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The Field Trip

The Field Trip

I saw one of those old movies the other day, were the hero
and heroine on a trip into the jungle and were captured by
some native ... ... Continue»
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Field trip made better

As part of my major in college I needed to make a field trip to the beach from my school. It was about a 2 and 1/2 drive from ... she sat up.

Soon enough we were at the site of the trip and took in the sites we were supposed to see. Our ... ... Continue»
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Field Trip with miss_milf

... paint ball range on a school trip. We are on different teams. I see you across the field. I can feel my self getting hard as ... I watch you walking. The game starts and you sprint ... ... Continue»
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... hour trip. I was the first on
the bus so I thought I'd catch some Z's on the way down. I went all the
way to the back of the bus and ... seemed there would be only five girls on me on the trip
home this time, but after a few minutes, Donna returned too ... ... Continue»
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The Fishing Trip

... with work and preparations the week before the trip; it didn’t much help matters that the middle of week brought the onset of my period ... missed me greatly.

When I asked him what he did on the trip this year, he said that they hadn’t caught many fish ... ... Continue»
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Part 2 of The Evolution.......The Backpack Trip an

... stay with his parents and took off for the trip. We arrived at the trail head at dawn and began our trek. Our ... . I carried my Walkman (remember those) with me on the trip and was sunbathing in the wilderness as I listened to my favorite music. It ... ... Continue»
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The business trip

... Men
The Business Trip I had to leave for a couple of weeks on an unexpected business trip ... about meeting new people.

When this trip came up we didn't talk about ... stranger, I had a great time with out the fulfillment. But I also realized that I didn't ... ... Continue»
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The Raft Trip

... project rebuilding an area hit especially hard after the earthquake.
Shelley discussed her s****r's situation with ... rafting to Kylie and the three slipped the raft in the river and made their ... where they had parked the car at the start of the raft trip. ... Continue»
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THE BUSINESS TRIP (a lesbian tale)

THE BUSINESS TRIP (a lesbian tale)
Janet was really anxious to get out of ... that meeting. Even though dinner had been very tasty and the ... ... Continue»
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Leaving Chicago for St.Marteen in ... I was anticipating more. I turned sideways, then backward, facing the wall off the Jacuzzi. The jets were thrusting hot water at my tits, making ... ... Continue»
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Like a gentlemen, Jack opened the door and led me into my suite. “I took the liberty ... into my ear. I climbed onto the litter and closed the curtains. The men lifted the contraption and carried me into a hall ... ... Continue»
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The Furies - must read

... 't hitting what they shoot at, that's the word from the field, any ideas?"

"Yeah, take the skirts off and turn 'em loose on ... the nutrients you've used up."

The trip back to Surfer's was a blur, as was the meal she mechanically ate, and the pills the ... ... Continue»
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St Monicas School

... to tell her the news after her debauchery.
As the field trip school bus glided to a stop in front of the courthouse,
the class sat in ... enough of her to allow her to take the class on the field trip
by herself. For the first time since she'd started at St ... ... Continue»
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My village trip

My village trip

It happened when i was 15. I went to my village after the board exams to visit my ... I finished my lunch and told them i will go to the field and run the motor so that crops will be watered.

I was wearing ... ... Continue»
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... was in a sari, and was sweating after the trip, under her armpit; the blouse was wet with traces of her perspiration. Pravindra ... leaving Mr. Sharma’s job. He was learning the process of the field’s works by the workers who have served his father for several ... ... Continue»
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The Quarterback's Little s****r

... , Emily thought as he trotted off the field to let the kicking team on.

The rest of the game was a haze. So excited ... forever.

Emily felt particularly relieved that the hazing of the day before had included a spa trip and wax because she could feel ... ... Continue»
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Fun School Day - Part 1

... told us that next week we’d be going on a field trip to the zoo for something. I didn’t really feel like going, ... blowjob was huge for me! I said I’d definitely come on the field trip.

On the day of the field trip I couldn’t believe it, but I slept in! I ... ... Continue»
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... , he put on his team cap
and left for the field.

The ongoing rivalry between him and his younger s****r
made him ... carefully
so she wouldn't trip. She became uncomfortable,
apprehension took over as she walked towards the
bleachers; it was like ... ... Continue»
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... mom.

Before our great trip, mom and I had never so much as looked at each other in the wrong way, let alone ... tunnel.

So, it turned into a daily routine. Hard work in the field, occasional breaks for gruel, and then back to work until ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 6

... in Tennessee. I can’t blame you. It’s a top university in the field of study you want to pursue.” She looked into his ... in it much and wanted to experience traveling in it.

The trip went well. Sean and Chelsey talked about a number of subjects ... ... Continue»
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