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The Boss

The Boss

... ." The boss then said "Great, wear something sexy. He does like women." She laughed and left to change her clothes.

When her boss ... . "Looks like the boss needs some special attention. Pull over and let me give you what you need." He pulled the car over ... ... Continue»
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The Boss

... you are the boss." As they were working that night Mae leaned over the desk to ... . It feels wonderful and you are the boss." He laughed and continued to ... the air and her legs spread wide as she looked at him over her shoulder and said, "Yes, you are the boss ... ... Continue»
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The Boss,Part 1

... the office so imperiously, looking to ream out Michele?

At that time she was the boss, a millionaire, with the whole world

in her hand... the vibrator turned back on again and the ... ... Continue»
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This son of the boss

... me to the boss's cabinet.
"Please, please", he whispered excitedly.
At the time there was nobody in the cabinet, our boss gone off ... big noise in the office with son of our so influent in Russia boss, so we found ourselves in the boss's cabinet which ... ... Continue»
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... the girls face tighter against me and start to grind my wet pussy onto her mouth. The Boss ... behind the girl. I release her hair just in time for the Boss to ... I fumble the office door open and walk out. Just before the door closes, the Boss says, "Melody ... ... Continue»
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The Boss

... the suction cups to a nipple. She had filled one bottle and was just swapping nipples when the boss opened the door and asked her if she needed anything. He saw what she was doing and came in and shut the ... inside her.

The boss could ... ... Continue»
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The Boss over for dinner pt 1

... The Boss over for dinner

The knock on the door heralded the Boss( also a good mate) and his Wife's arrival for dinner. I opened the ... ... Continue»
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The Boss over for dinner Pt 2

... The Boss over for dinner pt2

We have had the Boss over ... the return home and all the juicy bits she had to give me about her fucks with the Boss.
I went to Jim's office as requested the ... ... Continue»
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The Boss

... The food is on the way and as soon as we eat we will begin." Lily took off her jacket and the boss stared at the ... short skirt. Her boss had a hard cock most of the time. One ... ... Continue»
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My threesome with the boss

... like fun. I like fucking on the boss’s desk. So erotic and fun.” I said with a smile. “Taking the chance of getting caught is ... fucked in their office?” I told him about the time when I fucked the big boss during an interview. We both were laughing ... ... Continue»
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Cliff and the Boss's Wife

... the time when my life suffered a twist of fate; my boss died, and his wife sold the ... alcoholic drinks when my previous boss felt in the mood; I had never had a girlfriend ... a good learner, and not wanting to disobey the 'boss' I gently prodded my cock at her ... ... Continue»
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Whos the Boss

... this was the only place I was allowed to be a man because here, I'm the boss. I turned my Mercedes Benz, C-Class of course into the ... to also come here and set yo bitch ass straight. I'm the boss here I said, without thinking, he smiled and walked towards ... ... Continue»
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Who's the boss?

... my wife?”
The girl looked at me and smiled.
“You mean the boss or the woman who managed to tie the boss naked in the middle of his own business for all the world to see ... ... Continue»
Posted by samvimes 3 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Sex Humor  |  Views: 307  |  
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Getting A Raise (From the boss's wife)

... after two months on the job I'm finally getting a raise. But not from the boss, from the boss's wife.

After a couple more drinks we all got into a cab and headed uptown to the restaurant ... ... Continue»
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The Boss,Part 2

... . While the rest of the office went

back to work the person on duty stood beside the squirming nude

body of their former boss and ... to what was now her lovely

new home. Nothing but the best for her now. After all, she was the

boss! ... Continue»
Posted by alexwd0 2 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  Views: 362  |  
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My Daughter The Boss

... was just like the first time Jane had played 'The Boss' and I was just as hard. I thought about Jane's request for the tent, how this was so different from the lounge. ... ... Continue»
Posted by chchboy 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Sex Humor, Taboo  |  Views: 3378  |  
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The Boss

... boss is from back East in DC, and she comes ... outside patio area, which we pretty much took over. The boss, who I will call Ann, was dressed to kill ... going to dissapoint her, right? I mean, she is my boss.

I announced that I was going to head home, and ... ... Continue»
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It had been well over a ... from under the covers.

“God dam Dave now you have really done it. This is my boss’s sixteen daughter Lien Tamika that you have just fucked.” The look of shook on old Dave’s face was so telling, the ... ... Continue»
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It had been well over a ... from under the covers.

“God damm Dave now you have really done it. This is my boss’s sixteen daughter Lien Tamika that you have just fucked.” The look of shock on old Dave’s face was so telling, the ... ... Continue»
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The Boss's PA

... the boss's PA had her own office adjacent to his. We used to have a lot of contact and over the ... the boss's office on the pretext of finding a file. He was away all day on a conference and she shut the ... and footsteps up and down the corridor outside and ... ... Continue»
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