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The Farm

The Farm

... , we finally arrive at the farm. Grandma is taking the clean sheets off the clothes line ... the greetings.

The four of us walk into the old farm house, then I head to the attic. I’ve always ... you are here, dear?” Grandpa asked. “Well I thought I’d show Jimmy around the farm, take a hike up... Continue»
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The Farm

... could not control her so she took her to her grandfather's farm and left her there for the summer. He ... in and fuck you hard. I am going to fuck you every place on this farm and in this house. I am going ... but she decided she wanted to stay on the farm and fuck day and night. Of course she did not tell her mom... Continue»
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The Farm

... of dating, we were married. I had a farm that I purchased in the rolling hill country. My reason ... on the farm?”. I replied with “because your b*****r would kick his butt if he didn’t”. She said ... to condemn her or make anything of it. As far as I was concerned, it stayed at the farm.
During those 2... Continue»
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The Farm

... Daisy lived on a huge farm with her husband. Every summer they hired about a dozen young boys... Continue»
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Maggie had had enough of paying so much more for her flowers from the shop ... in town. Someone had mentioned a farm about 10 miles out and where the town shop bought its flowers ... . Lawrence kept looking at the trees.
They pulled into an old farm which they had found thanks... Continue»
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on the farm, by prettygirl

... When I was growing up I would spend my summers on my grandparents farm in NC. Its where I had ... men are that big thank god she added. I saw the pigs, goats and etc do it. The farm has a small... Continue»
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Life on the farm

... ...

Tina and I were living in the country, not quite a working farm but a fairly large place that had ... them while fucking.

One day when were out and about walking around the farm we were in the barn just ... , and sometimes even just finish in my mouth. I love the taste of his cum!

Now that's life on our farm. ... Continue»
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Dairy Farm

... in farming our men. In addition to the scientifically formulated diet you see in this feeding tube here ... personal responsibility to keep my cows fat and juicy. Welcome to the farm."

The camera's image ... , but equally applied themselves to care-taking half-men on an indoor dairy farm. A handful of men... Continue»
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Farm fun

... My sons girlfriend, Audrey, lived on farm and I would go out and help when needed. One day I... Continue»
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Farm Life

... Farm Life
It was a typical day … it turned to shit the minute I got up. The wife ... neglecting your farm duties and he will sack you” .. With that, I undone my fly and drove my hand... Continue»
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Farming Bhavani

... a small farm in my village. I am Anand and I am 18 now. My mom Bhavani is a housewife and I help dad ... in handling farm activities. My dad got me out of school two years ago to look after the farm business ... is ready in few minutes and then we went to our farm. We took the short cut which not many people take... Continue»
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Fun in the Farms

... better to do, my father asked me to go and spend time at my fathers younger b*****rs farm. I ... farm was always a pleasure. It was cooler in the farm and to top it all he had a nice big pond where ... into the window to see what was happening. I saw Prakash (The farm supervisor) and a woman ( a woman farm... Continue»
Posted by vijayhot18 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  
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Fun at the Farm

... Debbie, one of the girls I work with invited me to go horseback riding with her, at her mom's farm ... weekend off, to do whatever I would like. Debbie and I drove to the farm, I was so happy to be away ... to some of the farm hands and gave Luke a big hug. he kissed her cheek and reached out to shake my hand... Continue»
Posted by loloishorny 3 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  

A Day on the Farm

... Doug had brought his girlfriend Montana to his uncle’s farm for a day. He knew that she loved ... .

They drove down the dirty road to the farm house and Montana looked out the window as they drove past ... the cows and horses. He couldn’t help to smile as they got to the farm house. He pulled up... Continue»
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Down on the Farm

... So, this happened to me when I was around 18 years old. At the time I lived on a farm ... in the country (which surprisingly is where most farms are ;)) My M*m had remarried so, although I was originally ... " and realising I was a Tit's and ass man. Being 18 and having my favorite A*nt stay at our farm... Continue»
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Surprise on the Farm

... We visited great-aunt Loretta and great-uncle Charlie's
farm 3 or 4 times a year for as long as I ... anywhere near the
farm. It was up to me most of the time to entertain

I was 15 when ... the farm was sold, but shortly before
that during one of our visits, my aunt and uncles two... Continue»
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The Stud Farm

... of her busiest yet most enjoyable days as she would inspect the stud farm where some of the counties ... appear at the stud farm, l first put on the skintight black leather catsuit which has several ... farm and have you arranged it so his lordship can watch it' he nodded and said ' yes your... Continue»
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Down on the Farm

... farm going that my grandfather on my mother’s side past down to her before he died. My mom tells me ... to take over the farm when her father got sick, had a stroke that pretty much knock all the wind out ... operate the farm, my parents stepped in. Just a few months later, my father received a draft notice... Continue»
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Down on the Farm

... Way back when I was young I spent most of my time on the farm. friends and i used to spend all our ... spare time working and playing.
On the farm everyone was aware of how new stock arrived after... Continue»
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... High Mowing Farm
by J Christopher (


After a mother watches her ...

The Farm itself was set on a high ridge with sweeping
views of the Connecticut River Valley in New ... Hampshire
and Vermont. It was among the oldest farms in town,
dating from 1790 and it originally... Continue»
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