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Teaching Sally part 1

Teaching Sally, The Final Lesson

Teaching Sally, the final Lesson
If you read my previous 2 stories. You ... head on my chest.
“I loved teaching it to you.” I said with a big smile on my face.
Sally went off to school on ... ... Continue»
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Teaching Sally part 1

... conditioning was going strong and her nipples were standing out. Sally is about 5’10”, slim, with nice sized breasts (from ... I was very interested would be an understatement. “Are you sure?’
Sally said, “Yes, please I want you, I want to learn all about ... ... Continue»
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Teaching Sally 2

... . I then started to run my hands over her taught ass. Sally was squirming under my hands. She was moaning now, rubbing ... her pussy lips tasting her juices for the first time. Sally again shivered. “OOOOHHH’ that feels good. I licked her lips opening ... ... Continue»
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School Dayz - Part 1

... email me at

Sally’s School Dayz – Part 1

The house was quiet as Sally stood alone in front of the ... me to give you an ‘A’ for your third year of teaching practice?” He looked at her in a serious manner.
“Yes, of ... ... Continue»
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... make her enjoy it. Now Brad was teaching her and treating her like a cheerleader! She ... of these people," he wondered with a small part of his brain. The rest was in a ... made him blow gobs of cum down Sally's throat.

Sally smiled at Sam's miserable state of ... ... Continue»
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... it was putting his hand inside her panties and then teaching her to rub his cock. He started to finger ... his cum and him licking her till she came.
Sally asked me would I like to try licking her and ... fuck me.

To be continued in
... Continue»
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Sally's Secret Lover

... to play golf ... she would take part in garden clubs
or something.

Someone else asked Sally to dance and when she returned ... her to it, she'd been d***k, and Sally had no
intention of going through with her part of the lewd arrangement. "I've
got ... ... Continue»
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Mother With The Hots Part 4

... small hand worming its waybetween her thighs, urging Marilyn to part them. Then a finger slippedinto her cunt and Marilyn ... excited breathas she saw her son's cockhead sliding into Sally's pussy.
Sally had been holding her breath with anticipation, but ... ... Continue»
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Fuck with Police, Part 2

... Fuck with Police, Part 2.
f****y fuck Cops, Part 2
Tony lowered the mirror and was totally amazed at the ... raised her hips and let out a long moan into Sally’s cunt. Sally had dreams of fucking her mother for a long time and ... ... Continue»
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Taboo Orgy Part 2

... here we go with part two of this very horny f****y. Cheers everyone.

Sally froze on the ... to finger fuck Trish’s ass. Sally came around the couch but to everyone ... mouth and aimed it at Sally’s mouth to suck. Sally had her eyes closed ... ... Continue»
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Sally’s virginity

... to bursting for Sally. I still didn’t believe that it would happen, and part of me didn’t want it to happen. Sally was very ... another encouraging smile and Sally lowered herself onto my face. I saw her soft pink pussy lips slowly part just before they ... ... Continue»
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Fuck with Police, Part 1

... release Sally’s wrist.
The aroma of their sex filled Ruth’s nostrils and made her cunt twitch. Now she wanted to be a part ... order in her voice, “Finish her off and I’m not joking Sally.” Sally looked at her confused for a moment until Ruth smiled back ... ... Continue»
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black girls fun part 4

... for part 4 we left ANN and Sally in bed they drifted of to sl**p ... part is still to come Sallys b*****r had his birthday yesterday he was 12 years old Sally ... Ann and Sally had 8 virgins popped that night Sally had never cum so many times as that night part 5 ... ... Continue»
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Taboo Orgy Part 3

... to happen.
She spat on Sally’s cunt lips and Sally moaned and then she spat ... cunt.

Trish shoved her fist into Sally right on que. Sally lost her breath and was frightened ... life. She tensed her muscles to every part of her body inside and out and ... ... Continue»
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Taboo Orgy Part 9

... she loved them for letting her be a part of this orgy. Never in her wildest ... her mother’s head closer into her cunt. Sally saw that she needed a helping hand and grabbed ... full of cum and looked at Sally with bulging checks and Sally knew it was for her. ... ... Continue»
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Jessica's farm adventures Part 4: "Sally

... Sally staring at me with her jaw open wide...

Part 4: "Sally learns the ropes"

It was that same afternoon when I decided Sally ... a lot while Hardy kept on lapping up Sally's hot pussy juice. 

Sally moaned loudest and bucked her hips furiously up ... ... Continue»
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black girls fun part 3

... now for part 3 .We left Ann just after she had been ass ... back gagging with a mouth full of old piss .Thanks Sally Grace said i have all ways wanted to do that ... has a shower then got in to bed with Sally just as Sally stared to eat Anns pussy again the phone ... ... Continue»
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When Harry met Sally.

... to the ceiling. Again as part of their alcoholic session Harry had confided to Sally that one sex scenario he ... She teased him, tormented him, played with his enlightened feelings. Sally especially enjoyed lightly tickling his stiff and engorged cock ... ... Continue»
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Cuckolded by our landlord - part one

... about other things, eventually he’d pretty much cheered her up. Sally was always a very chatty girl bordering on flirtatious although ... of her car.

Sally and I settled our differences soon after and had some fantastic make up sex. Part way through she ... ... Continue»
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My Cross Dressing for a couple fantasy (part 2)

... down he looked back at sally and said "she's a sexy little honey isn't she" to which sally nodded her agreement. f***efully grabbing ... hole until finally i was fully impaled on his hard length.

Part 3 follows shortly!!! ... Continue»
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