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... my dress a little to take pictures of my legs. I saw it. The bulge in his pants. The thought of giving my ... pictures of her to wank to. I got way more than I ever expected. Now something has made her come on to me. Me taking ... ... Continue»
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My Mom Chaperoned My Prom


My Story

It all started at the last Parent/Teacher meeting before the prom. I'm secretary on the student council (don't laugh). The meeting was about the prom and how it was going to be organized.

My mom was there and she made a big deal about having herself be nominated as one of the chaperones. She always has to make a scene wherever she goes. She made a big speech about it, even embarrassing me by mentioning that her son was on the student council and how that somehow gave her more of a eason to be a chaperone. I could tell most of the other parents and teachers there - especially our Principal, Mr. Turner - were totally not liking the fuss my mom made during the meeting, but my mom was still able to get herself nominated.

The week before the prom was just torture for me. I didn't even tell my friends about my mom being a chaperone because I knew they would just goof on me about it.

Because she works in real estate, my mom used one of her connections and was able to move the whole prom celebration to a ballroom at this big hotel. She made such a big deal about it saying how the school gym was "no place for a wonderful event" even though it meant everyone was going to have to drive like a half hour to this stupid hotel. And she was always on the phone bragging to her friends about it and about how much money she spent on her dress and shoes for the prom.

By then I didn't even want to go to the prom but I had to since I'm also the president of the audio/video club at school and it was my responsibility to run the sound and lights for the prom king and queen ceremony. The way my mom was acting it was like she thought she was running for queen of the prom!


My Mom

My friends, Brad, Randy, and Pete, goof on me about my mom because even though they all agree that she acts like a complete snob and always acts so stuck-up like she's so much better than everyone, they also all say she's a "MILF" and a "Cougar". Brad once even went so far as to say my mom looked like "a porn star on her day off." That got the other guys laughing even more.

After my mom and dad got divorced last year, she went and got herself a "makeover". I call it her "fakeover". She made her hair blonder and I'm pretty sure got botox in her face and something that made her lips puffy and even got a boob job. (I saw one of her bras in the laundry room and the tag inside said "36C"). That's when my mom started dressing all trendy and pretty much like the same way girls at my school do: kind of short skirts or low-rise jeans and pants with tight t-shirts and tops that were either tight or low-cut or both. Its like she wishes she was on her own reality show or something.


Prom Night

The night of the prom I was a nervous wreck. My friends had found out that after the prom had been moved from the school gym and to the hotel ballroom, it was because of the "new chaperone". They fast found out that the "new chaperone" was my mom! That's when they really started goofing on me.

Well you should have seen her when she showed up at the prom. It was like she thought she was like going to the academy awards or something. She was wearing this really long tight kind of purple and pink dress that was sort of low cut and pushed her fake boobs up at the same time and had a slit up one side that showed off her legs in the light pink sparkly nylons she had on and these pink strappy high heels that thock-thock-thocked everywhere she walked. Her blonde hair was all done up on the top of her head and she had on a lot of make-up. As soon as she got there, my mom was like the whole time acting totally snobby to everyone, even sometimes telling him or her to watch where he or she were stepping around her dress.

I knew right then prom was going to be a disaster for me.

The moment my mom showed up at the prom I spent the whole time trying to avoid her. She had already made such a scene when she first walked in I wanted to stay far away from her.

Already though I could see how everyone else was reacting to her. The other chaperones were giving her dirty looks. Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Dayle were giving my mom disapproving looks behind my mom's back, but would smile and act friendly to her whenever they had to speak to her. Our principal Mr. Turner was looking my mom up and down with a scowl on his face he usually gave to the students he saw smoking in the parking lot at lunch.

Just about every other student at the prom was pretty much looking at my mom and asking who she was and what was she doing there. I could overhear some of them making comments about her snobby attitude and how lame they thought she was. Some of the students who knew she was my mom would look at her and then over at give and me dirty looks. I just wanted to hide under the table.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, some of my friends came over to my table and started goofing on me about my mom. Brad started in by saying how "hot" my mom looked. He even said she looked hotter than his own date. One of the guys even was saying that whenever my mom stood by the stage lights that he thought he could almost see through her dress and that when he stood behind her he could kind of see the outline of a thong showing through her dress. That got them all calling her "Thong Mom". They all laughed at that one.

Prom was becoming more miserable than I could have even imagined. To make things worse, my date - a girl in my math class that I sort of liked and asked out - had to leave when her parents came to pick her up at ten. I was sitting by myself since my date had to go home early, but I still had do stay at the prom because of the light cues I had to do backstage for the King and Queen ceremony.

I was totally bored and started to wander around the prom. I saw my mom. She kind of stood out from the crowd in her long pink-purple dress. She was saying something to Principal Turner. From the look on his face, he didn't seem to like what my mom was telling him. When I got closer to where my mom and Mr. Turner were, I could hear what they were talking about:

"After all, I was the one who arranged for the prom to be here in this ballroom," my mom was saying in a haughty tone. "It's obviously quite a success. Even you can admit that, can't you, Roger?"

Roger was Principal Turner first name and it seemed like he didn't like how my mom was talking to him. "It's Principal Turner, Mrs. McFarlane," he said to my mom.

"It's Ms. McFarlane," my mom corrected Principal Turner, which I could see made him even more angry, but before he could say anything, my mom kept talking. "And as a member of the Parent/Teacher committee, I would like to be recognized for my part here at this prom. The very least you can do is mention my name before the King and Queen announcements."

My mom was just being so snotty that I decided that maybe I could help Principal Turner out by pretending to have something to say. I took a step closer to them and cleared my throat. "Uh...excuse me, mom?"

Before I could say another word, my mom was looking at me with her typical snooty stare. "Tommy, do you mind? Can't you see your mother is having a discussion? Run along."

I glanced at Mr. Turner and was surprised to see he was looking right at my mom's cleavage that was pretty hard to miss the way her dress was pushing it up. He didn't notice me looking and my mom was too busy staring at me to see him. She pointed her finger off in the direction she wanted me to leave like she always does at home which means that she's done talking.


The Center of Attention

I was sitting by myself at my table and playing Warcraft on my cell phone when Mrs. Cross – a teacher and one of the other chaperones that night – came up to me. She told me the King and Queen Ceremony was getting ready to start and that it was time for me to take my place backstage to work the light cues.

Glad to be doing something instead of just sitting there while everyone else was enjoying the prom, I got up and went around to the side of the stage and up the steps and behind the curtain to the backstage area. There was a control board with switches and knobs to control the lights. That's where I stood and waited for the ceremony to start.

Sure enough, when the ceremony started, when I looked out from the side of the stage, I saw that my mom had gotten onstage to stand next to Principal Turner. She was looking out at everyone and smiling like she was so pleased with herself. Meanwhile, Principal Turner looked less than thrilled to have her up there with him. He stood by the podium microphone and said a few words to the students, and then with my mom staring at him as if to hurry him up, Principal Turner made a very brief statement about how having the prom here at the hotel's ballroom was thanks to one of the chaperones.It looked as if Principal Turner was about to continue, but my mom moved next to him so she could be in front of the podium microphone. She smiled and waved at all of the students standing in front of the stage and clapping. It was obvious my mom was enjoying being the center of attention.

"Thank you, everyone," my mom said. "I just want you all to know how special this evening is and I so proud to be part of it. I hope with my help, I'll have made this a memory for all of you that you'll never forget."

I could tell my mom wanted to say more, but then Principal Turner stepped close to her. He put one hand on her arm and the other on her back, guiding her away from the podium and to stand back by the curtain. My mom didn't look pleased with having her moment cut short. A snooty expression returned to her face as she said something to Principal Turner. She pulled her arm away from him and took her spot standing upstage by the curtain where she smoothes her dress along her figure.

As Principal Turner went back to the podium, I returned to the lighting panel backstage. From the bright lights onstage, I could see my mom standing in front of the curtain. Looking down, I also noticed the trail of my mom's dress sticking out backstage from under the curtain.

I don't even know what made me think of it or even do it...but I went over to stand behind the curtain where my mom was. I leaned down and grabbed the end of her dress and carefully snagged it around the hooks that were lined along the bottom of the curtain. Any second I thought my mom was going to notice and turn around, so I hurried back to the lighting panel.

But the thing was, my mom didn't notice. From her silhouette through the curtain, I could see she was still standing onstage and facing out to the student audience. I had enough of my mom being at my prom and I thought for sure she would have felt me snagging her dress on the curtain, be upset, and unsnag her dress and walk off. It just made me think she was probably standing there loving that everyone was looking in her direction.

I didn't even think it would work but I went over to the curtain levers and pulled them all until the curtain behind her started going up. I really thought by then she would just notice right away because of all the fuss she was making about her dress and that she would've turned around and unpulled her dress from the curtain but she didn't notice at all until the curtain was already going halfway up and lifting her dress up her legs.

Everyone started laughing. My mom tried to take a step away from the curtain, but that caused her dress to pull tighter against her. The slit that was on one side of her dress just began to tear all the way up the dress, exposing the lace tops of her pink thigh-high stockings. My mom only had a few moments to desperately pull at her dress before the curtain went all the way up and ripped her dress off from around her.

Everyone there was able to see my mom's big fake boobs. All she had left on was this tiny pink thong and pink glittery thigh-high stockings and her big pink strappy high heels. Everyone was just totally laughing and she was just standing there with her arms at her sides and looking up at what happened to her dress like "duhhhh" with this totally stupid look on her face.

I know it's weird to say but it was so great seeing like my mom like that. For once, I was finally seeing my mom looking stupid and not knowing what to do. Like a deer in the headlights. Or better yet, like a stripper who went onstage and didn't know what to do. And with everyone laughing at her, it just made it so much better.

After a few seconds like that, I saw some flashed going off and saw that students – the guys mostly – were taking pictures of my mom. That's when my mom kind of seemed to snap out of it a bit and started trying to reach up to grab her dress down, her boobs jiggling every time she tried. Even teetering on her high heels, she couldn't do it. If everyone had been laughing at her before, now they started howling and whistling and clapping. No one was even trying to help. I even saw Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Dayle standing by the stage and laughing too.

I have to admit I was laughing too. It was pretty funny to see. After like a few seconds of her trying to grab her dress and everyone laughing at her, my mom was like almost crying. She looked out at all of us laughing at her and then she put her hands over her boobs and ran off backstage.

As I was standing there with everyone else laughing...I started feeling a little bad about what I had just did. You have to believe me when I say I didn't think the curtain was going to tear her dress off like that. By now someone had gotten the curtain to start to go back down. That's when I saw Principal Turner step away from the podium and just under the curtain as it lowered to the stage.


Backstage Porn Star

After seeing Principal Turner duck backstage, I thought maybe I should go see if my mom was okay. I went around to the side and went backstage. I knew my mom wouldn't be hiding by the front of the stage and since I didn't see her at the side exit when I was there, I started to walk to the backstage area but it was dark and I had to walk careful so I didn't fall on anything. Pretty soon I started hearing some whispering and noises that sounded like Principal Turner saying stuff like whispering it but like he was angry like he always is so I snuck my way over there.

I saw Principal Turner was standing near this huge prop board. He was looking down at something and as I got closer, I could see it was my mom. She was on her knees, sitting on the back of her heels, still only in her pink thong and thigh-highs. She had her hands over her naked boobs, barely able to cover them. She was staring up at Principal Turner much the same way she had been looking up at her ruined dress: an expression of daffy confusion as if she still couldn't understand what had just happened.

"Well, it looks like you got just what you deserved, you stupid little bitch," Principal Turner growled at my mom. "You wanted to be the center of attention at the prom? You got it. The entire graduating class saw you half naked on that stage looking like a complete tramp. Now, if you want to walk out of here in my jacket, you're going to put on a little show for me. I want you to start playing with those big tits of yours."

Everyone in school knows Principal Turner is a pretty strict guy, but I couldn't believe what I was hearing him say to my mom. She was still just staring up at Principal Turner with that dazed look on her face. I saw him lean closer to her and say, "Start playing with your tits or I will march you back on that stage in front of everyone and e****t you right out of the prom in just that sexy little thong and heels you have on, sweetheart."

To my total surprise, I began to see my mom's hands start to slowly move her boobs around. She was keeping them covered, but sort of move them up and down. The whole time, she kept staring up at Principal Turner.

"That's right," he hissed. "Play with those tits. Squeeze them."

My mom did as he said. She was now squeezing and rubbing her own bare boobs. Principal Turner grinned and I saw his hand on the front of his tuxedo slacks. While my mom continued to massage her boobs, he unzipped his fly and I saw him free his hard erection from his slacks. My mom's mouth dropped open in surprise and she stopped rubbing her boobs.

"I didn't tell you to stop," Principal Turner scolded my mom. My mom started to play with her boobs and Principal Turner stepped even closer, bending slightly at his knees, and slipped his erection right between my mom's cleavage.

"I've been looking at these tits all night," Principal Turner began breathing heavy. "You in that dress just showing off. Wanting us to look at your tits. Well we all got a look at these porn star tits!" He stepped back from my mom. As she continued looking up at him massaging and squeezing her boobs, he stroked himself in front of her.

Principal Turner had just titty-fucked my mom! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was my mom, on her knees in just a tiny pink thong and thigh-highs, playing with her perfect tits while staring up at my principal, who was standing before her and stroking his cock! I had never seen my mom like this...her body, that she so prided herself on, exposed...and her, for once, not knowing how to handle some daffy daze over what was happening.

I know I shouldn't say this...but I felt excited to see my mom so helpless like that. I realized Principal Turner was saying the very same things I had been thinking the moment my mom arrived at the prom. Finally, I was seeing my mom look stupid for once!

Principal Turner was breathing faster and stroking his cock with fever. Sneaking a little closer from the shadows, I saw that my mom was starting to breathe a little faster too. She was sort of swaying a little, still in that daze, almost as if she were about to feint.

And then suddenly, Principal Turner stepped closer to my mom. He put one hand in her hair, her highlights spilling over his fingers. My mom gasped again and he used the other hand to rub the tip of his cock across my mom's face. He brushed it against her cheeks and over lips, smearing her glossy pink lipstick.

"You've done nothing but run this mouth of yours all night," Principal Turner said. "Time to do something useful with it!" He slid the tip of his cock past her lips and with his hand still in her hair, Principal Turner began making my mom suck him!

I didn't know what to do. I felt dizzy and my legs wobbly, but I couldn't move or look away. I could see Principal Turner's cock sliding in and out of my mom's mouth...her pouty pink glossy lips making his cock wet and slippery.... the tip of his cock would sometimes slip out of her mouth and he'd use his hand to rub it across my mom's face before pumping it past her lips...his other hand in her hair and guiding my mom mouth on his cock...I could hear her making wet, slurping sounds.

I couldn't stop watching my mom. Only a short while ago she had seemed so confident and snobby, but now she looked completely helpless, half naked, on her knees in just her tiny pink thong, thigh-highs, and heels, her hands on her heaving bare boobs and Principal Turner's hard cock in her mouth, his hand in her hair, guiding her lips along his glistening shaft. I thought I should maybe say or do something, but I didn't know what.

And then, just under the sound of Principal Turner's heavy breathing, I heard something else. It was my mom. She was making these moaning sounds around Principal Turner's hard cock in her mouth. It was as if he was somehow making her love sucking his cock. "That's it," he whispered harshly at my mom on her knees. "Yes. Suck that cock, you little slut!"

I was even more surprised when I saw my mom remove one of her hands covering her boobs and use it to start stroking Principal Turner's cock while still sucking him. He used his free hand to begin squeezing the boob my mom uncovered. His breathing was becoming faster. "I've been waiting to feel your fake fucking stripper tits all night, you snobby little bitch!"

Suddenly, Principal Turner let go of my mom's hair and her boob. He pulled his cock from her mouth and then grabbed her wrist and yanked my mom to her feet. She gasped and wobbled on her high heels, looking dizzy and confused. Principal Turner still had my mom by the wrist and her other arm was dangling by her side. He was giving her a dirty smile, looking her up and down. I could see my mom blushing under his leering gaze, but she couldn't seem to look away from Principal Turner. He laughed at her. "Can't even stand straight in your Come Fuck Me heels, can you? Maybe it's time someone fucked you in those heels!"

Principal Turner spun my mom around by her wrist. She stumbled in her heels and he was able to get behind her and bend my mom over what looked like a sawhorse that was backstage. With her firm ass up in the air, I could see the thin material of her skimpy pink thong between her legs. Principal Turner whipped off his jacket and dropped it on the backstage floor. He then stepped behind my mom and slapped her ass.

"Ohhh..!" I heard my mom gasp with surprise. Principal Turner spanked my mom again, getting the same response from her. He laughed. "Damn, you've got a sexy ass! You are one hot little whore aren't you?" Before my mom could respond, Principal Turner hooked his fingers in the flimsy pink material of her thong and pulled if from between her legs, yanking it to the side. He used his other hand to grab his still hard cock and smoothly guided it right between my mom's legs and began fucking her right there.

I was shocked to see Principal Turner manhandle my mom so easily. She seemed to have been in such a daze after her dress was ripped off and now it was as if she was for the taking. I'd never seen her so helpless and being told what to do by someone and especially like this! Principal Turner had both his hands on my mom's hips and was thrusting into her hard and fast, panting and breathing heavy. I could hear my mom breathing faster, too. And moaning...I couldn't believe it, but mom was moaning.

This only made Principal Turner laugh. He began fucking my mom even harder. He used one hand to grab her hair, pulling and forcing my mom to look back at him as he used her. My mom's eyes were wide with surprise. Even in the dark of the backstage area, I could see her body was shining with sweat, her perfect tits bouncing, I swear I could see her hips swaying to meet Principal Turner's thrusts.

I'd never seen my mom like this before. She was always so prim and snobby and stuck up to everyone like she was so much better than them. But now, she was like transformed into such a helpless slut! It was as if I was suddenly in a live porno movie starring my mom. I couldn't believe how things had so quickly turned this way and I was feeling sort of weird for maybe being the one who caused this to happen to my mom...but another side of me was excited to see my mom being used like a total slut. Her haughty, snotty attitude was completely gone. The way she was looking back at Principal Turner as he fucked was like she couldn't believe it was happening to her but at the same time, she was moaning and making these sexy little surprised gasps.

That's when I realized I had the biggest hard-on that I ever had in my life...and it was happening while I was watching my mom getting just what she deserved! Even more incredible was that it looked as somehow Principal Turner had was making my mom enjoy what was happening to her!

Principal Turner suddenly stepped back from my mom. I saw his hard cock slip out from between her legs, the length of it slick from being inside her. My mom was still bent over the sawhorse and moaning. Principal Turner grabbed her arm and pulled her up, turning her around to face him, then putting his hands on her shoulders and pushing my mom down on her knees before him. He grabbed his cock and stroked it, aiming it right at my mom.

I think my mom realized what suddenly was happening; because she lost the dazed look in her eyes and looked up at Principal Turner as if surprised he was in front of her stroking his cock. I saw her mouth drop open and her gasp with shock. She started to put her hands over her breasts but Principal Turner grunted and I saw a long white milky stream spurt from his cock and land across the side of my mom's lips and cheek and into her hair. More cum squirted from his cock and on went across her face, dripping down her chin. Heavy drops of it splattering on her neck and tits.

I saw my mom, her hands half on her cum splattered tits, arch back on her knees, her eyes closed, but nowhere to go as more of Principal Turner's load spurted into her hair, leaving her blonde highlights in pearls of jizz; more of it on her neck and chest...I could actually hear the wet splash of it on her skin. By the time he finished shooting his last load, my mom was covered in the thick milky splatter of Principal Turner's cum.

At that very same moment, I felt the front of my slacks stain with the warm wetness of my own load going off.

I always felt weird when I heard my friend Brad say my mom looked like "a porn star on her day off." But as I looked at her, now I knew what he meant. She had looked so glamorous when she first showed up in her long, tight pink and purple dress, with her hair up in a perfect styled twist and her make-up dramatically done. But now, her hair hung half undone, matted and sticky white gobs. Her heavy dark mascara around her eyes was smudged. Her glossy pink lipstick smeared, replaced by a glossy glaze of cum. Her neck and boobs – where she still had her hands half placed - looked sticky with runny strands of thick semen that dripped down between her cleavage, some of it even staining the silky material of her pink thigh-highs. Right then, my mom looked every bit like a porn star.

Principal Turner put his cock away and zipped up his slacks. His jacket was still on the floor. I saw him kick it toward my mom, who was looking up at him with that dazed look on her face. "Take the jacket and clean yourself up," he told her. "And then get the fuck out of my prom, you stupid bitch." Without another word, Principal Turner walked away from my mom.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and someone utter the word, "Slut..!" I turned to see Mrs. Cross had just stepped around the curtain from the front of the stage. She had what looked like the remains of my mom's dress in her hands, but now stopped at the sight of my mom.

My mom seemed to snap out of her daze at sound of Mrs. Cross' insult. Suddenly she was looking down at herself with what seemed like surprise and total embarrassment. My mom's hands fluttered around her cum soaked boobs and neck, as if trying to wipe it away without really touching it.

Mrs. Cross gave my mom a very angry and upset look, then just dropped what remained of my mom's dress on the backstage floor. She turned and walked back around to the front stage curtain. I saw my mom reaching for Principal Turner's jacket in front of her. Not wanting risk being seen by her or anyone else, I quickly hurried out to the stage's side exit.


Last Look

I had snuck out to the hotel's big lobby. There were plenty of students from the prom standing around and a bunch of the hotel's actual guests who were having drinks and such sitting around the lobby's big expensive sofas and chairs.

I headed for the men's bathroom so I could dry the front of my slacks. My tuxedo was a light grey and the stain I'd made while watching my mom with Principal Turner was pretty obvious.

They had no paper towels in the bathroom, just those hot air blowers. So I turned one on and tried to stand under it, but it just wasn't working. Not to mention the scalding hot air on my groin wasn't too good either!

The stain was still sort of noticeable, but had faded as good as it was going to get. I walked out of the bathroom and into the lobby just in time to hear the familiar sound of thock-thock-thock! My mom's heels hurrying across the lobby's marble floor. Everyone in the lobby was turning to look toward the ballroom at the other end, so I did too.

My mom was trying to walk through the lobby as fast as she could in her high pink heels. She had on Principal Turner's tuxedo jacket. She was trying unsuccessfully the keep the front of the jacket closed with one hand, but her jiggling boobs were pressing the jacket open, putting her sticky and cum glistened cleavage in constant view. The end of the tux jacket barely covered the pink lace tops of her thigh-highs. My mom was using her other hand to try and keep the bottom of the jacket from flapping open around her thighs and ass, but wasn't having much luck while walking so fast. She had made an attempt to put her hair back up, but her blonde tresses – tangled and matted with jizz - were coming undone. She hadn't bothered to fix her make-up and one side of her neck was still shiny with streaks of cum.

The lobby became abuzz with chatter, a few laughs, and even some wolf whistles. Someone asked aloud, "Is this a prom or a porn convention?" That brought bigger laughs from everyone in the lobby.

I found myself laughing a little bit, but then more just like everyone else. And as luck would have it, my mom walked right past me. She must have recognized me out of the corner of her eye, because she suddenly stopped. She tried to hold the jacket closed and just stared at me with a look of embarrassment. I couldn't help but to stand right there and look my mom over from her heels to the top of her cum sticky hair.

I saw my mom glance down at my groin. Her eyes went wide with shock and her mouth dropped open in surprise. And that's when I looked down and realized I had another hard-on and shot another load in my slacks! The spreading stain was more than obvious! I saw my mom blush and without another word she turned and continued her awkward walk of shame out of the hotel lobby with everyone laughing at her.

Thanks to my mom's appearance at the prom, she made it a night I'm sure no one will forget!
... Continue»
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Finally Fucked My Mom

So for anyone who follows my page knows of my extreme attraction to my hot milf mother (which most of you have seen and can go see in my galleries). Well the this past Sunday I moved away to college, and Saturday was my going away party. The party was cancelled due to me having too much packing for the trip and f****y obligations. Of those obligations was to go see my mom who me and her have not been getting a long too well. About 2 months ago she went on my facebook and found that I had sent a guy friend some of her pictures and did not take that too well.

I went over to her house Saturday night around 7:45 and she had not yet been home from work, in my perverted mind my first thought was to go through her panties one last time and see if her dildo had been used recently. After going through her panties and making sure I got precum on all of them I made the decision that I was going to cum in something she would use later on like a facial scrub, conditioner, or body scrub. After I had started jerking off in her bathroom I heard her come in the front door so I hurriedly came into a facial scrub bottle I know she uses frequently.

When I went out into the living room she was watching TV and was looking pretty sexy in a tight purple tank top with a push up bra, along with that she had on tight leggings and running shoes. Between her tight ass as she walked around the house and tons of cleavage I could not deny getting a boner almost immediately after I had just jerked off. What was maybe a bad choice was that I had worn loose underwear and gym shorts so that my boner was just a little too noticeable. I figured oh well she'll see my boner think i'm just a horny teenager and write it off. As we walked through her narrow kitchen I had to turn for her to walk by me as she did the same, in a quick decision I thought I could sneak a little rub against her ass without much notice, nope.

She could obviously feel my boner as she froze in place and asked me what was she feeling. I nervously said that I was sorry and it wouldn't happen again, which she did not seem to believe. She then told me she didn't mind it and I immediately went over what me and my friend had talked about a million times before getting caught talking about it. I quickly replied okay then and ground my hips into her for a second before I walked towards the fridge. As I walked back to the living room she was in the same spot as I had to get through again and I did the same as before except that this time she ground her hips back into mine and I can honestly say I have never gotten that aroused before in my life especially that quickly thinking that this beautiful woman was also my own mother.

As my boner was at full attention I grabbed her hips and gave her a playful hug from behind to make the moment last a little bit longer when she told me to go get her purse from her bedroom for her. Being extremely horny I agreed to anything she said and walked towards her bedroom, as I was grabbing her purse I glanced around thinking about how badly I wanted to fuck my mom and this was the last night I had the chance too in over a year. It was at that moment I turned around to see my mom walking through the doorway towards me as I asked what she was doing since she had told me to get her purse for her?

She told me she had something to show me and yanked her tank top off over her bra and took two steps closer to me as I mentally panicked not knowing what to do, somehow forgetting everything I had thought up for plans in this situation with my friend. She asked me if I wanted more off of her and all I could mumble was a low "mmmmhhmmmm" as I rubbed my cock through my shorts. She slid down her tight leggings as she kicked off her shoes and socks as I gazed up and down her long tan legs leading up to her red lace panties that matched her bra. She walked up to the corner of the bed as I sat down on the edge not really knowing what to do with my hands I started to ferociously rub my cock through my shorts even faster than before.

She sat down on my lap facing me with her legs around me on the bed and leaned in to kiss me. As we kissed I couldn't help but finally feel her body after all this waiting, I quickly felt her tight ass and then started to focus on unclipping her bra as she was tightly against me as we kissed. She stayed close so the bra did not fall away immediately so I eagerly leaned back as the bra straps fell down her arms I finally after all these years of waiting saw her gorgeous big fake tits. Her nipples were pointy with about inch and a half wide areolas on DD tits. They were the most perfect tits I ever could have imagined being on her and was overwhelmed. I started to lean forward to get up and she got up off of me as I stood and she reached down and slid her panties down to her ankles and kicked them off to the side to reveal her nice pussy with no hair that was nice and wet.

I could not resist taking down my shorts and underwear and started to stroke my cock, she reached down and stroked my dick for me and kissed me. It would of been nice to of waited and have a longer build up but I couldn't help myself and grabbed her and threw her onto the side of the bed with her ass facing me. I sat down on the side of her and reached over and gave her a light couple smacks on the ass and slid my hand down to finger her lightly for just a couple seconds as a tease. I then laid back and pulled her onto me when she reached down to guide my cock into her pussy as she she squatted over me. She then slid my cock into her which was surprisingly tighter than I would of thought being a 43 year old mother of two. The next couple minutes blurred by as I humped her as she squatted and then she rode me grinding her pussy down onto my cock with her juices getting all over me. It was at that moment that I remembered that we never used a condom and stopped her to ask about putting on a condom when she told me that it was okay and that she probably couldn't have k**s but wasn't sure.

I picked her up off of me when I had an idea that I had somehow forgot until then and asked her to please lay on her stomach and arch her back for her ass to stick up. I grabbed her hips to center her a little more and took my cock head and rubbed her asshole thinking about how good this was going to be. As I thought I would ease in slowly her ass was looser than I expected since I had never done anal before and didn't know what to expect. She gave a slight whimper and I asked her if it was okay and she said it was and that she had done anal before it just always feels tight at first. I slowly started to speed up and eventually got into a rhythm where I was slamming her ass against me and I was getting caught up in the moment of fucking my own mom in the ass when I realized I was much closer to cumming than I had thought. I had the thought of cumming in her ass until I realized how beautiful she would be with my cum on her face.

As I instructed her to get down on the side of the bed I had to hold myself back from cumming as I had been much closer than I should of been when pulling out. She got down on her knees and reached up to grab my cock and as she looked into my eyes I was almost frozen at the realization of all that had actually happened tonight and that my mom was about to take her own sons load on her beautiful Milf face. She eagerly grabbed at my dick and started to jerk and popped the head into her mouth 3 times without really sucking it too much before I told her to suck it a little more. When she finally got her mouth down around my cock I was in heaven, I held back as much as I could for her to deepthroat her sons cock and when she reached the bottom twice I pulled my cock out cumming just before I left her lips and blew my load on her cheek and up to her left eye. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. As she licked her lips and sc****d the cum off of her face and licked it off of her finger it all hit me on possible repercussions of what we had done.

As I thought about me leaving in the morning for college when I would not see her for over a year it hit me with mixed emotions between that I finally had fucked my own mother and that I would not be able to fuck her again for a very long time. No one would find out unless she told to tell someone since we would not be around each other much. As we cleaned up I took a shower and she started to cook dinner and we did not talk too much until the end of the night when I told her that I regretted nothing and she told me she would talk to me in the morning. The next morning I left without seeing her and have been texting her.

It feels so good to have finally done this and been able to share it with all of you. Follow me on for all of my pictures of girls I know and of all the pictures of my mom including new ones, hopefully some nudes soon which are being hard to get since she knows I sent the other pictures of her to my friends online. Since I sent those pictures to my friend the pictures have become common knowledge around town of my friends having her pics and I think even some of the local housewive/moms that are my moms age know of or have seen them.
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this is a true story about having sex with my mom. im 38 and i grew up in rochester hills michigan. my parents divorced when iwas 8 yrs old and i went to live with my mom would walk around naked when she got out of the shower and while she got ready. and i noticed her! shes 5ft 2in,big boobs,wide hips,and a hairy pussy.she had a guy over one night and i woke up to piss or whatever and saw my mom naked in the living room so i hid and watched her have sex. i knew when she was gonna have someone over so i would stay awake to see if i would see anything and did a few times. my mom and i slept together(nothing sexual)just the boogey man and lightning. that type of 2 years go by and i moved in with my dad and would stay with my mom on still sl**ping in the same bed with her(still nothing sexual)and she still walks around naked and gets ready naked right in front of me. so time goes by im about 13 now so ive dicovered my dick and jacking off! so now i REALLY notice my moms body and really start to fantasize even moreso now. so this is where it gets interesting.i remeber we were in bed in the spooning position with me facing her back. i kinda remember having a hard on and i think i was grinding on her or poking her with it. i dont know! i didnt know if it was real or if i was dreaming. until the next day! the day started out normal. we went shopping ,out to eat and then made it back home. eventually she said to me " i think your old enough to sl**p on your own now". then I KNEW! it wasnt a dream,i must have really tried something! i was a little embarassed and said nothing while she made up a bed on the couch. i remember laying on the couch that night jacking off thinking about her body. but nothing else time goes by again and now im 17 and my mom remarried some dickhead.we did not like eachother so i didnt really go around her house if he was around. he was an engineer for Galles racing. indy car team in the 80's and 90's and the driver was AL UNSER JR. so he traveled alot. so one weekend i planned on staying at their house all weekend because the dickhead was out of town. so we hung out all day. went shopping out to eat and then went home. they had a hot tub sunk in the living room floor so i got in and watched some tv while my mom did some things. she said she was gonna get in so she went and put on her bikini. when she come down to get in i looked over and catiously looked and i could see her pubes peeking out the sides of her bikini bottoms. I WAS INSTANTLY TURNED ON!!! we sat and watched tv for awhile and the whole time i couldnt quit thinking about her. my heart was racing because i was so turned on and nervous because i wanted to try something. so i eventually sat next to her and asked her to scratch my back . which she always did. i put my hand on her knee like an arm rest but i was just wanting to see what kinda reaction i would get. she let me do it. i turned to her and gave her a hu g and told her thank you for everything that day and kissed her neck. but not like a son would. she sat their for a minute and let it happen but then just stood up and got out of the hottub. i was a little embarassed. i thought i lost my chance and iwas about to get cussed out! i just sat their glancing at the tv and my mom and she just stood their looking at me and what could i have said! so i said what with a smile and she said "you know what". she stood their with a smile and said she knew all along and she was afraid this was going to happen.she put both of her hands up to her mouth in amazement and giggeled. she turned around and took off her bikini. walked over to the couch got on her knees with her ass facing me and reached back and started rubbing her pussy and didnt say a word. she didnt need to. i jumped the fuck out of the hot tub dick rock hard,took off my swim suit and walked up behind her and put my dick right in her hairy wet pussy. within a couple seconds i pulled out and came all over her back. she giggeled and said "now that weve got that out of the way and your calmed down a little bit now we can have some fun". so then she sucked my dick i ate her pussy and sucked on her nipples then we were back to fucking! we went for hours! doggy style, missionary, sideways, her on top riding me, i would cum in her,cum on her. and the last time i came in her mouth. something new to me and i was amazed... SHE SQUIRTS ALOT! i loved it! we fucked and sucked alot that weekend and she was so happy ! you could tell!so was i!!! i kinda thought it would be a one time thing and that was it. but it wasnt . we were both hooked! so over the next 2 years we would meet up at the holiday inn and have our fuck and suck sessions. mostly over nighters but there were a couple weekend long sessions. it just got better and more intense everytime and we both loved it! to make a long story short me and my buddy each stole a brand new car. he made it to the chop shop and got paid but i was stupid and drove around for the day. hell it was a brand new mustang gt but it had a tracking device and they nailed my ass. plus i got busted with an ounce of weed. so my mom basically disowned me and said she dosent have a criminal in her f****y that does d**gs. so i havent seen or talked to her since october 28 1992! isnt that fucked up!? be that close with me then throw me to the curb like trash! i kinda think my stepdad just got to deep in her head! anyway im 38 now my wife of 12 years is 58.shes short,big tits,wide hips,and a hairy pussy.resembles my mom!i stiil to this day fantasize about sex with my mom. i look at porn and find older women that resemble the same time i'll have out pictures of my mom while sniffing my wifes dirty panties jacking off thinking of my mom.the orgasms that i have while thinking of my mom are twice as intense and i cum alot more in volume. i still get short of breath,my heart starts racing,and the precum just drips from my cock. it excites the fuck out of me!!! half the time i fuck my wife i fantasize im fucking my mom. i just wish i could call her mom while fucking her!she knows about my porn and that i jack off alot,sniff her panties and cum allover them. i just dont know what she would think if i wanted to call her mom while fucking! then when i fuck my wife thinking of my wife its a whole other turn on.but nothing as intense as thinking of my mom.its the most intense and best orgasm ive ever had. wether im really fucking my mom or jacking off thinking about her.its an amazing orgasm. either way! my dream evryday is that we will see eachother again and i can fuck her now that shes even im gonna go get a pair of my wifes panties,get out my moms pictures,get on a mom son video and jackoff like a mad horny as fuck writing and thinking about my moms big wet hairy pussy. i love you mom wherever you are!... 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Taking Advantage of My Mom 'The d***k MILF�

My Mom the Milf

I was always curious about sex with my mom. She was d***k a lot and it was easy to look. I'd look at her shapely breasts and shaven pussy and jerk off while she was passed out nude on her bed. I was eighteen and had sex with girlfriends but sex with mom was burning me up. I got home early on a Friday night since she'd come in loaded around ten o'clock and get naked a pass out. I heard her walking up the stairs to her bedroom and popped out to ask if she needed anything. She was wearing a business suit with pinstripes. Skirt, jacket, you know they type. She had large round breasts and full nipples. Long platinum blonde hair. Pretty round face, deep blue eyes and pink lips. She wasn't overweight but could lose ten pounds and be anyone's dream girl. She staggered and my six-foot frame caught her. "Thanks," she said, slurring her words. She was loaded but not pass-out d***k. My heart sank. She might be awake too easy for me to lust on her body and jerk my six inches. I wasn't well-endowed. Three thick though. Girls didn't complain. I sat her on the bed and she fell back. She asked me, "Honey, be a doll and take my clothes off. I'm tired." She giggled. I slipped her skirt off and her jacket. Pulled her nylons down, put them away then undid her light green blouse revealing her red bra and panties. She really didn't know what was going on but said, "Please, do it all, hun." "Okay." I slid her panties down softly then undid the bra straps and pulled her bra off. She laid there awake. Usually she passed out and I covered her up. She didn't. "Mark, are you gonna fuck me?" she said, giggling. Mark was her ex-boyfriend. I didn't know what to say and she asked again. I said, "Yes, Terri, I'm gonna fuck you sweet and soft." "Fuck me special," she said. She always said that. I slipped my clothes off my average body and moved her to the middle of the bed. She just let me do it. He could fuck her. I used to listen to them fuck like rabbits. I move between her legs and my mouth came face-to-face with her shaven pussy. She was a little wet. The musky smell was intoxicating. Her scent filled the room and my mind. I licked her lips and thumbed her clit. She moaned loudly and it turned me on. I licked her clit roughly and had three fingers deep inside playing with the folds in her. She moved her hips up and grabbed my hair pushing me into her pussy. "Oh, fuckkkkk!" she yelled. "Fuckkk! Yeah, baby, don't fucking stop. Don't you dare fucking stop. Oh, fuck!" I bit her clit some, she tensed and moaned to almost saying nothing. She just hung there for a moment as I felt deep spasms inside her on my fingers. She caught her breath moved across the bed. Panting and bending her legs. "Mark, I hadn't had a good orgasm like that since you went on that trip. Let me rest and I'll blow you." My dick was rock hard. Bigger than normal it seemed. She recovered and took it all in and sucked on it fast then slow knowing how to stop me from blowing my load. I didn't know if she swallowed or not. "Gotta cum, baby?" she said, licking my dick. "Yes, Terri, make me cum," I answered, enjoying it. My head was back in the pillow. My legs were spread but tense. She sucked it wildly. Moaning and making smacking noises. I grabbed her head and made her deep it. She hungrily did as my hands wanted. "Shit, I'm gonna cum," I said and held my cock deep in her throat. My head went back, my mouth opened, I jammed my hips to her and groaned loudly and shot five to six spurts down her throat. She came up, showed me my wad, then swallowed it and laid on my chest. She stroked my cock and said, "Five minutes, right?" "Yeah, baby." I recovered and was rock hard. She put her fuck pillow under her ass and said, "pile-drive me, baby." I got a good long, deep stroke going and she moaned and moved her head side-to-side and came several times. "God, you fuck like a stallion," she said. I was u*********sly going almost all the way out then slamming back in. Every time I did she moaned. Finally, she begged, "Baby, you gotta cum. I can't handle any more. Fuck!" I did her another five minutes anyway and said, "Ready for my hot cum, baby?" " it. Oh, fuck!" "I started cumming on a down stroke and fell on her. My head was between her large thirty-four double D boobs. "Fuck. Oh, God, that pussy is sooo fucking good, mom." Didn't realize I said, "Mom." I laid there and we kissed deeply as my cock went soft in her satin pussy and my cum leaked out onto the sheets. I never thought I’d get to cum inside her. I licked her nipples and kneaded her breasts. "Why did you call me mom? Some game? Roleplay?" "No," I said, looking into her eyes. "It's me, mom. It's Alex." "What? C'mon." "No, it's me." She focused on my eyes and said, "Damn, it's you." She sobbed. I told her, "No, mom, that was the best lovemaking I've ever had. Really. I love you." She had passed out. I feel asl**p with her. Next morning I woke first then she did. "Alex? What the fuck you doing in her naked?" she said, sitting up letting those lovely boobs fall free. "Umm, mom, you thought I was Mark and we..uh..had sex last night." "Oh, shit." "No, mom, that was the best lovemaking I've ever had. Really. I love you." She put her head in her hands. "I'm sorry I'm a d***k. Really I am." "Mom, I know." "No, I am. It's my fault. It was a good dream. Great actually." "Yeah, you were fantastic." "Well, I guess we need to think about this." I nodded and kneaded her boobs and kissed her. She protested little and said, "No, no, no." My hand on her pussy melted any resistance and I climbed on and we fucked all morning. We both were spent. It was just sex. She got help with alcohol. She was open about nudity and didn't mind if I jerked off to her. I went to college that fall and came home that Christmas. I opened her like a present and we had two weeks of nothing but hot, raw sex. She got married again that next summer. He was only twenty-six and she was forty-seven. I watched one last time and jerked off. Videotape. It was the last call.... Continue»
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Taking Care of My Four Grannies Part II

Taking Care of My Four Grannies Part II
Well if you have been following my series you have learned I am healthy 60 year old who has discovered the wonderful world of grannies. That’s right! if a women is not over 67, I will just not get involved with them. My grannies (I have four of them) keep me busy from Friday to Tuesday. You must be intrigued about how I keep my grannies Alice, Jane, Joan and Kathy from finding out about each other, especially since two of them belong to the same singles group. Well it’s easy, Alice she has two bridge clubs that meet on the weekends so her day with me is Thursday. Friday I set aside for Jane, who tells her aging husband she is also playing bridge, when in fact she is at my apartment playing with my cock. Joan and Kathy I juggle however I can. Usually one of my grannies calls and cancels saying she is not feeling well so that leaves me time for a late night tryst, usually with Kathy. Kathy is adept at sneaking out after hours after her husband goes to bed at eight. Little does he know that we rendezvous to hit the all the dance clubs. Kathy loves to dance and after dancing the night away we go back to my place where she winds up in my bed usually with my dick in her alcohol soaked mouth.

My granny Kathy is my oldest at age 74, her boobs sag a little and her stomach and legs are showing their age, but there is one thing about Granny Kathy, she has never had any k**s!!! This women’s pussy is as tight as a drum and can still hold a man’s cock in place like a vice grip. Kathy likes to be on top and mounts her man for a really fun time, that tight pussy massages your cock as she moves back and forth and up and down. Usually I blow my first load in the first five minutes, then it is time to reciprocate. As I said before I love to eat pussy and Kathy’s older bald snatch is no different. I have learned from experience that Kathy loves to be fisted as I suck on her clitoris. I begin my regimen by slowly working my way down from her aging face to her rather ample breasts. I linger at each one as she begins to moan softly, her chest rising to meet my tongue as I suck each nipple until it is fully erect. My hand has been soaked in lube as it travels down to her labial lips where I get my granny ready for a good vaginal hand massage. Soon I reach her pussy and spread her legs even further as my hand finds her labial lips and budding clitoris. Kathy moaned softly, calling my name and saying “suck it, please suck it now” and with that my tongue made its way to her clitoris, I began softly licking and sucking her clit while the first two fingers of my hand entered her pussy. After a few minutes my third and fourth finger formed a small fist that went all the way into her pussy. I began sliding my hand in and out of her pussy twisting the hand to provide more vaginal stimulation for her clitoris and labial lips. Her pussy surrounded my hand as Kathy squeezed down hard on my fist to increase her pleasure. Kathy like most women who get this treatment went wild and writhed in ecstasy as her hips began thrusting forward to meet my hand which was now buried deep in her vagina. Knowing that she was a granny, I took out some more Astro Glide and lubed her dry pussy as I inserted my entire hand up to my wrist into her now well-oiled cunt.

As I worked on her pussy Kathy’s body spasmed as her first orgasm of the day hit her like a thunderclap. Her hips gyrated upward to meet me as I ran my hand in and out of her well lubed pussy. She screamed as I continued to fist her, then her second orgasm hit. Kathy screamed at the top of her voice yelling “fuck me Oh God fuck me, don’t stop, just don’t stop it”. I obliged Kathy until I detected that her breathing was getting a little to erratic. I never hurt any of my grannies, so I slowed down and slowly backed my hand out of her pussy as I let her catch her breath. Kathy laid on the bed panting like a dog so I got her a drink and waited until she recovered.

We rested for about fifteen minutes and I knew any further fucking was out of the question. Kathy knew the same and said “I want you to go away happy, how about I suck your cock? I could take your load tonight, I want to drink some cum tonight” and with that she threw me back on the bed and began sucking my dick as best she could. Kathy was a lousy cocksucker so it took me some time to get a load ready to shoot into her. Then I said “say AHHH and open your mouth wide”; I stroked my cock over her awaiting mouth and shot a load of creamy sperm right down her throat which she gulped down. Then I gently slapped her face with my well lubed hand that had just pleasured her pussy and said “had enough” as she fell back exhausted on the bed. I guess I had worn my Granny out for the evening

Well if you have been following my series you have learned I am healthy 60 year old who has discovered the wonderful world of grannies. That’s right! if a women is not over 67, I will just not get involved with them. My grannies (I have four of them) keep me busy from Friday to Tuesday. You must be intrigued about how I keep my grannies Alice, Jane, Joan and Kathy from finding out about each other, especially since two of them belong to the same singles group. Well it’s easy, Alice she has two bridge clubs that meet on the weekends so her day with me is Thursday. Friday I set aside for Jane, who tells her aging husband she is also playing bridge, when in fact she is at my apartment playing with my cock. Joan and Kathy I juggle however I can. Usually one of my grannies calls and cancels saying she is not feeling well so that leaves me time for a late night tryst, usually with Kathy. Kathy is adept at sneaking out after hours after her husband goes to bed at eight. Little does he know that we rendezvous to hit the all the dance clubs. Kathy loves to dance and after dancing the night away we go back to my place where she winds up in my bed usually with my dick in her alcohol soaked mouth.

My granny Kathy is my oldest at age 74, her boobs sag a little and her stomach and legs are showing their age, but there is one thing about Granny Kathy, she has never had any k**s!!! This women’s pussy is as tight as a drum and can still hold a man’s cock in place like a vice grip. Kathy likes to be on top and mounts her man for a really fun time, that tight pussy massages your cock as she moves back and forth and up and down. Usually I blow my first load in the first five minutes, then it is time to reciprocate. As I said before I love to eat pussy and Kathy’s older bald snatch is no different. I have learned from experience that Kathy loves to be fisted as I suck on her clitoris. I begin my regimen by slowly working my way down from her aging face to her rather ample breasts. I linger at each one as she begins to moan softly, her chest rising to meet my tongue as I suck each nipple until it is fully erect. My hand has been soaked in lube as it travels down to her labial lips where I get my granny ready for a good vaginal hand massage. Soon I reach her pussy and spread her legs even further as my hand finds her labial lips and budding clitoris. Kathy moaned softly, calling my name and saying “suck it, please suck it now” and with that my tongue made its way to her clitoris, I began softly licking and sucking her clit while the first two fingers of my hand entered her pussy. After a few minutes my third and fourth finger formed a small fist that went all the way into her pussy. I began sliding my hand in and out of her pussy twisting the hand to provide more vaginal stimulation for her clitoris and labial lips. Her pussy surrounded my hand as Kathy squeezed down hard on my fist to increase her pleasure. Kathy like most women who get this treatment went wild and writhed in ecstasy as her hips began thrusting forward to meet my hand which was now buried deep in her vagina. Knowing that she was a granny, I took out some more Astro Glide and lubed her dry pussy as I inserted my entire hand up to my wrist into her now well-oiled cunt.

As I work on her pussy Kathy’s body spasmed as her first orgasm of the day hit her like a thunderclap. Her hips gyrated upward to meet me as I ran my hand in and out of her well lubed pussy. She screamed as I continued to fist her, then her second orgasm hit. Kathy screamed at the top of her voice yelling “fuck me Oh God fuck me, don’t stop, just don’t stop it”. I obliged Kathy until I detected that her breathing was getting a little to erratic. I never hurt any of my grannies, so I slowed down and slowly backed my hand out of her pussy as I let her catch her breath. Kathy laid on the bed panting like a dog so I got her a drink and waited until she recovered.

We rested for about fifteen minutes and I knew any further fucking was out of the question. Kathy knew the same and said “I want you to go away happy, how about I suck your cock? I could take your load tonight, I want to drink some cum tonight” and with that she threw me back on the bed and began sucking my dick as best she could. Kathy was a lousy cocksucker so it took me some time to get a load ready to shoot into her. Then I said “say AHHH and open your mouth wide”; I stroked my cock over her awaiting mouth and shot a load of creamy sperm right down her throat which she gulped down. Then I gently slapped her face with my well lubed hand that had just pleasured her pussy and said “had enough” as she fell back exhausted on the bed. I guess I had worn my Granny out for the evening

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A hot summer with... 6

I followed my mom into her bedroom as she led me by my hard cock. Once in her room, she turned around and placed a very hot passionate kiss on my lips and pressed her naked body against mine. We must have kissed for several minutes with our bodies rubbing against one another, we really got hot. My mom released her lips saying, "Looking at those pictures really makes me hot, I have never looked at much pornography before, I can see while it is so popular. Shit I'm hot, I think my pussy is boiling over with cum. I want you to really fuck me hard tonight Glenn, I need a good fuck."

"But mom, you are ovulating!"

"Shit that's right. Well," she said, "you will just have to fuck me in the ass. That's OK with you, right?"

I just nodded yes as she immediately turned and walked over to the bed, crawled up on it on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me while reaching back with her hand to rub her ass. When her finger ran across her little rosebud, she stuck the tip of her finger in her ass saying, "In here big boy, get that big hard cock of yours in this tight hole and fuck me good. I need a good hard cum tonight and want you to fuck me silly."

She then looked between her legs at me saying, "What are you waiting for stud? Here I am, your hot and horny mom offering her ass to you for a good fuck. Are you ready?"

What a site, there was my mom on the bed, stark naked with her sexy shapely ass pointing directly at me and her nice big tits hanging down. I love to see my mom in the nude in some provocative pose wanting me to fuck her. I just stood there for a second stroking my hard cock before I walked over to the bed. I bent over and gave her ass and pussy a big sloppy kiss, I ran my tongue all along her crack paying special attention to her asshole, probing it as best I could. She said, "Oh honey, you know how to treat me so well, yes lick your mommy's ass before you stick your big cock inside it. Oh yes, lick me, eat me, suck me baby, get my asshole ready for your hard cock that I love so much. Please fuck me hard, I want to feel all of you inside me tonight, every inch of that beautiful cock of yours. I want to feel your sperm shooting inside me, I want to feel that if your cock were in my pussy, you would be impregnating me with your semen, fertilizing my eggs, getting me pregnant."

"Mom, what are you saying?"

"Oh honey, I have so much passion for you, I just love you and sometimes wish I could have your c***d inside my belly."

"I have never heard you talk like this. You really don't want to get pregnant do you?"

"No son, absolutely not. But I just get so horny with you that my female instincts take over and makes me want your c***d."

I did not know what to say, so I just got up on the bed behind her sweet ass and pressed my hard cock against her juiced up asshole. She moaned as the head of my dick was trying to spread her asshole open, I know it was hurting her but did not hesitate as she very vocally urged and encouraged me to push harder and harder until my cock finally slipped through her tight asshole and slid deep inside her warm butt. She let out a loud sigh of relief when my cock was all the way in her and as my balls bounced against her pussy. She then just looked back at me saying, "Now baby, don't hold back. Fuck your mama's ass like there is no tomorrow, fuck me hard, fuck me deep and fill my ass with you hot sweet cum. I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel you filling me with your sperm. Fuck me baby, just fuck me and fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. Ohhh I need you so bad."

I slowly began to fuck my mom's ass like she said, long hard deep strokes for several minutes. I did not want it to end and neither did she. But with all the friction her tight asshole was giving my cock, I did not last very long and before I knew it, my balls began to boil and I shot a big load of cum deep inside my mom's sweet sexy ass. She was in the meantime, fingering her own pussy, working over her clit as I was pumping my cum into her ass. She climaxed just as the last of my cum was spurting inside her ass. Shit, her asshole had a grip on my cock like a vice, I was really loading her up. As I relaxed and slumped down on top of her, she also collapsed and we both just lay on the bed totally exhausted and feeling very fulfilled.

She only laid there a few seconds until she squirmed out from underneath me and turned so she could get my cock in her mouth. Just before she totally enveloped my now semi-soft cock she said, "I want to taste you baby, I don't care where your cock has been, I just need to feel your wonderful cock meat in my mouth and to taste your sperm." She took my entire cock in her mouth as she sucked and licked me completely. She took a hold of my balls and worked her mouth up and down my shaft with great intensity and care. She was making love to my dick.

She is a great cock sucker and it felt so wonderful having her warm mouth around my dick. I was responding to the touch of her lips and tongue and shortly was supporting another hard on. She told me to lay on my back which I did. She said, "Now I don't want you to cum, I just want to feel your cock in my cunt, so lay there and let me do the work." She straddled my body while holding on to my hard cock. She squatted over my hips and as she lowered her ass, she guided my hard cock straight into her pussy. She lowered herself getting only about half my dick in her. She then raised herself up and down on my dick repeatedly sighing all the time. Suddenly she lowered herself entirely taking my entire cock up her cunt. She just sat there twitching her pelvis saying, "Oh god honey, this feels so good. You don't know how much I love having you inside me, I love fucking you like I've never loved before. Even your dad was not this good. I can't get enough of your cock. I love it, I love you." She just continued twitching her pelvis working my cock into every crevice inside her pussy. She paused holding herself totally still as a climax swept over her body.

I knew I was not going to last too long so I said, "Mom, you need to either get up and suck me off or turn over so I can really pound your pussy as I fertilize your eggs." She looked at me and pushed her pelvis down real hard on my dick like she wanted me to cum as she jerked her pelvis back and forth a few times. I wasn't sure she was not going to let me cum in her, she was so horny. But she got up and turned around so she could suck me while she offered me her pussy to eat. We 69' it giving each other another climax. My mom is the hottest slut I have ever known, one hot piece of ass.

Once I shot my load into my mom's sucking warm mouth, I was completely bushed. I finished licking the last residue of my mom's cum from her pussy lips and then just laid my head back and zonked out. The next thing I knew was feeling a warm body next to mine. I looked around to see that mom had put a blanket over me and that my aunt had at some time crawled in bed next to me. He big bare tits were being pressed against me back as her hand was rubbing my thigh and across my semi-hard cock. As I began to wake up, so did my dick. My aunt began to stroke me while she continued pressing her tits into my back.

I turned my head toward her and she kissed me on the cheek saying, "I love to sl**p with young studs like you, you get so hard so quick and knowing that you want to sink your dick in my pussy makes me so horny. My cunt is already wet and waiting to be fucked by your big cock. Your mom is downstairs preparing us some breakfast. How about you getting on top of me for a good morning fuck and fill my love tunnel with your love juices and knowing how your mother loves the taste of your sperm, we'll let her eat me for desert."

"You are wicket, you hussy slut. You want your nephew to fuck you and have your s****r eat my cum from your cunt, is that right?"

"Yes, that is exactly right."

"Great, lets get it on!" We both giggled as I rolled over on top of my aunt getting between her widely spread sexy legs and without any preliminaries, sank my hard cock directly into her wet cunt and began to bang her. She met every one of my thrusts with hers and we both came within minutes. God she is hot, just like my mom, one hot piece of ass. What a lucky guy I am.

When we finished, we both headed downstairs, my aunt walked very slowly holding her hand in her crotch to prevent any cum from leaking out of her pussy. When we got into the kitchen, she said, "We have a surprise for you!"

My mom looked around at us both standing there in the nude, my cock half hard and shinny with cum residue, my aunt with her hand in her crotch.

"Let me guess. Glenn has just banged you and you are holding your hand over your pussy so his cum will not leak out. Right?"

"You are just too smart. Yes, that is right. I thought you would like some desert before we ate breakfast."

"That kind of desert I'll eat anytime almost anywhere. Get over her on the table, spread those sexy legs of yours and let me have my morning desert." My aunt walked over to the kitchen table and very carefully sat on the edge, leaned back taking a hold of her legs as she raised and spread them very wide giving her s****r ample access to her cum filled cunt. My mother sat on a chair right between my aunt's legs and immediately pressed her face in her s****r's snatch and began to dine on her pussy. She engulfed June's cunt lips with her mouth and began sucking on her s****r's cunt like she was starved, it was quite a site to see. My mom moaned and groaned as she devoured my aunt's cunt with her mouth, sucking, licking, sticking her tongue inside June's spread cunt lips.

I suddenly thought about the camera Junior had left and said, "Hold it, let me get this action on camera, it is so hot." I ran and got the camera and began taking pictures of my mom eating my aunt's pussy. I got some really close up shots showing the tip of my mom's tongue in June's slit licking up my cum; shots of my mom sucking June's pussy lips into her mouth; shots of my mom fingering June's asshole as she ate her cunt; shots of my mom licking June's ass crack. Finally my mom raised her head and pulled June's cunt lips apart letting me take some great shots of June's wide open pussy showing me her pink insides and revealing her clit. It was awesome, I took a couple dozen or so pictures.

When my mom thought I had taken enough pictures she returned to eating June's cunt with vigor. Once she got a mouth full of cum and salvia, she looked up and said to June, "Want to share?"

My aunt just nodded as my mother raised herself up and laid on top of June on the kitchen table. When my mom had her mouth directly above June's, she opened her mouth just a little letting a string of cum and saliva slowly drip from her lips into June's waiting open mouth. My mom then lowered her face pressing her lips to June's and passionately kissed her. They swapped my cum back and forth between their mouths while their lips were pressed tight against each other; their tongues were obviously in each other's mouth. My mom was grinding her pussy into June's as they kissed. I could see a small amount of cum and saliva leaking down June's chin, all this action was getting me another hard on just watching my mom and aunt kissing. I kept taking pictures as fast as I could and got some really hot shots.

As I was standing behind them getting pictures of their pussy's being pressed against each other, my mother raised her head turning it toward me saying, "Oh god Glenn, I need to be fucked so bad, I need to have my cunt rammed full of hard cock meat and to be pumped full of sperm, I need it bad baby. I need you inside me. Please oh please fuck your mom right now, I need to climax, I need to cum."

"But mom you are ovulating."

"I don't care Glenn, I need to be fucked really bad, I can't stand not having your cock inside me right now! I'm so hot and horny and I need to cum so bad, please, oh please fuck your slutty mom. Slip that nice big cock of yours deep inside my pussy and fuck me. Please do what I ask and slam your cock inside my pussy, fuck me baby, just fuck MEEEEEEEEEE!"

I didn't want to get my mom pregnant so I ran and got a rubber, slipped it on and guided my hard cock into my mom's cunt as she laid on top of my aunt with both of them on the kitchen table. It was a quickie, my mom was so fired up that she came within seconds of my cock being rammed inside her pussy. As soon as she climaxed, she laid limp on top of her s****r, panting, nearly out of breath.

I actually did not cum, but that was alright, for I wanted to save myself for later. My mom sat back down on the chair and said, "You felt so different inside me and I did not feel you cum."

"I used a rubber mom. I didn't want to get you pregnant, OK?"

"Oh baby, that was nice of you but a few minutes ago I did not care whether your cock was covered or not, I just wanted to feel your cock in me regardless of the consequences. I really needed to cum and thank you for giving me a climax like you did. Did you cum at all?"

"No mom, I did not cum."

"Oh darn, I was hoping that I could suck your tasty sperm out of the rubber. Do you want me to get you off? I will you know, either by wanking you off or giving you a blowjob. You know how much I like to taste your sperm."

"No mom, I'm OK. I want to save myself for when Junior comes over to take more porno photo of you and June." I knew it would be a hot session and would get a lot of chances of fucking my aunt and mom.

My mom's face lit up when I mentioned Junior and pornography. She immediately moved her hands down between her legs to her bare pussy and began rubbing her cunt vigorously saying, "Oh shit, I can't wait to have more photos taken of my cunt, ass and tits while totally exposing myself. I think that is so hot. I hope he takes some good pictures of you fucking me and me sucking you. I want to see some close ups of your cock inside my cunt baby, I want to see my pussy lips gripping your cock." I could not believe what I was hearing from my mom, she is really becoming a total slut and I'm loving it.

My mom just continued finger fucking her pussy with her eyes closed as she fantasized about being photographed. What an opportunity, I grabbed the camera, turned her chair so I could get directly in front of her and between her legs saying, "Spread those pussy lips mom, let me get some close ups of your cunt." She opened her eyes giving me a big smile as she took her index fingers and pulled her pussy lips as far apart as she could. Lots of pink were showing and I zoomed in getting a half dozen shots of her cunt.

My aunt still lying on the table said, "What about me?" She had lifted her feet onto the edge of the table with her legs spread clearly exposing her sloppy cunt. I turned and photographed her pussy as she fingered herself. She used one hand to spread her pussy lips and used her index finger on her other hand to play with her clit. It was so hot to watch and even hotter to photograph. She continued this action until she had a climax. I must have gotten a dozen shots of her masturbating.

I then told her to lift her legs way up in order to lift her ass up a little off the table. I was then able to get shots of her asshole and cunt, just awesome pictures. She reached around under her butt and using her middle finger, was able to finger her own asshole. I was shooting pictures as fast as I could. Then suddenly my mom moved in, placing her head between June's legs and began licking her asshole. She paused many times to give me the opportunity to get shots of this hot action. It was hard for me to believe what was happening, here I am taking photographs of my aunt and mom both totally nude and unashamed, fingering themselves, masturbating, licking one another, kissing, and eating each other. Suddenly the camera beeped telling me that they little photo card was full.

"Well ladies, I need to download these pictures before I can take anymore shots. So hold on." My mom looked up at me and smiled, then returned to eating her s****rs ass and pussy. When I returned my mom and aunt were sitting at the table resting their heads on the hands with big smiles in their faces.

I said, "What did I miss?"

My aunt June said, "Jackie got me off again for at least the fourth time this morning. I love all this action guys, this is just too much. I love it."

My mom said, "Junior told June that he was bringing over a couple guys tonight and wanted to get some double action shots. I think we need to cool it for awhile or we will all be totally exhausted for the main event."

I more than agreed, I needed to recharge my batteries for some hot fucking later on. The rest of the day involved running some errands and getting ready for tonight's action. About 4 pm Junior showed up with a couple of suit cases with his clothes and three of four boxes of photographic equipment. We went into my mom's bedroom and in the living room to set up lighting and backgrounds for good photography. When we had it ready Junior said, "I hope your mom and aunt will like the guys I've invited. I asked the guy I workout with if he was interested in being part of some pornographic action with two hot mature women. He was more than willing and said his b*****r would also like to be involved. I said OK and they will be here in less than an hour."

I responded, "Great. What have you planned for this evening?"

Junior said, "I was thinking that we would have your mom and aunt dressed very revealing and sexy clothes sitting on the couch when these guys show up. All four will sit on the couch and begin to grope one another until they all are naked. The girls will invite them up to the bedroom and there, one of the gals will take on both guys for some hot double penetrate action. Then we'll switch gals and they will do the same to the other one. I will run the video and you can take still shots the whole time. How does that sound?"

"Sounds great."

"Oh there is one more thing. These guys are black."

"Holly shit, this is going to be really hot. Are the hung like blacks are supposed to be?"

"Well, I have showered at the club with the one guy and he is definitely hung. I'll bet that at full erection he is 9 or 10 inches, I assume his b*****r is similar."

I pondered a minute and then said, "I think we should let my mom and aunt know that these guys are black so that they are not shocked. OK?"

"Yea, that is probably the smart thing to do."

Just then my mom came into the room seeing all the preparations we were doing and said, "Wow, this looks like a real production."

Junior said, "Well I want to get really good photographs of all the action, the better the quality, the better the interest of your soon to be fans."

My mom just smiled and we could see the visions she was having of guys looking at her intimate parts, she said, "How many people do you think will view the website you are setting up?"

Junior winked at me and said, "Well, if we do it right, there will be millions looking at your photos and videos everyday."


"Yep! Guys and gals from all over the world will be looking and downloading pictures of you fucking, sucking, eating, and doing whatever else you want to. Would you like for me to photograph you being cummed on, masturbating, pissing, shoving cucumbers, bananas, beer bottles, tools, or whatever up your twat?"

"What, are you saying?"

"Oh mom, you do know that these are the things that women do on the internet!"

"No I don't know. This all sounds pretty gross to me. Do you mean that people are shown pissing?"

"Sure, haven't you heard about golden showers?"

"Yea I guess. I just never really thought much about it. So you mean that people will piss on each other?"

"Yep, I'll show you if you want. Lets go to the computer and go to a site called Pissmops." We all walked into the den, cranked up the computer and began viewing My mother just stood next to Junior with her mouth open looking at all the photos of gals pissing and being pissed on. She seemed really fascinated and with her leaning over staring at the computer screen, I took advantage and reached under her skirt and began rubbing her thigh. I ran my hand up her thigh and across her buttocks and squeezed her buns a couple times before I slipped my hand into her crack. When my finger rubbed against her asshole she responded by wiggling her butt back and forth, obviously liking the action I was giving her. I then moved my hand down her crack toward her pussy, she squatted a little more opening her legs more allowing me to easily reach her cunt. I slipped my finger inside her pussy saying, "Mom, you are really wet. These pictures of women pissing is making you hot."

"I think this is gross, but it does excite for some reason. I just can't believe that what I'm seeing is making my pussy juice up. Oh baby, I like what you are doing to me. I always like how you treat me, you keep me so horny. Oh yes, yes play with my clit baby, yes finger fuck me right here."

She kissed Junior on the cheek saying, "Junior you can join in if you want. Get me hot you guys, make me cum. Ohhhhh fuck I'm becoming such a slut, a nasty, nasty slut. I hope you guys don't get disgusted with me. Oh this is so hot looking at these pictures of women pissing and having my pussy played with."

Junior turned toward my mom as she was squatting right next to him, he raised the front of her skirt to see the action going on between her legs. He could see my finger fully inserted in my mother's pussy. She also looked down at the action going on in her pussy and placed her hand on top of mine pressing my finger even deeper into her cunt. She moaned while she wiggled her pelvis to increase the intensity of the sensations in your twat. Her tits were right at Juniors eye level so he raised her blouse and pulled one of her tits into his mouth. He then reached around her ass and moved his hand under my arm so he could reach her asshole. He began to finger her asshole while I continued fingering her pussy along with her having one of her tits in Junior's mouth.

My mom bent her head back, closed her eyes saying, "You guys have me so hot, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes, I'm coming, I'm coming." She had grabbed my wrist with both hands forcing my fingers deep into her pussy while at the same time, she humped my hand.

"Ohh I love you guys so much. This is so good, just so so good. Oh fuck I love sex so much." Junior then pulled his finger out of my mom's ass and got up from the computer. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy as she moved over to sit down in front of the computer screen. There was a scene on the screen of a gal sitting on the ground in the nude with another gal squatting over her as she pissed on the first gals tits. A guy was standing next to them also pissing on the gal sitting down. My mom just stared at the picture as she was recovering from her climax.

Junior and I returned to the living room to finish setting up the lighting for the initial encounter of my mom and aunt with two black guys. My mom came strolling into the room with a glazed look on her face. "What's wrong mom?"

"I just can't believe people enjoy pissing on each other. It's absolutely amazing to me."

"Yea, it's kind of weird. By the way mom, the two guys coming over tonight for your little sexual rendezvous are black guys."

My mom stopped in her tracks, blinked a couple times saying, "Black guys!"

"Yes, black guys with big cocks."

Just then June came in the room wearing only a thin nightie that did not hide a thing. She walked over to Junior and gave him a big hug and said, "Thank you so much for last night. I enjoyed being photographed so very much, it was awesome. I also enjoyed your cock. I love you young guys with nice big cocks and lots of energy, our fuck was very exhilarating, you can fuck me anytime sweetie. Now what did I hear about black guys?"

Junior had his arm around June squeezing her ass as he spoke up saying, "I invited a fellow I workout with over for tonight's photo session. He is black and his b*****r is also coming."

"Do you hear that Jackie? We are going to get fucked by some black dudes. That is so exciting, it has been a very long time since I've been fucked by a black man. Are they hung?"

"Yes they are hung, at least the guy I workout with is, I assume his b*****r also is hung."

My mom said, "That does sound exciting. I have never been with a black man before."

"Oh Jackie, you are going to just love it. First of all it is so exciting to see their big black cocks, to fondle them, to suck and lick them. They are so beautiful when they get all shinny with cum. But best of all is to feel your pussy get stretched as they fuck you and then to look down between your legs as you are being fucked and see that big black cock meat against your white pussy lips. It's a thrill I will never forget. And now we get to have it all recorded by this sweet guy." She turned giving Junior a big kiss as she pushed her body into his.

Junior put both hands on her ass holding her tight against his pelvis as he dry humped my aunt as they kissed. She released his lips saying, "I love your hardness! Want a quick fuck before the night activities begins? Before I get my pussy crammed full of black cock?"

Junior retorted, "And your ass too I hope."

"Oh yes, yes, yes! Would love to have my ass fucked tonight with a big cock. Do you think they are willing to do a double fuck so I can experience a double penetration and have both holes full of black meat at the same time?"

"I hope so, that is what I have planned for both of you. First I want you two to put on some sexy clothes, meet these guys in the living room where you will grope one another until you are all naked, want to see some cock sucking, pussy eating, tit sucking and lots of fondling with some good shots of your pussies and asses being fingered and licked. Then I want you to go upstairs to the bedroom and have one of you take on both guys. There I want to get some good shots of you having your ass and pussy stuffed with black cock. Then we'll have the other one take on both guys. I will run the video camera and Glenn with take still pictures."

June looked Junior directly in the eye saying, "Fuck me! I want to get my juices flowing for these guys, I want my pussy to be all sopping wet for them. Please give me a quick fuck before they get here."

Junior was not about to deny my beautiful sexy aunt, he picked her up and carried her over to the couch. He sat her down as he reached down to the bottom hem of her nightie, lifting it over her head which she freely let him do. She leaned back spreading her legs as he unbuckled his pants pushing them down to his ankles, then stepping out of them. His hard cock was protruding straight out. June reached down between her legs spreading her pussy lips inviting him to quickly slip his cock between them. Junior did not hesitate a second, he was on his knees between her legs guiding his cock directly into her cunt. She was already wet and full length of his shaft went directly into her cunt. June let out a pleasurable sigh as Junior wiggled his pelvis to maximize the sensations and to assure he was in her to the max. June said, "Oh yes, fuck me big guy, lubricate my pussy with your cum, I want to be totally juiced up for the big black cocks that will be penetrating me soon. I love you Junior, you are the greatest."

Junior was slowly fucking June, taking long slow deep strokes of his cock into June's cunt. They were both getting lots of pleasure from the action and were passionately kissing, Junior was also fondling her tits.

I had grabbed a camera and took a number of shots of Junior and June fucking. I wish I had the video camera, but as it turned out, the photos were really hot. My mom sat down on a chair across the room, pulled up her skirt and fingered herself into another orgasm as they fucked. Finally Junior pulled himself half way out of June's cunt and held himself there while he to pumped his seeds into June's pussy. She was also climaxing and had pulled her knees up and out to give Junior greater access to her cunt.

As we all kind of unwound from the brief fucking frenzy of Junior and June, there was a knock on the door. My mom and aunt ran upstairs, Junior grabbed his clothes and ran to the bathroom. I quickly straightened the place up and answered the door. There stood two quite large black guys, very well built and rather handsome. I introduced myself and they in turn did the same. Junior's friend's name was Craig and his b*****r was Jack. I showed them into the living room and offered them something to drink, they both chose a beer.

As Junior walked into the living room, he approached Craig saying, "Hi Craig. How are you?"

"Great Junior. This is my b*****r Jack." Junior and Jack shook hands as Junior told them what the plan was. They both smiled and agreed to the whole idea. The four of us chit chatted for a few minutes until we heard the girls coming down the stairs. When they walked into the living room, all of us said in unison, "WOW!"

Both my mom and June were wearing very short skirts that hugged their asses, had on high heels and very low cut blouses. June's tits were barely covered and looked larger than normal, they were really sticking out with lots of cleavage showing. Junior spoke up, "Craig and Jack, I would like for you to meet June and Jackie, a very hot set of twins. They are your dates for this evening and maybe all night."

Craig and Jack had both stood up to meet my mom and aunt and one could see bulges beginning to immediately form in their pants. Jackie walked over to Craig and shook his hand while June approached Jack. Both guys leaned down and gave the girls a big kiss on the lips, these were more than just light pecks. There was some serious face sucking on first contact.

Junior said, "Well, I can sense a lot of energy here and so we might as well begin. I thought we would begin the session with you guys sitting on the couch waiting for the girls. When they approach, just do what comes natural, OK?"

They all agreed and so Junior turned on the photo lights and started up his video camera, he then motioned for the girls to approach the guys sitting on the couch. My mother walked up to Craig and June to Jack. Craig said, "MY OH MY! You are one hot looking mama! Turn around please and let my gander at that hot looking ass of yours." My mom obliged and slowly turned around lifting her skirt showing Craig her bare ass when her back was to him. Junior and I got a great view of her bare pussy.

June stood in front of Jack and just leaned down to give him a kiss and to give him a great view down her blouse. When their lips touched, he reached up pushing her blouse aside and took a tit in each hand, fondling June's big bazooms without any hesitation. She just remained in that position for nearly a minute as Jack thoroughly fondled her tits, squeezing and caressing them until she stood up. She turned and sat her ass next to him on the couch immediately rubbing his thigh.

Jackie in the meantime had also taken a seat next to Craig. He immediately kissed her and fondled her tits as she ran her hand across the bulge in his pants. June and Jack were also passionately kissing while groping each other. It wasn't long before June and Jackie's blouses were off and the guys were fondling their bare tits. More kissing and fondling occurred with lots of hand action, Jack was the first to loose his pants while June was also removing her skirt. Jackie and Craig were right behind them; all four were now sitting nude on the couch fondling, kissing, sucking and licking each other all over.

June was leaning over sucking on Jack's dick as he reached around her backside rubbing her ass cheeks and fingering her ass and cunt. He was able to spread her buns and get most of his middle finger straight up her ass.

Jackie stroked Craig's cock for some time marveling at its size while he fondled her tits, she then stood up facing Craig putting her pussy in his face. He willingly grabbed her by the ass cheeks pulling her cunt into his mouth and began to lick her pussy. He then moved his hands so that he could finger her asshole while sucking on her cunt.

Junior and I were busy photographing all the action. It was really hot to watch and many times I wanted to reach out and grab my mom's tits or ass as she was seducing Craig. At one point Junior, "OK guys this is so hot. How about you girls switching partners?"

There were no hesitations by either my mom or my aunt. My mom looked over at Jack who was leaning over fingering June's asshole and said, "Sit up big guy so I can put my cunt in your face, I need my main fuck hole sucked and licked before it's filled with your cum spewing cock." Jack sat up as June released his cock and got up off the couch. Jackie simply moved over and placed her cunt in Jack's face. He immediately opened his mouth and began to suck on her pussy lips.

June had moved over and was on her knees down between Craig's legs taking a major portion of his cock into her mouth. She was also fondling his big black balls; he just laid his head back in total enjoyment. This kind of action continued for some time, I was able to get pictures of both my mom's and my aunt's tits being sucked on, the guy's cocks being sucked on, pussies fingered and licked, assholes fingered and licked, hot kissing, tits squeezed, cocks stroked, etc, etc. Finally Junior said, "Let's all go to the bedroom and get some hard core fucking started. We need pictures of full penetrations of asses and pussies, we need to see lots of fucking. "

At this point Jackie and Jack were in a 69 position, she was trying to get all of his huge cock in her mouth while he was dining on her twat. In the meantime Craig was sucking on June's magnificent tits as she was grinding her cunt onto his body. They reluctantly released their holds on each other as the gals stood up and began to walk totally naked toward the bedroom. Jack and Craig got up with their big hard cocks sticking straight out and walked behind them. Craig said to his b*****r, "Which one of these hot asses do you want to fuck first?"

Jack said, "They are both so hot, I really don't care just as long I get to feel my cock deep inside a tight asshole."

Both guys reached forward to fondle June and Jackie's asses as they walked down the hall. Once in the bedroom, Junior suggested that they all get up on the bed and continue fondling each other and work toward having June be the first to get it on with both guys. My mom got on the bed first followed by Jack, then June and Craig. My mom was on her back while Jack began to suck on her tits again while he played with her pussy which she made available by spreading her legs very wide. I was able to focus my camera directly on her cunt getting great shots of Jack's fingers being inserted way up in her pussy. I also got good shots of Jack's mouth totally sucking in her tits, and of him licking her erect nipples.

June and Craig were lying next to them doing about the same. Craig was using both hands to squeeze June's tits together in an attempt to get both nipples in his mouth which he almost did. June was fingering her own pussy which I was able to get some good pictures of her doing. Craig then started to slide down her body ending with his face buried in her snatch. He pulled her pussy lips apart as he licked the pink insides of her exposed pussy. I got a very good shot of her clit being flicked by Craig's tongue. She was really moaning as he toyed with her aroused clit. He then reached down grabbing both thighs and lifting them up until her knees were almost touching her tits. This caused her ass to roll up totally exposing her tight asshole. He turned his head and began licking her crack from one end to the other paying special attention to her asshole. He was actually able to push the tip of his tongue into her asshole. He played with her asshole for some time then said, "Well sugar, you have a fantastic ass, I hope you are willing to let me fuck you in the ass with my big cock?"

"Oh yes. YES! I want you to fuck me in the ass. I can't wait to feel your big cock sliding in and out of my asshole. I do want to be fucked in the ass, please promise me that you will fuck my ass."

"Baby, you have my promise, I definitely want to feel your tight asshole squeezing the cum out of my cock as I fuck you."

I then looked over at my mom and Jack who now were in a 69 position with my mom struggling to get as much of Jack's huge cock in her mouth and down her throat. She was able to get only about half or a little more. Jack was fingering both of my mom's pussy and asshole while also sucking and licking both holes. She had had a small orgasm while I was getting shots of this hot action.

Junior suggested that Jack get on his back and that June mount him and that once Jack had fully penetrated June's cunt, for Jackie to begin preparing her s****r's asshole for Craig. Jack rolled over and laid in the middle of the bed with his big black shinny cock sticking straight up. My mom continued to stroke his dick as June stood up on the bed straddling Jack. She got down on her knees with her pussy right above Jack's cock that my mom was holding. June lowered herself as my mom guided Jack's cock into June's pussy. June took about a third of his dick inside her before she paused, closing her eyes and rotating her hips in total enjoyment. My mom let go of Jack's cock but slide her hand down to his balls cupping them. June raised up just a little and then lowered herself further down the black shaft that was partially inserted in her cunt. She took three or four more inches before pausing once more. Rotated her hips some more then just raised and lowered herself a few inches about four or five times. She then let out a big moan as she dropped herself so that Jack's cock totally penetrated her pussy.

"Oh my god this is fantastic. I have never felt so full in my life, oh my god I love this, oh Jackie you are going to love being fucked by these guys. Oh shit I don't want this feeling to ever go away. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck I love this." June then began to slowly raise and lower herself up and down Jack's hard cock as Junior and I were busy photographing all the hot action.

Craig had moved around to the side of the bed where my mom was kneeling as she massaged Jack's balls. Craig slipped his hand under her butt and began fingering her pussy. He shoved two or three fingers deep into her cunt while he used his thumb to probe her asshole. My mom smiled at him showing total acceptance of what he was doing. He then removed his hand and pushed his face into her ass and began sucking and kissing her asshole.

Junior then told my mom to get the butt plugs for her s****r. My mom scrambled off the bed giving Craig a big kiss and told him how she liked how he was playing with her cunt and ass. She grabbed the toys and petroleum jelly and got back on the bed. In the meantime, June had gotten off her knees and was laying flat on top of Craig. My mom took the smaller butt plug, coated it and June's asshole with jelly and then slowly inserted the butt plug into her s****rs asshole. June moaned as she felt the penetration into her ass. She worked it in and out many times getting June's sphincter muscle to relax. It was not long before the butt plug could easily fit in June's ass. My mom then took the bigger butt plug and did the same. Again is was not long before the larger butt plug easily slipped in and out of June's ass. I had my mom pull out the plug so I could get a direct shot of her dilated asshole. I took quite a few pictures showing June's asshole was dilated to over an inch in diameter.

Craig was more than ready to fuck June's ass and had crawled up on the bed with his dick now only inches from June's butt. My mom immediately took his cock in her hand, stroked it a few times, then bent down and sucked it into her mouth trying to get as much saliva on it as she could, then guided Craig's big black hard cock into her s****rs enlarged asshole. She placed the head of his dick against her s****r's asshole which clearly showed that her asshole would have to be at least doubled in size to accept his cock. He pressed hard and Junior video taped the process of Craig's dick slowly penetrating June's ass. We could see June's asshole slowly enlarge as more of Craig's dick head penetrated her ass. June was showing signs of pain as Craig's cock head finally passed through her asshole and into her butt cavity. It was awesome to witness up close, the forcing open a white asshole by a big black cock and then to see the cock gradually disappear inside her butt until his balls were bouncing off her butt. It was hard to believe that she could accept a nine or ten inch shaft up her ass while also being filled with a similar size cock up her twat.

I was absolutely as hard as a rock. I had been having a hard-on the whole time and had opened my fly to let my cock free. It was now sticking straight out more so than I can ever remember.

I continued taking photographs as Junior was video taping the action of June getting fucked in both holes at the same time. She was in total ecstasy as she encouraged Craig and Jack to fuck her harder and harder. They were alternating their penetrations, Craig was forcing his cock in her ass as Jack was retracting, then Jack would ram his cock in her cunt while Craig was pulling his cock out. The action was so hot, I was having a hard time concentrating on photographing it rather than just watching and stroking my hard cock.

My mom was in a frenzy watching the action, she was on her hands and knees only inches from June's ass. When she looked over at me with my cock sticking out, she said, "Oh honey I need your cock in me so bad. Please fuck me now, I need to be fucked hard, I need to cum. I can't wait for my turn with these guys."

I was not about to turn down my mom and since I figured I had enough photos, I set down the camera, crawled up on the bed. Knowing that my mom was susceptible to getting pregnant, I grabbed the petroleum jelly, lubed up my cock and pressed it against her asshole. She pressed back at me saying, "Ohhhh yes baby, fuck my ass. Oh get your cock in me now, I need you. I need you. Fuck me hard."

I had my cock buried in my mom's ass in seconds and began pounding her as hard as I could. Our action was very intense as we were both very turned on. In the process of trying to ram my cock in her as hard as I could, at one point my cock came out completely, before I had time to grab my cock and guide it back into her ass, she had taken a hold of my dick and said, "I'll do it."

It took a little doing for her to find the hole again but soon I was fully implanted in her and fucking like a wild a****l. She was bucking against me meeting every thrust with her own. I began to feel my balls starting to boil and yelled, "I'm going to cum mom, I'm about to flood you with my sperm. God you are hot!"

"Yes baby, flood me with your sperm, give me all you got, I want every drop of your seeds in me, fuck me baby, fuck your mom like you've never fucked me before." We were like two a****ls in heat, I was hammering her just as hard as I could, I was too excited to know whether I was hurting her or not. I had a hold of her hips and would pull my cock out of her as far as possible and then with all my might, ram my cock back into her as she rammed her ass back toward me. It was absolutely awesome, I think you could hear our bodies slapping together a block away. We both came at the same time with lots of moaning and groaning and then we collapsed on the bed, both of us being very sweaty.

As I was fucking my mom, I was well aware that June was also experiencing a great climax as she was screaming obscenities as Jack and Craig were hammering their cocks in her, filling both holes with lots of cum. I could see my aunt being hammered by two black cocks, they were really giving it to her. When Craig climaxed, I could see him flex his buns and could tell he was really loading her ass up with cum. When the screaming and moaning stopped, all three of them collapsed with Jack and Craig's cocks still buried in her holes as was my cock in my mom's ass.

Well, I thought it was her ass but when I looked down sensing the shrinking of my dick, I clearly saw that my cock was buried in my mother's pussy.

"Mom! Mom! I'm thought I was fucking your ass, but my cock has been in your cunt. I just cum in your pussy and may have just impregnated you!"

"I know honey. It's OK, it's OK. I deliberately put your cock in my pussy because I knew that when my turn came with Jack and Craig, I would not want either of them to fuck me with a rubber on and if I didn't have them use a rubber, I would get pregnant. So I wanted it to be you who got me pregnant. I hope you are OK with that?"

"I don't know. I guess so." I was in shock, had never really contemplated becoming a father, especially with my mom also being my c***d's mother. Some how my cock began to harden again as I thought about having just fucked my fertile mom's pussy.

She rolled over on her back spreading her legs real wide revealing her freshly fucked cunt. She looked at me as she reached down pulling her pussy lips apart and said, "You can fuck me right here again sweetie, if you want to. I want to make sure it's you that fertilizes my eggs, cause I know that after seeing Craig and Jack double fuck June, I want to have the same experience without any rubbers. I want to feel the skin of their big cocks in my pussy and ass and to feel them spewing their hot cum inside me."

At this point, as Craig was pulling his semi hard cock out of June's ass, he leaned over to get a closer look at my mom's open pussy. He bent down giving her cunt a quick lick, then said, "You have a hot looking cunt Sugar, I hope I'm the one that will be pumping your fertile pussy full of black semen. If your son doesn't get you pregnant, I know I will definitely be knocking you up. How would you like a black baby inside your belly?" He then gave her cunt a great big kiss and got up off the bed.

MY mom responded, "I would prefer having my son's baby inside me but if it turns out that it's your seeds or Jack's seeds that fertilizes my eggs, so be it. I'll just put the c***d up for adoption. I am so horny right now, I know I can't fuck you guys with you wearing rubbers, I so want to feel your skin against mine when we fuck. I really need to make sure it's my son that impregnates me. So Glenn sweetie, please come over here and fuck your mother again! Fill me with more of your baby making juice, make a baby in me."

I was still in shock hearing my mother talk like this. I was also spent for the moment and said, "Mom I need a little rest, lets take a break and get some refreshments." She reluctantly agreed but still just laid there on the bed.

June was slowly pulling her pussy up off of Jack's soft dick, when her pussy was free of his shaft, cum began to drip out of her engorged cunt and onto Jack's leg. She immediately rolled over on her back next to Jackie looking totally exhausted. Jack just laid there with his limp dick laying on his thigh.

Jackie said to June, "God June, Jack must have dumped a ton of cum in you."

"OHHHH yes he did, I could feel his dick spewing cum in my pussy for a long time, a real long time. God I love being fucked by a guy with a big cock. When it's your turn for the double fuck June, you are going to go crazy, absolutely crazy with desire. It's awesome to feel both holes being crammed with cock meat, big beautiful black cock meat. I have never had such a big cock inside me before, I think I could get hooked on big cocks, dam it was so wonderful."

Jackie looked over at her s****r seeing the look of total contentment on her face and also seeing cum oozing out of her cunt, a sight that she could not resist and immediately wanted to taste her s****r. She moved her face down closer to June's cunt and placed a big kiss on her twat. June moaned and moved her pelvis in a way indicating she wanted more. Jackie then buried her face in her s****r's pussy and made a meal out of Jack's and June's juices, totally devouring June's pussy. June did not want to be left out of good cunt eating and so she pulled Jackie's body over so that she could feast on her pussy. There in the middle of the bed were my mom and aunt in a 69 position, eating each other like there was no tomorrow.

Junior was still video taping the action, not saying a thing but was supporting a large hard on by the size of the tent in his shorts. I said, "Junior, every one has gotten off except you. I think it's time for you to relieve all that pent up cum you have in you."

Junior smiled saying, "I would love to have a good fuck right now. My balls are aching for relief."

I noticed that neither of the gals were paying any attention, they were totally engrossed in their cunt eating episode. I said to Junior, "You know what we have here is a total of four very juicy, very willing fuck holes, three of which have been filled with cum so far. It's just my mom's ass that has not received a load of cum. So why don't we get the girls to turn over so my mom is on the top and then you can fuck her in the ass. I know she will love it."

Junior just nodded as he laid down his video camera as he helped me roll the gals over taking every advantage of fondling their bodies in the process. My mom did not miss a beat as she maintained keeping her head nestled between June's legs eating Jack's cum from her cunt. June was now on her back licking my mom's cunt and winked at Junior when she saw him get on the bed straddling Jackie's ass. I handed him the petroleum jelly which he used to oil up my mom's asshole. June helped him as she reached around my mom's hips spreading her buns to give Junior better access to Jackie's asshole. June also helped Junior work the oil into my mom's asshole by fingering her anus while Junior began spitting on his dick to lubricate it in preparation for penetrating my mom's ass. June pulled her mouth free from Jackie's cunt long enough to say, "Let me suck your dick a few times to help lube you up."

Junior repositioned himself to enable him to get his dick into June's mouth. He basicly fucked her mouth a few times as she spread saliva all over his dick. He pulled his dick free and then pressed his cock against my mom's asshole. She was so oiled up that his cock head slipped right in with very little hesitation. Once his dick head disappeared, he f***ed his entire cock up my mom's ass. My mother turned her head to check who it was that was penetrating her ass, she just smiled and returned to eating June's cunt.

June had a very close up view of all the action in my mom's ass with her eating my mom's cunt. In fact Junior's cock rubbed against June's nose and his balls rested on her eye lids from time to time. Junior went to work fucking Jackie's ass as we all watched, he did not last very long because he had been supporting a hard on the whole time he was video taping June getting doubled fucked. Junior really rammed my mom's ass hard. She released her mouth from June's cunt begging Junior to fuck her harder, "Yes baby, fuck this old cunt's ass real good, bang me, fuck me, load me up with your cum, fill up my ass, I want every drop of your juices, fuck me Junior, unload that cock of yours straight up my ass. Oh yes, I can feel you coming, oh baby, yes, yes, fuck this old slut, hammer me, fuck me, ohhhh how I love this. I love being dirty and nasty, oh shit fuck me some more."

Wow, my mom is really turning into a slut, an honest to god nasty cunt eating, cock sucking, ass fucking slut. It really turns me on to know how much my mom loves to fuck and to be fucked. The really exciting part was that she wants me as her sex partner.

As soon as Junior finished unloading his cum up my mom's ass, he slumped down on her back. This was putting a bit of a load on June so she suggested that they roll on to their sides which they did. It looked like a really hot fuck sandwich. June and Jackie continued licking and eating each other's cunts while Junior remained against my mom's back with his cock fully implanted in her ass, he was hugging her using both hands to fondle her tits. As his cock began to recede from Jackie's asshole, June would from time to time give his cock a quick lick and then return to eating her cunt. Once Junior's cock head reappeared and was only inches from June's face, she starred at it for a minute, then thrust her mouth over his entire semi hard cock and sucked him. I could not believe what I was seeing but totally enjoyed the scene.

June pulled her head back free of his dick and rolled across the bed, my mom and Junior also parted, all three of them just laid there for a few minutes catching their breaths. June was the first to speak, "God that was nasty, I have never done anything like that before!"

My mom asked, "What are you talking about? You have eaten my cunt many times."

"No, not that. I was referring to sucking on Junior's cock."

"You sucked Junior's cock just now?"


"Just now after he fucked my ass?"

"Yes, yes, I sucked Junior's cock right after he fucked you in the ass."

"Oh that is so nasty and hot. Did it taste good?"

"That is the nasty part, I liked how he tasted."

My mom scrambled around to look at Junior's cock which was still gleaming with cum and saliva. His dick was also showing signs of revitalization. She looked over at June who looked real satisfied laying there licking her lips and moaning. Jackie, with a gleam in her eye, bent over taking Junior's cock totally in her mouth and held it there while she ran her tongue all over it. She pulled her mouth free saying, "I like the flavor too. I can't believe that I'm sucking a cock that has just been up my ass, this is so nasty and I love it so." She returned to sucking his cock and within minutes she was sucking on a fully erect dick that began spewing another load of cum, this one down her throat.

Craig and Jack were watching the whole deal, each standing nearby stroking their very hard dicks. Jack said, "Hope you gals are ready for another round of hot fucking sex. You both are so hot and nasty, we need to get our rocks off again."

Junior said, "As soon as I recover, I'll get the video setup for another round of double fucking, this time is will be Jackie's turn to get both of her holes crammed with cock." By this time my mom had released her hold on Junior's cock and they were both sitting back taking a little break.

Craig had walked over to the side of the bed where June was lying, he pulled her head to the edge of the bed so he could stick his dick down her throat while she laid there. He reached down and massaged her tits while she sucked his cock and fondled his big balls. He just rocked back and forth giving June's mouth a mini fuck.

My mom looked over at June sucking on Craig's cock and said, "Be sure and get his cock really hard and his balls full of cum, I want to be royally fucked by Craig and Jack."

Craig said, "Don't worry about that, we will give you one royal fuck, and it's my turn to have the pleasure of fucking your ass. I've seen your son do it, I've seen Junior do it and now it's my turn to fuck your tight little asshole with my hard black meat, I may even rip you a new asshole.'

"Oh god don't do that, but please fuck me deep and hard, I want to feel every inch of you inside me, every black fucking inch of you. And if you could, I would like to have your balls inside me too."

Craig look down at June who was totally concentrating on sucking his dick, she had one hand at the base of his cock while she was sucking the extremity of his dick, rubbing his dick head on her lips, licking his dick, kissing his dick, etc. She also was fondling his big black balls, massaging them and occasionally sucking them into her mouth. She was basically making love to his cock and balls, it looked like she was almost worshiping them.

Craig said, "Your s****r has me ready now sweetie. I'm going to lay down on the bed and I want you to sit on my cock, I want to watch your ass slide down my pole until my cock is deep inside your bowls." He pulled his cock from June's sucking mouth, he had to almost fight her off to let go of his cock. He laid on his back, his huge cock stood straight up, it truly looked like a tent pole.

He looked over at Jackie saying, "OK baby, get that hot tight asshole over here and sit on me and be ready for the fuck of your life. I'm going to stretch your ass like it's never been stretched before, you will love it."

My mother got up and stood on the bed. She straddled Craig's thighs and then squatted down until her asshole was resting on Craig's upright dick. She reached down and massaged her pussy as she wiggled her ass back and forth across the head of Craig's cock. She said, "How about a quick plunge of your cock in my cunt before you fuck my ass?"

"Sure baby, I would love to feel the warm insides of your pussy." She reached down taking a hold of his cock and guided it into her cunt. She worked his dick head back and forth between her pussy lips a number of times before she lowered herself onto his dick. Once she had the head of his dick an inch or two inside her pussy, she just dropped down taking his whole cock at once. She screamed, "Oh god that hurts and feels good too. Oh Craig, your cock is so big, oh shit this is so wonderful. Oh June you are so right. Oh fuck this is the best." She then proceeded to move up and down his shaft a few times until he reminded her that it was her ass that he wanted to fuck.

She then raised up totally disengaging her cunt from his cock and moved his dick back so that his cock was now pressed against her asshole. She closed her eyes and moaned as she lowered herself, forcing only a portion of Craig's huge cock head up her ass. She paused saying, "I need to let my ass get accustomed to you baby. Oh this hurts so good, this is heaven, I love doing this."

She remained in a relatively still positions for but a few seconds and then again began to wiggle her ass around coaxing Craig's cock further into her ass. She lowered herself a little more until the head of his cock slowly disappeared in her ass. She again paused with her eyes closed and said, "Oh that hurts sooo goooooood."

She paused just a short time until she started to become more aggressive and began to raise and lower her butt five or six inches up and down on his big black shinny shaft. She was really getting into the rhythm moaning on every down stroke. She finally sat down hard, taking all of Craig inside her and just screamed with joy.

She turned with her back to Craig, laid back on him as she looked over at Jack saying, "I'm ready for you big boy, I now want my pussy as well as my ass full of black meat, I want to be totally stuffed with black cock."

Jack said, "Maybe you should let Glenn to fuck your pussy once more before I load up that hot cunt of yours with my semen. Once my seeds are in your fertile pussy, you will definitely get pregnant."

My mom looked over at me as I was stroking my hard cock and said, "OK baby will you please fuck me one more time before Jack floods my pussy with his black baby making semen. I want to make sure it's your baby I have in my belly."

As I got up on the bed to straddle my mom and Craig's bodies, she said to Junior, "Now get some good photos of this, I want to be able to later watch Glenn fucking me as he is making his baby inside me. Get some close-ups when he is shooting his cum in me, OK?"

I could not believe what I was hearing but I was so horny I didn't care. I lowered myself and slipped my cock into my mom's wet cunt and immediately began fucking her. Craig was slowly working his cock in her ass while I was ramming my cock in her pussy. My mom and I were passionately kissing while I fucked her. My tongue was in her mouth, my cock was in her cunt and my hands were all over her tits. It was a passionate fuck right there in front of everybody and on top of Craig. It did not take us long to both have a climax, I know that I really flooded her pussy with lots of semen, I was as turned on as I have ever been.

As soon as I finished, I knew my mom was anxious to feel Jack's big cock inside her fuck hole and so I got up immediately withdrawing my semi-limp cock from her juiced up cunt. Jack was standing next to the bed stroking his big cock ready to ram it in my mom's freshly fucked pussy. Before Jack was able to mount my mom, she said, "Junior get some pictures of my open cunt right now, I want to have photos showing Glenn's cum in my pussy." She reached down pulling her pussy lips apart for Junior to get some close-ups. I could actually see an inch or so inside her pussy. There was a pool of cum in her with some of it oozing out.

As soon as Junior finished taking pictures, my mom said, "OK Jack I'm all yours now baby, fuck me like you said you were going to do. If Glenn's seeds didn't impregnate me, them its your turn to fertilize my eggs. I want to feel every inch of you in me, every fucking black inch of your dick inside my pussy, I want to be fucked hard and deep."

Jack did not waste any time mounting my mom, he was holding his cock with both hands as he guided it into her waiting cunt and immediately began to give her hell. His action prevented Craig from working his cock in and out of my mom's ass so he suggested that they rotate onto their sides in order that they each could give the hole they were fucking good action. They went from one plunging into her while the other was retracting, to both plunging into her at the same time. This kind of action she liked the best and was totally engrossed in what was being done to her body, begging them to slam her harder, deeper, faster, and on and on. Craig was the first to shoot his load letting out loud grunts as he flooded my mom's ass with his semen. He was followed shortly there after by Jack. I believe my mother had three or four climaxes while they were fucking her. It had been an intense fucking session, the guys were really into giving my mom a fuck of her life, which I think they did, if not, it was really close to it.

I had gotten a ton of great photos of my mom with two cocks penetrating her fuck holes while Junior was video taping the whole session. When I later reviewed these photos, I found I had a dozen great shots of both my mom's holes being totally stretched at the same time by these two big black cocks. I have subsequently jacked off a number times just looking at the photos and remembering this hot session. They are some of my best photos of my mom's cunt and ass being fucked.

When Jack finished shooting his load in my mom's pussy, all three just remained on the bed recuperating, the guys did not attempt to remove their cocks from the warm holes they were in. I also sat back, it had been a hot session and had me excited just watching. I looked over at Junior and saw that he was now video taping June who was sitting on a chair, legs spread with a dildo up her ass and a vibrator in her cunt.

She was moaning and groaning with her eyes closed getting herself off. Junior kept the camera running until June came down off her self directed high and had let go of her toys although they still remained implanted in her cunt and ass.

Jack was the first to remove his cock from inside my mom's body, he slowly pulled his semi-erect one eyed black snake from her well fucked pussy with a pop. His cock left her cunt with a definite gapping hole. Once his cock was free of her cunt, he turned over on his back letting his cum covered cock rest on his thigh. Jackie glanced down at him and said, "Oh sweetie, I need to taste you, I want to know what flavor your cum is, would you scoot up here and let me suck your cock?"

Jack was not about to turn down the opportunity of having a warm mouth engulf his cock and so he scooted up enough to allow Jackie to get her mouth around his dick. She just uttered sounds of pleasure as she licked and sucked his cock until he decided to get up. She looked down at her pussy to see a large amount of cum had oozed out of her cunt and formed a pool on the bedspread. She said to June, "Oh look at the mess I've made, my pussy is totally over flowing with cum. God I wish I could eat myself."

June's ears perked up and she walked over to where she could see what Jackie was talking about. Her toys still remained stuffed in her pussy and ass. Craig in the meantime had pulled his cock loose from Jackie's ass and got on his knees. Jackie then rolled over on her back and when she saw Craig kneeing with his shinny cock hanging from his crotch, her eyes sparkled and she motioned for Craig to move up toward her face. She reached out taking his cock in her hand pulling him even closer, she raised his cock above her face admiring it in all its glory. She then opened her mouth and unceremoniously stuck his cock into her mouth. She grabbed him by his balls and pulled him deep into her mouth. She deep throated his cock which had been deeply implanted in her ass just seconds before. After a few seconds of deep throating Craig, she pulled her mouth free, took a deep breath, then re-engaged her mouth and throat totally consuming his dick once again. This time she grabbed his hips and was forcing his dick even deeper down her throat. She again removed his dick from her mouth and licked his cock all up and down saying, "Oh god you taste so nasty, but I love it. I love tasting a cock that has just been up my ass. Am I a slut or what?"

June in the meantime could not resist Jackie's cum filled cunt and was busy eating her s****r's pussy. She had a lot to eat since Jackie had received two big loads of cum in her pussy, one from me in an effort to assure she would be impregnated by a white cock before receiving a lot of black cum from Jack.

Junior turned his video camera onto the action filming June's cunt eating and Jackie's cock sucking action. It was hot to watch but I was exhausted and really thirsty.

I headed for the kitchen to get something drink with Craig joining me. We sat down at the kitchen table and chatted a bit. He wanted some history on my mom and aunt. I filled him in what little I really knew about their former sex lives. Just that recently they both have become nymphomaniacs. He said that he has fucked a lot of women including dozens of white women and said that my mom and aunt were a couple of the hottest, nastiest, sexiest women he has ever met and that he hoped there would be other opportunities to fuck them again. I told him that it was very probably that he would have easy and frequent access to their cunts and asses.

As we sat there chewing the fat, Junior came in also looking for a drink. All three of us sat there in the nude with very limp cocks. It was rather odd being around naked guys. We were not there very long before being joined by Jack, Jackie and June, all naked as J-birds. Jack was between the two gals with his arms around their shoulders fondling their tits. My mom was stroking his semi-hard cock. June said, "What are you guys doing?"

"Just having a little refreshments. Having a beer."

"How about finding something for us to drink?"

"Sure, what would you like? Beer, coke, wine, scotch, whiskey, rum, water or more cum?"

June said, "Well cum is always my first chose, but right now I need something a little more thirst quenching. How about a scotch and water?"

"Great, one scotch and water coming up. What would you like mom?"

"Oh I'll just take a beer."

"And you Jack, what would you like to drink?"

"Milk from these fine tits I'm holding."

My mom said, "Well, when my tits start to produce milk in about nine months, you will certainly be welcome to it and I hope you will be around to sample my milk along with letting me pleasure you with my cunt and ass."

"Uhhh, that sounds so hot. I will make a note of that and make sure I get to suck these nice tits when they are full of milk. I have never sucked on tits full of milk while fucking, sounds very exciting. In the meantime I'll just take a beer."

I got up and found beers for my mom and Jack, then made a scotch and water for my aunt. I then sat back down at the table where everyone was sitting just relaxing after a long session of hard fucking. My mom was sitting next to Craig and June was sitting next to Jack. Craig said, "You gals are really hot fucks you know, and I mean hot fucks! You are a couple of really nasty sluts and I love gals that love to service us guys so well. I can tell that you both love having your pussies and asses fucked with hard cocks. Would either one of you or both of you be available for a gangbang by my buddies?"

June said, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, absolutely. I know my buddies would love a chance to fuck you two hot cunts." He had leaned over and was playing with my mom's tits as he was talking, "My buddies are also all well endowed and so I know you will enjoy being fucked by them and have your cunts and asses stretched to the max." He very gently bent over taking one of my mom's tits in his mouth and sucked on her nipple. She held on to his head as he used his tongue to play with her erect nipple. God she has great nipples. She was definitely getting aroused again, of course now days my mom seems to get aroused at the sound of a zipper.

June said, "How many guys would you have at this gangbang?"

"Oh I think I could round up a dozen guys, all black with big juicy black cocks fully loaded to give each of you gals a real cum bath."

"Did you hear that Jackie, a dozen black cocks for us to fuck."

"Yes. It makes my pussy wet just thinking of having that many black cocks to suck and fuck all at once."

Craig reached down between my mom's legs which she freely opened letting him have easy access to her cunt as he slipped his fingers in her. "Wow, you are wet baby! But I think maybe it's just Jack's cum that I'm feeling inside you." He continued fingering her cunt pushing a second finger inside her.

My mom moaned saying, "Yea it maybe Jack's cum your feeling but I know seeing twelve black cocks would make my pussy cream. Ohhh I like what you are doing to me baby, your fingers feel so good inside me."

My mom then reached over and began stroking Craig's cock that had already begun to respond. Craig said, "You know sweetie, I think I should get a turn at impregnating you. Your son banged you three times and Jack flooded your pussy with his semen, now I would like to a chance to fuck your fertile cunt. Maybe, just maybe Glenn and Jack's semen did not do the trick. I know my cum will fertilize those little baby eggs inside you."

"Oh god yes, I would love another fucking. Lets go in the den and do it on the couch." My mom stood up and headed for the den with Craig right behind her, his big hard cock sticking straight out like a huge sausage. She glanced back and seeing his big black cock pointing at her, she grabbed it and led him into the den. The den is just off the kitchen so we were able to watch all the action. My mom turned passionately kissing Craig while she rubbed his cock all around her crotch. He was fondling her tits at the same time. She then laid down on the couch spreading her legs real wide while reaching up for Craig to join her. He positioned himself between her outspread legs and as my mom pulled her pussy lips apart giving Craig an easy target, he was inside her immediately.

"Yes, yes, get your cock in me honey, fuck me hard, fuck me good, fill me with your baby making semen, cum in me hard, flood my fuck hole with your juice. Oh god fuck me, fuck me, don't stop just keep fucking me, I want to feel every inch of you inside me." My mom had reached around his back as best she could pulling him into her on each down stroke. Craig was really into it and was pounding my mom's pussy with long hard deep strokes to her constant encouragement. I was getting a real hard-on watching and when I looked over at my aunt to check on the only other availability cunt, I saw that she had mounted Jack as he sat in the chair. She was sliding her pussy up and down his shiny black cock while he was sucking her tits and squeezing her butt. Junior had gotten down on the floor taking a video of the action from the floor level.

There I was watching my mom and aunt each getting totally fucked in some really hot action but with no available pussy for me. I wanted to cum so bad, so I walked into the den and stood next to my mother's face as I jacked off. When my mom saw me standing there stroking my hard cock, she said, "Yes baby, cum on my face, cover me with your tasty juices. Cum on me, cum all over my face. I love you so much."

It is still hard to believe what I hear coming from my mother's mouth, she has become such a slut so quickly. But I love it, it really turns me on knowing that my mom loves sex so much and seems to enjoy being a slut.

Just as I started to ejaculate onto my mom's face, Craig let out a loud moan as he began to unload his semen inside my mom's cunt. She had pulled her legs up along side her rips letting Craig get as deep into as he could, she also had her arms around him pulling him into her while she was also thrusting her hips into his. She was wanting maximum penetration from the big black guy to assure she was getting every drop of his sperm deep down inside her. She was probably also using her pussy muscles to milk his cock like she has done many times with me.

She said, "Oh yea, fill me up big guy, god I love being fucked, I love having my pussy crammed full of cock meat, especially black cock meat, I want your baby in me, I want it to be you fertilizing my eggs, I want to be your slut, I want to be your whore, oh shit just fuck me." My mom has gone over the edge, she gets so turned on she sounds like a crazy woman.

When Craig quit moaning and had obviously shot his last drop of cum in her womb, he became motionless. My mom looked up at me taking my cock in her hand and pulled it into her mouth. She sucked my entire dick into her mouth, then used my cock to wipe up the cum that I had deposited onto her face and then returned my cock into her mouth for more sucking. She pulled my cock from her mouth saying, "Uhhhh you taste so good my sweetie, so very very good. I love the feel of your cock in my mouth and to taste your cum."

I looked back into the kitchen to see what action was going on and was not surprised to see my aunt on her back on the table with her legs over Jack's shoulders. Jack was fucking her pussy and Junior was fucking her mouth; they both were busy fondling her tits. They were well into it and within minutes they both shot their loads, Jack filled her pussy with his sperm and Junior shot his load of cum all over her face.

I had sat down on the floor completely exhausted, Craig had rolled off my mom and was also sitting on the floor, my mom was laying totally motionless on the couch. When Jack and Junior finished fucking June, they each walked into the den and collapsed on the floor. My aunt remained on the table for while and then joined us in the den.

Junior was the first to speak, "Wow, I think I have enough videos and still shots to last for months. We are going to have one hell of a hot website. I'll start tomorrow to get hooked up with some webmaster to get things going, shouldn't take but a few days to get the website up and running. What should we name it?"

Craig offered, "How about June and Jackie's Place?"

"No", my mom said, "I don't want to use my real name. How about J&J's Fuck Palace?"

June retorted, "Lets name it 'Twin Twats' and have the home page showing close-ups of our gapping pussies after being fucked."

Junior laughed saying, "Well, we have time to figure a name out."

Craig and Jack had gotten up and had headed up to my mom's bedroom to fetch their clothes while we discussed the name of the website. Shortly they came down fully clothed to say goodbye and thanks for the great fuck. Jack said he would call when he had set up the gangbang and that it would most likely be a couple weeks before he could get all the guys together. They each kissed my mom and aunt goodbye, gave their tits a quick fondle and headed out the door. My mom handed Craig a note with her number on it saying to give her a call anytime he wanted another good fuck. Craig turned back to kiss her again while he reached down between her legs to finger her pussy. She grabbed his wrist to hold his fingers in her cunt saying, "My cunt is for your pleasure baby, anytime, anyplace you want it. And so is my mouth and ass. You just call me and I'll be there." She then gave him a big passionate kiss.

They left and we all took turns showering and headed for the sack. I crawled into bed next to my aunt while Junior crawled into bed with my mom. I was exhausted and cuddled against my aunts sexy body, cupping her breasts as I fell asl**p.

As I dozed off I did hear my mom say to Junior that she knew that she was already pregnant, if not be me, she was certain that she then had a little black baby growing inside her and so, it would be alright for him to fuck her and load up her cunt with more sperm, hot teenage white sperm. It still amazes me how my mom now talks and her recent attitude about sex. Both my aunt and I fell asl**p hearing the sounds from my mom's bedroom of her taking on one more load of cum before calling it a night.

The next day was not too eventful, my aunt went home before noon. Junior and I slept in and did not see her leave. My mom was in the kitchen cooking when I got up, she was wearing only an apron. It still surprises me to see my mom so open and lax about sex. She was whistling and looking very happy. I walked over and gave her a big kiss, she responded like any lover would do, an open mouth kiss while she leaned her body into mine. "How do you feel this morning, mom?"

She had a twinkle in her eye saying, "I don't know, how do I feel." I took the hint and reached around to fondle her bare ass, then moved my hands up her hips and waist to her side, them moved my hands under her apron cupping her nice tits.

"Uhhhhh, you feel nice, real nice." I kissed her again as I continued fondling her tits.

When we broke off the kiss, she said, "Oh I feel great Glenn! I feel wonderful, totally satisfied and content."


"Because of many things. I had a great time last night. I loved being fucked by two guys with great big cocks while also being photographed and I can't wait to see the photos and the videos. I loved the night I spent with Junior. I love how you fucked me yesterday and most likely got me pregnant."

"Wow, that's great. But how do you really feel about being pregnant?"

"I think it is going to be wonderful, just wonderful."

"What if you give birth to a black baby?"

"Well, I really don't think that will happen. You did fill me with three loads of your sperm before Jack and Craig fucked me. So I think it's very very likely that it is your c***d that is growing inside me. How do you feel about being a father?"

"I really don't know mom, I haven't had time to really think about it. You know, the c***d will also be my b*****r or s****r!"

"Yea, I know. I thought about that and we must keep it a secret that you are both the father and a sibling. I might just give the c***d up for adoption. What do you think of that?"

"Right now I think that is a good idea. How are you going to explain your pregnancy to you boss and all your friends?"

"I'll just say that I had a fling but do not want to marry the father, don't believe in abortion so I'll give birth to the c***d and then adopt it out." My mom looked so happy, she seemed to be glowing and looked even more sexy that normal. I fondled her tits some more then dropped one hand down to her pussy.

She said, "Oh sweetie, I would love to make love to you again right now, but I have so much to do today. Can be wait until this evening before we fuck anymore?"

"Of course mom, what ever you say. But how about putting more clothes on, it is not fair for you to show us young guys lots of skin and then not be willing to fuck."

"You are right honey, I will go to my bedroom and put on some clothes." Before she could take a single step, Junior came in the kitchen wearing boxer shorts with what looked like a tent pole in them.

He said, "Can you believe that I woke up this morning with a woody! I was hoping Jackie, that you would still be in bed so I could play with those magnificent tits of yours and them I could maybe load up your hot pussy with more sperm. But here you are down in the kitchen looking hot and sexy with just an apron on. I'm not going to want to ever go home after staying here."

My mom looked a little embarrassed but I also could see she enjoyed the fact that her body was still hot enough to excite us young guys. As Junior approached us, she turned and gave him a good morning kiss as she had done me. It was a very passionate kiss. Junior then reached around her back to fondle her bare ass as I had and pulled her in tight against his boner. She did not show any signs of resistance, in fact when Junior kind of squatted to get his cock at the same level as her pussy, she parted her legs letting his hard cock slip between her legs and then she road his dick by undulating her hips back and forth.

My dick got real hard watching my mom and Junior dry hump each other right there in the kitchen. My mom broke the kiss saying, "I was just headed to my bedroom to put some clothes on, but I can see that you two studs need some servicing which I am more than willing to provide. In fact, I insist you let me provide it. Lets go in the den and get comfortable."

Junior put his arm around her and they walked into the den, his hand went down to her ass as they walked. She turned around, removed her apron, laid down on the couch spreading her sexy legs saying, "This is going to be so much fun living with two sexy studs with delicious cocks. Who wants to be first?"

Junior said, "Well Glenn was up first and I was the last to fuck you last night, so I think Glenn should have he first fuck this morning, OK?"

I responded, "Thanks Junior, I really appreciate that, my cock is about to explode anyway." I pulled down my shorts as I approached my stretched out mom lying spread eagle on the couch.

She opened her arms greeting me saying, "Oh sweetie, come here and fuck your mama, give me that nice hard cock to fuck. I want you deep inside me again, I want you to pump more of your sperm in my fertile pussy. Fuck me baby, fuck your nasty cock loving, cum eating, slutty mother." What a mouth she has developed. I was inside her in a jiffy and maintained control until I felt her climax. I then let go and pressed my cock into her as hard as I could, making sure I was very deep inside her, she responded with moans of pleasure as more of my sperm was being spewed inside my pussy.

Junior was very patient as my mother and I fucked on the couch. He stood close by stroking his hard cock waiting his turn to fuck my mother, to slip his big weenie between the pussy lips he had been video taping all last night. He did not have to wait very long because I was really horny and shot my wad in a short time.

When I finished with my mom and began to get up off the couch, my mom looked at me saying, "Honey, please let me lick off the cum you have dripping off your dick, I love tasting you." I was not about to deny my mom nor not take advantage of having a set of warm lips engulf my cock. I moved to where she could suck my dick while Junior mounted her. She removed my dick from her mouth long enough to say, "Oh my god, having two cocks around all the time is going to be heaven. How did I become so lucky?"

Junior and I did not respond as we were concentrating on the action our dicks were getting, my mom's lips wrapped around my dick and her pussy entertaining Junior's cock. Junior brought my mom to a climax and shortly afterward, he shot his load of sperm in her. Even though my mom is a great cock sucker, I did no have another orgasm, I think she was wanting a mouth full of sperm to swallow, but I know I needed to pace myself, so I kept myself under control.

My mom released my dick from her mouth as Junior's dick was shrinking from her pussy. I moved away to sit down on a chair as she reached down taking Junior's semi-hard cum coated cock in her hand pulling him toward her face. She obviously wanted more cock to suck and Junior was more than willing. She went to work on his dick and sure enough, within minutes he was supporting another hard on. As she sucked his cock, she also fondled his balls and fingered his anus. It was not long before Junior let out a low moan as he satisfied my mom with another load of sperm for her to swallow.

When she relaxed, he removed his cock from her sucking mouth and sat on the floor. My mom just remained stretched out on the couch and said, "Oh thank you guys! That was just the greatest. I love sex so much especially with you guys. I love being fucked, I love your cocks, I love to feel them, to suck them, to feel them shooting sperm inside me. Ohhhh how I wish June was here, I want June to eat and suck your cum from my pussy and give me another climax. Oh thank you, thank you."

We all just sat there awhile recuperating. My mom was busy fingering herself and licking her fingers giving out little moans of enjoyment. It is so hard to believe what is happening in my life. Here is my mom lying on the couch bare ass naked with not a sign of any modesty, legs spread widely while sticking her fingers in her own pussy and then licking them. She looked at me with a big smile saying, "Would you like to join in on a little desert? You guys are delicious."

"No mom, just enjoy it all for yourself."

"I wish I had something that would allow me to suck myself dry, get all of the cum out of me, I love to taste cum."

"Mom, your slutness is unbelievable. Where did all this come from. Were you a slut when you were a young girl?"

"No not at all. I guess it has just been a deep feeling I've repressed for years that you have awakened. I now have visions and fantasies that never occurred to me before. I spend most my time thinking about sex, ways I want to be fucked, things I want to do to you and other men. I feel I have become addicted to sex, hard core a****l sex."

"I think so mom. It seems that you have become one hot nasty slut with an insatiable appetite for fucking and sucking."

"Do I discuss you?"

"No mom, you do not discuss me. I just think you are letting loose feelings that have been pent up for years. Go for it mom, do your thing!"

"Thanks Glenn, I really appreciate your attitude. I think that this is just a faze I'm going through and once I feel comfortable with myself sexuality again, I will be more like my old self but with a little more flare."

"Well, you can be in this so called faze for as long as you want mom! I love your attitude and your sense of sexual freedom. It's so great to be just like we are now, you freely revealing your body and have no reservations with me touching you."

"Oh yes, that is good. I like it too."

Junior piped in saying, "I hope you stay just like you are Jackie, it is so great to be with you. You are so sexy and free. I hope after my mom gets home you will let me stay here from time to time."

My mom looked down at Junior sitting on the floor right next to the couch with his semi-hard cock in his hand and said, "You will always be welcome in my home Junior, especially if you will share your hard cock that you have in your hand with me. I love to see you young guys bare ass naked stroking your nice cocks. It just stirs me up so much, I think my pussy is constantly wet with you guys around."

Junior only had to turn his head a little to look straight up between my mom's out stretched legs at her pussy. She was still fingering herself and licking her fingers as she spoke. Junior took a hold of her left leg and licked her calf. She immediately said, "Uhhhh, yes! Why don't you just lick your way up to my juicy honey pot, I know you will like the taste, a little of you mixed with a little of me."

Junior just smiled as he turned his body some in order to be able to move his face toward his target, my mom's pussy. He openly licked my mom's inner thigh as she spread her legs real wide to give Junior easy access to her cunt. She also used her index fingers to spread her pussy lips so Junior could slip his tongue inside her and play with her hardened clit. He flicked her clit a number of times then opened his mouth and literally sucked her cunt lips inside his mouth. My mom placed her hand on his head as he ate her pussy. He wiggled his head back and forth sticking his tongue in and out of her cunt. He also placed a hand under her ass and began to play with her anus. At this point my mom raised her knees up next to her tits. Junior took advantage of the opportunity and used his thumb to penetrate her asshole while his tongue was penetrating her pussy. She only lasted a few minutes before she climaxed and it was a big climax. She moaned and actually screamed as her juices began to flow in unison with the sensations that momentarily took over her body.

My mom placed a hand on each side of his face holding him tight against her convulsing pussy. She was humping his face with her eyes closed. She then said, "Do you want to fuck me again? I would love for you to fuck me in the ass right now."

Junior was not able to answer her due to his face being pressed into her wet cunt. She released Junior's head but he continued eating her pussy. He eventually looked up at my mom, his lips were all shinny with cum. She motioned for him to move up which he did, first he kissed her tits then he moved up further placing his lips on hers as they passionately kissed. He laid on top of her, his hard cock was between her legs pressing against her pussy but not in it. He wiggled his ass to rub his cock against her wet mound to tease her some. She released his lips saying, "Oh please put your cock in me again. I don't care which hole, just get your cock inside me. I want to be fucked some more."

Junior raised his ass up a little, reached down between the both of them taking a hold of his cock to guide it into Jackie's freshly fucked pussy. She groaned the moment she felt his cock slide between her pussy lips and down inside her love tunnel. He plunged his cock into her to the hilt on the first down stroke and kept it buried deep as he twitched his buns maximizing the sensations he was receiving and giving. My mom grabbed his face and kissed him very passionately as she ground her tits into his chest and her pussy into his pelvis, seeking maximum penetration of Junior's cock. She was hot to trot and wanting all the action she could get. Junior was ready to erupt and suddenly began fucking my mom's pussy with wild abandon ramming his cock deep inside her while she hung on passionately kissing him. I was getting a hard-on watching the action.

After a minute or so of this hot action, Junior reached down and pulled her legs up high getting her knees next to her tits and then he slammed his cock hard into her pussy letting out a loud groan as he unloaded his sperm bank into my mom's cunt. He continued ramming her pussy while all the time groaning, and when he wasn't groaning I could hear the squishing sound from all the cum that was in my mom's cunt and could also see cum oozing out of her pussy and running down her crack. He suddenly collapsed on top of my mom, she responded by wrapping her arms around him holding him very tight against her nude body. She said, "Oh that was so good. I love being fucked like that, I love the energy you put into fucking me, your cock is so big and it feels so good deep inside me, I hope you stay in me for a long time. Oh, this is heaven, pure heaven. Don't move, stay inside me for awhile, keep your cock in me, I don't want you to leave. I need to keep my pussy full of cock a little while longer."

My mom looked over at me and said, "Oh sweetie, I also love how you fuck me. I always love having you slip that big cock of yours inside me. Both of you guys are great lovers. I love how you run your hands all over me, fondling my private parts, fingering me, sucking me, ohh you guys are the greatest."

She winked at me then said, "June told me she saw on a porno website a gal that took two cocks in her pussy, she said that the gal was not really a big gal but was able to get two good size cocks totally in her cunt. Maybe sometime you and Junior will try that with me, I would love to see if I could get both of your cocks inside my pussy. Wouldn't that be a blast, having two cocks in the same hole. Uhhh, I bet that would be really tight. Please say you will try that some time with me!"

I just shrugged not knowing what to say, I wasn't keen about having my cock along side another cock, even if it was Junior's and we were fucking my sexy mom. I did feel a bit of excitement at the thought, but brushed off the comment not wanting to make any such commitment. My mom did not pursue the question any further but just laid her head back enjoying the pleasure Junior was giving her as he kept his cock fully engaged in her pussy.

Gradually Junior's cock began to shrink and so he got up giving my mom a quick kiss and first on the mouth, then on her tits; he then sat down on the floor next to mom's legs that were hanging over the couch. She was laying there spread eagle with cum dripping out of her snatch, a big smile on her face and saying, "Oh what a way to start a day. Good fucking first think in the morning is hard to beat. Thanks Junior and you too Glenn. I love you guys."

She sat up and fondled her own tits with both hands saying, "I could do this all day. Fucking is just too much fun. I love being a slut for you guys. I especially loved it last night with Jack and Craig. I loved it when they got excited and just fucked us how they wanted, ramming their big cocks in June and I, grabbing our tits and pinching our asses. Shit they had big cocks, what a blast that was and just think, they are going to find a dozen more guys to gangbanging us. I can't wait for that to happen. A dozen hard black cocks to fuck and suck as we wish, a dream come true."

At this point my mom got up and faced Junior who was sitting on the floor saying, "Want to dine on my little pussy here, it's full of both your and my juicy cum? Ummm I know you like cum!" Junior just smiled sticking out his tongue, she took that as a yes and leaned her pelvis in toward him pushing her cunt directly in his face. He licked her pussy all over dragging his tongue up and down her slit. She placed a foot up on the couch straddling Junior's face to give him easier access to her cum dripping pussy. He quickly stuck his tongue between her cunt lips and licked her clean. She then placed her hand on the back of his head pushing his face firmly into her snatch humping his face saying, "Oh baby, suck my pussy, eat me, yes, oh yes, eat me, play with my clit, oh yea, push your tongue in me, tongue fuck me, oh, ohhhhh, yes, yes, suck me, eat me, bite me, oh yes, I love this, eat me, get me off, ohhhh I want to cum again, suck meeeeeee, oh yes, yes, yes, ohhh I'm cuming, I'm cummmmming, ohhh I love your tongue in me. I love it, love iiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt... Oh fuck that was great! Ohhhhhh Junior you are one of the best. Oh honey I love you."

I got hard watching my mom and Junior get it on again. Seeing my nude mom in sexy lewd positions and hearing her talk dirty really gets me horny. I got down on the floor on all fours, crawled up behind my mom, took both hands to spread her buns and place a very wet kiss on her asshole. I then probed her anus with my tongue as Junior continued tonguing her pussy. She said, "Oh honey that is so good. Oh yes lick my ass, kiss my ass, suck my ass, finger my ass and if you would, fuck my ass. Yes baby, please, please fuck me in the ass. Get your big cock up my tight asshole and fuck me good. Yes fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. I want you guys to fuck me all day long. Do whatever you want with me, but just keep FUCKING ME!"

Well, I can tell you that we had one hell of a hot day. Junior and I spent all day fucking, fondling, sucking my mom. We all spent a lot of time around the computer reviewing the photos and videos from last night. There were some really hot scenes that had us all horny, we would take turns fucking or masturbating my mom to get her off. She later said that she thinks she had maybe three or four dozen climaxes that day. By evening we were all bushed and crashed early. Tomorrow is another day!... Continue»
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happened to my friend

Chapter 1

Hey Amber, I thought you would like this site I really enjoy it. Just set up an account and pm me when you get set up. My screen name is yngandfresh. Cant wait to here from you. I sat in front of my computer ready to click send on an email I really shouldn’t send. It was too late I sent it, she never know it is from me since it is from a new email address that I just set up in a fake name. I had all things covered, just hope she takes the bait.

About a month ago I went into my daughter’s room and found her computer still on so I shook the mouse and brought it back up, it was on the same forum site I look at porn on. She was in the public section so I assumed she was not a member so I checked her history and seen she had been trying to look at pictures men had posted of their dicks but couldn’t see them. I had been noticing how much she had grown up over the last few months and had found myself watching her through the windows as she changed and was in the bathroom, always leaving me with a stiff dick to take care of. Only two weeks ago I found some naked pictures of her on her phone where she had been sending them to her friends, both male and female so I was extremely curious. She had a decent body for her age, she was almost 5 feet tall with blonde hair and firm B cup tits, an almost white bush but her ass was her best feature. Her ass was one of those round bubble butts, it always got peoples attention. Seeing her interest made me want to see how far she would go so I decided to set up a new account and email to invite her to the site. Now the email was sent and it was all up to her.

I continued to watch Amber for any chance to see her naked, occasionally checking her computer to see if she had been back on the site. After almost a week I checked her computer after she left for school and seen where she had joined the forum and was still logged in, I got an instant erection when I read her screen name “daddyzdream”. After checking her history I seen she had not had any posts yet so I checked her profile and seen she used her real name but changed her birthyear to make 18. While looking over her profile I noticed she had an album started, when I opened it I found the pictures from her phone and a few new ones but none had her face in them. Under the interest title she had put older men, this really made my dick swell. Sitting at her computer looking around her room I saw her pajamas from the night before in a pile by her bed with a pair of black cotton panties on top of the pile. I don’t know why I but I picked the panties up and held them up but they were inside out. The crotch was still damp from being against her young pussy so held them to my nose, they smelled so sweet. With her panties in my hand I lowered my shorts with the other and hung her panties from my stiff dick, the damp crotch against my dick. As I wrapped my dick with her soft panties I started stroking it, before I realized it I had shot a stream of cum in her panties looking at her pictures on the screen. I wiped the rest of my cum off with her panties and threw them back with her pajamas and put her computer back where I found it. I pulled my shorts across my limping dick and got dressed for work. All day I couldn’t wait to check the forum to see if she had pm’ed me yet and to see what she had been looking at.

As I returned home from work Amber called asking if she could go home with a friend after school. I told her she could, knowing it would be a while before she got home I thought I would work on my new profile. I wanted to be sure she got to see my dick so I added a nice picture of my stiff dick as my avitar, requested some friends. I wanted my profile to look appealing to her. With the details done I started some supper for her when she got home and waited for her to call telling me she was on her way home. After she called I thought I would check my account, she was one my visitors but had not left any messages. Just the thought of knowing she had seen a picture of my dick turned me on, I couldn’t wait to show her more. I turned the monitor off and waited for her to arrive. Immediately after eating she rushed to take a shower, which gave me an opportunity to sneak a peek at her beautiful body as she undressed in the bathroom. After her shower she said she was tired and was going on to bed, not staying up watching tv as normal. Shortly after I turned my computer back on to find her on the forum, still no response from her. As I browsed around the forum I noticed I had 1 new message.

“Hi there, thankyou for inviting me to the forum. I have to ask who you are and how you know me, is that you in your picture?

“Thankyou for you response. Im not going to tell you my name, you are friends with my daughter. I saw a picture of you on her phone and thought if you like to take pictures of yourself this is a good place to show them off. I really like the ones on your album, I would love to see more. Yes that is me in my picture, do you like it?”

“I feel weird that you are my friends dad, have I ever met you? I like your picture, do you have more? I will try to add some more later, I like to show off my body.”

“No, we have never met. I cant wait to see more of your beautiful body, I bet the boys really have fun with you. Do you have a boyfriend to help you take pictures or do you take them yourself?

“I don’t have a boyfriend, the boys at my school are to immature. I am interested in older guys for some reason, I think they would take better care of me. I have a friend that we take pictures of each other, some of them can get pretty dirty I don’t know if I should show them or not. I will take some of myself tonight if you would like to see them.”

“You can show your dirty ones too, I want to see them. I would love to see what you are wearing now, I’ll be waiting.”

By now I had my shorts around my ankles stroking the stiff one I had. I had to go across the house to see if I could hear anything in her room. I eased up to her door and listened when I saw her light come on and shine under the door. With my ear to the door I could hear the drawers open and close in her dresser, then I heard the camera shutter. It shuttered about ten times and stopped. I couldn’t believe it, my daughter was on the other side of the door taking pictures of herself to show a man on the internet. I knew she was flirty but this goes past my expectations. I slowly walked away from her door back to my computer where I dropped my shorts and clicked the refresh buttton to see if I had any messages, no yet. I decided to check her album, while I was checking it I got a new message. It was her.

“Give me 5 mins ill have them in my album.”
Chapter 2

I sat in front of my computer stroking my throbbing dick thinking about what my daughter was doing in her room right then, knowing she was doing it for me. I couldn’t help but wonder how far this was going to go, will she want more of me and what she thought about my dick. I think my dick is a fairly big one compared to the pictures on the forum, it is 9 ¼ inches long and a little more than 2 inches thick I have measured it. I really wanted to know things about her she wouldn’t tell me and just how dirty she was. I clicked on the tab that had her profile on it, when I did it showed I had a friend request. She had sent it to me, I accepted it and clicked on her album. She had added 9 new pictures so I clicked the first one, my heart about stopped. There was my beautiful little girl on her knees on her bed with her ass in the air wearing a white lace thong, I still couldn’t see her face. The next one was similar but she had pulled the thong down leaving it stretched across her thick butt cheeks still hiding her pussy. The next ones continued the removal of her panties until she was showing her slick shaved slit. I clicked the sixth picture to find her on her bed with her legs spread turning her head still not showing her face. The next two show the progression of her hand going between her legs until the last one showed her with a finger between her smooth lips. She never showed her face in them. I clicked through them again admiring her beautiful body amazed at what she had done. I noticed a new message so clicked the tab with my profile and opened it.

“So what do you think? I hope you liked them, if you did I can take some more. I enjoyed taking them, it’s a real rush knowing my dad is in the other room. Is that the only picture of your dick you have I would like to see more of it, its bigger than any I have seen in person.”

“I loved them, you have one of the best asses I have ever seen. I would love to see more but I don’t want you to get caught by your dad. I have more pictures of myself, what would you like to see? Thankyou for the compliment but how many have you seen to compare it to?”

“I think my butt is big but everyone seems to like it. I wont get caught my dad is probably in his room watching porn, what kind do want I have some old ones on my computer or I can take some new ones. Do you have any more of it hard or in your underwear I like those. I have only seen a few, mostly my dads and his friends when theyre over here and a couple boys at school that I gave blowjobs to. I like the older ones better but I rarely get to see them hard, mostly when theyre peeing or changing clothes but none of them are as big as yours.”

“I like the self pics taken in a mirror but I look forward to seeing any of them, I will email you some if that’s ok. You can email me any time you want, you have my address. Does your dad know you look at his and his friend’s dicks? When do you see his, I want to know incase my daughter is looking at mine. LOL. I cant wait to see more of your sexy panties.”

“I know his friends have caught me looking at theirs and I think sometimes they do it on purpose. I really like it when I run around the house barely dressed and I can see them getting a hardon in their pants, some of them try to hide it and some are proud of it. Daddy sl**ps naked so I go in his room and look at his while he is asl**p, I have peeped through the bathroom window and watched him jack off before he showers. He would kill me if he knew that. I bet your daughter has seen yours too, all the girls at school talk about seeing their daddy’s dicks. I don’t have any mirror pics I will take some now though. I am really enjoying showing you my pictures, I hope you are too. Feel free to email those to me.”

Curious if she was serious about taking the mirror pics I went into the kitchen and pretended to be getting something to drink, I knew she would have to go to her bathroom to take them. I was standing at the refrigerator when I saw her stick her head out her door. Seeing me she stepped back in her room and quickly came back out wearing a long shirt and went into the bathroom. I could see her trying to hide her camera behind her back as she closed the door. After hearing her lock the door I knew she was taking more pictures. I turned off the lights and stood in the kitchen rubbing my stiff dick waiting for her to go to her bedroom. I guess she thought I was gone, she opened the door and threw her shirt into her room and walked to her room. I watched her naked body as she went to her room carrying her camera in one hand and I could see something blue in the other. After she locked her door I went back to my computer and gathered a few pictures of myself to send her being careful not to send any that I had already posted on the forum or any that you could see my face. I sent two of me limp hanging in front of me, three of me hard and two of me in my underwear that I had cummed in. After I hit send I couldn’t believe what I had just done, what if she recognized something in the background from our house. My heart pounded as I waited on her email, looking through the house to see if she was coming.

“I really liked the ones of you hard but the ones of you cumming in your underwear really made me horny, im going to have to finish myself now. Hope you enjoy the pictures, ill try to send some more tomorrow.”

I opened the first picture, she was standing in her bathroom facing the mirror wearing only a pair of blue panties. The second one was similar except she was cupping her breast in her hand. The third she had her back to the mirror showing her thick butt in the blue lace boy shorts. The next was a side shot still wearing her panties, it really showed her curves it was my favorite. I stroked my swollen cock as I clicked the next pictures, the next ones she was naked from both front and back. When I clicked the last one I couldn’t help but to shoot my load, she was standing facing the mirror with her legs spread. Her finger was pulling up on her hood that hung over the blue silk panties that her pussy consumed half of. As I was squeezing the rest of my cum out I got a message.

“I hope you enjoyed my pics, I enjoyed yours. I need to go I have school tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you again, I hope I can trust you. Sweet Dreams!”

“Yes I love your pics, the last one was more than I could handle. You can trust me, afterall I can get into trouble not you. Talk to you later.”

As I was about to close my window I received a new message.

“Just wanted to give you one more tonight, hope you like it.”

I opened the picture to see my daughter sitting in her bathroom, legs spread with her hairbrush shoved in her with just the end barely hanging out of her slick pussy. I knew right then I had to go get the hairbrush and check it out. I waited til I saw her light turn off and went to her bathroom, the brush was laying on the sink. I closed the door and picked up the brush, the handle still wet with her juices. While holding it to my nose taking in the scent of a horny virgin I knew I had to taste it. Holding it from the bristle side I took it in my mouth, the taste of her surprised me. It tasted nothing like the women I have had lately, so sweet I could only imagine how it would taste to run my tongue across her virgin hole. After sucking all her juices from the brush I laid it back on the sink and returned to my room. With my dick throbbing I sat at the computer looking at the last picture stroking it. I clicked through the pictures she had sent me still amazed at how sexy she was, it didn’t take long until I was ready to explode. I shot my second load into the towel I had by the chair. After closing my screen I laid on my bed, drained from the excitement I fell right to sl**p.
Chapter 3
Chapter 3

I woke the next morning still on top of the sheets to the sound of Amber getting ready for school, noticing I was still naked from the night before I grabbed my underwear and slid them over my morning wood and went to check on her. As I rounded the corner I saw her pulling her shorts across her thick ass, I stepped back and watched as she pulled them tight and buttoned them and tugged at her zipper. “Good morning honey.” I said. “Morning daddy, you finally wake up. I tried to wake you when I got up but you didn’t move.” she answered. The thought of her coming in my room and seeing me sl**ping naked just encouraged my limping dick to resume the upright position. I watched her thinking about the things she had done the night before and how she still acted and looked so innocent. She looked at her clock and said “I better go, I don’t want to miss my bus.” She walked toward me in a rush, I bent down and gave her our normal kiss goodbye. This time felt so different, like I was kissing a woman. I’m sure it was because of the thoughts I had going through my mind. I watched her thick butt in the tan shorts as she opened the door and went outside. I was going to be late for work if I didn’t hurry so I grabbed a quick shower and went to work.

My mind raced all day wondering if I should continue what I had started. I knew no one would ever find out but what if she figured out it was me, what would she do? Should I influence her to find interest in me then let her figure it out? What if she was interested in me, could I go through with it? With all possibilities going through my mind I decided I would not contact her again unless she contacted me first. It seemed like forever before the day was over. On my way home she called to remind me I had to pick her up from cheerleading practice at 7:00. I told her I would be there. Knowing I had some time before I picked her up I got on the forum, I had 2 new messages. Both messages were from her, I knew she had on there on her phone from school. I opened the first one. Then the second.

“Hey, just wanted to let u know I had fun lastnite. Cant wait to talk again. Bye.”

“Sent u a email hope u like it”

I quickly opened my emal to find 1 new email. When I opened it there was only a picture so I clicked it, my dick instantly got hard as I saw Amber on the bathroom counter legs spread pulling her white cotton panties to one side showing her slick cunt, her shorts hanging from her shoe of one leg. The picture was clearly taken by someone else. I looked closer and could see that is was Emily, a cheerleader friend of hers that had been over to our house many times before. Emily is a year older than her and a little skinnier than Amber but very attractive with her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My dick throbbed as I thought about the two girls doing that while they were at school. I stroked my dick through my pants as checked her profile, she still hadn’t made any posts but had a few visitors to her profile. Looking at the clock it was 6:15 so I turned the monitor off and took care of a few chores before I left to pick her up. I hadn’t been sitting there long when she came running up to my window “Daddy can Emily stay with me tonight? Her mom and dad are out of town and she don’t want to stay with her aunt. Please!” she asked bouncing up and down at the door. She stays over a lot so I knew her parents wouldn’t care. “If she calls her aunt and lets me talk to her and its ok with her.” I answered. She dropped her bag and bounced back in the, her cheerleading skirt bouncing just enough to show the matching blue panties. Shortly she returned with Emily, both bouncing with joy as they hung from my window. I handed her my phone to call her aunt. After speaking to her aunt we agreed she could stay. The girls threw their bags in the bed and climbed up in the truck, Emily at the window and Amber beside me. I watched as the seatbelts pulled their skirts up as they fastened them, noticing Amber had taken off her blue panties by the white cotton between her legs. As Emily wiggled around trying to fasten hers her skirt kept rising. I kept looking trying to see her panties, with one good twist I got the view I was waiting on. To my surprise I saw a pantiless mound with a small patch of hair between her legs. Forcing myself to turn my head before I got caught I faced the windshield as we pulled away. “Are you girls hungry?” I asked. After little debate we decided to eat at a small diner by the house. I followed the girls in the diner as they took their seats on the swivel stools at the bar, flipping their skirts up before sitting so they would hang around the cushion. “OOH this seat is cold” said Emily as she sat her bare pussy on the cold vinyl. I heard Amberwhisper “If you had panties on it wouldn’t be cold.” “If you hadn’t throwed them in the floor I would have some.” answered Emily with a cute grin. I pretended I didn’t hear them but I couldn’t quit thinking about it. The girls spun on the stools and giggled between themselves as we ate, occasionally including me in the conversation. When they were done they hopped up and told me they would be in the truck. As I walked to the cashier I noticed some moisture on Emily’s stool from her hot young slit against the cool vinyl. I paid the ticket and made my way to the truck.

When we got home the girls rushed to Amber’s room shutting the door behind them. Curious if they were up to what I hoped they were I went strait to the computer where her profile was already pulled up and watched as the online now light lit up and a new message was sent.

“Hey, do you want to talk tonight? I want to take more pics if you want to see them. Let me know.”

It was obvious that she had let Emily in on her playing but how far would they take it. I wanted to wait to reply so I walked toward her room, thought I would see how she would act with the chance of being caught. I knocked on her door, I heard so shuffling before she opened it. Emily was sitting at the computer which was turned off, they were both still in their skirts and tops. Amber quickly took a seat on her bed sliding a pair of white panties under her as she sat down. As I looked around her room I saw her camera was still on laying on her bed beside her. “You know you need to take a shower, Emily you can take one too. Do you have any clean clothes or are you going to wear some of Amber’s?” I asked. “I’ll just wear some of hers.” she answered. “We’ll take showers after we finish our homework.” said Amber. I told her that was fine, I would be in my room if they needed anything pulling the door shut behind me as I left. I got me a drink and went back to my computer, I had a new message waiting.

“I took some new pics tonite, I put some in my album. If you like them I will email you some more.”

I clicked the window of her profile and chose her album, it had two new pictures I it. The first one was her from the front in her uniform still not showing her face, the next was from the back with her skirt pulled up resting on top of her thick cheeks bent over just enough to see the bottom of her pussy and her hands on her hips. I stared at the picture thinking how beautiful she was, how she was enjoying this. I felt like my little girl was exposing her curiosity right in front of my eyes, I knew girls did it but I didn’t know how far she would go.

“I loved the pictures! Who is taking them for you, your daddy. Ha Ha just k**ding, although im sure he is aware of how beautiful you are since he is lucky enough to see you every day. I think my daughter know I like looking at her, she seems to tease me in her underwear and leaves her door open a lot when changing clothes but I don’t mind. She sees me in my underwear all the time. Do you ever do your daddy that way, if so I would like to hear about it.”

“LOL. I have a friend over tonite, would you like to see her too? I have never teased my daddy, it could be fun but I know he saw some pics of me naked on my phone once cause I caught him looking at them but I didn’t say anything I was afraid I was in trouble. He walks around in his underwear all the time. I can tell when he gets hard sometimes when hes around me. It used to bother me but now I understand I guess. He looks at teenagers on his computer a lot I have seen it on before. I will email you more pics, I hope they keep you hard for a while. I have to take a shower but you can talk to my friend while im gone if you want to.”

“I cant wait to see them, don’t forget one of your friend. Have fun in the shower. Don’t be teasing your daddy!”

Chapter 5

I was sitting at my computer when she came into my room to the shower, still wearing her uniform carrying a small wad of clothes in one hand and a towel in the other. Standing in front of me she laid the towel on my desk and held up a t-shirt. “See our new shirts coach gave us today!” she said modeling the shirt with her school name and cheerleading under it. I noticed there was no other clothes with her towel. “Nice.” I answered as I looked it over as she pulled it against her chest. She grabbed her towel and went into the bathroom. I turned back to my computer opening my email to one new message from her.

“Amber is gone but you can talk to me if you want!”

“I would love to talk to you, thank you for helping her with the pictures I really enjoy them.”

“They are only gonna get better! Im taking some of me while she is gone but she will have to send them to you. Im older than her, taller but my ass is not as big but I know you will like me.”

“I cant wait to see you, I bet you are beautiful. Tell me a little about yourself. Do you have a boyfriend, how experienced are you? What do you like about sex or are you a virgin like Amber?”

“I do not have a boyfriend, all the boys are stupid! I guess im a virgin, I only let them put it in my butt does that mean im still a virgin. I really like girls better than boys that’s why I like Amber so much.”

“Yeah your still a virgin, how many guys have you let put it in your butt? Do you and Amber have sex?

“Not many, just the guys on the football team but two and my neighbor. Oh yeah me and her have fun all the time but we don’t tell anybody. Maybe she will show you some pics of us.”

“I bet your young ass feels great but why wont you let them put it in your pussy?”

“Me and Amber promised each other we wouldn’t until our next birthday, our birthday are together so we figured we would celebrate together, I cant wait.”

I heard the shower cut off so I clicked on some music and waited for Amber to come out, remembering she had no clothes besides the shirt. My chest pounded as I waited for her wondering if she was going to take the advice of the mystery man and tease her daddy. I heard the door open as she walked behind me and stopped leaning on my chair behind me. “What ya doing?” “Just listening to some music.” I answered. I knew she would try to see what sites I was on so when I minimized them I left the one I wanted her to see up, it was a teen site and you could definitely tell by the name. I could feel her wadded up uniform in her arm against my shoulder as she slid over to the side of my chair. Knowing this may be my only opportunity to see her in the shirt I spun the chair around facing her with her standing only a couple feet from me. After a quick glance in her eyes I lowered my sights on the shirt, still wet from her shower the shirt clung tightly to the firm B cup tits. As my eyes fell from the bottom of her shirt I had a clear view of her freshly shaved mound over two pink lips. Dying to see more and with her not showing any sign of embarrassment I asked her what it had on the back. “Just my name.” she said as she spun around and stopped. The shirt wasn’t long enough to cover her thick ass so it layed piled on the top of her cheeks showing me the perfect ass I had seen in the pictures. Turning back around she says “Emily is going to take a shower in a minute if that’s ok, she got her shirt today to so she will sl**p in it.” I told her that’s was fine and watched her turn and walk away with her perfect young ass exposed. Wondering how obvious my hardon was I looked down to see my stiff cock pushing at the soft cotton shorts, I knew she had to see it. I opened my browser and clicked my email to find two new messages from Amber. The first was from Emily.

“I have took you some good pics! You be spanking your cock to them shortly.”

The second was from Amber.

“I think you were right my daddy likes for me to tease him too. I just stood in front of him wearing nothing but a shirt that short enough for him to see my pussy I saw his hard dick in his shorts it was kinda fun. I will take a pic of me in the shirt when I send you the ones my friend took of her. She wants to know if your dick is hard from talking to her.”

“I told you that you were sexy and he would enjoy it. I would like to see your shirt. Yes, my dick is very hard right now. Does it turn you on to tease me like this, I hope so your driving me crazy!”

“It turns me on to tease you, here is some more teasing!”

The email had about ten pictures in it. The first was her standing in front of her mirror in the shirt showing her pussy to me. The rest were of Emily, I was so excited to see her naked, the first was her in front of the mirror pulling her skirt up with one hand and the other covering the small patch of hair topping her slick lips. The pictures got better as they went, her long blonde hair hanging over her small breasts, her bent over with a finger in her hole. By now I was about to rip my shorts I had to get my dick out so I slid my shorts to my ankles and started rubbing it, clicking through the pictures of Emily until I got another email. I opened it to find more pictures of Emily taken by Amber. Emily was on the bed still in her uniform on her knees, then one spreading her butt cheeks wide. I continued stroking my cock as I clicked each new picture. While staring at the last one I got another email, more pics. The first one took my breath. With Emily still in her uniform she was sitting straddle Amber’s face covering her with the skirt. The next her skirt was pulled up showing Amber’s tongue against her wet pussy. In the next two She had her head between Amber’s legs licking my daughters slick pussy. She obviously had no problem showing her face, her beautiful blonde hair pulled back away from her meal. I couldn’t believe I was looking at pictures og my little girl eating pussy just three doors down from me and I was about to cum to them. I was only strokes away from blowing my load when I heard Emily coming to take a shower, I quickly clicked on my music and stretch my shirt over dick as she stepped into my room. As soon as I saw her still in her uniform I blew my load against my shirt covering my spewing cock. She paid me little attention as she bounced to the bathroom. I pulled my cum soaked shirt off and tossed it aside.

“Those pictures are awesome, looks like you two know what you doing. I would love to see more of them. Does your daddy know about you two? I bet he is enjoying having the both of you in his house.”

“She is taking a shower right now, we will take some more when she is done. No, my daddy don’t know he thinks I am still an innocent little girl. He would probably like it He always looks at girls our age on the computer. My friend is going to wear a shirt like mine when she gets out of the shower and tease my daddy. I told her to watch his dick get hard. LOL”

“Im sure he will enjoy it. Let me know when you have some more pictures.”

Knowing Emily was planning on teasing me I decided to give her a show too. I took my clothes off and slipped on a pair or my boxer briefs and sat on the couch, she has to walk right by me going to Amber’s room. Hearing the water cut off I slipped my limp dick through the slit in my shorts leaving just the head hanging out of the hole and leaned back on the couch giving her a clear view of my underwear. My dick started to swell just anticipating her as I listened to her walk closer. When she walked through the door my eyes went quickly to her exposed pussy under the shirt, her eyes went right to my crotch. By now my cock was starting to grow out of the slit in my shorts. With her only feet from me I asked “Did you get a shirt today too.” “Yeah I figured I could sl**p in it.” she answered she had stopped right in front of me showing me her shirt. “Does it have your name on the back too?” I asked. “Yeap!” she answered turning around giving me a shot of her small firm ass, thoughts of all those boys fucking her ass raced through my mind. With her back to me I pulled my now hard cock all the way through the slit. Her eyes quickly returning to my dick as she turned facing me. “Those are nice.” “Thankyou.” she replied not able to take her eyes from my cock I looked down at my stiff dick “Oh, Im sorry!” I said as I reached into my underwear and pulled it back in. “Please don’t tell Amber, I don’t want her to think im showing her friends my stuff, OK.” “Don’t worry I wont tell her if you wont tell her I was looking at it.” she replied. I watched her skinny little ass as she walked toward Amber’s room. With both of them in her room I positioned my swollen cock and decided to pay them a visit to see if I could see anything interesting. I knocked once and opened her door, Amber was sitting Indian style in her chair in front of her computer still wearing her shirt while Emily was bent over digging in her gym bag. Being bent over I saw a nice view of her slick slit. “You girls need to go to bed soon, don’t stay up all night, OK.” I said as I walked behind Amber looking across her shirt to her exposed pussy, I could see her lips being pulled apart by the position she was sitting/ I leaned down and kissed her on her head and told her goodnight. By now Emily had sat on the bed, giving me a devilish grin as I walked by telling her goodnight too. After shutting the door I stood still trying to hear any comments by the girls. “See I told you it worked! He is about to come out of those underwear again. I’ve never seen one that big.” said Emily. I heard them giggle and start to whisper as I walked away.

I couldn’t get the image of Amber’s spread pussy out of my head, thinking how damn beautiful it was. Thinking I had a little time before she started the email again I started moving all the pictures she had sent me to a folder, numbering them from the first ones she sent to the last ending up with a nice collection over the last two days. I clicked through the pictures stroking my stiff cock wondering what they were going to do next.

“You were right again my daddy enjoyed the show my friend gave him he got so hard his dick came out of his underwear. My friend got to see his dick she said it was the biggest she had seen I told her me too. He even came in my room with it still hard while I was playing with myself. I don’t think he knew it but I know he saw my pussy while it was wet. I think my friend wants to sneak in his room tonight so she can see it again. Got to go take some new pics I am so horny now.”

“I bet your daddy is in the bathroom jerking off thinking about what I am getting to see, I feel so lucky. You girls better be careful tonight, you keep looking at his dick you might not make it to your birthday.”

“My friend says if he was she would like to watch him I told her she could peep through the window but I doubt he is he normally just does it in front of the computer and leaves his underwear in there. I got to go she is over here teasing me rubbing her pussy send you some new pics later.“

I played around the forum waiting for the new pictures, it want long before I had an email with some in it. The first one was both of them on their knees beside each other taken in the mirror but wasted no time showing more of them together, Amber still only showing enough of her face that if I didn’t know it was her I wouldn’t recognize her. After a few of Amber eating Emily’s sweet pussy they switched positions, seeing my baby burying her face in that pussy was so sexy but didn’t compare to seeing her thick ass up in the air while Emily sunk her fingers in tight pussy and licked her juices. I had just clicked the last one when I received the next ones. Amber still with her ass in the air, her pussy laying open from the playing. The next Emily had the tip of a hairbrush pushing at Amber’s hole leading to a few with the brush deep in her hole with the bristles against her pink meat. I guess Emily wanted some payback the next one she was on her knees pulling at her cheeks, the next took my by surprise to see my baby’s face cleary between her cheeks with her tongue pressed against Emily’s small brown hole. The next she had a finger deep in her butt, leading to the last two ofAmber pushing the hairbrush deep in her butt. I was in total shock, I couldn’t believe my baby was sexual enough to lick another girls butt before sinking a hairbrush in it.

I had started an email telling them how much I liked the pictures when I got another one from her.

“This is our last ones we want to finish what we started and go to bed. XOXOXO”

I opened the first one to see my baby receiving the same oral pleasure she had gave Emily earlier, I instantly thought I would see the hairbrush in her butt next. It wasn’t the hairbrush I saw but instead it was the flashlight she had kept in her nightstand pushing against her smooth slit. The next one left little to my imagination, the light that I was familiar with the size of was all the way in her pussy. I could see her lips being stretched around the larger bulb end. The next few showed the light in different stages of penetration ending with one with the light pushing against her small brown hole. By now I had stroked my throbbing dick to the point of exploding, remembering what Amber had said about me jacking off and leaving my underwear I left my cock covered in my shorts as I released a well deserved load in them and slid them into the floor. After shutting off the monitor I crawled on top of the covers thinking about them sneaking in my room tonight to see my dick as I slept taking no time to fall asl**p.
Chapter 6

I woke a few hours later still laying on top of the sheets with a thick hardon wondering if the girls had came in my room to see my cock or not. With the urge to pee I used the bathroom and laid back on the bed. As I laid trying to go back to sl**p I saw the hall light come on. I heard whispers from the hall, it was the girls sneaking in. Knowing they were on their way my dick started to swell again so I rolled onto my back so they could get a good view. With my eyes closed I could hear them getting closer, I heard Amber tell her it was hard. The two girls were standing by my bed staring as my dick shook from the instant turn on. I listened to them talk about how big it was, how they couldn’t wait till their birthday and how much it would hurt going in them. My dick wasn’t the only thing swelling, it really made me proud to know two hot teenage girls were looking at my dick and liked what they saw. I thought I would give them a show so I rolled on my side and spread my legs. “Look how big his balls are.” I heard Emily say. They watched for a while. They were leaving the room when I heard Amber “See I told you, he sits in here and jacks off looking at teen porn and cums on his underwear, see there lays his underwear.” Once I saw the hall light go off I had to do something about the major hardon I had so I jerked off right then cumming on my stomach and laid there to go to sl**p. Waking up as the sun came through the window I heard the girls getting ready for school so I grabbed a pair of shorts, pulled them on and headed to see them before they left. They were already dressed, Emily was sitting on the bed wearing a pair of Ambers shorts and the shirt the coach had given them. Amber was at the computer, I could tell she was in her email but she closed it quickly when I entered her room and spun around in the chair. She was wearing a white skirt, long enough for school so it hid everything nicely with a pink button up shirt. As I stood and talked to them I noticed both of them looking at my crotch every chance they got, I noticed Amber wiggling around in the chair as she said “I hate this skirt, its so long it feels like a dress!” as she squirmed around it slid up enough to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “I’m going to change, I cant wear this thing.” She stood up and went to her dresser and started going through her shorts till she found a pair she liked and went to the bathroom to change. I told them bye as I headed to the shower. After my shower I went to work as normal, trying not to think about what I had started with my daughter. Curiosity was getting to me, I found myself checking my email often hoping for a new picture. It was after lunch when I couldn’t stand it anymore so I checked opened my email to look at some of the pictures I already had, but I had a new one from her. I could feel my dick start to swell as I opened the email, sure enough she had sent three new pictures. They were all of her, clearly taken by someone. They were of her in a bathroom stall. The first one she was sitting on the toilet with her shorts around her ankles, the next she was slid to the end of the seat with her legs spread wide showing her beautiful pussy and the last she was bent over spreading her cheeks with her shorts still around her ankles. My dick was throbbing, my little girl was turning me on more than any woman has in years. I stared at he pictures until work got busy again, not able to check my email the rest of the day.

I had just got home and sat down to the computer hoping to find some new pictures in my email when my phone rang, it was Amber telling me I didn’t need to pick her up one of the other girl’s mom was bringing her home. I opened my email, disappointed to find she had not sent anymore pictures. I went to the kitchen to start getting dinner ready. I was almost done when Amber got home, going strait to her room to drop her bags and coming back to the kitchen still wearing her gym shorts and tanktop. She immediately came over to me and gave me a hug and asked what she could do to help, I told her I had it she could go clean up and get ready for dinner. I watched her bubble butt in her gym shorts as she made her way to her room causing light swelling in my shorts thinking about the pictures. I finished the meal and called her in to eat. As she came in I noticed she had removed her bra letting her thin shirt lay against her firm B cup breasts, her nipples pushing at the thin cotton. We ate and talked as normal, trying to hold back the thoughts of her naked and catching myself staring at her breasts every chance I got. Dinner was almost over when she caught me looking at her breasts and smiled at me. When we finished eating she got up ant took our plates, noticeably shaking her thick butt and pushing it out for me to see. Watching her walk around the kitchen bare footed in her short shorts and shirt kept the swelling going. As she bent over to put the dishes in the washer I had a clear view of her butt, her shorts rolled over at the top I could see the top of her butt crack so I knew she wasn’t wearing panties either. It was clear to me that she was taking the advice of the stranger telling her to tease her daddy but how far would she take it? I shoved my stiff dick over to one side and joined her in cleaning up. As we finished she made her way back to her room, I sat back at the computer to find she had sent me two emails.

“Hey honey, sorry I don’t have any pics. I just wanted to tell you I have been thinking about what you said about your daughter teasing you and how much you enjoy it. I think I will try it some more, would you tell me the things she does that you enjoy? Thankx be back later.”

“I think you are right I showed up for dinner wearing my cheering shorts without panties and my sweaty tank top without a bra, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He had a BIG hardon when he stood up. This is fun I wonder if would like to see more?”

I had to e-mail her back, I wanted to see how much she would listen to this strange man telling her to tease her daddy.

“So you want to tease your daddy, I know he will enjoy it as much as I do. So how are you going to tease him next, I’m sure he will be looking now. Is it turning you on to tease him?”

“Yes it turns me on to know I can make him hard. I am getting in the shower I think I may forget my towel on accident or leave the door open when I go in there. Do you think he would like that? Got to go!”

“Let me know how it goes”.

I had just closed my emails when she came through my room to the bathroom, noticing she wasn’t carrying any clothes or towel but I didn’t say anything. I watched as she went in the bathroom not shutting the door. Knowing she left it open hoping to tease me it was all I could do not to get up and try to sneak a peak at her sexy body but I didn’t. I heard the shower running so I knew she was in the shower so I got up and made my way to the bathroom, to my surprise she was still standing naked in front of the mirror so I stopped hoping she hadn’t seen me yet. I stood and watched as she played with her hair and made poses in the mirror until she turned and stepped in the shower. By now I was about to blow my load in my pants, her teasing was definitely working. I sat anxious as she showered knowing she didn’t have a towel or any clothes with her, wondering if she would come out naked and get one or put her clothes back on. My mind raced with all kinds of scenarios as I pictured her naked body in the shower. As my mind raced with high hopes of her showing me her naked self I heard the shower water cut off, the shower curtain slid open. “Daddy, you out there?” she asked. “Yeah, what’s wrong?” I replied. “I forgot a towel, will you bring me one?” I told her I would and went to the laundry room and got a towel, positioned my throbbing hardon the best I could and went to the bathroom. I entered the bathroom to find my best wishes had been granted, she was standing in front of the shower water dripping from her tight body. I found myself staring at her freshly shaved mound as I reached the towel out for her to take, she took it from my hand and I turned to leave when I heard her say thank you with a soft giggle. I made my way to the couch a sat down, waiting to see if she would come out naked or put her clothes back on. I saw the light turn off seconds before she came through the door completely naked holding her dirty clothes over her breasts and stopped in front of me “Sorry, I forgot my clothes too. I didn’t want to bother you again.” said Amber. “That’s ok, there is no reason for you to be ashamed you are a big girl now and don’t have to hide anything from me.” I answered. Her arms fell exposing her firm breasts “I guess you’re right, it not like you haven’t seen me naked before.” she said as she walked to her room with my eyes stuck to her thick butt.

By now my heart was racing, my little girl just stood completely naked and was comfortable doing it and it was all because a man she don’t know told her too. I knew she would want to tell him what she had done so I went to check my emails, she had already sent him a message.

“OMG! I can’t believe what I just did I let my daddy see me naked twice. I can’t believe he didn’t fuss at me he seemed to like it. I could see his dick hard in his pants. What can I do next?”

“Wow, you are a naughty little girl! I bet he loved seeing your sexy body, I sure love seeing it. As far as what you do next, that is up to you. My daughter seemed real comfortable showing herself to me so it wasn’t long before she would walk around naked every time my wife wasn’t home. I will never forget the first time I caught her playing with herself, I think she done it on purpose cause I knew she did it but she left her door open and I could hear her moaning. I watched her a few times before she ever let me know she saw me. Just have fun and don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“I want to be naughtier!!!!!! I like being naked and I liked him seeing me naked. My mom doesn’t live with us so I could be naked almost all the time, I wonder if I could get him naked in front of me. I would love to see him walking around naked. Im gonna take you some pics maybe he will catch me. LOL”

I couldn’t believe she wanted to see me naked, It seemed that she was going to quit wearing clothes around the house. I don’t know if I can handle that, I would be walking around with a boner all the time. I knew she was in her room taking me some pictures so I walked toward her room to find she had left her door cracked, she really wanted me to catch her. I stood and stared at her door but couldn’t bring myself to opening her door so I went back to my computer and waited for her pictures. By now I had my pants around my ankles stroking the boner she had given me, looking through her pictures when her email came.

“I left my door open but he didn’t catch me, maybe next time!”

She had sent a few pictures too, the first was her standing in front of her open door naked with her the handle of her hairbrush deep in her pussy. The rest varied from close-ups of her fingers in her wet pussy to the last one of her sucking the handle of the brush. With the last picture still on my screen I leaned back in my chair and released my well deserved load across my stomach and milked the rest out. With a cum covered hand I reached and closed the screen and stood up to get cleaned up, pulled my cum covered shirt over my head. When the shirt crossed my eyes I saw Amber standing in the doorway. There she stood still naked staring at me, my cum covered dick still standing at full attention with my pants around my ankles.
Chapter 7

I stood there in shock not sure what to do next, Amber standing only a few feet from me with her eyes bouncing from my cum covered cock to my eyes. I didn’t know what to say, we both stuttered as we tried to figure out who should speak first. Finally I spoke, Amber still looking down at my hard as possible dick “I am so sorry, I thought you were in your room. I am so embarrassed.” Her eyes raised from my dick to look my straight in my eyes and said “There is no reason for you to be ashamed. After all I am a big girl now and you don’t have to hide anything from me!” I instantly recognized that as what I had told her only a short time ago. I replied with a similar comment to hers “I guess your right, I’m sure you have seen a man naked before.” We stood only a few feet apart completely naked with grins on our faces as I looked down at my still hard cock to see a few drops of cum had dripped to the floor. “Let me clean up and I will be to your room, I think we need to talk.” She looked at the puddles of cum on the floor and smiled “O.k., I’ll be in my room.” I watch as she walked to her room. I reached down and pulled my pants up, grabbed my shirt and wiped the puddles from the floor and tossed it to the wall. Trying different ways to start our conversation in my head I slowly walked to her room, still not sure what I was going to say.

When I walked in her room she was in front of her computer, quickly minimizing the screen as I entered. I stood behind her in her chair and saw my fake email address in the last tray, she had put on one of her long sl**p shirts. I took a seat on the edge of her bed as she spun the chair around facing me, the long shirt wadded up on her hips leaving her slick skin exposed, her hairbrush between her legs. Before I could speak she took control of the conversation “Daddy, I don’t want you to be embarrassed about what happened. I know what you were doing and I completely understand, you said I shouldn’t hide anything from you so you shouldn’t have to hide anything from me.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the hairbrush between her legs knowing she had it stuck in her sweet pussy before I walked in her room. “Honey I agree but I have to know you are comfortable with that, I don’t want you feel to like you are doing something wrong. I need to know what you are comfortable with as far as seeing me naked or me seeing you naked, like just now I never would have done that if I thought there was a chance of you catching me. I hope it didn’t scar you for life.” I replied ending with a quick laugh hoping to ease the tension. “I could always go without clothes around here if you would let me, I only put clothes on when I come out of my room cause I figured you would get mad if I came out naked. It didn’t bother me catching you a while ago, I know you sit at the computer and do that all the time I can hear you sometimes all the way in my room. You must really like looking at them little girls, I have seen the websites you like.” My heart raced, she had to know I was looking at her since I liked those girls. “Besides, I am prettier than most of those girls! I know you like looking at me, I see you trying to hide you hardon all the time.” she said as she looked down at the one I had going as we talked. “I do like looking at you, you are beautiful but I figured you would think I was weird for looking at you. You don’t know how hard it is living with someone as sexy as you and not being able to show it.” I said smiling. “what do ya mean, you think me and my friends don’t talk about how good looking you are and how they all wish they were older so they could go out with you. I do know what its like.” the room got extremely quiet. We sat and looked at each other until I broke the silence “Honey, I just want to say you are welcome to dress or not dress how ever you want around the house but you can never tell anybody about it. O.K.” I said waiting on a reply. “Daddy, you feel free to walk around in what ever you want to, and don’t worry about trying to hide it when I make you hard.” she said grinning at me. “Oh yeah, don’t worry about trying to hide when you jack off either if I don’t want to see it I just wont walk in, hows that.” I told her that was fine and stood up and held my arms out to give her a hug, my apparent hardon pushing at the front of my pants. She stood and stepped close to me as I wrapped my arms around her. As I pulled her close my cock pushed against her stomach, she made a grunt and wiggled in closer. “You are going to have to get used to that if you are going to strut that pretty ass of your around here.” I told her. “I think I can used to the compliment.” she replied as she squeezed tight. We broke our hug and I left her room.

I couldn’t believe the conversation we just had and it was all because of some stranger sending her emails turning her on. I knew she would tell the man about our conversation so I went to check my emails, I had one from right after she caught me naked.

“You wont believe what just happened, I walked in on my dad right after he had jacked off!!!!!! He still had cum oozing from his dick. We just stood and looked at each other naked. He sent me to my room and said we had to talk, I hope hes not mad.”

Before I could start typing one back to her the next one came through.

“OMG!!!! Daddys not mad. We decided I was big enough now we shouldn’t have to hide things from each other any more and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about seeing each other naked so I could walk around naked all I wanted. He couldn’t take his eyes off my pussy while we were talking. I told him he didn’t have to hide his hardons from me anymore and he could go naked to I hope he does I want to see his big dick all the time. He made me so horny, I want to take you some more pics. What do you want to see me do, I will do anything I MEAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!”

It felt like my dick was going to explode as I read that. My little girl was so horny over me she was willing to do anything for this man, she was about to live out all my fantasies about her in front of a camera. I was going to puther to the test.

“Sounds like your daddy is a lucky man, but not as lucky as me I get to see things he doesn’t. I really liked seeing that brush in you, why don’t you see what else you can find to put in that tight pussy of yours. I cant wait to see what you find. Maybe your daddy will catch you this time.”

I sat at the computer after sending the message and listened to drawers being opened and closed throughout the house, I even heard the refrigerator open and close. After all the rummaging the house got quiet, I knew she was in her room taking pictures for that man. I could barely resist going to her room and catching her like she wanted me too, I was scared if I did the pictures and emails would end and I was really enjoying them.

I sat and slowly stroked my swollen cock waiting to see what she had found to hide in her beautiful pussy.

“OMG I am so horny!!! I didn’t know I could fit such big things in my little pussy. I want to send them to you smallest to biggest is that ok?”

“I am about to cum all over my keyboard waiting to see you fill that pussy up. My daughter just came through here in nothing but a shirt so I am real horny now too.”

Only seconds later an email came though.

“look at these while I see what else I can find”

Chapter 8

I sat stroking my dick as I anxiously clicked on the first picture in the group of five to find her a full body picture of her with her legs spread wide with a sharpie marker hanging from her sexy hole. The next one was even better, a close up of her curling iron buried to the handle. I stared at the picture knowing she was slowly stretching out her virgin pussy with various objects as I clicked the next one, her on her knees with the same curling iron deep in her hole. The next two showed different stages of her making her tv remote disappear between her wet lips.

“Man those are awesome, are you sure you are a virgin? I cant wait to see you stretch that pussy open, would love to see it after you get done shoving all those things in it.”

“Here are some more, the last two barely fit but they went back in easy after the first time. I hope I am still tight after all this!

She had sent five more pictures, I didn’t know if I could hold my load long enough to look at them. I loved the first picture, she had one of the big spoons from the kitchen with the handle in her leaving just the chrome spoon end out. The second one she was holding the handle of the spoon pushing the chrome end between her swollen lips. Wanting to see the next few pictures before I cum I released my cock and clicked on the next one to see a full body picture of the bottom of her hairspray bottle disappearing between her wet lips, I could tell by the look on her face she was in pain and pleasure both. As I started to click the last picture she sent another email.

“If you cum to my pictures I want to see your cum I really liked seeing daddys so I want to see yours. If you do I will take one more picture tonight of anything you want.”

I looked around for something to cum on but couldn’t find anything except for my clothes but I knew she would recognize those so I decided to just cum on my stomach. After grabbing my camera I clicked back to her pictues to finish my business. I opened the last picture she sent to find her still laying spread on her bed, the same look on her face as she was pushing a slightly bigger shampoo bottle in her virgin hole. I could see her lips stretching around the bottle as she took it deep, the perfect picture to blow my load to “so I thought”. as I was stroking for my load another email came in.

“I almost forgot, this was after the shampoo.”

She had sent one picture so I opened it to see a close up of her legs spread wide , her pussy was slightly gaped open and sloppy wet. It only took a couple strokes looking at that until I blew a heavy load all over my stomach, with the cum still dripping from the head of my cock I grabbed my camera and took a close up of my cock and the pile of cum from it being careful not to include anything she would recognize. Still covered in cum I uploaded the picture and sent her an email.

“There you go, just like you wanted. I hope you like the nice load of cum you made for me. I would love to see you with something in all of your holes, pick three thing from the last pictures and fill all of your holes. Cant wait to see that!”

“OMG that is a lot of cum, your dick is about the same size as my daddys. I wish I could help you clean up that mess you made. Here is the picture you wanted. I have never done that before but I think will have to do it again some time.”

I opened the picture, there she was laying on her side with her ass pointed at the camera with something in every hole. She must have liked stretching her pussy she had the shampoo bottle shoved in her, her tight ass was stretched over the spoon handle and she was sucking on the hairspray bottle that was previously sunk in her pussy. I couldn’t believe my little girl was stuffed full in the bedroom down the hall from me. By now it was almost time for her to go to bed so I cleaned up my mess and slid on a clean pair of underwear. As I was leaving my room I heard her in the kitchen putting the spoon in the dishwasher so I stopped and waited on her to finish, I didn’t want her to feel caught. I stood as she went into her room. When I joined her in her room I found her still naked putting all the objects I had seen in the pictures in a drawer by her bed “Its time for bed honey.” I said to her as I tried to catch a peek of her stretched out pussy. As she stood up and turned facing me the wet shine from between her legs was obvious. “Ok, now I can sl**p naked and not worry about you seeing me and getting mad. I think im going to like this.” she said as she pulled her cover back. With her ready for bed she put her arms around me and gave ma a kiss on the cheek “Good night daddy” and squeezed me tight, my semi swollen dick pushing against her naked body. After watching her ass as she crawled into bed my semi had became a full hardon and she noticed it. Looking at my crotch and smiling “You can go take care of that now.” I smiled and shook my head and told her good night as I turned off her light.
Chapter 9

With her in bed I decided to organize the new pictures with all the others, I have gathered quit a collection. When I was done I opened the forum to check her profile, to my surprise she had added some pictures to her album and had made some posts in a few threads but the biggest surprise was she had started a thread too.

“18 And Waiting For Mr Right” was the title. Her first post included some of the pictures in her album along with a description “Hey everybody new here, a friends dad thought I would like it here so here I am. These are some of the pics I have took for him, I hope you like them.”

She had a quick response from viewers complimenting her and asking for more, after that she had posted some more pictures still none of her face though. After a few more posts viewers asked for a verification pic and explained what it was to her so she included one in the next set. These were the first of her with her satisfying herself with the hairbrush, and one of her with her legs spread wide with “daddyzdream” wrote in lipstick across her stomach. A few posts later someone asked what her name meant, she replied “I like to tease my daddy, I hope he will give in some day!!!” I decided I should let her know the girls dad found her posts so I logged out and logged back in under my fake name.

“Nice! I bet that man has cum to your pictures a lot he is very lucky, but I think your daddy is the lucky one!”

With that done I logged out and back in with my normal account and checked out a few new threads ending on one from a young girl, turned off the monitor and made my way to bed.

I woke to the alarm that I purposely set early enough to catch Amber still in bed, hoping to get a view of her naked body before I showered. Turning the hall light on outside her room I had enough light to see her naked body laying only covered up to her knees, her back to me giving me a nice image of her plump ass. I positioned myself at the foot of her bed trying to see her slick love hole, no luck. I placed my hand on her knee and shook her telling her to wake up, after a few shakes she rolled over on her back kicking the covers the rest of the way off her. Staring at her slick, swollen mound I felt my dick starting to grow in my shorts. With my hand still on her knee I shook again “Wake up baby, time to get up.” I said one more time. Knowing she has always been ticklish I slid my hand up her thigh to tickle her but as I did I noticed her slowly spreading her legs giving me a direct view of her slick lips hanging under a swollen clit, running my hand closer to her pussy I could feel the heat from between her legs. Tempted to run my hand across her welcoming slit I decided to stop only inches from her pussy, after a tickle she spread her legs even farther as she opened her eyes. I told her to get up I was getting in the shower as I run my hand back down her spread legs and made my way to the shower. After a quick shower I toweled off looking at the clock thinking Amber should still be here I decided to give her a chance to see me naked like she wants. With my dick hanging in full after the load I just blew in the shower I headed through the house toward the den where she waits for her bus. I could hear her in the kitchen so I changed my route, I walked into the kitchen as she was leaving the kitchen. Not knowing I was there she ran right into me her hand brushing against my swinging cock, stepping back looking down at my cock she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were gone.” I said as her eyes left my cock to look at me. “No, its ok! I will get used to it I’m sure. It just surprised me, I don’t mind at all.” she replied. I looked over her seeing her in her short shorts and tee shirt wondering if she had on any panties or not. I stepped to the side to let her by but she didn’t go, she stood looking at my limp cock hanging in front of me so I walked toward the kitchen and poured me a drink and walked back toward her. By now thinking about her seeing my dick had got it started swelling a little so it was starting to rise in front of me, her eyes went straight to it as I got closer.

“You had better get ready for your bus.” I said as I stood in front of her. She turned and picked up her bag and reached her arm out to me for a hug. I leaned down and wrapped her in my open arm and kissed her on the cheek and told her goodbye. I watched her thick ass in the short shorts as she went outside. After checking my email all day at work and not having any from her I felt like my luck had run out. Just as I was pulling in the driveway Amber called asking if I could pick her and Emily up after cheerleading and if she could stay the night. I couldn’t turn down another chance to see Emily naked again, I told her I would pick her up and yes Emily was welcome to stay. I only had enough time to turn around and pick them up so I headed that way.

When I arrived to pick them up Amber was sitting on the steps alone wearing her normal cheering shorts and tee shirt , she walked over and climbed in the truck telling me Emily’s mom was taking her shopping tonight but she said she could come tomorrow and stay the weekend if we wanted her to. Our normal conversation changed when Amber said “I cant wait to get home and get these panties off, they’re soaking wet.” as she reached inside her shorts and pulled them away from her body. I couldn’t help but to notice the crotch of the blue shorts were wet also. “Even your shorts are wet, you must have practiced hard today.” I said as I tried to pull my eyes from her wet crotch. “Yeah I cant wait to get home and rest.” she replied. Thinking about her sweat soaked pussy kept my mind busy the rest of the way home. Amberwent straight to her room when we got home, I took care of normal house things. I was folding towels when she walked into the laundry room already completely naked and asked me for one of the towels. “I’m getting in the shower, I guess I can take a towel with me this time.” she said smiling at me. As she walked away I realized I somehow fell into a lot of men’s dream, I had a beautiful young lady which made it a point for me to see her naked as much as possible and wanted to see me naked just as much not to mention was taking pictures of herself doing things I could never imagine my little girl doing only a week ago.

With her in the shower I decided to check my emails again, this time she had sent one.

“Hey sexy are you tired of me yet? I showed my friend the picture you sent me she said it made her horny and then told me I was lucky to have two big dicks to look at anytime I wanted. She is coming home with me so we can try to take some pics of my daddy’s dick for her. I showed her the ones of me putting things in my pussy she told me there was a store in the mall that sold big rubber dicks we are going to try to get one. Want more pics let me know.”

“No im not tired of you, I cant wait to see more of you! Tell your friend I can send her some pictures of my dick if she wants some. I would love to see you playing with a dildo, if you need some money I can mail you some just let me know. I would like to see you doing daring things around the house, maybe showing you naked around the house. Have fun!”

With that done I logged on the forum to see if she had been on, her thread had became pretty popular. She had posted wanting requests and was getting anything from her feet, face shot to pissing. She had added some more pictures since had been home, I almost flipped out. They were taken with her phone at school, it started out with one of her sitting in her desk looking up her shorts barely able to see some of her white panties. The next two she was in the locker room dressing for practice, the last one was of her soaking wet crotch on the steps where I picked her up. She had really started enjoying taking the pictures. I kept browsing the forum until I her water was cut off, turning the monitor off making my way to the den and turning on the tv so I could see her walk through on the way to her room. As she paraded naked through the den I could only stare at her freshly lotion rubbed body shined accenting her fresh shaved pussy. “Don’t worry about dinner, I’m not hungry. I have some homework to do before I go to bed. Ready to relax an watch some tv I go to my bedroom and strip down to my underwear and kick back in my favorite chair. Shortly after laying back I heard Amber in the kitchen followed by the sound of her camera, she was taking pictures for the man. I sat and listened as made her way around the house wondering if she would come in the den. Thinking about her taking the pictures had my dick starting to swell, I wonder how brave she is. I slid my underwear down and pushed them under my chair picturing her taking pictures of my dick made me even harder, I wanted to make it easy for her to do this so I stretched out on the sofa. “Daddy, you awake?” she asked and repeated it again. I closed my eyes and didn’t answer, I could hear her getting closer. By now my dick was throbbing, she was about to see me as hard as I can get. “Oh my god! Look at that!” I heard her whisper.
Chapter 10

I could feel every heartbeat in my throbbing dick as she stood and stared at it, wondering what she was going to do next. ‘Daddy, you awake?” I heard her say right before I heard the shutter sound from her camera, then another. I eased one eye open to see her head only inches from my dick, holding her camera out with one arm she continued to take pictures. By now my dick was standing straight up in the air throbbing. I watched as she positioned herself on her knees by the couch, holding the camera above my chest she opened her mouth and held it only inches from the head of my dick and started taking more pictures. After taking a few more she stood and walked back to her room.

I laid there wanting to get up and see what she was doing with the pictures, was she going to send them to her admirer or post them on her thread? As I started to get up and see I heard her walking back toward me so I closed my eyes again. “What if he wakes up? Yeah its still hard, it looks bigger now that it did earlier.” I realized she was on the phone with someone. “Hold on I have to lay the phone down. Yeah Im gonna take pictures. You awake daddy?” I decided not to peek this time in fear of her seeing me so I laid there my heart racing. I heard her lay her phone on the floor, I knew she had to be on her knees again. My heart almost stopped when I felt her hand wrap around my throbbing dick, I heard the camera shutter a few times and she removed her hand. “Yeah I did it. You think so? If he wakes up im gonna be in a lot of trouble, I cant believe im doing this. Hold on.” The phone hit the floor again. She wasted no time, I felf her hand back on my dick again but no pictures. She was moving her hand up and down stroking my dick when I felt her wet lips on my dick, then she let her grip go and her lips slowly slid down around my dick. She took about half of my dick in her mouth and I heard her camera begin to shutter and continue to shutter as she slowly slid her lips back up my dick until she let if fall from her mouth. “I cant believe I just did that! No I couldn’t get it all in. Don’t worry ill have them on there in a minute.” I heard her go back to her room.

After laying there stroking my dick for a while I decided to get up and see what she had done with the pictures. Wasting no time I went straight to her thread which had two pages added to it since the last time I looked, seems she is very popular on the forum. I started reading where I had left off last time and actually paying attention, she had been on the forum pretty consistently. I saw one from someone named “amialay” telling her she couldn’t wait to spend some more time with her, after a few more I figured out it was her friend Emily. She had added some of the pictures she had sent me throughout the day and got one hell of a response and all kinds of requests, she continued to answer her comments and post more pictures trying to fill the requests. I noticed a lot of people wanted to see her sucking a dick, she answered them telling them she would take some later when her boyfriend got home from work. I clicked on the last page to see the first post was a collection of pictures of her hand wrapped around my dick she had taken earlier, with a promise of some of her sucking the big dick later. The first response was from Emily saying how she hoped she could talk her boyfriend into letting her do that someday, she replied that she may have the chance this weekend. Posts stared pouring in commenting on her and the nice dick she had in her hand until she posted the next time showing her sucking my dick, she had to have taken thirty pictures or more. Emily quickly replied on how she was a dirty little girl and how she was jealous. Before I realized it I was about to cum from stroking my dick while looking at the pictures, with nothing to cum on I laid back and shot my load all over my stomach and chest. After milking the last of my cum from my throbbing dick I had to reply to her pictures. “I knew you were a dirty girl but I never would have guessed you were that brave!”

With that said I opened my email to find she had sent two emails tonight.

“Hey sexy, I took you some pics tonight hope you enjoy them im feeling pretty naughty tonight.”

I opened the pictures to find her on the kitchen cabinet spreading her legs wide showing her slick pussy, then one of her standing in the front door with it open with her ass toward the road for people to see. I quickly started stroking my cum covered dick again as I open the rest of the pictures of her naked throughout the house and continued stroking as I opened the second one.

“Im back! Damn im horny just took some pics of my daddys dick I think it gets bigger every time I see it! I hope these are what you had in mind.”

There were the pictures of her with my dick in her face, and some of her on her bed playing with her wet pussy. The last one was one of her sucking her juices from her fingers. As I clicked through the pictures again she sent another email.

“So did you like the pics of me sucking daddys dick while he was asl**p? My friend dared me to do it. That is the biggest dick I have ever sucked, I cant believe he didn’t wake up I wish I could see him cum. You never know your daughter might be sucking yours while your asl**p too.”

“You are very brave, what would you have done if he woke up? You keep doing stuff like that he might catch you and put that big dick in that pretty little virgin pussy of yours. Keep it up I love the pictures.”

“I don’t know what I would have done I guess anything he wanted me to. Me and my friend have been talking about trying to get him to take our cherry on our birthdays but I cant get up nerve to ask him. She is coming over this weekend we will take you some good pics, she wants to try to suck his dick while he is asl**p too. Got to go to bed.”

I looked back through the pictures of my dick in her mouth as I stroked faster trying pump load two from my balls, after blowing it on my stomach I leaned back in my chair and watched as my limping dick kept leaking cum. Waking in my chair later I went strait to bed..

The next morning I woke and took a shower, going to her room as normal I decided to stay undressed just to keep things going. On my way to her room I noticed she was running late. When I stepped into her room she was pulling a pair of tan shorts across her bare ass. “I bet you drive the boys at school crazy walking around in those shorts without any panties on, don’t you.” I said as she turned facing me leaving the zipper and button open showing her slick mound. “I don’t care about them immature boys but the girls at cheerleading sure like to look. I catch them looking all the time.” she repied as she pulled her shirt over her head holding it up with her elbows as she fastened her shorts while she stared at my limp dick hanging in front of me. “Youre starting to like this new clothing optional stuff huh!” she said still looking at my dick. “It is pretty nice, I’m glad you are mature enough to be comfortable with it.” I replied. “Don’t feel bad I like it too, after all I’m not a little girl any more and besides I think it has brought us even closer to each other if that is possible.” “Well you know I love you and will always be here for you.” I held my arms out and she fell between them wrapping her arms around me. We stood there hugging as we heard her bus honk the horn, she leans back in my arms “Guess your taking me to school today”. I told her to hurry up while I got dressed and went to finish dressing.

As I drove her to school thoughts of everything that has happened controlled my mind, it was hard not to tell her it was me she had been sending the pictures to but I didn’t want to ruin a good thing. About halfway there she asked me “Daddy I need to ask you something. Do you think its bad I am still a virgin?” that was all I needed for my semi hard cock to turn stiff. “No, I think its good, why.” I replied. “Some of the girls on the squad give me a hard time about it because they are always doing it with guys at school.” she answered. I told her she could wait as long as she wanted to, she needed to make sure whoever she decided to lose her virginity loved her because it was a special thing. I also told her that didn’t mean she had to be a prude, if she sexual desires there were things she could do for them without having sex. That was when she said “Its not like I don’t know about sex, I have fooled around with some boys and girls for that matter. I just want the first time to be with someone who will appreciate it, and know what they are doing.” “Its ok honey, don’t rush it you will know when you find that special person. I think he would be a very lucky person, I would give anything to have a chance with a young sexy girl like yourself.” I answered. She sat and looked me in the eyes and said “Daddy I love you and I have a feeling you will have that chance someday, all my friends think you are sexy they would probly do it you would especially Emily. She talks about seeing you naked all the time.” we pulled up to the school she thrower her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek “I love you daddy and I know you love me.” released her hug and exited the car. I watched her ass shake in her shorts as she walked to the door and went to work.

“I love you daddy and I know you love me” kept going through my head all day. I was eating lunch when my phone rang, it was Amber reminding me thar Emily was wanting to stay over this weekend and if it was ok. I told her it was and I would pick them up after practice.
Chapter 11

Work was slow so we were told we could go home early if we wanted, they didn’t have to offer me twice. As I drove home thoughts and fantasies of having both of the girls in my house consumed my mind, would this be when I put my own daughter to the test or should I concentrate on them teasing the hell out of the horny old man they have came to love.

By the time I got to the house I had a raging hardon and was looking forward to jacking it off to the collection of pictures I had of Amber. After digging through her hamper for a dirty pair of panties to relieve myself in I realized due to our clothing optional habits we have started she hasn’t been wearing many panties but I found the white pair that she had taken pictures of on the school steps a couple days earlier, as I picked them up the crotch was stiff from her juices and sweat from cheerleading. I made my way to my computer and started opening my picture collection and opened the forum to see if she had added anything new. No new pictures but she had been very busy on the site, seems people have been pm’ing her picture requests and she has been emailing them the pictures and judging by the responses they have been very good ones. After reading two or three of them I figured out she had been taking a lot more pictures than she has been sharing with me, responses like “theres no way you’re a virgin, a virgin pussy wont stretch that big” and “I really loved the gaping pictures” had my curiosity at the max so I posted on her thread.

“Sound like you are taking some great picture, when are we going to get to see them”

After posting in her thread I sent her a pm.

“I would love to see that slick pussy of yours stretched to the max, but don’t wear it out before your birthday!”

With that done I logged out from my alias and logged back in under my regular account to see if I had any new mail. After reading a couple pms from people just saying hey I had two new comments on my album so I clicked on them. The first one was on a one of me in my underwear with my dick stretching the material, I clicked the comment “Nice cock I can only hope whoever takes my cherry has a cock as nice as that”. it was from Amber, she had found my regular account and was looking at my pictures. The next one was of cum squirting from my hard dick in the air, “I wish I could help you clean that up” it was from her too. I was so caught up in the moment I had forgot all about the dirty panties I had wadded up in my hand stroking my ready to explode dick until I felt the faint feeling and I knew I was about to cum so I slid her panties over the head of my dick and blew my load into the white panties. After squeezing the rest of my juice from my limping dick I walked to her room and placed the cum soaked panties back into her hamper.

Knowing I had some time I started browsing the forum, checking out some new girls and catching up on some of my favorite stories. After clicking on my favorite to see that someone was accusing the writer of copying it from another forum and how he said he writes when he has the motivation I had to wonder if he had a daughter like mine and if she was what motivated him. As I sat naked in front of my computer slowly stroking my stiff dick I noticed it was almost time to pick up the girls. I reached up and powered off the monitor as I thought to myself “Let the fun begin”. Having mostly decided to keep the teasing going all weekend I thought I would do a little teasing myself, I went to my dresser drawer and got a pair or my cotton running shorts and slid then over my still hard dick knowing they did nothing to hide my dick at any stage of my erection. When fully hard my dick would lay against my right leg and when limp it was long enough to barely hang out the leg when standing up and would easily roll out as they would rise as I sat. throwing on a t-shirt that I knew wasn’t long enough to cover the show I was hoping to give the girls I slipped on my shoes and made my way to the truck.

On my way there my hopes were confirmed as my dick began to limp, about half of it was visible against my leg when I was sitting.

My mind raced with the thoughts of teasing the girls and wondering what they had instore for me or the man behind the computer. By the time the girls came out I was back to hard again, my dick making a perfect outline across the top of my right leg. I admired the sexy little girls both in their cheer shorts and sweaty white tank tops as they tossed their bags in back of the truck and jumped into the truck. Amber jumped in first sliding over against me as Emily jumped in and fasten her belt. Amber turned and reached between us hunting for her buckle, as she dug around her hand brushed up against the head of my dick. Her eyes immediately went to the buldge in my shorts, her digging stopped as she looked at me and smiled bouncing her eyes from my shorts to me eyes. I slid over helping her find her buckle and watched as she pulled the belt across her shorts.

Occasionally glancing at the short shorts next to me did nothing to help my swelling, wanting to give them the show I had planned I started boring conversations with the two and kept my eyes from their open crotches. The distraction was working I could feel my dick stating to limp and fall next to my leg to the point that I knew all I had to do was scoot up in the seat and my dick would be exposed for them to see, so I did. I looked down to see more than half of my dick was hanging from the shorts. After a while of it hanging out and not knowing if they had seen it I leaned forward and spoke to Emily and leaned back giving them both a reason to turn my way, while looking ahead I quickly glanced their way to see both of them staring at my exposed dick. We pulled in the driveway just in time, another second of knowing they were watching my dick and it was going to fly hard right in front of them. I watched them slide out of the truck and make their way to the door, before I got there I was carrying a stiff dick in my shorts and they noticed it. I opened the door and they took off to her room as normal.

It had only been about a half hour before the girls came out of her room dressed in short shorts and t-shirts wanting me to take them to the mall, they wanted to see a movie. After playing with their minds a little I gave in and told them I would but they had to come home when the movie was over. After the handing over of my money I took them to the mall and headed back home to wait for her to call. I was playing on the computer when she called for me to come get them. After getting home they disappeared to her room again, this time shutting the door so I knew they were ready to start playing.

Not yet sure what they were up to I went to the computer and opened my email and the forum. I decided to get it started so I sent her an email.

“Hey sexy, just sitting here rubbing my big dick thinking about you and wondering if you were in the mood to give me something to cum to.”

I had not much more than signed in the forum when I got what I was hoping for.

“Hey stud I was hoping you were on here tonight I have a surprise for you. My friend is back and we are horny as hell!!! We just got back from the mall where we bought us some things to help pass the time. O yeah I got ur message and I think you will like what I am going to show you.”

“Im sure it will be good, I cant wait!”

I knew it wouldn’t be long until she would be sending me pictures of the mischief going on at the other end of the house and I was already hard thinking about it. Apparently my money went towards something besides a movie but what did they get. I sat clicking between my email and her thread on the forum until I had an email from her, it had no subject just four pictures. I couldn’t open them fast enough, I was like a little boy getting ready to see his first boobs. I clicked the download all and there they were. They started with a full body one of them on her bed naked kissing each other, the next one was even better. Emily was stretched out on the bed while Amber was licking across her firm stomach, the next one Amber had made her way down to Emily’s slick mound. The last one showed only Emily’s lips being spread by two of Amber’s fingers, I knew this was going to be a night I would never forget.

“Oh shit, those are great! Man you two girls are sexy. I bet you are going to have a lot of fun tonight, please keep sending them.”

With that sent I sat and waited for her to answer. It didn’t take long.

“OMG!! This is so much fun she is going to owe me big time!! These are a little better keep playing with that big dick of yours and I will keep taking pics.”

She was right, they did get better. It was like she was taking step by step pictures on how to eat pussy, the first she was just barely licking across her wet lips but as the picture went on she worked her tongue deep into Emily’s pussy.

The emails kept coming, no subjects just pictures. The next set started with Amber eating around two of her fingers deep in Emily and ended with Emily’s legs behind her head showing off her sloppy wet slit.

The next was more of Amber eating Emily’s swollen young pussy, I couldn’t get over how sexy Amber was with Emily’s juices covering her soft face. She was across the house eating one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen, and judging by the pictures doing a damn good job.

I got my surprise in the next set. The first picture was off Amber holding a blue dildo as Emily took it in her mouth, the next gave me a perfect picture of the two girls smiling with Amber holding the dildo. The next two showed the toy sliding down Emily’s stomach on it way to what the last one showed, the blue dildo slipping between Emily’s swollen pussy lips. By now I was ready to explode so I kept the picture up and finished myself onto my shorts. She wasted no time sending me another email.
Chapter 12

With cum still dripping from my cock I opened the next email to find Amber shoving the dildo into Emily, getting deeper with the next few pictures ending with the last one showing Emily laying on the bed holding her ankles the dildo deep in her slick hole. Still stroking my cum covered dick I wanted to go knock on Amber’s door so bad, just to see what they would do. Knowing what was happening on the other side of the house was killing me, I had to get closer. With cum dripping from everywhere I made my way to her room, the door pulled shut I eased up against the door. As soon as I got close I could hear them talking about what to do next, I heard Emily tell Amber if she didn’t hurry up and stick it in her ass she was going to do it herself. “Take pictures of me licking your ass.” I heard Amber say . I could hear the bed squeak as they got into place. I started hearing the camera shutter, I knew my little girl was only feet from me licking her best friend’s ass getting it ready to fuck with their new toy. All of a sudden I heard Emily “Oh, there you go. Fuck my ass! Oh, there you go stretch it out.” the camera shuttering the entire time. I would give anything to be on the other side of that door, instead I stood next to it stroking my cock as my daughter fucks a girl in the ass with a dildo. “OhAmber, put it all in!” Emily kept moaning. Emily’s moans were getting louder and louder, Amber must have been doing a good job. All of a sudden the moans quit only to be replaced by several high pitched squeals, I knew she was cumming. “Damn that was awesome! Are you still filming?” asked Emily. Before Amber had time to answer Emily interrupted “Let me have it, I want to taste it.” I could tell by the moans she had the dildo in her mouth. “Oh my god, I never knew my ass tasted this good. No wonder the guys always like to lick it.” “I am so glad we got that on tape, you going to let me put it on the forum?” asked Amber. “Hell yeah, I want that man to stroke his big dick to it, tell him I am getting ready for him.” Emily replied followed by some laughing. “I’ll be right back.“ said Amber.

I had to hurry, Amber was getting ready to open her door and find me standing there with a cum soaked hardon. I quickly made my way into the closest room the kitchen, grabbed a glass to pour me something to drink. I was standing in the dark kitchen with the refrigerator door open reaching for a bottle of soda when Amber came in still naked from fun, the light from the refrigerator barely lighting the room enough for me to see her but doing a great jod of showing her my sloppy stiff cock. “Hey baby, I figured you two were asl**p I haven’t heard anything from you.” I said shutting the door. “We were just getting ready to lay down, wanted something to drink first. What are you doing up, or do I need to ask.” she replied looking down at my still stiff cock. “No, I don’t guess you do.” I answered. She sat her glass down and I poured her and me some soda, wanting to give her a decent look at my cock I opened the refrigerator door and stood in front of it letting the light shine on me. “What are you girls going to do tomorrow?” I asked while taking in the sight of her standing facing me in the dim light. Her eyes still on my cock she answered “I think we are going to hang around here and be lazy most of the day, maybe go to the mall.” “Sounds good. You had better get going before Emily comes hunting for you and finds us both in here naked, that might be hard to explain. While on that subject why are you running around naked in front of her anyhow.” I asked. With a big smile on her face she told me that they both slept that way and she didn’t think it was fair that I could walk around naked and she couldn’t. “She knows our opinion on clothes so its up to you if you want to wear them while she is here or not, but don’t expect her to wear hers if you don’t wear yours.” said Amber. “Lord, I guess I had better wear mine, I don’t think I could handle having the both of you running around here naked. Well I had better get to bed, don’t you girls stay up all night.” I replied as I shut the door making the room dark again. I made my way to my room stopping to give Amber a quick kiss on her forehead and tell her good night leaving her standing in the kitchen.

Back in my room I quickly minimized the pages I had left open thinking what if she would have came in here instead of the kitchen, man that would be hard to explain. With the screens closed I went into the bathroom to clean the dried cum from my now limping cock. I was so anxious to get my email open to see if she had sent pictures of what I had just stood outside her door and listened to and see what they were doing now. When I brought me email up she had sent four emails, I was hard just thinking about what I was about to see.

The first one I opened was more from the last one I opened before I got nosey. They started with one of Emily taking the dildo a little deeper than the last barely able to see Ambers hand on it pushing it in, the next Amber’s tongue had joined the dildo licking her clit you could see Emily’s nicely tanned firm stomach. That set ended with two more ofAmber pushing the dildo as far as she could into the tight virgin pussy.

“Hope you don’t mind more of my friend but we flipped a quarter to see who got the dildo first and she one. I promise I will take some when its my turn I CANT WAIT!”

Emily was on her knees with a hand on each cheek spreading her brown bud as far as she could getting ready for Amberto polish it for her. Next Amber’s hand had replaced Emily’s giving her the camera, Amber’s tongue pressing against the sweet brown hole only to get deeper in the next. My little girl was eating ass like a pro, pushing her tongue as deep as she could in Emily’s sweet hole. The last showed Amber’s thumb pushed knuckle deep in the wet hole, clearly taken byAmber from behind her.

“I hope you like me eating her ass I cant wait till its my turn she is better at it than me. I only too a few pics of me fucking her ass but I filmed the best part I will send it to you when I figure out how. Let me know if your still here.”

The two pictures she sent were one of just the head of the dildo in her ass, the other she was taking the most of it.

“I guess your not there. I want you to see me get my turn.”

“Yes I’m here, I got busy enjoying those pictures. I cant wait to see the movie I bet its awesome. You are some lucky girls, I would love to be able to lick either one of your asses like that. I bet her young ass tastes so sweet, so is she going to return the favor?”

I was looking in amazement through the pictures of my girl eating that fine ass and stroking my cock when it hit me, I had to go listen to my sweetheart get her turn. I remembered to turn off my monitor before I left this time, quickly making my way to her room. Before I got to her room I could hear them talking, as I got closer I could see the light from her room shining in the hall. Oh shit was I lucky enough for her door to be open, as I slowly got closer I could see her door standing wide open but I could only see the very bottom of her bed and her computer I couldn’t see them on her bed. “Ok your gonna have to take the pics, don’t film it I cant figure out how to get them off my camera.” I heardAmber say as I heard the familiar squeak of her bed, I knew they were ready. I remembered from the other pictures Emily was always on the bed sideways facing away from the door, if they were in the same position I should be able to sneak into her bathroom and be able to see them. I heard Amber start to moan, I knew I had to try to see them. I stood nervous as hell rubbing my cock waiting to cross the hall into her bathroom, Amber’s moans getting louder. As slow as I could I walked backward looking through her door on my way across , first able to see Emily’s feet so I knew they were in a different position. As I slowly walked I was able to see Emily on her knees, man that ass was awesome. They were on her bed longways with Amber facing the headboard, Amber’s feet slowly came into sight with Emily between them. As I made it through the bathroom door I could see Emily between Amber’s legs pulling her cheeks apart licking her sweet ass with the dildo and camera laying beside her leg, I couldn’t believe how much these girls like eating ass. Slowly moving across the bathroom I was able to see all of Amber with her back arched, her face against the bed I knew she couldn’t see me but I had to watch Emily. Amber raised her head “Take a picture of my ass while I spread my cheeks.” as she reached behind her and pulled her thick cheeks apart Emily grabbed the camera and took a few pictures. “Push like you peeing.” said Emily. I watched her stomach as she pushed quickly focusing on her asshole starting to open up. “There you go push, that’s what all the guys want to see.” said Emily as the camera shuttered. Dropping the camera to her side Emily quickly darted her tongue in her open ass “Oh that’s tastes so good, keep pushing.” Emily moaned between licks. Before I knew it Emily had her two thumbs shoved in Ambers ass sinking her tongue between them. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was jacking off watching two very sexy teen girls in my house and my daughter was on her knees with her best friend shoving two thumbs up her ass while she eat it out. It was better than anything I had ever seen. I started hearing a little bit of pain in Amber’s moans as Emily stretched her tight asshole with her thumbs.

“Oh please fuck my ass! Now!” Amber moaned. “Do you want the blue one or the pink one?” asked Emily. Amberquickly answered “Give me the pink one, give me all of it.” Emily slid off the bed leaving Amber’s wet ass spread for me to see, her thick ass cheeks covered in spit.

Chapter 13

With Amber waiting on her knees watching Emily over her shoulder as pulled a pink double ended dildo from a bag. “There we go, that’s what I want!” moaned Amber as Emily got behind her on her knees laying the dildo on her back. The double dildo was as long as you would expect, with one end hanging off her ass cheek the other resting between her shoulder blades. Emily wasted no time spreading Amber’s cheeks and continuing her licking where she had left off. After only a few deep licks she leaned back grabbing the pink dildo and pulling it between Amber’s ass cheeks not stopping until the head slid between her soaking wet lips. “Are you ready?” asked Emily as she slid the head from her lips stopping at her tight brown asshole.

I thought Amber had changed her mind when she slid down on her arms pulling away from the thick pink dick about to fuck her little ass but to my surprise she reached under her pillow and handed Emily a small bottle “Use this, I want you to fuck me good.” With Amber still laying on her stomach Emily dropped the dildo to her side and took the bottle from her hand and popped open the cap squirting the bottle in her right hand and then a little between her cheeks and placed the open bottle to her side with the dildo. Emily’s hand disappeared between Amber’s legs causing her to spread them a little farther. I couldn’t see between her legs but I knew when Emily’s lubed fingers entered her body by watching her body tense with every push, I was unsure where she was pushing her fingers until I heard Amber tell her to put them in her ass now. Amber appeared to melt when tight little asshole was filled with fingers, her moans getting louder as Emily picked up her pace only to stop quickly leaving Amber laying there grinding her pelvis into her bed.

With the pink dildo in her right hand she slid it between her slick cheeks until I heard Amber gasp, Emily had started her assault on my daughter’s ass. I watched stroking my throbbing cock as she continued to fuck my baby in the ass with the pink monster until she quickly stopped like before, this seemed to be her thing to do to drive Amber crazy. After stopping she bent down across the pink dick hanging from my baby’s ass rubbing her stomach across the head of it and sit back up holding the camera in her left hand almost dropping it before she wiped her right hand across the bed wiping off the slick lube and taking it in her right hand and aiming it at Amber’s ass with the pink dick hanging from it, the camera shuttered many times.

“Get a close up!” Amber said as she extender her arms to her side and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Still not able to see between her legs I was about to go crazy wanting to see her tight ass stretched around the pink dick so I stood on my tip toes trying to get a better view but no luck so I settled back into my hiding place. After a few more pictures my hopes were filled, Amber slowly pushed her ass into the air as Emily continued to take pictures of her ass filled by the pink dildo until she had her ass pushed as far as she could with her face still buried in the bed. I couldn’t believe the trash talk between the two, Amber telling Emily to fuck her ass and Emily telling her how she didn’t think her little ass could handle the fucking she was about to give it. That was when the camera fell back to the bed and Emily grabbed the dildo with one hand and started fucking her ass slow and deep pulling what looked to be about eight inches of the long double dick out of her ass and shoving it back in.

“You ready for my surprise you horny little virgin!” moaned Emily as she slid a couple fingers into Amber’s slippery pussy. “Yes Emily, I will do anything you want me to.” answered Amber in an almost surrendering voice. “Are you sure? Anything?” asked Emily. “Yes! Anything!” Amber moaned. Emily’s fingers still pushed into Amber’s virgin pussy as she slapped her right cheek with her open hand, Amber let out a quick scream. “You better be quiet, you don’t want your daddy to come in here and see you like this do you? What would he say if he saw you with a dildo hanging from his sweet innocent little girl’s ass?” asked Emily right before she smacked her right cheek again causing another quick scream from Amber. “I don’t know.” moaned Amber. “You think he would put his big dick in your tight little ass, is that what you want or do you want him to fill that virgin pussy up for ya?” asked Emily right before another smack to her ass. Not giving her time to answer after her scream “Did your daddy ever spank your bare little ass for ya when you did bad? You want him to spank you too? You know he hears you screaming every time I smack your ass, what if he comes in here to check on his little girl?”

I was in such amazement from watching Emily slowly sliding now three fingers in and out of my girl’s pussy as she smacked her red ass cheek practically treating her like a slut I had quit jacking myself and was as hard as I could possibly be. Still not giving her time to answer Emily smacked Amber’s red cheek again “What if I want to fuck your daddy? You know he would fuck me before he would fuck his own daughter! What would you say about that?” this time smacking her cheek but giving her time to answer. “No way, I will fuck him before you!” Amber said with a little attitude. “I’m gonna fuck your daddy but right now I’m gonna give you your surprise.

Still shoving her fingers in her sloppy pussy Emily grab the double dick and pushes it in her ass until it stops causing a deep moan, slides her hand up to the other end of the dick and bends it reach Amber’s pussy and pulls her fingers from her pussy and slides the head between her lips. With the long double dick deep in her ass she grabs it in the middle and pushes in deep into her welcoming pussy, now holding it deep in her ass she rapidly fucks her pussy with the other end causing Amber’s moans to turn to almost a scream and quickly stops leaving it filling both of her holes. Ambers tries to catch her breath as I watch Emily lean down and start to lick around both ends of the dildo and leans back to slowly rub her red ass cheek before she gives it another slap. “I’m tired of looking at your ass, roll over so I can see your sexy face.” commands Emily. Amber quickly does as she was told rolling to her back, her legs spread wide with the double dick hanging from both her holes.

It was the first time I had seen her face since she crawled on her knees, her sweaty hair sticking to her tired looking face. I stared at her spread there on her bed only feet from me as I grabbed my swollen cock and started stroking it as I admired my daughter in her oversexed stature until I had blew my load in her bathroom floor. “Please don’t stop! I want more, I will do anything you want me to.” begged Amber. “Oh don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet!” Emily replied as she slid between her legs grabbing her ankles and holding them in the air, Amber knew what to do so she grabbed hr ankles holding her legs spread. “This is going to be fun!” Emily said smiling as she reached down grabbing the middle of the double dick and pulled it slightly out of her ass only to rock hr hand causing it to slide back in pulling the other end slightly from her pussy. She continued the rocking motion taking turns on her ass and pussy. Ambers was moaning and slurring her words as she repeatedly asked Emily to fuck her and give it all to her, which Emily was doing shoving each end as deep as it would go. I noticed Amber’s legs starting to shake as her moaning got softer, her legs suddenly straightened in her hands as Emily shoved filled both holes with f***e. Amber’s silence was broken by the loudest scream I had heard yet, she was cumming as her legs continued shaking until the both fell beside Emily. Amber laid still catching her breath as Emily quickly jerked both ends from her holes and laid the dildo on the bed.

“Oh my god, I know your daddy had to hear that. I wonder if he will come check on ya?” asked Emily. “Probably, you’re the one that wanted to leave the door open!” answered Amber. “Well I guess he is asl**p or he would be in here by now. What would you really do if he caught us?” Emily asked. “I don’t know, I guess it depends on how he reacted. I know if we keep this up he will catch us but a part of me kinda wants him to. You never know he may join us and give us both our birthday wishes.” Amber replied. Emily laid down beside her smiling and kissed her on the cheek “Yeah maybe, if I don’t beat you to it.” the two of them went back and forth about who was going to fuck me first and why I would want to fuck one over the other until they drifted off giving me my chance to sneak by.

I made my way back to my room still in shock about what I just watched my little girl do, my chest swelled out thinking about how both wanted to be the first to lose their virginity to me but I already knew which one it was going to be. I sat down at my computer closing screens I didn’t want Amber to find and turning off the monitor. After cleaning up my mess I looked over at the clock 3:47. I had to get to bed, afterall I had two extremely horny girls to watch after tomorrow.
Chapter 14

Somehow I woke before the girls, after taking a shower I decided I better not push the clothing optional habits Amberand I have became used to so I slipped my lazy day shorts I had always wore but this time I neglected to put on any underwear. With the girls still in bed I thought I would fix them some breakfast to start their day. With everything ready except for the eggs I went to Amber’s room to wake them, they has made their way under the covers since I had seen them last. I looked around her room for evidence of the show they gave me only hours ago only seeing the clothes they wore to the mall piled up at the foot of her bed telling me they were probably still naked under those covers.

“Wake up girls! Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.” I said rubbing the top of Amber’s head. The girls barely moved so I repeated myself getting a better response the second time. Amber’s eyes slowly opened as she turned facing me, Emily tossed and turned before sitting up in the bed and pushed her long blonde hair from her face. As she stretched her arms behind her head the thin sheet fell revealing her small but very firm breasts, her big blue eyes stared at me as she told me good morning with a devilish grin. By now Amber was slightly awake and reaching to her nightstand to find her phone pushing the cover down showing her thick ass. “Are you serious, is it really eleven oclock?” she asked as she dropped her phone back to the cluttered nightstand. “Yeap! Its time to get up, get in here and get something to eat.” I answered as I took one last look at Emily’s perky little titties and went back to the kitchen.

I was fixing the last plate when I heard the girls coming in the kitchen so I turned to see if they had decided to participate in the clothing optional lifestyle or not, to my surprise they had both put on their shirts from the night before which did nothing to cover anything below the naval. My attention quickly turned to Emily’s little patch of blonde hair which I could tell had been freshly trimmed leaving the top of her thick lips exposed, I could feel my previously limp dick start to grow as my curiosity turned to my baby’s slick pussy wanting to see it after the intense fucking Amber gave it earlier. Now I had a very obvious hadon pushing at my shorts as I held out a plate for Amber, she took it and made her way to her seat as Emily fixed her a drink. I watched Amber’s ass as she slowly walked to her seat. I held back my smiles as she slowly sat in her seat as if she was sitting on nails, I knew her ass had to be sore. I turned to see Emily looking at me with the same devilish grin she had earlier in the bed. I handed her a plate and she quickly responded with a smile and wink and turned to the table, I have to admit to be a fan of thick asses her little ass was starting to look very tasty. Thinking of licking that tight little ass I watched her until she sat beside Amber, knowing I was thinking about her ass she gave me that ( I know you want this ass ) look and she was right I did want that ass.

I smiled as I watched Amber wiggle in her seat and give Emily a look of pain as we started to eat. Our conversations were nothing but normal, I listened to them talk occasionally giving my opinion. They talked about going back to the mall with grins on their faces, Emily giving me a wink periodically. The two had finished their plates when Emily broke the ice “Is it ok if I go ahead and take my shower, are you done in there?” she asked looking right at me. “I just need to brush my teeth but I can wait, you go ahead.” I answered. “Well I will leave the door open if you want to come in while I am showering, I don’t mind.” she replied. I could tell Amber caught on the Emily’s flirting, her attention quickly turned my way “You go ahead, that will give me time to talk to daddy while your in there.” Amber answered. I watched the girls put their plates away and return to Amber’s room. I had finished cleaning up and on my may to my room when I saw Emily go in the bathroom leaving the door open “The doors open if you need in here!” shouted Emily. Amber must have heard her, she came into my room and sat on my bed.

“Daddy, can I go ahead and get next weeks allowance so we can go to the mall today. Some how Emily has a hundred dollars but I only have ten, I know she will want to go shopping. Please?” I looked down at my little girl sitting on the edge of my bed her left leg slowly working its way on to the bed as her right started to move farther up the bed, she leaned back on her arms giving me a wide open view of her young pussy. My little girl was teasing me in hopes of getting her money. “Please daddy!” her legs spread even farther. I couldn’t believe how much her pussy had changed since the first time I saw it, she was more than ready to lose her virginity. I stood in silence looking over the sexy young lady spread out before me, my attention was broke when I caught Emily out of the corner of my eye standing naked in the bathroom door making the gesture of a blow job with her mouth and hand and quickly disappeared. I felt the normal tug on my shorts so I looked down to see my dick again pushing at my shorts, looked back at Amber to see she was looking at the same thing. My heart raced as I thought about what I should do, could I go through with the thoughts running through my mind. My little girl was all but asking me to fuck her just as I have dreamed about but I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. “Please daddy.” Amber asked again. I stood in front of her my cock pushing at my shorts looking her in the eyes “I guess, how could I say no to that face.” I answered knowing it was her pussy I was saying yes to. A smile came across her face as she stood from the bed and wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her stomach against my dick as she squeezed me tight. I wrapped my arms around her and stood up straight causing her to stretch her reach to keep her arms around my neck picking her feet off the floor as she held on. With her feet in the air she raised them to the bed and stood taller than me still wrapping her arms around my neck and lowered her body back to mine resting her open crotch on my stiff dick, slowly releasing her grip sliding down putting only my shorts between her young pussy and my throbbing dick. “Ooh!” she said as my dick pushed against her pussy. She slid more causing my dick to bend down pushing harder against her until her feet hit the floor and it sprang back up. “Thankyou daddy.” as she turned loose and skipped to her room.

With the shower still running I decided to take Emily up on her offer and join her in the bathroom to brush my teeth. I had just started when the water shut off, I quickly looked in the mirror waiting to see her step out for the towel which she had left sitting on the counter beside the sink. I watched the curtain open revealing a sexy young lady standing as water dripped from her body. “Oh I’m sorry, do you want me to wait til your done?” Emily asked. “Don’t be silly. You know your ok, besides I was looking forward to seeing what your end of the deal looked like.” I answered. “Well what do you think? Do we still have a deal or should I tell Amber about last night?” she asked giving me that look again. “We definitely have a deal, why don’t you come out here so I can see what I have to work with.” I replied as I reached my hand out to help her from the shower. With both feet out I pulled my arm spinning her around to get a good look at her ass, knowing what I wanted to see she slowly leaned forward pushing her ass out for me until she had her hands on the side of the tub. “So, what do you think? Do you think its worth it? She hadn’t even finished talking before I was on my knees behind her licking the water from her ass cheeks. “I don’t know, I need a better look.” I answered as I pulled her small cheeks apart spreading her small dark brown butt hole and run my tongue across it. “Go ahead, get you a good taste to last you all day. I don’t want you to forget what it tastes like.” I needed no more encouragement, I dove my tongue in her tight ass as deep as I could. Her moans let me know she was liking it so I pulled her cheeks a little harder sinking my face between her cheeks tonguing her ass until I heard footsteps coming. I quickly stood up and handed her towel to her and grabbed my toothbrush before Amber came into sight, she has already took off her shirt and was carrying a bath towel. “I guess she’s ok with our clothing optional deal daddy.” Amber said laughing. “Yeah we had a talk about, she says she wont tell anybody and I believe her don’t you?” I answered to receive a big smile and a nodding of her head. “Daddy I don’t know if you can handle both of us running around naked or not!” said Amber looking down at my still hard dick trying to bust my shorts with big eyes. I told her I would be fine but I may have to make them go to bed early to take care of some things.

By now Amber was starting her water as Emily reached over to her pile of clothes and grabbed a pair of white lace thongs and held them up “I really need to get me some new panties, maybe I can get some while we’re at the mall.” she said as she wadded the panties up and threw them in the trash can and gave me a wink. “Yeah I could stand some too.” answered Amber as she stepped in the shower. Emily grabbed a pair of white shorts from the counter and pulled them on and gave me the come here finger and went into my bedroom and stood by the bed. I followed her and sat by her on the bed “What you ready for some more all ready?” I asked. She rolled her eyes ant told me I was going to have to wait and made her way between I open legs. “So, do you have any preferences what she buys today or do you want a surprise?” she asked. While I was telling her I wanted to see Amber in black stockings and crotchless panties she fell between my legs and had already pulled my dick from the leg of my shorts and stroking it. “What about me?” she whispered as she rubbed the side of her face against my dick. “I would. Whoaah! Oh shit!” my breath was taken as she took my dick in her mouth and started a ferocious attack on my dick, she wasted no time sucking it hard and fast. “What were you saying? What do you want me to be wearing when you fuck my tight ass? Remember, I want to look good forAmber when she catches us.” she whispered and went right back to her attack on my dick. I could barely catch my breath enough to tell her I didn’t care as long as it was white and I could get to her ass. Before I got it all said I could feel my balls about to explode, sensing I was about to cum Emily slid her mouth off my dick and jacked it against her chest until I had covered her small tits with my cum. “There ya go. Now we need to get dressed.” she stood up and went back into the bathroom and wiped herself off with her towel and walked toward the other side of the house as I laid there trying to recover from her awesome blowjob until I heard the shower cut off.
Chapter 15

I pull my shorts up to cover my cum soaked dick and lay across my bed looking into the bathroom waiting on Amber to step out of the shower. We talk as she dries off and makes her way to her room. “You better get dressed so you can take us to the mall.” she says as she walks by. I told her I would be ready before her. With her getting dressed in her room I reach under my pillow and pulled out the note I found in my bed when I woke. I read it again still wondering if I had been taken by a flirty young lady and wondered if I would ever see anything of the one hundred dollars I slipped Emily with her breakfast plate, after all that was one of her conditions she demanded for not telling Amber she saw me in the bathroom last night. That one was fairly easy compared to the other one, how was Amber going to react to seeing me fuck her best friend? I knew it could only go real good or real bad, was I really going to have the chance or was I being played by them but if she keeps her end of the deal I will get to go balls deep in her tight young ass. What if she does keep her end what will Amber do when she catches me fucking her best friend in her ass, will she be mad as hell or will she want some too. Would she want me to take her virginity or give me some of her little ass as well. My mind raced as I stared at the piece of paper wondering how it was going to proceed, if I could even go through with it IAmber did want to give me her prized cherry.

“Daddy you ready?” I heard Amber scream across the house. “Almost!” I answered shoving the note back under my pillow. I knew I had to get these cum soaked shorts off and get dressed so I stood and pushed them to the ground and stepped out of them not able to resist stroking my hard dick I stood by my bed rubbing myself, caught up in the moment I was startled when I heard Amber “Daddy! Can you not wait until we’re gone if Emily sees you doing that she might try to help you. Get your clothes on we are ready to go. You can finish that when you get back.” I stood with my hand wrapped around myself staring at Amber standing there in a pair of jean shorts that I knew I hadn’t bought her, they had to be two sizes too small by the way the seam had pressed into her pussy clearly splitting her thick lips and a white tank top hanging just loose enough to see her white lace bra that did little to cover her firm Bs. “Now hurry!” she said as she walked off shaking her head. The shorts she had on did a little less than covered her thick ass cheeks giving me a reason to get a few more strokes in as she walked away. I couldn’t believe I was going to let her go out dressed that way, I never would have only months ago. With my dick still hard I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt when I was joined by Emily. After a quick look behind her she asked if she could text me today while they were out. I told her I would love for her to send me some pictures throughout the day, especially of Ambers big ass in those shorts. Emily laughed as she told me those were hers and she thought I would like them. In a quick motion she stood on her toes and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek “I left you a surprise under Amber’s pillow, have fun.” giving me her devilish grin she turned and strutted through the house shaking what ass she had.

I could hear the girls talking and giggling in the kitchen as I slipped my shoes on and went to join them, silence taking over the room as I walked in. I looked at the girls as they sat and smiled at each other. “What?” I asked giving them a big grin. My eyes bounced between the girls as the just sat and smiled. “What are you two up to?” I asked. The two sat in silence until Emily spoke up “If you don’t ask him I will!” Amber’s mouth dropped before telling her she would. “Ask me what? Come on, you two know you can ask me anything.” I said as I took a seat at the table with them. “Amber wants to kn.” said Emily before Amber shouted “You want to know too!” I told them to go ahead and ask, quit being shy as I looked Amber in her eyes. “When you look at those young girls on the internet do you ever compare us to them. I mean do you ever think about us while you look at them, besides you get to see me naked all the time. Emily says you probably jack off as soon as we leave the room.” My heart pounded as I tried to think of a way to answer her that didn’t make me sound like a pervert. “Amber, you know I like to look at girls your age so I cant say I haven’t compared you to the girls I see. Most of the time I think about how much prettier you are than them and how the other guys sitting and looking at the same pictures would give anything to be able to see you naked like I do, I know they would be so jealous of me if they knew I had two sexy young ladies like you two walking around my house naked. I mean look at you two, they would be guys all over the world jacking off to you if they seen pictures of you naked. I cant say I wouldn’t be one of them.” I said laughing trying to lighten the tension in the room. They just smiled at each other and laughed as the nodded their heads. “Do you really think we look better than the girls on the internet?” asked Amber. “Yeah I do, I think the both of you are very sexy and will make beautiful women one day.” I answered. Amber sat with a huge smile across her face when she asked “Well I have one more question. Have you ever had sex with a girl my age?” “No I haven’t.” I answered. “Would you?” she asked. I wasted no time answering her “Yes I would. I would love to but it would have to be a very special girl that I was sure wouldn’t tell anyone because I could get into a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out about it. Maybe one day I will get lucky and find a girl who likes older men and wants me to teach her new things.”

The girls sat and smiled. I could only imagine what they were thinking. I was hoping they would tell about their pictures on the forum but they didn’t, Amber stood up and walked over to me grabbing my hand and pulling me up from my chair and wrapping her arms around me pushing her stomach against my stiff dick “I love you daddy, thank you for being such a good daddy.” she said as she squeezed me tighter. I told her I loved her too and thank you for being such a good daughter and kissed her on her forehead. “Now that you two have found out more about me than I should have ever told you are you ready to go?” I asked as I squeezed Ambers denim covered ass. “Those shorts are going to get me in trouble!” I said jokingly as she turned me loose and stood in front of me looking at my hardon pushing at my shorts. “Come on Emily we better go before daddy rips his shorts.” said Amber as she turned toward the door showing me her thick ass. “Yeah we better, he needs to come home and take care of that.” said Emily smiling and staring at me. I followed Emily to the truck thinking about fucking her small ass. My dick stayed hard the entire trip to the mall only to be rejuvenated as I handed Amber the money I had promised her hoping she would spend it on sexy lingerie like Emily was going to for me to see her in. I watched the two walk into the mall and made my way back home.

With all of the distractions I had forgot to keep the emails up from the mystery man on the forum so I opened the forum and the alias email account to catch up on some things. I couldn’t believe how many people she had watching her thread, my little girl had quickly became a hit on the forum. It seems she had posted the movie from earlier and had people begging for more. I had to go back a couple page to find the video and click on it. I opened with Emily on her knees as Amber slowly worked the blue dildo in and out of her ass, Emily moaning in joy as she pushed it deeper with every stroke. I watched as Amber increased her pace bringing the dildo completely out of her ass and shoving it back in deep as Emily spread her cheeks wide. With Emily’s ass arched in the air, her face burried in the covers Amber quickly pulled the dildo from her ass and held the camera close on her gaping hole before she filled it with her tongue. I could hear Emily moaning commands to Amber telling her to eat her ass, her cheeks still being stretched apart. Suddenly Emily rolled onto her back spreading her legs around Amber and told her to fuck her ass, she wasn’t done yet. Amberquickly obeyed shoving the dildo deep in her ass but Emily wanted more, Amber followed her next command and leaned down and filled Emily’s pussy with her fingers. With her legs raised Emily grabbed the dildo from her hand and brought it to her mouth licking the length of it before shoving deep in her throat, the camera now focusing on Emily sucking her juices from the blue dildo. That was where it ended, I was stroking my dick thinking about the events when I remember Emily had left me a surprise under the pillow so I kicked my shorts from around my foot and made my way to her room, the smell of their perfumes lingered in the air. I reached under the pillow only to come up empty so I flipped over the other one, my dick throbbed when I saw a pair or white silk thongs and the pink dildo laying there. I knew the panties were not Amber’s so they had to be Emily’s. I grabbed the panties and opened the crotch to see they were definitely worn, the cotton crotch was crusty with dried juices. With the crotch open I held them to my nose taking in the smell of young pussy, still breathing in I slowly ran my tongue across the dried juices making the smell stronger tasting the sweet nectar. I knew the dildo was last used on my daughter and I had to compare the two, I picked up one end of the dildo not sure which hole it was in until I took a deep breath. I had definitely picked up the end that violated her sweet ass, I know what ass smells like. My dick throbbed as I thought about tasting my little girl’s ass for the first time. I found myself wrapping the silk panties around my throbbing cock the crotch still damp with my saliva rubbing up and down my cock as I licked the sides of the pink dildo taking in the tart taste of my girl’s ass. The taste of her ass was quickly driving me to the edge, wanting to leave Emily a surprise of my own I quickly spread the panties out with the crotch still wet I exploded my load onto the cotton mixing our juices in the cotton. After taking a few more licks of Amber’s ass juices I moved the pillow and spread the wet panties out and laid the dildo beside them and covered them with the pillow.

With the taste of Amber’s ass still in my mouth I returned to my computer to finish what I had started earlier. After posting on her thread I logged out and logged back in under my real account to check my threads and mail. After reading the few posts I had on my thread I turned my attention to the alias email, Amber had sent three emails during last night and this morning.

The first only had pictures, I opened the first one to see Amber on her knees spreading her ass hole wide for Emily to take the picture. I looked at the picture knowing it was taken as I stood outside her door. The next ones were of Emily stretching that tight ass with her thumbs and of Ambers’s ass lubed up for the great fucking I was lucky enough to watch.

“These are the last pics we took we got carried away and forgot about the camera. I wish you could have seen her fuck both my holes with the big pink one I have never had so much fun!!!!” The pictures started with one of Amber’s ass being filled with Emily’s fingers, the next one was one of the huge pink double dick laying between Amber’s tight cheeks. I clicked on the last two seeing the thick pink dildo spread my baby’s ass wide amazed at how much of it was deep inside her.

I clicked on the last email from her that was sent this morning.
“Hey sexy you wont believe what I just done I just laid on my daddys bed and spread my legs showing him my pussy. His dick got hard fast. All I could think about was him putting that big thing in me. I think I want him to fuck me should I get him to fuck me? Would you fuck your daughter if she wanted you to? Let me know what I should do. Gotta go me and my friend are going to the mall to get her some lingerie I think I will get some too. What is you fav color? BYE”
Chapter 16

Knowing she listened to what the man said I decided to answer her quickly.

“I am sure your daddy got hard fast, that beautiful pussy of your would make any man hard! So, your wanting your daddy to fuck you. I don’t know what to tell you, I have though a lot about fucking my little girl and I think I would have a very hard time turning her down if she made the next move. You need to know how much trouble he could get into if you let him fuck you and someone found out about it. From a daddy’s side I think it would make most men happy to know his little girl lost her virginity to someone who would always love her and take care of her, besides what man could turn down a sexy young ass as nice as yours. I hope you have fun buying that lingerie, I cant wait to see you in and out of it.”

Finished with the emails I decided I should take care of some of the chores around the house I had neglected from all the time I had spent trying to satisfy my hunger for the two sexy young ladies that have occupied my house the past couple of days. As I sat waiting on laundry I felt my phone start to vibrate, I had a message from an unknown number.

I opened the message “I thought you would like to see this” was all it said on the first screen of three, I scrolled to the next screen to see a picture of Amber sucking some guys dick. My own instantly started growing at the sight and continued to swell as I scrolled to the next one, there was my little girl with a nice size load of cum shot across her face.

By now my dick throbbing at its full length as I started to reply to the message but before I could finish typing it another one from the same number

“sexy huh I helped her but she wanted the cum”.

I could have cum right then! I continued my reply message

“I almost cum! Who was the lucky guy?” I replied

“He did! Haha Some guy we talked in to coming in the dressing room with us, we are hunting for another one now she said she wanted an older man this time. This is making me horny I cant wait for you to fuck my ass tonight” she answered.

Just thinking about my little girl sucking dick had driven me crazy in the past but seeing her face covered in some guys cum had me wanting her more than ever, why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy the benefits of having a very horny young lady living in my house after all I will always take care of her. My hand had found it way to my throbbing dick just thinking about it when I realized it looked like I was going to get to please a cock hungry girl’s desire to have her ass filled with cock, what was my daughter going to think when she sees my fucking her best friend in her ass. My thoughts quickly turned to imagining her catching us and joining us and filling her own anal desires with my dick, would I be able to cum on her face like the other guy or would she want me to fill her tight ass with my juices. By now I was deep into a full n jack off session taking slow full strokes at my throbbing dick, my thoughts were interrupted by another message on my phone. Excitedly I opened it hoping for more pictures from the two, hell yeah it was her again!

“Look what you have to look forward to” I scrolled down to see Amber on her knees with another dick shoved in her mouth, then another of her eyes closed as it looked like she was doing all she could do to take all of his cock in her throat. The last picture was off her opening her mouth showing the nice load of cum resting on her tongue.

That was more than I could stand as I felt my own load working it way up my length, I continued to pump my load onto my chest as I looked at the picture as another message came in from her.

“Don’t jack off too much looking at these I want to get mine. Going shopping now”

I laid my phone down and carefully made my way to the bathroom trying not to drip cum everywhere as I stepped into the shower. With laundry done I sat at the computer to waste time until they called for me to pick them up browsing the forum, my girl was still getting a lot of attention from both men and women. I added a post from my own account telling her I would love to see more of her in sexy lingerie, then logged in under my fake account to tell her how sexy she was and would love to see more pictures of her thick ass. I was checking out her albums when I received another message, it was from Amber telling me they would meet me at nine oclock. I had about thirty minutes before I had to be there so I continued my browsing until I had to leave, slipped on some clothes and made my way.

I couldn’t wait to see my baby’s face knowing it was recently covered by a stranger’s cum, still hard when I pulled into the mall I positioned my pride through my shorts leg so it would be visible when the interior light came on if they wanted to see it. They were sitting on a bench each holding a small bag when I pulled up, wasting no time they giggled as they bounced to the truck giving me a nice view of their asses in my headlights. Emily opened the door and was climbing in as she saw my dick hanging from the leg of my shorts, to my surprise she stepped back and told Amber to get in. I started at her denim covered crotch as pulled herself up onto the seat, not seeing my exposed manhood which I could feel throbbing as throbbing as the smell of young sexiness consumed the cab. The girls fumbled around in the dark finding their seatbelts “Daddy can you turn the light back on for me?” asked Amber. As I turned the light back onAmber finally saw what I hand intended for her. “Looks like daddy has had a good time while we were gone.” saidAmber as she stared between my legs. “Be careful digging for your belt that thing might bight you!” giggled Emily. “I will bight it back!” said Amber smiling as she felt for her belt. I pulled away as she found and fastened her belt trying to catch a peek of the bags contents as we traveled under the lights. Not sure if it was because I was trying so hard but I know I could still smell the cum on Amber’s breath as we had our normal conversation but I knew I could hear soft moan coming from the other side of the truck when we were quiet, continuing our conversation hearing the moans periodically and whispers between the two I knew they were up to something but I didn’t question them just let them enjoy what ever it was.

I was watching the girls slide off the seat when I found out what was causing Emily’s moans during our ride, when her feet hit the ground I turned to see what I heard bounce on the concrete and saw her picking up a small bullet vibrator. I quickly turned my head and slid out the door pretending not see anything as Amber turned to me to see if they had been caught, I don’t know what she did with it then but I was imagining her pushing it back up into her wet pussy. With the door held open I couldn’t help but notice the large wet spot in her shorts as I held the door for them, both taking time to glance over at my dick which was still hanging down my shorts leg in an almost hard state. The girls giggled as they made their way to Amber’s room while I stopped by the kitchen to retrieve myself a cold beer from the refrigerator, standing at the counter enjoying my beer I saw Amber cross the hallway into her bathroom followed by Emily who came into the kitchen and stood across the counter from me. “You ready for the show to start? Your at home now don’t you need to lose those clothes?” Emily whispered as she walked around the counter. With one quick motion she fell to her knees taking my shorts down with her and wrapped her mouth around my hardening cock, after only a few strokes she wrapped her hand around it and looked up at me. “I think Amber wants you to fuck her. I am going to have to be quick if I plan on beating her to it.” she whispered as she stood up grabbing my shorts and walked away leaving me with a now hard dick as I watched her throw my shorts through the door leading into the living room.Amber came out of the bathroom behind Emily as she returned to her room, Amber already back to hr clothes free lifestyle showing me her thick ass as she walker into her room.

Already halfway naked I pulled my shirt off and carried it to my room with me picking up my shorts on the way, now completely naked I wondered if I should just let the nights events happen at their pace or should I do all I can to provoke them. I decided to check the forum and mail to see if I could provoke it a little, with a simple click of her thread I was surprised to see she had posted the pictures of her sucking the dicks at the mall but had included a few more. The new ones showed more of her in action, one in particular of her face covered in cum really turned me and a lot of others on judging by the responses. The last post Amber had made stated that her and her friend were alone waiting on her boyfriend to come over and they had a surprise for him, they would post up a tease later.

I logged on to the email to find she had sent two messages since my last reply. The first said “I think im gonna do it! Im gonna buy something sexy to surprise him with tonight. If he lets me I think my friend is gonna try too.” Oh shit, my baby plans on trying to fuck me tonight! I knows she is ready and old enough so why not, I’m going to let her!

I opened the next email from only a few minutes earlier “Look what I did at the mall. I was so horny thinking about daddy I sucked two strangers in a dressing room.” She had included all the pictures from the two guys.

“On you dirty girl, you were horny wasn’t you but that’s ok, I bet your daddy will take care of that later. He is a lucky man, maybe once he wears it out you could let me have some. Have fun!” I had just sent send when I heard someone coming my way, Emily came in with a devilish grin on her face “You ready to fuck this ass?” she asked. I answered with a simple nod of my head as she stopped in front of me a bent over “First you gotta get it ready.” she moaned as she grabbed her cheeks. I wasted no time sinking my tongue deep in her ass as she spread her cheeks wide for me, I couldn’t help but notice her ass had a different taste than earlier that day. “Hurry up I told Amber I would be right back.” I was trying to figure out what te taste was when she stood up and walked away. I sat licking my lips when I heard my mailbox chime, I turned the monitor on the find another message from her.

“You think im a dirty girl look what my friend done with one of them.” She had attached two pictures so I opened the first to see a picture of a guy bent over while Emily licked his ass, the next one Emily was bent over taking the man deep in her ass. Well I knew what I was tasting now.

Since I knew she had promised some pictures of my surprise I opened her thread back up, she had gotten a lot of comments on her pictures and she knew how to play them. With no pictures yet I decided to give her some more encouragement so I logged in my account and found her thread, still no new pictures so I posted my comment telling her how I wish I was one of those guys and could blow my load on her face and started looking through her previous pictures and rubbing mu stiff dick. Wanting another beer I grabbed one and noticed Amber’s door was open so I walked to her room where I found only Emily sitting on the edge of the bed fastening a pair of white stockings to white lace garters on a white lace skirt, her leg on the bed gave me a nice view of her slick pussy. “Holy shit Emily, you look awesome! Where is Amber? I asked still taking in the magnificent view. “She went to your room to show you her outfit, I guess she is still in there. You need to go see her she is hot as hell.” she answered. I instantly remembered I left the computer on when I left and there was a picture of her on the screen. “Oh shit.” I sighed as I turned to go to my room. I heard Emily ask whats wrong and I could only tell her she would find out.

I walked through my door to see Amber sitting in my chair wearing red stockings and bra, I couldn’t see the rest but I knew it had to be sexy. I stood and stared as Amber scrolled through the pictures stopping on the link to her video and clicked on it. The video started and she turned from the screen and looked at me, my heart pounding in fear knowing I had been caught. Staring into my eyes she spun the chair around revealing a pair of red lace panties surrounded by a a red lace garter set, she laid her arms on the chair “So daddy you like watching Emily and me!” she said with a smile and looked down at my throbbing dick.
Chapter 17

The feeling that overwhelmed my body was nothing like I imagined it would be, it has never felt so good to be caught doing something I knew I shouldn’t be doing. My heart pounding at my chest, cold chills consuming my body I could only stand and stare at my beautiful daughter sitting in front of me dressed in the sexy outfit that she had bought for me. The sound from the movie slowly faded as thoughts of what to say filled my head, I knew I couldn’t play dumb since it was clearly her in the pictures and video. Still unable to speak my trance was broken by her sweet voice.

“Let me see here.” she breathed as she scrolled through her thread and stopped on one of my own comments and started reading it word for word. “You look fantastic, I would love to see more of that sweet pussy.” she scrolled down to another one “I can only imagine filling that tight ass of yours with my thick cock” she read it and turned and looked straight ahead at my throbbing cock only feet from her face. She clicked on a previous page and found the pictures of her sucking my dick while I pretended to be asl**p and spun around in the chair facing me with her red stockings covered legs spread wide showing me her red lace covered crotch. “I have a felling you were awake, huh? Did you like me sucking your dick daddy, did you like your daughter sucking your dick? Does your little girl turn you on, I know how you like young girls I bet you jack off looking at me don’t you.” Amber said in a sexy voice. I finally calmed down enough to speak “I’m sorry honey I couldn’t help it, you have been driving me crazy walking around here naked. I mean look at you sitting there in that sexy outfit, you know you are driving me crazy.” Amber just smiled and placed her right hand on her stomach and slowly moved it toward the red lace “Do you like this outfit, I bought it just for you. I had planned on letting you take it off of me tonight but I think I will make you wait since you have made me wait, you knew I wanted you or I wouldn’t have sucked your dick while I thought you were asl**p. You could have been fucking me but you made me wait so I think I will tease you some more.” Amber said as she slid her hand into the red panties and smiled. “You are a dirty girl Amber with her hand stirring in her panties she looks at my dick and says “You mean you jack off to my pictures but your gonna just stand there and watch. Let me see you jack off.” I wrapped my hand around my dick and started stroking it as my eyes scanned the beauty in front of me. “There you go, stoke that nice dick for me.”

My attention was broke when Emily walked into the room still wearing the white outfit stopping to look at me and thenAmber playing with herself in front of the pictures of her sucking my dick and then back to Amber. “Hey sexy your just in time for the show. Guess who is one of our biggest fans on the forum, it seems he likes jacking off looking at our pics so I am gonna let him see it in person. Would you like to join me?” Emily quickly agreed and walked over to Amber and placed her hands on her legs bending over giving me a perfect view of her open crotch framed in the white lace garter straps running across her tight ass cheeks. As she leaned in Amber slid her hand from her panties and shoved two glistening finger into Emily’s mouth which she slowly cleaned before Amber lowered her hand back into her panties and welcomed her with a slow deep kiss. I watched as Emily slowly worked her kisses across the red lace bra stopping to give her nipples a little attention and worked her way across her stomach where she fell to her knees between Amber’s legs, with her hand still working furiously under the red lace the other reached and pulled Emily’s head between her legs. Emily slowly licked the inside of her legs before running her tongue across the lace pushing it deep into the material as she slid her hands up Amber’s thighs grabbing the sides of her panties and pulled on them as she pushed her tongue deeper, still pulling on her panties she licked down Amber’s leg pulling the red lace panties down exposing the three fingers being pushed into the slick pussy of my little girl. Emily slid the panties over her feet before placing them at her nose and taking a deep breath and turning to her side and wrapping them around my dick while getting in a few firm stokes before leaning over taking my dick into her mouth burying her nose in the wet panties, I stood nervously watching Amber watch me get a blowjob form her best friend but she didn’t seem to have a problem with it. My attention quickly turned back to my girl filling her slick pussy with her fingers as I felt the oh familiar feeling in my balls, I was about the fill Emily’s mouth with my load.

“That’s enough we don’t want him cumming yet.” said Amber. Emily slowly released my ready to explode dick from her mouth and found her way back between the waiting legs of my little girl as she slid her sloppy fingers from her pussy so Emily could have her turn. I slowly made my way to their side for a better look, the site of my baby getting her pussy ate was more than I could handle. I couldn’t stop this one I had to cum, with a quick stroke on my panty covered dick I exploded a long stream of cum across Amber’s stomach only to be followed by two more. Amber smiled as she looked down at my cum covering her stomach, Emily quickly saw what the moaning she heard was from. With her hands on her hips Emily licked up her stomach taking in a mouthful of my cum and returning to the waiting pussy, I watched as she sank her tongue deep into Amber’s pussy pushing my cum in with it. Not wasting any she licked all of my cum from her stomach swallowing some and filling Amber’s pussy with the rest. With Emily’s tongue waiting I watched Amber push what cum she could from her pussy on the waiting tongue, with an open mouth Amber waited as the load was brought to her where she sucked it from Emily’s tongue. With the two deep in a kiss I knew I needed to get involved I couldn’t stand and watch anymore so with Emily standing between Amber’s legs holding them spread I crawled between her legs and tasted my little girl’s pussy for the first time. My heart pounded as reality hit me, I was between my daughter’s legs eating her pussy as she swapped my cum with her best friend, the smell of her young pussy quickly drove me back to full length. Emily stepped from her straddling position letting me see my girl as I licked on her pussy, she had pulled her bra down and rubbing her firm tits as her eyes opened. With her looking in my eyes I lifted my mouth from her pussy “I love you baby.” I whispered. She quickly confirmed she was ok with what we were doing by telling me she loved me too. Feeling better I raised my hand sinking my thumb in her sloppy pussy as I crossed it stopping to rub her clit as I licked away at her sweet love hole.

I was so into pleasing my baby I hadn’t noticed Emily had laid on my bed watching us, her hands slowly rubbing between her legs. With our attention she smiled “Why don’t you come over here so we can give him a good show?” she said.Amber looked at me “Come on, we cant leave her out.” I stood between her legs my dick only inches from her pussy, I reached out as she took my hand and lead her to my bed where she crawled between Emily’s open legs giving me what I have wanted to see. Her thick ass stretched the garter straps tight against her cheeks, I stood and watched her thick ass wiggle as she lapped at Emily’s pussy. I was standing by the bed with my dick only inches from her ready holes not sure how long I could resist sticking it in one of them. I knew I wanted the night to last so grabbed the garter straps and pulled my face between her thick cheeks, I had the part of her body I wanted the most at my mercy. “Lick my ass daddy. I want you to lick my ass.” Amber gave me my instructions and I happily obliged her running my tongue across her puckered hole. It only took a couple licks before her tight little ass had opened up welcoming my tongue.

“Oh my god, your ass is awesome!” I mumbled between licks.

“Is he eating that ass good for ya? Can he eat it as good as me?” asked Emily.

What I heard next let me know I was being too easy on her. “No baby, nobody eats ass like you!” answered Amber. With that I knew I needed to pick up the pace so I grabbed her left cheek and spread it wide as I pushed my thumb into her ass, I heard her moan with every push.

“Sounds like hes doing it right now.” said Emily. Ambers moans only got louder as I licked my way down to her pussy while fucking her ass with my thumb. After taking turns on her holes for a while I was ready to step it up again, so I reached wrapped my arms around her and rolled her over to her back laying her beside Emily and laid between them putting a hand between each of their legs and rubbing their pussies. Amber quickly put her attention to my hard dick between them while Emily laid and enjoyed the fingering I was giving her.

“This time you don’t have to act like your asl**p.” said Amber as she took my dick in her mouth. With Amber obviously trying hard to impress my with her cock sucking skills (Doing a great job of it I may add) my assault on Emily’s pussy began to slow, eager to be involved she crawled to her knees next to me and joined my horny daughter in sucking my cock. With her sweet hole only inches from my face I quickly filled it with my fingers as I watched the two take turns licking my balls then swallowing my shaft. My fingers deep in Emily’s pussy seemed to be doing the job, with a quick moan and a lot of shaking I watched Emily’s juices cover my hand as I brought her to her first orgasm of the night. Emily watched as I pulled my sticky finger from her quivering hole and licked her sweet nectar from my fingers “Oh you wan to taste this sweet pussy do ya, I’ll give it to ya.” said Emily as she stretched her leg across my face for me to eat her sweet pussy, the white lace skirt barely covering her ass cheeks. Before I had a chance to lick her sweet slit a watched as she pushed the rest of her juices from her hole, with a nice pearl of cum dripping from her lips I slowly licked her folds clean before grabbing handfuls of the lace skirt and sinking my tongue deep between her swollen lips. Unable to watch Amber suck my dick I would look around Emily’s white stocking covered leg to catch a peek of Amber’s nice thick ass stuck up in the air.

Suddenly I noticed Amber had relieved herself of her cock sucking and was sitting astraddle me in a deep kiss with Emily.

“Should we let him watch?” asked Amber. “I think so.” replied Emily as she raised up giving me a clear view of both their pussies straddling me. Unable to reach Amber I could only watch as she grabbed my dick and held it straight up in the air and slowly lowered her body to my waiting dick.

Chapter 18

I watched as our bodies met, her warm hole swallowing my length with ease as she rocked back and forth. My heart raced as she set straddling me with my entire length deep in her pussy, unable to see her face I wondered what she thought about having her pussy filled with a real dick.

“Oh my god! Daddy I love you!” moaned Amber. I wasn’t able to give Emily very much attention with my daughter grinding her pussy trying to do her best at fucking me, which she seemed to be having a hard time doing it. Knowing I need to get her where I could give her the fucking she wanted I reached up and grabbed Emily’s hard nipples “Go get some lube so I can give you what I promised you.” I whispered to her. As Emily raised her sloppy pussy from my face and crawled off the bed I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen smiling at me, my dick throbbed as we looked at each other.

“You are so beautiful sweetheart, are you sure you want to do this? I asked Amber in a soft voice.

“Oh yeah it feels so good, I can feel your heartbeat in my pussy.” she replied.

I had never felt the way I was feeling for any other woman, I cared more for her than anybody else. I held my arms out as she fell between them expecting a sensual hug but was I surprised, after shoving her tongue deep in my mouth she raised her head and smiled “So are you gonna fuck me or just lay there?” she asked and grinned.

“Oh I’m going to fuck you alright, you dirty little girl!” I replied. My little girl wanted fuck and that was exactly what I was going to give her so I grabbed her by her knees and pulled her in a squat, I heard her moan as I slid deeper in her wet pussy. With a hand on each cheek I spread them wide and raised her up so the head of my dick was spreading her swollen lips and drove my dick as deep as I could with one quick thrust causing a short scream from my girl, she opened her eyes and looked at me as she started to speak. I f***ed it deep into her again causing her to stutter and moan as her eyes went closed again, after a couple more of my hard thrusts her pussy was well lubed allowing me to make full deep strokes as I held her thick ass in the air. I could feel her hot breath on my chest as her breaths got deeper and quicker, I knew she was really enjoying what I was giving her but I didn’t want her to enjoy it too much so I released my grip on her ass allowing our bodies to touch. Slowly running my hands across her back until I had her wrapped tight in my arms, with a firm hold on her held her tight as I started quick hard thrusts with my dick bringing her breathing back to where I had her before and stopping.

As she laid on my chest trying to catch her breath I saw Emily walk up behind her and give me a devilish grin as I made slow deep strokes in Amber‘s sloppy pussy thinking about how beautiful my baby looked as she took her first dick but my thoughts changed as I heard the familiar sound of the camera shuttering, I knew Emily had just taken a picture of me deep in my daughter’s pussy. “Man the guys on the forum will go crazy when they see this.“ said Emily.

“Yeah, you seen what they said when they saw me sucking your dick. Even the guys were saying you had a nice dick, they would go crazy if they knew it was my daddy taking my virginity huh.” replied Amber.

“I don’t think we need to tell anybody that but I cant wait to see what they say when they see me fucking you.” Emily took a few more pictures of me inside her before crawling on the bed with us and taking some of Amber from the side. As I watched her crawl around in that sexy white outfit I could only think about how she had already had one load put in that tight ass of hers today and how I wanted to put another one in it but I was going to have to wait, I don’t thinkAmber plans on quitting any time soon. With Emily in arms reach I slid my hand across her firm ass cheek and found a very wet pussy that my fingers slid easily into. With my fingers deep in her I pulled slightly hoping she would follow bringing her little ass closer to me and she did so I kept my fingers busy until she slowly lowered her pussy to my face as I pulled my fingers out replacing them with my tongue. Amber wasted no time making her feel welcome, I felt her raise up as the two fell deep in a kiss. It was very hard to concentrate as I heard the camera shuttering not sure what she was taking pictures of but I knew they would be good.

“Lean back so I can see him going inside you.” Emily was giving Amber directions for pictures. Still only able to hear the camera shutter I turned my focus on filling my baby with dick. “There you go ride him.” said Emily as I felt my dick start to slide from its depths and Amber throwing herself back down shoving me inside her. What my little girl lacked in experience she was made up for with her ability to take all of my full grown man cock. As her pace slowed I heard her say “Let me see you eat that pussy, she loves having her pussy eat.” As I raised her ass up a little to spread her legs more I saw Amber sitting with me dick deep in her holding the camera. After her taking a few shots I worked my way back to her waiting asshole and shoved my tongue deep in her bowels, she screamed with pleasure as I reached around and started rubbing her clit as I devoured her ass with my mouth. The camera shuttered as Emily shook and quivered, I could fell her juices running down my neck as she caught her breath. “Oh my god Amber! You know you are going to have to share him with me from now on, I don’t want nothing to do with them little dicked boys at school no more.” moaned Emily.

“That’s fine but I told you I would fuck him first!” said Amber.

“Yeah but I’m not gonna wait till my birthday either. I cant wait to feel him deep in me.” replied Emily as she raised her dripping pussy from my face and crawled off the bed.

“Did you like that daddy? Now you know why I like her so much, she cums like a freight train.” said Amber. “Now where was I?” I asked as I held my hands out and she fell toward me her bra now pulled under her boobs, her soft body collapsed to mine as I slowly worked in and almost out of her giving her all I could each time. Her breathing soft and slow against my neck made me feel like I never wanted this to end. Watching Emily over Ambers ass felt Amber’s pussy tighten as Emily surprised her with some cold lube hitting her hot body. I watched over my daughter’s thick red lace striped ass as Emily massaged a handful of the lube between her cheeks. “Its getting ready to get fun daddy.” whisperedAmber as she raised up from my chest landing her soft lips on mine before sinking her tongue deep in my mouth, her kisses were getting rougher and deeper as the night passed.

Amber raised her mouth only inched from mine as she slowly grinded my dick deep into her pussy “Are you sure you want to do this? You know I will probly want to fuck all the time now and I know you don’t want just anybody fucking your little girl, do ya?”

I ran my hands up her side across her hard nipples giving them a quick pinch causing her to push harder on my dick, then slowly across her neck and under her hair until I had a firm hold on the back of her head. She seamed to melt in my hands as I squeezed and pulled her mouth back to mine holding her where our lips were barely touching “Sweetheart, I will give you all the dick you can handle. You had better hope you are woman enough to take it all.” I held her head back as she pushed toward me, her tongue slightly licking my lips as I quicken my pace driving my dick deep in her with every stroke still holding her tight as her quick moans mimicked my strokes.

“Oh lick my ass!” Amber screamed out between moans. I was so deep into her I hadn’t realized Emily was sneaking in licks on her ass as I pounded away at her pussy so I slowed my pace giving her a chance to take in everything she was feeling when I felt a hand wrap around my dick and pull it from Amber’s warmth but the familiar feel of a warm mouth replaced it, Emily was licking Ambers juices from my dick when I heard the bottle of lube open again. The feel of her mouth was replaced by a slippery hand stroking me, then some more lube. It was as if time sit still, my dick being held by a slippery hand as my daughter laid still on my chest.

Then I felt it!
Chapter 19

My eyes closed as the intense pleasure consumed my body. “Whats she doing to you daddy?” asked Amber as she could tell whatever it was felt great.

I felt my dick slowly sliding between her butt cheeks until I felt her tight sphincter opening as she pushed against my well lubed dick consuming about half of my length on the first attempt but taking all of it with her second. That was when I heard Amber, unable to answer her she turned around to see for herself. Emily was squatting between my legs with her back to us taking as much of me in her young ass as she could with every try. “Oh you dirty girl, you just couldn’t stand it could you. How’s it feel to have that tight ass of you filled with my daddy’s cock?”

Between moans we heard Emily “I have never had something to hurt so good! My ass will never be the same again!”

Amber giggled. “I know what you mean, I bet my pussy will never be tight again!”

I watched as Amber threw her leg across me and crawled off the bed stopping with her right foot still on the bed spreading her legs wide “Look at this!” she said pointing between her legs. I stared at her we sloppy pussy there on display wrapped in the red lace garters. “It has never stayed open that big, I think you broke it daddy!” She laughed as she took her foot from the bed and stood in front of Emily showing her pussy to her.

“Don’t worry baby, daddy has just the thing to fix it with.” I replied with a laugh.

“Im sure you do but right now im gonna help you with Emily.” she said as she skipped from the room. With Amber gone I was able to give Emily’s tight ass all my attention so I slid my hands over her stocking clad thighs and across her silk skirt wadding it in my hands on her hips and slowly started thrusting her down onto my dick until she picked up her pace and was bouncing her silk covered ass cheeks up and down as hard as she could taking me deep in her bowels like a pro, the sound of our skin slapping together echoed through the room only to be muffled by her moans. I could hear her breathing pick up as I slid my hands up her sweat covered hip and up her sides and under her white lace bra until I had one of her small breasts cupped in each of my hands pinching her nipples between my fingers as she bounced on my dick. With no warning at all she screamed out as she threw herself back against my chest leaving me deep between her cheeks, her breathing had went very deep and quick while her arm fell to my side as she laid there trying to catch her breath.
Her heart pounding against my hands that still enwrapped her little tits.

“Oh my god!” she moaned between breaths. Finally reaching up and pulling her hair from her sweaty face she turned to me with that well fucked look in her eyes “Please don’t stop, I want you to cum in me. Just tell me what to do and I will do it, oh my god tat was awesome.” I had no answer for her I simply leaned over and pressed my mouth to her welcome mouth as she wrapped her arms around my head holding us deep in our kiss as I slid my hands across her firm stomach placing them between our bodies and pulling against her thighs. Knowing what I wanted she spread her legs across mine and pulled her feet onto the bed finally in my reach I wrapped my hands around her ankles and pulled them flat against the bed as she wiggled down taking me back in her depths. After releasing her hold on me breaking our kiss she raised up onto her hands giving me full movement to continue my assault on her young ass.

“Im baack!” said Amber as she entered the room. We both turned to see her smiling as she stood in front of us shaking the large double headed dildo I had seen in the pictures earlier. “Damn how sexy, this will have to wait.” she said throwing the large dong on the bed beside us and grabbing the camera. “Smile!” was all we heard before the familiar sound of her camera shuttering started. “Let me see you ride that big dick.” Amber said in a sexy voice.

As Emily started riding me she quickly realized this time was different, I was able to give it back to her this time. Ambercontinued taking pictures as I slowly drove my cock in and out of her. “Now take it out, let me see it.” said Amber. I slowly drove my length deep in her and slowly eased it out resting the head of my cock still against her hole. “Oh my god!” Amber exclaimed. I felt her hand wrap around my throbbing cock and move it against Emily’s leg. “Its open more than I am, im gonna have to try that!” screamed Amber as the camera shuttered. I watched as Amber took pictures ant kept telling Emily how big her hole was. With a devilish grin Amber laid the camera down and stared me in the eyes as she fell to her knees between my legs, the feel of her warm mouth seemed to melt my cock as she took it in. After only a few deep swallows I felt her take it in her hand and place it back against Emily’s waiting hole where she quickly scooted down taking most of it inside her.

I guess my baby either felt left out or just couldn’t turn down Emily’s wide spread pussy in front of her, I watched my angel’s face disappear between the white stockings before Emily let out a different kind of moan. I knew my little girl was licking at her pussy while I filled her ass with my cock and I wanted to give my girl a show, grabbing handfuls of her silk skirt I held her close as I pounded away at her back door. My mind was set on giving her ass a good fucking as long as I could and the sweat running down my face let me know I was doing it but I wasn’t sure how long I could keep it up with that dirty daughter of mine sneaking licks in on my cock between strokes was making it hard to hold back. I guess getting her sweet pussy licked while having her ass filled was more that the little girl could handle, I felt her body tighten as her moaning increased and again with no warning she started screaming and shaking until be collapsed on my chest again and it was not too soon after I felt another lick across my lick that sent me over the edge. Releasing her skirt from my grasp I wrapped my arm around her stomach and drove myself to depths I have not yet been causing Emily to let out a few more of her screams until I squeezed her tight as I pump her bowels full of my cum.

I saw Amber stand up and smile “You have got to do that to me.”

Trying to catch our breaths Emily raised up on her hands again “Take pictures when he pulls out, I want to see my ass.” We watched as Amber took the camera from the bed and starting taking pictures. I could believe it but I could feel myself starting to go limp and slowly sliding from her warmth.

“Don’t move, its starting to come out.” said Amber as she snapped away. I felt the head of my cock slip through her last ring when I heard Amber “Oh my god, its leaking everywhere! That is so hot, I cant wait to put the on my thread. I cant believe how much cum daddy put in you. Don’t push it out, I want to help.” Amber handed the camera to Emily “Here, im gonna clean you up!”

Emily filled the photographer role great taking pictures as Amber positioned herself between her legs. “First lets clean you off daddy.” said Amber. Her mouth felt like a vacuum as she sucked my limping dick into her mouth pulling it to length and sucking it back into her mouth again as Emily took pictures. Happy with her cleaning job she pulled it to length and let it pop from her mouth. “All done. Now for dessert.”

Emily sighed at the first touch of her tongue to her sensitive hole. “There you go. Put some up there we might need it later.” I laid in amazement as I watched my baby girl eat her daddy’s load from her best friends ass, she was really enjoying herself. Emily snapped away as she pushed the last few drops of my cum from her ass into Amber’s waiting mouth, Amber happily showed the mouthful of cum she had before swallowing it all in one big gulp. Finished with her cleaning she stood and hooked her thumbs in her garter belt as if they were pockets. Wore out from our fucking Emily rolled over to my left side placing her head on my chest and letting out a sigh of relief.

I admired Amber standing in front of me her bra still half on and pulled down showing her firm tits, she had that wore out look to her. As she slowly crawled onto the bed laying to my right placing her head right at my ear “You know your not done don’t you. You still have a virgin laying next to you.”
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sexting my son

I gave birth to my son Daniel when I was 16, I know what that makes you think of me, it’s not true, at all. I was a horribly shy girl, still am. My son has been a bright light in my life but that is getting ahead of myself. This just explains how I ended up sexting with my son.

I was an extremely shy introverted girl in school, my parents were very strict and overly religious. They did not make me shy, but they didn’t help much either. My looks didn’t help me much either. My hair is snow white and very fine, I am almost albino I am so white. Even my hair “down there” is white. I got looks from girls in the locker room at school that made me uncomfortable.

One time in high school I tried to act normal, there was a party and I went. I took one or two sips of something and woke up pregnant. My parents blamed me, to hear my mother talk every single girl that ever goes to a party gets d**gged and wakes up pregnant. They both acted like I should have expected something like that to happen then they treated me like I was some kind of slut ever since. Been on the pill since I had Daniel, never been with a guy yet. At least not when I was awake, the first and only penis I ever saw was my sons when I started changing his diapers.

The k**s at school assumed I was a slut, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone. I know I am not entirely without blame. I did go to community college, did get a job, I just never got past my shyness enough to meet up with anyone.

None of this added up on me until my son was getting to be the age I was when all this happened. Daniel has always been a fantastic c***d who inherited no sign of my shyness. Daniels positive outgoing nature has both made him popular at school as well as a frustration for me at home. He is everything that I never was, I found myself imagining him fondling some girls breasts, and her liking it. All these “normal” things associated with growing up were only highlighting my own personal frustrations with myself. I was sick of the way I was living my life, yet felt powerless to change anything.

Well my frustrations must have been apparent because Daniel confronted me on this. My only reaction was to tell him that it really wasn’t his fault at all, but that I would have to get pretty d***k to tell him the truth. He started pouring me glasses of wine. God help me, I told him the truth. I told him how shy I’ve always been, he came from my ****. The only penis I’ve ever seen was his, as a baby. I confessed my biggest fear in life is of anything sexual. That the things he is learning right now in life are where I dropped off the face of civilization. Also that I’ve been in counseling for 12 years.

He offered to talk to me about everything he is doing, or learning. I laughed, there really is no way for me to talk like that. Then he hit me with an idea, he said we could text to each other. That we would make a promise that no matter what we said in text, we would never repeat or refer to, or take any action from those texts in real life. I said NO, he asked me if someone goes on a diet for 6 months and never loses a pound, was it a good diet? I blurted NO. He responded with 12 years? Then he said there’s a girl at school who’s dad was in an accident. Now she helps her mom change her dads diapers every day because he is too big for just her mom. If she can do that, he can help his mom to talk about sex. I asked him what he would say to me, he said anything, girls at school, guys, stuff in the locker room, you, me anything. Then he just walked away.

My phone buzzed with a text.

Daniel. This is going to be awesomely fun you know, there are guys that take phone shots of other guys junk just to piss them off. I never have, but now I will. And I’m sending them to you

Me. Why would I want pictures of some boys junk?

Daniel. You do know that means a picture of their cock, right?

Me. NO, oh my god, I mean, are you serious we never talk about this in person?

Daniel. Absolutely

Me. What else would you do, if we do this.

Daniel. We are doing this, because I know you are too shy to yell at me about it, because that would involve talking about it. Oh and my friend Kyle thinks you are hot.

Me. I would to yell, he does not.

Daniel. Your blond hair totally gets him, he wants to see the rest of it, but he won’t say that part to my face cause I’d beat him.

Me. O god, you would do that, he does?

I never could confront Daniel about the texts and he grew bolder and bolder each day this went on. The very first day while at work, I got a picture message of a real penis, it was soft and the picture was probably i*****l. I deleted it, then I got a group photo of about 10 naked cocks then one of one cock with light colored hair where the boy was being held down by a group of other boys.

Then I got this text.

Daniel. Sorry mom, when that k** realized I had actually sent his picture out they all tackled me and checked to see who I sent it to. I had to tell them that you were a really cool mom and I was messing with you.

They took a group shot, then they sent one of me, could you delete that one?

Oh my god, my lifetime memory of seeing real cocks just went way up. I hid my phone in my purse.

I got home after Daniel did, he was waiting at the door and asked me if I deleted the pictures. I turned scarlet and his jaw dropped. He ran to his room and texted me

Daniel. Sorry mom, I broke the rule about no talking, did you delete the pictures?

Me. Not yet, I WAS AT WORK, I have never seen anything like this in my life, and stop calling me mom in these messages.

Daniel. WHOO! We’re good then, but I gotta get my picture off there, you can keep the other ones though. The guys thought it was cool that they went to a hot mom.

Me. I am not a hot mom.

Daniel. Smokin hot, real blond hair, very nice sized breasts and a nice firm behind. I bet you could of bounced quarters off your ass when you were my age.

Me. OMG, I am not those things, you are making me blush.

Daniel. That’s a start, now what do I need to do to make you horny?

Me. Stop it, you’re doing that too.

Daniel. TFA, I didn’t know that.

Me. What is TFA?

Daniel. Totally fucking awesome

I hid in my room and looked at the pictures one last time, I really didn’t understand my fascination with looking at the picture of my sons cock. I had seen him when he was young, this I guessed is what he looks like more grown up. I deleted it and regretted it immediately. I don’t know why, I just wished I still had it to look at it “just one more time”

When came out of my room Daniel wanted to look at my phone, so I demanded his as well. He seemed shocked, he didn’t want to give up his phone so I kept mine, that little shit, he had pictures there that he didn’t want me to see. I should have kept his picture.

He started up with the texts again.

Daniel. What’s it like when a woman gets horny?

Me. Is this natural curiosity? There is so little that I understand about men.

Daniel. Well actually I think it is, there is little that I understand about women, maybe we’ll be helping each other with this texting.

Me. Well what’s it like when boys get horny?

Daniel. We’re always horny, when we get turned on then our cocks get hard, mine will stick up out of my underwear unless I’m wearing pants with a belt. And you?

Me. Oh god, I cant say these things.

Daniel. You have to, to get better, besides we can never speak of this out loud to each other.

Me. Not a word?

Daniel. Right, not a word.

Me. When we get turned on we get wet “down there”, our nipples get hard and stick out.

Daniel. We? Or you?

Me. Ok me, when I get turned on that happens to me.

Daniel. TFA.

How can I be reacting this way? My son just got me to admit that I can get wet and my nipples will stick out, and that is exactly what is happening to me by talking about this with him.

Me. What does it take to get a boy like you turned on?

Daniel. This is doing it, totally.

Me. OMG I’m sorry, not trying to do that.

Daniel. Ok, totally ok. You are doing great by the way, did your ther****t ever get you this far?

Me. Never

Daniel. Then I’m not letting up, besides this is way way better than dirty diapers.

Me. Yea I guess so.

That was the end of my first day of sexting with my son. What he pointed out there really floored me. 12 years of therapy was trounced with one afternoon of sexting with my son. He promised to never talk about it in person, I was starting to realize that this was probably helping, and it really was better than changing dirty diapers.
Well after my revelation with my son I was so excited I scheduled an emergency session with my ther****t. She was quiet as I explained my progress, along with the diaper analogy. Then she did something that I had never seen her do. She got up and walked across the room while saying that I had a very special son. She flipped a switch turning a recorder off that I had never really noticed before. Then said that the institute that she worked for had a strict policy prohibiting her from referring patients to alternative therapy. Even if it might be better, so she couldn’t really tell me that this was a good idea or not, but she was taking my name off their books for now. That If I wanted to reschedule an appointment that I would have to come in as a new patient.

I went numb, was she kicking me out? She smiled as we left her office early, she only charged me for half an hour and commented to me in front of the secretary as if it were part of our conversation, that sometimes having a good f****y member can be better than a ther****t.

I walked out into the day feeling like a new person! She was telling me that I was cured, or would be if I kept doing this. I had no idea what I would be saying or doing next with my life, but I felt good about the direction I was headed in no matter where it went. This was a first for me and I was suddenly hungry for everything life had to offer.

I jumped when my phone buzzed with an incoming text.

Daniel. Hey what’s up.

Me. Nothing and everything, just finished up with some of my life and feeling good.

Daniel. How good.

Me. Shock me, just try.

Daniel. This is me

He sent a picture of a naked mans behind with a hairy ball sack clearly visible. But the hair was almost black and the ball sack seemed to be hanging way down.

Me. Eeeeww gross, and that is not you, hair is too dark. I don’t think young guys hang down like that.

Daniel. Ha your’e right. It’s old man Winters our gym teacher, every once in a while he takes a shower where we can see him and it grosses us out every time. Plus I just won lunch at Micky D’s cause they all bet me I wouldn’t send it to you.

Me. OMG you keep your friends out of this or it ends right now mister and I don’t want that.

Daniel. K sry

No more texts from him till after school. I even got half a day in at work feeling better about myself than I have before. Daniel knew my schedule as well as I did. While walking to my car he started back up, I was feeling on top of the world and started things going the way they did, without realizing it.

Daniel. Sorry bout that earlier, just that you’re known as the coolest mom in the world right now and the guys keep bugging me.

My heart soared, my son had me on such a pedestal, I felt ready for anything. I reached around and took a picture of my butt while walking to my car. I was contemplating sending it to Daniel, he must have decided that the time my reply was taking meant I was mad.

Daniel. R we good?

I sent the picture.

Daniel. You are TFA!

Me. Why is that?

Daniel. You sent me a picture of your behind.

Me. What makes you think that was my butt?

Daniel. Cause it was.

Me. Have you been checking out my behind to know it from that little pict?

Ooohhhh I had him there, his response took a while.

Daniel. Well I just know that it was you, and you are totally hot.

Me. Well you did look better than old man Winters.

Daniel. MOM!

Me. I told you not to call me mom in this and besides, you embarrassed me first by calling me hot so that was payback.

Daniel. Hey, you did get to see my junk, payback sounds fair.

Me. No problem, when 6 of my girlfriends hold me down naked then take a picture and send it to you, I won’t complain.

Daniel. Aaaggghhh.

Me. So what things can a girl do to look hot with out being naked?

Daniel. Go braless or show some camel toe.

Me. Camel toe? What is that.

Daniel. You’re killing me, you are absolutely killing me here, ok. A camel toe is when a girl wears thin pants, nothing underneath and pulls it up tight to show some of her lower cleavage.

Me. Agggghhh, do they really do that?

Daniel. The hot ones do for sure, sometimes at least anyway.

Me. I don’t know if I could ever do that.

Daniel. That can also mean that you don’t know that you will never do that, this could be a good thing.

Me. Brat, you wouldn’t want to see me do that would you.

Daniel. Send and I shall receive.

This was getting me absurdly turned on and I wasn’t even home from work yet. The feeling that I was getting from flirting with my son was opening the flood gates for all the repressed things that I’d never done. With him and our “deal” I felt safe enough to explore and express. I was feeling fantastic about myself and sex was starting to look fun instead of frightening. I remembered his reluctance to let me look at his phone. Was it because of that picture of his naked gym teacher, or was there more? I knew I had to find out.

When I got home I shut my phone off and started making dinner. Daniel appeared frustrated and asked if it was off. I told him yes, I was cooking. I offhandedly suggested he take a shower or something before dinner. HE DID! I was so excited my hands were shaking. I found his phone, accessed his picture library and started scrolling through. I came across a photo of a self shot picture looking down at a rigid cock, sandy brown hair matching what I saw in the shower shot where the other boys had held him down. I was about to send it to myself when I realized it would show up in his sent folder, what to do?

I thought quickly, standing in the kitchen I started taking pictures looking down my top. My bra covered my breasts, so it wasn’t like I was showing anything. I took 4 pictures before I got it right and deleted the other 3. Texts from Daniels friends were about them thinking I was hot. The shower shut off and I had done nothing towards getting dinner ready. I started texting.

Me. Your friends think I’m hot?

Daniel. Absolutely.

Me. You’re making that up to make me feel good, not true.

Daniel. I can prove it

Me. Do it.

Daniel came to the kitchen holding his phone to show me a text. I set my phone on the counter and took his. When I said “what else did they say” he jumped to take his phone back. I held it away, his eyes went to mine, I started frantically searching his message log. Oh ho, a Gina said she wanted you to send her the picture you sent your mom of the naked guys. His head snapped up looking at me. He went back to my phone while saying “I told her I deleted it, picture file” now I went for my target, I’d seen the pict before and knew how to get to it.

I was on track when I heard Daniel take a breath, he found my picture. I found his. He was hitting too many buttons. I swapped the phones back, my phone was sending an image. I hit cancel then shut my phone off. He was devastated. I told him no sending pictures from my phone unless I got to send from his. He looked shocked, I held out my hand. Very slowly we exchanged phones.

I was cruel (almost) his phone was on and right on the picture I wanted. While he was powering up my phone I was lining up the picture of his cock to send. I watched him, just as he was almost ready, I hit send. My phone switched over to incoming message and he lost his progress. I swapped phones back again while he looked shocked. He started to complain but I held my finger to my mouth and held up the phone indicating our no talking rule. He started texting while looking at me.

Daniel. That was not fair.

Me. Oh? Is it my fault that you’re slow on the send button.

Daniel. Not fair, I want that pict.

Me. Which one is that?

Daniel. Of you

Me. Describe it to me please, I’ll see if I can find it.

Daniel. No fair, it was

Daniel. It was looking down your top.

Me. Oh my, you want a picture looking down my top, why?

Daniel. No fair, you got one of my cock.

Me. First hard cock I have seen in my life too, thank you for that. What do you want to see, looking down my top?

Daniel. Oh god mom, your breasts.

Me. Ok, you have been more then fair with me, sending it now.

I sent him the picture. He took off for his room. I waited just a little time and sent this next text.

Me. What are you doing?

I heard him scream when the phone interrupted his self pleasure.

Daniel. Can’t type now

I was getting completely turned on by this, my son was masturbating to my picture.

Me. Did that picture make you horny or were you already horny and it made you turned on?

Daniel. Turned on.

I needed to take care of myself too, but we were no closer to dinner yet so I ordered pizza and took off immediately. I stayed turned on, on purpose so as to stop myself from chickening out. I hit the mall real quick and bought some spandex workout pants, solid black. Then off to the pizza place and home. On the way Daniel sent a text

Daniel. Sorry but you were giving me blue balls.

Me. What is that?

Daniel. Mom you are killing me, do I have to explain this.

I was being wicked again and I knew it.

Me. Only if it has to do with sex, that is what I need help in understanding.

Daniel. Yes mom, it has to do with sex. When a guy gets turned on long enough
or sees something sexy enough he has to do it. Or his balls hurt, real bad.

Me. Oh god I didn’t know that. I don’t want to hurt you though sweetie. It can be bad for girls too though.

Daniel. It can? For real.

Me. I probably won’t want you in my room later tonight, and this comment you really had better not repeat to me or anyone.

Daniel. Promise

Me. In fact, we should delete out chat logs right now, pictures too.

Daniel. No way, I’ll put a lock on my phone so no one can access it, what are the numbers for your birthday?

I was flattered, he was locking his phone with my birth date, I decided to go through with my plan tonight instead of later. I gave him my numbers and told him that I was using his for my phone lock. Then came in the house with the pizza.

We had dinner, cleaned up and it was almost time for bed. He went to his room to text, I went to mine to change.

Daniel. Mom you are TFA.

Me. Thank you, did I make you turned on earlier, like the way you described.

Daniel. It was totally sticking out before I took care of it.

Me. I didn’t think I could ever do that to a guy, you liked the picture that much even though yours showed so much more?

Daniel. TFA

Me. Perhaps you should come downstairs to the kitchen with your phone, just don’t talk or say anything to me.

I was sitting at the kitchen table with the chair turned out. Horny beyond belief wearing my new black spandex pants and a cutoff sweatshirt. I had yesterday’s newspaper in front of my face so I couldn’t see my son gawking at my obscenely displayed slit. The spandex clung to me leaving nothing to the imagination as to where exactly my slit was located. I heard his footsteps. I heard him suck a breath of air. I heard his phone take a picture, three times, I heard him walk away.

Daniel. Mom you have ruined me for other girls, I only want you.

Me. You are so sweet.

I heard his bed squeaking as I walked past to my room. I hope he didn’t hear mine squeak too.

could not believe how this sexting, that is what they call it? How this sexting with my son boosted my confidence. It felt like all the worlds frustrations were falling away. I was actually doing something sexual and feeling safe about it. It was such an open feeling, something that had been out of reach for so long, was now suddenly in my grasp. I probably should have thought of the possible consequences having denied myself for so long now. The fact that I had someone that I felt safe with, that prevented those thoughts from ever forming.

I had shown my son my “camel toe” on purpose no less, and encouraged him to take a picture. Well that turned into pictures, but anyway it happened and the world did not stop spinning. Neither did my excitement.

Our texting became more explicit and suggestive with Daniel asking me to wear the spandex all the time. Instinctively I felt that this was a bad idea. Not that I wouldn’t wear it again, just not all the time. I figured that my next big dare would be that coming weekend, when we wouldn’t have to worry about Daniel going to school the next day. The suspense was agonizing but at the a
same time I was also trying to learn control over my actions. I think now in hind sight I may have waited too long to do something daring like that again. The suspense of what I could do, or might do made me reckless so I ended up doing more than maybe I should have. I did some more shopping on the sly while continuing my inappropriate texting with my son.

Daniel. You gotta wear that thing again.

Me. Why?

Daniel. It is totally hot, you are fantastic in it.

Me. Did it turn you on?

Daniel. YES

Me. Are you still turned on by it?

Daniel. YES

Me. Well then, I guess it did its job then and I shouldn’t wear it any more.

Daniel. Aaggghh, no you gotta wear it.

Me. But you said you’re already turned on right?

Daniel. Constantly

Me. Like you said before.

Daniel. Yes.

Me. Explain it to me again.

Daniel. Oh man are you serious?

Me. Yes.

Daniel. You’re not going to think I’m weird are you?

Me. I’m the one with the problem here, remember?

Daniel. I am walking around the house with a constant hard on, it sticks out of my briefs unless I have jeans with a big belt on.

Me. You’re flattering your old mom, perhaps I’ll do more this weekend.

Now I knew that I was going to do something daring this weekend, since I had finally started something. I decided to push it.

Me. You’re not going to want to take pictures again are you.

Daniel. Oh yes, you have to say yes. I need to take pictures.

Me. But Daniel, what if the outline of my vagina is visible again, you don’t seriously want to take pictures of that again do you?

Daniel. Seriously, totally.

Me. I will have to see what you are talking about.

Daniel. About what.

Me. About what you said, about your erections.

Daniel. See that?

Me. Yes.

Incoming picture message, oh my god. My son just sent me a picture from in his bedroom. Shirtless, briefs on, purple head of his cock sticking out.

Me. Daniel that was obscene, totally, totally obscene and uncalled for. You just showed me your penis, or cock as you call it. How would you like it if I did something like this to you?

After I hit send I pulled my top open and took a picture of my bra covered breasts. Only a B cup but I still like them. My phone had an incoming message.

Daniel. I’d love it.

I sent the picture of my bra, regretting it almost immediately. If this weekend was going to be truly daring, then I had to do something that I hadn’t done before. I had just sent my son a picture of my bra covered breasts so I had to do more than that in a few days.

The weekend came and I had no idea what to do, I was so nervous I couldn’t cook. It started with my being afraid of what I would do. Then there was Daniel, he was by my side like a puppy waiting for a treat and I just couldn’t respond. We were in the house together for two agonizing days. Both Friday night, then all day Saturday and I did nothing. Now I started to fear that I was slipping backwards, I didn’t want that. I wanted to get better, get normal, somehow this was how I was going to do it. He texted

Daniel. Did I do something wrong?

Me. No sweetie, it’s still just me. Doing this, I’ve scared myself again. I want to, and I’m afraid.

Daniel. Of me?

That did it, no I am not afraid of my own son, suddenly I knew what I was going to do.

Me. No, I am not afraid of you. Pizza again tonight, on real plates, no paper. Tonight.

Daniel. You are TFA

He must have caught my drift. Now knowing something was in the works he backed off giving me the breathing room that I desperately needed. He was disappointed at dinner time to see what I was wearing, not the spandex. I smiled and ignored the hurt look on his face. I casually told him that after dinner he might want to go to his room and get ready for bed. But not to forget his phone. I would get dressed to wash the dishes.

Not a question, not a word, he kept eating like it is normal for someone to “get dressed ” to wash the dishes. He ate in record time and almost ran to his room.
I went to my room and changed. I went nude underneath the black spandex, then nude again under the sheer black nylon top that I bought. My breasts and nipples were clearly visible. I couldn’t go through with it but still felt that I had to. I went downstairs and ran water in the sink. While running the water I got a text.

Daniel. What should I wear to bed?

Me. Oh nothing special, probably just your briefs and a t shirt.

When I had soapy warm water I sent him a text.

Me. You could come down before bed and give your mom a hug, but I am not turning around, and no talking.

Daniel came almost running, short athletic t shirt and briefs with the angry purple looking head of his cock sticking out. I heard him gasp, then slowly walk behind me. I was too nervous to look. We had two plates, two glasses and that was it. My hands were just soaking in the water. Daniel slipped his arms around me and I instinctively brought my hands out of the water to prevent him from touching my breasts. I just couldn’t go that far. He hugged me as he did I felt the head of his cock gently nudge the small of my back. Then he pulled it back. God I wanted to feel more, it felt fantastic. A real cock had touched me, he pulled back. I heard his phone as he took a picture of my back side. Then I heard him walk off. I texted him.

Me. I’m still here washing dishes, you can put your hands in front of me.

Daniel. No talking?

Me. Correct, no talking, but you can bring your phone.

Daniel got the hint. He crept back behind me, I pretended not to notice. He stepped forward bringing his phone in front to take a picture of my breasts. No cock, I didn’t feel his cock. As he snapped his picture of my breasts I pushed my hips back and felt his cock there. He gave a gasp and jumped back. I could tell he was looking at the image on his phone. I dried my hand, he was leaving the room to masturbate but saw me texting.

Me. Another picture?

Daniel. Blueball

Me. Another.

Daniel stepped up behind me again, I put my hands on the counter. He reached in front of me with the phone. I pushed back against his cock. He gasped and I watched his hand turn as the camera went off. I felt his sperm start shooting up my back as he began thrusting against my spine. I heard him groan, thrust and groan. He whispered “sorry” I whispered “picture” he stepped back and took a picture of his sperm load all over my back. Now I let him retreat to his room.

Incoming text.

Daniel. TFA

Me. Send me the picture.

The picture came through. Here I was with his sperm cooling on my back looking at a picture of what I looked like right as I did right then.

Me. No blue balls?

Daniel. Might still, I gotta go again

Me. I’m still washing dishes.

As Daniel entered the kitchen, I didn’t say anything, I just reached back and grabbed the hem of my top and pulled it away from my skin. He got the idea, I felt my sons erection up against the skin of my back as he slipped it between my nylon top and my bare skin. Then I felt him begin thrusting, my hands were on the counter, I pushed back. I felt him take hold of my hips as if he were penetrating me for real, he didn’t last long. This time I felt his sperm load directly on my bare skin as he throbbed his load off. Then as he went limp I felt him pull out, I reached back and rubbed it in. I heard his camera phone click as I massaged his sperm into my back.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, anything but that for me. I had butterflies in my stomach. I knew that I would be doing something with my son today, I just didn’t know how far I would take it. I dressed normally and f***ed myself into the kitchen. Daniel sent a text.

Daniel. What are you wearing

Me. Normal mom stuff

Daniel. K

He trudged into the kitchen thankfully wearing cutoffs with a belt and a decent shirt. We had breakfast almost in silence, I think we were having a hard time separating the text from real life. We went to our rooms barely speaking to each other.

Daniel. Any plans today?

Me. Just hanging out with you, I don’t want texts to be the only way we communicate but I’ve changed so much since we started, I’m just feeling awkward.

Daniel. Me too but I adore you mom, I love what you’re doing. What we’re doing.

Me. I know it’s wrong but I am feeling thrills here that we’re never mine to feel before. I just don’t feel ready to quit, not this weekend yet anyway.

Daniel. Just not this weekend.

With that it seemed like this was all possibly coming to an end, what would I do if this really were my last day? Am I ready for the real world?

With Daniel staying in his room I changed into my new outfit. I stripped down and put on my sheer nylon top that showed my breasts, nipples and all. Then a set of black nylons that at first you might mistake as my spandex, till you realize that they too were sheer. I crept out of my room so Daniel might not know I was out and about. I needed time to adjust to the idea of walking around basically naked and on display, knowing that my son could walk out of his room and catch me like that.

Feeling naked and sexy I started texting with my son.

Me. So what things do guys think of doing with a girl.

Daniel. Different things, sucking on their tits or sucking on their pussies or doing it with them.

Me. Describe “doing it”

Daniel. Shoving their cock up inside the girl.

Me. This is what they think of when they’re horny or when they are turned on?

Daniel. Both

Me. When you said you were getting blue balls from me before, were you turned on or horny.

Daniel. Oh come on

Me. No really, I want to know, no mentioning it out loud either.

Daniel. I was both, turned on and horny

Me. Did you think of those things about me?

Daniel. All of them.

I quietly walked from room to room catching glimpses of myself in a mirror here and there, I really was on display. I just couldn’t let my son catch me walking around like this, but I couldn’t stop. I sat down in the kitchen with my phone. Daniel must have heard me move the chair, I heard his feet pound towards his door. I panicked and gabbed the news paper for cover and crossed my legs. I heard Daniel approach, then his breath as he gasped. I was so nervous, I uncrossed my legs planning on crossing them the other way. I don’t know why my feet stayed planted on the floor. Daniel moved closer to try to see the outline of my slit. I heard him suck in a breath as he realized that he was actually looking at my slit, not its outline. I heard his camera take a picture, I didn’t want him to just run off. I couldn’t grab my phone or he would see my breasts. I moved my feet farther apart. He moved closer, I couldn’t see what he was doing but I heard his phone go off, close to my crotch. Now he was heading for his room. I grabbed my phone and texted.

Me. Blue balls?

Daniel. U kno it

Me. Come back

Daniel. Can’t yet.

Me. Come back, no talking.

I heard his feet slowly shuffling towards me. I took a deep breath and sent my text without looking up.

Me. I don’t want to cause you to hurt.

I looked up to see my sons crotch in front of my face, he was still in his shorts but there wasn’t a belt. I could clearly see the bulge in his crotch. I unsnapped his front and drew down the zipper. In pulling open his shorts I was rewarded with seeing the head of his cock up close, standing above the waistline of his briefs. I hooked my thumbs into his briefs as I pulled his shorts down and began fumbling with his cock. The first grown cock I had ever handled, I wrapped my hand around it and he thrust into my hand. I was mesmerized, I’d never seen or experienced anything like this so I firmed up my grip and was rewarded with more thrusts from my sons hips. The purple head seemed to grow so I pointed it down more so I could see better. Daniel groaned. It didn’t sound like I was hurting him so I continued with my grip. He thrust so I started moving my hand.

All the sudden Daniels hips started thrusting in violent short strokes and his cock started spraying my face with sperm. I jerked it away but was so fascinated that I had to point it back just to see better. I just pointed it down more so his sperm splattered on my nylon top and breasts while he groaned, grunted and thrust into my hand. When he finished he just turned and staggered back to his room. I used my phone to photograph my sperm covered breasts and sent it to him.

My chest was getting cold with his sperm all over my breasts and face. I pulled it off and wiped my face clean. I walked around a bit like that, topless, until my phone signaled a text.

Daniel. Are you still down there?

Me. Yes

I sat down and picked up the newspaper hiding behind it. He showed up in the kitchen looking at my crotch some more. No pictures this time, he just looked for a bit then started for his room. I picked up my phone and texted.

Me. You didn’t come in far enough.

Daniel came right back, this time he walked slowly forward. Undoubtedly at some point he noticed my bare shoulders. He gasped a little and drew closer. Now he was clearly able to see my bare breasts. I never looked up from the paper, but I did hear his phone taking pictures. After he walked off with his new prize, photographs of my bare breasts I texted him.

Me. No blue balls, right?

Daniel. As soon as I take care of this.

Me. Come back.

He ran back, I set the paper aside and pulled his pants back down. My sons cock was hard as wood again. I took it in both hands and having a better idea what to do now began stroking it while pointing it downward more so that I could see everything. This time he remembered his phone and began taking pictures of my breasts and my hands rubbing his cock. As he got ready to come I pointed his weapon at my crotch and watched his sperm spray right out and onto my open crotch. Some sperm actually landed on top of my opening which was only covered with a thin bit of nylon. I could feel the wet of his sperm on my vagina. It was too much, I had to have my own relief. I began to masturbate myself right in front of my son. I had to close my eyes to do it but t didn’t take long at all. I massaged his sperm load right on my open slit and very shortly had a toe throbbing orgasm right in front of Daniel.

From there we both went to our rooms. I don’t know about him but I fell asl**p. I never had a sexual experience with or around another person before and I felt totally drained. When I got up I put my robe on and walked downstairs. Daniel was in his briefs and a t shirt, I thought for a moment then decided it was just as well. I went back to my room and grabbed my nylon top. I hand washed it in the sink and rolled it in a towel. Once it was dry I was able to put it back on. Now I pulled out the rest of my new clothes. A short skirt meant to be worn over workout clothing. I went nude under it. A check of the clock showed I had napped for about 3 hours, Daniel must have done about the same, he looked like he had just woken up too. I wore my robe downstairs.

Daniel looked disappointed and began walking to his room to get better dressed without asking. I began texting, after he closed his door I was able to hit send.

Me. I’m at the sink, no talking.

I heard his footsteps and looked. He was shirtless and had his briefs on with his cock sticking out. Does that thing ever go down? Apparently not his at least. I had no water in the sink, no need for that pretense. He walked up behind me and clearly remembering last night began rubbing the head of his cock against my bare ass. I heard him quietly groan when he realized he had direct skin contact. I could feel the material of his briefs pushing up against my bottom, so I reached behind and pulled them down.

Daniel responded by thrusting harder, he angled his cock to try to push it between my legs and I clenched my bottom tight. I reached back and guided his cock up between my exposed bottom cheeks and up into the waistband of my skirt. This is where he thrust. Until unloading more sperm into the fabric of my nylon top and my short black skirt. He the lifted up the material of my skirt and I heard his phone click with a picture of his sperm on my bare bottom. He then began shuffling away with his pants still by his knees.

This was it, I was ready to become a woman. I began texting, as Daniel reached the top of the stairs I hit send without a second thought.

Me. I am ready

Daniel knew what that meant. I am proud to say my son was ready to be a man for me, maybe that is wrong but it certainly felt right when he ripped off my little black dress. I spread my legs and pouted my bare ass out to him knowing that my ghost white pubic hair was going to be visible from that angle. My son mounted me from behind and his cock, my cock now, was ready for me. He thrust up inside and began grunting and thrusting as he rutted himself off inside his mother. I could feel the head of his cock swell inside of me. What little experience I had still told me this was it, he was getting close to letting go. I pushed back into him and grunted out a “yes, in me” . The feeling of having jets of sperm unleashed inside of me like that, it took me over the edge. I started coming on my sons cock as he was unloading his ball sack inside of me. Whatever I thought during this only made my orgasm more intense. That he was breeding me, I was breeding him, this was wrong, I was getting laid, I was getting sperm inside of me. I collapsed forward into the sink, Daniel held on and continued pumping his sperm into me. I finished feeling like a woman, a very, very satisfied woman.... Continue»
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Turned My Step Mom and Aunt into Porn Stars - An A

I just got done taking out the trash and was heading back down stairs to my room next to the washer machine. My room was far enough in the basement that no one bothered me. There was a little window that I could crawl out if I wanted to sneak out without my parents finding out. My girlfriend from high school just went to college a week ago and broke up with me the day she left. I did not have any prospects but looked forward to starting over again. It had been a couple of years since I had gone on a real date.

My ex-girlfriend had a nice big pair of boobs but I only got to feel them once in a great while. She used to jack my big cock once every couple of months if I was good. I was still a virgin until my last year in high school. I finally got lucky from one of my Step Mom friend. She stopped by to help with my Step Mom new stay at home business. It failed just like the other 3 new business my Step Mom has tried the last couple of years. My Step Mom friend caught me staring at her big juggs at the dinner table and she followed me down stairs to my room. Then she fucked me in my room. It was a one time only thing, I guess her husband would have been mad if he found out. Still she was fun for about 20 minutes.

It was almost noon when I heard the garage door upstairs activate. I was lying on my bed watching some baseball game when I heard the door upstairs slam. Ten minutes later I heard high heels click coming down the stairs and across the wooden floors in our basement. I looked around my room and it was a little messy. I picked up my sweat stained underwear from the night before and through them off the bed into my closet.

"Knock, Knock!!!" said my Step Mom. "It's open." I said. The door opened and my Step Mom stepped inside my room. "Hi sweetie, How is your day going? Thanks for taking out the trash." she said. "No problem, just hanging out. How is your day going?" I said. "We'll it's funny you should ask. I am so bored with your Dad always being away with his work. I only see him about ten days during the month. You know I am always trying to find a new job. I know my last few did not pan out from working at home but I think I might have a new job lined up. I just need a little help from you!!" she said. "Not a problem, what do you need me to do?" I said.

"I am not sure how to say this, so I am just going to tell you. I have always wanted to be in a men's magazine. Your Dad always says I look to fat because of my big breast but today I was approached by a gentleman at the grocery store. He runs a modeling agency for older women looking to get into the adult business. He told me that all I needed was some snap shots of myself. If I got them I could drop them off at his office tomorrow and he will call me if he likes them." she said.

My mouth dropped opened slightly. I had never really noticed my Step Mom as being hot enough to get into a men's magazine, but she had began to work out a month ago. I had seen her swimming in the pool extra and going for a walk with my Aunt on a few nights during the week. My Step Mom is about 5ft 4 with long blonde hair down to her shoulders. She just turned forty four last month. She likes to wear tight clothes to accent her enormous chest and big butt when she goes out into public. She always wear high heels and wild makeup to make her stand out from the other Mom's in the neighborhood. I guess I had never given it much thought. My Step Mom s****r Rose is almost just like my mother but has a slightly smaller set of juggs compared to my Mom. Rose is a few inches taller than her s****r.

When I was little I found my Step Mom bra hanging in the bathroom and read the label on the side of the huge bra. "56 HH" She wore a size 36 to cover her big butt when she walked and her hips looked good for delivering two k**s. She liked to paint her finger and toe nails to what she was wearing. My guy friends always stared at her but I figured they were all being goofy with the MILF thing.

"Mom, what do you have in mind? I guess I can help. I don't want you to go somewhere else and do this, I guess." I said. My Step Mom smiled. "We'll I have new lingerie I bought with your Aunt the other day. Maybe I can wear that, if you don't think it is ugly or something. We have to keep this very quite. I don't want your Father and s****r to find out. Also are relatives, especially your Grandparents can't find out. I mean it mister!!!" she said. "Ok, no problem. Go upstairs and change. Then when your ready come back down stairs and I will take a few photos in my room.

My Step Mom turned around and walked out. I could here her high heels click on the floor as she went upstairs to change. I got out my camera with all my lens. Looking for the perfect one to take pictures in my room. I decide to download them on the computer and print them out on my printer next to the computer. It only takes a few seconds to print out perfect pictures. I was hoping I did not have to erase any wrinkles or lines on my Step Mom body.

It was about 45 minutes later when I heard her high heels again coming down to my room. She knocked and the door opened slightly. I had picked all my clothes off the floor and made my bed. I had my new camera I got for my birthday in my right hand. It had a small lens that could capture everything very good in a small room. I could zoom in with great images of my Step Mom's breast and nice big ass.

My Step Mom finally got into my room and shut the door. She had black leather boots over her black garters and stocking. She had a blue corset that made her huge juggs almost pop out her black bra. She had a small black thong that rode high on her hips. It split her two big ass cheeks perfect down the middle. Her finger nails were a dark pink to match her lipstick. She had reapply her make up and her eye liner made her look more slutty then when she was here earlier. "Are you ready? Why don't you go sit in the corner on the pink arm chair and move around. I will try to take some pictures." I said.

She walked over and sat down on the pink leather chair ans smiled. I reached over turned on some music on my stereo to help us relax. I looked through the lens and my Mom smiled and moved her legs open then close. I shot a few pictures as she stood up and put her arms over her head causing her huge breast to shake. She then bent over causing her big boobs to sag in her bra. I smiled as the camera kept flashing.

"How do they look honey?" said my Step Mom. "Great, maybe you can stretch out on the couch over there. Give me a big smile Mom!!" I said. She walked over and turned her head over her shoulders as she grabbed her tits. She then held her hands under her breast and the front drooped over her hands causing her nipples to get hard under the fabric. "Ok, honey I think it may be time now that you have a few pictures f me in my bra to take it off. I know they want to see me topless. You are Ok with this right???" she said. "Yes, go ahead." I said.

She turned her head and let her bra fell to the ground. My mouth dropped open as I continued to click the camera. Her boobs were so huge and her nipples were so hard. I smiled as she fondled her boobs in her small hands. "MMpph, yeah that feels nice baby. Your Mom still go it, right honey?" she said. I nodded yes as her boobs sat high on her chest. She strutted around the room for another twenty minutes before she took off her thong and it fell down her long legs to the floor.

She just smiled as she reached her hand down her bald pussy mound. "I think it would be better for me if the modeling people got to see everything. Don't you honey?" she said. I nodded me head again as I continued to take more pictures. After another 30 minutes she got up and put her bra and thong back on.

We walked over to my computer and my Step Mom stood behind me as I down loaded the pics onto the computer. I could here her breath and she leaned in as the first pictures popped onto the screen. I could feel her hands on my shoulders and her big boobs on the back of my head. I put in a CD and copied them on to a disk for her. I stood up and she gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. "Thanks baby see you for dinner. Don't forget. This is our little secret." Her heels clicked on the floor as she climbed the stairs out of the basement.

It was almost 4pm. I fell back on my bed and closed my eyes. I was still day dreaming about taking pictures of my Step Mom when my dick started to get more erect inside my shorts. I reached my hand inside and started to fondle my big balls. I stroked my dick a few times. "Ring!! Ring!!!" The house phone startled me, I fell off my bed into a pile of clothes. "Hello!!" I said. It was my Aunt looking for my Mom. I told she was out at the moment. I hung up and quickly took a cold shower to calm my erection. I ate dinner in my room. I heard my f****y upstairs walking around. It was close to 11pm when everyone went to bed.

I went upstairs when I heard everyone leave for the day. It was close to 10am when I opened the fridge for a Coke. I was eating a burrito when I noticed a note on the kitchen table. My Dad had taken my s****r across town to help her move into her new apartment and then was heading to his fishing lodge for the weekend. Him and my s****r would be back on Tuesday. I finished my breakfast, took a shower, got dressed and started to play some video games.

It was close to 1pm when I heard the garage door open and close. I then heard two sets of high heels click across the kitchen floor. The door to the basement opened then the foot steps went down the stairs to just outside my room. "Knock, Knock!!!" "Honey are you awake? Can I come in? Your Aunt Rose and I wanted to ask you a question. OK!!!!" said my Step Mom.

The door open, my Step Mom and her s****r Rose walked in. I could tell they were up to something. They had both just come from getting dolled up at the beauty salon. There nails matched and both women had there blonde hair teased to the maximum. There make up was heavy and they both smelled of very beautiful perfume. My dick got instantly hard as my Mom was wearing a nice tight pink top and jeans. While my Aunt was wearing a tight red latex outfit and she was on her cell phone. They each had on 4inch black high heels that matched there thongs they were wearing.

"What's up ladies!" I said. My Step Mom spoke first. "I took the CD with my pictures you took to the Modeling Agency. They liked them very much. They wrote me a check for $500 and now they want me to star in another photo shoot and a adult movie. I brought your Aunt with me for some help. I will give you half of the money I just made if you will help me make the movie." my Mom said. "Ahh, Ok, I guess I can shoot the movie in this room but we will need more light." I said. "Honey, I need you to be in the movie. Rose can't be in the movie with me. But she said if you show her how to run the camera she will take record us. I don't want to do this with anyone else. I don't want to cheat on your Dad or worse catch a disease or something. Can you understand?" she said.

I paused for a moment with my mouth wide open. "Listen Nephew, your Step Mom is asking a big thing from you. We both know you can keep a secret. If the movies bad or you don't want to have your face in the movie then you can go in and delete your image. No one but the Modeling Agency is going to see it. It is just a test film. If all goes perfect your Mom can earn extra money. Maybe if they like your film then they might hire you for more stuff. Be a sport!!" said my Aunt. "Ok, but we have to go in the other room to shoot this. We can use the big couch in there and I will set up some lights to capture the action.

They both left while I fixed up the basement. I picked up the clothes off the floor and through them in the washer. I fluffed up the pillows and straighten up the couch. I turned on all the lights and brought some from my room to make the movie look better. I put the camera on a wooden stool in front of the couch. I was still in my shorts and white shirt when I heard the door open from the kitchen. My Mom had changed into some bigger high heels and her robe fell open showing her huge tits inside a big pink bra. My Aunt had put on some thigh high leather boots and a black leather corset that pushed up her big juggs.

I handed her the camera and showed her how to record the action. My Mom went back upstairs to the kitchen. A few minutes later she was back with some white wine. I had a glass and my Mom had 2-3 glasses. My Aunt helped her finish the bottle as I watched them giggle in front of me. I placed my drink on the wooden stool. I looked around the room all nervous. "Honey are you Ok." said my Mom. I nodded "Yes."

"Ok drop your robe sweetie and go sit on the couch. Nephew you go over there and pretend you just found a beautiful older women all alone. Then slowly take off your clothes and join her. Are you erect, I mean is your penis hard yet." said my Aunt. My mind was racing. My hands were getting wet. I was looking down at my shorts. I had a boner earlier but now nothing. Was I scared? "We may have a problem people. I think I maybe having some trouble down there." I said as I pointed to my cock.

Both my Step Mom and Aunt looked at me. My Step Mom started to whisper in my Aunt ear. They both giggled before I could move my Step Mom let her bathrobe fall to the floor. She was wearing a small pink bra and matching thong that hugged her big ass. My Aunt started to take some video of her sitting on the couch. My Mom smiled and looked into the camera. My Aunt walked around her getting all my Mom body in the video. After a few minutes my Mom started to get naked and let her big fat juggs hang out her bra. She smiled as her big juggs hung down on her stomach. She sat on the couch with her big nipples rubbing on the top of her thighs.

My Aunt paused the recorder and placed it on the floor. She tuned around and said "Wow your Mom looks to hot. She waiting for a hot stud to show her a good time. Is your dick getting harder honey." I smiled and looked at them both next to the couch. I took off my shirt and dropped my cargo shorts on the floor. My Aunt picked up the camera and started to film me getting naked. I was still wearing my white boxer briefs when my Step Mom pointed for me to come in front of her.

I walked over slowly and tried to not look at the camera. My Step Mom reached up and started to outline my dick in my briefs. My dick was still limp. To many things were going on in my brain. My Aunt paused again and set the camera down. My Aunt came over to the couch and sat next to my Mom. "Here this might help. Maybe I should get naked also. I mean it's only fair that we are all naked. Maybe this will feel better." said my Aunt. With my Step Mom help they took off my Aunt corset and her black thong. My Aunt tits were just smaller than my Step Mom but they were huge also. I licked my lips as she moved her breast so they rubbed on my thigh.

My Step Mom reached up and pulled down my briefs. My dick slowly flopped out and there was a huge pre-cum on the tip. My Mom gasped as my dick slapped her hand. "God damn my nephew cock is huge. Look at his balls." said my Aunt. My Mom was jacking my cock as it got bigger in her hand she smiled. My Mom started to lick the tip of my head as my Aunt fondled my big hairless balls. My Mom started to suck my cock. I watched as my Aunt got up and brought the camera back to the couch. She resumed her position and listen to my Step Mom suck on my cock. Big drops of saliva fell out of her mouth on her big juggs.

My Aunt got up filming my Step Mom deep throating my big 9 3/4 inch cock. Her eyes looked into mine. She was so hot sucking my cock I was not sure if I could last much longer. My Aunt dropped her left hand on my ass and when she stuck a finger in my ass I screamed. My Step Mom pulled out my cock and aimed at her mouth. A huge white load climaxed out my purple cock hitting her on the chin. My Aunt gasped again followed by another load hitting my Mom forehead and big pink lips. She pumped my cock and licked my cock until I was completely dry. My Step Mom got up off the couch and both women had a glass of wine and cleaned off my Mother face and big juggs.

A few minuted later my Aunt came over and we started to make out. She had put the camera on a tripod and was filming us. My Mom came back and was rubbing my Aunt tits. My Mom got on the couch again and I got on my knees. I started to eat her big pussy while my Aunt got on the couch to suck my Moms big nipples. My Mom came in my mouth. "Yes!! Yes you eat pussy like a pro. Damn!!! You fucker. Is your dick hard again? Get up here mother fucker!!!!!!" said my Mom.

My Aunt fell onto the floor next to me and help me direct my big cock into my Step Mom pussy. Her big lips parted as my cock head buried into her tight cunt. I was getting a good rhythm going as my Step Mom orgasm again. "Yes! Yes!! Yes that feels so good. Come on fuck me big boy!!" my Mom said. I grabbed her long legs and held them over my head as I plunged in her hot pussy. After 15 minutes I flipped her over and fucked her doggy style. Her huge juggs slapped the couch and my Aunt licked my ass hole from behind.

I stood up and sat down on the couch. My Aunt mounted my cock and I tugged on her big breast. "God damn his dick feels so good. It's been so long since I got a good fucking. yeah, my nephew fucking my tight pussy. Deeper with that cock. Yes. MMPHGG," was all she could say as she was impaled on my cock. My Aunt stood up and my Mom got back on my cock. She was riding my big cock and placed her hands on my chest for balance. After another few minutes she jumped off my cock and I stood up. My Mom jacked my cock as my Aunt bent over licking my cock. My cock head open again spewing out another large load. My Aunt licked my cum off her s****rs big breast and smiled. My Mom picked her breast up and licked her nipples.

Next day:

I was sitting in the living room when I saw my Step Mom SUV pull into the driveway. A few seconds later the door open and both her and my Aunt fell inside the door. "Great news son. We just got back from the Modeling Agency. They loved your Aunt and Me but they also loved your huge cock. They want us all to star in a movie. We all have to come down to the agency next week to start shooting." said my Mom. I smiled as I turned on the TV and hit the VCR button. They both turned and came over to the couch to watch the video of us all fucking. I was treated to another round off fucking and all of us spent the next few days before my Dad and s****r returned having great sex.

Its been a few months now and we have been in about a dozen movies. I have done a few more than them but they have done a few photo shoots for men's magazines. I am managing there careers and luckily my Dad or any relatives have found out. My Aunt sneaks over when my parents are out to fuck my cock. My Uncle has no idea.

I can hear my Dad snore as I get out of bed and head upstairs to get something to drink out of the fridge. I pour my self a glass of milk. I turn all most dropping my glass. My Step Mom sitting on the computer table next to the kitchen almost naked. She has this hungry look in her eyes. "I missed my big cock. You Dad fell asl**p so fast. Come her big boy." My Step Mom starts sucking my cock in the kitchen. I look over and see inside of her purse and a stack of money is pouring out the top. "I see you cashed the check for our newest video "Iron Juggs MILF vs Big Cock Boy."

xoox... Continue»
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My Mom and Me

Introduction: I start to lust for my mom, and it eventually leads from one this to another.

Before you start reading this I would just like to point out that this will probably be offensive, and disgust a lot of people. If the thought of i****t bothers you then I would advise that you do not read any further. Now that I got the warning out of the way I'm going the say that the only reason why I am writing this is because, I guess I am very confused about this whole situation. I feel like I should feel bad about it, however I don't. Everything that I am about to tell you is 100% true. Whether you believe it or not, I guess that is completely up to you, and I don't blame you if you choose not to believe me. Now, I'm not writing this because I need help, I'm just writing this to get it down on paper basically. I feel like I need to vent to somebody, and I kind of can't bring myself to talk about this sort of thing to somebody in person. So here I am writing about it.
I guess before I get into the story I should give you a little bit of background so you know a little bit about me. Well, my name is Brendan, and I'm a senior in high school. I'm 18 years old and these past five years have been pretty rough for my mother and me. My mother's name is Emily and she has been taking care of me by herself the past five years because my father is.. well let's just say he's gone. I'm choosing not to tell you why he is gone because, I guess I'm scared to give out too much information about myself. I would just much rather prefer if people don't really know who I am. Also, for obvious reasons I'm going to leave out last names, and filling in fake ones just doesn't seem right to me. So I'm sorry if I leave out details that you would like to know, but I'm not even going to tell you what color my hair is. If you really want to, use your imagination, fill in the blanks for yourself. Well anyway, when I just turned 14 my dad was suddenly gone from my life and my mother has been taking care of me by herself since then. It has just been us two in the house, and we have been able to get by just fine financially. My dad made quite a bit of money, so that definitely helped. In school I get pretty good grades, at first my grades dropped a lot because of my dad. But eventually I learned that bitching about things aren't to get you anywhere. So my grades eventually started to turn around by about 10th grade. I started to get mostly B's and A's in the subjects that I liked in particular. One of them including English.
My mom definitely took my dad's absence pretty hard. There were multiple times when I would find her crying somewhere in the house, and of course she would tell me everything was fine. I would hear her crying in her room late at night sometimes when I would wake up to go to the bathroom. I mean, I cried about it sometimes but eventually these things stopped. It is what it is. Crying about things won't make anything any better. Well, my mom proceeded to work and I continued to go to school. In school I became very quiet and didn't really reach out much but now I have a group of friends that I am close with. They really helped a lot, I didn't talk to them much about my dad but just being able to get out and get my mind off things really helped. Eventually things just got a lot better, I stopped being so depressed and I my grades improved. I got involved in school, I played a sport in the fall and I was involved in a club. I was just a lot happier, and it helped a lot that my mom wasn't as depressed either. It always made me feel better knowing that she was starting to feel better too. Okay, well I guess it is about time to actually get into the story.
I would like to say again, trust me I DO NOT need help. So don't try and figure out who I am. However, hearing what people think about this doesn't seem like it is that bad of an idea. I will make and email address or something so people can send me emails if they really want to talk to me about something. But DO NOT even bother trying to talk to me in person, asking me for my phone number, or even anyone that I mention in this for their phone number. I simply will not give them to you, so don't even try, you're just wasting your time. I will put a pseudo email at the end if you really want to contact me.
Okay, sorry for taking so long to get to this, but I felt like all that stuff was necessary. So,I believe it all started that day I got caught. As you may already know, sending nude pictures amongst teens is pretty common. I know I should have never done it, but I wasn't thinking. It isn't that much of a big deal now because I am 18 but still, it doesn't change the fact that I was sending them to an u******e girl. I realize that we could have gotten in a lot of trouble but we trusted each other and we didn't get caught by the cops or anything, and I'm thankful that we didn't. We did get caught by my mom though. She wasn't too happy about it, but actually I thought she would be a lot more “disappointed in me”. That is what she always says, she's almost never mad at me. Just “disappointed”. Which in my opinion was always worse. It didn't bother me too much when I made my mom mad, but if she was disappointed then I felt a lot worse.
After school one day, (I believe it was a Tuesday actually) I walked into my house and I was extremely tired. I stayed up really late, sending pictures back and forth with my girlfriend and among a lot of them were pictures of her and me naked. It was a fun night, even thought I only got like three hours of sl**p it was worth it. It was one of the best masturbation sessions I have had. So, when I got home I plopped my bag and all my stuff including my phone, on the kitchen counter. I went straight to the livingroom to pass out on the couch for a nice nap until dinner time. I was then abruptly woken up by my mom.
“Brendan, hey.. Brendan wake up,” she said as she shook my shoulder. I just ignored her. “Brendan get your lazy ass up now!” That jumped me up, I could tell right away that she was mad about something.
“What?” I shot her a mixed look of confusion and annoyance.
She held up my phone, as she was towering over me. “I was looking through your phone and-”
“YOU WERE LOOKING THROUGH MY PHONE!!” I yelled, jumped up and snatched it from her hand in about a second. She didn't take to me yelling very lightly.
“Excuse me? First of all, I'm the one that pays for your phone, I can just as easily look up what you are doing on your phone on the computer if I really wanted two. And second, don't try to turn this around and change the subject. You know what you did, why are those pictures on your phone?”
I didn't know what to say, and I stuttered, “Uhh, I.. I don't.”
“You know damn well what I'm talking about! Why are they on your phone??” Her voice was raising pretty loud now.
“Mom, I'm sorry. I don't know why.. I just did.”
She let out a long sigh and put her fingers to her forehead. “Look, I know that you are technically an adult now, but she is u******e.”
“I guess, I didn't really think about that.”
“Yeah, clearly! You're lucky I'm not going to tell her parents. You could get into a lot of trouble because of this if you got caught by the wrong people.”
“I know mom, I'm sorry..”
“I know you are still young and that it is tough to control those feelings but please be smart.”
“Okay.. I won't do it again. I'm sorry it made you so mad.”
“I'm not mad, I'm just-”
“Disappointed.. yeah.”
“Just be smart okay? Don't let me find anything stupid like that ever again.”
“I won't do it again. But really mom, can you please not look through my phone. I mean I don't usually have stuff like that on there. But I just feel like.. I don't know. It's kind of an invasion of my privacy I guess.”
“Yeah I know.. I didn't mean to look through your phone like that. I was just curious.”
“About what?”
“Your phone, everyone is getting the iPhone now. I was just curious about it. I wanted to check it out a little.”
“So why don't you just go get one yourself?”
“I don't know, I guess that it's just too much stuff. I don't need all that. But anways, Just be smart okay?”
“Yeah, I will. I'm sorry you saw.. uhh.. that.” I didn't really think about it until now, but my mom saw me naked. Not only naked, but she saw me naked with a freaking hard on, masturbating. I could feel my face getting hot.
“It didn't really bother me, I mean I've seen you naked before. Like I said I'm just disappointed.”
“You haven't seen my naked in a long time! Never like that either. It's just weird I guess.” I started to scratch my face to try and hide that I was blushing.
“Why is it weird?”
“I don't know it just is.”
“Okay, okay. Well, dinner is ready come sit at the table.”
It was a really awkward dinner, we didn't really talk much. She asked about school and I just said the usual. I ate as fast as I could because I was too embarrassed to sit there with my mom. I was basically wolfing down giant bites in seconds. After like maybe five minutes at most, I was done eating and I rushed up to my room. I then finished my dinner and texted my girlfriend Allison. I told her about what happened and she wasn't too happy with me either. However, she was grateful that my mom wasn't going to tell her parents at least. Still, it is pretty embarrassing. We continued to just talk about stuff, and at the same time I did my homework. I then just played some video games, you know just some regular stuff until I went to bed.
A few days passed by until anything else happened, but this is where it starts to get really weird. If i****t bothers you at all, and for some reason you are still reading this. This is my last warning. Stop reading this now because from this point on you may get offended.
After getting caught with the nude pictures on my phone, things finally started to get back to normal with my mom after a day or so. It wasn't awkward around her anymore, and I was able to sit at the table with her again without feeling so embarrassed. The weekend came and after school I had Allison come over, even though she really didn't want to because she was embarrassed also. We could go over to her house, but her house is a war zone. We never have privacy there, because she is the oldest of multiple siblings, plus her parents are always checking on us to make sure we aren't having sex or anything. Haha, it still never stopped us. We were always just “cuddling” under the blanket and watching a movie in her room.
One time though we almost got caught. One of her little b*****rs came in her room one day and decided to annoy us, right in the middle of us having sex. Well, it was more like the end I guess. But anyways, literally right when I was cumming, her b*****r came flying in the room and starting shooting us with a Nerf gun. It was a weird experience. I was wearing a condom of course, but I was cumming inside of my girlfriend and getting shot by her b*****r with a Nerf gun as the same time. The darts were pelting against my back and the back of my head, and I just kind of ignored him. It felt too good to acknowledge him right in the middle of an orgasm. All while this is going on, Allison screamed at him to get out and I think she said “get the fuck out!” or something. Well her parents heard and they weren't happy about it. Her dad came into the room right after we were able to pull our pants back up and he started yelling her. All while I just sat on her bed all sweaty with of cum filled condom still on my dick. Yeah, it was a little weird.
Well anyway Allison came over after school and we had about an hour and a half to ourselves before my mom got home from work. So of course we did what every teen couple does when they have any time alone in a house. The second we got up to my room, we instantly started making out and our hands were already down each others pants. She pulled my jeans down, and I pulled her pants down. We played with each other for a little while and then she went down on me. I always loved getting head, but what guy doesn't I guess right? It just feels so amazing, and I've always hated the girls that wouldn't do it for you. I mean, I'll gladly go down on you, don't be a bitch, just go down on me. Well, she started sucking, and I ran my fingers through her hair. I always loved feeling her head bob up and down with my hands on the back of her head. She was really good at giving head too, She sucked, swirled her tongue around my dick, used her hand at the same time. She focused on where I was sensitive. Eventually she twisted her body over mine and we were 69'ing. I didn't particularly like the taste of a girls vagina, but I did it just because I know they like it. Besides, Allison doesn't like it when I stick my tongue like, inside of her anyways. She just liked it when I focused on her clit, which isn't so bad.
After about ten minutes of doing that, Allison started to bob her head up and down really fast and she was pumping her hand faster. She really knew how to make it feel really good, after a minute started to swirl her tongue around my dick and she knew that felt amazing to me. I started to buck my hips up and down into her mouth and I felt the head of my dick pushing against the back of her mouth. I couldn't even focus on licking her clit anymore because it felt so good. I felt that I was about to cum.
“Allison, I'm gonna cum stop.” She just ignored me. She kept bobbing her head up and down, swirling her tongue, and pumping her fist. After a few seconds I released my load and it shot directly to the back of her mouth. She slowed down a little bit, but she kept sliding her head up and down my dick. I was moaning in pleasure as I shot spurt after spurt into her mouth. I could feel some of the cum slide out of her mouth and down my dick. When I was done she climbed off of me and looked at me with her mouth full and grinned. She then walked out of my room and to the bathroom like she always did to spit it all out. I could hear the water running in the sink and I heard her gargle some water. I still lied there on my back breathing heavily with my dick still out. Allison walked back into my room and smiled.
“Clean yourself up, you pig,” she laughed.
“Shut up.” I got off my bed and shuffled to the bathroom with my pants around my ankles. I cleaned up, pulled my pants back up and walked back to my room. Allison was already laying down under the covers.
“Do you want to have sex?” I asked.
“Not really, can we just cuddle?”
“Yeah.. fine. We always cuddle.”
“Fine, we can just sit on opposite ends of the bed and watch TV like b*****r and s****r.”
“Okay okay.. we can cuddle. I was just saying, why don't we go out to eat or something?”
“Sure, when I'm actually hungry though. It's three right now.”
“Okay sounds good.”
I got under the covers next to her and we spooned and just watched TV. I really loved cuddling, I really did. It's just sometimes all we do is have sex and cuddle. But I guess it isn't really our fault, I mean sometimes this area can get pretty boring so that's what we do. I mean we still go out a lot but, we mostly just hang out at each others houses. Most of the time my house because we have the most privacy here. After cuddling for a while my mom came home, and I heard her walking up stairs. She came into my room and saw us cuddling.
“Oh hey honey.” she said to Allison, she would never call me honey. But she did have a few nicknames for me when I was little.
“Hey Mrs.______ How are you?”
“Good, how about you?”
“That's good, well Bren how was school?”
“Good.” I rolled over from under the covers to look at her. “It was a long week.”
“Yeah, and the weekend is gonna go by real fast like usual,” she said.
“Okay well I'll be downstairs, I'll start dinner soon.”
“Actually we're going out to eat,” I said.
“Oh.. okay. Where are you going?”
“We don't know yet, where do you want to go Allie?”
“I don't care.”
“Yeah, we don't know yet.”
“Okay well, I'll be downstairs.”
After a little while I fell asl**p and we took a nap together. We woke up at about six and we decided to go out to eat. I told my mom that I would see her later and we left. It was a nice dinner, we decided to get Mexican food and after our date was over I dropped her off home. We gave each other our kisses good bye and I left for home. I got home past eight and my mom was asl**p on the couch with the TV on. I looked at her for a few moments and then went into the kitchen to get some water. Gulped that down, then went up to my room. I played some video games, texted Allison and eventually fell asl**p.
I then woke up to go pee. I got out of bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I always hated turning on the light to go to the bathroom to aim, so I always to sat down and went pee like a girl so I didn't have to aim. As I was peeing I heard something. A moan. Not like a groaning moan, a moan of pleasure, and it was my mom. When I was done peeing I didn't flush the toilet and I walked to her door silently. I don't know why I decided to spy on her, but for some reason I did. I sat listening out side of her bedroom door, and I heard her mumbling and moaning. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I couldn't believe I was actually spying on my mom. I was listening to my mom masturbate. I got a little ballsy and I tried to peek through the crack in the door. I couldn't see anything so I pushed it open a little bit and I could see her. The moonlight from the window was shining into the room and I could see her almost perfectly. She was lying on her back and she was fingering herself with one and and she held her phone in the other. Her eyes were burned into the screen as her fingers rubbed on her clit and slid in and out of her. I was watching her for at least ten minutes and my cock rose up in my pants. I couldn't believe I was getting turned on from watching my mom masturbate. I put my hand down my boxers and I started to rub my dick lightly and slowly as I watched my mom masturbate. Then she said something that really ignited my lust for my mom. She started to moan louder and louder and then.
“Oh fuck.. fuck I'm gonna cum. Brendan I'm cumming, I'm cumming all over your dick.” My eyes grew wide, I stopped rubbing my dick and I stared at her for a moment before I quietly crept back into my room. Was my mom really fingering herself to the thought of me? Then I realized something, she had a phone in her hand. Could she really possibly have done what I'm thinking she did? I had to find out.
The next morning I woke up to the alarm I set on my phone. The same time that my mom gets in the shower. I heard the shower running and I quickly jumped up from my bed. I ran across the hall as quietly and possible and into her room. Her phone was plugged into the wall next to her bed. I walked into the room and picked up her phone (man that phone is ancient), then took a deep breath. I unlocked it simply by pressing OK and I went to her pictures. Nothing was there really other than the default pictures and some pictures of friends. I looked at her inbox and there they were. Pictures sent from me, that I never sent. She had all the nude pictures that were on my phone, on her phone. I couldn't believe it. I felt disgusted, but also some what turned on at the same time. My mom was masturbating to me, and I caught her doing it! I looked at the pictures for a minute and then I heard the shower turn off. I quickly put the phone back and walked back into my room as quietly as possible, and got back into bed. I pretended to be asl**p when my mom walked by my bedroom to go downstairs.
I couldn't believe she would do that. She sent the pictures from my phone, to her phone. Then deleted the sent pictures from my phone to make it look like she never did it! I thought my mom wouldn't be able to figure out my phone like that. I couldn't believe it. Yet at the same time, I was turned on. I was extremely horny at that moment so I decided to masturbate as my mom was downstairs. I masturbated to the thought of my mom, of her fingering herself. I imagined her giving me head, her fucking me. I was sexually fantasizing about my mom as I was masturbating. Eventually I felt the need to cum, and I came into my hand. I walked to the bathroom and cleaned up then walked back to my room. I fell asl**p for maybe about two more hours until I started my day. The day was a regular Saturday, I hung out with my friends. We hung out in one of my friends basements and we talked, played Madden that's about it. Nothing too crazy this weekend. Well, I drove back home at around midnight and went up to bed. Before I went to bed I tried to listen and she if my mom was masturbating again but I didn't hear anything so I went to bed.
I then woke up to my mom's voice.
“Brendan, I can see your penis.” I realized that I wasn't under the covers and I was on my back. I felt that my dick was poking out of the side of my boxers and I had morning wood. I was too embarrassed to do anything so I just pretended to still be asl**p. I heard my mom walk closer to me.
“Bren, you awake?” My mom nudged me a little bit. Then she did something that is considered extreme taboo. She lightly wrapped her hand around my dick. She then started rub it a little bit, then she pulled back suddenly and whispered to herself. “What the fuck are you doing Emily? Stop.” She then pulled my boxers over my erect penis and walked out of the room. I couldn't believe she did that, but at the same time I wasn't surprised. My mom for whatever reason was lusting for me, and I was lusting for her too. I wanted her, bad. So I made a plan.
The whole day went by so slow. It was the worst Sunday ever. My homework seemed to take forever, I played video games to pass time, I even masturbated to try and pass time. Nothing seemed to be helping but finally it got a little late and I could at least go to bed without my mom thinking it was weird to go to bed so early. So I told her I was really tired and that I was going to bed. It was about a half hour before her bedtime at 10. She likes to watch TV until 10. So I went to bed and started to masturbate, to the thought of my mom. I controlled my pace so I could cum at the right time. I heard my mom walking up the stairs and I started to moan and breath heavy. I instantly heard my mom's foot steps go silent. I purposely left my door open a crack so she could see. After a few moments I knew my mom was looking through the crack in my door and I knew that it was the right time to cum. I started to pump my dick furiously and I felt my load trying to push out. I then moaned out loud.
“Oh fuck mom.. mom I'm cumming. I'm gonna cum inside of you,” and I came all over my stomach. I sat there breathing heavy and I took a quick peek at the door and I saw a shadow of movement. Perfect, she was watching. Phase one was complete.
I went to the bathroom to clean up and then all I had to do was wait. I was in bed wide awake for about an hour before I heard anything but sure enough there it was. Moaning from my mom. I then got up quietly and crept across the hall sneakily. Her door was open a crack and I wondered if she did it on purpose or not, like I had. There she was masturbating in the dark. She was moaning and a couple of times I heard her mumble my name. I could feel my dick getting hard. After a few minutes I then got the guts to say something.
“Mom are you okay?” I called. She went dead silent. “Mom?”
“Umm.. yeah Bren I'm fine.” I walked into the room and she was under the covers.
“Were you crying?”
“Uh.. yeah. I'm just a little upset about something,” she lied.
“Oh, what is it?”
“Nothing just one of my friends.”
“Mom.. I know what you were doing.”
“You.. you saw?” her voice cracked.
“Yeah and I heard everything, including what you were saying. I saw you last time too with your phone, and I know what you were looking at too.” She was dead silent. “Mom?”
“I.. I don't..”
“Mom.. I'm really hard right now.”
“You were turning me on.”
“I'm sorry.. this isn't right I don't know whats wrong with me,” she squeaked.
“Nothing is wrong with you mom, remember we talked about this a while ago. It's normal to have these feelings.”
“I'm your mother! It's different.”
“Mom, look how hard I am.” Her eyes traveled down to the tent in my boxers.
“No, we can't,” she said as she continued to stare at my hard on. I walked up to her and stood next to her bed. Her eyes were flickering back and forth from my face to my dick, back and forth, back and forth. I grabbed the blanket and pulled it off of her. She had her pajamas down to her ankles and her pussy was exposed to me. I turned on the lamp next to me and it made us both squint.
“No stop it! You shouldn't see me like this!”
“Mom you saw me naked!”
“That was by accident!” she protested.
“Was it an accident to send them to your phone, and masturbate to them!” She was silent. “Mom I want you, and you know that you want me. We can't live like this.” She then turned her head away and reached her arm up and slid her hand under my boxers. She grabbed my dick lightly and started to rub it slowly. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening.
“This is all that we are doing, no further,” she said. I decided not to push her so I stayed silent. She started to rub her hand faster. It was starting to feel really good after a few minutes.
“Mom can I sit down on the bed next to you?” She moved over, still without looking at me. I sat down next to her and I pulled my boxers down. Her hand found my dick again and she continued. “Mom this feels really good,” I moaned. “Mom will you stop looking away like that? You are making me feel awful.” I saw her other hand go up and wipe her eyes and she then turned to me.
“We shouldn't be doing this. You are my son.”
“Why can't we do this? Because everyone says that we can't? Because it is bad in everyone's eyes? Who cares what everyone thinks? Besides we just won't tell anyone.”
“I guess,” she mumbled. I leaned over and gave her a quick light kiss on the lips. Not a mother to son kiss. A quick kiss that lovers share and express with each other.
“Mom it's okay, I will always love you no matter what.”
“Okay.” She then looked down at my dick and started to stroke it a little faster. I reached from under her arm and touched her pussy.
“Can I?” She looked at me and nodded. I smiled and continued. I slid my finger inside of her, I slid it in and out for a few moments, then I went on to rub her clit. We were playing with each other for a quite a while. She was pumping my dick faster, and I was fingering her fast. Pushing my fingers inside of her, and rubbing her clit also. We were both moaning and I looked at her, we then made eye contact. I smiled and gave her another light kiss. I felt the cum rising up. I was going to cum in a few seconds.
“Oh shit.. mom I'm going to cum, can I cum please?”
“Yes Bren, cum I'll catch it.” That's all I needed to release my load. It wasn't very big because I had masturbated a lot over the past day but still, it was enough. My cum shot out and she caught all of it with her other hand as she continued to pump my dick slowly. After I released my last spurt she squeezed out the rest of the cum that was inside of my dick and wiped it up with her finger.
“Thank you mom, that was amazing.”
“Good, I'm glad that you liked it. Get to bed now, You have school in the morning.”
“Okay.” I stood up and pulled my boxers up. My mom also stood up and pulled up her pajamas with one hand, and my cum in the other hand. I walked out of the room and my mom followed close behind and she went into the bathroom behind me. I then stopped as I heard the faucet turn on.
“Mom?” I called.
“Can we do this again? I really liked it.”
“We'll talk about it later okay? Get some sl**p.”
“Okay. Goodnight mom.”
“Goodnight.” And I walked to my room.

There is a lot more that happened, but I have to take a break from writing this stuff eventually. I have been writing for hours and it feels good to actually get it out. Even if nobody reads this, it still feels good to get it written down. I made a email so if anyone wants to talk about anything go ahead. Trust me this is a real email that I made, so go ahead and email me if you really want to. But don't bother asking for too much information about my life, because I won't give it to you. Well here it is, Thank you for reading. I'll be writing a lot more in the near future, because there is A LOT more stuff to cover about this. This is just the beginning.

... Continue»
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How Mom became my SLUT part 1

Hello let me introduce my f****y to you. My name is Steven, my dad is Kevin, mom is Liz and my younger s****r Candy. I am twenty now and have owned my mom since I was fifteen almost sixteen. The day it happened started as any normal day. My Dad is a lawyer. Mom is a stay at home mom. Mom said she had plans with some friends at lunch. Dad had to hurry and get to court he was in the middle of a big murder case. Dad is a very prominent lawyer. He always hated the lawyer television shows and said "no one ever breaks down and admits they did it." So that morning he was putting on his shirt when i knocked on his door. "Dad I really don't feel good but i have some tests this morning i can't miss can you write an excuse for me to get out at lunch time." He looked at me and said how proud he was that I was being so responsible but said "Can't your mom write it I am trying to get dressed to get to the office before i have to be at the courthouse." I looked at him and said "really you know she is to busy trying to get Candy ready. Please i have a pen and paper here it will just take a minute and I am (I stressed that) trying to be responsible." He laughed and said okay. He quickly jotted the stuff on the paper saying I was allowed to leave and be able to walk home as he would be in court and my mother would be across town. The office staffed loved my dad and i knew that would carry more weight than mom writing it.

As lunch came my stomach was hurting so i showed my note to the Assistant Principal and he told me to get better and he would see me tomorrow. I began the walk home. As i got close to the house i saw a car in the Robertson's drive which is next to our house but they are on vacation and I have never seen that car before. It struck me as odd. The next thing was even odder. My moms car was in the garage with the door open. I used my key and opened the door. I heard sounds coming from my parents master bedroom down the hall. Mine and Candy's rooms were up stairs. As i got closer I knew the sound. I had heard the sound many times when mom and dad had sex. Our house isn't very sound proof and mom liked to be a little loud. I thought no way can dad be done with court today? Well maybe if they had to prepare for something but he would be at the office. I snuck down the hall and heard my mom moaning then the sound of a guys voice saying "yes bitch ride my cock". I was frozen in my tracks. OMG I thought. No way. Was my mom committing adultery. Now I had to look as anger and a whole lot of other emotions took over. I slowly walked towards the door that was barely shut probably because they weren't expecting anyone to be home. I saw mom she was riding his cock and she was backwards moaning and saying "Yes OMG give it to me". Then everything was kind of a blurr I could hear him saying something but I cant tell you what it was. I reached in my pocket and pulled my cell out and began to take pictures. Pictures of my mom naked riding him and of him. That is when mom saw me and screamed OMG Steven. I ran and went up to my room. When I got to my room I locked my door went to my computer and saved pictures to a file and began to type a message to my dad from my phone. Thats when there was a pounding on my door as mom tried to get in. "Steven come to the door please son. Mommy wants to talk." I shouted back to her that I didnt want to talk to her and i was typing dad a message and gonna send him the pics. "No Steven please you cant. Please" I began to hear her cry. "Just who the hell was that mommy."
"Steven please don't send that message. Please open the door so I can talk to you." mom cried. She was crying and begging i put my phone down and walked to the door and just unlocked it, turned around and walked back to my computer desk. Mom opened the door and came in tears streaming down her face." Steven honey what are you doing home?" I gave her a very dirty look and said "Really is that what you wanted to talk about why i was home ... REALLY" I shouted. "Steven I am so sorry you saw that." she began.
I cut her off with "Oh I am sure you are. I am really sure you didnt intend for anyone to see you fucking some guy that wasnt my DAD."
She looked at me and said "First off young man don't you ever talk to me like that again. I am your mother.
Thats when i cut her off and said no you stopped being my mother when you made the decision to be on another mans COCK."
Mom looks over and see's that my phone is on the desk and asks"Are you sending a message to your father?"
I haven't yet, but I have started it." I replied.
"No Steven please don't. I don't want to lose my husband or my f****y." Still crying and begging. Even as mad, and hurt as I am at this very minute my mind races back to mom riding that cock and as i look past her I see ME. That ignites a spark in my cock and it instantly gets hard as I picture my mom riding me.
"Steven are you listening to me? Please don't I will do anything, anything as long as you don't send that message to your father."
"You will do anything I tell you to". I start. "Okay Liz lets test that statement. Take off your robe now!" I tell her stearnly.
"Why did you call me Liz? And I can't its... its not right" She says.
I walk over with my cell in my hand showing her the message with attached pictures ready to hit the send button and say "well then i guess I hit send.
"No no no please Steven look I am taking off my robe." As she pulls it off slides it down her back and it falls to the floor. The sexiest woman i had ever seen stood before me naked, and i was in control. I began to love this as my cock strained against my boxer briefs and my jeans. Now let me tell you what i saw. My new slut stood 5'5 about 125-130 hardly any fat on her at all. Her tits were amazing natural and big 36D. Her stomach was tight and toned. she had time to go to the gym everyday. She is not a natural blonde as i found out by the almost black stripe of pubic hair that was above her pussy. Her legs were long and her body completely tanned. The smell of sex was starting to fill my room and was making my mind crazy."Now you can call it blackmail or as you said doing anything I want since you dont want these pictures sent."
"Steven please I am standing here naked please erase that message so it doesn't accidently get sent. I agree to that but tell her I still have the pictures. Its now going on 1:30 and my s****r will be home in 90 minutes. I reach up and grab her hair and tell her to get on her knees.
"Steven what are you going to do?" she questions me.
"Liz right now were going to talk." I start. "Stop calling me Liz I am mom." she says
No from now on the only time I will say that is if someone is around otherwise you will be Liz, or Slut or even My Dirty Little Whore. Do you understand me?I ask She nods that she understands. As she is listening to her son make his demands she notices her nipples are very hard and erect. Also that there is a fire burning between her legs as she spot the very erect cock of her sons in his jeans. "Next you will do whatever you are told when you are told to do so .... no matter what it is. As he jerks her hair he says" do you understand slut." Hearing him call her that makes the fire in her crotch burn stronger. She nods she agrees. I will always keep the pictures as i have already put them on a flash drive and hidden it. If for any reason you choose not to hold your end of this araingment the pictures will be sent to dad.
"This is so wrong but i have no choice. You wont reconsider will you?" she begs.
I begin to laugh at her." Heres what you need to understand I OWN YOU. Now I have been noticing you looking at my hard cock. So since i disturbed you. Take it out now." I my command to her. As i stand in front of her, her hands begin to shake as she starts to cry again. "
"Stop your crying you were moaning before so get my cock out. You will address me as sir from now on." I tell her
"Yes sir" as she fights to stop crying and undoing my pants reaching her hand in and grabbing my cock to pull it out. I almost spurt my spunk right there right then. I push her head to it take it. Suck it i command to her. As her mouth slowly begins to open I shove her head on my cock she gags at first and since this is the first person to touch me since she bathed me as a k** I think I only lasted five seconds in her mouth as thick white ropes of sperm came shooting through the piss slit in my cock. Moaning and throwing my head back as she again gagged at first and began to swallow what seemed like a gallon of sperm. Having watched porn on my computer and videos we stole from my friends parents I was knowledgeable of positions and where to put my cock but again it was uncharted territory for me. I then basically dragged her to the side of my bed and bent her over it. Getting in behind her I told her I was about to give my dirty little whore my whole 7" cock deep in her pussy. With that i used my feet to push her legs as wide apart as they would go. I then pushed my cock into her almost dripping cunt. I once again took a picture of my cock in her pussy and made sure that my pants and shoes were in the picture as proof. No so.... I mean sir no more pictures please. "Oh slut this one is even better your cunt is being stuffed by an u******ed cock. This is more leverage that you will remain my slut." I told her. As i pumped my young hard cock in and out of my new sluts pussy i began to feel the boiling in my cock so I pulled out and pushed on her to remain where she was saying I had to stop for a minute. "No sir please your s****r will be here in 30 mins and she cant see this." she says.
"I definately agree with you on that so lets go slut" as i grab her by the hair and take her back down to the master bedroom. Dragging her by the hair I open the 2 person shower my father had installed and push her in. Pushing her to the granite seats that dad had installed because this can also be used as a sauna. I sit and tell her to mount my cock. She comes over turns away and is about to lower herself when i say "Turn around and face me you dirty whore".
She obeys and turns around. Slowly she starts to slide on my cock. As I go completely inside her i hear a soft moan from her. "So does my dirty little whore like being on my cock or just any cock." I ask her.
"Oh ... Oh sir yes i do like your cock." she replies.
" Then ride it slut. Ride it hard." My commands are even shocking as i hear them come from me. I begin to rub and squeeze her tits. Licking and sucking on them. Nibbling one nipple as i pinch the other. Louder moans now come from her mouth as her breathing gets rougher and faster. I cant hold out much longer but i lean her back and tell her to turn on the shower. When she does a cold burst hits us and helps stop my orgasm but sends mom rocking and fucking me harder as she has such a powerful orgasm. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock so hard it almost felt like she would cut it off. That was more than i could handle and again rope after rope of hot sticky gooey white jizz came from my balls through my cock and this time into my dirty whores soaking wet pussy. When we were finally both able to stand i told her she had 10 mins to be cleaned and out of the shower as Candy would be home in 15 minutes. She bowed her head and said "yes sir". I quickly washed my cock grabbed a towel and ran to my room. Once in my room I began to run through everything in my mind again and noticed my cock was still rock hard. I began to stroke it and realized I dont have to do that anymore i have my own personal slut for that. I got dressed and ran back down into the kitchen where my slut was fixing her daughters snack so she could eat as soon as she walked in. Then i said "my cock is still hard and your gonna suck it til i cum or she comes in the door. She dropped to her knees fished my cock out of my shorts and began to deep throat my whole cock. No licks or kissing the head just straight deep throating which was fine with me i just needed to blow another load. As she sucked I instructed her that after dad falls asl**p she is to come to my bed. She looked up at me eyes as big as I had ever seen. With my cock stuffed deep in her mouth and nodded yes. as she bobbed up and own on my cock I held her head. Fucking her face i was so ready to cum when the door opened and my dirty little whore stood up pulling my shorts up and hugging me saying let me get your s****r started with her juice and her snack and i will bring something for you since your sick. You just go back to bed as i feel her hand squeezing my cock. "yes mommy" I say patronizingly. I go back to my room and lay on my bed in ten minutes my new slut walks through the door with a tray and sets it down grabs my cock and starts to work it in and out of her mouth. Stopping just long enough to say "please sir cum down my throat". and begins to suck me harder. My cock begins to shoot my third load just as powerful as my first but maybe only half a gallon this time. I make her clean my cock and tell her to go tend to my s****r. She obeys her command and starts to leave stops at the door and says "I will be here tonight sir but please don't expect me to stay all night. I certainly don't want your dad finding this out. I agree and she leaves.

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Mom Pays Up (part 1)

(This is my first attempt at a story and my writing is pretty bad so please be kind.)
(Please comment with any ideas on how to improve, thank you)

(My name is Trevor but everyone that knows me just calls me T,
Mostly because they can't be bothered to say my whole name.
I am 21 and I live with my mom and my dad, and i don't have a job
But I have made a large amount of money from gambling and never had
a problem until recently....)

"Bye mom" I shouted as I closed the door behind me.
As I got in my car and started out of our driveway I couldn't
help but feel like I do the same thing everyday. I arrived at his
home just like everyday and knocked on his door.
The door slowly opened and I was greeted by the same familiar face.
"Hi Ray" I said as he looked at me.
"Ahh just the person I wanted to see, come on in" he said as he stepped
aside and held the door open for me.

(Ray is known in our small town by many people for good reasons
or bad, but mostly he is known because he owns and runs the town
general store. He is a very tall and muscular built man even though he
is in his sixties he is built like someone in there thirties. We became good friends
over the years and he was like a father to me, and he was the one who got me
started gambling, and then introduced me into his big gambling ring that involved many
shady people and huge amounts of money.)

I walked in and sat down on his couch beside his son Jason as ray took a seat in
his big expensive recliner in front of us. He stared at me in a way that wasn't like he always did,
It wasn't his regular friendly fatherly way and I knew why, I knew I deserved the look I was getting.
"Ray I came to talk about what happened last night" I said as he stared at me, I waited for a reply
Until his son Jason butted in and said "you fucked up bad this time b*o" and smirked.

(Let me tell you about Jason. Jason is my age and we used to go to school together and
Were pretty decent friends until he turned into a complete asshole, he is the rude type
he takes what he wants even if it screws his friends over. I hate him but always put up with
him when I was visiting Ray.)

After awkward silence for what seemed like hours Ray finally spoke to me but he didn't say what
I wanted to hear "I can't believe what you did, do you even realize how much money you owe me?"
I dropped my head as I said "yes sir I do.... $150,000..."

(Saying it out loud even made me angry at myself. Last night I lost all my money and when the chance
came and they all put out big amounts of cash I didn't think, well I did think, I thought I could use Rays
money and win all mine back and some extra to make him happy... But what happened is I secretly borrowed
$150,000 and got cocky and bet it all... And lost... So now I'm a thief and I owe Ray more money than I've ever
had in my life.)

He just stared angrily at me. I jumped in saying "Ray I'm so sorry, I'll find a way to get your money back for you I swear".
He dropped his arms at his sides and said. "No!! No more gambling for you, your going to find another way to pay me back"
He stood up and said "So from now on I want you in my store first thing every morning working your debt off"
"Yes sir" I said as I stood up to shake his hand, but he just ignored me and walked off, so I just headed home for the day..

The next day I woke up early and headed to the store and met Ray. He was working the register, it wasn't a busy day and
only a few people had been in shopping. He had me go in the back and restock some very heavy boxes, as I was working
I heard the ding of the door so I knew someone had just come in. I quickly finished and went back to Ray at the register
and asked "What do you need me to do now sir?". He ignored me and pointed and said "look at that nice view".
I turned to see what he was pointing at, it was a woman he was pointing at, she was facing away from us and was stooped
down digging through the bottom of a shelf of canned foods, her shoulder length dirty blonde her was all we could see from behind,
well that and her tight thin white dress she was wearing was pulled up tightly against her ass and it was an amazingly nice big round ass
you could just faintly see the color and outline of her panties covering her ass. It was a great site. Ray then said in a quite voice "I know how your going to pay me back". I was confused until the woman stood up and turned around and all I could say was "mom? What are you doing here?"
I couldn't believe the woman Ray had me drooling over was my own mother. I explained to her how I was helping Ray out a little
and I left out the real reasons why. We said our goodbyes and she headed off to get more stuff before checking out. After she had left the store Ray called me over
he had a smile on his face as he handed me a small but very expensive looking digital camera and as he did he asked "Well are you ready to start paying your debt?". I took the camera in my hands and said "Sure Ray. So you want me to take some pictures of the store or our products or what?". He just started laughing a deep hearty laugh that confused me even further. He smiled then said "Nope.. Your going to take some pictures of your mom for me". I quickly replied "What? No way". His smiled turned into a frown and he said "ok that's fine, I'll just call the police and let them know about my stolen money".. I stopped him and started begging "No please don't Ray, I'll do what you want just please don't turn me in". I paused and then asked "ok so you want me to take a few pictures of my mom for you right? That should be easy to..". He cut me off "No first thing I want is some pictures of her in a bikini.". That won't be too hard I thought to myself, we have a pool and my mom uses it quite often, but I didn't understand why Ray wanted pictures of my mom until he said. "And make sure you get clear shots and make sure you get some close ups of her crotch and her top." He smiled as he said it and I was shocked to hear it but I guess I don't have a choice so I just nodded my head. I mean it's just a few pictures of her in her bathing suit, it's not that big of a deal and if it keeps Ray happy and me out of trouble I have no choice.
Ray told me to go home and only come back when I had the pictures for him so I headed home.

(I can understand why Ray would be attracted to my mom, most of my dads friends are always flirty with her when he isn't around and for good reason.
My mom's name is Kathy and she is 45 and as I said before she has shoulder length dirty blonde hair. As for her body she isn't one of these gym junkies that are thin and muscular, but she has a very nice full figure womanly body topped with a nice perfectly round pair of natural 40D breasts that always grab attention from men when she wears low cut shirts and dresses.)

I waited a day or two until I heard my mom shout to me "I'm going to go lay in the sun for a while."... "Ok mom I shouted back.". I watched out of my window as she strolled up to the pool and climbed on top of her float and began sun bathing as she lay there floating around the pool. I treys to get a good picture from my window but I knew it wouldn't be enough to make Ray happy, so I waited a while and then walked to the edge of the pool with the camera on and hidden in my pocket ready to go. She was floating on her back wearing her white two piece bikini with a rag across her eyes and didn't notice I was there. So I began snapping picture after picture and I began to enjoy the excitement of it. I took pictures of her breasts from the sides and the top and bottom getting a nice view of a lot of cleavage with only the small white top covering her nipples and a small amount of her breasts. Then I moved to taking pictures of her bottoms not much was visible but as I almost gave up she let out a yawn and stretched and parted her legs a little more. I zoomed the camera in between her legs and you could barely see the outline of her crevice and just above that you could see her dark patch of pubes through the thin white bikini bottom, I took as many pictures as I could. I quickly put the camera in my pocket as I noticed her uncovering her face. She asked "Oh did you need something?". I quickly thought and replied "Yeah I was just going to tell you I'm going to run to the store and get something and wanted to know if you needed anything?". She smiled and got off her float and got back on it on her stomach as you was saying "no thanks I don't need anything". She was facing away from me as she reached back and untied her top so she doesn't get lines on her back. I was snapping away pictures as she did this and then I focused on her ass and got multiple pictures, then I quickly put the camera away without her knowing I took them and I left and headed to Rays house........TO BE CONTINUED

Please comment and let me know if you like it and what you think of it.
I know it's a boring start but things will start happening I promise.
Please if you want me to continue let me know.

... Continue»
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Mom Pays Up (part 1)

(This is my first attempt at a story and my writing is pretty bad so please be kind.)
(Please comment with any ideas on how to improve, thank you)

(My name is Trevor but everyone that knows me just calls me T,
Mostly because they can't be bothered to say my whole name.
I am 21 and I live with my mom and my dad, and i don't have a job
But I have made a large amount of money from gambling and never had
a problem until recently....)

"Bye mom" I shouted as I closed the door behind me.
As I got in my car and started out of our driveway I couldn't
help but feel like I do the same thing everyday. I arrived at his
home just like everyday and knocked on his door.
The door slowly opened and I was greeted by the same familiar face.
"Hi Ray" I said as he looked at me.
"Ahh just the person I wanted to see, come on in" he said as he stepped
aside and held the door open for me.

(Ray is known in our small town by many people for good reasons
or bad, but mostly he is known because he owns and runs the town
general store. He is a very tall and muscular built man even though he
is in his sixties he is built like someone in there thirties. We became good friends
over the years and he was like a father to me, and he was the one who got me
started gambling, and then introduced me into his big gambling ring that involved many
shady people and huge amounts of money.)

I walked in and sat down on his couch beside his son Jason as ray took a seat in
his big expensive recliner in front of us. He stared at me in a way that wasn't like he always did,
It wasn't his regular friendly fatherly way and I knew why, I knew I deserved the look I was getting.
"Ray I came to talk about what happened last night" I said as he stared at me, I waited for a reply
Until his son Jason butted in and said "you fucked up bad this time b*o" and smirked.

(Let me tell you about Jason. Jason is my age and we used to go to school together and
Were pretty decent friends until he turned into a complete asshole, he is the rude type
he takes what he wants even if it screws his friends over. I hate him but always put up with
him when I was visiting Ray.)

After awkward silence for what seemed like hours Ray finally spoke to me but he didn't say what
I wanted to hear "I can't believe what you did, do you even realize how much money you owe me?"
I dropped my head as I said "yes sir I do.... $150,000..."

(Saying it out loud even made me angry at myself. Last night I lost all my money and when the chance
came and they all put out big amounts of cash I didn't think, well I did think, I thought I could use Rays
money and win all mine back and some extra to make him happy... But what happened is I secretly borrowed
$150,000 and got cocky and bet it all... And lost... So now I'm a thief and I owe Ray more money than I've ever
had in my life.)

He just stared angrily at me. I jumped in saying "Ray I'm so sorry, I'll find a way to get your money back for you I swear".
He dropped his arms at his sides and said. "No!! No more gambling for you, your going to find another way to pay me back"
He stood up and said "So from now on I want you in my store first thing every morning working your debt off"
"Yes sir" I said as I stood up to shake his hand, but he just ignored me and walked off, so I just headed home for the day..

The next day I woke up early and headed to the store and met Ray. He was working the register, it wasn't a busy day and
only a few people had been in shopping. He had me go in the back and restock some very heavy boxes, as I was working
I heard the ding of the door so I knew someone had just come in. I quickly finished and went back to Ray at the register
and asked "What do you need me to do now sir?". He ignored me and pointed and said "look at that nice view".
I turned to see what he was pointing at, it was a woman he was pointing at, she was facing away from us and was stooped
down digging through the bottom of a shelf of canned foods, her shoulder length dirty blonde her was all we could see from behind,
well that and her tight thin white dress she was wearing was pulled up tightly against her ass and it was an amazingly nice big round ass
you could just faintly see the color and outline of her panties covering her ass. It was a great site. Ray then said in a quite voice "I know how your going to pay me back". I was confused until the woman stood up and turned around and all I could say was "mom? What are you doing here?"
I couldn't believe the woman Ray had me drooling over was my own mother. I explained to her how I was helping Ray out a little
and I left out the real reasons why. We said our goodbyes and she headed off to get more stuff before checking out. After she had left the store Ray called me over
he had a smile on his face as he handed me a small but very expensive looking digital camera and as he did he asked "Well are you ready to start paying your debt?". I took the camera in my hands and said "Sure Ray. So you want me to take some pictures of the store or our products or what?". He just started laughing a deep hearty laugh that confused me even further. He smiled then said "Nope.. Your going to take some pictures of your mom for me". I quickly replied "What? No way". His smiled turned into a frown and he said "ok that's fine, I'll just call the police and let them know about my stolen money".. I stopped him and started begging "No please don't Ray, I'll do what you want just please don't turn me in". I paused and then asked "ok so you want me to take a few pictures of my mom for you right? That should be easy to..". He cut me off "No first thing I want is some pictures of her in a bikini.". That won't be too hard I thought to myself, we have a pool and my mom uses it quite often, but I didn't understand why Ray wanted pictures of my mom until he said. "And make sure you get clear shots and make sure you get some close ups of her crotch and her top." He smiled as he said it and I was shocked to hear it but I guess I don't have a choice so I just nodded my head. I mean it's just a few pictures of her in her bathing suit, it's not that big of a deal and if it keeps Ray happy and me out of trouble I have no choice.
Ray told me to go home and only come back when I had the pictures for him so I headed home.

(I can understand why Ray would be attracted to my mom, most of my dads friends are always flirty with her when he isn't around and for good reason.
My mom's name is Kathy and she is 45 and as I said before she has shoulder length dirty blonde hair. As for her body she isn't one of these gym junkies that are thin and muscular, but she has a very nice full figure womanly body topped with a nice perfectly round pair of natural 40D breasts that always grab attention from men when she wears low cut shirts and dresses.)

I waited a day or two until I heard my mom shout to me "I'm going to go lay in the sun for a while."... "Ok mom I shouted back.". I watched out of my window as she strolled up to the pool and climbed on top of her float and began sun bathing as she lay there floating around the pool. I treys to get a good picture from my window but I knew it wouldn't be enough to make Ray happy, so I waited a while and then walked to the edge of the pool with the camera on and hidden in my pocket ready to go. She was floating on her back wearing her white two piece bikini with a rag across her eyes and didn't notice I was there. So I began snapping picture after picture and I began to enjoy the excitement of it. I took pictures of her breasts from the sides and the top and bottom getting a nice view of a lot of cleavage with only the small white top covering her nipples and a small amount of her breasts. Then I moved to taking pictures of her bottoms not much was visible but as I almost gave up she let out a yawn and stretched and parted her legs a little more. I zoomed the camera in between her legs and you could barely see the outline of her crevice and just above that you could see her dark patch of pubes through the thin white bikini bottom, I took as many pictures as I could. I quickly put the camera in my pocket as I noticed her uncovering her face. She asked "Oh did you need something?". I quickly thought and replied "Yeah I was just going to tell you I'm going to run to the store and get something and wanted to know if you needed anything?". She smiled and got off her float and got back on it on her stomach as you was saying "no thanks I don't need anything". She was facing away from me as she reached back and untied her top so she doesn't get lines on her back. I was snapping away pictures as she did this and then I focused on her ass and got multiple pictures, then I quickly put the camera away without her knowing I took them and I left and headed to Rays house........TO BE CONTINUED

Please comment and let me know if you like it and what you think of it.
I know it's a boring start but things will start happening I promise.
Please if you want me to continue let me know.
... Continue»
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How My Mom Saved "Nude Day"

How Mom Saved Nude Day

I live at home with my dad, mom and s****r. We live on the outskirts of the city in our four-bedroom house with a big backyard. My s****r Sandy and I were homeschooled, but my s****r is a year older and is now attending a community college in the city. She still lives at home and drives mom's car to class. I'm finishing up my home studies which are the equivalent of a senior year in high school.

My dad always had a free spirit. He considered himself one of the baby boomers and was a huge hippie. His lifestyle, by default, carried over to my mom and later to my s****r and me. We ate only organic food, listened to blue grass and reggae music, and celebrated all of the hippie holidays like Earth Day, Peace Day, Green Day, and even Nude Day. As a matter of fact, my dad was a pretty active nudist -- besides walking around the house naked all the time, he was a member of the local nudist club; he even attended special nudist camps and conferences. Mom was supportive of my dad's "hobby" (that's what she called it) and sometimes attended the nudist gatherings with him.

Nudity was quite common in our household. Dad never wore clothes at home, except when he was too cold or he was going somewhere. On really hot summer days, mom would get topless to help her stay cool. Sandy wasn't a shy person either, but she usually kept her nudity to her room or the bathroom. She and I shared a bathroom and we never locked the door. More often than not we walked in on each other completely in the buff and it was never a big deal. After all, on Nude Day we would all get naked together.

It never bothered me to see the members of my f****y naked, however, when I turned eighteen I became getting self-conscious about being naked myself. At this age I was getting raging hard-ons all the time and I did not want anyone to see me like this, especially my s****r. During last year's Nude Day, when I was naked, tossing the frisbee with my dad, I got a boner. My s****r immediately noticed and began making fun of me for it, acting like she had never seen one. At first I was a little surprised since it wasn't the first time she had seen me this way -- I often had boners in the morning when we both needed to use the bathroom. Dad soon joined Sandy and they both were making jokes about my boner. For some reason, hearing them making fun of me like that made me incredibly uncomfortable and I felt very embarrassed. Since that day I developed sort of an anxiety and I got nervous every time I felt an oncoming erection around other people. I timed my bathroom trips so I wouldn't run into my s****r and I began wearing loose clothing to conceal my embarrassment in case I got a boner. Sometimes the loose clothes wouldn't be enough to hide my stiff, nine inch cock and I often received strange looks when I stormed out of the room to hide the tent in my pants.

Summer was drawing near and I was busy with finishing up the exams and getting my diploma. The exams weren't that hard, but I wanted to get a perfect score on each one of them. It was also time to think about what I was going to do after I graduated. I wanted to show my parents that I was smarter than my older s****r and instead of going to the same community college I decided I would apply to the university. I was worried that my home education would not be good enough to get into such a prestigious establishment, but I decided to try my luck anyway. With the help of my dad I filled out all of the paperwork and sent in my application. I was so preoccupied with all of these things that I completely forgot about the upcoming holiday -- the Nude Day.

It was dad who reminded me. "We're going to host a little get together this year for Nude Day," he said at a f****y dinner.

"Oh, what a great idea!" chirped Sandy, who always thought that all of our dad's ideas were great. She was such a kiss-ass.

"Like, a nude get together?" I asked feeling a chill run down my spine.

"It is the Nude Day after all," dad chuckled. He took a bite of his food and looked at me. "Do you still want to go to the university, Steve?"

"Yes, of course," I answered. "If I get accepted."

"I'm sure you will, son," said dad with a wink. "I happen to know the dean of the admissions at the university and he happens to also be a nudist. I think I'll invite him over for Nude Day. What a better way to make a good impression on him, eh Steve?"

"Crap," I thought. I was already thinking about not attending this Nude Day party and now my dad throws a curveball at me.

"Who else did you invite, honey?" asked my mom.

"Let's see -- there's the dean and his wife, Tom and Linda, Jerry and Sarah and some other people from the local nudist club. About twenty people in total."

"That's quite a bit of guests." Mom frowned.

"Don't worry. I'll grill enough food for everyone and order a keg of beer. This will be the first time I'm hosting a club gathering and I want to show everyone what a supportive f****y I have." Dad looked cheerfully at Sandy and me. "Well, I'm all done. It was wonderful, as always." Dad pushed his empty plate away. He was naked as usual and I caught a glimpse of his cock when he stood up. By now I knew that my own cock was bigger than his, though I've never seen him with a boner. I wondered why it was that dad never got erections in front of us and why I got them all the time. Just this morning, Sandy almost caught me in the bathroom with a morning erection, when she woke up earlier than normal. It was a close call and it nearly gave me a heart attack.

Whether I liked it or not, Nude Day was coming up fast. I had given up on finding a way out of attending my dad's party. I didn't want to let him down and I wanted to meet the dean from the university. However, each day that went by gave me more and more anxiety. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get a boner at some point during the day, especially if there were other women there. I became tense and nervous and avoided my f****y as much as I could. Mom must have noticed that something was bothering me, because she came into my room one evening and asked if I was okay.

"Yes mom. Why do you ask?" I smiled at her as if nothing was amiss.

"It's just that you've been acting a little strange the past couple of days," mom said.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just a little stressed out after the exams," I replied.

I could tell that mom wasn't buying my ruse and I wasn't really making a good effort to lie. I had a problem and I couldn't turn to anyone else with it. I just didn't quite know how to explain it to her. Mom was always there for me. When Sandy and dad made fun on my boner last year, mom was the one that comforted me and told me I shouldn't worry about it; that it happened to all the guys my age. Even though my mom's words didn't exactly help my problem, I valued everything she said.

"Steven, you know you can tell me anything," she insisted. She looked at me with her big, kind eyes and I had no choice but to confess.

"Well, there is something," I began. "Umm... Do you remember Nude Day last year?"

"Of course," mom answered. "What about it?"

"Remember when I... my... penis stood up?" I fumbled for words.

Mom smiled. "Oh, that! Wait, are you worried that it's going to happen to you again this year?"

I nodded.

"Ha ha!" mom let out a laugh.

"Don't laugh, mom. It's a serious problem." I lowered my voice and dropped my head. "What if it happens during the upcoming party, in front of everyone?"

I could see that mom stifled another laugh, but she tried to look serious. "Steven, you shouldn't be worrying about this. I'm sure everything will be fine and even if you do get a woody, nobody will notice."

I shook my head. "I get boners all the time. I know I'm going to get one right in front of everyone. They are all going to laugh at me!" I wailed and threw my hands up. "Tell dad that I'm sick or something. Tell him I have a condition where I can never be nude in front of others."

"Honey, you are over reacting," my mom said softly. "You know that your dad wants your support. He is so excited about having people over. You know how proud he is that his f****y celebrates Nude Day with him. And what about that dean he invited?"

"Ah, I don't know what to do!" I covered my face with my hands.

"Is this really bothering you this much?" asked mom.

"Don't you remember how Sandy and dad made fun of me? And they are f****y. This year there will be people I've never met before. There will be other women there! I can't let them see me with a boner!" My words were beginning to sound like a rant.

Mom frowned and shook her head. She came closer and looked me in the eye. "Steve," she began after a moment, "there's no need to despair. All you have to do is take care of your hard-on when you feel one coming. You know?" Mom made a jerking motion with her fist in front of my crotch.

"Oh god, mom! I know how to take care of it!" I closed my eyes and turned away.

"Good. I would suggest beating off in the morning when you wake up and if at any time during the day you feel like your penis is about to get hard just go and beat it again."

I felt really uncomfortable at this point, but I wasn't sure what I expected. On one hand, it didn't feel right having a discussion about masturbation with my mom, but on the other hand she made a lot of sense. I was so worried about what might happen, that I didn't even think to come up with a solution. Despite feeling awkward, I seriously considered what my mom said.

Without saying anything else mom ruffled my hair and left me alone.

I didn't worry about what might happen for the next couple of day, however, as I was trying to fall asl**p the night before the Nude Day, I suddenly got very nervous. Doubts began creeping into my mind. Tomorrow could either be a good day for my college career or it could be a complete disaster for my self-esteem. What if I don't have enough time to get to my room to jack off? What if I don't realize that I'm having a boner? What if my s****r will tell someone the story from last year? My chest was heavy with worry and uncertainty as I lay in bed. As if to let me know that my fears were real, my penis got hard and stuck up proudly. I spent a good thirty minutes furiously rubbing it, trying to get off, but it felt like my cock was against me. It was stiff and ready, yet I couldn't make it cum. Feeling frustrated, I eventually gave up and fell asl**p like that.

I woke up the next morning to noises around the house. It sounded like dad was getting the house ready for the party. I could smell that mom was cooking breakfast. It was ten o'clock and I had a morning wood; either that, or my cock never went to sl**p. I remembered my mom's advice and snuck straight into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face then proceeded to take care of my erection. As I sat on the toilet and tugged on my meat, I remembered what day it was. Feelings of anxiety and unease crept into my chest. I sat in the bathroom for about twenty minutes jerking my cock as fast as I could, but I still couldn't make it cum. I kept switching hands when they got tired from the constant yanking. I was about to give up, when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Why is the door locked?" it was my s****r's voice.

"I'm in here," I answered.

"So? Why the hell did you lock the door?"

For some reason, the feeling of getting caught like this gave me a sudden surge of sexual excitement. I redoubled my efforts of jerking my cock and felt my balls begin to tingle.

"Steve! Let me in, I have to pee!" my s****r wailed and began banging on the door. "You are such a little shit. Open up!"

I knew that if my s****r saw what I was doing she'd humiliate me to no end. I imagined the things she would say and how she would laugh if she walked in right at this moment. I closed my eyes and worked my cock as thoughts of potential humiliation brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

"What the hell are you doing in there, Steve? Come on!" I heard my s****r yell as a large rope of spunk flew out of the tip of my cock and landed on my thigh. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy my orgasm. My s****r began pounding on the door again and my thought came back to reality.

"I'm pooping!" I yelled back, feeling annoyed. "Go use the other bathroom."

"Gross," said Sandy and I heard hear walk away.

By the time I cleaned myself up my cock was already back to its relaxed state. I checked myself in the mirror to make sure nothing looked suspicious. I took a few extra minutes to gather my courage and then finally came out for breakfast.

For the first time in a year I was naked in front of my f****y. I felt nervous as I walked into the kitchen. My dad was reading a magazine and Sandy was complaining about having to wait for me to eat.

"We always eat as a f****y on holidays," replied my dad turning the page.

Everyone was naked, except my mom who was wearing only a white apron to cook the bacon. She gave me a worried look as I walked pasts. I nodded that everything was okay and smiled. She took a quick glance at my crotch and then looked up at me. She gave me a wink and returned to her cooking. I settled in across from my s****r. Neither her nor my dad seemed to be paying me any attention. So far this Nude Day was starting out pretty normal.

"Okay, we're all here. Let's eat," said my dad and put down the magazine.

"Here is the bacon," announced mom. She carried the large plate of bacon strips over to the table and set it in the middle. She untied the back of her apron, took it off and d****d it over the back of her chair. I looked over at her just as she sat down, her big, heavy breasts slapping down on the table.

"I'll have some of those," said my dad jokingly and pointed at my mom's tits, which made my mom giggle.

"Eww, that's sick," said my s****r, screwing up her nose. Sandy was pretty flat chested and often complained about not inheriting mom's breast genes. Mom would comfort her by telling her that at least she never had to worry about saggy boobs. That always got a chuckle out of dad.

"Okay, that's enough jokes. You guys must be starving," said mom, scooping her breasts off the table and letting them hang down under.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on the bacon. It smelled so good it made my mouth water. My mom truly was a good cook and everything she made tasted exceptionally good. Soon we were all busy eating and talking about the upcoming party.

"The guests will be showing up in a few hours," said my dad thoughtfully licking his lips. "I still need to get the grill ready and setup the volleyball net."

"I'm sure Steven can help you with that," offered my mom.

I nodded in agreement.

After the breakfast I felt pretty relaxed. The food warmed my stomach and my penis seemed to be completely inactive. I helped my dad set up the volleyball net and even played a quick game with him before he had to go get the grill ready. Mom asked me to put out our patio furniture and get extra chairs from the shed. As I was doing my chores I completely forgot my worries.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and my heart skipped a beat.

"The guests are here!" I heard my dad holler from the inside of the house. I stood in our backyard motionless, like a tree, anticipating our first guests.

"Hey, there you are Steve," I heard Tom before I saw him. I breathed a sigh of relief. I've known Tom for a while -- he was my dad's old-time friend.

"How are you Tom?" I asked politely. We exchanged a few words and were joined by my dad and Tom's wife Linda. Linda was a heavy woman and not a pretty sight naked. I think my cock shriveled even more when I looked at her.

More people began to show up and I began feeling anxious. Even though my penis remained limp, I didn't trust myself. I was hoping there would be fewer women at our party, but every one of my dad's friends showed up with his wife or girlfriend. I knew it wouldn't be long before my cock took notice of all these naked women and come to attention. Luckily most of the women so far were old, older then mom and dad. Still, one of the ladies had a set of nice, big, round breasts. There was something different about these breasts, something unnatural.

"They are fake," I heard someone whisper in my ear. "Breast implants." I jolted around in surprise and saw my s****r standing behind me. She always had a way of sneaking up on me and I blushed, feeling embarrassed that she caught me looking.

"How do you know?" I asked trying to sound nonchalant.

"I just know," Sandy replied. "I'm a college girl now."

That got me curious and I kept stealing glances at the so called "breast implants". Slowly but surely my limp penis began to come alive. At first it was just a slight jolt through the shaft, but then I felt my balls begin to shift around on their own as if they were brewing something up.

"Steve!" called my dad. "Come meet Mark and Anna."

"Oh, shit," I thought when I realized that Anna was the lady with the fake breasts. I made my way towards them, trying to look casual. Honestly, I don't even remember talking to Mark or Anna. I tried my hardest to smile and think about something other than the woman's breasts. The whole time I could feel my cock growing, my large balls churning faster in their sack. I had no illusions about what was happening and I planned the escape to my room.

The doorbell rang. "Oh, that must be the dean! Excuse me for a moment," said dad. Without saying a word I followed him into the house. Glancing down at my crotch, I saw that my cock was almost at its full length, but luckily it was still arching down. It was only a matter of seconds before it flexed up. I veered off towards my room. There were people blocking my way and I panicked. Quickly I looked around and noticed that the bathroom was unoccupied. I didn't waste another moment and rushed straight for it. My heart was pumping and my breath was irregular as I locked the door behind me. My cock was fully erect -- hard as a rock, sticking straight out and slightly up. I remembered my mom's advice again and right away began jerking off.

About fifteen minutes passed before I began suspecting that my cock was conspiring against me. The faster I jerked off, the less I felt like I was going to cum. Both of my hands were tired and I was nowhere near an orgasm. I began worrying that someone would notice that I have been in the bathroom for too long. Then there came a light knock on the door.

"Steven? Honey, are you in there?" It was my mom.

"Just a moment, mom," I replied irritably.

"Your dad is looking for you. The dean is here and wants to meet you."

"Okay, okay. I just need another minute," I wailed.

"Steven, is everything okay? Are you having that problem?"

I didn't know what to say. I felt partly like crying from helplessness and party like screaming in rage.

"Steven, let me in," mom said.

Hesitating, I unlocked the door to the bathroom. I couldn't go out there with a boner like that and I couldn't stay in this bathroom forever. I was becoming desperate and hoped that mom would know what to do.

Mom slid in quickly through the door and shut it behind her. I had just enough time to turn around, so she couldn't see my erection.

"Are you okay?" mom asked.

"Yes," I said. "No."

"What's the matter?"

"I don't know."

"Do you have a boner?"


"Will you turn around already? It's nothing I haven't seen."

"Mom, this is embarrassing."

"Steven, I saw your boner last year. Remember?"

"That was a year ago."

My mom sighed. "I also see it when I bring in your clean laundry in the morning, when you are still asl**p."

"Really?" I turned my head and looked at her. She stood naked against the door, hands on her hips.
"Yes. In the summer you don't cover yourself when you sl**p," mom answered. One corner of her mouth curved into a smile. I hoped she wasn't making fun of me.

"Well... okay." Slowly I turned around to face her, my mast leading the way.

"See? There's nothing embarrassing about this," said mom looking straight into my eyes. She was right, even though we were both facing each other naked in the bathroom, I felt relieved that I could at least let my mom see me like this.

"Yeah, but you're my mom. There are other women out there. I don't want them to see me like this," I whined.

"Did you try?" Mom made that jerking movement with her fist.

"Yes," I answered.

"It still didn't go down?" Mom looked down and raised her eyebrows as if she was surprised to see my cock.

"No. It's not that. I can't finish," I said quietly.

"Can't finish?" mom asked thoughtfully, staring at my erection. It made me a little uncomfortable and I began shifting my hips nervously.

Mom finally looked back up at me. "I don't have time for your games, Steven. You can either, beat off quickly and go enjoy the party or hide in here until your dad finds you."

I shuddered at that thought. I knew my dad would not be as nice as mom. He would probably drag me out by the hand and embarrass me in front of everyone. My life would be over and I would never be accepted to the university.

I felt helpless as I stood in front of my mom with my huge hard-on.

"Well?" she asked.

"Mom, I can't orgasm," I whined and hung my head.

"I can't believe this," mom said suddenly. "Come here!"

I looked at her just in time to see her take a step towards me and lick her palm. I suddenly felt dazed. I was trying to figure out what the hell mom was doing, even after she grabbed my shaft and began jerking it rapidly. At first I wanted to say something, but couldn't get my thoughts together. I felt like a simpleton standing there with my mouth open, arms hanging limp at my sides. It felt strange that someone other than me was touching my cock. I admit that at first it felt cool, but then the fact that my own mom was helping me with this made me feel incompetent.

Mom and I stood there in the bathroom in complete silence as she stroked my cock. Her head was slightly bowed and her concentration was on her work. I didn't know how to behave or where to look. It made me uncomfortable to look at her face so my eyes began to wonder. As it happened, my gaze fell on her heavy tits and I watched them sway in rhythm with her jerking. Her tits sagged down just past her ribs, but were still round and full and reminded me of elongated squash. Mom had big nipples with large, skin colored areola circles. My eyes wondered lower and fell on her pubic area. She always had a neatly trimmed triangle down there, the pointy end disappearing between her legs. I looked at mom's feet and traced them up. She had long legs, the kind that made her body look shorter than it really was. At the top her legs joined together into her ample hips. Mom had a small waist, which made her appear quite curvy. I've seen mom nude many times and never really noticed these things.

"Are you getting close?" mom finally broke the silence.

I shook my head.

Mom stopped jerking and pulled my foreskin all the way back with one hand. I noticed that her fingers were just barely touching around the girth of my shaft. She bent down, leaned in closer and spit some saliva onto the head of my cock. Then she placed her other palm over it and spread her spit, massaging my pink mushroom. My tip was already sensitive and what mom was doing made me squirm a little.

"I can't believe I'm doing this for you," mom said. "You better hurry up, we don't have much time."

I didn't say anything. Mom stopped rubbing the head and resumed the steady jerking.

"Let me know when you're ready to blow," she instructed and looked up at me. I nodded, wondered if I my own mother could make me cum.

Mom had a strong hand and she was actually giving me a better hand job than I ever gave myself. She kept yanking on my meat pole like a machine, sometimes stopping at the top to massage the tip. Minutes went by -- only the sound of my foreskin moving back and forth breaking the silence. I noticed that mom wiped something off of the inside of her thigh with her free hand. It looked like a drop of sweat had rolled down her inner thigh from between her legs as she brushed it off.

"I shouldn't be doing this for you," mom said apologetically.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Is someone in there?" came a woman's voice from the other side.

"Shit," mom cursed and her hand stopped. She turned her head and looked at the door. "Just a minute," she hollered.

"Hurry, Steve," she whispered at me, her eyes wide with alarm. "We can't come out of here with you having an erection. People might get the wrong impression."

"Hey! Get in line," I heard the same voice from behind the door. "There's someone in there."

The fact that there were people waiting to use the bathroom, in which I was getting jerked off by my mom made the situation feel suddenly dangerous and naughty. My excitement began building up in my chest. Mom started jerking me again and I could hear people mumble from behind the door. What if we got caught like this? What would people think? Would dad get mad? The excitement slowly shifted from my chest into my loins and I felt my cock begin to tingle. Mom kept up her steady pace and I knew I was going to cum.

"What's taking so long?" asked the voice and another knock on the door.

"I said 'just a minute'!" mom barked angrily turning her head to glare at the door. At that moment I felt myself tip over the edge and my orgasm washed over me. Like a cannon, my cock shot out a huge glob of sperm, so powerful that it splattered against mom's belly, right under the belly button. She must have felt it because she stopped jerking and turned around wide eyed. She let go of my cock as more sperm spurted out of it. The load I shot on her belly was quickly making its way down into her pubic hairs.

"We need a way out," mom said. She grabbed a hand towel and began wiping my sperm off her belly and pubic hair. "You stay here and I'll draw them off. Try to sneak out as soon as you can." Mom spoke very matter-of-factly. "I'll tell them to use the other bathroom." When she finished whipping off her trimmed bush, she looked down at it. There were still little bits of sperm stuck to her hairs.

"You were supposed to tell me when you were about to go, Steven," mom said annoyed. She flushed the toilet, turned on the faucet and began washing the hand towel.

"Coming out soon," she yelled to the people outside. Using the wet towel, mom kept cleaning my mess off of herself. When she seemed satisfied she tossed the wet towel into the cabinet under the sink. Next she tore some toilet paper off the roll and proceeded to wipe down the inside of her thigh. I saw that more sweat had rolled down along there, or at least that's what I thought it was.

Mom looked up at me and saw me looking. "Sorry," she said and blushed. I didn't know what she meant. Wasn't I the one that made a mess on her?

"I'm sorry too," I said.

Mom crumpled the toilet paper, tossed it into the toilet and flushed it again. I stood there not knowing what to do, feeling like a helpless c***d.

"Okay," mom said loudly. "I'm coming out." She motioned for me to hide behind the door and opened it.

"I wouldn't go in there for about thirty minutes," I could hear mom say to the people outside. She walked out briskly and closed the door behind her. "There is no fan. We have another bathroom right over here. Let me show you."

I could hear the people behind the door begin walking away and I took that as a good sign. I waited a few seconds and quickly cracked the door. I peeked out and couldn't see anyone. My cock was already limp so I decided to go for it. I opened the door and stepped out.

"Watch where you're going, stupid!" my s****r yelped as I ran straight into her. She frowned at me then looked in mom's direction. "What were you and mom doing in there?" she asked, looking strangely at me.

"I was just washing my hands," I shrugged.

"Get out of my way," said my s****r and pushed me aside. I flipped her off and shuffled away.

I felt a lot better after mom's helpful hand. I actually felt a little more confident as I stepped out onto our backyard. I saw my dad talking to an elderly gentleman and a younger woman. I decided that it was time for me to meet the dean.

Just as I was about to head towards my dad I heard someone whisper my name.

"Steven," my mom repeated. I turned and saw her standing in the back door.

"What?" I asked whispering back. Mom motioned with her eyes towards my lower region. I squinted at her not understanding. Mom took a few glances around and quickly approached me. She shielded me with her body as her hand snaked out and pinched the tip of my cock. I looked at her confused, but then she brought her hand up and opened her palm. There was a sticky mess of my sperm in her hand.

"You can thank me later," mom said and went back inside of the house.

I shrugged and walked confidently towards my dad.

"Where have you been?" asked my dad cocking his head the way he did when he was annoyed. "Steven, I'd like you to meet Dean Shultz."

I shook the gentleman's hand and mumbled some pleasantries. The dean looked to be about sixty, with gray hair, thick glasses, skinny body and a small, limp cock.

"Your father tells me you are applying at the university," said the dean. "We can always use a fine young man like you."

"This lovely young lady is the dean's wife, Nina," announced my father. "Nina, this is my son, Steven."

I shook the woman's hand and couldn't help but take notice of her body. She appeared a lot younger than the dean, maybe in her early thirties, with a pair of great, perky breasts. They weren't quite as large as my mom's, but they looked fuller and they didn't sag. Her nipples were dark and delicate, and seemed hardened by the chilly breeze. I also noticed the dark, neatly trimmed, half-inch wide pubic strip between her legs. I tried not to stare and tried to keep my mind occupied with something else.

The dean seemed like a pleasant fellow and we spent a good amount of time chit chatting. He asked about what I wanted to study at the university and told me which classes I might enjoy taking. From our conversation it seemed like I was already accepted to the school and it made feel even more comfortable. However, that feeling didn't last because I couldn't help but glance over at the dean's wife. I felt my balls stir again.

"Your dad tells me you're quite the volleyball player," said the dean. "Maybe you can try out for the team at the university."

"I don't think I'm that good," I said modestly.

"Nonsense," broke in my dad. "Let's play a game, so the dean can see how good you are."

"I don't think that is such a good idea," I said fearing an oncoming erection.

"Tom? Linda? Do you want to play some volleyball?" My dad began recruiting players right away. Before I could sneak away I found myself on the same team as the dean and his wife.

I couldn't lose this one, not if I wanted to impress the dean. I became more worried about winning the game of volleyball than I was worried about getting another boner. I found out that when I jumped high enough my big balls slapped painfully against my thighs, which kept my cock in check. All of the guests began gathering around to watch our game.

"Twenty one to nine," said the dean announcing our victory. His wife was standing right in front of me, her hands on her thighs. Her slightly bent over ass looked incredibly tight and my cock decided to get a better glance. I realized I was getting a chubby and I frantically looked around. Quickly, I apologized and headed straight for the inside of the house.

My cock sprung up to its full potential the moment I walked into the house. There was no one inside and I had a clear path to my room. Just as I thought I was going to make it I ran into the woman with breast implants.

"Sorry, I didn't see you," I said impatiently as I tried to make my way around her.

"That's okay," she said. "Oh my, someone is excited." She smiled at me and wiggled her eyebrows.

I rushed into my room and closed my door, my face flushed with embarrassment. I looked down and it seemed that my cock was mocking me, standing proudly erect.

"I'll show you," I said and began jerking my shaft back and forth.

I sat down on my bed and masturbated furiously, but nothing came of my attempts. I didn't know how I was going to bring my cock down this time. It was like some sort of a curse and I decided to hide in my room for the rest of the day. But of course that wasn't going to be that easy.

It was my mom that knocked on my door first. "Steven, may I come in?"

"Yes," I answered gloomily.

Mom walked in and closed the door behind her. I sat slouching on my bed, my cock hard in my lap.

"Again?" mom asked.

"I'm not going out there," I said quietly.

"The dean was asking for you. He said you played a great game."

"That's good, but I can't talk to him like this."

"Steven, we've been through this before. You need to take care of your erection. I'm not going to do that for you again."

"I can't," I whined.

"Well, why not?"

"I don't know. I'm just too nervous."

"Usually men can't keep it up when they are nervous," said mom. "You should consider yourself lucky."

I gave mom a flat look, wondering if she was joking.

"You can't stay in here forever," mom began after a pause. "Your dad will come looking for you."

"So, what got you so excited?" asked mom with a smirk. "I bet it was the dean's wife. Quite a rack on her, eh son?"

I frowned -- mom has never talked to me like this.
"Alright, you don't have to tell me." Mom put up his hands defensively. "But, I have something that will help you. I'll be right back." Mom left the room and I didn't know what to expect. A few minutes later she came back with a handful of magazines. She tossed them on the bed next to me. "There you are."

I glanced down and saw right away that they were dirty magazines.

"Don't tell your s****r about those," Mom winked at me and made for the door.

When mom left, I picked up one of the magazines and flipped through it. I've seen dirty magazines before, but these were different. They were the raunchy kind -- women having sex with men in all sorts of positions. There was even anal penetration in some pictures. I flipped all the way to the end and then grabbed the next magazine. The naughtiness of the pictures began making me excited and I began stroking my cock again. One picture in particular caught my eye -- a blonde woman with large breasts was bent over a couch. There was a man behind her sticking his cock into her butthole. Her hips were arching up and her vagina was fully exposed. I've never really seen the female genitalia exposed this way before and I couldn't stop staring. The flesh of her vagina was slightly parted and I could see something wet dripping out of it and running down along her leg. I've heard that women got "wet" when they were aroused, but I didn't know what it actually meant. This picture made me think about earlier, when I was in the bathroom with my mom. Did the wetness on her thighs come out of her vagina too? What did that mean? I began yanking my rod faster.

The door to my room opened again.

"Steven!" my mom exclaimed. "What are you doing in here still?!"

"Nothing," I said dumbly and stopped jerking. I held the magazine in one hand and my cock in the other.

Mom walked briskly over to me and snatched the magazine out of my hand. She flipped through the pages.

"Don't you worry, Steven. Don't you worry." Mom tossed the magazines aside and looked down at me. "How's it going?"

I shrugged uncomfortably.

"Still can't finish?"

"I guess."

"Do you need me to help you again?" asked mom, he eyes locking on my cock.

I shrugged again.

Right at this moment my s****r burst through my door.

"Mom said you had a boner!" she squealed and looked at me. "Eww, you do have a boner!" Grimacing, she looked over at mom, who was standing in front of me, and ran out of the room.

"So much for acting her age," mom said shaking her head. She walked over to the door, closed it and made sure it was locked. She then walked over to the window and pulled the d****s shut. When she returned she looked down at me.

"This is the last time I'm helping you, okay?" mom said and looked at me.

I nodded in response. I sat on my bed waiting in anticipation. I felt both awkward and excited at the same time. I realized that I actually enjoyed the hand job mom gave me earlier.

Mom looked at my cock and took a deep breath. She stepped closer to me, knelt down and got in between my knees. I thought I saw her smirk as she stared down my erect penis.

"Let's do this quickly," mom said. She checked to make sure the door was locked and walked over to me. She knelt down quickly and grabbed my erect shaft. Without losing any time she began jerking it.

I winced and let out a whimper.

"What?" asked mom.

"It's sore. It hurts when you pull on it like that."

"Sorry, I'll be gentle." Mom took her hand off and filled her palm with saliva, then smothered it all over my cock. Once it was well lubricated, she started gliding her hand gently up and down.

"How is that?"

"Better," I replied.

My cock was slick and her hand began moving faster, sliding along my tender meat. Mom kept spitting onto my cock to keep it from drying up.

"Go ahead and lay back, Steven," mom said never taking her eyes off my cock.

I laid back and closed my eyes. Even though mom was being careful, my cock was still sore and I kept wincing. I didn't think I would be able to cum again. I tried picturing Nina's perky breasts and the woman from dad's dirty magazine, but that didn't seem to help.

The sudden knock on my door startled me. I opened my eyes and raised my head.

"Steve? Are you in there?" It was my s****r. "Dad is looking for you." Sandy knocked again and fumbled with the door handle. Thank god, it was locked. "Steve?"

Mom and I stared frozen at the door, unable to even breathe, her grip tightening around my cock.

"I know you're in there Steve?" yelled Sandy and banged louder. "Fine, don't come out. I'll just tell dad to come get you himself."

She finally stopped yelling and left.

"We have to hurry," mom said quietly once she was sure Sandy was away. "Are you getting any closer?"

I swallowed nervously. "Not really."

Mom looked back towards the door then glanced at the window to make sure the d****s were still pulled together.

"Just relax and close your eyes," she said looking at me. "Make sure to keep them closed. Okay?"


I did as she told me and laid my head back down. Mom's hand picked up where it left off, only this time she would rub the head of my cock for a while every time her hand moved up. My cock's head was very sensitive and I gritted my teeth every time mom touched it.

"Keep your eyes closed," mom said again, her palm gliding over my tip. She was cupping my balls with her other hand now and massaging them lightly. Her hand would jerk just the very top part of my cock for a while and then dive down to stroke the full length. Sometimes she would playfully squeeze at my tip and rub it between her fingers.

"Mom sure gives a good hand job," I thought as I lay there trying to keep from squirming.

As more minutes went by, I felt like I could lie like this forever, enjoying the pleasure my own mother was giving me, even though it was almost painful when mom touched the aroused flesh of my tip. Then suddenly I felt something different on the tip of my cock, something very warm, almost hot. It felt like some sort of a vacuum was delicately tugging and flicking my extremely sensitive end.

I got curious and opened my eyes. My mom's lips were wrapped around the top part of my shaft. I got so excited I let out a loud sigh. Mom rolled her eyes up at me and saw that I was looking. Her eyes grew round and she released my cock from her mouth.

"I told you to keep your eyes closed!" she said angrily.

I quickly shut my eyes again.

Mom didn't do anything for several moments and then I felt her mouth wrap over the head of my cock again. She began sucking on it harder and swirling her tongue over the tip. The feeling was amazing and only slightly painful. It felt like a thousand little needles tickling my sensitive flesh. Little by little my cock went further into mom's mouth. It felt so tight and warm inside that I forgot that my cock was sore. Slowly I began bucking my hips, trying to drive myself further in. It wasn't much longer before I felt my orgasm rise up from my testicles. Slowly but surely it built up as mom actively worked her head up and down.

Mom was now pressed in closer to me and I could feel her tits squishing into my groin. I realized that my balls and her tits were rubbing together. All of this was making me feel so hot that I felt myself ready to cum. I opened my eyes and thrust my hips up as I began cumming inside of mom's mouth. I saw little flashes of light in my eyes as my cock pulsated between mom's lips. I wasn't even sure if I shot anything out -- I couldn't have had much sperm left in me.

Mom held my cock in her mouth until it stopped jerking. Despite the fact that I just had my first blowjob, I felt my cock begin to get soft. Mom pulled her head up and my penis slipped out of her mouth. She shallow and wiped her lips.

"Well, that was fun," she said and got off her knees. She stood up and looked at me. "Are you okay?"

I nodded. I noticed two wet droplets running down her thighs between her legs. There was also a strange scent that I've never smelled before.

"I better get cleaned up," she said and blinked her eyes rapidly -- there was a droplet of cum stuck to her eyelash. She walked over to my closet and picked out one of my t-shirts. She began to wipe my mess off of herself.

"I'm glad I could help," she said when she was done. She tossed the shirt over to me and said: "Don't forget to clean yourself up this time." She headed for the door, but then stopped. I watched her as she looked down at her crotch. She must have noticed the wet streaks between her legs. She turned around and looked at me, but I pretended like I was cleaning myself up, my cock already getting soft. Mom brushed her inner thighs with her hands and walked out of my room.

"Dad wants to see you," I ran into my s****r right outside my room. "What were you two doing in there?"

"None of your business, Sandy," I tried to push past her.

"Don't brush me off, you little shit," said my s****r angrily.

I wanted to say that her tits were little, but instead just made my way around her.

"Steven, where did you disappear to?" asked the dean when I walked out onto the backyard. "That was a really good game you played. I really think you should consider trying out for the team at the university."

"Really? I suppose I could. If you think I've got what it takes," I said.

"Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Come, let's get some food. Your dad says he's pretty good with the grill."

I followed Dean Shultz over to where my dad was grilling up burgers and steaks. Dad was loudly joking with a few of his friends and he looked like he had a little too much to drink. I looked around to see if I could spot mom, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"You left your dirty magazines on your bed," whispered my s****r in my ear.

"Damn! Sandy you have to stop sneaking up on me like that," I replied after getting startled. My s****r was such a nosey sneak. "They aren't mine, they are mom’s."

"Really?" Sandy looked at me with hesitation.

"Yes, really. Go ask her yourself if you'd like."

I finally saw mom. She was handing out plates to our guests. I headed her way and Sandy followed me.

"Make sure you get enough food," mom said to us and gave us each a plate. "And try to keep an eye on your father, so he doesn't burn himself." Mom glanced angrily towards my dad.

After everyone ate, I helped to gather the dishes and bring out the desert. It didn't even occur to me to think about having a boner anymore and I began enjoying the party. Several of the guests were pretty boozed up and were getting a bit loud. I spent most of my time talking to the dean and his wife, stealing peaks at her whenever I could.

Just as I thought I was going to make it through this day without an incident, my dad decided it would be fun if everyone formed a train. He started walking around the backyard making train noises and, one by one, our guests joined him, holding each other by the hips. It wasn't long before this train made its way towards us.

"Looks like fun!" announced Dean Shultz. I was about to protest, but the dean nudged me along. I ended up behind his wife, Nina, with the dean holding on to me from behind. I hesitated to put my hands on his wife's hips, but he gave me a light shove from behind as the train began moving. There were about twenty people all joined together, prancing around our backyard. It felt silly to me, but everyone else seemed to have a good time.

Dad made a sudden stop and caused everyone to run into the person in front of them. People were laughing as the train began collapsing forward. I suddenly found myself pressed against the dean's young wife. I panicked and tried to push back, but was shoved again from behind. Even though my cock was exhausted, it sensed the closeness of a female body. Slowly it began growing.

I struggled to dislodge myself out of this human train but it was too late. I’m positive Nina could feel my boner because when we crashed, I fell on top of her lovely bum nad my penis slipped in-between her legs for an instant. Carefully, I squeezed out to the side and without looking back briskly walked towards the house. I stepped back into the house just as my hard-on reached full-tilt and ran for my room. I thought I was the only one in the house, but when I passed the kitchen I saw mom washing the dishes.

"Oh hey," she said when she noticed me. She also noticed my erection. "You've got to be k**ding, Steven. Another one?"

"Why is this happening to me?" I sobbed and walked past her.

When I got to my room, I plopped down on the bed and looked at the angry monster between my legs. I didn't lock the door, wondering if mom would come in.

It wasn't long before I heard the door knob turn. Mom walked in and shut the door. She took one look at my face, then at my cock and sighed.
“We need to take care of this together, ok?” Mom asked, closing the door behind her.
I nodded and watched her walk towards me. She didn't even attempt to hide her wetness this time. She rubbed her thighs between her legs with her hand, wiping up the musky wetness that had formed there. I saw there was much more wetness that before, more than I expected
“Like back and close your eyes. And this time, NO PEEKING! Got it?”
She sounded angry and serious, so I did exactly what I was told. I lay back on my bed, my cock seemed to know what was happening and seemed stronger, bigger and stiffer than ever before.
Mom grabbed my penis with her hand and began to slide up and down the shaft. The lubrication felt much slicker this time, much hotter to the touch. Was this the wetness between mom’s legs?
“Not close, huh?” My mom asked. I shook my head. Even though it was great, the cum was hiding from me and my mom.
Mom released her grip on me and I wondered, somewhat fearfully, if she was giving up and she would make me face my fears downstairs.
I felt my bed move slightly, then again my mom’s hand was upon my raging cock.
What I felt next was totally indescribable, but I will try:
At first, I was pleased to feel mom’s mouth on my cockhead again, but it felt different this time. The wetness was intense and it seemed to engulf the entire length of my cock!
Out of sheer shock, I opened my eyes. Towering above me was my mother, her legs apart straddling my waist. Looking down, I saw ¾ of my penis INSIDE of my mother’s vagina! I looked even better that I had seen in the magazines and the feeling was intense!
My mom’s eyes were closed and her breasts swung precariously close to my face. No other part of her body touched mine except for her pussy on my cock.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this...” Mom grumbled. “You darn better get a scholarship.”
She began moving her vagina up and down on my prick, the sheer wetness and velvety grip was amazing! Instinctively, I began moving my hips upward to meet my mom’s motions. Within a few moments, her pubic area and mine were meeting with a wet “slap-slap-slap” sound that filled the room.
Although I feared she would scold me, I kept my eyes open to the wanton display before me. The sight of my cock penetrating my mother was so wicked, I could feel my cum beginning to boil within me.
Mom must have felt it too. “Getting… getting… close?” She stammered breathlessly as she continued to fuck her son.
I was able to look to the side of my bed where the dresser and mirror were. The view was incredible of my mom crouching over me, cock inside her, her right hand braced on the bed while her left hand splayed her pussy lips wide.
Another sight almost shocked me o death. For standing in the partially open doorway was my s****r! Her hand was covering her mouth in shock, but the other was nestled between her teenage legs.
The “slap-slap” Of my mother’s and my bodies was too much for me to bear! With a final lunge upward, my cock buried itself to the hilt inside of my mom and I began to shoot stream after stream of hot sperm into her.
“Cummingggg!” I yelled as my mom pressed her body fully against me, her tits crushing into my chest.
“Ahhhhhh!” My mom grunted as I continued to unload into her. Five, six, seven huge spurts. God! How could my cock squirt so much?
After a few moments, we lay there breathlessly. Without a word, my mother climbs off of me, my softening cock withdrawing from her with an audible “plop”.

Mom came up to my full-sized mirror on the wall and looked at herself. As she fixed her hair, she looked down and inspected her lower region. A large sticky strand of hot cum dripped from her womanhood and landed on the floor beneath her. I could see her inner thighs covered in the wetness of our fucking, but she left my room without saying anything else.

"It is quite ironic," I thought lying on my bed, watching my overstimulated penis get soft, "that because of my erection problem this year's Nude Day turned out much better than I could ever have hoped."
I did end up getting a great scholarship from the college. But I was curious why my s****r never said a word about what she saw?
About three weeks later, I left for school. Shortly after that, I received a letter from my mother saying that she was pregnant! Wow. I wonder if I can make it back for next year’s event?

... Continue»
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Doing my 83 year old mother

My mother is 83 years old. I'm 60. I have never had any sexual thoughts about my mother. That's not the kind of relationship we have. She wanted to visit my s****r down in Fla, so I agreed to drive her there. I knew the trip would take two days, so we would have to stay in a hotel one night. I didn't want to pay for two rooms so I asked mom if it was OK if we stayed in one room with two beds. She had no problem with that.

The day arrived. I picked mom up early in the morning and got started on the drive.

We just had small talk in the car, nothing important. The drive was pretty boring. I was glad when it became evening so I started looking for a hotel.

I found one for 39 dollars per night. The clerk asked me if I was alone or with someone. I asked why. He stated if it was two people it would cost 59 dollars instead of 39 dollars. I lied and told the clerk it was just me.

I parked in front of the room. I opened the trunk and took out our two over night bags.

I ask mom if she needed anything else, she said no.

As soon as I entered the room I noticed there was only one bed. It was king size. I asked mom since it was a king size bed does she have any problems with sl**ping together. Mom said no problem and walked into the room with her bag.

I turned the TV on and told mom to go ahead and use the bathroom first.

While she was in the bathroom I surfed the channels. I heard her turn on the shower.

For some reason, a naked picture of mom entered my mind. I don't know why, it just did. You see, mom is 83 years old, but I don't think she looks that old. She stands about five foot tall and only weighs about a hundred pounds. She has always kept good care of herself.

I heard mom turn the shower off. I went back to watching TV. It wasn't long before I heard the bathroom door open.

I looked over and saw she had put on her nightgown. It buttoned in the front and came down just below her knees. She told me the bathroom was all mine and walked over to her overnight bag sitting on the floor. She bent over and put the clothes she had been wearing in the bag. As she was bent over I noticed her ass. It was small and round. I could see she was wearing pants under her gown. She had taken off her bra. I saw her put it in her bag.

She turned around and asked me if I was going to take a shower. I answered sure and got up out of the chair. As I got up I look at the front of her gown. I expected to see low hanging tits, but was surprised to discover they weren't. I couldn't see anything but notice how they looked under her gown. Two of the top buttons were undone, but not enough to see anything. What am I thinking I thought to myself and cleared my mind.

I went into the bathroom and took my shower. Normally I sl**p in the nude, but with being in the same bed with my mom I decided to put on my underwear.

Finished, I walked back into the room. Mom was already in bed with the covers pulled up. It felt hot in the room so I walked over to the AC. It was already on its coldest level, so there was noting else I could do. I told mom so she said we would just use the sheet.

I crawled into the bed and pulled the sheet up to my waist. I said good night to mom, reached over and turned the lamp off. To my surprise the room didn't get dark. The street light outside came though the curtains. I could see very clearly everything in the room. I turned to ask mom if it was Ok, and noticed she had already fallen asl**p.

I closed my eyes and tried to sl**p. I couldn't. It was way too light in the room.

After laying there for what seemed like hours, I turned my head and looked over at mom.

She had kicked the sheet down so the top of it was laying at her waist. She was sound asl**p. I noticed her chest moving up and down. The naked picture of her came into my mind again. I don't know why this was happening. It has never occurred to me before to think about mom this way.

She was laying on her back. A thought came into my mind. I wanted to see her tits.

I looked at the gown where the two top buttons were undone. I could only barely see the top part of her tit. It wasn't enough.

I turned over on my side facing mom. I reached up and very carefully with my right hand started to undo the third button. It came undone easily. The problem was I still couldn't see anything. I reached over again and undid another button. I looked at the bottom of her gown and noticed there were five other buttons, buttoned., So I didn't think it would hurt to undo one more button. After I got my look, it would be easy to button them back up again so she would never know. I undid the fifth. Her gown was unbuttoned more than half way down.

I stopped and thought about what I was doing. What if I get caught. How would I explain her gown being unbuttoned half way.

Wanting to see her tits won out. I reached over a took hold of the top part of the gown. I started to raise it up so I could see. Her left tit came into my view. I thought it would be flat and old looking, but to my surprise, it was prefect. It had a round shape to it and the nipple was about a fourth inch long.

I looked up at moms face to make sure she was still asl**p. She was. She hadn't moved an inch while I unbuttoned her gown.

I wanted to see the other one. I folded the side of the gown I had a hold of and laid it on the side exposing moms whole left tit. I reached over and started unfolding the other side.

I raised my head up so I could see better. I was now looking at both of her tits, fully exposed. These did not look like the tits of a 83 year old woman. They were round, full and looked firmed. I had to know.

I'm not sure how long I looked at them. I thought to myself. Do I dare touch one of them? Lust over whelmed common sense. I slowly lowered my right hand and laid it on top of her right tit. It was soft bet yet very firm. I started to apply pressure with my fingers. As I was cupping her bare tit, she started moving. I quickly removed my hand and turned over to my side with my back to her. I thought, Oh God Oh God, I got caught. What was she going to say. I waited.

After about a minute, nothing happened. I turned over on my other side facing mom again.

She had turned on her side with her back to me. I raised up and looked at her face. She was still sound asl**p. I looked down and could see her left tit since that part of her gown layed open.

I laid back down facing my moms back. She looked good. She had an hour glass figure. The sheet had moved down farther and was resting at her hips.

I reached over and raised up on the sheet so I could see her ass. I thought her gown would be covering it up, but it had risen up and I could just make out the bottom of her panties. I lowered the sheet further until I removed it entirely.

I looked at moms legs. The had a nice shape to them. I rested my hand on her bare hip. I figured if this woke her up I could pretend to be sl**p. She didn't wake up. I was surprised. I thought her legs would be hairy. After all Dad had died over twenty years ago, I mom never once dated. I could tell she shaved her legs. There were smooth and soft to the touch. I ran my hand up and down her thigh. I moved my hand up until I touched the bottom part of her panties. I thought she would be wearing old lady pants, but I could see part of her ass. I had to see more.

Since I had already removed the sheet, my only problem was the gown. I took a hold of the gown and raised it up toward her hips. It moved easily. I could now see her panties covering her ass. They were not granny pants. They were white and shinny. The top on her panties only reach half way up her ass. The sight was amazing. I put my hand back on her thigh and started moving my hand up. I moved up on her ass on top of her panties. My hand covered the whole side of her ass. I listened to moms breathing. Nothing had changed. I moved my fingers. She still slept.

I moved my hand up until the tip of my fingers were at her panties top.

I had gone too far now to stop. I very slowly worked my fingers under the top of her panties. Slowly I moved my hand downwards until my hand covered her bare ass. My little finger had settled in her ass crack. I started moving it around. I could feel her ass hole. I moved my hand down farther. I could feel the bottom of her pussy lips. Her panties kept me from going deeper. I removed my hand and looked at her panties.

How can I get them pulled down without waking her. I stared at her ass trying to figure how a way. I decided I would just start pulling them down and see how far I could get. I figured I could get the top side down enough to see her bare ass.

I took my finger and thumb and took a hold of the top of her panties. I slowly started pulling the top side down. I got it down only half way and had to stop. Her panties were too tight and wouldn't come down any more. Then I got an idea.

I kept my right finger and thumb on the top of her panties. I took my other hand and slid it under her ass that was laying on the mattress. I just left it there waiting. I figured she would feel the pressure and raise up to relieve the pressure. It only took about three minutes and I could tell she was getting uncomfortable. I was ready with my plan.

I was right. She raised up to relieve the pressure. As soon as I felt her raise her ass, I pulled down on her panties. My plan worked. They easily slid down. I now had her panties down below her ass. I waited. Nothing happened. She was still asl**p.

I looked down. Damn! My mom has a nice naked little ass. It was smooth and in the light looked like a younger women's ass.

My dick was as hard as a rock. I'm sixty years old. This hasn't happened this strong for a long time. My dick was so hard it hurt, a good hurt, but it hurt. Also I haven't felt this horny in a long time. I thought about looking at my moms ass and jacking off, but then I got a better idea.

I reached over and started pulling my moms panties the rest of the way down. I wanted to see her without her panties. It was no trouble getting them all of the way off.

Still laying on my side facing mom, I raised up and took off my underwear. I grabbed a hold of my dick. It was as hard as its ever been. I felt like a horny teenager. I was acting like one too.

I moved closer to mom until my dick was almost touching her ass. I put the head of my dick on her ass. A shock wave went though my whole body. This was a good feeling, too good to stop now. I only intended to rub my dick up and down her ass crack until I cummed, and that's how it started. Mom was still asl**p and she hadn't moved. By now pre cum was on the head of my dick. I lowered my body down further until I could see the head of my dick was at her pussy opening. Do I dare go further. Again, I was too far gone to stop now. What started out as just wanting to see her tits had now become finding a way to fuck her without waking her up.

I gently place the head of my dick on her pussy entrance. I almost came right then. The head of my dick with resting on my 83 year old mothers pussy. Before today I never had thoughts about doing this to my own mother.

I pushed at her opening. The head of my dick went in about an inch. Mom's pussy lips were now around the head of my dick. Mom hadn't move. I pushed a little harder. It wouldn't go in any further. She needs to be wet, I thought to myself. How do I get her wet. I pulled my dick out of her entrance. I tried to get my hand between her legs, but one layed on top of the other since she was still on her side. I took my hand and pushed on the back side of her top leg. It worked. Mom moved her leg down off the other leg and rested it on the mattress.

I returned my hand to moms pussy. I started moving my fingers around her pussy lips. It took about ten minutes before I felt her pussy juices start to make her wet. Finally I was able to put my middle finger inside. I slowly pushed my finger in her pussy until I couldn't get it in any further. I stopped and waited to see if mom was waking up. While I was waiting I thought I felt mom move her ass causing my finger to go deeper into her. I waited. Nothing, maybe I was wrong. I started moving my finger in and out of her pussy. Very slowly and very gently. Slowly she was getting wetter. I put another finger in her with no problem. I moved both finger in and out of her.. While doing this, again I thought I felt her move. I stopped and waited. It didn't take long. She moved her ass toward my fingers to make them go deeper into her. Then she stopped. I thought maybe that's just a reaction when someone has their fingers in a women's pussy while they are asl**p.

I pulled my finger out and rubbed her pussy juice on the head of my dick.

I again positioned myself so the head of my dick was at her pussy entrance. I place the head of my dick on her entrance. I applied a little pressure and my dick slid in about an inch, just like before. I then pushed a little harder and slowly my dick went into her another inch. She was very tight. I bet since Dad died she hadn't been fucked. I pushed a little more causing half of my dick being buried in her pussy. It felt wonderful. There is nothing to match how it feels. Putting my dick into my own moms pussy. It was fitting like it was always suppose to be in there. I pushed again until I had my almost my whole dick buried in her pussy. I heard mom moan a little, but still she stayed asl**p. I looked down and saw my dick in her pussy. Best thing I have ever seen.

I had to wait until my dick calmed down. If I moved it at all in this stage I knew without doubt I would blow my cum deep into moms pussy. I waited. While I was waiting I think I felt mom move her ass toward me. Again I wasn't sure. I knew she was still asl**p or I would be trying to explain to mom why my dick is deep in her pussy.

I pulled my dick out almost all the way them slowly buried it deep back in moms pussy. Slowly just like my fingers, in and out, in and out. I couldn't believe just how good this felt. After doing her for about ten minutes I had another idea. I wanted to see her naked. Not just from the back, but her front.

I watched as I pull my dick out of her. It was the best thing I have ever seen.

I laid back down on my side looking at moms back side. Her entire ass was in my full view. Her gown was still just above her hips.

I needed to get her somehow on her back. How do I do this without waking her?

I put my hand on her bare ass and pulled a little toward me. She moved some, but was still on her side. Then I got another idea.

I took a hold of her gown and pulled it toward me. Not enough to move her, just enough to make her in her sl**p uncomfortable. I figured the pressure toward me long enough would make her lay on her back without waking up. I kept applying pressure. Nothing was happening. It had been about ten minutes and I was about to give up.

All at once mom turned and laid on her back. As she turned I notice her legs were spread out. Not enough to fuck her but more than they were when she was on her back the first time.

I looked at her tits. When she turned on her back both sides of her gown had fallen opened giving me again a full view of her tits. It was amazing how great her tits looked.

I lowered my head down, and then stuck out my tongue just enough to touch her nipple. I looked up at her face. Still asl**p. I opened my mouth and put it on her tit. I could almost get the entire tit in my mouth. I started sucking on one tit as I fondled the other one. Her nipple kept getting harder and harder in my mouth. I raised up and looked at her tits. Both nipples were sticking out a good half inch or so.

I wanted to see her naked. Four more buttons still kept her gown closed from her tits down.

I got up on my knees. Her legs weren't far enough apart to put both of my knees between them, so I put one knee between her legs and the other one on the outside of her leg. I now could look down and get a full view of her naked body as I unbuttoned the rest of her gown.

Her breathing was still deep so I knew she was still in a deep sl**p. I reached down with both hands and undid another button. Then another button, another one. There was only one button left to undo before I could open her gown. I waited. I did not want to waste the moment. Finally I reach down and undid the last button. Her gown had a gap in the front about two inches wide. I could see her belly button. I looked down further and saw something that before today I would have said no way. My mom was shaved! I mean her pussy is as bald as bald could be. Why would an 83 year old woman shave her pussy. I know my mother was a clean freak. So the only thing I could figure was she thought it was cleaner. I have always loved bald pussy's. I ran my finger just above her pussy lips. There was no stubble. Her pussy was as smooth as a baby's ass.

I reached down and opened my moms gown. My mother was now totally naked and I was looking at her. This did not look like an 83 year old woman. Her belly was flat, her tits were firm and round. I have fucked worst. I knew now I had to fuck her. I had to put my dick in my mom's pussy.

I re-position myself so my face was right in from of her pussy. I slowly pushed against the inside of her legs. Mom opened her legs wider. Her legs were now open wide enough to move between them.

I moved between her legs and lowered my face close enough to lick her pussy lips. I licked her using my whole tongue. She tasted sweet. I stuck my tongue in her pussy and moved it around. As I was burying my tongue in her, I felt her move toward my face causing my tongue to go deeper. I swear I thought she raised her ass a little for me to get my face deeper in her pussy. I did see out of the corner of my eye mom spread her legs further apart. I raised up and looked at mom. Her eyes were closed and she appeared asl**p. I watched her face. Nothing. By now I am convinced mom is not a light sl**per and I can do about any thing I want to, to her.

I lowered my head back down to moms pussy. I put my hands under both of her thighs. I slowly started raising her thighs. I changed position with my hands after I got her thighs up about a foot. Now my palms were on the back of both of her thighs. I pushed them up. I raised up and looked down at my mom. She was on her back, her arms down at her sides, her legs were wide apart with her knees in the air. She was in a fucking position. I grabbed my cell phone. I stood up on the bed and took pictures of my mom spread eagle out in front of me. I took about three pictures of her, then lowered my camera right in front of her pussy. You could see her legs spread out and that bald pussy in plain view. I took my other hand and spread her pussy lips. I took two of these pictures. Then I got an idea. I called my best friend. It was now early in the morning, but I knew he wouldn't care after I told and showed him something. He answered the phone. "Hell-o, What time is it. Hey Steve What's up. Billy, I thought you were in Fla." "Half way there I answered him. Steve, are you awake. Yea," he answered.

'I am getting ready to fuck my 83 year old mother." I waited.

"Yea right, I know your mom, no way." I sent the pictures to Steve.

"Oh my God was all he could say. But that doesn't prove you can fuck her."

I realized he had a point. "Ok, Steve, watch this."

I got between my moms legs. I aimed the camera at my mom's bald pussy. I pressed video. I pointed my dick at her pussy entrance. I move in so the head and just the head of my dick was in mom. I pushed a little more dick into her, then stopped the video.

"How's that for proof?" Steve watched the video. "You lucky dog. How is it?"

"It's the best pussy I have ever had. Gotta go now, It's time to fuck the shit out of my mom. Bye." I closed the camera and put it back on the end table.

I looked up at mom so I could see her entire body. She must have moved when I put the cell phone back on the table. She had in her sl**p raised both of her arms up so both of her hands were laying on the pillow. My mother is a sex goddess .I couldn't find any thing about her body I didn't like. Now it was time to fuck my mom. As I was looking at her body I slowly sank my dick back into her pussy. It didn't take long to get my whole dick in her, and by the way I do not have a little dick. Some women can't even take all of it in. My mother had no problem taking in my entire dick. After I buried my dick in her I looked down at her bald pussy. My dick buried in my mom's bald pussy was the greatest sight ever.

My hands were on each side of moms body. So there was no weight on her at all.

I started moving in and out of mom. Slowly I got faster and faster. By now I was fucking her deep, hard and fast. I thought, this has to wake her up. I looked at her face as I was deep fucking her. Her eyes were closed and she still looked like she was asl**p. I looked at her lips. I think, but I'm not sure, I think I am seeing a small smile on her face as I am fucking her.

I felt my cum working up. I started cumming. As I cummed I kept buried deep in mom's pussy. While I was deep in her pussy cumming I think I felt her shaking. I think she was having an orgasm while sl**ping. The walls of her pussy squeezed my dick. I felt her pussy milking all of the cum out of me. I've never felt a woman do that. It was like she had locked my dick in her and I wasn't getting out until she let go. This new feeling made me cum load after load. I cum so much some of my cum started leaking out of her pussy. I was still buried deep in her. Deeper than I have ever been in any woman. Her pussy kept milking me. The sucking power of her pussy was unbelievable. The walls of her pussy was squeezing my dick and at the same time, something in her pussy was still sucking my dick. Finally after about three minutes I felt her pussy relax. After emptying a shit load of cum in mom's pussy, I was able to pull out. I never in my entire life had a pussy suck on your dick so hard, that it was almost impossible to pull out. I rolled over on my side and looked at my fucked naked mom. Her pussy was still open at her lips from me just pulling out of her. I was exhausted and my dick was totally spent from being sucked dry. Her legs were still in the air and her gown open. As I was looking at her she lowered her legs down.

Is she wake. I whispered "Mom". No response. She just laid there with her legs open.

It was hard to believe she never woke up. Now I have a problem. Mom has my cum in her pussy, her panties are off and her gown is open. What am I going to do?

I got between her legs again and put my lips on her bald pussy. I started sucking out all of my cum that I could. I licked her until she was clean. All this time again she stayed asl**p. While I was sucking her pussy I thought again I felt her move against my face. But I could be wrong. I found her panties and slowly put them on over her feet. I used both hands to pull them up. When I got to her ass I couldn't get them up any further. I tried to figure out what to do. I couldn't think of anything. I applied more pressure thinking her panties might slide over her ass. As I was trying to get her panties over her ass, I felt her raise up. As she raised up I was able to pull her panties over her ass. I buttoned up her gown, then rolled over on my back. I thought to myself. This was the greatest fuck I have ever had or will ever have. I fell asl**p thinking about fucking my mom.

Morning came. I woke up before the alarm went off. I looked over at mom and seen she was just starting to wake up. She turned her head and simple looked at me and said, "Good morning, how did you sl**p?"

"Fine, fine" I answered. Mom got out of bed and looked down at me. "Do you want me to shower first"?

"Sure," I answered looking at her. My eyes got wide when I looked at her. Apparently when I buttoned up her gown I missed one causing the buttons to be in the wrong holes.

Maybe she won't notice.

No luck. Mom looked down at the front of her gown then got a funny look on her face. She looked at me and said," I guess I will have to start making sure my gown is buttoned in the right holes, I guess anybody could make that mistake." She then walked into the bathroom.

I was looking forward to the drive home. Or better yet, the night we stay in a hotel. There are a lot more things I want to do to my mother.

I wonder if a sl**ping woman can give you a blow-job.

... Continue»
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My Mom's Obsession with Me

My Moms Obsession with Me

I’m 24 now, and I’ve never told this to anyone. I want to tell it now, and get it out. I’m sitting at my mom’s personal computer so I can write down what all happened. Sometimes I remember more things, and now I can go back and insert them in the story at the right time they happened. I don’t want my wife to know I’m writing this, so I’m doing this at mom’s house.
Dad left her years ago. A lot happened.

Mom and I had a personal secret. I was about 11 when I remember it started. My mom started touching me. Just a little at first, letting her fingers wander around my body. She liked to hug me and would run her hands under my shirt and feel my back and chest. She liked to feel my legs up and down. I liked it, and never told anyone the way ‘we’ liked to hug. She would pull my face into her tits and move my head all them. Her hands got bolder over time. She started waiting for me when I got out of the shower. Then the hugging went a little further each time. Now she was feeling my naked butt cheeks with her warm hands, and my upper legs.

I think I was about 18, and she came in my room late one night. She laid down next to me and kissed me for a long time, over and over. I felt her tongue across my lips. Mom was kissing me like a lover, and I liked it. It made me excited, and made my dick hard. After she would leave, I would jack off thinking about fucking her. She was a good looking woman. She had big tits, a great shape, long blondish hair, which she kept pulled back and let the curls fall down her back. A beautiful face, perfect red lips, and awesome skin. She had long perfect legs and a cute little butt. She turned heads any where she went. She looked and dressed real classy, like she came from wealth. She would appear a little cold and uppity to some….but behind her cool looks was a wild woman, I found out. When dad was gone, she started wearing sexy night clothes, and walked around me and bend over, massaging her long legs and it turned me on. She knew what she was doing. She was getting her son, me, to get horny and excited over her. I never told anyone what was going on. I noticed at night when dad was asl**p she would open the safe in her room, and take out a blue book and write in it. I wondered what was in that book.

I was 15 now and I decided to spy on her a little.
Dad was asl**p, they had separate bed rooms, I never knew why. I noticed mom always looked in the desk drawer first, then opened her little safe. I figured he combination might be written in there. Now when she made an entry, she took out some pictures in a box in the safe and added them to the book. Then she took off her panties and put them in her robe pocket. She leaned back and put her legs up on the desk, opened her legs wide and started rubbing her pussy. She was masturbating while looking at the book. I got a big hard on watching her trough the side door to her room, which I had opened slightly. She began to moan and rub her pussy a little faster and more moaning. She took one of the pictures and rubbed it on her pussy, then licked it and gave out a long moan and started shaking and bucking her hips wildly. She climaxed and lost her breath. She stopped but kept rubbing her pussy slowly. She licked her fingers over and over, and licked one of the pictures too. I had to go jack off after watching all this. I had a great jack off thinking of my mom having great sex with herself and how I wanted to fuck her so bad.
I had buddy’s that got the hots for their s****rs, and one or two who got turned on by their sexy mom’s. I told no one about wanting to fuck my mom so bad.
I had to find a way to look in that book.
Dad was out of town, and I knew mom would come in my room and want to kiss all passionately with me. She did and came and laid beside me and started kissing me all hot again. I liked this and always got a big hard on and jacked off when she left.

This time was different.
She like to feel me all over while kissing me. Now we tongued kissed and she would breathe real hard and moan. We had never touched each others private parts, except her rubbing her tits on my face a few times when I was younger.

Her hands were feeling my butt cheeks under the covers. I had no under pants on. Her hand came over and stopped when she felt my big boner sticking out as we faced each other. She paused for a long time, just holding her hand on my hard on. Her breathing increased. I could see she was struggling on what to do. She sat up and started to leave. I held her hand and rubbed it for a while, then rubbed her arm, then her shoulder, back, neck.
She got all turned on as she panted for breath. Her eyes were closed and she acted kind of weak, gasping for air. I lowered her back down into my bed, and we faced each other. We never spoke at these sessions, just her little moans. I put her slightly shaking hand back on my hard on. She began to squirm slightly. Her face showed excitement and some straining, trying to resist the temptation to go forward and do more. I didn’t push it but waited. I kissed her with a lot of passion, which she liked. She kept her hand on my hard on. Never moving it, just held her hand still. Her passion increased in kissing me, and our tongues were going wild in our mouths.
I felt her hand start going slightly back and forth my hard on. She was really gasping for breath now. Finally she moaned out a tiny whisper in my ear. The first time we had ever spoken about our touching and kissing, ever. (“..mommy wants to jack you off, just one time, ok?..”) I whispered: (….”oh god mom, I would so love that.”…) I was panting too, I was very turned on. The thought of having my mom, who I had the hots for, jack me off…my heart was pounding like a bass drum.
I wondered if she knew I jacked off to her and maybe even spied on or heard me. I remember I said…”Oh Mom!” out loud when I had a hot jack off once. I wonder if the ever heard that.
I went to mom‘s house, went up stairs and went in her room to continue this story.
Something had happened. Someone had added to my story.
I started reading it. Mom had found my story in the computer and read the story as far as I had gotten with it. She had added her version and thoughts about the story so far.
Who ever reads this, needs to understand the other side of this story. How it started and why.
A mom has needs and they weren’t being fulfilled until my son started turning into a ‘little man.’ A man in my life was looming right in front of me. My female urges began to blossom and I wanted my son intimately now, more and more. Ok, I became slowly obsessed with him, I resisted my thoughts of wanting to have sex with him. They just got more intense. I masturbated thinking about him for relief, but that only made me want to have sex with him more. I had dreams about him coming to my room and getting on top of me and having sex with me all night long. I would wake up with a wet vagina as I found myself rubbing my vagina over and over. I dreamed about him shooting his hot cum in me, and me sucking his penis and feeling his warm cum in my mouth. I could almost feel him licking my vagina, and making me climax over and over again.

It started when my son was about 11, I had the urge to feel his young body, way more that the typical mom, so I just did it quietly. I loved feeling his skin and all the male about him. I got no loving from his dad at all. I found out he cheated on me, and that was the end my sex life with him for good.
Feeling my son made me feel like a woman again. The more I fondled my son, the better it felt. I started taking secret pictures of him naked in the shower, and in his room naked. I started getting wet again in my vagina. I loved that feeling again.
I held back going further and not feeling his penis. I wanted to, but I cooled it. It built up over time and I started kissing him like a lover, I got so hot doing this, I had to masturbate at night thinking of him having sex with me to relieve it. It didn’t. That one night my hand landed on his big penis. I froze. It was so warm and my vagina began to ooze with juice. I fought wanting to jack him. It was a loosing battle. When he touched my hand, I began to melt. Then he started up my arm and further, I just went weak and let him lay me back in the bed. Then when he started kissing me so hot, I just found my self stroking him slowly like I really wanted to. I don’t know what made me say it, but it just came out of my mouth. I told him I wanted to jack him off, but just one time. I couldn’t believe I said it, but I wanted to so bad it just spilled out of my desire and out my voice it came.
Well,….mom was filling in a lot of questions now. I was loving this and hoped she would continue inserting her comments, plus it was making me really hot for her in more intense ways.
Mom slowly stroked my boner and I was so excited I thought I would cum right then. She seem to know it too. She stopped and put me on my back and put her face right next to my boner. I could feel her hand trembling slightly on my boner. She started jacking me slowly, her eyes locked on my boner. Her chest was going up and down and I felt her breath on my boner. She moved in closer. Her lips were now an inch from it. I watch her mouth open slowly and then she started jacking real fast.
Oh god I couldn’t hold back and I started to cum big. She started moaning and put her mouth right over my boner and jack it faster. Her hips bucked and shook, her fingers franticly rubbing her pussy, she moaned loud ….I moaned with her and shot the biggest load I had ever shot. Mom never stopped moaning and started swallowing all the cum she could. I had so much, she pulled off for a second to swallow and I shot a big one way up in the air that landed on her lips and chin. She moaned real loud when that happened and got back on my boner to keep sucking it more and more. I could hardly stand the wonderful sucking she was doing to the head of my boner, and I
squirmed and moaned myself. I shook and got dizzy. Mom kept moaning little moans as she licked me and licked her lips, Her eyes were closed in pleasure. She looked like she was in heaven. She rubbed her pussy as she licked my cum off her lips and chin. Her hips bucked as she too had a climax and just kept rubbing her pussy and softly moaned.
Well I did it. I sucked my own son’s penis until he shot his cum in my mouth. I loved his hot cum, I tasted it, I swallowed it and licked it. I feel so satisfied I don’t care about anything else. I kept savoring the taste of his cum, so I would never forget it. My little man was a big man now, and he can shoot his cum like no other. I loved he feel of his warm cum shooting in my mouth, and filling it instantly full. I climaxed three glorious times that night.

I’m not sorry it happened and yes I am planning to do it again and more, now that it’s finally happened. Say what you want about me, I’ve been wanting that for a long time, I feel like the woman I am. Satisfied……………...for a change.
I still think about that night. It was the most thrilling thing that ever happened to me. After that, we looked forward to so much more. I was dying to eat her pussy and the ultimate….fuck my own mom, and have us both climax at the same time.
We continued our lives as usual during the day. She still would grope me when ever she got the chance, and I felt her up any time I got the chance. We both got chills and tingles in our body’s as we felt us. We both couldn’t wait till the night when dad had gone to sl**p, or better yet when he was gone or out of town, like he did a lot. I think he had a girlfriend out there, somewhere. That Friday night he left to go out of town for the weekend. Mom and I watched his car leave. We ate dinner just like normal. We showered and sat in the living room and watched a little T.V. Mom never talked much, and was a quiet person.
Then mom stood up and took me by the hand, and led me up stairs to her bedroom. I still wanted to see that blue book in her safe. She turned off all but one tiny light. We didn’t talk. She knew what I wanted and she pulled down all the covers. She began to take off my robe and hers. We were both completely naked for the first time now. We began to kiss, then more, and worked up to a frantic naked rubbing and kissing session.
Now she felt my dick and I felt her tits and pussy. Our hands went crazy. Feeling all that we didn’t allow ourselves to feel before. She laid down and gently pulled me on top of her still kissing. We kissed like never before, running out of air, and gasping quick then back to our kissing. Passion was at it’s peak. I got hot in that bedroom, as we both gasp for air. I started kissing my way down. First to her wonderful big tits. She held my head and directed my lips all around them. Stopping at each nipple, and letting me suck on them all I wanted to. She played with my hair and wrapped her legs around me. I felt her warm pussy under me. It was time to slide down to lick her pussy.

She had just shaved it, and it was like a little girls pussy, Her hands slightly trembled as she held them on my head. She squirmed as my tongue traveled down her sweet slit. She muttered in low whisper…“oh baby…your making mommy burning hot!…lick me baby…oh god…lick mommy!” When I touched my tongue to her big clit…she jumped and moaned. She guided my head up and down on it, and pushed her clit to my mouth and pressed it to me tight and started to buck steady. She start talking quietly: ..“oh baby, mommy’s waited so long… long for you to lick my clit, don’t stop…yes baby…Yes…Oh God...Oh Yes...I’m Cuming baby…lick me…baby ..Baby…BABY…Ahhhhhh BABY!…and yelled and squirmed almost violently as she bucked her pussy up to my tongue….Ohhhhhhhhh she moaned…“Oh baby yes…OOO…it feels so good baby……..good…..ooooooo!” That excited me to hear mom talk like that, she was a quiet person who talked quietly. Her loud moaning almost made me cum…I moved up on her in a panic to feel her pussy around my dick. I quick put my dick in her…again she yelled…‘OH..BABY…YES, YES, YES…Fuck mommy…FUCK MOMMY…YESSSSS!” and I shot big time, flooding her pussy as she bucked like a wild woman….pulling my shooting dick into her tight…She made groaning noises and fucked me fast and deep.….she just kept twitching her pussy and squeezing my dick inside her. She held it tight and shook….and slowly…she went all weak with quiet little moans….fading slowly away. I felt her shaky legs drop off of me slowly…she was spent completely. My balls hurt, a good hurt though….what a wild fuck she is! I thought...I’ll never find a girl like her, ever.
That was my son and me, his mom, first glorious sex together. I just knew it would be that good. ‘big man‘…is even more sexual than I ever dreamed. I’ll never let him go…ever. He can have girlfriends, wives or whatever, but he knows his perfect match is right here with mom. We will have our sex, and no one will ever stop us.

* Guys, if your mom starts showing you attention for sex…. go for it. You’ll love it. Don’t ever turn her down, let her take you to sex places you never dreamed of. My son and I still have sex today, about every week. I must share him with his wife, but I don’t mind, he’s happy and so am I. She doesn’t know, and never will.
Well, there you have it. I must shower and put on my bikini bra, and bikini panties on and his favorite robe. He’s coming by today to check my plumbing er something……
There is my story. I still have hot sex with my mom to this day. She still makes me cum hard and shudder when I cum in her. She’ll fuck me any time, any place, or for all day or all night. I have to go now and ‘check’ her plumbing or …a …something…..

I am not author of this story.... Continue»
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Taking Pictures

Natalie was really nervous now. The thought of what she was about to do made it incredibly hard to even swallow. It felt like her heart was in her throat.

The pretty teenager was used to being in "situations" and even found some pride in being in trouble sometimes. She was a rebel and proud of it. Only this time, things just might have gotten a little out of hand, she thought.

Riding up in the elevator of the big flashy hotel, Natalie thought about the events that had led up to this moment, and swallowed, trying to get a grip on her nerves. She remembered that she had complained to Brad and Livia that she never had any money, and couldn't do anything fun any more. She also remembered Livia flashing all that money in her face.


Both Brad and Natalie had gasped at the sight of so much ready cash being waved around. Natalie wanted to know where it had come from, and was shocked when her best friend and confidant since the fifth grade told her that she had sold her body for it.

"What do you mean, 'sold' your body?" Natalie's voice had cracked with excitement.

"I fucked this old guy for money, and it was easy, and I enjoyed it." Livia answered, laughing at her friend's shocked silence.

"Eeeww! That's gross!" Natalie squealed. "I can't believe you did something like that, and with an old guy too."

But Livia had her attention. And maybe a little admiration at the audacity of what her friend had done.

"Tell Livia, tell us what you did! Come on, tell all!"

Brad just sat silently on Natalie's bed looking at the two girls. He wasn't sure if he liked this new revelation. After all, wasn't he and Livia supposed to be going together? But as he sat listening to her tell about how she had "earned" the money, he noticed that he had a raging boner forcing a peak in his jeans. Crossing his legs, he hoped that no one else had noticed.

"...yeah, and all I did is stand there. He came up to me and breathed his alcoholic breath in my face and said, 'Baby, you want to earn 50 bucks?'"

"I said, 'Who do I have to kill, mister?'"

"The stupid d***k just chuckled, and grabbed at me."

Natalie couldn't contain herself any longer and, bouncing onto the bed by Bradley, she yelled, "I can't believe it, you fucked an old guy! What did you do next? How did you guys get naked, how did it feel? Where did you do it...?

"Shut up for a moment Nat, and I'll tell you!"

Livia moved to the other side of Bradley, looked down at his crotch and smiled. "I see Brad likes my story so far."

Both girls looked at poor Bradley's tented jeans as the boy sat uncomfortably between them. Bradley said (as his face turned red), "C'mon you guys, leave me alone, and tell your stupid story Livia!"

Livia, taking pity on her boyfriend, enthusiastically leaned over his lap and began to recount to Natalie what had happened next.

"I told the bozo that I was a virgin and that if he wanted to pop my cherry, it'd cost him a hundred dollars.

"He seemed to get really excited that I might be willing to let him have sex with me. I didn't really think he was serious, but when he pulled out this big old wad of bills and started to peel off twenties…I couldn't believe it!"

Natalie, being Natalie, couldn't contain herself and started firing off questions at her friend.

"How old was this guy? Where did you guys go to do IT? How did it feel? What was..."

"SHUT UP NAT! If you keep asking the same old stupid questions, I'll never get to the good stuff!"

Having said that, the pretty petite red-head placed her hand on Brad's jeans-covered crotch and squeezed. Brad jumped, and squeaked in surprise. "And even if you don't care to hear my story, I think Brad does!"

"Okay, okay, I'm listening, please go on Livia. I can't wait to hear what you did next," Natalie said as she squirmed on the bed next to Bradley, all the time watching Livia's fingers massaging the boy's boner through the material of his pants.

"Well, just so you'll quit asking, I'd say the guy was maybe 30, and we went to the Motel 6 on Bell Street. I still couldn't quite believe that he was serious. I mean, no one would just come up to a total stranger and ask to fuck them! But then I said I would, so I don't know, maybe the whole thing was just so strange I couldn't believe it was happening and just went along.

"So, to make a long story short, we went to the motel and stripped and I lay on the bed and he got on top of me and fucked me. It felt strange, having this stranger poking me. It was really crazy, him humping away at me grunting and groaning, and me just lying there.

"But you know what was neat about the whole thing? He popped off in less than a minute and I earned a hundred dollars. I mean for a lousy minute I made $100 cash.

"After he shot his load, I just rolled him off me and cleaned myself off and left! The guy was half out of it anyway.

"It was just too cool."

Natalie smiled as Brad's body tensed and a moment later, tore Livia's massaging fingers away from his crotch as he got up to run to the bathroom. "Looks like Bradley really did like your story Livia!"

Both girls laughed at Brad's hunched figure as he disappeared through the bathroom door.


Natalie's elevator stopped on the 10th floor. The pretty brown-haired girl stood clad in jeans and a red checkered shirt staring out into the empty hallway. Did she really want to go through with this? It could be dangerous; maybe this guy was a psycho, who knew?

But after a moment's hesitation, Natalie took a deep breath and stepped out, letting the elevator doors close silently behind her. She quickly checked her face and hair in the mirror mounted on the wall across from the elevator, then looked at the little plastic signs that directed people one way or another depending on the room number.

10227 was down the hall to the right, and the pretty teenager walked briskly, almost jauntily, down the hall to stop in front of the room where her "customer" was.

She had only met the man an hour before. They had met at Sam's, a local club that catered to the "beer guzzler's society" (that's what all the high school k**s called the guys that frequented Sam's). Most were disillusioned married men who worked 9 to 5 and then drank until midnight. Most nights they would just stumble home, but every once in a while, one of them would get lucky. That night, Natalie had decided that she would try the same stunt that her soul-mate Livia had done. Besides, she could really use the money.

Slipping out of the house after dinner, Natalie had met up with Brad and Livia, and the three of them had gone down town to stand outside of Sam's. Both Livia and Natalie had k**ded Brad about his prospects. They had chided him about maybe running into some nice gay guy, or maybe some old spinster that could use a nice young stud.

Actually, Bradley had taken all the k**ding pretty well, because being a teenage boy of 17, he was up for just about anything that had to do with sex. He wasn't inexperienced. He'd had sex with both Livia and Natalie and other girls too. But standing outside this club with even the vague possibility of getting "Picked up" was making him so hard it almost hurt.

Right at that moment a man stepped outside and strolled in their direction. He didn't look intoxicated like the usual patron of Sam's. He looked like he had just stepped outside for some fresh air and would go back inside in a moment or two.

Livia nudged Natalie with her elbow and Natalie stumbled forward. Brad and Livia walked over to the other side of the street to watch their friend pick up this strange man.

"Hi mister," Natalie said.

"Hi sweetie, what are you doing out here this time of night?" the man answered.

"Looking for some fun, I guess," Natalie said, mumbling on the "I guess" as she ran out of breath. She felt like she might faint at any moment, she was so nervous.

"You're kind of young aren't you?"

"Yeah…so?" Natalie looked at him with her hands on her hips and defiant flashing eyes.

"Nothing, baby, it's okay. Don't get mad, I was just wondering why a pretty young thing like you was out here hooking is all."

"I need the money mister, and I wouldn't mind fucking you for it," She said that for its shock effect, but the man didn't seem shocked.

"I might want to take some pictures…, You into that kinda thing sweetie?"

"Whatever, as long as I get paid 100 bucks, I don't care." Maybe that's all he wanted was pictures, she thought.

Natalie breathed a sigh of relief. Until that moment, she hadn't realized how scared she really was. Doing it with some stranger was scaring her numb. She didn't understand why she was so frightened, after all it wasn't like she was a virgin, but she had never just walked up to a strange man before and offered him her body.

"You meet me in an hour at the Hilton on 3rd Street, my room is 10227, that's the 10th floor, room 227, okay?"

"Sure, umm, what about the money, mister?" she asked, worriedly.

"Paid in full when you show up. You don't expect me to give it to you now do you?"

Natalie blinked and said, "Uh, I guess that would be stupid of you wouldn't it?"

She smiled at him and said, "I'll see you at 8:15, that's exactly an hour from now, okay?"

"See you then, baby." The man said as he turned to go back into the club.


Bradley looked positively giddy as Natalie told her friends what had transpired. Natalie had committed herself. And she was going to get $100 for having pictures taken. Bradley said, "You mean he's gonna take naked pictures of you? I don't know, you could end up on the Internet, you know."

Natalie looked at her friend and said, "So what's your point, Bradley? -- Who cares, it's not like my parents know anything about the Internet, or any of my teachers. The only people that I know who would see pictures of me on the Internet are k**s our age. I don't care if in boys my age see me. As a matter of fact, I kind of like the idea! Think about it! All the guys at school drooling over my hot pictures, I think that'd be great!"

After walking her to the Hilton, Livia and Bradley waved at Natalie as she ascended in the glass-fronted elevator. They could she their brown-haired, blue-eyed friend looking down at them, then the elevator doors opened behind her and with a wave she spun around and disappeared from sight.


"Hello sweetie, nice you could make it." The man stood in the doorway of room 10227 and looked her up and down. "You'll be a beautiful model. C'mon in."

A little nervously, Natalie walked into the suite. It was a big room with a couch and a door leading into a bedroom. Natalie pretended that she wasn't afraid and skipped over to the couch and flopped down.

She smiled up at him with all the confidence she could muster, "You got anything to drink in this place, mister?"

"Sure, what's your pleasure?" the man asked.

"Something strong,." she said, trying to sound grown-up.

"You're not old enough to drink hard liquor, are you?" the man asked reprovingly.

"I guess if I'm old enough for you to take nude pictures of me, then I'm old enough for a drink or two don'tcha think?"

He threw his hands up in mock defeat and made the little teenage vixen a whisky sour, "extra strong". The potent drink made Natalie pucker with its tartness. "Boy, this IS strong," she said as she took several more large gulps.

After a few minutes the man said, "My name is Stan, what's yours?"

"I'm Natalie. So Stan, what is it you are going to want me to do?"

"Well sweetie, I guess we're going to take some pictures, and then I'm going to fuck your brains out! Is that all right with you?"

Natalie's heart was suddenly throbbing in her throat again. She had almost convinced herself that all this man really wanted to do was take nude pictures of her. She could still back out, but what would Livia say? And she really wanted the money.

Steeling her nerves she said, "Well then, let's get moving, 'cause I have to be home by 10, or my ass is grass with my Mom.

"All right. Why don't you take off your shirt for a start, and I'll go get my digital camera."

He turned and went into the bedroom.

Natalie unbuttoned her shirt to the waist. She heard a gasp, and looked up to see the man standing in the door. Natalie held her shirt wide open as she stood in front of the man and stared back at him.

"What?" she asked.

"You are absolutely beautiful k**, do you know that?"

"Yeah sure I do. Why do you think I'd let you take pictures of my nude body if I didn't think I looked good?"

She smiled confidently. One thing she was sure of in life was that men liked her body just fine.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna enjoy this," he whispered.

Natalie stood coltishly before the mature male, pretending to be shy. But her words destroyed any illusion her appearance might have caused.

"Sorry Stan, but you don't get to enjoy anything unless I get paid first!" She reminded him.

With a wry smile, he handed Natalie a hundred dollar bill. "Okay?"

Natalie didn't say anything, she just started to undo her jeans.

"No, wait, I want to get this all on film. Come into the bedroom and pose for me by the bed."

Natalie stood by the bed and popped the top button on her pants. Stan instructed her to pull her shirt back onto her shoulders and to tug her pants down, all the while taking pictures. He was encouraging the young girl to pose after each adjustment of her clothing.

Natalie could tell that he was getting a hard-on. As she stripped and began to offer him more and more daring poses, she could she him become bigger and stiffer. His cock was pushing against his pants in an effort to break free.

As Natalie exposed more and more of her body to this stranger, she felt herself becoming aroused. Showing her body off to a strange adult male, a guy who was almost old enough to be her father was really perverted, she thought. The idea made her instantly wet. A little embarrassed, she tried to surreptitiously look at her pussy to see if she was leaking.

Stan saw her glance at herself, and noticed that she was wet. "Yes, raise your legs baby, and show me that neat little twat!" he said.

Natalie looked at him as he clicked picture after picture, feeling the heat rising within her body. She began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with this grown man. Was he bigger than the boys she'd been with? Would he be skillful?

The picture taking went on for many more minutes, until Natalie finally lay back on the bed and said, "From the look of that boner in your pants, it's time for more than pictures don't you think?"

Stan could see the young girl's body moving rhythmically as she breathed. She was so perfect, her legs parted…waiting. He realized that that tight little cunt was all lubricated and waiting for him, and instantly forgot about taking pictures.

Natalie watched as her "soon to be lover" stripped. He was definitely bigger than Brad, bigger around and IT looked older. Natalie couldn't quite put her finger on it, but this man's cock "looked" more experienced than the boys she'd been with! She could imagine it having been in many women, women her mother's age.

As he stood over Natalie, she reached up and took his cock in both hands, rubbing the soft velvety skin in a gentle jacking motion. She marveled at the girth of his tool, "Mmmm, nice," she murmured as the man before her groaned softy.

Natalie looked up at the his face, his eyes where closed and she smiled to herself as she bent forward and engulfed his male shaft with her mouth, closing her lips tightly upon it and running her tongue around and around.
Still looking up at his face she saw his eyes fly open as she tongued his stiff cock. She would have smiled, if it were physically possible with a man's cock in one's mouth. Instead, Natalie began to bob her head, taking him as deeply as she could, over and over again. Finally, she stopped as her adult playmate began to groan loudly. Pulling her lovely head away, and allowing his swollen cock to "pop" from between her lips, Natalie sat back on her elbows, legs spread wide, looking up at the big strong man in front of her.

She looked at his big gnarled boner pointing directly at her, the heavy balls in their sack beneath it swollen with seed, and licked her lips subconsciously. He tasted so good, and the texture of his cock was so fine. She had the urge to take him into her mouth again, let him come between my lips she thought as she excitedly moved to take him again.

"Nooooway sweetie, you do that for one more second, and you get a real blast down the throat," he chuckled.

"I don't mind Stan, really." Natalie said, eagerly reaching for his stiff cock. She began to rub the head of his meat against the front of her teeth, then engulf his shaft again, and then pulled back lapping the underskin with her tongue. It became important to her to make him come. For some reason, Natalie wanted to taste his come, wanted that most intimate of orgasms…to swallow him.

As the teenage girl worked on him in desperate haste, Stan felt the wonderful familiar surging deep within his crotch. He tried to pull the young girl's mouth away, he couldn't hold out much longer. But Natalie wouldn't stop, she was almost beyond hearing as she eagerly worked on the cock buried between her lips.

Then she was choking, her eyes began to water, as she fought to swallow. Stan was coming in huge spurts, the first one going down Natalie's throat as she took a breath. She tried to pull away, to catch her breath, but the man in her was lost in his orgasm and held her face tightly to his crotch as he emptied his seed down the throat of the sputtering teenage girl.

Finally his senses returned to him and he released Natalie's head; she jerked back releasing his cock from her sperm-coated lips. She was still choking and sputtering. For the first time, Stan noticed her discomfort. He leaned forward and patted her on the back, asking if she was all right.

Natalie began to laugh at the situation. It was just too funny. They both sat on the floor at the foot of the bed and recovered for a while. Stan watching Natalie's marvelous body, occasionally touching her here and there. The girl quickly recovered from her coughing attack and lay back against the bed closing her eyes as her lover captured a nipple between moist lips.

She loved it when guys sucked on her nipples, it was the second best thing about sex. She had a flash memory of several weeks before when Livia had sucked on her nipples. They hadn't actually had sex with each other, but what they had done was fun. As the man continued to suck her nipple, Natalie relaxed and pretended that it was Livia doing the sucking.

Natalie loved Livia like a s****r. A fly-away red-haired, white complexioned Irish tempered lass, that's what her father called her. Natalie agreed with that assessment.

As Stan sucked, he began to rub her stomach, then moved his hand down between her legs, massaging her pussy, trying to gain access to that little hooded area with her sensitive clit button. He knew that she would respond to his every wish if he could just reach that one spot.

Natalie sighed contentedly, and slowly opened her legs. She continued her little dream about Livia -- she was massaging Natalie's thigh, then her small warm fingers found her wet pussy lips and slipped between the folds of firm flesh. Then ohh, so wonderful -- as her lovely red-headed Irish lass found her clit, and gently touched the swollen, hot, sticky flesh that would send Natalie to heaven in ecstasy.

Again a soft touch, as Natalie pictured in her mind's minds eye that delicate finger rubbing a gentle circle around the top of her girl button. Natalie squirmed joyously as her "Irish Lass" bent forward and began to lap at her clit button with her tongue. Natalie gasped and grabbed handfuls of rich frizzy red hair and pushed Livia's lovely face into her slit, moaning loudly as she came on her best friend's tongue.

"Mmffft... hey, hey baby, you trying to get even with me?" Stan chuckled, as he fought for breath.

Natalie looked sheepishly at the strange adult sitting naked next to her and blushed. She looked into his eyes and could read the renewed lust that was shining out of them and decided that she actually liked this guy. Sure, he was probably 30, almost twice her age, but strangely, in the buff, and playing sex partners, he could have been any of the boys she had slept with in the past.

'Well, I know he can give good head,' she thought. 'Now let's see how he is in the screwing department!'

Natalie stood up, straddling Stan, letting him reach up and feel her sopping pussy. She wanted to make sure he knew she was ready.

Without a word, she climbed onto the bed, and lay on her back. In a flash, Stan was lying beside her, massaging a breast. Natalie was determined not to say anything; she just looked into his eyes while he touched her body with abandon. Then after he had seen and felt his fill, he rolled over on top of the pretty teenager, positioning his cock at her opening.

In the moment before he shoved into her, he felt her wet opening lubricate his head, her slick fluid felt hot as molten lava against his sensitive skin. When he thrust into her, he made a soft "Uhhh..." sound as her teenage love tunnel form-fit around his invading adult cock. She was so tight and hot; it was incredible, unlike any woman he'd had before. Maybe it was just the moment, but he was convinced that it would never be better than at this moment and this time, as he held himself tightly inside Natalie. He could feel her heart thumping through her little cunt walls… throbbing around the tight skin of his buried cock.

Then unable to take the intensity of the moment, and desperately requiring release, he began to thrust into the teenager. First once, deeply. Then again, and again. His whole being was centered on the intimate contact between his male cock and her incredible female interior.

Natalie lay there, filled and enjoying it. 'This guy really knew how to do it,' she thought. He wasn't in any hurry, and he filled her so incredibly full! She felt like she had just eaten, it almost felt like he had invaded her all the way up to her stomach. Then he began to thrust into her. He was assured and strong, and she lay there submitting to his superior experience, his manly control.

She began to wonder what it would be like to have her father, or even Livia's father doing this to her. Natalie's parents had divorced when she was just five. She had only seen her father on holidays and for two weeks each summer. She had never thought of him "sexually" before, just a big strong man, someone she always felt good to be with.

This new experience made her wonder. What was her father like? He certainly was handsome, and strong, and she certainly loved him. She'd be 18 by summer vacation, and she knew that she was accomplished in the subtle art of seduction.

She smiled as her giggled each time the man on top of her thrust. She loosely hugged him as he humped; he was beginning to grunt with the effort. Natalie lay under him looking at the ceiling with a far-away look in her eyes. Her father would be shocked, she thought. Her smile became broader.

A strangled groan came from Stan. She could feel his cock expand and retract as he released his seed in her. She fantasized that it was her father, that his wonderful thick cock was spurting his white molten cum deep inside of her. The thought made her crazy for a moment, and the friction of the man's swollen pumping cock within her brought her to another marvelous orgasm, making her arch her back in ecstasy. One sharp scream, "DADDY!!" and she slumped back to the bed shivering in tiny aftershocks of pleasure, perspiration making her body shin in the light of the bedroom lamp.


Brad said, "Look Liv, it's Natalie!"

Natalie stepped out of the elevator and walked over to her friends who had been waiting in the lobby for her. She held up the $100 bill and performed a joyful little pirouette in front of her friends, happily displaying her reward.

Livia said, "Boy Nat, it sure took you long enough, I was about to call the Marines to break you out of there. You know it only took me a minute to earn my hundred!"

Natalie smiled at her best friend and said, "Yes, but I had MUCH more fun!"

All three of the teens walked out of the lobby of the Hilton in animated discussion. Livia was determined to hear every detail.

And Natalie just couldn't get the image of Livia's tongue on her clit-button out of her mind, no matter how hard she tried.

-=*=-... Continue»
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My Mom Is A Cheater

I thought at that time that she did this due to her stress and urge for sex in ladies with husbands not with them. But it was not so, rather it was just the beginning of her series of sexual sessions with him. Each of their encounters needs lot of explanation. I have witnessed it many times. In this story I will tell about our trip to Munnar (a famous hill station and tourist spot in Kerala).

After their sex, he used to come home whenever grandpa was not there. I doubted as if it was planned. Later one night I heard her talking through phone that “I will call you dear as soon as dad leaves tomorrow” to someone. I then understood that they are planning it every time. My grandpa has to go for temple committee works once every month to Thiruvananthapuram. He usually returns only in second or third day.

So this time I asked my friend Deepu in neighborhood to see at what time Suresh uncle comes to our home. He agreed and so next day as I was returning from school I went to his home before entering my home and he told Suresh uncle came by 12 noon. So then I understood they might have had a great fucking session by now and left. But to my surprise he was still sitting in our hall having tea and when I came inside, he started to chit chat with me and then I decided to check my luck and said “I will freshen up and come. Uncle keep talking with mom till then” and started to leave. He has applied a strong perfume as it was piercing my nose as I was sitting next to him. He then told that he was in a hurry to a meeting and just came here on the way for monthly evaluation of generator and will leave soon.

I then said in my mind that I know what you are evaluating every month. I smiled and said “ok uncle, see you.” He too smiled. And soon I left the scene and I went to my room and closed the door pretending as I was freshening up. Instead I went and closed door and started to peep through the key hole.

As soon as I left he stood up and hug her and she was in his arms. He was pressing her boobs and kissing her lips over her night dress. She said “you naughty, was playing and drinking my boobs till now and isn’t that enough for you”. He smiled and said to her that these are few things that he won’t get bored off and will have an urge to take more and more every time he gets it. She again said bad boy and gave him a kiss on his lips.

He slowly lifted her night dress and I was shocked to see that she was not even wearing a panty. He then fingered her pussy and she told “enough dear I can’t take anymore today. How did you fuck me for such a long time? I nearly had three orgasms in that time.” All her comments were making my cock hard. He then smiled and said “you haven’t been with a real man. I will show you to what levels of pleasure a real man can take you.” She replied “yes dear, my husband is a waste and he has never given me half the pleasure you gave me today. Love you dear”. And she kissed him. This time kiss lasted for longer time and then she told him that it is time for him to leave and he left. Seeing this I went inside toilet and got freshened up and gave a shot of my cum into the closet and came back.

As I came back mom was casual with me and she said she is tired today and she is having head ache and said she can’t prepare dinner tonight and asked me to get from the hotel nearby. I then understood that she was tired because of the hard fucking session she underwent few hours back. Saying this she went to the master bedroom and lied on the bed. Within few minutes she was fast asl**p and I bought parcel and called her but she told she was not feeling like eating and soon slept.

Next day she told me that she will take me for a trip to Munnar if I score 80% in the term examination coming up. I thought she was so caring and loving. She also said it is too boring staying alone and we need a change from the present condition. She also added there is no point in wasting our lives for others and it is us who have to live our lives to the fullest. I felt something wrong in her comments. But was thrilled hearing her offer and prepared well for exams. Getting 80% was not a tough thing for me as I always got nearly 80% regularly. May be due to my extra effort and God’s grace I got 89% and that day she was really happy and she asked me what you want as a gift for which I told her to keep her promise to take me to Munnar. She said that will be done very soon itself and kissed me on my forehead. I asked her how we will go. She said everything is a surprise for you. I again thought how she will arrange for a trip and later that night I got the answer for all my doubts.

Later that night, I heard her talking through phone that everything has worked out as per plan and can leave to Munnar tomorrow early morning itself. She was very excited during her talks with him. She even said that we can celebrate our honeymoon in Munnar. She then started to get everything ready and I saw her packing all her fancy saris, modern dresses and see through night dresses. She told it will all be a great trip for you as it was January and it was really cold there.

She then asked me to get my things also ready for trip. I too got everything ready and I also took my digital camera also with me which my dad gifted me on my last birthday. I could not sl**p that night and was thinking about what was going to happen in my life in the next two days. Somehow I slept till I was woken up by mom saying it is already 3 am and we have to leave by 4 am. She was already fresh and wet as she just came after taking bath. Then I woke up and got freshened up and when I came out after dressing what I saw was just mind blowing. My mom was wearing a pink top and a tight fit legging type bottom. Top that she wore had a low cut neck and was really sexy. While she was sitting simply itself one could clearly see her beautiful cleavage.

As per their plan, he came to our gate and was waiting for us to come in his new Honda CRV. I then showed surprise and asked her “Are we going with Suresh uncle?” She then told “yes dear, he has been there many times and knows very well about the places out there. He is a good friend of mine and was happy to take us when I just asked him how to go to Munnar few days back. So I asked whether if dad knows about this trip he will be angry with us know.

She told then don’t say about this to him and keep this within ourselves. I said ok and we proceeded towards the car. Seeing us he came out of the car and gave a warm smile and he greeted mom and me with a gentle hug. Then when I was going to enter the front seat along with uncle my mom said to me to go and sit in back seat and she will sit in front. I agreed and was now interested in knowing what all has this slut planned for this trip. So I decided to be passive and to enjoy the scenes.

So we started from home by 4 am as per planned and within the first 30 minutes I decided to act as if sl**ping and enjoy what all they will do if I am sl**ping. So I sat comfortably in back seat and started to act. They were also watching me closely. I could see Suresh uncle staring through the rear view mirror to make sure I was sl**ping. I had butterflies in my stomach and could not wait to watch what they would do next. So when they confirmed as I was sl**ping they started to be more comfortable and she was the first to hold his hand and lie on his shoulder. He too put his hands over her shoulder and was slowly fondling her soft 36 size boobs. The road was empty as it early morning and he then slowly started to put his hand into her top. He was also praising her while doing so like she was looking extremely sexy in that dress and was looking like an angel.

He also praised her soft boobs for which she said it is all yours dear and you can do whatever you want with those. He then pressed her boobs over her bra and she then took her hand and kept on his thigh and started to move up. She then massaged his thigh and pressed his cock over his shorts. It already showed a big tent inside his shorts. She then pressed his cock and said “my hero is already active today” and smiled. On hearing this he smiled and said “for you it is always ready my darling”. He then slowly kept pressing on her boobs over her top. She was enjoying it and was biting her lips in pleasure. He then slowly inserted his hands into her top and was feeling her nipples.

She then said you have whole two days to do whatever you want with those and why are you so anxious now itself. He replied “I can’t even miss a single opportunity to miss you and your wonderful body. I love you dear.” She was so happy in hearing this and she without saying anything unzipped his pants and took out his long dick and looked at it. She said “what a lucky woman is your wife and I am feeling jealous for her” and she kissed it. He then slowed down the car and said “but she can’t satisfy me to half the amount you did on that day. That was the best sex I had in my whole life. I promise.”

She then removed the foreskin of his cock and kissed it again and this time gave a little of her tongue also on the head of it.

He then slowly said “wow darling, you are too good sucker”. Then she said that it was enough for now and will do the rest in the coming two days. His cock was standing like a pole due to her kiss and she was playing with it. She kept it in her hand and slowly kept on massaging it and saying “I love this cock as this only gives me pleasure in my lonely life”. I couldn’t imagine what a horny slut she was as she was praising and sucking another man’s dick. He then slowly took his left hand from boobs to her pussy area over her tight leggings. He then massaged there for few minutes and she started to move restlessly on the seat and started to give out sighs of her moans of pleasure.

She then slowly widened her legs so that he can get good access to the hole from which I came to the world. He then slowly inserted his hands into her black leggings and started to caress her there. She was biting her lips and lying on her back and saying “I love that. You are too good my darling. I am waiting for this moment in my life nowadays. These are the most pleasure filled moments in my life”. He smiled and said “this is just the starting and you will be satisfied to the core before we leave Munnar. I love you and your lovely sweet pussy” and licked his fingers. Then she said I may wake up and got back to normal. She said “this is all yours only and can do whatever you want with those. We have enough time for all that and I will fulfill all your dreams my love.” By now my cock was rock hard and I somehow hid my erection from them.

Then after sometime they stopped car for breakfast and she came along with him holding his hands like his wife. At this time I acted as if I woke up now and accompanied them. Then finally we reached the resort in Munnar. The climate was too cold and we reached there by nearly 1 pm in noon. While reaching there he asked “we shall take 2 rooms know” to my mom. She said “why to waste money and instead just take a cottage”. I also now got the bitch’s intention. He then went and took a cottage which was really nice. It had two bedrooms a hall and a private swimming pool. It was too good. And later only I came to know from the room boy that it was a honeymoon cottage. The pictures on the wall of the room was also the pics of the erotic sculptures of ancient India. Now everything was set for a great show I supposed.

After reaching the room, uncle went to bring luggage and at that time she said “Are you happy now my baby? We could do all this and come here only because of him (Suresh uncle). So we should always be thankful to him and should not cause any difficulty to him. We should also satisfy his wishes before even he says it. Ok?” I replied “yes mom we can make him happy this vacation. I will do my best to keep him happy.” She also said that because of his company with the management of the resort there they got this cottage only at a half rate and because and so we can even stay for a few more days if we want. I understood what she was aiming at and I said that’s a wonderful idea. Then by this time he came back with the luggage and mom went near him and gave him a small hug in front of me itself and said “this is a wonderful cottage and we really loved it.”

He too responded by hugging her with his hand and kissed her cheeks. I acted as if I was shocked and after that I asked mom “why did you hug him?” for which she told “he is my best friend and he has done us such great help for us and there is nothing wrong in what I have done there. And I have already told you that it is our duty to keep him happy. I am just doing all for that. And don’t tell any of these things to your dad. He is a narrow minded fellow and cannot understand all this. Ok?” I replied “Ok.” By her each words I was getting excited and wanted to know how they are going to make out in the coming days.

Then we rested in room till 4. He rested in one room and mom and me in another. Mom then went to freshen up in the bathroom and came wearing a new top and jeans. She looked damn hot in that. It was also figure fit and showed the curves in her body. She then asked me to get dressed up and I went to bathroom. In that time she ran to his lover who was sl**ping topless in bed and got on top of him and sat on his crotch. He was also surprised in her move. He told like “Rahul will come” for which she said he is in bathroom and getting ready. I meanwhile was just peeping through my room to theirs and kept the pipe open. He then made her lie on his bed and started to kiss her. He started with her lips and was pressing her boobs. He kissed all of her face and on his each pressing she was moaning.

Then they continued to caress each other. And she then moved apart and started to kiss his chest and sucked his nipples and was licking near navel. They then stood from bed and when he was about to remove her top she told “we will do whatever you want tonight as he may come out now” and came back to my room. I meanwhile rushed to bathroom and took a shower and came back.

Later he also got dressed up and we went out for site seeing. First we went to tea estates nearby and took photos there. First he was taking our snaps. Later my horny slut mom asked to take their picture and started to pose like couples. She was standing close to him with her hands in his hands. Soon the poses started to become more intimate as he was holding her across her waist and so on.

She was also acting cool and normal. She herself started to brush her lovely boobs on him. I snapped everything in my mobile camera also. They soon became comfortable in front of me and she himself was holding his hands close to her body. When I asked her about this she told not to forget what I told in the noon and continued to flirt with him. Later we had our dinner and reached room and she got freshened up to go to bed by 9 itself. And she also told me that we should go to bed early tonight as we had to go for trekking tomorrow early morning.

Then I saw my mom changed her dress after bathing into a transparent cream color night dress which could even make an 80 year old man cock to be erect. She was damn sexy and her curves were visible clearly. Her white color panties and bra were also visible. I was sure that this bitch is too horny tonight and is desperate to be screwed. She then came to me and said we can sl**p in this room and let Suresh uncle sl**p in the other room. Then she said she will wish him good night and come and went to his room. I silently followed her and she rushed to his room and said “everything is as per planned and will meet after he sl**ps.

Then he said “you look damn sexy today and can’t wait to have you. Feeling like to eat your pussy now itself and take you to peaks of pleasure”. He then showed his cock which was erect and said it is all because of you and you should do something to cure it”. She then pressed his cock with her hands and played with his balls and said “I will do anything today to satisfy you and I am your slut and can do whatever you want to make yourself feel good. You are the one who showed me what a real man is capable of and how to really satisfy a woman”. She then came to my room and lay alongside me.

Then later when time was 11 or so she slowly woke up from bed and looked at me to know whether I am sl**ping and I was acting as I am fast asl**p. Then she slowly got up from bed and tiptoed to his room and slowly opened his room and entered inside and locked it from inside. Then I understood that the show time was on and then rushed to their balcony through mine as both are interconnected and peeped through the large French window. For my luck curtain was having a gap so that I can comfortably enjoy the show. As soon as she entered the room he stood from bed and hugged her tightly. She too was enjoying in his arms as she was lying in another man’s arms eyes closed.

He then slowly started to kiss her lips and each inch of her face. She too was enjoying it and was returning the favor. Their lip kiss last long and I could see them exchanging their saliva. He said to her that her lips really tasted good. He then slowly unbuttoned the top buttons of her night dress and started to press her boobs over the dress and said this was the moment what he was waiting for the whole day.

Then he took her to bed in his arms and threw her on to the bed and came on top of her and she removed his t-shirt and started to kiss him on his hairy chest. She was kissing each and every inch of his chest and saying “you are my man, not that fool who works out keeping his wife’s pussy wet all year”. I felt really bad when I heard this but something in those words were turning me on. And then she continued her work like a sex starved slut and started to lick and suck his nipples. He was enjoying it and was giving light moans. Then she climbed on top of him and was pressing his cock putting her hands inside his boxers. A huge tent was visible now itself inside his jockey.

He meanwhile was playing with her milky white boobs. She then slowly removed her night dress and was sitting on his crotch with only her bra and panty. That was really a superb sexy scene to see her sitting on his crotch. Then he was playing with her boobs and slowly unhooked her bra bringing both the milk tanks for my view. He then started to suck her nipples and press the other boob at the same time. She was moaning heavily like ” aaaaaaahhhh, ammmmmaaaaaaa, ooooooooohhhhhhh” and he was also biting her nipples.

She then said “wow, you really know how to satisfy the hunger of a woman. I love you darling. My husband is a waste”. He then smiled and said “I too love you Lechu. It turns me on more when you say about that idiot like this during our pleasure time.” She then said “you naughty devil” and gave him another kiss and this time on his belly. She then said “you have a strong body and your abs are also tight”. Then he made her lie on the bed and started to kiss her body from top without missing even an inch in her sexy body. He was licking her boobs and sucking them like a mad dog. She continued to give out sexy moans. All this made my cock rock hard and I slowly released my little man out of my shorts so that I will feel little more relaxed,

He then slowly came to her stomach region and started to move her lips and tongue all over there. He was licking her navel region and was playing with her large bosoms. She was lying in the bed with closed eyes and her legs were moving in pleasure. Then he slowly came near the sexy hole of my mom and kissed there over her white panty. He then said “you are already dripping wet my dear. I love the smell of your love juices. It drives me crazy.” Then she smiled and said “it was all because of you and now only your thick cock and calm down the heat of my body.” He said “I will definitely make you feel relaxed” and continued to tease her by kissing her over her panty.

She then started to gasp for breath and said “come on darling, please don’t tease me like this. I can’t take this like this. Please remove my panty and play there with your tongue. Show me heavens of pleasure as you usually do. I want your hard cock inside me my love. Come and fuck me darling please.” I was really amazed to see my mom begging to another guy for his cock. She has turned on that much that there is no point of return.

He then smiled and slowly removed her panty. I myself was amazed to see her clean shaved pussy. It was really pink in color and was glazing due to the pussy juices it secreted during the heavy foreplay they underwent. She also then removed his boxers and his large thick 7 inch cock was released free. It was standing erect like a pole and was in its full glory. She then made him lie on the bed and came between his legs kneeling down in front of him and took hold of his cock and said “What a hard cock.

Somehow I want it fully inside me. I really enjoy every time you fuck me. I never had so much pleasure with that fool. He has never given half of the pleasure that you have given me. I will be your slut for my rest of life. I love you my baby.” Then he said to her “Lechu, come and suck my cock dear.” She then started to obey his commands like a slut and took his monster cock in her hands and pulled the foreskin backwards and started to suck. She started to suck the head of his cock and was licking the head putting large amount of saliva on it. He was enjoying it and giving slight moans and saying “yes dear, suck it deeper. Yessssss that feels too good. Oooooooooohhhhh yeah.”

She too started to suck more and more and he too started to mouth fuck her holding her head and pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. I too was amazed to see my mom almost taking the whole of that monster in her mouth and was giving him a great blowjob. She even was about to gag due to fast mouth fucking. After about 10 to 15 minutes of sucking he told her to get back on the bed so that he can show his skills with tongue on her hole through which I entered this world. And she climbed on the bed and they were lying face to face kissing on lips.

Both of them were stimulating each other as mom was playing with his hard cock while he was fingering her juicy pussy. Both of them were enjoying that really well. He then went down and came between her thunder thighs and started to kiss and lick her inner thighs. He then slowly reached her pussy and started to suck the juices from her pussy. He was licking every inch of my mom’s pussy and she was moaning heavily and was gasping for breath. She was enjoying every bit of it and also started to moan as he started to insert her tongue deeper to explore her honey pot. I was then wondering how a woman who I thought was very conservative have changed in front of a big cock. I never knew that she was really such a horny bitch.

Then he continued to lick her pussy and she was moving her head to sides and was not able control her moans and was gasping for breath. She was not able to lay on the bed as she was moving in pleasure. Then she told “fuck me dear please. I want your hard cock inside me. I can’t stand any longer and I need you. Please.” Saying this she climbed on top of his crotch and adjusted his cock near her pussy and started to try to push it inside.

Slowly and steadily she kept on taking that monster cock into her wet juicy pussy.

Then slowly she started to moan as his monster pierced her holy hole. Then she started to ride on his cock in that position. It was a great view to see my conservative mom sitting on another guy’s crotch naked and riding his cock. Her boobs were juggling according to her movements. He was pressing and fondling her boobs while she was riding his cock. He too was enjoying it and was lying with his eyes closed. He was asking her “how you feel Lechu?” for which she replied that “these are the moments that she is waiting now a days and is living for this pleasure”. Hearing this he got excited and made her lie down on the bed and started to enter her in missionary position.

He then came between her legs and slowly started to push his cock inside her. Within a minute he successfully inserted his 7 inch long cock into her pussy and started to fuck her. His fucking slowly gained momentum and he was fucking her really fast and she was moaning heavily now. I could now see tears rolling out of her eyes and it was due to the pleasurable pain she was feeling. He then went on fucking her hard in her pussy and then suddenly took his cock out and made her stand in doggy position and started to fuck her from behind. I could hear the sound of his balls hitting her ass as thuck, thuck and she was enjoying this session madly. I too was amazed to see him fucking her for almost 25 minutes now.

She then said “how can you fuck me for so long. My husband can’t stand for more than ten minutes and he will be collapsed on my boobs”. He then said “he is a real waste or else will he leave this pussy and go out to earn. Anyway let him earn well so that we can enjoy and make all our dreams come true.” He kept on fucking her from behind and at one moment he said “he was about to cum” and took his cock out and ejaculated on her body especially in her boobs and pussy region. Then she was almost exhausted and said “as always that was another real enjoyable experience and I got 4 orgasms in between. First one I got even before you started to fuck me that is with your tongue itself. Really dear you are truly awesome.”

He then said “our trip is just getting started and there are so many more things you need to enjoy. She then got up from bed and sucked his cock clean and licked the last drop of cum from his penis. Her ass was red by now and she then went to the washroom and cleaned herself and came to bed with him. He told these were the most lovely moments in his life and again kissed her pressing her boobs. He then told he has a wish and you will have to fulfill it. She told she will fulfill his any wish because she was given that much pleasure by him.

He then told her that he want to be in pool with her tomorrow and she will somehow have to make arrangements for it. She thought for a while and then said “how will I say no when my darling is asking. Somehow I will make it possible. And she told now will also have to get Rahul keep his mouth shut as its morning that we are going to use pool. I have plan for all that and it will be a surprise for you.” She told its time for her to leave as it was already 3 and started searching for her clothes. She then got all her dress and got ready.

Then she went towards him and gave him a nice deep French kiss. I then ran back to my bed and acted as if I was sl**ping. She then tiptoed to my room and slowly opened the door and I acted as if I woke up hearing the door sound and asked her where did she go? She said she went to Suresh’s room and was talking with him about our tour plans for tomorrow. I said can I also see him now. She then said “no dear he will be tired now and let him take rest. We must be always grateful to him and will have somehow fulfill all his wishes.”

She was now repeating the same dialogue for the third or fourth time and I understood she was going to do something in front of me and I should keep my mouth shut. It turned out true what happened the next day was really amazing. The incidents that happened next day was really unforgettable and I could also see and understand that my mom was now turning into a real slut. All this will be in my next narration. My next post will be only if you respond to my current post
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Married to my s****r

I am amazed at how things have worked out. Growing up, I would have never imagined that I would be 24 and married to my 23 year old s****r. Add to that, that we are also expecting our first baby.
How did it all this happen?
Growing up there wasn't much to talk about. My dad left us when we were 6 and 5. Mom did her best to raise us by herself. But, being a single mother with no c***d support meant she had to work 2 jobs. That left my s****r and I alone with a sitter or by ourselves as we got older most of the time.
My s****r Renee and I are 19 months apart and growing up we didn't have many "play dates" like k**s today, so we spent a lot of time playing together. There wasn't anything sexual between us. We did the normal playing of cars, dolls, cards, hide-and-seek and so on. As we got older we both took on other interests. My s****r at 5'6, 110 pound became quite a cutie with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Her main interest was dancing and joined the dance group at school. I grew up to be 6'2 and 175 pounds with short light brown hair and blue eyes. Mostly I liked to draw and took an interest in cross-country track.
When I turned 17 my mom started dating a guy named Bob. At first things were fine. After about 6 months of dating, Bob moved in with us and that is when all the problems happened.
I won't go into any real details, but we'll just say he was abusive, verbally and physically. I did my best to try to absorb the brunt of it to keep him away from my s****r and mother. I don't think I did a very good job, looking back at it.
After I graduated, I got a job at the local grocery store and tried to be home anytime Bob and my s****r were home.
By November I had really had enough of Bob and the home life. My s****r started spending a lot of time at her friends which made me feel a little better with my next decision. I joined the Army.
I left for basic training the beginning of January and got orders for Germany upon graduation. I got a note from my s****r right before graduation that she had dropped out of school and was going to marry her boyfriend Tim.
I knew Tim, he was a year older than I was and pretty much an ass. I knew he took a liking to my s****r several years ago, but she never really took an interest in him. From her letter it seemed she felt marrying him was better than sticking it out at home with Bob.
I felt really bad as I headed over to Germany for my 2 year term as an Infantryman. I managed to keep in touch with my s****r through letters and an occasional phone call. She wasn't happy with her married life at all. She was pretty sure that her new husband was cheating on her to boot. After my first year in Germany, I got a letter from my s****r that let me know my mom had cancer and was in a bad way. Bob had left my mom when she started to need someone to take care of her. So, Renee decided to move back home to help mom as best she could. It was shortly after she moved back that she confirmed Tim was cheating on her. After a quick divorce, Renee spent all of her time taking care of our mom.
About 2 months before my Germany tour was finished I got word that my mom had passed away. I took an emergency leave and flew home for the funeral.
Renee picked me up at the airport and we gave each other a long hug. The months of taking care of my mom had made her appear tired and worn out. The funeral was simple and mom was finally put to rest.
I knew I didn't have a lot of time, because I needed to return to my unit to out-process and head to my next unit. For the next couple of days we went through the house and talked with attorneys and the banks. During our down time we spent a lot of time just snuggled in to each other. My s****r was hit the hardest since she had gotten close to mom in her last days. I also found out the reason Tim had cheated on Renee was mainly due to their sex life. Since Renee didn't really love him, she didn't feel like having sex that often. She also was afraid of being trapped in a loveless marriage by k**s so she always made him wear a condom. I guess he got tired of latex and went to find some slut he didn't need protection with. When my leave was over, I signed a power-of-attorney to my s****r so she could take care of my mom small estate.
When I got back to my unit I had my clearing papers and found out I was being assigned to Fort Campbell in Kentucky. I finished up in Germany and headed back to the States. I had a hard time with the transition, mainly due to my thoughts being on what my s****r must be going through. I finally got to my unit at Fort Campbell and promptly went to the field. This meant we spent the better part of 3 months doing 5 to 15 day stints in the woods. When our field cycle ended and we went in to the school and detail cycle I got another disturbing letter from Renee. It seems the medical bills and funeral bills had really piled up and she was going to be selling the house to pay things down. The bad news was she would still be a few thousand dollars short. To top that off, she was a 19 year old high school dropout, which isn't exactly high on the in-demand jobs list.
I had managed to set aside some money and knew I could help her pay off the bills and promptly sent her the check. That only helped to delay the inevitable.
I was pretty anxious when I was finally able to take a couple of weeks of leave. There wasn't much left for me to help out with when I got there. Renee had found a buyer for the house and had arranged to pay off the bills. Most of the house had been emptied out and there was only her double bed, a small sofa and a few kitchen items. The only real question left, what Renee would do once the house was sold?
I decided it would be best to have Renee move out near me in Kentucky. We could get her an apartment near post and use my money to pay for it. It knew would take most of my money to supplement her rent, but it was the best thing to do and I was hoping my s****r could get a part-time job to help out some also. My s****r agreed but had some reservations. Her biggest question was what happened after my enlistment was up or if I got assigned overseas again. I assured her we would have at close to a year to figure that out. When I returned to my unit, I quickly found an apartment about 5 miles from post. Within two weeks the house was closed and my s****r was on her way out.

When she arrived, I helped her setup her apartment and told her about my field schedule. We spent the next few evenings catching up and just snuggling close together grieving over our past few years. As luck would have it my s****r did manage to find a job working at one of the local restaurants. Shortly thereafter I went back to the field again and our time together was again limited. When my field cycle finished up again, I was getting close to the end of my enlistment. I had pretty much decided I would re-enlist, since I only had a high school education or real transferable skills. When I told my s****r, she again voiced her concern about the possibility of a duty station change.
After much discussion and pondering I came up with a wild idea. My new roommate had just come back from his s****r's wedding. The only different part was the minister. Their Uncle had conducted the ceremony. He had done one of those mail-order minister licenses so he could perform the ceremony.
Then the thought had occurred to me, "Why not get married?" After all, Renee had a different last name than mine and we could use his Uncle to marry us. It could be a marriage for show only. That way Renee could travel with me if I got stationed someplace else. I would also get extra money for rent from the Army as well. OK, so we would be in big trouble if the Army found out, but I was willing to risk it.
I floated the idea to Renee who looked at me a little nervously. She was pretty sure we could pull it off, but was nervous what would happen if the Army found out. I told her not to worry and I was sure everything would work out. The next day I went out and bought a cheap engagement ring to help the facade.
The next week I told my buddy I had gotten engaged. He had seen pictures of Renee and I always referred to her as my girlfriend. He congratulated me and told me he would help out if he could. I told him we didn't have a lot of money and asked if his uncle could do the honors, since we really just wanted a low key wedding.
We got our marriage license by using Renee's driver's license and my military ID. Luckily they didn't ask too many questions. The day of our wedding finally arrived. We arranged to have it on a late Saturday afternoon. My buddy Mike and one of Renee's co-workers Jill stood as our best man and maid-of-honor. We met at a small park and decided to use the gazebo to get married. I stood in my dress greens next to my buddy and his uncle as Renee and Jill drove up. I was stunned when she stepped out of the car. She looked amazing! She had a on a sexy white dress that came just past her knees with a set of high heels and a small tiara on her head.
I actually felt a little nervous as she walked her way up to me. Once our eyes met and I saw the smile on her face I quickly relaxed.
The ceremony went very quick and easy until the end. There was one part I hadn't thought through. When her uncle ended with, "Now you may kiss the bride."
I think I was a little stunned at first. I hadn't thought about kissing my s****r. But, Renee just looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and I decided, "Why the hell."
Our lips pressed together and what I thought was going to be a quick peck, turned in to a slightly more passionate kiss.
When we broke our kiss, I felt a little flushed and saw a little redness in Renee's face as well.
Mike and Jill had also decided to take us out to dinner and drinks to honor of our nuptials. There were a few more kisses throughout the evening and we did our best to be newlyweds. I won't deny that I was slightly turned on by all the kissing by the end of the night. I am sure the alcohol helped in its own way as well.
We finally got back to the apartment about 10:30 and I really wanted to get out of my dress uniform. I went in to the bedroom and took off my uniform. I was about to change in to a pair of shorts when I turned around and saw my s****r standing in the doorway. My draw dropped as I took in her outfit. Renee was standing there in a just a short white silk nightie that barely came below her crotch. I could make out her firm b-cup breasts, bare and hardened nipples that pressed against the thin fabric. I wanted to say something, but nothing seemed to develop in my throat.
Renee looked very alluring and slowly walked her way over to me. She slowly walked up, ran her hands up my bare chest, then reached up and gave me a soft kiss.
"Uh, Renee," I muttered when our lips parted.
"What?" she asked.
"What are you doing?" I continued.
"Well, you are my husband now, and this is our wedding night," she replied.
"But I'm your b*****r," I reminded her.
"True, but you are also my husband. God knows I love you more than I ever did Tim," she continued.
My mind went foggy over the unfolding events.
My s****r reached up and pulled me to her lips again. The touch was soft, then our tongues entangled and I felt a slight twinge in my crotch.
My little head finally over ruled my brain and I pulled her in to me.
Slowly we lowered ourselves to the bed. My hands ran along the soft fabric and I felt the heat of her flesh underneath.
Renee rolled us on to our sides as we kissed. My hands slid down the silk fabric and on to her toned legs. As I ran my hands back up along her thigh and under the fabric I quickly noticed an absence in material. My fingers found only warm smooth flesh as they searched. I was so engrossed in my findings that I made a quick jerk as I felt a hand grip my hardened shaft. My head was abuzz with the thought of my s****r slowly stroking me through my boxers.

Then I felt my s****r fish my cock out of my boxers and resume her stroking. I seemed to be a voyeur in my own body as it seemed to move on its own. My hands rubbed up over my s****r’s wonderful ass up to her back and then back down. As if on instinct only my fingertips traced along the curve of her cheeks and down until they slipped along a slightly moist slit. My s****r's leg moved up higher on my thigh as if granting me further access to her sweet slit. My tongue re-engaged hers as my fingers slipped slightly further in to her softness. I could feel more moisture now as I slid down and ended up at the little nub. My s****r let out a kiss muffled moan as I slipped along her little nub.

My s****r broke off our kiss giving me the most devilish grin. Then I watched as she slowly kissed and licked her way down my check; her eyes locking on mine as she descended. I could feel her hand pulling at my boxers and my hips automatically rose to allow her to remove them. Ever so slowly she kissed her way down. I could feel her breasts through the fabric sliding along my thighs. My cock pulsed with anticipation as she finally arrived at her destination. I watched in amazement as my s****r licked my shaft. I felt her hands caressing my balls. Then she turned her eyes down and took me in to her mouth. I let out a gasp of pleasure as she sunk my shaft far in to her throat! My hands reached down and gripped for her hair. Slowly, meticulously Renee slid me in and out of her mouth, her hands playing with me, stroking me. I wanted this feeling to last all night, but I knew if I waited it would be over all too soon.

I decided to break the action by reaching down further, grabbing hold of Renee's nightie. I pulled up over her head, removing the garment and her sucking action to give me a chance to get a hold of myself. I was slightly surprised when Renee didn't return to her oral attack. Instead she sat up slightly, stroking me with those eyes staring in to me. I could make out her breasts full and firm. Then Renee slowly moved up, straddling me. I could see all of her. I noticed only a small strip of hair between her legs. I followed her body up, back over those wonderful breasts to her face now hovering over me. I barely had time to make a sound when Renee sat herself down, impelling herself on me. We both let out a loud moan as the pleasure rushed over our bodies. Renee slowly started rocking up and down, back and forth. My hands found her hips and I guided her up and down on me. I reached my head up taking one of her hardened nipples in my mouth. I sucked and nibbled those delectable objects. Renee continued to increase her moans.
I had to do more!
I reach around Renee's waist and flipped her on to her back, my hardened member falling from her vise. I wasted no time in sliding me back in to my s****r as far as I could go, soliciting another groan and moan from both of us. My lips lowered and touched hers as I thrust back in to her heaven! I could feel her nails gripping at my back, trying to dig in. I knew it wouldn't be long for me as I continued to pursue her pleasure. I could hear squeals of pleasure getting louder and louder in my ear.
Then, almost without warning, Renee gripped me tight! I felt her nails gripping my flesh, her legs quivered around me.
The sound of the squealing moan will never be forgotten as my s****r came! I couldn't help myself. My mind flashed images of my s****r under me, me deep inside of her, the waves of pleasure racing through my body! I erupted with a spasm of pleasure like none I had had before. I grunted loudly as I felt a torrent of cum explode inside my s****r's body! Another thrust, another blast of cream and another groan from both of us. I gave three more thrusts before the waves of pleasure ebbed from my body.

Slowly my s****r released me from her grip. I could feel the sweat on my flesh as she caressed my back. I fell on top of her, my head buried in her neck. Our breather was hard and labored. I fought hard to make sense of what had just happened. Had I really just fucked my own s****r? Then another thought shot through my brain. Was she on birth control? In the heat of the moment I had forgotten to get the condom out of my wallet. Well, not like I was planning this or anything. When I finally caught my breath and rolled off of my s****r, her body followed mine. Renee laid next to me with her head on my chest, arm holding me, leg d****d across my hips.

I started to speak, but was cut off by Renee.
"That was incredible!" she stated. "It was so much better than before."
"Yeah," I panted. "It was fuckin' great!"
I waited another few seconds then continued, "But, umm, are you on the pill or something?"

"No," came a soft voice. "You are the first to ever cum inside me."

My head was racing again. What if? So many what ifs!

"I wanted you to be the first." Renee continued. "I wanted to know what it would feel like to have nothing between us. When you came in me, the feeling was overwhelming."

"But what if you get pregnant?" I asked.

"I don't care. As long as it's yours." she replied.

I wasn't even sure how I felt about that statement. Renee was only the second girl I had sex with without a condom. The other was on the pill and I will admit it was way better without! But, did I just get my s****r pregnant? Was everything going to be alright?

I lay there trying to reconstruct the events when sl**p overtook me. I felt asl**p with my s****r snuggled close to me. I woke early the next morning to another wonderful sensation. My s****r was once again down at my waist sliding me in and out of her very talented mouth. This time I decided to see how far she would take this as well. Would she stop and mount me again? I slowly raised my hands and put them on her head again. It was truly an amazing way to be woken. The thoughts again raced through my head that my s****r was sucking my cock and images of our sexual endeavor from lasted night flashed before my eyes. Suddenly I felt another surge from within me. My cock seemed to harden even more as the fluids raced from their creation. My s****r never stopped as each salvo shot in to her mouth. My body twitched and shook in pleasure.
Renee continued to milk every drop out of me before returning to my side. She gave me a soft kiss on my cheek and said, "Morning."
"Morning to you too!" I replied. I looked over at the clock. It was 4:30am. I had a half hour before I had to be at the company area for "First Call". I gave Renee another kiss and told her I would be back around 6pm. She told me she would be looking forward to it.

The rest of the day was a blur. I had a lot of paperwork to fill out for me and my "wife". There were some congratulations and a lot of razzing.

When I returned home that evening there was a wonderful smell of something cooking for dinner and a naked s****r, I mean wife waiting on me. After tasting her sweet dish we sat down for dinner.

Renee didn't get pregnant on our wedding night. But 3 months later we managed to slip on in. We are 6 months along to a healthy baby boy. Renee was a little nervous that being b*****r and s****r would cause some deformity. She decided to tell her doctor that one of her friends had been sl**ping with her b*****r and they were nervous. The doctor informed her that, while sibling sexual activity can cause defects, they are very rare and usually are a result of generations of inbreeding, not typically a one time thing.
I did re-enlist and I know that no matter where I go, Renee will be there for me to take care of, her and our son.

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