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The History of Kim. Part 1

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The History of Kim. Part 1

My wife ran away from home when she was 16 to avoid an arranged marriage to a boy she hated.

She went to Saigon so she could stay with a cousin and her husband. The cousin, unknown to Kim, was as underhanded as her mother, and behind Kim's back sold Kim's cherry to a friend of her husband for $300.

Kim went into her bedroom for a nap, and was awakened by someone feeling her up.
She turned over in the bed to find a total stranger laying naked next to her. She jumped out of the bed and ran to the door only to find it was locked. The stranger told her she might as well give up because he wasn't going to leave until he had had all of her pussy that he wanted.

He f***ed her back on to the bed and stripped her clothing off, held her down, and started eating her pussy. She realized that she couldn't stop him, so she
decided to give in before he hurt her.

He ate her until, unwillingly, she began to respond, and started grinding her groin into his face. Then he started massaging her peanut (clitoris) until she felt like she was going to explode. Then he took a pillow and placed it under her buttocks, opened her legs, and started rubbing his cock up and down her pussy. He rubbed some of the juice on his finger, and held it to her lips, making her taste her own pussy juice. WOW!!! This stuff didn't taste bad, at all. Now she knew why she saw the boys in the trees licking the girls' pussies.

Then she felt something pushing against her pussy, and looked down in time to see his cock sliding inside of her body. She felt a pinch of pain, and he was all the way inside of her. He lay still, letting her feel the full length of his cock inside of her. Soon it didn't feel so bad, but it did itch a little. She told him it itched, and he told her that he knew the best way to stop the itching was to rub it.

He proceeded to start "rubbing" her pussy inside with his dick, and, sure enough it started feeling VERY good. He kept on rubbing and her body started moving around in return, which made it feel better and better. It felt best when she would shake her butt from side to side, and push her pussy up his cock and shake it. She also discovered that it felt like her pussy was chewing his cock on the inside.

Before very long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, she felt like she was going to pee, but different. Sooo much better. When she felt this, she bit down harder with her pussy, and felt his cock twitching inside of her. He started moving in and out of her faster and faster, then he pushed inside of her as far as he could, and groaned. She felt something hot and wet hitting the inside of her pussy, and it felt so good she couldn't help but to scream, and something made her want to pull him as deep inside of her as she could...SO SHE DID!

She lay there in a daze for several minutes, and when she was able to move, she had the urge to kiss him. She kissed him like the girls in the movies, and even put her tongue in his mouth. He returned her kisses many times over and she thanked him for making her feel better than she had ever felt before, in her life.

He called out, "It's Okay!" and the door opened, and in came her cousin and her husband. Lee, her cousin, had seen Kim naked many times before as they were growing up, but her husband Chuck, had not seen her like that before. He was wearing only a pair of loose baggy shorts, and his response to the sight of Kim laying there nude, with cum running down her legs and ass was immediate and obvious. His shorts were sticking out in front of him by several inches.

Lee pushed him gently back out of the door, whispering "Later." to him. Kim didn't think about what her cousin had said. She was still a little dizzy from what had just happened. Lee turned and fetched a hot wet towel for her, and told her she should wash herself, and then she would show her how to clean herself inside.

Kim cleaned herself off, and gave Frank, her new lover, the towel so he could clean himself, too, but Lee stopped her, telling her that there was a better way, more proper, to clean a man after. She told Kim to take his whole cock in her mouth. After all, it was much smaller, now, and lick and suck it clean.

Kim did what she was told, and found out that besides tasting her own juice,he tasted a bit like a slightly salty piece of fish. She sucked and kicked till she could only taste his flesh, then got up and followed Lee to the bathroom, where Lee taught her how to douch herself.

They went back to the bedroom, where Frank was waiting on the bed. Kim started to put her clothes back on, but Lee told her it would be a waste of time, as Frank would be ready to do everything all over, again, but, that this time she and Chuck were going to watch, like Kim and Lee had watched the couples in the trees at home.

Frank told Kim that he would enjoy her kissing and sucking his cock some more, so she moved down between his legs and took him in her mouth. She started feeling Frank's cock growing larger in her mouth, till it threatened to choke her. He told her not to try to keep the whole thing in her mouth at one time, but to kiss the end of it, and to lick the length of it, and his balls, with her tongue. She did as he asked, and shortly, he guided her around so that while she was eating him, he could eat her pussy in return. Lee told her that this was called"69." OOOHHH. This felt SOOO GOOOOD!!!

After a few minutes, it seemed like, she felt Frank's cock twitching inside her mouth and Frank told her, "I'm cumming!" and began to squirt his juice into her mouth. Lee told her to swallow it all, so she did.

She looked up, and saw that Lee was on her knees at the end of the bed, and Chuck was pushing his cock in and out of her! Soon after seeing this, Lee and Chuck both groaned, and Kim saw Chuck's cum running down Lee's legs.

Lee turned around and started licking Chuck's cock clean, and Frank and Kim watched.

Lee told Kim that since Frank was already clean from cumming in Kim's mouth, and, that she wanted to get pregnant, she wasn't going to douche, but, was going to just clean up with the towel

Frank was laying there with a smile on his face, and asked Chuck if he would mind him making a deposit in the Bank of Lee for, old times sake. Chuck said that he wouldn't mind, as long as he could try out the cherry girl.

Lee's response was to roll over on her back and open her legs, telling Frank to "Come fuck me." Frank crawled over on top of Lee and pushed his cock inside of her, and starting to fuck her. Kim watched Chuck move over to her, and pulled her up on her knees, where they could watch Frank and Lee fuck while they were fucking. This was turning out to be FUN. Kim decided that she REALLY LIKED to feel a man's cock inside of her pussy.

Chuck pushed his cock inside of Kim's still tight pussy. After all, it had only been fucked the one time when Frank popped her cherry. It was so tight that when his cock pulled back, the skin of her pussy held on till his cock was almost all the way out. On top of that, it took him nearly 5 minutes to get his cock all the way inside of her, and, the best part of that was that the whole time he was working it in, her pussy was chewing his cock. He had never had a snapping pussy, before. This was FANTASTIC PUSSY on this girl. It felt so good that he was only able to hold his cum for a few minutes before he started shooting her up. He blew his load deep inside of her hot, wet pussy and let his cock slip out of her, actually, her pussy was so tight that it squeezed it out. He then noticed that, on her knees like that, SHE DIDN'T LEAK!! Every drop of his cum stayed inside of her.

Kim stayed with Chuck and Lee for two more week, when she found out that Frank was paying Lee so that he could come over and fuck Kim. Kim found out that Frank was paying Lee $20.00 every time he came to fuck her.

There was a big fight and Lee was f***ed to give her half of the money she had got from Frank, then Kim moved out, and went to Long Binh to stay with a girl she knew.... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 24

Kim had started leaving her undergarments behind EVERY time she went to work. She was careful NOT to flash couples, as she knew what it was like for a woman to see ANOTHER woman coming on to her partner, and knew it was VERY RUDE. A man by himself was quite ANOTHER thing.

Since she had ALWAYS loved to show her body, it was just an easy step to flashing at work.

She REALLY enjoyed showing my buddies what she had when they came to the club, and was known to NOT be a tease, so, naturally, we had visitors to our apartment fairly frequently.

Kim and I had gone out to do some shopping, and had just finished unloading the car, when she decided to take a bath. She started the water running, laid out a towel, and started stripping off her clothes. She was walking around the house naked when the doorbell rang. I used the peephole to see who it was, and saw one of my buddies outside. I asked Kim if she wanted to put on some clothes, or go into the bathroom before I opened the door, but, since it was Cletus, she said she didn't. He was one of my best friends, but, was very shy around Kim. She had done almost everything she could think of to make him fuck her, but had failed at every turn. She did, however, go into the bedroom, where he wouldn't see her, right away.

I opened the door for him, and invited him in and offered a chair and refreshments. He sat down on the sofa, and I got him a Coke, as he didn't drink alcohol. We were going to the field the next week, and were discussing some things, beforehand. Kim waited until Cletuses attention was elsewhere, and decided to join us. She came up behind him, still naked, and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He turned to greet her, and saw her standing there NAKED! He stammered a bit, but didn't take his eyes off of her. She had completely shaved her pussy the day before, leaving it completely bare. She had a VERY prominent mons, which she referred to as her "fat pussy," which was at eye level, and mere inches from Cletuses face. She stood there, letting him get a GOOD look at it, and came around the sofa to sit on the arm of my chair, with one foot beside me, and one on the floor. This made her pussy open a bit, so he could see a bit of the pink inside. He could also see the tiny bead of juice on her pussy lips.

Cletus was a black guy, almost the identical size as myself. He was 6'2" tall, was around 235 lbs. and fairly good looking. At least KIM thought so. She had wanted him to fuck her ever since she had met him. This time she was going for ALL the marbles.

We sat there talking for a few more minutes, but, Clete was so distracted by the sight of Kim's nude body, he was unable to hold a thought. Seeing this, Kim went over and sat down in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissing him, her tongue going inside his mouth, and squirming around a bit, until she could feel his cock pushing up against her buttocks. She kissed him several times like this, each kiss more passionate than before. She finally reached down between them, to gently squeeze his dick, whispering to him, "Please don't make me beg. I want to feel your big cock go inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me VERY LONG TIME, and cum INSIDE my pussy. I want to feel you shoot my pussy FULL for you hot cum. Let me fini you clothes so you can fuck me LONG time." Cletus looked over at me, as if for permission, and I told him, "She won't stop until you give her a good fucking, so you might as well give it to her."

Without waiting for an answer, she unzipped his jeans, and found he, like me, didn't wear any drawers. She slid off his lap to the floor in front of him, taking his cock into her mouth. She licked the length of it like a k** with a lollipop, and unfastened his pants. He had taken his shoes off when he came into the house, so that part was out of the way. He raised his buttocks a bit to allow her to pull his pants down, and off, throwing them to the side. She then unbuttoned his shirt and helped him take it off, leaving him as naked as she already was.

They kissed some more, Cletus feeling her soft, firm tits, and running his hand down her belly to the juncture of her legs, which were already open and waiting for his touch. He gently squeezed her mons, enjoying how soft it was, and stuck one, then two of his fingers into her hole. He was a bit startled when she clamped down on them with her internal muscles. She put her lips close to his ear, and softly asked him if he would like to go get in the bed. He scooped her up in his arms, and carried her to the bedroom to finally do what he had wanted all along. SPLIT HER FUZZ!

They lay there side by side kissing, and feeling each other up, when Kim switched ends, and took his dick into her mouth. She was determined to make the most of what she hoped would only be the first of many times to come. She took his cock deep as she could in her mouth, massaging his scrotum as she sucked him. In and out of her mouth he went, enjoying each sensation. He surprised her just a bit, when he pulled her over to straddle his face, and started eating her pussy in return. She had so hoped he would like to go 69.

They stayed like this for a long time, Kim enjoying several INTENSE orgasms. Finally, she asked what HE wanted to try, NEXT. He suggested that she go on top of him, as he wanted to see his dick going inside of her pussy. She turned and stepped across him, lowering herself until his dick was completely inside of her. She slowly raised and lowered herself giving him a VERY good look at where they were joined. After several minutes, she turned around and gave him a good look at them fucking from the other side. This sight effected hi so she had to stop several times to keep him from shooting his cum. She wanted THIS to LAST.

She asked him if he would like to fuck her same-same dog for a little while, and turned on her knees and elbows to allow him access to her hot, wet cunt. He buried his boner inside her, and was surprised that he didn't have to move. SHE was fucking HIM! All he had to do was hold on to her soft, round ass, and enjoy the sight before him. It looked like her pussy was turning inside out every time she moved forward. Every time, as before, she felt him trying to cum, she would stop, to make it last longer.

Finally Kim asked him if he was ready to cum, yet. He answered that that would be nice. She turned over on her back, spreading her legs wide, and pulling her knees up near her armpits. This motion spread her pussy open wide for him. He moved on top of her, and she guided his dick against her opening, where he pushed, and was deep inside of her. He began posting, with her gyrating to meet him, with her ankles locked around the small of his back. They stayed like this for just a few minutes, until Kim decided to take him as deep as he could reach. She moved her legs up over his shoulders, grasping his buttocks to pull him deeper. She had been content just to whisper endearments,and moan and gasp at his efforts, until now. Now she decided to give him some REAL encouragement.


She was twisting around as much as she could, in this position. She claimed it turned her on even more to be fucked like this, as she was completely helpless to her partner. He could do anything he wanted, and she would be at his mercy. She loved the feeling.

She felt Clete"s cum start to rise, yet, again, and was fully ready for the climax. CUM ON, BABY!! SHOOT MY PUSSY FULL O' YOU HOT CUM!!! GIMME ALL YOU GOT!!! I WANT IT ALL INSIDE ME!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, TOO HARD. I WANT YOU CUM IN MY HOLE!!!

Cletus did as was "demanded" of him, and pushed as deep as he could manage. He squirted time after time, shooting his cum deep inside of her. Finally, completely spent, he lay still, remaining on top of her, unable to muster the strength to move. His dick, still slightly erect, stayed inside of her, her contractions feeling like he was being gently chewed.

I went and fetched wet towels for Kim to clean herself, knowing how she would clean him...with her lips.

They had both had their dreams come true, and it WAS the first of many.

... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 24

Kim had started leaving her undergarments behind EVERY time she went to work. She was careful NOT to flash couples, as she knew what it was like for a woman to see ANOTHER woman coming on to her partner, and knew it was VERY RUDE. A man by himself was quite ANOTHER thing.

Since she had ALWAYS loved to show her body, it was just an easy step to flashing at work.

She REALLY enjoyed showing my buddies what she had when they came to the club, and was known to NOT be a tease, so, naturally, we had visitors to our apartment fairly frequently.

Kim and I had gone out to do some shopping, and had just finished unloading the car, when she decided to take a bath. She started the water running, laid out a towel, and started stripping off her clothes. She was walking around the house naked when the doorbell rang. I used the peephole to see who it was, and saw one of my buddies outside. I asked Kim if she wanted to put on some clothes, or go into the bathroom before I opened the door, but, since it was Cletus, she said she didn't. He was one of my best friends, but, was very shy around Kim. She had done almost everything she could think of to make him fuck her, but had failed at every turn. She did, however, go into the bedroom, where he wouldn't see her, right away.

I opened the door for him, and invited him in and offered a chair and refreshments. He sat down on the sofa, and I got him a Coke, as he didn't drink alcohol. We were going to the field the next week, and were discussing some things, beforehand. Kim waited until Cletuses attention was elsewhere, and decided to join us. She came up behind him, still naked, and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He turned to greet her, and saw her standing there NAKED! He stammered a bit, but didn't take his eyes off of her. She had completely shaved her pussy the day before, leaving it completely bare. She had a VERY prominent mons, which she referred to as her "fat pussy," which was at eye level, and mere inches from Cletuses face. She stood there, letting him get a GOOD look at it, and came around the sofa to sit on the arm of my chair, with one foot beside me, and one on the floor. This made her pussy open a bit, so he could see a bit of the pink inside. He could also see the tiny bead of juice on her pussy lips.

Cletus was a black guy, almost the identical size as myself. He was 6'2" tall, was around 235 lbs. and fairly good looking. At least KIM thought so. She had wanted him to fuck her ever since she had met him. This time she was going for ALL the marbles.

We sat there talking for a few more minutes, but, Clete was so distracted by the sight of Kim's nude body, he was unable to hold a thought. Seeing this, Kim went over and sat down in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissing him, her tongue going inside his mouth, and squirming around a bit, until she could feel his cock pushing up against her buttocks. She kissed him several times like this, each kiss more passionate than before. She finally reached down between them, to gently squeeze his dick, whispering to him, "Please don't make me beg. I want to feel your big cock go inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me VERY LONG TIME, and cum INSIDE my pussy. I want to feel you shoot my pussy FULL for you hot cum. Let me fini you clothes so you can fuck me LONG time." Cletus looked over at me, as if for permission, and I told him, "She won't stop until you give her a good fucking, so you might as well give it to her."

Without waiting for an answer, she unzipped his jeans, and found he, like me, didn't wear any drawers. She slid off his lap to the floor in front of him, taking his cock into her mouth. She licked the length of it like a k** with a lollipop, and unfastened his pants. He had taken his shoes off when he came into the house, so that part was out of the way. He raised his buttocks a bit to allow her to pull his pants down, and off, throwing them to the side. She then unbuttoned his shirt and helped him take it off, leaving him as naked as she already was.

They kissed some more, Cletus feeling her soft, firm tits, and running his hand down her belly to the juncture of her legs, which were already open and waiting for his touch. He gently squeezed her mons, enjoying how soft it was, and stuck one, then two of his fingers into her hole. He was a bit startled when she clamped down on them with her internal muscles. She put her lips close to his ear, and softly asked him if he would like to go get in the bed. He scooped her up in his arms, and carried her to the bedroom to finally do what he had wanted all along. SPLIT HER FUZZ!

They lay there side by side kissing, and feeling each other up, when Kim switched ends, and took his dick into her mouth. She was determined to make the most of what she hoped would only be the first of many times to come. She took his cock deep as she could in her mouth, massaging his scrotum as she sucked him. In and out of her mouth he went, enjoying each sensation. He surprised her just a bit, when he pulled her over to straddle his face, and started eating her pussy in return. She had so hoped he would like to go 69.

They stayed like this for a long time, Kim enjoying several INTENSE orgasms. Finally, she asked what HE wanted to try, NEXT. He suggested that she go on top of him, as he wanted to see his dick going inside of her pussy. She turned and stepped across him, lowering herself until his dick was completely inside of her. She slowly raised and lowered herself giving him a VERY good look at where they were joined. After several minutes, she turned around and gave him a good look at them fucking from the other side. This sight effected hi so she had to stop several times to keep him from shooting his cum. She wanted THIS to LAST.

She asked him if he would like to fuck her same-same dog for a little while, and turned on her knees and elbows to allow him access to her hot, wet cunt. He buried his boner inside her, and was surprised that he didn't have to move. SHE was fucking HIM! All he had to do was hold on to her soft, round ass, and enjoy the sight before him. It looked like her pussy was turning inside out every time she moved forward. Every time, as before, she felt him trying to cum, she would stop, to make it last longer.

Finally Kim asked him if he was ready to cum, yet. He answered that that would be nice. She turned over on her back, spreading her legs wide, and pulling her knees up near her armpits. This motion spread her pussy open wide for him. He moved on top of her, and she guided his dick against her opening, where he pushed, and was deep inside of her. He began posting, with her gyrating to meet him, with her ankles locked around the small of his back. They stayed like this for just a few minutes, until Kim decided to take him as deep as he could reach. She moved her legs up over his shoulders, grasping his buttocks to pull him deeper. She had been content just to whisper endearments,and moan and gasp at his efforts, until now. Now she decided to give him some REAL encouragement.


She was twisting around as much as she could, in this position. She claimed it turned her on even more to be fucked like this, as she was completely helpless to her partner. He could do anything he wanted, and she would be at his mercy. She loved the feeling.

She felt Clete"s cum start to rise, yet, again, and was fully ready for the climax. CUM ON, BABY!! SHOOT MY PUSSY FULL O' YOU HOT CUM!!! GIMME ALL YOU GOT!!! I WANT IT ALL INSIDE ME!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, TOO HARD. I WANT YOU CUM IN MY HOLE!!!

Cletus did as was "demanded" of him, and pushed as deep as he could manage. He squirted time after time, shooting his cum deep inside of her. Finally, completely spent, he lay still, remaining on top of her, unable to muster the strength to move. His dick, still slightly erect, stayed inside of her, her contractions feeling like he was being gently chewed.

I went and fetched wet towels for Kim to clean herself, knowing how she would clean him...with her lips.

They had both had their dreams come true, and it WAS the first of many.

... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 13

Three weeks after the party, I finally met my Mother-in-Law.

She came to the house to bring Kim the papers she had left there for the city officials to fill out for us to get married according to Military Regulations.
Kim, knowing I had to go to Saigon, some 75 miles away, came to the gate and asked one of the MPs to call me on the phone and let me know she was there.

I arrived at the gate and asked what was wrong. Kim NEVER bothered me at work. She pulld the papers out of her purse and showed me what she had. We were both happy to have them because now I had to take them to the Intelligence Section in Saigon to have certified English translations made. This would also start the investigation process on Kim. She would have to be interviewed by two or three different people, as to her charactor. Some girls made it, some didn't, depending on what the interviewer thought of her.

I kissed her and took the papers so I could get everything started.

We arrived in Saigon after a two hour drive. It usually took two and a half or three hours. We dropped our trailer at the supply depot so they could load our parts for us. That would usually take an hour or two, depending on the forklift operator, so we went on down to the Translation Section.

I dropped the documents off and answered a few questions as to where we lived, and what times Kim would be home, and I wouldn't. She had to be interviewed WITHOUT me being present. They wanted all her responses to be HERS, WITHOUT any input from ME!

I told them the address, and gave them detailed directions to the house, even telling them that almost any of the MPs would TAKE them there if they wanted. I was anxious to get home that evening to tell Kim what was going to be going on.

We finished our business at the Supply Depot, strapped down our load, and left for home. The traffic was heavier this time, and it took us nearly three hours to get back to our base. The driver, Murphy, had to stand by until the truck was unloaded, but I just had to take the documents for the parts in to the Tech. Supply to log them in for use.
This only took me a few minutes, and when I had finished and went out of the door, Murphy was just putting the last of the cargo straps in the OVM box. This is where we carried straps, chains, and tools for us to use on our loads. Murphy had to go right past the gate on his way to the fuel point, and I asked him for a ride. He was grinning as he asked, "Goin' straight home, Sarge, or you makin' a stop on the way?"
"I'm goin' straight to the house, tonight. Got some news for Kim, an' her Mom is there. First time I get to see her. I'm curious about what she's like." "Okay, Sarge. See ya' tomorrow." he replied.

I went out the gate and saw a taxi driver who had lived near us while we lived in the first house. I went over and got in his taxi. I didn't have to say anything as he knew just where I lived. It took us about five minutes to get to the house.

I went in the gate and the first thing I saw was a stack of suitcases. Paul and William had been transferred to another Company within the battallion. They would be with the Major and SFC (NOW 1SG)Money. They were leaving next week, but Hong and Vicki were going ahead to find them a place to live. We were sorry to see them go, but Paul and William had assured me they would visit as much as possible. They both wanted my help with THEIR paperwork to get married. Vicki came out with another suitcase and saw me there. She came over and gave me a BIG hug, and a kiss. She was positively GLOWING. She had been to the doctor that morning and had been told that SHE WAS PREGNANT. She was as happy as she could be. I asked her if she had told William, yet. "He know I let you fuck me too much, so you can knock me up, but dis before I know how he feel 'bout me an'ask me marry him. I tol' him I mebbe' pregnant, already, but he say "NO SWEAT." "I tol' him you may be fodder for my baby, he say okay. You he good frien' an' we can make he grow up good. We make baby same-same SOUL BRODDER. He lub dis baby same-same HE baby."

I was happy that things had happened as she had wanted. She went inside to see what else needed to be done, but I was not alone. Hong had a pile of her own boxes and suitcases. She came out, gave me a peck on the cheek, and told me flatly, NOT to worry about them. She was from the town where they were moving, and knew just who to see to get them a nice place to live. She had been there twice since her proposal, and had found three different places, two of which were nearly as nice as this one, just a bit smaller, but VERY nice, and both of them less than a five minute walk from the base. She would take good care of them.

I followed Hong on into the house and went into the living room. Kim wasn't there, so I went into the bedroom to get ready to take a shower. "HMMMM." Another curtain was hanging across from the bed. I peeked inside to see what was going on.

OOOPPPPSSS!!! There was a woman I had never laid eyes on, standing there NAKED!!! She was nice looking. About the same height as Kim, hair up in a bun, just a slight bit on the heavy side, BUT, she had just a light covering of hair on her pussy, and a BEAUTIFUL set of tits. They had just the least amount of sag to them, and VERY LARGE NIPPLES, which were standing straight out. I was taking it ALL in, and thinking that "I wouldn't kick her out for eating crackers in bed." I told her,"XIN LOI,BA."(Please excuse me, Ma'am)and stepped back, letting the curtain close. I picked up my towel, and went to take my shower.

There was a bead curtain between the shower and the sink, so that if someone had to use the toilet while someone else was taking a shower, the person on the toilet wouldn't get splattered with water. It, too, was was made by the girls, but it was made with two layers of beads. I had just stepped into the shower, and the curtain opened. IT WAS THE STRANGE LADY...AND SHE WAS STILL NAKED. She pushed me gently back, under the water, wet the soap, and began lathering me. ALL OVER. I was STILL wondering who she was. When she got to my crotch she didn't hesitate a bit. She started gently massaging ,my dick and balls, WITH the expected results. I was standing straight up for her to see. She squeezed my dick, and said, "YOI HOA!" (VERY GOOD)and "Ong ca bui cock." (You have a big dick.) She pushed me back under the water, and rinsed me off, then taking the towel and drying me off. I was STILL thinking, "WHO IS THIS WOMAN!!!"

I heard Kim calling for me. I told her I was in the shower, and she came in to the bathroom. she had gone downtown to get something. I asked her, "Who IS this lady?"
She laughed and answered, "DIS MY MAMA!!! She wan' see how big you cock are, an' later, mebbe, she wan' see how you feel." I asked Kim, "Does this mean she is gonna' let me fuck her?" Kim smiled and said, "Yeah. She wan' find out you can make me Xung Hoa (Feel Good) an' gib me baby-san. She check-check how much you cum an'how you choi.(fuck) She tell me she wan somebody 'Merican GI fuck HER. She hear 'Merican got cock too big, make woman crazy. Vietnam man no got big cock. They got tee-tee (little) cock." I didn't know what to say. Kim took over, as usual. She told me to go take a nap while they girls cooked supper, and later, we would do what was needed.

I didn't even bother to put on any clothes, just going to the bed and laying down. After all, everyone here had seen me naked...EVEN MY NEW MOTHER-IN-LAW TO BE!

I lay there for a while, everything going crazy in my head, with all that had happened, AND what was GOING to happen. I was just barely able to close my eyes. I heard the sound of footsteps coming into the bedroom. I looked to the door and there was Kim' mom. She saw I was awake and came over to the bed. She said, "Ong hum di ngo?" (You don't go to sl**p?) "Ong choi Ma, Ong di ngo, MAU LIN!" (You fuck me, you go to sl**p,QUICKLY) She quickly pulled her clothes off and climbed into the bed next to me. She didn't(again) hesitate in the least. She reached down, taking my dick in hand and starting to "wake him up." She massaged until it was beginning to get hard, then she started sucking it. I was up and ready. She was on her back, legs up and spread instantly. She looked at me and said, "Em ho mo kai loam, Ma?" (You kiss Mom's pussy?) "Ma XUNG HOA!"(Mama feel GOOD!) I figured that I had better do my best. Who knows? She might be pretty good. She was a bit older, and had had seven k**s, but I was willing to do MY part, and SHE was MORE than willing to do HER part, it seemed. This MIGHT be FUN!

I started eating out her pussy. It had a nice, sweet taste, similar to Kim's pussy. As i licked her, I sucked her clit, making her groan and arch he back. She grabbed the back of my head to pull me closer. I stuck my tongue as deep as i could manage, licking the inner walls of her pussy, making her gasp for air. Seems like she was approving, so far. I kept this up for a little while, making her shake her head violently back and forth, moaning "XUNG HOA, XUNG HOA, XUNG HOA!!!" She was just as "active" as her DAUGHTER!" I was getting INTO THIS! She had several orgasms, the last being hard enough to shake her whole body. I decided it was time to "Lay some pipe" to her. I moved to go on top of her, and she grabbed her own legs, pulling them up, AND WIDER, to allow me to enter her. This I did, sliding smoothly inside of her, effortlessly. She wasn't nearly as tight as ANY of the girls, but, WAS tight enough to be really good. I began to thrust into her in a steady pace, making her groan and whimper. She was humping me back, and was doing the "Horizontal Hula." She might be older, but, she was clearly enjoying the proceedings. We went on for a long while, with her frequently pulling my butt in while she had spasm after spasm. She would also pull ny head down to her, kissing me long and deep. The longer this all went on, the more I hoped it wouldn't be JUST the one time. SHE WAS FANTASTIC!!! NOW, I KNEW where KIM'S talent came from.

I finally reached to goal line! I pushed deep and 'LET 'ER RIP!" I shot my load of cum deep inside her pussy. THIS TIME SHE SCRESMED!!! SHE was VOCAL, TOO! I was laying there, still on top of her, and felt something ELSE warm and wet. The whole gang had heard Kims' moms' groans, and had come to see what was happening. They had been so quiet, we hadn't even known they were there.

Kim was standing there over us, a wet towel in her hand for us to clean up. She said something to her mom in Vietnamese, but I couldn't understand but a couple of words. Her mom answered, and ALL the girls laughed. Kim told me that she had told Mom that supper was almost ready, and Mom had told her that she would eat LATER. She was too tired to get up...and BESIDES, she wanted to keep my cum inside her for a while. She wanted to see if SHE could get pregnant, too. Kim frowned. She asked her mom what she was talking about? Her mom looked at her and told her that SHE (Kim) was pregnant! Kim looked at Mom AND me and asked how she KNEW? Mom told her some things she had seen when Kim was naked to change clothes to go downtown. Kim hadn't told anyone that she was going to see a doctor. He had told her she was about three months pregnant. Kim was happy about being pregnant, BUT, was curious as to WHO had "Rung her chimes." She (nor I) cared. It was simply curiousity. She had been nailed by many men during that time, and ANY OF THEM could have planted the seed. We would find out in about six months.

We went in to eat supper. The girls had fixed fried prawns. Each of them were HUGE! All of them were at least 9 inches long, and as big around as a chicken drumstick. To go with it were steak fries, cooked in butter, peas, and whatever we wanted to drink. I ALWAYS drank a LARGE cup of Mango Cream Soda.

We went out on the patio to eat, as we always did, unless it was raining. We talked about Kim's news, and Mom. William was hoping that she would be courious about black men. We were also discussing who it could have been to make KIM pregnant. She had had probably 30 to 40 different guys fuck her in that time period, ANY of which could have done it. On TOP of all the different men, WE had had all fucked her at least a dozen times EACH. We had all poured quarts of cum inside of her, and she NEVER took ANY precautions. She douched after she was finished, but that was ALL. When she had an ALL-NIGHTER at the hotel, or here, she didn't even do THAT until the next morning. The only guy that we hoped WASN"T the father was the creep that had abused her at the hotel one night. She had been sucking his dick, and he had held her head and jammed hiS dick so far down her throat she had passed out, and while she was u*********s, had shot his cum inside her throat, where she nearly choked to death. He had been arrested, and put, none too gently, in the stockade at PMO. He was court-martialed, and sent to the Long Binh Jail. The military prison for Americans. HE WAS A REAL SCUMBAG!!! On top of this, the time in jail didn't count toward his twelve month tour of duty. His time stopped, and he would have to serve the rest of his time after he was released. He had been sentenced to 9 months at HARD LABOR! It had turned out that he was AWOL from his unit.

I went in to bed, later, and got up the next morning to go to work. I had to go to Saigon, again. William and Paul didn't have to go to work, as they were clearing post.

I made my trip, again with Murphy, which was a good thing. I enjoyed Murph's company, and we always had at least a couple of good laughs on our trips. He was as we used to say at home, "GOOD PEOPLE."

I was home, again, at a little after 1500. The Tech Supply Commander had told me that unless he told me otherwise, when we got back from our runs, and did what we needed with the parts, and the vehicle, we would bee off for the rest of the day.
I logged the parts in, and Murph watched the supply people unload the truck, and took it to be refuelled for the next day, and we were gone. I went home, nad Murphy had a girl he was staying with.

I got home and Kim was gone to the Beauty Shop. She went every Friday to get her hair and nails done. I went in and stripped down to take my shower. I wanted to be ready when Kim got home, as we went out every Friday and Saturday night. I was in the shower, when the curtain opened. HERE WAS MOM! She was ready for round two. She got down on her knees and began playing with me. SHE WAS VERY TALENTED!!! She had me ready in a couple of seconds. She dried me off, and led me to the bed. "Em ong loam, Ma, choi Ma xung hoa." (Eat mom's pussy and fuck her and make her feel good.) Such a hard life I had.(LOL)

I did as she wanted,with her being even MORE responsive this second time. She was going to wear me out, trying to keep up with HER. I didn't eat her pussy but just a very little before she took my dick and indicated that she wanted IT,NOT MY TONGUE in her pussy. I started to get on top of her, but she put her hand on me to indicate SHE wanted to get on top. I rolled over and HERE SHE WAS! SHE had just out and out SWALLOWED ME WHOLE! She was gyrating and grinding like a woman possessed. She was squeeling and moaning like she was out of her mind. She rode me for a while and climbed off and went to her knees. She left NO doubt as to what she wanted. She was ass up, and knees spread. I eased her to the edge of the mattress, so I could stand behind her. This done, I grabbed both hands full of her ass, and started pounding her to glory. She was wagging her tail, and BITING MY DICK!!! MAMA HAD A SNAPPING PUSSY, TOO!!! I was busy with her and didn't notice that Kim had walked in. She had a shocked look on her face. She said in Vietnamese, "Mama, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! YOU ARE FUCKING FOR THE FIFTH TIME TODAY!!! DON'T YOU HAVE ENOUGH,YET?" Mom had raised up and told her,"Tomorrow I am going home. I want one more from EVERYBODY! Hong already tell me where they are going to live. I'm going to go visit her and Vicki all I can. I want some more of their mens' cocks. Both fuck so good! Especially the black man. He fuck me two times, and cum in me THREE TIMES." Pooh isn't my son-in-law, YET!!! I can fuck him, NOW. Later, when you are married, I can't." Kim shook her head. She didn't have the heart to tell her mom that, in Vietnam, we WERE married. She WAS fucking her son-in-law! Mom pushed back, squeezed, amd screamed. I was giving her her load of cream. She collapsed on the bed. Kim got a damp towel and put under her so the cum wouldn't make the bed dirty. Kim rubbed her mother's pussy putting the towel under her, and Mom had ANOTHER orgasm. I went in the bathroom to clean up.

Kim said her mother was going on the early bus, so she would be leaving at 0400 the next morning. She would be home at about 15 or 1600. I asked her what she was taking about when she first came in. She said Mom was outside when Paul woke up, and when she saw him, she pulled his shorts down, and layed down in the hammock. She spoke American for the first time since she got here, telling Paul to "FUCK ME!!!" He fucked her twice. She liked it so much, when William came outside, she did the same thing, AGAIN! I asked her if she was worried about getting pregnant, and she said she was ALREADY pregnant. Dad refused to fuck her because she WAS pregnant, so she got all she could get while she was here. She is going to go to Hong and Vicki's house to get more as long as she can. She also said that she WOULD let OTHER Americans fuck her if they wanted to.

I got dressed, and we went out to eat supper, watch a movie, and whatever else we decided to do.

... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 16

Kim and Top had had a good time, and it was time for us to go on home. We walked to the gate, where Kim had to be searched, and have her ID Card returned to her. One of our friends was in the Guard Shack that night. The Matron was out to the latrine, so Kim told HIM to make the search. She stepped behind the curtain, removed her panties, and lifted her skirt so he could check her out. She was wearing a tank top and no bra so there was nothing there to check. She still lifted it so he could see for himself. She knew he very much enjoyed seeing and feeling her boobs, and let him feel her up every chance she could. After he had had a good long feel of her tits, he felt of her ass, rubbing and kissing it. He felt how wet her pussy was, and became immediately hard. I told him that I would keep watch for him, so he could get some of her pussy.

He dropped his pants to his knees, and with Kim leaning over the table, began to conduct a body cavity search. Kim had always enjoyed it when he used his "probe" on her. It always had to be re-inserted numerous times to do the search properly. Due to the location, and other people in the area, Kim had to suppress her usual outcries. She DID moan and hiss nicely for her friend, letting him know that she was enjoying his attention and "hard work." She had several orgasms before HE came, filling her with his seed. Not a bad night for her. She had been bred five times in two holes. She took some toilet paper and wiped her pussy, pulled down her skirt and tank top, and thanked Breen for giving her such a good "searching." With a kiss and a promise that he would come by the house as soon as possible, she came outside and we went to the taxi stand, where we were going to get a ride home.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!! Three explosions rocked the air around us.

I looked back to see smoke rising from the BOQ area, the end of the flight line, and across the street from an ARVN Basic Training Compound.

I put Kim into a taxi, and took off at a run to the Company Area. Top was outside with the Company Commander, and another NCO. Top told me to get my equipment and that a truck was going to be across the street to take everyone to the perimeter. I went to the Arms Room and drew my weapon and ammunition, and took off for our guard area on foot. It was only a few hundred yards to our area, and I could make it much faster running across country.

We had two towers and four bunkers on the perimeter. I called the guards down out of the towers, and made sure they were in the bunkers first thing. They were full of questions, but I had few answers. I told them what I had seen, and that the rest of the platoon would be there in a few minutes.

The Platoon Sgt. told me to get in the truck and go with it to the other areas. All the flight crews had been scrambled, and I was the only one there who knew how to load and fire an M-60 machine-gun except for the Armorer, and HE was BUSY. I went with the truck and set up all the machine-guns, and showed the people there how to link belts and reload if necessary. When I finished, I went back to my platoon area.

The only damage done was a direct hit on the water tower in the Officers Area. We stayed on alert until 0800 the next morning, and went to 50% alert for the rest of the day. The whole town was put OFF-LIMITS for the next seven days, and NO ONE was allowed to be signed in for the next 72 hours. Our wedding had to be postponed.

Kim came to the gate the next evening, but was not allowed to come on post. I was called to the gate so she could see that I was okay, but we had to settle for a quick kiss through the wire.

We were detailed to help with the clean-up from the rockets that had hit us. We had to carry off what was left of the water tower, and fill in the hole from the second rocket.

Two days later, Kim was allowed to come on post, but I still couldn't go off post. We made use of the "Love Nest" and an empty bunker. The bunker was private, but the "Love Nest" had its usual observers. There were three people there to watch anybody there, and as usual, Kim felt sorry for them, and gave them ALL some pussy. She was a favorite for that reason. If she knew someone was watching her get fucked, she would allow them to come in and fuck her, too, so they wouldn't be horney.

The fourth day after the rocket attack, I had the day off and could go to the beach. I had told Kim to meet me there, so we could spend the day together. She brought several LARGE beach towels and two poncho liners with her. Several pavilions with a picnic table underneath had been built. We went to one of them, and set up for the day. Kim had worn her tiniest string bikini under a very near shear set of pajamas. she had a towel around her waist, and when she removed it I saw she had left the bottom part of her bikini in her purse. She removed the towel, and took off the bikini top. With this, she might as well have been naked. You could see everything she had through her pajamas. She was the center of attention, and was LOVING it.

After a while, she wanted to go into the water to cool off. To everyone's delight, she took off the pajamas and put on the bikini in full sight of everyone there. After all, it wasn't as if they hadn't seen what she looked like, already.

We went in the water and played around for a while, Kim "loosing" one or the other pieces of her bikini several times. She "lost" the bottom part more often, as she received more whistles and applause when she lost her trunks, than when she "lost" her top.

We came out of the water and went up to "our" table. She spread the poncho liners and placed towels to make a room under the table. She took my hand and we went under the table. Kim wanted to FUCK! She was naked before I could get inside. She said she didn't care who knew what we were doing,(as if they couldn't guess)or heard us in the process. I told her that that was a good way to end up getting gang-banged. She just laughed, and said, "I won't fight." With this, she was on her back, with her legs spread.

We fucked twice, and stopped for a breather, and for me to have a smoke. While I was smoking a cigarette, she was "smoking my pole." I was wondering what she was up to. I knew KIM! She loved to show off.

She mounted me "reverse cowgirl" and was riding me good. Suddenly, the towel at the end of the table fell. She was facing the opening. A smile on her face, and her legs open wide. Her pussy was in full view, with my dick sawing in and out of it. Sure enough, there were about a dozen guys there, watching. She kept on riding, and squeezing her bare breast together, moaning out loud. Most of them didn't say anything, but one guy commented that it sure looked like fun to him. There was an obvious bulge in his trunks. He was the only one that stayed until we were finished, too. Kim asked him to hand her a damp towel out of her basket, as he did. She wiped herself clean, and asked him if he would like to join her. He, with a big smile, told her he would. I was curious as to why the beach was empty. He told me there was a band up at the Beachcomber, and they had TWO strippers that went Mot Tram. Completely naked. I knew the band. One of the girls was Lein. She had been with them for about two months. I had seen her naked so many times, it was nothing new.

I crawled out from under the table to give him room. Kim was ready for him to fuck her. As there wasn't anybody else around, Kim came out, still naked, and folded the poncho liners and towels to make a cushion on top of the table. She asked him where he worked, and he told her at the quarry for the Engineers, and his name was Tom. She wrapped her arms around him, giving him a hard, deep kiss, and grinding her pelvis into his. "My name is Kim. I want you to fuck me all you can, and I want you to cum INSIDE my pussy. NOW, FUCK ME!!!"

She climbed up on the table, in full view of anybody who happened to look her way. Tom was up there in an instant, where Kim pushed him to his back and began to suck his dick. She sucked him long enough to make sure he was good and hard.

When he was ready she asked him how he would like to fuck her first. He, as many others wanted to fuck her doggy-style, so he could see his dick go in and out of her pussy. That was also her favorite position, because "It feels SOOO deep." She turned and allowed him to hump her for a few minutes before she took over. She was pushing back to him HARD! She wanted to feel his dick hit bottom. Then, when she felt him slowing down, she put him on his back so she could "ride horsey."

Next, she turned around to ride him "reverse cowgirl" giving him another chance to observe his dick going in and out of her pussy. She was REALLY feeling it by now, and was telling him ALL about it.


She rolled over to missionary position, putting her legs over his shoulders. He started hammering her hard, driving as deep as he could inside of her.


Tom shot a BIG load inside of her, making her scream her thanks. She pulled hi up to her face, sucking and licking him clean. I took the damp towel and wiped her pussy clean. She would want to lay there for a bit, letting his cum go deep inside of her.
That was her "excuse" for fucking, I had found out. She had been taught that the reason for letting a man fuck her was to get pregnant, so, every time she let someone fuck her, she made sure their cum had a chance to make her pregnant.

She laid there on the table, while Tom and I talked and smoked. After a bit, she reached down to fondle Tom's cock. Sure enough, it twitched a bit, and started to raise up to say "HI."

Tom climbed up to be beside her, but reversed. He didn't put his tongue inside of her, but instead licked and nibbled at her "peanut." (Clit) Judging by HER response, he was doing a pretty good job of eating her pussy. She was bouncing and humping into his face, pulling him tighter to her pussy. She let out two or three good screams as she had her orgasms, finally begging him to give her his cock.

This time he didn't try anything fancy. He simply rolled on top of her, driving into her cum-soaked snatch. He was in all the way with the first thrust, placing her legs wide, and going deep EVERY time. She didn't speak, she didn't scream. She babbled in a language known and understood by her, alone Her head was back so far the top was rubbing the table, and she was matching his every thrust with her own. Her hips were going side to side, as he fucker her, her head shaking with the rhythm of his thrusts. She was in another universe, where her own body was all she knew.

Tom was able to hold for a LONG time, increasing her sensation. She was, quite simply, at this time, a fucking machine. She was overcome by one orgasm after another. Each more intense than the one before. She was totally unaware of the world around her. All she knew was the dick inside of her, and its relentless thrusting.

Tom finally reached his limit. He blew his new load of sperm inside of her, finally bringing a scream of pure sexual pleasure. My only worry was HOW WAS SHE TO GET HOME! I couldn't take her, town was off limits to American and Australian personnel.

I looked up to the road, about a hundred feet away, and saw an M.P. jeep sitting there. IT WAS SUPERCOP!!! I went up there and asked him if he could give us s ride to the house. He said that Breen was his partner that night, and he would be back in a minute.

I went back to where Kim was still laying, and told Tom I had found a way to get Kim home. Supercop and Breen helped me to get Kim's clothes on her, and I carried her up to their jeep and put her in the back seat. We stopped at the gate to retrieve her I.D. card and were on our way. Both of the M.P.s knew the shape she was in, and how she GOT in that shape. Breen commented that she was about as fucked out as he had seen her.

It only took us about five minutes to get to our house. Supercop pulled through the gate and parked close to the front door. He took my key and opened it for me to carry Kim inside. I removed her clothes while Breen and Supercop held her up. Once she was naked, I laid her down on the bed. The two M.P.s admiring her nude body, both showing hard. I told them that as long as they were there, that Kim would enjoy "entertaining' them, too. Both took off their clothes. Supercop was first. He got behind her, and pushed his dick inside her. The response was immediate. Kim pushed back and was fucking HIM. She wagged her butt back and forth as she pushed back to take his full length inside. In just a few minutes Supercop had shot his wad, his cum running down the inside of her thighs. He got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, and Breen took his turn. he put her on her back and nailed he the old-fashioned way. She wrapped her legs around him, shaking like she was epileptic. Breen lasted a bit longer, but, he too, unloaded inside of her. I had placed a towel under her so she wouldn't mess up the bed. I took a towel and wiped her pussy so it wouldn't leak so much, and once that was done, we took our leave.

It had been a long and fun-filled day for all. ... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 11

We had, several months earlier, gone to the Justice of the Peace, and were married, UNDER VIETNAMESE LAW. I went to personell and had our papers, so they could be put into my records. The clerk, a good friend of mine, told that the papers weren't any good, and that I had to get permission from the Military Command to get married and take her home with me. I had never thought about it until I was told I would STILL have to leave her behind, that I WAS IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL. I felt as if someone had kicked me in the gut. I asked him, then, what I would have to do. He told me that, as I had just won him $20.00, he would help me. It turns out that him and Top had a bet. He had said I would come straight to him, and Top had said HE thought I would come to the Orderly Room.

I went, per instructions, to see Top, and tell him what I wanted to do. Top was waiting for me. The clerk had called to gloat about winning the money from him.

He, after a bit of mock anger, promisied to "take it out of my hide." Then he took me back to the Conference Room. Our Ops. NCO, and the Company XO were already there, and our Company Commander came in when he heard Top and I. They sat me down at the big table, and put a manila envelope, AT LEAST 3 inches thick, in front of me. I was instructed to open it up and look at what was inside. One form after another. The XO told me that they ALL had to be completed, certified, and sent to Pacific Headquarters for approval...or DISapproval! We would start RIGHT THEN, so Icould get the CO's signature, and have the witnesses needed on MANY of them. I read, or was read, form after form. Then SFC Money (the OPs NCO)or CPT Walker (the XO) would show me where to sign, or initial, and MAJ. Edwards (the CO) would sign and witness for me. THAT ALONE took two hours, amd most of a pack of cigarettes.

They then explained what else I needed to do, what KIM had to do, and what to expect.
There were twelve different forms that Kim had to take to the city where she was born, and have officials there to fill out and sign. It was the first day of my "weekend" so I went straight home to tell Kim the news.

John was there, but was asl**p, as was Paul. The girls were out shopping, and I was there with Vicki. She had not been in the mood to go downtown that morning. She had just taken a shower and washed her hair, and was sitting outside letting it dry in the sun. We had a chaise lounge, and she was on it, with her hair over the top, where it could dry. She was also TOTALLY NAKED, AND FRESH SHAVED. She had taken to trimming the hair on her pussy to a strip that was about 1 inch wide, and about 2 1/2 inches long, and stopped right above her clit. She also shaved everything BETWEEN her legs. She was a VERY lovely sight. She was about 5 feet tall, small, perky tits with nipples that were NEVER flat, a smoothe flat belly, her "racing stripe" and hips that were just enough to be soft, round, and a GREAT handfull. She, like the other girls, enjoyed having men look at them, and the reactions that resulted. I NEVER tired of looking at, or fucking, any of them. I always considered myself EXTREMELY lucky to have a situation as I did. Eight beautiful women. Wanh and another girl named Thuoc, (pr. TOO) had been there much of the time lately. Wanh and Mai were about the same age, and had pretty much buddied up.

Vicki lay there on the lounge, for a few more moments, got up and went inside to get her hairbrush, and returned to finish her hair. We talked a bit, with her sitting to give me the best view of her, and started brushing her hair. She told me that the other girls had waited for me, but, when I was so late getting home, went ahead without me. They had only been gone less than an hour. A SHORT trip for that crowd would be 2-3 hours.

Vicki didn't take long to finish her hair, as it was very fine and silky. It was coal black, straight, and hung to the upper curve of her beautiful ass. It was positively GORGEOUS. (The hair AND her ass) She suggested that I should go and take my shower and rest until the other girls came home. I asked her if, after my shower, I didn't want to rest, WHAT THEN? Her answer came quickly, and with a smile. "I give you some PUSSY."

I went inside, stripped down, and took my shower. I dried off and stepped through the door, and saw Vicki, on my bed, STILL naked, with a pillow under her ass. "HEY, G.I. You want boom-boom? I make you feel fuckin' good! You can fuck me, long time, mebbe you fuck me two time." I had heard this from LEIN, almost every day, but NEVER from VICKI!!! She was too reserved to talk like this, I THOUGHT! I wondered what other surprises she had for me.

She was smiling when I asked what caused her to talk like THAT. She told me, "I just wanted to see the look on your face. What you think?" I told her that that was okay for Lein, but just didn't sound right coming from her. "Let Lein talk like that, YOU stay the same. Little, sweet, and beautiful." That was her "gift." She was the delicate little china doll, that dearly LOVED to FUCK.

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE DID! She spread her legs, reached down to open her tap, and told me flatly. "Don't eat me first, I too wet, already. I wan' you fuck me, good, an'cum in my pussy, TWO TIME!!! Tomorrow, nex' day, I got my period. You give me good fuck, it knock me up. You take Kim go home, I got baby for my bes' frien'. All my life, ever' time I look my baby, I see YOU face. Mebbe I never see YOU, again, but I got you, FOREVER, MY WHOLE LIFE."

This was the first time ANY of the girls had shown any emotion like this. We enjoyed sex together, and we laughed and took care of each other. Kim and I had made it known we were ready for the LOOONG haul, and had discussed getting married. The others were in it ONLY to the end of their tours.

I went on top of Vicki, entering her gently, and slowly, savoring every delicious sensation I got from her. She locked her legs around me, and began to slowly gyrate her hips, thrusting slowly up to meet me. It was NOT fucking, THIS time. We were making slow,sweet, passionate, LOVE. NO FRANTIC, "WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA'AM", "Tear off a piece and GO!" shot of leg. THIS WAS AN ATTEMPT AT BRINGING FORTH A c***d.

We put everything we had into this effort. We both knew that Kim would approve. She had, several times, asked if I could handle making her, or one of the other girls, pregnant. I had never thought about it. ALL of the girls talked about getting a 'Merican baby. None of them (that I knew of) EVER used ANY kind of birth control. NOT EVEN CONDOMS!!! If a man tried to put on a condom, it was the same as telling them they had a NASTY pussy, and was considered an INSULT. Condoms were only used with "Short-Time girls, or Massage Parlor girls. Girls that might have ten or twelve different guys a DAY. The girls here were LONG_time girls. THEY WERE SPECIAL, and went to a doctor TWICE A WEEK for a check-up.

We made love for a long, long time, finally, several times for her, we hit the jackpot. She groaned out loud, as did I, filling her completely. She had a wet towel, which she used to clean me off, and then layed it across her vagina, (I couldn't call it a pussy, anymore)keeping her butt elevated on the pillow. She didn't want to lose a single drop of my seed. She made me promise to make love to her one more time, TO MAKE SURE SHE WOULD GET PREGNANT.

I went outside to think this through, when the girls came home. I got the papers out to show to Kim, and explained which ones she would have to take home. SHE WAS EXTATIC!!! She asked if I minded if she left today, and I told her that she could go as soon as she wanted. She went in and packed a few things, talked to Vicki, who was still on the bed, and gave me a kiss. She was so happy she was beside herself. She would have to be gone for four days, but she knew the other girls would take care of me...ESPECIALLY VICKI. Her last words as she left the house were, "Give Vicki all she wan'. She wan' baby for you, SO MUCH! I tell her it okay for her got you baby, I GOT YOU, FOREVER!!!"

Apparently, she had told Vicki the same thing. Vicki layed in the bed for over an hour, had cleaned the OUTSIDE of her body, and had asked if I would come inside, and make love to her, DOGGY-STYLE, so maybe, she HOPED, it would go even deeper inside. I took another shower, and ate supper first. Vicki, this time joined me in the shower, completely taking over. All I had to do was stand there, while she scrubbed me from head to toe. Wanh and Lein had decided to show off their cooking skills, and had fixed red snapper fish, bread THEY had made, Steak Fries, and a Mango Pie. We ALL stuffed ourselves until we were in sweet agony. We sat around outside, complaining that we had eaten too much, and just enjoying ourselves. Vicki had promised Kim that SHE would take care of me, and was by my side the whole evening. Paul and John had to work the next day, so they decided to take Hong and Lein, and go to bed. 0400 comes VERY early. William was there, and he, too, had to get up early. We had invited him to stay the night, and he had agreed, so him and Wanh stayed together. The other girls had described him COMPLETELY to Wanh, and she was anxious to receive his attention. (Among OTHER things)

Vicki suggested that WE turn in, TOO! She, as she put it, was feeling "empty."

We went into the bedroom. I had been wearing papa-san shorts, with nothing underneath, and she, when she came outside, was wearing her shift, ALSO with nothing underneath, so disrobing was just a string pull and pull down. She was naked again in the blink of an eye, but, then she squatted down, next to the bed, and stuck two fingers into her pussy. A short pull and she had a piece of gauze with some cotton balls inside, between her fingers. She looked up at me, smiled, and explained, "DIS MY CORK. I put dis in my pussy so you cum no go any where. I keep inside me, so I be knocked up. NOW...YOU give me more cream, so I can got you baby." The idea had settled in my mind, and I LIKED it. I watched her take the wad of damp material and flush it down the toilet. She came out, damp from washing, looked me in the eye, and told me, "Come on an' gimme more you cum. My hot pussy ready eat you cock."

I knew she had not cleaned her pussy INSIDE, but, when she knelt on the edge of the bed, I couldn't resist giving her pussy a kiss, which turned into me eating her. She tried feebly, to resist, but, she ENJOYED having me eat her pussy so much that she began to encourage me to eat her MORE. I nibbled around the lips of her pussy, occassionaly sticking my tongue inside of her, and licking her little joy-button. She was hissing and blowing like she was in agony. Then I heard he voice. It was almost too faint to hear, and wouldn't be audible more that three or four feet away. "Ooohhh, eat me mooore. I lub you eat me like dat. Make me nyap-nyap(pussy contractions)too much. I sooo horney for you biiig cock. OHHH MY GOD!!!(out loud) I CUM, AGAIN!!! GIMME YOU COCK! GODDAM, I READY FOR YOU FUCK ME!!! PUT YOU COCK INSIDE ME!!! GIMME TO MUCH FUCK, GIMME TOO MUCH YOU CREAM GO MY PUSSY. FUUUUCCK MEEEE!!! NOOOOW!!!"

I raised up and stuck my dick into her pussy, pushing deep inside. I heard something, and, turning my head, saw that her last outburst, SO UNUSUAL FOR VICKI, had gotten EVERYBODIES attention. They were ALL curious, AND ANXIOUS, to see Vicki acting like this. They weren't saying anything, just watching. I had been watched , before, and Vicki didn't know, so I went back to what I was doing, which was FUCKING A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! I had a good, firm hold on her soft, smooth ass, and began to pump her pussy for all it was worth. I wasn't taking it easy on her, but was slamming into HARD, with every stroke. This was the FIRST time ANY of us, EVEN THE GIRLS, who had known her MUCH longer, HAD HEARD HER CRY OUT, where ANYBODY could hear her. The only thing I could think of was that the excitement of REALLY trying to get pregnant had effected her. All OTHER times, it was a case of, "If I get pregnant, I get pregnant...just enjoy getting a "Merican" cock." TONIGHT, her MAIN PURPOSE was to have a baby.

The excitement she was feeling was contagious. I had, it seemed, just barely started, when I felt myself trying to cum. I tried to hold it back, but was about as able to hold it, as I was to fly, so I gave up, and let it blast. Vicki SCREAMED OUT LOUD, and pushed back to catch the whole stream. I groaned and let it ALL loose. The others, still standing there, watching, began to applaud. Vicki looked around and saw them for the first time. NO MATTER! She was getting what SHE wanted.
What had amazed ME was that, even after ALL THIS, I was STILL HARD! I was out of breath, and was sweating like a Missouri mule, but WAS STILL HARD. Vicki saw this, too, and rolled to her side, lifting her leg so I could stick it to her for a "lazy" fuck.

I lay down behind her, slipping back into her pussy, and began to slowly pump into her. She turned to kiss me like she had NEVER done before. It was long and so very sweet. I felt something damp, and saw tears running down her cheeks. UH-OH! Did this mean it was something more than I (AND Kim) thought it was. She saw the look of alarm on my face, and told me straight out, knowing what I was thinking. "YES, I love you, but, I love KIM, TOO! She my BEST friend, long time. I don't wan' take you 'way from her, I just wan' you give me baby. Bot' you so good for me, make me love you, TOO MUCH! I wan' you both love together, forever, make lots of babies, and be so happy! NOW!!! I tell you this, KIM know, already, loong time, ago. Thas why she no worry 'bout you fuck me like dis. NOW, you fini fuck me, we sl**p. Tomorrow, I not got my period, yet, we fuck some MORE. I wan' all you cream I can get.

This settled, she lay back on my arm, and began to grind her hips. MERCY!!! She was contracting inside, almost like a snapper, but GENTLER. It was enoughto make her even TIGHTER. She was also rolling back to give me the best time I had EVER had with her... and that was SAYING something. She was ALWAYS, in HER way, one of the best. She was gentle, sweet, and not at all demanding. She took what was given her, and was grateful for it. She ALWAYS told her lover, "Thank You," after he had fucked her, and had cum INSIDE of her.

We went on for a while longer, finally reaching our peak, and orgasmed at the same time, both completely spent. We didn't even move, just drifting off, still joined, into oblivion. Ther were no dreams for me. I could never dream ANYTHING this good.

I woke up the next morning, Vicki still on my arm. I lay there looking at her, realizing how EASY it would be to fall in love with this sweet lady. She stirred, and rolled over to smile at me, and say "Good Morning, MY LOVE." I need clean us,
an get somethin' to eat. I sooo hungry. Come on, we go take shower."

We showered, I shaved, and Vicki went out to the vendor down the street, and got a plate of eggs and a loaf of rice bread for me, and a bowl of her favorite soup for her, brought it back, and we ate. In spite of all that had happened, and WAS happening, I was MISSING KIM! She had never been away like THIS. I realized then that I had it BAD...and I LIKED the feeling. I just wished she was there for me to TELL her so. TWO MORE DAYS, MAYBE THREE, of this. I promised myself I WOULD TELL HER SO, when she got back.

I heard a jeep outside on the street. It stopped at the gate, and in came Paul. He told me to get dressed, that there was an important meeting, and Top and the Old Man said I needed to be there. I dressed, and we went back to the Orderly Room.

Due to troop reductions, we were being shut down, and everybody was to be assigned to the Aircraft Maintenance Battalion. We would have our last duty day on Saturday. This was Wednesday. We would receive our reassignment orders, tomorrow, and report on Monday. Top read us a list of where we were going. The only two to leave Vung Tau were the Old Man and SFC Money. They were going to Can Tho. The Old Man was going to take command of the Recovery Company, and SFC Money, who ALSO had been PROMOTED, was to be his First Sergeant. We were SO glad to hear this. They were top notch in our books. Decorum was out the window. There was a mad rush to congratulate Sgt Money on his promotion, and the Old Man on a GREAT assignment. SFE/1ST Sgt. Money announced we would have one last party together on Sunday. GUESTs were ENCOURAGED! I had been, due to my experience as a mechanic, assigned to the Direct Maintenance Motor Pool, and would be the Asst. Motor Sgt. Being a farm boy, plus being formally trained on generators, had got me the job. I would, in the future, only have one day off a week, instead of two, but would be able to work days, and have my nights to be home. Top was to be the 1st Sgt in the SAME COMPANY, AND CPT. Walker was to take over the COMMAND!

With all the hubbub, the meeting was adjourned and we went out to what we were doing. I was REALLY wishing Kim was there, NOW, so I could share the news with her. I was able to share SO LITTLE of what happened at work with her because it was, in my mind, at least, CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. OH WELL! She would be back Friday or Saturday. She would enjoy the party, and be glad for SFC Money and CPT. Walker. The only reason we had never had CPT, Walker to the house was the rule about fraternization between officers and NCOs. SFC Money had been down several times, and was quite taken with Thuoc. He spent as much time as he could, sometimes even spending the night with her. He made her happy, after having it explained to her,when he described her as being "Better than bubblegum, and MUCH TASTIER."

Paul took me back to the house, and went out on his inspection rounds. I stopped at a shop and bought a basket FULL of Kim Sandwiches. They were a Vietnamese hoagie. VERY DELICIUOS. We had all the drinks in the fridge, so lunch would be good. I walked in the gate, to see Lein and Thuoc in one of their "heated debates." They argued for fun, laughing as much as arguing. It always ended in the same way. A shared kiss, WITH TONGUES PROBING, and ending up in the bed, USUALLY. They were both DEFINITELY BI, but enjoying men even more. SURE ENOUGH, whether for my benefit, or just because the "discussion" had run its course, the KISS began, both feeling up the other, and loosening each others clothes in preparation for what was to come. There goes the dresses! They are both naked. Fingers are probing each other. The breathing has become ragged. YUP!!! Here they go! Straight to the nearest bed. I decide to follow and watch. I stop long enough to put the sandwiches in the fridge, and go to see how far along they are. They are in Kim and I's bed. The dresses are in MY hand. I didn't want them to get dirty. They are kissing still, so I go put their dresses on a hook in the bathroom.

I came back in, and they were turned around, 69, and licking each other like k**s on an ice cream cone. This HAS to be one of the most EROTIC sights, ANYWHERE! No matter how many times I have seen it, it is STILL a HUGE turn-on. Two beautiful girls eating each other to MULTIPLE ORGASMS IS A SIGHT TO BEHOLD! HERE THEY GO!!! They have their heads raised, moaning like a pair of lovely Banshees, fingers instead of tongues massaging each others pussies, three fingers inside each other. Once that first orgasm has subsided, the tongues are back in. I have an urge, so I MUST go take a leak. Too much coffee, plus Cokes, makes itself known. Done with this I go back to the show. I can tell by the moans that they are almost done. A few more minutes, and the scresms become DEAFENING. The separate, panting and covered in sweat, smiling like naughty imps on a spree. Both sets of eyes focus on me. I knew what was going to happen, now, too. They are both turned on beyond all sanity. THEY BOTH WANT A MAN!!!

They come over to me, each taking one of my hands. My clothes are loosened and my pants around my ankles. Then I am pushed to the bed, my boots and socks removed, and
my pants pulled off. Thuoc has now unbuttoned my shirt, and Lein takes my T-shirt. I am just as naked, now, as THEY are. A gentle shove and I am on my back. Lein has sat down on my face, leaving just enough room to breathe, and Thuoc has my dick in her mouth. I reach down to put two of MY fingers in Thuoc's pussy. I can feel, by the way she is sucking me, that she is enjoying it. I move my thumb over to massage her clit, and she begins to moan. Lein is having her first orgasm from MY tongue, and clamps her legs to draw closer. When she is finished, she falls backward, and Thuoc climbs aboard to "ride horsey." I am NEARLY as excited as they are, and, shortly I unload inside Thuoc's warm, wet pussy. Lein who has got her second wind, crawls down, pushing Thuoc over a bit, and licking HER pussy clean, even sucking my cum out of her pussy, AND SWALLOWING IT, AND BEGINS TO SUCK MY COCK. When it is hard enough, she, too climbs on. SHE likes "horsey," TOO!

Thuoc loves, ALSO, to watch other girls getting fucked, and has shifted around so her face is mere inches from where my dick is sawing in and out of Lein's pussy. This puts HER pussy, right in front of MY eyes. I notice, for the first time, that Thuoc has COMPLETELY shaved HER pussy. It is as bald as a cue-ball, and pink as a babie's butt, except for the brown lips of her pussy. She is also SOAKING WET. Her juice is running down her leg in STREAMS. Lein is busy, so I raise my head, pull Thuoc a little closer, and begin licking her pussy clean. She pulls my head in closer, still, and grinds her pussy into my mouth. PLEASE, GOD! If I MUST DIE...LET IT BE NOW.

I come back to Earth to the sounds of the girls calling the monkeys. They both collapse, as do I. I will need help just to sit up.

Hong walks in and takes a look at us on the bed. "UH-HUH! They got YOU. They tell me they try get YOU, this time. Both pissed off 'cuz you fuck Vicki, so much, don' give THEM no cock. They say they know how make you beaucoup horney, then they fuck you, so you no can stand up. Look like they DO. I go get you towel. I leave them alone, so you can rest."

She got me the wet towel, washed me off, and helped me outside. She guided me to a chair so I WOULDN'T be in position for a "sneak attack." BLESS YOU, HONG." I thought.

I sat there for just a few seconds, and she returned with two of the sandwiches, and a TALL glass with ice and TWO Cokes inside. She also had pulled a bag of chips out to go with them. She went back inside, and returned with a bowl of noodles and chicken. She sat down next to me, in another chair, to keep me company, AND in her words, to "make udder girls leab you alone. They fuck you too much, already." Then, with her "Mona Lisa" smile she finished her thought. "If KIM no come home, yet, tonight you stay MY house." She and I had had something special, from the start. She was MUCH mor sympathetic than any except Kim. If she sensed I was tired, she would let me rest until I wanted to do whatever. She didn't try to be anything she wasn't, and was ALWAYS looking out for Kim's interest.

It was getting a bit late. It was 1530 and I had to go to work at 1700. I finished my food, and moved over to the hammock, Hong STILL on guard. When Paul arrived, she woke me up, and had my clothes there, so I could change. It wasn't like someone would see me naked, that hadn't, already.

We went to the Unit, conducted the guard mount, and posted the guards. Thankfully, EVERYTHING, went as it should. Paul stayed with me longer than usual, stopping the driver to get me coffee, MUCH more than usual. He got out just over from the house and told me one of the others would be checking on me, later.

Luckily the roads were NOT SMOOTHE, and the bouncing around kept me awake. For once, the night was MUCH too long. I usually ENJOYED my job, joking around with the other cadre, AND THE GUARDS. They were, for the MOST part, a great bunch of guys. They realized tha they had it good, ESPECIALLY compared to the men in the bush. They pulled their duty, and went back, at the end, to a soft, warm bed. There were ALWAYS a few that thought they had it rough, but they were few, and far between. I cautioned them constantly, about getting a REMF (Rear Eschelon Mother Fucker)
attitude, and thinking they were BETTER! A VERY GOOD way to get their asses KICKED.

FINALLY!!! It was time to pick up the relief. We swept out the truck, fuelled it up, and went to the Unit to pick up the new guards. They were there, all lined up and waiting. The driver and I climbed out of the truck, and turned it over to Smitty(the Driver) and Paul. They would post the new guards, and bring home the old ones.

I went inside to finish my paperwork, and received a cup of coffee from William. John was behind his desk, and made a few snide remarks about me looking like a walking advertisement for death. He had, lately, been spending more time in the barracks.

A little bit, and Paul and Smitty came in and asked if I was ready to go. I was so tired I didn't even mess with John about his "sense of humor." I just wanted to get home, and in a bed, ALONE!!!

We went around, finally getting to the house. I jumped down, thanked Paul and Smitty for the ride and went down the path to the house. It was still quiet. THAT WAS GOOD!

I went inside, took a shower, and headed for the bed. Hong was there, so no problem.
I lay down beside her on the bed, and saw her eyes were closed, so I thought she was asl**p. I stretched out, and she raised up and gave me a kiss, telling me to rest and she would watch out for me.

I was out for, it seemed, only a little while, when I was awakened by more kisses.

I opened my eyes, and THERE WAS KIM!!! She had given the papers to her Father, and, when they were finished, he would bring them to US.



This made her cry.

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The History of Kim, Part 20

I was reassigned to a military base not too far from home. Kim and I lived with my grandfather for a few VERY uneventful months, until we found a place to live near the base.

We bought and moved into a mobile home in a park with several other Asian couples. There were three other Vietnamese women, two from Thailand, and three from Korea.

The ladies all had similar backgrounds, and talked openly among themselves about how their lives had been. Kim and two of the others, one Thai, and one Korean, had thoroughly enjoyed what they had been doing. They all three admitted that they missed the life, AND the sexual variety that they had had. They all wished for a return to the time of a new, and different, lover nearly every night, if they wished.
The others looked at their past as an easy way to make a living. Much better than the alternative of stoop labor. They all admitted that the sex was "pretty good" most of the time, and that they had enjoyed the freedom of working when THEY pleased, instead of a set time.

One of the Korean ladies had a friend who was a bit older than the girls in the park. Her husband had retired from the military, and he had opened a bar, while she had opened a massage parlor. The friend was at one of the gatherings and asked all three of the girls if they would be interested in working for her. Kim and Penny, the Thai girl, only asked what the requirements were, and when they could start, while Sunny, the Korean girl asked about the pay, and the hours. All their questions were answered to their satisfaction, and they were scheduled to start two days hence, on Monday.

Ann, the owner had agreed to provide transportation for the three girls, since none of them could drive a car, and came to pick them up for work at around 1800. They all were casually dressed, but had taken pains with make up and trims, so they could make a good impression on their clients. Ann also advised them that either sexy, or NO underwear was a good idea. Kim had trimmed to a neat strip, about I 1/2 inches wide, which stopped just barely above her clit, while Penny and Sunny had completely shaved their pussies.

Ann had told us that she closed the doors at midnight, so it might be as late as 0130 before the girls got home. It was the day before payday, so, for tonight, that wasn't very likely. It was VERY LIKELY for the week following payday, though.

Kim's first night at work was slow, and she had two clients. One was a truck driver,
and the other a man looking for some "strange" pussy. Both had been VERY delighted when Kim had told them they didn't need condoms. They BOTH gave her substantial tips in the way of thanks. Kim came home happy, and ready for more fun.

The next seven or eight nights were more hectic. Ann gave all three of the girls timers so they could handle the time factor better. Payday night Kim had 10 clients, and the next night she had nine. She had eight each night for the next week, after that. Then it tapered down to four or five a night. She FINALLY admitted that she might have been wrong about being a short-time girl in Vietnam. She was having fun.
She had, with Ann's permission, taken to leaving her door open while she douched, and showered after a customer finished, and also to going to the waiting room NUDE, to get her next customer, giving everybody there a look at the goodies.

She "worked," after the first ten days after payday, three nights a week, and soon had a clientele of men asking for her, and learning her schedule. Penny and Sunny had very similar experiences.

Once in a while, while we were shopping, Kim would see one of her clients, and, after making sure there wasn't a wife or girlfriend around, would introduce us to each other. They were surprised, at first, that I held no jealousy toward them, and even invited them to come over for a visit. I simply explained that I had met Kim the same way that they had, and preferred that she NOT change her lifestyle.

This went on for two more years, until I received orders to go to Germany. We were enjoying our life here so much, and wished we could stay, but I had 3 1/2 years more to serve the Army, so we went. I had to go first, to apply for housing, then Kim could join me.

We moved the trailer next to the barn on my families land. There were all the hook-ups we needed. Sewer, water, gas, and electric. Kim would be quite comfortable.

I was in Germany for two months before Kim came to join me. We were living on the fourth floor, in "temps."

My pay had been fouled up, and I hadn't been paid but for the first month. Money was getting scarce, and I had taken a part-time at the NCO Club as a dishwasher. It was enough to buy food, but not much else.

We saw the lady directly downstairs from us going out almost every evening, and Kim asked her if she knew where SHE could get a job. The lady was German, and told Kim that she would ask her boss if they could use someone else.

The next afternoon, the lady, Mary, came up to our house and asked Kim if she knew where she worked. When Kim replied that she didn't, Mary told her that she worked in a brothel. When Kim looked puzzled, she explained that a brothel was a "nice" name for a whorehouse. She also explained that prostitution was legal in Germany. Kim told her that prostitution was all she had ever done for a living, and that she ENJOYED fucking strangers. Mary laughed, and asked Kim what she thought about using condoms. Kim told her that she disliked them, but would use one if it was necessary.
It was explained that it was required by law to use them. Mary told Kim that if she still wanted the job, she would take her for an interview, but, that the manager would have to check her out, and she would have to be examined by a doctor. Kim's answer was to ask what would be appropriate dress for the interview.

Everything went well. The doctor gave her a workbook, as she would have to be examined weekly, and the manager's interview was just what she had expected. She had to put a condom on him, and perform oral and vaginal sex. It would be HER option as to whether she permitted anal sex or not. She was shown to her room, and showed where the "panic buttons" were if a customer became unruly or violent.

The next three months went by with Kim working four nights a week. She was in high demand, being an Oriental woman, and could have worked EVERY night if she had wanted. She averaged about four customers a night after the first two days.

She had applied for, and been given a job as a waitress in the NCO Club. She could have walked to work in less than five minutes, but a neighbor took her and his wife to work in their car every day. I picked them up AFTER work, and brought them home.
They worked five nights a week, off on Sunday and Monday.

Kim had worked there for about four months, and was LOVING it, when the Manager announced that they would have to lay off three waitresses, cutting the club down to six. Kim was afraid that even with her popularity, she would be one of the girls to lose her job.

The Manager lived directly across from us in the housing area, and his f****y had gone back to the States on an emergency, so he was at home by himself. Kim had told me to keep an eye out for him, and to call him up when I saw him.

He came into his living room, and I waved him out on his balcony. I told him that we wanted to talk to him, if he had the time. He said he would be right there. Kim went into the spare bedroom and stripped off her clothes, and went into the kitchen, where she would be completely out of sight for the time being. I went ahead and unlocked the door, leaving it slightly ajar.

The Manager knocked, and I told him to, "Come in and have a seat." Kim wanted to ask him something. Kim heard his voice and asked him if he would like something to drink. He said a Coke would be nice. He was sitting in a chair with his back to the kitchen, so Kim came out and handed him a Coke over his shoulder. He turned to take it from her, and saw her standing there. NAKED. He had seen her butt when she bent over wearing a mini-skirt, and had seen her boobs, looking down her dress, but this was his first time to see her COMPLETELY NAKED.

Kim, with a pout on her lips explained that if she lost her job, she would have to go BACK to work in the local BROTHEL, and that she would do ANYTHING to keep her job.
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The History of Kim, Part 4

While some will want to know what happened to Part 3, reading my comment at the bottom of Parts 2 and 3 should explain this. It is MY error for mis-labeling that is the problem. My apologies for this error.

I reported for my briefing the morning after my WILD first night with Kim, Wanh, and Nigel. It went almost exactly as I had anticipated, except I spent more time in the Colonel's office playing " Do you remember so-and-so, or when________ happened?" It was a good two hour visit with an officer I both liked, and HIGHLY respected. We had the Sergeant Major wiping tears of laughter several times. My only regret was the Colonel explaining how I had been "christened" with the name "Pooh." I REALLY wanted THAT to be left in the PAST.

I was to have the 1800-0600 shift, as I was a devoted night-owl. I was to start immediately. THAT DAY. As it was just before noon, I had nearly six free hours. I decided to go down to the hotel, to see if I could locate Kim. I wanted MORE of THAT.

I hitched a ride on the guard truck to the R&R Center, and went into the hotel where I found Mama-san. I told her why (as if she DIDN'T know) I was there, and she sent her son to fetch Kim.

He was only gone about 30 minutes, and was back, accompanied by Kim. She thanked them both, and led me outside, telling me it was only a short walk to her house. Sure enough, it took us less than five minutes to get there.

The apartment was a good size for one (or two) people. It was about 600 sq. ft. and divided by a curtain in half, with the sl**ping area in the back. We sat on the bed, as it was the most comfortable place, and I told her what hours I waould be working, and told her that I would like to visit her as much as possible. She told me to come to her house any time I could, and that she would be more than glad to have me there.
To emphasize what she was saying, she removed her clothes, asking me if I "wanted to do SOMETHING. There are only so many ways I could interpret this, and told her "YES!!!" She started removing MY clothes, and when I was undressed, layed down beside me, opening her legs in welcome. Stating that I MUST be tired from the night before, she snuggled back in front of me, placing her butt against my belly, and putting her "upper" leg back over my hip, so we could have a "lazy" fuck. SUCH A WONDERFUL, CONSIDERATE, AND SEXY GIRL!!! No foreplay was needed, as she was soaking wet, ALREADY. Even so, it took me several minutes to fully penetrate her hot, little pussy. SHE WAS SO VERY TIGHT, even after all the times she had been fucked just a few short hours, ago.

We fucked like this for a little while, then she suggested that I should fuck her doggy-style, so I could see my cock "making her happy," and besides, she said, "IT FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD!" I agreed and stood at the edge of the bed, with her presenting her gorgeous, round ass, and hot, little for "my" enjoyment. I pushed my dick inside of her, and, the tail-wagging began. All I had to do was HOLD ON! SHE WAS FUCKING ME!!! I was just standing there, admiring the view, with a soft cheek in each hand. I STILL don't know who was having more fun. She was cumming as fast as she could, OVER AND OVER! One HUGE orgasm after another. I had never imagined a girl could be so responsive. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

I felt myself getting ready to cum, and told her. She fell forward, rolled onto her back, spreading her legs, and shouted, "GIMME YOU COCK!!! I WANT YOU CUM INSIDE MY HOLE!!! STICK ME WI' THAT BIC COCK!!! FUCK ME SOME MORE!!! CUM INSIDE MY HOT PUSSY!!! FUCK ME TO DEAD!!! I WANT YOU CUM MAKE ME GOT BABY!!! PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE ME PREGNANT!!! KNOCK ME UP!!! SHOOT ME FULL YOU CREAM!!! I WANT ALL YOU CUM!!! I LOVE YOU BIIG DICK FUCK ME ALL TIME!!! ILOVE YOU BIG DICK INSIDE ME!!! FUCK ME ALL TIME, ANY TIME!!! CUM INSIDE ME, BABY!!! THIS YOU PUSSY!!! I WANT YOU CUM, NNOOOWWW!!! So I DID! I couldn't believe how much cum I had to give her. Not after LAST NIGHT!

TOTALL exhausted, I went to sl**p. My last thought was "It's gonna be a looong night."

KIm woke me up at 1630. An hour and a half before I was to go on duty. I cleaned up, taking a shower, and shaving, and headed for the R&R center, to get a ride back to the airfield.

It was an eneventful night, with plenty of time to spend thinking about Kim. As I was checking my guards at the center, I saw her standing outside on the patio. She was talking to a soldier, and waved at me as I went by.

The next morning, I ate breakfast, took a shower, and went to bed for a few hours sl**p.

I woke up about 1400, dressed, and caught a ride downtown. I walked from the center to Kim's house, and, as is custom, removed my boots, before going inside. I thought I would surprise her. Her front door was open, but the curtain was closed, AND I heard a noise from behind the curtain.

Moving as quietly as I could, I peeked around the END EDGE of the curtain, next to the wall. THERE WAS KIM...AND A "FRIEND." He was BALLS DEEP in Kim's pussy! She had her legs wrapped around his waist, humping him as hard as he was humping her. I had heard their bodies slapping together as they fucked. They must have been at it not too long as she was just moaning deep and low in her throat. She hadn't started screaming, YET!

I stood there, admiring her style, and how enthuasticly she gave out her pussy. She turned her head slightly, looked me in the eyes, and smiled at me, making the "okay" sign with her fingers, and then, grabbed her partner's butt with both hands, and screaming, "FUCK ME, MORE WI' YOU BIG COCK!!! SHOOT ME FULL YOU CUM!!! I WANT YOU COCK DEEEP MY HOLE!!! GIMME YOU CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY!!! As with me, and who knows how many others, this and other things were enough to make him start to shoot his cum. She pulled him as tight to her as she could, so it would ALL go inside of her.

Spent, he rolled to the side, Kim raising up and taking his cock in her mouth, cleaning him up, BUT making him HARD, again. She rubbed his erection, gently, and told him,"Jus' a minute." She squatted over a pan of water and washed her pussy, sticking two fingers inside instead of douching.

He layed there admiring her naked curves, watching her clean herself. Finished wi this task, she looked at him, stating, "NOBODY gets out of MY bed wi' a hard cock."
Smiling at him, she told him,"I gonna fuck you to DEAD!" Then she got onto the bed standing astraddle of him, then lowering herself until her pussy captured his dick. She lowered herself on him, fucking him "cowgirl" or as she called it, "Ride you Horsey." She was giving him her best effort, which must have been good enough. In no time they were both groaning as he filled her once again. THIS time he was STILL soft when she finished sucking him clean. She picked up her bowl of water, told him "Stay there, I be right back." She came outside where I was waiting, STILL NAKED, WITH CUM RUNNING DOWN HER LEGS. She held a finger to her lips for SILENCE, and led me over to the shower, leading me inside, and closing the door. She quickly washed and douched her pussy before speaking, even then, barely over a whisper. "How you like you show?" she asked. Before I could answer she told me, "Tomorrow morning,you eat breakfas' and you come here! I fuck you same-same. I ride horsey on you cock, then you go sl**p. Nobody bodder you. You sl**p good, you wake up, I give you more pussy. Bring clean clothes, I wash you dirty clothes an' iron them pretty for you. You sl**p better here. No noisy G.I. bodder you. I give you all pussy you want, give you eat, an' give you nice bed. Sometime my frien' come see me, you want, you can fuck them, too. I show you who got good pussy, no have V.D. I busy right now. You want pussy, I tell other girl take you her house, give you good fuck. You want pussy?"

SURE AS HELL!!! Who wouldn't want a deal like this? I told her I did, and she stepped over to the nearest door and said something. Two girls, one tall and slender, with small tits, and another girl, just as tall, but a bit heavier figure, and HUGE tits came to the door, smiling. Kim said something in Vietnamese, causing them to smile even bigger. Kim turned to me asking. "Do you wan' both or just one? They both wan' to fuck." I had NEVER had two girls, at once, before, so I said, "BOTH!" They both giggled. Kim smiled, and said "Hope you can do both. Both got GOOD, HOT PUSSY."

Nothing shy about these two! They were both wearing short shifts, tied at the shoulder. They both undid the knots, letting the shifts fall to the floor, revealing that there was nothing under, but THEM. They picked up their clothes with one hand, and taking my hands with the other. It turned out the tall slender girl was Kim's aunt. She was five years older than Kim. Her Name was Hong (pr. HUM) The other girl was MUCH older. She was 32 years old. Her name was Mai. (pr. MY)

They led me inside, and, it seemed, had a race to see who could get the most clotes off of me faster. As soon as I was naked, Mai dropped to the floor and started sucking my dick. Hong started checking my tonsils, WITH HER TONGUE!

I lost balance, and dropped to the bed. There were TWO beds there, about four feet apart, both with curtain around them. Right now, the curtains, AND the front door, were OPEN WIDE. They didn't seem to care, causing me to think that, at the VERY least, they didn't CARE if they were watched.

They helped me shift over to lay full-length on the bed, rubbing my full length, and taking turns kissing me, licking my body, and sucking my cock. In an instant, I was as hard as a ROCK. Mai squeeled and climbed over to mount me, immediately "posting" in the saddle. Hum, pouting because Mai was faster than her, started licking where we joined, then, moving around asked if she could sit on my face. I agreed, and got a mouth full of sweet, hot pussy.

They swapped back and forth, MANY times. I got to where I couldn't hold any longer while I was in Hong. I rolled her over onto her back, her legs opening wider than I had seen, before, and drilled as deep as I could manage, filling her with cum. She wasn't nearly as loud as Kim. She was contented to moan softly, tears of joy running down her cheeks. Then, she pulled me down, giving me a HUGE kiss, and thanking me for "making her cum too good." Mai got a wet towel, and washed us both off. "Now it MY turn!! I want cum, TOO!!!"

Hong turned around, taking my cock in her mouth, sucking me until it was hard, again. This accomplished, she backed off giving me to Mai. Mai wanted to start out doggy-style. It was a rough job, but SOMEBODY had to do it. I grabbed a HANDFUL of her big, soft ass and started pounding home. SHE could wag her tail good, TOO! I thought for an instant she was going to tear it OFF. She had several deep, shuddering orgasms, broke loose and rolled onto her back. "GO TOP ME! FUCK ME DEEP!!! I WANT FEEL YOU SHOOT MY PUSSY FULL YOU HOT CUM!!!" SHE was loud, TOO! "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! GIVE ME TOO MUCH YOU CUM!!! I WANT MORE BABY!!! CUM INSIDE, SO I GET LITTLE GIRL!!! CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY!!! FUCK ME DEEEEP!!! I READY!!! CUM FOR MEEEE!!!" So I DID. I filled her to overflowing, and SHE just layed ther putting a THICK pillow under her ass! I guess she wasn't k**ding about wanting to get pregnant! Then I remembered, at that time and place, it was a status symbol to have a Round-Eyed Baby.

Later, at the fall of South Vietnam, those babies were used to get a free ticket to the United States.

That, AT THAT TIME, was far, far into the FUTURE!

I was only thinking thar I had DIED, and gone to HEAVEN!!! ... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 18

We were quite busy for the next 3 months. We took our paperwork to the Embassy, went to their doctor and got a complete physical for Kim, including chest X-rays, pap smears, and dental check. We were down to five days before we left Vietnam. I had our tickets on a commercial flight because, I was told, there was not space available for Kim on the Freedom Bird.

Our last night in Vung Tau was uneventful because Kim's father, grandfather, and three of her b*****rs, including Houng, came to take the things we couldn't ship home.
That was furniture, dishes, a TV and a stereo set. The Lt. had assigned a deuce and a half and driver to take the stuff to their home in Can Tho. He would spend the night there on that airbase, and they would let one of their guys accompany him back to Vung Tau, where he would be given a chopper ride back to Can Tho.

The next morning Paul showed up with a jeep to take Kim and I to the airport for our flight to Saigon. We loaded our baggage, and told everyone so long. Kim kissed everyone, and I was kissed by the new secretary. First leg of our trip home.

We arrived in Saigon, and caught a taxi to Camp Alpha, the debarkation camp. We would be there for three days. First order of business was for us both to give urine samples to test for d**gs. Kim didn't have a problem, but I couldn't go. I tried three times, and STILL couldn't give anything. Between tries I was in the club, drinking water to try and make myself go. I was sitting and talking to a Navy Senior Petty Officer, who had worked in the office assigning seats to people going home. I told him my situation, and he told me to go give them a bottle full, and for me to give him three copies of my travel orders. I did both. They locked me in a latrine, by myself, and I FINALLY MANAGED. Finished (AT LAST) I went back to the club where Kim and the Petty Officer were waiting for me. The P.O. had talked to some of his friends, telling THEM about our problem, and they had checked the manifests, and found us seats back to the "World" on a Freedom Bird....AND IT LEFT THE NEXT EVENING!
We thanked the P.O. for his help. Kim tried to offer to "thank" him in her own special way, but, he was on the way home, and was saving for HIS wife.

To kill time, the next day we went to a movie, but were so excited, we couldn't keep our minds on it, so we left, and went back to the club. We sat there and watched auditions for the club circuit until we had to go to the terminal for our flight home.

We arrived at the terminal, checked our bags, changed our money from MPC to U.S. Dollars, and were searched to board our flight. We flew from Saigon to Japan and on to San Francisco. We checked in, got Kim's Green Card, and caught our flight home.

My parents met us at the airport, and what was normally an hour and a half drive took us five hour because a thick fog was all around us.

The next three days were one f****y get-together after another. Kim met all the Grandparents, and most of the Uncles and Aunts.

We were wanting to start Kim's education for her Life in America, starting with her learning to drive. There was a pasture behind my parent's house that was about two hundred acres. The ONLY obstacle was a tree in the center. We put Kim in the car and told her what to do. SHE HIT THE TREE!!! We sent my youngest b*****r to get a tractor to pull the car back to the house, while Kim, my b*****r Jerry, and I waited.

Kim decided that she had to take a leak, and dropped her pants to do so. Jerry was standing there, ASTONISHED, at the way Kim squatted down to urinate in full sight of him. She finished her "business" and stood up, pants still at her knees. She saw Jerry looking at her, mouth open, and asked him what was wrong. He just pointed. Kim laughed and asked him if he had ever seen a grown-up girl naked, before. He managed to stammer out, "NO!" Kim looked around to make sure it was just the three of us, and took her pants the rest of the way off, followed by her shirt and bra. Jerry couldn't believe what he was seeing. Kim turned slowly around so he could see everything, then put one foot up on the bumper, so he had a clear view of her pussy. Jerry's shock wore off quickly when Kim asked him if he would like to touch it. He reached out first to feel her breasts, squeezing and fondling them softly. Kim then asked him if he had ever felt a girl's pussy. He said no again, and was invited to touch, and stick his finger inside her pussy. When he did she made her pussy bite his finger. We could hear the tractor coming, so Kim dressed, telling him that at the first chance, she would let him fuck her. AS MANY TIMES AS HE WANTED!!!

The next day we went in the car to get some feed for the chickens. I drove and Jerry and Kim went with me. We had to drive back roads about 15 miles to the store where we bought our feed. Most of the roads were low traffic. You MIGHT see two cars a day.

We found the perfect spot to stop. It was on a lease road with heavy trees all around. If someone drove down it, you would hear them coming long before they could see you.

We were next to a fairly large pond that occasionally people used to go skinny-dipping in. The weather was warm, so that is what we did. We all stripped off our clothes and jumped in. We splashed around for a bit until Kim got out and went up and laid down on the trunk lid of the car. Jerry saw her and went right to her, asking if he could feel her, again. There was a tarp and a blanket in the trunk, so he pulled them out and spread them on the ground. Kim laid down and spread her legs to let him look at her. She asked him if he had ever fucked a girl, before, and when he said no, offered to teach him how to do it so the girl would cum, too. She also told him that he SHOULDN'T cum inside the girl, so she wouldn't get pregnant, BUT HE COULD CUM INSIDE HER IF HE WANTED TO. In fact, she WANTED him to cum inside of her pussy.

She told him to get on top of her, which he did, and she guided his dick to her pussy, and told him to push it in. She told him that the first time he would cum very quickly, and not to worry about it. He only fucked her for a few seconds before he came. She assured him that that was normal. A man's first time was almost ALWAYS like that.

They rested for a few minutes before Kim asked him if he was ready for number two. She had squeezed out all his sperm from the first time and wiped herself clean with water from the pond.

She told him to kiss her lips first, and then to kiss or lick where she told him. When he kissed her she gave him a deep kiss with lots of tongue. Then told him to hiss just under her ear. He followed her lead, and sucked lightly on her earlobe, moving down to kiss and suck both of her nipples. She told him to wet his tongue, and lick down her belly, and when she tapped him on the back to kiss where he was licking. He did this until he reached her crotch.

she had her knees pulled up to her sides, and reached down to open her pussy with her fingers. She told him to look at the tiny bump at the top of her hole. He saw what she was talking about, and she told him to lick it lightly, and suck it the same way, which he did. After a bit of this, Kim was panting, but managed to tell him to stick his tongue INSIDE her pussy and lick it, too. This made Kim cum three or four times, almost smothering Jerry as she pulled his face into her pussy.

Kim reached down to feel Jerry's dick, and sure enough, it was hard. She turned over on her hands and knees, and told him to put it in her. He did as instructed, and began to pump in and out of her, making her groan with the sensation.

This time it would last much, MUCH longer than the first time. Jerry fucked her for about ten minutes like this, then Kim told him to lay on HIS back. She mounted him and rode him cowgirl for a little while, then turned around to reverse, so he could see his dick going in and out of her. This almost ended it. Kim sensed his feeling and stopped so he wouldn't cum, yet.

She dismounted and laid on her back, and told him to relax for a second. When she felt that he was ready, again, she told him to do just like he did the first time, and NOT TO STOP UNTIL HE SHOT HIS CUM.

Like a good student, he did as he was told. He got on top of her, put his cock inside her pussy, and started fucking. She was hunching back at him, her ankles locked around his back, her arms around his shoulders, and her tongue in his mouth. They went at it for several minutes, Jerry finally letting loose a huge gush of cum, deep inside of Kim's pussy. Jerry groaned, and Kim screamed in mutual orgasms. They were both limp as wet rags.

They both laid their for several minutes. Kim recovered first, and went and washed her pussy clean, then came back and sucked and licked Jerry's dick and balls clean.

They rested a bit longer, and Kim asked Jerry if he was ready for a test on what he had learned. With a smile, Jerry told her ,"Yes." Kim laid back on the blanket and told him to make her cum.

Jerry started with a kiss, licked her all over, eating her pussy, and finally giving her a very long fucking. Kim had orgasm after orgasm, thrashing and screaming with each one, until Jerry had fully fucked her for the THIRD time, dropping another load of jizz inside of her. She told him he was ready for ANY girl, now.

We dressed and went on to get the feed, but decided, at Kim and Jerry's request to stop at the pond, again.

We had put the tarp and blanket in the back seat, so we could put the feed in the trunk. We hadn't even made it to the road, before Jerry asked Kim if she knew what the back seat of a car was for. She smiled at him and asked if it was for fucking, and he told her it was.

They scrambled into the back seat. Jerry pulled his pants to his knees, and Kim took hers off, completely. She straddled him, and they were off, again. Number four.

Back at the pond, for the trip home, they had numbers five and six.

Just before they finished number six, we heard a sound in the trees. One of the neighbors had walked from HIS house, about a quarter mile away, to look for some stray livestock. He had watched ALL of number five, AND number six. He had shown himself just as they were finishing.

He and I had graduated High School together, and after his parents had decided to retire, he had taken over the f****y farm.

I hadn't seen him since graduation. I introduced him to the STILL naked Kim. She never blinked an eye. She offered her hand, and shook with him, smiled, and asked him if he would like to fuck her. When he said he would, she asked if his wife would mind, or if he wanted to meet us somewhere. He told her that he wasn't married, and Kim told him we could come to his house for a visit, and she could give him some pussy.

WE went visiting the next day.

... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 19

The next day we went to see Jeff, as Kim had promised him. He had a few odd chores around the farm that he was finishing up, so we pitched in and gave him a hand. One of the things he was doing was getting ready to put new fence in a section of his pasture. He had a small tractor and a trailer full of new post, and rolls of barbed wire. We went out to the place, where he (against my advise) let Kim drive the tractor while I handed him the posts. The wire would be dropped at the end of the section.

Under Jeff's tutelage, Kim drove the tractor straight and true...AND NAKED! Jeff had commented several times as to what he had seen by the pond, so Kim decided to give him a show. Jeff had guided her out of the barnyard on the tractor, and, as soon as we were safely away from any chance of prying eyes, she had stopped and took off her clothes. She had worn only a pair of shorts, and a tank-top, as it would be in the mid-eighties for the day.

Jeff was pleasantly surprised by her stripping. He was allowed a good feel of her "merchandise," but was told that we would finish the work before he got any pussy. She had promised him that he would be MUCH too tired to do anything, afterward. This statement REALLY made him smile.

Jeff had turned the tractor seat so that Kim was facing to the side, and he could see her boobs jiggling as she drove along. We got everything unloaded, and started back to the house. Jeff and I rode on the front of the trailer, with Kim still driving. She thanked him several times for showing her how to drive, and asked him to show her around the farm, so he gave her a quick tour.

We went back to the house and put the machinery away. He suggested that we go in the house for a shower and something to drink. Kim hadn't bothered to put any clothes on so we walked to the house as we were.

Once inside, Jeff got us some iced tea to drink, and showed Kim where the bathroom was at. While she was taking a shower, he and I sat and caught up on old times, and what had happened while I was gone.

Kim had taken a towel and wrapped it around herself, and sat down across from Jeff and I, listening to what we were talking about. He had gone and dug out our Senior Yearbook, and when we would call a name, he would show her their picture so she would know who we were talking about. I went in and took a quick shower while Jeff showed Kim pictures, and told her about them. When I had finished, Jeff went in for his shower. All finished cleaning up, we sat in the living room and talked some more.

After a bit, Kim got up, leaving her towel on the chair, and going over to sit beside Jeff on the sofa. She got in his lap astraddle of him, giving him a long, wet, DEEP kiss, while she reached down to feel his dick. It was rising nicely, so she got on the floor on her knees in front of him, to give it some encouragement. She licked him completely, from his belly out to the head, then took his cock in her mouth and began to slowly suck him. His legs shot straight out from the stimulation of her touch. When he was hard enough that she couldn't bend his dick with her mouth only, she knew he was ready. She hadn't noticed that he was REALLY growing. She let loose of him to admire his endowment, and her handiwork, and was surprised at how long he was. Measuring him with her hands, she was able to wrap three of her hand-widths on him. Her cup (and her pussy) runneth over.

She climbed back astraddle of him, and stuck one of her nipples in his mouth, while she took him into her. She was soaking wet, already, and turned on completely. She lowered herself down until she had engulfed his penis with her cunt. She began posting, letting him soak, then rising to where the head was just barely inside, then lowering until she felt his balls rubbing her ass. I knew from the look on her face, and her actions, that she was having a marvelous time, and was going to do all she could to make it last as long as possible. Jeff was sitting there balls deep in hot pussy, a mouthful of tit, and a double handful of soft ass. Kim and Jeff were totally absorbed in their union, and I was totally absorbed in the sight in front of me.

We didn't even notice the door opening, until Jeff's s****r spoke. Carol was SUPPOSED to be at college, getting ready for her Sophomore year. She feigned outrage at the sight of Jeff knocking off a piece of ass in the living room.

WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, BIG b*****r? WHO ARE YOU FUCKING? ARE YOU TWO HAVING A GANG-BANG ON THE COUCH? NOT WITHOUT ME, YOU'RE NOT. Her last statement was the give-away. I pulled her to my lap and kissed her as a long lost friend. I had known her all her life, but had never even kissed her, except on the cheek or forehead. This time SHE kissed ME, and boy!!! Did SHE have a long tongue!!!

We broke the kiss, and her first remark was, "Long time, no see. How are you doin'? Jeff told me you were in Vietnam. Is she your wife? Nice looking, from this side. Does she mind if I do to you, what she's doing to Jeff?" I told her that Kim is my wife, and that she doesn't mind at all. THAT WAS ALL CAROL HAD TO HEAR.

Carol stood up and took off her sweater top, and unzipped her skirt, pulling it and her panties off at one time. She was even cuter than I had imagined. She and Jeff BOTH gave credence to the old adage about "Preacher's k**s." Their father was a minister.

Undressed, Carol reseated in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck, and repeatedly kissing me, and telling me what she wanted us to do. I was in TOTAL agreement.

We didn't want to disturb Jeff and Kim, so after watching them for a few minutes more, we went to Carol's bedroom. I asked her if I need to put on a condom(which I had carried for years, but had never used)or if she was on birth control. She smiled and told me, "NO," to both questions. She then told me that she had lost her cherry in her Junior year of High School. She had let a boy at school pop her cherry in the changing room in the gym. He couldn't keep his mouth shut, so she told everyone HE had told that he was a rotten lover. She had sworn two other boys to silence, and given them some of her tail, and made sure it was good, even letting them cum inside of her.

She laid back on the bed, and I went to her. She was a tall girl, 5'9", but very slender, with beautiful boobs. She told me she was 38d-21-33. She had milky white skin, and FLAMING RED HAIR...TOP AND BOTTOM. Since leaving home for college, she had grown to love bikini bathing suits, and had trimmed just enough to keep it from sticking out around her trunks. Her strip was about two inches wide and VERY shiny.

She laid there with her legs slightly opened, on her back, waiting for me. She DIDN'T have to wait long. I got beside her, kissing her and feeling her all over. She was as soft as down, in spite of growing up working on a farm. Her breasts refused to sink down, making a low mound on her chest, her pink nipples like cherries on scoops of ice cream. Her flat belly made a perfect approach to the treasure further down. Very soft, round mons, with a very nice cover of red hair, and even further down, soft, thin, pink nether lips, forming the gates of her heaven. It was a dream come true. Jeff and I had been friends all our lives, but Carol had left us pretty much to ourselves, NOT wanting to be the pesky little s****r. She didn't realize that I liked her, too, and had enjoyed when she was around. She was cute, funny, and a typical teen-age girl, with a penchant for getting into jams.

My hand had wandered down to the juncture of her legs, which opened slightly more to make room, and began to massage her clitoris. This made them open even more, and her breath was ragged and fast. I could feel her getting VERY wet. I moved down to kiss her pussy, licking her clit, and putting my tongue inside to drink her sweet nectar.
She was pulling me up, telling me that she wanted me to take her.

I got on top of her, and pushed in as deep as I could, enjoying the sensations, and her warm tightness. I began to thrust into her, slowly, enjoying her body enormously.
She was rocking back and forth, groaning and sobbing lightly. We were in no hurry, taking our time to get things done. I asked her if she wanted to change positions, but she said she didn't. This way made her feel like she was appreciated and protected. That was all I needed to know. We stayed like that for a long time, not even realizing that we were being watched. Carol hadn't closed her door, and Kim and Jeff had finished, and were standing there watching us. We exploded together, Carol with a strong sighing sound, and me with a loud groan. I had filled her with my cum so that it was running down the crack of her ass.

The next thing we heard was Kim, asking," You have FUN?" Jeff was trying to look stern, but not quite pulling it off. He introduced Kim to Carol, as his little s****r, who was SUPPOSED to be at college. Carol explained that the remodeling on the dorm rooms wasn't finished, and that classes would start on the next Monday. A week later than planned.

She asked Kim many questions, getting to know her. They went into the bathroom to clean up, Kim giving some helpful tips to Carol on things to do to keep from getting pregnant, if she wanted to. This done, we went into the living room, sitting down to talk some more.

We sat there for a while, relaxing, Jeff telling Carol how he had seen us at the pond, and seeing Kim completely naked. He laughed and said he wished he could meet EVERY girl like that.

Carol suggested that since it was a nice, warm day, we go to the pond for a dip. Everyone thought that was a good idea, so, gathering up our clothes(just in case)and getting some towels and a blanket, we set off for the "Ol' swimmin' hole.

It only took a few minutes to get there with the tractor and trailer. We had our clothes on in case someone was there, already, but it was deserted. We stripped down, Carol and Kim had become fast friends, and were telling stories to each other. Carol enjoyed greatly Kim's story about our meeting, AND first night, together. Carol shook her head, telling Kim that I probably never had a chance, what with Kim being such a beautiful girl. Kim kissed her for that compliment. That told me that Kim really liked Carol, as she RARELY kissed another girl. In two years, and a few months, I had only seen Kim kiss three other girls, and her mother and grandmother.

We spent a pleasant afternoon at the pond, laying on the blanket, splashing around in the cool, clear water, and having sex, REPEATEDLY. Jeff nailed Kim three more times, and I fucked Carol twice more. Kim showed Carol how to clean up from the pond, and make herself clean enough to kiss. Carol enjoyed having Kim tell her these things, and politely asking more tips she could use. Kim enjoyed being the teacher, even though Carol was only two years younger than she was.

The evening was growing late, so we went back to the house so Kim and I could go home.
Carol and Kim promised to exchange phone numbers, as soon as possible, and to keep in touch. With many kisses we took our leave, knowing that we had had a GREAT time, and vowing to repeat it as soon as possible.

... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 23

Kim had become, if possible, even more adventurous, AND WANTON, since going to work at the NCO Club. She fully enjoyed her near-regular trysts with Mike, usually in his office, but had begun accepting the advances from the chef, Abdullah, and Jimmy, one of the M.A.s.

She made the decision to take it to the next step, and include some of the patrons of the club that had shown more than a friendly interest, and to try her hand at some "passive" seduction. To this end, she started to dress in a much sexier manner, and in most cases, "forgetting" to wear any undergarments. She ALWAYS liked to wear short skirts and dresses, but now she went a step further, hemming them up to 3 inches below her crotch. Every time she bent over OR stooped down, everything came on display.

She had just finished her period, when she had abstained from sex for 4 days, and was particularly horny. I was off duty over a three-day weekend, and I had nailed her as much as I could, and two other of our friends had dropped by, and done THEIR share, but she was insatiable this time. She arrived at the club over an hour early, and had stripped and climbed on the desk for Mike, who nailed her twice, before she started work. She was still wanting more, and knew just what to do about it. When she redressed she left her bra and panties in her purse.

She went out and set up the Dining Room for the evening, and went to the kitchen to make Abdullah an offer, but he was too busy at that time to help her out. She was relieved to see one of the Sergeants Major come in for his dinner, and offered him an "appetizer." He had enjoyed her on several occasions, previously, so he knew what to expect. There was a room upstairs over the dining room, that the waitresses used when there was someone they wanted to give more personalized attention to.

Kim and the SMAJ started up the stairs, with Kim in the lead, giving the SMAJ a good look at her swaying, NAKED bottom AND pussy. She led him to the area where the bed was, behind a heavy curtain. As soon as the curtain was closed, Kim took off her dress, and, as she had no undergarments, was completely naked.

SMAJ wasted no time getting his clothes off to join her. Neither of them were worried about somebody walking in on them, as Abdullah would not allow anybody to go up when he saw one of the club employees take someone up. I and one other person, were the only ones allowed to go up, regardless.

SMAJ knew which buttons Kim liked to have pushed the best, so he started by sucking her nipples, while he massaged her clit through several orgasms. Then they spent a considerable amount of time in a 69 position, followed, after several more orgasms, with some Doggy-style sex. The grand finale was him fucking her Missionary style with her legs over his shoulders.

They cleaned up, dressed, and went downstairs. Kim already knew what the SMAJ wanted for dinner, as did Abdullah, so it was ready for him. Kim went over to the only other customer's table and took his order. It was Monday night, so she was expecting a slow night with few customers. There was only one other waitress on duty that night, and she VERY seldom fooled around with the customers, so everything would be covered well if Kim happened to go upstairs, again.

The next hour was very slow, but then another customer arrived. He had driven down from a post in another city, about 20 miles away. He was a fairly regular diner, coming in only 3 or 4 times a month. He enjoyed Abdullah's cooking, and made a point of sending a nice tip to Abdullah. Something that happened only rarely.

Kim served him, and joined Nadia, the other waitress at their station to wait for whatever happened. They sat at their table, and gossiped in Vietnamese, which Nadia was fluent in. Nadia was Thai, and spoke several different languages. She dared Kim to "flash" the Sergeant while he was eating, to see what he would do. Kim turned slightly to face directly at him, pulled her dress up slightly, and opened her legs, WIDE! He had been looking at them as he ate, and the full, unobstructed view of Kim's pussy nearly made him choke with surprise. Recovering, he gave them a big smile, and a salute with his drink. Curiosity getting the better of BOTH of them, they went over to ask him what he thought about his show. He told them that the only thing he would enjoy more was if BOTH of them had shown him their pussies. Kim's mood must have affected Nadia, for she went into the Ladies Room and took off her panties, too. They moved a chair which might have been in the way, and sat back down. BOTH girls quickly opened their legs giving him a look at TWO young, fresh, and delicious pussies. There was nobody else in the room, so they could talk freely.
The Sergeant told them his name was Joe, and this was the nicest dinner he had EVER had in his life. Joe confessed that he had had this fantasy for a long time, but, had never even DREAMED that it would come true. Nadia asked him if he had any OTHER fantasies. Smiling, he admitted that he had heard stories about a room upstairs, but had doubted its reality. Kim asked Nadia to check if their was anybody else in the bar, and Nadia went to check. She returned, and told Kim that the whole place was empty, and that Mike had said they could close the Dining Room if they wished. Nadia shut the doors and locked them when she came back, leaving them, Joe, and Abdullah in the kitchen. She went and told Abdullah they were having a private party in the dining room, and he told her that he would go out the back door, when he finished. Nadia told him that if he wanted to peek in, it would be okay. Abdullah smiled and thanked her, saying he might just do that.

They cleared Joe's table and, while Nadia cleaned his dishes, Kim took the tables down, and put everything away, leaving Joe's chair, and his drink. Kim stepped through the door to the kitchen, and issuing her own invitation to Abdullah, and telling Nadia that the dining room was done.

They both took off their clothes, laying them neatly on the counter. Abdullah stood there watching, and admiring them both. He had had Nadia twice in the past, and had fucked Kim several times, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing them both naked. The only thing stopping him from joining in was that his wife would be waiting for him when he got home, and he KNEW what she had in store for him.

The girls went back into the Dining Room, where Joe was waiting. They were hoping that he hadn't taken his clothes off. They wanted to undress him in a special way.
Joe was still dressed, and pleasantly surprised to see both of them, full-length and naked in front of him. He had seen their pussies, but, seeing their nudity, in all its glory, and both of their well-trimmed pussies, brought it all home to him. Nadia was shaved completely below her clit, and a small rectangle of fine hair above. Kim, also was completely shaven below he clit, and had a line if hair about an inch wide from her clit up to where it normally grew. Both had magnificent breast, with their nipples at full attention, and tiny, slightly rounded bellies. Except for their cunts, neither had ever had a need to shave ANYTHING in their lives. They were normally, mostly hairless, and unbelievably soft and smooth.

He rose to his feet to greet them, and was given, in turn, passionate kisses, from both. As one would kiss him, the other would remove a piece of clothing, and kiss and lick the exposed flesh that was revealed. Then they would change places, with the first girl kissing him, and the other removing an article of his clothing. Back and forth, until he was as naked as they were. They weren't concerned with anybody else knowing what was happening, as they were both adult enough to know that this story would be told to his buddies, this very night. It was normal, AND expected. There would be a few, probably, of his buddies, with or without him, to come in and check out the pussy their friend had got into.

Once Joe was naked, they sank to the floor, Kim kissing and licking above the waist, Nadia kissing, licking, and sucking below the waist, working their way to a meeting at his belly button, where they kissed, and traded places, once again. Both of Joe's hands had been busy, caressing the girls in return, causing them to both have wet pussies. He was putting his fingers inside both, and massaging their clits, them sucking his fingers to taste both girl's juices. They had met, and kissed each other, for the second time, when he pulled Nadia onto his face, so he could eat her in return. Kim went down, and began to lick his balls, and suck his dick. She stayed on him until she felt him getting ready to cum. She got up and went to the kitchen and wet some towels with hot water to clean up with. By the time she returned, he had relaxed to where she could give him what she knew he REALLY wanted, without it happening too fast. She had also brought back a plastic tub full of warm water for her and Nadia to use in THEIR cleanup.

He was, as she expected, still VERY hard, and after a few more licks, climbed onto him to ride Cowgirl. Nadia, feeling the motion, raised up so he could see his cock entering Kim's pussy, and watch her riding him. Kim rode him non-stop for a few minutes, before turning around, giving him a better, if possible, view of his dick sawing in and out of her tight little pussy. He asked Nadia, if she would mind if he finished Kim missionary, and was told that that was what they had in mind. Kim rolled over next to him, raising her legs high and wide to allow him to get inside of her. As soon as she felt him all the way inside of her pussy, she locked her ankles around his neck, and told him, "Fuck me deep, sweetheart. I want you to fuck me deep, and cum inside my pussy. I want feel you hot cum inside my cunt. Don't worry about anything else, just shoot me full of your cum."

This must have ben his dream come true, because he began to pound into her like it was the first woman he had ever had. Then his wildest dream was laid out in front of him. Nadia repeated almost the same sentiment, telling him she wanted him to cum inside of HER pussy, too. He was having his fantasy fulfilled. Two beautiful, sexy ladies, he had dreamed about, BOTH letting him fuck them, AND both of them telling him they wanted him to cum INSIDE of their pussies.

He humped Kim as hard as he could, shaking her whole body, finally producing another orgasm for her, at the same time he was shooting his seed deep inside of her. They both lay there, resting from their efforts, while Nadia licked his balls and dick clean of their combined juices. Kim raised up and went to the pan of water to clean herself, fully intent on doing much as Nadia had, before. Joe watched as she took a corner of the towel around her fingers to clean herself inside, and told her that he wanted to taste the same things they were tasting. Their juice and his own cum mingled together. Kim smiled at him and agreed.

Nadia said nothing, as she already had a mouthful of his dick. Kim stepped over to him and lowered herself down, until her pussy-lips were just brushing Joe's lips. He wasted no time, sticking his tongue up inside of Kim's pussy, sucking their shared juices out and swallowing. Nadia was getting him hard, again, and was anticipating the feel of his cock inside of HER pussy. Joe's hips were grinding against Nadia's face as she, being a bit smaller in stature than Kim, was taking his dick down her throat, almost to the point of choking. Kim was, at that time 5 feet even, and weighed 80 lbs., and Nadia was 4 ft. 7 inches tall, and weighed 70 lbs. Kim was 34B-22-33, and Nadia was 34B-20-31. Joe was about 150 lbs. and his cock was about 7-7 1/2 inches long, and was fairly thick, but not anything drastic.

Nadia had him ready, and in spite of everything, as soon as she felt he was ready to cum, he sat back and let him relax a bit. As soon as she felt, with her hand, that he had "gone down," she resumed her efforts. She gave him several soft licks with her tongue, a soft caress with her hand, and mounted him, sliding her way down the length of his cock. Kim, as had Nadia, before her, raised up so he could see his dick sliding inside of Nadia's pussy, and watching it go in and out of her slowly. She also turned to reverse, so he could see what was happening to him. Nadia rode him until she felt, this time with her pussy, his cum rising, then dismounted and asked him if he would, PLEASE fuck her Doggy-style for a little bit.

She let him relax a bit, and turned on her elbows and knees, to present her hairless little hole to him. He got to his knees behind her, and she asked him to please, don't cum until he was on top of her. She asked him to, when he felt near to coming, to stop and let it go down, so he could fuck her longer. He agreed, and put the dick to her. This time, it felt so deep it made her gasp. He had a soft ass-cheek in each hand, and his dick deep inside an abnormally tight pussy, FOR THE SECOND TIME THAT NIGHT! He stopped and withdrew twice, after each of Nadia's orgasms. Both were deep and shook her whole body.

After the second orgasm, he waited just a bit longer than he had, before, wanting to give her more orgasms. Finally, he mounted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles, tight. He rode her for longer than she thought he would, making her orgasm several more times. She didn't say much, but hissed, moaned, and squeeled. When she felt he was near his cumming, she whispered in his ear, "Give me your cum. I want it ALL inside mu pussy. Give me lots of your cum, and I give you lots more of my pussy. We all go somewhere, where we can fuck all night, and all day. You get lots of pussy from both of us. We maybe tell you is okay to bring friend so he can help you fuck us, more. You like, we both can do. Come on and shoot my pussy full with your cum." Joe fulfilled her wish and shot her full to overflowing. They started to clean up, and I went out to start the car, so I could take them both home. It was getting late.

There were three more get togethers with Joe, and twice they told him he could bring a friend. Nadia started fucking three or four times a week, after this night. She realized she enjoyed feeling strange cock shooting cum inside her pussy.... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 5

Kim and I had settled into a fairly routine relationship. I went to work and as I made my rounds, if she had a date for the night, she would give the guard a note for me. I would go to the house, but she would take the date to a spare room that adjoined our apartment with just a door she kept locked separating them. There was an advantage for ME, though. There were, up near the ceiling, a double row of vents, each if them about 3x12 inches in size, overlooking the bed in the spare room. I had a near perfect view of everything in there, INCLUDING Kim with her friend.

Kim and I always went to the airfield on my nights off to eat dinner and go to a movie. She had met nearly all of the men I worked with and was very popular. She had a VERY good personality, was very polite, and loved to joke and laugh with everyone. She was anything except stuck on herself, accepting compliments gracefully and with humility. Any time we went into the club, within seconds, we were joined by several of the guys and, many times, we would get to having such fun that we wouldn't go anywhere else.

One of the things that had been noticed was that Kim LOVED to wear VERY low-cut tops, and VERY short skirts...with NOTHING underneath. Her 34C breasts stood out like they were inflated, with her nipples ALWAYS erect. She didn't wear panties, either, except when she had her period.

Two of my closest friends, Dave and Jack, had moved in with Kim's aunt, Hong, and her friend Mai. We all were working the same shifts, and had the same schedules, so we were always together. They weren't possessive, either, so we shared EVERYTHING. The only "problem" was that they hadn't had the chance to try Kim, where I had had both of their girls several times.

We had a rare Saturday off, most times we were off during the week, and we made plans to make it special. We bought a case of RC and a bottle of vodka. We went down to he apartments when we got off duty, and told the girls we were going to take them to the beach. This was something they all enjoyed VERY much, as the club on the beach serbed seafood. The club on post didn't. This was a treat for them.

We took our drinks into the houses, told the girls what was happening, and went outside on the patio while they got ready. We had planned EVERYTHING we wanted to do that day.

Shortly the girls were ready, and we got a taxi to the beach. We got the girls signed in and got us some drinks, and checked out a couple of beach umbrellas. We found a good spot, set up, and hit the water, splashing around and horseplaying with each other. When we got hungry, we went up to the club and got a little food and more drinks. It was a very warm day. Later that evening we turned our equipment in, changed clothes, and ordered our dinner. We ate, and watched a floor show, having a VERY good time. When we finished, we checked the girls out, and headed for home.

It was early when we got home, about 1900, and we got out the sodas and vodka. Mai went just up the street and brought back a big chunk of ice. We took showers to get the salt and sand off of us, and were ready to PARTY! The girls had changed to their usual shifts, and we had changed to baggy papa-san shorts. Dave had been "elected" bartender, and started mixing drinks. We sat outside, after I had turned on a suitcase stereo I had bought in the PX, and brought home. There wasn't but one station, AFRTS, so we sat listening, talking, and drinking. A VERY pleasant way to spend an evening.

The first round of drinks we fixed were normal, BUT, the second round were DOUBLES, and every round afterwards, were made a bity stronger than the ones BEFORE. We had the girls giggling d***k in short order. If we had thought they were uninhibited BEFORE, they were downright WANTON, now.

Mai was sitting on a raised portion of the patio,next to Jack, and her dress had ridden up. We told her she was showing off her panties, so she stood up, and TOOK THEM OFF! "Now," she said, "You can see them REAL good!" and sat back down. Kim looked at her, saying, "They can see ALL us underwear." Hong agreed, so the two of them stood up and removed theirs, ALSO, and sat back down. The three of us men had unobstructed views of the three beautiful pussies. One,(Mai) was VERY hairy, another, (Hong) had just enough hair to point the way, and the other,(Kim) was trimmed, but very thick. We also noticed that soon after, there were small wet spots on the cement. The drinks, and the attention they were getting, was paying off.

Dave, who had a BIG time "crush" on Kim, couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her. She noticed early on, but hadn't said anything,yet. Finally, she asked him, "What you look me like that, for,Dave? Do somethin' wrong?" Dave, smiling, shook his head, his eyes never moving. "No, Sweetheart, not a thing is wrong." Kim hadn't figured out what was on his mind, yet. He had seen her naked many times since he started staying with Hong, as had Jack, and both had seen her and I fucking, almost as many times. There had been many times, too, that when she was walking around naked, all he would have had to do was say something, for her to give him some pussy as soon as they got to any of the three beds, or, in a couple of cases, down on the cement of the patio. She was truly puzzled.

Jack and I were sitting there, trying NOT to laugh out loud. Apparently, KIM was the only one NOT seeing what was going on. Finally, not able to hide it any longer, I told her, "Dave wants some pussy. He's just to shy to ask for it."

Kim let out a HUGE sigh. She was WORRIED. She looked dave straight in the eye, and stood up. She reached up,tugged the ties to her shift and let it fall to her feet, leaving her naked in front of us all. Dave was sitting in a chair, leaned back against the wall, next to the door of Hong's apartment. Kim walked slowly over to him, still smiling, and told him so that there would be no doubt in his, or Jack's minds, any more," We ALL frien' here. All you got do is SAY somethin'. ALL three you guys can fuck us, ANYTIME you want. You want pussy for me, you want pussy for Mai, you SAY so. Jack want my pussy, he want Hong's pussy, ALL he gotta do, SAY SO!
Pooh want pussy from Hong an' Mai, he TELL them what he want. NOW! LET'S GO FUCK. I BOOKOO HORNEY. I NEED YOU BIG COCK FUCK MY WET PUSSY!"

She took his hand, leading him to her bed, and layed down, asking him, "How you wan' fuck first time?" She left no doubt that she would let him AND Jack fuck her all they wanted, now AND in the future. His answer was to lay down, open her legs, and begin to eat her pussy. He ate her until she had had several orgasms. Her eyes were open, her breathing extremely fast, as she gasped, "Come on an' FUCK me. I want feel you cock go my hole. Fuck me long time an' give me you cream in my hole. She hungry for you hot cream."

She already had her legs wide, her knees almost tucked into her armpits, ready to receive him. Her pussy was wide open, and SOAKING WET. He rolled on top of her into position. He had barely got there when she had siezed his dick, rubbing the tip on her pussy lips, and bucked HER hips, taking his cock ALL the way inside, screaming in, yet, ANOTHER orgasm. She began bucking and twisting with all her strength. All HE had to do was hang on. SHE was fucking HIM!!!

The rest of us were standing there, watching the show, when Hong reached over and stroked JACK'S dick. "Hey, Jack. I want YOU fuck ME." She pulled Jack's shorts off, dropped her shift, and lay down at Kim and Dave's feet. The bed was fairly big and VERY comfortable. She knew from watching Jack and Mai what Jack liked, so she was on her knees, offering her pussy doggy-style. Jack wasted no time, but went over and, after eating her pussy a bit, sank his shaft deep into her pussy, but, because of his excitement, almost immediately, shot his first load into her. Her response was to turn around and begin to suck his dick. She wasn't EVEN finished with him.

Mai and I were left standing there watching the two couples fuck. She waent out and fetched back several towels, a large tub of hot water, and her and Hong's douche kits.
I had wondered at Kim's seeming obsession with keeping her pussy, as she called it, "Kissing Sweet." I saw, now, that all three of them shared the same idea.

Mai returned with everything she had wanted, but also NAKED. She asked me, "You ready for my pussy? I horney, too" Who could deny a lady, she was too old to be called a girl, who said things like that to you? Not ME! I asked if she wanted to go in their house or what? She told me "NO!" and lay down on the floor.

I started to go on top of her, but she shook her head. She wanted to "Ride Horsey."
I layed down on the floor,where she had a few sucks on my dick, and mounted me. She was tight enough to be a VERY good lay, but, open enough to be ready for a REALLY rough time, without having to be worried about being hurt. She was slightly on the chubby side, but, slender enough to be VERY interesting and appealing. Put that with a very pretty face, and those MAGNIFICENT tits ( They were 38Ds, and VERY soft, but, VERY perky to BOOT) and you had a package that was beyond great. She ALSO loved the feel of a man's cock inside of her. For this reason, she enjoyed having sex with the "b*****rs." The bigger they were, the more she enjoyed them fucking her. Through it all, though, she retained her tight pussy.

She was riding me to a fair-thee-well, bouncing her soft, ample ass as if were made of rubber, on me, taking my cock as far as it would go, and telling me, "I GONNA FUCK YOU TO DEAD. DIS MY COCK, NOW! I GONNA TAKE ALL YOU CUM IN MY PUSSY! YOU NO CAN STOP ME FUCK YOU. YOU MINE, NOW! I FUCK YOU ALL I WAN,' YOU NO CAN SAY NOT'ING! I GONNA MAKE YOU BEG "MERCY!" I NO STOP TILL I GOT ALL YOU CUM IN ME! NOW FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!!" The only thing I could do was hang on, and try to match her thrusts. NO EASY TASK!!! She was bouncing like a ping-pong ball!

I heard multiple groans from above me. Jack and Dave wer both dumping their loads. Then I heard Kim and Hongs voices. HMMM. Guess I wasn't as aware as I had thought. I hadn't heard Kim and Hongs' voices. They were both screaming as they had orgasm after orgasm. I was getting ready to cum, my own self. FOR THE SECOND TIME! Mai had been cumming over and over, the whole time. We all were finished, with what would be only the first round, at the same time.

Everybody got up, cleaned up, and relaxed, us three guys getting a smoke. We agreed (especiall Dave) that it was going much better than we had thought it would. We had thought we would have to get the girls d***k to get this result. They had a buzz, but, had already decided to have an orgy. They were just as curious as WE were. We had found out that the girls wanted a party just as much as WE had. All we would have to have done, at any time was to ask for it. Now that we had started the ball rolling, all we had to do was go with it. WE ALL AGREED, IT WAS A DIRTY JOB BUT, SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT!!!

We all rested for a while. It was again, KIM, who started the second round. She went over to Jack, squatted down, and took his cock in er mouth. She sucked him until he was erect, and realeased him, giving him a kiss on the head of it, and asked, big-eyed and an innocent look on her face, "Jack, can you please fuck me. I want feel you big dick." Jack, still, seeing and hearing all that he had, STILL looked dumb-struck. He simply replied, "Okay." Kim asked him, "Do you want go bed, or do right here?" He didn't answer, so she took his hand, sat back on the cement, and pulled him on top of her, guiding his erect dick to her pussy, grasping his buttocks, and pulling him in. He started fucking her, and she was giving him her best ride, gyrating slowly at first, but, building up speed. He asked if she would let him fuck her "same same dog, and she gladly turned over, offering her pussy as he wanted. He sank the length of his cock into her and began to pump. He looked up, and said, "I love the way her pussy looks when I pull back. It looks like I'm pulling a tight sock off. Her pussy comes way, WAY out, it's so tight."

He set to fucking her harder, making her moan with pleasure. Mai got up and went to Dave, saying, " I want to fuck in bed, this time. Come give me cock." Hong jst sat there with a "Mona Lisa" smile on her face as they headed inside. She said, "I got nice soft bed. You can lazy fuck me. I want feel you play my booby, same same time you fuck me. We went inside, matching actions to words. Even though she was freshly fucked, she had cleaned herself, thoroughly, and I didn't even think about it, but began eating her pussy, enjoying the sweet taste of her juice, and the effect it was having on her. She was thrusting her pussy back into my mouth, sobbing with pleasure, enjoying my tongue to no end. She began pleading for me to go ahead and FUCK her.

Happy to comply, I rolled on my side, pulling her butt against my stomach, and entering her full length. She groaned as I hit bottom, rolling her face around to mine and sticking her tongue in my mouth, sucking my tongue in a deep,deep french kiss. She was rolling back and forth, shaking her ass, showing me that SHE had a snapping pussy, too. Her "upper" leg was back over me, flexing to pull me deeper and faster in side of her. It didn't take long, (at least as long as I wanted) to feel myself getting ready to cum. She felt it, too. "Come on. Give me you cum." she whispered. THAT WAS IT!!! That was all it took to set me off. I started pouring my seed into her as she pushed back to take every drop. As I finished, she rolled on her back, and put a large pillow under her butt. "I want you cum go deep inside so I can have baby. I want American baby. They so pretty." I was dumbfounded. This was the third time I had been told this, and numerous times, nothing being said, I saw other girls DO the same thing. She read the look on my face, and explained, "Most girl Vietnam, want American baby. Maybe they don' say so, but they DO."

We were all spent after that, so, we decided to call it a night. After all, we still had a day and a half to make our dreams come true. We all (especially the girls) had decided that, except when we went downtown, to eat and go shopping for our food, (the girls, besides being fantastic in bed, were each exceptional cooks) would go naked.
... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 9

This will tell about the first time Kim "had," or was had, by a Black Man.

By this time, about three months after the "beach show," Kim had limited herself to working only two nights a week. THIS WAS HER IDEA, NOT MINE! She wanted to go out to the movies and the club, and socialize with "her guys" more. She had become more amd more posessive of the people I worked with, much to their enjoyment. She loved having them come by our "new" house. It was much, much larger, and had its own bathroom and kitchen. NO MORE HAVING TO SHARE OR WAIT ON SOMEONE ELSE!!!

We also had our own patio, completely closed in for privacy. It was expensive (in her mind) as it cost us $25 a month. Several of her friends, plus Hong and Mai, were there quite often. There was a girl named Vicki, (I couldn't say her VN name) and another girl named Lein. (pr. LIN) Vicki was about an inch talled than Kim, WERY slender, (almost skinny) and very pretty. Lein was allmost exactly the same size as Kim, and was a JOKER. If she wasn't pranking someone, she wasn't happy. She was always laughing and having fun, and was very popular because of it. She was, also, VERY pretty.

Our house became the gathering place for at least the six girls, plus the men from work. There was a party almost every day. (or night)

Jack and Dave had rotated back to the States. Mai missed him terribly for the first two weeks he was gone, crying for him, constantly. Hong missed Dave, too, but realized that everybody has to leave sometimes. New people were coming in, and after a short while, both had new boyfriends.

One of these was a young (19 y.o.) black man, by the name of William. He INSISTED on that name(DON"T DARE call him "Willy or Bill)He was VERY polite, and fairly soft-spoken. (My Mama taught me, better) He had been a full-back on his HS football team, and Basic Training had been a snap for him, as he had been in better shape than most of the Drill Sergeants. He was instantly liked by almost everyone he met.

Mai had been completely taken by him. In fact, he was what brought her out of her blues over Jack. She thought he was the best thing EVER. Never mind the age difference. THEY were a COUPLE! He had a little trouble, at first, with Mai going to work, but, was soon into the swing of things.

We were having one of the few nights that the only ones there were the ones that had lived in the old house. Hong had taken up with Paul.

We were having drinks, as the girls loved to get giggling d***k as an excuse to "let their hair down." AS IF THEY NEEDED ONE! William wasn't much of a drinker, but, he enjoyed the effects it had on the girls. He had had Mai his first time to visit, and, a week later, had nailed Hong. They had gone out of their way to describe to Kim how good he was, but, she hadn't had the chance YET to find out for herself. She was still a bit leary about having a black man. (They were so BIIIG!)

Mai decided that she would get Kim a better view of what William had, and had feighned getting d***k to get his pants off in front of her. Kim really WAS a bit d***k, so she was all for the idea.

Kim and Hong had gone to a shop just down from us and had bought some rattan chairs, and two tables, that would withstand being left outdoors. We had them on the patio for our parties. This is where we all were sitting. Mai had reached over and was fondling William's crotch, with a BIIIG smile. When she felt (and saw) he was hard, she got up and knelt in front of him. She told him, "I'm gonna eat you up." She took hos cock out and began to do just that. She began blowing him, until she got him good and hard. Then she sat back, still holding his dick, and told him, " I want you fuck me, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!" HE WAS UP, IMMEDIATELY! His shorts were on the ground, and he was on her in an instant. There was barely enough time to see his dick before it was inside Mai's pussy.

Kim was just a little more than giggling d***k, and was fascinated with the couple, taking in their every move. I knew what I hoped would happen, along with Mai. We were hoping that Kim was NEXT.

We watched them fuck for quite a while. KIM NEVER LOOKED AWAY! She had a perfect view from the side, so she could see every stroke he made, from less than six feet away. We also had lights on, so NOTHING was out of sight. Kim was sitting there, rubbing her pussy and moaning softly. SHE WANTED HIS COCK!!!

They finished with William and Mai both groaning their satisfaction. Kim hadn't moved, but I went in and fetched them wet towels, so they could clean up. It was then that I realized that Kim was NAKED. Her shift was in a chair NEXT to her. She was, for the first time I had seen, rubbing her pussy in PUBLIC!

Mai cleaned them both up, and William was STILL semi-hard. The first sight to greet his eyes was Kim, sitting in front of him, three of her fingers inside of her pussy. He had a HUGE smile on his face, and soon, a HUGE ERECTION! He was quite a bit bigger than any of us. He was probably 9" long, and thick, too. He stood in front of Kim, with his dick right in front of her face, and asked her, "Wouldn't THIS feel BETTER than your FINGERS?" She looked at his face, and nodded "Yes." He smiled at her and told her, "Tell me what you want." Her immediate answer was, "YOUR COCK!"
He told her then, "Come get it."

She slid forward in the chair until she was close enough, and took his dick in her mouth as far as she could manage, only choking one time. She licked what she couldn't get in her mouth, along with his balls. When he had had quite enough, he picked her up in his arms, and took her inside to her bed.

He knelt on the bed at her feet, bending to lick abd kiss her pussy. She was already soaking wet, but, he said many times, he LOVED the taste of Oriental pussy. He licked all that was there, her figers, and returned to lick her pussy some more. This gave her SEVERAL deep, shuddering orgasms. The last raised her up on her head and toes, SCREAMING.

He asked if she was ready for him to fuck her. She had tears in her eyes as she begged him, "PLEASE, PLEASE, GIMME YOU COCK." He rubbed the head on her pussy, and, knowing how tight she would be, slowly began to pust into her. He, thankfully, took his time going into her slowly, stopping and letting her adjust, and get used to his size. He was in NO hurry. He had heard others describing how good she was, and he was takinghis time, savoring every sweet sensation he felt.

He finally had the entire length of his cock inside of her, and after he let it soak a bit, he felt her pussy knawing on the head of his dick, and the rest of her pussy squeezing the rest. She began to move slowly, from side to side, and thrusting up to his belly. She barely had time for one or two trusts upward, and had another orgasm. She looked over at the rest of us, but her eyes were unfocused. She was in HEAVEN!!!

We realized how she was feeling when she started barely whispering, instead of her usual screams. "Please fuck me. You cock soooo goood. Please, please, please. Fuck me loooong time. I want you fuck me two hour, like this. I feel like I am cherry girl, again. Oooohhhh, I love you cock. You make me feel so gooood. Same-same I never fuck, before. Maybe you can fuck me every day. I love feel you cock go my pussy. I never feel good same-same this. I hope you want fuck me more and more. I want you fuck me all time, like this. I give you good pussy, make you feel sooo goood." Her speech was broken often by one spasm after another. William asked, after a while, if she would let him fuck her same-same dog. She gladly consented, and when they had turned and he had re-entered her now-gaping (For the FIRST time) hole, we were ALL amazed at how far out he was pulling his dick, before her pussy lips released their hold on him. HE WAS REALLY PULLING HER INSIDE-OUT!

They fucked like this for a long while, more, when William suggested that he needed a less-demanding position. Kim told him to lay down, that she would take care of him. He layed down and she rolled him to his side, so he could give her a "lazy" fuck. He, also, enjoyed this. It gave him the perfect opportunity to fondle her breasts, AND fuck at the same time. They both moaned their pleasure, Kim, continuing to beg him NOT to cum, yet. She had never experienced this sort of thing, before. She was always quick to cum, and did so many times, BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS!!!

She was already so tired her upper leg was just laying across William's leg, and she was barely moving with him. She was near exhaustion. William had recovered, quite a bit, and looked at me. "Do you want me to cum inside of her?" he asked. "MY reply was long ago decided. "MOST DEFINITELY!!! GIVE HER ALL YOU GOT. SHE WILL LOVE IT." He had only one more question. "Do you want it to go deep?" I nodded, "YES!"

He raised up a bit and rolled her onto her back. She was only semi-aware of what was being done to her, now. He raised her legs to his shoulders, re-entered her, and began to hammer his dick home. One long thrust after another. Each of them going balls deep, and holding at the bottom. This got the response I figured it would. Kim was instantly responding, with her own gyrations. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. She was hilding him so tightly, he was almost unable to move. Everything except his ass.

The screaming started. "FUCK ME,FUCK ME! I BE WHORE GIRL, JUS' FOR YOU! I WAN' YOU BIG, BLACK COCK TEAR UP MY HOLE! FUCK ME TOO MUCH. MAKE MY PUSSY FULL FOR YOU CREAM! CUM INSIDE MY HOLE, TOO MUCH. I WAN' YOU CREAM GO MY BELLY. GIMME YOU BLACK BABY!!! I WAN' YOU CUM INSIDE ME! CUM, CUM, CUM FOR ME!!! I WAN' YOU KNOCK ME UP!!!" THEN, words I had never heard from ANY of the girls, before. "I WAN' YOU BIG NIGGER DICK IN ME ALL TIME!!! I GIVE YOU PUSSY, EVERY DAY YOU COME HERE!!!" CU DAN FUCK SO FUCKING GOOD!!!" HE, as so many others, before (and after) exploded. She screamed out loud...SEVERAL TIMES. Then she fainted. We checked to make sure she was okay, covered her up, not even bothering to clean her pussy for her, and called it a night.

She was out until noon the next day, when she asked Mai why her pussy was so SORE.

Mai told her.

... Continue»
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The History of Kim. Part 14

A couple of months had passed. Kim had "lost" her baby. I was TDY and she had gone downtown for something. She was mugged for a bracelet she wore, and in the process was kicked in the stomach, causing her to miscarry. She was devastated, to say the least. This, along with Hong, Vicki, Paul, and William being gone, was a real ordeal for her. Mai and Lein did all that they could, but she still was heartbroken. John also was a BIG help, along with Bull. They tried to get her in to see an American Doctor, but, as we weren't legally married yet, they couldn't.

We were going out more and more, trying to make her cheer up. We were going to the Airfield almost every night to watch movies, and go to the club. Most nights, after we had eaten, we would just walk around the base. We would usually end up at the motor pool. There were some comfortable chairs in the break room, and we had a refrigerator that held cold sodas.

One night she discovered a hidden room in the back of the Parts Room. She went in and looked around. There was a bunk there where men could take their dates for a little fun. She asked if I had ever "entertained" anybody there. I told her I had been back there with our secretary two times. She looked at the bed and told me that she wanted to try it, so she could say that NOBODY had had me in a place SHE hadn't.

This was, I HOPED, the thing to bring her around. The ONLY door was a sheet of plywood used to cover the entrance during inspections. There were, also several gaps in the back wall that could (and WERE) used to watch couples inside. I was hoping, too, that some of the "peepers" were back there, so Kim would know somebody was STILL interested in seeing her naked and in action. She thought that she was "damaged goods" since she had lost the baby.

There was only one light in the room, but it mad the room VERY bright. She and I took off our clothes. I asked her how she wanted to start, and she told me, "Same-same dog. I ate her pussy first(as ALWAYS) until she had had several orgasms. She was on her knees while I ate her so I stood up, and went for it, humping the hell out of her. She had cum for the second time,LOUDLY, when we heard sounds from behind the wall. Somebody WAS there, and WATCHING us. Kim raised up a little and asked me, and I told her. She never missed a beat, when she called out, "If you wan' see my pussy, come in HERE so you can see GOOD! Maybe I even let YOU have my pussy." We heard someone say "OKAY!!!" and the sound of feet. Sure enough, two men came around and into the room. One I didn't know, but had seen before was a short blocky guy. He worked in the Unit Supply Room. The other one was a bit taller, and also blocky built. He was a mechanic that everybody called Sid. They both brought chairs so they could sit and watch Kim and I fuck. This, it seemed, turned her on, as she became even MORE active.

I couldn't handle her humping and her snapping. I shot my load in her very quickly. We had running water outside, and a big bundle of shop towels, so we were able to clean up easily, although the water was cold. Kim sat on the bed, enjoying the attention. This was the happiest I had seen her in a WHILE.

She began asking them about themselves. She had learned, long ago, how to put a man at ease, by getting him to talk about himself. It also gave her an idea what kind of person he was. "Where you from?" Sid was from Georgia, and Larry was from Virginia.
Larry was the one from Supply. Both had been here less than a month. KIm was asking then, "You go downtown yet?" They both told her that they hadn't. Kim looked astonished as she asked, "You don' got no pussy from Vitnam girl, yet?" They told her they hadn't been paid yet, but had been looking forward to their first time. Kim was smiling when she told them, "I take care you for FREE! I be you firs' Vietnam pussy. I make lub wi' you, TONIGHT! You can fuck me. I gib you good pussy, an' you gib' me you CREAM. I wan' you cum inside my pussy. Who gonna fuck me firs' time?"

KIM WAS BACK!!! This was the FIRST time she had acted like this since she lost the baby. Both of them literally TORE their clothes off. I got out a coin, and flipped it to see who would be first. Larry won.

Kim layed him on the bed, and began sucking his dick. He was already hard enough, but she did it to make him slow down a bit. She saw Sid stroking himself, and told him, mock sternly, "Don' do dat! I wan' you fuck me loooong time. You do dat you cum too quickly." He stopped.

She looked down at Larry. "An you don' min', I ride horsey li'l bit. He told her he didn't. She climbed on top of him, making sure that her b**st was against his mouth, and guiding his dick to her pussy. She eased down until he was completely inside of her, and began rocking back and forth slowly. His eyes got BIG. I knew she was "biting" his dick with her pussy. His breathing was fast and shallow. She stopped so he wouldn't cum. She whispered to him, "You go top me. I wan' you fuck me all you can. I hol' you butt tight, you stop so you don' cum yet. I wan' you, me cum same-same time. Like dis we both feel fuckin' good."

She stood up off of him. He got to his feet, and Kim layed down, opening her legs to give him a good close look at what he was getting. It was pink and VERY wet. He went on top of her, while she guided his dick to her pussy. He reentered her and began pumping slowly, as she had asked. She was dancing and hunching to him, occassionally grasping his ass to stop him. With Kim's guidance, he managed to last about twenty minutes before he came. He lay there on top of her, kissing and feeling her all over.

When he got up, she sucked and licked him clean, then washed herself. Sid was hard and ready. She was ALL he was aware of.

Kim reached over and pulled him over to him. She took his dick and began to suck him, too. She gave him a very tender, AND THOROUGH, blow job, stopping several times so he wouldn't cum. She layed back and told him that she was a bit tired, and would he mind giving her a lazy fucking. He saw her on her side with one leg up in the air, and understood what she wanted. He got behind her and eased his dick into her pussy, and discovered that he would have a handful of her beautiful tits. His OTHER hand was free to roam at will, feeling anything he could reach, and with her size, that was everything but he feet.

He pumped into her gently, enjoying the thrill of her tight pussy. He was certainly no virgin. He knew how to make a woman respond to his caresses. He would massage her clit for a little bit while he sucked on her earlobe, then switch over and kiss the nape of her neck, while he fondled her ass and stomach, dragging his fingers to give her a slight tingle. He would stop a bit, so he wouldn't cum too quickly, kissing her and whispering in her ear. She didn't scream or yell, but gasped and sighed with pleasure.

Sid made it last longer than most men did. Finally he felt SHE was ready and picked up the pace, along with strumming her clit. She pushed back against him, using her free leg to pull him in tighter, and received his hot load. She gasped and groaned, receiving his cum. When they had finished, she didn't stop with licking him clean. For the first time since the guy had choked her, she sucked him until he came a second time, swallowing his entire load, holding his hand to her throat so he could feel it going down, THEN licking him clean.

She washed herself, with Sid's gentle help. We sat around for over an hour, then, STILL NAKED, just talking. I finally thought to look at my watch and discovered it was just 30 minutes short of curfew. Sid told us he would take care of closing up and Kim and I headed for the gate.

I was on CLOUD 9!!! I HAD MY GIRL BACK!!!

We went home and I told Mai and Lein what had happened. They were both near tears with happiness. This was a good reason to have a party, which we started planning. Kim touched me on the shoulder, and quietly asked if we could invite Sid and Larry. Kim had told the others how, AND WHAT, they had done. Mai and Lein BOTH wanted to meet them, so I agreed.

About a week later I had gone to Saigon and was gone overnight. We had some trouble with the truck, and it was the next morning before we got home. Murph was anxious to get to his girl, and I was just as anxious to get home to Kim.

I walked in the gate just as a young Navy officer was walking out. I saluted him, and he reached out, after noting my name, and shook my hand, telling me, "You have a fine lady there. Take good care of her."

I went into the house to find Kim in the bathroom DOUCHING. I asked her if she had had a date last night, and she told me "Sort of." The officer I had seen came to the house to interview her. They had sat and talked for three or four hours. It was time to eat supper, and she had asked him if HE was hungry. He admitted he was since he hadn't had any lunch, so Kim fixed him some Fried chicken and fried potatoes, and he had drank a beer with it. The other girls had known who he was and didn't bother them.

They had eaten and were talking some more, and lost track of time. It was too late to get a ride back to Saigon, so Kim invited him to stay the night. He asked what I would have done, or would do when I found out. She told him what I had said many times about it was her pussy, and she could give it to whomever she wished. He agreed to stay there.

They had "slept" together, and he had fucked her five times. He was shocked, at first, when she had held him inside while he was cumming, but, after she explained to him, he relaxed and came inside of her four more times. Twice in the shower. Before he left that morning, she had given him a blowjob, letting him cum in her mouth. This is why he was there when I got home. I asked her if she wanted to have him some more, and she said she didn't.

There were two more interviews conducted, with much the same results. The last time I stayed with Lein while it was going on.

About six weeks later Top called me tothe Orderly Room. When I got there he handed me a THICK folder. Inside were my papers, and a letter from MACV giving us PERMISSION TO MARRY...EFFECTIVE THAT VERY DAY!!!

Top told me he had already told everybody that I was to be off for the next week.... Continue»
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The History of Kim. Part 15


Top had understood what this meant to us, and had arranged for me to have the next week off so we could get married and have a honeymoon.

I went straight home to tell Kim the good news. We knew this was just the first step.
We would have to get Exit Visa and passport from the Vietnamese government, and Entry Visa from the U.S. government, but it WAS a step in the right direction. Kim was as happy and excited as I have ever seen her, and INSISTED we go to see the Chaplain and make arrangements RIGHT THEN.

She dressed in her most conservative clothes,(HAD to make a good impression on the Chaplain)and caught a taxi to the Airfield. We got to the gate and found Murphy was waiting there for us. He had guessed(correctly)that we would be moving as quickly as possible. He took us to the Chaplain's office, where we found the Chaplain waiting for us, too. Turned out TOP had a TELEPHONE, and WASN'T afraid to USE it.

We set the day as the day after, and the time as 1800. The whole base was invited, mission allowing, and there was to be a reception in the Motor Pool. We had also been booked on the Mail Flight to Saigon the next day, so we could get everything started on Visas and Passports.

Once we were finished with the tasks at hand, Kim and I went to the Club to eat supper. There was a band that night that we both enjoyed listening to and watching.
We were mobbed by friends and well-wishers from the time we walked in the door. We were shown to the best table in the house, and our supper was brought to us as soon as we were seated. Fried Chicken(DOUBLE ORDER) for Kim, and a Rib-Eye for me...ON THE HOUSE! The band came out and started out with congratulations for us, and started singing Kim's favorite song, "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE." The vocalist, a Filipina lady, named Marie, had tears on her cheeks as she sang straight to Kim. When she finished she gave us both a kiss, and her best wishes.

A wonderful night concluded with us going home and making love as never before. It was as warm and tender as we had ever done. It was as if nothing had ever been done between us, before.

I slept in the next morning, Kim was up much earlier than usual. Her, Lein, and Mai, were gone to town as soon as curfew had lifted. Kim was after a Wedding Dress, having her hair and nails done, and all the million and one things a girl does to get ready for her weddding. I sat home and read a book, and drank Cokes. Couldn't get d***k. (LOL)

The girls returned about 1500. Kim's dress HAD BEEN MADE, in THAT amount of time. She refused to let me see it(bad luck, you know)but told me it was white, in AMERICAN fashion. Vietnamese fashion was RED.(For luck)As a concession, she had plenty of red on UNDERNEATH.

We went to the Airfield for supper, again. We ate and were planning to go to the movie. We were a bit early, so we went, instead to the Motor Pool. The place had been scrubbed, straightened, and painted to within an inch of its life. Even the back room had been given the once(or twice) over. Kim laughed out loud at this. She asked me if this was where we would spend our honeymoon. We DID pause long enough for a quickie. Kim even called out to see if there was anyone watching. It was too early. We used the floor so we wouldn't mess up the bed.

We watched the movie and decided to go back to the Motor Pool. There wasn't anybody inside so we sat in the breakroom until we decided we couldn't wait to get home. She had pulled off her clothes, and climbed up on the Dispatcher's desk, when we heard the door open. We looked around to see Top standing there.

"I was wondering who left the lights on." he stated. "Now I see. Someone using the little Love Nest." Kim had grabbed my shirt to cover up when we heard the door. Now she laid it to the side. After all, Top had not only seen her naked, he had fucked her twice at the party, and once since then at the house. HE WAS AN OLD FRIEND! To emphasize this, she slid off of the desk and went over to him, giving him a full embrace AND a passionate kiss. Top simply grabbed both hands full of soft ass. Kim answered this by grinding her pelvis HARD into his crotch. She released him and stepped back a tiny bit to look into his eyes. "I don' hab chance, yet to tell you "THANK YOU," for he'p us so much to be marry. I wan' thank you, now."

She took his hand and led him into the back room. She unbuttoned his shirt and layed it on a chair, followed closely by his T-shirt. She knelt down and untied his boots, removing them and his socks, setting them in front of the chair. Then she unbuckled his pants and pulled them AND his underwear as far down as she could while he was standing. She kissed him, again, stroking his dick as a preview, and sat him on the bed. She pulled his pants and underwear off, laying them neatly over his shirt, and knelt in front of him. She knew his limitations, and began to lick his dick, and balls. She used every bit of her considerable experience to excite him, taking his sperm in her mouth, showing it to him, and swallowing. Top, to his credit, being an "Old Man" of 37, was STILL HARD! Kim had known it would be like this, and climbed over the top of him, and squatting down, captured his dick with her warm, wet pussy, raising and lowering herself with him inside of her. She was already worked up from the blow-job, and our earlier tryst, and had her fist orgasm with him IMMEDIATELY . "OHHH, TOOOOPPP!!! YOU MAKE ME CUM, ALREADY!!! OH, OH, OH!!! I CUM ONE MORE TIME!!! OH TOP!!! YOU FUCK ME SO FUCKIN' GOOD!!! I LUB FEEL YOU BIG COCK GO MY PUSSY!!! YOU MAKE ME FEEL FUCKIN' GOOD!!! I CUM TOO MANY TIME!!! YOU COCK GO MY PUSSY, MAKE SHE CRAZY!!! MAKE SHE NYAP NYAP TO MUCH!!! I WAN' YOU COCK FUCK ME ALLL TIME!!! OH, OH, OH!!! SOCKIN TO MEEEE!!! I WAN' YOU CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY!!! GIB' ME TOO MUCH YOU CUM IN MY HOLE!!! I WAN' FEEL YOU CUM IN MY BELLY!!! MAKE ME GOT BABY ONE MORE TIME. YOU GIB ME CUM I LUB YOU TOO MUCH!!!

This brought Top to the peak of his game. He rolled her over, her legs over his shoulders, to hammer deep into her body. He was sweating, and she was shaking. Passion had taken her to where she could only mutter and groan. Her head was shaking side to side,as in agony. She was twisting and thrusting to meet his thrust in a mindless dance. They were both lost in their ordeal.

Top roared, and Kim screamed! I knew they had both cum at the same exact time, doubling their pleasure. The show over, I went outside and wet a rag or two so they could clean up. Kim would want to lay there for a while, hoping, and Top would sit beside her, admiring her face and body. He had told me once that he had never seen such a beautiful sight as a Fresh Fucked Kim. Not even his wife.

Tommorrow we would be MARRIED! ... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 17

Three days later the town was back on limits, and I finally got to go home. I was so glad to be there, again.

Kim's b*****r Houng (pr.who ng)had come for a visit. He was 17 mo. younger than Kim, and they had been more than b*****r and s****r all their lives. They were actually FRIENDS! They were together constantly together, sharing secrets, and enjoying being together. They had done ALMOST everything together.

Houng had been hired as a stevedore on the docks at Newport in Saigon. His natural strength had served him well, and the heavy lifting had translated to a set of bulging muscles. This, together with his natural attractiveness, had transformed him to a "babe magnet."

He was tall for a Vietnamese man, standing 6'1" tall.

We got to know each other, and became fast friends. He could speak English, so there was no problem with us talking. I thoroughly enjoyed his company.

We had a problem with our wedding plans. The Chaplain had contracted malaria. He was in the hospital at Long Binh, and would be there for at least 14 days.

We went to the Company Commander and told him our problem. He suggested that we go to the Group Chaplain in Saigon for the ceremony. He called the Chaplain and set it up for the next day.

Kim was passed through the gate and allowed to keep her I.D. card. We went to the flight line to get our ride on a helicopter. The Company Commander was the pilot, the X.O was the Copilot, Top was the Crew Chief, and Paul was the Door-gunner. Several people went along to see the wedding, and others went in trucks so they could be there.

We were met by several jeeps and 3/4 Ton trucks sent by the Group Commander. They took us to the Chapel, and WE WERE MARRIED!!!

The bride gave her first kiss to the Group Commander, and told him Thank You, for helping us so much. Her second kiss went to the Chaplain for HIS help. Everybody there got to kiss the Bride. When we were finished, we were e****ted to the helipad for our return to Vung Tau.

Top had told us that I would be off duty for a seven day honeymoon, and that the Embassy had been advised that we would be there in a day or two.

Houng was waiting for us when we got home. He had bought two bottles of champagne, and some beer. We already had several bottles of assorted liquor, so we were ready for a party.

Lien was the only one of the girls to come by, as the others had moved to different places. This was also nearly the last night WE would spend in this house. It was MUCH too big now that everyone else ha gone. We were moving back to the first house, with Mama-san Hai.

We started off with the champagne, and once it was gone, started on everything else.
A couple of the M.P.s that were off-duty, came by. We were well on the way to getting d***k by the time the sun was down. Houng was introduced to everyone there, and was accepted by everyone.

There were several trips to the bedrooms by everyone. In honor of our wedding day, Kim and I made the first trip, with EVERYONE coming along to observe our first time as man and wife. We did our best to make the show worth their time. When we finished, Lien went with Toby. He was one of the M.P.s. Supercop took Kim for her second trip to bed, and Houng took Lien in for her second trip.

THAT BOY WAS A RINGER!!! He was hiding a lethal weapon. He was as big as any of the Americans. He crawled into the bed with Lien, and began to show her what HE could do.
Kim had told me that they used to hide and watch couples have sex in the trees, or along the canal when they were growing up, and he had learned a thing or two. Kim had also said that they had watched each other masturbate when they watched, so she had seen Houng cum several times, and knew what Lien would have inside her at the finish. They had never had sex, because he wanted Kim to have her cherry when she was married. He nailed Lien like a champ, giving her several orgasms before he had his.

Everyone had fun, and the evening was ending. The only ones left were Houng, Kim, and me. Houng was just d***k enough to be a clown, as was Kim. I hadn't drank nearly as much as they had. We were sitting on the patio, ALL of us naked. Kim had taken a shower after everybody else had left, and hadn't bothered to put on any clothes. She wasn't shy around Houng as they had grown up seeing each other naked, and, tonight, for the first time, he had seen Kim getting fucked. Not once, but five times.

She came out of the shower and sat on the hammock to dry her hair. Houng's first question was when had she had started shaving her pussy. Kim told him that she had been shaving for about two years, now. Then he asked her if she REALLY enjoyed getting fucked as much as she looked like. She told him, "YES!!!" Most of the men who had fucked her had made HER cum, MANY, MANY times. Next, he asked if she had been pregnant, yet. She told him that she was pregnant once, but had lost the baby. They hadn't seen each other for four years, and tonight had raised many questions in Houng's mind. Houng had been away when Kim went to get her papers at home, and they hadn't seen each other since she ran away.

We sat there, drinking beer and talking for a long while. They hadn't realized how much they missed each other over the past years, and were trying to catch up on old times. They were laughing and reminding each other about things they had seen and done, telling stories about other people, and themselves. They were getting d***ker by the minute. Every time one of them would go past the other, they would give a pat, a kiss, or a touch, and a smile. I was finally seeing how close they were to each other.

Kim had gone inside to get us more beers, and when she had put them down, leaned over and kissed Houng on the cheek. Her bare breast pressed against him, and he reached up to squeeze it. It was just as soft and firm as he had remembered. His reaction was the same as any other man in this situation. He had an immediate erection. Kim knelt down and took him into her mouth. She had done this before, sucking him until he had shot his cum, usually on her chest, but sometimes in her mouth. I sat there watching in fascination. Kim gave him one of the most tender blow-jobs I had ever seen. She stopped just before he came. She looked over at me and asked, "Do you mind?" I told her it was okay with me, whatever they did. Then she asked me if I wanted to watch. I told her, "YES."

She took Houng's hand and led him to the bed. They were talking in Vietnamese, but I understood enough to know she was asking him if he could cum more than one more time. He told her that he could, so she resumed the blow-job, taking his cum in her mouth. She sucked him dry, and licked him clean. He had never wavered. He was as hard now as he was at her first feel. She kissed him as a lover, and surrendered herself to him.

He knew just which buttons to push to give her the most pleasure. His kisses went all over her face, down her neck and her body to the soles of her feet, then he started up again, alternately kissing her ankles, and the insides of both her legs.
When he arrived at the juncture of her legs, he kissed and nibbled her pussy lips, and licked and sucked her clit. She was responding with many orgasms, and pulling his face tighter into her crotch. She had wanted this for many years, and now she had it.

Houng took his time, making her moan and scream with pleasure. He was enjoying giving HER pleasure.

She took his arms and pulled him upon top of her, and guiding his cock into her pussy. He pushed gently until his full length was inside of her, and began to gently hump into her. She wrapped both legs around his hips, and her arms around his back, holding him as tightly as she could. She was going back and forth, matching his rhythm, in their dance of love. This was WORTH all the time they had waited.

A while, and many orgasms, later, she rolled him over. She rode him, all the time kissing him on the face, but mostly on the lips. Then she turned to face away from him, and let him watch as his cock pumped slowly in and out of her pussy. They were both in heaven. She felt his trembling, and asked him if he wanted to cum. He told her that he did, and she rolled over so he would be on top of her.

There was no crashing about, yelling, or screaming. He plunged in and out of her, smoothly and quickly, finishing what they had started. He was going in and out, and she was going side to side, their movements complimenting each other, and enhancing their sensations.

Suddenly, Houng gave a low groan and pushed deep inside her. I knew that he was filling her FULL of his sperm. She had wrapped her hands around the cheeks of his butt, and was pulling him deeper. She was gasping for air, sweat running down her whole body. Her legs were pulled wide and up against her body. She knew by instinct that this would open her up fully, to receive his seed.

He poured his cum into her waiting body, realizing that this was as good as it gets. All those years of waiting were over. Their love was complete.

Houng stayed with us two more days, but, it was never this good, again. They fucked several more times, but, it was just that. They fucked. Nothing else.

We had to go to Saigon to the Embassy to apply for Kim's entry visa. When we got home, I went to the motor pool and got a deuce and a half, and three guys volunteered to help me move our things.

We moved and at the end of it, Kim "thanked" each of them.

We were back home.

... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 26

Kim and I had just about completed our tour in Germany. We were down to the last two weeks before returning to the United States. Kim was going to work until the last three days before we left, and had decided to pull out ALL the stops on her last night at work. She had already stopped wearing bra and panties, in addition to shortening most of her skirts and dresses. She had also gone shopping and bought several SHEAR blouses. For all intents and purposes, she might as well have been working topless. NONE of the male patrons objected, and the only female abjections were from women whose breasts weren't nearly as pretty as hers. Most of the ladies, in fact admired Kim's breasts as much as the men did.

The last night for her to work was a Saturday night. It was named "Disco Night" and the side with a band was kept open till 0400. Local bands were invited to come and play in addition to the music from two jukeboxes. After the Dining Room closed at 2200, Kim went over to the other side and worked until closing time. She always came home with a lot of tips. She would also, on most nights, make four or five trips upstairs, at $40.00 a trip. (It was 1977)

Most of the people there had had a look (if not more) at ALL of her asset more than once, so the last night was an anticlimax. At midnight, she went into the room next to the kitchen, and stripped completely naked, except for her high-heels and thigh-high black stockings. She came out of the kitchen and resumed waiting tables in her "femlin" outfit, just as she had been doing all evening. She had, for the occasion, trimmed her pussy-hair to an inch wide strip from her clit to her normal hairline. As she walked out, Eddy, the assistant manager, started clapping his hands.
Everybody looked to see what he was clapping about, and saw Kim standing there next to him, showing everything she had. She received a standing ovation from the house that lasted for over five minutes. She started waiting the tables, receiving many feels at each table, and many LARGE tips in return.

She had only been working for about 15 minutes, when she received her first invitation to go upstairs. It was the Supply Sgt. from my company. He was an E-7, and offered her an extra $50.00 if she would NOT wash off before coming back downstairs, so everyone could see his cum running down her legs. Kim agreed. After all, everybody knew, beyond ANY doubt, that when a waitress went upstairs, she was getting fucked. And all but one of them went upstairs at least once every night. Four of them made several trips EVERY night. Kim averaged three trips most nights. She was, admittedly, a cum-slut, and proud of it.

They went upstairs, and when she came back downstairs, 45 minutes later, she had a stream of cum running down each leg. She had asked him to fuck her three times so it would show. She told everybody that this is what a woman got when A REAL MAN fucked her. She waited until her next invitation to clean her pussy. After all, MOST men did want to eat her first, but DIDN"T want a mouthful of somebody else's cum.

The rest of the night, she made five more trips upstairs, coming back with her partner's cum running down her legs, and, when it was time to close, went to the door, kissing everyone good-bye, and thanking them for their friendship.

She had purposely not closed out her receipts from the dining room with Eddy, as she wanted to be the last to leave, except for him. The three of us went to the office, me carrying Kim's clothes and apron. All the other doors were locked except for Eddie's. They figured up Kim's receipts and settled up for the evening. We sat there talking for a few minutes, Kim STILL naked. She was sitting on his desk, next to him, while he rubbed her leg, occasionally rubbing her pussy lightly.

She finally tired of waiting for him to make the first move, and told him straight out that she wanted him to give her one last fuck good-bye.

Eddy slid over and began to kiss Kim's lower belly and pussy, sucking her clit and pussy-lips until the juice was running freely. He stood and removed his clothes in preparation. Kim just lay back on the desk, as she had done so many times before, with so many managers, assistant managers, and close friends. Over the three years working in the club, she had left her but-prints on that desk well over a hundred times, with twenty or more partners.

Eddy positioned himself and slowly pushed his cock all the way inside Kim's hot, wet pussy, beginning to pump slowly in and out of her. She let him lubricate them good, and suggested that she turn around where Eddy could fuck her missionary style, so he could shoot her deep. She placed a towel under her ass to catch his cum, and lay back, drawing her legs high and wide to receive him. He pushed inside of her, again, and she placed her legs over his shoulders, so he would go as deep as possible inside of her. I had watched Eddy fuck her many times in the past, so I went out the door to wait in the car. They were so busy fucking that I don't think they even knew I was gone. I knew that it would probably be an hour or more before they finished. Kim would want to drain Eddy completely dry before she quit.

I had parked the car about 100 feet from the door, and after almost two hours, Kim had STILL not come out. I went to see if they were okay. I had left the door unlocked when I went out, and went and opened it to see Kim with her mouth full of Eddie's dick. Eddy had been so turned on from watching Kim run around naked all night, that he was insatiable. He had already fucked her six times, and, now was getting ready to fuck her for the seventh time. Her thighs and buttocks glistened with his sperm. He groaned and she could add her face to the list of things covered with his cum. They both started laughing, Kim said,' OOPS! Gotta start over, again."

She took his cock in her mouth after swallowing his latest load, and began to make him hard, again. It took about fifteen minutes for him to get another erection good enough to go inside her pussy. She was, again, sitting on the edge of the desk, with Eddy standing between her open thighs, pumping his black cock in and out of her juicy snatch. Every time he pulled back (out) a fresh dribble of cum came with him. SHE WAS FULL! Twenty or thirty minutes more went by and Kim moaned and Eddy unloaded his eighth load inside her pussy. Luckily a sofa was behind him when he fell backwards, unable to stand any longer. I reached over, out of curiousity, and touched Kim's pussy. YUP!!! She had ANOTHER orgasm. NO sound, but she shook all over.

I went and got a couple of beers from the cooler and brought them back for them. They both drank and got their legs to working, again. Fifteen minutes or so later, they could both stand up. A little while more and they were ready to try walking. I told Eddy to leave his car there for the night, and I would drop him off at his quarters. He agreed, and he and Kim BOTH walked out to the car, STILL COMPLETELY NAKED! It was almost 0800 in the morning and there WERE people around. They ALL got a good look at them both in their Birthday suits. I was driving a friends station wagon as my car had already been shipped. Kim got in the front and Eddy in the back.
As it was summertime, and sunrise was at 0330, it was broad daylight. We dropped Eddy off in front of his barracks. The last we saw he was going up the stairs, still naked.

We drove to the room Kim and I were staying in, and got out. I opened the door for Kim, and she walked to the door. I was still carrying her clothes.

YES!!! There WERE people there, WATCHING HER.

The next day we were on a plane, going home.... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 27

We arrived back in the United States at Charleston AFB, S. Carolina at about 0400 in the morning. I changed from my military uniform to civvies and got with a guy to go get our car from the shipping point. Kim waited at the terminal with the luggage while I was gone. It took me about two hours to get the car, get it started, (dead battery) and get filled up with gas.

Kim was waiting for me at the door of the terminal, so I loaded our luggage in the trunk and we got started. We were going to drive as far as possible before stopping to get some rest.

We drove as far as a town called Williston, S. Carolina before I got so tired I couldn't drive any more. We checked into a motel and got a shower and some rest before going further. We woke up about noon when the maid came to clean the room. We had forgot to put the '"DO NOT DISTURB" sign on the door.

We got onto I-20 for our drive home, and made it as far as Meridian, MS. before we stopped for the night. Early the next morning we started out on the last leg of our trip home. It was largely uneventful, with us arriving home around 6 o'clock in the evening.

We spent the next few days going around visiting relatives, but on the fourth day home we went To the local "swimmin' hole. We had our suits with us, but as nobody was around, we decided to go skinny dipping. We had been there for about half an hour, when we looked around and saw a car with two guys I had known all my life.

Jack was a year older than me, and Jeff was the same age, and had graduated in my class. Kim asked if either of them were anything she needed to worry about, and I told her she didn't need, that they were both okay. We hadn't seen each other in almost seven years, and, after I introduced them both to Kim, we began catching up on old times. They had just finished hauling hay and were wanting to cool off and clean up a bit. They hadn't brought any trunks and were worried about undressing in front of Kim. She saw their discomfort and took her bikini back off so they wouldn't feel so uncomfortable about being naked. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. Kim, standing there nude in front of them, showing everything she had. Jack was enjoying what he was looking at, but Jeff was busy trying, unsuccessfully, to hide a severe erection. Kim watched him for a few minutes, and walked over to him, took his hands away, and told him, " I only know ONE way to take care of that. You need some pussy. I let you have some of mine. We have a blanket in the car. You put it down and you can fuck me to make you cock finni hard." Both were further surprised when I got the blanket out and handed it to Jeff. Jack asked me, " You gonna let us fuck your WIFE, RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOU?" My answer was "Why not? You won't hurt her. Besides, she enjoys getting a new dick stuck in her."

Kim was already laying on the blanket, waiting. Jeff went over, and got on next to her. Kim told him, "I hope you too horney. I want you cum inside my pussy, too much. I like man cum INSIDE my pussy." With this, Jeff had no doubts what was expected of him. He began feeling her up, which made her even more excited than looking at his hard dick. When Jeff got to the point where he was sucking on her nipples, and had inserted first one, then two of his fingers into her pussy, he was surprised to see her climaxing. Twice, them the third time, she had orgasms that shook her entire body. As she came down from the last of her orgasms, she managed to talk well enough to tell Jeff, "Come on, sweetheart. Give me you big dick! I want you to fuck me so hard. I want you to cum inside my pussy, all you can, as many time as you want. You can fuck me twenty time, if you want. Same, same you b*****r. I want you both fuck me too many time."

Jeff had never seen a girl open her legs as fast, or as wide, as Kim did. He climbed aboard, pushed his dick inside of her, and started humping. Kim wrapped her legs around his waist and started grinding back. That is when Kim showed him what true enthusiasm was all about.


This was more than Jeff could stand. He groaned and shot a HUGE load of cum, deep inside of Kim's hungry, snapping pussy. Finally spent, he gave her one more kiss, and she pushed him over and began to suck and lick him clean. Jack was sitting there, stunned. He had never seen a girl enjoy sex as much as this.

Kim got up and went in the water where she cleaned her pussy out, causing herself to cum once more. She came back to the blanket, and laid down, smiling up at Jack.

"Come over here, Jack. I need you to fuck me. I am STILL horny. Now you give me some more cock. Jack complied with her wish. He was more than ready. He, also, started to feel her up, more for his own pleasure and curiosity, than any need to get her "in the mood." He marveled at how soft and smooth her skin felt. It was like silk. When his hand reached the thin strip of hair on her twat, her legs opened to allow him access to the gates of heaven. He rubbed her nether lips, gently, and stated that he had NEVER felt anything so soft, and when he inserted a finger inside if her, he was again surprised to feel her "bite" him.

He couldn't wait ANY longer. She was already reclined, legs open and waiting for his pleasure. He thought for a second about what it had looked like when Jeff had fucked her missionary style, and asked her if she minded going on top of him to fuck cowgirl style. With a big smile, Kim told him that she would love to.

Jack laid back, and more to see the look on his face than the need to make him ready, she took his cock in her mouth, sucking in as much as she could manage, and licking his balls, thoroughly. She made him hiss with pleasure, and moved up until she was in position directly over his dick. She rubbed her wet pussy the length of his erection several times, and raised slightly to sit down with the head of his dick held in place by her pussy-lips. He watched as she slowly descended, taking his cock slowly inside of her, stopping occasionally to bite his dick with her pussy muscles. She was enjoying showing off her talent at fucking. After he was totally engulfed inside of her, she began "posting" as if riding a horse. Then she began raising up until the very tip of his dick was inside of her, and sliding down slowly, biting him on the way, until he was all the way inside of her. She did this many times, before turning around to fuck him "reverse cowgirl," to give him, AND me a better view of their joining.

She had stopped several times, feeling that he was about to cum, and asked him how he wanted to finish. He told her that he would like to finish her off doggy-style. He didn't know that that was her favorite.

She had been rather quiet all the time they had been fucking, but it was getting to be all SHE could stand, too.

She turned around, presenting her dripping wet pussy to him, and was pleasantly surprised when, before sticking his dick back into her, he leaned over and kissed her pussy, and ran his tongue the length of her slit several times. HE was surprised when she screamed out loud, TWICE, as she quivered in orgasms.

Kim was still shaking from the second orgasm, when Jack pushed his dick balls-deep inside of her. This caused her to have a THIRD orgasm. She clenched so hard with her pussy that it was almost painful. Jack had just grabbed a handful of her soft ass when she turned loose on him. She rammed back so hard and fast that, if he hadn't had hold of her, she would have knocked him loose from her.


This had the same effect on Jack, as it had on Jeff. He released and filled her much past overflowing. His sperm ran freely down the insides of her thighs. Finally, they fell apart, breathing as if they had just run a marathon.

They laid there until they got there breath back, and, after Kim had cleaned Jack with her lips and tongue, we all went into the water to cool off, again.

Refreshed, we sat on the blanket for a break. Before the day was over, Jeff had fucked Kim four more times, in every position they could think of, and Jack had fucked her five more times. I had, at their insistence, fucked her three times.... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 6

About two weeks after our party, I was sent for training to Long Binh. I had to be there for a week. Jack and Dave gladly consented to make sure Kim was okay.

We had had two new people in the unit, bringing us up to 36, not counting the upper ranks. (1SG and up) We had also gained an E-6 and an E-7. Both were very good people.

The E-6 was named John, and was about 24 years old. He was about 6'3" tall, and weighed approx. 210 lbs. He met Kim on his first night, when we went to the club for dinner. He was immediately smitten with her. He couldn't take his eyes off of her all evening. She was enjoying the attention she was receiving, and made sure he got an eyefull. She would bend over the table, where her breasts were in his full view, and when she went to the ladies room, as she walked away, instead of kneeling to pick up something she had dropped, she bent from the waist, giving him a clear view of her well-trimmed, and freshly shaved pussy. The rest of us couldn't help but to laugh at him. The sight made him choke on his drink. When she returned, we told her what had happened. She went all wide-eyed and innocent, asking. "Did I do THAT? I'm SOOO sorry I do that to you." By way of apology, she went over and gave him a big, WET kiss, that made the front of his pants BULGE. I knew what she would suggest next. That we invite him to the house for supper. AND DESSERT!

The next day was when I was told I was going for training. I had to be there the NEXT day after that.

Our curiousities had all been satisfied, and we were "paired up." Nobody had any jealousies, and we were all aware of what the girls did for a living, and accepted it. If one or more of the girls had company for the night, that was just the way it was.

I had been at school for four days, I was told, when John accompanied Jack and Dave to the house, one afternoon. When they arrived, Hong and Mai were sitting under the awning, listening to the radio, and talking to Mama-san Hai (pr. HI), our landlady. Kim was taking a shower, so she could get ready for work. John was introduced to the three of them, and hearing John's voice, Kim peeked over the shower door and said, "Hi." she had already turned the water off to come out, and did just THAT. She came out, NAKED! John almost passed out. He couldn't believe that Kim would show him her naked body like THAT. It was a dream come true. Kim, always the show-off, just stood there with her towel in her hand, not trying to hie anything, talking to everybody. She dried off, making sure nothing was out of sight for more than an instant. She even dried her hair while standing there naked. When she finished, she walked slowly into the house to get dressed. She admitted that she was hoping John would follow her in the house. Sure enough, he did. She was bent over, getting some panties and a bre, which she had NO intention of wearing, out of the drawer. John stood there, just inside the curtain, admiring the way her breast only very slightly hung down when she was bent over. She had, about a month before taken to trimming not only her bush that was visible when she was standing, but shaving her tap (pussy-lips), too. She didn't want her friends to get a hair in their mouths when they ate her pussy.

She held up the undergarments, and asked John if he thought these would look nice. Honestly, he told her that NOTHING would look better. Very innocently she asked,"Do you REALLY like me like this?" The bulge in his pants answered for him. "Pooor John. You try sell me material?" She stepped over to him, putting her arms around his neck, and rubbing her body against his, and asked, "Does it hurt, too much? Let me help you." She unfastened his belt, and helped him off with everything else. She observed that he was hard, and she was wet, so why waste time. She got on the bed, legs open, and told him, "Come fuck me." Which he DID.

As so many times before, the others came in to watch the show. Kim was open wide, and he was going deep, AFTER he had taken several minutes to ger her open enough to do so. He couldn't believe a professional could be THIS TIGHT. Then he REALLY got a surprise! Her internal muscles went into action. WELCOME to the world of SNAPPING PUSSY!


John obliged her with, he confessed, the biggest load of cum he had ever shot. Kim screamed and, digging her fingers into his butt, pulled him deeper than before. Every drop he had went as deep as he could put it, and, he noticed afterward, NOT A SINGLE DROP ESCAPED! ALL he could do is hust roll over, noticing that Kim had put a pillow under her ass so nothing would leak out.

She asked him how long he could stay, and when she was told he had towork that night, she took some cotton, and pushed it inside her pussy, so she wouldn't drip.

He lay there, watching her apply her make-up, STILL naked, and then put on a VERY short, VERY low-cut mini-dress, and brush out her hair. She leaned over and kissed him, smiled, and told him, "I give you something to remember me." She took his still wet dick, and sucked it clean, put some extra lipstick on, and kissed his dick, TWICE!!! Once on the side, making sure the imprint of her lips were plainly visible, and on the head, once again making sure he could see both marks. When she stood up, she told him flat, "Next time you come here, I give you MORE pussy. I love how you fuck me. Make my pussy feel fucking good."

He made several more returns. She ALWAYS had time for him to fuck her! ... Continue»
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