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The Enjoyable Robbery

The Enjoyable Robbery

... the video camera", he demanded. The assistant pointed to the corner behind the till that stored the hard drive.The intruder went behind the desk and pulled the ... ... Continue»
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The Perils of Dating Supergirl

... on the Spring Line. How was yours?" she asked.

"Oh pretty routine....that is until the Bank Robbery."

I searched her face for any sign and there was nothing, not a twitch, nor a raised eyebrow....nada.

"A Bank Robbery ... ... Continue»
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A walk in the park 2

... the rim as he pushed his cock at me I just moaned as he pushed “OOOOOOOOOOO, MMMMMMMMMMM OH YESSSSSS, MMMMMMM as I felt the enjoyable pain as the head of his cock pop in, “OH VIKI ... ... Continue»
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The Colon Hydrother****t

... both to the speculum and his glove, then to the outside of my rectum, and finally to the enjoyable part of massaging the KY ... yes, I was doggie-style on the table. I awaited the pleasure of my first ass fucking. The feeling was so great, I moaned, " ... ... Continue»
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... after his Auntie Zil, as she lead the dogs down the drive to the lane and the public footpath.

"Did Mum suspect anything?" he ... dirtily at the enjoyable thought of seeing it soon all hard and rampant for her again.

"Should we run for the trees?" Tom ... ... Continue»
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... decided to call a truce when the meal arrived. We began to eat and the meal was quite enjoyable. The truce was broken once ... a very dark alley. It would have been a perfect scenario for a robbery, I thought. My initial fear soon vanished as I felt Jacques’s ... ... Continue»
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... too clever for that, they arranged a robbery of some of Desmond’s government papers, the local police officer found them in ... his seniors that you offered yourself in a bid to keep the robbery from government ears, understand?”

Isobel knew that she was ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... felt the cold leather seat pressing against my ass. The sensation gave me a cool enjoyable feeling that quickly traveled to the ... extremely enjoyable, I realized. It was controlling my daughter, it was manipulating her and dominating her! I gave the camera a ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... the time?
• What was easiest? How did you feel at the time?
• What was most enjoyable? How did you feel at the ... the scars of sexual wounding, trauma, and abuse go so deep that eroding them
gradually through Tantric practice isn't practical or enjoyable ... ... Continue»
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the photo shoot

... felt the cold leather seat pressing against my ass. The sensation gave me a cool enjoyable feeling that quickly traveled to the ... extremely enjoyable, I realized. It was controlling my daughter, it was manipulating her and dominating her! I gave the camera a ... ... Continue»
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The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 3

... robbery.
And only through my the mental connection with it the snake has disappeared. The sun sets already bl**d-red like a ripe orange behind the ... ... Continue»
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... the large number of people there to cash their paychecks. Roger would drive the getaway car. Jeff and myself would do the actual robbery. We chose a local bank that was near a major road so we would be able to exit the area ... ... Continue»
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The Magic House

... in the wrong place at the wrong time. She found herself in the middle of a bank robbery. The problem was she was chosen by the robbers to be an object lesson. The robbers ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter's Secret - Part 2

... up the phone and went into the living room to play with the k**s.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. I played with the ... the cheeks apart and tentatively moved her mouth closer to her anus. Shawna flicked out her tongue and let it touch the robbery ... ... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... the accompaniment to the gallery of the same title on this page. The entries here are in the same order as the entries in the gallery and the ... five cases when she discharged firearms during a robbery or shoot out with the law. She was either reluctant to ... ... Continue»
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The Bank Job

... my knowledge of the bank and all of its operations, we figured we could plan the perfect bank robbery, scare the hell out of ... making our plans Jimmy had the thought that robbing them was not the answer. The insurance would cover the lost money, and before ... ... Continue»
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... he hit the stop button on the panel grabbed me and put me against the wall I was startled what was this a robbery?
"I only have ... rising again and the doors opened
at the next floor and he threw me on the floor I looked up but the doors were already ... ... Continue»
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The Ride

... the drive better as she had a great body. She was put in juvenile when she was just thirteen for robbery ... She told him "Of course. I was the leader of the sex ring. We all had ... walked her naked to the inside of the cabin. Once inside the dark place he grabbed ... ... Continue»
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... provide today. O I know just remembered Grandad got you by the scruff of the neck and put you in his picnic basket and ... to anything too keep my balls in tact even the Great Train Robbery. But Spunky you werent even born then. I know thats ... ... Continue»
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... that it might be, at least in part, due to the enjoyable meal that we'd shared, but I also realised that Eddie had ... enjoyable meal. I encouraged her to talk about my father, and she radiated warmth and love in a way I hadn't seen before.

After the ... ... Continue»
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