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A Mom's Intuition For the Survival of Her Son

... And then, a few minutes later, they could see the rescue helicopter in the distance. Both mother and son had tears of joy ... she was told they didn’t, the helicopter began lowering the rescue basket. Linda put Davey in the basket first, and then watched as ... ... Continue»
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... wet with soap
and water. Here Mr. Sinha came to the rescue and held her from behind
by her armpits, while Rajesh ... was watching all this, came to Anjali's rescue. She held
Anjali's swaying head and wiped the sweat on her , soothing her.

"Daro ... ... Continue»
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day at the pool

... rescue, I smiled and said "thats fine", the waves stopped and we went out,
The 2 k**s wanted to go on the slides, the ... ok I thought ,me to the rescue, told them it was ok, the boy behind me , with the waves started rubbing himself all over ... ... Continue»
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The Wall

... simple,” she said patting my shoulder, “The problem isn’t the drinking, the problem is the reasons he feels the need to drink.”

“Dad?” I asked ... to her stomach, “I love you so much for coming to the rescue,” she continued as she move her shirt up so I ... ... Continue»
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Heart of the Storm (From "Slaves of the Ameth

... edifice of Mathom Hall. The chapter joins the story at the height of this storm and when the rescue services face the most dangerous crisis yet ... ... Continue»
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The Right Side of 40: A Midlife Reawakening

... aged women. I could see the wallet now, my rescue mission almost complete. I reached under the decking, wondering what else is hidden ... warmth into my fist, ready to complete the rescue.
Chloe was standing in the doorway, leaning with her thick arm against ... ... Continue»
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... of a wasp, I jumped in one leap to the rescue. Sinking my lancet on the cover sensitive scrotum was Mr. Verbouc question of a second ... . This time it was the father who came to the rescue. He took in his hand the weapon of the son and began to peel ... ... Continue»
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Sex in the f****y

... we fucked, it seemed forever, I wanted more cock.

Older s****r to the rescue, "Sally, go home and talk to Mike, take a hint, get ... mind was wool gathering again, change the sheets on the bed, air out the house or leave the scent for Sally, what a scandal, ... ... Continue»
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Mandy The Head Nurse

... him feel better.
Well nurse Mandy to the rescue. I got my uniform on PVC White ... he said excitedly "perhaps if I show you the problem you can make it better"
Mr J ... yes I love nurse mandy I know who to call the next time I feel unwell"
I wanked him faster ... ... Continue»
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Taking it to the Hole

... opponent’s shirtless body. One of the other skins sank the final shot ending the game. The entire court erupted in cheers and ... looking like a dork.

Flex came to the rescue before he could even process the thought completely in his head. “Hey, it ... ... Continue»
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The Beginning Part 2

... Merg came to the rescue.
We cant Mr. Dalton. Its against the rules. The girls have to ... be a much more sordid affair by the time the idle tongues have retold it a dozen ... We met out the back of the house and ran down the back lawn into the bushes that formed ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... language that honors whatever your sexual preference is.
Kundalini To The Rescue
Before going further, we should explain what we mean when ... ... Continue»
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... young and frivolous. Her mother could not always come to the rescue.
Suddenly Paula remembered another girl Ania’s age who was ... had stepped out of the shower. The frocks fell to the ground and the girls kicked them out of the way. The teenage girls didn’t ... ... Continue»
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... panties, and in one continuous movement, pushed them the rest of the way to the floor. She was very flexible and didn’t ... to come running to the rescue. But, I guess the music was so loud in the bar that nobody could hear the screams of pleasure.

... ... Continue»
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Alone, after the party

... we swan for a little while. I was enjoying the freshness of the water when Bobby asked if I wanted a soda ... to get me a Pepsi. I was at the side of the in-ground pool when Brady, one of ... immediately saw me and dived in for the rescue. He put me and in arms and ... ... Continue»
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Beatrice the Latina instructor

... relaxed and comfortable when we actually got in the situation, well we threw a party and had ... on that literally was nirvana!!! So as the girls were making out i came and started ... came to an end, but Beatrice came to the rescue and her and i hooked up, and ... ... Continue»
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The thing between my legs!!!!

... well, just before.

He ran through the dimly lit lobby, leaving the guy behind the counter gawking and frantically wiping his glasses ... watch while Dave dressed and packed. The door was paid for---MasterCard to the rescue---and in about ten minutes Dave ... ... Continue»
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The Unwitting Porn Star

and risk. It was then that technology came to the

At a security show, we bought subminiature video cameras
... bought video
transmitter receiver combinations, which could relay the
signals from the cameras in place in our bedroom down to ... ... Continue»
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The Ruining of Patricia

... I was looking forward to it anyway. The rest of the week was uneventful but I managed to ... to her and I have to come to the rescue... So drink in hand I pretend to walk ... name “Patricia!” she licks me from the head to the base of my cock milking my aching ... ... Continue»
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... barked. "Spill it!"

"Well, shit. This guy Dwayne at the rescue agency said that a meteor that was supposed to miss Earth ... in his hands.

Artemis immediately got back on the satellite phone and called the rescue agency. All of us except Bill huddled ... ... Continue»
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