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The Christmas Party

The Christmas Party

... now Travis was the boss. "Hey Travis" June said catching up the the black man heading for the elevator,"I'll help at the Christmas party". "Oh ... Christmas cheer as she felt squirt after squirt of his cum shooting deep into her pussy, she collapsed onto the ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Party Orgy

This past Friday night we had the Christmas party for our friends. We wanted our babysitters to watch the babies overnight and none of ... down for a well-deserved nap. We agreed that this was the best Christmas party we’ve ever had.
... Continue»
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Aunt Christine 1 The Christmas Party

... the Christmas party

My mom’s parents had 10 c***dren. The last one, aunt Christine is 17 years older than I and the ... THE CHRISTMAS PARTY
A few years back Christine invited the whole f****y for a Christmas party. Around mid December, we were all in the ... ... Continue»
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Christmas Party Cuckholding

... I'm the one being teased.

One fateful night though, truly changed my married life forever.

I was at the office Christmas party ... ."
He began to explain to me.

"Really? At the Christmas party?" I groaned under my breath.

"What was that?" He asked. ... ... Continue»
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The Halloween Party

... and she made it all the way to the elevator unseen. The party was on the 8th floor of a nice hotel, the whole 8th floor. She ... she could even move, but she thought "I can't wait til the Christmas party."

... Continue»
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... cleavage than he ever had before even in the outfit that she wore for the Christmas party.

He paused his game, and stared at ... out from the rest of the darkness in the room. He went back to the bed to continue giving his mother that Christmas massage that ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas affair

... the 2011 Christmas party.

I couldn't wait to get home and tell my husband about what happened at the party, and tell him about all the ... ... Continue»
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Vicars & Tarts My Wifes Office Party

... some sexy younger women dressed up at the Christmas party for a change. His wife is about the same age as him isn't she? Yeah ... why, but I didn't want to be in the middle of a fight at my wife's Christmas party when she'd reacted badly to some pissed ... ... Continue»
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The Office XXX Christmas Party

... be a long night. I love my husband so much but the annual office Christmas party was tonight and it was just for office personal. He never liked those things anyway but I told him before I left the ... ... Continue»
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wife's office Christmas party

... wife work's for a big company and vey year they have a Christmas party. It's a formal get together where profit sharing statements are handed ... want you to see. I took her arm and we entered the party. We where met my a young lady and given name tags ... ... Continue»
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My Wife at the Holiday Party

... crowd murmuring, everyone moved into the party room, where mistletoe had been set up all over the ceiling. The room had a lot of ... some Christmas music and told me to keep the lights off for about a minute to give the wives time to find someone in the ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Eve Adventure

... than 100 years and it was during my bachelorette party, when some of the girls snuck in some gigolos from New York ... face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, more that all the Christmas trees in the world couldn’t compare to the beauty of the vision ... ... Continue»
Posted by heatround01 1 year ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 221  |  

A Letter to My Wife Becky (The ultimate revenge fu

... at other company parties but I didn't see the two of you slip away until the Christmas party. That was when I saw you two ... to their apartment and showed her the picture of the two of you about 2 weeks after the Christmas party that she didn't know about. We ... ... Continue»
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The Christmas Office Party.

... as the delivery driver, it was our Christmas Party and the Boss had let us finnish early so we could all enjoy the ... the Sales man, the warehouse Manager and the Mautre Lady from the office left when I got back from the last delivery till after christmas. ... ... Continue»
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Job's Christmas Party

... drama

In December 2009, my job had a Christmas Party at a local Lounge that they had ... months ,so this was 2nd Xmas party .The 1st one was very corny, it was ... went & danced with all of them lol. The more i danced, the harder my dick got.

After dancing ... ... Continue»
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Fucking at the office christmas party (written for

... the Christmas staff office party in the building there's lots of people there, its dark everyone is dancing and drinking. its on the 4th floor the ... ... Continue»
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Christine 6 – Christmas party

... in context, this is around the holiday period and we’re planning our own, intimate f****y Christmas party. Just our own ... she’s prepared this roast beef with the veggies and everything. My b*****r and I got the wine, the girls brought desert.

We’re ... ... Continue»
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Donna's works Christmas Party 1988

... 21st 1988, my wife Donna was going on her works Christmas party at a local restaurant,as she doesn't drive we'd arranged for ... , they got another cigarette out and as they smoked the spoke, after the cig they kissed again for a few minutes then went ... ... Continue»
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the Office Party

The Office party

It was that time of year again when we had to make our rounds to the office Christmas parties. I was never really happy to go to these things. But I always enjoyed watching the young ... ... Continue»
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... the kitchen and filled his mom's glass with wine. When he got back she was on her third cookie. The Christmas tree lights twinkled in front of them. As usual the tree ... She took him by the hand and led him to the Christmas tree. She lay ... ... Continue»
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