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The Driver Delivers his Load.

The Driver Delivers his Load.

... I had been working as a <ddd>Driver</ddd> most of my working life and when I got a job as a Delivery <ddd>Driver</ddd> I never expected that this sort ... and opened <ddd>the</ddd> back door there was her Husband with a smile on <ddd>his</ddd> face and a wet patch of <ddd>his</ddd> cum on <ddd>the</ddd> floor.
&ldquo ... ... Continue»
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... , and directs <ddd>the</ddd> rest of <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>load</ddd> onto my chest. I sigh in appreciation at <ddd>the</ddd> sensation of <ddd>his</ddd> warm cum splattering ... manage to pant. <ddd>The</ddd> cop and <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> look at each other.

"I'm done for <ddd>the</ddd> night," says <ddd>the</ddd> cabbie looking down at <ddd>his</ddd> limp penis. ... ... Continue»
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Used by Taxi Driver and more

... <ddd>the</ddd> back seat. <ddd>The</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> opened <ddd>the</ddd> back and pulled out a tub of lube, he opened it and got a <ddd>load</ddd> on to <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>the</ddd> road and wave.

Remarkably it worked perfectly. A cab turned into <ddd>the</ddd> street less that 15 minutes later and <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> flicked <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... and he took <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>load</ddd> out, tapped <ddd>his</ddd> dick over her pussy, unloaded <ddd>his</ddd> cum, there and brought <ddd>his</ddd> dick to her ... of <ddd>the</ddd> beginning of her white, fleshy thighs were also seen and <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> was enjoying, pleasing <ddd>his</ddd> eyes. He arranged <ddd>the</ddd>

positioned <ddd>the</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Cumslave at the rest stop pt.1

... <ddd>The</ddd> boys laughed at <ddd>the</ddd>
little gurgling sounds <ddd>the</ddd> cunt made. Their abuses caused <ddd>the</ddd> slut to squirm in
<ddd>the</ddd> boy's lap.

<ddd>The</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> jerked <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The Italian Job 16

... juicy cunt, I shot my <ddd>load</ddd> into her turned on by <ddd>the</ddd> pure crudity of <ddd>the</ddd> exchange, I wilted and she ... <ddd>the</ddd> village, I went into <ddd>the</ddd> café and found <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> on <ddd>his</ddd> back on <ddd>the</ddd> floor totally pissed, from <ddd>the</ddd> owner of <ddd>the</ddd> café I managed to glean that <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The driver

<ddd>The</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd>

Susan was a successful business woman, she lived in a big house, ... it stopped and she stood up, looked him in <ddd>the</ddd> eyes and swallowed <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>load</ddd>.  "I really wanted you to fuck me, tonight, but ... ... Continue»
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Used by Taxi Driver and more ch.2

... <ddd>the</ddd> floor <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> asked for them so David handed them to <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> who immediately put them to <ddd>his</ddd> nose and sniffed at <ddd>the</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Mommy Fucked The Driver

... and <ddd>driver</ddd> take mom on <ddd>his</ddd> hand slept on <ddd>the</ddd> bed and <ddd>driver</ddd> sl**p on him and give kiss her each body parts then <ddd>driver</ddd> ... all part of face <ddd>the</ddd> fucking till 30 minutes after that <ddd>driver</ddd> discharge <ddd>his</ddd> sperm moms face and boobs <ddd>driver</ddd> order to mom don ... ... Continue»
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... bitch."

Then he took a step back and delivered <ddd>the</ddd> rest of <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>load</ddd> on her plump buttery titties.

He took a step ... over and give <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> of <ddd>the</ddd> Jaguar a long sexy kiss good-bye and <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> wasn't <ddd>his</ddd> wife. She remembered <ddd>his</ddd> wife Tammy saying ... ... Continue»
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Wife takes a walk on the Wild side part 01

... night, in <ddd>the</ddd> back seat of a limo, after <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> agreed to take a coffee break, and left us with <ddd>the</ddd> limo. After ... <ddd>the</ddd> slickness of my cunt! Feel your burning prick surrounded by <ddd>his</ddd> thick <ddd>load</ddd>! Now I want your semen to join <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>load</ddd>! Explode your hot <ddd>load</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Mummy and I in the back of the cab

... head onto <ddd>his</ddd> lap, while he continued to finger me. Mummy looked up and out as <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> dropped <ddd>his</ddd> pants and <ddd>his</ddd> big ... and kissed her boyfriend on <ddd>the</ddd> mouth, 'Thanks darling' she said, then reached out to <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> and touched <ddd>his</ddd> sweaty face, said ' ... ... Continue»
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The Hubby and the Fun

... <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> eat <ddd>his</ddd> wife's pussy as she sucked her husbands cock. Later Ken poked <ddd>his</ddd> cock in her ass as <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> poked <ddd>his</ddd> ... . Then as <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> was fucking Pam, Ken pushed <ddd>his</ddd> cock in <ddd>the</ddd> drivers ass and fucked him. Later <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> shoved <ddd>his</ddd> eleven inch ... ... Continue»
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The Queen Anne Theater and the Wife

... she lay back in <ddd>the</ddd> seat and placed her left foot on <ddd>the</ddd> hump between <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> and passenger areas of <ddd>the</ddd> front seat she ... shoot is <ddd>load</ddd> in her mouth. He pulled <ddd>his</ddd> dick out of her mouth and stroked <ddd>his</ddd> dick and shot <ddd>the</ddd> remainder of <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>load</ddd> all ... ... Continue»
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The Drive

... <ddd>The</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> gets out, a young guy in <ddd>his</ddd> mid 20’s a little rough around <ddd>the</ddd> edges but good looking. As <ddd>his</ddd> passenger rounds <ddd>the</ddd> front of <ddd>the</ddd> ... You feel <ddd>the</ddd> jets of hot salty cum hit <ddd>the</ddd> back of your throat forcing you to swallow <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>load</ddd>. You hear <ddd>the</ddd> big ... ... Continue»
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The Marathon - Night 1

... skin glowed in <ddd>the</ddd> light. <ddd>The</ddd> truck’s occupants got a spotlighted view of her chest before she hurriedly got in <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd>’s seat. We drove ... all <ddd>the</ddd> way to <ddd>the</ddd> base of <ddd>his</ddd> shaft. Expert dick-sucker that she was she took it all in. <ddd>The</ddd> nerd blew <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>load</ddd> in ... ... Continue»
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Harriet Potter and the Ringpiece of fire. Part 1/6

... <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> flicking <ddd>his</ddd> “taximeter” to zero $ and zero cents.

Mr Potter stood at <ddd>the</ddd> door in <ddd>his</ddd> dressing gown inadvertently scratching <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Harriet Potter and the Ringpiecce of Fire Pt 1

... <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> flicking <ddd>his</ddd> “taximeter” to zero $ and zero cents.

Mr Potter stood at <ddd>the</ddd> door in <ddd>his</ddd> dressing gown inadvertently scratching <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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the traffic jam wank

... at least <ddd>the</ddd> top half of <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>driver</ddd> in <ddd>his</ddd> window. I remember saying to her something like, ‘M, be careful, <ddd>the</ddd> bloke in <ddd>the</ddd> lorry ... <ddd>the</ddd> lorry <ddd>driver</ddd> could see it, but unluckily for him and her I just came into <ddd>the</ddd> hair on <ddd>the</ddd> back of her head, a good <ddd>load</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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