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The Cats Seductions - Tony

The Cats Seductions - Tony

... The Cat’s Seductions - Tony

My friend and lover, The Cat, fresh from her introduction of her son ... . They didn’t need introductions as The Cat had met Tony briefly before after his f****y arrived in town ... but just let nature take its course – good boy she thought.

The Cat proceeded to ask Tony all... Continue»
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... and approached the defense table. Was it his imagination or were they
playing cat and mouse? If so, what ... ***ed his tongue into his puckered

"Oh fucking hell!" Tony rasped as Tom buried his nose ... to talk him out of it.

Anthony sidled around the table, his massive dick bouncing seductively... Continue»
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My neighbour and her teenage daughters (3)


I have received so many posts and PMs regarding whether Tony should enjoy ... was the most amazing night of my life Tony, thank you so much! I never knew it could be so….special ... on the leaky cistern.

“Hi Tony.” Tiff greeted me as I lifted the top clear. “Wow! That looks like... Continue»
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... is excruciating. We only want the sac, where the pain is seductive.

Brenda feels the balls in her hands, very ... not to cum without the strict permission of Mistress Darla. She demonstrated a snap of the leather cat-o ... of pleasurable toys" and took down the cat of nine tails. She returned to the slave and told him... Continue»
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The adventures in becoming the maid Trish

... the beautiful dominatrix that she was. She walked over to the wall and selected a cat o nine tale and began ... and develop a more feminine walk. I had to admit Francine had an incredibly feminine and seductive ... and she told maid Ellen to take off her uniform. As she did the Mistress very seductively took off... Continue»
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Emma's Gift

... love baby?” Emma whispered seductively in Tony’s ear.

“I will do anything to make you happy Emma ... Tony sat a little nervously in the car awaiting the group of guys he had arranged to meet. He had ... ahead. Ever since Tony had mentioned to Emma that he wanted for her to have her fantasy gangbang, she... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... cat that swallowed the canary, and said "Looks like you don't mind sharing your cum with me either ... was the early 80s; I was taking a full load in college and working full time. At nineteen I was making ... , but it was 80's and I thought the only way out of my parent's house was to get married. We were... Continue»
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... at a table. I
was dressed in a new powder-blue cocktail dress that hugged my curves
seductively. I ... longer?" I asked in my most seductive voice. "No, not this
time," he answered. "I'll just take a blow ... of the rest of my life. I have long seemed
to have the nine lives of a cat. If ever I lose... Continue»
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A New Slave

... the time their eyes staring at
me with a look of hunger. Like wild cats that have found their prey ... chest. I'm
mesmerized by this act of pure seduction, I'm finding it incredibly
erotic. It's obvious ... . "Tony how about
you administer it?"

The guy fucking me with the dildo walks over to the toys table... Continue»
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Awayday chapter 5)

... him in the not too distant future then?"

"Well we could do, his name is Tony and he's invited us ... intimate massage and me doing this for you and the thought of Sami getting it off with Tony, I'm ... not sure I'll be able to wait until tonight."

"Can I help?" she said seductively, propping... Continue»
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13th July 1985 - can you remember what you were do

... ankle strapped heels, that clicked seductively as she walked around the classroom, my gaze followed ... and dumped my bag and blazer and headed out into the July sunshine. John Theakston, along with Tony ... like a gym, some 20 feet away. At that point Tony Birch peeled back the broken section of fence... Continue»
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My neighbour and her teenage daughters (3)

... of my life Tony, thank you so much! I never knew it could be so….special!”

“You are an incredible ... Shannon!” I called to her, and they all trooped in as I got started on the leaky cistern.

“Hi Tony ... a wink, but thought better of it and smiled instead. “Would you like a coffee Tony?” She asked sweetly... Continue»
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... the boy's attention. It most certainly got Tony's
attention yesterday, and culminated into her falling ... transpired yesterday between her and Tony,
swam through her mind. It all seemed to happen so ... mirror.

"Um, where did Tony run off to, honey?" she asked in a low,
provocative voice.

She... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 03

... through the bra to get them nice and hard. Like a cat, I climbed onto the bed, walking on all fours ... , as I seductively kissed my way up her legs. Looking up at her I started to lick the balls ... ."

She turned and winked at me "Isn't that right Tony? You love the feel of silk and lace don't... Continue»
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Extraits du Baiser Moi

... Me" replies Tony "who did this?"

Signing Up
Downstairs, after breakfast, Tony is sat at the ... been so eager to sink my teeth into. Both wearing crotch-less cat-suits it was easy to squat over the ... sex, i****t and masturbation.
In Bed
Early one Sunday morning Tony roused from a wet dream to find a... Continue»
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The icing on the cake

... .

I put the plate on the table and licked at the cum on top of the cake. not unlike a pussy cat ... ! Maybe next time I'll conveniently forget the icing again ;)

True story!

Kaz and Tony x x

... Continue»
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Juicey Lucy

... and replied
I swerved to avoid that cat in the road, I didn’t see a cat! she said, No, I thought ... out like a bullet. She was staring at me, biting her bottom lip seductively. I climbed onto... Continue»
Posted by Hippo1066 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex  |  

“FAIR PLAY” by SoftTouch, Gay BDSM Fet

... is shrieking into his gag and looking like an electrified cat because the teasing Eric is tickling ... taken off all of his clothes and now he is looking down at the worried Trey with seductive eyes while... Continue»
Posted by 3dgayworld 2 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Gay Male  |  

Breezy Beach Rendezvous - Weird Tale

... strokes with the cane & twenty strokes with the cat. Get onto the bed & assume the correct position ... the two of us, Douglas, don't you think, hmmm?'

She purred seductively in his ear.

'Let's do... Continue»
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Satisfied by loyalsock

... . She took two slow cat-like steps forward and stopped. Russell's eyebrow flared then settled ... in deliberate seduction. One breast, covered in powder-blue lace, revealed itself, disappeared... Continue»
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