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The Club Ch. 01

Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 01

Trapped and Trained Ch. 01
I responded to an ad on Craigslist from some guy asking ... the club, I would have turned and watched her ass sway back and forth while she walked, looked at those garters hooked into the ... ... Continue»
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Undercover Angel Ch. 01

Undercover Angel Ch. 01 - Mike goes undercover as a transvestite to escape crime boss.

When ... however and at one stage he even thought about joining the Seahorse Club, a heterosexual crossdressing group who met discretely to support one ... ... Continue»
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Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 01

... cover the 'one size too small' racquetball outfit, put on my white tennis shoes and took off for the courts.

I entered the club ... the glass and several more looking down on me from the club level. And, I couldn't keep my shorty shorts from crawling up the ... ... Continue»
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I Found My s****r Stripping Ch. 01

... club and see a bunch of naked women that are out of my league, when I can just surf the ... the strip clubs.

We arrive at the club, one of the ... ... Continue»
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Behind the Sun, Ch. 01

... the army.
Louis was a different story entirely. She had met the gangly, gentle, blond-haired lad at a meeting of the college anime-fanciers club ... the quiet, the dark beauty of the summer nights that drew her; the desolation of the construction site and the ... ... Continue»
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The Journey Pt. 01

... to set up."


"Yes, I hired Steve Jackson from the exercise club. They tell me he's very good."

"Tim!" Janice said in ... as most of the other guys faded away, looking for other women. When he looked around he saw that the club was almost ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter Ch. 01

... a thick script, tossing it on the table. "The latest and greatest play for the college fall theater"

Carol ... the morning light of the living room. Handing Carol the script, she stepped back a little and started in on the scene. Carol read the ... ... Continue»
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At the Theatre Ch. 1

... the silk fabric. Robert paid the man what seemed to be an obscene amount of money, and we entered.

Inside, the club was surprisingly tasteful. The seats ... ... Continue»
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The Club Slut Wife

... the moment was my wife.
I watched as Carl and Luke led her to one of the rooms in the back of the
club ... the back of the club and looked into the room where Carl and Luke had
taken my wife. The ... ... Continue»
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A Visit to the Club - Chapter 1

... the bar of the club at 10 pm. Steve had been delayed at work and had asked her to meet him in the exclusive club ... up.”
Trish scrolled through the pages her face a picture of incredulity as she saw all the facilities that the club had to offer. “Wow ... ... Continue»
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... and said he was glad I was in the club and that he could tell from the game I played with him that I had talent ... being in the club. We were invited in years ago. Your f****y felt we had the, um, appropriate qualifications. Mary and I are the only non ... ... Continue»
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The Club

... by the time we reached the club I had almost convinced myself it was just the same as having a drink in any other club.
... exactly what the club looked like and if I ignored the numerous doors I would never have guessed the real purpose of the club. I found ... ... Continue»
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A night at the club

... the club staff smile and greet me as I scour the room for him. He is usually wandering around, working the crowd, the king of the club, loving every minute of the ... ... Continue»
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the club

... I was set.

The cab dropped me off in front of the club and it looked really incredible. With a tip for the bouncer, I was ... bored silly. The club was great but the people were annoying. I left and decided to see what was in the neighborhood. I walked ... ... Continue»
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The Club

... falling as we pass through the narrow alley behind the club... suddenly me against the wall....and kiss me ... has gathered at the window of the club...watching us
: You smile...and continue to suck... the thrill of the crowd watching us ... ... Continue»
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The Club...

... the club tonight. She got in the shower and was lathering up when she heard the door open. Joe entered and slid the ... the club. When they entered he knew it was going to be an exciting evening. The club ... ... Continue»
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Sex with a stripper in the club

... the eye. " Looking around and penetrating the mysteries of decor in the club, I saw red satin curtain was intended to cover the club ... ... Continue»
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In the club...

... in my pussy.
The taxi pulled up and there was a small queue beginning to form outside the club. As we joined the end I ...
The time passed quickly as I imagined being fucked and we were soon in the club putting our coats in the cloakroom.
“I'll go to the ... ... Continue»
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The Club Contract

... various clients in the club that
evening wish to do so...not just the ones who take the female on for the evening.
They may ... had quickly left the club once he had deposited me here as per
now I needed a ride home...the gentleman ... ... Continue»
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the club’s “bike”

... a private swingers club. What I hadn’t known at he time was that as a newbie, I had to take a turn as the club’s “bike”, which involved my going bottomless and dr****g myself over the arm of a ... ... Continue»
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