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Summer with grandma pt1

Summer with grandma pt1

... for summer vacation so I had no commitments to school. The second day, Wednesday, there was nothing on the TV when grandma went ... I can. That is how I do it." "But the movie was with women grandma." I said when I found my voice. "Yes love I know, I think ... ... Continue»
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... stay with grandma had always been one of my fondest memories as a k**, the train ride just the beginning to a wonderful summer spent with ... down when I hit college.

This was why, in my last summer with grandma, when I got off the train to meet her as I"d ... ... Continue»
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Summer of 86 pt1.

... was 18 & spending the summer with a friend house sitting his ... from yours? I get even a better view from there with binoculars. ” naughty boy” I hear back. after ... a great beginning to an awesome and very memorable summer & I could go on forever about it. ... ... Continue»
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... . 

"I was dreaming about doing what we are doing now, but with grandma." Her eyes got wide and she started thrusting her hips ... were going to go to an amusement park with your cousins. Until tomorrow, since grandma lived about an hour away, she is ... ... Continue»
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Sparrow spend the summer with her DAD

... time to make up, this summer. And I promise not to
ever miss a single time with you again."

She instinctively went ... , daddy, for letting me spend the summer with you. This is
going to be the funnest summer ever, I think."

"Me too, darling, ... ... Continue»
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Hot summer with Aunt Sue

Hot Summer with Aunt Sue......

As a teen, I spent many ... a week here and there, usually over our hot Summer months around Christmas. Aunt Sue was my Mom’s ... mags of the time, usually filled with gorgeous babes with ample breasts and glorious hairy bushes. ... ... Continue»
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... a secret floor.


Grandma and I went at it throughout the summer, at
least twice a day with the exception of most Sundays ... about school. She then apologized for making me spend
the summer with grandma, but said she wanted to make
sure I didn't ... ... Continue»
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Visit With Grandma

Over the summer time I would occasionally visit my grandmother for weekends, sometimes a week at a time. I love my grandma, and she loves ... minute, letting my load deep into her womb. She shuttered with pleasure.

I bent down and kissed her madly, she said ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend and her mom pt1

... of seeing her a little more often this summer. I was even more excited about seeing ... her.

"So what are your plans this summer, besides painting my house," she asked ... you're going to be here half the summer, with all the painting my mom wants."

"Yeah ... ... Continue»
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... I so much
more enjoyed visits with her than with Nanny Barnes, my paternal grandmother.

... stitch on. Many times, during
the summer months, she’d sunbathe in the nude in ... evilly. ‘If you want to make grandma

A moment later, we had switched ... ... Continue»
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Loving Grandma

... other names people call their grandparents. I always called her Grandma. Growing up with grandma was cool! She could be old and wise when ... I shouted those words as I felt my balls erupt and I filled Grandma with more crème than I had ever shot before. I felt ... ... Continue»
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Loving Grandma

... other names people call their grandparents. I always called her Grandma. Growing up with grandma was cool! She could be old and wise when ... I shouted those words as I felt my balls erupt and I filled Grandma with more crème than I had ever shot before. I felt ... ... Continue»
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Summer Schooled

decided, you are going to spend the rest of the summer with your aunt and
uncle up state. Get packed you're ... always done it in our f****y since our great, great, great Grandma Justine was schooled to keep the Queens boys in line ... ... Continue»
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United my mother with me

... , mother called me to the kitchen. I was surprised. With grandma sl**ping in the hall, how can we play in ... not giving it to the baby what was she doing with it?

Grandma put two and two together and confronted mother. Mother ... ... Continue»
Posted by nana414 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 9142  |  
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Grandma true story (PART II)

... I went up to look for Grandma. She was having coffee with German lady, dressed in an ... Monica was asking her about me, joking with Grandma saying that it must be hard sl**ping ... her if she ever had sex with young boy and Grandma of course lied and said no ... ... Continue»
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Summer at Granny's

... be spending part of my summer with my granny. My granny came to pick me ... her cunt. I was not thinking about fucking my grandma but I was thinking about fucking my second pussy ... back to granny's house. The part of the summer I spent at granny's I got to fuck ... ... Continue»
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... , smiling as he imagined the runs down to Brighton this summer with the lads. The bike, birds and beer -- What more ... the usual immaculately presented matron, neatly dressed in a bright yellow summer dress which fell to a flattering point just above the knee ... ... Continue»
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Fucking grandma

... were. going

After they had. left i decided that i would stay with grandma because. i never really got to stay over there very much ... now and since your staying here tonight. you can sl**p with grandma and we will do this in a more comfortable spot"

... ... Continue»
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My Grandma 4

... if I minded sl**ping in the same room with grandma. At last a break! I was so happy ... knew it. I looked at her and said "Grandma I'm gonna cum. I'm gonnna cum." She must ... accepted! My grandmother climbed into bed with me with cum still all over her face. ... ... Continue»
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... titties. To the outside of her dark chocolate nipples contrasted with mocca latte extra cream skin tone then I finnally kissed her ... down for that....!!!!!I washed my balls. Smoked some more trees with her then bounced out I was there for like 4 hrs. Had ... ... Continue»
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