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the break in (another BBW fisting story.) WIP

... Hills, CA ; the Greystone Mansion.
She parks a couple houses away in the dead of night in the shadows between the street lights. ... thief. You break the law, you must suffer the consequences.”
“Please, I’ll do anything. Just don’t call the cops.”
“Oh, I ... ... Continue»
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The Daughter in Law

... her head to the side. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes,” I said. Relieved at the break in tension.

& ... held her head firmly in place while I rode the wave of orgasm. In the distance I could hear her lapping up the juice I was ... ... Continue»
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... the girl and said,

“Come on in and join the party!” Chelsea Wells, now grasping the situation at hand, joined

her parents in the middle of the ... ... Continue»
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... the girl and said, "Come on in and join the party!" Chelsea Wells, now
grasping the situation at hand, joined her parents in the middle of the ... ... Continue»
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The Break In

... in the bath for a few more minutes letting my orgasm wash through me.

When i got out of the bath the ... the large naked man that was in my room. Even in the dark I could see it was the ... was aware off was the tightness around my neck and the cock in my ass. As ... ... Continue»
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Spring Break in Mexico

Spring Break In Mexico

In the Spring of 1984, I had the unbelievable gift of going to Mazatlan, Mexico with my stepdaughter. ... story in every detail. Hope you enjoy it.


We had parked my car on the Arizona side of the border. My ... ... Continue»
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The naughty policewomen

... the cheeky fuckers to break in was one thing- to fill my toilet with an out sized turd just took the biscuit! I told the operator ... their drinks and, having heard that I was prepared to let the break-in go, they'd be on their way.
"May we ... ... Continue»
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break in

... stay on the line. I cowered down in the corner as one final bang sent the door flying off the hinges. The two men quickly entered the room ... flicked my nipple ring a few times. Never once did we break our liplock while he fondled and pinched at my pierced ... ... Continue»
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One of fantasies where I break-in a virgin dude

... pants, watching your hard member
break free of its confinement and slapping your stomach in the
process. I start using my ... ENTIRE ROD ALL THE

I ... ... Continue»
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spring break in Cancun, Mexico at 18 yrs. old

... two of my best friends booked a week in Cancun for Spring Break. We anticipated the vacation all year and saved our monies ... and the dryness of the chemicals they put in the pool water on my skin. The smell of the ocean breeze and the warmth of the ... ... Continue»
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Sandy-The making of a Real MC Club Moma

... else was in drink,welcoming the break in his working on her.after a few minutes,Sandy was shocked back to reality.Again the agony was ... said she needed a break, and started to get up from the mattress.She was ordered to her knees in dogie position,suddenly ... ... Continue»
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The Apprentice In a BDSM Threesome

... survey my handiwork and to give the woman some recovery time. She needed it. And the brief break would renew my concentration ... growling. My body shook as the throes of pleasure subsided.

In those days I never needed or wanted any break or rest from ... ... Continue»
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Break In

... , like I am the only one that exists in this world, like he can read my mind, so intense, intimidating...I get in the shower and leaving my shower door open, for the steam to get out...I play with ... ... Continue»
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Aliyah The Girl In Black

... your gonna find home, in that world dumbass!"

Damien - "You've convinced me but one scratch and i will break your jaw!"

Matt - "Hahahaha thats right, matt's got your ass now huh baby, rubbing my car"

We get in the car ... ... Continue»
Posted by Crazydrummer 3 years ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Fetish, Taboo  |  Views: 825  |  
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The Bondage Whore, Chapter 7

... . Some are from the government, and the others are listed in the contract. Let's go through them in detail."

"Okay", Rachel ... ?", Rachel cautiously replied.

"Well there is the matter of transition from the 'Break-in' period. That's usually from two to ... ... Continue»
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The bus ride

... of all, as the swelled knob twitched in the breeze, I noted how pretty it was.

Perhaps because of the break in the action, he looked ... soon there was no discomfort.

I gripped the bench in front of me with the same increasing tightness with which he ... ... Continue»
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Caught the neighbor in jacuzzi

... break from school I was doing my chores around the house. I had many hours every day where I was home by myself. I was taking the ... from the hot tub. Finding one of the spots in the fencing I saw the lady of the house getting out of the jacuzzi. Due to the ... ... Continue»
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Rick and Andy at the drive in

... and guys dressed in lingerie and made up like the movie characters, andy finds a place right in the middle, we put the speaker in the window ... grabs my cock and tries to jerk it, i break free and keep walking. Once in line i feel a guy pressing up behind me ... ... Continue»
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... and take a pee break they started downward towards the river where they would camp.

Robin heard the thunder first and moved ... she climaxed. "NOW JAKE....NOW!" The words were the same as the result.

They frolicked in the water for another ten minutes ... ... Continue»
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Break in (saved from a chat left some of the non s

... )

(huh...i thought you might have resisted the finger in the ass thing lol)
(it's your character...up to you)

... down furiously sucking and using my tongue in wonderfull ways, he stiffens in the chair as his cock pulses and spasms, ... ... Continue»
Posted by shewolf36 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 320  |  
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