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The Beautiful Journey

The Beautiful Journey

... k**ding? This is one of the most beautiful cock I have seen in a long time Larry! You are such a beautiful boy."

I smiled. Then ... quot;

That put mom back in the mood.

She ate lightly as she prepared for her journey. I arranged her IV that would ... ... Continue»
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The Train Journey – Part 1


We drift into the same teasing flirtatious conversation that had existed between us during the previous journey we previously shared, ... or removed them at some stage during the journey.

“Fuck me….now….hard” The only words spoken in that private, yet ... ... Continue»
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well as you all read the ticket checker was in my cabin in the ... asked whyhe was smiling


That my friends is the last part of the journey ( but not the trip)

PART III after your ... ... Continue»
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The Train Journey – Part 3

... the glass of the shower cubicle and start to slide back the door to join her.

“There’s a vibrator on the side of the ... something else there too - I remember the beautiful glass dildo and as quickly as the thought enters my mind, the dildo enters my ass, ... ... Continue»
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The Beautiful Young Virgin Bride’s First Nig

... the plan.

As Katie and Rodger relaxed on the beautiful white sandy beach, Andy and Carl began to put their plan into action. The young couple had gone to the ... ... Continue»
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The Beautiful Young Girl and her Neighbor

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful girl who lived all alone. The beautiful girl came home one day and as she usually ... . She did not realize her neighbor was watching her through the window. The window was very close to her bed, so he ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... their own
accord at the highest peaks imaginable.
Don't Miss The Beautiful Fragrance Of The Roses
The problem with being orgasm ... you have enjoyed the journey.
For there is only the journey, and pleasure rules. You are beautiful just the way you are. ... ... Continue»
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... beautiful and happy", as Kalpesh e****ted the
unwilling bellboy out of the room and locked the ... ... Continue»
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Stopped By the Police


"You have beautiful legs, they seem to go forever", he
complemented her. His hands continued their journey up her ... the car and pushed her into the front seat
of the police car. "No talking", as he began the journey to the ... ... Continue»
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The Quest (Chapter 2)

... the beautiful countryside. The driver explains that I am to meet The Man at a restaurant first.

We arrive first at a small cabin and he opens the ... slowly. I take my time in the bath relaxing after the very long journey. I dry myself and arrange ... ... Continue»
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The story of the fictional

... my whole body trembling and shaking of the sense of the beautiful and Zbarak inside the mouth of the aunt, and after that completely cover ... they are very happy and joy.
The morning of the last day for us in the journey disappeared Lamy and my aunt since ... ... Continue»
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The Emma J Chronicles - Part Two

... pick your good self and the other Ladies up and convey you to his hotel. The journey is very short, only ... the rear doors, handed the keys to the valet parking attendant and ushered the trio into the huge reception hall.

They crossed the beautiful ... ... Continue»
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The curse of the multiple orgasms (Chapter 1 and 2

... the hay next to the beautiful horses and stroking herself gently to orgasm. She would slowly remove all her clothes and allow the ... a while she also left the woodland and continued her journey home. Lucy was now in the clouds, her mind wandering thinking ... ... Continue»
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The Last Prayer of Medusa

... on her journey to the temple.

The temple was built with twenty two thousand tons of white pentelic marble, in the ... the darkened light the lone figure of what once was Medusa the beautiful, slithered her way from the sacred ground of the Parthenon, the ... ... Continue»
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The Italian Job 19

... the back of the car whilst I sat in the front with the driver, and whilst on the journey was asking me all the ... beautiful woman and big tits does not guarantee a good fuck” I floundered “ok I accept your apology” she said smiling at me, I think the beautiful ... ... Continue»
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The Train Journey – Part 2

... round buttocks, so infinitely memorable from our train journey, and cup them gently in the palms of my hands, lifting her up ... around the corners of her mouth, completely sublimated by the look of raw anticipation of what is surely to come in her beautiful ... ... Continue»
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The Mansion (Conclusion Chaper 10)

... relaxed and your body curves are brought out in the most favorable, most beautiful way. She is not easily satisfied and ... beautiful, my A ...... my precious A," you whisper to me, and I have never felt more so. My eyes speak of the incredible journey ... ... Continue»
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Messy Missy The MileHigh Club Hippie

... , the fourth man entered. He took one look at the beautiful woman's face covered with cum and the small amount collected in the ... the length of the twin stalks in her hands. The cocks were nearly the same size and thickness, making the lips-on-skin journey ... ... Continue»
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... the taxi on the short journey into town. When we got to the restaurant, I made sure that I got out of the taxi quickly and opened the ... son of mine, I want to suck your beautiful cock before you fuck me up the arse."

Never one to disobey a parent, I ... ... Continue»
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The Vagina

... the vagina as well as women do, it makes it all the more magnificent. Part of my journey thank goodness includes unlocking the beautiful mystery with the ... ... Continue»
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