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The Christmas Present (part 2)

Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Ev

Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Eve Party
(i****t - whole f****y, les, oral, teen, anal, group ( ... cousin!
Jack rang the doorbell of the big white suburban house down the end of the street. His Uncle Donald opened the door.
"Hey Jack ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Present (part 2)

... I covered her neck and cheek in kisses, noticing the time on the wall clock read almost four o'clock. I was ... close, knowing our relationship was forever changed, but for the better.

It was the best Christmas present I could ever have asked for. ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Present (part 1)

... come to stay for Christmas with me, not wanting me to be alone on my first Christmas away from home.

" ... perfectly, the gold necklace with diamond pendant that I had given her last Christmas hanging over her large, supple breasts, complimenting the two ... ... Continue»
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My Nephew's Christmas Present

... toward the end of fourth grade. Naturally, part of the bullying included
the boys ... been as the result of my Christmas present to him several
years earlier.


The ... ... Continue»
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Jack's Christmas Present

... unison as the boy scampered upstairs.
The three ladies looked at each other.
"He's going to have a fantastic Christmas present in the morning," ... ladies sucking each other's pussies (like Chloe and Gemma, part of his mind cheekily suggested) or whether to ... ... Continue»
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Mom's special Christmas present

... the week before.

Jake nodded, not wanting to put his mother under the spotlight even more. “Did he give you your Christmas present ... ... Continue»
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... the now ever present cookie. Jack noticed that the more wine she drank and the more cookies she ate, the looser the ... the hand and led him to the Christmas ... ... Continue»
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... , “A Christmas Carol,” and the Ghost of Christmas Present. She had wanted to give a “present” to a local hero firefighter. I didn’t have the heart ... . For her part, Hearts screamed like he was killing her with his erection. He muffled the sound gently ... ... Continue»
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A Christmas Present

... .

"That’s when Sally came up with the idea of giving me to
you for a Christmas present, it would be hard for you to ... 's fucking Sally and that's your and her Christmas
present to him. A baby from you is my present, and if I
am not pregnant yet ... ... Continue»
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Hearts' Present, Part 1 of 3

... a very handsome guy. Just last week Ten had been part of the gang bang, had pulled back Hearts’ hair while she ... around her?

She asked: “Do you ever see theChristmas Carol’ with Scrooge? Past, Present and Future right?”

“Yyyyeah,” Spade and I said ... ... Continue»
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The Sucking Professor Part 1 (True Story)

... said something of the sort, like cum again or cum back soon. I know the pun was intended on the cum part cause she gave ... welcomed whenever. On the ride home, I thanked Joe for taking me, and he said that it was a late Christmas present for me. He ... ... Continue»
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Sexgift : Christmas present to a 19 year old

... I was planning and he agreed to my choice of present to the young man. The next time I saw him he was very friendly ... **p for a few minutes. Afterwards I asked him if he enjoyed his Christmas present and he smiled and said that he sure did. He ... ... Continue»
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Christmas Holiday, part 3

... too many beers.

The DJ ended his set and the lights came up, the girls even looked good in the light and they were ... to join my dad’s. “Your Christmas present is coming early”.

I got my dick up her to the hilt and kept it there while ... ... Continue»
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Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 1)

... the room, looking one last time at the corner of the room that displayed the Christmas tree, the lights still burning, her stocking hung neatly from the ... began to part on their own from the pressure of his hands on her inner thighs and the false sense of ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Present

... . "Oh my!"She gasped. The man smiled and said "you husband wanted you to have this for a Christmas gift and that he ... , slid her soaked panties back in place he said "Merry Christmas, was your husband right? You really like your gift?". Sara ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Eve Adventure

... elves are significantly shorter and lighter, and the right mental mind set to be part of their team. I considered it an ... face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, more that all the Christmas trees in the world couldn’t compare to the beauty of the ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Tree

... Christmas and this was my first Christmas having a boyfriend so I decided to make it ... knew it he carried me to the Christmas tree and laid me on the floor under it. He lifted ... laid me back onto the floor and spread my legs as far a part as they would go ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Party

... now Travis was the boss. "Hey Travis" June said catching up the the black man heading for the elevator,"I'll help at the Christmas party". " ... his Christmas cheer as she felt squirt after squirt of his cum shooting deep into her pussy, she collapsed onto the ... ... Continue»
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... Angel whispered into my ear. I climbed onto the litter and closed the curtains. The men lifted the contraption and carried me into a hall ... move inside. Being part of this human sandwich made every nerve cell in my body light up like a Christmas tree. My ... ... Continue»
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Aunt Christine 1 The Christmas Party

... the Christmas party

My mom’s parents had 10 c***dren. The last one, aunt Christine is 17 years older than I and the ... THE CHRISTMAS PARTY

A few years back Christine invited the whole f****y for a Christmas party. Around mid December, we were all in the ... ... Continue»
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