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The Tale of Tommy and Terri

... cum. She finally did.
The fourth pick was Terri and Tommy. Terri remembers saying "show time" and leaning forward to ... broke up around midnight, but didn't fuck anybody else.
Terri and Tommy became regulars at the monthly blowjob party, ... ... Continue»
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My cousin terri

... Cousin," I said
to him. "I didn't think you'd mind."
"Terri!" he shouted when his s****r plopped onto the bed
beside me ... launch, its
purple warhead prepared to deliver its liquid payload.
Terri and I grabbed Kevin's hot cock and milked a bead ... ... Continue»
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... weeks of no contact at all when Terri called or came over Kat would not ... again. The next morning Kat was back and Terri kenned at her feet YES I'M YOUR'S ALL ... girls will care either way.

Nine months later Terri is the mother of a black bundle of ... ... Continue»
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... manipulative as I now see that I was. Sixteen-year-old Terri Dyer was genuinely thrilled that a "nice boy" like Howard Archer ... !"

"Eve!" I whined.

"Is that what you're thinking about Terri? Thinking about getting John's hard young cock in you and ... ... Continue»
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My Cheating wife

... she licked him clean.

“Thanks babe. Same time tomorrow?”

Terri stretched out on the bed, looking unbelievably slutty, with her ... .

“Hi guys! Did you enjoy the show?”

It was Terri! She walked in from another entrance, wearing a tight black ... ... Continue»
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A new life (part 6/7)

... way. Judi screamed in surrender as she sat down on Terri's face. Terri's tongue went even deep than before, to places where ... her ass begin. Her ass hole began to squeeze on Terri's tongue.

Terri felt Judi's spasms and began to shudder from both ... ... Continue»
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My New Neighbors - 1

... “I’ll be here, don’t worry. Thanks for a wonderful evening, Terri. Good night.”

“G’night, Bill” she returned.

I walked to my ... mother’s pussy, you could hear an “AAAAHHH” from Terri.
Terri then started sucking on Jennifer’s clit, and Jennifer began ... ... Continue»
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... Knock her up. Make Terri pregnant!"
I decided to insure Terri's impregnation. I made sure that Terri had three intense orgasms before ... length emerged. This time I quickly stabbed it back into Terri like a spear. Withdrawing quickly, I then plunged again. ... ... Continue»
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Stay at Home Break

... a man.” I answered.
“They’ve not done anything for over a year.” Terri said in amazement.
“A year…” I exclaimed.
“A year; imagine, a whole ... see the other too?” Sam said as she unzipped Terri’s dress. Terri removed her foot from the sofa and turned to ... ... Continue»
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Step Dad

... Jack groaned and exploded deep in Terri’s pussy, Terri was unable to control herself as ... was he doing it to make Terri jealous? Terri lay in her bed naked rubbing her ... in a dressing gown about a hour later Terri joined Jack in the kitchen “thanks that was ... ... Continue»
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A new life (part 3/7)

... when she realized that Derrick was talking to his secretary Terri.

Terri was a 22-year-old blond with blue eyes and an ... as she felt her hands being pulled behind her by Terri.

"Judi," Derrick said in a commanding tone.

Judi immediately stopped ... ... Continue»
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What Happens in Vegas ( A trip to Vegas changed hi

... drop of pre-cum from the thick bulbous head of Terri's dick. Terri and Jessica moaned in unison as I tentatively traced the ... can handle being a top,'' he chided.

''Yes Mistress Terri,'' I replied obediently.

Terri led me by my leash to a stage in the ... ... Continue»
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My Loving Step Mother Ch. 05

... squirt?

As I was changing the sheets and pondering this question, Terri came back into the room. "I'm sorry I made such a ... this beautiful woman. "Yes," I finally heard myself say.

Terri was wearing a short, tight cream colored nighty with no panties ... ... Continue»
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Double Trouble

... ever noticed that I never bring any men back home, Terri?" Terri responded by nodding her head between gasps of air, "it ... there to heighten the stimulation they were getting, she felt Terri's tongue between her lips, circling, flicking, hovering and fucking ... ... Continue»
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My Loving Step Mother Ch. 06

... I was very young, somewhat immature, and very inexperienced when Terri and I began our new relationship. I wanted to make sure ... could feel my balls tightening and I really wanted to fuck Terri's throat hard. I stepped forward slightly, causing her to grab ... ... Continue»
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Awayday (chapter 2)

... apartment. It had a living room and separate bedroom that Terri immediately disappeared into.

Don told us to make ourselves at ... reminiscent of an emptying sink.

Sami's finger was fucking Terri's butt now and would pull and pinch, squeeze and ... ... Continue»
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Sally’s virginity

... gasped with surprise.
“Would you take Sally’s virginity? Sally is Terri’s eighteen year old s****r.
“You mean if I wasn’t with you ... her grow into a younger version of my wife, but Terri was right, I did find Sally extremely attractive.
Sally attended ... ... Continue»
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My New Neighbors - 2

... hard again, and she came a second time almost immediately. Terri then began sucking me even harder and faster, and shortly ... little behind in the conversation. “Forgetting who?” Jennifer asked.

Terri and I looked at each other blankly, then realized what ... ... Continue»
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My Loving Step Mother Ch. 04

... up when I heard the noise of the hairdryer coming from Terri's bathroom.

After stopping in my own bathroom, I wandered into ... . I was lying there stroking my cock when I realized that Terri was standing next to me.

"Whatcha doin' sweetie? Playing with ... ... Continue»
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A Cuckoldette?

... than a
suggestion. "Yes, I totally agree with you," Terri

I'd seen her standing there contemplating the idea of
... seen you
sucking John's cock."

My words:

I watched Terri and Kathy double fuck those two dildos,
and I couldn't ... ... Continue»
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