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Take the long way home (for women)

Take the long way home (for women)

... was time to go home.

As we drove home, you teased me more ... playing. I couldn't take any more teasing. I turned off at the next exit, ... you back gently onto the bonnet. You wait for me to touch you ... 't feel like mine, it's too long and too thick. You ... ... Continue»
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... knew, for a son to want his mother this way. It was just a way of life and the way young boys are.

On the ... the helmet and Jerry gunned the bike and guided it back onto the street.

She had asked Jerry to take the long way home because she wanted the ... ... Continue»
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The Long Way Home

... way to the stereo, put on Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Allright For Fighting” and cranked it.
“I-um-I guess I should be getting home ... long way from here,” he said. “Though this might feel like a crucifixion at first, you’ll rise in heaven.”
The ... ... Continue»
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... way to the stereo, put on Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Allright For Fighting” and cranked it.
“I-um-I guess I should be getting home ... long way from here,” he said. “Though this might feel like a crucifixion at first, you’ll rise in heaven.”
The ... ... Continue»
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... the boy and watched his eyes start at the top of my boots and take the long way ... any desire for women? ... the kiss and gone home floating on air-- forget the ecstasy, this was outdoing it for sensation in every way, although I'm sure the X was heightening the ... ... Continue»
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Spanked by the Vicar

... friends visited him regularly for very severe lengthy spankings and they were happy and well-adjusted young women. I agreed that it was ... one more request of me and that was when I ride home, take the long way around it would give me more time to reflect on ... ... Continue»
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... the cobwebs. Why was it that the older one got, the earlier morning seemed to come? She chose to take the long way around her suburban home ... women might be willing to do anything with other women and so their minds ran wild with all of the possibilities for ... ... Continue»
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The Ecort

... of very few women. He wanted to show her off for the club and his friends.

When she got in the car he kissed ... your ass. But we will do more on the ride home as I am having the driver take the long way back."

After fucking her ass he pulled ... ... Continue»
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First Time in the Park

... the day I would go to the park on the way home from school. The park was the long way around for me to get home ... the park the boys from school had said was the place to go for hot fun times. They had called the women ... take long before he put his hands on the ... ... Continue»
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Please Don't Fix the Shower Part - 1

... out loud to himself as he took the long way home to think. "I love her so much, ... spread wide to take her husbands cock.

Lana can see herself in the mirror as ... when he came home was a sign things were turning a corner for the better for them. "Well ... ... Continue»
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Camping Near the Farm

... horses for our own pleasure and take them to area parades where they pull a home made ... the motor home and took the long way home, purposely taking over two hours to get home so that they couldn't retrace the route. When I got home, I pulled the motor home ... ... Continue»
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The Secret to Cumming in Secret

... in. She knew she was a slut. By the time she whispered for me to take her from behind and then started rubbing her ... .

She put her clothes back on and I walked with her the long way home, holding her close because it was cold out and snowing ... ... Continue»
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s****r Caught in the Act

... the engine. I think she knew that I meant business and didn't fight me as I pulled her head down in my lap. I took the long way home ... ... Continue»
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On the road

... and go for a drive the long way home seeing as the day was so nice. As she got into her car she thought "i will put the soft ... . She gets in the car and thinks about next week as she drives home. Why did she let them take that picture!!

Umm ... ... Continue»
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Home for Thanksgiving

... the look on their faces when they opened the door and there stood the 3 girls with only strapon's on. but it didn't take long for ... ... Continue»
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The long journey home (an early attempt)

... . The quickest route home cuts through the old abandoned industrial units, just five minutes to the next main road and perhaps the purchase ... and unfold it, curious as to what it may be.

"The Zinfandel is already open, can't wait for you to get home." ... Continue»
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... home. On reaching the club, she quickly changed into a white
skirt and white t-shirt in the women's locker room. The ... the only way out for them. She then called Mr.
Sharma and told him to take the ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... time we were a long way from
home, and he found a ... the first book to take the giant step
toward really understanding female sexuality. It deals candidly,
openly, and honestly with women ... has a long way to come. (No pun intended.) I
can't wait for the day ... ... Continue»
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... for years. Dad hadn't started the store, he had inherited it from his father. Had Dad always treated women that way ... the long walk home, I convinced myself it was the former. Dad couldn't handle being a 'Norm' and Mom was the marrying kind, the ... ... Continue»
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The Berkeley Coeds Assault

... the house in the stretch limousine that was hired to pick up the women to take them around clubbing and get them safely back home ... the long way around another street, the only other way ... ... Continue»
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