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The Amazing Emma Stone

The Amazing Emma Stone

... Garfield’s stunt double on the new movie, The Amazing Spider-man which was a reboot of the massive comic book franchise.

Now ... soon after this movie had wrapped.

In the scene me and Emma, Emma Stone the new leading lady playing Gwen Stacy, were ... ... Continue»
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Interview with Emma Stone

... grab a coffee. While waiting in line, none other than the film's star, Emma Stone, got into line behind me! I was babbling in no ... with my hot cum.

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah...that was...amazing...” I panted as she swallowed my cum down.

I pulled her ... ... Continue»
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Me and Emma Stone's Ass

... around at the edge of the party, casually sipping champagne that flowed freely but then I saw her, it was Emma Stone. She was ... started to disappear inside Emma Stone's ass.

After a few minutes, I had managed to get my cock all the way inside her ass ... ... Continue»
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The Amazing Holiday


This is the story of the amazing holiday I took earlier this year with my girlfriend and her f****y. ... toes motion and pulled down her thong, I think that was the most amazing sexiest thing I have ever seen I’m my life I said to ... ... Continue»
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... skin, with brown hair in a bob style, probably about 11 stone in weight and a beautiful curvy figure. Her smile beamed at ... warm and tight. It felt amazing. Emma started to thrust gently on it as Michelle released the cock and came back to Kiro ... ... Continue»
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The Emma J Chronicles - Part Two

... Mark and Emma were impressed by the opulence of their hotel. Mark looked up at the two faces carved in the pink stone above the main ... and grey peaked cap ushered Emma politely from the front door of the hotel to the rear seat. As Emma ducked her head down to ... ... Continue»
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The Emma J Chronicles - Part Three

... is my boss”!!!!!
Mr X stood and ushered the near naked Emma into the bathroom. Closing the door he held her by both of her ... he would lose a couple of stone and sort his hair out he’d be quite fuckable”.
Emma laughed along with her new found ... ... Continue»
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Natalie and Emma

... feel like a goddess. Natalie was clearly d***k on the most amazing d**g: EmmaEMMA - EMMA! She allowed her obliging lover to indulge herself and ... and handed Emma the one tip of the dildo. Emma was well into the picture now. She rubbed the tip of the dildo ... ... Continue»
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Emma's Gift

... hear laughter as they wandered down the path. Stepping back into the hall Emma was conscious of the butterflies. Her hands were shaking ... on her shoulder from behind, “this is fucking amazing” she thought. For the next five minutes she turned and took it in ... ... Continue»
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Emma Watson gets Payback

... a dressing gown hanging on the back of the door to the en-suite, i took the cord out and moved toward Emma. I grabbed her hand tightly ... tongue as deep into her as i could. Her pussy tasted amazing and i couldn’t resist lapping up her juices as i began ... ... Continue»
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Emma's First Time with a Black Dick

... into it, I can let the real party begin” Naomi spoke as she walked away. Emma watched her amazing friend exit her bedroom and ... noticed the cum trail coming from both Naomi ... ... Continue»
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Sharon does the swing club.

... "One of them played up outside of the arrangement and the other found out."

"Amazing!" she threw her hands back in mock ... mouth. Her head was resting on a pillow against Rick’s. Emma, the younger girl I’d seen earlier, was lapping at Sharon’s swollen ... ... Continue»
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Emma Watson

... Googled "Emma Watson". Most of the results were expected.


"Amazing," she said between deep breaths.

I let her rest ... ... Continue»
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Emma and Lucy 5

... in pleasure as the tip of Emma’s tongue Slowly traced along the edge of her pussy. The felling may have been amazing but Lucy was ... face to face.

“Babe that was amazing” Lucy panted

“I know Honey, it was….” Emma panted in return as she tenderly kissed ... ... Continue»
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The New Playmate's Friends

... with Lucy. He slipped up the stairs to the bathroom and took a leak, thinking all the time of the amazing situation he was in. ... being seen by his father or Emma. On the landing, a quick glance through the banisters down to the living room made it clear ... ... Continue»
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My little s*s takes too long in the shower, I coul

... ..... wow.....

"Yea.... That was...." I stuttered to find the words.

Emma finished them for me, ""

"You are... unbelievable." She blushed when ... ... Continue»
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The professor part I

... . What a conquest a woman in her thirties would be. “That’s amazing.” said Emma, “What does she look like?”

Zooey, who proud of her ... she let her feet go and let the vibrator drop to the floor. Emma picked the vibe off the floor and put it in her ... ... Continue»
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Sunset and Rain Love til the End

... a day when she kissed Emma for the first time. But even before that day they had this amazing, indescribable bond. Sparks flew ... some political event. She totally oversaw bus arriving at the station. Emma looked around and recognized long, blond, curly hair ... ... Continue»
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Emma's Second Night with Black Dicks

... have an amazing time tonight.” Naomi declared. “Oh good, you left your wedding ring on. That’s perfect.

Emma wondered what ... all, along with Naomi video taping the whole event raised Emma’s sensitivity. The man eating Emma out, decided he had enough and ... ... Continue»
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Alex and Emma Watson - and some shades of Grey II

... a good ‘on-turner’. First me, then the water….” Emma giggled. Alex opend the tap. The new bathtub was like a little ‘indoor-pool ... was her own b*****r.

“Your rosebud – what a amazing spot……” said Alex and parted the cheeks a little bit more. With a little ... ... Continue»
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