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Blackmail In The Cabin - Part 2

... was enjoying this to admit it. But
that same part of her knew that every guy in the cabin could tell how ... and

The other athletic young man, Trey she assumed, had medium length dirty
blond hair parted ... up to our cabin this weekend and gave a bunch of
guys head. Could you imagine what she might do... Continue»
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... of the car and looked around. The cabin looked like a log cabin off the side of a mountain somewhere ... .”
She grabbed the bags and headed into the cabin. “This is beautiful!” she said ... through the living room and onto the deck. Because of the cabins’ isolation, he was hoping... Continue»
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Part 2 of Cabin story my 1st time

... by river. Than to try to find way back at nite> He had a 2 man tent is his backpak he set it up ... I wanted to go back to cabin he foght me down to the ground strip off my colths and started drinking... Continue»
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Part 5 Back to the Cabin for Clean up

... hugs and then parted their separate ways.

When they got to the cabin, it was almost dark ... Chapter 5, Back to the Cabin for Clean up

When Karen passed out from the pain ... to shit. She looked around and saw a small building that was about a 100 feet from the cabin... Continue»
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Blackmail In The Cabin - Part 1

... replied, trying to keep the distress from her voice.

“Our cabin is just down the trail and up ... it was ‘our cabin.’”

“Oh…” his voice became hesitant, with a nervous edge. “No, not exactly.
I’m just ... , and then her face twisted in pain as her
ankle twisted on a loose rock.


Reaching the cabin, Robert... Continue»
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... wanted to get to the cabin as much as I did. We’d both been working pretty hard, and hadn’t ... had a buddy who told me he’d be more than happy to let me use his hunting cabin ... for the weekend. He hardly ever went there himself. The cabin is on a lake about three hours north of here... Continue»
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... THE CHAPERON – PART 2 (of 3)
“But I can’t see why we can’t drive somewhere together”, barked ... .
“That’s what we were there to do”’ stated Rhonda as if it was part of the Constitution
“So we got ... and they all decided to get going if they wanted to reach their cabin by night time.

... Continue»
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Christmas Part 2

... ://

Chapter 2

We were waiting to board our plane when I ... and her all powerful smile, that smell was not part of a memory. It was not a fantasy conjured ... that first curve of a woman’s breast is still the most alluring, exciting part of a woman... Continue»
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Moms Mistake Part 2

... Mom's Mistake

Chapter 2

Upon returning home after thoroughly destroying mom's ... body and half of
her mind at the cabin, there was a new pecking order and she was at the bottom ... on our
nerves fast.

You'd think that after what was done to her at the cabin Sharon would have... Continue»
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The Older Man - Part 2

... The Older Man -- Part 2

I swear, I didn't sl**p all that night. My orgasm has been exhausting ... cabin when he moved to the area. Only three rooms, plus the bath, but for a single man, it was all he ... the cabin was staged. A large leather sofa and matching chair on one side of the room, along... Continue»
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Cruising and Swinging 2 - Cabin Serviced

... with our cabin neighbour Roger, three hours after we’d all had sex in the ship’s sauna room.
Having ... , because that’s my fantasy” he replied and we all laughed.
“What’s your cabin like?” asked Mel moving ... things along. While we had an internal cabin, Roger had booked a cabin with a balcony... Continue»
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A Fortnight in Paradise - Parts 1 and 2

... , stepped off the plane and out into the tropical mid-day sun.

part 2

Maggie stood on the grass ... part 1

As she boarded the plane, she couldn't help but feel excited. She'd saved a whole year ... while reading, as she was secure in her seat. The cabin lights were lowered for the night flight west... Continue»
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A holiday with my Uncle part 2

... saying anything and about an hour later my uncle came back on with 2 other guys and I thought I ... and hopefully taken back to the cabin but I was wrong. It was now time for the woman to have their fun ... cum from leaving their pussies and then it was all over at last and for the next 2 days I just slept... Continue»
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f****y affairs part 2

... )
daniel (mother of rachel)
jade (mother of nadine)

Part 2.

The 3 girls come back ... in the cabin after there watery fun to dry off. Melissa, daniel, jade r in the kitchen prepareing dinner while ... over both of them. They giggle with joy as they all kiss and feel how wet they r.

part 3 coming... Continue»
Posted by mr_psycho2000 4 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  
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Part 2

The Clock

Part 2

As I walked into the dungeon I was confronted with a wonderfully erotic ... , the clock…….

[To be continued].


“Right ladies, most of you have ... the prod forward, I parted the lips of her cunt, planting the cold metal prong firmly against her clit... Continue»
Posted by brendan25 2 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  
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3 Evil s****rs-Part 2

... 3 Evil s****rs-Part 2

The ringing of my alarm woke me up and lazily rolled over to shut it off ... I found myself losing my virginity to Ashley, and loving every second of it. A part of me wanted ... on the top part of my dick as one hand moved to the base of it, adding to the already insane amount... Continue»
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My Mum's Holiday (part 2)

... provided with sunbeds, plus a bar, and a cabin where you could obtain towels. So we stopped off ... , the full extent of her meaty thighs could be seen, and if she parted her legs a little, even more ... , mum had d***k a cocktail, three large glasses of wine with the meal, plus 2 beers while we watched... Continue»
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The spa and jacuzzi fun with mum part 2

... . That night me mum and dad had dinner out like normal. We got back to the cabin, watched abit of tv ... on her face. So that's how I day went, I didn't bother going shopping I just stayed in the log cabin ... was all out and heading back to the cabin.
I was so horny I was just about to go into my room and have... Continue»
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The Beginning Part 2

... The Beginning Part 2
The 3rd afternoon went very much like the previous ones. Selena would arrive... Continue»
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Happy Ending ! Part 2 !

Part 2

After three long years, now find our overseas lives come to an end!

Meanwhile ... , the end of the second part! I hope you like it has once again up to this point, and am always happy about your nice comments!
Lovely Julia
... Continue»
Posted by julia1970 4 months ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature  |