploring as usual.
Once clear of the house however our conversation turned to the inevitable topic of sex and I shared my frustrations of the summer and some of my solutions: my learning how to suck my own cock – he inevitably demanding a demonstration, so checking that there was no-one around I slipped off my shorts and T-shirt and propped myself up against a convenient tree raising my legs and back vertically until my whole body rested on my shoulders – slowly I allowed my legs to fall bending my back, well-practiced in this required flexibility to bring my erect cock conveniently in line with my mouth, upon which I commenced to suck myself.
“Hey that’s amazing – I must try it sometime” whooped Jerry busily rubbing his own hard cock. I uncoiled and faced him my own saliva glistening penis sticking out and we exchanged lustful grins that led inevitably to a mutual suck/wank session. While we were sucking each other I noticed that the few pubic hairs that my friend had back in June were now absent giving him a fresh smooth look that was quite appealing.
“Wow Jerry, I needed that” I gasped after recovering from a pleasant orgasm.
It was only then and after swearing him to secrecy, did I share my other holiday secret; that of my desperate recourse of letting my pet dog fuck me and answering his open-eyed questions as to how it had felt and all the details.
“Right I’ve got a secret to share and there must be no telling anyone but anyone about this – O.K”?
It was so unlike Jerry to make such a big thing about anything, he usually being so laid back that I was intrigued but waited patiently as he paused, holding his breath, seemingly still unsure whether to let me in on his secret but eventually he let out a great rush of air and gasped out: “It’s me and Jenny”.
I must have looked puzzled because he went on more easily now that the decision had been taken to share his news: “We have been doing it, having sex I mean all through the holidays”.
“What? With Jenny?” I asked stupidly “but she’s only ten isn’t she?”
“Almost ten” he corrected “but yes but she loves it and can take my cock easily” and we both glanced down at Jerry’s cock which had by now swollen again to a full erection and I shuddered in a sudden spasm of sexual awe as I imagined his not inconsiderable prick pushing up into the small body of his s****r.
“You mean right in her?”
Jerry laughed, “Yes of course right in her, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it”? He paused for a few seconds watching my face with amusement, more relaxed now that he had shared the secret and went on: “Do you want to see – she has asked if you want to join us, she says that she has always fancied you and anyway wants to see what a different willie, as she calls it, is like”.
So I found myself heading back to the house with a combined sense of excitement and nervousness, having often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a woman, or at least a girl and here, if Jerry was correct it was about to happen. As we walked Jerry confided that over the last few days he and Jenny had been talking about my joining them and he had confided in her that we had already had some fun together at school the previous term and that he was sure that I would be up for it. In that he was right! He also mentioned that it was at Jenny’s request that he had removed his own pubic hair as she preferred the smoothness, matching her own lack of hair. At that I confided that at the request of a couple of guys that I had met at the local Gents lav’s in the town near school, I was also smooth so Jenny would I guessed be happy with how I looks too. (They too liked me to be hairless but probably I realised some years later, for different reasons, preferring the pre-adolescent appearance).
Jenny, when we found her was just coming back from turning out her pony as the day had passed its peak of heat and as we approached a knowing grin spread across her face initially to be replaced almost immediately by a blush and a lowering of her gaze. Wow, she did look pretty and I felt my heart give a great leap as my eyes took in her slim figure, encased in her tight jodhpurs that showed off her small body admirably, hinting at what was to come.
Hurrying up to his s****r, Jerry whispered something that prompted a shy nod and she lifted her eyes slightly to catch my gaze and she started to blush most delightfully but walked alongside him as he headed towards me and there was muttered “come on” and I realised that we were going to do it straight away.
I tried to appear casual as I pretended to saunter beside my friend and his s****r and we headed back to the stables and into the hay store full to the beams with the fresh hay in small bales.
“Come on up, this is where we often go and we scrambled up a gap at the end and at the top ducked between the beams to the far end, stumbling in the unaccustomed gloom a contrast to the bright sun out-side. Getting to the gable end Jerry pushed open a small wooden door and the light flooded in and we all paused realising that this was it, all kneeling together on the firm bed of sweet smelling hay.
It was Jerry who broke the silence looking quizzically at his s****r: “Are you sure that you want to do this?” that evoked an emphatic nodding from her. Jerry and I exchanged glances and Jenny stood as if expecting us to make the next move. My friend and I shuffled forwards on our knees until we were either side of Jenny and I realised just how small she was as in unison we reached out and started to fumble with her shirt pulling it out of her tightly adjusted jodhpurs to reveal her tight belly and neat belly button. As I stroked the soft firm skin of this novel creature Jerry was methodically unbuttoning her checked shirt and she shrugged it off and I could see her neat, small nipples and skinny chest. My hands slid upwards exploring this unaccustomed territory looking so much like a boy but feeling and smelling subtly different.
Jenny wobbled as her b*****r lifted her right foot and unbuckled her Jodhpur boot, slipping it off and Jenny reached out and balancing herself with her hand on my shoulder lifted her left foot for me to do the same. As I obliged the fact of what we were doing sent shivers of sexual excitement through me. Despite my sexual experience over the last few months I had never undressed anyone before much less had such contact with a girl and this was proving pleasantly different to any previous physical contacts that had been much more hurriedly progressed to mutual nakedness and a fast grasping and sucking of genitals. This was much slower, more tender and a whole new experience.
Then it was her jodhpurs and she herself unzipped the side fastener and on either side of her Jerry and I started to pull them down. They were skin tight and as I bent to my task I fancied that I could see the mark of that place of mystery between her legs. Gradually they slid down and Jenny made the move to hold up her panties which as the jodhpurs slid down her skinny thighs we revealed as white with an array of small kittens printed on them. Jenny kicked off the riding trousers and stood before us almost naked.
“It’s not fair, your both fully dressed” she pouted, “now it’s your turn” and as we started to shrug off our clothes Jenny again intervened: “No, Jerry you undress John like you did me” and so again I had the unusual experience of being undressed by my friend. However as we neared the point of the lowering of my trousers I remembered that unlike Jenny I was not in the habit of wearing any underwear and as my shorts descended my hard cock sprung into view and Jenny exclaimed in delight.
So there we stood, my full body exposed to this small girl and her gazing in fascination and me itching to get her panties off and my friend Jerry watching fascinated it seemed by the dynamic before his gaze.
With no further ceremony Jerry divested himself of all his clothes and revealed his own hard cock.
It was Jenny’s turn now to be fascinated: “Oooh look, John’s willy is different to yours, he doesn’t have the skin on the end – that’s nice” and she reached out and cradled our two cocks in each hand contemplatively.
As we spontaneously reached out to stroke her and I with the hope of getting those knickers off her, she interrupted again: “No not yet, I want to see what you do at school, you know the sucking thing – go on I want to see” Jenny demanded imperiously.
“We had better let her see, she can be pretty stubborn” so, for the second time that day I found Jerry’s familiar cock in my mouth while he sucked me but with the interesting variation of doing so under the interested gaze of a small girl; a situation that I found pleasantly stimulating.
“OK s*s, now it really is your turn, come on” and obligingly Jenny allowed us to slip her knickers down and at last there she was, like us completely naked and she plumped herself back on the straw and splayed her legs to reveal her hairless slit, a neat fold that led from the bottom of her flat belly to the cleft of her buttocks and with a small crest of skin protruding from the fold at the top. There was total silence as she gazed in some triumph at her mesmerised audience and to enhance the effect after propping herself up slipped her two hands to each side of the fold and parted it to reveal the pink inner of two much smaller folds and a pink hole, that hole that Jerry had been fucking and if all went well would soon be receiving my own throbbing penis.
“Go on, John, get down there and have a closer look, give her a good licking, especially on her clit”, I looked enquiringly at him as I moved between her firmly muscled but skinny thighs, “That little bump at the top especially, she loves it” and with no more ado I sank my mouth upon her small neat crack and my tongue started to explore the novelty of such a different taste, a delicate scent and the sensation of the folds of skin melting as my tongue explored first inside her hole and then to the surprisingly hard nub of her sensitive area as Jerry had suggested. I was also immediately struck by how different her girl’s body smelled compared to a boys or man’s: a more subtle aroma, a mixture of delicate female secretions, a light whiff of urine mingles with sweat and pony – she had after all been out riding previously. Whereas a boys penis was effectively tasteless in one’s mouth this delicate petal shrouded opening was yielding subtle and exciting tastes! Gratifyingly Jenny started to moan and writhe about, raising her pelvis to my efforts and I realised that I was doing it right!
This continued for a few minutes and every now and then the moans would intensify and Jenny would press my head into her slit and I guessed that she was cumming: “So girls can cum so often and keep going” I wondered admiringly to myself and not a little enviously!
“John, John, John, now do me” the words spilled out in a rasping gasp from deep inside her small body and I knew that the special moment had arrived, so pulling back I crept forward and lined my cock up against her slit and rubbed the end opening the slick outer folds making sure that I could see her small cunt hole, then tentatively pushed forward fascinated by the way my penis slid home easily into her small slender body and continued all the way home to the end so I was fully inserted in her.
Here she was prone beneath me, her small face upturned and her mouth open. “Kiss me, kiss me” and as I pressed my lips to hers I felt her small probing tongue entering my mouth and flicking around as she explored inside. I returned the compliment and enjoyed the new sensation of warmth as we were united both in her vagina and in her mouth.
“Come on, do me – properly” and I did! I thrust in and out of her feeling a sensation so different from that experienced when fucking Mike, the young Chinese boy at the end of last term. This was just as exciting but very different and I found myself feeling the need to plant my seed in this girls womb, which albeit being undeveloped was still a place of potential fecundity and prompted an urge of what I realised was reproduction. The very thought brought me to the edge and I started to spasm into my orgasm, prompting a further one in Jenny and my semen pulsed in jets as deep inside her immature womb as I could manage.
All this while Jerry had been silent as he observed our inexpert union and as I lay sprawled upon his s****rs small body I felt a tap on my back and realised that he needed his turn and withdrew still wondering at what had just occurred. Jenny had a distant half smile on her face as Jerry positioned himself between her splayed legs and I noticed that my semen was slightly emerging from between her now reddened cunnie lips. I was struck about how big his body looked compared to her slight frame but there was no mistaking her enthusiasm for what was about to occur! A deft thrust and Jerry was deep in his s****r who gave a gasp of pleasure as she received the familiar thrust of her b*****r’s cock, a gasp that quickly mounted to a squeal as she again orgasmed. Was there no end to this girl’s capacity to orgasm?
Jerry seemed to be further excited by his s****r’s enjoyment and was soon clenching his buttocks and grunting that he too was about to cum as he gave her a further orgasm and satisfied himself in as deep as I had just managed to penetrate into her body.
The silence that followed was total – a sense of awe hanging over us all, from my perspective a special milestone had been passed and I knew that from Jerry and Jenny similarly their sharing of their intimacy was equally significant.
Laying there naked and sexually sated in the warm hay, the sun streaming through the open loading hatch I felt in a different world from that of the outside with its routine sounds of chickens, horses whinnying and the occasional buzz of an aircraft overhead and felt both safe and apart from that reality of life.
That special moment while never able to be repeated was however shared many times over the following week of my stay and indeed of the stays over the years that followed.
... Continue»
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The Last Week of School,this is the week right after (PROM NIGHT)but before a few days before Graduation.Some was taking last minute tests,others where signing up for SUMMER SCHOOL.I on the other hand was cleaning out my locker to turn in my books. All of a sudden I felt this pinch on my ass.I turned around very quickly to find my little s****r (not my real s****r,no kin,no bl**dline)standing there giggling like school girl.I said watch it girl dont start nothing you cant finish.she yea I want to talk about that.before i get to the good stuff.She is a light skinned (redbone or high yellow)short I mean GARY COLEMAN short R.I.P anyway very pretty face and stacked.Tits and Ass a total package.yes i had a Crush on this girl.In my eyes she was very Flirty with everyone.Rumor has it she had a REPRUTATION.that she had a high sex drive (something called a WHITE LIVER)what ever the Hell that mean.She was voted most likely to fuck the Jr.Varsity team BASEBALL,BASKETBALL,AND FOOTBALL.How we became friends one day a guy had her pinned to a wall.trying to cop a feel.she said no I heard her.he called her a BITCH,SLUT,AND COCK TEASE.he went to slap her or at least raise his hand to.I came up behind him grab his hand turn him around to face me.she got behine I slam him up against the locker.and said how would like me to treat your s****r like that.his ego made him question me she not your s****r.this k** is standing 5.6 inches I'm 6.1 well over 200 i started to choke him I told him that we have the same father but different mothers.then I looked at her and said take your ass to class.I'm going to tell dad.she left.I drop him down in his own PISS.yeah i want to talk about have messed up my business,i said what business.I know what people saya bout me and calling me names.but i like the attention from all those horny the guys are scared because of you making that piss himself.I said look was not going to let him hit sue me.all a sudden tears was running down her face.i said shit girl whats wrong now.she i want to ask you something but i'm afraid,afraid of what hell just ask.i'm afraid you will REJECT ME.I said cut the shit and say whats on your mind.she said i want you to FUCK ME you rude BASTARD.You never made a pass at me,never even tried to touch me.every boy in this school and some girls tried to touch my big TITS,i dont care i like to be touched.I know you not gay,rumor has it you fucked a teacher here.I said to you that,she said I over heard her telling one of the other teachers.I mummbled will you please fuck me.then walked up on me and said what do i have to do.and started unzipping my pants.she reached in and pulled out my dick.and put it in her mouth.the girl got skills.she had him all wet and slobbery.she stopped for a moment to say pushed it down my throat CHOKE ME WITH IT,i like when guys fuck my mouth likes its i grab the back of her head and started fucking her pussy balls was aching for release.but she had other plans.she said i want you to fuck my ass.she dropped her pants no panties and bent over one of the classroom tables and spread her cheeks.she said lick your finger and stick it up my ass.until its put him in and pull my hair.fuck my ass pussy.i want to feel your balls slapping my LITTLE MAN IN THE BOAT.with every stroke her ass would fart.she would say EXCUSE ME,then she would say thats how you know its good.she started moaning and groaning I'm your SLUT,fuck me harder pull my hair and shoot your hottness into my ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS she was cumming.... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

This post is the accompaniment to the gallery of the same title on this page. The entries here are in the same order as the entries in the gallery and the biography of each lady cane be read here or in the comments box accompanying their picture.

According to the Christian church this is where the trouble all started in the first place! This following gallery was inspired by an idea given to me by Sir J who suggested a possible collection of great historical ladies who were definitely in need of a good spanking for their misbehaviour. I eagerly jumped on to the idea and compiled a list of some of the most adorable sluts and hellcats from the past. The list was a long one! I had to trim it considerably to prevent the gallery becoming too cumbersome. In one respect there was already some people who would otherwise have easily made this list that are sadly absent. It was a proviso of the project that I was not allowed to use any lady who had appeared in any previous gallery of mine. This meant that such notables as Cleopatra, Nell Gwynn, Cixi, Catherine the Great, Mata Hari, Boudicca, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Lady Godiva, Anne Boleyn and, of course, the incomparable Messalina were automatically excluded from the gallery. The other limiting factor I mostly stuck to was that all of these “ladies” were to be ladies of the past who are no longer with us. There are, naturally, any number of well known ladies alive today who you feel would benefit mightily from having their backsides thrashed for them but I’ll leave that for another gallery. There is only one person still alive that makes it into this gallery but I’ve included her for a special reason and in any case her legacy belongs to the past and she is very old now. Of course the viewer will probably find many of their own favourites missing from this list and if so I urge you to let me know so that I can include them in a future sequel. The bios and accounts of these ladies’ misdeeds are included in the comments as well as on the blog so that you can read each character’s story along with the picture. I do so hope you enjoy this rogues’ gallery of some of my favourite bad girls and take a trip into the past to raise a glass for all the delightful sluts whose bad behaviour has so enriched out cultural heritage.
Dido:9th Century BC.
This was a bad girl with a brain on her shoulders if half the stories about her are true. Of course the story of Dido is probably one of the least reliable historically in this list as the ancient historians who recounted her misdeeds were as much concerned with morality tales and mythology as they were about recording historical fact. Nevertheless it’s a good story. Dido (or Elissa as she’s sometimes called) was the beautiful daughter of the king of Tyre. On the death of her father she was named joint heir with her b*****r Pygmalion (who was still a boy). Sadly for our girl the people chose Pygmalion as sole ruler and she was left sucking on the hind tit as the saying goes. She did have a Plan B though for she married her wealthy uncle, Acerbas who had treasure buried all over the shop. There doesn’t seem to have been much love lost between Dido and her b*****r as he grew up though for Pygmalion soon had his eye on Acerbas’ buried fortune. Hoping to get his hands on the loot he had Acerbas murdered. This made Dido’s position a little awkward and she formulated her own scheme. She piously told her b*****r that, as a new widow, she wished to move back to the f****y palace and would he send attendants to help her move. All too eager to get his mitts on the treasure he agreed. Our girl was a step ahead of him though. When the attendants arrived to help with the moving she gave them the sacks of treasure and ordered them to heave them into the sea as a sacrifice to the memory of her husband. Unable to refuse her command they obeyed and then thought about the consequences of returning to Pygmalion to tell him they’d just dumped all his loot in the briny. Dido had a proposition for them. She was about to leg it out of the country and she persuaded them as well as several senators to join her. They all agreed and the party took flight aboard ship. By the by the sacks they’d thrown in the sea didn’t contain the treasure after all. Our little minx had substituted sand for it! The party took route via Cyprus where they grabbed eighty prostitutes to provide women for the extra men and finally finished up on the North coast of Africa. The Berber king Iarbas was a bit reluctant to grant them anywhere to stay but Dido begged him for a tiny piece of land, so small that it could be encompassed by a single ox-hide. He agreed thinking that couldn’t amount to much. He didn’t know who he was up against! Dido had the ox hide cut in very thin strips and laid out to surround an enormous area in a mathematical solution so ingenious that it is still to this day known as the Dido Problem. On the land taken our lass founded the city of Carthage of which she became queen. Later she apparently sacrificed herself on a pyre to avoid being trapped in marriage to Iarbas. Me I’m not sure. Knowing our girl it was probably an elaborately staged ruse and she legged it out of there with the city’s treasury! Definitely a girl who needed a spanking if you could ever lay hands on the slippery little vixen long enough to give her one!
Lulu White:1868-1931.
Lulu claimed to be a West Indian immigrant but she was actually born on a farm near Selma, Alabama. She was of mixed white and African American ancestry and her career in vice started early in life. Her criminal record dates back to 1880 when she was just 12 years old! As a prostitute in New Orleans she harboured ambitions to own her own establishment. The result of this ambition was her grand brothel at 235 Basin Street in New Orleans’ infamous Storyville district. Known as “Mahogany Hall” this became one of the most sumptuous and notorious houses of ill repute in New Orleans. It was an “octoroon” house specialising in light skinned African Americans of mixed race of which as many as forty were in residence at any one time. It had five parlours, fifteen bedrooms all with their own bathrooms, incredibly luxurious furnishings, huge chandeliers, Tiffany glass, original oil paintings and enough potted plants to furnish a horticultural show. Lulu ruled this palace of vice as one of the city’s grand madams, procuring many young Creole “ladies” for the prostitution business and displaying a love for expensive jewellery until it was forcibly closed by the authorities in 1917. She also ran a saloon on Bienville street. This changed ostensibly to a soft drinks parlour with the enactment of the Volstead Act establishing prohibition in 1919. Unsurprisingly Lulu was hauled up on charges of violating the prohibition act in 1929. The old Mahogany hall was sadly demolished in 1949 but a part of Lulu’s old saloon still stands as a legacy to this grand lady’s immoral contribution to the New Orleans heritage!
Jeanne Antoinette Poisson: 1721-1764.
Among the legions of French Royal mistresses this one stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Her life started a bit scandalously to be honest for their were serious doubts about her parentage and the man who was supposedly her legal father legged it out of the country to avoid arrest over his unpaid debts (a crime punishable by death at the time) when she was just four. Nevertheless our girl grew up into a beauty and was renowned for her wit and intelligence. She married a Charles-Guillaume Le Normant d’Etoiles was she was just 19 and bore him two c***dren. She was also becoming known in society. Her salon at Etoiles was being patronised by such luminaries as Voltaire and other philosophers. Inevitably, in 1745, she came to the attention of the Royal courtiers of the time who mentioned her to King Louis XV. As it happened there was a vacancy going at the palace since Louis’ last mistress, the Duchesse de Chateauroux, had just kicked the bucket and he was in mourning for her and keeping a sharp eye open for a replacement. Little pretty Jeanne fit the bill perfectly! In February 1745 she was invited to a masked ball at Versailles and by March she was installed in her own private apartments just below the king’s in the palace. She dumped the hubby shortly after and became the official first mistress to the king. He made her the Marquise du Pompadour and she became known as Madame du Pompadour ever after. As mistresses go she was a resounding success, charming, witty and the toast of the court. There are numerous portraits painted of her at this time. Some are quite formal but in others she seems to have suffered serial costume malfunctions. It appears she could hardly sit in front of a painter without parts of her dress coming unstuck. Of course, as evidenced by the portrait in this gallery, sometimes she didn’t bother with the dress at all! Jeanne got on very well with the queen and in fact they were great friends. Now it may be thought unusual that the king’s wife was pally with his mistress but hey... this was France remember! The queen sounds philosophical about it as she said, “If there must be a mistress, better her than any other.” She was also conscientious about her position as mistress. When she was ill after two miscarriages she arranged for temporary replacements for herself in the king’s bed! She was a sparkling jewel in the palace ornamentation, clever, witty and oh so beautiful... possibly the most outstanding royal mistress in French history. She died sadly young of tuberculosis in 1764. She was a wonderful girl but doubtless in need of a spanking which, judging by the rosy hue on her derriere in the portrait featured in this gallery, looks like she got!
Phyllis Dixey: 1914-1964.
This little lovely was born in Merton, Surrey in England. She was a dancer, singer and impresario although early in her career she was simply a singer in variety shows. Her breakthrough into new grounds came during World War Two when she joined ENSA. ENSA (Entertainments National Service Association, later to become the Combined Services Entertainment) was the organisation set up in 1939 to provide entertainment for the British armed f***es in the field drawing popular British entertainers to put on shows for the troops in various theatres of war. Phyllis did a bit of singing and a bit of dancing but her piece de resistance were her “nude tableaux” when she showed not the slightest compunction in getting her kit off in front of the entire regiment! She was recorded as being very popular with the troops. I’ll bet she was! In 1942 she moved into the West End of London with her own company of girls and rented the old Whitehall Theatre to put on her own review called “The Whitehouse Follies” It was the West End’s first ever striptease show and, in the dark days of the war, one of the few bright spots in blitzed London. She stayed in the West End for another five years producing the “Peek a boo” reviews which were, to all intents and purposes, strip shows. Phyllis never saw it that way preferring to think of them as artistic and her performances as an art form... yeah right Phyllis! It wasn’t exactly an artistic crowd she pulled in but almost exclusively male audiences who crowned her the unofficial “Queen of Striptease” She also appeared in a couple of films one of which was intriguingly called “Love up the Pole” but her later career floundered somewhat and she died penniless in 1964 at the age of fifty.
Gypsy Rose Lee:1911-1970.
You’re just gonna love this girl! She was born Ellen June Hovick in Seattle, Washington but her name was changed to Rose Louis after her younger s****r was born and given her name for reasons that are unclear. After the divorce of their mother in their teens the two girls went on to perform in Vaudeville as dancers and entertainers to support the f****y. As a double s****r act they were reasonably successful but unfortunately the younger s****r, Ellen June, (a girl in need a good spanking herself) eloped with one of the dancers in the show leaving Rose Louise to carry on alone. It wasn’t the same without her younger s****r. Rose simply wasn’t a good enough dancer and singer. Then one night catastrophe struck. While performing on stage the strap of her costume broke and, despite her efforts to prevent it, her gown fell to her ankles. Rose was mortified but the audience were rapturous! As a result of this calamity Rose had an epiphany. The dress falling off her became part of her routine and her career as a burlesque striptease artist had begun. Her shows were characterised by the almost casual way she seemed to shed clothes apparently by accident whilst keeping up a witty repartee. She became the biggest star of the notorious Minsky’s Burlesque of New York City in the 1930s. The crowds loved her. The authorities were less than amused and the show was raided with monotonous regularity and Rose’s career was punctuated by innumerable arrests for indecency. In the late 30’s she had a short lived career in films but she was no better an actress than she’d been a singer and soon returned to New York where she appeared in Michael Todd’s musical revue and had an affair with the producer to boot! It was one of a number of seedy affairs in addition to her three marriages throughout her chequered career. Whatever her faults this was a lady with a love of life. Sadly in 1970 her life slipped from her. She did not let it fall with the same casualness that her clothes had fallen from her throughout her career to the delight of her many admirers.
Lady Emma Hamilton:1765-1815.
One hardly knows where to start in recounting this little madam’s lifetime of misconduct! She is most famous of course as the mistress of Admiral Lord Nelson but that scandal is only the tip of the iceberg in her sorry tale of wanton misbehaviour. One of the first indications of the way her life was going was when she worked at young age in London’s Drury Lane Theatre in Covent Garden as a maid to actresses on the stage. This inspired her to a life in the theatre but her earliest performing job seems to have been at James Graham’s Temple of Health. Graham was a quack doctor and an indication of what kind of establishment his “Temple of Health” was can be deduced by its foremost attraction which was a mattress that gave electric shocks to anybody lying on it. It was touted as a cure for infertility and couples would pay good money to copulate on it, while being subjected to electric shocks, in the hope of conceiving; all under the supervision of “doctor” Graham of course. Young Emma’s (actually under her birth name Amy at that time) contribution to this dubious establishment was as a dancer and model and you can bet her performances would not be recommended by the national health service. Emma soon moved on to greater things. By the age of 15 she was employed as a hostess and entertainer for Sir Harry Featherstonehaugh’s ribald stag parties on his estate in the South Downs when she frequently danced naked on the tables. She became Sir Harry’s mistress though he was less than amused when she gave birth to his illegitimate c***d. She moved on to Charles Frances Greville First Earl of Warwick next. He was smitten by her and had her painted in a number of clothed and unclothed portraits by the artist George Romney, another man that fell under her charms. Greville had decided meanwhile to bolster his failing fortunes by marrying wealthy young heiress Henrietta Middleton and Emma was a bit of an embarrassment to this ambition so he shipped her on to his uncle Sir William Hamilton who took her off to Naples as his mistress. In Naples Emma developed her “Attitudes” style of stage performance dressing in flimsy classical styles to pose on stage alluringly. Astonishingly Sir William married his mistress and so Emma came to her title. She first met Nelson in 1793 when he came to Naples to gather reinf***ements and the two quickly fell in love. Emma and Sir William returned to England and they lived openly in a ménage a trois with Nelson and so scandalised society that the Admiralty desperately sought to find ways to send Nelson back to sea just to get him away from Emma! She gave birth to Nelson’s daughter Horatia in 1801 but her second c***d by him in 1804 died very young. Sir William died in 1803 leaving Emma finally free to marry Nelson if he could divorce his first wife. It never came to be. Nelson sailed out to meet the French navy and his death off Cape Trafalgar in 1805. Emma ended her life in poverty in Calais.
Ching Shih: 1775-1844.
This little beauty would make it into anybody’s bad girl book! We know little about her early life but we do know that she was a prostitute working in a Cantonese brothel around 1880 to 1881. She was captured by pirates during a raid and spirited off to sea. That would have been a calamity to most women but it was just a fortuitous career move for our girl. She married the notorious pirate Zheng Yi in 1821 and rapidly rose to prominence among the pirates among the Cantonese pirate fleets. Zheng’s genius was to persuade all the competing pirate fleets off Canton to form an alliance and forge them into a single unified pirate fleet of formidable power. When he died in 1807 our girl took over the reins of his “Red Fleet” and used it to dominate and terrorise all the seas between Macao and Canton. She was no ordinary pirate this girl. At her zenith she had over eighty thousand men, women and c***dren under her command and her combined fleet was so powerful that not even the combined navies of Imperial China, Britain and Portugal could do a damn thing about it! They robbed settlements the length of their empire, levied their own taxes through extortion and generally ruled the coastal lands as their own fief. Our girl did have some morals however. She would personally castrate any man under her command committing ****! Most pirates come to a sticky end but not Ching Shih. Unable to get rid of her in any other way the Chinese authorities offered her amnesty in 1810. She took advantage of the offer and retired to her own estates on the mainland, married her lieutenant, opened a gambling house and lived in luxury on her ill gotten gains until her death at the age of 69. So you think you’re going to try and give this little firecracker a spanking do you? Go ahead! Be my guest!
Iva Ikuko Toguri D'Aquino: 1916-2006.
There’s no doubt that Iva was a naughty girl but to be honest she wasn’t as naughty as she was made out to be. She was born in Los Angeles to Japanese immigrants and brought up an American girl; raised a Methodist, joined the Girl Guides, graduated from High School and obtained a degree in zoology from the University of California. There was nothing at all there to suggest she was anything other than the sort of all American girl her parents could be proud of. Her biggest mistake in life was one of timing. She took a journey to visit an ailing relative and to study medicine in Japan. Sadly she didn’t have a passport, merely a Certificate of Identification from the American authorities. In order to return to her home she had to apply for a passport from the US Consul. The bureaucratic machinery turned turgidly however and it was the worst possible time to be stuck in Japan without a passport. It was 1941 and in December that year Admiral Yamamoto’s k**o Butai carrier strike f***e destroyed the American Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbour, war broke out and Iva was stranded. To her enormous credit, Iva refused, under pressure from the Japanese government to repudiate her American nationality. However, since she had not taken Japanese citizenship she was unable to obtain ration cards and was obliged to work for a living. Sadly she ended up as a typist for Radio Tokyo. From there she graduated to having her own radio show that broadcast English language propaganda to allied troops throughout the Pacific theatre. Tokyo Rose had been born. To be fair to Iva the name Tokyo Rose was coined by allied servicemen in the war and applied to any of a dozen female English broadcasters on the Japanese side. Iva’s own contribution to the Japanese propaganda machine was fairly innocuous and she refused to broadcast anything anti American in her shows. Indeed she was somewhat of an angel of mercy using part of her small income to buy and smuggle food to allied prisoners of war. In 1945 at the end of the war she was arrested but prosecutors could find nothing in her broadcasts that had aided the Japanese war effort. It mattered not. In 1949, determined to bring her to justice, American authorities charged her with eight acts of treason. It was, at the time, one of the longest and costliest trials in American history and also one of the most disgraceful with the prosecution resorting to every dirty trick in the book to gain a conviction. It worked. The jury found her guilty of a single charge and she was sentenced to ten years in jail and a 10,000 dollar fine. It was a harsh sentence for a girl who at best deserved a spanking and being sent to bed without any supper for her poor errors of judgement. Iva served six years before parole but was finally vindicated when, following disclosures of the false evidence given at her trial, she was granted an unconditional pardon by President Gerald Ford in 1977.
Mae West: 1893-1980.
To give her her due Mae never pretended to be anything other than a thoroughly bad girl. She once had a line in one of her early roles that she wrote in herself and epitomised her own philosophy when a hat girl complements her on her jewellery with the words “Goodness! What beautiful diamonds!” to which Mae replies, “Goodness had nothing to do with it dearie!” It was the kind of one line quip Mae would become legendary for. Mae was performing on stage from an early age but her first starring role on Broadway in 1927 was in a play she wrote, produced and directed. Never one to call a spade an topsoil redistribution device Mae called her play “Sex”! The New York city officials were less than amused but the audiences loved it until the authorities shut the thing down as an affront to public decency and clapped Mae in the clanger for ten days for “corrupting the morals of youth.” She served eight days of her sentence during which time she charmed the prison warden and his wife and boasted that she wore silk knickers throughout her jail sentence! After that stunning debut and the attendant media publicity Mae never looked back. Her next play was called “The Drag” about homosexuality which the authorities never allowed her to stage on Broadway and she followed that up with a series of her own works with such titles as “The Constant Sinner”, “The Wicked Age.”, “Pleasure Man” and “Diamond Lil” which, as can be deduced from the titles, were not productions liable to endear her to the moral sensibilities of prudish civic authorities. She first moved from the stage onto the silver screen in 1932 with the film “Night after Night.” (hmm!) when, according to her co-star George Raft, she “stole everything but the cameras!” Mae had arrived in Hollywood. It would never be the same again. All told she starred in some twelve major movies, numerous more stage productions, Las Vegas shows and even outraged the public with radio broadcasts denounced as “vulgar and indecent.” Her earthy and acerbic wit became legendary and, while she made no pretences about herself, could be s**thing about the hypocritical morals of other stars, describing one rival for instance as having “been under more men than a barstool!” She went through a gaggle of husbands and lovers and was having an affair with a wrestler and muscleman when she was in her sixties. There is no doubt that Mae was a girl in serious need of a good spanking. She might have even enjoyed it for when she was asked by a reported about what she thought about police brutality she pondered for a moment before replying “Ok as long as it’s between consenting adults!” Mae passed away in 1980 at the grand old age of 87. The world seems a duller, greyer place for her having left it.
Thais:4th Century BC.
This is a girl you’d think twice about inviting to a party at your house. She was another of that time honoured profession of courtesan; called in Greek a hetera. We don’t know much about where she was born or her early life but she was a famous courtesan in Greece at the time of Alexander the Great. She frequently accompanied Alexander on his military campaigns but whether she was sl**ping with him is a little unclear although he liked having her around. Alexander, although he was married and kept a considerable harem, didn’t really show much interest in women. He was more attached to his friend and bodyguard Hephaestion and there’s more than a hint he was gay. Thais did become the lover of one of Alexander’s generals, Ptolemy. It was in 330 BC when Thais becomes known for her most notorious escapade however. Alexander and his cronies were at a party in the palace at Persepolis where Thais was present. Well everybody had a bit too much to drink, like you do, and Thais got up to make a speech. What happened next is a bit unclear but it seems that Thais’ words so inflamed the company present that they decided on a whim to set light to the palace! Thais not only encouraged this d***ken idiocy but even got up to lead the way with a torch of her own. It was a shambles! Fortunately nobody was hurt but the whole damn place was burned to the ground! Thais later went off with Ptolemy and probably married him. Ptolemy of course became the King of Egypt, founding the Ptolemaic Dynasty which ended 300 years later with the death of Cleopatra. It is doubtful if she became Queen of Egypt although she bore him three c***dren. For one thing her legal status was unclear and in any case Ptolemy had a whole bunch of wives. Thais thus drifts out of the historical record; a beauty that was probably a lot of fun to have around as long as you kept her away from anything incendiary!
Chen Yuanyuan: 1624-1681.
Chen’s role in 17th century China is often difficult to discern which will surprise no one who has ever tried to unravel the labyrinthine complexities of Chinese history. She was born to a peasant f****y and embarked upon the one career that an ambitious girl blessed with stunning good looks from a humble background could aspire to. She became a courtesan. She had another advantage. She was accounted a great singer and became a leading singer in the Suzhou opera. !7th century Chinese opera sounds a bit like feline abuse to modern ears but it was enough to get the young woman noticed, so much so that she was, in time honoured Chinese fashion, nearly a*****ed to become somebody’s fancy piece. To protect herself she became the concubine of a certain Mao Xiang. Being a 17th century Chinese concubine wasn’t a position with a great deal of job security about it however and she was a*****ed by the Tian Hongyu f****y to take up a position there as a singing concubine. The pivotal moment in her life however came when she was then passed on to become the concubine of Wu Sangui, possibly by being sold or given as a gift. It was as the concubine to this great general high in the ranks of the imperial army that Chen’s influence really starts to make an impact. Wu is regarded as one of the greatest traitors in Chinese history and, trust me, there are a lot of them! It was a hell of a time first with a serious rebellion by the war leader Li Zicheng who sacked Beijing in 1644 and led to Emperor Chongzhen ordering his f****y to commit suicide before hanging himself. (our girl reputedly assisted him to the noose.) Chen was taken prisoner by the new usurper Li and this annoyed Wu greatly. In one of the most treacherous acts in Chinese history he opened the gates of the Great Wall to let a Manchu invasion invade, overthrow Li and establish the Qing Dynasty. He then set about eradicating the last remnants of Ming loyalists with the scheming assistance of his darling concubine who had her pretty little fingers in all this dirty work. If your head’s starting to ache I don’t blame you but Wu and Chen’s fiendish little plots didn’t end there. Finally Wu rebelled against his new masters the Qing and died during the rebellion in 1678. With his successor Wu Shifan Chen battled on against the Qing until 1781 when they were besieged and Wu committed suicide. Her schemes at an end our girl touchingly committed suicide together with... Wu’s wife!
Aspasia:ca470-ca400 BC.
Aspasia was a 5th century courtesan and mistress. Courtesans were known as heterae in ancient Greece and it seems that, along with the Chinese, the Greeks invented the idea of noble courtesans. (No surprises there! The Greeks and the Chinese invented just about everything didn’t they?) We don’t know quite how she came to Athens or by what means she became a courtesan. There is some very bad press written into the historical record about her early days in Athens. Some contemporaries of hers claimed she was a common harlot and brothel keeper although those stories may have been defamatory rumours started by her enemies. We do know however that she came to the notice of Athens’ leading statesman Pericles the Elder who was the de facto ruler of Athens and his country. She was soon his official courtesan and remained so until his death. Our girl was said to be extraordinarily beautiful (aren’t they always!) and a witty conversationalist. Nevertheless there were some dodgy characteristics about her. Athens was a vibrant democracy and nobody was above the law. Just because she was the leading citizen’s fancy piece she was not immune from prosecution and she found herself hauled up before the judges just prior to the Peloponnesian War on charges of (wait for it!) corrupting the women of Athens in order to satisfy Pericles’ perversions! Of course the charges might have been further slanders but you can’t help but wonder what the devil she’d been up to! When both Pericles’ sons by his wife died his son by Aspasia, Pericles the Younger, became a citizen and legal heir. (he was later to be executed after the Battle of Arginusae.). Pericles himself died of the plague in 429 BC. Our girl then shifted her attention onto the General Lysicles, becoming his courtesan and bearing him a son until he was killed in action the following year. After this double misfortune she more or less disappears from the history books leaving only the tantalising traces of her misdeeds behind.
Marilyn Monroe:1926-1962.
More a troubled person than truly bad, Marilyn was the naughty little girl that everybody loved. Certainly her troubled c***dhood with a disturbed mother and possible c***d abuse must have contributed to her later chaotic personal life and her substance abuse. Although she had her talents Marilyn was probably never a great actress. It didn’t really matter. She was such an adorable little sex bomb that her acting skills were barely relevant. Marilyn, whose original name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, was actually a natural brunette which, considering that she virtually single handedly defined the image of the dumb blond, might seem a little surprising. She bleached her hair honey blond when signing up for her first modelling agency in 1945. In 1953 she starred in a film called “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds.” well they certainly liked this new blond. Marilyn made a career out the dumb blond sex bomb image. She wasn’t particularly shy about using her sexuality to advance her career. In 1949, with her early film career stalling, she returned to modelling work and posed for a naked photo shoot for which she was paid the miserly sum of 50$. It was the only time she was ever paid directly for getting her clothes off in front of a camera but of course she did pose for and release nude shots of herself later in her career; notably for Life magazine and Vogue. She also launched one of the great sex empires of the 20th century; she was the cover girl for the very first issue of Playboy in 1953. Throughout the 50s and early 60s Marilyn was the iconic sex symbol of Hollywood. She went through three husbands, which was a bit lame for a Hollywood star, but her lovers are the stuff of legend; including alleged affairs with Marlon Brando and not only the President of the United States but his b*****r as well! Sadly her troubled personality caught up with her and her drinking, substance abuse and increasing erratic, unpredictable behaviour, marred her later days. She died alone at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, ostensibly of an overdose of barbiturates, under circumstances shrouded in enough mystery to keep conspiracy theorists happy ever since. She was just 36 years old Her tragically early death broke the world’s heart but we can all look back at the iconic images of her from the film “The Seven Year Itch.” shown here and think “Well Marilyn you’ve been a naughty girl and now you’ve got your skirt up, you just need your knickers pulling down and then you’re ready for that spanking you’ve got coming!”
This girl was a notable hellcat of the Third Century A.D. You have to say by way of bad girl ancestry this girl had impeccable credentials. She claimed descent, through Drusilla of Mauretania, from no less such notables as Queen Dido of Carthage and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. Mischief and ambition ran in this girl’s bl**d. She married the King of Palmyra in around 258 and when he was assassinated in 267 her son became heir. Since he was only one year old at the time it meant that our girl was the effective ruler of Palmyra. The Kingdom of Palmyra was far too small for a girl of Zenobia’s ambition and, at the head of her army, she set about to expand it enormously through military conquest. She was a true warrior queen riding with her army as it carved out an empire over the next few years that would encompass the entire Eastern Mediterranean from the Dardanelles to the Nile. One thing she doesn’t seem to have in common with her ancestor Cleopatra was a taste for men as she was reputedly extremely chaste. This might not be the whole story however. It might be she had other interests. Although she was a beauty she was wont to carry herself like a man, dressing in rather masculine clothes and riding and drinking with the boys in the cavalry. It all sounds a bit butch to me so maybe the shenanigans she got up to with her ladies in waiting never made it into the historical record. Of course the trouble about carving out an Mediterranean empire in the third century is that sooner or later you’re going to run into bother with the empire that already exists: the Roman Empire. She over stepped herself in 269 when she invaded Egypt, destroyed the Roman f***es under the prefect Tenagino Probus (who lost his head as a result), conquered the whole country and declared herself Queen of Egypt. This was finally too much for the Roman Emperor, Aurelian, to swallow and in 272-3 he led a military campaign to deal with her. Zenobia was defeated near Antioch but legged it on a camel before being finally captured by Aurelian’s cavalry on the Euphrates river in 273. She was taken to Rome and paraded through the streets, in Aurelian’s march, in chains. At least they were golden chains. Well a girl’s got to look her best hasn’t she? What became of her after that is a little unclear. Some accounts say she died shortly after coming to Rome. Happier accounts state that Aurelian was so struck by her beauty that he spared her life and granted her an estate in Tibur where she lived out the rest of her days. I kind of hope so.
Marlene Dietrich:1901-1992.
Now this is a bad girl who looks the part. Let’s face it; have you ever seen a photo of this honey that doesn’t make it look as if she belongs on this list? She was born in Berlin in 1901 and, to the end of her days, would be a Berliner at heart even though she took American citizenship in 1939. She grew up into the decadent cabaret and gay bar world of 1920s Berlin and never lost that smouldering, dark, big city bad girl look of that memorable Berlin decade. She was a bad girl but not rotten because she hated the Nazis with a vengeance. In the 1930s she made her way to America to start her stellar career in Hollywood and when the Nazis tried to lure her back to Germany she wanted nothing to do with them. Instead she became an American citizen and even broadcast singing performances for the OSS (forerunner of the CIA) back to Germany. These of course included her memorable version of “Lili Marlene” the only half way decent song to come out of World War Two. And who else would you have wanted to render the song of a German prostitute but Marlene with her sultry growling voice. (some by the way have called “Lili Marlene” a love song... yeah right! So was there a single soldier anywhere in the world in World War Two who didn’t know what kind of girl stands under a streetlamp outside a barracks in the middle of the night?) Marlene, remarkably for a Hollywood star, only married once but her legion of lovers reads like a who’s who of 20th century America and Europe. It includes such notables as Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Lupe Velez, Erich Maria Remarque, Jean Gabin, George Bernard Shaw, Yul Brynner and, of course, John F Kennedy (he got around that guy). The list just goes on and on and that was just the boys! Marlene was unabashedly bi-sexual and even, with the Cuban-American authoress Mercedes de Acosta, shared a girlfriend with Greta Garbo! All of this while she was still married mind you. In fact she never hid any of this from her husband and even shared her love letters with him. I don’t suppose he minded that much. She was supporting him and his mistress after all. This girl never slowed down. She was still hopping in and out of bed with people well into her seventies. Since she appeared in numerous films, recorded songs, radio broadcasts and spent eons on the road performing in cabaret (including in Las Vegas with next to no clothes on) you wonder where the hell she found the time! You can’t keep a bad girl down or in her own bed seemingly. When she died in 1992 it was like somebody switched a light off in the world.
Moll Davies:1648-1708.
Since the incomparable Nell Gwynne is disqualified from inclusion in this collection through her having appeared in an earlier gallery of mine, this little darling has been asked to step up as a representative of the merry gaggle of sluts who were King Charles II’s innumerable mistresses. Her parentage is a little uncertain but the diarist Samuel Pepys (Who let me say right now was no great fan of Moll.) described her as “a bastard of Collonell Howard, my Lord Barkeshire.” Moll grew up to become a singer, actress, dancer and comedienne in “The Duke’s Theatre Company” in the 1660s (sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?) and shacked up rather dodgily with the company’s manager Sir William Davenant. She became extremely popular (no surprises there then) and it was around this time that Samuel Pepys’ wife described her famously as “the most impertinent slut in the world.” But Moll was a girl with ambitions. When she met the king either in a theatre or coffee house in 1667 Moll jumped at her chance and before long she had joined the notorious retinue of mistresses to His Majesty. Even by the exacting standards of Charle’s harem Moll was notable for her vulgarity and avarice; extracting every last penny she could squeeze out of her Royal lover and flaunting her new found wealth off in such ostentatious a manner as to shock society at the time. She bore Charles a daughter in 1669 (God knows who keeps track of this king’s regiment of illegitimate offspring) who became Lady Mary Tudor; a fascinating women in her own right. In all her success though there was one thing Moll could never be. She could never be Nell Gwynne! In fact it was the immortal Nell that finally got Moll shipped out of the palace to grass. Nell didn’t like rivals! It was lucrative grazing for Moll however as Charles set her up with a big posh house and £1000 annually as pension which was a fortune in its day. She later bought a grand house in London’s fashionable St James Square and married the French composer and musician James Paisible. One would hope that he started off married life by giving her a sound good spanking on her wedding night but, being French, he was probably used to this sort of thing!
Agrippina the Younger: 15-59 AD.
Even by the exacting standards of the womenfolk of the Julio-Claudian dynasty of the Roman empire this girl stands out as one thoroughly rotten apple. She was the daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder of whom there is no evidence of anything other than pious virtue. A more telling insight into her f****y DNA is that her b*****r was the infamous emperor Caligula and her two s****rs were hardly little angels themselves. She was married off after her 13th birthday to a particularly corrupt and thoroughly unpleasant second cousin called (take a deep breath now) Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus. The two seem to have got along together splendidly. When Agrippina gave birth to a son in 37 Domitius was congratulated by his friends. In a rare moment of honesty he replied, “I don’t think anything produced by me and Agrippina could possibly be good for the state or the people.” He was right. The son later became the emperor Nero! After the death of their uncle Tiberius Caligula became emperor and Agippina and her s****rs moved into the Imperial palace with results that would outrage the moral sensibilities of every decent citizen in the empire. It was bad enough when she ran through a string of lovers but when she and her s****rs were more or less living in an open i****tuous relationship with their own b*****r eyebrows were raised to say the least! Caligula rapidly bankrupted the imperial coffers with his profligate spending on festivals and circuses and came up with some novel ways to raise more money. His most scandalous scheme involved pimping his own s****rs as very highly paid prostitutes to extremely wealthy patricians. Sadly there is nothing to suggest that they were anything less than enthusiastic participants in the scheme. The orgies in the palace became legendary. Unfortunately Agrippina became implicated with her s****r Livilla in a plot to assassinate Caligula to raise his declared heir, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, another of their lovers, to the Imperial throne. Lepidus was executed and Agrippina and her s****r were lucky to escape with their heads. Accused of plotting, treason, several counts of adultery and, just for good measure, i****t with her own s****r, Agrippina together with Livilla were exiled to the Pontine Islands where they were f***ed to earn their keep by pearl diving. After Caligula’s death they were pardoned by the emperor Cludius and returned to Rome as unreformed as ever. She shamelessly tried to seduce Galba as the next probable emperor (he was devoted to his wife and wanted nothing to do with her) and her conduct was so bad that she was publicly slapped in the face by Galba’s mother in law. Her first husband having died Agrippina was married a second time to Gaius Sallustius Passienus Crispus who she subsequently poisoned to get her hands on his estate. Her third marriage was even more lucrative however for, in AD 49 she married the Emperor Claudius and became empress. Considering that Claudius had just got shut of his wife, the notorious Messalina, you can’t help wondering what the devil he was thinking about by promptly marrying another woman who was every bit as bad! Agrippina used her new found power to enrich herself and take revenge of her numerous enemies. She also used her influence with Claudius to manoeuvre Claudius’ descendants out of Imperial favour and to have her own son named as his sole heir. It was a bad move for Claudius and he later began to regret it openly and consider divorcing her and chucking Nero out of the line of succession. Agrippina was seriously alarmed and it is no surprise that Claudius died under extremely suspicious circumstances before he could act on his doubts. It is widely agreed that Agrippina had him poisoned. With her son Nero now on the throne it might be thought that Agrippina’s ambitions were fulfilled but it was not to be. Mother and son fell out with each other and Neros tried several times to have her assassinated. When he finally succeeded in 59, her popularity was so low that the Roman Senate, the army and several notables sent official congratulations to the emperor for murdering his own mother. This girl was just bad to the bone!
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker: 1910-1934.
This is a girl who went truly off the rails. She was born in Rowena, Texas and later moved with her mother and her siblings to Dallas. In Dallas as a young girl there was nothing to suggest the madness that would overtake her life. She was one of the best students in her high school, winning top prizes for writing, spelling and public speaking and all in all a thoroughly decent sort of girl. But Bonnie had one fatal flaw in her character; the propensity to fall hopelessly and devotedly for the very worst kind of men. She demonstrated this grave failing early when she dropped out of high school in her second year to marry a Roy Thornton a few days before her 16th birthday. Thornton was scum; an abusive petty criminal, frequently absent or in jail. Three years later the marriage broke down but they never divorced. She was still wearing his wedding ring on the day she died. The second man in her life she fell for was an even bigger mistake. She met Clyde Barrow at a friend’s house sometime in 1930 and was immediately smitten by him. Somebody should have given her a good spanking there and then and sent her back to school! Barrow was a gun obsessed, petty gangster and psychopathic killer. Bonnie became the female half of the infamous “Bonnie and Clyde” at the heart of Barrow’s gang of murderous villains, For the next few years they went on a rampage of crime that was shocking even by the standards of America in the 1920s and 30s. Space here precludes a full accounting of their misdeeds but suffice it to say that Bonnie was named as an accomplice in over 100 criminal felonies which included eight murders, several assaults, seven major bank robberies, numerous armed hold-ups, God only knows how many automobile thefts and one major jailbreak. It wasn’t always life on the run for Bonnie. She did spend some time in jail... composing poetry! I’ve generally excluded psychopaths from this collection or I’d have been stuck with everybody from Myra Hindley to Magda Goebbels. Bonnie doesn’t quite fit into that category however. There are numerous photos of her posing with a startling array of weaponry and there are around five cases when she discharged firearms during a robbery or shoot out with the law. She was either reluctant to kill or a rotten shot however because she certainly never hit anybody. She seems mostly to have been under the control of the man she was obsessed with; along for the ride like a moth around a candle flame. Perhaps if she’d stayed home in Dallas it might have all turned out differently. Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed by six policemen in Bienville Parish, Lousinana, who riddled the car they were in with gunfire. The coroner’s report listed 26 gunshot wounds in Bonnie’s broken corpse. Yep... she should have stayed in Dallas.
Empress Theodora: 500-548.
This remarkable lady is little known to the general public in the west but she is one of the actually one of the most significant figures in Christian civilisation. She is a saint to the Eastern Orthodox church but there was little saintly about Theodora’s early career. It is not certain where Theodora was born; some say Cyprus and others Syria, but it is recorded that her mother was a dancer and an actress: so warning lights already right! She grew up with her s****r working in a Constantinople brothel where it is said she entertained up to forty customers a night between performing live acts on stage. Her party piece was a rendering of “Leda and the Swan” where she would lie naked on a stage with her charms covered only by little piles of barley grains which were then pecked away by a pair of geese! You can’t accuse this girl of unoriginality! Sadly for the punters she caught religion and gave up her lifestyle to become a wool spinner around 522 AD. She hadn’t lost her ability to catch a man’s eye though and the man in particular whose fancy she took was the Emperor Justinian I of the Eastern Roman Empire. Married and now exalted to the title of Empress, Theodora became one of the most powerful and influential women in the entire history of the Roman Empire who together with her husband rebuilt Constantinople to become one of the greatest cities in the world and the bedrock of Christendom for centuries to come. Theodora was an early champion of feminism as she strove to increase the rights of women in the empire. She did close all the brothels in Constantinople but to her credit she did found a convent where the now unemployed prostitutes could support themselves. (One wonders about the level of religious devotion in that particular convent!) In one respect Theodora’s legacy has been corrupted. Under her rule women probably had a greater role in the Christian religion than they would have again for nearly one and half millennia even to the extent of becoming priestesses and presiding over the mass, Later of course the patriarchal male dominated church leadership destroyed this role and relegated women back to second class citizens in the church. It makes you think that if Theodora probably deserved a spanking or two herself she would also, were she alive today, have cause to demand quite a number of bishops and priests to raise their cassocks for a damn good spanking from her!
Maharani Jindan Kaur: 1817-1863.
To her enemies, the British in India, Jindan was known as the “Messalina of the Punjab” but, when it came to wanton debauchery, this little hellcat would have given even the legendary Roman Empress a run for her money! Described by Henry Lawrence as “A strange blend of the prostitute, the tigress and Machiavelli’s prince” she first joined the harem of the Sikh ruler Runjeet Singh as a young girl and entranced old Runjeet with her teasing and flirting. By the time she was in her teens she had been through a whole gaggle of lovers at the court in Lahore and even after being elevated to the position of one of Jundeen’s wives continued to take other lovers with, it seems, not only her husband’s tolerance but even his active encouragement. According to the British observer Carmichael Smyth the “scenes acted in the presence of the old chief himself and at his instigation would be an outrage on common decency”. In 1837 Jindan bore a son. Jundeet had no heirs to his throne and acknowledged the c***d as his own although naturally there were extremely serious doubts about the c***d’s parentage. After Jundeet died, this boy succeeded to the throne at the age of seven. Effectively his mother ruled the Punjab as Queen Regent and it was party time in the palace at Lahore! She was a shameless exhibitionist and her appetite for indulgent sexual orgies was matched only by her consumption of startling quantities of alcohol. When not drinking herself into a stupor or shagging herself silly she spent her time intriguing and plotting against her enemies and ruling her country with despotic cunning. The British in India were scared to death of her and it took two major wars to finally get shut of her. She was exiled to Nepal for some years where she continued to weave her diabolical plans before finally being shipped off and put out to grass in England where she was introduced to London society. God only knows what the genteel ladies of Victorian high society made of her! This was a girl in serious need of a damn good spanking but it would have taken a brave person to give her one! For a fictional but otherwise reasonably factual and amusing account of this gorgeous slut read George MacDonald Fraser’s “Flashman and the Mountain of Light.”
Jean Harlow: 1911-1937.
Anybody who became known as the “Blond bombshell” has to be considered a serious contender for this list and Jean was a girl who knew how to extract every last morsel of mileage out of her sex appeal. She was born Harlean Harlow Carpenter in Kansas City and moved with her mother to Hollywood in 1923. Jean started her serial marriage career early by eloping with Charles “Chuck” McGrew, the heir to a large fortune, when she was 16 and he conveniently just two months away from coming into his inheritance. The marriage was not happy and both she and her husband drank heavily. In 1928 Jean started her acting career in Hollywood. To be honest she wasn’t much of an actress at this stage of her career. It didn’t really matter. She was just so sexy nobody bother with her acting abilities. She made her breakthrough with the film “Hell’s Angels” produced by Paul Bern in 1930 and the magazine Variety commented “It doesn’t really matter what degree of talent she possesses .... nobody ever starved possessing what she’s got!” Jean became the sex bomb of the silver screen for the 1930s and managed to squeeze in two more husbands, one further engagement and a string of lovers. Her silver screen image of platinum blond floozy became her enduring trade mark and led her to grumble “My God! Must I always wear a low cut dress to be important?” Her second husband, producer Paul Bern, died under suspicious circumstances of gunshot wounds at their home in 1932 and it was rumoured that Jean had gunned him down. She kept a low profile however and a verdict of suicide was passed before she went on to an indiscreet liaison with the boxer Max Baer. By the mid 30s Jean was one of the biggest box office stars in America although critics still panned her acting. Sadly she died tragically young of renal failure in 1937. You have the feeling there was a lot more mischief left in her yet.
Marie Antoinette:1755-1793.
Marie was the Queen of France and, it has to be said, a pretty bad one. For all that however history has probably given her a bit of a bad rap. She was an Austrian, the Archduchess of Austria, which didn’t endear her to the French people who despised the Austrians. In fact her nickname among the masses was L’Autre Chienne, a pun on the word L’Autrichienne which means “the Austrian” but is corrupted in the pun to mean “the other bitch”. She married the Dauphin of France, later to become Louis XVI of France, in 1770. To begin with people were charmed by her beauty and pleasant personality. She was blond and one can’t help the feeling that she was the blond cliché because, to be truthful, she wasn’t very bright. She is usually regarded to have been superficial and trite, merrily skipping her way through her fantasy world in Versailles palace while the country was heading toward ruin and revolution around her. It is very unlikely incidentally that Marie ever did say “Let them eat cake” when referring to the starving masses crying out for bread. If she did say it however you can’t help feeling that she’d say it because she really couldn’t understand why they couldn’t eat cake. It was the sort of dumb thing she might have said. For all that many of the accusations that were laid against her were most likely fabrications. The orgies at the palace were probably fiction or at least no worse than the usual standards in a French Royal household. The suggestion that she sexually abused her son is almost certainly untrue. Then there was the story about her and the well known English lesbian, Baroness Lady Sophie Farrel, immortalised in revolutionary pamphlets under the name “Le Godmiche Royale” (The Royal Dildo) for which there is little historical evidence and hey what’s wrong with that anyway? Later in his reign Louis became depressed at the increasing unrest in the country and Marie was f***ed to take on more ruling power. It was a disaster of course. You wouldn’t have trusted Marie to run a sewing circle! Naturally it all ended in tears. The country collapsed into revolution in 1789, Louis was executed in 1792 and poor little Marie followed him to the guillotine in 1793. Her last words were an apology to the executioner for standing on his foot. (I’d have kicked him the balls!). It seems in retrospect to have been a bit harsh.
Anne Bonney: 1702-1782.
Here’s a girl with an awful lot of unanswered questions about her life. She was born in Ireland but moved with her f****y to the West Indies when she was still young. Her mother died shortly after they reached the Bahamas but her father founded a successful merchant business. He had his hands full with Anne though. She was a beauty but a temperamental redhead with a real temper. She stabbed a slave girl in the stomach when she was 13 and married a small time pirate called James Bonny probably before her 14th birthday. This caused her father to disown her. There is a story that she set fire to her father’s plantation in retaliation but the rift between them could not have been permanent because we know that he bailed her out of trouble on several occasions over the next few years. What is known is that sometime before 1718 she and James moved to Nassau on New Providence Island. New Providence was essentially a melting pot for the scum of the earth in the Bahamas at that time and a sanctuary for pirates looking for employment. Her our girl met some really bad sorts. Together with another woman called Mary Read she fell in with a pirate called John “Calico Jack” Rackham (Anne had a c***d by Rackham in Cuba who later took the name Cunningham) and together the three of them, stole the ship Revenge, rustled up a crew and set out into the Caribbean to seek their fortunes by relieving merchant ships of their treasure. They were quite successful for a while capturing a number of ships and amassing a respectable fortune in treasure. Anne and Mary fought hard along with the men in the crew in these escapades and was reputedly a dab hand with a cutlass. But their luck ran out. In 1720 a naval sloop commissioned by the Governor of Jamaica and captained by Jonathon Barnet came upon the Revenge when most of the crew were dead d***k. Although Mary and Anne fought hard they were both captured along with Racham and most of the crew and taken to Jamaica for trial. The trial was a pure formality and the whole lot of them were sentenced to hang. Anne and Mary however had their executions stayed because they were both pregnant. After this things become a little fuzzy. All the crew, including Rackham were hanged and Mary died in prison. What became of Anne though is the real mystery for there is no record of her death or execution. Later evidence came to light to suggest that she escaped the hangman’s noose after all and, probably as the result of her long suffering father’s influential intervention, she was ransomed. The story is that she eventually settled in South Carolina, married a Joseph Burleigh in 1721,went on to have 10 c***dren by him and lived to the age of eighty. She is reputedly buried in York County churchyard Virginia. She might have escaped the hangman but one hopes that her father, after springing her from jail, gave her the sound good hiding she’d had coming for a long time!
Lillie Langtry: 1853-1929.
I hardly know where to begin in recounting this little darling’s lifetime of scandalous misconduct. Lillie was her stage name (she was born Emilie Charlotte de Breton) for she was a music hall singer and actress (aren’t they all!) and she obtained her second name by marrying the wealthy Irish landowner. Edward Langtry when she was twenty. It was a pattern that Lillie was to repeat throughout her life as she showed little compunction in jumping into bed with anybody with a big enough wodge of money to his name. She took the high society of Europe and America by storm captivating men with her beauty and wit and helping herself to the contents of their estates. Lillie’s poor, long suffering husband saw precious little of her as she swooped between one lover and the next. Among her many conquests can be named two Princes, two Earls, one Baron and a gaggle of American multi-millionaires. She did have the decency to divorce her husband in 1897 shortly, before he died, leading one witty widow to console her with the words “I too have lost a husband, but, alas, it was no great loss.” She bore a daughter (Jeanne Marie) in 1879 but God only knows who the father was; the three most likely contenders being Prince Louis of Battenberg, The Earl of Mountbatten and an old paramour Arthur Clarence Jones. Lillie let the Prince believe it was his and when he confessed to his parents they had him confined to a battleship with the delicious name of HMS Inconstant! Lillie’s most famous lover however was Albert Edward (“Bertie the Bounder” to those who knew him) the Prince of Wales and later to become King Edward VII of Britain. The affair lasted for some three years from 1877 to 1890 and Lillie might have been too much of a handful even for Bertie! He once complained to her publicly “I’ve spent enough on you to build a battleship!” She retorted without blinking “And you’ve spent enough in me to float one!” Eventually she misbehaved herself at a party and Bertie got shut of her (although he did drop a large sum of cash on her by way of a parting gift.) Some girls never change. In 1899 she married a much younger man (Hugo Gerald de Bathe) who was a rich leading horse owner in racing circles and inherited a baronetcy. He never saw much of her either.
Now this one might come as a surprise on this list. This great Queen of England’s era is after all almost synonymous with moral prudery and stiff necked denial of the pleasures of the bedroom. Of course any historian worth their salt would laugh at that superficial analysis. The Victorian era was every bit as full of scandal and hanky panky as any other era in history if not more so. In any case, even if the more prudish ladies of England regarded sex as a disagreeable marital duty, little Vicky was having none of it. She spent a cloistered and lonely c***dhood and her letters as a young woman reveal a deep yearning for romance. In other words, not to put too fine a point on it, by the time she became queen at the age of eighteen in 1837, she was girl in desperate need of a damn good rogering! She knew just the man to provide it as well. She’d met her future husband Albert a year before her coronation and she’d been pining for him ever since. The couple married with all pomp and circumstance in 1840 and it was time for the queen to make up for lost time. Since so many of our images of Victoria are those of her later life as an old rather stuffy, lady, looking down her nose and declaring “we are not amused” we forget that she was pretty little thing in her youth and certainly possessed of a healthy sexual appetite. Poor Albert probably never knew what hit him! Through their marriage she was almost continuously pregnant and she popped out offspring (nine in total) with such monotonous regularity that there can be no doubt what really amused little Vicky. It certainly wasn’t the joys of motherhood. She hated being pregnant and thought babies were ugly! Eventually her physician pleaded with her not to have any more c***dren, for the sake of her health. Vicky pouted sulkily. “What? No more fun in bed?” she protested. Albert died in 1861 and we can only speculate on what really drove him to an early grave. Victoria spent the rest of her days as a widow in mourning but that isn’t the end of the story by any means. There was the little affair of her and her gamekeeper John Brown for instance. She was even reputed to have married him secretly and folks were apt to call her Mrs Brown behind her back. So yes, in celebration of a great age, our Vicky makes it into the “Bad Girls” list and anyway, who wouldn’t to spank the bottom of the regal lady who ruled a quarter of the planet?
Maureen O’Hara: 1920-?.
This is the one girl on this list who is still alive although she is very old now. Maureen earns her place on this list not because she was a particularly bad girl, Indeed, by Hollywood standards she was pretty tame. Oh there was the usual string of husbands and affairs but nothing to really make her stand out. It’s not therefore that Maureen particularly earned herself a spanking but she deserves a well honoured place on this list because she, more than anybody else in Hollywood history, publicly received one! In fact more than one! Maureen holds the record for the most spankings ever received on film in the history of movie making. She was born in Dublin and trained as an actress and singer from the age of 6 and her early film career was in the British motion picture industry(her first major film was “Jamaica Inn” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. She moved to America at the outset of World War two and began a long and glittering career in Hollywood becoming a naturalised US citizen in 1946. It was her long standing friendship and onscreen with John Wayne that really made her a household name however. She was upended over a number of leading male actors for a spanking but it was Wayne who gave her the most memorable one, depicted in the scene shown in this gallery. It comes from the film “McClintock” and it is the climax of the film when Wayne pursues her through the town in her underwear before catching her and giving her a spanking in front of the whole town. Incidentally “McClintock” made spanking history because, not only did Maureen get a spanking in it, but so did Stephanie Powers, who plays her daughter in the film, making it the only movie in Hollywood history where both leading ladies got their backsides paddled in the same film. Ah they don’t make ‘em like that anymore!
Catherine de Medici:1519-1589.
Known to posterity as the “Black Queen”, history might have given Catherine a bit of a bum rap. She married Prince Henry of France at the age of 14 in 1533. In 1547 Henry inherited the throne of France on the death of his father Francis I to become Henry II and Catherine became Queen Regent. She bore a total of nine c***dren, six of whom survived infancy and three of her sons went on to become kings within her lifetime, making her the power behind the throne of no less than four kings; a record probably only matched by the equally indomitable Eleanor of Aquitaine nearly four centuries before her. c***d bearing didn’t come easy to Catherine however. For the first ten years of her marriage she produced no offspring whatsoever. For one thing her husband wasn’t that fond of her and preferred the charms of the obligatory gaggle of mistresses that are the royal prerogative of all French monarchs; particularly two more bad girls of history; Phillipa Duci who bore him a daughter in 1537 and his adored Diane de Poitiers to whom he was devoted. Catherine went to extremes to try and lure him to bed and produce an heir and even Diane his mistress urged him to sl**p with her more often. Catherine even went as far as to drink mule’s urine and to place cow dung and stags antlers in her privates in the quaint belief that it would increase her fertility; remedies which might explain some of her husband’s less than enthusiasm for the royal nuptial bedchamber. The problem was finally solved by one of history’s first recorded sex advisors, the physician Jean Fernel, who noticed that the couple had “abnormalities” in their sex organs and simply weren’t going about it in the proper way. Once she’d got the knack Catherine started to produce c***dren with monotonous regularity. It was through her c***dren that Catherine got her hands on the reins of power in France for when her husband died in 1559 his eldest son Francis was only fifteen and when he died in 1560, the next in line was Charles and he was only 9! Catherine was as the Queen mother the de facto ruler of France and she ruled with a ruthless iron fist for most of the rest of her life until surrendering much of her power a year before her death to the third of her sons to become king, Henry. Under her rule France was often threatened by war and civil conflict and there are several unsavoury incidents for which Catherine has been blamed; most notably the St Bartholomew’s massacre in 1572 which remains the biggest blot on her copybook. It was incidents such as these that earned her the sobriquet “The Black Queen” although more sympathetic historians have absolved her from some of the blame.
Josephine Baker:1906-1975.
Here’s another girl who had trouble keeping her clothes on in public! She was born Freda Josephine McDonald of African American parentage in St Louis Missouri but her early c***dhood was unhappy. She ran away from virtually a life of slavery when she was 12 years old and lived as a homeless street c***d on the streets of St Louis scavenging for food and performing as a street corner dancer. It was this talent which brought her to attention and by the age of 15 she was working as a dancer in the St Louis Chorus vaudeville act. In the early 1920s she had moved on to New York City and became one of the highest paid Chorus girls on Broadway. It was in 1925 however that Josephine made her big breakthrough when she went to Paris opening a show at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees. She was an instant success largely due to the erotic nature of her dancing and the fact that she appeared on stage virtually naked! One of her routines, her “Dance Sauvage”, was performed wearing nothing but a short skirt made entirely of a string of artificial bananas! To add to the excitement she was often accompanied on stage in her routines by her pet cheetah which kept escaping from the stage to terrorise the musicians in the orchestra pit! Paris loved her! Josephine in her turn loved Paris and it was there that she made her name and career. She went on to become a singer as well as dancer and was cited by Shirley Bassey as one of her greatest influences. She became the first African American woman to star in a major movie production (Zouzou) but never found the same fame in her native America as in France. She went through a string of lovers of both sexes (she was bi-sexual) as well as four husbands and, although her only natural c***d was stillborn, she raised no less than 12 adopted c***dren! In spite of her naughty ways you have to admire Josephine for she was a bona fide heroine. Returning to Paris in 1937 she married a Frenchman Jean Lion and took French citizenship. When World War Two broke out Josephine became a spy for her adopted country. She was not only black but her husband was Jewish so she hated the Nazis with a vengeance. Later during the Nazi occupation of France her fame as an entertainer gave her such freedom to move about Europe and into neutral countries that she was an invaluable courier for the French resistance. She used to carry messages concealed in her underwear, which, given her past record, sounds like a damn insecure place to hide anything! She helped a lot of people escape from Nazi terror and, after the war, she was awarded the Croix de Guerre, France’s highest award for bravery for her courage on behalf of her adopted country. From the 1950s on she became active in the American Civil Rights movement (her 12 adopted c***dren were all African American orphans) and was so prominent that she was later asked to be the successor to Martin Luther King. This larger than life, incredible woman was a bad girl but she was the sort of bad girl we need as many as we can find of.
Phryne: 4th century B.C.
This gorgeous darling was originally called Mnserarete (try pronouncing that!) but because of her golden complexion was nicknamed Phryne, which actually means toad and was supposed to be complimentary and possibly tells us something about the ancient Greeks. Although born at Thespiae she came to prominence in Athens as one of the wealthiest and most celebrated hetera (courtesans) in the city. This girl was a looker, there is no doubt, and didn’t she just know it! It seems she was ready to get her kit off in public at the drop of a hat to advertise her charms. At the festival of Poseidon in Eleusis she famously stripped starkers, waded into the sea in front of a large admiring crowd and so impressed the painter Apelles that he was inspired to paint her as Aphrodite Anadyomene. Indeed Phryne posed nude for several paintings and sculptures and amassed such a fortune through her work as a courtesan that she offered to fund the rebuilding of the walls of Thebes out of her own pocket. She was a seriously bad girl but a damn popular one! The most notorious incident of her shameless exhibitionism came at the moment of her greatest crisis. She was accused and put on trial before a large body of the city’s judges for profaning Eleusian Mysteries which might not sound too heinous to us now but was very serious offence in 4th Century BC Greece. Fortunately Phryne had the perfect defence. Accounts differ about exactly what happened at her trial. Some say the defending counsel, her lover, the orator Hypereides, seeing that that trail was going badly, tore her clothes from her to reveal her naked beauty to the judges. Other accounts say it was Phryne herself that tore her clothes off, which, given her previous, sounds the more likely. Whatever the facts of the matter the act was decisive. The judges were so struck by her beauty, which they considered a divine gift from the Gods, that they acquitted her on the spot! Sensible chaps!
Lady Elizabeth Hamilton:1657-1754.
Elizabeth was born Elizabeth Villiers and philandering with monarchy rather runs in her f****y. Her cousin, Barbara Villiers, was a mistress to Charles II of England but then who wasn’t one of Charles’ mistresses? Our Lizzy here got a fast track into the royal household and ultimately the royal bed because her mother was the governess to the Princesses Mary and Anne, the daughters of James II. Elizabeth then grew up in the royal household becoming Mary’s lady in waiting. When Elizabeth was just 20 years old in 1677 her mistress, Princess Mary, was married off to William Prince of Orange. Despite it being an arranged marriage to her own cousin, Mary was devoted to her husband. Sadly, however, so was Elizabeth! Within three years of the wedding bells Elizabeth was openly the Prince’s mistress. Even after the “Glorious Revolution” of 1685 brought William and Mary to the thrones of England and Scotland as joint regnants, Elizabeth remained as lady in waiting to the Queen and official fancy piece to the king, positions she held until 1695. The Queen was very not amused! To rub salt into the wound the King granted Elizabeth possession of large tracts of the Irish estates that had once belonged to Mary’s father, the deposed James II. To compound the scandal around her name a John Law and Edward “Beau” Wilson fought a duel for her affections in 1684 which ended in Wilson’s death and to Law legging it to the continent to evade the murder rap. The Queen died in 1685 and one of her dying wishes was that William rid himself of his bit of fluff on the side. The King, in mourning for his wife, complied and Elizabeth was shipped out and married off to Lord George Hamilton, later to become the Earl of Orkney. It may well be that the Earl’s first actions on becoming a married man was to take his new bride into the privacy of the nuptial bedchamber and give her the thrashing of her wayward life. Whatever happened it seems as if her marriage was the best thing that ever happened to Elizabeth for the marriage was a happy one and she produced three daughters to the Earl, managed his estates admirably well and regained her reputation and position in society.
Mary Elizabeth Thompson: 1855-1953.
Libby Thompson was another of those grand old characters from America’s wild west. She was born Mary Elizabeth Haley but her c***dhood was most unhappy. Her f****y lost their fortune in the Civil War and then, to compound the misery, their Texas farm was raided by Comanche Indians in 1864. Libby was k**napped by the Indians and remained in their captivity until 1867 when her father paid a ransom for her release. She was widely suspected of being sexually abused by the Indians which, by the perverse morality of the age, made it unlikely for her to find a respectable husband. It didn’t help that her only boyfriend, a much older man, was shot dead by her father for daring to touch his 14 year old daughter. Fed up at last Libby ran away from home and landed up in Abilene, Kansas where she began her long career as dance hall girl and prostitute. She fell in with a Billy Thompson, b*****r to the notorious Ben and they plied the trail for the next couple of years with Billy working as a cowboy and gambler and Libby supplementing their income with prostitution. In 1873, while on a spring cattle drive, Libby gave birth to their first c***d out on the open prairie. As a result the couple moved to Ellsworth, Kansas to get married and settle down. Sadly their venture into respectable married life was short lived after Billy got d***k one day, shot the sheriff dead and they had to leg it out of town in a hurry. They had a sojourn in Dodge City where they came to know such luminaries as Wyatt Earp but eventually wound up in Sweetwater Texas where Libby opened her own brothel. Due to a gap in her teeth and a fondness for keeping prairie dogs as pets she became known as “Squirrel Tooth Alice” and ran her brothel successfully after the death of her husband until her retirement at the age of 66. Most of her offspring turned out to be bad ‘uns with her sons turning to crime and her daughters following their mother into the prostitution business but Libby died peacefully in a Los Angeles rest home at the age of 98.
Madame du Barry: 1743-1793.
Among the very long list of notable French courtesans this lady stands out as the last of the great mistresses of the French Royal House. She was born Jeanne Becu, the illegitimate daughter of a beautiful seamstress in Vaucouleurs in the Lorraine. Her father is thought to have been a local friar and Jeanne not only inherited her mother’s beauty but also her less than impeccable morals. She and her mother moved to Paris when she was very young and were taken in by a Monsieur Billard-Dumonceaux who had an affair with her mother much to his other mistress’s displeasure. Jeanne was educated in a convent until she and her mother were thrown out onto the street as a result of Dumonceaux’s continuing dalliance with her mother. Jeanne worked selling trinkets and as an occasional prostitute and later as a milliner to support them for some years before coming to the attention of Jean-Baptiste du Barry, a sort of high class pimp and procurer of courtesans for the rich and noble, while she was entertaining in the brothel casino of Madame Quisnoy. Under du Barry Jeanne’s career really took off and she quickly became one of the most celebrated prostitutes and courtesans in all Paris with a string of high class aristocratic clients, including the Marechal de Richelieu, to her credit. Du Barry however had greater ambitions for his young protégé following her exposure to King Louis XV at Versailles. Since she could not become a royal mistress with such a humble background du Barry had her married for pure convenience to his b*****r the Comte du Barry with forged documents giving her a more noble background. Now with a suitably grand title Jeanne was able to move into the King’s quarters and begin life as an official mistress of His Majesty. Jeanne found she liked life as a pampered mistress very much and her profligacy and extravagance were remarkable even by the standards of 18th century French aristocracy. She was perpetually in debt in spite of the fortunes lavished on her by the doting king. This lavish lifestyle made her deeply unpopular among the impoverished lower classes, a fact which came back to haunt her after the king’s death in 1774 and the following revolution in 1789. She was led to the guillotine on the Place de la Revolution in 1793. Her famous last words were “encore un moment”. Chopping the glorious little slut’s head off was probably going a bit far. A good sound thrashing would have probably sufficed!
Lola Montez: 1821-1861.
Lola Montez was the stage name of the Irish born dancer and actress Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, later to be Countess of Landsfeld. Even as a young girl both in a sojourn in India and back in Britain there was a discernible wild streak to this lady and her teacher described the “v******e and obstinacy of her temper”. Her education was not a great success therefore and she eloped at age sixteen with a Lieutenant Thomas James. Married life in India didn’t suit Lola however and five years later she separated from her husband in Calcutta and returned to England to make her debut in London as the “Spanish Dancer” Lola Montez. With her dark Mediterranean beauty and fiery temperament Lola carried off the subterfuge successfully for a while before being recognised as Eliza James and publicly exposed as a fraud. With her reputation in tatters Lola left England to try her luck on the continent. In Paris she was more a courtesan than a dancer and known for her beauty and her temper. She counted such notables as Franz Liszt, Alexandre Dumas and the newspaper tycoon Alexandre Dujarier amongst her affairs in Paris and assorted European capitals where she performed. It was in Munich where she hit the jackpot however by catching the eye of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. And Lola was a girl who knew how to catch a man’s eye! When the king asked her in public if her bosom was real Lola’s response was to tear her dress open to prove it! She became the king’s mistress who, in spite of her unpopularity with the Bavarian public elevated her to the title of Countess of Landsfeld. She was somewhat of a power behind the throne but in 1848 revolution struck Bavaria, the King was f***ed to abdicate and Lola was on her bike again! Back in England she married a George Heald without bothering with the formalities of first obtaining a divorce from her first husband and then had to flee the country to avoid a bigamy action. She spent the rest of her misspent life touring the United States and Australia going through yet another husband, heaven knows how many lovers and scandalising and thrilling audiences with her exotic dance routines. She died of pneumonia a month short of her fortieth birthday and doubtless in need of good spanking until her dying breath.
Josie Arlington: 1864-1914.
Josie was a New Orleans girl born to German emigrant parents who started work as a prostitute at the age of s*******n to support her f****y. She was a successful prostitute however and by the age of twenty one she had saved enough of her earnings to open up her own bawdy house on Customhouse Street in 1895. It was only the beginning for this ambitious, hard working girl though. When the red light Storyville district became established in 1897 Josie was one of the first to move in taking over a four story mansion on North Basin Street and spending 5.000 dollars on its renovation. She rather grandly named her new establishment the Chateau Lobrano d’Arlington and it became locally famous as simply the Arlington. It was an expensive brothel known for the opulence of its decor and charging its customers five dollars a time for one of the ten to a dozen girls always on offer or the chance to view one of its live “circus” sex shows for an extra fee. Little wonder it became notorious in the city under Josie’s sound management. Josie was a whore with a social conscience however and primly asserted that no virgin was ever defiled under her roof. This led to one of Josie’s legacies after her death for her tomb in the Maiterie Cemetery (see insert) is possibly one of the most famous monuments to a prostitute in all America. It is a sculpture of a young virgin knocking on the door of the Arlington and not being allowed entrance to maintain her purity. The monument is these days somewhat of a tourist attraction in New Orleans.
Clara Ward:1872-1912.
Despite their republican leanings, Americans have always had a bit of a thing about princesses, so when one of their own, the beautiful Detroit socialite Clara Ward, was raised to the exalted title of Princesse de Caraman-Chimay by marrying a Belgian prince in 1890 America was delighted. They were soon to learn however that Clara was no Cinderella let alone a Snow White! She spent most of her time in Paris putting on airs and graces among the high society of the city. Clara was more taken with her title than her husband however who was twice her age. She did produce two c***dren for him before finally tiring of him and eloping scandalously with a Gypsy folk musician in 1896. That marriage didn’t last long either and Clara went through another two husbands in short order. She earned her living as an ex princess by capitalising on her notoriety and appearing on stage in such establishments as Paris’ Moulin Rouge and Folies Bergere, usually in skin tight costumes leaving little of her charms to the imagination. Clara pompously declared her posing on stage to be an art form she called her “Poses plastiques”. Yeah, right Clara! Among the many notables who would have queued up to administer Clara’s long overdue spanking was Kaiser Wilhelm II who issued a decree forbidding the publication and display of salacious postcards featuring her throughout the German Empire.
Josephine Earp: 1861-1944.
Josephine Earp spent most of her life under the name of Sadie and was better known among her contemporaries as “Shady Sadie.”! Like her name Sadie changed the story of her life several times and was never exactly renowned for her embracement of the virtues of veracity! She was born Josephine Marcuse in Brooklyn New York but her f****y moved to San Francisco when she was just eleven. In the aftermath of the earthquake of 1868 San Francisco was a boom town and the f****y prospered. It was not to young Josephine’s liking however especially the strict discipline of her schooling whose teachers were apt, in her own words, to subject her to “being slapped for tardiness” and “the sting of rattan” for more serious offences. It sounds in fact as if she was already displaying the qualities that qualify her for inclusion in this list at a very early age! Josephine took exception to the correction of her wanton ways and ran away to Arizona when she was possibly only 13 or 14 years old, although she claimed later that she was 18. In the town of Tombstone Josephine became Sadie Mansfield, a saloon girl, dancer and prostitute and began dissolute life and had liaisons with the town sheriff Johnny Behan and frontiersman Al Sieber among others as well as being charged with petty larceny for stealing silver spoons. She also became a successful actress and dancer in the music halls of Arizona. The most pivotal meeting in Sadie’s life however was with the lawman and gambler Wyatt Earp. In fact the embarrassment of Johnny Behan over losing his mistress to Earp may have been one of the factors leading to the infamous gunfight at the OK Corral. Sadie became Earp’s common law wife for the next 48 years until his death in 1929. Sadie lived on for another 15 years telling ever more elaborately fictional stories of her misadventures until her death in 1944.
Martha Jane Canary: 1852-1902.
Martha Jane is better known to posterity by her nickname “Calamity Jane” although how she came by the sobriquet is difficult to decide among the various conflicting stories. Like many of the colourful characters of the wild west of America it is difficult to separate fact from fiction and Jane herself never met a story she didn’t think couldn’t be improved with a bit of creative imagination. She was born in Princeton Missouri, the eldest of six c***dren, but in 1865 the f****y loaded up the wagons and headed west. After her father died in 1867, somewhere around Salt Lake City, Jane took over as head of the f****y and moved the f****y westward once more eventually landing up in Piedmont Wyoming where she supported her f****y by working as a dishwasher, cook, waitress, nurse, ox team driver and dance hall girl. She also started her on and off career as a prostitute in the nearby Three Mile Hog Ranch at Fort Laramie. Jane had arrived and the west would never be quite the same again! She gained renown (her own at least) as a scout and Indian fighter and otherwise spent her leisure time raising hell in saloons and dancehalls with her drinking, gambling and whoring. There was a softer side to this little firebrand though for she could be incredibly generous and caring toward the needy. Her most famous relationship was with the frontiersman and gambler Wild Bill Hickok after Jane settled into the area around Deadwood, South Dakota. Jane was infatuated with Hickok and claimed dubiously to have married him and that he was the father of her c***d Jean. After Hickok was shot dead in the Number Ten Saloon in Deadwood Jane is reported to have gone looking for his killer with a meat cleaver having negligently left her guns at home! This was a girl in serious need of a good spanking though you would have been well advised to make sure she had no weapons about her person before giving her one!
Veronica Franco:1546-1591.
Just because you’re a tart doesn’t mean that you’re lacking in brains and there were no fleas on this 16th century lovely. Veronica turned to the profession of courtesan after the failure of her marriage and soon, through her beauty and intellect, rose to become one of the most feted courtesans in renaissance Venice and had liaisons with half the wealthy nobility of the city. Her most notable client was King Henry III of France with whom she shared a steamy affair. She belonged to the cortigiana onesta class of intellectual high class courtesans in the city and, believing in the value of advertising, was painted by several of the great Venetian artists of her time, including Veronese and Tintoretto, often, as is evidenced by the portrait shown here, without much in the way of clothing on. Her other legacy to the arts was through her own writing, publishing volumes of her poetry in 1575 and 1580 as well as many other smaller pieces and sonnets. She was a member of the highest literary society in the city and never forgot her spiritual s****rs, founding a charity for courtesans fallen on hard times. Ultimately it was her connection with her wealthy well connected patrons that saved her bacon however for, in 1577, she was obliged to defend herself against a charge of witchcraft by the Inquistion: a common charge levelled against courtesans. With the help of her connections she had the charges against her dropped and carried on to illuminate Venetian society with her stunning looks and sparkling intellect until her death in 1591.
Anne Desclos: 1907-1998.
It’s always the quiet ones isn’t it! Few people talking to the rather demure Anne would have suspected the smouldering sexuality lurking beneath the surface of this prim and intellectual French journalist and author. In fact Anne was secretly a sexual bombshell with what we can only surmise as interesting tastes and a string of lovers of both sexes to her name. It was a casual conversation with one of these lovers that started all the trouble and was the cause of Anne’s greatest notoriety. Her lover and employer, Jean Paulhan sweepingly remarked that no women could ever write an erotic novel. Anne begged to disagree and to prove the point went right ahead and did so. What a novel it was too! “L’Histoire d’O” published under her Nom de Plume of Pauline Reage in 1954 stirred an instant storm of controversy, was a huge literary success despite numerous attempts to ban it and became one of the classic erotic novels of all time. The French authorities brought obscenity charges against the publisher and the mysterious author responsible for the outrageous novel. Somewhat alarmed by the reaction to the book Anne kept her authorship of it secret and did not finally admit to having written it until 1994, forty years after its publication. “The Story of O” with its BDSM and bi-sexual themes still cause controversy to this day and, judging by its content, Anne was not only a girl who deserved a good spanking she was also one that rather WANTED one!


... Continue»
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The Case File of Mark & Sara

My name is Dr. Judy. I'm a personal relationship counsellor. My specialty is assisting couples in resolving problems which threaten the harmony and/or stability of their relationship.

The case study for review this time involves Mark and Sara (not their real names). They were engaged at the time I initially began counselling them. Through my efforts, they went on to resolve their problems, which threatened to break up their engagement, and went on to get married. It has now been some 11 plus years since their wedding.

What contributed to me presenting this case was a testimonial from mark thanking me for my help over the years, now that he and Sara are married and have 5 c***dren.

With he and Sara's concurrence and valuable aid, this case will be presented from not only my perspective, but also that of the principle person I counselled and provided therapy to over the years - Mark.

Mark gratefully even turned over his recent reflective writings as well as a diary he secretly kept while I worked with the couple in resolving their marital differences over the years.

The story will be written primarily from Mark's perspective, including select excerpts from his diary. You'll also see my professional comments interspersed throughout.

My name is Mark. My wife's name is Sara and we have been married now for some 11 years and also have 5 k**s.

Things have not always been rosy for us. Early in our engagement, I discovered that Sara was cheating on me with not one, but several tall, macho, muscle bound, jock type guys.

In reference to myself, I'm not handsome, tall, well built, or the jock type. I'm only 5'5" and weigh about 135 pounds - which puts me on the light side compared to the men I discovered she's been secretly slipping around with.

In a way, I could understand a girl like Sara desiring such handsome, well-built guys, but it appeared she was more of a tramp for them than seeking serious relationships. That really disturbed me, since she it was me she appeared to be trying to establish a serious relationship with, but all the while she was having lurid and lascivious relationships with her many other studs.

To add fuel to the fire, Sara denied me sexual intercourse prior to us getting married.

You see, I was a 24 year old virgin, as well as very inexperienced sexually. Sara wanted me to save myself for her on our wedding night.

Believing her intentions to be honourable, I respected her wishes about pressuring her for intercourse. She did however, introduce me to Cunnilingus, or oral sex on her, to sort of make up for me not being able to "put it in" her. This was something new to me, but it did please me to be able to be intimate with her and to provide her pleasure too. And it was obvious that she got off quite well under the actions of my flitting tongue and sucking lips.

Sara refused to orally do me because she said it was much too much like me penetrating her, which I had to wait to do until we were married. I saw her point, and we went along with her desire for me to masturbate for her each time after I'd performed oral sex upon her rather tasty and juicy muff.

I was a bit shy about jerking off in Sara's presence, but she insisted. She said it would bond us even closer. She won me over and I did as she wanted.

After becoming engaged, it was then that I accidentally discovered that Sara was cheating on me.

Sara revealed to me that she had been having sexual relations with several boyfriends she'd dated before we began our relationship.

Needless to say, I was very distraught over all this. I knew any future relationship between us was doomed, even though I adored and loved Sara dearly. She truly was the girl I longed to have as my wife. In short she was the dream of my life. She had a stunning figure then, and today is still very beautiful. Despite her having have been pregnant 4 time, with one of those deliveries being twins. She has retained her shapely figure which still turns men's head when she walks by.

Sara is a brunette and has a classic hourglass figure. Her face is very photogenic and her hazel eyes are so enticing. Needless to say, as I am attracted to her, so are many other men. In a vulgar way of putting things, one might say Sara is a "dick magnet".

However, I digress, and am getting ahead of myself. But back then, her deceiving me with her many sexual relations with other guys was just too much for me to tolerate, hence the reason I was about to terminate our relationship a year before we eventually got married.

When I confronted Sara about my discovery of her sordid activities, she sought to explain to me why I shouldn't be upset at her for her deception.

I hated to do it, but I knew I had to break up the relationship. Sara and I had several discussions about what she'd done and my hurt feeling. Her sort of cavalier explanations and rationale made things even harder on me. I remembered one of the last discussions we had about the matter before we started our counselling sessions with Dr. Judy, the Relationship counsellor.

"Mark sweetheart, I'd been trying to come up with a way to tell you what you discovered on your own. I want you to know darling that I don't love you any less or disrespect you in any way, because of my liaisons with the guys. It's you I truly love."

"B-But Sara, if y-you t-truly love me, w-why..."

"Why did I sl**p around? Well Mark, it's because I love you, that's why I went out with other guys. I knew they could handle my pussy much better than you could with your little prick."

"B-But Sara, I-I remember y-you saying I-I was small. B-But y-you assured me that my s-size wouldn't make any difference."

"I meant that darling, that is between you and I, because I didn't see your little cock as the primary instrument of sex between us darling. I saw the big dicks of other men as the main stay of satisfying intercourse for me, even after we were married. However, I see your mouth and tongue as the mainstay of very satisfying marital sex between us. It's this sort of arrangement I was desirous of, that I didn't know how to present to you. With you being a virgin and your background of sexual inexperience being limited, I knew I had to come up with a way to work up to all this with you."

"S-Sara I-I still can't believe y-you've deceived me so. Y-You seriously can't believe I-I would e-ever a-agree to such an-an outlandish a-and outrageous situation where o-other men would be having intercourse with my wife a-a-and I would be relegated to-to basically giving oral sex, a-and especially with t-their stuff s-still in y-you. Sara, I-I get so-so upset when I-I think about all this. I-I don't care h-how lit..., err, h-how less endowed I-I am."

"Mark honey, after we're married, I'll let you put it in me the way other guys do me now. That is from time to time. However, I may get busy with the guys, and occasionally, I may be too tired to let you do me. But I promise you I'll continue to help you jack off, just like I have several times since we've been engaged. Like I've told you many times, it gives me a thrill to see you jacking off after you've sucked me out."

"S-Sara, I-I'm having a hard time with all this. The nonchalant a-and matter-of-fact way you talk about this doesn't help one iota. It's so-so unbelievable w-we're even having this discussion. I-I have to say this, e-even if it hurts you. B-But I-I just feel you've taken advantage of me b-because I-I am s-so inexperienced."

"Not taken advantage of, but sought to build a wonderful loving relationship around it despite you being virginal and less of a man between your..., well you know what I mean darling. And never think I mean to hurt you in any way when I say you have a short little dick, Okay? Now where was I? Oh yes, you know saving your virginity for me means so much to me, and your mother too, I might add. So when I discovered what an excellent pussy sucker you were, I cast all my concerns of our incompatibility to the wind. I knew I really loved you and had to have you as my husband, despite that you would need help satisfying my pussy from other men with bigger dicks."

"S-Sara, t-that's so-so insensitive. P-Plus there is j-just no-no excuse for y-you having fed m-me a-and had me eating t-their stuff out of you j-just because I-I-I didn't know what it was. Y-You knew h-how gullible I-I was. I-I'd never done o-oral sex before. You taught m-me how to l-lick a-and suck y-you out. It-It meant so much to me to-to please you that way. I-I just don't think you respect me-me at all."

"That's not true. I do respect and love you dearly Mark. As I've repeatedly told you sweetheart, it was an accident the first time I had you mouth me out after I was freshly fucked and there were traces of spent jism in me. However, that eat out by you of my juicy, but previously fucked pussy, was so ecstatic and delightful. And to add to all that, you too raved about how tasty and tangy I was too and how good it was for you that time too. In other words, Mark, the joyous feeling was just too sweet for me to not give us both that delightful experience again."

"Sara, y-you have such a way of explaining things a-and making this situation seem not as catastrophe as I see it. I-I really don't see where us going to a relationship counsellor is going to help matters. I-I just can't see h-how I-I, with any self respect, can continue our engagement or even think about doing the things you're expecting of me."

"Personally Mark, I see you as over reacting about all this. And I believe your mother shares my viewpoint too. But even if you don't do it for me, do it for her."

It was shortly after that conversation with Sara that we began seeing Dr. Judy about the problems I had with continuing our relationship. I personally was not excited about doing so, but Sara's mom, and especially my mother, insisted.

It was troubling to me that my mother agreed with Sara's perception of things. That is, that I was over reacting about Sara's lascivious activities with other men, while denying me sexually as well as having me taste the results of her sexual liaisons with those other men.

Mom seemed genuinely sympathetic to my concerns, but her words made me feel just as uncomfortable as Sara's did.

"Mark dear, as your mother, I only want what's best for you. You really love Sara. It's so easy to see you do. However, I do feel your pain at your perception of her having done you a misdeed."

"M-My perception! A misdeed? Mother I-I can't believe you're t-taking this s-so lightly." I stammered in a loud reply.

"Now Mark, there is no need for you to raise your voice at me! I'll not have you speaking in that tone to me. Now apologize this instant!"

"I-I'm sorry m-mother. I-I apologize. I-I'm just upset about..."

"I realize you're upset dear, but as I was about to say, you also must realize that in life, we sometimes have to accept compromises to get what we want or need. I think that applies here in this situation with you and Sara."

"Y-You do?" I replied in astonished tone.

"Yes sweetie, it does. You have an opportunity to have a wife who is beautiful and charming, even if you're upset because she's also a bit more experienced sexually than you were aware of."

"Mother! E-Experienced? She's a slut!"

"SLAP!" The sound of mother's hand bouncing off my face seemed to echo around the kitchen as I fell to the floor.

"Mark! I warned you about raising your voice at me or using that tone. Plus, I'll not have you calling Sara such words. You're talking about your future wife and my future daughter-in-law."

"I-I'm sorry mother. It-it won't happen again. P-Please forgive me." I softly and meekly replied after recovering from being momentarily stunned from being knocked on my ass.

Even though I'm 24, mother doesn't mind reminding me whose in charge in our house, which I still live in by the way.

Mother and I continued our discussion for another 2 hours or so. In the end, she prevailed and persuaded me to do what Sara had wanted me to do. That is, to at least visit Dr. Judy to hear what she had to say. Reluctantly I went along with her suggestion. Well, really, it was more like a demand.

You see, it's always been difficult for me to disobey mother, even though I'm an adult. She's very much a take charge and in-charge type, just the opposite of my personality. And with me being of small stature and her being big boned and taller than me, she can easily impose herself physically upon me too.

Mother has continued to subject me to corporal punishment every since I was teen, even though I'm an adult now. She's whipped me several times since I was 21.

Anyway, I cowed to mother's demand. I was scared enough to think she might be serious enough about me seeing Dr. Judy that she just might take me across her knees about the matter. Yes, as I said, she still spanks me if she sets her mind to it.

I guess this is a good time to make a side note about size and personalities. Sara is half a head taller than my 5' 6" height, and as I have noticed on occasion, likes to have her way at times too. I call it her "mean streak".

It's recently dawned on me as to that mother may feel some strange camaraderie with her for that reason, despite my misgivings about the horrendous way Sara has humiliated me, and evidently desires to continue to do so in the future.

The other thing that puzzled me was how easily mother accepted Sara's explanation of her disgraceful lascivious activities, and took her side over mine, her own son.

"Mark, Sara has a perfectly legitimate and sound explanation for what she did. I don't know why you're so obstinate about seeing things from her perspective. Maybe Dr. Judy can talk some sense into you." Mother said to me on the eve of when Sara and I were to have our first visit to see Dr. Judy.

After Sara and I saw Dr. Judy on our first visit, Dr. Judy came to the conclusion that she wanted to only see me during the next visit. She further stated that I was to have several sessions alone with her in the future.

It became rather obvious a short time into our first session with Dr. Judy, that she too assessed that Sara had done no wrong and that it was me that was looking at things askew. This not only angered me, but also alarmed me that no one except me seemed to perceive Sara as being the errant one in our engagement.

But little did I ever think I would change my mind and indeed see that I was wrong and would apologize to Sara in a way I'd never imagined in my wildest of dreams. Little did I know that Dr. Judy's advice, counsel, and therapy would change my life forever.

This revelation happened in only a month after my first session alone with Dr. Judy.

I think it would be a good thing to give you the reader more details about my story if I go back in time to my first session alone with Dr. Judy.

Before we go further with Mark's story, it is important for the reader to note that in my professional judgment, it was best for Mark to adjust to Sara's needs on her terms rather than her attempting to compromise toward his desires. Sara is an attractive and self assured woman, who knows she is sexually desirable to men and is not ashamed to also add that she is also drawn to physically handsome men and actively seeks out sexual liaisons with them.

She even described herself as a "dick magnet" and even indicated to Mark, that he needed to accept this as part of any future relationship with her, in order for their marriage to be harmonious. Sara did not hesitate to be forthright and honest in her feelings with Mark, something I was very impressed with this about her. This always seems to work out better for the couple's relationship, where there is a male who has a latent tendency to be timid, and a woman who is assertive and absolute.

"Mark, I do love you dearly, but you must know, you just don't measure up to my expectations as a real man in bed, at least not physically. Emotionally, yes, you are the husband for me. You'd make a great helpmate and emotional soul mate. After you ate me out so wonderfully that first time, that is, after I had been thoroughly fucked by one of the guys, I saw this as a way for you to pleasure me, as well as compensate for your inadequacies. Mark I just can't describe how ecstatic I felt having your head in my wet crotch, and hearing and feeling you licking and sucking up after a real man had fucked me. Your mouthing actions, and your desire to pleasure me by suck-cleaning my pussy, stole my heart. If anybody is to blame for me getting hooked on your oral delights, you have nobody to blame but yourself. After all, I never thought of this before you did that for me, and it was just too good to stop you from doing it to me Mark sweetheart."

"No Mark, it's not the same if I haven't been fucked before you do your sucking-out of my pussy." Sara replied quickly to Mark's suggestion that she get rid of her other "real physical men" and then it might be more acceptable for him to please her orally.

It was at this point in the discussion that Sara asked my opinion, since I was a woman also, about her need for the dicks of her "real men" to complement Mark's skilful tongue and cunt vacuuming lips.

Trying to stay neutral, I provided the couple the following comment:

"Mark, I can see Sara's point of view here. From my case files, it's obvious that many women find it difficult to get along without the good feeling that only comes from deep penetrating coital intercourse that is from a "reasonably endowed" male partner. No Mark, mouth to pussy coitus is at most an effective supplement - as in this situation between you two - but not a substitution for a robust and proper length of erect penis to vagina coitus."

Mark, as I expected was very disappointed and unsettled with Sara's expectations for his role as her future faithful, the in-the-background soul mate cuckolded pussy sucking husband role.

I didn't have to say it, but Mark knew he was the one that logically would have to make the greatest adjustments in there was to be a future relationship between he and Sara. However, he willingly agreed to come to the next session alone so that he and I could talk about his options, since it was obvious, he really did love Sara despite all that had happened.

Now, let us resume with Mark's narrative.

*****CHAPTER 2 DR. JUDY & I ALONE: SESSION #1*******
"Mark in order to get rid of all the foolish self pride that's plaguing you from having a great relationship with Sara, you must first let yourself go of all negative pride."

"Dr. Judy, I-I've never heard of negative pride. What does that mean?"

"In simple terms, you must not be too proud to do what others expect of you, or to do what they need, or want you to do, despite how Society perceives it. In other words Mark, what Sara needs in your relationship is very logical when all the factors between you two, are taken into consideration. It's just a matter of you understanding and agreeing to do what needs to be done to capture this beautiful, free-spirited woman - who you admit that you love dearly - as your soul mate.

"B-But like I-I told you earlier, after all she's done to me, I-I just can't see h-how..."

"Don't say another word. You're being a defeatist and creating negative vibes. I'm trying to help you see the reality and the positive aspects of things here. Okay? You are open minded, are you not?"

"W-Well I-I try to be Dr. Judy."

"Well then, if you are, you'll try my therapy to rid yourself of negative pride and focus on the positive pride in this whole situation. If you do, I'm predicting you and Sara will be back together and both satisfied with your new relationship."

"Y-You really mean that?"

"Yes Mark I do. I'm sure the two of you will be happier than before. Despite that at the moment you're having a very difficult time not seeing her as nothing but a slut. That is, because of what you perceive as her cheating on you for the last 8 months."

"I-I don't know what else you can call it Dr. Judy."

"You might even call it needs satisfaction or relationship building, but definitely not being sluttish. Okay? But let’s not dwell on that at the moment. Things will fall in place as we go. Trust me. Okay?"

"O-Okay Dr. Judy."

"Now Mark, we must try to envision you as removing all your value judgments about things like what Sara has done and had you participate in unknowingly over the last few months."

"Y-You mean not seeing h-her dirty tricks a-and cheating on me or-or dating other m-men w-while I was home cleaning her apartment? O-Or her h-having me l-lick her p-p-pussy a-after s-she'd h-h-had sex with..."

"Okay, that's enough, I get your point, but yes, all those things. However Mark, you must try to see her actions in a different light, not the negative derisive perspective you currently are stuck on."

"Dr. Judy, a-as y-you probably can tell, it-it's going to be difficult for me to do that. I-I just can't bring myself to..."

"Never say can't, Mark. However, I fully understand how you feel. But your feelings are all because of your false belief that you have to be manly to be a good partner and spouse to Sara. She's willing, and is very desirous of you being her husband, despite your not meeting her criteria as a "real man" physically. If she can accept you as being a lesser man, physically, why can't you?"

"W-What? A-Are you saying I-I should willingly accept b-being a lesser man b-because she desires it?"

"Mark, it's not really because she desires it. It's because you're basically that. You are under endowed, right? Can we agree on that?"

"W-Well... T-That's not fair Dr. Judy. Besides, if-if Sara really loves me s-she should give up those other men and be faithful to me."

"She's emotionally faithful to you Mark, even if she shares her body with other men. She's giving you the chance to fit in a marriage that is well suited for both of you. You just have to be as open-minded as you claimed to be, and not be wrapped up in your false assumptions of what you perceive the way things have to be. In your case, being less than a real man, physically, actually makes you more emotionally compatible to her."

"I-I sort of s-see your point... I think. I-I guess, I-I just don't know h-how to deal with all this Dr. Judy?"

"I understand how intimidating that can be for you Mark. However, that's why I'm here having this session with you. We have to build up your confidence to be a better man, emotionally that is. You can do it. All you have to do is put your mind to it."

"O-Okay if you say so Dr. Judy."

"And I do Mark. One of the first things we must work on is getting rid of your insecurities and false assumptions of believing you have to be physically, or mentally, macho to be a worthy partner and spouse to Sara. I want to start you on my Physical Attributes Negation & Subservience Inculcation Therapy. We sometimes also refer to it as P-A-N-S-I Therapy."

"B-But Dr. Judy, isn't PANSI a-an odd name f-for..."

"Mark, I am a professional. I can't help if the acronym for a the****utic treatment mimics a word with other meaning. Now Mark, let’s get on with what PANSI is all about. Okay?"

"O-Okay Dr. Judy." I replied softly, but now even more leery of Dr. Judy.

"Now Mark, the purpose of PANSI is to help you stop feeling negative about your lack of physical endowments. It also is to help you be more comfortable and at ease with the fact that you are unpretentious and are not geared to be a real man in your fiancée’s eyes. You may not accept it, even though Sara has been telling you so repeatedly, but your unassuming, easy going, innocent makeup is really why she's attracted to you."

"Y-Yes, I know that she says that she doesn't feel the same type of tension between us as she does with other men w-who are focused on getting into her panties a-and getting her into bed."

"You may not realize it Mark, but it is this area of your relationship with her where you have the edge over her other men, the men friends she refers so aptly to as her "real men"".

"Dr. Judy, I hate that term. Can't we not..."

"No we can't Mark. In fact I want you to be sure and use it repeatedly when you refer to or compare yourself to any of Sara's lovers or studs from now on."


"You see Mark, your strong point in holding on to Sara is that she doesn't perceive you as being in the same Ball Park as her "real men". To make sure that you keep that edge over her "real men", you have to perceive yourself as being different from them."

"S-So am I-I to t-think of myself as not being a man?"

"Just think of yourself as simply being less than her real men. Think of them as the alpha males. As you know, this concept is very common in the a****l kingdom. You should think of yourself as a male, but not as a man. That's what the subservience inculcation part of PANSI is about. It will teach you how to turn your physical weakness and unassuming nature into an emotional strength and help you feel good about being a male who accepts the fact that he doesn't meet the measure of being a real man. At the same time though, it will also help you to feel at ease and comfortable in your lesser role, as well as showing real men, the respect they deserve for being better than you."

"Dr. Judy, t-this is s-so confusing. I-I think I-I was right at first. Sara and I are better off g-going our separate..."

"Mark, your willingness to give us so easily is just another symptom of your meek, weak personality. However, for now, let’s take a break. I want you to try some of this herbal tea. It relieves stress and helps one to think clearer."

I took the cup of tea that Dr. Judy prepared. It had a very pleasant cinnamon flavoured aroma.

As we drank tea, Dr. Judy and I kept discussing my "less than a man" role in my relationship with Sara.

Dr. Judy's assertion that I should give up trying to be a "real man" like Sara's studs, and instead embrace that I was indeed subordinate to them in every way, except when it came to being Sara's emotional support partner.

About half way through the cup of tea, I indeed did feel more relaxed and what Dr. Judy was saying began to become much more lucid in my thoughts. I blurted out un-expectantly that I saw her points and that what she was saying finally was making sense.

"That's very good Mark, very good. So we will began several exercises that will help you strengthen and adapt to seeing yourself as less than a man, in your eyes as well as Sara's."

Dr. Judy and I continued to talk as we finished our tea. After the tea, I was a bit nappy, so she suggested I take a nap on the nearby divan in her office. As she helped me to it, she also suggested that I listen to some soothing relaxing music while napped. She placed headphones over my ears so as not to disturb her as she sat at her desk and worked on other cases.

I thought that was wonderful of her. The music was so soothing. It complimented the wonderfully mellow, but drowsy state, I was in.

I didn't realize how long I'd been asl**p, but I awoke 2 hours later.

Not only was I not on the divan, I wasn't even in Dr. Judy's office. I was in apparently one of her labs. In addition, I seemed to be handcuffed and secured to some sort of apparatus such that I was I was bent over from a standing posture with my legs straight, but tightly secured also. I could hardly move them. Actually, it was more a wiggle than any serious movement.

In short I was tightly bound to some sort of platform where I was bent over. And as best I could tell, to my surprise, I was nude from the waist down. However, I seem to perceive that my pants and shorts were down around my ankle.

I also seem to sense another strange feel about my predicament, as I started to call out for help. However, I was more focused on being tightly bound to the strange fixture I was attached to.

It was then that Dr. Judy walked into the room.

"Hello Mark. I see you're awake after you nap. There is no need to be alarmed."

"W-Where a-am I Dr. Judy? A-And w-why am I bound up like this?"

"No need to worry, you're safe. You're in one of my labs. You appeared to have had a nice rest, so I decided to go ahead and get you started on my PANSI Therapy, rather than wait until the next session."

"B-But why a-am I-I bound up like..."

"Well, Mark, the focus of PANSI Therapy treatments are designed to assist the patient to reach a level of contentment where the patient is comfortable and at peace with himself about being subservient to others, especially to those that he loves and cares about. The therapy seeks to help the patient see that others have the liberty to control what he does. The patient's reward comes from having done what is desired of him by others. What better way to get you in the mode of thinking in that manner, than a good flagellation treatment with several whipping instruments."

"W-WHAT? Y-You're going to whip me!"

"Yes, Mark, it's necessary for you to feel the pain from this treatment so as to condition your mental consciousness. This provides you the incentive to not have second thoughts about being submissive, when directed to do something you are told to do. Pain is a very effective deterrent to help you focus on what is correct for you."

P-Please Dr. Judy, n-no please don't do this. T-This can't be happening. It-It's i*****l for you..."

"You signed a release Mark. It gives me the right to subject you to reasonable treatment that, in my professional opinion, is needed. You need this treatment to help you feel more subservient. Therefore, I plan to beat you with a variety of flagellation instruments during this session. You won't need this full treatment often, just a periodic touch up so to speak.

"Those will be a lighter, more like refresher treatments on a monthly basis. Sara, her mother, or your mother, aunt or other female relatives can give you them to keep you in tune with the focus of the PANSI Therapy.

"I believe it's probably better if a female relative whips you, so as for you to be constantly reminded that you are a mama's boy. Being reminded of that compliments and reinf***es the the****utic merits of PANSI. However, an occasional thrashing by a manly male relative, or even one of Sara's or even your mother's lovers wouldn't be bad for you either. That would further drive home the issue that you should be respectful to superior males. Anyway Mark, I'm really doing you a favour by giving you this full treatment now. This will ensure by the time your wedding roles around, you will be fully at peace with yourself and your new role as Sara's husband."

"DR. Judy, N-NO! PLEASE! T-THOSE ARE REAL WHIPS!" I shouted as Dr. Judy folded down a compartment on the wall in front of me. Inside were a complete array of flagellation whipping devices including thick wood and rubber paddles, leather whips, short and long tawses, and many types of canes.

"Yes, Mark, these are the real thing. I only use the best for my patients. Your regimen today will encompass an initial round of smacks with a perforated wooden paddle. The drilled holes have been optimally sized to impart the maximum discomfort to your buttocks. The perforated holes momentarily form a partial vacuum on the impacted skin, and slightly pull it up after each smack on your ass. The additional discomfort this causes to your bruised, blistered ass cheeks further helps you to remember to avoid any thoughts of disobedience. You will be given two minutes of smacking your posterior with this fine instrument. It imparts discomfort treatment over a wide area, and is an excellent conditioner for treatment to follow from other instruments.

"Next, I'm going to use a three thong knotted whip, commonly called a dog whip instrument, to narrow the corridor of pain and discomfort to smaller zones of your rear end. I'll take another two minutes or so doing that so that the flagellation treatment gets focused and reinf***ed."


"Lower your voice Mark, and please do not interrupt me until I finish telling you what treatment I've prescribed for you today. Besides, the room is very soundproof. So no one will hear you anyway.

"Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Now after the dog whip, I'm going to use a tawse to spread the discomfort to a broader, but not as wide an area as that inflicted by the paddles. I'll be whipping you for about three minutes with it. It's also give you time to rest from the dog whip, but feel the discomfort of the less intense tawse. The tawse, because of its split leather ends, does an excellent job of spreading discomforting stinging sensations around the edges of your buttocks.

"Following the tawse treatment, I'm going to give you a full minute of treatment from a whippy cane. This instrument is known for its burning and stinging sensation, which sends a very clear message to the recipient."

I mentally shuddered as she held and flexed the thin pliable instrument while looking at me straight in the eyes as she stood so imperiously. The image of her scared me to death. I was in total terror.

"After that Mark, you will be given what I call a cool down treatment with one minute of lashes from a knotted, thin extension cord and the last minute will be from a perforated rubber paddle. Now it's time for your prescribed treatment to begin."

"P-PLEASE! Dr. Judy, please don't do this. T-There must be another way, I-I..."


"OUCH! OH NOOO! THAT HURTS!" I cried out in pain as the thick wooden paddle made contact with my tender butt.

"Mark, there is no other way. This is what you need." Dr. Judy spoke as she seemed to be inhaling a good breath in order to prepare for another stroke on me.





Dr. Judy increased the rapidity of her paddling and the pain increased exponentially with each additional smack of the fearsome instrument.

I cried out loudly, but it was in vain. I bucked and wiggled as best I could against the tight constraints, but it also was to no avail. I was bound tight and knew that I would have to stay in place and girth myself to endure the painful "treatment" ahead for me at the hands of Dr. Judy.

"WAAAAHHHHH! NO! NO! PLEASEEEEE STOP! WAAAAHHHHH!" My loud wailing surprised even me as I screamed to the top of my voice. However, the pain was still there and the blows from Dr. Judy kept descending. After a while I was cried out, and was only whimpering. I was on the verge of losing my voice, finally the painful paddling stopped. The intense pain was still there.

"Well Mark, you've made it through the first stage. You cried just like a baby. I expected that. That's good. It shows you're not ashamed of acting like the soft and delicate mollycoddled mama's boy you are. As you may have noticed the intensity of pain reached a point where it doesn't increase but reaches a plateau. My goal is to sustain this plateau of pain and alter the type of pain, with the remainder of your flagellation discomfort treatment. Your cognitive memory of this painful experience, as well as the monthly refresher whippings should serve as a reminder for you to not to want to experience this again, should you chose to be uncooperative to those who love you, especially Sara."

As I continued whimpering and trying to make sense of what all was happening to me, Dr. Judy walked away briefly and returned holding something like a ball with tubes attached.

"Mark, since you're all cried out. This little device is a pump up gag. It'll help you from screaming and preserve your voice."


As I opened my mouth to talk, Dr. Judy quickly pushed the small ball in and began to pump on a small rubber bulb, which was concealed in her hand. The ball in my mouth began to swell and before I could spit it out, it filled my mouth and was wedged in tight.

"There, that's good. Now that we got that done, let's get back on with your treatment."

"UMMMMMMMMM!" The only noise I made came out muffled, as I tried to again plead with Dr. Judy to stop this insane thing she was doing to me.

"I love using the dog whip. It has such good balance and is fun to see the welts pop up after they bounce up off the flesh. I don't mean to be cavalier Mark, but those welts will be beneficial for your remembering what's good for you. Okay? Well anyway, get ready mark. Show time."


The pain from that first lash seemed to go through me. The pain was so different. It was like three trails of fire in an already hot bed of coals, all sitting on my blazing ass cheeks.

As the whipping session went on, Dr. Judy made comments about the benefits and effects of each of the whipping instruments she used on me. I was writing in pain and just wished she would cease the whole effort especially her clinical comments about the merits of each whip or cane and the pain inflicted. After all, it was my ass feeling the pain, not hers.

I can truly say, the whippy cane did seem to stand out in reference to the type of pain Dr. Judy described. I was so glad it was all over with. My backside was enveloped in searing pain.

Reader, at this point, I'm going to switch you over to a historical excerpt from Mark's Diary, as it offers a more accurate first hand personal description and insight of his experiences at that point in time.

ENTRY FROM MARK'S DIARY (The Whipping Session)

Dear Diary,
My rear end still aches from the PANSI flagellation treatment Dr. Judy gave me 5 days ago. It was so painful. I thought I was going to die. In a way I did, at least the way things use to be with me, but more about that later.

Even though mother has punished me several times, the pain that Dr. Judy inflicted on me was of a higher order of magnitude than I'd ever experienced before. After my painful experience with the flagellation instruments she used - a thick wood paddle with perforations, a three thong knotted dog whip, a thick leather tawse, a whippy cane, and a thin knotted folded electrical extension cord - I felt indeed submissive.

Besides the pain and the humiliation of being beaten, I found out that an electronic chastity device had been placed on my balls and prick.

Even though I was crying and wailing profusely, after she removed the ball gag from my mouth, the reality of what had happened, as well as my projected future of subjugation, came down on me like a thunderbolt.

I was full of questions and pain as I frantically hobbled around the small room with my pants and shorts around my ankles. I vigorously rubbed my naked bottom and felt the pronounced welts and bruise blistered swollen areas of my ass cheeks.

Diary, I was in a very confused state. I was howling in pain and crying like a baby. I tried to soothe and console my ravished buttocks. They seemed as if they were literally on fire. However, as I think back, not once did I think of retaliating against Dr. Judy for what she'd done to me. I remember just not having any fight in me.

Besides Diary, that would've been foolish since Dr. Judy is taller, big boned and has more weight and strength than me.

Well anyway, I settled down a few minutes later. Dr. Judy helped me wipe my face and promised some ointment to soothe the ache, stinging and burning sensation.

"No ointment for you at the moment Mark and everything will be fully explained to you in a few minutes. I want the discomfort to linger with you a while. This way you'll get the full benefit of this very effective and the****utic treatment, which will get you off on the right foot as a PANSI husband-to-be."

Diary, I had many, many questions. Little did I know at the time how the answers would change my whole world.

To my further discomfort, Dr. Judy wanted to do some counselling while I was in this state of pain and confusion.

"Now Mark, I know this may be a little difficult for you, but I must ask you a few question which I expect you to answer full and truthfully. Otherwise, I may have to give you some more treatment before you get your ointment. You don't want that do you?"

"NO! N-NO Ma'am!" I blurted out.

"Good! Now Mark, your lovely fiancée will expect you to be more understanding, as well as accepting of her past and future involvement with other men. This treatment has been given so as for you to be reminded of your inadequacies as a man, as well as to remind you that subservience and compliance to her needs are of paramount importance for you from now on. This will make you stronger emotionally in her eyes and bond you both closer together in love. Y-You do love her, correct?"

"Y-You know I-I do Dr. Judy. It-It's I-I just wish that I-I didn't have..."

"Mark! I need a yes or no answer! I don't have time for one of your wishy-washy responses. I'm trying to help you! It's time for you to stop your wishful thinking, and stand up and say you're not a man, but a milquetoast mama's boy who wants to do what it takes to have the love of the woman you love! NOW SAY IT!"

Diary, surprised at the tone of Dr. Judy's voice and the suddenness of her actions, I quickly became cowed and responded as she asked of me.

"I-I'm not a m-man. I-I want t-to d-do whatever it takes to h-have Sara's l-love." I softly and meekly replied as I hung my head. Dr. Judy was standing tall and authoritative over me. Her handling and flexing one of the whippy canes also influenced my quickness too. I didn't want another message from that little monster.

"GOOD! Very Good Mark. So anytime in the future you may tend to feel like being non-compliant with Sara's wishes, you are to remember your treatment her today. It is to be a reminder that you voluntarily submitted to make a statement about your lack of manliness and a commitment of love for the woman you love. In other words Mark, you must see this as a proud and noble experience you've undergone here today. From now on if you're treated as less than a man, or being whipped like a little boy, or called names such as a cuckold, or even a sissy, or a pantywaist, you must not object. You should see those as opportunities to let the person, or persons, know that you will do or be any of those things to show your fiancée that you are not insecure with your un-manliness, but as proof of what you will do for her love. By your actions, Sara's real men will know they have no chance to woo or steal her away from you with their handsome muscular physiques and big sturdy dicks, compared to the type and quality of your demonstrated love. Also, others will only be able to marvel at your noble stance and commend your courage and fortitude of love."

Diary, the tone of Dr. Judy's statement did have an air and tone of projecting me as being proud and noble, but I still didn't feel totally noble about myself at the moment.

Dr. Judy went on to congratulate me for the fortitude and endurance I'd shown in taking whipping that I'd just received.

"Mark, you may not feel it now, but you should be proud of having undergone such a thorough flagellation treatment as you have today. Even though, you're not much of a man in other ways, you can take pride in the fact that you take a whipping rather well. I'm sure that aspect won't be lost on Sara either. This is just another edge you'll have over her real men. In addition, Mark, I think you have the right stuff to make Sara happy. I don't see you having a problem adjusting to any further opportunities of demonstrations of your love for Sara in the future either. Sure, society and others may deem them as disgraceful acts of humiliations, but to you they're golden possibilities to show affection in a way that only a non-alpha male like you can, for the woman he loves.

"Well, that's enough for now. We'll talk more about these things in future sessions." Spoke Dr. Judy as she abruptly brought her counselling session to an end.

Diary, even though I wanted to ask Dr. Judy more questions about aspects of the things she talked about, my mind quickly returned to my painful ass. I desperately needed relief back there.

Sensing that I was about to be given the promised ointment for my aching rear, I again raised the question about the device on my prick and balls.

Again Diary, I didn't have any idea, but this was truly to be a day of surprises. Dr. Judy replied to me in the following manner.

"Mark, all will be made clear to you in a moment. Take your pants and shorts completely off and lay across the examination table there. I'm going to get the ointment I promised you."

Dr. Judy left the room and I complied with her request.

As I lay across the table, my thoughts were all over the map. However, `How could this be happening to me?' seemed to be the most predominant thought I was having.

Moments later the door opened and my anticipation of just Dr. Judy returning was shattered when I heard and saw who was with her. In my surprise and shock I tried to sit on my ravaged bottom, but the pain was too great. I had to jump on the floor from the slightly elevated exam table.

"Mark, honey, you are such a darling. You took your whipping so bravely. I just know we're going to be so happy now that you understand things better now." Spoke Sara, with a broad beaming smile on her face.

"Mark, sweetie, you really made your mother and I proud to see you trying to wiggle your little ass as Dr. Judy laid into you, but you hung in there and took your whipping with pride, just like a good little boy." Spoke my Aunt Monica, my mother's s****r, who I hadn't seen in a while.

"Yes, you did make me proud sweetie. I'm so delighted that you did what mommy said and agreed to see Dr. Judy. It's so wonderful to know that you're doing the right thing and not trying to be a real man, but instead are making a serious commitment to capitalize and optimize your manly inadequacies so as to give you parity with Sara's real men. In addition son, this can't but help you keep the competitive edge as you work toward becoming Sara's husband. I truly and proud of you Mark. Let mommy hug her baby."

While mother was embracing me, Sara's mother also congratulated me for what she'd seen me go through. It was then that I was told that Dr. Judy had arranged for my flagellation treatment to be seen on close circuit TV in another room, where the women saw the literal blow-by-blow on my rear end.

Despite the fact that I was naked below my waist, it was too late for me to be embarrassed.

Mother volunteered to rub the soothing and anesthetizing ointment onto my pain wracked rear.

However, before Dr. Judy would give me the ointment, she insisted I drink at least half of another cup of her special herbal tea to relieve any stress I might be feeling after my ordeal.

The warm cinnamon flavoured beverage was welcomed. I'd come to welcome the mellow feeling it gave me as well as the clarity of thinking, from having drank it several times before. I hadn't been able to reason why when I drank the stuff, Dr. Judy's reasoning seemed so much more understandable to me.

Finally, Dr. Judy was about to hand me the much-desired ointment, but it was mother who interceded and took it from her. She decided "I was her baby" and therefore she was the one to rub it on my "tenderized" bottom."

I was even more embarrassed that she wanted me to lie over her lap. I wanted to apply the ointment myself, but she wouldn't hear of it. She even asked Dr. Judy for permission to use the whippy cane on me if I continued to be recalcitrant. That did it; I quickly obeyed and went back to being a mama's boy.

Dr. Judy quickly seized upon my action as the positive benefits of painful discomfort that changes "behavioural attitudes" - her words.

To make matters worse, as I was laying across mother's lap, and enduring the embarrassment of having her apply ointment to my backside - just as she did when I was a baby - Dr. Judy chose to lecture the women on the proper way to flagellate me, should they be called upon to do so.

The atmosphere was so unreal as I lay there and heard Dr. Judy go in the fine details of using the various whips, paddles, straps, and canes she had in the compartment on the wall.

"So remember ladies, let the instruments do the work. All you have to do is apply the right amount of wrist action and don't be heavy handed. We don't want to injure Mark, only to make sure that he gets the message that we are trying to help him to be cooperative with us as we do what's best for him. Remember, a little goes a long way with these fine behaviour adjustment tools." Again, the smug look on Dr. Judy's face didn't bode well with me. But then again, what could I do about it? I felt so helpless.

And yes, Diary, there were disparaging comments about my small prick. "But don't you worry a bit Mark Darling, you may not have it there like my real men, but you have it where it counts for me - in your mouth." Spoke Sara as she boasted of my pussy suck out prowess, and that she was looking forward to my head being back in her wet, drippy, shot-off-in snatch, after her real men had used it.

The other women applauded her, as well as congratulated her for getting a prize catch, me, who was willing to go to go to such lengths for her.

The whole atmosphere in the room was total devastating to any shred of manliness I may have possessed. I should've been totally and unequivocally outraged. However, with all the talk about me being proud of being less than a man, and having been recently whipped, I just didn't have any will power to refute or not agree with anything that was being said. I had to accept what was being said, and due to the mellow sate I was in from the herbal tea, I even felt a great deal in agreement with what was being said. As a result, what was being said just didn't bother me. Maybe Dr. Judy's treatment was working already. Was I becoming desensitized to being seen as less than a man?"

Diary, finally, the talk got around to the strange, but apparently strong thin heavily plastic coated cable and plastic modules surrounding my waist and wrapped strategically around and about my genitals.

"Mark, and Ladies, this is the latest in behaviour and attitude conditioning management as a supplement for males such as Mark undergoing PANSI Therapy. It is small, lightweight and highly reliable. Mark will not be hampered by it, as it will not impact any of his normal body hygiene, or excretory function. As you can see, there is no encasement over his little prick in the lease. It has a smart microchip that can detect when he is handling himself and will prevent that, if desired. It is an excellent device to prevent or control his masturbation. That control will be in your hands ladies." Spoke Dr. Judy with what I thought was a smug unprofessional expression her face.

Diary, as I listened to how the electronic cock lock worked, I almost started crying. If I got an erection and sought to try and relieve it, whether by rubbing off or pulling my peter, the device would provide small electric shocks to deter me from doing so unless the holder of one of the remotes gave me electronic permission to jack off.

In addition, each remote was customized to each of the women in the room. The key to activating the remote was a electronic fingerprint impression in a recess on the side of the remote. There is also a voice code they had to speak into a small mike, on the front of the unit. So no matter if I got the device, or someone else, it still wouldn't work for them or me. To make matters worse, even if I ran away, it had a built in GPS location system and was linked to the cell phone system, so that I could be given a behavioural electric jolt no matter where I was. Dr. Judy was very firm in her warning to me about trying to remove the device or not coming in to see her staff about replacing/recharging the batteries every two months. Her explanation of how my balls could be fried, if I did either, was enough to encourage me to never try to remove the device or forget to keep the batteries fresh or charged.

Diary, after all I'd been through, I can't believe even to this day, that Dr. Judy used her device to give me a strong punishing jolt which caused me to double over. Then about 2 minutes after I'd recovered from that, she let all four women use each of their devices to give my balls a milder, attention getting jolt; from their devices to be sure they had the hang of operating them. Overcome by the reality of what was happening to me, and on the verge of tears, I begged and pleaded with Dr. Judy and Sara and the others to have the device removed.

"Mark, sweetie, this is for your own good." Spoke mother.

"Mark, darling, if you love me enough for me to become your wife, you'll stop whining and give your PANSI training time to work. Plus, Mark, it's going to make me so happy to know that I'll be able to control when you can jerk off. And you do want to make me happy, don't you?" Sara said with another bright smug smile on her face. She was also fingering the red button on the small, pager size, remote, which controlled the jolts I'd been receiving.

I looked around the room. There was silence. I could tell by the looks on the other women's faces, they were hoping I would give Sara an opportunity to use push the button. I knew I was beaten - both physically and emotionally.

"Y-Yes Sara, I-I want to-to make y-you happy." I replied sheepishly as I hung my head.

"That's better Mark. Don't worry, you'll have these moments of anxiety initially until you fully adapt to and become fully adjusted to being a truly PANSI male and husband." Spoke Dr. Judy with yet another smug and unprofessional smile as she put her hand on my shoulder.

All of the electric shocks, mild or not, let me know I was now truly a PANSI prisoner and had been committed to be under the control of others, whether I wanted to or not.

I was ready for this day to be over. I was sure that no more indignities could be imposed on me, even if the intent was to help me secure my relationship with the woman I loved. I was still wondering if the price I was paying for Sara's love might be too steep, that is, in terms of my self-esteem.

I assumed that after the ointment rub I would be allowed to get dress and then leave. It was then that I noticed Dr. Judy and Sara off to the side talking. They walked back toward me and the group.

Dr. Judy spoke to the group.

"Everyone! Sara has just informed me that she has a date with one of her "real men" studs in about a half hour."

Diary, Dr. Judy looked me squarely in the eye as she stressed "real men" and paused momentarily in her broadcast to the group. I know I looked pathetic as I hung my head once more. She continued speaking after she got the obviously desired reaction she sought from me. The feel of the other eyes in the room was also on me.

"However, all this activity here has aroused her, and she needs Mark to perform Cunnilingus for her, so as to reduce her sexual anxiety and calm down her heated cunt. She wanted to take Mark in another room and have him suck her pussy there. However, I have suggested, and she has agreed, that he should do her right here while we watch and evaluate how well he does her."

Diary, once more I was surprised at such a brazen proposal. It would only further humiliate and shame me. I was so dumfounded. I literally could've been pushed over with the proverbial feather.

"Yes, that's a great idea." Cried out Aunt Monica.

"Super idea!” Yelled Sara's mother.

"Not only that, but he can give us all some tongue so we can all make a better, you know, first person assessment. Plus, I've wanted to have my sweet Mark put his mouth on my pussy for some time now, every since I've found out he's been doing it for Sara."

There was a loud murmuring of agreement in the room on mother's idea. Which absolutely flabbergasted and made me speechless.

"Why, that's a delightful idea." Dr. Judy said in response to mother's idea. "Your idea has so much merit. Not only will it do what you said, that is give each of you ladies a firsthand data, but it will also help in mother son bonding. Which will further drive home to Mark that it's quite all right to be a mama's boy and still hold onto his mama' apron string." Spoke Dr. Judy as she again stared momentarily upon my astonished face. She had a sickly cruel smile that went way beyond smug, and eons beyond professionalism.

"Another benefit will be to reduce mother-daughter-in-law jealousy too. In addition Sara, you shouldn't mind if your darling fiancé‚ here sucks his mama's pussy as well as other f****y members' pussies, you know, so as to keep his tongue and lips and mouth suction muscles in fine form for you, would you?"

"Oh no, you're absolutely right Dr. Judy, I wouldn't mind in the least. You're correct of course, the exercise of those important muscles can only be good for our relationship and eventual marriage." Sara replied to Dr. Judy's outrageous assertions.

I was so overwhelmed at the unreal atmosphere in the room and what was going on, I couldn't speak.

While standing there not believing my eyes and ears, Sara was shown to the exam table nearby. In the back of my mind, I could hear Dr. Judy instructing her how to position herself for easy access of my head on her heated crotch. As I turned around slowly, I could see Dr. Judy positioning the stirrups on the sides of the table for Sara's beautifully shaped legs.

Sara was waiting for me to kneel before the apex of the perfectly formed vee that was formed by her legs and her neatly trimmed pouting pussy mound, and slightly agape gash.

The sight was very appealing, even if horribly embarrassing in other ways. Sara beckoned me toward her, and Sara's mother took my arm and led me toward her daughter, all spread out and positioned to be tongued by me, before she went out on a date with one of her real men.

I was way too weak to resist, plus I already knew that it was useless to try. In addition, Dr. Judy insisted I consume the rest of the herbal tea she'd brought in just for me, before I began my "mouth love' of Sara. I did as she asked.

"That's right Mark, kneel down here and show my daughter that you're a good and decent fellow who just made a little mistake by saying she was a tramp because she has let so many men fuck her." Spoke Sara's mom as she guided me to my knees before the expanse of her daughter's white fleshy inviting thighs.

Sara added to her mom's comments, as she lay back awaiting the arrival of my tongue in her heated muff.

"I forgive you Mark darling. I can understand how you might've come to such an utterly erroneous and wrong conclusion just because I've had over 300 different dicks in my pussy over the last 10 years, or that I go out with groups of guys and suck and fuck their dicks soft. Mark, it's just my nature. Sometimes, I like to be the only woman in a group of men, and put out for them. But don't worry darling, I really, really do love you and want to marry you. You're very special to me. Just knowing I'll be marrying a decent innocent virgin like you means so much to me sweetheart. It'll be so good to bring my dick battered and overflowing pussy home to share with you, so you can soothe it with your wonderful loving kisses, licks, and sucking lips.

"I know I mean more to you than a cunt to stick your dick in dear. That's how other men see me. And I appreciate that of you Mark. I know you really love me honey. And to let you know how much I appreciate you Mark, I want you to know that since we have been dating and engaged, that no matter how many men have fucked me, you're the only one I let put his mouth on my frequently fucked and creamed-in pussy."

"Oh that's so romantic. I'm telling you Mark, if that doesn't prove to you that Sara respects and loves you, I don't know what does." My Aunt Monica injected after Sara's soliloquy.

"Now c'mon Mark honey, please lick my pussy. I need your tongue lashing darling." Spoke Sara with a sense of urgency in her voice. Simultaneously, her mother's hand was on the back of my head pushing forward to her daughter's very popular and almost public cunt. A cunt, that many, many others have fucked and that I'll have to wait months to get my less than manly prick into. In the meanwhile, I'm still in love with and attracted to Sara. Something in me says I still should walk away from her. But now after all I've been through, I still want to be near her and want to be intimate with her, even if only in this way. Actually, I don't have a choice at the moment, so I do what is expected of me.

"OOOOOOHH! Mark, your tongue is so heavenly. That feels sooooo goooood."

Sara's moans filled the room as I settled my face into her attractive and neatly trimmed hairy crotch and let my tongue work over her heated sex meat. It had been a while, but it felt so good to have my hands grasping her shapely soft bottom and the taste of her soft succulent fervent cunt meat under my tongue.

Diary, her pussy tasted good, but yet a bit blander than the way Sara has fed it to me for the last few months. The reason was obvious. She hadn't been freshly fucked and there was no semen flavouring. I hated to admit it to myself, but her used snatch spiced with spent jism had a richer, more full-bodied taste, than without it.

Even though my head was clamped between Sara's thighs, I heard all of conversation going on in the room around me.

"Your son is so happy to have his right head back in my daughter's cunt. Why look at his little hard-on." I heard Sara's mother said as she talked to mother.

"Yes, he is. He's right where he belongs. That's why I persuaded him to go to Dr. Judy to work on rebuilding his relationship with your lovely daughter. He's such a decent, mannerly hard working boy. You'll have to forgive him for saying the things he did about Sara. He's naive and inexperienced about the world and what's good for him." Mother replied.

"Mark is so lucky to have such an understanding mother who persuaded him to see me." I heard Dr. Judy speaking.

"Thank you so much Dr. Judy. A mother tries to do what's right for her baby." Was mother's reply.

"Mark is deeply in love with Sara. He knows what he wants, but was slow to understand what necessary changes he had to make in the relationship, once he discovered Sara was as promiscuous and popular as she was with other men. But with the PANSI Therapy, he's already beginning to see things in their proper light. In no time, you'll see him fully adopting the appropriate attitude for his rightful role in a long term harmonious role with Sara and her real men."

"Dr. Judy, you're a saint. Thank you so much for your efforts and the interest and care you're taking with Mark to help him be with the girl of his dreams." Mother replied warmly to Dr. Judy.

She and mother continued to discuss things that I only heard bits and snippets of. Sara was starting to juice up quite a bit from my tonguing and mouth suctioning of her soft warm pussy meat. And my slurping noise was interfering with my ability to hear more of what was going on beyond my ears. In addition, Sara was starting to bump and grind and scrub her now wet juicing pussy bush all over my face.

But I did hear Dr. Judy tell mother "Thanks to you, Mark is a very well mannered young man. And you are to be commended for your masturbation management of him even though he's an adult. It's probably why he's still a virgin. More mothers should have such foresight and diligence as you. Then more girls like Sara could find decent, hard working, devoted, faithful, mollycoddled virginal fiancés. Its husbands-to-be like Mark who make such excellent emotional helpmates to the Saras of the world, even if they need real men to take care of their other sexual needs."

"Why thank you, Dr. Judy, I've done my best for Mark. And you're right, I see your point about a vibrant girl like Sara and my Mark, who's such a mama's boy, do make such a sweet couple."

"And you're done a very fine job. I cannot praise you enough for keeping him under your thumb, attached to your apron strings and instilling the true spirit of being a mama's boy in him. But in order to have him in full harmony as a PANSI male and husband, Mark's behaviour has to be adjusted such that he is totally at ease with feeling inferior to Sara, and especially to her real men. He must feel a need to be obsequious, even more than his unassuming sheepish self at present. He must feel a newfound freedom in feeling this way. He must see this as a lifestyle that allows others to use him for their benefit and pleasure. He must understand that not only should he derive pleasure in being used, but he must also see it as a strong point of his character. He must also be self-confident, willing, and not show any reluctance to letting people use him for their sexual pleasure or other benefit."

"Oh yes Dr. Judy, I will do whatever I can to make Mark well adapted and happy in his new role as a useful PANSI male and husband. And believe me, I am in full accord with your philosophy concerning whippings being an effective way of fully stripping away false pride and superfluous feelings of grandeur and false importance. I'm a firm believer in using the rod to maintain proper discipline and mental well being for those who need it, as well as for those who give the whippings."

"You're a wise woman. Not everyone has the advanced and mature insight that you have. That is, that the whipper's mental well being is benefited. In most cases, the whipper's mental well being is enhanced, from inflicting whippings on a recipient, whether the recipient deserves a whipping or not, other than the fact that the whipper has the need for an urge to beat the recipient to satisfy the whipper's mental well being.

"That is part of the reason that I'm prescribing monthly refresher whippings for Mark. He needs to become desensitized to being whipped and accept that it's just part of his obligatory duties, as a loving husband and emotional helpmate to be lashed at the discretion and prerogative of Sara, or you or other f****y fems."

Diary, that's all I could hear clearly from mother and Dr. Judy, as they slowly walked away and continued talking. Also, Sara became nosier as her moans became louder. She also began to furiously heave her shapely bottom off the table and even humped my face even more vigorously, as she got off with a series of short brief intense orgasms.

To my chagrin, the other woman applauded my efforts. I at first was embarrassed, especially since I had an erection. But, I smiled and accepted that they all meant well. After all, I did feel a certain pride in getting my fiancé‚ off in a way I now know I couldn't otherwise.

"Thanks, Mark darling. You are the greatest sucker. Gotta run now. I don't want to be late for my date. But don't worry, when I stop by your place later tonight, my pussy will be nice and creamy, like you're use to it. Actually, it will be extra creamy, since I will bring you more fuck froth that I have before. So, don't eat too much at dinner sweetie. Save some room for the creamy pussy pie my date and I are going to make for you." Said Sara as she was composing herself. I was still on my knees with the wetness of her pussy smeared across my face as she quickly blew me a kiss before she left.

As she left me there on my knees, I felt no shame or embarrassment at what had transpired. I was rather mellow and contented at having pleased Sara, even if it was to take the edge off her horniness for her date with another man. I concluded that what I'd done for the love of Sara is the type of thing a real man would find difficult or impossible to do for the woman he loved. But this was relatively easy for someone like me, especially after what had recently occurred to me in the last hour or so. In a strange surrealistic way, my ego was boosted to know I did something for Sara that her real men wouldn't do.

Diary, I noticed that my ass was not hurting near as much as earlier. The ointment had worked wonders. The pain was almost completely gone, even if only temporary. Dr. Judy told mother it was to be applied every four hours.

After Sara departed, my Aunt Monica was hot to have her pussy licked by me so as she could begin her assessment of my tonguing efforts. I think Sara's mother really wanted to be next, but she was a bit more bashful than my aunt was.

My aunt quickly pulled my head to her thick mature bush and urged me to get down to business pronto. I did. Her thick hairy muff bush was still attractive, even if there was quite a thicket of pubic hair there.

The taste was not as tasty as Sara's was, but still flavourful in any case.

My mouth and tongue were getting quite a workout, but I managed to get all the women off, including Dr. Judy, to their satisfaction. And all gave me a good evaluation of how well I used my tongue, lips and sucking to appease the lust in their pussies.

Diary, I had eaten out Sara, Aunt Monica, Sara's Mother, my Mother, and Dr. Judy. My mouth and jaw and tongue muscles were tired, but in a strange way, it did my ego good to have gotten all five women off with intense, rousing, and in all cases, multiple orgasms.

While I was eating the five hairy boxes, I pondered some of what I'd overheard mother and Dr. Judy discussing. And the boost to my ego seemed to fit right in with Dr. Judy saying I had to feel self-confident and be pleased in doing what pleased others.

However, I wasn't angry with her or the women for having demanded I eat their pussies for their pleasure - not my pleasure. Yet, I was very pleased at just having gotten them all off.

Another thing I had to contend with and for which I had no control over, was my own sexual relief. Dr. Judy made it clear. I would only be allowed to jack off every two weeks until further notice. She made sure I and the women heard her.

I was not only shocked at her pronouncement, but also embarrassed to hear her say this in front of mother and the other women, despite all the other things that had just happened to me.

"Mark, it's important for your well being to abstain sexually. That's why your jacking off has to be controlled. You are so fortunate that your mother instilled in you the merits of masturbation to preserve your virginity until marriage and to save yourself for your future wife. You are a good son for having followed her advice as well as having gotten accustomed to having done so under her surveillance over the years."

"Thank you for your warm compliments, Dr. Judy. I made sure that Mark always beat his meat off, rather than risk the loss of his precious virginity. And I always had him report to me whenever he pulled his little peter."

"Mark, you are indeed fortunate to have such an thoughtful and insightful mother."

"But before you say anything Mark, yes, you'll have a hard aching dick for a few days between the times you're permitted to masturbate. However, PANSI Therapy requires you to have blue balls and suffer a bit with an aching throbbing prick. I'm sorry, you have no choice but to accept this. Okay?"

I was too stunned to reply. I just looked at Dr. Judy as I stood there with my still erect and already suffering prick. Two weeks seemed so long, especially since it's not unusual for me to have to jack off twice a week normally, and more than that when Sara gets me all heated up.

"Your sexual suffering will help you appreciate the joy of getting off better, whenever you do get a chance to jerk off. In addition, you'll be a better person for knowing that your sexual pleasure is in the hands of another. Plus Mark, I want you to begin accompanying Sara on her dates, especially her sexual outings, and especially her group sex parties where she's is the only woman having sex with the strange men there.

"It's imperative that you observe her juicy warm, raw, soft cunt meat being invaded and wantonly plummeted by strange throbbing dicks, while your prick is locked up, and aching and straining in your pants. You'll find that your sexual suffering will only make you want her more, and love her more.

"And Mark, it almost goes without saying that you are to eagerly suck her used, messy pussy clean of the lusty leavings of these real men fucking her. Your efforts will also send a strong message to these men that you have an ultra love for her, and are willing to prove it, no matter that other better endowed men are fucking her and you're not."

Mother and the other women were silently nodding their heads, showing their total agreement with Dr. Judy. With such total accord of those closest to me, I knew I had no choice but to resign myself to undergoing what Dr. Judy was describing. Dr. Judy continued talking.

"You'll find that as you place your head in her messy muff, soppy and gloppy with the numerous ejaculations of these real men, you'll find that your suffering aching little penis will enable you to focus your sexual energies to your mouth. You know that this gives Sara the greatest pleasure as you clean her out. She expects you to do a great job, and I know you will Mark.

"An another thing Mark, you're going to get an added bonus. The bonus will be the delight of you tasting and consuming the abundant thick viscous gelatinous spent sperm that her real men will have deposited in Sara's hairy frothy gash. Your enjoyment of the relatively small amounts you've had to eat out of her to date is guaranteed to ensure your delicious delight in feasting on fuller loads of the men's slimy, thick rich, creamy gobs of sperm in the future."

"And Mark sweetie, because it's all natural and full of proteins, their jism, fresh from their balls, is nutritious for you too." Spoke mother, in a motherly tone. As she smiled brightly and put her arm around me.

I said nothing, but a part of me was ashamed that my mother and the others knew I had ever admitted I delighted in the taste of spent dick cream in Sara's pussy. However, another part of me was anxious to be intimate with her, even if I had to taste Sara's hot messy and ripe creamy hair pie, which I suspect would happen later that night when she came by our house.

Yes Diary, my mind was in conflict. But with Dr. Judy being so adroit and professional in explaining why all she was inflicting and imposing on was beneficial for me, I did find it difficult to fault her reasoning.

The repeated theme of that reasoning was that humiliation means happiness for me. That by nurturing humiliation, self-abasement, lowering my self-esteem, and delighting in being subjugated, Sara's love is guaranteed to be mine.

I did want Sara's love, so I concluded that I must also want what went along with getting that love.

I remembered something Dr. Judy told me in our first session alone.

"Mark, it's going to be a challenge for you to meet the high standards of being the kind of fellow Sara needs in a husband. You've got a good start, but you could lose out at anytime if you fail to continue to be strong at what you're best at being strong at. Mark, your strength is in being servile, cowardly, accepting humiliation as normal, and embracing and not being ashamed of your inferiority as a man."

As my mind came back to the present, I heard Dr. Judy advising mother, and the other women that they should not pass up any opportunity to feed me their cunts, when they're full of semen, as a result of their getting fucked in the future.

Almost in unison, everyone committed to feeding me any gash fuck froth resulting from their having intercourse.

My nagging mental conflict that maybe I was paying too high a price for Sara's love, was still on my mind. After I drank the last bit of herbal tea, as Dr. Judy had prompted me, the conflict seems to have taken a back seat in my mind. The last bit of tea boosted my existing state of being relaxed and very mellow.

"Now Ladies, as you may have observed, Mark still has a firm erection of his little prick." The women, almost in unison, softly chuckled at Dr. Judy's comment.

"Don't worry nephew, when you think back to all this, you'll laugh just thinking about how silly you were in thinking you could use it to satisfy a woman. What Dr. Judy is doing for you is good for you. Okay?" Aunt Monica said to me in a sincere and consoling tone of voice.

"Y-Yes ma'am." I replied softly, still hating that my prick was the subject of further ridicule.

"As I was saying, Mark's penis has maintained an erection throughout all he has been through today. That is absolute testimony enough that he's quite satisfied with what we are doing for him is correct." Dr. Judy said with an obvious tone of confidence and authority.

"Remember ladies, I need your support as I continue to give Mark his PANSI therapy treatments. I'm counting on you all to assist, encourage, and provide him affectionate moral support, as I help him to become proud, confident, and secure with his un-manliness and becoming a well rounded PANSI male. I also need you all to support, praise and remind Mark that humiliation at the hands of Sara and her real men, is not only very good for him, but will bond him closer to the woman he adores, loves and eagerly and willingly seeks to please."

The women applauded Dr. Judy's little speech and loudly and in virtual unison, promised to do what she asked of them.

Diary, all I did was stand by, with my prick still rigid. Nothing I could do could will it down. I didn't dare touch myself because of the device, but also the wrath of the group.

"Also ladies, when and if Sara calls upon any of you to participate or perform Mark's monthly flagellation refresher, I expect you to put what's best for Mark in the fore front of your minds. Don't be persuaded by his pleas for mercy until he has had his prescribed mix of lashes from whatever is prescribed for his whipping. You'll be doing him a disservice if you fail to give him the full set, and f***efulness, of prescribed lashes. Okay?"

I shuddered, as mother and Aunt Monica led the group in indicating to Dr. Judy they would not heed my cries for mercy, and wouldn't short-change me in any way, if called upon to be my whipper.

I of course hated the idea of monthly flagellations, but Dr. Judy did say I should have an open mine and trust her that I would find pleasures in the pain others inflicted on me, especially Sara. She said that by taking whippings Sara gave me, I was in essence proving my love to her in a way none of real men could or were brave enough to do. It was so strange, but her words really boosted my ego and self-esteem, even if it meant receiving such intense pain.

As I thought about the whippings mother gave me on occasions, the only real pleasure I got out of them was when she stopped beating me. However, after being beat by mother, there was a strange and, well sense of having atoned for whatever the offense was that I was being punished for. The after effect was one of starting out again with her with a clean slate. Maybe this is the type of pleasure and mental well being Dr. Judy was eluding too.

Oh well, Diary, I'd already concluded that it really didn't matter what I thought about becoming PANSI-fied. Sara and mother, and the others had fully bought into it. And with the shock cock lock on me, I didn't see that I had much chance of fighting city hall, so to speak.

Diary, before I left Dr. Judy's that day, I had to suffer another blow to my ego in front of the group of women, who even if they were close to me, it still cause me some degree of embarrassment, despite the relaxed, accepting and mellow mood I was in.

"Mark, as part of your therapy, and especially today because of your sore bottom, I want you to start wearing women's panties. I'm giving you a starter complimentary set. The soft sheer lacy material will feel much more soothing than those rough cotton briefs you've been currently wearing. Don't ask any questions now, we'll talk more in our next session. Just do as you're told now, that's all."

Diary, once more, I was to be shocked and dumbfounded. Seeing my utter confusion and the agitation on my face, Dr. Judy took my arm and pulled me aside. Still nude below the waist and with an erection sticking out that I could do nothing about, I followed her into a distant corner of the room.

As we talked in a whispered hush tone, she put her arm around my shoulder.

"Mark, I can see by the look on your face that you feel like you've reached rock bottom in regard to your image and esteem of being manly. If so, this is good. But is that the reason for your downcast and shocked look and possible thoughts of refusing to wear these pretty panties?"

"O-Oh, Dr. Judy, y-you're virtually reading my mind. P-Please d-don't make me wear t-these..."

"Mark, these are not what you think they are."

"T-They're not? T-Then w-what..."

"Sure, they are pretty and lacy and only made of fabric. But they represent far more than that when you slip them on and wear them. They then become a symbol of your courage and audacity, to show that you have a different type of strength. A strength that most, if any, real men have. A strength to be strong through what society would call a lack of manliness. Now Mark, as part of our earlier discussions, you've admitted being called a pantywaist several times before, by both men and women. Am I correct?"

I silently nodded my head up and down in response to Dr. Judy's question.

"Mark, you've also become less sensitized to being called a pantywaist as well as sometimes a wimp and a sissy too, haven't you?"

"I-I, err, w-well, uh..."

"I'll take that as a yes. That's what your face is saying. Anyway, the important thing is that you do acknowledge that you meet the criteria of being a pantywaist or a sissy or wimp, since several people of both sexes have labelled you as such. However, I've never heard you say once that
Sara has called you any of those names. Am I right?"

I silently shook my head side to side.

"So you see Mark, while others called you what society has defined as unmanly terms, you have been Sara's shining knight. She adores you despite others have labelled you as being unmanly. She has found a way for you to give her pleasure comparable to the way real men please a woman, even though you both know, you're not a real man. You derived pleasure from the way she lets you please her, because your make up is geared to doing that for her. Nature prepared you for this. Face it Mark, you're a pantywaist, but a pantywaist that has the love and adoration of a beautiful woman. You know you don't want to give up or disappoint Sara. If Sara can accept you as a pantywaist, why can't you?"

"Dr. J-Judy, y-you make things s-sound s-so simple b-but..."

"Mark, things are simple for you. It's time you stop whining and take action to be stronger in what society has labelled as your weakness and unmanliness. Mark, your strength comes from being unmanly, non-confrontational, compliant with and acquiescent to others, especially to the woman you love. This is the only way for you to ever be contented with yourself. You need to wear these as your badge of courage." Said Dr. Judy as she held up the lacy pink feminine garment.

I just looked at them with a lump in my throat.

"Don't be afraid of them Mark. It takes courage for you to wear women's panties. You're a courageous person Mark, I know you are. It takes courage to accept becoming desensitized to being called a pantywaist, sissy and a wimp repeatedly. You're comfortable at being obliging, compliant, mild-mannered and, well in general, cowardly Mark. These are positive attributes of your strength."

"I-I k-know that I-I'm not as strong as other men, b-but..."

"But Mark, you have an inner strength at accepting what society calls humiliation and shame. You should take pride in this. You've shown bravery in the way you took a very good and, I might add, a very professional whipping, earlier. I know you will be just as brave in the future for the subsequent monthly whippings you will be receiving. You were pretty meek in accepting that your cock and balls were under lock and key and were to be controlled by women. This too is an indication of your bravery in admitting that you were too cowardly to resist. Further, you've made up with your promiscuous fiancée, on her terms, and have accepted that you will be faithful but yet will accept her current wanton unbridled promiscuity and future adultery, after you two are married. This, despite that she'll be denying you up until the time you're married, and only allow you to masturbate for your relief, but will require you to suck her fucked cunt. In addition, Mark, you'll be showing your love to her by draining and sucking the viscous ejaculatory deposits her real men make in her almost public snatch. If that's not an outstanding example of gallantry, I don't know what is."

"I-I g-guess I-I've never thought of m-myself being gallant before."

"Yes Mark, you are. You're a gallant, pussy sucking, semen eating pantywaist. Put on your shield of courage and symbol of bravery. Make Sara, your mother, and the other women proud of you. Have confidence in yourself and wear these panties proudly. After all Mark, what is a confident and brave pantywaist, without his pretty panties on? Here, show me your bravery." Dr. Judy said as she handed me the delicate lacy pair of sheer, pink, lace trimmed panties.

As I took them from her, Dr. Judy had indeed made me feel so much better and confident at the prospect of wearing such finery.

After pulling them up over my beaten and bruised bottom, I had to admit they were more attractive than my cotton briefs, despite the slight bulge of my small erect prick.

Dr. Judy walked me back to the centre of the room. She further bolstered my new unmanly ego by applauding as she had me turn around to and directed mother and the others to feel how proper it was for me to wear them and how well they fit me.

"His little peter is so cute sticking out and causing a little wet spot because of his pre-cum."

"It sure is. It's more like a clit than a prick." Said Sara's mom, to which the group all chuckled loudly.

Accustomed now to the constant teased and ridicule about the size of my 3-1/2' prick, I could only smile. I had to accept that it was indeed not up to the job of pleasing a woman such as my fiancée. And after Dr. Judy's various words about how well I took humiliation, I was able to take this in stride even better than before.

"Well Mark, it looks like you have another name for your little peter. I think it'll be good therapy for you to refer to it as a clit-prick. Okay?"

"Y-Yes ma'am." Sensing she wanted an answer, I meekly and softly replied to Dr. Judy.

"I'm so proud of you baby. You look so lovely in panties." Mother said with tears in her eyes as she hugged me tightly.

"He's going to make you a fine son-in-law." My Aunt Monica said to Sara's mother, both of which had watery eyes.

"Yes he will. My Sara is so lucky to have made such a good catch."

"Yes she is. Mark is going to make a fine, pussy sucking and sperm eating pantywaist husband and son-in-law." Spoke Dr. Judy.

With all the women providing another round of unsolicited comments about my pussy sucking and the positive morale and confidence booster talk Dr. Judy had given me, I was now blushing with pride, rather than shame, at the accolades I was receiving. It was indeed a good feeling to be complimented.

After getting dressed, mother drove me home. Despite the soothing effect of the ointment, I had to lie face down across the rear car seat, as my bottom was too sensitive to sit in the front.

As mother drove, she had only warm praise for me. This comforted me somewhat, despite my sensitive bottom.

"Dear, your pussy sucking was superb. You really made me proud of you as a mother to see her son with his head in the hairy bushes of five women and work so diligently to tongue lick and suck up the abundant pussy juice and please us all with your wonderful mouth. It's too bad our cunts hadn't been fucked. I think that would've been a welcomed treat for you and us. By the way, does Sara's pussy taste better fucked or un-fucked? Don't be shy dear."

"Mother do we have to..."

"C'mon sweetie, where is your strength and confidence, you know it's good to you. You're a sperm eater. Admit it. Be strong and confident. Remember, you're a proud pantywaist."

"O-Okay mother, if-if you say so t-that I have to be strong in these things. I-I guess f-fucked is-is more f-f-flavourful."

"That's a good boy. There's nothing wrong with getting it out, just like you did with accepting and admitting you're a pantywaist. Doesn't it feel better just admitting to me you like eating better men's sperm from your fiancée’s well fucked pussy than having it all bottled up in you and creating stress and pressure?"

"Y-Yes, I-I, uh, g-guess so."

"Good! But I want you to admit the same thing to Sara too dear, the first time you get a chance. Okay?"

"O-Okay, if-if you s-say so mother." I replied to mother. I also got up the courage to tell mother I did liked sucking her pussy.

"I did too baby and you can count on having your head between my spread thighs many more times. Remember. Dr. Judy said it was good for you to suck mommy's pussy too. And son, the mere fact you're telling me that you liked sucking my pussy brings joy to my heart." I could tell she was happy with me. It was apparent in her voice. Oddly, it made me feel good to please and have mother's approval for something that was definitely unusual and something that before today, I would've considered perverted. Now after having done it, it didn't seem so perverted or un-natural as I once would've considered it to be.

For the next few minutes I brought up what I'd heard she and Dr. Judy discussing earlier, while I was eating Sara out.

"Son, you have to be whipped for your own well being. It's just your nature. It's best for you to be under foot, and chastised for your own good. That's why I want to make sure that, one, you have a wife that loves you enough to do this for you. I can tell by your tone, you're not fully in agreement with this, but you have to admit Mark, you are indecisive and wishy-washy, and in a word weak. Am I wrong? Tell me!"

"Mother, I-I know it's hard for me to make quick decisions a-and that I'm not that strong, b-but..."

"Don't even try to explain sweetie pie. You have to face it Mark, you're a wishy-washy mama's boy. You're of marrying age, but you need guidance, control, and oversight dear. And I believe Sara is the right woman to give it to you."

"B-But mother, why c-can't we be equal partners rather than her b-being over me?"

"Honey, sure marriage is a partnership, but in any marriage, one partner tends to be more equal than the other. And that certainly is the case with you and Sara. She's more sexually experienced, has better leadership qualities than you, and she's certainly more decisive than you are. No son, it's much better for you to be the subordinate partner in the marriage. You're a born follower and will do well under someone like Sara who will lead and help you be the responsible husband she expects you to be, and should be for such a beautiful and talented woman."

"Mother, y-you're just like Dr. Judy. I just can't seem to get my points across w-without them b-being turned around a-and against me. Sure I love Sara, b-but it seems as if the price is high for..."

"Not a high price, but a bargain son. Second, she's offering you a love that is priceless. Where else could you find such a beautiful woman that is giving you the chance to be her husband, and all you have to do is be loving, adoring, devoted, obedient and do as she tells you? Besides that, she's found a way for you to sexually please her, that is mutually beneficial and ideal, despite your diminutive manly endowments."

"O-Oh mother, I-I guess it doesn't matter what I-I say. It-It looks like y-you and Dr. Judy a-and Sara will find a way to turn them around a-and make things sound s-so simplistic. I-I guess the deck is-is stacked against me."

"Son, don't sound so despondent. It'll all work out. Just give Dr. Judy's therapy a chance and you'll see that it's right for you."

"I-I just w-wish there was no pain. Those whippings a-are going to be hard to get use..."

"Just remember sweetie, no pain, no gain. Where is the courage you showed earlier tonight? If you stop trying to be courageous enough to become stronger and more confident in your unmanliness, why I would assume that Dr. Judy might have to increase the number of whippings for you to, say 2 or 3 times a month until you show promise of..."

"T-Two or three! N-No not that!"

"Then sweetie, doesn't it make sense for you to do what it takes to make the therapy a success?"

"Y-Yes ma'am." I said meekly after a moment's pause, but the tone of my voice showed my feeling of being vanquished.

"And as we've told you, Sara will be the perfect wife, overseer, and manager for you, just as you'll be the perfectly well mannered husband for her. That is, after you get all the the****utic treatments and training Dr. Judy has planned for you."

I remained silent and said nothing in reply to mother. As I again seemed to mentally come back around to the same conclusion. That is, that the only way for me was the way Dr. Judy and the women in my life wanted me to go.

"Another thing son, your attitude shows that you're getting over the shame that I know you had before starting Dr. Judy's PANSI therapy. I just know that her therapy is going to do you a world of good. Why just look at you, willingly putting on and wearing such pretty lacy panties, not to mention your admitting you're a proud pantywaist. That's a very good sign of things to come. Another thing is your acceptance of being worthless as a man and your committing to further enhancing yourself as a PANSI Trained male and husband. These were good and courageous things for you to have done Mark. Don't put yourself down for having done so, but have pride in yourself."

Mother's praise did help me to recall the strange sense of courage I felt making the pronouncements she mentioned. And that seemed to boast my confidence and to gird myself to weather the upcoming two weeks of abstinence, which meant I wouldn't be able to play with myself at will.

I remembered what occurred at Dr. Judy's office, when I had barely given my throbbing prick a good stroke. That caused a warning light to flash on all the remotes that the women had. It was an alarm feature indicating that I was trying to handle myself. In addition, I got a very mild warning sensation of an electric shock. Which was sufficient to make me lose interest in touching myself. It also caused me to lose the hard-on I had. It was still a mystery to me as to how the electronics in the device could tell I was stroking myself, even though there is nothing covering my cock. I felt truly as if I was under lock and key and helpless. I knew I had to go along with was expected of me.

Well Diary, I guess thinking in that context was making made me feel more confident in the manner that Dr. Judy desired. That is, that thinking positive and happily adjusting to conditions that others impose on me, was excellent therapy for me.

As the reader can see, from a description of the events previously described, including entries from Mark's Diary, Mark and Sara are back together as a couple, with Mark well on the road to understanding the need for his PANSI Therapy. And based on his own observations, that subordination of his self for the use and benefit of others, especially Sara, and other f****y female relatives, is being seen as a positive for him.

He also has accepted that he must keep an open mind about being whipped, and has accepted the inevitability that he has to submit to such for his own good. In addition, it's clear to me that Mark knows that his mother is very much in favour of him receiving the monthly whippings I have prescribed for him. Because his mother has done such an excellent job of training him as a mama's boy, Mark needs and wants to please his mom. Therefore he has rationalized, and very appropriately so, that it is correct for him to be flagellated and deserving of the ensuing pain that results from such whippings. It's valuable for him to have experienced whippings at the hands of those that love him, because it drives home the point that they the resulting pain is good and necessary for him, because a loved one is doing the whipping.

As a professional, it is so rewarding to see a patient accept what is good for him and to admit that he is worthless as a real man, as well as accepting that he is better off being a subjugated PANSI class male. This will be a male who is at ease and totally comfortable pleasing others sexually, as well as who will be pleased himself with being used in the process.

Also, I can't say enough good things about Mark's mother and her diligence in helping him find happiness and harmony in a marital relation, that's suited to the pantywaist he really is. In addition, with them both comfortable with him sucking her pussy, his mama's boy disposition can only be positively enhanced.

Additionally, it's not popular with him, but he knows that he has to accept that his genitals are under electronic lock and key, and that Sara and the other women relatives are in control of his masturbatory sexual relief.

At this juncture in his treatment, I saw Mark as definitely being ready to accept that his only concern is to be supportive to the woman he loves, and that loves him.

My purpose was to get him closer to enjoy doing things in a subservient and obsequious manner, for the person he loves, while not worrying about what society thinks.

In the end, the result will be him understanding the special pleasure that comes from his willingness to degrade himself - that is, in the eyes of society. But in his fiancée’s eyes, it will be seen as a series of strong demonstrations of his love and commitment to her.

Mark has to understand, and accept, that abasement is ideal for his personality type; since it provides his fiancée a type of pleasure that none of her real men can provide her. My goal therefore is to show him that what society sees as humiliation, is really his way to better cement the bonds of love between himself and Sara, his fiancée and wife-to-be.


Dear Diary
The session I had yesterday with Dr. Judy was another milestone in my relationship building with Sara. Sara was also a part of this session, even though I didn't know she was supposed to be in attendance.

So that I don't get ahead of myself or forget the facts, I'll start from the beginning after I arrived at Dr. Judy's office.

"How are you today Mark?" Dr. Judy asked me upon entering the waiting room.

"Fine, Dr. Judy." I replied.

"Good. Now Mark, this session is going to be another significant one in regard to the further successful development of a strong relationship between you and Sara. In today's session, we're going to explore the concept of wimpism and why it's important for you to not only continue to be the wimp you are, but to be stronger at it, as well as not shying away from admitting you're one or feeling any shame about it also. In fact I'll want you to boast about it."

"W-Wimpism? B-Boast about it? Dr. J-Judy, p-please, It's bad enough I-I've had to admit being a pantywaist a-and to wear panties for Sara, b-but is it-it necessary for me to..." I stammered as I replied and stumbled with my words before Dr. Judy cut me off.

"It is most necessary for you to not be shy about the fact that you are a wimp. Remember that your strong point in this relationship is being weak and showing Sara that you're not insecure with that. Okay?"

"I-I know we've discussed this before Dr. Judy, a-and I know that I-I'm not as assertive as some men, b-but I-I don't see w-why I have to boast about the fact t-that I-I don't have a-an aggressive or assertive personality."

"Mark, there you go again falling back into that same old trap of faulty logic and denial. Mark, you forget. You're not that much of a man, you're a wimp. You have to accept that. Now look me in my eyes and answer the following questions. Does a wimpy male wear panties?"

I knew Dr. Judy had trapped me with her very first question. I sat silent and hung my head. She answered her question for me.

"So you're slow to answer huh, well the answer is yes, which you do, that is wear panties. And by the way, your mother told me you should be wearing lavender ones with pink lace trim today. I'll check on that later when I have you show them to me. However, let us move on to the next question. Speaking of your wonderful mom, do you admit to being a mama's boy?"

Again Diary, I parted my lips to reply, but decided not to, as I knew it was hopeless not to play into Dr. Judy's hands in regard to me being a wimp.

"So again, you can't answer an obvious question. Yes, you are a mama's boy and a very good one at that. You should not be ashamed to admit that in any way. Now, here`s another question for you. Does a wimpy male suck his mother's pussy and especially so when it's full of another man's semen?"

Again Diary, I sat silent and stared at the floor, knowing full well that Dr. Judy was intent on getting her point across while beating me mentally down. She was succeeding, but I didn't want to let her see my red blushing face to know she was doing so.

Dr. Judy again answered her own question in the affirmative as well as several others. There were two dealing with me watching mother get fucked by her new black boyfriend and me having to lick and suck her pussy clean between their fuck sessions. Dr. Judy also targeted me admitting to Sara how good I found her fucked gash and how it was obvious I relish sucking her out now that I know it's other men's sperm she's feeding me.

Diary, as you can see, Dr. Judy was taking liberty with the facts and twisting things around. But nevertheless, there was little I could say in response. There was so much truth in all she was saying, even though I was adverse to how she was saying, what she did say.

"Mark, I hope you see in all I've said here is that you're not a real man, and you should not be offended in any way because of it. I can tell by the look on your face that you're distraught or saddened by my words. You shouldn't be, because you're a wimp and a pantywaist, and should be proud of it because that's what Sara sees you as and wants you to be. To be otherwise would displease her and I know you love her too much to dissatisfy her. Am I right?"

"Y-You're right Dr. Judy, b-but I-I'm hoping t-that after we're married and she g-gets more settled that I-I can be m-more to her than j-just a wimp." I replied, trying to control my nervousness.

"And Mark, there is nothing wrong with that. However, for now, you have to be steadfast in being a wimp to insure you make her your wife first. Therefore, I'll continue to treat and train you such that you'll be a good wimp and pantywaist husband for Sara. Understand?"

Diary, it was so paradoxical, but I could not fault what Dr. Judy said. Therefore I nodded that I was in agreement with her reasoning.

"Good! Now Mark, being the wimp you are, you respect the authority of those that demand it from you. To your credit, you're a natural doormat. However, to be sure that you don't waiver in this regard, you, as all wimps, must be periodically reminded of their subordinate place. That's why I've prescribed monthly whippings for you.

"Additionally, wimps should wear on their person a constant reminder that they are not insecure in being less than manly. Hence, your wearing frilly feminine panties. By the way, I'm going to prescribe a few more additions to your underwear attire to further bolster your feelings of security as a proud wimp."

"M-More women's u-underwear?" I blurted out.

"Yes, just a garter belt, stockings and maybe a nice set of lacy camisoles to match your panties and garter belts, that's all. They'll compliment your wearing panties quite well."

"P-Please Dr. Judy. P-Please don't have me w-wearing..."

"And your saying just what you're saying, is another important characteristic of you being a wimp Mark. You see, wimps often say one thing, but their mental and physical makeup really is saying something completely different."

"T-They do?"

"Yes they do. As an example, answer this question. I know you were upset at Sara for having been promiscuous and feeding you her other men's semen when she had you suck her fucked pussy. But can you truthfully say you were angry with her for doing this? For if you were truly angry, you wouldn't have forgiven her, no matter what your mother and I did, nor would you have gone back to slurping up the slimy spend from the same men that were fucking her before. See my point?"

"B-But Dr. Judy, y-you all w-whipped me a-and p-put this c-cock lock device on..." I replied before she cut me off.

"Mark, a real man would've continued to resist. It would've been just too much against his nature to do what you've done to date. But as the wimp you are, sure you have complained and protested somewhat, but for the most part you've accepted what has been imposed on you because you know it's what you and your mental makeup needs. In most cases, wimps don't know what they need until others in authority impose it on them. Then they adapt rather well. You're no exception. You've adapted to wearing cute panties. You've accepted that your new bride needs real men to satisfy her in a way you can't. You've adapted to having your cock and balls under lock and key and to be under supervised masturbation - both before and after your genitals were in the chastity device. Additionally, you've accepted that you will need to suck her used pussy for your contribution to her sexual satisfaction. We all know you delight in oral clean up of Sara after she's been fucked. Otherwise why did you come in your pants while eating her out? By the way, your mother was so proud that you came in your shorts while eating out her black stud's jism cream too. Mark, need I say more about what a wimp says is not a true indication of what he really needs?"

Diary, I was so flabbergasted at her reply, I just shook my head from side to side to avoid any further examples of how my behaviour fit her profile of being a wimp. In retrospect, the mere fact I did not challenge her further, in my own mind, seem to validate her assessment of me as a true wimp.

Diary, what happened next caught me completely off guard.

"Mark, stand up and take all your clothes off, except for your panties."

Diary, I know I looked like a deer in a car's headlights. But when Dr. Judy repeated her request, more like an order, with a sterner more authoritative tone, I did as I was told.

While I was undressing, Dr. Judy left the room and returned with a large garment bag.

"Your mother was correct. The combination of such soft feminine colours such as lavender and pink, especially that exquisite lace, really looks good on you Mark." Dr. Judy said upon returning and seeing me standing in the middle of room in only the panties mother had picked out for me that morning. I really hated that mother had to call Dr. Judy and tell her what colour and style panties I wore each day.

"Now Mark, slip those lovely panties just down below your cheeks and bend over this table. I want to check for any tell-tale signs from your last whipping."

Again I did, as Dr. Judy desired, not thinking in the least. After all she was the doctor. Additionally, she had obvious authority over me too.

"Good! You're well healed." Was all she said before I got the wakeup call that was to usher in a new day for me as being a wimp.


"OUUUUCCH!" I screamed in surprise after realizing that Dr. Judy had lashed me with one of her whips. As I snapped my head around to see what had happened, I immediately saw that it was one of her feared three thong knotted dog whips.

"W-WHAT WAS T-THAT FOR!" I howled out as I rubbed my tender bottom and felt the rise of three rows of welts on my fleshy ass cheeks.

"You don't have to worry, there won't be any more of those unless you want some more. You see Mark, I'm going to be demanding you to do some things today in our session. That little tap on your bottom was just to establish a reference point for you and whether you'll need any further positive pain reinf***ement to do what is expected of you."

"O-Oh no! I-I'll do what you ask!" I responded quickly in a clear and loud manner so that Dr. Judy clearly understood I had no plans to disobey her, even though I didn't know what was going to be asked of me. I guess at the time, my first concern was not to receive any more lashes. Diary, as you know, I don't handle pain well. My thought at that very moment was that maybe I was a wimp in that regard. Dr. Judy seemed to have been reading my mind as she spoke.

"Good! Spoken like a true wimp. I thought I could count on you. But if you need any further reinf***ement, I'll have it handy." She said looking at and stroking the awesome instrument of pain.

"Now Mark, I'm not going to put any ointment on your little discomfort on your rear. The sensation there will be a constant reminder that you've promised to be a good wimp for me today." Said Dr. Judy as she began to zip open the large garment bag she'd brought into the room with her.

I was a bit offended by her constant use of the word "wimp", but I knew better than to protest in any manner.

"Aren't these simply gorgeous?"

Dr. Judy was holding up a very frilly set of matching lace adorned garter belt and camisole. They were both pink and lavender. It was almost as if the panties I was wearing was part of the set.

Stunned, conspiracy between her and mother immediately flashed in my mind.

Dr. Judy directed me to put on the additional feminine apparel. The lingering burning sensation from the whip was a powerful deterrent to any objections I ordinarily would've had. I meekly took the two delicate items and put them on with her guidance.

"My you look so sweet and effeminate, just the way you should look to boast of your pride and lack of insecurity at being a pantywaist wimp. However, there is something missing and guess what, here they are Mark." Dr. Judy said with a tone of drama in her voice as she pulled a pair of sheer bright pink stocking from the garment bag. To my chagrin, the sexy gaudy nylons even seem to have a slight shimmer to them too, which made them stand out even more.

I'd never put on nylons before. Dr. Judy watched me closely to be sure I didn't snag or tear them. I was surprised they went on so easily.

"You look lovely Mark." She said as I stood before the mirror encased in a complete set of women's very lacy pink and lavender sexy undies.

Dr. Judy thought I needed some additional adornment, so she produced a makeup kit and had me put my hands out to her. The thought of wearing makeup caused me to be very vocal with her as I withdrew my hands behind my back.

"Mark there is nothing to fear but fear itself. A splash of colour will adorn your pretty undergarments so well. Now you don't want me to give you some more encouragement with the whip and run the risk of possibly damaging some of that beautiful apparel you're wearing, do you?"

"P-Please Dr. Judy. I-I d-don't think I-I'm ready for nail polish. P-Please can w-we wait until..."

"No Mark, we can't wait. Don't be such a scaredy-cat. Be courageous. Besides, I think you're ready and that's what counts, okay?"

"P-Please Dr. Judy, I-I know y-you know what's best, b-but nail polish w-will make me l-look so..."

"So pretty, that's all it will do. Now if you don't present your hands to me, maybe you're telling me you need a bit stronger encouragement." At that point, Dr. Judy fingered the remote hanging around her neck, as she withdrew it from inside her blouse. At that moment, all the sensations I'd ever felt before due to that hellish device I was being f***ed to wear, came back into my memory. I knew I didn't want any more memories from it.

Without another word and almost without thought, I quickly drew my hands from behind my back and spread them fully open before Dr. Judy, as I meekly hung my head.

Her action clearly reminded me I was not my own person, but one who was at the person of others who had power and control over me.

"That's better, much better. Remember Mark, compliance is so much better than confrontation for you, okay?"

"Y-Y-Yes ma'am." I replied sheepishly, still hanging my head down averting her eyes.

It was here that Dr. Judy went out and returned with a piping hot cup of the same herbal tea she had me drink on previous occasions. Before and as now, the soothing tea did make it easier to swallow my humiliation, so to speak. In a short while, I began to feel a bit mellow and more accommodating to what Dr. Judy was demanding, and well, forcing upon me.

The bright pink polish that was spread on my nails really did compliment the colour of the women's undies I wore. The name of the lipstick shade was Passionate Pink.

With the completion of my nails, I felt more feminized than ever before. A strange sensation flowed over me as I realized just how feminine I looked as I glanced over at a nearby floor length mirror I hadn't really noticed before.

To make matters worse, Dr. Judy decided that my toenails were also to be painted too. That required me to take off the nylons I wore. I again wanted to object and refuse, but the look on her face and my recalling of what she'd told me earlier concerning compliance, caused me to passively abide by her wishes.

After my toenail were finished and dried, I had to delicately put the nylons back on. To my surprise, Dr. Judy presented me with a pair of open toe bedroom slippers with pink furry fake fur on then. I think they're called "mules".

And if that wasn't bad enough, she next opened a jewellery box and produced a 3 strand pearl choker and matching earrings and bracelet.

I gasped at the sight of the pearl jewellery. Not because of the beauty of them, but the obvious effeminate implications of them. There is nothing masculine about pearls. Again, I felt an urge to attempt to resist, but somewhere within me, a voice came back and told me it was useless to fight back.

There was more jewellery. A pearl ring for each hand. To balance out the three strand pearl bracelet on one arm, she added a very effeminate ornate watch to my other arm. It had a strap composed of three pearl strands and the watch face was tri-colour gold, which drew much attention by its glimmer.

Dr. Judy had truly feminized me. I also have to say, to my chagrin; I had to admit that I didn't look half bad in drag either. As Dr. Judy had me stand before the mirror, it was easy to see that my hips and legs, which I worried were a bit feminine anyway, were well complimented by what I was being made to wear.

Dr. Judy also brought up these same physical characteristics of mine and added that she wasn't going to do a thing with my eyebrows this time. "Mark, your eyebrows are just naturally arched and pretty, which gives you a naturally girlish look, and especially so with the glossy lip colour and that delightfully stunning choker."

After Dr. Judy was satisfied that she had me looking the way she desired, she was about to lead me to another part of her office complex.

"B-But Dr. Judy, surely I-I'm going to have to wear a medical gown or robe or something. I-I can't go out dressed only this way." I spurted out to her. After all, I was only wearing a lacy camisole, garter belt, sheer panties, nylons, and of course, the pink fuzzy slippers.

"Well, maybe a robe is in order. I guess you don't want to be flaunting your charms so wantonly." She said smiling and with a slight, but very unprofessional giggle in her voice.

She stepped back to a closet in the room we were about to leave. The sound of hangers being slid back and forth on a closet rod could be heard before I saw her pull out a pink dressing robe that was heavily trimmed in large scalloped white lace. The material was so sheer, you could read a newspaper through it. It was beautiful, as sexy robes go, but it wasn't the kind of medical gown I had in mind.

As I began to express my surprise and apparent displeasure, which formed, on my face, Dr. Judy cut me off even before I could speak.

"Don't say a thing Mark. You wanted a robe. I'm giving you a robe, so put it on and not a word from you about it. Okay?" She said sternly as she again fingered the plastic control around hanging around her neck.

I meekly accepted the robe and put it on without saying a word. I knew what best for me. The robe was a generous fit and for some reason, I clutched the fronts of the robe to keep it together, like it would make a difference, since it was so sheer. What I was wearing underneath would be no secret to anyone seeing me.

Dr. Judy led me out of the room, past some of her staff, who snickered and chuckled openly at me. I was so embarrassed and my face became flushed. We continued on and went down to a sort of basement area where there were several rooms. It seemed rather like a tomb in this area since it was so quiet.

Dr. Judy let me know that section of the building was heavily sound insulated for her therapy sessions that may require some vocal expressions from her patients, which shouldn't be heard by outsider.

I remembered that the room in which I got my first whipping apparently was heavily insulated also.

"Mark, if you remember, I wanted you to accompany and be present with Sara when she's having sex with her real men. So in order to jump start that process, I've taken the liberty, along with Sara's cooperation of course, of helping you get over the first time of you doing this as well as, in a matter of speaking, breaking the ice with her other men, her real men." Dr. Judy said to me as she unlocked the blue metal door and literally pushed me into the room behind the door.

Diary, as my eyes adjusted to slightly dimmer lights, Sara, who was on a large bed with four men, greeted me. She and them were totally nude. Two of the men were Black. The other two were white and Hispanic respectively. Their big hands were all over Sara's tits and cunt. All had rather large penises, which seemed either erect or semi-erect. I couldn't help but be intimidated by such a combined display of masculine endowment.

Diary, to say I was shocked and in awe of the scene before me, would be an understatement.

"Hi Mark darling, you really look beautiful. Guys say hello to Mark, my fiancé. Doesn't he look sexy? He's come to watch how real men sex a woman."

Dr. Judy took over. She had Sara introduce each of her studs. To make matters worse, she told them to call me Martha, because of how I was dressed. Sara thought it was such a cute name. I was speechless at Dr. Judy's action.

"Now Martha, go shake the hands of your fiancée’s real men."

I looked at Dr. Judy wildly. Surely she couldn't expect me to do that. However, it only took one look at her face to see that she meant business.

Clutching the sheer pink robe to keep it close, as if it made a difference, I proceeded to offer my hand to the men.

Their hands were so much bigger and rougher than mine were. Their grips were quite strong too. One of the men's hands was damp from having been in Sara's pussy. The group, including Sara and Dr. Judy, just laughed when I noticed it after shaking his big black hand.

Dr. Judy next went on to explain to everyone why I was there. Her words basically echoed what Sara said earlier. Except Dr. Judy injected some professional mumbo jumbo, as she had earlier with me, that me being an observer dressed the way I was, would make me a better husband and helpmate to Sara, as well as bond Sara and I even more.

Of all the lewdness by Sara and the studs in this room, the scene between she and the handsome black man seem to burn itself in my memory.

Having to watch the two of them fucking was emotionally painful, even if I had a difficult time taking my eyes away from the action of their copulation. There was something intriguing about the contrast of their skins.

The man's long black thick dick was quite a specimen of manhood and he knew how to use it on Sara. I was also surprised how deep his long rod - it had to be at least 9" - would disappear in her - at least 7" - 8". I could only look on in feared awe.

The noisy juicy wet sound of their coupled genitals seemed much louder than I suspect it actually was, but it resonated in tune with the moans and guttural sounds of the two of them in their lusty union.

Time seemed to stand still, yet he fucked my Sara twice in her cunt without stopping. That is, he appeared to come in her twice. He didn't pull out between comes either.

After he pulled out, he looked at me with a slight smirk and spoke.

"It's all yours now."

"C'mon sissy Martha, get busy! Get all that dick scum cleaned up before I stick my dick in her fuck hole." Shouted the last of the studs yet to fuck Sara.

I looked at the slimy frothy mess the black man had just made in my lovely fiancée’s crotch. Such a sight no longer disgusted or caused me revulsion. I mentally sighed. I knew what I had to do. My face was still covered with a slight film of dried fuck gunk from the pussy tongue douching I'd done for the two earlier men. Even though, Dr. Judy had given me a damp towel to wipe the sliminess from my face, it had become saturated with slimy fuck residue, from my earlier sucking efforts. The men's loads were so copious and gooey and gluey.

After inviting me to clean up the fuck mess he'd made in Sara's cunt, the black man next straddled Sara's face and pushed his stout rigid gunk covered dick into her eager lips, which she eagerly and greedily sucked in. With all the jism and cunt gunk coating his shaft, the slimy drool from her moving lips, as they slid to and fro on his still hard shaft, was significant. It hung from her mouth in strands of ropy frothy slime.

The man suddenly started making a guttural noise. He was coming again. It was obvious that Sara was collecting his ejaculating jism in her mouth as she had a grasp on his dick and wouldn't let a lot of it go deeper in her mouth, as she let him do earlier when she first started the sloppy obscene suck job.

The man's moaning gradually stopped, but he kept moving his dick in and out of Sara's eagerly receptive mouth. When he did pull out, Sara kept her mouth open, while looking at me with one of the most blissful looks I've even seen on her face. To my total shock, I watched as a slow, but steady mass of thick frothy slimy semen ooze and slide from Sara's parted lips, and cascade onto her magnificent, but heavily manhandled breast, which had the imprint on the black man’s hands all over them. He pawed her extensively while fucking her.

To make matters worse and to my disbelief, my fiancée began to lotion her tits with the abundant dripped viscous ejaculate. Even in my shock, I was in awe at the amount of sperm that streamed from her lips. After all, this was the black man's third come.


The following day, Sara and I discussed the previous session we had with Dr. Judy. The one where I had to witness Sara getting fucked by 4 of her regular well hung studs.

Sara was so tired out after the session that she literally slept all the way home as I drove.

Even though I was required to suck and clean her overflowing cunt clean 10 times during the session, when we got home, she was too tired to discuss the evening, but not too tired to insist I tongue her out one more time. Needless to say, after this last suck out, she fell soundly asl**p. To make matters worse, before she dozed off, she was too tired to give me electronic permission to masturbate and relieve my throbbing erection.

It was a difficult night for me trying to sl**p with an aching very stiff hard-on as well as trying not to mentally recall all that I'd been f***e to observe earlier. The sight of the group of men's large cocks going in and out of Sara's mouth and cunt was so vexing for me to watch -especially the black stud and his stout, hard meat truncheon.

However, Dr. Judy's repeated comments that one day I would have the same privileges as the men I was watching, did offer some solace, but I still had to endure the turmoil and torment of knowing it was going to be 6 more long months before I did. Until the wedding, I would have to retain my virginity, suck many loads of spent cum from Sara's frequently fucked pussy, all the while jacking off for relief - that is by permission only.

The worst part being that I had to jerk off under her or one of the other women's supervision. However, I had to admit, by now, after only a month or so, I was becoming less sensitive to pulling myself off in front of Sara or Mother, or Sara's Mother, or my Aunt, or Dr. Judy.

Another thing I hated but had to live with was that Sara also refused to let me touch her magnificent milky white breasts. She also was saving these for our wedding night.

It added to my torment to see other men touching, groping, handling and manhandling her tits so roughly as well as slobbering all over them, while they were totally off limits to me, her devoted loving fiancé.

It caused me much anguish to see the traces of their many hand prints on her white flesh from their rough treatment, which by the way, Sara didn't seem to object to.

It was during my first visit to Dr. Judy when I told her of Sara's restrictions on my desire to touch her.

"Mark, this is just another treat she is saving for you. You should be thankful that you have a woman that wants to save another pleasure for the joy of your wedding bed. Not many women would have the tenacity to have her fiancé‚ wait for so long before letting him partake of such charms as her lovely chest. You are so fortunate to be marrying a woman who has conviction and principles."

Dr. Judy's words did little to comfort me.

"Oh that was so lovely of you Mark darling. No don't move, keep your delightful tongue in my pussy. It's so good to have you with your head buried in my cunt and soothe my puffy gaping gash with your lips and mouth, after the guys give me such a good fucking. You're so sweet and wonderful Mark. I just know we're going to be so happy after we're married. It's going to be so sweet being your wife and bring you my well fucked pussy home, so we can be together now just like this. Just us two, being so affectionate to each other and showing each other the depth and closeness of our love."

Even though not totally in agreement with Sara, Diary I had to say it was good to have her all to myself, despite she was used, and by her own admission, well fucked. I'm sure many men, rather real men, would see this situation as untenable and unacceptable to them. But to me it was a strange situation also, but in a strange way, acceptable to me too. That is just to have a chance to be with such a beautiful woman, despite her being a slut.

I had to admit I was in awe of seeing her take such large stiff pricks - and so easily too - in her luscious juicy snatch.

I also felt a bit put upon having to guide them in her cunt at Dr. Judy's insistence. However, after doing it the first time with the four studs, the other times became easier. I eventually had my hands on the humongous dicks of all four studs.

The other most humiliating thing besides having to handle the men's very large erections, was having to kiss them before guiding their dick heads to the entrance to Sara's cunt, and now routinely having to lick pussy fuck gunk off them, after they pull out of her.

This was all done at the insistence of Dr. Judy, who asked if I needed any positive reinf***ements when I was the least bit hesitant to place my mouth on the men's dicks. Again, after the first time, it became easier.

Dr. Judy, Sara was very excited and pleased that I passively clean up the men's genitals who fuck Sara now rather than show any reluctance or resistance.

That first session pretty much adapted me to seeing her get fucked and filled by her "real" men, as well as orally soothing her with my mouth - that is, basically cleaning her of their residue in their presence.

Yet, with Dr. Judy's guidance, she taught me to see this as a good moment for me, especially as my fiancée ground her wet slimy pussy against my mouth and got her rousing orgasms in the process.

Diary, the more I thought about all this, the more I came around to seeing myself being the wimp, Dr. Judy said I truly was, and should be. That was the last thing I remember before falling blissfully asl**p with my head in Sara's hairy crotch, and my tongue stuck in her gaping, pouting, well-fucked snatch lips.

"Mark, now that you've had your lips on other men's penises, I thought it was timely for you to acquire another skills as Sara's loving husband - that of becoming a cocksucker."

"B-But Dr. Judy, p-p-please Dr.-Dr. Judy, it-it's embarrassing enough I-I have to-to put my mouth on..." I slowly stammered in reply to her blatant attempt to have me completely humiliate myself further with my fiancée’s studs.

"Mark, as far as you've come in bonding with Sara's men, going a step further and becoming a cocksucker is so logical and correct for you at this time. Besides, you're well over halfway to becoming a pussy mouth for the guys, my guiding down this path can only be beneficial for you. Plus, this new skill should come in very helpful in the future, considering all you had to do at our last session in which she was the centre of a gangbang."

Thinking of all that happened at that session, I couldn't find words to reply. She was right. As much oral attention as I gave the men, I might as well have been their cocksucker.

Knowing that any resistance was futile to Dr. Judy's strong will, I meekly silent and listened.

"Now Mark, this is one of my "How To Perform Fellatio" Manuals and Video Kits. I want you to take the kit home and study the book and watch the video with your mother. She's expecting you to bring it home today and to get started studying how to suck men's erect penises. I've already talked to her and let her know that I want you to become a cocksucker. This will only be an asset for you and make you a true helpmate to your future bride, in her sexual entertainment of her many real men."

"I-I see." I replied with an air of quiet resignation to what I knew was being imposed on me.

"And Mark, with your acclimated taste for spent sperm and having eaten so much of it from Sara's pussy, you should have no problem dealing with the taste of hot ejaculated loads of sperm gushing between your lips. You primarily need to concentrate on breathing and not gagging or choking as you let your mouth be used as a delightful mouth-pussy."

Again, caught off guard by Dr. Judy, she asked me to step with her to an adjacent room. It was dark except for a very small lighted circular area. On the floor there was a pad. She directed me to kneel after having me to drop my pants, which exposed the lace trimmed lavender panties I was wearing.

"Those look so pretty on you Mark. I almost want to call you Martha. They really hug and caress your cute little rear so nicely. Don't you guys think so?"

It was then that I became aware of three other men coming out of the darkness and who responded to her at the same time, almost in unison.

"Yes ma'am, he sure does have a cute ass."

Diary, to make a long story shorter, Dr. Judy introduced the three black men to me. She had them there for me to practice and learn how to suck their dicks.

Their penises were nearly totally erect and it appeared the more they looked at me the more rigid their members became. Again, I was a bit terrified, but also intrigued that I was somewhat responsible for their arousal.

Diary, again Dr. Judy had me put my face in another black man's hairy crotch and instructed me to tongue and suckle his hairy soft nut sac, before lapping his long hard meaty shaft. After that, I dipped the tip of my tongue in the slit of the man's giant dick head slit. I'm amazed at how well the tip of my tongue fits in it so well, as I lap up the big drops of forming clear gluey pre-cum.

After gently suckling the man for about 10 minutes and swallowing his hefty load of hot sperm, Dr. Judy instructed me on how to suckle and keep the man's softening dick well soaked and wet with my drooling softly sucking lips.

"Men love for their dicks to be milked after a suck off. It's good for you to do that not only for the man's enjoyment but it's also the****utic for you too."

"It-It is?" I replied in a puzzled tone of voice to Dr. Judy.

"Oh Yes Mark. You see, since one of the primary reason for you to let men push their manly dicks in your mouth in the first place is to keep your masculinity in check by letting your mouth become a pussy for hard dicks. As you know, your little dickey is more like a clit, but when you have a nice long dick sausage stuffed between your lips and down your throat, you can't feel too macho. Right?"

"I-I, err, y-yes." I stammered a reply, when it became clear she wanted a response. I didn't want to, but had no choice.

"And that is the desired outcome of me recommending this therapy for you. The sole purpose is for you to understand what it feels like to be a pussy and to better understand what your wife experiences when she handles and takes dick. And when real men fuck a pussy, they love to soak and keep their dicks in a warm wet juicy cunt as it softens down. That's the same thing that happens when you're milking the man after he's shot off down your gullet. So, by slowly milking him, he'll feel as if he's in a real cunt, and you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have performed and used your mouth as an excellent surrogate cunt."

Diary, I did the other two men she'd brought in for me to practice on. It was amazing to me, but my second suck off was much easier than the first, and the third even easier than the second. To make matter worse for my own any image of masculinity I was secretly trying to hold on to, I had to admit to myself mentally, after sucking all three of the "practice dicks" I got surprising enjoyment out having had them in my mouth and suckling on them. The moment of ejaculation and the transfer of their hot spewing sperm was particularly delightful, despite me trying to think otherwise.

Diary, after a couple more practice sessions, Dr. Judy had me trained so that I was sucking dicks with not only Sara watching me do so, but also the rest of the women in the f****y.

Sometime the women in my life saw me in person, and always if there was a video of me sucking on a man's hard horny meat.

Diary, as you know, all of the f****y women - Mother, Sara's Mom, my Aunt, and of course Sara - all whip me.

As you also know, all have remotes to the cock lock I'm f***ed to wear. When allowed to masturbate, it's always done under their watchful eyes and supervision as well as them insisting I consume all of my ejaculate. I have to cup my hands and catch it as well as lick it all off my hands.

It was very embarrassing to have my wife see me sucking dick that first time, but as I did it more and more in front of her, I became less sensitized about doing it. The same was almost the case about my monthly whippings. I became desensitized about knowing I was going to get them. It was always painful to endure them, but I had no choice. Dr. Judy said I had to be beaten, and that was it.

At first, I was very depressed at being so humiliated by all that was happening to me. But it has waned over time and it doesn't bother me near as much anymore. Which Dr. Judy says is excellent progress, as she wants me to not be sensitive to humiliation or feeling disgraced or being subjugated and ridiculed.

"These are all feeling that just cause you useless shame. My goal is to help you become shameless and to achieve a genuine feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing what your wife-to-be desires you to do, no matter what others say or think.

Through Dr. Judy's extensive counselling and discussion, not being ridiculed and subjugated makes me feel worthless now. She has taught me that it does make me feel good to be worthy of being treated in what society might say is in a degrading and humiliated manner

Diary, the scene that follows is one of many where Sara oversaw and managed my masturbation relief and training.

"That's it honey, stroke your thing a little slower. That's good sweetie. You can't come yet. And that's right, keep your other hand cupped properly to catch your stuff." Sara instructed me as I knelt at her feet masturbating and trying to hold back until I was given permission to ejaculate. I was perspiring profusely as I was trying to hold back until she permitted me to release my 2 weeks old load.

"P-Please s Sara. I-I can't hold b-back much longer. P-P-Please l-let me s-shoot off. I-I beg you. P-Please."

"Why it's only been 6 minutes honey, you're going to have to do a lot better than that to qualify for only 2 weeks of prick lock up, versus us making you abstain longer from letting you jack off. You're going to have to make your meat beating time last longer. But before I allow you to come now and not give you a demerit, you have to promise me that you'll be more friendly and pleasant when the guys wipe their dicks across your face after they pull out from fucking me. Twice yesterday, I saw a frown on your face as Roger and Sam wiped their wet dicks across your face, lips, nose and hair. Do you promise to be more cheerful and part your lips so they can draw some of the gunk on their dick goes in your mouth?"

"Y-Yes, Sara, I-I will. P-P-Please let m-me c-c-come."

"Okay, but you'll have to hold your little load at least two more minutes. If you can't, remember, you get another few lashes at your next whipping." Sara said with a smug imperious expression on her face as I looked up at her shapely fleshy crossed legs. The sight of this sexy sight was also going to make me lose my load. I knew I had to do whatever it took to avoid more lashes of whatever I was going to be whipped and beat with at the next whipping session.

"O-Okay M-Sara... I-I p-promise. P-Please let me. P_PLEASE!" I pleaded. The strain and tension in my voice was at the breaking point.

"I accept your promise darling, now keep stroking, you only have a minute and 40 seconds to go."

Diary, I don't know how I made it without getting off as Sara timed me, but I did. I strained to hold back and keep from failing my fiancée.

"Times up! Very good! But remember, cup your hand properly to catch your cream. Okay, go ahead, shoot!"

"OOOOOHHH! AWWWWWWWW! OOOOHHH!" I moaned loudly as I stroked my aching prick and directed its creamy gooey outpouring into my cupped left hand, also being careful to catch every drop of ejaculate. This was a mandatory practice laid down by Dr. Judy to instil discipline and remind me that being allowed to ejaculate is a well-earned privilege and not a right for a pantywaist PANSI trained male.

I slumped back and continued to stroke my shrinking penis, making sure that none of my cum spilled or leaked from my in my cupped hand or smeared over the edge of my cupped hands. After a brief moment of relaxation, I knew what was next.

"Oh thank you so much for such wonderful sex Sara. Please, may I eat my own cum to show you my devotion and faithfulness. I would rather eat my own cum than be unfaithful to you." I recited the ritualistic words I had learned from rote practice under Dr. Judy's tutelage.

"You're so sweet Mark. Yes, you may eat your cum for me." Spoke Sara with a delightful smile on her face.

Diary, I know others may say me doing this is a depraved thing. And at first I hated to do it too. However, with Dr. Judy's guidance, she got me to understand that knowing this pleased Sara, the woman I love dearly, made it all worthwhile. Especially that wonderful smile that spreads across Sara's face from knowing I'm sexually suffering and humiliating myself for her love.

Dr. Judy has explained to me that Sara sees this as true love, on my part, and that is something Dr. Judy says I should be extremely proud of doing for Sara.

Well Diary, here it is some 10 years later and I don't know where the time has gone.

Sara just let me know that we're expecting our fifth bundle of happiness. True to her word she's spaced our k**s out about 2 years apart give or take a few months.

Diary as you know, I'm only the daddy of them and that they were all fathered by her "real" men.

After our second c***d, I've become less sensitive, to her getting pregnant on me by other men. Now it doesn't phase me that much, except to wondering how to support more mouths to feed.

However, somehow, we tend to manage supporting our growing f****y. I guess I have to thank both Sara's studs and Dr. Judy for helping us out there, no matter how unorthodox their assistance has been.

I say unorthodox because one of the ways that Dr. Judy has helped me defray, or pay for the cost of her therapy having extra money is her contracting me to out to individuals or groups of men for blowjobs and for bukkake parties. At these parties, I get my face and open mouth splattered and filled with copious ejaculate from many horny men.

After that, I then have to drink the collected jism that has dripped from my face and mouth. Often times, there is as much as a half a quart of cool slimy semen I have to gulp and let slide down my gullet. It's not the same as sucking fresh hot sperm from a heated hard dick, but I have gotten use to it.

Even though it may sound nasty and disgusting, I have become acclimated to drinking glasses and bowls of bukkake collected semen. Dr. Judy's therapy was so helpful as it was her who caused me to form a bond and affinity and taste for the cocks and sperm of "real men".

Dr. Judy has let me know that she feels that she is being rather generous in that she only collects 80% of what I earn from these activities and lets me have the other 20%.

In addition, several of Sara's "real men" have also helped me earn extra money to take care of the k**s they have fathered by also acting as my part time pimp. Sometimes I even get to keep 50% of what I earn when they whore me out. Most of the time though it's only comes to about 25%. But I guess I have to be thankful, it's better than nothing. Right?

So Diary, you can see what I mean about Dr. Judy and my wife's men's assistance being a bit out of the ordinary. That is, as compared to what the general public would find normal.

However, if nothing else, Dr. Judy has taught me that normal, like so many things, is relative.

Diary, as you know, Dr. Judy has helped me see that Sara and I could have a very normal and happy loving marriage, that is, for one between a strong willed wanton slut and a mollycoddled, under endowed, sissy wimp.

Dr. Judy's PANSI training really helped me to better understand my proper role while Sara and I were engaged. So by the time of our wedding, I not only was deeper in love with her than before, but I very grateful she chose me to be her husband.

Diary, as you know I was firmly entrenched in the wearing of frilly lacy panties and other feminine under garments by the time of our wedding. In addition, I was not only aware of just about all the various men Sara was having sex with, but I had started accompanying her, on her sex and gang bang dates with them.

As you know, it was Dr. Judy who initiated and encouraged me doing this. The purpose was threefold. One, for me to gain more sexual experience since I was still virginal and didn't have much sexual experience. Secondly, it was to better understand my fiancée’s need for strong, muscular built, better endowed, "real" men and what they had to offer her. Lastly, to reduce my jealousy of her other men and be totally at ease being the lesser male.

Of course diary, you know at first, I was still resistant to doing as Dr. Judy wanted of me, but through her and Sara and Mother using the cock shock lock and their various whipping instruments, it didn't take me long to come around.

Even though I begrudgingly went along with what was being imposed upon me, one day I woke up to the fact that if I wanted to keep Sara, I had to share her.

So through Dr. Judy's patient counselling and the****utic treatments, I became more comfortable with my subordinate role around she and her "real" men.

It started out with me just watching them hump and fill her with their abundant quantities of pent up cum.

As I became less sensitive to that, Sara had me guiding their huge dicks in her pouting juicy pussy lips. Shortly after that, she initially had me using a damp wash cloth to wipe fuck juices from her men's languished still dribbling cocks. Not long after the first time, Sara had me kissing the men's cocks after they pulled out of her sloppy well fucked snatch. Soon after that I was washing their man meat with my tongue and sucking them clean with my lips and mouth.

Of course, I always had to clean her very wet and oozing slimy cunt with my sucking lips.

By this time, I had no will to resist Sara's or her men's dictates, especially after now fully understanding that I could never be the alpha male to the woman I loved, or satisfy her with my own less robust tool.

The rousing bouts of fucking she and her men put on, simply awed me. In fact I couldn't help but feel praise and pride for how well she appeased their lust and extracted the volumes of thick cum from their big lengthy rigid rods.

Sara so much liked me being there to lick and suck her very sloppy slimy pussy after her fuck sessions. So each time, I did so, I grew to feeling so much more useful and needed by her, and her "real men".

In addition to Dr. Judy helping me to see that this was mutually beneficial for both of us. She indicated that my ego was always boosted by the rousing orgasms my mouth, tongue and lips would bring to the wanton sluttish woman I loved.

I was getting her off as good as her "real" men, even though I didn't have their endowments. Additionally Dr. Judy's sessions illustrated that I should feel good that not only was I giving Sara something that she mentally needed, but that it was something I never had to fear her studs would do to prove their love for her.

"Mark, the more things you do for Sara, that real men wouldn't dream of doing, the more Sara will love you. She needs a male like you. She could never respect or love you as a real man. But as a wimp and a pussy eating and cock-sucking sissy, she adores and respects you in a way that's fulfilling to her."

Sara seems to parrot Dr. Judy's words as she also praised me for being me.

"Mark darling, it does me so much good to have you along with me while other men, better men than you fuck me and get what you have yet to get, namely my juicy hot pussy. Or have you see them mauling and kneading my tits, which you have yet to play with and feel their warm softness. And the utter thrill is when I have your face under my wet, dripping messy pussy and rubbing other men's jism running from my snatch, all over your face as you lick and suck me out.

"Yes Mark darling, that is my true love for you. That's why I do those things. It does something for me that no real man can ever give me."

CHAPTER 6 - MORE EXCERPTS FROM MARK'S DIARY: Dr. Judy's Whipping Prescriptions
"I'm sorry sweetheart, but there is nothing I can do, or you can do. We both must follow her directions for the benefit of our marriage and our love for each other. It's simply part of your PANSI conditioning treatments. It's all for your own good.

"I must use this cut length of automotive fan belt section to whip your ass cheeks hard, just as she's prescribed. Here, take a look for yourself."

Sara handed me the prescription. It was just as she said. It read:

"Use this fan belt to lash Mark at minimum 10 times with very hard f***e. Separate the lashes with no more than 15 seconds between them. Secure Mark as needed and give him no more than 5 additional lashes if it is felt he needs them to be more cooperative in his conditioning."

I shuddered as I read it. However, I knew Sara was right. Dr. Judy had written it. I recognized her handwriting well. I knew there was nothing more for me to do except take the lashes as prescribed. As Sara had stated, Dr. Judy meant for this to be done to me, therefore there was nothing else either of us could do.

Sara had to carry out Dr. Judy's directions and I had to accept that, despite it would be painful for me.

The skinny fan belt was about 3/8" wide and maybe 3/4" thick. I knew it was going to hurt and cause me to have thick welts on my rear.

However, that's was just the way it was with Dr. Judy's therapy treatments. The directions had to be followed to the letter for the correct results to be obtained.

I mentally sighed, and placed the prescription on a nearby table and began to lower my pants and panties for the treatment Dr. Judy had prescribed.

I meekly positioned myself across my wife's lap as she directed me.

Satisfied at my placement, she gingerly rubbed my bottom and then began issuing the lashes.

The pain of the impacting and burning belt caused me to jump and buck, but Sara held me firm, while warning me that she would have to give me five additional lashes if she didn't apply them correctly due to my movements.

Nevertheless, the pain caused me to move even though I tried not to. In the end, I was given the maximum number of lashes because Sara wanted to make sure she didn't cheat me out of a good treatment.

As usual Diary, even though my face was awash with tears from my sobbing and crying, I thanked Sara for the treatment.

"You're quite welcome darling." She replied as she kissed me on the forehead and pointed in the direction of the corner where I was to stand and shake my naked but for 10 minutes to keep my blistered bottom cool. This was also one of Dr. Judy treatment recommendations.

CHAPTER 7 - MORE EXCERPTS FROM MARK'S DIARY: More of Dr. Judy's Prescriptions
Diary, Dr. Judy has written other prescriptions for improving and sustaining the relationship between Sara and me.

One was for my continued wearing of lacy panties and other effeminate clothing such as camisole, garter belts, nylons and women's sl**ping attire, such as baby doll style pyjamas.

Another prescription was for performing oral intercourse with Sara's lovers and studs and swallowing all their cum when they ejaculated in my mouth. In addition, I was to discuss each episode with Sara and give her a complete description of all that occurred.

At first, it was so embarrassing to do as Dr. Judy prescribed, but the more times I sucked Sara's men off and the more talks she and I about my experiences as a cocksucker for her studs, the less embarrassing it became for me to discuss them with her.

Just as Dr. Judy had told me, Sara didn't lose any respect for me. She even seemed to think more of me.

"Mark, I don't think any less of you as a man than I already did. In fact, my love for you has only grown deeper because of your willingness to shows your measure of how much a man you are compared to my "real" men." Sara told me with the cutest smile.

I would've phrased what she meant to say a little different, but I was sure she meant what she said in a positive way. Taking her words in a positive light, they boosted my self-esteem, because it was obvious I was making points with her.

The forerunner of the above prescription was the one that required me to mouth clean Sara's men's dick after they'd had intercourse with her.

As with all Dr. Judy's prescription, I don't know why, but for some reason, they had to be followed as she prescribed. In my mind, not doing as she said was not an option. In other words, what she prescribed, or said to do, had to be done.

Diary, the wedding is finally over. Even though I was shocked at the wedding ceremony and how the preparations for it were perpetrated on me. However, at least it's over, and Sara and I are at last "woman and husband".

I guess I should be thankful that at least the minister at least alluded to my gender; despite that I was wearing the wedding dress and Sara wore a tuxedo type outfit.

I was not aware of this "reversed" type of dress arrangement, that is until the white frilly frothy lacy dress was delivered to me the day of the wedding.

I was totally shocked and dismayed. I was so upset and agitated that Mother gave me a somewhat strong electrical shock via the cock lock. I quickly calmed down.

"Feel better now dear?" Mother asked after having triggered the remote hanging around her neck.

"M-Mother h-how c-could you do t-this..." I stammered as I was riding out the feeling of the genital shock.

"Mark dear, you should know by now that it's not your nature to be belligerent and non co-operative. So you should see my actions as nothing more than me doing my motherly duty to help you be your normal unassuming amenable self."

After saying that, Mother became more consoling and tender towards me.

"Sweetie, Dr. Judy and I and your Aunt decided it would be best for you to dress as a sissy bride so that it can signal to all, especially Sara's real men, and most importantly to yourself, that you know your place in this marriage."

Diary, the wedding has to be something that I'll never forget. Besides having to wear the frothy lacy wedding gown, it was Sara's idea for me to kneel during the ceremony and suck off each of her four "real men" studs, who, by the way were "our" best men.

The minister waited patiently for me to do all four. But to my surprise, he was the fifth. I was so outdone as he pulled out his large black dick. I had no fight in me at all. I just opened my mouth for his thick erection and sought to make the best out of what I had to do.

He also roughly fucked my face and shot off a very large load of thick ejaculate down my throat just as "our best men" had before him. I guess I have to be thankful for the Dr. Judy's cocksucker training in order to have endured all the mouth dicking I got at the altar.

The area around my mouth and lips were very slimy and there were numerous stains on the front of the frilly white lacy dress I wore. There was so much slimy gooey dribble that drooled from my being face fucked by five big dick men.

"I now pronounce you woman and sissy husband." Spoke the minister after I stood up from my knees with my jism smeared lips.

Later at the reception, the same minister told Mother "Your son is an excellent cocksucker, he's the best I've had on the end of my dick, bar none."

Mother thanked the reverend for his compliment and replied that she was proud of my being able to please men with my mouth.

The wedding attendance was somewhat small as it was primarily select friends of Sara's - several men and slut girlfriends of hers. Mother and Auntie also invited several of their men "fuck buddy" friends.

At the reception, I was required to go around to each table and mouth dicks and clean up used cunts as a way of thanking the wedding attendees. There was a lot of sex going on at the reception. It was more of an orgy than anything else.

Even though this was my night to consummate my marriage to Sara, seeing her give herself to our best men and others at the reception, you never would've guessed it.

I ate out my new bride's sloppy slimy bruised puffy pussy 6 times. She had been relentlessly fucked. If she wasn't calling me over as her "Sissy cunt sucker" in an obviously tipsy tone of voice, it was one of her fuckers who didn't want to put his dick in frothy slimy cunt until it was freshened up by my mouth.

Mother and the other women were also getting their share of fucking and I also was kept busy keeping their cunts orally freshened up too. I also had to lick clean many, many dicks that had been used in all these well-fucked pussies too.

Everyone seemed to get a cheap thrill - except me - out of me wearing the wedding dress and trying to manage its frothy bulk, and train as I went about my oral efforts. In addition, the wedding gown was ruined by all the cum slime and ropy drool that had dripped and collected on the ornate frothy lace, down the front of the dress.

I had eaten a lot of jism and fuck gunk when the reception was over; however, I was still a bit hungry. On the way to the bridal suite, I was able to get a few finger sandwiches down before we left.

Diary, I was so excited to finally be in the bridal suite with Sara. We were finally alone and I could finally take off the sperm and cunt fuck gunk soaked wedding gown.

My new bride's cunt was so stretched, I literally was rubbing my smallish prick against one side, to get enough friction to get off in her. However, despite her slovenly state and condition, it was so ecstatic for me to finally get to put it in her delectable pussy.

And even though her tits were coated and crusted with dried jism from sucking on many dicks, I also finally was able to feel mammary softness despite the combination of dried and wet slimy jism drool caked on them.

I feasted on her nipples despite them being semen-covered too. Diary, I had waited so long and endured so much for this moment. I just knew I had to suck and slurp on them no matter their condition. I was just so thrilled and delighted to have the freedom to have access to them after all the time they were denied to me.

Diary, despite all I've been through, I have to say that Dr. Judy has helped me become the husband of a beautiful woman, that without her assistance, I never could've dreamed of being married to.

Her guidance and the****utic treatments helped me see that it was my duty, as a husband, to help my wife in her sexual liaisons with other men. Men, all of whom were so much better endowed than I.

"If you love Sara, you'll help her get the sexual fulfilment you can't give her that she can only get from other men. And after they're through giving her what you can't, then it's time to give her what you're best at - sucking up the men's leavings from her wet frothy well fucked cunt."

Diary, Dr. Judy was so right. I do love Sara a lot. And with Dr. Judy therapy, I now see that there is no shame of being a cuckold and a lesser man since it's to provide my wife the sexual pleasure I can't.

Since she wants me to help out in keeping her men happy, she has asked me several times to fill in for her and suck their dicks as well as let them fuck me when she's unavailable to have intercourse with them.

I've been trying to get her to cut down on the number of lovers she has, but she says it would be unfair to just cut them off. She's accused me of not being in the spirit of truly helping her out. So rather than be seen as being uncooperative, I long ago stopped bring the subject up.

It's been ten plus years of being married to Sara, and all in all, I'll have to say that it has been trying, but I've learned to accept and adapt to what was required of me.

I have to live with wearing a electronic shocking cock lock, ask permission to jack off if Sara is not up to letting me have some, as well be supervised when permission is granted. I always have to suck clean her drippy, well-slimed cunt, after her studs fuck her.

She's often not in the mood to let me put it in, but I have yet to see her say no to her lovers and even strange men. And Diary, as you know, she often asks me to fill in for her if she won't be available and one or more of her men friends come around and are horny.

In addition, to all that, I also have to endure my monthly whippings, as prescribed by Dr. Judy.

##THE END##... Continue»
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Wal Mart arrived in our town several years ago with American flags waving, apple pie, and much fanfare. With all his money, good ol' Sam Walton-- who was still alive then-- wasn't even generous enough to provide the requisite commercial coffins for all the old f****y owned businesses he killed in downtown Angel Hills, and every other small town in the midwest. He hasn't killed everything else in our already shriveling town yet; there are several defiant soldiers still writhing in their death throes. There's still Hansen's Lumber and Hardware, because Wal Mart doesn't sell lumber, still Kimisky's Winn Dixie Food Store across the street-- with a new chain super food warehouse out on the interstate killing them softly with profits-- Sassy's Style Shop, Zoella's Antiques and the bank and post office.

And of course, Janny's Country Kitchen, with the best food in the county. The pots and pans rattle like a warm ghost among the boarded up shells lining Main Street, echoing like a Hank Williams song, hearing that lonesome whistle blowing the funeral dirge for a vanishing anachronism of character and independence.

The first time I saw him was a blistering hot Friday morning, 89 degrees at 9:30, high predicted to be in the mid ten thousands. Apparently his new boss, Varnell, ran out of things to show him inside the nearly defunct store and was giving him a tour of the parking lot. I was loading chicken wire in the back of somebody else's pickup for old man Van Tusen, and I thought, 'New, not from around here, gotta be related to someone-- everyone else is.'

Every move he made kept his back to me, pissing me off and piquing my curiosity. All I could tell was that he had wavy brown hair just tickling his crisp recycled Winn Dixie uniform collar, and that he was thin, and about 5'9" standing next to Varnell.

I stood with my hand on the roll of wire, pelvis tilted up to keep my tight jeans from riding any further down my sweaty hips, other hand wiping the sweat from my brow, mentally slapping Varnell upside the head to make the idiot turn him this way. Carl called me a slacker and told me to go back to the yard and help load some plywood. Oh well, I'd find out who he was soon enough, before the day was through most likely-- news travels fast here.


"Allie Mae is still pissed off at you, Buck. I heard what you did last night at Bebe's. Sooner or later, Dan's gonna blow your head off, and take yer huevos with it," Velma scowled at me as she turned my cup up and filled it. "You dance backwards real well? Better learn, bubba, cuz you won't be leadin' with that high pitched voice and nothin' down there t' keep yer balance," she smirked.

"Oooohhh, Velma!" I reached down and covered my crotch protectively, "Don't be talkin' like that in front of Buck Jr.! Have some compassion!" I looked down at my lap and spread my hands just enough to talk to him though my bluejeans, "She didn't mean it! I swear, she's only k**ding!"

"I done told you before what I think of men who have pet names for their brains and talk to them," she tried to feign contempt, but grinned in spite of herself.

She put my order in without asking if I wanted anything different than my usual chicken fried steak. While I waited for my food, I thought about putting that sheepskin steering wheel wrap on after work, about if I could swing by and tease Jenny Anderson without her s****r catching me, about if I should bend Darla Danforth over the kitchen table like last time or make it to the bed, if she could sneak over around ten. I thought of how she'd do that real deep growl that got louder and louder and higher pitched as I pounded my footlong (ok, nine and a half very thick inches of grain fed dick, I just call him footlong cuz he likes it) in her tight-for-having-had-two-k**s pussy.

About the time I got my food, I looked up and saw Johnny Ray Benson walking by the cafe, that little swagger in his hips, his four inch diameter rodeo belt buckle spraying reflected sunlight onto the glass, drawing my eyes to his tasty bulge, which naturally drew them around in short order to his best asset.

I don't think God made his ass. I think it was sculpted by the old Dutch masters and God said, "Hey, that's better than I could've done it." --- Yeah, I knew there were Dutch masters. Couldn't tell ya who they were, except Van Gogh, but I knew about 'em. There was after all, a lot of Dutch and Danish heritage in our region.

He looked in through the window from under his pointy brimmed tan cowboy hat and nodded 'hi' to several of the lunch crowd, giving me a slightly slower nod and a slightly more impish grin. I wondered if he'd be at Bebe's tonight. I needed to cool it with Allie Mae, cuz it was getting out of hand and a little too openly acknowledged-- and I'd rather have Johnny's tight ass again tonight anyway. I thought, 'Any fucking day of the week! That boy is gettin' to me. I better watch it.'

I watched him turn his head as someone approached. He said 'hi' to Varnell and was introduced to the new boy. After the pleasantries, Johnny ambled on his way and Varnell led the boy into the cafe. I u*********sly put my hat back on, took it off, and put it back on again. I was trying to get him to look my way, knowing he would at some point, but that just wasn't fast enough.

My heartbeat sped up and my mouth watered. His ass was perfection in form-- forget Johnny Ray Benson-- his body was tight, compact, and perfect. I could see that, even with his bulky Winn Dixie smock and baggy blue work slacks doing their best to camouflage it. His face was radiance. His cute little ears were made for whispering nasty things into.

I projected my thoughts loudly at him: 'There! Yes!' He finally looked me in the eye. I tried to not let him go. 'No! Don't look away, don't look down! Back up, back up, back up, yeah! Who are you? I want you! You'll like me! No, don't look away again! Fuck! Varnell, you fucking shit-for-brains! Don't seat him facing away from me! Goddammit!'

I scarfed down my chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes all smothered in the best cream gravy in the world in world record time-- which means faster than my usual world record time-- gulped down the third refill of coffee and paid Velma, leaving her usual good tip that made sure she would put up with me no matter what I did. I adjusted Buck Jr. and his two buddies, put my pointy white hat on at that sexy angle women like, and swaggered casually over to their table.

"'S'up, Varnell? How'd you manage to hire someone new and I hadn't heard about it?" I looked at the boy and watched his eyes start at the top of my boots and take the long way to my eyes, blushing slightly and looking away when he saw the look in mine.

Varnell was feeling important today, with the only thing new to talk about in his care, "Billy Ragland, this is Buck Tennyson." I swallowed his small but strong hand with mine and held it, shook it, held it. He had to look me in the eyes-- it's i*****l to shake hands and not. 'Don't you look back down. Uh-uh, don't look back down, back up, back up, theeere you go. Do you know what you're doing to me? It's your eyes that should be i*****l, like felony entrapment or something. If my cousin wasn't sheriff, I could get arrested in this state for what I'm thinking about you right now.'

"Pleased t' meet you, Billy Ragland." I wouldn't let his hand go. Even thick-headed Varnell eyed my grip nervously as I held onto it.

"Billy is Bob Kamisky's grand nephew, from over in Chickasaw County. Gonna be stayin' the summer here, and mebbe his senior year in school too."

"That so, Billy Ragland?" I finally let go his hand and he blushed some more and looked down at his mashed potatoes. I waited for an answer he didn't give.

Ahhhhh, a shy one.

"I hear you started some more trouble at Bebe's last night," Varnell said sarcastically, then cast a dire warning look at Billy and scowled, "Stay as far away from Buck Tennyson as you can, Billy. He's nothin' but trouble an' he'll get you in trouble if you associate with him-- and you don't need any more trouble."

I stood back and spread my arms wide, jutting my pelvis forward, "Why Varnell Denburk! How dare you cast perversions on my character! Don't listen to him, Billy, he ain't been laid in twenty years. It warps yer mind, ya know. We overlook it cuz he's Varnell, an' Winn Dixie would fall apart at the seams if it wasn't for his capable management and spiritual guidance."

I tried to wrap my arms around Varnell's chunky shoulders and he vigorously fought me off as I warbled at him, "I love you, man! I really love you, man!" Getting a chuckle from Velma and the old men at the next table.

"Get away from me, you pervert!" Varnell's round pale face was red with irritation and embarrassment. He had not one iota of humor in him, which made teasing him fun as hell.

I looked at Billy and he was smiling the cutest fucking smile I'd ever seen in my life, and my cock twitched as I caught his eye and smiled my biggest 'I wanna eat you' smile. He had sharp canines that sparkled iridescent white behind voluptuous pouty lips that I wanted to bite. His silvery gray eyes sparkled with a humor that just barely obscured something heavy, sad. It made my heart catch for a second and I studied his tiny sharply pointed nose and rich brown eyebrows, lashes below threatening to stretch up and get more attention, so long and lush were they.

I was suddenly tongue-tied. I, Wayne Arter Tennyson, who had never in his life been short of a word, poet as a c***d-- `til I realized that made you a sissy-- wannabe singer/songwriter like Garth, ladies man and Casanova to the county, the twenty-four year old stud who men hid their wives and daughters and sons from--even if they didn't consciously know why they were hiding their sons from me-- the man with the golden tongue------ tied. Blank. Lost in his beauty. Aware I was starting to get a woodie right there in Janny's. I gathered myself and tore my eyes from him.

"Uh... I gotta get back t' work." I recovered enough to give him a mildly lascivious smile, "Nice t' meet you Billy Ragland. See you around." I tipped my hat. "Varnell." I strutted out, a little shaken, but strutting, wondering if he was looking at my hard as rock ass in my tight jeans like the ladies were always talking about.


Good thing you don't need much brain power or focus to do stocking in the hardware department, which Carl put me on for the afternoon, and which I always did slowly so he'd feel like there had been enough sales to need time to restock. I couldn't stop thinking about Billy Ragland. I could only see his smile and those troubled eyes of quicksilver, fluid but barricaded. They hadn't let me in even for a second. What I saw, the sadness, was just what he accidentally let slip to the front. He wasn't letting anybody inside.

I started writing a bad song about his eyes, singing it to the tune of another bad song in my head. I had to constantly keep adjusting myself through the afternoon, constantly mentally slapping myself to focus on what I was doing.

When I pulled up in front of my little house after work, I chugged my brown bag sheathed beer and fumbled with the sheepskin wheel wrap forever, finally giving up, muttering about how directions should be in plain fucking English how the fuck do they expect you to figure this shit out who makes this fuckin' crap anyway?

I went in and showered, getting Buck Jr. hard and talking nice to him, telling him he's gonna get some tonight and forget about Billy Ragland-- for now. He wanted to cum while thinking about Billy, but I wouldn't let him.

"Save it for Darla, or maybe even Johnny Ray. Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't ya? Johnny's talented tongue and you are real close friends already, huh?"

My voice echoed around the bathroom tiles as I stroked, "And his ass makes ya sit up and beg, huh? Well get yer drippin' over with now; don't be doin' it in yer jeans later. It's commando again tonight, Buck m'boy. Yeah, you can stretch on down my leg and reel 'em in for daddy."

As I finished drying off, I looked in the mirror and posed, looking down at my pride and joy, then my entire six foot two, hundred and seventy-four pound hardbody, my devilishly handsome face, hawk nose and blue eyes under wild dark blonde hair. "Goddamn, you're the hottest fucking man in Chocktaw County! No one can resist you. Everyone wants you." I looked at my cock, "Everyone wants you!"

I always let the phone ring three times before answering it, the land phone that is, and since I had made it to where no one ever called for anything other than sexual liaisons, I answered, "Buck's pussy palace. Talk nasty and tell me what yer wearin'."

"You think you're just God's gift t' the women of the fuckin' world, don't ya?" Darla drawled scornfully.

"I am the light and the way, darlin'. Wassup?" Here it comes, here it comes, I wanna hear that whine, wanna hear that pretty please, here it comes...

"I was just wonderin' if maybe you'd be home around ten, not like it matters, but I might be in the neighborhood about then, so..."

Oh, definitely not good enough! You'll have to do much better than that baby. "Oh, I'm goin' to Bebe's for a while, play some pool, don't know if I'm gonna be around here... 'specially if I don't know for sure anyone's comin' by, you know..."

Long pause. "Well, if I knew for sure I was gonna be over that way at ten... Would you be there?"

"Well, if I knew you was sittin' in your car out front waitin', with the first three fingers of your left hand in Buck Tennyson's private twat, waitin' for me, I might consider comin' home." I was grinning so big I could hardly talk straight, having pushed her button on purpose.

"First of all, I got a husband, so it ain't yours private. And second of all, Ewww! You know I hate it when you call it a twat!"

"Better than the "C" word." I suppressed a chuckle.

"You damn sure know better than to use that one, Buck Tennyson!"

"Ok, in your sweet pussy. I mean, if ya got it all wet an' juicy, I might be tempted t' go downtown, and you know what all the ladies think of my oral skills, seein' as how my tongue's longer than most dicks."

"I don't care what the others think-- I know you're the best at that, daddy."

"So... Tell me what you're gonna do to make me wanna come home."

"I'm gonna be sittin' there with three fingers in my pussy and a joint in the other hand, and Garth Brooks on cd, my lips all puckered and ready t' kiss Buck jr."

"Sounds ok, but I guess I need t' know for sure it's worth comin' home to, like how bad ya need it, cuz I don't want it if it ain't all wet and juicy and needin' me real bad like."

"Oh, it needs you real bad like, daddy, you know how bad it needs you. It's wet right now just thinkin' about Buck jr.-- and I know you love it when I call him that."

"What's it thinkin' about?"

"About your tongue wrapped around my clit, about your big dick inside it."

"Who's your daddy?"

"You already know you are, every time you slap my ass and I tell you so."

"Just don't forget it."

"Be there?"

"Yeah." Click. "Oh yeah!" I said to the empty room. I lounged naked for awhile, then took a nap so I could stay up all night if I wanted. I woke up and started getting dressed, wondering if Johnny was ready again for my dick yet. It was hard for him to accept needing it, and hard for him to take, but when we got going...

Well, if he was ready again, maybe he'd wait at Bebe's until I was done with Darla. She only needed one good eating and fuck, so I'd have at least one more load to give Johnny.

Well, maybe one in his mouth first, and one in his sweet ass, too. I gave myself a once over in the mirror and headed for Bebe's.


"What the hell are you doin' here?! Get yer ass outta here, Buck! You know after last night, Dan's liable to come in here lookin' for ya!"

"Nah, Bebe, no one said anything to Dan, an' Allie Mae won't be out tonight. It's all good."

"Bullshit, boy! I ain't havin' no more trouble cuz a you! You 'n Jake broke a pool cue and knocked the dartboard off the wall last night. You're payin' for that cue too, y'know. But you stay away from here for a week, or at least until I know Dan don't know nothin' or he's done shot ya, then you can come back. I told Jake to stay out too."

"Awww, Beeeebeeee!" I whined like a c***d.

She snorted, "Don't aw Bebe me, dick for brains, ya'll are gonna get me shut down or shot!"

"Man, what'll I fuckin' do? They won't let me in the Cattlemen's and I can't stand the Powder Keg."

"Try stayin' home one fucking night in yer life, sweetie; give that thang a rest," she nodded toward my crotch and smiled her lifetime of honky tonks smile, shaking her big red Dolly Parton hair.

"Ok. Two minutes t' talk to my friends? Two minutes, an' I'll be like greased lightning."

She looked at her watch, mentally gauging what time Dan might come looking for me if he came tonight, "Ok, two minutes."

I wasn't into sitting around and waiting all evening by myself for Darla, so I figured I'd see if I could get Johnny Ray Benson to come over now. I zeroed in on Johnny by way of his buddy Chad Langer over by the second pool table, watching Mike and Jimbo play, beers in their hands-- even though Johnny was only nineteen.

I spoke to Chad but kept looking Johnny in the eye as I told them my predicament, asking if anyone wanted to party at my house tonight-- meaning Johnny Ray. Had to do that little dance around the issue in the company of others.

"Should be able to round up some snatch..." I tossed out for good measure, giving Johnny a sly wink. The others all knew I would never share a woman with them, nor go to the trouble to get women for them, so they had no interest in coming to my house, and that's how I liked it: one at a time, whether it's a girl or a guy.

"Nah, I'm in the pool tournament tonight; fifty bucks," Chad dismissed the thought, bouncing his pool cue on the nasty old cigarette burned carpet to the Toby Keith song blaring from the jukebox.

Perfect, 'cause I knew he wouldn't come anyway. While Chad turned his attention to the game, I looked down and tried to see around Johnny to his butt, conspicuous only to him. He blushed in the neon beersign lights and played nervously with his longneck Bud bottle. I'd only fucked him three times now-- or well, three nights, with multiple fuckings the last two times-- but he was hooked on Buck Jr. and I was sure he would come with me or meet me at my place.

"So what you doin' tonight?" I towered possessively over him, brushing my arm against his with a little static zap. "I got a fifth of Velvet and some Columbian fresh from some evil cartel at home," I said seductively to him.

He looked up with his puppy dog brown eyes and smiled nervously, "Uh... Well, uh..." he looked around to make sure nobody was paying attention to us. I could see the farmboy's wheels turning in his head as he debated if he needed to get fucked like a bitch again with a dick that was bigger than he thought humans could have. He stole a glance at my crotch, tapped Chad's arm to get his attention and handed his cue to him, "I don't stand a chance in the tournament anyway."

I spoke in a conspiratorial whisper to him, "Wait ten minutes to leave so Bebe don't think I'm stealin' her business, ok?" He nodded, understanding the rules of the game. He still had half a beer anyway.


I stopped and got another fifth of Black Velvet and a two liter Coke, went home and changed into some light blue silky gym shorts that showed off my dick to the extreme and made sure there was lube stationed on the end table by the couch and on the night stand by the bed. I debated putting some in the kitchen just in case, but there was a knock at the door.

He was so fucking cute, standing there all nervous and fidgeting. "Come on in `n get comfortable; take yer boots off," I ordered as I motioned to the couch, lifting his hat off his short brown hair as he passed and setting it on the TV beside mine.

He walked a little unsteadily to the couch and sat, taking his boots off slowly, keeping his eyes studiously trained on his task. I stepped over in front of him and just stood there for a moment, asserting my dominance, letting him take in my muscular body with his chocolate brown eyes. My cock twitched and started growing, immediately stretching down below the hem of my shorts. Johnny Ray's eyes grew wider and more nervous as they focused on the head of my cock. I made it jerk and he gasped. I smiled smugly and sat down next to him. I watched him out the corner of my eye as he finished taking his boots and socks off while I rolled a fat joint. He looked over at my long tongue licking the paper and folded his hands in his lap like a good boy in church, eyes darting around nervously. We went through this the last time, too.

But the first time was in my pickup out behind Bebe's on a slow night. I'd really had to work him into it, joints and shots and just the right amount of pussy talk, sprinkled with horny guy cock talk, then the ol' arm around his shoulders and the 'I like you a lot' and `we could be good buddies' lines, while feeding him shots directly from the bottle, finally putting his hand on Buck Jr. and romancing him a little.

Of course, I had spotted his dick-hunger almost a month before, catching him looking at my bulging advertisement and getting boners. I could tell he was afraid to try it, but needed to real bad, so I had worked on him subtly but steadily up to that night, with lots of little inuendo, lustful gazes and the sly brushing of his ass with my hands or `accidentally' rubbing my crotch against him and stuff. By the time I got him into my pickup truck, there was no doubt he knew what I wanted.

He was really the best boy I'd ever had-- out of nine I'd had over the years. He was all nervous and hard to get going, but when he did, he was like an a****l and couldn't get enough dick in his mouth or ass. And most of the others, and more of the women for that matter, had a hard time taking my cock down their throat if they could at all-- not Johnny. He took it all the way to the bone, after I shoved his head down on it the first time so he knew he could. And I figured: you gotta really want dick bad to work that hard and take such a big one down your throat. I mean, there must be somethin' in their heads that makes them want it that bad, so I was down right obliged to give it to them.

I already had his very strong drink sitting there for him and passed him the joint. "Anything the matter?"

He took a big hit and held it for a few seconds before replying in that squeaky voice you get talking around a hit, "Uh, just a little nervous, I guess..."

I looked at his brown eyes contrasting his fair skin, several pimples dotting his cheeks. He was cute, but Billy Ragland was beauty incarnate. 'Where did that come from? I'm here with Johnny of the sweet ass and mouth and big brown eyes. Don't be thinkin' about some boy you don't even know you can have...'

"Here, why don't you get those clothes off." I took his drink out of his hand and prodded him to stand up and strip. He hesitated, then slowly stood up, his pecker bursting against his Levi's. I could even see it throbbing through the cloth. "Take yer time," I said around my hit on the joint.

He looked down at me, all guilty like, eyeing my mildly hairy chest and six pack, my navel covered by the top quarter of my cock proudly stretching well past the elastic waistband of my shorts. He undid his shirt buttons, moving in slow motion-- which I so got off to-- revealing his beautiful hairless chest and his tight abs then his strong young shoulders to my hungry eyes.

Yeah, working the farm makes boys like him some fine young specimens of manhood. People in the city pay big money to go to gyms for what he gets naturally from his way of life.

Me too, I mean, I've never 'worked out', but I worked all my young life on my f****y's farm until Mom and Dad died when a bus slammed into them coming back from Christmas at Grandma's when I was eighteen-- the first year us k**s didn't go. So my s****r and I sold the farm and she married Butthead and moved off with him to St. Louis. With my share of the insurance settlement and the farm sale, I had way more money than I ever thought I'd need and bought my secluded little house out past the edge of town and went to work at Hansen's Lumber for something to do-- devoting my life to the pursuit of tail. All I needed was sex, and lots of it.

Funny how I just fell into getting tail from boys. I'd never had much thought or desire besides playing around as a teen here and there, getting my dick sucked a couple of times by k**s my age; until that boy who came to lay carpet in my house came on to me. He was so fucking hot, and he knew what he was doing. After that, I found I really liked the whole game of manipulating boys into it, and once I'd had boy butt, well...

Johnny's pants were coming down. I smiled as he bent over and turned his ass to me to hide his throbbing stiffy, giving me a sumptuous view of his sweet sweet ass. I was about to lean forward and lick it when he stood up and sc****d his jeans off each ankle with alternating feet. He nervously eyed my erection stretching the shimmering material and blushed, looking down at the floor. I lifted my ass and shucked my shorts down, put my hands up and motioned for him to step over to me. He moved warily between my feet as I reached out and turned him around. I stared at his flawless ass and blew on it. He got goose bumps all over and trembled.

Goddamn, that turned me on! I loved his nervousness. I especially loved it knowing how out of control he'd be in just minutes. I loved knowing I did this to him, that he wanted me so badly and was so scared-- even for the fourth time-- and knowing that he couldn't fight his need for me, that he would give himself to me, and he would re-live having my cock in his ass and throat every time he beat off at night in his bed while his good Lutheran folks lay in the other room and thought their boy was just shy around girls.

I nuzzled my face in his crack and sighed warm moist whiskey breath into it. I flicked my tongue on the tight starfish and he jumped and moaned, arching back against my face as his little brown pucker spasmed. He spread his iron cheeks for me by twisting his knees in a little. 'Here we go, baby...'

I licked and probed his rosebud for a minute or five, fucking him with my tongue and loving how his chute flexed and spasmed around it, how he moaned and trembled and pushed back against my face. I pulled him down on my lap. He was surprised and awkward as I pulled him off balance, but relaxed a little when he was sat on my hard dick.

All his farmboy I-shouldn't-be-doing-this body posture evaporated and he arched his stomach and chest out, leaned his head back on my shoulder and started riding my rod like he wanted me to stick it in without even sucking on it first this time. He started kissing and licking at my jaw and cheek, trying to get me to kiss him. Most of the boys I'd had didn't get into kissing all that much, but Johnny really loved swapping spit.

I growled at him, "You like sitting in my lap, on top of my big dick?"

"Yeah, yeah it feels so big to sit on like this," he groaned into my ear while I gripped his hips and slid him back and forth on my cock, my precum and spit on his ass making it hot and slippery. He knew from before that I really got off to talking dirty and he had better answer me when I asked a question.

I swiped my tongue across his lips and he snatched at it like a snapping turtle. "What you want Johnny? Tell me what you need."

"I... I want you. I want you in my mouth and..." he gasped and headrushed visibly, his eyes glazing over for a moment there.

"And what Johnny?"

"And... in my butt," he moaned again, writhing around on my lap, reaching for the back of my head to pull my face toward his to kiss. I held back from the kiss just to frustrate him, but reached around, grabbed his dick with one hand and pushed my other down between his thighs, squeezing his perineum and balls, my middle finger probing between his clenched little pucker and the underside of my shaft.

"What you want me to do to your butt, Johnny, just rub my dick around on it?" I teased.

He was loving this, but also impatient, "Fuck me! Fuck my butt like last time!"

"Ahhh, how did it feel last time, baby? Did it hurt?"

"Yeah. It's so fucking big." He squirmed around on it, trying to slide up and catch the head on his entrance.

"Do you like that it's so big?" I had to let go of his prick, because he was about to cum.

"Yeah, god yeah. It's hard to take it all, and hurts like hell at first, but when I get used to it..."

"But you're here cuz you need it bad, don't ya?"

"Yeah." He was flushed and hardly even trying to control his breathing now.

I reached over and got the lube, raised him up by one hand under his armpit, pointed my cock between his thighs and sat him back down, with it pushing his tightened ballsack out of the way, sticking up majestically from between his legs.

"There's your saddle horn, boy, lube it up and get ready to ride."

He dug his fingers into the Elbow Grease (which the carpet-laying boy, Howie, I think his name was, had turned me onto) and applied it to as much of my shaft as he could get to, smearing it all over his tightly drawn, nearly hairless balls and inner thighs in the process.

"How does it feel between your legs and in your hand?"

"Big. Huge," he gasped. I could hear and feel his heart pounding in his chest as I reached around and caressed his tight stomach and teased his nipples. "But good."

"You ready to sit on my big daddy dick and ride it?"

"Y-yeah, I think s-so..." He was trembling and breathing like he'd run to town and back already.

"This time you can sit on it and take it at your own pace, at first, baby. Now show Buck Jr how good you can make him feel."

I leaned back against the cushions, which made my cock jut up to its full length. He raised up, steadied his trembling legs between my widely spread knees and aimed it at his hole. I felt the slick pressure and heat as he sat against it, the head suddenly slipping in.

"AAAAAAGGGHHH!" He cried at the top of his lungs and held still for a minute, breathing hard and whimpering.

I remembered the first time I fucked him. It took forever to get it all the way in, with him crying for awhile, but not wanting me to stop, even when I said I was going to because I didn't want to hurt him. And once he got used to it, he wanted me to ride him slow at first, and when I sped up, he came before I got really going and had to stop.

The second time, here at my house, I told him that if he wanted to do this again that I wouldn't be stopping fucking him this time until I came too, at least once, so he accepted that. I rode him all the way across the living room floor on his hands and knees and down on his stomach, with him begging me to stop but freaking out when I did, pulling me back on top of him and jamming himself on my cock like he couldn't live without it. He came four times that night. He was hungry. The third time was a repeat of the second, but in the bedroom and then in the bathroom over the sink, and then out on the back porch for a good blowjob to finish the night before I sent him home at 3:30 in the morning.

"Oooohhhh, you're so tight `n hot inside, baby," I sweet talked as I kissed and nibbled around on his neck. "Take yer time..."

"OH! Oh god it hurts! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh god!" he yelled and moaned as he slid slowly and steadily down my pole, stopping about halfway and holding for a long moment, breathing hard in loud gasps, sweat breaking out on his back and neck. He raised back up until it popped out and lowered himself back down a little further, then back up and out, keeping it aimed with his right hand. I watched him riding slowly up and a little more than halfway down, his taut back and butt muscles straining and flexing as he panted and whimpered. His legs trembled violently and it looked like they were having a hard time raising and lowering his torso with any semblance of control. It was such a beautiful sight.

He hunkered his back and tilted his head way down in front, cupping his balls with his left hand so he could see me going up inside his body-- and I was mesmerized by the sight of this boy impaling himself on my cock, accepting the pain at the beginning to get to the ecstasy at the end. I was intoxicated by the liquid heat of his muscles clamping tightly around my manhood.

The A/C was on full blast, but he was sweating profusely, inhaling and exhaling f***efully, his loud moans broken up by his rapid sharp pants of breath into a staccato of whimpering grunts.

"Yeah, ride it Johnny! Sit down on it all the way and ride it like ya mean it!"

"Oh, it's soooo fucking big! I can't hardly take it. Gotta breathe..." he whimpered as he sank it deeper and rode up and down a little faster at my urging.

"That's what you need, isn't it. You need my big dick spreading you wide and going too deep, don't you." I growled and slapped his ass cheek, the crisp retort echoing around the room.

"YES!" He yelled like he'd been f***ed to admit it.

I felt his muscles start spasming even tighter and knew he was about to cum. I grabbed his hips and pulled him all the rest of the way down on my staff in one lunge and sat up, peering over his shoulder just in time to see his first shot burst out and fly a good six feet through the air in a graceful arc to land on the TV screen.

The ensuing volleys made a white splatter trail between there and his hand on his nuts-- not even touching his prick-- as he screamed at the top of his lungs from the shock of the last couple of inches suddenly breaching the depths of his bowels and his powerful orgasm taking his breath away.

Before he was even done climaxing, I stood us up, bent him over and started plowing his ass hard and fast, as he grabbed at things that weren't there, trying to get away. I rode him hard, jolting him nearly off his feet with every thrust. He reached back and clutched frantically at my thighs.

"PLEASE! PLEASE STOP!" He begged even as he braced himself and backed up into my furiously pumping hips. I pushed him to his knees and crouched over him with my hand on the middle of his back, drilling down into his still spasming ass like I was breaking a mare as he yelled and moaned and grunted and cried and begged for more, "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, OH YES, DO IT!" he cried out.

He was quiet for a minute as I fed it down into his hole, then he grunted and began pleading, "No more! Please stop! I can't take-- OHHHHhhhh, OH GOD YEEESSS!" He just couldn't quite decide if he could take it or not, and I was loving it.

His shouts and moans were driving me inexorably to the brink as I watched his body curl into submission to my thrusting cock, offering his hungry ass up for my pleasure even as he begged me to stop. This was going to be too fast if I kept it up like this. His ass was just consuming my cock and flooding the rest of my body and brain with too much pleasure and adrenaline to hold off. I had to slow down.

I slowed to almost no movement, with my hand pressing down on his back, forcing his face into the carpet. My cock buried deep inside him, rotating my hips to churn his bowels, I whispered, "Do ya love it, baby?"

He grunted and gasped, almost crying, "Ungh! Y-y-yeah-- but it h-hurts, too."

"Is it the kinda hurt you need? You need my daddy dick this deep inside you, baby?"

"Oh God, it's so fucking intense!" he moaned and tied to pull away a little.

I held him in place and started a slow longdicking, backing almost all the way out, driving slowly, slowly back in all the way, all the way down.

"AaghOooogodohhhh, Oh, Oh, Oh, it's too much... too much..." he mumbled into his forearm and bit his own skin.

I pulled all the way out, my cock dangling over his raw, spasming hole that couldn't quite close back up.

"I'll stop then."

As soon as he realized it was completely out, he blindly reached back and grabbed for the cock he needed to shove back in his ass, "NO! Put it back in! Please! Don't stop! Please!" he pleaded.

"Please what?" I slapped his groping hand away.

"Please, Daddy!" He thrust his ass up toward my cock, catching the tip on his hole and trying to ride up on it.

"Please, Daddy what, boy?"

He twisted his head up to shout, "Please, Daddy FUCK ME!"

I pressed the head against his hole, "Hard? Is that how you want it?"

"Y-yesss, hard Daddy, do it hard, Daddy Buck!" he was sobbing with need and anticipation.

I shoved it all the way in and started plowing him again.

"AGHHHOHHhhhh, please!" He moved out on his hands and knees and I followed, jamming down into him as he crept forward. He kept moving till he butted up against the stereo cabinet and I slammed him harder, watching his shoulder and the side of his head impact the cabinet, sending an avalanche of cd's cascading down all over his sweaty back and the floor. I didn't miss a stroke.

"NO MORE! I CAN'T TAKE IT! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!" He screamed, then flexed his whole body and whimpered, "Oh God, no more, oh too much, too much-Oh GOD YE-EH-EH-AAGGGHHH!!!" He grabbed his cock and came again while I kept driving relentlessly in and out, and his spasms sent me over the edge.

I exploded into him like a firehose, yelling almost as loudly as he had screamed. I pumped my load furiously into his convulsing ass, going down on my hands and knees over him, my stomach coming to rest on his tailbone, still pistoning in and out when my load was drained.

He milked it and pulled on it and squeezed on it and milked it some more as I collapsed on him. We fell on our sides as he milked it some more, squeezing his muscles so tightly I thought he was going to pinch my cock off at the base.

We lay down for the count on a bed of cd covers, little Garth's and Shania's smiling seductively up at us. Johnny was still working my cock with his ass muscles, still panting for breath, but letting out little sighs of contentment, like he was exactly where he wanted to be. I caressed his chest and stomach tenderly, kissing his dripping wet neck and ear as he clutched at my hip, pulling me into him hard, not wanting to let my cock slip out as it gradually softened.

When it did slip out, because I had to stretch my left leg out to stop a cramp from happening, he rolled over to face me and wrapped his sweaty body into mine, kissing at my collar bone and mouthing my neck like a nursing kitten.

He mumbled into my neck, "Daaamn, Buck, I can't believe..." He trailed off.

"Can't believe what?"

"I can't believe how good you make me feel, what you do to me. I... " He caught himself. "No, I know you don't wanna hear that." He kissed my Adam's apple and snuggled in even more, sighing warmly into the cool dampness of my chest and neck.

I wasn't about to ask him what he didn't say. Of course I knew. I kinda felt it too. I'd come real close to feeling this way with Jeannie Van Diesen the year before. She'd gone off to college and I was just a little lost. Then there was Jamie. I had been so into him, and he was so fine, but he picked up on my feeling and blew it all out of proportion and almost fucked everything up-- and I came too close to going with it. I didn't like that feeling, and didn't want this feeling now, cuz it leads to that feeling. Not good.

I looked at the VCR clock and it was after nine. I pulled his head away from me and kissed him tenderly. He clung to me, grinding his sweaty naked body into mine and kissing back passionately, already hard again. After a minute or so, I extricated myself from his embrace and stood up with some effort. He rolled out on his back and looked up my body with that look, settling on my eyes. I looked down at his prone body and settled on his brown puppy dogs, feeling uncomfortable.

"Let's get cleaned up. You gotta be gone by nine-thirty or so."

"I do?" he looked surprised and very disappointed, kinda hurt. "Why?"

"Cuz I got company comin' over, and she don't wanna see--" I grunted defensively and snapped at him, "Aw man, don't fuckin' look at me like thaaaat! Shit!" I turned and went to the bathroom, mumbling under my breath on the way, "Tryin' to make me feel all guilty `n shit."

He called after me, "I'm sorry, Buck! I just thought you might want me to stay the ni-- for awhile, you know. I'm sorry," he whined.

I started the water and sat on the commode lid, suddenly bummed out. After a bit I stood up and got in the hot spray. I had just finished washing my hair and was starting to soap up my body when Johnny Ray climbed in, all shy smiles and repentant brown eyes.

"Here, let me do that. We'll get it done faster and I'll get outta here."

I let him take the soap out of my hand and he started reverently rubbing it around my chest and shoulders, slowly and sensually caressing my nipples with his other hand, eyes drawn alternately to my chest as he massaged it and up into my eyes, smiling tentatively and innocently.

He could smile all he wanted-- it couldn't cover up his longing. I saw that look in his eyes that I always ran from real fucking fast. 'It's over,' I thought. 'I'm twenty-four. I don't settle down with no one. And when I do someday, it ain't gonna be with no queer boy. We wouldn't last ten minutes in this town like that. Let him down gently. Not tonight, though, not time.'

When he got to my genitals, he worked the whole area over with the lather, sensuously squeezing and wringing my cock and balls in a way that would definitely have gotten me back up normally. I was too bummed. I really liked him. He was the hottest sex I'd had in a very long time, maybe the best ever, I had to admit. Something about the way he surrendered himself so completely to me, the way he showed his need and hunger, gave me some kind of warm feeling in my gut, and made me want to hold him tight and stick my dick inside him and just keep it there, just have him and like, possess him. But if he was going to fall in love, well, it's over.

We dried off in heavy silence. He felt my mood though I tried to put on a smile, but it was just a drag. I watched him toweling off his tight, sexy body and my cock twitched as I thought about how fantastic his ass felt when I fucked him. Why couldn't he just enjoy awesome sex and let it go at that?

But I knew it was partly my fault, the way I talked to him and treated him, the way I consciously tried to make him feel like he was my personal squeeze-- but that was my thing, ya know? I wanted them all to feel like they were mine, like I was their man, the only one who could fill their sexual needs-- but I didn't want to be their life partner `n shit.

Too bad about Johnny Ray. But damn, he was hot and it was hard to imagine just dropping him from my list.

He got dressed and was about to head out the door and I looked at him, all subdued and kinda sad, so fucking cute, and something made me backtrack, and dammit, I said, "Ummm... If ya wanna stay..." I wondered why I was doing this. "You can hide out in the spare room while she's here, if you're real quiet."

He brightened up for a moment, then an unsure look overtook him, "You want me to stay? I mean, I don't wanna, you know, distract you or anything."

I quickly thought, `I don't really want to sl**p alone tonight. Maybe I can figure out a gentle way of explaining to him how it ain't a good idea to fall in love with me and we can get back to just enjoying the awesome sex.'

"Well you won't. I mean, if yer real quiet, she'll never know you were here." I hesitated to say more, but did, and I don't know why. "I'd kinda like you to stay the night. She won't be here long."

He absolutely glowed, looking up into my eyes with that look. It still made me uncomfortable, but I went ahead and gave him another kiss. When we pulled away from the kiss, he opened his eyes wide and said, "Oh! My pickup! What should I do about it?"

"Oh fuck! Umm... Oh, duh! Put it in the garage. I think there's room; I never use it."

He ran out and got in his truck while I opened the garage door. I had to move a couple of things, then he pulled far enough in so I could shut the door.

Moments after he'd settled into the spare room, Darla pulled up outside. I wasn't really in the mood for her now, but I wasn't one to pass up good pussy either, so I yelled, "Door's open!" from the couch when she knocked.

She sashayed her hips through the door with a lit joint in one hand and a bottle of bourbon in the other. "Well, how nice t' see you're already here, Daddy." She stood in front of me, straddling my knees, and bent down to give me a super-charge from the joint, letting her big tits almost fall out of her low cut blouse. I sucked in the smoke and pulled her down into my lap. She giggled and settled herself on my groin, tracing her fingers over my chest.

We eventually worked our way back to the bedroom and I fucked her. It wasn't satisfying though. Two things kept distracting me: One, was that I knew Johnny Ray was in the next room and could hear her grunts, moans and nasty talk-- which I wasn't into like usual. And two, I had never gone from a boy's ass right to a woman's pussy before in the same day, let alone in the space of an hour. It really brought home the difference-- and the difference was much more extreme than I'd ever thought-- though I had to keep in mind that she'd had two k**s. One more thing to be bummed about.

I mean, I really liked fucking these queer boys, and introducing them to their queer selves in the couple of instances like Johnny Ray; but it IS queer sex, dammit! I didn't want to think of myself that way, whether I liked the sex or not. `I'm just horny, and will fuck any good-looking thing that walks!' I kept telling myself as I showered with Darla. She sensed things weren't like they usually were, but didn't pry. She had enough things going on in her life; she wasn't concerned about mine. I was a good lay, and that was enough for her-- and enough for me.

I slapped her ass and sent her on her way, back to her k**s, to her husband who'd be getting home around 5am from work in the BF Goodrich plant over in Lebanon. Back to the normal, mini soap opera life she waded through every day. She was actually a really nice person and pretty smart. She deserved better than she had ended up with.

She got pregnant by Chris Danforth as soon as high school ended, so they married, and it wasn't a good match. I knew Chris pretty well, though he was two years younger than me. He'd been on the basketball team during my last year, and I'd seen his dick hard in the shower once. Between it being pretty small, and not knowing how to use it worth a shit-- according to Darla-- it was no wonder she looked elsewhere for satisfaction.

I had my pick of the womenfolk not just cuz I was good lookin' and well hung. It was more about how I made sex a "whole thing". I knew how to make them feel special, how to make love and ride them like bitches in heat at the same time. I knew what made their eyes cross and their toes curl. Seemed like most of the guys around the county hardly knew what the fuck they were doin' when it came to sex. They just knew how to hop on, hump `til they came and then fall asl**p, totally unaware of the woman's needs-- or they just didn't care. But somewhere in their pointy little beer dazed heads, they knew there were guys like me out there who knew how to satisfy their women-- and were doing it-- but it didn't seem to make them want to try any harder. Oh well, their inadequacy was my good fortune; an endless supply.

Johnny Ray came out of the room, a little sullen, slightly ashen. "What?!" I barked. He jerked like I'd hit him, but recovered and tried unsuccessfully to smile.

"It..." he shook his head, looking down. "It was kinda strange, hearin' what y'all were doin'..." he ran his hand distractedly through his hair, watching me pour us a fresh drink.

"Well, you wanted t' stay."


Something was bothering him, and I wasn't in the mood to fish for it, and didn't really want to deal with his problems anyway. I handed him his drink and he sank heavily onto a barstool. I leaned back against the counter and chugged half of my drink.

"Buck, am I queer?" he asked with tears forming in his eyes.

I nearly spewed the drink I'd just taken all over him. I definitely wasn't ready for that one from out of the fucking blue.

I ran the back of my hand across my lips and chin and said, "Aw, shit, Johnny Ray, how the hell should I know?" I scowled and showed my irritation in my voice. But for some reason, I went ahead and played the hand, though, "You like getting fucked in the ass?" He blushed and weighed the question for a moment, then nodded his head in resignation, knowing he couldn't deny it to the man who had just fucked the shit out of him while he begged for it and said how good it made him feel. "You like sucking my dick?" Another nod as he avoided my eyes. "Then I guess you're queer."

Johnny Ray flinched and his face twisted up as tears rolled down his cheeks. He looked both scared and depressed as he drilled holes in his glass with blurry eyes while twisting it in his hands. "Fuck. Oh fuck," he mumbled.

I didn't need or want this. But I felt bad about sounding so annoyed, so I needed to say something, "Look, that's... Hey, it's not such a bad thing." I paused, trying to think. "Do you have, like, any desire for women? At all?"

He started sobbing, and I just couldn't handle it. "N-no, n-not really." he turned away so I wouldn't see him crying. "Oh God! I'm not supposed to be... I can't, Buck! What'll everyone say? My dad! Oh fuck!"

"Well you damn sure don't wanna tell anyone!" I pointed menacingly at him, trying to make my point crystal clear. "Don't you dare tell anyone, Johnny Ray Benson!"

Goddammit, I had already been through this same shit with Jamie! Goddammit! What was it with these queer boys that they all started thinkin' they just had to go and tell every-goddamn-one in town they liked dick? I couldn't understand what their problem was! How stupid could they be?!

I tried to reason with him, "Johnny Ray, goddammit, you just can't tell anyone about this! There's fuckers in this town that'd fuckin' kill you! You know that? I mean, they'd just love to take you outside of town and tie you to a truck and drag you down the road `til you're fuckin' dead, or they'd just beat you to death. Can't you understand that? Don Haarken and Sam Dukowski put some fag over in Lebanon in the fuckin' hospital about ten years ago and the guy almost died! I hear he has a speech impediment now; he can't work a job and lives with his mom over in Springfield. But you see, Johnny, it's fuckin' dangerous to be openly queer in Angel Hills!"

Then I softened my voice, "Look, if you're queer, that's ok, but I can tell ya right now, if you `come out' in Angel Hills, yer life won't be worth a plug nickel. An' I could never see you again, besides."

His head jerked up and there was panic in his eyes. "No! Oh man... If I couldn't see you... Oh man, I don't know what I'd do," he thought aloud.

"Don't tell anyone!" I thundered. He flinched again. I again softened my tone, "Real simple, baby. That way you can come over here and get what ya need. People've seen you `n me together, seen your pickup here. You go tellin' folks you're queer and they'll put two and two together. Just leave it lie, `kay baby?"

He hung his head and sniffled, thinking of all the implications. I felt my heart going out to him and fought it. I didn't want him to tell the world he was gay because that could cause me lots of very complicated problems, and I really didn't want to try and deal with his life's problems right now. That was something for `couples' to do, or really close friends-- and we were neither. I knew if we got very far into this conversation, he was going to tell me he was in love with me. I needed time to think of how to steer him away from that thinking.

"Hey, why don't we get outta here for a bit? Let's go for a ride."

"Huh?" he looked up at me through his tears.

"Let's go for a ride. The fresh air'll do ya good."

He was thrown off a little, but nodded his assent.

We took the bottle and a joint with us and ended up out on County Line Road, still well within the county, not far out of town, driving in front of Bob Kamisky's big old solitary house. He and Mrs. kamisky lived alone in the colonial style spread with four two storey columns supporting the front porch roof, with a little balcony in the middle as if they expected to stand and wave to crowds like the Pope or something. Their only daughter had long since moved away-- and never came back. They were cold people. They acted nice at social gatherings and church, and of course when they ran the Winn Dixie, but they were just cold, stolid, Pentecostal Bible thumpers. They weren't the kind to preach at you, but they were very rigid in their beliefs.

Now Billy Ragland had to spend at least the summer with them. Poor k**. Probably s*******n, the time for getting wild, the time when you can do so much and not be held responsible for it. The next year, wham! But s*******n-- I know I had a good year then, and I cherished the memories even more now, because my folks were still alive then.

About a city block past the house, my headlights caught a lone figure walking toward us. It was Billy. He had on sneakers, gym shorts and a wife beater, displaying his softly muscled shoulders and delicate neck. He looked up and squinted into the headlights. I pulled up beside him on the wrong side of the road. I rolled my tinted window down, letting the cool air out and the mosquitoes in while I turned the stereo down.

"Hey. What you doin' out walkin' in the dark all alone, Billy Ragland?"

He smiled relief when he recognized me, "Oh, just walkin' and thinkin'. I told Pawpaw I was gonna jog up and down in front of the house. Why do you always call me by my first and last name?"

"Ummm, I think that's how I remember names when I meet someone. After awhile I'll just call you Billy, I'm sure-- but who knows? I kinda like Billy Ragland, like it just has a ring to it, y'know?"

"I guess, Buck Tennyson." He grinned. "So what's it like bein' named after a dead poet?"

"Well, It's our last name, so it's not like they were tryin' to name me after Alfred Lord Tennyson or anything. I'm told we're not related."

"Oh. What's your real first name? And where did Buck come from?"

"Wayne Arter. My granddad was Arter and my dad just liked Wayne. I dunno where Buck came from. I mean, I know it's short for buckaroo, which is a bastardization of vaquero, Spanish for cowboy, cuz the white guys couldn't pronounce it." My eyes had adjusted to the moonlight, and I could see his quicksilver eyes, looking at me with intense focus. My groin tingled. "I think someone called me Buck one day as a k** and it just stuck. So I'm stuck with Buck," I chuckled. He smiled his dazzling smile, lighting up a mile radius, making my cock start its trip down my thigh.

He leaned his head toward the pickup and squinted to see into the darkness, "Somebody with you?"

I leaned back, "Yeah, you met Johnny Ray Benson today out front of Janny's." They gave a little wave to each other, Johnny not being in a talkative mood.

"Cool. You on your way to Bebe's or somethin'?" He didn't know it was in the opposite direction.

"Nah, I'm eighty-sixed for a week from there. We were just cruisin' around, thinkin' about smokin' a joint, when I came across you, walkin' around in the dark like a spectre."

"You sure seem to have a better vocabulary than any other rednecks I know. What's up with that?"

"Me? Well, hell, I'm really just another dumb redneck, but I got into poetry big time when I was younger. I kinda had a natural knack for writing and stuff, so I learned a lot of big words I can't use cuz no one around here knows what they mean." I chuckled.

"Maybe you are related to Tennyson. So, what, you don't write any more?"

"Nah. You smoke weed?"

"Hell yeah, but I can't right now, cuz I gotta go back in soon and they make me kneel down and pray with them before bed." He rolled his eyes. "They smell the smoke on me and they'll crucify me-- even if it was just tobacco. I doubt they know what pot smells like, but it's smoke."


"But hey, it's good to know there are cool rednecks out here in Bumfuck. I'll be eighteen in a few months and then I can do whatever I want-- fuck them!"

"You go, Billy Ragland!" I raised my fist defiantly and laughed. He laughed and shuffled his feet.

"Well... I better git on back."

"Ya sure ya hafta go so soon?" I looked at his face and wanted to touch it.

"Yeah. I been out here awhile. See ya later, Buck Tennyson," he smiled shyly and looked into the darkness beyond me, "See ya, Johnny Ray."

Johnny said a weak, "Later."

Oh god, those eyes and that smile. I had an erection in my jeans and was so tempted to show it to him, to get him to look inside the window at it, to urge him to reach in and feel of it and watch his facial expressions while he did.

"See ya later, Billy Ragland." Neither of us moved. He looked over at the row of trees lining the road.

"See ya." He started walking. I put my truck in reverse and glided backward slowly, staying with him as he walked.

"See ya, Billy Ragland," I smiled.

He laughed and kept walking, glancing up at me every couple of seconds, smiling THAT shy smile, teeth glinting in the moonlight.

"Later," he said one last time as he started off into the grass at the corner of the huge flat yard with no trees, heading toward the house. I stopped and watched him until he stepped up on the porch. He paused, turned his head and looked back at me, then opened the door and disappeared.

I drove on.

After a bit, Johnny spoke up, "Hot for him, huh?"

"Whattaya mean?"

"Ya got hard just talkin' to him."

I looked down at my now shrinking cock and realized the dashboard lights had lit it up well enough for him to see it-- besides the fact that I had u*********sly stroked on it a few times while I was talking to Billy.

"Well..." I got flustered. I didn't want to have to justify my actions to Johnny; but at the same time, I knew he was in a vulnerable state right then. I fumbled for something to say, "Ummm... He's a cute k**-- but he's just a k**. I don't need to be robbin' the cradle." I laughed nervously, because I was definitely prepared to do just that with Billy.

"So, maybe I ain't the only one who's queer around here? Maybe you're a little more queer than you like t' think?" He said in an almost challenging tone of voice.

"DO WHAT?!" I yelled. I could not believe he'd just said all that! "What the fuck you talkin' about, bitch?! You'd best be shuttin' your mouth, boy! I ain't no fuckin' queer like you! I don't take no dick up my ass! YOU GOT THAT?!" I boomed in my biggest voice as I pointed my finger and shook it at him threateningly in the glow of the dashlights. I almost ran off the road, corrected and sped up.

He didn't respond, except to shrink into the door away from me. Goddamn, he pissed me off! I wanted to yell at him and ask how he thought some little twerp like him thought he could get away with sayin' shit like that to ME?! I mean, he knew I could kick his little ass in my sl**p, goddammit! Where the hell did he get the idea he could say shit like that and I wouldn't stomp his fuckin' ass into the ground? I was seein' red and havin' to keep myself from haulin' off and whackin' him across the seat, but the anger funnelled itself into determination to fuck him as hard as I could `til he cried when I got him home. I didn't consider how fucked up in thought that was. I was blinded with rage-- and stupidity.

I heard a tearful, "I'm sorry, Buck," from the far side of the cab.

I cranked up the stereo almost full blast to block out any further thoughts or conversation, and my Blaupunkt speakers rattled until they were nearly dead as we hit 92mph on the deserted country road. I zoned out, just thinking over and over, things like: `Little goddamn smart-ass mother fuckin' cock suckin' goddamn mother fuckin' little bitch! I'll fuckin' show him queer!'

Here I sit, looking at the hearts and initials carved into the sticky wooden bar at the Powder Keg, yet again contemplating leaving this hell-hole of a town. I picture myself seeing the "Entering Angel Hills, population 760 (and falling)" sign in my rear view mirror as I stick my hand out the window and flip a fond farewell birdie to my birthplace.

My favorite fantasy is the one where I meet this hunky guy and we fall in love and I'm sitting in his lap-- maybe with his dick in my ass-- yelling 'FUCK YOU ALL!' as we drive our escape route through town, laughing at the shocked looks on the good folks' faces.

When I do leave, I'm pretty sure I'll never want to come back, even to visit my f****y. Hell, they wouldn't want me to come back if they ever learned what I am. And I think, or at least fantasize, that if I lived in the city, St. Louis, Chicago, (gasp) San Francisco, wherever, I would come out and be able to live an open life. Scary shit to think about, but it's mostly all I think about these days.

I might even tell them-- from the safety of great distance-- by letter, or phone, or Christmas card, "Hello Mom, Dad, just thought I'd let you know the reason you were never quite proud of me, the reason I never lived up to your expectations and disappointed you on an everyday basis my whole life, is because I'm a fucking faggot. That's right! You always knew it somehow, but you didn't want to admit it. Well, I suck cock and take it up the ass and I hate you all with every fiber of my being for making me hate myself and hide from being me. I only sometimes hate you, April (my s****r), but I love you, Andy (my b*****r) and probably wouldn't be alive to write this if it weren't for you. Anyway, have a merry fucking Christmas Mom and Dad, I hope you choke and die on Aunt Velma's shitty fruitcake. Love, Jamie." I'll probably never have the courage to do that, but who knows?

My reverie was interrupted by Allie Mae Gearherd and Sheila Van Tusen plopping their c***dbearing hips down, leaving just one empty stool between me and them.

'What the fuck? There's nine or ten empty stools at the bar. Why the hell you planting yourselves down here by me?' I wondered, annoyed. But I knew why they're sitting way down here. They wanted to talk about the men they're cheating on their husbands with, and not let anyone hear them over the jukebox, playing Ray Price's classic, For The Good Times.

I don't count. I'm safe. I don't get involved in any of the soap operas of the fine upstanding citizens of Angel Hills. I don't want to. All these God fearing Lutherans, sprinkled with Baptists and Pentecostals, all fucking around on each other, fifty percent alcoholics, many wife and c***d abusers, even a few d**g addicts, all standing up in church on Sunday singing about God and Jesus and America and the flag and love it or leave it; but don't let a nigger or a fag cross the county line-- they're just not part of God's plan. Andy told me about the sign that used to be at each end of town: "Nigger don't let the sun go down on you in Angel Hills" that came down in the summer of love-- not that love had anything to do with it. There are still no blacks in town.

"Wassup, Jamie. I saw April with Ben Sanderman over in Lebanon last week at Jimbo's Grill. If she thinks nobody knows she's seein' him, she's sadly mistaken, ya know." She arched her eyebrows and gave her best 'busted!' look.

I retorted, "I don't care if she's sl**pin' with his daddy and his dog, Allie Mae, I don't even try t' keep up with all the guys she fucks." I scowled and took a long drink of my beer.

That was enough of a pleasant response for her to turn to Sheila and carry on as if I were never there. But the reason they had come down to this end to talk, was because it was impossible for these two to talk quietly. They were just loud, nasty-legged honky tonk girls. Allie Mae was pretty and Sheila was ok lookin', but they only had a few more years before their days of men begging for their asses was over, when they would get too fat in the hips and their alcoholism took its toll.

So I heard every word they said as they carried on about their newest target, Justin somebody, who I'd seen somewhere before, and was pretty sure he was from Lebanon. I was so tempted to blow their minds and say `Yeah, he is a hot looking dude, ain't he? Looks like he'd have a big dick, too.' Then I had an odd feeling in my gut that these two would think it was a hoot to talk about guys with me. That forever nixed that idea. Then Allie Mae abruptly changed to,

"But of course you know Jake won't talk t' me now, after Buck kicked his ass at Bebe's last night." Her `night' coming out sounding like `nat', grating on my last nerve.

"Well I heard all about it from Jimmy. He was right there in the big middle of it," Sheila gushed. "He helped the others take Jake down when he broke the beer bottle and started t' go for Buck after Buck had done kicked his ass and walked away. What a fag that boy is." Sheila shook her head.

"Oh girl, I knooow!" Allie Mae brayed. "But he's my cousin and thought he was doin' the right thang by me, cuz Buck was talkin' shit, disin' me, you know how he is."

"Well he may talk shit, but boy howdy can that boy fuck!"

"What, you tellin' me?!" Allie Mae worked her head like a sista and smirked, spreading her hands to show about ten inches between them. "And that ain't all, darlin', he goes downtown like a man possessed! Mmm mm!"

"Oh, don't even remind me, girrrrl! Remember, I'm the one who tol' you 'bout how good he was with that snake he calls a tongue." Both of them gave all the appropriate head tilting, hands up and eye rolling gestures to confirm agreement with each other on this oh so tasty subject.

Well, that sent me back into my head, shutting out the rest of their conversation just as I heard Allie Mae saying something about her husband Dan smashing a bottle of Lite beer against her framed print of Garth Brooks and threatening to cut her throat if he found out for sure she was fucking Buck, blah, blah, blah...

Ahhhhh, Buck. Buck Tennyson. Goddammit, why did they have to bring him up anyway? Probably the main reason there's any business here in this dump, besides the seven or eight raggedy old men and women who're here every damn day of their lives, is people staying away from Bebe's to avoid Buck Tennyson, like Allie Mae, like Sheila, like me, and at least one or two more women in my field of vision-- and when I thought about it, there were a couple of young guys I knew that, who knows, maybe they were refugees from Buck Tennyson too...

What's it been, almost a year since he... God, I can't count the times I've played it all over and fucking over in my head.

Ray was singing, "Lay your head, upon my pillow. Hold your warm and tender body, close to mine. Hear the whisper, of the raindrops, falling soft, against the window, and make believe you love me, one more time... For the good times."

I've known him all my life. Well, I was around him all my life. He's four years older than me, so I never hung out with him or nothing, but I remember how, when I was about f******n and realized I liked boys, he was a senior and on the basketball team cuz he's so tall and so damn good looking and it was my first crush. (Ok, I know looks have nothing to do with being on the team.) I'd go to every game, and every practice to watch him, stare at him and fantasize about him and me. I lived to get him to look at me, to turn that dazzling smile on me, and those cobalt blue eyes, dark blue heaven. Everytime he did talk to me, I just about creamed my jeans.

I wasn't around him much at all after he graduated, so my lust gradually focused on others, like Scooter. Scooter Anderson was my best friend from sixth grade through eleventh. We did everything together. It was one of those close friendships where we were together so much I called his mom Mom, and he did likewise with mine.

We were the first in our school to go punk, when we were s*******n, and got the shit beat out of us more than once because of it, even though the way we dressed was nothing compared to what we saw on MTV. But the thing was, we did it together. We did everything together.

We did d**gs all we could, and because of my closet, my frustrations and my home life, I put a very low premium on my life, doing a lot of stupid and dangerous things over the next couple of years. For just one example: driving naked and wasted at 90mph down County Line Road with one foot on the steering wheel and my hands on my cock and balls, with Scooter naked and nearly passed out laughing in the passenger seat in the middle of the afternoon, shit like that.

We got called faggot all the time because of our clothes, spiked hair and earrings, but I could never dream of actually admitting being one. I would probably have been killed if I had. Me and Scooter played with each other and jacked each other off fairly regularly. Then one night we were d***k and stoned and sucked each other off in the shed behind his house. He got Pentecostal regret the next day and I told him he was a closet case-- cuz he'd been the one to instigate it, and it seemed like he got into it almost more than I did-- hoping he'd admit it, then I would admit I was too.

But it backfired and he freaked out, so I went ahead and admitted I was and he rejected me, violently. So we instantly ended our friendship. At least I knew even that day that he would never tell anyone I was queer, because everyone knew me and him were together all the time up to that point, and they'd naturally assume he did whatever I did. Though I don't want his friendship anymore, after the way he handled that, I do wish he could admit to himself what his tendencies are. He even stopped doing the punk style and ended up dating Betty Scribner and getting married right after high school. So, because I was gay, and figured he was, I lost the only real friend I ever had.

So my first year after school was spent trying to do myself in with booze and d**gs and stupidity. My dad beat the shit out of me regularly for being useless and stupid-- which I was-- and I drove my car into a tree, landing me in the hospital almost dead, for a month and a half. I actually did die, technically, and they brought me back. I thought a lot during that time and decided to cut down on my self-destructive habits-- not cut them out altogether-- and decided I would save up and get the hell out of here.

So after my long recovery, Dad, happy to get me out of the house, got me a job at my uncle Carl's Lumber yard-- working with Buck. I became a model employee. I wanted to keep that job so I could be around him. It was so awesome, because he treated me like an adult, like he liked me, when no one else did.

I fell in love with him all over again. I would just watch him and drool. I realized later that he was very aware of my condition. He played to it, he'd pose, he'd get aroused and make it plenty visible for me when it was just us. And I looked every chance I got. I fantasized about him every single night.

I was so conditioned to hide my feelings, to absolutely never make the first move, we skirted around the issue for months. I was too stupid to pick up on his sometimes direct come-ons, thinking he was just joking with me. I didn't think he was bi. I knew he got laid by all kinds of women all the fucking time; that's pretty much all he talked about. I started hanging out at Bebe's when Buck told me she doesn't check ID's unless you look way too young or act stupid. Anyway, I'd see him hit on women, especially married women, and leave with them on a regular basis; so I just couldn't conceive of him wanting to do anything with a guy, with little ol' outcast me.

At some point, he got tired of dragging it out I guess, and he started working the situation. One really hot July afternoon, we were moving plywood. He took off his shirt and flexed his muscles and stretched, then reached down and scratched his nuts and kept his hand there. He knew I was watching him and put his other hand on his stomach, rubbing it slowly around in the sweat, up on his gorgeous chest, making me tingle. He looked like a dream, a fantasy man from some Shania Twain video, too hot and sexy for this state.

He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, "So how come you never have a girlfriend?"

I was stunned speechless. I hadn't expected anything like that! I blushed crimson, the heat making me dizzy. "Uhhhhhhh..."

He stood there slowly rubbing his stomach and chest, getting a kick out of my squirming and blushing, "You mean t' tell me, as young as you are, you already know better than to get hooked by one?" He smiled a knowing smile at giving me an obvious way out.

I mumbled, "Yeah... I guess so," refusing to meet his gaze.

He squeezed his cock through his Levi's and kinda pointed at my hair with his free hand. "So, I been wonderin', what does the spiked and bleached hair and all those earrings mean?"


"Well, like, does it say you're a hip-hopper? A punk? Straight? Gay? What?"

Oh my God, I couldn't believe he'd asked me something like that! "Uhhhhhhhhh... well, it don't really mean any particular thing. It's just a s-s-style," I stammered. And I wasn't about to respond to the sexuality question at all.

"Oh." He thought for a moment, "You do d**gs, though, right? I know ya do, you've talked about it before."

"Hell yeah-- but not as much as I used to."

"Can you get exstasy? I hear about it all the time, but don't know where to get it. I read somethin' on the net about it's great for sex."

"Uhh, yeah... I can get it, but it's twenty-five bucks a hit."

"For ONE?!"

"Yeah. That's the goin' price for X these days out here in the sticks."

"Fuck! It must be one helluva trip!"

"Yeah, well, it is if you're like, at a rave. Like, the techno music kinda makes it work, y'know?"

He contemplated that concept for a moment. "Any raves around here?"

I smirked. "Oh yeah, every Tuesday at Trinity Lutheran in the day care room!" I spouted sarcastically and laughed.

He laughed too, then thought for a moment more, "Well, do you have any cd's of rave music?"

"Oh yeah," I nodded my head smugly. "I got a few."

"Well then I got a plan. If you can get us some exstasy, you can bring it over my house and we'll make a rave right there in my living room. I got a helluva stereo system, and we can crank it up as loud as we want, cuz I got no neighbors for miles. I've just been wantin' to try it."

"Oh, man, that'd be awesome!" I gushed, getting very excited. I actually forgot his attaching sex to ecstasy in his comments at that moment.

"How soon can ya get it?"

I furrowed my brow, "Umm, tomorrow, maybe. I hafta go to Lebanon to get it."

"That's cool. So, how `bout we plan for a rave, Friday night at Disco Buck?"



I was so damn excited and in such a hurry, I got a fucking speeding ticket on the way to Lebanon the next day. Needless to say, I drove very cautiously back, with four hits of exstasy in the trunk-- I wanted two on hand for another time.

It seemed like it took six months for Friday to arrive. He told me to come over at seven, and I showed up at a quarter til. I laughed so hard when he opened the door. He had spiked his hair with gel or mousse, and was wearing what he thought was rave attire-- half right, with the cargo pants, but a dorky pullover shirt that lost all the effect. But as my laughter subsided, I realized he'd actually gone to some trouble to get into it for me, and I thought that was really cool; so I made him think my laughter was just because it was him, a redneck doing it, not because of the way he looked. And even in those clothes and that attempt at a spike, he looked fucking hot!

I told him it takes anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes for it to hit you, so we drank some bourbon & coke and sorted through my cd's. He really seemed to like the music, though he couldn't quite get the hang of dancing to it at first-- cuz it wasn't exactly boot scootin' music. I tried to show him how `we' did it and he copied me pretty well.

About the time I started feeling the exstasy, he said he was feeling something too. He moved the sofa back against the kitchen bar so we could really move around and he started getting the hang of dancing to the hypnotic music, with its high energy beat.

He had the stereo cranked up very loud, so I tiptoed up into him and tried to speak in his ear, "I forgot to tell ya, the way this usually works is, ya get a big `up' rush for a while, then ya get a `down' rush for a while, then ya kinda go into a middle ground. It's hard to explain, but you'll see what I mean."

He nodded his head and started moving around the room spinning, arms going every which way. I was getting off to watching him so much I forgot to notice my cock getting hard.

When the cd ended, I went to change it and he stood in the middle of the room as if frozen. The moment the music started, he began a wild dance all over the room.

"YEAH! I REALLY LIKE THAT ONE!" he yelled over the music, pointing to the stereo, indicating the William Orbit I was playing.

We both danced like wildmen around the room, then he started slamming me. I wasn't about to explain that this wasn't punk or oi!, as I wanted the body contact with him. He accidentally knocked me into the stereo cabinet and rushed over to see if I was alright, apologizing profusely. I told him I was fine, but let him hold me against him from behind and to the side the way he'd grabbed me. He was sweating and he smelled incredibly good to me.

We took a little break when the cd ended. "Man, this is such a fuckin' fantastic feeling! It was worth $25.!" He raised his hands in the air, "Every fucking penny!"

I had a laughing fit at that, and of course it was contagious. We ended up slumped together in the middle of the floor, hanging on to each other laughing.

"Man, the music is so, so, full of energy! And my body feels so, exotic!" He was feeling around his chest and stomach sensuously.

"Yeah, that's a good word for the feeling!" I enthused. "Check this old school out..." I put in a cd of Jean Michel Jarre and we resumed dancing.

We went wild and started slamdancing again, but much gentler than they do it in clubs. After a few minutes, I saw him bouncing in one spot, more like jiggling, then all of a sudden he got this crazy look in his eyes and started ripping his clothes off. Literally. He shredded his shirt, and ripped it in places he didn't even need to, to get it off-- he was just enjoying ripping it up. My cock again went rigid and drooling in seconds as his hardbody was revealed.

I just stayed in place dancing, freaking totally out that he was doing this, and trying not to stare as he did his frenetic striptease. He tried to rip his cargo pants off, but could only get them to rip down the ass. He almost looked like he was panicking that he couldn't get the elastic in the waistband to rip, and finally just shoved them and his boxers down and off, dislodging his running shoes in the same frenzy.

When he stood back up in all his naked glory, I just about came in my pants. He stood so proud, like a god, inviting all to worship his magnificence. He didn't move a muscle, dwelling somewhere in his head for the moment. I was still as stone, staring, my erection visible in my pants if he happened to look. The beat was thumping my chest, but I couldn't move, mesmerized by the vision of my lifelong desire, poised mere feet away from my astonished eyes.

I drank in the sight and etched it into my brain. I'd seen his dick both soft and somewhat aroused in his jeans plenty, but that didn't prepare me for the stunning sight before my eyes. I had looked at a fair amount of straight porn on the net with my b*****r Andy, on his computer-- I didn't have one-- and had never seen this big a dick except on black men, and it wasn't even hard.

Momentarily, he broke from his spell and looked at me. A grin started and spread from ear to ear and his blue eyes sparkled. Then he started dancing again, but stopped after a moment, giving me a look and hand gestures like `Well, are you gonna get naked too, or what?'

He yelled over the music, jerking me out of my trance, "Clothes are a drag! It feels so real without them!" and nodded his head to encourage me.

Well. I was between a rock and a hardon. I wanted to get butt naked with Buck Tennyson more than anything in the fucking world! BUT, I had a hardon that would not go down. I was panicking. I looked at his cock and judged he wasn't obviously aroused-- even though it hung so long and thick it was bigger than most cocks fully hard-- but looking made my cock throb even more intently. I wasn't about to take my pants off and let him see my raging boner!

I took my shirt off and did an `I'm shy' pose to say I wasn't taking my pants off, giggled, and resumed dancing, trying to figure out what to do. He looked at me strangely, then started dancing too. I figured if I danced for a couple of minutes without looking at him, my woodie might go down and I would go ahead and take my pants off too. I didn't think about what would happen once I got them off, that I'd probably just get hard again.

So I danced around with my back to him for a bit. All of a sudden, my cargo pants were down around my ankles. He'd just come up behind me and pulled them and my briefs down too fast for me to react. He bounced up and down, moving around me laughing, his huge rhythm-stick bouncing joyously free all over his thighs, stomach and down under his heavy bouncing nuts, easily slapping his own ass with it.

I thought, `Well, the cat's out of the bag, so to speak, I might as well go with it.' So I started jumping up and down, with my pants around my ankles, hardon slapping my belly as I jumped. Buck was laughing hysterically as he jumped, circling me slowly. I was red with embarrassment, but had such a euphoria going I didn't let it distract me from laughing along with him.

When I lost my balance and fell to my knees, I decided to take the pants and shoes off, so I sat in the middle of the floor and watched him bounce around me while I removed my shackles. The second I stood and started dancing again, he started slamming again-- but it had a whole new dimension to it now that we were both naked. It felt so, I don't know, tribal?

And sexy, very sexy. My cock was raging hard, even with the frenzied movement and bouncing. I noticed Buck started filling out more too, and he seemed to prefer slamming my backside then pushing me forward. And he was so much bigger than I, he would scoot me across the room, rubbing his dick on my tailbone and ass, before moving away.

I was in heaven! Dancing naked with the man I'd fantasized about for years rubbing his aroused cock against my ass, thinking this had to be leading to something sexual. Yeah, X in general, with music like this, would tempt most people to get naked and dance, but it wouldn't give them hardons while doing it.

When he would scoot me across the floor from behind, I started flipping around and pushing back against him, stomach to stomach-- well stomach to groin, since he was so much taller than me-- and that ground his ever growing dick into my stomach while mine jabbed at his thighs. He'd let me push him backwards, in the spirit of the dance, since he could very easily hold ground if he wanted to.

Then I pushed him back against the edge of the sofa and he grabbed at me to keep from falling, pulling me into an embrace, but we fell laughing onto the sofa anyway. He was still holding me in his arms as we laid out and our laughter subsided. Here we were, me laying on top of him, his humongous, nearly hard organ beside mine, pressed between our bellies.

I saw the look of `What now?' in his eyes, that I'm sure reflected the same look in mine. Shit, I didn't know what to do! I was counting on him knowing and showing the way!

"Guess we both needed a breather, huh?" He still had his arms around my back, holding me down on him, my elbows in his sweaty armpits.

"Yeah," I agreed, and thought, `But what about our hard dicks crushed between us? Did you happen to notice that too?' I watched the transition in his eyes from the rush of dancing energetically to what looked to me like he was considering the same things I was.

"I'm fine right here," he said kinda husky voiced, glancing down to where my nearly flat pecs met his firm, rounded, manly, hunky, perfect dream set of pecs. And I mean Buck Tennyson had the most perfect chest in the county, in my humble opinion.

"Me too. Just fine. Right here." I blushed at my forwardness and studied his shoulder nervously.

"I think I like this better than dancing." He grinned and let his hand wander down my back toward my ass cheeks.

I was scared as hell, could hardly believe this was happening-- but it damn sure was. Even in my extremely limited experience, I knew damn well I was in a sexual situation, and his eyes told me that was exactly what it was we were in. Oh my fucking god. YES! I was trembling, heart racing, but ready to go for it, "Yeah... this is way better than dancing." I smiled shyly, lips twitching uncontrollably and sticking to my teeth.

He brought one hand to my neck and held it, while pushing down on my ass with the other, "Way better," he mumbled, pulling my head down to his to kiss me lightly on the lips, then releasing his hold. I raised my head and looked him in the eye.

I was just having a really hard time accepting that this was actually happening-- things never work out this well for me! I just never get things I really, really want. But it was happening. Not only was it happening, but he was the one instigating it-- and not being shy about it either. I boldly brought my lips back to his and snaked my tongue in between them. He welcomed it and sucked it gently into his mouth to spar with his, while he kneaded my ass cheeks and hunched up into me.

I was fully engrossed in the moment, every slight movement we made, every nuance of his lips and tongue, his hot mass of powerful flexing muscles underneath me, his huge cock twitching insistently at my stomach; but I was also thinking back on all the years I'd loved him and fantasized about him, and the last few months working together and how I'd been wishing just that one dream would come true for me. Just that one, and I had sworn if it did I'd never ask for anything else, ever again in my life. And here it was, coming true.

Horny as I was, as much as I wanted to dive on his cock, I didn't want to break the kiss. It felt like the kiss meant he was into me, not just wanting to get it on. I honestly could have stopped after the kiss and gone home floating on air-- forget the ecstasy, this was outdoing it for sensation in every way, although I'm sure the X was heightening the physical sensations, cuz it just does that.

When he let our lips part, it was to kiss my eyes and trail around my cheeks and jaw, holding the back of my head. I kissed and nibbled at his ear and whispered, "You have no idea how long I've dreamed of this, Buck. Since High school."

"Really? Is that why you used to come to all my basketball practices?" he pulled my head back to look in my eyes.

"You remember that? You actually noticed me there?"

"Yeah, I noticed you. I didn't know why you were always there, but I noticed you staring at me a lot." He chuckled, "But back then I... Well, let's just say, I didn't have a proper appreciation for half the population." His cock twitched and he gave an evil boyish grin that made my heart flutter.

I speculated, "Man, if you'd had that `appreciation' for me then, I can't imagine how different my life would've gone, the things I would've done differently. I was so in love with you." I got a little melancholy and I guess it showed in my eyes.

"I know you've been through a lotta shit, Jamie. I remember Carl thought you were gonna die when you had that car wreck, and how him and your dad both thought you kinda did it on purpose." He didn't respond to my saying I was in love with him.

"Well... I didn't have much goin' for me then." I mumbled, "I just kinda didn't care what happened."

As usual, when the subject came up, I involuntarily had to watch the video in my mind. It always started with me throwing the empty whiskey bottle out the window and noticing the road got very bumpy all of a sudden as I looked in front of me and saw the tall weeds bowing to my bumper, and then deciding, `That one looks good as any.' as that tree headed at me at 50mph in slow motion, watching the second the front of my car folded itself around the trunk as my face hit the windshield. Then nothingness, blackness, then the light in the distance, Gramma smiling with her arms stretched out to me, then the electric jolt as the doctor shouted at nurses, frantically grabbing at instruments while I tried unsuccessfully to tell them not to bother...

He traced my eyebrow with his fingertip. "There's always somethin' to live for, Jamie."

I looked in his eye and thought for a moment. I smiled crookedly, "Well, I just now found that out... but I didn't know it back then."

He smiled understanding at me and after a moment of silence, motioned for me to get up. I became very nervous again as he took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. We stood beside the bed and he enveloped me in his arms, feeling my ass while I felt his strong back muscles working with his arm movements. I was fighting back tears of excitement and happiness at just being held so tightly against his big amazing body.

He leaned down and kissed my neck, sending shivers all over my body. "Ever done anything with a guy?" he asked softly in my ear.

"Ummm, once." I figured he was wanting to know if I'd ever been fucked, "I sucked Sc-- this guy once."

"That's all you done?"

"Yeah." I felt his huge cock lurch against my stomach at my answer and I got scared. I knew I was about to get fucked for the first time, and it was going to be with the biggest cock I'd ever seen. I was having second thoughts-- big time-- as I looked around his bedroom, picturing him in the big unmade bed, fucking some woman while she cried out in ecstasy, picturing him just waking up on any given morning, pee-hard jutting into the air, sneaking the image of me waking up next to him in there, trying it on for size.

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah." I was trembling uncontrollably and rushing and my breath was making noises in my throat.

"Do you wanna do more?" He sounded so fucking sexy, with his deep voice in my ear, so confident and in control, making me tingle on top of all the other symptoms of lust and fear.

I managed to squeak out, "More than anything... with you." Scared or not, I'd wanted this way too much and way too long to back out now that it was actually happening. I pulled back and looked up at him with watery eyes, "But I'm... scared." I took a deep breath. "You're so big."

"Ohhh, Jamie," he pulled my face into the crook of his neck and shoulder, "Don't be scared. You're trembling so..." He stroked up and down my back, sending tingles all through me. "Relax, baby, I won't hurt you." His voice was so deep and comforting it did take away some of my trembling. "I'll make it feel so good you'll never wanna stop."

"But, but, it's gotta hurt!" I whined as I buried my face in his neck and inhaled his scent, making my cock and ass both twitch.

"Well yeah, it always hurts some at first, for anyone, but once ya get used to it, it'll be the best thing you've ever felt in your life." He pulled my head away from his neck and kissed me tenderly. "Trust me?"

It was hard to form words around my ragged breath. "Yeah."

"Be my baby?" He kissed my forehead, holding my head with both hands.

"Yes... yes." I inhaled his breath and kissed his chin.

He pulled my head back to look in my eyes and said, "I've been wantin' this for a long time, too."

My legs were like rubber already, so when he relaxed his grip on me, I sank to my knees in front of him. His cock was dripping with power and masculinity and testosterone and everything I'd always wanted. It was so fucking huge in my vision that I almost started crying again with a mix of fear and anticipation. I brought my trembling hand to it and finally got to hold the focus of all my dreams and fantasies. I held it at the base and my finger couldn't quite meet my thumb around it. I squeezed as I pulled my hand toward my face and precum issued from its slit, hanging down several inches.

Assuming I should, I cautiously dipped and caught the end of the string on the tip of my tongue, following it to its source, where I scooped it out of the deep slit and rolled it around on my tongue. I had tasted and swallowed my own and Scooter's cum, and I suppose I'd tasted his precum that night, but I was not prepared for how much I loved tasting Buck's. I'm sure it was because I had wanted this to happen with him so badly for so long, and what he'd just said, that just this one erotic thing, catching and licking up his precum and tonguing his slit had me almost cumming without touching myself.

I pulled back to look at it again, and saw my tongue was connected to his cock by still more of the viscous clear honey and spit. He moaned with pleasure at the sight of the connecting string, and maybe at my look of lust and wonder. I sucked it in like spaghetti, following it to the big flared head, pushed my lips onto it and entered heaven as it entered my mouth.

And it filled my mouth to overflowing as I sucked in inch after inch. It was so thick and wide it hit my teeth on the sides. I remembered Scooter telling me to `watch the teeth' when I was sucking him that night, but I couldn't prevent Buck's shaft from hitting the sides. I just hoped they didn't scratch him.

He took my head in his hands again and started pumping slowly in and out. I was grateful that he took over, because I didn't know what I was doing, really, and I just knew I wanted him to take total control. It was instinct. I wanted to offer myself to him in every way possible. I wanted him asserting his maleness over me, feeding me his sex, his maleness, making me give him pleasure.

"Oh yeah, like that." He flexed his cock in my mouth and asked, "Is this what you been wantin' all this time, baby?" I nodded my head and moaned on his shaft. "You love my daddy dick?" I nodded some more and moaned even louder.

If ever there was one, this was a daddy dick, and he fed it to me tenderly, pressing it to the back of my throat.

"Feel my balls, baby," he moaned.

I reached up and cupped them in my hand and thrilled to the weight of them, rolling them around and pulling down. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and stood it up against his belly, "Lick `em, baby. Suck on `em."

I took one in my mouth and thrilled to this new sensation, going back and forth between them, licking underneath when I'd let one slip out to search for the other in the wrinkly sac. The smell of his sweaty groin was making me lose myself in it more and more as I sucked and nudged them with my nose and ground my face into them and the base of his cock. I actually thought, `My face belongs here, in his crotch. This is heaven, pure and simple.'

He pulled back, aimed his shaft at my mouth and I opened up to take it back in-- but he held it just out of reach, holding my hair in his fist so I couldn't get to it.

My mouth was gaping open and my tongue stretched out toward the tip and I wanted it so bad and I didn't know why he was holding back and I needed it so bad and why wouldn't he let me have it?

His voice was low and husky, "Love it, baby?"


"Need it?" he teased.

"Yes! Please!"

He tilted my head up and looked down at me with a stern but lustful expression. "You wanna be taken by a man, don't you. You want me to be your daddy, don't you."

I looked into his eyes while all kinds of images went rolling through my mind, and like a slot machine, one by one, they came to a stop with a click on a triple, "Yes," I squeaked out.

"Yes what?" He pulled my head back further with his fist.

It took me a couple of seconds to snap to what he was wanting me to say, then I blurted out, "Yes, Daddy!"

He smiled down at me, acknowledging my having just submitted to him on all counts. "Then show me what I've been missin'."

He let go of my hair and I dove on his cock, working furiously back and forth to show how eager I was to please him, fondling his big heavy nuts with my hand. Then I would let his cock slip out to slide my lips down the shaft and slurp a nut in through my lips and grind my face into the wrinkly hairy skin while I squeezed his cock with my hand, then tongue my way back up the underside of the shaft to gulp down as far as I could go on the unbelievably long shaft. I tried, I pushed, I gagged, I choked, I shoved my face onto it, but I just couldn't get it all the way into my throat. I was getting frantic, trying, and I could get it in my throat some, but I just couldn't get it all the fucking way in!

This was better than my fantasies. I had always wanted him to take me, if only to just have sex, and especially if he could love me too, but I hadn't really thought through what kind of attitude he might have if it happened. All I knew at that moment was that the way he was doing this was turning me on like I'd never thought possible.

I thought, `Yes, I want you to be my daddy, to take me and make me yours.' I smiled in my mind at the thought of all the comedians who'd played on the phrase `Who's your daddy?', and glowed at the reality that it only made its way to their lips because there had to be a lot of sexual daddies and their girls or boys out there for real, and I was finally one of those boys for the daddy of my dreams.

I had always been drawn to dominant guys, and had always wanted to have sex with them-- and there were a few here in Angel Hills that turned me on that way, some even bigger and more muscular than Buck. But Buck Tennyson was always at the top of that heap in my mind's eye. He was the ultimate male as far as I was concerned-- and with his drop dead gorgeous body, face that could stop traffic at a NasCar race and eyes that could melt you into little puddles of goo, plus his near legendary cocksmanship thrown in, I wasn't the only one who thought so.

After several minutes of me working his cock over like a starving calf, he reached down and effortlessly lifted me off my knees and sat me in the middle of the bed. He laid me back and climbed in between my spread legs. He looked down at me and he was so fucking handsome and sexy and powerful and so... I could cum just looking at him.

He hooked under my knees and pushed them back against my chest. I was so turned on, but so scared too, my mind could hardly cope with it all.

"Oh baby, what a beautiful ass," he hissed. He bent down and licked my ass, sending jolts of electricity all through me. I had never even conceived of anyone actually licking someone's ass during sex. Sure, I'd heard plenty of joking references, but just hadn't thought it was something people actually did. "Sweet, sweet ass," he mumbled into my spasming hole. He raised back up. "Hold it up for me." I replaced his hands behind my knees and pulled even farther down to put my ass up more. "Yeah, like that."

He attacked full face and it was like a steady electrocution in a most wonderful way. He licked, nibbled and sucked from my ass to my nuts, then went up over my nuts and licked the underside of my rigid cock to the tip. He took the tip in his mouth and teased it with his tongue, then let it plop out, glanced up at me as I flapped my mouth in wordless awe, then forged his way back to my hole, lapping sensuously at my tender hairless skin along the way. He f***ed his incredibly long tongue into my convulsing hole and I cried out at the most amazing thing I'd ever felt in my life to that point. I almost came again. He worked it in and out like a cock, giving me a hint of what was to come.

If this was anywhere near what a dick felt like, I was going to love it like crazy. I relaxed and rode his very talented tongue. I was rolling on the X-coaster in the sensations now, and didn't notice the first finger joining his tongue. It wasn't til the second finger joined in and the tongue ventured back up my perineum to my nuts that I realized there were fingers inside me. A third finger joined in and I began to feel what it meant to be stretched. He had very big hands with long thick fingers.

He reached over to the nightstand and scooped up some lubricant, applied some to his shaft, and some to my ass, working the lube into my hole with the three fingers. He was on his knees between my legs, looking down at me with the most sensuous, seductive look on his face, glowing in the soft lamplight.

"Feel good?" He worked his fingers in and out slowly.

"Yeah." It did, in a way, but not totally. It was hard to decide just how it felt.

"Now just relax and give your ass to me. Just think of how much you been wantin' me inside you all this time." He leaned over me and replaced his fingers with the head of his cock.

There was just no comparison. It was so much bigger and blunt and God it was fucking huge!

"Push out like you're takin' a dump. It'll make it easier for ya."

I pushed and so did he. The head slipped past my sphincter and I screamed.

"AAAGHHH! OH MY GOD! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" I babbled. My head thrashed from side to side and I clutched the sheets with white knuckles. I wasn't ready for this. I was almost ready to beg him to stop.

"Relax Jamie, relax. I won't do any more til you get used to it." He held there for a while. Then he lowered his head and kissed me.

I flung my arms around his back and kissed him desperately as he held there for about a minute, then pushed ever so slowly into me. I whimpered and cried into his mouth and tried to remember that I had wanted this, had fantasized about it-- had even had wet dreams about it. I tried to focus on how I actually had the man of my dreams over me, kissing me, taking me like I had always wanted-- and it helped a lot.

He stopped his inward thrust and pulled back, then started back in. He got into a slow rhythm in and out. I didn't know how far in he was, but it felt like he was practically in my throat already. I tried to divide my attention between the kiss and the fencepost being shoved in my ass, and it began to feel ok, and after a few minutes it was starting to feel pretty good, mostly. My mind and body were having a hard time deciding which was more powerful: the pain or the pleasure. Something in me was trying to tell me that I welcomed this particular kind of pain and my mind flashed the memory of someone telling me there was a fine line between pleasure and pain and in this moment, that made sense finally. He upped his tempo a little and it felt even better, but I did realize he wasn't all the way in yet because his groin wasn't yet touching my ass on his down strokes. But just what was going in felt like more than my body was designed to handle, and yet, I knew I would take it all, and instinctively knew I would love it once I got used to it-- plus that, he had told me I would love it. He knew what he was doing.

He was taking his time and I was thankful. I didn't even realize when I started subtly raising my ass to meet his slow thrusts until I noticed my body was humming with the sensation of his immense shaft plunging my bowels, sending shockwaves through my body, making me crawl up on him and cling tighter to him because I didn't know if I was feeling everything right, if this was the way it was supposed to feel, but it was making my toes curl and my fingers dig into his back and I needed to bite down on something and had to concentrate on not biting his lips or tongue when he would come down and kiss me every few thrusts for just a moment. It just felt like I had no control over my body, that it was just wringing itself out in ecstasy and pain, unsure of the distinctions and I was just along for the ride, trying to get every last inch inside me so I would know what it felt like to take Buck into me all the way. But he hit a barrier somewhere up in there, so he stopped pumping and just put steady pressure on it, pushing in to get past that muscle ring and it hurt. I gritted my jaw and trembled and whimpered.

"Open up for Daddy, baby, open up and let me in there," he demanded in a tone that made me want to obey him, and please him. He hypnotized me with his steady soothing voice, lowering his mouth to mine and swiping my lips with his tongue. He pulled his face back and drilled my eyes with his, looking resolute, looking like he was determined and was going to get what he wanted and I tried to let him know that I wanted him to get it, wanted to let him in and be his, but I didn't know how.

"Relax for me, Jamie, let me in... let me in..." He kissed me again and added, "Then you'll have me all the way inside you where no one else will ever go. Relax..." He kept up the pressure.

I wanted to say so many things, like, `Yes! Go ahead and go in! No one else will ever go there? Does that mean you want me for yourself? Do you love me too? I LOVE YOU, BUCK! YES! I'll let you in! Thank you God!' But all I could manage in that moment was a hoarsely whispered, "Yes, Buck." And the moment I said that I felt the muscle give and his head slip through and it hurt like hell, but looking in his eyes erased the pain as I felt his pelvis contact my tailbone and in that instant, I knew I was his.

I wanted him to fuck me and keep fucking me and keep on forever because I always wanted to feel this way and never thought I ever would, and to fall in love in an instant even when I've loved him all my life was just about too much to handle...

I was on the verge of crying, with a mixture of pain and joy. Maybe the X had something to do with it, maybe not, but it was just overwhelming and I couldn't hold back my cries and moans and babbling as he steadily increased his pace, fucking me all the way to heaven and back again. Oh, it still hurt, but the jolt my body got each time he would bottom out inside me was all that kept me from floating away on the pleasure, kept me centered in the here and now, in the intense moment with Buck, moaning and sweating over me, darting his head down every little bit to kiss me briefly, giving me everything I'd ever wanted in my entire life.

"Yeah, that's it baby, give that ass up to me, ride up on it, oh yeah," he said in a throaty growl as he drove me into a state of euphoria that was beyond my existence, bigger than me.

I had my legs wrapped around his waist and his arms were under my shoulders, then he twisted his wrists and took my head in his hands, holding me firmly in place while he started thrusting his huge cock into me hard, jarring my body, shocking me, scaring me. He got this intense, penetrating look in his eyes and I wanted to ask him if I was doing it right, taking him right. He almost looked angry, I thought. This was hurting every time he slammed into my little frame and I didn't know if I could take anymore and I was nervous and scared and tears started forming in my eyes and I wanted to ask him what to do, when he drove it home hard and held for a while, gyrating his hips sensuously. He pulled my head up to his face and kissed me softly, so softly, after he'd pounded my ass so hard and then this holding, gyrating and that look on his face and then this tenderness... I was confused and finally realized I had no idea what I was doing in any of this and he did know and I needed to just give myself to him and let whatever happens happen. God I loved him. I loved him so hard I almost passed out from the whole thing, it was so overwhelming.

While he ground down into me and swiveled his hips and kissed me tenderly, the tears made it out of my eyes, but they were tears of joy and love and sensations I couldn't have imagined would be so amazing and intense. His cock embedded inside my body was the most phenomenal sensation I'd ever known and I wanted it in there forever and ever again and again.

"Ohhhh baby, you feel so good in there, you're so tight. Feelin' real good to ya now?"

I could only nod my head and moan up into his cobalt blues and squeeze his cock with my muscles, getting a gasp from both of us.

"Want me to fuck you now, baby?"

My eyes went wide from the slits they had been and I clutched at his back to hang on, my answer that I was ready and he should go for it.

When he raised his head back up, still holding my head firmly between his hands and started pounding my ass hard again, it no longer hurt-- well, not in a painful way. It hurt, but it wasn't a painful hurt. I don't know how to describe it, but it was exactly what I needed and wanted from then on. I mean, I wanted this every minute of the day if I could have it. There was nothing in this world that could feel any better to me and my heart just swelled so full to the brim with love for Buck and I was sure I saw the same love in his eyes, just that he showed it in that intense and smoldering way that would send chills down my spine cuz he was so intensely male and strong and it was just how he showed his love for me...

Still holding me by my head with both hands, he lifted me by my head to a sitting position in his lap, with him sitting back on his haunches.

With my face directly in front of him, he looked me in my glazed eyes and ordered me, "Hold my shoulders and ride it."

I grasped his shoulders and started riding up and down, digging my heels into the bed for leverage. He released my head and gripped my ass with both hands to steady me as I gasped and bucked up and down on him and just about lost my mind at feeling my ass constrict around his shaft and plunge that immense length of thick flesh inside my own liquid tightness.

I had never dreamed anything could feel like this in my body. It was too much sensation, too intense, too powerful. Overloaded-- both physically and mentally-- I went into a zone, where I existed only to give my ass to him, and it didn't matter if it hurt or not, as long as I was making him feel good. I drove myself faster and harder up and down on him, slamming myself down grunting. My eyes rolled back in my head and I vaguely heard his words as my consciousness was wrapped around his cock, riding, pulsing, squeezing.

"That's it baby, lose yourself in it. Yeah. That's all that matters, having my big dick inside you, it's all you need..." His voice was again hypnotic, trickling through somewhere on the periphery of my awareness.

It was all so intense I didn't even notice my orgasm coming up on me. All of a sudden I was crying out and spraying our upper bodies with my spunk, still riding him like a bronco, holding on for dear life. When the last jet sprayed, the rest just flowing out, he roughly pushed me down on my back, held my ankles in the air and started riding me harder than I'd ridden him.

The interior of my ravaged, previously virgin ass was ten times as sensitive now that I'd cum, and his piledriving cock was traumatizing it so voraciously I thought my mind was going to snap and I would have to be carried away in a white jacket. I whimpered and moaned and babbled incoherently, rolling my head all around, clinging desperately to his hairy thighs, realizing somewhere along the way that I never wanted it to end and if he kept going, I was going to cum without touching myself again.

He jammed it in and held me down hard when he came, completely dominating me and I would have thought we were levitating if it weren't for the sensation of him pressing me down helplessly into the bed. Every sensation, every sense of touch or feel momentarily faded away except the feeling of his scorching hot load erupting from that huge pulsing shaft so deep into my bowels. I could feel each surge of liquid fire pulsing out of him into me. It was the most rewarding and satisfying feeling I'd ever had in my life, having Buck Tennyson depositing his seed so deeply inside me, marking me forever as his. I'll never forget it as long as I live.

As his shouts died down and his violent spasms tremored away, he collapsed on top of me, gasping and shaking in rhythm with my own aftershocks.

He did a couple more body jerks and started pulling out. I clamped my heels on his tailbone and frantically pulled myself back up on it.

"NO! Don't take it out! Please." I demanded, rather than asked. He mumbled some kind of `ok' into my neck, let his head fall down over my shoulder and let more of his weight down on me.

I clung to his back, kissing his shoulder, saying his name again and again, thanking him in every way except saying the words `thank you' for finally giving me what I had wanted and needed for so long, and for being the one man in the world I wanted it most from. It looked like my luck, hell, my life, may be changing.


Just when it seemed like Buck was relaxing as we drove, and maybe forgetting all the emotional shit I had unloaded on him at his house, we had to come across Billy Ragland out on County Line Road. I had sat there in the passenger seat in agony, watching and listening to him openly flirt with that new little long haired faggot city-boy. Oh hell, I didn't know if he was a fag or not, but the way he flirted like a preacher's daughter with Buck, it sure seemed like it to me.

I had never felt anything even close to the raging jealousy and hatred I felt right then for that k** in my life. I gripped the seat and armrest with white knuckles, fighting to keep myself from jumping out and stomping the little fucker into the ground, or at least yelling at him to stay the fuck away from Buck-- and throwing the whiskey bottle right past Buck's face, through his window and decking him. That would have shocked the hell out of Buck! I couldn't understand why I was getting so worked up over this! I didn't own Buck Tennyson; he wasn't mine!

I somehow managed to hold my temper while we were there. But as soon as we drove away, like some crazy fuckin' jealous woman, I had to go and say something totally stupid and piss Buck off. What the hell kind of reaction did I expect from him anyway, when I called him a queer? Well, he actually reacted calmer than I would've ever expected. I would have expected most big redneck guys like him to drag me out of the pickup and beat the livin' shit out of me-- and I worried that he still might do that when we got to his house.

Damn me and my big mouth! I had watched him sweet talk many a woman at Bebe's and never felt a jealous twinge-- well, maybe a little twinge, but even after the second time with him, when I started really getting these powerful strong feelings for him, I hadn't gone stupid like I did tonight. I knew damn well that Buck Tennyson was not going to return my feelings, and I knew damn well that my feelings were wrong, twisted and un-natural. Everything about me was wrong, and I had gone and told him all of it-- except that I was in love with him-- and had put him on the spot after Darla left.

I still had a hard time dealing with my little secret, my little need. Scratch that; it was a great big, horrible, secret, and a need so overwhelming that I sometimes worried I was going to lose my mind. The more I fought it, the stronger the need got. The more I tried to deny it was there, the heavier the secret got. I'd gotten to the point where I had a hard time lookin' people in the eye when I talked to them.

At nineteen, I had never had even a crush on any guy or girl, and I had no fucking idea what love was. I'd had these queer thoughts about guys all through high school, but I kept thinkin' it was just a phase or something. After graduation, I stayed on workin' the farm with Dad. Not bein' around folks much, I had a lot of time to think, about life, about me, about my `problem'-- which I realized about then was damn sure not just a phase-- but I had pretty well convinced myself that I could put that shit out of my mind if I tried hard enough and just didn't think about sex at all. It had been working pretty good, up until I started going to Bebe's and being around Buck all the time.

He was there most every night and he was always hitting on some woman-- and being successful a lot of the time-- and once he noticed me, after I beat him at pool one night, he started talking to me a lot. He just had a way of making you feel like you were the only person in the world, or like you were the most important one to him when he was talking to you. He would get up real close so he could talk in my ear without having to raise his voice over the jukebox, and he would sometimes real casually rub his crotch against my hand if it was hanging down by my side-- and I wouldn't move it away-- or he would jokingly pat my ass and tease me to distract me from shooting, or put his arm around my shoulders and lean in to say something funny about someone in the bar and his lips might brush my ear and send tingles all down my body, and I would have to kind of arch my butt back so my boner wouldn't show.

I guess to me it seemed like he was always flirting with everyone he talked to or something. I dunno, it just seemed like everything that came out of his mouth had some sexual meaning. He could offer to buy me a beer and it seemed like he was asking me to come home with him or something. I'm sure it was just my horny mind. But I would watch him sweet talking the ladies and making moves on them, all leaning in close, whisperin' things in their ear and rubbin' his hand around on their ass. At first, I told myself I was watching him to pick up pointers on how to pick up women. Yeah, right. Shit, I had taken to leaving my shirt-tails out to cover up the boner I had almost full time when I was at Bebe's watchin' Buck.

After we got it on in his pickup that first time, all I could think about was him. He'd just taken my damn mind over. I'd never been in this kind of shape before. All I thought about was how he felt in me and how he made me feel all the time. Goddamn, he was so fucking smooth talking and sexy! I remembered thinking of that song by Terri Gibbs, Somebody's Knockin' and how perfectly it fit Buck, when I realized that he was actually coming onto me:

"Somebody's knockin', should I let him in?

Lord it's the devil, would you look at him.

I'd heard about him, but I never dreamed,

he'd have blue eyes and blue jeans.

Well somebody's talkin', he's whispering to me,

Your place or my place, well, which will it be

I'm gettin weaker and he's comin' on strong,

but I don't wanna go wrong

He must have tapped my telephone line,

he must have known I was spendin' my time alone

He says we'll have one heavenly night,

my fever's burnin', so he ought to be right at home."

The thing was: I DID want to `go wrong'! I wanted to go wrong with Buck Tennyson so bad I could hardly maintain around him. If he was the devil with blue eyes and blue jeans, I was ready to sell my soul lock, stock and barrel. There'd been three weeks between our first and second times together, about two weeks between the second and third, and about a week and a half between the third time and tonight. After the third time together, I was goin' plum crazy. I never needed anything, anyone, so bad in my life.

I tried hard not to think about what that made me, because it was all just too complicated. For one thing, the fact that he made me want to `be the woman' with him, was the hardest thing to accept. Like, if it had been a two way street, like, equal time on top or something, that would have been one thing but, it just wasn't that way. I wanted-- no, needed-- to be like this for him and for him to `be the man' with me. The way he took control and the way he talked to me just made me shiver and made me practically cum in my underwear just thinking about it. All the little thoughts I had back in school, well, I really didn't know I had anything like this in me.

But it had been listening to him and Darla fuck tonight that had put me over the edge and made me accept that I really was in love with him, which meant that I had to be totally queer. All the while I listened to them, all I could think was how much I wanted it to be me in there, me he was pounding, making me scream and moan and call him daddy and beg for more and... God, I had almost cum again just listening to them. And even though I already pretty well knew it, the reality that I was in love... with a man... It hit me like a ton of fucking bricks.

He had been nicer about it than he should have been, letting me know he thought I was fucked up, but that it was kind of ok with him, as long as I kept my secret. I was so confused and scared. It was all just hitting me like a horse-kick in the gut as I sat at the bar after she left that I was totally, one hundred percent queer-- and queer for Buck. I wanted him to want me so fucking bad it hurt.

But I knew that nobody could tie Buck Tennyson down and miraculously end his dog wandering days-- especially a guy. He was a hound dog from the word go. He was proud of being a smooth talking, virgin busting, wife stealing womanizer. He would rattle off his conquests like they were medals of honor. He was the stud of the county, of five counties, and no one was gonna get him to settle down.

Hell, until he came on to me, I really hadn't thought he was into guys at all. I had hoped and fantasized, and blown every little thing he said or did that seemed like a signal all out of proportion, but until he made his move on me, I just couldn't really picture a ladies man like him actually getting into sex with a guy. I mean, he got so much pussy, how could he want gay sex too? But he did, and he was damn good at it. Hell, he was a whole lot more comfortable with guy sex than I ever thought of being.

I had gotten the feeling that after my little outburst at his place that I was in for a lot of emotional shit, whether he was understanding or not, but then I had to go and open my big mouth after leaving Billy Ragland. Shit!

I was still gripping the seat and armrest with white knuckles as I pressed myself into the door when we pulled into his driveway. I had blown it so fucking bad! He was pissed. No, he was livid. He was spitting nails as he stomped up the walk to his front door. I followed like a beat down hound dog, deciding I needed to try and leave as soon as possible, let him cool down. I apologised at least ten times before we got to his house, but he couldn't hear me over the blaring music and racing engine. I had feared for our lives, the way he drove-- raced-- back, taking turns too fast and running at least two stop signs.

But I was more scared of him than wrecking. I had never seen him this mad, even in fights at the bar, like the other night with that jerkoff Jake. I just kept thinking, `Oh god, what have I done?! Is he going to beat the shit out of me or something? Please, please, God, just let him calm down and let me go home.'

I followed him inside and stood dejectedly in the middle of the lving room, watching him stomp and bang around the kitchen in my peripheral vision from my downcast eyes. I was fighting back tears with everything I had, but I was so scared, ashamed and embarrassed, I was losing the battle. The tears started gathering in my eyes and leaking out. I angrily swatted them off my cheeks and tried not to be noticed.

Buck slammed the icebox door and we heard the door's contents fly out of their shelves, clinking and rattling into the interior. He glared at me as he poured us both a very stiff drink. I didn't want any more to drink. I wanted to get the hell out of there, just disappear. I goddamn sure didn't want him to see me crying.

But he did. He hmphed, snorted and stomped his boot again. "STOP that shit! Don't you go criyin' on me now! Goddammit, Johnny Ray! Don't go actin' like some goddamned WOMAN, now!"

I wanted to die. I already felt stupid and embarrassed enough; now he was calling me a woman. I had never felt so humiliated in my life, and that it was Buck Tennyson raging at me was too much to handle. I could take shit from anybody else, and fight back. I could kick some serious ass and had never lost a fight. I could hold my own in an argument with my dad or anyone else... Anyone but Buck Tennyson. Just the thought of him bein' mad at me just about brought me to tears-- and I was never the crying type. I stood there shaking and cried harder, wanting to run away from him but unable to move my feet. I barely sobbed out in a tiny voice, "I'm sorry, Buck."

He stomped over and leaned down, red faced, with his nose an inch away from mine as he yelled, with spittle flying out of his mouth into my face, "You're sorry?! You're fucking sorry?! First ya tell me you're a fag, and then ya go an' call ME one too, and all you can say is you're sorry?! Ya know, I oughtta beat the livin' shit outta you, is what I oughtta do! I oughtta throw you outta my house and never see you again, is what I oughtta do!" He turned away with an attitude that said if he stayed in front of me he might lose control and hit me or something, grumbling, "Callin' me a fag. I oughtta show you what a fag really IS, boy!" He was already nearly to his bedroom door, the drinks forgotten. "I oughtta show you how much a fag I can be! GET the fuck in here!"

I jerked out of my frozen state and shakily walked to his room like a condemned man. I was so scared I couldn't think at all. I just knew I couldn't disobey him, and that I would have to deal with whatever he wanted to do to me. I feared him at this moment, but I also was still in love with him and couldn't imagine running away if he would let me stay. And no matter what he did to me, I knew I deserved it. I could take a beating, whatever he wanted to do.

I stood and trembled like a scared little k** just inside his bedroom door. He ripped his shirt off and struggled furiously with his belt buckle until he got it open. He suddenly froze, looked up and then lunged at me, making me cringe and cower away from him. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me over to the edge of the bed. He snarled, "Get yer fuckin' clothes off, fag." I stood there crying with bowed head, shaking, unable to move. He yelled, "I SAID, get yer fuckin' clothes off, goddammit!"

I jerked to life and started taking my clothes off, barely able to work the buttons with trembling hands while he finished stripping. I kicked my boots off and somehow managed to get the rest of my clothes off as he stood naked, fuming at me, his cock getting hard in jerks and starts. When I was finished, he grabbed my hair again and shoved me down to my knees.

"You gonna whine `n cry like a woman, then SUCK it like a woman!"

I was so confused. I didn't think of sucking his dick as punishment, or proving a point, or even humiliation, but even though I wasn't turned on right then, I would never refuse to suck his dick. I grabbed for it and started to put it in my mouth, but he stopped me by slapping my forehead away. "No, fuck that shit. Here." He grabbed my hair again and jerked me over so I was half lying on the bed with my knees on the floor. He spit on my hole and stroked his cock to full hardness as he threatened, "Now yer gonna find out what it feels like to really be a faggot, boy. Now yer gonna find out!"

He aimed and shoved his big cock into my ass and I screamed at the top of my lungs. We had fucked like crazy earlier, so I was already pretty sore, but my hole had also tightened back up long before now, and he had done nothing to prepare me-- and I was feeling about as far away from horny as I could be. I was scared as hell of him and that made the pain even worse. I'd never felt pain like this in my life; even breaking my arm hadn't hurt nothing like this! I saw stars behind my clenched eyes. I cried and balled the sheets in my fists as I grunted and cried in agony when he shoved that horsecock of his almost all the way into me in one thrust.

He grabbed my hair and jerked my head back as he started pumping furiously in and out. I cried and grunted in pain with each impact, but I didn't say one word. I didn't beg him to stop or be gentle or anything. I just took it because I deserved whatever he did to me. It felt like he was tearing me up inside, he was so damn big, and even when he was fucking me in a good way, like earlier, it hurt pretty intensely up in that last inch or two his cock reached. While he slammed my ass, I wondered how I could have gotten so into feeling that painful depth of penetration before, why it had turned me on so much that his dick was so long it could go so far inside my body. I guess it was something in my head about giving myself to him that made that pain good somehow. But now, it was not at all good to feel him up in there. It just hurt like hell and I felt dirty and low. I hated myself and I just gave up.

"Now you know what it really feels like to be a faggot? Huh? Now you know? Still think I'm a faggot, little pussy boy?" He punctuated his words with brutal thrusts. The slapping of his groin against my ass echoed around the room and was even louder in my mind. I couldn't think much through the pain and violent jarring of my body each time he bottomed out, but I did wonder at how he had made sex a punishment.

"Still want me to be a fag for you? Huh?! Do ya? Huh?! ANSWER ME!"

I sobbed and choked out in a weak voice between sobs and grunts of pain, "I'm sorry, ungh!, Buck, I won't ever, ungh!, say anything, ungh!, again." I just stayed limp.

"Do ya like this? You like bein' a fag? This feel good?" he hissed through gritted teeth.

I was afraid to say how much it hurt, afraid most anything I said would piss him off more, and he already knew he was hurting me anyway, so I just meekly said, "Whatever you wanna do to me, Buck, it's ok."

My response seemed to take some of the steam out of his fury. He let go of my hair and shoved my face back down into the mattress. He slowed down and didn't slam as hard into me, was no longer knocking the breath out of me with each thrust.

I tried to muffle my sobs into the mattress and just endure the punishment. After a few more thrusts, he grunted and pushed on my shoulders to get me to move my whole body up onto the bed. He pulled out and I climbed up, hurting with every movement. I lay on my stomach, spread my legs wide and offered my aching ass to him, with tears running down my cheeks, my shoulders heaving with my sobs.

He climbed up and mounted me, shoving his cock in again, but he just stayed buried in me and lay down on my back. He didn't move at all. Then suddenly, he sighed and the tension went out of his body. He sank down heavily on me, still buried to the hilt inside.

After a bit, his hand came up and began caressing my wet right cheek. He kissed my left ear and sighed again. "Oh maaan. Oh maaaaan. What the fuck am I doing." It wasn't a question. He continued to hold still and I felt his cock begin to deflate. He kissed my ear again and whispered, "Oh Johnny." He pulled out of me and rolled off onto his back. He lay there sliently, breathing hard for a minute, then rolled onto his side, facing me. I still had my face buried in the sheets. I couldn't move a muscle. I was just too defeated and broken to move or feel anything. My sobs were small and pathetic and just residual, I think.

Buck reached over and ran the tops of his knuckles lightly over my cheek, gathering moisture. He sounded sad and guilty as he whispered, "Oh god, Johnny Ray, what the fuck did I just do? What the fuck have I done?"

I didn't raise my head, didn't answer him. I didn't have the words to describe what he had done to me, nor what I was feeling now. The closest I could come was, maybe, emptiness, a sad emptiness, a hollow kind of echo in my soul or something. I was pretty much numb, physically and emotionally, and a bit lightheaded because I wasn't getting much oxygen with my face buried in the sheets.

He reached out and turned me on my side as he pulled my limp body to face into his. He wrapped himself around me and held me tight. I felt his chest heaving and realized he was crying. He choked out, "Oh god, Johnny, oh god, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry; I'm so sorry." He kissed my cheek and forehead and hugged me tighter. I felt his tears fall on my cheek and my nose as he kissed around, mumbling between kisses, "I'm so sorry, Johnny Ray. Please, I'm so sorry I hurt you. I can't believe I did that to you. I just... I just lost my head and couldn't think straight and, oh my god, Johnny, I'm so sorry! My god, Johnny, my god, I can't believe I did that to you. Please, I'm so sorry, baby, so sorry..."

I clung to him and cried as he stroked my hair and kissed my temple. I couldn't hold it back. I wailed into his neck from the deepest part of me and shook so hard he had to nearly squeeze the breath out of me to contain me. He kept kissing my head and crying too.

"Johnny, please forgive me, please! I'm so sorry! I've never done anything like that before. I don't know what happened! I just lost my mind and I'm so sorry, baby, I'm so sorry! I can't believe I did that to you. I can't believe I hurt you and treated you like that. Please, baby, please forgive me. I'll never hurt you again, I promise."

I just cried like a baby and he held me for a long time, kissing my head and stroking my back reassuringly, mumbling apologies and asking forgiveness.

After I don't know how long, my sobs slowly died out, but Buck kept stroking my back, soothing my battered emotions.

He started softly saying things like, "You're so sweet, Johnny, so beautiful and so sweet. I don't wanna hurt you, ever again, baby. I'm so sorry."

I couldn't form words to respond. I just lay there in his arms and absorbed the comfort he was giving and the heat of his body into mine. At some point as he rambled, it sounded like he was thinking aloud more than talking to me, "We can't let this whole thing get outta hand, baby. We've gotta be careful and... We've gotta take things slow. We've gotta keep this on the down-low, Johnny. I don't wanna hurt you no more, baby, but ya just gotta keep this a secret, ok?"

I was confused. Was he saying he still wanted to have me? Was he admitting that he had some kind of feelings for me, that he was maybe bi? Was he thinking in terms of some kind of, like, relationship? On the down-low? That was what it sounded like, with the words he was using. But he had reacted so brutally to my suggestion that he might be gay I had figured that whatever we had going was over, that he was just holding me and being nice now to try and make up for the, ****. I still hadn't wrapped my mind around what he had done to me, not really. And the way he had apologized over and over had started me thinking that maybe I did not deserve it, that maybe he did not have the right to do that to me, and I was thinking that I would much rather he had beaten the shit out of me. That, I could accept and go on my way. This had made me want to die, I was so full of shame and regret. But the way he had so sincerely apologized so many times since then sucked a lot of the trauma out of my mind, but not enough to just forget it happened, or forget how it made me feel.

But as he said these things to me, the part of me that was so in love with him took back over and made me hear things that I wasn't even sure he was saying. I was hearing that he wanted something real with me, something more than just sex, even. My mind reeled with the possibilities, and my heart surged with hope, with renewed and even stronger love for him.

I made sounds of agreement and started kissing my way up his neck and under his jaw to his chin, tingling all over at the way his jaw was so strong and so male and how his Adam's apple turned me on so much. He stopped talking and tilted his head down to kiss me on the lips. I was getting those waves of warmth and love like I'd gotten earlier when we fucked in the living room, but in a more purely emotional way. I kept trying to tell myself that I was over-reacting, reading too much into his words, but he was kissing me with a passion like he'd never shown before.

I knew I was pathetic, but I didn't care. If he was willing to indulge me, I was willing to let myself believe there was more there than there probably was for me. I completely forgave him for everything and wanted to start over like nothing bad had ever happened. I had an erection and I pushed it into his groin. His flaccid but still full cock started responding immediately.

We ground sensually into each other and clung tightly as we kissed like lovers. When his hand roamed down to caress my ass, I moaned loudly on his tongue and arched my ass into his hand. He pulled away from the kiss and looked into my eyes with cautious intensity. "What're you doing, baby? You ain't askin' for it again, are you? After all that... You gotta be pretty sore and..."

I reached back and squeezed his hand on my cheek, pushing his finger toward my hole while I nibbled his chin. I said, "I don't care how sore it is. I need you in me now, cuz it's different now, cuz... I need you to do me good now, to like, erase the bad memory, make it good again." I almost said, `with love', but held that back. I kissed around some more and whispered, "Please? Make it good again?"

Buck sighed and kissed me tenderly. He slid off my lips and trailed kisses down my jaw, saying, "Ok baby, yeah, I'll make it good again." I felt his cock twitch urgently against mine and he pulled me tighter into him with his strong arms. He repeated, "I'll make it good again."

He rolled up between my legs and reached over for the lube. I pulled my knees to my chest and offered my ass to him once again. He smeared some lube on both of us and leaned down to kiss me as he pushed against my entrance. He brought both my hands down between my thighs and wrapped them around his cock.

He said, "You pull me in, Johnny. Pull me in however it makes you feel good."

I shuddered at holding his huge cock in my hands, feeling the broad head perched against my sore hole. Now that I was wanting it again, the size was wonderful to me, exciting. The hot, slippery column that I knew was about to go inside my body, that I knew was going to feel so good because it was Buck's cock, had me tingling with anticipation, had me forgetting that I was sore as hell in there.

I smiled pleadingly up at him and pulled on his shaft. He leaned down and kissed me, entering me slowly as I pulled on it. When he was about halfway in, I planted my hands on his hips and pulled him the rest of the way into me. It did still hurt, a lot. The tissues were raw and the muscles were very sore. The skin of his cock felt a bit like sandpaper at first, but as he started gently moving in and out, it smoothed out and the soreness gradually melted away. The pleasure came back, strong.

He whispered, "This how you like it, baby? This feel good to you?"

I moaned and answered, "Yes, Buck. It's wonderful. I need this." He was just rolling his hips, slowly working in and out, giving me the sweetest sensations. He hadn't been gentle and slow since the first time in his truck, and I was loving every little sensation, and especially the way he was kissing me while he gave me what I needed. We had never fucked face to face, always from behind, so getting to stare into his cobalt blue eyes and see this, tenderness-- that felt like love from him-- was... the most wonderful thing I had ever known in my life.

He would sink it in and hold there, grinding around and driving me up the wall, then start rolling into me again, hitting that sweet spot inside me and sending wave after wave of incredible pleasure through me. I stopped sucking his tongue long enough to whisper, "Make it good again, yeah, make it good again, Buck. Oh god, Buck, yes, do me." My fingers dug into his shoulders as I held onto him so tightly I was surprised he didn't tell me to lighten up. When he would hold his head up and look down at me, I would suck and lick on his forearm, pulling the hairs with my teeth and mumbling how good it was and how I wanted him to keep giving it to me just like that.

Feeling that thick pole of his sliding in and out of my body, hitting that spot in there every time, was making me fall apart. I mean, I was almost crying, it felt so amazingly good to me. My eyes rolled back in my head and it just thrashed from side to side as I squeezed and kneaded his arms and shoulders and begged him to keep giving this to me.

He came down to my ear and sucked on it, then whispered, "It's gonna be alright, baby. I'm makin' it good again for you." He nibbled around on my ear, pulled the lobe with his teeth, let it go and whispered, "Yeah, just let Buck make you feel good, baby, just give yourself to me and let me take you there."

I was a total virgin before I met Buck. The only sex I'd ever seen was between a****ls. The talk among my friends about sex was all about how good it felt to fuck a bitch so hard she couldn't walk right for a few days. A few of the movies I'd watched that were romances had shown a tender side to love, but I had never made the connection between what movie stars did in their stories and what real life people were like in Angel Hills-- maybe because those movies were all about straight couples. So I had no concept of tender lovemaking. I had thought that the aggressive, hard driving fucks I had gotten from Buck were the only way sex could be-- and I loved getting that from him, don't get me wrong-- but, this was so far above any of that, with him kissing me and showing such tenderness, that I felt like my whole understanding of the world was turning upside down.

What Buck did to me, what he made me feel, physically and emotionally... I had no words for it. I simply could not have imagined anything even remotely as amazing, as mindblowing as this. I shivered with sensations and feelings that overwhelmed me in his arms as he made love to me like he needed me, like he loved me with all his heart. I could tell he wasn't just doing this to make me feel better; he was getting into it just as much as I was. I begged him to never stop, never ever stop, just keep this going forever and ever.

I thought I was going to die, my climax was so earth shattering. No, I'm serious: I really thought my mind and body were about to short circuit and shut down, it was so powerful. Somewhere just before the climax, though neither of us could say anything very intelligible for that last few minutes as he lost control and pounded my ass and I screamed like Darla had and begged for more, I told him I loved him with everything I had. I don't know what words I used, but I told him and he didn't let it interrupt anything.

I had to say it. I had to express how he made me feel. I had told myself I wouldn't say it, `cause I knew he didn't want to hear it, but I couldn't help myself. When he collapsed on top of me, I held him so tightly that I got cramps in my thighs, but I wouldn't let go.

As he started getting his breath back, he made to pull his still mostly hard cock out. I clamped my arms and legs tightly around his back and whispered urgently, "No! Don't pull out! Please! Please, stay in there, please?" I kissed his neck and added, "I need you to stay in there for now, ok?"

He grunted, "Ok," as he drew in a deep breath and relaxed on top of me.

I hunkered my hips up into him and worked my raw, worn out ass muscles on his shaft for several long minutes as I kept mumbling mindlessly about him staying inside me and never taking it away. I tried to hold back, but I ended up crying again-- but this time it was because of the overwhelming joy he had made me feel. He knew that I was crying with happiness, so he wasn't concerned for me.

I choked out, "Sorry I'm crying like a girl again, Buck, but I... I just can't help it. I never even knew anyone could make me feel like this, like you just did."

He chuckled softly and nibbled my lower lip. Our eyes locked and he said, "Don't be sorry, baby, don't be sorry. I'm just happy I could make you feel all that. I'm glad I was able to..." I could see him almost not say it, "make it good again." He didn't want to bring it up again, but I guess he could tell that the good had so far outweighed the bad that it was ok to speak of it again. He knew I had accepted his apologies, or I wouldn't have instigated this, this, heaven on earth. That was how I was thinking of it now. Buck had taken me to heaven on earth.

I laughed giddily and said, "Oh god, did you ever! You made it better than I ever dreamed it could be, Buck. I'm so... I'm so..." I couldn't even finish, as I choked up again with tears of love and joy.

He smiled and kissed me again, then rolled off of me, letting his now soft cock slip out. I groaned my disappointment and he laughed as he stood. "Sorry, but I've gotta piss, bad. We could use a shower, too."

I jumped up at that invitation! Damn, my body ached, but I scampered into the bathroom with him and started getting the water hot while he let loose a heavy stream into the commode.

Soaping him up and washing him down was like a religious experinece for me. We had showered together several times before, including earlier tonight, but this time was like some dream sequence or something. At first, we traded the bar of soap back and forth and he caressed my body and massaged the soap in like I was doing to him, but gradually, it just became me doing it to him, like I was in a trance. He just stood there and let me, well, worship and love on his body. As I rinsed him down with the shower massager, I would lick and suck the water droplets off his skin and watch the muscles twitch and ripple as my lips and tongue passed over them. I got so into seeing every part of his body, close-up like that, that I lost all track of time. He turned the water off at some point and I hardly even noticed. I ended up on my knees, of course, making love to his entire groin and bringing him off all over my face and just a little into my mouth.

I can hardly describe the satisfaction, the feeling of, like, power, I felt when he collapsed to his knees in the tub after he came. He was drained and weak and gasping for breath and he held onto me to steady himself as I stood up and looked down at the results of what I had done.

He looked up at me and rasped out weakly, "Goddamn, Johnny Ray!" He grasped my forearm tighter and tried to pull himself to his feet, but couldn't. He had no strength left. My big strong cowboy couldn't even stand up. "How d'you DO that to me? I can't even move!" He chuckled and kissed my hip as I ran my fingers through his wet hair. "I'm gonna hafta sit here in the shower for a spell."

So I sat down in front of him. I took his hand and sucked on his fingers, beaming with pride that I could make him feel like this. He watched me make love to his hand and made a little whistle, shaking his head slowly back and forth. "Da-a-a-mn, Johnny Ray. Damn, boy! Where'd you learn to do what you do to me?"

I let his fingers slip out of my mouth and said, "I told you I was a virgin `fore I met you, Buck. I just do what... I guess it's just like... You make me wanna do things to you." I blushed a little and added, "I got more things I wanna try, too."

His eyebrows arched up and he grinned evilly. "Oh yeah? Like what?"

I blushed all the way and averted my eyes as I grinned too. "I can't talk about them! You'll just hafta find out when I do them."

He laughed and said, "Ok. You have my permission to try anything you want on me-- the more the better."

We slept in each other's arms that night and I had never felt so wonderful in my life. I was surprised I actually fell asl**p. When he spooned up behind me and held me tight and kissed my neck and said, "Goodnight, baby." I just about cried again. I swear, I ain't no crybaby! But daaaamn, he just made my world turn.

Just before I fell asl**p, as he snored softly into the back of my neck, I thought about when he hurt me earlier. I pictured it and remembered everything he'd said and how it all made me feel. Then I thought about everything he'd done since then, and all that hurt just faded away. He had way more than made up for it. Way more. I loved him so hard. I picked his hand up and kissed his knuckles and prayed to God that he really loved me back.... Continue»
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The Last Cigarette

The Last Cigarette
The long, silver package sits on the bed beside her, zippo resting on top. She lifts the package, rolls it onto its side, lifts it, and rolls it again. It revolves as methodically as her mind, rotating back to the same thoughts again and again.
She opens the pack; only one smoke remaining. She glances at the clock; enough time to get out later, but now she’s focused on enjoying one thing. She jiggles the pack until the white filter of the cigarette pokes out above the opening. She quickly grasps it in her teeth and slides out the long, white smoke. The zippo chimes as the lid opens, sizzles faintly as the wick blazes; the cigarette morphs into a living being as it greedily drinks the flame’s heat. She drags hungrily on the filter so her cheeks cave and her chin wrinkles. Her eyes close as she experiences the ecstasy of the first inhale.
Smokes drifts slowly from her open lips, parted only enough to allow the cigarette to dangle from her mouth. Her hands are otherwise occupied, turning that silver package over and over onto itself. Her mind races as the ember devours her last hope to retain sanity.
The second drag is quick, and she allows the smoke to drift slightly from her lips before whipping it back into her lungs; she exhales through her nose gracefully, allowing the smoke to leave her in two strong streams. She starts to flick the lid of her zippo, enjoying the clicking sound it makes.
As she thinks more and more of him, she takes longer and heftier drags. She curls the smoke out of her mouth and allows it to drift up through her nose in a French inhale; she exhales slowly through her mouth, letting the smoke twist and twirl to the ceiling. She clenches the cigarette in her teeth while double dragging, and takes so much into her lungs that the exhale is thick enough to leave her in a white fog. By the time it dissipates, she sees that she’s already half way through her last cigarette.
Her mind still races on, finally her body catches up; she can feel herself tingling, feel her body asking for something to sooth it. As she takes another deep inhale, she starts to run that silver package up and down, from between her breasts to the button of her navel. She enjoys the feel of the smooth plastic and jagged edges along her skin; the melding of pleasure and pain.
Smoke drifts from her mouth as she lets it escape on its own momentum. Her inhale was so deep that the exhale continues with her next breath; small, weak tendrils of spent smoke cling to her nostrils. Her nipples harden under the pressure of her pinching fingers while the cigarette stays erect between her teeth.
The inhales are starting to burn slightly against her lips as the ember reaches the filter; again, that sensation of pleasure and pain melding together, and it makes her body scream out for more attention. The last drag of the last cigarette is a long one, and she watches as the ember devours the remaining tobacco and feels the thick smoke burn past her throat. The last exhale is as long as the inhale, thick, bold streams of smoke billowing from her nose and mouth at the same time. Her mind is focused, her thoughts are racing, and her body is screaming out; it’ll be a long walk to the store after the excitement of the last cigarette.
... Continue»
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The Sweet Taste of Brandy Chpt.2

Brandy was right, My wife Her mother wasn't sucking or fucking me. At first I just figured it was because of the youngest. He was three now and a hand full. I just figured she was always just too tired. But the once every couple of months shit was getting old. I hadn't fucked but maybe twice in six months, not even a hand job. And when I would ask her to at least jack my cock she'd say Do it Yourself. Things were different this morning though. I had one in the house that wanted my cock. And I was going to figure out a way to keep her around for a long time. I was sitting in the basement thinking about what went on earlier with Brandy and Stacy. The last two time with my wife I didn't even get a nut before she told me she was finished. But this morning I fucked Stacy's Sweet little face and watched her and Brandy Tongue wrestle with my fluids. I was getting horny as fuck just thinking about it.
I decided to try to hit the wife up for a fuck, but she was already asl**p when I got up stairs. I thought FUCK IT, and headed to the bathroom for a quick cold shower. I had stripped down and was taking a piss, when a hand reached around me and took hold of my cock. as soon as I seen it I knew it wasn't my frigid wife but Her sweet daughter. What are you doing? I asked. What my mother should be doing. Holding your cock for you while you pee. I knew it was wrong but I didn't stop her. It felt like I pissed a gallon. Brandy squeezed my dick to stop the flow. I want to taste it . She said. I told her OK, but you have to hurry, your mom could catch us. We dont want your mom to know how bad you want fucked ,Do we? I could give a fuck what that cunt thinks. Hearing her talk like that drove me nuts. get on your knees. I ordered. Brandy did it right away. She aimed my piss pipe towards her open mouth and released her grip. She filled her mouth and clamped down and stopped the flow. She swished my piss in her mouth for a minute, like she was at a wine tasting. Mmmmmm. I want it all! She repeated the process till she had drained every last drop of it. She smacked her bottom lip a couple of times with my dick to get the last couple of drops into her mouth. She licked the piss hole dry. my cock began to grow, but I knew we couldn't risk it any longer. OK now go to bed baby. Will you think about me while you stroke that big thing in the shower? Yes I will Baby. You and only you. She stood up and gave me a sweet little kiss. I wanted so much for her to stay, but knew it wasn't safe. Brandy went to her room and I though of her young tongue on my cock. I thought to myself, tomorrow I will give her my wad from the source. I stroked my cock a couple of times and shot a powerful load. I came so hard my knees went rubbery. I got out of the shower and knew It would still be hard to sl**p.
I was dreaming of the girls sixty nineing, and when I came in my dream. I realized I really was shooting a load. When my eyes opened, there sat Brandy. She was pushing the excess of what she couldn't hold in her tiny little mouth. I love your come!! Wheres your b*****r? I asked. He's still sl**ping. she said How long have you been sucking your Daddy's fuck stick? I waited till I saw the ICE QUEEN leave for work. It was already hard when I came in here, and you were still asl**p. I was afraid you wouldn't let me taste you like yesterday. So I just did It. Well I told her. Last night Your little adventure in the bathroom changed my mind. I think we should set some ground rules though. We cant do anything while your mom is home. Last night was just to risky. We can never do anything with Stacy other than what we did yesterday. And you can tell no one. are the rules clear. Yes Daddy.
OK I said, now are you ready to let Daddy taste your honey. Yes daddy, I'm ready to cum in your mouth. She was wearing a long white tank top and nothing else. Her nipples were hard. I pulled her shirt up so her tits were exposed. I gently squeezed her nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers, she let out a little moan . Harder Daddy! Squeeze them harder, I squeezed so hard she let out a yelp. Let me kiss them now and make them feel better. I took turns gently sucking and licking her nips, while squeezing her beautiful tits. Your tits are so much nicer than your moms I told her. I laid her on her back and slowly made my way down the length of her dark tanned body. kissing and licking till I reached the spot I had dreamed of. Her pubic hair was dark and fine she smelt so good. My cock was throbbing, and my heart was pounding in my head. I covered her tiny little slit with wet kisses and she started pushing her hips up to meet the rhythm of my tongue. I licked it from top to bottom. Brandy's moans were getting louder, she reached down with both hands and held her pussy open for me. I attached my mouth to her clit and sucked. Yeah Daddy Suck it !! Fuck! this feels better then when Stacy sucks me there. I'm almost ready to come daddy. she started rubbing her cl-it as I tongue fucked her hole and she began to buck against me face and started to cum. Suck it now Daddy!! Suck my cunt you dirty old fuck! suck me. She flooded my face with her juice as she bucked against my mouth. I could feel each squirt hit the back of my throat. Oh fuck that was good! Did you like the way it tasted Daddy? Yes Brandy Its delicious. My cock was fully erect now. She looked down at it ans said. Wow it looks bigger today. Can I please feel it inside my cooch Daddy? As much as I wanted to I didn't have any condoms, as they were no longer needed with my wife. Brandy I said, we'll have to wait for that, I dont have any protection. She had that disappointed look on her face. Don't be sad I said. Daddy's going to teach you a way to fuck that wont get you pregnant. Now get down on all fours honey. With her right at the edge of the bed, I kneeled behind her. I spread her ass cheeks and got a look at her tiny little starfish. I flicked it with my tongue, and she jumped. OH Daddy! What Are you Doing? Just relax sweetheart. You trust your daddy dont you. Yes Daddy, she said. It just felt a bit weird. Its OK baby, It's going to feel real good in a minute. The thought of taking her ass cherry was driving me mad. I worked my pinky into her butthole adding more spit for lube as I went. Within minutes I had worked up to my index finger. She was getting used to it real quickly. After a few more minutes I slipped my other index finger and prayed them apart,and filled her full of my saliva. OH FUCK ME ALREADY DADDY!! PLEASE FUCK MY ASS NOW!! I laid on my back and directed her to get on top of me. Now take Daddy's cock to your asshole and sit down on it. Her ass was slick with my saliva. She lined it up and started to put her weight down on me. Her shit hole was so tight my rock hard cock was folding under the pressure. OH ITS So Big! She was right it was bigger than I had ever seen it. Just then the plum sized glans popped in. OHHHH SHIT!! THAT FUCKING THING IS GONNA RIP MY ASS HOLE!!! Just take it slow baby. She had tears welling up in her eyes, but continued her downward push. Damn! she cried. when is it gonna stop hurting Daddy? Just take your time honey. Her ass met my pelvis. There you go Baby . You've got every inch of Daddy's fat shit stick inside of you. now raise up and down on it. she started raising and lowering her asshole on my cock ,Which was in heaven the muscles in her ass had a death grip on the shaft. Slowly she rode up and down. OH YES ! THIS IS GOOD DADDY!! AND MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE TOO!! I reached down and thumbed her hard clit. So started riding harder and faster. I gave a good push upward and She went crazy. OH YEAH DADDY! FUCK YOUR SLUTS ASS PUSSY!! YES FUCK IT HARDER!!!! Fuck! my wife had never fucked me like this before. Hell she wouldn't let me in her ass. And now I was about to fill her daughters ass with my seed. I drilled up and she slammed down. Brandy let the flood gates open and was gushing. Her juice splattering everywhere. It only took a couple more pumps and I was cumming too. OH YEAH BABY GIRL !! TAKE IT BABY!!! TAKE MY CUM IN THAT TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE!!!!
We laid there in each others arms. Both exhausted beyond belief. Brandy got up and went into the bathroom and washed up. She returned with a wash cloth and began cleaning me up. The baby was making noise in the crib in the other room. Anymore would just have to wait till nap time. I couldn't wait.... Continue»
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The Sweet Taste of Brandy chpt. 2

Brandy was right, My wife Her mother wasnt sucking or fucking me. At first I just figured it was because of the youngest. He was three now and a handfull. I just figured she was always just too tired. But the once every couple of months shit was getting old. I hadnt fucked but maybe twice in six months, not even a hand job. And when I would ask her to at least jack my cock she'd say Do it Yourself. Things were different this morning though. I had one in the house that wanted my cock. And I was going to figire out a way to keep her around for a long time. I was siitng in the basement thinking about what went on earlier with Brandy and Stacy. The last two times with my wife I didnt even get a nut before she told me she was finished. But this morning I fucked Stacys Sweet little face and watched her and Brandy Tounge wrestle with my fluids. I was getting horney as fuck just thinking about it.
I decided to try to hit the wife up for a fuck, but she was already asl**p when I got up stairs. I thought FUCK IT, and headed to the bathroom for a quick cold shower. I had stripped down and was taking a piss, when a hand reached around me and took hold of my cock. as soon as I seen it I knew it wasnt my fridgid wife but Her sweet daugther. What are you doing? I asked. What my mother should be doing. Holding your cock for you while you pee. I knew it was wrong but I didnt stop her. It felt like I pissed a gallon. Brandy squeezed my dick to stop the flow. I want to taste it . She said. I told her OK, but you have to hurry, your mom could catch us. We dont want your mom to know how bad you want fucked ,Do we?I could give a fuck what that cunt thinks.Hearing her talk like that drove me nuts. Get on your knees. I orderd. Brandy did it right away. She aimed my piss pipe towards her open mouth and released her grip. She filled her mouth and clamped down and stopped the flow. She swished my piss in her mouth for a minute, like she was at a wine tasting. Mmmmmm. I want it all! She repeted the process till she had drained every last drop of it. She smacked her bottom lip a couple of times with my dick to get the last couple of drops into her mouth. She licked the piss hole dry. my cock began to grow, but I knew we couldnt risk it any longer. OK now go to bed baby. Will you think about me while you stroke that big thing in the shower? Yes I will Baby. You and only you. She stood up and gave me a sweet little kiss. I wanted so much for her to stay, but knew it wasnt safe. Brandy went to her room and I though of her young tounge on my cock. I thought to myself, tommorow I will give her my wad from the source. I stroked my cock a couple of times and shot a powerfull load. I came so hard my knees went rubberie. I got out of the shower and knew I would still be hard to sl**p.
I was dreaming of the girls sixty nineing, and When I came in my dream. I realized I really was shooting a load. When my eyes opened, there sat Brandy. She was pushing in the excess of what she couldnt hold in her tinny little mouth. I love your come!! Wheres your b*****r? I asked. He's still sl**ping. She said. How long have you been sucking your Daddys fuck stick? I waited till I saw the ICE QUEEN leave for work. It was already hard when I came in here ,and you were still asl**p. I was affraid you wouldnt let me taste you like yesterday. So I just did It. Well I told her. Last night Your little adventure in the bathroom changed my mind. I think we should set some ground rules though. We cant do anything while your mom is home. Last night was just to risky. We can never do anything with stacy other than wht we did yesterday. And you can tell no one. are the rules clear. Yes Daddy.
OK I said, now are you ready to let Daddy taste your honey. Yes daddy, I'm ready to cum in your mouth. She was wearing a long white tanktop and nothing else. Her nipples were hard. I pulled her shirt up so her tits were exposed. I gently squeezed her nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers, she let out a little moan . Harder Daddy! Squeeze them harder, I squeezed so hard she let out a yelp. Let me kiss them now and make them feel better. I took turns gently sucking and licking her nips, while squeezing her beautiful tits. Your tits are so much nicer han your moms I told her. I laid her on her back and slowly made my way down the length of her dark tanned body. kissing and licking till I reached the spot I had dreamed of. Her pubic hair was dark and fine she smelt so good. My cock was throbbing, and my heart was pounding in my head. I covered her tiny little slit with wet kisses and she started pushing her hips up to meet the rythum of my tounge. I licked it from top to bottom. Brandys moans were getting louder, she reached down with both hands and held her pussy open for me. I attatched my mouth to her clit and sucked. Yeah Daddy Suck it !! Fuck this feels better then when Stacy sucks me there. I'm almost ready to come daddy. she started rubbing her clit as I tonnge fucked her hole and she begain to buck against my face and started to cum. Suck it now Daddy!! Suck my cunt you dirty old fuck! suck me! She flooded my face with her juice as she bucked against my mouth. I could feel each squirt hit the back of my throat. Oh fuck! that was good! Did you like the way it tasted Daddy? Yes Brandy Its delicious. My cock was fully erect now. She looked down at it and said. Wow it looks bigger today. Can I please feel it inside my cooch Daddy? As much as I wanted to I didnt have any condoms, as they were no longer needed with my wife. Brandy I said, we'll have to wait for that, I dont have any protection. She had that dissapointed look on her face. Dont be sad I said. Daddys going to teach you a way to fuck that wont get you pregnant. Now get down on all fours honey. With her right at the edge of the bed, I kneeled behind her. I spread her ass cheeks and got a look at her tiny little starfish. I flicked it with my tounge, and she jumped. OH Daddy! What Are you Doing? Just relax sweetheart. You trust your daddy dont you? Yes Daddy she said. It just felt a bit weird. Its OK baby, Its going to feel real good in a minute. The thought of takeing her ass cherry was driving me mad. I worked my pinky into her butthole adding more spit for lube as I went. Within minutes I had worked up to my index finger. She was getting used to it real quickly. After a few more minutes I slipped my other index finger and pryed them apart.I pumped morespit down her shitter. OH FUCK ME ALREADY DADDY!! PLEASE FUCK MY ASS NOW!! I laid on my back and directed her to get on top of me. Now take Daddys cock to your asshole and sit down on it. Her ass was slick with my saliva. She lined it up and started to put her weight down on me. Her shit hole was so tight my rock hard cock was folding under the pressure.OH ITS So Big!! She was right it was bigger than I had ever seen it. Just then the plum sized glans popped in. OHHHH SHIT!! THAT FUCKING THING IS GONNA RIP MY ASS HOLE!!! Just take it slow baby. She had tears welling up in her eyes, but continued her downward push. Damn! she cried. When is it gonna stop hurting Daddy? Just take your time honey. Her ass met my pelvis. There you go Baby. Youve got every inch of Daddys fat shit stick inside of you. Now raise up and down on it. She started raising and lowering her ass hole on my cock, which was in heaven. The muscles in her ass had a deathgrip on the shaft slowly she rode up and down. OH YES! THIS IS GOOD DADDY!! AND MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE TOO!! I reached down and thumbed her hard clit. She started riding harder and faster. I gave a good push upward and She went crazy. OH YEAH DADDY! FUCK YOUR SLUTS ASS PUSSY!! YES FUCK IT HARDER!!!! Fuck! my wife had never fucked me like this before. Hell she wouldnt let me in her ass. And now I was about to fill her daughters ass with my seed. I drilled up and she slamed down. Brandy let the food gates open and was gushing. Her juice splattering everywhere. It only took a couple moree pumps and I was cumming too. OH YEAH BABY GIRL !! TAKE IT BABY!!! TAKE MY CUM IN THAT TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE!!!!
We laid there in each others arms. Both exausted beyond belief. Brandy got up and went into the bathroom and washed up. She returned with a wash cloth and began cleaning me up. The baby was makeing noise in the crib in the other room. Anymore would just have to waut till nap time. I couldnt wait.... Continue»
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Hotel bang Part 3 (the last!)

Hotel Bang Part 3

This is the last part of our story, hope you like it!!

What a sight I had now. Karen, fist up her pussy and cock in her mouth!! All four men were taking it in turns to use and abuse my sexy wife. If they weren’t fucking her pussy or her mouth they were sucking on those big tits of hers. Spunk dripped out of her cunt and her mouth till all the men were drained. My cock was so hard I was wanking till I shot over the wall in front of me. Fuck she looked good!

“untie me, I wanna lick the spunk up my pussy” Karen pleaded. With that, one hand was released and her fingers went straight to her cunt. “oh god that tastes good” Karen said as she licked her fingers clean. The men looked at each other and laughed. “ fuck knows where you found this one Steve, but that’s one dirty little slag!”. Tom climbed on top of Karen and started to tit fuck her 36Ds. With both hands released she squeezed her tits together till his cock disappeared. Faster and faster he went,pinching her nipples till she cried out in pain. “oh you bastard, hurt me, spank my tits”. This was a side of Karen I did not know. With one big whack she screamed in agony. Again and again Tom did as she asked till her tits were bright red. “cum on my tits,rub your spunk on these big puppies” Karen was wanking him now, hard and fast just the way I liked it. I could tell he was almost there. “suck it slut, im gonna cum” with that streams of spunk shot out over her tits and chin. “best face cream you can ever get!” Karen said as she massaged it in to her red raw boobs. “now get my bag there’s something you might like to see”

Over the years we must have tried every sex toy you can buy. Dildos, vibrators, love balls they’d all been up her pussy one time or another. The one she got out of her bag now blew all the others out of the water. “you’ll never get that up your cunt” said a surprised looking Steve. “i might not but do you want to see me try?” A cheer went up and her legs were untied as she went to work on her dripping hole. This dildo was at least 15inches long and as thick as your fist. Also it was jet black and shaped like a cock. This was to be my wife’s first black prick! This was one of her fantasies to have a black lover so I was going to enjoy watching this even more.

The first few inches went in easily enough, in and out till she was getting a good rhythm going.
“oh that’s fucking hugh!” Karen cried. “you should now you bought it ya silly bitch!” They all laughed as she kept fucking herself deeper and deeper. “spread my legs for me, let me get it all the way up”. Tony and Andy grabbed a leg each and her cunt was stretched wide open. “oh god that’s it, its going”. More of the shaft disappeared up her pussy as she used two hands to control her strokes. Finally she was fucking herself with almost all of it and the screams of filth coming out of her mouth would have made a docker blush. “that’s it fuck my cunt with it someone, make me cum!!spread my lips with that black cock!” “fuck me like a whore I wanna be a dirty slut” Tom was now ramming the dildo up her pussy as Karen rubbed her clit like a mad woman. Steve slipped his hand under her arse and started to finger her ring. This sent Karen over the top. Anal was always a no no with her no matter how hard I tried. Now it had the effect of her biggest orgasm id seen for a long time. “stop it stop it stop it not my arse!” But it was too late, with a finger up there and that dildo up her pussy Karen was screaming in ecstasy.

By now hours had gone by and every one was looking exhausted. The men got themselves some beers while Karen recovered on the bed . She had cleaned herself up and was drinking a glass of wine. I had never seen her looking so happy. I must admit I was now getting a bit jealous that she was having so much fun without me. Steve went over to talk to her for a minute and she was laughing and nodding in agreement. “Ok lads, one last fuck ,then its time to go!” Karen said as walked over to where they were standing. She dropped to her knees and began sucking those four cocks to get them nice and hard again. Eventually they led her over to the bed where Tom layed out and she climbed on top of him. She was riding him hard as he squeezed her big tits. Suddenly her hands were yanked forward and tied to the bed. A blindfold was placed over her eyes. “what the fuck are you doing?” Karen cried. “we’ve saved the best till last, slut, im gonna fuck your arse!” This was Andy, the one with the really big cock. “no please, we’ve had a good time lets leave it at that” Karen was now more than a little worried. “you’ll be all right, we”ll get your ring nice and lubed first” .

I hadn’t noticed but Steve had left the room and was now standing right behind me.
“enjoyed the show?”
“yeah I have up until now I don’t know about this so much though” I replied.
“that’s a pity cause we done this for you! Get in there and fuck your wife like the slut she is!”
My cock sprung to attention once again. What a chance to fuck her tight arsehole and she wouldn’t even now it was me!! “lead me to it, im going in!” Steve nearly pissed himself laughing as he took me next door.

Karen still had Toms cock up her as I came up behind . I was as naked as everyone else now and my stiffy was rock hard. As I slapped her arse Andy said “do you like that?” I did it again. Again, Andy said “you like that slut don’t ya?”. Unable to see Karen just assumed it was his cock she was about to receive. “please not my arse, especially with that thing, anything else just not that” Karen was almost hysterical now. I oiled my cock up and dripped it over her ring piece, slowly nudging her hole with my helmet. Now that was fucking tight! Begging who she thought was Andy to stop I grabbed her round the waist and started to push deeper and deeper. Christ, I was all the way in as I felt my balls slapping against her bum. Fucking her hard now,with both holes filled, Karen didn’t know whether she liked or hated it. I could feel her cumming from the pounding up her cunt and this sent me over the edge. Pulling out, I shot my spunk all over her lovely arse. With one more slap I left the room.

Getting back to my hidey-hole I was just in time to see Karen being untied. She looked tired,exhausted and abused. Lovely!! the blindfold was off and she was giving Andy a right mouthful. Tom and Steve managed to calm her down and after they were all cleaned up her temper had gone. “so Karen, would you liked to be fucked like this again?” “maybe but give me time to recover from this one! Never had so much cock!” laughing, Steve said “you were fantastic cant wait to watch it all back on film, especially your arse fucking” . “ can I have a copy?” said Karen.
“yeah, why not, im sure you’ll enjoy watching that on a cold night!”

Not long after they all left the room. Half hour later Steve and Tom came in to me. “well mate, was that good?” Tom said. I had to agree it was. Handshakes all round and I was told to expect my DVD in the post.

Sunday morning and Karen came home. “hello love, had a good night?” I asked. “yeah,not bad,bit slow though,just stayed in and had a few drinks” Karen lied. “oh well, I glad you enjoyed yourself you take it easy today”. “thanks love, you are good to me” Karen replied before going upstairs for a bath. I wonder how good she”ll think I am when she gets to see her arsehole spread and my cock up it? Now that will be a sight to see!!

Nightsins... Continue»
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The true story of my naughty affair

The last story I shared I shared with you happened a good year into our affair so we were quite familiar with each other. Remember that we were two virgins at the beginning of our affair so everything went very slowly. In the last half of my senior year at college I began to become somewhat obsessed with my future playmate. He was somewhat like the character Mango from the old Saturday Night Live comedy sketches. A lot of the guys in the fraternity had somewhat u*********s yearnings for this guy. He was somewhat of a flit and he loved Judy Garland, had all her music, played it all the time, so the inferences were obvious. I became obsessed with him and often daydreamed about playing naked with him. Once, in the frat house, when he came back to his room from taking a shower I pulled down the towel that he covered himself with and went "woo...woo" while ogling his cock. It was just a joke but I think it turned him on somewhat. Near the end of the school year we were at a restaurant and he was putting a heavy vibe on me. I thought he wanted to kiss me (he was definitely invading my space) but nothing came of it and we both later graduated from college without anything overt happening between us. Six months after I graduated I was living in a high rise apartment building on the north side of Minneapolis with another friend of mine from college. He had gone home for the weekend. I was horny. I had no girlfriend or any other outlet so I decided to invite my old college friend Tom for a visit. I remembered the sparks that had happened between us during our last semester at school even though nothing had come of it. I had decided that I was going to make something happen. He lived in a nearby suburb so I called him and invited him over for a visit. He seemed a bit wary on the phone but he accepted my invitation to come over the following evening. Soon after he arrived, after some small talk, I said that I wanted to "get it on" with him. He sort of stammered and mumbled something and I said "Well, you're gay aren't you?" He says" Well I would hope that I'm heterosexual". I didn't expect that and I was in what I can only describe as a state of shock. This was not the way the evening was supposed to progress. I was uncomfortably warm and was starting to take off my shirt just to be a little cooler. I guess Tom took that as something provocative and then he said "Well OK" in a rather resigned tone of voice. I was lying on a reclining chair and I pulled my pants down halfway and asked him to join me on the chair. I was disappointed when he declined but he did sit on the carpet next to the recliner and started playing with my penis. I don't think he kept his eyes off it for an entire hour.
He seemed totally fascinated by it. He stroked it. He would bend it all different directions. He fingered my balls and my scrotum and ran his fingers through my pubic hair. He would bend it down and watch it spring back with a slap against my stomach. He would put his all his fingers on the shaft with the purple head in his palm and slowly drag his fingers up to the ripe mushroom head. He closely examined my pee slit, spreading it so he could look down into it. He would grab my sac of balls between his thumb and forefinger and stretch it down. When my tip started oozing he would wipe the goo on the purplish head making it glisten in the dim light. After what seemed like an hour of his playing and examining me he wanted me to join him on the floor. He stroked me some more and had finally pulled his zipper down and had his own cock out. I played and examined his cock. I was quite interested in it. He seemed to ooze more pre cum than me so it was pretty greasy. He told me that he hadn't ejaculated in two weeks. I was surprised at that. I didn't think it was possible. He had me lie down and he started to suck me. It was my first time and it felt really nice. He wanted me to suck him and I disappointed him when I declined. I was scared about germs and naive but I was really being selfish and stupid. He was wondering when I was going to cum and I told him it was hard for me to cum by stroking. I told him that I could cum if he let me rub it up and down on his bare butt. He seemed reluctant but we went into the dark bedroom and both of us took off all of our clothes. We were both in an upright position on our knees in the very dark bedroom which was only lit up by light from the living room. Our dicks were sticking way out and I grabbed his boner and started stroking it. Very shortly he got sort of a pained look on his face and all of a sudden I thought he was peeing on my arm but he was cumming and it was so much that I thought it had to be pee. I grabbed a towel and wiped up as best as I could. He then lay down on a mattress on the floor and I quickly mounted his bare rear. I couldn't believe that all my daydreams were coming true. I couldn't believe I was actually mounting the bare rear of my friend who I had already known for four years of college. I was rhythmically rubbing my cock up and down his crack occasionally pausing to to rub on other parts of his sweet ass. He tried to move his ass but I told him to stay still. I loved exploring his bare butt with my throbbing hard cock. It felt so good and before long I was squirting hot streams of jizz all over his back and ass. I considerately cleaned up his cum covered ass with a towel. We got dressed and he shortly left promising to come back the next evening. The next night was similar to the first one. The only thing I remember clearly was that the blanket that I was using to cover the living room window instead of curtains which we had yet to purchase fell down while we were frolicking nude in the room. This gave a great view to the people in the apartment across the street and Tom got a big laugh out of watching me scramble to put the blanket back up while my boner was wobbling to and fro. The next time I saw him was two months later when when we were visiting a mutual college friend named Steve. He was letting us stay over night at his apartment while he worked the night shift for UPS. After he left at 11pm Jim came over to the sl**ping bag I was in pulled down my underpants and mounted my bare ass. He said "I've been waiting for this". He then humped my ass, breathing very heavily and shot a heavy load all over my ass. That is all I can remember of that night. Let me know what you think. It gets better. He made me do some really dirty stuff.

... Continue»
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College life 31 (the final chapter of the first se

To start my Sunday here in December, I headed down to do some laundry and
have it done before finals began here on Thursday with Wednesday being
`dead day'. I was nice and threw in Kris's towels along with mine even
though he still had a lot of laundry left. While doing laundry, I did
carry my laptop down and studied for some tests. I got a call from Dad
wanting us to meet at his house for an early Christmas. I told him Tuesday
night would be best for me. He agreed and gave me directions. Basically,
all I needed was an address and my phone would take care of the rest.

For a Sunday, it was relatively quiet and relaxed around the dorm other
than retelling stories from our night out. There were some really funny
moments with us mocking each other's dance moves. After Corey got off
work, he and I headed to grab something to eat together. It was nice just
the two of us and made eating that much faster. He did come back to the
room for a little while but didn't stay that long.

Monday's first two classes were basic preparations for the upcoming finals.
I ate lunch as usual with Kris and Jess before heading off to my art
appreciation class. I entered the class looking for Hayden but didn't see
him. Instead, I sat next to Reilly.

"Tell me about Scott. Damn, he's really hot," Reilly stated before class

"Well... he was Hayden's boyfriend until Friday," I stated.

"Is Hayden stupid or what?"

"I don't know. I was hoping to talk to him in here. Scott's a really good
guy all in all. He's like everyone else and has his bad points..."

"One damn sure wouldn't be that body of his," Reilly said. "I love that
swimmer's body he possesses."

"He does like to swim and swam in high school," I said and saw Hayden come
in the door. He sat on the opposite side of the room from us.

"You think maybe I could get his number from ya?" Reilly asked.

"Well... I give him yours since I still have it. He may not be ready to be
involved again this quickly," I replied. I didn't like giving out my
friends numbers. I didn't want Scott to get pissed if Reilly called him.

"Hey, you know me, Matt," Reilly laughed.

I smiled with the professor starting his review and returning out grades
for our papers. I held my breath and did score well with a nice hand
written compliment at the top.

After class ended, I bolted from my chair with intentions of catching
Hayden. I got him going out of the building and about leveled a girl
trying to catch him.

"Are you running from me?" I asked.

"No Matt, I'm not. I don't have much to say," Hayden replied.

"Scott was heartbroken, Hayden," I said while we walked.

"I'm sorry he is but I need to move on in my life," Hayden stated.


"You know why, Matt."

"Is it because you were afraid he'd break up with you first?" I asked.

"A little of it plus I didn't want to hold him back on your ski trip,"
Hayden said. "Matt, I was actually bored of him."

"Alright then," I said. "I don't get the bored thing though."

"Dude, I want to see what else is out there and not be tied down to one
guy. It was fun while it lasted. Matt, thanks for everything you've done.
I really had a great time with all the guys but..." Hayden stopped and
started to cry. "I guess... that's over with... now."

We found a bench and took a seat with Reilly passing us by. "Hayden, is
there another reason?"

Hayden wiped his eyes and looked at me. "Matt, my parents don't know I'm


"I've been making shit up, basically lying to everyone that they knew.
They would die if they knew I was gay."

"I think I'm beginning to see the reason now. You're afraid you'll slip up
and tell them about Scott."

"I've told them about Scott but that he is just a good friend," Hayden

"You know Scott's not going to be very happy since you were the reason he
told his parents."

"Matt, please don't tell him. I really do like Scott a lot. Maybe over
the Christmas break I'll man up and confess. My parents are very religious
with my Dad a deacon in the church. It will kill them but it is something
I should do one day but I don't when that day will be just yet."

"Now I see the picture, Hayden. I'm sorry but that's not much help. Maybe
you should confess your troubles to Scott and see what he says other than
just running away from them."

"I might when the new semester begins. Please don't tell Scott."

"Okay," I said. "I won't tell him. Besides, it's not my place to tell him."

Walking back to the dorm, I did feel for Hayden. I knew I was very lucky
to have Mom accept and love me after I told her. I can't imagine being in
Hayden's position and having to weave lie after lie to hide the truth. It
broke my heart for Hayden and could tell he was tormented by it.
Privately, he must have really struggled but he was able to be true to
himself with and around us.

Back at the room, Kris was waiting on me to go to the Rec Center. I
changed in a hurry even though I really didn't feel up to it. We headed
out and gathered Scott, Juan, Colt and Jess with Alex to meet us there.
Entering the Rec Center, I didn't see Corey and continued to stow away my
bag in a locker as did the others.

"Hey Matt, did you talk to Hayden today?" Scott asked me coming out of the
locker room.

"Yes, I did after class."

"What did he say?"

"Other than he was bored and ready to move on that was about it," I replied
with a half truth.

"Bored my ass," Scott stated. "I don't get him at all. Never once did he
complain he was bored with me."

I shrugged, "That's what he said."

We continued on and did our scheduled work out for the day. Kris, Alex,
Jess and Colt did something called maxing out on the bench. I watched for
a minute before Scott and I headed off to do our thing. Scott continued to
ask me what else was said. I held my ground and said it was short and

We showered in the locker room before heading back to the room. I stayed
in the room to study while Kris headed to see Liz. Alone there, I debated
on whether to give Scott Reilly's number or wait to see how things panned
out with Hayden. It sucked being stuck in the middle and knowing all the
facts of the situation.

That Monday night, I did get to spend a little time with Corey since I
wasn't sure how much of my time Dad would take up the following night. We
didn't do much other than watch TV with Michael. I left about eleven and
headed back to my room.

Kris, Colt and Alex were kicked back and watching a movie Alex had brought
over. I played on my computer since I wasn't able to concentrate on
studying. The two left about midnight. I stripped down and headed off to
bed with Kris doing the same for our nightly chat.

"Matt, do you know the real reason why Hayden broke up with Scott?" Kris
asked to begin.

"Yes, I do but promised I'd keep quiet," I replied.

"So he was fucking around on Scott," Kris said. "That sorry..."

"No, he wasn't, Kris," I stated.

"Well then tell me what it was."

After a short mind debate, I spoke up, "Promise this stays here."

"I do," Kris said and crossed his heart.

"Hayden... has been lieing to us about his parents knowing he was gay. The
real kicker here is they are religious."

"That sucks... well I mean that he isn't out but he could still be Scott's

"I think he did it so he wouldn't open his mouth and out himself," I said.

"Matt, is coming out that hard?"

"Kris, for some, it is extremely hard. I imagine if Hayden were to get
back with Scott it would still be hard and painful for everyone when he
comes out."

"I'm glad I'm straight and don't have to deal with that," Kris stated.

"I'm glad I'm out and don't have to deal with it either now but it wasn't
easy for me though."

"I remember how hard it was for you to tell me. You just knew our
friendship would be over..."

"You're right there but I had to do it," I said.

"Let me give you a small word of advice here with Corey. Stop telling him
not to spend money on you for Christmas..."

"Why? I know he doesn't have much."

"Matt, he wants to do it. You're taking all the joy out of giving when you
tell him not to give you much or nothing at all. Let him be the judge.
Just admit you'd be very disappointed if he didn't get you anything."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Thanks for telling me. I'll keep my mouth
shut from now on. I don't even think about ruining his joy."

We continued to talk for a little while longer until Kris was snoring in
his bed.

Tuesday, the last day of regular class, I was up before the alarm for some
stupid reason. I was ready early and ate the last of our snacks before
Kris woke. Classes were as boring as ever with the professors going over
what we could expect on our finals. Thankfully, out of my five finals, one
was just a final test over what we had covered recently instead of the
regular finals.

Corey, Kris, Alex and I were back at the Rec Center. Once there, I
wondered why I even went but I knew why, Corey. I didn't do much other
than watch them try to outdo each other. With each passing day, I grew to
like Alex as a friend and looked forward to him being on our floor next
semester. He fit right in with us and now was a big part of our group.

Once we were done, Corey headed off to study. By the way he told it, a few
of his grades depended on his final exam. I did offer my help if he needed
it but he refused and went back to study on his own.

About five, I headed out to Dad's house with the hope I could find it. He
said it would take thirty minutes but it ended up taking closer to forty
five. I pulled in his driveway a little late to his rented house that
didn't look like much in the middle of nowhere. Dad and Gloria were
waiting for me when I knocked on the door with his gift in my hand.

"Matt, I'm not much of a cook, so I hope chili will suffice," Gloria

"It'll be just fine," I said.

Dad and I sat to talk with Dad having a beer in his hand. He offered me
one but I refused saying I didn't care for beer that much. We sat and
chatted about college before Gloria announced the chili was ready. We sat
at the dining room table with cheese and crackers to compliment the chili.
The first taste told me it was spicy yet very tasty. I did remember how my
Dad enjoyed his food spicy whereas Mom didn't. Gloria told me about her
f****y, two girls and a boy with two grandk**s already.

Finished with the meal that left my mouth burning a little, we headed to
the small cluttered living room. Dad handed me a good size box while I
handed over my gift bag. He insisted I open my gift first. I tore into
the paper and opened the box to find a nice jacket.

"Matthew, I hope you can use that on your trip," Dad stated.

"You bet I can," I said with excitement. "Thanks Dad I really do like." I
tried it on and found the fit a little big but not so big I couldn't wear

Dad reached over in the pocket. "Here's a little something extra, say for
your birthday that is coming up too." My birthday is in a week and half
while we are on the trip. He pulled out two one hundred bills.

"I really appreciate that," I said and gave him a big hug.

He opened his gift and took a quick smell of the cologne. "I guess it will
be better than Old Spice," Dad laughed.

"Thanks Matthew. He needed that," Gloria laughed.

"Matthew, where's Corey at or did you come to your senses?" Dad asked.

"He's studying," I said. "Dad, you saw how nice he is."

"Oh he was nice but I meant was did you come to your senses about this gay
thing," Dad stated. "I'm really disappointed about that, Matthew."

"Dad, nothing can change that fact..."

"Oh I bet if I'd been around you wouldn't have turned out that way. Your
mom babied you way too much and made you gay," Dad said. "I knew that could

"If that is true Dad then there should be way more gay guys than there is
today with all the single moms raising their sons," I stated.

"Larry, he does have a good point there," Gloria said to Dad.

"He's justifying his lifestyle," Dad commented. "Nobody really wants to be

"True Dad but I am," I stated. "We can argue about it all night if you want
but it won't help matters. I'm gay and have a great boyfriend who I love
to death and who treats me so well."

"Larry at least he's not like Jeremy and has two k**s by two different
girls before he's twenty years old," Gloria said about her 20 year old
son. "You should be proud of Matthew. He said he makes very good grades.
He will have a great job someday if he continues."

You know I was starting to like Gloria more and more. Maybe she was good
for my dad.

"I am proud he makes good grades. Even when he was young, he was very
smart," Dad stated. "I just wish he wasn't gay, that's all. Is it hard on
you, Matthew?"

"Dad, so far I've been very fortunate. My roommate is so accepting as is
Mom. I know there are some out there that aren't so lucky."

"Damn right there, Matthew. I guess I'm trying to be the father I never
really have been and show a little concern for your welfare in life. It's
a very cruel and nasty world we live in," Dad said.

"Thanks, but I'm making it so far," I said.

I stayed as well as I could before I said I needed to head back. Gloria
handed me a Ziploc bag full of Christmas cookies she had made to take back
with me. I told her they would be eaten by all my friends at the dorm. I
thanked them and hugged both before heading back to the campus.

After returning from Dad's, my room had only Liz and Kris in it. They were
watching a movie together with Kris holding Liz close to him. Kris said
they had just started and insisted I invite Corey down. He said we could
call it couples night. I called Corey and invited him down. Quietly the
four of us enjoyed the movie Kris had. The strangest part of the night
came when Kris suggested Corey sl**p with me while he slept with Liz. I
didn't mind at all. Corey and Liz got a nice insight of our nightly chat.
Instead of it just being Kris and I, it was the four of us. I told about
my night at Dad's house before we talked at random about anything that came

When the last words were spoken, we turned out the light between the two
beds. I waited and expected to hear Kris's bed rattling and Liz moaning.
Instead all I heard were lips smacking before both were sl**p. Corey and I
did get in some lip time as well before we dosed off to sl**p.

Waking the next morning was odd since we didn't have class. I think I woke
Corey up when I began moving around a little. He grabbed and held on to me
until I finally headed out to use the bathroom. When I returned, Kris and
Liz were awake as was Corey. They were laughing about something.

"Matt, Liz was fucking amazed at your boner," Kris said laughing. "She
said you really tented out those boxers."

"Oh well, it's part of life," I stated and did my best to play it of but
was embarrassed.

"Matt, it was impressive to say the least," Liz stated. "I might drop Kris
here for one night to be with you."

"I'd let you so Matt could experience a girl. You know I think Liz might
enjoy that big dick of yours," Kris said.

"Then she'd never want you, Kris," I laughed. "Right, Corey?"

"You never know," Corey laughed.

Our `dead day' was pretty much that around the dorm. Everyone seemed
rather quiet and actually studying for exams. I felt a little pressure but
knew my grades would be high unless I completely bombed them. We tried to
keep our routines like going working out and eating but other than Colt,
Alex and Corey there weren't many around for a change.

With finals, Corey's schedule was very odd at the Rec Center. He could
work as much as he wanted or as little depending on his studying demands.
By Saturday night, most of us were mentally drained and needed a break.
Our ski buddies all gathered up with Kendall going over the plans. It was
a nice diversion from the tests. A better one was that night when I did
get to hook up with Corey in my room with Kris gone out with Liz.

By Tuesday afternoon, I was officially complete with my exams. It felt
great having them behind me. It gave me a full day to prepare my things
for the trip. Packing, I quickly realized I may freeze to death on the
slopes since I really didn't have that many winter things. I did make a
quick trip to buy what I thought were some needed things for the trip.

Wednesday afternoon, we were all finished with our exams. I stood in the
parking lot and reflected on the great fortune I had encountered during my
first semester. I now vaguely remembered pulling into the lot and the
nerves and apprehension accompanied with starting college.

First there was Alex. He came along the latest but had blended in so well
with all of us.

Then there was Colt. Colt had become Kris's good friend despite a little
tussle the two had. He was the country athletic boy of our group.

Next was Jess. Jess was great and had been so much fun to hang around with
over the semester. I blamed my short illness on him but it could have been
anyone on campus.

Scott was standing next to Jess. Scott and I had our thing one time and
proved he liked guys more than he originally led us to believe. So far, he
had handled his break up with Hayden fairly well. I continued to hold my
ground and knew the reason. Scott had grown into one of my best friends.
Honestly, if I hadn't known Scott as well as I did at the time he wanted
me, we may have been together.

Corey was there with me. I loved Corey like I had never loved a guy
before. Sure it was rough but I'm glad I retreated. Now, I couldn't be
any happier in my life. We both leaned on each for support and cherished
every minute we were together. I could really see myself with him for the
rest of my life.

Finally there was Kris. I knew it was a risk agreeing to room with him
even though we were best friends in high school. You hear the horror
stories like Colt and his roommate that come to school as friends yet
become enemies by the end. I owe everything to Kris. He made me get out
and be sociable when I would have been just as content sitting in the room.
Now, we were closer than I ever could imagine. I doubt there were any
secrets between us due to our nightly chats. I do love Kris to death but
as the b*****r I never had. He was our glue and leader.

Kendall and Noel were there as well and the reason we could have this great
experience as friends. I do look forward to them moving up to our floor
since both are really great guys.

"You ready to go, Matt?" Kris asked as excited as ever.

I smiled, "You bet I am!"


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The Longest Day of the Year

It was one day in a hundred; no wind, 78 degrees, and being mid-week the beach was unpopulated as well. The couple had enjoyed a small, delightful homemade meal in their cabin, along with a glass of white wine, and decided to go for a walk. It was already 8:30 at night, but since it was June 20th, the sun wouldn’t set for at least another hour.

Walking along the beach, sometimes hand in hand, other times apart; stopping to pick up tiny stones, or examine unknown objects, they found themselves in a remote cusp, about 150 feet wide, with a gentle sloping hill surrounding the protected spot. There was a flat, sandy area just beyond a large drift-log, hidden by thick outcroppings of beach grass; Scott and Janet each spotted the place and walked toward it as the sun approached the horizon.

They sat down on the warm sand, kicking off their shoes and wiggling the tiny grains between their toes. Facing the calm, flat ocean, they watched pelicans soar inches above the water, searching for a final meal for the day. Janet leaned onto Scott’s shoulder and he slipped his arm around her back, holding her close to his body. She felt a warm sensation in her chest as his hand gripped her arm, stroking it gently. Janet turned her face toward his and kissed his exposed neck. Scott turned his head in the opposite direction, revealing the small hollow between his shoulder and chest. She knew exactly where he loved to be kissed, and she snuggled closer, nuzzling him with her lips.

Janet reached her hand into his partially open shirt and caressed his hard nipple as she kissed and licked the tender neck. His arm became weak and he lay backward on the sand, pulling her along with him and on top of his body. Straddling his form, she unbuttoned his shirt and kissed and licked his chest with her soft, supple lips. In time her love-making moved downward toward his belly, and the top of his jeans. She sat upright, still straddling him, unbuttoned his pants, and tugged open the zipper. She could see his pubic hair peeking above the waistline of his shorts, as she reached her hand in from the top to fondle the soft patch.

Slipping her hand further into his drawers, she found his penis, pointing downward in his pants, struggling to find an escape. Janet took hold of his waistband and slid his pants down as he wriggled his hips, raising them from the sand. His knees were bent upward, pants just below his knees, where she stopped. Leaning her chest onto his flexed knees, she reached under his legs and stroked his exposed cock and balls. Scott released a soft moan as her tender, soft, fingers explored his manhood; his perineum.

Unknown to the two lovers, a lone woman had crested the hill that sloped downward to the cusp; she watched the sun dip toward the horizon, casting a warm orange glow on her features. Janet noticed her first as she looked up into Scott’s eyes. The woman was just visible above the grass, and appeared not to notice the two lying below on the beach. Lifting his naked feet from the sand, she pressed his knees close to his chest, revealing his bottom. His balls hung loosely, cock to one side; she admired the way his manhood looked, so masculine, rugged, and so erotic. Crawling below his legs, Janet whetted her lips and kissed his cock head; his penis jumped at the touch of her tenderness.

She moved her tongue to stroke the right side of his cock, and then the left. His prick grew with each touch from her mouth; the head swelling in her sight. Looking up between his legs, she could still see the lone woman standing facing the light; her sunglasses reflecting the glowing orb just above the water on the horizon. As Janet started for Scott’s penis, the woman dipped her head slightly and looked down the hillside, smiling subtly. Excited, feeling naughty, and showing off, Janet took his cock into her mouth and inch-by-inch consumed its entire length.

The woman above parted her own lips slightly; overcome by the sight of the woman on the beach sucking her lover’s cock so deep. Slowly and quietly, the woman took a few steps down the hill toward the two. Scott was watching his lover kiss and suck his cock, unaware of the intruder stealing toward them. Janet’s head bobbed up and down as her saliva made him slick and wet. She pulled gently with her lips, stretching his cock, and paused at the crown of his prick as she ran her tongue on the underside of his head. Looking up at the approaching stranger, she held him there in her mouth; teasing the observer.

The sensation of Janet’s tongue on his most sensitive spot caused Scott’s head to roll backward as he let out a moan. When his eyes opened he discovered the woman, about 20 feet away, watching the scene. Had Janet seen her approach? He wasn’t sure, but no matter . . . it excited him to know that someone was enjoying them, watching their lovemaking. Scott pumped his hips and slipped his cock into Janet’s mouth as he watched the woman’s reaction.

He noticed that she was wearing a long, tie-dye skirt, and could see her bare feet from underneath. The woman placed her hands on her knees, gathering the material and pulling it upward, inch by inch, revealing her ankles, shins, knees . . . Slipping her left hand between her legs, she reached up beneath the garment and probed with her hand; hidden from his sight. Unknown to him, Janet was watching the woman between sucks; her own pussy growing wetter by the minute.

Janet released his cock from her mouth and took it in her left hand, stroking from below as she lowered her head to find his anus. She flicked his balls with her tongue, and licked underneath, finding the knot just above his asshole. She licked upward and down on his swollen spot, working closer to his hole with each stroke. Scott rotated his hips upward, letting her know what he desired. Janet ran her tongue across his ass and Scott gasped with delight. “Oh god Janet, that feels sooo good!” She circled his hole a few times and then plunged her tongue inside, fucking his butt.

She stroked his cock with her hand and licked his asshole as he watched the woman above them. She had seated herself on the hillside and spread her legs, revealing her pussy in the glowing light. Her skirt was pulled down to her lap and her legs were parted wide as she fondled her cunt with both hands. The woman wondered curiously about the sight that Janet enjoyed right now, but was delighted as she watched her stroke his cock. In moments, Scott began to rotate his hips back and forth, timing Janet’s licks with her stroking. “I’m going to cum baby, I’m going to cum . . . now!”

Scott shot his wad onto his belly, dribbling on the back of Janet’s hand, as she continued to lick his butt hole. “Oh my god” he cried as she squeezed the last drops of semen from his prick. The woman on the hillside had somehow contained herself throughout the scene. She was waiting . . . wanting to watch Scott pleasure his woman. When his throbbing cock had subsided, he relaxed his legs, and asked Janet to pull her pants down. “Sit on my face and watch the sunset” he told her.

She turned to face the ocean and unbuttoned her pants, slipping them down past her hips. The woman on the hillside could see Janet’s butt crack as she pulled her panties down, bending over to release them from her legs. She bent over, touching her hands to the sand and placed her feet shoulder-width apart, revealing her pussy to the woman. She stepped over the top of Scott and straddled his shoulders with her feet on either side; slowly Janet squatted downward, lowering her bottom toward his face.

She stopped just short of his mouth, dangling her pussy lips just inches from his hungry lips. The woman on the hillside could see Janet’s cunt lips clearly in the contrast between the setting sun and his face. Scott rotated his head back slightly and extended his tongue, whetting her labia. Janet inched her bottom closer to his face and reached her hands behind her to spread her butt cheeks. The woman on the hillside licked her fingers and slid them up and down alongside her own labia, whetting them as she squeezed her pussy lips between her fingers.

Scott ran his tongue along Janet’s butt, licking her hole with a broad, flat motion, wiping her entire ass. Sticking his left index finger into his mouth, he wet that too, reaching up between her legs and inserting his fingertip into her cunt. His thumb found her clitoris, and he gently rubbed her love bud as he stroked her hood. His tongue explored the length of her bottom, from ass to pussy hole; touching her anus with the tip of his nose. When he lightly flicked Janet’s clit with the tip of his tongue, she gasped audibly. “Ohhhh”

Slipping his nose into her vagina, he wrapped his lips around her clit, taking it entirely into his mouth, along with her labia; he paused there, sucking gently as she rocked back and forth on his face, fucking him. The woman on the hill slipped the fingers on her other hand into her mouth, whetting them and lowering them to her bottom, found her own asshole, and began to probe. Scott slipped his index finger into Janet’s ass and fucked her gently, just barely exploring the tight hole as he flicked her clit with his tongue.

Removing his finger momentarily, he wet the entire length, and slid the tip into her butt once more. Janet relaxed her sphincter and pulled his finger into her butt; a squeeze, relax, pull, until his finger was inserted fully into her rectum. She relaxed one more time and sat firmly on his extended digit, grinding it up her butt. “Oh, fuck my ass with your finger!” she exclaimed. Scott’s finger was slick with saliva, and he removed it slowly from her ass as she squeezed it out. He wiggled the tip gently dwelling on the entrance to her hole.

“Lick my clit” she said, and Scott wrapped his lips around her nub, licking and sucking as he slid his finger in and out of her ass; each time she met him with f***e as she fucked his finger. The woman on the hill had two fingers in her ass and three in her pussy as she fucked herself vigorously while watching Janet being pleasured. “I’m going to cum soon” breathed the woman on the hillside. She pointed her toes and dug her heels into the sand where she sat. “I’m going to cum soon” Janet gasped as Scott fingered and licked her holes.

“Oh my god, Oh, OH, OHHHH” both women climaxed at exactly the same moment, both lost in their own worlds; neither aware of the others' orgasm . . . Scott enjoying them both. Janet pumped up and down on his finger as her waves of orgasm subsided. Eventually she let his finger slip from her butt, rose to her feet and turned as the last sliver of light disappeared into the sea. The woman on the hill had vanished, leaving only two deep heel prints in the sand, set wide apart, and a tiny damp spot.
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The International Council of Man Laws.

1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella.
2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances:
(a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master.
(b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her Blouse.
(c) After wrecking your boss's car.
(d) When she is using her teeth.
3: Any man who brings a camera to a stag night may be legally killed and eaten by his friends.
4: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his s****r is off limits forever unless you actually marry her.
5: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a mate's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable.
6: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your mate's birthday is strictly optional. At that point, you must celebrate at a strip bar of the birthday boy's choice.
7: In the mini-bus, the strongest bladder determines pit stops, not the weakest.
8: When stumbling upon other blokes watching a sporting event, you may ask the score of the game in progress, but you may never ask who's playing.
9: You may fart in front of a woman only after you have brought her to climax. If you trap her head under the covers for the purpose of flatulent entertainment (commonly known as a Dutch oven), she's officially your girlfriend.
10: It is permissible to drink a fruity alcohol drink only when you're sunning on a tropical beach ... and it's delivered by a topless model and only when it's free.
11: Only in situations of mortal and/or physical peril are you allowed to kick another guy in the nuts.
12: Unless you're in prison, never fight naked.
13: Friends don't let friends wear Speedos. Ever. Issue closed.
14: If a man's fly is down, that's his problem, you didn't see anything.
15: Women who claim they 'love to watch sports' must be treated as spies until they demonstrate knowledge of the game and the ability to drink as much as the other sports watchers.
16: A man in the company of a hot, suggestively dressed woman must remain sober enough to fight.
17: Never hesitate to reach for the last beer or the last slice of pizza, but not both, that's just greedy.
18: If you compliment a guy on his six-pack, you'd better be talking about his choice of beer.
19: Never join your girlfriend or wife in discussing a friend of yours, except if she's withholding sex pending your response.
20: Never talk to a man in a bathroom unless you are on equal footing i.e., both urinating, both waiting in line, etc. For all other situations, an almost imperceptible nod is all the conversation you need.
21: Never allow a telephone conversation with a woman to go on longer than you are able to have sex with her. Keep a stopwatch by the phone. Hang up if necessary.
22: The morning after you and a girl who was formerly 'just a friend' have carnal, d***ken monkey sex. The fact that you're feeling weird and guilty is no reason for you not to nail each other again before the discussion occurs about what a big mistake it was.
23: It is acceptable for you to drive her car. It is not acceptable for her to drive yours.
24: Thou shall not buy a car in the colours of brown, pink, lime green, orange or sky blue.
25: The girl who replies to the question 'What do you want for Christmas?' with 'If you loved me, you'd know what I want!' gets an Xbox 360. End of story.
26: There is no reason for guys to watch Ice Skating or Men's Gymnastics. Ever.
27: It is not permissible to make eye contact when watching porn with your mates. Furthermore, this is only one of two circumstances under which it is allowed to have an erection with friends in the room, the other being when you are 'spit roasting' a woman.
28: We've all heard about people having guts or balls. But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, the definition of each is listed below:
* 'GUTS' is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being assaulted by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to say, 'are you still cleaning or are you flying somewhere?'
* 'BALLS' is coming home late after a night out with the guys smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife square on the ass and having the balls to say, 'You're next fatty!'

I hope this clears up any confusion,
The International Council of Man Laws... Continue»
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The Booty Inspector of the Old West (pt. 6)

The Booty Inspector pt. 6
“The Guerilla Widows of Russia”

by markfayer

Dick and junior woke up first the next day in their “Shanghai Bed & Breakfast Inn” Suite and were just eating some French toast and orange Juice and lounging around in fluffy Bathroom Slippers and soft-pink Bathrobes, when finally Fong-Wen was roused awake.

She stretched out her torso and strained in pleasure and, like a yawned like a sl**py cat on a sunny afternoon –she had a HUGE grin on her face—smiling from ear-to-ear. “g’morning boys!” she said enticingly.
“’Mornin’ miss” they said in unison, staring at her with fondness and admiration as they abstractedly nibbled on their toast.
Fong-wen continued –“I had a little dream about both you muther-fukkers last night”, she teased as she bit her knuckle and winked slyly at them.
Two “THUMP!”s could suddenly be heard hitting the underside of the breakfast table, sounded like Salami sticks hitting a woodshed.
“Dick and Junior tried to gulp down the lumps, immediately present in both their throats.
“Well, miss, we outta be headin’ out purdee soon, we’ve got other business to attend to, you understand. Duty calls, and all that, y’know.”
“What I do know, is that before you leave both of you are going to come over here and give me a kiss and show me some affection. It only seems fitting, wouldn’t you say?”
“Y-y-y—yes m-m-m-Maa’m”, stuttered out Junior.
So Dick and Junior laid their affections on Fong-Wen and gave her what she wanted: Kisses, boob-touches, pussy-rubs, ass jiggles—“The Works”, as she put it.. She said “I want you to give me The Works”
After all that was done, Dick and Junior hopped aboard the first Siberian Express train into Russia, where they’d caught wind of a possible Mafia-related Underground-Ring of High-class, big-Bootied Russian Courtesans who were in need of a proper Booty Inspection.
They said they’re proper goodbyes to Fong-Wen and her gal-pal, Shen-wong, and off they steamed towards the grass-covered Steppes of Siberian Russia, in search of fine, busty, Russian Babes.

Along about 20 hours into their trip, the train seemed to be experiencing delay, Dick and Jr. noted, as they lounged in their Private Express Car.
They decided to check out the situation and see what was the matter, so they walked up full length of the vast aisles of the train, up to the conductors Compartment.
As they entered, they saw the Conductor and his Relief—his 2nd in command—standing with their hands raised and surrounded in Semi-circle by Seven heavily-armed Russian Peasant women.
Middle-aged though they were, these busty Russian peasant women were good-looking, large-breasted, typical Middle-aged MILFs and they had fierce looks on their faces.
They were demanding money & supplies and also made a bid for able-bodied men to come and help them out on their farms.
After further deliberation, Dick was able to comprehend the crude translation by the Train Conductor, as he related the situation: that the 7 women were part of a Communist Farm Cooperative in this isolated part of rural western Russia and that their small town had been “harvested” by the Government only 8 monthes back—the men and young boys of the village had all been drafted and f***ed to join the Russian Communist army and go fight for the USSR’s f***es in the Rusko-Japanese War, and her in the village “Smirnsk” all the widows and young girls were left as widows with no men or boys, and they had to fend for themselves and grow their own crops.
Apparently it was not working out because 10 of the 18 grown women that were in the village had already been overcome by smallpox, fatigue, starvation and Disease and were now rotting corpses.
The remaining 7 of the widows decide to take up arms and rob, plunder and pillage to make their way—and now they were here hijacking the trans-Siberian Express train-route and “they were going to have their Supplies and Men, goddamnit or they’d have the Conductor’s HEAD!”
Reluctantly, he agreed to give them “the two Americans”, as he spit a wad of tobacco at our feet. It was tradition, you understand.
So off we marched, with AK-47s poking g into our back’s and our hands above our heads, into the little rural village of Smirnsk with 7 husband-less, and presumably irrate, horny and sexually-frustrated middle-aged women. They had us. We were theirs to do with us as they pleased.

That night found us holed up in their Temporary village “Gulag” which was little more than a ramshackle, wooden Shack with a couple of windows made of decrepit, rotting iron bars. It was an unsavory condition at best.
So dick finally coaxed the Busty woman “Stoya”, guarding us, to let us out into the main Den and Communal Gathering Hall where the rest of the Guerilla Widows were getting wasted on Vodka, cheap Cigars and Russian Beer which they’d hijacked from the train Shipments.

As we entered the Communal House, the place was in CHAOS!”, Dick recalled at a later recounting.
Albeit there were only 7 husband-less wives in that room, it was nevertheless a madhouse, with a brawl between two of the women, another couple further in were randomly shooting pistols against a hay-stack in the corner, while yet another was swinging upside-down from a chandelier, her huge Double-F cup breasts swinging out, like hanging watermelons in sacks, swaying in the wind for all to see—
The last pair of Women were in the corner "necking" while a large black Communist Dildo ran up the length of the 1st one’s Pussy-hole and it trailed-out over into the 2nd one’s butt-hole, and they humped back and forth standing up in full view of everybody, doing a Pussy-to-Ass dildo-Fuck and slobbering wet tongue kisses all over each other’s faces—all while the FINAL widow stood above them, pouring down a huge bottle of Vodka so it went streaming over their Naked bodies and down onto their massive juggs.
Not only were Dick and Junior a bit frightened at the bizarre behavior of these supposedly docile and hard-working peasant mid-wives of rural Russia, but they were extremely turned-on. Here were these women, in the prime of their Sexual attractiveness and Lust –in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s – with HUGE Russian melons-for-tits. Kind-of on the chunky side, as Russian peasants women will be, but in a desirable, voluptuous way that made Dick and Junior’s dicks harder, and harder, and harder—the veins were well-nigh about to burst out of their cocks and spray penis-juice and internal fluids all over, such was the intensity of their boners from witnessing this scene of complete lascivious abandon.

As luck would have it, the lead widow, a robust woman about 42 yrs, decided her ladies needed some sexual release from all the tension they’d been under, without having had any cocks in the village to fuck for the past 8 monthes. She ordered Dick and Junior to strip down and stroke their cocks onstage , while the rest of the women watched the strip-tease.

As they pulled off their clothes and stroked their engorged Members, the d***ken “Merry Wives Of Windsor” whistled, shot pistols into the air, fingered their throbbing Pussies, spit out streams of Vodka onto the men, and just all around reveled in their lusty debauchery.
Then 2 of the women who decided they wanted to fuck, approached Dick and Junior at the foot of the “stage” –a makeshift stage comprised of 2-3 wooden tables squished together—
The ladies, one to each Man, took the long swaying Penises in their hands and began to suck the cock-tips hanging down in front of their faces.
As they each licked a long Cock, they eye-balled each other in a sort-of “who’s better?” contest. And then they went FULL-ON!—lustfully sucking, licking, spitting up wads of saliva, swallowing balls whole, squeezing the cocks as hard as they could and giving their ALL, as they rubbed their nipples up into the men’s junks, seeing who could get a hot load of Cum sprayed out onto their face first!

Well, it happened this time that the woman on the right, stroking Jr’s cock turned out to be the winner of this particular “speed” contest this night…and junior gave her a SHOWER! Out of his Long, pink Meat-hose came a veritable blast of thick, luscious Cum—like a pressurized hose it sprayed in “Svoyetka’s” face—and she LOVED IT!—OH! This cum was delicious to her. She’d not had any cock in almost a year and damn was she thirsty! She sprayed that that white, gooey stream of sex-cream into her face and her cheeks bulged-out as it filled up her mouth. She gargled it, spewed it out in a stream, she licked around her mouth and lips with the white goop all over her tongue. OH!, how she delighted in the salty-creamy facial.
The other lady couldn’t take it anymore, she was jealous of Svoyetka’s long spewing cock and her mouthful of salty, creamy Cum-dessert, so she went over, rubbed her big melon-tits up against the cum-gargling woman and she stuck her tongue into Svoyetka’s mouth and swirled it around in the thick white goo, and did a tongue-wrestling match with her while the cum just kept pouring down their faces –it dripped down their necks onto their breasts and down their torsos as they embraced in a passionate lesbian MILF kiss—enough to make anybody cum just by watching it.
And sure enough, 2 of the other MILFs in the audience who’d been watching and rubbing their own pussies in excited anticipation of the Men’s cocks, were now lying down on their backs, quivering and shaking as the Orgasm-spasms wracked their naked bodies and they screamed out-loud, in the tension-release of their heightened sexual Climax!

Dick, however, was still off on the left-side of the stage working on his own cock as all this took place, and the other 3 busty MILFs in the room noticed that he might be needing some help—or rather—that maybe they should jump up there and fuck his brains out, whether he wanted them to or not.
So they did—Svetlana, Malenka & Anya waddled over to the stage, hoisted themselves up next to Dick’s hulking physique and his huge, swinging, 9-inch Cock and they began: “The Fucking Of The Booty Inspector”
They pulled him down to the stage-top. They made him suck-out their pussies until all their clitorises were sore from so much cumming. They rode his dick like cowgirls until he’d had 3 explosive-geysers of Cum spraying out into their mouths and all over their tits. Then they made him fuck them anally whilst they licked each other’s pussies and cum-swapped his penis-cum into each other’s mouths.
They went for hours and hours, just getting their Pussies torn apart by Dick’s massive 9-Incher. This kept up all night until nobody could stay awake anymore. The entire room was a mess! –-cum-puddles, splotches of Pussy-juice and Vodka, bullet-holes, broken & dangling chandeliers, boobs hanging out here, sagging pussies and spread open legs there, snoring Russian peasant MILFs, large dangling cocks laying over the faces of sl**ping women, bodies laid-out and intertwined –some even fell asl**p with their hands up in the other women’s pussy-holes! It was a Bordello of Debauchery through-and-through.
And the women could not have been happier.
It was finally a release from all the starvation and tension and thinking they wouldn’t survive without men, for almost a year.
They finally had gotten to celebrate with these two Men and indulge their sexuality by engaging in this mass-Orgy and they could now move forward in their lives and maybe keep it up for another year or so, before the pressure got too much and they had to k**nap some more men and fuck their brains out and have another wild Night of de-bauched celebratory Sexual release.
Dick and Junior decided to sneak out at the first light of Dawn while all the Russian MILFs were sprawled out all over the place, snoring their heads off in deep sl**p.
They decided they’d better somehow make their way back to America and back to the Old west and back to their Booty inspectin’ duties, because that was their home.
So they got back o the Trans-Siberian express train heading back towards China and away from these lovely, busty Russian women who’d shown them the night of their Lives.

As fate would have it, Dick was about to make an unexpected detour back in China and run into their old friend “Fong-Wen once more—but what would be in store for them?”
[Tune in tomorrow Evening for the Final and Conclusive Chapter in the “BOOTY INSPECTOR of the OLD WEST” saga]
(next up- “the Booty Inspector pt. 6 – “Where East meets West”)

... Continue»
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The Back Story Of Mandy From The Bar

Mandy was a really strange one.

I ran into her at the bar pretty early on in my bartending days... She was in college, and would come to the bar most Tuesdays with some friends for what ever the Tuesday night special was.

Anyway, I noticed she was the shy one in the group, always avoiding the d***ken frat boys that wandered from table to table trying to get their dicks wet. One night she and her two friends sat at the bar. I saw it as my chance to bone a "nice Jewish girl" and started to talk with her. I don't really remember that much about it, or her, other then it took a few more visits before I could convince her to stick around till closing.

One Tuesday that's exactly what she did. her friends peeled off about 11pm or so, leaving her there with me at the bar. She must have had 4 drinks before her friends left, and I know I served her at least another 3 before we closed shop at 1:30am. She stuck around till 2am for me to get off, and I took her home to "chill"
"Chill" meant fuck of course, and either due to the drinks, or my smooth moves, She was willing, but you could tell she hadn't been with a lot of guys. She was super shy, and it was hard to get her to fuck with the lights on (this girl one of the early ones, a year before I got night shot).

Anyway I fucked her that night, and got it on tape. My pervert of a Indian roommate was in his room watching the whole thing on the TV as it recorded. She has little fried egg tits! I mean we are talking B cup at best. I was sucking on them and I hear the little freak laugh a little.
More on him later.
So the next morning I take her to her dorm and drop her off. From that point on it was a pretty regular fuck fest for the next month or so...


My favorite memory of Mandy was that, first, Mandy thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I just decided to let her go on believing that. Like I said she was inexperienced, and had never given anyone head, or done anal, or had even fucked other then missionary! It was strange. I know I fucked my first girlfriend every way I could think of and that defiantly included anal and blowjobs! Anyway after like a month of fucking her, ( and a few others also! ) and letting her spend maybe 1 night a week at the apartment, I'm bored with her, and thinking of just blowing her off unless I need to blow a load.

About the time I done with her, she comes over and she asks if she's going to get to move in! Guys, I didn't want to run her off altogether, but I was really bored with her, so I play along and I tell her that no live in girlfriend is going to be a one hole girl. She didn't get it! So I explained the whole Blowjob/Anal thing, and said everyone else that I had dated gave it all up, but since she was so sweet, and I "really liked her" if she really wanted to get serious with me, and to live with me she'd have to do at least one of them. I just couldn't see myself with some one that didn't do more then just plain old sex.

Now I shit you not, but she thought about it, and said the thought of a dick in her mouth was nasty, so she chose anal! Can you fucking believe it? Who would chose an Ass pounding over a little cumshot in the mouth??? I was fucking stunned! This was early on in my bartending adventures. I had had sex with maybe 5 girls from the bar and was currently fucking only one or two of them every now and again. This girl really started the whole Anal thing going for me. From this moment of my life on, it was Ass fucking all the way.
As she was already at the apartment when we had this conversation, I didn't have the camera set up, but let me tell you. I had her in bed in less then 2 minutes.

I couldn't even contain myself. I had her cloths off, and mine, in another minute all the while explaining that it might hurt a little. I put her on the bed in the ass up doggy style position, and told her to hand on. Guys, I tried to spit in my hand to lube up my cock a bit, but I was so stunned, I could hardly get any spit. What little came out of my mouth missed my hand and landed on her ass cheek.
I took one finger, and tried to scoop it up, that was all I could get, and it barely got the tip of my dick wet, but I was fucking going for it! I took one hand and grabbed my shaft, and the other to hold her ass in place, and pushed.... and pushed. The lack of lube made it hard to break her ass open, and although I told her relax, her ass was as tight as a virgin ass should be.

Once it was in, I stopped at about 1/2 way, and let it sit there for a moment, asking her if she was ok. Like a trooper, she just said "Its Ok". I knew she was lying, but I couldn't hold back.
I started fucking her ass. 1/2 way in at first as I could feel her tense body in my hands. But then, I felt the need to really fuck her. I pushed my cock in until it hit a turn inside her and then pushed past it. She jumped back a little, and it made me even crazier. I started to ram my cock in and out of her ass like it was the last day of my life. I'd back it all the way out a few inches then slam it back in until it was "balls deep".

Now Mandy wasn't on any birth control, so I always had to pull out when I fucked her. But not this time. This time, I rammed myself as deep as I could and blew a hefty load right in her ass.
When I was finished, I pushed off of her, and asked her if she wanted to shower. She could hardly speak, but was as nice as someone that just got a hundred dollar tip. She hobbled to the bath room with me and we showered, with me telling her how great it was, and how I couldn't wait to do it again! She just stood there stunned, looking at the shower floor.
When we were done, we crawled back into bed, and passed out. The next morning I woke up with a hard-on, and a smile on my face. All I could think about was her Ass.

Hell maybe she was right to choose Anal over Blowjobs.... I never remembered the blowjob from last night as greatest, only that I came. But this...This was nice. I remember every ass I fuck, and every time I fucked it. the way the girls responded the feel of it, the tightness, the heat. mostly I remember the start of it. Like opening a can of beer, the first plunge. That was it.

I woke her up, and after some sweet talk, I was back in that ass for a quickie. She just laid there on her side as I stuck it in her pussy to get it wet, and then switched to her ass for a little side fucking till I came, and when I cam it was deep in her ass again. After a few minutes of sweet talk, she got dressed, and Then it was off to class for her, with a load of cum in her ass, and a nap for me.

Now Guys, I never let her move in, but I delayed "dumping" her for at least 90 days, and I plowed that ass at least 60 of them! She took it like a champ too. never complained, never stopped me. I would sometimes go straight to it, and fuck it start to finish, but most times, since she let me, I'd fuck her pussy, then switch to ass, then back to pussy, and then finish off in her ass. Just like a fucking porn movie friends! It was great. I ALWAYS cam in her ass.

Towards the end, I got bolder with her. I'd fuck her in strange places. In the car, at work, in her dorm room, in a closet where she worked at Sears. She started to get into it a bit, or she faked it really well while hoping to land a husband. I can remember fucking her at Sears right before Christmas. We were in the little coat room for employees. There was no door or anything, just a small room with some lockers, and a hall way with the customer bathrooms, and here I am, fucking her ass as hard as I can as people walk in and out of the shitter 8 feet away.. And I came in her Ass that time too!
I don't have any videos of it, but I also shaved her pussy once. it looked like a nice clean clit, No monster lips, or anything. She was a trooper, but sadly, she started to catch on to the fact I was banging other girls. She started to call all the time, and I had to let her loose. Sad, because I really enjoyed fucking that ass of hers.

So that's the story of Mandy. Enjoy the Video, and PLEASE Comment Oh it and this. I Love to hear what people think of Mandy, her body, her tits, bush, and everything else.

... Continue»
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Getting ready for the first day of school

As I wake up from my afternoon nap. I come out to the living room to find my girl doing another girls hair. She had told me were having company, but I didn't remember. So to my surprise I find a tight jeaned girl sitting in the chair with some cleavage showing.Now keep in mind that I have my thinnest sweats on with no under ware and a tank top. My girl wearing apron and not much revealing. We also have two c***dren running around the house being k**s.
Now my bulge always shows in these pants, thats why they are my favorite. I go in the fridge to get a beer and take my favorite chair as I always do. Come to find out she is only 18 years old and she's getting her hair done for the first day of school. I think she has seen the bulge but not sure. I get up and fix some snacks for the c***dren and while walking back im sure she has seen it as her eyes were fixed on my bulge. So im thinking she wants to see it huh. I hike up my pants in the back so it shows more in the front and sit down. Adjusting it to show more. my girl notices, and knows what im doing. She says nothing and the evening procedes. Small talk about life, computers, youtube, the c***dren food ect. Keep in mind that my favorite chair is directly in her line of sight where she glances at my dick in my sweats.
Hours pass by and I get up several times and without fail she looks when she can. I have camera equiptment around the house and I just grab my camera to look at the archives in it. She says so your the one with all the camera equiptment. Oh yeah, I say as I hand her the camera to get a closer look at my brand new cannon. She says can I look through the pictures and video. My girl immediately says no, there are some things on there that you might not want to see. So I grab the camera and find the f****y stuff so she can watch. Then I find a picture I took of my erect penis and put it on the display. I act as though the k**s have my attention but the picture is still showing and she glances at the picture. Im pretty sure she saw that. As her leg starts to shake. My dick now is getting excited of what she might be thinking. Yes she notices its growth. Then my leg starts to shake like a chain reaction making my dick jump up and down. She seems amazed and looks more often.
Well time passes and my girl is on the last stages of finishing her hair. My girl grabs the rotaing curling iron. and the girl says this would make a good vibrator. So now I know she has played with that young pussy before. The k**s are tucked in to bed now. And the asks to see what is on the camera again. She says it probally the same stuff that I do. My girl says no again but I hand her the camera of a scene with me my girl and my boy from work fucking. She watches it and asks my girl was it fun to have to dicks. My girl replies a little still uncomfortable and says just look at face. Then the questions started to rain. Have you did it with a girl, couple, outside, movies, car ect. The sexual line has now been officially broken. The I ask have you ever done it with a couple cause she clearly was not a virgin at 18.
She replied no but would love to try and my dick got its hardest that it has been all night. Her hair is done and my girl says go ahead and suck it I know you have been looking at it. She takes three scoots on her knees cause she was already in front of me. Grabs my dick and then take it out and starts to suck it. My girl is putting her hair supplies away and for a good 7 minutes of her sucking. my girl bends down and to show her how its done. They go back and forth passing my dick to each other. Each on a side of my dick going up and down with their lips occasionally touching. To surprise she kisses my girl with my dick still in her hand.
She starts to feel my girls breasts and the tops come off and two sets of tittes start swinging. Im sucking the young girls titty and she is sucking my girls. She takes my girls bottoms off and says I wanna eat pussy for my first time. So she has never been with a girl before. My girl lays down on the couch and starts to eat my girls pussy. That plump little ass in the air and I ask would you like some of this dick little girl? and she says yes fuck me. I thought my dick was hard already but it seemed like it grew more when she said that. I took off her pants and put my hand in between her legs to see how wet she was. I put some spit on my dick and pushed my way into her pussy. slowly stroking so she can continue to eat my girls pussy and to feel that tight 18 yr old pussy on my dick. she moans its so big yes, yes. I begin to stoke faster and now her mouth cant keep up with eating my girl. My girl stands up and bend over next to the girl. Now I see four ass cheeks looking at me and Im sure my girl wants some now. So I pull out. and asks the young girl has she ever tasted her own pussy she says no. So I put my dick up to her face and now she is sucking her pussy juice off my dick. now I insert my dick in my girl as she sits there watching in amazement as we fuck like two professional porn stars. From doggy to missionary I pull the girl close to play with those tittes and pussy. She watches my dick go in and out of my girl and says I want more. I pull out and the young girl tastes my girls pussy by sucking. She lays back on the couch and spreads those young legs for a me, a guy who is twice her age and it looks so good. A shaved 15 waiting for me to insert my big dick. I ease in her this time but rapidly stroke faster. I talk and say, so you wanna get fucked little girl. she says yes, yes, yes, now im showing her my best and how to get truly fucked as she takes all of my dick. My girl plays with her tits as they bounce back and forth. I feel myself about to erupt. I pull out and climb over the young girl and cum three full ropes. The first on her forehead the next landed in her mouth then cheek. My girl licked her cheek clean. I said well I hope you liked your first time with a couple. Still moaning from my hand playing with her pussy. she lets out a faint yes. Everyone got dressed and and she left. I say thank you to my girl and start to kiss her passionately. Then she says to me you know she wants to babysit for us sometimes.... Continue»
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On the Farm (Summer of 61)

Since I can remember me and my cousin Devon had been playing with each
others little penises, and I don't recall ever feeling any guilt, fear, or regret.
We seemed always to be fascinated with each others cocks and balls, and our
bodies, and more than anything, had a lot of fun.
Dev was born and lived in Abilene Kansas, his mother divorced, they both
lived with my Great Aunt, (his Grandmother) on her farm directly north of
Abilene. By the age of 4 or 5 I was spending my summers there, and he would be in
Colorado for Christmas. The summer of 1961 we were both 8 years old, and
completely comfortable with each other, no shame, but by this time had learned
to be discreet, and keep our little adventures out of sight for the most
part. We never did get into fucking, or anything anal, it was all absolute
fascination with our cocks, our nipples, feet, balls.
Dev's penis was entirely different from mine. It's difficult to say
whether he was average size for that age, but, he was a little shorter than mine.
It was narrow, a very ivory white, and his foreskin was (is) thin, silky, and
a little tight. When his skin was retracted, especially when hard, his
glans was always this cherry red, smooth with little flare, and shaped like the
nub of a bullet. His slit had this little gathering of skin in the cleavage,
kind of bunched up, and a tight frenulem, and when hard, sort of bent
downward from the end, like a little faucet.
Mine, on the other hand, (!) was just a little longer, a little thicker,
darker, and my foreskin was, by that time, a lot looser than his. My glans is
pinker, and my skin when retracted is very pink on the inside, and very moist.
This was always one of the advantages, because we thought we had invented
docking, and it was a lot easier for him to slide inside my skin than it was
for me to get inside his.
Just a little background.
This was probably in the middle of July of that year. It was very hot,
dusty, and we had been playing, (really playing with our pants on) around the
barn. We had gone inside to get out of the sun, and were fooling around, a
little wiped out from the sun, and just laying in some straw. The barn doors
were open a little, and we could see the farm house, and to the right, where one
of the doors was opened wider was a shed. There was kind of a wall of baled
straw between the barn and the shed.
Dev wanted to go inside to get something cold to drink, and we were just
about out of the barn when we heard one of the farm hands talking. Still on our
way out, we heard him say, `stay here, gonna check it out.' Then heard a
woman's voice say "OK". Dev motioned for me to stay out of sight, and then
whispered in my ear that "he's gonna fuck her." That was new to me, I knew
what fucking was, but had no idea what it looked like. The farm hand
apparently tried to open the shed door, but it was locked. By this time my cousin had
taken my hand and we snuck very quietly behind the straw bales.
This put us about 12 feet from where they were standing, We had a nice view
of their profile, cause he pushed her up against the wall of the shed and
pulled her dress up and started fingering her pussy. Something else I had never
seen. He let go of her, while she held up her skirt, pulled her panties
down, and unbuttoned his fly. His dick was already hard and looked really nice.
First adult boner I had ever seen, it was circumcised, and bounced when his
balls came out. Then he did something that I wasn't expecting. He tore
open a little package and pulled out this whitish thing and unrolled it over his
arched up hard on. Dev had his hand in my crotch, feeling my stiff one,
already with a big wet spot, (I've always been a dripper, even before I started
to cum), and we both had eyes glued to that guys cock.
He slid it inside her. She moaned and said something in Spanish. Watching
him shoving his cock back and forth, grunting, I remember seeing the sweat
dripping in his face, even though they were in the shade of the building. It
took only 3 or 4 minutes, and he groaned once more, fell against her panting,
I remember she had let go of her skirt, and had both hands on either side of
her, palms against the wall.
He stayed that way a few minutes, pushed himself upright, dick glistening
with the sheen of the rubber, and hanging heavy. With both hands, he pulled
the rubber off holding the base with one, and the tip with the other and threw
it against the shed where it fell into a bush. His cock looked wonderful,
but the show was short, he used the tail of his shirt to wipe it off, and
before we both knew it, he was buttoned up and gone. The Mexican girl fluffing
herself up, poofing her hair, stayed for a few seconds, then walked the other
way. Hardly anything said between the two of them.
After they were gone, Dev had his hand in my fly and I had been feeling his
rigid dick under his pants, he giggled, and showed me the wet hand from the
stuff oozing from my cock. We still kept very quiet, massaging each others
dicks, when he said, in a whisper again, `lets go get the bag..' I wasn't
sure what he meant, until he started to creep over to the bush where the guy
had thrown it. I followed, not quite ready, but Dev picked it off one of
the branches holding it by the opening, held it for me to see, and then motioned
for us to go back to the barn.
In the back of the barn, the light wasn't so good, just narrow shafts that
came through the boards of the walls, but good enough to see the treasure we
had just found. We both examined it, it was very thin, and the end was
filled with the hands jizz. Dev asked me if I wanted to feel it, but I told him
to go first, which he did, sticking his index finger inside just touching the
surface of the pool inside. "Its warm!", and then he took his finger out and
put it to his nose to smell. (We were very into the smells of our cocks).
He gave it to me, and I did the same thing, and remember the slick feeling
inside, and the warm cum. Dev had his cock out, and was on his knees in
front of me, said, "I want to try it on" so I handed it to him, got on my knees,
and undid my fly and pulled my aching hard on out, and it was aching. Then
he said, `you put it on me', and gave it back to me, and so with both hands,
literally shaking, I carefully placed the opening over the nipple of his
skin, his cock hard and standing parallel with his belly, the rubber dangling
heavy with the weight of the fluid, and very slowly eased it down over his
cock, at one point taking it in my left hand and holding it so it was straight
out, and the jizz wouldn't leak.
It was like putting a size 13 shoe on a size 6. It hung off his cock like
an oversized overcoat, but looked hotter than hell, and when I squeezed his
stiff dick inside the rubber, I felt the cum slosh over his shaft, and felt it
jerk. That did it.
I wanted him to do the same with me, so I carefully took it off his now
slimy cock and he took it and repeated the same on mine. The feel of that rubber
sliding down my shaft, and his hands holding it close so no cum dripped out
was indescribable. It was tighter on my dick, but not much, and the feel of
the cum on my skin was beautiful. Seeing Dev's dirty hand holding my
sheathed boner, and his rigid dick bobbing up and down, his skin puckered like it
was trying to kiss someone was pretty amazing.
We got a little braver with the rubber, he got his index finger between it
and my shaft, and worked his way to the end. There was no reservoir, just a
blunt tip, and I watched his finger probe in the jizz, and then stick his
finger inside my skin, getting the cum around my glans. I did the same with him,
except it was a little harder cause I couldn't get my finger under his skin,
it was too snug, so I took the rubber off, and pulled his skin back, kind of
snapping over the ridge, he was so hard, and then pulled the rubber back on,
bathing his dick in the cum
Both of us up to then weren't physically able to shoot a load, but we
pretended that that cum was ours, still getting the feeling of a climax, over and
We jacked off the rest of the afternoon, well in to the night, and for the
next two days played with that used condom until it literally fell apart.
Later that summer, now knowing what a rubber was, Dev was able to steal a
couple from that same farm hand, and sure enough, a week before I had to go
home to Colorado, I was jerking him off in one of the rubbers, (still too big
for him) when he grabbed my hand tight with his hand, both of us gripping his
rubbered boner, when he threw his head back, squealed, and I felt the warm
gush of his very first semen, felt it blow up the end of the bag, and felt his
body shudder.
I kept hold, him collapsing on his back from the kneeling position we always
seemed to take. My cock throbbing. He giggled, I giggled, I slid it off
his still stiff dick, put it to my nose, smelled the amazingly clean sweet
smell, feeling a little jealous, but very close to him at that minute. He sat
up, took it and looked at it real close, looked at his cock which was getting a
little soft, and the last drop of his jizz just showing from the rosebud
skin nip. He felt his wet cock, and it jerked, took the drop from the end of
his skin and stuck it inside mine, and then slid his used rubber over my
I wanted to cum so bad, just like him, I leaned back, hands behind me and
let him jack me off with his cum and used rubber, and then, after about 20
minutes, I felt my dick start to edge to that wonderful itch, that intense
tickle, his cock, revived, hard and sticky in my hand, watching him move that sudsy
rubber up and down my shaft, my skin wet with his jizz, and like a cork
popping from a champagne bottle, my dick took over my brain, body, and universe,
feeling every spurt vibrating through the middle of my penis, splashing
against the blunt end of the rubber, and spilling over my glans, dripping out the
end on my balls, and Dev's still pumping hand.
This actually happened. It couldn't have been better. Both of us reaching
that point in our bodies that signaled a monumental change. That wasn't the
end of the fun that night, or, in fact, for the next 20 years, but it added a
whole world of dimension to the fun and adventure we had with each other
and each others cocks, discovering the tastes, the smells, the sensations our
two cocks together shared.
This is one little chapter. Got more.
Thanks for reading this.... Continue»
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The De-Frocking of Father Daniel

The De-Frocking of Father Daniel

I was sorting through the usual parish post-bag one summer morning when I spotted the note. It was not in an envelope and it was hand-written. I had to read it twice to absorb what the words said.

"Dear Father,

I dream of your mouth. I dream of your mouth pressed first against my neck, kissing me there where my pulse beats, and then the sweet lips of your mouth sucking gently on my stiff nipples.



My first feeling was total horror. I only knew one Maria, Maria Lap, and she was a member of my congregation. An Italian lady I believe who had married a man from Los Angeles and only moved to Portween a few months ago when her husband's business shipped them here for some reason or other. I was worried, because relations between the clergy and their flock are forbidden. And I would now have to deal with Mrs Lap, knowing that she had sent this lewd message. Maybe it was a mistake, I thought. Perhaps it was intended for another Priest. But that could hardly be the case, and equally totally inappropriate. I didn't know what to do, so I went into the empty church for a little reflection. I had heard about this kind of thing, who hadn't? But the Catholic Church is more than clear on it's position. I sat at the end of a pew, alone with my thoughts, head bowed towards the altar, hands clasped together. I began to pray for guidance.

And then I began to think about her words. She wanted my mouth. Why? But more importantly, where? She wanted my mouth on her neck... and then... her "stiff nipples". As I tried to pray to God, I felt something rising down below in my trousers. I tried to fight the stirring in my loins, but in vain. All I could see was Maria, sat on my lap, peeling off her bra, showing me her flesh, offering the hard points of her nipples to my mouth. For me to suck. I remembered how she often wore low-cut tops, which showed off her full, big chest. She was a full-figured woman, very like Sophia Loren, olive toned, huge brown eyes, bee-stung lips, very glamorous, your typical Italian Siren I suppose. In addition, she must be a good 20-30 years older than me. I tried to blank out this vision with other, more appropriate images, of how Jesus suffered for our sins. But it was hard to block the sight of Maria, her head thrown back, as she clasped my head to her bosom. I began to read out chapters from The New Testament, out loud, to drown out the temptation.

When I returned to my office, I composed a note to Mrs Lap.

"Dear Mrs Lap,

I received your letter of Tuesday the 14th and I was surprised by the familiar tone of it. As your Priest, I believe you may have acted impulsively and inappropriately, and I would advise you to desist. You are always welcome within my flock, but I must urge you to avoid such messages.


Father Daniel."

I was glad to hear nothing of Mrs Lap and to see nothing of her in the ensuing days. But on Friday evening, while saying mass, I noticed her in the congregation. She was wearing a black dress, even more low-cut than normal, which exposed the olive flesh of her cleavage. She was alone. I tried to focus on the rest of the church, and ignore her. But on the one occasion that she caught my eye, I saw her run her tongue, over her upper lip. I was trying to read, and stumbled over my sentence. I regained my composure and the rest of the service passed without mishap. That evening, as I readied for bed, I thought about the last woman in my life, before I got 'The Calling', I had never seen her naked. We were not married, so we did not enjoy the sins of the flesh, and even our kisses were chaste. That night I prayed to resist temptation, and for God to block out the vision of Maria Lap, breathing heavily as she pushed her nipples into my mouth.

The next morning, the post-bag was full of the usual mail from the congregation, as well as bills and so on. And then I saw it. Another, hand-written note, in the same pen as before.

"Dear Father,

I noticed a bulge in your trousers tonight at Mass. What were you thinking of? Were you thinking of the moist, secret, swollen lips between my thighs and the way I dream of your long, slender finger separating those lips, pushing in deeply, deeply..."

When I read it I was shocked. So explicit. So shameless. So disturbing. I ripped it in two, and hurled it into the waste paper basket. What on earth was she thinking? She knew how wrong this was, to put temptation in the path of one so holy. I sat at the kitchen table, head in my hands, wondering how I could confront her and tell her to desist. And then, temptation overcame me. I removed the pieces of paper from the bin, spread them out on the table, and re-read the message. So she fingers...between her swollen lips. I tried to fight the feeling, the strange feeling, of arousal. I felt the steam rise between my legs, unwanted. But I was angry too. What was Mrs Lap playing at? She was teasing me; that was what it was. This was a wind-up, surely.

I found a notepad and penned another note: This time, it was brief and to the point.

"Dear Mrs Lap,

I must please beg you to desist.


Your Priest"

I did not hear any more for a few days, and had started to relax somewhat. This awkward scenario had gone away, of its own accord, I thought. And then the doorbell rang, while I was having breakfast and reading the paper. I answered the door, only to see her standing there, smiling, in the morning sunlight. Wearing red lipstick and a different low-cut top. Her Auburn hair freshly washed. I wondered where her husband was, whether he was on business again. (He never seemed to be around in the village, a peripheral presence, dropping in to tea parties for a few minutes before making his excuses, leaving his wife alone). Before I could say anything, she pressed a letter into my hands, before turning and heading back down the garden path. I noticed she was wearing high heels with nylons. What on earth was she playing at, I wondered. I was unnerved as I closed the door and sat back down in the kitchen, my hands trembling. I ripped open the envelope and read the letter: It said,

"Dear Father,

I realize you are a moral man and the response of your body, to my suggestions, may be distressing to you. We'll go very slowly. Try not to worry. And you mustn't worry if the ripe stem of your manhood rises to heated attention when I tell how I dream of sucking you, of kissing the velvet, mushroom head of your penis and then sucking the whole, hard length of you into my mouth. Tell me you aren't hard now, right at this moment, thinking of it...I cannot desist, Dear Father. And you don't want me to.

Your Maria"

I could not believe it! The nerve of the woman, to write such explicit and unchristian words. I wondered whether this was a test, set before me by the Good Lord, just as Jesus was tested in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. I resolved then and there to resist, to reject and above all - to pray. I got down on my knees and remained there for an hour, working my way through prayers and psalms. But there were images, unwanted and forbidden, trying to push their way into my head. Of Mrs Lap's mouth, sucking. I realised that my length, was once again hard. As much as I tried, I could not stop it from growing thicker and bigger. I felt a strong impulse to touch it, to cave in to physical temptation, but resisted it. I tried to banish the thoughts of her, to remain resolute, and continued chanting and praying. I asked the Lord to remove her from my life, to take her elsewhere, so that I could concentrate all my efforts on doing his work. I then took a cold shower. Afterwards, I toweled myself dry and dressed, preparing for the Evening Mass. Please, God, I said under my breath, let not her be in attendance...

Some time later....

I still had a few hours and was at a loose end, so I took my dog for a walk around the village, enjoying the light breeze, the shafts of light coming through the green branches above, the sense of a new season in the air. I tried not to think about Mrs Lap. When I returned, I spotted a letter on the mat outside my front door. The writing on the envelope was familiar. Not again; not another test of my willpower, I thought. I pulled it open, and was surprised when two photographs fell out, onto the ground. One skipped a few inches in the breeze. When I held them up close I was shocked. I looked around to make sure that no one else could see me. And then I looked again. One photograph showed a full pair of breasts, clad in a red and black lacy bra, which had been pulled down to expose them fully, squeezing them upwards like large balloons. Maria's breasts. I looked closely, and could see that the pinky-brown nipples were stiff and hard, pointing upwards. The other photograph was even more lewd. It showed a pair of thighs, encased in dark stockings, spread open, and between them... the flower of her womanhood. She had on a matching pair of knickers, black and red, which she had pulled to one side with her left hand. With her right hand she was holding herself open, showing off her plump labia, demonstrating the pink hole within. It was framed by a modicum of neat, clipped hair. In a panic. Maria Lap was easily in her 50's but she definitely wasn't showing any of it. I turned the photos over. Both had writing on the back, in that now-familiar hand.

"All of this is yours for the taking," said one of them.

"You can take me and use me in any way you choose," said the other.

It was as if the floodgates had opened. I felt a wave of lust sweep through me, I sensed my principles crumble, as if into dust, and I headed into the house, slamming the door behind me. I forgot to remove the lead from my dog, instead rushing into the bathroom, carrying the two photographs. I knew that I was failing God, that I was too weak, but the feeling was just too strong. I propped the two pictures on the shelf, above the sink, and unzipped myself, pulling my already-firm member from my trousers. I noticed, just how long it was, how it looked huge and angry. I wondered whether other men had such big organs. And then my right hand was gripping it, for the first time since my teenage years - a decade and a half - and I felt that familiar thrill as my fingers worked up and down on the length. The mushroom tip was already leaking with juices, in anticipation. I was fixated on the two pictures, of Maria's body, all I could think of was her images and her words. My fingers in her womanhood: that was what she had demanded. And me in her mouth. Oh God, I could feel, deep in my balls, that familiar sense of no return. I started to pump myself harder, faster, imagining that her red lips were wrapped around me, taking me deep, waiting for me to squirt my juices down her throat. It was too much. I came, shuddering, sending arcs of white spray over the mirror, the taps and the sink, six sprays, seven, eight, it just kept on coming. I felt my knees buckling from the intensity of it all.

I waited for God's punishment, for the wave of guilt, which I just knew would now overwhelm me. It didn't come. Wiping myself dry on a towel, I tucked it back into my robes and headed towards the church.

The Mass passed without mishap. Throughout, however, I was aware of only one thing: the presence of Mrs Lap, at the end of a pew, head bowed in apparent prayer, occasionally looking up at me. Did she know what effect those photographs would have on me? Did she know she had tipped me over the edge? I felt like a hypocrite as I read the words of the God and led my congregation in prayer. For despite my calm appearance of sanctity and virtue, my mind was racing with thoughts of her, her body, and whether or not I could resist her advances. I knew the answer, even then: probably not. I felt the now familiar stirring between my legs again.

Later, it was without surprise that, as the bells tolled out the end of the service, and my flock left the church, she was still there, in a posture of prayer (the cheek of the woman!). Waiting for me. I ignored her, and feigned surprise when she entered the room behind me. I was already removing my upper robe and my dog collar. Part of me still urged caution and restraint, to throw her out. But instead, I stood by as she approached and began to maneuver me against the wall. She told me she had been thinking about me for days, how she had changed her underwear on several occasions, and was no longer wearing any. Her talk, her immoral talk, seemed to hypnotise me, so that it was with little resistance she held my hand and pulled it, slowly, between her thighs, under her skirt.

I did not know what to do, but she did it for me, pushing my finger deep into her wetness and holding my palm against her little, hard nub. I could barely believe the warmth and wetness emanating from her, the shockingly exciting feeling of touching a woman in such a way for the very first time. For the first time, I wanted more, to take her as a man takes a woman. Would she find it ridiculous that I was still a virgin, I wondered? She was breathing heavily against my neck, chanting words, her neck flushed, as I worked my single finger in and out of her crevice. She clasped my palm against her, making me rub her. When she reached a peak, I was amazed, not knowing that women could enjoy the same experience as a man. She breathed harder, moaned louder, and clutched me as she came on my hand. Still hanging off my shoulder, she reached up and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Thank you, Father," she whispered.

She reached down and felt between my legs, rolling my length, through the cloth, between her fingers. "I thought so..." she said. "So big, so fucking big and stiff." I expected her to carry on, to attend to my needs, and it was with surprise that I watched her step back, adjust her skirt and head towards the door.

"I thought you might like these," she said, reaching into her handbag, pulling out a pair of knickers. They were unmistakable; black and red; the ones from the photo. She threw them to me, and I caught them. I was left in the room, alone, feeling foolish, as she unlocked the door and left.

I raised the cloth to my nose, and inhaled deeply. The smell, so unfamiliar, yet so unmistakable, of woman. Pure woman. I noticed the material was still slightly damp at the front, just as Maria had told me. I could not help myself as I reached down and pulled out my length, for the second time in one day. There, in the vestibule of the church, the door unlocked, I seized myself and started to jerk off, rapidly, gripping my meat tightly, holding the knickers against my face. Such a tease, I thought. Working me up into this state. As I stroked, I muttered out loud. "The bitch. The fucking horny bitch. Oh Christ she turns me on. I want her. So fucking badly."

I couldn't believe my own language, so wrong, so un-priestly. My organ was so slippery by now with pre-come, my hand moved smoothly up and down, and I knew that I could hold back no longer. With my other hand I held the knickers to my mushroom-head, watching the slit open wide as I reached a bone-shattering climax, feeling the surge of liquid streaming out over the flimsy material, soaking it through with my juices. I continued to pump, stroke after stroke, until I was as empty as could be. I made my vow there and then that Mrs Lap would no longer thwart me, that her power over me had to end... that I would take control of her, from now on.

It was two days later and I wondered why I had heard nothing from her. Not a letter, a phone call, a knock on the door. Nothing. I tried to bury myself in work, in the reading and writing of letters, tending to the more vulnerable members of my congregation, making notes for future sermons. I wondered whether the whole thing was a ruse; designed to humiliate me. That she had sought to test my moral strength, and now that she had proved my weakness, she would never return. The thought was depressing to me. I could still, in my mind's eye, feel the warmth and wetness of her, beneath her skirt, gripping my finger. And it was driving me to distraction.

It was one morning, while I was in one of the back rooms sorting through prayer mats, when she turned up again. The old heavy wooden door opened and there she was, in a flowery summer skirt and matching chemise, curves bulging, unhidden by her flowing garments. I noticed she was wearing larger earrings than before. Her lips were redder, more lurid than ever before. She wore white heels which clicked loudly as she walked and shinny nylons that shimmered in the sunlight. Standing with the sun shinning behind her the fullness of her figure was evident through the thin material of her attire.

"Mrs Lap," I began...

She put a lips finger to my lips. "Hush," she told me. "You don't have to say anything. Just do what I tell you to do."

She walked over to a stack of old wooden fold-up chairs and placed her hands firmly on them, leaned forward ever so slightly and planted her legs a good 2 feet apart. Facing away from me, she looked over her shoulder and asked me to lift up her skirt. Confused by lust, I did as told, exposing her bare, plump backside. I stood back a step and marvelled at my view, this woman nearing the latter stages of her life was bent forward brazenly showing me her voluptuous rear, her nylons were stockings with a dark seam up the back, her position made her heels tighten her caves. She ordered me to pull apart the two luscious cheeks, revealing her little pink hole

"Spread oil into my hole," she murmured. In my lustful state I grabbed the closest thing to me which was a small tin of anointing oil. Sighing my shaking fingers began to apply the oil, fragrant with myrrh and frankincense, into the tiny orifice. I couldn't resist her demands; it was as simple as that. She told me to insert a finger, which I did, pressing against the oily arsehole until it slid, easily, within. For a few minutes she allowed me to thrust in and out with the single digit, which seemed to satisfy her greatly. At this closeness the smell of her arousal was intoxicating.

I realised that not only was the door was unlocked, it was still lying open, anyone could walk in on us.

I was amazed by how easily I could stretch and open her, how the tightness of the muscles soon gave way, relaxing under the pressure of my fingering. I pushed harder and faster, practically fucking her arse with my hand.

"That's enough," she ordered, to my disappointment.

"Now use a candle."

"You must be joking," I exclaimed. surely this desecration was all too much. She shook her head.

"Do it, now. But make sure it is properly oiled."

I took a candle, and wiped oil all over the stem and head, before pushing it against the hole. She looked pink and a little sore. But the white, waxy head soon disappeared up her back passage, its smooth surfaces gliding into the well-prepared hole. I gripped one end and used it to pump her, hard. I noticed that her left hand was between her legs, stroking her clit. She started breathing harder and harder, and suddenly there was the familiar gasp, her body tensed, and she came.

I pulled the white, oily candle from her rear, noticing a little sound as it popped out. Her hole looked stretched, red and gaped open. I wanted to put my engorged cock up her there.

She stood up, straightend her skirt, and left.... Continue»
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" This is a Long Story. it consist of a full f****y experiences and it is TABOO .
80% of this story is just made-up, but i must promise u that if u read it properly u will get the same flavor like u are watching a movie or U are a REAL part of this Im posting this in parts so enjoy it and let me know how u fell about it and keep this in mind this is my first Post and im new as a Writer


She was married to Ravindra when she was only 18 years old. Ravindra was living in a remote village and was a labourer, living with his father and

younger b*****r Pravindra. Their mother was no more. Ravindra's father got him married although he was only 19 years old because he needed a woman in the

house to do the house chores etc. Ravindra was a reserved type of person and had a sort of neurologic problem. When he faced difficult situations his hands

and fingers started shaking along with his head and he blushed and
perspired. He herited this from his late mother. His wife's(the bahu) name was Neha. She was more intelligent and developped than Ravindra. She was

educated. Her father accepted to get her married because Ravindra's father had lots of lands under sugar cane cultivation and he had a 4x4 and had lots of

money though they were labourers f****y.

The first day after their wedding, the relatives of Pravindra asked women relatives to check the bedsheet as it was a custom to verify either the bride is a

virgin or not. If she was a virgin bl**d stain would be found on the bed sheet. This is the way people were undergoing the next morning of their first


Ravindra's father was in doubt either he would succeed to have sexual intercourse or not as he could not face difficult circumstances. Even the day they

went to see the girl he was trembling when Neha came to serve tea. His father knew his problem and all relatives believed, once that he will get married all

his shaking problems will be cured.

The ladies came from his bedroom the next morning and announced that there was no bl**d stain found on their bed.

Later, after enquiries it was known that he had no sexual intercourse with Neha but he turned his back with her and slept.

The women talked to Neha that she should seduce him etc so that he could approach her that way......
Well, days went on yet nothing was happening..... Ravindra's father himself was going to check the bedsheet when she was going to have her morning

bath...... And Pravindra knew all that was happening...he knew his elder b*****r was not having sexual intercourse, and he was fantasizing he could replace

him on the bed at night... He was 18 yeasr old, same as his s****r-in-law.

Neha was a very beautiful girl, sexy, svelte body, lovely smile and perfect look any man would love to find in a woman. She had very nice attractive manners

as well. She was seductive and looked sensual. Her lips and eyes were inviting... Her breasts had very nice proportion which any male would get attracted to

even they were under clothes.....

Pravindra got friendly with her and they started teasing each other openly in the house, in presence of his father and Ravindra. They even tapped each other

and had physical contacts with hands like, hitting each other and playing with the hands, pulling her hair and she doing same to him..... Ravindra

considered that as b*****r s****r plays and love and the father also looked at it that way.....

Ravindra's father had a worry about their not having sexual relations...and one day after a month she talked to Neha himself. He told her to seduce his son

and approach him sexually and caress him etc.... Neha blushed when he said all that but she understood that they had a problem and it had to be solved.

Days, weeks, months went by and Pravindra started looking at her viciously and wished to have her on his bed.... Everytime she was going to have her bath he

went to try his chance to eavesdrop. He waited for his father to move out and he seized every opportunity to be in her company... and one day he plucked

courage and enlaced her from behind when she was drying her wet hair after bath. She was shocked and pushed him asking him to behave, but he persisted and

pulled her by her hand to him and she was in his arms, and tried to struggle out of them, he started to run his tongue over her neck and cheeks and she was

struggling to get free.... Pravindra caught hold of her mouth in his hand and was forcing her to be kissed, but she shut her mouth and he sucked her lips

and said, " you are too hot bhabhi and I desire you since the first day you came in this house, Bhaiya can't please you so I will do it, what say sweet

bhabhi?" Neha said "I will tell Pitaji about what you did and said" He left her and smiled "You can't do that and I know you will not do that, gradually you

will come to me my darling, sweet bhabhi, I will get you someday, and I bet you will enjoy it."

nding to pierce a wet cloth to get dried, and he found her beautiful, envious breats, they were so inviting that he wished to hold them, lick them and give

them a suck..... and in fact he had on that day told her openly how far he desired to get those boobs in his hands and mouth. he held her, and struggled

hard to succeed to put his mouth at the begining of the soft parts of her breasts, and ran his tongue over them.... thats all he was able to do and she

freed herself from his grip.

Days went by fast and 5 months elapsed that way.
And one night, Pravind had to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. his room was on the left and Ravindra's in the right and their

father's room was just behind Ravindra's room. A corridor separated the rooms of the two b*****rs. That corridor led to their kitchen on one side and to the

lounge on the other side. Then to reach the toilet which was outside the house he had to pass through the kitchen and open it's door to go out. but before

doing this he got to pass near Ravindra's room.
So he was going to open the Kitchen's door when he heard voices in his father's room. He smiled saying ' Dad is talking all alone in his sl**p!'.... but

then he heard murmurs and whispers too.... he approached his dad's bedroom and heard Neha's voice saying : " I have to go now pitaji." He was amazed and

started thinking what was she doing in dad's room at this time of the night. he told himself may be dad was sick and she had come to give him water, or

massage his legs or something like that...... but he was intrigued and wished to see her getting out. He hide himself behind the refregirator as the kitchen

was dark at that time, and waited for her to get out.
And when the door opened, the father looked out first then said to Neha: " you may come out" And Neha came out. Pravindra was astounded on seeing her in a

very flimsy nighty, with sexy straps, her boobs visible through it and she was wearing no bra, her hair flung open.....she walked sexily and went to her

room and turned back to look at the father- in- law in a sexy smile and whispered 'ok, you sl**p well now Pitaji.'
Pravind was all hard errect and thought- 'Oh my God!! Dad is fucking her?? And I am struggling since such a long time? no, no, no, that can't be!! I am

mistaken and thinking bad because I have such filthy thoughts in my mind. There must be something else.... that cant be.......

Pravind went to his room after toilet and could not sl**p after what he saw. He was thinking if his dad and bhabhi are having an affair since when is that

going on? How could it have started? Did his father also approach her they way he did? Did she refuse him at first then accepted? Was she in his room for

sex? Or was he having such thoughts because he was like that? But why was she in her nighty? Why she was not wearing her bra? Why was she in such a very

sexy nighty with thin straps? The nighty reached her upper thighs only and parts of her beautiful, sexy envious thighs were seen. Pravind was getting

restless and kept on thinking till morning. He did not close his eyes at all, and he masturbated twice visualising his dad with Neha.

In the morning usually, his dad and his elder b*o left home very early around 6 o'clock. At that time he usually is asl**p and he wakes up by 10 of the

morning as he stays at home always idle. He heard the 4x4 of his dad starting and he knew that they were leaving for the fields.
In the Sugar cane fields which they have many persons worked. The dad of pravind was a boss and owner and so they worked for him and he helped along with

Ravindra. Deapite his sort of handicap Ravindra was active as a labourer and assistant boss. He knew the job very well and his dad often left him to occupy

some fields with workers and he went to other of his several fields that he had. And once a while Neha was bringing food for them not eveyday. And the few

days that she had been introduced to the fields, it was her father-in -law who had gone to take her from home in his 4x4 as she had wished to visit the

fields sites, meanwhile she prepared food and brought for them. On that day Pravindra had been to the town to buy pesticides for the crops. He was not aware

that Neha had been to the fields.
Now, when they left that early morning Pravind, was in a hurry to see Neha and talk to her about last nights events which he witnessed.
He got up and went in the kitchen and found Neha waving to them outside. He went to brush his teeth, and so on. His s****r-in-law on seeing him up so early

remarked: " Wow, the sun has risen from the west today it seems! you are up at this hour??" He did not reply and went to his room , changed himself and had

tea. While having tea his eyes were devouring her whole body from tip to toe and she was aware. She said: " You stop looking at me like that or else I will

give you a good slap!"
- Really? Will you slap me Bhabhi? you won't feel sorry afterwards? said Pravind.
- No I will not feel sorry to slap a bad boy that you are.
- And you bhabhi? Are you a good girl?
-Of course I am, You have any doubts?

On hearing this Pravind was more in doubts of what he was thinking about what he saw last night. He thought that means that Neha had nothing to do with her

dad but it was his thoughts only. He thought he will feel ashamed if he questioned her and the result would come out to be NO. So he thought not to talk

about that with her but deep inside himself he planned something. He thought he will be awake at night and keep a watch for some nights and if there are

something between them, he will find out.
He moved towards her and lightly passed his hand over her butt. She moved to hit him but he escaped it. She was dressed in a two-piece. she was standing

near the sink washing vessels, and she threw water over him from the tap. Pravind started playing with her, he was coming to touch her every time and

running away before she could throw water on him or hit him. And when she was drying the vessels he quietly reached behind her and firmly enlaced her, his

hard errect organ thrusting over her butt, and his mouth brushing on her neck and cheek. She was pushing him and struggling but he was stronger physically

so he held her still and when she felt his sex rubbing on her she managed to change position and his sex started rubbing over her right thigh, and with one

hand Pravind was moving up her skirt to touch her thighs but she sat down so as to prevent him doing that. He got her mouth once and ran all his tongur over

and he tried to kiss her but she did not respond at all. He got tired and gave up.....
Before leaving her he said " Bhabhi I love you a lot and you know that. I will not repeat this everytime please. And Neha only smiled on his words.

When Neha was busy in her house chores, Praving went into his father's room to look for a place from where he could see inside at night. Apart from the

window in that room there was a very thin space near the air conditionner was installed. He went outside and was not able to reach that height. He took a

chair from inside, put it under the AC fromoutside and got on the chair to peep inside and he was very happy to be able to see the whole room of his dad.

Now at night they watched TV and everybody went to their bedrooms.Ravindra seldom watched TV. He usually went to sl**p at 9 o'clock every night. He was an

early sl**per since c***dhood.

Pavindra went to his room and waited and waited. He tried to hear if he will hear any noise of room's door opening or closing. He prayed that he succeeds to

see something....Now he was still not sure either it was his doubts or there was really anything like that.
He went outside twice in the night after one hour that he was back from watching TV but he saw nothing..... won't they meet tonight? he thought? was that my

imagination? nothing will happen? These thoughts were torturing him.
In the sketch I have drawn, readers will see a red spot outside the house. That is where he stands on a chair to look inside his father's room.
He did it four times till 1 AM but he found nothing! He was restless and by 2.30 of the early morning from his bed he heard a door being closed in the

corridor. ( watch the sketch)
He hurried to go out. He opened his room's door very quietly, walked in the corridor without switching any light and got outside from the kitchen's door and

went to stand on a chair he had placed earlier, near the AC from outside his father's room.

And his eyes stayed wide open peeping inside!! Neha, his bhabhi was almost nude over his father's bed by his side!! Her nighty was over the drawer, and she

was all nude and was sucking her father-in-law. She was in a kneeling position over the bed, and the father-in-law was lying flat over his back, he was nude

too, and neha was holding his huge dick in her hand and licking and sucking it vigourously. The old man was moving his waist giving light blows in her mouth

as though fucking her.....
Pavindra felt hot and cold together!! He thought all those days he was longing for her and she was playing the saint-like woman and here she was doing

that?..... since when is that going on he thought? when was the first time? How did his father get her? And RAVINDRA? Does he know? What if he suddenly

wakes up?
She has taken a big risk! She dares do that that way?
He soon found she was lying over the bed now and his father was licking her pussy...she was twisting over the bed holding the old man's head in her hand....

her beautiful svelte body was at the mercy of her father-in-law...., gradually he moved to her beautiful envious breasts and was crushing them in his strong

hands and his tongue was licking the errect nipple of the 18 years old bahu....
And Pavindra, felt rage within him and he wished to go to knock violently on his father's bedroom's door and get inside and make a scene! But he held

himself and was blank at the brain at that moment.... he even felt he was shivering, his throat was dry and he then felt hot as though he had fever!
when he looked in again his dad was penetrating Neha, her legs spread apart, she received her father-in-laws organ with much pleasure, meanwhile she was

bitting his shoulder and licking his neck, her arms had surrounded him from under his arms up above his neck. The movements of the old man's hip gradually

bacame faster and faster and she started giving moans interupted by deep sighs..... and soon she reached the climax by getting her orgasm and the dad of

Pavindra ejaculated outside taking out his dick thrusting it over her belly, his sperm spreading all over the belly and breasts of Neha, who tenderly rubbed

them, and took the dick in her mouth smiling at him, they, then kissed each other passionately, and lay over the bed peacefully.

Pavindra, felt heartbroken as he believed that he loved Neha. He slowly got inside and hide himself behind the refrigerator like the other day to see her

getting out. And she did, just like the other night, she got out, and this time she hugged her father-in -law before walking to her room. Readers can watch

the sketch to see where from she walked and how Pavindra watched them.

After she closed her door, Pavindra slowly went to his room and was red with rage. He wished to get into her room immediately and kick her! She is a bitch

he told himself. She pretends to be very clean lady! And he thought of all those days that he held her in his arms how she refused and pushed him, how she

never responded when he kissed her and how when he rubbed his dick over her she escaped him and all that....

Now he thought the day she was saying that she will relate everything to his dad, did she already had starting having an affair with him? Since when are

they fucking? He was going crazy thinking all that.... He did not sl**p at all again and soon it was day! And he felt asl**p when the sun rose up.

Neha came to his room to wake him up by noon. He had headache and did not wish to wake up..... Any how when he was done with his bath etc he called Neha in

the lounge and said he had to talk to her.
He started:
- So you won't give me a chance to sl**p with you bhabhi?
- No, never.
- Why bhabhi? We can have an affair secretly, I love you so much, you are 18 me too and we can understand ourselves so much easily isn't it bhabhi?
- No that's not fair Pavindra, you are like a b*****r to me and it will be dirty relationship.
- Oh! Dirty you say? So you Bhabhi, are you clean? Or am I too young for you and you prefer old, experienced men?
- What are you talking? are you going mad?
Neha showed anger and blushed.
Pavindra neared her and gave her a hard slap. She was shocked and looked at him surprised, and he hit her once more on the face. She sat and started crying

and he lifted her up and gave her another hard slap on her pinky cheek. And Pavindra said: " Stop playing the saint bhabhi, I saw you fucking my father two

last nights consecutively! you bl**dy bitch! you are a whore!! you are a damn whore you bitch!! And you dare talk clean to me you bitch? I loved you damn

it! I really loved you. If my b*****r can't satisfy you I had thought I will marry you. I wanted to live with you for ever. But you turned out to be a great

whore! I am saved. So what do you have to say now lady bitch??"

Neha was sitting on the floor crying like a k**. She did not know what to say. she was all quiet by weeping.
Pavindra in hot anger said: " You won't talk? ok, very good, I am leaving this house, I will never come here again, if my father asks for me tell him I left

because I know all about you and him, I am sorry for my b*o, but I won't live with you anymore."
He started stepping out and Neha ran to catch hold of him still crying and said: " For God sake don't go Pravindra, at least listen to my version of truth

at least now. Let me explain how and why it all happened. There is a big story behind all this which will get you dumb after learning. So listen to me and

then you decide either you will go or will support me. And you say you love me? huh! Is that your love which is running away when I am in troubles? ...Let

me now tell you that I love you too. I really do love you Pavindra, but circumstances became such that I got to control my emotion and showed hatred so that

you do not come closer to me."

Tell me bhabhi, tell me, I am eager to know what is all this, I was sure there is something not going normal, please tell me all. Tell me from the start.

when did this begin. After how many days that you came in this house. Start from the beginning and I promise you if I justify in your favour I will never

leave you.

And Neha, wiped her tears and asked him to sit close to her and she started relating.

"I was nervous as your elder b*****r was not having any sexual relations with me. Your dad talked to me several times asking if we made love or


So Neha started relating to Pavindra how it all started and since when.
She said, she one day had been to the field with the father-in-law in his 4x4. She had prepared food to leave for them and he had said he will come to take

her by noon and he came. That day Pavindra was not in the village. It was the third month after wedding. He had already once or twice talked about her

relationship with Ravindra. So on that day in the car, he stopped it in a remote place near the fields and talked to her. He said: " Bahu, how long will it

go like this? You still have not had sexual relations with my son? We need to grow our f****y dear and I wish to see my kins, you see all this business must

have owners...."

Neha replied: " What can I do pitaji? Ravindra is so shy and he never touches me. He sl**ps turning his back with me and never dares to come near me. He

says he respects me and can't harm me.... I tried to approach him like you told me the last time but still to no avail Pitaji."

And her father-in-law had an idea. He told Neha, " Well I think I will have to come to your bedroom at night to talk to Ravindra why he is not going ahead,

why he is not consuming his marriage. What do you say Neha bahu?"
She replied "As you wish pitaji."

And the father-in-law added, " I think he needs a push and I will need your cooperation to make him do it. Will you mind if I will get to be physical to

show him some approaches? It will be important dear."

Neha replied, "I will do anything to make him consume our marriage pitaji, I will do as you say. As I also feel he needs a push and I am unsuccessful to

push him, I feel you can help him , he may listen to you as he always does all that you say."

So that night after watching TV, Neha was going to her room when the father-in-law called her. Pavindra was continuing watching TV then, as at that time he

had not discovered anything. And Ravindra was sl**ping already. Daughter-in-law and father talked in the kitchen slowly. He said "You please get yourself

dressed in your sexiest nighty to seduce him, and I will come inside soon to talk to him, do awake him meanwhile, i am coming." She said " ok but will not

Pavindra hear us if he comes by this side? he is still watching TV." So he said: "Good then I will wait for Pavindra return and when he gets in his room I

will wait about half an hour for him to be asl**p then I will come to your room."

Neha accepted and went in her room to change herself. She took out her dress she was wearing and put on her nighty, usually she never wore her bra at night

but this night as her father-in-law was to come she did not take out her bra. She was thinking he will look at her in that nighty, it was very sexy and had

thin straps, was pink coloured and flimsy. Her body could be seen through it. She was a virgin of 18 years old and it was the father-in-law who was to come

to assist or help her first sexual encounter! She felt a chill in her spine thinking of this. But she was eager to make love to her husband as it was to be

the first time. Her also had told her not to mind if he wil need to be physical.... she thought how will he be physical? what did he mean by that?

Anyhow, it was around midnight when she heard him getting in. She was lying by the side of Ravindra who was deep asl**p, her nighty reached above her thighs

and her sexy, desirable thighs were seen. She immediately sat over the bed when he got in. She blushed and was looking at him in his face blushing. The

dimlight was on and the father-in law could not move his eyes from that beautiful sexy body in front of him. Her bare arms, part of her underarm, the sexy

straps of the nighty and her bra were all seen and the old man felt things within himself..... she felt unease the way he was staring at her and she spoke

to break the heavy atmosphere: " He is not awaking pitaji, I tried hard to wake him up!" She said that in whisper. He loved the way she talked to him as

though she was his accomplice. He tried to wake his son up. He moved him vigorously and Ravindra hardly opened his eyes and was taken aback to see his dad

in his bedroom. He sat over the bed rubbing his eyes and with a yawn he asked "What happened dad" And the dad said " How long will this go on beta? You have

not touched your wife till now? why? what's your problem?" He felt shy and bent his head down. The father talked again and again but he was not replying but

looking at the floor.

The dad said " Look if you are feeling shy and don't know how to start I am showing you, look at me, and do as i do." He ran his hand over Neha's bare arm

and touched her neck and told him to do the same. Neha felt a current like all over her body when the father-in -law did that. She was tensed and all her

body was stiff. Ravindra did as his dad taught but his hands did shake all along the action. He started sweating and blushed. Then the old man asked Neha to

come very close to him over the bed, she did and he brushed his mouth over her neck and told Ravindra to do that. Ravindra did it bit lightly.

Then the dad took Neha in his arms and kissed her cheek, neck, slightly run his tongue behind her ear and told Ravindra to do same. Neha felt like to

surrender herself to her father-in-law. But she held stiff and murmured "Pitaji, no!" He replied " Please cooperate Neha I am doing it for your good. He

will learn and make love to you soon you will see."

Ravindra tried to hold Neha the same way but was shaking a lot and sweating too much. After that his father asked, "How did you feel beta? Are you feeling

good? you have a hard on?"

Ravindra did not reply, his dad was looking over his short near his sex either there was a rise, but found nothing. then he moved Neha's nighty upper over

her thighs and asked " don't you find her sexy? look at her beautiful sexy thighs beta, she is a sexy girl your wife." And the dad himself had a hard on and

Neha saw his short inflating and the dad first time saw the fairer parts of her beautiful thighs, and felt his mouth watered. He put his hand over her

thighs and slightly ran the palm over reaching upper and upper under her nighty..... Neha stretched her body and held his hand to prevent him going

Then the dad asked her "Why you have not removed your bra? please do it to excite him, its important beti."

Neha was feeling weird to obey to that request... she shivered and looked in her's face. Ravindra bent down his head looking on the bed. The dad

gently said: " Look Neha beti, he is shy and nervous, you told me you will cooperate so please go ahead, just make as if I am not here and only your husband

is here, remove it sweetheart, Ravindra will love it, isn't it beta?"

Neha gave a deep sigh and turned her back to them and removed her bra. while doing it, the dad's eyes was over her bare back and he was having an

erection..... And after removing her bra Neha, looked in his face and asked, "now, what pitaji?" He brought her very close to him, and brought Ravindra too

closer, and he took Ravindra's hand in his and put it over Neha's breasts, still over her dress, and made him rub them, Ravindra felt shy and pulled back

his hand. The father moved closer to Neha, his leg was touching her thighs and he was full erect and was unable to control himself to see such a young, sexy

lady in such a sexy outfit so close to him.

He put his hand over the right strap of her nighty and moved it down to let partial appearance of her young firm breast visible and lifted up Ravindra's

chin to make him look at that, and meanwhile he, ran his hand over Neha's shoulder and very gently and slowly moved downwards to her breast, and asked his

son to keep looking.
Neha by then was getting envious and trembled and felt desirable and did not know how to face that situation..... and the father touched the soft breast of

Neha in his rough hand, and caressed it, Neha twisted over the bed and bent to hide her breast, and Ravindra moved his face away.

Not knowing how to proceed, the dad boldly asked with Ravindra: " You are not feeling anything my son?" Ravindra kept silent and was shaking more and more

and sweating a lot. Neha said ," Pitaji, let it go, he will not respond, he is like that, there is no hope i see." But the dad was not to give up. He asked

Neha to lie over the bed and he would try a last chance to awake the desires of his son. Neha was envious but could not speak.

She lay over the bed by her father-in-law's side and he bent over her to kiss her neck and moved his mouth towards her breasts, and asked Ravindra to watch

and asked him to do it same way. When he was doing that Neha was getting stiff and she was hardly able to control her emotions. When the dad's lips touched

her skin of the shoulder and ran to her breasts she shivered and twisted over the bed and caught hold of the bed sheet in her both hands stretching her

body, she was feeling getting wet down there..... The dad at the same time with one hand moved up her dress to her hips and her pantie was seen and she was

moving back the dress down to cover her hips, the father's hard on thrusted to Neha's belly and she almost gasped!.....

And the dad moved out and waited for Ravindra to do that..... he was shivering, shaking, blushing and sweating yet he tried hard, and on getting in contact

with Neha's skin he fell flat and moved under the bed to hide himself.
Tears rolled over Neha's cheeks and she hide her face in the pillow. The father talked to Ravindra in anger this time and asked " what the bl**dy hell of a

son are you? I am about to fuck your wife and you are hiding under the bed?? Ravindra replied: Dad take Neha for you, she is yours, do it yourself on my

behalf, I cant do that I am impotent, I have never been erect all my life!!"

Both Neha and THE FATHER WERE SHOCKED AND looked at each other aghast!!

Neha cried and, the father-in-law consolled her by caressing her, he hugged her and she buried her face over his bare chest..... And little by little, he

lay her over the bed continued caressing her, kissed away her tears. then kissed her cheeks and reached her mouth and she opened her mouth to receive and

respond her father-in-law's kiss passionately. She enlaced him tightly and started biting his shoulder and he removed her nighty, she gave way to get rid of

it, and things went very very fast and soon they were both all nude, and they were fucking!!

She was a virgin and the father-in-law got to consume this young 18 years old virgin in his son's bedroom on his bed.

Neha started panting with pain and pleasure she had long awaited, and felt very pleased on reaching her first real orgasm. They heard Ravindra snoring under

the bed!
They took each other in their arms and lay still over the bed and the father felt a sort of pride within himself to please a young virgin at his age!

After relating all the event of her first encounter with her father-in-law, to Pavindra, Neha cried and sat down feeling tired. Pavindra listened to the

whole narration quietly and he despite such difficult situation her s****r-in-law went through, he felt excited and had a hard on during the narration from


When she was crying, he sat down with his head in his hand and there was a heavy, quiet and boring atmosphere in the room.They stayed like that for more

than fifteen minutes without any words. Pavindra was thinking and visualising all that Neha told him and he could see his father making love to her and he

thought, then she must have given herself to him every night and that's why she goes to his room to please each other.

He was in an embarrassing situation and did not know how to undergo that moment. Still he desired her and may be more and more. But why she did refuse her

all along since so many days? This question was tormenting him. Will she give herself to him too now? How shall he now approach since she just related such

an event which had its painful parts?

He broke the silence prevailing in the room and talked, when he found her finished with her tears. " Well tell me bhabhi, so, since the last four months you

are going to please dad, and Ravindra is aware of that is it? She gave a long sigh, both her hands clutched in each other, and talked: " Your b*****r sl**ps

like a log, you should known it better than me.

He has never known every time that I got out of the bed to go to your dad's. Yes your father, asked me almost every night to come to him after that night.

And to be frank with you I started enjoying it, as I am also a human and have desires and to be honest, your dad is very good at it. He is the first man who

penetrated me and made me feel a woman and I feel giving myself completely to him, rather since then I considered him as my man."

Pavindra listened to her attentively and was speechless. He stood up and started thinking about his dad. He left the room and while he was walking out of

the room Neha walked fast behind him , held his hand from behind and said with a pleading voice, "Please don't go. Do I deserve that you leave because of my

actions Pavindra? It was the situation which turned out to be like that , I was helpless, please understand." He felt sorry for her and smiled saying, " No

bhabhi, don't worry, I am not leaving, and will not leave, I was just going out to breath some fresh air." Saying this he took her in his arms and she

enlaced him firmly and breathed out heavily. They were holding each other standing, feeling the warmth of each others body and he kissed her forehead, then

her cheeks and her lips. She did not push him, and let him do. And when he found her not objecting, he proceeded by, kissing her neck, and he gradually

moved to her soft part of the beginning of her b**st, she tightened him and clutched his shirt in her hands and whispered, " Please leave me, I won't be

able to control myself, leave me Pravindra, but he was going on kissing her and his hands started running over her back, moved down to her butt and he

lifted her up, her heels was not touching the soil and her whole body was clutched against his, he carried her to his room and put her over his bed.

She was breathing fast at that moment and, she got out of the bed and told him,"No, its not good, its bad, that's not right Pavindra." And she ran out of

the room. He sat over the bed burying his head in his hands and then lay over the bed with a deep sigh and a hard on.After half an hour he went to the

kitchen where she was washing dishes, dressed in a two piece, her waist seen, her hair flung open, the wind swaying them from left to right making her waist

visible at times at the left then at the right. He was standing behind her and he wished to hold her again. She felt his presence and turned back, found

him, smiled
and asked him to sit.The tense moment had faded away and they started talking. They talked a lot, for more than an hour, escaping the sexual words. They

were friendly again and he even joked and made her laugh.He asked " How many times have you been to the fields with dad?" The conversation at last came back

to it.

She said about five times. He asked either he made love to her in the fields? She said " Yes, once he did and it was wonderful" " Nobody saw you two? Can

you be sure? "She replied " I was continuously telling that to your dad, but he said he knows his fields better and knew that nobody would ever come at that

place at that time of the day."And she added " Since you talked of the fields, I have things to add but I won't tell you now, I will tell you about that at

the appropriate time and right moment."

And she added " Since you talked of the fields, I have things to add but I won't tell you now, I will tell you about that at the appropriate time and right


Days went by and they both had mutual talks and k**ding etc.... many a time Pavindra did hold her in his arms kiss her passionately which she responded but

had not had sexual encounter. As soon as he tried to head further than the kisses she broke free from his clutches and ran away......

The father was getting her on his bed almost every night and often Pavindra was going to watch and he masturbated visualising her. He noticed that she is

very sensual and enjoyed doing all with his father. He was only wondering why she was not giving in to him.

Well, he gathered patience and hoped one day she will let him penetrate her.
One day he had to go to town and was to be back the next day.

When he was returning from town the next day, on reaching their gate his uncle, father's b*****r was getting out from his place. He greeted him and the

uncle asked where he had been. He replied with respect. And Pavindra asked him how come he was there as he lived near their fields, his house was there. The

uncle said he had come to return a tool he had borrowed with Pavidra's father.

He got inside and Neha smiled with him asking if he was tired and she could serve him a drink. He said yes and asked why uncle had come. Neha said " He

wanted to see your dad. Pavindra frowned and asked: " To see dad? And for nothing else?" She sweetly smiling said , " No he was asking either your dad will

delay to return." Pavindra thought there was something fishy, as the uncle said he came to return a tool and she said he came looking for his dad. He worked

his brain out and decided to ask seriously.

He said, "Bhabhi you are hiding something I feel. Uncle just told me at the gate that he came to return a tool he had borrowed and you are saying he came to

see dad. Tell me which is which?" She blushed and kept quiet and stopped looking in his face. Pavindra amazed stood up, neared her and looked in her face

and exclaimed: " What? wwhhat? He also?? is it? he too?? how? tell me...since when? oh my God! Bhabhi? whats all this? he came to fuck you? did he fuck

He was red with anger and wanted to shout. But Neha, put her hand to his mouth pleasantly and slowly said," You remember when you talked of the fields I had

told you that I have things to tell you but will say it at the right time? So this is the right time and listen"

"I was by then used to have sex with your dad, the day he took me to the fields only to have sex. Ravindra was in a far away field from there and no workers

were present in that field as work had been done there. I was half nude and your dad was sucking my boobs at that moment when suddenly your UNCLE APPEARED

at that spot! I sweated and did not know what to do, your dad changed position fast and covered me with my veil but uncle said, 'carry on, i won't interfere

b*o, you are a very lucky guy to have your young and very sexy and beautiful daughter-in -law to enjoy! If only I had such a daughter-in-law!!' On hearing

this your dad whispered in my ears ' Let him do it or else he will gossip in the whole village and my reputation will be smashed' I was sitting and your dad

invited him to join. He sat near me and lifted up my veil, kissed my boobs and asked your dad to take the other one, both men were going on sucking and

licking my boobs and i was on fire, and all wet and wished to get penetrated. And your dad gradually undressed me, helped by your uncle and both men fucked

me and to say it, I enjoyed it a lot. Then I learnt that your uncle had not come there by chance but your dad had planned it that way and had given him

invitation to come there and catch us so that he could share me with his b*****r. After that your uncle often joins us in the fucking party. Many times he

is there in his b*****r's room at night, and they fuck me together."

And Pavindra was all hot and horny and dragged Neha to his room, she was not giving in but he f***ed her and undid her dress by f***e, put her all nude over

the bed, bite her all over her body, slapped her butt and fucked and fucked her in rage!! Neha was moaning and twisting her whole body all over the bed

turning from this side to the other, being fucked in the front, at the back, in the ass, in the mouth,Pavindar was like a mad bull, fucking brutally, and

eating her mouth, shoulders, neck, and all parts which came to his mouth during the fucking session. All her body was covered with dark red love bites, her

neck, her breasts, her belly, her butt, her thighs, her cheeks, all covered with dark snaps. At places, traces of Pavindra's teeth mark were visible. He

downloaded his sperm on her mouth and f***ed opened her mouth to make part of it get inside her throat.

And he laughed and throw his whole body over her and she started laughing too saying" you are so WILD! SO WILD!

After that wild encounter in rage and lust with his Bhabhi, Pavindra was satisfied that he was able to penetrate her. Yet he felt that should not have been

that way. He preferred the romantic, love type to make love to her. It was like r****g her he felt but he noticed that Neha, despite her reluctance gave her

to him and the way she laughed and told him 'you are so wild.' Pavindra had found lust and desire in her eyes when she had said that.She was sexually

experienced now and Pavindra felt she is a girl who will need sex everyday, say, thrice or more a day.That's why he thought she was letting, and receiving

both his father and uncle at once as she said.She had no regrets in her eyes when she related how his uncle got her and how they shared her, those two old


Now concerning the father of Pavindra, he is not that old in looks but in age only.Physically well built, he gave the forties in look yet he was 55 years

old. Nobody believed that he was 55.His looks, his walking style, straight, strong,stern. Even his hair had only a light gray colour as most of his hair

were still black,very less reached the white colour which makes them look partly gray and black together. He was tall, 6 feet!He had very gallant manners

and ladies always liked him since he was a youngster. He was a greedy sex minded man the days of his youth and had affairs with his friend's wives. He even

has intercourse with his b*****r's wife.There had been a scandal the days Pavindra was about 7 years old.

At that time he was having a relationship with his s****r-in-law and the b*****r had come to know and hey had fights yet his b*****r did not leave his

wife.Then he stopped seeing her as he did not wish to face troubles with his b*o. For 4 years he had an affair with her. He completely stopped going there

after the scandal, and for 5 years both b*****r did not talk to each other.Then it was during the funeral of their s****r that both got along once again and

became friendly once more after all they had same bl**d running in their veins and they had love for each other. I have never mentioned their names? Well

Pavindra's father's name is Gyansing, called Gyan.And his b*****r's name is Shyamlall called Shyam.

The age difference between the two is just like Pavindra and Ravindra, one year. Shyam was younger so, 54.And the day he planned to get Neha fucked by him

was in a way rendering the relations he had with his b*o's wife. He had told him some days before that he was fucking his bahu and if he would like to taste

her. Shyam was not shocked as they shared almost the same tastes and even Shyam had fantasised his bahu's but was not in real contact ever. So Shyam told

him "your bahu is my bahu too, so I will feel doing it with my own bahu and a dream will be realised, why not?" Both b*****rs had become more friendly since

they started with Neha.And every time that Shyam had to come at his place at night, he was telling in the day when Gyan was in the fields as his fields were

near Shyam's house hope you all remember.

Gyan always had had a fantasy, that was to fuck a woman by two.He dreamed of trilogy since his tender age. So he got the opportunity to realise it at the

age of 55 with Neha and his own b*****r,which was intense and more hot for him as that was pure i****t and Neha was shared as daughter-in-law by two

father-in-laws. This excited Gyan a lot. Many people have different type of fantasies, like Shyam he always wished to assist two women making love then he

joins the party. That was his fantasy. His dream. But the one he was living with Neha and his b*****r was not less thrilling too.Now let's see what is the

fantasy of Pavindra.Since he was aware of all of Neha's encounters sex-wise, he developed a fantasy which was never born within him before.It was that he

wished to see Neha being fucked by his uncle and father then join them together being the third and he wanted Neha to enjoy three men together. But that

seemed impossible as he would never be able to convince his dad or even uncle for that. But he thought he could talk to Neha and tell Neha to tell them!!He

in fact talked to Neha once when he got her to fuck.Neha was washing clothes on the stone outside.

She was in the washing position and he caught her by her waist from behind,his hands ran straight to her pussy over her skirt, and his dick was thrusting

against her butt. Neha felt his hard organ rubbing over her butt and she tried to push him but to no avail as by then he had turned her head to him and her

mouth was in his,he enjoyed the juices of her tongue drinking every drop. Neha started getting horny as his hands by that time he was exploring her breasts

under her blouse.... She whispered coyly," hey not here, we are outside, somebody may pass by on the road and see!"But Pavindra did not listen and went on

continuing.she was by then without her blouse and bra which he had gently removed, and she was turned to face him, his mouth explored her breasts licking

and sucking them,meanwhile his hand, lifted up her skirt to let her thighs and fleshy part of her butt crushed in his hands, and his fingers went into the

panty and felt the wet pussy ready to receive his hard dick inside. He took her hand and directed it to his sex and she caressed it and quickly opened his

zip and started moving his trouser down. She was now and then looking on the road to see if anybody passed. And she pulled him a bit behind the stone she

was washing from where it was not accessible from the road to view.

They were both in standing position, and holding each other at times her arms across his shoulder, then, around his waist, soon, over his butt, and his arms

doing same movements..... " Bhabhi you are too hot and sensual, I desire you the most in the world...," He murmured in her ears while his fingers were wet

in her pussy and her mouth was sucking his neck leaving a love bite dark red in colour. He then pushed her to sit down to get his dick in her mouth, she did

it with no objections.....

She was then down, kneeling on the soil,her left arm around his waist, and one hand holding Pavindra's dick delicately, and she ran her hot tongue to start,

and she lifted up her eyes to look at her little b*o-in-law's expressions and felt amused seeing him stretching in a cute moan closing his eyes saying 'Oh

Bhabhi, yesssss, go on take it inside your mouth..." She smiled and ran her tongue around the tip of his hard cock, and Pavindra, took her head,he still

standing, and pushed his sex inside her mouth and he with closed eyes, head pushed back gave sensational moans of pleasure like " hmmmm, yeaaaaah!! Bhabhi,

ohhhhhhhh my sweeeeeet bhabhi go ahead, suck, suck, suck more and more..." Neha was very amused on seeing him in that state and she gave a superb blow job

to him....Pavindra was not enough yet she stood up after about 5 minutes of sucking and told him," its your turn now sweetheart..." And he went down sitting

on the soil, she pushed back her head, eyes closed and felt Pavindra's hands holding her waist and his mouth over her wet pussy...... he licked the upper

part first then opened the clit and put his tongue inside and made round movements feeling the salty taste and he started sucking it vigorously... Neha was

stretching her whole body backward and twisting like a snake, giving all the position she could to feel the hot exploring tongue of his little b*****r-in-

law. She started leaving the juices and Pavindra enjoyed the taste and savoured it like an oyster...... after a while, he got up, held her by her waist

making her belly get the caress of his dick and took her tongue in his mouth to drop some of her own juices into her mouth which she swallowed happily....

And she enlaced him tightly and started biting his earlobe and sucking it, and his mouth was eating her neck..... Meanwhile she took his cock and directed

it to her pussy, still in standing position and Pavindra started giving blows in it started by little ones gradually increased the acceleration, held her

both thighs in his hands, she brought both her legs around his waist and there she was being fucked hardly by him..... In that standing position he went on

fucking holding her as though she was sitting on a motorcycle with both legs on one side...She had enlaced his shoulder firmly and his mouth was meanwhile

sucking her tits and drinking the juice it offered........ Neha started soon giving moans louder and louder in gasps and she was reaching her orgasm and

started biting his shoulder leaving marks of her teeth over there..... and she relaxed her head over his chest..... her pussy became too wet and Pavindra

was going in and out too easy so he took it out and turned her face to the wall, and gently pushed it in her anus by rubbing it gently over the

opening....she gave a sound of "ufffff, gently please, gently..... aaaaah!!! oh!! myyy!!!!! and he was inside her butt.... he gave gradual blows and as it

was tight there he soon started cumming and he loaded all his stuff inside her butt and moaned again" Oh bhabhi!! you are the best woman i have known!!

woooooowwwww!! superb!!! and he kissed her cheeks from behind........

That evening after that wonderful encounter at the washing stone, Pavindra and Neha were like a loving couple in the house. They seemed to be husband and

wife. They were k**ding, laughing, playing with hands, tapping each other, and when they were in presence of the others at home they were stealing looks of

each other without being noticed.

Once in the kitchen when Neha was near the stove, Pavindra brushed his hand over her but when passing by. She smiled and looked around if anybody noticed,

and when she found the dad, reading a note and Ravindra looking outside, she looked at Pavindra with mischievous eyes and gestured as to why he did that

when they were there. And Pavindra walked ahead giving her a lusty smile.

And they were in the lounge watching TV and as usual Ravindra was not there as he never used to be, then the father-in-law and Pavindra with Neha were

sitting on the couch, a three seat sofa. Neha was in the middle and on both sides were her f.i.l and Now the dad usually touched her while watching

TV and that’s why she sits near him as it was asked by him since the first time of their affair. Before this day Pavindra had never sat together on the same

sofa, it was the first time that he was doing so. And in the past he never noticed anything in the lounge as he never dared to look where his dad used to

sit. And then they used to watch TV with lights off in the lounge and only the TV projection light was present.

So Neha was already anticipating that today, both of them will touch her! She was in a gown which reached her knees, with a deep v-cut, and was sleeveless.

When she sat down the gown moved a bit above her knees and the fairer part of her upper knee, beginning of the thighs were visible. Pavindra was on her

right and the f.i.l on the left. Still there was full space for two persons on the couch. Pavindra’s fantasy aroused and he visualised undressing Neha

together with his father’s help and going ahead.... Just thinking of it his erection made his trouser inflate which Neha noticed and slightly tapped over

it! She was amused and bit her lips after hitting him there.

And after some minutes the father put his hand over her lap, she remained quiet and wanted to see if Pavindra saw that. He used to caress her while watching

TV at night as every time only they two sat together and Pavindra always sat on another sofa in front of them so he had to turn to see them and then he

never paid heed before. The old man moved her gown a little bit up her thighs and admired her beautiful sexy, envious, white thighs.... he pushed his hand

inside and fumbled over her panty.....

She put her hand over his, to prevent the movements of his fingers be noticed by Pavidra. But the dad continued and he had a hard on and tried to pull her

hand over his organ, but she was reluctant and looking at Pavindra every now and then....... And after a while Pavindra noticed that. He was excited as that

was his pleasure now to see her being fucked or caressed..... He loved to see elder people doing that to her..... He wished to see other elderly people

doing that to her..... His fantasies had no bound and were growing more day after day. He intentionally left the lounge to let his father get free occasion.

Now he did not know where from to watch the scene.

There was only one way he thought, that was from outside. So he went out, but the curtains were drawn and he saw nothing. So he went in again but did not

sit there, but on another seat, which was near the window and he very slowly, moved the curtains to leave a very thin space to view from outside. He told

them he was going to have a short nap.

Then the youngster went outside and stood on the porch to view his father enjoying his sexy bhabhi. And the space he made to watch was exact for the view.

There, since they thought he went to his room, the father, had already put his mouth under her gown licking her thighs and enjoying her warm heat and soft

touch of her thighs. Pavindra no doubt found his dick taking shape and his hand went to it to play with it. The dad moved Neha’s legs apart to feel her

panty which were starting being wet already at the hot point; he moved it out and when it was out up to her knees, Neha asked her not to take it out

completely as Pavindra could come anytime. So it remained there near her knees and the dad was licking her pussy while Neha’s hand was masturbating his hard

cock........ the more that the old man’s tongue was touching her sensitive part the more she was moving her hand over his dick......Pavindra was full erect

and wished to jerk off..... Neha bent her head over her father-in-law’s neck and licked it and bite it, her got lot of pleasure when she did that..... After

a while he made her sit over his lap, lifted her gown up, and introduced his dick inside her, she has to move up and down to make him pleased...... he held

her by her waist and moved down her V-neck to get her breasts which were not in a bra, but left loose. His mouth explored her breasts and his cock was in

her, she moving up and down over him and he, sucking her breasts. The old man started moving his hips in sitting position itself with the rhythm of Neha’s

movements over his sex. Neha started feeling the need of being held and she fiercely threw her arms over his neck and took his mouth and their tongue melted

in each others mouth drinking each others juices.

Pavindra was masturbating outside watching her in such delirious state. Neha went on bouncing over her father-in-laws lap with his organ in her and coming

to and fro with her movements..... she gave gasps and moans and was panting and felt like she was missing breath, till she shouted
‘yyyeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss....cuummmmmmmiiiiiiinnng...and she found the oldie also groaning ‘aghhhhhhh....ghmmmmmm, aghhhhhhh, yes my sweet baby,’ with

a rough panting voice and he took out his dick to make Neha hold it in her hand and it pissed his white stuff over his own belly as he was sitting and she

was on him...... then he pushed it in her mouth by making her sit over the floor, and he drained the remaining part in her throat...... Neha kept licking it

till it became like a dead bit of a snake..... she felt amused and continued playing with it, caressing it and licking it.... she giggled and said ’how

funny it looks when it is not erect Pitaji’ He grinned and said ‘this is what created you beti’...’hmmmm! yes pitaji, you made me think of my papa.’ When

she said that her father-in-law surprised asked “What? My dick made you think of your dad? Have you ever seen his dick?” “Oh no pitaji, I did not mean that,

I mean when you said it created me, I thought my pitaji created me by doing this with my mother” Pavindra was able to hear all their words as well. He did

not believe of what she said she meant of her pitaji. He knew her too well, there was fish under stone he thought.

And things went on quite normal for some days at Neha’s place. It was now routine for her to be in her father-in-law’s bed almost every night and having the

i****tuous relation with her younger b*****r-in-law.

She was becoming more and more sensual and envious sex wise and any man, I repeat any man could desire her the way she looked sexy, and the way she played

with her eyes, smile while looking at a man. Her body was day by day growing enchanting and sexier and she had learnt the art of seducing by pleasing the

three men she actually had affair with.

And one day a message reached her that her mother is seriously sick and has been taken to the hospital in the village she lived. She prepared to go to her

native village to spend a week. Her father-in-law at first wanted to go together but later thought they will think odd in her village so she told Ravindra

to go to leave her and return. At that moment Pavindra wished to go together. But his father told him he will have to stay and accompany him to the fields

replacing his elder b*****r.

Pravindra was very restless and he started thinking things about Neha. He was sure she will get fucked by men of her village now..... he was feeling unease

and secretly asked his elder b*****r to stay and let him go with Neha. The elder b*o naive as he was accepted. But the dad objected saying what will the

people of Neha’s native say? The husband must accompany her. He scolded both sons. So it was decided that Ravindra would go, stay some hours then return

back home and will go to take her back after one week.

Pravindra was frustrated and thought of the night Neha had said “you made me think of my papa” He had forgotten that but it flashed back suddenly in his

mind and he told himself, ‘she will now stay with her father as her mom is in hospital... what will happen?’ He was very eager to assist if anybody would be

fucking her...that has become an obsession for him now... he was very restless and all sorts of thoughts were torturing him. But he was incapable to change

Ravindra and Neha left their home in the early morning for Neha’s home. It was 400 kms distance from their village. They went by train. Pravindra

accompanied them to the station.

In the train Ravindra as usual wrapped in his shell sat quietly. Other men were looking at Neha with lusty eyes. See was dressed in a beautiful sari, which

was flimsy and the blouse had a beautiful cut to let her breast be seen although covered with the flimsy sari. Ravindra never paid heed to any men looking

at her, but Neha was aware and she enjoyed it as she is now used to men and sex. She knew all the men desired her and they had only one thing in mind, and

that was to fuck her. One among the men, once winked at her when Ravindra was asl**p. She smiled with that man but there had been no progress.

Neha lay her head over Ravindra’s shoulder and she was lost in thoughts. She thought of her father now. She remembered how her dad longed for her when she

was still living with them. She was then much younger and she remembered how the first time she was sl**ping and her dad who used to get d***k every night

had come into her room and ran his hand over her gown. She was surprised and had abruptly sat up on the bed. He then had laughed and caressed her cheeks

saying ‘sl**ping my baby?’ and she had asked ‘papa what were you doing?’ ‘Nothing I was covering you beta.’ He had replied. But Neha knew he ran his hand

over her thighs under her gown. Another day he was d***k in the day and her mother had been to the shop and he had hugged Neha, she thought it was a

paternal hug but he had made her sit over his lap and caressed her over her breasts and her thighs and was kissing her neck. She had freed herself from his

grip and had ran away.

Neha remembered of those nights when almost every night her dad was coming in her room when her mother was asl**p to touch her intimate parts. He had once

mounted over her and thrust his sex still in his trouser over her sex and had enjoyed her that was till he had ejaculated over her dress..... she remembered

how he had once removed her panty and she had pretended be sl**ping and he had enjoyed her ejaculating over her belly.

Then in flash back it came to Neha the day, some weeks before her wedding her father had given her a passionate kiss and had told her that he has not taken

her virginity and he hoped that once she will get married he will get a chance to enjoy her to the full, and she had remained quiet looking downward.....

Now that she was going to his place the first time after her wedding she was thinking her dad will let no chance escape at all..... Only thinking of all

that she was all wet, and wished her father-in-law or Pravindra was with her right then.....

And soon they reached her village. She greeted many persons who came across her while walking to her home. Some of the men of her village talked among

themselves ‘she has become a wonderful sexy lady this Neha!’ some said ‘She is being fucked now dear, she knows the pleasure of sex now!’ Many men and

youngsters admired her and got erect and did caress their dicks on seeing her passing by.

Anyhow they reached her home, and her father came at the threshold to hug her. She hugged her, and he was erect just at her touch..... he greeted his son-

in-law and asked them in. It was programmed that they will go to the hospital then from there Pavindra would return back home.

And in the evening after visiting her mother at the hospital, she accompanied her husband at the station with her dad and she returned home with him.
She had two b*****rs who were married and lived some kilometres away from her dad’s house. When they reached home one among them had come to enquire about

his mother’s health as he did not get time to go to see her. He was surprised to see Neha and b*****r and s****r hugged each other and were very happy to

see each other after more than 8 months.......

And after a chat with the s****r the b*****r left. Neha went inside her old room and started looking at her belongings which she had left there.... a

feeling of nostalgia wrapped her and she left some tears drop slide along her cheeks. Her father got in her room and enlaced her saying, “you have become

even more beautiful than you were before you left this house sweetheart” She responded with a smile hugging him back. At this moment there were no sexual

intentions but an emotional touch of fatherly love to her daughter. But since he continued holding her in his arms for some minutes he felt his dick growing

to feel her thighs down. She broke away from his arms and gently said ‘Papa, will mom be fine soon is it?” He got back to himself and shrugged saying God

only knows, beta, she is in a critical state as her diabetes, bl**d pressure and asthma have all erupted together.” And he started leaving the room telling

her “I am going to the shop and will be back after an hour or so. Look what you will wish to cook for dinner; all are same in the kitchen as it was when you

left 8 months ago.” She neared him and said, “you are going to drink isn’t it papa?” he answered “Yes, but I won’t delay too much. Will take a few pegs and

return” She smiled at him saying, ”You same old dad of mine, will never change” and she kissed his cheek c***dishly. And she added, ordering like a mother,

“Don’t drink much and I hope I will not see you stammering around after a while, reach home standing not on four feet!

She went in the kitchen and got busy cooking. On the other hand her father while having his drink was only thinking of her, her beauty and he was had a hard

on by only thinking....... he started visualising how he will proceed when he will be back home to her..... He thought now she is not a virgin and he will

have free chance to do what he wished long time ago. He thought what an opportunity he was having as his wife is not there and he will be alone with her all

night for a whole week! He was feeling very happy and planned to have great fucking sessions with her a whole week. He thought of the days he was touching

her sexually and how she was reluctant but never objected. And how some days before her wedding he had told her that once he will get her after wedding he

will fuck her..... He thought she must be aware that he wished to sl**p with her, he hoped she will not refuse and she has not changed. Yet he was worrying

what if she will refuse saying she won’t betray her husband and all that! But he thought although she will refuse he thought he will f***e her and fuck


In his mind only Neha was present and he was seeing her in her sexy sari, he was seeing her belly and white waist, her butt, her breasts.... he was longing

to suck them...he was hard erect and was ready to get her on his bed.

He hurried back home after his drink with a hard on and when opened the door he was amazed to see his son and daughter-in-law talking with Neha in the

lounge. After meeting her, her b*****r went home to bring his wife to meet Neha..... The father was restless now and he found his plan ruined! He met them

and went to his room and started thinking what if they will plan to stay? He did not want that to happen. He was waiting for them to leave the quickest

possible. He felt they were intruders! He was nervous and wanted only to stay with his darling daughter.
And after an hour his son Anil came to tell him that they wanted to take Neha to stay the night at their place. He thought if he will object they will think

things.... so he asked with his son, “ Does Neha want to go?” Anil replied “ no she has not yet answered that’s why we want to ask you” he replied “ Lets go

to ask herself if she will go or stay in her house.”

They came in the lounge and the father asked “ Beta will you go to your b*****r’s place or would like to stay here?” Neha answered “But I have already

prepared dinner, have to serve dad, and will you join for dinner b*o and bhabhi?” But Anil and his wife answered that they have also cooked already at their

place and they have to go now. Neha said sorry to his b*o and bhabhi and told them she will come a next time. The father felt relieved and happy and winked

at Neha who left a coy smile.

The b*****r left, dad and daughter were on the terrace waving them goodbye and the father thought what if his other son and daughter in law comes in now? He

prayed that nobody else comes in!

When they were gone, Neha walked a step before her dad who admired her walk and her butt moving to her step’s rhythms. She was dressed in a beautiful

traditional two piece, long skirt which reached her calf, and her short sleeveless blouse with a deep v cut. Her breasts, round, inflated, like a balloon

containing water moved when she walked. The father felt his dick wanted to get out of his trouser it was that much hard! Neha turned back to look in her

father’s eyes with a smile and pretended as normal as she could yet she knew his intentions. When he reached her, he put his hand over her shoulder,

slightly caressing it and said ‘you are my sexy beautiful baby.’ She got inside biting her lips and asked him, “You are d***k no?” He then held her bare

waist, pressing his fingers over her flesh and talked, “Hmmm you are so deliciously dressed and I wish to put you straight over the bed, let’s go

sweetheart. I am longing to taste you! It has been a long time darling!”

She said “No come to have your dinner first papa.” But he said he did not want to eat but only eat her. Saying this he pulled her to his room by her hand,

and Neha got to run some steps by the pull. As soon she was in his room, he enlaced her firmly in his strong arms and started kissing her vigorously like a

man who had touched a woman for years. She responded to the kiss wholeheartedly. And his hands ran all over her back feeling her clothes, her blouse, her

partly bare back and shoulders, his hard on pressing over her thighs and soft part of her entry...... he talked while holding her and caressing her at the

same time “You enjoy it now with your husband? You love it? You understand it now how it is wonderful Sweety? Did you ever think of me when he fucked you?”

Neha was like a toy in her arms stretching her neck backward and feeling her dad’s body stuck to her body she was losing herself in ecstasy and could not

talk back.... gradually he moved out her blouse, threw it with rage over the floor, it went out near the door, he fondled her breasts over her sexy bra,

then removed the bra to throw it away likewise, Neha was at his mercy standing in his arms topless, in the long skirt.... and her body was like an elastic

piece of material in her papa’s hands, and it was moved in any direction he wished.... he slowly put her over his bed, and knelt down, started lifting up

the skirt to let her white legs, thighs, appearing little by little and he ran his tongue very slowly from her calf up to and up little by little up to her

fleshy thighs, till he reached her white panty.... Neha was lying over the bed, her eyes closed and was enjoying every touch of her dad, she was visualising

the days she was unmarried and her dad was doing same when she was sl**ping...deep in her Neha became that young girl and felt her dad like that. The father

was like a hungry lion who got meat to eat after a long time, when he reached her panty, he sucked the panty itself, which was wet and drank her daughter’s

juice over the panty.... then with his teeth he started removing the underwear...Neha twisted over the bed holding the bed sheets and pulling them, she then

opened her eyes to look at her dad whose pleasure was immense on getting his daughter over his bed after so long. She knew how he was hungry for her, and

she believed she has the right to please him since she was pleasing her father-in-law there. She moaned when the papa parted the lips of her sex and pushed

his hot tongue into it, and licking her juices, swallowing all her juice and sucking her sexy, rosy vagina. Soon the father removed all his clothes was all

nude and made Neha all nude too and he mounted over the bed, he was still like the hungry lion and was roaring over her female mate.... she sat up and held

his organ without being asked and he moaned as though he felt a pain, when she careesed it. It was pain of pleasure.... he had never been sucked by any

woman the father...he enjoyed it so much that he felt ejaculating in her mouth... she took the tip of her dad's dick in her mouth, licked it, rolling her

tongue over it, then took it whole in her mouth and started going to and fro with her head moving in and out... he moaned ‘aaaaghghgh, I, I ,I am coming

beta...aaaaahhhhh!!!’ and he did not get time to take it out and the first cum went into her throat, then she spat the remaining parts, and licked her dad’s

tip of the cock, who straightened his whole body feeling like a voltage of current within his whole body.......he stood over his toes while dripping his

last drops in her mouth. He was so much pleased that he felt it was the first time he was having sex...

He lay over the bed by her side, holding her firmly over his chest, both were all nude and he spoke, “Beti you gave papa an immense pleasure, I am 57 years

old and never a woman ever took my organ in her mouth, it was such a pleasure my sweetheart! I don’t know how to thank you my loving baby, you pleased papa

so, so much.”
Neha smiled, playing with the hairs over his chest, and asked ‘mama never did that to you papa?” He replied “No dear, she is an old accustomed woman, you

know her well, even a good kiss with tongue is difficult with her... I only fantasized women sucking me, it’s a dream of mine that you realised my love.”

Neha c***dishly kissed her father’s chest, run her tongue over it up to his neck, mounted over his body as he was laying flat on his back, and she put her

mouth to his and their tongue melted in each other’s mouth for more than 5 minutes..... By then her father got erect again, and he ran his hand over her

butt, parted her both legs apart, directed his dick inside her very wet pussy, and as she was over him she started moving herself by pressing over her toes

on the bed, she moved up and down over whole of his body with his dick inside her, which was sliding in and out by her movements, and he was caressing her

nude back, and he held her firm breasts in both his hands, put them to his mouth, licked the erect nipples, sucked them one after another...... she lifted

her neck up stretching along, pulling her head backward, her hair all open thrown back by one movement of her head, her breasts hanging, now as she had

lifted her head up, it balanced to the rhythms of her movements and her dad held both crushing them in his strong palms, then he also lifted his head to get

hold of the breasts which he sucked again while she was going on with her movements of her hips over the hard cock of her father.... the dad also started

moving his hips together with Neha’s movements..... and he sat up, she also, both her legs parted over the legs of her dad, his cock still deep in her both

continued giving the blows moving harder and harder, and his hand around her waist, her arms around her father’s shoulder, her breasts collated to his hest

rubbing against the hairs of his nude chest which made her feel a pleasure apart.... and the old man started moaning “ aaghgh....aaaah I am to come baby,

a..a...i WILL COME.... “ She shshshed him saying “come in me papa, come in me” he asked “are you sue sweetheart?” “yes papa don’t worry come in me.... go

ahead she whispered while she also started moaning and her orgasm was on the peak too...and he ejaculated deep in her, she felt the hot liquid touching her

womb deep inside and both were clutched to each other panting, longing for breath..... Both took a deep breath and their mouth were stuck in one another for

a longue while eating each other’s tongue, and drinking the mouth’s produced juice.......

They slept together father and daughter for the first time.
The next morning, still on bed he caressed her as she was al nude by her side, he too was nude, as they slept after making love last night..... The dad

wished to fuck again but Neha told her to reserve the session for the night, she kissed him and went out of bed.

On the other side, Ravindra was missing her and wished to see her, talk to her and feel her company. The father-in-law too was missing his lovely daughter-

in-law. Only a day had elapsed and that f****y was longing for her. Pavindra was only visualising her fucking with someone else in her village....He was

sure she will have to say things when she returns. But wil she tell things on her own? She had not related him till he had not discovered about her

relationship with his own dad. In his mind her words ‘ you made me think of my papa” which she had said to his father was now and again buzzing in his ears,

and he felt strongly that she will have something to do with her dad.

In Neha’s village, she was all free in the day and her father had gone out. She was alone in the house and she also thought of Ravindra as she was used to

stay with him all day long at her in law’s place. She knew he must be missing her and the love making sessions. But here she was satisfied by her dad and

she knew Ravindra has nobody to satisfy him, and something disturbed her thoughts.... She thoughts what if Ravindra would go to another girl? She felt

jealous and did not wish him to be with another woman. Then she consoled herself by telling that in that village he wont ever get any woman like her to have

sex with him.

Now Neha’s b*****r who visited her last night, passed the news of her arrival to the other elder b*****r who lived in same village but about 5 kms away. Her

two elder b*****rs were aged 42 and 38 respectively. The one who came was Anil 38 years old, and the eldest one is Sunil 42 years old. Sunil had a daughter

aged 12. Anil had no c***dren.

So Sunil, the eldest came to see her as he got the news that she had come. They embraced each other on meeting. Had a chat with her and he told her, “You

have become very beautiful Neha after wedding? How do all girls become so lovely after they leave their father’s house?” Neha replied, “That’s may be

because the girls get much more love at their in-law’s place” and Sunil asked her to come to his place. She had to tell her dad that she was going to her

b*o’s place. And Sunil took her in his car and drove to her place and on the way met her father and announced him that she was taking Neha and will return

her back In the evening.

Sunil reached his house, nobody was there as his wife is a teacher and his daughter had been to school. Once inside He hugged Neha and told her “My sweet

little s****r, I never thought you will turn out into such a lovely woman. You are looking very sexy you know, Neha dear?” and Neha felt his dick hard down

over her thighs. She thought to herself, ‘Oh no! Bhaiya too? He never had any such thought about me!!’ She tried to get out of his arms saying ‘Bhai, what

are you doing? I am your little s****r is it?” And Sunil replied: “Look Neha, you are a woman now and you know what it is to have sex, as soon as I saw you

in papa’s house I thought in my mind to make love to you as I know now you are a woman who know what it means to have a man in your bed, so that’s why I

took you here, you are too sexy and you look like longing for making love, give your big b*o this chance to taste you sweety. May be I will never get this

chance ever.”

On hearing her elder b*****r’s words Neha felt a shiver in her and thought of herself to be an i****t doll. Her whole body got a sort of ecstasy and sexual

desire aroused within her only by the words of her b*****r.... she now started looking at her b*****r’s pant near his dick and found the pant inflated

there, she knew he was erect. And asked him, “ You ever had such thought about me bhaiya?” He replied “Yes Neha , yes. You were too small; I was taking you

in my lap and making you do things you won’t remember. Since I got married and moved here, I did not get the chance to see you growing, its when Anil told

me how you are looking gorgeous that I thought yesterday if I get the chance I will take you to my bed.” And it’s the perfect opportunity Neha, let me make

love to you baby, I will never get this chance anymore, for once only please your b*****r.” Neha asked, “Anil bhaiya told you I am looking gorgeous? He

spoke like that of me to you?” “Neha, we used to talk of you in dirty way since you were still living with us before our wedding dear. You were a doll in

our house and you were the only girl we mixed up with. So we had talks about you both b*****rs long time ago.” Neha was not shocked but horny on hearing

that. And she smiled thinking to herself ‘both b*****rs, father, father-in-law, father-in-law’s b*****r, b*****r-in-law! Hmmm I am a sex machine for these

men it seems,’ and she felt hot and horny thinking of so many men longing for her.

She let her b*****r hold her in his arms and caress her. She was in a two piece, the blouse was small and all her waist was bare, her cleavage was all seen

and she was in his arms, his one hand running on her bare waist and her tongue was explored by his in his mouth. They were soon over the bed, her blouse

out, her boobs in his mouth which he was sucking like a thirsty baby sucking his mother’s breast, his hands moving her skirt upper and upper to let her

sexy, desirable thighs get the air out. She had her arms around her b*****r’s neck and she crossed one of her leg upon his.

Her father in his mind thought Sunil must be alone at home and he took Neha to his place, he had wild thoughts as he fucked Neha last night, he thought what

if Sunil also would be longing to do that to her? He decided to go there. And he asked a taxi to leave him at Sunil’s home.

Once in Sunil’s yard, the father walked slowly with the intention to se things.... The door was open, he walked in very slowly and on nearing a room he

heard murmurs........ he knew what was going on and he carefully, stood by the side of the door, and found Neha all nude at the mercy of his nude b*****r

over her, his dick doing to and fro in the pussy of his s****r, Neha’s arms around his shoulder, he could clearly see the buttock of his son, his balls, and

the pussy of Neha receiving her b*****r’s dick in and out her......

He kept watching in great excitement and was hard erect, and wished to join them.... but he thought what will Sunil think.... so he held himself and went on

watching them.... Sunil and Neha were so much lost in love-lust that they were unaware of their father’s presence in the house. Soon they changed position

and Neha went over her b*****r and the view which the father had now, was, Neha’s whole butt to his eye sight and his son’s dick in her, he wished to go and

penetrate his cock in Neha’s butt.... she was giving movement by moving over her b*o and enjoying his dick in her, meanwhile kissing him, Sunil’s hand was

holding her waist, making it move to his pleasure.

They continued till they reached orgasm and Neha lay over his b*****r going on kissing him.

The father very slowly left the house and went out. He returned home and jerked off visualising Neha. He was too excited on seeing b*****r and s****r

fucking. He started thinking either they were having an affair before her marriage? Then he thought either Anil too would be fucking her? He will ask Neha

he thought when she will be back.

Neha was dropped back by Sunil after some hours. As soon as she got inside her father took her in his arms like holding a baby and took her to his bed.

Without wasting time he hurriedly undressed her and started licking her body all around. Neha was laughing asking, “Why this hurry papa? Take your time.”

But he was like a hungry dog.... Anyhow he fucked her and made her suck his cum, draining it in her mouth......

Then they talked. He asked her about her b*****rs. She was reluctant to reply ten he told her that he had been at Sunil’s place and saw them fucking. Neha

was stunned and told him she could not refuse him as he was too pleading..... And he asked either Anil also? She said ‘No Anil bhaiya has never done it but

Sunil bhaiya told me they both used to talk of me in that way and Sunil will surely tell him that he succeeded in fucking me, then Anil too will want to do


Well this way everyday and night, the father enjoyed his daughter sexually. Anil did not get any chance though really Sunil told him that he got her. Anil

tried his luck but the father was at home everyday looking on her and keeping her all for him. Anil went to tell Sunil to look for a chance for him. Sunil

also wanted to enjoy Neha more but when he came to take her the father refused to let her go. He told Sunil ‘if you want to see her, come with your wife and

daughter here and spend the time with your s****r.’ Sunil had no point to discuss and got to leave alone. Then both b*****rs decided that when she returns

to her husband they will someday go there to get her.

One week elapsed. Neha’s mother, recovered and she got discharge from the hospital and was back home, yet still very weak, and Neha got to return back to

her husband. Her father went to leave her at the station lest the b*****rs will come to take her.

Neha was back.

Now, for the moment let us forget Neha for sometime and follow what goes here with her father. We will get back to Neha after following the story here.

There is a twist friends which I hope all readers will enjoy.

Neha’s dad, since he got the taste of a young female and enjoyed it so much now wished to have same kind of pleasure. He masturbated for quite some nights

by feeling her Neha in his arms, by visualising all he did with her.... but he wanted and longed for sexual intercourse that way more and more..... He got

an idea in his dirty mind and thought of someone young he could try to get for a fuck. Who was she?

Anil’s wife. She was young, modern, was always dressed like the new Bolywood heroines. When she wore sari, it was always backless, sleeveless, deep cuts

letting her cleavage visible always. Or she often got dressed in tight jeans, and sexy t-shirts. She wore shorts at home letting all her big, beautiful

thighs for the pleasure of viewers. As Anil was 38, his wife Aarti was only 26. They had no c***dren I hope you all remember. She was a housewife. So all

day she was at home.

Now since Neha’s father had sex with his young daughter, and the way Neha pleased him sexually, he believed this generation of the young made love so well

and so he thought Aarti will be likewise as she use to be dressed those sexy ways always. He thought the blowjob Neha gave him, and thought Aarti too must

be doing it as she is in the new generation, for his wife never did that to him. He believed that the new generation made love better than those of his


He was excited only by thinking of Aarti now and he jerked off at night visualising her.

The next day he went at Anil’s house. He went at a time when he knew Anil had been to work and Aarti was alone. He knocked at the door, it was still

morning, around 9.30 and Aarti came to open and was surprised to see her father-in law. She was still in her nighty, had not yet changed! On seeing him

Aarti thought her mother-in-law was serious, and was waiting for him to speak, but he was stunned on seeing her beauty in that nighty, the cleavage was

astounding, she had a little bit rounder body than Neha, had perfect looks and was fair like Neha, had a pleasant smile and a beautiful voice...............

She asked him in, when he told her that he was just passing like this.

She went in the kitchen and he followed. She offered him a seat in the kitchen itself. Well he was used to her but in a normal daughter-in-law and father-

in-law like relationship. She used to talk to him even earlier than this day....... The old man did not know how to approach her in that way... he kept

watching her when she was at the same time doing the house chores and talking to him casually. He looked at her from tip to toe and arranged his organ

inside his trouser as it was growing on seeing her body....... once she was taking the glass from his hand, and her breasts rubbed to his hand accidentally

and he felt shivers.......

Aarti noticed him to be queer..... And asked “Are you sure there is nothing wrong daddy? She had always called her ‘daddy’ as she is a girl from the city.

He stammered ‘No its fine....’

The old man was getting excited and was restless too...he was feeling like a young lad who was to propose a girl for sex for the first time. He did not know

how to proceed. Aarti felt it that he was abnormal the way he was behaving. Then she asked, “Have you already taken a peg daddy?” He replied, “No but I

think I should have taken a peg because I have things to tell you which I can’t at this moment!”

Aarti looked in his face surprised and asked, “You have things to tell me daddy? And you can’t say you say? I find it very strange, what’s the matter?

Anything serious?” She left a short smile on her sensual lips and continued looking in his face interrogatively. Her eyes were trying to search clues in the

old man’s face. But Aarti could not read anything and was standing amazed close to him. He looked on her cleavage again and quickly moved away his eyes lest

she would notice that. Then he stood up and said, “Wait I will be back in a few minutes dear.” “Hmm you are really going to have a peg isn’t it daddy?”

Aarti remarked, and added, “But tell me before you go!” He said slowly in her ears before leaving, “Keep guessing what I have to say meanwhile, it’s

personal, I will be back to you within half an hour.” While he did that his hand was over her shoulder, his mouth very close to her ear, and he smelled her,

and wished to kiss her hot.

So, he left for the shop to have his drink. Aarti kept thinking what he wanted to say but was not making it out. The moment he had put his hands on her

shoulder, she had felt his hot breath over her skin and thought either he longed for her, but she could not think of such things about him, she believed her

mind was becoming dirty. So she did not think of such things.

So it was time for her to have her bath and she went in the bathroom for a shower and thinking the father-in-law may come back anytime, she let the front

door of the house unlock so that he could get in without having to wait outside. She had taken a skirt and a sleeveless t-shirt to wear. It was the modern

type skirt the city girls wore and the t-shirt too. Normally when she takes her shower she never takes clothes with her as she comes out wrapped in the

towel tied around her body covering her from her breasts to her thighs, and she used to get dressed in her room. But since she was expecting the father-in-

law back that’s why she thought to be dressed inside the bathroom before coming out.
She took all her time in the shower, humming and lazily massaging her hot body all over.

The old man came, when she was in the bathroom. He had taken drinks and had now dared to talk! He heard her humming inside and loudly said standing near the

bathroom, “I am back dear Aarti.” She also got to reply loudly”Yes daddy I am having a shower and will be out soon. Be seated please. I hope you are not too

d***k and will not fall down!” He grinned and said,”Nah, I am okay. Will wait for you baby.” He pronounced the word baby slowly not to let her hear.

Aarti hurried to get out and she was so much used to come out wrapped in towel that she completely forgot she had taken her clothes with her and she opened

the bathroom’s door wrapped in a towel! The father-in-law seeing her like that felt his dick exploding out! The water dripping from her wet hair over the

towel, her thighs all white skin visible, her upper breasts seen, the silhouette of her whole body to his eye’s pleasure! Aarti looked at him still not

thinking of her dress and smiled at him and walked towards her bedroom saying, “I will be back in a minute daddy.” When she passed close to him and walked

ahead the old man’s eyes devoured her nude back and her lovely butt moving over her walking rhythm.....

He arranged his dick in his pant with his hand as it was by then disturbing him. He stood up when she got in her room to follow her, but immediately then

Aarti got out walking fast to the bathroom as she remembered that her clothes were there.
She had now to pass across the old man who was standing in her way in the corridor...
As soon as she came by him, and walked a step ahead saying, with a shy smile, “I forgot my dress inside.” He held her hand and pulled her to him and with a

gasp, blushing she was in his arms, her whole body enlaced in his, her breasts over the towel clutched on his stomach, her heartbeat fastened and she was

all red as if her whole body would spit out bl**d.
She did not know what to say and was trying to free her when his mouth found hers and he planted a vigorous kiss. Her hands were trying to protect the towel

from falling and she was moving with f***e to get out of his grips but he continued exploring her mouth with his tongue, his hands roaming over her back

trying to move out the towel.....

She felt upset and said seriously, “Daddy leave me! You don’t know what you are doing, you are d***k!” She was still in his arms and he spoke, “Sweetheart,

this is what I had come to ask you, but was not able...and now it’s the right time isn’t it baby?” She felt hot like in hot summer on hearing his words, and

amazed started looking in his eyes trying to see either he was really that d***k or not, by that time the daddy was removing the towel over her breasts

where it was cross-tied, and she put her hand over his to stop him from undoing it. He then, moved his hands down behind her back to feel her butt and ran

his hands under the towel from her thighs and moved it up over her nude butt!! There was no panty, and the old man groaned, “Oh! Oh!oh! Yeah! Give it to

daddy, give it to daddy Sweety.”
At that moment she was still around his arms as he had put his hands from, around her to her back. He tried to introduce his fingers to her pussy but Aarti

started pleading, “Please daddy leave me, it’s not right, it’s bad, leave me, let me go please...”

He was not listening but like a hungry lion, started running his tongue over her bare neck, chin, cheeks, mouth, which she closed not to kiss him, but he

tried to get her mouth open with his hand pressing both her cheeks, and she opened it and he penetrated his tongue into her mouth and explored the whole of

it sucking her tongue.... by that time Aarti started feeling a sort of weakness, in fact that was the urge to get fucked, but she thought she was being

weakened, by the physical struggle with him. The towel was still wrapped on her and during the passionate, sensual kiss, the daddy little by little got it


And he took her arms and directed it over his shoulders and Aarti like a wild a****l being tamed obeyed by letting her arms around his shoulders. The towel

dropped down, he lifted Aarti in his arms all nude and walked towards her bedroom, sucking her nipples while she enlaced him firmly stretching her whole

body against his chest.

He lay her over the bed and undressed himself completely. And he directed his hard cock to her mouth, she looked in his eyes, took the dick in her hand and

said, “The front door is not locked daddy!” She was now at his mercy and was like his pet. She seemed not having any objections to be fucked by him..... He

replied, “Do you think anyone will come?” she was caressing the dick, and asked, “What if Anil comes anyhow?” So he went to lock the front door.
When he returned, she had closed and locked the bedroom’s door. He was standing there all nude and asked, “Stop playing sweetheart. Open the door!”

She did not reply him. He was now feeling hot despite being nude. He knocked, saying, ”Hey Aarti baby, my clothes are inside, I am standing nude here and

you are playing pranks, that’s not fair, come on open the door.”Still no answer and he started sweating in worry...... he walked to another room, then to

the kitchen to find for an issue if there was any to reach that bedroom of hers, but to no avail. He did not know what to do.... his dick was by then

softened as he was in worry. He was thinking what if she will not open at all and has the intention of making a scandal.

He waited half an hour in the corridor talking, pleading to her.
And the door opened, and she was laughing at him..... “You are sweating? Your intoxication has vanished daddy?” He laughed back and said, “Oh my God, you

really got me frightened sweety!” “Thousands of thoughts were torturing my mind,” he told her.

She was still nude the way he had left her, she was just teasing him to see what would be his reactions..... And he felt his dick taking form again on

seeing her giggles and manners of seducing, so he gently caressed her cheek and pushed her softly over the bed. She lay there looking into his eyes and

asked, “Tell me one thing daddy, how come you got interested in me in this way? I was shocked when you held me there in the corridor; I was not expecting

that at all.” Meanwhile he had placed his hard dick to her head, she was holding the organ in her soft hand and gently, caressing it and he touched it to

her lips which made her opened the mouth to lick it first then gently, let it slide in her mouth. She was at the same time looking in his face to observe

his expressions as she wanted to see him groan and getting pleased. As soon as he felt her hot tongue meeting his dick he stretched, his legs and body and

gave a moan ‘Aaaghgh.... yes! Go on, suck it my love, suck daddy.’ She felt amused on seeing him in that state and seductively took his dick well in her

mouth and started sucking it like having an ice cream, she was savouring it.” The old man, went on groaning, and passed his hand over her soft breasts with

an erection in her nipples and he crushed the nipples making her excited and going on with the suck..... She was kneeling on the bed and he was standing on

the floor, pushing his cock in her mouth by movements of his hips and caressing her body all around, her back, her neck, her breasts, her butt, and he

slowly reached her pussy, and he felt the wet liquid moistening his fingers, he gently, slide his finger inside which made her give a moan his dick still in

her mouth. She gave a ‘hmmmmm,hmmmm...’ and he started pushing his fingers to and fro in her wet pussy.

They stayed in that position for quite a while, when at last he mounted on the bed enlacing her in his arms and both mouths were stuck to each other and

they were sucking each others tongues. They were at that moment both kneeling on the bed, and he laid her, parted both her legs to get the pussy at his view

and ran his tongue all along it..... he opened the lips of the pussy and licked it like a dog licks, and then gradually, his tongue was penetrating, or at

least was trying to penetrate in it, she was twisting over the bed holding his head in both hands and pulling the little hair which were on. She clutched

both legs firmly together and his head was crushed between her thighs, his hands pressing both her thighs in his firm fingers....

After some time he moved up continuing the licks, from her pussy to her lower belly, then to her navel which made her stretch and twist more, then he

gradually reached her breast inviting him to have a suck, which he did with much pleasure... Then they were both enlaced in each others arms, kissing

passionately, he was over her, both nude bodies collated, his hard dick was over her pussy and he was rubbing over it very gently enjoying the kiss and the

feel of her warm body under his..... She then run her tongue over his face holding his head, and with one hand she took his dick, parted her legs and she,

herself introduced it inside her and gave a piercing moan moving her body sideways.... the daddy started moving his hips with his dick in her pussy giving

little blows at first which gradually became fast and he went on, by holding her around his arms, and she was pushing her head backward enjoying each and

every moment of his dick being pushed in and out her.

She crossed her arms around his shoulders and started moving her hips under hi and whispered with gasps, “Yes daddy, yes go on, hmmmm, I want you

....aaahhh, its so good, you do it well, I like you cock, its wonderful...go on , go on..aaaahhhh, I am cumming daddy...oohhh...”...... he went on giving

blows over blows the one faster than the other and he too groaned over her with all his body weight and moaned, “ am to come

yesssssss.....” and he took his load out, tapped his dick over her pussy, unloaded his cum, there and brought his dick to her mouth again which she took in

her mouth with pleasure smiling at him. She sucked the remaining cum from his dick, passing her tongue over the tip of the dick which made him press up over

his toes, and he shivered.....

Then they both lay flat over the bed lost in another kiss. She caressed his chest and said,” You were just wonderful daddy. You have experience, hmm?” He

smiled at her and said, “A next time sweetheart, we will do it isn’t it? “She replied, “Anytime you wish daddy. You are superb!” And she asked again, ”Tell

me, how did you wish to do that with me? I was very disturbed and afraid in the beginning.”

He replied with a smile, “Just wanted to taste you darling. You are too hot, and I just wanted to taste your young body. You are very sensual and hot!Well

Neha reached her village. She was soon home, I will not write the details of how she was picked up at the station however.

It was around 1 PM when she reached there and the father-in-law left her to return back to the field after a tight hug and a passionate kiss. At that time

Pravindra was waiting for his dad to go, as he was dying to fuck her!

As soon as the dad left, he joined Neha and enlaced her in his arms kissing her brutally saying, “Missed you so much bhabhi, missed you like hell, I was

dying to hold you, to see your pretty face, to feel you, to touch you, to smell you...oh bhabhi, I can’t live without you...” Neha was smiling and kissing

him back gently and she slowly, easily replied only to please him, “I missed you too my darling b*****r-in-law!”..... Neha was not that keen at that moment

to have sex as she had enjoyed a lot with her father and b*****r all week staying there. But Pravindra was longing like hell to fuck her. But Neha, thought

if she will refuse him, he will doubt and will become aggressive so she complied to his demands, bur told him she was going to have a shower as she just is

back from a long trip.

On her words Pravindra got an idea. He proposed to come with her in the bathroom and they will have a bath together and will enjoy there itself. Neha was a

bit reluctant but she accepted.
So they were soon in the bathroom, after closing all doors of the house so that anybody if, came they would hear. And then he would go out to open and tell

them Neha is in having a shower.

Neha was in a sari, and was sweating after the trip, under her armpit; the blouse was wet with traces of her perspiration. Pravindra was holding her in his

arms and smelling her all along her body till he reached under her armpit, and he sniffed and said, “Bhabhi I love your odour, I was missing this smell.”

She gave freedom to him to do as he wished. They were both standing and she was in his arms, her hand over his shoulder lazily enlacing him. He was

arduously licking and kissing her even over her clothes. And his hard dick was pressing over her thighs and giving hard strokes. He little by little undid

her sari, very slowly sat down to remove her underwear, slightly removed her blouse, and all that time Neha was gradually starting feeling the need and urge

despite her tiredness, and deep in her heart she had special feelings for Pravindra so she started giving herself the pleasure to be enjoyed by him and she

was appreciating the way he was undressing her.

When he undressed her completely, she said,” wait let me undress you now.” She took out his t-shirt, and sat down to undo his pant. She delicately untied

his waistband, and unzipped his trouser, and very slowly removed his pant. She was kneeling down on the floor, and then she gracefully started moving down

his slip, to let his hard dick explode out of it like a spiral clinging out.... Pravindra quickly pulled her head to his organ and there she was with a


While she was sucking him, Pravindra was sort of massaging her head letting her hair run into his fingers, and running the fingers over her scalp....when

she stopped and stood up to take the juices of his tongue, he whispered with a gasping voice, ‘let me sit near your pussy now bhabhi’..... and he sat down

with Neha’s waist in around his arms, he, pressed his cheeks to her breasts then descended slowly to her belly, navel till he reached her downer parts of

the belly, to see her pussy clean shaved, where he ran his tongue and asked, “ when did you shave bhabhi? It looks being shaved yesterday? At your father’s

place you got this opportunity to take care of this valuable sweet pussy?” She was stretching her body, pulling her head backward on his caress, touch and

licks, and whispered,” I did that so that you will get it sweet and clean here baby, I knew you will be the first to take me!” Pravindra was happy and

tongued her shaven pussy from the top and went downer and downer to find the wet liquid oozing out, and he sipped and licked and penetrated his tongue, to

lat Neha give a sweet moan.

After a while of sucking, licking he stood up and made her lean against the cold marbled wall of the bathroom, lifted up one of her legs and stood up over

his toes to penetrate his dick inside her. She was by then standing on one foot as the other one was lifted by him, and he started the required movements to

meet the pleasure of his urge. She started pulling his hair clutched in her fingers and her body was rubbing to his and she was turning her eyes upside down

like being intoxicated by some d**gs. Pravindra, surrounded her waist, letting part of his hand pressing her butt and he was going on forcing his dick in

and out her pussy. He started giving rapid blows and gradually the blows got accelerated when she moaned loudly with piercing sounds like,

“aaah...aaaaaah...hmmmm. yesssssssssss, go on!! Continue, faster, faster sweetheart....aahhhh...aaaah....”

And she got her orgasm yet she had thought she won’t get pleased as she had received it a whole week several times a night by her dad! – On the other hand

Pravindra lifted his whole body standing on his tip of toes while reaching his pleasure discharging his sperms by quicly taking the dick out and rubbing it

to her belly making it all sticky over her....

She then leaned her whole body over his, when Pravindra exclaimed, “But bhabhi, we did not even open the shower, I had thought to do it while getting wet!!”

And she told him to get out as she was going to bath now. But he insisted that they will bath together, but she did not accept that. She pushed him out of

the bathroom and told him kindly, “We will do it a next time, and then we will bath each other before making love, right sweetheart”

Now there are things to say here which happened the days Neha was at her father’s place.
As Pavindra was longing to make love to her by trio, (readers will remember that, when, he was eavesdropping his father and uncle together on bed loving her

he got the fantasy to be the third person to join)..... So he had prepared things for her about that. In her absence he had been to another village, very

far, to seek for men who long for lust. He had been in places to enquire about that type of persons. He was sent to a tavern where he came across two men

one by one and he convinced them that there is a very young hot woman who loves to be fucked by elderly guys and will accept to be fucked by three at once

as she has never experienced that. He had taken the risk, but did not give his address nor asked them to come to see him; he told them he will bring the

lady to them. He had drinks with them in that dirty, filthy tavern only to be amongst them.

So all three met and discussed how to proceed. The two other men were, Sheikh, 58 years old, a real vagabond who was a big flirt despite his age and have

fucked many women in his life. And the other was Roopchand. Roopchand himself was having i****tuous relations with his widowed s****r and her daughter too!!

He was 59 years old. Sheikh and Roopchand were friends and had shared many women together. Recently they had fucked Roopchand’s widow s****r together!! So

Pavindra got the right candidate for his adventure, and was happy and horny!

They planned to bring Neha at Sheikh’s house as he lived alone. And when asked about the day Ravindra will bring the hot lady he replied them soon. They

were not believing him thinking he was just having fun and they did not take his words into that consideration. But Pavindra promised them to make them have

great time with a 19 years old lady! (Neha was almost reaching her 19th birthday by then)
Now Pavindra was thinking how he will get the subject started with Neha. He was thinking what if she will refuse to participate in his adventure and


Some days went by since she was back, and almost every night the father-in-law was sl**ping with her, and Pavindra was every time going to eavesdrop from

the AC place from outside. And the nights his uncle too was coming he was masturbating hard and was wishing to get in to join them.

After a few days he tried to start to talk about the matter with her as they often were alone at home. They were at that time having some romantic moments

together on his bed, not sexual, though he was getting erect by every of her touch. He was lying over the bed; she was in her arms with her head over his

chest. He was caressing her head, running his hand gently over her cheeks and he asked, “Bhabhi how will I do to join you when father and uncle will be with

you?” She answered, “That’s not possible baby, unless you talk to pitaji by letting him know about us.”
-He: No I will not ever be able to talk to papa of this bhabhi.
-she: so that can't ever be!
-he: But bhabhi You could talk about it to papa, can’t you?
-she: are you mad? How can I tell him that we have an affair?
-He: you could tell him that you don’t love Bhaiya as he is not doing anything with you and so you want me now.
-she: you are talking like a small k**! Shut up. This must remain secret for ever!
And he kissed her to bring her mood back as she seemed to be annoyed. And he started with the real subject.

“Well bhabhi, we can have it by three, with two other outsiders who don’t know you or me!” He began. She replied after a moment of thought,” Well in that

case yes it can be, but who will be the two strangers? After hearing this, he felt very excited, thinking she is on the way, and told her, “They can be

anybody, whom I will contact to have some adventures.” She then asked, “And you will bring them here those strangers you will contact?” He jumped, “Of

course not bhabhi! We will arrange things outside!” She looked reluctant, but replied, “Well we will see if that will be so.”
Then Pavindra said, after kissing her which she responded gracefully, “Bhabhi, I have already contacted two men when you had been out, I have prepared

everything and we only have to go to them to enjoy!” She was stunned and with a gasp asked, “What? You have seen two men already? I can’t believe that! I

thought it’s only a fantasy and you want to realise that for true?” She looked disturbed and got out of the bed, dressing her sari and making her hair.
Pavindra, gave a sigh, and pleaded, “Look bhabhi you know it very well that its my greatest fantasy and please make it become true for me.” He stood up from

the bed and enlaced her from behind, rubbing his cheeks to hers. She smiled and k**ded,” Nop, I won’t accept that!” Then she added, “And who are the two

men?” he bite his lips and said, “They live very very far from here and do not know our identity. They are aged like father both, even older.” She laughed

and said looking in his face,” You dirty brat, you like seeing me fucked by those old guys? Is that your fantasy too?” He replied, “I think it’s because I

use to see you enjoying with papa and uncle, so I kept it that way bhabhi.” She answered, “In fact your dad was the first man to do that to me, no men had

touched me, I was still a virgin when he had sex with me, and to tell you honestly I enjoy him a may be I will accept your proposal, as I wish to

see if other old guys have same drive as your dad, and my......” she was going to say ‘and my papa’ And Pavindra continued, “....and your what bhabhi?” she

laughed,” ..and my fate!!”
Pavindra was thrilled and very happy on hearing her accepting the proposal.....and thought she is a damn hot woman his bhabhi......

So Neha had almost said “my papa” and thought that one day she may forget and mention her adventures with her father to him.
He on his side was thrilled to get her by three soon and started visualising her with the other 2 old guys..... he thought those two men are lucky to be

getting the chance to fuck his lovely bhabhi Neha.

So he arranged for the rendez-vous with those guys after 2 days. He got to go there to tell them he is coming with Neha and they both must be stand by at

Sheikh’s house as he will come directly there. Before going there he talked to Neha that he was going to fix a meeting with 2 old men and the next day they

will go there. Neha was quite reluctant but she loved him and wanted to please him as he is pleading since long time ago. She thought instead of having him

on bed with his father and uncle it would be better to go elsewhere. And then deep in her she wished to try other old men to see if they are like the

present ones she knew. Since she had had sex with old persons for her first encounter she had a sort of preference for them. And Pavindra too was having

such needs to see her that way because it had psychological effect on him as he had seen Neha with his father and uncle. Deep in him he thought and had the

feeling that Neha is a woman who will always have preferences for elderly guys as he when fucking her ejaculates too quick and he thought Neha would never

get pleased by him like she got satisfied with old persons.

Now Neha too had those kind of psychological effect which made her feel that sex with old men satisfied her more than anybody else, she felt her sex drive

more towards older person than young’s. That is because it was her father-in-law who had sex with her for the first, and then the uncle, then her dad, elder

b* was only Pavindra who was the young man among them. So she also had that feeling or rather she fed that thought in her that old guys and she made

better accomplice during sexual intercourse.

The D-day arrived. Pavindra stopped with a taxi, in front of their house, early at about 10.30 and got in to ask Neha out for that distant village. Neha was

asking him how she should be dressed. They were both arguing between a sari and a gown and finally she wore a gown with a deep v cut and it reached just up

her knees. It was while with some motifs over it, and was sleeveless.

She told Pavindra, what if his father will come anytime in the day and won’t find them at home. He told her he knows that his dada will never come before 5

PM as the works in the field were very important as it was harvest there and they had to be to the sugar mill every time.

So they left the house. Pavindra sat near the driver and the s****r-in-law was at the back seat. The driver did not know the as Pavindra hired him from a

long way out of the village. When Neha sat, her cleavage was all visible and the driver was now and then watching her in the mirror. Pavindra noticed that

and was amused looking at that, but he pretended not seeing anything.

Neha’s upper knees and part of the beginning of her white, fleshy thighs were also seen and the driver was enjoying, pleasing his eyes. He arranged the

positioned the mirror to view her legs, and Neha had at that time sat with the legs parted and the driver had a view of the in-between of both her legs, and

he, arranged his dick in his pant, and Parvindra giggled on seeing that. Neha from behind, patted him asking what was the matter. He told her that he will

tell her later why he was laughing.

At last they reached the desired place and Pavindra asked the driver to stop near Sheikh’s house. He paid him and asked him to come to pick them up by 3 PM.

The driver asked “Any relative is sick b*****r? Bhabhi ji’s parents?” Pavindra smiled at him and said, “Yes Bhai, her father is serious.” The driver lifted

his hands to the sky, meaning to say all is in God’s hands.

They waited for the taxi to go at a distant only then they started getting into Sheikh’s yard. Sheikh and Roopchand were looking at them from his house and

they told each other the woman was a sex bomb!! Sheikh said “Wow, it’s a very long time I have not fucked a young woman as this one dear! Look she has a

wonderful body! Superb boobs my friend, look at her ass! It’s ready to receive our dicks Roopchand! And Roopchand to reply him, “Hey we must have done some

very good deeds in the last birth to get such a girl to fuck! She is an angel Sheikh! Why do you think that man is sharing her with us?” Sheikh replied

“they must be from the city and those people like swinging and sharing, they like to see their woman being fucked by others, and the women too love to be

fucked by other men in front of their husband. The world has changed Roopchand, it has changed my dear, well let us change also, let’s go to fuck our

daughter now!”

When Pravind and Neha reached the threshold, before they knocked Roopchand opened the door. Neha lifted her head up to look in their face with a disturbed

smile. Pavindra shook hands with them and was introducing Neha to them meanwhile Neha was studying both old guys from tip to toe, without missing to let her

eye go over the part where their dicks were hidden!
They started moving inside and both men kissed Neha on the cheeks while introduction and returned the kiss same way to them........ Roopchand, brushed his

hand over her ass while she was kissing him.... and Sheikh saw that, and Neha did as if she knew nothing......
At last they were in the bedroom without losing time. Both men were hard erect and Parvindra too.

So they were all in the bedroom. Neha and Pravindra had already arranged that he will call her Beb ahs will call him as sweetheart in the presence of the

two men.

So the tow old guys asked her to have a seat over the bed. She sat, and her gown moved upper over her knees giving the view of her white sexy thighs, the

beginning of the fairer parts, which attracts.... The two oldies looked at each other and Sheikh spoke up first, “You are too beautiful a young lady sweety,

we are so lucky to have you in our company to enjoy a bit.” So saying he sat close to her and put one of his hands over her shoulder and the other on her

lap and caressed her thighs gently. She gave a smile and just looked down, and at Pravindra. He winked at her, and she smiled with Roopchand who was at that

time studying her expressions.

Roopchand asked, addressing to both of the couple, “Tell me dears, how come you both love such a relation?” Neha replied, “I am doing this only to please

him, he is my boyfriend and he longs to see me with others, and wanted to accomplish this desire of his.” Then Sheikh asked her, “and who decided it to be

with olds? It’s your preference or his, “Neha bent her head and shyly smiling said, “It’s my choice!” as soon as she said that he lifted up her face by her

chin and placed his mouth over hers and pushed his tongue in her mouth which she sucked and they explored each others mouth. Neha was by then holding his

shirt’s sleeve in her hands, and Sheikh’s hands was lifting up her gown, and it was gradually moved up to her waist, showing her, full things, hips and her

white panty with small motifs.

Pravindra pulled a chair and sat down to watch, dressing his dick in his pant. Slowly Sheikh pushed Neha over the bed, she lay gently, her arms were now

across Sheikh’s shoulders, and her lips kissing his neck, and Sheikh’s lips brushing her neck going towards her breasts. Pravindra, signalled Roopchand to

join in. So the old went to the bed and pressed Neha’s breasts which were still in her dress. The nipples were clearly seen erect, and the tip was as if

wishing to get out free.... And at that time Sheikh’s mouth had reached her panty which he was pulling slowly with his teeth, and Roopchand helped him to

move it out. Neha had a glance at Pravindra when the two oldies were taking out her panty, and Pravindra winked at her and took out his tongue to his lips

to mock her. The two old, seeing her shaven pussy, and envious thighs, with the needed amount of flesh to please any man, they could not wait but both

started licking and sucking a thigh each leaving dark red snaps over it. They afterwards turned her on her belly to undo the zip on her back dress, and

slowly removed it, she lifted up her arms to let go the dress, the they undid the bra, and there she was all nude in between two old men, older than her

father-in-law and her father.

The two old dudes were by then very thrilled and their mouth watered. They looked at each other and smiled, then they each took a breast in their moth and

started sucking to which Neha gave a light moan and stretched her head backward, and her eyes passed over Pravindra in that movement.
Pravindra watched, excited, and adored looking at her so kindly, quietly accepting to receive two old strangers.

A little time after sucking her breasts, Sheikh sat, to take off his clothes, but Pravindra said, “Uncle, let her take it out for you, for both of you.” And

the old, turned towards Neha, who looked at Pravindra smiling and biting her lips. And started removing te shirt of Sheikh, then that of Roopchand, then she

started, undoing the zip fastener of Sheikh’s trouser, and gently pulled his trouser, to see his hard dick in his underwear, which she gradually pulled

little by little, to let a huge organ coming out of it! Her eyes were wide open and she said in a very stunned voice, “Oh my God! I have never seen such a

huge cock!! So big?!” and she turned to look at Pravindra showing him the old man’s cock! It was long and thick! It was abnormally huge. She took it in her

hands and touched the tip and asked “Why is it different to the others? Why is this tip not like others?” She asked that looking at Sheikh, then

interrogatively at Pravindra. Sheikh replied, “It’s because it is circumcised my dear baby.”She was not understanding, then Sheikh asked her to undo

Roopchand’s underwear then he will explain it to her. When Roopchand’s dick was out, of an average size, Sheikh told him to hold his sex in a way to show

the foreskin. And Sheikh explained her, that the foreskin which is on Roopchand’s cock is removed from his cock. And she asked for the reason of that

removal, to which Sheikh answered, “Well that is because of hygiene reason and as part of a religious rituals.”

She was amused and was going on admiring Sheikh’s cock. And Roopchand put his cock to her mouth which she took without hesitation, meanwhile holding

Sheikh’s dick in the other hand. She knelt on the bed, to get both dicks in both hands placing the two men by both sides of her and she started sucking both

man respectively. When she was having Sheikh’s dick, she was getting to open her mouth larger as the dick was thicker and she complained that her mouth

pains when she sucked Sheikh. But despite that she gave a good suck to both men who were glad under her pleasure.

Pravindra continued watching with his hard dick in his hand by then, and he was going on rubbing it as though he was masturbating. Neha was now and then

looking at him with a mischievous smile, during her sucking session. Sheikh was caressing Neha’s ass, which she was letting and enjoying too. Roopchand’s

fingers were wetting her pussy, and another of his hand crushing her breasts, and pinching the nipples which at times made her give sharp moans.

She said her mouth ached and she stopped the suck and lay flat over the bed. And both men started licking and sucking her clit, then her pussy. She started

twisting over the bed during that session. Both men’s mouth was eating and savouring her pussy, and their hands were crushing her breasts and nipples.

Pravindra with his eyes wide open continued watching..... And soon it was time for penetrations..... Sheikh started first, by gently putting the tip of his

enormous dick to her pussy, and she got to spread her legs all wide to receive that huge cock. Pravindra got to stand up and come closer to the bed to have

a better view. Sheikh, first rubbed his dick to her pussy to wet it with her discharged liquid, then slowly put the tip in the opening, Neha was lifting her

head up to watch it getting in her, and she was giving a sigh with a gasp together, and when it got in little by little by the experienced pushes of Sheikh,

Neha have a very long sigh and moaned out with a ‘aaaaaahhhhhh’....... Roopchand by that time was rubbing his dick over the side of her breasts...... Sheikh

started moving in and out her and she was holding the bed sheet in her hands crushing them, stretching her body all over and letting the erect nipples

pointing up high at the roof. Sheikh’s movements of the hips went on more and more rapid and she twisted more and more over the bed disordering the bed’s

state....and suddenly Pravind whispered something in Roopchand’s and Sheikh’s ears, then Neha panting asked, ”What is it now? It was going so nice?! Huh?"

Then Sheik turned flat over the bed and turned Neha upon her, his dick still in her and as Neha was over him now, Roopchand, licked her ass, wetted it with

some of his saliva, and put his tip of the cock, to it, Neha shouted, “No! Don’t do that!” But Pravindra, told him to go ahead. So Roopchand, pushed it in

little by little....Neha shouted moaning ‘aaaahhh...aaghghaagh ssssss...shshshshs...Oh my God!! Aaah!! Yessssss...yessss yes...slowly, gently please.....’

there she was with two dicks inside her! She had to part both legs apart as if tearing them, and she was moving in between the two men moaning with both

pain and pleasure. From under her Sheikh was pushing in her pussy and over her Roopchand was pushing in and out her ass..... she was caught in between two

oldies who were fucking like two youngsters..... But soon after some time, Sheikh wanted to penetrate her ass, and asked Roopchand to come down and

change...Roopchand agreed. But neha objected, that it will pain to re-introduce at the back.... both man caressed and cajoled her, even Pavindra joined in

caressing her, talking sweetly to her to please him and go on with the show.

She got to give way to their lusty thoughts and actions and Roopchand lay flat she went over him with his dick in her pussy and when Sheikh’s cock tried to

get in her ass she gave a sharp cry with moan and shouted, “No! It’s too big, it will hurt me, it won’t get it. No please don’t put that in me! It’s a

monster of a cock...don’t do it there Mister.” But Sheikh was too eager to penetrate her there and he very cunningly, caressing, rubbing, cajoling, put the

tip by moistening it well with saliva, she gave a sharp moan, the he pushed a little more, she moaned more with louder voice, and Sheikh pushed a bit more,

meanwhile Roopchand was doing to and fro in her pussy, and finally Sheikh pushed his big dick al in a sudden deep in her ass and Neha shouted loudly,


getting much pleasure when she was moaning like that, and he continued giving blows over blows as he felt the ass very tight and was getting much pleasure.

Neha was gasping, panting and twisting from back to front, she bit Sheikh’s cheeks and her teeth’s marks implanted there...she was like in a state of

euphoria...... and she felt getting her orgasm, her pussy all wet, the dick of Roopchand was having an easy go as it was too wet, but Sheikh was having a

tight go as it was tight there....
She encircled Roopchand sucking his shoulders and neck as she was in her orgasm state, and Roopchand started ejaculating by taking out his cock, but Sheikh

ejaculated inside her, leaving his loads deep in her hole......

Pravindra joined then, he mounted over her back like a dog and pushed his dick in her ass itself, and she cried with moans again when he penetrated, and

very quickly Pravindra discharged his liquid inside her by holding her surrounding her belly, his fingers fingering her very wet pussy.....and he bit her

shoulder and traced his dark red snap over back.

Pravindra enjoyed the scenes a lot, and he became so horny after seeing her in that state that he did not take time to get pleased. He lay over her, his

dick still inside her, his whole body all along hers, both lay flat and were feeling sl**py, when the two old went to have a shower.

The two old guys after the shower talked and thought to have more of her. Roopchand had the idea to make Pavindra get his daughter so that he could make

them have more of Neha. So they planned to talk to him.

When they got back in the room, Neha and Parvindra were asl**p. Both were naked yet asl**p. Sheikh caressed Neha’s nude body on some parts like her thinghs,

ass and back....she yawned and stood up moving Parvindra to wake up.

Neha went to bath. And Sheikh and Ropchand talked to Parvindra. They told him Roopchand’s s****r is a widow of only 35 years old and her daughter is 18 and

hot and he will surely like to enjoy with her or both of them at once! When they related him how both of them fuck Roopchand’s s****r, Parvind got erect

again and found it very exciting that an old b*****r fucks his s****r and niece! He thought it’s the same like Neha’s he was like obsessed by i****t’s

relations, and it was a great pleasure for him to know Roopchand’s s****r and niece. But in return they told him only if Neha came to fuck with them that

they will give him that opportunity. He asked the two oldies about the niece, about her physical looks etc. Sheikh replied for Roopchand, “She is fantastic,

even better than your Girlfriend. Even her mother is superb; you will want to fuck both dear!” Pavindra felt the urge need to see both ladies. And he asked

if they could make him see them. And Roopchand asked him to come with him he will introduce him to them.

He had to go about 200 metres walking to Roopchand’s place. But Neha was having her bath, and she could not be brought there. So he went near the bathroom

and told her that he is going to look for someone and will be back within minutes.

When they two were gone, Neha got out of the shower after some minutes. Sheikh was admiring her. The water flowing down her bare back, running to her waist,

and she was rubbing her head, she smiled looking at him and he winked at her. She moved her eyes sideways and asked “Where are the other 2” Sheikh replied,

“They have given me another opportunity with you darling!” Neha looked back in his face and seriously said, “No. I don’t want to do it again.” Sheikh stood

up approaching her, she stepped back but he was too near and enlaced her by the waist to make his organ still in his pant rub to her belly and pussy. She

was pushing him, but his mouth started looking for her lips, and he whispered in her ears, “Come on baby, I am hard again, we are alone, they won’t come so

fast, we get the time to do it once more.” Neha c***dishly complained by hitting her feet on the floor, “hmmm!! I am tired, can’t take it more uncle, you

are too naughty you!” And Sheikh took her in his arms like holding a baby and put her on the bed. There she was again, only wrapped in a towel, all her

nudity open to Sheikh’s view. Sheikh admired her white skin, with the beautiful fleshy parts of her thighs, hips and butt. He then violently snatched out

the towel to make her all naked over the bed and he mounted over her after taking off all his clothes. He started by kissing, licking her toes, calf, thighs

and mounted rigorously up to her breasts by passing over her belly and navel. She started whining with mischievous moans in her voice as though she wanted

it but was pretending. Sheikh held her breast firmly in his strong hands and crushed them into, then put his mouth over the nipple and sucked the still had droplets of water there as she was out of the shower....he ran his hot tongue all over and she quivered under his touch and gradually

gave up to him. She was at his mercy soon.

Sheikh arduously kissed and sucked both breasts and nipples to his pleasure at the same time his hard rod thrusting over her pussy and Neha started twisting

under his body, then she surrounded his shoulder with her soft arms and placed her mouth over his and their tongue started melting in each others mouth once

again. He slowly introduced his cock in her pussy which made her lift up her hips to gain his contact to her body and when he started giving the blows one

after another she held him firmly with her arms around his back passing under his arms. Sheikh felt the pleasure of her submission and groaned fucking her

rapidly moving his hips faster. They were meanwhile kissing each other and his hands ran to the erogenous parts of her body to make her stretch more and

more giving him much pleasure. And soon he felt his loads coming and he took his cock out to press it quickly to her mouth and asked her to wipe it with her

tongue which she did in ecstasy by holding the huge organ in both her hands.
They were both pleased and she k**ded, “You are very naughty, I just cleaned myself and see you spoiled me all over once more!” And he grinned kissing her

on the mouth, saying “You are so hot sweetheart that I could not stand it anymore!”

Roopcahand and Pavindra came in after half an hour. And the taxi soon horned outside for them to leave. Pavindra did not tell her anything about Roopchand’s

next program, and Neha did not tell him that Sheikh fucked her again when he was out.
When they were returning home, in the car Pavindra was thinking how he will tell her about the next meeting with them.....

Well they were back home before her father-in-law was back from the field. Pavindra had well planned all so that they don’t get caught. Neha went to have

her bath and Pavindra sat down thinking about the future meeting with the oldies. He was striken by the beauty of Roopchand’s daughter, even the mother was

superb. He wanted to have them both now, but the condition was that Neha must be given to them. And he was wondering what will Neha say or do on learning

that he wants her to go there again.
Well the night elapsed well. He slept like a log, not interested to know either his father will fuck her or not. He was too tired.

The next day he tried to approach her with the talk. He started by asking if she enjoyed it the day before. She smiled a bit with timidity and only nodded.

Pavindra said, “Timidity and you does not work fine Bhabhi.” She smiled and k**ded, “Why? You want me to behave like those hot, sexy, bitch type ladies?” He

answered, “No, but the way you are hesitating to answer about yesterday’s adventure, it’s like the woman who wants it but conceals the desire.” She laughed

saying, “Of course I liked it much baby, but why must I tell and announce about it? Well, in fact yes I loved it and enjoyed it very much, happy now?” And

Pavindra felt excited and neared her asking, “Bhabhi, this is what excites me with you. I want to know how you feel about it, relate me, it thrills me deep

inside and I feel my spine arouse with desire. Where you are concerned and sex, it’s a pair for me bhabhi. I want you and only you where sex is concerned

and you know it that you are my first woman, so please me by relating me your inner feelings, please.”

Neha knew his feelings and she understood what he was trying to point out. So she gave a sigh and asked him, “Now you tell me, how did you feel when you saw

another man doing that with me? How did you take it when two strangers were undressing me, when you saw me holding their dicks and licking and sucking them?

I want to know your feelings too. Tell me.” Pavindra was a bit surprised by her interrogations. But even though he talked, “Bhabhi, you knew it since the

beginning that I was interested to see you with two at once, like dad and uncle did at night, so I also had told you that I had many time fantasised that I

will be the third person to be together. So for me that was a moment of dream come true. It was very exciting, electrifying, exhilarating. I was like being

drowsy living that moment bhabhi.”

And Neha replied him, “So my dear young b*****r-in-law, it was the same feeling for me as well. I was too delighted; stimulated to see those two men and you

looking at me at the same time... more exciting were each time when I was looking in your eyes to see your pleasure and your appalled look gazing at me.

That man’s dick was amazing! So huge?! All that added to the body pleasure. So in the whole I loved it a lot and my orgasm had no bound. I loved it dear.”

Happy on learning all that from Neha he started the main point. He asked, “So tell me bhabhi, how will you like it for a next same adventure?” She looked at

him with one eye, half smiling and said,” I was sure this question was to come from you!” Pavindra, held her by her waist, pulled her to feel her warmth,

his hip collated to her womb, said gently, “Bhabhi darling, it was the happiest moment of my life those hours spent in company of those two men. You were so

hot and loving, you seemed to enjoy every moment of that love making, and you looked like a professional lover of sex. And I want to live those moments

again and again with you and the others. Neha said, “Well not for so early. I will let you know when I feel like doing it again baby.”

Pavindra was glad and wished that day comes sooner.

Two days passed and they had light loving sessions among themselves. Nothing worth relating. One day they slept together in the day till the head of f****y

made noise outside in the yard, when she ran to her room before he could see her.

And then came this day! A car stopped in front of their house around 10 of the morning and Parvind went to look outside to see Neha’s b*****rs, Sunil and

Anil getting inside the yard!

Parvind greeted them and asked them in when he went inside to call Neha. When Neha came to meet her b*****rs, she was very surprised and happy too. Her face

turned red and tears dropped along her cheeks. First she hugged Sunil the elder, and he held her tightly in his arms and slightly caressed her bare back as

her blouse of the sari had a deep cut there. His other hand ran over her waist to land on her ass. Parvindra was watching all that a bit surprised. He asked

himself, ‘what? Her b*****rs too do it with her? Or is it my dirty mind which makes me think like that? It must be b*****rly no no I am thinking

ill in vain!”
The b*****rs and s****rs then kissed on the cheeks making noise and when Anil kissed her, Pavindra noticed his tongue touched her lips. Again he told

himself it must be his dirty thoughts which made him see such things.

After half an hour of talks, the b*****rs told Pavindra that they have come to take Neha to the town as they had to buy her some stuff they wanted to gift

Readers will remember here that the last time that Neha had been to her father’s place the elder b*o had got her but Anil was unsuccessful and Sunil had

told him he will bring Anil here and they will enjoy her together. So this was the plan.

Pavindra felt very disturbed when he found Neha got dressed in a very beautiful silk sari, flimsy, blouse very deep cut, letting all her cleavage visible,

going with her b*****rs. He wished to go together with them, he even proposed too, but Sunil told him that his father may come to look for him and may get

angry, so he must stay to tell him about there presence....

His eyes was on Neha’s ass when she walked out of the house with a splendid smile, her hips moving to the rhythm of her steps and her scent perfuming the

atmosphere around.....she got in the car and it started, the b*****rs sat in the front and Neha at the back, she waved smiling at Parvindra.....

Sunil, the elder among the two b*****rs, had already booked a room in the closest town before coming to fetch Neha. Anil too was aware but not Neha. She

thought they were taking her somewhere else.
On reaching the hotel, he parked the car and all three got out then Neha asked about the whereabouts of that place. Sunil explained her. She gave a sigh and

said,” Hmm!! You b*o!?” They walked toward the reception and Sunil asked the room’s key he had reserved. The receptionist, a beautiful girl, handed the

room’s keys to Sunil and stared at Neha as she knew, she was going to be fucked by two men!! But she did not know they were two b*****rs with a s****r!! An

attendant neared the receptionist and she whispered in his ear, “Look at that! Two in one!!” The attendant looked with lusty eyes at Neha as she was walking

in the corridor to the room. When they were gone the attendant said to the receptionist, “She is so young! The two men are elders, who is she by the way a

new client?” He thought her to be one among the prostitutes who are is usually hired by the hotel for their customers. But the receptionist told him that

the customers brought her themselves.

The attendant got the idea to get that lovely young lady for the customers of the hotel. He talked about it to the manager. The manager wanted to see Neha

now as he also believed her to be a prostitute. So both the attendant and the manager went to knock at their room.

Anil opened the door and the manager got in and asked to talk to the woman with them. Sunil objected by saying he would not allow him to talk to her. The

manager was angry and told him, that he was aware that he has hired a whore from outside so why he could not hire her for his hotel! Neha was astounded by

hearing that, and Sunil and Anil looked at each other mouth open, dumb!
Then Sunil pulled the manager apart by his hand and tried to explain him that she is a married lady and they just got her to enjoy a bit as her husband is

abroad!! The attendant put his ears to listen what he was talking.

So, convinced, the manager left. But the attendant who dealt with commissions with such women, thought to try his best to contact the woman (Neha) even she

is married and he decided to tell her that she can earn good sum of bucks and entertain rich clients of the hotel. Even she is married and had a husband,

the attendant used to manage meetings of rich business men who loved to fuck married ladies who left their husbands and came to the hotel for a fucking

session against payment. They were named ‘The social whores’

Well, in the room, Sunil explained Neha that since Anil had not been able to enjoy her the last time she had come, they both arranged for this day to have

great moments with her. Neha smiled and said, “So you told all to Anil bhaiya, about what you did when I had been to your place!” Anil replied, “But had I

not come to take you but dad had refused you to come with us? Look little s*s, since you were very young, we were unmarried and we were enjoying with you in

a way or another, but you were too small so you won’t remember. We three were often together, in the forest, in the river, nude, in the fields, on the

roofs, everywhere we were staying together, and we had great opportunities to do many things with you that’s why we are together and we never hide anything

with each other we two b*****rs.”

Neha told herself, ‘you elder b*****rs think that I don’t remember, but the fact is that I remember all that we three had been doing, I remember how you

were pulling out my panty to rub your cocks over you had first ejaculated and I had asked what it was, etc...’ But she smiled inside herself

thinking of the days she was too young.

Neha was sitting in between the two b*****rs over the bed and Sunil started moving the sari around her shoulder. She gave way for it to be removed, he

untwisted it several times, helped by Anil, and her cleavage were all visible and she was laughing looking at both one by one by seeing their expression of

hunger in their eyes. She got to stand up for Sunil to undo the sari around her body till it was all out. Anil enlaced her in that standing position and

started kissing her face, cheeks, neck, rubbing his dick still in his pant over her dress near her hips. Sunil, opened her blouse and she was in bra and

little by little they removed all and got themselves undressed and all three were nude over the bed again. Neha was smiling looking at them and she burst

into a laugh by seeing how they were devouring her naked body. She was going on laughing and the two b*****rs also started laughing. Then Neha spoke, “Is

this what for you took me here my dear b*****rs? To laugh and play?” then Anil, knelt over the bed, held his erect dick in his hand and brought it to his

s****r’s mouth. And he added,” I have heard that you are specialised in sucking a cock, so show me your talent little s*s.” Neha was still laughing a little

bit, took the cock in her hand delicately and asked, “Why? Bhabhi does not do this oral exercise for you b*o? She is young and modern I suppose she does it

isn’t it?” Anil answered, “A wife’s suck and a s****r’s suck can’t be same sweetheart, here it’s i****t sucking, and there it is legal sucking, in i****t

there is much more pleasure since its taboo, you see!” By then, Neha had already started running her tongue all along the length of her b*****r’s dick to

the pleasant view of the eldest b*****r. Sunil also neared his hard cock holding it in his fingers to her mouth and she left Anil’s dick to take that of

Sunil, she sucked him then changed and took the other one then again changed.....she sucked each by turn and both men were losing in a bliss.....

And soon they were lying over the bed, Neha’s legs spread apart Anil’s mouth was in between her thighs, his tongue exploring her pussy taking out the

juices, while Sunil was drinking the nectar produced from her tongue which was sucked by Neha. Gradually, her breasts were explored, licked and sucked by

the b*****rs, both her breasts were in each mouth of her b*****rs and she was quivering in a sort of elation and was as if in a trance. One hand of each

b*****r was on her pussy, their fingers doing to and fro meanwhile they were going on sucking her breasts, her body vibrated in their arms and she

Now Anil was under Neha, his dick in her pussy doing to and fro, Neha was in the position as if sitting on a motorcycle, with both legs on one side, and she

was moving her hips too....Sunil had the view of her ass, the hole was as though opening and shutting, he could not hold anymore and gently pushed his cock

in anal action. There she was again with two dicks in her body. She gave a moan and moved more and more felt a spasm enveloping her, she trembled moaned,

whined, wailed but continued receiving both b*****rs cocks in her till she started feeling the delight of pleasure and frenzy state of getting into orgasm

and she cried with moans and pleasure, “Aaaahhhhh....iisssshshshshshsh....woooooooo....yessssssssssssss, give me more bhai, more, yesssssssssss its

soooooooooo goooooooooood, I loveeeeeeee it...aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! yes yes yes....” and she lay her body as if with no life over Anil who ejaculated

taking out his dick under her, and Sunil groaned, growled with a grunt, leaving all his sperm inside her ass moving his hip and his vocal sound was, “

gghghghmmmmmm, agghghghgaaaaaghghghg hhaaaaaaa” his mouth went over the back of her neck and he kissed and bite her there leaving a dark red oval shaped

snap. Neha was so fair that a simple kiss left marks over her complexion.

When they were leaving the Hotel, the attendant went to talk to Neha. Sunil objected. The attendant insisted. And Anil told Sunil to let him have a word if

he so much was insisting. So he took Neha aside and talked to her in low voice. Sunil went to wait for her in the car, Anil was waiting for her in the

reception room, but Neha asked him to join Sunil and wait for her there. So Anil also went in the car and they waited for her. There the attendant dared to

say this to Neha, “ Maa’m, I am responsible here to get beautiful girls for businessmen, officers who often come here looking for sweet girls and I wish you

to be one among them.” Neha was not that surprised as he heard what he had told with his b*****rs in the room. She knew that he was thinking her to be a

whore. So she kindly told him, “I am not that type of woman dear.”

He – Look madam, you come here with two men in a room and it is understood what you are. Please don’t feel bad, I understand.

She- Look I am a married woman, they are my husband’s friends and I like them....

He- That’s it madam, you are so young and beautiful, any man would like to have you on his bed, so just like you cane with your husband’s friends, please do

it for my customers, you will get good rewards.
Neha, felt at that time something urging deep in her and felt like wanting to experience that kind of adventure also. She answered:

She- How can you be sure your customers would accept me? They have never seen me so?

He- You know madam, all my customers accept whatever I bring with their eyes closed because I have the knowledge to chose for them. Never have I chosen any

stuff which has displeased them. And I know their tastes. You will earn about Rs.2000 in some hours only madam, just think about it and have a try.

She- you are taking me for a whore isn’t it?

He- No madam, no whore are accepted by my customers. No street women at all. They love to have women who cheat on their husbands or those who escapes from

their house to come for pleasure in hidings. There are many ladies who do this business and their husbands have never known. I keep full confidentiality.
Neha was getting thrilled and a sort of envy wrapped her whole body hearing all that. She was asking herself did she give it a try. She was wishing to try,

but was not able to decide.

She- And if I accept your proposal, how would I get in touch with you?

He- I know you will never accept me to know about your whereabouts nor give me any contact number, though many ladies contact me by phone, so I am giving

you my phone number. Do call me whenever you decide for it.

She – No I won’t ever call you. I will come here when I want to. Are you always here anytime?

He- yes madam, anytime you come here, if I am not around, just tell the receptionist that you want to see Babulall. She will call me on the spot.

She- Okay, Babulall. Let me go. I will come to see you for sure. But mind it. I will never be available at night; it’s only during the day that I am free.

The receptionist smiled at Neha as she heard all and she welcomed her, with a head signal.

She left and joined her b*****rs in the car. They wanted to know what the man was telling her but she just changed subject by talking of another matter.
Anil was driving and Sunil and Neha sat on the back seat and on their way home, he took Neha in his arms, kissed her, sucked her breast and fondled her a

lot. Anil was getting amused looking at them in the mirror.
They stopped to buy some bangles, ear rings and other stuffs for her, and at last reached her home and dropped her.

Parvindra was eagerly waiting and was feeling like she has gone to get fucked by her own b*****rs. But he was every time telling himself that his filthy

mind was thinking dirty. Hethen suddenly remembered the day she had mentioned her papa with the father-in-law..... And he thought he must try to talk about

it to her..... He thought he will approach that subject while talking to her.

As soon as the b*****rs drove away he followed Neha in the house, up to her bedroom, enlaced her from behind and murmured brushing her cheeks and ears, “Oh

you are looking so hot in this suit bhabhi, oh! I missed you so, so much my darling bhabhi.” She smiled at him and said, “ you liar!”
Parvindra continued with the movements of smooches, and he asked, “Bhabhi tell me one thing, you got dressed in this way, so sexy, so hot, your breasts are

visible, your b*****rs did not say anything?” She looked in his eyes and asked, “Why such a question? They are my b*****rs only; do you think they are like

YOU?” And during the smooch, her hair from her back moved aside and Parvind found the dark red snap of kiss and sucks left over the back of her neck. He

knew her body very well and as he often have intimate relations with her he knows when there is a mark on her body and when not, so he knew immediately that

she has been fucked by the b*****rs.

He felt angry as she lied to him and loudly said, “You are a damn bitch bhabhi! You get yourself FUCKED by your b*****rs? By not only one, but two

b*****rs!!” She was shocked and looked at him taken aback. He continued, “Don’t look like that at me! What is it at the back of your neck? Which among the

b*****r fucked your ass? You had a threesome with your own b*****rs? Huh?”

Neha thought of the deep kiss and suck of Sunil when he was getting pleased and remembered it must have left a snap...... She sat on the bed feeling worn

out and gazed in Parvindra’s eyes guiltily and bent down her head.

Parvindra was expecting a reply from her and asked, “So? Bhabhi? Any answer? Where had they taken you? To be fucked? When you were leaving itself I felt

something was fishy...... I had that intuition, but then I thought that was my dirty mind’s ideas. But now I want you to reply me tell me!!”



IT WHEN MY b*****rS FUCK ME? YOU DAMN HYPOCRITE! SELFISH ,BASTARD!” After saying that she sat on the bed and started crying with her face buried in her


Parvindra was dumbfounded on hearing her words and seeing her in that state of despair. He felt within seconds that all his dreams coming to an end. His

vision of taking her to Sheikh and groups, his getting Roopchand’s daughter and wife, he felt all getting in water. And so, he hurried to her, took her in

his arms, and started comforting her with gentle caress over her head, face and cheeks with these words, “I am sorry, sorry Bhabhi. Please forgive me,

Shshshsh, please stop crying, I love you. I will never ask you again. You go with your b*****rs or whoever you wish I won’t ever ask, please do forgive me.

I am so, sorry Bhabhi.” She took and deep breath and wiping her cheek said, “No it’s I, who am sorry dear. You forgive me; I should not have talked that way

with you. Sorry.”

And they held each other tightly in each others arms and were lost in a passionate kiss......

They looked liked a couple in love the way they both were lying over the bed in each other’s arms and kissing and turning up and down over each other. They

stayed that way for about half an hour and Pravind was successful in moulding her to his way by his sweet words and kisses and caresses.

They started talking. She asked, “What made you so jealous by seeing the snaps on my neck?” He answered, “Bhabhi I can’t explain my feeling towards you. I

love so much, we are like two real lovers yet we both share same sexual feelings, you accept to share what I ask and despite you were with dad and uncle I

accepted you like that so I feel like you only had to tell me about your b*****rs then I would have felt comfortable.”

And Neha related him all about her and her dad and b*****rs. Parvindra was amazed and asked, “Your dad? Your own dad? That’s very exciting bhabhi!” And Neha

told him,”My dad was always caressing me after getting d***k when I was much younger, he used to lick my thighs and fondle my breasts and I always pretended

to be sl**ping when he did that so I knew that one day or another he will get me after my marriage. So that was it.”
And then Neha told her about the attendant at the hotel. Parvindra said, “I do not agree about that Bhabhi. You don’t do that.” Neha answered,” if you don’t

agree then it’s alright I will never got to see that man.”

But soon after Parvindra said, “But bhabhi it’s in fact a very good idea! Why not you accept that? You must go but I go together with you to that hotel. I

will be your husband and you will be my wife and we introduce ourselves to that attendant and ask him to make you get the client but the condition will be

that I will be together with you during the action!!”

Neha refused aborting the issue. So they were two accomplices in whatever they were to do as they planned. It was then that Pravindra told her about

Roopchand and his daughter and s****r. Neha then said, “So that’s where you had been leaving me alone with that Sheikh? You know, I did not tell you but

sheikh did it again when you were out! He enjoyed me once more when I got out of the bath room.” “Pravindra was amused saying, ” wow!! He did it again?

Bhabhi he is terrible isn’t it? You like him much isn’t it bhabhi?” Neha acquiesced. She said, “I had never seen such a huge dick as his!” and for his age

that man is so robust! I really enjoyed him.” Pravind was staring in her eyes and loving her lost expression in the thoughts of Sheikh’s dick! Neha then

talked again, “Just like you love to watch me with old men I would love to see you with another woman, older than you? Is that possible? ” Immediately

Pravind replied, “Of course bhabhi, we only have to be together with Ropchand and f****y and you can see me with his s****r! She is around 35 years old. And

her daughter is as old as you!”

And it was decided that he will take another appointment with Roopchand and group.
Neha, then told him that she was going to have a bath. And Pravindra said, so today I will get the opportunity to bath you bhabi. It’s the right occasion.”
Neha refused by telling him that she is tired as she just had it with her b*****rs, but Pravindra was adamant and he followed her to the bathroom.

Once inside, he started undoing his bhabhi’s sari, unwrapping it little by little around her body making her swirl around.... then he held her and slowly

opened the blouse which was already very low-cut. He enlaced her while moving it out and his mouth was over her breasts and his tongue started licking

them.... Neha was motionless; she was not in that mood at all at that moment. Pravindra. opened the shower and let her get drenched when the blouse and

petty coat was still on her...the water dripping from her head, passing through her long black hair wetting all and reaching her breasts and going towards

her belly, and legs... He left her and stood there watching the game of the water.... then he very gently put his hand to her wet waist and caressed it,

moving his hands towards her butt, and thighs....

She was at that moment feeling a little bit excited, but yet needed more actions to get aroused. So Pravindra knelt down his eyes still fixed on her face,

he lifted the wet petty coat which seemed to be heavier as it was wet and he started lifting it up very slowly..... little by little her white sexy thighs

started appearing, and they looked so stimulating, electrifying, that Parvindra felt his dick wishing to get out of his trouser... and when it was lifted up

to her hips, her white panty soaked in the running water, Pravindra put his mouth there to drink the running water and licked the panty, piercing his tongue

as if to make a hole in it.... it was the that Neha was completely aroused and need to be loved by him.... she pressed his head against her pussy and pulled

his hair into her fingers, while Pravindra was removing her panty with his mouth .....

Gradually they were both naked, and were both wet with all the water dripping from the shower..... They were holding each other in their arms and kissing

while swallowing the water coming form the shower as well..... Neha gave him her shampoo to pass over her body.... and she took some in her hand to pass

over Pravind’s body.... there they were each of them rubbing the body of the next with shampoo....

Pravindra rech her pussy and washed it with the shampoo, and Neha was twisting like a snake standing upward.... Pravindra then started sucking her pussy

enlacing her waist and pressing her ass with his fingers which were getting deep in the flesh.... After a good suck which turned Neha on, and her juices had

a flow mixed with the water.... it was her turn to wash her young b*****r-in-law...she knelt down and stared rubbing the shampoo over his hard dick, and she

moved her fingers delicately, then gradually her movements went on quicker and Pravindra was quivering on every stroke from her s****r-in-law.......

And at last it was the time for the climax as both needed it badly by then.... Pravindra stood up, and got her the same way he had when she was washing

clothes on the stone.... he held one of her legs in his hand, still standing and pulled her to him, she was leaning against the cold marble of the bathroom

wall, and he gently penetrated his hard dick into her which made Neha stand up on her toes to give him way to continue further.... so Pravindra was losing

himself when his dick started doing to and fro the one blow more fast than the other, his mouth over her wet neck and son licking her breasts, he went on

faster and faster and Neha went on with firm twists crushed beside him...till she started the moaning murmurs.... he voice increased volume and it was

heard...”hmmmm...aaahhahahahah....yeesssss go on...I love you baby...yesssss faster, faster,,,,do it...yes you can...aahhhhh ........ “And Neha reached her

orgasm, holding Pravindra with more stronger grip, while Pravindra got to pull out his cock to discharge the loads over her belly and left the rest in her

mouth by pushing her to sit down on her legs and by closing the shower........
Both got very pleased and embraced each other opening the shower again having their bath together b*****r-in-law and s****r-in-law......

That night Neha had no mood to have anymore sex so she kept in her room sl**ping. But the old father-in-law wanted that night. He waited for her till 1.30

of the early morning and on seeing her coming he went to her room. She was deep asl**p when he moved her. She got awake in shocked and c***dishly said that

she did not wish to do it for this night, but the father-in-law was very eager and told her that he can’t wait. He lifted her in his arms like a c***d and

walked to his room carrying her. She was yawning, in her flimsy nighty, without bra, her panty was clearly visible in the very flimsy dress.
He laid her over his bed and made love to her. He was very wild this night and Neha moaned loudly. She was so tired of receiving 4 men within 24 hours, her

two b*****rs, Pravindra and now the old that she slept on his bed till next morning.

Her husband Ravindra woke up by 6AM, went to the toilet, had his bath, brushed his teeth, but did not look for her. He knew she must be in her father’s room

Now how was the behaviour of Neha towards him? She talked to him very sweetly, served him his tea every morning, served him water any time he needed, served

him, and every one dinner, massaged his legs and body when he returns from the fields, talks to him at night before he gets asl**p. So she did all her

duties of a wife towards him. He never complained of her.
But he was aware about her and his father’s relationship as he allowed it himself the night his dad had gone to arouse him.

When Neha woke up she was dazed and shaken to see it was day and she was still on her father-in-law’s bed. She was all nude; she was stunned that she slept

naked with him all along the night. She picked up her clothes and ran to her room, but Ravindra was having tea in the kitchen which he made himself and he

just looked at her as if nothing happened. Neha felt disturbed and quickened her steps.

Well once that Ravindra and his father left for the field, like Neha did everyday, she went to Pravindra’s room with a cup of tea and teased him to wake

up.... he was like a small k** being awoken by his mother, with lots of mischievous actions.
He was at last out of bed and asked Neha to come to the bathroom again like yesterday and they will bath together. But Neha laughed at him telling him that

she had already had her bath.

Exceptionally on that day Pravind’s father came home at noon. Fortunately they were not having sexual intercourse. Neha was red with fear when the old man

got in the house. He called for Pravind and told him that his friend, who is a famous engineer, is in the nearby village for the construction of a dam and

he needs an assistant and he had recommended his name. So he had to go to meet that man. Pravind had got the habit of staying at home like a prince, and was

not at all ready to work after all now that Neha was there. He looked at his father with a disturbed look and interrogatively. Neha looked in his face sad

and amazed. Will they now be separated?

Pravind told his dad that he is not at all interested in that kind of work. His father turning to Neha said, “Bahu, tell this idiot to stop roaming in the

village like a rowdy and stop eating on his father’s earnings. Tell him to do something, ask him to be responsible and earn something at least. People are

queuing there at Mr. Sharma’s to get that job. I am his friend that’s why he has accepted to give him that job.”
Neha blushed and did not know what to say. Pravind was thinking of the future programs he had with Neha, how he will activate them and all that. He was too

much used to her now and did not wish to be away from her. And then he was jealous too, lest someone else starts getting her in his absence. He was worried

and did not know what to say.

His father obliged him to come with him to meet Mr. Sharma. He had no option and got to go. He looked at Neha sadly, as if he was about to cry. Neha too

felt very sad, but only looked in his face sympathetically. She could not do anything as his father who was ordering and was too serious.

As soon as they left, after exactly 5 minutes someone knocked at the door. Neha was in the kitchen washing the plates they used for lunch. ‘Who could it be

at this time? Nobody ever comes here’ she told herself. She thought they had returned having forgotten something.

She went to open the front door and was taken aback to see her father standing at the threshold with a huge baggage. Since she was married it was his first

visit. Neha looked very happy and threw herself in his arms. He enlaced her and kissed her cheeks, her neck and caressed her ass. She exclaimed, “Papa you

came just 5 minutes late, my father-in-law just left the house. Pravindra went too, he had come to take him.” Her father murmured in her ears, “Who wants to

meet your father-in-law or Pravind sweetheart? It’s my luck that they went away, I was praying for that and my prayer has been answered!” he said happily,

while stepping inside the house. Neha was dressed in a two-piece, that was her favourite, she loved to be dressed in two-pieces when at home. Her cleavage

was visible as usual and the skirt reached just above her knees and letting part of her thighs, just above the knees be seen. The beginning of the fairer

colour; above the knees, which looked very exciting and attracted men. She was dressed that way for Pravindra but alas!

Her father after putting the baggage down held Neha firmly in his arms and started running his tongue around her neck and at the beginnings of her breasts.

Neha smiled and naughtily asked, “Why papa dear, you are hungry as if??” He replied “Oh my baby, I missed you so much, so, so much...come to papa, come to

papa darling , papa wants to eat you!! Hey” Neha laughed and taunted, “Hmm as if you did not get any other woman since I left your place? Hmmm?” The father

was too eager to fuck her, he was roaming his hands under her skirt fondling over her thighs and her ass, passing his palm over her panty over the ass while

his mouth was looking for her mouth.....

He at last got her mouth, and Neha opened her mouth to her father’s and both their tongues started exploring each other’s mouth. At same hand he was pulling

her panty with one hand. They were both still standing and Neha, pointed her bedroom to him still caught in the kiss.

They reached her bedroom and Neha herself, took out her panty, removed her blouse and the father came close pressed her boobs over the bra and tenderly

removed it, and hungrily started licking, kissing and eating the breasts of her daughter. Then still kissing the boobs he took away his shirt and his pant,

then pulled her skirt out, when still occupied with her boobs..... then Neha threw her whole body over the bed and gave herself completely to her papa. The

old dad, then knelt over the floor, kissed, smelled, and sucked her panty, Neha spread her legs apart to let her father admire her open cunt. The old man,

grunted, rumbled, grumbled and pulled out the panty violently, and started eating the pussy like he eating a ripen mango.... he took out all the juices and

Neha started to spin, like a rotating instrument over the bed giving sharp moans.... she was very excited too, as she loved doing that with her dad, it was

her c***dhood play and fantasy, she felt herself again being that young girl that she was before marriage and felt her dad wanting her at that time and she

was giving herself to him.... in such thoughts she felt being aroused tremendously.... it was an intense feeling of thrill that she could not bear and was

pulling the little hair which remained on her father’s scalp...... after a good sucking, he moved up taking his big erect dick in his hand and placed it to

her mouth.... he loved it so much as he never had it before in his life.... Neha very delicately, stroked her father’s cock, moved the foreskin, and ran her

tongue lightly over the red tip, on the opening of the urine passage, which made the old man shudder, he pleaded, “yes my love, my baby, make papa happy,

suck papa sweetheart, take it whole in your mouth, make it reach your throat,” he groaned.

And Neha, who was now experienced or rather specialised in sucking, gave her old papa a wonderful sucking session. The old man was gasping, panting,

trembling with pleasure....he was about to discharge and moaned, “Neha, my baby, I will come, please stop, wait I want to fuck.....”
She stopped with a mischievous, smile looking at her dad with eyes as if she had taken d**gs. The father held his cock in his hand pressed it not to get

discharged..... And waited some time.... then he mounted on his daughter....
And it did not take time as his cock entered her wet pussy, she moaned with a loud, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!” And he moved only about 7 times and he got to take

it out as he was cumming..... Neha quickly got up and without being asked she took her father’s cock in her soft hands and directed it to her mouth, part of

the sperm fell over her breasts and part went in her mouth.... she sucked the last drops coming out and the old man shivered on her daughter’s action, with

moans like, “Aaaaghghgh, ooooooooaaaaah, yesssssssssss, oh my God! Its superb beta...I love are superb my love...sorry I could not please you...I

was so excited baby...”

Her father stayed till late evening when the three men of the house returned from outside.
Neha’s father-in-law and her father met each other and sat for a drink when she went to prepare food. Pravindra went to join her in the kitchen and enquired

about her father and asked if he did anything to her? She told him frankly that it cannot be that nothing would happen since he came for that and the

opportunity was in his favour. Pravindra felf jealous and said, “That’s amazing bhabhi! He came as soon as we left, as though he knew that we were to go! It

seems as if you had contacted him and told him to come as you were alone!” Neha Smiled and said, “Fortunately we do not have a phone here or else many

others would have been contacting me from my native village, you know it!”

Pravindra was feeling unease and he went to stare at Neha’s father in the lounge where she was sitting with his dad. But he could not do anything, although

he was not happy about his relation with her daughter. He understood that Neha loves her dad and she must have enjoyed his presence and sexual intercourse

with him. He tried to visualise where they would have made love and how Neha would have enjoyed him and vice versa. He suddenly had a wish to see her father

fucking her.... his passion of seeing others fucking her aroused and he wanted to ask Neha to give him an opportunity to let him watch.

He went back to the kitchen and asked Neha to ask his papa to stay tonight and she give him the chance to fuck her this night, and he would watch. But Neha

told him even her papa would stay, he won’t do it at night in that house as the three men will be in the house, he will not ever take such a risk. But

Pravind told Neha to explain him that she will come to meet him in the guestroom late at night when all will be asl**p. Yet Neha told him what if the

father-in-law wakes up or hear anything? It will be too risky and dangerous; she said she will not do that even if her father stayed!

Pravindra wanted to make that happen and planned something. He went to join his father and Neha’s dad in the lounge and had a chat. He then told his father,

“Pitaji, ask uncle to stay and he can leave tomorrow morning as it quite late.” His father said, “Yes my friend, its late, do stay and tomorrow you leave

early.” Neha’s father accepted and Pravindra said, “Okay, I am going to arrange the guestroom for uncle’s stay.

Now if you, my dear readers have followed my writings from the beginning you must have all gone through the page where I have drawn a sketch showing the

room of Pravindra and the guestroom. They are annexed to each other. Right, So this is what Pravindra planned in his head to be able to see all from his

room as he had drilled a hole in the beginning when he was going to eavesdrop from the AC in his father’s room, he had thought one night who knows his

father will take Neha into the guestroom and so he drilled that hole to be able to see in that room.

He placed a photo frame on both sides that is one in his room and one in the guestroom to hide the drilled hole. Now that he went to arrange the room he

removed the photo frame and placed a towel there, so that from his room with a small wire he will succeed to move the towel to watch inside. The bed in that

room was just opposite the hole he had drilled and he could get all the view very clearly. He had done all that to see his dad with Neha, but he had never

thought one day he will get to watch his bhabhi with her own papa.

He went in the kitchen and announced to Neha that her father is staying the night. And he added that he will have to fuck her at night as he will arrange

all. Neha was not accepting but Pravindra told her not to worry, everything will go fine and nobody will ever know anything except him. Neha was reluctant

and worried because it’s her father-in-law who takes her almost every night.

Now what was the plan of Pravindra? How will he make that happen? Let us see that together friends.
He went to sit together with his dad and Neha’s dad, and started pouring whisky one after another to his father’s glass and diminishing to that of Neha’s

father’s glass. He got his father all d***k within an hour of sitting with them. In between, Neha came to serve them now and then. Pravindra had only two or

three sips of the whisky. And Neha’s father was not that d***k either. But Pravind’s father had to be carried to his bedroom and was K.O.

The night started and Ravindra, Neha’s husband had some words with his father-in-law when he bed him goodnight and went to sl**p. Were left in the lounge

Pravindra, Neha and her father. Pravindra was watching every looks of Neha’s father without being noticed and he was getting excited when the father was

touching her every now and then while talking with her. Pravindra was acting as though he was not paying attention to them so as to give them freedom to go

ahead. But Neha was aware of his intentions and she had to participate only to let him watch.

Once the father went to the loo, then Pravind whispered to Neha, “I will soon pretend to go to sl**p, you go and change yourself and join him in the guest

room okay?” He did not get more time to talk and the father was back. Neha was dressed in a two-piece with deep cuts over her breasts and her skirt was just

on her knees. Her father sat on the couch close to her and his hands were every now and then going over her knees and moving upper towards her thighs, but

she was holding his hands with smiles and laughs changing subjects each time, looking in Pravind’s face. ......

And Pravind was getting excited and had a hard on seeing that stimulated sexual desire in him. He felt provoked to lusty imaginations. He at last stood up

saying good night to them and went to his room expecting that they will soon move away.

He waited for a long time in his room but heard no noise at all. When they return from the lounge, they would normally pass near his room and he would have

heard, but all were silent.
There, in the lounge, Neha was in her father’s arms and he was going on kissing her, her skirt was moved up to her hips, his hands roaming over her panty

and he was sucking her tongue which left the nectar in her father’s mouth.....

And Pravind thought about it. What if he will want to get her in the lounge itself? He slowly opened his room’s door and bare foot walked towards the lounge

and found them in that action..... At that moment her father’s hands moved to her breasts and were fondling them...... But to the joy of Pravind, Neha broke

from the kiss and said, “Papa, lets go now, it’s not safe here, people from the road may come to peep in....” And Pavindra hurried his steps back to his

room. He waited. And he heard the guestroom opening and he knew they were getting in. It was great time for him and he mounted on a chair he had placed to

the hole he had drilled and looked in the guestroom. But only Neha’s father was there..... he was disappointed and thought Neha must have gone to change in

her nighty, so he waited.....
He waited for almost an hour, but Neha did not come, he went to peep several times and at last found the old man sl**ping! He was disheartened.

He decided to go to see Neha himself. But he thought, could it be that his father had taken her to his room? No. It can’t be he told himself as he was all

d***k. So he stepped to Neha’s room.
Yes, she was there, but not asl**p, but sitting over the bed by her husband’s side who was snoring loudly! She was in a flimsy pink nighty without bra. Her

thin panty was seen through it and she was looking so hot and desirable. Pravind wished to fuck her on the spot, but he had other dreams.....
He talked to her asking why she was not going to the guestroom. She said she is feeling afraid lest his father wakes up or walks in or hear things?! He

reassured her that nothing as such will happen and pleaded her to go to her father. He was thirsty to see her father fucking her. He took her hand, pulled

her out of the room and left her near the guestroom quietly and went to his room quickly.

He went to peep and found Neha standing near the bed of her father who was sl**ping. Pravindra had a pervert like desire in him to see a father fucking a

daughter. He wanted to see Neha’s expression. He wanted to see either Neha will love it, or the father will f***e her, he wanted to see if Neha will enjoy

her father or the father will dominate her.... he wanted to know and witness all that.

So he found Neha standing and looking at her dad. She had a pleasant smile on her lips. She very slowly sat over the bed close to him and put her hand to

his trouser. He was still undressed and got asl**p as he lay there. She delicately started undoing the waist band, and slowly undid the zip fastener, and

was trying to remove the trouser. She murmured, “You did not even take your clothes off papa, will you sl**p like this? Come on move it.” The old man did

not move a bit, and Neha struggled with the trouser to get it out his waist. She then pulled standing up and half of her father’s body came out of the bed

during her pull. But the trouser was out. The dad was there lying in his underwear and shirt. Neha then leant over his body by managing it well over the

bed, and started unbuttoning the shirt one by one..., while doing so, her breasts were rubbing against her father’s chest, and she kissed the chest, and

licked part of it..... Pravindra was getting more and more excited and had a fucking hard on, his hand went over his dick and he took it out and caressed it

in a masturbating way, he continued looking at Neha.....

There Neha had already removed all her father’s dress except the underwear and was licking his cheeks and asking him to wake up. The old was not moving and

Neha naughtily said, “Hmmm papa! Wake up! You had not pleased me in the day, do it now, I want you...hmmm wake up please papa!” And her father groaned

opening his eyes and mischievously looked at her and pulled her to him by her head. Neha ran her tongue over his chin and reached his mouth and her tongue

was soon exploring her father’s mouth..... Her breasts clutched against his hairy chest, she was rubbing it to feel the pleasure on her tits. The father

enlaced her and his hands went to her butt and moved up her flimsy nighty and fingered her...

Soon, she was licking her father’s belly and biting his downer parts till she reached his underwear and removed it to hold the hard cock of her dad in her

soft hands and after caressing them she took it in her mouth, and started sucking him.....

He groaned and quivered and pushed his dick more and more deeper in her throat, Neha was getting difficulty to hold it in her mouth so was taking it out

every now and then.
Pravind from his room was thrilled on seeing Neha so nicely accepting her own father in a big suck!! He thought she loved sex that bhabhi of his!

Neha’s father after a while made her sit over his naked lap and he removed the nighty which she made easy to go by lifting up her both arms.... and as there

was no bra he started licking and eating the breasts savagely.... Neha pushed back her neck, her long, thick black hair open fell over the father’s legs and

she started moving her hips over her papa’s thighs....

Then the father asked her to stand up on the bed itself, she did and he licked and kissed her panty , it got wet by his sucks and her juices oozing from

it...he removed the panty, his hands enlacing her wait, his mouth all plunged on her pussy he started piercing his tongue in the openings and she started

shuddering and pushed her head back and stood on her toes with the excitement procured from the licks and sucks of her father......

And after a moment they were both over the bed, the father lying on his back, Neha over him with her legs parted and his Dick was deep in her pussy and Neha

herself was moving in and out to reach her orgasm over her father’s cock.....
She was at last pleased before the dad, who in turn reached his pleasure too and she asked him again to leave his cums in her like the last time he did at

his place....

Pravindra watched all that from the hole in his room and was hard. When he found Neha kissing goodbye to her dada, he hurried out and waited for her in the

corridor. Neha’s room door was before Pravindra’s room

So Pravindra went to wait at the corner of the corridoe and as soon as she stepped out of the guestroom, he held her in his arms and carried her to his

room. Neha gave a little cry when she was caught by him. She whispered, “Hey what are you doing, someone can hear us, leave me! Put me down!!” But Pravind

put her on his bed in his room! He was naked standing in the corridor, it was dark everywhere, only a beam of light from his room was lighting the space

when he was standing there.
And he was so hard erect, he put his cock straight to her mouth while she was still dressing her nighty from under her while sitting over the bed. She had

no choice so took his dick in her mouth but before she mumbled some words looking with big eyes in his face c***dishly.
Anf it happened again...she was fucked by Pravindra again. He slept over her body after the discharge of his sperm over her belly, and his belly got stuck

with the cum over her belly. He lay there for quite some while, and she was speaking in his ears softly, caressing his head, playing with his hair, running

her fingers amongst.
At last, she pulled up, saying, “I must go now, you have to wake up early tomorrow morning, you also as you are going to work at Mr. Sharma’s!” On hearing

this Pravindra felt a heavy burden on his stomach, and threw his body over the bad lazily. Neha laughed and biting her lips, send a flying kiss to him from

the doorstep, and he caught it. And she was gone.

The next morning, Neha was in a rush, running from room to room waking up everyone. At times she was in the kitchen preparing the breakfast. She had more to

do this day as there was to prepare the breakfast for 5 persons. Normally, Pravind woke up at 10 to 11 in the day so she never got to prepare for him at

that early hour of the morning. Everyday she had to prepare for her husband and father-in-law only and this day for all the 4 men and herself.
Soon the three men were at the table except Pravindra.His father told Neha, “Go to awake that lazy chap beta” Neha went to his room for the fourth time,

moved him and told him that his father was getting irritated. He encircled Neha in his arms and said sadly. “But bhabhi, I will miss you a lot, I will not

see you the whole day, and now how shall we make love?” She pulled him out of the bed with both her hands and using all her physical effort. He was out, and

she placed her mouth to his ears and said, “We will love at night now. No more kissings and hugging in the day now. You have had enough since the last

several months!!” But Pravindra interrupted, “Bhabhi, at night its dad who will takes you!! How will I?” She sighed, “I will arrange all with him, you don’t

have to worry. He will have to respect my time table of night shifts now!” and she laughed!

All the men left the house soon. Neha hugged her father in presence of all other three men at the threshold of the house. Pravind, watched her father’s

movements. The father-in-law also was watching them. Neha kissed her father on both his cheeks and he also did same and his lip brushed over lips when the

second kiss finished. The father-in-law noticed that and also the hand of her father was over her bare waist, and his fingers roamed a bit over there. The

father-in-law himself felt the erection in his pant after watching the father/daughter love and affection play. Even he doubted and asked himself, “Does not

he also fuck this nymph?”
They were gone at last and for the first time Neha found herself ALONE in the house, in that early morning. Anyhow, she got herself engrossed in the house


Pravindra was surrounded by heavy motor vehicles, engine noises, the tractors, concrete mixers, drillers, all noise making machines all around him Hundreds

of workers working on the site. He was at that time assisting the surveyor measuring the distances.... He felt very unease and wished to run away. He wanted

to b back in the arms of his lovely bhabhi. He was only thinking of her. He thought he won’t be able to see Roopchand’s s****r and daughter anymore. He was

feeling sick. He felt suffocated. He thought he will not be able to work. His mind was not at rest. He suffered in a way. He was love sick.
But he knew there was no way out and he had to bear that stone on his stomach......

Days went by. Pravindra slowly got used to the work he was assigned to do. He was responsible of a group of workers who had to report to him and he

conducted the worker plus the works done by them. He got used to Mr. Sharma the engineer/contractor. He was someone from the city and got to travel very

long distance from his place to come to this village to assist the works proceedings. So in another way Pravindra was his assistant and all workers reported

matters with him in absence of Mr.Sharma.

Often at night he got Neha to enjoy and erase his day’s tiredness. She had started being more affectionate towards him. She missed him too during the day

and so she did her best to be at his disposition at night. He was feeling very happy although he was not with her in the day. But often during the day his

mind ran towards his home and he feared other person could seduce Neha or could be seduced by her. He thought of her father and her b*****rs. Whenever he

thought of all that he felt agitated and disturbed and longed to return home immediately. Nevertheless he strengthened himself and got involved in the work.

But he still had the envy of seeing Roopchand’s s****r and daughter and share Neha with them. So he was planning a day off to realise that passion.

One day Mr. Sharma talked with him about girls. And Pravindra thought of Neha and told him that he had a girlfriend. Mr.Sharma was amused and told him that

he knows these days almost all youngsters do have a girlfriend. But Mr. Sharma was asking something else which he did not understand. Mr. Sharma asked him

again, “And what about the girls of this village? Don’t you get any for time pass here?” Pravindra then thought what he was trying to ask. He was a man in

the late fifties. He was a city man and highly educated and very intelligent and looked a real big boss with his suit, his big car, his high stature.

Pravindra never thought he will ever feel keen of the village girls. Pravind asked him either he was keen for the village girls. He replied that was what he

was asking and asked either Pravind knew any such whom he knew for time pass, as he said he had heard in the villages there are many such cute lovely girls

who like to go out for time pass.

Pravindra thought where from such news got spread because the village people always heard that the city girls who are like that and here Mr. Sharma got the

news that it’s the village girls who are like that. Who spreads such news God alone knows he told himself!

So he asked Mr. Sharma either he personally wanted to get a girl to enjoy from the village. “Yes” was the answer. Pravindra told him he will drive him when

he feels like going there. He thought of talking him to see Neha. It was his passion to see her fucked by other man, specially this was an aged one like he

loved. But then he thought of Roopchand’s s****r and daughter.... he thought same time he will get the chance to get the hot chick that was Roopchand’s

niece..... He asked his boss to drive to the other village.

The big, high class car stopped in front of Roopchand’s house, and he went in to face the s****r and daughter alone at home. Mr Sharma was waiting in the

car till he made the deal. Pravindra explained them that Mr.Sharma is a rich person and they can earn lots with him so accept to receive him generously. He

told Roopchand’s s****r that the boss will pay for his part too, as he will take her daughter and Mr. Sharma will come with her. He asked the daughter to

get inside the room, not to show herself when Mr. Sharma gets in, let her mother alone meet him.

He went out and called the boss to come in. Roopchand’s s****r, named Aarti, was a voluptuous woman with sexy looks and fabulous figure. She never gave her

age. She looked like a 20 years old woman. She was in fact around 36/38. Mr Sharma liked her and went inside the room with her. And Pravind was happy to

take the young daughter.

They had a lovely hour spent in the house. The girl of Aarti, Pooja, asked him about his girlfriend about whom her uncle had talked, and said she wished to

see her together in company, for a gang bang. Pravindra told her that he will soon arrange for a party for all of them.......

Now opposite the house of Pravindra there was shop which was closed since two years. By its side there was a waste land, which gave on the side where Neha

washed clothes, the place once Pravindra fucked her. Since a week, a garage owner has rented that shop plus the waste land to keep the vehicles to be

repaired. The owner was in his late forties, big, fat, with a belly. Three persons worked with him. He opened at 9.30 and closed at 4 PM. So Pravindra never

came across them, neither his father nor husband. As it was a closed shop, there was neither electricity, nor water supply connected there. So that owner,

came to knock at Neha’s house the first day he came and asked the service to be provided with water from Neha’s tap for some days till he got the water

supply established once again. Neha did not refuse and told them to come to fill water whenever they needed.

Every time that Neha washed clothes outside, the man looked at her continuously. Neha looked there now and then but did not pay heed to him. Now one day one

among the three other workers came to fill a bottle of water when Neha was putting clothes to be dried on the string in her yard. The tap was just there

itself. That man, a young one aged around 25, stared at Neha after greeting her with a head sign. Every time that Neha was bending to take a washed cloth

from the tub, that man had a peek at her cleavage, and Neha felt it but pretended not noticing anything. Parts of Neha’s clothes were wet while washing and

they were stuck to her body, over her, thighs thus giving a clear view of her silhouette and the shape of her body and butt.....

The man went back and spoke to all others, and Neha then found all four men looking at her from that waste land where about 5 vehicles were parked.
This went on several days. They stared, watched, looked for her, they waited for her to come to wash clothes only then they went to fill their bottles one

after the other thus having a peek at her and her body........

Then one day, in the morning when the garage owner came, he was standing on the road just opposite Neha’s house. Neha, from inside saw him. She kept

standing for a while to see what he will do, she was still in her nighty and it had only thin straps over her shoulders and her boobs were very much seen.

She felt that the man was wishing to get in their yard but was hesitating. Neha wished to help him thinking that he was may be wishing to come to take water

but was hesitating, so she opened a window which faced the road and looked at him, the man did a sign with his head to Neha and Neha did same with a casual

smile just to be polite. The moment Neha opened the window, she had to lean with her left hand on one side and with one hand opened the window and while

doing so, all her underarms were seen from the road, plus her cleavage too, the white parts of her bare arm and armpit were all to the view of that man. The

man felt being invited by Neha.

But when after opening the window Neha disappeared inside the house, that man went inside his garage to carry on with his works. The three other men came

and they were working but their eyes were only on Neha’s yard, especially to the part she washed clothes where the tap was situated.

Among those three one who was 27 years old was very keen of Neha and he was the one who looked at her the most with lusty eyes and he desired her that was

clear. He talked about her with the other men. Once he talked to the other two saying, “she is a damn hot young woman dear! She is sexy and she lives all

alone, she does not have any c***d or anyone around. She is a very good prey of all of us you see dudes!”

It was then that their boss, the owner heard them talking and added, “Stop talking a lot, do get her first then you talk. Will you be able to conquer her in

the first place?” The young man proud of his prowess said yes he will do it. Then the boss told him, “okay then if you succeed let me know I will go too

then. She is really superb!” The other workers then laughed.

The fact was that the boss himself longed to get her for his own since the day he heard them talking of her and since that day that he also started looking

at Neha.

Now the young man, named Subhash saw Neha coming out to wash clothes and he took his bottle and went in. Neha was bending over the washing stone, was in a

skirt and T-shirt in which the form of her beautiful round breasts were so appealing, and Subhash got to see her by the back when he got in. Her ass was

looking very well preserved as the skirt was so well collated to her hips and ass, displaying her figure so with exactitude. Subhash’s organ inflated inside

his pant and he go to use his hands to put it in not disturbing position. When he almost reached the tap which was near Neha, she turned back to see him

coming and she left a smile looking at him, only to show being courteous. And Subhash neared her to fill his bottle; he had brought three in all to fill.

And he gathered some guts to talk to her.
He - It’s so nice of you to give us water everyday bhabhi ji.

She – never mind, it’s just nothing.

He- nearing his elbow to her ass, “We feel too thirsty, here, when we will get water there then I am sure we will no longer use this much water! While he

spoke that, his elbow touched Neha’s ass to the full. He was delaying to fill the bottles so that he could stay for longer time. Now Neha was washing the

clothes and every time had to bend completely down to rinse the soaped cloth in a tub containing water. Each time she did that, her t-shirt moved fast and

her arousing boobs could clearly be seen with parts of her black bra and its straps. The white boobs in the black bra, and the motifs on the side of the

bra, gave a very sensuous look to her body and any man would get a hard on. Subhash too had a very hard erection and he got to manage it with his hands

which Neha found him doing. She just smiled to herself stealing a look at him, and she re-stood up in the washing position on the stone.

Subhash left the place and hurried to the garage to relate the episode to his boss and friends. And from her place Neha was watching him go still holding

her laugh, and she laughed loudly when he was gone thinking the poor chap got an erection watching her boobs! She tried to watch the men as she was sure

Subhash will go to relate all to his friends, and in fact she found him gathered around them, including the boss and he was explaining with the movements of

his hands pointing to his chest and moving down like Neha did when rinsing the clothes.

Neha understood that he went to relate how he got a hard on while watching her that way. There the boss and the other friends were looking at Neha’s

direction on hearing the events related by Subhash. The boss told Subhash, “If despite your presence there she bent down to rinse the clothes means she

knows it very well that you were watching her breasts and bra. And the way you are saying she smiled after seeing you dressing your dick in your pant means

that she understood all and she did not mind that. So my friend you are getting that young lady. Carry on with your flirts with her you will soon be on her

bed with her.” On hearing that Subhash emptied the water on the soil and said he is going again there. They encouraged him to go.

Neha also was expecting that he will soon return. And yes he did. Neha asked, “What happened?” he replied, “The bottle fell down and the water got split so

I need another fill.” Neha knew all his roles and just smiled and watched him filling the water but intentionally this time she did not bend down but stood

up watching him with a mischievous smile on her face. When Subhash found that she was standing he felt disappointed and the bottle was filled already and he

looked in her face and asked, “You will not wash bhabhi ji?” Neha gave a grin and said, “I will” And Subhash did not know what to do now as per his plan it

was a flop, so he got an idea. He said, “May I sit down a bit, and smoke a cigarette before I leave bhabhi ji?” she told him, he can. So appreciating her

hospitality he placed himself in front of her and sat on the floor over his legs and lit a cigarette and started watching her with a grin, and Neha

continued washing and had a chat.

She asked, “Where do you live?” He replied, “In the city 50 kms from here.” Neha then asked, “Are you married?” And he had a smile and replied, “Oh no, my

girlfriend betrayed me and eloped with another older man!” Neha Laughed and looking in his face said, “Oh my God, why did she prefer an older man than you?

You had surely not been fair to her!” This encouraged Subhash to talk more intimately to her as he found her laughing like an old friend with him, he said,

“I don’t understand, why she did that, tell me bhabhi, being a girl, would you prefer an older man than a young, handsome man like me?” Neha then bent down

to rinse with a pleasant smile, to let her cleavage be visible to him, and replied, “Well it depends! If the old man is gentle and caring plus affectionate

so it can be!”
Subhash, was excited on hearing her answer and thought she may be a lover of old men too.... and he stared at her soft boobs hanging in her t-shirt as if

they will soon get out of the bra.....

Subhash, was excited on hearing her answer and thought she may be a lover of old men too.... and he stared at her soft boobs hanging in her t-shirt as if

they will soon get out of the bra..... And Subhash was erect again and still staring inside her T-shirt he asked, “And you bhabhi, have you been married

since long?”

She redressed her waist by standing to transfer the rinsed clothe to another tub and replied, “It’s the ninth month that I am married here, why did you

ask?” Subhash answered, “Oh, just like this. So you live only with your husband here?” Neha by then was rubbing another cloth over the stone and by that

movement, Subhash watched her boobs moving to and fro inside her T-shirt and he wished if only he could see those breasts dangling without a bra and he

could have a watch.

His cigarette finished, he neared her to rinse his hands under the running tap, and his body rubbed against her while he intentionally stood to the same

position to feel her and talked, “You did not tell me bhabhi, only you two live here?” She tried to move a bit away from his body touch, but could not as

there was no space and she answered him, “No my father-in-law and a b*****r-in-law too live together.” And Subhash dared to ask her, “Can I dry my hands on

your skirt bhabhi please?” Neha did not reply this but only looked at him, and he rubbed his hands on her thighs as if drying them, and he felt her thighs,

and he quietly moved his hands a bit inner towards her softer intimate parts, and caressed it. To that Neha moved and said, “It’s dried already now!” And

Subhash plucked courage to say, “Bhabhi you are a very beautiful woman, I feel attracted to you. Please allow me to give you a little kiss.”

Neha was not that surprised when he said that as she was very well understanding what he was up to, but she pretended to be astonished and stood straight

and said, “You have guts you, young man! We do not even know each other and you ask to give me a kiss?” By then Subhash was very close to her and took her

hand delicately in his and moved his face very close to her cheeks and was about to kiss her cheeks when Neha moved to look back at the garage direction if

the other persons were watching, and Subhash missed the cheek.

And Neha pulled her hands from his saying, “Your friends must be looking for you there, you go now.” But Subhash at that time placed his hands on both side

of her thighs and was nearing his face to her neck, sniffing her hair and said, “You smell so good bhabhi, please let me kiss your soft cheeks for once

only.” Neha, with her hands, pushed back her hair which was coming to her face as she was bending over the washing stone, by that time Subhash’s hands had

moved up to almost her breast, in a caressing way, and Neha,shivered and said, “Okay only one kiss and you go away.”

Subhash then very softly put his lips to her ckeek, meanwhile his hands fingers touched her boobs over the T-shirt, and he kissed the cheek, and pressed the

boobs hard which made Neha say,”Ouch, you naughty! Go away now. Happy??” And Subhash proud on his success, bit his lips with a large smile looking in her

face, brushed his hands on her ass and started moving his steps to leave saying “ Very happy bhabhi, thank you for the sweet kiss, but it would have been

even better if you kissed me back!” Neha replied, naughtily “No, I do not kiss naughty persons like you who do not listen, and who touches a woman

everywhere on her body like this!” And on this Subhash like a spoiled c***d, put his hand fully over her breasts and squeezed them before running away from

there, turning back to look at her with a mischievous smile. When he did that Neha threw her hand to hit him, but she missed and he, jerked away and which

made Neha blush and laugh. Neha found in him all the naughtiness of Pravind. He was behaving exactly like him. And she continued thinking of Pravind and

comparing this Subhash to the other ways of approach to a woman.

Back in the garage, Subhash was encircled by the others including the boss and he was relating his exploits. Neha from her washing stone looked there once

or twice and saw him being encircled and she knew he must be telling them how he is a successful gallant! But then Neha thought, then the other men also

will want to try her the same way?! Then she thought he will not give all the details to the others.... After about half an hour Neha started to hang the

washed clothes on the strings in the yard and from there she was closer to the garage and they were looking at each other every now and then and Subhash was

signalling her with his hands and fingers in gallant ways, and Neha was only smiling at him. When she was bending to pick the clothes from the tub which was

on the soil, all the four men were staring at her boobs in the black bra and the straps..... Neha carelessly continued the job, still looking at the

garage’s side and she found all 4 men watching at her, but she did not care.......

Now in the afternoon before those men had to go back home they came to wash themselves at Neha’s near that same tap. And they all come together, and make a

lot of noise, talking and joking.... and this day they were talking contrary on Subhash and Neha. She was listening to their words from the kitchen and

smiling. One among them said loudly, “Subhash, you have got a girlfriend in this village, in the town you have zero. You will have to start living in the

garage itself then you will get lots of opportunities to be with your beautiful lady.” The boss said, “Then I will not have to come early to open, by the

time we come here you will have already opened the garage and started the works.”

Neha was listening to their commentaries and laughing inside. Another friend amongst said, “But, Hey Subhash, you call your girlfriend ‘BHABHI’ is her name

‘BHABHI’?” And Subhash said, “Hey man, I did not ask her name! Shit. I should have done it yeah!” The boss added, “Yeah! The bid Mister Flirt does not even

know the name of his girlfriend! That’s great!” And Neha suddenly opened the back kitchen door which opened directly on them, and facing them with a laugh

she said, “Gentlemen, I am Neha, pleased to know you all!” They were all taken aback and looked in each other’s face and they started laughing, when Neha

closed back the door on them. Then they all murmured and whispered, “She was listening to all that we were talking. She was here. Hey she told you her name

But the boss, the man in the late forties, with the big belly and fat guy, was silent and was thinking of all that happened and felt that he should get that

beautiful lady to fuck before any other of his man!

They went home. On his way back home, the boss continued thinking of all the happenings and remembered how in the morning when he was standing on the road

she was in her nighty and had opened the window and smiled with him,and he thought of all which Subhash related how he had touched her boobs, how he had

kissed her and all that, he said to himself that is a woman who will let be fucked easily. He told himself that the next day he will fuck her before his

workers come to work.

There at Neha’s place, when all the three men of the house came. Tired from work, Neha served them al and did her usual chores, but she did not mention at

all about the garage workers to anybody. Not even to Pravind or to the husband or father-in-law. At night she did not go to meet any of the two men of the

house who fuck her. They also did not come to look for her as they were all tired and fell asl**p.

The next morning arrived. The rush in the morning in Neha’s house, she ran from the kitchen to each man’s room awaking them, preparing their breakfasts and

lunch they will bring with them and all that. And soon all men left the house for the fields.

Neha was still in her nighty like she used to stay every morning. She never wears a bra when she is in her nighty. The nipples of her breasts rubs against

the flimsy dress which makes her often get a sweet sensation. She was combing her hair in front of the mirror and heard the garage shutters being lifted up.

It was too early, at that time it never got open. Normally it’s at 9 o’clock that they come to work all of them. But at that time it was only 7. So walked

to the front from where she saw the rod and the garage, and she found the boss, the man in the late forties, with a big belly and quite a fat man he was.

Soon she found him again like last morning standing close to her gate and looking in the house’s direction. Neha wondered why he stood like that there. She

wished to ask him if he needed anything, but hesitated as she was not used to him. She thought if Subhash was there she would have opened the door to ask

him what was the matter....but she continued looking at him with her comb in her hand, and meanwhile she was passing the comb in her long black, beautiful

silky hair.....

And the boss, named Gyan was asking himself either the men of the house were still inside or already should have left for work as it was only 7 o’clock of

the morning. He wished to get in to knock at the door, but he was reluctant. What would he say if the men opened? And he then thought if Neha opened, he

would have a chat....and in his mind he had already planned what to ask so that he could get the chance to get inside the house....but only he was sure the

men were not there.....

The sun had just started rising in the blue sky, the weather was splendid and some chirpings of the bird were heard here and there. The fresh air was

blowing and Gyan felt cold as he was not used to the cool air of the village but the hot polluted atmosphere of the city only suited his body.

He waited for about 15 minutes then took courage to move in the yard. Neha by then was back in her room, in front of the mirror was applying some make ups,

and making herself look beautiful. She was as if getting ready to receive a suitor. She wore some sweet perfumes and walked to the front to have a look on

the road. And she found Gyan walking in the yard towards her door. She thought he was coming to ask for something. So she opened the door even before he had

reached it.

Gyan, on seeing her at the doorstep, was a bit astonished as he was not expecting, he had thought he would knock then she would come, but there she was

first to open the door. They looked in each other’s face and with a pleasant smile Neha, asked, “You need something Mister? I saw you since quite a time

looking at this side, I hesitated to ask, and when I saw you getting in I dared to open and ask if you need anything please, can I be of any help?” Gyan

lost all his words on seeing her kind hospitality and stammered, “Hmmmm, no, I well.... huh.... i... was....ju...ju...just....” His eyes went on Neha’s

sexy, envious, desirable nighty, the straps over her shoulder, he noticed it at one go that she was not wearing a bra, her nipples points were hitting the

flimsy dress.......

....” His eyes went on Neha’s sexy, envious, desirable nighty, the straps over her shoulder, he noticed it at one go that she was not wearing a bra, her

nipples points were hitting the flimsy dress....... her bare white beautiful arms and soft parts of her cleavage......Gyan got an erection in his pant and

Neha on seeing him looking with lusty eyes, put one hand over her chest and kindly re-asked, ‘you need something’ in a soft voice bending her head down. It

was then that Neha realised that she was in her nighty in front of a stranger and her body was arousing the man. She tried to be kind and generous in the

sense of helping as the man was a newcomer in her village, but at that moment after seeing the looks of the man she felt disturbed and shame invaded her

self. She did not come in front of him with any thoughts like that. She very kindly, only wished to help and tried to be helpful to someone who is a

complete stranger to that place..... But she felt things were going in the wrong way and she pulled the door closed.

By then Gyan understood that there were no men in the house or else they would have come to see who was at the door. So he talked back, while Neha pulled

the curtain to cover her bare parts which were visible and listened to him. And Now Gyan was confident, he no longer stammered and thinking of the way

yesterday she had received Subhash, he talked, “You see, I left home too early and have not had tea, so if I could get a cup of tea please.”

On hearing that Neha felt sorry and thought she was imagining things in vain and the man was only wishing to have tea, she opened back the door and

generously asked him in, and said, ”Oh! Yes, why nor, just a minute, I will serve you tea, its still hot as I just served my husband and f****y members.

Please be seated.”

She walked in the corridor towards the kitchen while Gyan sat on the couch in the lounge, and he watched her back, the triangular form of her panty was

visible through the flimsy nighty she had worn. Neha on her part showed innocence as she thought the man only needed a cup of tea and had no bad intentions.

From the kitchen she heard Gyan asking, “Your f****y members have already left for work, they leave very early?” She answered sweetly trying to be casual

and friendly to a stranger whom she was pitying and serving tea replied, “Hmm, yes they go to the fields, so by before 6 they leave the house everyday,

someday even before that.” Gyan was arranging his erect cock in his pant when Neha walked in with the cup of tea in her hand which she submitted to him

putting a hand over her chest to prevent the nighty hang to let her boobs be seen. Gyan started sipping the tea and his eyes were on her body staring from

tip to toe. Neha stood there expecting him to return the cup after finishing the tea.

She tried to talk so as to break the silence which was disturbing when she noticed his eyes lingering her body. She asked, “How come you came so early

today?” Gyan was in no mood to talk worldly matters but only wished to hold her in his arms. But though he replied, “Oh I was not able to sl**p well last

night I had a nightmare and so woke up quite early.” He finished the tea gave her the cup which she took and walked towards the kitchen, and in the corridor

she heard steps coming behind her..... She did not turn but quickened her steps and when she reached the sink where she kept the cup she was held from

behind by the strong arms of Gyan. She shivered and her heartbeats fastened, and she angrily said, “What’s wrong with you Mister? Leave me or else I will

scream!” Gyan’s dick was rubbing on her butt and his mouth was roaming over her cheeks and neck, moving the nighty’s straps his tongue licking her bare arms

she was struggling in his enlaced in his strong dark arms......

Neha was becoming furious and loudly ordered. “Will you leave me or do I shout?” Gyan answered forcing his dick to her butt, “Who on earth will hear you

here darling? Such a sensual woman like you needs a cock like mine to enter you, I am longing for you since the first day I saw you here sweetheart, let me

enjoy a bit will love it, just give it a chance my love!” And by then his both hands started brutally fondling her round firm breasts over her

flimsy nighty, his cock still in his jeans continued savagely rubbing to her butt, she was trying to sit but he was too strong and lifting her up each time

that she was trying that movement... it was going very very fast all these happenings... after that Neha started in a pleading voice, “Please leave me, I am

not that type of woman, I am married and my husband is a nice person, look I have been kind to serve you tea, I give you all water everyday, please don’t do

that to me...”

Gyan did not listen at all and continued in his doings and he was at that time lifting her nighty and his dark big hand was roaming over the white soft skin

of her thighs, till it reached her panty which he was trying to pull down, but Neha moved hard to prevent him removing it, by then one strap of her nighty

had fallen to her arm and Gyan was licking the soft part near her armpit, and he sucked that part to leave a red snap, he drank the juice provided by the

suck of her soft skin... They were still in the standing position and Neha was moving hard in his grip to get out but she was unsuccessful as Gyan was too

big and strong....

Gyan said, “Why al these dramas baby? You are a married woman and you know what it is to receive a cock in your pussy, you do enjoy it with your husband

hmmm? So lets do it with me too, you will enjoy it I bet sweety, come on, stop struggling like this, come on, lets go to your bedroom,” and he lifted her up

in his arms like a small c***d and started walking in the corridor..... Neha got tired by struggling and found that he will not let go without fucking her

and she surrendered....... while he was carrying her still in the corridor, he did not know which room to open and Neha herself from his arms opened her

room’s door....Gyan felt amused and understood he was now accepted because she opened the bedroom’s door herself......

Once in the room, Gyan put Neha on the bed, she sat, and he started taking out his clothes very quickly. Neha sat there watching him, moving up the fallen

strap of her nighty from her shoulder...... The on seeing his big round belly she giggled and said, “I have never seen such a big belly in my life!” and

laughed. Gyan was removing his underwear and said, wait and tell me if you have seen this one, and he held his big dark, long erect cock in his hand and

pointed it towards her...Neha put a hand to her face looking at the cock and gasped, “oh! Its biiiiig!” And happily Gyan, on seeing her in a nice mood,

brought his dark cock near her mouth as she was sitting. Neha looked in his eyes, twisted her nose, mocked him and holding that cock in her white tender

hand said, ”You naughty man! You would have ****d me if I would not have given up isn’t it?” He smiled gladly and said with a hiss, “ take it baby, take it

in your sweet mouth it is eager to feel your warm touch there.....” Neha caressed it all along till his balls and bent her head to lightly run her tongue

over the tips first, got it moistened, then slowly slide it in her mouth....

Gyan hissed and stood up over his toes excited and groaned, “aaghghg!! Yessss, yes baby, take it full in your mouth, suck it, sssssshshshshsh...suck it well


Neha started moving her head giving a good suck and felt wetting down her panty.... she was going on sucking and twisting her body as she was becoming horny

by then, and Gyan moved up her nighty over her hips at the same time that she was continuing sucking, he pierced his finger in her wet sticky panty to make

her give a moan with the continuation of the suck........

And after a while of getting sucked, Gyan sat down on the floor, parted the legs of Neha, put his head in between and started licking her wet pussy...she

was flowing her liquid on his touch.... and Gyan with apetit drank her juices, which made Neha giving moans and sharp hisses......She held his head in both

her hands, opened her legs well apart and enjoyed his sucking.... then gradually, Gyan removed her panty and pulled out her nighty to make her nude, she was

still sitting naked in front of him, and Gyan admired that white and partly pink flesh of Neha.... then he mounted over the bed, he also all naked and took

Neha in his arms tenderly, and his tongue opened way in her mouth and they both started drinking juices of each other’s tongues...... their arms were around

each other’s shoulders, and Neha’s fingers were caressing his dark skinned back, which made a big contrast of black and white colour....

And soon they were both lying over the bed and Gyan was over her, her legs parted apart and he was penetrating his cock into her wet pussy, and as it

entered Neha gave a moan with a hiss and stretched her whole body twisting like a moving snake... Gyan also was hissing while enjoying the fuck and her

delicate body which he was only yesterday admiring from the garage......

The fuck continued and neha was moaning louder and louder with sharp voice while Gyan accelerated the blows one after the other, he was sweating and Neha

was kissing his sweat, and licking his skin...and suddenly she clutched him strongly and moaned loudly saying,” Yes, yes...aaaaahhh I am reaching my orgasm,

fuck harder, harder, don’t dtop.... ssshshshshshsh..... oH my God! Its superb, I like it...why was I refusing you? Its so


And she rested her head over his shoulder biting him and sucking his skin. Gyan also started groaning while he was about to ejaculate, “A a shh aghaghagh,

shshshshshs yesssssssssss,” and he took out his dick fast from the pussy andbrought it to her mouth, and shot the thick liquid over her breasts and cheek,

part of it went over her forehead, which she wiped off..... And he put his cock to her mouth and she wiped the rest of the cum with her tongue, looking him

in his eyes with a mischievous smile..........................

Gyan, after feeling pleased by discharging, over Neha, and very happy by the way she sucked the last drop of his shots, then bent over her to take her mouth

in his and kissed her lovingly. It all happened within only 15 minutes...... He then took his underwear put it on him and sat on the bed by her side while

she was pulling her nighty to wear. He asked her, “You never wear your Bra at night? She smiled at him replying, “No, it should not be worn at night to ease

the breasts to be free and then husband also gets it free!" Gyan, sat close to her and said, why are you wearing the dress, let me appreciate your nude body

more. She said, “Why, all this time did not you appreciate it?” then Gyan after glancing at his watch said, “But it’s still too early! Only 15 minutes we

did all this! What to do now?”

Neha while pulling the strap over her shoulder found the red mark made by his suck, exclaimed, “Look, my father-in-law and b*****r-in-law will notice this,

what have you done!” she immediately realised that she mentioned the wrong names and blushed, correcting, “I mean my husband will ask questions!” Gyan

thought for a moment then asked staring in her face, “You just said ‘your father-in-law and b*****r-in-law’!! hmmm! What’s up? They will look there under

your armpits almost? They also get access there to view? They are lucky men!!”

Neha got out of the bed saying she was going to pee, and added, “I just missed it by saying so. And by the way when I am in my nighty in the early morning

to prepare their food, won’t they find this dark red spot? It is visible on my fair skin! This is what I meant” she then walked to the toilet.

Gyan felt that she was hiding things and deep in him he thought she is a horny girl and who knows, it could be that her father-in-law and b*****r-in-law

fuck her! Thinking this Gyan felt his erection growing again and visualised her with an old man fucking her!! He thought how an old man would be happy to

enjoy that young, hot body of Neha. He got very excited and was hard more and thought he can fuck her more as he had lots of time in front of him.

Neha on her side in the toilet she was thinking how she wronged by mentioning the names of the persons she should never have spoken! She thought Gyan must

be thinking over it and will doubt her having i****t relation ship with her in laws. She was feeling hot on thinking how she mentioned her in laws name to

him, she thought she is so much used to the in laws that their names come first when sexual relationship is concerned.

When she was back from the toilet she was expecting Gyan to be already dressed to leave, but was surprised to see him still sitting on the bed and she

noticed his underwear inflated and knew he was erect again. As soon as she was passing by near the bed, he pulled her by her hand over him and murmured, “So

you give it to your old father-in-law too....he is a lucky old man, tell me baby, you enjoy old cocks? Hmmm?” Neha struggled in his arms objecting that it’s

false and he is making accusations. Gyan, started kissing her neck again and bite her again like earlier, this time on the back of her neck, which will be

covered by her long, thick hair, and Gyan continued fondling her and passing his hand all over her body and licking her all over again while trying to pull

out her nighty once again.

He had soon pushed her lying over the bed again and was over her licking her neck with the straps moved down up to her breasts. His big belly was almost up

over the belly of Neha and she laughed, “Look at your big belly, it is pressing over mine and it’s tough! How could you have such a big belly! And then you

are so fat! Never a fat man like you had slept with me! And never had I slept with a dark, black skinned man like you!”

Gyan asked her, “Tell me sweetheart, how many fair men have you slept with then? I feel it hard that you have slept with many men you cunning young woman!

Have not you? You know cocks very well you, you suck so well. You are horny, you love it isn’t it?” Neha pushed him with all her f***e saying, “Stop it, I

don’t like such vulgar way of talks. Why should I tell you if I have ever slept with other men? Should i? It’s my personal matter, mind you, you dark dog!”

Gyan, was amused by her way of replying and laughing held her again and asked, ”You like to be fucked by any man? Any other man, will you give your pussy to

any man?” “ Shut up” Neha scolded.

By then, Gyan had already moved her straps down to her belly and was kissing her swollen breast, passing his tongue making circles on her nipples, and she

was twisting with little cute moans in an angry way as if pushing him....

Gyan was enjoying the moments and said, looking in her beautiful eyes, “Look, let’s play a game.” “What game?” Neha asked. He replied, “Let me be your

father-in-law and you are my son’s wife and I am wishing to fuck you but you are objecting but I f***e you to be fucked!” she said, “No! I won’t do that.”

He was very excited again and hissed in a lustful way said, “Come on please participate. You will see it will be wonderful and you will enjoy it.” She

asked, “What’s the difference anyhow you will do it” He answered, there will be a big difference if you play my daughter-in-law, I want you to be natural,

act like a natural daughter in law in the house and I will be the old father-in-law whom you will come to serve tea in this room and I will hold you on the

bed...” Neha was reluctant, but he took her out of the bed and, put on her dress again and asked her to go out and come in again by calling him ‘father’.

Neha annoyed asked, “what’s all this man?” he said with great excitement in his voice, “ do it just do it. I will be lying on the bed in this underwear only

and you will get in with a cup of tea dressed in your nighty and I will want to fuck you and you will refuse but I will f***e you, you must go on struggling

by refusing but I will succeed to fuck, you will surrender only at the last moment when you will be nearing your orgasm....come on, go back and you come in

again, and come with a real cup of tea, I want to make it feel real.” Despite not willing to do that Neha obeyed.

She tried to put her in the role of a good, daughter-in-law who has never been touched by any other man except her husband and went to bring tea for her

father-in-law. She tried to put herself in the shoes of those personae. Gyan took a paper in his hand as if he was reading on the bed.

She knocked and asked, ”Father, may I come in?” Gyan had not told her to do that, and was happy that she was improvising. He answered, “Yes, beti, please

come in.”

And as soon as she got in with the tea, he stared in her face and looked at her body from tip to toe, and glanced through her flimsy dress. Neha was feeling

like laughing as she was acting. And she placed the cup of tea near him. And said, “here is your tea father” Gyan said “Look at my underwear and feel

ashamed, then look in my eyes with shame.” Neha did same. She deep in her felt it was true, that she was the BAHU of this man and was seeing him on the bed

with his underwear and his dick erect in it. And she really blushed and looked away. When she did that, Gyan took her hand and pulled her over him. Neha

deep in the role play said, “Father what is this ugly manner! Leave my hands!”

Gyan was pleased and put his arms around her saying, “Oh my lovely, sexy hot. Beti, today this father-in-law wants you. Come, please to this old father of

yours.” Neha hit him and struggled to get out of his grip, and Gyan got to stand up to hold her as she was becoming violent..... a big struggle took place

and Neha was going on struggling and hiting him, and Gyan started moving up her nighty running his hands over her legs and things, kissing her shoulder,

running his tongue over her cheeks, her hair flung open, s**ttered all over her body. It was looking a real fight like scene and Neha sat down on the floor

to prevent him from lifting up her dress, while Gyan was still holding her firm in his arms, continuing caressing her and he groaned these words, “You come

to serve your father-in-law tea in this flimsy nighty, without a bra, showing me your tits and you want me not to do this? You are inviting me to see your

sexy hot, body and here you are sexy beti....” and he pulled out her nighty with f***e that the straps got broken and was torn at some parts.

Gyan was now doing it violently and Neha was participating very well like being really attacked by her father-in-law.

They were both living the roles. Gyan then lifted her in his strong arms and threw her over the bed. Neha covered her breast with her hands and turned over

her belly to hide them. She was with only her panty and all her back was naked...Gyan kissed her back, run his tongue all over her spine, she moved and

returned to hit him on his face, Gyan held both her hands, and f***ed them at the back and put his mouth over her breasts and savagely kissed and licked

them, and neha shouted, “Father, shame on you! What are you doing, I am your daughter-in-law, I am like your own daughter, what devil is in you?” “I want to

fuck this daughter in law, now shut up and get fucked!” said Gyan and pulled her panty out, and removed his underwear and rubbed his dark, black hard cock

over her pussy while she was still struggling and, he moved the dick over her breasts and massaged them with the dick, then at last f***ed the cock in her

pussy.... she was yet still struggling with the cock in her pussy ... Gyan pushed her head pressed over the bed and started giving blows harder and harder

in her pussy, while Neha was still trying her best to get that cock out of her by moving her hips sideways...... THEN SHE STARTED PANTING SAYING,”Oh, I am

tired now. And sighed.... Gyan was going on with the blows enjoying her pussy and kissing her neck then her breasts....Neha stood still for a while then

moved hard once more and his cock was out... Neha tried to stand up, but Gyan pulled her by the back and she lay flat over her back on the bed, and Gyan

facing her ass...wished to fuck her ass.... and he parted both her legs with f***e sideways and put his cock on the beginning of the opening of her ass, she

looked back at him and shouted, “No!! Not there, but Gyan, spat on the hole and introduced his big cock in it and violently started giving blows.... NEHA

MOANED AND MOANED WITH HISSES AND WHINES AND SOBS.... but Gyan was feeling so good with his cock doing to and fro in her tight ass...the more she was

moaning the more Gyan was feeling good and enjoying it.... and at last Neha lay flat under him exhausted, when Gyan groaned loudly like a lion, “OH!! MY


And Neha complaining, “Father, it’s very bad, you should not have done this. Very bad of you, what face shall I show your son now father??”

And after a while both laughed, and Neha said she really enjoyed that.......

Well Gyan stayed in Neha’s company for more 15 minutes and left before the other workers came. Neha reminded her not to speak any word to the others

especially not to Subhash.

The men came nearly at 9 AM and they started working. Neha went to have a good shower, cleaning herself to let Pravind get her body clean when he will come,

or at least the father-in-law, but her body will not be a left over for them she thought.

Subhash was waiting for Neha to come outside near the tap to go to fill water in the bottles. Normally she comes by ten o’clock but it was almost 11 and she

was not there.... They were talking among themselves that may be she was not here and had gone out. Gyan was listening but kept quiet. H e deep inside

himself felt amused that he had enjoyed her twice and Subhash does not know and he believes to be the great gallant and womaniser.

Subhas was thinking the way yesterday he kissed her cheeks and fondled her breasts he was almost near to get her to fuck and had thought to get her on her

bed today....but he was very disappointed on not seeing her at all.

And Neha from inside the house was looking at the garage and knew that Subhash was looking for her, if Gyan had not fucked her may be today she would have

fucked subhash she thought to herself. She felt sorry for him she liked him as he reminded Pravindra to her..... She thought may be someday he will get a

chance with her.

The whole day Subhash did not see Neha, he went to fill the bottles without seeing her and Neha watched him from inside. It was only in the afternoon when

they went to wash themselves before going home that Neha appeared near the doorstep to say hi. Subhash went close to her and kissed her on the cheek in

front of his friends, Neha let him do it and accepted it as a greeting. When Subhash enquired why she did not get out at all Neha simply replied that she

did not have clothes to wash and then she had a head ache. Gyan was stealing a look at Neha and she was also looking at him now and then while talking to


When they finished their wash and went to the garage to get dress, Gyan stayed to be the last to wash himself and talked to Neha slowly. He said, “I will

not go home with them, I will let them go and come inside when they are gone, want to have some more time with you honey.” Neha said, “You can’t as my

f****y members will be back.” But Gyan said, “They come by 5/5.30 you said, so now its only 4PM, we have more than an hour, same time I will come to know

your men of the house!” Neha replied, 2No sometimes they return by 4.30 also, and what if today they come at that time?” Gyan said, “We will hear the

vehicle getting inside and I will get out of the back door and get out.” Neha was standing near the door, at the threshold, and Gyan approached her, put his

arm around her waist, and pulled her over his body and took her mouth in his and kissed her hard. Meanwhile he thrust his hard dick over her thighs and

said, “Look how I am hard again, I am longing to put it in you sweetheart.” Neha kissed him back and let him thrust and looked in the direction of the

garage to see if nobody was watching, but she said, “No don’t come at this hour, I don’t want to take the risk, okay come tomorrow morning like today you

did!” Gyan felt very happy that she voluntarily invited him for the next morning, but he wished to fuck her at this time, but since she was reluctant, he

accepted it for the next morning again.

So all garage people went back to the city and Neha waited for her f****y men. They came by 6 PM. She thought, ‘They come so late, Gyan, the dark big belly

could have very well stayed!’........
Well , back in the f****y....Pravindra was eager to get her...he was not leaving her at all, he was on every opportunity shoving his dick on her butt when

she was in the kitchen....he was at times holding her, soon kissing her then on another occasion caressing her.... Neha was understanding that two nights he

did not do it, so he needs it.... but she had a worry, the father-in-law also had not done it two last nights, so he also will expect her in his bedroom at

night!! She was in a dilemma!
The father-in –law was watching serials on TV when Pravindra was annoying her in the kitchen. Once, the old man came in the kitchen to fetch some water, and

almost missed coming face to face with them lost in a kiss. Neha was in Pravindra’s arm and both were having a very passionate kiss. When the father got in

the kitchen he did not look on their side, but had the back turned to them as he only took a glass and was facing the table when they saw him and broke off!

Neha’s heart pounded in her stomach. Pravindra himself shivered! They were saved by far.

Well night reached them at last. It was 9 PM when all three except Ravindra, were in the lounge watching TV. Neha intentionally did not sit close to the old

man so as not to arouse him. Pravindra was sitting near her and without being noticed was putting his hand under her skirt and was squeezing her pussy.....

He was wetting her panty, and took out the finger to lick it.... And after about half an hour they heard a snore! They both looked at the father he was

asl**p and snoring on the couch! Neha and Pravindra looked in each other’s face and laughed.

Then Pravindra went to move him and ask him to go to bed as he was snoring. The oldie got up and walked to his room missed some steps as if he was d***k.

Then after a while that he was gone, Pravindra took Neha in his arms after switching the TV and carried her to her bedroom. They were looking like husband

and wife in their home..... Neha had pleasantly surrounded his shoulders, and was kissing him while he walked her on his bed closing the door very slowly.

And Pravindra delicately undressed her little by little, bit by bit to explore her whole body from tip to toe..... He undressed himself, and were both naked

to the bones, and he started kissing her from her toes and gradually mounted up and up, reaching her calf, then knees, then her sexy, desirable thighs, and

planted a hot kiss over both thighs..... Neha had started quivering by then and was holding his hair and pulling them....... when Pravindra reached her

pussy, she was already wet there and Pravindra drank the juice...then licked her belly, her navel and reached her breasts..... He was like a hungry wolf he

crushed the breasts in his hands, ran his hot, wet tongue over both glands, kissed, licked and started sucking the nipples which got erect by his

touch....... Neha was giving moans and twisting over the bed unconditioning the bed sheet...... At the same time Pravindra’s hard cock was pressing against

his bhabhi’s thighs, he was wet too, and Neha felt his first liquid over her thighs..... And Pravindra too moaned when Neha put her hand over his cock, and

stroked it....

But nobody had thought that the old man could wake up and walk to get Neha from her room like he have done in the past various time!! Yes he felt like going

to pee. So he went to the toilet and when he was returning, he went to Neha’s room to find her not there...So he thought she was still watching TV, and when

he was about to go towards the lounge that he heard moans in Pravindra’s room!! There they were both on the verge of reaching orgasm, and Neha cried with

joy and pleasure reaching her orgasm and Pravindra too tool the liberty to groan with all his f***e as if only they two were in the house....... The old man

was no fool not to understand what was going on..... He sweated, felt hot, and felt sick.... his heartbeats increased and felt dizzy... he found dark in

front of him...and he walked slowly towards his room, leaning over the walls...... he got outside to breath fresh air.... he felt he was going to get a

stroke...... He did not know what to do! He felt ashamed of himself. He felt disgust towards himself. He thought if he would not have been like that may be

his Pravindra would not have been doing such a shameful act. He was fucking his s****r-in-law!! The father felt very sorry for his poor Ravindra.... he

thought both father and son were cheating him including his wife.... the oldie wanted to kill himself, guilt invaded his whole self... he wanted to shout.

His mental torture was increasing thinking of all that he witnessed.... he sat down on his feet and held his head in both his hands and cried. He cried for

his sin he committed.........

But he is old so had such guilt feelings, but not the youngs who want to enjoy to the maximum of life’s pleasure who are going to think over such

Anyhow the old father was now aware about the relationship of Neha and Pravindra........ The old man slowly went to his bed and felt he will never again

feel erect seeing Neha... he will never wish to fuck her anymore he thought.....

The next morning the old man woke up very early, had bath as if he was purifying himself. He then had special prayers loudly which awoke all others in the

house, he was burning incense sticks and walking all around the house, pronouncing holy scriptures wordings loudly, he went to the deities and prayed and


Neha got up, made the tea and did all the chores before all the men got ready to leave the house. The two sons got out first, sat in the 2by 4 and waited

for the old man to come, as it was he who has always driven his vehicle. And the father-in-law approached Neha, she thought he was going to hold her and

kiss her or will pull her nighty to suck her tits...... but Neha was stunned when the old man told her, “Beti please forgive me. Forgive for all I have done

to you. Forgive me for I have taken you i*****lly. Say you forgive me, say it please it’s important for me, say it Neha beti.” Neha replied, “No need to ask

for forgiveness with me pitaji, I enjoyed all that happened, you showed me many good things, you taught me to make love...” But he insisted, “No it was very

bad. Very very bad. It was wrong. It should not have happened. Tell me you forgive me or else God will not forgive me.” And Neha said, “okay okay I do

forgive you pitaji.” And the old man left the house with tears filled in his eyes, he looked in Neha’s face and kissed her forehead, and said goodbye to


The 2x4 left their yard, and Neha waved goodbye, and went to the kitchen thinking why the old man said all that..... well she just ignored it and started

waiting for Gyan....she felt horny thinking of his dark skin and big belly.....

Just some minutes later she heard knocking at the front door, she gladly went to open thinking Gyan was there, she even moved one strap of the nighty down

her shoulder to seduce him, when she moved the curtain of the door, she was shocked to see more than 5/6 persons standing at her doorstep. She got afraid,

thinking they might have come to attack her or to steal they were thieves she thought, so she opened a window and asked what they wanted. The men said,

“Your father-in-law’s car had a very serious accident, and all three men have been transported to the hospital by police services. A big truck coming from

the opposite side crashed plenty against it. The 4x2 is completely damaged; we got much problem to get them out amongst torn steel.”
Neha felt dizzy and fell down on the floor....................

Everybody of the surrounding of Pravind’s neighbours was at the hospital including Neha.
Her husband Ravindra was sitting at the front with his father and Pavindra was at the back seat when the accident occurred.

The father-in-law was in an intensive care unit ward and was asking for Neha inside. Doctors came outside to ask who was Neha. People gathered there told

Neha to go inside. She got in and found the father-in-law in very critical condition as if he was to breathe his last breath. He announced, “you are a widow

now beta” Neha started crying and said people outside told her but she was not sure that Ravindra expired. The old man said, “He died in front of me when we

were still in the vehicle, I was trying to talk to him and he expired in front of my eyes, his throat was transpierced with a metal” The father-in-law,

looked for Neha’s hands, took them in his palm and said, “Beta Neha, I will not hold on longer, I am seriously injured in the abdomen and chest, its

bleeding and my lungs have been touched with the metals, listen to me well, and promise me that you will do what I am going to ask.” He was uttering the

words one by one with lots of pain and difficulty. Neha was going on crying and holding his hands in her hands and caressing his cheeks very affectionately.

She promised to do what he will ask. So he said, “Beta do me a great favour, please marry Pravindra. I know you love each other and, I came to know your

relationship last night when you were in his room. I was going to look for you, and on not seeing you in your room and hearing your moans in Pravindra’s

room, I knew all. So please marry him as Ravindra is no more now. And look after him and extend my f****y. Bring along many c***dren and look after

Pravindra and the whole f****y you will bring up..... Love all, I have too many lands, hundreds of people will survive with them, there is space for

many.... Tell Pravindra to give to the poor and help them always and you too, give generously.”

Neha sobbed and promised to do all that he said. But Neha added, “But pitaji, please get well, I have many things to tell you more and to clear. I am

confused as what to do with certain things which I don’t want to mention here. Please get well, I need you by my side too.” The old said with a light smile,

“You will no longer be confused ever again. You are mature, and will know how to take decisions. Life will teach you all. Just take care of Pravindra, he is

still a bit c***dish and have the habit of having all in hand, from food to wealth. He even got you easily!”

A panel of doctors invaded the room and asked Neha to go out and they took the old in the operation theatre.

Neha enquired about Pravindra with the doctors, and they told her he was just examined at the operation theatre and has been shifted to a ward and is doing

fine with light injuries on the arms and legs plus the forehead only. He got syncope as he was hit on the head, or else he is fine.

Neha ran to the ward where Pravindra was. They held each other and cried on the hospital bed. He also learnt that his elder b*****r died.

The next day the old man too died!

Pravindra was discharged from the hospital only after 3 days as he was not serious at all. He was walking normal, and had only a bandage on the right arm.

According to the traditions, the wearing of white sari being a widow, and all that was followed by Neha. But Pravindra was against all those customs and

told her to stop being dressed that way as he did not believe in all those traditions.....

Gyan was coming in the garage everyday and Subhash too and were aware of all the turns of events there. They both were thinking now Neha is completely free

without a man in her life and she will long for a cock more than ever!! But they were not aware that the b*****r-in-law was there for her! Though Gyan at

times thought what if the b*****r–in-law will try to fuck her as they two are alone in the house.... he was feeling upset thinking of all that....

Neha was mourning for the two deaths occurred in the f****y wearing the white sari and undergoing the religious practices.... a priest (pundit) was coming

everyday in the house for prayers. Some day Pravindra was assisting and some days Neha alone as Pravindra started going to look after the fields alone

leaving Mr. Sharma’s job. He was learning the process of the field’s works by the workers who have served his father for several years.......

The priest told Neha for the next forty days he will continue with the ceremony of the prayers etc.
Gyan, some days saw Neha in her white sari, and she only had a look at them but did not talk and she got back in........

About 25 days elapsed. And one day Neha wa washing clothes on the stone, still dressed in the white sari when both Gyan and Subhash went to talk to her. She

was not smiling at all but talked to them. They told her, its life, we have got to accept the facts though it’s painful and gradually she will be fine

...... She thanked them for their concern and kindly smiled at them. Even in that white mourning sari she was looking gorgeous! Her white skin of the waist,

her breasts in the blouse, her long hair open all over her back.... she was like a sex symbol......

The priest who officed the prayers when Neha had to sit close to him, often had an eye over her silhouette..... She got very much used to him as he was

coming everyday for the 25 days.... he had to continue till the 40th day.... He came in the morning everyday, early as soon as Pravindra left for the

fields. So he was always alone with her...........

So now Neha was very much used to the Priest and she talked anything with him. She was considering him as an elderly person to whom she can confide and she

had a burden she wanted to share or rather she wished to confess. But she was reluctant and waited for the appropriate opportunity to talk.

Now since the accident took place and after the funerals, Pravindra was affected in a sort being fatherless in a sudden, and all those heavy

responsibilities over his shoulders, then Neha had told him his father had told them to get married. Pravindra had told Neha that his father told that to

him also while they were being driven to the hospital after the accident and he also had told him that he knew about their relationship. And he had no

objections and wanted Neha to be his wife. Between them it was decided that they would get married once the mourning ended. But they had not yet spoken

about it to their parents and relatives.

So Pravindra was as if tormented with such burdens on him and, was not feeling physically fit at times. He was feeling worn out at the end of the day. It

was the 35th day after the funeral and he had not had sex with Neha as she was mourning and she was sl**ping alone in her room and Pravindra in his. A hot

woman like Neha sl**ping without sex was abnormal, but she was trying her best as she was carrying mourns of two persons. She was having wet dreams many

nights.... she dreamt her father fucking night she woke up in sweats as she dreamt the dead father-in-law fucking her and was sl**ping by her

side on her husband’s place.... some nights she dreamt Gyan fucking her..... She did not know either she was missing a cock or it was her dreams only.....

Many a time she stole looks of Gyan and Subhash in the garage from her house hiding behind the curtains. When her father came to visit her and when he

hugged her she felt shivers in her... but the father or even b*****rs did not approach her that way as the all thought she was mourning for her husband so

they did not find that fair to go sex with her, they were all waiting for the 40 days to end.

For Neha it was a 40 days fast for sex!! In the beginning 10 days she was very strong and did not think of sex at all, but gradually she started having

those dreams and wet dreams.... often in the middle of the night she got to wake up and change wet panties......
Now, on the 35th day when the priest was going on with the rites and rituals, she was sitting just opposite him, she was in her white sari, the veil over

her head, despite that her waist was uncovered and her blouse was stuck to her breasts which gave the form of her swollen breasts. The priests despite him

since the beginning was having looks at her when she was not looking at him.... once, days before, when she served something to the priest, her veil had

fallen down and the priest had a peek at her cleavage and had not moved his eyes from there and Neha had seen that.

On this 35th day, the priest dressed in his ‘dhoti’ had crossed his legs like in yoga position and Neha who was opposite, her head bent down, and her eyes

went on the priest’s thighs, which was white and hairs all over it..... Neha felt something in her whole body, her spine got a quiver and she moved her eyes

a bit further to see the dick of the priest inflating his ‘dhoti’ material. On seeing that Neha, looked up in his face to see his eyes staring Neha’s body.

She asked herself, “Is he erect by looking at me or is that natural in him?” she was not sure.

She was almost 19 years now and was a woman who knew men very well and had great experience, despite that she was confused about the priest. And now she had

to talk an important matter to him, so she was more confused either to talk or not. She had placed her trust in him since the beginning but now that she saw

that she was reluctant.

Every day when the priest finished the prayers, she served him food. He lunched there everyday then left. And all those days while she served him food, he

sat down on a sheet and she got to bend down to serve and the priest admired her whole silhouette and often her veil fell down to let her blouse and the

cleavage visible and the priest waited for that view. And Neha sitting there was thinking of all the past 34 days in his company alone with him...... she

took a deep breath which made the priest stop the prayers to ask her, “You are not well bitia?” She stammered, “Hmm n.. no, I ... I...” The priest told her

to go to rest if she was unwell. But she said she was fine and stayed there. The priest then said, “Don’t worry, you have had patience all these day but now

only 5 days are left and we will do the last Rituals, then you will be free bitia.”

Then after another deep breath Neha spoke:

- Pundit ji, I have to talk to you. I have very important things to tell you and have to ask for guidance.
- Yes bitia, go on, I am here to help you and guide you.
- But pundit ji, I’ts a f****y matter and I want a solemn promise from you that you will never divulge it to anybody at all.
- Don’t worry my girl, we, priests know many people’s secrets and we never tell anybody. God looks at us and we cannot divulge things which are personal.

Neha blushed, felt hot and transpired. She took another deep breath and was about to talk when the priest said, “Don’t worry bitia, if you want to take time

you tell it to me another day. But Neha said, “No I want to speak now, itself, finish with the prayer then I will tell you.”

The priest continued with the prayers and after 10 minutes finished and after a while spoke to Neha, “Okay my girl now tell me your problem, I will do all

my best to help you out.”

Neha felt her throat dry before she talked. She arranged her veil over her head which was falling and she managed it over her blouse as well, for her white

blouse could not conceal her inner black bra she was wearing. The priest was observing all that plus her beautiful waist which were inviting...... He was

waiting for Neha to talk and looking in her face, while Neha swallowed her own saliva which made her throat move and the priest understood there was

something serious.
He asked her to talk without hesitation once again. Neha’s eyes went over his ‘dhoti’ once again and she saw his dick almost hard there.... But she had to

talk..... she hesitated and started:

-Pundit Ji, I am pregnant.
-That’s not a problem bitia. It’s good. You have the right.
-But Pundit Ji, the c***d is not for my husband.
-Oh! So who is the father?
-I am hesitating to say it to you.
-No, don’t worry, it will remain a secret. We will tell the whole world that you are pregnant for your husband, only you alone will know that it is not your

c***d. No problem in that. For how long are you pregnant? You do not look pregnant at all your belly looks normal, it is not big at all... is it the

beginning bitia?
-It’s 2 months already pundit ji.
-Two months only, that’s why it is not visible. So tell me who is the father?

The priest got a fierce hard on thinking that she has been fucked by someone else, so he could try her now, his cock seemed to get out of his ‘dhoti’. Neha

also was looking at him there every now and then and she was also feeling that when he will learn the person who made her pregnant he will want his piece of

cake too....
The pundit repeated comforting her that it was not a big deal just tell who was the father of the c***d in her womb......

And neha said:

- Pundit ji you will not be angry if that’s a sin?
- Oh no why could that be a sin? It’s God who is giving that new life in your womb so it cannot be a sin. Tell me who is he?

- He is my father-in-law.

And she related she is only 2 months pregnant. Her belly did not have any abnormal form. She was looking perfectly normal. Nobody would know she was

pregnant. Readers will remember when she had gone to her village when her mother was sick and she had told her father to come inside her, that is because

then she was already aware that she had conceived for her father-in-law. That was 2 months ago.

The Priest had doubts that there was something to with the f****y members, but did not think of that old late father-in-law of hers! Deep inside him the

priest felt happy as he thought if she had fucked her old father-in-law means that he will get her too. He was thinking why he did not learn it earlier as

only 5 days were left for him now to be with this young hot lady of 19 years old. He had a smile and gently asked by holding her hands in his, patting them,

“Okay don’t worry bitia, I will not talk about this to anybody, now explain me how it all happened.” He sat closer to her, both were sitting down on the

floor over a sheet, and his legs started touching Neha’s while he was talking by then. He was hard erect.

Neha explained that her husband was not someone who could make love so it was the father-in-law who was making love to her and she got used to him and let

him do that as he wanted to have heirs for his f****y. Neha did not relate that she really liked it and her b*****r-in-law and others too had sex with her.

She gave an image that by compulsion that she let that happen.
And she added that now her father-in-law’s last wish was that she got married to Pravind and look after him and bring up his heirs.

During the conversation the priest was longing to hold her and kiss her and fuck her on the spot....but he was a 62 years old man, who was a widower since

the last 11 years who had not had any woman all those days and now having a young woman aged 19 and who had sex with her father-in-law, he was experiencing

a delicate situation. So being an experienced man he knew how to play his game using diplomacy.

Gradually during the talk he had brought Neha’s hands over his lap and her hands were over his ‘dhoti’ near his dick. Neha did not notice it when she was

absorbed in the talks. When she finished talking that she found her hands very close to his cock, and was willing to pull it back but the priest had held

them tight in his and he talked:

-Well, concerning your marriage with your younger b*****r-in-law, it’s not a problem. I will get you married to him myself. But please relate me my girl,

were you sl**ping with your father-in-law everyday and was your husband aware that his father was sharing your bed?
-Yes he knew it. Almost every night I was going in my father-in-law’s room and was staying with him all night on his bed till morning.

-And you loved it when he was doing that to you? Or did he f***e you to do that?
-In the beginning I was reluctant then I got used to it and liked it gradually. He was like my real husband in the house.

By then the Priest had taken her hands and put it full over his hard cock and Neha felt his hard dick under her palms and pulled her hands out of his

saying, “Pundit ji what are you doing?” but the priest then said smiling, “I am also like your father-in-law bitia, I am a human too and have feelings,

since the first day I am coming and am alone in your company, I find you terribly exciting and now that you have told me all this I find in you a person who

can quench my thirst of 11 years. Look girl, I am a widower since the last 11 years and have not touched a woman since, so God today has given me such a

beauty, then how can I let this go Bitia, please me also my girl, oh my sweet darling.”

Neha blushed and stood up breaking her hands from his grip. The priest hurried his steps behind her when Neha walked towards her room. He caught her from

behind and this time her ass was thrusting over his hard cock, and he was moving his hips in a fucking way while still standing, and Neha did not know what

to do...... 35 days she has not been fucked and she was horny too, but out of respect for the priest she had a sort of fear and the feelings of religious

faith all mingled in her, she was very the same time her body hunger was there, and the touch of a man, as she was used to old men, now

another old holding her that way willing to fuck her.....she was really in a mess. She was not pushing him but only with words, with respect she was trying

her best to avoid the situation being sour. She kindly said, “Pundit ji, you are a religious person and this does not give your status the right image.” But

the priest by then had pulled her veil down, her blouse was inflated by her hard swollen breasts and the priest was devouring her cleavage from behind her

and his cock was still pressing hard over her butt..... He said, "my girl, forget that I am a priest at this moment, at present I am a hungry man looking

for food and you have that food, do serve me that food of which I am hungry darling, forget all. I am sure you also have that hunger in your whole body, as

you are fasting all these days, so it’s not good for your health as well, spiritually you are dominating your body.” Neha turned her body to him completely

and so, now his cock, was touching her below her belly, very close to her pussy, and she had a little smile.

The priest seeing the slight smile on her face said to himself, ‘yes, she will give me, she is a horny girl, she will now let...I just have to use more

powerful words to convince her to the full’

He put his head over her stomach and rubbed his face murmuring, “You are such a beautiful, young lady like an angel sent by God to quench my thirst, why did

not I propose you in the beginning!” on hearing this Neha asked, “You were looking at me in that way since the beginning, before I told you all this?” The

priest replied, pulling her waist to his, getting her stuck to his downer parts, “no doubt that I was looking that way at you my girl, you are such a sexy,

hot looking girl that any man in the world will look at you with those kind of thoughts.”

Neha had by then almost surrendered, and she was letting herself being moulded in his words and touches. The priest was seizing the opportunity, to rub his

cock to her pussy still inside the wrapped sari and petty coat, he bent his knees to feel the hollow part and pressed his dick still inside his ‘dhoti’ to

her pussy and moved his hips. Neha gave him position to do that and was quiet. And he knew she is ready then..... So he walked her to her bed where he

slightly pulled her over.

Neha was on over her bed, lying with her legs hanging down. The priest quickly removed his vest and undid his ‘dhoti’ and Neha was taking a stretch over the

bed looking at him with vicious eyes.....

He parted both her legs which were still in the sari, he moved up the wrapped material and appreciated the white skin from her calf to her thighs little by

little, touching them, caressing them, very tenderly and taking all his time to enjoy that beauty which had fallen to him from the sky like a gift. Neha was

also looking in his eyes to see the thirst they showed and she felt how much that old human needed to make love to her sensual body. And she also believed

that God had created that moment for both of them as she needed it more than him may be. And she also told herself that may be in her destiny she had to

please old persons...she thought she enjoyed old persons so well that she took it as a part of the love making game.

And the priest like a hungry wolf, started licking her fleshy thighs, reached her panty and sucked the panty which was all wet.... she was leaving her

juices since he did not know when.... the fact was when she was talking on the floor, and her hands had touched his dick over his ‘dhoti’ then itself Neha

had started dripping down there...then by his touch and thrusts of his dick over her butts she continued leaving the flow of her juices....

The priest licked, kissed, sucked her panty, taking her juices and slowly removed the wet panty, and put his mouth there again licking the pussy by opening

the lip and piercing his tongue in between.....

Neha was twisting over the bed and moaning with loud voice as if she was being sucked for the first time...she was having the sensations as though she was

making love for the first time, she was getting all those feelings she got when she was fucked for the first time by her father-in-law. This was because of

the fast of the 35 days. Her body had turned out to be that of a virgin once again she felt..... She was going on giving moans one louder than the others,

“shshshshshsh...aaaahhhh...ah...ah....uuuffff, yesssss, go ahead pundit ji, you are doing well...yes yes yes go on go on...i like it...i want it....i needed

it badly pundit ji...ishshshshshshshsh.....” These were the words she was going on repeating all along the priest’s actions.

And she started unwrapping her sari, she took out her blouse and bra too, put herself all naked at the service of the pundit. She then took his head and

brought him over to his longing breasts and pressed his mouth over them...the priest on seeing those beautiful well shaped, round firm breasts he felt like

discharging his semen.... he fondled them and took them in his mouth and started sucking them to the pleasure of Neha who went on moaning over and over

again stretching all her body pushing her chest to his mouth to get the touch of his hot tongue close to her swollen erect nipples....

Then after a while without being asked she herself, removed the underwear of the pundit to take his long, thick cock in her mouth.... The pundit gave a

rough groan and said he had never being sucked in his life! He groaned and groaned and his body shake while being sucked by Neha. Neha enjoyed the dick

holding it in her hands and eating it all along taking it to her throat as if she was hungry for years to eat that piece of her favourite meat.
Soon after the priest moaned, “Stop, stop or else I will come in your mouth...” Neha stopped and pleaded, “No, no please, don’t come I need you to penetrate

me....I need it too...hold it, please control and hold it pundit ji!”

And he held it....and Neha asked him to lie on the bed, and it was she who mounted on him..... She parted her legs, took his cock in her hands and directed

it to her hole and sat over it letting it slide into her...and she sat like sitting over a horse and started moving her hips with the pundit’s cock inside


Very fast, so quick she started getting her orgasm because of the 35 days of fasting..... and she moaned loudly, “AAAAAAH, AH AH AH...YESSSSS...YES MY

And the pundit was about to cum and she said “you can depose your cum inside as it will not affect anything as I am pregnant.....” And the priest f***ed his

cock in her holding her waist and bringing his mouth to her’s eating her tongue while he discharged his sperm inside her womb..........

And the priest felt very happy. He had one regret that the last 35 days he did nothing. But thought to himself that now the door is being open and he can

continue the 5 last days and later also he can come to enjoy....

So he lay there on the bed by her side after fucking and Neha got up to envelope her sari on her, she did not wear the blouse but only wrapped the sari and

the old man was viciously looking at her breasts collated to the sari and thought her father-in-law was right to bang her...she deserved to be in company of

man he thought, she is made to please men race. She said, she was not wearing the blouse as she had to go to bath soon.

And the pundit talked a bit with her. He questioned about her future marriage with Pravindra etc... Neha told the priest that she has not yet told Pravindra

about the pregnancy. The priest asked if she will tell him that it was his father’s c***d.... Neha did not want the priest to know that she had an affair

with Pravindra, so she told him she won’t tell him. And the priest said, “Yes let the whole world believe that you are pregnant for your late husband.

Everything will be fine then. And then I will be the witness to prove that I was aware that you were pregnant for your husband. I will say you and your

husband had come to tell me about it long before he died.” Neha liked it and thanked him.
In fact Neha had to tell the truth to Pravind. She was waiting for the appropriate opportunity.

The priest left her place after some talks giving her a good kiss and asking her to be ready for the next day. Neha went to have her bath.

Opposite her house the garage people were every now and then keeping looks in her house direction only to have a glimpse of her. Gyan told himself he was a

very unlucky fellow as once that he was successful to get her, and was about to reach her place the next morning for a good session as Neha herself had

asked he for the next morning that day, that the unexpected brutal fate’s part was played by getting her father-in-law’s car be smashed.
Gyan was eager to be in her company on her bed and enjoy her. But the 35 days he had also being punished by fate’s hit.

After quite some days at last the garage people found her dressed in a T-shirt and a skirt nearing her washing stone with a tub of clothes. Her hair was wet

and water dripping from them, moistening the T-shirt at her back as she just had a bath. Subhash was the first to feel pleased and showed her to Gyan. Gyan

stood up to have a look at Neha who glanced at them with a lovely smile.

After a while Subhash went to see her near the Tap. She was expecting him. Again like the last time she was bending to wash the clothes on the stone thus

providing great views of her cleavage to Subash who could not hold and today he pass his hands over her but she did not tell him anything but only smiled

and looked at him mischievously. The last time that Subash had those moments with her, he could have got her himself first, but it was Gyan who played the

cunning and came too early the next morning to get her. She has just had her bath and her hair was wet, she smelled good and Subhash was standing close to

her and having her odour which made his cock inflate in his trouser. He brushed his lips to her neck, when she turned back to see if Gyan was not having a

look at them..... And Subhash said, “Bhabhi, the last day I kept thinking of you when I left you here, I adore looking at you when you wash clothes like

this and when you bent down to pick the clothes from the tub...its very exciting dear...”

Neha was laughing at him and said, “Look don’t relate stories to me, I know very well what you are looking at and what you want with me...”

Subhash let his front part touch her butt and put his hands around her belly from behind and ran his tongue over her neck moving the wet hair and murmured,

”You are smelling so good Neha Bhabhi!” Neha was still too horny and the absence of the 35 days were playing against her will...and she looked on the road

again and aked. “Your boss Gyan will not see us here? From there can you see me here?” Subhash said, “No he can’t see, let us move a bit further, to that

side no one can see us then.” And Neha held his hand and moved to the place where once Pravindra had fucked her standing when she was washing. They had to

hurry as anybody from the garage could come..... And Subhash did not delay, he surrounded her in his arms and very quickly his tongue was exploring Neha’s

mouth, meanwhile his hands were on her but from behind, lifting up her soft skirt, feeling her panty covering her butt.... Neha needed it much as she was

still too horny after the encounter with the priest, she needed more and more.... she was hot and wanted to be fucked more, she got wet again and when

Subhash put his fingers there by moving part of her panty, he felt her dripping.... they went on very very fast because they were outside.... very quickly

Subhash lifted up her arms and moved out her T-shirt and plunged his head in between the hollow of her breast and started licking and sucking like a

greedy..... he continued unhooking the bra letting it fall down, Neha tried to look outside once to check.... then Subhash knelt down, Neha was standing

leaning against the wall of the house, he pulled out her panty and quickly his mouth went over her shaven pussy and he started licking from top to down till

he reached her wet parts and Subhash got the salty liquid on his tongue and he felt a quiver in his body yet continued for good... Neha started giving small

moans which gradually increased in volume till Subhash stopped and stood up undoing his zip fastener of his trouser, and rubbing his dick over Neha’s womb,

but Neha sat down to take his cock in her mouth which she sucked without being asked..... Subhash smiled, giggled and started fucking in her mouth.... Neha,

holding his dick in one hand, the other hand around his waist, or rather on his butt, was receiving his cock doing to and fro in her mouth.... As they were

going fast, she had to stop and stand again when Subhash was eagerly waiting to penetrate her, he lifted one of her leg up by holding it by her thighs and

she stood on one leg only and Subhash pushed his dick in her which easily slid deep in her.....

Then Subhas lifted her up by holding her by her butt and she crossed both her legs over his waist with his cock still in her and she surrounded him by her

arms around his shoulder, and her mouth was eating his tongue while her pussy was eating his cock.... and very soon Subhash started coming and she told him

not to take it out at all..... She softly murmured in moans in his ears while he was blowing his cock deep in her, “Discharge it inside, don’t worry nothing

will happen, cum deep in me Subhash..oh, yeah...yesss...aaaaahhhh...ishshshshshs!! yeahhhhhhhhh” And on his turn Subhash moaned in little groans and hisses,

“yessssss, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhh...its soooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood....oh my God...its are superb Neha

And it was done!! Very quickly Neha put on her T-shirt, and her panty, she put it in the tub, and went to the washing stone looking out if anybody was

looking...and yes she saw two of the young teens working in the garage as apprentice looking on her side......

Subhash then moved to return back and kissed her. Neha kissed him back and told him, “Please tell your boss I want to see him for a matter of rental which

the owner of the land told me to tell me.”

Now Subhash went to the garage and told Gyan that Neha wanted to see her for some matters.... And why Neha had to see him, this is understood....

Sge was still horny after 35 days of fast and was feeling like doing it the whole day.... she was not having enough....

After sometime when Neha started putting the clothes to be dried on the string Gyan got in the yard to see her. He was very happy to see her in the blouse

and skirt instead of that white gloomy mourning sari... All the days when she was wearing that white sari there was a sort of respect shown towards her but

now in the two-piece which looked so sexy and made her looks hot so no respect but the envy of fucking gets born....

Gyan looked at her sensually and approached her, she smiled and looked at him biting her lips and looked on the road if someone was looking, in fact the two

apprentice teenagers were looking at her non stop.... Gyan asked, “The 40 days are over?” “No she said” So he asked, “Then how come you are not in the white

sari?” she asked, “Why do you want to see me in that more?” “No” said Gyan.

Then Neha walked to the back so that no one can see her and called Gyan. He went near her and she smiling invitingly said, “The last time you remember you

wanted to stay in the afternoon? So, do it today, let the workers go then you may come after they are gone.” Gyan was so pleased that he held her and kissed

her passionately his big belly pressing over hers. She giggled and said, “Your belly is very funny and I like it!” Gyan said, “You know how much I have been

longing for you all these days? I masturbate thinking of you almost every night.... wow! How did you decide for it so suddenly! It’s my lucky day!!” saying

this he pushed her to the wall and put his hands under her skirt to see that there was no panty.... And surprised he asked, ”Wow, you are ready for it now

itself?” The fact is that when Subhash finished fucking her she put the panty in the tub to wash, but Gyan did not know that Subhash just fucked her....

Gyan was wishing to fuck her then itself but she was refusing telling him to come in the afternoon as they will be at ease on bed then..... by then the two

apprentice were coming to fill water in the tap, and Gyan and Neha were behind the house against the wall and Neha’s skirt was lifted up and Gyan’s hands

were running over her white sexy thighs, and his mouth was sucking her breasts....and the two teenagers watched all that and slowly ran back to the

garage.... They were two young boys of xxxyears old.....

They were both erect and like all teenagers on seeing Neha beautiful boobs in Gyan’s mouth and viewing her sexy thighs, they went to the loo to masturbate

thinking of Neha and of what they saw!! They also started developing interests for Neha since that day....

Well, in the afternoon, Gyan waited for the workers to be back home and he knocked at Neha’s door. She was waiting for him inside. She was in another skirt

and t-shirt. The skirt was very small which was above her knees and all her thighs were seen and the t-shit had a very deep v-cut and her cleavage were all

visible..She was not wearing any bra and her nipples were seen erect on the T-shirt which were like to dots over it.

Gyan did not lose time and enveloped her in his large arms and carried her to her bedroom and laid her over her bed. As she lay the small skirt moved a bit

upper and even her panty was seen along with her beautiful rounded white thighs... he sat beside the bed on the floor and opened her legs and put his head

in between her legs to lick her knees and gently and slowly mounted up and up over her thighs till he reached her panty, and yes again it was all wet!!

Gyan understood that she was horny and needed to be fucked, he savagely went up pulled out her T-shirt and started eating her boobs biting the fleshy parts

and Neha started moaning with pleasure and desire... Gyan went on hungrily with the acts and Neha, whined, whimpered, wailed twisted, shivered under him....

And that encouraged Gyan to continue with ease seeing that she was like in a trance and needed it that much...... He gradually, took out her skirt and

panty, laid her all nude on the undressed himself to get him naked and mounted on the bed to put his dick to her mouth.....

Neha was as if hungry to eat that long, black piece of hard meat...she caressed it, looked at it with passion and lust and passed her tongue from its tip

and continued to run her tongue up to his balls...she played with her tongue over his balls, holding the hard cock in her hands lifting it upwards. Gyan

stood up on his knees and the more Neha rounded her tongue over his balls the more Gyan moaned and groaned and hissed.... Neha then pressed the ball gently

in such a way to make the grain inside get in her mouth and as if wanted to swallow it...Gyan groaned loudly.....”Aaaaah ah ah. Shsshhshshshshshsh.....” and

Neha lifted up her eyes to look at his expressions and moaning...she was amused seeing him in that position.... Then she took the cock in her mouth and

started the blowjob.... Gyan started pulling and pushing it in and out her mouth deriving much pleasure..... he did that for more than 5 minutes and Neha

felt the salty taste of his liquid of pre cum on her tongue, she again looked up at his face and expressions...... and after a good suck, she lay over the

bed and Gyan started the job to her pussy..... He parted both her legs and very brutally ate her pussy making her drip as much juice as she could.... he

took over 10 minutes staying in between her lags and Neha cummed twice only during Gyan’s manoeuvre.....

And finally, they came to position and Gyan put his long thick cock in her pussy which slid easily as she was very wet...and the fucking started... Neha was

as though in another world...she was absent from earth, if at that moment Pravindra came she would not have even heard and known...She was moaning, whining,

pleading ,twisting over the bed stretching the bed sheets unevenly...... and thus Gyan continued the blows faster and faster till they both reached the peak

of their orgasm..... Gyan was going to take out his dick to discharge outside but she tightened her hands over his waist asking him to unload his cum in

her.... Gyan continued doing it and groaned with loud voice, “AAAAHH AH AH AH AH AH...YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS... ISSHSHSHSHSHSHSHS I AM CUMMING ...YEEAH YEAH

And Neha too shouted together with him, “OOHOHOHHHHH...ISHSHSHSHSHSHS....HMHMHMHMMMMMMMMMMMMM....OH God!! Its sooooooooooo goooooooooooood....”...

And it was done....she was fucked three times from day to afternoon.... if it would have been possible this day she would have let 10 men fuck her she

thought to herself...the 35 days of fast were too hard for a horny lady like her.... She had thought at night this day she will ask Pravind to do

would be her 4th time in 24 hours...

And Pravindra was back by 6 in the evening. Gyan left by 5 .

As usual, Pravindra after his bath and dinner, served by Neha , they both were watching TV in the lounge.

Neha was not in the white sari and that intrigued Pravindra, but he did not tell her anything. He was also eagerly waiting for her to terminate the 40 days

that’s why he was not asking for sexual relations with her... yet he longed to sl**p with her as this had never happened before...After the death of his

b*****r and father whenever they would sl**p together the whole night till next morning would be the FIRST. During the first 15 days Pravindra was not keen

of sex as the accident and funeral were deep in his mind and was like affected with the sudden change in his mode of life.... but after the 15th day he

started longing for Neha but was curbing his desires as she was observing the mourn. He often stared at her with loving eyes and longed to hold her, to

embrace her, but then Neha herself was distant as she was believed that it would not be nice to have sex before the 40 days. Hence he was avoiding him.

But this day she had prepared herself for that and all their escapades of the past was in her mind and she was ready to live them again. She was dressed in

a top which reached above her navel, with straps on the shoulders and a skirt just on her knees. Pravindra was visualizing those moments of hides and sex

between her and him.... Pravindra also visualized her with his father and uncle..... Then he suddenly thought either his uncle could be coming to see her in

his absence! The uncle was his father’s own bl**d b*****r and he had enjoyed Neha so much so he thought of him with her and felt disturbed when he thought

she will soon be his wife.... Then he thought even if he will be married to her he can have his fantasies realised if she would cooperate with

him.....thinking of all that he had a precocious hard on....... his eyes went on Neha who was seducing him by going to and fro from the lounge and kitchen

pretending to bring and return something or another..... She was dressed in a way to show her ass dangling, her waist seen and her boobs visible....

Pravindra went on watching at her and felt like holding her......

And once when she returned from the kitchen to sit on the couch Pravindra called her to sit close to him. She bit her lips and went near him asking, with a

pleasant smile, “What?” Before she had sat on the couch, Pravindra put his right arm around her waist and pulled her to sit on his lap. She sat and smiling

asked, “What’s up? Today you seem to be romantic?” When she was already on his lap, Pravindra, brushed his nose over her neck smelling her and murmured,

”Bhabhi, it’s being a long long time...” And she twisted and brushed her boobs to his face saying, “Who prevented you ever dear?” and hungrily his took her

mouth into his and they were lost in a long passionate kiss like it was the first time they were kissing...... during the sensual kiss gradually she was

laid all long on the couch and Pravindra’s hands were roaming all over her, pressing her boobs, caressing her waist, pressing her ass and all

that............. their mouth were stuck to each other yet they were meanwhile playing wit their hands...Neha’s hands were over his hard cock and she was

trying getting it out of his short, while Pravindra was removing her Top.... And very fast each other made their friend all naked..... There they were both

naked on the couch in the tube light of the lounge and were rolling over the couch still tongue drinking each others tongue juice................

Neha was as if hungry or thirsty and she looked for his cock, and was soon taking it in her mouth to give him a good suck....Pravindra too had abstained

from it for the last 35 days and groaned like a teen being sucked for the first time when his dick got in her hot mouth....he felt the heat of her tongue

and the moisture of her saliva gliding his dick.... he moaned, “ Oohhhhh, aahhhhh, yesss bhabhi, its wonderful.....i love it....take it deeper

bhabhi...wooooow...” Neha lifted her eyes to look at his face and moaning expressions and felt much aroused by that..... She has already started dripping

her juices down there, and Pravindr’a fingers went to her wet pussy to explore the desirable longing out there.....

And soon Pravindra turned her in a 69 pose over the couch...and there they were, each other exploring, sucking, eating their sex..... When Neha was sucking

him hard, on the other side, Pravindra’s tongue was licking the opening of her pussy and his fingers were doing to and fro in it, and he sipping the

juices.... They continued that way for about 10 minutes and soon Pravindra groaned ,”Bhabhi I am to cum....its too hot....” It was still in her mouth and he

wanted to take it out to shoot them out but Neha firmly held it inside her mouth and he unloaded them inside her mouth and Neha took all them spat them on

the floor....Pravindra hissed and moaned with pleasure as that happened and Neha laughed saying, “You naughty, you are like a k** who had it for the first

time in your life!!” He excused himself saying, “But bhabhi, it’s after almost 20 days that....” Neha corrected him, “Not 20 days, it’s being 35 days


Neha continued playing with his cock which turned dead like a snake.... And Pravindra said, “Bhabhi, sorry I was not able to please you and got discharged

before penetrating you...” to which Neha replied, “I will make it hard soon again, you don’t worry, it has been fasting for 35 days so it will stand once

more and you will please me soon...”

So said she went on with the caressing and licking of his cock for the next 10 minutes after his discharge, and little by little it started taking shape

like a monster waking up after a sl**p..... it was hard again in her hands and she smiled and giggled at it looking at his expressions and felt amused on

seeing him happy and stretching over the couch.... she then said, “ You see darling, I succeeded awaking your sl**ping piece of my favourite flesh”

Pravindra smiled and said, “You horny little sweetheart, okay it will enter you now, get ready...” Neha in a pleasing voice replied, “That’s what for I

awoke it honey!” And she took position to take it in her by spreading her legs and Pravindra mounted over her and she by herself took it to introduce it in

her pussy..... it slide deep in her and Neha gave a moan,”Hmmmm...yessssssssssssssssssss...” then Pravindra started the movements of his hips, first slowly

and gradually accelerated while Neha started quivering under him and grasped him in his arms firmly, licking his shoulders then biting his neck

fiercely..... it went on for quite some time as Pravindra delayed because he had just discharged a few minutes ago...but Neha went on shouting with pleasure

and moans, trembling under him, vibrating her whole body all along the session and she reached two orgasm one followed by the other within minutes........



GOOOOOD....OH...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....” And she was found panting under him lacking breath....and soon Pravindra came again and was about to

discharge.....but Neha told him to let it inside..... And he unloaded his sperm deep in her groaning and panting, then laid all his weight over her for a

long time...she supported his weight...till at last he got up laughing ..... Then both of them laughed.... and panted looking in each others eyes......

Neha went to the bathroom followed by him, they returned after a good bath.... and went to bed together...and Neha started the conversation, “I have to tell

you important things.......”

And Neha started the talk, she said, “I am pregnant.”
Pravindra did not know what to say he looked in her face surprised and could not utter any word. He took a deep breath and stammered, “You,

pregnant? How? Since when?”

And Neha asked him, “Why? Are you worried? There is no problem at all. It’s normal! I have already told the priest and he told me not to worry everything

will be fine as he thinks it’s my husband’s c***d. So, why to worry?”

And Pravindra felt a bit better and asked, “So do you want to keep the baby or abort it?” Neha looked in his face very seriously and asked, “Do you want me

to abort?” He replied, “No if you want to have a baby it’s alright I have no problem with that. But who in fact is the father? Is it mine?”

Neha smiled at him and said, “You know since the very beginning when your b*****r was not able to make love to me your dad was very worried and was always

telling me needed heirs for this f****y and he wanted to get many grand c***dren, but little did he know that he planted his seed in me!”
Pravindra jumped asking, “What? Papa made you pregnant? I am so happy, he left a c***d before dying? That’s great! I will have another little b*****r?”

And Neha interrupted him saying, “Hello! You will be his/her b*****r and FATHER too!! The world will know you are the uncle of the c***d in fact you will be

the b*****r and will act as the father!”

“That’s so complicated” said Pravindra but he was very happy knowing that it was his father’s c***d. And he was ready to assume all responsibilities. Though

he asked when that happened and when did she conceive and when she became aware of that? Neha related him it was just before her mother was sick and she had

to go to her native village that she discovered she was a month late for her period, and the last man to let his sperm inside her was the father-in-law. She

said she was following her menstruation very well as there were the father-in-law, his b*****r, and Pravindra having sex with her at that time so she was

careful to remember who leaves his semen in her and she followed the next period accurately.

So it was then just before going to her father’s place, when it was routine for her to be in her father-in-law’s bed, that for several days she received his

semen inside her. (To bring this here today I had not given details at that time, this is the reason I did not mention it at that time as this has to be the

suspense and had to be revealed now.)

So that is what Neha explained to Pravindra bout how and when she got pregnant. And Pravindra said, “Yes you are right those days not even a day did you let

me discharge inside you.” And she replied, “Yes, because I knew your father had already done it and I wanted to know either it will remain.... And just 2

days before I left for my father’s place I knew I was a month pregnant.” And Pravindra said, “I have never had a s****r, it will be good if it’s a girl!!”

to which Neha added, “And she will officially be your daughter!”

Pravindra smiled. Neha, on seeing his joy, was relieved. She had thought he would be disturbed, but he was so happy on thinking his father has left a c***d

for them!!

Then they talked about their wedding. Pravindra said they have to invite all relatives, parents, acquaintances and all neighbouring village people on the

40th day of his father’s funeral ceremony. And he suggested why not get married religiously on that day itself in presence of all guests? Neha found that to

be a great idea and said tomorrow she will talk about that to the priest.... and thinking of the priest she had a quiver in her body, she for an instance

thought of her sexual encounter with him.... But she only smiled to herself thinking of that wonderful moment she had.... so the intercourse with Pravindra

was the 4th one since the relation with the priest in the day. She got the priest, Subhash, Gyan and Pravindra. Yet she felt still thirsty when she just

thought of the priest. If the next day she will be fucked by him before noon it will be her 5th sexual intercourse within 24 hours, she thought.
They started feeling sl**py and both lay over the bad and Neha was as if semi conscious, and felt horny..... Pravindra felt deep asl**p and started

snoring..... Neha started thinking of Sheikh and Roopchand...she had enjoyed a lot that day...she had preferred the act of Sheikh when Pravindra had gone

out with Roopchand..... then she thought of the hotel where her 2 b*****rs had taken her, she thought of the attendant who wanted to have her as their


Soon Neha’s hand went to her pussy, she started fingering herself.... she had never done that before...she visualised many men with her...she thought of her

father, of her b*****rs, of Sheikh and Roopchand, of Gyan and Subhash, she even visualised her late father-in-law...she became horny, looked at Pravindra

who was snoring, she made round circles over her clitoris, she parted both her legs, she introduced her finger only a bit, and she was all wet and she was

once again longing for a cock in her...she triee and tried to please herself and on not being satisfied, she got up went to the kitchen, looked for

something which could satisfy her.... and she found a brinjal, its thickness was a bit bigger than a dick...she sat on the floor, spread her legs and

introduced the polished part of the vegetable to her slid in her and she was giving moans, and slowly pushing it inside her, to take it out again

and re-introducing it.... she tried to make it go faster like dick does, but her hands started paining....she told herself..... ”A DICK IS A DICK”...... Yet

she was so horny that she twisted over the floor with that vegetable in her and, she went over her belly on the floor and let the brinjal inside her and she

moved her hip over the floor and rubbed her pussy over the floor with the item still in her and she shouted with moans and quiver, and bit her lips and

straightened herself like a twisting snake which tries to stand up...... and she got her orgasm. Panting over the cod floor she laid there, sweating partly

and took several deep breaths and laughed at herself feeling pleased.

The next morning, she was up early served Pravindra his lunch in a Tiffin-carrier and a taxi came to take him to the fields. The taxi drives him and takes

him back from the field since their car got smashed in the accident. He was trying to buy a van of his own but the legal papers were not yet ready after his

father’s death and he was not yet the legal owner of the business and anything of his father. The advocate was still undergoing the things and the affidavit

was to be carried on after the last rituals of his father’s funeral.

Pravindra did not notice but the garage was open when he left and Gyan was waiting for him to leave to get in.

As soon as the taxi faded away in the road Gyan went to knock at Neha’s door. She was not expecting him so was surprised but let him in. He immediately

enlaced her in his strong arms and started kissing her all over her face, neck, bobs, and ran his tongue all over like a hungry wolf. Neha was still in her

pink flimsy nighty with thin straps over the shoulder, wearing no bra and in his movements Gyan moved one strap down to take one boob in his mouth and

started sucking the nipple like a hungry baby seeking to be breast fed.

They were still standing and Neha was responding but said, “The priest may suddenly come, you must hurry...” And it went very very fast. She was too quickly

on the bed naked and Gyan undid all his clothes and mounted on her and his black long cock had already started doing and fro in her wet pussy and she was

moaning already under him gasping and twisting on the bed. His mouth was eating her cheeks while he was fucking with rapid movements of his hip, and his big

belly thrusting over hers gave her the desired friction to get utmost pleasure. Very soon she was heard moaning, “YES YESSSSSSSS I AM CUMMING OH!! ITS SO

FAST...YOU DI IT!! YEAHHHHHHH” And Gyan also roared resting all his body weight on her leaving all is cum in her as she asked him not to take it out.
And quickly Gyan left and went in the garage as Neha told him the priest can be there any time. She sat and thought it was her fifth intercourse within 24

hours and if the priest would do it in within the next 4 hours it will be her sixth one.

She went to the bathroom and was having her shower, when the priest got in the house as she had let the door open since she knew he was about to come. He

called her name and she replied from the bathroom, “I am having a bath will be there soon.” The priest walked to the bathroom and stood near the door

saying, “Bitia, open it, let me have a look at you having a bath.” She laughed and said, “But I am almost finished, will come out now.” The pundit caressed

his sex and moved a bit of his ‘dhoti’ and was erect and longed to see her bathing.He pleaded, “Please don’t get dressed, let me see you in that state under

water...” .......And Neha opened the door. She was all wet, water dripping from her whole nude body, all her long black hair, wet and stuck to her back,

partly over her breasts..... The priest, could not wait any longer.... He got in Neha was welcoming him with a lovely smile and lust in her eyes... Neha

asked, “Did you lock the door after getting in?” He said, “No” So Neha told her to go to lock then be back. He did it and this time he took off all his

dress then got in the bathroom. They let the bathroom’s door open and all nude both, standing Neha took him in her arms and started licking his neck and

ears and the old man started rubbing his hard old cock to her thighs by bending his knees.....
Neha was horny again and, her eyes turned upside down when she put her hands on his dick while her mouth was over his mouth and they were kissing.... her

hand moved over his cock in the masturbating way while the kiss went on.... And the priest’s hands were over her ass, one hand pressing the ass flesh and

one hand trying to introduce a finger in her butt’s hole.... Neha stood up on her toes over his movements and she tightened him in her arms biting his ears

lobe.... then the oldie, lowered his mouth over her boobs, and drank the running water over it and sucked the breasts and erect nipples which made her


And the priest after a while pushed her head towards his dick, so Neha sat down and took his cock in her mouth....she first licked the tip, looked up in his

face to watch his expressions and smiled, then took the tip in her mouth, which made the priest groan and stand on his toes stretching his body and he

hissed..... Neha looked up at his face again and took half of the cock inside her mouth and did a to and fro movements...and she felt amused when she saw

the old man groaning and moaning..... The priest’s hands were on her shoulder when she was almost kneeling on the marbles of the floor and she was sucking

him to his great pleasure, she was every now and then looking on his face to see him enjoying the sucking session...... The pundit started moving his hips

and his cock was going in and out her mouth as though he was fucking her in her mouth...... This continued for a while and Neha stood up saying, “My mouth

has started aching now pundit ji” with a smile. And it was the priest’s turn to sit down in front of her young inviting pussy... he started running his

tongue from her knees, little by little going upper and upper till he passed over her fleshy, soft thighs, and he reached the oyster.... with his fingers he

opened the lips of the vagina and ran his large tongue over them, she was dripping and the oldie tasted her juices, licked and sipped, and penetrated his

hot tongue into....... Neha held his skull and pressed it to her womb and quivered, trembled, vibrated under the ecstasy of the tongue of the priest. She

moved her hips sideways and then the other way like in a dancing style..... The old man was not leaving the pussy and she was going on stretching her whole

body thus giving more pleasure to the old man......

And after a while he stood up, rubbed his dick to her pussy, took her mouth in his, and they were kissing tongue melting in each others mouth...... He got

to crouch to be able to join his dick to reach her pussy as he was taller.... and he penetrated her in that was...Neha gave a loud moan,

“Aaaaah,,ishshshshssssssssssss” when the cock entered her. The priest started the movements of his hip, but got tired in that position as he was old to do

it that way. So he took her in his arms like a baby, and walked to her bedroom, both all nude, walking in the corridor to reach her bed.
He laid her over the bed, and Neha spread her legs by herself and put her arms around his shoulders to welcome him in her again. And the old penetrated her

once more and this time he went on fucking by quick movements of his hips...... during the action their mouths were collated to each other and they were

meanwhile drinking the nectar produced by the tongue while her pussy was receiving blows of the old hard cock. And soon it was the peak of pleasure, and the

old groaned, making a creaking sound deep in his throat, and moaned, “UUUHHH...AAGH...AGH...AGH...he was discharging into her and Neha started violently

dancing under him with loud voiced moans, whimpering, twisting, stretching her whole body receiving the pleasure of the flesh, with the meat in her pussy

vomiting its thick liquid deep into her...... and she soon relaxed her whole body gasping and as if suffocated and taking deep breaths she laughed at

him..... He too laughed and said, “Now I need to purify myself before undergoing with the rituals”...and he went to have a bath.................... And Neha

told herself ‘sixth in 24 hours’

The next five days elapsed fucking the priest, Gyan, Subhash, and her to-be husband Pravindra. The two teenagers four times went to eavesdrop and found her

being fucked by Gyan and Subhash in turns. They went to masturbate in a corner of the garage after watching. Every time that they saw her, their young dicks

raised and they also started having desire to fuck her. But no one except those two knew that they knew things. Each time that they were gong to fill the

water at the tap near the washing stone they were watching her boobs when she was bending to wash clothes on the stone.... They talked to her and she got

used to them as well but little did she know that they were also fantasizing about her. Gradually we will see if things will turn in their favour as well.

Pravindra invited all relatives, friends, acquaintances for the services, last rites and rituals to be rendered for the funerals and her wedding taking

place on the same day, but at night. So people were invited for lunch and dinner as well. It was on the 41st day after the death of Pravindra’s dada and

b*o. A huge tent was pitched in the yard and many people were busy since the eve in the work of the tent and decorations plus installations of religious

materials. Among the people working, many amongst the men’s eyes were on Neha and as she got to serve them meal and drinks every now and then. Many of them

got access inside the house on the eve while doing the works. There was a group of three who talked among themselves that Neha is very hot and they wished

to get her to fuck.

They were from the neighbouring village and they were aged 40-30-20. They on many occasions rubbed with her, touched their hands on her butt, brushed hands

or arms over her boobs and all that.... and every time that it happened they signalled each other and they met to speak that she never said any word despite

the touching etc.... they talked that she only smiled on those actions from their part and they believed that they can get her for a fuck. But they were not

getting any appropriate occasion as other people were around. They planned to get her someday or other and they accepted to be together to fuck her. So we

will see later if they will succeed. Finally the day arrived. Even the civil marriage bureau’s officers were present with relative documents to celebrate

the registered marriage as well.

About 1500 people were present from morning to night at her place in the yard. It was looking like a kermess held in public. Many vehicles on the road she

lived, traffic jam, police officers on the roads to deviate traffics.... Close relatives like her father, b*****rs, s****r-in-laws, her father-in-law’s

b*****r (the one who fucked her), his f****y, were all inside the house of Pavindra. The whole house was in a mess. Persons going from here to there...

catering service were busy on a part of the tent, and foods were on the cooking, cakes and all that....

The religious ceremony of the rites and rituals took place in the day and ended at 1 pm. All relatives assisted and the last rites and rituals took place

with Pravindra and Neha participating. Food was then served to all the guests in the tent. The f****y members had their lunch inside the house where the

table was managed. After 4 pm the arrangements for their wedding for the night started. Great rush in the house. The room of Neha alone was spared. As both

Neha and Pravindra had to get dressed in that room. It was visited by only the two and Neha’s parents now and then. All other guests were in the tent, some

on the roads. Gyan , Subhash, and the teenagers were also among the guests. Their eyes were on Neha during the religious ceremony as she was then dressed in

the white saree and was lokoing sexy and hot despite being religious. The Priest himself could not move his eyes from her during the ceremony. Now as the

wedding ceremony was to be held at night, by 8 pm they had to have dinner before that. The guest were served dinner in the tent after sunset. Neha had been

to have a shower before getting dressed for the wedding. When she returned from the shower, most of the persons, even her f****y were outside in the tent,

including Pravindra who was busy serving some close friends with drinks and food. People were waiting for the wedding to take place in the tent. When Neha

opened her room’s door to get into her room she came face to face with her father on her bed with her b*****r Anil’s wife Aarti(hope readers remember her

and their affair). They were in an embarrassing posture on the bed. The s****r-in-laws sari was moved up and her thighs were all seen and her father had

enlaced her while their mouths were collated and his hands were caressing her thighs..... and Aarti’s hand was playing with Neha’s father’s cock, which was

out of the pant, the zip-fastener opened. The s****r-in-law quickly got up and ran away in the tent, but her father stayed with her trying to give

explanations to Neha while closing his zip....

Neha in the day had found them close to each other and every time her father was trying hard to be only in his daughter-in-law’s company... but Neha had not

at all thought about what she just saw... When her father was trying to explain Neha only smiled with his and gently said, “Cool papa, its okay, you are

getting your chance hmmm, but what if instead of me someone else opened the door? What if Bhaiya Anil opened? You both should be very careful, this is not

the place and the right time, you were both so horny?” Her father hugged her tightly and kissed her on the mouth, she responded and after the kiss, still in

his arms said, “Hmmm, so when I left the village, you went with her? Huh? She let you! You lucky old papa! You are happy now huh? You go to her place

everyday?” and Pravindra opened the door to take his clothes and the towel as he was going to have a shower now. When he found daughter and father in each

others arms, he did not mind but he knows they have an affair and thought they can do something, but then told himself, ‘no they can’t do it now as there

are too many people around...’ And as soon as Pravindra went to the bathroom, Neha’s father re-started kissing her, running his hands over her body.....But

Neha objected, “No papa, this is not the time for this, please, its enough, satisfy yourself with the kisses for the moment, you will get other chances

later on...” But her father locked the door and said, “Let people think you are getting dress, in this rush no one will know that I am in the room,” and he

quickly enlaced her in his arms and started rubbing his dick over her thighs lifting up the robe she had worn when getting out of the bathroom. She had worn

no panty no bra, and the old dad of hers was fondling all..... But Neha objected that it was not the right time.... So he said, “Okay just do one thing for

me quickly” “What?” she asked. He opened his zip and took out his big cock and asked her to suck him..... She said, “Well only a quick suck, right?” And she

sat on the floor took his dick and started sucking him... he started moaning and was as if fucking in her mouth, Neha was holding the cock in both hands and

his cock was doing to and fro in her mouth, when someone knocked at the door...... They got to stop, it was her elder b*o Sunil and her bhabhi with her

niece who wanted to assist her getting ready as the bride.......

The wedding took place at night. Neha was looking very beautiful in the bridal attire. They way her hair was made, her make up and all that made her look

like the models we often see on the podiums. All men’s eyes were on her only and even the girls and women envied her.

Late by 11 pm in the night all guests left and the f****y members remained in the house. The elder b*****r of Neha wanted to return as his daughter had to

go to school but upon the insistence of others he accepted to return the next early morning.

Now they had a f****y discussion as Parvind and Neha were going on their honeymoon trip the next day. They were to be back after a week and Pravindra wanted

someone from Neha’s f****y to stay in his house as The taxi would be coming in the morning and the fields had to be visited at least once a day. From among

the older persons Pravindra had selected one men whom he employed as a sort of manager who would be looking after everything but one person from home should

be going there to see if they needed anything more.

After discussion the father of Neha had accepted to stay the one week but after a while Anil and his wife also said they will stay a week as Aarti stays at

home and Anil had his car to drive to the town for work.

So it was finalised that they three will stay in Pravindra’s house for a week. Hmmm....the father of Neha felt very happy when he heard that Aarti will be

staying a whole week with her!! A great whole week of enjoyment for him he thought. And Neha looked at her father and laughed when it was known that Anil

and his wife were to stay a week.

Once before they went to sl**p after midnight, Neha got a little opportunity to talk to her father and she murmured in his ears, “You are a lucky fellow

papa..... She is staying with you a whole week, Bhai will go to work and you and she alone at home!! Huh? This house has that kind of chance I think to have

a woman alone in the house and a man around her....Especially old and is the fate of this house or a curse if not a benediction!!” The father

held her and kissed her on the mouth licking her tongue the fastest he could before anyone could come there. And he replied, “Its all thanks to you my baby,

had you not been married again I would have got this sweet opportunity.” And Neha told her to take Aarti bhabhi to the fields with him to visit.

The next morning there was a big rush in the house as Neha’s elder b*****r was leaving. When he went away, the other members got sometime to enable each

other getting the breakfast and the taxi came to horn at their door. Neha’s father was about to leave but the manager appointed by Pravindra came out of the

taxi and said its not important to come as he can manage and if they will need anything he will himself come there to ask for.

So the father of Neha did not have to go. Neha looked at him and smiled then she glanced at her Aarti bhabhi smiled at her and she continued with her


Later when Pravindra and Neha started packing their affairs in the case, Neha was once left alone in her room when her father joined her. He embrased her

and said, “You will enjoy a lot sweetheart I wish I could be there with you and could have got you for some time alone with me...” Neha told her, “You are

as lucky as me papa, I am going out for my honey moon, but you have got to enjoy a honeymoon here with Aarti bhabhi...isn’t it?” they both laughed then. And

Neha asked, “Papa, it excites me a lot to see you with her, tell me, explain me, how did you managed to get her? Did she accept it? She did not make a

scene? Did you do it at her place for the first time? Please do relate me how was your first time with her?”

Her father was going to tell it to her when Aarti came there, so they stopped the talk. And Aarti spoke, “Neha, I had to talk to you, please never talk

about waht you saw here yesterday to anybody....” Neha stopped her by saying, “What thing? I did not see anything bhabhi? What are you talking about? Huh?”

And they both laughed. And Neha hugged her, and in her ears whispered, “My old papa is good I know, enjoy yourself to the maximum, it’s your luck to be with

him. Nobody will ever know anything, just don’t worry bhabhi. You have got a week’s honeymoon with him so enjoy, just enjoy dear.” Aarti felt relieved and

sighed. She smiled and hugged Neha tightly and said, “You are so good. Be happy always.”

And by noon Neha and Pravindra left home for the location they had chosen for their honeymoon. A big Van came to take them as it was arranged since before.

That van was the tour operator agent who managed the suit for them in a five star hotel by the sea side in another state.

They were gone soon. And Neha’s father looked at Aarti who was waiting for his look to come on her. She was in a flimsy sari and a backless blouse which had

a very deep v cut, and almost all her boobs were seen. She usually got dressed very sexily always. The old man’s eyes were devouring her, and he took her in

his arms and carried her to the bed in the guestroom of Neha’s house. BVut one thing they did not notice is that from the garage, Gyan was watching, and

Gyan thought who are they? How and why an old man like him carried such a young woman in his arms to go inside the house................

to be Continued .............

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