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The Cheerleaders Cared For One Another

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She brings date home for hubby to watch

I watched as my wife Cindy as she pulled her
stockings up tight around her thigh and hooked the
clasps of her garter belt to the thin silk material.
Cindy stretched her beautiful longs legs out making
the material stretch, giving her enough material to
hook the tiny clasps.

My name is Steve and I love my wife Cindy dearly and
much like many husbands’ who love their wife, consider
her the most beautiful and erotic woman on the planet.
Cindy is adorable, having long blonde hair and long
shapely legs with what I tease her about, “An adorable
little round ass.”

I watched as she clasped her bra and slipped it around
cupping her nice tits into the C-cups and pulled the
straps up over her shoulders. It was an enhancement
style bra which pulled her tits up and together giving
her a magnificent cleavage.

Cindy was old fashion in many ways, wearing the
garter belt was one thing she loved to wear because it
would remind her of the old pin-up girls during the
1940’s. Cindy wasn’t an old fashion woman by any

My wife was very clever and when it came to sex, she
had the ability to seduce and drain me of every natural
resource of energy in my body. Cindy could read my
mind sort of speaking and had the ability to play on my
weakness and could bring our emotions and sexual
experiences to the highest.

Cindy and I had the deepest respect for one another
and we always found exciting and different ways to
enhance our marriage. We always left time for intimacy
each day regardless of how busy either of us was and we
would create situations each day to stimulate new

After five years of marriage, Cindy would still make
us both feel as if we were on our honeymoon. Cindy
worked as a secretary and over the past several months
would come home and tell me about one of the guys
trying to make a pass at her or maybe a peek under her

Each week I would listen to her stories and I began to
encourage Cindy to go further and I would
intensively listen to my wife as the stories got
juicier and erotic each time she came home.

It was fun listening to how she would explain a certain
situation as to how she would tease and encourage one
of the guys at the office until they were right at the
Honesty that has played a very important role in our
successful marriage and one day after listening to one
of Cindy’s stories, I asked Cindy if she were
interested in going further. I never got a direct
answer from Cindy but knew she was interested
because she would flirt with the idea over the next
couple weeks during sex.

There were many times when I was screwing Cindy that
she would tease me about seeing other men. We would
imagine different scenarios on how Cindy would pick
up a guy and she would go into detail on what she would
do with him.

Cindy’s fantasy story telling would get so intense
that I thought she was actually in a relationship with
another man. She would mentally take me right up to
that edge like the men she worked with but instead of
the frustration they would receive, I would enjoy the
best sex this woman had to offer.

I’m sitting here in our bedroom right now watching my
beautiful wife prepare herself for the ultimate sexual
fantasy. My whole body was trembling with anticipation
as I watched Cindy as she slipped into her dress.
She was silent but smiled at me as she sat back on the
stool and put on her spike heels.

Cindy was putting on a show for me and I was loving
every minute as I watched her stand up and walk toward
me and leaned over and gave me a very passionate kiss.
She moved her hand over my crotch and wiggled her
fingers gently across my pants only allowing her long
red finger nails to touch my pants.

Cindy smiled and kissed me again and walked into the
bathroom to apply her makeup while I waited in the
chair. I waited a few minutes until I knew she was
about finished and walked in the bathroom when she was
applying her lipstick.

I gently placed the palm of my hand on her nice round
ass and moved it around as I felt her ass push against
me. The lipstick disappeared into her purse as she
reached for the small bottle of perfume. Cindy
squirted a couple dabs around her tits than glanced at
my reflection in the mirror as she hiked the front of
her dress up and squirted her bare pussy mound.

I could see her bald pussy reflecting in the mirror and
saw the straps from her garter belt attached to her
silk stockings. Cindy lowered her dress and the
little bottle of perfume vanished into the purse with
the lipstick.

I leaned over and kissed the back of her neck as she
poured some water into a tiny glass. I continued to
gently kiss Cindy’s neck causing her to shiver when
I saw her reach into her purse and pull out a small

I was watching over her shoulder and looked into the
mirror where our eyes met and I watched my wife slid
the little packet open and watched her punch one of the
tiny birth control pills out with her fingers and
placed it on her tongue.
Her eyes were still fixed on mine as she moved in slow
motion allowing me to absorb what she was doing and
picked up the glass of water and swallowed the tiny
pill. I kept watching my wife in the mirror as she
slowly replaced the packet inside her purse.We had talked about the pills while we made our plans
and I remembered Cindy telling me she would have to
see her doctor about a prescription and like so many
things dealing with this fantasy, and kept me guessing
and wondering for the sack of surprise and eroticism.
So, until this moment, I had no idea if Cindy had
got the prescription.

My heart was beating fast as I placed my hands on her
shoulders and kissed the back of her neck again as I
kept looking into her eyes in the mirror. She turned
toward me and looked directly into my eyes and I could
smell the sweat perfume along my wife’s breasts. My
eyes traveled down and looked at the top of her tits
which were cradled and displayed for my pleasure and

I knew that they were intended for display to another
man tonight. A man I didn’t even know existed other
then a name she had given me a few weeks ago. Cindy
had corresponded with this man from an ad she had
placed a few weeks ago and for the sack of eroticism, I
knew nothing about him.

Knowing how my wife’s mind worked, I knew she had spent
much thought and time on the perfect man of her choice.
Someone she would feel would heighten our fantasy to
the fullest. I never asked because of the eroticism of
the mystery of not knowing who he is or may look like
and I wanted the surprise for me to be instantaneous.

I completely trusted my wife’s ability to carefully
select a man who would take her up to that edge as well
as suit our needs. Cindy had started her search many
weeks ago with many men and finally made her choice
eliminating the other men and during the past four
weeks she focused on a man I’ve only known as. “Rob.”

Cindy and Rob had corresponded over that period on
the internet and sometimes spoke on the phone. I had
taken many glamour style photos’ of my wife the past
few weeks so she could send them to Rob. Recently,
Cindy had been more daring in her poses which
included a few shots in baby dolls or garter belts with
heels and bra type shots.

Apparently, this man called, “Rob” has been doing the
same thing with my wife and the last pictures my wife
had received had excited and stimulated her curiosity.

I followed Cindy out of the bathroom watching her
ass sway with each step that she made. I looked at the
back of her heels as she walked out into our great room
and picked up the phone and said, “Steve. Could you give
me a moment alone while I call Rob and tell him what
time he can pick me up?”

I walked outside near our pool and watched the water
falling down the rocks at the waterfall while I waited
for Cindy to confirm a time for Rob to pick her
up. A few moments later, Cindy walked outside and
nervously smiled at me and said, “Rob will be here in
thirty minutes so its time for you to leave.”

This was the first sign I’ve seen in Cindy since we
had begun planning for this day many weeks ago that she
was nervous. Cindy put her arms around me and I did
the same and held her tight.
I rubbed my hand along her back as I thought that we
were actually going to go through with this tonight
after so many months of preparation.

We gently kissed being careful not to smear her
lipstick and exchanged a few comments as I told
Cindy how much I loved her and she replied the same
thing to me. I looked at my watch knowing I had to
leave and gave my wife a final hug before walking to
the garage and looked back at her and said, “Be

I opened the garage door and started the car and backed
out and as I pulled away I could see Cindy standing
in the front window watching my car pull away. I knew
she was excited and nervous and I had thoughts about
sticking around and following them to wherever they
were going.

I had made a promise to Cindy that I wouldn’t ruin
our fantasy and stuck to our plans and continued to
drive south as I kept watching the time. I kept driving
until twenty minutes had passed and circled around the
block and slowly drove into the direction of my house.

I kept pacing myself until I was within two blocks of
our home and checked the time and saw that forty-five
minutes had passed and continued to drive straight. I
slowed my car when I saw a white Mercedes backing out
of our driveway. The sun was going down and the windows
were tinted on the car and I couldn’t see anyone inside
of that car.

I saw the car turn and go straight for the highway at a
fast speed and watched until it disappeared completely
out of sight. I pulled into our driveway and pressed
the garage door button and pulled inside the garage. I
quickly closed the door and got out thinking that maybe
Cindy had changed her mind at the last moment and
she maybe waiting inside for me.

I walked inside the house and could still smell my
wife’s perfume and followed the scent into the great
room and toward the foyer. I detected the faint smell
of cologne a man would wear near the front entrance and
saw flowers sitting on the dinning room table that he
had brought for my wife.

My heart was racing at the thought she actually gone
through with our fantasy and maybe hoped in the back of
my mind that she might change her mind but that wasn’t
going to happen tonight.
We had planned everything out to the last tiny detail
and Cindy would bring her date home and if
everything went as well as expected, she would bring
him into our suit tonight. She would allow this man to
get intimate with her knowing that her husband was only
a few feet away.

Cindy had said if there were any last minute changes
that she would post a note on the refrigerator and I
quickly walked into the kitchen and saw a small note
taped to the door. It read. “Steve. I was f***ed to
change our plans when I realized how I’d come across to
Rob if he knew the truth about me. You’ll find the
answer to what I’m referring to in the top left drawer
of our dresser.”

I could feel my heart beating faster and could actually
feel each beat as I walked into our bedroom and slowly
opened the drawer. I opened the drawer and saw a tiny
red jewelry box and picked it up and opened it. Inside
the box was Cindy’s wedding band and engagement ring
glistening in the dim light of the room.
Cindy knew I would find this very stimulating and
erotic knowing that this man she were out with would
think she was a single woman and available. I did find
the thought exciting but at the same time it made me
very nervous.

I closed the tiny box and placed it back in the drawer
and walked across the room checking the sliding glass
doors facing the pool. Cindy had planned on keeping
the shades open so Steve would have a full view of the
room if she brought this man in here.

Cindy had kept quit about any details concerning her
goals or plans with this man on her first date. She
wanted to make everything as stimulating as possible
for Steve for him not knowing her exact plans.
The anxiety was building as the minutes passed and
became hours and Steve looked at the time and saw that
it was 9:00 P.M. which was the planned time that
Cindy said she would call him and let him know the
status of her date.

Soon, ten minutes had passed and there was no phone
call and Steve began to worry as he thought of anything
and everything that could go wrong. Steve stood up and
walked toward the window looking toward the street when
the phone finally rang and he ran over and picked it

Steve was relieved to hear Cindy’s voice on the other
end of the phone as she indicated that everything was
going as planned and she would be home within an hour.
It was a relief hearing her voice and finally telling
him that she loved him just before ending the

Steve prepared himself by taking himself a drink into
the bedroom he would be staying. The two extra bedrooms
were on the other side of the house with the great room
in the center. There were sliding glass doors facing
the back screened pool area of the entire house.

After getting himself settled in the room, Steve tried
to settle himself pouring himself a drink as he waited
for Cindy to return. The anxiety was unbelievable
and Steve couldn’t sit still on the bed as he crossed
his legs and took another swig of his drink.

Finally, Steve had heard a door being closed and heard
Cindy’s voice and felt some relief that his wife had
finally returned home. Steve stood up and walked to the
door and tried to listen to the conversation but could
only hear rattling of glasses and figured that Cindy
was preparing drinks in the kitchen.

Steve heard their voices for the next forty-five minutes
with spurts of silence and a few outbursts of laughter
and more recently within the last few minutes he heard
Cindy giggling and the faint sound of possibly

The anxiety was killing him wondering what they were
doing so Steve decided to sneak out the sliding glass
door and take a look into the great room and see for
himself. Steve gently slid the door open in its track
and walked out onto the cement patio and walked toward
the sliding glass doors where the great room was

The curtain was half open and Steve could see the light
on next to the sofa and walked closer and saw the man’s
legs from the knees down but was afraid to lean over
any closer in fear that he would be seen.

Cindy was walking around the room and he saw a
flicker of light and wondered what it could be when
suddenly the lamp was turned off making the room
extremely dark. That’s when Steve noticed there had been
two candles lit which explained the flickering light he
had seen a moment ago.

Steve was able to move and get a better look into the
room and saw Cindy sitting next to the man but still
couldn’t see much detail. One candle was placed on the
dinning room table which was thirty feet from the sofa
and the other candle was sitting on a shelf on the
other side of the room which made it very hard to see
anything in great detail.

Steve could see their figures sitting together on the
sofa and with the doors shut, he couldn’t hear anything
being said inside the room. Cindy suddenly stood up
and laughed at something and walked toward their
bedroom door.

Trying to get a better look into the room, Steve slowly
walked past the door trying to see the man’s face but
could only see the dark clothing Rob was wearing and
what looked like black hair. It was just too darn dark
in the room to see his face so Steve slowly walked past
the doorway and walked toward the bedroom doors.

Steve’s heart pounded faster as he walked in front of
the bedroom doors and saw his wife stripping naked.
Cindy was taking her dress off and her bra and
garter belt and opened the drawer and pulled out a
short black transparent teddy.

Cindy slipped the teddy over her head and sat down
on the stool and put her heels back on and stood up and
walked over to the doors. The light was turned on in
the bedroom so Steve doubted that she could see him
standing out there but figured she had a good idea that
he was and smiled as she tugged the thin material down
which barely covered her ass.

Cindy leaned forward looking at her reflection in
the glass doors and fluffed her hair back over her
shoulders. Steve wanted to speak to her and even
possibly kiss his wife but she moved away from the

Steve had seen every detail on her body including her
hard nipples poking out from the thin material of her
teddy. Before leaving the bedroom, Cindy lit some
candles and placed them on the dresser before turning
out the light and walking back into the great room.

Steve slowly stepped back toward the doors in the great
room and could see their figures in the room. Rob was
standing in front of the sofa with his back turned
toward Steve and he could only see that the man was very
tall and had dark hair.

Steve saw the shirt tossed onto the sofa and saw Rob
kicking off his shoes and the pants dropped to the
floor a few seconds later and realized that Cindy
was standing in front of Rob taking off his clothing.

Steve could see his wife’s arms around Rob and they
appeared to be kissing until Rob sat back down onto
the sofa and Cindy walked past the doors and leaned
down next to the CD player and turned on some music.
Cindy began seductively moving toward Rob who was
sitting on the sofa and began grinding her hips like an
exotic dancer. Steve watched his wife move her hips to
the beat of the song and moved to where Rob was
sitting and turned her back toward him as she slowly
rotated her hips making her ass move.

Cindy’s hands were moving as well and moved them
from her hips than over her head as her body swayed to
the music. Rob was getting a first class show from
Cindy as well as Steve as he kept watching his wife
dance seductively for her date.

Steve could see some movement on the sofa and finally
figured out that Rob was removing his under shorts
and tossed them on his shirt and sat naked waiting for
Cindy to finish her dance and join him.
Cindy’s routine was very professional as she kept
dancing in the room watching the way she stretched her
legs and the way she posed herself in front of Rob.
Steve would have had her down on the sofa by this time
as he watched his wife entice this man that would soon
become her lover.

Steve’s own cock was ready to burst in his pants because
he and Cindy had refrained from having sex the past
couple weeks to build up more excitement for this
night. Steve’s heart continued to beat at a fast rate as
he watched Cindy finishing her routine.
Another song began to play which was much slower in
rhythm and Cindy began moving her body in slow
motion to the song and backed herself near Rob and
watched as the tall man took hold of the thin teddy and
started to pull it up over Cindy’s head.

Cindy was completely naked except for the heels as
she continued to move her hips as Rob stood behind
her and placed his arms around her waist. He appeared
to be much darker than Cindy in the dim light and
Steve was trying to see the man’s face which was buried
under Cindy’s flowing blonde hair at the moment.

Steve could see Rob’s hand slid over Cindy’s pussy
mound and the other hand cupping her tit. His hands
were very large and although he appeared very dark,
Steve still could see his face in the dim light.
Cindy’s hands were covering Rob’s and she seemed
to be pushing his hand tightly into her mound. The
music ended and Cindy broke free of Rob’s grip and
hurriedly walked toward the CD player and switched on a
small lamp on the table and pressed the button until a
particular song played and walked back to where Rob
was standing.

Cindy had forgot to turn the light off and was now
wrapping her arms around Rob’s shoulders. Steve could
see Rob’s hands on Cindy’s ass holding her tight
and could now see the man more clearly with the light.

Steve watched as the big man continued fondling
Cindy’s ass and they appeared to be kissing but al
Steve could see was the back of her head and her flowing
blonde hair. Steve kept his eyes glued to the room and
watched as Cindy got down onto her knees in front of
Rob which gave Steve his first view of the man in the
room with his wife.

Steve leaned closer to the glass and finally saw Rob’s
face and for the first time realized that his wife’s
lover was a black man. Steve’s heart began to race again
beating at a high rate as he watched Cindy suck on
Rob’s large black cock.

Steve couldn’t really get a good glimpse of the cock yet
but could tell it had to be large the way she was
leaning away from Rob’s legs. Steve saw Rob looking
down at his wife and watched the big man put his hand
behind her head. He held one of Cindy’s hands with
his other hand as she sucked on his cock.

After several minutes, Steve watched Rob bend over and
kiss Cindy and pulled her to her feet and picked her
up in his arms and carried Cindy into the bedroom.
Steve walked back to the sliding doors in the bedroom
and watched as Rob brought his wife into the room and
laid her onto the bed and climbed up next to her and
began kissing her lips.

Steve could see Rob’s cock from this angle very well
and saw it standing straight out and it looked
massively large. Rob was kissing Cindy’s chest and
moving his hand along her thigh as she stroked the back
of his head.
Rob continued licking and kissing his way along
Cindy’s belly and down to her pussy mound and
skillfully worked his tongue in the area around her
pussy causing enough stimulation for her to begin
lifting her pelvis up into his face.

Cindy turned her head and faced the glass doors
looking out where she knew that Steve would be standing
and watching. Steve moved closer to the glass until
Cindy was able to see her husband’s face and clearly
mouthed the words. “I love you.”
Steve replied the same words to his wife as he watched
the large black man spread his wife’s thigh’s apart and
begin licking her pussy slit until he saw his tongue
spreading her pink folds. Cindy spread her legs far
apart allowing Rob better access to her pussy slit
and placed her hands on Rob’s head as the big man
moved into position between her legs giving himself
better access with his tongue.

Rob slipped his big hands under Cindy’s thighs and
lifted them back almost touching her tits as he
generously worked his tongue inside her pink pussy.
Cindy’s pelvis was rocking up into Rob’s face as
she held her hands behind her knee’s keeping herself
open for her lover.

Cindy’s eyes were shut tight as her body quivered
from the intense pressure and stimulation that Rob’s
tongue was giving to her. Steve watched his wife’s body
begin to violently shake as she started to kick her
feet out like a bronco in heat as she experienced her
first orgasm.

Steve could hear his wife’s screams as Rob continued
moving his tongue against her clitoris.
Rob appeared very skilled as he began to gently
relieve the pressure of his tongue off Cindy’s
clitoris allowing her to calm down and catch her breath
and began licking and kissing her inner thigh area’s.

Rob was lifting himself up onto his knees and Steve
was fully aware the big black man was getting ready to
mount Cindy’s pussy. Rob was kissing her tits and
stretching the nipples between his teeth as Cindy
rubbed her hands in his hair.

Rob reached down between his legs holding his thick
cock in his hand and gently slipped the large mushroom
head between Cindy’s pussy slit making the head of
his cock wet with her juices.
Cindy had placed her hands on Rob’s arms as if
trusting him not to hurt her and only had to wait a few
seconds before Rob pushed the large head into her
slit causing her body to tense from the extreme
pressure of his size.

Rob relaxed and waited a few seconds before gently
moving himself forward into Cindy’s pussy another
inch until she got accustomed to its massive size. Steve
was outside watching the big black man begin his entry
into his wife’s pussy.
Rob continued to rock his body until he had sunk
himself as far as he could inside the tiny white woman
below him. Cindy rested her high heeled shoes on his
ass and held onto his large arms as Rob began to
slowly fuck her with his thick black cock.

Rob was screwing Cindy with a steady pace as she
held onto his arms with her tiny white hands. Rob had
raised Cindy’s legs over his shoulder and was now
ramming himself inside her tight pussy with great
Cindy turned her head again and saw her husband
outside the glass doors where their eyes met and
continued to stare at each other as Rob rammed and
stretched her pussy.

Steve’s eyes kept focused on his wife’s and could see
that she was experiencing pleasure along with the
excitement of being screwed while her husband watched.
Cindy began to chant asking Rob to fuck her harder
and began groaning and squealing at a high pitch while
being thoroughly screwed by this huge black man.

Rob was banging into Cindy with so much f***e, it
was causing her head to slide up the pillow each time
he lounged forward. Steve couldn’t help to think how
beautiful his wife looked with her long blonde hair
flowing onto the bed and this huge black body above her
as she held on tight to his large arms completely at
his mercy.

Steve could see Rob’s cock as it slipped inside his
wife with each thrust and watched the large black ball
sack slap against her white ass. Steve knew they were
full of sperm and knew the man had intentions on
sending that huge load of seed deep inside his wife’s

Steve watched as Rob’s thrusts became more labored and
banged into Cindy’s tight pussy with little or no
mercy. Rob was on a mission at the moment, a mission
that would send his seed deep inside this white woman’s

Steve could hear Rob let out a loud grunt and scream
that he was going to cum and slammed into Cindy one
last time and held himself deep inside her belly as his
load of thick hot cum emptied into her belly. Steve
could imagine the seed hitting her cervix and possibly
swimming up that little canal looking for Cindy’s
eggs at that very moment.

Steve wanted to cum so badly at that moment but waited
and watched as the big black man finally dismounted his
wife and laid down beside her leaving her belly full of
his thick hot cum.
Steve kept looking between Cindy’s legs and could see
her pussy still gaping wide open from the intense
stretching it received moments ago.

Cindy turned her head and looked for Steve as he
leaned closer to the glass so she could see him again.
She smiled at her husband while she stroked Rob’s
half erect cock and closed her eyes as Rob kissed her
lips sending his tongue into her mouth.
Cindy opened her eyes again when the kiss had ended
and saw that Steve was still watching them.

Steve looked horrified when he saw his wife’s hand
motioning for him to come into the bedroom. He stood
frozen in that spot for several seconds until he saw
Rob looking his way as well and decided too slid open
the door and walked into the bedroom.
Cindy held her arms out for her husband to climb
onto the bed and did just that as he made his way
between her still spread legs. Rob was watching them
as they kissed and Cindy wrapped her arms around her
husband and said, “Did you enjoy watching me get
screwed by Rob tonight?”

Steve kissed Cindy’s lips and replied in a whisper
and said, “You looked so beautiful in here under his
black body. I could tell you were enjoying his cock as
much as I enjoyed watching you.”

Cindy unbuttoned his shirt while Steve slipped his
pants off and kicked his shoes and socks across the
floor and laid back down on top of his wife as she
guided his cock into her gaping pussy slit.
Cindy wrapped her legs around Steve’s ass and put her
hands on his neck and began kissing him again as Rob
laid next to them and watched them as they screwed.

Steve whispered to his wife and said, “Your pussy is so
wet and hot from his cum inside you and it feels so
slimy around my cock.”
Cindy held her arms around her husband’s neck and
continued to kiss him as she whispered, “Honey. You’re
pushing his seed deeper inside of me with your cock.”

Cindy waited until Steve’s eyes met hers again and
kissed him again as she continued to whisper, “Honey.
If I wasn’t on the pill I would get pregnant with
Rob’s baby.”

Those words seemed to excite Steve as he began to pound
his hard cock into his wife’s stretched pussy with much
f***e as Rob stood on his knees and held Cindy’s
legs high in the air.
Cindy continued to enhance Steve’s excitement and
whispered, “Honey. Rob is holding my legs up for you
so you can push his seed into my womb.”

Steve was excited with his wife’s words and within
seconds, he shot his load of cum inside Cindy’s
pussy to join Rob’s. Steve was completely out of
breath as Cindy held him tight and kissed his
forehead as she said, “I love you so much.”

Steve laid down beside his wife as he caught his breath
and noticed that Rob had already got up from the bed
and went into the bathroom to wash up. Cindy laid
her head on her husband’s chest as he stroked her
shoulder and asked, “What about the note you left for
me about your wedding ring and how you didn’t want
Rob to know you were married?”

Cindy raised her head and put her finger to her lips
and went. “Hush…”

Steve stared at Cindy waiting for a reply when she
scooted herself up next to him and said, “I wanted this
to be more erotic for you and only told you that I said
I was single. Rob is aware that you’re my husband and
only came here to help us enjoy our fantasy.”

Cindy and Steve lay cuddled on the bed when Rob
walked into the bedroom fully dressed and reached out
and shook Steve’s hand and leaned over and kissed
Cindy on the lips and said, “I hope you enjoyed your
fantasy tonight and if you want to see me again just
give me a call.”

Steve and Cindy got up and walked Rob to the front
door in the nude and Rob gave Cindy a hug and
another kiss before leaving the house. Steve kissed
Cindy again and asked, “Are you planning to give him
another call in the future?”

Cindy put her arms around her husband and gave him a
long passionate kiss and replied, “I just might do
that, I have many fantasy’s I want to try yet!”

Steve carried his lovely wife into their bedroom and
screwed most of the night and talked about their future
plans with Rob.

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The Cheerleaders

The Cheerleaders

Chapter 1-Cheerleading Camp

Jim was bored. He and his two friends George and Jon had been following the same bus for five hours. He had been driving the entire time, with only one stop about three hours ago. As he stared at the exhaust pipe on the bus he couldn’t help but think that maybe this was not his best idea yet. The offer had been a good one. A thousand dollars for handling the school cheerleading squads' luggage. Not bad pay for a trio of juniors. Of course, getting to be around the cheerleaders for two weeks wasn’t such a bad thing itself, especially for three ubergeeks such as themselves. Jon was a game master, with the rules to half a dozen role-playing and strategy card games running through his head at all times. George was also a games master, but of the electronic kind. He could get through any game without losing more then two lives, and that was without the aid of cheat codes. He had been playing for so long that he had begun working on his own games. Jim had already play tested one, a 2D side scroller based on the sonic franchise. It was actually pretty good compared to what the major companies produced, considering it was done by George himself over the period of several months. Jim was somewhere between George and Jon. He gamed, he tinkered with computers, both software and hardware, had dozens of meaningless Star Wars and Star Trek trivia memorized, and could quote every Heinlein book and short story ever written, word for word. He was a jack-of-all-nerds. These three had absolutely no reason to be even seen with cheerleaders, let alone spending two weeks with them.

This was all running through Jim’s mind as he pulled in behind the bus. They had finally arrived at the pair of cabins that they would be staying at while the girls were participating at the Cheer camp. The adults would be staying in one of the two cabins, while the girls would be taking the rooms in the other. Jim and his friends would be sl**ping in sl**ping bags on the ground floor of the girls’ cabin. No one was worried about anything happening. After all, it was three geeks and cheerleaders. The girls would avoid them out of habit. As far as anyone was concerned, including the boys themselves, the luckiest these guys could get was seeing the girls in their bikinis while they cooled off in the lake.

The girls began to pile off the bus. The first off was Ashley. The standard cheerleading beauty, her chestnut brown hair cascaded down her back. Smiling even after five hours on a bus, it was her breasts the guys were paying the most attention to. Full and firm at sixteen, they bounced with every skip like step she took. Following her were Lisa and Diane. Lisa was a Mediterranean beauty, with raven hair cut to shoulder length, her low cut t-shirt revealing tanned full breasts. Diane was shorter, standing about 5’5”. Her blond hair was done up in pigtails, and she had sweated through her white shirt, revealing a lacy bra straining to hold back her B-cup. Giggling at some private joke they headed off to the cabin. Following them was Stefanie. She was a cross of Diane and Ashley, with a petite form, chestnut hair blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and breasts that easily attracted wandering eyes. Her tight jeans displayed a tight ass, the kind that caused men to drool. Behind her was Jennifer, as Irish as they came. Her fiery red hair was taken into a ponytail, and her sparkling green eyes shone as she smiled. A tight t-shirt displayed a bust line most models would be envious of.

Watching this show, the three guys were glad their baggy shorts were hiding what could have been some seriously embarrassing hard-ons. They began to unload the busses, moving the luggage into the foyer so the girls could claim it and tell them where to bring it. After about four hours of lifting and hauling the luggage had been distributed. The cabin was a large one, with eight bedrooms on the second floor. Each room held three girls of the two twelve girl squads. The guys had been given a side den room to sl**p in. As it had no beds, they had been provided sl**ping bags, and would be sl**ping on the floor. Though each room had its own bathroom, showers had to be taken in the communal shower on the ground floor. By some stroke of coincidence, the shower was located next to the room in which the guys would be sl**ping. This they had no problem with, as it meant that the lake would not be the only time the boys would get the chance to view some flesh. Several of the girls were known to be slight exhibitionists, and would more then likely be walking around in towels, if anything at all.

The boys set to work, removing the larger pieces of luggage from under the coach bus. They began to move it towards the cabins, hoping to get as much done outside as possible, before the sun peaked. Even in the middle of August, noon was no time to be running around working. They were half way to the house when they heard the yelling begin. Turning to look, the saw the girls stampeding towards them. Some were pulling their t-shirts off, revealing the bikinis and one piece suits they were wearing. Burdened by the luggage they were carrying the boys had no hope of escape. They quickly circled, placing the bags between them and the on rushing horde, hoping the sight of their stuff would prevent the girls from trampling those who carried it. The girls began to thunder pass, heading for the lake. Several leapt over dropped bags, while others merely passed around them. The entire scene reminded Jim of the stampede in Jurassic Park. Finally, the last few passed, and the boys resumed carrying the bags into the cabin. They still had several more trips to make, and they wanted them done as soon as possible.


The coaches were standing near the front of the bus, watching the boys handle the gear. Coach Malone looked down at his smaller partner, Coach Durst. Both men were rather fit, spending the time they weren’t coaching making use of the school’s weight facilities.

“Do you think we have to worry about them being around?” Malone asked. Durst looked at the boys.
“I doubt it. I keep track of who my boys are dating, and they all partnered off with most of the girls. I don’t know about the rest of them, but I doubt they want to be seen with a group of geeks like those.” Durst answered.
“Being kind of harsh on those boys aren’t you?”
“Not really. I’ve known Jim since he was in kindergarten, and I’ve coached the other two as well. They don’t have a chance with the cheerleaders, and they know it. I doubt they are even going to try. They came for the money, they’ll leave with the money, and possibly a few fond memories of accidents.”
“Yeah. You know these girls. They always did enjoy showing off for the crowd.”
“Ah. Got ya.”
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Chapter Two-Ashley

The next day dawned with a clear sky. Jim was glad of this, as it meant he would be able to practice his swordsmanship in the clean air. Jim had been given a katana for his birthday about a year ago. He had been practicing with it ever since. Even though there was no dojo for him to train at, he had created his own style, mainly based off the large amount of anime he watched. Despite this, he had actually gotten quite good, and maintained his blade so that it always remained in good condition, and always had a sharp blade. Rising early, he ate a quick breakfast; as he and his friends were not required to eat with the group.
Stepping out into the woods, he found a small clearing down near the lake to practice. Not wanting to worry the cheerleaders and adults, he made sure it was far enough away that he wouldn’t be seen. To test his blade, he chose a small sapling and slashed diagonally into it. The sharpened blade cut through it with ease, and the small tree fell to the ground with a light swish sound. Satisfied that the blade was in good keep, he began to work through a few basic techniques. After fifteen minutes of warming up, he began to add more steps to his routine. Intricate parries and blocks were added, and Jim began to move more. No longer staying to a straight line, he began to dance all over the small clearing, the dawning sunlight glinting off his blade while he moved. Pausing only to blindfold his eyes, making it easier to visualize an opponent, he speeded up, the sharp blade passing closer and closer to his body, occasionally passing flat across his other arm as if fighting someone pressing the advantage. The display continued for another half hour. Finishing, Jim twirled on one foot, snapping to a halt with his weight on his left leg, his blade held poised in front of him. Breathing heavily to calm himself, he was startled by the quiet applause coming from behind him.
Wheeling around, he saw one of the cheerleaders sitting on a stump. It was Ashley. Jim didn’t know how long she had been watching, and the thought of her having been near when he was blind scared him. His blade passed through the trunk of the sapling with ease. Human flesh would provide even less resistance. The thought of hurting someone during his routine scared Jim. Angrily he demanded, “How long have you been watching?”
“Since the beginning. You are actually quite good.” Ashley responded. “Where did you learn all that?”
“No where. I taught it to myself. Do you know how badly you could have been hurt? Once that blindfold goes on, I can’t see a thing. If the sword had cut you, it would have gone all the way through.” Jim was calming, but was still slightly ticked off at her carelessness.
“I wasn’t worried. I am a cheerleader remember? We can be fairly agile when needed.” Ashley was laughing at the grimace on Jim’s face. “Anyway, I have to get back for breakfast. Thanks for the show.” Turning to leave she glanced back. “Oh by the way, nice body.”
Watching her walk off, Jim was puzzled by her last comment. Turning around to grab his stuff, he saw his clothes lying on a log and remembered the third reason he practiced alone. Throughout his drills and the conversation, he had been totally nude. Fully dressed, Jim walked back into the cabin and sat down next to his two friends. His sword had already been placed back into the trunk of the car, hopefully where no one would find it. Looking at the large amount of food piled on the table; Jim just started piling food on to a plate, and began eating with gusto. George and Jon just watched with amusement. Of the three of them, Jim always ate the most. This wouldn’t be all that surprising, except for the fact that he was also the skinniest of the three. Jim was well known for his ability to slip past chained fences, even if there was less then a foot of space for him to squeeze through.
“So, Jim, tell us. How’d the practice go?” Jon asked with a smirk on his face. Jim just mumbled something into his plate. “The only reason I ask, is because George here saw Ashley follow you off into them there woods. When she came back, she had he largest grin on her face. Care to explain? Hmm?” Jon was trying to hold back his laughter, as Jim turned bright red.
“Alright. You guys want the honest truth?” Jim rolled his eyes as his friends began to nod their heads vigorously. “I went off and started my routine. You know how it goes. I’ve told you guys about it before. Well, just as I finish, I hear some clapping. I turn around, and Ashley was just sitting there. Turned out she had been watching the whole time. So we talked for about five minutes, and then she left so she could eat.”
“So then what was with smile?” George asked. “You guys didn’t do anything but talk?”
“No, nothing. Though I may have left out one tiny detail. Judging from Jon’s laughter, he’s already figured it out.” If looks could kill, Jim would have had go be tried for murder.
“You were naked weren’t you?” Jon was trying hard not to laugh, but it wasn’t working. “Man, I told you that would cause you problems one day.”
Finishing breakfast, the guys when to work with the few chores they were assigned to do. After cleaning up the food and plates, they went and put the dock into the lake, so the girls would be able to cool off after training. Later they fixed a small lunch for themselves, and then talked shop. When the girls got back, they watched them climb off the bus; the girls ignored them as usual. All except Ashley, who smiled and waved at Jim. Blushing, he just punched both his friends when they started smirking at him. It was c***dish, but he wasn’t worried. He began to plan for the next day.
The next morning dawned, and Jim headed for the clearing. Stopping half way as if to tie his sneakers, he heard steps following him through the woods. Smiling to himself, he continued on his way. Once at the clearing, he began to set up a series of logs and branches. When he was done, three branches where lined up in the forks of six more. Leaving his clothes on this time, he began to go through with his basic workout, eventually working his way up to the full dance like routine. This time though, he stopped instead of blind folding himself. Turning in place, he scanned the surrounding woods. When a bush started moving, he moved towards it. After all, plants don’t move when there is no wind. Sheathing his blade he stopped in front of the bush and looked down. Peeping up at him was Ashley. “Come to watch again I suppose?” he asked her.
“How’d you know I was here?” she asked.
“Heard you walking behind me when I came out here. Then I saw the bush you were hiding in move. You’re not very good at the whole stealth thing are you?” Ashley laughed.
“I guess I’m not. So now what are you going to do with me?”
“Why would I do anything with you? If you want to watch, go ahead.” Jim answered. “Just make sure you don’t get too close.” That said he walked back to where he had built the small wood arches. Standing in front of the middle one, he centered his blade. In a fury of movement, he slashed five times into the structures. Each of the three cross pieces fell, split evenly in two. Standing absolutely still, he recentered his blade. Then, pivoting on one foot, he spun, cutting at the supports he had built. He stopped in the same position, only his arms extended from his sides, the blade, which had started in his right hand, ended in is left. Jim turned and walked back to where he had left Ashley sitting. Sheathing his sword, he sat next to her. “That was amazing,” she said, “though I'm sorry you missed at the end.”
“I what?” Jim looked at her quizzically. “I’m fairly sure that I didn’t miss. Just watch.” Ashley turned back towards where the branches had been thrust into the earth. A gentle breeze stirred through, and she watched as the top half of each post fell from the soft wind. Ashley turned and looked at Jim. He simply looked back and smiled. “Come on,” he said, “if we don’t get you back to the cabin, you’re going to miss breakfast.” Together they headed back to the camp. When they got back, Ashley headed for the food, and Jim went and sat next to his friends.
“Well?” Jon asked.
“We shall see.” Jim smiled. “Oh yes, we shall see.”
After dinner, Jim headed down to the lake by himself. Seeing the large crowd of girls headed in the same direction, he scooted off to the clearing, knowing here he could get some peace. Puttering around for a little bit, he made sure to get the clearing just the way he wanted it. Laying his towel in the grass, he dove into the lake and began to swim out into the middle. Surfacing, he glanced back towards where the girls were swimming, noting just how far away they were, and whether any one had noticed him. Noting with satisfaction that they only cared about their splashing of each other, he dove deep into the waters. Using dolphin-like kicks to propel him through the water, Jim managed to get quite far before resurfacing. Looking back towards the clearing he noted that a second towel had joined his. Wondering who had joined him, Jim headed back. He was shocked when a beautiful head of chestnut hair surfaced in front of him. His mysterious guest turned out to be Ashley. She looked stunning in her turquoise bikini. Her breasts strained against the tight material, her nipples hard from the cool water of the lake. Jim couldn’t help but stare as she swam closer to him. “What are you doing all the way out here?” he called out to her.
“Looking for you.” She replied. “What are you doing out here?”
“Avoiding the crowd mostly. Some how, I can’t quite see how a large group of girls would be necessary for a quiet swim.” Jim answered.
“Oh? So then should I go?”
“Nah,” Jim replied, “you can stay. I'm fairly sure you won’t be too much of a nuisance.” They swam together for about an hour, splashing each other, racing, and seeing who could stay down the longest. After tiring themselves out, they swam back to shore. Jim had been out earlier that afternoon, and had built a small fire pit. Taking a match from his pants, he lit a small fire, and they huddled near each other warming themselves and drying off. Ashley turned and stared at Jim for a few minutes. When he finally noticed, he returned her gaze. “What?” he asked after several uncomfortable minutes.
“Jim, in all honesty, what do you think of me?” Ashley asked in return.
“Well, in all honesty, as you so put it, I would have to say that I think many things of you. You’re absolutely gorgeous. You may not be some extraordinary genius, but you‘re in most of my classes so you‘ve got to be smart. You have this warm personality that lets you be friends with every one.” Jim continued. “In all honesty, you are a very beautiful person.” He took a deep breath. “Okay, now I'm babbling aren’t I?”
“Jim?” Ashley asked nervously.
“Shut up and kiss me.” Leaning towards each other, they soon found one another’s lips. The kiss built in its passion, and soon their tongues were toying with each other. It was slightly evident that Jim really had no idea what he was supposed to be doing, leaving it up to Ashley to take the lead. She leaned back into a towel, forcing him to move over her if he wanted to continue making out. Tentatively, Jim reached forward and began to gently massage Ashley's breasts. Her hand slid down his back, pushing him closer to her, encouraging him when he hesitated. As she moved closer into his embrace, Jim reached around behind her and deftly untied her bikini top with one hand, proving that some skills come in handy no matter what the situation. As the top came free, Jim bent and began to kiss Ashley’s gorgeous breasts. Her small browned nipples grew hard as he took one gently between his teeth and began to toy with the tip gently gliding his tongue back and forth across it. Ashley moaned with pleasure as he continued, switching back and forth between her tits.
The further into things he got, the more relaxed Jim became and the easier his actions. While not something he had any practical experience with, it was something he had long fantasized about, and there is something to be said for mental practice. While his mouth would play with one, he would take the other between thumb and forefinger, gently rolling and tugging on the hardening nipple. As Ashley began moaning louder, Jim moved back to kissing her, swallowing her cries of ecstasy as his tongue once again finding hers, his hands continuing their assault on her breasts. Ashley lay back on the towels as Jim began to kiss down her throat, moving ever downwards, kissing all around her tits, the nipples, between them, and paying very close attention to the area beneath her tits. Continuing down, he traced kisses down her tanned, flat stomach, finally coming to the sweetest place nestled between her thighs. While his hands were busy playing with her chest, Jim began kissing Ashley’s thighs, first up and down one, then the other. The sensations began to overwhelm her and Ashley begged for him to touch that most sensitive of areas.
Looking up at her, Jim grinned, and then began to run his tongue over her outer lips. Folding his tongue together, Jim pushed deeper, until he was soon running his tongue all over the inside of her womanhood. Ashley began moaning again, having never felt this good before. Though she was no virgin, her few partners had lacked the skill Jim was now displaying. Where he took his time, using strong, even strokes, they had gone at it like dogs lapping at a water bowl. Reaching down, she began to play with herself, furiously rubbing her clit. Noticing her actions, Jim began to suck on the swelling bud. Combined with the ever present action of his hands, this proved too much for Ashley, and she experienced her most powerful orgasm ever. As she began to come, Jim eagerly lapped up the fluids, unsure of when to stop. Ashley shuddered as several minor orgasms passed through her. Jim had ceased toying with her and had moved back to kissing her, their tongues once more playing with each other.
Ashley made her move, and broke the kiss. Moving down his body, she gently flicked his nipples with her tongue, causing him to shudder with pleasure. She continued down his body. Jim was thin, but is more the lithe version caused by exercise, rather then the lean kind caused by not eating. As she kissed lower, Ashley grasped the bottom of Jim’s swim trunks, and pulled them to the ground. Free of its confinement, Jim’s swollen cock sprang forward. It was an average length of seven inches, but was slightly thicker then normal. Ashley looked at it for a few seconds before slowly taking it into her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down its length, and when she reached the tip, she began to flick the bottom with the tip of her tongue. Jim tried to suppress a moan of pleasure, but the feeling was just too exquisite. Under her tender ministrations, Jim’s cock grew harder then before. Fearing that he might cum, Jim reached down and lifted her face to his own. Kissing her once more, he rolled them over so that he was once more on top, his aching length caught between them. Ashley reached down and with one hand guided him to her wet lips. Placing the swollen purple head against herself, she thrust her hips forward, catching the head of his cock in her depths.
Jim began to slowly push himself deeper into her tight pussy, taking it one inch at a time. Ashley tried bucking her hips to pull more of him inside her, but Jim resisted, instead continuing his sweet torture of her. Ashley could feel each inch pass into her, as Jim’s swollen cock pushed deeper and deeper. Finally after several minutes of blissful torment, Jim had penetrated to the hilt. Ashley groaned with the feeling of completion she now felt. Jim began to thrust slowly, pulling back so far that he almost pulled out of her tight cunt. Then, in one swift motion, he thrust back in, his full length once again deep inside her. Ashley soon picked up on the rhythm and thrust her hips back into his, the better to keep more of him inside her. With each thrust the base of Jim’s cock would rub against her clit casting Ashley into a sea of bliss. Waves of pleasure crashed through her. Soon Ashley was cumming. As her fluids gushed out, she cried, “Come in me Jim! Come in me!” As her orgasm rushed through her, her pussy contracted, squeezing Jim’s cock. This final pressure proved too much for Jim and he began to cum long and hard. Shot after shot of jism poured into Ashley, leaking out as Jim filled her with his seed.
Exhausted, Jim fell to the side, and Ashley curled up against him. As they lay there under the stars, Jim absently playing with Ashley’s hair, her head resting on his shoulder. Ashley began to laugh as thought passed through her mind.
“What’s so funny?” Jim asked.
“Have you ever seen Revenge of the Nerds?” she asked.
“Yeah, why?”
“Do you remember the moon bounce scene?”
“Kinda.” Jim was wondering where this was heading.
“They were right. Geeks do make better lovers.” That said, Ashley looked up and kissed him.
Chapter Three-Lisa & Diane

Jim and Ashley snuck back into the cabin later that night, and after one final embrace, headed for their respective rooms. When he got back to his room, George and Jon asked Jim where he had been so late. He simply answered, “Thrusting drills.” As the next day was Saturday, the girls had no training session. Instead they were free to do whatever they wished. Most took this as an opportunity to work on their tans, while others relaxed in the cool waters of the lake. Jim and George had been sent back to town for more supplies for the two cabins.

Alone by himself, Jon decided to go for a short hike in he nearby woods. As the nearest piece of property was a good ten miles away, he wasn’t worried about walking into some one else’s land. Walking by himself, he let his thoughts wander. Oddly, what they kept wandering too were the scantily clad cheerleaders back at the cabin. Silently he cursed himself for not having brought binoculars. Had he sat by the shore, they would have noticed his stares, but with a pair of binoculars he could have stayed near the cabin and watched them unobtrusively. As he continued to think about this, he noticed some bushes rustling to his left. Quietly, he snuck over, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever a****l it was before he scared it off. What he saw was more then just a simple a****l.

Past the bush was a small clearing, covered mostly in grass. In the center, several blankets had been spread out. Lying on these blankets was none other then Diane. She was totally naked. Her pig tails had come loose, and her rich blond hair was cast all over the ground behind her. Her breasts heaved as she breathed, her large pink nipples already stiff. Her legs were spread open, giving Jon an unobstructed view of her toying with her clit. She was breathing heavily, and was obviously very aroused. The cause of her arousal was obvious. Kneeling between her legs, Lisa was eagerly lapping at her best friend’s pussy. Her tongue moved in long sensuous strokes, causing Diane to moan with each lick. Half naked as she was, Jon could see her large tan tits swing with each movement. Though she still had her skirt on it had slipped up her back, and Jon could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. Both girls were totally engrossed in what they were doing.

Diane reached own and pulled Lisa to her, and the two began to passionately kiss. As their tongues sought each other, their hard nipples began to rub against one another, Lisa’s small brown ones contrasting nicely with Diane’s large pink ones. Lisa began to kiss Diane’s neck and Diane’s fingers soon found Lisa’s snatch. As moving back up, Lisa began once again tonguing with Diane, as her own fingers found Diane’s pussy. Both girls were heavily fingering one another. As Diane came with a loud groan, she casually pushed Lisa on o her back and began to eat out her friend. While Diane’s tongue toyed with her clit, Lisa began to rub her tits, moaning as her friend caused spasm after spasm of pleasure to rock through her. Jon had already whipped himself out by then. While one hand steadied him, the other began to stroke his growing cock. It was soon full and hard, standing at a rigid six inches. Moving closer, he wasn’t paying very much attention and stabbed himself on a pricker bush. His loud cry startled the lovers in the meadow. Standing up, he started sucking on his injured hand. Turning around, he saw the two naked beauties staring at him.

“Um, hi ladies.” Jon waved weakly, acutely aware that his stiff dick was a dead giveaway of what he had been doing.

“Omigod, what were you doing?” Lisa shrieked.

“Hiking?” he suggested. As Lisa was in shock at the intrusion, Diane was the first to speak.

”Do you always hike half naked?” Jon was f***ed to confess to his little peepshow, both girls listening intently. When he was done speaking, Diane looked towards her lover.

“Why Lisa, I do believe I have an idea as to how to punish him.” Lisa looked at her strangely and Diane leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“I thought we were lesbians though,” Lisa said out loud. Diane whispered some more. Finally, she beckoned for Jon to come over. As he walked towards them Jon had no idea what was in store for him. Thus, when Diane grabbed his still hard rod, he was more then a little surprised. He was even more surprised when she began to suck on it. Diane soon had his full length in her mouth, and was eagerly licking his cock, the way a small c***d licks a lollipop. Jon groaned with the sensation, and soon came all over Diane’s face.

“Alright. I've satisfied you, now you have to satisfy me.” Diane quickly explained what she expected and lay down on the blankets. Jon quickly set to work, his mouth eagerly devouring her pink nipple, two of his fingers inserted deep into Diane’s cunt. Diane cried out at the violation of her body, and moaned as the pleasure overtook her, Already turned on by her encounter with Lisa, Diane was soon coming all over Jon’s fingers. As she lay there panting from the effort, she reached up and kissed him. She then whispered in his ear, “Now her.” Jon looked over at Lisa, who had watched the show in mixed horror and fascination. As Jon moved towards her, she became scared, as she was a virgin as far as men where concerned.

Jon came up to her and pulled her to her feet. Once she was standing he placed a firm kiss on her lips. As she reacted, he began to probe with his tongue, and her mouth soon opened to allow him access. As he continued the kiss, he lowered them to their knees. Once they were down, Jon bent and began to tease Lisa’s breasts. The small dark nipple grew hard under his care, as he sucked gently on one; the way a nursing baby does, meanwhile rubbing the other with the palm of his hand, occasionally squeezing the firm mounds. Lisa shuddered as pleasure flowed through her. Letting his other hand take over for his mouth, Jon began to kiss his way down her body, running his tongue over her flat stomach. He soon found himself at her love nest, her curled hairs framing her pink snatch. Smiling to himself, he began to gently run his tongue over her lips. As he continued to play with her, her clit began to swell.

Jon noticed and eagerly switched his attention. Shaping his tongue like a U, he positioned it under her clit. He then began to move his tongue back and forth, wrapping it all around her joy button. Lisa cried out with the amount of pleasure this was giving her. As Jon moved back up to kiss her, Diane saw a wonderful opportunity. Reaching between the kissing couple, she grabbed Jon’s rock hard cock and nestled it between Lisa’s pussy lips. Lisa was shocked by his and looked into Jon’s eyes. The hunger there was unmistakable. She too felt the need, and she desperately wanted to feel his cock deep inside her. Placing her hand in Diane’s she guided the purple head of Jon’s member to her

Feeling the wet heat approaching, Jon thrust gently, thus claiming the honor of the first man to take Lisa. Though a virgin himself, Jon had long wondered what it would be like, and thus, as any geek would have, researched it. With this knowledge in hand, he rolled them over, so that Lisa was now on top. Now in control, Lisa began to gently lower herself on him. Inch by inch he slipped into her, until he reached her maiden head. Feeling the membrane and knowing of the pain she would feel when he broke it, he reached up and kissed her. Just as she fell into the kiss, he thrust deep into to her, taking her cherry. Lisa recoiled at the sudden shock and pain. Jon stayed still for a moment, to allow her to get used to the intrusion. Buried to the hilt, he began to gently rock back and forth, though he didn’t thrust. The rocking caused her clit to rub against. As new bliss filled her, Lisa forgot about the pain she had just felt and began to rock with him. Feeling her response, Jon began to slowly thrust into her tight pussy. Feeling his six inches deep inside her, Lisa moved with him. The two lovers were soon in ecstasy. Not to be left out, Diane moved to straddle Jon’s face, with her back towards him so that she faced Lisa. Jon looked up into her gorgeous cunt and began to eat her out. The girls meanwhile had begun kissing and playing with each others tits. Their nipples rubbed against together, while their tongues tied themselves into knots. All three were in heaven as their bodies experienced the full sexual event. Lisa was the first to cum. Between her nipples and clit, her body felt as if an electric current was passing through it. She screamed as her orgasm hit, and her cum poured down Jon’s shaft. Close to climax himself, Jon lost what little self control he had left when Lisa’s walls began to squeeze his cock. He began to shoot deep into Lisa, his cum spilling out of her when she couldn’t hold anymore. His moan of pleasure raced through Diane’s clit, setting off the last of her orgasms for the day. As her juices fell on to his face, Jon drank as much of the sweet nectar as he could. Finally spent, the three lovers collapsed. The girls curled up against Jon’s side, and the three fell asl**p under the warm afternoon sun.
Chapter 4 – Jennifer

George was bored. He had been bored since he got there. He had a deep love for technology, and being stuck in the middle of the woods meant that technology was scarce. Even his laptop was useless. The motherboard had fried a few weeks ago, the result of him overclocking the system without providing it coolant. That was one of the two reasons he had agreed to come. A thousand dollars would not only replace the board, but would pay for a cooling system as well. The only other reason he could think of for being here was the girls. Though as he thought about it, that seemed to be a fairly decent reason all on its own. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be having much luck with them. Jim was off with Ashley some where; doing who knew what, but George could make a few wild guesses, and they were probably all good ones, the lucky bastard. Jon he wasn’t as sure about, but he had a feeling that Lisa and Diane had some how comeback wearing different skirts after they had come back from that hike with Jon. That was the worst bit of all. Not only were the girls ignoring him, but his friends had abandoned him as well.
In such a gloomy state of mind, George failed to notice the person standing behind him. It wasn’t until she sat down that he realized he had company. Even then he ignored her. George had never really gotten along with the cheerleaders. They couldn’t understand his interest in technology, and he couldn’t forgive them the endless number of pranks they had played on him over the years. So when the cute red head sat down next to him, he half expected her to push him off the dock and into the lake.
“Excuse me,” she asked, “do you know anything about computers?” George looked at her. She must be an idiot, he thought, everyone knows I’m the school computer whiz.

“Yeah, I may know a thing or two.” He replied some what hesitantly, still waiting for the joke.

“Could you help me then? My laptop is supposed to have wireless internet, but I can’t get it to work.” She looked him straight in the eye, and he figured she was probably telling him the truth.
“Alright, where is it?” he asked.
“It’s up in my room. Don’t worry about going up, all the chaperones are playing lifeguard right now.” Standing up, she headed up the hill back to the cabin. George followed her, as even a simple problem would provide a distraction for him. Back at the cabin, George and the girl headed for her room. There, she presented him with the laptop and service node she used to connect to the internet. Booting up the laptop, George tried to connect, with both her and his screen names. When neither worked, he checked the node itself. After cracking it open it soon became apparent what the problem was. Several chipboards had been jostled and fallen out of place. This in turn had torn out a few wires, but the ends had come free, so they simply needed to be reattached, instead of costly replaced. Sitting down on her bed, George spread the pieces about him. Though it would be simple enough to fix, the pieces were slightly delicate and would take some time put back into position. Knowing he had to pass the time some how, as the girl did not seem ready to go anywhere, George decided to try some small talk to lighten the grave mood she seemed to be in.

“Well, the good news is I can fix it, the bad news is that it will take me a few hours. I apologize, but this means you won’t be able to chat with your f****y or boyfriend or whoever.” George wondered what her response was going to be.

“Oh, I'm not seeing any one right now. I dumped the last asshole after he talked about his car for an hour.” The girl climbed on to one of the other beds, put her arms behind her head and stared at the ceiling. “I probably wouldn’t have minded,” she continued, “but we were watching a movie at the time.”

“Ah, well, if he wasn’t that interested it was probably for the best.” George remarked.

“Nah the movie wasn’t that good to begin with. Some dumb action flick he dragged me to see. You know the kind, where no matter what she does, the heroine always seems to end up topless, even if she sits in an office?” the girl had launched into full sharing mode. “Well, needless to say I think he spent more time drooling over her then me.”

George sensed an opening. Sure he had never gotten along with the cheerleaders. But it had more to do with his own insecurities rather than their attitudes, so he might as well talk with the girl. “Actually, what I meant was that if he wasn’t interested in the movie, he could have talked to you. I guess I can’t really talk. If it had been me, you might have gotten an hour of computer talk.” George admitted this with a faint blush. Never the smoothest talker, he had a bad habit of revealing his faults with out prompting.

“So?” the girl replied “An hour of computers I could have taken. Computers interest me. Well, at least the software side. As you can tell, I'm not very good with the hardware.” The girl rolled over so she was looking at George. “What exactly did I do to it?” she asked.

“Nothing major,” he replied “just some rough handling.” He thought for a moment. “You know it occurs to me. Here I am talking shop with a girl in her own bedroom, and I still haven’t even asked your name. I apologize.”

Her sweet laughter rang through the room as she sat up. “My name is Jennifer, Jen, for short. Pleased to meet you Mr. ….?”

“I believe I am answering to George at this time. If it changes, I shall let you know.” He looked over to her with a grin on his face. She was smiling back. “So, you’re interested in computers huh?”

“Yeah, I'm planning on majoring in programming in college. Probably something to do with market trends, but I’d really like to get into video game programming.” George looked over at her with a doubting look on his face.

“Did I hear you right? You actually plan on working in the game industry?”

“Yeah why? Is it that had to believe that there are female programmers out there?” Jen was slightly indignant over what he was suggesting.

“Female programmers I can believe. It’s a cheerleader programmer that I find difficult to swallow.” George replied.

“Fine then. I propose a bet. I have here a second laptop, set up for a LAN connection, and both are equipped with a game I programmed myself. We play. If my programming is that bad, you should have no problem beating me. If you lose, you do as I say. If I lose, well, I won’t lose, so that doesn’t matter. Is it a deal?” Jen offered out her hand. George rose of his bed and shook on the bet.

The laptops were setup on opposite ends of the room and the game begun. A simple shooter mixed with RPG elements, it required players to pick both a class and weapon. Soon the two opponents were waging a fierce battle. Gunfire was exchanged with spell blasts, swords sliced through Kevlar, and in the most comic tragedy in gaming history, catapults smashed through tanks. After an hour of battling, George admitted defeat. Not only was the game beautifully rendered graphics wise, the game play was innovative, and the concept fairly unique. Worse, he had found no bugs to exploit. He was thoroughly beaten. He walked over to Jen and extended his arm. Grasping her hand, he knelt and brought it to his lips. “I surrender dear lady. I am yours to command.”

With a broad smile on her face, she looked into his eyes and said, “Kiss me.”

George did a small double take at the command, and then happily obliged leaning in, he placed a hand at the back of her head to draw her closer to him. As their lips met, his parted and his tongue reached out and sought hers. She responded in kind, and soon a tongue of war had broken out. His hands began to move sliding under the front of her shirt. Finding her breasts, he gently squeezed them causing her to moan into his mouth. He began to gently massage them, her nipples stiffening under his touch. Breaking the kiss for only a moment, Jen pulled the shirt over her head and flung it into a corner. Their tongues meeting once again, George reached behind her and deftly unclasped the lacy black bra she was wearing. Her largish tits swung free, her pink nipples already hard as pebbles. George bent and took one into his mouth, gently massaging the other with the palm of his hand. As his tongue began to trace a circle around her areola, he started to tug on her other nipple. The constant affection caused Jen to moan her pleasure. The feeling was almost as intense as to be described as agonizing.

While his mouth and hand kept her breasts busy, George’s other hand found the buttons to her tight jeans. Popping the button, his hand snaked down into her pants, his fingers quickly finding the spot causing her panties to become so wet. His fingers plunged into her, adding yet another sensation to the growing number she was feeling. George quickly discovered that though she was no virgin, she was incredibly tight. Curling his fingers, he began to make a small come here motion inside of her. This proved to be too much for Jen and she came, gushing her juices all over his hand. George was far from through though. Laying her down on the bed, he slowly tugged of her tight jeans, exposing a pair of black lace panties. Her come was already leaking out the sides, and a huge wet spot had formed in their center. Grinning evilly, he gently removed her panties and began to lap up her come.

His tongue teased her folds, before he lightly flicked her swollen clit. As his tongue explored her nether regions, his hands continued to manipulate her heaving breasts, tugging and teasing her hard nipples. Though she couldn’t believe it, Jen was headed for a second orgasm. Thrusting her hips into his face, she silently begged for more. He happily obliged, thrusting his tongue into her, as far as it would go. The sudden intrusion did it, and Jen began to come on his face. Drinking down as much as he could, George began to kiss his way back up her body. As he passed her breasts, he began to lick her breasts, smearing her cum into her perky nipples. Once it was evenly deposited, he continued his travels, until once again their tongues were locked together. As they kissed, she fumbled with the buttons on his jeans, finally getting them open. As she kissed her way down his body, she guided his pants to the floor, leaving his eight inch erection free. She slowly began to tongue it, licking her way from base to tip and back again. As George trembled from the feeling, she took his sack into her mouth and began rolling his balls back and forth. As precome formed at the tip, she bent and licked off.

With her hands on his knees, she could feel him trembling, and it aroused her beyond comparison. Lifting her to her feet, George guided Jen back onto the bed. She lay there, with her legs spread open in invitation. As he drew closer, Jen reached out and grasped him, guiding the swollen head to her entrance. Once it was in position, George thrust into her, filling her with his eight inch meat in one stroke. He leaned over her, so that her nipples rubbed against his chest, stimulating them even more. As he thrust into her, she could feel every inch of him, and sought to hold it as much as possible. She was soon matching him thrust for thrust, rubbing her clit against him. Her tight walls were slick with her cum, but even so she was incredibly tight. Their moans echoed off the close walls. George knew he wouldn’t last long, and as her walls tightened with her orgasm, he too blew his load, deep into her. Looking into her eyes, he could tell she was just as pleased as he was with what had happened.
Chapter 5- Stefanie

Stef had been sunning herself for nearly an hour already. The morning sun felt good, a gentle warmth caressing her body. She had already dropped the top of her bikini, seeing no reason not to abolish her tan lines while no one was looking. Finding the little glade had been a god send, and she intended to use it for whatever purpose she liked. She was far enough away from the camp that she doubted anyone would find her, while she was still close enough to hurry back if she needed to. She rolled over so that her back would be as even as the rest of her. Opening her eyes, she found another pair of large, brown eyes staring back at her. She froze, not wanting to alert the creature to the fact that she knew it was there. There was a faint rustling sound, and the creature moved so only its head was visible. Stef recognized it as a bear instantly.


Jon was bored. Despite the pleasant events of the day before, he wasn’t going to push for more from Lisa and Diane, as it was well known that they were truly lesbians. He understood that Diane was simply having fun at his expense, but in this case he didn’t mind. Propping his legs up on the table in front of him, he leaned back in his chair and began paging through the latest strategy magazines. Hopefully, cards would be able to distract. He hadn’t been bored for long when he heard the screaming. Opening the door to the boy’s room, he wasn’t quite expecting what happened next. Running full tilt into him, one of the cheerleaders smashed him to the floor. Dazed from the crash, he looked up into Stefanie’s panting face. “Umm. Stef, what are you doing?” Jon asked.

“Be-B-Bear,” she replied, “there was a bear in the woods.” She tried to catch her breath. “It began to chase me.”

Gently pushing her off him, Jon walked to the window. It wasn’t hard to spot where Stef had coming running from, as branches and grass had been trampled in her flight. As Jon watched, a turkey followed by her chicks walked out of the woods. Her ruffled feathers told of her agitation. Realizing what had happened, Jon began to laugh. Stef looked at him with a hurt look on her face.

“What’s so funny about me nearly being killed?” she asked him.

“Turkey.” Laughing as hard as he was, Jon couldn’t explain what he had just seen.

“Are you calling me a turkey?” Stef was getting somewhat upset by this turn of events. Terrified running girls weren’t supposed to get laughed at. And the bear had really scared her.

“No, you were being chased by a turkey.” Jon had finally gotten his chuckling under control. “She was probably worried for her chicks. I watched them walk out of the woods after you.”

“Oh.” Stef looked puzzled. “I could have sworn it was a bear.”

Jon looked at her, and something finally clicked. Stef had been standing there half naked the entire time. Her firm breasts with their large brown nipples had been staring him in the face ever since she had run into him. Thinking back slightly more, he realized they had also probably been rubbing against his chest when she had landed on him. Thinking about this, he started to get aroused. His curiosity won the better of him. Crashing into the couch, he asked “Stef, why are you topless?”

Looking down, Stef’s arms flew to cover her exposed tits. “Omigod Omigod Omigod. I am so embarrassed.” Falling on to the couch beside him, her head dropped to her chest.

Jon laughed. “Don’t worry its nothing I haven’t seen before. But my question remains. Why are you topless?” The mirth in his eyes was enough to disarm her, and when he placed his arm around her shoulders she leaned into him, partly glad for the comfort.

“I was sunbathing. I can’t stand tan lines, so I took off my top. I rolled on to my stomach to tan my back, and saw these eyes staring back at me. So I took off. I ran screaming, and the next thing I know, I'm laying on the floor, or more accurately on top of you.” She paused for a moment. “Cant say I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Oh really?” Jon looked down at her. “And what was so enjoyable about it?” he asked.

“I don’t know. A combination of things. Winding up in the arms of a strong man when scared was a good thing. Not having you just shove me off of you helped. And honestly, the way my nipples rubbed against you kind of turned me on.”

“Oh really?” he asked, “So what if I do this?” Reaching over, he took her bare breasts into his hands, gently rolling the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Leaning over, he began to kiss her, their tongues twining like a pair of snakes. Kneeling in front of her, he began to drag his tongue down her flat stomach. Stef smiled at his soft touch. Unwillingly, Jon removed his hands from her breasts, instead using them to remove her wet panties.

Looking up at her with a feral grin, he bowed to her pussy and began to lap at her juices like a dog. Stef moaned as his tongue found her clit, sending spasms of pleasure to course through her. Stef came, pouring her juices all over Jon’s face. Jon liked as much as he could off of her. Spreading her legs apart, he began to rub the head of his cock against her lips. Teased in such a manner, Stef began to buck her hips, trying to ensnare him inside of her. After tormenting her for several minutes, Jon finally entered her in one swift motion. Feeling his length enter so suddenly, Stef couldn’t help but cry out. Jon began to thrust, the pressure of her tight cunt squeezing his hard cock.

Jon knew he wasn’t going to last long like this, but the feelings were just too much. With one final thrust, Jon pushed into the hilt before releasing his white hot cum deep into her pussy. Stef was far from finished however. Pushing Jon over on his back, she began to lick at his softening cock. Wrapping her tongue around, his cock, she began to move it up and down his shaft. Despite having cum moments before, Jon’s cock was soon hard again. Stef stood over him, and gently lowered herself on to his rod. In control this time, she began to slowly raise and lower herself. The thrusting motions caused Jon to rub against her g-spot, and every time she took all of him inside her, her clit rubbed his shaft. The slow speed meant that she felt every inch of him, Jon was in heaven, the feel of Stef’s tight walls almost causing him pain in the amount of pleasure he felt. The feelings becoming too much for her to stand, Stef began to move faster, her slick walls rubbing against Jon. Picking up the change in tempo, Jon began to thrust back into her, reaching for her inner depths with his cock. Stef had finally had enough. As her orgasm passed through her, her cunt squeezed Jon’s cock, finishing his overworked member. With one final thrust, he pushed deep into her, releasing another stream of cum. Later they were sitting on the small porch off of the boy’s room. Jon had lent Stef one of his blank t-shirts.

Relaxing against each other they were enjoying the afternoon sun. Watching the woods, they were surprised when the bear club walked out of the woods. Sniffing the air, it began to walk towards them. Climbing the stairs to the deck, it walked over to Stef and sniffed her legs. After licking them a few times, it curled up at her feet and fell asl**p. Jon looked at it curiously. “I think it thinks you’re its mother” Stef, still staring at the bear, simply replied, “I told you I saw a bear.”
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The Waiting Game

If you didn’t know her, your first impression of Sonya would be that she’d descended from a long and particularly prestigious line of varsity cheerleaders. Tanned, blonde, and sporty—she struck that perfect balance between fit and curvy. But she didn’t get her figure from shaking pom-poms at some football game, no sir. She got it from fencing. From stabbing people, competitively. She had a gift for it.

That’s how we first met, actually—she joined the university fencing team with me during our second year of college after transferring from overseas. The guys and the girls competed separately but trained together, and I’m happy to say that I fell in love the very first time Sonya jabbed her foil into my breastbone. She beat me without giving up a single point, then tore off her mask and shook out her long, wavy hair.

“You’re really good,” she said, further charming me with her adorable Australian accent.

I was still trying to figure out how I’d been so thoroughly bested by an opponent six inches shorter than me. “I know I’m good. You’re just much, much better.”

Sonya scrunched up her face into a guilty smile.

“I’m Michael,” I said, extending my hand. But instead of accepting the handshake, Sonya raised her blade, taunting me:

“You wanna try again? Who knows, you might get lucky.”

I DID get lucky. Not in the next match, mind you (she kicked my ass again, just as thoroughly as she had before), no, I got lucky later that night, after she invited me back to her dorm room to watch the big swordfight from Scaramouche.

We hit it off so well, we wound up hardly paying any attention to the movie. I couldn’t believe how compatible we were. We could practically finish each other’s sentences.

She was like a wild, glowing ball of light. Feisty and earnest. Bouncy, flouncy fun. Filled to the brim with art and ideas and an endless supply of energy. And for whatever reason, she was every bit as smitten with me as I was with her. I had never been so happy to lose a fencing match.

By two in the morning, Sonya and I were busy practicing a very different type of thrusting. She was moaning incoherently while I plunged into her from behind, sheathing myself to the hilt inside her warm body. I scooped up those deliciously soft tits in my hands and squeezed…

Sonya cried out in sharp ecstasy—her voice so fucking sexy—that boiling hot body, trembling in my arms—

I pulled out, roaring like an a****l as I erupted all over her perfectly formed ass.

When Sonya and I both drifted back down to earth, we turned and saw her roommate standing awkwardly in the doorway, still clutching her keys. Eyes wide open…

At that moment, something snapped inside of us. Suddenly, having somebody else to watch became the biggest aphrodisiac imaginable. The following evening, right after fencing practice, Sonya dragged me into the girls’ shower room, plopped me down on the bench inside, and promptly straddled my cock with her beautiful, naked body. Not a second later, all the other girls on the team strolled innocently inside and found Sonya riding me. Most of them ran off, giggling and shrieking, but two of the girls got such a kick out of our little exhibitionist display, they actually stayed to watch us finish.

After that, our little “shows” became commonplace around campus. We became minor celebrities at school, even had a few jokes written about us in the school newspaper.

Sonya was the love of my life, and we were inseparable for the remainder of our college years. We studied together, we ate together, we even tried to survive that awful P90X workout thing together—so it went without saying that we were gonna move in together after graduating.

But then, at the last minute, the school randomly changed its mind and determined that two of Sonya’s transfer credits would no longer count towards her degree. Apparently “Semantic Linguistics” wasn’t “real” science. Try taking THAT awesome little piece of irony out for a test drive.

We were kind of fucked. The news came so late in the semester, Sonya and I had already signed the year-long lease on our new apartment—across the country in CALIFORNIA. I had a job there, waiting for me to start in a matter of weeks.

So, much as it sucked, our only option was to date long-distance for the summer. Actually, it wasn’t even the whole summer, just eight weeks. It was far from ideal, but we’d survive. How hard could it be?

Very, as it turns out. VERY hard. Like, throbbing, engorged, non-stop Viagra-type hard. I found that out on my very first day on the job.


They called me the “Inter-Departmental Liaison,” but really, my responsibilities were basically limited to hauling shit up and down the stairs and driving it back and forth across town, because the two guys who owned the company refused to work in the same building as one another.

Still, I couldn’t complain. The pay was absurdly high for what I was doing, and for a guy just out of college it was a great entry-level opportunity to learn the business; meet the vendors, get the lay of the land, and get a sense for how things worked in the real world.

Like I said, I had two bosses, in two different offices, on opposite sides of town. My boss at Site A was Jerry—an older guy who actually made the effort to personally introduce me to everybody. Most of them acknowledged me with little more than a meager, monotone, “Hey.” I wasn’t particularly taken with any of them.

At least, that’s how I felt until Jerry introduced me to—

“Mike, this is Claire, my assistant. She’ll be your primary contact here at Site A.”

Holy shit.

I tried to play it cool as the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my life rose from her desk to greet me. She swept back a few strands of short, copper-colored hair and smiled thinly, giving me a quick once-over with her piercing, ice-blue eyes. Maybe five or six years older than me, Claire had a cool sophistication that would have looked right at home on the cover of a Paris fashion magazine.

“Nice to meet you, Michael.”

There was something cold about the way she smiled at me. Sure, it was polite—but it felt deliberately polite. As if she wanted me to know that it required actual effort for her to be nice to me.

Regardless of her frosty personality, there was no denying that the woman was a knockout. Tall, slim, immaculately dressed in a tight pencil skirt that showed off long, exquisitely toned legs. And—because Claire had apparently won the proverbial Puberty Super Lotto—she was top-heavy as well, filling out her designer blouse with a set of big, succulent tits, wholly undeserved on such an otherwise slender body.

The more I thought about it, I decided maybe it was a good thing Claire wasn’t warmer towards me. Given that my girlfriend would be out of town for the next two months, the last thing I needed was some gorgeous woman flirting with me for four hours a day.

Which, of course, is exactly what I got with Tami.

She was my contact across town at Site B.

Having grown up in Seattle, Tami brought with her a fun-loving, rock and roll sense of style. She was about 22 years old and at least partially Japanese-American, but she was about as far from the cliché “demure, petite Asian flower” as you could possibly imagine: wild, friendly, and incorrigibly flirtatious.

She also had curves like you wouldn’t believe. A soft, voluptuous body with a nicely plump ass and—

And… and…


Her tits were huge. Like, same-size-as-her-entire-head huge. Tami had the sort of breasts that invited comparisons to the largest available items at your local produce department.

I silently reminded myself not to drool.

“Hi, I’m—“

“Mike, right?”

She jumped up from her desk and bounced across the room to meet me. I extended a hand to greet her, but Tami just swatted it aside and instead gave me a full-on hug—crushing the entirety of those unbearably soft tits against my body.

As she hugged me, Tami whispered, “I can’t tell you how great it is to finally meet you! There are NO people my age at Site B, they’re all like fifty or sixty. I have nobody to talk to. Imagine how stoked I was when I found out the new IDL was gonna be some cute, young guy!”

Aw crap. Did she really just say “cute?”

By the time I got home from that first day of work, I knew I was in trouble. My muscles ached from carrying boxes up stairs all day, and yet I was still sporting an erection that wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t believe my situation. Eight hours of each day—half my waking life—I was gonna be working alongside the two sexiest women I had ever laid eyes on.

And here I was, without my girlfriend for another TWO MONTHS. The sexual frustration was gonna be intolerable.

As I staggered up to my front door and fumbled to get my key in the lock, I consoled myself with the knowledge that I would only have to deal with Tami and Claire while I was at work. At least once I was off the clock, I wouldn’t have to—


It was Tami’s voice. I looked up to see her and Claire standing in the hall, three doors down from my apartment.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“We live here,” Claire curtly replied. “We’re roommates.”

Tami shook her head in disbelief, laughing, “Is that really your apartment?”

“Yeah, I moved in last night…”

“I can’t believe it! What are the odds? We’re gonna be neighbors!”

Oh, great.

An hour later, I finally reconnected with Sonya via webcam, and even over the computer she could see how flustered I was.

“What’s wrong, honey?”

“I just… I just REALLY wish you were here.”

She grinned and told me how sweet I was. God, she was beautiful. I reminded myself that I really was a lucky bastard to have a woman like her in my life.

Then the building’s electricity went out.

No lights, no computer, and no way to charge my cell phone’s dead battery. But worst of all? No air-conditioning. It was the middle of summer, and the temperature in my apartment quickly rose to over 100 degrees.

Luckily—or unluckily, depending on how you look at it—our apartment complex had a pool. My swim trunks were still packed away god knows where, but I figured the black boxer-briefs I had on were modest enough to go out in public. So I stripped to my undies, headed down to the pool, and dove into the cool blue water as fast as I could.

It wasn’t as crowded as you’d think, given the insane heat. All told, there were only six other people in the water when I went down there. There were two little k**s wearing floaties, their parents, an eighty-year-old woman in a mumu who just wanted to get her feet wet, and some creepy-looking older guy with a burgundy speedo and a big gold chain around his neck.

I tried my best not to think about the contributions those two little k**s were making to the chemical composition of the water as I floated on my back, enjoying the sensation of weightlessness. At last, a bit of relaxation after a long day of carrying heavy shit up and down flights of stairs.

One by one, the others got up and left the pool area, until only me and the old woman remained. Unbidden, my mind started conjuring up some predictably racy thoughts about my two beautiful coworkers/neighbors. Tami and Claire… I idly wondered what Sonya would think of the pair of them when she finally moved out here in a couple months. Would she be weirded-out when she realized I’d been in such close, constant proximity to two world-class specimens of sexy? Or even jealous?

No, that would be silly. Sonya wasn’t the jealous type, anyway, and it’s not like she expected me to spend the rest of my life with blinders on, not even noticing when another attractive women crossed my path. Hell, there’s no crime in just LOOKING at the two of them, is there? Course not! Just so long as looking was all I did, and nothing else.


No matter how badly I wanted to.

Clang! The pool gate slammed shut. I lazily spun my head to see who was joining me at the pool—

And there they were, strolling towards me. My two gorgeous tormentors, their delicious bodies wrapped up in beach towels. I threw them a friendly smile and a casual wave of my hand, trying to play it cool and not let on that my heart was already doing somersaults in my chest in anticipation of what I was going to see when those towels came off.

Please be bikinis, please be bikinis, please be bikinis…

Don’t be weird, brain.

“How’s the water?” Claire asked politely.

“Wet,” I grinned.

“Works for me!” Tami cheered, and she promptly dropped her towel.

Her suit wasn’t a bikini, but I wasn’t gonna complain about the view. Hot damn, those curves of hers were fantastic. She had on a blinding white one-piece that stretched across her luscious body like a second skin.

She took a running leap into the water, and my cock was already granite hard by the time she popped up for air and swiped the long, wet strands of hair off her smiling face.

“Whoo!” Tami cheered, then spun to face her still-dry friend. “Get in, it feels great!”

But Claire just circled along the edge of the pool, over to the shallow end, and dipped in her toe to test the temperature.

Tami turned to me with a conspiring grin, “She’s kind of a chicken.”

“I am not a chicken,” Claire huffed impatiently. “I just don’t like diving into ice cold water without checking the temperature first.”

Tami burst out laughing, “How could the water be ice cold, girl? It’s a million bajillion degrees in the shade. We’re lucky this pool isn’t boiling our pretty asses like lobsters.”

Claire ignored her and went to strip off her beach towel—but she stopped at the last second, quickly giving me an appraising glance. From the look in her eyes, it was obvious why she was hesitant: Claire was wondering if it would make things awkward at work if I saw her in whatever skimpy outfit she had decided to wear to the pool.

I decided to make things easy on her and looked away, diving for fun down to the bottom of the pool and paddling around, hoping the exercise might do something to bring down my outrageous erection. No luck.

As I popped back up to the surface, I saw Claire’s towel strewn across the side of the pool, and reflexively spun to catch a quick glimpse of her glorious, fair-skinned body as it slipped gracefully beneath the water.

Unlike Tami, Claire had decided to wear a two-piece; an itty-bitty little nothing of a suit. The top was gold, just a bit of string and a pair of positively immodest triangles to support the soft flesh of her tits. I didn’t get a great look at the bottoms, but they were pink and pearlescent, and the way they were cut really did a great job of showing off Claire’s incredibly tight ass and long, lithe legs.

As I tried to start a conversation with them, I silently wondered what they thought of me thus far. I consider myself a decently good-looking guy, and between the fencing team and my fairly active lifestyle, I’ve always kept in pretty good shape. Still, I didn’t begin to approach these girls on the hotness scale, and I seriously doubted they’d been fantasizing about me all day the way I’d been fantasizing about them.

Still, what if one of them was interested in me? Okay, yeah, Claire definitely wasn’t, with her icy smile and curt handshake—but what about Tami? She had called me “cute” at the office, and there was no mistaking all that flirting (and no way in hell was that girl unaware of the effect her “friendly” hugs had on me, rubbing those great big titties of hers all over my chest).

Maybe she was just a tease, but I figured it would probably be a good idea if I found a way to subtly drop the fact that I was in a serious relationship sooner rather than later. Who knows? It might even make Claire loosen up around me. Yeah. I should definitely slip my girlfriend’s existence into the conversation.

“Does the power go out here often?” I asked instead.

“Oh my god, lately it’s been happening all the time!” Tami answered.

Claire added, “Too many people running their air conditioners at once, we think. But we’ve only got one building manager who can fix stuff and he’s only here in the morning.”

Tami caught me checking her out, and shot me a naughty smile. “Good thing we have this pool to keep cool in the heat. I bet we’ll be bumping into you down here a lot this summer.”

She emphasized “bumping into” by literally bumping her body against mine.

Yeah, okay, she’s definitely hitting on you, Mike. Better mention your girlfriend.

Tami continued treading water beside me, and I did my best to ignore the way her breasts were swaying beneath the water.

Her name’s Sonya, remember? You’ve been dating for three years. Love of your life? Tell these girls you’re off the market!

Was it just me, or had Tami’s swimsuit turned just a touch more transparent than it had been before, when it was dry? In retrospect, I really wasn’t doing a very good job of maintaining eye-contact.

Actually, I thought to myself, what’s the hurry? So this girl is flirting with you, there’s no harm in that. She’s super hot and it’s not every day a girl who looks like this makes a pass at you. Maybe you should just leave it be, for the moment. Tami’s having fun, why put a damper on it? And Sonya’s not even in the same state as you, she wouldn’t get hurt if you flirted back a little, would she? It’s not like you’re gonna let anything ACTUALLY happen here.

You’re not gonna ACTUALLY bring Tami back to your apartment and strip that wet bathing suit off of her body with your teeth. You’re not gonna ACTUALLY slip a finger between her legs just so you can hear her moan while you spend hours licking and sucking on her heaving breasts. You’re not gonna ACTUALLY fuck her senseless, in every possible position and on every available surface in your home.

Sure, you probably COULD do all that. If you really wanted to. I mean, she is clearly hitting on you…

“My girlfriend’s gonna be so pissed when she finds out about these power outages,” I hurriedly blurted out. The words sounded more f***ed and desperate than they probably should have. “She and I already signed a year lease.”

Tami kept smiling, but I saw a bit of the wind go out of her sails. She quietly let herself drift a few feet further from me in the pool, for propriety’s sake.

Claire, on the other hand, suddenly looked like a completely different person. She hadn’t shown me a genuine smile even once, all day—but as soon as she heard me say the words “my girlfriend,” she instantly relaxed. She started acting friendly—even silly. It made me wonder if her whole icy persona wasn’t just some sort of subconscious defense mechanism she’d evolved to defend against constantly getting hit on at work.

The girls insisted I tell them about Sonya—she was going to be their neighbor too, after all—and so I laid out the facts of our whole frustrating, long-distance situation.

“Eight weeks without seeing each other? That’s awful!” Tami said.

“Tell me about it.”

“Do you even know anybody else out here?” Claire asked, frowning. “Or are you all by yourself until then?”

“Well, I don’t exactly plan to spend the summer holed-up in my apartment with the curtains drawn—but no, I don’t really know anybody out here. Not yet, anyway. Haven’t quite figured out what I’m gonna do for a social life now that I’m officially a Californian.”

My eyes travelled back and forth between the two women in the pool with me: Tami—short, curvy, and cute. Claire—tall, slender, and striking. Each of them ridiculously, impossibly beautiful in her own way.

I laughed, “Although, I suppose I could have had a worse first night here than meeting the two of you.”

“Aww!” Tami giggled. “Don’t worry, we’ll be your friends. We might as well get to know each other, if we’re all gonna be working together, right?”

And with that, she surprised me with another of her big-breasted hugs. The soft curve of her hip rubbed up against my still-raging erection, and Tami’s eyes widened at the sensation. Then, with her back to Claire, Tami gave me a brief, secretive wink.

“Anyway, it’s getting late, we’ve gotta make dinner soon,” Claire sighed, pointing up at the now inky black sky above us.

They both headed off and I stayed behind in the pool for a few minutes, waiting for my penis to calm down before I hopped back on dry land with a boner in full view of my neighbors. When I finally did emerge from the water, I realized that the 80-year-old woman was still sitting at the side of the pool, serenely poking at the water with her toes.

She looked a bit lost, so I walked over to her and asked, “How are you doing? Everything okay?”

“Oh, I’m just thinking,” she said.

“Thinking about what?”

She turned to me, her eyes glinting with knowing mischief: “Thinking about how nice it would be if I could still fill out a bathing suit as well as those two friends of yours. Once upon a time, you know.”

I just nodded, having no idea how in hell I was gonna respond to that. She saw my discomfort and chuckled genially. “Well, well, well. Mister big handsome man spends all evening flirting with two beautiful girls, but he gets all tongue-tied trying to talk to an old woman.”

“Seems to be the case,” I smirked.

“Did I overhear you say you’re girlfriend is out of town for a few weeks?”


“Well then, son, I suggest you hurry home and rub one out before you do something incredibly stupid. I know how a young man’s mind works, believe me.”

Blushing all the way down to my most vestigial internal organs, I nodded my thanks and, still naked except for my wet boxer briefs, I hurried back to my apartment, fully intending to do just as she suggested. Thank god for jacking off; the world’s single greatest vaccination against infidelity—

I’d locked myself out.

In my hurry to get downstairs to the pool, I had left my keys inside, with the doorknob bolt locked out of habit. Now I was stuck out here, in the dark, with no phone, no keys, no wallet, and no clothes.

With a sigh, I realized there was only one thing to do…

“Michael?” Claire greeted me at the door to her apartment, now dressed in a pair of tiny cotton shorts and a simple grey camisole with no bra. She reflexively d****d an arm across her swinging tits, soon as she saw me. Regardless, she was more covered-up at the moment than I was.

The girls had set up a few dozen candles around their apartment to combat the power outage, giving the space a soft, romantic feel. I heard the shower running and could only assume Tami was rinsing all the chlorine out of her hair.

Blushing, I said, “Hi, Claire. So, I’m really sorry about this, but it turns out I’m actually a huge idiot and… I locked myself out of my apartment.”

Way to score points with your new coworkers, genius.

Claire moved aside and gestured for me to come in.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s happened to all of us at some point or another.” She glanced down at my nearly naked body, and then added, “Albeit not in quite such a vulnerable state, I would imagine. Let me get you a towel or something to cover up.”

She turned away and headed towards the bathroom, giving me a frustrating eye-full of her long legs and drum-tight butt. Just as she reached for the knob, the bathroom door swung open and, totally oblivious to my presence, Tami stepped out into the hallway, toweling off her long, black hair.

She was beautifully, utterly, naked.

For a split second, time froze. My jaw dropped open as I drank in the sight of her: Warm, smooth skin. Full, proud hips framing a tiny patch of pubic hair she had shaved into the shape of a heart. Her breasts—well, I almost fainted. I’d spent the better part of the past eight hours fantasizing about what Tami would look like topless, and I gotta admit my imagination didn’t begin to do her justice.

As she toweled off her hair, the motion caused her entire chest to shake back and forth.

“Tami!” Claire shouted.

The beautiful, naked girl suddenly realized I was standing in her living room, gawking at her stupendous tits, and we both spun away at the same time, mortified.

There was nothing for it but to laugh. After I heard the door slam shut again, I called out, “Can I turn around now?”

“Yes, coast is clear!”

Claire was on-hand to pass me a large towel, which I gratefully accepted. As I went to cover myself up, I noticed her icy blue eyes dip south—just for an instant—checking out the way my cock was straining against the clinging damp fabric of my briefs.

Tami came out to join us a minute later, red in the face and fully dressed. She made a beeline for the freezer.

“Tamm, the power’s out!” Claire cried. “You’re gonna let out all the cold air.”

“Would you please relax? I for one think we’ve all earned a sip or two of this.”

She retrieved an ice-cold bottle of vodka from the freezer. “How about you, Michael? You look like you need a drink as badly as I do.”

Bad idea, I told myself. Don’t get d***k, not when your girlfriend’s on the other side of the country and the only thing standing between you and the two hottest women on earth is a pair of boxer-briefs. DO NOT DRINK.

Before I could answer, Tami thrust a coffee mug into my hands, half-filled with neat, chilled vodka. The cold rush of air when she’d opened the freezer had perked up her nipples, which were now staring me in the face.

Yes, I should have politely declined the drink, but I was only 22 years old and the idea of turning down free booze was completely alien to me. Instead, I just thanked her and immediately downed about three shots of the stuff.

Tami plopped down beside me on the sofa and took a long sip from her own cup. “Sorry for, like, accidentally flashing you just now.”

“I’m sorry for looking.”

“Well then, here’s to being sorry!” Tami raised her glass, and we both drowned the awkwardness with another swig of vodka.

The girls let me use their phones, but as expected the building manager couldn’t be reached and wouldn’t be on-site until the morning. I considered calling a locksmith, but Tami absolutely forbade me on the grounds that it was way too expensive.

“You can just crash here tonight,” she said, earning a wary look from Claire.

“I can’t impose on you guys that much, I only just met you.”

Tami squinted comically at me, tapping her chin in thought. “Then we’ll just have to find some way for you to make it up to us. You look like you’re pretty strong, I’ll bet you could barter a night on our couch in return for giving us back rubs.”

Claire practically spat out her drink. “Tami! Come on, we work with him! Try to be a little more professional, would you?”

“He’s seen my boobs, girl. I think it’s a bit late for that. Besides, if you were really so concerned with being ‘professional,’ you would have gone into your room and put on a bra the second he walked in the door. Don’t even pretend like you didn’t realize.”

Claire reflexively covered her chest and took a deep drink from her cup. “I guess a back rub would be okay,” she said, meekly.

Okay, Mike. This is your brain. You’ve had a fun evening ogling and flirting with these two women, but I’m finally drawing a line in the fucking sand. You are not, under any circumstances, going to get d***k and spend the night giving Tami and Claire back massages. You are gonna pick up that phone, call a locksmith, and when he arrives you are gonna go inside your apartment, jerk off, and go to sl**p. Okay?

Wait—is that lasagna I smell cooking?

Turns out, Claire could cook a mean lasagna. They offered me a piece if, in return, I agreed to throw in a foot massage for each of them before we all went to bed.

So we drank, and ate, and generally had a very nice evening cracking jokes about what had transpired.

“So Mike, has that ever happened to you?” Tami asked. “Like, a member of the opposite sex unexpectedly walks in on you naked?”

“Well… I probably shouldn’t say.”

They both egged me on to tell them the story, so, with the courage of alcohol flowing through my veins, I recounted for them my first time with Sonya, and how hot it had been when her roommate had accidentally walked in on us.

“Oh my god, how embarrassing!” Claire cried out.

“Actually, that’s the weird part—it really wasn’t. Sonya and I have no shame when it comes to that stuff. It just got us more excited than ever.”

“Really?” Tami asked.

“Absolutely. I mean, think about it—obviously it was pretty awkward earlier today when I saw you walk out of the shower. But didn’t it also give you like, at least a little bit of a charge? I mean it’s not like you’ve got anything to be ashamed of.”

Tami blushed an even deeper red, but she nodded.

“I guess… it was kind of fun.”

She glanced nervously at Claire, then turned back to face me, her cheeks flushed with excitement.

“Michael, Claire and I need to discuss something in private for a moment, if you don’t mind.”

I nodded dumbly as the two of them got up and silently walked into one of the bedrooms. I heard urgent muffled whispers coming through the door, but I couldn’t make out a single word.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Claire emerged, alone. Her blue eyes met mine, and with the same cold, detached expression she’d worn when we’d first met, she whispered, “I’d like to have my backrub now.”

Without further explanation, Claire stretched out facedown across the couch cushions, her long legs and swimsuit-model butt just begging to be looked at.

“Where’s Tami?” I asked.

“She’s changing into her pajamas.”

Casually as I could manage, I knelt beside her and slowly pressed my fingers into the muscles on Claire’s back, rubbing through her camisole. I tried to convince myself that what I was doing wouldn’t upset Sonya. It was just a back massage, after all. This was perfectly innocent. True, I was enjoying myself—growing more than a little excited at the feel of Claire’s beautiful body in my hands—but what harm was there in enjoying myself?

Her muscles felt unbelievably tense beneath my touch, and I told her as much.

“Stress,” she explained. “Had a lot on my mind lately.”

“Like what?”

Instead of answering me, she just asked me to focus more on her shoulders. I silently obliged, wondering why Tami was taking such long time to put on those pajamas.

“I think she likes you,” she said at last. The dejected tone in her voice was unmistakable.


“You know who. Tami. I think she’s gonna try to make a move on you tonight.”

My hands froze in the middle of her back.

Suddenly, my head was spinning, and not just from all the vodka I’d consumed. Since I’d started dating Sonya, I’d been hit on by other women plenty of times—but this was the first case where I felt like something might actually happen; the first time I actually, genuinely felt tempted to go for it. The memory of Tami’s naked body flashed through my mind and I felt my gut tighten.

I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do.

Claire rolled onto her side, her blue eyes imploring, “Listen, your personal life and what you choose to do are none of my business, but please just do me a favor.”


“You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but Tami just got through a really awkward breakup with her last boyfiend, and she’s going through a pretty rough time right now. If you DO wind up like, doing stuff with her—please treat her well. Treat her like a princess. She deserves it, she’s…” Claire looked away from me, her voice breaking as she finished her thought. “She’s a special girl.”

I nodded in agreement, and went back to kneading Claire’s back. So Tami’s on the rebound, I thought to myself. That explains why she’s been so flirty and aggressive all day.

“Nothing’s gonna happen between us,” I assured Claire, though the words didn’t sound particularly confident.

A huge sigh of relief poured out of Claire, and she finally let herself enjoy the massage. The soft moans of pleasure she kept making as I rubbed her body did nothing to slow my racing pulse.

“I’m sorry to get all serious on you like that, Michael. Please don’t be offended, I just can’t stand the thought of seeing her hurt anymore.”

I decided to change the subject:

“So Tami’s newly single, but how about you? What’s your relationship status?”

Claire frowned, considering for a moment how best to phrase her answer. “Unrequited,” she sighed at last.

“What, is he married or something?”

“No, there’s nobody else in the picture right now.”

“You mean, you’ve got feelings for some guy, but he’s not interested in you? I have trouble believing that, Claire. You’re about the most beautiful woman I’ve met in my entire life. Not to mention, you’re smart, a good friend, and a good Samaritan to stupid people who lock themselves out of their apartments.”

“Ha! Thank you, Michael. You’re sweet. But sadly it is the way it is.”

I looked at her in the candlelight, our eyes meeting for an instant.

“If it was me,” I whispered, “and I was single, there’s no way I would ever be able to turn you down.”

She smiled, kissed me quickly on the cheek, and then got to her feet.

“I’m off to bed, see you in the morning. We’ll have the building manager let you back into your apartment. Thanks for the back rub.”

She strolled over to Tami’s bedroom and opened the door:

“Okay, honey. He’s all yours.”

She threw me a final, inscrutable look, and disappeared into her own room, closing the door behind her.

For sixty unbearably long seconds, nothing happened. I just sat there on the floor, alone in the dim, flickering light, breathing nervously. Then Tami opened her bedroom door and walked into view.

My heart jumped into my throat. She had changed into her “pajamas” alright—though that word typically conjures up images of long-sleeved, button-down flannel tops—not the tiny, pink satin camisole she wore stretched over those massive tits. The scooping neckline was trimmed with white lace, and the whole affair hung limply from a pair of the dinkiest little spaghetti straps I’d ever seen. No support to speak of; her soft, round breasts bounced and swayed totally unsupported beneath the material.

Her bottoms looked like nothing more than a delicate ribbon of pink lace, doing nothing to deter my imagination.

“Wow,” I moaned, provoking a big, self-satisfied smile on her adorable face.

“Just the sort of reaction a girl likes to get from a handsome man.”

“You look… amazing.”

My mouth hung open with arousal as she confidently crossed the room, closing the distance between us. Soon as she reached me, she leaned forward—giving me a torturous eyeful of her heavy, hanging cleavage—and yanked the towel off from around my waist.

I was too dumbstruck to move. We both looked down at my iron bar of a cock, jutting angrily out through the waistband of my boxers.

Her voice was sweet and sexy: “I think I’d like to take you up on that back rub now, if you don’t mind.”

I gestured for her to lay across the couch, as Claire had, but instead the voluptuous goddess just spun around and settled herself down on my lap. My cock was instantly squeezed between the warmth of her barely-covered asscheeks, which she wiggled for good measure.

Um, gulp? I’d expected her to be a bit forward, but I never in a billion years expected it to be like this. Keep it in your pants. Keep it in your pants. Keep it in your—crap, you’re not wearing pants. Keep it in your underwear.

With every fiber of my being just aching to fuck this woman, I gently placed my hands on her shoulders and started the massage. Tami’s head lolled to the side, revealing the feminine curve of her neck and giving me an unobstructed view down her shirt. She felt amazing in my hands, so smooth and yielding.

Absentmindedly, Tami dropped her fingernails to my naked thigh and began tracing random patterns in the skin.

“Just like that,” she moaned. She closed her eyes, panting. A faint flush of color made its way down the swell of her bosom.

I honestly don’t know if I did it intentionally or not, but as I rubbed her shoulders, the two spaghetti straps holding up her top gradually slipped down over the sides of her arms, taking Tami’s neckline down with them.

Millimeter by millimeter, that lace neckline travelled down the slope of her breasts, revealing more and more skin until it finally came to an infuriating stop—held up by nothing more than the plumpness of her aroused nipples. If either of us had shifted even slightly, Tami’s top would have fallen to her waist and those huge, naked tits would have swung free.

I couldn’t help myself: Slowly but deliberately, I worked Tami’s massage from the back of her shoulders to the top of her chest, just below her throat. Daringly, I reached forward, my heart racing from the naughty thrill as my fingertips brushed up against the upper curve of her breasts.

Tami leaned back against my chest, forcing my hands a few inches further in the process. Her head fell onto my shoulder and she moaned, encouragingly, into the side of my neck:

“That feels nice, too.”

It was like I was in a trance, watching as another man’s hands eagerly slid their way over the tops of Tami’s breasts and SQUEEZED. The motion finally made her camisole slide all the way down, revealing her full, beautiful chest in all its glory.

My palms slid down, gently grazing across her erect nipples—

“Oh yeah…” Tami groaned.

What the hell am I doing?! The voice inside my head screamed. This isn’t you! This is wrong!

Tami slid her ass off my lap and walked her fingertips up my bare thigh, slowing as she tentatively approached my crotch. I looked down at her, panting huskily, her eyes filled with desire—

Our mouths crashed hungrily together.

The second our lips touched, Tami’s hand closed the final centimeter to my cock and gripped it hard, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. Our tongues teased along each other’s lips—moaning, shaking in each other’s embrace—

I was as horny as I’d ever been in my life. That nagging voice in my head sounded like he was shouting at me from the bottom of the ocean.

But nonetheless, I could still hear him.

“Tami, I’m sorry,” I said, gently releasing her from my arms. “I can’t do this. I’ve got a girlfriend.”

Tami f***ed herself against me, kissing desperately.

“I won’t tell her,” she said.

“It’s not that it’s just—that’s not the sort of relationship I want to have. That’s not the sort of man I want to be.”

God, she was so fucking gorgeous, looking at me wide-eyed like that. Her nude skin almost glowing in the soft, flickering light.

Tears welled-up in Tami’s eyes. She quietly pulled her camisole back on and modestly crossed her arms in front of her braless chest.

I tried to place a reassuring arm around her shoulders, but she angrily shrugged me away.

“I’m sorry, I—“

“Don’t fucking talk to me,” she whispered. Before I could respond, Tami ran back into her bedroom and locked the door.

Fuck! I collapsed down onto the sofa, my cock still angrily throbbing against the fabric of my underwear. How the hell was I gonna fix this? What was I gonna tell Sonya? What was gonna happen at work tomorrow?

I still had eight weeks to go until Sonya moved out West. Fifty five more days of being around Tami and Claire. So far I’d only made it through one day—twenty four stinking hours!

This was going to be the longest summer of my life.


When the sun came up, Claire shook me awake and curtly informed me that it was time I got the hell out of their apartment. I stumbled around my new apartment complex—still in my underwear—until I finally tracked down the building manager and got him to open my front door.

The power was back on and my cell phone was charged and staring right at me. Three missed calls from Sonya. I felt awful. For a moment, I considered picking it up and calling her back right then and there, but she was probably asl**p and I still hadn’t figured out how on earth I was going to explain things to her.

I hadn’t let things go THAT far with Tami, but I had still betrayed my girlfriend’s trust. I had, to whatever degree, been unfaithful for the first time in my life, and it was killing me inside.

I knew I needed to tell Sonya. No twisting things around to make me sound like the victim, either. But that would come later, when we could actually have a conversation. For the time being, I sent her a quick text explaining about the power outage and promised to call her after work.

Which sucked.

For the first half of the day, Claire barely acknowledged my existence, always finding something incredibly pressing to busy herself with whenever I tried to explain what had happened. She was professional, but dismissive.

Tami, on the other hand, just tried to avoid me altogether. I had hurt her more than I’d realized, and she seemed too embarrassed to even look me in the eye. Since I couldn’t exactly talk to her with all the other people around the office, I had the bright idea of writing her a discreet letter of apology, explaining that I thought she was great, and I was so sorry that I had hurt her feelings.

She tossed it in the waste basket without even reading the thing.

I spent about 10 hours at the office that day, and every second of it was so awkward it felt more like 10 weeks. When I finally made it back home for the evening, I got out my phone and called Sonya.

“I love you,” I started simply. Right off the bat, my tone of voice told her something was very wrong.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“No, I’m not. I… let something happen. Something really stupid. And I need to tell you about it.”

“What are you talking about?”

Every word took tremendous effort for me to f***e out, like I was pushing a boulder up a mountain. “There’s… these two women at my new job. Last night, I—”

“Last night you WHAT?”

“One of them kind of had a thing for me and—I didn’t push her away when I should have.”

There was a long, painful pause while Sonya gathered her thoughts.

Our relationship had been going great. She was supposed to move in with me in a couple months. A year from now, we both knew I was probably gonna start shopping for a ring. What if my behavior last night had put a wrench in all that?

“How far did things go?” Sonya finally asked.

“Second base.”

“What the fuck is ‘second base’? Is that like a blowjob or something?” she snapped.

“What? No! It’s, you know, second base. First base is kissing, second base is feeling a girl up, third base is—”

“So you spent all night making out with some random girl and grabbing her boobs?”

“No, it was just for a couple of seconds, then I stopped it. I swear.”

She made me sit through another of those horrible pauses.

“You promise that’s all?”

“I promise. And I promise it will never happen again.”

“This is so fucking lame, Michael.”

“I know, babe, I’m so—”

She hung up.


The rest of the week creaked by in pretty much the same miserable way, with Claire and Tami refusing to talk to me, and Sonya refusing to answer her phone or return any of my emails. I was so scared of losing her, I even considered flying back out east to see her in person—but ultimately accepted that she wasn’t talking to me because she didn’t want to. Maxing out my pathetic little credit limit to buy a plane ticket wasn’t gonna change that.

I should have spent that first week going out, trying to get a feel for the city, making new friends and building a new life. But frankly, things were so weird I never felt like leaving my apartment. So instead, I cleaned and unpacked, organized all my shit, and then cleaned everything all over again. I filled what free time I did have discovering just how terrible most television shows really are when you watch them all by yourself.

When Saturday rolled around and I carted my dirty clothes downstairs to the community Laundromat, I stumbled upon Claire, just as she was cramming a load of wet clothes into the dryer. We both froze awkwardly at the sight of one another.

We were all alone. After four days of getting the brush-off from this woman, I finally had her cornered. Finally had an opportunity to explain myself:

“Claire, please just hear me out.”

“No need, Tami told me what happened. Honestly, I kind of expected more from you.”

“I know, I know, I’m so sorry things got out of hand. But I had to stop it before we went any further. I didn’t want anybody getting hurt.”

She frowned at me and shook her head. “No, you just didn’t want YOU to get hurt. Look, I respect that you’re not the kind of person who fucks around behind his girlfriend’s back, but I told you—I TOLD YOU—that Tami was in a vulnerable place and you still took advantage of her.”

“Whoa, whoa—I never took advantage of her! She was the one seducing me! I never did anything to lead her on!”

“You knew exactly what she wanted and you did nothing to discourage her. You let her keep coming onto you all night because it was stroking your ego to have some hot chick batting her eyelashes at you.”

Claire walked right up to me, her icy blue eyes flashing with anger:

“And then, at the worst possible moment—when she was all excited and happy to have someone being affectionate with her for the first time since her breakup—you pushed her away. Do you have any idea how that feels?”

I looked down at my shoes. “I guess not,” I sighed.

“And there are other people out there,” she choked, fighting back tears. “People who would treat her so much better than you did. People who would love her and cherish her—but instead she set her sights on you.”

And then it hit me, all of a sudden. Everything about Claire clicked into place. She wasn’t just mad at me for hurting her friend—she was jealous of me. I looked into her eyes, realizing that Claire was hurting, too. Maybe worse than any of us.

“It’s Tami, isn’t it? That big, unrequited love you were telling me about the other night. It’s your roommate.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she snapped.

But I did. There was a sudden, desperate fear in her eyes now that I’d brought it up. Fear of being found out.

“Claire, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize. Does she know?”

She continued to glare at me, furious. But then, ever so slightly, her shoulders slumped, and all at once the steam went out of her. Claire’s face fell and she just shook her head. She’d been holding back a tidal wave of a secret for god knows how long, and the pressure finally overwhelmed her.

The tears came back, more freely this time, and Claire slumped against one of the unused washing machines, trying desperately to f***e her sobbing under control. I sat down beside her, and when I went to wrap a reassuring arm across her shoulders, she didn’t move away.

Halting words spilled out of her between breaths of air: “She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. She’s the best thing in my whole life. We do everything together! If I told her it would just scare her off.”

“How long have you two been friends?”

“Less than a year, but—but I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. It’s so great, but it hurts SO MUCH.”

I hugged her, firmly as I could, trapping her inside the warmth of my arms.

“Does she even know you’re gay?”

Again Claire shook her head.

“Look,” I whispered soothingly, “under the circumstances I know I’m probably the last person in the world you’d even think about taking relationship advice from—but you need to tell her. If she’s really your friend, she won’t push you away. You need to trust her to do the right thing.”

“What if everything changes?”

“Of course everything will change. There’s no going back from an ‘I love you.’ But look at what’s happening to you—This is tearing you up on the inside, and it’s only gonna get worse.”

After a few more deep breaths, Claire finally got herself together and withdrew from my arms, apologizing for the wet spots her tears had left on my shirt. She looked hard into my eyes and managed to quirk her lips up into a bittersweet, twisted smile.

“I don’t get you, Michael. You’re, like, a stupid asshole and a really nice guy all at the same time.”

“I really am sorry I hurt her. And I’d really, REALLY like to be friends with you two.”

“Please don’t say anything to Tami.”

“Hey, it wouldn’t be my place.”

That seemed to reassure her, and for the next forty five minutes the two of us waited for our laundry quite amicably. We chatted about nothing particularly important, just being friendly with each other. Neither of us mentioned Tami.

When Claire went about folding her clothes from the dryer, I caught an eyeful of several pairs of skimpy little thongs and panties, in all shapes and sizes.

“You have some sort of fascination with my underwear?” she teased.

I just shrugged my shoulders, caught:

“Honestly, I’m trying not to think about how they look when you’re wearing them.”

She rolled her eyes.

When I got back to my apartment, I saw that I’d missed a v-chat invitation from Sonya. She wanted to talk to me! Praying that it was good news that awaited me and not bad, I clicked respond and waited for her face to appear on my computer monitor. When it finally did, oh man did she look beautiful. She had just gotten back from a run was still all disheveled. A tiny band of sunburn ran across her cute little nose. Sonya was a knockout when she got all dressed-up, but there was something adorable about the way she looked when she was a sweaty mess that just melted my heart.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes,” I said.

“You’re an idiot,” she answered.

“I am, it’s true.”

Then, ever so slightly, she smiled at me, and my whole world lit up like a Christmas tree.

“I miss talking to you,” she sighed.

I poured out my heart to her, telling her all the million things I’d wanted to over the past five days. Made sure she knew that she was the absolute, uncontested love of my life.

“Alright, alright!” she finally laughed, putting a stop to my gushy ramblings. “Listen, as long as it really was just a little harmless fooling around, and as long as you don’t go making a habit of kissing other girls behind my back, then I forgive you.”

“Thank you! When you get here I promise I am gonna make it up to you by sitting down with you and watching a dozen of those shitty old romantic comedies you love. In a row.”

Sonya’s beautiful lips curled up into a sinister smile.

“Actually, if you really want to make it up to me—take of your pants.”


“Just shut up and do it,” she ordered, “I’ve been super horny all week.”

I was only too happy to oblige. Positioning myself in front of the camera to give her the best view possible, I slowly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. Then, without needing to be prompted, I teasingly slid my boxers down and stroked my cock until it was nice and hard for her.

We both did love to put on a show.

Sonya clapped in appreciation, her cheeks turning pink with desire at the sight of my exposed penis. “Aww, I missed him, too,” she giggled.

“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable without all those sweaty workout clothes?” I asked.

In response, Sonya quickly stripped off her shirt and her horribly constrictive jogging bra, letting her big, soft tits bounce free. My cock gave a little lurch at the sight.

“Oh yeah, we’re gonna have to do this more often,” I moaned, clicking the “record” button on the video player.

The image on the screen only showed Sonya from the chest up, but from the motion of her arm it was clear that she was already starting to play with herself down below. She bit her lip and let out a little sigh of pleasure.

“Are you recording this?” she asked.

“Of course, are you?”

“Of course!”

My cock flexed even harder in my hand.

“I want—I want you to tell me what she looks like,” she moaned.


“The girl you made out with. I bet she was really sexy.”

Sonya was rubbing herself harder now, her breathing heavy and aroused. It was kind of an awkward question, and I honestly couldn’t fathom what was going through her mind, but I decided to humor her, anyway:

“She’s one of the hottest chicks I’ve ever seen. Adorable face, long black hair, tits out to here…”

“Even bigger than mine?”

“Way bigger.”

“Oh, I’ll bet she was all over you. Kissing you, groping you, rubbing those great big boobs in your face. I bet you loved every second of it.

“No, it wasn’t like that—”

“Shut up,” Sonya panted, continuing her story. “I bet you pulled her shirt off and sucked on her nipples like your life depended on it. Then she reached inside your underwear and stroked your cock until you were so hard you couldn’t stand it anymore.”

The dirty talk was really getting Sonya going. I watched the image on my computer as she raised her free hand to her beautifully aroused nipples and gave them a tug. My fist eagerly closed around my cock and kept stroking as she continued:

“Then I bet you bent her over the sofa, ripped off whatever slutty underwear she was wearing, and slowly buried every inch of yourself into her slit. How did it feel? How wet was she? What was it like feeling her ass bump up against you as you bottomed out? Did you grab her tits while you fucked her? Did you reach around and grab hold of those big boobs? Did you squeeze them as hard as you could? Did she moan for you? Did she shriek with pleasure?”

I grunted with arousal, my head spinning from the mental image my girlfriend was painting for me. Over my computer speakers, I heard the wet sounds as Sonya frantically rubbed her pussy offscreen. The motion vibrated her tits like crazy. Her words became practically incoherent with pleasure:

“I’ll bet she—ooh—she came so hard with you inside her. I bet she woke the fucking neighbors with all her screaming. And then—oh my god—“

“Keep talking,” I moaned, already feeling my climax approaching.

“Then I’ll bet you pulled out and came all over her tits. Just everywhere. I bet you made a fucking mess of those things. And then—and then—”

I was boiling with arousal. Every muscle tightened, preparing for release—

“And then her sexy friend came over and licked it all off.”

“Aah!” I screamed, spurting into the air in full view of the camera.

The visual of my orgasm finally pushed Sonya over the edge into her own euphoric oblivion. She sucked in powerful mouthfuls of air, shaking all over before finally—blissfully—collapsing in her desk chair.

“Sonya, holy shit!” I smiled, shaking my head in disbelief. “Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know, I just—all week I’ve had this image in my head of you with that other girl, and as much as I hate to say it, it’s been making me really horny! I’ve actually been fantasizing about it, can you believe that? It’s crazy. Fantasizing about being there, I mean. About watching. Is that weird?”

“I don’t know about ‘weird,’ but when you started talking about it—that was so damn sexy, honey. You saw me, I came in like thirty seconds.”

“Come on, that wasn’t all me. I’ll bet you’ve been thinking about fucking those two ever since you met them.”

“Well, yeah, but—just daydreaming. You know.”

Sonya smiled, now more adorably disheveled than ever. “Mikey? How about next time you start daydreaming about those girls, you give me a call and… maybe we can daydream about it together.”

When I woke up at 10AM the next day, I was already sweating from the intense heat. The weather forecast was predicting one of the hottest summers on record, and I believed it. I made a beeline for the swimming pool downstairs—this time remembering my keys and swimsuit.

Halfway inside the gate, I stopped in my tracks, utterly bowled over by the view of Tami climbing out of the pool. She’d worn a bikini this time—a skimpy one. Flimsy strips of dark blue fabric struggled to cover her bodacious body. Rivulets of water dripped down her curves as she crossed the patio area and took a seat next to Claire, who was soaking up the morning sun in yet another of the tiniest bikinis I’d ever seen.

I wasn’t sure where I stood with them, at the moment. Things seemed to have chilled out between me and Claire, but would Tami still give me the evil eye if I said hi? Or would it be even worse if I ignored them?

Claire saw me first, and the fact that she actually smiled at the sight of me was a huge relief. I strolled over—

Tami was not so friendly. Her dark, lovely eyes met mine, silently ordering me to stay away. I stopped in my tracks, held up my hands in surrender, and simply told her, “You deserve someone better than me.”

She looked down questioningly at Claire, who mouthed the words, “Talk to him.”

Tami nodded, grabbed her towel, and grudgingly jogged over to me—throwing an inadvertent bounce into her steps.

“Tami, I just want to say I’m sorry for—“

“The pool’s kind of a public place to have this conversation, don’t you think? Mind if we go somewhere else?”

That little voice in the back of my head warned me that going someplace alone with this girl might, once again, not be the brightest idea. But we needed to mend things and I figured the odds of anything EVER happening between us was about as likely as me ever getting into a real life swordfight.

I opened the door to my apartment and led her inside.

“Geez, you settled in fast,” she said. “The last time I moved, I took like four months to get everything unpacked.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve had a lot on my mind the past few days and it’s helped me think.”

She sat down at my breakfast table, now wrapped in a fluffy beach towel that did nothing to disguise the shape of her chest… Focus, Michael! I distracted myself by pouring my guest a glass of orange juice. I spoke quietly:

“Look, what happened the other night—I handled that in pretty much the worst way possible. I swear I never meant to lead you on, it’s just—I wasn’t expecting you to look the way you did when you walked out in those ‘pajamas.’ Sorry, I’m making excuses again.”

Tami looked down at her glass of juice, thinking.

“How long have you and Sonya been together?” she said at last.

“Three years, almost.”

“Tom and I were together for four. I thought he was the one, you know? We were each others’ first.”

She looked up at me, her lip twitching down into a frown. “It wasn’t all your fault, what happened the other night. You told me you had a girlfriend. You dropped it into the conversation a propos of nothing. That should have clued me in right there that you weren’t interested, but I just—I just needed—“

“You don’t have to explain,” I said.

“Have you ever been dumped?”


“It fucks with your head! Things between me and Tom weren’t even BAD. They were going well. Too well, it turns out. It started to feel inevitable that we were going to wind up together. Get married, k**s, happily ever after. And all of a sudden he started freaking out that he’d only ever had sex with one girl. Like he was entitled to some macho right of passage, fucking all kinds of women before he was f***ed to settle down.”

“This guy dumped you because he liked you too much?”

“I know! What kind of sense does that make? And ever since then I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out what the hell is going on with me. I’m not even acting like myself! I mean, look at you—I was throwing myself at you, even after you said you were in a relationship. What kind of trampy bitch does that? I’ve never done that ever in my life.”

“Hey, I wasn’t exactly complaining.”

Fifteen minutes later, we’d finished making our amends and were back at the pool with Claire, cooling down in the chlorinated water. Claire had forgiven me, Sonya had forgiven me, and now Tami had forgiven me. Everything was finally right in the world.

Well, everything except the fact that I couldn’t take my eyes off those two girls as they splashed around in their itty-bitty bikinis.

“So, did you tell your girlfriend about it?” Claire asked.

I nodded, “Yeah, but—actually, could you guys do me a favor? Would you mind meeting her? Like on webcam?”

“Why?” Tami joked, “so she can hire an assassin to hunt me down?”

“Look, I know it’s a weird request, but if she just saw how sexy the two of you are, I think it’d score me a lot of points in the forgiveness department. Let her know just what kind of temptation I was up against.”

Both women rolled their eyes. They exchanged some sort of psychic communication between themselves, and then Claire turned to me and said, “Might be awkward, but why not? She’s gonna be our neighbor in a few weeks, anyway. We may as well get this out of the way before we have to see her in the flesh.”

That evening, I brought my laptop over to their apartment and set it down on the coffee table, so that Sonya could see all three of us sitting on the couch. We waited nervously while the computer started up, and then suddenly Sonya’s beautiful face was filling the screen, her eyes bugging out in surprise. I quickly made the introductions:

“Hi Sonya. This is Tami and Claire, your future neighbors. Ladies—this is Sonya, my girlfriend.”

The three women self-consciously waved at one another.

“You are REALLY pretty,” Tami said at last, breaking the ice.

“Me?” Sonya cried, “You two are like, I mean damn. Michael’s description did not do you guys justice.”

Luckily, Sonya was so funny and energetic, she put the other girls quickly at ease. By the time we disconnected the session, everybody almost seemed like old friends. I guess it shouldn’t have been that surprising—they were all terrific people, after all—but still, under the admittedly unusual circumstances…

“Fuck, Michael!” Tami elbowed me in the ribs. “That chick is, like, a world-class hottie! Last week I was all jealous of her, but now I’m more jealous of YOU.”

Claire nodded in agreement, “Yeah, she seems—wait, Tami, what do you mean ‘jealous?’”

“Oh, just ignore me. I’m lonely and horny and frustrated. I don’t know what I’m saying.”

I had to fight the urge to laugh at the absurdity of it all—there was genuine lust in Tami’s eyes! Some part of her actually found my girlfriend attractive, which meant that she probably found other women attractive, as well…

I secretly gave Claire a look that urged, “tell her!” but all I got in response was a quick shake of the head. That girl was never going to come out to her roommate, not until she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that Tami might be interested.

Well, fine, I thought, I can help in that regard.

As I went to pick up my laptop, I “accidentally” clicked open my video player, bringing up a window with a frozen image from my previous chat with Sonya. I’d re-watched it at least three times since then, and it was currently paused at my favorite part, just as Sonya’s face was twisting with rapture, mid-orgasm. Her hand was frozen, tugging fiercely at her beautiful naked breasts.

I made sure that both Tami and Claire got a chance to see it before shouting, “Whoops!” and slamming the laptop closed.

“Sorry ladies, that’s personal.”

Tami looked at me wide-eyed. “Thanks a lot, Michael. Like I wasn’t horny enough before.”

I looked over at Claire, who was blushing self-consciously.

“Wait—Tami, are you bi?” I asked, feigning surprise.

“No, it’s just—” She looked back and forth from Claire to me, then shrugged her shoulders in frustration. “Fine, yes, I think girls are hot, too, okay?”

Claire went pale, quietly asking, “Really?”

“Yes, really. And frankly, you haven’t exactly been helping me get over this breakup, always looking so hot every time we go out. Seriously, if you weren’t straight, it would have been you I was coming onto last week and not Michael. We could have avoided all this mess. No offense, Michael.”

“Hey, no need to apologize,” I joked. “I think she’s hotter than me, too.”

Claire couldn’t believe her ears. “But, you never told me.”

“You never asked! Besides, you always acted all weird and uptight whenever I’d point out that another girl looked hot around you. Like you thought it was gross or something.”

“No, that’s not—that’s not why I acted like that.”

Tami put her hands on her hips, getting annoyed at her friend’s cryptic behavior.

“Well then, why?”

I decided it would be best to let the two of them finish this discussion in private. They were so caught up in the moment, I don’t even think they noticed me leave.

Once I was back home, I immediately opened my laptop and chatted up Sonya again.

“Jesus, Michael, you could have warned me!” she laughed.

“Yeah, I probably should have. But now you see what I’ve had to deal with ever since I got here.”

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but honestly? If I was you, and either one of them was coming onto me, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stop myself the way you did.”

“You should have seen the bikinis they were wearing at the pool this afternoon.”

I heard a muted snap over the speakers as Sonya discreetly unbuttoned her pants.

“I want you to tell me all about it,” she whispered…


For the record, I am not a morning person. Never have been. For me, the challenge of overcoming the inertia of my groggy sl**p state conjurs mental images of Houdini, breaking free of a straight jacket and fifty iron chains while under twenty feet of water. Yet somehow, I always manage. And as I was stumbling though the garage, groggily searching for my car to go to work, I bumped into Claire.

Normally the sharpest, most together person at the office, today she looked every bit as exhausted as I was.

“Long night?” I asked.

“Didn’t get a single minute of sl**p.” A huge, shit-eating grin spread across her face, “But I’m not complaining.”

“So, you and Tami?”

She nodded ecstatically, “Turns out there was a lot of pent-up tension between us.”

“Damn, I only wish I could have seen it.”

I finally found my car climbed inside.

“Hey Michael?”


“That naked picture of your girlfriend—showing us that wasn’t an accident, was it?”

I gave her my most innocent expression. “What do you think?”

“I think I owe you one. I think we both do.”

She glanced quickly around, checking to make sure there was nobody else in the parking garage with us.

“Speaking of which,” she said, and then she quickly yanked up her blouse, flashing me a glimpse of her perfect, creamy breasts encased in a virtually transparent lace bra.

“See you at work,” she smirked.

From then on, Claire did that every single morning. Always giving me a quick flash of her absolutely delicious—albeit totally unattainable—bosom. Her little way of thanking me for helping to bring her and Tami together. It quickly got much easier for me to wake up in the morning, knowing what was waiting for me downstairs.

If my first week working around Claire and Tami had been sexually frustrating, my second week was sexually excruciating. Since I had been the catalyst of them coming together, I also suddenly became their new mutual best friend, constantly on the receiving end of hugs and smiles and a mountain of affectionate attention.

And Tami—because she was Tami—went back to flirting shamelessly with me. Not with the goal of seducing me this time, just with the goal of making me feel like a stud. Still, it’s hard to spend four hours a day hearing a hot, big-breasted girl tell you how good you look without your imagination running wild. And it didn’t help that, ever since the night I’d given her that first back massage, there still remained an ever-present, unconsummated sexual tension between Tami and I. I couldn’t stop dreaming about what would have happened if I hadn’t pushed her away.

As predicted, the summer only got warmer, and as a result I spent most evenings and weekends in the pool at my apartment complex, splashing around with my two lovely coworkers and their increasingly sexy bikinis. Once the sun went down, we’d drift freely between each other’s apartments, just enjoying each other’s company.

At least once per day, they’d get turned on and start making out, right in front of me. But just as things started to get steamy, the girls always politely asked me to leave so they could have some privacy.

Sometimes—and I’m not proud of this—I’d stand just outside the door after I left, straining to listen through the wood as they moaned orgasmically in each other’s embrace.

To combat all the sexual frustration, Sonya and I invented what we called “The Waiting Game”—waiting until she finished her summer school class so that she could get her degree, move out west, and we could go back to fucking like rabbits.

The Waiting Game worked like this:

Virtually every night (excepting when the power went out), I’d webcam Sonya before I went to bed and we’d masturbate furiously while she and I took turns telling steamy stories about Tami and Claire. I’d make up some scenario about an after-hours office-rendezvous with Claire, where I’d sit her down on the office copier, hiking up her skirt over that nice, tight ass, and fucking her—hard and rough—until she came so many times she couldn’t see straight.

Or Sonya would narrate a fictional evening I spent dancing with Tami at a club, watching those enormous, round tits bouncing gloriously to the music as I ground my cock up against her soft, sexy body. I wouldn’t be able to wait to get her back to my bed. I’d yank her clothes off right then and there, and screw her brains out against the wall, furiously suckling at her big, naked boobs.

Eventually, we started including Sonya as a participant in these stories, not just a voyeur, a development which drove her wild with lust. We’d discuss how she and the girls would all take turns fucking me and riding my mouth to endless, earth-shattering orgasms. Sonya particularly liked to fantasize about what she called “three-girl blowjobs.”

But the despite the nightly cyber-sex, Sonya and I were frustrated beyond belief. In our three years of dating, we’d never gone more than a week without having sex. Now, neither of us had gotten laid in MONTHS. As the date of her move to California grew closer, the days just started to drag on and on. I couldn’t stand it. Couldn’t endure waiting for her to get here so I could finally fuck away all the hormones that had built up.

And yet, endure it I did. Filling my days hanging out with Tami and Claire, and filling my nights listening to my girlfriend describe how she wanted to watch me screw their brains out.

Then, after months of waiting, on the night before Sonya’s flight out west—

“Ungh!” Sonya moaned, tilting the webcam down to show me that she had, in fact, inserted a third finger into her drenched blonde pussy. I continued my story where I’d left off:

“Then, with you and Claire sitting there watching, I pin Tami to the bed and straddle her chest—squeezing my long, aching cock between her humongous tits…”

“And then I throw Claire down on the bed right next to you!” Sonya blurted out.

The hand on my penis froze, mid-stroke. This was a new development.

“And what do you do to her?” I asked.

“I climb on top of her beautiful, gorgeous face and I—I—Oh god, I can’t believe I’m saying this…” Sonya’s face had turned bright red with arousal. She was fighting to breath as the fantasy overwhelmed her.

“What happens?” I pleaded.

“I drop myself onto her mouth and she—oh fuck! She licks me until I’m screaming—screaming—“

Sonya promptly started screaming, coming harder than I’d ever seen before.

“Wow,” I smiled. I was already anxious to re-watch the video of Sonya’s orgasm. Sonya shook herself back to reality.

“Is that really something you want to do?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But it sure is hot to think about.”


Sonya and I both said our nightly “I love yous,” and went to sl**p.

I spent the entirety of the next day preparing the apartment for Sonya’s arrival. Scrubbed everything top-to-bottom, stocked the fridge with all manner of yummy foods, and finally got around to putting away the absurd treasure trove of Xbox games I’d offhandedly left s**ttered all over the living room carpet.

Tami and Claire went a little out of their way too, baking cupcakes and purchasing a nice vase of flowers to greet their new neighbor.

Finally, after all those weeks of waiting, at 4:55 pm I got the call from Sonya saying that her flight had landed safely. I ran down to my car as fast as my legs would take me and broke one or two minor traffic laws getting my ass to the airport.

She was waiting for me, my oasis in the desert, standing at the curb outside the airport with a trio of suitcases that each looked bigger than her entire body. Considering that Sonya had been crammed in coach for the past six hours, I couldn’t believe just how fantastic she looked. Loose-fitting clothes, no makeup, hair in a simple ponytail—none of it made a difference. She was a goddamn goddess. I parked the car at the yellow curb, hopped out, and—

“Hey you.”

“Hey yourself.”

I grabbed her and we kissed until airport security literally started screaming for us to move along.

Traffic getting out of the airport was a nightmare, but I hardly cared. I had Sonya back. Just feeling her presence next to me was enough to make me happy.

“So, how long until we get back to the apartment?”

“Depending on traffic, maybe a couple of hours.”

“I don’t think I can wait that long,” she whispered, raising a naughty eyebrow. Her hand slowly moved into my lap.

“I missed you,” I sighed, stiffening as she unzipped my fly.

“Mmm, been a hard couple of months, hasn’t it?”

“You can say that again.”

I f***ed all my concentration on the road in front of me as Sonya lowered her devilishly plump lips over my cock.

Yes… I could not believe how amazing her blowjob felt. It had been so long since I’d felt any real sexual contact from another human being, I’d have sworn Sonya’s lips had suddenly developed magical powers.

She made me come twice in her mouth on that drive home, and by the time we finally reached our apartment she was positively dripping with arousal. For fun, I carried Sonya over the threshold and tossed her playfully on the bed.

“There! Now get naked while I go and get your bags from the hallway. I’ll give you the tour later.”

Sonya giggled and hurriedly climbed under the covers as I ducked back outside for the luggage. Tami and Claire were standing in the hallway.

“Is she inside?” Claire asked, excited.

“Can we meet her?” Tami smiled.

For a split-second, I almost said, “Actually guys, I think she and I would like a little alone time, if you don’t mind. I’m sure she’d love to meet you later tonight, though.”

But then I thought about all those endless weeks Sonya and I had spent fantasizing about these two girls, and all the sexual frustration they had inadvertently built up in us along the way. So, instead of being polite, I decided to be diabolical.

“Yeah, of course,” I said. “Come on inside.”

Soon as the girls were inside, I promptly stripped off my shirt and kicked off my shoes.

“Michael?” Claire looked at me, confused.

“She’s just through here,” I explained. By the time we reached the bedroom, my pants were a puddle on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Tami whispered.

With a shrug, I opened the door and walked inside to find Sonya laying across the bed, naked as the day she was born. Her eyes flashed with excitement when she saw the two beautiful girls standing in the doorway behind me. I tugged my tight-fitting boxer-briefs down over my ass and let them slip away, giving Tami and Claire their first ever view of my naked butt—then I finally climbed into bed beside my girlfriend.

Sonya and I kissed hungrily, moaning into each other’s mouths. I rolled onto my back beside her, making sure Tami and Claire got an unobstructed view of the action. Sonya gingerly cupped my balls as I slowly walked my fingers up her stomach, to the sweet softness of her breasts. With my other hand, I walked the fingers downwards, across the trimmed patch of blonde fuzz between her legs, and slowly began stroking the slippery outside of her cunt.

“Holy shit,” Tami groaned, and both Sonya and I looked back over our shoulders, locking eyes with the two beautiful, slack-jawed voyeurs standing in our doorway. Their hands were clasped together in a vice-like grip and they were breathing fast—either terrified or totally turned on by what they were seeing.

We said nothing to them—talking always breaks the spell.

Sonya gently clasped my shaft, loosely sliding her grip up and down just tightly enough to make grazing contact. As she rolled onto her side, both of Sonya’s beautiful breasts toppled into my face and my lips captured a plump pink nipple.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of Tami’s hands drop between Claire’s legs, anxiously squeezing the girl through her pants.

Awesome, so they like the show.

Sonya and I rocked back and forth on the bed, gently teasing each other until we were both at peak arousal. Sonya’s warmth flooded across my fingers. She swung herself around and maneuvered over me—reverse cowgirl—so that we could both have a clear view of our audience in the doorway.

Taking hold of my length, Sonya carefully positioned her hot, boiling cunt right over the tip—generously lubricating me with her arousal.

“I can’t—I mean, we shouldn’t be—“ Claire stammered.

Then I grabbed hard onto Sonya’s hips and pulled her down onto my cock.

“Oh fuck yes! Finally!” Sonya screamed, screwing her hips around to take me even deeper. Her head fell forward, limp, dropping wavy curtains of blonde hair across her tits.

It was one step too wild for poor Tami and Claire. They self-consciously backed away and we heard the door shut as they let themselves out of our apartment.

“Aww, looks like we lost our audience,” Sonya pouted.

“For now, maybe. But they were getting into it, I could tell.”

I dropped one hand to strum her clit while Sonya bounced up and down in my lap. I surprised her by pounded my hips up into her, throwing off her rhythm and provoking a sudden, unexpected shriek of delight.

She twisted her head back, whispering in my ear as we fucked:

“I can’t believe it, those two are so much hotter in person than they were on the computer!”

She gave my earlobe a quick lick and pulled off of me, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs invitingly. With a big, dopey smile on my face, I crawled atop her body and plunged inside.

Sonya and I fucked ALL night. Moaning and groaning without a care in the world. Coming more times than either of us could count. Kissing and crying and laughing as our bodies exhausted themselves making up for all that lost time.

We slept in until two in the afternoon the next day.

Once again, it was over a hundred degrees out and, once again, I woke up already sweating.

“Where’s our bl**dy air conditioning?!” Sonya whined.

“Power’s out again. They’re supposed to have it finally fixed by next week.”

“Just in time for summer to come to an end?”

“It’s California, Honey. Summer never really comes to an end.”

We took a speedy shower to rinse the night’s lovemaking off our bodies, and then it was time to show Sonya where I’d been spending all my time the past few months: the pool.

I insisted she descend the stairs first, so I could check out her spectacularly tight fencer’s ass in her new bathing suit—the first g-string Sonya had ever bought. It didn’t disappoint.

Neither did Tami and Claire. After their self-conscious exodus from our apartment last night, I’d wondered if we’d find them at the pool today dressed more modestly than usual. Not so.

Claire emerged from the water wearing an old-fashioned string bikini, emblazoned with the American flag. She’d worn it once before, on the day of our 4th of July BBQ, and that suit had held a special place in my heart ever since.

Tami’s polka-dot bikini covered up a bit more, but then, she had a bit more to cover. Wide triangular cups with no underwire did little to support her massive breasts, and the suit’s distinctive cantaloupe color couldn’t help but remind me of—well, you know. Best of all, the material was stretched so thin it was impossible not to see the shape of Tami’s prominent nipples, proudly perked-up thanks to the cold water.

They greeted us eagerly enough, but there still seemed to be a bit of lingering awkwardness after last night.

“Hey, sorry if we went too far,” Sonya said. “We just thought it might be a good bit of fun.”

Damn, four seconds after getting in the pool and I’m already hard again…

“It’s okay, we’re all grown-ups,” Claire said.

“We just weren’t expecting, you know,” Tami giggled. “Although, after all the wicked tales Michael told us about what you two got up to in college, I suppose we really should have been more prepared.”

I gave Sonya a wink.

“How much have you told these two about our sex life?” Sonya exclaimed, feigning outrage.

“Oh, he told us everything,” Tami laughed.

“Really? Has he told you about the Waiting Game?”

I discreetly shook my head at her. Sure, the exhibitionist part of me had been tempted to tell the girls how prominently they had featured into our fantasy lives, but it had always seemed just a bit too inappropriate to ever actually bring up.

“Ooh, what’s that?” Tami asked.

I cut Sonya off before she could say anything else. “We tell each other sexy stories when we’re using the webcams, that’s all.”

Claire and Tami could sense that I was hiding something, but they let the matter drop. We spent the next hour splashing around the pool just as we had all summer, though this time I had the added pleasure of Sonya’s wet, dripping body prancing around in my field of vision. When Claire reminded us that they had actually baked Sonya a “welcome to the neighborhood” cake yesterday, we all decided it was time to dry off and head over to their apartment for some afternoon dessert.

Soon as we got inside, Tami turned to face us, shifting slightly from one foot to the other.

“So, I’ve got a question about all that sex in public stuff you guys used to do.”

“Used to?” Sonya smirked.

Tami ignored her, “Don’t you ever get, like, nervous?”

I took Sonya’s hand in mine. “Of course we get nervous. But it’s like a first kiss—the nervousness just makes everything that much more satisfying.”

“Does it make the sex better?” Claire asked.

“Oh god, yes,” Sonya laughed.

“Now where’s this cake?” I asked.

Tami looked questioningly at Claire, and the redhead gave her an excited nod in return.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Claire said, speaking quickly. “But first I’d like to wash off the chlorine, if you don’t mind. I’ll only be a second.”

“Yeah, we’ll only be a second,” Tami giggled, then followed Claire into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. A second later the shower turned on and Sonya and I both burst out laughing.

“Well, I at least THEY’RE having fun,” Sonya grinned.

“I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed. With the way Tami was talking to us just now, I kind of thought that those two were gonna—“


The bathroom door unlocked. Sonya and I turned towards it, wondering if we’d really heard what we thought we had. A second later, the doorknob turned and the door swung open, just a crack.

Oh my god.

With bated breath, I took Sonya by the hand and walked across the girls’ apartment, standing nervously outside the unlocked bathroom door. Were these girls doing what I thought they were doing? Were they really inviting us to—?

Sonya opened the door before I could finish thinking.

I almost lost it when that door opened. I almost came, just from the sight of what awaited us on the other side of that door.

Tami and Claire were PAWING at each other behind the glass shower door. Smooth thighs, rubbing together. Slender fingers, gripping soft skin. Lips and tongues, eagerly exploring.

Every inch of their hot, soapy bodies was on full display for Sonya and I.

At first, they were too lost in each other to pay us much attention. But eventually Tami’s nervous eyes swiveled in our direction and saw the lust on my face.

She immediately turned her attention back to Claire and gave the girl a ferocious kiss, moaning:

“Oh god, Claire, they’re right there! They’re really looking at us!”

We really were.

As they kissed, their glorious tits mashed together—slipping and sliding all over the place from the soapy water.

Claire hazarded an amorous glance in our direction, then gasped in surprise as Tami urgently dropped her mouth to the girl’s wet nipple and started sucking.

Never taking her mouth away from Claire’s perfect tit, Tami deftly reached a hand down between her lover’s legs and started rubbing—

“Mmm…” Claire moaned, her fingers grabbing a handful of Tami’s long black hair.

I took a moment to appreciate how beautiful Claire’s tall, graceful body really was. Though I’d briefly glimpsed Tami naked all those months ago, I had never once seen her beautiful copper-haired girlfriend in the buff.

“I had no idea Claire was completely clean-shaven down there,” I whispered to Sonya.

“Eight weeks of fantasies, and we’ve been getting it wrong!” she whispered back.

Claire’s cry of pleasure brought us back to attention. She was getting close to her limit, but she wasn’t going down without a fight. Suddenly dominant, Claire pulled Tami’s mouth off her breast and pushed the girl back against the wall of the shower. Then she grabbed the detachable shower nozzle off the wall and slid it down along Tami’s body—over the shape of her enormous breasts and wide, healthy hips—until it was pressed firmly against her clit.

Their mouths crashed together once again as the rubbing resumed, Tami with her fingers and Claire with the showerhead. Steam filled the bathroom, giving the whole scene a hazy, almost unreal atmosphere.

The moaning and groaning in the shower intensified, until both lesbian lovers were teetering on the brink. They turned towards Sonya and I—looked at us, looking at them—and then they climaxed together in a beautiful harmony of sexy screams.

We both applauded their performance.

“That was like, the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Sonya breathed.

The duo of naked girls stumbled out of the shower, still embracing one another in post-coital bliss.

“That was like the sexiest thing I’ve ever DONE,” Tami laughed.

“Now it’s your guys’ turn,” Claire insisted. “You two need to rinse off all that icky chlorinated water, too.”

She was looking at Sonya as she said it, plainly ogling my girlfriend’s skimpy g-string bikini.

“Of course we do,” Sonya said, releasing my hand and walking over to Claire. “But first, could you help me take off my bathing suit?”

Claire looked to Tami for approval, and quickly got it. Then we all watched as Claire’s trembling fingers pulled loose the catch on Sonya’s strapless bikini bra and let it fall to the ground. My girlfriend’s full, round breasts popped free right in front of Claire’s face, and it looked for a second like she was actually going to give them a lick—

But she chickened out, and instead she circled around behind Sonya and loosed the skimpy piece of string holding up her bottoms. For good measure, Claire gave Sonya’s tight butt an appreciative little squeeze as she lowered the g-string down her legs.

“Now you,” Tami said playfully, turning her attention to my hilariously tented swim trunks. I couldn’t stop staring at her naked body, now only inches away from me. Weeks ago, I had been so close—SO FUCKING CLOSE—to having Tami all to myself. I knew I’d made the right choice by being faithful to Sonya, but fantasies of Tami had caused me so many sl**pless nights since then. I wanted her so badly, I didn’t trust myself. So I just stood there like a statue and let her decide how she wanted to disrobe me.

“Do you still think about that night? About what might have happened?” Tami asked, sidling up to me.

“You have no idea,” I answered, prompting Sonya to laugh.

“So do I,” Tami whispered. The longing in her eyes spoke volumes. Was it possible? Had she been fantasizing about me just as feverishly as I had her?

Then my inner monologue turned into d***ken gibberish as Tami closed the distance between us and pressed the thick tips of her nipples against the smooth muscles of my chest. She slowly dropped to her knees, dragging those nipples down along the entire length of my body as she went. I almost came as I felt the weight of her tits sliding along the length of my erection.

When she was mouth-level with my trunks, Tami leaned in and grabbed the waistband with her teeth, then gave the whole suit an exaggerated tug to get it over my turgid cock. With my erection now millimeters from her lips, Tami gave me one final, appraising smile, and returned to her feet.

Sonya grabbed me by the hand and pulled me impatiently into the shower.

“You need to fuck me right the fuck now,” she panted.

We didn’t waste any time as Sonya hiked up one of her athletic legs over my hip and used it as leverage to stuff my cock into her pussy. We kissed beneath the spray of the water, fucking impatiently while Tami and Claire watched from the sidelines. I gently pressed my thumb against Sonya’s clit, and felt feminine fingers clawing into my back in gratitude.

Her wet breasts slapped against me with every urgent thrust, splashing droplets of water up under my chin.

“Oh yes—oh yes—oh FUCK YES!” Sonya came, arching her back and thrusting her tits up into the air.

My stomach tightened, my cock pulsed, and a monstrous climax rose up, ready to destroy me—

I looked lovingly into Sonya’s eyes, but then she touched a finger to my chin and turned me to face our audience.

They were fingering each other again!

I exploded inside of Sonya, my excess cum pouring down her inner thigh to be washed away by the shower. She and I collapsed against one another in the shower, struggling to stand up straight. Sonya turned and smiled at the other girls—the objects of so many of our fantasies.

“Now, who wants to have cake?” Claire asked.


Nobody bothered to get dressed as we all sat down around the coffee table to finally get a taste of that long-promised dessert. The cake wasn’t anything fancy—lemon sponge cake with buttercream frosting—but Claire was an excellent baker and whatever secret ingredients she snuck into that recipe made it easily the best piece of cake I’d ever eaten in my life.

As Claire went to cut us all a second slice, Tami casually turned to Sonya and me and asked, “So, what was all that about a ‘Waiting Game?’ Sonya was gonna say something but you stopped her, Michael!”

“Come on, Michael,” Claire called out from the kitchen. “What was it you told me about always being honest with people?”

Sonya looked at me for permission, excited to spill the beans.

“Fine,” I shrugged. After all that just transpired, I figured we may as well.

This was gonna be interesting.

“It’s easier if I show you,” Sonya explained, then she daringly darted out the front door—still buck naked—and returned a few moments later with my laptop in her arms.

She plunked the computer down on the table, opened my “videos” folder, and—

“Is this the most recent one, Michael?”

I nodded, nervous. Sonya played the file, and Tami and Claire watched, transfixed, at the recorded video of Sonya, tilting the camera down to show us all that she had, in fact, inserted a third finger into her drenched blonde pussy.

“Whoa, hard core,” Tami giggled.

I heard my own voice, coming through the speakers:

“Then, with you and Claire sitting there watching, I pin Tami to the bed and straddle her chest—squeezing my long, aching cock between her humongous tits…”

Claire and Tami looked over at me in surprise—

“And then I throw Claire down on the bed right next to you!” It was Sonya’s voice, this time, and it got even more of their attention.

“And what do you do to her?” my voice asked.

“I climb on top of her beautiful, gorgeous face and I—I—Oh god, I can’t believe I’m saying this…”

“What happens?”

“I drop myself onto her mouth and she—oh fuck! She licks me until I’m screaming—screaming—“

Claire instinctively reached out and paused the video, blushing deeply. She looked at Sonya in a whole new light.

“So, this Waiting Game you two play—these dirty stories—sometimes they’re about us?” Tami asked.

“Actually,” I said, “They’re always about you.”

Claire couldn’t stop looking at Sonya. “And you were okay with this? You didn’t get jealous of him fantasizing about me and Tami?”

“I started it,” she answered bluntly.

I decided it was time to come clean:

“Fact is, you guys are the most gorgeous, sexy women I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I’ve been around you almost 24-7 for the entire summer. At first, this game was just a way for Sonya and I to let off some steam, but then it sort of became…”

“It sort of became our entire fantasy life,” Sonya finished.

Nobody knew what to say, so Claire just decided to serve us all our second helping of cake.

I was grateful for the distraction, but before I could consume even one bite of it, Sonya picked the cake up off my plate and c***dishly smeared it all over my face.

“Aw, I’m sorry, let me clean that up for you,” she laughed. Then she straddled my lap with her nude body and began licking the cake off my face.

It was hilarious, sure, but by the time she was done, I could already feel my cock coming back to life.

“Payback time,” I laughed. I picked up Sonya’s slice of cake, aimed it at her face—but at the last second I let it drop, splattering all that delicious buttercream across her cleavage.

“Hey!” she cried, but a second later I was already licking the stuff off her nipples and Sonya decided she wasn’t mad at me anymore.

Across the table from us, Tami decided to get in on the fun, as well. She grabbed a slice of cake, turned around, and smeared it deliberately across her own butt—shrieking with laughter as Claire bent down and teasingly started licking it off.

Finally ready for some real action, I planted Sonya’s bare butt on the edge of the coffee table and smeared more cake all over her cunt.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been waiting for this,” she cooed.

“So have I, sweetie,” I said, and then I happily let my mouth enjoy the blissful flavor of Sonya’s adorable wet pussy.

“We need to try some of that,” Claire laughed, sitting herself down on the coffee table right next to my girlfriend. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Tami swirling a liberal amount of frosting across her lover’s most intimate regions.

Seconds later, Sonya and Claire were both moaning at the ceiling, gripping the edge of the table with white knuckles as Tami and I licked the cake from between their legs. Approaching orgasm and intoxicated by arousal, their eyes met—timid at first, but then—

“Kiss her,” Tami urged, every bit as turned on as I was.

Sonya and Claire timidly locked lips, moaning with unbridled delight at the taste of a new lover.

“Oh yes,” Sonya mumbled, totally losing her mind.

Unable to hold herself back any longer, Claire let go of the table and reached out to grope at my girlfriend’s body. Sonya followed suit, squeezing Claire’s big, perfect tits.

The sight made my dick grow hard enough to cut steel.

“I think we should move this into the bedroom,” Claire panted. Sonya nodded in agreement. Tami and I reluctantly pulled our mouths off our lovers’ pussies and turned instead to one another.

“You guys go ahead,” Tami whispered, looking hungrily at my body. “We’ll join you in a minute.”

Claire got up, but Sonya looked back to me at the last second. “Are we really doing this?” she asked, uncertain.

“Only if you want to,” I answered.

Sonya took one last look back at Claire, who disappeared into the bedroom offering one final glimpse of her long, slender legs and that absurdly incredible ass.

“I want to,” Sonya grinned, and chased afterwards. They actually had the nerve to close the door behind them.

But, much as I might have enjoyed seeing what Claire was getting up to with my girlfriend in there, my attention was, at that moment, entirely focused on Tami. She crawled towards me on all fours, her heavy breasts swinging back and forth.

“That first night—where did we leave off?” she asked.

“Back rub?”

“I think we can skip past that part, don’t you?”

“Hell yes.”

Just as she had before, Tami threw herself at me—but this time I didn’t pull away. I fell onto my back with her on top of me, all those delightful curves squashed against the shape of my body. My unruly erection pressed rudely against her soft thigh.

Our lips collided with a ferver, and before I knew it both my hands had dropped south to grab hold of Tami’s ass. I pushed her hips up and to the side, until we could both feel the hot tip of my cock bumping up against the slippery entrance to her pussy.

I hovered there, luxuriating in the moment, but we both knew it was still too soon to go quite that far—we hadn’t had enough of a chance to enjoy each other’s bodies just yet. Tami closed her eyes and moaned at the sensation as my cockhead grazed back and forth across the outside of her slippery folds, refusing to go in.

Her lips travelled down, kissing my chin, my jaw, my throat, and finally my chest and nipples. Her hand reached between our two bodies, seeking out my cock and gently gripping it between her fingers to test its girth.

I let out an “Mmm,” of approval, and watched, elated, as Tami continued to kiss her way down my body: past my stomach, sliding her wet tongue through the soft tuft of my pubic hair, finally coming to a stop with the side of my cock laying against her cheek.

“I think we need some more cake,” I breathed.

Stroking my shaft with one hand, Tami reached up and grabbed the last slice of cake off the table—then she rubbed it liberally up and down the length of my erection.

“I think I need some more cock,” she joked.

She turned her head to the side and planted a series of soft, wet kisses up and down my penis. Her tongue flicked out—teasing me—delicately licking off the frosting one drop at a time, until my entire shaft was clean of cake and dripping with her saliva.

“God, you’re good at that,” I moaned appreciatively.

She looked into my eyes, her lips still pressing up against the underside of my cock.

“You just wait,” she breathed. Then she lowered her mouth around my shaft, taking me deeper and deeper down her throat, until she had swallowed every inch of me.

My head slammed back against the carpet in ecstasy. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. No girl had ever done that to me before—taken me all the way inside her mouth. Not even Sonya. What the hell was wrong with this ex-boyfriend who had dumped Tami?

As slowly as she had sucked me in, Tami let me slip back out—then she dropped her head again, bobbing up and down to give me a wonderful, slow-paced blowjob.

It felt great, but I didn’t want to come just yet—and if I let her keep this up, that was gonna be unavoidable. I delicately extricated myself from her throat and sat up, whispering, “I want to have some more cake, too. Come here.”

I crooked my finger and she happily climbed into my lap, her scalding cunt rubbing against the side of my cock and her titanic cleavage bulging up inches below my chin.

We kissed again, more sweetly this time, letting our lips linger. Tami handed me what was left of that last slice of cake, and I carefully swirled the frosting around her engorged nipples. She helpfully leaned backwards and thrust out her chest, offering up the entirety of her bosom as a culinary delight.

Unable to restrain myself a moment longer, I dove in, exploring the shape of her nipples with my tongue.

Her fingers grabbed hold of my hair and she pulled me in tighter, forcing my face against her breasts. It only took a second for me to lick off all the frosting, but instead of pulling away, I kept going—licking and kissing all over Tami’s curves. Burying my face in her cleavage. Groping and squeezing with my hands, letting my fingertips flutter teasingly across her nipples.

I had dreamed about this girl’s tits a lot over the past months, and I fully intended to enjoy the moment. Tami seemed content to just let me play. She kept moaning in my ear, and her breathing quickened as I lifted up her left breast and ran my tongue up along its curved underside.

“I’m ready to go into the bedroom, if you are,” she whispered.

In response, I hopped to my feet and tossed her body over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry. I took Tami across the apartment, to the closed bedroom door, where the sounds of blissful female moans were clearly audible coming through the wood.

“I wonder what they’re up to in there,” I grinned.

“Let’s find out,” Tami laughed.

We walked inside to find the toned, tanned bodies of our two lovers splayed across the bed, scissoring one another. Their legs intertwined and their pussies rubbed together with hot, wet friction. Both Claire and Sonya’s breasts were swinging crazily from all the motion. They glanced up when they saw us, but neither girl made any move to stop.

I can’t begin to tell you how strange it was to see Sonya with another woman. Fantasizing about it had been one thing. Seeing them kiss had been another. But now? Watching as my girlfriend writhed her naked body against Claire’s? Listening her mews of Sapphic pleasure? It didn’t even feel real. Part of me wanted to pull her away and keep her all to myself.

-But only part of me. And a small part, at that. Most of me was way too fucking horny to care.

I dropped Tami onto the mattress beside them and kneeled down, lowering my face to her crotch, admiring the adorable little heart-shapped patch of trimmed hair she had down there. I lapped gently at the slick pink flesh of her pussy…

“Oh, forget the foreplay. Just fuck me now!” Tami whined, and rolled over onto her chest, swinging her legs over the side of the bed to present me with her delicious ass.

“Whatever you say,” I answered, placing my hands on her hips and lining myself up with her entrance. Sonya looked over at me, eager to watch.

“Do it,” she ordered.

I pushed the head of my cock inside and roared with pleasure.

Tami’s body was like heaven. So wet and warm and tight. She whimpered with pleasure, grabbing handfuls of the bed sheets as I slid smoothly inside her sheath, all the way to the root. Her soft buttocks pressed against my pelvis.

It blew my mind. Months of flirting and fantasies all building to this moment: Me, pleasuring Tami with my cock while Sonya watched.

I withdrew, and then slowly pushed back into her, gradually upping the pace with each thrust. Tami shuddered around me, and we both kept our eyes on Sonya and Claire as they fucked beside us. With one hand squeezing Tami’s ass, I reached around with my other and wedged it beneath her until I felt her clit against my palm.

“Urr, yes!” She shivered, writhing her body against my hand as I thrust into her harder and harder—until her ass was clapping loudly against me.

Carefully, I lifted one of Tami’s legs up over my shoulder—rolling her onto her side with me still inside of her—and proceeded to saw in and out of her cunt.

The sight was too much for Claire. With a fierce, full-body spasm, she climaxed against my girlfriend’s body, then collapsed limp onto the bed, still watching with disbelief as I fucked her woman.

Momentarily relieved of duty, Sonya crawled over towards us to get a closer view of the action, until her face was right next to where my cock was dipping in and out of Tami.

“This is so crazy,” she laughed.

With a glint of naughtiness in her eyes, Sonya extended her tongue and leaned forwards, between us. She licked along my cock—slick with Tami’s juices—and when I plunged back inside the girl, Sonya’s tongue followed suit, playfully swirling around Tami’s clit.

Tami’s eyes bugged out with pleasure, and she promptly reached out and grabbed Sonya’s ass—pulling the lovely blonde’s crotch towards her face.

“Come here,” she moaned.

Sonya spread her legs and cooed as Tami craned her head down and planted a big, sloppy kiss on her steaming core.

For about the millionth time that day, I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I continued to fuck Tami, she was 69’ing my girlfriend. I dropped one hand to Sonya’s hair, the other hand to Tami’s ass, and just went for it. Thrusting as fast as I could—

“Mmm!” Sonya moaned, her thighs clenching—

“Aah!” Tami screamed, her breasts bouncing—

“Fuck!” I shouted, and the three of us climaxed together in a huge explosion of bliss.

I pulled out, still spurting—and Sonya and Tami dutifully spun around to catch the last of my cum across their tongues.

“I think we all could use another shower,” Claire observed.

Nobody disagreed.

After the shower, things calmed back down a little bit. We got dressed, went out for pizza, and returned home after nightfall, hoping the power would be back on.

It wasn’t.

But things could have been worse. Sonya and I brought over a bottle of nice red wine, Tami and Claire lit the candles all over their apartment, and the space was bathed once again in that soft, romantic glow.

“What an amazing day,” Sonya sighed, relishing a sip of wine.

“Are we gonna do this all the time, now that we’re neighbors?” Tami asked.

I looked around the room at the three girls, each of them beautiful beyond belief. How lucky can one guy get?

“I don’t see why not,” I grinned.

Claire set down her glass and turned towards Sonya and I—

“I know it’s getting late, and we should probably all turn in soon, but before we do…”

“Yes?” Sonya asked.

“Am I right in assuming that we’re all up for one more round of fun? Now, amongst all those fantasies you two had about us, over all those weeks apart, was there anything in particular you’ve been dying to try?”

My pulse quickened. Sonya took my hand and said, “You go first, honey.”

I stammered, “Well, Claire, you have been flashing those tits in my face every day for the past two months. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dying for a taste.”

“I think I can arrange that,” Claire laughed. She stood and circled the coffee table, looking absolutely stunning in her little sundress. She straddled my lap, squeezing her arms together to accentuate her cleavage, and bit her lip.

Not needing a further invitation, I slipped my fingers beneath the straps holding up her dress and slid them off her shoulders, letting the neckline drop down to reveal a sexy strapless bra. I bathed the swelling tops of her breasts in gentle kisses as my hands reached around Claire’s back to find the clasp—

Got it.

I groaned as her proud pink boobs popped into view.

“Careful, they’re kind of sensitive,” Claire whispered.

She placed a hand on the back of my head and tilted my face down—slowly—until my nose pressed into the top of her breast and my tongue found her nipple.

“Oh yes…” she moaned.

“I didn’t even know you were interested in guys,” Tami said.

“You never asked,” Claire laughed.

I continued to suckle Claire’s perfect breasts for a few minutes, but then a new urge overtook me and I suddenly kissed her on the lips. Claire pulled away, but only for a moment—just long enough for her to pull my shirt off over my head.

Beside us, I heard the sound of more kissing as Sonya climbed into Tami’s lap and they began a steamy, sensual make-out session of their very own.

My hands hiked up Claire’s dress and I dipped a few fingers inside her already soaking-wet underwear. She unzipped my jeans and reached inside—

“Back to the bedroom?” she pleaded.

“But all of us together this time,” I answered.

Our clothes were gone before we even made it through the door. We fell onto Claire’s queen-size bed as a group—kissing, licking, and fondling. Everywhere I looked—everywhere I touched—there was always another beautiful female body to enjoy.

“Okay, now it’s my turn to call out a fantasy,” Sonya exclaimed. “Three-girl blowjob!”

That’s the girl I love, alright.

I leaned against the headboard and watched in amazement as all three ladies—Tami, Claire, and Sonya—crowded around and worshipped my cock. I thanked god I was big enough down there that they could all get a seat at the table.

It was sensory overload; too many tongues and too many beautiful faces. The girls made it even worse by constantly kissing one another with my shaft trapped between their lips.

Then, all of a sudden, Sonya went totally rigid. I looked down to see that Tami had discreetly snuck her fingers up my girlfriend’s snatch. With my cock all but forgotten, Sonya grabbed Tami by the shoulders and pulled her aside, all to herself. She practically inhaled Tami’s breasts.

Now alone with Claire, I pulled her mouth off my glistening cock and took her in my arms—sitting her back on my lap and again kissing her on the lips. Softly, she stroked my penis where it lay trapped against her bare-shaven pubic mound.

“Do you want me?” she whispered.

In response, I grabbed hold of Claire’s perfect ass, lifted her up into the air, and then gently lowered her body onto my cock.

She shivered at the sensation, and her arms wrapped tightly around my back, holding on for dear life.

“I can feel your heart,” she whimpered. “I can feel it beating though your chest.”

“I can feel yours, too.”

Then the moaning started. Sonya and Tami took turns licking at each other’s breasts while their fingers feverishly went to work down below. Claire fought to keep breathing, her torso d****d limply across mine as her ass clenched again and again with each thrust of my hips.

“Oh yeah…” she sighed, her teeth grazing my earlobe.

I ground my pelvis against her clit, rolling my hips—

Beside us, Tami screamed, “Oh!” and erupted into orgasm, shaking like a leaf. She fell onto her back, gasping for air.

Claire went crazy at the sight of her girlfriend coming like that. With renewed vigor, she planted her hands on my shoulders and took control, bouncing up and down. Once more unattended, Sonya snuck up behind poor Claire and reached around, pulling at her sensitive pink nipples with one hand and strumming the girl’s clit with the other—


I almost lost it as Claire’s hips shook and shuddered around my cock.

Still at maximum hardness, I withdrew from Claire’s spent body and reached for Sonya, herself still in need of a good climax—

“Wait,” Tami whimpered, “I want to do it like—like you talked about doing in the Waiting Game. How did it start? First Michael gets on top of me.”

She rolled onto her back, squeezing her humongous, juicy tits together in invitation.

I straddled her chest, my rigid penis already slippery with Claire’s arousal. Tami spread her boobs apart, letting me lower myself down into her pillowy cleavage.

She looked up at my face, beaming with pride at how impossibly turned-on I was. “I want you to enjoy yourself,” she said. Then she mashed her boobs back together with me trapped between them. My hands fell onto her melons and held on for dear life as I pounded away, fucking the greatest pair of tits the world had ever seen. The head of my cock speared out the top of Tami’s cleavage and she craned her neck so that with each thrust my tip bumped up against her tongue…

Wow. Now THERE was a mental image I’d never forget.

Claire seductively cuddled up to Sonya, and asked “What happens next? I forgot.”

“I throw you down onto the bed beside them,” Sonya answered huskily. She playfully threw Claire down onto the bed beside us.

“And then what?” Claire asked.

“Then I climb on top of your beautiful, gorgeous face—“ Sonya continued, straddling one leg on either side of Claire’s head. “And then I—I—“

Claire finished the story herself. She reached up both hands to grab Sonya by the hips, and pulled the girl’s cunt down onto her talented tongue.

“Oh! Oh!” Sonya screamed. She and I looked at each other in disbelief. She was fucking Claire’s face. I was fucking Tami’s tits. Our wildest fantasies, playing out before our very eyes.

Sonya and I leaned towards each other, our lips colliding for a passionate kiss. Her arms folded behind my back and pulled me close, pressing her chest against mine.

The air was pungent with the smell of sex. The bed shook below us and Sonya screamed in happiness. My cock became a blur on Tami’s chest, thrusting back and forth through the smooth, slippery tunnel between her tits…

“I love you,” Sonya panted.

“I love you, too.”

We both came within seconds of one another. Sonya’s hips writhed uncontrollably around Claire’s mouth while I went off like a canon, coming again and again across Tami’s cleavage.

Finally expended, the four of us collapsed onto the mattress in a heap, catching our collective breaths.

“So, this is the Waiting Game, huh?” Tami asked. “I kind of like it.”

“I’m done waiting,” I laughed. “From this day forward, I just want to PLAY.”

The End... Continue»
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Mom On The Make

This story is a work of Fiction and Shall be treated as such This story is Originally written by Robert Vickers I am just sharing it here for you people to enjoy.


"Goddammit, you fuckin' slut, what d'ya mean sayin' somethin' like that to your husband?" Lee slurred.

Joanne King could barely tolerate the hundred horsepower breath gusting into her face. Her husband had really gone on a binge this time. He was d***ker than she could ever remember seeing him. She didn't much like it-and had told him so.

"Please, Lee, don't cause a scene. .

"Scene?! You stinking cunt! I'll do any damn thing I damn well please and you're not gonna say a fuckin' word about it!"
Before Joanne could open her lips to speak, Lee backhanded her as hard as he could. The slim, petite woman was almost lifted from her feet and thrown against the wall. Weakly, she felt her crushed lips, the trickle of the red, red bl**d
dribbling down her chin.

"Why did you do that, Lee? Why?" she asked. "Teach you not to give me no more lip,' that's why!"
Joanne's knees had turned to rubber. She felt her guts chum and go weak and watery. This was it. She had had it with Lee and his weekly d***ks when she had married him almost twenty years ago, he had been a nice, easygoing sort of guy. But the pressures of getting a job, then hanging onto it, had preyed on him. He wasn't the smartest or most talented man in the world, but Joanne had loved him.

The pressures had simply been too much, and he had turned to booze for his comfort.

Joanne had tried to do what she could do to cure him of his dependence on liquor, but it seemed that the more she meddled, the worse Lee got. Finally, Joanne had resigned herself to the fact that Lee probably was better off going on his binges.

The past month had been pure hell for her, though. Lee had gotten totally blasted out of his head every night and had grown more and more callous toward her. Joanne couldn't understand it. All that mattered was the change.

Lee was treating her like a slave instead of his wife and mother of their two c***dren. Joanne knew that Lee had already driven their son, Eddie, away for good. The constant fights, the loud shouting matches that solved nothing, had been too, much for Eddie. He was in the, process of moving out of the King house and finding a place of his own. But that would have happened anyway, Joanne told herself. Eddie was a big boy. Eighteen in less than ~a month and time for him to be out on
"AU IA - I] K• >4 S 211 ~ 'J~V>.% dl. Mi TAt I £A3 i Pt
his own.

"Yer makin' me sick, showing off your drooping boobs like that. Ya ain't got any shame left, do you? Yer nothin' but a cheap whore now screwin' every stud in this goddamn neighborhood!"
Joanne looked at her husband in surprise. She was as faithful as a wife could be. Sure, she had looked around at some of the men in the neighborhood, but she was a good wife. Faithful to her marriage vows.

"What the hell are you talking about, Lee? I don't understand what you mean."
"Don't lie to me, you fuckin' bitch!" Lee snarled. "I know you been going around the place selling your body to any man who can get five bucks together." His blurry eyes drank in the vision of his wife's beauty. It was incredible that a thirty-five-year-old woman could be so youthful in body and face.

Her figure was something most models would have sneered at-Joanne King was too full-bodied. She wasn't the scrawny, emaciated-looking model. That 37-24-36 would never have made the covers of any of the high-fashion magazines.

It did turn the heads of most of the men she passed on the street. They appreciated the trim lines, the taut, firm fits that jutted proudly in front of her body, swaying the barest amount as she walked. Her trim waist flared out seductively to woman1y~ hips and a round, tight ass that wiggled and swung as she strolled along.

Joanne didn't consciously wiggle her ass for any passing male to ogle. It was just a part of her that she couldn't control. Could she really control the symmetric beauty of her face, the finely boned
structure or the lustrous blonde hair? That was as much out of Joanne's power to alter as the rolling, seductive motion of her butt, that could give the coldest of men a raging hard-on.

The woman stared down at her creamy white body. She was dressed in a nightgown, filmy and bluely transparent. It did nothing to hide the ruddy nipples cresting her boobs or the darker triangle of the muff nestled between her thighs.

Joanne was a sexy woman. She wasn't responsible for what nature had done to her-and this was the . first time Lee had ever seemed to complain about it. His name-calling and derogatory statements further confused her. Joanne tried to pull the flimsy nightgown closer around her voluptuous, youthful-appearing 'body in an u*********s move.

"Damn you!" Lee cried, crossing the room to where his wife cowered by the kitchen wall. "You sell your body to any two-bit stud and now yer tryin' to keep me from fucking you! WHORE!"
Lee brutally grabbed Joanne's antis and shook her. Joanne's brushed hair became disarrayed and fluttered around her face like a cobweb of platinum strands. When Lee heard Joanne's teeth click together from the Powerful shaking, he stopped.

"You'll put out for the likes of Fontaine but ya won't fer me, huh?" Lee's eyes had become bright, glowing with an insane lust and hatred that frightened Joanne,
"Fontaine? That dirty creep? I hate that man, and you damn well know it!'~ Joanne protested.

"LIAR!" Lee backhanded his wife one more time. Before she could wipe away the fresh rivulet
of bl**d, Ice seized her hands. His powerful fist clamped tightly around both of his wife's slender, almost fragile wrists. Joanne was incapable of freeing herself from his grip.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Lee declared, a knife-edge of evil intent cutting through the fear rampaging in Joanne's brain.

She gasped as Lee lifted her and dumped her over the back of one of the kitchen chain. It was a straight-backed wooden chair. The splintery crosspiece mercilessly gouged into Joanne's tender, smooth-skinned belly. The woman tried to straighten up and escape the degrading posture of having her ass protruding into the air, but Lee's mighty muscles began to f***e her more and more into the back of the chair.

Joanne's breath gusted from her lungs.

Momentarily out of breath, she was totally at the mercy of her berserk, enraged and lustful husband. He had never done something like this before; the terrified woman didn't know what to expect from him. Lee might be content with only beating her.

But Joanne King felt deep down in her gut that Lee wouldn't be content with just a felt bruises. He had something else in mind. And it wouldn't be pleasant for the woman. Not at all.

Joanne weakly struggled to regain the wind that had been knocked out of her. She found that Lee had tied her legs to the wooden legs of the chair with twine he had found in the nearby drawer. The coarse brown string was rough and cruelly cut into her tender anides. The agony of the bindings
flooded up her legs. - - .1

Her slender calves seemed to fill with red-hot pain. Creeping upward with the inevitable power of the ocean's tide, the pain seated into her thighs, those marvelous, white and tender thighs that had so delighted Lee-and her-previously.

Lee wasn't finished with his job of tying her up, however. He was only beginning.

"So, slut, you're beginning to see what I can really do to you, huh? Just wait!"
With those ominous words, Lee savagely pulled the loops of twine tight around Joanne's wrists. With her hands bound behind her back, she lost the advantage of leverage. Joanne was doubled over the back of the chair now, her legs tightly tied down, her hands bound behind her back.

When she tried to twist and fall over onto the floor, Lee landed a stunning blow to the side of her head. "Don't get me mad, whore, or you'll really regret it!" Lee grabbed a handful of his wife's long, blonde hair and yanked her head back to stare into her grey eyes. He gawked wildly when he saw the pure, undiluted fear that flooded out.

Joanne swallowed and croaked out, "Stop this, Lee. PLEASE! You're my husband! I love you!" The rest of her words were lost in a choking that seized her. She wasn't able to speak with her head bent at this unnatural-angle.

Lee laughed harshly. "Love me? A slut like you don't know the meaning of the word;" He went to the liquor cabinet; opened 'it and pulled out a fifth of gin, then twisted the cap off and took a deep pull from the bottle.

He wiped his lips with his forearm and smacked his lips -in appreciation. "Now, that's just what I ~tf6~d. YhVt aft td'fBtkliiMPt bft?PIUJ fl~Z


Joanne's body quivered with horror. She was in the most vulnerable position a woman could be f***ed into. Her legs were tied so that they were spread wide apart. Her hands were securely, lightly, brutally bound behind her back. The savage pain that lanced into her arms and shoulders constantly reminded her of the nightmarish quality of this entire scene. And bent double over the chair so that her pert, rounded white ass was thrust up in the air just invited all sorts of evil things.

And Joanne was sure that the d***ken, booze-sotted brain of her husband would think up all sorts of cruel, perverted things to do to her while she was helpless.

The woman tried to raise her head again. Lee grabbed the long strands of honey gold again and jerked. Joanne squealed in pain.

"Don't like that, huh? See how ya like this!" Lee took his handful of hair and began fastening it to the front nags of the kitchen chair.

His wife's head was locked into position by her very own hair! Lee had used the tightest, hardest knots he could to tie Joanne's luxurious locks to the chair. Her head was immobile.

She had been able to move slightly before. Now, she couldn't move her head at all. The woman was absolutely at the d***ken man's mercy. -
And Lee King didn't have any mercy tonight. Not for Joanne.

"That gown yer wearin' is disgusting. I'm going to rip it off your ugly body!"
Lee grabbed a handful of the nylon fabric and yanked. He pulled so hard that the chair with Joanne attached was lifted from the linoleum floor. The floor. The torn fabric however only tore
slightly. It hadn't ripped off the quivering woman'stender body like Lee had anticipated.

"Goddamn!" Lee snarled.

Joanne began to moan piteously, a low a****l sound creeping from her bruised lips. The thin stream of bl**d that had been flowing down her chin had dried. But the puffiness in her lips began to prevent more than simple groans from being articulated.

'Tucking nylon skit! I'll get that friggin' stuff off'
Joanne felt the wet gush of gin over her ass and smooth back. The liquor flowed into her hair and began to seep into her eyes, no matter how tightly she clamped her eyelids shut. She didn't know what Lee was up to, but she knew it wasn't going to be very nice.

When she heard the scratch and tiny whoosh! of a kitchen match being lit, she knew what her husband planned on doing. Joanne tried to scream, butte roar of the igniting alcohol came first.

Lee had set fire to the potent liquor. The alcohol burned with a bright flame until the nylon of her nightgown started to melt, then catch fire and burn on its own. The inexorable tide of flame followed her spine as it devoured the peignoir with an avid, hungry tongue licking, at her sensitive body.

The heat scorched her flesh. The fire began to char her soft ass, turning it a bright, fiery red before all the alcohol and material had been consumed.

But the track of gin that had seeped into her hair was beginning to burn with ferocity.

Her eyebrows singed and intolerable pain lanced into her head where the booze burned under her eyes.

Joanne coughed, then groaned in agony. She made the silent vow that she'd get even with Lee if it was the last thing she ever did. And, she thought suddenly, it might be the last thing she'd even think of! The d***k bastard was going to kill her!
The woman screamed, loud, long and in anguish.

Lee laughed even more harshly than before. "So, my little cunt doesn't like getting burned, eh? The flamin' nylon's about all gone from your ugly body. I think I'm going to fuck you now like you never been fucked before!"
Joanne shuddered. She had been humiliated. Now what did this d***ken madman have in mind? She wouldn't have minded his cock inside her. The woman loved the feel of Lee's long, huge tool surging up into her cunt.

But she knew that he wouldn't use his prick on her. That was too easy, and this entire d***ken scene had been nothing but pure hell for her solar. Lee was sure to come up with something obscene and painful-and degrading
Joanne King was right.

Lee had opened the refrigerator door and had been rummaging around-and it wasn't for something to fix into a midnight snack. Joanne heard the footsteps approaching her from behind. Tied as she was, she couldn't see what Lee was going to do.

Joanne screamed in pain as Lee slammed, a thick, knobby, bumpy cucumber into her diy tnt. For a brief instant the woman thought she would pass out front, the pain. It had become unbearable.

She gritted her teeth. She'd take whatever he had to offer, then spit in his face.

She wouldn't show him any fear or that she was in pain. He would only enjoy it all the more if she did.

But that thin resolve faded quickly when Lee crammed the cucumber flail length into her cunt. The delicate membranes of her match walls surged and tried to stretch to take this obscene invader. The tissues of her pussy tore as Lee began ramming the long cylinder of vegetable in and out of his wife's cunt.

Joanne twitched feebly and began to cry, salty tears leaving tracks down her blackened cheeks.

"What'sa matter, baby? Too big for you? After all those men been puffin' it to you? Lemme help you out!"
Joanne heard the click of metal against glass, then a slurping noise. When she felt the butter knife covered with mayonnaise enter her quiff, the woman involuntarily shuddered in reaction. The blade was cold, dull, but it penetrated far into her twat. And the slick, viscous slime of the mayonnaise covered the inner reaches of her snatch m a matter of seconds. In spite of everything she could do, she felt her own cunt juice beginning to sluggishly flow. She was not sexually aroused by this hideous scene of degradation and humiliation, but the manipulating of her genitals betrayed her. Joanne's body began to respond.

When Lee was finished, her cunt mound and gash were totally covered with the sloppy mess. Lee proclaimed, after taking another long drink from the bottle of gin, "That'll fix you up real good for ya'!" He. raiuzncd the~massivesucumber
forward into his wife's cunt again.

The lubricating qualities of the mayonnaise helped a bit, but not too much. Joanne still felt that her twat was being wrenched out of shape. Torn and ripped apart.

When Lee began beating her with a spatula, shafts of pain leaped through the bound woman's body. The flat of the metal utensil left a bizarre pattern on her skin. Every time Lee struck her with the spatula, lightning bolts seared deep into Joanne's chest and back- First burned, now beaten.

What else could the insane man come up with?
Joanne found out.

Lee began hammering the cucumber deep into his wife's quiff using the handle of a meat tenderizer as a battering ram. Joanne sagged limply against the chair, her forehead pressed into the hard seat of the wooden kitchen chair. The cucumber was slightly curved and Lee was intent on shoving the entire length into her cunt.

The agony of each inch as it penetrated her tormented pussy made Joanne wish she were dead. The pain and anguish flooded her senses like water flowing into a bathtub. She was soon filled to overflowing with searing, burning, hideously frightful pain.

The bend in the cucumber due into her emit walls, pushed her internal organs around giving her pain as seven as c***dbirth. Joanne couldn't even take in a breath without a knife blade of terrible ferocity digging into her mind and body.

She cried, "Stop! Please, oh, dear God, STOP!" As if he hadn't heard, Lee continued. Seeing the cucumber's rough, nagged exterior buried full length in Joanne'scrotch, Lee began lightly
pounding her ass with the meat tenderizer. The spiked hammer drew minute points of bl**d every time it landed.

Lee d***kenly hiccupped as he slurred out, "Gonna have a real tender ass for me to fuck, you betcha!"
As suddenly as it had been shaved into her cunt, the cucumber seemed to vanish. Lee had yanked it out to leave an incredible void inside Joanne's Match. If the pain had been bad, the sudden empty feeling was even worse.

Joanne . hated Lee with a passion she hadn't known she possessed. And yet• she couldn't help begging him for his massive cock. That throbbing, quivering, wonderful length of prick that had given her pleasure so many times.

"Fuck me, Lee! Ohhh, fuck meee!"
"So the slut needs my prick in her? The cucumber wasn't good enough, eh? Okay. I'll flick you. Like you never been flicked by anybody ever before!"
With a sudden surge of his hips, Lee's purple-headed click parted the tormented lips of Joanne's cunt and entered the greased slot into her belly. She felt the broad knob of Lee's cock smash info her gut. Again, she was filled with pain, but this time it was a good pain, a familiar pain.

Lee had buried his prick its full seven inches up into her steaming, hungry, tortured cunt.

Through a mist of pain and burning came pleasure. It built up slowly. It wasn't the sharp, insistent dagger of pain that had been crammed into her innards. This was a quiet, soft feeling. A feeling of being filled. Filled with vibrant, alive, all-male cock!

Joanne groaned as the warmth began to spread throughout her loins. As Lee round his crotch against her pin-pricked butt, pain began to mix with the pleasure. But the pain accented the pleasure, made it seem better. More intense than she had ever felt before, the feel of Lee's cock sliding up and down its slippery sheath of female cunt excited her.

The woman's moans of pain turned to complete enjoyment. No matter that she was bound, her bands swelled from the lack of circulation. The brutal bonds that held her legs spread wide were ignored. All that was important now was the feel of the plum-topped shaft of her husband's mighty doing as it raced back and forth inside her frothing snatch.

Joanne heard Lee's harsh grunts as he shoved his hips forward. She felt the jerking, pulsing prick buried in her flack-hole. In spite of all the beating and I" ~ation she had suffered at her husband's ha..,..,, t~r cunt began to moisten from lust.

The sluggish flow of her cunt juice soon flushed out the slimy mayonnaise and cleansed her snatch of the bl**d from torn membranes. When these were cleared out of her twat, it was as if an a****l of passion ruptured.

Joanne's cunt seemed to explode with juice, drenching Lee's throbbing, thrusting tool. in mere seconds, the man felt his cock completely slippery with Joanne's pussy cream. The cylinder of his dong continued to slip in and out of the tight hale of his wife's cunt while the secretions from her twat trickled onto his balls. The tickly feeling began to drive Lee mad with lust.

The booze still fogged his brain'now lust drove
him ever onward to climax. It didn't matter to him if Joanne was satisfied. All he cared about was his own pleasure. The feelings inside his prong built up. His cock expanded and pressed firmly . against the tight, clutching walls of Joanne's gripping, ripply cunt.

The~ man's balls felt like they were pressurized. lie was a pressure cooker with only one escape valve. The tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his bloated rod expanded slightly and the first drop of pre-cum beaded the knob. His mindless, lusty fuckings into his wife's cunt wiped that tiny signal of his coming orgasm away.

Like a berserk battering tam, Lee thrust harder and deeper into Joanne's twat with each forward movement of his hips. He felt the tiny droplets of bl**d from his wife's ass against his hairy upper thighs. It didn't matter.

He felt his wife's heaving, gasping breath, and he steadied himself with his hands on her back. It didn't matter.

AU that mattered to Lee King was his own pleasure. He felt the fiery tide of his cum race the length of his dick and erupt with volcanic fun' inside Joanne's cunt. Lee kept pumping, driving, fucking forward as hard and fast as he could for the maximum pleasure he could derive.

His cock felt like it was being burned away by the friction against her tight, hot, steamy cunt walls. The knob was fully exposed as the foreskin rippled back with each of his mighty pistonings. The only thing that he• cared about was satiation. He was seeing his wild lust in the only way he could-he was virtually r****g his wife.

Then a splurge of Lee's cum
splatter against her cunt walls. She shuddered in reaction. The bent-double position she was fled in was awkward, damned uncomfortable. And yet
and yet, she found herself enjoying this torture.

She would have done anything in the world to pt Lee's cock back into her cunt. She had felt so empty, so completely deserted when Lee had painfully yanked the torturing cucumber out of her twat. The woman needed something to fill the hole.

Lee's cock filled her flack-hole well. The pain of her position seemed to give her a new perspective. She couldn't forgive him for what he had done to her, but she couldn't deny that he was giving her a full measure of pleasure now. Joanne sailed to new heights of erotic 'fulfillment as Lee wantonly flicked her gaping, dribbly cunt.

He was reaming her out with nothing but his own pleasure in mind. But he was giving his wife some small measure of satisfaction, too. Joanne felt the electric tingles every time Lee's mighty cock shoved deep into her snatch. The squishing noise as he fucked her had an oddly stimulating effect on her. That and the harsh breathing of her husband seemed to ignite the fires of lust deep within her tortured cunt.

Joanne was almost ready to climax when Lee pulled free, his tool deflated and useless after he had shot his wad.

Joanne cried out, "Damn you! Get me off! Fuck meee!"
Her demands fell on deaf ears. Lee King gazed at the doubled-over figure of his wife with nothing but contempt. He had heard all those stories about her
fucking around with Fontaine. Fontaine, the sloppy, dirty, clap-carrying rag-picker. And the mailman. How could he forget the story John told him about Joanne and the mailman?
Lee didn't want to think about all the other adulteries that John had so graphically detailed. Lee found a fresh bottle of gin and took another deep gulp. He felt the fiery liquid sear its way to his belly. It seemed to form a pool inside him, adding to his hatred.

Contemptuously, the man said, "You get off too many times with too goddamn many men. I'm going to play with you a while longer."
He took another drink as Joanne said, "What's going on, Lee? Tell me! Why are you doing this to me?"
"Why? You're askin' why? John's told me about all the guys you been screwin' around with. And you askin' me why!"
"John?" Suddenly things began to fall into place. Joanne had told John to go play with himself when he'd put the make on her at the office party last month. This was that evil bastard's way of getting even 'with her!
"Lee, listen! John's been lying to you. I haven't been sl**ping around. I even put him off and he must be pissed at me for it. I've been-"
"Shut up!" Lee viciously kicked out, his foot colliding with the chair legs. With a load crash, Joanne and the chair she was bound to toppled over onto the linoleum.

She lay there looking, up at her husband. It was obvious that he believed John and not her. Tired and helpless, Joanne could do nothing but accept whatever Lee wanted to do to her.


"You make me sick, frying to lie your way out of this!" Lee snapped. He smirked a bit when he saw that Joanne had begun to silently sob out her misery. She knew that he would never believe her. Not when he was this d***k-and getting d***ker by the minute.

Lee King might have been d***k but he wasn't deaf. He heard the crash from the living room and instantly ran to see what had caused it.

Lee supported himself on the doorjamb and peered out into the dark living room. He saw an indistinct figure begin to slowly scuttle away. He moved quickly and headed the shadow figure off at the front door. With a quick motion of his wrist, Lee turned on the living-room lights.

Revealed was a frightened and very beautiful

Lee looked at the younger edition of the woman he had been torturing in the kitchen. Ann King was eighteen and gorgeous. She was in the full bloom of youth, fresh and untouched by the ravages of age. Ann had her mother's lovely blonde hair that cascaded down around her shoulders and seemed to form a halo around her head. The figure was thinner than Joanne's, more youthful and less mature. Rut it was undeniably breathtaking.

Lee seemed to look at his daughter for the first time. He hadn't realized how 6eautiful his daughter was. All the time he was d***kenly studying her trim curves, the gentle prodding of braless tits against the flimsy fabric of her blouse, the skin-tight bulge of her ass, the smooth flow of her calves and the trim thighs, his cock was slowly stiffening again.

Ann saw the hard-on even before Lee noticed. And she tried to escape. In vain.

She spun and tried to get to the safety of her bedroom. Lee caught her and lifted her lithe figure off the floor before she had gone two steps.

"Let me go, you dirty a****l! Let me go!" Ann shrieked.

Lee abruptly tossed his daughter onto the sofa she had stumbled over to create the noise he had heard. He menacingly said, "Where the hell you been?"
Ann sullenly glared at her naked father, her father with the monstrous hard-on....

"I... I just got back from a date." She didn't know what to say. Could she tell this d***ken a****l that she'd seen what he had done to her mother? How he had ****d her and beaten her and beaten her?

"You saw what happened in the kitchen, didn't ya?" The way Lee asked it, it was more of a statement than a question.

He could only numbly shake her head. Her breathing was coming in quick, sharp gusts now. Her young heart pounded wildly, threatened to explode. The sound of the bl**d hammering in her ears deafened her.

All she could think of was getting away from the towering menace of that cock quivering in front of her face.

"You're as bad as that slut mother of yours. You been fuckin' anything that wears pants. Been doin' it for a helluva long time from what I hear."
Ann's lips narrowed to a thin line. She answered, "What's it to you? I have my own life to live and it's none of your business what I do or don't do."
"Cheap WHORE!" Lee screamed. "Cheap fuckin' whore! You learned too damn much from your mother, that's what I think. I think you been goin' around and screwin' every guy in that lousy high school you go to. That's what I think! And you say it's none of my business! I gotta put up with the shame of having a daughter who's nothing but a goddamn cunt!"
Ann's grey eyes widened.. She had seen her father d***k many times. This was the first time she'd ever realized how far he could go when he had too much booze.

"Look, Daddy, that isn't the way it is at all"

Ann cowered, tried to fade into the cushions of the sofa. She had seen how her mother had been tied to the chair. Her hands behind her back, her
legs split to expose her cunt-and how her hair had been tied to the chair to hold her head down. She was appalled that her father, even as roaring d***k as he was, could ever do such a vile thing.

Her voice came out chalked and small. "What are you going to do?"
Lee's bleary eyes had been studying Ann. Her nipples poked suggestively against the thin material of her blouse. The bare expanse of her stomach heaved and quivered with her fright. The small depression of her perfectly formed navel seemed to beckon to the d***ken finn.

He could barely pull his eyes off his daughter's flaring boobs with the aroused nipples and that tempting belly. And when Lee succeeded, his gaze fell lower to the completely filled, stretched to the breaking-point blue jeans that Ann wore.

Her ass bulged provocatively. And the sight of the girl's long, lithe legs made Lee's hard-on quiver with ill-suppressed lust. So what if he had just worked over her mother? Hadn't that lying whore deserved it? Didn't she deserve even more punishment?
Lee quickly reached out and seized Ann's arm. "Come on. Let's go into the kitchen for a little f****y chat."
"You're hurting my arm!" Ann protested. The icy look she received chilled her to the soul: She knew then that she could expect no mercy from the man who had been her father. In that single glance, he had completely cut himself off from any familial link that might have existed. To Ann, he may have been her natural father; but he was no longer the man she had looked up to. He was an alien' an evil and completely crazy.

"In then!" Lee hurled her through the doorway into the brightly lit kitchen. For a moment, Ann was blinded. And when she could see again, she wished that she didn't have to look.

Her mother was still bound to the chair. Joanne looked up at her, eyes filled with fear for her daughter.

Joanne cried out, "damn you, Lee! Leave her out of this! Whatever you think I've done, you've got no quarrel with Ann. Let her go!"
"Not on your sweet ass! She's just like you. She even looks like you. I'm gonna find out if she's been sl**ping around like you. I bet she's not even a virgin . •
Ann pivoted• and tried to elude the d***k. The effort failed. Lee managed to grip her arm, pull the girl to him and quickly rip off the blouse. Naked to the waist, Ann felt all the fight get out of her. It was as if Lee had pulled the plug on her reservoir of courage. There was a hollow feeling inside, a coldness.

She resigned herself to whatever fate the stronger man was going to mete out to her.

Lee placed both of his hands on Ann's slender waist and heaved. The teenager shrieked in fright as she flew through the air. With a plop she landed in the middle of the kitchen table. Her boobs swayed to and fro as she drew in air in huge gulps.

Lee was guided onward by the sight of his daughter's naked tits. The niddy nipples were erect, aroused with fear rather than lust. But it didn't matter to him. He was too far gone in his stupor to care. All Lee King could think of was siting his own lewd desires and punishing the bitch that was his wife. Joanne would have to
watch while he ****d her daughter.

Lee clumsily advanced to the table and put his fingers under the waistband of Ann's jeans. The girl screwed her eyes tightly shut and leaned back on the table, supporting herself on her ~arms. She wasn't going to cooperate, but she wasn't going to resist.

Her father quickly stripped off the blue jeans and cast them aside. The bright-green panties followed a second later. Lee sucked in a deep breath when he saw his naked daughter spread out in front of him on the kitchen table.

His eyes danced over her body, not missing a single wondrous feature. Lee's gaze fastened on the tiny triangle of pussy fur matted between the slender white pillars of Ann's succulent thighs. The bush pointed like an arrow to the puckered lips of her snatch. The tightly closed, pink-rimmed lips of the young girl's cunt.

But Lee's hands began to roam elsewhere. His callused hands found the twin mountains of tit flesh. With a roughness that was unnecessary, he took two handfuls of boob and squeezed as hard as he could.

Ann cried out, then bit her lower lip. She wasn't going to give the man she had disowned as her father the slightest satisfaction.

It was Joanne who spoke up. Calling from her contorted position on the cold floor, the woman begged, "Please, for the love of God, Lee, don't do this! It's your own daughter! Have some mercy! Please, take it out on me! PLEASE!"
"Don't want to see yer daughter screwed by her old man, huh? Well, damn your eyes, that's exactly what you're gonna have to watch.
suffer like I been. I want you to know what it's like listening to everybody snicker and point behind your back. Everybody talking about how your wife's nothing but a fuckin' whore!"
"it's all a lie, Lee! Honest! Don't do this to Ann. I'm begging you!"
"GO ahead. Beg." Without even looking back at his wife, Lee returned his attentions to his teenaged daughter. e nipples on top of the
His hands found
marshmallowy man of her jugs. Lee pinched down with brutal f***e. His thumb and forefinger closed around the erect nipples until Ann moaned in pain. Lances of white-hot anguish flared into her young body.

She tried to kick Lee but only succeeded in spreading her legs wide open for him. He pulled her to him, using her boobs as handholds. Ann groaned a she slid across the rough table. It felt as if the man would rip her tits off her chest
With her legs on each side of his body, Ann had no farther defense except for her fingernails. She clawed out wildly, trying to gouge and rip at his face.

Her father quickly buried his face into his daughter's pussy. With lewd sucking noises, he began eating his own girl's cunt out. Ann felt her father's wet tongue flash out and race around her twat.

In spite of the agony he was inflicting with his hands on her tits, Ann found herself being driven wild with the feel of Lee's tongue around her snatch. He stared at one end of her gash and raced to the other end of the sensitive flaps of pink pussy ~Jqh~~~,hjs .tnng~e wouW,pbjiw~Joscc3~Iyjsp
her seething twat hole.

Ann's cunt began to flow the thin oils of lust. Then, as Lee's tongue burrowed farther and farther into her cunt, thicker juices began to flow out of her box. She writhed on the table, impaled by the f***e of her father's tongue. Ann couldn't even lift herself off the rough planking of the table because of the powerful hands that held her prisoner.

If Ann was experiencing both pain and joy, Joanie was feeling nothing but sheer, undiluted misery. She wept openly for what was happening in front of her very eyes. She was being f***ed to watch her husband **** her daughter. Of all the things that she had considered Lee capable of during one of his d***ks, never had she thought torture and daughter **** to be among them.

Joanne watched in wretched fascination as Lee's head vanished between Ann's legs. She knew what he was doing. She could hear the sucking and the lewd, obscene slurping noises as the man licked and tongued the girl's pussy. She could see the viselike grip on the tender tits.

Red streaks appeared on the milky-white flesh when Lee moved his hands over the heaving boobs. Joanne shivered in response to the punishment Lee was giving Ann as well as the pain she was experiencing.

Her own predicament added to the physical pain. Joanne's mental torture watching her husband tongue-fuck Ann was fed by the bite of the coarse brown twine into her wrists and anklet. And her belly began to cramp from the doubled-over position she had been f***ed to assume. She had a continual headache from the beating

at the hands of the chair. Joanne wasn't even able to turn her head away from the **** happening right in front of her.

She could close her eyes. But she couldn't close her ears. She could still hear the soft moans Ann was emitting like some whipped puppy, and she couldn't mistake the sucking, sllurping noise as Lee ate out his own daughter's pussy.

Ann's hips began td move with a life of their own. The rough handling of her tits didn't do much to turn her on. The situation in which she found herself wasn't very erotic, either. She was far more frightened than the first time with Vic-Vic had popped her cherry on their third date and it had hurt.

But it was a good hurt.

This was sheer torture. The pain in her chest. The struggle to breathe against the crushing weight on her boobs hurt badly. But what was even worse was the sensual feel of her father's tongue along her snatch.

The man was good at cunt-lapping she had to admit that. She felt the rough, wet tongue stroke and caress, then stab far into her oily cunt. Each time his tongue jabbed into her hole, a surge of pleasure collided with the pain in her body.

The conflicting sensations overwhelmed Ann. She became totally confused. She didn't know what to do. The teenager started td drift in her own little universe, cut off from all sensations but those entering her body through her tight little cunt and her mountainous boobs. The girl didn't even hear the quiet sobbing of her mother, f***ed to watch the degrading spectacle.

Ann bit him, leaving

bl**dy tracks on her father's neck and shoulders. But the pain only spurred the intoxicated man on.

With the suddenness of a summer storm, Lee moved his mouth from Ann's succulent box and positioned his vibrating dong at her open, puffy gash. A f***eful hip motion embedded his prick balls deep in his daughter's tight cunt.

Ann screamed out her agony at taking the seven inches of dong. As Lee began to rotate his hips while he kept his prick entirety in the young girl's stretched pussy, she began to groan. "OOHhh! It hurrrrts sooo! Please, Daddy, don't do this to meee! OH!"
She gasped as Lee quickly retreated, then slammed forward as hard as he could. He felt the tip of his knob bounce off the softly padded end of Ann's cunt. The pain generated in her distended snatch blotted out any pleasure she might have been receiving.

Lee seemed to instinctively know that he was giving her pain with his incredibly deep, powerful trusts. As he licked faster and faster, feeling Ann's cunt contracting sound his speeding prickshaft, he called out to Joanne, "How d'ya like this, huh? How you like me fucking your cock-hungry k**!"
Joanne's tears had dried, leaving salty tracks down her cheeks. She stared without emotion at the **** being played out in front of her. She felt nothing inside. It was as if she had died. She could respond no more to Lee's torture.

Physically, the pain still assaulted her body. But something inside her had died. She could feel absolutely nothing for this man doing such unspeakable thing to their daughter.

"No hate. No love. Nothing. This was the ultimate human rejection." Lee didn't notice. He was too busy fucking the tight cunt of his own daughter. He began to shout in d***ken glee as he felt her tight cunt collapse around his cock and squeeze don hard. Ann 's stomach muscles were hard and tight with youthful exercise. And she was no virgin. She had enjoyed many boys.

She wasn't enjoying this. Ann had retreated into a world much like her mother already had. She didn't care if those seven inches of prick driving home in her omit belonged to her father or not. All
- she wanted was for this disgusting scene to be over. The normal joy she received from a good fucking was missing. Ann knew that her father was getting off. She could feel his cock begin to expand, pulse with the first tremors of climax. She could feel all of this deep down in her pits-but it didn't give her any pleasure.

Lee fucked in and out, pulled Ann closer to him so that her butt rested on the very edge of the table. With her legs hanging limply to either side of him, he had full access to the tiny fuck-hole. His mighty cock surged forward, lingered and luxuriated in the carnal heat of her boiling hot cunt, then pulled back.

Again !~4 again tee flicked his daughter until his sperm croucbe& for the long spring down the length of his prick. With a loud cry, Lee's cock erupted with string after gooey string of aim.

He continued pistoning in and out of Ann's pussy as long a his dick was stiff enough to flick. In a few minutes; Lee's once rigid and proud cock
dribbled out of Ann's snatch amid a flow of cunt juice and creamy white jizz. The stream trickled down his leg and soon crusted the hair of his inner thigh.

The cum that ran down Ann's leg found only smooth flesh. Flesh that was totally unresponsive and uncaring. By fucking her, Lee had robbed his own daughter of her will. He had degraded her as much as a man could a woman.

And still he wasn't satisfied.

He wanted even more revenge. Not on Ann but on Joanne, his wife.

"Well, slut, do you want me to quit foolin' around with your whore daughter?"
The words penetrated to Joanne's brain.

"What? What do you mean?"
"I'll stop screwn' Ann if you'll lick my cock off."
"PIG!" Joanne tried to spit at her husband but failed. Her bruised lips wouldn't move into the right positions for anything but drooling down her own chip.

Lee laughed as he reached for the bottle. He took a deep drink, lowered the level of the gin about a half-inch before he said, "Lick the cum off and I'll forget about Ann."
He dropped to his knees and dangled his cock in front of the bound woman. Joanne considered for a moment, then thrust out her tongue in an effort to lick off the creamy cum she had once found•• tasty.

Only a bitter taste remained in her mouth when she had finished her tongue job on Lee's dick.

Lee sniggered. "Good job. Bet you get a lot of bread for blow jobs, huh?"

He laughed again and sat down in another of the kitchen chairs. Ann had passed out on the table, naked and lovely-and still vulnerable. Joanne said nothing as she watched Lee drink himself into a stupor.

He had done all he could possibly do for the night
Joanne began to cry softly once again, both for herself and for her innocent, ****d daughter:


Edward Phillip Steven King came in late from the date he'd had with Tern. He idly rubbed his crotch in fond memory of the evening he'd spent with the hot chick. The image of her was still fresh in his mind: brunette with cute bangs, about five foot seven or so and everything but everything in the right place and proportion. She was a hell of a sexy chick and the best piece of ass he'd• ever found. instant Eddie entered the darkened King
house, however, he knew something was wrong. There was a feeling about the stilled living room that made him uneasy.

With infinite caution, he made his way to the kitchen. The scene that lay before him was something totally beyond his experience. He was eighteen and just out of high school and thought
he knew everything.

But ... ?
His naked father was passed out at the kitchen table, an empty bottle of gin clutched in one hand. His s****r was lying spread-eagle and completely naked in front of his father. Ann wasn't stirring.

Eddie felt a momentary twitch in his prick as he thought of Ann and the times they had spent together. But seeing her naked like this was different, evil, perverse.

When he saw his mother, his heart almost stopped. He couldn't believe that anyone would do such a thing to her. Joanne still lay on her side, hands cruelly bound with the thin twine cutting into her soft flesh. The youth rushed to his mother's side and instantly saw he would never be able to loosen her bonds without a knife.

"Hang on a second, Mom!" Eddie told her as he rummaged in the drawer for a knife. He found a small paring knife and swiftly cut the string holding his mother.

She gratefully collapsed on the floor, free at last from her bonds.

"What happened? Who did this to you?" Eddie had to ask, but he could guess. His father was d***k on his ass again. And only his father could have thought up such a cruel and bizarre act as had obviously occurred.

Eddie hadn't gotten along well with his father for several years. At first it had seemed like the usual adolescent rebellion, but as he grew older, both of them realized there was a basic animosity that would never go away. They would not be able to relate in any way but hating each other.

Eddie considered that just fine. His father was a
lazy spendthrift who drank too damn much. And tonight he'd obviously gone over the edge and lost control of his temper.

The youth just couldn't comprehend the full extent of the d***ken madness, however. The scene told him that his father had tortured and ****d his mother, then done the same to Ann.

Eddie didn't want to jump to conclusions. He waited for his mother to tell him first-hand what had been going on in. the King kitchen.

Joanne gasped out, "Water, please, Eddie, get me some water." She gulped the liquid down in thirsty, greedy swallows before she could continue, "It was Lee. He ... he came home d***k as a lord again. And ... oh, Eddie!"
Joanne broke down, clutched at Eddie's shoulder and began to sob. Eddie didn't know how to handle the situation. He patted his mother on the back and felt ineffectual. He was out of his league and knew it. He'd been thinking about leaving home because he couldn't stand his father any longer. This seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

He'd have to do something more drastic than merely leave now~ And Eddie didn't know what it would be.

"Did... Dad . . . do this to you?" he asked Joanne in a tiny voice.

The woman could only nod her head in assent. She was still too shaken by her . experiences to speak.

Eddie had to find out the extent of what b**stly things his father had done. "Did ~he **** Ann, too?" The evidence was clear that Ann had been. sexually abused then discarded like an old Kleenex.

Again, the only answer the teenager received was a frightened, tearful nod. He had a good idea of what bad happened now, and it was exactly as he had feared. His father had turned into a real juice-head and gone off his rocker for sure. d***k, he'd come home, tied up Joanne and ****d her. Then, when Ann came home from her date, had repeated the entire scene like an instant replay on

A coldness settled into Eddie's gut. He didn't know if he could kill his own father or not, but at this instant, he'd be happy to fly. Anyone who could mistreat two beautiful women didn't deserve to live.

And yet-it was his father. He owed some allegiance to him. bl**d was thicker than water, or so everyone was fond of saying. But if that were true, why had his father done all those terrible thins to Ann and his own wife?
Eddie was mentally wrestling with the problem when Lee stirred from his d***ken slumber. The man punted, scratched his crotch, then tossed aside the empty bottle. He belched mightily and managed to open one bleary eye. He spotted Eddie standing in the middle of the kitchen clutching the naked Joanne to his shoulder.

"About time you dragged your ass home, k**. Where ya been?"
Eddie's voice was low, controlled and frosty. "Did you do this to Mom and s*s?" The youth wanted to hear it from his father's lips.

"Hell, yes. They asked for it. Been 'fuckin' around with every guy in the city. John told me all about it."

Eddie's temper was beginning to flare. His hands trembled as he tiled to soothe his mother. He knew that he'd do something really rash, something he might regret if his father didn't come out with same sort of reason more than "John said so".

"Course I did. Them two's always been liars. John's my good buddy. He wouldn't lie to me. And don't you go givin' me no back talk either, k**, I'm not putting up with any shit off you, either."
"Don't threaten me, old man. You might be able to beat up and **** women and young girls but you're not up to taking me on." Eddie pushed his mother aside and stood, hands on hips, facing his father.

"I been through Korea and handled tougher ones than you!" Lee snapped as he launched himself with surprising speed at his son. One clenched fist connected with Eddie's shoulder and spun him around.

The bruise appeared almost instantly. But Eddie was in a towering rage. The minor pain was nothing to him. A bl**d rage rose and blanketed, out everything else. He would fix his old man once and for all. This would be the last time Lee King ever had the chance to beat up on either Ann or Joanne.

Eddie would see to that.

As d***k as Lee was, he still had the reflexes he had built up in Korea and numerous fights. He managed to swing again and hit Eddie a glancing blow on the cheek. The teenager's head snapped back and rattled his teeth.

Eddie was no longer hot he was polar cold. He had lost any nervousness he'd once had. As if all of his nerve endings had died, Eddie felt like a machine. A killing machine. And the one purpose was to eliminate this miserable specimen of humanity.

Eddie danced forward, launched a savage kick at his father's knee cap and missed. But his father had to dodge and was off balance. Eddie's right fist rocketed out and slammed with a meaty thud into his father's midsection. What had once been muscle had long since turned to fat. Eddie's fist disappeared up to the wrist.

As his father doubled over, everything seemed to move in slow motion. Eddie marveled at being a detached observer. It was as if someone else brought their knee up into Lee's face to break the nose. A slow-motion geyser of bl**d spewed out in a small arc to splatter on the clean kitchen floor.

But Lee wasn't finished. For all his potbelly and fat, there was still a toughness in him that couldn't be denied. He straightened up and swung again at Eddie's face. Eddie moved a fraction of an inch and let the blow drift by.

With all the f***e he could summon, the teenager swung for the broken nose dribbling bl**d. Eddie was big, strong and at his peak. When he connected with Lee's already mangled face, there was a dull crunch! And Eddie's father was knocked from his feet.

Lee lay for a moment on his back, then struggled to his feet. As he attempted to stand, however, his foot slipped in some of the bl**d that had spilled from his gushing nose. He fell heavily and-hit ~-his head on the corner of the kitchen table.

A sudden snap! echoed throughout the tiny room. Lee crumpled to the floor and didn't stir.

Eddie was breathing heavily as he went to his mother and put his hand around her. "I don't think he's going to hurt you any more. Not tonight. You and Ann are safe."
"Is. . is he dead?" Joanne asked, her voice quavering in fright at everything that had occurred that night.

"I doubt it. Hit his head. To break a solid block of granite like that would take more than just a kitchen table." Eddie began to have his doubts, though.

He made sure his mother was sitting down and quiet, then tried to comfort Ann the best he could. She had been u*********s most of the fight but had seen the last round.

She patted him reassuringly on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Don't worry; Eddie. Everything will be okay."
Eddie was thinking that he should be telling the young girl that, but his more immediate concern was his father.

A quick examination confirmed hi& suspicions. He said in a low voice, "He's barely breathing. I think we'd batter get him to the hospital. It looks pretty bad, too."


Eddie went to the telephone and quickly dialed the operator. A few terse words and he was told that an ambulance would be sent on its way immediately. Eddie replaced the phone in its cradle without any feeling of triumph.

His father lay before him on the kitchen floor. Naked and unmoving, it was hard to imagine that the man had been responsible for the hideous torture of Joanne and Ann.

Eddie told Ann, "The ambulance will be here in a few minutes. Why don't you take Mom into the bedroom. I don't think it would be too smart to have them see her-or you-like this."
Ann simply nodded and led her hysterical mother to the back of the house. Eddie could take care of the questions now. Later, they could get their stories together. It wouldn't do for this
f****y scandal to become public. Corinth wasn't the biggest city in the, world, and, like all small towns; a scandal spread like wildfire.

In a few days, everyone in town would know that Lee King had been torturing his wife and daughter. That his son had almost killed him when he found out.

Eddie wanted to avoid any possible publicity. His mother had been through enough already. Further publicity in this wouldn't be to anyone's advantage except the news-hungry vultures in town.

Eddie composed himself just in time to answer the doorbell. The ambulance crew had come.

"Come on in. My father's in the kitchen. Hit his head on the table.."
Two bored-looking attendants hurried to the kitchen ~while the policeman accompanying them pulled out his notebook.

"Mind telling me what happened? Got to file a report every time the ambulance is called out, you know."
"Uh, sure, officer. Not a whole lot to tell. My father's been, uh, well, hitting the bottle pretty hard- lately. He must have gotten really smashed tonight. He stumbled and hit his head on the table. I guess that's about it."
The policeman had been carefully making notes as he went. He looked up when Eddie stopped. "Who found your old man?"
"I did. I'd just come in from a date. My mother and s****r were. . . sl**ping. Guess they didn't hear anything. Mother's pretty bad off Hysterical over this. I hope you won't have to talk with her. She's 4.beta doped. 4.-up~. ..with .tranquilizers - t. .saIm~~~ber.

"Naw, won't have to bother her. This kind of thing happens all the time. Tell you the truth, I was sort of waiting for it to happen to Lee. Been getting into fights down at Tyrone Reese's bar. Ty's been real nice about it. Just tosses Lee out, but Ty warned me about something bad in the wind."
Eddie swallowed hard as the policeman snapped the notebook shut with a flick of his wrist. "Is.. . is there anything else, officer? I'd like to stay here with my mother and after she gets calmed down, take her on down to the hospital."
The officer shrugged. "Fine with mc. I'm going to file an accident report, nothing else." The officer dispassionately watched as the two ambulance attendants hauled Lee King outside on the stretcher.

"I won't even mention he slipped in a pool of his own bl**d."
Eddie looked up, surprised. The policeman continued, "Heard how he's been badmouthin' your ma. Don't like that. Seems to rue he got what he deserved, you know?"
As the cop turned to leave Eddie quietly asked, "How'd you know what happened? Really?"
The officer smiled faintly. "Nobody hits his head and ends up with bl**d on the soles of his feet. Had to have slipped in it before he hit his noggin. Dig?" With that, the cop left.

Eddie felt weak inside. It seemed that Corinth's finest was on his side, that there was some mercy with justice. The ambulance roared off into the night in the direction of the city's only hospital. The meigh&ors1poked. tbairhead&.out.otwrtained
windows at the sight of the red flashing lights, but few came out to investigate.

The teenager made his way down the hallway to his parents' bedroom. He hesitated before opening the door. .He didn't want to face his mother. Not after what had been done to her tonight.

Eddie straightened his shoulders and pushed into the room. On the bed, sl**ping; was his mother. Standing beside her was Ann.

His s****r put a finger to her lips to make sure Eddie kept quiet. Ann whispered in his ear, "I've given her some of those sl**ping pills Dr. Montgomery prescribed for her last month. She'll probably sl**p for at least ten hours."
Eddie put his arm around Ann's quaking shoulder. His s****r had been through just as much as his mother. He marveled at how well Ann had endured the ordeal. It couldn't have been easy for her to see Joanne tied up, then ****d herself.

"How are yow doing k**? You feeling okay?" Eddie asked quietly.

"Let's... let's go to my room. Don't want to 'wake Mom up."
They went into Ann's bedroom and Eddie closed the door. Ann threw herself headlong onto the bed and began to cry. Eddie felt the emptiness ~and helplessness return. What should he do?
The youth sat on the bed beside his gorgeous s****r and placed his hands on her shoulders to comfort her. "Don't cry, Ann. It's all aver now. Everything's behind you. I'll make sure it never
- happens again. That son of a bitch will never s much as touch you again. I promise!"
Ann rolled onto her side and clutched at Eddie's gentle hand. Her grey eyes were red from the
salty tracks ran down her checks and her hair was wildly jumbled up. She looked like a pathetic sight-and to Eddie she was the mast beautiful girl in the world.

"Ann, you're really something special." Without thinking of what he was doing, Eddie bent over and gently kissed his s****r's lips. At first, Ann tensed. Then she relaxed and returned the kiss with a fervor and passion that startled both of them.

But the dam had broken. Their mutual love and
the horrid experiences of that night gave them a
bond stronger than any consideration for right or
For both of them, it was right to comfort each other.

Ann's tongue probed forward and nudged aside Eddie's lips. In a flash, her dextrous, pink tongue rocketed into his mouth and began a slow exploration of his mouth. Eddie sighed and collapsed to the bed, lying full length beside his s****r.

He pulled her close to him. He felt her body tremble and shiver in reaction. Then he was last in the sweet-tasting paradise of Ann's mouth. His own tongue began to dance and swirl around and around his s****r's. Soon, their tongues played hide and seek, dashing back and forth from Ann's mouth into Eddie's and back again.

Not content to caress his s****r with only his tongue, Eddie's strong hands began to stroke Ann's sleek, trim flank. She had thrown on a bathrobe. The next thing the youth did was to untie the belt and push the robe off.

Ann was gloriously naked in the twinkling of an .eye.

Eddie didn't have to see the gleaming naked flesh to know what was there. He could feel, the smooth expanse of satiny skin under his roving hand. Ann's trim ass seemed to completely fill his hands. Her buttcheeks began to roil back and forth under his grip. That simple motion was enough to make Eddie feel the stiffness pawing in her crotch.

He was getting turned on by his own s****r!
The insistent urgings in his cock pushed away all thought of sin or that he might be doing something wrong. Ann wasn't resisting him. She needed him. She needed the comfort he could offer after the scene, she ,had lived through that night, and if he screwed her and that was what she so desperately needed, who could say that was evil or perverted?
Eddie moved his hands up to Ann's trim waist. All the time keeping the long, deep kiss, he began to move his body on the bed. To his surprise, he felt feather-light touches at his shirt front and waist. Ann was undressing him.

While he stroked her stomach and moved upwards to take both of her fleshy tits in hand, his s****r managed to remove all of his clothes. Both were naked by the time Eddie gripped Ann's conical tit~. and began to stroke upward to the ruddy areolas.

Ann moaned and shoved her body against his when the teenager started pressing his thumbs down into the girl's nipples-hard. Eddie felt the mushroomlike pebbles• harden with lust for him before he tried to push them completely down into the soft, marshmallowy flesh of the boob. Ann seemed to get off on this in a big way,
She broke off their kiss and whispered in his ear, '"Give it to me
long! Make love to me! I need you so badly!"
Eddie knew the full extent of her passion when she began to tongue and lightly nibble at ibis ear. The wet, rough tongue plunged into his ear, exciting him more than he could ever remember. The motion of Ann's feathery touches along his body made his cock strain and threaten to explode in mad eruption at any instant,
When Ann took his prick in hand and began to gently push and pull the skin along the shaft, Eddie almost came. He restrained the wild urge to blast out his cum all over his s****r's slightly domed belly. It took all the will power he could summon to quiet his raging loins. In a few seconds, he could enjoy the warmth of Ann's fingers on his dick knowing he wasn't going to spew out his jizz.

The warmth expanded from his eight-inch prong into his balls. The hairy sac dangling under his mighty dick began to collapse into a tight, hard sphere. Then the warmth spread into his guts. His belly flared and lightning shot up and down his spine. The carnal delight promised him made Eddie vow to give Ann as much pleasure as she was giving him.

Eddie began to rotate the blobs of tit flesh he held imprisoned under his hands. The left jug he moved in a clockwise pattern, the right he moved counterclockwise. Ann groaned again and pushed her body firmly against his.

She was getting off on his fondling in a big way. Ann felt jabs of unadulterated joy lance down into her chest every time Eddie made a complete circle with her jugs. The odd feeling that he might rip her boobs off coupled with the erotic stimulation he was. giving her nipples made the
girl's twat begin to water.

Her cunt started to flow out its passions. The hungry, yearning feeling inside her belly demanded long hard cock to satisfy it. She wanted Eddie to flack her as fast and powerfully as he could. And with the eight-inch dong she clutched so feverishly in her hand, Ann knew that Eddie could do a first-class job!
She told him, "Fuck me, Eddie. I need you inside me. Now!"
To make sure that he knew precisely what she wanted, Ann d****d her left leg over the top of Eddie's right leg. In that position, her cunt was gaping and exposed to the purple-knobbed cock that quivered and shook with ill-suppressed lust for her between her legs. She could feel his dick strain and jerk. The big blue vein on top of his dong stood out in flail-scale relief as she traced curlicue patterns up and down the teenager's thick shaft.

"Do. .. do you really want me to, Ann? After all you've been through tonight?" Eddie had the momentary thought that his s****r's pussy might be too tender or even torn up from her ****. He didn't want to give her any more pain than she'd already had.

"Don't worry about that. Just fuck me, damn you!" Ann needed a cock inside her cunt to drive out the fears that had been created by Lee King. She desperately needed to be fucked.

Eddie was willing to oblige.

He eased his hips forward, feeling his hairy legs slide over Ann's smooth, tender inner thighs. With his s****r's hand guiding his cock, Eddie couldn't miss the pink, scalloped cuntlips. He felt the tip of his prick lightly touch the aroused, bl**d-filled
flaps enough to part them.

A flood of twat juice gushed out and coated his pecker. The oily secretion made hint hot to get his dick inside his sexy s****r's pussy. No longer able to keep his hands on her boobs, Eddie stroked and caressed along Ann's smooth back, tracing out each and every bone in her spine. Tingles of delight spread through her body as he worked down to her tight, rounded asscheeks again.

The teenager took both hunks of ass flesh in his hands and strongly pulled the ~fl to him. Both gasped in unison as Ann slid a bit on the bed and Eddie's long pecker vanished into her cunt.

Eddie's cock was surrounded by the flaming sheath of pussy flesh. Ann's cunt was as tight and hot as any he'd ever felt. She managed to contract her stomach muscles and clamp down on his prick like a velvet-lined vise. The cunt juices squirted out around the mighty plug of cock he'd rammed into her pussy, and dribbled down onto his balls.

The tingly feeling almost made Eddie come. Again, he controlled himself.

He kept telling himself aver and over that Ann deserved the best screwing he could possibly give her. It was his duty.

That it was so much fun for him was an added bonus!
Ann felt as if her cunt was being ripped apart by her b*****r's huge dong. His prick raced along the path that had held their father's cock less than two hours before. But this was a different sensation entirely. Ann had asked Eddie for this fucking; she loved him with an intensity that never ceased to surprise her.

The young girl was soon lost in the carnal
wilderness of a complete and expert fuck. She felt the movement of Eddie's fingers on her ass, clutching and puffing her body to him. Each time his powerful arms moved, her snatch slipped down hard on his cock. She could feel that mighty prick throb and jerk with lust for her as it was buried far up into her aunt.

Then Eddie would move hit hips away and a powerful vacuum would be formed in her twat. The emptiness was unbearable. Ann would moan and cry out for Eddie to stuff his prick hack into her hungry cunt.

And he would.

Inside her juicy cunt, the girl could feel the huge knob perched on top of Eddie's cock expand. She sighed with the pleasure of knowing she was so sexually appealing to him.

Eddie would have laughed if he'd even considered that Ann might not think of herself as beautiful. Those melon-sized boobs, with the bright, cherried nipples that poked so hard and firm into his chest, were a real turn on and her trim, slender body!
Everything was great! Feeling her silky thigh rub against his muscular one made Eddie's cock harder than he'd ever considered possible. He enjoyed watching chicks walk,' enjoyed seeing their trim, white legs flash back and forth. The, many times he had lusted after Ann were too numerous to count. She had ~the most seductive legs and thighs he'd ever seen.

And he~ always was a sucker for blondes.

To be flicking into her grasping, blast furnace of cunt was a dream come true. Eddie shoved forward
into Ann's pussy. A shudder of carnal delight raced throughout his body. He shivered and quaked in response to the wet, slurpy clutching around his rigid cock.

Eddie maneuvered his powerful fingers into the humid crease between Ann's asscheeks. His fingers discovered the sweat-moist flesh at the base of the canyon. The teenager slowly moved along the bottom of the deep cleft until he found Ann's puckered little asshole.

Eddie wiggled his finger around the bung a few times until he felt the tense, tight muscle begin to relax. As Ann's little brownie loosened, Eddie jammed his finger up her ass.

Ann's entire body was seized in a convulsive shudder. The sudden penetration of her bung by Eddie's finger activated nerves throughout her innards. The big, filled feeling inside her cunt when Eddie's pecker was shoved into her hole was stupendous. But this was something new and different for her.

It was undeniably erotic. And it felt great!
"Oh, Eddie, that's soooo gooood! But don't stop flicking me. My poor little pussy needs your big cock!" Ann wiggled her ass as seductively as she could to let her b*****r know that she appreciated the attentions he was giving her.

As Ann twitched, Eddie thought his prick would be ripped from his groin. Ann clamped down with all the might of her stomach muscles and seemed to weld his cock in place as she moved around. The movement rekindled the flames of lust in his balls. The sperm tapped in his balls began to boil and chum. The creamy flood demanded instant release.

Eddie fought back the tidal wave of his passion
again. Soon, the burning sensation died down in his nuts and he could continue with the slow, methodical fucking he was giving to Ann.

Eddie began to move his finger in and out of his s****r's asshole. He could cram his finger in all the way up to his knuckle's he was pulling his prick out of her cunt. Then, as he fucked as hard as he could into her seething pussy, the youth would slowly,; agonizingly pull his finger from her tight

The combined action was driving Ann into a frenzy of sexual arousal.

Eddie changed his tactics. He began to shove both his finger and prick into his s****r's body at• the same time. And he made an amazing discovery. He could actually feel his dick through the delicate inner membranes separating Ann's cunt and asshole.

Using his finger while he was buried balls deep up Ann's cunt, Eddie began to stroke his cock. He felt the rubbery tissue-that separated his finger and pecker; he also could fully stimulate the sensitive underside of his own rod.

He began to groan and knew that his own climax was going to pounce on him unless he stopped. But it felt so damn good!
He was surrounded by a hot, willing and completely wanton woman-his s****r! He was flicking her more expertly than he had ever considered possible-keeping it up was easy with so gorgeous a bed partner. And Eddie was being flicked as expertly in return!
Ann sensed that her b*****r was having problems holding back his orgasm. She sighed and abandoned herself to the feelings flooding through
her slender body. She was racked with the ultimate pleasure she could imagine.

Inside her snatch was a hard, throbbing and vibrant cock. It stroked back and forth along her cunt, creating the most intense friction she could possibly imagine. Eddie's prick was long very long, and he was giving her every single inch of it he could. He slammed forward with all the strength in his body. Ann's soft cuntlips were spread wide apart to take the surging cock, and finally rested on his hairy balls. Through the most delicate of all her membrane, Ann could feel the tumbling and boiling of Eddie's cum trapped in his nuts.

His strong arms pressed firmly into her waist and made her feel secure and wanted. But his finger up her ass was driving her wild with sexual frenzy.

Every time he wiggled his finger inside her bung, electrical surges volted through her body and exploded with wild fury in her brain. Her cunt seemed like it was on fire. Her belly crawled with millions of fire ants. Her entire body was surrounded, filled, fucked.

Eddie picked up the tempo of his flicking. He thrust hard and fast into Ann's convulsing flick-hole. He felt the walls of her cunt collapse round him, crushing his prick. The heated juices squirted out of her tiny cunt and seemed to sear at his pounding crotch.

Eddie knew that he was last when his cock began to expand as added bl**d pumped into the knob. He felt his prick grow as the hot cock
creamed the insides of Ann's cunt with his jizz for what seemed hours.

Locked together, they rocked back and forth in mutual orgasm.

The powerful grip that seized both of them soon relaxed. The b*****r and s****r fell back on the bed, drenched in sweat and completely exhausted from their strenuous flick.

Eddie spoke first. "You re a helluva good lay, Ann.

I've always wondered what it would be like to nail you. Now I know."
"The same goes for me, Eddie. You've always been more than just a big b*****r to me. You're everything I've wanted in a man. It's really weird that I had to be ****d by. . . by him . . . before we could get it on together."
Ann fell silent after she mentioned the **** by Lee King. Eddie knew that had been a shock for her. And this i****tuous fuck had been something of a shock for him.

His mind raced, trying to figure out how to accept all that happened. Screwing his own s****r was supposed to be wrong. And yet, it didn't seem wrong. They'd, both enjoyed the flick immensely. Could anything that felt so goddamn good really be wrong?
And hadn't Ann needed this lovemaking? Hadn't she wanted it to take her mind off the brutal **** of her and her mother earlier in the evening? Wasn't he just doing his b*****rly duty to his younger s****r?
Eddie wasn't sure. He glanced over at Ann. She had drifted off to sl**p but her hand remained firmly clutched around his deflating cock. In the dim light, she was like an angel. Her tits were
highlighted and the nipples seemed to have a life of their own as the girl breathed. Her trim stomach rose and fell with each breath. And her lovely, slender legs were stretched out alongside his body.

Eddie knew that what they'd just done wasn't wrong. Anything that great couldn't have been wrong.

With that thought firmly embedded in his mind, Eddie went to sl**p.


Joanne awoke from her d**g-dazed sl**p. The world seemed a bit fuzzy to her. She had trouble remembering, all the things that had happened to her the previous night.

Slowly, the memories came back. She shivered in recollection of the brutality Lee had shown her. Joanne almost started to cum when she was able to remember what that bastard ~had done to Arm, their very own daughter.

It was terrible enough that Lee had decided to do what, he had to her. But to take his d***ken rage out on his own flesh and bl**d was something that Joanne knew she could never forgive him for as long as she lived.

That thought triggered another in her mind. Was Lee still alive? The vague picture of him lying in a pool of his own bl**d, the side of his head caved
in, came to her in a flash.

Lee and Eddie had fought. Lee had slipped and bashed his head in on the same kitchen table he had ****d Ann on. The justice seemed fitting to die woman. But she couldn't smile at it. Joanne wondered how Lee was doing whatever else, he was still her husband.

Joanne rose and slipped into her clothing. She prowled around the house for a few minutes, not bothering to open Ant's bedroom to check on her daughter. The girl was made of stern stuff; she could cope. It never occurred to Joanne that Eddie might be in the same bed as his s****r.

Joanne picked up her car keys and purse. It took only a few minutes to get the car started and aimed in the direction of Corinth General Hospital, the only place Lee could have been taken. The woman didn't remember what had really happened last night. She assumed a lot. All that the beaten and battered woman could b~ certain of was that Lee had been in a bad way, worse than he'd left her.

Joanne King pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and Was immediately confronted by the overstarched, white-clad receptionist behind the main desk in the lobby.

"What can I do for you?" The tone used was one of boredom and not a little contempt for the woman with the hastily put on dress and messy hair.

"I...uh, my husband... Lee King. Yes, my husband was brought in last night and I was wondering how he was..."
The receptionist flipped through a small card index, then put a disgusted• look on her face. Her lips curled back in a half-sneer as she said, "He's in critical condition. We really need a full folio on
him. Insurance company, financial statements, place of employment, everything. Go down the hail and turn left and ask for the head of administration."
"But how is Lee?" Joanne had to know.

"I couldn't say. No one will be able to until you've filled out all the proper forms. Down the hail and to the left." The woman managed to dismiss Joanne with a simple toss of her head.

Joanne walked like a ~zombie to the administration office. She answered questions, filled out forms and signed releases until she had no conception at all of what she was doing.

The bemused woman remembered hearing a secretary say, "Ward three and ask for Dr. Parley."
Joanne somehow found Dr~ Parley, a youngish man about twenty-four and sandy-haired. He seemed to have a tired look about him. But that tiredness quickly vanished as he watched Joanne approach him. His eyes drank hi her every contour, the way she walked, the wiggle of her ass, the to and fro swaying of her braless fits. And even her unkempt ~hair couldn't hide the beauty of her face or the luster of her golden locks.

Parley knew a good thing when he saw it. And Joanne was about the best-looking broad he'd come across since he'd started to work at Corinth General.

"Dr. Farley?" Joanne finally picked out the nametag on the doctor's shirt pocket.

"Sure am. What can I do for you?" Dr. Parley slipped the clipboard he was carrying under one arm and hooked his fingers through his belt, his fingers pointing downwards.

"Lee King was admitted last night, and the people down in admitting told me to ask you...uh..." Joanne's voice trailed off. All of this was so confusing to her.

Fancy sensed how shaken Joanne was and immediately said, "Why don't we just step into the lounge here and talk about it?" There was a gleam in his eye that Joanne missed completely.

They seated themselves on the slick, cold orange vinyl chairs of the waiting room. Joanne waited for Dr. Parley to speak.

Finally, he cleared his throat, his eyes never leaving the swell of Joanne's boobs. "Your husband, I assume it is your husband, yes, well, your husband is iii very serious condition. His temple was crushed by the blow and certain membrane in his brain had been ruptured. To make a long story short-and cutting out all the medical jargon-he's bleeding into his brain. Right now he's in a c*** and unless a very delicate operation is performed within the next forty-eight hours, he'll die. And it won't be pleasant," Dr. Fancy added, with some gusto.

"Is there anyone who can do the operation here in Corinth?"
Parley smoothed his starched shirt and straightened slightly. "Of course, my dear, of course. I've done considerable reading on this and-"
"Then you could do the operation?" Joanne wasn't suit if she w~ elated or dejected. She had begun to despise Lee, and letting him die would be an easy way out. But he was still her husband, for better or for worse, as the marriage vow went.

"Well, let's say it's within my capabilities, but
you realize that skilled surgeons don't come cheap. The operation will cost you close to $50,000. My fee alone would be almost half that."
Farley waited to see what the reaction would be. He smiled slightly at the shocked look on Joanne's face.

She turned white as a sheet as she said, "I don't have that kind of money . . . and we don't have any hospitalization, either."
Farley almost rubbed his hands together in glee. He had another pigeon on the hook!
"Well, my dear, I might be persuaded to do the operation for other considerations. You realize that I spend a lot of time here and what good's all that money really going to do me? Uncle Sugar's just take it in taxes. How about a little trade?"
The way he said it left little doubt as to his meaning.

Joanne 'King recoiled slightly from the young doctor. "Are you suggesting that we..." Her voice trailed off in disbelief. Then she began to consider what was at stake. There was no way she could afford Lee's operation. And he'd die if she didn't do something quick.

And here was a horny and not too bad-looking doctor offering her the operation in return for putting out.

"You'd cancel all of your fee?" she asked incredulously. It seemed too good to be true. And it was.

"Hardly, my dear, hardly. I may be horny, but I've got to eat. I'll do the operation for two grand instead of twenty-five. You've got to admit that's a damn good deal.- As to the other doctors, you'll have to work it out with them."

Joanne's voice was timid, meek. "All right. I'll do it. For Lee." She couldn't imagine why she'd be willing to sell her body, even to this good-looking young doctor for her husband, but she was going to just the same. Duty was her only excuse.

"Excellent! Now, Joanne, if I can call you that, let's go to a more secluded spot." Parley was rubbing his hands together now in undisguised anticipation of fucking this lovely woman.

He firmly took her arm and guided her down one of the white sterile hallways, peering into one worn after another until he found one that was empty. Parley held the door open and Joanne hesitantly went in.

The room was empty except for a single hospital bed.

Parley began unbuttoning his tunic as he said, "No one'll bother us. As long as you don't press the call buzzer!" He laughed at his own little joke as he stripped off his tunic and stepped out of his trousers.

Joanne watched in mute fascination. Parley was a pretty well-hung stud. She had to admit that. And his prick was not-so-slowly elevating itself into an iron-hard, throbbing rod.

"Don't just stand there, Joanne. Strip!" The snap of command cut into Joanne's brain like a. scalpel. She began to unbutton the front of her dress.

She could hear Farley licking his lips with ill-suppressed lust when he saw her mountainous tits tumble out from their fabric prison. In spite of herself, the sight of Parley's steely prick with its purple plum of a knob gleaming wickedly at her made her hot, uncomfortable. She felt herself
growing wet in the crotch. And her nipples began to expand with the added bl**d that pumped wildly from her heart.

In seconds, her nipples were erect and pointing fingers of lust that did nothing but add to Fancy's already huge lust for her.

The young doctor did nothing but wait until Joanne had completely shed her dress. Naked, she stood before him.

"Turn around," he ordered. "I want to take a good look at you.~~
Joanne obeyed without question. If this guy was willing to give up over twenty grand just to fuck her, she'd give him any kind of a show he wanted. The thought still dulled her mind; who would blow that kind of bread for a simple balling?
Farley sat on the edge of the hard bed and ogled the lovely woman. Joanne may have been approaching middle age, she didn't have any of the age lines or baggy skin flaps that so often marked entry into that era of life. Her skin was radiant, taut and creamy white except for the red mars on her body that Lee had inflicted the night before. Farley didn't seem to notice those.

His eyes were too eagerly drinking in the beauty of Joanne's high, firm jugs. As she slowly turned, they swung to and fro in the mast provocative manner possible. The ruddy areolas with the fiery-red nipples thrusting up in their centers traced out invisible figure eights in the air in front of her body.

Those snowy cones could have held Farley's attention all day long. He relished boobs like few men ever could. He loved the symmetry, the way those fits seemed to beg to be- sucked, gnawed on,

But he f***ed himself to lower his gaze. Fancy wanted to take in as much of his gorgeous broad as he could. He wanted to drink in the full beauty of her body, then fuck the hell out of her!
Joanne's waist was trim, narrow. Not a single extra inch or ounce of flab to be seen. The deep depression of her belly button seemed to call out to the sex-crazed doctor, but when he saw the golden mat of her muff, all thoughts of her slightly domed stomach died.

That tiny triangle of fleecy pussy hair seemed to point down to Joanne's snatch like a road sign. Parley's eyes followed to that forbidden area between the woman's creamy thighs. His mouth began to water like a gourmet seated before a succulent meal.

But Parley's meal was far more succulent, tastier, more satisfying
He knew then and there that he'd fuck Joanne until his cock fell off from overuse!
"Okay, baby, enough of the burly show. Get your ass over here and on the bed."
Joanne was still hesitant about selling her body like this. And yet, what whore had ever been offered so much for a balling? And for such a worthy reason?
"Anything you say, Dr. Parley." Joanne didn't miss the purplish plum that seemed to grow and expand with every beat of the man's heart. The doctor's cock was huge and pawing larger with passion every instant. It seemed like a good thing to the woman to try to string Parley out as long as she could. If she gave him a ride he'd remember for a long time, he might forget about the cost of the operation.

"Call me Chuck." Parley reached out and gently stroked Joanne's flanks. The smooth, slightly sweaty skin under his strong hands trembled.

When he gripped her boobs and began to massage and squeeze, the erectile nubbins of nipple sprang to attention. The tiny buttons hardened even more and begged to be popped into his mouth..

Parley was only a man. He couldn't resist such tasty treats. With the eagerness of a man starved for weeks, he greedily stuffed one of Joanne's jugs into his mouth. The sheer size of the tit made -it impossible for him to get the entire pilowy mound into his mouth, but he tried. Damn, did he try!
Joanne's jug was simply too large to completely fit into his mouth. Farley's teeth gouged red furrows into the slopes of Joanne's Ut until she squealed with gee. The feelings lancing down into her chest were indescribable. A white-hot poker of delight burned into her body. Her nerve endings seemed to spring alive with lust for this young doctor. She realized that the way he was gnawing and twisting her boobs, she'd soon be begging him for more.

More, ever more. And then she'd be pleading with him to fuck her. To stuff his huge cock into her fuck-hole. She could feel the entire area around her cunt frothing and boiling with her juices. Joanne was turning on and she couldn't help herself. She tried to convince herself that this was for Lee, that this prostitution was necessary.

But her body told her differently. Her body was exalting in the wonderful carnality of getting laid. She needed anyone to fuck her. It would erase some
of the hurt that Lee had put on her the night before.

Parley's tongue lashed out and stabbed into the pebble-hard nipple he had sucked into his mouth. It drove Joanne wild. She gasped and began to thrash about on the hard bed.

The woman moaned out her passions. "Please fuck me, oh, please! I need your cock in me, Chuck! FUCK ME! PLEASE!"
The doctor would have smiled if he hadn't had his mouth occupied with Joanne's left tit. He didn't want to stop sucking or tonguing that luscious mound of flesh. All he wanted was to taste Joanne like a connoisseur sampling a fine wine.

The woman's body had begun to sweat under the carnal assaults of Parley's tongue. The man lapped up the briny mixture with a relish one usually reserved for a favorite dessert. His tongue raced round and round the tiny lust button on the top of Joanne's boob. The woman squealed and wiggled and shrieked. Still Farley continued to suck and run his tongue across the bumpy plane that surrounded her nipple.

With a lightning-quick thrust of his tongue, Farley tried to push the nipple completely down into the soft, doughy mound of her Ut. At the same time, he closed his jaws slightly and bit into Joanne's boob. The combined action 6f his tongue on her nipple and the teeth on the sensitive flesh of her conical jug made Joanne arch her back.

"Puck me, damn you, flick me!" she cried over and over as passions locked inside her voluptuous body were unlocked. And the key to that unlocking was Chuck Parley's tongue, that dextrous, agile tongue that lavished carnal care all
over her boobs.

Gnawing and tonguing a tit wasn't enough for the young doctor. He allowed his hands to roam Joanne's body, searching out the most provocative places he could find. His hands lingered for a moment on her belly. He felt the heaving, tossing action of her stomach muscles and knew it would be paradise once he got inside her cunt. Those muscles had been trained to grip and hold a man's prick with vise-lock f***e. He diddled for a couple seconds with that sexy belly button before sliding his hand lower to the mat of silky pussy hair.

The soft hair that he ground under his hand was already wet with Joanne's cunt juices. Parley didn't have to be told that Joanne desperately wanted him to shove 'his massive cock all the way up her steaming, hungry cunt. The wetness in her crotch was enough to spur him on.

His fingers were soon coated with the woman's slick, oily secretions. lie began stroking back and forth across Joanne's gash. He could feel the tiny pulsing in her cuntlips each time her heart throbbed a wild beat, a wild beat of uncontrollable lust for him.

He spread the pussylips slightly, feeling the delicate tissues lurking just inside the woman's cunt. Joanne's entire body WAS filled with electric surges when Parley lightly caressed her bloated labes.

The pinkly scalloped, delicate inner lips were the key to much of her sexual sensations.. Fireworks exploded in her brain. Her breathing became tortured and she could only gasp in air with small, shuddery gulps. How desperately she wanted. to scream out, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" but she

'Her voice had left her. She was totally seized with passion and was unable to do more than sigh and groan in sheer pleasure at the feelings blasting into her body. The warmth of Farley's hard, yet oddly gentle hand soothed her-and drove her to the heights of arousal. The tiny tendrils of warmth that had trickled down into her belly when his hand rested on her stomach suddenly turned to flaming arrows shot into her cunt as he diddled with her flick-hole.

Joanne wiggled and twisted on the bed in an attempt to get more of Parley's hand into her cunt. Just the first knuckle of his index finger didn't make it. She wanted more.

She wanted his cock!
As if sensing what he was doing to the woman, Farley perversely refused to speed up his fondling. He made a slow circuit around her fur-rimmed cunt, then went back and dabbled her cunt juice all over the now erect and straining spire of Joanne's cit. Farley looped his index finger around Joanne's passion-bud and stroked.

He started at the base of her cit. As he slowly worked up its tiny length, he tightened his grip. Joanne was driven into a wild sexual frenzy.

She bucked and thrashed and shoved her hips upward as hard as she could. Joanne needed more of this. She wanted the utmost of stimulation. She wanted to be fucked.

As she was choking out the words she had tried to say before, orgasm seized her in its granite grip. The ice and iron of complete climax ravaged her body, r****g her senses. The world was blotted out as her body seemed to be set on fire with napalm.


As Joanne's orgasm died down, she felt Farley's questing fingers run back along her perineum. That sensitive section of skin between her asshole and cunt burned like it had been dipped into a vat of acid. The lightest touch was agony-and joy.

When Farley. crammed his finger into her asshole, Joanne came again. The feeling of that digit fucking in and out of her bung triggered another set of sensations in her body.. She felt as if a six-inch railroad spike had been thrust into her ass.

As this climax abated, Joanne -vaguely heard Farley mutter, "Go on, baby, spread those lovely white thighs. I want to get in and give you the fucking of your life.

The automatic response was to spread her legs as wide as she possibly could. Joanne wanted nothing else at the moment except to be fucked by the
doctor. The sides of her leg pressed firmly into the hard surface of the bed, she lifted her butt off the bed enough for Parley's massive cock to surge into her dribbling omit.

Joanne thought she would pass out from the shock of his entry.. Her cunt was still sensitive from the previous night's ****. But there was no denying the fact that Fancy was one hell of a stud. He was hung and his cock was huge.

The woman felt as if her cunt were being ripped apart. She could feel the broad crown of Parley's cock racing up her flack tunnel. The pulsing, jerking rod excited her as it rammed home and the man's balls slapped wetly against her ass. Fully inside her, his cock twitched and wiggled with a life of its own.

The stimulation Joanne got was indescribably erotic. She could even feel the thick blue vein standing out on the top of the doctor's prick. But most of all, she could feel the slow back and forth motion Parley had started.

It wasn't a true flicking rhythm. Not yet.

This was more subtle. Her cunt walls could sense
it. Joanne's brain could register the tiny motions, round and round, back and forth. But it wasn't the MI-f***e, all-out flicking she so badly needed.

This was teasing her. It was giving her an idea of what was to come.

Parley was playing with her like he might sonic living, breathing, screwing toy.

"Ready for me to really fuck you?" the doctor gasped out. His own passions had driven him to the point where he had to get off soon. But he wasn't willing to stop his little game with her until the last possible moment. Farley loved to hear his women
beg him for his cock. It added spice to the game, made him feel good deep down inside if he knew they desperately wanted him.

"Yeeees, damn you, yes! Puck me!"
"You asked for it, baby!"
With those words, the tiny, featherlike motions ceased. Farley began to stoke in and out of Joanne's fiery cunt with mighty, pistonlike moves. Each time his prick, slipped out of her snatch, a lewd sucking noise- could be heard throughout the room. The slurping noise added stimulus to the act.

Parley could feel the suction on his dick as he tried to pull out of her hole. Joanne's cunt seemed to collapse around his prick. She didn't want him to ever leave that snug, warm berth. The suction he created by retreating tried to pull his guts' put through the end of his cock. The warmth of the woman's cunt seeped into his dick and funneled the heat all the way to his straining balls. And the smacking noise of his wet withdrawal added spice to the fucking.

But it was ramming his dong into Joanne s wanton <cunt as hard as he could that delighted Parley. This was where it was at. This was the purpose of a man having a cock and a woman having a cunt.


Wild, uninhibited fucking.

Joanne knew every time the man shoved his massive dong into her snatch. The nerves up and down her cunt walls screamed with joy. The friction burned and soared at her innards. She felt more alive than she'd ever felt before. This was living. This was what it was all about.

She was enjoying getting fucked!

No matter that she was being turned into a whore. No matter that she was doing this against her on will for a husband she no longer loved. The sheer physical act of screwing was all that truly mattered to her. Parley was a cockaman of nrc ability. He knew how best to turn her on and keep her humming with sexual energy.

And his flicking in and out of her cunt made her burn with desire for him. Joanne bucked up to meet his every forward thrust. She felt his prick smash through her twat, ignite fires of passion deep inside her cunt. Her spine began to tingle, then flare with the messages of delight that blasted into her brain.

Joanne came again.

Fancy continued to fuck even when the convulsing waves of orgasm hit Joanne's cunt. The pussy walls clamped down on his driving dong with demonic fury. But he loved every second of this sweet torture. He reveled in the sensuous feeling of having his prong smashed flat by the powerful muscles in this woman's flick-hole.

The cunt juice that dribbled out of Joanne's pussy around the fleshy plug of Fancy's cock made a giant wet spot on the bed sheets. But neither of them gave a damn.

All that mattered was the supreme feelings flooding their bodies. Parley's balls hardened, then began to churn and roil with overheated sperm.

With a low grunt, Farley came. His cum blasted out and creamed the walls of Joanne's cunt with the fury of a berserk firehose. He spurted gallon after gallon of his seed into her yearning, hungry pussy. And, she took every bit of it and demanded

Parley felt his pumping cock tire, then falter. He was exhausted, drained. He'd had a great ride on this sexy woman. He couldn't really put that down. But he was greedy. He wanted. more.

The doctor straightened himself up on his arms and gazed down at the radiant, glowing face of Joanne. Funny, the doctor thought, how a broad seemed to shine after getting a damn good• fucking.

As he watched hers his cock began to deflate and soon dribbled out of Joanne's cunt amid a flow of cum and cunt juice. It didn't take a genius to know that the chick was still hot to trot.

And Farley wasn't the kind of guy who'd ever pass up an opportunity like this!
"All right, baby, on your knees and - start licking!"
Joanne's eyes fluttered open and it took a couple seconds for her to focus properly.

"What? What's that?"
"You heard me. On your knees and lick my cock off. It's got all of your slime on it. And it should be cleaned off."
Joanne looked down to the limp snake of a prick that dangled between Farley's hairy legs. His dick was coated with cum and the viscous juice of her lust.

But to lick it off?
"Is this part of the deal? I mean, me licking off all that stuff? Or do I get more of a discount on your bill?"
"Hell, lady, you drive a hard bargain. So, okay, I'll do this as a charity gig. Now lick!"
Joanne slithered off the bed %and. knelt between the doctor's legs. Hesitantly rat first, then with increasing Leourage, she licked- and kissed at the
limp prong that had just emptied into her cunt.

The acrid taste instantly assailed her taste buds. As she dragged her tongue over the slippery cock, she tasted not only Parley's cunt but her own cunt juices as well. She had to admit the taste wasn't all that bad.

As soon as she discovered that this meaty popsicle could actually taste good, she began licking and sucking with renewed fervor. Soon, she had Parley gasping with pleasure. Joanne ran her tongue up and down the flaccid rod until she felt the vague rumblings deep inside of another hard-on.

It was a surprise to both of them when the man's cock began to grow and harden after only a few minutes of expert sucking. By this time, all of his cum and Joanne's pussy oils had been licked off. And Joanne was able to luxuriate in nothing but the taste of an aroused male prick.

Farley felt the familiar embers in his balls burst into flame once again. It was amazing how quickly he had gotten his hard-on back. He'd fucked one of the tightest, hottest chicks he'd ever found. Now, he was getting head from her-and his cock was as hard and rigid as ever!
It was paradise.

Parley muttered, "Keep on sucking, keep on sucking. You're making it feel so damn goood!"
Joanne's lips curled upwards slightly in a smile. She'd get that operation done for nothing. And enjoy the barter!
Her tongue swirled around the crown of Parley's prick, not missing a single square inch of meaf She played with the sensitive flap of skin just under the cockhead, then tried to shove her tongue down the
tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his rod. She knew that she couldn't possibly get her pink, dextrous tongue down that tiny cum-slit, but it didn't matter.

The stimulation they both got out of the blowjob was all that mattered.

When she had. Farley continually gasping in reaction at her oral acrobatics on the knob of his dick, she began moving her mouth down his shaft. Joanne lightly nipped and teased the skin until it was so taut and tight along Farley's cock that it was impossible for her to use her teeth without injuring the doctor.

When she got to his hairy balls, she found them tightly compressed. Her tongue flashed out and lavished feathery touches all around the tiny sac containing Farley's precious jewels.

Farley was wild with desire by now. The wet, roughness ~all up and down his prick was great, but when Joanne began tonguing his balls, he almost came. The young doctor managed to restrain himself for a few minutes, but knew it was only a matter of time before he blasted out another load of his fiery cum.

"Damn, but you can give good head!" he mumbled between compressed. lips. And he meant
it. He'd pulled this trip on any number of willing chicks, but Joanne was the first to get his dick this hard so fast after the frenetic fucking they'd just enjoyed.

Joanne's hot breath rustled through the forest of his crotch hair and stimulated the man even more. He was lost in a paradise of sheer carnal sensations.

Sooner than Farley had anticipated or wanted, he came again. His prick stiffened even more and
then spurted out three or four huge gobs of flick juice.

Joanne eagerly licked each and every drop up as it emerged from the tip of his dick. The slithery, rough wetness playing across the tip of his dick heightened .Farley's orgasm. The rigid clamp on all of his muscles soon passed and he fell back on the bed, exhausted.

This was the first time in more years than he cared to remember that a broad had worn him out. He knew it would have been impossible to get a hard-on again for a third try, no matter how much he wanted it. Joanne was hell on wheels either flicking or giving a blowjob.

"Well, how was it?" Joanne demanded.

"I've had enough, thank you. You're damn good with that tongue. And you got one of the tightest cunts I've ever felt. Your husband was a hicky dude."
Parley began puffing on his hospital garb.

As he fastened the last button on his tunic, Joanne asked, "Then you will do the operation for nothing?"
Parley looked at the woman, an evil leer on his lips. "Lady, I'm only an intern in this place. Your husband's be deader than a doornail then seconds after I put a knife to him. And I don't know diddly shit about brain operations. They just had me doing some of the preliminary tests to see what was wrong with him-part of my training as a doctor."
Joanne felt as if someone had hit her in the stomach with a fifteen-pound sledgehammer.

'... you mean that you're not the one who'd do the operation? That all of this was a
"Lady, if I talked real sweet, to the administrators, they might let me watch the operation-from another room. But touch a scalpel during the operation? No way!"
Farley began to laugh loudly as he walked to the door. He paused, turned and looked back at the half-clad Joanne.

With a smug look on his face, he told her, "You might be able to work out some kind of deal with old man Whittsker. He'd be the one doing the operation. But I doubt it. He's sixty-five years old and hasn't thought about anything as great as flicking in a dozen years."
Joanne listened to the door whoosh shut and waited until the soft footsteps of the intern had receded to the point where she couldn't hear them any longer before she started to cry.

She'd just been screwed-in more ways than one. And she wasn't any better off for it than when she'd started.


Joanne was still drying the tears running down her face when Eddie met her at the front door.

He demanded, "Mom! What's wrong? What happened?" He both hoped and feared that his father had died. He didn't care for the bastard in the least, but he didn't want to see his mother put through unnecessary sorrow, either.

"Eddie! It was horrible! he. . . he made me do all sorts of terrible things!" In a flurry of words, Joanne explained what Parley had done, what he had made her do.

Eddie seethed but knew there WSS little he could do about it Thoughts of waiting oUtside the hospital and stomping the hell out of the lying and lecherous intern craned his mind, but what good would that really do? The damage had been done.

"What do you want mc to do, Mom? I can go
and file some kind of a report with the cops. But you know that'1l be a waste of time. They never even bother checking up on stories like this. Besides, you did sort of agree to things before they got started."
Joanne was miserable. If she'd only checked to be sure that Farley was the doctor assigned to the case. But in her shock and confusion, such things were so distant. And Farley had taken advantage of her by proclaiming himself to be in charge. Who would ever think a doctor would lie about something like that for his own ends?
Eddie knew that doctors were human just like anyone else, but he somehow had never imagined them pulling a rotten trick like that on a woman who was too distraught to do anything about it. He had to admit, though, that this was the very type of person most inclined to put out for a horny intern. And he couldn't blame Fancy all that much. The poor guy had probably been working twelve on and twelve off for a long time.

And Joanne was a knockout. Eddie could barely take his eyes off his own mother. The rumblings deep down in his crotch bothered him a little. He, Edward P.S. King, lusting after his own mother!
The thought frightened him a little, and yet why the hell not? Hadn't he already fucked his own s****r? He did admit that screwing his own mother was in a different league altogether. It seemed really kinky, and yet...

Joanne looked so much like Ann it was painful. Doubly so when Eddie felt the bulge in his jeans begin to grow. No, he couldn't really blame Farley for wanting to fuck Joanne King. Not at all, especially since that was the very thing he was
thinking himself.

Trying to take his mind off his mother's firm, well-formed body and the u*********s way she wiggled her ass when she moved, Eddie said, "I think it's about time we had a little talk. About... him." Eddie still couldn't bring himself around to calling Lee his father, even if it were true.

"What do we really have to talk about? Lee needs the operation. And that fifty-thousand-dollar figure seems to be right. I managed to check up on it before I left the hospital. I talked with the surgeon who was really in charge, and Dr. Gross said that fifty grand was even a low estimate."
"That's what I mean, Mom. Is it worth the money to even try and save him?" Eddie's own answer was an emphatic "NO!" but he had to jet his mother to agree. After all, it was her husband whose life was hanging in the balance.

"I don't know, Eddie. What do you think? You're the man in the f****y now and you should have some say-so." Joanne was desperately looking for someone to make the hard decision far her. And Eddie was the only man around she could turn to.

Eddie thought for a few seconds before answering. J'I don't believe we can handle it. First of all, where'd we get the money? Lee's already got a second mortgage on the house. If you sold everything we might just about break even. Maybe. And my job's enough to support me but not a bunch of bills in addition to just staying in food and keeping a roof over our heads.

"Ann's job is only part-time. You can't really expect her yo
work full time just to pay off a huge hospital bill. Not after what Lee's done to her.

"But we just can't let him die!"
"Why not?" came the only words, the words that rang of truth.

"He's your father! He's my husband, that's why!"
"I say he stopped being my father a long time ago. And the night he ****d you and Ann. . . I think he stopped being anything at all to us then."
"But to let any human being just die without trying to save them is a sin!" Joanne protested.

"Can you save all the starving c***dren of the world? Do you even want to try if it were possible? They'd just breed and make the next population even larger and harder to feed. The same thing works here. If Lee's saved, will things be any better or will he get worse, drink more and make life a living hell for us? For you?"
Joanne fell silent.

"Face it, Mom, we got to look after ourselves. And did the doctor say what the chances were for complete recovery? What happens if we spend the money for the operation and Lee dies anyway? We're out the bread and all we have is the dubious satisfaction of frying to save him and a pile of bills we'll never be able to pay off."
Joanne mutely nodded her head in agreement.

"Or consider a case that's even worse. What happens if the operation saves his life and he's turned; into a vegetable. That's got to be a possible outcome. Would you like to tend a man who'd been turned into a giant vegetable the rest of your life? Or put him in a nursing home that would add to the financial burdens?!'

'All I can say, Eddie, is that he's your father." She added in a lower voice, "And my husband."
"That's true, but does he even deserve the chance to live after what he's done?"
"You can't be judge, jury and executioner!" Joanne snapped.

"Why the hell not?" Eddie retorted. "Wasn't he doing just that when I came in last night? Is he any better than we are? And he was doing everything from sheer malice. He hates our guts or he wouldn't have done any of those rotten things to you, then ****d Ann while you were f***ed to watch. The man's not even fit to be called human. He's an a****l. I don't know, maybe turning him into a vegetable is an improvement. Vegetables don't hurt anyone."
Eddie had had his say and lapsed back into silence. His eyes never left his mother. She had plopped down into a huge chair. Sometime during the heated argument, the top two buttons of her dress had come undone. The tantalizing glimpses Eddie was being given of her boobs made his prick begin to stir and stiffen again. He tried to keep his mind off the mounds of flesh that were partially revealed to him.

It was a losing battle. Every time Joanne moved, she exposed a different section of her trim, firm boobs. Boobs that didn't need the cloth prison of a bra. Few women were able to go without a bra; Joanne was one. Eddie marveled at the firmness that allowed her tits to sway gently back and forth but never sag.

The nipples prodded firmly outward against the fabric of her simple dress and further aroused the youth. He wondered if his mother noticed the
tenting of his jeans. His crotch began to burn with lust.

Eddie tried to restrain himself. Screwing Ann was one thing. She may have been his s****r, but they were always close. It seemed natural. But flicking his own mother? That had to remain some fantasy that lurked in the back of his mind. It simply had to stay hidden.

Joanne slumped back into the chair and stretched her legs out in front of her. Eddie's cock did another flip-flop in reaction to the sight. Those legs! Slender calves, well-formed legs and the thighs that disappeared up under the short hemline really turned him on.

They were creamy, smooth and appealing thighs. They looked soft, tender. How he wished he could be stroking them, slowly, gently. And then working his way up to the platinum-furred mound that was the gateway into Joanne's cunt.

Eddie wondered if his mother would ever have the same lust for him that he now held for her. He knew he wasn't that bad-looking, but a woman as attractive as his mother wouldn't have any troubles finding a thousand guys her own age willing to call her if she wanted.

Joanne, in spite of being so hung up on Lee, was an independent woman with whom any man could make - long, interesting and incredibly stimulating love..

Eddie was positive about that.

His reverie was shattered by Joanne's low voice. "1 can't make the decision right now, Eddie. I... I'm still too close to everything. And what happened today at the hospital. I ... oh, hell!"
Joanne suddenly stood and started down the
hallway, crying loudly. Eddie Was on his feet in an instant and clutched his mother to his body. He had to try quieting her down. Being hysterical wouldn't salve any of their problems.

"Hush, Mom, hush. Now just calm down. Cool
it. Everything'll work out okay. Just wait and see." Eddie was surprised and pleased in a perverse
sort of way that his mother's dress had become unbuttoned all the way down the front. Her tits were barely hidden by the thin fabric. Eddie found one of his hands covering her right boob. And she didn't seem to mind at all.

Joanne clutched wildly at Eddie, throwing her arms around his neck. "Please help me, Eddie. I need you so much. I need you so goddamn much you'll never understand it"
Eddie eased her down to the sofa and, before he could fully understand what he was doing, had kissed her full on the lips.

For a brief moment, their lips merely touched. Then, Joanne's lips parted and Eddie's tongue sailed into her mouth. Their tongues began a restless, relentless, even desperate swirling around and around. They touched and caressed, but their tongues did the real job of telling the other how they felt, what they needed.

Eddie's tongue slowly stroked back and forth along the underside of Joanne's. The wet roughness of his tongue seemed to stimulate her. Joanne began to gasp and suck in air in deep, heavy drafts. Eddie could feel her heart begin to pound wildly under the shirt that he had never released from its firm grip under his hand.

Their tongues began to dash in and out of the other's mouth. Soon, the mock fucking had lighted

Eddie's fires to the point where his cock was reaching the breaking point. If it didn't escape the prison of his jeans, he knew his rod would rupture at the seams and spew out cum from the sides instead of the tiny hole drilled in the end of his prick.

As if reading his mind, Joanne reached down and unzipped his fly. Like a switchblade opening, his dong snapped out into the air. The fleshy shaft was immediately grabbed by Joanne. She began stroking up and down the pecker as if it were the nicest thing in the world she'd ever found and she didn't want to ever let it loose again.

Eddie didn't mind. Not at all!
His own hands were busy slipping the dress from Joanne's shoulders. The material got in his way. As their tongues played hide and seek in the carnal playground of their mouths, his hands began to massage and manipulate his mother's tits. Those wondrous jugs that had turned him on the instant she had walked in the door.

His fingers clamped down on the tiny mushrooms perched on the tops of each boob. Under his careful squeezing and tweaking, the nipples turned into marble-hard nubbins that throbbed with lust. Eddie's cock stiffened even more when he realized that he was the one responsible for his mother's arousal.

He was the stud who was giving her the pleasure she had never found with Lee King.

Eddie almost came at the sudden realization that his innermost dream was about to be realized. That he would be fucking his own mother in a matter of minutes!
Eddie was silently grateful to his mother. He
had felt the crown of his pecker begin to expand just before he blasted out his seed. She had pinched down ~nt1y just behind the broad, purpled head of his cock and stopped the premature ejaculation.

Eddie King took in a deep breath and settled don to flick his mother as long and hard and expertly as he could. He was no virgin. He'd been around. He'd show her exactly what he could do to please a woman-even one as special as his on mother!
Joanne seemed to understand instinctively what was going through Eddie's mind. Without a word she began to strip him of his clothes. In the twinkling of an eye, both were naked and sprawled on the soft carpet of the living-room floor in a passionate embrace.

Eddie felt his body sliding against the smooth skin of his mother's body. A thin sheen of sweat seemed to lubricate the motion as he moved his prick up and down against the softness of her inner thigh. He made sure his prong never touched her pussylips. He knew no amount of self-control would hold him back if he felt the hat juices dribbling from her cunt.

Joanne's brain was in a completely chaotic state. She was confused. She wasn't certain what she was doing. All she knew for certain was that it felt good to have Eddie's mouth on hers. His tongue moving in and out of her mouth made her forget her troubles. And his hands on her big tits was just the treatment she needed to forget the evil intern who had tricked her earlier that day.

Joanne King was satisfied to go along for the ride.

She pulled her mouth away from Eddie's to tell him in a husky whisper, "Eddie, fuck me good! Please, I need it. Your cock! I need it in me!"
Her son didn't seem to hear. The pounding of bl**d in his ears sounded like surf on the beach. All he could see was the jutting pinnacle of fit flesh on her heaving chest. Eddie's mouth rapidly encircled one of those summits and sucked the erect nubbin into his mouth. He began a slow, constant sucking that was designed to drive his mother out of her mind with passion for him.

When Joanne felt Eddie's tongue begin to race around her nipple, she almost climaxed. The thrill of having her own son suckling at her tit again was kinky and thoroughly arousing to her. Each time his tongue lashed down to flick the- erect spire of nipple back and forth, she felt a surge of electricity volt through her chest and into her body.

The warmth spread from a dozen points of contact with her son. His one hand continually stroked her side. The other hand clutched fiercely at her other jug. His stomach was pressed firmly against her, crushing her to the soft carpet under his weight.

And along her leg traveled his massive cock. That throbbing, yearning, needful dong that longed to be shoved hard and fast into her steaming cunt.

All the sensations smashed into her body and pushed her up the peak to orgasm.

When Eddie's dick lightly brushed against her tit, Joanne came.

She screamed out, "YESSSS! I'MMM COMMMIUNNGG!"
She fucked and humped and thrust her body hard against Eddie's in an attempt get his cock
into her hungry pussy. The positioning wasn't right, but it didn't matter that much. Eddie hung on and rode out the storm winds of his mother's orgasm. And Joanne was content with the f***e and intensity of her come.

As his mother relaxed slightly, Eddie continued to suckle at the fit and prod lightly at her pussylips with his cock. He'd brought his own raging emotions under control now and could afford to play with the pink, bl**d-filled gash with his own pecker and not spew out his cum in an embarrassing way.

"When do you want it?" Eddie demanded.

"Want what?" said Joanne, still mind-dazed from her powerful orgasm.

"This!" Eddie declared as he rammed his hips forward. The purpled tip of his cock speared dead center into Joanne's cunt. His prick parted her pussylips and plunged deep into her gushing flack-hole.

Both gasped with the intensity of the teenager's initial entry. He hadn't intended to begin the flicking with this much f***e, but he had. It was as if he had plunged his shaft of lusty prick into a blast furnace, but a special blast furnace. A seething hot, juicy furnace that instantly clamped down hard on his meat. Eddie didn't think he could move at all with her powerful cunt muscles squeezing unmercifully down on his buried length of pecker.

If Eddie had reacted with a sudden intake of breath, his rapid fucking into her cunt had ignited another orgasm in Joanne. One instant, her pussy was empty and needed for cock. The next, it was filled to overflowing with throbbing,
completely male prick.

"Puck me, Eddie, fuck me good!" Joanne cried out passionately as soon as she had descended the slopes of another orgasm.

Her son didn't have to be urged on. He had felt the powerful, convulsive grabbing at his buried cock during his mother's orgasm. He wanted more of' that. He wanted to feel the friction on his dick as it coursed up and down that hot, tight channel into his mother's body. He needed to feel her cunt totally pounding his rod as he fucked her.

Eddie managed to pull back slightly. Then the idea occurred to him. He didn't have to completely and f***efully fuck his mother right away. He could enjoy his screw longer if he played a bit. The teenager began to pull his cock out of the sucking cunt a slow, agonizing inch at a time. It felt as if his guts would be sucked out through the tinj hole at the end of his dick, but he didn't care.

His meat burned in spite of the flow of cunt juices bathing it. His balls seemed to be on fire. Acid seared his nerves and jolted him all up and down his spine. The blaze in his groin threatened to totally consume him in lust.

The prickly feeling of his cock as he pulled it out made him feel good. He tinged with poorly concealed emotion, The boy wanted nothing more than to fuck. his mother crosseyed, but he refrained. He wanted even. more pleasure. Greedy, he wanted the maximum in carnal delights that he could get before his climax.

Joanne wasn't about to complain if Eddie insisted on a slow, methodical flicking rhythm. She moaned constantly while he was pulling his plug of cock, out of her twat. The quiff sound
seemed to fill the air. She hadn't realized she was that juicy in the cunt, but she had to be to make that kind of noise. In an odd way, the sound stimulated her.

When Eddie's broad knob remained just inside the pink, scalloped inner labes protecting Joanne's cunt, he paused. Then, he bunched the muscles in his butt and lower back and heaved forward with as much f***e as he could.

His impact slid Joanne almost a foot along the rug. He buried his wang balls deep in the clutching, fevered cunt amid a low slurping noise. He felt the intense friction in spite of the prodigious amount of juice inside his mother's snatch. The embers in his groin blazed merrily away like full-blown forest fires. Eddie's cock was encased in a tight, seething hot female cunt.

What more could he want?
He began rotating his hips, twitching and rocking back and forth to stimulate his mother to the fullest before pulling his rod out again.

The youth succeeded. Joanne felt the mighty pillar of cock against the sensitive inner tissues of her cunt. The ripply pussy walls began to contract and clamp down on the invading prickshaft. She could feel the throbbing of the cock, every jerk it made when Eddie's excited heart pumped another load of bl**d into the pulsing rod.

When he started rotating his cock inside her hale, the delicate gash and~ pussylips were alternately compressed and released. The pressure and motion of the cock against them almost drove her into a wild sexual frenzy. The sensations assaulting her body were unbelievably intense.

It was a damn good fucking-pleasantly intense and stimulating beyond hex wildest imaginings.

Joanne climaxed again.

Eddie rode out the third orgasm and began to flick in and out of his mother's cunt with increasing need. He could no longer control his runaway passions. He had to get off and quick.

But Joanne's arms encircled him, clutched at his ass and pulled his. tool even deeper into her boi as he fucked forward.

Locked together they rolled over and over with Eddie's cock firmly anchored in its warm, tight berth of cunt. The rolling motion compressed the cunt walls ~even more around his dick. Eddie was guided in his fucking motions by Joanne's slender, cool-fingered hands on his rump. As he thrust forward, she pulled his rod in. As his prick slipped out of her twitching cunt, she pulled and tugged at his asscheeks.

When his buns were pulled apart, Joanne would delve deep into his body, hunting for his balls, her Wrist between his asscheeks. The stimulation of his mother's hands on his ass and her groping fingers tickling his• tightly compressed balls was too, much for Eddie.

The boy moaned and began to fuck uncontrollably into her cunt. His hips seemed to have been granted a life of their own. A life intent on nothing but fucking as hard and fast as possible into the tight cunt surrounding his pulsing cock.

The burning tide of his cum inched >along his trick. Slowly at first, then with a speed that would have put a rocket to shame, his cum erupted. With blast after fiery white blast, he creamed the inside
of her quivering body.

The cool fingers on his ass stroked up and down, fingering the coarse hair on his butt. Somehow, this both soothed and stimulated him. His cock was still rigid inside his mother's sperm-filled snatch.

"Think I can make another go at it?" Eddie asked, his voice husky from his recent come.

"I don't know. You're still as stiff as an iron bar." Joanne wiggled her hips in a provocative manner. It was then that Eddie knew he wasn't going to lose his hard-on, that he could fuck her for some time yet.

His hips began pistoning back and forth. His prong sewimg to sing in joy as it penetrated deeply into his mother's body. Her cunt early sucked his dick in, was reluctant to allow it to escape.

Eddie enjoyed the feeling of friction all up and down his rod. The warmth was offset somewhat by the cunt oils that Joanne seemed able to secrete in limitless quantities. Her quim overflowed with the juices and dribbled all over Eddie's hairy thighs.

In a few minutes, his balls were drenched with the lust liquids. Although drained of their creamy burden, his balls valiantly tried to explode again. They failed, and only a thin stream of gooey cwii oozed out.

But his continued flicking long after his balls were drained gave Joanne another orgasm. She felt the slippery lubricant from her cunt smeared all over her pussy mound. With Eddie fucking back and forth across her cit, she was filled with searing lances of pain and joy that always happened when her passion-bud was aroused.

She clawed at Eddie's ass to pull his cock ever deeper into her convulsing tnt. She hunched her hips off the rug to take his prick deeper into her box. She rolled from side to side as she arched her back to get the deepest possible penetration.

Eddie's entire eight inches of dick blasted into her flack-hole. Joanne cried out her passions with a soul-tearing, "AAAAIIIEEEE!" and then collapsed to the floor, completely drained.

She gazed up at Eddie, her iron-grey eyes never wavering as she told him, "You're one hell of a good lay, k** who taught you?" -
Before Eddie could answer, a voice came from the doorway. "I did, of course!"


Eddie looked up, startled. Standing in the doorway was Ann. She had been watching while he and Joanne balled in the middle of the living-room rug. The girl didn't seem the least bit put off by the experience.

Eddie wished he could have been as composed. Inside, his gut was churning and his emotions seethed. He hadn't really intended to seduce his own mother. It had been nothing more than simple comforting. Along the way, however, things had gotten out of hand.

Eddie mumbled out, "You're home early today, aren't you, Ann?" It sounded silly to him but his mind refused to work right.

Ann smiled cheerfully. "Yep. And it's good to see that there's a lot more to f****y togetherness than just us two."

"What do you mean, Ann?" Joanne had propped herself up on her elbows watched the younger girl strut and preen herself.

"Nothing really, Mom. Just that Eddie and I've been getting it on for a while. Good seeing that he's spreading around some of the action. His cock's just too heavenly to keep all to myself, no matter how greedy I get."
Eddie blushed for the first time in years.

"Why, Eddie, you're embarrassed?" Ann taunted.

"Just bare-assed, that's all," he retorted. He was beginning to get his wits back. The teenager wondered how far he could push his s****r. She was acting the big shot right now with her wise-ass comments. What would she do if he called her bluff?
"Instead of standing around, why don't you come on down here and join us?" Eddie couldn't be any more blatant. He wanted Ann to know exactly that she would have to put out or shut up.

It surprised him a little when she decided to put out. The young girl removed her clothing in a surprisingly quick time. Almost as if she were some escape artist, she skinned off her work shirt and tight-fitting blue jeans and dumped them on the floor. Her tiny red bra and bikini panties followed so fast, Eddie didn't even see the wet spot that had begun to spread on the crotch of her silk panties.

"Well, gang, what're we going to do?" Ann demanded;
Joanne didn't seem to mind the addition of her own daughter to the already i****tuous lovemaking. Aid Eddie found his cock stiffening again. It-was apparent that -he had no complaints, either.

"Since there're three of us, let's do a little repositioning and see what we can come up with," Eddie said.

Ann reached over and began stroking the ever-lengthening cock that grew from Eddie's crotch.

"I see one thing that's coming up fast!" she cried.

Ann was the one who ended up calling the shots. As long as she kept her firm, warm grip on his dick, Eddie wasn't going to argue. With a surprisingly fast move, Ann roiled over to her knees. She never let go of Eddie's prick but now she held it between her legt while she supported herself on her free hand.

She presented an inviting ass for Eddie's close inspection. The smooth roundness of Ann's rump made Eddie's cock shiver and jerk convulsively. Eddie didn't mind his s****r hanging onto his cock. He only wished that she'd let go long enough so he could move it to her soggy 7gash.

Eddie wanted to fuck his s****r doggie-style, and it was obvious she wasn't going to complain about it!
But Joanne was being left out. She slid across the rug and split her slender legs into a wide vee in front of her daughter.

Ann looked down at the platinum-furred snatch in front of her face and began to lick her lips. The sight of that juicy quim was too much to resist. She collapsed to the floor so that she could get her tongue onto Joanne's succulent Nat.

The instant her daughter's tongue began licking up and down her puffy slit, Joanne lay back on the floor and moaned. The feeling was sheer heaven to
her. Tickly, tingly and incredibly stimulating waves began to wash through her body. The slightest touch from Ann's tongue on her sensitive pussylips made Joanne's body quake in reaction.

When Ann's rough, pink tongue found her mother's clit, Joanne thought she'd lose her mind. The stab of sweet agony jabbed into her belly. She shook with the carnal delight of the sensations hurtling into her. And the thought that she was allowing her own daughter to lick her pussy made everything seem kinky, even obscene.

But Ann's quick tongue soon made coherent thinking impossible. All Joanne was able to think about was the wonderful feeling inside her. The warmth of her mint began to turn into a raging fire that threatened to consume her. The older woman screamed out, "UUUHHHH! OOOHHHH!" when her daughter's long tongue finally parted her cuntlips and rammed cock-hard into her twat. -
Ann's tongue was drenched with the slippery oils from her mother's cunt. She tasted the fluid, licked it carefully off her lips and decided she loved the flavor of cunt juice! She'd never tried it before.

The teenager didn't know if her first lez experience was what was making her so hot or. whether it was her mother. Whatever it was, the thrill was undeniable.

Ann whipped her tongue- around Joanne's pussy in a frenzied motion. The bristly hairs prickled and tickled her tongue, but the thick juice was worth the effort. Her nose pressed firmly. into Joanne's pussy mound, Ann managed to lick back and forth along the gushing slit formed by the two pink, bluish-tinted labes.

She finally couldn't restrain her own inner urges any longer. Ann stuffed her tongue as hard and fast as she could into Joanne's cunt. The flood of lubricant almost drowned her-but what a way to go!
Ann heard her mother moan, then cry out as an organ ripped through her body. Ann felt the wrinkly cunt walls convulse and quiver as the erotic tides swept through her mother's body. The girl mn her tongue back and forth across the pussylips and tried to penetrate as far as she could into that mysterious hole of her mother's.

Ann knew all about her own pussy. She'd explored it, diddled a lot and had enough boys cram their big, wonderful cocks into it to realize what sort of sensations could be started. But this ~as the first time she'd been able to see a cunt close up-very close up, nose-pressed-into-snatch close up.

She murmured, "Ummm!" as her tongue swirled and delved deeper and deeper into Joanne's twat. The tasty treat that covered her tongue started to drive her wild with lust.

The girl wanted to do everything she could to please her mother. But pleasing her seemed to be easy enough. All Ann had to do was continue her tongue-diddling. And the girl couldn't possibly deny that was a hell of a lot of fuck!
Eddie knew exactly how aroused Ann was getting by the pressure of her grip on his cock. He bad been inching over his s****r's body and fondling her boobs while she stroked his prick. When the orgasm rippled throughout his mother's body, Ann shivered in reaction and clamped don on the cock in her hand with impressive strength

"Oooow!" Eddie complained. "That hurts, dammit! Let me put it someplace else!"
Ann's hand went limp and released the rigid, steel-hard cock. She wanted that prong somewhere else-inside her own steamy cunt!
Eddie continued to fondle and massage his s****r's boob with one hand. He found the dangling little mushroom of a nipple and squeezed down on it as hard as he could with thumb and forefinger.

Ann moaned and shoved her butt back into his groin to let him know exactly what she wanted. Eddie took the ~hove in stride. His other hand caressed back along Ann's belly, found the tangled mat of her furry pussy mound, then began to stroke along the girl's cuntlips.

"Oh, yes, Eddie!" Ann cried, taking her. mouth away from Joanne's snatch for a moment, "That's it! That's it!"
Eddie said nothing as his finger found the tiny crease he was searching for. A quick turn of his wrist parted the pussylips and his finger plunged far up Ann's quiff. The teenager's entire hand was soon covered with the slimy cunt juice that gushed out of his aroused s****r's fuck-hole.

He twirled his finger around inside her tight little snatch. Ann began moving her hips in the same direction. Eddie changed the direction of his finger-fucking to further stimulate the sensitive sex tissue at Ann's cunt mouth.. The girl appreciated the attention. Eddie could hear her moan around her own mouthful of pussy.

Eddie curled and uncurled his finger inside his s****r's cunt. The wet, squishy feeling made Eddie realize exactly how much he needed to be fucking this hole with his cock. Finger-fucking was fun but
he needed more. And so did Ann!
Eddie's finger slipped out of Ann's pussy. The sudden absence of the digit went unnoticed because Eddie instantly rammed his full eight inches of throbbing, quivering cock into that seething cunt. His prick was completely surrounded by a hot, tight, gripping sheath of female twat.

The boy gasped and straightened up. He found that he could penetrate Ann's cunt another fraction of an inch with that move. When his hips took over as if they had a mind of their own, he found he was mindlessly fucking in and out of Ann's impossibly small cunt.

Warmth poured into Eddie's balls. The sac containing his precious nuts began to contract and fill up. Soon, it was a hard little sphere containing balls tumbling and churning around in an ocean of cum. Eddie pulled back a bit and felt the friction of Ann's cunt against the underside of his cock.

The teenager pulled all the way out of her oozing box. Without the need for guidance, he immediately stuck his dong back in the slot and shoved forward. Both he and Ann gasped with the f***e of the fucking.

Eddie's balls slapped hard against his s****r's ass when he achieved complete penetration. Ann's vibrating, crinkly-walled cunt seemed to collapse around his buried rod. Eddie was sure his cock would be crushed flat inside that hot tunnel of pussy. Even the boiling juice that dribbled all around his feverish cock didn't help. Everything added to his stimulation.

"Oh, God, I. .. I'm going to come!" he grunted from between clenched teeth. He worked for
control. He didn't want to blast out his wad now. He wanted to savor the erotic feelings that drenched his entire body. He quivered with pent-up lust for Ann. His cock throbbed and pulsed every time his excited heart pounded out another beat. The bl**d roared like the Waves of the ocean in his ears.

Eddie King didn't want to miss out on a single second of his wonderful fuck!
The teenager managed to quiet the surging tides of his cum. He f***ed himself to cool down. His mind took back the control from his wildly heaving hips and Eddie succeeded in holding back the white-hot tide of his passion.

Ann was being assaulted from two directions at once. Her face was totally occupied with licking and savoring every drop of cunt juice from her mother's snatch. The oily liquor was tastier than anything the girl could remember drinking. She knew, now why men found cunt-lapping so exciting.

The smell of arousal Joanne was giving off aroused Ann, too. The coarse feel of pussy hair against her nose as her mother hunched up to cram at much twat into her mouth as possible was oddly stimulating. The very act of eating out Joanne's cunt was a turn-on.

And Ann's snatch was impaled by eight inches of prick from behind. She felt Eddie's hairy thighs rub against her silky smooth ones, his mighty cock race up her fuck channel. Inside her box, his cock felt like it was growing. Ann felt like she'd be torn apart by his massive prick;
Ann managed to call out to Eddie, 'Fuck me harder! HARDER! I NEED YOU FUCKING ME

Eddie did his best to oblige. He picked up the tempo of his fucking and crammed his dick in and out of Ann's gaping hole with as much power and speed as he could.

Inside her cunt, Ann felt the build-up of friction. The heat was exciting, the sensation of being plugged full of quivering man-meat even more thrilling. Most stimulating of all was knowing that her b*****r was the one giving her the pleasure. It was Eddie who flicked her so expertly.

"Joanne, have you had enough yet?" Ann gulped.

Ann's mother was too occupied with the second climax rattling through her being to answer. Ann wanted to be free to thrash around and couldn't as long as Joanne's pussy was crammed in her face. She felt her own orgasm racing toward her every time Eddie's long prong reamed her twitching twat out.

"Keep fucking me, Eddie, please!" the girl pleaded. It wasn't really necessary to beg Eddie for his cock since he had no intention of stopping now.

Ann found herself lost in a bewildering land of carnal sensations. She felt Eddie's cock inside her cunt. The head on his purpled cock expanded until Ann thought her snatch would be torn apart. The huge prick stretched and tugged at her inner tissues until the girl knew she'd be ripped and bl**died.

But she wasn't complaining.

She wanted more!
Eddie's breathing came in rapid, heavy pants now. He was building up a Bill head of steam while fucking his s****r. He had seen his mother's face go
rigid as a second orgasm seized control of her body. Everything seemed to goad Eddie on. The sight of his mother being eaten by his s****r. The smell of perspiration from all three of their heaving, thrashing bodies. The lewd smacking noise as his cock fucked in and out of Ann's hot little cunt.

But it was his sense of feel that was the most tormented with sweet agony. His hands restlessly roved up and down Ann's back. He searched out each and every vertebra in her spine and outlined it with his fingers. His upper thighs rubbed against Aim's silky ones, those thighs that made him hard and ready to fuck just thinking about them. And her ass shoved back and forth-into his crotch was enough to make any man lose his load.

Eddie counted all of this into the picture. But it was his cock ramming hard and deep into his s****r's twat that gave him the most pleasure.
The clutching heat around his pecker almost brought him off. The liquid warmth of Ann's cunt juice seeped into his prick until Eddie could barely stand the waves of pleasure smashing into his body and brain. The soft, ripply feel of the girl's cunt excited him, but how she used her trim, girlish muscles made him even more excited.

Ann tensed her stomach until Eddie felt as if his dong were being crushed in a vise. A velvet vise intent on giving him pleasure at the same time.

He pulled out slowly. lie flicked into her cunt again with deliberate slowness. Once buried balls deep, Eddie lingered. He savored the erotic heaven of Ann's pussy. The heat. The grasping warmth of her cunt muscles. The twitchy feel of her ass shoved into his crotch.

Rather than pull out of such a snug berth, Eddie began rotating his hips. He started in small circles at first, then began to move his entire body in huge arcs intended to stimulate the sensitive area around his s****r's clit.

When Eddie was sure his cock would be torn from his body, he began to pull out inch by slow inch. His prick seemed to expand as extra bl**d pumped into it. He knew that it wouldn't be very much longer before he'd blast his creamy cum into his s****r's quiff. Iron control, yes; super-human control he didn't have at all.

Ann was just too much of a woman, even at sixteen, for a mere mortal to restrain himself for long.

Eddie wasn't surprised when Ann came first. But he was certainly thankful. He griped her ribs like a bronco rider and hung on for the wild ride. She twisted and cried out, "I'm COOMMIINNGG!!" as she humped up and back into him. His cock shot back and forth like a berserk piston in her clasping fuck-hole. The liquid squishing noise was droned out by their mutual cries of released passion for one another.

b*****r and s****r rocked together, flicking as hard and fast as they could. Eddie's cock sailed up and down its well-lubricated entryway into Ann's body. Ann's entire cunt burned with desire for that lovely, hard-driving cock that entered and left her spasming snatch. The fireworks that exploded in her brain totally blanked out every thought she had.

The incoherent, muscle-clamped delight of orgasm seized her body in an iron grip.

As the climax blasted through his s****r's body,

Eddie felt what he'd thought to be impossible. Ann's cunt seemed to shrink around his prick. He could barely f***e his way in or out of that contacting man-hole. The friction on his cock ignited the powder keg in his own balls.

He felt the burning rush of sperm down his meaty firehose; then his universe exploded. Cum splattered out into his s****r's cunt with frantic urgency. Eddie's world was confined to his pumping dong and• the incredible erotic friction on his pulsing tool.

The acid searing along his nerves and tearing at his conscious soon passed. Gasping for breath, Eddie had to hold onto his s****r's body for support. His legs felt watery in reaction.

And his cock had turned to putty. The limp worm spilled out of Ann's spermy snatch.

Ann's body had calmed down. The fiery reel of Eddie's seed spurting into her cunt had set off another orgasm. Now she was washed out. She felt completely wrung of any emotion.

She fell forward and disturbed Eddie's precarious balance. Her b*****r toppled on top of her.

"Dammit, get off!" she said.

"Sorry, Ann." Eddie didn't really sound very sorry at all. He'd just fucked one of the most gorgeous chicks he'd ever seen and was happy about that. Even if it was his s****r.

Joanne moved to join them. The naked threesome lay, tired and resting, for long minutes before anyone spoke.

Finally, Joanne said, "This has been real nice. It was just the kind of thing I needed to keep me from thinking too much about Lee. But we do have to consider what's to be done. I . . . I don't
feel I can make the decision.

"Since you're the man of the house now, Eddie, I think you'd be the best one to decide what should be done."
Ann chimed in, "Yeah, you're the man in the house in more ways than one!"
Eddie felt a chill. Goosebumps broke out on his naked flesh. What his mother said was true. He was the man of the house now that his father was gone-or nearly so.

He had to make the decision about the operation. Did he put the entire f****y's finances on the chopping block on the off chance that Lee could be saved? And if Lee's life were saved, would he end up a vegetable for the rest of his life? Or should he allow his father to die without even attempting the operation?
Eddie King suddenly felt very alone in spite of the two naked women on either side of him.


Joanne spoke, her voice low and still sexy, "I think that you're going to have to go to the hospital and find out what's happening to Lee. I... I just can't face that horrible ~place again, Eddie"
Eddie leaned back, his hand rubbing against the bare flesh of his s****r's thigh. He sighed and nodded. It was his duty now that he was the man in the house.

The full impact of that hit him. His mother needed him in more ways than one. Support, sure, but he was going to have to supply a sex partner for her. And he was elected.

Also, there was Ann. Lovely, trim, youthful Ann. She needed him, too. And he couldn't possibly turn his back to either of these sexy, cock-hungry women.

Eddie felt fingers rustling around in his crotch hair. Slow, expert strokes and massaging began to stimulate his limp prick. Sooner than he had thought possible, he felt his dick stiffening into a usable tool again.

Ann had very dextrous fingers and made full use of them. She whispered in his ear, her breath warm and stimulating, "How's this feel, Eddie, my loving b*****r?"
Her fingers wrapped around Eddie's dong and began to slowly move out to the -very tip of his prick. He felt his rod strain and become even more rigid. Ann had started at the base, then moved to the delicate tip of the purpled knob.

Once there, she had toyed with the tiny flap of sensitive skin under the head until Eddie moaned constantly in pleasure.

"And how's this feel?" he heard his mother say.

Joanne's mouth completely engulfed his in a passionate, juicy kiss. The woman's tongue flashed out into her son's mouth and began to frolic around in that dank playground. Her tongue slipped and slid over the boy's tongue. She felt thrills of delight course through her body as she realized how incredibly forbidden this was.

Making love to her own son!
But that added spice to the act. She needed a man and Eddie was very definitely a man. With Ann fondling his cock, Joanne had to rely on other areas to play with. Her mouth left Eddie's as she licked down his jawline. She tasted the salty tang of sweat that had formed on his face.

- Hex tongue leaped out and speared the tiny channel in the center of her son's ear. Eddie gasped with the sudden invasion of his ear, but he couldn't
complain. Not at all!
Joanne began to lick his ear, wetly and tantalizingly. Eddie began to hear the sound of bl**d pounding in his ears as his heartbeat picked up. His own s****r and mother were giving him a working over that no amount of money could have bought from a couple of whores. And Eddie was going to enjoy it to the utmost.

He lay on his back as Ann continued to handle his peter. But she started licking and kissing her way up his muscular body. She, too, tasted the residue of sweat from their earlier lovemaking. She hadn't realized how excited Eddie had become, how sweaty.

The feel of the few hairs on his chest tickled her tongue and upper lip. The salt burned bitter in her mouth. But the feel of the quivering cock under her hand made up for it. She squeezed down gently and felt the prick pulse and shiver in anticipation. Ann was happy. That wonderful dick would be buried up her itchy, wet cunt in a few minutes!
Ann found her b*****r's nipples and began to lightly suck. Eddie moaned, but the girl couldn't tell if it was her oral attentions to his nipples or her mother's tongue diddling with his ear that was responsible. Ann gently bit don on a convenient nipple.

The reaction was small. The girl knew then that her mother was the one controlling Eddie. In retaliation, Aim's fingers clamped down as hard as possible on the trapped length of her b*****r's cock.

That got a- response from Eddie. He yelped and pleaded, "Watch it, damn you! That hurt!"

She moved so that her fleecy pussy mound nabbed against her b*****r's aroused cock. Ann felt tremors race through Edddie's body in anticipation of fucking that tight, hot hole again.

Joanne felt the sudden change in her son's behavior, too. She heard what Ann said and wasn't pleased. Joanne told her daughter, "You're too greedy, dear. You got his cock last time. It's my turn. Come sit on his face and he can eat you out. But I get his prick this time!"
Ann sighed. There was no use arguing with her mother. She'd heard that determined note in her voice before, and Ann resigned herself to a cunt-lapping.

But there'd be other times she could have Eddie all to hiemelf. He was a well-hung stud and one of the best lays she'd ever found in her short but active sex life,
Move over, darling. I'm so damn hot now I can't wait any longer for Eddie to flick me!" Joanne moved with the lithe grace of a lioness as she flowed down her son's body.

Eddie watched her trim legs flash, then she had straddled his hard-on. Joanne held his prick in a firm grip and began to move the head of his cock up and down her gash. The woman's face was soon masked in a look of sheer delight. The feeling that rocketed into her body were soooo nice!

Eddie felt the attentions his cock was receiving and moaned in pleasure. The tickly feel of his mother's pussy hair on the sensitive tip of his knob drove nails of delight into his balls. The wet, slick feel of Joanne's juice trickling out of her cunt ran down his shaft and began to mat the hair around his balls.

When Joanne stopped, fumbled for a moment and then lifted her body up in the air, Eddie was prepared for the sudden carnal shock to his system. As the• full weight of his mother's body drove down around his prick, he wasn't anywhere near ready for the full intensity of the experience.

His entire cock instantly vanished up her fuck-hole. His prick was engulfed in hot, gripping pussy flesh that threatened to smash him flat. The heat seared at his tool as his pecker raced along the carnal sheath into his mother's belly.

Eddie gulped and could only groan, "Ooohhh, Christ!"
If the sudden shock to Eddie's body was huge, it was even more Violent to Joanne's. She tensed her thigh muscles and raised herself up for the plunge downward to be impaled an that luscious spike of prick. Her cunt muscles contracted slightly with the effort and tightened an already small hole.

Her hand positioned that cock and then she dropped full weight. Her aim was slightly off. Eddie's cock penetrated her cunt, then seemed to hang up fat a brief instant. She gasped with the erotic shock that assaulted her body.

Then her inner juices greased her cunt sufficiently for the prick to continue its battering
journey up her quiff. Joanne gulped as she felt Eddie's entire eight inches of dick smash into her guts.

Her tightened cunt muscles made the initial flicking all the more enjoyable. She felt the broad purpled head of his peter surge through her twat. When his rod was full length inside her sheath of flaming-hot flesh, Joanne reached down and compressed her pussylips around the shaft of cock that so surely impaled her.

When she diddled with her pussylips, it heightened the sensation for both of them. Eddie felt as if he'd flicked into the tightest, hottest cunt in existence. And Joanne felt added stimulation in her twatlips so lewdly sucking at her son's prick
She felt filled to overflowing with her son's throbbing dong As the woman began to lift and fall on her teenager's buried tool, the friction mounted inside her cunt. The feel of the smooth piston driving up and down inside her box was exactly the medicine she needed to take her mind off all her problems.

Sex was great medicine. How could she possibly think of anything but the wonderful sensation of having a hard, jerking cock buried in her needy cunt? She was lost in the world of fucking as she speeded up her rising and falling around Eddie's straining cock.

The boy was about driven out of his mind with pleasure. The wet, lewd sucking noise as hit mother rose was quickly replaced with a plopping noise as she allowed gravity to smash her cunt down around his prick.

His dick was being buried balls deep inside that steamy hot, powerfully gripping cunt each time.

Joanne made her up and don fucking motion. And he wasn't having to exert himself at all. Eddie just had to lie back and enjoy being fucked!
He started to say something when he found his face covered with pussy. Ann had straddled his face and thrust her twat. down to his mouth for oral attention. She felt cheated by her mother.

She'd wanted the cock that was reaming out her mother's greedy little curd. And Ann needed the sexual release as badly as Joanne.

"Go ahead, Eddie, start sucking!" was all the trapped boy Could hear as Ann's tender thighs pressed firmly against his head.

The hairy slit presented to him Was already beaded with tiny droplets of cunt juice. His tongue flicked out and trapped the succulent, tasty drops of Ann's inner secretions one at a lime. Each time his feathery touch stimulated Ann, she moaned and pressed her cunt down even closer to his mouth.

"Damn you, Eddie, stuff your tongue in me! I want your damned tongue inside my cunt!"
Eddie wasn't about to hurry with his tongue job. He was enjoying it too much. His mother fucking herself -on his cock and now his s****r stuffing her twat into his face meant nothing but a hell of a lot of pleasure for him. He wasn't going to pass up this opportunity!
Eddie's tongue began a slow trip from one end of Ann's twatlips to the other. He gently parted the labes with his tongue to drink in as much of her tasty cunt juice as he could. The slightly bitter taste just aroused him more as he licked and sucked.

He pulled a flap of Ann's outer cuntlip into his
mouth and began to gently nibble on it. Ann climaxed.

After the violent racking of her body had subsided, Eddie began to lightly run his tongue up and down the edge of the trapped labe. Ann's body began to rock back and forth and her breathing came in tortured gasps of pleasure.

Eddie moved carefully up and down the sensitive edges of his s****r's twatlips one more time to make sure he'd trapped every last drop of her cunt juice. Then, without warning, he rammed his tongue as hard and fast into her cunt hole as he could.

Ann had another orgasm.

Eddie was almost drowned by the sudden gush of pussy juice. And his tongue felt the velvety rippling of the convulsing cunt walls. His s****r's twat was racked and tossed by the v******e of her come. The teenager continued to run his tongue up and down the ripply cunt walls, feeling the hidden muscles that could grip and squeeze dry an unsuspecting cock stuffed in there.

When he began to suck out all his s****r's juices, Ann moaned out, "That's sooo gooood! Keep doing it, Eddie! Oh, please, keep tongue-fucking meee! AIIIEEE!"
lick had set off another orgasm by sucking on Ann's cit. All of this pleased Eddie. He was able to bring his s****r off three times using only his mouth.

And he W85 getting a taste treat that couldn't be matched!
Ann's legs clamped down firmly on his ears, deafening him to the world. All the teenager knew was what he could feel. His sight was incredibly
erotic-his s****r's boiling, churning cunt. But his sense of taste and feel were the most important to him.

As he diddled a bit with Ann's inner cuntlips, he knew that she'd have another orgasm very soon. There was a tension in her body. He. felt the tides of passion rising in her again as mare and more pussy juices leaked out to dribble down his chin.

Eddie suddenly rammed his hard tongue all the way up Ann's cunt. Then he began a mock-fucking with his tongue, shaving in, then pulling out with a corkacrewing motion. Every single square inch of his s****r's pussy he could reach was touched lightly by his tongue. The flashing, quick motions sent lance after lance of joy searing through Ann's nervous system.

Her cunt was on fire. Acid seemed to burn her nerves. Her spine tinged with the onslaught of all the erotic attentions she was being given. - She caught her breath, sucked in a deep lungful of air, then as orgasm seized her again, screamed, "UUUNNNGGGHHH! I"
The rocking motion back and forth on his face allowed Eddie to cram his tongue in and out of her gushing box with a fast and furious motion. All too soon for the girl, her orgasm died. -
She was exhausted. Ann gently slipped off Eddie's face to watch the action still in progress between him and their mother.

Joanne had continued her slow, rhythmic flicking. She rose slowly, then dropped full f***e to slam Eddie's prick- as far into her cunt as she could.

With Ann off his face, Eddie could see what was going on over his groin. He'd felt it, sure, but
seeing his mater strain up and down, the look of pleasure on her face, made it all the more erotic and stimulating.

Joanne was twisting her hips as she rose. Inside, she felt as if she were being pulled apart. Her cunt was tight enough and Eddie's cock large enough, that she was stretched and pulled with every flicking. By turning as she rose and dropped, her inner tissues were pulled in new and ultrastimulating directions.

As if flits had been set, her entire cunt blazed with a want that she had never before experienced. She was hot for her son, his cock and flicking. She wanted the mast pleasure out of this that she could get. As long as she was fucking, she didn't have to think of all the horrid things the world had done to her, all the incredible demands that were being placed upon her.

The feel of a massive cock buried full length in her quiff was sheer heaven. As it jerked and pulsed with a life of its own, Joanne tightened her stomach muscles to clamp down hard on it. She didn't want to let his rod go as she lifted her hips upward.

The cock reluctantly slipped out as she gripped firmly with her strong cunt muscles. An obscene sucking noise signaled when she rose. A frantic gulping noise occurred when Joanne lowered her box around that impaling spike of carnal prick.

The slow fires began to flare and blaze merrily as she continued to fuck her son. When Eddie reached up and nabbed both of her fits, Joanne came. The feel of her son's fingers pressing firmly into her boobs was all that she needed to get off. Knives of delight jabbed into her chest and collided with the
heat radiating upward from her fucked cunt. Together, the two sensations managed to smash into the barriers in her brain and give her the release of orgasm.

This seemed to trigger an urge to flick as fast as she could on Eddie's cock. Joanne rose and fell faster and faster. She knew she must be bruising her son's balls, but she didn't care. All that really
•mattered to her was her own satisfaction..

"Oh, Eddie, keep your hands on my fits! It's so good!"
Her son didn't obey, not totally. He kept one hand on her boob to tweak and play with• the• aroused nipple that pressed rock-hard under his thumb. His other hand went to Joanne's cunt. Eddie's hand traced its way down his mother's pussy mound until he found the juncture of her twatlips. There, growing like a tiny stalk in a field, was her cut.

Eddie began stroking and pressing against his mother's clitoris until she was driven wild with passion. Joanne began flicking with complete abandon. She launched herself upward like a rocket, then dropped like a forge.

The complete sensation she felt was unbearable heat. Every nerve in her body was overloaded. She felt the immense prick inside her cunt drilling up and down. Her own juices couldn't keep the channel lubricated enough. The friction built up to an unknown level. The fingering of her cit sent electric thrills throughout her stimulated body. The feel of her own son's hands on her lit, flicking back and forth across the pebble-hard nipple, launched battering rams of delight into her chest. With her breath coming in deep, convulsive
gulps, Joanne came again.

This time, Eddie's orgasm was set off along with that of his mother's. He felt his cock begin to expand to the breaking point. Then the fluid tide of his cum inched along his dong. When the cum reached the very tip of his cock, the boy thought he had ruptured a seam and burst apart.

His jizz spewed forth and creamed his mother's cunt as thoroughly as it had ever been done. With the rocking motion she had already set up, Eddie lifted his hips off the pound and tried to thrust even deeper into the cunt driving down at his rod from above.

His cock was grabbed in a velvet and iron grip when Joanne's cunt muscles were seized with orgasm. In a few minutes, Eddie was completely milked of his fizz.

All too soon, his once-proud cock dribbled out of Joanne's fuck-hole. He watched the limp snake go to sl**p between his legs while a thin stream of cum and cunt juice came out of his mother's quiff along with the limp tool.

Exhausted, he gasped, "You're too much for me, Mom, too much!"
Joanne's face seemed to radiate an inner glow. She was smiling, hair trailing down over her face from the exertions she had just been through. She brushed the hair back and told her son, "You're something else, k**, really something else. A damn good lay."
"Well, what about me?" Ann demanded.

Eddie arched his neck slightly and looked at his s****r. "Well, for a beginner, you're not too bad!"
Ann dumped a glass of ice water on Eddie for his impertinence. But he didn't care. He'd just had
the most fulfilling sexual experience of his life.

And Joanne had had her mind temporarily taken off Lee's condition. She had been able to leave the harsh realities of the world to become lost in a carnal paradise.

The woman was glad that her son and daughter were so free and liberated. She didn't know how she could possibly deal with all the problems that had been dumped on her without their support, both spiritual and physical.

Especially sexual!


The trio caught their breaths for a few minutes, then Joanne told Eddie "You'd better go down to the hospital and find out what can be done for Lee. Ann and I'll wait here. I just can't bear to see tat place again. I might run into that evil pig, Parley."
Eddie had thoughts of what he would like to do to Dr. Parley. Mere torture wasn't good enough. He'd castrate the bastard with a dull knife. He'd skin him and then boil him in oil.

But the teenager knew he wouldn't be able to do any of those things. What Parley had done was perfectly legitimate. It was Joanne . who had fallen for it. She had been distraught and confined. She didn't know what was happening, and Fancy had taken advantage of the situation to get laid.

Eddie looked over at the naked beauty of his
mother-her high, firm fits with their rosy areolas, the smooth, slightly domed belly and the lustrous sheen of her juice-matted pussy hair. The alabaster of her thighs seemed to give added brilliance to her juice-matted snatch.

Seeing such beauty would have tempted a saint. Eddie couldn't blame Farley all that much. And the doctor hadn't really hurt Joanne. Not like Lee King had.

Getting fucked and getting beaten up, humiliated, and ****d were entirely different games.

"Okay, I'll see what can be done. I'll be back as soon as possible with the word."
Eddie dressed and quickly left. If he didn't hurry, he would want to linger. With both Ann and his mother still naked, he could feel the stirrings of lust in his depleted cock again; He knew that if he did get another hard-on, he'd be sore after he fucked both of them again. Eddie wanted to save his precious prick for later.

He had all the time in the world to screw both his mother and his lovely s****r.

Eddie learned what he could at the hospital, then silently returned home to discuss it with his mother. This news wasn't very good. He would have to break it to her as gently as possible.

He walked in and found Joanne seated on the sofa, alone. Ann had gone out, apparently, and left her mother alone for the time being.

Eddie was secretly glad. It would be better to have a short talk with Joanne before confronting

Ann with the bad news.

The look on his face told Joanne all she really needed to know. She said, "It's pretty bad, isn't it? He's not going to make it?"
Eddie shook his head. "I talked with a couple of the doctors. They're willing to do the operation, but he doesn't have one chance in ten of living. And if he does pull through, he's had so much brain damage, hell be nothing but a vegetable."
Joanne didn't cry. Her eyes remained absolutely dry, as dry as her voice when she asked, "What do we do? Just let him kick off?"
Eddie paused for a moment. He'd have let the bastard die a long time ago, but his mother probably had different ideas. He had to phrase this just right.

"I think that would be the most humane thing we could do. It's no good trying to keep him alive with odds against him like that. And think of the strain on all of us-you, especially."
"That doesn't matter. Dammit, I still love that son of a bitch!"
"Then you'll see that he wouldn't want to go through the rest of his life just lying in a bed, not able to move. He might even be able to think, but he'd be trapped in a paralyzed body. It would be a life sentence."
"And is that better than the death penalty?"
Eddie flared up, "After what he did to you and Ann, he deserves it!" The teenager cooled down a bit and continued, "Look, Mom, all you have to do is tell the doctors to stop giving him any of the d**gs. Tell them to quit and Lee'll die in less than twenty minutes. He won't even feel any pain. He's just being kept alive until something can be worked
out I didn't find a single doctor who was the least bit optimistic about the chances of Dad pulling through."
"You think that's the best thing to do? Let him die?" Joanne's voice was low, strained.

"All right. I'll go along with your decision; then. You're the man of the house now and should make decisions like this."
"He's your husband," Eddie reminded her.

'But you're the man around here now." Joanne said it so that it seemed that the weight of the world was on Eddie.

"Better call the hospital and tell them what you've decided. I can't do it since you're legally his next of kin."
The phone call was made and Joanne returned, a tear trickling down each, cheek. It hadn't been as easy for her as Eddie had first thought. The strain of ordering her husband's death was getting to her in a big way, a way that needed comforting.

"Come on over here by me, Mom," Eddie said gently.

"Oh,Eddie!" Joanne broke down and cried. Eddie cradled her head against his shoulder. He let her cry for a while, then began rocking her back and forth just as he would a young c***d.

"It'll be all right, Mom. You made the right move. It was the right thing to do."
"I . . . I just don't know, Eddie. I just don't know. Hold me close! It feels so good to have a man's arms around me!"
Eddie began to stroke his mother's hair. It hadn't been brushed, but it was still lustrous. He. smoothed her golden-blonde hair and stroked up
and don her back. He could feel her spine tense and relax. He knew that she was going through some pretty rough times.

"Just think of how rotten Lee treated you. Just think of the awful things he did to Ann. Try to erase him from your mind. That'll be the best thing you can do." Eddie knew that it wouldn't be that easy for the woman. No one erased a husband from their minds when they'd been married as long as Lee and Joanne had.

Eddie carefully lifted his mother's tear-strained face and gently kissed her lips. The kiss deepened. Joanne parted her lips and with a frantic urgency created by her grief,, shoved her tongue into Eddie's mouth. The oral acrobatics kept Eddie occupied for some time.

Joanne felt Eddie's tongue against the top of hers. She began to swirl and, rotate her tongue around his, stroking and caressing. She had to let him know how much she loved him, how much she needed him now in her time of stress.

Eddie's hands moved to the front of Joanne's flimsy dressing gown. He began to unfasten the string ties while their tongues continued to roll over and over in his mouth.

When the last tie was undone, Joanne's tempting tits tumbled out into Eddie's hands. He felt the smooth skin of his mother's boobs, then knew that wouldn't be enough. He'd have to have more. The teenager was going to stuff them into his mouth and suck for all he was worth. That should give both of them the nervous-energy release that seemed to be called for.

Eddie broke off the kiss and quickly engulfed one of Joanne's jugs. His tongue stabbed out and
lightly touched the rock-hard mushroom perched on the tap of the marshmallowy mound.

"Oh, Eddie, that's heavenly!" Joanne said. She laced her fingers through his long hair and pulled his face to her chest. She needed him to take as much of her boob into his mouth as possible. The wet feeling was nice, but his, mouth promised so much more!
Joanne felt her nipple stiffening under her songs tongue. Eddie shoved down hard with his tongue, then began to make slow loops and spirals around the erect nubbin of nipple.

Stabs of sweet torture racked the woman's body. She felt electric surges volt into her every time Eddie's dextrous, wet tongue touched her tit. When he sucked in the entire top of her boob, Joanne moaned out, "That's great, Eddie! Oh, thank you, thank you!"
The teenager began to pull as much of the mound of tit flesh into his mouth as he could. It was impossible to get all of the sweet, soft meat into his hungering mouth-but he tried.

God, did he try!
His teeth left red tracks oh the slopes of Joanne's knocker. He bit down lightly, provocatively, to stir his mother's emotions even more. When he felt the quivering of her flesh, the trembling of her body., he knew that he had succeeded in arousing her.

Joanne felt her crotch grow wet with desire for her own son. She could' never quite understand the attraction she felt for Eddie. Was it that he was so much like Lee in appearance? Was it that Eddie was so different in the way he made love?
Whatever the reason,. Joanne King wanted-her
son to fuck her.

"Take me now, Eddie, quick! I need you inside me! Fuck mc like you never have before!"
Eddie was too occupied with gnawing away at the hard little button of nipple on his mother's lit. He'd get down to that fleecy triangle wet with lust in a few minutes. He wasn't going to rush things. Not now after discovering a gourmet's treat.

The youth's tongue flashed out and began to circle the base of his mother's boob. Every single square inch of tit flesh was covered by his lapping, licking, probing tongue as he spiraled upward to the summit of the erotic crest. On top of the mountain of boob, Eddie began to flick the erect spire of nipple back and forth with his tongue.

When his mother moaned again, louder, Eddie gripped the base of the saliva-wet jug and squeezed. As he did so, his tongue drove down into the nipple like a pile driver. He pushed the hard mushroom as far into the soft flesh as he could.

Joanne felt dual sensations. The pinching action on her boob made her tremble and water even more from her aroused pussy. But the boy's tongue shoving her nipple into her Ut drove her into a wild sexual frenzy. She couldn't keep her body under control. As if it had become independent of her control, her chest shoved forward hard and fast.

She wanted as much of her jug inside Eddie's mouth as possible. The pleasure he was giving her could be doubled, tripled, if only he would take more of her firmly fleshed boob into his mouth. Joanne was sure of that!
But Eddie had tired of the succulent flesh of her tits. He decided the time was right to move on. He
gently on the protruding bud, then began working his way down the underside of his mother's boob.

His rough, pink tongue wiggled back and forth over sensitive skin as he worked down to the 'slightly domed expanse of Joanne's belly. When Eddie found the deep, well-like depression of his mother's navel, the teenager couldn't refrain from letting his tongue take a. quick trip around the hole, then dive down inside.

Once down, he wiggled his tongue as hard and fast as he could. Joanne felt her body invaded by a weird group of sensations. The wetness, the roughness of her son's tongue, the stimulation of the flesh on her stomach, even the drying saliva tracks across her belly all added to her sexual gratification.

But she still needed a hard cock stuffed into her cunt. Badly.

Eddie's mouth left the gentle depression of his mother's belly button and moved downward to more exciting territory. He smelled the aroused, musky scent of cunt juice.~ He knew that Joanne s twat was gushing forth lubricants in anticipation of his stiff cock.

Eddie thought about fucking his mother for a few minutes while he was nuzzling in the forest of her tangled, honey-blonde pussy hair. The cunt mound was growing damp with the spread of Joanne's juices. That decided Eddie on his next course of action.

He wouldn't fuck her with his hard prick. As much as he wanted to shove his stiff dick into her yearning cunt over and over, to fuck her until she begged for mercy, he wouldn't
This time, he'd enjoy the full taste of making
love to his mother. He'd give her the eating out of her life.

Eddie's tongue wiggled and twitched through the hair of his mother's cunt mound before he found the edge of her pussylips. Joanne felt an intense surge throughout her body when her son's tongue touched her puffy gash.

She felt his wet mouth move along the twin flaps of her twat. She felt a vacuum cleaner of a mouth suck the juices from her cunt. She felt Eddie begin a slow, agonizing trip from one end of her pink slit to the other, licking and stimulating her the entire way. Electrical discharges volted into her cunt, made it water even more.

When Eddie's tongue stabbed hard and fast into her cunt, Joanne came. Her climax racked her body and gripped her muscles in a vise-tight grip. She didn't feel the added flood of cunt juices she showered onto her lover-son's face.

But Eddie was sucking too hard to surrender and drawn in that carnal flood. He enjoyed the succulence of the inner oils from his mother's cunt. The salty, slightly acrid taste made his hard-on quiver and feel as if it would pop at any second.

The teenager controlled his desires and continued to tongue and suck for all he was worth. He wanted to give his mother the best tongue job he was capable of giving. He wanted her to be satisfied. To take her mind off the death sentence that had been meted out to Lee King.

He succeeded.

"More, Eddie! Oh God, moooore!" Joanne cried out.

Eddie didn't answer. He was too busy slurping up the tasty flood from Joanne's pussy. His tongue twirling
drove relentlessly into the woman's inner sheath. He felt the velvet-lined channel of her cunt ripple and pulse with desire for him. The youth even felt the powerful muscular contraction when another orgasm seized Joanne.

The youth knew that he was doing everything right by the number and intensity of the orgasms he was giving his mother. And he was just using his tongue!
What could he be doing if he shoved his steely-hard, throbbing prick far tap her cunt?
His pink tongue began to rim the fur-lined cunt mouth. His saliva mixed with the thicker cunt juice that dribbled out of his mother's snatch. The bristly hairs stung and tickled his tongue, but the boy kept up his muff-diving.

Soon, her meek little clitoris poked its head out of the sheath of protective flesh to see what was going on. Eddie pounced on it like a cat on ~ mouse. His mouth covered the tiny pillar of erectile tissue. He knew this was where it was really at with Joanne. It was the center of all ~her sexual feelings.

He wouldn't neglect her cunt.

His tongue looped out and began to swirl and spiral around the delicate fleshy organ. Joanne's body was constantly tossed and racked by uncontrollable passion now. Whenever Eddie touched, her clitoris, she felt . jabs of intense lightning blast though her gut. She was being turned to water inside. She felt weak. The woman could do nothing but lie back and enjoy, and thrust her hips forward to expose her snatch and cum button to Eddie's questing tongue.

Eddie. had trapped the cit and wasn't going to
let it go. He was laying it with his saliva and allowing the flood of Joanne's cunt liquids to flow over the delicate organ. When he began to lightly suck the pleasure-button into his mouth, Joanne came again.

The rocking and bucking and bunching of her body was a minor distraction for the teenager. He was too engrossed in sampling the little pleasure center to give up his post even for a second.

Eddie began to lightly gnaw on the cit. Each time his teeth close6 down on her flesh, Joanne twitched and wiggled her hips. She tried to press even closer to her son. She wanted more of this incredible mouth love. She wanted Eddie to tongue-flack her some more.

She was starved for anything he would do to her!
The youth wasn't going to disappoint her. His own cock urged him on. It was becoming painful it was so stiff, but Eddie was enjoying the taste of his mother's cunt too much to even think of poking his long prod into her cunt.

Like a kitten lapping milk, Eddie's tongue leaped out and began a long, lewd licking at Joanne's twatlips. He started at the juncture where the cit was thinly erect and pulsing with every beat of his mother's heart. He worked his way dawn past the opening to her cunt and sampled the fluids leaking out past the twin flaps of bl**d-engorged labes. Then he worked back to the sensitive perineum, that wondrous area between cunt and asshole.

When Joanne quivered and raised her hips for Eddie to give him access to her perineum, she also raised her butt off the sofa. That exposed her
asshole to the lusting youth. It was an opportunity too good to pass up.

Eddie found the tightly held little bung and began to caress it with his wet tongue. Joanne's brownie was soon drenched with saliva. When Eddie began worming his tongue~ tip into her shitter, Joanne cried out, "No, Eddie, NO! Not there! Don't. . . don't bugger me!"
Eddie smiled as best he could and continued to dull his tongue up his mother's asshole. This was as much fun as eating her out. Her cunt was juicy and tasty, but this was. . . kinky!
Eddie finally managed to get his tongue past the tense, strained ring of muscle. His tongue surged into Joanne's ass. He began a slow back and forth motion of mock-flicking. I couldn't get his tongue very far up his mother's asshole, but the excitement came in trying!
He reached out and gripped both of his mother's buttcheeks in his hands. He loved the way the tender flesh seemed to flow under his grip. The pliant skin rippled and moved like putty under his fingers. Eddie pulled as hard as he could to separate the buns.

When he'd done this, he found he could slam his cock-hard tongue even further up Joanne's asshole. Eddie wiggled his tongue around inside the tight, slimy shitter. The action stimulated both of them, although Joanne didn't want to admit it.

She had little choice, however. Her body betrayed her arousal. She came again.

"God! Chriiiist! FUUUCCCKKK!!"
Eddie continued wiggling his tongue, making brief excursions up and down the sweaty crack of Joanne's . ass. His fingers became sweaty from
holding apart her asscheeks and slipped.

When that happened, Eddie found his tongue trapped between the two slabs of ass meat. He slipped his tongue back and forth a few times trying to locate her bung again. He failed in his attempts.

Knowing that he had just about finished with all the mouth-flicking he could give his mother, Eddie moved his face away from Joanne's crotch. He was surprised to see the drawn, gaunt look on her face. For a brief instant, he was afraid that he'd done something horrible to his own mother.

Joanne's first words reassured the youth, "Damn, but that was fine, Eddie. It really took all my energy. You're as good with that tongue of yours as you are with your prick."
At the mention of his prick, Eddie looked between his legs. The straining pillar of his cock was still trapped inside his jeans. No wonder he was feeling such intense pain!
His dick begged to be out in the open air so it could scout around for a nice, juicy pussy to embed itself in!
When Eddie unzipped his fly, the purple-headed prick jumped out with the power of a battering ram smashing into a door. He watched his cock quiver and throb.

Joanne couldn't miss the lovely sight of an erect dong, either.

She gently said, "Now that you've given me pleasure, it's time I did the same for you."
Eddie wouldn't have turned down that invitation for anything in the world!


"Eddie," Joanne said, her voice low and husky from the sex she had been enjoying so much, "let me give you some - of the pleasure you've been giving me."
Eddie eyed his mother's exposed body, then thought about her tantalizjng asshole. He'd never flicked a woman up the butt before. The mere idea made his cock quiver and throb with renewed vigor. The youth felt as if his prick would explode cum all over the place just thinking about fucking his mother's ass.

Joanne seemed to read Eddie's mind. She said, "How would you like to screw me... up the rear?"
Eddie's eyes widened at the thought. It was something he'd never turn down. He wasn't stupid!
To be fucking that ultratight hole would be
nothing short of a carnal paradise!
"You bet!" he cried eagerly. "There's nothing I'd rather be doing with.. . this!"
Eddie held his jerking dong out for Joanne to see. The plum-colored head seemed to expand as he talked. The woman licked her lips and took a deep breath. Thinking of what his dick would feel like as it raced up her butt made her juicy in the cunt again. She'd love to have Eddie's massive cock inside her cunt, fucking the living hell out of her.

But to have that massive pole in her ass, fucking her tightest hole was something that she longed for even more!
Joanne quickly slipped entirely out of her dressing gown as Eddie removed his clothes. They had to be naked for the fuck to be fully enjoyable to both of them. There was nothing quite as seductive or erotic as seeing naked flesh gleaming in the light, sweat shining brightly on thrashing limbs, the sight of juicy pussy and throbbing hard prick.

In a flash, Joanne was down on her hands and knees with her ass wiggling in the air. Eddie swallowed hard. The sight of his mother's gently rounded butt sticking up in the air was almost too much for him. His balls tumbled and churned and felt like they'd blast apart at any instant.

The teenager calmed his raging nuts down. He wouldn't come until his dong was buried balls deep up that inviting ass wobbling around in front of him.

Joanne knew that the sight of her rear was driving Eddie wild with passion. To be flicked doggie-style was fun, but she really got off on the idea of having her ass fucked. But it had to be
hard. Rough. Even brutal or she couldn't get the full enjoyment out of a cornholing that she should.

Joanne told. Eddie, "Be rough. Don't worry about hurting me! I need you screwing my asshole fast and hard and big! And rough!"
Eddie licked his lips as he placed his hands on the cool half-moons of Joanne's butt. The flesh was pliant, seemed to glow with an inner radiance all of its own. He wanted nothing mare than to allow his a****l passions to run rampant, to fuck her ass as wildly and brutally as he could.

Yet the boy hesitated. That was the way his father did things. His father would have virtually butt-****d. Joanne. Could he do anything that crass?
But wasn't his mother asking him to be rough? She had to get off on it or she wouldn't have been so plaintive in her demands for a hard and fast buggering.

"Ready, Mom?"
Eddie's fingers slipped into the dank, humid crack of his mother's ass. The area was slick with sweat from their earlier lovemaking. Eddie could still feel his saliva mixed with the sweat from his mother's body.

The slipperiness excited him even more.~ He
•••squeezed down and felt the ass flesh flow under his fingers. He began rotating the blobs of meat under his hands. He tried to rip the lovely globes off his mother's body. He pulled. He strained. He moved the buns in different directions.

Joanne loved it.

The feeling of having Eddie's hands on her rump was exciting. But the sudden tearing feeling deep in
her gut was even more exciting. That twisting and turning of her ass made her feel nerves explode into action that had lain sl**ping inside her for too long.

The brutal action of her son's hands on her butt created a sexual b**st inside her. She panted in reaction. Her bean beat faster. The sound of bl**d pounded in her ears. The woman was becoming totally roused by the manhandling of her butt.

"That's it, Eddie! That's the way! Treat me rough! Make me feel the pain all the way up my belly!"
Eddie continued his ripping and tearing actions. He pulled with all his might. He shoved and pulled at the same time. Then, in a flash of inspiration, he began to swat his mother's ass with the flat of his hand.

Rosy-red streaks began to appear. Her buns began to turn fiery red as slap after slap landed. Eddie quickened the speed of his blows. He was really getting into paddling his mother with his hand.

Joanne's body went berserk. She felt the sharp sting from his blows on her ass. They rocketed into her body and quickened her pulse even more. But the swats also unlocked hidden desires in her body.

The woman felt her cunt begin to water. The cunt juice dribbled down her tender inner thigh. The hair of her pussy mound became matted and soggy from her liquid lust. Every time Eddie's hand smacked into her butt, new sensations pummeled her brain.

She was mildly getting turned on by this stimulating spanking. She wanted Eddie to
continue. She needed him to spank her until her butt blistered.

Eddie couldn't help but notice the gushing of juice out of his mother's pussy. He knew that he was doing the right thing in spanking her. She needed this pain to fully enjoy what was to come.

Joanne's butt looked like it had been sunburned. It glowed a cherry red. Eddie began to land increasingly hard blows. Every time he pulled back, Joanne crouched. As his hand plummeted down, his mother would shove her ass back to make the slap even more painful. She was adding to her own perverse enjoyment by the seductive action of her hips.

Eddie didn't miss the motion. it reminded him that he wanted to fuck her ass. His own cock was hurting painfully. If he wanted to take advantage of the wanton woman he had created, to get her to shove back' into his groin as his mighty sword of hard cock penetrated her asshole, he'd have to do it soon.

"Ready for this yet?" Eddie asked, not giving a damn if his mother was or not.

He lunged forward with his iron-hard prick in search of the tiny little bung. Eddie missed. He couldn't possibly have guided~ his raging ~dong without taking it firmly in hand.

The pain echoed back along his shaft and screamed in his balls. He'd have to do better than that!
Eddie eased himself forward until he found the gaping hole of. Joanne's cunt. The juice squirting out of that hole beckoned to him. Eddie realized that he'd need a bit of lubrication oil his prick or he'd never be able to get into Joanne's asshole.

With a quick, practiced motion, Eddie crammed his cock balls deep up Joanne's cunt.

The unexpected entry into her pussy made his mother gasp. She felt the mighty, quivering pecker sear her innards. The racing piston of pleasure warmed her inside. She could feel the prick jerking with-unbridled lust for her. The walls of her cunt transmitted the slightest motion to her brain.

Joanne's body trembled in reaction. She hadn't been expecting Eddie to fuck her cunt. She had been tensed and ready for a f***eful entry up her ass. But she'd do the best she could with his prick where it was. The woman clamped down on her son's cock with her powerful cunt muscles.
She felt the big blue vein on the top of Eddie's prick rub against her sensitive inner walls. The juices squirted out around his plug of meat and continued to dribble down her inner leg. The broad, hood-shaped knob seemed to expand inside her snatch. She reveled in the sensation of being filled to overflowing with rock-hard pecker. Eddie's prick was the best thing in the world for Joanne. She enjoyed his buried cock to the fullest.

The woman wiggled her hips the smallest bit to
stimulated her son to further activity.

Eddie wanted to fuck in and out of his mother's clasping cunt as wildly as he could. But he still had his sights set on something else. That tiny asshole Was more inviting. It promised to be even tighter and hotter than this steamy cunt.

The boy wasn't going to pass that up for a replay of the times he had already flicked his mother's twat.

The teenager withdrew slowly. The smacking noise filled the air and sound6d obscene. As Eddie
finally broke the vacuum he had created inside Joanne's cunt, his prick snapped free of the powerfully clutching muscles in her belly.

His cock glistened with twat juice. He looked at its shaking length and knew he was ready for the butt-flicking he had started.

Eddie grabbed two handfuls of his mother's ass again and pulled-hard!
"OOOOHHH! That hurrrts!" she cried. Eddie ignored her pleas. She had wanted it hard, rough. That was the way she was going to get it.

Eddie positioned his cockhead against his mother's tiny asshole. The hard muscle wasn't going to let him in without a fight. Eddie began to push against the ring of rock-hard muscle.

He started with a slow, insistent pressure. When he felt her bung starting to melt under his onslaught, the boy pushed even harder.

With. the suddenness of a summer storm, his mighty dong surged up his mother's asshole. In a split second, his dick was surrounded by the tightest, hottest female flesh he'd ever felt.

Eddie's full eight inches of cock had raced up Joanne's ass and was now buried balls deep inside her bowels.

If the suddenness surprised Eddie, it both surprised and hurt Joanne. One instant, her asshole was resisting the invasion. The next, it felt as if a burning poker had been shoved into her guts. The sudden intrusion made her feel as if she were being ripped apart. Membrane stretched to take the monster cock suddenly gouging into her tight butt.

Tissue pulled in odd directions inside her body. Her ass seemed to be filled with molten lead. Her bowels burned with the enema of Eddie's
cock stirring around inside her.

"UHHHH!!" Joanne screamed. She hadn't realized it would hurt this much!
All thought was shoved from Joanne's brain. AM that remained was her body's own actions. She began to respond to the fucking of her ass on an instinctive, a****l level. She was a bitch in heat. She wanted her stud to fuck her as brutally as possible.

Her hips seemed to move of their own volition. She crammed herself back into Eddie's groin to take his torturing, tormenting prick even deeper into her brutalized guts.

Eddie felt the soft asscheeks rubbing against his hairy thighs. The gentle stimulation broke him out of his reverie. He could have stayed buried eight inches up Joanne's ass all day long. The heat, the intense pressure all around his cock made him sure he'd flicked into a surgeon's glove filled with boiling hot water.

He couldn't remember ever being in a hotter, tighter hole. This was something he had dreamed about but never thought existed.

Eddie was sure that his prong would be burned off from the incredible heat coming from Joanne's asshole. He felt her twitching her hips, slowly moving her ass in small circles to stimulate him even more. The teenager decided that he'd put up with this enough-it was time to get down to serious fucking!
Eddie pulled back a short ways and his cock almost slipped out of Joanne's bung. Only the hooded tip of his prick remained inside his mother's tight, burning hot asshole. With a powerful, savage lunge, Eddie crammed his full
eight inches of dick back into its hot, hungry berth.

The gasp of pain and pleasure from his mother spurred him on. Eddie began fucking the tight, clutching shitter with all his might. The tightening of the puckered ass sphincter seemed to grip down on his rod like a noose.

The boy felt compressed, squeezed to death. But he continued his violent fucking. He was experiencing the most intense pleasure he could ever remember.

One savage thrust forward threw Eddie full length onto his mother's back. He reached around and under her for support. When he realized that Joanne could support both of their weights, the teenager passionately clutched at her boobs. He took the pendulous, swinging blobs of tit flesh in his fists and squeezed as hard as he could.

If Joanne wanted it rough, that was the way she'd get it!
The woman moaned and her body twitched under his. Eddie continued the pistoning motion of his hips. He dr6ve as far up his mother's butt as he could with each thrust. The burning heat ~that surrounded his cock, the feel of the pliant boobs under his hands, the excited bucking of Joanne's body all drove him on.

Joanne couldn't hold back the orgasm that had been building up in her loins. With the feel of Eddie's hard, gripping hands on her tits, she came.

The fingerprints he left on her firm white flesh were only one indication of the ferocity of their fucking. Joanne's butt was still a bright red from the spanking Eddie had given her. The warmth from his hand radiated throughout her lower body
and lighted the fires of desire. As Eddie stroked in and out of her asshole, Joanne knew that she could come again at any instant.

The tearing, searing feeling as her son's prick raced in and out of her bung stimulated her more than she'd have ever thought possible. Every single action was calculated to drive her into a wild sexual frenzy.

He was fucking her like an a****l. She'd respond like an a****l!
"SHIIIT!" she screeched. Another orgasm tore through her as Eddie's monstrous dong slammed home up her ass again and again.

She was filled with fire ants crawling, biting, stinging. The woman was driven to the brink of insanity with the lust she held for her own son. The feelings cascading through her body made her acutely aware of every singe nerve in her cunt, her asshole, her boobs.

Joanne climaxed again.

This time it was Eddie who cried out, "UUUUMMM! OOOHHHH!" as he felt the already firm tunnel he was reaming out collapse around his dong. The boy's cock was squashed flat by the powerful contractions that seized Joanne's body. Eddie knew that his rod would be squeezed to a pulp if the intense heat didn't burn his prong off to a nubbin first.

This orgasm, though, triggered Eddie's come. He felt the hat sperm jetting along his fleshy firehose. In a split second, his cum. splattered Joanne's asshole. Eddie's cock seemed to explode with the v******e of his orgasm.

He hung on, bucking and bunching as hard as he could while his creamy, gooey cum rocketed into
his mother's butt. Eddie gripped her jugs with feverish intensity, bruising her tits in his unbridled passion.

But Joanne didn't, even notice. Another orgasm was rippling through her torso, shaking her like a huge earthquake.

Together, the mother and son trembled and shook and humped together. The butt-fucking was soon over. Eddie's peter had been milked dry by the sucking hot tailpipe of his mother's ass.

The fierce grasp he had on Joanne's tits relaxed. To neither's surprise, they were exhausted after the frantic fucking.

They collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath. Joanne's ass still burned with fiery insistence where Eddie's prong had reamed her out. Delicate tissues had been rearranged, pulled out of shape. But it had been great. She had loved every second of the violent buggering!
Eddie sighed, "That's about the best fucking, ever, Mom. The best I ever had."
"Likewise, dear. You're going to be really good if you keep up the practice like this."
Eddie started to laugh. He told his mother, "Most parents want their k** to practice the piano. And here you want me to practice and keep playing with you! That's really something else!"
"But nice, very nice." Joanne paused for a moment to catch her breath. Then she continued, "You make me forget about Lee. That's what matters. You have a way of lifting me out of this world when you stuff that wonderful prick of yours into me."
She looked at Eddie's "wonderful prick" and laughed. It had deflated into a sl**ping worm,
covered with his own cum.

Eddie smiled. "Even the best of 'em have to go to sl**p sometimes!"
Joanne sighed. "And when I was just getting hot, too. Oh, well, maybe in a while..."


"Well, if lover boy can't do anything more, how about me?" came the voice from the front door.

Joanne looked up to see Ann standing there. Somehow, the girl always managed to arrive on the scene just when she was needed the most.

"You make an interesting offer, you better expect to be taken up on. it, girl!" Joanne laughed.

The woman laughed even more when she saw the speed with ,which Ann stripped off her clothing. The girl was hot to trot. Eddie could only eye his s****r's naked, gleaming body with admiration. All of his lust had been momentarily sadated in the wild- butt-fucking with his mother. He just didn't have it in him to have a go with Ann now.

But he wished that he could have. He couldn't remember ever seeing her look more desirable.

Eddie just had to face physiological facts, however, much to his disappointment. He wouldn't be getting a hard-on again for at least a half-hour. Not after the way Joanne had drained him of his spunk.

Joanne held her arms out to Ann. Her daughter seemed to melt. She floated down into her mother's outstretched anus. Their lips met. First the kiss was light, almost a parody of a real kiss.

Then Joanne allowed her lips to part slightly. That was all the invitation that Ann needed. Joanne felt the wet, dextrous pink tongue of her daughter leap into her mouth. Their tongues dueled. Performing acrobatic tasks, they managed to caress and stoke each other until the pair's breathing came heavy and excited.

Joanne exerted a little pressure with her own tongue and f***ed Ann's back into her own mouth. Then she took the opportunity to fully explore her daughter's wet, dank oral cavern. Joanne's tongue cavorted about, tracing out each and every tooth. When Ann's tongue met hers, they began to spiral around each other again, occasionally drifting back and forth from one mouth to the other.

Their fits were firmly pressed together throughout the oral foreplay. Joanne felt Ann's nipples harden and poke into her chest. Her own nipples were still hard and ready from the lovemaking with Eddie, she didn't need any further stimulation.

She was ready for anything!
Ann's roving hand stroked down across her mother's body until it found the juicy fur-pie between the slowly spreading legs. Joanne gasped when Aim's agile fingers shot up her cunt. Inside her pussy, Joanne felt her daughter's fingers flex and curl. The sensations that started again were

As Ann rubbed her mother's cit, Joanne began to explore her daughter's tender young body. With their fits rubbing against each other, no further stimulation was needed there. But Ann's ass was prominent. Joanne wondered if she could ass-finger Ann to a climax the way Eddie had done to her.

A quick dip into the flowing well of Ann's pussy lubricated Jeanne's finger. Then the older woman found the tightly puckered little circle, of muscle guarding Ann's ass.

Ann broke off the deep soul kiss when she felt her mother prodding at her asshole.

"What what're you doing back there?" she asked, her voice shaky with suppressed longing.

"Nothing, darling, nothing. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Your fingers feel so good in my cunt."'
With that, Joanne managed to penetrate Ann's bung. The girl gasped, then almost collapsed forward onto her mother's body. The feel of a finger up her ass strangely stimulated her. It seemed perverse, kinky and sinflul.

It also felt damned good!
Joanne felt Ann's bung wiggling around her finger. It was just like putting on a tight glove. The heat and pressure around her slender finger gave her some' idea what it must have been like for Eddie to fuck repeatedly in and out of her butt. Sheer heaven!
Ann thought that she was being stretched out of shape. She enjoyed the- feel of her mother's probing finger in her bung. She also hated it. It brought her pain. But it also brought her pleasure. The confusing combination was driving her wild
with arousal.

Her cunt gushed forth a continuous flow of juice now. Eddie was depleted. How could she satisfy the yearning in her pussy, her poor hungry pussy?
The idea suddenly came to her. With a gymnast's agility, Ann managed to swing around and scissor her legs between Joanne's. Their legs interlocked like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, Ann's ankle resting between her mother's tits and one of her mother's legs between her own succulent, budding fits.

Like two sucking, hungry ~mouths, their cunts pressed into each other. By opening and closing her legs slightly, Ann found that she could spread her cuntlips and totally engulf those of her mother. The wet squishy noise showed how aroused both of the women were.

Their cunt juices intermixed as they moved their twatlips in a deep, mock-kiss.

Their snatches were pressed firmly together. As they moved, they stimulated each other's tits. Ann began rubbing her foot up and down along the slopes of Joanne's boobs. When her mother returned the favor, Ann came.

The orgasm made her pussylips convulsively squeeze down on her mother's trapped ones. The wet, liquid noise showed the pressure that had been exerted on Joanne's labes. Together, the two women rocked and rolled back and forth on the rug.

The tingly feeling spread throughout Joanne's cunt as she felt the soft, wet labes caressing her own pussylips. She didn't know where Ann had learned this trick, but she liked it a lot. It stimulated her cunt, gave her go-button a workout and the foot between the boobs was an added

As they rolled over and over, the prickly sensation penetrated farther and farther into Joanne's body. She was hot and ready for still another orgasm, but she wanted to string her daughter out a little. Joanne felt Ann's leg twist slightly, then felt toes clutching at her nipples.

Her daughter had still more tricks to show her! Ann's toes managed to clamp down hard on her mother's nipple. Just like fingers, the girl's toes began to rhythmically squeeze. With the same action, her pussylips began sucking away again at Joanne's cunt.

As much as Joanne wanted to bring off her daughter, it seemed that Ann was working hard to do that very thing for her. Joanne decided to just lean back and let. Ann do what she would. it was so pleasant!
Ann felt her mother's juices seep into her cunt. The tickly feeling from their mingled bushes began to drive her passions higher and higher.

When her cunt touched the lush bush of Joanne's pussy mound, . that was all~ it took for Ann to achieve her orgasm.

was totally incoherent with her lustful cries. Ann was consumed with passion. She couldn't control her body as she rocked back and forth, driving her cunt -into her mother's with brutal, bruising f***e.

The labes parted and took some of the f***e that the young girl was dishing out. Joanne hung onto Ann's ankle and pulled the leg in tight to her chest. Nestled between her boobs, the leg couldn't escape Joanne's agile tongue as she began to lick the sole of Ann's foot.

The tickling action drove Ann into a frenzy. She bucked and hunched like a wild woman. The passions assaulting her body were given fresh f***e with the taunting action of her mother's tongue on the bottom of her happed foot.

Finally tiring of the exotic torture, Joanne concentrated on her own cunt muscles. She began squeezing Ann's pussylips like the girl had been doing with hers.

Ann gasped and climaxed again.

Joanne felt her daughter's soggy muff rubbing against her clitoris. That drove the older women's passions up the slopes to another orgasm. All her sexual feelings centered in that tiny little spire of erectile tissue. To have it continually massaged, lubricated with cunt juice and diddled with was too much to bear.

Joanne King bit her lower lip as the fireworks of orgasm exploded inside her shapely body.

The two women had had. more than their share of climaxes. Eddie watched them in fascination as their sweating bodies untangled. Mother apd daughter looked so much alike.

And what a f****y they made now that Lee King was gone! Eddie didn't feel the least remorse about allowing his father to die. The bastard hadn't been any good for either Joanne or Ann.

With him at the helm of this f****y, now, they could begin to live life instead of fear it.


Eddie was glad that they had decided to move to another town. Corinth had become a living hell for his mother. Everything reminded her of Lee. But the move to Thebes, Ohio, had presented problems that none of them had anticipated.

For all the talk about equal fights, they quickly found that, in Ohio, a woman couldn't own property without a husband's name on the papers.

"But my husband's dead!" Joanne pleaded. "What do you mean I can't buy this house? I have the money!"
"Sorry," the man at the real-estate office said, "I just follow the laws as they're written. If you remarried or your son was old enough, then everything would be okay. But now..." He opened his hands in an expressive gesture as he shrugged.

Eddie and Joanne left the office in disgust. "That's the mast ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" snorted Eddie. "Not letting us buy the house because you aren't married."
They both stopped and looked at each other for a moment. The same thought had occurred to both of them at the same time. They laughed, threw their arms around each other and went off to find another real-estate agent. If the law said they had to be married, then, by damn, they would tell everyone they were married!
Three hours after they found another real-estate agent, they signed the papers on a house. "Thanks, Mr. King," the man said. "Hope you and your wife will be happy here."
Eddie smiled and pulled Joanne closer to him. "I'm sure we will, Mr. Reese."
"Well, looks like we're going to be neighbors. Just call me Ty."
"Why, thank you, Ty. Glad to have you for a neighbor." Eddie looked adoringly into his mother's eyes and then said to Reese, "If you don't mind, we've got some housekeeping to do. You know, setting them up, sort of christening the place."
"Huh? Oh, sure," Reese leered. "See you around!" With that, the man left.

In a few minutes, Eddie and Joanne were alone.

"Well, husband, what's it feel like to own your own home?"
"Pretty good, wife!" Eddie began to unroll a curled-up mattress until it covered most of one bedroom floor. "Do you think we can get by with this? I mean, you're young-looking but won't people talk about you keeping a young squirt like
me around?"
"To hell with them!" Joanne said as her mouth closed on Eddie's. Together, they crumpled to the mattress. The feel of Eddie's strong, youthful body against her made Joanne want her son more than ever. And if the charade could be played out, everyone would think they were married.

She felt Eddie's hand fondling her jugs. The warmth that began to fill her was ~sheer heaven to the woman. She relished these sessions with Eddie more and more. She had com6 to rely on him ever since Lee had died.

Now, for all intents and purposes, everyone thought they were married and would continue to think so.

"Ummm, that's nice!" Joanne muttered as Eddie slipped the blouse off her creamy shoulders to expose her perfectly formed tits. When his mouth closed on her nipple, Joanne wiggled closer and shoved out her chest. She wanted to make sure her son had ample room to give her boob the mouthing she loved so much.

Eddie caught the slowly rising spire of nipple between his teeth. He began to gently gnaw sand bite down on his mother's boob until she was moaning and writhing about in joy. The boy sucked her tit into his mouth, slowly taking the entire mound in. The marshmallowy pillow barely fit Eddie's jaw muscles were strained to take so much fit flesh into his mouth.

But he didn't complain. His tongue was too busy fucking and dancing over the very tip of the cone of alabaster flesh. The tiny button seemed to beg. to be given a tongue-lashing. Eddie did his best to make sure the nipple didn't feel neglected as he is.

engulfed the entire boob.

His hands never stopped. They constantly moved, undressed, delved and roamed. When he found his mother's naked pussy, he discovered that his cock was straining and huffing. It had to be freed from his trousers. It screamed to be buried in that fluid well of cunt.

Joanne attended to the job of unzipping Eddie's fly. With a quick rolling motion, he crouched between his mother's spread thighs. He slipped his arms under her knees and lifted until her calves were on top of his shoulders.

With a powerful forward motion, Eddie bent Joanne double. In this uncomfortable position, her cunt opened to him fully. As if he were doing a push-up, Eddie lowered his body. The very tip of his cock - touched Joanne's damp snatch. He lowered himself a fraction of an inch farther.

With this descent, the purpled crown of his prick parted his mother's pussylips.

"Oh, Eddie, fuack me! I need your cock inside me! Fuck me, damn you!" she cried, beginning to mutter incoherent little words as her passion rose.

Eddie lowered himself an inch farther. His dong slipped into the already liquid cunt. He found himself lost in a sea of joy. His prick was wet from his mother's cunt juices. He was surrounded by a hot, gulping sheath of excited female flesh.

As he bent Joanne double, her knees pressing against her fits, Eddie fully penetrated his mother's box. The feet of Eddie's prong surging fail length into her cunt made Joanne moan with pleasure. Having her fits compressed under her own knees made it hard to breath and she couldn't move back and forth at all.

How desperately she wanted to wiggle and thrash about now that she had her son's cock in her cunt! to raise himself slowly. Joanne felt
Eddie began to let his prick slide out of her twat a slow, agonizing inch at a time. She gasped when the pressure left her legs and she could breathe again.

With the f***e of a falling boulder, Eddie dropped onto his mother's legs and his prick speared her hard and deep in the cunt. He twitched slightly from side to side. Joanne felt the watch fires of lust burn inside her. The embers fanned themselves into raging blazes as Eddie stroked in and out of her pussy.
The feel of him crushing her to the mattress was indescribably peat. She needed the roughness, the hard length of his cock surging into her soggy flick-hole.

"Keep fucking me, darling! Keep it uuuuup!
Eddie felt his cock crushed by the supreme strength of his mother's cunt muscles. He was locked inside her body. His prick was snared in a velvety bear trap. He couldn't budge his dong an inch either way as the convulsive f***e of Joanne s climax smashed down around him.

Eddie punted, then yanked out of the flowing slash. He began pumping up and down as fast as he could. The friction warmed him. The pressure along the sides of his fleshy shaft seemed to suck at. luis cock. He knew that his mother's thirsty cunt would soon suck out every drop of his cum.

He continued flicking her as hard as he could. Each time he bent her double, her body trembled a bit mare. She was approaching another orgasm.

But this time, Eddie knew that he'd join her.

The liquid noise as he fucked her filled the empty room, echoed throughout the house. It sounded lewd, obscene, dirty. But Eddie didn't give a damn. All he knew or cared about were the feelings rising in his balls.

The hairy little sac containing his jewels had hardened into a taut ball. His sperm churned and boiled inside. The murky cream screamed for release. And Eddie's entire dick seemed to grow every trip up Joanne's clutching, seething cunt.

His hips took over. His arms seemed tireless. He fucked faster and faster like a berserk locomotive.

The tide of his cum raced down his shaft just as he shoved his dong balls deep up Joanne's grasping snatch. As he spewed out his lava-hot jizz, Joanne came.

Together, they grunted and strained until their mutual passions were completely spent.

Exhausted, they fell apart.

Joanne gently touched Eddie's cheek and said, "I don't care if you are my son, you're the best goddamn lay I've ever had."
Eddie wanly smiled, then kissed his mother. "And you're in a league all by yourself!"
"And what about me, damn both of you! All the time, you're forgetting about me!"
They rolled over to see an angry Ann standing in the doorway. She had her hands on her hips. Outlined by the light coming through the doorway, Eddie could see every curve and outline of the girl's lithe young body. He couldn't get a hard-on again, not that fast, but he felt the stirrings of lust for his own s****r in his loins.

"Come on over and join us. We're just in the
process of christening the house."
"You know that you're not doing it properly," Ann said.

"Oh? How should we do it?"
"You've got to screw both of us in every room, studly one!" Ann proudly proclaimed. As she stripped her clothing, Eddie couldn't help but notice that his sl**ping prick was stirring again.

He didn't think it was possible, but Ann had him up and iron-rod hard in a matter of minutes by sucking on his cock. When his prick trembled and begged to be shoved into his s****r's golden thatch of pussy, Eddie knew that everything would be just fine with their little f****y arrangement.

Let the people think he and Joanne were married. That didn't matter. It was just a legal dodge, yet it was a useful one, too. Me loved, his mother.

And he loved Ann, too.

This way, he could have both of them.!
"You talk real big, smart-ass. How's about fucking?" Eddie demanded of the girl sucking on his cock. His entire crotch. was covered by her flowing gold hair.

Ann looked up, her grey eyes wide. Never taking her mouth from his cock, she mumbled, "Uh-uh!"
When her agile tongue flashed down to rim his knob, Eddie agreed. Let Ann give him head. It felt so damn good having her mouth on his cock that he wouldn't pass that treat up, even to stuff his eight-inch prick into her tiny little cunt.

"Suck away, girl! You have to obey your father, you know!" -
Joanne began to laugh. Eddie gulped in reaction to Ann's increased suction on his dong and told
her, "So shut me up and come sit on my face! I can't get my tongue into that juicy pussy of yours any other way!"
And Joanne did.

THE END... Continue»
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Chapter 1

Her naked body hissed between the sheets as she slid
into bed. It was a luxurious feeling, like hotel sheets
always are, cool, crisp and fresh, nearly crackling. She
felt like purring as she snuggled down, allowing the
soft comfort to ease the tension of the day's drive from

Fresh from the shower, glowing with a pampered warmth,
she rolled to the center of the king-size bed and
languidly stretched. A satisfied smile danced across her
full lips as she once more came alive. Carefully, she
arranged the shoulder length strands of light brunette
hair in a fluffy cascade on the pillow, framing the
classical oval beauty of her face in a silken cloud of

As a last touch, she raised the sheet and let it slowly
drift down, moulding its whiteness to the supple
contours of her nakedness: a veil that completely hid
the smooth pinkness of her body, but a veil that went
beyond the point of mere suggestion and presented an
alluring portrait of willing innocence.

Prepared, her eyes swept over the room, finally focusing
on the open door to a small bathroom. An impish glint
played over the misty green of her eyes and a pleased
smile once more crept back to her lips. She waited -
waited for the man still busying himself in the shower.

Michael Hightower; she let the name roll over in her
mind, quivering as shivery little thrills tingled their
way through her. He was a Michael, not a Mike. Mike was
a name for a boy. Michael Hightower was most definitely
a man!

Mrs. Michael Hightower; she savored the feel of it,
tingling as new excitement washed over her. Diana
Little, meet Diana Hightower, she continued to mentally
play with her new name.

She felt like a newlywed. Despite the fact that she and
Michael had lived together for the past semester at
college, she felt like a newlywed. She trembled anew,
her body alive with the excited warmth of anticipation.
She was acting like some foolish school girl and loved
every moment of it!

The blasting water of the shower abruptly ceased and the
curt sound of metal rings sliding along the shower rod
entered the room, sending a vivid flush of eager
gooseflesh running up her spine. She listened as he
pulled a towel free and briskly rubbed himself dry.

She heard two steps, then he was there, standing in the
doorway, naked except for a small white towel wrapped
hastily around his waist.

"Hello, wife," he grinned, his eyes lit with self-
assured confidence.

Wife, lover, mistress or whore, any way you'll take me,
she thought as he brushed the rumpled mop of thick,
black hair away from his face and crossed the room. The
towel and his brisk stride gave him the air of a
triumphant conqueror come to claim his reward. Her eyes
trained on the slit that opened in the terry cloth,
exposing a suntanned thigh as he stepped. She tried to
glimpse what lay beneath, although she already knew.

"Tired?" he smiled down at her from the side of the bed.

"Not that tired!" she returned the smile. "After all,
this is our wedding night!"

His wide grin was back, "Have I ever told you how
beautiful you are?"

"Yes," her eyelids coyly fluttered down in mock modesty,
then opened wide, revealing two sparkling eyes of
emerald green. "But keep on doing it. I love it!"

She wasn't a beautiful woman, she knew that, but she was
attractive. The obvious attributes of her body were
nothing out of the ordinary when taken individually, but
together, that was another story. That she knew how to
highlight what she had only added to the enticing
picture she presented to Michael's eyes.

"What's that ridiculous towel for?" she frowned up to
her new husband.

"Just following the advice of all those marriage manuals
I've read in preparation for this moment," he chuckled.
"They all said a man should never let a woman see his
genital area on the first night of their marriage. It
might frighten her!"

"But..." her hand reached up, grabbed the towel and
tugged, this is not our first night!"

It came free and fell to his feet. Her gleaming deep
green eyes homed in on the sl**ping form of his cock.
No, penis, she corrected herself, when his cock naps
it's a penis.

Small, almost bud-like, it nestled securely in the nest
of black pubic hairs thickly covering his groin. She had
known men whose cocks were always the same size, only
growing hard as they were aroused. But this penis would
blossom into a long, unyielding rod of a cock! That she
could watch and feel its virile metamorphosis made it
that much better!

"...And I happen to love looking at you," her hand
tenderly crept up the inside of his thighs.

Long, cool and graceful, her fingers cupped around his
testicles and cock. He sighed, as the gentle caress
stirred swirling, pulsing life into his loins. Her
fingertips lazily circled the sensitive crown of his
organ, eliciting soft moans of pleasure from his lips.

Throbbing with pulsating surges of bl**d, he grew under
her gentle ministrations. She knew what she was handling
and how to handle it. Lovingly, her fingers glided up
and down the growing column in light fleeting strokes.
Like a snake coming to life, it jerked and twitched.

Engorged and alive, it bobbed upward, its head
transforming from bud-like smallness to a thick, plump-
looking plum. Tube-like, it stiffened, growing hard and
erect. Still her dancing fingers worked their taunting
magic, teasing and titilating the shaft as it grew.

When her hand eventually drifted between his open thighs
to find the dangling sac of his balls, he no longer
sported a penis but a cock! Long, hard, thick and
swollen, it jutted from his crotch at a forty- five
degree angle. Its lust-gorged glans twitched with fired
arousal. A small drop of clear sexual oil oozed from its
small slitted mouth.

Her wide green eyes rolled up to him, no longer
flickering with girlish delight, but with the eager
flames of a woman - a woman that knew what she wanted!
She smiled, recognizing the desire that played in his

"I love your hands on me," he smiled back, moaning as an
inquisitive finger teasingly probed and swirled over his

"So do I," she whispered, her pink tongue slicking her
lips, then her eyes returned to the cock she had brought
to life.

For minutes, he stood there, letting her finger play at
his sac. He moaned as she toyed with his stirring balls.
She caressed them and taunted them. Her fingers rolled
their weighty shapes back and forth in the bag that held

Then her hand was back on his prick. She grasped his rod
tightly, squeezing its bl**d-filled thickness, as if
testing the fatness of its circumference. Up and down
along the inflexible length of his manhood, her clinging
fist jerked until he groaned and his knees threatened to
give way.

Pulling her demanding hand from his cock, he reached
down and tucked his fingers beneath the top of the sheet
covering her. Slowly, he pulled the veiling whiteness
downward, his eager eyes hungrily devouring the
nakedness he discovered.

Like firm half-melons, her tits jutted proudly up to
him. He delighted in the trembly little quaking that set
them liquidly juggling as she shivered in her
excitement. Deep pink nipples, surrounded by coral-
blushed haloes, crested the lovely fleshy mounds. As he
gazed, the rubbery little buttons fattened and
thickened, as she anticipated what was to come.

Lower the sheet and his eyes drifted. Down over the
quivering sleekness of her belly with its deep sensuous
navel the cloth came, revealing a distinctive tangle of
silky brown pubic fur bushed over the plump rise of her
sex. Quickly, with his own eagerness growing, he pulled
the rest of the sheet from her body, unveiling two
shapely legs that slowly spread open in an announcement
of her body's willingness.

"Beautiful," he whispered almost to himself.

A definitely pleased smile on her lips, she opened her
arms to him and he came, sitting on the side of the bed
and leaning over her. His hands were at the sides of her
face, tenderly brushing her cheeks and toying with the
softness of her hair. In silence, their eyes spoke the
words of their love as they gazed at each other for a
few brief moments.

Leaning further down, his lips were on hers in a light,
brushing kiss. Waves of gooseflesh rippled over her as
his chest was on hers with a warm gentle pressure. The
stiff tips of her nipples tingled even harder and
stabbed into the man above her. Just soaking in the feel
of him, her hands roved over his back, reveling in the
smoothness of his skin and the roll of his muscles

His lips moved away for an instant, then he was back.
His tongue teased invitingly at her lips until they
parted and his oral digit entered the humid warmth of
her mouth. Pressin his weight harder against her
yielding willingness, his tongue darted around in the
sweet harbor it had found. She welcomed him, tightening
her arms around his back and using her own tongue to
taunt over and around the invader swirling at the roof
of her mouth.

He withdrew and she followed. Probing toward his throat,
her tongue drilled eagerly into his mouth. Twirling and
flicking, she teased the growing glow of love-lust
stirring within his body. Then his teeth lightly clamped
down on her swirling oral probe, holding it securely. He
sucked at its provocative softness until she moaned and
writhed with pleasure under him.

When he finally released the captive digit, his mouth
left hers and his tongue was flicking its way over her
ear lobe. He worked until he could feel the shivering
trembles of her excitement, then he let his teeth nibble
for several moments.

Low moans rolled up from her throat as his lips moved
down the long graceful arch of her neck. Lightly
kissing, he took control of her body. A body he knew and
had learned to arouse to its fullest during their year
together. He controlled and affected her like no other
man had been able to do. This was not a man taking a
virgin bride, but an expert lover having his woman,
giving and taking to please and be pleased.

His mouth drifting with tantalizing slowness toward the
waiting bulges of her breasts, he slid into the bed
beside her, delighting as she trembled along the length
of his body.

Her hands were far from still. They roamed down his
spine, finding the cheeks of his ass. With titilating
dexterity, her fingertips taunted at his buttocks and
the deep crease between the tightening demiglobes. Like
feathers of loving caress, she played, forcing his ass
muscles to draw up hard and ready.

His own hands were on her tits, sizing up the full
circumference of the enticing forms. Around the
bountiful mounds of flesh, his fingers circled, exciting
in the summery warmth they found. In spiralling fashion,
his palms climbed the sloped curves of her breasts.

Squirming under him, one of her hands left his ass and
clamped urgently around the shaft of man meat throbbing
at his groin, as his fingers reached out and tapped the
hard nipples at the crests of the two peaking tits.
Squeezing him, her hand was hot and demanding.

Suddenly his mouth dropped down, capturing one of the
stiff little buds. He sucked and pulled at the rubbery
tip until she moaned and her hand jerked at his pulsing
pole of cock. Then his teeth bit lightly into the button
seized by his lips.

Fire flamed through the aching nipple, when his mouth
abruptly retreated and then attacked the s****r button
of flesh. She groaned and quivered as her want for this
man she now called "husband" grew. She was his! His to
do with as he pleased!

Harder and harder his lips sucked at the sexually
burning bud of her breast. Her back arched up, shoving
the luxurious pillow of her tit flesh into his face and
licking as she moaned and writhed under his

Her whole body jolted as one of his hands left its firm
hold on her breasts and slid down over her stomach to
grasp the far-covered mound waiting between her spread
thighs. Her lust-inflamed pelvis twitched and pushed
into his palm.

Firmly squeezing the fleshy mound of woman-sex, he
easily slid a finger into the wet warmth of her cunt.
She twitched and rotated the hungry lips of her pussy,
trying to impale herself on the taunting digit of his
explorations - a wish he complied with in a driving
plunge that drilled his finger into the caressing hole
of her vagina.

Easily, his finger pumped in and out of the oil-slicked
channel, while he tickled another fingertip between the
pouting cleft of her outer lips. Upward the inquisitive
digit taunted along the wet crease of her snatch, to
cajole the tiny bud of her clitoris out from under its
hood of skin. She groaned and twitched as the dual
sensations of his mouth at her tit and his vigorously
fucking fingers sent ardent waves of pleasure through
her body. Her hips hunched into his hands, caught in the
rhythm of his fingers. His control of her was complete.
Her whole being begged for him to open her with the
thick, swollen shaft she clutched in her hand.

"Now!" she moaned, tugging at the throbbing lance her
body pleaded for. "Now! Please! Give it to me now!"

Pulling his lips from her tit with a wet "pop," his
mouth once more was hers and his tongue was striving to
slither into her throat. Her legs spread even wider,
opening to him as he rolled atop her waiting nakedness.
Each of his hands found and squeezed the fleshy orbs
that jutted up to him from her chest. She moaned and
squirmed under the sweet agony of his hands, while her
own hand still clutching the pulsing column of flesh
between his thighs, guided it between the outer lips of
her labia. Thick and engorged, the bulbous mass of his
cockshead throbbed and jerked within the soft confines
of her slit.

Then, in an easy twitch of his pelvis, he slid his shaft
into the well-lubricated channel of her cunt. Deep,
sinking to his hilt, he glided into the moist clutchy
folds of her vagina.

She grunted and quivered as he entered. Big, hard, and
swollen, his cock filled her to the brim. He jerked and
pulsed with virile life that packed the tunnel of her
sex. Her hand slipped from his crotch and returned to
join its s****r, clinging to the hard mounds of his

"Fuck me!" she whispered-moaned, pulling her mouth from
his. "Fuck me hard, my husband!"

Releasing his holds on her tits, he raised himself on
his elbows, smiling down with pleasure at the woman -
his wife - who lay beneath him. The stiff nipples of her
breasts still stabbed into his chest, as she writhed
languidly under the deep impalement of his sex.

Responding to her desires, his hips whipped back,
wrenching the thick column of his cock from the clinging
velvet channel of her belly. Then he slammed himself
forward, drilling full length into the loving saddle of
lust he rode.

She groaned and her head rolled wantonly on her
shoulders as she accepted and welcomed the hard rod of
stiff meat cramming back inside her. He pulled out again
and she moaned as the lust-filled head of his prick
strained the walls of her pussy in its exit. He plunged
once again.

The sudden invasion drew a sharp cry of delight from her
lips. The tight, young muscles of her cunt contracted
into a sheath of squeezing delight, surrounding his
lusty stalk of manliness. His hips jerked upward, then
lunged down again, burying the hard rod of flesh deeper
into her yielding cunt.

Her hands dug into his ass, her nails biting his flesh
with aroused need. As he pumped and poled into the core
of her quick, she urged him on, pulling him hard with
each downstroke of his groin. Her legs crossed around
his, locking him to her in the rising desperation of her

Long, hard and big, he shafted into the spongy mouth of
her belly. She groaned and writhed under the constant
skewering lance that opened and reopened her. She
clutched him and begged and pleaded for more.

Harder, his cock drilled into the warm caressing
recesses of her cunt, trying to nail her to the bed
beneath their bodies. She squirmed and quivered under
him, the satin pillows of her tits rolling against his
chest and the erect, firm nipples digging into his

Her ass swished and hissed over the sheet as her hips
took up the rhythm of his fucking. As he lunged down,
her pelvis leaped up and greeted his swollen rod,
helping it to plow even deeper into the grateful channel
of her unabandoned lust. She squeezed and held him in
the depths of her pussy for a brief instant.

Then he jerked out, wrenching the filling thickness of
his presence from her. In turn, her hips dropped back to
the bed, then jumped forth once more to envelop his
bigness as it penetrated her body.

She no longer groaned, but grunted with each pounding
impact of his loins against her eager cuntal mound. Her
body was jolted time and again, as he pumped his stiff
mass into her with reckless abandon.

Suddenly, he dropped full weight to her body, his chest
smashing into her tits, pancaking their roundness
beneath him. His hands slid under her, grasping the perk
curves of her ass and jerking them upward to increase
the angle of his driving plunges.

She groaned as he speared closer and closer to her soul.
Her hands anchored firmly into his ass and she pulled
even harder as he lunged, as if trying to take him into
her, balls and all. She twisted and squirmed with
soaring pleasure under the battering attack of his

Together they rose in a fervor of erotic delirium. They
strove to reach new levels of ecstasy. Pounding,
groaning, aching, and grunting, they drove into and
accepted each other, attempting to take every ounce of
pleasure each offered.

Higher and higher she soared. Her thighs throbbed and
pounded with the growing agony of near release. Aching,
writhing, and groaning, she was caught up in an
imploding universe of lust - a lust that consumed her in
tidal wave after tidal wave of soul-rendering passion.

Simultaneously, his balls boiled with the fire of desire
and up from the aching depths of his testicles a molten
flow raced through his throbbing and pulsing cock. He
erupted, spewing the thick fountain of his lust into her
belly. Hunching deep into her cunt, he emptied himself
of seemingly gallons of hot cum that splattered and
coated the contracting folds of her pussy until the
flood of sperm and semen overflowed the well of her sex
and oozed out around his thickness.

Their desperate, wanton lust expended, they clutched
each other in loving caresses. Their grateful bodies
heaved and trembled in the wake of their passion. With
tender love, their mouths met and kissed in silent
"thank you" for the pleasure shared.

Chapter 2

Diana felt anticipation growing within her as Michael
wheeled their small, fully packed MGB down the narrow
road. Outside, the moss-laden cypresses of the bayou
country blurred by. She reached out and lovingly
squeezed her husband's thigh. He glanced at her, smiled,
then returned his eyes to the winding road.

Michael had been uneasy about this visit to his parents
home, afraid she would be offended by the interruption
of their honeymoon, which would eventually end up in
Mexico City for a week, before Michael took over a
position in a small Houston advertising firm.

But the trip was necessary, she had assured him. He had
some money tied up in a trust, which was now needed to
buy in as a partner of the firm. The business deal was
too important to pass by! And besides, she was looking
forward to meeting the Hightower f****y.

"Hold on and watch out for 'gators," Michael cut into
her thoughts, as he turned off the highway onto a small
asphalt road. "It's about five miles up this way."

Diana slipped the clasp from her purse and retrieved the
needed brush and lipstick to prepare herself for her
first encounter with her new in-laws.

"Don't worry," Michael threw her a broad grin. "You're
beautiful... as always."

She chuckled, "I love you, too. But first impression and
best foot forward, you know."

"No problem. They'll love you," he assured her. "I just
hope you'll like..."

"Relax, I know I'll like them," she broke in, as she
straightened her clothing and pressed the wrinkles from
her skirt with her palms. "Especially if they're
anything like you."

"I give up. A woman in love is blind," he grinned and
shrugged his shoulders. "Just remember, the Hightowers
are a bit eccentric."

"I'll remember," she grimmaced. "You make it sound as if
I was walking into some grisly scene straight out of a
Gothic novel."

"It's not quite that bad..." he laughed, "...but the
Hightower f****y is just a little bit different and
somewhat weird."

"You can't scare me off now, Michael Hightower!" she
returned in mock anger. "I've read all those tales of
werewolves and vampires. And I've come equipped with a
silver bullet and wooden stake!"

His laughter increased, "Okay! You win! No more!"

Then he continued, carrying her joke a step further,
"Just remember, Grandma sacrifices virgins at midnight
every night in the basement!"

"Virgins, hmmmmm?" she slid her hand up to the crotch of
his jeans and allowed her fingers to tease along the
sl**ping bulge of his cock. "No worry there for me, is

"You keep that up, woman, and I'll have to pull over to
the side-of the road and **** your young body!" he
grinned, easing her tempting fingers away.

"Promises, promises," she sighed, a wistful look in her

"Patience, my dear," he answered in a Bela Lugosi
imitation, "ven night come, so vill you!"

Suddenly, she scooted to the edge of her seat and leaned
over. Her teeth lightly nipped at his neck and she
sucked loudly.

"I vant to suck your co..." she started.

"Greedy, bitch!" his palm slapped sharply on the exposed
cheek of her skirt-covered rump.

"Ouch!" she yelped, pouting as she withdrew back into
her seat.

He grinned at her, "On your best behavior, wench; we're

Before them on the road, which apparently was nothing
more than one hell of a long driveway, stood a massive
stone wall. A wrought iron gate, complete with arch and
a swirling Old English "H" in an intricate circle, was
open. Slowing down, Michael eased the sports car through
the narrow passage. No longer was the surrounding
country the tangled jungle of bayou undergrowth, but a
plush carpet of green grass. No, she decided, lawn was
more like it, well-manicured with landscaped shrubs
growing around towering magnolia trees.

"Welcome to the Hightower Estate," Michael waved one of
his hands to scene stretched before them.

"Michael, you didn't tell me... it's beautiful," she
exclaimed with obvious delight.

"Up ahead is the Hightower home." he smiled pleased with
her reaction.

"Home? Mansion is more like it!" She stared at the white
brick, two-story house set back among the flowering

"This is an old plantation my father found and restored
several years ago," her husband explained. "He liked the
isolation it offered."

The road widened into a circular driveway that led to
the front of the Hightower mansion. Michael wheeled
around and before the immense structure.

The place is authentic, just like the Old South," he
continued. "Like it?"

"Like it? It's fantastic," she muttered, somewhat in
shock by the unexpected mansion.

She found herself mumbling dumbfoundedly, "Michael, why
didn't you tell me that..."

"That my f****y has some money?" he smiled.

She nodded, unable to find the appropriate words.

"It didn't seem to matter... with you," he leaned over
and tenderly kissed her. "Does it?"

"No, you big, beautiful idiot!" she grinned, throwing
her arms around his neck and planting a loud wet kiss on
his lips. "No, it didn't matter. But please don't mind
if I'm excited as hell about it! Not to mention

"Nervous?" he grinned. "Don't worry. They'll love you!"


"But nothing. The Hightowers may be a tad bit strange,
but we really live rather simple," he reassured her.
"That's what money's all about. It lets you live in the
style you want."

She shook her head, still unbelieving, and started to
speak, but Michael announced, "Here they come. Time to
meet your in-laws."

She glanced to the house and saw a man walking briskly
toward the car. With a last few brushes at her skirt,
Diana took a deep breath, opened the door and slid out.
The man, a wide grin on his face, was at Michael's side,
behind them she glimpsed a feminine figure stepping from
the house.

"Father, my wife, Diana," Michael beamed. "Diana, meet
Michael Hightower, Number One."

She knew a surprised look was plastered stupidly across
her face, but it couldn't be helped. Her father-in-law's
resemblance to his son, her husband, was unbelievable.
He was identical to Michael, except for a slightly
older-looking face and a few strands of grey hair
salting the area around his temples. The elder Hightower
even wore blue-jeans and a pullover in the fashion of
his son. Had she not known that he was nearing fifty,
she would have guessed his age to be no more than in the

"She's beautiful, Michael," he grinned, dropping a hand
he had proferred as a greeting. "Handshakes are for men.
I prefer a healthy hug for beautiful women... that is if
you don't object."

Smiling, she shook her head in the negative and opened
her arms. The hug was no more than a quick friendly
squeeze. Still somewhat stunned by the father and son
resemblance, she mumbled something about being pleased
at the warm greeting and found her "Mr. Hightower"
immediately corrected to "Michael One," if having two
Michaels around confused her.

"Diana, welcome," a flurry of a woman form pushed around
the older Hightower and she was getting another warm hug
and a quick womanly kiss on the cheek. "We're all so

"My wife, Lorraine," her father-in-law made the

Diana found herself mentally knocked for another loop,
when she was finally released from the hug and got a
good look at her new mother-in-law. Lorraine was a
beautiful woman. Not only beautiful, but she didn't look
a day over twenty-five. She was dressed in a loose-
fitting silk caftan, but the light afternoon breeze
pressed the thin fabric against her body, revealing the
curves of an equally young woman.

Dear old Dad likes 'em sweet and tender, she mentally
noted, remembering Michael's words about his f****y
being "a little different."

Jolt three came when Lorraine introduced her two
c***dren, jerking the rug out from under Diana's twenty-
five year old theory. First there was Paula - eighteen
and sharing her mother's blonde, flowing hair and
shapely figure. And at sixteen and a full six feet, was
Bryan. Brushing the reddish-blonde mat of long hair from
his face, he offered Diana a handshake in greeting. Her
first impression of him as a young athlete was
reinf***ed by the strength of his grip.

Michael had told her of his father's re-marriage after
his wife's death five years ago, but this bordered on
the unbelievable. Lorraine looked so young, but here
were her c***dren by a previous marriage. And they were
in their late teens. Hell, Diana thought, I'm only
twenty-one and Michael's just twenty-two.

"This is my s****r, Katherine," her husband introduced
the final member of the Hightower f****y.

"Kate, to friends and f****y," the young black-haired
girl insisted, giving Diana another friendly hug.

Michael's true s****r, Diana knew, was s*******n. And
she realized the good looks of the Hightowers weren't
reserved for the men, as she gazed at the young girl.

"My other son, Jim, hasn't arrived home from school
yet," the elder Michael Hightower spoke. "We expect him
in by Sunday. Which will give you a chance to meet him
before you two have to leave."

She nodded, then allowed her father-in-law to e****t her
into the Hightower "home." If the immense house appeared
to be a mansion on the outside, it did doubly so within.
A great sweeping, curved stairway leading to the upper
floor stood at the back of the entry hall. And
everywhere was highly polished wood paneling.

She only glimpsed the other rooms, as Lorraine took over
and led her and Michael upstairs to their room to
freshen up before dinner. Their room looked like
something out of Gone With The Wind and Diana raced
across the room to fly bouncing on the over-sized four-
poster bed as soon as Lorraine departed, announcing
dinner would be ready in an hour or so.

"It's beautiful and they're nice," she grinned up from
the bed, still feeling the jostling mattress beneath

"I'm glad," Michael said, climbing in beside her. "I was

"I know," she whispered, cradling his head and kissing
him with soft warmth.

His arms encircled her, pulling her close. Their tongues
played around, exploring the warm wetness of their
mouths for moments, gradually increasing the urgency of
their embrace and sparking flames and lighting fires.

She wiggled and squirmed even closer, so that her body
was pressed firmly down the front of him. Even through
their clothes, she could detect the growing bulge at his
crotch. She rolled her thigh over the hardening length,
suggestively. He moaned, pulling her hard to him, his
hands roaming over her back.

"I seem to remember a certain vampire out front and a
certain lewd proposal," he whispered as he nibbled her
ear when they parted.

"You are under my power," she whispered, picking up the
Transylvanian accent they had used earlier. "You vill do
as I say."

"I will do as you say," he laughed, playfully hugging
her close, and once more kissing her long and hard,
leaving them both fully aroused when they parted.

"Well, do as I say then!" she chided. "Get those clothes
off. 'Cause, boy have I got some unusual vampiric
techniques to show you!"

"A little snack before dinner?" he smiled as he hastily

"You might say that!" her eyes sparkled, as they focused
in on the jutting, jerking pole of cock throbbing hard
and rigid from his groin. "Now sit on the side of the

He did as she said, enjoying the view as she slipped
free of her blouse and her pleated skirt. Next came the
"blushing pink" bra and matching bikini panties. Naked,
she came toward him, her green eyes trained on him like
those of a cat hypnotizing its prey before it pounced.
Her uptilted tits swayed in a delightful little dance,
moved by the exaggerated movement of her hips. His balls
tightened familiarly and his stiff rod jerked and
twitched with anticipation.

A foot before him, she stopped, posing momentarily,
letting her hands briefly cup the firm globes of her
breasts, then slide seductively down the sleek curves of
her sides and hips. Once again he felt lust grab his
testicles in a taut grip of desire.

Locking his eyes to hers, she slowly lowered herself
before him, kneeling on the floor. His legs parted and
she moved forward, taking advantage of his positioning
on the side of the bed.

She glanced down to his crotch and studied the thick
pole shafting out toward her face - and mouth! Gently,
with loving care, she reached out and tenderly ran her
fingertips down its unbending length. It throbbed and
pulsed with virile life beneath her touch. A single drop
of crystal clear pre-seminal fluid welled from its tiny
pinprick mouth.

Her emerald eyes rolled back up to him, as if saying "I
see what is being offered and I like it." Her naturally
blushed lips were caught in an elfin smile of mischief.
Her pink tongue flicked wetly from behind her lips and
gleaming white teeth. Then her eyes descended back to
the swollen pole standing hard and proud at his crotch.
Her fingers once more stroked its strained length and
she watched it jerk and pulse with growing excitement.

As he watched from his bedside perch, she reached up and
pulled his lust-ladened cock downward until it jutted at
a ninety degree angle from his groin. Her eyes titled
back up to him and she smiled once more, before
returning to a demonstration of her "techniques."

He reveled in the sight of the woman kneeling on the
floor before his cock. On her knees, as if she were
worshipping the thick slab of dick he sported.

His positioning allowed him full view as her wet pink
tongue curled out from behind her lips. He watched as
its glistening tip extended closer and closer. Then with
a light, feathery touch, she tapped the mouth of his
sex. Electricity sizzled through his loins, as she
captured the clear drop of sexual oil oozing from his

Her tongue returned to her mouth and with it the juices
she had stolen from his organ. He watched as she rolled
the drop in her mouth, savoring it and then swallowing.
Her tongue, as if she was satisfied with the taste of
him, was back, swirling and washing over the sensitive
softness of his engorged cock head. The reddening glans
of his prick were left glistening and wet with a wake of
her saliva.

Her attention then turned to the underside of his
throbbing rod. Languorously, her teasing oral digit ran
its sweet moist tip along the rough ridge of skin
emerging from the black bush of his pubic hairs to the
wrinkled folds surrounding the fattened head of his

As if she were a c***d slowly playing with a candy
stick, her tongue lapped at him, sending quakes of
fantastic pleasure flowing up from his groin and through
his body. His balls ached, drawing tightly within their
taut sac. His bone-hard shaft pounded with excitement,
as bl**d throbbed at an increased rate through its
swollen length.

He moaned as her teeth clamped lightly down on his
bigness. Up and down the fleshy wand of delight she
nibbled, while her marvelously soft and warm tongue
continued its teasing, flicking dance. Mounting to his
cock's crown once again, she pulled away for an instant,
then leaned forward to nibble and lick at the plum-like
head of his man-shaft.

He groaned and quivered under the swirling sensations
that raced up from his loins. He ached and hurt to have
her mouth. But still she lightly nibbled, driving him to
the region where pleasure and pain mingle in a confusing
mixture that flamed him to sheer a****l lust.

Once again, she abruptly pulled off his cock and stared
at its throbbing, gorged crown. As he watched, her lips
formed a tightly puckered, lubricious "O" and she moved
in. Forward her head tilted, her lips kissing his glans,
then opening to sheath their bulbous form in the humid
shelter of her mouth.

She paused and he watched her swallow and breathe deeply
through her nose. Then in one swooping, fluid motion,
she took him. Full length, she swallowed up the thick
pulsing cock, burying her nose in the dark hair at the
base of his prick.

He groaned and shuttered under the fantastic sensation
of being fully entrenched in her face. Warm and liquid,
her mouth surrounded him. His glans jerked and throbbed
against the back of her throat.

Then with ball-aching slowness, she eased her edacious
mouth off the ponderous mass of manmeat she had
captured. Inch by micro-inch she slipped her pouted lips
from his cock, until only the constantly throbbing glans
remained in her mouth. Then she sucked, forcing even
more bl**d into the already agitated head. She sucked as
he groaned, almost begging for release from this torture
of delicious pleasure. She sucked, fully demonstrating
the "techniques" she had promised.

Then she abruptly threw herself forward, impaling her
face on the hardness of his swollen lance of manbood. He
banged into the back of her mouth and felt himself slide
down her wonderfully welcoming throat, driving toward
her tonsils. In an equally abrupt manner, she jerked
back. Her taut lips clung to the thick cylinder of cock
she was now truly worshipping, sucking along the whole
length of the rock-hard rod.

Again and again, she repeated the violent fucking of her
face, as he watched with delighted amazement. Her cheeks
bulged outward under each self-inflicted invasion of his
sex. They hollowed deeply as she pulled off his prick,
with her tongue constantly swirling and twirling around
the swollen circumference.

He groaned and moaned as she worked her oral magic on
him. His body was wracked by blast after blast of
lashing sensations. His balls were on fire, threatening
to crack from the flaming heat that consumed them.

As the fiery orb of lust moved up from his testicles,
pushing its way into the rock-hard shaft of his cock, he
reached down and grasped her head, holding her f****y
impaled on his lust-shaft.

Then he relaxed and let the demanding waves of desire
take his control and his body. Opalescent jets of
burning cum seered through his length, exploding out
into the chalice of her mouth. Helpless in his violent
release, he could but watch her voracious mouth work on
the juices spilling forth from his groin. Her throat
bobbed and twitched as she eagerly accepted and
swallowed each thick gush of sperm and semen he had to

Throbbing and aching, he moaned as he was wracked by
spurt after spurt of pleasure. His hands slipped weakly
from her head, and her mouth slid back to the nut-like
tip of his penis. Again she sucked. Her tongue and lips
milked every spasmodic twitch still controlling his
cock. She sucked, taking every drop that oozed from him.
She sucked, eating and swallowing the last trace of his
release, then sucked some more as if hoping to find one
last morsel for her predatory mouth.

As the marvelous pleasure of her tongue and lips
threatened to turn to pain, she pulled her head away
from him and once more rolled the deep green of her eyes
upward and smiled. Gratefully, he cupped her face in his
hands and leaned over and kissed her.

"Now," he whispered when their lips drifted apart, "I
have some techniques of my own to demonstrate."

Without the slightest bit of urging, she clambered to
the bed, moaning in fully aroused excitement as his
tongue proceeded to sample the juices of her cunt. And
within a very short time, she was crying out in pleasure
as his mouth sent her soaring to the heights she had
taken him.

Chapter 3

Dinner war simple and formal, which Diana soon learned
that in Hightower terms meant everyone put on clean
jeans and ate hamburgers. Afterwards, Lorraine spirited
Diana away from the rest for a lengthy tour of the
mansion's twenty-five rooms, all of which were in use.

When they returned to the rest of the f****y, all had
gathered in a spacious den and were sharing the latest
tales of their lives as well as a glass of wine.
Watching as she entered Diana was struck by the
closeness of the f****y. At least on the surface, there
seemed to be none of the normal bickerings that would be
constantly occurring in any other f****y of this size.
All in all, they seemed to be one large group of old

Michael was the first to notice their return. He rose
and smiled.

"Well, how did it go?" he asked pouring two new glasses
of wine and carrying it to them.

"Impressive," Diana replied in a genuine assessment of
the Hightower homestead. "It's completely fantastic!"

Michael nodded as his father grinned, pleased with her

"There's a long history to this old place," the head of
the Hightower f****y began, as Michael directed Diana to
a place beside him on a cozy over-stuffed sofa. "In the
anti-bellum days, this was built by a French f****y by
the name of Duvalle and was a main base for smuggling
slaves to the free states."

"You can still see the remains of some underground
vaults they hid escaping slaves in until they could
manage passage north," Michael interjected. "There's
some out back I can show you if you're interested."

Diana nodded and listened as her father-in-law went on,
once again struck by the great resemblance of the two

"Michael's right, this place has several quirks which
make it interesting. But back to the Duvalles. It seems
just prior to the Civil War, there was a f****y split at
which time one half of the f****y turned in the other
half for their slave-oriented activities.

"The locals hereabouts had a quick kangaroo trial and a
mass hanging of Duvalles down at the parish courthouse.
The remaining half of the f****y apparently moved down
to New Orleans where they dropped the "e" on their name.
I noticed in the papers three months back where several
'Duvalls' had been arrested by the Police for some
involvement in a ritual style slaying."

"Not your basic friendly types," Diana commented as she
listened to her father-in-law, amazed by the similarity
between his and Michael's voice.

The elder Hightower went on and explained how the house
was taken over by carpetbaggers after the war and then
went through a series of owners, who left it in the
state of ruin he had found it in. He explained how
twenty years ago he had rebuilt the mansion.

As he continued Diana realized that had she not been
looking at the older man, she would not have been able
to tell his voice from that of her husband's.

With a little questioning, Diana learned that the
Hightower f****y was not Southern but had come from New
England, where they still owned partial interest in a
shipping firm.

The conversation then turned to her and Michael and
their plans. Not to mention several glasses of wine. By
ten, the day's drive and the soothing effects of the
drinks had left Diana drowsy and she excused herself.
Michael remained in the den, explaining Lorraine wanted
to show him some additions to the house before he

Upstairs, she quickly slipped from her slacks and
showered, letting the full f***e of the streaming water
work over her naked body like tiny massaging fingers.
Feeling somewhat refreshed, she stepped from her bath
and toweled dry.

Deciding she wasn't as tired as she originally had
thought, she pulled a paperback from her suitcase.
Bouncing down into the softness of the bed, she
attempted to f***e herself into the storyline of the
novel, but a decided chill to the room kept her mind
from the words.

Admitting to herself she'd have to give up the freedom
of nudity in favor of warmth, she rose from the downy
softness of the bed and crossed the room to retrieve a
robe from the closet. Selecting a thin, suggestive nylon
piece that would fire Michael's interest on his return,
she pulled it from its hanger and slipped into the
flimsy, but warming garment.

A soft glow of light radiating from the back of the
closet caught her eyes. Shoving the hanging clothes
aside, Diana studied what appeared to be a wide crack
separating the large panels at the rear of the closet,
the faint glow seeping through the opening. Puzzled, she
reached out. As her fingertips touched the slightly
disjarred panel, it swung back. Behind it was a narrow
corridor, opening in both directions behind the wall.

Her father-in-law's description of the mansion "having
several quirks" flashed through her mind as she stepped
into the closet for a closer examination of the
discovery. Ducking her head through the aperature, she
peered down the passage. Only darkness met her eyes to
the right, but to the left, the corridor took a sharp
ninety degree turn. The glow that had first drawn her
attention seemed to brighten some around the dog leg.

Secret panels and a secret passage, the whole concept
intrigued her. And as she pulled a lamp from one of the
end tables by the bed and plugged it into a wall socket
near the closet, she realized why the heroines in all
those Gothic adventures never faltered in exploring such
discoveries - plain, simple curiosity.

That same curiosity now took hold of her. However, she
wasn't about to make the same foolish mistakes ineptly
made by the dumb broads of the late night movies.
Placing the lamp on the floor of the closet, she
switched it on. It would serve as a beacon to guide her
return, if the glow should suddenly disappear. As an
extra precaution, she firmly lodged one of Michael's
shoes across the threshold of the secret doorway to act
as a wedge should the panel somehow decide to close
itself, or should someone else come to the same

Then she slipped into the passage.

She tingled with the excitement of the situation as she
moved down the narrow corridor. Her steps were slow and
deliberate, doing her best to proceed in silence. The
scenes of a thousand screen thrillers flashed through
her mind with every step she took.

Her eyes darted from side to side examining her
confining surroundings. If this were a secret passage,
it certainly didn't fit the normal description given to
one by writers, she noted as she grew closer to the turn
in the corridor and the dim glow. There were no cobwebs
and interspaced on the ceiling every twenty feet or so,
she could detect light bulbs, although none of these
were lit at the moment.

Gingerly, she felt her way down the fifty feet from the
closet and rounded the corner. There she found the
passage opened into a small nook. Side by side in the
limited space of the cubby hole area were six folding
chairs, facing the curtain-covered wall where she stood.
The glow, which lit the room in a dusk-like quality,
suffused out from behind the edges of the d****ry. On
the far side of the chair-filled room, the passage began
again. However, to continue only offered darkness.

All in all she found her discovery rather anti-climatic
- a conclusion that was short-lived as she tucked her
fingers between the heavy d****ry and parted the cloth
slightly for a peek at what lay on the other side.

The other side was a huge glass window!

And beyond the transparent barrier was a spacious
bedroom containing a bed that could have been a s****r
to the one in her room. She then saw the occupants of
the strangely windowed room - Paula and Kate.

The steps****rs stood at the side of the bed nearest the
glass. They were dressed only in panties and bras. The
remainder of their clothing was strewn on the floor at
their feet.

As Diana watched, confused by the unexpected sight, the
two young girls stepped to each other. Their hands
reached and touched for a brief instant. They smiled and
spoke, but Diana was unable to hear what was said. But
when they suddenly embraced in an open-mouth kiss, their
arms wrapping around each other tightly, there was no
doubt in her mind as to what had been the substance of
their brief exchange.

Diana found herself mesmerized by the alluring beauty of
the young, half-clad bodies pressed together in
voluptuous pleasure. Unexplainable shivers coursed
through her as she watched their still forming breasts
press against their near nakedness; the whiteness of
their flesh attempting to spill out over the confining
cups of their bras.

Their lips worked together. She felt a dampness welling
within her as she detected the flurried pinkness of
their exploring tongues dance back and forth into their
mouths, probing and teasing each other.

Unable to withdraw from her voyeur's position, she
stared as their hands slowly roved over the gentle
curves of the backs, slipping along the slopes of their
spines to the pert roundness of their asses. Their
fingers toyed and played, ducking under the elastic of
their panties to soothingly caress the tantalizing
cushions of their hind-cheeks.

As she watched, the blonde-haired Paula stepped away
from the embrace. Her arms reached behind her back and
easily unclasped the tiny hooks holding her bra. The
white garment fell away to join the rest of the clothes
on the floor. Her tits, young and firm, did a bouncy
little dance, eventually standing from her chest like
two proud cones of beckoning delight.

While the black-headed Kate at her side and Diana, from
her position behind the glass, gazed with admiring eyes,
the slim blonde tucked her fingers under the band of her
panties and slowly wiggled the nylon briefs downward,
over the youthful curve of her shapely hips and an
equally shapely pair of sleek, supple legs.

Holding her hands out, she summoned the younger girl to
her and their mouths joined once again. This time Kate's
slim, graceful fingers were given full rein to her
partner's body. Lightly her fingers fondled the smooth
texture surface of the unblemished skin. Downward they
traveled once again finding the tempting slopes of
jutting rear mounds.

She grasped, her hands squeezing into the softness of
the other girl's ass with almost brutal f***e. Heated,
red ass flesh squinched up between her fingers as she
kneaded the plump curves. Over and over, her eager hands
squeezed and moulded tightly into the pliant cushions.

Then her fingers were moving again - moving toward the
deep crease separating the firm buttocks. Taunting, her
fingertips toyed up and down the dark, tight-pressed
line. The naked girl pressed against the body of her
manipulator, trembling and tightening her hold on the
dark- haired beauty that teased excited thrills at her
bottom. The naked cones of her tits pushed hard against
her feminine lover, their firm shape flattening to balls
of resilient flesh.

Still exploring, the titillating fingers delved into the
dark crease. In determined fashion they twirled and
tickled, then there was a sharp plunge.

The naked blonde jerked rigid. Her mouth wrenched away
from her partner's. With urgency, she pressed against
the girl before her as if trying to mount her. Her red
young lips parted in a silent moan of lust-pleasure as
the still clothed girl's finger penetrated into the
tight confines of her anal mouth. She clung to the
black-haired girl as the spearing digit began to pump in
and out of her asshole.

Faster and faster the finger of the younger girl lunged
into the tight rectal pocket of her partner's rear. In
penis-imitating fashion, she worked her attack. In and
out she drilled into the volcanic fire of the squeezing
hole. Out and in, her finger speared toward the back
recesses of the ass she now possessed.

The long strands of blonde hair flew like a furious mist
of gold, as the older youth received every lancing
impact of the finger-fucking she was getting. Her head
rolled on her shoulders in wanton abandon. Her mouth was
open in a constant groan of growing lust.

In an almost subtle movement, the dark-haired girl
slipped her free hand from the ass it held and slid it
around to the soft blonde pubic moss covering the
exposed cunt that was open to her. With little or no
difficulty, she tickled a finger upward into the waiting
lips of the hungry pussy before her. Matching the rhythm
of her poling finger in the rear, she plowed into the
silken, wet vagina with her newly entrenched finger.

Doubly impaled and doubly fucked, the blonde's body was
one quake of trembling flesh. Her body rolled and ground
into the girl manipulating her desire. Her conical tits
rolled against the still partially clothed girl. Her
body glistened with excited perspiration. Her hands
clutched desperately at the girl's back, nails biting
into the whiteness of young flesh.

Her hips bucked back and forth trying to accept the dual
impalement simultaneously. Her body quaked and jerked as
she took the two fingers that slid into the liquid
warmth of her young snatch and the fiery channel of her
bowels at the same time. She rocked and writhed in her
standing position as if unable to get enough of the
double finger attack soon enough.

In and out the probing digits sluiced into her throbbing
pussy and drilled into her aching ass in unison. Out and
in, they blasted undeniable lust through her willing
body. In and out, they pumped through the pleasure-
pulsing portals of her near agony need.

In a fevered frenzy, she came, her body going rigid,
then collapsing into a mass of quivering, quaking flesh
caught in the fantastic throes of orgasmic satisfaction.
Trembling and clutching, her writhing body pressed
urgently against the girl who had brought such
prodigious gratification to her.

Somehow, as Diana still peered on from behind the
curtain, the younger Kate managed to lower her step-
s****r to the side of the bed, gently caressing and
kissing her as the lovely blonde slowly descended from
the heights of pleasure she had been exploded into.

Diana quivered with growing arousal as she watched the
two girls. She had never before realized that the sight
of two women making it could be so exciting. While she
had often wondered what it would be like to have another
woman exploring her body, she had never allowed the
situation to occur, although during her first years in
college dormitory life had presented more than one such

Now as she stood as a voyeur to these two beautiful
young girls, she found her body reacting with undeniable
excitement. She almost felt the sleekness of their skin
against hers, their exploring hands and fingers on and
in her body.

Diana pulled the thin robe she wore closely to her. Not
so much to close out the chill that was still present,
but to keep her own hands from creeping to the wet cleft
of her loins to satisfy the growing need that flamed
within her.

Chapter 4

"She's a very pretty girl, Michael," Lorraine said
simply, as she maneuvered her stepson into the mansion's

"Very attractive," Michael smiled, glancing at the older
woman. "She's everything I'd hoped to find in a woman,
attractive, intelligent and..."

"And sexual..." Lorraine's lips formed a coy, knowing
smile and her blue eyes flashed with sudden amusement.

Michael didn't answer, but moved away from his
stepmother, his eyes darting around him, surveying the
floor-to-ceiling shelves of books that lined the walls
of the Hightower library. His father was a collector,
This one room contained a small fortune in first

But Lorraine's mind was far from the rare volumes. "Your
telegram came as a surprise. We knew that you and Diana
were living together, but marriage?"

He twisted around to face the woman again. His eyes
widened, obviously irritated by her last remark.

But Lorraine ignored his reaction and pressed further,
"Does she know about the Hightowers?"

Michael's eyes glanced to the floor and he shook his
head, receiving a chuckle of growing amusement from the

"Your father and I had expected that you would have at
least brought Diana to meet us before you married her,"
Lorraine continued. "I'm disappointed in you."

"Why?" Michael snapped. "Why should I have brought Diana
here? I wouldn't have done it now, if it hadn't have
been for the trust."

The woman no longer chuckled, but laughed. Michael had
known this was going to happen. He should have tried to
avoid it, but he knew that that would have been
impossible. He had never been able to avoid Lorraine.

"Poor Michael, afraid his f****y will frighten off his
young bride," she laughed louder, the obviously
unconfined mounds of her breasts juggling freely beneath
the silky fabric of her caftan.

Damn! he silently cursed himself, as he felt the
familiar tightening of his groin. He shouldn't have let
this happen. But now that it was here, there was no way
of getting out of it.

"I'm sorry, Michael," his stepmother abruptly ceased her
laughter. "I didn't mean that. Please forgive me. It's
just that this is so unlike you. I don't understand."

The young man's dark eyes studied her, remembering and
trying to forget. "Things are different now, Lorraine.
Diana and I are starting a life together. The things
that happened here are... well, they're gone. They're
part of the past!"

"Are they, Michael?" she smiled gently, the blueness of
her eyes alive with a light of certainty. "Are you sure
it's gone? Just like that; just because you say it's

"Yes, I'm sure," he nodded, lowering his eyes from hers
to escape her probing gaze and feeling more and more
uneasy by the moment.

The softness of her fingertips were on his cheek,
lightly caressing. His eyes rose to her again and that
confident smile on the fullness of her lips. There was
no denying that Lorraine was a beautiful woman, a fact
that had always drawn him and a fact that she had used
on him ever since her marriage to his father. He wanted
to escape her gaze, but she held him as she had always
held him.

"I don't think anything has changed, Michael. I don't
think you want anything to change," she whispered, her
head moving slowly toward him. "I think you want me as
much as you've always wanted me."

He moved his head away, but the fingers on his cheek
increased their pressure, easing his mouth back. Then
her lips were on his, teasing with a light brushing
quiver. She pressed harder, her tongue darting from her
mouth and flicking over his lips. But he held firm,
refusing her the entrance she wanted.

"Why are you fighting it?" she glanced up to him, when
she finally pulled away. There was hurt in her eyes; a
hurt that filled him with an aching hollowness. "It's
been a long time, Michael. I've been waiting for this. I
want it and I can feel that you want it as much as I

She pressed her lips to his again. This time her arms
circled his back, pulling her body close so that the
heavy balls of her tits rolled against him, taunting him
with their cushiony softness. Her pelvis wedged its way
to his crotch, rubbing the plump mound of her pubis over
the rising length of his prick.

You're right, you hot bitch! he cursed his weakness, as
his mouth opened to accept the welcomed offering of her
probing oral digit. I never could refuse you! Never
could deny that exquisite cunt of yours!

Totally confident of herself now, her sureness boostered
by the thickening pole she had created in the crotch of
his jeans, her tongue drilled into her step-son's mouth,
swirling and twirling around his tongue. Her lips
pressed hard to his, forcing his mouth wider as she
tried to drive her oral digit down his throat. As his
arms closed around her, she moved her body, mashing her
breasts harder against his chest and greedily rubbing
the firm, fleshy mound of her sex over the solid rod of
cock straining out from his pants.

Enticing him into her mouth, her lips and teeth lightly
closed around his tongue. She sucked, as her pelvis
undulated into his, emphasizing what it was that she
wanted. She sucked, promising the oral delights she had
so expertly laved on his cock innumerable times in the
past. She sucked until a slight saline taste suffused
through her mouth, then she released his tongue and
their mouths parted.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it?" she smiled,
reveling in the feel of his young arms around her.

"Lorraine..." he began.

She interrupted whatever he had intended to say as her
mouth covered his again and the flickering flurry of her
tongue invaded his mouth once again, twisting with its
tantalizing gyrations. She parted from him only when she
felt his hips swaying with the sensuous rhythm of her
pelvis. And when her lips did leave his, she removed his
arms from around her and stepped back.

Her eyes glowed with the growing lust that coursed
through her body, as she reached behind her back and
found two small snaps and unclasped them. Then her
fingers discovered the zipper beneath and edged it down
its jagged-tooth path. Her smile of confidence widened
as she noticed that her stepson's eyes were riveted to
her every action, his nostrils flaring slightly with

The caftan fell away from her body in one smooth motion,
like a sheet unveiling some sculpture. But this work of
art was alive. He found himself gulping deeply as he
stared at her. Not only was she braless, but she wore no
other undergarments.

He had forgotten just how beautiful Lorraine was, just
how desirable a woman she was, just how much she
affected him, as the throbbing stiffness bulging from
his jeans testified to.

The fairness of her blonde hair matched the creamy
texture of her flawless skin. Her tits were big! Breasts
that were heavy globes of pendulous flesh that danced
resiliently on her chest as she breathed. Topping each
of those fascinating, pillow-like mounds were light
brown aureoles and nipples that had already begun to
stiffen with desire.

Her stomach had lost the flatness of youth, but it was
far from a gross, bulging midriff. Her belly was a
slight protruding slope that led his eyes downward to
the plump mound of her pubis. No longer did her love
knoll sport the soft brown sexual fur it had worn the
last time he had seen her. Now there was only a
continuation of the milky smoothness of her skin. Shaven
and bare, her cunt posed with the innocence of a young

His balls drew themselves tightly into the security of
their sac as she moved back toward him, wagging the
delightfully flaring curves of her hips in an
exaggerated sway. Her tits juggled liquidly from her
chest. Her eyes flashed with abandoned lust.

Back in his arms, she covered his mouth with hers, as
his hands roved over the sleek smoothness of her back.
His fingers eagerly crept to the jutting roundness of
her buttocks and squeezed into the fleshy cheeks of her
ass, arousing moans from the depths of her throat. She
wiggled, rolling her voluptuous nakedness against him,
as if trying to push herself through the clothing he
still wore.

In a surprising abrupt movement, the nude woman suddenly
pulled away from him and with a devilish grin, dropped
to her knees before him. With the same quickness, her
long fingers darted to his fly, attempting to free the
zipper. But his hands were on hers, moving them away
from his crotch.

"Lorraine... please... Diana," he gazed down at the
lovely vision of womanly servitude at his feet. Naked
and willing, she stared up to him, uncomprehending this
last moment of hesitation.

Unwilling to be denied, her head leaned forward and her
lips kissed along the swollen bulge covered by the
coarseness of his jeans. Even through the fabric of his
pants, he could feel the warmth of her breath permeating
the cloth and flowing around the solidness of his
manhood. He shuddered as he weakly fought the desire
that swirled up through his loins, then moaned and
released her hands.

Her fingers, free once again, found the metal hinge of
his fly and yanked down its jagged-edged course. The
smell of his manliness flooded her nostrils, even before
her lust-controlled fingers tucked inside his fly and
touched the stiff column of man-meat. The odor was far
from offensive. It was a deep musky aroma that she had
come to love during her years, an erotic scent of
manhood that only stimulated her more.

Carefully, she worked the thick pole of his prick from
his pants, then sat back on her calves to examine the
swollen shaft as it came free. It has been a long time,
she mused to herself, as her fingers tenderly traced
along the rod of hardened flesh she had created.

She relished the smoothness of his cock-flesh and the
virile solidness that throbbed under her fingertips.
Even as she watched, the plumpness of his glans seemed
to swell even fuller.

Her head moved forward as her stepson watched. Her red,
puckered lips kissed at the sleekness of his cock's
crown, sucking away the clear pre-seminal juices that
welled out from its slitted mouth. He felt good, manly,
his sex warm and soft against her lips. She felt him
quiver and found herself doing likewise in a lusty

Edging her mouth from his lust-wand, she rolled her eyes
upward and smiled at the pleasure she found on his face,
then turned her eyes once more to the fat stalk
possessed by her fingertips. Closing her eyes, she moved
forward, letting the flicking probe of her tongue tip
guide her to his cock. She delighted at the shuddering
thrills she ignited within her stepson, as the feathery
touch of her tongue brushed over his bl**d-engorged
glans. But more than that, she relished the oral-
tactile taste of him that she received.

In long, lubricious laps, she lost herself in the
pleasure of the task she had taken on. Up and down the
thick circumference of his sex, her tongue curled and
caressed. The cock she laved twitched and jerked
strongly under her ministrations, only stirring her
eageress. Over and under the firm length, she licked and
washed. His feel was marvelous, hard, smooth, soft and
demanding all at the same time. She couldn't get enough
of it quick enough to suit her!

She scooted even closer to him, allowing her lips to
join the revelry her tongue had found on his sex. So
smooth! she moaned as she mouthed her way up and down
the lust-ladened shaft of sex. She trembled with
mounting excitement with the thought that she soon would
bury this pulsating pole within her face. So warm! And
so smooth!

Licking and kissing her way from the hairy base of his
cock to the pleasantly thick knob of his glans, she once
more pulled away from him. Opening her eyes, she glanced
back to the young face above her. He smiled, as his
hands reached out and his fingers weaved through the
pale blonde strands of her hair, then slowly eased her
face back to the jutting shaft of his prick.

Her lips kissed the plum-like crown of his cock and her
tongue drilled into the slit-mouth. But his hands,
increasing in their urgent pressure, demanded more.

Her lips pouted deliciously over the swollen glans,
accepting his cock into her mouth. Following the
pressure at the back of her head, she eased forward. The
ponderous mass of his sex invaded her face, filling her
mouth and sliding into her throat. Suppressing the urge
to gag, she breathed deeply through her nose, then
inched all the way down the thickness of his root, until
her lips flattened around the base of his cock and she
had taken every pulsing inch of him.

His balls did an arousing series of flip-flops as he
watched his stepmother slowly slide off the lancing
shaft of his manhood. He had known this would happen. He
had known and still he had come with her. Perhaps she
had been right. Perhaps he had no desire to bury the
past. He certainly had no urge to stop the fantastic
sensations she was creating with her mouth.

He wanted her to suck him. He wanted her mouth eating at
his cock. He wanted to slide atop the welcoming bed of
her body and fuck the juice-filled pussy between her
legs. She was right! It had been a long time! And
whether he liked to admit it or not, he had missed the
sensual delights this beautiful woman, his father's
wife, could so expertly give him.

Diana! his mind flashed to his young bride, who awaited
him in their room. His young wife, who he had left alone
so that he could once again share the carnal pleasure
that his stepmother could provide. What would Diana do,
if she knew?

Suddenly the provocative mouth so lovingly wrapped
around his prick began to suck, driving away all the
uneasy thoughts of Diana, demanding his full attention!

She pulled at his glans, doing her damnedest to dislodge
them from his cock. She sucked, drawing even more bl**d
into his already gorged length. Her lips were taut and
white around him, under the strength of their hold. He
moaned and hunched his hips forward. In a well-timed
reaction, she abruptly eased her oral grip and opened
her mouth to accept the shafting column that speared
deeply into her face. Then she sucked her way back to
the fat crown at its tip.

Downward, her lips slid again, swallowing up his swollen
length, then off she came, then she swallowed him up
again. He watched hypnotized by the greedy movements of
her lips. Up and down, her head bobbed along his stalk
of meat. His balls were firing with desire. They
simmered, then boiled, as his hips began to pump in and
out, fucking her mouth.

Suddenly, he jerked himself away from her lips of
pleasure. Her eyes flared open and gazed up at him
filled with confusion.

"I want your pussy," he moaned, his face twisted with
the determination it had taken to pull himself free from
her magnificent lips. I want those beautiful tits of

The dull confusion of her eyes failed quickly and was
replaced by flaming lust, as she rolled to her back. The
creamy whiteness of her thighs spread, allowing him an
unobstructed view of her cleanly shaven pubic mound and
the slightly pouting, pink lips of her labia.

Managing to rid himself of his own clothes, he knelt
beside her on the carpeted floor. He suppressed the
overwhelming desire to immediately scoop up handfuls of
her abundance of tit-flesh. Instead, he leaned over, his
lips smothering hers and his tongue darting into the
humid warmth of her mouth, that had seconds ago held his

When they parted, it was only for a moment, a brief
pause to catch a quick breath, then her mouth was
planted strongly against his, the soft wetness of her
tongue duelling over the interior of his mouth. Opening
his jaws wider, he accommodated the strong thrusts of
her oral probe, as she strove to drive down his throat.
Her hands were cradled to each side of his face, holding
him firmly as she worked around in his mouth.

Seemingly eons later, she eventually withdrew, allowing
him entrance into her mouth once again. Repeating her
own actions, he drilled his tongue toward her tonsils,
as if trying to crack her jaws. But she simply opened
wider, accepting his searching of the recesses of her
mouth. A wanton "oooohhhh" came from her throat as they
parted. But more important, the slight interruption of
their mounting passion had allowed him to once more gain
control over the lust that burned within his testicles.

Her eyes fluttered open, misted with the desire that
consumed her voluptuous body. She smiled, moving her
hands from his face and found his wrist on the rounded
smoothness of her milky shoulders. It took only the
barest minimum of pressure to slide his fingers downward
to the pillowy mounds of her tits. She trembled and
whimpered with excitement as his hands nudged at the
curving circumferences of her breasts.

No longer repressing his desire to manhandle the heavy,
slightly flattened globes, he accepted his stepmother's
invitation and roughly grabbed up two handfuls of
creamy, moldable titty and squeezed. A grateful moan
came from her and the woman beside him arched her back
upwards, pressing the heavy mounds into his warm palms.

Firmly grasping the summery mounds, he pulled upward,
stretching the globes into pointed cones. Then he
released his holds, watching as the elastic-like flesh
bounced resiliently and juggled back into its original
shape. Again and again, he pulled the pliable globes
upward and released them, playing like a c***d lost in
the world of a new toy. When he tired, he pushed them
upward on her chest, delighting with every jostling
bobble, as they rolled back into shape. He tugged
downward, enjoying the similar, reversed action of her

Then he moved in with his mouth, sucking up and nibbling
on an unsuspecting nipple that was perched hard and
erect atop one of the tempting pillows of flesh.

"UH! Arrggghhh!" his stepmother grunted under the
unannounced oral attack.

Quaking, she arched her back higher, trying to smother
him in the satin-covered cushions of her chest. Widening
his mouth, he gobbled up as much of the warm, excited
flesh as he could. Again she grunted and trembled, her
hands clutching at the back of his neck and pulling him
to her.

Occupying one of the aroused globes with a barrage of
licking, sucking and nibbling, he made sure that its
twin s****r was not left unattended, by cupping as much
of the quivering, marshmallowy flesh as he could and
rolling it on her chest.

Her excitement reached a fevered pitch and he jerked his
mouth away from the now pleasure-aching crown of her
breast, despite the lust obscured protests that garbled
from her lips. Without pausing he dropped to the other
massive tit and reversed his attack. Using mouth and
hands together, he whipped this desire-laden woman back
to the heights his abrupt change of pace had wrenched
her from.

From years filled with past experiences of exploring
this tantalizing woman's body, he knew that with just a
little more teasing, he could bring her off by simply
manipulating her breasts and with no other stimulation.
But he wanted to be inside her cunt; that delightfully
shaven mound of sex he knew was throbbing between her
spread legs.

As abruptly as before, he pulled away from her breasts,
leaving only his hands to gently fondle the warm,
aroused flesh of her tits. Again her eyes fluttered
open, showing a mixture of lust and confusion.

He felt her legs open further and glanced downward. The
wetness of her desire oozed from the deep cleft of her
loins. Her hand crept to his prick and gently pulled.

Following the urging tag of her fingers, he slid atop
her and between the inviting spread of her thighs,
lowering himself on the luxurious bed of her body, so
that the majority of his weight was born by his elbows
on either side of this willing and wanton woman.

Between his own legs was the wonderful feel of her hand
guiding the turgid tip of his cock into the pouted lips
of her pussy. The sensation was fantastic, familiar, but
exciting, like a homecoming. The fantastic sensation
increased tenfold as her hips twitched and her cunt
swallowed his glans in the outer lips of her labia. It
was his turn to moan as he lay there motionless, feeling
his stepmother tremble and quiver in anticipation of
what would transpire next.

It would have been enough to just lay there until her
lust became uncontrollable and she begged to be fucked.
But her mouth and his eager manipulations of her
ponderous breasts had affected him as much as it had
her. Lust won out over control!

In one hard thrust, he plunged into the liquid warmth of
her cunt, lashing into her like a r****t taking a
virgin. But she was no virgin, nor had she wanted to be
one since that first cock had torn its way through her
hymen leaving its never healing wound in her vagina. Her
hips leapt up to welcome his entrance. Their bodies
slapped together. Together they moaned, lost in the
fulfillment of two willing and desirous people having
achieved sexual union.

There were no longer thoughts of control as he wrenched
out and lunged back into her body. He had but one
thought - to fuck the hell out of this woman, who had
brought him into the library for the sole purpose of
having him fuck the hell out of her!

She had the same thought! Her legs locked around his,
holding his firmly between her thighs, as if she
expected him to attempt an escape. Her hands were at his
back, fingernails biting into his skin. She twisted and
rolled the heavy cushions of her breasts against his
chest, exciting both him and herself at the same time.

Like a spike of flesh, he slammed into the humid hole of
sex that swallowed his length and squeezed it in a
chamber of velvet-covered steel muscles. As hard as he
thrusted inward, he jerked out of the encompassing
softness, knowing as he came free, her pussy flowed with
him, its pink lips flowering outward.

Then he plunged inward again, trying to bang his
cockhead against the opening of her cervix waiting in
the depths of her belly. Grunting with pleasure, she
welcomed the thick circumference. Deeper and deeper he
drove and she felt the piston of pleasure stretch and
fill the channel of her vagina. Her own muscles worked
as best they could, as lust took complete control of her
body. Squeezing, she desperately tried to grasp the hot
rod that sliced in and out of her cunt.

"Harder," she mumbled in his ear between deeply sucking
gasps of pleasure. "Harder! Drive it back into my

He obliged by reaming as hard as he could into the
exquisite heat of her pussy. He pounded and ravaged into
the juice-slick tunnel of her belly. Like an angry
jackhammer, he poled into her depths, his own lust
screaming from the tight friction of her cunt.

Her hips worked in unison with him. As he plunged
downward her pelvis jumped up and accepted every inch of
swollen cock he could stuff into the mouth of her sex.
As he wrenched out, in preparation for another lancing
thrust, her hips fell away, her ass bouncing onto the
floor beneath her. Then she was there with that
predatory hunger for cock, sheathing his prick once more
as he rammed into her again.

Their bodies melted into a tangle of hot, urgent, aching
flesh as they worked together, feeding the flames of
desire that consumed them. In and out, he pumped into
the clutching socket of her sex. Faster and harder, he
tried to drive his thick, swollen lance of prick into
her mouth as she had urged him.

Groaning and bucking, she existed only for the fat slab
of man-meat that packed its way into her cunt. Her whole
body was caught in a rushing tidal wave of sexual
desire. Higher and higher, he whipped her on. Centering
at their joined cores, swirling fingers of pleasure
washed out and covered her. Each torrent of desire
growing in strength, she was blasted into the exploding
universe of orgasmic oblivion.

Clinging to the young man, her stepson, who still pumped
himself into her body, she soared on a skyrocketing
nebula of pleasure. Lust completely shattered her soul,
then re-assembled it over and over.

Feeling the woman beneath him go rigid, he let the last
wall of control crumble from his body, allowing the
thick rush of sperm and semen to boil up through his
cock and blast into the contracting hole of pussy
surrounding him. Groaning in the stream of ecstasy that
raced through his loins.

He emptied his balls into the awaiting chalice of her
belly. Gratefully, the steaming fountain of cum spurted
from his testicles, coating and soaking the quaking
folds of her vagina. His whole body jerked and twitched
as he drilled deep into the woman, his father's wife,
under him, as the last drops of his release drained from
his still hard and aching cock.

Clinging together, they entered the satisfaction of
fulfilled desire. Caressing, they kissed and held each
other. Still locked together, they rolled to their
sides, man and woman, stepson and stepmother, as his
hips once again began the steady in-out rhythm they both
still hungered for.

Chapter 5

Still clutching her thin robe to her aroused body, Diana
tried to move away from the window into the girls'
bedroom, but she couldn't. Paula's and Kate's sexual
play fascinated her, drawing her eyes as the light of a
candle draws a moth.

This uninhibited lovemaking between steps****rs was
something new; something that incited strange,
previously unfelt desires within her. As she watched
them embrace and caress on the bed, she could feel their
young, exploring hands on her body and wished that the
sensations that coursed through her were more than just
mental. She wanted to be in the room with them; wanted
to feel their mouths and hands and bodies pressed
against her.

Paula, removing Kate's arms from around her nakedness,
suddenly rose from the bed and held her hand out to her
s****r. The dark-haired, younger girl smiled, obvious
excitement in her dark eyes, and bounced up, taking the
blonde's hand. The older girl leaned forward and gently
kissed her companion's lips, then led her before the

Together they stared at Diana!

She had been discovered!

Diana's heart missed several beats. No better than a
common window peeker, the two girls had found her gazing
in on their sexual pastimes. She felt a hot, embarrassed
heat flush through her body.

No! They didn't see her! she suddenly realized. The two
teen-age girls had not found her out. They were staring
straight at her, but they didn't see her. Relief flooded
her body and at the same time, her mind reeled with
confusion. How could they not see me?

Then it dawned on her.

The alcove, the chairs, the curtained window - all of it
made sense. The window wasn't a window at all, but one
of those one-way mirrors which allow persons behind them
to see out, but persons on the other side see nothing
but a silver surfaced mirror. And the alcove and the
chairs were nothing more than a small viewing area for
spectators to gaze upon the activities in the bedroom.
Sexual activities, she assumed.

Another of the mansion's "quirks," she grinned to
herself, as she wondered how many guests to the
Hightower estate had been placed in this bedroom. And
even more interesting were the possibilities of who used
the alcove. The lack of dust she had previously detected
and the electric lights that hung from the ceiling
pointed to the fact that the alcove with its special
"Window" were used.

Was this the strangeness of the Hightower f****y that
Michael had tried to warn her of? Was this viewing area
here when the Hightowers bought the mansion? Or was it
an addition that the elder Hightower had dreamed up? The
whole implications of this voyeuristic haven fascinated

But even more fascinating was the activity of the two
girls on the other side of the one-way mirror. Now
secure in her position, Diana watched, feeling the
wanton throbs of lust rising in her again.

Paula now stood behind her s****r. Both girls gazed into
the mirrored side of the glass, smiling and unaware of
their new s****r-in-law who watched their every move.

For a few brief seconds, the older girl was busy behind
the dark-haired girl, then Kate's bra came free, falling
away from her body. Diana found herself gasping with
excitement as she stared at the young girl's exposed
tits. Still developing, the young breasts were perfect
cones, white, soft and smooth and topped by dark
mushrooms; nipples that were stiff and erect from the
sexual play she had so vigorously taken part in.

Unseen hands suddenly began to move the girl's briefs
down the rounded curves of her hips, as Paula worked at
the panties from behind. The light cloth panties dropped
around the girl's ankles and she stepped free, gazing at
her nakedness in the mirror, as did Paula. And as did
Diana from the other side of the mirror.

The older girl's arms slid around her partner's midriff
and pulled the girl back to her. Taunting with her lips
and tongue, the blonde slowly and tantalizingly kissed
her way up her steps****rs shoulder. Her teeth joined in
as she reached the younger girl's neck, teasing her way
to the sensitive lobe of her ear. As she tongued and
kissed at Kate's neck and ear from behind, Paula's hands
eased their way up from her waist and cupped gently
beneath Kate's cone-shaped breasts.

Both the girls' eyes once more turned to the mirror as
they watched Paula fondle and taunt the beautifully
matched tits she possessed.

Lightly, with a show of knowledge that spoke of several
similar experiences, her fingers lightly brushed and
caressed the young cones. Over and around the sleek
whiteness of the breasts, her fingertips swirled in
exciting little circles. Spiralling upwards, her hands
rose, until at last the tips of her fingers nudged at
the aroused dark buds of Kate's nipples.

Diana could see the younger girl gasp with rising desire
under the expert manipulations of her steps****r. Kate's
dark eyes fluttered, doing their best to remain open and
view the titillating scene of her body being caressed,
but the sensations Paula ignited in her body were
stronger, eventually winning out, and the younger girl
closed her eyes, losing herself amid the pleasure that
flowed through her tits.

The blonde beauty suddenly stepped in front of the girl
she fondled and dipped her mouth to the breasts she
handled with loving care. Her cheeks hollowed deeply as
she sucked up one of the dark cherries of flesh atop one
of the cones. The younger girl trembled, her hands
reaching out and squeezing brutally into the tits of her
companion. Neither of the girls seemed to mind in the

Moving her mouth to the opposite knoll of breast,
Paula's tongue, wet and pink, flicked out from behind
her lips and lashed back and forth across the new nipple
it found. Vigorously, she worked her oral digit until
the black-haired girl moaned for her to stop. When she
did, she opened her mouth and stuffed as much of the
tit-flesh as she could into her. She ate, contented with
the silken textured cushion of flesh her mouth had
found. She sucked and nibbled, her tongue laving its way
over the hard button of nipple their passion had

Her hands moving to Kate's shoulders, Paula slowly edged
the younger girl back toward their bed, while her mouth
continued to excite fresh thrills through the enticing
young body. Automatically, the black- haired girl sat on
the bed, jerking her reddening breast from her
companion's eager mouth. She smiled, then lay back,
spreading her thighs wide, presenting an unobstructed
path to the plump little mound of her sex and the black
pubic moss that was bushed over it.

Paula dropped to her knees and leaned forward. Her lips
lightly kissed the dark triangle of shiny fur covering
her s****r's snatch, eliciting quivery little trembles
from her partner. Then her tongue once more darted out
and weaved through the forest of pubic down, tickling
and teasing around the already wet cleft of Kate's
sexual lips, but never dipping into the hot hole of her
young cunt.

Easing back just a little, the blonde-headed girl moved
her hand between her s****r's thighs, spreading the lips
of her pussy so that she could see the extended bud of
the girl's clit and the scalloped inner lips of her
labia. Again, her head ducked downward. Her tongue
flicked out and ran up and down the pink slash of the
girl's sex.

Expertly, her tongue tip dipped lightly into the musky
cleft, tapping and twirling out its exciting dance of
pleasure. The girl above her moaned and reached down,
grabbing her head. She resisted the urgent fingers that
pushed her face forward, delighting in the effect her
tauntings had produced. Up and down the pink slit of
Kate's opened pussy she teased and aroused.

Then her tongue skipped upward, gently caressing the
nubbin of ecstasy. She tenderly kissed the super-
sensitive clit, hearing the moans of approval that came
from above her. She licked and carefully lapped at the
enticing button, twirling her tongue around its tiny
circumference. Her lips closed around the bud of
sensation and she sucked at it as a woman might suck at
the cock of a man.

The black-headed beauty, half on and half off the bed,
writhed as her lovely companion unlocked thrill after
excited thrill in her body. She begged and moaned. Her
hands pulled at the blonde head that taunted and played
with her growing arousal. Her satisfied groans filled
the spacious bedroom as the titillating oral digit
slipped from her clit and entered the heated channel of
her cunt.

Paula's entry into her s****r was far from gentle. It
was quick and hard, spearing as deep as she could into
the honey-filled socket, burying her face in the wetness
of the girl's vagina. In and out, she probed in her
penis-imitating oral style. She licked and lapped,
eating her steps****r with unrestrained relish.

Soft and smooth, like oiled silk, her tongue moved
around within the humid interior of the girl's cunt She
sucked deeply, swallowing the thick sexual juices she
drained from the quivering channel, then drilled her
tongue back into the enticing folds of Kate's pussy.

Around and around, her inciting oral digit twisted its
pleasure as Kate's hands pushed her face into the mouth
of her belly. The younger girl writhed and quivered on
the bed as her passion rose to a consuming fever of
lust. She groaned as she felt the delightful tongue once
more change its tactics, pumping in and out of her
vagina. Her own pelvis began to move, undulating with
the rhythm of the mouth that ate at her.

Suddenly, there was a finger on her clit, rolling and
fondling the aroused button. The dual stimulation rocked
her with lusted madness. Body jolt after body jolt
sizzled through her over and over as the waves that
throbbed in her thighs expanded, blasting outward.

In and out, the blonde's tongue drilled, spearing to its
limits within her. Faster and faster, her oral probe
reamed around in the humid softness of her cunt. Around
and around, the fondling finger rolled her clit.

She groaned and moaned as she rose on the skyrocket of
ecstasy. Her thighs exploded and pleasure raced through
her body. Crying out in desire, she pushed desperately
at the head working so wonderfully at her sex, then
abruptly released her hold, giving way to the sweetness
of oblivion.

Giving her s****r's throbbing cunt one last hasty kiss,
Paula rose. She smiled down on the younger girl who
writhed and moaned on the bed, then stepped across the
room to a chest of drawers.

Diana gasped once again as she saw what the older girl
extracted from the top drawer of the chest. She had seen
them before, in the men's magazines Michael brought
home, and had occasionally sneaked peeks at them amid
the glass cases of adult book stores they had gone to.
They carried the sterile name of "marital aid" on all
the advertising she had seen. Commonly they were called
dildos. And the one Paula was now strapping around her
waist was at least seven inches long, and an inch thick.
It was hard looking and complete with a red rubber head
and rubber balls dangling beneath.

Smiling lewdly to herself, the blonde-haired beauty
stepped back to the bed and eased her s****r's thighs
open. She grasped the imitation cock with one hand and
stepped between the inviting "Y" opened before her.
Carefully guiding her rubberized manhood into the target
she sought, her hips jerking forward and burying most of
the thick hose into her steps****r's cunt.

Still lost in the waves of pleasure that swirled through
her body, the sudden plunging entrance of the dildo
jolted Kate. Her body twitched and her eyes jerked open
with surprise. A startled "Ahhhhhh!" was wrenched from
her lips. Then she relaxed and gazed lovingly up to the
older girl standing above her.

Leaning over the black-haired girl, Paula stretched her
arms out and planted them to either side of her s****r's
head so that they supported the weight of her body. She
lowered herself once, so that their lips met briefly.
Kate's hands reached up and once more busied themselves
with the elongated cones of tit-flesh that now dangled
sleekly from Paula's chest. The older girl moaned and
her pelvis hunched forward slamming about an inch of the
dildo into her companion's pussy.

Raising her legs and resting her feet on the side of the
bed, Kate opened the angle of entry into her body. She
moaned as the thickness slid deeper into her. It filled
her with its hardness, stuffing her cunt to the brim.

Paula edged back, glancing down to watch the imitation
prick she wore glide from the snatch it had impaled.
Long and slick with young womanly lubricants, it came
out. She paused only when the knob-like head of the
device was still buried within the hole she was now
fucking. Then, slowly this time, her hips inched
forward, drilling the rubbery hardness into her s****r.

The younger girl groaned as she accepted the substitute
manhood that skewered her body. Her hands squeezed and
kneaded their approval into the firm cones of tit she
held. Her own pelvis arched slightly to help take in the
thickness that slithered into her belly.

Grinning with delight at the pleasure she fed inch by
inch into the girl, Paula eased her hips outward once
again, then moved them forward. Pleased with her role of
a man-made man, her pelvis took up a steady in and out
rhythm, a rhythm which Kate's hips matched stroke for
stroke, welcoming the invading length of dildo that
reamed into the depths of her quick.

Lovers once again, the two teen-age girls lost
themselves in their lovemaking. Kate groaned and moaned
as her body was filled and packed with artificial cock.
And Paula reveled in the sensations she ignited in her
steps****rs body.

A movement to one side of the room diverted Diana's gaze
from the two young girls. The overly large brass knob to
the door moved and the heavy wooden portal inched into
the bedroom. A boyish face, surrounded by a reddish-
blonde mop of shaggy hair, poked inquiringly inside -

The youth's eyes widened to saucers as his gaze moved
around the room, alighting on his two s****rs so
obviously involved in themselves and the pleasure of
their youthful bodies. The surprised expression quickly
faded from his face and was replaced by one of pleased
amusement. He edged inside the bedroom and stood
silently watching the feminine couple, completely
unnoticed by either Kate or Paula.

Perplexed and somewhat annoyed by the boy's presence and
possible interruption of her private session of
voyeurism, Diana intently eyed the intruder from behind
the security of the one-way mirror, hoping he would
leave as quietly as he had made his rude entrance into
the room. But he didn't. Bryan just stood there,
grinning from ear to ear as he gazed at the alluring,
writhing bodies so lustfully joined on the bed.

Diana detected a definite increase in the labored rise
and fall of the youth's muscular chest, which strained
at the white fabric of his T- shirt as he sucked in his
breath in deep gulps of arousal. But more notable was
the growing bulge that filled the crotch of his jeans.
There was no denying the testimony of his body. Bryan
was every bit as affected by the steps****rs' carnal
activities as she was.

In a quick flurry of eager young arms, the boy reached
down and grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and hastily
wrenched it up and over his head. As he pulled the white
cotton shirt off his arms and tossed it atop the chest
of drawers, Diana found herself gasping out loud to
herself once again. Not the knotty, thick muscles of a
football player or a weight lifter, but the long,
graceful muscles of a young swimmer covered his body.
She shivered as she watched the rippling strength that
corded senuously beneath the golden browness of his
suntanned skin.

Kicking his loafers free from his feet, the youth's
fingers dropped to the front of his jeans and made short
work of the series of awkward buttons running down his
fly, then skinned the denim pants down his legs. His
thighs and calves and tight-looking ass were a perfect
match for his athletic physique.

And if there had been any doubt that Bryan was a young
man, rather than a boy, it was quickly dismissed from
Diana's mind, as his hands jerked his net-webbed briefs
downward, revealing the rigid lance of his manhood that
stood thickly from a forest of flaming red hairs
covering his groin. His peeping-tomasita s****r-in-law
clutched her thin robe closer around her body, as she
viewed the full size of his solid, pulsing cock.

Suddenly Diana's whole body quaked with flaring arousal
as the youth's intent pushed its way through her lust
clouded mind. He was going to join his s****rs entangled
so wantonly on the bed!

Stepping quickly to the same chest of drawers Paula had
gone to for the dildo that was now strapped to her waist
and reaming the tender, young pussy of her steps****r,
Bryan retrieved a blue jar of petroleum jelly from that
same top drawer. Dipping two fingers into the jar, he
extracted a thick glob of the heavy lubricant and
smeared it over the jerking thickness of his prick,
until it glistened beneath the room's overhead light.
Smiling down at his handy work, he recapped the jar and
replaced it in the drawer.

He moved barefoot across the room, stopping but a foot
behind his own s****r. Gazing down, he watched the
rhythmic undulation of the girls' lovely young bodies,
as they continued their lovemaking still completely
unaware of the masculine eyes that watched from behind.

Then he stepped forward, abruptly wrapping bit arms
around his blonde-haired s****r's slim shapely waist,
pressing his body firmly against her in a strong hug.
The young girl's hips abruptly ceased their steady in-
out motion and she jerked upright, slamming the full
length of the dildo around her waist into the vulnerable
cunt of the dark-headed beauty beneath her. Both the
girls, surprised for their own separate reasons, looked
around in confusion and in shock from the separate
sudden intrusions.

Diana could see their worried looks quickly fade to ones
of relief as they recognized the familiar body of their
b*****r. Again the strange stirrings of lust flared
violently within the young bride as she realized this
i****tuous scene had occurred before and on what
appeared to be a fairly regular basis. Even more than
before she felt the want and need to enter the bedroom
behind her wall of one-way mirror and share the carnal
pleasures of the three young bodies before her.

Bryan's lips and hands had now gone to work delightfully
caressing the sleek, creamy curves of his s****r's
nakedness. His mouth languidly kissed and nibbled along
the gentle slope of the smoothness of her bare shoulders
and the graceful arch of her long white neck. In an
aroused response, the blonde's hips slowly rotated,
rubbing the white, rounded cushions of her rear mounds
against the swollen stalk of cock pressed to her ass.

On the opposite side of her tempting young body, the
thick shaft of man-made dildo moved in a slow-motion
churning within the wet pinkness of her steps****r's
skewered cunt. Kate, in turn, moaned as she accepted the
inciting gyrations of the girl's pelvis. Her eyes
fluttered closed and her hands clutched tightly into the
bedcovers beneath her naked body.

Unable to work his finger below the secure strap of the
device Paula wore, the boy's hands drifted over the
smoothness of her flat stomach in long, caressing
circles, eventually creeping upward to the firm cones of
tit that stood out proud and up-tilted from her chest.
His palms cupped the tepid silkness of her breasts.

His fingers squeezed gently into the womanly luxury of
her flesh, delighting as aroused moans worked up from
the depths of her throat and pushed out over her
writhing lips. Massaging and kneading the sleek, conical
mounds, his fingers teased outward, tapping at the stiff
buttons perched atop each of the tits. She quivered as
the delicious excitement of his hands rushed through her
body on a sizzling hotline to her loins. Her hips
increased their provocative gyrations and received the
lustful groaning of the girl impaled under her in

As the boy's mouth found its way through the blonde
cascade of his s****r's hair to the sensitive lobe of
her ear, his hands tightened their hold on her lovely
young breasts. Kneading with an urgent firmness, his
fingers worked roughly into the pliant mounds. He
squeezed and rubbed over the firm cones, tweeking and
taunting the hard nubbins of flesh that topped each of
the cushion-like knolls like some sensual cherries.

Paula's head rolled back on his shoulder, her full red
lips writhing their pleasure under the dual stimulation
of her body. She groaned and shuddered with each new
volley of delights he ignited within her. Her hips moved
in a quickened pace, whipping the rubber cock she wore
around in the opened hole of the black-headed girl
between whose thighs she stood.

The youth's hands gave up their holds on her tits and
moved to the rounded slopes of her white shoulders,
gently pressing her forward. She followed the urgings of
his palms and once more leaned over her steps****r, her
arms extended before her for support. Kate's hands again
rose, fondling the manhandled, heated cones of tit that
dangled above her.

Bryan's hands, however, had slid around to Paula's
temptingly upturned buttocks. His palms lovingly
caressed the enticing smoothness of her plump, jutting
ass cheeks. She moaned, shivering as she wiggled the
twin cushions into his hands. The increased rotation of
her hips brought fresh groans of arousal from the
steps****r she poled so thoroughly.

In a quick backstep, the boy dropped to his knees behind
his s****r. His head leaned forward and tenderly kissed
the now pink-blushed rear mounds. Waves of excited
gooseflesh rippled up and down the plane of the girl's
back. She moaned and quivered. His hands then grasped
each of the charming cheeks and slowly spread them. The
deep, dark crease of the girl's ass widened, revealing
the brown, taut ring of her anus.

Once again, his head moved in, homing on the dusky
little target. Her supple young body jerked rigid with
surprised pleasure as his lips softly brushed over her
asshole. She moaned and quaked with growing arousal,
urging him to further probings. Again, he kissed the
tight nodes of her ass, feeling her quiver and the
pillows of ass become taut under his fingers. Her plump
little butt pushed into his face, pressing the warmth of
her rear around him. She groaned as his mouth flattened
against her rectum.

Kate's moans mingled with those of her steps****r's as
she felt about an inch of the hose-like dildo slither
from the clutching channel of her belly. The younger
girl's hips began a writhing, bunching motion, as she
began to fuck herself on the device so deeply impaled
within her body.

The boy's tongue now joined his lips. Teasingly, he
flicked the warm wetness of his oral digit over the hard
little nodes of her anus. Her moans increased as the
feathery tongue tip danced at the entrance of her ass.
She wiggled and jerked, loving the feel of his mouth
licking and taunting her.

Thoroughly slackened with his saliva, the tight,
puckered ring of muscle relaxed. Soothingly, he
continued his oral ministrations, knowing that with each
broad laving stroke he now used, the desire of his
s****r's body was flaming higher and higher. And with
each swirling lap of his tongue, he opened the way for
the ultimate purpose of his tantalizing foreplay.

Next, the inquiring tip of his tongue darted to the
center of the now relaxed ring of muscle. He drilled
into her ass, an action that elicited a fresh chorus of
thrilled moans from both the young girls, as they
responded to the separate probes that moved in their

In and out, in cock-imitating fashion, the soft wetness
of his tongue reamed its way into his s****r's ass. He
licked and laved within the velvet-like channel of her
rear, slickening the path that would eventually accept
the rigid, swollen shaft that throbbed at his loins;
throbbed with the growing excitement of his lust. Around
and around his tongue swirled, setting off thrills of
sexual electricity that tingled along the open network
of the girl's pleasure-heated nerves. In and out, he
speared into her rectum, eating at her ass and preparing
her for him.

The blonde's pelvis now moved in rhythm with the short
quick strokes of the mouth at her ass. She helped his
tongue fuck her asshole. And at the same time, her hips
and the thick dildo that was securely attached to them
fucked the willing pussy of the black-haired young girl,
voluptuously stretched out under her on the bed.

In his tongue drilled, taunting its warm way into the
heat of her ass. And in turn, Paula's hips jerked
forward, spearing the rubbery hose into Kate's flayed
slash of sex. The younger girl, in the chain reaction
response, arched her hips upward to receive every inch
she could get, while her hands squeezed into the firm
sleekness of her steps****r's elongated tits.

For minutes they worked this way, as Diana watched, her
own arousal growing to near desperation. With increasing
difficulty, their hidden s****r-in-law hugged her robe
to her, trying to keep her hand away from the wetness
that flooded the throbbing channel of love between her

Bryan's face suddenly pulled away from his s****r's ass.
Giving each of the reddening rear cheeks one last quick
kiss, he rose. His cock was a pole of hardened flesh,
rigid and pulsating with its virile life. Its flowering
knob-like head glistened with a mixture of clear
lubricating jelly and pre-seminal fluids.

He eased the spread cushions of Paula's ass further
apart, as he stepped forward again. The jerking glans of
his prick kissed at the brown ring his mouth had so
marvelously prepared. She groaned, tensing at the
intimate contact of their naked bodies. Patiently, he
waited, whispering and soothingly working the dual
mounds of her perky ass. Slowly, she relaxed again,
nodding for him to proceed.

Which is exactly what he did!

The gorged crown of his jelly-slickened rod nudged at
the taut ring of muscle. He pushed forward against the
puckered mouth, gently increasing the pressure of his
hips. In an abrupt motion, her anus relaxed and the
bl**d-laden tip of his cock was swallowed up.

He groaned as the quaking pleasure of her youthful
tightness squeezed down around his glans. His hands
gripped brutally into the flesh of her ass, as the
exquisite vise of her sphincter muscles clamped down on
the head of his prick. Heat, volcanic heat, seared over
the sensitive, swollen spearhead. Her ass did another of
its delightful little wiggles and he groaned again, as
ball-aching sensations lashed through his groin.

He felt good, plugged into her that way, from behind.
She shivered with the swollen feel of him. She liked it!
And what's more, he knew she did!

Forcing herself to think relax, the strained channel of
her rectum once more loosened and the invading thickness
of his cock slithered deeply into the recesses of her
bowels. Purposely this time, she clutched down on his
fat rod, squeezing herself around its gorged
circumference. Together they moaned, filled with the
satisfaction of their joined bodies. b*****r and s****r
locked together cock to ass.

Marvelous! The volcanic heat of her ass burned with a
delightful fire that devoured his total length. And
smooth! She was smooth like velvet! A round velvet glove
that was perfectly made for the thick roundness of his
prick. Heat and velvet! The sensations were
indescribable! There was a gratification all its own
just in being entrenched with her bowels. A satisfaction
of just standing there behind her with her soft rounded
buttocks pressing to his crotch and the grasping
tightness she held him in.

The feeling was mutual.

She could feel him like she could never feel him when he
was drilled into her cunt. He was big! Bigger and
thicker than anywhere else in her body! He filled her.
He stuffed and packed her with hot, gorged cock. She
could feel every small throb of his prick, pounding
there as it was crammed deeply up her back.

And then she relaxed.

She quaked as each thick inch slowly extracted itself
from her asshole. Like a tree trunk of flesh, it moved
from her, leaving a hungry hollowness in its wake. Inch-
by-slow-inch, he pulled from her. Inch-by-pulsating-
inch, she moaned and ached for it.

Then he was slicing back into her rectum, filling and
packing her to the brim once again. Hard and demanding,
he drilled her. The tight, slick walls of her ass
strained around the bigness that she accepted. Poling
the full length of his sex into her ass, she felt the
tickling nest of his pubic hairs nestling at the curves
of her buttocks and the dangling sac of his testicles
slapping lightly against her.

The fiery heat flared through his pounding shaft as he
pulled free once again. He moaned as the flames lashed
along and around his cock. He groaned as he slid from
the velvet-lined tunnel, his balls seething with their
heavy load.

He worked in a slow steady rhythm, letting her accustom
herself to the swollen brand of his sex, allowing her
body to prepare itself for the poling that she knew from
past experiences would eventually come.

Taking up that slow, gentle pace of his cock, her hips
rocked back and forth, much to the pleasure of the dark-
haired steps****r who was still joined to the blonde via
the dildo strapped to Paula's waist. The younger girl
fell into the in and out sluicing of her quivering cunt.
Her hips gently rose and fell to accept the thickness
that slid into the depths of her hungry pussy, then
lurched its way outward.

Suddenly the youth plunged forward.

The thick, bl**d-gorged length of his prod stabbed
sharply between the sexy buttocks and speared deeply
into his s****r's asshole.

Paula's head jerked up, a disarray of blonde strands
flying wildly. She grunted under the impact, her breath
jarred free from her lungs. Her hands clawed into the
bed as he shafted into her depths.

But she took it!

Took every unyielding inch of the hardened javelin of
flesh he wedged into the tight socket of her ass.

As did Kate!

The younger girl's eyes snapped opened as the thickness
of the dildo slammed into the young harbor of her belly.
Her lips writhed in pleasure as an excited hiss of
wanton desire rushed from her lungs.

Still holding the soft, trembling half-moons of her
haunches spread before him, he abruptly jerked out,
groaning under the searing heat that licked at his cock.
His hips jumped forward again to plunge his rod further
up the smoothness of her back channel.

Again she took it!

He plowed into her fiery interior, burying his hugely
swollen prick completely up her asshole. His crotch
slammed into her buttocks, jarring her and her dildo
forward. Her hands clutched even harder into the bed,
trying desperately to maintain her half-standing, half-
leaning position above the girl under her.

The fever of his desire built within him; an explosive
f***e that drove him in and out of the gripping sheath
in a violent piston-like action. In and out he lunged
into the intensely tight hole of her rear channel,
grinding himself into the volcanic recesses of her ass.

Her body rocked as he reamed his way through her opened
rear. Yet her hips worked in time with his. She bucked
back and forth to accept the thorough fucking he was now
giving her. She ached for the white-hot fire he seared
into the depths of her bowels. She begged for the
brutal, f***eful shafting that slammed into her again
and again.

Beneath her, Kate writhed and bucked. Her hot snatch was
filled with the reaction poling of the dildo. Her
urgency was growing as the thick hose of imitation cock
sliced in and out of her young greedy body.

Her thighs throbbed under the pounding impact of the
dildo. For the second time that night, she came. Moaning
and groaning as her hands brutally squeezed into the
softness of the tits she clutched. Her body twisted and
turned as she rose into the sensual oblivion of climax.

And when she at last descended from the heights of her
pleasure, new waves of sensations lashed through her
loins as the continuing plummeting of the dildo ravaged
in and out of her cunt. Unable, or even unwanting to
control herself, she soared again toward the threshold
of orgasmic rapture.

From behind, the youth's still jackhammering cock lunged
in and out of the soft, smooth rectal channel of his
s****r's sexy ass. Like a rutting stag, he plunged his
adamantine rod of pleasure into the squeezing confines
of her anus. Groaning, he wrenched himself free and the
marvelous heat of her bowels flared around his shaft,
searing over the aching head of his cock.

He thudded into her now, jarring her with each ravenous
stroke of his plummeting penis. Over and over, he
invaded her ass and she took it and loved it. She bucked
and threw her hips back to him, no longer aware of the
effects her violent actions were having on the girl she
was fucking. She didn't care! All she cared for was the
swollen brand of flesh that burned its way in and out of
her rear.

She relished it. Worshipped it! Her whole body was alive
with him. In and out, he speared into her and she felt
the rush of mounting pleasure. Like growing waves behind
a barricading sea wall, the increasing flood of
sensations throbbed through the open nerve endings of
her totally aware body.

Out and in, her b*****r slammed home the hugely swollen
length of his prick. And she took it into her depths,
squeezing it tightly as she crammed her rear muscles
around him.

She was racked with explosive power as her hips jerked
back and forth, helping him skewer her even more fully.
It throbbed and seared. It sizzled with its heat. It
burned and ached. In and out, out and in, he rammed and
slammed into her.

She came, crying out in urgent passion. Her body tensed
as the whirlwinds of pleasure screamed and lashed. She
moaned and writhed as she rushed head on into the
welcoming arms of orgasmic oblivion.

The snugness of her asshole tightened even harder around
him. She held him like a vise. He could feel her
squeezing it out of him. His cum, hot and boiling, like
liquid fire. He felt it spout up from his balls and burn
its way through the already flaming length of his cock.
He groaned as the burning load leaped outward, searing
over the ass- gripped crown of his shaft. He quaked as
his muscles gave way to the soul-wrenching pleasure of

Spurt after spurt of penned-up sexual cream blasted out
from his balls. He coated the velvet-lined channel of
her back with a new lining of hot, thick sperm and
semen. He emptied himself into her with gush after gush
of cum. Then clung to her, his arms wrapped around her
waist for support.

And below the quivering, gratefully locked together
bodies of the b*****r and s****r, a forgotten black-
haired steps****r writhed and twisted, lost in the
fourth climax that had racked her body that evening.

Chapter 6

Drained and exhausted, the b*****r, s****r and
steps****r fell to the bed in a writhing pile of young,
desirable flesh. They kissed each other gratefully,
paying little mind to who they kissed, or to what sex
their partner was. Gently, with caressing tenderness,
their hands moved lovingly over the nakedness of their
three bodies, exploring and probing.

All this occurred while their new s****r-in-law watched
from the other side of the one-way mirror opening into
their bedroom.

More than somewhat amazed by the threesome's complete
sexual abandon, Diana watched, still unable to draw her
eyes away from the sexy scene that she knew she would be
sharing in, had it not been for that less than an inch
thickness of glass that kept her from them. Her body
ached to feel Bryan's young cock or Paula's mouth. She
would have been more than grateful for Kate's expertly
fondling fingers or even the thickness of the dildo
still strapped to Paula's waist.

In the past she had wondered about sex with another
woman. Now she knew. She knew that if the chance
presented itself, she would enter the arms of another
woman with the aroused feelings that were now flooding
her body. She felt no shame at the self-admission. Her
body was too laden with the lust the youthful threesome
had flamed within her. She wanted sex. She wanted to be
taken and used. She wanted the desires that washed
through her loins to be released and set free.

Two hands, coming from behind her, suddenly grasped the
heaving globes of her robe-covered breasts!

She gasped and jerked upright, startled by the fondling
palms that lasciviously rolled the veiled mounds of her

"Michael?" she gasped again, hoping and wishing for the
familiar sound of her husband's voice.

"Yes," he whispered.

Relief coursed through her body. Despite her
embarrassment at having been caught window peeking, she
leaned back resting in his arms. He felt good. Even with
his startling method of announcing himself, she was glad
he had followed her from their room and down the secret
passage way. She needed him. She needed him to take her!

"Why did you scare me like that?" she moaned-whispered,
her eyes closing as his hands worked their magic on her

His lips lightly kissed the exposed nape of her neck,
then moved his tongue to her ear, flicking over the
tempting morsel of her lobe, "I was watching too."

She moaned, long and low. This is what she wanted and
needed. Right here in this dim lit alcove. No waiting to
walk back down the passage to their room and the over-
sized bed that waited. She wanted him now and he knew
it. And from the thick bulge that strained at the front
of his jeans and pressed at her buttocks, she knew he
wanted the same thing.

Light and teasing his tongue darted over her ear,
sending shivering thrills of delight through her. She
moaned again and snuggled back into the arms of her
husband, worshipping the secure feel of his body. This
was the real thing. Bryan, Paula and Kate had been real
too, but not like this! This she could touch! This mouth
was there taunting at her ear. And these hands were on
her breasts, actually fondling her with their gently
massaging fingers.

New shivery sensations shot through her body as she felt
the silken smoothness of her robe slowly part and slide
over the firm globes of her breasts, rubbing
delightfully at the stiff aching hardness of her

Her eyes fluttered open for a brief second, just enough
to glimpse into the bedroom and see Paula and Kate
busily using their hands to bring Bryan's cock back to
its full manly size. Then she closed her eyes again and
lost herself in the marvelous tingling sensations that
filled her as his hands cupped beneath her bared

Softly manipulating, his hands drifted around the under
curves of her pink tits, as if feeling out their true
proportions. It was a gentle massage that eventually
worked around the broad circumferences of the fleshy
mounds. The feel of his hands on her body was exquisite.
Fresh waves of deliciously tingling thrills suffused
from her breasts throughout her whole body. Moaning
softly, she snuggled back even more, resting in the arms
that surrounded her.

In a barely brushing movement, his palms circled the
bountiful bulges of her tits. Slowly, ever so slowly in
a taunting, teasing fashion, he worked. Upward and
around his hands spiralled, his skin lightly kissing the
summery heat that radiated from the gentle curves of her
flesh. Again she wiggled back, her breath hissing under
the tantalizing manipulations. Her chest heaved as her
breathing became labored and aroused.

Then his palms were hovering over the coral buds of her
nipples. She could feel the warmth soothingly suffusing
from his hands and mingling with her own sexual heat. He
brushed cajolingly over the erect, rubbery points of
flesh, his mouth dropping to her neck as she groaned
with mounting excitement.

There was nothing abrupt about his movements. Everything
was natural and flowed together. His hands closed over
her breasts and lovingly squeezed into their pliant
firmness, eliciting even more moany little sounds of
pleasure from her lips.

Gently he kneaded, molding her flesh under his
wonderfully exciting fingers. She had never doubted that
he knew her body and how to give her what she wanted and
needed. But this was fantastic. A slowly building
explosion inched higher and higher in her willing and
ready body.

With more pressure now, his hands kneaded into the
fleshy globes of her tits. He squeezed and rolled their
pillowy shapes against her chest, then pressed them down
into her so that their roundness pancaked out from under
his palms.

He wasn't rushing her or himself. His fingers maneuvered
their way back along the sleek, sloping path to her
nipples. Gently, he tapped the erect tips and again a
sharp in-rushing hiss of aroused pleasure came from her
lips, filling the small alcove.

Around and around, the tantalizing digits circled the
hardened buds of flesh, creating all sorts of fantastic
sexual friction that burned, ached, throbbed and aroused
all in the same instant. His fingers scissored around
the taut buttons, their pinkness glowing red with

His all-knowing hands moved away from her breasts and
drifted with titillating determination down over the
quivering flatness of her belly. She groaned now,
pushing herself harder against his supporting body,
wiggling her flaring curved buttocks against the swollen
bulge in his pants, tempting him, urging him, luring his
fingers even further downward.

She sucked her breath in a sharp, deep hiss of
excitement, when his fingertips finally brushed into the
silky, curling triangle of her pubic moss. Slowly he
weaved lower, his finger finding the moist cleft of her
loins and running down the dipping slit.

Up and down the lubricious lips of her sex his inciting
digit glided, but refused to slide into the pulsing
slash of her cunt. He teased her, taunted her, toyed
with her body, until her pelvis moved in a slow motion
gyration to match his playful touch.

Then and only then, did he wiggle his finger up into her

She groaned, pressing herself closely to him. She
accepted the tickling probings of his finger for what it
was meant to be - an exciting appetizer to the main
course that would soon come.

She was wet inside. She could feel the sexual juices
that flooded the heated hole of her sex and she could
hear the wet sounds his finger made as it slowly pumped
in and out of her.

Like a small cock, he worked his delving digit into her
pussy and she loved it. She relished each dipping,
twirling motion he made. She trembled as his finger
crammed into her cunt at an ever increasing pace. He
twisted and turned, then slipped another finger into her
vagina, packing her that much fuller. She groaned and
ground her pelvis down on the double digital impalement
of her sex.

Then there was another finger, tauntingly gliding along
the moist crease of her labia. It dipped between the
plump pouted outer lips and inquisitively tapped at the
extending nubbin of her clit. There was no moan this
time. She groaned, long and low and filled with the
growing desperation of her desire.

Taunting playfully, his fingertips caressed the excited
bud of pleasure as his two other fingers fucked their
way in and out of her juice- filled cunt. He rolled the
delicate bud and circled it. He fondled and fingered it
until her groans filled the room and she was afraid that
her whimpers would finally bring the attention of the
three youths still involved in their sexual romp in the

"Please," she groaned. "I need you. Please I need this!"

Her hand reached behind her and clamped onto the still
covered length of her husband's cock. He grunted and
drove his fingers hard up into her hot pussy, increasing
the driving strokes of their fucking motion.

"Please!" she pleaded. "I want your cock. I want you to
fuck me!" Abruptly he pulled his hands away from her
wanton sex, his fingers sucking wetly from her body. His
mouth returned to her ear, kissing her once more,

"Lean over," he whispered in a deep, husky voice, that
spoke of his own arousal.

Doing as he directed, she leaned over, using her hands
to support herself on the window ledge-like frame that
surrounded the one-way mirror. The position gave her a
clear view of the activities in the other room.

Kate was now getting her share of her stepb*****r's
cock, a whole face full, as it were. Her young lips were
firmly wrapped around the fat stalk of his manhood as
she lay on her stomach, her face buried in the bright
redness of his pubic hairs. The young, black-haired
girl's cheek hollowed deeply as her head moved up and
down on the rigid manly rod.

Bryan's mouth was far more inactive. His pink,
glistening tongue was lapping vigorously through the
sandy blonde hairs that brushed over his s****r's cunt.
Diana could see him lapping up and swallowing the
glistening juices that flowed from the pink lips, then
spear his tongue into the waiting pussy.

She couldn't see Paula's face because the blonde-headed
girl once more had her head buried between Kate's creamy

Their young, willing bodies formed a triangle - a love
triangle, Diana couldn't help but think as she stood,
positioned for her husband and the cock she desperately
wanted and needed.

From behind her, she heard the curt sound of Michael's
zipper and the rustle of his jeans as he pulled them
from his legs. There was the padded sound of bare feet
and then the hardness of his prick pushing against one
of the round curves of her buttocks.

She felt his hands reach down and lift the veiling
bottom of her robe and fold it over her back so that
hung above her hips, exposing the half-moons of her ass.
The air felt cool and stimulating on her heated body.

Then his hands were on her again. Palms on her inner
thighs opened her legs wider, then he tickled another
finger into her cunt for a few quick strokes that only
fed the flames of anticipation swirling within her

She felt the naked warmth of his crotch as it pressed
into her upturned buttocks and the tickling forest of
his pubic hairs. She groaned as the fat pole of his
prick throbbed against the waiting lips of her cunt. His
hips moved back and forth, gliding the length over the
wanton crease of her labia, taunting her even further.

His hand was between her spread thighs again. She felt
his fingers close around his cock and the tip of his
thumb spread the lips of her pussy as a guide for the
pulsating, wet target he sought.

His hips lurched!

She groaned deeply under the full-powered impalement of
his sex.

Then she cried out in a startled, whimpering gasp!

This isn't Michael!

His pelvis snapped briskly into the perky uptilted
slopes of her buttocks.

This isn't my husband!

Big, bigger than her husband's cock, fatter at least,
the man behind her lunged the full length of his prick
into the humid folds of her cunt.

Who is it! What's happening to me!

The realization that the man behind her, the man that
was now cock-deep in the wanton hole of her sex, wasn't
her husband racked her mind. His arms wrapped around her
waist and his hips snapped forward burying more of the
hardness of his shaft within her belly.

"Ohhhh!" she heard herself moan, embarrassed and ashamed
of her wanton lust.

She moaned again as the fatness of his prick eased back
a bit, slithering out of the juice-filled channel of her
vagina. Then his pelvis jerked forward, sinking his
length into the liquid warmth of her pussy.

Scream, she thought, but the most her mouth could manage
was an incoherent, "Ahhhggghhh!"

What's happening to me? she shouted to herself. Some
man... some stranger is r****g you, and you can't even
call for help!

No! she answered herself, I can't call for help. I
couldn't face Michael and tell him how all this

"Ahhhhhhh!" she groaned, as the thickness that was
packed into her once more eased out, then drove back
into her body.

You don't want to scream for help! she continued the
mental conflict that raged in her brain. You want it!
You want to be ****d!

The squeezing muscles of her young and oh so vulnerable
vagina spoke the truth. They clamped down on the
unfamiliar intruder, clinging to the fullness that
thrilled her.

Whore! You cock hungry bitch! You don't care that you're
being fucked by some unknown, unseen man! All you care
about is that cock! That fat cock that's fucking your

"Harder, Michael!" she moaned, hoping at least to
conceal her discovery from the man behind her, hoping to
hide the wanton, shameless lust she was feeling for this
man she had never even seen, "Deeper! Fuck me deeper!"

The swollen shaft of his prick drove in, slamming its
satisfying fullness into her body. She grunted under the
heavy impact and whimpered as her throbbing cunt begged
for more.

Which is exactly what he gave her!

His hands gripped tightly at her hips, his pelvis jerked
back and forth in a rapid series of powerful lunges. His
cock shafted in and out of her belly, sluicing through
the humid channel in a searing, uneven rhythm.

"God!" she heard herself moaning despite herself. "Oh,
sweet God! It's good! Damn good!"

Her thighs ached, throbbing unmercifully. Her long view
of the bedroom activities and his more than arousing
manipulations of her body were too much for her. Lust!
Her body was one sheer f***e of unleashed lust!

Though she told herself she didn't want to, her hips
began moving with each driving jerk of his hips. She
helped him. She helped him feed his cock into her body.
She helped him fuck her wanton pussy like a dog takes a
bitch in heat.

He slammed back into her. The thickness of his shaft
drilled deep, straining into the pink folds of her
pulsing vagina, stretching the tightness of the channel
to accommodate his size.

Her ass bucked back, slapping into his crotch. She
shuddered with pleasure, as she accepted the swollen rod
that crammed into her. Whoever it was behind her, he
wasn't brutal, just virile, driving deep and hard. And
he hadn't threatened her. He had just taken advantage of
the situation. After all, she had begged and pleaded
with him to fuck her. And that was exactly what he was

The ponderous mass of his prick slid free. Her muscles
clamped down in a vain attempt to hold the flowering
knob of his glans. She moaned and trembled, realizing
that she was enjoying it. She was enjoying being poled
from behind by a man she didn't know. Her whole body
quaked with excitement as she relaxed and prepared
herself for the next fleshy invasion.

It came, big and hard, spearing into the heated recesses
of her aching pussy. Her pelvis jerked back and wiggled
around the massive stalk of man-meat, squeezing the
youthfulness of her love channel around it. She heard
him grunt with pleasure and felt a strange satisfaction
course through her body, adding to the thrills that
already whipped at her.

He wrenched himself free from the clinging moistness of
her sexual sheath, then drew himself back into the hot
pocket of flesh. Their bodies thudded together, ass to
crotch. They grunted and moaned as they worked together,
fanning the flames of passion that licked within them.

In and out, she accepted his strong steady rhythm.

Out and in, he lunged the bigness of his cock-shaft into
the upturned slash of her belly.

Then his arms were around her once again. And his
fingers were delving between the splayed lips of her
love mound.

She groaned as he found the bud of pleasure his
fingertips searched for. Her body quaked with sensual
tremors of delight. He touched and rolled the excited
little nubbin of her clit.

Lunging, thrusting, drilling and spearing his cock
lashed in and out of her body. Around and around his
fingers worked her clit.

She came. Her whole body exploded as the white-hot light
of passion flared, throwing her into the heavens of
ecstasy. Her legs and arms quaked, doing their damnedest
to maintain the body they supported, as she threw
herself back into the man, impaling herself fully on the
pole of flesh sporting from his groin.

Wave after wave of soul-shattering pleasure broke over
her, washing their marvelous sensations through her
body. She felt her legs crumble and her body slowly
collapse and fall to the floor. She groaned as the
thickness that had been packed into her slithered free,
leaving her empty.

Unable to move, she lay on the floor panting and moaning
as she rode atop the swirling winds of ecstasy.

After what seemed like hours of endless sensual
explosions, Diana floated downward, touching earth and
regaining control of her body. Shakily, she pushed
herself to her knees and glanced behind her.

A confused feeling of disappointment and relief flooded
her. He was gone! Vanished back to wherever he had come
from. She shivered and pulled the thin robe back around
her body.

A glistening stream of thickness that oozed from the
lips of her sex was the only evidence she had that he
had ever been there to begin with; a pearly stream of
seeping sperm and semen, the only evidence that he had
achieved the release that he had brought to her.

Her body still trembling, she slowly rose and retraced
her way down the dimly lit passage. The lamp she had
placed in the closet had been a good idea. It led her
toward her room and the secret panel that opened into
the closet.

Once back in the relative security of the bedroom, she
hastily dislodged Michael's shoe and pulled the panel
closed, then replaced the lamp on the night table near
the bed.

It all seemed dreamlike now. The passage, Bryan, Paula,
and Kate and the man who had taken her, all of them a
dream. But the still quivering mouth of her love mound
told her it had been real. She shivered again, unsure
whether the reaction was one of relief or excitement.

In a daze, she stumbled into the bathroom and quickly
turned the knobs of the shower full blast. The water was
like tiny fingers massaging her, bringing her back to
reality and at the same time soothing and relaxing her.

Feeling refreshed, but definitely tired, she toweled
herself dry and climbed into the cushiony softness of
the over-sized bed to wait for her husband, wondering
what she would tell him.

She tried to sort the events out in her mind, but with
little success. The more she thought about the incident
the more embarrassing it was to her.

Like most women, she had thought about ****. The thought
of some man, one she knew and was attracted to, forcing
her into sex had always been exciting. But that wasn't
****, just an erotic fantasy.

**** was brutal, degrading, with no thought of pleasure,
only the humiliation of the woman. r****ts were mentally
sick people who were out to punish women. People who
thought sex was dirty and degraded their victims by
forcing them into sex.

But the man in the passage had been nothing like that.

He had been more like a lover. He had known what a woman
wanted and had given it to her. He had worried about her
pleasure as well as his own.

She shivered again. This time there was no doubt in her
mind, it had been excitement. Not something she would
want to happen every day, but definitely exciting.

Yet, she felt used. She didn't even know the man that
had taken her. She hadn't seen his face. He had taken
the advantage of her position and used her to expel his

Who was he?

What will I tell Michael?

The questions echoed over and over in her mind as the
comforting security of sl**p slowly crept over her,
leaving the answers lost in the darkness.

Chapter 7

Diana rolled over in the bed. Her long, graceful arms
reached out to hold her husband. But only found
emptiness on his side of the bed.

She pushed her sl**p-laden eyes open and stared beside
her. Michael's side had been slept in, but it was empty
now. She quickly glanced around the room. Her husband
was gone.

"Hrmph!" she snorted out loud. "Not much of a way to
treat your bride on the second night of your marriage!"

Then she remembered the man in the passage and was
grateful that her husband hadn't awakened her.

It's passed now. Let it be. There's no reason that
Michael needs to know. Not now at least. He's upset
enough as it is, at having had to make this trip to his
f****y's home. I'll tell him later, when we're away from
here. Later... maybe...

She rolled to her back and stretched. It would be nice
to have Michael now. He's good in the morning. Hell,
he's good any time!

She smiled and pulled his pillow to her and hugged it.
She could detect the slight smell of him. She shivered,
wishing the pillow was her husband, imagining she was
holding him close while he was atop her.

No! Forget it! she scolded herself. No reason to get
yourself hot and bothered. Michael's not here!

Groaning with disappointment, she tossed the imaginary
Michael-pillow back to the other side of the bed, gave
it a loving pat, then swung herself out of the bed.
After a few moments in the bathroom, tending to the
regular morningly duties, she came back into the bedroom
and selected a pair of burgandy hip-huggers and a cream-
colored blouse from the suitcase. Not sure how the
Hightowers would take to the braless look, she also
pulled out one of those thin, very sheer, nylon bras,
that did little more than keep her nipples from poking
out under her blouse. Her breasts were still firm, even
without a bra; they did little more than jiggle around

Quickly stepping into her casual, but attractive,
clothes, she glanced longingly at the empty and unused
bed once more, then made her way downstairs.

The mansion seemed deserted. She made a quick check of
the room she had been in the night before, but could
find no one, let alone her husband.

Deciding that if she had been left to fend on her own,
she'd do something about the growing hunger in her
stomach. After all, it was time for breakfast.

With little difficulty - she did make two wrong turns
that led her to the den - Diana located the hall leading
to the kitchen.

"Good morning," Lorraine cheerfully greeted her as she
swung the door into the kitchen. "sl**p well?"

"Wonderfully," Diana smiled at the blonde-haired woman,
finding herself still disbelieving Lorraine was the
mother of two teen-age c***dren.

If I can only hold my age as well! she thought, but
said, "Where is everybody?"

Her mother-in-law smiled and offered a cup of coffee,
which she accepted, as well as two pieces of toast and
several slices of crisp fried bacon.

"Your Michael got up earlier this morning and drove in
to the courthouse. Both the girls went along to do some
shopping," Lorraine said, seating herself at the
breakfast counter with Diana, nursing her own coffee.
"Bryan and my Michael are around the house somewhere."

Diana listened as the woman talked, mostly idle
conversation about her f****y and the Hightower estate.
However, Diana couldn't help but wonder if Lorraine
really knew what was going on with her f****y. Did she
know that her son and daughter had shared anal
intercourse last night, shared it and enjoyed? And did
she know that they were both their steps****r's lovers?

She smiled to herself, remembering the lusty scene she
had witnessed from behind the one-way mirror last night.

Then the memories of the man in the dark came to her
again. Less distressing than last night, but still

"Look, Diana," she heard her mother-in-law suggest.
"It's a beautiful day. Why don't you go outside and see
our place? It's really rather beautiful. Michael One did
most of the work himself."

"I think I will," Diana agreed, mostly because she
wanted to think. "I'll be back shortly to see if I can
help with lunch."

"Don't bother," the older woman answered. "I'm just
going to throw some cold cuts together. Take your time.
I might come out and join you in a little bit."

Nodding, Diana left her mother-in-law alone in the
kitchen and left the immense plantation house via the
back door.

It was a nice day, spring warm, but lacking the humidity
that comes with Louisiana summers. A light breeze added
to the fresh feel of the day. A mildly, sweet scent of
the blossoming magnolia trees suffused through the air.

Moving idly and without any set purpose, Diana walked
away from the house. She stopped once and reached down
to remove her shoes. The St. Augustine grass, with its
broad flat blades, was a thick green carpet that felt
cool and alive under her bare feet. It was almost a sin
to walk on this grass with anything but bare feet.
Beautifully manicured, the lawn of the Hightower estate
was almost a work of art.

Who had it been?

Despite the marvelous feel of the day, her thoughts kept
returning to the secret passage, the alcove with its
sexy viewing arrangement, and the man who had fucked her
so thoroughly, the man she hadn't seen - only felt!

"Good morning!" a voice called to her, her husband's

She pivoted, glad that he had gotten the legal business
out of the way so quickly. But it wasn't Michael that
was coming toward her. At least, not her Michael.
Rather, it was her husband's father.

"You look especially lovely this morning. The way all
new brides should," he smiled at and received a smile in
answer. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

"Yes," she replied. "Lorraine suggested I come out and
see what you've done with the landscaping. I'm glad I
took her up. It's beautiful."

His face beamed with pride, "Thank you. I won't be
humble about it. This took a hell of a lot of work and I
did most of it by myself. I guess it's the New England
farm boy I never was coming out in me. There's something
special about planting things and watching them come to

She smiled, then chided, "Don't tell me you're
responsible for these magnolias!"

"No," he chuckled. "They were here when I bought the
place. But they were in bad condition and I did nurse
them back to health."

"A man with a green thumb," she laughed.

"Thumbs don't get green by working with the earth," he
corrected. "They get dirty."

She laughed again. Last night, she had decided she liked
her new father-in-law and those feelings were being
confirmed now. "Is there anything special I should see?
Any labor of love you're especially proud of?"

"Why of course," he smiled, offering her his arm, which
she took. "The pond is just over there. If you'll kindly
come with me."

The walk was farther than Diana anticipated. The mansion
had disappeared behind them, hidden by the small forest
of magnolias. But it was worth it. Michael One's pond
was special.

Skirted by trees on all sides, the small pool of water
was clear and calm looking. To one side was a small
clearing, complete with a picnic table and benches.

"I had to call in the bulldozers to help me with this,
her father-in-law explained. "It's my design, though.
The pond's spring fed and most of the year it's
downright cold, which keeps the snakes away."

"Snakes?" Diana glanced up at him.

"This is bayou country. There's plenty of cotton mouths
around," he answered. "But don't worry. Like I said the
water is plenty cold, too cold for them. But on a hot
summer's day, this pond beats the hell out of a swimming
pool. Lorraine and I often sneak away from the house
during the summer for a little skinny dippin'."

Diana laughed. It was quite easy for her to picture her
father-in-law and his sexy wife swimming nude in the
pond. He might be in his fifties, but he still presented
a virile image. The humor, however, was Diana's mental
images of Bryan, Paula and Kate doing exactly the same
thing without the knowledge of their parents. This
quiet, little pond had probably been the scene for more
than one of the sexual romps the threesome had shared.

"Your home really is something special," she commented,
as they paused, leaning against the trunk of one of the
towering trees.

"We think so," Michael One smiled at her. "There's a lot
here to work with and we're always finding something
new, some remnant of this estate's history."

"Like those cellars they used to keep runaway slaves in
until passage north could be arranged?" Diana asked.

"Mmmm hmmmm," he nodded, gazing out over the pond. "Or
some buried wagon wheel. Or like those andirons for the
den's fireplace. I found them while the workmen were
digging this pond. There must have been another house
out here at one time. Perhaps a guest house. If not,
then I discovered the Duvalle's old trash dump."

She chuckled with him at the thought of the antique
andirons once being someone else's garbage.

"This whole place is like the house," he continued.

"Full of those quirks you mentioned last night?" she

"Right," he smiled at her, his eyes locking to hers.
"Did you know that the house has secret passages?"

"Yes..." she suddenly stopped.

It hit her all at once, like a ton of bricks!

Her father-in-law's eyes flashed with a devilish glint.

He knew!

And she knew!

The man in the alcove had answered to the name Michael
last night! He had sounded like her husband! Michael One
sounded like her Michael! They were both the same size.
The similarities were unbelievable!

"You!" she gasped. "It was you!"

Her hand lashed out, fully intent on slapping her
father-in-law's face. It was silly, a c***dish reaction.
But at the moment, it was all that she could think of;
all she could do to relieve the anger and the
embarrassment that flushed through her body.

But even that was ineffectual!

His own arm jumped up and grasped her wrist. Her anger
growing, she slapped out with her other arm. Which
again, he blocked, raising both her arms above her head
and pinning them firmly against the rough trunk of the
magnolia. She struggled, twisting to free herself, but
he held her solidly.

"You bastard! It was you!" she spat. "You were the man
last night! You... you... r****t!"

He chuckled and grinned at her, "r****t?"

"Yes, you son of a bitch!" she grunted, still trying to
wrench her wrist free of his one vise-like hand.

"Come now," he chided, his eyes laughing with amused
delight. "Surely you don't expect me to believe that. I
doubt whether you've been able to convince yourself that
it was ****!"

Her knee lashed out, directed toward his groin. A
measure he had apparently been anticipating, since he
easily sidestepped the would-be painful thrust and
laughed, obviously enjoying the position he held his
daughter-in-law in.

"My dear Diana, you wanted it as every bit as much as I
did," he grinned lewdly down at her, knowing. "You never
so much as tried to get away from me. And I know you
could tell I wasn't my son."

She kicked out again, but it was a vain effort. He was
now positioned beside her, out of reach.

"You bastard!" she hissed, renewing her struggle to get
away from his hand, but he held her tight

"I only did as you asked," he continued smiling at her.
"As a matter of fact, I didn't do a damn thing until you
asked me to. Unless you want to count my copping a feel
of those marvelous tits of yours."

Again she twisted and writhed and again her struggles
received the same results. Nothing!

"And you can't tell me you didn't enjoy it as much as I
did," he went on. "My God, girl, you had one of the
strongest climaxes I've ever seen in a woman!"

"No! That was not ****," he concluded. "One of the
farthest things from **** I've ever seen!"

"Yesss!" she hissed. "It was! You ****d me!"

"No," he answered simply, as he reached up and tightly
grasped her chin with his free hand. "No."

His head dipped forward.

He's going to kiss me!

The thought jolted her. It was the last thing she had

The conceit! The egotistical bastard!

She tried to jerk her head away, but his clamping
fingers held her steady and immobile. Lightly his lips
brushed over hers, then his head rose and he smiled, as
she glared with indignation.

Releasing her face, his fingers tauntingly glided down
the smooth arc of her neck, resting on the top button of
her blouse.

"I guess, if you won't admit that it wasn't ****," he
grinned, "I'll have to demonstrate my point to you."

His fingers fumbled with the button momentarily. She
felt the top of her blouse suddenly loosen and knew he
had been successful.

Again, he reached up and grasped her chin and jerked her
face toward him. His head lowered and their lips met
again, pressing a little harder and lingering for a
second or two.

Repeating his movements, his fingers drifted down the
softness of her neck and down the front of her blouse,
dipping a little lower this time.

The fabric of her blouse tugged as the second of the
five buttons was freed from its hole. As before, his
hand caught her chin and pulled her face to him. His
lips pressed hard against hers. With enraged
determination, she kept her month tautly drawn closed.

Again his fingers slid down along the curving arch of
her neck and dipped through the opening "V" of her
blouse. Downward his fingers softly caressed, moving
much lower and much more intimately through the valley
separating her breasts and over the thin nylon that
covered the well-proportioned globes. He found the
fourth button and easily slipped it from its hole.

For the fifth time, his fingers clamped under her chin
and pulled her to him. His mouth covered hers. His
tongue, warm and moist, danced out from his mouth, as
his lips parted, then taunted over her lips. But she was
determined! Her mouth refused the probe. She shivered,
remembering its feel on her neck and ear last night.

Once more, following the now familiar path, his fingers
caressingly glided down her neck and drifted over her
bare skin, through the smooth valley of her breasts and
over the quivering flatness of her stomach. They found
the last of the five buttons and quickly slipped it from
its hole.

Her blouse was now completely opened.

His free hand tucked under the edges of the shirt and
pushed them back over her shoulders so that the blouse
remained on her, but her chest was exposed to him.

"Beautiful," he whispered glancing at her, then letting
his eyes drop to the nylon-confined mounds of her tits,
so that she knew exactly what he was speaking about.

The bra was flimsy and sheer. It held absolutely nothing
from his eyes. Her nipples and aureoles looked brown
under the flesh-colored fabric, rather than their
natural coral pink, but what the hell did that matter,
she found herself thinking.

"Beautiful," he whispered again, as if to make sure that
she heard him.

His hand was back on her body again. This time gently
caressing the sleek flatness of her stomach, his
fingertips teasingly ringing the deep well of her navel.
She shivered.

Damn! she cursed herself. She could feel her nipples
responding to the taunting gentle manipulation of his
hand. Slut! You're nothing better than a cock hungry

It didn't help. Her nylon-confined nipples still
tingled, pushing against the fabric of her bra.

Working slowly upward, his hand glided beneath the
restrained globe of her right tit and slowly caressed
the bulging lower curve. She shivered again. Then his
palm cupped beneath the s****r mound and repeated its
loving fondle.

The bastard! He's doing exactly like he did last night!

Thinking she felt the grip on her pinned wrists slacken,
she suddenly jerked and twisted. The strength of his
hand hadn't diminished in the least. He held her firmly
and continued his play without the slightest pause for
her struggles.

Circling in a spiralling path, his fingers brushed
around and around the captive globes of flesh. Despite
the covering of nylon, she felt him, felt every little
movement of his fingertips. The sheer fabric seemed only
to increase the sexy feel of him, suffusing the pleasant
sensations of his hands. Her nipples were alive,
straining outward, pressing against the cloth of her

His fingers then drifted into the deep valley between
the mounded forms of her breasts. Carefully, they tucked
under the fabric.

His eyes rose to her again, glinting with delight as
they caught the excited flare of her nostrils and the
wide-eyed gaze of definite interest.

His hand jerked forward. A sharp biting pain ran across
her shoulders. It was the broad strap of her bra! Then
it was gone as suddenly as it had come. He had ripped
the front of her bra open. Her tits, pink and
vulnerable, now stood out from her chest, displaying
their nakedness, while wispy bits of torn nylon dangled
to their sides, moving in the slight breeze.

Involuntarily, she sucked her breath in. It hissed as it
rushed through her teeth on the way to her lungs.
Whether she wanted it or not, her body was reacting to
him. She was enjoying this rough treatment. Just as she
had enjoyed the things he had done to her last night!

His hand rose to her tits again. This time his fingers
were met by the summery warmth of her flesh. She
quivered, trying to push the mounting excitement of her
body away.

His fingers lightly brushing and tapping at her erect
nipple did little to help. Nor did the wonderfully
squeezing finger that expertly kneaded and rolled the
firm cushions of flesh.

And when he cupped one of the tempting globes of melon-
like tit and pushed it upward so that he could just
barely get his lips and tongue on the deep pink cherry
of aroused flesh that topped it, there was nothing she
could think to do, except moan.

His tongue was like a feathery whip of pleasure. He
licked and laved, slickening the fat, plump nipple. He
lashed and whipped over its hardening surface, causing
her chest to heave with labored breaths.

His lips closed over the excited bud and he sucked - an
action that only increased the wonderful tingling that
flooded through the billowy mound and suffused down into
her loins.

She moaned again, arching her back away from the
wrinkled trunk of the tree, in a hope of giving him more
of her wanton breast. But the confining position he had
her pinned in did little to help.

If he'd only let my hands go! she found herself wishing
and not caring. She knew as she had known last night
that she wanted what he had given her. She wanted it
now, as she wanted it then!

With a moist little sucking sound, his lips slid from
her nipple and his hand squeezed around the fleshy globe
as he rolled it against her chest.

His eyes met hers again and he leaned to her.

Their lips met. This time, he found no resistance, no
struggle, no protest!

She opened her mouth to admit the moist, warm probe of
his tongue. She accepted the oral digit into her mouth,
caressing it and teasing it with her own tongue. He
drilled deeply, flicking toward her throat.

She felt him move at her side, pressing against her,
then covering her from the front. She could have made
her kicks connect now, but that was the furthest thing
from her mind, as she felt the bulging thickness that
pressed against her from the crotch of his pants.

Her pelvis pushed out and rubbed into the bulge. She
felt him tremble a little, but enough for her hands to
slip free and cling tightly around his back.

As his tongue retreated from her mouth, she moved after
it into his mouth. Her gyrating oral digit flicked and
twisted within the humid warmth of his mouth, dancing
lightly over and under his tongue.

His hand climbed up her back and slowly worked at her
blouse. Briefly she unwrapped her arms from around him,
so that he could slip it and the shredded remains of her
bra free and toss them to the ground. Then her arms were
around him again, drawing him close.

Eventually, they parted and he gazed down at her, an
undeniable light of certainty in his eyes, "Kneel down."

She obeyed his whispered command, trembling as she
dropped before him, her green eyes never leaving his
face. He smiled reassuringly.

"Suck me off," he whispered his next command. It came as
if to make sure she knew neither one of them no longer
spoke of ****.

She glanced at the thick knoll that strained from the
front of his pants and nodded without looking at him.

Her fingers slowly drifted out and traced up and down
the swollen shape beneath his jeans. His legs opened,
spreading a little as her fingers found his zipper and
moved it downward, then dipped inside his fly, carefully
maneuvering the fat rod of flesh she found free of its

That it was thick, she already knew. She had felt it
last night and it had packed her to the brim. But seeing
the full size of his club-like prodder was something
else. While no more than six inches long, it was at
least two inches in diameter, and the gorged glans
looked like some small red apple.

And from the long, slitted mouth at the direct center of
the arrow-shaped crown welled a large drop of crystal
clear fluid. Juice that she stirred from his loins.

Grasping the thickness of his cock with both of her
hands, she leaned to his crotch. Her pink tongue snaked
out and lapped away the heavy drop. The familiar taste
of sex filled her mouth. It was a taste she liked. No! A
taste she loved! She rolled the singular drop in her
mouth, savoring it, then she swallowed.

Her tongue flicked out again, this time washing its way
over the bloated-looking crown of his cock. It looked so
firm and hard, yet it was smooth and soft. The delicious
combination was arousing. She licked some more,
thoroughly enjoying the task her father-in-law had set
her to.

He moaned as she continued her delicate laving over the
sensitive thickness of his glans and moaned as her
tongue ran up and down the firm column of his sex,
leaving it glistening with the wetness of her saliva.

She nibbled and teethed her way up and down the plump
hardness, delighting in the virile feel of his manhood.
Then she gave its bulging head one last kiss and pulled

Her emerald eyes rolled up to him once again.

"Suck it!" he repeated, his voice less steady and filled
with the desire she was igniting within his loins.

Which is exactly what she did.

Her predatory lips moved in, opening in a wide "O" of
tightly pressed muscle. Over the hugely massive crown
knob, her lips pouted.

Then she sucked!

She sucked, pulling on the ponderous head. She sucked as
her tongue whipped and lashed over its agitated surface.
She sucked delighting in the fatness of the man-meat she

He groaned and his lips lurched forward. At least half
of his length plunged into her mouth, vanishing into her

She gulped and sucked in her breath through her nostrils
to suppress the urge to gag. Then she slipped further
down the fat rod.

He was too big for her to take all of him. At least too
big for this first time in her mouth. Perhaps after some
time, she could accommodate his ponderous mass in her
face. But not now. Still, she took enough of his swollen
stalk to let him know she was giving him head and enough
for her to know that he could easily crack her jaws, if
suddenly he became overactive.

But he didn't.

He just stood there, letting her do the work, watching
as her head bobbed up and down on his pole of flesh.
Delighting as she slid her lips on and off his cock.
Thrilling as her cheeks hollowed while she sucked, then
stuffed outward as she swallowed up his prick once

She could hear him moaning. She could feel the rigidity
that stiffened his cock to a hard pole of flesh, And she
could feel the thick knot that pushed up along the
underside of his shaft.

Then he blasted into her mouth.

Hot cum in a direct race from his balls splattered over
her tongue and coated the roof of her mouth. She
swallowed and sucked, welcoming each of the thick spurts
of sexual cream that exploded out from his loins. Again
and again, she gulped down the viscosity that
exuberantly spilled from the head of his cock.

She sucked at him, milking at his throbbing rod for even
further offerings.

"No more," he groaned, his hips jerking back, rudely
wrenching his shaft from her lips. "No more!"

Still on her knees, she stared up, pleased with the grin
of satisfaction that spread across her father-in-law's

Chapter 8

It took a few moments for Michael One to steady himself.
Diana's oral passion was something he had not reckoned
with. However, he had disproved the "****" theory of his
daughter-in-law to his satisfaction and hopefully to

But that was something he intended to make sure of at
the moment.

Diana shivered with excitement as her father-in-law
smiled down at her. It stemmed from the lubricious gleam
in his dark eyes and the still stiff lance of man flesh
that jutted from his groin. She trembled and whimpered.

The aroused thrills increased as he leaned over and
lifted her to her feet. Without speaking, he pulled her
half-naked body to his, crushing her supple form to him.
She came without hesitation, the stiff nipples of her
melon-like breasts stabbing at his chest.

There was absolutely no protest this time as his tongue
darted from his mouth. Her lips opened and accepted the
oral probe that filled the emptiness left by his
withdrawn cock. Her own tongue playfully dueled around
the flicking invader, then pushed its way into his

Carefully, she wedged a thigh between his legs and
rubbed it over the exposed length of his manhood, still
hard and powerful feeling, despite the demand she had
just placed on his seminal reservoir. He moaned around
the mouthful of tongue that speared toward the back of
his throat.

She pressed tightly to him, relishing in the inciting
sensation of her tit mounds flattening against his
chest, then slowly swaying her hips so that the pancaked
globes rolled deliciously over him. Her hand slid down
his back, anchoring into the taut boulders of his ass
and pulled his crotch to hers.

Simultaneously, his hands followed hers, dipping beneath
the tight waistband of her slacks and under the elastic
tops of her panties. Her little wiggle movements
increased to a provocative dance as his hands covered
the perky, rounded curves of her bottom. He squeezed
down. His fingers firmly dug into the fleshy demiglobes,
kneading her silken buttocks as he had fondled the
moldable mounds of her young, proud breasts.

For several minutes they clung to each other, their
tongues darting and exploring the now familiar interiors
of their mouths. Their hands squeezed and urged. Their
bodies pressed together with a sensual nearness.

Reluctantly, they separated, gazing at one another for a
silent second or two. Then his hands withdrew from her
ass and moved to the front of her burgandy hip-huggers.

While he worked the button and zipper to her slacks
free, her own fingers occupied themselves with the
imposing shaft that speared wantonly from his fly.

With loving tenderness, her fingertips glided up and
down the still moist spike of flesh; still damp with the
traces of her saliva. It jerked and jumped under her
spright teasing. Its red glans glistened from the fresh
sexual oils that oozed from his balls.

A little tug came from each side of her hips. She
wiggled and helped him work the clinging slacks down her
thighs until they fell around her ankles. He followed
the same procedure to remove the naughty pink mesh
panties she wore.

She had to give up her hold on his thick prick as he
leaned over and suddenly lifted her in his arms. Not
particularly caring where he was taking her, she wrapped
her arms around his neck and playfully nibbled at his

About twenty feet from where their enjoyable
confrontation had begun, he gently laid her on the
ground between two towering magnolias. The grass was
thick there, like a natural bed. It felt cool and
exciting against the nakedness of her body as she
stretched out voluptuously at his feet.

Smiling down at the willing young woman, his fingers
worked free the buttons to his shirt and threw it aside.
With the same quickness, he managed to peel away his
pants and the boxer shorts he wore, to join his enticing
daughter-in-law in her nakedness.

Lowering himself beside her in their grassy bed, he once
more scooped her up in his arms. Her inciting fingers
were back at his cock, as he slid one of his hands
between her silk-textured thighs. She whimpered with
arousal as his palm closed around the fleshy mound of
her pubis.

He squeezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of her
sex. Her hips twitched eagerly, hunching their
willingness into his fingers. He could feel the moisture
of her anticipation welling from between the outer lips
of her labia. There was no need for further foreplay,
but that was exactly what made the things he did to her
so enjoyable.

Wiggling a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her
cunt, he sluiced into the juice-filled channel of her
vagina, twisting and twirling the intimate digit. The
soft folds of her tunnel of desire responded, squeezing
around the probe that had invaded her body. Her pelvis
moved up and down, working itself on him as if it were
feeding on the thickness of a cock, rather than a single

His nakedness only made the wonderfully firm mounds of
her breasts that more enjoyable. Heavy and round, they
pressed against his chest, rolling and spearing the
stiffness of their erect nipples into his skin.

Her hands slid up and down on his prick, neither
demanding or urgent, but letting him know she was more
than ready to have its thickness buried within the tight
sheath of her belly.

But he still waited, gliding another finger into her
heated hole of passion, while yet another fingertip
tapped at her clit, taunting it out from under the thin
membrane of its hood. It was as if he teased her body to
quell forever whatever traces of "****" still remained
in her body. He taunted her, stirring her lust in the
same manner he had used last night in the dim-lit

She whimpered, writhing against his body, as big fingers
expertly manipulated dual digits into the enveloping
socket of sex, while his third finger flicked and
fondled a prodigious series of thrills through her body.

She felt him move beside her and his free hand rolled
her to her back. He edged up a little and his mouth
kissed at her neck working downward until it captured
one of the high-perched cherries of flesh topping a
warm, pink-colored tit. His tongue moistly caressed the
stiffened bud as his lips sucked.

She groaned. The double stimulation of her body was
fantastic. Her lips twisted with the mounting desires
that trembled through her. Her body writhed, swishing
over the crisp, green bed of grass. Her hips rose and
fell in time with the steady in-out pumping of his
fingers. Her hands clamped tightly around his cock-
shaft, squeezing and jacking along its pulsating length.

He was controlling her once again. It was a repeat of
their first meeting in the voyeur's alcove. He knew the
sexual needs of a woman and even more important, he
cared about fulfilling them. Only one man had had that
type of control over her body until now - her husband,
Michael. Now she had found another - her father-in-law.

She groaned, as his fingers upped their tempo, sluicing
into the hot mouth of her belly. Her hips surged up and
down, matching the increased rhythm.

Michael! What would he think... what would he do, if he
knew I were here? If he knew I were giving my body to
his father with the same willingness that I gave myself
to him?

She wanted to straighten the thoughts out in her mind.
She wanted to know what to do and how to handle the
situation, but those marvelous fingers gliding in and
out of her vagina were too demanding.

I'm a whore! A shameless slut who can't get enough sex!
Can't get enough hot, hard cock stuffed up my cunt!

But she didn't feel like a slut. She felt like a
passion-filled woman who was getting the sex she needed
and wanted, from an experienced man who knew how to
satisfy her.

God! He feels so good! I'm going to cum if he keeps this
up! I want his cock for that! Not his fingers!

Still, her father-in-law pumped his vigorously gliding
fingers into the trembling groove of her pussy. In and
out, then twisting a little, he finger-fucked her,
eliciting desire-laden whimpers and moans from her
writhing lips.

Does he want me to beg? Does he want me to plead for his
cock, like I did last night?

She knew the answers to her questions even before she
asked them to herself. She knew he wanted to be asked to
fuck her. He wanted her to know that he had only given
her what she had wanted last night and at no time had
there ever been a question of ****. He was right. She
had wanted him. Even when she had discovered the cock
that filled her wasn't her husband's, she had wanted
him; wanted him just as she wanted and ached for him

"Fuck me!" she moaned, gasping for her breath. "Please,
I want this wonderful cock of yours! Please! My God,

His mouth immediately pulled off her tit and he slid
atop her, his fulI weight pressing her into the ground
and she loved every manly ounce of his body. His fingers
jerked free of her snatch and gripped her hips.

Her hands guided the knob-like thickness of his shaft's
head to the waiting, throbbing entrance of her cunt. His
hips jerked violently and he slammed up into the
quivering wetness of her pussy.

She grunted-whimpered with the abrupt penetration of her
passion-keen body. His thickness packed her to the brim.

There was no pause, no hesitating moment to revel in the
union of their bodies.

His pelvis jerked up, wrenching the filling firmness of
cock from her vagina in a brusk manner, then he lurched
forward, cramming his bigness back Into the sheathing
envelope of desire.

She grunted again, as his heavy impact f***ed the air
from her lungs in a startled "Hooufff!" But this is the
way she wanted it. Hard and rough!

Again the straining hugeness of his sexual pole jerked
curtly back. She felt her clinging cunt follow its rapid
retreat, flowing wetly around his cock's circumference.

Downward his hips plunged again, grinding into her, as
he shafted the ponderous root of flesh back up into her
belly. The tight channel of her cunt stretched back
before the invading arrow-shaped tip of his cock. The
walls of her vagina closed around his swollen mass,
squeezing tautly.

His breath was hard and fast, like the sound of a
rutting a****l, as he pumped in and out of her wet, pink
cunt. The bestial manner of his assault only heightened
the avid need she had for him, this new lover, her

Despite the heaviness of his weight, she worked her hips
in the same rigorous tempo of his jackhammering strokes.
Up and down, she hunched, arching her back to meet each
slamming thrust of his cock, then dropping her ass to
the grassy coolness of the ground beneath her, as he
jerked out.

His hands were moving on her. She could feel them
through the lust-haze cloud that suffused through her
body. They were moving downward, from her hips,
caressing her thighs. No, they were sliding behind her

Abruptly, her legs were whipped upward and pushed toward
her chest, his arms holding them there!

The juice-filled furrow of her desire opened to him in
an increased angle of entry. His still ramrodding prick
lunged forward, spearing into the innermost depths of
her cunt.

She groaned and writhed, her hips no longer able to
move. Deep, thick and gorged, his inflexible length of
cock skewered her body.

"Ahhhaggghhh!" she accepted the deep-rooted impact of
his sex.

Brutally, almost in a punishing fashion, his hips rose
and fell. He slammed into her. He ground his crotch into
hers, his hairy ball bag slapping at the curves of her
up-tilted ass cheeks. He lashed. He pounded.

She loved it!

Her hands were dug into his taut buttocks. Her
fingernails were biting into his ass as he fucked her.
She pulled at him, trying to f***e even more of the
deeply slamming man meat into her pussy.

Her vagina seared with the rising, consuming heat of her
desire. He was a living lance that speared again and
again into the open wound of her body. Unable to move,
she made up for it by squeezing. Her cunt was a sucking
mouth that ate at the thick shaft that filled and packed
it. She squeezed down, attempting to make her channel of
sex a glove-like socket for him. She strained, drawing
her pussy tighter and tighter.

He grunted like a lust-maddened bull, his hips lashing
up and down. His cock whipped in and out of her. Harder
and deeper, he crammed into the burning socket of her
body. He skewered her. He rammed her. He plowed into the
wanton slash of her hot sex.

Higher and higher, she rose. Nearer and nearer to the
release her body screamed for, he whipped her on.

Her hands were raking claws of desperation on his
buttocks. Pulling and urging him, she dug into the taut
rocks of his ass.

He responded, his pelvis slapping into hers harder and
harder. His cock was a fiery piston that only strove
deeper, trying to split her up the middle.

She squeezed and writhed, unable to get enough of the
fatness of his sex, as she soared closer and closer to
climax. She groaned and whimpered the urgent demands of
her body. She moaned and grunted as his body pounded
over and over into her.

In and out, out and in, his lust-laden shaft impaled the
quivering slash of her sex. He drilled and ground. He
skewered and poled. His whole body was tense, as he held
back the flood that once more boiled up from his balls.
He fucked! He fucked her, doing his damnedest to slam
his cock all the way up her!

Like a series of unleashed earthquakes, it racked
through her body. Tremors, flesh tremors of desire and
release, writhed through her. She thrashed and twisted
under him, screwing her cunt fully with the fat, swollen
length of his shaft.

She cried out in wailing whimpers of delight. Her body
exploded and blasted free. Her passion swirled and
lashed in the ecstasy of its freedom. Every nerve in her
body sizzled with white-hot heat. She came, rocked and
caressed by the ultimate of pleasures.

Simultaneously, his balls broke free, glushing a fresh
load of cum into the orgasmically contracting folds of
her cunt. He fountained into her opened body, flooding
the sheathing well of her sex with the thick fluids of
his release. He filled her until the creamy whiteness of
his cum oozed around the buried thickness of his cock
and seeped from her cunt.

Chapter 9

Neither of them moved for several minutes, their bodies
still locked together. But, eventually, she felt his
cock deflate, slowly slithering out of her body and he
rolled from atop her and lay at her side in the grass.

"That was good," she whispered, as she cradled into the
hollow of his shoulder.

He squeezed her and lightly kissed her forehead in

"Last night..." she started, then stopped, unsure of
exactly how to pose her question.

"Mmmmmm?" his hand idly slid along her side, pausing to
fondle the bulging base of a breast.

"Well, I don't know how to put it," she started again.
"But last night, did you know what I was doing in the

"Sure," he chuckled. "You, were peeping in windows."

"I mean," she pressed, "did you know what I was

"Yes," he kissed her lightly. "You were watching Bryan
and the girls making love. I could see through the
mirror too, you know."

His abrupt answer with all its candidness somehow
shocked her.

"What were you doing there?" she went on trying to get
to the bottom of what was bothering her.

"Other than what obviously occurred," he chuckled again,
pulling her to him, "I was going to do exactly what you
were doing."

"What?" she couldn't believe what he had just said.

"Why not?" he questioned with amusement. "Paula and Kate
are quite attractive young girls. Together they're quite
a sensual pair. And they both enjoy having Bryan."

She was silent, comprehending what he had just said, but
still disbelieving the i****tuous relationships that
apparently existed within the Hightower f****y.

"Lorraine was occupied," he went on, "and I must admit I
find watching my daughters quite stimulating. Didn't

Something rang funny in her mind. Diana rolled her
father-in-law's last comment. Then it struck her -
Lorraine was occupied! Michael!

"Were Michael and Lorraine together!" she stammered. "I
mean were they together!"

Michael One laughed and hugged her close, amused at her
befuddlement, "I think you'll have to ask them. But
before my son found you, he and Lorraine were quite a

Diana tried to get angry. But she couldn't. Hell! What
have I gotten myself into! Here I am naked, thoroughly
fucked by my new father-in- law, who has just told me my
husband is having an affair with his stepmother!

Actually, the whole picture was perfectly clear to her,
she just was having a hard time accepting it. She had
suddenly been brought into a f****y that believed in
togetherness, especially when it came to sexual matters.

"Let me make sure I know what you're saying," she
pressed one more time. "You, Lorraine, Bryan, Paula and

"Don't forget Jim," her father-in-law laughed. "We're
all in love with each other and dig the hell out of

He paused, staring into her green eyes, "Welcome to the

Despite her confusion and her mild state of shock, the
meaning of his words penetrated and she shivered with
anticipation, remembering everything she had seen last
night. Even the mental picture of Michael screwing his
stepmother didn't seem to bother her. In fact, she found
it rather exciting. She and Michael had had lovers
before they met and she had always assumed that they
both would continue to do so at one time or another.
Perhaps it was better this way. Let everything come out
in the open.

After all, it's all in the f****y!

Michael One stirred again, "I don't know about you, but
I think I could use a quick dip in the pond before
heading back to the house. Care to join me?"

Diana nodded. While the thick St. Augustine grass was
beautiful to look at, it was starting to irritate her
skin, reminiscent of the prickly feeling she used to get
when she was a k** and used to rough house in the grass
with the other k**s in her neighborhood. A playtime
activity that had stopped once the boys started to
notice that the girls were girls and suddenly began to
add new little twists to their football games.

Michael One helped her from the ground and they walked
to the pond. Without hesitating, he did a springy little
dive and knifed into the clear water. Then, without
thinking, she followed. As she struck the water, she
remembered his earlier comments about the pond being
spring fed.


Even in the warm spring weather, the water was icy.
Shivering, she quickly splashed around, rinsing away the
itching traces of the grass, then clambered out of the
water, clutching herself at the edge of the pond. Her
father-in-law laughed, but quickly followed suit.

"Sorry, but we forgot to bring towels," he said, running
his fingers through the thick mop of his black hair,
then shaking his head vigorously. "The sun will dry us
in a little bit."

Together they gathered the s**ttered clothes they had
hastily disposed of earlier, then walked to the picnic
table, stretching out and letting the sun warm their
chilled bodies. Neither of them said much, as they
enjoyed the toasty feeling of the sun soaking into their

Somehow, as they turned over, they ended up in each
other's arms again. This time Diana took the role of the
aggressor, realizing that she wanted this man, her
father-in-law, again. He had the same sexual attraction
she had only found in her husband up until now. Just
looking at either one of them sent shivery waves of
gooseflesh racing up and down her back and flooded her
cunt with wetness.

In short time, she had worked his sl**ping prick back to
its club-like size. This time, she straddled him,
impaling herself on his cock.

Neither of them rushed. Instead, they let the seeds of
desire slowly blossom under a gentle, steady undulation
of their hips and the tender caressing of their hands.

She came first. Then increasing the rocking, plunging
motion of her pelvis, she fucked him until she received
another flood of sperm and semen gushing hotly into the
welcoming recesses of her belly.

She declined another offer for a "refreshing plunge"
into the pond in favor of just rinsing the well-used
mound of her sex, as she waded at the edge of the pool.
Michael One (which she now thought of as one word, and
pronounced it that way, as did the rest of the f****y)
splashed around for a few minutes, then came running out
of the water.

Picking their clothes up from the picnic tables and
tucking them under his arm, he said, "The sun'll dry us
on the way back to the house."

Her head jerked around, doing a classical double take,
"You mean, you want me to go back to the house like
this! Naked!"

"Yes," he said, making no effort to hand her her
clothes. "The only ones at the house are part of the
f****y... your f****y."

Still unsure of her new relationship, she trotted to his
side, as he started toward the mansion. She understood
him. She was part of the Hightower f****y, a thought
that excited her. She was free to have open sexual
relationships with the members of her new f****y, as
they were with her.

But what about Michael? He might have been balling
Lorraine last night, but he doesn't know I've fucked and
have been fucked by his father!

She remembered his own uneasiness as they drove into the
estate yesterday. Had it been because he thought she
wouldn't accept the open i****tual life of his f****y?
Or was it because he wanted to keep her away from that
same life?

It couldn't be the latter reason, she told herself, or
could it?

She didn't know. But whatever his thoughts and worries
were, it was too late for her, she realized, as her
father-in-law opened the door to the Hightower home and
she stepped inside the kitchen.

Lorraine and Bryan were sitting at the table, preparing
to make themselves sandwiches from a platter of cold
cuts and breads laid out neatly on a large tray. Both
their eyes widened as they turned to the newcomers, then
their lips smiled.

Diana tried to smile back, but her nudity made her feel
more than slightly uncomfortable. She felt Michael One's
hand pressing at the small of her back, moving her
through the kitchen and into the hall, then to the den.
Her father-in-law motioned for her to sit on the couch.

"Relax," he smiled, as she took her seat. "Lorraine and
Bryan will join us in a moment. Remember, you're a
member of our f****y now."

A member and fully initiated, she thought, feeling her
stomach doing all sorts of nervous quivers. Initiated by
the head of the f****y.

Diana's head twisted a little in reaction to the padded
footsteps she heard coming down the hall. They grew
closer, moving through the rooms of the mansion.

Then Lorraine and her son entered. Both of them had shed
their clothes somewhere along the way to the den.

Bryan's body she knew well, having watched it and longed
for it as the youth so expertly serviced his s****rs
last night. But Lorraine was something else. The older
woman never ceased to amaze her. It was easy to see
where Paula inherited the womanly flares of her youthful

There were faint stretch marks that gave away the fact
that the blonde-haired woman had born c***dren, but
other than that, Diana would have stuck to her original
estimate of Lorraine's age being in the twenties. Her
breasts were like large, cushiony pillows, swaying
temptingly as she strode proudly into the den,
apparently completely comfortable in her nakedness. The
pointed tips of her light brown nipples traced invisible
circles in the air, moved by the pendulous juggle of her
bountiful tits.

She was wagging her hips in an exaggerated fashion, as
if to draw all their attentions to the shaven smoothness
of her pubic mound. But for Diana, there was no need.
The sleek, creamy plumpness of her mother-in-law's pubis
had already caught her eyes.

It looks so vulnerable, so tempting, she mused mentally,
I wonder how Michael would react if I did that. Then she
fumbled in her thoughts, I wonder how Michael liked
that?, remembering what Michael One had said. I bet
she's had her cunt surgically tightened after she had
her c***dren. Any woman who's taken so much care with
her body would have done that.

Lorraine smiled at her again, as if confirming her
unspoken speculations, as she crossed the room and
joined her husband, perching herself on the arm of his

The elder Hightower's caressing arms slid around her in
an intimate greeting. One of his hands worked its way up
her nakedness and cupped under a huge mound of tit.
Diana could see the excited waves of gooseflesh ripple
over her mother-in-law's creamy skin, as the fingers
that possessed her breast kneaded into the pliable
pillow of flesh. Lorraine sighed softly, not so much
with desire, but with soothing comfort.

The sigh was abruptly transformed to a deeply sucking
hiss, as the woman jerked a little. Michael One's other
hand had crept between her slim thighs and he had
embedded his index finger into the shaven nakedness of
her cunt. Diana watched as his finger slowly moved in
and out, glistening with the sexual moisture it had
found waiting within Lorraine's body.

Her mother-in-law's gleaming blue eyes misted quickly
under the steady pumping of the hand that had invaded
her body, then fluttered closed. The full redness of her
lips writhed slowly, as she gave herself to the pleasure
her husband was inciting within the cleft of her loins.

Diana shivered despite herself. What she was watching
was sexy! A beautiful woman had just given herself to a
most desirable man. And in turn, he was giving her
pleasure. A warm wetness welled within Diana's loins.
She wished that she and Lorraine had exchanged places.
She wanted her father-in-law to be fondling and
caressing her.

She wanted his delightfully taunting fingers to be
working in her pussy. That he had just fucked her twice
less than an hour ago didn't matter; she wanted him
again. She would even allow him to take her here, in
front of Lorraine and Bryan, if he would just take her.

Michael One glanced up and seeing Diana's arousal-
widened eyes, smiled. As if to tell her that he was now
occupied by the delightful bundle of woman-flesh in his
arms, his finger quickened its in-out skewering of his
wife's pussy. Lorraine groaned, thoroughly lost in the
pleasure he had ignited in her. And Diana shivered with
mounting desire again, hoping.

But her father-in-law diverted his attention back to his
wife. His one hand kneading and squeezing into the
creamy whiteness of Lorraine's breasts, while his other
hand sluiced in and out of her cunt.

The blonde groaned, leaning back further for the support
of her husband's body. Her thighs opened a little more,
allowing his now flying digit even further access to her
pouting cunt. Unable to work her pelvis in rhythm with
the probing finger - if she did, she'd have rudely
unseated herself - her hips swayed in a delightful
little wiggling motion that rippled the wall of her
finger-fucked vagina around the gliding digit.

Lorraine's head rolled back on her shoulders and rocked
from side to side. Her lips twisted with the mounting
agony of need that filled her. Her body quaked and she
groaned and whimpered.

Harder and faster, his finger sliced between the now
trembly shaven lips of her labia. Diana could feel the
growing electric excitement that possessed her mother-
in-law. She could also feel the rapid-fire strokes of
the finger that buried itself in the woman's open sex.
Involuntarily, her body tensed each time his hand
slammed roughly into the naked pubic mound. Her
breathing increased to labored heaves of arousal,
following the lustful metamorphosis that had transformed

Then her mother-in-law came. The voluptuous bundle of
woman moaned and panted as her body was possessed by the
breaking waves of released sexual energy. She groaned
and whimpered in a high-pitched squeal of unabandoned

Michael One's finger immediately slowed its quick
driving motions and glided soothingly in and out of the
wet socket of her pussy. He pulled his wife to him,
holding her close as she descended from the plateau of
pleasure he had led her to.

Slowly, but surely, Lorraine regained her composure and
turned to her husband, planting a long, loving, wet and
loud kiss on his lips. When they parted, they both
turned to Diana, who felt like squirming under the
sudden interest of their gazes.

"I found Diana using the alcove last night," Michael One
said almost casually. "She was quite aroused by our

Lorraine smiled again, a smile that said she fully
understood Diana's reaction, but she did not comment.
However, Diana had the distinct feeling that the older
woman knew exactly what had happened in the passageway
last night. She did squirm a little, when she realized
that it was Lorraine that had suggested she take a
morning's stroll around the estate. Had she and Michael
One planned the encounter? Had they been willing
partners in a conspiracy to initiate her into the
Hightower f****y?

She heard something stir to her side and glanced toward
the entrance to the den. Bryan still stood there. She
had forgotten about the youth. The effects of watching
his parents were quite evident. His naked cock jutted
powerfully from his groin, stabbing upward into the air
at a forty-five degree angle. Her eyes followed the
pulsing throb of its stiff arousal for several seconds,
before turning back to Michael One and Lorraine.

"Bryan, don't you think you should welcome Diana into
our f****y," the elder Hightower suggested to his
stepson then added almost as an afterthought. "I think
she was particularly interested in your and Paula's
activities last night."

The young boy grinned at his stepfather, then turned to
Diana, his face an expression of willing enthusiasm and
uncertainty at his s****r-in- law's reaction.

I can take that, Diana found herself thinking, as she
smiled and nodded reassuringly at Bryan without a second
thought to her actions. Her memories of his thorough
fucking of his s****r's ass last night had made an
impression. And the thought of him shoving that long,
hard, young cock up her ass, after the sexy manipulation
of Lorraine's body she had just seen, was more than her
body could take without relief.

He crossed the room eagerly, nearly banging his shin
into the side of the couch, as he came to her. As if he
were afraid she would change her mind and suddenly
refuse him, he reached out and pulled her to him. His
tongue had wiggled itself into her mouth and was
flicking around wonderfully before she had gotten over
the start of his abruptness. Then she opened her mouth
to give his tongue free rein.

Probing toward her throat, his oral digit danced and
darted around in her mouth, tickling against the roof of
her mouth. Her lips writhed against his, clamping
lightly down as she sucked suggestively at its warm
wetness. The tantalizing suction slowly increased, until
he moaned as she threatened to swallow his tongue with
it still rooted in his mouth.

When she released her strong hold on his oral probe, it
quickly slithered back into his mouth, with her chasing
it. This time she threw her tongue into his driving his
lips wider to accept her enthusiastic thrust. She
imitated his actions, playfully teasing over his tongue
and licking at the roof of his mouth.

Her own startled little moan came not from his sucking
at her tongue, but the tightness of the hand that
abruptly gripped at the mound of her sex. He squeezed
her pubic knoll roughly, with a youthful vigor that sent
thrilling shivers running up and down her spine. He
kneaded at the plump protuberance of her sex, grinding
his palms against the quivering lips of her labia.

The stiff firmness of his cock pressed closely against
the smoothness of her thigh did little to quell the
growing excitement that rushed through her body.

As they remained locked together in their embrace, her
own hands tauntingly tickled their way down the muscular
ripples of his back and out the taut roundness of his
buttocks. His ass was hard, tense with her presence.
That realization thrilled her. She liked the sexual
arousal that men displayed. That she was responsible for
that excitement made it that much better.

As his hand continued the intimate massage of her sex
mound, her fingers gripped at his ass, squeezing with
inciting firmness. Her hands dug into his hind cheeks,
turning the whiteness of his skin to a bruised red, then
a tortured white. The urgings of her fingers and palms
only increased the kneading of his hand.

She squeezed herself close against his youthful chest,
rolling just a little so that the balls of her tits
flattened. His tongue speared back into her mouth and
she sucked welcomingly at it.

Her fingers tickled up and down the deep crease
separating the hard cushions of his ass cheeks. He
squirmed against her, moaning as best he could with his
tongue still trapped between her sucking lips. Lower and
lower, the seductive dance of her fingertips drifted.
His squirming increased, as he pressed himself harder
against her, pushing her back into the couch.

The action slightly raised his rear mounds enough for
her fingers to part them further. The delving
tantalizations of her brushing fingertips dipped deeper,
softly drifting over the taut ring of his anus. Once
again he groaned and pushed himself hard against her. A
response that only increased as an inquisitive little
fingertip pushed up into his asshole and wiggled around
as a reminder of the greeting into the Hightower f****y
he was supposed to give her.

Squeezing tightly down on the now lust-aching mound of
her sex, he managed to tickle a finger into the moist
lips of her labia, then eagerly drilled into the juice-
flooded channel of her vagina. Excited shivers rocked
through her body as she accepted the impaling digit and
contracted the muscles of her cunt around it with

Slowly, the embedded finger began to move, doing a small
twisting movement, then wiggling. Responding, she
repeated the motions with the finger she had plugged
into his ass. Together, they worked each other's bodies,
stirring and fanning the flames of desire that sizzled
through them.

As his stepfather had finger-fucked his mother but
moments ago, the boy slowly slid his finger in and out
of the hot pocket of sex between his s****r-in-law's
thighs. There was no doubt in his mind now. She was
enjoying it as much as he was. Her hot cunt seemed to
grip at him, sucking at his finger each time he plunged
it up into the mouth of her belly. She was moaning now
and her hips were swishing around on the couch beneath

That she was ready and willing to take the hardness of
his pulsing cock was more than apparent to him when he
finally slid his mouth from hers and whispered in her
ear, "You've got to get up and lean over."

She nodded reluctantly and slowly pulled the finger she
had embedded two knuckles deep from his ass. He
whimpered a little as the digit came free. As she did
when he slid his finger from her cunt, leaving her
evacuated and empty.

Extracting herself from his young arms, she stood.
Michael One and Lorraine were still seated in their
chair. They smiled at her with approval. Somewhere in
the back of her mind, she felt that she should be
uncomfortable with them just sitting there watching her
and their son satisfy the lust of their bodies. But she

In fact, she found herself admitting she enjoyed the
thought of the older couple watching them. And that
Lorraine's hand was gripped tightly around the fully
erect length of her husband's cock, slowly jacking at
him, only added to the excitement that was filling her

Smiling back at the couple, she turned her back to them
and leaned over the couch as Bryan had directed. With
her arms out-stretched to fully support her weight, she
spread her legs, opening her body up to the rear attack
that would come shortly.

The boy was behind her now. The fat head of his cock
nudged at the upturned curves of her buttocks. She could
feel the warm wetness of his pre-seminal oils smearing
their clearness over her skin as his cock jumped and
jerked with its excitement.

She remembered the deliciously thrilling method he had
used to prepare Paula to take his cock and shivered. The
thought of his mouth kissing at her anus and the soft
warmth of his tongue probing into the little mouth of
her ass was enough to drive her wild. She did her
damnedest to relax, knowing with the first exquisite
contact of his mouth she would go rigid with excitement.

She trembled as his hands reached out and soothingly
roved over the up-jutting half-moons of her hind cheeks.
He was gentle. His hands tenderly whispered the command
to relax and prepare herself for the entry he was going
to make into her bowels. She thought relax, letting the
soft caresses of his hands lull her toward the state of
readiness he wanted.

His gently circling palms drifted between her thighs and
pressed against the silken softness of them. She eased
her legs further apart. He could see the up-tilted mound
of her pussy now and the moisture of her desire that
dampened the light brown pubic fur covering in like a
soft carpet.

His hands slowly and gingerly massaged at the plump
knoll for a few seconds, then once again, his finger
wiggled into the wet pocket of her cunt. She whimpered
with the unexpected invasion of her body, but did not
protest, as his finger swirled around, then once again

She moaned in disappointment and excitement as she felt
his hands grip each of the cushions of her buttocks and
spread them. His moist finger dipped into the deep cleft
of her ass and tapped at her anus, transferring the
juices it had brought from her vagina.

While she would have preferred his mouth and tongue, the
finger-to-cunt-to-ass method he used to make her body
ready for him was far from a turn-off. First he drilled
and pumped his digit into her pussy, whirling around in
the abundant juices that readily flowed within her. Then
he returned to her anus, slickening the tiny ringed
mouth with a supply of the natural lubricants he had
taken from her pussy.

Over and over, he repeated the process. His finger
slowly worked its way up into her ass. Then it glided in
and out, as he oiled the tight channel with her own
juices. She moaned as the probing length of his finger
pushed its way in and out of her hot ass. The sensation
was fantastic, like an appetizer to what was to come
next; a sampler that prepared her for the thickness that
was coming.

When his fingers finally left the juice-filled mouth of
her sex, she could feel him reach up and grasp the rigid
shaft of his cock. Relax! she urged herself,
anticipating the newness of the Hightower cock she was
so willing to take within her lust commanded body.
Relax! she repeated, as she heard him move closer,
readying himself for the attack.

Then he was there, sharply driving the full length of
his hard sex into her body!

But he wasn't in her ass!

He had plunged his full throbbing shaft deeply into the
vulnerably exposed, upturned slash of her cunt.

She groaned.

Her ass wiggled in a provocative dance against his

Her whole body trembled under the abrupt impact.

Despite the complete surprise of his maneuver, she
relished the long hardness that packed deeply into her
pussy. Perhaps he's changed his mind, she thought in the
sudden confusion of the moment, though not really
minding. He felt good inside her. And at the moment,
that was all that mattered.

Lorraine and Michael One's activities had left her body
aroused. Bryan's delicious finger-fucking had only
tripled the excitement. Now all she wanted was to be
fucked and have the consuming desires of her body
released. Immediately, her hips began to work with his
pelvis as he pumped himself in and out of her.

Yes, she moaned to herself, yes, this is it. This is

In and out, he plowed into her cunt, shafting himself in
deep, grinding strokes. His crotch slapped into her up-
tilted ass, making a sharp little popping sound as they
collided flesh on flesh. She rocked back and forth,
sliding on and off the plunging length of man-meat that
impaled her over and over. She rose, climbing higher and
higher on the clouds of pleasure. Her whole body focused
on the thickness of his sex and the hard length that
plowed into the furrow of her pussy.

He rocked her, his hips whipping back and forth. He
speared her, his rod of cock pumping in and out. She was
close, closer than she could believe, especially since
her father-in-law had already seen that she was well-
fucked that day. But this young boy, the youngest member
of the Hightower clan, had her going again. Her spread
thighs were throbbing at an ever increasing rate. Her
body was quaking as waves of heightening pleasure washed
through her.

NO! No! No! No! Nooooooo!

The deep-rooted stalk of his manhood had suddenly jerked
free from the sheathing channel of her belly with a wet
sucking sound. She was empty, hollow, abandoned on the
very edge of her release. Her body quaked and screamed
in violent protest.

"Ahhrrrgggahhhh! God! Oh, my God!"

The complete thickness and hardness of his prick was
suddenly embedded to the hilt in her ass.

The shock of the abrupt impalement was almost painful.
She knew it would have been, had it not been so quick.

But, instead, she only felt packed. She felt every
throbbing inch of his unyielding cock slammed deeply
into the tight tunnel of her rectum. Like a ponderous
pole of flesh, his presence filled her body. He was a
brand of fire shoved firmly into her bowels, burning
with a sexual heat that swirled and flamed in a sunburst
of lust.

In an involuntary reaction, her muscles clamped with
viselike tightness around the column of sex that invaded
her. She heard his pleasure- filled moans above her own
grunting groans. She pushed and squeezed trying to
expell the massive rod that stuffed her so fully.

But he remained. His thickness remained firmly implanted
in the pushing and squeezing channel of her back. He
throbbed and pulsed, jerking with inflexible lust.

His hands were back on her buttocks, slowly caressing
the creamy smoothness of her pink ass cheeks. The
message of his palms penetrated the shock-ridden clouds
of her mind. Relax, it said, quelling the violent
quivering of her ass muscles. She once again let his
hand lull the tenseness of her body.

Slowly, but surely, the taut squeezing vise of her
bowels went flaccid, stretched over the rigid length of
his cock She accustomed herself to him, feeling out his
full size and knowing she was quite capable of taking
all that he could give her.

Still, he did not move. Instead, he just stood there,
his body washed in the exquisite velvet tightness of her
ass. His cock was drenched in the fiery heat of her
bowels. Her ass squeezed down on him again. This time
the violent desperation of her first clutch was gone.
Now her tightness came more as a relishing caress. He
moaned deeply as his prick jerked and throbbed.

In a slow circling movement, her upturned ass wiggled as
she squeezed and relaxed the smooth sheath of her
asshole. His groaning rose, echoing a little within the
den. She picked up the tempo of her swaying hips,
washing the thickness of his rod in a ball-aching flare
of exciting friction.

Then his hips moved.

Outward his big cock came. The walls of her ass tunnel
strained out and over the bl**d-gorged knob of his glans
as he pulled from her. The emptiness he left in his wake
was five times worse than the sudden wrenching from her

Further and further, he pulled until only the plump
crown of his prick was embedded in the tiny, squeezing
mouth of her back. She wiggled a little and he groaned.

As she did, his pelvis started inward. Forcing her body
to relax, she accepted the ponderous mass of his sex.
Inward the unbending pole of his manhood drilled back
into her ass. Inch by inch, she accommodated him, as he
strained and stretched the round, smooth socket of her

Her body came alive again, trembling with hungry delight
as he entered. Deeper and deeper the throbbing heat of
his cock penetrated, rooting itself into the velvet
recesses of her rectum. His crotch pressed into her ass
cheeks and his hips jerked, forward a little spearing
his cock even deeper.

She moaned, clutching at the bigness of his sexual rod.
Her ass clamped lovingly around the pulsing
circumference that plugged her asshole. Her hips gyrated
again, swirling the volcanic heat of her bowels around

Then he was pulling free again, slowly, as if unwilling
to give up the well-rooted depths he had achieved, but
at the same time unable to remain still. She relaxed and
let him withdraw, quivering as his movement set off a
whole series of blazing sensations.

As he inched his way back into her rectum, she f***ed
her body to remain calm, allowing him to probe back into
the seething depths he had set afire with desire. Over
and over, he stroked slowly in and out of her, as if he
were getting the feel of unfamiliar territory.

Then, as his pace increased, her ass started working on
its own. Relaxing, she accepted all of the burning sex
brand he could give her. As he withdrew, she squeezed
tightly down, delighting in the pleasure- aching moans
that she drew from his throat.

Her own hips still circled in their provocative dance,
but now they moved up and down, helping him as he fucked
her with taunting slowness. It was under the slow-motion
pace of his prick that she started the rise toward the
plateaus of pleasure his abrupt exit from her cunt had
so rudely wrenched her from. Her whole body was alive
again. Every nerve was opened to the arousing sensations
he sent rocketing through her. In and out, he plowed
into the quivering furrow of her ass. She focused her
being on the thickness of his fleshy piston, worshipping
the filling mass of its size.

She thought about Lorraine and Michael One, who sat
watching the expert poling of her body, and wondered if
the scene they now viewed was affecting them the way
their sexual play had gotten to her? But she knew she
really didn't care. All she cared about was the growing
hunger of her lust-laden body and the adamantine pole of
flesh that moved in and out of her ass in a steady

Her greed for cock got the better of her and her hips
jerked quickly back and forth. The boy behind her got
the message and immediately increased the rocking of his
pelvis. No longer did he inch his way into her bowels,
but glided in a long, smooth stroke, then reversed his
motion and slithered outward.

It was good, but she wanted more. Her hips increased the
pace once again and he responded. Their bodies met in a
spongy sort of cushioned thud, crotch to buttocks. The
hairy sac of his testicles slapped at the upturned
curves of her hind mounds.

She gyrated and swirled around his ever moving cock-
shaft. He groaned and poled into her. She squeezed and
sucked at his length, relishing every fat inch of
pleasure he fed into her. She rocked back and forth,
aiding in the repeated impalement of her body.

His hands gripped into her butt, his fingers digging
roughly into the firmness of her ass cheeks. He clung to
her, using her buttocks for support. His hips lurched
and once more he quickened the tempo of his anal

Groaning with delight, she accepted him over and over.
Her own body met his rhythm. She bucked into him,
driving his plunging rod deeper and deeper into the
volcanic depths of her ass. She jerked away from him,
wrenching the pole of sex from her.

Her body quaked under the ever increasing impact of his
body. He seared in and out of her and she loved it and
wanted more. Which is exactly what he gave her. His
crotch slapped loudly into her buttocks now, jarring her
and setting the elongated cones of her tits juggling
back and forth.

She grunted and moaned as the fever of ardent lust grew
and blazed outward. She lurched back into him, trying to
bury the stiff shaft of sex even deeper into her ass. He
burned into her, pistoning in and out of the tight,
clinging tunnel of her rectum.

She wanted to cry out, urging him on harder and deeper,
but he pounded into her, jarring the words from her
throat so that only aroused hisses of flaming desire
were emitted into the air. She felt it was growing now.
Hot and higher it swirled within her. Flaming out from
her seething asshole, it consumed her loins and set the
sensitive button of her clit to aching.

Her hands gripped into the cushions of the couch. Her
knuckles were deadly white, strained with the intensity
of her growing fervor. Her ass rocked and bucked,
swallowing up and sucking at the thick shaft of cock
that filled her.

Harder and harder, he speared. Like a jackhammer of
flesh, he ground himself into the burning recesses of
her anal tunnel. His balls were lashing with fire,
boiling as the need for release grew. He grunted as he
slammed and shafted into the sweet tightness of her anal

Back and forth, their bodies rocked together, feeding
the consuming passion that now filled their bodies.
Again and again, they pounded into one another. His cock
drove its full length into the glove-like tightness of
her ass. And she accepted the burning rod of pleasure; a
rod of pleasure she now lived for.

Higher and higher, they whipped each other on, driving
them ever closer to the peaks of their desire. Harder
and more urgently their bodies demanded the release that
throbbed and ached within them.

She came first, her whole body erupting. Pleasure
unleashed within her in a wildly flaring nebula of
delight. She cried out her satisfaction, as quake after
soul-shattering quake of relief and pleasure washed
through her body. Her ass contracted and trembled,
sucking greedily at the still poling length of his

From behind, she heard him groan and his hips suddenly
lurched forward, driving his shaft deeply into her back
cbanne. The fat crown of his shaft jumped and jerked.
Then there was the wet warmness, as he spilled the juice
of his desire into the recesses of her bowels.

Spurt after spurt of thick cream blasted into her, as he
clung to her ass. She could feel every little throb of
his release and loved every tiny quiver of his shaft.

Gratefully locked together ass to cock, they groaned and
whimpered in the magnificent sensations of their mutual

Chapter 10

"What in the hell is going on here!"

It was Michael's voice, her Michael's voice, that boomed
through the pleasure glowing cloud of her satisfaction.
Diana's body suddenly went rigid.

With the same suddeness, Bryan's rigidly embedded cock
went limp. In one second it was packed fully up her ass,
still oozing the last traces of his release. Then in the
next moment, it went limp and slithered from her body in
a hasty withdrawal. The reaction would have been
humorous under different circumstance. As it was, Diana
found absolutely no humor in the situation.

As Bryan rolled to one side and dropped to the couch,
she rolled to the other and collapsed on her still
pleasantly throbbing rear. She pushed her eyes open and
somehow managed to peer through the veiling mists and
find her husband standing in the doorway to the den.
Apparently he couldn't find any humor in Bryan's quick
evacuation of Diana's asshole either.

He was just standing there scowling at her, then glaring
at Bryan. The youth at her side just lay there, unable
to react in much of any manner, except to glance glassy-
eyed at his stepb*****r and pant trying to catch his
breath. The effects of blasting his balls off in his
s****r-in-law's ass had been somewhat draining on him.

"I asked what the hell is going on here!" Michael
demanded again.

"Just what the hell it looks like," the elder Hightower
answered his son.

"Bryan was just welcoming Diana into our f****y,"
Lorraine added, smiling at her stepson.

"And I suppose you were waiting your turn?" Michael
snapped with contempt.

"Of course I was," Lorraine smiled widely. "Diana is
quite an attractive girl. And if she has no hang-ups
about women, we could..."

"Damn!" Michael shuddered. "I can't believe this! I'm
gone for a matter of a couple of hours and you just
can't wait to get your lustful claws into my wife!"

"What is this, Michael? A double set of standards? One
for you and one for Diana?" Lorraine chided. "You really
didn't mind our romp in the library last night. But when
Diana gets balled by someone other than her husband, you
can't take it."

"That's right," Kate piped up from behind her b*****r,
who until now had gone unnoticed by Diana. "You didn't
seem to mind Paula giving you head on the way home from

"Yeah!" it was Paula that now chorused up from behind
Michael. "I seem to remember him suggesting that we all
should go for a stroll down by the pond this evening."

"Right!" Kate echoed. "My b*****r is a real stick in the

"Michael, is all this true?" Diana asked, somewhat
amused by the sudden sheepishness that raced
embarrassingly over her husband's face.

"Of course it's true!" Kate laughed. "My b*****r digs
balling his s****rs!"

The dark-haired girl coyly reached down and lovingly
massaged her b*****r's crotch. Michael just stood there,
looking helplessly at Diana, unable to say anything.
However, Kate's hand eventually left the front of his
jeans. The bulging strain under his fly told the whole

Diana felt like she should be angry, but all she felt
was relief. The confrontation with Michael had been met
and was water under the bridge now. She knew he had made
it with Lorraine and now Paula. And those facts didn't
bother her. He was still her Michael, still her husband
and she still loved him. Nothing had changed.

At least nothing had changed with her, that was. She was
still unsure about how Michael was reacting to finding
Bryan fucking her ass. Or how he would react to the
knowledge that his father had balled her and she had
come back for more. She wanted to get him off alone and
discuss the whole thing.

But Kate and Paula had other things in their minds!

"I think we should show Diana just what Michael had in
mind for this evening," Kate grinned to her blonde

"Mmmmm hmmmmm," Paula nodded. "Really think Diana should
see the type of man she married."

Michael stepped back from the two girls and shook his
head, "Just hold on... this is neither the time nor

But neither Kate nor Paula held on. Instead they rushed
him. Two bundles of very eager and very sexy teen-age
girl were suddenly swarming all over him, while Diana
sat back grinning with amusement at the predicament her
husband had gotten himself into.

There were five quick tearing "pops" and five white
buttons that went sailing across the den, torn from the
front of Michael's shirt. If he were doing more than
putting up a token fight against the girls, it was hard
for Diana to discern. By herself, Kate was able to
quickly strip her b*****r's shirt, while Paula hastily
slithered from her skirt and blouse, then peeled away
her under garments.

The supple blonde single-handed went after Michael's
jeans, as Kate performed a rapid strip that matched the
disrobing of her steps****r.

Together, they somehow managed to wiggle Michael's jeans
down around his knees. He stumbled backwards, then his
legs came out from under him. His bare ass thudded
heavily onto the carpet and the girls wrenched his pants
up and off. He now shared their nakedness.

Paula was at the downed man's side first, her nakedness
pressing sensually over his chest and her mouth covering
his. Michael's arms hesitated momentarily, then wrapped
around her youthful body, hugging her close.

Kate, left out of the embrace, made do with the thick
swollen shaft that jutted up from the black hairs
covering her b*****r's crotch.

Reaching out with her hand, her fingers wrapped around
the pulsing column of cock and tantalizingly glided up
and down its length. Diana could see the muscles of her
husband's buttocks tense tightly and his hips jerk
upward slightly.

The girl's hand squeezed at the still thickening pole of
sex and jacked excitedly along its pulsing length. Her
eyes widened with delight.

Suddenly, her head lowered and her mouth opened widely.
In one slooping motion, she captured the gorged
thickness of his glans within her lips. Her young cheeks
hollowed deeply as she sucked at the plum-like crown.

Again his hips jumped upward, shoving one or three
inches of fat prick into her face. She accepted the
ponderous mass of sex into her mouth. The still stroking
grasp of her hand never missed a beat.

Working with youthful eagerness, Kate's hand and mouth
began working in a singular rhythm on her b*****r's
manhood. Her head bobbed up and down as her lips
sheathed and re-sheathed themselves over the jutting

Diana was amazed. Amazed both at herself and the scene
she was watching. This was her husband buried under a
writhing blanket of two eager girls. And it was one of
the sexiest things she had ever seen.

She had always wondered about couples who got into
swinging and their claims that watching their spouse
ball with another person was one hell of a turn-on. They
were right! Despite her full day's activities with
Michael One and then with Bryan, she found herself ready
and willing.

She glanced at the youth still seated at her side. But
Bryan was engrossed with the activities on the floor.
And apparently his own body had not recovered from his
recent sexual romp - his cock was asl**p in the reddish-
blonde bush covering his groin.

Diana's attention turned to Lorraine and Michael One.
The big-titted woman was now on her knees before her
husband, his cock fully entrenched in her mouth. The
elder Hightowers eyes rolled back in his head as his
pelvis lurched upward. Lorraine's throat bobbed as she
voraciously swallowed the fountaining cream of her
husband's release. Michael One collapsed back into his
chair, moaning out the sated gratification of his

Feeling left out, Diana once more turned her eyes to her
husband and the two s****rs that had him occupied on the

Kate had given up her oral caresses in favor of a much
more mutually satisfying coupling for her and her
b*****r. The young black-headed girl now sat straddled
over Michael's crotch, her supple thighs tightly
pressing to each side of him and the swollen length of
his cock crammed up into her pussy. Michael's mouth was
still busily occupied by Paula's and his hands had a
firm hold on the sleek cones of her youthful tits.

Kate completed the union of the threesome by slipping
her hand between Paula's thighs and wiggling a finger
into the blonde's cunt.

Literally sitting in the pilot's seat, Kate slowly began
to push, rising up the fleshy rod of pleasure she sat
on. The movement also caused her finger to slide from
Paula's upturned slash of desire.

Higher and higher, she slid up the thickness of cock,
until she hovered above her b*****r's loins with only
the gorged head of his prick sheathed by the pinkness of
her outer lips. Then she glided downward, shafting his
manhood back into the willing cunt and at the same time
she drove her finger into the flowering lips of Paula's

Again and again, Kate repeated her rising and falling
motions until her body was jerking rapidly up and down
on the long shaft of flesh she so willingly impaled in
her body.

Diana shivered with full arousal. Then shivered again as
someone softly touched the interior of her thighs. She
turned and glanced down. There kneeling between her
opened legs was Lorraine. The woman's blue eyes were
rolled up to her, a lewd, knowing smile on her full

Diana shivered again, this time with the realization of
what her mother-in-law had planned. She had wondered
about it in the past. She had wanted it last night when
she had watched Kate and Paula from behind the one-way
mirror. Now she was being offered a very tempting
proposal from a woman she found as sexy as the two
girls. Perhaps even more so.

Not quite sure of herself, Diana nodded.

The blonde-haired woman's smile grew as her eyes tilted
down to the light brown triangle of pubic moss veiling
the lips of her daughter-in-law's cunt. Her head slowly
moved forward.

Diana's heart jumped in a double-time beat and she
sucked in deeply, as she stared down, watching the
misty, golden-haired woman inch closer and closer to the
quivering lips of her sex. Shivery little trembles raced
through her body as she felt the gentle, warm streams of
her breath flowing from Lorraine's nostrils and tickling
their way through her pubic down. Uncontrollably, she
moaned as the red lips of her companion pressed lightly
between her thighs.

Lorraine's head pulled away just a little. Diana could
see her lips part and her tongue, pink and wet flick
behind her lips, then slowly snake out.

Then it was there!

The tip of another woman's tongue was wetly working
through the bush of her pubic hairs and softly brushing
at the quivering lips of her cunt. Diana whimpered as
the excitement of the moment rushed in heated waves
through her loins.

In a long, teasing lap, the probing oral digit languidly
worked its way up and down the deep crease of her cuntal
mound, delicately tickling at the pink pouted lips.

Trembling with excitement, she reached down and tenderly
caressed her mother-in-law's cheeks, giving her approval
of the woman's actions. She could detect no difference
in the feel of Lorraine's tongue and the manly tongues
that had found their way into her quim. The only
difference was the lust-arousing knowledge that this
mouth belonged to another woman.

Waves of quivery gooseflesh rippled in thrilled
excitement over her body as Lorraine's hands slowly
moved lovingly over the interior of her thighs. Higher
and higher, the woman's exploring fingertips crept,
working their magic as they came. Then they were at each
side of her pubic knoll, gently massaging at the plump
mound of her sex.

She moaned as the woman's hands pressed down and pushed
outward to each side. From her position on the couch,
she could see the pink lips of her labia spread and open
and Lorraine's head duck further between her thighs.

Her tongue darted out again and licked gingerly up and
down the pinkness of the opened glash. At the top of the
wide slit of sex, the flickering tip of her tongue
discovered the aroused nubbin of her daughter-in-law's
clit. She pushed her face into the spread cunt and her
lips tenderly kissed the sensitive button of flesh.

Diana moaned loudly and caressed the woman's head,
wanting to press her even closer, to bury her face
within her snatch, but unsure of how Lorraine would
react. Instead, she decided to allow the other woman to
work at her own speed and fully enjoy the new thrills
she was awakening in her body.

Lorraine's lips reached out again and kissed the excited
bud of pleasure. She sheathed its sensitive little
length, caressing it softly with her lips, while her
tongue tenderly tapped and laved at it. There was no
doubt that ministrations were appreciated. She could
feel the trembling and quivering of her daughter-in-
law's body and the pleased moans and sighs that came
from above her.

Still licking and taunting at the bud of her clit, she
sucked at the small length of penis-imitating flesh,
delighting in the sharp gasps of pleasure that
accompanied her maneuver. Her own body was growing in
its arousal, as the taste of male and female sexual
juices mingled in her mouth. She was a vessel of sheer
sex that could and would satisfy either man or woman.

Lorraine's hands spread the lips of Diana's cunt wider.
Her mouth and tongue were moving again, lapping in broad
wet strokes up and down the cleft of her loins.
Tauntingly, she worked, teasing at the inner lips of the
young woman's labia, but never entering.

Diana groaned; the sensations were fantastic, as was the
total view she had of the woman between her thighs. In
the past, there had only been a couple of times she had
actually gotten to see a man give her head. Now that she
was having her first experience with a woman, she was
glad that she was able to see as well as feel the full
sexy movements of Lorraine's tongue.

Abruptly that teasing oral digit speared its way into
the juice-filled hole of her vagina.

Diana's body quaked as pleasure flooded through her
loins. Like a velvet-covered finger, Lorraine's tongue
dipped into her cunt, then flicked around in a twirling,
reaming motion.

The woman withdrew and lapped up and down the opened
lips of pussy, teasing the budded nubin of her clit,
then drove her tongue back into her partner's quim. In
and out, in penis-imitating fashion, she ate at her
pussy, sucking away the thick flow of lubricants and
swallowing them into her stomach, where they mixed with
the heavy cream of her husband's groin.

Diana's hips began to rise and fall in a bunching
manner, as the driving tempo of her mother-in-law's oral
digit took control of her body. She moaned and whimpered
with each drilling rush of tongue. Her eyes, heavily
laden with lust, fluttered closed as she centered her
being on the rapidly laving pleasure.

She felt Lorraine's finger creep up the outside of her
pubic mound. Then an inquisitive fingertip was tapping
and fondling at the button of her clit. Electricity
sizzled through her body, jarring her with waves of
growing lust. The woman's face suddenly pushed into her
cunt, burying itself in the wetness of her pussy. The
spearing tongue drilled in and out, ever increasing its
whipping tempo.

Again, for the fourth time that day, she felt the
throbbing rage of her thighs expanding and breaking
outward. She welcomed the rushing sensation that caught
her up in its arms and swept her into the halls of
orgasmic oblivion. Somehow amid the flashing colors of
ecstasy, she reached down and pulled Lorraine's finger
from her clit, which was aching from the pleasure-pain
of her manipulations.

Slowly she descended from the dreamy world her climax
had sent her hurtling head-on into. There, still licking
and lapping at her cunt, was Lorraine. Forcing her eyes
open, she stared down at the woman, then grinned.

Bryan had at last come to life again. Standing behind
his mother, he had lifted her ass up, which explained
the sudden burial of the woman's face in her cunt, and
had entrenched his swollen cock within her pussy. Diana
now found herself being lifted toward oblivion again, as
Lorraine's excited tongue was whipped on by Bryan's
plowing prick.

In and out, the boy's hips jerked, shafting his manhood
into his mother's belly. The blonde-haired woman's
trembling increased, as well as did the rapid spearing
of her tongue. Diana closed her eyes and let the
sweeping flesh tremors of her body throw her back into
the welcoming pleasure of soul-shattering bliss.

This time as she settled gently down to earth, she heard
Lorraine's own pleasure cries and opened her eyes to
find her mother-in-law lost in her own climax and Bryan
once again emptying his balls, this time into his
mother's cunt.

Then two of them, mother and son, collapsed on the floor
at the foot of the couch. Diana was just able to pull
her legs out of the way and swing them atop the sofa to
avoid a painful end to a satisfying and pleasing

She glanced over to Michael One's chair, but it was
empty. She found the elder Hightower on the floor where
she had last seen her husband. Stretched out on his back
Michael One now had Paula straddled over his crotch,
with the thickness of his club-like cock embedded within
her pussy. His mouth was fully occupied with his own
daughter's cunt, as Kate sat above his face, enjoying
the pleasures of his tongue. Both the girls had found
something to keep their hands busy. They fondled and
rolled each other's breasts.

"Hi," Michael piped from behind the couch. "Could you
use some company?"

Her head twisted up to find her husband grinning down at
her. She smiled and nodded.

Eagerly, he crawled over the back of the sofa and slid
down beside her. "I've missed you."

He gave her a quick, light kiss and pulled her to him.

"If what Kate said was true, you seemed to be getting
along all right by yourself," she pouted in mock

"And what about you? You and Bryan seemed to have found
something to keep yourselves occupied in my absence," he
chided, kissing her again, this time, his tongue moving
lovingly into her mouth.

"As well as your father," she added, as they finally
parted. "All three times."

"Three times!" he shook his head in disbelief. "And now
there was Lorraine!"

"And now there's you," she grinned, reaching down to his
crotch and finding the hardened length of his cock,
somewhat surprised at its condition after Paula and

"I was watching you and Lorraine," he explained without
her having to ask, then moaning as she stroked up and
down on the firmness of his manhood.

"Michael, why didn't you tell... uh... about your
f****y?" she asked.

He shook his head, "I don't know. I guess I was afraid
you'd disapprove. What would your reaction have been if
I suddenly said, "Look, for the past several years my
f****y has been balling each other. Want to join in?"

She stared blankly at him, then grinned, realizing how
ridiculous he would have sounded if he had told her, and
wondering if she would have even believed him.

"Then, you're not hurt. I mean, about your father and
Bryan," she asked.

"No. What about Lorraine, Paula and Kate," he replied.

She shook her head in the negative, "I thought you and
the girls together were sexy. It was sort of a surprise
watching my own husband make love with another woman,
but I dug it."

She paused, still confused by all that had happened
within the last twenty-four hours. "If you're not upset
by finding me and Bryan together, then why were you
angry when you walked in?"

He chuckled, "Upset with myself mostly. I did a hell of
a lot of worrying about how you would react if you found
out about my f****y and myself. You see, it took me a
long time to find a woman like you and I didn't want to
lose you. I was ready to give this whole scene up for
you. Then, when I walked in and found you balling with
Bryan, I just couldn't believe it. After all that
worrying, you had accepted what was happening with the
Hightowers without the slightest hesitation. Somehow the
whole thing made me a little mad. You should have made a
little protest, just to satisfy all that concern I've
been living with ever since I met you."

She smiled and pulled him to her, "I protested, sort
of... but that's a long story. We can save it for
another time. Right now I feel marvelously good and I
want my husband to make love with me."

He grinned, then dropped his mouth to hers, his tongue
flicking and dancing and doing all sorts of wonderfully
arousing things that ignited and fanned fresh flames of
want and desire.

Sliding onto her back, she pulled him atop her.
Directing the thick, pulsing shaft of his cock between
her opened thighs, she nuzzled the swollen crown of his
sex into the willing lips of her labia. Despite the want
and lust she had felt for Michael One and his stepson,
this was the Hightower for her.

His hips did a quick little jerk and slid the full
length of his cock into the liquid warmth of her vagina.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned deeply, as her teeth nibbled at
his neck.

Lorraine's mouth had done an excellent job of preparing
her for him. While she now had to admit that a woman was
exciting, tongue and lips, whether they be a man's or a
woman's, could in no way compare with the fantastic feel
of a man's cock fimly embedded deep within the harbor of
her body. And nothing could compare to the wonderfulness
of her man!

"God!" she whispered, moving her lips and still nibbling
teeth up to the tempting morsel of his ear lobe. "You
feel so damn good inside me! Like you were made for me!"

He turned his head so that their mouths met and his lips
brushed lightly against hers as he spoke. "I was.
Haven't you noticed that before!"

"Hrumph!" she snorted playfully. "I'm married to a
cocksure bastard!"

"At your service, madam," he grinned and covered her
mouth with his.

His hips did another one of those sexy little wiggles
that sent his prick jerking and twitching within her
vaginal channel. At "my" service, she repeated with smug

"I love you, Michael," she sighed as his lips once more
slipped from hers.

He grinned, loving the marvelous feel of their union, "I

She kissed him lovingly, "And that's what makes you such
an arrogant mother fucke..."

"Hold on, wife," he corrected quickly. "I never made it
with my mother! Only my stepmother!"

She grinned, squeezing down on the fullness of his sex
sheathed into her belly. He moaned softly as he stared
into her eyes.

"Well, right now, I want you to make it with me," she
said. "I want my husband to ball me. Fuck me! Screw me!
Make love to me!"

"My pleasure," he grinned widely and once more moved his
lips and tongue to her mouth.

And it was - his pleasure!

Languidly, his hips slowly rose, withdrawing his cock
from its deep-rooted haven in the warm recesses of her
belly. He moved a tantalizing fraction of an inch at a
time, while his tongue completely occupied her mouth
with a flourish of darting probes.

She moaned, feeling him withdraw. The very slow-motion
movement of his manhood was a taunting trick that he
knew drove her wild. She loved it and the exciting
anticipation of the moment he would eventually quickly
jerk his hips and thoroughly spear the pulsing pole into
her sex.

But the sudden movement she wanted, wasn't to come this

His hips moved downward in the same snail-like pace he
had used to pull from her.

She could feel every minute movement of the swollen
length of his cock. She quivered at the gorged knob of
his glans twitching in their excitement. She whimpered
as she squeezed down on his fleshy root and f***ed him
to strain against the velvet textured walls of her
vaginal folds.

For several minutes, he slid in and out of her body in
this slow taunting manner. She realized that had any
other member of the f****y been watching, they would
have been hard-pressed to say if his hips were actually
moving. But she knew! And she felt the slight increase
of his flowing speed.

She also knew that there wasn't going to be any quick
stabbings of his cock that would suddenly rock her body.
Not this time, at least. No, now he was savoring the
marvelous feel of their bodies joined in love and want
for one another. This time, he was going to make it long
and loving, slowly working their need into an excited
frenzy of desire.

When his hips increased speed again, it was still too
slow for her want. But that was the sweet torture of
this prolonged method that Michael had discovered. He
wouldn't be rushed. He taunted her with pleasure, never
giving her all she wanted until the last moment, then
plunging in and out, trying to drive his hard shaft all
the way through her body and into her mouth.

"Oh! You bastard!" she moaned, as his hand wedged
between their bodies and slid into the slit of her cunt,
playfully fondling her clit. "Two can play that game."

His fingertips swirled wonderfully around the aroused
bud of her clit. Her body trembled as the fantastic
sensations of pleasure shot through her. For moments her
own hand that was wedging itself toward their loins
could do nothing but stop and wait until he let up just
a little.

And when he did, her hand shot between his legs,
capturing the hairy sac that dangled securely from
behind his cock. He moaned.

"But you've got these," she chuckled, noticing the
quickened tempo of his hips. He now glided in a smooth
steady stroking motion.

Tenderly caressing the k**ney-shaped forms of his
testicles in her fingertips, she rolled his balls. His
moaning delighted her. It reminded her that she had the
same sexual power with him that he had with her.

She let the wrinkled bag rest warmly in her palm, while
she playfully used her fingers to shoot his balls around
in the confines of their sac. His moaning increased as
she created that pleasureful mixture of slight pain and

His hand abruptly left her clit and grasped her wrist,
pulling her hand from his balls, "No, you'll have me
blow off in no time at all."

"Mmmmmmmm," she flicked her tongue around his ear,
feeling the excited quivers that raced along his back.

His hands moved along her thighs and tucked under her
buttocks. The angle of his entry abruptly increased and
he slid deeper into the enveloping channel of her belly.
She moaned and reached down grasping his ass.

Again his rhythm increased into a quick, smooth shafting
stride that whipped in and out of her. She moaned and
pumped her hips to meet each driving drop of his pelvis.
The stirrings of release were suddenly there and flaring
quickly. From the tenseness of his ass, she could tell
his balls were once again preparing to empty themselves
into the chalice of her vagina.

"Close," she whispered. "Close."

His hips jerked quickly, slamming into her, sluicing
down into the heated interior of her quick. Her own
pelvis hunched up and down, sliding over the full length
of his cock like a fleshy, clinging scabbard. She
contracted her muscles, squeezing him and milking at the
swollen, pulsating wand of pleasure he so readily fed
into her.

Harder and deeper, in a striving drive for release they
worked each other, giving and taking each ounce of
pleasure their bodies had to offer. Grunting and
groaning as they neared the moment of completed
sensations, they became two people joined as one, man
and woman, lovers, husband and wife.

She came first, skyrocketing with multi-colored
starbursts that sizzled with orgasmic electricity
through the overloaded nerves of her body. She clung to
him desperately, her contracting channel of love
gripping at the throbbing staff of his sex.

Like a volcano, his balls erupted, blasting off another
thick load of sperm and semen. His body shook and
quivered as the creamy fountains spurted from the pin-
prick hole in the center of his glans and deluged the
hole of her cunt.

Chapter 11

Sunday morning! Diana couldn't believe it, as she lay in
bed, listening to Michael in the shower. They had only
been at the Hightower estate for a day and a half. It
seemed like years ago and yet at the same time, only a
matter of minutes.

And today, she was to meet the last member of the
f****y. She found herself idly wondering if he had the
same sexual prowess of the rest of the f****y. And
trembling a little with excitement she knew it wouldn't
be that long until she found out.

"Water's fine! Care to join me?" her husband suggested
from the bathroom.

Swinging over the side of the bed, she trotted to their
private bathroom and poked her head behind the shower
curtain, "Hope you meant that, because I'm coming in."

Which is exactly what she did.

The mutual shower was great. There's really something to
having someone else bathe your body, she decided, also
making the decision that in the future bathing together
would become a regular habit.

"Hey, have the Hightowers ever had a big group bath?"
she grinned as Michael firmly sudsed over the furred
mound of her sex.

He smiled up at her, "Nope, but you might suggest it. We
didn't know what we were missing. However, we've all
gone skinny dippin' in the pond together."

Diana then took her turn, bathing her husband, enjoying
the quivery little thrills that she sent racing through
his body. Afterwards, they took their turns toweling
each other dry, which gave a whole new meaning to drying
one's self after a bath. Another of those habits to be
cultivated, she decided.

In keeping with the informality of the Hightower f****y,
Michael slipped into blue jeans and a T-shirt again.
Diana chose some aqua- colored bell bottoms and a loose
fitting blouse, leaving it unbuttoned and tying it in a
big knot below her breasts. Today she definitely put
aside any thoughts of wearing a bra. Michael One had
made short work of one already. And although his rather
rough manner of taking it from her body had been sexy,
the damn things did cost money!

The rest of the f****y had already gathered downstairs
and assembled in the kitchen, where Lorraine and the
girls were busily preparing French toast. Michael's
other b*****r, Jim, had already arrived.

The Hightower resemblance was more than apparent in the
latest member of the f****y, Diana noted as she and Jim
got acquainted over breakfast. He had the same black
hair and dark eyes that Michael and Kate had. However,
he was much more square built than the others, but just
as attractive in his own way.

Afterwards, the f****y slowly drifted into the den,
while Diana and Lorraine stayed behind to clean up the
breakfast table. When they finally joined the others,
Diana found a reception committee of two waiting for her
- Paula and Kate!

She realized now why Michael had been unable to fight
the two eager girls off yesterday. He didn't want to,
nor would they have let him. She gave in and within a
matter of seconds found herself stripped and on the

Unaware of what the rest of the Hightowers were doing,
Diana was lost in a flurry of naked girl flesh. Kate,
kneeling beside her s****r-in- law, took Diana's hand
and placed it on the black triangular patch covering her
pubic mound.

Unsure of exactly how to handle the situation, Diana
tenderly kneaded at the plump knoll, imitating the
actions of hands and fingers that had found their way to
her pussy in the past. Kate sighed softly and stared
down at her smiling. The young girl's own hands reached
down and cupped under the pink globes of Diana's tits.
Her fingers lovingly caressed the creamy smoothness of
the satin-covered cushion of flesh.

Meanwhile, Paula proceeded to demonstrate that she had
inherited more than her beauty from Lorraine. The young
blonde was down on her hands and knees, spreading
Diana's thighs, then crawling into the inviting, opened
"Y" of her legs. Her long, slim fingers delicately
covered the light-brown down of her s****r-in-law's
pussy, gently squeezing and massaging.

Diana moaned under the dual attention being given to her
body. Kate's hands now were squeezing and rolling
delightfully at her tits. Occasionally, her fingers
would find their way to the tops of the high cresting
globes and playfully tweek the rubbery cherries of flesh
that were her nipples.

Paula's finger had worked its way into the deep cleft of
Diana's loins, sensually tickling up and down the deep
cease of her outer labia. With the same type of playful
attention, the blonde's fingertips flirted with aroused
excitement around the button of her clit, taunting it
with delicious shivery thrills of pleasure.

Likewise, Diana followed the flowing juices welling from
Kate's young pussy and wiggled a finger up into the
girl's vagina. The effects were immediately apparant in
the high-pitched little whimpers that came from the
girl's writhing lips. Her hips twisted and turned around
Diana's finger, rippling the soft, spongy folds of her

Diana's hips were far from inactive. Paula's head had
dropped between the supple thighs she had spread and her
mouth was now kissing and lightly biting along the
quivering outer lips of Diana's pussy.

Diana's pleasure groan was cut as she suddenly sucked in
her breath in a sharp kiss. Paula's soft, inquisitive
tongue was now darting up and down the tremulous cleft
of her loins, occasionally dipping in the honey-dripping
hole of her cunt.

She felt Kate stir at her side, then the moist warmth of
a mouth covering the top of one of her breasts. She
pushed her lust-leadened eyes open and found the girl
arched over her on her hands and knees. While Diana
finger-fucked her pussy, she reciprocated by sucking
wonderfully at her tit.

The new position also placed a very tempting female
nipple hovering but inches from Diana's mouth. Without
so much as a second's thought or hesitation, Diana
twisted her head and captured the dark brown nipple
between her lips. She could feel the electric excitement
that raced through the girl's body. Then she sucked and
licked at the fattening button of flesh, while her
finger flowed in and out of the juice-filled socket of
Kate's vagina.

The girl came quickly, moaning and crying out in
pleasure, then she was gone. Diana thought she saw
someone lift her to her feet, but she couldn't be sure.
Paula's licking and laving tongue was controlling her
now and her eyes weren't exactly in the shape of focus.

The quick little oral digit that Paula knew how to use
so marvelously was now flicking in and out of her cunt,
setting off all sorts of delightful little thrills.
Letting her body follow the urgings of the blonde's
mouth, Diana's hips hunched up and down, pushing her
throbbing snatch into the young girl's face.

Writhing and twisting to the old familiar sensations of
near climax, Paula responded to Diana's growing need.
Her fingers reached out and tenderly fondled the aching
bud of her clit.

The added manual touch was all Diana needed! Within
seconds, her body was racked by a series of marvelous
explosions of exquisite pleasure. The multi-colored
starburst spun and sailed, taking her with them.

Moaning and quivering, she slowly descended to the
firmness of the earth, once again realizing where she
was. She pushed open her eyes and glanced around.

Paula was no longer between her thighs. Instead, the
girl now was in the arms of her stepfather. The young
supple cones of her breasts flattened willingly against
the elder Hightower's chest as he pulled the young girl
atop him, as they lay on the floor together, a few feet
away from Diana.

The young blonde easily positioned herself atop the man.
Diana watched as her graceful hand tucked between her
legs and grasped the rigid shaft of his swollen cock.
With little or no difficulty, she guided the thick shaft
of man sex into the upturned lips of her pussy. The
reddened head of his fat glans disappeared into her
cunt. Michael One's hips jerked a little and the
remainder of his meaty shaft vanished within the
youthful belly of his lover, his stepdaughter.

Diana watched with trembling excitement as the couple's
hips took up that age-old rhythm. Thick and hard, the
stiff length of his cock pulled out of her body. The
wet, pink lips of her pussy followed it, flowering
outward. Then he jerked back, slamming into the enticing
luxury of her vagina, forcing the folds of her cunt back
in on themselves.

Michael One's hands were eagerly working on the summery
slickness of Paula's tits, much to her delight. Her head
was arched back and her mouth was wide, the pinkness of
her tongue flicking wildly behind her lips.

Kate was equally occupied by her stepb*****r, Bryan, who
had once again found himself a willing ass to plug the
aroused length of his boy-man cock into.

Bending over the couch as Diana had done yesterday, when
Bryan had so expertly reamed her own ass with his prick,
Kate accepted the lunging plunges of man meat Bryan sent
shafting into the tiny hole of her anus. She could see
the young girl's buttocks tense each time the youth
threw himself forward, slamming into her body. Over and
over their bodies popped together in a vigorous display
of youthful sexual energy.

At the rate they were going at it, Diana realized it
would only be a matter of moments before Kate was
experiencing her second orgasm of the day.

If Diana had had any doubts about Lorraine and Michael's
mutual attraction, they were quickly put to rest as her
vision moved to the chair positioned opposite the couch.
Both Lorraine and her husband had shed their clothes as
had the rest of the f****y. The big-titted woman sat
back in the chair with her legs spread wide, while
Michael knelt on the floor before his stepmother.

Diana watched, seeing the long, pink length of her
husband's tongue slowly snake out and teasingly weave
exciting circles over the bare, shaven lips of the
blonde-headed beauty's pubis. The tip of his tongue left
a moist trail of saliva as it worked, slackening the
naked mound of her sex.

Then he playfully ran the taunting tongue tip up and
down the dark crease of her labia. Again and again, he
laved over the lips without dipping into the quivering
and slightly pouting mouth of her body.

When he did, Lorraine's reaction was one of definite
pleasure. The sandy blonde whimpered in the high-pitched
voice of arousal. Her hands reached down and grasped the
back of his head, pushing his face into the sleek lips
of her pussy.

Immediately, his tongue increased its lapping and
probing. In and out, in and out, he speared the softness
of his oral digit. Her hips writhed and swayed, doing
all sorts of hunching motions, trying to f***e even more
of his tongue into her cunt.

Definitely sexy! she moaned mentally. Watching one's
husband make it with another woman is definitely sexy!

Everyone was accounted for, except for b*****r Jim, she
noted, glancing around the room, trying to find her most
recent acquaintance in the Hightower f****y. She found
him leaning in the doorway of the den, watching the
various samplings of carnal delights presently underway.
He was naked like the rest of the f****y and sported one
very rigid and one very much in need cock that jerked
and throbbed eagerly from the dark forest of pubic hair
spouted over his crotch.

His eyes eventually turned to her. He smiled, unsure,
but very much interested in the only unoccupied woman in
the room. Diana returned the smile and raised her arm to
him. Grinning now, he hastily crossed to her, straddling
her body as she lay on the floor. Bending a little, he
took her hand and pulled her up to a sitting position.
The long hardness of his cock bobbed but an inch or two
from her face - and her mouth!

She didn't wait for him to ask for what he obviously
wanted. Her long, glistening pink tongue darted out from
behind her lips. It brushed tantalizingly over the
smooth, gorged head. Then she kissed the straining
glans. He moaned and his knees quivered.

She rolled her eyes up to him and received a grateful
smile in return. Then she returned her attention back to
the swollen bigness of his sex.

Her tongue went back into action, slickening up and down
the underside of the shaft that jutted sharply into the
air. Simultaneously, her hand glided sensuously over the
insides of his spread thighs, drifting with taunting
slowness upwards. She tickled her way to his scrotum and
played there, as he continued to stare down fascinated
by her every action.

He watched her head move back and forth and her sleek
wet tongue dance worshipfully across the knob-like crown
of his prick. He listened to the little wet oral sounds
she made as she sucked away the clear drops of sexual
juices that welled from the center of his glans.

Her hand cupped his testicles, gently playing with their
weighty size. He groaned and his legs quivered some more
as she worked his aching balls around on her fingertips.

As he watched, her lips formed a puckered little
opening. The fingers of her free hand reached up and
wrapped around the base of his shaft, edging downward,
gliding it to her waiting mouth. He groaned, as he
watched the turgid, throbbing head of his cock slide
into the round hole formed by her luscious, deep pink

Her tongue taunted the underside of his glans, then
swirled wildly around the sensitive cock tip. Another
series of sexy slurping oral noises rose to his ears,
adding to the alluring submission of this woman, his
s****r-in-law, was giving to him.

He was hard and thick and aroused. He intently watched
her lips move forward, enveloping him. He wasn't sure
which thrilled him more; watching the predatory lips
take his length, or the damn fantastic feeling of her
mouth working so marvelously on his cock.

His ass tightened and he eased himself forward, feeding
her a couple more inches. She accepted it willingly,
allowing him into the warm haven of her mouth. His shaft
disappeared in her face and the throbbing crown of his
rod nudged at the back of her throat. Her breaths were
deep, her nostrils flaring as she fought off the urge to
gag under the ponderous mass of cook she now held in her

Slow and deliberately, she slid her head back off the
pole of pulsating flesh. Her tongue whirled and swirled
in exciting flourishes around his swollen circumference.
The moist, feather-like caresses played havoc with his
control, but he f***ed himself to remain stiff and
allowed her to take her time and give all the pleasure
she so obviously knew how to administer.

His cock jerked and jumped eagerly around in her mouth.
Her teeth clamped down around him and she sucked
swallowing the saliva filling her mouth. Also savoring
the very manly taste of the preseminal fluids that
mingled delightfully in her mouth.

Reaching the bl**d-gorged tip of his prick, her lips
tightened and squeezed like a strong elastic hand,
forming a straining white ring around the thickness of
his cock. She eased her puckered lips back over him.
Still unable to move his eyes from her, he watched,
testicles aching, as his slackened length of manhood
vanished into the humid cavern of her mouth.

Changing her approach, she pulled up from his rod of
meat in a fast, fire-igniting motion. Her teeth bit down
into the super-sensitive glans. She nibbled and licked
the bulgy arrowhead, relishing its feel as if it were
some rare tidbit of sexual delight especially grown for
her. Then she slid up and down on the saliva-slickened
pole, allowing it to bury itself in her face, then
evacuate her mouth, over and over. She sucked. She
sucked, showing the pleasure she took in performing the
oral task of satisfying his throbbing staff of desire.

In and out, she sucked. Out and in, she licked. He
watched her head bob in rhythm with the entrance and
exit of his cock. His buttocks were boulders of aroused
tension that swayed with the sliding tempo of her mouth.
He cradled her head lovingly, fully appreciative of the
tender care she was giving him. He moaned and groaned.
His body trembled, fighting desperately to prolong the
prodigious sensations she was creating in his loins. At
the same time, his balls were seething and burning with
a rising tide of cum. His scrotum was taut, like
stretched leather on a frame. His balls throbbed as he
fought to hold back the oncoming explosion of lust.

Realizing the fever of his urgency, she rocked back and
forth, sheathing and re-sheathing her mouth on his lust-
pulsing shaft. Faster and hotter, her mouth sucked. With
growing, greedy vigor and ardent desire, she licked at
his thickness.

Fire, boiling liquid flames, shot up from his balls and
jetted free, writhing and lashing into the warm
receptacle of her mouth. Lust unleashed exploded from
the depths of his groin, rushed up through his
shuddering cock, finally gushing from the small, mouth-
like slit on the crown of his prick. Hot, white,
steaming, creamy cum blasted out.

Her lips quivered with excitement. Her delicate nostrils
flared widely. He emptied himself into the willing oral
chalice. He groaned as the thick flood of sperm and
semen scalded over the soft, pink tongue that still
lovingly caressed him. He moaned as the burning eruption
of sexual cream splattered and coated the roof of her
mouth. He grunted as the heavy, fiery eaves spurted down
her throat drenching her tonsils.

With his shaft firmly embedded in the moist interior of
her mouth, the orgasm-racked tips of his glans pushed at
the back of her throat. Eagerly she drank every drop he
had to offer, sucking up and devouring the heated liquid
of his groin. Her throat bobbed and trembled as she
swallowed over and over. She downed each thick blast as
fast as she could to stop from gagging and strangling on
his mighty release. She sucked as his cock jumped and
fountained freely within the tender walls of her mouth.
Her cheeks hollowed deeply as she sucked away every
oozing drop from the lust-pounding length of his cock.
And when the violent eruption ebbed, she rolled the
thick viscosity of his cream in her mouth, milking away
any traces that might have still been caught in the
throbbing bigness of his sex.

He reached down and eased her lips away from his still
jutting shaft. His cock popped free from her lips and
bobbed wildly before her eyes. It glistened clean and
red from the vigorous bath she had given it. He smiled
down at her gratefully, then staggered back a couple of
steps and backed into the wall. Blank-eyed, he stared
around the room, then slowly slid down the wall and just
sat there.

Diana chuckled to herself and once more turned her eyes
to the rest of the f****y.

Michael One and Paula had apparently reached mutual
satisfaction. They were still in each other's arms,
lovingly caressing one another. However, the elder
Hightower's prick had definitely lost some of its vigor
and now slept limply at his crotch.

Kate and Bryan had also concluded their ass-to-cock
pairing and the black-headed girl was now on her knees
before her stepb*****r doing her damnest to revive his
prick. Her naturally red lips were tightly stretched
around his prick, sucking and eating at him.

Only Michael and Lorraine were still in action. Well,
she corrected herself, Michael was at least. Lorraine
was lost in the oblivion of orgasmic ecstasy, writhing
and groaning as Michael's tongue unleashed the consuming
flood of lust in her body.

Her husband suddenly pulled his head from the pussy he
had so thoroughly occupied and stared up at his
stepmother, a pleased smile on his lips. He reached up
and grasped her hips and slowly pulled her from the
chair. She moaned, but seemed to be unaware of what was

Gently handling her, he positioned her on the floor,
spreading her thighs wide open to him. Diana could see
the quivering nakedness of her shaven cunt. The outer
lips of her labia were parted and trembling. Within the
wet slit, she saw the scalloped folds of the inner lips
of her pussy. They, too, were still quivering with the
pleasure of her climax. The palpitating folds dripped
with the aroused juices that flowed from her depths. Her
clitoris was extended for what appeared to be at least a
half of an inch. It was thick and throbbing.

As a matter of fact, so was Michael - a fact he
apparently meant to put to good use, Diana thought as
she watched her husband.

Clutching at the heavy forms of Lorraine's breasts for
support, he slid atop her and hung above her. His cock,
hard and long, lurched hungrily at the mouth of her
belly. His hands brutally crushed the sensitive tits
beneath his fingers. Tortured white flesh squelched up
through his fingers. Lorraine groaned.

Without giving her the slightest indication of his
intentions, he slammed his lust-rigid cock into the
desirous mouth of her pussy. He smacked wetly into the
trembling folds of her inner lips. The swollen tip of
his prick rammed its way between the pouting scallops
and was sucked deeply into the juicy interior of her hot

Lorraine cried out.

Actually, Diana decided it was more of a mixture of
surprise and pleasure.

Her eyes flared open and stared at her stepson. She
started to speak, but he jerked out of her slick oil-
filled, well-lubricated channel, stiffling the words so
that they came out as a long "oooohhhh!" He smiled down
at her. She smiled back.

Her smooth willing sheath of liquid warmth flowered
around him. It clamped tightly and seemed to suck on the
swollen length of his cock, which, in turn twitched and
jerked in the heated inner lips of her hungry slit. It
sucked him back into the moist, tight chamber of her
belly. The velvet-textured walls of her vagina rippled
impetuously, fondling his length with thrilling
caresses. He hung there above her, their bodies joined
at their fiery cores. He hung there and soaked up her
softness and arousing heat.

He moaned as he pulled himself from the tightening
channel. She clung to him, stretching the sensitive skin
of his shaft. He wanted to swing his hands away from her
breasts and fall, crushing into the springy cushions on
her chest. But his determination to finish as he had
started won out. Once again, he was fully intent on
fucking this willing woman, while raised high above her.

With a confident smile on his lips, he swung his hips
inward, shooting his full length into her body. Her eyes
closed. A muffled groan gritted out from behind her
pleasure-clenched teeth. That clutching, naked pussy of
hers clung to him, trying to hold him locked within her.
He eased out and plunged back into the humid tunnel. Her
breasts quivered under the grasping grip of his hands,
trembly and shivering.

She arched her hips to him. The pouted, wet lips of her
cunt reached out to swallow him, balls and all. Her
muscles squeezed and relaxed in a thrilling exotic
rhythm. The movement sent excited currents racing
through the stiff length of his cock. Pressure increased
in his balls as he drove in and out of her saddle of

He increased the power of his knifing thrusts into her
sweet, hot hole. The muscles of his thighs were rock
hard, chording beneath the skin of his legs. His raised
position allowed him to use these muscles to boost the
mighty surges of his groin. Their cores met in loud, wet

She welcomed the thrust and begged for more and harder
plunges. He obliged and flung himself into the clingy
cunt with such v******e that it jarred the breath from
her lungs. Little moaning cries trickled from her throat
continuously. Her hands were on his shoulders, pulling
him down. He came falling hard into the cushions of her
breasts. Her fingernails were in his skin, raking and
clawing like sexual talons. Her head jerked from side to
side while her tongue washed across his slickened lips.
Her body writhed and twisted with urgency. Her pelvis
leaped up to accept each ramrodding plummet of his
swollen cock.

He drilled and reamed into her flowering pussy. He drove
with reckless abandon into the slippery well of her sex.
He tried to knock the bottom out of her cunt. But she
just opened up new untouched reaches of her vagina.
Grunting and groaning, he plunged and thrust. Like an
organic jackhammer, his shaft ravaged her slit of lust.

She came jerking and bucking under him. She contracted
and relaxed and contracted and relaxed over and over. A
long, low pleasure scream tore from her lips. Her
vaginal channel was suddenly flooded with even more

Then he came. The sensation was fantastic. In fact, his
whole body rocked and quaked under the tremendous out-
gushing of hot semen and sperm. The walls of her
drenched cunt milked at him in the hope of securing a
few more drops that might seep from the head of his

Diana watched as the last throbs of his release passed
from her husband. His deflated organ slowly slithered
from his stepmother's well-pumped pussy. He rolled to
his back on the floor beside her. Both of them panted.
Neither had any intention of moving for several moments.

However, b*****r-in-law Jim seemed to have regained
life. Diana turned watching the revitalized man push up
from his seat on the floor. Carefully stepping over the
still caressing bodies of Michael One and Paula he
headed toward Lorraine.

Michael was barely able to roll out of the way to avoid
the descending foot of his b*****r, who straddled the
still heaving body of his stepmother. Grinning down at
the woman on her back, the youth suddenly dropped to his
knees, then leaned over her with his arms extended. His
cock settled in the deep valley separating the
mountainous pillows of her white breasts.

Without a single word of direction, Lorraine's hands
rammed solidly against the sides of her tits that jutted
milky from her chest, trapping the aroused length of man
meat between their cushiony forms. Jim moaned softly as
the pliant flesh enveloped him.

His hips suddenly began to rock back and forth, shafting
the angry red pole of hard cock in and out of the tunnel
formed by her mammoth mammaries.

That Lorraine was ready to satisfy another man so soon
after the double pleasure Michael had set free in her
body didn't surprise Diana. The woman had an incredible
appetite for sex. A characteristic her daughter-in-law
realized she shared. Just watching the **** of
Lorraine's magnificent tits sent delighted thrills of
sensuous lust through Diana's loins. It was easy for her
to imagine what it felt like to have Jim's stiff cock
gliding back and forth between her own breasts. An
experience she admitted she wouldn't mind having happen.

Lorraine's hands now squeezed hard against the sides of
her mountainous jugs. She squeezed them tightly
together, trapping Jim's cock between the creamy walls
of almost flaccid-looking flesh of her tits. Her head
strained upward in an arch that Diana knew must be
torturing her corded neck. Her mouth opened like a
gaping cavern, that tried to capture the inflamed
crimson crown of her stepson's prick as he pushed his
way through the soft path formed by her hands and
breasts. Both of them were shaking now, obviously
enjoying the tit fucking.

Jim's hips increased their already frantic pace. He
hunched into the woman's chest. He bucked like some wild
mustang set on dislodging an unwanted rider. He groaned
and grunted like a mounting stallion. His cock was
burning with the friction of Lorraine's billowy breasts.

She was moaning and groaning. Those supersized tits of
hers were just as sensitive as they looked. Diana
wondered if she could get off on them alone.

She didn't have to wait long to find out.

With a last mighty thrust, Jim rammed his fleshy sword
through the tight-pressed channel of tit. His bulging
red glans prodded their way between the mounds of flesh
and jerked into the air, throbbing lustfully on
Lorraine's chin. Hot cum fountained in thick, heavy
spurts from the gorged tip of the shaft. Lorraine's
mouth accepted the steaming load, welcoming the taste of
her stepson's release.

Diana watched as the blonde's throat quivered and she
swallowed. A major achievement in her strained position.
But just as amazing was the violent quaking that had
once more seized the blonde's body. She was coming! She
had been able to get off on Jim's tit fucking!

Abruptly Jim lost his balance and fell from his
stepmother. He lay half on and half off her. His cock
stood jerking in the air like a flaming spike of flesh.
Oozing cum still welled from its swollen head.

The remaining couples in the room had changed partners,
Diana found as her eyes glanced back around the den.

Michael One was now paired with his own daughter. He had
the sexy young teenager down on her back. His arms were
looped under her legs, jerking them into the air, while
his thick cock stabbed in and out of her juicy little

There was little Kate could do in the restrained
position, other than moan with the filling pleasure of
her father's cock. Which exactly was what the young girl
was doing, accepting the deep drilling of the ponderous
rod that slammed in and out of her body.

Still on the couch, Bryan and Paula were lying side by
side in the old position of sixty-nine. Their tongues
were working at a frantic pace, doing their damnedest to
satisfy the mounting urges of their young bodies.

A stir from behind Lorraine drew Diana's attention. It
was Michael, pushing himself to his knees. He glanced
around the entangled couple surrounding him. He smiled
with amusement. His eyes then moved to Diana and his
grin broadened.

Rising to his feet, he turned toward her. His cock was
already on the rise again. He stepped over Lorraine and
Jim, coming to her.

Diana quivered with anticipation as he lowered himself
to the floor beside her and pulled her to him.

It was going to be a repeat of yesterday, she thought as
his tongue probed deeply toward her throat. A wonderful
repeat performance of Saturday!


They were waiting for them outside. All of the
Hightowers lined up to say farewell to Michael and his
new bride.

Diana kissed each one of them, sexy black-haired Kate,
the perky blonde Paula and her young b*****r Bryan. Then
there was Lorraine and Jim and, of course, the elder
Hightower himself, Michael One. Their kisses were like
no other parting kisses she had ever had before. Each
was long and lingering. Definitely the type of kisses
one gives a lover to remember them by during a long

She didn't mind. They were all her lovers now. And she
returned the embraces with the same enthusiasm in which
they were given.

And when all the hugging and kissing and intimate last
squeezes had been completed, they all crowded around the
car, as Michael and she prepared to leave.

"Look, let us know when you're settled in down in
Houston," Michael One said then added, "And take care of
Diana, I don't think you'll ever be able to find another
one like her."

Michael grinned. "That's just what I intend to do."

With that they all stepped back and Michael switched on
the ignition and shifted into low, moving around the
circular driveway and heading out of the Hightower

Twisting in her seat, Diana stared out the small back
window, waving her last farewell to her new in-laws.
Then as they disappeared behind the magnolias and
eventually the whole estate disappeared behind the
outside wall, she turned back and glanced toward the
winding road they traveled.

Michael reached out and gently squeezed her thigh,
"Sweet sorrow and all that?"

"Mmmmm hmmmm," she nodded, then laughed lightly. "I must
admit I'm going to miss my new f****y."

Michael grinned, "We'll come to visit often, if you

"I'd like," Diana smiled, suddenly realizing that
visiting relatives had a completely new meaning for her.

"Meanwhile, we've got a long drive ahead of us and I
need some directions," her husband said.

Diana punched the button to the glove compartment and
pulled out the travel atlas. Flipping through the pages,
she found the map Michael had previously marked. After
she gave him the number of the highway for the first leg
of their journey, she silently traced the remaining
portion of the route to Houston, then flipped to the map
of Mexico and surveyed the route to Mexico City.

Mexico City, she mused, and our honeymoon.

She chuckled to herself. My honeymoon's already started.
One of the strangest honeymoons a woman could have ever
imagined for herself. A honeymoon f****y style!

The End

... Continue»
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Chapter 1

Missy Somers lay back on her bed with a sigh. Tomorrow
was going to be a big day. Her b*****r Donnie was coming
home after an entire year at military school – no breaks
and no holidays. She'd been thinking about him a lot as
the day for his homecoming neared. Donnie was a year
older than her sixteen years, and he was as cute as any
teen heartthrob you cared to name. And she wanted to
fuck him.

Oh she knew that it was something wrong, taboo,
disgusting and just plain yucky to contemplate, but he
was all she could think of. She squirmed on her bed,
loving the feel of her pink satin pajamas against her
skin. She rubbed the slick material over her nipples and
wondered if he ever thought of her that way.

"Mmmm...Donnie," she whispered as she unbuttoned her top
and gently massaged her B-cup sized breast. She'd caught
him looking at her tits a time or two. And why not? She
was cute with a nice figure – all her friends said so.
She was a slender five foot six, with soft brown eyes
and dark hair cut in a pixyish bob.

Missy kicked off the fuzzy pink bunny slippers that
matched her pj's. Quickly, she stripped off her pants
and her bikini panties. Both her parents were out of the
house and she loved the rush of freedom that she felt as
she spread her legs. She unbuttoned her top and exposed
her pert tits. Her nipples were nice and pointed with
her arousal. She tweaked them between forefinger and
thumb, sending a shiver of desire through her frame.

She began to massage her clit with two fingers. She
loved to masturbate to the fantasy of what Donnie could
do to her body. She made lazy circles with her fingers
above her clitoral hood. When the sexual warmth began to
fade she whipped her fingers back and forth to renew the
tension. . "Mmmm... that's so nice, Donnie," she said
trying imagine his hands down there, arousing her,
making her dizzy with lust.

She moved her fingers to her vaginal lips. They were
already wet with her juices. Damn, she was a horny bitch
today. She slipped a finger into her cunt, feeling the
slick inner walls. She began to finger fuck herself,
imaging that Donnie lay on top of her with his dick
plunging in and out of her willing pussy. She worked a
second finger into her pulsing cunt. After all, his cock
was at least that big – hell, probably bigger. She'd
never seen her b*****r naked since they'd been little.
But a couple of years ago she had caught him coming out
of the bathroom, wearing nothing but his jockey shorts.
Her eyes had locked on the sideways bulge in those
shorts. She had replayed that picture in her mind a
thousand times. Was his cock that big when it was limp,
or had he been playing with himself in the bathroom? She
knew guys did that stuff a lot.

Probably no more than you do, she told herself as her
fingers pounded in and out of her slick cunt. "Oh
yeah... fuck me, Donnie... fuck me," she moaned as her
head whipped back and forth, and her hips gyrated on the

She bent her legs so that she could work her pussy and
clit at the same time. The pleasure mounted until it
sent her into a mindless orgasm. Her back arched and her
hips humped up and down uncontrollably. "Oh shit,
Donnie... OH YES, she cried out. She stared sightlessly
at the ceiling as the waves of sexual release rolled
through her cunt.

Missy fell over on her side. As her breathing returned
to normal her sexual frustration returned. One orgasm,
no matter how good, was never enough when she felt like
this. She grabbed one of her spare pillows and crammed
it between her legs. She rolled over on top and began to
hunch her hips and to rub her clit against the pillows
softness. A few more orgasms would keep her libido down,
at least until tomorrow when Donnie was due home.


Missy and her parents, Robert and Helen Somers, met
Donnie at the airport the following day. She squealed
out his name as he emerged from the flow of arriving
passengers. He looked very handsome in his school
uniform of light blue shirt and navy slacks. She ran to
him and threw her arms around his neck. Wow, he must
have grown two inches in the last year, she thought as
she gave him a solid kiss on the cheek.

Donnie repeated the hug and kiss routine with his mother
and then he shared a hearty handshake with his dad.
About eighteen months ago, Donnie had gone joyriding
with some neighborhood boys. Their car had struck a SUV
carrying a f****y of four. Two of the f****y members had
sustained severe injuries. Donnie swore that he hadn't
known that the car was stolen before he got in. Robert
had huddled with Donnie's attorney and the district
attorney, and they had hammered out a deal. Donnie would
spend the balance of his high school years at a strict
military school and, providing he did well, his juvenile
record would be expunged. To everyone's mild surprise,
Donnie had excelled at the school. He had even been
named a squad leader over a dozen other first year

After a long lunch at a chain restaurant, the f****y
made its way home. Missy went to her room and changed
into a pair of cutoff denim shorts and a tee shirt that
was a size too small. She couldn't wait to talk to
Donnie alone so she went to his room, tapped on the door
and then entered.

Donnie had already stripped down to his underwear. His
uniform as well as his duffle bag lay on his bed. He was
pawing through a dresser drawer, apparently looking for
something much more casual to wear. "Hey," he said when
Missy entered and closed the door behind her.

"Hey," she said. Her eyes lingered on his lean, hard
body. "Wow, you've been working out, haven't you?"

Donnie saw the appreciation in her eyes and blushed.
"Yeah, calisthenics at dawn everyday plus sports will do
that to you," he said. He liked that way she was looking
at him. And he liked the way she looked to. Her shorts
revealed practically every inch of her slim, tan legs,
and the way her tee-shirt was stretched across her
breasts didn't exactly leave him guessing about them
either. "You're looking good too, Lil' Miss s*s," he
said, using his pet name for her. Suddenly he felt an
erection begin. Damn, this isn't supposed to be
happening, he thought. She's my s****r. But he had to
admit that he had awakened many a morning with a raging
hard-on and the memory of his s****r in his dreams. And
now she was here, looking like that – even hotter than
he remembered.

Missy saw the way her b*****r was drinking in the sight
of her body. She could even see the effect she was
having on his cock. Was this her chance – so soon?
Without giving herself an opportunity to consider her
actions, she went his side. Her fingers slid across the
warm, soft ridges of his pecs and abs.

"Thanks," she said barely above a whisper. "I can't tell
you how much I missed having you around.

"Hey, I really missed you too," he said.

The stared into each other's eyes for a long moment and
then suddenly they were kissing. She wrapped her arms
around his neck as he slipped his tongue into her mouth.
Their open mouths hotly twisted against one another, and
Donnie kneaded the twin globes of Missy's ass as he
pressed his growing cock against her.

Oh my god, he wants this as much as I do, she thought.

Missy became more daring and let her hands rove all over
his back and his hard muscled ass. She stopped kissing
and hooked her fingers in the waist band of his briefs
and pulled them down. His fully erect cock sprang up
between them.

"Oh my god, Donnie," your cock is beautiful and so big.
She ran her hand ran the length of his hot meat and
cupped his balls.

" this alright?" Donnie asked. "I mean we're
b*****r and s****r... and all."

Missy answered by stroking his dick faster. "You're all
I can think about," she said. "Don't you want it too?"

He reached out and caressed her jutting breasts. He
could feel her hardening nipples through the fabric of
her bra and tee-shirt. "Oh shit yes, that feels so damn
good," he said as a reply.

Moving as one they lay on Donnie's bed. They faced one
another and Missy raised her leg. Donnie took that as an
invitation and began to massage her pussy through her

"Down a bit," she said. He moved his hand an inch and
was rewarded with a gasp from Missy.

"Oh that's it," she said and began to grind her hot cunt
against his hand.

They worked at pleasuring each other, their breath
coming faster each second. "I want to fuck," Missy said

"Whaaa...?" cried Donnie and his cock exploded. Ropes of
thick boy cream erupted from his cock-slit. Two big
streams landed on Missy's arm and then more of the stuff
ran down his engorged cock and covered her hand. That
seemed to trigger her own orgasm, as she trapped his
fingers against her trembling pussy.

When they had regained their breath, Missy's hand was
still firmly wrapped around his cock. Donnie looked at
all the cum he'd produced and said, "Hang on a sec." He
reached into his open duffle and pulled out a tee-shirt.
He carefully wiped up the evidence.

"I guess you'll have to volunteer to do your own
laundry," Missy said with a gleam in her eye and they
both laughed. But then her face turned serious. "I mean
it," she said.

"I know how to do laundry," Donnie said.

"I mean I'm serious about us having sex." She had never
really stopped stroking his cock and it was already
returning to life.

Donnie glanced at the door. "We can't," he said. "Mom or
Dad could walk in here any second.

"Not now, silly," Missy said. "We'll wait until they've
gone to bed. You know they won't hear anything."

Donnie knew that was true. They lived in an oversized
ranch style house. The master bedroom was an old
converted porch on one end of the house and the k**'s
rooms were completely on the other side.

Donnie bit at his lower lip. "This a lot to process you
know. I'm home for less than an when my s****r jacks me
off and then declares that she wants to screw me."

Missy unzipped her shorts. She took Donnie's hand and
put it between her legs. "See how wet I am for you," she
said. I can't tell you how many times I've dreamed about
you feeling my up just like this."

It was all he could do not to throw her on the bed and
fuck her right that moment. "Alright, after Mom and Dad
have gone to bed then." he said in a trembling voice.

"Cool," Missy said, and then she gave him another kiss -
this one on the cheek. She actually skipped out the
door. Donnie couldn't believe it. His own s****r was
coming on to him, and he liked it – a lot. He stroked
his cock a couple of times. It was back to full hardness
already. He was like that. He could cum and pretty much
keep his hard-on. He'd spent many a night just after
lights-out quietly beating his meat in his bed, thinking
of some sexy TV star – or Missy, sometimes. He'd shoot
his load into a wad of tissue, only to do it again the
next morning before arising.

"Mmm...Missy," he said softly as his hand flashed up and
down his dick. He was already on the edge of an orgasm.
He imagined what it would feel like with Missy and that
put him over the top. He fumbled for his already cummy
tee-shirt, and barely got it in place before he fired
off another heavy load.

He felt as if he could stay hard even longer, but then
he looked down at his throbbing member and told it,
"Easy, boy, we wouldn't want to disappoint Missy
tonight." With a grin he began to dress.

Donnie had grown accustomed to keeping a neat room, so
he unpacked and got everything squared away. At that
point, he realized that he really did need to do
laundry. He was down to his last pair of clean


Helen heard movement in the f****y's laundry room. It
was a small space next to the kitchen just big enough to
hold a washer, dryer and a clothes rack. She saw Donnie
sorting through a laundry bag, tossing his whites into
the washer.

"Oh, honey, I can do that," she said.

"I got it, Mom," he said. "We have to take turns at
laundry duty at school."

Helen watched as he bent over, going through the bag. He
certainly has a great ass, she thought to herself. She
winced at the thought of looking at her son that way,
but it was true. He was quickly becoming a man – and a
damned hunk too. He was wearing a pair of running shorts
and she admired the play of muscles in his legs as he
moved. He'd certainly grown since she'd seen him last,
and if he'd gained any weight it was all muscle. He was
going to be taller and better looking than his father.

Helen winced again. In just two more years, Donnie would
be as old as his father when she'd married him. She had
been s*******n and Robert had been nineteen when they'd
married very much over the protests of both sets of

Now a smile played at Helen's lips. Those had been the
days. She and Robert had been hot to fuck – any place
any time. She'd suck him off on the way to a restaurant
and he'd finger to orgasm under the table when they got
there. They'd done it once in the bathroom of her
parent's house in the middle of a Thanksgiving meal.

They played hard but they'd worked hard to. Robert's
first job had been pushing shopping carts for a major
retailer and now he was a district manager of the same
company. She had gone to work as a receptionist for a
real estate firm. Realizing that the people there
weren't exactly a bunch of Einsteins, she had gone to
night school to obtain her real estate license. Now she
was one of the firm's top salespeople.

Donnie had been born shortly after the marriage and that
had put a damper on their sex life. They had wanted a
sibling for Donnie and so Missy had come along two years
later. After she was born, their sex life had surged but
then declined again. Now, she and Robert fucked only two
or three times a month. That wasn't nearly enough for
Helen. She had a collection of dildos and vibrators that
she kept in a locked drawer in her closet, and she used
them on a regular basis.

She'd had affairs too – and so had Robert. She'd kept
her figure and looks over the years so it hadn't been
difficult to entice men, even much younger men, into

There had been that one guy, Artie something or another.
He had been young and full of cum. They had gone at it
like bunnies for weeks before she found out that he had
lied about his age. He had claimed to be twenty-two...

Helen stifled a gasp. It had just occurred to her that
Artie had been only a few months older than Donnie was
right now.

"Mom?" Donnie said.

She realized that he'd been asking her something.
"Sorry, honey – just day dreaming. What did you say?"

He held up a plastic container and shook it to show that
it was empty. "Any more bleach?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "It's in the big lower cupboard in the

"I'll get it," he said. He brushed past her as he left
the room. Helen idly walked to the washer and pulled out
some of his underwear. Well, she thought, at least he's
keeping them reasonably clean. Nothing in there was too

She picked up a tee shirt and noticed that it was wet.
"What in the world?" she whispered to herself when she
saw the gooey, milky stains. Oh shit, no, she thought to
herself when she realized it was semen – boy cum. But
there was so much of it.

Donnie hadn't been home for two hours and already he was
masturbating like – well, like the teen boy he was, she
had to admit. After all, she had begun to notice his
stained sheets and pajamas from the age of twelve.
Whether from wet dreams or masturbation, she knew that
he was a healthy youngster.

But this? She held the tee-shirt up between her hands
and examined it by twisting it back and forth. Had he
been saving himself all that time in military school?
What kind of equipment did he have? Was he hung with a
couple of extra large balls swinging between his legs?
And his cock, did he have something like one of those
big-dong dildos in her bedroom?

She heard steps. She dropped the tee-shirt back in the
washer and stepped away. Donnie came back through the
door, carrying the bleach. She cleared her throat and
said, "About a half-cup in the dispenser."

"Really?" said Donnie, "I usually pour most of the jug
right on the clothes." He twisted the cap off and lifted
the jug as if he might just do it.

Helen heard the tease in his voice, though. She said,
"Alright, smarty, I'll leave you alone." She reached up
and ruffled his hair and then gave him a kiss on the
lips that lingered just a beat longer than a mom's peck
should have. "It's good to have you back," she said as
she walked out of the room.

Donnie watched her leave and put a finger to his lips.
What had that kiss been about? It had felt just like the
kiss Missy had given him a few minutes before, at least
until Missy had shoved her tongue in his mouth.


There was a cookout later that day that left everyone
complaining about stuffed tummies. After cleanup, they
all settled down in front of the television. Helen went
to bed early, mentioning a morning showing the next day.
Robert dozed on and off in his recliner until eleven
o'clock, and then he gave it up and turned in. That left
Missy and Donnie studiously watching an old movie that
they wouldn't have paid any attention to at any other
time. Clearly, they were avoiding the i****tuous
elephant in the room.

Fifteen and then thirty minutes passed since their dad
had turned in. It was Missy who finally took the
initiative. "I think they're asl**p by now," she told
Donnie as she went to where he was sitting and knelt at
his feet.

"I don't know..." he said hesitantly. He gazed over
Missy's shoulder as if their parents might burst into
the room any second.

"We could do it right here," she said. She put her hand
on his very evident cock bulge and gave it a squeeze.

"Okay, okay," Donnie said, grabbing her wrist. "Let's go
to my room."

Once they were in his room, with the door securely
locked, the two teens faced one another. Donnie may have
had some mental reservations, but his cock was at full
attention and raring to go. He was trembling – with
nervousness or just plain lust, he wasn't sure of. He
looked into his s****r's eager, expectant face and gave
into his wanton feelings. He grabbed her ass and pulled
her groin against his straining cock as he kissed her
hard and then slipped his tongue between her lips.

They kissed hungrily for a few minutes; their hands
roaming all over. Then she pulled his tee-shirt over his
head and he did the same for her. He fumbled with her
bra strap until she giggled and showed him how simple it
was once the tension on the clasp was eased. Donnie
eagerly dived to her pert breast and drew the nipple
into his mouth. He sucked and tongued the rough nubbin
until it swelled with desire.

Missy watched as his cock filled and lengthened until
she wondered how his briefs could hold the thing back.
She reached down and tugged at his underwear until
Donnie's dick sprang upward, revealing it's red,
distended head.

At that point they parted and seemed to race to see who
could get naked first. "You are so beautiful," Donnie
said, running his eye over her nubile teen form.

"I don't know anyone more handsome than you," she said.
She kissed him wetly and reached between their bodies so
she could stroke him.

"Let's get on the bed," she said, leading him by the

Donnie had no choice but to follow. She positioned him
on his back, and then she curled up beside him. She
gripped his cock at the base, and to his incredible
surprise, she took his cock-head into her mouth.

"Oh...oh shit, Missy," he groaned as her tongue swished
over the sensitive head. " do you know about

She lifted her head and looked at him with mischievous
eyes. "Girls talk," she said. "But I can stop if you

"No, suck it please," he said, lifting his hips toward
her lips.

Missy actually licked his cock, tickling the sensitive
skin with the tip of her tongue. She grasped his shaft
just under the head and realized his cock was as big as
her forearm. "It's so big," she said, gazing upward.
"Bigger than most guys I bet."

"Yeah, I guess so," he said modestly. Actually, he knew
from looking at the other guys at school in the showers
that he was bigger than even the oldest of the cadets.
He had suffered a lot of k**ding, but he soon learned
that it was out of jealousness. Missy kissed the head of
his cock and drilled the tip of her tongue into his cum-

Donnie groaned with desire. "Suck it, Missy," he begged.

She took pity on him and slipped her lips over the head
of his dick. She bobbed her head up and down a few
times, swirling her tongue around the tip. She was
surprised that she actually liked this. The texture of
his cock felt wonderful as it glided past her tongue.
The boyish smell of his aroused body was intoxicating.
She took longer strokes, letting his cock-head enter her

Donnie writhed on the bed. He'd never imagined that
anything could feel like this. "Oh shit, Missy...this is
amazing," he moaned.

She grinned despite having a mouthful of heaving cock.
She beat him off with her hands as she sucked. His shaft
was runny with her spit and his pre-cum that was
steadily flowing. She loved the feeling of power. By
just using her lips and tongue she could make her
b*****r writhe in an agony of sexual ecstasy and beg for
more. Soon, she was meeting his thrusting cock with her
plunging mouth. She wanted him to cum in her mouth. She
wanted to experience the taste.

Donnie gathered the bedclothes in his hands and held on
as if it were a lifeline. The pleasure was almost too
intense. His back arched as he tried to stuff all of his
rigid dick into his sweet s****r's face. "Missy... oh-
my-god... Missy... I'm going to cum... I'M GOING TO

The salty, creamy cum shot into Missy's eager mouth. She
remembered how much he'd cum earlier that day, but this
seemed like much more. She swallowed a mouth full, and
then another. When it seemed he'd run out, she locked
her lips around his engorged cock-head and sucked up
even more. Finally, his cock-shaft softened in her

"That was amazing," said a dazed Donnie as Missy lifted
her head. "I bet I've had a million orgasms, and none of
them ever came close to that."

"I'm glad you liked it," Missy said. She kissed him
deeply. Her tongue made sure that he knew how his cum
tasted. She was delighted that his kiss was as eager as

He responded by flipping her onto her back. He kissed
her eyes, her cheeks and the hollow of her neck. She ran
her fingers through his hair as he moved on to her tits.
He squeezed her soft mounds and sucked the nipples into
his hot mouth. "Mmm... your breasts are so beautiful,"
he told her.

"Thank you," she murmured. "I wish they were bigger."

"You're only sixteen; I bet they'll be as big as Mom's,"
he said, massaging her pert teen tits.

"That would be cool," she said. Their mother had kept
her great figure.

Missy saw that Donnie's cock hadn't gone soft. In fact,
it looked as hard as ever. She couldn't wait to feel it
plunge into her pussy. She spread her legs in invitation
and pushed at Donnie's head.

He took the hint and kissed his way down her flat tummy.
In seconds he was licking and nipping at the silky
softness of her inner thighs. She had only the briefest
strip of downy hair at the top of her pussy lips. He
realized that she must shave for her bikinis, and
suddenly he was filled with the desire to see her in a
skimpy bathing suit. That was silly of course; here, her
pink and creamy nude form was all laid out just for him.

He kissed at her flowered pussy lips and then he slipped
his finger inside. It was warm and slick and he could
feel her muscles gently pulling. She moved her hands
down there and spread her lips. Then she rubbed her
finger tip across a nub of flesh at the top. "Lick my
clit," she told him. "It's like me sucking the head of
your cock."

Donnie wanted nothing more than to plunge his renewed
dick into what he knew would be the gloriously tight fit
of her cunt. But he also knew that waiting would only
make it better. Besides, he really owed her one.

Missy felt the flat of Donnie's tongue run over her
clitoris. Her little clitty was so sensitive right then
that she gasped in pleasure. "OH, not so hard... but,
yes that's it."

Donnie worked his tongue and fingers. He looked upward
to see if Missy was pleased. The young teen girl was
holding her tits as her fingers played across her
nipples. Her eyes were closed and her head moved with
the rhythm of his tongue. He wanted to do something
else, though. He'd heard the older guys at school talk
about eating out a girl. Some of them had bragged about
how far they could get their stiffened tongues up a
girl's pussy. At the time, that had sounded kind of
gross. But not now, not in the heat of the moment.

Missy was in heaven. Her handsome b*****r was between
her thighs. His tongue was tickling her clit just right.
His finger was doing something wonderful. She wasn't
entirely sure about just where her g-spot was, but she
thought that he'd found it. There was a surge of sexual
energy each time his finger plunged inward. Then it all
stopped. She opened her eyes and craned her head down
just in time to see Donnie open his mouth wide and
thrust his tongue into her wet cunt.

"DONNIE...OH SHIT... OH FUCK," she hissed. Missy
couldn't believe the mind blowing sensations that were
ripping through her pussy. The feelings that her
b*****r's mouth and tongue were creating were a hundred
times better than she'd ever dreamed.

Donnie knew that he was giving Missy at least as good an
orgasm as she had given him. Her pussy was leaking juice
and he lapped it up by running his tongue all over her
vaginal lips and clit. She flopped around on the bed and
came at least two more times before she quieted and drew
his face up to hers.

Missy gave her b*****r a soft kiss in thanks for all the
pleasure he'd just bestowed. "That was great," she told
him. "Now let's fuck." She stuck her finger into her
heated, wet cunt and began to finger herself. Clearly,
she hadn't had enough.

"Do you really want to?" Donnie asked.

"Are you k**ding?" she said. "And don't pretend that you
don't want me." She pointedly looked at his cock. It was
throbbing in its hardness and there was a steady drool
of pre-cum oozing from its slit.

Donnie looked at her lust filled eyes, the way her hair
was wildly splayed on her pillow, the hardened nipples
on her pert breasts and the way her fingers plunged into
her cunt. He growled softly and raised up on his knees.
He took his shaft in hand and bent it downwards as Missy
removed her fingers. It was hard to believe that such a
wide dick would fit into that tiny slit – but he was
more than willing to try. He slotted the swollen head
just inside her lips and then pushed. The sensation was

"Donnie...Donnie, you're so big...oh god, you're filling
me so good," she moaned.

Donnie pushed until his cock was completely buried in
his s****r's silky, tight pussy. She wrapped her legs
around his hips and grasped his shoulders. She couldn't
get enough of his hard muscled body. He began to stroke.
At first, he was awkward. His cock would slip out and go
sliding up her slit. Which wasn't so bad since it also
slid across her swollen clit. But they quickly
established a good rhythm as she pushed her hips to meet
his thrusts.

Missy felt her pussy lock around his cock. She could
swear that she could feel his pulse as he surged in and
out of her. His lips on her clit had been mind
shattering, but this was even more pleasurable. She
became overwhelmed in orgasmic bliss.

Donnie felt his s****r's cunt milk at his cock. She was
cumming good and he wanted to keep her there. He varied
his thrusts as she twisted and moaned beneath him. He
wanted to give her as much pleasure as possible, but it
was becoming tougher and tougher to hold off his own
cum. Her cunt was milking his cock, urging him on. She
came yet again and that put him over the edge. He felt
his cock expand as a rush of semen roared through its
length. His entire body jerked and trembled as he poured
shot after shot of cream into her clutching pussy.

"Oh, Missy," he moaned as he fell over sideways onto his
back. Immediately, she kissed him. She kissed his neck,
his nipples, his quivering abs and then she took his
still hard cock into her mouth. His swollen cock-head
was so sensitive he could hardly stand it.

"Oh shit, Missy...oh shit... OH SHIT." His body tried to
curl around his s****r's head as he came again – much
faster than he would have thought possible. His cock
thrummed with sexual energy. She emptied his balls, but
his muscles kept on trying to pump out more cum. It
seemed like he came for an hour.

Chapter 2

Donnie awoke just as the light of dawn peeked into his
bedroom. He had both feet on the floor before he
remembered that he was at home and not back in military
school. No one here was going to sound reveille over a
PA system. He could sl**p until noon if he wanted – but
first he had to take a piss. He was only going to step
across the hall to the bathroom, so he threw on the
first thing he came to – a loose fitting pair of gym
shorts that he'd worn the previous evening.

He crossed the hallway to the bathroom and closed the
door. Hiking up one leg of his shorts, Donnie let loose
an impressive stream into the toilet. When he was
through, he did the obligatory finger rinse and dried
them on a hand-towel. He opened the door and almost made
it back to his bedroom when the smell of fresh brewed
coffee hit his nostrils. He'd developed a caffeine habit
at school, and it was hard to ignore the aroma. Oh what
the heck, he thought. One leisurely cup would be good.
It wouldn't be enough of a jolt to keep him from dozing
through the morning.

Helen Somers had arisen early that morning. She had
three houses to show before noon and she hated to rush
through her morning routine. She was eating a breakfast
of fruit, yogurt, toast and coffee when Donnie padded
into the kitchen, barefoot and shirtless.

"Well, hello," she said as Donnie crossed to the coffee
maker. He wore only a pair of gym shorts and he looked
lean and cut with his wide shoulders and six-pack abs.
"I didn't think you'd be up this early."

Donnie snorted. "At school, we'd call this sl**ping in."

Helen raised an eyebrow as Donnie took a mug from a
cupboard and poured it half full of coffee. She'd never
seen him express any interest in the liquid. Then she
smiled as he stirred in liberal portions of milk and
sugar. "I see you like a little coffee with your cream
and sugar," she said.

Donnie smiled. "Yeah, I guess so." He nodded to the
newspaper and said, "Sports?"

Helen pulled out the sports section and handed it to her
son. "Thanks," Donnie said.

Helen was seated at a small table in the f****y's
breakfast nook. The nook was separated from the kitchen
by a high counter that doubled as a wet bar during
social events. The bar had a couple of high-backed,
swiveling stools situated there. It had been Donnie's
habit for years to eat breakfast at the counter.

Helen took the last bite of her breakfast. She scooted
her chair sideways so that she could hold the newspaper
in its properly unfolded position. Movement caught her
eye and she looked up to see Donnie practically facing
her as he sipped at his coffee. The sports page was
lying on the counter top, but he wasn't reading it. He
sat in a slouch, slowly swiveling back and forth, his
eyes unfocused. Clearly, he was lost in thought.

Because of the difference in height between the stool
and her chair, Helen's eyes were on a level with her
son's crotch. She couldn't stop herself from taking a
peek up the loose leg of his shorts as it flopped open
with his movements. Helen was getting a glimpse of
Donnie's cock every couple of seconds.

Her first thought was about her son's lack of underwear.
Her second thought was about his considerable dick. The
last time she had seen his penis, closely anyway, had
been when she was still giving him baths. He would
giggle and grab himself as she washed his cock and
balls. It had been amusing, embarrassing and even a
little exciting to see it fill out.

There was nothing small about his cock now, though. The
thing lay across his balls and down the leg of his
shorts. And it seemed to be getting bigger. Was her son
getting hard right here, early in the morning, in the
kitchen of all places?

u*********sly, Helen crossed her legs. She didn't notice
that her robe fell open, revealing her leg nearly to her
butt. She flexed her inner thigh muscles, squeezing her
clit. She could masturbate to orgasm doing this. It was
a trick she'd learned years ago, and it had gotten her
through many a dull business meeting. What in the world
am I doing, she wondered to herself. Am I so horny that
I'm trying to get off at the sight of my son's cock? Her
inner thighs clenched and released sending little
thrills through her clit.

Apparently, that's exactly what I'm doing, she thought.
She could actually tell that Donnie's cock-head was
getting bigger and closer as his dick lengthened. He's
got the biggest cock I've ever seen, she told herself.
Her husband, Robert, had nothing to be ashamed of in the
male equipment department, but their son had him beat.

Donnie held the mug of coffee just under his lips,
occasionally taking a sip. He had the sports section in
his other hand. He'd started to read an article about
the MLB Braves needing better pitching if they were
going to make the playoffs, but the words failed to hold
his interest. The memory of his first fuck kept
repeating in his mind. Missy had been so damn hot. She
had gone wild on his dick and cum so many times. His
eyes drifted downward. He was rock hard just thinking
about her. His dick was tenting the loose leg of his

OH SHIT, his mind screamed. He had a full fucking hard-
on right in front of his mother. He glanced her way just
as she sniffed, cleared her throat and turned the page
of her newspaper. Good... it looked as if she had been
engrossed in some article or another. She hadn't even
noticed that her crossed leg was bare to the hip. Damn,
even his mother looked good to him this morning. Nice
smooth, shapely legs. He could see the slope of her tits
down the top of her dressing gown. Shit... he turned
away, hiding his cock. He searched the sports pages. He
needed something to take his mind off sex and loose his
hard-on so he could go dress properly.

Helen saw Donnie's eyes slide in her direction. Quickly,
she ducked her head and hid her discomfort behind a
screen of movements and sounds. She thought she'd die of
embarrassment if her son caught her staring at his
stiffened cock. When she dared to peek over the top of
her paper once again, Donnie had turned away. His eyes
scanned the sports page. Helen gave up on her
masturbation fantasy. It would have been deliciously
naughty to have quivered with a fast orgasm, but now it
was time for her to get ready for work. She arose,
rinsed her dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

"So what are your plans for today?" she asked Donnie.

"His head jerked up from the paper. "Oh... uh... I might
go back to bed for a while," he said with a laugh. And
maybe crank out a load of cum to get the day started
right, he added silently.

"Enjoy it while you can; I think your father wants you
working at the store next week," she said.

Donnie moaned and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I know," he
said, resigned to his fate. It would be another summer
of pushing shopping carts and helping little old ladies
carry their purchases. He didn't work directly for his
father. Actually, he worked for the manager of the local
Charles'Mart, Rick Allison, their neighbor from across
the street.

Helen walked over and put her arm around his bare, warm
shoulders. "Hey, don't knock it. I know you get top pay
for anyone in that job, plus you make all those tips."

Donnie smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I can charm the pants
off those old women." Now why in the hell did I put it
that way, he asked himself.

Helen laughed in agreement and said, "I just bet you
can." She leaned over and kissed him – not on the cheek
, but nearly on his ear – so that her warm breath
tickled. "See you later," she said quickly, and then she
f***ed herself to leave the room before she could pull
anymore flirty tricks on her son.


Helen had one showing early that morning. She was trying
to set up a young couple with something they could
afford on middle class earnings. She rushed through the
second showing because at noon she had something that
could draw a really nice commission. Shortly before
twelve o'clock she drove to the upscale side of town and
pulled into the drive of a large Tudor style home. Her
clients, the Thompsons were already there. They were a
couple in their mid-fifties. Hal was a handsome man with
a thickening middle. Marie was stocky but dressed

"Hello, sorry you had to wait on me," said Helen as she
exited her car.

The couple said their hellos. "No, really, Hal's not
happy unless he's very early to an appointment," said
Marie. "Helen, this is our son, Frederick." She gestured
to the third Thompson in their midst.

Helen smiled at Frederick. He looked as if he was old
enough to be in college, plus he was dressed about a
preppie as you could get. He was wearing madras shorts
with a matching, solid polo shirt. His sockless feet
were clad in a pair of deck shoes.

"Please, call me Freddie," the young man said as he
stuck out his hand.

"Hi, Freddie," said Helen, taking his hand. He didn't so
much shake her hand as give it a couple of gentle
squeezes. He had his father's good looks minus the
excess weight. She could tell from his confident smile
that he probably had great success with the coeds.

"Well, let's take a look inside, shall we?" said Helen
as she led the Thompsons into the house.

They made a tour of the downstairs of the two story
home. The elder Thompsons expressed approval of some
features and disapproval at others. Freddie seemed to
content to simply tag along and only offered an opinion
when he was asked. The tour ended at the French doors to
a flagstone terrace that overlooked about a half-acre of
decorative garden.

"Hey, guys, why don't you check out the garden while Ms.
Somers and I do the upstairs," Freddie said to his

Mr. Thompson checked his watch and said, "Good idea,
son. We're running a bit late." And with that, Hal and
Marie were out the door.

"I knew they were dying to get out there," said Freddie.
"They're just a couple of frustrated landscapers."

"Uh...okay," said Helen. If that's how they wanted to do
things, she could only go along. "The foyer is this
way." She led Freddie back to the main entrance and the
stairway that curved upward to the second floor. At the
top of the stairs she turned left and said, "The smaller
bedrooms are down here." They made a cursory inspection
of those bedrooms and baths.

That put them back at the landing at the top of the
stairs. "I really wish your parents would see this,"
Helen said as she gestured to a double door. She opened
one of the doors and stepped inside an enormous master

"As you can see, it's a generous space for a master
bedroom," Helen said as she walked to the center of the

"I'll say," said Freddie. He stood, hands in pockets,
just inside the door, taking the high ceiling and square
footage. "You could almost play half-court basketball in
here," he said with a laugh.

"There's more," said Helen. She went to a pair of
folding doors and pulled one to the side. "Plenty of
closet space, too." Freddie gave an appreciative whistle
at a closet that could have held a couple of the lesser
bedrooms of the house.

"I suppose the bathroom is just as opulent?" Freddie

Well, at least he's showing some interest, thought
Helen. "Of course," she said aloud. They trekked next
door to the bathroom. "It has dual basins," she said as
she motioned at the marble topped counter. "And over
here is a whirlpool tub for two." The oversized tub sat
next to a shower.

"That looks like fun," he said, leering into the tub.

"Yes, it can be," Helen said with the air of someone who
knows from firsthand experience. "Now let me show you
the view," she said before Freddie could respond. She
strode out of the bathroom and across the room to a set
of French doors that mirrored the ones from downstairs.
Opening the doors, they walked out on a balcony that
overlooked the garden. Helen went to the railing and
rested her hands on the top. Freddie stood beside her
and put his hand on hers. Helen glanced at his hand, but
didn't move.

Out in the garden, Hal and Marie were gesturing and
pointing as if they were already directing a revision of
the grounds. "You know," Freddie said, "they really like
this place."

Helen looked at him, encouraging him to continue.

Freddie stroked the back of her hand with his little
finger. "In fact, I think my parents like this place
more than they want to let on." Helen lifted an eyebrow.
"And I think I could be persuaded to persuade them to
close the deal."

"I see," said Helen. "So what would it take to persuade

Now it was his turn to quirk an eyebrow. "The I'm a man
and you're a woman sort of persuasion."

Freddie's look was expectant – with a trace of boyish
hope. Helen liked that; it was cocky and condescending
that she would have rejected. She took his wrist and
pulled him back inside. She made sure they were out of
sight from the doors before she stopped and lifted her
face. Right on cue, Freddie kissed her.

Mmmm...he's good, thought Helen. He had soft, playful
and moist lips. They kissed lightly for a full minute
before Helen decided that this was not some romantic
make-out session. She slipped her tongue between his
lips. That seemed to rev Freddie's engine. His hands
went to her waist, and their kisses became deeper and
wetter. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her

Helen moved her leg between his and rubbed her pussy
mound high on his thigh. She could feel the pulsing
hardness of his erection. Her hands moved over his back
and squeezed his biceps. Freddie was slim but soft. He
certainly didn't have the broad shoulders and well
defined muscles of her son, Donnie. Oh god, why am I
comparing him to Donnie, Helen wondered? She had an
armful of aroused, young male right here, no need to
bring in thoughts of someone she shouldn't have.

Freddie kissed her cheek and then began to nibble his
way down her neck. He reached up and fondled her breast.
Helen had worn a light silk blouse over a navy hued,
lacy full cup bra this morning. That let her tits move
like dark, full shadows under her top. It was something
that her male clients appreciated. Now Freddie was
sliding the slick material of her blouse over her
thirty-eight D cups.

"Mmm...your breasts are beautiful," he whispered. He
undid a button on her blouse and slipped a hand inside.
He gently squeezed and fingered her bra clad breast. He
was almost too slow, too reverent. She wasn't some
school girl who needed to be seduced. Her mind wondered
back to Donnie. She wondered if he had fucked yet. She
bet he had. He had the looks. He had that slow, shy
smile that drew girls in. She bet that all he had to do
was to pull out that club of a cock he carried around
and the girls would swoon. She bet... Oh shit, girl, you
better get on with this, she told herself.

She withdrew Freddie's hand from her blouse. "Come on,"
she said and pulled him into the bathroom, closing the
door. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it
without letting the garment brush the floor. She folded
it neatly in half and laid it on the counter. Her
panties, thank goodness they were the frilly ones that
matched her bra, soon fell atop her skirt.

Freddie was standing there looking slightly stunned.
"Never seen a woman undress before?" she asked.

"Of...of course," he stammered. "You're just so damn
hot." His hands arrowed in on her tits once more.

Helen could practically feel her cunt oozing her juices.
I'm hotter than you know, she thought. She unzipped his
shorts and soon found that Freddie was a boxers kind of
guy. That made it easy to pull his rigid cock into the

Helen stroked his swollen penis. It was averaged size,
maybe a bit bigger. It certainly wasn't as big as her
husband's, and far from what Donnie had down there. But
Freddie's cock had the virtue of being here, and of
being hard and eager.

"Nice one," she said. You could never go wrong by
praising a young stud's cock.

"Thanks," he said, trying to sound as if he heard that
compliment all the time.

Helen stepped back and jumped up so as to be seated
between the basins on the counter. She moved until she
knew that her pussy was situated at the edge. She and
Robert had fucked in more than one bathroom. "Come here,
Freddie," she said as she spread her legs.

She saw that he was so hard, his dick fairly vibrated as
he moved between her legs. He was one second from
plunging his cock into her lust swollen pussy lips when
she said, "You better make sure I'm all lubed up down
there." In truth, she knew that she was more than ready.
But she wanted Freddie to work for his fun.

He began slowly, at first merely brushing his lips up
and down on the wet lips of her cunt. As he licked
gently along her puffy slit, he extended his tongue a
little and stroked it along the dewy crease where the
outer lips of her cunt were barely parted. Freddie
spread her vaginal lips and flipped his tongue across
her distended clit.

"Ohhh, Freddie!" Helen moaned as she pulled his face to
her pussy. He was surprisingly good at this. "That's
it," she urged as she hunched against his questing lips
and tongue. He laved at her throbbing clitoris as his
lips closed around it to suck the bud-like nerve center
up inside his mouth. Electric-like bolts of sexual
excitement thundered through Helen as she felt his teeth
nipping at her sensitive bud, she threw wide her legs
and f***ed him on.

Helen kept Freddie at his heated oral play for two full
minutes. She could feel her orgasm building. Pulling at
his head she said, "Now Freddie, get that prick of yours
in me."

"Yeah," Freddie said, as he looked up with sex glazed
eyes. He stood, positioned his cock head between Helen's
inviting pussy lips, and pushed in one movement. "Oh
yes," he moaned as her flesh wrapped around his like
hot, oiled satin.

"Come on, show me what you've got," urged Helen. "Pound
my pussy...POUND MY PUSSY."

"Yeah...okay," Freddie said. He grabbed Helen's ass and
shagged her as fast as his hips could move.

Helen dug her fingers into Freddie's shoulders. His cock
was no pussy stretcher, but he was slamming it to the
hilt with every stroke. She came. It was a nice orgasm,
but she knew the next one would be the one to send her
into that realm where nothing mattered but the
sensations in her loin. If he could just...

Helen felt Freddie's strokes falter. She opened her eyes
to see his expression screwed up in an orgasmic grimace.
His body shuddered and he slowed to a breathless stop.
He'd lasted all of thirty seconds. Helen sighed in
frustration. No wonder the boy was better than expected
in foreplay – he couldn't last worth a damn. He stepped
back. Already, his cock was a shriveled, wet

"Helloooooo?" came the faint voice of Marie Thompson
from somewhere on the first floor.

Hello indeed, thought Helen. She pushed a dazed looking
Freddie away from her. "Put your dick back in your
pants," she instructed him. "Then go tell your parents
that I'm powdering my nose, or whatever."

"Oh...yeah... sure," Freddie said. He put his wilted
dick away and left the bathroom.

Helen flipped on the room's vent fan. She dealt with the
fluid leftovers from their little session – thank
goodness the plumbing was working. Then she took the
time to get her makeup refreshed and her clothing back
into place. As she combed her hair, she wondered if she
should cultivate Freddie as her next young stud. She
could probably teach him self control. It took her about
a second to decide that he was too moneyed and too
privileged to easily contain, and besides, he was never
going to be a stud – her pussy felt distinctly
underused. As she left the room, she decided that if
Freddie lived up to his promise to nudge his parents
into a buy, then that would prove to be her most
fulfilling part of the day.

Robert Somers, husband to Helen, father to Missy and
Donnie gazed across the top of the clipboard he was
carrying. Ten feet away were a couple of teen girls
carefully scrutinizing various shades of eye shadow.
This was a perk of working for the retail giant
Charles'Mart. In each of the acre-plus sized stores
there were always at least a few good looking women to
gaze upon. In the middle of the day you had your young
moms who had regained their prenatal figures. Yeah, they
were burdened with k**s, but they also tended to want to
show the world that they could fit back into their tight
jeans and tee shirts. Said tee shirts over flowing with
hormone enhanced breasts.

Early evening was best though. That was when girls in
their late teens and early twenties showed up. They were
on their way to or from somewhere more socially
interesting, but they came to Charles'Mart to pick up
the necessities. And, like those two a few feet away,
they took the time for hair and makeup and they wore
clothes to attract the eye. One of these girls was nice
looking but kind of plump. The other was a real beauty,
though. She was wearing a sun dress and heels. The dress
showed off her flawless, tanned skin while a cascade of
dark hair flowed over her shoulders. Presently, they
made their selection and moved on. Robert's eyes flicked
back to his clipboard.

"Is everything alright, Mr. Somers?"

Robert turned and saw the middle-age woman who ran the
beauty aids department of the store. He winked at her
and said, "Everything's in good shape, Vera." He'd known
the woman for years, but it was a good thing she had on
her nametag, otherwise he'd have been stuck.

She nodded as if he'd just confirmed what she already
knew. "Well, I try," she said. "Heaven only knows where
they expect me to put all the stuff that's back in that

"But you always do," Robert pushed in when she paused
for a breath. "Now, I've got to head over to hardware
and see what kind of a mess they have."

Vera laughed. "Okay, see you later, Mr. Somers," she
said as he moved away.

Robert was the district manager over a dozen stores and
it was his duty to inspect each store on a regular
basis. That was what he was doing here, about fifty
miles from home. He felt a vibration at his belt; it was
his cell phone. Robert checked the screen. It said
'Scheduling,' but that was just a cover. He knew from
the number that it was his lover, Mia.

"Hey," he said into the phone. "You must be halfway down
seventy-eight by now," naming the road between this
store and the regional office where she worked.

Mia was a five foot tall firecracker. She had dark hair
and eyes, perfect tits and a great ass. She had been a
cashier at one of Robert's stores when they met. It had
been lust at first sight. He had conspired to just
happen to be at the employee entrance when she left the
store that day. Thirty minutes later she was giving him
a stellar blowjob in his car. And not long after, they
came to an agreement. He would advance her position
within Charles'Mart to the limit of her capabilities and
she would give him her body; it having the benefit of a
decade of gymnastic training. The girl could fuck him
upside down, sideways and backwards.

On the phone, Mia said, "No hell no, my car broke down.
I'm at the dealership. I'll have to leave it here so
they can take a look at it in the morning."

Robert sighed. Mia drove an old Honda with reckless
abandon and with reckless disregard to any sort of
maintenance. He was tempted to give her an 'I told you
so,' but that wouldn't help the situation. "So how are
you getting home?" he asked.

"Dad's coming to pick me up," she said. She still lived
with her parents.

"Okay," Robert said, trying to sound positive. "You
could drive his truck over here."

"'s too late. You know, by the time I
got there we'd have lost the dinner reservations and
then I would be so late getting home, not to mention the
fuss Dad would have over the mileage I put on his
precious pickup."

"Mmm...I was really looking forward to tonight," Robert
said in disappointment. He had made reservations at a
nice restaurant, and then after dinner he and Mia would
have spent a couple of hours fucking their brains out.
With the help of one of his little blue pills, Robert
could usually make it three or four times.

"I know, me too," Mia said. "But we'll have that
convention in Vegas in a couple of weeks. Listen, Dad's
here – I have to go. I'll call you tomorrow." The two
said their goodbyes.

Robert snapped his phone closed and did his best to
shove it angrily back in its case. He hadn't had a good
screw in two weeks. Tonight was supposed to tide him
over until he got together with Mia in Las Vegas. Oh

He checked his watch and did some figuring. He had
planned on finishing his inspection of this store
tomorrow morning. But if he pushed things along, he
could be home and in his own bed – no matter how horny –
around midnight. He pulled out his phone and called the
house. Helen answered on the third ring.

"Hi, honey, how's it going?" he asked.

"Mmm...things are pretty calm," she answered. "We had
pizza for dinner, and then Donnie went to a movie.
Jennifer came over; she's going to spend the night with

"How's Jennifer holding up?" Robert said. Jennifer
Allison was the daughter of Rick Allison, the manager of
the local Charles'Mart in the town where the Somers
lived. His wife had left to, "find herself," as she put
it, somewhere in northern California. Jennifer had taken
it badly.

"Oh, between the crying jags, she's okay," Helen said
with a snort.

"Well, too bad," Robert said. "I'm going to finish up
here tonight, so I'll be home late."

They talked a few more minutes and hung up. Not for the
first time, Robert reflected on his marriage. He and
Helen usually meshed together nicely on the practical
matters in their relationship. Too bad there was no
passion left between them. A couple or three basic fucks
were all they could manage in a month. He felt that
their sex was only slightly better than masturbation.


Missy watched as Jennifer took a tour of Missy's
bedroom. Jennifer hadn't visited there in months. "Why
do you have a math book?" Jennifer asked, pointing to
the textbook on Missy's dresser.

Missy rolled her eyes and sighed. "Oh, I failed the
advanced placement math test. I'll have to take it again
in July."

Jennifer sniffed and said, "I thought you were smart."

"I am smart," Missy said, trying to sound offended when
she knew that her friend was only ribbing her. "There're
just a couple of things I can't get."

"Hey, I know who could tutor you," said Jennifer.

"Who's that?" asked Missy.

"Ned Turkleton,"

"Nerdleton?" Missy said, surprised.

"He's not so nerdish these days," Jennifer said. "He got
Lasik, or maybe contacts, anyway those awful glasses he
used to wear are gone. He's let his hair grow out. He's
looking pretty good."

"Hmm...well maybe," Missy said. Ned was a rising senior
at the high school. He was also an A student who tutored
for a fee – most of his clients were the school jocks
who ran to him when it looked as they might go on
academic probation and thus lose their playing

"Oh," was all Jennifer said. She was getting that look
in her eyes again - the one she got just before another
crying spurt.

Oh crap, Missy thought. She'd done her best to keep
Jennifer's mind off her runaway mother. They'd even
played dress up – of a sort. Missy had pulled out her
nighties and they had tried them on. Missy had ended up
wearing a satin navy number that fell only to mid-thigh.
Jennifer was wearing a frosted white one with lace bra
cups. It was supposed to fall loosely to below her
knees. The hem was below her knees, alright. But there
was nothing loose about it.

You see, where Missy was slim and cute – Jennifer was a
blonde bombshell. Her breasts practically spilled out of
the cups made for a less endowed girl. The thin straps
looked as if they might part at the least exertion. And
the sheer material of the nighty clung to her curves so
that there was no doubt that Jennifer was wearing a low
rise, flower patterned panty.

Missy was seated on her bed. She motioned for Jennifer
to join her. "Come here and I'll tell you a secret," she

Jennifer seemed to perk up at that. She lay down on her
side beside Missy, propping her head up on her hand.
"What is it?" she asked.

"Donnie thinks you're hot," Missy confided.

"No way," Jennifer said. Donnie had always treated her
like another little s****r, when he'd taken notice of
her at all. She turned her head down so that her long
ash blonde hair fell across her face. It was something
she did when she felt uneasy. "You're teasing me," she

Missy reached out and brushed her friend's hair back
behind her ear. "My god, Jen, have you looked in the
mirror lately? You're sexy as hell."

Jennifer giggled and sat up. "Really? I mean about
Donnie?" she asked.

Missy nodded. " both."

"Thank you," Jennifer said with a catch in her voice.

Missy leaned forward. She said in a low, soft voice,
"There's something else; he's a really good kisser too."
She tilted her head and kissed Jennifer on the lips as
lightly as a feather. Jennifer responded, soon their
lips were parting as they brushed one another. Missy put
her hand on Jennifer's thigh. Her tongue began to play
about on Missy's lips.

They had done this before. At first it had been 'let's
practice kiss,' but there had also been just plain old
make out sessions which had led to some heavy petting.
Missy had always ended those evenings masturbating
furiously, alone. They never talked about it, but Missy
had often dreamed about them going farther.

Jennifer caressed the back of Missy's neck and pulled
her closer. Her tongue slipped between Missy's lips and
their kiss grew deeper and wetter. They went at it for
three full minutes before Jennifer pulled back to get
some air. "I bet he doesn't kiss any better than you
do," she said. She paused for a beat and he eyes shot
wide open. "Wait a minute, how do you know he's a good

"Because I've kissed him," Missy said in a matter of
fact voice.

"Oh you're k**ding me," Jennifer said.

"Huh uh," said Missy, her face was only inches from
Jennifer's. She slid her hand beneath Jennifer's nighty
and made circles on her soft skin with her forefinger.
"And another thing... he's got an incredible cock."

"He does?" Jennifer asked in a weak voice. "You've seen

Missy moved her hand up Jen's feverishly hot thigh. If
she went another inch she'd be pressing on her friend's
pussy. "Seen it... felt it... I've jerked him off. He
cums... so much. It's unbelievable."

Jennifer whimpered. "But he's your b*****r."

"I don't care," Missy said. "He's a hot stud. Maybe it's
that school. He's horny all the time."

Jennifer pulled Missy back into another kiss. This one
was frantic. Their tongues twisted and fought as their
lips locked hungrily. Missy pressed her hand all the way
until her thumb was stroking the other teens panty
covered pussy.

Jennifer moaned. "Oh my god, you guys have done it,
haven't you?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yes," said Missy, "and it's amazing. I mean, you can't
believe how good that cock makes me good
it'll make you feel."

"Oh shit, Missy. You've got to fuck me... right now!"
Jennifer demanded.


Robert Somers made good time traveling home. It was a
few minutes after midnight when he pulled into the drive
at the rear of his house. It wasn't the first time he'd
come home late from work, or some rendezvous with a
girlfriend. He closed the door to his car as quietly as
possible and entered the house through the back door
into the kitchen.

The house was quiet and dark except for some s**ttered
nightlights. Helen hated a completely darkened home. He
put his briefcase on the kitchen counter and took a
drink of water from the faucet. Then, like he'd done a
thousand times before, he went to check on his k**s.

He'd perfected the art of moving in near silence down
the hallway on the k**'s side of the house. He saw a
crack of light from under Missy's door. Oh yeah,
Jennifer was here tonight, he remembered. The girls
would probably be up for hours yet, and then sl**p until
noon. He passed her door and went on to Donnie's room.
It was empty. Robert did some mental calculations.
Donnie had most likely gone to a late movie. It really
wasn't time for him to be home yet.

He crept back to Missy's door and stopped. He couldn't
help but wonder what the girls were up to. He heard some
murmurs and then very clearly he heard Jennifer say, "Oh
shit, Missy. You've got to fuck me...right now!"


Missy drew Jennifer's nighty over her head and tossed it
to the floor. She was so envious of Jen's full breasts.
She kissed and fondled the upturned nipples until they
were hard and slick with spit.

Mmm...fuck me," Jennifer moaned.

Missy pulled back Jen's heavy blonde hair and kissed the
shell of her ear. "Oh, I am," she promised. Jennifer lay
back on the bed as Missy pulled off her cute panties.
Missy tickled the inside of her friend's thighs with her
finger tips.

"Oh god, I'm so fucking hot," Jennifer said, forgetting
to keep her voice down.

"Mmm...I love your pussy," Missy said from between the
girl's thighs. Like her own pussy, Jennifer's was
hairless and ready for bikini season. Without
hesitating, she dove on the girl's slit, splitting it
with her tongue and licking upwards across Jen's clit.

Jennifer grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under her head.
The sight of Missy lapping at her pussy made her spread
her legs wider. She reached down and pulled her friend's
head tight against her leaking cunt.

Missy couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this.
She licked Jen's clit and then stabbed her tongue up the
girl's pussy and then went back to her clit, this time
taking it between her lips and sucking on it so she
could tongue it some more. She even loved the feel and
smell of Jen's love juices. She lapped them up. She
moved her hands up to Jen's tits.

Jennifer felt her hot sexual desire building. Missy's
tongue and lips were heaven on her clit. Missy's hands
kneaded her heavy tits and her fingers squeezed Jen's
nipples, sending trembling waves of erotic heat through
her body.

"Eat me...oh fuck, EAT ME!" Jennifer cried as Missy hit
a particularly sensitive spot.

Missy eagerly complied and Jennifer's thighs quivered in
orgasm. The girl wrapped her legs around Missy's head
and rode her to higher and higher waves of passion.


Robert froze in place. What the hell were they playing
at in there? He looked down at the old fashioned door
knob on his daughter's door. Below it was a keyhole, one
very handy to look through. Well, It was his house and
damn it, he had every right, he told himself. As quietly
as ever he went to his knees and peered inside.

He didn't have to wonder what was going on for very
long. Across the room, he could very plainly see his
daughter muff diving on her girlfriend – their neighbor
– little Jennifer. He was shocked, horrified and very
aroused. His dick began to straighten out like a fire
hose filling with water. Was his daughter a lesbian, or
was this simply adolescent exploration? Whichever, it
was damned hot girl on girl action. Without taking his
eye from the keyhole he unzipped his pants. Robert
fought his big cock into the open. He was proud of his
eight full, thick inches. It was as hard as it had ever
been, even with chemical aid.

He felt shame at being a voyeur, but he couldn't take
his eyes off the girls. He began to stroke. He could see
Missy's short, dark and tousled hair as her head bobbed
between Jennifer's legs. Missy had a cute butt and long
slim legs.

Robert dragged his gaze from his daughter's form to
concentrate on Jennifer. At least he wasn't related to
her. Damn, the little girl he'd watch grow up had filled
out in spectacular fashion. With those tits and that ass
and those good looks and that mane of blonde hair, she
could grace the centerfold of any men's magazine. Robert
stroked faster.

Fuck, she was the fantasy that men jerked off to come to
life right here in his home. He rocked back from the
door and frantically beat his meat. He clenched his
teeth so as not to make a sound and cupped his free hand
in front of his cock-head. Shot after shot of hot cum
leapt from his dick. Two weeks of pent up sexual
frustration and tension were relieved. Cum overfilled
his palm and a few drops hit the floor.

Robert stared blankly at the door as he caught his
breath. He hadn't cum like that in ages. He had to
stifle a moan as he stood. His knees weren't used to
this. He walked to the kitchen, feeling like a fool with
his dick in one hand and the other hand coated in semen.
He cleaned up with a couple of paper towels and buried
the evidence deep in the garbage. Then he made his way
to his bedroom. He pissed, washed his hands, undressed
and slipped into his side of the king-sized bed.

Helen said sl**pily, "Everything okay?"

Robert could never get into the bed without waking
Helen. "Fine," he said. "The girl's are still up and
Donnie isn't in yet. Go back to sl**p."

"Mmmph," Helen said as she rolled over.

Robert wondered if he'd ever get to sl**p that night.
What was he going to do about Missy and Jennifer? He
sighed, tried to relax his muscles...and was snoring
peacefully less than a minute later.

Chapter 3

Thirty minutes later it was Donnie's turn to enter the
house through the kitchen door. He didn't bother trying
to be quiet as he walked down the hallway. In fact, he
made sure to clear his throat as he passed Missy's door.
He could see light from beneath the door. At least the
girl's hadn't gone to sl**p yet. He wondered if Missy's
plan to get the shy, reluctant Jennifer to join in their
games was going to work.

He took a long piss in the bathroom, washed up and
brushed his teeth. He was ready for bed – in both senses
of the word. He went back to his room and undressed down
to his boxers. He sighed. If Jennifer wasn't here, he
and Missy could be getting it on about now. Was he going
to have to settle for an old fashioned wank off?

He heard sounds in the hall, and then he heard the
bathroom door close. He waited as the toilet flushed,
and then he waited some more. At last the bathroom door
opened. He watched his own door in expectation and tried
to look mildly surprised when it opened and the two
girls walked in.

Missy was in front. He didn't know that she even had the
nighty that she was wearing. Her erect nipples dimpled
the material swelled by her pert tits. She was pulling
Jennifer by the hand. Donnie's eyes popped open when he
saw her. Her tits swelled above the cups of her
lingerie. It looked as if she had been poured into it.
She looked excited and nervous as she stole glances at

"Hey, want some company?" Missy asked as if Donnie
hadn't half expected them. She and Jen had taken the
time to dress and primp. The look on Donnie's face made
it worth the trouble.

"Sure, come on in," Donnie said. He patted the bed on
either side of where he sat.

Missy plopped down, shoulder to shoulder, on his left.
Jennifer sat down more gingerly, keeping a few inches
between her and him. "Show Jennifer your cock," Missy

Jennifer gasped and Donnie exclaimed, "Missy!"

"I told her all about it...about how I jerked you off
and stuff," Missy said. "And I even told her about how
you like her," she added as if revealing a dark secret.

"I do," Donnie said to Jen as he put his hand on her
thigh. He could feel her leg tremble at his touch.
Meanwhile his cock was making its presence known in his
underwear. He looked into Jen's eyes and kissed her.

Missy, sat back against the headboard. Oh this is so
hot, she thought.

Donnie thrust his tongue into Jen's mouth, and she
responded with a moan and some tongue action of her own.
He kneaded her firm tits and kissed the soft skin where
they mounded above the cups of her nighty. His cock was
rigid steel and begging to be played with. Donnie took
Jen's hand and placed it on his erection. "Pull it out,"
he told her.

Jennifer tugged on the material of Donnie's shorts, but
she got his cock pulled through the slit in his shorts
quickly enough. "Oh my god," she gasped. "It's even
bigger than Missy said it was." She stroked its length
several times. She couldn't get fingers completely
around the hot piece of teen meat.

Then, completely to the surprise of both Donnie and
Missy she bent down and took his cock-head in her mouth.
She wasn't the virgin that her shyness would lead others
to believe. There had been a boy she'd met a few months
ago – one her parents would have thoroughly disapproved
of. He had taught her some amazing things.

Donnie couldn't believe that quiet little –well, not so
little anymore – Jennifer was enthusiastically and
skillfully sucking his dick. Her long, ash blonde hair
tickled his legs as her head bobbed up and down. It felt
as if she was sucking sexual heat from his balls right
to the tip of his dick.

Oh shit, I'm ready to cum too soon, ran through his
mind. But there was no denying Jennifer's lips and
tongue. Her fantastic suck demanded a huge load and he
felt a warmth spread through his loins. He heard a
mewling sound from his right. He turned his head to see
Missy finger fucking her pussy as fast as she could
possibly move her hand. She had removed her nighty, and
her free hand pawed at her tits. The sight put Donnie
over the edge. With a deep throated growl from its
owner, his cock erupted.

Missy felt the first stream of hot cum hit the roof of
her mouth. She'd learned that when his cock-head
expanded, like Donnie's was doing now, it was at its
most sensitive. So she sucked even harder. She was
rewarded with more of the creamy cum – much more than
her secret boyfriend had ever produced. Even better, she
had Donnie doubled over in pleasure as inarticulate
gasps and groans escaped his lips.

Donnie flopped back on the bed as Missy finally released
his cock. He couldn't believe the fantastic head that
he'd just received, and he couldn't believe that he was
still hard. He opened his eyes to the sight of Jennifer
peeling off her nighty. God, she was fantastic – a
beautiful face, softly curled hair and there was no sag
at all to her incredible breasts. He sat up, grabbed her
around the waist and pulled her down beside him.

"Aaa...Donnie," she yelped as she bounced on her back.

In a flash, his head darted between her legs. He used
his thumbs to peel back her labia and thrust his tongue
in her pussy as far as it could go. He massaged her clit
with his finger as he swabbed her pussy with his probing
tongue. She was already remarkably wet. No doubt thanks
to whatever she and Missy had been doing. Anyway, the
girl was more than ready for cock.

Jennifer would have been content to have Donnie eat her
out for a while. But then she saw his sculpted torso
loom over her. She saw the fiery lust in his eyes and
knew that he wasn't in the mood to give more head. He
nestled the head of his magnificent cock between her
pussy lips and pushed. Missy's previous experience
hadn't prepared her for this. Donnie's cock plunged deep
and touched her in places that had never been touched.
At the same time, the width of his wonderful dick spread
her lips wider and wider.

" fucking fucking deep," she moaned.
If his cock looked big, that was nothing compared to how
it felt. She spread her knees and wrapped her legs
around his waist, u*********sly urging him to fill her

Donnie slowly withdrew his cock and just before it would
have slipped out, he sent it tunneling back into
Jennifer's oh so gloriously tight pussy. He smiled down
at the girl and said, "You've got to have the tightest
pussy in the world."

Jen chuckled, but then she bit her lower lip as his cock
filled her to bursting once more. "Oh Donnie, fuck me,"
she begged him. Donnie was more than happy to oblige. He
began to make his strokes faster and harder.

Missy had cum twice while watching the hot teen couple
get it on just a few feet away. It was neat that her
b*****r and her best friend were getting it on so well.
But she was beginning to feel a little left out. She lay
down beside Jennifer and said, "He's fucking you good,
isn't he?"

"Uh's unbelievable," Jennifer said. "You've
fucked him too, haven't you?"

"Oh yeah," Missy said. She kissed her friend while her
b*****r stabbed her with his hard rod. Missy played with
Jen's full breasts as the girl shuddered through an
orgasm. She looked up at Donnie just in time to see his
back arch.

"Aggghh..." he grunted as he sent a hot load of teen boy
cream into Jen's snatch.

"My turn," Missy said as she pushed her b*****r to the
side. He perched against the headboard just as she had a
few minutes before.

Missy went down on Jen's cunt. It was messy to say the
least. There was a heady mixture of Donnie's cum and
even if Jen wasn't a squirter, she was leaking copious
amounts of pussy juice.

Missy licked and sucked until she had cleaned out Jen's
cunt. Then she kissed her way upward until the two teens
were swapping tongues. They rolled around on the bed,
kissing and fondling tits and riding one another's

Donnie was taking it all in. No wonder Missy had been
fingering her pussy so hard just a few minutes before.
He stroked his cock back to full hardness – not that it
needed much encouragement.

The girls' thighs were wet with pussy juice. They humped
their clits until they both came. "Shit, I never dreamed
we could do it like that," Jennifer giggled into Missy's

"Me neither," said Missy. She tweaked her friend's
nipple. "Are you still horny?"

"I can't believe it, but I am," Jen said.

"Me too," said Missy. "I want to eat you."

"Let me do you," Jen insisted.

"Oh fuck, just do each other," Donnie said. He made a
twisting motion with his hands to show what he meant.

"Oh yeah," said Missy. She immediately turned so that
her face was above Jen's pussy. "Mmmm... this'll be
nice," she said taking a long swipe at Jen's clit.

Jen put her hands on Missy's butt and pulled her pussy
within range of her questing tongue. She sucked Missy's
clit between her lips and flicked her tongue over the
turgid nub of sex. In only seconds her friend was
leaking pussy juices into her mouth.

"Oh shit, I'm getting ready to cum," Missy groaned. She
worked even harder at Jen's cunt, trying to touch every
inch of her pussy walls, trying to give her the same
pleasure that she felt.

Donnie slowly stroked his cock. This girl on girl action
had him as hard as ever. He couldn't believe that he had
two beautiful girls in bed with him; ones that were hot
and horny and eager for his dick.

The girls hit their orgasms at the same time. Missy
buried her face in Jen's snatch and sucked at her clit
and tongued fuck as hard as she could. She ground her
pussy on Jen's face. Her cunt contracted and she knew
that Jen was getting pussy juice smeared all over her
pretty face. "AHHH..OHHHhhhh..." she gasped out.

The girls separated and Donnie saw his chance to rejoin
the fun. It was Missy's turn to get banged so he
positioned himself behind her and pulled her hips upward
until she was on her knees. He eased his rock hard dick
into her wet, wet pussy and began a nice fuck stroke.

"Oh my god, Donnie," she cried. "You're so fucking fucking big." She buried her face in the bed
clothes and babbled on and on about her b*****r, the big

Jennifer got on her knees and came to Donnie's side.
"You're fucking your s****r good aren't you?" she said,
nuzzling his ear.

"You know it," he said, never breaking the rhythm of his
masterful strokes.

Jennifer kissed him; her tongue swirled in his mouth. "I
want your big dick in me," she told him. "My pussy's hot
and tight for you."

"Mmmm...just as soon as Missy gets off," he told her
with a wink.

Jennifer licked her lips. Missy was her best friend, but
she didn't want Donnie's cock to explode before she
could use it. She reached down and wrapped her fingers
around the base of his cock as best she could. She had
some idea of stifling his orgasm, but when her fingers
bumped against Missy's pussy, she got another idea. She
lifted her finger so that it ran over Missy's clit with
each fuck stroke.

"mmmMMMMEEEEEEEEEeeee..." Miss shrieked into the
accumulation of sheets, blankets and pillows around her
head. It was a good thing her voice was muffled,
otherwise her parents, and probably the neighbors would
have come running. It went on for a full minute before
Missy quieted and collapsed.

Jennifer flopped onto her back and spread her legs in
invitation. "You seem to be free," she said, grinning at

"Yes, I think I can fit you in," Donnie said, going
along with her banter. The head of his steely cock
worked against her pussy lips. "Or maybe that's you
fitting me in," he muttered. Suddenly, his cock-head
punched through and he sent it surging through her pussy
canal. "Oh yeah, so tight and hot."

", yes," Jennifer exclaimed as Donnie
pounded her. She loved the way his cock made her pussy
sing. After shagging Jen on her back for a couple of
minutes, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled up
until he was on his knees and she was impaled on his
monster fuck pole. She threw her arms around his neck
and pillowed her big tits against his chest. She could
feel her nipples scr****g across his skin with each
stroke. She held on through one orgasm after another.
She loved this – loved it, loved it, loved it. Sex with
her first lover had been okay. She had cum, but this –
sex with her friends - was simply awesome. Donnie and
Missy could send her mind and body into another realm
where there was nothing but pussy tingling pleasure.

Donnie shagged Jennifer until it seemed as if she was
cumming continuously. She alternated snorting hot air
into his ear and making soft, high pitched keening
sounds. He felt like a master cocksman, making her cum
so much. But the pressure in his balls wasn't to be
denied, and besides, his legs were beginning to ache. He
laid Jennifer onto her back and once more buried his
cock in her clinging pussy.

"Oh shit, oh fuck...I'm cumming so good," he groaned.
His cock jerked and spat out what felt like gallons of
hot teen cream. The hot stuff washed back over his shaft
and leak down his balls. When his dick finally stopped
spurting, he lay down, face up, between the two girls.

Donnie covered his eyes with his arm. It seemed that
pussy heaven could be somewhat exhausting. He wondered
if they were all going to sl**p in this arrangement when
he heard a giggle, and then he felt a hand on his cock-
shaft, and then he felt a pair of lips on his cock-head
– complete with a tongue drilling into his cum-slit.
He'd cum three times in about an hour, but is cock was
filling out, growing rigid with lust once more. He
reached to both sides of his sculpted torso and filled
his hands with soft breasts.


Robert Somers slowly paced through his front yard, head
down, hands in his back pockets. It was nearly noon on a
Saturday. Robert was dressed for a day off. He was
wearing tan cargo shorts, a white tee shirt and canvas
slip on shoes. He looked like a man obsessed in
examining his grass for an encroachment of weeds.

His mind wasn't on his lawn however. Ten minutes ago he
had glanced across the street to see Jennifer Allison
pass by her picture window wearing nothing but her bra
and panties. To be honest, she may have been in a
bikini. Since the other night, Jennifer had been on his
mind. Images of the teen beauty danced in his head. He'd
love to see her in a bikini – maybe she was sunbathing
in the Allison's backyard.

Robert looked thoughtfully back at his house. Missy and
Helen had gone to the mall. Donnie had mentioned that he
was going to visit a friend in the neighborhood. Robert
returned his gaze to the Allison home. Rick, Jen's dad,
would be at work right now, seeing as how it was a busy
Saturday at Charles'Mart.

Robert frowned in thought. He couldn't get the picture
of Jen and Missy out of his head. They weren't in love
or anything like that, were they? Weren't they just a
couple of hot chicks pleasuring each other on a slow
night? He rolled his eyes; he didn't know which was
worse. Both scenarios made his dick tingle.

Robert found himself ringing the Allison's doorbell. He
barely remembered crossing the street and going up the
walkway to the door. No one answered. Now what? Just go
back home? Walk around the Allison home, hoping to find
Jen in a skimpy bikini? He was half hard just imaging
it. He...

The door opened. "Hi, Mr. Somers," Jennifer said. She
wasn't in a swimsuit, nor her bra and panties, but
something almost as enticing. She was wearing a
sleeveless, pink crop top that obviously didn't have a
bra underneath. There was about an acre of bare skin
below her top and then a pair of hip hugging shorts that
stopped soon after they began. There was no doubt as to
the length of Jen's legs.

"Hi, Jennifer, I was wondering if we could talk," Robert
said with a pleasant smile. He was pleased with calm
voice and manner.

"Uh...well, it's not..." Jennifer said.

"It won't take but a minute," Robert said. He put his
palm on the door above the girl's head and pushed the
door wider. He slipped inside.

"Oh, if it's just for a sec'," Jennifer said as she had
to step aside.

Robert looked around the Allison living room. Angela,
Jennifer's mother, had never been the neatest of
housekeepers and truth be told, the place looked the
same. But not bad for a man who worked long hours and
his teenage daughter. Robert sat on a sofa and patted
the cushion next to him. "Please, sit down." Jennifer
sat and crossed her tanned legs. She swept her hair back
and rested her hands in her lap. Of course her movements
made her unfettered breasts bobble around in her top.

Robert realized that the shy Jennifer he knew was
growing into her amazing body. She seemed much more self
possessed than she had just a few weeks ago. His dick
liked that; it swelled larger. He drew in a deep breath
and exhaled slowly; he wasn't exactly sure where to
begin. "Uhhh...I know that you and Missy have been very
good friends... very, very good friends."

Jen nodded in the way that says yes, but what of it?

"And I know that sometimes girls can be...ummm...too
close, let's say," Robert said.

Jen frowned. "So you don't want me to see Missy
anymore?" she said, clearly becoming upset.

"Oh no, no," Robert said. He patted her knee and left
his comforting, and very warm, hand there. "I mean that
you should be cultivating other friendships... uh, let's
say the company of boys."

"Boys?" said Jennifer, still wondering what he was
getting at.

"Youngish human males?" Robert said with a smile. "I
mean, you have to know that they're very much attracted
to someone who's as beautiful as you. Even us old guys
would give you more than one look." Look my ass, thought
Robert. One glance at you and us old guys would like to
give you every inch of cock that we could muster.

Jen blinked her eyes in surprise. Oh shit, she thought
as she realized what he meant. Did he really know fully
about her and Missy's relationship?

Robert saw her hesitation. Moving on instinct that had
served him well with a dozen young women over the years,
he moved closer to Jen and slid his hand up her smooth
thigh. "Being with a man can be very exciting," he said
smoothly and gently.

Jen found herself becoming excited. No matter why he was
doing it, the mature and handsome Mr. Somers was coming
on to her. "Really?" she said innocently; as if she
hadn't been thoroughly fucked by this man's son.

Robert's hand gently caressed Jennifer's knee. "Let me
show you," he said. When she didn't protest he uncrossed
her legs and let his fingers dance up her leg and play
along the inside of her wonderfully soft thighs. He went
to his knees before her and deftly undid the button of
her shorts. In a second, he had her shorts off. He was
surprised to see that she wore no panties, but the sight
of her pussy slit drove any thought from his mind. He
immediately began to rain kisses on her inner thigh and

"Oh, Mr. Somers, that feels so good," Jennifer said. The
man was good. His lips on her clit sent shivers through
her body.

She loves it, Robert told himself. He was determined to
show her how well an experienced man could make her
feel. He sank his finger into her pussy. Already, she
was surprisingly wet. He swirled his tongue around her
clit as he fingered the bump of her g-spot. He was good
at this. He could bring Mia out of one of her angry
moods to a full blown orgasm in five minutes. Jennifer
didn't take that long.

Her back arched and her head whipped back and forth.
"Ohhh... ahhhhh," Jen wailed. "I'm cumming, OH MY GOD,

Robert was sure that he had rocked her world, and now he
was going to be sure that she rocked his. He stood and
unzipped his pants; in a moment, his cock was on
display. He loved the way Jennifer's eyes widened at the
sight of his thick eight inches. He hadn't been this
hard since the night he'd watched her and Missy play.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Uh huh," Jen said.

"Play with it," Robert said, pushing his hip forward.

Jennifer lifted her hand and rubbed up and down the
length of his cock. "Mmm...that's nice, baby," he said.
"Why don't you kiss it?"

"Kiss it?" Jennifer said innocently.

"Just like you kiss...uh... Missy," he said.

"Oh," said Jennifer, so he really did know. In the heat
of the moment, she reckoned that somehow playing around
with Mr. Somers would negate any concerns he had about
her and Missy. She leaned forward and gave the head of
his pecker a big, almost comic smooch.

"More," Robert said, "have some fun with it." Jennifer
licked his cock a few times and then she suddenly locked
her lips around the head. She took almost three inches
of his man meat into her mouth and began to bob her head
back and forth. At the same time, she jerked her hand
along the length of his stalk.

Robert closed his eyes in bliss. This girl is a natural
born cocksucker, he thought. If he wasn't careful, she
was going to bring him off in a heartbeat. He put his
hands on her head and regretfully withdrew his cock from
her vacuum of a mouth. "That's wonderful, honey," he
told her, "but let's do something else."

"Wasn't I doing it right?" Jennifer asked as if she
didn't know that she had been giving him great head.

"Very right," said Robert. "Here, set upright on the
edge of the sofa." She did as he asked, and then he
reached down and pulled off her top. Her magnificent
breasts came into view. For their size, they defied
gravity the way they sat high on her chest. "My god, you
have some great tits, girl." He tweaked her hard nipples
between thumb and forefinger, and then he smiled as
Jennifer shivered.

"Let me show you something that's fun," he said. He took
his cock-head and painted her cleavage with his pre-cum.
The stuff was steadily leaking from his rigid dick. "Now
put your hands on the sides of your breasts and trap my
cock in between."

"Like this?" Jennifer asked. She fanned her fingers wide
and pushed her tits together.

"Mmmm...that's it... good girl," Robert said. He began
to titty fuck her. His sensitive cock-head felt like
heaven as it slid up and down between her cum slick
tits. Jennifer ground her tits together, giving him
extra friction to enjoy. She licked his cum slit as he
thrust it above the twin bubbles of her fine breasts.
"Oh, Jennifer, you are fantastic," he gushed.

"You're fucking my tits, Mr. Somers," Jen said.

Robert thrust faster. He could feel his sap rising.
Jennifer looked so young, so fantastic with her sandy
blonde hair falling over her shoulders. She looked so
eager to milk the cum from his cock, too. "Oh,, I'm going to shoot."

"Shoot off all over my big titties, Mr. Somers,"
Jennifer told him with a taunt in her voice.

"Ohhhhh, yeah...YES...YES... FUCK YES," Robert grunted.
His first shot of cum streaked all the way to Jennifer's
chin. The second string slopped over onto her right
breast. The rest of his cum flowed in decreasingly
powerful pulses from his cum-slit and filled her

Robert took a deep breath and stepped back. "Jennifer,
that was just great. You are so beautiful and amazing."

With her forefinger, Jen rubbed at the ribbon of cum
that sat atop her breast. She put the finger in her
mouth and sucked on it like a c***d sucking at a sticky
sweet. "Mmmm...nice," she said with a smile.

"Oh, baby, we can have some more fun. If you'll use that
talented mouth of yours on little Robert here, then I
can show you what it's really all about." Robert gave
her an encouraging grin. He waggled his half hard dick
in her face. He knew that she could suck him hard in no
time at all.

"Gee, I don't know, Mr. Somers," Jen said. She craned
her head to look at a hanging pendulum wall clock across
the room behind Robert. "Sometimes Daddy comes home for
lunch." With perfect timing, the clock began to chime
the noon hour.

"Oh...well... I guess I'd better go then." With painful
rapidity, Robert stuffed his wilted cock back into his
shorts. "We, uh...should keep this between us,

"Yes, sir, I won't say a word," Jennifer assured him.

"And that thing I said about boys," Robert said as he
edged toward the door, "you'll keep that in mind, won't

Jen swiped up a finger full of cum and let it drip back
onto her breast. "I sure will," she said.

Robert opened the front door. He stuck his head out and
looked around guiltily. "Okay, see you later," he said
as he closed the door and left.

Jennifer, holding her top against her tits to stop any
flow of cum, jumped up and locked the door behind him.
She went to the picture window and closed the curtains.
Then, in a sing-song voice she called, "You can come out

Donnie's head appeared from around the corner of an
interior doorway. When he saw that the coast was clear,
he stepped into the room. He was naked and his half hard
cock swung from side to side as he walked. He looked
astonished and concerned. "What the hell?" he said.

"I guess your dad thinks Missy and I are lesbians," she
said with a grin. "I think he thinks he's showed me how
great you guys are."

Donnie made a derisive snort and walked into the
kitchen. He opened the fridge and withdrew a bottle of
water. Twisting the cap off, he took a long swallow.
Jennifer sensed his bad mood and followed him. "Hey,"
she said, "I'll admit I sort of teased him along – it
won't happen again."

Donnie shook his head. "You didn't do anything wrong. In
fact that 'am I doing it right' business was kind of

"So you're pissed because he came over – and came over
my tits," she asked, hoping to draw him out.

Donnie sighed and said, "Yeah, well... actually, it was
something that happened at work the other day." He took
a drink and stopped to gather his thoughts. "I usually
work what they call the front end; I move carts, help
carry out stuff – sometimes I stock shelves."

Jennifer nodded.

"Well, the other day some guys called in sick, so they
had me go to receiving to help unload a truck. I worked
a couple of hours, and then lunch time came around. I
usually eat in the break room, but it was a nice day, so
I went back to the receiving bay and ate there with the
other guys in the open air." Donnie took a sip of water
and settled his bare butt against the kitchen counter.
"So the talk turned to gossip – you know - who got
hired, who got fired, who got promoted and so forth and
so on."

Jennifer crossed her arms under her considerable breasts
and said, "Uh huh."

"So this one guy, he's near my age," Donnie continued,
"said that he had a cousin named Mia. They had graduated
from school together and they had gone to work for
Charles'Mart at the same time, only she became a cashier
while he had to take a lower paying job in receiving."
Another sip of water. "This Mia is there only a few
weeks and she gets promoted to a position at the
district office, plus a raise of course."

Jennifer shrugged. "Maybe she's smart, maybe she
deserved it."

Donnie waved the bottle of water. "No there's more to
it. You're supposed to work at Charles'Mart for at least
six months before you change jobs. And Mia gets two
different raises and has three different jobs in less
than six months."

Jennifer said, "Okay," in a tone that meant get on with

"Ah, well, the big kicker is that the guy telling the
story says that his cousin gets all this because she's
dating the district manager. And he said 'dating' only
because there were a couple of women on the crew. His
tone said 'fucking the district manager.'"

"Oh," said Jennifer. "Well, I could be some
other guy at the district office – how does he know it's

"That's what someone else on the crew said," Donnie
said, interrupting her. "But the cousin had seen them
together, and by the time he'd finished describing my
dad and talking about what kind of car he drove... It's
my father alright."

"I guess there's no hope they were just joking with
you," Jennifer said.

Donnie shook his head. "No, I never tell anyone my
father's the district manager. I mean, some people at
work know, but no one in that crowd did."

Jennifer hugged him. "I'm sorry you're father's fooling
around...on your mother I mean. I don't really count
what we did..." Her voice trailed off as she realized
the hole she was digging.

Donnie put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her
forehead. "Hey, I don't blame you." The stood like that
for several seconds. "Does your dad really come home for
lunch sometimes?" he asked.

Jennifer laughed into his chest and said, "He never,
ever comes home for lunch." She looked up into his eyes.
"I think we could use a shower." She and Donnie had had
a couple of hot fucks before Robert Somers had showed
up. She was feeling yucky from the dried sweat and cum
on her statuesque body.

The Allisons had a nice, spacious tub and shower
combination. Jennifer wrapped her arms around Donnie,
pillowing her considerable tits against his back, as he
adjusted the spray to a comfortable temperature and
volume. When they stepped inside the shower, Jennifer
slipped on a pair of bath gloves. She poured liquid soap
on the gloves.

"What are the gloves for?" Donnie asked.

"You'll see," Jennifer said. "Now turn around." She
began at his neck and worked her way down, giving
Donnie's muscled frame a good rub.

"Ow...that's kind of rough," he said.

"Don't be a baby; it's supposed to feel like that. It's
exfoliating your skin. You'll feel nice and tingly all
over when I'm done," she said.

"No doubt because my poor skin will be raw and oozing
bl**d... hey," Donnie jumped when Jen grabbed his hard
muscled ass and massaged his butt cheeks. She wrapped
her arms around his torso and rubbed the gloves over the
well defined muscles of his chest. She leaned against
his back, rubbing her body all over his and getting some
clit action against that great ass of his. "This is
nice," he said, "but you're not going to use those
gloves on my cock, are you."

Jennifer laughed. "No, I guess I'd better not." She
dropped the gloves and poured a generous amount of soap
into her palm. He was already fully erect, but she gave
him a good stroking anyway. She carefully soaped up his
balls and the light thatch of hair at his groin. By the
time she was done, Donnie's cock was leaking a steady
stream of pre-cum. That gave her an inspiration. "I want
to try something," she said.

She turned so that now her back was to his front. "Now
bend your knees," she told him, "and stick your cock
between my legs."

"Oh, okay," Donnie said as he got the idea. In a second,
Jennifer looked as if she was sporting a stiffy.

"Oh look, I'm a horny little boy with a hard-on,
whatever should I do?" she said archly. She wrapped her
fingers, at least as much as she was able to, around
Donnie's exposed cock and stroked. "I guess I could jerk
my weenie," she said in a wondering tone. She ran her
finger up the cum-tube, making a long dollop of pre-cum
fall to the floor of the tub. "Ohhh... I'm cumming," she
said, and then she made of series of grunts like Donnie
did sometimes when he came.

Jennifer felt his cock slip back and free of her thighs.
"Well hell, if you're just going to make fun of it," he

Jennifer turned and laughed. She had brought him out of
his funk and she wanted to keep him that way, at least
for a while. She poured liquid soap along the top of her
pert teen tits and said, "Now it's your turn."

"Mmm...yes," she said as he took her breasts in his
hands and lovingly fondled the big orbs. He massaged her
breasts and shoulders, the muscles of her back and her
ass with his soapy hands. He knelt and kneaded the
muscles of her thighs, making sure that his hands
accidentally on purpose gave her pussy mound its share
of attention. By the time he was finished, she was weak
with desire.

They rinsed, stepped from the shower and fought over the
same big bath towel as they dried off. Giggling
maniacally, Jennifer said, "You can't fuck me until I'm

Donnie grabbed his cock like a fearsome club and
growled, "I'll screw you right now, girl."

"Noooo..." she screamed in mock horror as she ran from
the bath.

Jennifer bounced onto her bed and lay on her back. She
adjusted a pillow under her head and spread her legs.
She had time to diddle her clit for a few seconds before
Donnie made his appearance. He was all pink and smelled
of shower soap, and still massively erect. "Oh baby, I'm
so ready for you," she said.

To her surprise, Donnie went down on her instead of
immediately ravaging her pussy with his club of a dick.
He brought her to a wonderful orgasm using his lips and
fingers. Then, before she could really come off that
high, he used the prodigious amount of pre-cum leaking
from his slit to lube up his cock. In one long, strong
stroke he filled her love channel.

"Oh my god, ohmygod..." moaned Jennifer. He'd never felt
so big. She thought that her pussy was going to burst
from his assault, but only in a good way. Six strokes
into their fuck and she was cumming again. A dozen
strokes later and she felt Donnie filling her with his
hot teen cum. But his strokes didn't falter and neither
did his cock. He stayed amazingly hard.

Jennifer had used the same canopied bed since she was a
little girl. The cloth of the canopy rippled with their
sexual rhythm: its wooden construction moaned and
creaked, adding its sounds to the moans and groans of
the two teen lovers. "Oh Donnie, I've never cum so
much," Jen gasped between orgasms.

Donnie's face screwed up in a mask of passion. "Oh shit,
I'm CUMMING AGAIN," he gasped as if he couldn't believe
it." That set off Jennifer once more. Her pussy exploded
in wave after wave of passion until she passed out from
the sheer pleasure.

Jennifer awoke to the feel of Donnie spooned against her
back. She looked at the clock radio beside her bed.
They'd been asl**p for an hour. She leisurely turned
over to face her lover. Donnie's eyes popped open.
"Hey," he said with a smile.

"Hi, yourself," she smiled back. Donnie lifted his arm
and looked at his watch. "When do you have to go to
work?" she asked.

"Not for a couple of hours," he said.

"Oh," was all she got out before Donnie rolled on top of
her. He was hard as ever and he slipped his rampant cock
into her freshly fucked cunt. He surged in and out of
her pussy with long, powerful strokes – not the like the
frantic jackhammer approach he'd used earlier.

Jennifer couldn't believe it. It was like he had hit
some permanent on switch in her pussy. It clenched and
released his cock in a series of quick orgasms. "Uh, uh,
uh, uh," she moaned in time with his strokes. Her body
shook as if she were plugged into an electrical outlet
and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Donnie paused. "Are you alright?" he asked her.

She slapped him on the shoulder. "Yes!" she cried. "For
god's sake don't stop. More... MORE!"

"Well okay then," Donnie said with a smile. He was proud
of the way his mighty cock was performing. It felt as if
her pussy was milking at his dick. He reared back on his
knees and pulled Jen's ass upward. He shagged her good
as Jen grabbed at her tits.

Abruptly, she locked her legs around his waist and sat
up onto his lap. She threw her arms around his neck and
pressed the hard nipples of her massive tits into his
chest. Her hot breath roared in his ear. She bounced up
and down on his cock groaning, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck
me," with every stroke. Finally she had another massive
orgasm that seemed to last forever. "Oh, Donnie, I love
you, I love you," she gasped into his ear. He came in a
series of mind shattering blasts of cum.

Chapter 4

Missy approached the door to the Turkleton household.
She had her math book and a thin spiral notebook in the
crook of her arm. She had decided to take Jennifer's
advice about using a tutor. She was confident that she
could have figured out things on her own, but her
parents were more than willing to pay for help with
schoolwork. It helped that Jennifer had assured her
several times that Ned was no longer nerdish. She was
wearing a sleeveless, fuchsia top that gathered up her
breasts and shoved their tops above the square cut
bodice. The top was skin tight and ended just above her
white hip hugging shorts, also tight on her shapely

She rang the doorbell and it was answered shortly by
Ned. Missy hardly recognized the guy. Gone was the pudgy
guy with awful, spiky hair that was full of product.
Also gone were the black, horn rimmed glasses. The new
Ned was slim and trim. There were no glasses. His hair
was a sun streaked light brown and he'd let it grow over
his ears, but it was neatly styled. He was wearing a
pair of nylon basketball shorts and an oversized tee
shirt. Missy was pleasantly surprised.

"Hi, I'm Missy," she said.

"Hey, Missy, come on in," he said as he stepped back.
"My classroom," he said, making air quotes with his
fingers, "is downstairs."

They walked through the rear of the living room and into
a hallway. Ned opened a door and they descended a flight
of steps into a workshop. Tools were s**ttered around
and everything was covered in a fine layer of wood dust.
"Dad's a great carpenter," Ned said, "but he's kind of

"I see," Missy said, trying to sound uncritical.

Ned opened another door, and they entered a room that
took up the rest of the space of the full basement.
"This is nice," Missy said as she looked around. There
was a wet bar in one corner; behind it sat a
refrigerator and shelves stocked with foodstuffs. In
another corner it looked as if a bathroom had been
walled off. A sizeable flat-screen television hung on a
wall and a comfortable, if a bit shabby, sofa and chairs
were arranged before it. In another corner was a workout
machine. It was a marvel of weights and cables, with
bars to pull and push.

"Do you workout?" Missy asked, nodding at the machine.

"Uh, yeah, I try to do something every day," Ned said.

Missy thought that he was being modest. She could only
see the muscles of his calves and forearms, but they
looked cut and well developed to her.

"We can work over here," he said. There was a desk close
to the long wall opposite the TV. Behind the desk, a
couple of whiteboards had been hung. In front of the
desk was a long table with several folding chairs
s**ttered around it. They sat in a couple of chairs next
to one another. "So what seems to be the problem?" he

Missy opened her math book to the chapter where she was
having trouble. "Pretty much anything after here," she
said, pointing to a page.

Ned nodded. "Okay, give me a minute to refresh my
memory." Missy watched Ned as he scanned the pages. He
was instantly engrossed in the math.

He's kind of cute, she thought. Intense, but cute.

After five minutes of reading and making notes, Ned
stood and went to one of the whiteboards. Taking a
marker, he drew the axis of a graph on the board.
"Okay," he said, "it's all about recognizing how
functions relate to their graphical representations."

Thirty minutes later, Missy was at the whiteboard. "So
this function," she said, pointing to an equation,
"means that this line," she pointed to a line on a
graph, "will infinitely approach zero, or this axis."

"I think you're getting there," Ned said.
"You're a good teacher," Missy said. Actually, she'd had
that 'oh, now I get it' moment in her head about fifteen
minutes ago. But she'd continued to ask questions and
feign confusion. She really did think that he was a good
teacher. He was willing to explain things from a
different perspective when the first approach didn't
work. He didn't just give the same lecture more slowly
and in a louder voice.

"Thanks," he said. "Why don't we take a break? You want
a soda?"

"Sure, anything diet," she responded. As Ned went to the
refrigerator behind the bar, Missy wandered across the
room to the sofa. There was a coffee table there. It was
full to overflowing with car, outdoor and woodworking
magazines. "I guess your mom doesn't spend a lot of time
down here," Missy said.

Ned came to her and handed her a diet cola still in the
can. "No, she says it my responsibility."

"Can we sit here?" she asked.

"Oh, sure," Ned said.

Missy hesitated just long enough so that when they hit
the sofa, she was right by his side. In fact, the sofa
cushions sagged in a conspiracy to throw them together.
"So," she said after a sip, "our school is pretty big,
but I'm surprised that we haven't met before. I mean, I
knew who you were, but it was my friend Jennifer who
told me that you tutored. "

Ned took a hefty swig of soda, suppressed a belch and
said, "Oh but we have met."

"Really?" Missy said. "Where... when."

"It was just before Christmas your freshman year. I was
a sophomore, of course. You came into the library in a
huge panic about a paper you'd totally put off until the
last minute."

Missy nodded. "Yeah, I remember."

Ned nodded too. "I was shelving some books that I'd been
reading...and I guess you thought I was one of the
student you asked me about where to find a
book. So, long story short, for the rest of the period I
helped you find quotes and make citations." He looked
down and seemed to examine the top of his soda can. He
made circles around the top with his forefinger. He said
hesitantly, "When the bell rang, you thanked me and
kissed me on the cheek."

Missy's eyes opened in amazement. "That was you?" she
said. She remembered a fat guy with acne and a buzz cut
who squinted a lot. She didn't remember the kiss, though
she doubted that Ned was lying about it. She could be an
emotional kisser.

"Yeah, well... after that, I let my hair grow some and I
had to start wearing glasses – contacts now," he said
pointing to his eyes. "I guess that's why you never
spoke to me in the halls, you probably didn't recognize

Missy winced. As a matter of fact, she had noticed his
changes, but she had avoided eye contact with him after
that day in the library. And later, he must have faded
into the background with the rest of the students she
didn't know or care about. She put her hand on his knee.
"I'm sorry," she said. "I was just being your basic
teenage girl snob. Here, let me give you a real thank
you." She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the corner
of his mouth. Then she put a finger to his chin and
turned his face to hers. "And here's for helping today."
She kissed him full on the lips.

It quickly became clear that Ned hadn't had much
practice at the art of kissing. At first he was too
stiff; his lips were locked like a couple of boards
clamped together. Missy used her fingers to purse his
lips and encourage him to loosen up. He got the idea and
put his mouth in a more receptive shape, but his lips
were still about as soft as glass. Missy broke off the
kiss and sat back.

"Wow," Ned said breathlessly, "that was awesome."

Missy thought it was the worse kiss she'd had since she
had been twelve years old, and she'd been locked in a
closet for two minutes with Darryl Queen during a
birthday party game one afternoon; she'd emerge with a
bruised lip and spittle over half her face.

But it was pretty obvious that Ned had enjoyed the
experience. In fact, he'd enjoyed it so much that his
shorts had an astounding bulge.

"Yes, it is awesome," Missy said, looking down at his

"Oh shit!" cried Ned. He clamped a hand on his cock and
pushed it between his legs. He hunched over and shoved
his knees together, looking like a little boy trying not
to pee in his pants.

"Oh no, no, no..." chanted Missy. "That cat's already
out of the bag." She took his wrist and pulled his arm
to his side with little resistance. Then she pushed the
other arm away. "And now the knees," she said, pushing
them apart.

"Are you sure?" asked Ned even as his stiffy made a
whiffing sound against his shorts as it swiftly sprang
back to attention.

"Oh yeah," Missy said. The leg of his shorts was so
voluminous she could easily pull the hem back toward his
groin. Now his cock bulge was hidden only by a thin pair
of boxers. His cock-head strained against the cotton
material and a wet spot appeared as some pre-cum
escaped. Missy was delighted that she'd made him so hot
so fast. The idea emboldened her. "Pull it out," she
told him.

"Are...are you sure?" Ned asked.

Missy rolled her eyes. "Here's a hint. If a girl wants
to play with your dick, then she probably thinks it's

"Oh," was all Ned could think to say. He squirmed around
and tugged until his cock appeared through the slit in
his shorts.

Missy's eyes widened. "Oh my god, Ned," she said, "your's just huge!"

In truth, she thought that it probably wasn't as long as
Donnie's, but she decided that it might be thicker. It
would be a close call. She gripped it just as she'd done
Donnie's. Her thumb was on the sensitive skin just below
the head. She began to jack his throbbing member.

"Uh, Missy," Ned said, sounding alarmed.

"Relax, enjoy it," Missy said. She liked being the

"No...I...uh...oh, uhhhhhhhhhh," Ned cried out. His cock

A pencil thick shot of cum leapt from the tip of Ned's
cock and landed on his shirt. Missy was surprised that
he had cum so fast, but she continued to jerk his
throbbing dick as she counted ten more shots of teen-
cum, just as strong, followed the first one. Streaks of
the white cream landed all over the front of his tee
shirt. Finally, a couple of lesser squirts fell onto her
fingers and ended the spectacular display.

"Wow, Ned, that was really something," Missy told him.
"Why don't you take off that shirt?"

"Hmm?" was all the depleted Ned could manage to say, but
he swept his tee-shirt over his head revealing his
chest. He worked out all right. Ned had an eight pack
and nicely defined pecs. Where Donnie had a V-shaped
torso, Ned was slimmer, more boyish.

Missy took the tee shirt and cleaned off her hand where
some of Ned's hot cum had landed. It was like pudding.
She cleaned off the head of his dick; there was still
some cum leaking from his slit. His cock hadn't softened
at all. "Ned, you're still hard." She giggled and said,
"What's the matter, you haven't cum in a month?"

" I..." he said; his voice trailing

"Sometimes you have to jack off a bunch to lose your
hard-on?" she finished for him. He nodded. "Sounds like
a problem most guys would love to have," she said.

"You don't understand. I was dating this girl about six
months ago. Sometimes she would just look at my cock and
I would pop like a firecracker. So I started to
masturbate before dates... you know, to take the edge
off. But the more I did it, the more I had to do it.
Sometimes, I had a sore dick before I even started the
date. In the end, it really didn't help though. She
broke up with me, and I... I really liked her," he
finished in a mumble.

"Awww," Missy said in sympathy, "I think you're a sweet
guy – maybe a little rough around the edges when it
comes to kissing, but a sweet guy." A sweet guy with a
body and a dick to die for, she thought. I bet that girl
was afraid of his monster penis – and six months ago
perhaps he wasn't the hunk he is now.

Missy saw Ned's cock jump. A pearl of pre-cum appeared
from the slit and oozed down his cock shaft. "Looks like
you're ready to go again," she said as she captured the
clear liquid on her fingertip and swirled it around his

"Yeah, I guess so," he said. He looked hopefully at
Missy, afraid to come out and ask anything of her.

Damn I'm horny, thought Missy. I'm practically gushing
in my shorts. Well, there's a big ol' hard cock here, no
point in letting it go to waste. She stood up.

"Are you leaving?" he asked, clearly afraid that she
might. He moved as if to stand.

Missy put out her hand to stop him. "No chance of that,"
she said. She undid the button of her shorts and pulled
down the zipper. She had to swish her hips from one side
to the other in order to peel the shorts off her ass.
Ned's eyes drank in the sight. "You like that, huh?" she
asked as she gave him an extra bump and grind.

Ned stroked his cock and a big load of pre-cum washed
over the head. "Oh yes," he said. His eyes locked onto
her pussy mound and the downy strip of hair she'd left

Missy straddled his hips. She brushed away his hand and
grasped his steel hard cock shaft. She used his hard,
slick cock-head like a dildo. She rubbed it back and
forth over her clit and down her pussy lips. Soon,
everything was slick and gooey with Ned's pre-cum. The
stuff was really flowing.

Missy ever so slowly eased her pussy lips over the
swelling knob of his cock-head. "Have you fucked?" she
asked him.

"Once..." he said.

"About six months ago," she finished for him. He nodded.

"Just relax," she told him. "Maybe we can cure your
need to masturbate so much." She slowly rolled her hips
forward, engulfing six or eight inches of his wide-
bodied cock. "Mmmm, you're really stretching my pussy,"
she said. She rolled her hips back until only his cock-
head remained to stretch her vaginal lips.

She felt Ned squirm beneath her. She thumped the hard
muscle of his shoulder. "Don't move," she said firmly,
and he relaxed back into the sofa cushion. She rocked
forward and then back again, two seconds forward and two
seconds back.

"Missy, Missy, Missy this is unbelievable," he moaned.

Missy smiled; she knew that the velvety lining of her
pussy was constantly stimulating every inch of his
massive dick. Of course the reverse was also true. Just
like Donnie's cock, Ned's was giving her cunt what it
craved. But she was determined to draw this out and give
him a fuck to remember. Minute after minute she
maintained the slow pace.

"Missy, I can't stand it," Ned groaned. His head rolled
from side to side and he looked as if he was in agony.
He pushed his hips upward to get some more movement.

"No!" Missy said sternly. She thought it was funny. Ned
could have rolled her over and screwed her into the
floor if he wanted to, but he was willing to let her
take charge. She liked that.

With a supreme effort of will, Missy slow-fucked Ned for
several minutes. His breath grew ragged and he broke out
in a sweat. Suddenly, his body became as tense as a
bowstring. His back arched and his mouth opened in a
soundless scream. Missy felt his entire body vibrate as
his cock swelled and ejected a thick stream of cum.

"HUH...HUH...HUH," Ned cried in time with his
ejaculations as they streamed into Missy cunt.
Eventually, overwhelming her stretched pussy, his teen
cream poured back over his massive cock and down his

It seemed as if he might cum until his body ran out of
fluids, but finally Ned relaxed back onto the sofa.
Missy gave him all of ten seconds to recover. His
marvelous cock was still hard and she was intent on
using it. She stretched high on his body until her tits
were in his face. "Grab my ass, Ned."

"What?" he slurred, pretty much dazed from the most
amazing sexual experience of his life.

"Hold my ass in both of your hands," Missy said,
enunciating each word slowly and carefully.

Ned did as he was told. It took a few seconds, but
eventually he was holding the tight flesh of her butt
cheeks in both hands. "Okay, Ned, it's time to cut
loose. Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast."

Ned sent his still hard cock upward into her cum slick
pussy. He was too slow at first. But when he realized
that Missy wasn't going to slow him down, he built up
speed like a locomotive, going faster and faster; not
that he wasn't derailed every now and then when his cock
would slip the tracks and go careening across one of her
compact ass cheeks. Missy was quick to get him back into
play by grabbing his big throbber - it was like trying
to maneuver the cum coated barrel of a bat – and
position it back where it belonged.


Donnie entered his home through the kitchen door. He was
just in time to witness his mother take something from
the oven. She had asked him to come home straight from
work so that they could have a dinner together alone.
His father was at a business conference in Las Vegas;
Donnie wasn't sure where Missy was.

"Hi," he said, "that smells good." He went to the
counter where Helen had set an aluminum cooking pan, its
contents were bubbling. "Oh good, lasagna." His mother
had promised to cook one of his favorites.

"Hey, honey," Helen said. She was looking good in a blue
and rose colored halter dress. It had a deep neckline
that revealed the curve of her full breasts. "Why don't
you freshen up while I put the rolls in the oven? I'm

"Me too," said Donnie. His shift at Charles'Mart hadn't
ended until eight. It was going to be almost nine when
they sat down to eat.

Donnie took a quick shower and donned a clean pair of
shorts and a tee shirt. It was nice to be fresh and cool
once more after sweating in a hot asphalt parking lot
all afternoon. He walked barefoot into the living room.
His mother had already set the table. There was the
lasagna as well as a garden salad. He sat as Helen
brought in a basket of rolls. She disappeared into the
kitchen once more and reappeared with two glasses and a
bottle of wine. She filled one of the glasses and put it
next to her plate, and then, much to Donnie's surprise,
she half filled the other glass and put it before him.
Donnie pointedly looked at the glass and then at his

She softly snorted and said, "I know your father sneaks
you beers now and again. Just make sure that you drink
plenty of water with that."

Donnie laughed. "I thought that was a secret between me
and him."

"Your father doesn't keep secrets as well as he'd like,"
Helen said quietly. She sat and took a long sip of wine.
She gestured to Donnie that he should help himself to
the lasagna.

Donnie took a generous portion of the lasagna and just
enough salad to keep his mother from fussing. Helen took
mostly salad and only a taste of the meaty lasagna.
There was a good reason that she had kept her figure
into her late thirties.

They ate and talked about nothing in particular. Donnie
noticed that his mother kept topping off her glass of
wine. He'd had some cheap wine before, but it had been
sweet and cold, obviously something you drank to get
high. The dinner wine wasn't like that stuff at all. It
wasn't sweet – drier, he thought was the correct term,
and it had a more complex taste. But that was secondary
to the fact that it warmed his tummy and made his groin

"Where's Missy?" he asked at one point.

"One of her friends, Ruth Jameson, is having a stay over
party," Helen said.

"Mmm," Donnie said with a nod. He could just imagine
Missy and five or six other girls sitting around
scantily clad, maybe sharing some illicitly gained
alcohol, maybe some kissing and giggling, then more
kissing and less giggling. Damn, he was going to be hard
as a rock in a few seconds. And didn't his Mom look good

"...and then they bought the house anyway," his mother
was saying.

"Ah," Donnie said. Yes, better to get his mind on real

"I'll get the dessert," Helen said, arising from the
table after they'd finished off the main part of the

She returned from the kitchen with two dessert plates of
cheesecake topped with cherry sauce, another of Donnie's
favorites. She had a sliver of a serving for herself,
whereas Donnie's practically filled his plate. She was
also carrying another bottle of wine. She added some to
her glass and then shrugged and filled Donnie's glass to
the halfway point once more. He'd never seen his mother
d***k, and she wasn't d***k now, but he could see the
effect of the wine in her hazel eyes and the way she was
beginning to enunciate her words carefully.

He was down to the last bites of the cheesecake when
Helen said, "I wanted us to have some time alone because
I have to tell you about some decisions I've made."

"Oh?" he said, clearly worried. When his mother talked
about her decisions, it meant that something big had
happened or was about to happen.

Helen waved her wine glass in the air; the liquid
sloshed about but didn't spill. "Don't worry, you
haven't done anything wrong. In fact, I'm hoping for
your help and understanding."

"Okay," Donnie said. "So what's up?"

Helen took a full gulp of wine. She said, "I got an
anonymous e-mail the other day. It said that your father
was having an affair with a woman at work."

"Wha...uhh," Donnie started to say, but Helen put up her

"Please, let me get through this; it isn't easy."

"Okay," Donnie said weakly.

Helen drank more wine, but only a sip. "Your father and
I haven't been in love for years. Oh we get along all
right. We've tried to present a united front to you and
Missy, and we don't argue over money; neither one of us
has a problem staying on a budget. Of course it helps
that we both have good paying jobs.

"Anyway...there's a whole underground of gossip that
goes on between Charles'Mart employees and their
spouses. I've stayed away from it; after all it's all
ninety-nine percent crap – people speculating without
facts and others telling lies to screw over a fellow
employee." She took another sip. "But I have a friend
who knows how to cut through the bullshit – pardon my
language." Another sip. "She did some research for me
and found out that Robert has been seeing a young woman,
and I mean she's barely out of high school. He's been
seeing her for a while."

Helen waved her wine glass once more. This time a dash
of wine slopped over the edge and onto her fingers. She
put the glass down and picked up her napkin. As she
wiped her finger she said, "I know your father's no
saint. There have been other women over the years, but
this is just stupid. I mean screwing someone at work?
Come on, she could sue Robert in a heartbeat. He could
lose his career. And... and I won't have it."

Helen had wound the napkin so tightly around her hand
her fingertips were dark red. "I am not going to be the
wife who soldiers on while her husband risks everything
for some... some young piece of ass! Hell, he's with her
right now – in Vegas. I checked!" She took a deep
breath, put down the napkin and took another sip of

"So," she continued in a flatter tone, "I took steps. I
went to see an attorney last week. With his advice I've
moved some assets around. I rented an apartment across
town. Tomorrow, someone is coming to change the locks on
the doors, and movers are coming. We're going to box up
at least most of your father's things and take them to
the apartment.

"At the same time, my attorney is going to have someone
serve papers on Robert – divorce papers. He's also
carrying a letter saying pretty much what I've just told
you." Helen finished off her wine. She put the glass
down and nervously spun the glass in her fingers. She
looked plaintively into Donnie's eyes.

Donnie was stunned. He was pale and he wondered if his
supper was going to stay down. He looked up at his
mother. "I...I don't know what to say."

"I know this was a lot to throw at you," Helen said,
"but I was hoping for your understanding... and even for
your support?" She rushed on. "With Missy I mean –
she'll be upset and..."

"I sent the e-mail," Donnie blurted.

"You sent it?" Helen asked, astounded.

Donnie nodded. He told her about the day at work where
the Charles'Mart employees had talked about his father.
He finished with, "I thought that you and Dad might have
a big fight at worse. I didn't..."

Helen stood and walked around the table. She moved
slowly; she wasn't quite as steady on her feet as she
normally was. When she reached Donnie's side, she hugged
him, cradling his head on her breast. "Oh honey, you
didn't do anything wrong. It would have all happened
anyway. It was just a matter of time." They hugged for a
long minute, and then Helen split the remaining wine
between their glasses. "Come on; let's go into the
living room."

The Somers' living room wasn't all that large. A
sectional couch was set against one wall and faced an
entertainment center on the opposite wall. A wide, low,
slightly beaten up table acted as footstool, magazine
rack and work space. On both ends of the sofa were
sections that also doubled as recliners. As they entered
the room, Donnie realized that was how his f****y had
lived their lives. His parents each had had their own
recliner. He and Missy had spent many evenings doing
their homework at that old table while their parents
occupied opposite ends of the room, sharing little but
their k**s and a television.

Helen maneuvered a couple of old magazines into place on
the table to act as coasters and placed the wine
glasses. Donnie sat squarely in front of the TV, like he
always did; even though it wasn't on tonight. Helen sat
next to him, shoulder to shoulder. She picked up her
glass and sipped. Donnie did the same.

"Donnie," Helen said, "I'm not out to screw over your
father. We'll split everything equi-equab... evenly. No
custody battles – at least as far as I'm concerned. You
and Missy can live where you want. I..."

"It's okay, Mom," Donnie said. He took a deep drink of
the wine and put the glass back on the table. His head
swam; that stuff was more potent than he realized. "I'm
on your side. I haven't been able to talk Missy into
anything since she was ten, but I'll try to make her
understand." He and his father weren't all that close.
Robert had never taught him a sport, and it was always
his mother who came school events or little league
games. Except for the awful episode with the stolen car,
Donnie could hardly remember any conversations between
him and his father.

Helen polished off her wine and put the glass down. With
a deep sigh, she settled back and snuggled against
Donnie's side. She slid her arm under his and rested her
hand on his thigh and leaned her head on his shoulder.
"Oh thank goodness," she said. "You don't know how much
of a weight that is off my mind."

Donnie glanced at his mother's form. She had sat
carelessly; the hem of her dress was halfway up her
thighs. Her sun dress gapped open revealing most of her
left breast. He couldn't believe how firm and nicely
shaped it was. Missy was right; she'd be lucky to end up
with tits like their mother's. Full C-cups he decided –
maybe even D's. His dick began to harden, and Donnie
didn't care. He felt warm and fuzzy from the wine and a
nice stiffy seemed to be just the thing right now. His
eyelids drifted closed.

Helen loved the feel of her son. There was a pleasant
dichotomy between his soft skin and the hard muscles
underneath. Plus, he smelled good from his masculine
body wash and fresh clothing. She shifted her head on
his shoulder and inhaled his maleness...and saw his
erection. She could actually see his big cock moving in
his shorts. Helen felt a rush of heat in her loins. She
shouldn't have had so much wine – it had a tendency to
make her horny.

Helen tried to cut her eyes around far enough to see if
Donnie was awake. His breathing was deep and regular,
and she thought his eyes were closed. Before she knew
what she was doing, her hand, which had been on her
son's thigh, lifted and hovered over his cloth covered
hard-on. She wanted to grab that expression of manly
power and have her way with it – or maybe it with her.
But she couldn't do that, could she? She'd just touch
it...maybe see if her fingers would wrap around it. That
would be all right – if he felt anything, he'd think it
was a dream.

Her hand lowered to the tip of his cock. She ran her
finger over the head and then down his shaft until the
tented fabric of his shorts took her fingertip out of
contact. Donnie didn't react. She repeated her trick
with her finger. Still, Donnie didn't respond. She took
her forefinger and thumb and outlined his cock-head.
Damn, the thing was wide. She could just imagine this
man-c***d's horse-cock splitting her pussy lips. She
shivered deliciously; she could feel her pussy getting
wet with lust.

Helen bit her lower lip. This was awful. She was tipsy
and horny and she badly needed cock. Damn Robert anyway.
Why couldn't he have stayed faithful? She was still good
looking; she still had a good – no by god, a great
figure. At one point, she and Robert couldn't get enough
of one another. Their lives had been built around hot
fucks – any time, any place. It was hard to believe that
their passion had all gone away.

She felt Donnie stir. She looked down and saw that, lost
in her memories of hot sex with Robert, she had
inadvertently begun to jerk off her son. Donnie's hand
moved and she was scared that he was going to knock her
hand away. But he didn't, in fact he put his hand on
hers and encouraged her along.

"Oh Mom, that feels so good," he murmured.

Helen heard the catch in his voice. His breathing became
shallower and erratic. He was hot for her hand job. "Do
you like that?" she whispered in his ear.

"'s great," he said. A dark spot appeared on
his shorts at the tip of his dick. The spot spread, he
was leaking pre-cum already.

Helen shifted her hand so that she could properly
masturbate her son. She knew she shouldn't, but he was
willing and she was eager. The fabric of his shorts
slipped over the fabric of his underwear. She wanted to
see his naked, rampant cock in all its glory, but she
didn't want to break the mood.

"God, your cock is so thick," she said. Her fingers
bumped back and forth over the flare of his cock-head;
for sure her fingers couldn't encircle it.

"Yeah, big," Donnie agreed. He began to move his hips to
meet the stroke of her fingers.

"Do you want it faster?" Helen asked her son.

"Uh huh," Donnie said.

"Like this? Is this how you like it?" Helen asked as she
doubled her speed.

"Yes, Mom, yes that's it," Donnie moaned. He thrust his
hips upward and held them there as Helen did all the

"Cum for mama, baby," she cooed in his ear.

"Yeah...fuck yeah...right there," Donnie cried.

Helen felt her son's cock jerk... and jerk and jerk and
jerk. The stain on his shorts spread, and then cum
leaked through both layers of clothing. "So much cum,"
she said with awe. Her fingers grew squishy as she
continued to jerk and Donnie continued to pour out his
load of teen-cum.

Donnie relaxed back onto the sofa when his cock stopped
spewing. "Thanks, Mom," was all that he could think to
say. He turned his head and kissed her on the cheek. She
looked at him. It was the same look he had seen on the
lust infused faces of Missy and Jennifer – it meant that
she wanted more. So he gave her a kiss on the lips.

Helen felt her son's lips on hers. They were lips that
knew what they were doing and they were eager. Donnie
wasn't acting like a man who, once he'd dropped his
load, was ready for a snack and television. Hell, Donnie
wasn't even going soft. She moaned softly and opened her
lips. Their tongues touched and she could have sworn
that some kind of energy slipped in to tingle at her
nipples and pussy.

Donnie felt his mother's hand still clasped to his
throbbing cock. He grew bolder; he cupped her breast in
his hand and thumbed her nipple through the fabric of
her dress. She moaned and tongued him harder and deeper.
She liked it and that spurred him to be the aggressor.
He untied the bow that kept the straps of his mother's
dress in place. He pulled down the short zipper at the
small of her back and proceeded to undress his mother.

"Honey," Helen protested weakly, but she didn't do
anything to stop him. He was a man on a mission. In a
few seconds, she was nude except for her panties. Thank
god she hadn't worn her granny panties. The ones she had
on were a blue, bikini style.

"You are so beautiful," Donnie said. He was standing
before her now, his cock obscenely tented the front of
his plainly wet shorts. He pulled off his tee shirt and
then shorts and underwear. With a sodden thump, he
tossed them on top of his mother's dress. He went to his
knees and spread her legs. With a sharp tug by his hands
and a yelp from his mom, her panties were out of the
way. Her glistening pussy lips were full and inviting.
She was hot and he wanted desperately to make her

Helen felt her son's lips on her pussy. His tongue went
from the bottom to the top of her pussy where it laved
across her clit. Stimulating waves began to wash through
her body. The slightest touch from Donnie's tongue on
her sensitive pussy lips made her body quake in
reaction. He sucked on her sex button for a few seconds
and then licked it again. Amazing thrills shot through
her cunt. "Oooooohhh, yessss," she moaned. Where had he
learned this? Was he some sort of natural lover? Or had
he been banging girls with his magnificent cock for a
while now?

Donnie's quick tongue soon made coherent thinking
impossible. All Helen cared about was wonderful feeling
inside her. The warmth inside her cunt began to turn
into a raging fire that threatened to consume her. She
screamed out, "UUUHHHH! OOOHHHH!" when her son's long
tongue finally parted her cunt lips and rammed like a
mini-cock into her slick pussy. "Oooooohhhhhh ...
ooohhh, honey! Your mouth ...your breath ... so warm ...
ohh, yes! Lick it like that."

Donnie stuffed his tongue as hard and fast as he could
into his mom's cunt. The flood of her vaginal juices
washed against his lips. She ground her desire-soaked
cunt into his face as she circled her naked loins
against his mouth.

"Oooohhh, keep it up, keep it up! Fuck it! Oh, shit!
Fuck it...harder!"

Donnie heard his mother moan and then cry out as an
orgasm ripped through her overheated cunt. He felt the
walls of her pussy convulse and quiver as erotic tides
of sex swept through his mother's body. He stood, his
cock quivering with every beat of his heart; pre-cum
leaked from its tip in a steady stream.

Helen lay on the sofa gaping in awe at her son's giant,
lust-stiffened cock. Her naked body jerked in convulsive
anticipation. She knew that they shouldn't be doing this
but despite the mind bending orgasm she'd just
experienced, she was excited and the thought of what he
was about to do made the fire in her pussy burn even
brighter. She stared at the tip of his throbbing penis,
pre-cum leaking from it as if he hadn't had an orgasm in
a month. She had to have it even though the thing looked
as if it might split her apart. She turned on the sofa
and spread her legs so as to give her son easy access.
"Fuck me, Donnie," she said quietly.

The sofa cushions sagged as Donnie climbed between her
legs. Helen reached out and wrapped her hand around his
thick, fleshy cock, feeling the bl**d pounding hotly
through it. She guided it into the passion drenched
opening of her full pussy lips. She moved the thick
cock-head back and forth to part the moist slit of her
vagina, and when it made contact with her clitoris, she
felt a naked shock of pleasure surge through her body.

Shifting his hips forward, Donnie pressed his lust
swollen cock-head against the tightly restricting mouth
of his mother's desire moistened cunt; she was
surprisingly tight. Suddenly, Donnie felt the warmth of
wet cunt flesh around the head of his throbbing cock. It
was like a blanket of soft velvet, and it stirred the
pressure in his balls. He eased forward into his
mother's well lubricated fuck channel.

"Donnie...your cock is so big! I love it, baby, I love
it," Helen cried out. Inside her pussy was a hard,
throbbing and vibrant cock. Any thoughts of i****t were
being driven away by carnal lust. Her son's cock stroked
back and forth along her cunt, creating the most intense
friction she could possibly imagine. Donnie's dick was
long and wide and he was giving her every single inch of
it he could. He moved forward with a slow but powerful
stroke. Helen's soft vaginal lips were spread wide to
take her son's surging cock. His fucking in and out of
her cunt made her burn with desire for him. Helen bucked
up to meet his every forward thrust. She felt his dick
smash through her cunt, igniting fires of passion deep
inside her. Her clit began to tingle, and then flare
with the messages of delight that spread like lightening
through her body; she came again.

Donnie felt his mother's waves of orgasm convulse around
his plunging cock, making her pussy even tighter.
Squirts of hot vaginal juices surged around his cock and
flowed onto the sofa. They were going to make an awful
mess, but he didn't care. He had his dick in a hot cunt,
and he was making it dance to his tune, and he wasn't
going to stop for anything. Donnie began to pound his
mother's pussy relentlessly.

"Ohhhhh...oh, uhhhhh...oh shit... awwww Fuck me, FUCK
ME, DONNIE!" Helen begged her son. She was popping off
orgasms like firecrackers.

Donnie grinned; he was giving his mother all she could
handle and more. But he couldn't keep it up forever. He
had a hot load of cum churning in his balls and he was
going to lose it right now. "I'm gonna cum, Mom...I'm
going to cum," he said through clenched teeth.

"DO IT...DO IT!" Helen cried. "FILL MY PUSSY!"

"Awwww...yeah... yeah... yeah...fuck yeah..." Donnie
chanted. Every word was punctuated by a hot stream of
teen cum. The milky flow overwhelmed Helen's pussy and
began to pump out with every stroke of Donnie's massive

Donnie gave his mother one last lingering kiss and fell
back onto another section of the couch. Helen sighed a
deep sigh of contentment. "That was wonderful," she told
Donnie. She glanced between her legs and saw the
aftermath of their lovemaking. "Oh dear," she said with
dismay. The homemaker in her kicked in and she walked
quickly to the kitchen. She giggled as she used paper
towels to clean the mix of thick teen cum and her own
pussy juices off her inner thighs. She armed herself
with cloth towels, paper towels and fabric cleaner, and
then with her firm tits jiggling as she moved, she
strode back into the living room.

Donnie lay with an arm flung over his eyes, his muscled
torso glistening with sweat. He looked spent. Well, no
wonder, he'd worked eight hours, been jacked off, and
then thoroughly fucked a woman. Most men would be
snoring by now, but Donnie looked as if he were simply
taking a breather. His cock didn't look tired. True, it
was sort of canted over at the two
o'clock position, but it still looked mostly hard.
Helen suddenly had an inspiration.

"Honey," she said as she dabbed and wiped and sprayed
fabric cleaner, "I'd like to do something."

Donnie moved his arm enough to look at her with one eye.
"What's that?" he asked, sounding intrigued.

"Why don't you go take a shower, put on some nice casual
clothes, and we'll go out?" she said.

He moved his arm again, this time to look at his watch.
"Where would we go at this time of night?"

Helen smiled and said, "Where we're going, I think
things are just heating up."

In the end, it was an hour later when Helen and Donnie
were in her Lexus SUV. Helen was wearing another halter
dress; this one was done in sky blue silk. She had
reapplied her makeup and she was wearing four inch
heels. She had rejected Donnie's first wardrobe: jean
shorts and a tee. Now he was wearing khaki slacks and an
oxford shirt in a color that complimented her dress.

Helen pulled a business card from her purse and from it
typed an address into her car's GPS. "Where are we
going?" Donnie asked.

Helen put the car in gear and pulled out of the drive.
She said, "I sold a house to a lady who runs a special
night spot. I thought we'd check it out."

"What makes it so special?" Donnie asked.

"You'll see," Helen said with a sly smile. She knew that
she shouldn't be driving; she'd d***k too much wine. But
she knew to drive with the utmost concentration, and
besides, there wasn't much traffic to worry about.

It was just a couple of minutes before midnight when
Helen steered the Lexus into a spacious parking lot. The
building that fronted the lot had a very utilitarian
look to it. Helen recognized it as being an old
supermarket. The chain of stores that had built it had
moved on to bigger and better facilities and this store
had been sold off. There were about twenty cars in the
lot, most of them as upscale or more than her Lexus.

Helen and Donnie saw a sign on the glass door as they
approached. It read: W R Club – Members Only. They
entered into what was obviously a receiving area. There
were several comfortable looking chairs arranged around
a low table. Next to a door into the interior was a
high, horseshoe shaped counter. A large black man with a
shaved head and one diamond earring nodded at them. "Can
I help you?" his voice rumbled.

"We don't have a reservation or anything," Helen said,
sounding unsure. "But, Ms. Trask said to drop in
anytime." She held out the business card that she'd
taken the address from earlier.

The black man smiled and nodded. "Please, have a seat,
I'll tell her that you're here."

"Thank you," Helen said. She and Donnie turned to the
offered chairs as the man picked up a phone and spoke
softly into the receiver.

They had barely settled into their chairs, when the
interior door opened and a woman energetically strode
in. She wasn't much over five feet tall, looked to be in
her forties and she was thin with short blonde hair.
"Helen, it's good to see you," she said, offering her

"Hello," Helen said as she shook the woman's hand. "I
hope we haven't come at an inconvenient time."

"Not at all," she said, "we have a live band tonight,
and they're about to begin their first set." She glanced
at Donnie.

"This is my...friend, Donnie," Helen said. "Donnie, this
is Marjory Trask."

"Call me Marjory," the woman said.

"Nice to meet you," Donnie said. He shook hands with
Marjory, who was giving him an appreciative look.

" too," she said. She turned to Helen and
said, "Let's get you a membership card." They went to
the desk. She paid the princely sum of one dollar, and
in a minute the black man handed Helen an embossed
plastic card with her name on it.

"Now that you're legal, let's go in," Marjory said. She
led the way through the interior door. They walked down
a short hallway and emerged into a spacious dining room.
The lighting was dim – very dim. Each table was an oasis
of light. There were no conventional chairs, or at least
very few of them. High-backed semicircular booth type
seating surrounded each table. Each table was capable of
seating four, but a couple could have plenty of room and
privacy. All of the seats faced the front of the room
where a quartet was setting up to play. Between them and
the dining area was a dance floor.

Marjory stopped at a table and gestured for them to sit.
"Here we are," she said. When Helen and Donnie had slid
to the center of the booth, she perched at the edge of
the seat. "Here's a little secret to the lighting," she
said as if passing on something dark and mysterious. She
put her hand on the switch to the low lamp that set in
the center of the table. "When this lamp is bright like
this, it means that you're here and come on over if you
know me." She switched the light to a dim glow. "This
means you want to be alone, but you need some light to
function." She turned the light off and said, "This
means that you don't even want the staff to come by."
She turned the light to its dim output. She had a sly
smile on her lips. "We want everyone to be discrete and
to enjoy themselves," she said.

"I understand," Helen said. "You have a beautiful place

"Oh thank you," Marjory said brightly. "Now listen,
anything you want is on me tonight." When Helen looked
as if she was going to protest, Marjory held up her hand
and said, "When you come back," she glance significantly
at Donnie, "and I think you will, just give Jackson, the
man at the desk out front, a credit card number. That
way, you're in, you're out, very easy."

Helen laughed. "Okay, I understand." The two women
talked houses and real estate for a few minutes and then
Marjory left.

A waiter dressed black pants and shoes and a white shirt
with a loosely tied black tie came and took their drink
orders. Helen ordered wine for herself and a soda for

"So, did you notice anything unusual about the place?"
Helen asked when the waiter left.

"The layout is kind of funky," Donnie said.

Helen shook her head. "No, it's more about the

Donnie looked to one side and then the other, but he
couldn't really see anything because of the arrangement
of the booths. "I'm going to the restroom," he

"Over there," Helen said, inclining her head. She'd seen
the sign when they'd followed Marjory to the table.

He was gone several minutes during which the band began
to play. There was a guy on keyboards, two guitar
players and a sleek female singer dressed in a red gown.
She began to sing something soft and low. Couples began
to drift toward the dance floor.

When Donnie returned and settled back beside his mother
he said, "Wow, that's the cleanest public men's room
I've ever seen."

Helen chuckled and said, "A sure sign of how well run a
place is."

"And I see what you mean by the clientele," Donnie said
with a grin. "It's full of cougars and milfs."

Helen said, "Cougars I understand, but milfs?"

Even in the dim light of the room, it was evident that
Donnie's face reddened. "'s a term from the

"And?" Helen encouraged.

"It's an acronym for mom's I'd like to fuck," he
finished quietly.

Helen laughed in surprise and shook her head. She slid
over next to her son and put her hand in his lap. She
found the bulge of his cock and gave it a squeeze –
several, in fact. "Does that make me a milf?" she asked.

Donnie put his hand over his mom's and encouraged her.
"I bet there're a lot of guys in here who would give up
their date for you."

"'re sweet," Helen said. His cock was filling
out nicely under her ministrations. She took his hand in
hers and began to pull Donnie to the edge of the booth.
"Let's dance."

"Like this?" Donnie asked, glancing at his crotch.

"Especially like that," she said. Hand in hand they went
to the dance floor.

Helen overlapped her wrists behind Donnie's neck. His
hands went to the small of her back. "Lower," she
whispered in his ear and he responded by putting his
hands practically on her ass.

"How's that?" he asked with a grin.

"Better," she said. Helen snuggled into her son's arms.
Her breasts pressed against his chest, his cock strained
against her tummy. It was hard to believe that only a
bit over a year ago she had struggled to teach him the
simple box step for a school dance. Not that they were
doing anything fancy now. They clung to one another for
the length of the song, swaying in place to the music.
Then the band swung into an up tempo song. Three of the
couples on the floor jumped into swooping ballroom

"I think we're in over our heads," Donnie said.

"I think so too," Helen agreed.

They made their way back to the booth where they sat
shoulder to shoulder. The waiter appeared at their table
and asked if they'd like to order. Helen perused the
menu and told him, "We'd like to share an order of the
chocolate mud slide with some decaf coffee."

"Did you see the note that it takes about twenty minutes
to prepare?" he asked.

"That'll be fine," Helen told him.

As the waiter left, Donnie said, "Wow, two desserts in
one evening?"

"I'll just have a bite," she told her son as she
searched out his cock. "I'm more interested in how we'll
fill the twenty minutes." He was still thoroughly hard.
She reached over and turned out the lamp so they could
have some privacy. She gave a Donnie a tonsil-swabbing
kiss that left them both breathless.

"Pull the table closer," she told Donnie.

He tugged at the table until the table cloth covered
their laps. His mother immediately assaulted his pants.
She undid his belt and then unbuttoned and unzipped his
pants. "Mom, what are you doing?" he hissed.

"You know very well what I'm doing," she said with an
evil grin. "It's probably what several other women in
here are doing. Now lift your ass."

A few seconds later, Donnie's very large, very stiff
cock was pushing at the table cloth, staining it with
pre-cum. Helen lifted away that flimsy impediment,
leaned over and fitted her luscious lips over the head
of her son's leaking cock.

"Mom, oh shit Mom what are you doing?" Donnie half
whispered, half moaned.

Helen's mind barely registered her son's words. She was
tipsy – okay she was about half d***k, and she was
sucking on the biggest cock she'd ever known or heard
about, and she was doing it in public, and said cock
belonged to her handsome son. The sheer sexiness of the
whole thing made her pussy quiver and gush with a mini-
orgasm. She was making a mess of her panties. She sucked
and licked and tongued her son's magnificent cock until
she thought he was on the verge of eruption, then she
lifted her head and began to jerk him off.

"Oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT," Donnie hissed out in a
strained whisper.

Helen took her napkin and clamped it over the head of
his cock just as her son's first jet of sperm leapt from
its cum-slit. She held the cloth in place as it became
soaked in her son's teen juices. She swore that she
could feel the napkin thrum every time he shot another
wad of cum.

A few minutes later, Donnie was zipped up and
presentable once more. Helen discretely slipped the cum
soaked napkin into her purse. She glanced around, half
expecting to see some steely-eyed glares of disapproval,
and found herself disappointed that she didn't.

She switched their table light back to its lower level
and a minute later the waiter arrived with their
dessert. "Our mudslide," he intoned as he sat the plate
before Helen and Donnie. "It's a hard frozen center of
vanilla ice cream surrounded by hot fudge cake with
white chocolate icing and topped," he said as he
practically drowned the dessert in a dark brown liquid,
"with hot chocolate sauce." He place spoons on either
side of the plate. "The idea is to eat it before the ice
cream melts and the whole thing slides sideways. I hope
you enjoy it," he finished with a smile.

Helen said, "I'm sure we will." The waiter moved on as
she took a spoonful of her second rich dessert of the
night. "Mmmm...somehow sex and chocolate seem to go

Donnie took a bite from the other side of the small
mountain of chocolaty goodness. "I think you're right,"
he said with a grin.

Helen savored another mouthful of dessert and then put
down her spoon. "Eat up," she said, "you're going to
need the calories before this night is over."


Missy's Journal, September 15:

Wow, I haven't written anything in here since spring.
That's not good for someone who thinks she might want to
be a writer, but I've been kind of busy – to say the
least. I won't try to cover everything that's happened
since my last entry because that would take, like wow,
around twenty-five thousand words.

I was highly pissed when Mom and Donnie told me about
Dad. There they were, ganging up on me, telling me that
my Daddy was sl**ping around on Mom. I slammed doors and
broke stuff for two weeks – some of those ceramic cats
were pretty ugly to begin with; I'm glad they're history
– the cats that is. But then Donnie talked me off the
ledge. I've never been able to stay mad at him for long.
Dad and I had this long-ass conversation. I was just as
pissed at him, but he's been bending over backwards and
jumping through hoops to please me. Ha! I guess that
means he's been doing back flips through hoops.

Anyway, the upshot is that we're spending more time
together than ever. I got my learner's permit and we've
driven all over town so that I can get in my practice.
We've made so many stops for ice cream that I think I've
gained a couple of pounds – maybe it'll go to my boobs!
Dad says that if I ace my driver's test he'll give me
his Explorer to drive. I know. It's a tank, but he says
that he'll do all the maintenance; all I have to do is
put gas in it. So Dad's been sweet, but kind of
clueless. He pretends that this Mia person is never in
his apartment, but I can smell her scent when I'm there.
And she leaves tampon covers in the bathroom trash for
goodness sake!

Donnie has gone back to military school. If he's good,
doesn't get any demerits I think he calls it, then he'll
get to come home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring
break. I know he'll want to – come home I mean – because
he and Jennifer are really into each other. She's
talking LOVE and hints that I shouldn't be fooling
around with my b*****r anymore. Well, that's easy since
I've got Ned – more about him later.

Actually, Donnie and I stopped doing it. That's okay,
but I swear it wasn't because he was being faithful to
Jennifer. I think he picked up another girlfriend. He's
started to leave for work early and come home late and I
know that he wasn't using that time to see Jen. I
couldn't drag any details out of him, but whoever
(whomever?) he's been screwing was wearing him out.
Between Jennifer and that new girl, I don't think he
would have had any energy for me anyway.

I can't remember Mom being any happier than she has been
since the divorce. It kind of pisses me off. She walks
around with this half smile all the time while she hums
old rock songs. She gave me a long lecture about how I
shouldn't play her and Dad against one another. But when
Dad promised me a car, she decided that my allowance
should go up to pay for the gas. And then Dad slipped me
some money, saying that it didn't make any sense for me
to drive around if I didn't have any spending money. So
I just smile gratefully and keep my mouth shut. It's

Speaking of something sweet – that's Ned. He can't do
enough for me, especially in bed. He's a teen guy of
course, i.e., a penis that happens to have a body
attached to it. But he's been trainable. Once I take the
edge off his considerable sexual appetite, he's quite
happy to give me all the foreplay and oral that I want –
not to mention his very nice cock. I told Jennifer that
he complains about being pussy whipped.

Jennifer said, "Listen, you don't have him pussy
whipped. You've got him bound and gagged and tied to a
chair and beaten black and blue with a big ol' pussy
bat." Maybe she's right, but come on; I keep his big
balls drained. I don't think he's going anywhere.

Another note about Mom: Rick Allison, Jen's father, took
Mom out for lunch the other day. Wouldn't it be nice if
they got together?

So, Mr. Journal, that's where things stand. Until next
time, Missy out.

The End

... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls 4/2 - Elisabeth

Doctor Lenox picked up the shaving cream and lathered her mound, his fingers luxuriated in
the feel of her vulva. When he had her lathered, he picked up the straight razor. "Hold very
still, Elizabeth, I don't want to cut such a lovely pussy," her body tensed.
She felt his fingers move over her, the razor poised at the top of her sex. She tensed when she
felt the metal touch her, drift over the soap, slide effortlessly down, only to return to the top
and begin again. She f***ed herself to remain still, barely breathing as the razor shaved her
clean, each time the blade moved down, his fingers, always nearby, stretched her skin.
He pulled out one pussy lip, gripped the puffy flesh with two fingers, let the razor flow along
the edge, her body trembled beneath his touch. He shaved her intimately; spread her open, the
razor drifted over her skin, removed all of the hair from her mound. Finally he finished, the
washcloth returned to wipe the soap off. "Now, that is beautiful, Elizabeth," his fingers rubbed
her smooth vulva, smooth as a baby's bottom.
She was almost excited, his fingers brought about a strange feeling as they glided over her
naked flesh, the tiny nerve endings exposed, the hair no longer protected her. She felt him grip
her labia, pull back her outer lips, her inner labia pink and exposed. His fingers intimately
rubbed up and down the lips, inspected her as if he were a medical doctor, his fingers pinched
the flesh, made her jump, felt her begin to get wet. "Yes, I like that, Elizabeth. I can feel your
pussy begin to cream for me. Are you beginning to enjoy this?" her hands clenched tight as she
endured his fondling of her body. He drew back the other lip; her pussy pulled apart, her pink
flesh so exposed. His finger circled her vaginal opening, the tightly clenched muscles glistened
with her juices. He pushed his finger against the opening, felt her body fight the intrusion. "You
have a very tight vagina, Elizabeth. Have you ever been fucked?" He waited for an answer. He
let his fingers sink tightly into her pussy lips, pinched hard.
"Ow!" She screamed as he squeezed her lips.
"I asked you a question."
"No Sir, I've never let a boy inside me." She felt humiliated answering such an intimate question.
He pushed with his finger, her vagina opened for him, her muscles gripped it as he slid inside
her up to the first digit. "Yes, very tight, Elizabeth. You're getting very wet. Too wet. I will
make you cum, but not yet. We have one more thing to shave." He rose, moved to the stirrups,
shifted her into a better position.
"What are you going to do?"
"I need to shave your anus. I'm going to raise the stirrups and tilt your hips back a little. Relax
now, there is nothing you can do to stop it." He turned the cranks on each stirrup, felt the
heavy metal stirrup move back towards her head, her ass rose high up from the chair. "Now,
back a little," another set of cranks tilted her hips backwards. He looked down, pleased at the
position she was in, sat back between her widely spaced legs, again.
She felt her body bent back and up, the hot steam beneath her ass washed over her anus,
understood she was grossly exposed. "No!" she screamed when she felt his fingers slowly run
up her perineum until she felt a calloused tip touch her anus, her tiny hole quivered and began
to spasm.
Doctor Lenox ran his finger over the wrinkled opening, felt it react to the cruel intrusion of his
fingers, pushed down on it, it pushed back in response. "You have a very excited anus,
Elizabeth. It seems to dance for me," his fingers stimulated her back passage, the hole opened
and closed, each time his fingers rubbed over the tiny hole. He picked up the washcloth,
burnished it over her anus, the soap next, thoroughly lathered between her cheeks. "Hold very
still again, Elizabeth, this razor is sharp." He let the razor slide over her anus, heard her sharp
intake of air, felt her shuddered. There were few hairs to shave, just an errant hair here or
there. It was more for the humiliation than to shave her. He wiped her clean again, her tiny
pink opening glistened in the light.
"No!" she screamed again as his finger returned, this time the fat finger slid inside the pink
opening up to the first digit before she could protest, unaware he had used the soapy lather to
lubricate his finger.
He felt her sphincter grip, attempt to push it out, his finger massaged against the clenching
muscle. "Such a tight, hot asshole, Elizabeth. I know you have never been sodomized before.
Nothing that big could have been into this tiny hole," laughing as her sphincter struggled
against the finger that continued to play inside her, twisted, turned. He pulled his finger out just
as the door opened and Headmaster Michael appeared.
"Everything all right, Doctor Lenox? Is Elizabeth performing as she promised?" Michael walked
in, his eyes glued to Elizabeth spread so obscenely before him. She saw his look, her face turned
red in shame as his eyes took in the exposed area between her legs and her newly shaved
pubes. She was more beautiful than he had expected, her cleanly shaved vulva glistened, her
tiny wrinkled anus already a light pink, assuming Dr. Lenox must have already fingered the
tiny hole. The stirrups drew her legs up and back, the plane of her sex quite opened and
"She is being a very good girl, aren't you, Elizabeth?" Dr. Lenox winked at Michael
Her head was down as she mumbled, "yes, Sir."
"I was just getting ready to masturbate Elizabeth and make her cum. Would you like to watch?"
Elizabeth tried to sink further into the chair as the humiliation of the next act penetrated. Now,
she would be f***ed to cum in front of both of these men.
"Only if Elizabeth would like me to stay. Would you like me to stay, Elizabeth? Would you like
me to help masturbate you and make you cum?" He wanted to hear her say it, hear her ask
him to masturbate her. They both waited for her reply.
"Yes, Headmaster Michael. Would you please masturbate me?" Her face red in humiliation, her
eyes closed.
"Look up, Elizabeth," Michael ordered her, her eyes opened, looked into his. "I want you to
watch us masturbate you and make you cum." He ordered her just as the General would do.
"Yes, Sir," Elizabeth answered the Headmaster.
"Bring over the toys," Dr. Lenox said. Michael grabbed some of the toys he had brought in. He
watched Elizabeth's eyes widen when he placed them on the table near her, the vibrator with
the rabbit ears for stimulating the clit. The anal probe, a long slender shaft with ridges that ran
around it at every inch mark, each one progressively bigger down the shaft. Finally, the nipple
clamps, the bright shiny metal shone in the light, the chain ran from the clamp, the sharp teeth
of the clamp brought fear into her eyes. "These should get her aroused."
"Her pussy is virgin, so I will just stimulate the opening of her vagina and her clit. Her asshole is
also virgin, a tight tiny hole. It will do well to accept the anal probe, her sphincter squeezed the
bl**d from my finger when I pushed inside her. She seems to endure the pain on her nipples,
maybe even enjoying it a little too much," laughing at her distress. "It should be easy to make
her cum for us."
Elizabeth could only suffer the embarrassment as they talked about her as if she were not
there, talked about what they were going to do to her body, how she would react.
Michael sat in front of her, grabbed the baby oil. "You have to make sure you rub her pubes
with baby oil, otherwise she will get razor burn." He poured some into his hands and felt her
body jerk when he touched her naked vulva. "Yes, you did a good job of shaving her," his
hands rubbed the smooth skin with the oil, the youthful skin took on a gorgeous luster. He
pulled back one of her lips, his fingers slid up and down her inner lips, her body trembled from
his touch. Then the other lip, his fingers felt the silky pink inner pussy, inspected it as he pulled
it out, felt how puffy her lips were. His fingers slid down lower, rubbed in more oil as it slid
down to her anus, stroked the wrinkled little opening, watched as it fluttered, Elizabeth's eyes
open wide as he pressed down.
"Aaaahh," she moaned quietly, tried unsuccessfully to hide her emotions.
He pushed with his finger, her sphincter unable to stop the slippery digit from entering her
rectum, the muscle tightened on the tip of his finger like a pair of pliers. "Yes, she certainly is
tight back here," again twisted his finger inside her, wanting her to feel the power he had over
her body. "Why don't you take over here, Dr. Lenox? I think I would like to play with those
gorgeous titties." He got up and stood behind Elizabeth, Dr. Lenox already in place in front of
her, the vibrator in one hand already moved up and down between her tight lips, a visible twist
of his finger and the sound of vibrator filled the room, a groan from Elizabeth.
"Put your hands behind your head, link your fingers," Michael ordered her, she quickly
complied, her breasts pulled upward, the tips already hard and pointed. "Yes, like that," her
breasts thrust out, his hands encircled the naked flesh, her nipples jabbed into his palm. He
squeezed, the flesh compressed by his powerful grip. He released, squeezed again, enchanted
by the resiliency in her flesh. "Such nice tits you have, Elizabeth," he whispered in her ear as he
m*****ed her. Dr. Lenox rubbed the vibe, moist with her juices, up and down her slit. "Feels
good, doesn't it, Elizabeth?"
She wanted to arch her hips, but the stirrups kept her spread wide. She wanted to push her
pussy into the vibrator, her sex damp with her desire. She no longer cared who masturbated
her; she only cared that someone would make her cum. The Headmaster's hands on her breasts
felt good, though he was especially rough with her flesh. She felt him move to the tips, his
calloused fingertips rubbed cruelly over her sensitive flesh. The fingernails ran around her
areolas, the skin tender as he continued to circle round and round, but never quite touched her
nipples. She thought they would explode before he finally caught one between two powerful
fingers and squeezed harshly. Elizabeth moaned silently. "Ahh!" She cried out when he twisted
her nipples hard. "Not so hard," she begged Headmaster Michael, her plea ignored, his fingers
pulled her nipples out, stretched the rubbery flesh from her body.
"Does it hurt, Elizabeth? I think you like a little pain, I think it makes your pussy wet."
"NOO," she cried when she felt her anus speared by the anal probe, Dr. Lenox gave it no time to
adjust to its girth before he pushed it in deeper, the rings widened her passage with each new
shove. The pain was mixed with the pleasure of the vibrator; Dr. Lenox moved it back and
forth over her swollen clit. She felt the probe withdrawn, pushed back in again, this time
deeper, her rectum f***ed to accept the widening probe, her sphincter muscle fought the brutal
intrusion. Why did they keep doing this to her bottom? She had never thought of that place as
a sexual organ, yet these men seemed to have a fascination with it. It burned as the probe
began to fuck her, the rings coerced her open each time, shrank back down and then f***ed
wide again, each time her anus stretched wider to receive the ever increasing girth.
She felt the Headmaster's fingers become more urgent as he turned and twisted her nipples,
pulled them from her body, his fingers never let go on the swollen and sore tips.
"I love how hard your nipples are, Elizabeth. They make it so easy to abuse. I'm getting them
nice and tender for the nipple clamps."
"Put the clamps on her tits, Michael, I don't think she will last much longer. Her pussy is soaking
wet. Even her asshole is clamping down on the probe as if it didn't want it to leave. She is going
to cum soon and I want her to feel the delicious pain of the clamps on her nipples when she
Elizabeth was afraid of the clamps. Headmaster's hands were brutal enough, the teeth on the
clamps looked sharp, the clamps powerful. She knew that they would tear into her tender
nipples and hurt terribly. And, Headmaster would make sure that she felt the pain. She
shivered when she felt the cold metal on the side of her breast, the metal glint in the bright
light, the Headmaster's fingers pinched the clamps open. "Please, please don't," she begged.
She watched his hand move down, cup her right breast from below, cradle the silky skinned
globe in his hand.
"Shhh, Elizabeth, I'm going to enjoy this."
She screamed, her voice filled the room with the screeching sound of pain as the clamp trapped
her swollen nipple between its sharp teeth. She shook her upper body, tried to throw the clamp
off, only aggravating the situation when the clamp shook back and forth, and tore at the tender
flesh pinched so harshly in its grip. But she did not move her arms, held the pose of servitude
that she knew was required of her, feared even harsher punishment if she disobeyed. Her
breathing was ragged, her chest heaved up and down as the pain gradually diminished from
sharp and excruciating to a dull throb in the tortured tip. She looked up, Headmaster Michael
smiled down at her, another nipple clamp in his hand, already pinched open by his fingers, the
powerful vice ready to inflict the pain on her untouched other nipple. "No, please no," she
begged him, noticed the bulge in his pants, then knew that he enjoyed her pain; knew that her
begging would do no good.
He lovingly cupped her other breast, tenderly lifted it, presented her nipple to the clamp. But
she knew the pain he would soon inflict on her flesh, bracing her body. She closed her eyes, grit
her teeth, waited for the pain. She didn't have long to wait, her hard nipple such an easy target
for the metal clamp, captured the pink nipple between its jaws before it snapped closed, the
sharp teeth bit painfully into the aroused flesh. She screamed in pain again, not caring who
heard her. Her body jerked in pain, like a sword up from her nipple to her brain. She could
barely catch her breath, her breathing f***ed her breasts to rise and fall, the clamps moved,
ignited new pain into her body. Finally the anguish became a dull ache that radiated from her
chest, her nipples crushed beneath the powerful clamps, the bl**d squeezed out, tortured.
She opened her eyes, the clamps stuck straight out, the weight pulled her nipples down, the
chain hung from the end added to the weight that tugged on her nipples. "It hurts so much,
please take them off, please, Headmaster Michael."
"Concentrate on your pussy, Elizabeth; concentrate on the pleasure that Dr. Lenox will give
you. When you cum, I will take them off, but you must cum first." She saw the look on his face,
knew they would f***e her to cum, even when she was in pain, when she was willing to do
anything to stop the continual throbbing in her nipples.
She tried to shut out the terrible pressure she felt on her nipples, concentrated the vibrator
playing over her clit. The anal probe was uncomfortable inside her ass, Dr. Lenox pushed it
high inside her rectum, the ridges rubbed her anal tract harshly as he fucked it in and out, her
sphincter fought the cruel intrusion in her body. She cried out when Headmaster Michael
grabbed the ends of the chain on her nipple clamps and pulled up on them, further igniting the
pain in the abused tips. He pulled on them, released them, pulled her nipples away from her
body, the clover clamps tightened, pinched the crush berries beneath them. She went from
sharp pain to throbbing pain, Headmaster Michael smiled throughout her whole ordeal.
"Cum for us, Elizabeth. Concentrate on your pleasure, show us how nicely you can cum for us,"
his head next to hers as he whispered in her ear, urged her to cum despite the pain they
inflicted on her young body.
She set her mind on the vibrator as Dr. Lenox slid the vibrating tool up and down her drenched
slit, played it over her swollen clit as his fingers kept her clit hood pulled back, her clit now red
and swollen in lust. The pleasure overtook the pain, with only occasional lapses when Dr. Lenox
would push the probe inside her colon too far, f***ed a cramp in her stomach or when
Headmaster Michael would yank the nipple clamps, made her feel the intense pain he could
administer. She moaned quietly, knew that she would cum soon, humiliated to be f***ed to do
it under such extreme circumstances.
"I can see you are getting aroused by us, Elizabeth. Do you like the pain?" She felt him tug on
the nipple clamp again, her nipples pinched tighter. She grit her teeth, the clamps felt like they
were tearing her nipples off. She had to cum soon, the pain too much for her.
She tried to raise her hips up, to push the vibrator on her clit, the stirrups prevented her.
"Please, on my clit," she begged Dr. Lenox, knew that it was now or never, she had to cum for
"Of course, my dear."
She felt him push the vibrator directly over her clit, his fingers pinched the hard button from
the side, squeezed the bl**d to the tip as the vibrator rubbed over it. Another cramp in her
stomach, Dr. Lenox pushed the anal probe deeper inside her, fucked her up the backside with
the cruel device.
"GGGGODDDD!" she cried out as her orgasm exploded. "Oww!" she screamed as Headmaster
Michael released one of the nipple clamps from her crushed tip. Instead of the relief she thought
she would feel, the bl**d rushed back to the clamped tip, ignited an intense pain that almost
made her pass out. She screamed as she felt his fingers on the other clamp, she would rather
have her tip crushed beneath the clamp then released, the bl**d rushing to the nipple more
intense. If it wasn't for the orgasm, she would have passed out, the pain exploded in her other
nipple, mixed with the orgasm that ripped through her sex as Dr. Lenox so skillfully
masturbated her young body to an explosive climax, the vibrator and probe treated her orifices
to the dual ravishment.
Another orgasm rippled through her body as Headmaster Michael's hands returned to her
nipples, rubbed the feeling back into the tip, the vibrator snapped back and forth over her clit
as her pussy felt the unexpected pleasure that these two men f***ed from her untrained body.
She finally slumped in the chair, her body drained as the anal probe was pulled from her
asshole with a loud pop, her sphincter continued to spasm.
"You came very nicely for us, Elizabeth," Dr. Lenox smiling at her sweat-covered body, juices
flowed from her pussy and dripped down her thighs. He released the leather straps that
secured her legs in the stirrups, swung her limp legs from the wide spread, her body slumped
down in the chair. "You may leave us, Headmaster Michael. It is time for Elizabeth to suffer her
punishment, now that she has received the pleasure. A pussy spanking I believe. You may
come back later when she is going to service my cock with her mouth. You can instruct her in
the proper procedures." He dismissed him with a nod of his head.
Elizabeth watched as Headmaster Michael left the room again, almost having forgot the
punishment. A spanking was bad enough, but how could he even fathom a spanking on her
pussy? Especially now that she had just cum, her sex tender. "Please, spank my ass. Just not my
sex, please."
"Nonsense c***d, you must be sufficiently punished. A mere spanking for a black eye is not
enough of a deterrent. Now to suffer a spanking on your pussy would make you less liable to
repeat the offense in the future. And, I intend on making you present yourself fully to be
spanked, legs wide, ass arched up, your pussy spread and open. Then when I am finished, you
can service my cock with your mouth. If you don't perform the fellatio to my satisfaction, we
can always go back to another pussy spanking, maybe using a whip the next time. Would you
like that? To feel the lash of the leather between your pussy lips?" He laughed at her obvious
discomfort, knew that she would do everything to please him.
"Up Elizabeth, over here," pulled her arm, f***ed her to her feet, watched her stagger as the
numbness in her legs slowly began to disappear. He marched her over to a spot on the floor, a
thin mattress in the center of the room, four wooden posts stuck out from the floor. "Lie down
on the mattress, Elizabeth. Get your body comfortable. The two posts at the top are for you to
grip onto. You're going to have to raise your ass high off the floor. I want your pussy spread
before me." He watched as she sat down, scooted until her head was between the twin posts.
He placed a pillow underneath her head. "I want you comfortable, Elizabeth," laughing out
loud, her head comfortable while her pussy would be in pain. He watched her grip the twin
posts, her hands turned white as she tightened the grip.
He moved down to the other end, admired her naked body, her nipples red and swollen,
though still erect. Her pussy glistened from her juices, lips slightly red from the recent
masturbation, her anus temporarily hidden from view. "Your body was made for this,
Elizabeth; made for men to use and abuse. Young bodies like yours are so flexible, easily f***ed
into provocative and degrading positions, the most intimate parts of your body grossly
exposed for abuse.
He grabbed one of her ankles and moved it to the closest post, slipped her foot into the leather
sandal secured to the post. It completely covered her foot in a cris-cross of leather all the way
up to her ankle, leather ties secured it tightly to her skin. He moved to the other side, made
short work of her other leg, similarly secured her foot to the other post, legs now spread wide.
He looked at his handiwork, her legs bent slightly at the knees, her feet flat on the ground but
bound to the posts. "Now, you don't have to be so modest, Elizabeth. After all, I shaved your
pussy and asshole," he laughed as she struggled to keep her knees together, looking like she
was knock-kneed, trying to protect her pussy from his eyes. He secured each leg with a leather
strip, higher up the pole, right below the knee, her legs now drawn up straight, her pussy
spread open.
Again Elizabeth found her legs bound and her arms free as she trembled in fear of Dr. Lenox.
She almost wished Headmaster Michael was back. Even with his abuse of her nipples, she still
felt safer. Now she waited for a pussy spanking, an idea that revolted her, her sex still tender
from cumming. She knew that she couldn't stop him, begging would be futile. "How many,
"How many what, Elizabeth?"
"How many times are you going to spank my pussy?" She watched him look down between
her legs, her eyes then drawn to the bulge in his pants. He was aroused What man would not
become aroused at the thought of spanking the sex of a young girl? She wasn't sure how fast
she wanted it over. Though she knew it would hurt when he spanked her pussy, the thought of
taking his member inside her mouth and sucking it until he came and make her swallow was
almost as bad, if not worse. The only positive light that it would soon be over.
"I don't know, Elizabeth. I have never spanked such a lovely pussy before. And with you
presenting it for my hand, it all depends on how long I can go before I need your mouth to
make me cum." He moved his hand down below her butt, "now Elizabeth, be a good girl and
arch your ass up for me." He felt her push up with her hips, his hands able to slide completely
under her firm ass cheeks, cup them in his hands as her sex lifted up to meet him. Her back
pushed off the mattress as she arched up higher, "yes, more Elizabeth, I want you up higher,"
pleased at the way her body rose up. The posts did an excellent job of keeping her body in
position, allowing her sex to be the highest point, her legs spread wide. He looked at the other
end of the room, noted where the hidden camera was positioned, affording a lovely shot
straight up the vee of her legs, capturing her spread pussy, her face hidden from the lens. The
other camera, over her head shot down onto her face, poised to catch the look of pain when he
began to spank her pussy, the images side by side on the tape, gave the viewer an intimate
look of Elizabeth's suffering under his hand.
Her back already ached, her crotch pulled open wide, as if she was being split up the middle.
Her hips were at least two feet off the floor, her breasts tumbled back as her body arched. She
watched Dr. Lenox rise from the mattress, his hand slipped down his zipper and extracted his
large cock. She continued to watch, not sure why. Perhaps she knew that it would soon be in
her mouth, her tongue and lips so intimately sucking it to orgasm as she might do to a lover,
the curiosity at seeing how big it was, what her mouth was going to have to accommodate. His
hand stroked it, the head almost purple, swollen in lust already. It was a couple of inches thick,
bigger than she thought it would be for someone his age. It must be at least six inches long,
maybe longer, his pants hid part of it.
"Do you like it, Elizabeth?" He smiled at her, her eyes almost mesmerized as he stroked it up
and down, his cock grew bigger as he did. "Soon it will be in your sweet, hot mouth. Now, stay
in that position Elizabeth. If you move, get back into position instantly, or it will be the whip
instead of my hand that will spank your pussy."
He lightly tapped her inside thighs, felt her body tensed up at the thought of the pain he was
about to inflict. He moved higher up her thighs, slapped both sides of her thighs, increasingly
harder each time, her tender inner thighs already turning pink. He smelled her pussy,
wondered if she was aroused at being f***ed to submit to a pussy spanking. He would soon
find out He swung his hand back and forward, aimed straight in the vee of her legs, the palm of
his hand slapped hard against her pussy, felt her puffy lips absorb the majority of the blow, but
not before a finger slapped between them, tapped her inner lips.
She groaned in pain when the first slap surprised her. It didn't hurt as much as she thought it
would, not sure if he was just warming up or somehow if she was enjoying it. Her hips moved
down from the f***e of the blow, her ass pushed up hurriedly, she did not want to displease
him any more than he already was. She looked into his eyes, recognized the lust, his cock
jerked about at the sound of her groan. She didn't have to wait for long before he slapped her
pussy again, the sound of his hand hit harder this time rang out in the room. This time she
braced her body, absorbed the full f***e of the blow without moving. The f***e of this slap
harder, smashed into her vulva with a sickening sound. It stung, his hand returned again to slap
in the same spot. She moaned as her sex throbbed in pain. His hands pushed out on her inner
thighs, spread her legs out further, knew that her pussy was opening up wider, knew that he
wanted to slap her inner pussy lips with the next blow.
"My hand is getting wet from spanking your hot, little pussy, Elizabeth. I think you are
enjoying it too much." His hand crashed into her spread pussy again, her lips pushed back this
time, the brunt of the f***e hit her inner, tender pink insides.
"God, that hurts! Please stop! Please let me suck your cock now!" eager to perform fellatio,
anything to get the spanking over with. The next blow hurt intensely, her pussy suffered under
his powerful hand. But he didn't stop, his hand lifted her ass up higher, urged her thighs out,
left her sex unprotected for the next blow. He spanked her harder and faster, slapped her inner
thighs from time to time, spread her open for the next blow that would come up from the floor
and strike her under her ass cheeks and slap her perineum. Her pussy bore the brunt of the
spanking, bright red, her tender lips swollen, each time the pain increased. The strange thing
was that the feeling that grew between her legs was one of arousal. The pain turned to
pleasure, her hips rose up higher as if they wanted to meet the hand coming to strike her,
bowed her legs out, hoped that his hand would push back her lips and strike at her inner pussy,
even hoped that he would slap her clit.
Dr. Lenox saw the eagerness in Elizabeth, watched her expose her body more to his hand, her
legs pulled apart to lay her pussy open to him. He waited for the next time she did that and hit
her directly on her clit, made sure at least two fingers beat hard on it. He was rewarded with a
sharp cry, pleased that she drew her hips up quickly again, exposed her clit to his hand again.
He didn't disappoint and struck her in the same spot again, his hand found her pussy soaking
wet. He grabbed her pussy in his strong hand, gripped it tightly. He released it, urged her hips
up higher then struck her hard again, felt the heat of her skin touch his palm.
Michael entered the room, pleased that Elizabeth still performed well, Dr. Lenox's naked cock
bobbed up and down as his hand continued to plummet her naked sex, Elizabeth groaned and
moaned provocatively with each stroke, unsure whether it was pain or pleasure that she
responded to. "It looks like you need some relief. Maybe it is time for Elizabeth to wrap her hot
lips around your cock and make you cum."
Elizabeth jolted back to reality with the voice of Headmaster Michael. She thought she would
almost cum from the spanking on her pussy, her sex drenched, a tingle between her legs that
could only be quenched by the touch of her clit, whether it is gentle or hard. She looked up at
him, his eyes looked through her as if he knew that she got off on the pussy spanking.
"Do you mind if I give her a few?" Dr. Lenox moved out of the way, Michael took his place
between her legs. "Higher, Elizabeth, move that luscious pussy up higher. It seems that maybe
Dr. Lenox has been too lenient with you, maybe you need it harder." As her hips arched up he
swung his hand, crashed into her swollen sex with a f***e that almost knocked her over,
punished her pussy with a sickening thud.
Tears filled her eyes as his hand slammed into her pussy with such f***e that she could barely
continue to hold the position. Her pussy burned from the constant barrage of Dr. Lenox, now
Headmaster Michael had hit her with such f***e that it drove the air from her lungs. She barely
had time to recover when his hand swung up between her legs again to smack into her pussy,
smashed the lips to the side so his hand could beat the soft, tender inner flesh, a scream tore
from her lips. Two more slaps left her sex swollen and inflamed, her pussy lips double their
size, the twin mons red from the abuse. But deep down, her clit still craved the hand that beat it,
not with a gentle touch, but exposed and begging for the pain. She was disappointed when he
stopped, knelt down to untie her legs from the post, her legs cramped from their bound
"It is time to pleasure Dr. Lenox, Elizabeth. I will show you how to suck his cock. Don't fear, I
will masturbate you while you perform and make you orgasm when he dumps his cum inside
your virgin mouth. Get up on your knees, Elizabeth," helping her rise, allowing her to test the
muscles in her cramped legs as she rose to her knees. "Kneel up high," making her straighten
her back, her young breasts thrust out, her nipples in a state of perpetual hardness.
Dr. Lenox moved in front of Elizabeth, his cock bobbed up and down, eager to feel her hot
breath. "Take it completely out of my pants," he ordered her, her tiny hands undid his belt and
snap, slid his pants down his legs until they reached his knees. Her hands returned again to pull
his shorts down, his cock pulled back through the hole in them before they fell to his knees.
"Now stroke it with your hands, Elizabeth, feel how hot it is." Her hands encircled his cock, her
soft hands enticed him as they gripped his hard cock. Her hands moved slowly, almost afraid of
hurting him, her hand barely able to encircle his thick cock. "Make sure you rub the head, that is
the part men love the most." He placed his hand under her chin, f***ed her to look up at his
cock. She obeyed his command, rubbed her other hand over the head, her head pulled back
once as if she was burned when she his cock leaked out onto her fingers. She resumed, her eyes
stared at his cock, rubbed her finger over the tip, his sticky cum leaking out.
"Grab his balls with one hand, Elizabeth," Headmaster Michael whispered into her ear.
"MMMM, yes, gently Elizabeth," her hand cupped his hot, swollen sack, hefted the heavy balls
in her hands. "They are full of cum. You're going to have to coax it out," Dr. Lenox murmured
in appreciation.
This was the part she dreaded, listened as Headmaster Michael whispered in her ear again.
"Hold his cock tight and blow on the head. It's going to jerk when you do it, so hold it tight."
She let her hot breath blow on the head of his cock, her hand gripped the shaft of his cock, it
jerked with each hot breath.
"Now stick your tongue out and let it run over the tip. You're going to get your first taste of
cum, Elizabeth."
Dr. Lenox lifted her chin up again, his eyes stared at her mouth as her tongue slowly slipped
beyond her lips. She let her tongue hit his cock head, gripping the shaft tighter when she felt it
throb. She couldn't believe that she was doing such incredible things to his cock. Her eyes were
wide open, her tongue ran over the tip, pushed into his piss slit, rewarded with two drops of
cum. It hung on her tongue, thick and salty. It almost tasted bitter, not an especially pleasant
taste, hated the thick texture, refused to mix it with the saliva in her mouth.
"You'll have to learn to like it," Dr. Lenox saw the look of distaste for his cum on her face.
"You're going to have to swallow a mouthful of it."
"It's time, Elizabeth. Wrap your sweet virgin lips around the head of his cock. It's time you
learned how to suck cock," Headmaster's hand on the back of her head urged her closer to the
throbbing member in her hands. She smelled the murky scent of his cock, the cock head
glistened from her tongue wetting the swollen head. She opened her mouth wide, Headmaster
Michael pushed her mouth onto the throbbing member until she closed her lips tightly around
it, felt it shudder inside her mouth.
"God, her hot breath almost made me cum," Dr. Lenox groaned.
"See what you do to men, Elizabeth? Now let your tongue run around the cock in your mouth.
Make it throb with delight." Michael continued to guide her head with his hands.
Elizabeth needed little urging, her tongue ran tentatively over the hot piece of flesh that pierced
her lips, felt the cock dance inside the hot confines of her hot mouth. More cum leaked out the
head, filled her mouth with the salty, pasty mixture. She didn't think she would ever learn to
love the taste of semen, almost gagging as it sat heavily in her mouth.
Dr. Lenox moved Michael's hands aside, gripped her head on both sides, urged her to take
more of his cock inside the confines of her mouth. She struggled for a minute, Headmaster
Michael reminded her of the penalties for disobeying; the whip on her pussy. She let him have
his way with her mouth, his cock pushed out her cheeks, first the right one, then over to push
out the left one. It continually jerked in her mouth; her tongue lathered the hot cock, up the
shaft, the thick vein running the length. She ran her tongue under the ridge of his cock, felt his
shudder when she did.
"Back and forth on his cock, each time take it deeper into her mouth," Headmaster Michael
ordered her. "If you do a good job, he will let go of your head."
She wrapped her mouth tightly around the girth of his cock and began a gentle rocking
motion, moved her head up and down the shaft, her tongue continually lathered the cock as
she gripped the hard cock with her lips.
"You suck cock like a street whore," Dr. Lenox released her head as she began to perform
fellatio on his organ as though she had done this a million times. "Take it deeper into your
mouth or I will f***e it in," his voice urgent in lust.
She moved her mouth forward, the head of his cock slammed into the back of her mouth,
gagged as it hit the opening to her throat, she almost threw up. She backed her mouth off, Dr.
Lenox's hands returned to grip her ears.
"Deeper, Elizabeth. I want it in your throat," thrusting his hips forward at the same time he
pushed her head onto his throbbing cock.
She choked and gagged, her eyes watered, her nose ran as the head of his cock slowly and
f***efully entered her throat while she struggled, but she kept her hands at her side, sensed
Headmaster Michael's warning presence behind her. She sucked in as much air through her
nose as possible while Dr. Lenox thrust her head back and forth, his cock enjoyed the spasms in
her throat gripping his cock head like a virgin pussy. She had something new to contend with,
Headmaster Michael was behind her, his hand on her back and over her ass, fondling her flesh
as she was f***ed to suck Dr. Lenox's cock. A wet finger touched her anus. Elizabeth attempted
to turn and stare at the Headmaster, show him her displeasure, but Dr. Lenox was not to be
denied the pleasure of her mouth and throat, yanked her head back onto his cock, which jerked
in pleasure as it slid down her throat again, her choking pleasured the throbbing cock.
She could only moan on the cock that split her lips as the Headmaster's finger began to play
around her tiny wrinkled hole, teased the muscle with his fingertip as it slowly circled the ridges
of her virgin anus. His hand held her hips tight in his grip as he f***ed her to accept his fondling
of her asshole while she sucked Dr. Lenox's cock. His finger entered her rectum, ran around its
inside, teased the muscle as it clenched to push the offending digit out. She felt his other hand
reach around in front of her between her thighs and cup her sex, one finger split her pussy lips
to lay snuggled in the wetness of her inner pussy, and moved back and forth. She was now
trapped between the fingers, each drove her body into the other, unable to stop the dual
ravishment of her body. Her body rose up a little when his finger slid farther in her rectum, the
uncomfortable feeling of fullness present.
"Pay attention to the cock in your mouth, use your tongue on it. Make him cum. Relax your
asshole and let me have my way with you." Michael continued to play with her asshole, his
thick middle finger sucked deep into the depths of her bowels, the hot, tight hole clenching on
his calloused finger as it sawed back and forth inside her asshole, rubbing the silky insides
harshly with his dry finger. He knew that it hurt her, but he wanted her to learn that she would
have to submit.
Dr. Lenox could wait no longer, he gripped her head tightly and pulled her mouth over his cock
as if it was a sock, his hard shaft slid down as she coughed and gagged while her throat was
plugged with his hot flesh. He pulled her harshly back and forth on his cock, "so good,
Elizabeth, swallow my big cock." His head shot up as his balls tingled as he began to cum. He
could feel the cum run slowly up his cock into her hot mouth, his hands held her tightly, f***ed
her to drink the load of hot cum that shot out into her mouth. He pulled his cock from her
throat, wanting her to taste the hot cum, knowing how much she hated the taste.
His hands held so tight, almost like a band on her head, understood that he was ready to cum.
He held her on his cock as she felt it jerk and thrust inside her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly
around the throbbing member. Still it was unexpected, the cum shot out into her mouth was so
much, cum ran down her lips as she was unable to contain the copious amounts of fluid in her
mouth, afraid of swallowing it.
Dr. Lenox saw her cheeks begin to swell as he dumped his cum in her virgin mouth. "Swallow
it, Elizabeth, I have so much more. You'll choke to death unless you swallow it," her eyes
pleaded with him before finally he noticed her throat move, and knew that she began to
swallow, enjoying the sounds of strangulation. "Such a good girl, here comes some more,"
pulling her back down on his cock as another load of cum shot up from his balls, he felt her
tongue run u*********sly over the tip. He shot another load, her cheeks quickly filled again.
How much cum could he have? Just as soon as she managed to swallow the first load of cum
without throwing it back up, her mouth was filled again. If that hadn't been bad enough,
Headmaster Michael's fingers still drilled painfully up and down her asshole, like sandpaper as
the dry finger pushed harshly inside her, her sphincter fought the depraved invasion of her
body. She swallowed again, another final load filled her mouth, this one not as much,
swallowed it as it shot out.
Dr. Lenox felt his cock begin to shrink, "clean my cock with your tongue and I will take it out of
your mouth," he ordered her, her sweet face looked up at him, her eyes wide.
She ran her tongue over the head, her mouth already permeated with the foul taste of his cum,
hoped to get it over with soon, Headmaster Michael's manipulations still hurt, his finger played
with her pussy-the only thing that made it less bearable. She finally felt the cock pulled from
her mouth, cum stuck to her lips.
"You suck cock like a cheap whore, Elizabeth, and that is a compliment," smiling at the shame
on her face. He quickly pushed his cock into his pants, no longer wanting anything more from
her. "Thank you, Michael. I'm sure the Senator will be forgiving now.' He left the room quickly.
Michael pulled his finger from her asshole, and allowed her to stand. "Thank you, Elizabeth.
You were a good girl and obeyed well. Now try to stay out of trouble, I would hate to have to
bring you back for further punishment." He slapped her naked ass with a loud smack. "Yes, I
would hate to have to punish that naked ass," laughing as he left her in the room, naked, the
taste of cum still fresh in her mouth. He wanted to see how well the video came out.
Elizabeth went back to her room, masturbating herself to an explosive climax, Headmaster
Michael and Dr. Lenox forgetting to make her cum, the vision of them taking her in her head as
she came all over the sheets of her bed.... Continue»
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The Cheerleaders

He got the job as cheerleader coach. He loved being around the sexy girls. They were college girls and horny and sexy. He designed sexy uniforms for them. Tight braless sweaters and short skirts. All pussies have to be shaved. The smallest tits were C cup and there were many of them. He had a squad of twelve. He held practice at his house and the girls were to wear tank tops and very short shorts. No one wore a bra. He was thrity and had a deep thirst for sex. He was a handsome man and kept his body in great shape. Many of the girls had the hots for him already.

Today at practice he told the girls, "there are scouts coming to see my squad this week end and we need a sexy routine if we want to make it to the finals. I have hand picked all of you as you have nice tits and great asses. So we need to show them off. Make them want you bad." He walked behind the girls and pushed the shoulders back arching their tits out. He looked at all the huge mounds that looked so good in tight sweaters. He then walked back and rubbed each ass. The girl named kim, he rubbed into her pussy and she did not flinch. He would keep her after practice for a private lesson. "Now when you kick, kick high. Show some panty. When you bend show those sexy asses, and arch your backs and show those big tits."

They then did their sexy routine that was more for a strip club than the comptetion. They shook tits and asses and any man would want them. That was what the coach was looking for. "Now we will do the routine again only naked this time. I want to see those naked bodies flaunted." The girls squealed and got naked. Many could see the coaches cock get hard watching them as they danced the sexy routine. He then went to Pam and put her leg on the shoulder of Mary and then put Jane's leg up there also making a triangle and showing spread pussies. He ran his hand down the girl's legs as he positioned them and lightly brushed Mary's nice tits. He spread Mary's legs and put one of her hands on the leg of each girl. It was a very sexy look. "Now the rest of you make the same triangle for me." When the were all set up he walked around them and pretended to move them but instead was feeling them up. When he got to Kim he rubbed his hand over her pussy and her ass. She seemed to like it so he got brave and fingered her pussy.

As he fingered Kim's pussy one of the girls grabbed his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles showing his massive hard on. The girls then grabbed him and pushed him to the ground and began to rub his cock and balls as two girls at a time pushed tits in his face. He was being gang-banged by the girls. They took turns sucking his cock and rubbing tits in his face. Before he knew it he was being bent over a bench and tied with legs spread far apart in a split position. They were licking his ass clear to his cock. One girl put two fingers up his ass and began to finger fuck him. Another straddled his cock as she fucked him. "Well sexy coach. Today you get to fuck all twelve of us. If you can't stay hard we will punish you. Now suck these tits as we fuck the daylights out of you." For several hours he had a finger in his ass a tit in his mouth as one by one they fucked his cock. Between each fuck they would suck him till he was hard then the next girl would ride his cock.

It soon was Kim's turn. "You like my pussy so now you get to eat it for me before I fuck you till you scream." She rubbed her pussy over his mouth as the other girls ravaged his ass and balls. Mary was sucking his cock. Kim yelled at him "Now lick and suck that nice cunt for me. I want some tongue action." He licked and sucked her clit feeling it grow as he sucked. "Now tongue my cunt and make me cum on that tongue." He shoved a tongue deep in her hole and tongue fucked her feeling her cum and coat his tongue with her sweet nectar." "Your tongue is as talented as your cock. All the girls want the same treatment or we will beat that ass till you can not sit for a week." All day he was either eating pussy or fucking a pussy as they finger fucked his now sore and raw ass. "You fuck good coach. We may have to do this every Saturday. You wanted our naked bodies and now you got us all day."

After the girls had fucked him all day they decided to leave their mark on his ass. Each one kissed his ass with dark lipstick and then left a hickey. They got a black marked and wrote their first names by each mark. The black ink would have to wear off. Then Kim took the black marker and wroter her name down his cock and the words "SUCK ME". He would not be able to shower in the men's locker room for a long time with that decorated ass and cock.

They untied him as the day was turning to night. His cock and ass was red and sore. His face was covered with cum from the girls sitting on his face as he licked and tongued their pussies. As the girls left, they told him "See ya at the next all day naked practice." and laughed and left.... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss:
Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation
by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D.
Published by
Copyright © 2003 by Tantra At Tahoe
No part of this publication may be stored, reproduced, forwarded via email, or transmitted
in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording,
or introduced into any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission
of the copyright owner and the publisher of this book. Bona-fide purchasers may print one copy
of this document for personal use. Brief quotations may be used in reviews prepared for
inclusion in a magazine or newspaper, or for broadcast. For further information, please
contact...Tantra At Tahoe 11200 Donner Pass Road #146, Truckee, CA 96161 USA Phone (530)
587-1317, Fax (530) 587-9056, Email
EDITION 0.9 June 5, 2003
ISBN 0-9721913-1-3
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Sacred Tantric Sexuality
Chapter 3: Kundalini Energy
Chapter 4: Tantric LovePlay
Chapter 5: Sacred Landscape
Chapter 6: Sacred Gate Massage
Chapter 7: Yoni Healing
Chapter 8: Ecstatic States
Chapter 9: Kama Sutra Sex Positions
Chapter 10: Female Ejaculation
Bonus Chapter 11: Male G-Spot
Chapter 12: Conclusion
This book is dedicated to our beloved Tantric f****y, a continual source of Supreme Bliss
through spiritual inspiration, sexual ecstasy, and expanded consciousness.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 2
Important Note
The material in this book is for educational purposes and is intended to provide helpful
guidance to lovers about human sexuality. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate,
dependable, up-to-date information. We believe what's presented here will be helpful and poses
no risk to any healthy person.
This_ding that neither the author nor the publisher is engaged in rendering medical,
psychological, or any other professional service. If you have questions concerning the
application of the material and advice described in this book and its affect on your health and
well-being, it is your responsibility to consult a qualified professional first.
Any use of the techniques used in this book are at your own risk.
This book is not intended to serve as medical treatment, psychological counseling,
psychotherapy, or any other services best performed by a health professional. No part of this
book should be used as a means of self-treatment or as a viable substitute to or for medical
evaluation by a physician. If you suspect you have a condition requiring such treatment, we
encourage you to seek professional help before engaging in the practices included.
Absolutely no part of the program should cause pain or unusual symptoms. Should such
arise during or after doing the practices within, the affected party is advised to seek medical
evaluation to identify possible causes.
If you have knowledge or suspicion that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease,
we urge you to consult with a qualified health professional before engaging in any partner
practices in this book.
The authors and publishers cannot be held responsible for any error, omission, professional
disagreement, or outdated material in this book. The authors and publishers are not liable for
any upsetting reaction, damage, injury, infection, fatal disease, or other adverse outcome as a
result of applying the information or engaging in any activities suggested in this book.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 3
Chapter 1: Introduction
"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."
----- Ben Franklin
1.1 Opening Section
This is what you have to look forward to...
"As I lay here with my legs spread and my beloved's head bowed, worshipping at the door of
my secret garden, I give great thanks for the pleasure I'm about to feel.
"With his soft tongue on my most sensitive outer trigger, and his two longest fingers inside, I
writhe, scream, and come and come and come. Orgasmic energy engulfs me and soon all he has to
do is breathe on me and I shower him with my divine nectar. It goes on and on, over and over
again for about 30 minutes.
"My beloved is grinning and I am, oh, so blissful. He asks if I want more. Not a hard question
to answer. I say YES!
"When I reach the continuous Orgasm Zone, I simply want more, More, MORE!"
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Help you understand what's in this ebook.
• Orient you to what is where and how to proceed.
• Introduce you to how Tantra fits in.
When you read the introduction above, did you say to yourself, "I want that?" Whether
you're a woman or a man, young or old, gay or straight, you want to know the depth and
breadth of your sexuality. You want to feel great pleasure and amazing sexual ecstasy. You
want to pass through the Sacred Gate Of Supreme Bliss, our Tantric name for the G-Spot.
You want it all.
You want to have full-body orgasms, multiple orgasms, extended orgasms with maximum
energy that blow your mind. You want to know all there is to know about the female and male
G-Spots and female ejaculation.
Regardless of your gender, you want to be all you can be sexually. You want to feel totally
confident as a lover -- as the receiver of peak pleasure and the giver of untold ecstasy.
We wholeheartedly agree. We believe fervently that you deserve it all. Your sexual self is
the very essence of who you are.
If this sounds like anything you want, you're in for a real treat. Even if you're not sure, this
ebook was designed just for you.
Sex Positive Aim
Our aim is to support you in being totally sex positive. That means you know that sexual
ecstasy is a divine gift and any way you get it is good for you. We want you to love filling your
pleasure balloon, that imaginary bubble inside you that expands with good feelings when you
let it.
Awakening The Sacred Gate will show you how to...
• Expand your capacity for pleasure
• Bring spirit and awareness into your sexual play
• Routinely reach supreme sexual ecstasy
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 4
• Build confidence that you can give maximum pleasure
• Achieve your full sexual potential
• Fully and proudly embrace your sexual birthright.
To achieve this, you're going to learn to give and receive Sacred Gate (G-Spot) Orgasms of
incredible power and emotional sweetness. You're going to learn to supercharge your sexual
play with female ejaculation and relish being bathed in the Goddess's sweet ejaculation fluid.
With the latest scientific findings, you're going to discover a whole host of new ways to
exchange pleasure.
Just as there are many ways to create beautiful music, there's more than one way to make
love. We're sure you already know how to play some of the instruments in your sexual
orchestra. In the coming pages, you'll learn to play those instruments in creative new ways, to
play new instruments, and to expand your play list with both.
Soon you'll become the master of ecstatic alternatives to sexual union (our Tantric name for
intercourse). Not to mention ways to make sexual union supremely blissful.
But we have to warn you. If you play music like this once, neither of you will ever want to
Especially For Women (Partners, you can read this too)
If you're a woman, please know that we wrote Awakening The Sacred Gate mostly for you.
And so your lovers could give you maximum pleasure. Which is still for you. Though this
ebook ends with a bonus chapter about the male G-Spot, it's mostly about female anatomy,
female arousal, female ecstasy, and female orgasm.
If you wonder why, a few statistics can make this crystal clear.
Less than half the women who have sex reach orgasm during sexual union (intercourse).
Some estimate 75% of women can't reach orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation. Sadly, 10 to
15% of women have never had an orgasm.
Somebody has to do something about this. We nominate you. Do you accept?
Maybe you feel that you're not a very sexual person. Maybe you don't particularly like sex
the way you've had it. Maybe you've had negative or painful experiences. Maybe you think you
don't have a G-Spot or you have one that doesn't feel particularly good.
Together, we're going to change all that.
We want you to enjoy sex. We want you to believe it's good for you. We want you to release
your inhibitions, let go of control, and stop holding back. We want you to remember that being
alive means feeling desire. We want you to know that sexual play is good for you. We want you
to celebrate that your orgasms make you healthier, more awake, and closer to God.
Whew! Do you get the idea that we really care about your sex life? You're right, we really,
really do.
Sex Negative Culture
Unfortunately, most of the so-called civilized world disagrees with the above views. We
don't live in cultures that encourage us to explore our bodies, our orgasmic triggers like the GSpot,
and their spiritual connection. Religions frown on it. Few of our parents talked about it.
You can't even think about it at work without a lawsuit.
Even worse, health professionals are as hung up as the rest of the population. We regularly
receive referrals from highly trained ther****ts who are too shy to deal with sexual issues. In
fact, too many medical doctors scoff at proven sexual realities like female ejaculation.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 5
Partly, this sad story explains why the average lover doesn't know more about their own
orgasmic pathways. Never fear, in the coming pages we're going to help you change all that.
Tantra can help you drop these limiting beliefs and create the kind of sex life you crave deep
inside. Tantra is the ancient spiritual practice of sacred sexuality that uses sexual energy to raise
Not only will you learn how Tantra can enhance every aspect of your love life, along the
way you'll undoubtedly discover how to make your whole life better.
It's OK if you don't know much about Tantra, because we'll fill in the gaps shortly.
If you do know a lot about Tantra, we're confident that you'll discover a whole new practical
side before mastering our version, Supreme Bliss Tantra.
1.2 Tantric Ebook Section
"Sex really is a physical expression of a whole lot of stuff that has no physical existence: love and
joy, deep emotion, intense closeness, profound connection, spiritual awareness, incredibly good
feelings, sometimes even ecstasy....We free our a****l selves by opening our intellects to
awareness of our bodies, and when we are no longer stuck in our intellects we become more like
spirit: intuitive, experiencing the joy of life for the sake of experiencing, in communion with
ourselves, with each other, and beyond"
----- Dossie Easton & Catherine A. Liszt in The Ethical Slut
Supreme Bliss Tantra
Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy which transforms orgasmic energy into
expanded consciousness.
Supreme Bliss Tantra is the modern system of personal transformation based on the ancient
Eastern spiritual path that uses sexual energy practices to...
• deepen love and intimacy,
• extend lovemaking, and
• create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.
By opening your senses of the present moment, embracing all of life and all of your being,
and focusing on pleasure as a divine gift, Supreme Bliss Tantra...
• heals your mind, body, and spirit,
• connects you passionately with your deeper self and your beloved, and
• immerses you deeply into the untold joys of sacred sexuality to reach cosmic peaks of
ultimately making life an ecstatic journey in total communion with all that is.
Our Starting Place & Yours
Here are just a few of the key questions that we'll answer for you in the coming pages...
• Can you find your own and your lover's Sacred Gate (G-Spot)?
• Do you know how to give a G-Spot orgasm?
• Women, can you release your inhibitions and open to your Goddess nature?
• Men, can you orgasm without ejaculating from G-Spot play?
• Women, do you know how to ejaculate when you climax?
We know you're reading this because you want to know more of the answers to questions like
When we started on the path of Supreme Bliss Tantra during the mid-90s, neither of us were
multi-orgasmic. Like many other women, Jeffre's orgasms required effort. She was never aware
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 6
of ejaculating. Like most men, Somraj couldn't separate orgasm from ejaculation. So he usually
came pretty quickly.
Realizing how much we were missing gave us strong motivation to learn about pleasure,
ecstasy, and orgasm through Tantric practice. We've changed so much and had so much fun
that we just had to share our journey with courageous intelligent folks like you.
What's In Our Ebook
Awakening The Sacred Gate is chock full of frank, accurate, up-to-date information about
your sexual landscape, including a detailed description of male and female sexual anatomy.
What's more important, we've richly punctuated it with hands-on exercises and practices you
can use to quickly teach yourself these powerful sexual skills. Along the way you'll
undoubtedly discover how Tantric healing helps you drop negative sexual attitudes, release
unwanted inhibitions, and awaken dormant responses.
Isn't it great news that practices which teach you to fill your pleasure balloon make you feel
fantastic along the way?
Sexual learning isn't so different from strengthening your body by work-outs at the gym.
They both follow the old maxim...use it or lose it. The more you exercise, the easier it gets and
the better it feels. Through practice, you heal the weak parts to make your sexual system
healthy and whole.
We've created an ebook that is both comprehensive and user friendly. Though it has a little
of everything we've learned and how we learned it, it's not an academic volume, exhaustive
listing of references, or lengthy survey responses. It's a practical program that reveals all you
need to know.
Awakening The Sacred Gate shows you step-by-step how to put Tantric Sex into practice
immediately in your sex life.
In the coming chapters, you will find powerful techniques to master you own sexual f***es.
You'll learn how to use these techniques to give your beloved exquisite pleasure only imagined
in you most erotic dreams.
We hope you get the idea that we very much want you to become the lover you want to be.
Sexual Exploration Journal
When Somraj was a chemist, he learned to document everything about scientific
experiments in laboratory notebooks. You might want to use a similar approach while reading
Awakening The Sacred Gate.
To raise self-awareness, many readers find great benefit in recording their thoughts,
reactions, and discoveries in a personal journal dedicated to sexual exploration. We suggest you
get one right away. Then, as you read this ebook, you can jot down what you agree with, what
makes a strong impact on you, and what doesn't jive with your experience.
When you do the practices sandwiched throughout this ebook, you're bound to learn lots
about your body, your sex, and yourself. Capturing your adventures offer valuable insight as
you progress and help you remember important discoveries. Journalling becomes an invaluable
tool when you choose to communicate to a lover what you've learned about pleasuring your
Sacred Gate.
During all the practices in this training program, we don't expect or encourage complete
instant transformation. So writing down what happened can help you pick up where you left
off next time. Further, the G-Spot and female ejaculation often push emotional buttons and raise
issues buried deep inside. You'll want to take some breaks to process what comes up, clear the
decks, and integrate what dawns on you.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 7
Journalling can help with all that.
To energize your journalling, you'll find discussion questions similar to the following
spread throughout your ebook. You can write your answers or close your eyes and look inside
at your own situation. If you're anything like the average couple, talking about sex isn't the
easiest thing to do. Those who go through this program with a partner find that these questions
are great stimulants for honest intimate communication.
EXERCISE: Journal Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• How big is your capacity for pleasure?
• How much spirit do you bring into your loveplay?
• What are your orgasms like? Difficult? Full-body? Multiple? Continuous?
• How much of your sexual potential have you realized?
Tantric Sex
Tantric Sex is making love reverently, sacredly, and consciously to maximize and circulate
orgasmic energy. It's much more than technique. It's an amalgamation of attitude and emotion,
awareness and approach.
To be sure, this ebook will teach you lots of specific sexual how-tos that will give you
enormous confidence. Just remember, when you combine them with the Tantric attitude, voila,
you'll become every woman's dream lover.
Awakening The Sacred Gate includes expansive and exciting solo and partner practices to
enable you to understand, first-hand (pun intended), the nature of Tantra and the experience of
Tantric Sex. Before you're done, you'll know exactly how to find, excite, and create maximum
pleasure from the G-Spot. You'll know how to ejaculate if you're female, or make your female
partner's waters flow regardless of your sexual preference.
More importantly to students of Tantra, you'll know how to interweave mind, body, and
spirit to create powerful, ecstatic and long lasting sexual experiences, with or without sexual
union. (That's one of our names for intercourse.) You'll learn to muster your inner fire, couple
sexual energy with physical touch, and exchange orgasmic magnetism with your beloved.
By the way, everything here applies to women giving to women as well as men giving to
women. Except of course in the chapter devoted to maithuna, sexual intercourse. Everywhere
else, we've done our best to use language that honors whatever your sexual preference is.
Kundalini To The Rescue
Before going further, we should explain what we mean when we refer to a key target of
Tantric Sex, Kundalini energy. There's a dormant life f***e inside all of us that few tap into fully.
When you're turned-on sexually, you can feel this nervous stimulation and physical excitation,
alive, bubbling, vibrating inside you. Even when you're not, you can probably feel it trickling
and tickling inside.
This is sexual energy, which most lovers feel most strongly right before orgasm. So
sometimes we call it orgasmic energy.
Kundalini is the old Sanskrit name for this normally latent psychosexual power. The ancients
pictured Kundalini like a coiled snake that lies sl**ping at the base of the spine. When
awakened through Tantric practice, Kundalini energy can ascend through the subtle body,
creating powerful ecstatic experiences and heightened cosmic consciousness.
Know how to do that for yourself, and exchange Kundalini with a partner and, virtually, the
sky's the limit.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 8
Being a great lover is a learned art and science. If you grew up the way most of us did, you
weren't born into a society fully aware of this knowledge. Now you can enter the Sacred Gate of
Supreme Bliss. The path is great and wide.
Welcome to expanded Tantric sexuality.
Why Is It Important For You To Learn About Tantra?
Tantra is the ancient art of transforming the Kundalini energy awakened by orgasm into
spiritual connection and cosmic consciousness. Its roots are very old, as long as 7,000 years ago.
Tantra shows us how to open fully to our sexual nature and, in the process, learn to love all
of who we are. As we practice more ways to feel pleasure and consciously experience ourselves
as sexual beings, we're able to more fully realize our spiritual nature. Sadly, we live in an antiecstatic
society that doesn't promote joy, pleasure, and ecstasy as worthwhile pursuits.
Tantra says these are the only worthwhile pursuits.
As part of your Tantric exploration into the depths of your sexuality, it is only natural that
you explore the capacity of the Sacred Gate and the phenomenon of female ejaculation. Tantra
says be all you can be, experience everything, enjoy.
Know yourself sexually, and the truth will set you free.
We'll fully explore the nature of Supreme Bliss Tantra so you'll learn how to be the blissful,
playful, energetic lover you were born to be. That's a lover who has the desire and capacity to
make lovemaking last through multiple orgasms of multiple kinds, regardless of your sex.
We'll teach you ancient Tantric secrets about how to relax, awaken your senses, and use
your breath to increase your sexual pleasure. We'll demonstrate how to move your body to
enhance your orgasms. We'll offer you everything you need to know, to practice, to experience
and to fly emotionally and spiritually on the wings of sexual bliss.
Why We're Qualified To Write This Ebook
Jeffre and Somraj started Tantra At Tahoe in 1998 to teach lovers the ancient art and science
of sacred sexuality. Our combined 53 years of teaching and counseling experience created the
backdrop to help singles and couples integrate the secrets of Supreme Bliss Tantra into their
lives. Our strong sexual appetites and willingness to experiment ourselves and with others
provide the personal experience that allows us to write with conviction.
Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D. is a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher with over 30 years of clinical
psychology experience specializing in relationships and human sexuality. Jeffre is co-author of
Intimacy: The Green Light for Red Hot Sex and A Lifetime Of Loving. She is a shaman, healer,
counselor, workshop leader, columnist, artist, and avid skier whose advice is highly sought
Somraj Pokras is the author of countless articles about Tantra, over 50 workshops, and 4
books including the best-selling Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery. During his 30 year career as a
counselor, group facilitator, and trainer, Somraj has guided more that 20,000 people to lead
more effective lives. Somraj is a private pilot, avid skier and mountain bike rider, website
designer, and worshipper of the Goddess.
We derive great joy from assisting others to release their sexual inhibitions. By unblocking
their pleasure, they learn to make lovemaking last and last and last. We live in the mountain
paradise near Lake Tahoe, California with our two golden retrievers, Shiva and Shakti. Our
Tantric lifestyle allows the four of us to celebrate the beauty of nature during all seasons.
With all the stress, disease, and unhappiness in today's world, somebody has to
demonstrate that it's possible to enjoy life to the fullest. We're making that our ecstatic life
purpose. That's our story and we're sticking to it.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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EXERCISE: Energy Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• Why do you think Tantra can help you?
• How relaxed are you during sex?
• How open do you feel you are to Kundalini energy?
• When and where can you feel sexual or orgasmic energy in your body?
1.3 Sexual History Section
"Ultimately, your definition of sex or sexuality is limited only by your imagination and
willingness to explore." ----- from Intimacy: A Green Light For Red Hot Sex And A
Lifetime Of Loving by Jeffre TallTrees and Orv. Fry
The Sacred Gate
The G-Spot is a highly sensitive area on the front or upper wall of the yoni (Tantric for