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The Business Trip & My Revenge

The Business Trip & My Revenge

... on the same project. A fact-finding trip to Scotland was ordered by my boss and she was down to come too ... at dinner as if everything was normal and business like.

The week before the trip, she asked her ... colleague. On the day of the trip, I was on the train to the airport when I got a text from my girl...I... Continue»
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Bi Business Trip with my wife.

... was going to be on this trip.
One of my best friends and one hell of a lover was going to be moving ... was sucking her big boy clit, Alex climbed on Aspens face for a ride, I was busy sticking my tongue up ... If you've read my previous posts, then you already know that we are both Bi, but have the mutual... Continue»
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Business trip with my boss.

... I went with my boss on a buying trip, and I got my own room so he probably had no thought ... ***k, so when I wanted to shave my pussy and gave myself an enema, then I got hornier and hornier my ... .
I took my coat and purse and walked out of my room and went up to my manager's room . As I stood... Continue»
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My Business Trip

... other times, it is visiting other cities in my own state. This story recounts what happened on one ... such trip.

It was early May. After chasing a meeting with a particular customer for almost three ... months, I was excited when the IT manager finally said yes. I quickly put my laptop into my car and drove... Continue»
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My Bitch Mom & My Revenge!


I love my Daddy!

He has always been so loving to me. Ever since I was little he had always ... taken care of me. He taught me things, made sure that I ate right and got my homework done. When I ... sick or sad he would hold me and make it better.

My mom on the other hand only acted like a mom... Continue»
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Me & my daughter 4: the trip

... I awoke to the wildly exciting sight of Jessie sliding down my morning stiff cock, letting out ... was treated to the sight of my sexy daughter, swinging into position, notching herself against me ... love having my Daddy fucking me so good, and watching it all."
I could see Sarah, gazing... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #3

... , when I broke my one rule for you because I just knew you were the one and it didn't matter."

"I'm ... to have very kind eyes.

"Do you know Steven Shay?"

"Uh… yeah… actually, he's my dad."

The woman ... miss my Kitty Cat…"

Spencer almost said something but then realized she meant the girl... Continue»
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The making of a revenge video

... was none of my business or interest.

One day he collapsed on the bench after a well played game. He ... for the activities that Paul had brought to my attention.

I had met my husband George at the company ... my head and proceeded to immediately forget about him.

Two days later he called me.

"Ahh... Continue»
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ARPITA - Once A whore Always a Whore part III

... was far busy in pleasing her lovers and remain in the centre of their attention.

With time she had ... together in a huge burst of their desires.


One week later. Arpita and Unmesh were busy ... into Unmesh’ room to submit a report he had asked from her. When she went in she saw Unmesh was busy... Continue»
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LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones. CHAPTER 2

... reflection.
Returning his attention to his phone, he opened up the file from his various trips ... plugging in the headphones, he amped up some tunes and then clicked back to the picture of his stepmother ... might hear me calling him or knocking…not really my fault, she decided as she eased the door shut... Continue»
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Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand III: Executive Secretar

... partner in Pim’s firm. I used her (Oh my god, I used her! On my next business trip to Thailand, I ... , the interpreters, love each other dearly and are business partners too, but their competition for my highest ... I and II”, so I won’t belabor the principles behind my Streams of Fuckmeat. I’ll just give a bit... Continue»
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Queen of Hearts

... erection in my pants. Her gaze enticed me to talk more than just business, but I resisted.

"Want me ... couple. You see, it is my job in this business to know such things—how to satisfy the hunger." As he ... and Melia busy discussing a presentation for a client. Peering down at my watch—right on time—I swallowed... Continue»
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Do You Trust Me?

... .

The months leading up to last year's trip had been extremely busy. This year our schedules were less ... -trip preparations, we jumped in to the amped sexuality with both feet. The first night we had noisy ... "Do you trust me?" Sandra murmured in my ear over the thumping music in the disco... Continue»
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Her Matter Of Trust

... job as a bank teller, which kept her busy enough during the week, but on the weekends she was off work ... , Patrick, who ran a successful local pub and restaurant, but he was always busy with his own f****y ... or his business. While she enjoyed being in the company of Patrick and his f****y, she didn't want... Continue»
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'little s*s' chapter 6

... was like my real mom. My mom worked too hard running a business and my aunt jonell babysat me and Jason ... it.

That Monday I hadn’t solidified my revenge. But I knew what to wear to get the job done. I had the most sexy ... than us. He had been my revenge plot. I told him since her b*****r was off my list he better whip out... Continue»
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Little Black Bikini

... of revenge and ease my pain. In retrospect, I got the revenge I was looking for but the pain, the loss ... pursued Business and now worked in the world of investing. Sarah followed her passion and became ... .

They moved into our neighborhood about 10 years ago and Sarah taught at the same school as my wife... Continue»
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When I Learn To Fly

... , sl**p...and resolve a little unfinished business.

My room was littered with Esme's things: CDs ... of him hit my nostrils before I reached his side.

"Good trip?" The grin split his face, made ... needed the distraction.

"Danni?" Esme, my girlfriend, traced the seam along the inner leg of my jeans... Continue»
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... if I see anything odd.”
“No problem, boss. I’ll get my team ready and we’ll be waiting for your ... notice the storage building on their trip up to the mansion, but he still took care to leave nothing ... my gosh, I cannot believe we’re almost there!” Sofie gushed with enthusiasm. Brett smiled at her... Continue»
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... of an acid
trip. There and not-there. She pulled back, finally, and whispered,
"Come on," taking my ... arousal. Revenge on my heart, you see. It was having to
work double time to supply sufficient bl**d ... . Or maybe revenge on my
brain, since I think it just shut off the bl**d supply there to send... Continue»
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The Swing Series 4

... bad and you were
always too busy or too tired. Doesn't that look like
fun, my love? Wouldn't ... This will be Part IV of the series. Hope everyone is
enjoying the stories of my wife's and my ... was all the way up to 45
degrees! I pulled into my driveway about 8:30 p.m. It
was Friday night... Continue»
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