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... no warning the switch came down upon the back of her thighs once more, making her stiffen her back. She could feel the switch being ... not to at the last moment. The women asked the slave if she had felt any of the mans pain from the switch and she replied ... ... Continue»
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The Invention of Vibrators Pt. 1

A woman named Karen was working in her workstation desperately trying to make a product that will be able to relax muscles and soothe people out of sores and aches. One day, she finally completes it and uses it on her arm to soothe her aches. She was so proud of her success. She built several others when one day her co-worker Megan walks in on her building one. They are both very very attractive and Megan is very intrigued by her invention. Megan says "Wow Karen. You've really outdone yourself." Karen asks Megan to try it out on her own arm and Megan is in absolute heaven. Just then, a plan pops into Megan's head and she asks "Hey Karen, you think I could take one of those muscle massagers back to my workstation for further study. Karen agrees fully with no problem. Megan takes the device with her and closes the door(which automatically locks). For weeks Karen never heard from Megan. Until one day Megan comes back this time f***efully taking two more massagers from Karen. Karen tells Megan really angrily "I haven't heard from you in weeks and you think you could just come in here and take my work without even asking!" Megan says "Karen. Karen. Don't you worry. I'm making some proper adjustments to the device." (With a sly smile) Megan goes back to her workstation and leaves Karen wondering to what Megan could be doing with her invention. One day Karen hears a loud yell from her workstation and she gets nervous. Karen notices that Megan had taken a break and didn't fully shut her door. Karen sneaks into Megan's workstation and looks to see what's going on. All she sees is Megan with her assistant. They are standing next to an examination table. Karen thinks really hard trying to figure out whats up. The next thing she sees is Megan nod and she starts to takes off all her clothing. Karen's heart skips a bit as she gets closer to see what's about to happen. And now Karen is close enough to hear the conversation between Megan and her assistant. Megan's assistant says "So what exactly are you planning to do right now." Megan replies "I replaced the weak motor in this massager with a much more powerful one." At this point Megan gets onto the table and orders her assistant to strap her in. Megan continues "I've figured out a much better use for this device." The assistant finishes strapping Megan in and asks "Oh yea. And what are you planning to do?" Megan smiles and says "This device will be used as a rapid masturbator, that can reduce the amount of effort of manual masturbation for women and bring them to orgasm in less than a third of amount of time." Karen is shocked at what Megan has been doing with her research. The assistant brings over a metal rod and ties the massager to it and the pushes it onto Megan's clit to finally test her plan. The assistant flicks the switch and Megan's breathing deepens. Karen got a little horny but she was still upset at what her research had been turned into. Megan's breathing gets heavier and faster as the assistant is amazed that her plan was right. Megan screams a little bit and the assistant quickly lunges for the turn off switch. Megan screams "NO NO!!!! DON'T TURN IT OFF!! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AND MAKE ME LIKE THIS!!!!" The assistant backs off as Megan struggles in her restraints trying to get the massager to hit the right spots. Karen is still watching her co-worker, who is about to become extremely rich from stealing and changing Karen's entire plan for it. Megan lets out more and more screams and shoots up and squirts all over the place, biting her lip and going back down as her orgasm subsides. Megan orders her assistant to turn off the machine. She smiles at her and says "We're gunna be rich." Karen is uphauled and upset as she goes back to her workstation to think of something to counter Megan's idea theft.

To be continued....... Continue»
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The a*****ion

I pull up in a black van around the corner of your house. It's about 7:30pm and it’s getting dark. I wait patiently while I check my bag. I have some hand cuff's a roll if silver duct tape amongst other things that I'll get to use later.....

I wait until about 8:30. It's totally dark now and the street is very quiet. I drive around the corner and park the van a few house down from where you stay. I wait until the street is clear and silent and leave the van with my bag of tricks. I creep around the side of the house and into the back garden where I plan to wait patiently until the time is right. Fifteen minutes pass when the kitchen light flicks on. I watch as you pull on some pink rubber gloves to wash the dishes. My cock becoming harder as I think of the pleasures I have install for you......

After you have finished the washing up you peel the gloves from your hands and hang them over the taps. You then bend down and pick up the rubbish bag and make a move for the back door.

I dart into the bushes as you unlock the door. I watch with my heart racing as you place the rubbish in the outside bin. As you approach the back door the door bell goes. You hurry inside closing the back door behind you. I notice in your haste you forget to lock it. Bingo. A way inside......

With me not knowing who was at the front door I wait to see if you have any visitors. I watch as you return to the kitchen a few minutes later and pour yourself a large glass of wine. As you only pour the one its safe for me to assume you are alone. An hour goes by and I watch as the lights downstairs are turned out one by one. A few seconds later the back bedroom light illuminates. About ten minutes later the bedroom light goes out. Now it's a waiting game.

I look down at my watch. It’s going on midnight. You must have been sl**ping for a good 90 minutes. This is it. No going back now. I reach into my back and pull out my latex hood. I pull the hood over my head. My hood has eye, mouth and nose holes. The one I have for you is far less forgiving. I also reach into my bag and pull out some latex surgical gloves. I snap them onto my hands and make my way to the back door.

The door makes no sound as I open it. Stepping into the kitchen I close the door behind me. I look around the kitchen and stand for a while to see if I can hear you stirring. With no sound heard I silently creep to the bottom the stairs.

Moving to the top of the stairs I approach your bedroom. The door is ajar and I can see you body under the covers. I place my hand in my bag and pull out the cuff's and duct tape.

I creep inside the room and stand at the side of your bed. My cock is aching as it bulges in my pants. I watch you sl**p for a minute. I very quietly peel the corner of the duct tape away from the rest of the roll. There is no going back now...............
I gently pull back the bed clovers to reveal your curvaceous body. To my pleasure I see you sl**p naked. I gaze at your breasts knowing soon they will be mine. I look on the floor and see some panties. Quietly I pick them up. Holding them to my nose I inhale strongly. The scent is amazing.

You awaken the second my rubber gloved hand clamps over your mouth. You reach up with your hands grabbing at me trying to push my hand away. Keeping my hand pressed hard over your mouth I move onto the bed and straddle you making sure I am pinning your legs tightly together as you struggle. I lean forward and whisper into your ear.

"Calm down my little slut. This will be so much easier for you if you don't fight it"

The anger and fear in your eyes is there to see as I lift the hand cuff's into view. I manage to wrestle your arms with my free hand by your side and under my legs pinning you tightly in my grasp. With my freehand I roll your panties into a ball. As I lift the hand that is silencing you make to scream but can only manage a quick "mmmphhhh" as I f***e the panties deep into your mouth. Holding them in place I struggle to get the first section of duct tape on your cheek. I finally get it to stick and with a quick pull on the roll I have enough over your mouth to keep the gag in place. With both hands free now I lift your head as you try to fight back as tightly wrap the duct tape around the back or your neck. I do four complete loops before tearing the tape at the roll.

I reach over and pick up the hand cuffs. The first cuff snaps onto your left wrist. With my strength I roll you over so you are on your front. You are screaming into the gag but only low muffles are able to sound as your mouth is packed tight. I pull your right wrist over and I soon have it cuffed to your left. You pull your arms apart to test the cuffs but there is no escaping. You whimper as I tighten the cuff's more and they dig deeply into your wrists. With your hands now bound I turn around and pin your legs together. I wrap several layers of duct tape around your ankles. Then I move to your knees and wrap several more layers above and below them. With this done I stand back to admire my handy work.

My heart is racing and my cock bulging as I stand back to look at my helpless prey. This first light of you bound and helpless is simply divine. I hear your pleading sounds through the gag but I'm not for stopping. I reach down and pick up the duct tape once again. I peel a strip about 8 inches from the roll. Your gaze up whimpering into the gag as I place this final section of tape over your eyes. I feel my cock ache as I now look at you bound, gagged and blindfolded.

I pick you up and lay you in the bed cover. Wrapping it around your body I soon have you cocooned. You continue to struggle as I lift you onto my shoulder and carry you down the stairs. I go through the living room and back into the kitchen and them out the back door.

The street is quiet. Not a sound. You try to raise the alarm once again when we are outside but no one can save you now. I put you down on the ground as I reach the van. Opening the door I make a double check that we are indeed all alone. Opening the back door I quietly lift you inside. I climb inside with you and shut the door behind me.

I remove the bed covers to gaze at you once again. The tape still holds you tightly. I reach into my bag and pull out a leather collar. I reach down and start to place it around your neck. You try to move away screaming into the gag but I soon have it on. The leather bites into your neck making breathing just that little bit more difficult.

You shiver as I reach out and gently touch your breast. Moving my hand slowly down across your stomach and down to your clit. I can feel you getting wet as I slip a finger inside you. You scream once again into your gag. I lean forward and say "give you to me. You never know, you might enjoy it?"

I pull my hand away from your cunt and exit the back of the van. You hear me get in the front and start it up. We pull away from the curb. You lay there in the van completely helpless. You test the bondage but it useless. You are just going to have to ride this one out........

It seems like we are driving around for an age to you. The bindings holding you tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded and the cold floor of the van are not comfortable.

Suddenly the van stops and you hear me get out. The sound of a roller shutter door opening disturbs the quiet. I get back in the van and drive the short distance inside. You hear me leave the van again and the sound of the shutter door as it crashes to the floor makes you scream into the gag. The tape wrapped tightly around your mouth pulls on the hair on the back of your neck.

You become startled as I open the back of the van. Dragging you towards me by your feet I life you up into my arms. I carry you a short distance and place you down on a bed.

I lean forward and start to peel the duct tape from your eyes. You scream into the gag as I rip it off. You see me standing there looking down on you. You ask yourself "who is this hooded monster?"

"I'm going to make you more comfortable" I whisper as I lean forward and start to peel the tape from around your neck. The first few layers are removed easily. The final ones a bitch. You spit the soaking panties out.

"Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?"

I say nothing. As I walk over to a table you look around at the surroundings. It looks like an abandoned warehouse of some sort. I step back into your view holding coils of 10mm white rope, a ball gag with a red ball and a latex hood.

You start to scream out "Helll..." but you soon stop as I press my left hand around your throat.”Shut up bitch. That will do you no good. Nobody can hear you in here. There's no one for miles around."

I roll you over on your side and slap you hard on your ass. You yelp out.

"Ohhhh. Your ass looks amazing" I continue to say as I slap it again and again.

I sit you up on the bed and hold the red ball gag to your mouth. You refuse to take it. I reach down and squeeze a nipple. As you yell out I f***e the ball into your mouth. Holding it in place with one hand I reach around the back and pull up the leather straps. Keeping the gag in place I pull and buckle it tightly forcing the ball behind your teeth.

"Now. That’s better" I say.

You try to spit it out but it won't budge. Your lips are sealed around the red rubber ball.

I stand you up and turn you around. I take out my key and undo the hand cuffs. Your wrists are red raw where the steel has been cutting into them for the last hour or so. I grab your wrists and tell you I've something for them. I move your hands over my cock. You can feel the swollen member under my jeans.

"Would you like this?"

"MMpphhhhh" Is all the response I get.

Holding your wrists together I loop the white rope around them a few times then I move the rope through the middle a few times and tie it off securely. I throw you back down on the bed and cut the duct tape from your ankles and legs. Pinning your legs down with the weight of my body give them the same treatment as your wrists. I roll you over again and you watch as I return to the table with a butt plug and a pair of household rubber gloves.

You scream into the ball gag but stop instantly as I slap our breasts and pull on your nipple. I sit down beside you. I pick up the rubber gloves by the cuffs. Holding them gently I slowing drag them over your breasts. The sensation on your skin is so delicate. You can feel the ridges on the fingers of the gloves move over your nipples. I slowly move the gloves down over your stomach. Moving past your pussy and onto the inside of your thighs. I can sense that you are getting aroused as the gloves move ever closer to your pussy. You moan into the gag.

"That's better. Didn't I say you might enjoy this?"

I put down the gloves and flick your clit as I tweak at you nipples. You are defiantly enjoying this more now. I can see you getting wet. I dip my finger inside. You moan deeply into the rubber ball gag.

I roll you over so you are on your front. The drool from the ball gag oozes from your mouth and down your chin.

I show you the butt plug as I generously lube it up. Peeling your ass cheeks apart I gently ease the plug in. I only push it a little and again you moan. I tease your ass as I push the plug half way in and pat the widest part. With ease the remainder of the plug slips inside and up to the base. I don’t want the pug coming out so I reach down and pick up more duct tape. I secure the plug in place with the tape. You love the feeling of your stuffed ass. You continue to moan as I turn you over. I walk back over to the table and return with a mini vibrator. I look you in the eyes as I tease you pussy. In and out I move the device. Each time giving it more depth. You pussy is dripping wet as I push the vibrator in place and leave it there. Once again I secure it in place with the duct tape.

I roll you back over onto your front. I bring your ankles up to your wrists and place you in a severe hog tie. You've never felt anything like this. I roll you back on your side. With your back arched your tits point out towards me. I can’t resist a quick slap before I walk back to the table. I return with a black latex hood. I hold it up to you showing you that it only has holes for your nose.

"This will be fun" I say smiling"

You don't look so convinced but the butt plug and vibrator stimulate you beyond comprehension. You has always has a fantasy of being a sexual slave, but never thought if it was f***ed upon you.

I undo the zip at the back of the hood and come forward to. Your shoulders and back are already aching being in the hog tie. Before I slip the hood over your head I place a little ear plug in each ear. Squeezing them in. I pull the hood over your head. Making sure that the nose holes are in the right place I pull the zipper down encasing your head in a tight rubber cocoon.

The sound of your breath through the smallest of nose holes makes me swollen cock even harder. I look down on you. BOUND, GAGGED, HOODED and STUFFED.

With your senses taken away the feeling of the butt plus and vibrator intensify. All you can concentrate on is the sexual arousal inside you.

"That's us for the night" I call out. Not that you can hear me.

Just before I leave I lean forward and flick the switch on the vibrator. The feeling sends shudders through your body. You moan deeply into the gag.

That's us for the night.

I walk away leaving you to have f***eD ORGASIM AFTER f***eD ORGASIM.......
I check back on you in a few hours. I can hear you whimpering under the latex hood which is pushing the ball gag deeper into your mouth.

You've lost count of how many orgasms you have had. As another starts to build inside you your whole body shakes as you let out muffled moans of pleasure into the hood. I lean over to you and turn off the vibrator on your pussy giving you some relief to the torture. Then I snip the rope tying your ankles and wrists together. You slum out on the bed....exhausted. I gently peel the duct tape from your ass and ease the butt plug out. You let out a sigh of relief as I remove it fully. Turning you over I peel the tape from your pussy. This rips out some hair and you shout into the gag. Finally I remove the vibrator. The mattress on the bed is soaking wet with your juices.

Next I untie the ankles. You spread your legs wipe to try and loosen them up a bit. I gaze at the joyous sight as I think of what pleasures to do next???? I sit you up on the edge of the bed. You feel me pull on the zipper of the hood. Slowly I remove the hood. Your hair is soaking with sweat and your mouth, chin and neck are covered in drool from the ball gag.

You look exhausted.

"It will all be over soon" I explain.

"MMMMMPPPPPHHH" is all I get in return.

"Now you are going to do something for me"

I turn you around and loosen the ropes holding your wrists tight. As the ropes come off you bring your hands in front of you and gently rub them. Your wrists are swollen with the rope burns.

"Now" I say as I hold the yellow gloves out to you....."Take them"

You take the gloves. Not sure what to do I tell you to pull them on.

You gently pull the gloves over the hands. You look back up at me as I undo my belt and pull down my jeans and pants to reveal my hard cock.

I move over to you. "Touch me" I say.

You shake your head and say something into the gag.

"Touch me" I say again.

Again you shake your head. I reach forward and grab the hair on the top of your head.

"Fucking touch me you little bitch!"

Attentively you reach out and take my cock on your hand. With the other hand you massage my balls.

"Wank me" I say in a raised voice.

You grab my penis tightly and move your hand up and down. You tickle my balls with the other hand. I start to moan.

"That's it. Now, HARDER.....FASTER!"

You pump my cock. I look down gazing at your rubber gloves hands bring me so much pleasure.

I give you know clue when I'm about to cum. I let out a loud moan as my spunk fires out onto your breasts. You keep pumping for s while them I tell you to stop.

"Rub my spunk on yourself" I order.

You reach up and rub the seamen over your breasts.

I reach over to you.

"Now, there’s a good girl" I reach around the back of your neck and undo the buckle holding the ball gag in place. A huge amount of drool spills out as the gag is removed.

Your jaw aches but you make no effort to say a word. For the first time in hours you are free from the bondage.

"Now for the second part" I walk over to the table. You wonder if you should make a run for it but decide against it. You have no clue where you are being held and you do not want to upset me. After all. I hold all the cards here.

I return from the table with a leather mono glove and stuffed leather gag.

"What are you...?”

"Shut up. Only speak when you are spoken to" I snap back at you.

"You'll find out soon enough"......

I pull over a chair and place it in front of the bed. I instruct you to sit on the chair and you do it without hesitation. I pick up the leather mono glove and walk behind you. Pulling your arms backwards I slide them into the glove pushing your hands right to the bottom. Slowly but surely I lace up the glove tightly. Each eyehole on the glove draws your arms and elbows closer to you. I finally reach the top and tie the lace of in a bow. I reach over and pull the two leather straps your shoulders and buckle them into place in the side if the glove. With your arms held this tightly your breasts are f***ed out in front of you.

"How does that feel?" I ask.

"Uncomfortable" you reply.

"Well I better give you something to take your mind of it then!"

I reach down I pick up the leather gag. I offer the soft pad to your mouth. Willingly you let me f***e the padded leather stuffed section of the gag into your mouth. It's a struggle to fit it all in and as the last of the pad is pushed in you get a slight gag reflex.

I pull the leather straps and buckle them as tightly as they will go. Now the front section of the leather seals your mouth tight. I pull your legs apart to reveal your soft pussy. Still wet from the previous action. You moan into the gag as a slip a cheeky finger inside.

You plead for me to give you more pleasure as I remove it. Reaching down I pick up the roll of silver duct tape and on turn tape your ankles to the legs of the chair. Finally I go to the table and bring back a knee spreader bar. Buckling each leg into the device soon you have no option nut keep yourself revealed to me.

"Very nice" I say.


You watch as I bring over an electrical extension cable that's plugged into the wall. Next I reveal Panasonic magic wand vibrator.

Taking strips if duct tape I secure the vibrator to the chair between your legs making sure that the head site nicely on your clit. I pull the cable downward and plug it in.

"You ready for this?" I ask as I flick the switch....

Instantly you scream into the gag but it's only a matter of seconds before your screams turn into moans of sheer please.

You don't notice me walking back from the table with a riding crop. I gently at first start to spank your tits paying particular attention to your hard erect nipples. You moans become deeper as I circle the end of the crop down to your cunt.

Spanking your clit with ever harder strokes puts the icing on the cake as far as you are concerned as the first orgasm builds inside you. I can tell it's coming....

"Don't you fuckin cum bitch. Don't you fuckin cum. Fight it!"

You try to fight it but the feelings just to fucking good.

"Alright then. If you must cum. don’t you fucking close your eyes. Keep them open" I order as I pull hard on the back of your hair looking straight into your eyes.

Your body convulses as the orgasm hits. Moans and screams of pleasure are muffled by the gag filling your mouth. Amazingly you manage to keep your eyes open for the duration.

"Well done slave girl. Now I've got a special treat for you"

You seem to relax and the orgasm ends but another one is building as you see me return from the table with a clear plastic back and some cable ties.

"Tried this before?" As ask I as slip the clear bag over your head. "Thought not"

I pull the bag down over your head. Grabbing the bag around your next you breathe deeply as the next orgasm hits. The bag pushes in and out with your erratic breathing and you start to shake your head and panic as the air in the bag depletes. I pull the bag from your head and with big breathes fill your lungs with oxygen.

As you take your next breath I pull the bag over your head again. This time tying it in place with the cable ties. I move around to the front so see you. Standing back I once again gaze upon you. Bound, gagged and this time bagged....

Another orgasm builds send you into sheer erotic cosmic bliss. With deep breaths all the air is soon out of the bag. You start to really panic with every breath the plastic of the bag presses hard on your face.

"MMMPPPHHHH. MMPPHHHHH" You scream into the gag as another orgasm fills you.

You look up at me but can only see me standing shaking my head. I know you are pleading for me to remove the bag from your head and let the fresh oxygen flow into your bl**d stream.

You become light headed and find it hard to keep your eyes open. You barely have time to feel the next orgasm as you lose consciousness.............

You awaken to the sound of your alarm clock. You sit upright and discover you are back in your bedroom.

You jump out of bed.

"What the fuck" you shout as you sit back down on the bed. Looking over to your bedside table you see a little box.

You place the box on your lap and lift the lid. Inside is the ball gag and collar you wore so eloquently. A little note is taped to the roof of the box lid.

That was fun. Maybe I'll be k**napping you again sometime!


You reach into the box and remove the ball gag and collar. Slipping the collar around your neck you buckle it tightly.

I warn feeling grows in your loins as you accept the ball gag into your mouth. Soon it’s buckled at the back of your beck.

Looking at yourself in the mirror you touch your breasts. You lie back on the bed then play with your clit a little, watching it getting bigger as your pussy gets wetter as you tug hard on your nipples. Slipping a finger inside whilst still playing with you clit, gradually adding more fingers and fucking yourself hard.......

"Thank you" You muffle into your tightly gagged mouth......

Then End.
... Continue»
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In the Office

Sally had hung her jacket up when she had first come into the office. That left her in her matching skirt, grey with a faint pinstripe that went with her blouse. Earlier she had pulled out one of the upper desk drawers and cushioned it with a throw pillow from the couch and had sat back in the reclining chair. She propped her legs in their dark grey heels and light grey stockings on the edge of the drawer. She lifted one leg and examined it critically. Ankle, still trim, calf shapely, thigh smooth and showing the results of a near daily regimen at the gym. She lowered that leg and examined the other. Still pretty darned good, if she did say so herself.
She lifted her feet from the pillow and stood up. She walked to the office door and peeked out. She could see down the hallway, past open doors to Beth, the receptionist and jack-of-all-trades who kept the place running. Often Sally had called from the field needing anything from a phone number of another company's Financial Officer to someone to put the blast on the car rental company whose trusty steed had left her stranded in the middle of Iowa. Beth always took care of whatever the crisis was and in no time at all.
Sally closed the door. She started back towards her desk, and then stopped. Well, there WAS one way she could pass a little time. Mary had been gone for a couple of days and Sally was feeling the effects. Sometimes she thought that she really was over-sexed. Oh well, if she was, she was, and it could be a lot worse. Her sex drive could be at the other end of the scale and that would be too terrible for words.
She turned back to the door to lock it. A naughty little grin crossed her face. Nothing like the possibility of getting caught to add some extra spice to things. She left the door unlocked. Quickly walking back to her desk, she slipped off her heels and lifted her skirt. She caught her skimpy lace panties and pushed them down. Stepping out of them, she snatched them up and carefully tucked them under the pillow still resting in the open desk drawer. She rose on her toes, spun around and giggled. This was why she always put her panties on after she donned her garter belt and stockings.
The still trim brunette sat in her chair and once more propped her feet on the pillow. She crossed one leg over the other and rubbed the bottom of her nylon covered foot up and down the other leg. She stretched and then ran her hands up and down her sides before bringing them back up over her tummy to her breasts.
Leaning back further in the chair, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and slid one hand inside it. She pressed the fine lace of her bra against her nipple. That felt good. She gently pinched the hard nubbin, using the black material to scratch lightly across the sensitive flesh.
"Oh yes," the older woman murmured. It felt good. Good enough that she unfastened another button and opened her blouse enough so that her free hand could join in the fun. Both sets of fingers were busy now. They squeezed, they rolled, and they pinched the increasingly hard pink nubbins. Sally rasped the lace harder and harder, making her entire body squirm. She always had enjoyed balancing herself on the edge between pleasure and a bit of pain. The lace hurt slightly as she dragged it over her skin, but it only made her hotter. She wished that Mary would walk into her office right now, snatch her up and bend her over the desk to do whatever her lover wanted.
Since Mary was on the other side of the country, Sally supposed she would have to do everything herself. She grinned. That was okay too. She lifted her hips, reached down and hiked her skirt up around her waist. The white skin of her thighs, still firm and smooth, showed above the flowered tops of her stockings. So did the neatly trimmed patch of brown curls between her legs. Sally really hated wearing panties.
She ran her fingertips along the tops of her stockings. One finger touched a garter strap. Sally lifted it and let in snap against her skin. Ouch! That was good. She pushed her legs wide apart and touched herself. She was already wet.
To toy or not to toy? Sally grinned, maybe both. She swung her legs down. Leaning forward she opened the bottom drawer and rummaged under some papers. Removing a slender silver tube she touched a switch on the base, hoping the batteries in the vibrator weren't dead. A cheerful "Buzz" rewarded her.
Returning to her previous position Sally ran the vibrator's tip over her breasts. She pressed it firmly against each nipple in turn, still keeping the lace material pinned against her nubbins. She traced the edges of the bra cups and then slid the silver bullet between her breasts.
Switching it off, she lifted it to her lips. She grinned, remembering the old joke about a blonde chipping her teeth trying to give a blow job to a vibrator. Sally had given a lot of blow jobs in her life, some to real cocks and some to latex ones but had never chipped any teeth doing it. She closed her lips on the metallic tube and began to pump it back and forth in her mouth. Then she plucked it free, reached down and touched herself between her legs as she flicked the switch back on.
Oh my, that was nice. She closed her eyes and moved the pulsating tip over her pussy. She pressed it where the hood still concealed her clit, then slid it between her lips, dipping inside of her. She held it there, savouring the feel of the vibrations running through her body. She pushed deeper, her hips rocking slightly.
Not too much now, she grinned to herself. Set things up properly Mary always said and the results will follow. Opening her eyes, she scooted the chair just a bit closer to the desk. Her legs balanced on the top drawer lifted her ass slightly from the smooth leather. She slid the tip of the vibe from her pussy along her perineum until the busy buzzing toy touched her dark opening. She wiggled the base until it lodged in a slight fold of the chair. Cautiously she relaxed her leg muscles. The wet tip pressed against her anal ring which opened just enough to allow the very tip to lodge in her ass.
My oh my. What a couple of little batteries will do. Sally shivered as the cluster of nerves around her opening responded to the stimulation. She leaned back. The tip slid just a little farther into her. The woman closed her eyes and her hands returned to her breasts. Now she was even rougher. She squeezed her breasts hard and began to pinch the hard tips, pulling them and stretching her breasts. She jerked them and slid the tiniest bit more onto the humming dildo.
Her right hand dropped between her legs. She cupped her pussy and curled first one, then a second finger between her labia and into her wetness. She pressed the heel of her hand against her no longer concealed clit. Her fingers squelched inside of her as she spread them.
Just as Sally was reaching the point of no return, a gentle rap on the still closed door startled her. Accompanied by "Ms Sally, I have some correspondence for you to sign", the petite older woman pulled her legs off the desk and sat up, her hands darting to re-button her blouse and pull her chair into the desk opening so her uplifted skirt couldn't be seen.
What she forgot in her haste was that when she sat back up so abruptly the little vibrator with its tip in her ass had nowhere to go but up. And up it went, burying itself, still humming, up her ass. Barely did Sally manage to change a scream of mingled surprise, pain and pleasure into a strangled "Come in".
"Sorry to bother you Ms Sally," apologized Carl, the college intern who was working at the office this summer before his senior year. Mary had already confided in Sally her intention to offer him a full-time position when he graduated.
Normally Sally enjoyed the young man's company. He was sharp and well-grounded and was going to be a great asset. Indeed, he and Beth had already overhauled the company's web-site and improved it one hundred percent. But today her mind was on the silver tube impaling her ass and vibrating away to beat the band.
She made a desperate attempt to pay attention to what Carl was explaining to her. She nodded at the proper points, she managed to pick up her pen and sign documents. But she could have signed her own execution order right then as her mind was focused on the need to NOT start screaming with an orgasm in front of the young man. The vibrator buried in her ass was driving her completely up the wall. Squirming didn't help, except to draw some puzzled looks from the young man in front of her. She crossed her legs at the ankles under the desk and squeezed her thighs together.
Sally's head swam. She started repeating to herself "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK." over and over as though she could fix on her inner voice and still the upcoming explosion. Finally she signed and agreed to everything in the thankfully small stack of papers. Managing to nod with a smile when Carl worriedly asked her if everything was all right, she watched him leave, closing the door behind him.
The instant the door touched the jam; Sally shot out of her chair and danced around the room grasping at the little base that stuck out of her ass. Once, twice, three times she tried and failed to pull it from her. She bumped into the coat rack, grabbing her jacket in a failed attempt to stay upright and tumbled onto the couch.
"Oh fuck it," the woman moaned. Her skirt still hiked up, she pulled open her blouse and attacked herself. Her left hand took her nipple and almost twisted it from her breast. Her right hand dove between her legs as she dropped one foot to the floor and flung the other one over the top of the couch. There was no time for subtlety. She rubbed her clit so hard for a second she thought she was going to catch it on fire. Then SHE was on fire as a series of multiple orgasms took her. She barely had time to release her breast and stuff her jacket in her mouth to muffle the amount of yelling she tried to do. Sally always was extremely vocal when she was coming.
Finally the waves passed and she collapsed limply on the couch. Grunting with the effort, she reached back and slid the now feebly buzzing vibrator from her ass. She switched it off and dropped it to the floor. An arm flung over her eyes shielded her from the light and she relaxed, drifting off peacefully.
Just as she was about to fall asl**p her intercom squawked. "Sally? It’s Beth. Your three o'clock appointment is here. Shall I send them back?"
Sally groaned, levering herself to her feet. "Give me two minutes please Beth." Hastily she straightened her clothing. She hung her jacket up, slipped her feet back into her heels and checked herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her hair and decided that would have to do. Pressing the lever she asked Beth to send the clients back. As she prepared to greet them her gaze swept the room. She scrambled to pick up the vibe from the floor and hurriedly stuffed it into the open top drawer. She snatched up the pillow and tossed it on the couch as she bumped the drawer closed with one hip.
She crossed to the door and opened it just in time to greet the very nice older couple she had met previously at an investment seminar. As she e****ted them to the couch, cool air under her skirt touched the soaking wet curls of her pussy and reminded her she hadn't put her panties back on. Sally tried to remember just where she had left them. She shrugged. It wasn't the first pair she had lost, although she couldn't remember doing it single-handedly before.
Refreshed and invigorated, Sally the Investment Counsellor sat down with the couple, spread out the contents of their file on the coffee table she had barely missed colliding with during her antics and began to talk to the duo about their retirement plans.
Damn. Her ass was STILL quivering.
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The Barber 6

I woke up late the next morning, naked and alone. My cock was so drained from the previous day's workout I didn't even have morning wood.

A laid in bed for a few moment, collecting my thoughts, rerunning some of the events. The last thing I remembered clearly was the conversation with Alexis and her friends after Ashley left.

I'd soundly fucked Ashley's amazing, 18-year-old ass, much to the surprise of my daughter and the rest of the girls. What amazed them even more, I think, was how much Ashley loved having my hard shaft riding in and out of her bowels and my cum shooting deeply in her guts.

Then it was my turn to be shocked as my 13-year-old daughter asked me if I wanted to fuck her in ass. I really didn't know what to say.

Of course I wanted to fuck Lex's ass. I had visions of bending her over the counter in the kitchen, tying her wrists to the faucet and driving my cock into her young ass until she begged me to stop. In my dreams, after Alexis was a quivering mass of ass-fucked teenager, I'd move on to Raven, tying her down across the table, saving 12-year-old Natalie for last. I wanted her, bound face-down on my bed while I straddled her thin hips and coltish legs, driving my rampant shaft into her upturned butt.

What I said was I wasn't sure if they were big enough yet to take an adult cock in her ass. I explained some of the mechanics of ass fucking, how it wasn't like “traditional” sex. While it could accommodate quite a bit of stretching, the anal sphincter had limits and a young girl's ass was smaller than an adult woman's, even one of 18.

I don't know if our conversation satisfied them. You know how it is with younger girls. They want everything and they want it now. They don't understand consequences. But, for the nonce, they seemed OK with the answers.

The girls ended up watching a movie while I crashed out, exhausted, and finally headed home. I woke once in the night with my daughter, wearing just a pair of panties, curled up asl**p at my side.

Anyway, I pulled on a pair of shorts and I wandered into the living room with a brief stop in the john to drain my complaining bladder. There, I found Alexis curled up on the sofa in just a white tank top and panties, looking disheveled but none the worse for wear.

“Hi, daddy,” my baby girl said. “I made some coffee for you. It's in the kitchen. Want me to get you a cup?”

“No thanks, sweetie,” I said. “You look too comfortable. I'll get it.”

I moved toward the kitchen, intent on coffee and half a bagel with cream cheese. I called back to Alexis, asking if she wanted anything. She asked for a glass of juice with ice, which I dutifully collected while my bagel toasted.

Back in the living room, victuals in hand, I sat down on the sofa next to my daughter. She took her glass of juice, then spun around, snuggling up against my bare chest.

“So,” she said after a few minutes. “Have you thought about it?”

“About what, baby?” I asked.

“Doing me in my butt?” she said nonchalantly , acting like she was asking for more juice.

I about spit out a mouthful of coffee.

“Well, um, yeah,” I said. “I guess I have.”

“And?” she said, still looking at the television.

“I still think my cock is too big for your little butt,” I said, deciding on honesty. “I'm worried about hurting you. If it's not done carefully, losing your anal virginity could cause real damage.”

Alexis was silent for a few moments as the television droned on with some mindless k**'s show in the background. It only served to remind me how young she actually was. I felt the first stirrings of guilt creep into my mind at what we'd been up to for the past two days.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Alexis replied, setting her glass on the table and sitting up, turning to look at me.

“About, you know,” I said, finding it difficult to put my thoughts into words.

“Oh,” she said with a laugh. “You mean about you fucking the crap out of me and my friends?”

“Um, yeah,” I said sheepishly. “Basically that.”

“Daddy, I've been waiting for you to do that to me for, like, forever,” she said. “I'd just about given up on you ever catching on to what I really wanted.”

I was, to say the least, floored. I couldn't wrap my head around the idea my baby girl had decided to seduce me.

She explained she'd talked to Raven about it finally, after trying for most of two years to get me to notice her. Thinking back I realized she had been more open, almost exhibitionistic, in front of me ever since her young body started to blossom. Instead of exhibiting a young teen girl's modesty which typically developed along with their form, Alexis had virtually flaunted her growing body, at least at home.

It had actually been Raven's idea to buy the tiny bikini that had started it all, first the shaving, then my taking her virginity. After that first time, apparently, Alexis had immediately told her older confident all about it. It was then they decided the dark-haired teen was to be next on “my” list of conquests.

Natalie had been a last-minute addition. She'd apparently heard them talking about what had been happening and wormed her way in.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. And I'd been feeling guilty about the entire affair – or affairs, however you wanted to look at it. Only to find out I'd been played like a Stradivarius.

“I've seen how much you miss, um, company,” Alexis said. “I decided I was old enough to provide it for you. And I want to give you all of me. You've been so good to me, daddy. Everything – everything - I have is yours.”

She finally ran out of steam and sat there, looking at me with a questioning look on her face. I really didn't know what to say. I just looked at her, searching for any signs of second thoughts or regrets. I couldn't see anything amiss.

“Take your clothes off, baby,” I said, turning toward her.

“Oh, yippee!” she cried, ripping the shirt off and tearing her panties down. “You gonna put it in my butt now?”

“Hold on,” I said. “We're going to take this very slowly. Everything I said still applies. If this isn't done right, and carefully, you could be seriously injured. Perhaps to the point of having to take you to hospital. Then we'd both be in trouble.”

A little white lie, just a tiny bit of insurance. If she ended up in the hospital with rectal bleeding, the only one who'd be up the creek would be me.

As Alexis got ready, I walked into the bedroom to grab the smallest vibrator I'd bought. Less than an inch across, I figured it would be a good start. Perhaps I'd been thinking this when I bought it. I don't know.

After a quick stop in the bathroom to grab some hand cream to use as lube and a few towels, I headed back into the living room. Alexis was laid out on the sofa, one foot on the floor, the other stretched out and up, hooked on the back of the cushions. Her right hand was moving slowly between the hairless lips of her pussy while the other alternated back and forth between her gorgeous, perfect tits.

Setting my burdens on the low coffee table, I lowered myself to the ground beside my daughter. Grasping her legs, I gently turned her so she was sitting normally on the sofa, more reclining with her ass at the edge of the cushion. I pushed her legs up and back, resting her feet beside the cheeks of her ass, spreading her wide.

I leaned in and kissed her gently on her still-smooth Mons, eliciting a moan from deep in her throat. I moved my lips and tongue around, covering her nether regions with kisses, as my hands gently massaged her 13-year-old ass before sliding up to cup her tiny breasts.

Alexis' moans grew louder and deeper as I stimulated her body, driving her higher and higher. I wanted her extremely aroused before I went anywhere near her miniscule back passage. I locked my lips to her pussy, my tongue questing for her depths, before sucking the rock-hard pebble of her clitoris into my mouth.

I nibbled on the little nub, lashing it with just the tip of my tongue, dragging my teeth gently back and forth across that delicate piece of flesh. Alexis started moving her hips, thrusting her pussy into my sucking mouth. I picked up the vibrator and ran the tip between her nether lips before slowly sliding it into her teenage pussy.

As I flicked the switch, triggering the internal motor of the faux phallus, Alexis came unglued. She cried out, “Oh, Daddy!” as she wrapped her hands around my head, her fingers twining in my hair as she pulled me tighter against her crotch.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” Alexis cried. “Oh, God! I'm cumming!”

And cum she did. I fluttered my tongue rapidly across her clit, watching as her vaginal sphincter convulsed around the thrusting, buzzing toy. To my surprise, a steady flow of her natural juices flowed from her snatch like a river. My baby was squirting.

“Oh, jeez,” she moaned as she came down from what I was determined would be just the first of many orgasms. “Oh, God! It never felt like that before. What happened to me? I feel like I peed.”

“You squirted, baby,” I said. “Sometimes, if women have a very intense orgasm, their natural lubrication can flow or even squirt from their pussy, just like my cum does from my cock.”

“Wow,” she said. “That was, like … wow!”

“Oh, we're just getting started,” I said, grinning up at her, my face glistening with her moisture. “You ain't seen nothin' yet.”

I flicked the vibrator to it's top speed, angled it so the tip would slide across the front wall of her vagina, and moved it slowly back inside. I watched as Alexis' eyes literally rolled back in her head as the new sensations coursed through her body. I returned to licking and sucking her clit as I fucked her slowly and steadily with the vibrator.

With my free hand, I squirted a generous dollop of the hand cream on my fingers. I brought them up between her cheeks, carefully greasing up just the exterior ring of her anus. Her moans ramped up as she felt my finger tips sliding around her asshole, teasing that delicate flower.

“Oh, yes, Daddy!” she moaned. “Please, put your finger in my butt! That feels sooooo good!”

I teased just the tip of my index finger inside the tight ring of her ass, then out, sliding some of the cream into her butt. Back to the bottle, I retrieved another dose of cream, then back to her ass. I pushed a little more inside. I kept this up moving my finger just a millimeter or so deeper into her ass, until I was in to the first knuckle.

I started slowly and steadily fingering her ass, pausing every now and then to collect more lubricant, feeling her sphincter relax until I was able to slide my entire index finger in as far as it would go. Lubing my ring finger, I began again, sliding just the tips of two fingers in until, finally, I was plumbing her depths completely.

“That feels so weird!” Alexis groaned.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“A little,” she said. “But if feels good more than it hurts. You gonna put your cock in me now?”

“Not yet, baby,” I said. “Possibly not today at all. We'll see how this goes.”

I slid the vibrator out of her pussy, replaced my fingers with the tip, and pushed it slowly inside. Her reaction was immediate – and loud.

“Oh, FUCK!” she cried. “God, that feels good!”

Gently as possible, I slid the shaft back and out of her ass, eliciting a groan from deep in Alexis' throat. She wrapped her arms around her legs, pulled her knees back and tried to thrust forward against the vibrator.

“Slow down, baby,” I said. “Let me do this. You get to energetic, you might hurt yourself.”

I probed deeper and deeper until I was sliding the entire, seven inch shaft in and out of her ass. Alexis' eyes were periodically rolling back in her head as a series of mini-orgasms wracked her slim, young body as I shafted her rectum, teased her clit with my tongue and tweaked her tiny, diamond-hard nipples.

Then I got an idea. I asked Alexis is she wanted to try something else. She just moaned and nodded, her eyes shut as she quaked through another mini-cum. I buried all but about an inch of the vibrator up her ass, flicked it on high and slotted the tip of my cock into her pussy.

I slowly pushed forward, watching Alexis' face as I pressed myself in her snatch. Her eyes grew wider as I slipped deeper into her, feeling the vibrations in her ass through the walls of her pussy. Once seated deeply inside her crevice, I asked her if she was alright.

“I'm more than alright, Daddy,” my baby girl moaned. “Please, fuck me!”

Who was I to refuse a request like that. I quickly established a steady rhythm in that ages-old dance, occasionally stopping to grind myself deeply into her at full penetration. That way, not only did I receive the stimulation from the vibrator up her ass along the shaft of my cock, but the switch end of the device would come to rest against my scrotum, directly between my balls.

“Fuck, Daddy!” Alexis moaned, over and over again like a mantra. “Please, Daddy! Put your cock in my butt!”

I just kept pounding her pussy, gradually building up speed, but always holding myself somewhat in check. She definitely seemed to be enjoying the double penetration of cock and toy. I still wasn't sure she could take the length and, more importantly, the width of my cock in her young, virgin ass. I explained my concerns best I could as I rhythmically fucked her puss.

“Can't … we … just … try it … Daddy?” she asked me, her speech punctuated as she pressed back against my thrusts.

I slowed to a stop, leaving my cock buried in pussy, enjoying the mix of tight, wet teen pussy and vibrator-stuffed asshole. I looked down at Alexis. Her eyes were pleading with me, imploring me to fuck her ass.

“OK, baby,” I said, drawing my cock from her clenching depths. “But you tell me right away if it starts to hurt, or you want to stop for any reason.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, a moan escaping her lips as I extracted the vibrator from her ass. Free, I took it into the bathroom to clean it before using it on her pussy, telling her I'd be right back.

By the time I returned, Alexis was spread out on the sofa, three fingers of one hand buried in her ass and two of the other hand in her pussy. I just gaped at this wanton display of teen sexuality going on before me.

“Wanted to stay ready for you, Daddy,” she explained, sheepishly. “Is that OK?”

My cock, which had flagged some while washing the dildo, sprang back to rock hard, full attention as soon as I looked at her.

“Yes, baby girl,” I said. “That was a very good idea.”

I'd found a bottle of baby oil in the bathroom and brought it with me. I figured it would provide a better lubricant for my cock than the hand cream. I squirted a generous amount on my fingers, working it into her ass as I knelt back between her legs. Then I placed the tip of the bottle in her tiny hole, depositing a couple of tablespoons of the oil directly into her ass.

“Oooh, Daddy!” she exclaimed. “That's cold!”

“Sorry, Lex,” I said. “I'll warm you up in a minute.”

After coating the head of my cock with yet more oil, I slipped the head between her cheeks, massaging her sphincter. Alexis moaned again as I zeroed the tip against her tight, essentially-virgin hole.

“Are you sure about this, baby?” I said, pressing forward slightly to let her feel it.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said. “I'm ready. Fuck me, please.”

Here we go, I thought, not for the last time. In for a penny, in for a pound. I leaned in with my hips, applying a slow, steady pressure as I felt her ass being to flower around the head of my cock.

DAMN! I thought. It's going to rip the skin off my shaft, she was so tight. But, patience and generous amounts of lubrication, as they say.

I kept up the pressure and Alexis whimpered, making minute adjustments to her position and my aim. I got the head in, finally, and just left it there, letting her get used to the sensation of a cock in her ass for the first time.

“That's the worst, baby,” I said, figuring the head is the widest part of the cock. “You OK?”

“OK,” she said, sounding more like a little girl than she had any time since this sexual adventure began. I suddenly realized that's exactly what she was – my little girl and I was trying to fuck her ass.

“I'm going to pull it out, baby,” I said. “We can try again another time.”

“NO, Daddy!” she said, f***efully as she wrapped her legs around my waist, trapping me between her thighs. “Please! I want to do this.”

This was definitely a personality trait I recognized. Once my Alexis set her mind to do something, she was determined to see it through, whatever the cost. I just never dreamed in my wildest imaginings it would be seducing her father and losing all her varied virginities to me over the course of a weekend.

“It really feels better now, Daddy,” she said. “Push your cock in my butt.”

I pressed forward again, meeting resistance, until it felt like something just gave and my cock surged in about half way up her ass. Alexis' eyes clamped shut in response and her mouth opened in a silent scream.

I stopped pushing immediately. Before I could even ask, though Alexis assured me she was fine and wanted me to continue. I slid my arms under her thighs, pulled them from around my waist and hooked her ankles on my shoulders. This allowed me to brace myself on my arms to keep from plunging into her completely by accident.

I pulled out until just the head remained inside her ass then, ever so slowly, slid back in. I also picked up the vibrator, turned it on low, and began teasing it around her clit. The added stimulation seemed to do the trick as I felt her sphincter relax and adjust to the alien invader.

“Ooooh, Daddy,” she groaned. “That feels so much better now. Put the rest of it in.”

“Slowly, baby,” I moaned. “I … will.”

I established an agonizingly slow rhythm, out to the head, then back in, a little further each time as her ass adjusted to accommodate my cock, all the time stimulating her pussy with the vibrator. Finally, after five minutes that seemed like hours, I was buried all the way to my balls in my 13-year-old daughter's ass. I couldn't believe it.

“More, Daddy,” Alexis groaned. “Please, more.”

“There is no more, baby,” I said. “You've got my hole cock in your cute little butt.”

“Yeah?” she said, looking deep into my soul with her big, beautiful eyes.

“Yeah, baby girl,” I said. “How does it feel?”

“Yippee!” she said. “I did it!”

I just laughed as I slid my cock back out, then pressed forward again. I maintained the slow, steady rhythm, gradually increasing the frequency of my thrusts, until I was soundly fucking Alexis' young ass.

I wasn't pounding her into the sofa cushions by any means. But she was getting fucked and, if the sounds she was making were any clue, she was loving it.

I flicked the vibrator up one notch and pressed just the tip to her clitoris. The vibrations on her tiny nubbin evidently sent shock waves throughout her body. She cried out and came, her ass muscles clenching down on my over-worked cock.

“Oh, shit!” we moaned in unison as her orgasm wracked her tight young body.

“Fuck me harder, Daddy,” Alexis cried. “Fuck me like you fucked Ashley!”

I didn't cut loose on her like I had on Ashley, but I did pick up the pace some, eliciting more moans and groans from my daughter. The sensation of my balls impacting against her cheeks as I fucked her ass was amazing, the sound ringing through the room with a steady slap, slap, slap.

She was going absolutely wild, her vocalizations devolving into guttural, “Ung, ung, ung,” noises with each thrust. Alexis was building to another orgasm and I could tell from her reactions and body language it was going to be a big one.

I was proved right just moments later. With a final wail, Alexis' legs slid off my shoulders, locked around my waist and pulled every millimeter of my cock into her ass. Her internal muscles convulsed around my cock, the contractions in her pussy transferring to her asshole and milking my deeply-imbedded shaft.

That was all I could take as, with a roar of my own, I filled her bowels with my cum. Rope after rope of sperm rocketed out of my cock to coat her intestines and overflow to be f***ed out the tight seal of her sphincter by my cock.

The feelings going through both our bodies were too much to allow words, even sounds, to escape. We both just strained against each other, our orgasms mixing and feeding off one another until we couldn't take it any more.

After a time it was impossible to gauge, we both came down. I simply collapsed on my baby girl, limp as a dishrag, my cock wilting rapidly inside her still twitching ass.

“Oh, my God, Daddy,” Alexis said when she could finally speak again. “That was incredible!”

“Yeah, Lex,” I agreed, panting to catch my breath. “It was.”

“We've got to do that again!” she said with a grin.

“Yeah, baby,” I said. “Not now.”

“OK,” she said, climbing to her feet with the energy of youth. “Wimp.”

“Hey, little brat!” I said with mock anger. I grabbed her sweaty, naked body and pulled her down over my lap. “I'm still your father and you can't talk to me that way.”

“Ooooh,” she mocked. “Big, bad Daddy gonna spank the itty bitty girl?”

“You bet!” I said, laying one – not too hard – directly on her right cheek, followed by one on her left. Back and forth, five slaps just hard enough to sting, on each cheek.

I released my grip and, laughing, Alexis squirmed away with a “Ha, ha! Didn't hurt me.”

“Go take a shower,” I said. “I have an errand to run.”

“Take me with you,” she said. “Please!”

“Not this time, baby,” I said. “It's another surprise.”

I quickly cleaned up, removing the remnants of our recent coupling from my groin, and dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my keys and headed for the door, one destination in mind.

As I'd been preparing Alexis for the loss of her anal virginity, I'd thought it would be good to add some anal toys – beads, plugs of various sizes, etc. – to our small but growing collection. So, with that goal in mind, I headed to my new favorite retail outlet – the book store where Ashley worked.

It was only about a 10 minute drive and, luckily, I found a parking spot almost directly in front of the store. I walked through the door, hoping more than a little to see Ashley behind the counter, even on a Sunday.

Where I'd expected her smiling face, I found the pleasant but bored face of another young girl. I said hello and received a non-committal grunt in return. I decided to shake her up a little bit.

“Are Ashley or her father here?” I asked.

“No,” she said, somewhat snippy. “Ashley doesn't work here. And her old man is out for the day taking her back to that fancy boarding school she attends. The term starts tomorrow.”

“Really,” I said. “I had the impression last time I was here that Ashley ran the place while her father was out. Oh, never mind. What college does she go to?”

“College?” the girl asked. “She goes to that snooty prep school two counties over. The dumb brat's only 15!”
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s****r in Law: The Outage

Tina called her s****r in the middle of the night. Her power had gone out and she was scared. Her s****r didn’t want to mess with it, but Gary quietly got up and got dressed.
When he got to Tina’s house it was engulfed in total darkness. She stood at the door with a flashlight shining in his eyes. He took it from her and as his eyes adjusted he noticed that she was in a see thru nightie.
He shook his head no as he walked past her. He had told her that regardless of what he may do to help her explore her sexuality; he wasn’t going to fuck her. He made his way through the house and found the breaker. He flipped a switch and the lights came on.
She stood there with a look of sheer relief in her eyes.
“I don’t know what I would do without you.” She said with a sweet look on her face.
“Now you know I am not going to fuck you.” He replied.
She knew that, but she had an idea. What if he masturbated in front of her? She had done plenty of things for him, now it was his turn.
He thought for a minute.
“Only this once.” He said.
He walked to the couch in the den and pulled his pants down. His dick was of average size and was rising to attention. Gary sat down on the couch and kicked off his pants. He told Tina to kneel in front of him, but under no circumstance was she to touch him.
She knelt down and stared at his crotch. He began to slowly stroke his cock with his right hand. He took his balls and cradled them in his left hand.
As he stroked his dick and rubbed his balls, he told Tina to touch herself. She reached between her legs and began to rub her clit. He wouldn’t let her touch her pussy lips. He wanted her to focus on her clit. She watched his hand pump up and down on his dick; his rhythm began to increase. As his breathing became shallow and rushed, he stood up and showered her with his cum.
She smiled and went to lick it off, but Gary stopped her.
“No, I want you to wear it for now.” He commanded.
He handed her the phone and told her to call the power company. He told her to tell them her power was out. She argued that he had fixed it, but he told her to do as she was told.
He allowed her to put on a short robe, but told her to let it fall open when she answered the door.
Gary flipped the breaker off and hid in the pantry before they settled in to wait for the repairman to arrive.
When the truck got there, she made her way to the door. She made sure her robe was just as Gary had commanded. She opened the door and gasped as she saw two men standing there with very angry looks on their faces. She almost shut the door in their faces, but was caught in one of the repairmen’s gaze.
He was a 30 something year old Hispanic guy with gorgeous eyes. He was about 5’6” and very muscular. The other repairman was an older guy about her age.
She fought back a smile as she saw them look at her. She pulled her robe closed and invited them in. She stated that she had called her b*****r-in-law to check it out, but he couldn’t find the problem.
Tina saw the young man staring at her face. She reached up and felt the cum clinging to her skin. She reached over with her tongue and licked it off.
“He complained about it being late and required a payment.” She said with a giggle as she turned to the bedroom.
She showed them to the closet where the breaker was and heard them cursing when they saw the flipped breaker.
They flipped the switch and the lights came back on. The older guy began to complain about being called out of bed for such a petty call.
Tina let her robe fall open again and innocently asked if there was something she could do to make it up to them. Her feelings were hurt when the older guy laughed and made a comment about having a 50 year old pussy to fuck.
The younger guy turned to him and said something in Spanish before turning back to Tina. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. He used it to wipe Gary’s sperm off her face before kissing her.
Within seconds they were naked, lying on the bed. She grabbed his dick and began to suck it as he pulled her panties aside so he could lick her pussy. He pulled her pussy lips open and began to lick her pussy. He began to rub her clit with his thumb as he fucked her with his tongue.
She squirmed as he brought her to an orgasm. She looked over him to see the other repairman standing there with his dick in his hand.
She motioned him over and took his cock in her hand. She was sucking the younger guy while jerking the other off. Tina could only imagine Gary standing outside the door. He was probably watching with a smug look on his face. He had turned her into such a slut and she was thankful.
The Mexican pulled her around and slid his dick into her wet snatch. He began to fuck her hard and fast.
The older guy shoved his dick into her mouth and held her head as he fucked her face. The older guy grunted and filled her mouth with his cum. She swallowed every drop and began to tickle his balls as she licked shrinking dick. He lay down on the bed next to her and played with her tits as the younger repairman fucked her.
She came hard as the Latin dick pounded into her pussy. Her moans filled the house and he grunted and pulled his dick out and shot cum across her belly. He crawled down between her legs and started licking her pussy again.
Tina had another orgasm before the older guy told her to get up on all fours. His dick had started coming to life again and apparently he wanted to fuck.
He moved around behind her and the younger guy moved around in front of her.
The older guy reached over on the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lotion as he moved around behind her. She looked back at him and asked him, “I thought you said you had a 50 year old pussy to fuck at home.”
“I do.” He responded. “But, she won’t let me fuck her in the ass.” He said as he squirted lotion on her asscrack.
She tried to get away but they held her down as he pulled her ass cheeks apart and smeared the lotion around her asshole with his dick.
The Mexican shoved his dick in her mouth as the older guy f***ed his dick into her virgin ass. She felt tears running down her cheeks as his dick filled her ass. She felt him slowly slide it all the way in before he started to fuck her.
“Damn you sure do have a tight ass.” He said as he fucked her hard enough to knock the dick out of her mouth.
She held on to the dick in her face and stroked it as she squeezed her ass cheeks together. She would show him tight as she met his thrusts with her own.
It only took a couple of minutes for him to grunt and fill her ass with his sperm. He pulled his messy dick out of her ass and he watched as cum ran out of her asshole to the bed.
She lay there panting as the younger guy jerked a load onto her face.
They both showered before leaving. She was still laying on the bed with cum dripping from her mouth and ass when they got dressed and headed to the door. She got up and walked them to their trucks and told them that she hoped they would be on call the next time she had a problem.
The older guy winked at Tina as he mentioned that they were off on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

... Continue»
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Fun at the Part

He hated being dragged to things like reunions and picnics but she always
seemed to manage to convince him to come through greatly thought out
bribes. This night was no different. The 4th of July celebration at the
community park was one of his least favorite events. He had much rather
stayed home and watched the fireworks on television between fucking
sessions. She had promised him that she would make it worth his time. He
had no idea what she had in mind.

Throughout the day she teased him, rubbing up against him, kissing him
deeply, and anything else she could do to remind him just why he had agreed
to follow. She had keep an eye on the far end of the park, near the tennis
courts where the woods lined two of the court. She noticed how no one
seemed to venture out that far. With dusk rapidly approaching, she took
his hand, leading him on a walk around the park, moving further and further
from the densely packed crowd that hovered at the park's center. He
figured she had planned to tease him more, which nearly made him refuse.
She had taken joy in giving him blue balls all day, and he was ready to

The first test firework exploded in the sky, but it was still not quite
dark enough for them to set off the rest. The crowd's attention remained
focused the other way as they followed along the chain link fence around
the court. Once they got to the far side of it, she stopped, flashing a
salacious smile at him before her hands slipped under the short pink
sundress she wore. She shimmied her panties down, leaving them laying in
the grass around her feet.

He was quite impressed with her choice of spot. He grabbed the back of
her neck, pulling her in and kissing her hard before turning her around,
facing the fence. His foot moved between hers as he pushed them apart. He
gently shoved her upper body toward the fence, watching her grab it. He
slipped two fingers under her skirt, rubbing them along her pussy lips,
feeling their wetness. As he pulled his fingers away, he stuck them in
front of her mouth. She quickly parted her lips and took his fingers in,
sucking them clean. He hitched the thin cottony dress up over her hips
before unzipping his shorts and pulling his thick cock free.

She let out a loud grunt as he pushed his cock deep inside her. Her
hands gripped the chainlink tightly as he pulled almost completely out and
f***ed back inside her once again. His hips thrust hard into her again and
again, making her moan with delight. Another shot went up, lighting up the
darkened sky and making the crowd ooh and aah. In that brief flash of
light, he noticed a length of tree branch leaning near the fence. He
pulled out slowly, moving to get the branch. The wood was still green and
very flexible. He leaned in close and whispered in her ear.

-œI think you've been a very bad girl and need to be punished for
teasing me all day. - He said, rubbing the wood against her outer thigh.

He pulled his hand back until only an inch or two of the switch was now
between her legs. He gave his wrist a quick switch up and let the wood
slap lightly against her wet cunt. She gasped softly, turning to look over
her shoulder at him. He did it again, this time harder, forcing a whimper
from her parted lips. Three more strikes followed before he slid it from
between her legs and turned his attention to her ass. He ran the thin
branch over her soft flesh.

-œMaybe instead of your ass, I should spank those tits of yours. I know
you would like it wouldn't you? - He said softly.

She nodded, and he grabbed her shoulder turning her to face him. He
stared into her eyes as he said -œPull the top of your dress down and show
me those tits. - A sultry smile crossed her lips as she pushed the straps
of her dress off her shoulders. Her dress slid down exposing her creamy
white breasts and perfectly erect nipples. He dragged the tip of the
branch over her left breast, circling her nipple as he kept his eyes locked
on hers. Several strikes landed in quick succession on each breast,
leaving thin red streaks on her flawless skin. Her chest heaved as he then
continued to whip her tits. Her fingers interwined with the metal as she
held on. The look of blissful agony on her face told him all he needed to
know. He traced down her body with the end of the branch, until once again
it was between her legs. The point of it jabbed her clit gently. The look
on her face showed she wanted to beg for more.

He dropped the branch, grabbing her and lifting her legs, which she
quickly wrapped around him. He lined the head of his cock up with her
tight cunt, shoving it in deep with a single thrust. She held on to the
fence as he pushed her back against it hard. She didn't care how loud she
screamed in the throws of ecstacy because the fireworks were in full swing
and no one seemed to notice the two.

Her lower back banged hard against the fence as he hammered her cunt
harder and faster. He lifted her up and let his cock slip out, pushing it
into her ass hard. She let out a loud squeak as the head of his cock
popped through the tight ring of muscles.

-œFuck me - she purred into his ear as his cock pistoned in and out of
her puckered hole. -œFuck me harder. -

He slid her off his cock, laying her down in the grass. He grabbed her
right ankle as he moved between her legs, lifting her leg onto his shoulder
as he began to shove his cock into her once again. He leaned over her,
forcing her knee toward her chest. He could feel himself slip deeper
inside of her as he started to fuck her brutally hard. She was clawing the
grass, dragging her nails over his back, completely lost in the joy of
having him take her in such a way. She loved the rough side of him when he
got like this, and he definitely loved watching her in the midst of all
that pleasure. He after several minutes of hammering away at her well
fucked ass he noticed just past the edge of the woods was a large fallen
log. A wicked thought entered his mind.

He didn't stop fucking her until he knew he was nearly to the point of
no return. He loved to bring himself so close and stop, because it was one
sure way to always make her beg for even more. He looked into her eyes and
grinned an evil grin. -œStand up, I have plans for you my filthy little
slut. -

As she stood up, he gripped the cotton dress and yanked it upwards,
pulling it over her head and holding on to it as he pushed her toward the
woods. She stumbled as her sandal caught on something as he lead her
toward the log. He stopped, grabbing both her wrists with one hand and
using the dress to tie them together with the other hand. -œOn your knees.
- He said, pointing to the ground in front of the log.

She knelt, only to find herself pushed over it's rough bark as he knelt
down behind her. He f***ed her legs apart, slapping her wet cunt several
times before slipping a couple fingers into her cunt. He used his thumb to
stimulate her clit, making her moan with glee as he drove her wild. Once
he knew she was getting close to cumming, he pulled his fingers away.

-œBeg me to fuck you. - He said, still grinning.

She quickly began to beg for his cock. -œOh baby I need your cock
inside of me, fuck me baby please fuck me, tear my pussy and ass up with
that huge cock of yours, please baby I need it soooo bad. - He put the
tip of his cock against her cunt lips, holding it there for what felt like
an eternity before he drove it home. Her body lunged forward from the
f***e of his thrust. The bark sc****d against her skin, making her moan
louder as he started pounded her faster and faster. One hand gripped her
hip as the other reached up and grabbed a giant handful of her hair,
yanking her head back as he kept slamming his hips into hers. Her voice
got louder and louder as he brought her closer and closer to climaxing.

His thrusts became harder and faster as he knew that she couldn't hold
out any longer. Her muscles gripped him tightly as he banged her dripping
wet cunt with all his might. Breathless gasps came from her as she began
to spasm around him. He held on tight as she writhed and jerked. He
didn't stop, he just kept up his a****listic pace. Her warm juices washed
over his cock as she cried out. He smiled wickedly, allowing her orgasm to
subside before he pulled free, yanking her around to face him. He fisted
his cock fast, aiming the tip at her face. She looked up at him, dazed but
knowing exactly what he planned. She opened her mouth wide, her tongue
sticking slightly out as she looked up at him, waiting for the first drops
to erupt from his swollen cock. His thick load shot out in blasts, landing
on her forehead and dripping down her face, the last few landing expertly
on her tongue. He shoved his cock into her mouth, allowing her to milk the
final drops from him and suck his cock clean before he gently tucked it
back into his shorts.

He helped her to her feet, smiling wickedly as he wrapped his arms
around her and untying her wrists. She used the hem of her dress to wipe
away some of the cum before he stopped her, wanting her to leave it. They
walked hand in hand back to the darkened park and the crowd that still
stared at the night sky, watching each burst of colours explode as the
finale began. She had truly made it worth his time to come to the horribly
boring event, and gave him a night he wouldn't soon forget.
... Continue»
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becoming the girl i really am part 2!

I smiled up at my best friend, dressed up in sexy lingerie and smiled, "Can i dress up too?" i asked in a hopeful tone of voice. "Oh, wow, really? Yea sure!" brian answered with excitement in his voice. "Go into the guest room, my s****r keeps all her clothes in the dresser and the closet, and pick out soemthing you like!" he said, "Pick something really sexy" he whispered as i slipped out the door and into the guest room.

Going through the dresser i found a drawer full of panties, i felt a rush of excitement as i examined the soft, silken panties....thongs, bikinis, g-strings and boy shorts....i pulled out a hot pink thong and fell in love with it instantly, strpping off my boxers and pulling it on...feeling the silken material glide up my smooth legs and then the incredible feeling as the cool fabric encased my bare teen cock and balls and the thong slid up between my cute little round butt cheeks, i felt soooooo sexy! i began searching excitedly, soon happily picking a see through pink babydoll cami and a tiny black skirt from the closet. Slipping on the cami and skirt i felt a wave of pure sexual excitement flood over me, and as i searched through the shoes i felt absolute bliss. Searching for shoes i came upon a bag full of nylons and looked through them, to my delight finding black thigh highs, which i immediately pulled on, feeling soooooo girlie as the sheer fabric slid up my calves and thighs and came to rest orund my mid thigh. I picked out a pair of strappy sandals with little 3 inch heels and pulled them on, then stepped in fornt of the mirror to see the what i looked like. With my shoulder length hair i looked just like a sext little girl! I glanced at the top of the dresser and found a tube of purple lipstick which i applied as best i could, not as good as i am now, but certainely giving me that 'naughty little slut' look i was going for.

All dressed i slipped back into B's room and into the bathroom where he was waiting with the light off. "Hey" I whispered to him as i stepped into the bathroom a little unsteadily on my heels and closed the door, "I'm ready, turn on the light" he flipped the switch the lighr came on, revealing me all dressed up in my see thru pink babydoll tiny miniskirt, my legs in nylons and a sexy pair of heels on......"WOW" he said huskily...."You look sooooo fucking hot" "Thanks B," i said, giggling a little nervously as i stepped toward him...."You look really fucking hot too" we were now face to face, looking in each others eyes with lust and desire as he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him.....I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes, leaning my head into his, our lips touched and I felt a ZAP like a surge of electricity and we softly kissed for a few moments. Soon i felt his lips part and his tounge touch my lips, i parted my lips and our tounges met, probing and searching as we kissed passionately, two little girlie boys all slutted up, making our with wild abandon as our passion burned like wildfire.
I felt his hands caressing my ass as we kissed, moaning into each other as we caressed and groped each others hungry bodies. I slid my hand down between his legs and felt his massive rod thickening in his panties. Stroking his growing cock i murmured "You want me to take care of this big dick for you baby?" in his ear...."Yes PLEASE!" he moaned as a sank to my knees, kissing and nibbling on the outline of his fat pole through the satin fabric of his thong. "OOOOOOH" he moaned with pleasure as i pulled down his panties and licked the fat drop of precum from the tip of his throbbing cock, I looked up at him as i grabbed his thick shaft by the base and began slowly stroking him as i fondled his big smoothe balls and played my tounge along the base of his cock head. "OH GOD YES" he murmured in ecstasy as i licked my lips and took his rock hard, throbbing cock into my wet mouth. I felt his hands on my shoulders as i sucked and licked and nibbled his cock, and soon i was deep throating all 8 inches as he moaned and groaned with more and more obvious pleasure. I suddenly felt his balls tighten up and his cock began to throb more and more insistently, so i grabbed his cock and began stroking it as i sucked just the head of his cock and B grabbed me by the back of my head as he moaned."OH BABY IM CUM, IM CUMMM, IM CUMMMMMING!" and his big thick cock erupted in my mouth, shooting a massive jet of cum down my throat and making me pull my head back in suprise. Now B grabbed his cock and started spraying donw my lips and cheeks with thick streams of hot, sticky, delicious, wonderful jizz! "Oh god, that was awesome!" he whispered to me when his penis stopped shooting. He looked down at me, a sloppy, slutty, smiling, cum drenched mess, "MMMMMMM, baby that was fantastic!" I groaned huskily as he wiped cum from my face with his fingers, "Thank you!" i said ecstatically before licking his load form his fingers like a good little slut.

He smiled at me and said "lets get cleaned up a little" I stood up and asked, "can i stay dressed up? I feel so, great right now!" "of course!" he replied, pulling up his panties and helping me clean up the cum running down my cheeks and chin and dripping on my skirt and cami. "dont worry, i clean up the clothes" he said, leading me over to the bed once i was cleaned up, "lets lay down" to be continued... Continue»
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Miranda Cosgrove's Out of the Storm

Miranda Cosgrove burst into the room and was thankful for one thing. The power was out in the house so her dad wouldn't be able to see her through her embarrassing wet t-shirt and at her erect nipples.

"No lights, no power." Her dad said as he flipped the switch up and down.

"Its cold too." Miranda said.

"Sorry honey. Lets find a candle or flashlight, then you can change out of your wet clothes." He responded.

Miranda made her way to the kitchen while what barely visible light remained in the house died as the sun went down and the storm outside gathered intensity. She couldn't see and she could barely hear as she bumped into something and her soaked body froze. Her dads hot breath was immediately in her ear, "Sorry bout that honey," he said, " I'll check the kitchen, you check the hall bathroom."

As Miranda moved off she thought about what she felt. It had definitely been her fathers hard cock poking through his jeans rubbing against her arm. But she dismissed it quickly. He had probably felt her erect nipples as well as he had leaned in close to whisper to her. She laughed to herself quietly. He was probably really embarrassed by it.

After a while she gave up the search in the bathroom and yelled toward the kitchen for her dad. The storm had died down but she got no answer. She decided he must be in his bedroom looking for candles so she peeked in. "Dad?" Nobody was here. About to leave she decide to poke around for a flashlight and try under the bed. Nothing but a box lay there. She pulled it out and opened it, more out of curiosity than any desire for a flashlight. She laughed at herself. Obviously she couldn't see anything, and she was a little afraid to reach inside the abyss of the box. She called herself a chicken, but she didn't need to test her courage, the lights came back on, and she saw the last thing she expected.

Hundreds of pictures of girls in various poses and degrees of nudity littered the box. She didn't register what she was seeing but her teen body did. As she was flipping through the pictures she was getting moist between her legs and her hand was absently running along the edge of her jeans. Ignoring this obvious perversion of her dad, she was curiously looking at the girls beginning to register what she herself was actually think about doing. Then she froze in shocked horror. She had found a picture of herself sl**ping in bed. She looked through the pictures faster and faster finding more of her asl**p in her pajamas, and some promo pictures she shot for her shows on Nickelodeon. "Why were pictures of her in this box?" She thought to herself. But she already knew the answer.

"Your just like your mom. A nosy slut." As her father spoke, Miranda turned in horror and tried to run past him. To run anywhere, she had to get away from this. He grabbed her and threw her on the bed pinning his forearm against the white flesh of her throat.

His voice was in her ear again. "Your mom found that box too, honey. She couldn't deal with it. That bitch left you with me." Struggling to breathe and squirm out from under the weight of her father what he said had froze her. Her mom had left her...with him? His free hand roamed her wet shirt and began unbuttoning it. Her dad grinned at her. "That bitch left you FOR me." he said.

Her body shutdown. There was no more fight in her. Her dad released her and as she lay there he took off her clothes. Laying there naked all she could register was the weird things her dad had done through her life like pat her butt or accidentally grope her as he had done earlier that day. She had dismissed them all. And so had her mom. His words about her mom still echoed into her soul.

Miranda realized what was happening. Lost to the world, she hadn't even realized that her fathers cock was slowly working its way into her virgin pussy. As tears ran down her face, her hymen broke, and her father picked up his pace. He wasn't gentle like how she had fantasized her first lover would be. He fucked her hard and fast because he had been wanting this for years. He slapped her hard across the face. "Scream whore! Don't just lay there."

"Daddy please..." she trailed off her pleading when she was slapped again.

"Yeah beg whore. Beg for my cock!" He screamed at her.

She wanted him to come and be finished. "End it already!" She screamed inside her head. She didn't know if she was talking to herself or her dad.

Suddenly it was over and her father pulled out. But hope expired.

"Suck my cock slut!" She realized this was the first chance she had to see her massive prick. She was slapped again as her put his penis to her mouth. She tried to turn in disgust but he yanked on her black hair and her lips parted just enough. Just enough was all he needed. She nearly retched when she could taste the salty bl**d from her pussy. "Suck it right slut or ass will be next." he said. Miranda didn't know what to do so licked it like it was a lollipop. Her father moaned in pleasure. "Yeah honey, thats good. Obey daddy." She licked the shaft of his prick and her fathers mood lightened. He pulled out his stiff rod and kissed her. She was shocked at his tender kiss far removed from his earlier roughness. He snaked his tongue in her mouth and she shocked herself by doing the same to him. Her dad aimed his prick back at his daughters pussy and slowly eased it in. He fucked her slowly this time, but deeper, pulling almost out and the running the full length back in as her pussy stretched more to allow his girth.

He kissed her mouth, cheek and neck and whispered to her quietly as if they were enjoying a moment together. "Cum for you daddy, Miranda. Be a good girl for daddy."he said.

Miranda could feel her body betray her at his suggestion. She softly moaned as she had the first orgasm of her young life as her father continued to saw in and out of her ignoring everything but his own pleasure. Her warm pussy juice mixed with her virgin bl**d and trickled down to tickle her asshole. And she was enjoying it. Immediately she thought about how sick she was, losing her virginity to her father, getting turned on by those disgusting naked pictures and now cumming with her daddy's big cock inside her. Thinking about how sick all of this was turned her on even more. She moaned into her daddy's ear as her tears ran down her face again.

An evil grin ran over over her fathers face. He pulled out and moving his cock up to her face again. Thinking he wanted a blow job once more cum shot down her throat as her tongue reached out. She tried to spit it out but more of the hot semen shot out and hit her face and burned her eyes. It dribbled out of her mouth on to her small tits, as her father jerked his cock to completion. Exhausted he collapsed on the bed.

"That was really good honey." he said as he stroked her arm. "Better than I imagined. I cant wait till next time."

Miranda didn't say anything. Her face covered in semen, the tears would no longer come.... Continue»
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Miranda Cosgrove's Out of the Storm

Miranda Cosgrove burst into the room and was thankful for one thing. The power was out in the house so her dad wouldn't be able to see her through her embarrassing wet t-shirt and at her erect nipples.

"No lights, no power." Her dad said as he flipped the switch up and down.

"Its cold too." Miranda said.

"Sorry honey. Lets find a candle or flashlight, then you can change out of your wet clothes." He responded.

Miranda made her way to the kitchen while what barely visible light remained in the house died as the sun went down and the storm outside gathered intensity. She couldn't see and she could barely hear as she bumped into something and her soaked body froze. Her dads hot breath was immediately in her ear, "Sorry bout that honey," he said, " I'll check the kitchen, you check the hall bathroom."

As Miranda moved off she thought about what she felt. It had definitely been her fathers hard cock poking through his jeans rubbing against her arm. But she dismissed it quickly. He had probably felt her erect nipples as well as he had leaned in close to whisper to her. She laughed to herself quietly. He was probably really embarrassed by it.

After a while she gave up the search in the bathroom and yelled toward the kitchen for her dad. The storm had died down but she got no answer. She decided he must be in his bedroom looking for candles so she peeked in. "Dad?" Nobody was here. About to leave she decide to poke around for a flashlight and try under the bed. Nothing but a box lay there. She pulled it out and opened it, more out of curiosity than any desire for a flashlight. She laughed at herself. Obviously she couldn't see anything, and she was a little afraid to reach inside the abyss of the box. She called herself a chicken, but she didn't need to test her courage, the lights came back on, and she saw the last thing she expected.

Hundreds of pictures of girls in various poses and degrees of nudity littered the box. She didn't register what she was seeing but her teen body did. As she was flipping through the pictures she was getting moist between her legs and her hand was absently running along the edge of her jeans. Ignoring this obvious perversion of her dad, she was curiously looking at the girls beginning to register what she herself was actually think about doing. Then she froze in shocked horror. She had found a picture of herself sl**ping in bed. She looked through the pictures faster and faster finding more of her asl**p in her pajamas, and some promo pictures she shot for her shows on Nickelodeon. "Why were pictures of her in this box?" She thought to herself. But she already knew the answer.

"Your just like your mom. A nosy slut." As her father spoke, Miranda turned in horror and tried to run past him. To run anywhere, she had to get away from this. He grabbed her and threw her on the bed pinning his forearm against the white flesh of her throat.

His voice was in her ear again. "Your mom found that box too, honey. She couldn't deal with it. That bitch left you with me." Struggling to breathe and squirm out from under the weight of her father what he said had froze her. Her mom had left her...with him? His free hand roamed her wet shirt and began unbuttoning it. Her dad grinned at her. "That bitch left you FOR me." he said.

Her body shutdown. There was no more fight in her. Her dad released her and as she lay there he took off her clothes. Laying there naked all she could register was the weird things her dad had done through her life like pat her butt or accidentally grope her as he had done earlier that day. She had dismissed them all. And so had her mom. His words about her mom still echoed into her soul.

Miranda realized what was happening. Lost to the world, she hadn't even realized that her fathers cock was slowly working its way into her virgin pussy. As tears ran down her face, her hymen broke, and her father picked up his pace. He wasn't gentle like how she had fantasized her first lover would be. He fucked her hard and fast because he had been wanting this for years. He slapped her hard across the face. "Scream whore! Don't just lay there."

"Daddy please..." she trailed off her pleading when she was slapped again.

"Yeah beg whore. Beg for my cock!" He screamed at her.

She wanted him to come and be finished. "End it already!" She screamed inside her head. She didn't know if she was talking to herself or her dad.

Suddenly it was over and her father pulled out. But hope expired.

"Suck my cock slut!" She realized this was the first chance she had to see her massive prick. She was slapped again as her put his penis to her mouth. She tried to turn in disgust but he yanked on her black hair and her lips parted just enough. Just enough was all he needed. She nearly retched when she could taste the salty bl**d from her pussy. "Suck it right slut or ass will be next." he said. Miranda didn't know what to do so licked it like it was a lollipop. Her father moaned in pleasure. "Yeah honey, thats good. Obey daddy." She licked the shaft of his prick and her fathers mood lightened. He pulled out his stiff rod and kissed her. She was shocked at his tender kiss far removed from his earlier roughness. He snaked his tongue in her mouth and she shocked herself by doing the same to him. Her dad aimed his prick back at his daughters pussy and slowly eased it in. He fucked her slowly this time, but deeper, pulling almost out and the running the full length back in as her pussy stretched more to allow his girth.

He kissed her mouth, cheek and neck and whispered to her quietly as if they were enjoying a moment together. "Cum for you daddy, Miranda. Be a good girl for daddy."he said.

Miranda could feel her body betray her at his suggestion. She softly moaned as she had the first orgasm of her young life as her father continued to saw in and out of her ignoring everything but his own pleasure. Her warm pussy juice mixed with her virgin bl**d and trickled down to tickle her asshole. And she was enjoying it. Immediately she thought about how sick she was, losing her virginity to her father, getting turned on by those disgusting naked pictures and now cumming with her daddy's big cock inside her. Thinking about how sick all of this was turned her on even more. She moaned into her daddy's ear as her tears ran down her face again.

An evil grin ran over over her fathers face. He pulled out and moving his cock up to her face again. Thinking he wanted a blow job once more cum shot down her throat as her tongue reached out. She tried to spit it out but more of the hot semen shot out and hit her face and burned her eyes. It dribbled out of her mouth on to her small tits, as her father jerked his cock to completion. Exhausted he collapsed on the bed.

"That was really good honey." he said as he stroked her arm. "Better than I imagined. I cant wait till next time."

Miranda didn't say anything. Her face covered in semen, the tears would no longer come.... Continue»
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Having risen early it was easy to understand what and why I was about to do. Given what Deb had told me about Dee’s little show the previous night, I was going to have a morning of fun with my old neighbour.

Pulling up outside Dee’s shop, I could see she had already had an elderly client with her, I slowly walked up the steps to her shop and paused within the door frame.

Looking up I could see the shock and guilt in Dee’s eyes, I just smiled and waited for her to finish her business with the old lady, once the old dear was satisfied she made her way to the shop door. Being the gentleman I allowed the lady to leave the shop. Closing the door behind her, I turned the sign to close and flicked the switch on the door lock.

Dee asked “what are you doing here Mike?”

My reply was short and not very sweet, “you see Dee, after all the embarrassment you caused Deb last night, it was decided that you should try the real thing” “whether you want to or not before I leave here you will know what’s it like to be fucked hard and deep”
“Now, there is two ways to play this the 1st, you understand what you are about to do and you and give your body up willingly”

Dee asked “what’s the 2nd?”

“easy I am going to take you rough and hard, to tell the truth I hope you go for option 2”

Dee looked shocked and slowly started to circle her shop, unsure what to do next I stepped in and took control.

“on your knees bitch, Now I barked”

Slowly Dee realising her lost cause sank to her knees.
“now crawl over here bitch”

Again Dee knowing she was beaten crawled over till she was just
inches from and level with my groin.

“look up Dee”

Looking into my eyes Dee said ”I would like to give you option 1. But I think I can handle option 2”

A smile crossed my lips, I leant down a flashed the palm of my hand across her face. “what’s your name bitch”

“Dee” WRONG!! again I slapped her hard.

“Sorry Denise” WRONG!! again I slapped her face.

Puzzled Dee looked confused, she whimpered “ I don’t understand”

I looked at her red face again I asked her “what’s your name Bitch”.

Quiet for a couple of seconds Dee whispered “Whore, my name is Whore”

“good Bitch, from now on you are going to be my personal whore do you understand?”

With eyes lowered, Dee nodded her head.

“look at me”

Dee raised her head to look into my eyes “yes I understand, I am now your Whore”

Unzipping my fly I pulled out my 8” pierced cock, Dee’s eyes glowed.
“ give me your wedding and engagement rings bitch”

Dee was slightly unsure but pulled off the rings and passed them to me, I unfastened the ring through my cock and attached Dee’s rings.
Shocked at what I was about to do Dee knew she was about to suck my cock with her wedding ring attached.

“get me hard Dee”

Slowly Dee move her head to my cock opening her mouth Dee slowly began to kiss and lick my cock, grabbing a good handful of hair I f***ed more of my cock into her once posh, stuck up, arrogant mouth.

As my cock neared full hardness, I knew Dee was impressed, “you like my big cock Whore?” I sneered.

Dee could only mumble “mmmmmm, I love you big cock Mick” Dee carried on sucking the length of my cock.

Thrusting hard into her mouth I taunted Dee “spit on it you dirty cunt, spit on the cock you have wanked over all these years, come on bitch get nasty you cock sucking slag”

Forcing more into Dee’s mouth until she was gagging, “I bet dave would love to see you on your knees sucking my cock wouldn’t he Dee?” “Look at you, you married slag, once all prim and proper now just a dirty cheating cock sucking housewife”

Dee just carried on sucking my cock, licking all around her wedding ring and engagement ring spitting on the rock hard cock sucking all the pre come.

Pulling Dee up by her hair, I grabbed her blouse and ripped it open, exposing a nice lacy bra, although Dee’s tits were moderately sized I still took pleasure in pulling each of her nipples free of the bra, Dee nipples were a deep brown colour, pulling and twisting each tit made Dee squirm.

Dee was biting her bottom lip until “mmm, oohhh yeeeaaaa fuck” escaped her lips. Slowly I lowered my mouth to Dee’s right tit and slowly started to suck first the nipple then her tit flesh.

As I sucked harder and harder Dee was getting very carried away, “more baby more, suck my titties harder Mike” as I moved from her right tit to her left the unmistakeable sign of my conquest was plain to see, Dee was carrying a huge purple love bite on her right tit mound, high enough to be displayed had she worn a low cut neck line,

“look down” I commanded Dee looked to see her mark of betrayal and said, “you know dave will see that”.

“So what by the time I’ve finished fucking your cheating married cunt you will only be available for me to fuck, you told Deb he was happy pretending it was me fucking you, now he will know Dee his posh wife got her final wish. Now pull up your skirt”

Dee slowly grabbed the edge of her skirt and as she raised it I removed her rings from the end of my cock, turning back to look at my prey, Dee was stood with her back towards her work table, the lacy knickers covered what Deb had informed me, was a neatly trimmed pussy.

Reaching forward I took the right hand trim and pulled hard ripping the knickers, then I took the other side and did the same, as gasp left Dee mouth with each rip.

Slowly I pulled the torn knickers from between her legs, lifting then to face height, “open your mouth Dee”
I slowly but deliberately f***e the ripped lacy knickers into the posh slut’s mouth.

Now gagged I pushed Dee back onto the table spreading her legs as she went. I eased forward, slowly rubbing my rock hard cock up and down Dee’s moist pussy. I hadn’t realised how wet this bitch had got just from me fucking her face.

Looking into Dee’s face as she chewed on the wet gusset of her panties, I began to f***e my 8” of rock hard cock into my posh stuck up neighbour’s cunt.

Dee was extremely tight, although very wet, I was still finding it hard to get my full length into her.

I had every intention of giving Dee’s every inch of my cock, letting her know what she used to pretend she was receiving.
Looking down at Dee I whispered” Fuck Dee you are very tight bitch, you must have been getting little cock over the years?”

“Dave’s tiny compared to you”

“how big is your husbands prick Dee?”

Between each thrust and as more of my inches pushed further into Dee’s hot wet cunt she let out her answer.

“fo fo fou fou four, four inches” was Dee’s gagged reply

I pulled the knickers from her mouth.

“again bitch tell me how tiny dave’s cock is Dee”

“four inches, four tiny fucking inches, four small cock inches, is that what you want to hear Mike, my husband is a small dicked tiny cock prat, Yes!! Yes I use to make him be you in my bedroom, I could here you fucking Deb so I made Dave be you.

I have never before today come so hard with Dave as I do with you, now give me all that huge cock of yours”
With that I thrust all 8” into Dee’s hot pussy, “aaahhh” Dee screamed having taken all 8” I bottomed out in her cunt and smashed harder and harder into her.

Pulling back on Dee’s shoulder, with her legs over my shoulders I rammed hard into the posh slut, leaning in I whispered in her ear.

“take it you fucking married slag, take it take my cock, you know you are a dirty slag, you are having all my cock bitch all 8” is in your cunt now tell me what you want Dee”

Dee screamed “Fuck, oh god fuck, yes! Yes! Mike fuck me, fuck me! Fuck my posh cunt, im a whore im a fucking dirty whore use me, use your whore,”

Leaning in I bit Dee’s neck as I fucked her as hard as I could, pulling out 7” and ramming back in a full hard 8” had Dee moaning.
“bitch you fucking dirty bitch, you now have what you’ve wanted haven’t you bitch”

Dee replied “ not all mike i want your seed, I want your seed in me, Deb must of said last night I was screaming for your seed now do it babe, seed me with your come.”

Pounding harder and harder into Dee’s cunt I pushed her back and grabbed her tits pulling hard on her nipples Dee Screamed “aaahhh!!!!!! Fuck yes!! Yes bitch me Mike bitch me Mike, yes fuck, fuck, come! Come! Come in me you bastard fuck your seed in me please I beg you seed me now!!”

With one almighty thrust I unloaded a huge amount of come into Dee’s cunt. Flood after flood entered her pussy!!!!

Dee screamed “yes! Yes! You did it you come in me fuck fuck, you seeded me!”

Pulling out of Dee I pushed her to the floor “ clean me you slag”

Dee took no further command she just sucked my cock clean licking and cleaning till it was sorted.

Picking Dee’s phone up I called her house “Hi dave,”

“oh was his reply” obviously seeing Dee’s number come up.

“yes mate, I think you need to pop down to Dee’s shop to have a word” I then hung up.

Dee looked up at me and asked “was that wise he will see the state of me”
“ not my problem Dee! I just wanted him to know that I WILL BE FUCKING YOU when ever I want from now on”

“you need to sort out your marriage, you can start by telling him about last night and why I did that to you today, if he still accepts the fact that I will be fucking you then so be it”

I left Dee sat on her shop floor, some forty five minutes later my mobile rang.


“ Hi Mike its dave,”

“yes what do you want”

“well I seen and spoken to Dee, and I don’t want to lose her, so I accept your terms”

“good tell her I will call her again some time, but remember tonight ask her if you can be me in bed”

... Continue»
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The Carpenter

I was just eighteen, fresh out of high school when I
landed my first real job working for a small construction
company. The work required me to spend a lot of time away
from home, which was a new and exciting experience.

Dean, the owner of the company, was in his mid—thirties.
He had a body that was like a rock and a handsome face. He
gave the outward impression of being someone to reckon with
if you dared cross him, but deep down he was as gentle as a

Dean was the kind of boss who worked right along with
his crew. I guess, because of my age, he saw me as being
someone who needed some nurturing, and being the fatherly
type, took me under his wing.

When ever we were on an away job, the crew stayed at a
nearby motel, but Dean insisted on staying in the small
trailer he always brought to the construction site.

Concerned about the bad habits I might acquire if I
spent too much time alone with the rowdy, more experienced
men, Dean insisted that we bunk together. I thought he was
being overly protective, but he was the boss.

After just two days on the job, the shower went on the
blink. The guys offered to let us shower at their motel, but
Dean being the resourceful type, assured them he already had
the problem solved.

Shortly after dark, once the site was abandoned, Dean
strung a garden hose around behind the trailer. “Whose going
to be first?” He asked, tossing me a towel. I guess he must
have detected my expression of apprehension. “You hose me
down first,” he volunteered. “Hell, I ain’t shy.”

It was night, but the ample moonlight allowed me to make
out the detailed features of Dean’s huge muscular body. When
he was ready, I directed a fine spray over him, discreetly
checking him out.

There was something about seeing him naked that made me
feel strangely warm inside. I f***ed my eyes to look away,
but they insisted on returning to the shadowy image of his
soapy thick cock.

Dean shivered as he dried himself. “Well, unless you’re
sl**ping outside, you’re next,” he said. “The water’s cold,
but it feels great.”

I was reluctant, but began taking off my cloths. I
stripped all the way down to my briefs before hesitating.
“It’s just you and me, k**,” said Dean. “There’s not another
soul around.”

Taking a deep breath, I hooked my thumbs over the top of
my briefs and peeled them off. Dean immediately turned the
hose on me, dousing my sweaty body with the refreshing spray.

Hurriedly, I ran the soap over my wet skin, working up a
good lather that cascaded down my body like a sudsy
waterfall. A couple of times I looked at Dean and was
stunned by the way he was leering at me. I’d never before
had anyone study me with such intensity. Dean’s searching
eyes made me uneasy, but they also excited me, enough to make
my temperamental, young cock restless.

Dean’s attention appeared to be glued to my semi—erect
cock, which only teased my organ to show off even more. As
the last of the grimy froth dripped from my tightly
contracted nuts, Dean turned off the hose and stood staring
shamelessly at my sizable, full blown hardon.

He shook his head, smiling. “I was just trying to
remember what it was like to be your age,” he said, reaching
out to give me a playful pat on my ass.

His innocent gesture gave me goose bumps, I was excited
beyond belief. His hand had touched my naked ass. I
suddenly found myself wondering what it would feel like to
have him grab my wagging stiff cock.

Christ, what was I thinking? What was happening to me?
I tried to get him off my mind.

It was a hot night. The inside of the trailer was like
an oven. Getting to sl**p wasn’t going to be easy. As I
laid on top of the covers, wearing only a pair of jockey
shorts, I drifted into a state of fantasy. It was a fantasy
as steamy as the night air; an erotic vision that triggered a
massive erection.

A space of four feet separated my cot from Dean’s, but
it felt like he was lying right beside me. I could feel the
heat radiating from his muscular body, passionate heat that
was about to drown me in my own sweat.

A security light cast a dim, amber glow through out the
interior of the small trailer. I could see Dean resting
peacefully. I needed to jack off in the worst way.

I turned onto my side facing away from Dean. The head
of my stiff, eight-inch cock was poking out over the elastic
of my briefs, dripping for attention. Reaching down, I
affectionately pinched the spongy knob smearing the gooey sap
that leaked from my piss hole between my thumb and fingers.
I pulled down the front of my shorts and began to slowly
stroke my rigid slab of teenage meat.

“Does that feel good?” Dean’s words shattered the
silence like an explosion, causing me to nearly jump out of
my skin.

I immediately let the front of my shorts snap back up,
but they failed to conceal the full length of my pulsing
tool. In a rather lame attempt to hide my self indulgence I
yawned and looked over my shoulder. ....... .what?”

Dean was now sitting on the edge of his cot staring at
me. I was embarrassed, but I tried not to let it show.
Cramming my tormented prick down inside my underwear, I
rolled onto my back hoping not to arouse any further

Dean reached for the switch on the wall and we were
suddenly bathed in a harsh, revealing light. “You know,”
Dean said, gazing lustfully at the sizable bulge straining
against the crotch of my briefs, “for your size, you sure
do have a big cock.” I knew he was referring to the fact
that I was only five feet nine inches tall and weighed all of
a hundred and thirty pounds.

I felt my face glowing red and hot. Dean shook his head
and smiled knowingly as I pulled up the sheet to distort his
view. “I can always go outside and have a smoke if you want
to finish taking care of business,” he said.

“I -- I,” I couldn’t even speak.

“Better yet,” he said, coming over to sit on the side of
my cot. “Why don’t you let me help you take care of

I laid paralyzed as he tossed back the sheet and pulled
my underwear down around my knees. The stiffness afflicting
my quivering young cock had not subsided in the least, if
anything, my cock had gotten even harder.

I moaned as Dean’s fingers slid up the insides of my
down covered thighs, pausing as they reached my swollen nuts.
My head spun as he gently rolled my aching bangers with his
callused fingers.

“My God, boy, you’re so full of juice you’re damn near
ready to pop a load.”

Sweat streamed down the sides of my face as Dean locked
a fist around my pulsating cylinder. It took my breath away
when he squeezed my shaft until the head of my dick was
stretched so tight that it seemed to glow in the harsh light.

Wetting his lips with his slippery tongue, I could see
that he thirsted to sample the single drop of shimmering pre-
cum that had emerged from my piss hole to fill the shallow
well at the tip of my organ’s bloated crimson crown.

“Mmmmmmmm....nectar of the Gods,” Dean sighed softly,
bending down to take my succulent knob between his slobbering
hungry lips.

I closed my eyes, listening to him grunt and groan with
satisfaction as my sticky sap washed over his hot, wet
tongue. My entire body trembled as Dean stuck the tip of his
tongue into the slimy slit of my piss hole. My organ lurched
ruttishly as he lapped greedily, slowly moving his talented
mouth further and further down the shaft of my pulsing organ.
I watched with utter amazement as he greedily consumed the
entire length of my cock.

I could keep silent no longer. “Oh fuck, that feels so
good,” I panted. “I’ve never had a blow job before.”

Dean snaked my thick wad of meat out of his sweltering
gullet. “I take it then that you approve?” He said,
flicking his tongue up and down the tubular underbelly of my
rigid organ.

“Oh God, yes! Please don’t stop. Suck my dick some

“You know,” he said, wiping the drool from his chin, “I
might be persuaded to do just that, provided you’re willing
to return the favor.”

I looked down between his huge, hairy legs and stared at
the enormous, elongated bulge tenting out the leg of his
baggy boxer shorts. “I don’t know,” I said.

“It’s either that, or you let me fuck your sweet, little
ass,” Dean said, slowly pushing my legs into the air so that
he could scrutinize the tempting contours of my tender butt
more closely. Truth is, I was so fucking horny I was willing
to do almost anything.

Gently, Dean began caressing my ass, filling me with
overwhelming curiosity. I drew my knees up against my chest
urging him to explore further. He ignited a fire inside me
when he pulled the muscular cheeks of my smooth buttocks
apart, making my small, pink pucker vulnerable to his

Slowly Dean sank down onto the cot and buried his face
in the crack of my ass. I nearly shot my wad when he crammed
his thick spiky tongue deep inside my musky asshole.

Spit soon saturated the crack of my ass and a single
finger pierced the wispy halo of man fur that surrounded my
flexing anal orifice. I shivered uncontrollably as his
invading finger wiggled its way into my spastic rectum.

“Damn, you’re tight,” Dean sighed, easing a second finger
up my twitching butt.

I had fingered my bunghole a few times while jacking
off, but it had never felt like this. Dean’s thick fingers
felt so wonderful inside me, I heard myself whimpering with
ecstasy, begging for more.

The tips of his embedded fingers raked over my internal
reservoir of semen and I could resist him no longer.

“Okay,” I said weakly. “You can fuck me, but you have
to promise to go slow, and to stop if it hurts too bad.”

“You got it buddy boy!” Dean said, slipping off his
underwear as I did the same. His cock was not as big as
mine, but it was still an impressive tool. The thought of
having something that size up my ass had me sweating bullets.

Rising up on my hands and knees, I watched anxiously as
Dean sheathed his veiny lance with a lubricated condom,
After taking position behind me, he eased the head of his
dick between my butt cheeks and engaged my resistant rim of
anal muscle.

My fingers dug into the bedding, knotting into tight
fists as the massive head of his steadfast hardness burst
into my virgin hole. I howled with agony as his entry sent
shock waves riveting down my legs and up my spine. A final
jolt of searing pain surged through my manhood as he
smothered the entire length of his bony flesh deep into the
warmth of my quivering asshole.

“Christ, you’ve got a snug little butthole,” Dean
panted. “I haven’t had a piece of ass this tight in years.”

I moaned torridly as his tempo increased, rising to a
fevered pitch. The discomfort had vanished, passion now
filled me, as raw and as urgent as any I had ever felt.

Dean grunted, slamming his man-rammer deep into my ass,
rotating his hips to make his organ wiggle around inside me.

“Ohhh, yeahhhh, bang my boy-box. It feels great,” I said
hoarsely. “I never thought that doing it with another guy
would be anything like this, so erotic.”

“So you like getting fucked, do you?”

“Oh yeah. I love it.”

Dean snickered smartly as if he had known all along that
I would. “Being such a pretty, young boy, I had a feeling
you were hot to be screwed.”

Dean was panting hard. I could feel his hairy balls
contacting as they slapped wetly into the valley of my gaping
butt crack. He was close to coming, his manly load was
churning, boiling up for release.

Grabbing hold of my hips, Dean road me hard, thrusting
his steely cock inside me and holding it there. His orgasmic
organ jerked so violently I thought it was going to lift my
impaled ass right off the bed.

I gasped as Dean pulled his trembling dick out my
flexing bunghole. I immediately rolled onto my back and
started stroking my sappy prick.

“That’s it,” Dean cooed, tearing off the slimy rubber,
frantically yanking his cock. “Beat that fucking piece of
meat. Yeahhhh!”

He huffed passionately as the searing white heat of his
pent up load spurted across my bouncing nuts. Strands of
creamy cock juice trickled down my balls to fill the crack of
my aching reamed ass. Dean’s mouth gaped lewdly as his raspy
breath faded from burning desire to blissful contentment.

A final drop of milky semen oozed from his strained piss
hole as he dove between my gaping knees to bury his face in
my steamy crotch. His slippery tongue saturated my nuts with
spit as he lapped up his spent wad. Squirming feverishly, I
shoved my dick in his face, longing to feel his hot mouth
consume me.

“Oh yeah, suck my dick!” I cried. “Take it down you
throat like you did before.”

As his sensuous mouth closed around the shaft of my
cock, I thrust my ass up off the cot, driving the soggy knob
of my thick fuck muscle against the back of his throat. Dean
groaned as his slobbering lips matted my pubic fur with his
escaping drool.

I dug my fingers into his thick, black hair, fucking his
mouth with a flurry of savage thrusts. My ejaculation was
emanate. My aching balls contracted to form a satiny pouch
beneath Dean’s bristly chin.

My cock jerked as it slid from Dean’s mouth. “I’m gonna
cum!” I groaned in a fit of lustful insanity. “Please, jack me off!”

Dean seized my cock, his tight fist hammering away at a
frenzied pace. My entire body was covered with a torrid
sweat as I wiggled and squirmed, bucking against the sensual
thrusts of his pumping hand.

A whipping rope of semen launched through the air
landing on my chest, another splattered across my lips. The
taste of my own cum triggered a third and fourth volley of
gooey jism. By the time my ejaculation had subsided, my
entire torso was saturated with pools of shimmering white
cock cream.

From then on, by day Dean was my boss and by night, he
was my lover.... Continue»
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The Toy Shop


Roxy hated having to get out of bed and get ready for work. It was cold and snowing outside and all she wanted to do was stay in bed with a warm cup of cocoa. She would much rather be watching a good porn with her new vibrator she nicknamed Bruno. Bruno was one of the newest models out and was guaranteed to have the power like no other. She longed to have a big dick pounding away inside her tight pussy, however she had no man in her life, so Bruno would have to do for now. She had just purchased it at the sex shop she worked at last night and planned on starting her day by trying it out, but Lana had called and said she wasn’t feeling well and asked Roxy to come in early and run the store by herself.

Roxy arrived at work a little while later with Bruno in her purse. She always had a saying, “a dick is like American Express, you never should leave home without it.” She liked to go into the back room and satisfy her own needs during the slow times at work. She also had a fantasy of getting caught by someone that would take her and screw the shit out of her over and over again. Roxy had a huge imagination just no one to share it with.

The day was dragging by with out a single customer, probably due to the nasty weather. Roxy was growing more and more impatient waiting to use Bruno and decided to give herself a treat. So she took a little break, figuring that no body would come in the store anyway, she took Bruno and slipped into one of the 25 cent movie booths. She put a few dollars in quarters into the slot and sat back to enjoy a few moments alone with Bruno.

She started watching a sex scene on the screen as she lifted up her skirt and slipped her panties off. She took her sheer flimsy top off and slowly began rubbing her nipples while closing her eyes and dreaming of being the girl on the screen getting her brains screwed out. Her pussy started to throb and was becoming very wet. She slid her fingers down where she met her eager clit. By now it was throbbing so severe it ached and stood erect. She slid two fingers inside of her tight wet pussy and began to finger fuck herself. She let out a moan and continued to invade her wet hole faster and with increased intensity. She went into her own fantasy world and completely forgot where she was at. Suddenly the door to the booth opened and startled Roxy, there stood a man and a woman.

The woman replied, “I am sorry, we are looking for some that works here.”

Roxy was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. She had always dreamed of a threesome with another man and woman. Roxy remained speechless as the woman noticed Bruno and asked if that was the new vibrator she recently heard about.

Roxy said yes and she was about to try it out. She invited the woman to join in if she wanted to give Bruno a test run. The woman instantly lit up and before she could answer her husband yelled, “You bet we will.” They decided to move to the break room where there was a couch and entertainment system. They picked out porn and popped it in the DVD player. The husband made himself comfortable on a chair while Roxy lay down on the couch. The woman slowly slipped out of her clothing as Roxy lent a helping hand. Roxy started kissing every exposed part of her slender sexy body. As hard hand slid down between the woman’s legs she could feel her shaven pussy was dripping wet. This sent a wave of excitement through her body. The woman lightly moaned and reached for Roxy’s breast, cupping both her 44dd in her hands and gently sucking her nipples.

At this point her husband started squirming in his chair adjusting his obvious hard cock bulging in his pants. The woman slowly moved her mouth down Roxy’s body, lightly licking with her tongue the entire way, only to stop at her very inviting pussy. She licked around her lips and then opened them up and started licking and sucking Roxy’s aching clit. She continued to lick and tease Roxy’s clit causing her body to have uncontrolled spasms. She then got up and crawled on top of Roxy, coming to rest on her face. Roxy welcomed her wet pussy with her hungry mouth as she fucked her hole with her tongue and sucked all her sweet tasty juice.

Just then Roxy felt a tongue enter her own pussy as the woman’s husband began eating her. She never wanted this to end as she drifted into a world of pleasure. Just as she was starting to have an orgasm the other woman started yelling, “I’m cummmming” and together they did just that. The woman’s sweet nectar filled Roxy’s mouth while Roxy soaked the mans face with her hot cum. They both savored every drop of the sweet sex juice. The woman’s husband then turned Roxy over and slid his huge cock inside of her wet throbbing pussy. This caused Roxy to scream with pleasure as all 8 inches slammed into her.

The woman lies in front of Roxy on the couch and spread her legs to expose a very wet pussy and give Roxy perfect access. Roxy took Bruno and started to insert it into her waiting hole. She screamed, “Fuck me, I want it hard and fast, fuck meee.” The harder Roxy fucked her with the vibrator the harder the woman’s husband fucked Roxy. The woman came again letting out a loud scream as she swallowed as much of Bruno as she could.

The husband pulled out of Roxy’s pussy and both women licked and sucked his cock, the entire length of his shaft, caressing his balls with there tongues until he too let out a huge moan and came all over there faces. Each one licked every drop of cum from his dick and balls.

Roxy then lay back onto the couch and the woman took Bruno and flipped the switch on and started running it up and down Roxy’s wet pussy lips. Making small circles around her clit and then on down to her wet hole. This went on for several joyful minutes and Roxy could feel the waves of an orgasm building deep in her body. As she was starting to explode the woman moved the vibrator up to the hood of Roxy’s clit and held it there. She then stuck her tongue as far inside Roxy’s hole and began to suck. Roxy’s hips began to pump hard at the woman’s mouth as she exploded with a massive orgasm that flooded the woman’s mouth and splashed all over her face.

The woman and her husband stood at the counter purchasing one of the new vibrators as another couple came in and asked about the new toys. The husband replied, “This store is the greatest, they let you try them out before you buy and they even assist you. That was the best day Roxy had ever had at work.

... Continue»
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The Fairy Stepfather

scene:Manchester 2013:42 year old Caroline Walshe,a single mum,is working in her job on the counter at Tescos-one of the many poorly paid jobs the poor woman has had during her tough life on the council estate-she is slim and redhaired and would be considered attractive but for dowdy overalls-her normal clothes at home are not much better-a smelly tracksuit she got cheap in a charity shop five years ago,like many in the city she is constantly struggling to make ends meet-she is behind the rent this week-in desperation she fiddles the till-of course she is found out and gets the sack-a terrible scene takes place in the store-the police ar called and Caroline is arrested and flung in a police cell-she expects to go to jail-just like most of her ex-boyfriends-d**g-dealers and gang-leaders-who have all badly treated her-she rarely has had a happy memory-they used to knock her about and steal money from her,Caroline has just a single c***d from her many relationships-Penny-now a girl of 19-already with a criminal record for shoplifting-it seems likely she will go the same way as her mother and father and end up in prison,Caroline sobs her heart out as she is locked in the police cell.the next morning she has a surprise 'this kind gentleman has offered to pay you bail' the police officer tells her-the business suited young gentleman steps forward and smiles 'miss Walshe-your troubles are all over!'Caroline was gobsmacked!a few months later Caroline's trial came up-instead of going to jail for six months she got a suspended sentence-but that was not all-the man took her shopping and told her 'money is no object!'-the dowdy middle-aged woman was transformed within a few weeks into a sophisticated woman-her personal habits changed as well-she was encouraged to give up smoking and lose weight-she started going to the gym!within six months she was unregognisable!she even stopped swearing and started going to church!finally-it seems she had finally met her dream man!he asked for her hand in marriage and she accepted!the man was totally different to all her other boyfriends-most significantly he refused to sl**p with her!but her was never short in showing his affection for her in other ways-he loved kissing her passionately and tickling her-most significantly of all he loved spanking her!his rough hand could bring her to orgasm within seconds!and so the couple were married-everyone of Caroline's friends was delighted for her-save for Penny-she hated him!Penny continued to shoplift and stay out till all hours-of course something had to be done!'Caroline-you know i would do anything to make you happy?'he said one day 'you have already done so my love!you have given me everthing i could ever wish for!'she beamed 'but-my love-i have not brought you true happiness have i-there is nothing more precious than the love of a mother for her daughter-she wants her to be happy and contented-but look at Penny!'Caroline frowned 'i'm so sorry about Penny darling!'she said sympathetically-the man had showered presents on Penny but received not as much as a thank you from her!'i understand the problem!' the man tapped his nose 'she takes everything for granted!why should she be grateful for my beautiful presents when she can get them all for herself by stealing?'Caroline nodded 'we all know what will happen eventually don't we?' the man continued 'she will end up in jail!just like you almost did!''oh!but if that happens you can bail her out like you did me surely?'Caroline smiled 'Caroline-people can only change themselves if they truly want to-like you did!'oh!i could never had done it without you Peter![this was the mans name-Peter Heaven]Peter then stood up and went to the full length mirror-a gift from him to her 'look Caroline!look what could happen if you hadn't met me!'the mirror's surface seem to cloud over-images started to form on its surface-Caroline saw herself in court again-she got six months in prison!but this changed Penny!finally she saw the error of her ways-she stopped being the selfish brat and started to support her mother-she got a nice job as a secretary to a successful bussinessman-she was able to earn enough money to pay he mother a nice little cottage in Yorkshire-but sadly Caroline would die of cancer from her continued heavy smoking-the mirror cleared again-Caroline was staring deep into it-tears streaming down her face 'you see?' Peter says 'the road to happiness can take many paths,we make a million decisions every day of our lives-any one of these can ultimately bring about either our salvation or our destruction'Peter looked deep into Caroline's beautiful green eyes 'i made a big mistake interfering in your personal destiny-but i acted on instinct-i was warned of the consequences!''by who?' the now thoroughly bemused Caroline said-Peter just looked upwards 'you are fucking k**ding me!'Caroline said-yes-she was now a regular church-goer-but was Peter one of Gods angels?'Peter threw back his head and laughed!'when he stopped he explained everything-Peter was no 'angel'-he was a hypnother****t originally,who later became a stage hynotist-with the name 'Peter Heaven'-all those images she saw in the mirror was purely by 'suggestion'-the actual images of herself and Caroline had come from her subconscious mind 'i have tried to influence Penny,believe me-but her mind is to closed-she doesn't wantto change her life!''Peter explained 'let me give a little demonstation of what i mean-he stared deeply into Caroline's eyes 'you will obey everything i say!''i will obey everthing you say!'she repeated 'take off all your clothes!'-Caroline obeyed 'bend over the sofa!'-again she obeyed-Peter then went to the cupboard and brought out a school cane 'you have been a very bad girl!you must be punished!''i must be punished!'Caroline said-beginning to feel a moistness between her legs 'i deserve six of the best!'-Peter then drew the cane back-but instead of striking the naked buttocks of Caroline he struck at the chair behind him-after each stroke Caroline cried out!after the sixth stroke Peter said 'you may rub your bottom now Caroline 'thank you sir!'-Caroline then came round 'that fucking hurt you bastard!'Caroline turned to Peter-rubbing her burning bottom furiously 'Caroline-take your hands away-i didn't cane you!''what do you mean i didn't cane you-there are marks all over my ass!'she said-stareing into the mirror-seeing the bright red marks on her pale white buttocks 'look again Caroline!'-she obeyed-and both the intense pain and the marks magically vanish!'Caroline was gobsmacked!'you felt the pain because you wanted to feel the pain!'Peter was absolutely right of course-Caroline wanted to be caned-it made her wet!she knew she loved it when he spanked her after all 'now-a final demonstration of my power' he goes over to the cupboard again-he draws out a gun-he uncocks it-showing it to be full of bullets 'kill yourself you stupid bitch!'he says-thrusting it into her hands-Caroline looked confused 'i order you to obey me!'he stares into her eyes-Caroline stares back into his eyes-unable to see what he did next 'i give you to the count of ten to kill yourself-if you don't-then you must kill me!'-Caroline slowly draws the gun up to her head-but then she shouts 'no!i won't do it!'-Peter snatches the gun from her 'useless bitch!it seems i have to do everthing!he draws the gun up to his own head-then turns it on the terrified Caroline 'die!'he pulled the trigger...and Caroline was soaked full in the face with water from the gun-it was a water pistol!Peter had pulled the switch when she was staring into her eyes!'you see?you could bring yourself to kill yourself!now-if i had performed this same 'trick'in your police cell that night-what do you think would have happened?'Caroline nodded grimly 'i would have indeed killed myself!'Peter smiled kindly and then embraced the still naked Caroline-he started to get an erection!''now now dear!not till were married!'Caroline said cheekily 'i'm only a man after all!' he laughed back 'Caroline smiled warmly at him-she then went over to the cane-which had been dropped on the floor and picked it-she then handed it to him and said 'don't worry my darling!i'm sure we can find othher ways of amusing ourselves till then!'she winked saucily at him at then went back to the sofa-assuming 'the position' as before-Peter grinned broadly and began to make a few practice 'swishes' with the cane before he got down to business!the next morning,Caroline came down to breakfast in their flat-sitting rather gingerly on the hard wooden seat,she tucks into her fry-up made by her husband as a special treat for putting he through such grief last night[she now rarely had a fried breakfast-eating much more 'sensibly' now,Penny was also at the breakfast table-as surly as ever-Peter decides to give the girl one last chance to change-'guess what i've got for you Penny-tickets to see one direction in concert this weekend!'Caroline clapped her hands in glee!'oh!did you hear that Penny!'-one direction was of course Penny's favourite band-but was she grateful-was she eck!'pfff!got some tickets off Brian for the concert months ago!'she sneered![Brian was one of the local petty crooks-the tickets were 'bootlegs' of course-Brian planned to make a packet!]Peter then grabbed the tickets from Penny and tore them up in her face!'hey!they cost me 60 quid those tickets!'Penny protested 'really?'Peter smirked back 'i got them all three for just 30 quid!'Penny was not pleased!'that cheating bastard!i'll kill him!'and got off her chair and left the table 'er-where do you think your going young lady?'Penny sneered back 'i'm getting dressed and going to get my mates to do Brian!WHAT DO YOU THINK!'-and with that she stormed up to her bedroom.after getting dressed in her pink tracksuit she came down-Peter roughly grabbed he arm 'fuck off!' she said to him 'Penny i believe you have forgotten something?have you had a shower today?'he then sniffed at her armpits 'phew!it appears not!'and with that he grabbed her left ear and pulled the still protesting girl into the bathroom-he then stripped her naked and turned on the shower and f***ed her head under it!it was kept on the 'cold' setting'-10 minites later Penny was shivering!'p-please!give me a-t-towel!'she pleaded-but Peter's face was stern-he knew he was starting to get through to the girl-this was the first time the girl had even said please!'Towel's have to be earned girl!' he said-he grabbed her ear again and took her-still naked-into the back garden-it was now winter and freezing!'i'll catch pneumonia!' she protested as he pushed her out of the door and locked it!'not if you exercise girl!' he smirked back 'i want you to burn off some of the flab on you!'and with that he went in-Penny was soon freezing!her pale freckled white-skin soon covered in goosebumps!she started to cry!soon her pretty green eyes were very red-she then started to sneeze!Peter comes back-now accompanied by Caroline-Penny's face lit up!surely her mother would let her come in?but Caroline shook her head sadly and she and Peter both returned to the living room-they turn on the telly-the weather says they could be a big frost tonight!and so Penny was left till morning in the garden-she considered climbing over the fence-but if if she did that what then?she was bound to be caugtht by someone!she was also bitterly hungry-she of course had no food since breakfast!broken-she did what Peter had told her to do-exercise-she did her best but collapsed exhausted on the ground after just five minites!eventually she sought shelter from the bitter frost under the bushes at the end of the garden-to add to her woes she got her ass stung by a patch of stinging nettles![it was by then very dark]Peter didn't let up-the next morning he goes out into the garden-he finds Penny still asl**p-and throws a bucket of freezing cold water over her!'rise and shine!you've got work to do!'he grabs her and brings her into the house-he gives her another shower-but it was a nice warm one this time!he then cooked her a lovely breakfast-which the girl wolfed down!'Peter's face was still grim 'things are gonna change around here girl!i don't wan't you mixing with those lowlifes ever again!''those 'lowlifes' appen to be me mates!'she sneered back 'were moving to a new neighbourhood soon-you'll make some new friends-and this time some 'decent' ones!'he replied,but then he smiled!'been a bit of a shit haven't i Penny?but-in all honesty-don't you think you deserved it?'Penny smiled sadly-Peter was right of course!and what about those one direction tickets?she had behaved like a total bitch to him since she first met him-and he had got her tickets for her favourite band!and then there was her mum-she was now so happy!'i've got a lot of making up to do aven't i?'Peter smiled!'tell you what-it seems like a great shame to let these tickets go to waste-are you free this weekend Penny?'Penny-now in her nightdress-flung her arms around his neck and kissed him!and so that weekend,the three had a great time at the concert-it looked at though everyone was going to live happy ever after-but Peter was then killed in a hit and run accident-Caroline of course got another waster of a boyfriend and started to backslide into her old ways-it was her boyfriends fists and not her loving husband's hard but kind hands she was now on the receiving end day-after her boyfriend had become d***k and had beaten her once again-she looked once again sadly into the mirror-its surface clouded over once more-Peter was standing there!'she remembered what he had said to her.the next day-Caroline chucked out her useless boyfriend-she began to 'glam up' again-but she didn't go to church like before-one day,while coming home,some building workers wolf-whistle her-when she got home she went online on her daughters laptop-within a few weeks she had set herself up as an 'e****t'-with her beautiful redhair,green eyes and shapely figure she was soon attracting a lot of male attention-but she was no 'cheap' whore-she charged a grand for dinner and five grand for actual sex-the money was soon rolling in!her daughter Penny fully supported her mother-very soon they were able to move out of the estate-moving to an expensive penthouse in london-Penny became an art student-a talent in her own right,the old mirror that Peter had bought was taken with great care to their new location-and remains there to this day-and,thankfully not very often,when Caroline was feeling sad,she would stand naked in front of the mirror-holding the cane Peter had also given to her-she would then place the cane carefully over the mirror and lie facedown on her bed-closing her eyes and then waiting for Peter to show his love for her once more!THE END!... Continue»
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Punishment Scenario Part 1

The slave has a punishment scenario that it thinks Master may approve of because it definitely involves a lot of pain. Pain and tears are two things that Master enjoys and this would definitely hold both. It would also involve the woods. Just something about being in the woods at Master’s mercy that is exciting and very erotic.

Master sends the slave an email describing in detail what the slave is to bring and how to dress for the trip to the woods. The slave is to bring the wooden spoon, tit rope, toys, lube, blanket and extra rope that is strong He says. The slave cannot imagine why that is important but prepares what He orders. Master says that he will bring other implements of His own desire. Then He tells it to dress in only a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. The slave is never to wear underwear of any kind when it is with Master unless He specifically specifies it to. Master tells the slave to be outside and waiting for His arrival. When Master arrives He and the slave head off into the woods to find a private and secluded spot for what Master has in store.

Master orders the slave to undress and to stand in 1st position so that He can inspect the body that belongs solely to Him. He grabs its nipples and squeezes them tightly till the slave cries out in pain as tears fill its eyes. This only makes Master pull and squeeze harder. Then Master takes the tit rope and binds the tits tightly which causes the slave to wince in pain. Master then reaches into His box of goodies and takes out a pair of hand shackles and places them on slave’s hands behind slave’s back. Then Master throws the extra rope over a tree limb and pulls on the rope to test its strength. He then ties the rope to the rope binding the slave’s tits. When He is satisfied with His work He raises the slave in the air by its tits and ties it off securely. Then taking the wooden spoon in His hands he runs it along the slave’s body slapping it hard across its ass and pussy. But that is not leaving the marks on the slave’s ass that Master wants so He takes out his paddle and uses it instead. The slave moves helplessly trying to escape the pain of the paddle hitting its ass. The slave starts to cry and whimper and for once it cannot wipe away the tears. Then Master spies several limbs that will make perfect switches for Master to use on the slave. He runs the first switch all over the slave’s body. He takes it and traces the outline of her nipples with it softly and tenderly at first. Then without warning Master slaps the switch across the slave’s breast several times. Each slap of the switch leaves marks all along the slave’s tits. The marks sting and burn greatly to the slave as it tries to scream in agony. Master then takes a new switch and rubs it across the slave’s ass softly and tenderly. Master teases the crack of the slave’s ass with the end of the switch. Then He slaps it across its ass as once again the slave tries to escape the pain of the switch. The slave’s ass quickly starts to whelp up from the slap of the switch. Master uses the switch on the slave’s ass, tits, thighs, back and stomach. The different spots quickly show signs of the switches mark.
Then Master lowers the slave down and unties the tree rope from the bound tits.

Once this is done Master orders the slave on its knees as He stuffs His cock into the slave’s mouth. He fucks the slave’s mouth hard. Master pushes His cock deeper and deeper down the slave’s throat. He orders the slave to stick its tongue out and to lick his balls. The slave obeys Master’s wishes and does what He says. It can feel Master’s cock get harder and harder. The slave gags on the Master’s cock as He slams it into its throat down to its tonsils. Master grabs the slave by its head and fucks the slave’s mouth deeper and harder than He ever has until finally He explodes in the slave’s mouth. The slave shudders as the hot cum slides down its throat. Master pulls the slave to its feet and holds it in His arms and wipes away the tears from the slave‘s eyes. He holds the slave in his arms and leads it to the blanket that has been spread on the ground.

Master lays the slave on the blanket and runs His fingers across the whelps on the slave’s body. Master moves his fingers downward to the slave’s pussy which is still red from Master’s earlier attention to it with the spoon. He then spreads the pussy open and starts to caress it and tease the clit with His fingers. The slave starts to get very wet. Master’s fingers start slipping deeper and deeper inside causing the slave to get wetter and wetter as it grinds against Master’s hand until it begs to cum. Master’s not finished with what he has planned for slave and tells it that it must satisfy Master more before it can be satisfied.

He unbinds the slave’s tits and then tells it to get on its knees. The slave feels Master’s lubed up fingers start to penetrate its asshole. He takes the pink dildo out and tells the slave to take it and gak on it . It does this as Master lubes the slave’s ass up and prepares it for penetration. Master then takes the slimy dildo and slowly slides it into the slave’s ass.

TO BE CONTINUED... Continue»
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Underworld: Submission

Bonnie still wasn't sure what had happened. One moment she'd been walking on her treadmill, daydreaming about what it would have felt like to play the part of the beautiful but doomed heroine in that old horror movie she'd watched the night before. The next, she was in chains, with a hideous monster dragging her along a dimly lit subterranean passageway.
Just when Bonnie thought she couldn't manage to take another step, they reached their destination, a diabolical torture chamber dominated by a large and ominously spike filled pit.

The monster dragged me to the edge of the pit and, using an evil looking spear, f***ed me to step up onto a small wooden platform that extended out over the side of the pit. Staring down at all those horrifyingly sharp looking spikes I could sense the cold merciless eyes of that hideous monster upon me. In that moment I knew I was going to die upon those sharp looking spikes, that I was as doomed as the actress in that old horror movie. I was just beginning to wonder why I wasn't already dying on those spikes when I heard a faint sound, the click of high heels approaching along the passageway that led to this very torture chamber.
A beautiful tall redhead dressed in a black, skin tight, leather catsuit entered the torture chamber and stood silently watching me from across the spike filled pit. I'm not sure which I found more terrifying, the look of almost sadistic amusement on her face, or the way her eyes almost seemed to glow with the fires of hell.

Sensing the almost overwhelming terror emanating from Bonnie's tormented mind, Lady Jenova, the ancient goddess of death and the absolute ruler of the Underworld smiled darkly as she began to speak.
"Bonnie I've brought you here to make you a darkly attractive offer, one I believe you will find impossible to refuse. Accept your rightful place as one of my willing pleasure slaves and you will remain young and beautiful for all eternity. I can sense your overwhelming need to experience a life of submissive masochistic fulfillment. Accept my offer and your days will be filled with unimagined hedonistic pleasures of the flesh, your nights consumed by the deathly torturous delights of the Underworld's dungeons."
Sensing a hint of masochistic interest flaring in the hidden depths of Bonnie's mind, the death goddess continued, "Of course, accepting my offer does require an act of willing and total submission from you." Smiling darkly, Lady Jenova raised her hand and pointed toward Bonnie's feet as she continued, "At your toes is the switch that will release the platform upon which you are standing and send you plunging toward the razor sharp spikes below."
Seeing the look of shock in Bonnie's eyes as she stared down at the platform's deadly release switch waiting just before the toes of her shoes, the death goddess said, "Your choices are clear. Choose to press the release switch and die upon the spikes and you spend all eternity as one of my willing pleasure slaves. Or, choose to step away and return to your pathetic mortal existence."

Despite her almost overwhelming terror, or perhaps because of it, Bonnie carefully raised her foot and positioned to toe of her shoe directly above the platform's release switch. The moment Bonnie felt the switch beneath her toes an intense wave of satisfying calmness swept through her as she realized that this was the moment she'd fantasized about, the moment she'd forever become a slave, fated to spend all eternity in an endless and inescapable cycle of pleasure and pain. Looking up she stared into Lady Jenova's red smoldering eyes as her foot slowly began to depress the switch.

The amount of effort needed to depress the release switch surprised Bonnie. She needed to shift almost all her weight onto the switch before it would even budge.
Bonnie had the switch almost fully depressed when she heard a sharp metallic CLICK.
Bonnie cried out the moment she felt the platform beginning to fall away. She'd thought that all this had been nothing more than a darkly sadistic test of her willingness to submit, never in her wildest nightmares had she imagined she'd actually end up falling toward those deadly spikes.

The cold look of darkly sadistic amusement in Lady Jenova's glowing eyes was the last thing Bonnie saw before she hit the spikes. Even today, after countless centuries of willing servitude in the dungeon torture chambers of the Underworld, that terrifying first night still haunts her memories.... Continue»
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"Fr.Joe" (Part 3) (Adult friends)

After the last Sunday Mass, Fr. Joe and I drove up to the
country, to spend a few days at his cabin. The cabin was on property owned by
Fr. Joe, and we were miles from the nearest neighbor, which suited both of us
fine. Once up there, before we even unpacked, Fr. Joe told me to sit in one
of the rustic wooden chairs on the porch. He sat beside me on another, and
asked to hear my confession. As I confessed my various sins, I could see Fr.
Joe's eyes narrow behind his bifocals as he glowered at me, and I could also
see a growing bulge behind the fly of his black clerical trousers. When I
have finished, Fr. Joe sighs and glowers at me, like a stern dad about to
punish his delinquent son. Fr. Joe tells me I must be punished for my sins,
and he orders me to follow him to the "Tree Of Discipline".
The old tree, partially
leaning over, is silently awaiting my well-deserved punishment at Fr. Joe's
priestly hands. First, I am ordered to drop my pants and shorts. When they
are down around my shoes, my huge nine-inch cock swings out, the angry head
slick with lube. I am then pushed against the tree, and my hands and ankles
are restrained with old rope. Fr. Joe goes into the cabin, and then comes
back with a willow switch, the gnarled twigs bunched together looking
SON!!", Fr. Joe growls. With that, he starts switching my bare, round ass,
the willow switches lighting a fire to my quivering corporate asscheeks.
Joe switches my ass with a vengence; no one is around to hear. The switches
attack my ass, which feels as though a swarm of bees is attacking it. Fr. Joe
angrily recites Scriptures as he continues to throughly thrash my flaming,
raw ass. My hard cock is rubbing against the coarse bark of the old tree,
streams of lube drooling over the bark.
Soon, my ass is crisscrossed with hot, angry
red stripes. Fr. Joe decides I have suffered for my sins, and now will annoit
my sinning flesh. He drops the switch, and unzips his black pants. He pulls
out his angry, drooling, bone-hard dick and starts to rub it all over my
well-switched, blazing ass. I wince as his lube-slick dong grinds against my
tortured assflesh. Fr. Joe is again chanting in Latin as he humps my
red-striped buns harder. Groaning loudly, Fr. Joe's hairy old balls explode,
and his huge load of priestly spooge sprays all over my sore, flaming rear. I
hear him grunting as his cock continues to whitewash my well-switched
corporate ass. I feel my own balls about to explode.

Fr. Joe massages his soothing cum into the flesh of my blistered buns, and
then he releases me from my restrainsts. He quickly spins me around, drops to
his knees, and goes down on my huge, drooling horsecock. My head is spinning,
in total blinding ecstacy, as this balding little priest, my best friend and
my lover, gives me a hot, sloppy blowjob. All too soon, my aching balls boil
over, and my hands hold tight to Fr. Joe's head. His small hands rub and
squeeze my sore, cum-sticky buns as he swallows my hot cum-load; gob after
gob of hot, thick Catholic cum sliding down his throat, filling his hot moth,
dribbling down onto his black shirt. When finally the last of my hot cum has
been drained from my nuts, Fr. Joe stands up, and kisses me, my tongue
tasting my hot load in his mouth. At moments like this, the deep and loving
bond between us is so tangible that it can practically be seen and felt.
Now, I pull up my pants and shorts over my sore, red,
cum-sticky butt as I watch Fr. Joe drop his black clerical trousers and his
briefs. Now, I bind Fr.
Joe to the punishment tree, his stubby cock against the cum-sticky bark. His
bare, smallish ass gets my cock twitching again, and I pick up the
BE PUNISHED FOR YOUR WICKED ACTIONS", I growl. I pull back my arm, and start
switching Fr. Joe's vunerable, pale little ass.
little priest cries out loudly as the coarse switches assault his pale,
quivering little rear. I can see him grinding his hard priestly pud against
the rough bark of the tree, his little buns now twin orbs of red-striped
manflesh. Again and again, I switch the little priest's ass. and by now he is
in tears as I had been earlier, tears of pain, humiliation, and masculine
ecstacy. Then I throw down the switch, but instead of cumming all over his
red-striped ass I had done to him, I release him, and then I drop my pants
and shorts and bend over a broken section of split-rail fence. I hear Fr. Joe
spit into his hand, and then he lubes up that stubby, steel-hard dick of his,
and slams it into my waiting ass. I groan loudly as the priest's pounding
prick spears my tight hole, and, soon enough, his balls are slapping noisily
against my sore, sticky buns as he rams my butt like a madman.

His invading cock is slamming into my humming prostate,
his hand furiously pumping my rock-hard cock, as I gyrate my blistered
corparate ass, urging him on. All too soon, both of us approach yet another
nut-bustin' orgasm. Growling in Latin, Fr. Joe's nuts blow, and I feel his
hard shaft throb in my tight, sweaty ass, his hot, thick Catholic cum
splattering deep between my tortured assglobes. His expert hand has brought
me to the brink as well, and as I moan and curse, my fat, thick nine-inch
horsecock explodes in Fr. Joe's pumping hand, gobs of hot jizz flooding his
hand. Fr. Joe collapse on my back, and I feel his cock soften in
my worn-out ass. He slowly pulls out, and I hear him pull up his briefs and
pants. I straighten up and do the same, Fr. Joe's hot cum drippling out of my
abused ass, staining the seat of my boxers. We again embrace, hug, kiss, and
fondle one another, knowing that with each passing day, our love for each
other only grows deeper. As we walk back to the cabin, my hand gently
squeezes Fr. Joe's little ass through the seat of his black trousers. Yes, I
was looking forward to another few days of bieng with Fr. Joe.........THE
END!! Hope you guys enjoyed Part 3!!... Continue»
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Punishment Scenario Part III

The sound of Master’s heartbeat and the feel of Master’s arms helped the slave to sl**p and rest well. It could have laid there forever but it was not meant to be. While it was sl**ping Master had been inspecting the marks and all left from Master’s training from earlier. The marks and bruising had really started to show up better than before. He was quite pleased with everything that was done but for the slave’s back. The marks that He had hoped for were not there. The slave’s hands being tied behind its back when it was hung by its bound tits had kept Master from getting the results on the slave’s back like he had hoped. Master knew how to solve that “problem”.

“Get up you lazy whore,” the slave heard Master say as she felt his open hand slap its face. The slave quickly jumped up and assumed the 1st position to wait for Master’s further instructions. It knew that Master had said before it fell asl**p that He had more planned but what could it be. Master was pleased with the slave for assuming the 1st position and told it to keep its hands where they were. The slave did as it was told and waited for Master’s further instructions. First the slave felt Master place the wrist restraints on it. Next Master led the slave to the tree where the rope that had been used earlier was still in the tree. Master tied the rope to the restraints and then raised the slave up where that only its toes were touching the ground underneath it. The slave struggled to stay on its toes as it waited for what Master had planned next.

Then the slave felt the burning sting of the first switch as it made contact with its back. Now it knew what Master had planned. As each switch made contact with the slave’s back the slave cried out with pain. It could feel the tears start to flow from its eyes. It was glad that its hands were bound so that for once it wouldn’t automatically reach to wipe them away. Master hates when the slave does that and this was a time that the slave didn’t want to displease Master. With each strike of the switch the slave thanked Master. Then Master used the switch on the rest of the slave’s body. It seemed like it lasted forever but finally it was over. The criss cross pattern that Master had hoped for was now shining brightly on the slave’s back. Master took out His camera to take a picture of it for a future reference for a tattoo that Master has planned for slave.

The slave felt Master softly and tenderly wipe away the tears that had fell. Then the slave felt Master tenderly run his hands and fingers over the marks on its back. Then it felt another burning sensation as Master poured rubbing alcohol over slave’s wounds. The pain of it was awful and the slave tried to hold back the tears again but it was no use. Master gently untied the slave from the ropes that had held it up and unhooked the wrist restraints. Then Master took the slave into his arms. Stroking its hair and kissing its tears as He told it that it had done well for the day. Master told the slave that that would be all for the day. “Master has lots more planned for His slave but it cannot be all done in one day so it must all wait till later.” “Thank you Master,” the slave said as it snuggled up in Master’s arms.

The End.
... Continue»
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The house is rocking Part 4

I had a really tough week at school a couple of major exams and some papers with deadline looming left me exhausted, so when some of my roomies went out to party on Thursday night I had declined. I hit the sack early and was in a sound sl**p until I awoke sometime in the mid morning. There were two girls coming into my room. The were d***k and giggling, shushing each other which made them even louder, but I pretended to be asl**p, I liked where I thought this was going.

Recently I had just started fucking the third member of the house. Karla was an old fuck buddy, Lana and Traci were the two latest. I was keeping my eyes most of the way closed and I couldn't figure out who was in my room, but I could see that they were both striping. Everyone in the house knows I always sl**p naked so one of the girls pulled back the covers and crawled up next to my cock. She took it in her hand and put the head into her mouth.

The other girl moved up across from her. Looking down the bed I could see that the one girl was Traci. She was the girl I had just started screwing most recently. I assumed then that the girl with her was Connie, her best friend who was visiting from out of town. Connie had pert little B cup titties with puffy nipples that I wanted to reach out and pull on so bad, but I wanted to see where this was going.

Traci stopped sucking and offered my cock to Connie. She took it hesitantly into her mouth. She was having trouble getting her mouth around it. I got the impression she really wasn't very experienced. Traci talked to her in low tones coaching her on how to suck and not sc**** with her teeth. Connie was starting to get the hang of it, and when Traci leaned down and took one of my shaved balls into her mouth I let out a slow moan which caused them to both stop. When I didn't move or make any more sound Traci started stroking my cock again slowly.

She said to Connie, "So what do you think, are you going to try it?"
"I don't know, its so weird, he is asl**p and I am worried about the size."
"You will get used to the size, its not like you are a real virgin." said Traci.
"I am too a virgin."
"Sure you have never fucked a guy, but I have seen you with that dildo of yours, you are not going to have issues."
"You might be right, should we wake him?" asked Connie.
"Nah, he will wake up on his own."

I felt Connie straddle me and lower her pussy down to my cock. When it got there Traci rubbed my cock on her pussy to get it wet for entry. Traci lined my dick up with Connie's hole and said "OK", and Connie brought herself down. She was tight, very tight and wet. She went down a few inches and then back up. She did not seem willing to go all the way down, but Traci started playing with Connie clit and she sort of slipped and came all the way down.

Connie started to moved her hips back and forth and rub her clit into my pubic region. This stimulated her clit and she really was getting off on it. I laid still but it was taking a lot of self control. I wanted to be ramming her hard and sucking on her sweet titties. Connie started to cum and had a series of orgasms on my cock, it felt incredible as her pussy contracted on my cock repeatedly. I thought it might put me over the edge, but I was able to control.

She got up and laid down next to me and Traci said that it was her turn. Traci started to ride me hard, and it would have woken the dead, so I opened my eyes. I reached up and took her tits into my hands. I stroked her nipples as she rode me and reached her first orgasm. I sat up and lifted Traci off of me. I repositioned her into doggy and got behind her. Connie was masturbating watching us which was really hot to watch. I entered Traci hard and fucked her fast. She was digging it and came again pretty quickly. I looked down at Conne and said "Come here."

She got up and I put her on top of Traci also in doggy. Traci lowered herself a bit and I entered Connie. I took turns fucking both of them. They both seemed to be on a sex high because I was fucking them for a minute or two and they would cum, so I would switch to the other. This went on for a while and I slowly worked my index finger into Connie's asshole while I fucked her. When I would switch to fucking Traci I would finger her pussy and ass at the same time.

At the time I was to switch again I made sure my cock was really wet with some extra saliva and pussy juice and I lined up with Connie's ass. My cock went in for the first inch or two pretty easy, then Connie tensed up and let out a little scream. Traci rolled over and started kissing her friend and fingering her pussy while I worked my cock into her tight ass. It was really hot taking in this scene, Connie seemed to be out of it, she was thrashing herself and almost screaming just repeating "fuck fuck fuck fuck" over and over. Finally she stopped moving and tensed up as she was racked with an incredible orgasm that seemed to rip through her and leave her totally spent.

I let her roll off of the top of Traci and she just laid there panting. Traci laid next to her and I started stroking my cock. I had been pretty close to cumming for a while so soon I was shooting my cum all over both of them. I tried to make sure that they each got their share and my load seemed huge. I crashed next to them and fell asl**p.

When the sun came up I woke up and saw them both laying there covered with my dried cum and it got me very hard. Traci was on her side, so I decided I would wake her up like she did me. I got my cock lubed up with some lube I had and spooned her. I fucked her pussy good and she woke up just as I filled her pussy with my cum. She seemed a bit upset but I simply replied that turn about was fair play. ... Continue»
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There Can Be Only One Ch 23

Open them up

Ross Some one may see !

That's the whole idea , anyway , who looks up into windows?

Well , ¦the bus passes by here ¦and you know that creepy man cross the street ¦he is always peering out behind his curtain fucking thinks I can't see him , fucking pervert

Ok give the wanker something to really jerk to

Rossssss I can't anyway im going to get dinner soon.

I don't care fucking open them

Susie often saw the middle aged man across the street at his window she figured he had his desk set up in the small bedroom made it into an office or something anyway she was obsessed that he was trying to spy on her that's why she kept the vertical blinds closed most of the time.

But that dirty old man might be in that room ogling. Susie peeked between the wall and the first slat trying to hide her body , she saw the room across from her in darkness.


Ross's voice made Susie jump and she quickly grabbed the cord and slid the slats open stepping immediately to the side.

Open them FUCKING fully he was starting to lose patience.


Ross gave her a look and flicked the light switch off turning the room into semi darkness illuminated only by the orange glow off the street lighting outside.


Susie felt a little more at ease as she reached for the other set of cords and slowly slid the blinds completely open still keeping as well hidden as she could from behind the wall.

See, fucking told you nothing to get all het up about now quit hiding . there was an evil grin on his face.

Susie peeked around the corner, checking if the light was still off across the street before darting right across the room, hopefully to another corner that was hidden from prying eyes. Her heart was thumping as she leant against it.

She looked across at Ross who although watching his s****r kept on glancing out of the window.

Ross smiled when he saw the light across the street come on.

Ok slut , out ya come .

Rossssss , the fucking perv's there , he will see me

He can't the fucking light is off in here !!!


Fuck I have had enough of your fucking , fuck... deny Fuck...enought Ross was struggling to find the right words , he turned the handle of the door.

Wait...wha...what you going to do? Susie screamed as he started to walk to the door.

He stopped and looked down at his s****r who had a totally worried expression etched across her face , ¦fuck she looked gorgeous standing there only in her bra and panties ,Dont dont tell you what I am going to fucking do ¦gonna fucking put your whole fucking diary on fucking twitter that's what I am going to fucking do

NOOOOooooo , wait...I will do what you want !

Too fucking late,,,

No , No wait ,  Susie jumped up and stood in front of the window See... see he can see me...

Ross looked past his s****r and across the street. The guy was sitting facing the window but was looking down at something on his desk.

Susie shrieked when Ross flicked the light switch back on as she spun around to face her b*****r with her back to the window. Ross ducked down just in time before he saw the bespectacled guy look up from his papers. Crawling on the floor he sat on the floor between his s****r and the window , he stared right at his s****r's panty clad ass.

Turn around give him an eyeful there was a sneer to his voice.

Susie was about to object when she realised that she had been warned for the very last time she turned slowly to face the window , she could see the guy looking straight at her.


Without looking down at her b*****r she raised her arm and waggled her hand in waving kind of gesture. She was mortified when she saw the guy turn his head around as if checking to see if anyone was in the room with him, before turning back and acknowledging the wave with one of his own.

He he waved back

Good , now lose the bra

Accepting her fate she swallowed hard, before reaching around releasing the clasp.

Hold it in place , tease the fucker Ross was looking up, his eyes taking in the beauty of her camel toe cunt and onto her hands that appeared small against her tits which looked even bigger from his seated position.

Susie lowered her hands until they were by her side...her right, clasping her bra.

Drop the bra and play with your titsRoss's voice sounded excited as he stared right into hi s****rs mound, no more than a few inches from his face. He felt the bra drop on his leg. His smile grew when he saw his s****r start to play with those lovely breasts .

Susie jumped slightly when she felt a hand on her inner thight and glanced down at her b*****r who had that stupid grin on his face. She gulped when she felt a finger snake under the leg of her panties and slip between her pussy lips starting to tease her hard rosy nub. Her cunt responded in the only way it knew how

Whats he doing?

Susie looked back across street , the peeping tom was staring right at herJust looking¦no wait he is pointing oh my god...oh my god oh my god a bus...a fucking bus is coming

Ross immediately grabbed her ankles as Susie tried to turn and run , DROP THOSE FUCKING HANDS he shouted as Susie tried to cover herself up.

There's people ,  Ross squeezed her ankles tighter.

Mortified beyond belief, Susie just stood in the window staring at the bus as it crept by. Her eyes peered into each window as it slowly slid by…the bus was less than quarter full and thankfully she thought she saw only one old lady on the lower deck of the bus looking up at her, although she was not sure if a couple on the upper deck glanced in her direction.

“Ross you fucking wanker…they fucking saw me”

Ross slid his hand back up her leg and under her panties…his finger soon found the hard nub and once more started to rub it gently. Was it Ross’s imagination or not…did her cunt seem more juiced up? Susie bent her knees slightly outwards to give him easier access…fuck it wasn’t his imagination…she was starting to get turned on.

“What’s the guy doing now?”

“Still pointing”…it was Susie’s turn to sound excited.

“What…what’s he pointing at?”

“Oh my fucking god….he... he is pointing at his crotch and then at me…I think he wants to see my pussy”

Ross gave her cunt a slow swipe with his finger before slowly easing it out from between her panties…he licked the moist finger.

“Better do as he asks then s*s”

“You can’t be serious?” Susie’s response sounded as if she wanted him to be serious…she wanted to flash her cunt at her perverted neighbour…but she needed that push…to be told to show what lay just below the sill.

“Too fucking right I am…” Ross did not disappoint her.

“He... he wont be able to see me…the ledge is too high” Susie looked about the room for something to raise her above the base of the window.

Ross, staying low, helped drag the fancy French metal bench that lay at the base of her bed…the clothes and magazines discarded on the floor.


“I can’t believe you made me do that”

“You enjoyed it though” Ross retorted as he slowly stroked his rock hard cock

“Well…” Susie was embarrassed to admit to her little b*****r that it did “So did you…”

“I wouldn’t have fucking told you to do it if I didn’t…”

“I couldn’t believe he actually took out his cock and wanked …stood up and fucking wanked…right in front of me.”

“Why shouldn’t he… he probably would have cum just seeing you strip naked and playing with your tits…you took it to the next fucking level…”

“You told me to you fucking wanker…anyway…why should he be the only one that has fun” Susie’s face beamed

“Yeah but to fucking do what you fucking did… fucking hell s*s…”

Susie turned beetroot and just threw a pillow at her b*****r.

“Stop ya fucking gabbing anyway and get your mouth around this”

“Susie…Ross…” they heard their mother’s voice call up.

“Fuck” they laughed as they both cussed at the same time.


Their mother looked at them suspiciously as they both came down together with a smile on their faces…she still suspected Ross had taken it further than just getting Susie to do webcam with him. Their behaviour as they entered the room almost convinced her that they were doing more…a lot more.

They didn’t speak at all as they helped themselves to the fare that was on the table…a roast chicken dinner…but it was the way they kept on giving each other sly glances. Ross reached for the platter with the carved chicken on…

“Ross…leave a leg for dad…you know he likes dark meat…” His mother spoke as she helped herself to a few roast potatoes.

“Ohh ok mum…you know I prefer breast” a big smile on his face as he spoke the words.

His mother blushed, whilst Susie giggled.

They were half way through the meal and hardly a word spoken…

“So Susie … going to give us a flash again…what ya wearing under the robe?” Ross spoke without even glancing up from his plate.

“ROSS GORMAN…stop that right now”. Alice wasn’t sure why she scalded her son…for he had seen his s****r do much more than show him her naked body. The mother blushed slightly as Susie caught her looking straight at her robe covered observation that also did not go unnoticed by Ross.

“Dream on …perv.” Susie glared at Ross wondering what the hell he was playing at…for she had no idea that her mother had seen her masturbating for Ross on his webcam.

Ross just shrugged his shoulders and shuffled another forkful of stuffing in his mouth.

“Don’t you think she has a nice pair of tits mum?” Ross smiled as he looked directly into his mothers shocked face.

“Ro…” his mother was lost for words…whilst Susie just looked stunned as she stared directly at her mother.

“See…mum likes them as well…”

Susie’s eyes were like a pair of clacking metal balls…bouncing from Ross’s face to her mother’s.

“Well if Susie won’t…how about you mom…get them out for us...I am sure Susie would like to see what yours are like” He looked directly at Susie whose mouth was just agape in disbelief.

“Ross” his mother’s voice was hardly audible.

Ross just swung his head around slowly and looked at his mother.

Alice Gorman stared at her son. She was shaking her head from side to side…her eyes pleading with her son not to make her do this…and yet her cunt was already reacting to the prospect of baring her breasts in front of her daughter. She saw in Ross’s own face that he had no intention of backing down. As her fingers slowly undid button by button, voices in her head were shouting…’slut…slut…SLUT’.

Susie wanted to shout out…her mind was confused. She knew Ross had control over her…but her mum? Was that bastard b*****r of hers also blackmailing his mother? She couldn’t believe what she was seeing…

Alice was now just staring at her own plate in front of her as each button was popped. When they were all but undone…she slowly peeled the two parts apart, exposing her breasts. She noticed how large her erect nipples were...

“Right off mother …please.”

She glanced up at her son before dropping her hands to her lap to undo the last few remaining buttons. Her hands were trembling…her heart beating…her cunt… ‘slut…slut…SLUT’ those fucking voices. She shrugged off the dress and let it lay crumbled up behind her.

“Mum???” Susie could not believe what she had witnessed.

“Now you big s****r”

“Fuck off ROSS” Susie spat with as much venom in her voice that she could muster. She was half way up from leaving the table…

“As you are passing mind popping into my room and bringing up ‘twitter’ for me…same me time later on” Ross spoke with such calmness that he even amazed himself.

A puzzled look came across Alice Gorman’s face…she had heard of twitter and it had something to do with social net working, but beyond that she didn’t have a clue…

Susie knew exactly what it was and why Ross had said it. She sat back down and slowly undid the belt that held her robe together.

Ross popped a piece of roast potato into his mouth…a smirk etched across his thin red lips…as he blatantly stared at the two embarrassed women that sat next to him at the table.

Neither of the females ate as they sat with their heads bowed.

“Not hungry mum?”

Alice Gorman did not look at her son but shook her head from side to side.

“Ok…on the floor then…suck my cock…finish the job that Susie didn’t manage to get around to do before you called us down”

Both women gasped and looked at each other. Ross smiled as the two faces and necks started to redden.

“Please son…not here…not in front of…” she could not finish her sentence as if saying her daughter’s name was even more humiliating than she already was.

Ross looked at her not saying a word…he simply stood up as bold as brass and pulled his shorts down to his knees, his hard cock standing proud and erect…both women gasped again.. “Now suck” he spoke quietly but with authority as he once more sat down…popping a piece of chicken in his mouth.

Susie just stared at her mother who, to ashamed to look back at her daughter, rose before dropping to her knees and crawling under the table. As she positioned herself under the table she could not help but look at the neatly trimmed cunt of her eldest daughter…she knew enough about her own cunt to recognise the signs of arousal in her own daughter’s vagina.

Ross felt his shorts being gently pulled all the way down to his ankles and lifted both feet in turn as his mother slipped them completely off. He planted his feet slightly further apart and spread his knees…he let out a small groan as he felt warm lips encircle his throbbing manhood. A small hand gently cradled his hanging balls as he felt his head sliding deeper into that sucking cavity.

Susie lifted the white table cloth and peered under it…she could her mother taking her b*****r’s cock deep into her mouth…this was not the first time she had sucked of his son.

“How… When…What the fu….” Susie could still not understand how or why her mother so meekly did as her younger b*****r told her.”

Ross just smiled and said nothing. He reached over and pulled on Susie’s right nipple hard…making her wince in pain but she did not cry out. The sensation of his cock getting sucked made him arch his back and moan softly.

Susie, although not believing what she was seeing, she could not deny that she was getting aroused. She had lifted the table cloth and was now staring at her own mother down on her knees under the table giving head to her little b*****r. She was envious that it was not her mouth that was wrapped around the hard flesh. Her right hand slipped under the table and she slowly fingered her pulsating clit.

Ross raised his right foot and pushed on Susie’s chair trying to spin it around so he had a better view of his masturbating s****r. Susie looked at him momentarily before realising what he wanted. Unashamedly she twisted her body and the chair so that she faced her b*****r straight on…he could see her masturbating clearly.

Ross slipped his hand under the table and started to push his mother’s head further down on to his cock, forcing her to gag slightly. He looked at his s****r whose cunt was making obscene sloshing noises as her fingers were driving in an out of her gushing pussy.

Susie looked puzzled as he saw her b*****r reach over and take a drumstick from the platter of meat…surely he cannot think of eating at this time…she was even more bewildered when he held it out to her…she certainly did not want to eat.

“Use this s*s…fuck yourself and coat dad’s dinner with a special flavour for him”

Susie looked shocked…her hand stopped fucking her wanton hole as she took in what her pervert b*****r had just said…

“Fucking do it”…his words sounding highly pitched in his excitement.

The mouth on the cock stopped its sucking as Alice tried to hear what was going on…she couldn’t quite fathom what was being said but her eyes widened as she saw Susie's left hand spread the neatly trimmed cunt lips apart and with her right hand ease the meaty part of the drumstick between the pink flesh. Her mind wanted to scream with the depravity of it…but as she spluttered and gagged on the cock, trying to f***e the head deep down her own throat, she knew that she wanted that drumstick deep in Susie’s cunt and for her own husband to taste the juices that flow from his own daughter’s pussy…


Ross was sitting at his computer catching up on all the messages left to him on face book when he heard his s****r come up from helping his mother clean after dinner. He wondered if his dad would notice the different flavour on his chicken leg as he ate it. He had made Susie keep it wedged deep in her cunt until she had finished downstairs, to ensure it was well marinated with her juices. He heard the door to her room close.


Susie entered her room and flicked on the switch…she walked to the window, grasping the cords that would close her blinds. She looked at the room across the road, which was shrouded in darkness, the corners of her lips curling upwards in a wry smile as she released her grip on the cord. She stood there for a moment before shrugging off her robe and throwing it onto the floor.

She walked away from the window, the orange glow from the street light beaming through the clear glass…


Ross was just about to go for a bath when his door flew open and a bouncy Cathy came bounding in and threw herself on his bed…

“Wait 'til I tell you what I made Vicky do….”
... Continue»
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