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The Club Ch. 03

Down the Path

... and all the cum is gone. I roll over and start crying. What is wrong with me?

Down The Path Ch. 03

I haven't ... very exclusive private club here in Vegas by the gentleman waiting for you there. You will shower at the suite and ... ... Continue»
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Connie's Health Club Adventure Ch. 03

... orgy. God, I was becoming such a slut!

The next morning I went to the club to teach the morning aerobics class and I noticed ... the club and I headed home for the day.

Tuesday was fairly uneventful during the day. I made my way to the club to teach the ... ... Continue»
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... the other club I knew.

We entered the club and the girls immediately went onto the dance floor and danced crazily to the ... ... Continue»
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I Found My s****r Stripping Ch. 03

... the mistake that would be. Besides, in the end she would be going home with me.

Around 2 in the morning the club closed down, and the strippers gave each bouncer a portion of their tips. Seeing what the ... ... Continue»
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My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 03

... Now here's the deal."

"We are going to an exclusive club."

" ... we have a little time before we get to the club so why don't you slide ... I thought to myself as I followed Tom into the club where we were shown to our table in ... ... Continue»
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Wife's Date Ch. 03


The beautiful little blonde woman looked at Walt and said. "You have a wonderful s****r; we got to know one another at the club ... than stopped for a moment to say. "Besides, I told Angie at the club tonight that we were like s****rs. If Bruce knocks ... ... Continue»
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Alan - Ch. 03

... ist ebenfalls auf Literotica (englische Version) unter dem Namen „Alan Ch. 03" in der Rubrik „Mind Control" zu finden. Ich bin ... und bekräftigten ihre Verabredung zum gemeinsamen 'Sex and the City'-Schauen am Sonntagabend. Nachdem Leila gegangen war, trug ... ... Continue»
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Körpertausch Ch. 03

... rpertausch Ch. 03
by Schniedelwutz©

Zum besseren Verständnis möchte ich den geneigten ... Gedanken schweiften ab. Morgen mußte ich zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch gehen, und Mama mußte meine Rolle in der Schule ... ... Continue»
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Their First Toys Ch. 03

... the bottle, wet from the ice, and three glasses. The others take the glasses, and she opens the bottle, managing to keep the ... did that."

"Hmm! Just the good ones," Laura replies.

Jane nods and enjoins:

"Why not? Join the club."

Laura nods with a ... ... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 03

Trapped and Trained Ch. 03
The next few days felt like a lifetime for me. I couldn't sl**p ... mouth the previous visit. Again I saw a full bag of the white sticky fluid attached to the dildo on the end of the machine through the tubing ... ... Continue»
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Undercover Angel Ch. 03

... Ch. 03 - Transvestite in hiding f***ed to fuck.

Steve Marshall rolled into Wodonga and met with his contact; the manager of the ... squarely in the eyes; reached for the twenty two, and shot the clerk in the foot. The unkempt youth jumped and the clerk ... ... Continue»
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Magic Panties Ch.03 (sissy story) by nolfon

Magic Panties Ch. 03
This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may ... four months ago, and by the end of the second week, she had felt all the affects of the garment and no longer desired ... ... Continue»
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Behind the Sun, Ch. 03

... necked throat. Nevertheless, what she thought or felt about the matter was beside the point. This disgusting, Viking-like bastard was ... and pray that he didn’t injure her too badly in the process.

The brute seemed about to take his pleasure, but then ... ... Continue»
Posted by BellyUnderSword 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Masturbation  |  Views: 158  |  

The Club - My Personal Orgy

... . The situation in which I’d placed myself in the club; the maze, the three eager men around me, and the eroticism ... the small red lit rooms towards the rear of the club. The room was only partially private. Only a curtain hung in the door way. Most of the ... ... Continue»
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The Club Slut Wife

... the moment was my wife.
I watched as Carl and Luke led her to one of the rooms in the back of the
club ... the back of the club and looked into the room where Carl and Luke had
taken my wife. The ... ... Continue»
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At the Theatre Ch. 1

... the silk fabric. Robert paid the man what seemed to be an obscene amount of money, and we entered.

Inside, the club was surprisingly tasteful. The seats ... ... Continue»
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A Visit to the Club - Chapter 1

... the bar of the club at 10 pm. Steve had been delayed at work and had asked her to meet him in the exclusive club ... up.”
Trish scrolled through the pages her face a picture of incredulity as she saw all the facilities that the club had to offer. “Wow ... ... Continue»
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... and said he was glad I was in the club and that he could tell from the game I played with him that I had talent ... being in the club. We were invited in years ago. Your f****y felt we had the, um, appropriate qualifications. Mary and I are the only non ... ... Continue»
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The Club

... by the time we reached the club I had almost convinced myself it was just the same as having a drink in any other club.
... exactly what the club looked like and if I ignored the numerous doors I would never have guessed the real purpose of the club. I found ... ... Continue»
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Liz Licked At The Club

... the bookstore. After some looking we headed back into the club area. The action had picked up on the dance floor and in the ... ... Continue»
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