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The Contest

B5 Chapter 6 The Contest Is Set

... impossible to reason with, Barocca," said Tiffany. "Now as for the contest itself, I think we'll start off with a Milking session ... new girl to everyone, and we'll officially announce that the contest is taking place in a month."
"Sounds good to me," ... ... Continue»
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The Contest

... wasn’t really prepared to make an exception if he won the contest. I told him that that was fine because Lucy much ... four points would be declared the overall winner of the contest and take the prize.

Lucy announced the first contest; it was to be an ... ... Continue»
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B6 Chapter 2 The Contest

... The Contest

It was now Sunday, the day of the first of the challenges or events between Jeanne and Jordan, to determine the ultimate fate of the ... wasted. Like I said before, this is only the first event of the contest. We still have a long ways to go. ... ... Continue»
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The Contest

... exhibited before. We have him as outsider at 10-1. Let the contest begin!"

I drew an acceptable round of applause and a cheer and ... Wayne."

Wayne was led away, defeated. His contest was over.

Ray was already on the podium, he was next and Serena was ... ... Continue»
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... would be 90% of the contest for women. The new monitors would allow the audience and the whole world to watch the spectacle. Live and in ... beauty. Her waist was down to 22 for the contest, yielding a 14 inch variance. The next best mom was 34 and 26 (bust ... ... Continue»
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Hotness Contest

... *** Chapter Five:

We decided to use Beth's parents' room for the contest. I insisted it
needed to be a room with a lock, to ... back to me, selected a song from
the MP3 player we brought for the contest. As the music of Britney Spears
started to play ... ... Continue»
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... both feet go in here and they remain for the duration of the contest. They're more powerful than a single flipper ... compete with members who knew all about the contest."

Roxie nodded thoughtfully, thinking about the difference, stay here or take a chance ... ... Continue»
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Katie Judges A Kissing Contest

... we'll get set up inside."

The boys went into the house, laughing and joking about the contest rules. Josh and Katie stood facing ... ready! Come on in," Sam called from the front door. "The contest is all set up in the f****y room in back."

Josh and Katie ... ... Continue»
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My Gay Clubs Private Suck Off Contest

... Private Gay Clubs BEST 2004 COCKSUCKER OF THE YEAR CONTEST. Just like each of the 11 preliminary monthly contests held before it ... assigned men first, would be declaired the contest winner and get to Suck Off Leroy the black featured stripper from Atlanta GA. ... ... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 24 The Vectrans Arrive - Part 2

... took a small dinghy to the Island itself.
On the Island, for most of the days leading up to the contest, as well as even ... early on the morning of the event itself ... ... Continue»
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Impossible Virgins Chapter 2 The Bait Is Taken

... with their names on it.
"Hi. We're the two ladies who're the contest winners from New York..."
Toppsy's words seemed not ... to register on Jordan. With the two of them ... ... Continue»
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Eminem's contest makes a Winner out of me!

... big in a contest before, I've entered them all the time, but never won. So when I saw the contest advertisement in the store I figured ... corner talking and hitting it off while the boys watch from the other side of the room. Drew leans in close and we ... ... Continue»
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Tammy Sue and the Survey Party part 2

... fly and see if we can have a contest to see how good we can be at ... making it fly. So we purpose a contest we are going to take you one at a ... me wild. I was going to blow, I remembered the contest and managed to croak out, "I'm cumming!" and felt Renee ... ... Continue»
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Meeting the Maddisons 2

... 's just say it was uninhibited," she smiled. "And I won the contest, which really impressed Tony. We've been together ever since ... looked at each other grinning.

"I think we can guess what the contest was, Sophie," said Andy with a laugh.

"Yes, well, ... ... Continue»
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The Challenge

... Brenda returned and led Don out onto the patio where the girls were naked waiting for the contest to begin. Brenda led Don over ... . Rio was soon cumming with one orgasm after another. Finally the contest was over and it was time for Don to see ... ... Continue»
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Head Contest

... friends decided to start what's called HeadContest. The object is simple: get the most blowjobs by women of any age ... months.
I usually use craigslist, and for the most part it works. i would post the contest rules on the posting and what was required.
last ... ... Continue»
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Against Her Will, I Gain The Perfect Wife

... . We were going to enter her into the
contest and we expected her to win. The winner was
usually a girl who completely stripped ... I
inserted a finger in her pussy, he did the same to his
girl. It became a contest to see who could cause their
girl ... ... Continue»
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The Journey Pt. 01

... to say that she could have her baby without winning the contest. However, the challenge might help him reach his objective of sexually ... if she were going to win this contest, she wouldn't be able to use the safe word even once. It was going ... ... Continue»
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The Pageant Part 2

... . I could tell they wanted me, but that wasn’t the contest. The judges had their look at me and even grabbed my ... to collect any sperm that accumulated on the floor. It was a difficult contest to measure since one inmate might have more or ... ... Continue»
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The Sex Olympics

... cute. Maybe we could enter him in the contest.” You don’t know what they’re saying ... that you will just go
“But what about the contest, you want to be in it don’t ... comments hurt a bit, but on the plus side the rest of the celebrities seem impressed with you, ... ... Continue»
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