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The Day the Penis asked for a Raise

The Surprise Vacation

... tried to sob out around the
penis gag what was supposed to ... the
day before. I'd been paying no attention, and was finding the task
overwhelming. I swallowed my fear and meekly asked for ... back on the floor."

The tile was cold.

"Raise your knees ... ... Continue»
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The Surprise Vacation

... tried to sob out around the
penis gag what was supposed to ... the
day before. I'd been paying no attention, and was finding the task
overwhelming. I swallowed my fear and meekly asked for ... back on the floor."

The tile was cold.

"Raise your knees ... ... Continue»
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Owning a Dominant Bitch

... recovered the day after we took them out and then delivered the car to the body shop for paint last Friday when I left for the ... tie to wear. Mom was still home so I asked her for a ride.

“Where to?” she asked.

The bank,” I said, “I need a loan.” She ... ... Continue»
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f****y Room

... , but not wearing knickers.

My mum had spent the day packing our stuff for the holiday so all we had to do was carry ... over so it made one huge bed in the middle of the room.

Dad asked mum, "Did he cum in you?"

She nodded ... ... Continue»
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Step-Father's Sins

... -day sucker, and the boy was trembling furiously, begging for her throat with the ... brown eyes went very wide as she asked the question.

"Oh yes!" Marlene said, ... could sense the muscles in her s****r's thighs tensing.

"Raise your knees up in the air," ... ... Continue»
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Rural Love

... say, 'Them hellions are taking over the television.' So, one
day, I asked him where the hellions were and he told me in ...

"You say you're doing it for the boy's future. I'm doing it for Jr's
future. Yes, I raise cattle for a living, Nick, but if it's ... ... Continue»
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The Caning at the Cafe du Concorde.

... undiplomatic to order alcohol and so she asked for a cafe au lait. With her ... hands Yvette reached behind her to raise the hem of her dress up over ... the day before her allocated one hundred strokes were completed. She could feel truly sorry for her. The ... ... Continue»
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... to be their 'Barbie Doll' for the day, and that thought was
extremely erotic ... sissy boy!

As the guest began to arrive , the first few asked the maitre Robert, for their favorite waitress ...
so everyone in the room could see my penis. The four girls than ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... against the repressive hierarchical religions of the day. Back then, to even reach for
awaken, and raise consciousness the way God/Goddess intended.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June ...
The ridge at the base of the head of the penis. Also known as the crown ... ... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse Chapter 6 - the end

... about the rent for these special bikes.
For the Ducati, 120 euro a day, for the Agusta, 150 euro a day.’
That ... she starts to lick the shaft of my penis and the exposed balls. I ... meets my look.
‘I asked them at the shop for stuff for anal beginners, and ... ... Continue»
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Boss takes over my wife.

... the airport the next evening for our late night flight. Jack was waiting outside the gate. The wait at the ... to raise the company's ... the day just to get acquainted. It was mostly about my responsibilities and such. But at the end he asked, "Are you going to the ... ... Continue»
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Marie's Mom

... on the bed, patted the mattress, and asked me ... for the day.
** ** ** ** **
Marie has spent the night with Jennifer and the ... like a miniature penis
. "I keep ... raise and lower herself, feeling the friction of the movement inside her. She could feel the ... ... Continue»
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Negro and white schoolgirls

... as her thighs on a girl's slightly raise the already short skirt, I felt like my ... in the position. I thought that my penis has exhausted for the day, but the excitement has ... ? - I asked casually. Jaws dropped the boys. The girls jumped to the side, relying ... ... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... really. You feel it scr****g along your penis, but I find it quite erotic."

" ... the pictures on the web. If we stop for a drink somewhere, I'll raise the subject ... like the other day when I ate horse steak for the first time."

"How?" I asked.

"Well ... ... Continue»
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... Next time you call my house
for a date, ask for my b*****r."
Then there was Patsy. ... hot. You cum once and the rest of the day it is
impossible to get you ... spent I laid in the swing with barely
enough strength to raise my head. I asked, "Can I have ... ... Continue»
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a post conference meeting

... to have this man fuck the breath from her body.
After a day that seemed like a year, ... and then calf in my hand and raise it to over my shoulder, your ankle ... go to sit upon the sofa as I reach for the knob, release the chain and open the door a crack to ... ... Continue»
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... promoted to a position at the
district office, plus a raise of course."

Jennifer shrugged ... asked, astounded.

Donnie nodded. He told her about the day at work where
the ... enough for me, especially in bed. He's a teen guy of
course, i.e., a penis that ... ... Continue»
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13th July 1985 - can you remember what you were do

... the day boarders had all gone home for the weekend as we headed up the ... long they instructed me to raise my arms and a long ... ed efforts I could feel my penis becoming smaller and softer. Tears ran ... be able to get in ok" asked Jenny. I hadn't thought about ... ... Continue»
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... each ravenous
stroke of his plummeting penis. Over and over, he
invaded ... tempo.

Again, for the fourth time that day, she felt the
throbbing rage of her ... didn't you tell... uh... about your
f****y?" she asked.

He shook his head, "I don't know. I ... ... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 20: Katie succumbs to her de

... erection, pressing it against his abdomen for support.

Her mind kept wondering what ... after she had been horny all day long. To feel this man's ... What did you find?" the buxom manager nervously asked into the phone.

The last 18 hours came back ... ... Continue»
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