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The Goblet of Lust

The Romance of Lust - A classic Victorian erotic n

... this extraordinary indulgence in every enjoyment of lust, related in the amusing patois of Piedmont, told us that notwithstanding ... all voluptuously lewd, carnal acquirements, every thing the wildest imagination of lust could desire. It was from her mother ... ... Continue»
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Swallowing Cum (Blindfolded) - The Taste of Lust

... the wetness on his skin, the odor. The distinctive smell of cum. Never in his life has he smelled this under the spell of lust. ... naked woman's body against his. Suddenly, the room becomes even more full of lust than it had been, it seems entirely submerged ... ... Continue»
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... This was the second time Asha had tasted semen and she was
loving every goblet, droplet of it. ... well as
her own body, as waves of lust and desire began sweeping her body.
Her ... at it. Yes, she had seen
the look of lust in Rajesh's eyes as he saw her ... ... Continue»
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... for him. The shower
spray fell on her naked tits, making her nipples stand
up in little peaks of lust-hardened flesh. Water ... me with it! Give me your cock!"
Angela breathed in the heat of lust.

"You really mean it, Mom? You really gonna let ... ... Continue»
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... active volcano of lust. Very well could exclaim with the poet of antiquity: 'Oh, Moses! "Or as the most practical descendant of the patriarch: "By the beard of the prophet ... ... Continue»
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The First For The Three Of Us

... began to finger her cunt and massage her virgin ass. The scent of lust drifted from their hot bodies, as hot nectar flowed ... I grasped her jaw and throat. Unable to control the raging lust burning inside of me, I pushed my cock deeper then quickly withdrew ... ... Continue»
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The Caravan of Lust
When I was 14 my Dad bought a caravan ( ... sat on the same rock our bodies touching, every time he moved he sent shock waves of lust through me ... , at one point I went into the trees for a piss and ... ... Continue»
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The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 3

... behind rapidly brings me back into my reality. But the spark of lust is fired up again in my awkwardly itching oyster and ... is on fire and dribbles already joyfully the rich cream of lust. I have to get out of these pants - goddammit!
An official tax ... ... Continue»
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The Howls of Lust II

... were such fools. So pointless.

Through it all the was the lust. The need. Long nights in her bed thrashing and sweating ... the first time in years the weight of what I was became lighter. The gloom was less.

I wait.

As the first wave of the change ... ... Continue»
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The howls of lust

... into my pocket I draw out the bag. I am not standing a few feet from the edge of the porch. The angle of the fading sun putting my face ... ... Continue»
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The Curse of the Three Headed God. (Part One)

... the dockyards of the city. Beyond the roofs of the taverns and canopies of the market stalls she could see the tall masts of the sailing ships and the funnels of the ... in proceedings, treating herself to a goblet of rich imported Gallapian wine. Her two ... ... Continue»
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Mom On The Make

... effect on her. That and the harsh breathing of her husband seemed to ignite the fires of lust deep within her tortured cunt.

... in place as she moved around. The movement rekindled the flames of lust in his balls. The sperm tapped in his balls began to ... ... Continue»
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The Neighborhood - Must Read

... lower lip, stifling a groan of lust.

Spencer moved his hips down and d**g the spongy tip through the outer lips. They flowered open ... mind.

Unlike her tortured mother, Kim didn't fight the feelings of lust for her own flesh and bl**d washing over like ... ... Continue»
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A Si ster’s Lust chapter 5

... thought she would refuse to say those degrading words,
but the power of lust was too strong. She’d do anything to feel Herb ... as he lunged forward and
backward, in and out in the rhythm of lust. It was a perfect sexual rhythm, meshing
with her writhing ... ... Continue»
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Sweet Smell of Lust

... did David ran home to start another batch of "Toilet Water".
The Sweet Smell of Lust - V (Part 1)
by Caesar, ... , closing the door behind him. The sounds of his mothers sobs replacing the passionate sounds from earlier.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - VIII ... ... Continue»
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The first lesson

... do as it wanted or more to the point as it needed to reach the level of lust and passion higher than any she ... had felt before. Her mind is racing with every rush of orgasm ... ... Continue»
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Sexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 03

... Vanessa. She had never felt anything like it as the feeling of lust overwhelmed her. She felt both Tom and Wendell ... be her sons with the stamina to go along with it! The camcorders recording the scene of orgy lust with the writhing bodies moaning.

... ... Continue»
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The Hunger appeased. For now

... can kindle

The Hunger, women who will show me the lust necessary to survive as one of Us. By

the teachings of The One Who ... sl**p before dawn.

“Now, undress me,” I said.

The fire of lust burned brightly in her eyes now. She began to unbutton ... ... Continue»
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The Seduction of Amy

... mask of relief and lust. Slowly, she walked down the steps and into the water. She moved sensuously through the water ... the sophisticated lady acting like a total slut.

Elaina and Rodney paid no attention to Amy or Thomas. Elaina's face was a mask of lust ... ... Continue»
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... , they both howled at the impact of their lust. “O-h-h-h-h-h-h! M-m-m-m-y-y-y-y-y! G-g-o-o-o-o-d-d-d! Y-e-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-s!”, and they soared together to the highest peak of their pleasure. The explosion of their climaxes felt like ... ... Continue»
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