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Tasting Karen

Tasting Karen

... Karen was a spicy 23 year-old Latina princess from Guatemala. I met her while travelling ... was closest to my hotel. My wife would occasionally accompany me and we got to know Karen and her fiancee ... was in town. What started out as a mutual friendship between the 3 of us (Karen, Todd and myself) soon... Continue»
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Valentine's Day Surprise

... busy people.

So I go in at the usual time and she answers the door and says "Oh hey Karen! I know ... , you taste so good" and we continue with this until we both came.

This was the best sex I've... Continue»
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Deceitful Chocolates: Part 2....

... !"

"You gonna give it to me better than Karen does, baby?"

"Don't I always?"

He smiled ... .

"YES, SHAWNNNN!" she screamed as he stuffed her fully.


Karen slowly ... down her panties.

"Bend this ass over for me, Karen!" Dre said as he slapped it with all his might... Continue»
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The Lonely Wife 7

... noticed that I was tasting pussy on his dick. The bastard had not even cleaned up after fucking his ... . He had planned on fucking me and then sticking it in my mouth to cum. He had to know that I tasted ... ?” he said as his face turned red
“Jack, I can taste the pussy on your cock. I know what pussy taste... Continue»
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Friends & Lovers 2

... special moment, Tracy stopped. She climbed up Karen's body and kissed her again, letting her taste her ... sexually for months. She took her time and prepared to pleasure and seduce Karen until she begged ... , she decided to proceed slowly and let Karen decide how and where she should go. With that decision... Continue»
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... When I got home after meeting with "Ken" and "Karen" and was unpacking and storing my stuff I found ... a piece of paper that I didn't pack. I unfolded it and it was a note from "Karen". Apparently she ... on about her co-workers and my mind was on getting into "Karen's" ass again. My cock was getting harder... Continue»
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Romy Takes a Wrong Turn Part 1

... . Romy was disgusted, it was hideous, Karen smelled awful and tasted worse. Romy though she might ... she could lower herself to that level a new character put in an appearance.

Karen was short, fat ... pounced on Romy and given her a beating there and then as she knelt.

Karen wore an ill-fitting tight... Continue»
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Jackie, Lynn & Threesome

... you get a girl

approach you tonight and give you a taste of what it might be like!"

Lynn ... a shower and freshen up, our taste buds led us to search out the local

thai restaurant, which we ... was stepping into her high heels, Karen Miller black point toes with a dainty Karen Miller Silver buckle... Continue»
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My Neighbours surprise part 2

... shouted louder too "Mistress says if you don't come over right now she will tell Karen what you have ... , unless you would like me to tell Karen, I'm sure she doesn't know about Maria does she ... could taste her juices running down my face and she tasted amazing. Then Susan grabbed me by thr... Continue»
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Holiday Encounter part 4

... her tiny g string; Karen put her finger to her mouth in mock disgust and placed her hand on my now ... ? With that Karen pushed down my shorts, much to my surprise and pleasure, and revealed my stiff cock. Mark ... and Karen were laughing and Mark said happy fiftieth Geoff looks like you’re enjoying your old age... Continue»
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... I was at home on my day off and decided to ring karen up to see if she was free and up for some fun ... to karen's and go have a underwear and wanking session. I walked the short distance to karen's house ... and let myself in. I went up to karen's bedroom and opened her knicker drawer up and got myself undressed... Continue»
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... back:


Let's meet. Your hubby is a hunky guy. I think I'm as curious as I am ... and taste as sweet as could be,
and then doffed her slacks and blouse combination in favor of a pale ... of his cock pressing into her
belly, smelled the heady fragrance of his cologne, tasted the minty fresh... Continue»
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When She became He

... could stand, the coffee was perfect, a taste of heaven, I picked up the phone. A few more scratches ... but what the hell, it still worked and searched missed calls. Three, all from the same number, Karen ... and then she dropped the bomb. Karen loved gossip, lived for it and didn't think before she spoke, she... Continue»
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Hidden Erotic Desires

... inhabitions if you knew no one would ever know?

Karen had just received a text from her friend ... was Sauvignon Blanc Karen’s favourite but it was also her downfall. It rarely stayed at just the one glass ... thought

Karen had always been quite timid when it came to guys, but this was because in most... Continue»
Posted by TWervas39 3 years ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Fetish, First Time  |  
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Doing Karen a favour

... It started as a favour to a friend, who knows where it will end.

Poor Karen - no luck with men ... and helping her sort through her stuff. By early evening I needed a break, so I told Karen I ... to escape her lips. Now I wanted to taste her. I stepped away and her eyes half opened, cloudy... Continue»
Posted by asmodeus666 4 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  


... locked together as their tongue twisted and tasted each other's mouths and throats.

"OH GOD BARBIE ... clubs when he heard his cell phone. He picked it up and saw Karen's name. "Hi."

"I'm ... be there soon."

Karen hung up her cell and walked into the office. "Hi Evan," she grinned. "Is our room... Continue»
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White master

... tailored Donna Karen skirt. I jogged down the long corridor to the broadcast both. The On Air light ... around the fat head of his cock. It tasted so good. "You have such a big cock baby" I purred ... licking and sucking, tasting my own juices mixed with his dick drool. "You need to wear a condom Jim... Continue»
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Granny was gagging for some cock....part 2

... Caroline was getting. I was licking all of her juices as fast as I could and god she tasted good.
'I ... round and there was karen(my mother in law) stood in the door way.
Caroline tried to grab the duvet ... to cover herself up.
'No need to do that mother' Karen quipped
'I've been stood there long enough... Continue»
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The Misadventures of Anita Chapter 2

... , flicking it and sucking it, until Anita was almost screaming with pleasure. Looking up at Karen “Can ... you not shut her up for a few minutes” Karen smiled and moved so that she was squatting over Anita’s ... sucking at her cunt, so hard that Karen could not believe it.
Joe then slowly inserted two fingers... Continue»
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Karen - From Trophy Wife to Slutwife - 5

Chapter One

(Karen’s POV)

It took me several days to recover from the bachelor party’s ... it and taste the mixture of their union.

They are all getting dressed again and seem to be getting... Continue»
Posted by THIRDCOAST 12 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  
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