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The Baby Sitter Part 1

The Baby Sitter

... The baby sitter called & cancelled at the last minute. I suggested that my wife ask if Shelly, the 17 year old girl from next door could baby ... back on the kitchen table, legs spread wide, playing with her cum filled pussy lips, she said, "baby I want you ... ... Continue»
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The Baby Sitter

The summer before I started my junior year of college.
I took a job as a baby-sitter for the Simmons f****y. Mr. Simmons was my
history professor. All my girl friends were jealous.
Most of the ... ... Continue»
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Baby Sitter

... the
eerie blue glow of the computer screen. "He..hello I'm Jennifer the baby
sitter... I just brought you a cup of tea..." she trailed off. No responce
came. She edged closer and placed the cup on the ... ... Continue»
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The Baby Sitter Part 2

You can read the first part here:

There on the bed was Cheyenne, naked, having ... . "We've been planning this for months. Every time you baby sit us, we'd wait up till you had gone to ... ... Continue»
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The Baby Sitter Part 1

... clean new sheets on the bed and folded the corner of the duvet back. It looked very ... but Simon first made a beeline for the dresser. Opening the first draw he found Cheyenne's mums ... Simon just stood in the door way looking at the scene in the room. He was so ... ... Continue»
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The Baby Sitter

... than expected because the party had turned out to be pretty boring. Before looking in on Alissa and the baby, Nicole decided to ... was going to peek in on the baby, and see if Alissa was asl**p yet.

Seeing that the baby was sound asl**p, Nicole went ... ... Continue»
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The Busty Babysitter

... himself and the bedroom door was shut. There was absolutely no evidence of last night's tryst with the baby sitter. Maybe it ... yes. I forgot."

"Where's Kathy?"

"Well that's part of the problem. Her s****r was in the hospital and she left to help her ... ... Continue»
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my baby sitter

... healing from leg surgery, sitting by the deck door, when my very sexy baby sitter tapped on the deck door.

She was looking fine ... bent over in my direction. Your such a great tease!

The guys at the campground loved you! Those beautiful firm boobs of ... ... Continue»
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Lou The Baby Sitter

... social programme over the next couple of weeks -- birthday parties weddings etc
Charlie has arranged for our usual sitter Lou to look after our son while we are out -- in the past if we expected ... ... Continue»
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The Baby Sitter !

Alissa had been baby sitting for the Bentley's for about a year. She was a senior in college, and baby sat to earn spending money ... a "real" man makes love to a woman." "The boys my age are so clumsy." "Come on baby....there's you answer."

"Why don't you ... ... Continue»
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All the lust I can get.

... the baby sitters or the baby sitter would come to our house when the oldies went off partying. I only discovered this quite recently when searching through the ... and a mad rush of adrenaline I connected the camera to the TV.

What appeared was a party at a ... ... Continue»
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Asian - Bare backing the baby sitter.

... I was so depressed that my eyes were glued to the floor the whole time I walked towards my destination. Upon reaching my ... hardened nipples bounced back and forth alluringly while I thrust by baby-make into her wet hole.

Several minutes of intense ... ... Continue»
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The Baby Sitter Kate and Mr. Axel


Kate: i hear you come back after 3 hours

You: i walk in the door and a little tipsy but fully aware looking for you ... "

You: so what r you watch not even paying attention to the tv just staring at kates stunning body

Kate: ......

You: after ... ... Continue»
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Modeling the Kama Sutra (part 3)

... but I couldn’t really **** Di, nor could she play the part of my **** victim very convincingly; we were too ...

The second edition, with all the added pregnant sex demonstrations and the final breast-feeding scene, also stated clearly that the baby ... ... Continue»
Posted by billstew 4 years ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Hardcore, Voyeur  |  Views: 676  |  
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Modeling the Kama Sutra (part 1)

... was engaged, and that was part of the problem. All that her fiancee knew ... get pregnant then I would have to bear the baby.”

“Why? Don’t ... the baby growing inside my OWN womb. I just could not do that and I would bear the baby and be the ... ... Continue»
Posted by billstew 4 years ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Fetish, Hardcore  |  Views: 670  |  
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Connie The Oral Closer - Part 1

... The Oral Closer – Part 1

I met Connie at the airport lounge. She was from Cochranton, and drove the eighty miles and checked in the ... for your load.

“Jack your load all over me baby... feed me baby... I want to taste your sperm...”

You will ever ... ... Continue»
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The baby maker

... me out of the house in tears.


About a week later after several more telephone threats
on my part, she finally ... the baby, it was a
girl. I was however pretty pissed off at her calling me
an asshole so after the baby was born I mailed the ... ... Continue»
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baby wanted, part one

... She was to stay six months after the birth and nurse the baby. He wanted to be sure ... . He finger fucked her saying it was part of the baby process. He explained they would have ... and the baby. She was just what he needed. They made a deal and she moved in the ... ... Continue»
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Private show surprise at the porn store Part Four

... to want. Andrea picked up her part of the tag team,"We would need ... you to be around too so the baby knows her or his father. I ... the fucking king of the world at that moment. My orgasm was the most delicious one I had ever experienced. I was making a baby ... ... Continue»
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The salon sluts part 4

... for a year, that’s all.” John said, coldly. “All I want is the baby. After that, I’m done with her. She can reappear and ... sure Lauren stopped by the following morning. The hardest part of his plan was the time between now and the impending impregnation of ... ... Continue»
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