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The Business Trip & My Revenge

The Business Trip & My Revenge

... on the same project. A fact-finding trip to Scotland was ordered by my boss and she was down to come too ... at dinner as if everything was normal and business like.

The week before the trip, she asked her ... colleague. On the day of the trip, I was on the train to the airport when I got a text from my girl...I... Continue»
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Business trip with my boss.

... I went with my boss on a buying trip, and I got my own room so he probably had no thought ... ***k, so when I wanted to shave my pussy and gave myself an enema, then I got hornier and hornier my ... .
I took my coat and purse and walked out of my room and went up to my manager's room . As I stood... Continue»
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My Business Trip

... other times, it is visiting other cities in my own state. This story recounts what happened on one ... such trip.

It was early May. After chasing a meeting with a particular customer for almost three ... months, I was excited when the IT manager finally said yes. I quickly put my laptop into my car and drove... Continue»
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My Bitch Mom & My Revenge!


I love my Daddy!

He has always been so loving to me. Ever since I was little he had always ... taken care of me. He taught me things, made sure that I ate right and got my homework done. When I ... sick or sad he would hold me and make it better.

My mom on the other hand only acted like a mom... Continue»
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Me & my daughter 4: the trip

... I awoke to the wildly exciting sight of Jessie sliding down my morning stiff cock, letting out ... was treated to the sight of my sexy daughter, swinging into position, notching herself against me ... love having my Daddy fucking me so good, and watching it all."
I could see Sarah, gazing... Continue»
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Impossible Virgins Chapter 16 Aftermath

... ...different...somehow today."
"I was just thinking the same thing about you, but I can't put my finger ... , s*s," said Lulu. "My babies are back to their normal size after that last scene in the auditorium ... what they'd look like with a dark tan," mused Lulu. "I want a better look at my two little gold... Continue»
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Trolling for Vengeance- Chapter 1

... he was on his last business trip. How they fucked in the parking lot, in her rental car ... , confront him, or seek revenge. Doing nothing wasn’t a solution my furious mind was ready to accept ... he left, I began to get ready for my revenge.

I showered and shaved my legs and armpits... Continue»
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Rancho del i****to

... would take my revenge upon him. Thus, my mother and I moved from one Mexican region to another, unable ... tried to keep my mind busy with the studies, but there was something changed about me. I felt more ... slid down to my ankles. I almost tripped, but steadied myself on the armrest. Carefully I kicked off... Continue»
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... of my best friends. I was really crushed, and decided revenge on them both was the only thing that would ... woman. In high school, I wasn't really aware of my sexuality, and was considered a bit prudish so ... to speak. In the beginning of my college life, I was still pretty reserved until I got my first real... Continue»
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A Cheating Spouse's Vengeance p2

... huge girth as she
replied to Rick and said, "I’m just too busy today. I
guess you’ll have ... . It was only a five minute
trip over to his house and if he hurried he could catch
her in time ... ... Fuck me and cum inside my pussy."

Robert kept fucking her as Megan held on and dug her
nails... Continue»
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My s****r, And Her Friends

... it wasn't all that abnormal. This story takes place in the later 80's. I was living at home with my ... be home for us k**s. Whoopee. My s****r, Vickie, is 21 and we both attend the State College up the road ... that it sucks.

My high school career was uneventful. I was geeky, gawky, bad skin, and painfully... Continue»
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Separate Lives (Chapter 1)

... , "I'll have to check my busy calendar, big boy." There was a momentary pause but not one long enough ... . I would masturbate, using her pussy, when I was ready, but my revenge was going to be a little more ... , I got busy packing up my clothing and the few personal possessions I had brought to the marriage... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 10: Katie's Vindica

... . The night before Katie was supposed to leave on her business trip she received a phone call from ... .

"Your fiancé blackmails me and I let him cum on my face and you won't help me get revenge?" Katie ... so involved in the banking world we should have seen the writing on the wall.

My wife had... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... do so hope you enjoy this rogues’ gallery of some of my favourite bad girls and take a trip ... of the city’s grand madams, procuring many young Creole “ladies” for the prostitution business ... this little firecracker a spanking do you? Go ahead! Be my guest!
Iva Ikuko Toguri D'Aquino: 1916-2006... Continue»
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Cheating husband revenge 2

... and wrapped her fingers around its huge girth as she replied to rajesh and said. “I’m just too busy ... talk at lunch. It was only a five minute trip over to his house and if he hurried he could catch her ... ass. rajni said. “Fuck Me. That’s it. Fuck me hard. Oh . . . Yeah . . . Fuck me and cum inside my... Continue»
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Blackmailed Into Homo-Humiliation Ch. 02

... busied himself undoing my tie as I mentally calculated how long I had until Roger arrived with his ... After my wife had discovered me being fucked by Roger and submissively sucking his cock on order ... before she answered my phone calls and I tried to explain my actions to her. It wasn't easy... Continue»
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Mary Plays and Mary Pays

... .

"They are planning a meeting at my house while I'm supposed to be away on a business trip. I'd like the house wired ... business trip" Marty said, "and I'll spend those two days with you. Should we tell the others?"

"Sure ... of it what I wanted - revenge and payback!

The next day I met Brian at my house and after checking... Continue»
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Mother and daughter


Recently while I was on a business trip for a few days I had what was a rather unexpected ... planning on spending my time at company meetings and watching tv in my room. I went down to the lobby ... sat down at a table somewhat removed from the main activity and quietly sat back with my drink... Continue»
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New Life

... they busied themselves with
what I assumed was preparing the Iron Lung for my occupancy ... in places they had no
business. When they lifted me from my chair a hand was massaging my
buttocks ... my Laura's hands slip inside it and stroke her
intimately. At the same time Dr. Cannon was busy... Continue»
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The Cheerleaders

... . They still had several more trips to make, and they wanted them done as soon as possible ... them being around?” Malone asked. Durst looked at the boys.
“I doubt it. I keep track of who my ... rolled his eyes as his friends began to nod their heads vigorously. “I went off and started my routine... Continue»
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