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Taxi Ride

Taxi-Ride Handjob Tease

... <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> that I had the pleasure of sharing with my wife on the way home from a big night in the city.

A typical <ddd>ride</ddd> ... out in the back of the <ddd>taxi</ddd> when I got back to see what ... Lovely :)

As I slid back into the <ddd>taxi</ddd>,right behind the driver,I unzipped ... ... Continue»
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The Taxi Ride

... men, they did not speak much english. The <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver was middle eastern and did not ... two minutes in Anna's gooey pussy, the <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver drained his balls deep in her. I ... would not allow me to pay for the <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd>. I thought that was fair as they put ... ... Continue»
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Taxi ride from hell

... far from the airport area-surely less than a half-hour <ddd>ride</ddd> by <ddd>taxi</ddd> or airport shuttle, or whatever they had available. She ... , "Is he a licensed <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver? He's not wearing a uniform and that "<ddd>taxi</ddd>" looks a little run down with no <ddd>taxi</ddd> sign on it. Hmmmn ... ... Continue»
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... has always role played putting on a show in a <ddd>taxi</ddd> and starrted to rub her legs ,she ... pshed down and said wot about a free <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> for a free <ddd>ride</ddd> on her bald pussy .rob looked ... pays or should that be one free <ddd>ride</ddd> gets a free <ddd>ride</ddd> ps lea did cum that wk ... ... Continue»
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Taxi Ride

... I only see people, like you, through my mirror in the <ddd>taxi</ddd>!” I grinned. “Well you must see some sights!” She smiled. “Especially ... I smiled at her reassuringly as I opened the boot of the <ddd>taxi</ddd> popping her bag safely inside. “Of course!” I followed her ... ... Continue»
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Letting taxi drivers use girls pussy for their ple

... underwear and come on a <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> with me and I will let the <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver fuck you. She knew ... it; so she said yes.

I flagged down a <ddd>taxi</ddd> near to his house. Immediately I sat in ... of the road and flagged down another <ddd>taxi</ddd>. This time there was also an ethnic ... ... Continue»
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taxi ride

... and someone walked in. I looked over and it was the <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver from earlier. His pants were already open and he ... left I told the cabbie, "We're not paying for the <ddd>ride</ddd> home!" and laughed. We all went to the cab and ... ... Continue»
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... and Holly chatted about their new 'Barbie Doll' during the <ddd>taxi</ddd>
<ddd>ride</ddd>, as though I wasn't even there! We arrived at the hotel ... elevator, to a <ddd>taxi</ddd> waiting outside the hotel. After a short <ddd>ride</ddd>, we pulled up to a small
restaurant, got out of the <ddd>taxi</ddd> and ... ... Continue»
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Man! I feel like a woman!

... drink, cigarettes and a <ddd>taxi</ddd>
<ddd>ride</ddd> home. After I got dressed, I purchased some smokes and a soda. Roger
even called me a <ddd>taxi</ddd>. I went ... his number.

The <ddd>taxi</ddd> meter seemed to go up much quicker than I remembered from my last
<ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd>. The driver kept ... ... Continue»
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The Taxi Cab Driver - An Adult Story

... . Now follow the directions." I said. "Look! Brenda! I'm driving a <ddd>taxi</ddd>. I'm the <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver." he said. I closed the glass window before I sat ... "Let's go in. You still need to pay for your <ddd>taxi</ddd> cab <ddd>ride</ddd> lady. Where the master bedroom?" I said. "Follow me! ... ... Continue»
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... lady waiting. Come on, let's go home."

The <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> home was more fun than our earlier ... her short skirt <ddd>ride</ddd> up over her hips and I knew the <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver could see ... the matching stockings framed her backside. The <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver moaned with pleasure as Ruth ... ... Continue»
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everybody milled about in the disco entrance waiting for their <ddd>taxi</ddd>'s or
rides home or just hanging out.

Eventually Deb's car ... chest as her instinctive bucking accelerated as she continued
to <ddd>ride</ddd> him hard, grinding down, her head back as a series of ... ... Continue»
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Rock Chick

... takeaway ten minutes walk from here and a short <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> would take us back to hers. It ... same. We were lucky to flag down a <ddd>taxi</ddd>, saving us a short walk to their offices ... of your <ddd>ride</ddd> is a part and parcel of a Friday or Saturday night for <ddd>taxi</ddd> drivers.

... ... Continue»
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Night on the town: Taxi Driver

... quietly behind them. They look around for a <ddd>taxi</ddd>. I shoot the car forward to meet them, ... .

I now sit in the back of my <ddd>taxi</ddd> facing three beautiful teen girls, naked but ... the red lace knickers so that they <ddd>ride</ddd> into her, splitting her thick lips and leaving ... ... Continue»
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Michelle's Big surprise

... from here and I will pay for your cab <ddd>ride</ddd> home” Claudia says to me. “Sure why ... my make up. Claudia called a <ddd>taxi</ddd> to bring me home. When the <ddd>taxi</ddd> arrived Claudia kissed me deeply ... me 100 bucks for the <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> home. As I got in the <ddd>Taxi</ddd> that was when I woke ... ... Continue»
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Michelle's Big surprise repost

... from here and I will pay for your cab <ddd>ride</ddd> home” Claudia says to me. “Sure why ... my make up. Claudia called a <ddd>taxi</ddd> to bring me home. When the <ddd>taxi</ddd> arrived Claudia kissed me deeply ... me 100 bucks for the <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> home. As I got in the <ddd>Taxi</ddd> that was when I woke ... ... Continue»
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Clare Continued 4

... slowly got your confidence I felt you start to <ddd>ride</ddd> me, I could see the excitement in ... earlier and I decided to treat her. I arranged for a <ddd>taxi</ddd> to pick us up from the hotel ... time to go.
We decided to forgo the <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> and walk back to the hotel, as ... ... Continue»
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Half Priced Taxi

... in the back alone, a move that surprised me.

"Evening" the <ddd>Taxi</ddd> driver said in a deep voice.

He was a fairly rugged looking ... blushed.

Raheem and Linda flirted back and fourth during the <ddd>ride</ddd>, Linda mentioned the moisturizer she had put on her legs ... ... Continue»
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'One Night in Bangkok'..(or how I fucked

... , ordered them to leave and had called a <ddd>taxi</ddd>. Since they had quite a lot to drink ... , slipping my hand down her dress..

The <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> was only 5 minutes or so before we ... helped the husband out while she paid the <ddd>taxi</ddd> driver.
Their apartment was in one of ... ... Continue»
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Food for Thought.

... other twenty something’s put our glad rags on and take a <ddd>taxi</ddd> into the nearest town near enough every Friday night.
I ... cancelled. Undeterred I phoned for a <ddd>taxi</ddd> and headed out anyway.
I wont bore you with the details of the <ddd>taxi</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd>, it was boring, I ... ... Continue»
Posted by SuccubusDreams 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  Views: 242  |  
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