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The Cleaning Girl

The Cleaning Girl

... "Damn, what an ass," Chris said as the cleaning girl walked by. He was leaning over looking around ... . The cleaning girl had caught my eye before many times, and I have thought how nice it would ... blew my load many times thinking about what it would be like to fuck the cleaning girl.

"I wonder... Continue»
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Clean Up Girl

... again. This girl was crazy. We fucked for about an hour and she came like three times which I've ... never seen any girl do and when I shot my second load I was spent.

Well this went on pretty ... grabbed Jean by the hair and made her "clean" her pussy. I fell asl**p and was awakened a couple... Continue»
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Fuck to the Future (Spice Girls)

... Fuck to the Future (Spice Girls)

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Spice Girls

Da Science Fiction Geschichten ... auch dort von einer in seiner Jugend schon nicht mehr aktiven Mädchenband, eher eine Girl Group, die er um ein paar Jahre ... in seinem Kopf.
Spice Girls, ja ich erinnere mich wieder. Er lächelte und schaute auf seinen T5... Continue»
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Hotel cleaning Girl ( sex story )

... in the bed when a young cleaning girl interd the room and the door closing behind her , had ... -stories/hotel-cleaning-girl-sex-story-/#ixzz1Z0eRFdgw
@ Sex Stories Post ... I travel a lot and was staying in a very nice Hotel in Dubai recently and the cleaning staf... Continue»
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Does Your Girl Clean Your Cock?

... as she called herself then, came by with some girl she was rushing with, I forget her name, and started ... , squeezing, licking, sucking. She's part of the group of girls at my college who actually dress femininely ... and his girl, enough to loosen Becs up and definitely enough to make me horny. After we kick off our... Continue»
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Before We Met Part 2 – more background

... a date and me kneeling on the floor between her spread legs cleaning her use pussy and ass. She asked ... lives for the first ten years of our marriage. One with me where she was the prime and proper housewife ... and the other where she was a total HOT WIFE – which is what I always wanted. She’s telling me these... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... a little wound up from my day, so I would clean the dishes and pick up the rest of the apartment ... fingers out of my ass. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, I laid there taking a ... that really brought up and out the girls for show. I love when she puts herself on display like that... Continue»
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... .
There was nothing scheduled in class but to clean our desks out
and say our farewells. Most of the ... I
was nice and clean. I stepped out of the shower drying myself
off with a fluffy towel. I used ... .

“I know girl has a vagina and a boy has a penis.”

“Okay, that’s good. What are some of the... Continue»
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... all, she was just a girl.

"At least they could have let me wear sandals," she mused, as the ... protection---even from one's violator---kicking in, forbidding her from cleaning the copious quantities ... Lily wandered the forest naked, glorious in her splendor, long, black hair flowing majestically... Continue»
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Flegeljahre 10: Solveig

... , als sie mich unvermittelt fragte: „Is she your girlfriend?“ – „Who?“ – „The girl on the island I saw ... in the barn over there?” Sie zeigte auf ein rotes, etwas abseits stehendes Gebäude. „And… you should ... take the canoe!” Sie hielt sich den Zeigefinger an die Lippen, wie um mir anzudeuten, dass bei all... Continue»
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... about relationships. All of a sudden the guy would ask the girl if they could have sex and he would ... got up and went to the washroom to clean herself and I followed her there.

She was bending down in ... the wash basin, cleaning her face and I stood just behind her touching her ass, hips and pulled down... Continue»
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Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... superhero women. Some of them were Ghai, The Terminatrix, Venus Girl, and The Amazon among others. The ... . She had Carmel skin and thick lips. She reminds him of darker skin version of the Latino girl from ... getting more girls isn’t. The clothes were also distracting. He didn’t like having sexual thoughts about... Continue»
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my Favorite

... I was looking for a girl that I can be in a relationship with.

It was a sunny day in the November ... to Sunday the train was less crowded and we could stand comfortably. At Karol Bagh station a girl in green ... colleague and he met her in some parties. I found the girl very attractive, let me explain her to you... Continue»
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... there with a huge grin on his cute face is Les. Beside him is a cute girl with blonde curly hair. Two ... called it back then. Nobody fucked!! Or sucked, heaven forbid!! I do recall a story where a girl ... it's limp and cum-cleaned.
Afterwards, we snuggle and cuddle naked with Sherry in the middle. We... Continue»
Posted by bobapple 6 months ago  |  Categories: Gay Male  |  

How I Got My Bootycall...-TB-

... a person walking up to me. The person was a really hot girl: Long, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, fit ... kiss and we started to clean up. I dressed again and looked at her and smiled. "If you got something... Continue»
Posted by The_Bro 5 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore  |  
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Sex with my Office freind

... to the story ,There is a girl named Neha (named changed),I have met her in my office and she is my colleague ... cleavage and her boobs ,I was licking her upper body with my tongue and cleaning her upper body from honey ... by this time and cleaned her pussy by licking her pussy with my tongue. I inserted my tongue deeply... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #9

... and sweet girl I fell in love with, deep down… things just changed. You both were my dream girls ... to seduce Freddie.

Trapped in the middle of the two girls, Freddie slowly slid from his position ... and looked down at the two girls.

"C'mon, Freddie… you don't want to miss this opportunity. One last... Continue»
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Paul the Douche

... into a good guy that all men truly are. There was Paul, he was the arrogant jock who all the girls lusted ... from his hair who was an all-state football player. Of all the girls who wanted Paul; Paul wanted Mia ... at it. Could you tutor me and help me raise my grade?' 'Umm, Paul. You got all them girls you courting every... Continue»
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Body Corporate 5

... and the sun turned hot and was beating down on the very exposed girls when they had all cleaned up ... little sl**p. The girls were very cold when the sun finally came up and started to warm their naked ... all herded like cattle with a whip into the pool house where they were all to shower and clean up... Continue»
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Gaga Doll comes to life

... hair. C'MON! Do what you want to this pretty face of mine. I'll be your girl. I know you've had ... . Wow" I then got some kleenex, cleaned her pretty face up, put her clothes back on and placed her... Continue»
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