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The Clubhouse Part the second Emily

The Photo Shoot

... let anyone know what was happening.
"Now the second dial adjusts the depth of the stroke which is a first on a machine ... should do it. Part of me didn't want to, the part which was a wife and a mother but the other part ... the slut part won.
Without ... ... Continue»
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... then threaded the stainless steel ring through the fresh hole and fastened it with the pressure ball. The servants repeated the procedure for the second piercing except ... ... Continue»
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St Monicas School

... .
SCHLAP!! Came the sound of Trisha slapping the distraught Jenna across the
Jenna's blubbering stopped for a short second as the pain of the sharp slap ... ... Continue»
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... wetness and she parted her legs. Jeff felt her legs part and dropped
his hand to stroke her pussy lips.

"I'm ... his cock into her mouth. He was clearly loving
every second.

The older cousin was watching avidly, his cock hadn't softened since ... ... Continue»
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The Furies - must read

... know," the chief engineer replied.

"Helm, activate the battle board," the captain ordered.

The lights dimmed, and a huge part of the ship ... .

"A safety mechanism?" Lucky asked.

"Yeah. The 21 second delay is a safety feature. You can disable ... ... Continue»
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T h e S t o r y o f O

... is Jeanne," said the second.

"The valet is the one who has the keys," the first one went on, "the one who will chain ... part of the body left unrestricted. The full skirt and the t****zoid-shaped neckline running from the base of the neck to the tips of the ... ... Continue»
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Eudeamon......Latex Bane...

... re almost done. Finishing the rest of the suit is the simplest part of the process.” They unstrapped her from the chair. “Come with ... and tried to turn it on–a protocol violation. The next second, the punishing, phantom fiery sparks danced over her body. ... ... Continue»
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... greedy body.

Her thighs throbbed under the pounding impact of the
dildo. For the second time that night, she came. Moaning ... effort to hand her her
clothes. "The only ones at the house are part of the
f****y... your f****y."

Still unsure of her ... ... Continue»
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A little favour

... all the way down the back. The first set of laces tightened the back from the top down to the hips. The second set tightened from the hips to the ... ... Continue»
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Toying with Tiffany

... , her English teacher, was droning on about Emily Dickinson in front of
the class. Tiffany was too pre-occupied with ... the second half." His eyes were clear and pure, devoid of malice, but
Tiffany got the message: Obey me, or Stephanie becomes part of the ... ... Continue»
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... his lip brushed over lips when the

second kiss finished. The father-in-law noticed that and also the hand of her father was ... than a dick...she sat on the floor, spread her legs and

introduced the polished part of the vegetable to her slid ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... politically correct guidelines, of course.
Vatsyayana was the sexual Emily Post of his times.
Maybe our Kama Sutra ... your finger past the second sphincter, which is the
entrance to the wider part of the rectum. At this point, the receiver may appreciate
... ... Continue»
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... smiling at her, totally satisfied that the first part of his plan had gone well. The next part was going to be harder though ... John saw that he was cumming, filling Kelly's mouth for the second time that evening as she eagerly gulped it down. Kelly ... ... Continue»
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... smiling at her, totally satisfied that the first part of his plan had gone well. The next part was going to be harder though ... John saw that he was cumming, filling Kelly's mouth for the second time that evening as she eagerly gulped it down. Kelly ... ... Continue»
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Starting fisting

... into my pussy and scooping out my cream, coated the upper part of the
dildo. Resuming my position I slid slowly down. It ... incoherently with lust as she pulled out, depositing the second ball on the
bench. For the third time her hand, and then her ... ... Continue»
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Jayne gone wild in Africa 2009

... him and Fode appeared overwhelmingly grateful for the second free drink. Actually, I had the feeling that he was already quite happy ... black mans party slut.
Jayne had clearly gotten into the part and her motions and speech quickened. She took another puff ... ... Continue»
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Power Line

... doing office work, get
out there be with the crew you are part of the f****y.

Wednesday evening a happy hour to allow lots of ... to do this job. However, I still maintain the safety line
over the top but by the second day on spurs they asked to get ... ... Continue»
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House of Dark Pleasure

... said Mrs. Wynton, leading the
way up to the top of the manor. "He converted this part of the attic
into a small ... bed and bare mattress ... then Doctor Marston
gave her the second needle and she remembered nothing further.

Chapter 4

Doris ... ... Continue»
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Seduced Young Wife

... grasping vagina closed tightly on the huge monster,
the nerves lining the wall transmitting every part of its throbbing
form ... his entry.

He pushed harder, sinking it in to the second knuckle.

"Aaaaaggggh, yessss," she shrieked, screwing her ... ... Continue»
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My s****r Brooke

... the rim of a second cup, and then bounced on the table and then on the floor. To the cheers of all the girls in the ... when you took me upstairs. That part was fun . . ."

"Yeah, I really enjoyed that part. The rest of the night was a nightmare, though."

... ... Continue»
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