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The Goblet

The Queen's Challenge

... this honey wine from an amphora.
Descending the steps to the pool, she handed the goblet to Eleanor and sat on a
stone stool ... to reveal her silver tufted flower.

Eleanor stood and grasped the goblet firmly. With a deep breath, she quaffed it
with ... ... Continue»
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... took a tenative drink from the goblet, before seeing the rest of the crew doing the same, and drinking a full mouthful from the cup.  He then watched ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 3

... wank yourself now, slave,” ordered Miralda, drinking deep from the goblet. Wearing the ball clips, it was painful for Leo to masturbate. But ... Miralda. She drank down her wine in one and tossed the goblet aside.
“Come on... let’s go... and leave him to it ... ... Continue»
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Jessica 2

... thought it was milk, but then the horrid realization struck her.

The goblet was full of sperm. Lars twisted ... Drink

up." Jessica gulped the cool, salty liquid down, fighting back the urge to

gag. Finally the goblet was empty.

"Good girl ... ... Continue»
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Niagara (continued Chapters 61-68)

... Girl's hands were shaking as she handed me the goblet. I drank from it, the strong whiskey and our serum making for a heady ... there are no more tomorrows." Henri drained the goblet, his eyes sparkling in the glow of the candles.

"No more tears, my little ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 1

... unique authority. Even the handles of her switches and whips were of gold, or chased with it.
Suddenly the goblet was dashed to ... the floor. Wine spread like a pool of bl**d over ... ... Continue»
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bl**d Like Wine

... now, distraught and angered, staring in lost thoughts at the glass goblet of wine in front of her. It was half full ... to death, he wondered, dashing forward to smell the goblet.

He tossed it from the table, letting it shatter on a wall nearby a servant ... ... Continue»
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A Modern Kajira, Part 4: The Love Furs

... and intricate and one small and plain. She poured the wine, filling Master’s goblet full and hers only half full. She then ... ways. This girl had certainly done her research! He took the large goblet, trying to keep his expression masterful and neutral, but ... ... Continue»
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... level and slurped some more! She dipped a finger in the goblet and spread the beverage on one nipple. I suckled it clean, then she ... she asked in a flirting manner, put the goblet on the side and lay back. I went for the golden pelt that tufted from her mons ... ... Continue»
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... level and slurped some more! She dipped a finger in the goblet and spread the beverage on one nipple. I suckled it clean, then she ... she asked in a flirting manner, put the goblet on the side and lay back. I went for the golden pelt that tufted from her mons ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 2

... yet a further – and final – climax.
The two women drank deep. Quickly I re-filled my Mistress's goblet as it was extended in silence ... over my face and breasts before throwing away the goblet. Then, with an almost a****l-like ferocity she fell upon Lady ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 5

... saw, reclining on a couch, the naked figure of his galley overseer. In her hand was a golden goblet and she was smoking some ... this overseer woman’s eyes hot upon it. Again and again the goblet went to her mouth as he wanked himself hard.
One ... ... Continue»
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sl**p-In For Daddy ch 1 to 3

... had his aching
cock buried to the hilt inside the most beautiful, the most desirable
pussy in the world. And his mom's ... he shuddered and f***ed his cockhead
against the goblet of her silken throat. The glans swelled even bigger,
and flexed as ... ... Continue»
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The Bowl

... her eyes, now adjusted to the dimmed lights of the room, she crawled over again, and with goblet in hand I proceeded to turn ... the purest, clearest, coolest water up into her upturned ... ... Continue»
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... taste Sushil's
cum. This was the second time Asha had tasted semen and she was
loving every goblet, droplet of it. Asha ... just had two thin
strings, one around the neck and the other around the waist from the
back. Asha decided to also take things ... ... Continue»
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The Duck Pond

... and uncontrollably. She clutches the guardrail and bears down on my savage tongue. I tilt her toward me, like a goblet, and drink her ... like mead. I am not the least bit ashamed to cum. I pump my ... ... Continue»
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The Curse of the Three Headed God. (Part One)

... the inevitable detritus littering the dusty cobbles and flagstones of the market quarter abutting the dockyards of the city. Beyond the roofs of the ... a pause in proceedings, treating herself to a goblet of rich imported Gallapian wine. Her two slaves ... ... Continue»
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Curiosity Part II

... some of the foam over the top of the table and then dr****g pieces of the velvet over the top and along the length of the structure ... Carlo informed him that was all he drank. He handed the goblet to his naked friend and said, “Damn you sexy as ... ... Continue»
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The Holiday - Chapter 1

... long as we could do it together. The working, the playing, the f****y life, but most especially the sex. You sure couldn’t tell ... shorter skirts. After I had tossed our bags in the trunk I opened the door for you. You slipped in, spreading your legs ... ... Continue»
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The Lesbian's Girlfriend

... was rubbing my dick. She pulled me into the closet and and pulled her panties down and ... shoes, clothes, etc. I pulled her out the closet and took her shirt off and let her ... up on my shoulder and I fucked her silly. The condom i had on broke so i pulled out ... ... Continue»
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