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That one time in the bushes next to school

... classmates but one. I have so many stories to tell about my time there, but I’ll start with just one.

That time in the bushes.

At one of our school parties, I’d made ... ... Continue»
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Angie, Susan, Tiffany and Amy set out for the concert in the Capital City. Their favorite group finally was playing in this big city. They had traveled miles just to see this concert and hook up with some guys or at least get to a party. They decided to cruise through the town since they had arrived much earlier than they had expected.
Amy was the first to spot it. The little store on the corner lot. The red and green neon sign read “Adult Movie and Bookstore.”
“Let’s go check this place out!” Amy exclaimed.
“I don’t know about that.” Susan remarked.
“What else do we have to do? It may be fun. I could always use a few laughs.” Amy replied. “And besides, the concert doesn’t start for a couple of hours yet.”
“Why not? Angie said as she turned her Camaro into the parking lot.
The four had been drinking and smoking weed since leaving home and they were more than buzzed in preparation for the big concert by the time they spotted the store. They got out and headed into the building. They were greeted by rows and rows of DVD movies and paperback books of all kinds. They passed by the isles nonchalantly merely glancing at the movie and book titles. On the back wall there was rows and rows of dildos and vibrators and all types of sexual apparatuses. Here thy paused longer to point and giggle at the various tools of the sex trade. Occasionally picking up a huge dong and asking each other if they thought they could handle something that big. Several men were standing nearby pretending to be looking at the DVD’s or books as they eyed the four young ladies.
Tiffany noticed a curtained door on the back wall with a sign that read, “MOVIE ARCADE” hanging neatly above the entrance. They peaked into the room and saw rows of booths where you could go to watch short movies for a quarter a pop.
“Oh, let’s get some quarters and check out some of these movies.” She said.
They each got a roll of quarters and headed into the room. All four tried to enter the first booth that they came to and realized that there was barely enough room for one person let alone four. So, Angie, Susan and Amy left Tiffany in the first booth and began checking out some of the others.
Each booth had a door which could be locked from the inside turning a little “OCCUPIED” sign by the knob on the outside.
“I guess that’s so a person knows that this booth is being used.” Amy pointed out as they all agreed.
Their eyes were beginning to get accustomed to the dark in the room with the booths. They were now able to begin to see what movie was playing in each booth.
“I‘m going into this one.” Amy said. She had found one that had photo stills of a man and two women having sex in various positions. She entered the booth closing the door behind her. Angie and Susan continued checking out the booths down the aisle. As they reached the end of the aisle and turned the corner they noticed several men standing in the dark. They appeared to be just standing there talking to each other, rattling their coins which they held in their hands.
“Evening ladies” One spoke as they passed the group by. Neither girl spoke or acknowledged the men. They continued to look for just the right booth and movie to watch.
“Well, I guess I am going to check this one out.” Angie said as she stood looking at the photos of a lady getting screwed by six or seven guys. “Diary of a gangbang seems like a good title to watch to me.”
“OK, I’m going into the next one whatever it is. That way if you need me you just have to holler.” Susan said. “Oh, and don’t forget to lock your door behind you.”
Angie turned into the booth, locked the door behind her and found the little wooden seat in the dark. She sat still for a moment allowing her eyes to get used to the dark in the tight little box. Finally she was able to see the machine that she was to put her money into. She dropped a couple of quarters into the machine which started the movie. The movie began with a blinding bright light as the movie began. Finally the images began to show on the small TV like screen on the side of the wall. The movie seemed to have started right where the last person’s money had ran out. Right in the middle of a hot sex scene with a young woman sucking and stroking on two huge cocks.
Angie could hear Susan giggling softly in the booth next door. It was good to know that she was close by. “What on earth are you giggling about over there?” Angie whispered.
“This is just so corny” Susan replied softly.
Angie already growing tired of this movie left her booth once the movie shut off and proceeded to go to another. She found another title that she thought sounded good and went in to watch.
Again she found herself feeling in the dark for the quarter slot and once found dropped in several quarters. She sat down on the little bench and as the light from the TV screen lit up she noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked over at the wall and saw a hole cut into the wall several feet off the floor and about five inches around. She glanced at the hole and noticed that she could see the legs of the person in the booth next to her. She was shocked at the scene that she saw in the booth next to her. Through the hole in the wall she could see that there was a man in the next booth. His pants were open and he was stoking his cock as he seemed to be watching the movie. Not wanting to be seen peeking in at someone’s privacy she turned her attention back to the movie. But she kept glancing back at the hole in the wall. In her mind her eyes just had to see what was going on next door. Watching this man stroke his cock made her feel horny.
She watched as this unknown man stroked his cock faster and faster. She watched as this cock shot its hot load into the man’s hand. She watched the man wipe his cock with his hand, stand up and zipped up his pants and leave the booth.
“Wow!” She thought to herself. “Is that what they do in here? What a way to get yourself off.”
The scene that she had just watched was making her so hot that she immediately put her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. “Mmmm. Bet I could do that too.” Thinking to herself.
She turned her attention to the movie that had been playing which had since ran out of quarters. She quickly dropped in a couple more quarters. She hadn’t even realized that her movie had stopped. She had been so busy watching the man next door that she forgot to add a quarter to her machine to keep it playing.
Soon, the door to the next booth opened again and she watched as another person filed in. She could tell by the dim light of the movie that it was another man once he settled into his stool and put quarters into the machine.
“I wonder if he will play with himself as well.” She thought to herself as she again turned her attention away from the movie and onto the hole. She watched intently as she saw the man stand up again and drop his pants freeing his cock from his undershorts. She saw him stroke it a few times as he turned toward the hole in the wall. The next thing that she saw took her breath away. The man next door actually put his cock through the hole. She watched as the head of his cock snaked its way into her booth in plain sight of her. His cock didn’t move. It just hung there for her to look at.
“What the hell?” She thought to herself. “What the hell is he doing?”
She found that she couldn’t help herself. She reached out with her hand and took the growing cock and stroked it gently. The man did not pull back from her touch as she half way expected. But rather she felt him push forward putting more of it through the hole. She could feel his hot cock growing in her hand as she stroked him even more. She felt herself becoming braver and decided that she was going to try this strange cock out for herself. As she knelt down in front of the cock she licked her lips. She knew what she had to do and was bound and determined to do it.
She found her tongue running little circles around the tip as she gently kissed her new found friend. Angie opened her lips and took the head of the cock into her mouth. She still felt no sign of pulling back, only the cock growing harder in her mouth. She began to suck on it long and hard. Deeper into her mouth the cock went. Sucking hard and slow as she pulled back. She could feel her pussy becoming wetter by the moment as if telling her that she needed to be let out also. As she sucked she realized that this cock was now moving in and out with her sucking. It was as if he was fucking her mouth as she sucked. She felt his pace quicken and began sucking it faster and harder. She felt him swell even more as a warm feeling of his sperm splashed against the back of her throat. She swallowed fast as spurt after spurt of his hot cum filled the back of her throat. The cock grew soft in her mouth and was eventually pulled back through the hole as there was no more cum for Angie to swallow.
She felt a sense of excitement deep within her. “I don’t believe I just sucked of some stranger through this hole.” She thought to herself. “Sure could have used some more of that though. It really was pretty exciting.”
She sat back down on the stool still licking her lips and wondering if another cock would fill her hole. It wasn’t long after she had heard the door in the next booth close that someone else came in. Again she found herself watching as a man sat down and put quarters in the machine to start his movie.
“This is kind of cool”. She thought to herself watching the man in the dim light of the movie through the hole.
Angie glanced down at the hole once again and there to her surprise found an eye peeping through the hole looking back at her. This startled her for a moment as she jumped back a little knowing that she was being watched. But then she realized that she had been doing just the same thing. Watching the person in the next booth through a hole in the wall. She might as well give this guy something to look at while he was doing it. She turned toward the eye slowly and unbuttoned her blouse. Her supple breasts were now exposed to the light TV screen. She felt her nipples hardening as the cool air conditioning blew cool air on them. She chuckled to herself as she thought about how the idea that it may not be the cool air causing her nipples to stand stiff and erect but rather that of showing her breasts to a stranger which was an total turn on to the young woman. With her hands she lifted her breast to allow the man to see them even more and pinched her nipples lightly.
Just as quickly as the eye appeared it disappeared. She saw the man stand up and disappear from her view.
“Oh no, have I got too far?” She thought to herself? “Where did he go? I didn’t even get to see his cock.”
Angie knelt down to the hole in attempt to see where this guy went because she could tell his movie was still playing by the dim light in the room. As she peered into the hole she was taken by surprise as the head of a massive black cock poked its swollen head through the hole nearly touching her lips. She jumped back a little and watched as the big head snaked its way through the hole exposing the thick shaft of one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen on any man. She watched in awe as the cock continued to slide through the small hole nearly already as big around as the opening itself yet this cock seemed to still be in a soft stage. Angie’s trembling hands reached out and took the enormous cock without even thinking. She slowly began to stoke the cock now fully pressed through the wall of her little booth. She weighed it in her hands as she felt the cock begin to grow. Angie leaned forward and pressed her lips against the tip of the head, planting a soft kiss on the tip. Her lips parted and she licked her lips to moisten them as she slowly took the head of the cock into her mouth. Her tongue found the opening at the tip and she instinctively licked around it as she sucked on the tip.
“Oh God, he is so big!” She thought to herself as she continued to suck. “I wonder how much I can take of this.”
She opened her mouth wide and took in as much as she could. Her eyes widened as the head reached the back of her throat. She felt the cock jump and move deep in the mouth and grew even bigger and harder. She sucked greedily on the dark shaft. Her face sucking more in each time she pressed forward. The cock began to move in and out of the hole meeting her sucking mouth driving more of the big cock deeper into her open mouth. She would lick up and down on the side of the shaft and then back to sucking in an attempt to tease him even more. She was thoroughly enjoying sucking this wonderful cock but yet, she wanted more.
She pulled back and took her mouth off of the cock watching it as it moved up and down wanting more and more. She then stood, continuing to stroked this massive shaft as she unzipped her jeans. It was only when she needed both hands to pull them down over her shoes that she totally let go. Once she let go the cock quickly pulled back and the eye appeared once again as if to say “why did you stop?”
Angie motioned one moment with her finger as she tried to get her jeans off over her shoes. He eyed her patently as he watched her bend and squirm out of her pants in her tiny booth. His hand reached through the hole and grope for her breast as she bent forward. Angie let out a soft moan as he pinched her nipple roughly. Once her pants were off her hand immediately went to her pussy as she felt her own wetness there. My God she was wet. Angie moved her hips closer to the protruding hand in the wall and allowed him to touch her wet pussy. His fingers touched her swollen clit which just about set Angie off already. He then probed his fingers inside her as she attempted to move even closer to the probing hand.
“My God, this feels so good!” She thought to herself. “I’ve gotta have more”.
She turned around and backed up against the hole allowing the hand clear access to her ass and pussy. She now had her butt pressed up against the wall enjoying the two fingers which were now exploring her inner wetness.
She felt the fingers being pulled from her tight pussy making a wet plop sound as the hand withdrew from the wall. She started to let out a sigh of disbelief that he would stop when she was so close to cumming. She started to move around but suddenly realized that things had not stopped as she suspected. But rather the exploring fingers were now replaced with the head of the massive cock that she had previously been sucking on. The head of the black cock pressed forward against her wanton hole. Angie shifted her weight and pressed back against the invading cock head. He entered her easily with her butt pressed against the hole in the wall. The cock began to move in and out fucking her from behind. She found her hips moving in perfect rhythm to the pounding cock. The man’s pace quickened driving his large cock deep within her. Fucking her hard now.
Angie knew that she was about ready to cum. The excitement from sucking two cocks already and now this had gotten the best of her. She could not hold back any longer. She closed her eyes and let the wave of cum overtake her. Her body tensed as she came backing up harder meeting the thrusts of this magnificent cock driving it in deeper and deeper as she came. Angie didn’t know if she was screaming or moaning out loud or not. Her mind was focused on this wonderful cock which was now deep inside fucking her wildly. Her knees began to shake and grow weak but still the cock continued to fuck her. She could hear the stranger moaning softly as his cock grew even harder. His fucking and driving his cock home began to quicken even more and she knew that he was about ready to explode. Just before he came Angie moved away from the throbbing cock and quickly turned around to take it in her mouth. As she opened her mouth to take the head of this beautiful black cock deep into her mouth to receive his gift he began to cum.
The first shot hit her squarely in the back of her throat through her opening mouth. This startled her as she was not quite ready for it to cum hoping she could get her mouth on it first. She quickly took the cock deep into her mouth and began to swallow but not before the second squirt shot cum across her cheek and lips. She swallowed hard and fast. Her mouth could not keep up with the shots of hot sticky cum which had now completely filled her mouth and throat. Cum spilled out of the corners of her mouth as she moved her mouth up and down the shaft drinking in as much of his semen as she could get.
“My God!” She exclaimed to herself. “There is so much cum!”
She sucked and swallowed and sucked again as he finally quit cumming. She continued to suck and lick his still hard cock cleaning all the remaining cum still on his shaft. Finally the softening black cock began to disappear through the hole. She continued to suck on the tip and as much of it as she could following it to the wall until it was no longer there. She wiped the leftover spilled cum from her lips and sat back down on the stool to gain her composure. She heard a soft spoken thanks from the guy in the next booth then heard the door of his booth open and close. He was gone. And so was this wonderful cock that she had so much enjoyed.
Realizing that her movie had long since stopped playing Angie dropped another quarter in to the slot and slowly got dressed. She thought of how wonderful and exciting it had been to take two stranger’s cocks in her mouth and another in her pussy.
After she had dressed she left the little booth to go out and find her friends. Amy was the first one that she saw.
“Angie!” Amy exclaimed in a whisper. “You will never guess in a million years what happened in my booth while I was watching the movie.”
Angie smiled to herself once again thinking of her own adventures only partially listening to what Amy was saying. She was still feeling the effects of her own cum and still tasting the cum on her lips from her two new strange friends.
“No Really! You gotta guess!” Amy said. “You gotta hear what happened in there!”
But that would be a whole different story now wouldn’t it. A story which will be told at a different time. ... Continue»
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First Time in the Park

First Time in the ParK

By SaraOz

This is a story of one of my first times in a park. I had heard around school about some of the things that happened in the park. I was not sure I would like being in the park, and maybe even doing some of the things I had heard other say went on, but I knew I had liked what I had been doing with boys so far, so this may be just as much fun.

One part of me was scared of what may happen, but another part of me wanted to know what it was like to be in the park with others who wanted to have fun just like me; someone who had no idea who I was and I did not know who they are.

So one day I had made up my mind, today was the day I would go to the park on the way home from school. The park was the long way around for me to get home but I did have a friend at school that lived not far from the park, so if I walked home with her it would be just down the end of her street where the park started. So I walked home with Lesley. We chatted about normal stuff girls chat about. But all the time my heart was racing as I was thinking what I was doing. I was going into the park the boys from school had said was the place to go for hot fun times. They had called the women and girls that went to the park dirty names, and here I was about to walk into the park and be one of those dirty girls.

It had been sports day at school. As it was at the end of the day, most of the girls did not shower. They just changed back into their school uniforms to leave. Only about 6 girls including myself had showered. I took my time in the shower and drying off as I wanted to be one of the last to get dressed, as I had an idea I didn’t wanted to put my bra back on, and I had a spare pair of small white panties to wear under my uniform on the way home.

I did not have very big boobs yet, so the not wearing a bra would not show up too much to my friend Lesley or others. I wanted to undo the top few buttons of my uniform when I got to the park, as I kind of liked the idea of maybe a boy or older guy looking down my top at my little boobs.

So after saying goodbye to Lesley and walking to the end of her street I looked at the park in front of me and then looked around to see if anyone could see me. I could not see anyone, so I undid the top button, then the next one. I looked down and you could see I was not wearing a bra and just the top of my little boobs showed. I looked around once more, and then I undid the next button, and now when I looked down you could see right into my uniform and most of my little boobs were on display. It made me feel very sexy doing this, knowing that if someone walked past they would be able to see most of my little boobs.

So I started to walk into the park. It is a very large park with a large grass area for playing sports on, running around, and for people to have picnics and the like. A large car parking area was just near the entrance to the park with public toilets, seats, and BBQ’s all around the car park area. Then, over the other side of the grassed area were some light trees with tables and seats under them. Behind that was the large bush area with walking tracks.

The large bush area with walking tracks is where the boys at school had said was the place to go, as families did not go into that area. So, as I walked over the grassy area, a man was walking his dog. As I walked, he came over my way and I could see when he walked past me he looked at my top being unbuttoned. I have to say I was a bit scared, but I was very excited, knowing he was looking down my open school uniform and seeing my small boobs.

The man said good afternoon and, as much as I knew what I was about to do, I would let him see right down my uniform and most, if not all, of my boobs. I bent down to pat his cute little dog and asked the man his dog’s name. As I did, I looked up and saw him looking down at my open uniform and right at my boobs. He did not say anything at first. Then I asked again and this time his eyes moved from my open uniform to my eyes and told me the dog’s name was Poppy. I smiled at the man and told him it was a cute name. He went back to looking at my open uniform and said it was his daughter’s dog. She named him, but she was off at university now, so his wife and he were looking after it for her. I patted the cute dog a few more times, knowing the man was still looking at my boobs. I then said well, better get going. As I got up I thanked him for letting me pet his cute dog and the man smiled at me and said: “no, thank YOU, sweetheart!” I just smiled, as I knew why he was thanking me. I walked off and I felt very good as I had just put a smile on a guy’s face from just letting him spy my boobs like that.

As I got to the edge of the grassy area, I looked back to see where the man with the dog was. He was over near the car park, but was looking over at me. Just then I saw a car in the car park and a lady getting out of it, and calling out to the man. It must have been his wife coming to pick him up. I was right at the bushes now and my heart was racing. I was about to walk into the bush track and not know who I would see, would it be an older man, or maybe a boy from my school, or would I not see anyone at all.

It was not long before I saw someone and it was an older woman. She was sitting on a seat in the small cleared area with an older man sitting next to her. At first I was thinking it was just a nice older couple maybe out for a walk, until I got a little closer and saw she had her hand in his pants, and even when I got close they did not stop. He had his head back and eyes closed as she was moving her hand around in his pants. The older woman looked at me and my open uniform and smiled, then winked at me and pointed to a track going down behind her. Then she said: “he went down that way dear”. As the older woman said that, the man opened his eyes, saw I was a girl and started to move but the older woman just said something to him in his ear and the man stopped moving.

I did not know what the lady meant by ‘he went that way’. But I wanted to know, and was scared at the same time. I had started this and well, being scared was part of it, so I smiled at the lady and walked down the track not knowing what or whom I would find. As I walked down that track a short way, I did see someone down a ways, so I slowed down and looked around to see if anyone was around, and I could not see anyone else. As I got closer to the person I saw it was a boy from the private school about 4 blocks from my school. He was an older boy, maybe a year 12 boy. He was in his school uniform with dark blue jacket. As I got close he looked at me then his eyes moved from my face to my open top uniform. He smiled and said hi. I said hi back, and kept walking, as I saw another small clearing with an old seat. I walked to the seat and sat down. As I did, the school boy was right next to me and he sat down also.

It is only now when he sits down I see he has a cute face with blue eyes and light brown/blonde hair. I then lower my eyes and it is then that I see his school pants fly is open. I look up at his face and he’s looking right at my boobs, as he can see right down my top. He asked me what school I go to. I tell him and he says the school he goes to, and then he puts his hand on my hand on the seat and moves it to his open fly. My heart is beating so fast I think I will die, as he puts my hand into his pants he says: “this is what you are here for, right? “ I don’t know what to say, and even if I did, I do not think I could say a word. I had only been in the park for less than 10 minutes and here I was sitting on a seat with an older boy and he had my hand in his pants and I was touching his cock. He rubbed my hand on his cock a few times until I got the idea, then he took his hand away but left my hand in his pants. I rubbed him some more, then he started to get bigger and harder and I knew what to do from here as I had done that many times before this, but just not in the park with a boy I did not know.

As I played with his cock in his pants, his hand came over to my top and undid the last button on my uniform, so know my top was open all the way. He put his hand in on my boob and squeezed it and put his finger on my hard nipple and rubbed it some. As the older boy’s cock got harder as I played with it, he moved on the seat and said for me to get it out. I moved my hand so his cock came out of the fly on his school pants. I got to see it for the first time and it was a nice looking one. It was cute and the head was not as big as the shaft. He was getting wet as I played with it. His hand was moving around in my uniform, moving over both of my small boobs and hard nipples. I liked the feeling of his hand on my firm boobs and the feeling of me playing with his hard cock like this in the open. It was scary, but fun also.

He then said: “Do you put it in your mouth, babe?”

I looked at him and said: “What if someone comes along?” He said, “Well ok, do you want to go into the bushes to do it?” I kind of did not say yes or no, but he just started to get up and I just went with him. He took my hand and walked me into the bushes off the track and in just a short time, we were in was a small clearing, with no bushes. He stopped and turned me to him and said, “Is here ok?” I just said ok. He then put his hands on my shoulders and without forcing me, I moved to my knees. He undid the belt on his pants, and the button to open them up, and let them fall down some. He pulled down the top of his boxers so his cock and balls were free of them both. With his hand on my head now, he moved my head to the tip of his cock. I opened my mouth and took the wet tip into my mouth and licked his pre cum. It tasted a bit sweet. He looked down and said, “Suck it babe.” I started to suck on his cock. I had done this before, but never out in the park where anyone could have come up and seen me sucking on a boy’s cock that I did not know.

I sucked on his hard cock and it did not take long before he put his hands on the back of my head and started to move my head deeper onto his hard cock. Faster and faster, until he was fucking my face and forcing all of his hard cock into my mouth and the most of it out again. I was trying to keep up with him, but it was getting harder to do so. He said he was close and he wanted me to take his load, I did not try to pull away, as I liked the taste of cum and had been tasting it for some time now with the other boys I had fun with.

The older schoolboy then pulled me onto his cock and left me like that as he started to shoot his load into my mouth and down my throat. I had to push off him a bit, as it was getting too much, and I could not take it all down my throat. He moved his cock out some and filled my mouth with the rest of his sweet load. After the last drop of cum had shot from his cock head, he pulled his cock from my mouth and said, “Where did you learn to do that girl?” I smiled at him with his cum still on my teeth and lips and said, “So I did it right, then?”

He looked down and said, “Hell yes that was great! Thanks so much, but I have to go now.” But as he pulled up his pants and I stood up, he said if I wanted he would be back in the park on Friday after school. I said well I would try and be here. He looked down at my open uniform and said, “Do you always go braless at school?” I smiled and said no, just today. He said, well, it’s hot, and he wished girls at his school would do it like me. This made me feel very special that a cute older boy liked my small boobs. After he had his pants all done up, he said did I need him to walk me out of the park or was I staying for more fun, with a big smile on his face. I said I should be getting home so he said he would walk with me to the edge of the bushes, if I wanted.

So I did up the buttons on my uniform as we walked out of the bushes and on to the track. When we got to the end of the track where the older lady and guy had been, the lady was still sitting on the seat but alone this time. She smiled at me and said, “Have fun? We did!” I just smiled back at her, and licked my lips….

We walked to the edge of the bushes and he said thanks again, hope to see you on Friday. He walked off over the grassy area. I turned and walked along the edge of the bushes until I got to the other side of the park. I turned to look back at the bushes. I smiled to myself. I was one of those dirty girls the boys at school where talking about, and you know what?…I liked it and I knew then I would be back in that park on Friday afternoon, with my uniform open at the top, and not wearing a bra to see the private school boy again…

Well, that is how I started with having fun times in parks and other outdoor areas. I hope you liked my first time in the park. It is one of many other times I would go back to that, and other parks, to have fun. They are other stories that I may write about at another time.
... Continue»
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Exploration in the Bushes

Dana was sitting at her desk staring into the glaring screen of her computer. She attempted to work, but as she did her eyelids kept drooping and her head began to loll down to her chest. Abruptly her head shot up as if she'd been pinched. She blinked her eyes several times and rubbed them with her fists. She yawned as she stretched her arms out to their full length.

Dana felt so tired. She was falling asl**p at work and that was bad, especially when she looked at her computer screen and saw she had written multiple lines of R's all the way across the screen. She knew why she was so tired; she had stayed up late last night watching sappy romance movies on the American Movie Classics channel. You see, Dana was in that state of flux, the one in between the time when one relationship has been dead and buried and the next new budding romance is slow to come along.

The flux is a depressing state as well as a very frustrating one. The depression comes from a lack of human contact and the frustration comes from a lack of sex. Lately, it seemed that she had to keep her brain from thinking of anything sexual because it had been so long since she'd been laid that she would instantly become horny. So last night she'd been up late; the first half of the night was spent watching romantic movies and the other half of the night was spent masturbating because she'd let her mind wander.

Dana knew she couldn't take this much longer; she was the type of person that just needs to be with someone. She wasn't the clingy type; she just weathered things better when she was in a relationship. It didn't help much that she had the most boring job in the whole wide world. She worked at a small law firm on Utica near the hospital. She wasn't a lawyer, instead her job was to write all the legal documents for court or what ever they needed. If you've ever read a legal document, be it a contract or divorce papers, you'd know that they are very wordy and fairly boring to read, so just imagine how boring they can be to write. Dana thought it sucked that she was so good at writing nonsense disguised as legal jargon.

Finally, she was done removing the R's from her computer screen and she got her paperwork back out and proceeded to write up a contract between two people that were going to business together. She'd only just started typing when her lids started to feel heavy once more; she let her eyes drift up to the clock on the wall, knowing that she'd probably be disappointed. Rather surprised, she looked at the clock and found out that it was her lunchtime. She was relieved.

Quickly, she got up and grabbed her purse and suit jacket. She decided to take a walk in the park to wake herself up so she'd be able to conquer the rest of the day. She clocked out and grabbed a quick bran muffin in the lunchroom and then went toward the parking garage.

The heat was near unbearable outside and her car was stifling. Not wanting to ruin her nice suit jacket and blouse with sweat stains she grabbed her running tank top that she left in her car the last time she'd been to the laundry mat. She wished that she also had her bike pants as well, but of course beggars can't be choosers. In the privacy of her car and darkly tinted windows she took off her blouse and also her bra and zipped up the tank top, which had sports bra built inside. She also replaced her heels with a pair of keds she always kept in her car. She knew she wouldn't be able to run with her skirt on, but at least she could walk somewhat comfortably. After placing her mass of shoulder length brown curls into a ponytail, she put her car in gear and drove on to Woodward Flower Park.

When she arrived at the park she saw that quite a lot of people had decided to get out and enjoy the blooming flowers at the park. Dana wasn't concerned about the flowers. She intended to stick to the wooded area of the park which was more secluded and less crowded. When she got out of her car she got some stares from the other visitors of the park. She figured she did look a little odd, this skinny girl with a black and pink zipped up tank top, a short tan skirt, and to top it all off a pair of keds just to complete the look. Oh well, she didn't care. She was going to get some adrenaline pumping so she could stay awake the rest of the day.

She began her hike down into the wooded area. She had an hour and a half for lunch, so she took her time watching the squirrels annoy the dive-bombing birds. The silence of the woods was nice and the whole ambiance helped to awaken all of her senses. She became startled when the silence was suddenly broken by a very throaty female moan.

The sound coming from the bushes intrigued her. Her curiosity got the better of her and she went to the wooded area.

She worked her way through the plant life and followed the sound of the female keening. After working her way through all the different levels of trees and shrubs, she finally found the source of the sound.

In a small clearing, surrounded on all sides by foliage, was a man and a woman. Dana stopped dead in her tracks and then backed up slightly so she wouldn't be seen.

There was really no chance of them seeing her since the couple was otherwise engaged. Dana watched this couple sharing an intimate moment at the park.

The woman was gorgeous with long blonde hair splayed out on their multicolored quilt. Her body was amazing, the perfect c sized breasts with lovely dark nipples, a firm tummy, and long slender legs. She was on the quilt with her legs spread open and her obvious lover diligently licking away at her sweet spot.

Dana couldn't see much of the man, since his head was buried between the woman's thighs, though what she could see of him was pleasing with dark brown hair and a very muscular backside.

Dana saw the woman begin to massage the plentiful tissue of her breasts just as the man's licking attentions caused her to begin to shake. Dana felt herself become increasingly aroused as she watched the couple. Actually, the minute she happened upon the couple she had become aroused, and now she was so wet her underwear was soaked.

The scene was so erotic that she just needed to touch herself. She looked around her area of this grove of plant life and didn't think she could be seen by anyone. She quietly worked herself back a bit until she was up against the trunk of a really large sycamore. She could see the couple fairly clearly, but they could not she her.

Feeling confident that no could see her, she decided to become nearly as naked as the woman she was watching. Knowing that she would have to return to work and she didn't want to mess up her underwear or skirt, she took each off and carefully placed them on a branch of a young tree nearby. Leaning against her sycamore tree with her bottom half nude. She unzipped her jogging tank top and released her diminutive breasts.

The thrill of being naked in public excited her further, which also made her understand how the couple seemed to be highly aroused to a sort of an urgent degree. The fresh air felt wondrous on her naked flesh and caused her nipples to become rock hard.

Dana began to massage her breasts, which were somewhat smaller than the other woman's. She ran her palms over each erect nipple. She held back a moan caused by an added urgency from her pussy as she felt her wetness increase enough to begin dripping down her leg.

She continued to play with her breasts, pulling on the nipples as hard as she could stand it. She watched the woman begin to do the same thing, as if they were on the same wavelength.

Dana began to lust for the woman, wishing that she, and not the man, was buried between her long legs. Actually, she was attracted to both the man and the woman and she wished that she could join them and be a part of the sexual electricity they were producing.

Of course, there was a certain forbidden excitement to be had by watching them enjoy each other, which could be ruined by revealing herself. As she let her hand travel down between her legs, she parted her folds and began to rub herself. She saw the woman convulse once more from her lover's tongue and as she shook there was a definite squirt expelled from the woman's pussy, which the man caught beautifully in his mouth.

Dana was proud at the fact she could ejaculate, but it was truly amazing to watch another woman do this. Dana continued to pinch her nipples as her other hand worked diligently between her lower lips.

She felt how wet she'd become since her fingers were completely coated in her juices. She found her hole and pushed a finger up and inside herself. She pushed the fingers in and out as she watched the man get continually sprayed by the woman's cum.

Dana pushed her fingers in and out of herself faster and faster. She pulled her fingers out of her hole and ran them up the length of her sex until she found her clit and then rubbed vigorously on her hardened bud. With her spare hand she twisted and pulled on her nipple. Abruptly, and with a shocking f***e, her orgasm exploded. Her feminine juices came gushing out just as the woman had done.

Dana watched as the man pulled himself out between the woman's legs. She saw an electric connection between them when their eyes met; it communicated love, passion, and ultimate desire.

Dana continued to lightly rub herself as she watched the man come up to the woman and give her a very long and loving kiss, full with her wetness all over his chin, mouth, and lips. Dana wanted to be a part of what they were feeling so she took her own hand out from between her legs and put her fingers to and then into her mouth. She tasted herself and licked her fingers clean of all her juices, with the sweet water taste that many men in her life had thought was delicious, though too bad they hadn't stayed in her life.

She watched as the man perched himself atop of her. Her legs spread wide to allow him entrance. The woman placed her arm between them and grabbed on to his member and guided him into her dripping hole. The feeling of entrance must have been nearly too much to handle because the man let out a f***eful grunt. Dana suddenly longed for the feeling of a nice firm cock between her legs. She started to wish that she'd brought along her gel dildo she'd named Bruno, so that she could at least simulate the feeling the woman was receiving. Instead, all she had was her fingers so she used them for all they were worth.

She watched the man thrust in and out of the woman with all his strength as her fingers found their way back to her moist center. The whole time the man was pushing himself in and out of the woman their eyes never lost contact, as if by looking away all would be lost and they would find out their love was just a fading dream.

Being a part of this and seeing the love between these two brought Dana to new levels of pleasure and she started to see within herself a possibility of love like theirs, if only the right man were to come along. Her fingers moved with each of the man's thrusts and she felt herself being overtaken by another orgasm. Her body shook against the sycamore and she felt like she might just topple the massive tree with her convulsions. If her uncontrollable shaking didn't kill the tree perhaps her continuous watering with her bodily juices might do the trick.

Finally it seemed that the man took one last hard thrust deep inside the beautiful woman and his whole body seemed to tense as a great and powerful orgasm was released out of him and into her. Dana climaxed in unison with the couple, all three bodies exploding into orgasmic bliss.

She continued to lightly rub as she watched the couple, curious as to what they might do next. They were so erotic together that it would be impossible for them to be done with their sexual adventure. The man pulled himself slowly out of the woman and she gave off an expression of slight sorrow because they were now two again instead of one entity joined.

The man stood over the woman and she immediately jumped up on her knees. The man turned slightly so that Dana now had a view of him. He was model gorgeous. No wonder these two people were together; they could put all of Hollywood to shame with their natural looks.

The man had dark brown hair, straight and combed back, with an ever so slight widows peak. He was chiseled from his face all the way down and tanned to a nice brown, nearly looking as if he might have a bit of Hispanic in his heritage. She watched his rippling muscles and the expression of love and devotion on his face. She saw the equally amazing woman grab his flaccid cock and begin to stroke it with her hand, all the while she looking at him with a pleased, submissive expression plastered to her face.

Dana began to rub herself hard as she watched the woman place his now hardening cock into her mouth. It had been ages since Dana had showed a man her extensive tongue talents. She missed the sounds of her lover as she took him to the edge and back using only her tongue. She missed the feeling of a nice hard cock pulsating in her mouth and the feeling of his hot cum sliding down her throat.

She watched the woman's head go back and forth, showing her desire to please her man. Dana rubbed faster as the woman's head moved faster and faster. She watched as the man could hardly stand up straight as the feeling of her lips caused him to sway with each sucking stroke of her full lips. The man looked near climax as Dana too felt herself nearing orgasm once more; this time it felt like the sonic boom, the orgasm of all orgasms.

She saw the man grab a hold of the woman's head and push himself deep into her mouth, his body quaking as his seed exploded into her mouth with her catching every last drop. The man made an a****l like roar as his orgasmic release overtook his whole form.

"Ah! I love you Shauna! I love you so much!" roared the man as the woman sucked every bit of cum out of his member.

That was it for Dana her orgasm exploded with such a f***e that she saw stars. Her body was overcome and with one arm she held on to the tree for dear life as her other hand worked furiously at her pussy. She could no longer hold herself back and as her juices came pouring out she let out her own a****l-like roar. She opened her eyes long enough to see that she'd startled the couple and they were now scrambling to gather clothing and run out of the woods, now scared of being seen.

She continued to rub herself since the orgasm hadn't abated as of yet and she continued to shake with the ultimate release. Her pussy muscles pushed and contracted continuously as her juices constantly gushed out of her.

Finally, she felt the orgasm begin its slow ebb until it was regretfully over. She pulled her wet hand from her lower lips and, leaning back against the tree, she let out a slow sigh. She caught her breath and quickly gave her nipples an extra tweak.

She looked longingly to the clearing for the couple, only to find it deserted. She decided it was time to start heading back to work. Looking at her watch she knew if she left now she'd probably make it back with ten minutes to spare so she could get straightened up.

She noticed how sticky and wet her thighs were and decided against replacing the panties. She grabbed her skirt and started to pull it back on her hips, but just then she got her own scare. She heard a male grunt from somewhere in the woods. She looked over her shoulder, knowing it couldn't be the couple back for more. She knew the sound had come from somewhere ahead of her. Could there be that someone had been watching her as she pleasured herself?

With the idea planted in her head she was convinced and became rather scared. She haphazardly pulled her skirt up and grabbed her keds and took off like a bat out of hell. She couldn't be sure in what direction the sound had came from so she just ran straight ahead. As she was running through the brush, it was impossible to keep and eye on where she was running and to attempt to zip up her tank top at the same time. That's when she came crashing into the object of her startle.

The two people crashed into each other with such a f***e that the man had fallen to the ground, with the woman he was watching standing over him. The man hadn't realized that a grunt had came from his mouth and so he hadn't been ready when the woman he was watching had taken off at a dead run. He had been going through his own orgasm with cock in hand the minute he saw her heading toward him and he had no time to prepare his stance against her charge.

Dana looked down at her running victim. He was good looking, more her type than the model guy that was with the model gal she was watching. He had long hair for a guy, nearly shoulder length but not quite; it had a slight wave to it and had a light brown color. She stared speechless for a minute at his disheveled appearance, hair all messed up and shirt and tie all catawampus. She looked lower and saw his pants down around his ankles along with his underwear, his lower half fully exposed to her view. She gave a look over her shoulder and saw that he had seen a full view of her sycamore tree, though no view of the clearing where the couple had been.

Realization struck her like a tidal wave. This man had been masturbating to the sight of her masturbating without any sight of the erotic couple that had caused her to delve into her own urges. She was struck frozen for a moment; the thought of someone having no control because of a view of her was an immediate turn on and a shock to her senses. She had never imagined that someone would have to masturbate upon seeing her pleasure herself.

She willed herself to move and turned back around. The guy was saying something, but she couldn't be sure what, probably some kind of excuse as to why he was watching her, forgetful of the fact she shouldn't have been nearly nude in the park either. She caught a look down at herself, her jogging tank top only clasped at the bottom and her breasts fully exposed, her skirt hiked up on one side showing off one toned thigh and probably a bit of ass in the back. Next she took a look at the panties balled up in her fist.

Finally, she registered the man who had grown silent at her personal inspection. He was staring at everything she had just noticed about her appearance, his eyes explored every inch of her, her breasts, the exposed thigh, and the balled up panties. She noticed his exposed half and he noticed where her eyes were going, his cock was standing straight up in full erection even though there was obvious splooge in his hand. She had gotten him back up to full erection just by standing there, even after he'd masturbated himself to climax.

Dana thought back to her wish of a nice cock to fill her pussy, the though bringing back a new desire. Plus, his reaction to her nearly naked form made her horny as well. The burning need to feel a nice hard cock inside her once more filled her thoughts and dumped out everything else.

She walked over to the man; he cringed a little as if he thought she was going to attempt to beat the hell out of him. She straddled his middle and his expression changed to one of total amazement. She raised up her skirt and he snuck a quick up close peek at her nicely shave pussy. When she grabbed his hard member he jumped, as if he didn't believe this was actually happening. Dana actually didn't believe she was really doing this; it was all a part of her park fantasy dreamed up while asl**p at her computer at work.

She took a hold of his cock and guided it into her moist, tight hole. She pushed herself down on him and heard him give off the same grunt she'd heard only moments ago from her side of the bushes. His hands came up and fully unclasped the jogging tank and pulled it from her shoulders. He brought himself up to rest on his elbows, and he took one of her breasts into his mouth. Though somewhat small, in Dana's opinion, they were at least a mouth full. His tongue twirled and swirled over her nipple.

Her nipples were so sensitive and it had been so long since she'd had anyone to suckle on them that she began to have tiny mini orgasms. With each flick of his tongue she felt shivers going through her body, and she moaned out in delight and dug her fingers into his hair, pressing his head into her chest.

As if on their own accord her hips began to move back and forth, and she felt his hard member sliding in and out of her. What an amazing feeling! She almost had told herself that she would never have this feeling again. Her hips gyrated faster and faster as his tongue continued its work on her perky little nipples. The man laid back down on the earth and she sat up straight and rode him as hard as she could.

The whole time the two people kept eye contact. Dana was staring at him because she had seen the other couple do it and it had seemed so erotic, but she was surprised to have this man staring into her eyes, since he had not seen the erotic couple. His hands caressed her front as she rode up and down on him, grazing her nipples and sending ever more shock waves through her system.

She laid herself down on top of him, maintaining her ride on him. She guessed he saw this as his chance because suddenly he wrapped his arms around her and rolled them both over without falling out. He pushed himself up and, resting on his knees and arms, he took up the thrusting work. Next, he sat all the way up on his knees and, grabbing her legs, he looked down at her lower lips and watched as his cock pistoned in and out of her. She got thrilled at his sudden interest in how it looked as they were having sex, since most of her previous lovers were very vanilla. It was nice to have someone with a slight kink, though of course fucking in the park with a total stranger was out on a limb even for her.

She felt the familiar feeling of her orgasm beginning to rise within her body. She began to push back with each of his thrusts, wanting to push him in deeper and further. Her pushes got his attention and he grabbed the backs of her knees, putting each of her legs up on his shoulders. When he first slammed himself into her it was as if it was a tester to see if it was okay, but her moan signaled her okay. He began to slam himself into her repeatedly with increasing speed and f***e. She felt her body begin to convulse.

"Oh God! I'm going to cum!" she yelled out.

Her pussy muscles locked on his cock like vice grip, then they released and her juices came pouring out all around his member with such a f***e that she nearly pushed his rock hard woman pleaser out of her. She couldn't believe it, but this guy had given her the sonic boom ultimate orgasm in one try with intercourse, and not even oral, the only way it usually happened with a partner. Her body was shaking out of control. She noticed his face and body tightening as he thrust into her hard and fast, feeling all her pussy muscles constrict and release around him. She knew he must be close to release and soon the man let out a primal grunt as before.

"I'm going to cum," he yelled out.

All of a sudden birth control flashed in Dana's mind like a neon sign.

"Wait!" she screamed.

She unhooked one of her legs from around his shoulders and she caught him in the chest with her knee and kicked back with all her might. She pushed him back enough that he fell out of her. She jumped up to a sitting position and was greeted by his look of surprise. She grabbed a tight hold of his member and began pumping with same strength and speed as he had been thrusting into her. She didn't think of where his spray would go or anything; her only thought was to get him off as he had done her.

Soon she felt his cock begin to pulsate within her hand and his semen began exploding out of his cock with a great strength. He began to shake and convulse in extreme pleasure. His cum streamed out of him, landing all over her breasts and body, and it kept pouring out as she continued to stroke him. There were stings of his sticky cum all over her body. Finally it seemed she had pumped him dry and as his body began to relax, she released his member from her grip.

Having gotten him to climax, she collapsed back down onto the grass. There was a moment where she caught her breath as he was catching this, and then suddenly he was over her. She looked up into his hazel eyes and his face came down as they kissed for the first time. It was a great kiss, not too f***eful, but soft and welcoming. Their tongues danced together for quite some time, enjoying in the tastes of each other's mouths.

He separated from her lips and gave her a longing look into her eyes, then he looked down her naked form covered his foamy cum. First, he attacked her neck, sucking and kissing all over. Next, he went down to her chest and began his licking attentions there. She knew that she was covered his is splooge and she realized that he was actually cleaning her with his tongue, something that was somewhat foreign to her, though extremely exciting. His tongue went everywhere and licked up every single drop of cum, her body shivering with each lick.

After it seemed that she was thoroughly cleaned, he came back up to her face and greeted her with a kiss, and within that kiss she tasted his cum cleaned from her body. This kinkiness of this brought her horniness level back up and she showed him that by grabbing onto the back of his head and pushing her lips into his and shoving her tongue as far down his throat as it would go, then retreating, only to grab a hold of his tongue and suck it far down into her mouth.

The man seemed to understand her unspoken message because he separated from her lips and got himself down in between her legs. With is hand he parted her folds and, after inhaling her scents, he delved into her pussy with his tongue.

Dana was actually surprised when he began licking her down there because she knew it must be a mess. After all the masturbation she'd put herself through and after having sex she knew her pussy had to be a dripping mess of her fluids. She was mostly surprised because her last boyfriend wouldn't go down on her unless she had just bathed, shaved and douched. Actually most of her boyfriends were rather particular about oral, because she nearly had to beg for it, and here was this guy eating her out mess and all.

The sensations racing through her body were amazing; her nerve endings were alive to every single lick of his tongue, so much more than usual. With every flick of his tongue she felt shivers flow through her body and soon, faster than usual, she felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm pulsing through her body. She felt that she needed to warn this man that she was going to cum soon as he had told her earlier while they were having sex. Most of the times with her previous lovers when she warned them of this, they would stop all oral action and continue on with their fingers, fearful of being drowned in her ejaculating talents.

She really didn't want to warn him of her impending cum spray because his tongue felt so good in her pussy that she didn't want it to stop, but she decided she must warn or be in trouble later when he got a good gush of it in the face. Too bad not all men were like that model man that caught the model woman's cum in him mouth.

"I'm going to cum!" she yelled out.

Amazingly he kept going pressing even harder with his tongue. Dana tried to hold back so she wouldn't squirt him in the face.

"I said I'm going to cum!" she yelled again.

There was a nearly inaudible "mum huh" coming from the man. She decided that he had heard her and amazingly he didn't care. She laid back and let the orgasm take over, feeling her pussy muscles constrict and then release, along with her gush of nectar. The man was sprayed full out by her cum, but it didn't see to faze him. She actually felt him attach his lips on her lips and drink down all her spray.

Having someone enjoy her flavor, her juice was extremely erotic to Dana, just propelled her into a continuous flow of orgasms one right after the next and a constant flow of juices spewing forth. The moans from the man told her that he was enjoying her pleasure and also the acceptance of her juices.

She felt her body go out of control with each lick, and she thought she had felt her ultimate orgasm but it turned out that this man had found one at a level higher. Dana felt as if she could stay like this all day, on the edge of oblivion and beyond. Her body was shaking so f***efully she could have very easily lost consciousness and she thought about just letting herself accept the bliss he was giving to her and just escape everything.

After what seemed like forever, the man finally stopped his tongue torture. She laid back and just stared up at the blue sky breathing heavily. He lay next to her holding her hand. She rolled over next to him and brought her mouth to his. They pressed their lips together and let their tongues danced within their mouths. She could taste a mixture of his leftover flavor and also her heavier flavor all mixed in his mouth. It was really quite delicious, and she could taste it all day. She separated their lips and sat up. He sat up along with her and took in her naked sitting form. She felt like she should say something at this point, after having this erotic adventure with this total stranger, but her mind just wouldn't think of anything to say.

"Wow, that was amazing," the man said. "I mean, I saw you there in the bushes and saw what you were doing and I just had to do something to myself. Well, ah... you know what I mean. When you ran into me, I never thought. But that was amazing and just all of a sudden like that it was just... Wow!"

He seemed as stunned as she was at this total loss of inhibitions between them. She tried to speak, but then shut her mouth again, not knowing what would come out.

"I just have to ask, what is it that you were watching that made you do what you did?" he asked.

She blushed a little with a thought of the erotic couple, though probably they had been just as erotic.

"Ah... hmm... there was this couple back over there in the clearing. And, well.... I happened upon them. Well, they were.... Well, you know... ah... having sex and it was just so beautiful, I just had to... well you know," said Dana.

Dana had begun grabbing her clothing and slowly putting them back on. She had her top over her shoulders, though still unzipped, and she was standing to put her skirt back on. The man was still sitting on the grass, naked as a jaybird.

"You don't have to explain, that's exactly how I felt when I came upon you. I just couldn't take my eyes off of you, it was just so wonderfully erotic and exciting," he said with lust filling up his voice, as if he might be getting turned on again.

"Ah well... I... " Said Dana, as she was looking down at her watch, completely dressed now except for her panties. "Oh my God! I'm so late. Oh fuck! I have to go, they'll probably fire me! An hour and a half late from lunch, I didn't even realize it was this late."

With her statement she ran out of the brush and off in search for her car.

"Wait, I want to see you again. I'd like to at least take you out for coffee, something!" he said but it was all in vain because she was gone.

He suddenly realized he was naked and no longer in the cover of the bushes and ran back to the cover of the bushes. There had been some people starting to turn and look at him, but luckily they were too far off to realize he was naked.

Dana found out it wasn't too hard to run in her skirt, since she sprinted the entire length to her car. She told herself she probably should have gone ahead and run through the park because then she would have never heard that woman's moan and wouldn't have gone to investigate and wouldn't have just had sex with a total stranger.

She quickly put her car in gear and sped off up the street back to work, cussing at every stoplight and griping at herself along with way. She couldn't believe how stupid she'd been, having sex in the park, not believing what a slut she'd been.

She griped at herself all the way back to work and in the elevator ride up to the law firm she worked for, Barnard, Hastings, and Warren.

She had taken a trench coat out of her trunk so that she wouldn't have to correct her outfit until she reached her office. She got up to the main doors and entered the lobby; the main secretary gave her a weird look when she walked in, looking curiously at Dana in the trench coat.

"It didn't start raining did it?" asked the secretary, Jamie, a perky little blonde with tits bigger than her brain. "If it did, it must have been a torrential rain, because that's the only way you'll explain being so late."

"No, there was no downpour, Jamie, I fell asl**p in my car. It's the downside of having such a boring job, you get tired real easily, not fun filled excitement like yours." said Dana with a little more than usual sarcasm.

"Well, Mr. Barnard was looking for you, something about having a co-worker to stuff with you into that closet you call an office," said Jamie. "Dana, wait a minute."

Dana didn't want to stop, she wanted to get to her office as quickly as possible and start working as hard as possible, so at least she would give off the impression of a hard dedicated worker when they came to give her a pink slip. She decided to stop anyway, just to see what this little tart wanted, if it was to open up her trench coat, she would probably slap that chick silly. Hell, she'd wanted to bitch slap that damn cheery secretary the minute she met her and if she was going to be fired anyway, this would be the perfect time.

"What is it Jamie?" Dana said in a huff.

"You've got something in your hair."

Jamie reached up and pulled a couple of leaves from Dana's hair.

"Fell asl**p in your car? Yeah, sure! Looks to me like someone had a roll in the hay or at least the leaves. What? Did your lesbian lover come out for a visit?" Said Jamie with a smirk.

Dana held herself back and didn't slap the crap out of the stupid bitch.

"Yeah, she did. What? Are you jealous? She licked my twat out real good and I licked her too." Dana blew in her face. "Smell it, don't ya?"

Dana walked off without another word. Just because that little tart didn't see Dana hitting on every guy in this firm and bringing every guy she dated around to show off she automatically assumed that she was gay. Or possibly Jamie was gay and she didn't realize it, and Dana was the object of her obsession, kind of like the playground where when you like someone and you are f***ed to make fun of them.

That thought made Dana smile all the way to her office. She got into her office and gave off a big sigh of relief. Quickly she shrugged off her trench coat and took off her jogging tank. She pulled out her bra and blouse out of her purse and quickly put those back on. She changed from the keds into her high heels that were also in her purse; luckily she always carried a big purse. She pulled open the closet next to her desk and checked her reflection in the mirror; she brushed her hair out and reapplied a bit more make up. She was just about done making sure she looked appropriate when she noticed a very big grass stain on her skirt and she hoped no one would notice.

After she had made sure she looked as professional as she thought she could look she started to sit down in her desk chair and then remembered that she didn't have on any underwear. She dug through her purse but couldn't find them. She tried to remember if she'd left them in the car, but then she could remember grabbing them at the park. Oh well, she thought to herself, she just would have to go through the rest of the day without underwear. It wasn't like there was any chance that she'd flash someone since she didn't have a co-worker in the office anymore.

The last co-worker she'd had went off to have a baby and then decided that she needed to stay at home with her c***dren, and since then she'd been all alone in the office. Besides, even when she had been with Dianne, the last co-worker, they had flashed each other a few times, because they'd forget that their desk was just a really big table and not closed off underneath. Sometimes one of them would drop a pencil or something and the other would say "Oh, nice purple panties."

One day Dianne hadn't had on any panties and Dana had dropped her papers all over the floor and gotten a full view up Dianne's skirt. She told her that her husband had grabbed her just before work and she couldn't find the underwear afterwards, so rather than be late she just left without any. That was about a week before she announced to Dana that she was knocked up.

Dana sat at her desk and began to work, but she started thinking about the escapade in the park and about the guy. She kept pushing it to the back of her mind, but somehow no matter how hard she tried it kept coming back up to the front. She kept thinking that the way she'd ran off that she'd probably ruined a chance at a very interesting relationship, or at least a couple nights of really great sex. She threw herself into her work, mind, body, and soul so she wouldn't think about him. About an hour had passed by when there was a knock at the door. She just knew it was one of the bosses coming to fire her.

"Yes?" she answered to the knock. The people of this firm had learned to knock on closed office doors because there was many an attorney caught with his or her pants down, literally.

The door opened and it was Albert Barnard, the controlling partner of the firm. Luckily, Dana didn't see any pink slip in his hand, but, of course, it could be in his pocket.

"Well, hello Dana. It's nice to see that you finally came back from lunch. Well, I should reprimand you, but since you aren't hardly late I'll let it go this time, plus we can't afford to hire anyone else new." Said Mr. Barnard.

"Anyone else?" asked Dana.

"Yes, we've hired you some help. Since Dianne left, I know you've been working twice your share. Actually, your new co-worker is probably one of the reasons that I'm not going to reprimand you for being late, since he was late too." Said Mr. Barnard.

"Ah... did you say he?" asked Dana.

"Yes," said Mr. Barnard looking over his shoulder. "Now, where did that boy get off to?"

Mr. Barnard walked off for a moment and then Dana heard from a distance.

"Jamie get your claws off of him, he's Dana's new man."

She saw Mr. Barnard walk back into her office followed by a man. The man turned to look at her and she was shocked to find that it was the stranger from the park. Dana was frozen, couldn't speak, and couldn't move.

Seemingly from a distant tunnel she heard Mr. Barnard say, "Dana Gallagher, let me introduce you to your new co-worker, Malcolm Keagan."

Dana finally broke through her paralysis and walked over to them. She put her hand out.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Keagan." said Dana with a slight quiver in her voice that she hoped was unnoticeable.

Malcolm took her hand and gave the customary two pumps.

"Please Dana, call me Malcolm."

"Okay, well I'll let the two of you get acquainted," said Mr. Barnard as he left the office.

Dana walked over and closed the door. She looked at Malcolm for a minute trying to think of something to say, but yet again she couldn't think.

"Well, this is very ironic. There I was afraid that I wouldn't see you again and now I find out that I work with you in the very same office." said Malcolm, his hazel eyes twinkling.

Dana knew if she stared at him much longer they might end up in the floor replaying their act in the park. She had to get back to work, she'd already screwed up big time, and it was now time to make up.

"Well, that might be, but I think that we are in really big trouble for being so late. So I would suggest we get to work." Said Dana a bit harsher than she had intended.

Okay, that's no skin off my nose. Mr. Barnard said you'd show me the ropes, so show away."

"Of course he did. Why would I expect anything less?"

"Hey are you mad at me? I mean I can go out and ask for another office if I'm invading your space here."

"No, I'm just, well... I don't know. All of this is just a shock! I mean I was preparing myself to be fired and stuff, and well, what happened in the park and then here you are, it's just a bit much. I actually appreciate the fact that they finally hired someone to help me out, because it's been hard doing the work of two people by myself. You are just going to have to excuse me for a bit, until I regain my bearings here."

"Okay, but I have to say I feel the same way, this is all a bit strange, but I'm all for it! By the way, I like your name Dana, it's nice."

"Ah thanks, Malcolm, I like yours too. Okay here's what you do."

Dana went on to tell Malcolm about the ins and out's of the job. He was already pretty much prepared since he had a few years of law school but had backed out cause of lack of funds. He did intend to return to law school, but this job was just until he could return and also so he could stay within the field of law.

When she leaned over him to show him how their computer system worked, she caught him looking down her blouse. She leaned in further, because the fact was being in the same room with him was driving her a bit crazy, so she decided it was okay to drive him a bit crazy as well. While he was doing something on the computer, she would intentionally stand behind him so that her breasts were resting on the back of his head. She was having quite a bit of fun teasing him so much and knowing that at work there was nothing he could do about it.

After a little while she left Malcolm to work on his own without anymore torture. About that time Jamie decided to walk in the office and tart around flirting with Malcolm. Since she had never visited Dana's office before, that could be the only reason. Jamie flaunted herself, nonchalantly bending down at the appropriate times and laughing hysterically at his half-witted jokes.

Finally, Dana couldn't take it any more.

"Hey Malcolm, you're breaking out in a sweat. You should probably take off that jacket your wearing," said Dana knowing full well that Malcolm had to have a huge grass stain on his shirt, since she had one on her skirt.

"I don't know about that," said Malcolm giving Dana a glare.

"Oh yes, please do. Let me see those bulging muscles," giggled Jamie in her tartish fashion.

Though, of course, Malcolm didn't really have any bulging muscles, he was mostly just tall and skinny, but Dana figured that was the line Jamie used with every man that got cross eyed while looking down her shirt. Of course, now with the pandering of both Jamie and Dana, Malcolm had no choice but to remove the jacket. He tried to keep his back to the chair, but Dana asked him for a document and when he reached to get it Jamie saw the grass stain on his shirt.

"Oh my gosh! Malcy, you've got a big grass stain on your shirt. How did you do that?" Exclaimed Jamie.

"Ah, I'm not sure," stammered Malcolm.

Dana took her cue and went over to Malcolm's side of the office, with her grass stain in full view. She made sure that Jamie noticed.

"Oh my, Dana, what did you do to your skirt?" asked Jamie.

"Oh that." said Dana pretending not to care. "That's a grass stain that I got on my lunch break."

It took a moment for Jamie to make the connection, her brain synapses take a bit longer to connect than most peoples. Dana so enjoyed watching the realization dawn on Jamie's face. She looked at Dana's grass stain and then back and Malcolm's shirt. Dana deliberately walked over to Malcolm.

"Oh my God! You and her, both late. Oh my God!" exclaimed Jamie.

Dana reached over Malcolm and grabbed a hold of his crotch, pleasantly surprising Malcolm.

"Hey Jamie, meet my lesbian lover." said Dana with a smirk.

Jamie shook her head of dyed blonde hair back and forth as if she was trying to get the information through to her brain. Just then there was a knock at the door and as it opened, Dana quickly removed her hand and stood up by Malcolm, looking like she was teaching him something on the computer. Mr. Barnard was standing at the doorway.

"Damn it, Jamie, there you are. Your phone has been ringing nonstop. You need to get back to your desk, the lawyers around here are busy and don't have time to do your job as well." boomed Mr. Barnard.

"But they. Together at lunch. Now in the same office. Oh my God!" stammered Jamie.

It was as if she didn't believe that Dana could actually have a man, or that a man would want Dana rather than her.

"Jamie, these people are doing work, real work! Now leave them alone and let them work. Get back to your desk now, or you'll be fired." said Mr. Barnard.

Jamie quickly huffed off back to her desk.

"You all doing well?" ask Mr. Barnard.

"Yes sir, very well thank you," said Dana.

"Well, I'm glad you guys are getting along well because I think you could teach each other some things," said Mr. Barnard.

With the hand that Mr. Barnard couldn't see Malcolm had reached around and pinched Dana on the ass.

"Yes sir, oh I'm sure we could." said Malcolm.

With that Mr. Barnard walked out the door and both Malcolm and Dana broke out in laughter; one for the little game they played on Jamie and also for what Mr. Barnard said. The rest of the afternoon went well. Dana continued to tease Malcolm and he in turn got in on the teasing, making Dana squirm a bit in her seat. Really, this was the most enjoyable time that Dana had ever had at work.

Near quitting time, Malcolm had dropped a stack of papers onto the floor, so Dana took her chance. While he was down there picking up his papers, Dana slowly uncrossed her legs and the spread them as wide as the desk would allow. She heard Malcolm groan out loud as she revealed to him her pantiless crotch.

Well, Dana got her just desserts when suddenly Malcolm pushed up her skirt and placed is face in between her legs and began licking her moist sex. He was getting really into it and Dana was about to let lose when there was a knock at the door. He pulled himself out from between her legs, pulling down her skirt as he went. Jackson Warren, the other one of the partners, walked into the office.

"Hey Dana, I just wanted to introduce myself to your new work mate." said Mr. Warren.

"Ah, hey Mr. Warren, he's cleaning up something under the desk," said Dana.

"Ah Mr. Warren, just a second." said Malcolm just then he bonked his head hard on the table. "Ouch!"

Malcolm crawled out from under the table and stood up, first wiping his mouth real quickly. He put his hand out toward Mr. Warren and gave the customary two pumps.

"Hello Mr. Warren. Malcolm Keagan at your service." Said Malcolm.

"Nice to meet our new employee. I hope you can meet Dana's expectations, she's a real hard worker." said Mr. Warren.

"Oh don't worry Mr. Warren. He's met and exceeded my expectations," said Dana.

"Well, that's good. I just wanted to stop by and tell you guys that we are closing shop for the night. I imagine that you two will be staying late today to make up for your late lunch." Said Mr. Warren.

"Yes, that's what we were just discussing, pulling a few extra hours would be a good idea." Said Dana with a secret look shot in Malcolm's direction.

Mr. Warren excused himself and left their office.

" A few extra hours? Really? Were we discussing that?" asked Malcolm.

"Yes, that's the message I got when you were buried between my legs just moments ago," said Dana.

"Hmmm, well I should go and pick up the rest of those papers," said Malcolm as he got back under the desk.

Dana proceeded to get back to work as Malcolm went back under the table and was greeted with her spread legs and bare sex. Once again he wound up between her legs.
"Oh God! You smell like heaven," said Malcolm from under the table.

Malcolm proceeded to lick up and down the length of her sex working his tongue in every fold and crevice. Knowing that everyone in the office had left, Dana laid back in her chair and opened up her blouse, and then pulling down her bra she began to twist her nipples as hard as she would dare.

Again Malcolm's tongue took her to oblivion and beyond, and that left a good sized stain on the office carpet. She took a moment to recover from his tongue talents, and then she shot up and opened up the office door.

"There's something I've always wanted to do," said Dana as she pulled Malcolm out of the office.

They pranced through the large office building past all the different secretary desks and all the way into the large boardroom with huge glass windows. She propped Malcolm up against the boardroom table and, raising up his shirt, unfastened his pants. She put her hand inside and pulled out his very stiff member. Getting down on her knees, she placed him in her mouth. First she teased him with her tongue swirling and gliding over the head. She let the tip of her tongue tease just below the ridge.

She knew she must be doing something good because Malcolm let out a nice strong moan followed by a "oh fuck, yeah." She wrapped her full lips around him and took the length of his cock into her mouth. She pursed her lips against the sides of his shaft and pressed her tongue against the underside. She started her strokes slow and easy and then began to get faster and faster.

Pretty soon into her mouth talents she got the feeling that he was close to climax. She made her strokes faster and with more suction. He warned her of his impending cumming, but she kept going, sucking him hard and faster. Finally his load exploded out and filled her mouth; she kept up her strokes with her lips, while her throat swallowed down his semen.

Malcolm moaned and shook hard. He moaned even stronger when it became obvious that Dana wasn't giving up her sucking control even after he had came. She continued to suck his flaccid member, determined to get him hard once more. It was interesting sucking on a limp cock, but it soon regained its previous life.

Once she had got him nice and hard she released him from her mouth.

"Now, you've got it hard again, what do intend to do with it?" asked Malcolm.
"You'll see! Now climb aboard," she said, slapping the boardroom table. He did as he was told and she pulled his pants and underwear down the rest of the way. She stripped off her clothes and jumped on the table, she straddled his middle. Next she grabbed each side of his shirt and pulled them apart, shooting buttons all over the place.

"Hey!" said Malcolm.

"Don't worry! I'll buy you a new shirt," she said with a new controlling attitude.

She ran her fingers through his smallish patch of chest hair.

"Mmm, I didn't get to play with you much the first time around," said Dana in a very sultry voice.

She laid down on top of him squishing her breasts into his chest. She locked her lips on his and f***ed her tongue into his mouth. She let their tongues dance and twist together, letting him get the full flavor of what she'd just swallowed. She pulled her mouth away from his and, turning his head to the side, she licked up the side of his neck, up to his earlobe which she sucked into her mouth.

She worked her way back down, leaving suckling kisses in her wake, until she got to his nipples. She took a turn on each of his nipples sucking it hard into her mouth and then flicking her tongue over the tip, which caused him to moan out.

When she'd given each nipple equal attention she pushed her hand in between their bodies. She grabbed a hold of his member and placed him at her entrance. She lowered herself down on him deliberately slow. He groaned with the sound of ultimate torture. When he was all the way inside of her, she sat up right on him. He brought up his hands and grabbed a handful of breast in each hand. With his thumb and index finger he pinched each nipple and pulled hard on them, just as she had down. Once her nipples were nice and hard, he ran the palms of his hands over each.

Dana began to gyrate her hips and, placing her knees and feet on the table, she rose up and off of him, instead of back and forth. This direction allowed him more access to her vast depths. They each played with each other's nipples as she slowly rode him up and down. He told her how he loved how wet she got and how nice and tight she was and how he loved it when she came in his face.

"Make sure you tell me when you are going to cum," she told him sternly.

"Yeah, I will. I promise." he said.

She began to increase her speed rising up and back down on him faster and faster. He felt all her muscles inside enveloping him. Then suddenly an orgasm struck her, and she felt her body lose control and begin to convulse wildly. Her pussy muscles constricted around his cock and then her juices released all over his middle. Her orgasm became Malcolm's undoing.

"I'm going to cum!" he announced loudly.

Quickly she jumped off of him, letting him fall out of her. She turned herself around so that now she was facing his cock and her wet pussy was hovering over his face. She lowered herself and Malcolm immediately grabbed a hold of her thighs and dove is face into her pussy. She grabbed a hold of his cock and there was no teasing this time, she stuffed all she could into her mouth. They both went crazy on each other. She sucked with all her might and he licked with all he was worth.

Then, amazingly, they each caused the other to climax at the same time. Her body suddenly shook from head to toe and her pussy released its erotic nectar all over his face and shoulders, though he caught most of it in his mouth. His body tensed, and then released in great convulsing waves, his cock pulsated in her mouth, dumping its full load into her mouth and down her throat.

After they had thoroughly cleaned each other, she got off of Malcolm and helped him off the table. They did end up going back to the office and getting some work done, but just being near each other was enough to drive the other mad, so after they clocked out the decided to go back to her place and share a wonderful evening together.

Malcolm and Dana began a wonderful, long relationship full of erotic sex and plenty of lovemaking out in the park. They also shared a few interesting lunches and, when they got back to work looking a bit disheveled, all Jamie could do was give them the evil eye.

They always seemed to be asked how they met, by friends and relatives, and to everyone they would reply that they met at work. Only they knew that the place they really met was by having sex in the park. Dana finally knew that this wasn't a part of her fantasy dreamed up while asl**p in front of the computer at work, because she could never dream up something this good!... Continue»
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Betsy Goes to School

It was my first night at St. Marta's School for women,
and had woken up when my roommate slid in to my bed with

I had arrived with all the other girls, supposedly all
raised in a religious environment, and all having a
mother who had gone here before us. My mom and dad had
never let me date, and the internet was something sent
by the devil to lead me into temptation. I had been a
little shocked at some of the language the other girls
used when the nuns weren't around, but tried to not let
them know.

My roommate, Leila, was from California, and had the
blonde, blue eyed, big breasted look that my dad said
the 'Californicators' had. She seemed really nice
though, talking and chatting about all kinds of stuff.
She did make me blush when she watched me take my school
uniform off and put my pajamas on, since she saw my
panties, and I think she saw my breasts before I put my
top on.

There wasn't much there, but I had squeezed them once
before I became too embarrassed, and they filled my
hands. Leila's were twice that size, making me blush
really hard when she just pulled her clothes off in
front of me. "Leila!" I had squealed, turning away when
I looked up to see her naked. It was a couple of minutes
later that I realized she didn't have any hair in her...
place. She had laughed and said something about us being
girls, and we all had the same stuff.

So when she slid into my bed I wasn't sure what she
wanted. I froze as she slid forward and spooned against
my back. Her arm went over me, with the other under my
pillow. I could feel her hips pushing into my... behind,
making me feel... odd.

"I'm homesick," she whispered, "can I sl**p with you?"

I nodded, not sure what to do. You can't very well tell
someone who tells you they're homesick to get the hell
away from you. What if she killed herself?

We laid like that for a while before I realized her hand
was on my belly. It felt super warm lying against my
pajama top, feeling like it covered my whole tummy. I
sort of tensed up, but she kind of let her hand rub my
tummy as she whispered in a sl**py voice "What? Hmm,,"
then seemed to fall back asl**p. Her hand though kept
moving in a twitchy sort of way, making me kind of...

Her thumb touched the bottom of my breast a couple of
times, before she stopped twitching. I woke up really
late to realize she had moved, and now her hand was
resting on my breast, sort of laying over it, but kind
of cupping it too.

My nipple was hard, making me blush, even though no one
could see me. It sort of felt good as my nipple pushed
against her hand when I breathed in and out. I almost
gasped out loud when I realized my... place was getting
wet. Oh my god, this had happened before. Mom had said
it was arousal, and was meant for making it easier for a
man's thing to go into a woman's place. This was bad.

I must have twitched slightly, because Leila muttered
something and pulled me tighter, making her hand pull in
against my breast. I felt so ashamed when I sort of
moaned and I felt my place tingle. It took forever to
fall asl**p, my body sort of going hot and cold as
little flashes would run through my breast. Leila was up
when I woke up, saying, "Rise and shine sl**py head, got
to go learn some stuff," She stopped and gave me a
serious look before saying, "Thanks for letting me sl**p
with you."

I smiled shyly and told her it was fine. I wanted to say
she shouldn't do it again, but how do you say something
like that without sounding like a really mean person.

The school uniform was a bit of a shock for me, since I
was used to long dresses. It was what I guessed was
standard catholic school wear, but the skirt only came
to my knees, and the white blouse was somewhat see
through, making it so you could see my bra if the light
was right.

We didn't even have jackets to wear, just a blouse. I
was blushing constantly as I realized I could see other
girl's bras too. I sort of followed Leila, hanging
behind her as she chatted and talked with everyone. I
envied her being able to do that. A couple of the girls
had the top buttons of their blouses open, meaning you
could see the tops of their breasts.

We had three different teachers during the day, each
covering two subjects. s****r Martha, s****r Mary and
s****r Joanne. Martha and Mary were really young for
teachers, probably not more than twenty five, and Joanne
was about thirty five I thought. My daily counselor was
s****r Beth, though they said I probably wouldn't have
one past the first four weeks since they rotated the
girls. She was only in her twenties too, and looked so
pretty and happy.

The classes were fairly nice, the s****rs all seeming to
like us and not being harsh or mean. I felt awful when I
found myself looking at s****r Mary's bosom as she was
sitting at the desk. Not that anything showed, but it
swelled her habit and made me... uh no I was horribly
embarrassed when s****r Beth started by asking about sex
and if I had done it, telling me she was surprised how
many girls did before coming here.

When I said no, she told me she was proud of me, but to
remember that forgiveness was always there for those who
strayed. Everyone strayed at some point and we were
required to accept and forgive the flaws of others. She
asked me about masturbation and seemed doubtful about my
having never done it, then was even more impressed when
she finally believed me. When she asked about arousal I
blushed and told her about Leila and her hand.

"Betsy," she said, "I'm proud that you were able to
overcome your own fears to comfort Leila like that," It
took me a moment to figure out what she said, then I
said "You mean... it wasn't... like bad?"

She kind of laughed and said, "You didn't approach her
for that did you?" When I shook my head vigorously no,
she said "so you did it for her," s****r Beth patted my
hand and said, "Many of the girls become home sick, and
cuddling in bed gives them comfort. I have seen many
times when a girl will massage another girl's breasts in
her sl**p, I think because it comforts them by bringing
back memories of being a c***d," "Oh," I said slowly,
"So... so it... it isn't bad?"

s****r Beth smiled warmly and said, "Betsy, it says such
good things about you that you would let your roommate
do something you find personally uncomfortable."

"Oh," I said again.

"If it is uncomfortable for you, or you don't wish to
comfort her, let me know and we can find another
roommate for you,," s****r Beth said.

"No," I said, "no, I... I don't mind if you think... you
know... it's ok."

s****r Beth gave me a hug and said, "I think you are
very sweet for doing it."

Leila had me join her for lunch with some other girls,
and when one of them said a bad word, Leila frowned at
her and said, "Julie, don't use words like that in front
of Betsy," Julie looked really surprised, but I gave
Leila a shy smile of thanks, not having the courage to
say that myself. One of the worst things about the
school was the showers. They were communal. Really they
were. three of us girls had to share them.

I almost screamed when I walked in to see a tall girl
name Susan washing her breasts when I came around the
corner. She laughed and said, "Come on Betsy, we're all
girls," I blushed horribly, but sort of backed under a
shower, trying not to let everyone see me. When Susan
walked by on the way out and said, "See ya later," I
could see her place was bare like Leila's was. Mine had
started growing hair when I was thirteen, so I wondered
what had happened to theirs.

When Leila changed clothes in front of me again I was
tempted to ask her about her hair but was too
embarrassed. She saw me looking, making me feel like the
most awful person in the world. She was really nice
though and just gave me a little smile and went back to
putting her clothes on. Leila slept with me again, and
at first I was nervous, but she just put her arm around
me and rested on the blankets.

It wasn't until later that I woke up with her hand
cupping my breast. I sort of froze, trying to decide
what to do, but remembering what s****r Beth had said,
just tried to relax. I made a soft squeak when her hand
squeezed my breast a little as she made a kind of sad
whimpering noise. I held still, realizing she must be
missing her mom. Her hand kind of squeezed and pushed
against my breast for a while, making my place wet
again. Really wet. My nipple was sort of sending little
shocks through me and I found my hips kind of moving on
their own.

I made them stop, but sort of breathed heavily as it got
harder to breath for some reason. It went on like this
for a while as I started panting a little, having
trouble taking deep breaths as my place got wetter and
wetter. Then it stopped and she sort of relaxed and her
hand let go. I shocked myself by being disappointed, but
told myself it was because I wanted to be sure Leila was

Leila was super nice to me the next day, including me in
the groups with her friends. I didn't say anything, but
everyone was really nice because she was my friend.

s****r Beth asked me about Leila, so I said, "She uh...
did like you said."

She nodded knowingly and said, "I sort of expected it
Betsy. She works so hard to friendly and nice all day,
I'm sure all her fears come out at night. You said you
spent time with her today?"

I nodded and said, "Everyone likes her, and she kind
of... brings me with her."

That got a warm smile from s****r Beth as she said,
"Yes, she's hiding her own fears and loneliness to make
you feel better. You really are the best roommate she
could have gotten," She must have seen something in my
face, because she said, "Is something wrong?"

"It... it's just that... you know when she does that," I

s****r Beth took my hand and looked at me seriously to
say "Betsy are you wanting to tell me it makes you

I blushed horribly as I nodded.

"Oh Betsy, and you let her do that,," s****r Beth said,
making me think I was going to hell, but then added "you
are like an angel sweetheart. You've never even
masturbated and you would do this for a sweet girl you
just met. I am so proud," That got another blush because
she was praising me for something I thought she was
going to say I would go to hell for. I couldn't look at
her as I said, "But... but it makes me... you know...
so... so what should I... do?"

She was holding my hand and as I finished stuttering the
question, she reached up to stroke my cheek as she said,
"You are doing an act of kindness for a poor, lonely
girl Betsy. I know you personally do not like what she
is doing, or how it affects you, so you must believe I
don't think you are a bad person for this," she sighed
as she put her hand down to hold mine in both of hers as
she said, "You don't know the feelings associated with
arousal, so it will probably shock you as they happen,"
she shook her head sadly and said, "It may be more than
you should do for Leila, Betsy. I'm sorry to say that it
may become intense enough for you to orgasm, and I
wouldn't want you to be traumatized.

"This kind of sacrifice isn't something everyone is
capable of Betsy, and you should never blame yourself if
you are not one of those who can make it," That was a
lot to a take in... orgasm? I had heard of it, but
didn't think I had ever had one. But I also didn't want
to walk away from a soul in need.

"I... if you don't think I'm... well bad... I suppose I
could try to help," I said softly.

s****r Beth stroked my cheek again as she said, "You are
the sweetest, most caring girl I've seen here Betsy,"
Susan was in the shower again when I came in, washing
her breasts just like last time. She had large, firm
looking breasts, but I didn't think it should take that
long to wash them. Leila kind of looked sad when we were
getting ready for bed so I asked what was wrong. "I miss
mom," she said softly I smiled and told her I
understood, and she could sl**p with me again if she was
lonely. She looked like she might cry as she hugged me
and said I was the best roommate.

Leila fell asl**p right away as she snuggled up, and her
hand moved to my breast as I was almost asl**p myself.
She didn't do anything for a while, and I was close to
falling asl**p again, when she began squeezing.

I let out a long breath, trying to keep from letting out
a moaning noise. The feelings were really intense,
almost as if the previous nights had built up inside me.
She did this for what seemed like forever, but was
probably only ten minutes, then her hand twitched and
fell down a little. It ended up snagged inside my pajama
top, her finger tips touching my bare breast on the
other side.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, then she
made one of her sad noises and her hand twitched a
couple of times. I realized it was kind of snagged in my
top, and it was making her twitch more. I reached up and
undid the top button so she could pull it out, and
planned to put it back, but her hand slid up and cupped
my breast again, my top pulled open and her hand on bare
skin. I had to open my mouth wide to keep from making
any noise as I let out a long breath. My place was very
wet now, and it felt really strange, almost like an itch
that I had to scratch, but deeper.

I wanted to move my hips and rub them against something
to make it better, but couldn't move. Then she began
squeezing again. I was leaving my mouth wide open as I
tried to breath quietly, but I found myself making soft
noises as I sort of clenched my thighs and my... place.
When her hand kind of rubbed my nipple a couple of
times, a shock ran through me, making my body clench
tight and some kind of... feeling ran from my place up
to my head.

I was kind of twitching and moving my hips as I felt
like pee on my legs. I wasn't stupid, so I knew that was
female juice that we use to help men, but it was the
first time I had done that. I was sort of lying in bed,
my body totally relaxed, and I realized, drooling a
little when I fell asl**p.

I was so embarrassed the next morning, but Leila just
looked over and said, "You must have had a good dream
Betsy, we all have them, nothing to be embarrassed

She really was the nicest person. During s****r Mary's
class I saw a girl one row forward, with her hand under
her skirt, sort of rubbing her place. I almost gasped
when the girl next to her reached over and did it for
her. When s****r Mary saw them I thought they were in
for it for sure, but she just twitched her fingers for
them to separate and gave them an understanding smile. I
was really confused.

I had a lot of questions for s****r Beth, that was for

She started by asking about classes and any issues, then
asked how Leila was doing.

"Um... it... you know... happened," I mumbled.

"She snuggled with you," s****r Beth asked absently.

"Um... no... the thing... you know... orgasm," and I
whispered the last word

She smiled and patted my hand before saying, "Oh, I
thought something bad. That's normal Betsy, like I said.
An orgasm is sort of your bodies reward for certain
acts. In this case it's for doing something nice for
your roommate. It did feel good right?"

I nodded vigorously, so she smiled again and said, "It's
fine than Betsy"

"Oh," I said slowly, then looking down I said, "Um
s****r Beth, during s****r Mary's class, two girls, well
one girl, then two girls, well they... um..." then I
faded out, unable to continue.

"They cheated?" s****r Beth asked sternly.

I blinked, startled and said, "No, no, they well touched
their place," She looked confused, then comprehending as
she said, "Their vaginas?" That got a fierce blush from
me as I ducked my head and nodded.

"Well," she said, "did s****r Mary separate them?"

I nodded, so she said, "They really shouldn't do that in
class, so I'm glad Mary stopped them. There's a time and
place for things like that, and class isn't one of them
in my opinion. But some teachers don't mind, so it's
kind of up to the teacher."

I was gaping at her in surprised, "What?!"

She looked confused for a moment, then said, "You had an
orgasm didn't you Betsy?" When I blushed and nodded, she
said, "Didn't it seem like it would make you crazy, and
want to rub your vagina?"

God my face was going to burn up as I nodded yes.

s****r Beth sort of shrugged and said, "I don't think
you've dealt with arousal like that much Betsy, but some
girls get like that a lot, and it makes it very hard for
them to concentrate. Picture sitting in the classroom
feeling like you did last night, wouldn't you want
someone to help you?" My eyes were blinking like crazy,
trying to process what she was saying. "But... but I
thought that was bad?"

s****r Beth looked confused, then said, "Well, doing
that for money, or with a married person, or for ungodly
pleasure would be wrong. But you are just teenage girls
going through the change Betsy. Your body is forcing you
to become aroused, and there's really little you can do
about it. Many girls allow boys to put their penis in
them because they are so aroused, which is why there are
so many teenage pregnancies." She kind of frowned at me
and said, "I think it is much better if a friend helps
you relieve the arousal like that, then allowing a boy
to do it for you."

"Oh," I mumbled.

s****r Beth gave me a sort of pitying look and said,
"Don't let it worry you sweetheart, this is a lot for
you to take in I think. Most mothers have explained
these things before the girls come to school, but every
now and then someone like you comes here. If you have
questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you if you
wish. You concentrate on your schoolwork."

"Oh... okay," I said softly, kind of feeling like an
idiot now. I was kind of in a daze after that, and Leila
took me under her wing and chatted with me.

We were sitting in the room in our pajamas talking when
I got up the nerve to ask Leila about some of it.

"Um Leila," I said slowly. "Can I... ask you something?"

"Sure Betsy," she said brightly "Were friends, you can
ask me anything."

"Oh... um," I mumbled, "do you... I mean do you get
like... aroused?" and I barely whispered the last part.

Leila shrugged and said, "Yeah, of course, everyone

"Oh," I muttered, "what do you... you know... do?"

She waved a hand and kind of tossed her head as she
said, "Well sometimes I can ignore it you know, but
others, well, you just can't. Mom said when it gets like
that you have to relieve it or it'll make you crazy
enough to want for anyone to touch you, including a

"Oh," I said softly again. When I didn't say anything
she said, "I had a friend back home who would help and I
did it for her, but I haven't met a friend like that

"H-help?" I asked.

She looked at me in confusion and said, "Yeah, you know,
does things to allow you to orgasm so the arousal goes
away. It's much easier when someone else does it because
god made our bodies that way. Mom says that's why girls
talk themselves into letting boys do it if you wait too

"Oh," I said stupidly for like the thousandth time "You
don't have to be embarrassed if you need to do that. I
haven't yet, but you won't mind if I did it myself would
you? I can go somewhere else if it bothers you?"

"Oh... no... um that's ok... I guess," I said slowly.
She smiled and gave me a hug before saying. "Thanks
Betsy, I wasn't sure, you seem kind of... unaware
sometimes, but you're like the nicest person here."

I smiled a little at that and said, "Um yeah, I think
maybe mom didn't... you know, tell me stuff."

Leila kind of bounced on her bed as she said, "Meh,"
with a finger wave "Just ask s****r Beth, she'll show
you what to do if you don't know."

"Oh," I said again.

She eventually told me about a trip to Disney she took
with her f****y and it sounded like a lot of fun.

We were giggling at the stuff she did, but it did sound
like her mom was really nice about things. I was kind of
surprised to find myself disappointed when Leila didn't
massage my breasts, just putting her arm around me. She
must be getting more comfortable here.

My education continued the next day when I walked into
the shower to find Susan and a girl name Rosa in there.
Rosa was rubbing Susan's place, while Susan was holding
tight to Rosa. I stopped embarrassed, but Leila walked
in behind me and said, "Oh, you know, what we talked
about. Go ahead, I'm sure they'll be done soon." She
kind of pushed me in, following me. Susan was leaning
against the wall with Rosa standing in front of her, her
head on Susan's shoulder, and her hand in Susan's place.

It looked like her fingers might actually be inside her
place, but that couldn't be right. I couldn't help
watching as Susan began moaning loudly, then let out a
sort of scream. She kind of held onto Rosa and panted
for a bit, then Rosa stepped back and put her hand up to
Susan's mouth and I watched her lick her woman juices
off of Rosa's hand. I turned away when Susan looked up,
but found myself sort of panting as I washed up. I
realized at one point I had washed my breasts for a
while and stopped.

I was really embarrassed to find my place damp with
arousal, but made myself ignore it, a little worried
about what would happen if I kept ignoring it.

A girl in front of me in s****r Martha's class was sort
of touching her place, but s****r Martha saw me looking
and kind of frowned at me, so I looked away. I was
mortified when s****r Martha had me stay back to talk.

"I know you wanted to help Amy, Betsy, but she's just
going to have to try to wait until after class," s****r
Martha said, getting me to look at her in shock and
saaid, 'Um... uh... what?"

She looked confused then and said, "Isn't that what you
were thinking? s****r Beth says you are a super sweet
and helpful girl, so I thought you felt bad for Amy,"

"Oh," I said, my stock answer to everything. "I... um...
I'm sorry." I didn't want to say yes or no since that
would be a lie, but didn't want her to think bad of me

She patted my shoulder and said "You are an angel dear.
s****r Beth thinks so well of you," I was kind of
floating over that, so smiled at s****r Beth when I came
in to talk. We talked about class work, and what I was
interested in for a while, then she said, "Is everything
else good dear? Is Leila doing ok?"

I nodded and she said, "Wonderful, I think you're very
good for Leila, she seems so happy. s****r Mary says you
were so sweet today, wanting to help poor Amy too, but
Mary really doesn't want you girls to do that in class"

I blushed crimson, but stuttered out a "Oh... of

"I take it then that you've learned how to do that for
your friends?" s****r Beth asked, "Well... um," I
stuttered s****r Beth gave me a suspicious look and
said, "Are you deceiving me about something Betsy? You
really don't seem like that kind of girl," Now I was
mortified, so I said, "Um... no... not really... but...
I watched two girls... so you know I thought if I...
helped?" god it sounded dumb. But s****r Beth smiled in
relief and said, "Oh, okay. That really is sweet of you,
wanting to help before you've even really learned how
yet." She patted my hand and said, "I wish all the girls
were like you Betsy." Oh I was really a bad person.

"If you want to learn, you might ask Leila to help,"
s****r Beth said absently as she filled out a couple of
forms "if you asked, I'm sure she will show you how to
do it," she kept writing as she said, "I'll explain to
her that you're embarrassed because you didn't know
these things."

Oh god. How do I stop this? Oh... she'll think I'm a
terrible person now. I was kind of dragging a little
when Leila and I went to the room and Leila eyed me a
couple of times.

When we had our pajamas on she said, "Betsy, don't be
upset, s****r Beth told me and there's nothing to be
embarrassed about," I sort of moaned, but didn't say
anything. She came over and put her hand around me and
said, "I know you worry about me, but I don't mind doing
this for you. I would feel awful if you wouldn't let me
help after you've been so nice to me." Oh god.

She sounded scared when she said, "You... you do like me
right, you're not... like going to act like were
friends, then treat me like... well..."

"No!" I said quickly, "No, we're friends Leila. I'm
sorry, of course you can... can help." I almost moaned
in despair as I realized what I had said.

She hugged me tight and said, "Oh thank you Betsy. The
girls at my last school would act like I was their
friend, then would be mean to me for fun. I... I really
felt... well... it was bad," The last came out really

I closed my eyes and sighed softly before saying "So
what do I need to do Leila,"

She sort of bounced in place and said, "Well, it sounded
like you were trying to help another girl during the
day, so I'll show you how to do it that way. Since it's
you and me at night, we won't need to do that now since
we can do that anytime you want," She was smiling so
sweetly at me.

"Ok," I said slowly.

"Here' she said "Put the skirt back on so I can show

Resigned to my fate, I pulled my pajama bottoms off and
slid the skirt on over my panties, then sat down next to

She was smiling chirpily at me as she sat next to me and
said, "Ok, now it's best not to make a big production
out of this because it distracts other people," she held
up her hand and said, "so you want to make it sort of
subtle like this," Leila looked ahead like she was
watching the board, and let her hand fall on my knee. I
gasped a little as she let it slide up my thigh, pushing
my skirt up.

I stared at her hand until she said, "No Betsy, you have
to keep looking forward. It's mean to the people around
you if you are really obvious, because it makes them
aroused too, then what do you do?"

I looked at the far wall with her as her hand slid up to
rest against my special place. No one had touched me
there except me and the doctor. I let out a long breath,
staring straight ahead. Her fingers began stroking over
my panties, sort of pushing in against my place. Spikes
of... something kept shooting through there into my
stomach. After less than a minute she pushed in harder,
getting a small moan from me.

"Try not to make too much noise Betsy," Leila said as
her fingers turned to push into me a little as she
stroked up and down "It distracts people," I felt a
little sweat run down my neck as I let out long breaths.
I could feel my panties becoming wet with my woman
juices as she stroked.

"Now," Leila said, "It can be awkward depending on how
you're sitting, but putting your fingers against the
vagina works best," I almost gasped at the word, but
knew it wasn't really bad, so held it in. I let out
another soft moan when her hand moved up a little and
her fingers pushed into the top of my panties. When her
fingers touched my... vagina, I had to tilt my head back
and tighten my body as strong feelings surged through my

I was close to when I orgasmed before, my hips kind of
moving on their own, and my breath coming in gasps. Her
fingers were so warm as they slid between the folds of
my place, my juices making them very slick. I didn't
realize it, but I was making long grunting noises when
her fingers found a spot at the top of my place that
felt like a bolt of electric pleasure shot through me,
making me let out a short screech and orgasm on her

She held her finger on that spot, making me shudder and
thrust my hips around as my head tilted all the way back
and I seemed to orgasm again. When it finally stopped I
sort of slumped over against her, panting and sobbing a

"Wow Betsy," Leila said, softly, "I don't think you do
that enough. You had a lot of arousal stored up."

I couldn't really speak, just panted and quivered in her
arms. I think I fell asl**p like that. I was a little
dazed the next day, but Leila was really sweet, telling
me what a great friend I was. For the first time since I
arrived none of the girls seemed to be helping each
other with their arousal.

s****r Beth was a little worried for me though and said,
"Leila talked with me Betsy. She was just a little
worried, and seemed to think you might be putting off
arousal relief to long."

"Oh," I said softly, a little worried since Leila had
mentioned that s****r Beth sat down and put an arm
around me before saying, "Some girls try very hard to
avoid it, but it catches you eventually. What if it had
been a boy with you and he was touching you, would you
have had the will power to stop?"

I blinked at that, not really sure I would have. It felt
so incredibly good I almost forgot it was even Leila

"I-I don't know," I said.

s****r Beth nodded slowly before saying "Exactly.
Eighteen year old girls can probably go two, maybe

three days, but I wouldn't put it off longer than that."

My mouth dropped open in shock as I said, "Two days?"

She gave me a pensive look, then said, "Betsy I'm
beginning to worry a little. I think you might need
professional help. If you've been repressing everything
your whole life, I'm not sure you should be around the
other girls."

I was horrified as I said, "What? No... no s****r Beth,
I'm ok, really!"

She hugged me for a second, then leaned back to say
"Maybe dear, but I worry about the other girls. You're a
bundle of suppressed arousal, and it will make the other
girls more sensitive too. I really think it might be
better to find an..." She stopped at my look, then said,
"Betsy, I'm not being mean, but I don't think you

"Please s****r Beth," I sobbed, "I'll fix it, I will.
What do I need to do?"

She sighed, then looked at me and said, "Honestly now
Betsy, until you came to our school, had you ever gave
yourself an orgasm?"

I sobbed in shame and shook my head no. She sagged a
little and shook her head, but gave me a 'ok' look as I
sobbed, "It will take weeks to bring your system into
line Betsy, and you'll need to do extreme arousal
techniques. You've repressed years of arousal sweet
girl, and it will be a lot of work for us to help you.
The s****rs would have to work with you in the evenings
just to help."

I was crying hard, so she pulled me into her lap and
rocked me for a moment, then said, "If you're willing to
work with us, I guess we can try. You are a very sweet
and special girl, and you've been willing to help
everyone else."

I hugged her tightly for a moment, then she moved me
back to look at me sternly and say, "This will take a
lot of sacrifice by the school Betsy and I can't have
you decide to quit part way after we put a lot of time
and effort into this."

"I won't!" I cried, "I'll do anything."

"Ok," she said soothingly, "we'll try some things and
see how it goes," she looked at me like I was a problem
she needed to solve, then she said, "Part of the problem
is you're embarrassed by things the rest of the girls
take for granted."

I had stopped crying and was listening desperately to
what she said, really kind of mad at mom for putting me
in such a bad situation.

"What I'm going to recommend is a phased approach to
this Betsy," s****r Beth said in a doctor kind of voice.
It made me feel better for some reason.

"We'll have Leila help you at night, probably doing what
she did last night. What exactly did she do for you,"
s****r Beth asked. When I started to duck my head in
shame, she touched my chin and made me look her in the
eye as she said, "Embarrassment is for when you are
doing something wrong. Being shy and sweet is nice, but
acting like what a friend is doing for you is shameful
hurts their feelings." I wanted to cry again, but nodded
and tried to not hurt her feelings.

"Um... she had me put on my skirt, then she sort of...
um, put her hand on my leg. Then she... uh... slid it up
and touched my... place," I sort of whispered.

s****r Beth shook her head despairingly and said,
"Betsy, if you can't say it, how can you do anything
with it." She nodded as she reached some kind of
decision and said, "I think we need to f***e you over
this by having you call it something that will embarrass
you. I want you to say pussy when you are talking about
your vagina."

I gaped at her in shock, but she just looked at me in a
stern way and said, "Everyone here is going to be
working hard for you Betsy, it seems like you could put
a little effort into this,"

Oh. She was right. Everyone else would be doing so much.
I felt like a total bad person, so I nodded and said,
"she touched my... p-pussy." My place was getting a
little wet, making me feel really bad. She rubbed for a
while, then put her hand in my panties and... and
touched my pussy again," I said all of this as strongly
as I could, still blushing, but talking.

"How long did she have to do that?" s****r Beth asked,
looking at a paper as she talked "Um... I'm not really
sure, maybe a minute or two," I said s****r Beth looked
at me in surprise, then said, "You orgasmed a minute or
two later?" I nodded, worried at her upset expression.
She sighed and said, "Oh Betsy, you really have
repressed yourself," I was worried she would change her
mind, but she finally nodded and said, "You orgasmed,
cleaned your juices, then what?"

"Um... what?" I asked.

"Then what did you do dear. You know after you completed
the ritual," she asked impatiently 'Um... ritual?" I
asked She blinked at me for a moment, then said, "Betsy,
you do know about how husbands and wives perform their
sexual duties don't you?"

"Um... duties?" I asked miserably.

"Oh lord," s****r Beth said despairingly again. "At
least you mother fed you, because she didn't seem to
tell you anything." Sighing she said, "It is a wife's
duty to give her husband a place to slake his lusts,"
she looked at me until I nodded my understanding.

"You are dealing with your arousal, but men are much
worse, being driven to have sex constantly by their
bodies," s****r Beth said, "When married, you may bring
him to orgasm three or four times a day," Um... what? I
thought. Three or four times... a day?

Almost as if she read my mind, s****r Beth nodded. "This
becomes a problem during your monthly, or if you are not
wanting to become pregnant at the time," She waited for
me to blush, then nod that I understood.

"So much of the time you will use your mouth to satisfy
him," s****r Beth raised an eyebrow, so I shrugged my
confusion. She sighed, then pulled out some drawers and
came back with a plastic... man thing. I blushed
horribly, but she raised an eyebrow at me and made me
listen. "Like this," she said, the slowly pushed the...
thing into her mouth before slowly moving her head back
and forth on it. She pulled it out and said, "This
simulates him like using your vagina, and allows you to
still take his seed. It is a sin for him to cast his
seed anywhere except his wife's body."

I nodded at that.

"If he wants to not use your mouth, he may use your ass
for the same thing," she said, then stopped at my look.
"Oh Betsy," she moaned "Please tell me you know about
how the woman uses her ass for sexual closeness when the
woman cannot allow the man to use her vagina," I blushed
and a tear ran down my face I felt so stupid.

I had never even heard that. In my butthole? That...
that seemed... wrong. s****r Beth gave a disappointed
shake to her head and said, "I'm not going to start on
that right now, you have enough things to concentrate
on. Anyway, the ritual. If a man uses a woman's vagina,
but does not want her to become pregnant, he will
withdraw his penis prior to orgasm, and allow the woman
to take his seed in her mouth. You understand that

"Um... yes, I guess," I mumbled.

She sighed but continued "So when you help a friend or
she helps you deal with your arousal, you are to clean
your juices off her in honor of the purpose of orgasm"

"Oh," I said thoughtfully. That sort of did make sense.

She patted my hand, still acting a little like I was
slow in the head. She looked at her watch and grimaced
before saying "I had hoped to have time to bring you to
orgasm to see how bad the situation is, but I don't,"
she stood up and said, "Tell Leila to practice like you
did last night," she frowned and said, "but you will
complete the ritual in honor of the purpose god had for
our bodies," Stepping to the door she finished "I'll try
to have some kind of plan for you tomorrow." Then she

I was tempted to rub my place... err, pussy, but didn't
since I wasn't sure if that would be wrong.

"Are you going to be ok Betsy? I was really worried. Are
they going to let you stay? A girl I knew got pulled out
of school because she had repressed it so long that she
kind of went crazy," Leila rattled all that off in one
long sentence, making me unsure what to answer.

"Um... she said you would... you know... help?" I

She flapped her hand again and said, "Of course. You're
my friend Betsy, and you've been so nice to me. I'll do
anything. Are we supposed to do what we did last night,
or does she want you to do something else?"

Leila really did talk fast sometimes, but I said,
"Well... last night I guess, and... and," I sort of
whispered the rest "the ritual," She looked absolutely
horrified and said, "Oh my god, I forgot. I am so sorry
Betsy, you must really hate me," Then she acted like she
was going to cry.

"No, no, it's ok... um really," I said.

She looked kind of worried, but finally said, "I'm so
sorry. I'll remember from now on," Hopping up, she
pulled me to sit on my bed and immediately started
acting like we were in class again. I took a deep breath
and did the same. I really had problems, because I
moaned as soon as her hand touched my legs. God I hoped
I didn't go crazy before they could help me. When she
touched my place... um, pussy, I let out a louder moan.
I was very wet already, and could feel her fingers
sliding on my wet panties.

"Shh..." she said softly.

I opened my mouth and tried to breath quietly as she
stroked my place, pushing in harder. She did this until
I was having trouble breathing, then moved her hand up
and slid it into my panties. I'm not sure why, but I
kind of made a sobbing noise as I tilted my head back
again. I tried to hold off the orgasm because they acted
like it shouldn't happen so quick. Her fingers slid
between my... pussy lips, stealing my breath for a
moment, making me sob again.

She touched the magic place, sending bolts of
electricity through me, but I prayed for strength and
held on. My head was way back, and I was making squeaky
noises now, but I held on. Unfortunately she sort of ran
her fingers up and down twice, hitting my button both
times, and the wet feeling of her finger sliding between
my... pussy lips was too much. I was so embarrassed as I
let out a loud screech and grabbed her hand and held it
in place as my place pushed upwards and I thrashed for a
minute. I was kind of crying and panting when it was
over, lying in her arms as she stroked my hair and
soothed me.

She eventually laid me back on my bed and slid in next
to me. Propping up on one elbow, she put her hand to my
mouth and slid a finger in.

That's when I realized s****r Beth was right and I had
waited almost too long. I liked it. I liked the flavor,
and it got me aroused again as Leila slid her finger in
and out of my mouth until it was clean, then did
another. I was moaning again, so Leila said, "Betsy,
should I do it again, you sound really bad," I nodded
spastically, and began crying as I said, "Oh Leila, I
think I might go crazy. Maybe it's too late." She slid
in next to me and held me, sliding a hand down and
massaging my pussy as she said, "No. It's not to late
Betsy. I won't let it be too late."

I kind of heard her as my mind focused on the feel of
her hand on my pussy again. Just sliding across my
panties, pressing in, pushing against my very wet pussy.
I orgasmed again less than five minutes later, making me
feel so bad. As I licked her hand clean I sobbed a
little and listened as she told me she would help me
anyway she could.

We got up in the morning and headed for the showers, but
Leila stopped me and looked a little sad as she said,
"Betsy, I'm sorry, but I'm really aroused and was going
to ask Susan to help me. Do you want me to wait until
you're done showering?"

I almost said yes, then realized s****r Beth had said it
hurt people's feelings when I acted like that.

"No... it's fine Leila."

She hugged me and said, "You're the best."

Susan was in the shower, washing her breasts again, but
stopped when Leila bounced over to her. Susan nodded
with a smile, and they kind of stood like Susan and Rosa
had. Leila kind of hugging tight to Susan as Susan's
hand went to Leila's place... err... pussy. I tried not
to watch, but Leila was making loud noises, noises that
kind of got me aroused. When I was finishing, so were
they. Leila was yelling, "Yes, YES!" over and over.

As I was walking out Leila was licking her juices up. I
wondered if they tasted the same as mine. Then flinched
as the thought sent a tingle through my... pussy. I was
pretty aroused by the time I went to s****r Beth's room,
almost in tears at how frustrated I was.

"I think it might be too late," I sobbed to her.

She stroked my hair and told me it was ok and we would
fix it, all in a quiet and soothing voice. When I wiped
the tears away she asked me what was wrong.

"I-I'm always aroused, and... and I had to orgasm twice
last night... and..." I started sobbing as I said, "I
was still aroused."

"Oh you poor dear," she said, hugging me again. She
eventually wiped my eyes and looked at me seriously
before saying "Do you really want to fix this Betsy? I
won't be easy, and unfortunately, I think we might have
to do the full sexual training cycle to help."

"T-training cycle?" I asked.

"Yes, you know, the preparation training for women who
are getting married and want to learn what to do,"
s****r Beth said, then sighed. "You don't know do you,"
she shook her head and said. "A man will be very excited
and f***eful on his wedding night, so that isn't when
you want to find out you aren't ready for something. The
first week of marriage, a man will have years of lust
stored up, so will want to use his wife in all ways,
three or four times a day."

"Um... all ways?" I asked.

She patted my knee in a way that made clear she thought
I was a little slow in the head before saying "Yes dear,
you know, his wife's mouth, her..." she waited, nodding
expectantly until I mumbled "pussy," then she smiled
proudly and said, "and ass," she paused and said, "So it
can be a little traumatic unless you've had practice.
You can't practice with a man, that would be a sin, so
we do a training class using women so that no seed is

I was pretty lost, but also really sad because I was
getting aroused. "But we'll work out a way to do that if
you make it that far," She sighed and said, "I'll be
honest Betsy, I'm not sure you can do this. I don't
think it can't be fixed here, but I'm not sure you have
the will power to do it."

"Oh no," I said softly. "I will s****r Beth, I really
will. Please don't let me go crazy."

She nodded slowly, then sighed and stood up. "Sit on the
edge of my desk would you Betsy; let me see what we're
dealing with."

I wasn't sure why, but I sat on the desk, my legs
dangling above the floor. She stood in front of me and
took my chin to look into my eyes, turning my head
slowly to really look. She nodded slowly, the said, "I'm
going to touch you in places and in certain ways and I
want you to tell me if you feel aroused from it. The
truth please." She sounded like she was going to take my
temperature. When I nodded, she reached up to stroke a
finger down my neck, getting a gasp from me.

When I didn't say anything she looked questioningly at
me, so I f***ed myself to say yes. She ran her finger up
my neck, then sort of ran it behind my ear. When she
looked at me again I shamefacedly said, "Yes," she
looked a little surprised, but who wouldn't be, it was
my ear. Her finger came around to trace my lips for a
while, and I looked down and mumbled, "Yes."

When she pushed it into my mouth, I moaned a little, so
she said, "I'll take that as a yes." She shook her head
in exasperation, then reached down to unbutton my
blouse. I almost said something, but remembered she was
doing this to help me, and I had to be strong.

She pushed my blouse open and looked at my breasts in an
analytical way for a while. After a moment she nodded
and reached around to pop my bra loose, pushing my
blouse off and pulling the bra off. I was blushing
terribly, but telling myself I had to do these things to
keep from going crazy.

She looked back and forth a couple of times, then said,
"Hold still please."

When her hand cupped my breast my head kind of floated
back and I let out a long moan. "Shh dear, I'm
thinking." Her hand squeezed a couple of times, then
moved to the other one. My head had stayed back and I
kind of whimpered when she touched that one. "Yes...
yes," she muttered. Looking at my tilted head she said,
"I'm going to apply some direct stimulus. See how long
you can hold off the arousal." She waited until I said,
'Oh... okay."

Then... oh god... then she leaned down and sucked my
left nipple into her mouth.

Turns out I couldn't hold off the arousal for longer
than two seconds. I was afraid a demon had possessed me
as I grabbed her head and screeched a loud, "OH GOD!"
then my hips kind of humped up and down on the desk as
my place put out so much juice I thought I really had
peed myself. s****r Beth was nice about it, laying me
back onto her desk and soothing my brow until I
recovered, then helped me put my bra and blouse on.

When I was together she stood looking at me sadly before
saying, "This is really bad Betsy, are you really
willing to do this?"

"Yes s****r Beth," I begged, "Anything!"

She sighed as if she was hoping I would say no, then
said, "Ok. What I'll want you to do for the next two
days is work with Leila and the other roommate, what's
her name," she paused in thought. So I said, "Susan?"
She nodded abruptly and said, "Right, Susan. I think
we're dealing with a quite a few issues, so we'll just
look at a couple at first. One is your body is almost
insane with arousal, but the other is in your mind.
Everything seems to get you aroused now, so we need to
get you used to some of these things."

She tapped her lower lip in thought, then said,
"Tonight, I want you to try and draw the arousal to the
surface before having Leila touch your vagina. She
should kiss you like a man for a time, and massage your
breasts. When you're well aroused, she should touch your
vagina and see how long it takes for you to orgasm.
Please write down the time from when she touches your
vagina to the time of the orgasm." s****r Beth looked at
me to see if I was following.

I admitted, "Um... I kind of lost what you were saying."

She rolled her eyes in frustration, but said, "Fine,
I'll tell Leila later. Anyway, I want you to do the same
thing to Leila tonight, and Susan in the morning. Get up
a little earlier and meet her in her room. If you find
yourself aroused before class, have one of the girls
help you while you shower," s****r Beth sighed again in
frustration before saying, "We'll see how that goes for
two days. If it looks like you can manage those simple
things, we'll try to really start working on the

Start? This wasn't the stuff we needed to do? Wow. I was
really messed up. Leila was really sweet later, telling
me how proud she was that I was going to try to fix it,
and that she was so happy that I wanted her to help. She
really was such a nice person, going out of her way to
help me and doing all these extra things just for me.

"s****r Beth says you're really having trouble getting
control of this and wanted me to see if we could try to
bring the arousal out slowly so you can control it,"
Leila said with a helpful smile "I'm not really, you
know, very good at this, but I'll try my best," I really
had gotten lucky to have Leila as a roommate.

"I think you'll be more comfortable if we leave your top
on, don't you? But maybe take your bra off," Leila said,
"I know you don't mean too, but I think you think I'm
bad when I do this. If you keep your top on it will

"No... no," I mumbled, feeling like the bottom of a
smelly person's shoes, "It's ok," I finally talked her
into letting me take my top off, though she really felt
I should leave it on.

She had me lay back on the bed, then said, "Maybe if you
close your eyes it will help you stay calm," that
sounded like a great idea, so I closed my eyes and tried
to relax. I moaned loudly when her hand touched my

"Um Betsy," she said softly, her hand on my breast
"I'm... you know, just starting," I sobbed once, my eyes
closed and said "I know, I... I can't help it," "No,
it's ok, really. It... you know, surprised me," Leila
said in a voice that made me think she thought I might
try to kill her in her sl**p or something.

Her hand kept massaging my breast, making me breath
heavily, at least until she put her mouth on mine. I
moaned even louder, not sure why, but feeling as if my
whole body was hot for some reason. Leila kissed my lips
softly for a time, her hand cupping my breast for a
while, then squeezing it, then her fingers sort of
tracing along it. I was panting harshly though my nose,
my hips moving on their own, up and down and around.

"s****r Beth said to kiss like a man, but I'm not good
at it. I only learned it in the training class when I
was going to marry Jimmy, but he... well I don't want to
talk about it," Leila ended that with a kind of sob,
then leaned down and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I'm not sure if the orgasm counted or not, I'm pretty
sure s****r Beth said to time it 'after' she touched my
pussy. Anyway, I wrapped my arms around Leila's head and
pulled her against my shoulder as I gave a loud yell,
and I orgasmed. I'm pretty sure I peed because it felt
like my pussy squirted as it sort of clamped down, and
my butt muscles tightened up really hard. My back kind
of bowed a little as I gave a second screech.

I was really thinking I might have a demon because my
body did all that without me. My mind had kind of gone
sort of white, and I wasn't even aware I was saying
anything, but Leila told me later I screamed out the
word 'yes' for some reason.

"Um... I'm not sure you were supposed to do that," Leila
said, "but I guess we finish? Maybe?" She leaned in
again, putting her tongue in my mouth, making me moan

Thankfully she stopped massaging my breasts after about
five minutes, though when she kind of pinched my nipples
it made me groan sort of. He tongue was moving around a
lot, sort of caressing my teeth and lips, then pushing
into my mouth and touching my tongue.

I was horrified to realize I was moaning loudly as her
hand slid down and into my skirt. When her fingers
slipped under the tops of my panties, I sobbed into her
mouth, my pussy having such a strong itch, and I wanted
her hand to rub it so hard.

Her finger was kind of pressing hard as it slipped down,
and pushed down on my special spot. Somehow I managed to
wrap my legs around her as I yelled her name really
loudly. I'm embarrassed to say I think I rubbed myself
on her hand uncontrollably until I finished.

Leila put her hand to my mouth and I realized my juices
were actually dripping off of it. I wasn't sure if that
was a good or bad thing. It was supposed to make it
easier for the man's thing to slide in, so more would be
better right?

I was sort of sucking on her finger when I fell asl**p.
I didn't mean to, but it just kind of sucked me down.

When I woke up Leila was cuddled up to me, her hand on
my breast. I was kind of comfortable, and happy to
realize her hand only made me a little aroused. Maybe
this would work.

She woke up then, and sat up, moving to sit on her bed
sl**pily. I realized it kind of smelled strong in the
room, I was afraid it was my juices and hoped Leila
wouldn't be mad

"You didn't get a chance to do the rest, but I think you
were really tired. You had a hard day yesterday, so
s****r Beth should have thought of that," Leila said,
"Do you want to get both of them done this morning.
Maybe Susan and I can do the kissing stuff and you can
make us orgasm. I don't think s****r Beth will mind, and
we don't have time to do everything."

She was so smart. I would never have thought of it, but
I was kind of new at this, so I wasn't too mad at
myself. We stopped to wash our hands and brush our
teeth, and Susan was doing the same thing.

"Hey girls," Susan said sl**pily. "s****r Beth said I
was supposed to help Betsy. Can we do it in your room, I
don't want to mess mine up."

"sure," Leila said sweetly.

We all went back to our room and Leila said, "Why don't
we lie on Betsy's bed since it's already messed up. You
lie beside me Susan, and we'll do kissing stuff while
Betsy does what s****r Beth wants her to do, ok?"

Susan shrugged sort of sl**pily and laid down on the
bed. Leila slid in next to her and leaned over to begin
kissing Susan on the lips. I stood uncertainly, trying
to decided how to do this to both of them. I finally
kneeled between their bodies and put my hand on their
pussies. I realized neither had panties on. I had my
hands on their bare... naked... pussies. My head went
back again and I moaned loudly as my fingers traced
along the outside of their pussies. Oh god.

They had stopped kissing when I moaned, but went back to
it quickly. My mind sort of slipped down to my fingers
then, almost like I was using them to see with. My
fingers sort of traced the outsides, then dipped in a
little to run up the length of their damp pussies... oh
I was gasping for air as I pushed down harder, rubbing
back and forth, my whole body, er... hand moving through
their wetness. Susan let out a soft moan as I let out a
loud one. My pussy was itching and throbbing like mad,
my hips trying to push against something as my fingers
moved faster.

At one point I hit Leila's magic spot, getting a kind of
squeak from her. I was so tense I was kind of making uh
noises as I tried to draw air into my lungs. Susan was
really wet, my fingers sort of slipping and sliding
through her very wet, hot... pussy... oh god My fingers
were pushing in kind of deep as they moved up and down,
and I found the inner part of their pussies when I went
across them. I sort of dipped into the depths of their
wet... pussies. I sobbed loudly, my head back and hips
thrusting against nothing.

Leila moaned loudly as Susan began kind of grunting in
time with my fingers. I felt juices kind of squeeze out
of Susan's... pussy as she let out a sharp noise. I was
barely able to breath, and sweat was running down my
back as my hips tried to push my pussy against...

When Leila let out a loud moan and her pussy made a lot
of Juice, I orgasmed again, screaming something I wasn't
aware of as I kind of had a seizure of some kind. My
body was doing these sort of whiplash things as I yelled
once more. I could feel juices dripping down my leg as I
laid forward between the two girls.

I was kind of drifting when I heard Susan say to Leila
"Do you think s****r Beth can help her, it looks really
bad," Leila kind of whispered back "Yes. s****r Beth
said Betsy is really close to the edge, but if she does
what s****r Beth says, she'll be fine by the end of the
semester," That made me feel a lot better. I was glad
s****r Beth and Leila were going to help me.

There was a sort of drifty feel to the morning, but I
finally got clear headed for the afternoon. Luckily we
had study and homework period, so I had opportunities to
get my school work done before the evening. I was kind
of distracted when Katy, a short Hispanic looking girl,
helped Jessica, a black girl with her arousal. Jessica
looked like she was having problems like me, because
Katy was rubbing her breasts for her. Jessica was also a
little loud, saying "do it," kind of loudly. I was happy
to see Jessica complete the ritual, though I didn't
realize you were supposed to kiss too.

s****r Beth was working on papers when I came in so
waved me to a seat in front of her to say "sorry I'm so
busy, but I have to finish some papers," She glanced up
and said, "Do you have the sheets from Leila?"

I did actually, remembering just then that Leila had
given them to me. I handed two sheets to s****r Beth and
she read them as she talked "I hope things went well for
you dear," she said, "I'm interested to see how long you
were able to restrain your urges. It's a good indicator
of how deep into the program we'll have to go. If you
managed fifteen or twenty minutes that would be great.
Let's see you did..." she looked up at me in a sort of
frustrated way and said, "fifteen seconds"

I sobbed and said, "I'm s... sorry... I-I... couldn't
help it."

She came around to hug me, but didn't say anything until
I calmed down. Then looking at me seriously, she said,
"Betsy, do you really think you're up to the full
training program. I have to tell you, it's pretty
intense, and it will be very embarrassing for such a
sheltered and deprived girl like yourself."

"Pl-please," I begged.

She shook her head in frustration, then guided me to the
couch and looked at me very seriously before saying
"Betsy, this training is for women who are getting
married. It involves getting a prospective wife used to
the uses a husband will have for her," she paused and
said, "do you understand?"

I shook my head no miserably, knowing it should be
obvious, but I was so ignorant. She sighed again, then
said, "Betsy, we teach a girl how to use her mouth on
the man's penis. We use special penis's to perform
intercourse so she can stretch enough to accommodate a
man's penis. We use another one to perform anal
intercourse to do the same for the woman's ass. And we
have her learn how a man performs oral sex on her so she
knows what he must do."

I was blinking in shock, not really processing what she
said, "Wh-what?"

She smiled sadly and said, "I know dear, it really isn't
something you should do. I can recommend some schools
that will accommodate your special needs," She started
to get up, but I grabbed her arm and sobbed "No, please
s****r Beth, please, I want to, really I will," She
rubbed her face in frustration, then leaned back with a
sigh. "You are such a sweet girl I can't turn you away.
Do you really want to do this? Really?"

"Yes," I said loudly, "YES!"

Looking down for a moment, she said, "I'm not sure I'm
strong enough to put you through this Betsy, so if it
comes to it, you might need to convince me again. I hate
the thought of the struggle we will all have to do for

"I promise," I said, "Really s****r Beth, I'll do
anything I need to."

She said she would work out how they would make things
work and wanted me to do another day with Leila and
Susan, but she wanted Leila to use her mouth on my
breasts to see if I had the same reaction as I had when
s****r Beth did it.

I was sort of proud that I didn't orgasm until Leila
sucked my left breast into her mouth. She had started on
the right, so I held it off for the first one. I thought
it showed progress. Unfortunately I fell asl**p again
and woke up with Leila snuggled up with me.

She seemed kind of disappointed with me, but just said
maybe we could just use the showers. Susan and Leila
stood next to me, their backs to the wall as I put my
hands on their... wet... pussies. They took turns
kissing me, and sort of massaged mine and each other's
It did seem more efficient. I wasn't really aware of
their mouths on mine as my brain moved to my fingers
again. Standing like this I found my fingers tended to
curl slightly, and they pushed in a little deeper. Into
their wet... wet... pussies.

I realized my head was being held up by the girls as I
moaned and grunted and they took turns pushing their
tongues into my mouth. Their pussies felt like molten
happiness as a finger on each hand kind of pushed into
them. I squealed a little as I realized I had a finger
inside their... their... pussies. My knees gave out when
I orgasmed, but they caught me and held me up as I
thrashed and moaned. The eventually let me sit on the
floor as they kind of clinched and pushed their fingers
into each other's pussies.

They were nice enough to get me moving, and Leila made
sure I made it to my first class. I was slightly dazed
still, and it was a moment before I realize the girl
next to me, Julie, hand a hand on my knee.

"Do you need help, you look rough," she whispered

I smiled softly and said, "No thank you, but thank you
for asking."

She looked at me a little strangely, but I knew that was
because I was so close to being crazy. s****r Joanne
asked me to stay after class, and I was really worried.
My mind had kind of drifted to realizing I hadn't done
the ritual with Susan and Leila, and wondering if I
should have licked their... juices myself. I had kind of
moaned then, getting looks from the girls around me like
they thought I might pull out a knife and start stabbing

"Betsy," s****r Joanne said worriedly, sitting in her
chair while I stood in front of her, "I'm really worried
about you. You seem to be losing control of your
arousal. It makes it harder for the girls around you to
control themselves too."

She looked at me in a squinty kind of way and said, "You
do know about that right. s****r Mary said she thought
you might be... unknowledgeable about your body."

The way she said unknowledgeable made me think she meant
to say slow. I wanted to cry because I really didn't
know what she meant. I sobbed a little as I shook my
head no. She sighed like s****r Beth does and said, "You
know that your womanly juices have an odor right?"

I nodded yes, remembering how strong my room smelled.

"It's meant to signal you are ready for a man to use
your body, but it also causes the people around you to
become aroused," s****r Joanne said patiently "It was ok
in the ancient days when there were few people, but now
you have to be considerate of those around you," She
raised an eyebrow in point as she said, "When you become
aroused in class, it makes the girls around you

She tapped me between my breasts with a finger and said,
"You are aroused right now Betsy, and it is making me
aroused. I'm going to have to ask Mistress Angela to
help me tonight, and she'll be disappointed in my lack
of control."

I started crying softly, mortified that I had caused so
much trouble. "I'm s-sorry s****r, s****r Beth is... is
helping me," I sobbed.

She blinked in surprise, then said, "She is," then she
got an exasperated look before saying "she should have
told me, I would have made some arrangements to make
things easier for you," she shook her head and said,
"I'm sorry dear, I'll speak with her and find out what
she wants to do. If anyone can help you she can," she
looked severe as she said, "as long as you do what she

I nodded agreement a dozen times, giving her a hopeful
smile, so she kind of laughed and said, "Very well,
you're such a sweet girl Betsy. Go on now."

s****r Beth was waiting with Head Mistress Angela when I
got to her office. I gasped in fear, afraid they were
going to kick me out, or maybe even send me to a mental
hospital. When a tear dripped down my chin, Mistress
Angela stepped over and hugged me tight.

I really should be locked up. Mistress Angela was old,
probably forty, but she was very pretty, even if she
looked very severe most of the time. But... she had
really large breasts, and when she hugged me, my face
kind of... touched them. I held back the moan of arousal
through the grace of god. "There, there sweet c***d,
nothing is wrong," she stroked my hair as my face
pressed into her habit, mooshing down into her
surprisingly firm breasts. Please help me Jesus, give me
strength I thought as I opened my mouth to breath

She finally let me up, then guided me to a chair as she
sat on the couch. s****r Beth was in the chair next to
me as we talked.

"s****r Beth says she feels you need to go through an
expanded training program Betsy, and I wanted to see if
that was true." She looked at s****r Beth for a moment,
then said, "You are such a sweet, naïve young girl that
I'm really not sure things can be as bad as she says and
I want to make sure you don't do anything you don't need
to." I wasn't sure what to say, so just looked between
them, hating myself for comparing Mistress Angela's
breasts to s****r Beth's.

"Mistress," s****r Beth said, "I know it seems hard to
believe, but she's repressed her arousal her whole life.
Everything, I mean everything arouses her."

Mistress Angela looked doubtful as she leaned back and
looked at me. She finally said, "Very well, we'll see
how bad things are," Looking at me, she said, "Betsy, my
c***d, I'm going to do something that would never arouse
someone who doesn't have severe problems. Will you let
me try this?" I nodded slowly, really hoping it would
work the way she said.

"Now," Mistress Angela said, waving me over to her, "I
am going to punish you, but not because you've been bad,
but to show s****r Beth that not everything will arouse
you. A punishment is meant to teach a girl that she has
been bad, and there is no way it should arouse you
unless you are in severe distress.," She looked up at me
as I stood above her and said, "Will that be ok?"

I was kind of confused, but nodded and said, "Yes
Mistress Angela"

She smiled proudly at me and said, "Very good c***d, now
I want you to lay across my lap, and I'll give you a
small spanking. This should clear up any question of
whether you need to do an expanded training program,"
That made sense didn't it? I wouldn't become aroused
while being punished, that would be... well... insane.

Mistress Angela guided me face down over her lap, my
head and arms on the cushion, and my legs on the other
side. My butt was kind of sticking up in the air, but I
was only a little embarrassed. "I'm going to make this
kind of painful Betsy, to be sure, I'm sorry," Mistress
Angela said, so I mumbled "Ok," Then things went wrong.

Mistress Angela rested her hand on my butt, then let it
slide down to the bottom of my skirt before moving it
back up and flipping my skirt out of the way. My panty
covered butt was showing now. I almost gasped when I
realized my panties were still kind of wet from being
aroused earlier.

"Hmm," Mistress Angela said softly as her hand kind of
ran over my butt, then slipped down to trace over the
dampness of my panties. I'm sure she didn't mean to, but
her fingers kind of pressed my pussy a little, making me
open my mouth wide to hold in a moan.

"she has been very aroused today," Mistress Angela said
speculatively, but moved to say "Well, let's get this
done," I thought she was going to hit me, but instead
she reached up and pulled my panties down to below my
butt. I breathed out really hard as my panties kind of
pulled loose from my pussy. "Hmmm," Mistress Angela said
again, her fingers sliding between my legs a little way.
My panties kind of held them together, so she had to
push in a little. I was panting kind of hard through my
open mouth, really trying to keep from being aroused.

"You might ask one of her roommates to remove this hair.
If she is having problems with arousal, it will cause
problems," Mistress Angela said. "Yes ma'am," s****r
Beth answered "I'm going to spank you now dear. I'm
sorry if it hurts a little, and I will understand if you
have to cry some. I'll try to sooth the pain between
swats," she said sympathetically. I kind of grunted a
yes back, then tensed.

Her hand sort of stroked my butt cheeks for a few
seconds, then I felt her hand rise slowly. I tensed
harder, anticipating the hit, then gave a short squeak
when her hand slapped my ass. It did hurt just a little,
but I was horrified to realize it made my tummy clench
with those aroused feeling. I let out a sob of despair,
but Mistress Angela said, "I'm sorry c***d, I'll let
that fade a little."

She started massaging my butt cheeks, rubbing them
softly and letting her hand stroke up and down. I kind
of grunted when her finger accidently slipped between my
legs and stroked the bottom of my pussy.

My breath was kind of coming in short grunts as I felt
her hand rise again. I squeaked louder when it hit, my
tummy sending a pulse form my p-pussy to my head.

"Shh, little one, I'm sorry," Mistress Angela said as
she rubbed my butt. Her finger touched my pussy by
accident again, so she moved her hand up. This caused
her to kind of run her finger up my butt crack. When it
crossed my hole, I remembered s****r Beth saying a man
would put his thing in there and spray his seed. My
craziness came out again as I let out a soft moan at the

"There, there," Mistress Angela said, "just a couple

I kind of grunted in anticipation as her hand went up
again, but let out a sort of grunting moan when it hit,
my pussy sort of rubbing itself down onto her thigh. I
tried to stop it, but it wasn't something I could
control. I wondered if I might really be possessed.

I sobbed a little, making Mistress Angela feel bad and
causing her to rub my butt longer. Her hand felt really,
really good on my cheeks as it stroked them. My butt
seemed super sensitive now, and her fingers sent tingles
up my spine, and shamefully down into my pussy. Her
finger accidently touched my butthole again, making me
moan, then sob a little at the spike of intense...
something that went through me.

I kind of said, "uh-uh," as she raised her hand, then
let out a kind of loud shriek when it hit. That's when I
knew they needed to make sure I never had a knife or
anything, because I orgasmed with a really loud scream.
Really loud. My mind fuzzed out and my body sort of
humped Mistress Angela's leg as my pussy soaked her with
my woman juices.

I was sort of making grunting noises and drooling on the
couch cushion when s****r Beth knelt down to give me a
concerned look. When she saw me looking, she sat back
and said, "What do you think Mistress?"

Mistress Angela sort of sighed as her hand stroked my
tender butt, her loving nature keeping her from pushing
me away for being so awful. "It's even worse than you
said s****r Beth, do you really think you can help?"

"Yes," s****r Beth said strongly "Betsy is one of the
sweetest girls I've ever met, and her roommate Leila
says she will do anything to help," she paused, then
said, "I'm sorry Mistress Angela, but I think it would
be best if you worked with her a little. She needs your
firm guidance to help during this."

I was still kind of floating, enjoying the feel of
Mistress Angela's hand as she comforted me, when she
said, "Very well s****r Beth, I will tell the other
s****rs to work with you on this. I agree Betsy seems to
be a very loving and sweet c***d, so I want to help if
we can," she paused then, and said sadly, "but this will
cause problems for the other students.

Her arousal will make it harder for the students and
teachers to control their own arousal. s****r Joanne
told me earlier she would need my help with hers, and
she is normally very strong."

"Yes ma'am," s****r Beth said, "If you allow it, we
might be able to arrange for special dispensation to
help during the classes. Perhaps young Betsy can aid her
fellow students and teachers in their arousal. It would
help her I think to deal with her own as she helps them.
When you have taught her more advanced methods, she will
be able to use them."

I was kind of nodding in agreement, so thankful that
s****r Beth was willing to do all this for me. Mistress
Angela slid my panties up, then helped me sit on the
couch. She held my hand and looked into my face
worriedly as she said, "Is this what you want Betsy? I
can help get you transferred to a special school for
girls with your problems."

"No please Mistress Angela," I begged "I'll do all that,
I really will!"

She reached up to stroke my face and said, "Very well.
You must obey s****r Beth in all things sweet girl. I
must insist you finish this if we make these changes for
you," I nodded eagerly, ready to do anything for them.

Mistress Angels sighed and stood up, the wet spot on her
habit very obvious. I blushed, but they didn't comment
on it. "I'll work with her tonight to gauge her
knowledge and sensitivity, then you can let me know when
you feel she is ready for training."

s****r Beth nodded respectfully as Mistress Angela left.
She sort of sighed and turned back to help me stand and
lead me to the door. "As it is Saturday tomorrow, I'll
let s****r Mary know you may be late for study group.
Please report to Mistress Angela's rooms after dinner so
she can work with you a little. Do what she says and try
hard to keep from acting like what she is doing is bad.
I'm really surprised she agreed to let you stay, but I
think that the nice things Leila said about you tipped
the balance."

Leila was waiting when I got back and comforted me as I
cried and told her how awful I was. She hugged me and
rubbed my back until I realized my face was on her
breasts. I think she could tell when I suddenly became
aroused, because she pulled me back to look in my face.

"Is it coming over you again?" she asked.

I nodded miserably, but she just took my hand and said,
"Don't you get depressed now Betsy, I'm going keep you

I sort of sobbed and hugged her, mumbling how great she

She wiped a tear from my eye and said, "I'll let you
practice on me anytime you want, and I'll help you
whenever the arousal gets to strong."

I felt so bad for putting her through this and said,
"Really? You'll do that for me?" I asked. That got a
sort of sweet smile as she said, "Oh Betsy, I love you
like a s****r already. Of course I'll do that for you."
I told her I had to see Mistress Angela tonight, and she
said that was a good thing, that Mistress Angela would
be able to help if anyone could.

She was so sweet when she walked with me to Mistress
Angela's room, then gave me a small kiss on the cheek
before leaving. She really was such a good person.

Mistress was waiting when I got there and ushered me in.
I blinked when she opened the door, not recognizing her
out of her habit. I blushed terribly as I walked in,
realizing I could see the tops of her breasts in the
soft pull over top she had on. And she had on shorts.
Really, shorts. She was tall, fairly thin, with those
large breasts. She was old, forty I heard, but I didn't
see any grey. I sat very erect on the couch as she sat
down beside me. She put an arm along the top of the
couch and looked at me seriously as I half turned to
face her.

"This is an unusual situation Betsy. I would normally
have required you be sent for professional help, but
both s****r Beth and young Leila are adamant that we can
help you," she said softly I nodded, hoping she hadn't
changed her mind.

"Do you truly understand what is going to be expected of
you?" she asked "Um... yes, I think so," I muttered She
kind of waved a hand, so I said, "Um... the training
program and, well, getting used to my arousal," I was
mumbling a little, and I could see it irritated her.

She sighed and said, "I am going to be very blunt and
clear now Betsy. You are fairly uninformed I believe,
and think you really don't understand," I nodded
quickly, so she said, "You will have to act as the wife
or husband for each of the s****rs, and probably one or
two students. You will need to give and receive relief
from anyone who can or does need it," I blinked a
little, then said, "Um... wife or husband?"

That got a firm nod as she said, "Exactly. Would you
like to withdraw? I will not think less of you dear

"No... um no," I said quickly "Um... but what is... I
mean... what?"

She rolled her eyes and said, "the easiest way to deal
with you extreme arousal issues is the way god designed
us to. A husband and wife are there to provide sexual
relief to each other. It would be sinful for a man to do
this for you, so we will act as surrogates," she paused
and looked at me very seriously as she said, "You will
use your mouth, vagina and ass to service your surrogate

My mouth dropped in shock, but I sort of remembered
s****r Beth saying this. "Yes," Mistress said, "and you
will act as husband for them. I know this is really more
than you are prepared for Betsy," She sort of leaned
forward as if she was getting up and said, "Let me show
you information on some of the other places. They won't
keep you restrained as much as people say, and you are
allowed visitors," Visitors? Restrained? Um... what?

"No!" I said too loudly. "Um... I mean no, this is

She leaned back in frustration, then said, "do you
really understand Betsy, because this will be an
incredible amount of work for the s****rs and I don't
want to waste their time," I was crying a little now as
I said, "Yes... yes I do. Husband, wife, I can do it."

That got another sigh as she watched me, finally shaking
her head, she said, "Very well. I think we'll use
tonight as a test. If you don't manage this, we won't
have lost much time," she sort of nodded to herself,
then said, "We'll try a short experiment with me as
husband and you as wife, then reverse it later. Since
you probably won't want to continue after tonight, we
won't do intercourse of pussy or ass."

I blushed at the bad words, but was very relieved to
hear that. In my ass? It still sounded weird. "Ok," I

She leaned forward with a very severe look and said,
"You may stop this at any time and I will arrange other
opportunities at the instituitio... I mean schools,"
Institutions. That's what she was going to say. They
wanted to lock me in the crazy house. "Oh... ok. I won't
Mistress Angela," I stuttered out.

She shrugged then and said, "the first duty of the wife
is to give her body unto her husband. He will take great
pleasure in the sight and touch of it, and his duty is
to ensure his wife enjoys it and is aroused and slick
for his entrance. I will be the husband and will enjoy
your body for a time, then stimulate you to orgasm to
ensure arousal," I was nodding in agreement though I
wasn't really sure what all she had said.

When she saw me nod she said, "Men are somewhat rougher
and I will try to simulate that, but you do not have to
when you act as the husband if you do not want to," she
paused and said, "Remember, if you tell me to stop, I
will not mind, and will help you find a... school."

When I nodded, she stood up and sort of looked distant
for a moment, then pulled me up by the hand and wrapped
her arms around me as she said, "I want to enjoy your
body wife." Then she kissed me.

I don't really know why my body does the things it does,
but it moaned when she did this. My hands kind of went
around her neck and I kind of sagged into her. She had
one hand down on my butt, and the other around my waist
as she began letting her tongue move into my mouth like
Leila and Susan had. It seemed odd to moan into
someone's mouth, but Mistress didn't say anything.

She eventually pulled her tongue out and began kissing
the side of my neck, making it easier to breath, but
making me realize my neck was one of the places that
made me aroused. My ear too, though I wasn't sure about
that one. Her hand on my butt was kind of squeezing as
she sucked on my neck.

I let out a squeak when the hand on my butt moved up to
cup my breast. I knew men liked breasts, and had found
myself oddly drawn to them too, so quite understood why
Mistress fondled mine. It didn't stop me from moaning
and my body from trying to rub it's pussy against
Mistresses leg.

She did this for about a minute, the pushed me back on
the couch and knelt in front of me. She put a hand
behind my head and pulled me onto her lips again,
thrusting her tongue in my mouth sort of like Susan did
with her fingers on Leila. My hands were around her neck
as she brought both of hers down and began to unbutton
my blouse.

I almost said something, but remembered not to, and just
held on and sort of sucked on her tongue. Sucked on her
tongue I thought with a loud moan. She pushed my blouse
off, then reached around to undo my bra. I had to open
my mouth wide to breath as her hand came back to cup my
naked breast. She did things to them then, cupping them,
rubbing them, even pinching the nipples until I was kind
of making loud moaning noises and breathing really fast.

I squeaked again, startled as she laid me back and slid
next to me, propped on her arm over top. I was panting
like a runner as she leaned down to lick, then suck on
my nipple. I was sort of panting 'no' over and over as I
fought of the demon inside me. He was making my hips
push up and down as if he wanted to hump something.

When she kind of bit my nipple and pulled up, it was too
much. My body orgasmed, and I screamed something I hoped
wasn't a bad word. She just stayed where she was, my
nipple between her teeth as I kind of threw myself
around her mouth. My... pussy was very wet, so I figured
she would stop, but she let a hand slide down and under
my skirt and into my panties. I arched back some,
deciding she wanted to be sure.

Her fingers slid between my slick pussy lips, then began
moving back and forth. My body was thrashing again as I
said, 'oh god' in a constant stream. She was still
sucking on my breasts as her finger sort of pushed into
my place. I gave a loud screech of surprise, and oddly
enough, I think a spurt of my juices. Hopefully that
doesn't happen every time I'm surprised or I would never
visit another haunted house again.

My hands were holding her head as she kind of sucked the
side of my breast into her mouth, and her finger slipped
to the second knuckle inside me. An unfortunate accident
on the playground had lost my hymen according to my
mother, so I hoped Mistress didn't think I was some slut
who slept with boys. I think the demon orgasm was going
to overtake me soon when she stopped and pulled her hand

I was panting and twitching, the horrible, deep itching
sensation in my pussy driving me to rub it against
anything, when I was surprised again. I didn't squirt
this time which was reassuring. She kind of pulled my
legs around, then slid her hands up my thighs to grasp
the top of my panties. I gasped as she pulled them down
and off me. My head was sort of held up, looking down at
her as she looked at me. Her hands came back up and
began sliding up the outside of my thighs, pushing my
skirt up. Oh my god, she would see my pussy.

I remembered at the last moment not to say anything. It
was really strange when I realized I had a hand to my
mouth and was moaning really loudly as I watched my
skirt clear my pussy and reveal it to her. She licked
her lips, then began moving her mouth down toward it. I
should have done something I think, but the only thing I
did was sort of let out a steam whistle sound and push
my pussy toward her.

When her mouth touched my pussy, my whole world kind of
exploded in lights and stars and I'm pretty sure I
screamed loud enough for the passing cars to hear. She
kind of held me down as I screamed a couple of more
times and my legs wrapped around her. I was really
embarrassed when I realized that later, but didn't
notice it as my insides seemed to clamp up and push down
and out of my pussy.

Whatever had taken over my body sent long waves of
pleasure up down me, surging up from where Mistress
Angela had her tongue. Even when it sort of faded, the
feel of her mouth, and the way her tongue pushed into me
made me moan and sob continuously.

When one of her fingers pushed into my channel the demon
inside took over and I grabbed Mistress Angela's hair
with both hands and shoved my pussy at her. My head
wasn't even looking that way since my head was tilted so
far back I was almost looking backward, my eyes were
closed, and my mouth was wide open as I made the
weirdest noises.

Her finger kind of twitched in me and her tongue hit the
spot on my pussy that I heard called a clitoris, but I
knew was some kind of devil thing because it made my
body do things on its own. I could hardly breathe from
the sensations her tongue were causing, but then she hit
a spot with her finger inside me that sent a jolt from
my butt to my heart. The combination was to much for me
and I think I might have died.

I screamed really, really loud, and I think I squeezed
Mistress Angela's head really hard with my legs. But
really, it wasn't my fault since all I could do was see
weird colors and feel my body having some kind of
seizure. It seems odd, but it all felt very good, even
while I was horrified it was happening. I really did
need help badly.

I think Mistress Angela resuscitated me, because I came
back to find her finger in my mouth. When I opened my
eyes she was sitting with my head in her lap, her finger
in my mouth. I recognized my womanly juices and was
thankful she remembered to complete the ritual since I
had totally forgotten it, along with pretty much
everything else.

When she took her finger out I asked her "Can you save
me?" dreading her answer, but knowing it had to be that
I would go to an institution because she was afraid I
might crush someone's head with my legs.

"Yes sweet c***d," she said soothingly "we can. You are
in really bad shape, but I cannot see sending such a
sweet girl to an institutio... school," I sobbed in
relief and thanked her a dozen times as she pulled me
up. Holding me she said, "You need to lick your juices
off my face now dear, we must finish what we start," Oh,
I hadn't realized I had to do that, I felt like such an

I leaned forward and began running my tongue along her
face, licking my juices off her face. I was so angry
with myself when I realized I was aroused again.
Mistress Angela had just sacrificed so much for me, and
I couldn't even be good for a half hour.

When I was finished she leaned back to look at me. I was
sitting kind of primly for someone with no top and a
rumpled skirt, but I didn't want her to think I was
slovenly just because my clothes were.

"Judging by what just happened," Mistress said, "You
have years... "she stressed years "of arousal built up
inside you. Having you act as the husband now will show
me if doing that will help you relieve some of the
pressure," she sighed and looked kind of upset as she
said, "otherwise the s****rs and your fellow students
will have to do all the work,"

"Oh no Mistress," I said, "I'll do whatever I can."

She nodded and said, "Well, I guess this is something I
need to do," I think she really didn't like the idea of
being the wife for me, but was doing it because she was
such a caring person. I knew I had to put as much effort
as she did into this or I would be the lowest of rotten
people. "What do I need to do Mistress?"

She kind of grimaced, but said, "You'll need to do what
I did to you. Kissing, some breast manipulation with
hands and mouth, then use your hands and mouth on my
vagina," I waited for more, but she just raised an
eyebrow sort of impatiently, so I slid closer. I raised
my hands, then kind of fluttered them around, not sure
what to do next. Do I put them around her, on her
shoulders, or even on her... breasts?

"Come Betsy," she said impatiently "pretend you are a
sex crazed man and you wanted to use my mouth, breasts
and vagina for your pleasure. Pretend you have to be
f***eful and make me give them to you," My mouth dropped
open as I stared and thought 'sex crazed man?' She was
looking more impatient so I thought about a movie I
accidently watched where a man used a woman for sex
without her permission. It didn't really show what he
did in detail, but I remember what he did and said.

"Um... like... like a bad man?" I whispered

She kind of clapped her hands and said, "We need to do
this tonight, so be a really bad man. I promise as a
s****r I will not hold your actions against you."

"Um... um... ok," I muttered, standing up and kind of
still deciding what to do with my hands. In the movie
the man sort of grabbed the woman and kissed her hard,
yelling bad things at her. I sighed, deciding if
Mistress was going to do something she didn't want, I
should be willing to do the same.

I nodded, then kind of dove on top of Mistress, grabbing
her head with my hands and kissing her hard. I only had
the experience with Leila and Susan, but kissing seemed
to be about putting your tongue in the other persons
mouth and exploring.

Mistress made a kind of startled noise, but I held her
head and shoved my tongue deep inside and moved it
around. I was trying to remember everything as I did
this and Mistress's hands kind of rested on my shoulders
and she grunted a little. Oh yeah, the shouting, then
rubbing stuff. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head
back and yelled "You want it bitch, suck my tongue!"

I wasn't really sure why, but yelling like that made my
pla... pussy twinge again. She gasped loudly before I
put my mouth on hers and held my tongue out. Sucking the

I remembered during the movie that really didn't make
sense, but now as Mistress began sucking on my tongue,
it was... arousing. Hands, I remembered. Holding her
hair with one, I grabbed her breast with the other. I
didn't actually see in the movie what the man did, but I
assumed he was wanting to feel it since I had heard men
always wanted to put their hands on girls breasts.

My hand was squeezing her large breasts, and I was
surprised how firm they were. I thought such large
breasts would be soft like a pillow, but they weren't. I
almost sobbed as I squeezed her breasts and she sucked
on my tongue, because I was aroused again. Why? Why am I
always aroused? I pulled my tongue out and licked her
face. During the movie it had seemed strange, but now I
was thinking maybe the woman had sex juice on it.

I positioned my hips between hers and kind of thrust
them against hers while I squeezed her breast and said,
"Your pussy is mine bitch. Tell me you want me to eat
that slutty pussy." My memory has always been good, and
I was happy it was, because making these weird things up
would never have happened.

Mistress Angela was such a sacrificing woman that she
went along with it and kind of gasped out "Eat me, oh
god eat me," I suppose she could say that, being a nun
and all, but it seemed kind of wrong to call on god to
do that since I was supposed to. But she probably did it
for me, hoping a miracle would happen and save me. No
such luck.

The grinding of hips was making my pussy get a really
deep itch and I let out a moan or two without realizing
it. Grabbing her hair and forcing her head back, I sat
up a little and reached down to pull her top over her
breasts. She didn't have a bra on, and her breasts were
very large.

The largest I had seen, and for some reason I sort of
gasped, then moaned. I pushed down and sucked the end of
one breast into my mouth as she let out a really loud
moan. While I suckled on her breast, I was remembering
the next step. Kiss, curse, tongue suck, curse, breasts.
Oh yeah.

I sort of nibbled and fondled for a minute as I thought,
then pulled back and kind of threw Mistress onto her
stomach and with one hand pushing her shoulders into the
couch, I used the other to slip her skirt up, revealing
her panties. They were a pretty pink color, but they
were very wet around her place, so she must have been
aroused. She really was a saint. I bet she was having to
think of nice things while I did this to be aroused.

Pulling my hand back, I slapped her butt cheeks and
said, "don't move bitch, or I'll bend you over and fuck
you up the ass," That really was in the movie because I
would never have thought of it. I remember thinking at
the time that it didn't make any sense, but now I
realized men would put their things in a woman's butt.

Mistress kind of let out a really long moan and her hips
ground against the couch as I pushed my hand down and
grabbed her place. At first I thought she was peeing,
then realized she was having an orgasm. Something I was
thinking might happen to me soon as I looked at her
panty covered butt and felt her really wet panties. I
ground my hand into her for a bit, then reached up and
pulled them down to her knees, reaching back up to put
my hand on her pussy again.

I was panting pretty hard, but nowhere near as hard as
Mistress was. I was working hard on remembering, but my
arousal was kind of messing things up as I let my
fingers push against her place longer than I was
supposed do. Shaking my head I leaned over her, hand
still on her pla... pussy, grabbed her hair and pulled
her head back before saying "You want my tongue in your
pussy don't you bitch?"

The man kept saying bitch, and I knew it was a bad word,
so using it seemed wrong, but I couldn't think of a word
to replace it. I thought about saying 'bad woman' but it
didn't seem to really work. Mistress Angela surprised me
by sort of screaming "Yes, eat me. Oh Jesus lick my
pussy," If my internal demon hadn't been so in control,
I think a nun begging for Jesus to lick her pussy would
have thrown me off a little. But I really didn't hear
much, only remembering it later.

Something wasn't completely right because I was kind of
pushing her face into the couch as I shoved my middle
finger into her pussy hard. Then I licked her ear. That
was really strange, her ear. I think if s****r Beth
hadn't realized I had a problem, I would be totally
crazy now, probably licking people's ears in stores and
stuff. But I did, and my fingers were making very vulgar
noises as I shoved it into her place. In and out a lot,
and really kind of hard.

I finally got control and pulled back, flipping Mistress
over again and lifting her legs to yank her panties off.

She had some lines on her face from the couch cushions,
but she was also very red and kind of drooling. I was
somehow standing over her, her legs in my arms, looking
up at me I said, "Oh yeah, that's my hot little pussy."

The next part made me feel both good, and really bad. I
sort of dropped to my knees and shoved my mouth against
her pussy as she screamed really loud. I mean ear
piercing loud, but it didn't sound as loud to me because
her legs came up to try and crush my head. That made me
feel better about doing it to her, which is why she did
it I'm sure. But... I orgasmed too.

From putting my mouth on a woman's vagina, which was
really worse than an ear if you think about it. I was
moaning and kind of crying in shame as her juices kind
of flowed out and into my mouth. I really didn't think
about it since we are supposed to lick it clean for the
ritual, it must have seemed natural to do.

It was actually kind of nice, though again the taste
aroused me like it had the first time. Though not
immediately, since I was orgasming and licking her
juices and moaning and crying as she squeezed my head
with her legs and made those really loud screams.

I don't think we did that for too long before she kind
of collapsed and her legs released my head. I licked her
juices for a while, then peeked up to see her sort of
staring at the wall, panting really fast. I eased out
from between her legs and crawled over beside her head
and said, "I'm sorry Mistress Angela, I tried to do what
that movie showed, but I probably messed it up. Are you
mad at me."

She really didn't focus on me for a while, then her eyes
drifted down as she caressed my face softly. Then I saw
her gather herself as she said, "I'm not mad Betsy. I
know you try as hard as you can and you can't help not
knowing how to do these things." She sat up and pulled
me up beside her to start licking my face clean. I had
forgotten again.

"You try so hard, and are such a sweet girl, that I'll
try to set some time aside for you to practice some more
during the evenings," she said. I sort of cried a little
and hugged her as she soothed me, sobbing thank you to

I could feel her breasts on mine and hated myself for
getting aroused again. "I think s****r Beth is right and
we can make this work," Mistress Angela said, "I know
you find it hard c***d, but I think using your mouth on
my vagina really f***ed your body to work some of the
stress and arousal out. I'd like you to continue that
for a while before we try anything else," That made me a
little conflicted. I was happy that she was happy, but
the mouth and vagina thing seemed wrong, though my body
did find it arousing. I knew that because I was becoming
aroused at the thought of doing it.

She caressed my cheek thoughtfully, then said, "It's
early enough, I think you should ask young Leila if she
will let you do that to her. I know it's a terrible
inconvenience for her, but if she will make that
sacrifice for you fairly often, it should speed the
process up," Oh dear, Leila had done so much for me
already that it seemed wrong to ask it of her.

"A-are you sure Mistress? I hate to ask Leila to f***e
herself to do this," "The gift is in the giving dear,"
Mistress said, "I believe Leila will receive back
goodness greater than she offers. A sacrifice now is
rewarded by plenty later," I nodded, remembering that
lesson. Perhaps Leila would get something nice later
because she let me lick her vagina.

"thank you Mistress," I said.

She kissed my forehead and helped me put my clothes
together before sending me back to my room.

Leila was sitting in bed reading when I came in. She
dropped the book and hugged me tight with a big smile
and said, "How did it go? Did Mistress help? Did she say
you would be ok? Is there anything you need?"

I had a hard time keeping up, but I tried, so I said,
"Good, yes, probably, yes," Leila blinked and looked at
me suspiciously for a moment, so I said, "Was that
wrong? I couldn't remember all your questions," She
giggled then and said, "All right I think. So it went
well, that's great. Did you say you need something? I'll
do it, whatever it is I'll do it for you."

That got me to crying a little at how nice she was, but
she comforted me, even knowing that I got aroused when
her breasts touched my face. I wiped the tears and said,
"I-I know this is a lot to ask, but... but Mistress
Angela said I should... you know do the mouth and vagina
thing... well... often."

"Oh," Leila said, in a kind of discouraged voice before
adding "You need someone to do that with?" I nodded
miserably, but she shook herself and said, "Well were
s****rs now and if your s****r won't do that for you,
who will?"

That confused me a little, not really sure if that made
sense, but really proud that she thought of us as

"Ok," Leila said, "let's do this on your bed. I'll lay
back and you can do your practice work."

"Thank you Leila," I said shyly, knowing what a
sacrifice this was. She just smiled and pulled her skirt
and panties off, then shucked her top too for some
reason, before lying naked on the bed.

"Your clothes get sweaty if you leave them on," she

That made a lot of sense, and I got a lot of girl juice
on mine with Mistress Angela. I pulled my clothes off,
blushing as Leila looked at me. "Did anyone tell you it
is cleaner to have someone shave your vagina hair?"

I blushed but nodded yes and said, "Mistress Angela said
I should ask you or Susan to do it"

She grinned and patted her vagina as she said, "Well,
we'll get this done, and maybe be able to shave you in
the morning,"

I crawled onto the bed, sliding between her legs,
blushing, but trying not to make her feel bad. When I
hesitated, Leila said, "What did you do with Mistress
Angela, didn't you do this already," That brought tears
again as I said, "I-I was terrible. It was so awful for
her," Leila sat up and hugged me tight, her breasts
rubbing mine. It was my first thought when she hugged
me, that her breasts were touching me. God I hoped I
didn't suddenly start licking her ear or trying to crush
her head.

"It's ok Betsy, I'll show you first, then you can do
it," she wiped my tears from my cheeks and smiled
hopefully at me "Ok?"

I nodded and said, "I'm sorry you have to do this
Leila," in a soft voice

"Anything for my s****r," she said brightly, guiding me
to my back and settling down on her front, her face by
my place and looking up to where my head was on the
pillows. "I'm not very good either Betsy, but I'll do
what I can. Tell me if it hurts or you don't like it,"
she said I wanted to say I wouldn't like it, but just
having her face down there brought my demon out.

My place was getting wet again, and I was kind of
gasping for breath as I stared at her mouth. She gave me
a warm smile as she started kissing the insides of my
thighs, then kind of talked while she kissed "This helps
I think to make it nicer. It seems rude to just put your
tongue in someone's pussy."

She paused then said, "Should I say pussy? s****r Beth
said you were supposed to, but I won't if you don't want
me to," My first response was kind of a grunting sound
as she licked my thigh.

I managed a gaspe,d "Ok... It... It's ok..."

"Great," she said, licking a long line almost to my
pl... pussy, getting a long moan from my demon.

"Wow Betsy," she said, as I felt her breath on my pussy,
"you're really wet"

Then she kissed me right on my pussy. Her lips touched
me there and they felt so warm and soft and hot and...
and other things. When her tongue kind of slid between
my pussy lips I gave a sort of sobbing scream and pushed
my hips up into her face.

It was so rude, but I didn't even think about it, my
pussy seeming to be drawn to her lips like they were
magnetic. I was having a really hard time breathing,
only able to draw in air in long gasps.

Her tongue licked all the way up my pussy, drawing
across my button, getting a spasm out of my body as I
yelled something. She put her hands around my hips I
think to keep me from banging her nose, and kept licking
me. Her tongue drawing up slowly, pushing in as it
passed my channel, then across my button. She did this a
few times, wrestling with me as I began screaming 'yes'
for some reason, then I orgasmed.

My demon is really strong, so he picked my hips up even
with Leila holding them, and I sort of pulled the covers
loose from the bed. When the demon let me go my butt was
hurting from clenching so hard, but the rest of me was
so relaxed and happy it was amazing. I think I was
toughening up some. Leila slid up beside me and I licked
her face clean in a leisurely sort of way. I realized
that I had tasted Leila's, Susan's, and Mistress
Angela's pussies.

Oh god. My thighs kind of pushed together at the
thought, so I f***ed myself to sit up and say to Leila
"Thank you for doing that Leila. I'll do it now if
you'll let me," She gave me a quick kiss and laid down
in front of me. I was surprised to see her place was wet
with juices, but I shouldn't have been. Leila was such a
good person she probably tried really hard to get
herself aroused for me.

I laid down between her legs... then stopped. Her pussy
was right there in front of my face. I had put my mouth
on Mistress Angela's pussy... uh... but didn't really
have time to enjoy... um... observe it. Leila was clean
shaven like I was supposed to get, so everything was so
clear and pretty looking. Her outer lips were a little
engorged looking, and the inners slightly visible,
though terribly wet.

She was moaning softly for some reason, and I hoped she
wasn't trying to keep from being too disgusted. I was
mesmerized I think, just staring at, and breathing on
her pussy. Her wet... hot... girl's pussy. I realized I
was grunting in a breathy sort of way. Kind of a whimper
as I couldn't pull my eyes away.

"God Betsy," Leila moaned, "eat me..."

What happened next was strange even for me. I think my
demon took over because this wasn't something I saw on
TV, and I'm not normally an aggressive person, but... I
attacked her. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and
drove my face into her pussy, rubbing my face around and
in it, trying to cover myself with her juices. I'm sure
there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for why I
wanted to do that, but I couldn't remember it later.

Leila was saying 'oh god' continuously as her hands
grabbed my hair, but really, I wasn't aware of her at
all. Leila's pussy, that's what I saw, tasted, smelled
and touched for the next eternity. I think I orgasmed
while my face was still being covered, but eventually I
began making growly sort of noises as I did a weird
thing where I kind of grabbed her pussy lips in my lips
and began tugging and worrying at them. She orgasmed
while I was doing that, making me put my mouth over her
pussy and try to swallow her juices.

I want to say I did that because of the ritual, but that
would be a lie. It was really because I was mostly
insane and liked the taste. It aroused me. When she
stopped flowing heavily, I began using my tongue to push
in and f***e more out, letting it drive as deeply as
possible. I haven't mentioned before, but I have a
deformed tongue. It's really long. I can actually touch
the tip of my nose with it; though that's something I
never do since I had the nickname noselicker-
boogerpicker for a while until we moved.

The tongue was useful now as I pushed in and started
trying to lick every tiny part of her pussy. I was
getting a little frantic in my growls and moans as I
worked, but was quickly rewarded with more juice as
Leila pulled really hard on my hair and screamed my name
in a high pitched, and very piercing voice. I was having
to hold her down as I felt the flow of juices over my
tongue, pushing me into my own orgasm. We sort of yelled
and thrashed for a while until we both kind of relaxed.
I realized after a while that I was lying with my face
in another girl's place, so I blushed and slid up to lie
beside Leila. We took turns licking each other's face

"I'm sorry you had to do that Leila," I said softly

We were lying with our heads on the pillow facing each
other. She was still kind of breathing heavy as she
said, "It... it was actually good Betsy," When I blinked
in confusion she said, "I've been sort of aroused
lately," she shrugged shamefacedly as she added "I think
because you are, but this really helped," She reached up
to touch my lips thoughtfully and said, "I think because
you're so sweet and nice I was able to relax and try to
enjoy it as much as possible."

Her eyes got distant for a moment as she said, "I think
it helped me while it helped you."

"Do you really think so?" I asked hopefully. I hated
having to get Leila and the others to do this stuff for
me. I mean having to let me lick their pussies? I was
really worried they would just tell me no and how awful
I was. Maybe if I helped them while they helped me they
wouldn't hate me.

She nodded and said, "I do. It was sort of magical,
almost like you were given a gift to help me. Usually
someone helping me with my arousal still leaves me a
little aroused. I feel relaxed and happy right now."

"Thank you," I sobbed, hugging her tight We fell asl**p
together and when I woke up in the morning she was sort
of holding me. She gave me a sweet smile and said we
could shave my place now if I wanted. I looked down at
my hair and wondered how you would shave your pla...

Leila actually had a little flat stool that she set in
the shower for me and an attachment that went on the
shower head that turned it into a hand sprayer. She
sprayed my place down, then lathered it with shaving
cream, making me blush as I became aroused.

"Nothing to worry about Betsy," Sheila said as she began
shaving me "It happens to a lot of girls," My heart
about stopped when Susan walked in, but Leila just
smiled at her and said, "Hi Susan," Susan came over to
watch, making me blush as Leila's fingers were touching
my place, but Susan just said, "Leila's really good at
this Betsy, she does mine too." "Oh," I said, realizing
it would be easier for someone else to do for you.

"You two sounded like you did good last night," Susan
said with a smile

That made me blush and look down, but Leila said, "Don't
tease Susan. Betsy is trying really hard at this and I
think she did it as well as anyone I've ever met."

"Really?" Susan said with an approving smile for me,
"and I wasn't really teasing Betsy. I meant it when I
said you did good. I'd like to be able to do that so
well for my friends, but I think you have to be gifted
or blessed to be able to make the people you care about
feel good like that." Wow. She thought I might be
blessed in some way?

"You... you don't think I'm... well, a bad person?" I
asked softly, still very aware of Leila's fingers
pushing against my place as she worked Susan made a
scoffing noise and said, "Bad? No way Betsy. This is how
our bodies work, no one will blame you for that, and if
you're not willing to help your friends with things like
this, what kind of friend are you?"

"Oh," I said slowly, trying to concentrate as Leila was
finishing up by pulling my pussy lips tight as she
shaved around them "Uh... do you... uh... do you really
think so?"

Susan knelt down by me and cupped my cheek as Leila
rinsed me off and said, "Betsy, Mistress Angela helped
you with this same thing right? I don't think she would
ever in a million years think to have you do something
bad," That made me cry and hug her as I realized she was

When I pulled away Leila said, "You're pretty aroused
Betsy, do you want me to help you?" As I nodded
ashamedly, Susan sighed and said, "I was just going to
ask for your help," Leila pulled me up and gave me a
kiss on the cheek as she thought, then looked at me and
said, "If you want, and Susan is ok with it, maybe you
could practice on her while I use my hand to help you,"
I blushed, but nodded yes meekly, hoping Susan wouldn't
be to disgusted to let me do that.

"Of course it's ok," Susan said, "I'm sure Betsy would
do it for me if I needed to"

That got me to nod and say "I'll do whatever you need
Susan. Thank you for letting me do this, I know how hard
it must be"

She gave me a kind of suspicious look, but Leila said,
"She really means it Susan, she's not trying to say
you're a bad person"

"Oh," Susan said, sort of stealing my stock answer

"If you stand against the wall, Betsy kneel and use her
tongue, and I can use my hand on her," Leila said
happily, pulling Susan to the wall, then guiding me
forward. She kind of guided me to my knees, then knelt
down directly behind me.

Putting her face close to my ear she said, "Ok Betsy,
just do what you did last night kind of, and I'll work
on getting you aroused a little before putting my
fingers on your pussy," Getting me aroused? I was very
aroused I thought, kind of panting a little already. As
I put my hands on Susan's thighs and leaned forward,
Leila reached around and cupped both my breasts with her
hands. I stopped to moan loudly as she must have pushed
my demon out of my breasts and into me. Luckily Susan
put her hands on my head and guided me to her place.

She was very wet too, making me feel bad that I hadn't
offered to help earlier. Her pussy was a lot like
Leila's, but her outer lips were tighter seeming, though
I could actually see her clit kind of peeking at me.
When my lips touched her pussy she let out a loud groan
at the same time I did.

Leila was really squeezing and fondling my breasts,
making my body want to kind of slide forward and rub
itself against Susan's leg. Susan tasted delicious. Oh
lord, I could hardly breath as I savored her flavor on
my tongue, moaning and grunting as Leila squeezed my
breasts, and I realized now, began rubbing her pussy
against my ass.

Since I couldn't really breath anyway, I went ahead and
let my tongue begin drawing along Susan's lips, licking
up her juices, eventually pushing in to get more. She
gave a high pitched squeal as my tongue pushed deep
inside her and curled to pull more juice out.

When Leila slid a hand down to my pussy, she kind of
pulled it back as she pushed her pussy forward. She was
making really weird noises as she squeezed my breast,
ran a finger along my pussy, and rubbed her pussy
against my ass.

I was pushing in deep with my tongue, holding Susan
still with my hands as I grunted and growled into her
pussy, the juices flowing heavily now. I wanted more and
more so I kept probing with my tongue, and after a
couple of times, realized that a spot inside made her
moan loudly and get juicier. After that I stroked over
it every time I went by it. She was kind of grinding my
face into her as she began yelling 'oh god' really

Susan orgasmed with a very loud scream that I didn't
understand, but the couple of squirts of her juice were
incredible, making me sob with excitement as I swallowed
and licked frantically. Leila's finger was actually
poking inside me as she really fondled my breast. It was
while I was busy licking and sobbing that she leaned
forward and stuck her tongue in my ear.

s****r Beth must have told her to do that, because Leila
was much to sweet and caring to have thought of it on
her own. But I really did have some kind of weird ear
thing, because as soon as she did I pushed my face into
Susan's pussy and screamed loudly as my orgasm pushed me
close to death again. I was barely aware of Susan sort
of sagging over me as Leila began frantically rubbing
her pussy against my ass before orgasming with a high
pitched steam whistle kind of noise.

She froze with one hand on my breast, another in my
place, and her mouth on my ear as she covered my ass
with her juices. It's embarrassing to say, but I was
kind of drifting, my mouth sort of lazily licking Susan
as I mumbled and drooled and thought about whether Leila
would have to lick her juices off my ass.

I was a little out of it, just following Leila as we
went back to the room and put on some clothes, but the
knock on our door made me blink back to awareness.
Jessie, one of the other girls in our class poked her
head in and said, "Hey Leila, s****r Beth wanted you and
Betsy to come by her office this morning."

Leila smiled and said, "Ok, thanks Jessie," before
turning and saying to me, "you ready?"

When I nodded she took my hand and walked with me to
s****r Beth's office. I was feeling shy and confused
now, remembering the things we had done in the shower.
It had seemed right at the time, but now I was having
trouble understanding why I did those things. I blushed
as I remembered pushing my tongue into Susan's... place.

s****r Beth looked up from her desk with a warm smile
for us and waved us to the chairs in front of her. She
gave me an appraising look, probably checking to see if
I was going to do something crazy, then turned to Leila
and asked "Is everything going well Leila?"

"Oh yes ma'am," Leila said with a proud smile for me
"Betsy did great. She's really special and helped both
me and Susan. She's the nicest and most helpful person I
know," I blushed really hard at that, almost crying I
was so happy at what she said. Sheila squeezed my hand
when I looked down and said, "Don't be shy Betsy, it's
the truth."

"I agree," s****r Beth said softly, looking at me with a
soft smile when I looked up. "Mistress Angela said the
same thing, so I'm feeling pretty hopeful we're on the
right path." That made my heart thump, realizing she
meant I might not go crazy after all.

"How do you feel right now Betsy?" s****r Beth asked

I paused in shock when I realized I felt good, not
aroused our crazy at all. In fact I had felt good
since... since the shower. I looked at Sheila for a
second, catching her smile of encouragement as I turned
to s****r Beth to say "Really good s****r."

That got a proud smile from her as she said, "Excellent.
I think we need to focus on your sweet and giving nature
more Betsy. Trying to solve your arousal problems by
just concentrating on you just makes you feel guilty I
think," What? I looked at the s****r in confusion, but
she just nodded and said, "You need to feel you are
helping other people when you do these things Betsy. I
would guess you felt best after helping other people
with their arousal, am I right.,

I looked at Sheila again, thinking about what the s****r
had said. Did I? I was always embarrassed when I did
that, and my Demon seemed to take over most times,
but... but it did seem like I was always aroused after
Sheila helped me, but felt relaxed and happy when we
helped each other.

"I-I think so," I mumbled.

"You do Betsy," Sheila said brightly "It's like you glow
when you're helping me. I always think you feel bad when
it's just me helping you, but when you do it for me you
seem so... so angelic," Huh? Did she say angelic... as
in angels?

I blinked in confusion as she smiled at me, then turned
to look at s****r Beth as she said, "So what I would
like to do is to start having you spend time helping
other people with their arousal, and see if we can build
on that," I was really confused again. She wanted me to
do... what I had done with Shiela with more people?

"What?" I asked finally.

s****r Beth smiled and looked at me like I was slow as
she said, "Help other people. Mistress Angela said you
were such a sweet and smart girl, and you did so well
with her," Mistress Angela said that? Wow, that was
really good. I perked up a little, glad to hear she
hadn't thought I was a total maniac ready to lick ears
and crush heads after all. s****r Beth looked at Sheila
and said, "Sheila, do you think Betsy can do this?"

"Oh yes," Sheila said excitedly.

Looking back at me s****r Beth said, "I'd like you to
report to Mistress Angela Betsy and let her show you
what to do, then I'd like you to spend this weekend
working with the other s****rs, ok?"

Um... what? Show me what to do? I blinked for a second,
then said, "Uh... ok s****r."

s****r Beth gave me that look like I was slow in the
head, but smiled and waved Sheila and I out.

"This is great Betsy," Sheila bubbled as we held hands
and walked up the stairs to the Mistresses rooms.

"It is?" I asked in confusion.

"Of course," Betsy said, "s****r Beth would never have
let you do this if she didn't think you were... um..."

she trailed off, but I realized what she meant and I
smiled a little. Safe. She meant s****r Beth thought I
might not be dangerous. "Yeah," I said slowly, then
looked at her and said, "Thank you Leila."

We stopped at the Mistresses door as Leila pulled me in
for a hug and whispered "You're my best friend Betsy and
I want you to be better. I'll make you better."

That got me to crying a little as I said, "You're the
best friend I've ever had."

We eventually calmed down and Sheila gave me a soft kiss
on the lips as she left, saying "Learn everything
Mistress tells you and I'll see you later."

I sighed a little as I realized her kiss had made me
aroused again. A long way to go I thought, before my
Demon is under control.

Mistress Angela was in a robe with her hair down when
she let me in with a smile, guiding me back to the couch
I had done those... things to her on. I sat down next to
her as she said, "s****r Beth is very hopeful and thinks
she has found the best way to bring you through this
crisis Betsy."

I was sitting very upright and proper, trying to keep
Mistress Angela from thinking I was sloppy or... crazy.
I nodded but didn't say anything as she continued "So I
think we will try a slightly different approach today,
and if it works, have you apply it to the other
s****rs," she frowned a little as she said, "But you
must be very sure you want to do this Betsy, the s****rs
are making a great sacrifice to do this for you and I
don't want them to that for nor purpose."

"I do Mistress," I said.

She looked into my eyes for moment, then said, "I'll
demonstrate what you should do, then I want you to show
me you can do it. If I think you have learned how, and
are serious about making the effort, I will ask the
other s****rs to make this sacrifice for you," "Thank
you Mistress," I whispered, a little overwhelmed at how
much people were willing to do for me. I could tell
Mistress Angela really didn't want to do this and it
made me feel guilty to think it was my fault.

Mistress Angela sighed, then took my hand and led me
into her bedroom. It had a very large bed in the middle
that had tall wooden posts at each corner, and... I
blinked to be sure, but the ceiling above the bed was a

"Wha..." I started, but Mistress said, "It is to remind
me that the Lord is always watching over me." Oh. I
stared at the mirror for a second and realized that made
a lot of sense. I was surprised my parents hadn't done

"Now," Mistress said, then waited for me to look back at
her before continuing "You did well yesterday when you
filled the role of the husband, but I want you to be
comfortable with a more caring method."

I blushed fiercely, knowing she was talking about how
the things I had done to her were very violent. I should
have known it would make me seem crazy... or at least
more crazy.

"No," she said, putting her hand on my chin so she could
look me in the eye "You did well, and a wife may find
her husband reacting in such a fashion, but I will show
you other methods."

"Um..." I muttered, trying to figure that out. A husband
did that?

She smiled and said, "Now Betsy, I will fill the role of
a loving husband and you will be a willing wife, ok?"

Oh, ok," I said slowly, not sure what she meant.

Mistress stepped up and put her hand behind my head as
she leaned in and gave me a soft kiss. She was taller
than me and her hair sort of covered my face as she did
it, but I was very aware of her breasts pushing against
me through her robe. When her tongue slid into my mouth
I moaned a little and put my arms around her. Willing
wife she said and the words kind of went through my
brain over and over as her hands pulled me tight to her
and her tongue sort of swirled around in my mouth.

She did this for a short time, then she stepped back a
smiled at me as she said, "Very good Betsy, now I want
you to pretend you are trying to make your husband
excited for you. Take your clothes off slowly while I

I blinked in confusion for a moment as she sat on the
edge of the bed and looked at me. Excite my husband? I
wasn't really sure what that meant, but I tried to do
what she said, reaching up to unbutton my blouse. I was
blushing furiously but my... place was becoming damp for
some reason. I undressed every night so I shouldn't be
getting aroused from doing it now. Maybe I was better at
pretending Mistress was my husband than I thought.

When I pushed my blouse off Mistress licked her lips as
my bra was exposed. Was that good? I reached down and
slipped my skirt off my hips and let it slide down to
pool at my feet, sort of covering my place with my hand,
afraid Mistress would see the spot.

"You're doing good Betsy, now the rest," she said with
an encouraging smile.

I hesitated, but reached back and unhooked my bra and
let it slide off, then dropped my hands when she nodded
for me to do so. She licked her lips again and reached
out to grab my hips and pull me toward her.

"Men find a woman's form arousing dear," Mistress said,
looking up at me, her lips only inches from my bosom.

"Disrobing like this in front of him will generally
excite him and make him eager to enjoy his wife's body,"
Mistress said. Then she did something that made my demon
moan and take control for a second. She leaned forward
and her mouth wrapped around my left nipple. My head
tilted back and I panted loudly as her tongue lapped
over it as it pushed out.

Her hands held me in place as she began licking, then
sucking on my breast. Her lips went to the side and she
sucked on it, drawing the skin up and getting a loud
moan from me. My knees began bending a little as my
place began itching and throbbing. My demon was
disappointed when Mistress sat back and looked up at me.
There were cold spots on my breast where it was damp
from her mouth. My eyes were half closed and I was
panting wildly when I looked down again.

"Very good," Mistress said calmly "I think we can make
this work. I was afraid you would not want me to do
this, and I don't want to make myself do these things if
you won't benefit from it," I was still having trouble
thinking, but I understood how hard this was for her and
said, "Please mistress, I'll do whatever I need to, to
keep from going crazy."

"Ok Betsy," she said with a sigh. "I'll do the rest."
She pulled me forward and guided me to lie back in the
middle of the bed.

I laid there with my hands at my sides as she slid next
to me, then leaned over and began kissing me again. This
time though, when her tongue went in my mouth her hand
came up to cup my breast. I kind of whimpered into her
mouth as her warm hand began kneading and fondling me.

did this for a couple of minutes as I tried to control
my demon, though he was making my hips move up and down
some. She eventually began kissing the side of my face,
then my ear as I turned my head slightly.

I groaned loudly as she pushed her tongue into my ear,
making me almost cry at how messed up I was and how nice
she was to do this for me. She had to be really unhappy
to do be f***ed to do these things.

When she moved back to kissing my mouth again, her hand
slipped off my breast and down my belly. When her
fingers touched my panties I began making uh-uh noises
into her mouth, which turned into squeaks as her fingers
slid over them and came to rest on the wet spot over my
place. Mistress Angela's fingers began stroking my place
slowly as she leaned down to kiss my neck.

I was making weird grunting sounds in rhythm with the
way her finger was moving and for some reason was very
aware of the feel of her lips on my neck. I was making
so much noise that I think Mistress felt bad for me
because she was making moaning noises to cover mine up.

Her hand slid back upwards to the top of my panties,
then eased under them to slide back down and her fingers
slipped between my... place.

"Oh... uh... oh mistress," I sort of squealed as her
fingers pressed into me a little.

Her mouth moved down and wrapped around my nipple again
as one of her fingers began pushing into my p-pussy. I
couldn't really catch my breath as it felt like little
bolts of lightning was shooting between my nipple and my
pussy. Her finger felt so big as it pulled out a little,
then pushed back in. My demon began yelling words as my
hips pushed up and down and my head was tossing back and

Mistress did this for a couple of minutes as I began
sort of pushing myself up the bed and was screaming
something... I think it might have been a bad word, but
I'm not sure. Then the orgasm swept through me. My whole
body tightened up and I let out a loud scream as I felt
my juices squirt out of me, but it was really odd with
her finger inside as my pussy clamped down really hard.

Then she sort of bit my nipple a little which should
have been really weird, but caused my demon to really go
crazy and try to make me float off the bed as I squirted
more woman juices. When the orgasm passed, I collapsed
back on the bed, panting as Mistress slid her hand out
of my panties.

I caught my breath when she began kissing her way down
my body, her lips so soft and her tongue so hot as it
slipped out to lick me her and there. I was still sort
of floating from the orgasm as she knelt between my legs
and slowly slid my panties off. My eyes were half closed
as I watched her do it. She was kneeling, her head down
and her hair falling free and tickling my skin

She let out another soft moan as my panties slid past my
place, probably unhappy about what she was making
herself do. She slid them off my legs, then let her
hands run up and down my legs before sliding lying face
down between my legs, her mouth over my place. She
looked up into my eyes, then stared at me as her mouth
came forward to fasten on my pussy.

We both moaned loudly and I pushed my head back as I
felt her tongue slip between my pussy lips.

END... Continue»
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Caught in the Crossfire

Caught in the Crossfire

(mff, anal)
(this is one of Puppy's stories)

I was 18. It was the summer between my senior year of high school and leaving for university. My parents were fairly conservative, so I had been sent to a boarding school up north during the year, but was expected to come home for the summer to do work around the house. To be honest, I would rather have stayed up at school with my friends. Summer at home meant chores every day, and since home was way out in the boonies, it meant being bored most of the time.

It was a dark evening, in the first week of summer, when I was up in my room doing something on my computer. This was 1987, so computers weren't everywhere, but I was something of a "nerd". I could usually find some computer game to play to help with the boredom.

Looking out my window, I saw some lights out in the darkness, out at the edge of our properties, moving along the trees that make up the windbreak, out where the dirt road is. I was curious, since no neighbors would be out walking around in the dark, so I went out to see who it might be.

Taking a flashlight, I walked down our driveway to intercept the lights at the main road. I was even more curious when I heard female voices, and finally called out a greeting in the dark.

It was two girls, roughly my age. They were as surprised as I was to encounter someone out walking in the dark. I introduced myself, and gradually we figured things out.

"I'm Rebecca." said one. "I remember you from Junior High, but you probably don't remember me. I was a grade younger than you. And this is my friend Erika. We we out walking because... uh..."

"Because we were bored." said Erika.

I laughed and said I was bored too, and that I was curious who was out walking past our property in the dark. I felt nervous; after all, these girls were around my age, right away I felt self-conscious, realizing I was acting like a desperately bored and lonely boy; I was scared they would think I was a nerd and not talk to me.

They did talk to me, however, and we walked for a long time around in the dark that night. We talked and talked, using just their flashlight or mine to preserve batteries. We shared stories of growing up in the area, and tried to figure out why we had never met each other before. I hadn't even heard of them through the neighborhood, which is pretty rare in a small place like ours.

I found myself drawn closer and closer to Rebecca. When the light flashed by her, I could see that she had a medium build, light brown hair, and pretty face. I learned she was 16, and that Erika was 17 and Rebecca's best friend since c***dhood. Erika, in the dark, appears to be more heavy, and her hair looked shoulder-length and very light, probably blonde.

Our talk got more personal, and the girls asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said "not right now", but avoided admitting "... or ever." Rebecca held my hand in the dark, and they talked about boys they had dated, mostly making fun of or complaining about them. Erika boldly admitted that she wasn't a virgin, but Rebecca stayed quiet on the subject. Her hand held mine nervously.

We walked, talking on and off, for what was probably a couple hours, up the dirt roads towards the hills, then back again. When we got nearly back to my house, Erika was walking in front of us with the flashlight. When her friend couldn't see, Rebecca suddenly put her hand on my face in the dark and drew it down to her own. We kissed, awkwardly, but it was divine and amazing for me.

We parted ways at my driveway, exchanging telephone numbers, memorizing them in the dark, and I walked home with that kiss burning on my lips. I tossed and turned in bed, exhausted but unable to sl**p.

The next day, after my morning chores, I called up Erika. She called Rebecca, and we all agreed to hang out together. Erika suggested a swimming hole in the hills. I had use of my parent's car. Erika had a license but no car, and Rebecca had neither license nor car. I first followed Erika's directions to her house, then let her drive us to Rebecca's house.

In the daylight, I could get a better look at them. To my sexually-frustrated brain, they were both astonishingly beautiful, but in reality, looking back, I think it would be more fair to describe them as average. Rebecca indeed had the prettier face, but her body was fairly plain. Erika's broad features made her face look a little boyish, but the curves on her plump body were very, very female.

Erika was driving, with Rebecca and I in the back seat. She was smiling and sitting close to me in a way that excited me to no end. When she pulled my head down to kiss her again, a part of my mind was in confusion, but another part was thrilled.

"Hey!" said Erika from the driver's seat. "What are you guys doing back there?"

"We're kissing." retorted Rebecca. "So what? Just drive."

Rebecca then surprised me further by putting my right hand on her leg, then pulled my left hand over to her chest. I was engrossed in kissing her, and was overwhelmed by the excitement of the situation, barely able to control my body, scared of doing the wrong thing.

One of her hands found its way to my lap, where of course my erection was straining against my shorts. She was dressed in shorts and T-shirt over a 2-piece swimsuit, so my hand was on her bare leg. The heat of the summer combined with my nervousness put me into a full sweat.

"We're here." said Erika, with an annoyed tone her voice. We got out, and I saw her expression change from annoyance to mirth when I stepped out of the car and she saw me trying to hide my erection. Both girls laughed.

"Don't worry." said Erika. "I know all about boys and their cocks." She emphasized the last word, as if to prove that she wasn't scared to use such language.

We stripped down to swimsuits. I wore trunks, Erika's chubby body was in a one-piece. Rebecca's two-piece was too timid to be called a Bikini, but my eyes delighted in taking in the sight of her body regardless.

The swimming hole was a perhaps 40 feet across, with a small stream feeding and draining it, surrounded by trees. We waded in, getting used to the cold water, but eventually it felt great compared to the thick hot summer air. We splashed and swam around.

"Hey!" said Erika at one point, pausing as if working up the nerve. "If you catch me, you can kiss me, too."

I didn't hesitate to think about this turn of events, but set right off after her, arms and legs thrashing. She shrieked, but didn't put up much of a chase. I caught up with her from behind, and she turned around to face me. Our gaze met, then our lips.

Kissing Erika put everything else out of my mind for several seconds. Our mouths melted together. Our bodies drew together, touching. Finally, she broke the kiss, and I saw her eyes pointed over at Rebecca, with an intense look. Then she splashed away, laughing.

In whatever part of my brain was still working, it slowly dawned on me that Erika kissing me had something to do with Rebecca. Specifically, it seemed pretty clear that she didn't want to be upstaged by her friend, or to let Rebecca have all my attention. I was confused about what this might mean, but I was so amazed at just having kissed two girls in the same day that I didn't try to think it through.

Rebecca swam up, and, shooting looks over at Erika, kissed me quickly on the lips. Then she briefly lifted one side of her top, flashing a tit at me, and smiled, then shrieked "Catch me!" and splashed away.

I pursued, but Rebecca was a better swimmer than I. Soon I was panting and flailing. The girls took pity on me, and stepped out of the water to flop on towels in the sun. I lay in the sun next to them, but didn't anything but lie there. It felt that whatever was going on, it was the girls that were in control of the situation, and they who would decide where it went.

I propped myself up on my side to look at them. Rebecca noticed me staring at her body.

"I really should tan evenly", she said, and pulled her top off. Her smallish pale tits bounced into view. She smiled, knowing she had my full attention.

"Oh yeah." said Erika, not to be outdone. "That's a good idea." She sat up and peeled the shoulders of her 1-peice suit down to her abdomen, exposing her generously sized floppy breasts, then lay back.

Now I didn't know where to look. Rather than chide me for looking, both girls seemed to be competing for attention, eager to have me staring at their bodies! I stared rapturously, soaking in the moment to try to remember it later for my sexual fantasies.

After a while in the sun, we packed up and piled in the car. I was disappointed when both girls covered their bodies again, but happy when I got to sit in the back seat with Rebecca again. I hoped and prayed that she would pick up where we left off.

My prayers were answered when she started kissing me again. Erika was making grumbling sounds as she shifted the old station wagon into drive, but I barely noticed as my mouth and hands were on Rebecca. We kissed, and necked, and groped. I lifted her shirt and got one hand on a tit, with her cooperating, and managed to push the suit aside enough to suck a nipple into my mouth. She was busy unzipping my shorts and I forgot all about her nipple when I felt her hand reach in to grip my cock. We went back to kissing, and she started stroking me. The car moved perhaps a bit more than necessary as Erika drove aggressively around curves on the bumpy road. The bumps only made the experience wilder, and it was less than 30 seconds until I exploded in her hand.

She giggled, wiping her hand off on her towel. In the driver's seat, Erika was frowning.

We dropped Rebecca off at her house. She smiled and waved at me as we drove away. I stared at her, the memory of my orgasm and the feeling of her soft hand still fresh in my mind.

A short ways away from Erika's house, she pulled over behind some trees. She parked the car, then turn around face me.

"OK." she began. "What, exactly, happened back there?"

I began to explain, hesitantly, trying not to use swear words. "She.. uh.. let me play with her... breast, and... uh... she stroked my thing."

"You sucked her tits, and she gave you a hand job?" asked Erika, again appearing pleased with herself for speaking so bluntly.

"Uh.. yeah."

"Did you come?"

"Uh.. yeah."

"I'm surprised." she said. "Here, get out of the car."

I obeyed. She got out as well and came around to face me, edging my back up against the car. We stared at each other, then she moved forward and slipped her hands around my waist. Her mouth came up to kiss me. We kissed for a long time, slowly, feeling the heat between our bodies. At one point, she pulled off her shirt and peeled down her suit again, putting my hands on her tits.

"Do I kiss better than her?" she asked me. I was quiet, scared to speak. "Feel my tits. My tits are bigger then hers."

Her tits did feel fantastic, and she encouraged me to suck on them. One of her hands reached down to feel my erection.

"Rebecca is a chicken." she said. "She's still a virgin, and she would never do this." I felt her pull my pants down, then she was kneeling in front of me, and I felt my cock slide into her hot mouth.

To say my mind was blown would be an understatement. I leaned back against the car, looking downward to take in the incredible sight of Erika's face, her blonde head moving, slowly sucking the head of my cock in and our of her mouth. I felt one of her hands on my balls, and she worked her way deeper and deeper, taking more of me in. My cock at 17 was a bit smaller and skinnier than it is now as an adult, so it wasn't hard for her to get most of me in her mouth. My sense of time was blown, but it was probably less than a couple minutes before I came. She made no attempt to pull away or spit me out, instead waiting patiently as I shot into her mouth, then swallowing slowly.

"I'll always go further than her." said Erika. "Always. Whatever happens, just remember that I am more woman than she is. I can blow your mind in ways that she wouldn't dream of." She she kissed me softly on the lips. "Remember that."

She had a funny expression on her face as we got back into the car, myself behind the wheel to drop her off. It wasn't quite a smile, but it did look satisfied. If I were unkind, I might even have called it smug. I wondered, as I drove home, whether Erika actually liked making out with me and plying me with sexual favors. Or was she just trying to out-do her friend?

That night, there were long phone calls, especially with Rebecca. I didn't tell her what happened with Erika, but apparently by the end of the evenly she must have heard something from Erika herself. I didn't dare ask about what was really going on. At the end of the night, she invited me over to her house the next day, saying her parents were away for the day.

The day came, and I could barely stand to wait until my morning chores were done. It was damn hot, and I was all sweating from working. I showered really fast, but was sweaty again by the time I pulled up in front of Rebecca's house.

She was sitting on her porch. When I walked up, I realized she was barely dressed. Short shorts stuck to her hips, and a loose sports bra was the only thing on top. She seemed shy at first, inviting me into the house and offering me some cold pop from the fridge. She ran the can slowly over her brow before handing it me, almost seductively. I watched her do this, then as I was sipping the cold drink, I figured out that she was waiting for me to make the first move. Maybe she wasn't sure if I was into her, or Erika. Maybe she actually thought that I might reject her!

"You look, uh, very good." I utterly clumsily. I stepped closer to her. She smiled and tilted her head, letting me start the kiss. We kissed there in her kitchen, the drink forgotten in my hand, then her hands started to move around my body.

"Let's go up to my room." she said. I followed her up the stairs, watching her hips move in the short shorts. In her room, we kissed some more, then she broke the kiss, still embracing me.

"Did Erika let you see her naked?" she asked.

"Umm.... no. Just.... her top."

"You've never seen a girl naked, have you?"

"Only in pictures."

"Do you want to see me naked? And touch me naked?"

I just nodded.

"You can take my clothes off." she said, raising her arms and smiling.

I pulled her sports bra up and off, then gripped the edges of her shorts and pulled them down slowly, my eyes glued to the V between her legs. A small patch of light brown hair came into view.

"Here." she said. "You can look all you want." She stepped back and sat on her bed, then lay back and spread her legs wide.

Captivated, I stepped forward. I stared at the folds of her pussy before working up the courage to trace the edges with a finger.

"Ummmmmmm." she hummed encouragingly. "Touch me more."

I gradually explored all her inner and outer folds. She reached down and showed me how to spread the lips, showed me her clit, and then surprised me a question.

"Do you masturbate?" she asked. "I think all guys do, don't they?"

"Um....." I pondered, my face flushing. "Sure."

"Well I do too." she said, and proceeded to show me how to stroke her clit. As her request, I pulled off my own shorts and underwear, and lay beside her on her bed, our hands together on her pussy. She slowly taught me how she liked to be touched. After a while of purring and encouraging me gently, she reached out to stroke my cock at the same time.

"Erika sucked your dick, didn't she."

"Yes." I said simply.

"Would you like me to do that, too?"

I paused. "Yes, uh, would you... do that?"

"Sure." she said. "I've done it before. A few times. Let me know when you're going to come."

She sat up, then leaned over my body, studying my cock intently before licking the sides of it, then popping it into her mouth. I just lay back and groaned. She gradually worked up speed, bobbing her head deliciously. I lay back, not daring to move, for fear that it might break the spell.

"I... I... I'm gonna..." I managed as my balls tensed.

"Oh!" she cried, pulling her mouth back and stroking my cock as it erupted onto her hand.

We kissed a lot more, then at some point I recall she asked if I want to try oral sex on a girl. I would probably have tried jumping off a cliff if she'd suggested it at that point, so I gladly agreed. She quickly put me through some training on how to properly lick her clit. It went on for quite some time, but finally I got the hang of it and was rewarded with what was surely a genuine orgasm on her part. I smiled proudly, and we kissed for a long time after.

Eventually, we dressed and I followed her outside. She said she had a horse and offered to give me a ride. I had been on a horse only a few times, so she said she'd go easy on me. Getting up on the horse was definitely the hardest part; after that, I basically clung to her and tried to ignore the bouncing of my sore balls as the horse moved. She took me for a slow ride, to the far edge of her land, which was much larger than ours. I kissed her head from behind, which she seemed to like a lot. I also managed to play with her tits, which got me hard again. She felt my erection against her back and giggled.

"You want me to suck you again?" she said as we got back to the barn and dismounted.

Just then we heard her parent's car pulling up outside. I scrambled to hide my erection, and she went off to go care for her horse. I waved to her parents innocently as I pulled out and drove home.

When I got home, I was still hard, and replaying my day with Rebecca again and again in my mind. I'm not sure I understood on a conscious level why I called Erika then, but it sure makes sense in retrospect: I was horny. A part of me was getting emotionally attached to Rebecca, but I also remembered clearly how Erika had said that she would always go further than Rebecca.

She had an amused expression in her voice, and said to meet me at the grove near her house.

It was late afternoon, and the sun was very low in the sky by the time I got to the grove. Erika was there, sitting on a stump, in a T-shirt and a purple skirt. She was smiling at me. I got out, and she strode up to me. "Hi." was all she said before grabbing me, pressing my back against the side of the car and putting her tongue in my mouth. My hands were on her tits, and her hand went to my crotch to discover that I was completely hard.

"You saw Rebecca today." she broke the kiss to say. "She told me you went to her house, and did stuff. She wouldn't say what. What did you do with her?"

"We... uh, we went up to her room. She sucked on me, and I, uh, licked her."

"You didn't fuck her?"


"Did she let you come in her mouth?"

"No. She pulled her head away"

"Ha!" she smiled, almost triumphantly. "She's too chicken. I bet you sure wanted to fuck her, didn't you?" She pulled her shirt over her head, and unsnapped her bra. Her generous tits bounced into view.


"Of course you did. Here, feel my pussy." She grabbed one of my hands and put it under her skirt. There were no panties. She spread her legs so that my hand could get between her plump thighs, and my fingers discovered a damp, slippery pussy. I sucked on one of her tits.

"Are you ready to fuck a girl?" she asked. "Fuck me, here and now?"

I was stunned. Not just by her forwardness, but also because my idea of sex involved a bed, and we were next to a car in a grove of trees.

"Uh..." I said when I could speak. "How? Don't we need somewhere to do it?"

"Right here." she said, lifting her skirt and leaning forward against the car. "Do it to me from behind."

"What about... uh, don't we need a condom?"

"You're a virgin and I'm on the pill. C'mon."

I surrendered to lust and pulled off my shorts. I felt between her legs with my fingers, to find my destination. She gave corrections and encouragement. Soon, my cock was embedded firmly in her pussy, my hips pressed against her fleshy buttocks, my hands on her wide hips. I remember being surprised by the heat of her pussy. Nature took over, and I pumped her harder and harder. She made encouraging noises and bent forward more sharply to take me deeper inside, her tits flapping back and forth as I thrust. I was so excited I was barely in control of my own body. I don't think I lasted more than a couple minutes.

"I'm gonna come!"

"Do it, do it inside me." she said while smiling at me wickedly.

When I stopped twitching inside her, and pulled back, she surprised me again by turning around and bending over to suck my shrinking cock into her mouth, still wet with both of our sexual fluids.

"Hey!" I said. "That's still wet with... uh..."

"My pussy juices." She said. "And your cum. I know. I want to get you hard again, so we can fuck again."


She sucked some more, than stood up. "Uh-huh. And I know how to get you hard again fast." She pulled my head to her ear and whispered. "I know all about the taste of pussy. I've been with a woman."

My head spun, suddenly filling with images of Erika, naked, lying next to another girl, theirs hands on each other, their mouth... my cock pulsed in Erika's hand.

"Uh-huh, I can tell it turns you on. Let me tell you. There's a woman that I saw a bunch of times last school year. She invited me to her house, and we would make out and we'd get each other off." Erika's hand was stroking my hardening cock. "I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit. She always came on my face, holding my head and getting me all wet with her juices. She'd sucked my tits and finger-fuck me, then she'd let me use her vibrator on my clit while she straddled my face." She paused and smiled big. "Wow, I see that you really like the idea. You're thinking about what it looks like, aren't you? I think you're ready to fuck me again now."

She leaned against the car, I slid in and and this time I lasted a long time. She kept talking to me, even as we fucked, finding ways to turn me on harder and harder.

"I want you to fuck me, any time you like." she moaned. "Suck my tits, finger me, do anything you want. You don't have to ask. Use my body any way you like. Especially, and I mean really especially, if Rebecca is there. I want her to watch. I want her to see me give you head, to see me swallow your cum. Would you like that, to fuck me while Rebecca watches?"

"Yes." I gasped.

"I love the taste of pussy. I've always wanted to do Rebecca. Would you like that, to watch us kissing, to see me suck on Rebecca's pussy?"


"She never would, though. She's too straight. I want to watch you fuck her, then she can watch us fuck and you'll both see how much better I am."

That did it; I came for the third time that day. Erika looked extremely pleased with herself, as she straightened her skirt and put her bra and shirt back on. The sun had set, and the trees around us were silhouetted. We kissed quickly and went home separately. I was late for dinner.

My parents probably noticed that I seemed spaced out. I was, constantly thinking about Rebecca and Erika, and what had transpired in the past few days. I went through my morning chores in a daze, pondering what might happen next. There was sexual excitement, but also emotional turmoil. I knew that I liked Rebecca better. If I had to choose, I would probably ask her to be my girlfriend. But the way that Erika had blown my mind yesterday had a powerful hold on me. Her boldness, and the feeling of her pussy around my cock, played heavily in my mind. I didn't want to have to choose. I wanted to see what would happen.

After lunch, Rebecca called and invited me over to her house. Erika was over, and they were hanging out together with use of the whole house, as her parents were away.

I tried not to draw attention to myself as I left the house, then drove fast to Rebecca's house. The girls were on the large porch. There was a six-pack of beer sitting between them, which I knew that Rebecca was strictly not allowed to drink, but it looked like she was already a couple beers into it. She acted a little giddy, and Erika was smiling her mischievous smile again. I sat down with them. Rebecca offered me a beer, which I declined, so she started on it herself. We talked for a a while about small things, then Rebecca worked up the nerve.

"William.... I know you fucked Erika yesterday."

"Uh... " I stammered. I didn't know if she was be jealous, or upset, or what. "Yes. Yes, we did it."

"I want you to... do that with me."

"She doesn't want to be left out." said Erika. "She likes you enough to be her first. I said that I would help convince you to do it, if I'm allowed to watch."

"Yeah..." slurred Rebecca. "She gets to watch to make sure you do it right. And I wanna prove that I've really done it."

I stared at Rebecca's body, her thin clothes clinging her her skin in the heat. I tried to figure out what might be going on between the two of them, psychologically, then gave up.

"Sure." I said. "Sure, I'd be happy to be your first guy."

"Cool." said Rebecca. "Let's do it now, before I change my mind. C'mon upstairs with me."

We all went upstairs to Rebecca's room. Memories of yesterday came back to me, of fooling around on her bed, of my first good look at a girl's pussy, of Rebecca's taste, of the sounds she made when she orgasmed.

"You two get comfortable and start." said Erika, sitting back on a chair facing the bed.

I embraced Rebecca, standing, our bodies pressed together, kissing. She tasted like beer, and her kissing was relaxed. Her hands pulled my shirt up and off, and I slowly undressed her as we kissed. She shot a few nervous glances over at Erika as we undressed, but didn't stop until we were both standing there naked. She moved onto her bed, and I followed her.

"Don't forget to lick her pussy first." said Erika from the chair.

I crouched down to lick. Rebecca helped by spreading her lips apart.

"I don't think it will hurt much." said Rebecca, between soft moans. "I lost my hymen a long time ago.... uh, not with a person, I found a dildo in my Mom's room...."

I looked over at Erika and saw that her skirt was raised, her hand was between her naked legs and fingers were moving on her clit.

"You'll need a condom." said Erika. "So that she doesn't get pregnant. There's one next to the bed."

I patiently licked Rebecca, who came surprisingly fast. She was making so much noise from getting licked, then I wasn't sure exactly when she came, until she was pushing my head away and pulling me up to her.

We looked into each other's eyes as my cock found her pussy and I slowly sank in. I didn't feel any obstruction, and she didn't seem to be in discomfort. I started pumping slowly. After a while, Rebecca's hips were moving to meet me. I sucked on one of her tits as we fucked, and she moaned. I almost forgot that Erika was watching, though when I glanced over to see her masturbating wildly, the idea of it turned me on even more. It was all over too quick - I came inside the condom in Rebecca's pussy, and slumped on her.

"Oh. It's over." said Rebecca.

"Hold on to the condom as you pull out of her." said Erika, getting up and walking over to us. She shed her skirt, the last of her clothing, and stood there watching us. I pulled out, and Rebecca and I sat back on either side of the bed. Erika reached between my legs, slowly pulled off the condom, wrapped it up in tissue, and set it aside.

"We can't let her parents find that." said Erika. "All right. It's my turn."

"Your turn?" said Rebecca.

"Yeah. I get to fuck him now. Just sit over there and watch."

Rebecca, who still seemed d***k but now also confused, went over to the chair and sat down.

"C'mon, let's fuck!" said Erika. She got on her hands and knees on the bed, facing me, and sucked my cock into her mouth. I sat up onto my knees so that I could thrust. I wasn't sure if it was OK to thrust into her mouth like this, but I remembered she said it was OK to do anything to her I wanted. I ran my fingers through her thin blond hair and gripped the sides of her head.

"Becca." said Erika, pulled herself back for a second to speak. "I want you to play with yourself, and say out loud what we're doing." I got back in her mouth, and went back to probing the back of her throat with the head of my cock. It felt incredible.

"You're.... sucking him, well no, it's more like he's fucking you in the mouth. God, that's really nasty."

Erika pulled back and rolled over onto her back. She pulled me by the cock, up to straddle her chest. She pressed her large tits together, and I got the idea.

"He's fucking your tits! Wow. I didn't know you could do that." Rebecca got up and moved her chair closer, so that she was right next to the bed.

I moved between Erika's tits and plunged into her open mouth, to stay lubricated. After a few minutes, I slid down and got inside her pussy. My hands kneaded her tits as we fucked. Rebecca's mouth hung slightly open as she watched me fucking really hard and fast. Erika's thighs and belly were like cushions, absorbing the impact of my thrusts. Erika rolled onto her side, facing Rebecca, and watched her friend's expression as I lifted her leg to fuck her that way, sideways. Next she rolled around onto her knees, and I fucked her that way as well.

"Becca! You forgot to say it out loud."

"You're fucking, uh, he's fucking you doggy-style."

"Kiss him."


"Kiss him while he's fucking me. Prove that you're not a chicken."

Rebecca seemed stunned for a moment, then stood up. My hips were moving steadily, thrusting into Erika's pussy. Rebecca avoided contact with Erika while leaning over to kiss me. I loved it. My tongue slipped into Rebecca's mouth, my hands moved over her sweaty naked body, one hand moving down to her soft pussy. I slipped a couple fingers inside her, probing her pussy while fucking her friend's pussy. After a minute, she slipped away and sat down again, going back to masturbating while watching us. Erika rolled over again and I lay on top her, fucking. She whispered something in my ear, then spoke out loud.

"Watch me, Becca. Just watch."

I felt the cum rising in my balls. As instructed, I pulled out quickly, and scampered up Erika's body. Stroking my cock, I aimed at her open mouth. The cum shot forward quickly, splashing on both cheeks, a large amount going straight into her mouth. Next to us, I heard Rebecca make a noise that sounded like an orgasm. Erika opened her eyes, and stared at me while she wiped the cum from her cheeks with a finger, then sucked the finger clean. She pulled my hips forward, sucking the last drops of cum out of my cock.

"Wow." was all Rebecca could manage to say for a minute. "You drank it. Uh... I came again."

"Come here and lie down." said Erika. She scooted over to the far side of the bed, indicating for me to lay down in the middle. Rebecca lay down to my right, Erika lay to my left. The three of us lay there, looking up at the ceiling, and were quiet for a while.

"I can't believe we just did that." said Rebecca.

"It was hot." said Erika. "I almost came just from the fucking, and I never do that."

"You're... a lot more crazy than me."

"That's true. I'm older and better at sex than you. I let boys cum in my mouth. And I'm bi-sexual, and you're not."


"It's OK though. I'll still let you have sex with him."

"Oh. OK."

I felt pretty strange. Erika was totally dominating the situation, Rebecca didn't seem to be putting up a fight. I kept my mouth shut. The way it was, it sounded like I could keep having sex with both of them, and I didn't want to mess that up. Rebecca's hand came over to feel my cock, and found that Erika's hand was already there, and she flinched back.

"You want to try it, Becca? You want to taste his cum in your mouth? I bet we could make him come again."

"Uh... I'm not sure. Doesn't it taste bad?"

"There's only one way to find out."

"Oh. Yeah. OK. Fine, I'll do it."

"Alright, let's start by stroking his cock. You hold his balls."

I lay back and surrendered. Erika started kissing me, and I felt two hands on my cock. Erika's tongue left my mouth, and was replaced by Rebecca's, and then one of Erika's nipples. I hear Erika giving instructions and felt Rebecca move down, then her soft warm mouth enveloping my cock. My hands found their way around their bodies; my left hand getting three fingers into Erika's pussy, my right hand getting two into Rebecca's.

"I wanna try fucking like this... on top of him." said Rebecca.

"Go ahead." said Erika. Rebecca turned her body to line up with me. Erika backed off to give her space. Slowly Rebecca found the right angle, and lowered herself down on me. My left hand was still probing Erika's pussy as Rebecca started rocking back and forth, fucking me gently. At Erika's urging, she started moving faster and harder.

"Give me your right hand." said Erika. "The one you were fingering her with." I passed it to her, and she stared into my eyes as she sucked the fingers into her mouth.

"Ewww." said Rebecca, though she didn't stop fucking me.

Erika kissed me again, and this time I could taste the flavor of Rebecca's pussy on her tongue. My cock pulsed, and I moaned urgently around her tongue.

"He's gonna come! Jump off and catch it!" said Erika. Rebecca hopped off, and in half a second her mouth was around my pulsing cock. I felt myself coming hard.

"Hold it in your mouth!" said Erika. "Now show me, to prove it." Rebecca obediently sat up, and stuck out her tongue. Cum was clearly visible.

"Now swallow, and show us again to prove it." Rebecca swallowed, then opened her mouth wide to show it was empty.

"You did it." said Erika. "Very good. OK, I'm gonna go take a shower." She pulled my fingers from her pussy, and got off her side of the bed to leave the room.

Rebecca lay down on top of me, my soft cock nestled between our bodies, and we held each other and kissed.

"I didn't mind the taste." she said to me. "It would be OK if you wanted to do it again sometime."

"Thanks." I said. "I think you're amazing."

"You do?" she said shyly, her voice suddenly soft.

"Yeah. Erika's done all these things before. But you let me do a lot of new things with you today."

"Including my virginity. You're welcome." she said, smiling.

Erika came back, and Rebecca led me by the hand to go take a shower with her. If I hadn't already come three times that day, it would have been too hard keep control. It was my first time taking a shower with a naked girl, and our hands roamed a lot as we got clean. We dried off and went back to her room to find our clothes. Erika was already dressed.

We hung out with each for another couple hours, the three of us, just talking. Rebecca pulled out a school yearbook, and we talked about people we both knew in our area, trading stories. Neither girl seemed to be trying to hog my attention, and the feeling of completive tension seemed to have eased between them. It was just like any social hanging out, except that we all had a kind of post-sexual glow.

The next day, I had to work all day on our farm. I kept having hard-ons come and go, daydreaming about the day before. In the afternoon, I talked to Rebecca and we made small talk, her parents were probably within earshot. Late in the evening, I called Erika. She said to call back in a minute when she was in her room, for privacy. I called back from my room, after locking the door, and she picked up the phone in a really horny mood.

"God I loved sharing you with Becca yesterday. I never even came, but I came twice later that night, masturbating and thinking about what we did. I loved seeing you fuck her virgin pussy, I loved daring her to kiss you while we fucked, I loved making her drink your cum, and I love that she did all of it without complaining."

"I was surprised too. I don't understand. She seems to do what you say?"

"Not usually. But we had long talks about it. You know, she really believes that if she doesn't put out and have sex the way you like, you'll just be my boyfriend, we'll ignore here and she'll spend all summer alone."


"So don't worry. You can do anything to me because I'm sexually open and I like it. But you can also do anything with her! She'll have to go along for fear of losing both of us as friends."


"God, I loved tasting her on your fingers. I've wanted to fool around with her forever, but never had a way of making her do it. Now at least I've tasted her, though she still flinches away from me." She paused. "Are you masturbating while you're talking to me?"

"Yeah." I admitted.

"So am I." she said. "I know how to turn you on, because I know how men think. One time, I found my b*****r's stash of porno magazines, and read all the 'Penthouse Forum' pages. I know what boys fantasize about, what make you come. I bet you'd really love to see us together, wouldn't you. Becca and me."

"Yeah." I admitted, breathing hard. "Totally."

"Well we can't push her too hard, she might freak out and quit. But if we make her jealous enough, she might make the first move herself."

"You're really manipulative, you know that?"

"Of course. It gets me what I want. Think about fucking both of us, really fucking us together, think about my head between her legs, making her scream and come, think about watching her lick your cum off my tits..."

I made a sharp gasp as I came.

"Heh heh, I knew I could make you come. Boys are so simple. And I didn't even say anything kinky yet."

I told her that I was free tomorrow afternoon, and we made plans to go swimming again.

I drove to Erika's house first. I wanted to stay in the driver's seat, to avoid making it seem like I was favoring either girl, but Erika really wanted to practice driving, so I let her. We swung by Rebecca's place and picked her up. Rebecca climbed in the back seat with me. She had on a skirt and blouse over a two-piece swimsuit. She was excited to see me, and started kissing me as soon as we out of sight of her house.

I put my hands on her body as we kissed, and the realization came to me that I could really do anything I wanted to her, and get away with it. I could probably pull off all her clothes and fuck her, right there in the back seat, and she would probably go along with it.

I used one hand to lift her skirt, and tugged at her swimsuit bottom. She got the idea and helped to push them down over her hips. My hand roamed across her naked pussy, and she spread her legs wider as we kept kissing. My finger just moved around her pussy lips, teasing. This was fun! We kept this up all the way to the swimming hole: sometimes kissing, my fingers teasing her pussy, occasionally brushing over her clit.

"Alright." said Erika, pulling the car to a stop at the swimming hole. "We've all seen each other naked. We've had sex. I don't think we need swimsuits today, do you?"

"OK." said Rebecca, and I nodded vigorously.

We got out of the car and peeled off our clothes. It felt strange at first, being casually naked, but after a few minutes I got more used to it. We waded into the water, the girls giggling and splashing each other. I was distracted by staring at their tits and the shape of their naked bodies. The water felt cold at first, and the girls joked about how hard it made their nipples. The cold water didn't seem to affect my cock, which had been hard from the moment I lifted Rebecca's skirt in the car.

"Here, let me warm those up." I said to Erika, and advanced on her, pulling her large breasts up above the water surface and sucking her nipples into my mouth.

"What about mine?" said Rebecca plaintively, holding her smaller, perky breasts with her hands.

"OK, you next." I said, letting go of Erika and swimming over to Rebecca. I pulled her to me, sucking each nipple into my mouth. She wrapped her legs around me, her weight easy to support in the water. I felt her crotch brush against my hard cock under the water.

Could I really do anything? I walked into the shallower water, carrying Rebecca, until our hips were above the surface. She let go, and I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed down. She got the idea, getting on her knees in front of me, then looking up at me expectedly. I held the tip of my cock to her lips, she opened up and I felt the delicious sensation of her hot mouth around me. Erika swam over to us.

"Not bad." she said. "Becca seems pretty obedient." She reached down with one hand to cup my balls, and put the other hand on the back of Rebecca's head. Rebecca paused, seemingly annoyed at this intrusion, but didn't take her mouth off my cock, sucking in and out. Erika kissed me, and her hand gripped Rebecca's hair, apparently pushing Rebecca's head down on my cock, forcing me harder against the back of Rebecca's mouth.

"Fuck it, fuck it, fuck her little mouth." said Erika, obviously enjoying her dominant role. I decided to test my limits further.

"You too." I said, putting a hand on Erika's shoulder and pressing down. She dropped to her knees. I pulled out of Rebecca's mouth and slid into Erika's.

"Go ahead." I said to Rebecca. "You can push her head too."

Rebecca smiled at me, delighted to have the tables turned, and grabbed the back of Erika's head roughly. Her fingers closed around the soft blond hair, and she pushed Erika's head down hard on my cock... and held it there. I felt Erika tilting her head to accommodate the pressure, and for several seconds we stayed like that - my cock deep in Erika's throat, Rebecca grinning and pushing. I wondered who would chicken out first. Erika's face turned pink.

"Damn!" said Rebecca, letting go. "She can really take it."

Erika, smug with victory, resumed sucking me in and out, reaching around to hold my hips.

"We should have a race." said Rebecca. "Across the pond and back."

"If I win." said Erika, pulling her mouth off of me to speak. "I get to fuck William."

Rebecca paused. "Fine. And if I win, then I get to fuck him."

"Deal!" said Erika. "You gotta touch that tree over there, then swim back. The first to touch William gets him."

They splashed off noisily, leaving me smiling. They were openly competing , and the winner was definitely me!

Erika never stood a chance; her heavy frame was no match for Rebecca. I stepped toward the short, and Rebecca swam up and tagged me while Erika was still floundering in the water. She kissed me vigorously, then went over the car to get the towels. She found a soft spot of grass near the water's edge, and lay the largest towel out on it. We fell together onto the towel, our bodies tangling, kissing, as Erika finally clambered out of the water, panting and dripping.

I spread Rebecca out on her back and spread her legs, kissing her pussy briefly, then laying on top of her and feeling my way in with the tip of my cock. Erika plunked her towel down next to us to watch.

It took a while to work my way into Rebecca's pussy. I pulled out to lick her pussy a bit more, then rubbed saliva on my cock, and finally got myself buried inside. Slowly I fucked her, savoring each stroke. I sat up partway, watching my cock vanishing into Rebecca's little pussy, and found Erika right there, inches away from us, her mouth seeking mine. I kissed her, my left hand on Rebecca's tits and my right hand reaching between Erika's legs.

"Don't forget you can't come inside me." said Rebecca. "I'm not on the pill."

"You can pull out and come in my mouth instead." said Erika.

"Ewww." said Rebecca. "You'd be tasting me."

"But I like the taste of pussy." said Erika. "It's a shame you're so straight, Becca. I guess you're just not as sexual as I am." She smiled. "I bet William would love to watch us together." I nodded vigorously.

"No way." said Rebecca. "I am sexual, I'm just not a slut like you."

"I'm not a slut, I'm just better than you." said Erika, leaning over Rebecca's face.

I kept thrusting slowly in and out of Rebecca. She looked up at me, then up at Erika's face, then back at me. It was clear what we wanted her to do.

"Maybe I should fuck Erika instead." I said, pulling partway out of Rebecca's pussy, and pausing. "You won't even kiss her?"

"Fine!" said Rebecca. She reached up with her hand and pulled Erika's face down to her own. Their lips met. Their mouths moved in a kiss. My cock gave a lurch, and I slammed it back deep inside Rebecca. Both girls moaned.

I kept fucking, and the girls kept kissing. Finally Erika pulled her head back, and moved to one of Rebecca's tits, sucking it into her mouth.

"Oh my god." said Rebecca. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"That was so hot." I said, lowering myself down to kiss Rebecca as we fucked.

"She's sucking my tits!" said Rebecca.

"Suck on hers." I said.

Erika flopped one of her large tits toward Rebecca's mouth. Rebecca paused a second, staring at the nipple dangling in front of her mouth.

"You really want me to do this?" she asked, looking into my eyes.


She latched onto the nipple and sucked. My cock pulsed inside her tight pussy at the sight. Erika moaned and turned slightly to make it easy for them to suck other's tits. It was almost too much to bear.

"I'm so turned on." I said. "I'm afraid I might come."

Erika let go of Rebecca's tits. "Pull out." she said. "Bring it up here for us to play with."

I reluctantly pulled out of Rebecca's pussy, and moved up her trim body, kneeling beside Rebecca's head.

"Dip your cock in her mouth... yeah that's it Becca, suck your fuck juices off his cock. Now let me have it. Mmmm-hmmm."

I was on the verge of coming, so it was perfect that the girls were playing instead of really sucking my cock. It allowed me to last a lot longer, watching and feeling as the girls passed the head of my cock back and forth between their mouths. Erika put my balls in Rebecca's mouth while she sucked the head, holding the shaft deep in her mouth, then they kissed around the head of my cock, their tongues slipping around it.

"I wanna see her eat it." said Erika, planting the head in Rebecca's mouth and stroking the shaft. "Wait, I've got a better idea. Here Becca, you jack him off into my mouth."

Rebecca grabbed my cock and aimed it at Erika's face, then started stroking. Erika opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, smiling up at me. I stopped trying to hold myself back. The orgasm swelled inside me, my balls clenched, and a whole lot of cum ended up in Erika's mouth. She patiently waited for me cock to stop pulsing. Then she closed her mouth, looked up at me with a wink, then kissed Rebecca.

Rebecca's gave a startled grunt, and her hands came up to try to push Erika away from her, but Erika kept her pinned down with the kiss. Finally Rebecca surrendered, and I saw her throat working to swallow my cum as it poured from Erika's mouth.

I sat back, drained. Erika must have decided to press her advantage, swinging her body over Rebecca's. With her larger weight, she pinned her friend down on the towel. She kissed and sucked Rebecca's mouth, face, neck, and breasts. Rebecca struggled lightly but more or less surrendered to the attack. I played with Rebecca's pussy, stroking her clit as I watched the girls go at it. After a few minutes, Erika came up on her knees slightly, her thighs still straddling Rebecca's belly.

"It's time for you get used to my pussy." said Erika. "Come on, touch it."

I watched in fascination as Rebecca put a tentative hand down between Erika's legs. Erika encouraged her.

"Yeah, touch my clit. Rub it... um-hmm. Now slip a finger inside... uh-huh, now put two in... good girl. Now taste."

Slowly, Rebecca brought her hand back up to her mouth, and licked her fingers.

"See? Not so scary, huh? I probably don't taste much different from you."

"Yeah." Said Rebecca quietly. It was the first thing she'd said since agreeing to such on Erika's tits.

"Now I want to do something for you." said Erika. She climbed off of Rebecca's waist, and got down between Rebecca's legs.

"Oh my god!" cried Rebecca. Her face was a mixture of amazement, confusion, and perhaps a bit of lust.

I stared as Erika's tongue came out and licked the whole length of Rebecca's pussy, her hands spreading Rebecca's labia, then she began to suck and lick the clit in earnest.

"Oh my god." said Rebecca quietly, again and again. My cock was hard from watching, so I moved down behind Erika and felt between her thighs for her pussy. She raised her head to speak a quick "Yeah! Fuck me." then went back to eating Rebecca's pussy.

I got my cock inside Erika and fucked her slowly. I felt the now-familiar feeling of pressing against her heavy thighs, the heat of her pussy around my cock, the sun beating down on me, the sweat trickling down my body. The sight of her head between Rebecca's legs, the sound of her moaning as she was fucked. We kept going for a few minutes. I had staying power since I had come already. I slapped Erika's ass, for fun, and fucked harder, trying to get myself as deep as possible inside her.

Rebecca came first, gasping and announcing her orgasm. Erika kept her mouth on Rebecca's pussy until Rebecca pushed it away.

"God, I've wanted to do that forever." said Erika, pulling away from my cock to crawl up Rebecca's body and kiss her.

"I'm too hot, I need to go in the water." said Rebecca. We let her up, and followed her into the cool water. My cock was still completely hard and bobbed comically as I waded in. We splashed each other, dunking our bodies to cool them off, laughing. Erika set off to swim out into the pond. I embraced Rebecca in the shallow water and we kissed.

"Did you really like seeing me do that stuff with her?" she asked me.

"Yeah." I said. "It's the sexiest thing I can even imagine. You are both so beautiful."

"You really think I'm beautiful?" she asked, smiling broadly.

"Yes." I said. "Now step out of the water a bit, I wanna try fucking you standing up."

We waded toward the short until our hips were above water, then she turned around and bent slightly. I embraced her from behind and felt with my cock between her legs. I was struggling to get it in properly when Erika swam and waded up to us.

"You have to give her something to lean on." she said, coming around in front of Rebecca. "Now, lean down further and spread your legs a little."

I worked my whole cock into Rebecca, and started fucking. Rebecca found herself leaning over with her face at Erika's tits, so she sucked the nipple that dangled in from of her. We fucked this way for a few minutes, until I felt near orgasm.

"We gotta stop, I'm gonna come and I can't do that in her." I said.

"Let's switch, you can come in me." said Erika. I pulled out of Rebecca and the girls reversed positions. I got behind Erika and fucked her, violently slamming against her thighs. I didn't last a minute, flooding her pussy with my cum as she sucked on Rebecca's tits.

We stood together in the water, and I pulled them together to try something: three people kissing. It worked, but was a little awkward - I didn't know where to put my tongue. We relaxed into taking turns kissing each other.

We played in the water a bit more before getting out, drying off and packing up the car. On the drive home, Erika drove again while Rebecca and I cuddled in the back. Too tired to do much, Rebecca lay down with her head in my lap. I unzipped my shorts and fed her my soft cock, which she sucked gently for the rest of the ride. After dropping her off, Erika and I stopped the car at the grove at the edge of her land, and we sat and talked a while. We kissed goodbye, my body too drained to do anything more that day, then I dropped her off and went home.

The next afternoon, Rebecca had some f****y event she had to attend. Erika, however, was available to meet discretely at the grove... or The Spot as we eventually called it.

We made out in the car. I pulled off her top and I had fun pulling and stretching her tits and biting her nipples. She seemed to like the biting, up to a certain point, saying it turned her on. I unzipped and she tried to suck my cock in the car, but it was too awkward. After some experimenting, we found that the most comfortable way to do it was for her to sit on the passenger side seat with the door open, facing out, and for me to stand on the ground facing her. That put my cock at roughly the same height as her mouth, so she could give me a long, delicious blow job without straining her neck. She had her skirt up and playing with her pussy while she sucked me, not enough to get her off but enough to get her wet. After I came in her mouth, I sat back down with her in the car.

"I want you hard again so we can fuck." she said, holding my soft cock in her hand. "Think about what we did yesterday. I bet that'll get you hard again fast."

She started into a story of how the sex yesterday felt to her... the feeling of Rebecca's nipples in her mouth, Rebecca's hot tongue, the feeling of Rebecca's fingers on her clit, but most of all, the feeling of Rebecca's clit in her mouth.

"It was so awesome when I made her come." she said. "I felt it in my body too, a little. I can't wait for our next time together. I don't think she'll do anything with me unless you're there. I'm sure it's the fact you're there, watching her, that makes her follow through on my manipulation. She doesn't want to look like a chicken in front of you. So next time we're together, I want you to really insist on her and I doing stuff together."

"No problem with me!" I said.

"Cool. Let's fuck." I fucked her leaning up against the car, coming inside her.

The next day was the same, and it became a steady thing with Erika and I. I would call her, we would arrange a time to meet at the Spot, we would sit and talk about stuff in our lives, then she would suck my cock. I'd come in her mouth, then she'd talk dirty to get me hard again, then we would fuck until I came. She never had orgasms when we were together, but she would tell me about orgasms later that night, from masturbating in her bed.

When I would talk to Rebecca on the phone, there was always something stopping from speaking privately - mostly, her fear of her parents being somewhere around the house. All we could do is talk about when she might be free again. I considered picking her up and trying to find a secluded spot to fool around, but the timing was difficult it never happened. Instead, we finally got another day when her parents were away, leaving her in the house alone all afternoon.

I picked up Erika first, then we drove to Rebecca's house. The weather was still hot, so all three of us were dressed lightly. Rebecca met us in front of her out. I embraced her and kissed her, then Erika approached her expecting the same. Rebecca turned away with a shrug of disinterest.

"I thought you might be like that." said Erika. "William, you want to see her kiss me, don't you?"

"Yeah!" I said. "Of course I do."

"It she doesn't want to, we could always just leave and go fuck somewhere else."

Rebecca stood there, a little surprised, then a look of resignation spread over her face.

"Fine." she said, then, quietly and submissively, "I'll do anything you tell me to."

I almost felt sorry for her. My feelings were a little confused, but my lust and ego took control.

"Well, you can start by kissing Erika as least as nicely as you kissed me." I said.

She embraced Erika, pulling her into a deep, soft kiss. It was beautiful.

"Let's go inside." said Erika. We walked in, and Erika pointed up the stairs to Rebecca's room. Rebecca went up, and Erika pulled me aside.

"William, you tell her what to do. I like being in control, but I'm happy to let you be the boss if it gets her to behave better."

"OK." I said. "I guess I can be more assertive."

"Yeah. I'm sure you're horny enough. Just be a guy, think with your dick and tell us what you want us to do. Anything you want."

My brain spun. Anything? We walked up the stairs to her room. I sat down on Rebecca's bed, and motioned for them to stand together in front of me.

"Kiss each other?" I asked.

Erika flashed me a smile, while Rebecca looked less certain. They embraced, kissing. My cock started to grow, my imagination stimulated.

"Take off each other's clothes..." I said. Erika's hands went to Rebecca's shirt. "With your teeth. Put your hands behind your back."

Erika laughed and the girls had to work together, as she got ahold of Rebecca's tank top and pulled it upwards. The shirt came off, then Erika dropped to her knees and gripped Rebecca's skirt with her teeth, pulling it down and off. Next she pulled Rebecca's panties down to her ankles. She got back up and looked at Rebecca's bra with puzzlement.

"I guess you can use one hand for the bra." I agreed.

Once Rebecca was naked, she used her teeth to pull off Erika's T-shirt and pants, then panties and bra. The girls were now giggling and naked, and I was hard as a rock. Giddy with excitement, I gave commands, and they acted them out.

"Kiss again... touch each other's tits."

"Suck on each other's tits."

"Kiss and hold each other's butts."

"Kiss and touch each other's pussies."

They did everything without complaint. I was going crazy.

"Come down here... suck me?"

"Together?" asked Erika.


I had both naked girls kneeling between my legs, fishing out my cock. Erika was the first to take it in her mouth, then she gave Rebecca a turn. I was so turned on, I could barely stand it.

"Whoever makes me come ... gets her pussy licked." I managed to say, in a blur of lust.

The girls renewed their sucking, competing. Poor Rebecca didn't stand a chance - she lacked her friend's experience and enthusiasm. I came hard in Erika's mouth, and she rhythmically swallowed as I let go. My senses overloaded, I leaned back as she sucked the last drops.

"You heard what he said," Erika was saying. "I won. You have to lick me."

"Maybe he meant he would lick you?" said Rebecca hopefully.

"William, you want to see her lick my pussy, don't you?" Erika asked.

"Yeah." I managed to say. Rebecca gave me a forlorn look, as if to say please don't make me do this, but at that moment, I was too lustful to consider her feelings.

Erika was bossy, sitting down on the bed and spreading her legs, commanding Rebecca, telling her what to do. I watched in amazement as Rebecca obeyed, getting down on her hands and knees, her fingers softly touching her friend's pussy, then gradually daring to use her lips, then her tongue.

I was getting hard again. I moved onto the bed with them, touching Rebecca's body, her small dangling tits, her round butt, caressing her as she ate pussy for the first time in her life.

"That's so beautiful." I said encouragingly.

"Mmmmm." said Rebecca non-committaly, as her tongue got more busy, sucking on Erika's clit.

I played with Rebecca's pussy, then got a condom, rolled it on and pressed myself into Rebecca from behind, doggy-style fucking her without even asking first, taking her body for granted. Erika moaned softly and smiled at me, watching us fuck, as Rebecca's face worked between her legs. I held Rebecca's thin hips and drilled her tight young pussy for as long as I could, several minutes, before the whole scene was just too much for me, and I came hard.

After pulling out carefully and discarding the condom, I went over to Erika and played with her tits as we both watched Rebecca's tongue working.

"She's learning... I think I might come." gasped Erika. She pulled my face down to hers, her tongue slipping into my mouth in a hot kiss. We held the kiss for a long time, until Erika finally came, moaning into my mouth as the orgasm hit her. I broke off the kiss and moved down to Rebecca, who eagerly lifted her face to kiss me. I tasted Erika's pussy on her lips, her tongue.

"Do you want to fuck me now?" asked Erika, touching her pussy invitingly.

"Soon." I said, still recovering from my previous orgasms. Erika gave me an intense look, watching as I kissed and caressed Rebecca. Was it jealousy? Loss of control?

"Do you want to fuck me... in my ass?" she asked.

I stopped short and stared at her. "Really?"

"Uh-huh. I've done anal sex before. You want to try it?" She moved her hand down past her pussy, touching her ass.

Slowly I got over my amazement enough to mutter "Um... yeah!"

"Make her lick my asshole."

I nodded, turning to Rebecca.

"No way!" said Rebecca softly.

"Don't worry, it's clean." Erika lifted her legs and reached down to spread her buttocks.

"Do I have to?" Rebecca gave me that look again.

"It would be really sexy." I said.

She sighed and lowered her face, her tongue very gingerly licking around Erika's little rosebud. My cock started to get hard again.

"Go downstairs and get a pat of butter." said Erika.

I went, feeling a little nervous walking around in Rebecca's house naked. I found the butter in the fridge and got a bit, which started melting slightly in my hand by the time I got back upstairs. On the bed, Erika was holding her legs wide apart and moaning. Rebecca was licking her friend's ass without reservation now, really using her tongue.

"Put some on your cock." instructed Erika. "And put some on your fingers, and touch my ass."

Rebecca tried to pull away, but Erika held her in place with her legs. Together, Rebecca and I got butter on our fingers and played with Erika's ass. We each got a slippery finger inside, then I managed to get two fingers in. Erika told me she was ready. Rebecca moved aside and I got into position between Erika's legs, lining up my cock.

"Go really slow at first." she commanded, and I obeyed, scared of hurting her, taking a full minute just to press the head of my cock through her sphincter. A couple minutes later, I was finally most of the way inside her. If Erika felt discomfort, she was doing quite a job of hiding it. When I was all the way inside her ass, she pulled my body down to hers, kissing me.

"How does it feel?" she asked.

"Hot. Tight."

She grinned, turning to glance at Rebecca, victorious. Rebecca sat there naked and watching, betraying no emotion.

"You can fuck me now." said Erika.

I nodded and started to move. Her ass was so tight, I would have lost it immediately if I hadn't already come twice. As it was, I lasted a few minutes. Rebecca moved close, looking at me longingly, as if feeling left out. I turned to kiss her, and she returned the kiss enthusiastically, her tongue moving in my mouth as my cock moved in her friend's ass. We were still kissing when I came deep inside Erika.

We all went to the shower and washed together, taking special care to wash my cock. Thankfully I was sexually drained, or it would have been too distracting showering with two naked girls. We dried off and went back to lay in Rebecca's bed, talking and cuddling. I had one naked girl curled up on either side of me, and I felt great. We dozed off for a while. When I woke up, I felt Rebecca's hand on my cock. I turned to kiss her, and things might have started up again, but we heard the sounds of her parent's car approaching. Quickly, we leapt up and found our clothes, hiding any signs of fooling around. We appeared completely innocent by the time her parents got home.

Over the next week, I wasn't able to get together with Rebecca at all. With her strict parents, and no car, it just wasn't as easy to get together.

Erika, on the other hand, was very easy. We talked on the phone at night, often ending with phone sex. We met at The Spot, for necking in my car, a blow job, or a fuck, with Erika standing up bent over against the car, pushing her generous buttocks back at me as I thrust into her. Once that week I even dared to ask for anal sex, sneaking out of the house with a pat of butter in my lunchbox. Erika smiled and made herself available, to be buttered-up and ass-fucked, my legs spread slightly to put my hips at the right height to press into her ass as she bent over against the car.

I wrestled with my feelings. My romantic side definitely felt more strongly for Rebecca. However, each time I got together with Erika it strengthened the bond I felt with her, the endorphin rush of orgasms bringing us closer.

Finally, the next weekend, circumstances worked out that I got to visit Rebecca at her house, alone.

She met me at the door, in a modest flower-print dress, looking so pure and innocent. With nobody around, she melted into my arms, her body pressing against mine, her mouth kissing me eagerly, almost desperately. She led me into the kitchen and offered me a glass of cold lemonade, which I happily accepted. She poured herself a glass as well and we sat together at the kitchen table.

"William..." she said hesitantly, "I think I love you."

"I think I love you too." I responded, truthfully.

"I don't like having to share you with Erika."

"I know."

We sat there for a minute, just sipping and looking at each other.

"She's a lot less inhibited than me. She does all that sex stuff. I can understand why you're attracted to her. I don't really like it when you make me do things, things with her."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"It's OK, I guess. I don't really mind that much, because I want to make you happy. I don't mind doing the sex stuff, the lesbian stuff, if it gets you excited and you have fun. If we get together with her again, I'll do anything you like. I just wish you were doing it with me, and only me."

"Thanks. I understand." I thought about what she wasn't saying. She wasn't coming right out and telling me or asking me to give up Erika. Maybe she accepted her position, having lost the battle with her friend.

"Do you want to come upstairs with me? We could do anything you like. I want to make you feel good."

"I would really like that." I said honestly. "I miss being with you."

She smiled, standing up and taking me by the hand, upstairs. In her room, we fell into her bed, kissing. She looked so innocent in her soft cotton dress, it didn't line up in my mind with all the lustful thoughts I was having about her. We tumbled over and over, making out. She pulled away and pulled off her dress in one smooth motion, leaving her in just panties. She helped me pull off my pants and briefs, then were were making out again, this time with my mouth on her tits and her hand on my cock.

"I'm not at good at sucking you, as she is," said Rebecca, "but I can only get better with practice." She moved down and licked the length of my cock. "Tell me what to do, and I'll learn."

I smiled and did my best to give feedback, as she sucked my cock. More suction, more tongue, a little faster. Rebecca was so eager to please, she learned quickly. Within a few minutes I was really to pop, and told her so.

"Do you remember our first time together, in this room, when I let you see me naked?" she asked, her hand stroking my cock.


"I didn't let you do it in my mouth then. But Erika, she always lets you do it in her mouth, doesn't she?"

"Yeah. She does."

Rebecca made a face. "Well, it doesn't taste that good, but I'm happy to do it for you. So just go ahead and come, OK?"

She returned to sucking. I looked down at her pretty face, her cheeks busy making suction, her mouth so eager to accept me, her small tongue busy swirling. I lost it, coming hard. She froze, latched on and sucking, swallowing every drop.

After some cuddling and more kissing and fooling around, I was hard again, and reached off the bed to produce a condom from my pants pocket. She nodded and smiled. I moved down between her legs, pulling off her panties. Suddenly, I felt a desire to try to treat her right, so I went down on her pussy. She squealed in delight, pushing her hips back at me, spreading her legs. Still inexperienced, it took me a while of licking and listening to her reactions before I figured out what she liked, and kept doing it long enough to get her off. Part of my mind was thinking, I would never do this for Erika.

When she came, she was wet and suddenly very eager to get fucked, and my hard cock was eager to comply. Our bodies came together and we both moaned. I managed to last a long time, long enough for us to roll around and fuck in different positions. I loved having Rebecca on top of me, her small tits barely bouncing as she rocked herself up and down on my cock. Most of my mind was lost in the throes of passion, but the rational part of my mind was comparing the experience to being with Erika, how different it was. With Erika, I fucked. With Rebecca, it was more like making love. I caressed her body as we moved together, our kisses were tender. I was back on top of her, my hips moving faster, when I lost it and came hard.

"William," she said softly as we cuddled together afterwards, "I do love you."

"I think I love you too."

"You think?"

"OK." I giggled. "I do love you."

"I'd do anything for you. I'd do anything that Erika does." She reached down and held my half-hard cock. "Would you want to have anal sex with me?"

"Um... you don't have to do that." I had never even considered it.

"Why not? You like doing it with her, don't you?"


"It really turns you on, doesn't it? It's really sexy?"

"Yeah. It is."

"So why wouldn't you do it with me?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's because I feel different about you. You're more innocent. And you make me really happy, without having to do ... things like that."

"I'm more innocent?" She sighed. "Now you really have to do it. I have to prove to you that I'll do anything. I want you to have anal sex with me."

I shook my head. "But you've never done it before. I don't want to hurt you."

"If Erika can learn to take it, I can learn it too. C'mon. I want to show you that I love you, and I want my first time to be alone with you, without her."

"You don't have to do it to prove anything."

She spread her legs and took my hand, pulling it to her crotch. My fingertips brushed against her pussy, then her ass.

"Don't try to talk me out of it. C'mon, don't try to deny that the idea turns you on, doesn't it? You want to do it with me?"

I thought about it, and nodded. "Yeah, I admit the idea turns me on. But I still don't think it's a good idea."

She rolled away from me in the bed, giving me a kiss then standing up and leaving the room. When she reappeared, she had a pat of butter in her hand. She knelt over me on the bed, sucking my cock to full hardness, as she played with her own asshole with slippery fingers. She took her time, trying to relax enough to get her fingers inside herself. Finally she decided she was ready, lubed up my cock with buttery fingers, and moved up to kneel over me on the bed. My cock was sticking up at an angle, so she tried lowering her hips down on me. The head of my cock brushed against her pussy, then her ass. She tried to get it into her ass, but it kept slipping one way or the other.

"Hold yourself steady." she instructed.

I reached down around her hips and held my cock firmly. She shifted her weight and got herself lined up, the head of my cock pressing firmly against her back entrance. Finally, the head popped through.

"Oh!" she gasped, a worried look on her face.

"You don't have to do this." I said again.

"Shut up." she said softly, shifting herself, trying to find a more comfortable angle, trying to relax and let me in. It took several long minutes, but she finally succeeded in getting nearly the full length of my cock inside her incredibly tight, hot, virginal ass.

"That's good enough" I said soothingly. She lowered herself to my chest, kissing me, and allowing herself one small smile of victory, along with the discomfort.

"Will you come in me, like this?"

"I think I need to move a little, in and out."

She looked worried, but nodded. Very carefully, I rocked my own hips, pulling back slightly then pressing myself up her ass. She grimaced, but I didn't dare try to stop. Her determination, and my own lust, kept me going, as I cautiously ass-fucked her from below, moving faster and faster, trying to ignore her gasping and keep going, until finally I came.

Carefully, I pulled out and she pulled away. There was a single tear on her cheek, and she moved awkwardly as we went together to the shower to wash off. Under the water, I held her and kissed her and caressed her body. It was a big event for both of us, and we spent hours together afterwards, cuddling and talking it over.

The following weekend, I got together with both girls again. Although Rebecca's parents were the most strict, they were also away from the house more often, so that's where we met.

Rebecca seemed to want to hang out, just playing music and talking, but Erika kept bringing up sex. I knew what Erika was thinking: having a sex scene again, so that she could prove her superiority, f***e Rebecca to do things she wasn't comfortable with.

Thinking with my cock, I let things get sexual again, but thinking with my heart, I tried to favor Rebecca. After having the girls slow undress each other and do some kissing, I had Erika on her hands and knees eating Rebecca's pussy. I went up to make out with Rebecca a bit, dipped my cock in her mouth to wet it, then went around and pushed myself into Erika doggy-style. It was as delightful as ever to watch Rebecca enjoying herself as I pushed against Erika's plump buttocks, but I wanted to see what else they would do.

"Erika, will do do anything sexual?"

She lifted her wet mouth to respond, "You bet I will."

I was close, so I pulled out of Erika and went around, pointed myself at Rebecca's tits, and jacked myself a couple times until I hosed down her tits with a large amount of cum.

"Then come up here and lick her clean."

Erika gave me a look as if it was a distasteful thing to do, which is exactly what I was hoping for. She complied, though, moving up and lavishing Rebecca's tits with her tongue, lick and slurping up and swallowing every bit of my cum.

Next I wanted to fuck Rebecca, but I didn't want to make her eat Erika, so I put Erika on her back, with Rebecca sitting on her face. Now I was able to fuck Rebecca from behind, slipping my cock occasionally into Erika's mouth instead, using her as lubrication. Eventually I told Erika to focus on Rebecca's clit, and we kept going that way until Rebecca came with me inside her.

I was nearly ready to come again, so I lay down on the bed and pulled Rebecca to me. I kissed her through the afterglow of her orgasm, then gave commands to Erika.

"I want you to do me with your ass."

Erika looked puzzled. "How?"

"Sit down on my cock."

"Oh. OK." Erika looked a little worried. "I'll need some preparation."

"Prepare yourself then. Use your fingers, let me watch."

Erika went downstairs, and came back with a little bowl of Criso. She bent over, reaching back with greasy fingers, and probed her own ass. It was sexy to watch. She started with one finger, pushing in and out, then gradually got two inside. She was working on a third finger when I spoke.

"Come suck my cock while you do that, then sit down on me when you're ready."

She nodded, coming over to me to suck. Rebecca and I cuddled and kissed. I reached my left arm down between Rebecca's legs, my fingers finding her wet pussy as our tongues played. In my peripheral vision I saw Erika rising up and lowering herself on my lap, awkwardly trying to find the right angle. I held my cock pointing straight up with my right hand to make it easier, and soon felt the tight, hot clasping of Erika's ass wrapped around me. It took her a couple minutes to relax enough to get me all the way inside, then she started to rock her hips. She was doing all the work, visibly sweating, lifting her plump body up and down to move on my cock, but aside from her ass I was ignoring her. I caressed Rebecca sweetly and we made out as if Erika wasn't even there.

Her ass was there, however, feeling incredibly hot and tight on my cock, so it was barely a couple minutes until I was about to cum. I pulled Rebecca tightly to me.

"I love you," I whispered in Rebecca's ear, as I filled Erika's bowels with my cum.

That was the last time I got together with both girls before the summer ended. I saw Rebecca a couple more times, where we made out and made love with a condom. Erika didn't respond to my sexual requests anymore. I guess she realized that she lost the battle for my affections, so there was no longer any point in trying to out-sex her friend. I couldn't figure out if they did actually remain friends, but hey, I was a pretty inobservant teenage boy, so it might have just been me.

I went off to college in another state, and kept in touch with Rebecca. This was in the days before email, so we wrote actual love letters to each other. I noticed other attractive girls at school, but I was shy and nerdy and far to busy to do anything about it.

I saw Rebecca when I went home to the f****y for Christmas. We only managed to get alone together once, but spent the whole time in bed making out and fucking. I didn't even see Erika.

In the Spring the love letters grew farther apart, until we finally gave up on the long-distance relationship, and that was the end.

Over the next few years, I did manage to have a few girlfriends, especially after I left college. I even had some that were quite uninhibited, some that happily offered oral and anal sex, and some that didn't mind me having other girlfriends on the side. At one point I actually had three different women that I saw for sex. But, I never again had two in my bed at the same time, nor did I ever have that exhilarating sense of sexual control that I had when I was caught in in the crossfire of Erika and Rebecca, two insecure, needy teenage girls, willing to do whatever it took to win.
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THE f****y "Caught In The Act"

The Travis f****y:
Dan: Father, 42, CEO Connie: Mother, 37, Housewife Ken: Son, 19, attending
college Roni: Daughter, 16, Private High School
The Travis f****y lives in a posh home in the hills of northern California. Dan
Travis, was made CEO of one of the largest corporations in the country, which
also qualified him as one of the highest paid CEO's in the country. Dan is the
type of person that had to have the best for him and his f****y; the best house,
cars, and life style in general. When Dan married Connie 20 years ago, she was
only 17 and in high school. He promised her that she would never have to work as
long as she was married to him and he would give her everything her heart
desired. Dan made good on his promises to her, because Connie has never worked
and couldn't asked for anything that Dan hasn't or wouldn't give her.
Connie's days were spent with her rich neighborhood friends, making plans for
parties and such, taking classes on any subject that interested her at the time,
and keeping herself in shape by visiting the gym 4 days a week. Connie had
everything she wanted, but still, there was something missing in her life. Dan
had become lost in his work several years back, never having time for things
like sex with Connie. Sure, he would give her a quickie on some nights before
bed or Connie would give him a blow-job in the mornings, but as for the
passionate sex they once had was down to nothing. It was a beautiful fall day
when Connie took an opportunity to lounge in the hot tub behind her house. The
hot tub was enclosed in lattus work that held it in seclusion from the rest of
the property. Connie walked to the rear of her home and entered the small
hide-away. Closing the trellis door behind her she removed the heavy robe she
was wearing. Her naked body came in contact with the cool fall air. Her large
nipples that topped her melon sized breasts became erect from the cool feeling.
She stepped into the warm water of the tub and eased down, pulling the warm
blanket of water over her sleek well maintained body. She closed her eyes and
laid back, enjoying the sensation of the hot water and the coolness of the fall
Connie's solitude was interrupted by the voice of their gardener, Terrel. Terrel
was a black man, in his mid 30s that her husband had hired last year. Very well
built, tall, and muscular. Connie, on numerous occasions, had inspected his from
a distance as he worked in the gardens. Connie watched through the shrubbery as
he came into view. He was talking in a low voice, but Connie couldn't see who,
until they past by some open parts in the shrubs. Connie could see it was Tammy,
white girl that worked for them as kitchen help. Tammy didn't speak, she only
followed Terrel to a place beside the hot-tub. With only her head out of the
water, the shrubs hid Connie from their sight. She could see them pretty
clearly. Terrel looked around and gave the surrounding area a quick once over
before turning to Tammy and telling her it was all clear. Tammy quickly dropped
to her knees in front of Terrel. Connie's eyes grew wide at the sight, she knew
what she was about to witness. Tammy reached in front of her and unbuckled
Terrel's pants, unzipping them and then pulling them and his underwear down to
his ankles. Connie's eyes grew even wider as Terrel's cock came out. Connie
quietly gasped for air at the sight of it. She had never before in her life seen
a human cock that size. As Tammy pulled his pants down, Connie looked at his
cock, she could see it was at least 10 inches and as thick as her arm. Tammy
then pulled her sweater off and laid it on the ground next to her. Her skin was
very white with freckles covering her large heavy breasts. Connie watched her
breasts as they bounced free from the material.
Tammy took his cock quickly and pushed her light skinned face down over his dark
cock. The contrast of the color of her face and his cock made Connie's eyes fix
on the sight of where they met. Connie watched Tammy take only a few inches in
her mouth before having to stop. Connie tried to imagine her taking his cock and
how much would she be able to take. Tammy pumped the long limp cock as she
sucked the head. Connie watched her hand move up and down the shaft, moving the
skin around it as she did. Connie became aware of the excitement growing between
her legs as she watched. Parting her legs underneath the water, Connie let one
hand venture between her legs and placing it over her hot mound. Connie began
stroking her clit at the sight of the two. Tammy was moving her mouth quickly
over his cock as though she was in a hurry, taking more in as she went. Connie
watched Tammy's lips as they gripped his cock tightly. Before long, the cock was
thick and hard, standing straight out for Tammy to suck. Connie's fingers were
moving faster over her clit. Her breathing became quick and hard. Tammy pinched
her nipples as she sucked his massive tool until they were hard and erect,
standing out from her large breasts. Connie watched the girl roll and pinch her
nipples as she took in all there was to see. Connie could feel herself wanting
to moan from the intense pleasure she was giving herself. She raised one hand to
her mouth and covered it in fear that she wouldn't be able to control herself
when she started cumming. Tammy's hand had now moved to the bottom of her skirt
and pushed its way to her crotch. Tammy pinched and rubber her clit as she
sucked Terrel's cock. Tammy looked up at Terrel and nodded her head as she kept
the cock tightly in her mouth without saying a single word. Connie saw Terrel's
head draw back and eyes shut. She knew he was about to cum. Tammy pulled the
cock from her mouth and began pumping it with both hand vigorously, letting her
mouth only cover the tip of his cock after a few pumps. This sight was too much
and knowing that this little white girl was about to suck his cum out was enough
to send Connie over the edge. Connie bit her finger to keep from making any
sounds as her cum raged beneath her pulling fingers. Tammy stroked the cock with
long hard strokes, bring his cum to the surface. When the first spray of cum
shot out, Tammy quickly covered the head of the cock with her lips, sucking his
cum into her mouth. When he started cumming, Tammy quickly pulled her right hand
off his cock and placed it back in her crotch. With her left hand, she pumped
his cock even harder as she rubbed her clit to orgasm. Connie could hear Tammy.
She could hear a low steady hum coming from Tammy's throat. Cum flowed from her
mouth and down her chin and onto her white breasts.
When it was over, Tammy stood up as quickly as she got on her knees and dressed,
leaving Terrel to pull his pants up without saying a word. Alone, Terrel pulled
his pants and underwear up, pausing at his cock to snake it back inside and then
he pulled his clothes the rest of the way up. He gave a quick look-around before
moving from the cover of the shrubs and then left.
When Connie was sure he was gone, she sat back up in the hot-tub. Her hand was
still lightly stroking her clit, giving her more after-orgasm pleasure. With her
eyes closed, Connie spent a while day dreaming of what she just saw happen.
Since Dan wasn't giving her as much sex as she would love to have, she seemed to
stay horny most of the time. Connie began fantasizing about replacing Tammy's
mouth with her own. She could see herself bringing Terrel to an orgasm by her
mouth. Connie stopped thinking about it and moved her hand away from her flooded
pussy. She knew there wasn't any since of making herself frustrated thinking
about it. Soon, Connie was out of the hot-tub and putting her robe back on. Just
as she began to pull the robe over her shoulders, she heard the trellis door
open, looking up, she saw Terrel standing there. Connie, in an attempt to cover
her voyeurism, said hello as if nothing was any different than any other time.
Terrel returned the Hello, but just stood there looking at Connie's exposed
Terrel told her that she didn't have to put that robe on for him because he knew
she had seen him and Tammy a few minutes ago. He asked her if she enjoyed the
show. Connie didn't know how to act nor did she know what to say. She just
looked at him. Terrel rubbed the outline of his cock through his pants. Connie
couldn't take her eyes off the large outline that ran partly down his leg. He
then unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. It hung out over the zipper and
bounced heavily down. Connie was amazed at the size of it. She felt the familiar
tingle between her legs as she looked at the long thick black cock hanging
there. Terrel asked her if she wanted to try it on for size. Connie looked up at
him and then back down to the cock. Terrel moved closer, but Connie didn't move
back, she stood there gazing at the bouncing cock as he drew near. Terrel put
his hand on her shoulder and gave a slight push downward. Connie dropped to her
knees just as she had seen Tammy do only a few minutes ago, without a single
word or resistance. Connie's face was only inches away from his cock. She heard
Terrel say go ahead. Connie then raised her hand and took it. Her fingers
wrapped around the thick shaft and closed tightly, her fingers couldn't even go
all the way around it. She thought about Tammy's mouth over this large cock and
her thoughts at that time. She thought about how much she could take in her
mouth. Slowly, Connie moved her face closer and opened her mouth. She could
smell Tammy's perfume and see traces of her lipstick on his cock and see a drop
of cum oozing from the large head. In a slow deliberate movement, Connie raised
the head to her mouth and covered the head with her stretched lips. It was
bigger than she thought. She f***ed her mouth further down the cock causing her
lips to stretch wider apart. She let her tongue push to the under side of his
cock as she pushed her mouth down. Only taking the fist couple inches before it
touched the back of her throat. This didn't stop Connie at all, she lowered her
head a little more and pushed harder, making the head slide down the back of her
mouth and down her throat until her nose was pressing against his pubic hair.
She heard Terrel tell her that she was the first to be able to do that to him.
With her eyes closed now, Connie moved back up the shaft only to return her nose
to his pubic hair again and again. She thought to herself, how much she would
like to see Tammy try doing what she was doing.
Terrel's cock was becoming hard and too thick to take down her throat. Without
saying anything, Connie stopped and turned around on her hands and knees. She
pulled the back of her robe up exposing her luscious ass to Terrel. Reaching
between her legs, she parted her pussy lips for him and pressed two fingers
inside herself. Looking over her shoulder, she gave him her best 'fuck-me' look
and used the other two fingers to motion him to come. Terrel moved to her and
took his place between her legs. Connie quickly pulled her fingers out of her
pussy and took his cock, guiding it to her wet pussy, she pushed back, taking
his cock in her wet hot hole. A slight moan of pain and pleasure jumped from her
mouth as the thickness of his cock opened her pussy wider than it had ever been
opened before. Without a word, she started her fuck motion on his cock. Lowering
her head to the ground, she looked between her legs and watched the black snake
like cock slowly impale her body and then draw out. She squeezed her pussy
tightly around his cock. She heard him groan with pleasure which told her all
those years at the gym had not gone to waste.
Roni walked in the front door of the house and dropped her books on the living
room table as she did ever day. She quickly ran up the stairs to her room to
change out of her school uniform before doing her homework. Coming back down
stairs, she wanted to tell her mom about a boy that asked her out. She searched
for her in all her mom's favorite locations but couldn't find her. She went into
the kitchen and saw Tammy over by the stove. She asked Tammy had she seen her
mom. Tammy told her that she had not seen her for about an hour and didn't know
where she was. Roni decided that she would tell her later when she saw her. She
took her books from the table and walked back upstairs and to the study. Roni
closed the door and put her books down on the large oak desk by the window.
Turning around to open the window, Roni saw her mom in utter disbelief. She
found her alright, but her mom was at the hot-tub fucking the black gardener. In
a second, fury flooded her head for her mom. She couldn't believe she was
cheating on him, much less with the gardener. Roni trembled with anger as she
watched her mom fuck their gardener. At about that time, Dan opened the door and
came in. Roni turned around and looked at her dad. With anger and disbelief in
her eyes, she went to her dad. She wanted to tell him what was going on that
very same second outside at the hot-tub, but she didn't know how to tell him.
Instead, she took him by the arm and told him she had something to show him. She
lead him downstairs and out the front door. Dan kept asking her what was she
doing, but Roni kept saying she had something she wanted him to see and nothing
Once at the back of the house, Roni told him to be very quiet. He did as
requested of him by her. They quietly came the lattus work around the Hot-tub.
Dan's was instantly filled with anger and pain. Roni looked at her mom and
Terrel with her dad. Dan had to turn and walk away. He couldn't go back inside
right now. He wondered if anyone in the house knew about what he had just seen.
He wondered how long had Connie been cheating on him and with who. Was Terrel
the only one or was there more? Dan walked to the other side of the property
where the pool was. Roni was right behind him. She walked with him telling him
that she was sorry about showing him. She went on to tell him that she had just
seen it from the study and got so mad that she had to show him. Dan told his
daughter to stop trying to blame herself, that she had nothing to do with his
pain and anger. That it was her mom that did it all, that she only made him
become aware of it is all. They came to the pool and walked around it for a
while. Neither of them said much for a long time. Dan finally said that he had
to have a drink. He walked inside the pool house and took a bottle behind the
bar. Pouring himself a large glass, he sat down on the sofa and just looked out
into space while quickly downing the first glassful. Roni sat beside him, trying
to think of some way she could ease the pain her dad must be feeling.
Connie was now wild with passion. Bucking against the large cock like an a****l
in heat. Terrel's hands gripped her ass tightly as he plunged his cock harder
and harder into Connie's hot pussy. Connie's clit was large and erect with
excitement and quickly became the target of her fingers, kneading and rubbing it
until it burned with pleasure. Connie felt every inch of Terrel's long meat
burying itself inside her. Connie's fingers were a blur as they feverishly
rubbed her swollen clit. Nearing the edge of her orgasm, Connie turned her face
and looked over her shoulder to Terrel, telling him that he better cum quickly
or she would be finished and he would have to stop. Terrel plunged his cock as
hard as he could into Connie pussy. Connie's face laid on the deck of the
hot-tub with her eyes closed, feeling her pussy getting filled with cockmeat.
Connie started cumming hard. Her fingers pressed harder on the hard button. She
whispered to him that she was cumming. Terrel wasn't ready to cum yet. He wanted
to enjoy this woman's pussy for a little while longer before shooting his cum
inside her. Connie's cum lasted for a few minutes, but Terrel hadn't cum yet.
Connie knew she had not felt his cum shoot into her throbbing pussy. She turned
around and took his cock back in her mouth. She could taste her own wetness that
coated his cock. It tasted good to her as he milked his cock between her lips.
Terrel's head drew back and Connie knew that his time was here. She drew her
head back, just as Tammy had done before, keeping only the head of his cock in
her mouth as she pumped the long thick shaft with her hands. His cum shot into
her mouth. More and more cum followed, filling her mouth and pressing out
between her lips and his cock. It poured out onto her heavy breasts that were
bouncing as her head bobbed on his cock. Terrel cum soon subsided since he had
cum only a few minutes before, he didn't have a full load of cum. Connie quickly
stood up and pulled her robe together and told Terrel that he should stay here
until she had gone so nobody would be wise to what they had just did. Terrel
agreed and waited until Connie had been gone for a few minutes and then walked
out and to the garden shed. Connie walked inside the house and went straight to
her bathroom and took a bath. The smell of horny sex was all about her and the
smell of her pussy was all around her mouth where she had cleaned Terrel's cock.
She locked the door and quickly got in the hot water and laid back, exhausted
from her fuck she had just been given. Her pussy was a wreck from the size of
Terrel's cock. The hot water felt wonder to her pussy. It helped soothe the
stretched feeling her pussy was having.
Back at the pool house, Roni watched her dad finish the bottle and get another.
Roni knew that he would be d***k a no time if he kept up. Sitting back down next
to Roni, Dan began drinking straight from the bottle, omitting the glass all
together. Roni heard her dad repeat "why" over and over and over. He took
another long drink from the bottle and started asking why again. Roni took the
bottle from her dad and asked if she could have a drink too. Dan looked at her
and said that it must be hard on her too that she could probably use a drink
just like him. Roni stood up and went to the door and looked out. It was dark
now and the light was on in her parents room. She knew that Connie was through
fucking the gardener and was now in their bedroom waiting for her dad to get in.
Anger swept over her and she too tuned the bottle up just as she had seen her
dad do it. It burned going down her throat causing her to cough a little before
pulling the bottle away from her mouth. Roni closed the shade on the door
window. There wasn't any other windows in the pool house to see in from. She
didn't want anyone to come out there. She wanted them to alone without anyone
coming out there. Roni walked back to the couch and sat beside her dad again,
handing him the bottle back, she asked him what he was going to do now. Dan told
his daughter that he didn't know right now what to do that he would have to
think about it. Tears began running from Dan's eyes as he said this to his
daughter. Roni, not knowing what to do, put her arm around her dad and held him.
She only knew that she wanted to stop the hurt he was feeling.

Dan laid his head on his daughter's shoulders as the tears rolled down his
cheeks. Without a sound, he quietly cried on her shoulder. He finally pulled up
and turned the bottle back up, taking another long drink. Roni took the bottle
back and took another drink also and then handed it back to her dad. Dan sat
back in the couch and Roni stood up. She began asking "why" now, but neither of
them had an answer yet. Roni began crying now. The thought of her mom with
another man, hurting him the way she did made her cry with pain and anger. Dan
pulled her to him and she sat on his lap like she did when she was a small c***d
with her legs on either side of him. Dan held her trying to make her feel
better. The convulsions of Roni body as she cried made her bounce on his lap.
Dan didn't notice at first that his cock was becoming hard from the activity
that was taking place on top of it. He just held her hoping that it would go
away. He knew it was wrong. He pushed it out of his mind, but Roni continued to
move. He tried to think of something else, but his cock kept bringing him back
to reality. Dan looked down and Roni's shirt had come unbuttoned at the top. He
could see the sweet mounds that were enclosed in the lacy material of her bra.
He quickly looked away. Roni notice that her dad had stopped crying, but as soon
as she did, she also felt something under her, pushing up. She could feel his
hard-on he was getting from her sitting on his lap. She stopped crying and just
sat there thinking about what she was noticing under her. Dan just looked away,
embarrassed by what was happening to his cock. Roni looked up at her dad's face
and for the first time in her life, she looked at him as a man and not her dad.
Nervous and unsure about what was happening, she put her arms around her dad's
neck and pulled close to his shoulder. Roni was feeling the effects of the
alcohol, but was fully aware of her feeling and the situation. She knew that
what was happening had made her dad stop thinking about seeing her mom with the
black gardener. She pulled closer and told Dan she loved him and that she wanted
to make him feel better. Roni began rocking slowly and nervously over her dad's
hardening cock. Dan tried to push her back, telling her no that what she was
doing was wrong, but Roni held to him tight and told him she just wanted to make
him feel better. Roni pushed her bottom down harder on her dad's cock while
rocking in small movements. She felt his cock grow from the excitement. She told
her dad that she could feel that he liked it too. Dan stopped his effort to make
her stop, but the feeling of doing something very wrong was still going through
his stomach. Roni's movements became harder as she became more sexually aroused
by her movements. Dan's hands slowly moved to his daughter's rear and kept them
there as though he wanted to help her move. Roni kept asking her dad to let her
make him feel better as she moved. Dan's cock was now hard and straining against
his pants as his daughter humped over him. Dan told his daughter again how wrong
this was, but she told him that she didn't care that she only wanted to make him
happy. She asked him if it felt good and Dan told her it did, but he just didn't
like it being her. Roni told her dad to just think of her as being someone else
then. She told him to pretend it was Tammy that worked in the kitchen. She told
him that she knew he like looking at her because she had caught him several
times. Roni slowly unbuttoned her shirt and opened it, exposing her white lacy
bra. She then reached behind her and unhooked it. The bottom of the bra pulled
away from Roni's body, making her breasts bounce from the release of the
confines of the bra. Roni took the bottom of the bra and pulled it up, letting
her tender breasts come into full view for her dad. She asked him if he like
them. Dan looked down at them and told her he like them very much and that he
thought they were very beautiful. Roni placed her hand on the back of his head
and pulled it down to her firm breasts. She asked her dad to please kiss them.
Dan's mouth came into contact with his daughter's erect nipples for the first
time. It sent a burning desire to the head of his cock. Roni continued to rock
back and forth on her dad's covered cock until she could feel her wetness
building inside her. She moved back and without letting her dad's mouth move
from her breasts, she reached between them and unzipped his pants. Reaching
inside, she took his fat penis in her hand and pulled it free. It felt
incredible in her hand as it pulsated.
"I like the way your cock feels in my hand, Dad." Roni whispered to him. She let
her hand lightly roam over the length and over the swollen cockhead. She loved
the feeling of it in her palm, the way the head was so smooth against her hand.
She tightened her grip around it, causing her dad to groan with pleasure. Roni
looked down at her dad's swollen cock. The sight of it in her hand made her grow
even more wet than before. She moved forward and placed the tip of his cock to
her panty covered clit and pushed it over the hot little button. "It feels so
good touching me there." she whispered again in his ear. Dan was lost on her
breasts. He licked over the erect nipples until the stood out further.
Roni stood up, keeping her dad's cock in her hand, she used her free hand to
pull her skirt and panties down. Dan saw the small patch of dark pubic hair that
covered her young vagina. Dan just sat there with his hard cock in his
daughter's hand. Roni then looked straight in his eyes and told him that she
really wanted to make him forget all about her mom and then kneeling down
between his legs. Dan was speechless. He tried to stop her, but couldn't. She
held the cock in her hand, with her eyes fixed on his as she lowered her mouth
to his large cockhead. She starred straight into his eyes as she opened her
mouth and pressed the cockhead past her lips and into her mouth. Dan's eyes
closed with pleasure. It wasn't until then, Roni stopped looking into her dad's
eyes and closed them to concentrate on his cock. She slowly moved her mouth over
the head, letting her tongue dance freely over the underside of it. The feeling
made Dan moan and told her she was doing it right. Small drops of cum seeped
from the hole. Roni let the tip of her tongue take it and pull it away, causing
a thin string to form, linking her tongue to her dad's cock. The taste of his
cum made her want more. She quickly picked up her movements and let the cock
move freely in and out of her sucking mouth. She gripped the shaft tightly with
her lips as she sucked. Dan was becoming wild with pleasure. He began helping
her by making small pumping movements with his hips. Roni met each movement with
her own. Her hand, still wrapped around the thick shaft, stroked harder and
tighter. Nothing mattered to Dan now. It didn't matter if it was his daughter
that was sucking his cock so good. "Does mom let you cum in her mouth, dad?"
Roni asked. Dan, with his eyes closed told her that she didn't. She always
pulled it out before I shot off. "That's too bad, you can shoot off in my mouth
if you want to dad. I want you to, but not yet." Roni stopped sucking his cock
and crawled back on top of her dad. Before lowering herself, she took his cock
in her hand and aimed it at her pussy. Lowering herself a little at a time, the
cock pushed her lips apart and pressed into her wet hole. She slowly moved down
the rest of the way, taking all of her dad's cock inside her. She leaned over
and told her dad that she wanted him to fuck her just like he fucked her mom. By
this time, Dan was only too happy to obey her wishes. He placed his hand back on
her ass and cupped her small asscheeks in his palms. He pulled her ass up and
helped her move over his cock. Roni asked him if this is how he and mom fucked.
He told her it was. The feeling of being fucked made Roni squirm and hump her
father's cock even harder. Roni's hand instinctively dropped to her clit and
began rubbing. Dan's hand gripped her ass tighter and moved her harder down on
his cock. Roni whispered to her dad again, "I'm close to cumming , daddy, are
you?" Dan managed to moan a yes. Roni quickly got off his cock and went back to
her knees, stuffing his cock back in her mouth. Her hands were still hard at
work on her clit, bring her orgasm closer with each swirl of her finger tips.
She heard her dad say, "Oh Shit, Roni, I'm going to cum!!" Roni's fingers
pressed hard against her clit as she rubbed, her orgasm raced to her burning
clit. She removed the cock from her mouth just long enough to tell her dad she
was cumming and then quickly pushing her mouth back over the cock to suck hard
than before. Dan grunted loudly and started spewing cum into his daughter's
sucking mouth. "Of Fuck,,, Take my cum, Roni! Suck it all out!" Dan grunted with
sheer pleasure. Dan cock pulsated in Roni's mouth as jet after jet shot hot cum
in her mouth. Roni was humming as she cum with the cock shoved so deeply in her
mouth. She pulled the cock from her lips, "That's it, cum for me daddy!" Shoot
your cum all over me!" Roni groaned as she pumped more cum from his cock. The
last couple of jets of cum hit her in the face and the rest landed on her
breasts. Roni's fingers were beginning to slow now. Her orgasm was finished and
the sensitive clit began convulsing as she rubbed it. She milked the last drop
of cum from her dad's cock before letting her head drop in his lap beside the
twitching cock. She rested for a moment and then looked up at her dad, telling
him that what just happened was so wonderful. Dan didn't say anything. The
horror of what just happened finally hit him.
Connie was still in the bathtub when Dan and Roni came into the house. They went
upstairs and opened the door to the bathroom and walked in. Connie attempted to
cover herself, but when she did, Roni told her not to bother, if she didn't mind
letting the gardener see her while he screwed her, she shouldn't mind her and
Dan seeing her. Connie's face was suddenly filled with fear. She had been caught
in the one time she was unfaithful to her husband. It was even worse that her
daughter saw her too. Connie couldn't say anything except she was sorry. Dan
just looked at her and told her to move her things into the guest bedroom and
left. Roni quickly took a suitcase from the closet and opened it, laying it out
on the bed and then leaving. Connie began crying as she got out of the tub.
Walking into the bedroom and seeing the open suitcase made her cry
uncontrollably. A few moment of hard sobbing and Connie began to wipe the tears
from her eyes. She rolled over to the night stand and took out a bottle of pills
she hand been given by her doctor for nerves. What they really were was heavy
narcotic that caused her to walk around in a stupor everytime she took them.
Pouring 3 into her hand, she quickly put them in her mouth and swallowed them.
She then got up and packed her clothes into the suitcase and moved all her
things into the guest bedroom.
The next morning, Dan didn't go to work. Instead, he met Terrel at the front
gate and told him he was no longer needed. Terrel could tell that Dan had found
out and left without saying a word. After Terrel left, Dan and Roni got into his
car and drove off to talk about what had happened the night before. Dan was so
embarrassed at what he let happen. He was going to drive somewhere and tell Roni
that he was sorry that things got out of hand and that he never wanted to do it
again. Dan tried to think of what he was going to say as they drove out the
gate. A few minutes into their drive, Roni was the first to speak. She told him
that she loved ever second of what happened the night before. She knew it was
wrong, but didn't care. She loved her dad and only wanted to make him feel
better and hoped she did by doing what she did. Dan just listened to his
daughter and drove.
Connie was just waking up. She opened her eyes and the pain of what had happened
last night hit her hard. She began crying again, sobbing painfully. She took the
bottle of pills again and took 2 of them. She knew that in a few minutes, she
wouldn't care anymore. She pulled on a light housecoat over her nightie. It made
little difference because her night was almost see through and the robe wasn't
any better. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. There at the counter was
Tammy. The memory of seeing Tammy with that big black cock in her mouth eased
into her mind. Connie sat down and asked Tammy to get her a cup of coffee if she
didn't mind. Tammy eagerly poured Connie's coffee and placed it in front of her.
Connie watched Tammy's full breasts bounce as she moved through the kitchen.
Connie continued to watch her out of the corner of her eyes until she had
finished her coffee. Getting up, she told Tammy that the coffee wasn't strong
enough and that she needed something with a little more punch this morning.
Connie went into the living room and produced a bottle of vodka from behind the
bar. She took a large glass from the set hanging from the ceiling and poured it
full. Connie had followed Connie into the living room and watched her as she
drank vodka at 9:30 in the morning. Tammy cared about everyone in the house. She
loved her job here because everyone was so nice to her. She walked over to the
bar and sat down in front of Connie and asked her if anything was wrong.
Connie's eyes began to tear. Tammy asked her again and that she didn't like
seeing her this way. Connie moved around the bar and sat down at a table in the
corner of the room. She motioned for Tammy to follow her. Tammy was right behind
her. Connie sat down and Tammy took a seat next to her. Connie then proceeded to
tell her what had happened the day before, that she was in the hot-tub when her
and Terrel were there. Tammy's face turned very red. Connie assured her she had
no reason to be embarrassed at what she did and the went on to tell how Terrel
found her and what they did. Connie told her that she certainly could not blame
her for doing what she did, not after seeing his cock herself. That seemed to
ease Tammy's embarrassment. Tammy began talking to her about how she just wanted
to be liked, but all the men that she dated just wanted one thing and then
looked down at her large breasts. She told Connie how she decided to just fuck
the guys and not become emotionally attached to them. It was kind of like her
little revenge. Connie looked down at her breasts and told her that she saw them
and that she thought they were very nice. Connie wasn't small breasted, but
Tammy had her beat by a mile. Connie then asked her what it was like to have
breasts like hers. Tammy told her it was hell at times. Nobody wanted to talk to
her face, they only wanted to carry conversations with her chest. Tammy noticed
that Connie's nipples were beginning to form little points in the sheer fabric.
Tammy commented to Connie that her breasts were very nice to and that she had
often seen them when Connie didn't know it. Connie looked at her and just
smiled. Tammy went on to admit to Connie that she had often fantasized about
Connie's breasts. Connie was a little taken back by her bold confession. Connie
asked, "Are you......" and Tammy replied before Connie could finish the question
that she didn't think so because she still like a man's dick too much, but she
still had fantasies about other women though. Tammy returned with her own
question to Connie, "Haven't you ever thought about being with another woman?"
Connie thought back to a time when she was young and free. She had a friend that
she used to visit in the country. Her f****y would go to their mom's parents
house and she would go to the neighbor's house to play with her friend. She
remembered a time in the barn when they both were experimenting with mutual
touching. She remembered how the girl brought her to her first orgasm. The
feeling was still locked in her memory. Connie told her about the friend she
used to have in the country and how some friendly touching got out of hand.
Tammy giggled and told her that pretty much how it happened to her, except the
girl was much older and knew what she was doing. Tammy could see that Connie's
nipples were very erect now. The sight of Connie's nipples made her own nipples
harden. Tammy casually let one of her hands move to the buttons on her blouse.
She began to unbutton them one by one, watching Connie as she did so. Connie's
looked at her hand and then to Tammy's face. She didn't say anything and then
turned her attention back to Tammy's hands. As each button opened the shirt move
away from Tammy's large breasts. Connie could see the large white globes coming
into view. Connie's breathing began to become harder with each button that was
undone. Very sweetly, Tammy asked her, "Do you still want to know what they are
Unfastening the last button, she moved the blouse away from her breasts, giving
Connie a good look at them. They were so big and white. Little freckles spotted
the hugh globes. Big brown circles encased each nipple on its perch. Connie told
her they were beautiful. Tammy told her lightly that she could touch them if she
wanted. Connie moved her hands to the large mounds. She took each breast into
her warm hands. Tammy sighed with pleasure and Connie looked up to her face.
Tammy smiled as she told her that her hands felt very nice on her breasts. Tammy
placed her hands on top of Connie's and pressed them hard against her globes.
Tammy let a long low moan escape from her mouth as Connie's hands took her cues.
Without further instructions, Connie began massaging Tammy's heavy breasts. It
caused Tammy to moan louder. Tammy whispered to Connie to taste them and that
she could tell her from experience that they tasted wonderful. Connie lowered
her head to the large pert nipple of one of the heavy breasts. Connie took it
into her mouth and lightly moved her tongue over the tip of it. It felt like a
small erect cock in her mouth. Tammy pulled Connie's head harder to her chest,
telling her to take it deeper in her mouth. Connie quickly did as requested.
Connie could hardly take more than just the brown part of Tammy's breast. Tammy
pushed her hand quickly under her skirt and into her panties. Connie watched her
hand as it kneaded her pussy. Connie spread her legs and pressed her own hand to
her pussy. She unsnapped the crotch of her nightie and pulled the material away
from her pussy. Quickly she placed her fingers between the wet lips of her
pussy, finding her clit hard and waiting. Connie eagerly sucked both of Tammy's
large dark nipples while she watched Tammy play inside her panties. The
restrictions of the panties became too much for Tammy so she pulled them down to
her knees. As she spread her legs apart, Connie hear the light fabric of Tammy's
panties give. f***efully, Tammy parted her legs causing the panties to rip at
the seams. Her hungry hand pushed its way back to the wet depths of her crotch.
Connie could see everything as she played with her own pussy while watching and
sucking. Connie heard Tammy ask her if her fingers felt good playing with her
clit. Connie could only manage to moan a yes with her mouth stuffed with a large
brown nipple. She then heard Tammy ask her to suck her nipples hard and to pinch
them between her fingers. Connie did as Tammy asked and pinched Tammy's nipples
hard between her fingers. Tammy moaned with pleasure. Tammy pressed Connie's
head tightly against her breast, telling her to suck harder that she was
cumming. Connie watched Tammy's finger move wildly on her clit and Connie
matched the motion with her own hand. Connie began cumming also at the sight of
Tammy's orgasm. It caused Connie to push her mouth harder against Tammy's
breast, pushing more into her hungry mouth. Tammy's body trembled under the
control of her orgasm. Connie's own orgasm became stronger as she tasted a small
amount of fluid seep from Tammy's breast and onto her tongue. Connie pulled at
the nipple hard with her mouth as though she was nursing Tammy's big breasts.
More fluid seeped out until hot streams of milk shot into Connie's sucking
mouth. Connie's moans became loud and hard at this. She could hardly make out
the words that Tammy was saying. "yessss, suck them, suck them hard, suck my
milk, suck my nipples hard." Connie pressed her fingers tighter around Tammy's
free nipple and pushed in. Streams of milk shot out over the table. The nipple
in Connie's mouth now shot hot streams of milk freely down her throat.
The women's orgasms had finally subsided, but Connie was reluctant to let go of
Tammy's breasts. She wanted to stay right there and not move, but Tammy told her
that she had to get back to work. She really enjoyed what they did and hoped
that they could do it again sometime. Connie looked straight into Tammy's eyes
and told her she could count on it. With that still hanging in the air, Tammy
stood up and re-buttoned her blouse and flattened out her skirt. Tammy returned
to the kitchen and started back with what she was doing before. Connie stood,
but her legs were still trembling from her orgasm. She finally made her way back
to her bedroom and laid down. Connie's thoughts drifted to long ago to the time
of her hayloft experiences with her friend and then back to the present to the
experience she just had. Suddenly, the events of the day before didn't seem to
matter that much, as she took another 2 pills.

Dan and Roni were well into the country now. Dan had still not spoken much,
letting Roni do most of the talking while he gathered his thoughts before saying
much. Roni took the initial move. She pulled close to Dan and began telling him
how much she enjoyed what they had done, softly in his hear she whispered. Dan
told her not to start anything, because he was still trying to get used to it.
Roni sat back and told him that he would get used to it with no problem. Dan saw
his side road on the highway and took it. He had been this way before. The road
led down to a deserted stretch of dirt road that ended at a lake. There wasn't
any houses around for miles and miles. One at the lake, he stopped the car and
got out. Roni was right behind him, getting out on the passenger's side. The
place was beautiful. Dan told his daughter to follow him on a path that lead
into the woods. About a half mile into the woods, the path opened into a well
manicured yard with an old log home that had been restored to beauty. Roni saw
the home and asked her dad if he knew the people that lived here. He turned to
her and told her he knew the person very well, he bought it last year and had
been working on it to give to Connie for their anniversary. Roni was surprised
beyond words. She could only keep say how beautiful it was. They walked up the
steps to the front door. Dan produced a set of keys and opened the door. Inside
was a most lavishly furnished home. Antiques covered each room. Dan went to the
couch and sat while Roni roamed the house looking in each room. Once in the room
with her dad, she asked him what he planned on doing with it now. Dan just
replied that he didn't know. They walked out on the back porch and looked out
over the lake. The scenery was beautiful and the air was clear, fresh and cool.
Roni asked her dad if he had put a hot-tub in. Dan told her that he hadn't got
to that part yet that a hot-tub was next on the list of things to do. As they
closed the house back up and walked down the steps toward the path that lead
into the woods again, Roni had a thought. She asked her dad if he would keep the
house so they could come spend some time there. Dan thought about it for a
little while as the moved along the path. He finally told her he would keep the
house. That it would be their little place. Roni squealed with excitement and
hugged her dad tightly as they walked together. Once to the car, they drove back
to their house. Ten minutes into the drive home, Roni started teasing her dad.
Giving him a few quick tickles under his arm as he drove. Dan told her to stop
that she would cause him to wreck, but it didn't bother her, she continued to
tickle his underarms. Finally she looked at him and told him that if she
couldn't tickle him that she would have to find something else to do.
She moved her hands to his crotch and cupped his flaccid cock through his pants.
She asked him if he thought he could handle it while he was driving. He quickly
told her that he had been getting hand-jobs while driving since he was 16. Roni
cooed at how early he had started sex. Roni slowly unzipped his fly. She watched
the expressions on his face as she reached in and pulled his limp cock from it's
hiding place. She held it up for her inspection. The inspection was for merely
for show, she wanted to see the reaction of her dad's face as she pretended to
look intently at it. Dan asked her what was wrong with it. Roni just sighed and
told him that there was so much cock and so little time before they got to the
house, ending it with a slight giggle, smiling at him while she said it. She
stroked his cock until it become hard, but not fully hard. This is the way it
felt best to Roni. Slightly hard, but not fully hard, just thick. Roni quickly
laid down in the seat facing him, her face was almost at her dad's cock. Before
she took his cock in her mouth, she told him that she hoped that he could take a
blow-job while driving instead of a hand-job. Roni slowly pushed her lips over
the thick head of her dad's cock. The warm feeling of it on her tongue felt good
to her. Dan continued to look ahead at the road as his daughter pulled and
tugged at his cock with her mouth. By the time they were a few blocks away from
the house, Dan told her that she had better hurry if she didn't want him to pull
up in the drive way with his dick in her mouth. Roni picked up her tempo on his
cock and without warning, Dan began cumming. As they turned down the road their
house was on, Roni was caught a little off guard by his cum. She stopped moving
her mouth over his cock and just pumped the shaft while he shot his cum in her
mouth. Roni pumped the last drop of cum from her dad's cock as he pulled into
the driveway. Roni quickly sat up and stuffed her dad's cock into his pants and
zipped them. She playfully nudged her dad in the side for cumming without
telling her. Dan told her that if she could take the heat, stay out of the
kitchen as they walked up the steps of their house. Roni nudged him again in the
side. Once inside, they looked around to see if Connie was up and around. They
walked upstairs and looked into the guest bedroom. Connie was sl**ping in the
bed. Roni closed the door and took her dad by the hand and led him to his
bedroom. Closing the door behind them, Roni locked it. Turning around to her
dad, she quickly started unbuttoning her shirt and threw it to the floor. Dan
asked her what she thought she was doing. Roni told him that sucking his cock
had gotten her so worked up that she need him to fuck her. As soon as she
finished saying that, she moved quickly to Dan and kissed him hard on the mouth.
Dan tried to move back, but Roni held tight. Her mouth pressed hard against his
as her tongue pushed its way into her dad's mouth. It quickly found his tongue
and began dancing over it. Dan quit trying to move away and began kissing Roni
back. When she felt that, she began taking off her skirt and pushing it down to
the ground. Her panties were next. She stood there in front of her dad with
nothing but a bra on. Her breasts jutted out above the lacy white bra. Roni
definitely took after her mom in the titty area. Roni pulled him to the bed and
laid down, pulling him on top of her. Roni's hand soon found his zipper again
and pulled it down. She unsnapped his pants and pushed them to his ankles with
her feet. Reaching between them, she took his hardening cock in her hand and
guided it to her pussy. Throwing her legs around his waist, she pulled herself
up, making her dad's cock sink deeply into her wet hole.
The noise of Dan's shoes dropping on the floor woke Connie. She sat up in bed
for a second and listened. She could hear words being said in the room next to
where she was. She continued to listen until she could make out two voices. She
could tell who it was, only there were two different voices coming from what
used to be her room. Connie got up, still half dazed from the medication, she
made her way into the bathroom that joined the two rooms together. She pressed
her face against the door to the other room and listened. She could hear
movements and whispering.
Dan was now pushing his cock to meet his daughter's hips that were humping
wildly against him. His cock jabbed deeply inside Roni's pussy. The bed began
rocking. Connie heard it and knew that Dan was fucking someone in their bedroom.
Hurt at first, but then soon got over as she thought about Dan with his cock in
someone else. The thoughts made Connie hot. Connie continued to listen as she
heard someone in the next room moan in what sounded like hot pleasure. Connie
heard the voice begin whispering in a low but loud tone. She heard the voice say
she needed Dan to fuck her hard and fast. The rocking of the bed became harder
as Dan picked up the speed of his hips. Connie heard the voice again, this time
it was telling Dan how good it felt for his cock to fuck her the way it was.
Just as Roni was about to reach her orgasm, Dan was beginning to feel his cum
start at his balls and race to his cock. He began moaning that he was going to
cum. The next words Connie heard made her mouth drop open with horror. She heard
Roni's voice telling Dan to shoot his cum inside her. Connie knew that her
husband was in the next bedroom fucking their daughter and their daughter was
loving every second of it. Dan's shot his cum deep inside Roni's pussy, coating
the inner walls and sliding out between his cock and her pussy. Roni's cum was
extremely powerful. More powerful than the night before. Her body quaked with
excitement as she pounded her hips into her dad's. Dan was making long hard
pistoning strokes with his cock. As they came together, Roni held her dad
tightly against her as she kept her hips rocking. Connie stood back from the
door, eyes wide and mouth open. She went back into the bedroom and sat on the
bed. She could believe what she had just heard coming from her bedroom. Connie
didn't know what to do now. She took the bottle of pills and downed another two
of them. She knew that pretty soon, even the thought of her husband fucking
their daughter wouldn't matter. She heard them moving in the room again. Dan and
Roni were dressing. Connie stood and opened her suitcase and pulled out a shirt
and pants. Dressing in the bedroom, the medication began its work. She soon
found that if she thought of Dan and Roni fucking, it didn't bother her. Connie
walked out of the bedroom and past the door to what used to be her bedroom. As
she got to the stairs, she heard the door open behind her and turned around to
see Dan and Roni coming out. She smiled at them and asked them if they had
enjoyed themselves. Roni looked at her dad. Connie continued by saying that it
definitely sounds as though they were enjoying themselves a lot. Connie turned
around and walked downstairs. Dan looked at his daughter with a blank expression
on his face. Roni had a similar expression. They didn't know what to think.
Connie didn't even seem horrified nor mad at what she sounded like she new. Dan
and Roni were soon downstairs at the table. Dan sat at the end chair, Roni at
the left side of her dad and Connie at the right side. Roni looked at her mom
across the table, her mom seemed happy, but Roni couldn't understand how that
could be. She had just admitted to Roni and her dad that she knew about their
i****tuous affair. How could she be happy? Roni was totally confused. Dan on the
other hand, didn't care. Seeing Connie again today brought back the memory of
what he had seen her doing the day before. Dan just looked straight ahead as
they all waited on Tammy to bring dinner to the table. Tammy entered the room
carrying a large tray of food. Sitting it down at the far end of the table, she
picked up plate by plate and set each down in front of her employers. When
getting to Connie, Tammy smiled as Connie looked up at her. Connie's head spun
at the scent of Tammy's body close to her's. Connie's foggy thoughts quickly
turned to the next time her and Tammy had a chance to be alone again.
Nothing was said during dinner. Everyone either looked ahead while they ate or
they didn't look up at all. Connie was the one that broke the ice by asking Roni
how her day had been. Roni, looking surprised by the unexpected question,
answered her mom with a quick "Fine" and before Roni could think, she asked
Connie how her's had been. Connie answered by saying it has been perfect. Dan,
for the first time, looked at Connie. Now both Roni and Dan were confused by
Connie sudden happiness. As Connie finished her dinner, she picked her plate up
and took it into the kitchen. She found Tammy standing over the sink. Connie
walked up behind Tammy and reached around her and sat the plate into the sink.
Before retrieving her hand, Connie gave one of Tammy's large breast a light
squeeze. Tammy almost fell from the sudden pleasure that she was receiving. As
Connie removed her hand and stepped back, Roni came into the kitchen with her's
and Dan's plate. She set them on the counter beside Tammy and told her the meal
was very good and thanked her. Tammy told her she was glad she appreciated it.
Roni then asked her mom to walk with her outside. Connie happily agreed and
walked outside with Roni. Once outside, they walked for a moment before Roni
spoke. She asked her mom why she was so happy. That she knew her mom knew what
had happened only a little while ago. Connie put her arm around Roni and told
her that she was big enough to know what she was doing. She also told her that
she was very sorry for being so stupid the day before with the gardener. Connie
went on to tell her how it had all happened. Everything from stepping into the
hot-tub to Terrel screwing her. She told her daughter that it was the first time
in the 20 years they had been married that she cheated on him. Roni was quickly
becoming sorry that she showed her dad what she witnessed by the hot-tub. Roni
asked her if she wanted her to stop doing what she was doing with Dan. Connie
told her again that she was old enough to know what she was doing. By this time,
they had made a full circle around the yard and was back at the kitchen door
again. Roni and Connie walked inside the house. Connie went to the living room
and watched Tv. Roni found her dad and told him everything her mom had said.
This still didn't change the way Dan felt. He was still full of anger and
bitterness toward Connie.
About 3:00, the phone rang, Roni picked up and said hello. The voice on the
other end made her eyes grow very wide and the expression on her face become
very happy. With a loud voice, Roni shouted, "KEN!" It was her older b*****r
calling from college. They talked for a little while before Ken asked to speak
to his dad. Roni handed the phone to her dad. Dan spoke to Ken for a few minutes
before telling him that they would be looking forward to him coming home for the
holiday. When he was finished speaking, Ken asked to speak with his mom. Roni
took the phone to Connie. Connie's voice sounded so happy to hear from her son.
They exchanged words for a little while before Ken had to go. Saying their
good-byes, Connie handed the phone back to Roni for her to hang it up. Roni was
ecstatic that her b*****r was coming home from college. She loved her b*****r.
He had always been there for her. He had even fought for her in school. Roni
used to love to hang around with him. Ken was always nice enough to let her.
Even when his friends started saying things. Ken told them that if they didn't
like his s****r, they could go screw themselves. After that, Roni had total
devotion to Ken. Now she would get to see her b*****r again in a few days. He
would be coming down in 3 days for Thanksgiving.

... Continue»
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The Best Way to Die?

The Best Way to Die?, by MaxDeath

I succumbed to a bizarre neurological illness while in Atlanta on church business. After a fine presentation to a large congregation, I was eating lunch when I felt food fall out of my mouth; it felt like some dentist shot me with Novocaine! And right in the middle of my afternoon presentation, I lost control of all of the muscles in my face, followed shortly thereafter in my hotel lobby, with an inability to use my right arm while signing out. Concerned, of course, I took a cab directly to the ER, where I needed help getting into the hospital because my legs were giving out.

They thought, at first, I had had a heart attack or stroke. The staff acted accordingly, poking me with IVs, moving me to the various points of the hospital for testing, some of which were excruciatingly painful. The chief neurologist concluded I had a disease known as GBS, which was causing dramatic damage to my nervous system. I was placed on a breathing apparatus as needed. I lost all tactile feeling, the sensation in my skin dulling, except for where the nerve endings were centrally located. That is, my fingertips and toes, my penis, my tongue and a few patchy spots on my head.

During a serious consultation, my neurologist said I was probably going to die. Not much they could do about it, other than keep me on life support, clean my bl**d with a machine for a while, and hope my body could heal the nerve demylantation after the disease takes its course. He estimated I had less than a month to live, that I had a 5% chance of making it. Fucking bad new it was, no doubt. But I disagreed with him about my chances, since I was a fit thirty-four year old who was, otherwise, quite healthy. I take pride as to how well I take care of my body, and wondered why some slob who didn't eat right or exercise wasn't in the is predicament instead of me!

A am of the belief that things happen for a reason, that my predicament was more than being at the wrong place at the wrong time. My specialist said they don't know what causes this rare disease, so I wondered if it was something I did or said that got me here, that God was punishing me. What did I do wrong? In the solitude of my private room, I rationalized that if I could find out what it was I did, then, I could correct it and, subsequently, God would heal me.

The moment I felt I was stricken, like a strong slap on the side of my face, I was thinking about sexual relations with three beautiful ladies in the front row with their parents, each enchanting in their own way. They must have been s****rs, attractive as they appeared in their Sunday best. They ranged in age from late teens to early twenties. But it wasn't just a passing thought or image. I was thinking about them all the while I gave my presentation, distracted by them for whatever reason. It might have been coincidental, for I do tend to make assumptions without much validation.

Within two days I lost control of most of my muscles, and couldn't make it to the bathroom any longer. I was being paralyzed like someone shot me with a dart of slow acting voodoo magic. My greatest fear was that, before all this was through, someone would bury me alive, thinking I was already dead. It was the sense of fatigue that got the worst of me, yet I couldn't sl**p.

With all the shit going on in my body, I had another problem. I had a perpetual erection! The fucker would not go down! Before I lost the use of my left arm, I compounded my sin by I jerking-off under the sheets, to see if I could get my dick to settle down, but my orgasm did nothing to quell the b**st. I noticed, however, it felt even more pleasurable than usual. Perhaps it was the contrast between two overpowering sensations, most of my skin now 24/7 pins and needles; like when my arm would fall asl**p.

I decided not to call my aged parents and deliver bad news. They'd try to make their way to my side or die themselves trying. I wasn't going to make them, or any of my friends, watch me deteriorate, if that was the way it was to be. That, and I had a spiritual crisis, thinking how unjust God was in his treatment of me. They say you find few atheist in a hospital, but deep in my heart I knew I'd just become one. My f****y wouldn't abide by my disassociation with the church, especially my mother.

The next day a neurologist agreed with the nursing staff that I had severe pirapism. His Hindu accent was difficult to understand. He said, "Yes, Jimmy, the medications increasing your bl**d flow doesn't help matters, but I don't want to tamper with my regiment. It may go down of its own accord, eventually. Normally, I could give the penis a shot to alleviate it, but I am greatly concerned it may cause more nerve damage and have other unexpected side effects with your rare neurological problems. That, and it is one of the few places you have sensation."

What made it even more awkward is that I do have a freakish-large penis, and I don't mean just a large penis. I mean freakish, in reference to what others think of me after they see it. To put things in perspective, my x-wife ingratiatingly referred to me as her, "gargantuan eleven incher." Strange as it may sound, this wasn't the first time I wished I was normal in that regard.

Imagine being me, when a nun from the hospital rectory came by to offer spiritual support, and the pillow the nurse strategically placed falls off because the thing has a tendency to quiver-- as I used to make it do voluntarily when I had a good hard-on (using my sphincter to make it go up and down). I couldn't help but laugh at the expression on her face, as if I was sexually attracted to her, my cock fluttering through the sheet like one of satin’s b**sts on its own accord.

Then there were the candy-stripers, who made the rounds one day unannounced, along with a procession of clowns. Well, I thought, at least I had the sheet on, but the four young ladies couldn't help but stare, confused. One of the clowns said to the other, "That's something you don't get to see everyday." Off they went.

I've always been articulate, which is why I was excellent at selling sound systems and musical instruments to large churches. Slurred speech or not, the nurses got to know me that week. I'm an outspoken, engaging person with interesting stories about my travels around the world, especially when I am 'charmingly delirious', come to find. I'd much rather be with people than be alone, and I am genuinely curious about others, too.

You would be surprised at how many health care workers stopped by to introduce themselves, men and woman alike, to wish me well. I greeted them all with as much enthusiasm I could muster, asking them to sit and visit for a while. For the record, I am a flirt. With all the stress I was under, I misinterpreted a a nurse who gave me a sponge-bath, asking her for a happy ending. Man, she got pissed and stormed out.

The day shift supervisor came to visit me after the incident. I must say, she was certainly of more help to me spiritually during my stay than the clergy. She explained, considering my condition, a nurse might be uncomfortable providing care with me being naked, in such a state I was, so she would see to it that, whenever possible, a male nurse would take care of me.

She add, "Unless you can tolerate a sheet and/or a pillow over your genitals, and not hit on the girls!"

I expressed how angry I was about dying, that it wasn't fair, and how much I'd rather go out with my boots on. I told her there must be some reason for me to die here, like this. I took it as a sign from god, I said. Without trepidation, I leveled with her that I was recently divorced, that I wished every available single girl in the entire hospital would line up and take a turn, if only to distract me from my own thoughts.

Knowing I would probably need to go on full life support soon, I pleaded with her to make arrangements that anyone could stop by to visit me, and if a woman might like to be with me, that I be permitted that option, so long as it doesn't disturb the other patients. She said that she would think about it, perhaps have a discussion with the evening supervisor, MS. Peters. In return, I was not to solicit sex.

As I got to know the staff, most were fine with me being naked, since my sheets were so uncomfortable on my skin. It was like just another day at the office, whereas others insisted I get the the pillow and sheet treatment. Every change in shift, it seemed, someone was putting on, or taking off, my sheet. I had a dream about being a bull engaged at the coliseum against a thin matador named, El-Toro!

Nurse Peters was a feistiest fifty year old woman I'd ever met. She frequently made me laugh-- you don't know it's hard to laugh when your diaphragm only works partly. After a candid conversation, she told me the word had gotten out my unusual case of pirapism, admitting that if I were of a different build few would take interest. She said that she would keep on-guard for prying eyes, but I told her, no, please, don't do that. I didn't mind them looking, and told her so, so long as they didn't wake me.

On her way out, I asked her to send me a hot young nurse to give me some, since I could still feel erotic sensation in my penis, that maybe if someone helped me out, it would go down. What's more, I was dying and wanted to spend idle time engaged with people so long as I could, sex or no sex.

"You know I can't do that," she said, but there was a potential she'd help me out.

I jokingly called after her, my words slurred, "Consider it a 'Make-A-Wish request', whose ethics, as I recall, might frown on such things."

She left for a while, only to return later when my condition deteriorated, as they had to shove tubes down my throat instead of dinner. One nurse jokingly said that it was the only way they could get me to shut up. It really didn't matter when it came to the communications aspect because my tongue stopped working, too. I was so distraught, depressed and wished I could kill myself, at that point, thinking about the book, Johnny Got His Gun.

Just before dawn, a very pretty nurse, who introduced herself as Tina, stopped in for a visit. She was twenty-two, married with one c***d, come to find. Blonde hair cut short, brown eyes twinkled with caring and compassion in the morning light, it was as if I had seen a vision. And she was honest, too.

"One of the girls upstairs said you were in a condition here, that you have a marvelous erection that never goes down, so I was curious." I could tell she thought I was good looking. A brief, enchanting smile. "Do you mind if I take a look?" gesturing that she remove the pillow. Fascinated by the tent pole effect, she asked if she might take off the sheet another nurse had prudishly burdened me with. I was able to bend my head, ever so slightly, in approval.

She gawked, "Working here two years, I've yet to see anything like that!"

She was so cute, too, with nice firm breasts pushing against that cotton shirt. I've had similar reaction before, the way she reacted to my monstrosity, but I was never in a situation where I couldn't prove how gentile I could be with it. A coy look crossed her face and I could see she wanted to touch it. So, I motioned with a grunt and a shift of my eyes to, please, give me a squeeze! I thought there might be hope, that I might get off... just one more time before I died.

She continued, "Nancy and MS. Peters said I could do what I wanted here, that we wouldn't be interrupted." A few nice, gentle strokes. "She also said they weren't going to schedule patients on either side of your room for a while, since it's slow and you have noisy equipment in here frequently. As if talking to herself, she went on, "There are no rooms across the hall, so we don't have to worry about disturbing anyone."

Stroking it admirably, this angel said quietly, "She told me that you might not live long, that I'd be doing a great service if I could distract you from your discomfort."

The head of my dick disappeared in her mouth. And was she talented. She looked so innocent, but there was a dirty girl who loved to suck cock determined to get as much of me down her throat as she could. The sensation of pins and needles diminished, as I could concentrate on the intense pleasurable sensation. Nurse Tina was going to all length to comfort a dying man!

She told me about herself, what was going on in her life-- in a manner that reminded me of a barber-- while casually sucking my dick. It took her ten minuets of expert sucking for a week of sperm to vigorously gush into her mouth. She sloped it up, like it was her reward, her tongue finding every drop. My god, that was the best blow-job I've ever had, or ever will have, I supposed. She cleaned herself up, and gave me a peck on the cheek before returning to her rounds.

When I saw MS Peters later that evening, she asked, "Did Nancy set you up with something, I heard? Did you get yourself some relaxation?" with a knowing eye, chuckling while talking. "Well, I guess it's my turn then. Let me see what I can do."

I was so grateful, for even just the kind thought from this kind woman meant lots to me. She laughed a deep genuine belly-laugh, looking at the appreciation in my eyes.

"Remember what you have, not what you've lost." Nancy leaned into me, in confidence, "Tina gets a kick out of helping patients that way."

The evening after that, a heavy-set black woman in her mid-fifties, who said she was a nursing aid, came in, closed the door behind her and said, "Our third shift supervisor told the day supervisor that we can take care of you, if you like." I didn't know what the hell she was talking about. She didn't wait for a reply; rather, she broke eye contact and gave me a nice blow-job. Afterward, she just disappeared, an overweight ghost who gave pretty good head. I was so taken back by the generosity of this shy, unknown woman.

Another incident occurred two days later a lunch time, of all things. I was sl**ping when I felt a hand on my erection, a very soft and tiny hand. But when I opened my eyes all I could see was a cotton handkerchief over my face. I heard the door open, and whoever it was whispered, "You are good for a quick fifteen, twenty tops." Then, the door quietly closed.

The veil was removed from my left eye, and I was confronted by a huge eyeball staring at me. It must have been a half an inch away. It was a shy blue eye that inspected my pupils while asking, "Do you mind if I take a quickie, Jimmy?" I blinked once, and she placed the cotton fabric back over my curious eye, but I could see a little; enough to see she wore a white nursing skirt and owned a pair of shapely legs.

No more than five minuets passed and she let out a suppressed groan that sounded to me like she was trying to sneeze, but couldn't. She sighed in relief and rolled off of me, her voice a telltale of her identity. It was the nurse assigned to me that day, Betty, who was twenty-six and planned to have a large f****y. Before I lost my ability to speak, I tried to convince her to have sex with me because she was so hot. I remember her saying that she was newly married just two months ago.

I noticed a few nurses on the day shift were close as s****rs, including Betty. Well, they wanted to throw me a party, where in I was the special guest of honor! A nurse named Linda, whom I did not know prior, took a while with me using communication cards to blink my approval of their intent. She said they gathered every third Friday for some kind of activity, thought it might be fun to start with me.

"There will only be a few of us," she assured me, "but the girls will want to gawk at you in your sheet, of course, if that would be OK?" she said nervously. I could see she was feeling uncomfortable talking to me about this standing next to my bed, the two of us alone, me lying there nude.

It seemed to take forever, but I spelled out, "Please, visit and peek, if they like. Let them know I still have feeling in my penis."

That Friday, the nurses started to show up after second shift change, around nine o'clock that day. Barb, the first to arrive, was a middle aged woman who was dressed in bland street clothes, since she worked first shift. I liked Barb because she was dumpy and goofy with a warm heart, and she had a slight Chinese accent that made me smile inside.

She said in an endearing way, "Look, I know you said great on this party thing, but this is girls night out stuff. Like going to the strip club. Because you so big all the time. But, since you are a captive audience, it will sure beat watching Leno, won't it? Maybe I get to see if some of they might show you how they look, if it is not too frustrating for you?"

I blinked a firm yes, batting my eyes to get my meaning across.

"Ohh, so you still feel good down there? That is good, Jimmy. So, later, when they get here, I can take sheet off? So, I put the sheet on, and we take off later, OK with you?"

During the first hour, eleven medical staff personnel accumulated; nine women and two men, seemingly having a good time catching up, some in nursing uniforms, but most wore street clothes. A few were drinking mixed drinks in Wendy's cups. It really felt great to be around so many people having a good time.

Linda came to my bedside and asked how I was feeling, then she slowly removed my sheet, which drew a few heads. Some of them ignored what was going on. Others talked like I was in a c***, saying things like, "Too bad he is dying... such a waste of a beautiful dick," in earshot. I heard an incredibly attractive blonde woman at the base of my bed reply, "Do you think he would feel it if I cut off that beauty and took it home with me?" Man, how rude can you get? One of the girls took her aside and explained I was awake and attentive.

I could see most just considered me a freak worth looking at, since opportunity had presented itself. A few whispered to each other, and a nurse named Judy proposed a toast. It felt like a send off, as if they were all bidding me a fine journey across the river, Styx.

I heard my name mumbled by the bathroom, but couldn't make out what they were talking about. The women seem to matriculate into the unoccupied space of my double room, leaving me bedside with a plump woman of thirty or so and a girl named Bobby, who kept her hair in a pigtail.

My privacy screen was drawn closed, and I heard the door opened and closed a few times, then a thud, as if someone had braced the door with a chair. This was followed by muted laughter, and I heard one of them say, "You have such nice firm, boobs, Penny." Then, a group of five moved closer to the bed. The were all naked, including fifty-something Barb! To even things out in that regard, one of them was that beautiful blonde woman who insulted me! My heart palpitated in anticipation.

A tube of lube appeared in the blond's hand, as if out of thin air. The two dressed women next to me saw it as a cue to leave, which they did.

"Lube, Jimmy up good, Penny," I heard one of them say.

Pretty Penny said, "So perfect. Very nice. Yes, a nice big hard erection and a guy who can't talk about what you did to him. Just perfect. This one takes home the blue ribbon at the county fair!"

One of the women whispered in reply, "It never tell tales..." and yet another snickered, " never fails."

It was so wonderful to be the center of attention, and I loved it. I felt a million miles away from death. Virginia, who was one of my primary nurses during the day, leaned into my ear and said, "Are you doin' OK, Hon?" to which I blinked yes, indeed. She was the first to wrap her lips around my dick. They took turns stroking and sucking me, like it was some game between them. One of the girls put my bed up further, so I could more easily see what they were doing to me.

Linda put a condom on me and said, "So,who is up first?"

"I'll go," Barb said.

The side rails went down, and there she was sitting on me, looking at the wall behind the bed. She looked so nervous, her hands on my shoulders for support. I have no idea if she came, but when ten minuets later she was out of breath, I assumed she was a cigarette smoker.

Barb was replaced by a woman who, upon closer inspection, I recognized from the X-Ray department, a gal that was constantly smiling, as much so as my dick remained hard. She was a woman about my age, naked except for her bright yellow tennis shoes. A few minuets of trying ensued great frustration, for she could not accommodate me whatsoever. She flopped down on the spare bed and masturbated with the help of a friend.

Now, Linda was a fit woman in her mid-twenties, who looked much better with her clothes off. Her breasts were large and irregular; a large tattoo of a chrysanthemum entirely covered one of her breasts. She slid me in to her large pussy, ever so gently. I closed my eyes and focused on the great technique she used to fuck me. Ten minuets out, I came an oozing froth that seeped down and slowly pooled on my groin.

One of the other nurses noticed it and informed Linda that the condom may have broken, and she was so close to an orgasm, I could tell. So, in the thrills of it, between gasps, she said on shaky knees, "damage done, need to... aahhh.. come!" I felt her tighten up on me like a vice, her pussy so wet from my own orgasm moments ago.

I was hoping they would give me a rest because I really needed one. For some reason I expected to understand I needed a time out between orgasms, like most men. But the girls seemed unconcerned of my needs at that moment, and went on fucking me consecutively for a full two hours! They fucked me senseless. Toward the end, I was so tired I lost consciousness for ten minuets at a time.

When I came to, the fox of a looker, Penny, was pounding away on me, while Linda and Barb held her steady. The look in her face, the glimpse I could see while she slapped her perfect tits in my face, I could tell she was having an intense orgasm, most of my cock buried in her. She was one of those firecracker women who could have multiple orgasms, one after the other for five minutes. While she dismounted, still panting, she whispered, "Sorry...I'm so sorry..." referring to earlier, and sucked her juices from my perpetual erection to drive home the point. I accepted her apology with a blink she never saw.

My dick was starting to feel real sore after that. I'd had enough. Nurse Linda forgot to check in with me. She had too many drinks, and got into eating one of the girls out. Thank god they were through with me, looking down at my reddened cock, which flailed on my belly like a mackerel thrown onto the deck of a ship.

It became thankfully quiet. As soon as the door closed I fell asl**p. Moments later, I hear the door open and close again. It was close to three o'clock in the morning; I didn't want more visitors. Some guy was standing there by my television.

He said, "I'm Paul from the party. Remember, I met you earlier?" He stepped in from out of the shadows, and came up to my bed, looking at my erection while talking. I didn't recognize him because he wasn't at the party.

"I noticed how busy you were earlier, thought I'd wait until they all went home to say... hello." His voice was pressured, the timber flat.

Like I said, I don't mind a guy taking a look if they are curious, but I am defiantly not gay-- not that there is anything wrong with that. OK, I'll say it. I think there is something wrong with that, and had no desire for this man to touch me in any way. I would have thought someone might have told him my preference, if he was at the party early on.

He asked, "Do you mind if I sucked on you for a while? It looks so inviting."

I guess he didn't understand my eye signal for no, that I was not interested. He went down on me anyway, and the dude was terrible, to boot! He cut me accidentally with one of his teeth. At least, that's what I thought, but when it happened the second time I realized he was doing it on purpose. The fucker was cutting up the head of my cock with something he had in his mouth, then chewed on the head of my cock, hard! When he took his mouth away, I could see streams of bl**d roll down my shaft.

"I imagine you don't like that much, but there it is. Tastes a little better with some bl**d mixed in." He leaned down and bit me hard, so hard I was concerned he might bite the fucker off. He leaned into my face, looking at me. "I bet you are into pain." I noticed he took hold of something by the side of the bed. "I think you have been a bad man," he said.

Paul moved his hand up, so my eye followed his hand, and his other hand brought a white colored bible down hard on my prick. POW! He smacked it so hard, it smashed my cock against the side of the rail hard. I closed my eyes, feeling like I had been shot. Smash, another meaty blow with the side of the book. SMACK! I could see a smear of my bl**d on the binding, my eyes tearing up.

He beat me up like that until I passed out ten minuets later. When I awoke, the clock indicated I'd been out for an hour. I looked down in fear, thinking my cock was in shreds. It sure as hell hurt like it had been put through a garbage disposal, but I could see he had cleaned me up and rolled a black condom over the top half of my dick, to hide the cuts, bites and abrasions. A pool of bl**d formed in the little nipple at the top of it.

While inspecting myself, a woman looked at me from the door, the privacy curtain and door left open, but she didn't say hello or offer me any eye contact, just shoved a camera-phone in front of me and snapped a picture. She sat down in the dark, playing with her smart phone. I heard her laugh to herself, then, she went out into the hall.

After a while, I could see it was Tracy, whom I met briefly when she made the rounds. I remembered her because she had a lot of freckles, real frizzy hair that made her look too young to be a nursing student. She swore she was eighteen, still in high school, but on some sort of interim program that gave her a head start come her first semester.

"My friends, Janna and Christie, are on their way in. They don't work here and it's after visiting hours, but Nancy knew I was coming in for a visit, so it shouldn't be a problem. They all like me. I caught Linda in the hall on her way out. She looked like you fucked her good." She put a pillow over my battered dick without looking at it, then ducked out to catch up with Julie, who was walking briskly down the hall, my room being a part of her territory for the evening, neglected as I was.

Additional talking, a suppressed laugh, followed by a fourth voice. It was a woman who sounded exactly like the actress, Elizabeth Shue! Such a beautiful voice, so charming and sultry. My imagination conduced up her sultry form.

The sprite shadow with a delectable voice moved through to the doorway and asked, "Can he hear us?"

"Yeah, but he is in a c***," Tracy lied.

I could see a small frame, peering in through the open privacy curtain. She must have been under five feet tall, dressed in jeans and wore a pink blouse, revealing ample cleavage. I could see her peeking around the corner like a timid deer, to see me laying there naked, except for the pillow. She was young, perhaps eighteen or nineteen, from what I could tell. The wisp of a girl turned back to her girlfriends by the door and gracefully moved to join them, her apple-butt the kind I used to like to spank.

She said, "He's a handsome man, if it weren't for the tubes."

"Be quiet, Janna, until we close the door," Tracy said.

The other stranger, whom I learned to be Christie, was anxious as a fox on hunting day, first looking out the windows and in the bathroom, looking under the bed. She pulled up a chair and sat down next to my midsection. A thin girl in her early twenties, who seemed pale and gaunt with a morbid attractiveness akin to Morticia Addams. I thought I'd best scoot over, if I could have, because she did not look so good. She had that look as if she had too much to drink, I thought.

The overhead day-lights went on, filling the room with bright light that dilated my purples and hurt my eyes. Once acclimated, I couldn't help but look at Janna, for she became radiant in the bright light. A tiny thing, with a hot gymnastic body under her small clothes, for sure. I could tell by the way she moved that she was a natural dancer. And that voice, that fucking voice, it was like Oxycontin to my ears.

She came to my bedside, took hold of my hand. "You poor soul..." Looking into my eyes, showing me compassion despite Tracy telling her I was out for the count. "He's got a kind face. And such a nice chest, my, my..." she trailed off, checking me out.

Now, much closer to my tearing eyes, Janna's face looked sexy. One pretty girl, but I prefer them my own age, if push came to shove. She reminded me of someone I'd met recently, or seen on a show, but I couldn't place it.

At that instant, Tracy remove the pillow. I mean, the bright lights, the three of them standing there looking down at me, well, I felt like a piece of meat. I hoped at least one of them would notice I was injured soon because I needed medical treatment, and I felt so tired, so frigging tired!

Christie broke out in a loud, crass voice, "What the fuck is that? What, Tracy, is this some kind of practice joke? That's not real, you silly twit!"

"That's fucking huge!" Janna exclaimed. Right off, she took hold of my cock with both hands, and I felt my pain multiply exponentially. "It's almost too big for the condom." She had second thoughts. "Wow... that's... I don't know about this now..." Studying at my thickness.

Tracy said, "Well, miss wise-ass, you said you could do it. Bigger the better, you say. I say, prove it or you owe me fifty bucks, you little runt!"

Christie said, while removing her shoes,"I'll give him a shot first. That's amazing that he stays so hard. How long has it been like this?"

"Three weeks," Jackie replied.

"Man, he is pretty buff. Look at those abs," Jenna commented, " I bet he is a weight trainer. A fucking nice body here. So sad he is dying." I could tell by the tone of her luscious voice she was getting aroused by my body, but with her, it seemed the eroticism of me being helpless titillated her. "This isn't like we are fucking a corpse, is it?" She clasped her hands together and twisted her body to accentuate the question, with an air of incessant sexual curiosity.

"No, that's a warm-bl**ded hard-on, if ever I'd seen one. Did you know when the guys die, they all get an erection? All men have hardwood after they are dead. Trust me. I've seen it. I've seen quite a few."

Jenna said, "Yeah, well, there is such a thing as too big..."

Christie said, "Tracy, you twisted girl, tell me you didn't fuck a corpse."

Giggling, both Tracy and Janna played with my cock and balls, taking turns sucking on it. It hurt so bad, my mind cringed in pain, but there was no place I could go, other than to think about that shit that hurt me so bad, how I wanted revenge. I knew people that would hunt and kill him, if I could just make a phone call. My mind played an image of my hand dialing an old rotary phone that cut the tips of the fingers off.

Christie, now naked, hopped up onto the bed, her knee smashing the side of my hip, disconnecting a lead of some kind. She jumped onto my chest hard, so d***k and clumsy was she, she fell on top of me with all her weight, which knocked the wind out of me. I felt like I was going to pass out, so I did.

When I came to, Tracy was standing next to me winded, her face sweaty and her hair out of place. She said, holding on to Jenna's arm, helping her onto the bed. "Fuck, that was good." She was flushed, and panting hard. On the other side was Christy, poor uncoordinated Christy, who looked cold as ever.

Looking at this young girl's face, I wondered how she ended up here, ready to fuck a guy she thought was in a c***. Our eyes met as she settled her self into a comfortable position. She looked at my eyes closely, and I met them with an imploring hazel-blue stare, hoping she would notice by the expression in my eyes I was in serious, severe fucking pain.

"Are you sure he isn't awake? He seems to be tracking my eyes pretty good. Hello there, you," she said smiling. "I'm Jenna. Don't cry."

I wanted to ask her to keep talking for as long as I lived. I found her voice so exquisite, perplexed how it might come from such a young girl. Just hold me and keep on talking, is all I wanted from her. No more sex, please, I tried to say. I so much wanted to ask them all to stop, that what they were doing was wrong on so many levels.

She leaned into my ear. "I'm going to fuck you like you can feel it. The nurse in the hall said you could." She positioned herself gently so the girls could wrangle me into her. "Now, don't hurt me," she whispered.

Christy asked, "Condom on or off, sweet cheeks... I know you hate the feel of them."

"Definitely off. I hate the feel of those filthy things," Jenna said.

Christy slid the condom off and said to Tracy, who was in the toilet, "Tray, he's pretty beat up." She was holding the condom up, looking at a lot of bl**d. "The girls must have really put him through his paces before we started. He is bleeding." She threw the condo, along with a significant amount of my bl**d, into the waist bin.

"Wipe him down, then lube him up good!' Tracy said.

So, dumb as rocks Christy finds some rubbing alcohol and pours it onto my flailed cock! I reeled back, my mind scorched by the agony, but my body remained still, unable to move away from the fire in my cock. I felt Christie wrap a hand towel around me and rub it up and down the shaft a few times, its texture like sand paper.

Jenna, still in my face, said, "You're such a big boy! I'm going to take good care of you."

Christy was holding a hand towel covered in bl**d, and she doesn't care to think I might be in trouble. She said, "I wiped him down and he is still bleeding. It looks like he has a few deep cuts."

Thank God, I thought. There may be a reprieve, I hoped. If anything, she was going to communicate with me. Instead, she dismisses what she sees.

"He'll be fine," she said. "Reach in the draw next to you and grab that tube of KY Jelly. We'll lube the hell out of him for Jenna, then we should get going. You know, we three haven't done anything like this in a long time."

The cute as a button Jenna, whispered, "Huston, we have a green light," and she lowered her weight down onto my awaiting cock, its demolished head slowly working in and out of her tight pussy. She applied greater downward pressure, one of the other girls guiding her down onto me. I felt my cock bow, like she was in the wrong position and was going to fold me in two, but the added pressure f***ed the bulbous head into her tiny body a good ways. She slowly slid half-way down my length, grunting as if she felt the same searing sensation as I, as if her juices consisted mostly of toxic acid.

She squealed, "Ohhh... that hurts!"

Tracy motioned that Christy take hold of Jenna's hip, the two of them forcing her down on me while laughing. Jenna's expression was as if she was punched hard in the stomach.

"Ohhh! That's too deep! STOP!"

Within no time, Christie and Tracy had established a rhythm, lifting their welter-weight companion up and pushing her back down again. After a dozen strokes, Jenna stopped struggling. She rolled her head back and wheezed out a groan. I felt her hips take up the syncopation of the helpers flanking her, squeezing me on the upstroke, relaxing on the down.

"Ohhhh." I heard Jenna tout. "Mmmmmm... yes." Thirty seconds later, "Push me deeper!"

The girls let go once she started to move in long strokes of her own accord.

Then, I realized I wasn't in as much pain! How could that be? Each passing stroke relinquished more of my suffering, as if sweet Jenna was absorbing it, channeling it through her. I knew it was all untrue, my senses now deceiving me. The burning ceased altogether, replaced by an intense shock of pleasure that, somehow, disabled my eyelids, for I could no longer blink.

Christie said, "That got him going, Jenna. Wow... look at all of that cum!"

"I told you. I knew he'd do that with big-ass balls like that. Look at all of that. He came so-o-o much. I want to taste it," Tracy said.

Christie said, "Yeah, but look at the bl**d mixed in."

"You bitch. Put it back in, Christy, or I'm telling Mom," Jenna said playfully, swinging about to face Tracy giving me head in rapid succession, the pain unbearable. Sprites of blue and yellow star-bursts appeared through my eyelids. And when she slid me back into Jenna I felt great surges of pleasure as intense as the pain was for me only seconds earlier.

As if hearing through a megaphone far, far away, I could see Tracy looking at my dried-out eyes, her lips moving, but her words followed out of sync. She asked, "Do you like the feel of my little s****r's pussy, so deep in there? You do, don't you, Jimmy. Yes, you do. "

I had to answer the question truthfully to myself. I considered this question in the deepest throes of passion, a cloak to thwart my despair. The truth was this u******ed vixen felt better than my entire life experiences combined! Did this mean after living an honest and civil life, if not ethical, I was going to go to hell soon? I wanted no part of this, this tarnish on my final record, but it all was all my doing because I couldn't leave well enough alone, culminating in this snare.

I could see my dick slide in and out of her, but I no longer felt the sensation of a tight, wet vagina. My consciousness was fading again. Jenna was crashing into me hard now, like I was the uneven parallel bars at her gym. She spun around with me still inside her, got on all fours and rode me like a young girl possessed, this passionate creature, taking my measure and seemingly wanting more!

"Jenna, you are a fucking slut," Christie chastised, and motioned for Tracy to get dressed. "I wish I could fuck like that, you little monkey."

Back to facing me, Jenna muted her screams of passion with my neck, which she licked and kissed and sucked vigorously. Her contractions sporadic, then building to a convulsive, hyperventilating orgasm, followed by long drawn out moans, that eventually turned into laughter.

"My god, that's so amazing!" she said excitedly, looking deep into my eyes once again. "And why didn't I meet you sooner? " I could not feel but passion for her, without remorse or pity, because I doubted she understood what was right and wrong, the victim of a fucked up f****y, no doubt.

Clothes back on, Tracy and Christie moved to the bed to help Jenna get down, but she said she wanted more time with me. The overhead lights went off and I heard the door open.

Tracy came back to the bed and said, "See you later, s*s," and gave her a long, tongue entwined, kiss. She said, "He really is conscious, Jenna. So, he can hear you. Don't come out until after eight... that's in two hours, no sooner because visiting hours start at eight." The door latched behind her.

No idea why, but it was the clicking sound of that door where my mind did a double-take. I felt confused, trying to make sense of what it was that I was so feeling deep inside my core. It was on the tip of my deadened tongue, a significant item I'd missed somewhere. My keen memory began to playback images of my trip to the hospital, and that fatal moment in the church...that final presentation, how... how... the s****rs looked at me. My god. The s****rs.

They looked entirely different without their Sunday-go-to-meeting dresses, but it was them. I felt certain of it now, the girls I lusted over, who were my preoccupation. It was the three s****rs who were at the church, who were fucking me to death.

"I thought there was somebody in there," she said to me, pushing down on me with renewed vigor. She fucked me as if it were a dying man's last wish come true, and , the cat out of the bag now, I would have it no other way.

The agile teen spun herself around like an acrobat not losing a stroke. If only I could fuck her back, I thought, since I seemed destined to go to hell; I embraced the gluttony of life and denied my ethical responsibilities to be true to my own self.

Jenna had another orgasm before she sunk herself back down into a cowgirl position. She whispered in my ear, gently, raising and lowering herself ever so delicately in unison with her inflection. "Yes. Come in me. I want you." It was Elizabeth's voice; I was sure of it. "Please make me happy. I want to feel you in me again... to be sure! Let me have it... let it go. Please, you have to come again for me, to be sure I have the right sperm..." Her voice was so intoxicating and insistent, filled with wanton need to take me in. "Let it out, baby, please. I want him to be you, so strong and beautiful. Please... come in me now!"

I wasn't sure if I did as she commanded, although a sense of total relaxation flowed onto me, like a wave over my head, a warm Caribbean splash. I was a trout returned home from abroad, to lay my seed in the stream of youth before I died.

She reacted as if I came a lot again, deep into her this time. All I felt was a warmth, a desire to give in and empty myself completely. I felt as if I had, just then, returned from a losing battle, the worrier in repose, whose only comfort lay in the arms of his heart's desire.

"Yes, that's my boy. Come and feel no pain. Come to me, now. Good boy. So nice of you to share him with me, and not the others."

Jenna's mantra was so comforting, and filled with unconditional love. She stroked my hair, looking at me, into my no longer blinking eyes, her own crying softly now. I felt a tear hit my right eye, blinding me. And when she pushed herself down, engulfing my very being, pulling and pushing herself closer to my very soul, I felt certain she would never remove herself from our embrace, if not f***ed to do so. A sense of peace filled me, as if I'd been absolved by Jenna. I fell into the deepest recesses of my fluffy white pillows, her body in a fervor, trying to work one final orgasm from me, as she, herself came in a fitful spasm that had her pounding my chest in frustration.

I heard the tube pop out of the connector above me, the respirator hissing from the change in back pressure, without the customary alarm sounds. It must have been that lead Christy had accidentally knocked off earlier.

Jenna whispered, "I will grow him up to be a strong man like his father... and he will be an important man... like you." Her voice faded as I exhaled my final breath, " feeling any more pain, my love. Let it all go..."

In the grasps of her nubile vagina, I found peace.

END... Continue»
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Innnocently get in the closet

It was my third school change. With the girls did not take me wrong, but it was, just right. The boy was not more popular. Introvert, and in fact went unnoticed for most.

Sometimes though, it was not like a typical bully for repeater, my shyness, and c***dlike, studying hard to put me eight.

There was also a repeater, passing Olympian, peers and teachers,
that was Juanjo, a boy, big boy of twenty, but looked twenty-five, stood out from the other students. Some not approached him, out of fear, others because of a lapse in his speech.

I think he was sick of everyone but was not allowed to leave the school. Since I arrived, I had noticed some parallels between him and me, for that facet, retracted.
I conveyed confidence, despite its closed nature. In class, he had borrowed many times gums, leaves, etc ... but never thanked me.

At recess, I watched from afar, leaving some banks, which were oriented to the street. He sat, and spent half an hour to re-enter.

Another day, I followed. It was a somewhat hidden area where no longer approached many guys, and since he, the frequented. As I approached the bank, I realized, lighting a cigarette. When he could see me obliquely, turned to me and asked me
startled, that what he did there. I let go of the excuse, that I liked them, my other colleagues, and I simply wanted to get away from them. Without much notice me, asked me if I would tell a teacher, who had been smoking. Then I said if he had, he would not mind.

I asked, a puff, and said that I was not old, and it did not give anything for free. I offered all that I had at the time, it was food. He accepted barter. Worth, fuck some lungs, trying to know Him better.

Several days later, the class was restructured. Now I sit behind all that remained of quarter and Juanjo was elected, my companion.

They had followed the approach of separating, the more talkative. That did not change anything our deal, which was in recess, could accompany him, only twice a week, if half of sandwiches distributed. In class, I ran just the word.

But I noticed that the weeks, that was changing. And during class, he communicated with me, with friendly nudges.

One day, in the yard, came to grab the neck with his arm bent and the knuckles of the other hand, rubbed them in my head. The key classical counterpart, but it made me feel, something more.

Halfway through the last minute, pulled a carpesano that instead of notes, was full of porn magazines, which bought it shamelessly, the kiosk in front of the school. He smiled at me a little embarrassed and worried, for if we were to catch.

Juanjo, continued ojeándola and touching at the same time under the jersey, already beginning to swell his fly. Then I whispered, wondering if I ever did. I stood dumbfounded, not knowing that answer. But then, I started to remember some rumors, shortly after arriving, I ran it, when a couple of years ago, I was pointed in extracurricular activities. The guys were talking about how big his penis was, and was the first with the eggs covered with hair, which was not so strange to her age ...

I returned from destitution, with the sound of the bell to go home, but not before juanjo, borrow a magazine that had, for the weekend.

That night I had a little trouble sl**ping, thinking about how he masturbated on her clothes in front of me, and envied death, those guys who were lucky enough to contemplate, in the showers. But I would also check that it can be very quickly because it was Friday, and according to the school calendar, on Monday, played medical examination.

The day came, and we called everyone in the auditorium. Logically we separated by gender. When our turn came, we chose a seat each, to make clothes.

My pulse quickened, as Juanjo, who was on my right, he undressed. One minute, I had undressed me, to meet with a fine lycra sl**p. He had to do a little cold, and it gave me goosebumps. He also ended, and actually looked it was the largest class. Her skin was brown rather more than mine, robust and bulky chest, partially covered, for dark, soft hair that went down her belly protruding somewhat. The underwear, that covered part of his hairy pubis, more filling and holding the heavy package, all classes together.

The disguise was costing me, with all colleagues around.

John, I wonder how I had gone with the magazine, that if I had done many straws ... go instead to ask me that, I thought.
   -. Yeah, sure you've done a lot
-I said mocking face, and stretching the rubber underpants finger, so I shake when released.

We were put in a line, and he was behind me. He offered a good view of my ass. I did not know if I would be looking at the time, but my body a little pale and delicate, I always caught her eye.

I stepped forward, and he followed me, but it was so close, I could feel the heat given off by your body, capturing it with my buttocks. Approached a few inches, and I noticed, as well, his belly and his balls touched my body, keeping them there for a while. Since I was butting, I had half a step forward, while hid my erection, hands.
Close followed me as I felt her warm breath on my neck, as I whispered, as this situation reminded him of a hot story, with a cousin.

Just then, gently stroked my head, or so I thought. Actually, it was spliced, and tuberose "was calling my back door."

As it was not long, for our turn, retreated saying., In class, I just told you. And so, the situation was defused. My turn came, and I went to a box, acrylic based, to observe the morphology of my feet, then to my surprise, as in other schools so I made them ... I dropped all his underwear, leaving my ass tight at the mercy of the vicious look of Juanjo. Meanwhile embarrassed, was handled, from the scrotum, the foreskin. Soon after magreo, cover my shame, as the doctor told me, I had phimosis. Genial! I wanted to blend, now my friends, could meet other quality feminizaba me even more. Hopefully nobody would have heard.

From my seat, having just put my pants on, I saw Juanjo on pedestal, with his thumbs slid quickly down the panties, revealing her round ass and well finished. I covered a morbid fine hairs. Unfortunately, I could not see either the front, unable to hide show interest.

Arriving to class, went on to explain the torrid scene almost i****t with his cousin. I said that to a room away from their parents, they fucked in several positions with underwear on. The bastard was getting myself horny again .. Just imagine frolicking sweaty and half naked, my heartbeat quickened. He also was erect, of course, as it was in the row behind me.

'Then, with the suggestive voice, I blurted
       - With phimosis can not fuck. Right?

I had heard!.-I do not know what you mean. -I said nervously.

       -I know you do not have to hide. Replied.

I said, I had not known, although anyone with that, and I would teach, as I did with the doctor.
Pester After a while, I made it clear that in the class, I could not teach.

Then I offered a solution:
      - For in recess, I wait in the sink when no one left.

'Okay,' I said, satisfied that I insist again, but mostly because it was going to fulfill my fantasy of being alone with him.

After ringing the bell, I was picking up slowly, to make time, even entertained the teacher a few minutes, pretending he had a doubt.

By spending ten minutes, I started down the stairs, up the corridor leading to services, not far from the patio. My breathing entrecortaba, and I was drying a little mouth. Finally I found myself facing the door and hiding, I looked around and I crossed. There he was, standing with a semblance of relief on his face and unfazed by my presence, pissing in a urinal wall. This seemed somewhat muffled, and from my position I could see how it was flooding, yellowish liquid. We stood speechless, because I was tense, and I spent a thousand things to the head, less talk.

The silence was broken only by the sound of the gurgling caused his urine on himself
Seemed endless, and with the same intensity. He also showed himself in that age difference, had a "broth" visibly more intense than ours. And also achieves perceive, that the residence, was charged with a warm and sour aroma, the toilet stuffy.

Finally discharge ceased, and with his back to me a few times flexed legs, and no opportunity to vérsela, put it back. He turned to me without pressing the diffuser, so it does not overflow, is out gradually, and to give to understand that there was no one.

        -Close-I ordered.
But I asked leave it ajar, to listen, if someone come ..

       -Fuck, whatever. Sácatela to see. -I said eagerly.

I did not think, therefore I cut in front of. I was blocked. Background, it sounded like the toilet slowly tried to swallow. My situation was not much different, but did not have to swallow. That was what I wanted, why so nervous?
 -Look, you teach me, then I love you. Okay? -I said to ease the tension.

Less nervous, I started to open my fly, and pulled my tail. Juanjo came and without asking me, grabbed her with only three fingers and gently attempt to discover me glans without success.

       -Go, so it's true, you can not get anyone's. Funny, seems an anteater. Jocular said.

I will not deny that I got sick to mock. He stood before me, and quietly lowered his zipper.

      -Are you ready? Now look at you.

And let go of 08cm at rest, before me astonished gaze. For two of mine! They were not fantasies, this magnificent berga, darker than him, grew slowly in his strong hand.
It rose from two huge testicles, the amount of black hair around them. Rumors had been overtaken by reality.

     -Come, do not bite. Now, you see the biggest difference between your trompita
      and my cock. -Said proudly.

The cock. almost doubled its size. It was the first time I saw one, and stretching so close to me, and yet I knew that was a bit out of the ordinary.

     'Come and take it. Now it is like yours, back skin away.

-Continued excitement.

 I took that vigorous phallus, in my hand, adjusting the tip, and carefully slide the skin smooth, toward his belly. The foreskin gently slipped under my inexperienced fingers, simultaneously, that the overture was down, and out of nowhere, appeared a desirable "fungus", color Majenta bright, soft feeling. I stroked the glans, with the fingertips, so fascinated by its sensual.

 My senses on alert, distinguished sound of approaching heels, down the hall. I joined because he was squatting, and he hid the b**st, without zipping. I adhered to the wall trying not to hear me, or breathe. Steps had just heard he passed us, and began to drive away, toward the exit of the courtyard.

Juanjo looked at, and was back with his cock out ... without a word, pointed to his neck, to let me know to come down and try it.
My heart was in my throat, shock, and even steps were heard, but very weak. I made a gesture of denial, nervous in case we got caught. Then pointed to his mouth, while his turnip nodding with life. I turned to deny, and with a little paranoia, pressed my ear to the door, ignoring.

Suddenly, the robust body of my companion, rushed at me, sitiándome with the tiled wall. He tied behind my head, and threw with his mouth ajar on mine, introducing me to all his tongue once morbid.

Our tongues were a good time taking a pulse, he clearly winning.
At the same time, with the other hand, squeezing my buttocks, eager.
With the first struggle, I climbed the shirt up to the ribs, allowing me to feel the contact with his penis, and the heat given off, against my abdomen.

With your foot accompanied the door, closing it surreptitiously. But my senses were awakened, and he was just outstanding.

Anyway, I noticed my arms to the body, making me back with him to the wall farthest from the door, which was the urinal. Almost recessed corner glued to toilet, kept stealing the air, pressing their lips potent.

While your saliva hydrated my tongue, his right hand buried in my pants rump, covering and squeezing glutes bareback. After passing the center, down a bit between my buttocks, finding my anus, ruefully unexpected contact with your fingers. He continued with that dirty snog, but excitedly gently biting her lower lip. The splash is I relax the sphincter, and could dip your finger yearning, something more than the nail.

His great tongue crushed mine, and took up most of my mouth, filling with fluids. While his thick finger, tenaciously burrowed into my gut, first being desecrated.

Just as suddenly, left me, half settling on the toilet. He left me a little surprised, and stood still while reclining, stroking his dick.
I swear widened more than before. With his tail in one hand, the other with a gesture ordered me, I kneel.
At that moment I had no will, and obeyed blindly. He pushed both hands to his incredible member, and I recognized another gesture for me to come. He did it in the most subtle and morbid possible, as was his cock, which I indicated with nods vicious and impatient.

She spread her legs slightly as I approached kneeling. I kept moving, until his glans headed directly to my forehead. Juanjo got the jersey, above the belly that he looked for that stance accommodated. Raised his right hand, and planted it on my head.

The safely toward him, dragging with it, and my lips met with his "strawberry" hot, crushing and me with him about his furry belly. Shook my head in circles kneading my face on his cock., Mouth ajar.

I felt his strong hand, put on my shoulder. He went up to my neck.

My neck will fit in the hand, and took him firmly. My body pressed closer to his, and gentle pressure to his arm, his penis was entering my mouth, penetrating Through my trembling lips. Note that piece of meat semi flexible react to contact my tongue taking a rijidez intermittent, and balls that I had the neck rose up to my chin.

One minute it opened my mouth tube, so much that his cock expanded. With mouth wide occupied by that big cock began a gentle motion, and ben going, which was slowly gathering pace. It came so many times in a row, which came every thrust deeper and deeper ...
It made my eyes watery grave so that escavaba cock. But I was full and happy, that my dear big you were setting me, and give me the best "member" of the whole school. Look over your belly, and his face was rueful while puffing. He realized that he looked, I smiled ironically and then I grabbed with both hands to the head. The heat invaded my cheeks, and his hip movements became faster. In my mouth had a mass of mixed flavors, including precum, I was able to feel as I fucked her mouth.

My breathing was fast through your nose and my pulse jumped like crazy, never happened to me before

He was panting and moaning like a bear as sweat dripped from his temple. But the pace did not drop at any time, until finally, the cocoon that since a while I wanted to get into me, became like iron. In one swift motion
He pushed his cock into my mouth and exploded like a volcano white lava, partly on my nose. The second shot, (the largest and thickest) fell almost in my right eye, also occupying a part of my forehead. It must have seemed enjoying his wet gift, and suddenly reintroduced in my mouth quickly, while still leaving but less intense gunfire, deposited in the depths of my mouth. Coming back to be embedded in my throat with his balls stained (milk) on my lips tight.
He gave a last breath as we looked into his eyes, and smiled stroking the head of almost paternal.

Once this dish taste good, rested my face on her belly, and she closed her eyes, I realized I had only a man would feel the same, and he had just "innocently get in the closet"

THE END... Continue»
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The first day to school, part 1.

The first day to school, where I really do not feel like after that wonderful weeks on vacation in Rome.
I really reluctantly went to school and then I had to also introduce my self to all the new people. Phew!
I pulled me nothing and looked around to find. Place a free Back I saw an empty seat and I walked past the other students back to the table at the back of the room, where I then took place.
I looked a bit around me and saw people chatting with each other, it was mainly girls I saw sitting.
Completely in the other corner of the room I saw a girl like me who, it seemed, no one knew. It was a pretty blond girl and I walked over to her,
because the teacher was busy with other things. "Hey, I'm Lina!" I introduced myself and gave the girl a hand. "Hello, I'm windy!" She sounded very friendly and I saw that she was laughing.
'Do you know no one here? " "No! I have an hour train ride to get here and everyone I know is keep studying! "In our own city "Well then I'm lucky,
because I do not know anyone!" We got to talking until I suddenly heard the teacher talking.
"Will you all sit down, then I can begin!" He sounded just as grumpy as when I entered so it seemed like a good idea to give.
Responded to his call "I'll see you in the break, I go quickly before that grumpy sent me out!" I turned around and quickly walked to my place.
Everyone was quiet and the teacher explained what was going to happen today.
He told me that we were going to make a trip through the city and visit various museums.
It began to look as if this was a launch day. Mmm if I had known I was definitely stayed at home, because I do not have a training tour!
I looked her way windy also just looked at me, they seemed just as 'nice' to find as me. When the teacher had finished his story,
we could take a break until we were leaving by bus. I walked straight to Windy and asked her what she vondt an introduction day.
Who apparently already knew just as little of me, so I suggested to London together just to go out and go shopping.
"Hihi! Yes fantastic! That's my idea, but I did not happen to you! " "Okay then, we'll go!" It clicked right between Windy and me and in my car we drove to the center.
I've entertained that afternoon with Windy and was right there to have a new girlfriend. Already feel "Do you want to have dinner tonight?
At my house ' I asked Windy when I drove to the station. "How should I tonight back?" "You can stay if you want to sl**p!
At my house ' She liked it very much and like to go with me. In the car we both talked about our previous school and our friends.
We also talk about our hobbies, our favorite nightclubs and the music we love.
At one point so I asked her if she had a boyfriend at the time when they are a little reluctant responded to my idea.
"No! I have not a boy! " She said curtly. I was naturally curious and tried it with another question. Something in me said that the girl was lesbian and that I wanted to find out.
"Have you ever had a relationship with a boy?" "No!" Again was her short answer. "Okay, but a relationship ever right?" I indignantly asked. She looked at me and said, knew that I knew.
"I think your question to the familiar road, I am indeed a lesbian yes, you have a problem with that?" She looked angry, but then disappeared that angry look back, it seemed like they felt attacked.
"Hihi no of course not! I find it interesting enough, I once kissed a girl and that was good, but there is no sense to me as when I kiss a girl! ' She laughed suddenly and said, "And that's why I now take girls,
because they can kiss so delicious and I love to make love with a girl! ' I nodded and smiled, I did not know what it had to say, I think the blonde girl tried to decorate me!... Continue»
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Sheila...The Exhibitionist

An "innocent" neighborhood gardener is a HOT exhibitionist

The Meeting

*Damn! She is so fucking HOT!* I thought as I rode my bike past the neighborhood's exhibitionist...again.

For a couple of months I had noticed her diligently working her yard: weeding, messing with her trees, and mowing with an ancient reel-type push mower...always dressed in the briefest of garments.

*I wonder if she knows that her shorts have a tear in the crotch?* I mused coasting slowly past the long-legged silver-haired woman perched, sweating, on the slope of her yard near the curb. Her tangled shoulder length tresses glistened in the hot August sunshine.

As I slowed to a ridiculous crawl in the opposite bike lane, wobbling, she paused in her weeding. Looking up she peered at me over her glasses and smiled from between widely splayed knees roughly textured with imprints from kneeling on her yard. Behind mirrored shades my gaze quickly slid from her wide full mouth over a nice pair of sweating tits loosely encased in an old thin sleeveless blue shirt past smooth tanned thighs widening nicely toward her ridiculously short hot pink shorts. I caught a brief glimpse of the crotch of her shorts stretched so tight that her hidden puffy pussy lips were in obvious sensual bas relief then I was past.

*Damn! She has great legs and delicious hips. She has got to know that she is displaying herself to all that pass by in the lane next to her house. Wonder what she looks like up close?*

That night I went to sl**p with thoughts of what makes an exhibitionist exhibit, her wry grin haunting that mysterious zone between reality and dreams . The next morning I woke up to much nastier thoughts of me drilling her on the carefully clipped grass behind her house, her hot pink shorts dangling from a bobbing ankle as she cried out in pleasure.

Dressing for my usual ride I determined to talk with her today. On my first pass she looked up and smiled...again.


"Hi!" she replied with some genuineness.

An hour later, near sunset, she was still out there weeding her long legs provocatively open to the oncoming traffic. Her hot pink shorts practically disappeared into the grass she sat on. This time I dinged my bell and swung into a slow circle so I would ride close to her. I then slowed and stopped about 5 feet from her straddling my bike my feet on the pavement. She smiled.

" isn't it?" she said moving a stray strand of hair from her sweating face.

*Yes you are!*

"It is hot. Your yard looks great." I complimented her trying to not stare at her crotch on open display.

"Why...thank you! I try." she laughed making her sweating boobs swing and bounce under that thin light blue top...embroidered...and mended.

I was thirsty and pulled out my water bottle, took a drink, and offered her some. She declined pulling again at the few weeds between her lovely legs. Her knees stayed high and her legs stayed open. Drinking again I started to wonder how long she would keep them open with a man this close. The tear in her shorts was obvious this closeup and revealed white inner thigh and also the pink edge of cotton panties.

"Yes...I know..." she said without looking up or pausing in her weeding. "I should sew that rip but I sort of like it. Hee hee hee."

I didn't quite choke but the water coursed down my yellow bicyclist jersey anyway.

"Damn!" I wiped at the spill and caught her looking carefully at me above her glasses with her blue eyes.

"Did I do that? Hee hee hee."

"Well...I...Yes. You did!" I smiled and flirted.

"Good! Nice to know I can still have some effect on a man. Hee hee hee. I'm Sheila." She said from between her wide-spread sweating thighs.

"That's a lovely name. I'm Jeff ....Wanna fuck, Sheila?"

I turned and wheeled my bike into the hidden boundary area between her yard and the neighbor's.

Standing beside her I heard a slight intake of breath as she got a good look at the obvious bulge under my bike shorts. A car passed us in the near lane. I waited for her response thinking she might just bolt and call the cops or....? Brazenly she reached up and squeezed my growing package with a firm searching grip.

"Yes." she whispered and slowly stood up first stretching and then rotating her upper body and unkinking her long neck.

The Mating

All of 5 foot 2 Sheila smiled at me again but this time her sweating face was contorted with a fierce lust. Without a word she strode away from me and up the small hill toward a tall pair of old blue spruce trees. In their cooler shade, and barely adequate cover, she looked at me over her shoulder and then slowly bent over pulling her torn hot pink shorts and pink panties aside with her right hand balancing herself on the dry pine needles with the left and stayed there.

My hard on immediately turned into a thick length of hot steel. I staggered up to her with the awkward gait that my cock demanded.

*Am I fucking dreaming?* I wondered as I cautiously positioned myself behind Sheila.

The exquisite odor drifting back from her cunt convinced me otherwise and I quickly shucked my shorts feeling my engorged cock slap against my belly as it pulled free and crowed.

"Hurry!" Sheila whispered hoarsely licking her dry lips...pouty lips eager with desire.

Questing prick in hand I nudged up against her missing on the first thrust evoking a grunt from Sheila as I obscenely prodded her inner thigh. Sheila had a luscious ass and I gripped her left hip for a steadying balance.

Horny Sheila wriggled and wiggled as my cockhead sought sanctuary inside her hot drippy hole.





"Hold still, dammit!"

"Ooooooo...." We both sighed when the tip of my purplish head finally found its swollen target.

I was acutely aware of how close the sounds of passing cars and bicyclists were to our "hidden" spot as my textured cockhead made an intimate greeting to the inside of Sheila's cunt. Moving my legs apart in a better stance I pressed harder and watched my wedge-shaped cockhead slowly widening Sheila's pink pussy into a very taut "o" making that sultry bitch of a cunt drool and release more of her heady scent. The sun was setting making the cloudless blue sky turn first gold then orange as it neared the far horizon.

"Fuck...YES!" Sheila cried as her pussy yawned and swallowed the wide head.

She bucked against the penetration reaching back and around my legs trying to pull me in deeper.

The sight of an encircling cunt peeking out between her tanned thighs just below her star-like asshole was...awesome!

"Shhh...they can hear you!" I cautioned sliding in deeper.

"Well...I should hope SO!" she laughed. "I WANT them to, dammit!"

Deeper my bulging-veined cock fucked...deeper...deeper.

"Oh...SHIT! Come on! Just FUCK ME!" she yelled.

Finally bottoming out against her upraised ass I quickly looked around to see if anyone might have heard her. Peeking out between the thick branches I could see a car driving past but it was so hot and humid that everyone's AC was on and their windows up.

Sheila started impatiently fucking her pussy onto my cock.

"Damn! It's been too long...WAY too long! Dammit...slam my cunt, Jeff!"

When I felt her unrestrained nature emerging I also let mine roam.

"Ugh! Harder please....Ugh!....Shit!....Harder!...Harder, DAMMIT!" she demanded.

A wicked thought shot through my mind and I slammed her forward with a fierce thrust making Sheila stagger pulling her shorts and panties even tighter around her hips. I fucked her roughly and found the waistband of her tiny shorts and 2 hard jerks...tore them away.

"Oooooh..." Sheila groaned as I kicked her legs apart and her panties dug into her wanton flesh.

Then they were gone too.

Sheila turned to look at me as I pumped her submissive body. Her touseled hair swung loosely about her red face and a wild look was in her eyes. I pulled out to the very tip then slammed her again moving her into the tangle of branches around her.

"" she gasped out as I continued fucking her steadily forward between the hanging branches of the trees with the power of my strokes. "Oh...YES...oh my God!...Keep fucking me!..."S

Finally, satisfied with my positioning efforts, I compelled her to stagger one more step causing her to pop free of the evergreens' densest cover revealing her shadowy fucking form to any that might want to take a close look. I felt her cunt juice surge around my hot dick in a sensual liquid emission like water rising in a well.


"Exactly!" and I released one of her naked hips and ripped off her shirt.

"Fuck, Michael!"

Sheila's bared breasts shook and swayed as I kept pumping her deeply. She shivered and cursed and grunted as the reality of her situation overwhelmed her. Her cunt was unable to contain its joy at being so thoroughly stretched, filled, and fucked but her mind still grasped the situation.

" neighbors...I'm naked...the friends...will see me...fucking..."

Sheila's hips were slick and slippery as the sweat dripped and ran off us in rivulets.

"Exactly!" I puffed as I slowed into a deep long-dicking session relishing the hot sensations of my cockhead slipping and sliding in Sheila's lusty cunt.





Sheila's instinctive concerns began to ease as my steady stroking touched something within her...something psychologically primal. Despite her protestations Sheila was simply put...a exhibitionistic slut. No more, no less.

I really began putting it to her...hard...again...watching her sexy ass flatten and ripple with each stroke. She had to catch herself on the ground with both of her hands and spread her legs even farther apart to keep her balance under my one eyed-snake's assault as the sinking sun shot its last piercing rays over the red-tinged choppy textured waves of the big lake and into her wide-open eyes.

"Hee hee...hee...hee hee..." she giggled helplessly as the rampant ridiculousness of our public mating sank my rutting cock...fully!

"Awwwwww....FUUUUUUUCK!" Sheila wailed at the evening stars appearing overhead as her first orgasm crashed through her body and brain.

I held her up and fucked her through the electric shocks tingling in her cunt and belly morphing quickly into a molten flowering heat that flashed through her body finally exploding in her brain in a delicious kaleidoscope of erotic sensations that curled her toes.

Still rock hard I kept pummeling her until I felt her gradually coming out of that orgasm only to lurch helplessly over into another, even greater, release.

"Ooooo...hah hah...Ooooo...huh huh...OooooOooo...huh huh...." she panted and wailed as the welcome coolness of the growing darkness enveloped us.

Suddenly I became aware of a tiny hand sliding up my thigh and finding my swaying balls. Sheila squeezed gently and I slammed into her seeping hole and erupted against her womb.

"FUUUUUUCK! ...grnshhhhh....errnnngg...."

I pumped stream after stream of cum deep inside her sacred sanctuary making her coo and purr. Now filled to the brim Sheila overflowed as the hot cum oozed out around my embedded cock. Shamelessly Sheila reached between her legs and scooped up our mingled juices and licked it off her fingers. I shuddered and shook as I shot out the last and then gradually focused ahead and found myself look directly into the eyes of a pair of walkers on the far sidewalk by the lake...standing hand in hand...just across the street...giggling...watching us. I quickly slapped Sheila's hands away.

"Look." I whispered but she just ignored me and went back to digging out more creamy cum.

"Dammit, Sheila! LOOK!" I whispered harshly.

"Fuck! OK...This better be good! What?" she answered while distractedly looking around us and then froze with her cum-dripping fingers half in her mouth.

The walkers smiled and clapped...they actually CLAPPED! When the couple saw Sheila remain frozen in place just staring at them they finally turned and walked away.

Still wetly mated I held us together and started to slowly back her up.

"NOOOO!" she hissed and clenched my cock with her cunt and gripped my ass with her hands making me stand still.

Then sexy Sheila began moving slightly back and forward on my softening cock. Back and forth. Back and forth. A little longer motions. Back and forth. Back and forth. I relaxed enjoying her cunt's sated slipperiness and then felt a familiar tingle and swelling as I began to harden under Sheila's experienced ministrations. By the time I became completely hard again it was pitch dark. The street lights had come on and a full moon was rising above the large shade trees in the east. A beautiful warm and completely sensuous Iowa night.

*Am I dreaming?* I had to wonder again but Sheila's sudden jolts against my maleness convinced me otherwise.

I lost track of the length of time we fucked in that position between those two evergreens. At some point Sheila snatched a blanket off her clothes line and spread it on the grass just outside those trees. She obviously LOVED the risk of being found fucking in public.

I arranged her limbs into a missionary position love knot with her raised knees under my arm pits and my hands on her shoulders so that she couldn't move...just barely wiggle...and then slipped slowly back into her feminine furnace. We fucked like that for a long time giggling some when cars passed by and giggling louder when they actually slowed down to gawk.

"Kiss me, Jeff ."

"Huh? Wha?" I asked as I swam toward consciousness. The full moon was setting in the west so I'm guessing it was well past midnight and that I had fallen asl**p.

Sheila, wrapped in a sheer gray silk kimono, crouched above me with a bottle of water in her left hand and a plate of sandwiches in the other. She looked simply gorgeous. Her graying hair sparkled and her eyes twinkled in the waning moonlight. Her slightly swaying breasts and sculpted bush peeked through the kimono and beckoned to my nether parts like sirens on a rock in the sea. And they did respond.

"Hee hee hee...easy, Jeff ....easy! First drink and eat." she soothed when I tried to mount her.

Sheila slid to the blanket beside me and laughed as I gulped the bottle empty then started devouring the sandwiches. She had obviously showered and brushed her hair leaving a flowery scent lingering about her. I offered her some of my sandwich. She declined.

"When you passed out after cumming in my ass I went inside my home and ate and washed."

"I did...what?....Oh! Hahahaha!"

"Yeeeessss. I simply LOVE having my cunt AND my ass stroked at the same time! That was....was...unforgettable. Thank you!"

And she kissed me...and not on my lips. :~}

"Kiss me, Jeff . Please." and she slid her hips around and over my face brushing my nose with her fragrant bush then her dewy pussy.

I quickly gulped down the remnants of the sandwich in my mouth and turned to munch on the offerings of a much better plate. Sheila quickly deep-throated my growing cock while I literally kissed her pussy lips...over and over...over and over...and over and over...! Hot juices sluiced out of her cunt, over my nose, and into my mouth as she ground herself down on my probing tongue then slid back and forth. I deliberately shifted my attentions from her cunt and dug my pointed tongue into her asshole.

"OH! AHHHH! OOOH MYYYY G..G..GOD!" she wailed and orgasmed immediately.

Her acrid rosebud spasmed on my penetrating tongue while her pussy juices flowed coating my face. Sheila tasted wonderful. Gasping, she rolled off me and lay on her back against my chest with her knees up and her legs open wide...just as I had found her earlier pulling weeds in her front yard. :-)

The Ass-Fucking

Never one to miss an opportunity I quickly rolled over and slid into her helpless, but very receptive, love canal. She groaned. I stroked. She moaned. I fucked deeper. Sheila grunted and gasped and clamped herself around me. I grabbed her big lovely ass and really pounded her sloppy pussy. Gasping I stopped for a breather. Sheila smothered me with kisses...then deep French kisses. I slid a finger in between my stiff cock and her slick cunt then massaged the juices onto her pulsing rosebud. Again...and again...and again...and again. Sheila moaned and tried to hunch up against me. I held her still. She moaned as I slipped the tip of my finger into her ass...then gathered more female liquid and slid in to my second knuckle. She wriggled and whispered naughty things, really nasty things, in my ear while wriggling and chewing on my earlobe. My cock thickened inside her hotness and Sheila grasped her tiny feet and spread herself wider under me. I found some more cunt juice and anointed her asshole but this time replaced my finger with my cockhead.

"Yeeeeesssss!" she hissed. "Fuck my tight ass!"

I strained against her crinkled opening but my cock bent.


"Don't hurt yourself, Jeff , but PLEASE fuck my ASS...NOW!" Sheila groaned as she pushed her steaming groin against my belly.

Gripping my stiff cock in the middle I flexed my butt and shoved slowly inside Sheila's ass. She frowned and tensed, initially, but then relaxed and my cockhead popped inside of her. I quickly slid in to the hilt. We stayed that way for about a minute while Sheila got used to being stretched so far. When she started to move so did I. Little strokes at first while licking and lightly nipping her nipples...then French kissing.

"Harder now, please."

I stroked in deep.


"Shit. What a horny bitch!"

"Hee hee hee hee! Why yes...I am!"

Soon I was fucking balls deep in her ass and Sheila's groans and grunts became a****listic as she fucked me back.

"Damn, you're tight!"

"Ahhhrrrgggnnnssssssshhhh! Fuck bastard....fuck me hard! Ahhhhnnnngggg!"

While immersed in this ass-fucking I suddenly remembered what she had said earlier and pulled out.

"NOOOOOOO! What? What are you doing? Fuck my ass!" she protested..

I grabbed her long legs by the ankles and raised her higher...scootching the blanket up tightly under her back.

"What in the HELL are you DOING? Fuck my ass, dammit!" Sheila demanded as she tried to wiggle her way back to my cock grabbing her high arched feet and lewdly spreading her legs wide open.

I could smell the steamy swampy drool of her aroused cunt, a smell that flared my nostrils and that made my balls tighten and tingle. YUMMY!

In one quick hard stroke I drove balls deep into her sopped open cunt hole. Sheila let go of her feet and grabbed my shoulders.

"AGGGGHHHHH!! DAAAAAAAMMMMM!!" she wailed toward the dark sky and cursed at me as a fierce orgasm rocked her world.

Before Sheila could recover I pulled free of her clasping pussy and fucked deep into her still gaping aroused ass.

"OoooooooOoooooh!!" Sheila screamed and passed out...her asshole involuntarily gripping and releasing my hotly embedded man muscle...her liberated pussy drooling its slick fragrant ecstasy around my delighted cock and over my balls pressed against her u*********s ass.

In this hot clinch under the dim light of a distant streetlight looking at Sheila's u*********s form with my cock buried in her ass I had to wonder, *Am I dreaming?*

A twitch. Another. Still another. Sheila's hands tightened on my shoulders. Her legs came up and opened and then she...smiled. Her smile broadened and her teeth sparkled in the moonlight.

"What did you do to me?"

"Hahahaha! Oh nothing much...just this!"

"Whoooooeeeee!" Sheila cried out as I pulled my cock from her ass and slapped it back inside her cunt!

She literally just held on now as I alternately fucked her in the ass AND her still eager cunt. What a sensation! Her pussy was so gooey and slick and clingy while her asshole was tight, receptive, and blazing hot. Pussy. Ass. Pussy. Ass. Pussy. Ass. On her front yard. On full display. I didn't ever want to stop fucking this feral exhibitionist. Damn!
We clung to each other, clawed, kissed, and fucked ourselves silly untill the edge finally came off and I could tell that lovely Sheila had had enough. She was sweating but was rapidly losing steam.

"Where do you want it, Sheila dear?"

"Hmmm? What? Huh? Want what?" she moaned from whatever zone she was in.

"Where?" I asked again gently pumping her pussy.

"Oh! Hee hee ass...silly...of course!"

Balls tingling, I slid out of her pussy one last time and lunged directly into her asshole.

"AHHHHHHHHH....GAAAAAWWWWDDD DAAAAYYYYAAAAMMMM!" I shouted and came deep inside Sheila's more-than-hospitable ass.

This time shorter bursts of cum streamed from the end of my tender cock into her hot gripping depths. Finally finished I started to roll off her but Sheila held me in place against her sated body.

"Thank you, Sheila." I mumbled as I felt myself drifting off.

"Thank YOU, Jeff ." I heard somewhere in my dreams.

I woke alone in the dewy predawn grayness wrapped against the chill in Sheila's now damp blanket serenaded by waking birds and slightly rustling leaves.

After locating my biking clothes I quickly scrambled into them. I stood there shivering, scratching, and yawning for a minute trying to decide just what the fuck to do next. While I stood at Sheila's front door with my index finger poised over the lighted doorbell delightful memories of an utterly delicious hot August night slid freely across my mind. For some reason I let my finger fall to my side and then with certainty turned away and found my bike near the hostas and seedums lining the edge of the quiet street. I rode home as the sun's morning presence turned the tree-filled eastern sky to glorious gold.

Come Again?

I didn't see Sheila that day, or the next, or even the next. Finally, about a week later, the "absent" Sheila emerged back into her yard to do some mowing and light weeding. She was dressed in a diferent old work distinctly new tiny I eagerly stopped on my first pass on the bike trail by her house.

"Well, well, well! It's about time! Hi sexy Sheila! What's up?"

Sheila kept on weeding the grass between her widely splayed knees.

"Hahaha! Hi Sheila! How ARE you?" I enthused.


"Hmmmm...OK...I'll bite. What's the joke?"

Sheila kept on weeding as if she hadn't heard a thing.

"What the hell? Did I do something wrong? Oh, for crying out loud! You seemed pretty conversational when you were singing praises on my cock the other night."

Sheila paused then resumed her complete silence.

"Why aren't you speaking to me? Don't you want to see me again? I don't get it, Sheila. " I said shaking my head, wanting to sit down beside her, but reluctantly getting ready to ride away....and out of her life.

"Dammit! I fucking don't understand all! But I still think you are a great gardener and that you are one hell of a sexy woman. See ya." and, with that said, I turned to leave.

Sheila's hand suddenly snaked out and gripped my wrist. Her eyes were shining with tears as she peered at me above her glasses. I couldn't help but notice that her tits swung freely and bounced as she moved and that her new green shorts also disappeared into the grass her pussy lips pressed tightly against them.

"Make sure you ride by here again when the sun is setting and the September moon is full, Jeff . When the next moon is full!"

Then she smiled at me with that wry horny mysterious smile and resumed her careful weeding.

I rode slowly away shaking my head and glancing back now and again. Sheila the exhibitionist remained as I first saw her...knees up...long beautiful legs splayed open to approaching traffic...deliberately displaying her ample feminine charms....dressed so simply but oh so SEXY!

*Damn! She is so fucking HOT!*
... Continue»
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Caught in the Act.....

If someone had told me that my wife was having an affair I'd've never believed it.

If someone had told me that my wife was fucking not only a black man but my faithful Great Dane, Bailey, I'd've never believed it, either.

It was only after I'd witnessed it myself that I believed it.

As it happens I came home from work early one Thursday afternoon. We'd had a power outage at work and it wouldn't be fixed until sometime Friday, if then. When I turned the corner of our street I saw a car in our driveway that I wasn't familiar with, at least I didn't remember it right then. As I pulled into the drive-way though I recognized it as the vehicle one of my co-workers had gotten just a few months earlier, a sky blue Kia Spectra. Calvin loved that car and was always telling everyone at work just how great his mileage was.

When I got into the house I didn't see my wife, Alice or Calvin anywhere, so I went into the kitchen and didn't find them there, either. Looking out the window towards the pool I saw no one there so assumed they were in the basement, with Alice showing off her new exercise equipment. She'd recently set up a work-out area in the basement and was down there several times a day, trying her best to get her weight down by 15 pounds. Now don't get me wrong, Alice has a killer body for a woman of 57, with a very trim waist and not too large hips. Her breasts were almost non-existent and she'd recently told me she was thinking of getting a boob job to enlarge them. No matter that I preferred them just the way they are, she wanted to be bigger. I tried to tell her that bigger isn't always better, but she insisted she was going to save her money and get it done, probably within the next couple of years. I quickly learned not to say anything else to her about it and she didn't mention it to me after that.

Anyway, as I got to the top of the stairs I could hear her telling Calvin about her weight bench and the weights she lifted, starting off with the smaller weights and eventually getting to the higher ones. Over the past months she'd increased from 15 pounds to 20. She was sure that a gradual increase was the best and I had to agree with her on that one.

Over in the corner Bailey was lying on his blanket, taking one of his daily naps but his ears perked up when he heard my footsteps coming down the stairs and he was the first one to greet me at the bottom. He easily jumped up, placing his front paws on my shoulders and happily licking me in the face. I spent a few minutes petting and talking to him before I pushed him back and walked over to Alice and gave her a hug and kiss.

"Hello, dear," she greeted me before our kiss. "How was your day?"

"It was going just fine until the power outage and we had to shut down the plant and hope it's all fixed for tomorrow. I've got a lot of work I have to get done before the weekend, too."

"Hey there, Calvin," I greeted my co-worker. "Enjoying your vacation?"

"Yeah, I guess. Your wife called and asked if I could help her set-up here new equipment and I told her it would be no problem. Hope you don't mind!"

"I thought you wanted me to do that when I got home tonight?" I asked her.

"Well, you know how I love working out and I knew you'd probably be too tired. I remembered you telling me that Calvin was off this week so I called him and asked if it would be a bother."

"I didn't have anything else to do, so I accepted the 'challenge' and came right over. I guess I should have checked with your first though."

"That's fine, Calvin. It's not a problem and I do know that Alice was wanting to do some extra work down here tonight. Thank you for helping her, I know she appreciates it very much."

"Only glad to help." He turned to Alice and said, "Well, Alice, I really have to go now. I've got a date later tonight and I have to get ready. If you need any more help just let me know. One of my b*****rs has this same system and I've used it myself a couple of times. You can get a really great work-out on it, but you have to be careful and not overdo it."

"Thanks again, Calvin. I'll see you out," and with that they both headed up the stairs, with me staying behind and looking at the new set-up. I had to admit to myself that the equipment was top-of-the-line and she'd spent a great deal of money getting what she wanted and putting it down here. I was happy that she was happy. I heard the door shut and went upstairs, greeting Alice in the kitchen, as she was getting herself a drink of water.

"I'm glad Calvin was able to help you, dear. I know you wanted to get that all finished," and I stood back to admire her body.

"I still think it wasn't all necessary, but I have to give you credit for wanting to do it and for sticking with it as well. I hope it'll all turn out as you want it to." I gave her another kiss and went into the living room, heading towards our bedroom and the shower. I'd had a busy day and wanted to get cleaned up before supper.

Once I got in the shower I stood there, enjoying the hot water splashing over my body. And, in my opinion, not a bad body for a man of my age. I had just had my birthday last week and the big 63 didn't really feel any different from the big 50, all those years ago. Like Alice, I worked out, only at the gym where I've had a membership for over 20 years. I go there 3 days a week and work out and use the sauna. For a man of my age I do what I can to keep fit. I don't want to end up like a statistic like my father, who died of heart disease when he was only 55. I'd lost my mother when I was 15 after she'd been diagnosed with cancer. It moved through her body like a wildfire and she succumbed to it in only 3 months. My dad did a great job raising his only c***d and we had a great relationship. My grandparents, on both sides, were long gone so after he died it was just me. Luckily he'd left me well off and I was now the owner of my own electronics business and did quite well for myself. Between my income and what Alice brought in as a CPA, we had no worries.

Life was definitely good.

Little did I know that in only 3 short months it would go to hell in a handbasket!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

For the next couple of weeks or so I'd be so busy at work that I'd sometimes stay the night, using the spare room I'd set up as a temporary bedroom, so that I could get more work done. I was in the process of selling my business, after an offer had been made that was just too good to refuse. With the money we'd both be able to retire and do all that traveling we'd been planning for so long. With no c***dren of our own it was just the two of us and we intended to enjoy our 'later years' on-the-road.

I felt bad that I was neglecting Alice those weeks and a night didn't go by that we didn't talk to each other on the phone and, to me at least, all seemed well.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Alice was lying in bed after her nightly call from her husband. As usual she lay there in her birthday suit, relaxing and enjoying the time by herself. She'd always slept in the raw and loved to feel her silk sheets against her body. To the right of her, on hubby's side of the bed, lay her 'toys', her 12" black dildo and her 10" black vibrator. She'd used them every night for the past two weeks. With her husband spending all his time at work trying to work out the deal to sell the business she'd found herself wanting him, but not being able to have him. He'd always met all of her needs and now that those needs were wanting, she had to do something to satisfy herself and this was her only release. Hubby didn't know of these toys though, and she didn't want to tell him, deciding to let him think that he was doing his 'husbandly duty' and keeping her sated.

If he only knew.

It was into the second week of being alone in the house that it happened for the first time.

While lying in her bed, after a rousing pumping of her cunt with the vibrator, with her juices still running down her inner thighs and pooling somewhat on those silk sheets, Bailey made his presence known for the first time. She didn't even realize he was in the room until she felt his weight on the bed. She opened her eyes and saw him lying between her spread legs, her cunt open and leaking, and apparently the aroma was arousing him. He leaned his head forward a bit and she felt his cold nose as it touched her shaved lips for the first time.

"Bailey!" she shouted at him. "Don't do that!"

Being the a****l he was though, he was only aware of one thing. There was a female in heat before him and it had ignited a fire in his loins that he wanted to douse, and the only way he could do that was to get 'up close and personal' with his mistress.

Inching closer her once again pushed his nose into her cunt, this time extending his tongue and pushing it as far into her as he could.

Alice could only lay there and watch, as her Great Dane began to probe her inner being with his tongue. While she was at first repulsed at what was happening, it was also becoming quite aware to her that it was beginning to feel good as well. Bailey never moved from his spot between her legs, but he continued to probe her wetness, swiping his tongue over her clitoris, causing her to suck in her breath in surprise. Even with her husband eating her out she'd never felt anything that far inside of her and the feeling was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Slowly, so as not to cause any alarm to Bailey, she spread her legs, opening herself even wider, allowing more access to her depths.

That first night all she allowed Bailey to do was lap at her until she'd orgasmed several times. Only after that was finished did she chase him out of the room, closing the door behind him, and used her vibrator until she climaxed once more. Then, after catching her breath, she got up, stashed her toys, and took a nice hot shower before retiring for the night.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Closing the deal on the business was scheduled for the following week. It would be me, the buyer and our attorneys would be present for the final dealings. I'd already been assured of the asking price and it was guaranteed, so no worries there. All I had to work out was keeping Calvin and the other two men on. All three of them had been with me since the beginning and I really wanted to make sure their jobs were secure. Now I know a lot of people wouldn't worry about things like that, but they weren't only workers to me, they were best friends for over 20 years, with Calvin being there the longest, 25 years. It was the least I could do for them. I wanted an iron-clad guarantee that they'd keep their jobs and it was written into the contract. I'd tell them about it the first of next week, when we had our last meeting as a group. They all knew of the sale of the company of course, but none of them new about the new clause that kept them at work. I was sure they'd be pleased. I only had one more night at the shop to take care of the final things and then I'd be able to get back home to Alice and pay her the attention I'd been neglecting the past two weeks.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Calvin showed up at the house on Wednesday night one week. He wasn't expected though. He wanted to surprise Alice with a new DVD of exercises he and his b*****r had put together for her to use. Little did he know what he was about to walk into though.

Calvin knocked on the door and, after not getting an answer was about to leave when he realized that Alice's car was in the garage. He knocked again. Still no answer. He started to get worried that maybe she'd hurt herself in the weight room and couldn't get any help. He knew how hard she was working out, but doing it by yourself could lead to trouble if anything happened. He tried the door and found it open, so he went inside and headed towards the stairs and the basement. Before he got through the living room though he heard a noise in the bedroom.

Having been in the house many times he was aware of the layout and knew just where to go. As he got closer the noises got softer and he could swear that Alice had someone else in there with her, doing things that were bringing her great pleasures, from the sounds of it. He slowed down and did his best not to give himself away to her. As he neared the room he could tell that the door was slightly ajar and there was some light coming through the opening. Easing up to the door he was eager to see who was pleasing the boss's wife while he was at work.

Then he heard her.....

"YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! Eat me out big boy! Shove that tongue as deep into my cunt as you can! I want to feel it licking my womb!"

Now his curiosity was beginning to get to him and he moved closer to him. His cock was already getting hard in his pants and he had to reach down and make adjustments so that he'd be comfortable. From his position at the door though he couldn't see the bed, so he had no idea who was in there, even though the words and sounds told him what was being done. He was fully erect now, his 8 inch, uncut cock, threatening to break out of his pants if he didn't do something about it. Sh unzipped his pants, gaining a little bit of relief, but it wasn't enough. Next he undid his belt and popped the button above the zipper and that helped a lot. The pressure from his pants and his erection wasn't as bad now.

He pushed open the door, hoping and praying that it was well oiled and wouldn't make any noise as it opened wider.

He saw Alice on the bed for the first time. Her eyes were closed and, from the movement of her arms, she appeared to be either playing with herself or opening herself to her lover. He had to look into the room further to see who was satisfying this woman.

He pushed the door even further, slowing revealing who was at the foot of the bed.

Imagine his shock when, instead of a man being between Alice's legs, he saw their dog, Bailey, lapping at her cunt with a great gusto. His front legs were positioned on the foot of the bed, with the rest of his body still standing on the floor. From his position he could see the erection the Great Dane possessed.

"No wonder they're called Great Danes," he thought to himself.

The canine cock dangling between the dogs legs was even bigger then he was, in both length and girth, and it was steadily oozing and dripping on the floor. Well, not directly on the floor. Apparently Alice knew what was going to happen and had placed a large towel on the floor and that was collecting the fluids leaking from the canine's cock.

As he watched Alice moved down to the edge of the bed, opening her legs wider as she went, until once on the edge of the bed she commanded Bailey, "Up boy! It's time to get up here and give mama what she's been craving all day. I want your cock deep inside my cunt. Fuck me, Bailey. FUCK ME!

Apparently the dog had done this before, because on her command he jumped on the bed, legs straddling her waist, and drove his cock forward. Alice had to reach between her legs to grab him and direct him to her opening, but once he felt her warmth and realized how close he was, he drove his cock right into her cunt, not stopping until his sheath was mashed against her hairless pussy.

Calvin was now jacking his uncut cock, pre-cum already dripping from his cock head. The sight before him had taken him totally unaware, but now, seeing the enjoyment Alice was getting, he was ready to make his presence known and to take part in the action before him.

With no hesitation whatsoever Calvin approached the side of the bed. Bailey noticed him first and growled at him, alerting his mistress to the intruder. Opening her eyes the first thing she saw was the uncut cock directly in front of her face, its glistening head dripping sweet nectar. With no hesitation at all she reached out, grabbed that cock and pulled it into her mouth, where she proceeded to cuck it like a Popsicle.

She'd not had a cock to suck on since her husband started camping out at work to finalize the sale of the business. Now, with her want so bad she didn't care who the cock belonged to, she sucked and licked, drawing it deep into her throat. There was no gagging at the length or girth of this dark cock, as her husband wasn't much bigger and she easily managed to deep throat him with no problems at all. All she knew was her hunger, both in her mouth and her pussy, was finally being taken care of and all she wanted to do was enjoy the moment

Calvin stood there and let the wife of his boss suck his cock. She pulled it out of her mouth and licked it, pulling his foreskin back and revealing the purplish head. She kissed and licked that head, sucking slightly on it to get all that pre-cum on her tongue and eventually into her mouth so she could swallow it all. Then she sucked on his excess skin, feeling it slide against the back of her tongue. She loved sucking an uncut cock. Her husband had an abundance of foreskin and it always thrilled her to feel it slide down her throat. This cock didn't have as much as her husband but she wasn't going to complain at all. It was a cock and it needed to be sucked and she needed to suck it until it shot all its load into her mouth, where she could savor the taste before she swallowed it.

Neither one of them heard the car door shut, as her husband finally got home.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As he pulled up he once again recognized Calvin's car, thinking he was there helping her with the weight room once more, as he'd promised earlier. In a way he was glad Alice was getting help with her training. He never really liked the idea of her doing it all by herself.

The front door was opened, but he failed to hear anything from the direction of the bedroom. His concentration was on the weight room, where he figured he'd find the two of them in the first place. Once at the bottom of the stairs though he realized that neither of them were there, so he returned upstairs. This time when he got to the living room he did notice the noises coming from the direction of the bedroom.

It was hard not to hear them, as Alice exploded with a powerful orgasm.............


"What the hell is going on in there?" he asked himself.

The bedroom door was ajar and as he got closer he could hear the commotion of more than one body.

What he saw gave him quite a shock.

His friend was having his cock sucked while, at the same time, his faithful dog was fucking his wife.

"HOW COULD YOU!" was all he managed to say before falling over, gripping his chest, as a massive heart attack gripped him.

So engrossed in their efforts to fuck and suck and be sucked, neither Alice of Calvin heard the shout. It was only after they regained their senses that Bailey got off the bed and found his master, prone on the floor.

By the time the two of them got off the bed and to his body it was too late. He was dead.

(This is a piece I wrote in March of 2015. After almost 3 years of suffering with Short-Term-Memory-Loss, I was finally able to write again and this was my first piece. I know it's a lot shorter than my previous postings, but I still hope you find it an enjoyable read.)... Continue»
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Gangbang in the public toilet

Jane and I had been on holiday in Greece for 2 days when I got taken ill, usual thing, stomach upset but big time!
I was on the toilet for over 24 hours which left me drained and exhausted. So Jane, not wanting to miss the sun left me in bed and waltzed off to the hotel's pool. I slept for a couple of hours then decided I could face life in the open air.

I saw Jane at her usual spot in her usual position, sprawled topless on a sunbed. As I got nearer I realised she was being chatted up by a hairy middle aged Greek looking guy. I decided to wait and see what happened. I knew if Jane liked him she would let him know!
Fortunately I had sunglasses hat towel and book with me so I easily hid amongst the crowd around the pool as I watched them.
Jane seemed to be enjoying herself chatting away and laughing, and so did Mr Greece, after all he had a close up view of her tits!
After about half an hour he got up and as he stood beside Jane he nodded over towards the hotel then walked off. I watched Jane closely. She looked around the pool as if to see if anyone had noticed or may be guessing what was going on. She gathered her bits and pieces up and put them on her sunbed put on her big T shirtie thing then picked up her bag and walked purposefully towards the hotel.
My heart pounded, what was the slut up to? I didn't hesitate, I followed a safe distance behind and stopped as she found Mr Greece stood chatting to a member of staff as people walked in and out of the busy entrance.
He looked at Jane smiled, said goodbye to who he was talking to, took Jane's hand and led her inside the hotel. She was obviously a bit wary of being seen with him, she kept her sunglasses on and walked with her head down as she tried not to be recognised.
I slowly followed and saw them climbing the stairs. I could hear them whispering as they walked ahead of me and just out of sight.
Then they turned off down a corridor. I tried to look cool and natural as I peered around the corner just in time to see Mr Greece showing my wife into his room! Now I was breathing heavily and it wasn't caused by the stairs, my cock sprang into life as I thought things over.

Not wanting to go back to our room I returned to the pool and found a seat across from where Jane had been, and waited...
An hour later she returned. She dropped her bag pulled off her T shirt thing and leapt into the pool. Nothing strange about that, except she never jumped into the pool, she always walked in and only at the end of the day to cool off! Maybe it was just me being suspicious?
After she got out she assumed the sunbathing position. I gave her 15 minutes then strolled over to her.
She asked if I was ok and fussed over me a bit too much. Guilty bitch!
I asked what she'd been up to? "Nothing much just sunbathing".
"Oh, it's just the receptionist said she thought she saw you with some guy when I gave her the room key" I lied.
Her head shot up "What, no, no couldn't have been me, silly cow" she snapped.
We lay there for a while then went back to the room to get ready to go out.

Now Jane has never been one to refuse sex, with anyone for that matter. So we had a quick romp on the bed, mainly because I needed to cum after my afternoons excitement.
As I started to fuck her from behind I said "Fuckin hell, were you playing with yourself outside, you're a bit wet in there"?
"Err dunno, it must be the water from the pool" she said unaware of my smirk before I turned her onto her back.
She rubbed her clit frantically as I fucked her, so she was desperate to cum too!
Just as I thought she was about to explode I grabbed her hands and pinned her down. "I wanna watch you being fucked" I wheezed.
She moaned at me then said "Yeah I know, but who"? adding "It's not that easy, anyway I forget in the heat of the moment".
I thought it over and allowed her to continue rubbing her clit. "Oooooh, yessssss, yes, ughhh ugh"! she grunted as she cum.
As was the custom I whipped out my cock and spunked all over her tits and belly before collapsing beside her.
"Phew, you needed that I reckon" I laughed.
"Yeah, I've been feeling really horny this last few days in the sun" she explained.
After a fairly quiet evening out we went to bed and slept.

The next day as we lay by the pool I saw Mr Greece walk towards us. This should be interesting I thought!
He looked at Jane then hesitated as he saw me then decided to walk straight past us and completely around the pool.
"Would you fuck him"? I whispered to Jane as I stared at Mr Greece.
She looked up and across the other side of the pool as I discreetly pointed him out, then stared at me intently for a moment.
"Nah, no way too hairy, probably got a little cock anyway" she chuckled as she laid back down and closed her eyes.
My cock twitched at the thought of him fucking her.
Another quiet evening followed. After a quick fuck we sat on our balcony chatting and agreed we'd get hammered the next day!

As it happens the next day was hot but overcast so we ended up in the local bars earlier than intended.
We did a bit of a pub crawl and ended up in a fairly busy bar with music blaring from the jukebox, a typical tourist bar.
Jane was in the mood to dance and attracted a bit of attention as she strutted her stuff on the small dance area and it wasn't long before she was joined by a couple of guys from a group that had just come in.
That was it, I knew I wouldn't see much of her now. Given the choice of flirting and being chatted up or sat with me.... obvious really!

She ended up sat with the group of 6 guys who took turns to dance with her and buy her drinks.
I watched from the other side of the bar as she danced and thought "Yeah she looks up for it, the slut".
She was wearing a loose low cut pink blouse, short dark skirt and sandals and, with her long blonde hair and big tits swaying with the music as she gyrated her sexy ass, she looked very fuckable indeed!
After a while the group of young guys she was with started to mess about and play some games. No one else in the bar seemed to notice and they weren't bothering anyone. They seemed to have to pay some forfeit or other which was usually a drink.
Then when Jane seemed to have to pay her forfeit she pulled up top up and flashed her bra. One of the guys sat beside her held onto her arms while another pulled her bra up and literally pulled her tits out, then they all took turns giving them a squeeze. Great game!
She eventually pulled her top down but one of the guys just carried on groping her tits and she just sat there smiling at him.
Over the next hour or so they started to get a bit more adventurous and carefree with Jane, but still no one else seemed to notice.
There was definitely a sexual tension in the air. Jane was regularly getting her legs and ass stroked and a couple of them shoved their hands under her top whenever they thought no one was watching. Jane, well she just sat there as if nothing was happening!
At one stage she seemed to simulate giving one of them a blowjob and a couple of times one of them would lean over and pretended to go down on her. Maybe they weren't pretending? I couldn't tell from where I was.
It sounds like it was a budding sex show but it wasn't that blatant really and often my view was blocked by them. But it was exciting as it was my filthy wife being groped by a bunch of strangers. I'd have found it horny to watch whoever she was.

After the games they went back to chatting and in Jane's case dancing. Then with most of them stood up and with Jane in the middle they seemed to be having a debate. I got a glimpse of Jane, her face was blank, she looked like a long days drinking was starting to take it's toll, as it was with some of the swaying guys she was with. She raised her arms and shrugged as if to say "I don't care"!
Two of the guys went to walk off then dragged a third with them and they left. I was intrigued to say the least.
The 3 that were left pulled Jane to them and they had a kind of smooch with their heads together whispering in each others ears.
With Jane being led between a couple of them they shuffled past the tables and chairs and people standing in their way and headed in my direction. "Fuck, what's going on here"? I panicked, but they walked straight past me to the bar.
Not a glimmer of recognition from Jane as she almost brushed past me. I realised they were a bit older than I'd thought, about our age.
They stood near the bar looking all around as if they were about to rob the place or something then one of them slipped off to the toilet which was near to the end of the bar. More looking around, then one of them shooed Jane away and nodded towards the toilet.
Oh fuck, oh fuck, were they going to.......
After a couple of minutes the other 2 followed. I noticed a barman look at them and shake his head with a big smile on his face.
I do believe I was now trembling with excitement!!

I knew the doorway led to the male and female toilets and I tried to guess which one they'd go to. It was obvious really but it had been a long day, I was feeling light headed as I tried to gather my senses. Should I go in there now, or leave it a while??
I decided to wait for a bit, after all I might be wrong, maybe they're just using the loo......
Then one of the guys came out. He looked a bit sheepish as he stood alone by the bar then slowly made his way back to where they'd been sat with Jane.
I waited a few more minutes then downed my drink and slowly strolled into the toilets. As I entered the males toilet one of the 3 was edging out of the only cubicle there while pulling his trousers up.
He lost his smile as he saw me and said in a loud voice "Someone's....." I cut him short, I raised my hand and shook my head.
"Don't worry about me mate, don't worry" I said with a big knowing smile.
"Fucking dirty slag" he mumbled under his breath as he squeezed past me and out of the toilets.
There was some shuffling of feet and whispering then an "Oooh" from Jane quickly followed by a rapid, slap slap slap slap.....
The distinctive sound of flesh slapping against flesh, while in the background the sound of a females stifled moaning. Oh yes!!
I quickly realised I would have to stand on a very dodgy looking sink to get a view over the top of the cubicle.
"Oh yeah, go on, go on" hissed Jane as the slap slap slapping slowed momentarily.
I managed to get onto the sink without falling or breaking it and cautiously leaned over the top, it was a voyeurs delight!
Jane was hunched forward face down over the grotty looking cistern with her head resting on her arms. Her top and bra were shoved up to her neck and her skirt was around her ankles.
Her white untanned ass rippled and shook as the guy stood up behind her banged into her for all he was worth.
He leaned forward and squeezed one of her tits then pulled hard at her nipple making her yelp and pull his hand away.
Then he held onto her hips and dragged her backwards to meet his thrusts as he banged into her. But he didn't seem to know what to do for the best, he slowed down and pinned her shoulders down as he leaned forward kissing and sucking at her neck.
He stopped, stood up straight grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them slightly while he tried to manoeuvre his cock into her asshole.
"No, no"! growled Jane as she wriggled her ass away from him. Damn!!
So he quickly shoved his cock back into her cunt and she allowed him to slowly ease his thumb into her asshole as he fucked her.
She obviously sensed he was about to cum. "Not in...not... inside... don't....cum... in me" she stuttered as he hammered into her.
Jane pulled forward and waited as he yanked his thumb out of her asshole grabbed his cock and wanked furiously.
A loud "Ughhhh" as streams of spunk shot all over her back blouse and hair. "Ughh... ughh...ughh.." he groaned as it spurted out.
I was impressed, he seemed to have a big cock and loads of cum too.
When he'd finished he squeezed the last drop out of his cock and wiped it clean on her ass cheeks then hurriedly pulled his trousers up as he gained his senses. He glanced up at me and with a shocked expression hissed "For fuck sake mate".
I jumped off the sink as he quickly made his exit without a word.

"Hmm, this is going to be awkward and embarrassing when we leave here" I thought to myself.
The cubicle door was wide open and Jane looked a mess! She was in a bit of a trance sat on the loo debating what to do with her filthy knickers that had been kicked around on the floor. Her hair was all over the place her tits were hanging out looking red and battered with her blouse and face splattered with what looked like drying spunk!
She shrugged and said "You missed all the fun" then laughed to herself.
"Why what happened"? I asked as I stood her up and helped clean her up a bit.
"Three of them, sucked two off and one just fucked me, don't believe me do ya"? she giggled adding "Told you I felt horny".
I didn't tell her what I'd seen, I left that until later.
We walked out of the toilets and it was clear from their expressions that a few people realised what had been going on. I looked around but couldn't see the 3 guys, I presume they'd left.
We kept our heads down and left sharpish. Jane was ok and insisted we stop at another bar for drink even though she looked like grim.

We shared a shower in the hotel room and she let me fuck her as she told me in detail about her time in the mens toilet!
That was the first time I saw the filthy bitch being fucked, not the last though..

... Continue»
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She'd been in America for just six months.

Moving her life from Japan to come to the USA, Suki was happy and hopeful to be away from the pressures of her home and f****y. Even if she would only live in a shared apartment on the west side, she felt like she had more room to live than she'd ever known.

She shared the apartment with Kumi. Kumi was six years older, and at 24 she had a tight lean build. She styled her hair chestnut and wore tight revealing clothes like one of the video girls she constantly watched on BET.

Kumi was into black guys. Really into them. At least four nights a week she was at hip hop clubs finding adventure in the big city. Unless it was her period, she always brought someone home.

Just a week after moving in, Suki heard Kumi in the next room at 3 a.m. screaming in japanese. 'Oh, it hurts! No, I can't! It hurts!!' Another voice spoke in gruff english: "Bitch, shut up! Shut the fuck up you little asian bitch!"

Suki jumped up out of bed and ran to Kumi's door. It was locked and she banged furiously, crying for her.

'Suki,' it was Kumi, 'Leave us alone!'

Suki was stunned. She realized that Kumi was enjoying it. She went back to her bed in a daze. 'Why would anyone ever like that?!?' she wondered to herself.


Suki and Kumi became almost inseperable. Kumi organized a fake id for Suki so she could come out with her. At every club, Kumi was well known. She had gotten the nick-name Twist for being the 'hottest japanese twist' in LA. After being in town for 4 years, she was recognizable in all the clubs as one of the notorious japanese imports that would step in the club dressed to kill and pull big black guys. None of the b*****rs passed her up.

She relished the prospect of sharing her dark past-time with young and tender Suki. She encouraged her to wear tight clothes that showed her young and new curves. Suki, unlike other asian girls, had an ass. /round and perky, it had given her a sizable complex in Japan where the most petite girls were prized.

'This skirt is too tight Kumi,' she pleaded.

'Relax. You look cute. The guys really like this,' Kumi responded, giving her ass a squeeze and soft slap.

Kumi was pressuring her to release her inhibitions. After all, last week when they went to the club a man approached Kumi to speak at the bar as Suki was chatting to some guy who Kumi knew had almost no chance in getting in her pants.

The man was black with a shaved head and grey suit. About ten years older than Kumi. He reached around her shoulder and spoke directly to her face.

"Hey darling, I work with a famous actor you may know and we are having a party next week that you two might want to check out."

Intrigued she raised her eyebrow and asked, 'Who?'

'You see or 'Pilot 50,' or 'Chocolate Fever?'

She knew right away who he was talking about. Phillip Long was known as having a 'thing' for Asian girls. He was one of the one of the known action stars working.

'Oh, yeah? Really? You work with Phillip Long?'

'Yes, I do.' he answered, sliding her a card that read LONG HOUSE PRODUCTIONS.

"Call me. We would love to see you and your friend at our party next wednesday. What's her name?'


'And you are...'

'I'm Kumi.'

'Well, I know Phillip would love to see you and Suki at our party next week at his mansion. Give us a call.'

Kumi looked over at Suki and tried to figure out why the young girl got so much attention from men. She looked her up and down: High heeled shoes and pink painted toe nails. Long smooth shaven legs that went forever to her miniskirt that ended just barely before her ass. Her top showed off her bellybutton, which was freshly pierced, and her 34b breasts seemed bigger against the soft restriction of her black barely there top. Her eyes were big and bright. It was obvious why men wanted her.

'She's like a doll built for fucking,' thought Kumi.

Kumi resented Suki greatly. She knew she was already partially spent by having been passed around the club scene, buck to buck. She had even had sex with a group of men in the back of a bar on a 'date.'

The week before Suki arrived, Kumi went out with a dj she'd slept with before a few times. He picked her up and gave her a pink dress to wear. It was see through, short and tight. Enjoying the challenge, she put it on and came out to the car. 'We going to the new hot spot, baby,' he said.

But after driving her to a rundown section of hollywood, they arrived at a dive bar.

'This is it?' she asked.

'Yeah girl, they rented the spot out. We going to go off!'

The two got out of the car and he went to get her a drink as she sat alone in a booth. There was almost no one there. He returned to the table with two glasses of champagne fizzing richly.

'Oooh. I love-a champagne. Is a really-a-good.' she enthused.

'Drink all you want,' as he set the bottle closer to her.

The two chatted, he put his hand on her leg and she didn't resist. Soon she didn't even feel his leg at all and her head seemed to be in s fog. She wondered if she was sick then noticed a hand on her chin, pulling it forward.

'So this is her? The twist? Damn, you even got her looking good to go!'

'I know, I told you I'd hook you up.'

The voices were around her, confusing her as she struggled to stay clear. Now her senses returned to her. Hands. Grabbing her breasts and pulling up her already tiny dress. Kumi looked up and saw the three of them, big muscular black men surrounding her at the booth.

'Who are you?' she whimpered, dazed.

The three just laughed. Her date was at the bar, drinking a shot and snorting something.

'She all yours! She likes that rough shit,' he laughed.

'Oh, ok,' and they lifted her on the pool table. She couldn't resist and she realized what would come next. Instantly their hands were all over her, grabbing and pulling her softly tanned skin. The flipped her over and took pleasure in smacking her ass loudly. She whimpered.

One shouted at her, 'Girl, you know you can take more than that!'

They slapped her ass harder, leaving her panting and dazed on the green felt table. Her drool made a dark mark on the surface. Since her first young f***ed sexual explorations, she took an upside-down pleasure from being assaulted. It was her fantasy. But now with the real thing confronting her, she felt a moist terror.

'Take this, bitch.'

She felt a throbbing cock finding the opening of her mouth. She moaned and let it in, lapping at it softly. The overwhelming fullness in her mouth felt welcome to her, though her body tingled in a numb cloud. Determined to feel as much as possible, she tried her hardest to suck on the big dark cock as she felt the far away sting of slapping on her ass.

Her panties were ripped off and she felt fingers inside of her. A tongue, she couldn't tell. She was floating above her body with only one point of focus: the cock that drove in and out of her mouth and all the way to her throat. Tears f***ed themselves from her eyes. There were hands gripping her throat and neck, pushing her mouth deeper down the shaft until her nose felt the sweaty belly of her attacker.

'Mmmm. You suckee suckee good! You like suckee suckee, asian girl?'

Her lips bubbled. The response came easy from her, almost involuntary:
'Mmmm. Me suckee...'

'Yeah, bitch. You suckee?'

'Suckee suckee. You like?'

'Shut up bitch,' and her head was pulled to the other side to a different cock. Big, like the other. At least 8 inches. She gasped and took it in her mouth. Men were cheering. Mexicans at the bar hovered close to the pool table and stared. Kumi felt something cool enter her. She felt her ass opened and her gstring pulled to the side. It was a bottle--the same one she'd been drinking champagne from was now being pushed inside her pussy.

'Work that ass!'

She dropped her sl**py weight back on the bottle and felt her soft pink insides expand for it. The mexicans laughed and chatted in spanish, excited. She looked back and saw one of them jamming the bottle in and out of her. All she felt was the vague cool of the bottle opening her.

It was like a movie. The sex exploitation of a well raised girl by the low class of the big city. She realized her role as the victim and let out a moan. This was her dream, even if she never put her finger on it before.

The more they slapped her, the deeper they saw the bottle disappear inside her. She panted and moaned, 'I am whore! I am whore now! 'Visions of her grandparents fighting world war two, now she was getting completely ravaged in some shitty Los Angeles bar. 'I am whore!' The men all laughed. She saw her schoolmates faces flash in her mind. Her's the coy face in the group always trying to appear sexy and sophisticated. Now she knew why: 'I am whore!'

One after another she felt their dicks invading her. Her body oozing. Spit covering her mouth and breasts. Her ass was wet from the mouth of a stranger. Fingers slid in and out of it.

'You give fuckee fuckee, bitch? You fuckee fuckee sushi girl?'

'Hold on man, she can't answer you right now her mouth is full.' More laughing.

Someone took a turn inside of her. It felt big, even after being stretched by the bottle. This she could feel, like it might split her open. Kumi looked back over her ass at the edge of the table. It was an old man, probably in his sixties using her.

'Ooowee girl. You just don't know.' He was in and out of her, going fast while the two black cocks slapped her face. She moaned and cooed. 'You like all this black dick, don't you? You like daddy fucking your asian pussy.'

Her head spinning she opened her mouth an looked back to the old, black stranger. 'Ohhhhhhhhh, yes. Oh, I am whore. Fuck your asian whore, daddy.' Saying it gave her a tingle in her spine that connected her nipples to the center of her.

'Yes! Yes! Make me do that!'

'Shut up bitch,' and she felt a drink being poured down the front of her mouth, spilling all over her milky tits.

'Watch my table!' the older man shouted.

'Oh, my bad.'

She was lifted off the pooltable to the corner booth and spread out on top of the dark wood table. Her dress was pulled over her face and her arms were fixed with it above her head. Kumi felt hands, at least three, holding her arms secure and she struggled to see through the pink material. She was helpless to do anything but moan and pant as she felt hands tighten around her throat and the deep pounding inside her soaking wet pussy. She felt her eyes would pop, then the pressure would be released and she would get a rush of pleasure to her over-loaded brain. Who was squeezing her neck? With the dress pulled over her face, she couldn't tell. But she had no idea who any of these men were anyway. Now she was being taken by anyone who happened to want her. Completely at their mercy.

'I am whore.'

The men all laughed and twisted her nipples. She felt the bottle go towards her ass as her legs were held high and she was fucked. Beneath the mask of the dress, she winced then accepted the bottle into her tightest hole. The man fucking her sped up and the one with the bottle drove it deeper inside her starry button. Deep, til it felt like her body would split.

'Ohhhhhhhhh!' she moaned and was slapped hard across the face.

'What you say? You like fuckee fuckee?'

She shifted her tone to be more obedient. 'Yeah. More fuckee! More fuckee fuckee!'

The bottle went in and out of her. She took it deep up her ass as she felt the cock inside her pushing against it in the walls of her holes. It f***ed her to ecstasy.

Her pussy was swolen and filled with juice. The men, who knows how many, used her for what seemed like eternity. She felt herself slip in and out of consciousness, only to notice the growing wetness in and around her holes. Her pussy was shaved in anticipation of the date, but now it seemed completely covered in milky goo. The dress had been split in half, with the top half tied around her mouth like a gag and the bottom half was toed around her arms behind her. Now she was being pounded from behind with her arms pulled back. She moaned through the gag.

She was a mess. Ashamed at the soiled condition of her body. Her ass was puckered open and sticky. Someone had definitely cum inside there. She faded out.

When she woke up, her 'date' was driving her home. She looked down and saw the mini dress in tatters, split into a frayed tube around her tits and a see through belt-size piece of fabric to serve as the skirt. She was dazed.

'What happened?'

'Aw Kumi, don't worry. You had a good time. Everybody loved you at the party.'

She felt scared. The clock said 4. That meant for nearly 6 hours she had been in the bar. Cum oozed from her pussy. She looked in the mirror. Her makeup was streaked completely. Her lipstick was rubbed off and her lips were busted and swollen. She looked to her date.

She raised her voice: 'What did you do?!'

He pulled the car up to the outside of her apartment and put it in park.

'Look here Twist, don't tell me you didn't love that. I know just what you like. You just got passed around same way you always do.' He motioned to a video camera in the back seat.

'And if you ever want to see the proof you loved it, just let me know because I just got five full tapes of you.'

She was being blackmailed. She was completely demeaned and ashamed. But out of the shame came a tingling in her. She was excited and couldn't help but show it on her face. He registered it.

'So what are you,' he asked.

'I am whore.'


Six months later, as she held Philip Long's card in her hand and looked over Suki, she knew what her next mission would be. She would make Suki understand the same punishment she'd learned to need.

Here in America, a long way from Japan, Kumi promised to herself that she would make Suki every bit the slut for black men that she was.

What better place to start than the top?... Continue»
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In the shower

Keilee was so happy to finally be back at her boyfriend's apartment. She was actually a little relieved that he was still out with the guys. She knew he would try to convince her to keep on the costume from the party, but for tonight, she had more than her fill of it. She still regretted agreeing to pose for it. It was not because of the exposure that she regretted it. It was because that flighty little bitch Lauren went whining to everyone else that she couldn't wear the costume, and they voted to switch her month with Keilee who had been slated to be Miss October.

She pulled off the ghastly white boots with the red flames decorating them, the moment she got in the door. Next to go was the vibrant red wig. Wearing it all night was torture. The entire time she had it on, it made her head sweaty and itchy. She threw it on the hamper as she walked into the bathroom. She let out a soft sigh of relief as she let her hair down and ran her fingers through her shoulder length auburn hair. It was what she had longed to do for hours.

She reached back to unknot the strings that held the small black vinyl bikini top which was emblazon with the same red flames that were on the boots. First, the one that rested against the middle of her back. Once it was untied, she then reached for the one at the back of her neck. It was quickly undone as well, allowing the bikini top to flutter to the floor. Next, she ran her fingers over the double row of metal pyramid studs that ran the length of the white belt. She unbuckled it and tossed it on the floor as well. Finally, she was able to slip her fingers under the black vinyl boy shorts and push them down slowly. They fell to the floor around her feet. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

She was so happy to have finally shed the hideous outfit. She walked over to the small linen closet in the hall and grabbed one of the plush beige towels from it. All she could think about now was getting into a nice hot shower. She laid the towel down and began to prepare the water. It took a moment to get the temperature just right before she closed the glass door and stepped inside. She reached up and adjusted the height of the hand held shower head as it sat in its cradle. Once she had it right where she wanted she closed her eyes and just let the hot water rush over her naked body. She turned, letting the water beat down on her firm young breasts. The tiny drops of water attacking her nipples had begun to have an immediate effect upon her.

Her hand gently ran over her distended pink nipple as her lips parted and a gasp escaped them. It felt like an electrical current ran through her body the moment her palm brushed her skin. Both hands cupped the large mounds of flesh. She let out a quiet moan as she kneaded them, taking special care to work her nipples as much as possible. Soon, she was tugging on them and twisting them slightly. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second as she manipulated the candy colored little nubs. Every second she played her body became more and more aroused. Since her boyfriend was still away, she knew she had to take matters into her own hands, quite literally.

An idea formed that seemed to possess her lust addled brain. She opened the shower door and crept out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. In the drawer of the night stand next to her side of the bed was a small pink waterproof vibrator. She grabbed it and headed back for the shower. Once she was back inside, she stood with her feet wide apart. She turned the vibrator on low and let the tip barely come in contact with her clit. She inhaled sharply as her body twitched. The sudden vibrations sent a shockwave through her. She held it there for only a brief moment before she moved it to her pussy lips. The tip partially parted them. Keilee started slowly to work the vibe in and out of her needy little hole. The soft moans quickly turned to panting breaths as she stood there fucking herself slowly. The shower’s spray was directed at her nipples, making the sensation even more intense.

The more she slid that fat pink toy in and out of her pussy, the more she wanted to cum. She turned the setting up again, leaving it on medium this time. Her pace quickened as she pushed it in as far as she could while still holding on. Occasionally, she stopped. Pulling it completely out, she would then give her swollen little pearl some attention. Each time she pulled the vibe away her clit throbbed. She could not take much more of it. Keilee just wanted to cum more than anything else. Finally, she gave the vibrator a quick thrust and inserted it as deeply as she could get it inside her tight little pussy. Her mind was overtaken with desire as she reached up and grabbed the shower head. She turned the dial, changing it from a rather gentle full spray to a more concentrated pulsing jet. Her free hand moved down between her legs as she began to strum her clit with her fingertips. The water splashed mercilessly against her nipple. Jagged breathes and gasps were all she could muster. It was quite clear that she was getting much closer to her goal.

Suddenly, another thought formed. She sat down on the small ledge in the corner of the shower, that was just slightly too small to fit comfortably on. With her legs spread wide, she guided the shower spray toward her swollen pink nub. Her breath caught in her throat as the water began to hit its mark. Keilee could feel her legs start to tremble as the rest of her body jerked slightly. She had never experienced anything like it. The warm biting wetness was driving her wild. Her free hand toyed with her nipple for a moment, before she felt herself start to lose control.

She nearly slipped off the ledge as her legs instinctively started to close. The pleasure had become too much. Her overly sensitive clit was throbbing like mad and she could feel the muscle spasms in her pussy starting to work the vibe out slowly. Her hand moved between her legs to catch the vibe as she f***ed herself to keep the stream targeting her abused clit. She let out strangled moans as she felt the end of the vibe slip past her lips. She worked it in and out while she kept the water beating her flesh. It only took a couple of minutes for her to let go of the shower head. It clanged against the shower wall as she let out a string of obscenities while continuing to fuck her pussy. Her entire body was shaking as the orgasm she had been fighting so hard to attain finally broke through her defenses.

Her sweet juices flooded out of her as she kept moving her toy in and out. She banged her head accidentally against the wall as she tossed her head back in ecstasy. It took several minutes for the intensity to subside. She slipped the toy out of her well used pussy and let it clatter to the shower floor. The water was still spraying out full f***e, hitting the wall opposite the one it hung on. Keilee tried to stand, but she was much too weak. She reached for the shower head and turned it back to that soothing gentle spray. She rinsed her body off as she waited to regain her strength. Once she was finally able to get her legs to work once again, she stood up and put it back in the cradle. With her desire now in check, she adjusted the temperature again, and quickly washed herself clean. When she had finally finished, she dried off and wrapped the towel around her.

She did not bother to put anything on. There was no need to. She simply walked over to the bedroom, dropped the towel next to the bed and climbed in. It seemed like it was almost instantaneous that she fell asl**p, glad that her boyfriend was still not home.
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Bunkbed in the alps.

Let me start off by telling you that this story and all my future stories have happened to me in reallife, i’ve only changed some of the names and dates, the rest are all real experiences i have had.

December 2004.

There i was, standing in the ER for my best friend Thomas, who had just had a bad skating accident. Waiting for him to come out of surgury. I was there first, because i was the one that was with him at the time of the accident. Waiting for him f****y to arrive, i was curious and anxious to see if he was oke too.
After 15 long minutes his mom(Linda from now on) arrived. A 42 year old woman, that was still pretty fit being a yoga instructor. She was also a really kind a gentle woman, and in absense of my own mom had always helped me and invited me to their home with open arms. She rushed over when she saw me :“thank god you are here, im so glad you were with him all this time!, how is he? Is he in pain? How long till i can see him?”

Luckily a couple minutes later a doctor came over and explained the’ve taken several scans and x-rays and needed surgary to set his arm. “All went as smooth as possible and you allowed to go over and visit him right away. “ After a couple of her questions something came up i did not think through all that time: the skiing trip they take each year! I was in a week and Thomas wasnt able to go for sure! I was really disapointed for Thomas and his f****y at that time, cuz they had no way to cancel and more importantly this was their f****y tradition and Thomas, Linda and his little twin s****rs loved it!
We went to visit Thomas right away. Over there Linda informed thomas he wasnt able to go on the skiing trip and they werent able to cancel. He understood. “So Rob(thats me) are you willing to go on a skiing trip with us? This is a nice opportunity to learn to ski? “ She asked. She was so nice, knowing that my f****y wasnt able to afford a skiing holiday and she wanted me to have a good time as well.
“Well i’d have to ask my parents, but im sure they will agree” I said.

After Linda called my dad to talk over the details of the holiday and whereabouts etc.
She also told my parents she would watch over me and because i was just 14years old i had to listen to the rules under here ‘roof’.

So there i was,sitting in the bus next to Linda and with the 9year old twins, Jessica and Susan. The 18hour bustrip i was asking Linda about skiing and how i would learn etc. I was so very excited about this adventure and i was hyped up.
But then the shock came over me….. The appartement!! It was soooo very small! There was a kitchen/livingroom with a bathroom that had a slide door that couldnt fully close! And there was a small room with a bunkbed. The livingroom had a sofa wich could be used as a bed….
This 12day trip was going to be very close to all these people and i was thinking where i should sl**p. Or what was the best place for me to sl**p. Linda said: “the sofa is not really big enough for adults so we better take the bunkbeds, also the twins are used to sl**ping together . I hope you dont mind?”
“No, i dont mind” i lied.
This was really a big issue for me, being 14 and becoming a man i need to jerk off, i though. The bathroom was open, so thats no option. The bunkbed really creaked. I was kind of nervous on how to do this…But the first night i was really tired from the trip and the skiing so i fell asl**p right away. Until i woke up with a big erection, and i was really feeling that i did not jerk off for 2 days. I decided to wait for Linda to wake up and go into the shower so i had a little time for myself. This seemed to take forever when she said: “are you awake? You should get out of bed because its nice to be on the sloped early, i will try and catch 30min of extra sl**p cuz i’ve had a rough night” I wasnt willing to go out of the top of the bunkbed with my 17cm cock going passed her. But i did not have an excuse to stay in bed either. “i said, can you go first? I want to lie down a bit too” Come on dont be lazy get out of bed Rob, your dad gave me permission to boss you around, so get out!
Oke, oke, i thought maybe i could hit the shower and get the job done over there, first i had to climb down the ladder with my full erection…. I was emberrassed and did not dare to say i was having an erection ofcourse. Maybe i can be real quick about it, or maybe if i can distract myself i can shrink it a little and then climb down real quick. “Come on Rob, we all need to use the shower, get out, ill shower with the girls real quick after you” I was running out of time!
I decided to just climb down and hope she wouldnt look at my crouch. The moment i climbed down the ladder i felt like my erection even grew bigger and i climbing down went slower than i’d hoped…
Im quite sure she looked, but when i came down she pretended to read a book. “im not looking, you can grap your clothes”….

I went into the shower, jerked off real quick sprayed all over the shower and tried to point down to minimize the mess. It did not work, i still had to clean up all over. Put my clothes on and went to get my phone from the room. There i encountered Linda in nightgown who just got up. ”Hold on Rob and sit down, i want to get something straight: This is a holiday for all of us, we all are allowed some relax time. If you need space or privacy just say so. I can get out of your way for a little while. This appartment is really small with no space for privacy. I can imagine you need some privacy too”
Uhh what do you mean privacy? Like when i need to dress up or something? I asked.
“Yes something like that, or all other stuff you normally do alone” OMFG, is she having the masturbation talk with me right now?! Or is this something else? Linda was into yoga and was always very open about sexuality, but this was something new! Was this because she had seen my erection and she wanted to give me some more space and comfort? I stood there looking a bit shy and red. “Im sorry i just want you to feel at home as well, i can imagine sl**ping in a bunkbed with your bestfriends mom is far from ideal. Oke ill let it rest, but let me know if you want to talk”
She saw that i was uncomfortable and let it rest, but omg was she offering me a talk on masturbation, or on privacy, or on all those things? That really got me excited again. I was always interested in female masturbation or masturbation in general that is, and Linda wasnt really a woman i had fantasy’s about before, but this talk changed all this. I wondered i she ever masturbated after her yoga. And how would she do that? And how often? These thought circled my head all day, and i was trying to figure out what she had meant to say.

Maybe i could figure out a way to have an open talk about masturbation before we go to sl**p. If i could get all that off my chest i wouldnt have to be that sneaky about it and maybe she would give me space without it being seriously uncomfortable! I was thinking all day on how to start this conversation. None came to mind, all seemed very unlikely to me.

The 2nd day there after an awesome day of skiing, i went to lie down on top of the bunkbed again. Linda joined right after she put the twins to bed. “so are you glad you came along Rob”
Oh yes, very much i said!
There i was, wanting to masturbate and i wanted to talk to her about masturbation as well. She seemed willing to be open about it. Should i start? I was hesitant. I stared at the ceiling for a couple of minutes then Linda asked if i was asl**p.” No im not, im very awake, so many new things ive seen today its taking time to process”Yeah i can imagine she said, thats good! “Its nice to have you along as well, and Thomas is doing fine as well so im happy as well”. Thats good to hear, i said, but then i turned silent again for a couple of minutes. I was still staring at the ceiling softly touching my big fat erection without making a sound. My heart was pounding in my chest, i was this close to another woman, stroking my cock.
What if she heard me, or what if she was touching herself as well on. She surely does so during this 12day trip, or does she? I wasnt ever going to sl**p with these feelings and thoughts going through my head! 15minutes went by, Linda was twisting from time to time trying to sl**p as well. I was still focused on cumming, focused on opening up and having a talk with her, but i was too scared/embarrassed/chicken to start that conversation. I waited. I heard Linda’s breathing going deeper, like she was falling asl**p. I thougth i had my chance, i grabbed the sock i took with me in the sl**ping bag and pulled it over my cock, but still wearing my boxers. I waited for Linda’s breathing to go as rythmic as possible to be as sure as possible she was asl**p, but to be sure she wouldnt hear i stroked everytime she breathed, thus masking the sound. It worked, after 2-3minutes i came, i came so hard i had to be carefull not to shake.! I think i pulled it off and to this day think she did not hear me that particular time. I fell asl**p satisfied and exhausted.

The next day Linda woke me up and was next to my bed, she asked me to go in to the shower first again. I had a good night sl**p and did not have an erection this time so i got out of bed right away. As i was climbing down Linda got back into bed. I was looking for my clothes, to take with me in to the shower when i heard Linda laughing, i looked over and she was looking at my boxers!! “That is a very smart solution Rob” She winked. I was shocked, i grabbed the sock and grabbed my clothes to hold in front of my boxers. “Dont be ashamed Rob, this is very normal. I wanted to talk to you about this yesterday, but i did not know how. I was affraid that it would weird or inapropriate or wrong. But also want you to have the space you need, which is difficult in this situation. You see?” I totally got her point and i was so releaved she had felt the same way about starting that conversation. I laughed in relief, “yeah i totally get it. im sorry for this” while i waved around referring to the whole situation. “Thats what i mean Rob, dont be!Oke let me tell you that this conversation is completely between us, even Thomas wont hear about it oke? Its totally normal and healthy for boys your age. I would even recommend it for health of the body and spiritual balance. It is the buildup of the tension you need to release to close the day.” I was standing there with my clothes in my hands, in front of my boxers. And i was blushing, i didnt know what to say. “Im so sorry, im still embarrassing you right now! Its just that it is part of what i believe in, and in should not be a problem. You see? Crap, what can i do to make this less embarrassing Rob? I dont want this to be an issue the rest of the 9 days we are here”
This was my chance! But i was still a bit shocked. I decided to go in head on. “Well oke. So you say it is part of closing your day, do you also to that?”
She realised what she had to do now by the look of her face. She laughed and said:” oke, well yes i also masturbate, thats very normal also for woman. And yes i also do it as you, to release the stress and to feel good, or if i cant sl**p. So yes i also do it Rob. Oke, does that make you feel less ashamed?” She focused her pronounciation of the word masturbation to accent that it is a normal term to use.
I was in awe, she told so openly, so still i wanted to know more. “Well yeah that makes me feel alot better, but still its a bit awkward, im sorry. Its just the whole sock thing, its so stupid”
She stood up. “What the fact that you were smart to not make everything dirty, or the fact that you masturbated? Dont be silly. I can see you are still ashamed, dont be Rob. You know what, shall i tell you something embarrasing about myself to make you feel better Rob?” Uhh oke, sure i said.
“Oke, yesterday when you were in the shower i masturbated. Isnt that shamefull of me? That levels it out dont you think.” I laughed, omg i though” Haha really , it that why you sent me in to the shower:P, haha, oke oke. I was clearly totally satisfied ;), and wasnt ashamed at all anymore. “Oke so this conversation is totally between us Rob, you understand that right?.” ’ Sure, i think your the best Linda, your so cool!

Day 3, wonderfull day. I was learning to ski properly and having fun. Allthough it was almost-22, we had a good day! We had a great dinner and after that off to bed again. So cold i was happy to be in my warm sl**pingbag again. And then it started again… i was thinking about Linda masturbating while i was in the shower. She was quick, 10, after that i was back. That gave me an instant boner. I was thinking of how to tell Linda i was about to ‘close my day’, and it was still embarrassing! Fuckit! “Linda, could you give me 5min.?” “Uhhh hehe uhh sure, but its freezing out… is it oke if i put my mp3 on? I wont listen i promise!” oke sure, i said. I heard her mp3 go on real hard, and i pulled out my dick, no sock this time, i had a towel cuz i wanted to see my cum. I took my time to make it a good one, edging for a couple of minutes. Then the fact there was a woman 1meter under me even got me hotter, i thought on that for a couple of minutes, almost cumming, than i opened my sl**pingbag a little for the big finale. Got into a better position, grabbed my cock and went for it. This is where im going for a big fountain, i stroked a good 10-15 times and then came all over my chest in a big long sprays of cum. 1st hitting my right nipple area, 2nd hitting my adams apple, 3rd on my chest, 4th…. “ahum, can i take of the music?” on my chest. 5th,6th,7th and 8th all on my stomach. I contracted and shivered”o-one s-sec” was all i could say. Couple of minutes later Linda took off her music and said”im sorry i was through my songs!”. I felt a bit ashamed again. I was staring at the ceiling to think on what had just happened, it was so hot but still sooo wrong.
i couldnt sl**p and was on my back for almost an hour. I had a bit of a cold so i coulndt breathe through my nose, kept me up even longer. Then i heard Linda move and go to the toilet, when she came back she checked if i was sl**ping and i pretended to be… Then all i could do was listen ands try not to hear my heart beating in my ears from excitement! Was she going to…? Silence, a leg moving, the bed creaking, silince again, Linda breathing, silence… I couldnt be sure, a leg moving or an arm, sratching, a silence again… I really couldnt be sure until i heard the sound we all know! The sound of a hand moving with a purpose! I couldnt believe it! was i sure!? Yes! I was 100% sure after it stopped and then went on from time to time. Meanwhile i heard her holding her breath and soflty exhale. This went on for 5min or so and i was so hard again! It all was allmost silent, and very soft sounds, but you know it when you hear it! I decided to keep 200% quiet.
Then it got slightly louder, and faster, and then a very soft “Huhm-hmm” trying hard to keep it in, but failing;)! Then 2sec of complete silence followed by the bed making two very soft creaks from her contractions. I was in heaven!

This vacation went on for 8 more days and i’ve written about this in my journal at the time( yes i had a journal i kept for about 2 yrs ;)).. Hence the accuracy. There is one more major ‘encounter ‘ i’ve had during this vacation. If you want me to tell you what happened let me know. Also all feedback is welcome ofcourse. Also if you want to know more just ask.

... Continue»
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Bunkbed in the Alps

Bunkbed in the alps.
Let me start off by telling you that this story and all my future stories have happened to me in reallife, i’ve only changed some of the names and dates, the rest are all real experiences i have had.

December 2004.

There i was, standing in the ER for my best friend Thomas, who had just had a bad skating accident. Waiting for him to come out of surgury. I was there first, because i was the one that was with him at the time of the accident. Waiting for him f****y to arrive, i was curious and anxious to see if he was oke too.
After 15 long minutes his mom(Linda from now on) arrived. A 42 year old woman, that was still pretty fit being a yoga instructor. She was also a really kind a gentle woman, and in absense of my own mom had always helped me and invited me to their home with open arms. She rushed over when she saw me :“thank god you are here, im so glad you were with him all this time!, how is he? Is he in pain? How long till i can see him?”

Luckily a couple minutes later a doctor came over and explained the’ve taken several scans and x-rays and needed surgary to set his arm. “All went as smooth as possible and you allowed to go over and visit him right away. “ After a couple of her questions something came up i did not think through all that time: the skiing trip they take each year! I was in a week and Thomas wasnt able to go for sure! I was really disapointed for Thomas and his f****y at that time, cuz they had no way to cancel and more importantly this was their f****y tradition and Thomas, Linda and his little twin s****rs loved it!
We went to visit Thomas right away. Over there Linda informed thomas he wasnt able to go on the skiing trip and they werent able to cancel. He understood. “So Rob(thats me) are you willing to go on a skiing trip with us? This is a nice opportunity to learn to ski? “ She asked. She was so nice, knowing that my f****y wasnt able to afford a skiing holiday and she wanted me to have a good time as well.
“Well i’d have to ask my parents, but im sure they will agree” I said.

After Linda called my dad to talk over the details of the holiday and whereabouts etc.
She also told my parents she would watch over me and because i was just 14years old i had to listen to the rules under here ‘roof’.

So there i was,sitting in the bus next to Linda and with the 9year old twins, Jessica and Susan. The 18hour bustrip i was asking Linda about skiing and how i would learn etc. I was so very excited about this adventure and i was hyped up.
But then the shock came over me….. The appartement!! It was soooo very small! There was a kitchen/livingroom with a bathroom that had a slide door that couldnt fully close! And there was a small room with a bunkbed. The livingroom had a sofa wich could be used as a bed….
This 12day trip was going to be very close to all these people and i was thinking where i should sl**p. Or what was the best place for me to sl**p. Linda said: “the sofa is not really big enough for adults so we better take the bunkbeds, also the twins are used to sl**ping together . I hope you dont mind?”
“No, i dont mind” i lied.
This was really a big issue for me, being 14 and becoming a man i need to jerk off, i though. The bathroom was open, so thats no option. The bunkbed really creaked. I was kind of nervous on how to do this…But the first night i was really tired from the trip and the skiing so i fell asl**p right away. Until i woke up with a big erection, and i was really feeling that i did not jerk off for 2 days. I decided to wait for Linda to wake up and go into the shower so i had a little time for myself. This seemed to take forever when she said: “are you awake? You should get out of bed because its nice to be on the sloped early, i will try and catch 30min of extra sl**p cuz i’ve had a rough night” I wasnt willing to go out of the top of the bunkbed with my 17cm cock going passed her. But i did not have an excuse to stay in bed either. “i said, can you go first? I want to lie down a bit too” Come on dont be lazy get out of bed Rob, your dad gave me permission to boss you around, so get out!
Oke, oke, i thought maybe i could hit the shower and get the job done over there, first i had to climb down the ladder with my full erection…. I was emberrassed and did not dare to say i was having an erection ofcourse. Maybe i can be real quick about it, or maybe if i can distract myself i can shrink it a little and then climb down real quick. “Come on Rob, we all need to use the shower, get out, ill shower with the girls real quick after you” I was running out of time!
I decided to just climb down and hope she wouldnt look at my crouch. The moment i climbed down the ladder i felt like my erection even grew bigger and i climbing down went slower than i’d hoped…
Im quite sure she looked, but when i came down she pretended to read a book. “im not looking, you can grap your clothes”….

I went into the shower, jerked off real quick sprayed all over the shower and tried to point down to minimize the mess. It did not work, i still had to clean up all over. Put my clothes on and went to get my phone from the room. There i encountered Linda in nightgown who just got up. ”Hold on Rob and sit down, i want to get something straight: This is a holiday for all of us, we all are allowed some relax time. If you need space or privacy just say so. I can get out of your way for a little while. This appartment is really small with no space for privacy. I can imagine you need some privacy too”
Uhh what do you mean privacy? Like when i need to dress up or something? I asked.
“Yes something like that, or all other stuff you normally do alone” OMFG, is she having the masturbation talk with me right now?! Or is this something else? Linda was into yoga and was always very open about sexuality, but this was something new! Was this because she had seen my erection and she wanted to give me some more space and comfort? I stood there looking a bit shy and red. “Im sorry i just want you to feel at home as well, i can imagine sl**ping in a bunkbed with your bestfriends mom is far from ideal. Oke i'll let it rest, but let me know if you want to talk”
She saw that i was uncomfortable and let it rest, but omg was she offering me a talk on masturbation, or on privacy, or on all those things? That really got me excited again. I was always interested in female masturbation or masturbation in general that is, and Linda wasnt really a woman i've had fantasy’s about before, but this talk changed all this. I wondered if she ever masturbated after her yoga. And how would she do that? And how often? These thought circled my head all day, and i was trying to figure out what she had meant to say.

Maybe i could figure out a way to have an open talk about masturbation before we go to sl**p. If i could get all that off my chest i wouldnt have to be that sneaky about it and maybe she would give me space without it being seriously uncomfortable! I was thinking all day on how to start this conversation. None came to mind, all seemed very unlikely to me.

The 2nd day there after an awesome day of skiing, i went to lie down on top of the bunkbed again. Linda joined right after she put the twins to bed. “so are you glad you came along Rob”
Oh yes, very much i said!
There i was, wanting to masturbate and i wanted to talk to her about masturbation as well. She seemed willing to be open about it. Should i start? I was hesitant. I stared at the ceiling for a couple of minutes then Linda asked if i was asl**p.” No im not, im very awake, so many new things ive seen today its taking time to process”Yeah i can imagine she said, thats good! “Its nice to have you along as well, and Thomas is doing fine as well so im happy as well”. Thats good to hear, i said, but then i turned silent again for a couple of minutes. I was still staring at the ceiling softly touching my big fat erection without making a sound. My heart was pounding in my chest, i was this close to another woman, stroking my cock.
What if she heard me, or what if she was touching herself as well on. She surely does so during this 12day trip, or does she? I wasnt ever going to sl**p with these feelings and thoughts going through my head! 15minutes went by, Linda was twisting from time to time trying to sl**p as well. I was still focused on cumming, focused on opening up and having a talk with her, but i was too scared/embarrassed/chicken to start that conversation. I waited. I heard Linda’s breathing going deeper, like she was falling asl**p. I thougth i had my chance, i grabbed the sock i took with me in the sl**ping bag and pulled it over my cock, but still wearing my boxers. I waited for Linda’s breathing to go as rythmic as possible to be as sure as possible she was asl**p, but to be sure she wouldnt hear i stroked everytime she breathed, thus masking the sound. It worked, after 2-3minutes i came, i came so hard i had to be carefull not to shake.! I think i pulled it off and to this day think she did not hear me that particular time. I fell asl**p satisfied and exhausted.

The next day Linda woke me up and was next to my bed, she asked me to go in to the shower first again. I had a good night sl**p and did not have an erection this time so i got out of bed right away. As i was climbing down Linda got back into bed. I was looking for my clothes, to take with me in to the shower when i heard Linda laughing, i looked over and she was looking at my boxers!! “That is a very smart solution Rob” She winked. I was shocked, i grabbed the sock and grabbed my clothes to hold in front of my boxers. “Dont be ashamed Rob, this is very normal. I wanted to talk to you about this yesterday, but i did not know how. I was affraid that it would weird or inapropriate or wrong. But also want you to have the space you need, which is difficult in this situation. You see?” I totally got her point and i was so releaved she had felt the same way about starting that conversation. I laughed in relief, “yeah i totally get it. im sorry for this” while i waved around referring to the whole situation. “Thats what i mean Rob, dont be!Oke let me tell you that this conversation is completely between us, even Thomas wont hear about it oke? Its totally normal and healthy for boys your age. I would even recommend it for health of the body and spiritual balance. It is the buildup of the tension you need to release to close the day.” I was standing there with my clothes in my hands, in front of my boxers. And i was blushing, i didnt know what to say. “Im so sorry, im still embarrassing you right now! Its just that it is part of what i believe in, and in should not be a problem. You see? Crap, what can i do to make this less embarrassing Rob? I dont want this to be an issue the rest of the 9 days we are here”
This was my chance! But i was still a bit shocked. I decided to go in head on. “Well oke. So you say it is part of closing your day, do you also to that?”
She realised what she had to do now by the look of her face. She laughed and said:” oke, well yes i also masturbate, thats very normal also for woman. And yes i also do it as you, to release the stress and to feel good, or if i cant sl**p. So yes i also do it Rob. Oke, does that make you feel less ashamed?” She focused her pronounciation of the word masturbation to accent that it is a normal term to use.
I was in awe, she told so openly, so still i wanted to know more. “Well yeah that makes me feel alot better, but still its a bit awkward, im sorry. Its just the whole sock thing, its so stupid”
She stood up. “What the fact that you were smart to not make everything dirty, or the fact that you masturbated? Dont be silly. I can see you are still ashamed, dont be Rob. You know what, shall i tell you something embarrasing about myself to make you feel better Rob?” Uhh oke, sure i said.
“Oke, yesterday when you were in the shower i masturbated. Isnt that shamefull of me? That levels it out dont you think.” I laughed, omg i though” Haha really , it that why you sent me in to the shower:P, haha, oke oke. I was clearly totally satisfied ;), and wasnt ashamed at all anymore. “Oke so this conversation is totally between us Rob, you understand that right?.” ’ Sure, i think your the best Linda, your so cool!

Day 3, wonderfull day. I was learning to ski properly and having fun. Allthough it was almost-22, we had a good day! We had a great dinner and after that off to bed again. So cold i was happy to be in my warm sl**pingbag again. And then it started again… i was thinking about Linda masturbating while i was in the shower. She was quick, 10, after that i was back. That gave me an instant boner. I was thinking of how to tell Linda i was about to ‘close my day’, and it was still embarrassing! Fuckit! “Linda, could you give me 5min.?” “Uhhh hehe uhh sure, but its freezing out… is it oke if i put my mp3 on? I wont listen i promise!” oke sure, i said. I heard her mp3 go on real loud, and i pulled out my dick, no sock this time, i had a towel cuz i wanted to see my cum. I took my time to make it a good one, edging for a couple of minutes. Then the fact there was a woman 1meter under me even got me hotter, i thought on that for a couple of minutes, almost cumming, than i opened my sl**pingbag a little for the big finale. Got into a better position, grabbed my cock and went for it. This is where im going for a big fountain, i stroked a good 10-15 times and then came all over my chest in a big long sprays of cum. 1st hitting my right nipple area, 2nd hitting my adams apple, 3rd on my chest, 4th…. “ahum, can i take of the music?” on my chest. 5th,6th,7th and 8th all on my stomach. I contracted and shivered”o-one s-sec” was all i could say. Couple of minutes later Linda took off her music and said”im sorry i was through my songs!”. I felt a bit ashamed again. I was staring at the ceiling to think on what had just happened, it was so hot but still sooo wrong.
i couldnt sl**p and was on my back for almost an hour. I had a bit of a cold so i couldnt breathe through my nose, kept me up even longer. Then i heard Linda move and go to the toilet, when she came back she checked if i was sl**ping and i pretended to be… Then all i could do was listen and try not to hear my heart beating in my ears from excitement! Was she going to…? Silence, a leg moving, the bed creaking, silince again, Linda breathing, silence… I couldnt be sure, a leg moving or an arm, sratching, a silence again… I really couldnt be sure until i heard the sound we all know! The sound of a hand moving with a purpose! I couldnt believe it! was i sure!? Yes! I was 100% sure after it stopped and then went on from time to time. Meanwhile i heard her holding her breath and soflty exhale. This went on for 5min or so and i was so hard again! It all was allmost silent, and very soft sounds, but you know it when you hear it! I decided to keep 200% quiet.
Then it got slightly louder, and faster, and then a very soft “Huhm-hmm” trying hard to keep it in, but failing;)! Then 2sec of complete silence followed by the bed making two very soft creaks from her contractions. I was in heaven!

This vacation went on for 8 more days and i’ve written about this in my journal at the time( yes i had a journal i kept for about 2 yrs ;)).. Hence the accuracy. There is one more major ‘encounter ‘ i’ve had during this vacation. If you want me to tell you what happened let me know. Also all feedback is welcome ofcourse. Also if you want to know more just ask.

My dick:
An impression of what kind of woman Linda is:[video] [/video]... Continue»
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The Twink Next Door

I love Gay and Bi teens. I have a fem boy that lives across the green way from me. He still at 19 lives with his parents. I remember the first day I saw the young man. They had just moved into the townhouse next to ours, just a few yards actually from each other. He possessed that seductive look that said I'm shy, but very hungry. It was like we both knew.

His bedroom is on the second story across from my office. I have always talked to him and teased him, almost flirting at times. In the beginning I don't think he knew how to take it, as he seemed embarrassed that a 50 something year old male was quietly coming on to him. His mother seems a bit more tolerant of his choices in sexuality as apposed to his father, so ultimately he came to understand that I am very non-judgmental and open to a wide array of possibilities.

I work late into the evening at times and he would pass in front of his window. In the beginning I really thought nothing of it, but certainly enjoyed the show. He was typically partially clothed, never naked, but always very hot to watch. This went on for a while, and one day he asked if I was flirting with him, I nodded and said yes. He then asked if I could see into his room. I stated, very well in fact, I could actually see a lot, and loved seeing "his floor show"......

He then asked if his parents had my phone number, I nodded I thought so. He seamed a bit brazen, which was not like him, but he was blushing

It seemed odd for the next few days, his room was dark at the usual times he had previously been there. I was felling a bit let down. I had anticipated something...I had fantasized and continued to, but as the days passed I began thinking I may have scared him...I guess you always project the worst.

One night the phone rang and it was him. I'm sure I sounded too excited as he on the other hand, was acting shy and a bit coy. He said he had been gone and was worried that maybe I thought he forgot about our conversation. I said no I had not and yes I did miss him.....very much in fact. He said he would be home all night, and would love it if at some point I might look in on him. I was so excited I don't think I was able to do anything waiting with a lot of anticipation. He said great and hung up. I sat at my desk for what seemed like the longest time. My cock was so hard in anticipation of seeing him....hoping that he got the hint I wanted....needed to see more.

After what seemed like an eternity the light went on and he walked through the door way with only a towel wrapped around his slim hips. He paid no attention to the open d****s or window, and went about combing his longish hair. I was a voyeur and he was acting like I didn't exist. I was somewhat saddened that he wouldn't wave or look towards me, but then another part of me was dripping with desire, wanting to see more....I was caressing my cock and loving the show.

The windows in the bedrooms are not at waist level like some of the other ones. They bottom edge hit just over the knee, so his butt, so nicely wrapped in the towel, was clearly visible. Almost like a teasing strip show, the towel slipped from around his hips. And there he was, naked with his smooth back and butt facing me. And then in a moment.....he turned and faced me.....his cock hard and standing straight up.....his head down....his eyes to the floor....

Oh my god he was gorgeous. His cock not large, in fact it was rather small. It was surrounded by a sparse growth of dark hair around the base. He was caressing his cute little cock slowly, stroking it, before the light abruptly went out......

I was so disappointment the light went out, but I had seen him. I had finally had seen him and he was gorgeous. I had seen many Bi teens in my life, I had been one earlier in my teens, but he was very special. He was so feminine, his stature....the slight sway in his hips....the way he moved.....everything.

I could not get the vision of him naked, out of my head. I sat there in my chair with my pants down around my ankles, masturbating as I fantasized about him. I could not bring myself to admit how obsessed I was becoming over him, I was infatuated at best, I told myself.

It was Sunday morning when I woke, still in my chair. I heard his father loudly telling him they would be home late from an all day fishing trip with his mom and s****r. I was delighted, maybe I could have a few minutes with him. I went to bed to catch a bit of sl**p, but I couldn't keep my hands off my cock. I laid there thinking of all the times I had seem him, and how he turned me on even then. I remember the time at the pool when he was climbing out of the water and his thin Speedo clung to him, the way it outlined his cock, the way it had pulled to one side and was resting in his butt crack, and then remembering last night and seeing him naked for the first time.

Finally I decided to get up, and went out on the patio with a cup of coffee. There was my lovely young 19 year old boy. I was instantly hard. He was laying in the sun with his legs slightly spread wearing an old pair of cut off blue jeans. They were so short. I have always had such a weakness for those garments. I used to wear them and my father would look at me with raised eye brows when I did. I loved the way they would rub my cock when I wore them, naturally with out briefs under them. Mine were worn and faded from caressing my cock constantly, the denim thinner and softer.

He looked up at me as I walked over. He was that conflicted combination of "I was very brave to show you me naked.......and now I am like so shy"........which was fine with me. It gave me more room to flirt....tease and...and empower him to be a young slut.....

I laid down next to him and without saying a word......trailed my finger from his knee the bottom edge of his shorts. I told him...."I used to wear shorts like this when I was your age"........I remember how his thigh felt, hairless, smooth, soft.....a hint of peach fuzz.....I watched as the lump in his pants grew.....I continued to caress his thigh. I brushed it with the back of my hand gently......I knew he was a gentle young guy and much of what he was yearning for.....hungry for...was intimacy....wanting so badly to be loved and touched.

He trembled a bit as I ran my finger under the leg of his shorts. His cock head was there, about to poke out. I pushed against it as he looked at me. He was so excited. I wondered if he had ever been seduced before. I wondered if his only male to male experience had been young guys grouping each other, experimenting, only playing and not sharing emotion or passion, only watching each other cum.

I pushed back against the head of his cock, and rubbed it, caressed it. I found his pee hole and was delighted to feel his slippery pre-cum oozing from the tip. I bought my finger to my lips and tasted him, as I looked into his eyes. "Mmmmm....the sweet taste of you", I said in a very flirty way, relishing the sweet and salty taste of what was still simply boy juice.

I had flirted with him and teased him for as long as I knew him. it always seemed make him blush.I looked at him naked from my window and now I was laying in the grass next to him, caressing his cock without more than a few words.

I urged the head of his cock closer to the edge of his very short shorts. I needed to see it up close. The head was a deep shade of purple, very shiny from being so swollen. Youth is a wonderful thing. He was nervous and looked around for neighbors who might be peeking. I told him to relax and continued to finger the tip of his gorgeous cock, his pee hole a deep wide open crevice oozing with tasted so good...clear threads of this fluid sticking to my finger and back to his cock, before breaking and wetting his leg.

"Do you ever taste your self", I asked. He nodded, "Then you know how delicious you are?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't know or was too shy to say, or he had no clue, no experience. His nipples were hard and it was sweltering in the sun. Sweat was running down his chest into his belly button, and down into his shorts. I envisioned how sweaty his balls and cock his 19 year old boy musk would I would be driven to nuzzle him.....inhaling.....kissing and nibbling...licking and tasting his sweet salty perspiration. The thought of having him naked made my cock pulse. I wanted to be naked with him, holding him, pleasuring this boy who was so much like a little girl

He looked at me and asked if I thought it better we go inside. I remember nodding as he got up, stretching, his arms to the sky, back arched, his pelvis pushed out as I reached up slipping my hand up the leg of his shorts. His balls were sweaty and his cute cock so hard as I and fondled him......"Someone will see us"...was all he said as he turned and retreated to his house..."Are you coming?"......... Continue»
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The Long Road To First BBC part two

What's wrong with me? I love pussy. I love women. I was so paranoid, I just knew everyone was looking at me by the time I got back to the motel. I was certain that everyone I saw could tell that I had just sucked a cock. The desk clerk asked if I had a "Good" time while I was out. How did he know? Do I still have some cum on my face? I could still smell and taste the cock that I had just let explode in my mouth mere moments ago. I just needed to get to my room. No one could bother me there. Finally I arrived at my room.
As I stated earlier, I have an average size dick 6" no more or no less. The difference about my cock is that when I'm not aroused it is very small. I mean maybe 2" if I'm lucky and no bigger around than my finger. It was a constant source of anxiety for me. Locker rooms and swimming pool dressing rooms were a nightmare for me. So when I started to get undressed I noticed that my underwear was very wet in the front. And when I pulled them down I was mortified to see that my cock was even smaller than usual. I immediately started to pull it and stretch it just to get it back to its normal tiny dimensions. As I lay there naked on the bed I pondered the events of the night. What led up to the most life changing event of my now 40 yrs on this earth ( at least that's the way it seemed to me at that very moment). I lay there on top of the covers and drifted off to sl**p.
I awoke a couple of hours later about midnite. I had a raging hard on. I looked at it and was glad I had my full 6" and average girth. I was afraid that I might have taken a step backwards in the size department since I now was a cocksucker. As I lay there and touched myself I realized that the cross dresser in the video had gotten me all worked up. I started to think about how slutty and sexy that Gurl was as she was being pummeled by that cock. The silky stockings and flashy cum-fuck-me heels made her look so feminine. She seemed to be so much hornier than most of the real women in videos. She acted as if I were directing the action myself. I think at that moment I realized that I wanted to act in my own starring role. Show everyone just how slutty a woman should act.
By now my cock was really aching. I knew if I touched myself anymore I was going to spray my cum all over everything. Even though my dick is average I am a very heavy cummer, especially on the first load. I pulled my hand away and reached for my laptop. In no time at all I was on Hamster and watching a
White woman getting impaled on a huge black cock. She definitely was enjoying herself but still her performance was lacking that something xtra. I put cross dresser and BBC in the search bar. Suddenly there were many choices. I started previewing different vids. I was surprised that some of the Gurls were exceptionally beatiful and passable as females. Some however looked just like a man in women's clothing. But the one thing they all had in common was they were all pure sluts for those black cocks. I caught myself imagining me in their place. All of a sudden sucking a big fat black cock seemed not only natural but necessary to my existence. And so began the next stage of my long journey.
I looked at the clock. Almost 1am, should I ???? It's Friday no work tomorrow. I'm going to do this. I dressed quickly, no belt, no socks, no underwear. Just pants t-shirt and tennis shoes. I rushed to the car and off I went. The way to the ABS was littered with connivence stores. The first second third fourth were way to busy. About to give up I came to one that had no current customers. Quickly I rushed inside. I began to scan the store for what I desperately wanted to buy. The clerk blurted out "can I help you". The words locked in my throat, no thanks suddenly erupted from my cocksucking mouth. I walked over and got a bottle of water then started my search again. Suddenly I spotted what I was looking for, a small display of women's hosiery. I walked over the selection was very small. What kind what size, shit I hadn't thought this through. Legg's shear elegance nude, just grab them go pay out. Just quit being a pussy about it, I'll never be back in here again, this clerk won't even think about you when you're gone. That's what I kept trying to tell myself. I grabbed them and went to the counter. The clerk a middle aged man kind of skinny and stank of cigarettes decided now was the time to start a conversation. " find what you wanted". Why in the fuck did he have to say anything just check me out and let me be on my way. My mind raced, my face I'm sure was beet red, then the words came " yeah I think so, the wife wasn't going to let me get any sl**p until she had some pantyhose for her little get together in the morning". "Are you sure you got the right ones? I mean the right size and all" he said. Oh my god this guy was never going to shut up. " there's a chart on the back there so you can make sure on the size" "really?" I said. I picked it up and quickly looked for my height and weight and found that luckily I had picked the right one. "Yeah these should be fine, if not she can come and get them herself". He looked over the top of his glasses and said that will be $7.94, I gave him a ten. Just then a car pulled up full of young and apparently intoxicated men. Sack please I exclaimed. They were already out and fixing to stumble in. He handed me change and got my precious purchase into a bag just before they got even with the counter. I rushed out and got into my car. Almost backed into a car pulling in to the store, brakes screeched as I looked up I could see the clerk talking to the d***ks and they were all staring at me. I imagined he was telling them I was a pantyhose wearing faggot cocksucker. I just sped away. I was worn out just trying to buy pantyhose. This is too hard I don't think I can do this again. But I headed to the ABS. As I got there the parking lot was full of cars. How was I going to get dressed in my hose. I'm sure the bathroom is busy and the booths are so small. I got out and stepped into the back seat. I was at the back of the parking lot maybe no one would see me. There in the dark I got the egg open and removed my prize. My dick twitched with anticipation. I slid my my pants off and looked around. Nope I can't see anyone. I fumbled with the hose and slipped them on as I had seen do in pictures. They felt good against my skin. I run my hands over them. So silky and sexy. But they did seem to be a little twisted, O well I could straighten up in the booth. I slid my pants back on and felt little tingles of electricity going thru me. Next my shoes. Just then in the car next to me I saw a cigarette lite up. Was he there the whole time, did he watch the whole ritual? No what do I just drive off? No, it's now or never. Slowly I got out and locked the car. He was watching every move I made. I slowly walked across the lot. The feel of the silky fabric embracing my legs was intoxicating. I felt bolder now. I opened the door and walked in. The place was full of men. And they all looked my direction. My face flushed bright red again. As I walked around I think I could actually hear my hose scratching against my pants. Could everyone hear it? I was receiving glances and stares from all directions. Did they know why I was here? It was the same cashier from when I was here earlier. "Decided to come back I see" he blurted out. Without saying a word I just handed him $20 for tokens. I made my way to the booth area at the back of the store stopping to check out the movies playing. Channel 20 was a hot white chick surrounded by black cock and 13 was my cross dresser getting pounded. I all set. I found an empty booth. I checked inside. Perfect it had a GloryHole on both sides. I stepped in and locked the door. Kicked off my shoes and slid my pants off. My tee shirt was kind of long so almost looked like I had a micr mini dress on. I straightened my pantyhose and sat in the chair. I felt so sexy. It had been worth all the trouble. I started with channel 20. Now was I going to get any action. Then I heard something to my right. Will it be my first delicious cock of the night. I waited, my breathing was rapid. To be continued.....

... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

It has been a hard day, traveling always is so tiring. You go to an airport, get on a plane, leave an airport, visit 4 or 5 customers make presentations, go to a hotel, from the hotel you have to read and return email, listen to VM make calls, maybe get to sl**p late, up early start all over again. This had been a brutal trip, on the road 3 days, how many places have I been? I've lost count is 4 airports in 3 days or 5. The only thing bright about the day is at least I know this Hotel, I can find it with out even thinking, which is good, my brain is shot, and I've got at least an hour of emails, an hour or more to redo the presentation for the morning. The hotel is decent for business travel, they have rooms like a suite, an office/living room area and a bedroom, with TV's in both rooms. That's good there is nothing worse than falling asl**p in the bed with your laptop still running.

I check in, the usual hassles, they have booked in a double I want King bed, I can even get a pizza delivered, which is good I'm in no shape to go out to get anything to eat. The reservation clerk gives me my key and tells me my room number 415 and off I go to the elevator. I find my room no problem, open the door and go inside, set my suit bag down and my laptop in the couch. I can't see the bed but it sounds like the radio is on, the poor guy before me set the alarm clock for PM rather than AM, and is on pretty load it sounds like a rock station that will work. I start the usual routine, undo the tie, the shirt and the shoes off. Get out of my pants and hang the pants and
suit on a hanger in the closet next to the bathroom. In to the bathroom and take a piss, and wash my face and back to the grind. I open up the laptop and start to get it plugged in to the phone and the jack. I am waiting for the machine to boot, sitting in the desk
in my usual hotel work out fit, underwear, T-shirt and socks. I realize that mixed with the music is some other noise, maybe the maid or something left the TV on, but I hear moaning, damn if the left the damn porno station on I'll be charged for something I didn't even get to see. I get up to go to the bedroom.

As I approach the room, I'm sure it is a woman moaning, and it sounds like she is enjoying whatever is happening to her. Just about when I can see the bed, I also see that a woman's clothes are at the end of it, you know high hells probably a skirt or dress, on the floor. I realize that the moaning is someone on the bed, I peek around the corner and I see you. You are almost completely naked, except for what are a black garter, hose and one of those half bras that support your lovely tits beautifully. You don't see me because you are concentrating completely on what You are doing, which explains the moaning. You have your legs spread open and have both hands busy, and You are watching them satisfy yourself. You have a very large cock like dildo that you are moving in and out of your wet pussy, while the other hand is using a smaller gold colored vibrator directly on your clit.

I watch almost sheepishly since, I don't want to get caught, just what I need to be arrested for being in the wrong room. I can hardly take my self away, I have a perfect view of all the action. You are lying on the bed facing me but are really concentrating on your business at hand. Your left hand is holding the vibrator on and around your clit You are moving it around, while your right hand on the cock like dildo
moves it in and out of your wet and moist pussy. I am watching this women masturbating with such f***e, You are really enjoying it I can tell since I can see your face smiling, and your pussy is covered in your own juices. This is incredible my cock is just bulging in my underwear, I want to walk over and give you a hand fucking your pussy with that big cock like dildo. It feels like my cock is the size of that dildo, I have never been so hard in my whole life. What it's been how long and it feels like my cock is going to rip open my shorts. I don't want to stop watching but I know I must, I've got to make sure this is my room.

I check the key holder, it says room 415, and I open the door quietly and peek around the door. I can't very well open it and have someone see me in the hall with this raging bulge in underwear, I'd definitely be arrested then. The door says 415, damn know what? I close the door slowly and quietly. I know I should not keep watching but I can't stop thinking about the women on my bed. I approach the room to peek in so as not to be seen.
You are just about done I'm sure, I know I am about to explode and I've only watched you for a minute maybe two. Your tits are bulging up from your body even though you're nearly flat on your back, head resting on the pillows, the support from your half bra shoving them up. Your brown nipples are hard as I am I can see you are really getting close to cumming the cock dildo is moving faster now. I am just staring at your pussy, the dildo is moving faster in and out of your pussy. Your pussy is getting the whole length of the dildo on each stroke. The dildo is probably 12 maybe more inches, You pull it almost all the way out on each stroke and push it all the way to the base of the dildo. It has a bulge at the end, which is what you're holding on to. The vibrator is not moving like before, it is now facing down to your pussy and is resting between your pussy lips. It has to be exactly on your clit, You are moaning louder. I realize that I've been staring at you for several minutes and I don't even no if you have seen me. When I look to your eyes, I can see you are looking at the same thing I am only your looking at down at the action, and you have a perfect view of it in the mirror.

I step back a little to so I can see the mirror, and to see what you sees. I don't realize it but you should have been able to see me where I was standing every time you looked in the mirror. It sort of registers that this was possible while I am watching your in the mirror. My cock is so hard, but what can I do? I know You are about to cum and I'll go back to my computer to act shocked when You gets done and
comes out of the bedroom. I move back to my other spot, You are now staring in the mirror, as you get ready to cum. I think you are watching what I am watching but what you are watching is me watching you.
My cock is throbbing it feels like I'm going to cum right along with you. I watch as you finally reach climax, screaming so loud I'm sure everyone on the floor can hear. I step back from the bedroom and try and act like I'm working on my computer. I can hear your moans of after orgasm from the desk. It feels like an eternity as I wait for you to get done. I want to release my cock from my pants and
stroke the length of it. I want to do this so bad, but what would I say. Ohh I am just sitting working and masturbating, I am efficient that way, oh have you been here the whole time I didn't notice. Yeah right with a cock so hard it is almost purple.
I can't take it anymore, I've got to see what you are doing. I get up and walk to the door, trying to act cool if you come out, I'll act surprised. Yeah that'll work and I just happened to have a hard on standing 10 inches. I reach the spot were I can see and You have moved, you're not done yet. You have moved and are on your hands and knees and are working the dildo in and out of your pussy slowly. I can't believe it, how long can you go on. You are watching the action in the mirror, You lie down and reach for something on the nightstand, and it is another smaller in thickness but much longer and more flexible dildo.

You start to suck on it and I can see the other dildo still stuck in your pussy. You rise back up on your knees and are now rubbing the new dildo around your ass. You are trying to get in but I can tell you're having trouble. My thought is to go over and give you a hand but I can't move. My cock is throbbing again and I know I am going to cum all over myself, right in my pants. I am watching you as you are getting the dildo in your ass but you are not able to get it in.

I hear you say, "do you always just stare at a woman who is having trouble and not help?" I can't believe it. I must be imaging your voice, you can't see me can you. When you say, "Please don't just stand there, I need you to help fuck me with these" I just stare not moving. When you say, "Look, I've seen you watching me, please give me a hand." As I walk over you rise up on all fours again and hand me the dildo you've been trying to stick in your ass. It is not very big around maybe an inch so it should fit nicely. "Please put that in my ass and fuck me with it, slow and easy, be gentle. And feel free to use the one in my pussy too."

I cannot believe it your so lovely, as I start to gently move the dildo into your ass, I smell your sex. My cock is throbbing hard, just bulging in my underwear. I start moving it in and out of your ass a little at a time, I take my other hand and begin stroking the dildo in your pussy in long deep strokes. I hear your moans of pleasure, as I fuck you with both dildos. You say to me "just go slow with my ass,
I can't take it any deeper than that OK?" I say no problem what ever you want and be happy to help you.
You reply "I'll cum pretty quickly with your help, so we can take care of that stiff cock in your pants OK?"

I mumble "uh yeah great". In my mind I am thinking I can't believe that I am fucking you with these toys, my cock is screaming let me out. My cock is throbbing and I'll be lucky to not explode in my underpants while I'm helping you masturbate. You were right in just a moment your body is moving and writhing with pleasure as you cum. Rocking back and forth forcing yourself into the dildos as I stroke them in and out of your pussy and ass, you scream as you cum again, and fall to the bed. I pull the dildos out of your love holes and you turn to me and say "Let me help you with that." As you reach for my underwear and expose my throbbing cock from them. You pull them down and I step out of them and pull my T-shirt off as I move towards you. I figure I'm about to cum just from the touch of your hands on my cock. I say, "you are so beautiful, I hope you'll understand, but I am going to explode, and any second." As I stand facing you next to the bed, with my stiff manhood right in your face. You reply 'Let me worry about when you cum." With that you start licking my throbbing cock
from underneath from the head to my balls. Your tongue teasing the length of my stiff shaft, sending shivers through my whole body. Your mouth moves to take the head of my cock in your mouth, moving it up and down my shaft. It feels incredible you are very gentle and
your tongue is expertly licking my cock's shaft. Your mouth moves up and down the length of my throbbing manhood. You reach around for my ass with one of your hands and pull me to take all of me in deep in your throat with your other hand you caress my balls,
squeezing and scratching them with your nails. This is it, my body is just losing complete control. I feel my body raging with pleasure, tingling, shivering, legs weak, total ecstasy. As you feel my orgasmic convulsions you roll around and turn face up, You take your hand of my ass and reach down to your pussy and begin touching it as you lick and suck my cock. I reach for your large, breasts busting from
your bustier and caress them each with one hand. One because I can't hardly stand up from the ecstasy you are producing in me, and two because I have wanted to touch them since I first so you. I begin to moan as I feel my cock swelling with the orgasm, your tongue is
now under my cock licking the bottom from the base of my balls to the very tip. As I begin to explode your hand wraps around my cock squeezing it hard at the base of as you lick quickly and stiffly at the very tender sensitive underside of the head. As I begin to
ejaculate your tongue thrashes around the head and the tip, my hot load of cum shoots out from my throbbing cock, onto you. You are being covered with white cum, it is being shot all over your breasts as a squeeze them in my over powering orgasm, your tongue licks at the cum shooting from me, but it is just so much. I have never had an orgasm of this magnitude in my whole life, my body is wracked with spasms and my cock is throbbing like I've never felt as it pumps out my cum onto you.

As it begins to subside I see that I have covered your chest and some of your face with my white manhood. As I begin to recover, I say, "You are the most incredible woman I have ever meet, I am sorry about interrupting your self masturbation here." Which you reply "Don't worry I understand, but you'll have to help me finish myself with some more with these toys until I say you can stop. I expect you can manage that, yes?"

To say that the rest of the night was more incredible than ever would be an understatement... Continue»
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