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The Babysitter Ch. 01

The Babysitter Ch. 01

... a thick script, tossing it on the table. "The latest and greatest play for the college fall theater"

Carol ... the morning light of the living room. Handing Carol the script, she stepped back a little and started in on the scene. Carol read the ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter Ch. 02

... to put what happened with Lisa behind her, find another babysitter for the summer and get things back to normal. After ... Carol’s eyes and slowly started to unbutton the blouse. The blouse fell to the floor, revealing a black leather bra with cutouts ... ... Continue»
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Wife Dominated by the Babysitter

... cunt.”
Joe rolled the rubber on as Dani sat back on the settee. Kim positioned herself between the babysitter’s legs and went to her task with gusto, kissing, sucking and nibbling the ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter's Secret

... to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

The Babysitter's Secret: Part 1

The story that I am about to tell you ... back into the room. I opened the
door and stepped into the bedroom to see my eighteen year old babysitter
lying ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter, My Wife and the Bi-Girls

... Dani’s busy hand access from behind. The babysitter dropped to her knees behind the chubby girl and started licking her wet ... snarled the babysitter. “Answer that fucking door within the next ten seconds or you’ll not sit down for a week!” This was the ... ... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 01

Trapped and Trained Ch. 01
I responded to an ad on Craigslist from some guy asking ... fluid that screwed into the base of the dildo, then secured the dildo on the machine. I saw the fluid flow down into the dildo and a small ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter Pimps My Wife At A Party

... your girlfriends if you’ve got em.”
The babysitter led us upstairs…

The bedroom the three of us ourselves found ourselves in ... firm grip on the back of her head kept her down there. “I’ve not finished yet Tracy!” said the babysitter. I rubbed Tracy’s ... ... Continue»
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Undercover Angel Ch. 01

Undercover Angel Ch. 01 - Mike goes undercover as a transvestite to escape crime boss.

When ... faintly illuminated by the starlight. The rest stop was briefly illuminated by the interior lights of the police car when the policeman opened the door and ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter -- Chapter 3

... the babysitter! Now I'm doing the
courier, too!"

"We can't tell the babysitter about the courier! That will have to be our
little secret. By the ... ... Continue»
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Lou ( the babysitter ) takes control !!!

... and I heard the front door open Hello!! I knew the voice and felt better already...

It was Lou the babysitter --- my devious mind was working overtime!!!
I always sl**p naked -- and rolled on my side and pull the ... ... Continue»
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Lisa Summers, the babysitter

... the thin material.

While Sandra was busy getting dressed upstairs, her husband was
equally busy downstairs, making the babysitter comfortable.
When they stopped kissing, Richard grabbed Lisa's hand and
crammed the first two ... ... Continue»
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the babysitter.......again

... the babysitter was asl**p
on the couch. The k**s were sl**ping in their rooms, perfectly
safe. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wake the babysitter ... growing hard. She lifted one leg up
over the back of the couch.

Taking in a sharp breath. I couldn’t help ... ... Continue»
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The babysitter fucked by big b*****r

... asl**p judging by the time . So I decided to get inside silently not to wake her… and I found the babysitter watching a rather ‘hot’ movie on tv…. Instead of saying hello, I spied on her … and saw the young body ... ... Continue»
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Taking the Babysitter Home

... agreed to take the babysitter home, we just arrived from our night out and buses ... got me hard as a fucking rock. I waited inside the BMW in the driveway as the wife paid her for her service. I watched her ... ... Continue»
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Behind the Sun, Ch. 01

... Those who worked on the ground envied the workers who perched on the roof, hammering and stapling the sticky shingles into ... r****t. It was the quiet, the dark beauty of the summer nights that drew her; the desolation of the construction site and the scent ... ... Continue»
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Moms at the Beach Ch. 01

... perished in an accident three years ago. The memories of the beach too painful, the girls had stayed away. This was ... "Please, please, please stop."

I slumped into the couch for several minutes, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face. Finally I said, ... ... Continue»
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shannon kelly The Confession Ch. 09

The Confession Ch. 09

Graduation day finally came and the two boys received their diplomas, after the ceremony was over Jack's ... up the items and left the bathroom to find Jack had emptied the remainder of the things from the bedroom. She then heard the ... ... Continue»
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Adventures of the Taproot. Ch. 6. Dr. Flood

... the previous chapters of the Taproot saga: hardlivers

Adventures of the Taproot. Ch ... ... Continue»
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Adventures of the Taproot. Ch. 7. Aunt Barbara

... profile for the previous chapters of the Taproot saga: hardlivers

Adventures of the Taproot. Ch. 7. Aunt Barbara ... even better view.

Through the gap of the curtain, and with the room illuminated by the candlelight, I was able to ... ... Continue»
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My Submissive Little s****r Ch. 01

... babysitter for Alison. As she grew up, Alison and I were very close. Being her big b*****r, I was her playground protector and the ... ... Continue»
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