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The Friendly Bet

The Friendly Bet

... .

The friendly bet


"Shit", I muttered to myself. "It never fails! Every time I ... bet she's getting fucked right now!"

"Settle down," I said dryly. "Why would she go out to get ... in a overly confident manor. "What are we

"How about...If I win, I get to fuck you in the ass... Continue»
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Friendly Bet

... my girlfriends.

"She's out with her friends," I answered.

"Uh oh! I bet she's getting ... confident manor. "What are we betting?"

"How about...If I win, I get to fuck you in the ass ... holding on to possession of the ball as I looked at Jen and smiled.

"I bet your ass is so tight... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... rich lady of course she felt honoured H. R. H. he
was in Gibraltar the year I gas born I bet he ... had what I had then hed boo
I bet the cat itself is better off than us have we too much bl**d up ... money from some fellow Ill have to perfume
it in the morning dont forget I bet he never saw a... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #3: Carousel Nights #3

... time back here at the apartment."

"I bet you did..." Now it was Jade's turn to smirk slyly. "I ... a supervillain with enormous hands, the two girls were laughing and friendly like nothing had ever been ... was always cute, and curious, and friendly, and bubbly. Everything Jade wasn't. But sometimes she was just... Continue»
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Steph ~n~ bigthighlover

... looked around and there was lust on a lot of faces I smiled and thought to myself I bet they hate me ... every one is friendly and nice about that time the D.J. playing songs I ask her to dance it was sort... Continue»
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... and I realized even he was trying to get a contact with her. And my friendly girlfriend didn't unnotice ... other people were making jokes about our bet. They were asking me if I will keep my promise or leave ... my word I will have her!". I didn't answer but my gf said "well a bet is a bet and you won! hahaha... Continue»
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B.t.V.S: Brat's All Woman-Size

... of tightly wound, she'd teach Red and that other brat–Kennedy–a thing or two. It was a sure bet those two ... ... And Red would eat her best friend good, too. Faith would bet any money that Will had wanted to get ... friendly gesture to make in case Dawn was mad. Maybe she'd bring Dawn... a hot cocoa, or something... Continue»
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Mariel needing sex in a hotel

... just checked you in', it sounded as if he was trying to be friendly, after all he did mentally 'Jump ... .
'How much do I owe you', I asked him while thinking, 'I bet he was close enough to see how wet I... Continue»
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College life 10

... is spreading the word as we

"I bet he is or he's fucking up Corey," Jess laughed.

"I hope ... way."

Scott leaned over and kissed me. It wasn't a friendly tap on the cheek but
a definite... Continue»
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Pete And Joe Get Laid (Second stab at humor in sex

... ."

"So, what you dudes doing tonight?" asks Jose. "I bet you getting some action yourselves ... . "Here come the women!"

"Are you sure these are women?" Pete asks cautiously.

"Man, I bet ... these babes are hot to trot. I bet these babes are dyin' for some action," Joe says excitedly... Continue»
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b*****r pt 2

... myself. “I’ll bet I can shoot a load without even touching my dick, when you’re fucking me.” His grin ... that Uncle Riley was being just a little too friendly and quite suggestive, and the more I thought about ... ,” he said softly right into my ear. “I bet you’re the best fucker in the whole world.”
And that’s how I started fucking my little b*****r.

... Continue»
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Dogging Day

... hard cock appeared in the hole and she took hold of it and drew it though, giving the tip a friendly ... noises in her throat.
“Damn Bob, she’s good. I wouldn’t mind keeping a girl like this myself. I bet... Continue»
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College life spring semester 20

... ..." I said.

"Bet last night got really crazy after we left," Corey stated.

"Corey, you should ... short brown hair and was already rather dark. The best
part was both were extremely friendly ... said.

"Please guys. I bet they are saying the same thing about us. Scott, they
were giving you... Continue»
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Annelot probeert iets nieuws deel 1

... makes you think. And when the sun shines, you forget all your problems." Ja klopt, achter de wolken ... young girls like us. Sometimes I feel pretty lonely in my tent. That's why I came in the cafetaria. All ... , and you were the only teenager in the room." Annelot wist dat dat niet helemaal waar was, er hadden... Continue»
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College life spring semester 7

... around while one friendly fellow student volunteered to snap
pictures of us gathered around ... to be a smart ass about it.

"Bet he's gotten more sex than any of us has here lately," Kris stated ... you were gone. Are
you and Corey going?"

"You bet we are," I said.

"Yeah so he can stare at all... Continue»
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Holiday Pleasure

... booked in for a few days and then went to the bar, everyone was so friendly as she danced the night away ... said “I bet your very fit and have loads of girls after you” he blushed even more saying... Continue»
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Comforting the roommate

... and forehead before in a friendly way, but something about the way she lingered a bit before she did ... ...what else is in there?"

"There's some clothing..." You respond, searching the box.

"Oh, I bet I ... affected you, I bet."

"No, that's not what I meant. Your act was good. And I mean really, really... Continue»
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... fuck, a friendly face at last I thought”, I smiled and held out my hand,
I pulled him towards me ... hands and you have won your bet or whatever it was” I said before he could answer,
I felt his... Continue»
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A Summer To Remember

... and we'd always been really friendly as k**s, but I can understand how my sudden arrival now could ... -- and I bet you can guess which one -- was screaming at me not to blow this and just hang... Continue»
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You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fis

... butt yesterday? Or that day we met?"

"Just a friendly pat."

Sam just looked at her silently. Jade ... of times to see Robbie and f*rced herself to be friendly with Sam - which wasn't too hard. They were ... as if 'he' could see them. "I bet they're getting their lesbo freak on!"

"REX!" Robbie yelled. He... Continue»
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