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The First Affair - Chapter 3 (by X Factor)

The First Affair - Chapter 3 (by X Factor)

... This is a story written by one of my fellow authors, X-Factor, on Literotica. Guys ask what I like ... he just kissed would be around a fat cock in about 3 hours. He again stared at that ass. White ... was right beside the spot where she would be getting fucked in just over 3 hours.

Erin woke up 2 hours... Continue»
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A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapters 2 and 3 of 7

... Continued from chapter 1

We Meet

The icy cold January wind cut through ... hot to enjoy that first sip of the very dark bitter liquid.

I had always enjoyed coffee ... , not the cheap ground stuff you buy in a can but fresh ground from the beans and that first sip... Continue»
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First Time having gay sex Chapter 3 (((HOT))

... Background info If you haven't read the first 2 chapters of this story, i think you should to get ... first had sex.

The situation: It was a rainy stormy night around 8:30 i was waiting on Jay ... to see each other; and the days he's off he spend those days and nights with me so we meet 3 days... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... a Journey by land then there was a
letter on its way and scandals too the 3 queens and the 8 of ... world let us
have a bit of fun first God help the world if all the women were her sort
down on ... only of course the woman hides it not to give all the trouble
they do yes he came somewhere Im sure by... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Sacred Tantric Sexuality
Chapter 3: Kundalini Energy ... Sex Positive. (Chapters 2 & 7)
3. My Mind helps me get totally aroused and romantically engaged ... . (Chapters 3 & 7)
4. I feel safe and Trust my lover, even when that's me. (Chapter 4)
5. I desire... Continue»
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Kim's First Lesbian Experience Chapter 3

... hot love tunnel. At first it startled her, and then when she realized what Lisa was doing, she let ... dripping hole. She then slowly began to push it inside of her hot and horny friend. At first it hurt... Continue»
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The Klinik Chapter Three

... Chapter 3

The cavernous, cathedral like laboratory, (hewn out in less happier times by slave ... a ‘no.3’ ring for me…and I’ll require an anal-probe, …the tapered chrome ‘no.6’ from the first ... , Psychosexual Ther****t was, and had been their ultimate goal since the first day of selection almost six... Continue»
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The Real Housewives of AfroerotiK

... couldn’t believe anyone could get such detail, such pure, unadulterated emotion on a 3’ x 4’ canvas ...
Chapter 1: Nailah Overton

The buzzer from the dryer went off, signaling to Nailah that her ... for a living.

So, Roderick took the first job he could get because he wanted to have some form of money... Continue»
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The Art of the Female Orgasm

... .......................................................................................................3
Fear of the Truth ... and I were writing a book about how to fulfill a woman, they first asked, "Can I get a copy ... . This is not the
only ingredient of a good relationship, but it certainly is excellent glue... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #9

... iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #9 – Chapter 9

November 13
Outside Elkins Hall ... with Freddie and Jade. Being in the couple was awkward at first but now that they had gotten used ... factors."

"Intimidating factors? C'mon Tori… I really don't want to deal with vague comments... Continue»
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Slave to hooters waitresses

... ", she announced.

To be continued

Chapter 3 the slave contests begin

"OK slaves ...

Chapter one I become a slave

As a college student I had to take any job I could get to make ... you and masturbate until you come. This is your first
of many orgasms."

She must have been... Continue»
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Cum heals (Pt 2)


I was shocked. Didn’t I lock the damn door? I must have looked guilty ... . There walked in Sara. She was a co-worker that I had worked with for the last 3 years. “What the hell ... this looks real bad but hear me out. I’m going to let you go but first look at Rebecca. Look at her... Continue»
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Separate Lives (Chapter 1)

... her. I turned away and walked into the kitchen without looking back.

Chapter 2

At first, I ... yet to do. Monday would come soon and I'd have a long talk with my lawyer.

Chapter 3

Sunday ... was happy to put in his name.

With his first big bonus, Lyle bought one of those mammoth Chevy... Continue»
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Mary had a Hot Ram

... the Ram was watching the horny girl masturbate ...

Chapter 2

Mary's first feeling was relief ... of charity, nothing else.

But she had to admit that the idea thrilled her.

Chapter 3

Rocky ... Introduction:
Another b**st story
Mary Had a Hot Ram Chapter

GEnre- Dark Fantasy, b********y... Continue»
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... it off immediately. Their dicks were the first clue.
Subsequent clues were that the conversation ... never lagged. I think the age
separation of about ten years was a factor, beyond the point ... with Dad having a new friend.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny... Continue»
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Submission Pt1

... that dad hid his computer passwords, PIN numbers and other security info on a single 3" X 5" ... It was ten years ago when I first noticed the welts on my mother. Being so young it didn't ... without much thought to anything sexual in nature at first, but my interest was powerful none... Continue»
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... into a grin, "because as far
as I'm concerned, the fun's just getting started."

Chapter 3

He ... was smile. She felt sexually satisfied for the
first time in years.

Chapter 5

Despite ... the first time her ex-husband Darin
did that to her. Of course he'd already taken her
cherry... Continue»
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The Emma J Chronicles - Part Three

... and it was still only 10pm, 3 hours yet to go.
“OK X, I’ll stay, but you must all understand ... Chapter Seven

Emma was dumbstruck here she was her tits and pussy in clear view of her lecherous ... the room to the door.
“Miss Emma, a moment please”, said Mr X.
“Do I understand you are acquainted... Continue»
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My Anne

... d_aughter eyeing us fucking I couldn’t hold it any longer and had to let loose. The first two ropes of cum ... . "Mmm" she grunted as she took in the first few inches of my engorged dick. Seconds later her glossy ... wouldn’t say that my Anne was a slut; she told me about her first time and claimed that she only had... Continue»
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Second Thoughts

... ?" she asked.

"God honey, that was so good!" he replied.

Chapter 3

Jen sat nervously ... Second Thoughts Pt. 01

Chapter 1

Jen slipped her hand inside her panties ... and the wife has an affair with a black man."

Michael laughed. "What happens, the wife ends up loving... Continue»
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