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Taboo confessions 4 tales from the chat room

Taboo confessions 4 tales from the chat room

... the typing so I mainly chatted with "Dad".

Our first real sex chat... ... because if you read my other confessions and two A compliment is ... snuck a peak into my daughters room and caught them. They didn't ... out they were swingers too from my daughter... She said ... ... Continue»
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the chat room kdi

... web providers rooms to a chat room that had all kinds of perverted stuff. i jumped from room to room looking to find something interesting. ... yes why...(stupid me, I never gave a fake name on the chat room sight) we talked for a while and he finally told me ... ... Continue»
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The Chat Room

... husband but wanted to spice things up. I enjoy watching porn from time to time. I signed up for a free site & uploaded some ... talking for days.

It turns out entering the chat room was one of the best decisions I had made. Let's see what we will try ... ... Continue»
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The Chat Room

... husband but wanted to spice things up. I enjoy watching porn from time to time. I signed up for a free site & uploaded some ... talking for days.

It turns out entering the chat room was one of the best decisions I had made. Let's see what we will try ... ... Continue»
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Chapter Two

Grace Spreads the Word to Her Friends
(And We Meet Felicia)

Grace slept ... of fuckjuice splattering her features. After the cum facial, they fucked wildly on the living room floor.

Now, as her friend Grace ... ... Continue»
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The Locker Room

... hidden cameras that give me almost every possible view of the room, from the showers themselves, to each row of lockers. I've only had ... he wanted it. Since this was a night of confessions, Greg to me who the 3 were, and I couldn't believe it. One had gone ... ... Continue»
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My First Chat Room Experience

... I politely excused myself from BigTits31’s private session and began checking out what was going on in the chat room again.

As I ... started looking at the webcams of the women in the room I noticed a couple ... ... Continue»
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Tales from the Trail

... black panties. Casually spread legs with an occasional crotch shot from both gave a view of an stitched, multicolored flower. A deep ... ".
They took my hand led me into the other room. One sat on the bed, the other stood behind me, disrobed me and walked ... ... Continue»
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The dressing room

... on a robe, to and from the changing room in the studio.

She walks slowly back to the dressing room. We've been back here ... would not move! She stood, walked back to the dressing room,

"Mike!" she called from down the hall, I stood, tried as best I ... ... Continue»
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Shelby and Johnny from the start

... head and she passed out. I heard clapping and whistling from the other room. I hadn't even fucked her yet.

Did ... had made her pass out. Again.

Again clapping and whistling from the other room they knew EXACTLY what went on!

What a night.

I ... ... Continue»
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The loud Italian from the office

... to leave the office.
The craziest part about this was that the RH office was in the basement probably 5 feet away from the “sick room”.
I text and ... ... Continue»
Posted by 2pac23 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 926  |  
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view from the bedroom

... I had figured out how to run a line from the camera to a TV in the other room. I could watch and hear everything as it happened ... was going to happen. Then I left her to watch from the other room. Something about a women playing with herself while she waits ... ... Continue»
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The entertainment room ...

... fact consist of more than one room, each leading on from the one before it. I turned to the maid and asked how many rooms ... to inform me the when Master made his way into the cellars i should be naked. I turned away from the darkened room and faced her ... ... Continue»
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Away From the Campfire

... was already hard. I never took my eyes from his face as I undid the button and unzipped him. His dick was maybe ... overcome with guilt and confusing feelings and pretty much bolted from the dorm room. I was so embarrassed by not only that first encounter ... ... Continue»
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Tales of the desperate amateurs

Tales of the desperate amateurs.

Tales of the ... taboo as filming porn.

She was not as pretty as the ... and all of the furniture shoved into the living room. Ah yes. ... but I was still physically drained from the whole ordeal.

I still can’t ... ... Continue»
Posted by damateurs 3 years ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor  |  Views: 477  |  
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The Photo Shoot

... lost to the intense pleasure, the taboo of this being ... the back drop out of the way and put one of the wooden chairs from the sitting room in the middle of the living room ... the stairs and knocked on her door.
"Kristy, open the door."
I needed to have a chat ... ... Continue»
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sibling chat room

... seem direct about this, so different from the kind of chat's I'd had before.

I don ... deed seem incredibly hot, but at the same time, really really taboo. But how could I refuse ... the room, and close to the bed. I could see the shape of her on the bed, the ... ... Continue»
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... them! Mommy will have to have a chat with those little cunts, how we are ... and the 4 f****y members went at it. The only thing taboo were clothes and talk of the ... Pushing his chair back Peter stormed from the room and out the back door. Ruth embarrassed and ... ... Continue»
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... on for me, but rather the fantasy aspect - the Taboo movies, the erotic stories I read online, the f****y-themed letter magazines I would ... I was!" my wife replied laughing.

Kelly returned from the other room and began to head upstairs. "Going to shower ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents;Agnata's Promise.

... with,had all received corporal punishment from the nuns of St.Vincents.As the night wore on the chat turned to Christmas and other ... slapping taking place.She tried to listen harder but the door of the room opened and Sr.Dominica told her to come inside ... ... Continue»
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