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Summer Holiday in Jersey

... a mate convinced me to go on holiday with him to Jersey in the Channel Islands, Dick had a reputation ... piss. Of course all the drink on Jersey was duty free and we started to ... check out the talent and see a bit of Jersey before getting back on the beer again, ... ... Continue»
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Holiday In Tobago

Holiday In Tobago
It was our 25th wedding anniversary and nearly a year after our first BBC meeting with Michael.

Simon said we should celebrate with a good holiday and maybe some BBC fun along the way. He booked a lovely villa in Tobago for 3 weeks, overlooking the most beautiful beach & 15 mins from the nearest golf course, yes, Simon likes to play golf.

The villa was perfect and had a 15 year old maid called Maria, she visited the villa twice a week. It also had 2 guard dogs that I was not happy with at first, but they were lovely and did provide good security and they soon got used to us. The smallest of them coming for walks on the beach with us.
The downside was with the location, there did not seem to be an abundance of willing black guys. The gardener was a young fit lad with a huge bulge in his shorts that I would have shagged at the drop of my knickers, but he was shy and uncomfortable in my presence.

Simon would pop off to the golf course and leave me to sunbath & read around the pool. Even when the gardener was around I would sunbath naked, but he never took the bait.

We had told Maria that it was our 25th Anniversary and she asked if we would like her to cook us a special Tobago meal. We agreed on the Saturday evening and Simon gave her the money to shop at the market.

On Saturday afternoon Maria arrived with her Father Samuel, he carried in the shopping and introduced himself to Simon, I was caught out as I was sunbathing naked, I quickly put on the wrap I had with me and rushed up to the house.

As I got to the house I was almost bumping into Samuel, Maria introduced me to her Father, I could see his eyes look over me and he had broad smile on his face as he said very pleased to meet you Jackie. I rushed off to the bedroom and made myself a bit more respectable. When I returned Simon and Samuel was on the veranda having a beer. Samuel looked at me and said, you did not have to change on my behalf, you looked good as you was. We all laughed, but I was pleased Maria was in the kitchen and not listening.

That evening Maria cooked a lovely meal of Kingfish. After the meal she talked to us and waited for her Father to arrive for her lift home. When Samuel arrived Simon offered him a beer and we all sat talking. Samuel was 36 years old, 6ft and very handsome. He would constantly look at my legs and tits and I was looking at his cock getting bigger in his short.

The next morning Simon went off to play golf and I settled around the pool with my book. I dropped off to sl**p and was woken by the dogs barking, I jumped up and put on my wrap and went up to the house. I could hear the door buzzer going and answered the phone, it was Samuel and I let him in. He came down the stairs and said that Maria had left some things she needed. But I knew what he had come for and I was not going to disappoint him.

Looking me up and down, he said, there is no need to rush off & get changed this time.

He asked where Simon was and I said he had gone golf, that was all he needed to know. He walked over to me and kissed me deeply and I kissed him back. I felt my wrap drop to the floor and his fingers enter my sopping wet pussy. He whispered, I love white ladies like you that are horny for black cock, your cunt is dripping, and walked me to the bedroom. We laid on the bed kissing passionately, he said I don´t have any condoms, can I still fuck you, I nodded yes and felt his huge cock enter me.

He fucked me hard for about 20 mins, I felt him tense and he flooded my pussy with his seed. He said sorry for cuming so soon, but he had not had sex for months and I was his first married white lady, he told me he had always wanted to fuck another guys white wife.

I sucked his magnificent cock until he was ready to fuck me again. Samuel was fucking me doggy when Simon returned and walked into the bedroom. Simon was taken by surprise but after the initial shock I could see his cock getting hard and I knew he approved.

Samual was also in shock having my husband catching him fucking me, but I told him it was OK, Simon likes black guys fucking me and he resumed his assault on my cunt. We fucked for hours and Samuel filled me with his cum 2 more times. After our sex session we sat on the veranda talking and had a couple of drinks. I told Samuel that after being here a week I was beginning to think that I would not get any black cock on my holiday. He promised that I would be taken care of for the next two weeks, he said he had a number of friends that would love to fuck a fine married white lady like me. We arranged with Samuel that he would bring some friends over one evening and introduce them to me.

The following afternoon Samuel came over and asked Simon if it was OK to bring some friends over that night, Simon agreed and they made arrangements.
Simon could see that I was very excited as I prepared myself to meet my new friends. I was wearing a short see through black lace dress. Simon said my pussy & tits were fully visible through the dress and I said good.~

When Samuel and his 3 friends arrived I was very horny and gagging for a BBC. Simon was getting the guys drinks, but they were not interested in drinks and the first guy hit on me immediately. They were all big guys in there 30´s and all had lovely big cocks. They stayed all night and each of them fucked me at least 3 times. I am not a lover of gang bangs and would have preferred no more than 2 guys, but having said that, I was in heaven with all the attention I got.

Before they left the next morning Simon got their phone numbers and told them we would make arrangements to meet each of them again.

I rested for the rest of the day and my pussy needed time to recover the battering it had had. Simon tried that night to fuck me, but his cock was not big enough for my stretched pussy, so he finished me with his tongue.

After breakfast Simon & I took a walk along the beach, I was now feeling very horny and confident, I removed my bikini and walked along the beach naked, hoping to show off to some locals.

On our way back there was a guy walking towards us, it was our gardener. He was very embarrassed at my nakedness and tried his best not to look at me. As Simon talked to him I could see him taking sneak looks at me and his cock growing at a rapid rate in his shorts. Apart from saying hello to us, It was the first time that he had talked to Simon and told him his name was Tom.

Simon invited him to have a beer with us later in the afternoon when he finished his work, he said he would see if he had time. When we got back to the villa I said to Simon that I did not think he would come up to the house for a beer, he is so timid when I´m around, Simon commented, can you blame him with you reputation and laughed.

It was about 5-30 when Simon said to me, your wrong, Tom is coming up to the house. I dashed off to the bedroom whilst Simon settled him on the veranda and got some cold beers.

I changed into a short skirt and see through blouse without a bra and joined them on the veranda. After a couple of beers I could see that Tom was feeling a bit more relaxed and could not stop looking at me. I asked him if he was married or had a girlfriend and he said no. He told me that he did have a girlfriend but she had returned to Trinidad and he had not seen her for over a year. Simon went off to get some more beers and I took my opportunity, I walked over to Tom and kissed him, I was surprised that he did not pull away but kissed me back, I guess the beer had helped. I felt his hand move between my legs and I rubbed the bulge in his shorts, he was huge and as hard as rock.

I took his hand and led him to our bedroom, undressed him and laid him on the bed. Taking his massif cock in both hands I licked the precum from the huge bulbous head, I could only get the head in my mouth so it was very difficult to give him a good BJ. Simon looked in to the bedroom and could see how big he was as I was holding him with both hands and my fingers only went half way round his shaft. Simon smiled and left us alone.

I climbed on top of him, took his cock in my hand and guided it to my pussy. My pussy as usual was very wet and stretched from the other 4 guys, so I moved down on his cock & let the head enter me, I have had cocks as big before so I knew that after a few min I would have him all inside me. Simon returned with his camera as I started to move up & down on Toms lovely shaft, it felt so good and I knew I would enjoy this one BBC better than the four guys I had a couple of nights ago. I was cumming hard and screaming out.

Without removing his cock Tom turned me over onto my back and drove his massif shaft all the way to his balls, I screamed with excitement and squirted over his balls as he pumped into me harder and harder, when he cum, he drove deep into me and delivered a huge load. Simon said that he had never seen so much cum running from my cunt.

I laid in his arms and he looked confident and nothing like the shy guy I first met the week before. He admitted that he spied on me around the pool but was frightened he would get into trouble if he looked at me or touched me.
Tom said he never thought it would be possible for him to fuck a fine blond white lady like me, it was only something he read about in magazines.

He asked if he had pleased me and could he fuck me again sometime. I told him I loved his cock and I was in heaven when he was fucking me, that he could fuck me every day until I went home. He said thank you, could I fuck you again before I go home. I said I was hoping that he would fuck me a lot more before he went home and he did.

Over the next 2 weeks I met Samuel a couple of times, but I really only was interested in Tom. On the days he was working he would find me sunbathing around the pool and give me a good fucking, he had completely change and had far more confidence. He visited most nights and some nights he stopped over. He was only 24 and had so much stamina, he just fucked all night.

What started as a boring holiday ended up the best holiday I have ever had.

... Continue»
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Springtime Holiday in the Rocky Mountains

I just returned from a 7 day holiday in Denver and Estes Park, Colorado. Beautiful scenery but pretty funky weather. Afternoons were pleasantly warm with the direct sunshine but then it would just as well cloud up, get cold, and snow a foot or two.....We drove all the way out there and back again. All in all it was about 2000 miles, with all the side trips and so forth.

One of my girl friends and I made the trip together. We drove out there and back again. She is a very sexy 30 year old blond with a body that makes your crotch ache just looking at her. God, she wears these tight-fitting jeans that show off her ass so well. Just a fucking incredible ass!

We stayed at a nice modern cabin along a stream in the mountains at about 7500 feet elevation. It had a hot tub out on the deck and we used it all times of the day and night. Nude, of course. We often spotted the husband of a couple that were renting across the stream, peeking through the blinds at us and then we'd flash our tits at him.

One afternoon I sat on the edge of the spa while Tina, my girlfriend, sucked my pussy for all to see. I came hard and sprayed her face with my cum. She laughed and used her fingers to wipe my cum off her face and into her mouth. I almost fell off the edge of the tub when I came, I shook so violently. Maybe thin air increases the intensity of your orgasms?

We hiked some in Rocky Mountain National Park. The trail around Bear Lake was open and there were several very nice looking hard-bodied young studs who were looking us over as we passed one another on the trail. Still, it was snowy and rather cold outside and I didn't really feel like flirting that much in that situation.

One night Tina and I brought a couple of guys back to our cabin from a bar in Estes Park. I'd make them in their late 20's or early 30's. Everyone got some wine and got naked and into the hot tub. We ended up fucking each other in a big pile in the middle of the floor by this fireplace. One of these studs had a cock like a baseball bat. I swear his beautiful cock was a foot long and 2-3 inches across. His cockhead was like an apple. His balls were bigger than hen's eggs. His cock bobbed to the top of the water in the hot tub. It looked like a buoy bouncing around at the surface.

I reached over and grabbed his cock under water. I ran my hand along its length, up and back down his huge length. I couldn't even get my hand all the way around his massive girth. What a marvelous erection this stud had! I was beginning to get anxious to try it out for size.

When we climbed out of the tub and headed inside to finally get it on, his cock stood fully erect and it was huge. I knew that I'd never be able to get much of it into my mouth so I just laid down on my back, pulled my feet back behind my head, fully exposing myself to him, and held on for all I was worth as he slid that enormous cock into my poor pussy. Slowly at first, and then faster and deeper, he pounded me hard with that fucking telephone pole between his legs.

Tina and her man approached us. Tina laid down so that our heads were side by side and her man knelt down and stuck his cock into our faces. We both tongued and sucked his cock while my guy rammed his massive dick in and out of me.

"Oh, I'm going to cum already," I remember saying aloud as I began to shake in my orgasm. Man, that big thick cock had me cumming like never before. I was shaking hard, almost convulsing in my orgasm. I know I must have been screaming as I came over and over again. I think that everyone got excited after that because Tina's stud began to cum all over our faces and then my guy withdrew his massive pole from inside me and began spewing an enormous load all over my body. Tina had been fingering herself frantically and she began to cum too. She really squirts big time when she cums and an arc of her cum spewed forth and out onto the carpeting. Everyone was moaning and groaning loudly and their cum was flying through the air. It was fantastic!

After we stopped huffing and puffing in a big pile on the floor, we refilled our wine glasses and went back into the hot tub to clean up a little bit. I know for a fact that my lover, while stroking my clit, brought me to at least three more orgasms while we sat in the spa.

Eventually we swapped partners and I got laid twice by the other guy before the two of them drove back to town early in the morning. He brought me to orgasm each time but ultimately it was rather forgettable as he was not a very good lover and I was glad to see them go when they finally did.

My pussy was sore for at least a day after that guy fucked me with his huge cock. It was a good thing that I had a hot tub to soak my sore pussy in afterwards......

Some other time I will tell you about what happened in Denver and on the road in Nebraska.... Continue»
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Our holiday in Greece

I was on holiday in Greece and was ona night out with my b/f. We were hitting the clubs and getting d***k of course ;o)!!

We met some guys we were staying next too and were talking and drinking when some girls came over and joined in. I got friendly with one and we were just talking and she said come back to my room as I have some pictures of f****y etc and free drinks. I went off with her as my b/f chatted to his mates said see you later baby.

Me and this girl (can't remember her name) were walkign back when these two boys came over and said can we come along with you wherever your going? We sort of let them come as they followed behind. We went back to the room and they did come in and we carried on drinking and she showed me her pics etc.

One of the boys was getting somewhere with the other girl and the other was trying it on you know giving me some lines arm around my neck, i told him sorry babe I have a man. Oh I see he said well he not here, I blushed (as I did fancy him a LOT) sorry babe no.

I decided I wanted to go back to my room I was d***k and scared I might do soemthing with the guy, I will walk you back he said. Ok then.

Along the way back I needed a wee and went into a ditch hold my hand I said so i dont fall down! Please turn round as I need to pull my knickers down. I weeed as he held my hand.

We carried on back to the flat, I realised I was still holding his hand as we walked by the bar where my b.f was! I just carried on hehe!

We got to my door and I said thankyou and kissed his cheek, he quickly pulled me back for a passionate french kiss, I got so wet at him doing that I said come in.

I sat down and said I can't really babe I have a b.f really he only across the street and I don't want to cheat. Have a beer and go!

When he sat down I kissed him and pulled off my knickers and sat on his lap finger me I said, he did. Nice and slow rubbing my lipe before slipping a finger inside me. I was so wet thinking "oh my god I am cheating, kissing another man and having his finger in me."

I sat on the bed told him to coem over I undid his jeans and sucked he dick slow.

I took of my skirt and shoes, followed by top and bra so was naked, "nice bod" he said so yours I said. He got his kit-off and I wanked his dick as he got on the bed.

He lied down and i got on top of hi, kissing long and slow and deep, whilst rubbing his cock on my pussy.

I slowly slid his cock inside me, and started riding him still kissing nice and passionate!!

I was so wet at the though I was properly cheating now, I had another mans dick in my pussy and I was prefering it too having sex with my b.f.

As I was riding him, he started moaning, mmmmm he was getting harder fucking me hard now whilst I was still on top arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh he went as he exploded I felt his cum explode in my pussy...............

FUCK I forgot protection, I honestly forgot and so did he (probably knew the guy) it was dripping from my pussy. I was not happy!!!!!!!

I told him to go back to his room and if he saw me the next day to ignore me and I didn't want to see him again.

I went back to my b/f at the bar my thong was drenched from the guys cum still dripping out. I was just chatting to my b.f with another mans cum dripping from my knickers...

Suddely i realised I was getting even hornier talking to him, with my pussy full of another mans cum.

I got up and took him back to the room, I want sex I said, love to b/f said.

Lick me I said..........................................xxxx... Continue»
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One lucky summer

Summer Holiday and the unexpected
It was the summer of 1999 and it was one to remember. For one I had just finished all

my exams, two it was hot and sunny and third, I was about to go abroad on holiday for

the first time ever!

I came from a f****y that didn’t have much money, so holidays abroad were something

that we just couldn’t afford. 6 months earlier my best friend asked if I would like to go

on holiday with him and his f****y for 2 weeks in Florida in our own private villa and

pool! Well I jumped at that thought and immediately went looking for a part time job so

I could afford to go.

6 moths later here we were at the airport waiting to catch our plane.12 of us in total

looking forward to a break. Other than my friend and I, we were joined by his s****r

Sarah and her friend Liz. I didn’t know many of the others but I was close to his mam

and dad.

I was quite outgoing and the one thing I was looking forward to was seeing Sarah, my

friends s****r, in her bikini! I had known her since we were small and always thought

she was attractive. She was 21, 5ft 4, very petit but with a big bust and a golden tan.

She had been working on this tan on the run up to the holiday and it had paid off. She

was wearing a pair of white linen pants and I could see her g-string underneath and felt

a shudder up my body, “ I can wait for this!” I thought in my head.

If two weeks away in the sun with Sarah was not good enough there was Liz, her best

friend. Liz was the same age as Sarah and was her soul mate. They were always

together and were very popular on their social scene. She too was very beautiful and

slightly taller than Sarah. Her legs were long and slim and lead to very pert ass. I had

attended many sl**povers at my friend’s house in past years and more times than I

can remember Liz would be sl**ping too. Seeing them both in skimpy PJ’s was

always a turn on.

Roll on Florida, that’s what I said!

After a long 9 hour flight, we were on our way to the villa. We had been told we had two

adjacent villas so we had decided that the young ones would have one villa and the

olds in the other. I was looking forward to sharing the villa with the girls for a few


When we got there we did the formalities of fighting for a room, I was lucky enough to

grab a room with just one bed which over looked the large pool in the back garden. It

was the only room on the top floor so I had good privacy, which was good for me. I had

planned plenty of time looking out over the bikini clad girls, oiled up and soaking in

that sun.

When we looked around our villa we noticed the holiday company had filled the fridge

full of food and more importantly beer, and it took no time at all until we were all

drinking hard, out in the evening sun relaxing after our long flight. The jet lag was

kicking in big time and one by one we were all losing the battle to stay awake. We

were down to just 3, Sarah, Liz and myself. I wanted so much to stay out but my eyes

kept drifting and I could stand it no more. I said good night and made my way up to my

room to get ready for bed. I couldn’t help feeling annoyed that I never made it longer,

who knows what could have happened later on.

I decided to take a shower before bed to get the smell of sun tan lotion off me and

jump into bed. As I lay my ears began to twitch as I could hear giggles and whispering

from the pool below. The girls must still be out there. I lay and listened for a few

minutes more, I could have sworn I heard a splash. I decided to sneak a peak on what

was going on. I peeped through the window and my eyes nearly popped out of my

head. Sarah was lying on a sun longer laughing and Liz was in the pool, her breast

bouncing free. Fuck me, is she topless or completely naked? I watched more as Liz

was trying to get Sarah to jump in. My eyes scanned all over looking for a pile of

clothes, and there they were. On the sun longer next to Sarah was a Liz’s top, the

shorts she was wearing and more important her skimpy thong. She WAS naked and

my cock suddenly jumped into life. Liz kept swimming on her back and her shaven

mound was clear to see. Her pussy, even from this birds eye view looked great. I was

hoping that Sarah was going to go in too but she was having non of it. To risky for her I

guess, being surrounded by f****y. Liz pulled her wet body out of the pool, with her

back to me, I got my first look at her ass. She looked so good, she could have been a

porn star on set for all I knew. She sat down next to Sarah shacking her body over her

trying to get her wet.

My cock was out of my shorts now as I began to stroke the shaft up and down. What

was going to happen next? They continued to chat, but to soft for me to hear but Liz

remained naked. Was something going to happen here? Sarah’s hand was on Liz’s

knee now and they were coming closer to each other with each breath. Their heads

then became one as a passionate kiss started between them both. Jackpot I thought

to myself. My rhythm was getting faster now and the feeling of coming was started to

fill my balls. Sarah’s hands where now all over Liz’s tits, squeezing the nipples. This

was going on for a few minuets until one hand disappeared between Liz’s legs. I could

see her hips moving up and down and it was obvious that she was being finger


My orgasm was so close now and by the looks of things so was hers……

Now what happened next is still a blur to me. In fact I still ask myself if it really

happened but it did, oh yes it did!

6 words that I heard that night, said softly to my ear “can I help you with that?”

I jumped out of my skin to see my friends mum right next to me. I never heard her come

into the room, I don’t know to this day why she was there. I believe she was probably

just checking on us if we were fine but know knows.

I was shocked and my mouth wanted to speak but no words came out. She was just

like Sarah but had a bigger bust and a cute face. She was in her 40’s but she looked

younger and we always used to make fun of my friend because he had such a hot


I tried again but nothing came out, I just sat there naked on the floor with a bonner. She

took my hand and led me away to the bed.

“let the girls be out there, its not right to spy. It’s also not right to leave this un satisfied!”

as she said that my shaft was now in her hand as she expertly starting to wank me up

and down. I tried to speak but she used her other hand to cover my mouth so I knew

not to try. I just lay there and closed my eyes. Her hands now moved off my cock as

she took my helmet in her mouth. Her tongue was rolling round my tip. Her hands were

now pulling on my balls and I could feel I was about to explode. She now took my full

length I her mouth and moved her mouth up and down. My eyes were closed so tight

as tried not to cum. I wanted this to last all night. Her mouth came from my cock and

she stood in front of me. She put her finger to her lips so I knew to keep quiet.

She was only wearing a robe which she removed to show her full naked body. Her

breast were still full and pert for her age, her skin was golden brown and smooth and

her pussy was clean shaven. Her lips hung down slightly and I could tell that this pussy

had seen its fair share of action. She repositioned herself over me taking my cock in

her hand placing it to her pussy. There was no need for lube and her pussy was

soaking wet. She lowered herself on me. Her pussy felt like silk around my cock and to

my surprise she felt so tight.

She was in complete control, moving her hips as she fucked my cock. Her hands were

firm against my chest and she fucked me. I could not take my eyes of her pussy

watching it slide up and down my shaft. I couldn’t take it anymore and she knew. She

pulled off me quick and took my cock in her mouth once again. My load came spraying

out and filled her mouth. She loved that, I could tell, and didn’t hesitate to swallow the


She licked her lips and smiled at me as she replaced her robe, kissed my on the

forehead and left.

I lay there in bed for hours, unable to sl**p and unable to remove the huge smile that

was across my face.

... Continue»
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Sweet Summer Ch. 01

Shy virgin finds passion with her cousins.
[All characters involved in sexual situations are aged 18 or over]

Anya loved the garden, its gentle grassy rise, the lush flowerbeds, the dappled shade under the lemon trees. She loved the way her aunt's grand old house nestled comfortably atop the hill, looking out on the blue curve of the bay. The garden was huge, covering the whole hillside, full of hidden alcoves, sunken ponds and worn statuary. On a summer's day, the air full of the scent of honeysuckle and rosemary, a cool breeze sighing through the leaves, this place was like heaven to her. Sometimes she would lie on the lawn with her eyes closed for hours and just breathe in the garden's sweetness. When her aunt had invited her to spend the summer here, she had leapt for joy, glad to leave the noise and bustle of the city behind.

Today, though, she was trembling with nervousness, her cornflower-blue eyes darting from side to side, her heart hammering in her chest. She was standing by the door of the little wooden summerhouse that was hidden in the trees at the edge of the garden; a whimsical little building with just enough space for a bed and bathroom for guests. She'd often stayed in it when she was younger, had sl**povers and played games with her cousins in it. But now, barefoot on the grass in her long summer dress, she hardly dared step through the open doorway.

Inside the summerhouse, sitting on the crisp white linen of the bed, sat Anya's older cousin Nina. Tall, evenly tanned and beautiful in a mischievous, sharp-featured way, she gazed at Anya with a gentle curiosity. Her ash-blonde hair flowed down to her shoulders, slightly unkempt in a way that was strangely exciting. She wore a blue and white skirt that ended just above her knees, and a tight blouse that flattered her ample breasts very nicely. Her long, athletic legs, toned from years of running and swimming, were comfortably stretched out; her bare feet tapped the polished floorboards in idle rhythm. Anya - slight, pale, dark-haired and small-breasted - felt positively dowdy next to her.

Nina spoke, soft and husky. "Come in, Anni, I won't bite." As always, there was a slight hint of amusement in her voice. It was one of the things Anya had always loved about her cousin - the subtle good cheer that animated and amplified her beauty. Right now, though, it just made her more nervous. Trembling, dry mouthed, she stepped over the threshold. The wooden floorboards were cold under her bare feet. Nina smiled, showing perfect white teeth.

"I'm glad you came, sweet. I was worried you'd leave me hanging. Come on, sit with me."

Anya stayed silent as she walked to the bed and sat beside her cousin. Nina leaned over and kissed Anya's cheek, running delicate fingers through her long straight hair. Anya could smell Nina's perfume, a subtle hint of honey.

"Sam and the others are out in town, Anni. We have the place to ourselves. We can enjoy some time together." When Anya met Nina's gaze, the older girl's deep green eyes were eager, almost hungry.

At last, Anya spoke. She'd always had a slight stammer; now she was so nervous she positively squeaked. "W-what do you want, Nina?"



The holiday had started just like all the others. When they picked Anya up from the airport, Nina and her elder b*****r Sam had hugged and kissed her hello, as always, and told her how grown-up she looked now that she was eighteen. She told them how lovely they looked in turn, and meant it. Nina was as luscious as ever, with her sharp cheekbones, delicate little nose and emerald eyes. Sam - sandy blond, easily six feet tall and strong without being bulky - was not classically handsome, but he still had an easy boyish smile and a jocular voice that was deeply comforting.

They asked the usual questions: how her side of the f****y was ("They're fine"), what her plans for university were ("I don't know"), whether she had a boyfriend ("No"). They laughed good-naturedly at her eternal shyness. They cracked silly jokes in Sam's car, gossiped about their beach-party friends, and promised to take her on all sorts of hikes and tours and boat trips.

As always, she found their liveliness endearing, albeit a little exhausting. She'd spent most of her summers with Nina and Sam and their eldest b*****r Karl, and had grown to love them all dearly. As they grew older - Nina was nineteen, Sam twenty, and Karl twenty-three and married - their holidays had become more about sunbathing, drinking and nightclubbing than games of hide-and-seek, but they still had much the same connection they'd had as c***dren. Over the last couple of visits, Anya had even got to know her cousins' friends, who all seemed to be beautiful, unfailingly friendly and amazingly athletic. They made Anya's drab and sometimes bitchy friends in the city seem totally inadequate, and she herself felt like an embarrassing hanger-on when she went to the waterfront bars with Nina and Sam. They were so charming, so easy-going, while she was just...plain. It was often strange to think that they were related.

This time, she was here alone, without her parents and her younger b*****rs and s****rs - they'd booked a holiday in South America. She relished the chance to have Nina and the others to herself, and was looking forward to being more sociable this time. Maybe she could even get lucky with one of those tanned, muscular boys who Nina always attracted so effortlessly. Well, she could dream...

It was during the drive up to the house that Anya realised something was different. The road wound between the emerald-green hills, beautiful old villas and vineyards racing by on either side, and on the horizon the sea sparkled a heavenly blue. But Nina and Sam weren't looking at the view, they were trading little mischievous glances, as if they knew a secret that Anya wasn't allowed to hear. They kept making small talk, but when they looked at her, their eyes sparkled. Anya was still a virgin, and she'd never done more than kiss a few boys, but she still recognised that eager look in her cousins' lovely green eyes. Desire.

She tried to forget about it as the car pulled up to the leafy driveway. The wonderful garden stretched out on either side as they drove up the hill, and the familiar house appeared against the bright blue sky. They got out of the car, Sam helpfully carrying Anya's meagre luggage, and the rest of the f****y came out of the house. Anya's aunt, her father's younger s****r, was a tall, glamorous woman, still beautiful at fifty, her hair a slightly faded blonde. She'd been a model for many years, and had made a small fortune - her ever-absent husband, Anya's uncle, was a corporate executive who'd made a much larger one. She kissed Anya hello, and immediately started barraging her with questions and compliments. "Look at you, Anni! So beautiful! Just like your mother! How is she doing? How's your pa? How are Eva and Thomas and Hans and Marie? How was your flight? Do you want to go swimming? Are you thirsty? Hungry? Come have some food!"

"Don't deafen her, Mama," Nina said, giggling, as they walked out of the blinding sun into the shaded verandah of the house. Karl and his wife Valerie were there waiting; they came forward to greet Anya. Sam was tall, but Karl was a giant, an easy six-foot-six with prominent musculature and short blonde hair. He'd served three years in the army, and now he'd been discharged and was starting his own company. Anya had always found him a bit intimidating, but he was a gentle and good-humoured man, with an infectious laugh. Valerie, meanwhile, was almost scandalously lovely - a year older than Karl, blue-eyed, chestnut-haired and with the sculpted cheekbones and sunny smile of an angel. She was visibly pregnant; she and Karl had been married less than half a year, and obviously they hadn't wasted any time.

"So good to have you back with us, little Anni," Karl said as he embraced her. He probably meant it to be a gentle squeeze, but it was like being hugged by a bear. "Lucky us, we get to have you a whole month!"

Anya mumbled something appreciative, then turned to kiss Valerie's cheek, praying that she wouldn't blurt out something stupid like the last time they'd met.

"Oh, wow, Valerie, you're so...pregnant!"

Evidently she hadn't prayed hard enough. "Observant as ever, Anni," Valerie laughed, as Anya blushed bright red.

The cousins sat and chatted happily on the verandah, looking out over the glorious bay. After a while, Anya's aunt brought out iced drinks and tray after tray of chicken and rice and cold meat; it was just as well that they all swam and hiked so much around here, because the food was good enough to make even skinny little Anya gluttonous. But even as she ate and talked and laughed, Anya found herself again noticing those eager glances that Nina and Sam kept making in her direction. At one point, she felt a supple hand - Nina's - brush her leg and linger on her thigh just a little too long to be accidental. When she looked over at Nina in surprise, the older girl grinned and raised a mischievous eyebrow. A few minutes later, another, larger hand briefly stroked the same thigh, from a different direction. Anya knew without looking that it was Sam.

Otherwise, though, the first day passed uneventfully. The whole f****y went down to the harbour, wandered the cobbled streets for a bit, then headed to the beach to swim in the cool Mediterranean. As the sun set over the bay, they walked home and ate dinner, washed down with some of the excellent local wine, on the verandah. Anya curled up on the living room couch with Nina and Sam to watch some movies, and then settled into the spacious guest bedroom to sl**p.

She was just drifting off, listening to the distant sound of crashing waves from the bay, when she heard a soft moan from the corridor outside. Then a low, rhythmic thumping started through the wall behind her head, and the moans got louder and louder. Anya could hear muffled words, and feel a gentle vibration from the wall. She lay there and listened, blushing in the darkness, as the sounds of sex intensified.

Of course, she thought, Karl and Valerie had the room behind hers. No surprise that the horny young newlyweds would fuck every night. But did they have to be so loud? To her shame, she could feel a slight bloom of arousal, strengthening rapidly. Her nipples grew stiff and sensitive under the thin fabric of her nightgown. Karl and Valerie kept fucking, and Anya felt her pussy become just a little wet.

At long last, they fell silent, and Anya listened to the breeze whisper through the half-open windows. She was grateful for the quiet, but also strangely disappointed. She still felt sort of aroused, and now she knew it'd be very hard trying to get to sl**p.

Then Karl and Valerie started up again. They were more vigorous now, and even louder - Anya could distinctly make out Valerie's voice, though the words were still unclear. The faint sound of creaking bedsprings filtered through the wall. The sex lasted even longer this time. Karl clearly had plenty of stamina.

Anya groaned in frustration as the minutes turned to hours and Karl and Valerie just kept going, short silences interspersed with long bouts of grunting and moaning and lusty cursing. They must have fucked six or seven times before Anya gave up and left her bedroom, wandering out into the richly carpeted corridor. She was tired, grumpy, uncomfortably aroused, and after all the wine and fruit juice she'd d***k at dinner, she badly needed to piss. As she walked to the bathroom, she heard Valerie moan and call out, "Fuck me, Karl, oh God, fuck me." How the hell could anyone sl**p in this house with the two of them carrying on like that?

After relieving herself, Anya decided to go to the living room. It was downstairs and on the other side of the house, so hopefully it would be quieter, and the big soft couches were fine for sl**ping on. She padded barefoot down the mahogany staircase, flinching a bit every time the wood creaked under her toes. The house's entrance hall was huge, though cluttered with ornaments and piles of Nina and Sam's sports equipment; Anya weaved her way through the mess, taking care not to bump into anything.

She was nearing the entrance to the living room when she heard a familiar voice gasp, "Fuck, Nina, you're so tight." And another voice, husky and urgent with desire, replied, "Sam, oh God, I'm close, don't stop."

Anya froze in shock as the sighs and squeals and soft rhythmic slap of skin on skin reached her ears. She stood there listening for what felt like an age. They were quieter than Karl and Valerie, but no less energetic. Those voices she knew and loved so well were whispering loving words, cursing, calling out in breathless joy together. It couldn't be them. Please God, it couldn't be.

She suddenly found herself walking forward, as if in a trance. The wooden floor was cold underfoot, and she shivered involuntarily. There was dampness between her legs, and her heart beat furiously, as she reached the open doorway and looked into the room.

There, on the big leather couch, Nina and Sam were locked together in passion. Their lovely naked bodies gleamed with sweat in the dim light. The toned muscles of Sam's back were taut as he pressed down into Nina, his rhythm speeding up with each rough thrust. One of her legs was hooked tight around him, while her other leg kicked at the air, her neat little toes curling and uncurling in time with her b*****r's motion. Her hands clutched at his back. Even in the near-darkness, Anya could see small bl**dy scratches where Nina's nails had dug into Sam's skin. The two of them were kissing hungrily as they fucked, breaking off every now and then to gasp for air and cry out in pleasure.

As Anya watched, her cousins' urgent movements reached a fever pitch. Even through her shock and disbelief and revulsion, she felt a terrible bloom of excitement grow inside her until it seemed to fill her from head to toe. She was soaking wet now, her nightgown sodden with arousal around her hips. She wanted to yell at them to stop, or throw something at them, or run and tell her aunt. She wanted to keep watching them. She wanted to join in.

"Oh God, oh fuck, I'm so close, Sam," Nina moaned, and then her moans and whimpers became a long shuddering gasp. She rocked and writhed in Sam's embrace, arching her back and kicking out her legs. As Nina's orgasm subsided, Sam reached his own, grunting and shuddering and clutching Nina against himself as he came inside her. "I love you," he said hoarsely as he relaxed on top of her. "Fuck, I love you, Nina."

"I love you. That was perfect, that was so perfect, Sam," Nina mumbled in reply. She sounded exhausted, breathless, and utterly content, lying there entwined with her b*****r. Then, with a hint of her usual wry humour, she asked him, "Was I better than your last girl?"

"Are you fucking k**ding me?" Sam said. He kissed Nina, brushing tangled strands of hair away from her face. "Caterina was a back-alley whore compared to you. You're always the best."

Nina giggled sl**pily. "You're just saying that."

"I never said a truer word," Sam told her, and they shared a long silent kiss. Then they rolled apart, lying side by side, sprawling naked on the couch. Anya bit back a cry of shock as she saw her cousins full-frontally nude for the first time. The light was grey and dim, but she could see Nina's full, perfectly round breasts, and the wet gleam of her cunt. Sam's thick uncircumcised cock was flaccid now, but still shockingly large, dangling against his muscular thigh. A thin string of semen glistened faintly at its tip, oozing down the shaft.

The two siblings still hadn't seen Anya; the hallway was much darker than the living room, and she was still in the shadows. Nina absent-mindedly reached out a hand to stroke Sam's broad chest, and Sam put his arm round her, drawing her close to him again. Then they both closed their eyes, and seemed to be drifting off to sl**p. Anya started to back away. If she was quiet, they'd never know she was there. She could go back to her room and try and sl**p, and tomorrow she'd have breakfast and swim with them as if everything was normal. As if she hadn't caught them committing i****t in their living room.

Sam muttered something indistinct, his voice drowsy. "What?" mumbled Nina.

"I said, I can't wait to find out how Anya is in bed."

Anya couldn't stop herself from gasping this time. Sam and Nina heard, and looked up sharply at the doorway. Their eyes widened in shock as they saw her silhouette.

Anya took off running, sprinting for the staircase, no longer caring about the noise. She heard Nina call her name, but she didn't dare turn around. When she got back to her room, she shut the door and locked it as quickly as she could, and leapt into bed, pulling the covers around her like a cocoon. She stayed awake, her heart thundering in her chest, until the birds outside started to sing their dawn chorus.

The sun was rising red on the horizon when she finally dropped to sl**p. As she felt herself drift off, she realised that Karl and Valerie had finally stopped fucking. Thank goodness for small mercies, she thought.


The next morning, Karl and Valerie were almost comically chaste at the breakfast table - apart from gentle kisses on the cheek and a few annoying lovey-dovey words, they hardly touched each other. Nina and Sam, on the other hand, were so hands-on it was as if they were deliberately mocking Anya. They tickled each other and wrestled like k**s, laughing all the while. They shared those wicked glances again, and constantly looked over at Anya, trying to catch her eye. Their mother didn't even seem to notice; she was so busy rustling up pancakes and French toast and fruit salad that the breakfast table seemed fit to collapse under the weight of it all. Anya found she had no appetite, and excused herself, returning to her bedroom.

She sat on the bed idly playing with her smartphone, trying and failing to be interested by the vapid texts and social-media posts from her friends back home. She was exhausted, having only slept three or four hours at most, but didn't dare fall asl**p. What if Sam and Nina decided to take advantage of her in her sl**p? Catching them in the act had been bad enough, but knowing that they wanted her to join their sick little affair was even worse. And to think she'd loved them for all those years!

She didn't go swimming or sightseeing with them that day. Her aunt knocked to ask if she was alright; she feigned illness and just lay there for hours. She knew Nina and Sam were going to pay her a visit soon, and her apprehension grew as the afternoon drew on. She considered calling her parents, but they were thousands of miles away, and in any case they loved Nina and Sam almost as much as their own c***dren. They'd never believe her if she told them what the cousins were up to. She could just imagine her father saying, "Anni, this is just sick. My s****r's c***dren have always been good to you. How can you make up such awful lies about them?"

It was almost sundown when Nina finally came to see her. "Anya? Anni, love, can I come in?" she said through the door. She sounded so infuriatingly calm.

"Go away!" Anya shouted, almost sobbing. "You're sick, go away!"

"Please, Anya, just let me explain-"

"No! I don't want to hear it!"

Nina came in anyway, dressed in skintight jeans and a low-cut top. Anya sat up in bed and glared fiercely at her, trying not to cry. Despite her best efforts, she felt a few hot tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Go away. You're fucked up, Nina. You and Sam both are."

"Do you really think that, Anya?" Nina said, with a sad smile. "Is it fucked up that we love each other? That we love you?"

"He's your b*****r. It's not right, it's against the law, it's against God."
"God's all about love, sweet. Adam and Eve were sort of like b*****r and s****r, you know?"

"You know what I mean! If anyone finds out that you're doing this, you'll get locked up. You should be locked up," she said as fiercely as she could.

"You don't mean that, Anni. I know you don't."

"I..." Anya hesitated. She was shocked, she was disgusted, she was furious - but it was Nina and Sam, her beautiful, smiling, good-natured cousins. She'd played with them when since she was a toddler. They'd never been anything but kind to her. Some of the happiest days of her life had been spent here in their beautiful house. And deep down, no matter how she might deny it, she'd always felt something for them that went deeper than just f****y love.

"...No. No, I don't," she admitted at last, sniffling. "I can't hate you. But...fuck it, Nina. This is such a mess. I can't just stay here, knowing that you're doing this, pretending it's not happening...and Sam said he wanted to do it with me!"

"He does. And so do I." Nina leant forward and kissed Anya full on the lips.

Anya was so stunned she simply sat there, still in her creased and rumpled nightgown, as Nina stroked her long black hair and slowly kissed the tears off her cheeks. Nina pulled away and said, "We won't make you do anything you don't want to do. But I'm going to be honest with you, sweet. Me and Sam are very into you. We have been for a long time. And I have the suspicion it's mutual."

"What? No, Nina, I mean...I love you, but not, not like that, I..." Anya found herself babbling. Even as she spoke, her body betrayed her. She could feel the first hint of that telltale wetness between her thighs. "I just can't," she finished, lamely.

"Have you ever tried, Anni? You're still a virgin, aren't you?"

"Yes, but...please, Nina, don't push me around. I'm not ready."

Nina gave her a grin that suggested she didn't quite believe her. She gave Anya another gentle kiss, this time on the forehead, and said, "Okay. No pressure, love. If you change your mind, you just tell me. Alright?


Nina stood up. "Now come down for dinner, Anni. You haven't eaten anything all day, you must be starving. And we're going out tonight, me, Sam and our gang. You feel like joining?"

Just like that, it was as if the prior conversation had never happened. Anya gaped at her cousin. How could she so easily change the subject?

"Nina," Anya said, determined not to let the subject drop. "I need to know something. Who else knows about you and him?"

"Well, you do..." Nina began. Then she smiled wickedly. "You, and a few of Sam's girlfriends from town. Quite a few of them, actually. It's a big turn-on for them. Sometimes they join in."

She turned and left Anya staring after her in shock, disbelief and agonizing arousal.


It took Anya four days to decide. Four days during which Nina and Sam did everything in their considerable power to drive her crazy with lust. Unless their friends were visiting, they went around the house in nothing but their underwear, claiming it was because of the heat to dodge their mother's disapproval. Whenever they went to the beach with Anya, Nina went topless, and Sam made no effort to cover up the impressive erections that frequently tented his swimming trunks. When they went out to clubs and bars on the waterfront, Nina skilfully steered every group conversation towards the frank discussion of sex, encouraging her friends to scandalise Anya with lurid tales of their bedroom exploits. She also made sure to point out the various people in each gathering that she and Sam had fucked. It seemed that Sam had bedded half the girls in town, while Nina had been with a smaller but still sizeable number of both boys and girls. "It depends on the mood I'm in," she explained to Anya one night, when she was merry from wine and vodka shots. "If I want a good hard fuck I go with a boy. If I want someone gentle and sweet it's a girl. I won't say no to both at once, mind you," she added, giggling.

It was all very unsubtle, somewhat intimidating, and extremely effective. Anya went to bed wet and horny as hell every night. She listened to Karl and Valerie fuck each other senseless through the wall, and then thought of Nina and Sam down in the living room, doing the same. One morning, her aunt asked her why she looked so flushed and breathless at the dinner table; she said she'd just gone running, but in truth she'd been masturbating in the upstairs bathroom. She'd almost never done that before, but then again she'd never been this constantly aroused before.

Despite this relentless seduction, Nina was as good as her word in one respect. She and Sam didn't try to f***e Anya to do anything; they kept their hands to themselves, even when it was obvious they wanted to fondle her under the table or French-kiss her goodnight. Several young men (not to mention one or two girls) showed interest in Anya during their nights out, but the ever-watchful cousins never let them get hands-on with her, and kept her safe from the occasional overly-affectionate d***kard.

Even so, Anya was annoyed that her cousins were so blatantly trying to seduce her. On the fourth evening, having d***k a little more wine than she was used to, she confronted Nina in a secluded corner of the garden. "You promised no pressure, Nina. But you and Sam have done everything but hold me down and fuck me. You know I like you, but you're not giving me a choice!"

"Not my fault your hormones are all a-flutter, sweet," Nina replied, smirking. "But if it upsets you, we'll stop. I'll dress as a nun and send Sam off to join the army, so you don't get tempted."

"I'm serious, Nina."

Nina put her arm round Anya. "I know, love. And I mean it, we'll stop...encouraging you. You can have all the time you need to make up your mind, and we won't try to influence you either way."

Anya nodded, just about mollified. She sat down on the lawn, a bit unsteady from the wine, and Nina sat beside her. The sun was setting, and the waves in the bay below were tinted a glorious bl**dy red. The distant hills glowed softly in the dying light. Electric lights twinkled to life in the harbour as the bars and clubs opened for the evening. On the far horizon, silhouetted against the sinking sun, a cruise ship made its sedate way across the Mediterranean.

"It's beautiful," Anya said, at length. "I was always so jealous of you guys, living here, with this house and this garden and this view." She laughed quietly. "Some people dream about a penthouse in New York, but I'd settle for moving in with my cousins."

"We'd be happy to have you, sweet. Whatever your decision."

There was a brief silence. "Nina, how did you and know...?" Anya asked shyly.

"Start fucking?" Nina grinned. "We've always been close. I mean, you knew us as k**s. And since Papa was never around, and Mama was so busy, we pretty much had to raise ourselves. Mama's lovely, but she's a much better hostess than she is a mother. Always with her society dinners and her weekends in Paris. I think she sees us as fashion statements more than c***dren."

Nina's smile was rueful, and for the first time in her life, Anya actually pitied her cousin. Her own f****y might be drab and dull, but they were also close and loving. Now that she thought about it, her aunt never seemed to say more than two words to Nina and Sam. And her perpetually absent, workaholic uncle made no secret of loving his money more than his c***dren.

"Karl took care of us as much as he could, but when he went off to the army, it was just us most of the time. Sam had his girls, and I had boys and girls too, but that was just sex, it wasn't love. Me and Sam would cuddle up sometimes, when we just wanted company, and as we got older it started getting more serious. A few months ago, we talked it over, and decided we wanted to be lovers. Best decision we ever made, even if it had to be a secret one."

"But you can't keep it a secret forever, Nina. You said some of the girls in town know about it already."

"I know," Nina sighed. "Mama would go insane if she found out. Papa might even be moved to actually come see us. Karl would...I don't know. The people in town are easy-going, they don't judge us. But we aren't going to live here forever, we'll both be starting university in America soon. It's going to be hard to keep it up when we leave home."

"Will you, then?"

"I don't think I could live without him. We'll find some way to stay lovers, even if it means sneaking out to fuck in hotel rooms and car parks." Nina chuckled, but again, there was a slight edge of sadness to her voice.

"I hope you find a way," Anya said truthfully. All the shock and disgust she'd felt a few days ago had given way to a kind of sympathy. Yes, what her cousins were doing was wrong, but they were still good people. They deserved happiness.

"Thanks, Anni. You're a sweet girl. That's why we love you." She kissed Anya's cheek, a s****rly kiss.

They sat in silence, watching the last crimson glimmer of sunlight fade away. A cool breeze stirred the tree branches, and insects chirped in the bushes. The lights of the cruise ship vanished over the horizon.

"Nina," Anya said at last, her mouth dry and her heart thundering away. "I want it."

... Continue»
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Caught in my s****r's underwear

It was the first day of the summer holiday, 6 weeks before I had to return to college, one more year before I could get away to university and have my own space. I'd got home from swimming training about 8am,my parents and older s****r, Jane, had already left for work. This meant I had a whole day of relaxing round the house wearing whatever I wanted.

I went upstairs for another shower, trying to get the smell of chlorine off my body. I soaped myself up and started running my hands slowly over my body - one of the benefits of swimming competitively was the need to be smooth all over (apart from a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair around my cock). The other is a tight toned body but not overly muscular. I resisted the urge to stroke my cock, there'd be plenty of time for that later, I thought.

I dried myself off, wrapped my towel around me and walked into Jane's room to decide which set to treat myself to today. I was always very careful not to mess up her underwear drawer. I saw what I wanted straight away...what better way to celebrate the summer than a matching yellow thong and gra set??

I stepped into the thong and pulled it up under my towel. I loved the feel of the thong between my ass cheeks, the way my balls were supported. I slipped the bra on, my growing pecs filling Jane's 36B cups almost as well as she fills it herself.

I turned around, dropped the towel and looked in the mirror, my cock twitch as I saw myself, again fighting the urge to stroke my cock and cum there and then. I looked at how my cock filled the thong, covered by the darker lower material, my pubic hair showing through the sheer mesh on the top half, which then formed the waist band.

The sheer lace bra looked so good against my tanning skin, my pink nipples hard against the material, aching to be rubbed. I turned and checked myself out - fuck I look good and ran my hands over my body - but resisting the growing urges inside me.

I went downstairs and started fixing my breakfast, hopefully eating will take my mind off how horny I was feeling right now. I took my breakfast through to the lounge and sat down, ready for what I hoped would be a very lazy start to the holiday.

I must have been sl**ping when I heard the front door slam and Jane call out "Dan I'm home, the office had to close as there was no power! Where are you?" My heart was pounding, what was I going to do? Do I try and hide, run past her quickly and hope she doesn't see or bite the bullet and wait for her to come and find me? Before I could make a decision the lounge door opened and Jane saw me sitting there in her sexy lingerie.

"What the fu" Jane stood there open mouthed staring at me. I just froze, staring at her, do I start to beg, cry or try and laugh it off? "I...I...I can explain" I started to stammer, the words just wouldn't come out.

"Dan...what are you doing there in my fucking underwear?"

"What does it look like, I'm sl**ping after training!" Was sarcasm the best answer....probably not.

Jane started to laugh, but she stifled it. "I really don't know what the fuck to say to you right now Dan"

By this point I was trying to work out how I was going to get out of this. "Jane, please don't say anything to anyone about this. I promise I'll do anything for want and I'll never wear them again." I pleaded.

Jane sat on the chair opposite staring at me. She started speaking "I mean, i was always suspicious about how my underwear kept moving, I always thought it was mum and dad checking what was going on in my life" She smiled "I even thought you might be using them to wank over...but this"

"Well I've done that too...." I said - shit I should keep my mouth shut.

Jane started laughing, "I guess honesty is the best policy now! Want to tell me anything else?" I could tell by her smile and tone of voice she wasn't about to kill me.

I leaned back on the sofa, then suddenly reaised Jane would now be able to see everything so sat back up again. "I don't know...what do you want to know?"

"Like when did this start, why do it, how does it make you feel?" Jane said patronising me.

I shifted in my seat, cautious not to expose myself this time. I thought to myself, Jane is being really good about this, I need to be honest with her.

"I started last year when you came back from uni," I started, "I saw your sexy panties one day, and your right I wanked into them. As time passed I got a little bored of that and one day slipped them on and came in them. I guess I've been dressing up like this since Christmas now. They're just so much sexier compared to my boxers, and I love the way they feel around my cock and next to my skin."

Jane just sat there trying to take it all in. "Does anyone else know?" She asked.

"Just you, and I'm not in any rush to tell anyone!" I replied.

"Don't worry, I won't, promise."

"Because you don't want people knowing you have a freak for a b*****r?" I asked.

"No, because I can see how scared you are, but also how comfortable you seem in them."

"Would you mind if I went and get changed? I kind of feel awkward right now." As I stood, I had to adjust my (well Jane's) thong.

"Don't you just hate that?" Jane laughed.

"Yeah the only draw back!" I smiled.

" look great in that set," Jane stated honestly as I blushed. "Why don't you keep that set, the bra is a little small for me and you look so good in it."

"Thanks," I said just standing there, smiling at her "And thanks again for being so kind about this."

Jane stood up and came and gave me a hug. "Hmmm my little b*****r is getting some pretty good muscles," she said as we embraced. My arms wrapped round her, we just stood there holding each other. Before I knew what was happening I could feel my cock twitching in my thong as it started to grow. Jane started to pull away, could she feel it, again I started to panic.

"Dan, do you..." she started to speak, then stopped as she looked down and stared at my hardening cock, "Wow my b*****r really is growing up.

I stood there blushing further. "I'll go and get changed, then maybe we can chat some more?" I asked

"Definitely, but don't take off that set, just put some clothes on." Jane said.

As I walked out the room, Jane called out, "Dan, come back here."


"Don't go upstairs just yet, I guess I've seen you, so its only fair you see me too," she smiled and started undoing her blouse. She slipped it off her shoulders, revealing the baby pink version of the bra I was wearing, stepping out of the skirt I could see the matching thong, and like mine, a slight patch of pubic hair where it changes.

" look amazing!" I couldn't stop staring at her sexy body, her curves so smooth and natural, her nipples hard, darker than mine, pressing against the pink lace.

"You like?" she said spinning round. "Judging by the bulge in that thong you do!"

I looked down, my cock was now fully erect as I watched my s****r posing for me in her finest underwear, fighting the urge to start stroking my cock as I stood looking at her.

"Well I couldn't have you thinking you looked better in it than me could I," she grinned a fake innocent grin as she spoke, "so what are you going to do about that cock of yours?"

"I'd love to be stroking it right now, but that would be wrong with you in the room," I said as maturely as I could.

"Well you can go to your room if you want, but what's the point imagining me, when you can stay here and see the real thing?" Jane said as she brushed her hand over my cock as she walked past me and lay on the sofa.

I just stood there staring at her, confused at what to do, and more importantly, what she wanted me to do and would let me do.

"Dan, why don't you release that cock and stroke it while you look at me....we both know you want to," Jane said.

"Are you sure? That's so wrong, fantasising about you is one thing, wanking over you in the flesh is a different matter completely."

As I stood there talking, Jane's hands were wandering over her body, gently rubbing her nipples through her bra, I could see them grow as she teased them. Her other hand slid down her toned stomach and she started to rub her pussy through her thong.

"Well you just stand there and let me enjoy the view!" She said, biting her lip and letting out a small moan. Oh my god, my hot older s****r is stroking her pussy as I stand here with a hard cock in her/my thong and bra....what am I waiting for?

I pulled the thong aside and let my cock free. I heard her gasp as she saw it and slipped her hand inside her knickers at the same time. We kept eye contact as we stroked ourselves, breaking off to view each others body. Jane started breathing harder, her face getting redder, her fingers moving faster in her thong.

As I watched I felt my balls tighten, I took fuller longer strokes on my cock, before I knew it I was shooting hot cum all over her stomach and breasts. As it hit her, it was as if it triggered her and she started writhing and moaning before my eyes as she came hard, physically shaking as her orgasm subsided.

I knelt down and rested my head in her lap, "Wow Jane, that was intense, I haven't cum that hard for ages, I thought I was going to pass out."

"Me too, as soon as I saw you this morning I was turned on, but I didn't think we'd end up doing this. Why don't you come up here and give me a hug?"

I slid next to Jane on the sofa, resting my head on her shoulder. She leant down and kissed my forehead I looked into her eyes and we smiled at each other, knowing that this wouldn't be the last time something like this happened.


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Caught in my s****rs underwear

It was the first day of the summer holiday, 6 weeks before I had to return to college, one more year before I could get away to university and have my own space. I'd got home from swimming training about 8am,my parents and older s****r, Jane, had already left for work. This meant I had a whole day of relaxing round the house wearing whatever I wanted.

I went upstairs for another shower, trying to get the smell of chlorine off my body. I soaped myself up and started running my hands slowly over my body - one of the benefits of swimming competitively was the need to be smooth all over (apart from a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair around my cock). The other is a tight toned body but not overly muscular. I resisted the urge to stroke my cock, there'd be plenty of time for that later, I thought.

I dried myself off, wrapped my towel around me and walked into Jane's room to decide which set to treat myself to today. I was always very careful not to mess up her underwear drawer. I saw what I wanted straight away...what better way to celebrate the summer than a matching yellow thong and gra set??

I stepped into the thong and pulled it up under my towel. I loved the feel of the thong between my ass cheeks, the way my balls were supported. I slipped the bra on, my growing pecs filling Jane's 36B cups almost as well as she fills it herself.

I turned around, dropped the towel and looked in the mirror, my cock twitch as I saw myself, again fighting the urge to stroke my cock and cum there and then. I looked at how my cock filled the thong, covered by the darker lower material, my pubic hair showing through the sheer mesh on the top half, which then formed the waist band.

The sheer lace bra looked so good against my tanning skin, my pink nipples hard against the material, aching to be rubbed. I turned and checked myself out - fuck I look good and ran my hands over my body - but resisting the growing urges inside me.

I went downstairs and started fixing my breakfast, hopefully eating will take my mind off how horny I was feeling right now. I took my breakfast through to the lounge and sat down, ready for what I hoped would be a very lazy start to the holiday.

I must have been sl**ping when I heard the front door slam and Jane call out "Dan I'm home, the office had to close as there was no power! Where are you?" My heart was pounding, what was I going to do? Do I try and hide, run past her quickly and hope she doesn't see or bite the bullet and wait for her to come and find me? Before I could make a decision the lounge door opened and Jane saw me sitting there in her sexy lingerie.

"What the fu" Jane stood there open mouthed staring at me. I just froze, staring at her, do I start to beg, cry or try and laugh it off? "I...I...I can explain" I started to stammer, the words just wouldn't come out.

"Dan...what are you doing there in my fucking underwear?"

"What does it look like, I'm sl**ping after training!" Was sarcasm the best answer....probably not.

Jane started to laugh, but she stifled it. "I really don't know what the fuck to say to you right now Dan"

By this point I was trying to work out how I was going to get out of this. "Jane, please don't say anything to anyone about this. I promise I'll do anything for want and I'll never wear them again." I pleaded.

Jane sat on the chair opposite staring at me. She started speaking "I mean, i was always suspicious about how my underwear kept moving, I always thought it was mum and dad checking what was going on in my life" She smiled "I even thought you might be using them to wank over...but this"

"Well I've done that too...." I said - shit I should keep my mouth shut.

Jane started laughing, "I guess honesty is the best policy now! Want to tell me anything else?" I could tell by her smile and tone of voice she wasn't about to kill me.

I leaned back on the sofa, then suddenly reaised Jane would now be able to see everything so sat back up again. "I don't know...what do you want to know?"

"Like when did this start, why do it, how does it make you feel?" Jane said patronising me.

I shifted in my seat, cautious not to expose myself this time. I thought to myself, Jane is being really good about this, I need to be honest with her.

"I started last year when you came back from uni," I started, "I saw your sexy panties one day, and your right I wanked into them. As time passed I got a little bored of that and one day slipped them on and came in them. I guess I've been dressing up like this since Christmas now. They're just so much sexier compared to my boxers, and I love the way they feel around my cock and next to my skin."

Jane just sat there trying to take it all in. "Does anyone else know?" She asked.

"Just you, and I'm not in any rush to tell anyone!" I replied.

"Don't worry, I won't, promise."

"Because you don't want people knowing you have a freak for a b*****r?" I asked.

"No, because I can see how scared you are, but also how comfortable you seem in them."

"Would you mind if I went and get changed? I kind of feel awkward right now." As I stood, I had to adjust my (well Jane's) thong.

"Don't you just hate that?" Jane laughed.

"Yeah the only draw back!" I smiled.

" look great in that set," Jane stated honestly as I blushed. "Why don't you keep that set, the bra is a little small for me and you look so good in it."

"Thanks," I said just standing there, smiling at her "And thanks again for being so kind about this."

Jane stood up and came and gave me a hug. "Hmmm my little b*****r is getting some pretty good muscles," she said as we embraced. My arms wrapped round her, we just stood there holding each other. Before I knew what was happening I could feel my cock twitching in my thong as it started to grow. Jane started to pull away, could she feel it, again I started to panic.

"Dan, do you..." she started to speak, then stopped as she looked down and stared at my hardening cock, "Wow my b*****r really is growing up.

I stood there blushing further. "I'll go and get changed, then maybe we can chat some more?" I asked

"Definitely, but don't take off that set, just put some clothes on." Jane said.

As I walked out the room, Jane called out, "Dan, come back here."


"Don't go upstairs just yet, I guess I've seen you, so its only fair you see me too," she smiled and started undoing her blouse. She slipped it off her shoulders, revealing the baby pink version of the bra I was wearing, stepping out of the skirt I could see the matching thong, and like mine, a slight patch of pubic hair where it changes.

" look amazing!" I couldn't stop staring at her sexy body, her curves so smooth and natural, her nipples hard, darker than mine, pressing against the pink lace.

"You like?" she said spinning round. "Judging by the bulge in that thong you do!"

I looked down, my cock was now fully erect as I watched my s****r posing for me in her finest underwear, fighting the urge to start stroking my cock as I stood looking at her.

"Well I couldn't have you thinking you looked better in it than me could I," she grinned a fake innocent grin as she spoke, "so what are you going to do about that cock of yours?"

"I'd love to be stroking it right now, but that would be wrong with you in the room," I said as maturely as I could.

"Well you can go to your room if you want, but what's the point imagining me, when you can stay here and see the real thing?" Jane said as she brushed her hand over my cock as she walked past me and lay on the sofa.

I just stood there staring at her, confused at what to do, and more importantly, what she wanted me to do and would let me do.

"Dan, why don't you release that cock and stroke it while you look at me....we both know you want to," Jane said.

"Are you sure? That's so wrong, fantasising about you is one thing, wanking over you in the flesh is a different matter completely."

As I stood there talking, Jane's hands were wandering over her body, gently rubbing her nipples through her bra, I could see them grow as she teased them. Her other hand slid down her toned stomach and she started to rub her pussy through her thong.

"Well you just stand there and let me enjoy the view!" She said, biting her lip and letting out a small moan. Oh my god, my hot older s****r is stroking her pussy as I stand here with a hard cock in her/my thong and bra....what am I waiting for?

I pulled the thong aside and let my cock free. I heard her gasp as she saw it and slipped her hand inside her knickers at the same time. We kept eye contact as we stroked ourselves, breaking off to view each others body. Jane started breathing harder, her face getting redder, her fingers moving faster in her thong.

As I watched I felt my balls tighten, I took fuller longer strokes on my cock, before I knew it I was shooting hot cum all over her stomach and breasts. As it hit her, it was as if it triggered her and she started writhing and moaning before my eyes as she came hard, physically shaking as her orgasm subsided.

I knelt down and rested my head in her lap, "Wow Jane, that was intense, I haven't cum that hard for ages, I thought I was going to pass out."

"Me too, as soon as I saw you this morning I was turned on, but I didn't think we'd end up doing this. Why don't you come up here and give me a hug?"

I slid next to Jane on the sofa, resting my head on her shoulder. She leant down and kissed my forehead I looked into her eyes and we smiled at each other, knowing that this wouldn't be the last time something like this happened.


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Rude Games up in the woods

I can remember one summer holiday, I was with my friend Tanya it was a hot summers day and we were bored and looking for something to do. We noticed a group of boys, one of which I had the hots for he was about three years older than me, about sixteen I think.
We got talking to the boys who's ages ranged from about eleven to sixteen, there was about six of them. They told us they had a den in the woods and asked if we would come up to see it, I said that I would, but Tanya said she had to go home for her lunch.
I followed the boys and talked mostly to Mark, who seemed to be the leader of the group. We walked through a dense area of woodland and came into a clearing, where the boys had made a den, out of old doors and bits of old furniture they had acquired from somewhere and an old mattress was laid on the floor.
Mark asked if I wanted to join the gang, I said 'sure' I was quite excited to be the only girl in the gang.
Mark told me there would be a few things I had to do to join, I had to strip down to my underwear. I hesitated, Mark told the other boys to do the same. I looked and saw the other boys taking off their clothes down to their underpants, I felt I had to do the same as they had stripped too.
I took off my t-shirt and took my shorts off and stood in my bra and panties, I also still had my socks and trainers on as the ground had a few brambles around.
I felt a bit embarrassed as all the boys surrounded me.
Mark then told me to take my bra off, I refused, but he got angry with me and grabbed me on the arm and turned nasty. I look at where my clothes were and realised they had hidden them.
Mark told me to do what I am told ore they would not give them back.
I slowly unhooked my bra and dropped it to the floor. Covering my tiny boobs with my hands. Mark shouted at me and told me to put my hands on my head, I did what he said, exposing my bare boobs to the boys. Mark reached forward and groped my tits, squeezing my nipples. One of the younger boys said 'lets see her slit', Mark had a dirty grin on his face and said 'show us your cunt!', with that he pulled my knickers down, exposing my slit which only had a slight covering of pubic hair. The boys all moved to the from and looked at my pussy, I could see all the boys had erections in their underwear. I was both nervous and excited. Mark told me to hold it open, I brought my hands down from my headand spread my slit open. Exposing my pink cunt to the boys, they took turns in having a close look at it, I had to show them my pee hole as one of the boys asked. I then had to turn around and pull my bum cheeks apart so they could inespect my bum hole. In all I was naked for about an hour, showing my privates to the boys, they also made me pee in front of them.
We eventually all got dressed and made our way out of the wood. I spent most of the holiday up the woods that summer and was to lose my virginity on my next visit, but thats a different story......... Continue»
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Cunnilingus.O school composition (Erotic Story)

When we in class XII, and was a skinny girl with a pretty back with a pair of breasts little more than shoot, my Romanian teacher gave me the theme, an essay about the most beautiful imaginary random in the summer.

When I got home, I lay in bed trying to choose the most beautiful story I'd wanted to lived in the hot summer months. To me decide on the subject, I started rubbing, easily excited, because, for me, a beautiful story can only be a sensual. After I felt more relaxed, I decided to write about a real chance. I heard whispers and gossip about a mysterious word "cunnilingus", some spoke of him as an art, others as a science. For Romanian profit told us to write a work of fiction, something that would be held really, I thought the story of an actual fact can not be interpreted only as a fantasy, and both.

Must say that after I taught the subject, the teacher asked me to stay after school to discuss with me about my work. She was a very severe, so we had no choice. She spoke authoritatively, yelling about my composition. He wore that day, ended up in a neck blouse, sleeveless, which could still see her black bra. While talking about what I had written, I noticed that emphasize certain words in my notebook with a red pencil. Absorbed morals that I do it, pen area exceeded specifications, spinning, u*********s, in fact ei.De foot at a time, almost infinite it between her legs. I felt an atrocious heat in the body, nedandu my account, but if it was conscious or not making it. While explanations gave him, and I've reached without knee, hoping that the discussion will come to an end. Rebukes them merely to bring in my mind my story erotic ecstasy. Here is my composition ....

What we did during the summer

Holiday in most of the time, I listened, I did the work in the garden and I sailed on the Internet. A typical way to waste time for a girl of 18 years, a suburban area. In one day, when my puppy does not stop barking, a female voice addressed me: "Hey, even a dog that is Enchanted." I looked up and saw a beautiful woman with a skin Olive, one whose age exceeded mine by more than two or three years. Exploded in his legs tight-fitting jeans and gave her breasts almost as skimpy on the outside of the shirt. He told me it was bona neighbors of mine who had two young c***dren. When I say "small" do not mean in any way to her breasts. Later, when her bra and freed the black, I saw that fall within a category difficult to find in a lingerie shop. Until then, not yet understood how can two identical dance in beauty, but in dimesnsiune. Although my breasts are not exactly the same, the difference between the future of my friends was evident. Maybe some men may be aroused by it. It was not my case ... I wonder?

Anyway, that summer I gained a new friend, with whom waste time in front of a stupid TV show. When two c***dren who have to sl**p catadixeau care, we comfort each other in the living room sofa. I never realized until then how can a nice long french kiss .. When you know that there is no one in the house, no longer put bra to let me kiss and suck them nipples naughty. Sometimes, doing what she called "a surprise for you." I take her hand and my fingers to straighten, gently between her legs, where they were was a soft touch, like a jelly full of sugar. Then get your fingers wet and I went to the lips, kissing them and licking them to me avidly.

In one day, when they become wet vagina really heavy, I asked in a whisper: "Did you hear about cunnilingus?" "No. What does this mean? Is a foreign language?" "No way," she chuckled. Then he slipped the panties on her body, and sat naked on the couch, legs wide apart. I kneel gently on her face and I pulled her head to the hot, telling me "I want to kiss me and lick me a little. First light, delicate, and then becoming faster and stronger." Velvet aroma and taste were incredibly exciting. At one point, I begged of them suck vagina. He spread my wings and pink nipple showed the alluring clitoris. He asked me to kiss him, his tongue rubbing it with circular motions until he came near orgasm. Without want, during this, my hands to her breasts indreptasera hot, insatiable my fingers caressing her nipples and tweak them slightly strengthened. Her moans were accompanied by mladieri greedy spoiled the body. Gently toss them broke into my flesh excitandu me almost to orgasm. Certainly, my pleasure was felt vibrant way kiss of sweet meat. To show me what a total pleasure, she slept on my floor, and entered my vagina with her tongue snake versed. A hungry vibe feverishly cling to kiss her. Then I said: "You now poposesti back inside." A few moments later, my tongue into her vagina insatiable murmur rose, deeper, deeper. Issued by the tension trembling mouth gave me a bitter sweet nectar source. I felt like I got together on a forbidden land, but the extreme of pleasure. I left then embraced in a few moments as measuring an eternity, her breasts shining mangaiandu a sweet sweat.

I asked her to let me meet every day. She laughed, a lively bell, telling me: "Come on, get up and get me happy again." I answered: "Yes, I know what cunnilingus. A word is so beautiful"
It was this story the most beautiful of my summer vacation. A pleasant thing but an educational ... I learned the definition of the word "cunnilingus."

When I read my composition, I watched closely my colleagues reactions (we have only two boys in the class). I found that had become captivated by topic, deepening eyes were somewhere in the depths of their being. At one point, almost I was interrupted by the one of them, which begins to caress a nipple. A girl who moves his feet rhythmically, as though it swam in a sea of kisses.

How and remorse over my teacher, is another story, beautiful but can be incredible. As a diligent student, I had to learn from it some essential things about language and universal literature. In fact, I learned that there are other languages, more effective and more subtle, which can discover the pleasure.

Are you interested in continuing this erotic stories?
Read phonetically
Dictionary - View detailed dictionary... Continue»
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The Training of a Teenage Submissive

The beautiful young girl walked from the stables. It was her school summer holidays and she planned to do nothing all summer except enjoy herself. She had enjoyed her ride, but had been embarrassed at the wolf-whistles and shouts from the men her mother had employed to work on the estate. Her father worked away on business and she rarely saw him. Emma was a 16-year-old virgin who looked stunning in her black knee length riding boots, tight cream jodhpurs, and tailored black riding jacket. Her figure was maturing into a woman with perky breasts and curvy thighs and her regular riding kept her toned. She had long blonde hair tied in a loose plait which swished from side to side as she strode confidently back to the house.

Suddenly she glimpsed a movement from the bushes at the side of the path, but before she could react, a dirty hand clamped round her mouth. Another figure appeared in front of her and dashed her riding crop to the ground, and then pushed her ankles together and lifted her legs up. She fell into the arms of the man behind who picked her up and they ran towards the house. They went straight into the cellar and through a door Emma had always been told was locked because the room behind was dangerous. Emma gasped as they entered the room. She had never seen anything like it. There were beams and tables and beds. There were chains hanging from the walls and the ceiling, and shelves full of equipment. There were no windows.

She was dropped in the middle of the room with a bump. She tried to stand, but was pushed onto her hands and knees by the man behind her. Her riding hat fell off. She glanced up and recognised the man in front of her as one of the workmen. He was tall and muscular. He was sweating in the heat and his hands and arms were dirty from working outdoors.

“Do not say a word you little bitch.”

Emma was so scared the thought had not even crossed her mind. She turned her head to look round the room, but immediately the workman yanked her hair.

“Do not look around either!”

He slapped her cheek. Emma began to cry.

“Everything is ready,” said the other workman.

“Listen to me you spoilt little bitch. We have been given a day and a half to turn you into the dirtiest, submissive, sex slave we can. If you make things hard for us, we will get incredibly nasty with you. Your life has changed forever. There is no point in fighting it. Now stay there and stay still.”

Emma could not believe it. What the hell was going on? She felt hands caressing her buttocks. She instinctively moved forward and a huge blow from her own riding crop struck her arse. She screamed.

“Obey!” shouted the voice from behind. Something pricked her flesh. It was a knife. “We are just modifying your jodhpurs.”

Two holes were sliced in the seam of her expensive jodhpurs. Emma was sobbing by this point. The man behind her passed the knife forward. The man in front used the knife to cut her bra away, and then cut circles in her blouse so her bare breasts pointed out.

“That should do it,” he said. “Now crawl around on your hands and knees while we watch. Don’t stop until we say.”

Sobbing profusely, Emma began to crawl. The crop landed on her arse again and she yelped.

“Faster girlie!”

Emma crawled three laps of the room until the men called her back to the centre of the room. When she got there they were naked.

“On your knees bitch.”

One of them was of athletic build – tall, toned but not overtly muscular. The other was a huge black man with enormous muscles, and quite obvious to the sixteen year old on her knees, a massive erect penis. “This is the first part of your training” he said. “Cock sucking.” He walked forward, grabbed Emma’s hair with one hand, and with his other hand guided his huge black cock towards her virgin mouth.

“Nooooo!” cried Emma.

“Yes,” grunted the man as his cock f***ed its way past her lips and into her warm mouth. The girth of the cock was huge and Emma felt if she was choking. “Now the secret to sucking cock well is to be able to take the whole length into your mouth, so the man can rest his balls on your chin. Ready?”

Emma tried to shake her head, but her head was yanked back by her hair until her throat and mouth were in line. Her assailant walked forward and plunged his cock down her tight throat. She felt like she was suffocating.

“WoooHeeeey! This bitch is tight!” cried the black man in sheer delight. He began to piston backwards and forwards, whilst still gripping Emma’s hair tight. He got quicker and quicker and then with a grunt he pulled out. Thank God, thought Emma, who in her innocence had not realised what was about to happen.

The man gave his cock two hard tugs and blasted his cum straight into Emma’s face. Most went into her mouth, but some went in her eyes, on her cheeks, and on her chin. Emma screamed. There was so much cum in her mouth, she thought she was drowning. The hand in her hair pulled her head down, and another hand pushed her chin up. Her teeth closed with a jolt.

“Swallow you bitch!”

Emma shook her head. The other man walked forward and pinched her nose until she could not breathe.

“You will have to swallow if you want to breathe.”

Emma grimaced and swallowed. When the men were satisfied they stood back and laughed. The black man whispered to his accomplice

“Did you get all that?”

The man nodded in agreement. What on earth were they talking about? Emma wondered.

“My turn now schoolgirl.”

Emma looked up to see the other man walking towards her. His cock pointing straight out in front of him.

“Let’s see if you can do this by yourself this time.”

He stopped just short of Emma. He wanted her to deep throat him voluntarily. She did not move. The riding crop whizzed through the hair and caught her exposed breast. It just clipped the nipple. Emma howled in pain.

“Think about it. You will end up doing it, whether you do it yourself, or whether you do it because we have inflicted pain on you. The secret to being a good submissive is to realise that you exist to pleasure the other person.”

Emma began to say she had no intention of becoming a submissive slave, but it was a mistake. As soon as she opened her mouth, the man walked forward and plunged his cock in her mouth. She gagged as the cock hit the back of her mouth, but a furious tug on her ponytail angled her head and the cock slid into the hilt. This cock was not as thick as the black one, but seemed longer. The man’s pubes were longer and she could smell his sweat. This one took his time, pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in, time and time again. When he eventually came, he did so embedded in her, his come squirting straight into her stomach. She never tasted this one. She gasped for air as he withdrew.

“What do you think of your training so far?” he asked.

Emma gave him a defiant look and said nothing.

“Good. Then we will continue.”

Emma’s head was pushed to the floor, raising her arse. The men took some time in pivoting her body from left to right. She glimpsed sight of the black man out of the corner of her eye. He was walking behind her and his cock was erect again. Next thing she felt something hot resting against her pussy lips through the opening cut in her jodhpurs.

“NO! Please no!” she cried, but it was futile. The enormous black cock increased its pressure on her opening and then began to slide in. Emma shrieked. She had fingered herself in the past, but no more than that. She felt like she was tearing apart. The cock continued its relentless movement. The man had his hands on her waist now, and was pulling her back onto him. Once he was satisfied how much cock he could get in her tight cunt, he began to fuck her harder and harder. He mauled at her exposed breasts and pulled on her ponytail. Emma was screaming. The white man just grinned at her pain-wracked face. A series of short sharp grunts signalled that the black man had satisfied himself.

“Swap shop!” he shouted to the other man, who grinned and took up his place behind the distraught teenager. It was less painful this time, but it felt to Emma that she was getting penetrated even deeper. The man came deep inside her and then pulled out. He walked round to her face. He knelt down. “Did you enjoy that?”

Emma shook her head. He just laughed.

The men left Emma huddled on the floor for a couple of hours. They went to a far corner of the room out of her sight. She could not believe what was happening; she had been ****d by two workmen that her mother had employed. She would see that they were put away for a long time. The two men walked back towards her.

“One hole left to complete your initial training” said the white man grinning.

Emma shouted, “No, No, you can’t. It’s not normal!”

The men just laughed. The white man took up position behind her as the black man pushed her head down to the floor. She felt a cock rub against her arse hole. She was screaming as the cock began to press into her tightest of openings.

“Just give into it bitch.” The man tensed up and pushed with all his might. His cock disappeared slowly into her arse. “Man she’s tight,” he grunted.

Emma began to moan as he fucked her. The black man jerked her hair. “Shut up will you?”

She quietened down but it was so painful being taken in the arse. The man began to speed up. Emma knew he was about to come, but she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The white man gave one last big push and then withdrew. Her arsehole stayed open. It felt like it was on fire. The black man yanked her head up by her ponytail and the white man walked forward and pushed his cock into the mouth. She could see her own shit and bl**d on it as it pushed between her lips. She gagged, but it made no difference. The cock began to fuck her mouth, eventually coming in her mouth. She swallowed. The men cheered. “See you can learn if you put your mind to it!” The black man took his turn up her arse, but he came deep inside her rectum.

“That’s the first stage of your training complete.”

She was told to stand up. She wobbled to her feet. Emma felt sick. She was still wearing all her riding gear except for her hat. “You do look mighty pretty in that get up” said the white man. “Let’s see you on a horse.”

Emma was pushed towards on of the structures in the room. It was like a saw bench, except the top of the bench was black leather. She was told to climb on. It was about the width of a horse’s saddle. It had stirrups like a saddle too, and her booted feet were pushed into them and then tied there. A handle was turned and the stirrups pulled downwards until her legs were stretched, and she was clamped tightly to the saddle. Her arms were pulled behind her and tied to the back of the saddle. It was uncomfortable because her back was arched slightly. Each man then went either side of the saddle and began to suck and bite on her nipples. Emma cried out, but her nipples became erect. Chains were pulled from the walls in front of the bench with vicious crocodile clips on them. One was attached to each erect nipple. It hurt enormously. Emma shrieked in pain but a horse’s bit was fastened in her mouth pushing her tongue down. She could do no more than moan and whimper as another handle was turned and the chains began to pull. The men only stopped winding when her nipples were stretched and beginning to discolour. Another handle was wound under the bench and Emma realised that two dildos were being pushed up through the saddle and into her cunt and arse. She tried to shift her weight but could not because her feet were pulling her down, her arms pulling her back, and the nipple chains pulling her forwards. The dildos continued on their relentless journey until they were at least as deep as the men’s cocks had been. Finally the men stood back with a satisfied look on their faces. They grinned. “See you tomorrow gorgeous!” they shouted, turned their backs and left the room. Emma heard the door locks fall into place. ‘Why me?’ she thought.

Eventually the men returned. Emma had no idea how long she had been strapped to the horse. Her cunt and arse felt stretched beyond belief. She had lost all feeling in her arms and legs, and her nipples felt like they were about to tear off her body. She could still taste come in her mouth, but she could not move her tongue because of the metal bit.

“Morning beautiful!” they shouted. Emma tried to ignore them. The clamps were unfastened from her nipples. As the bl**d flowed back into the tightly stretched skin Emma shrieked in pain.

“Don’t worry, I’ll kiss it better,” said the black man who tenderly kissed her right nipple before cruelly nipping it between his teeth. The other man grinned as Emma howled in agony. The dildos were unwound from her once virgin holes and her feet and arms were untied.

“Don’t make a sound,” the men instructed as the bit was unfastened from her mouth. They lifted Emma off the horse and dropped her onto the floor. “You are getting a visitor later today, so we need to clean you up, but you don’t look as dirty as we thought.”

‘Who the hell is going to be visiting me and how could I look any more unclean with my torn clothes and dirty hands and knees?’ thought Emma.

Her thoughts were shattered by a swift pull on her ponytail. The black man was stood in front of her. His flies were open and his cock was jutting out. “Let’s see if you can remember your training sweetie.”

Emma groaned but did not resist as he shoved his cock between her lips. He did not pause but just pushed straight into the hilt. Emma still felt like she was gagging but had learnt enough to breathe through her nose. The huge black cock slowly pushed in and out of her mouth as she heard the other man say, “Tag time.” She felt his cock on her pussy lips and he entered her from behind. She felt like she was hanging between these two enormous cocks. She could not believe that she was being taken by two men at once. To make matters worse the men were talking to each other as if she wasn’t there.

“I knew she’d make a dirty whore.”

“How much do you think we could make from her on a street corner?”

“I wonder if she’s got any friends we could train as well?”

Eventually the talking subsided as the men reached their climax. They both pulled out just before they came, and squirted their loads over her arse and into her face. Emma just remained motionless on the floor as the come ran off her.

“She’s getting dirtier now!” shouted the black man.

“Yes. But watch this!” yelled the white man who was now pointing his flaccid cock at her face. He began to pee. Emma yelled in shock, but her head was grabbed by the black man. The golden shower hit her square on the nose, and the man proceeded to aim across her eyes, her lips and into her hair. Emma just could not believe it.

“Let’s get her cleaned up now,” said the man as he shook the last drops of pee from his cock and wiped it down her cheek. Emma was ordered to stand and remove all her clothing. She had difficulty pulling her boots off but the men just stood and laughed as she hopped around on one foot and then the other. She peeled her jodhpurs off and quickly pulled her blouse over her torn knickers.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” the men jeered.

Reluctantly she unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled her knickers off. She stood naked in front of her two r****ts. They wolf whistled at her, and even though her hair was matted with cum and piss, she was indeed a beautiful sight.

“Over there,” the white man pointed. Emma began to walk to a darkened corner of the room. There was a full bathroom suite of basin, shower, bath and toilet, but there were no portions or walls.

“Go to the toilet girlie,” she was instructed. It was so humiliating, but she was desperate so she sat on the toilet and peed, and then – so embarrassingly – defecated. The men grinned, but Emma cringed as her waste splashed into the bowl. She stood up to wipe herself, but there was no paper.

“Use your pinkies posh girl,” the black man shouted. Emma began to sob. This was more then she could stand. She reached between her legs and wiped herself.

“Now suck your fingers clean,” added the white man, who under his breath added to the other man, “I hope we’re getting all this.”

The black man nodded and murmured in reply, “You bet!”

Emma sucked her fingers clean, sobbing continually. She was then instructed to get in the shower. At least the water was hot, and there were soaps and shampoos. The hair conditioner was the same as her mother used, and the sight of it made her sob even more. She was instructed to shave her pussy completely bald while facing the men who cheered as the water washed the bubbles away and her bald skin appeared.

The men let her spend a long time cleaning herself and she began to feel better. This visitor must be important she thought for them to give her this luxury. Eventually they turned the water off and she dried herself on a very small towel while the men watched transfixed. They showed her to a small adjoining room where there was a dressing table and a mirror. There was a wardrobe as well.

The white man said, “On the table are some pictures and a description. This is how you should make yourself look for the visitor. We are going back into the main room. You have half an hour. If you do not look appropriately dressed, you will be punished far worse than anything so far. Do not let us down.”

The black man winked and turned to leave the room with the white man. Emma slowly walked to the table and opened the envelope. She pulled out a series of digitally modified pictures. Her head had been superimposed on a series of pornographic pictures. The girl’s body in the photo was clad in some form of leather harness. Straps and buckles seemed to run everywhere. It looked dreadfully uncomfortable. Emma had not seen anything like it before. She opened the letter that described the outfit. She felt she recognised the handwriting, but wasn’t sure. Sighing she walked to the wardrobe to get ready for her visitor.

After exactly 30 minutes the men called Emma out of the room. They jeered and whistled as she appeared in the doorway. “You slut whore!” and “You teen sex toy” were some of the more polite things they shouted. Emma’ s cheeks burned a fiery crimson through sheers embarrassment. She had followed the description to the letter. Every single item of clothing had been in the wardrobe and it fitted her perfectly. Someone must have known her exact sizes. She was told to twirl around in front of the men and she could feel their lustful stares burning into her. The men were naked and their cocks were growing hard just through looking at her. She thought she looked ridiculous, but the men were clearly turned on. Her long hair was brushed tightly up and back and tied in a long straight ponytail on top of her head. She had buckled a black leather collar round her neck that had four large silver rings on it. The leather harness shown in the pictures criss-crossed her body with her breasts pressing through large silver metal rings held in place by the tight straps. The harness finished at her waist – her arse and newly shaved pussy were on full display. Cuffs that matched her collar were fastened around her wrists, above her elbows, and around her thighs. She wore knee length spike heeled boots laced tightly up the front. She felt more naked than if she wore nothing at all. The outfit seemed to accentuate her sexuality. She was instructed to walk forward and a leash was attached to her collar. She felt like all her freedom had been taken away. The men fussed round her making sure every strap and buckle was just right. Emma was then led to the middle of the room where chains hung from the ceiling and others were fastened to the floor. The chains were attached to her cuffs and she was left standing spread eagled with her arms and ankles stretched to maximum reach, and her thigh cuffs spreading her legs. Finally a chain was fastened to her ponytail and pulled tight. She could not move any part of her body.

Emma stood in her chains for quite some time as the men busied themselves in the cellar. Moving things what seemed like a matter of inches and fussing over trivial objects. There was a sharp knock on the door and the men rushed over to open it. Emma could hear the door open and quite a long conversation ensued, although Emma could not hear a word of what was being said. She heard a raised voice, a swishing noise, and a yelp of pain, quickly followed by another swish and a different yelp. She tried to turn her head but could not because of her tied up hair. She heard sharp metallic footsteps coming towards her back which suddenly stopped. The two men walked past her and stood in front grinning, although each sported a glowing red stripe on his back.

“The visitor is here,” said the black man.

“I hope you are ready,” continued the white man as a massive jolt of pain speared through Emma’s left buttock. She shrieked in surprised pain, but the blows continued to fall across her thighs and bare arse. Occasionally a strike would come up between her legs and hit her exposed pussy. The pain was unbearable. Every time her body was jolted forward by the blow it felt like her hair was going to be torn out at the roots. Eventually the blows stopped and there was a long pause and the footsteps retreated out of the door. The men also left the room. Emma hung in her chains, her flesh stinging and burning from the sustained whipping. She wondered what was going to happen next.

After a while the footsteps returned and walked briskly passed her. Emma opened her eyes and could not believe who was stood in front of her. Mercy of mercies it was her mother.

“Oh mother!” she cried. “Thank God you are here. I have been ****d and beaten, but I know who has done it. Please untie me and get the police.”

Her mother walked forward and caressed Emma’s tear stained face. She was wearing some black leather gloves. Emma presumed she must have been riding because she had her long high-buttoned coat on. Her mother wiped the tear away. “Don’t cry my dear Emma,” she smiled. “My men say you have done very well indeed, and have nothing to cry about.”

Emma stared at her mother’s face. What was she talking about – her men? Her mother stepped back still smiling. She unbuttoned her coat and let it fall to the floor. Her toned 35-year-old body was clad from top to bottom in a skin-tight black leather catsuit. Leather gloves ran past her elbows, and metal tipped stiletto boots laced all the way up the front to the top of her thighs. Her long hair hung down her back. She looked evil. A long riding crop was clutched in her right hand and she raised it in front of her chest and patted it against her left palm. Emma realised that it was her own mother who had been whipping her.

“Why?!” cried Emma.

Her mother smiled back. “Do not get delirious my dear. It’s all very simple. Your father is away so often that I was not getting any sexual satisfaction. I began to realise that as the key person in the house I could do anything and my sexual yearnings became more and more dominant. I decided with your return home from school, that the summer holidays would be a good chance to carry out my desires on a young and beautiful submissive.” She grinned as the colour drained from Emma’s face. She prodded her daughter’s breast with the end of her crop and continued. “Furthermore, your father says he is missing seeing you grow up, so I thought it would be fun to make a film of you becoming my submissive slut. You may not have realised, but you have been filmed from the moment you came into the cellar.” Emma felt so humiliated. What would her father think of her when he saw the tape? Her mother coincidentally answered the question “You may have recognised your father’s handwriting on the letter in your new bedroom. He chose that rather fetching outfit for you.” Emma groaned. If her father and mother were involved, there was no one else that could help. She was trapped.

She asked her mother, “What do you mean my new bedroom?”

The crop flew out hitting her nipple square on. Emma howled in pain.

“Never, ever speak unless spoken to! Do you understand?” her mother screamed at her. Emma nodded. The crop flew out and struck her other nipple. Emma cried out. “Yes ma’am you reply!” her mother shouted.

“Ye…yes…ma’am,” Emma sobbed.

“Since you asked, you will spend the summer holiday in this cellar, unless I specifically ask for your presence upstairs. The wardrobe will be filled with clothing which I think befits your new standing in the household, and you will be given instructions on what to wear and when. Other than that you obey me at all times.”

“Yes ma’am,” Emma replied.

“Good girl. Now my men have explained that you have undergone some basic training. Tell me about it.”

Emma’s mother stood defiantly in front of her, rocking on her stiletto heels as her sixteen-year-old daughter explained through a series of cries and sobs how she had been k**napped, humiliated and ****d multiple times before being tied up and left on a bondage horse overnight. If her mother thought Emma had not explained herself sufficiently well, or was mumbling, she would lash her tits and cunt with her riding crop. Eventually Emma battled through describing the humiliation in the bathroom and the embarrassment of wearing the sluttish outfit until she got to the point where she discovered her mother wanted to dominate her. Her own mother repeatedly asked questions about what it felt like to have two cocks inside her at once, and whether she liked the taste of cum, and did she prefer it up the arse or cunt. Emma had to answer the questions as best she could, for fear of another lash from the riding crop, but she felt so ashamed telling her beloved mother these disgusting things. Her mother just laughed and was clearly enjoying degrading her beautiful daughter.

“Excellent,” her mother said eventually. “Well let’s just see how well those men have trained you.” She walked to a table and returned with a huge black dildo – bigger than either of the two men’s cocks. It had thick leather straps attached to the base, and silver studs across the artificial scrotum. Emma winced at the sight of it. There was no way she could take that inside her! Her mother clearly had other ideas, as she marched up to her daughter’s spread-eagled form and thrust the rubber cock at her mouth. Emma clamped her teeth together instinctively, but it was a mistake. Her mother growled and squeezed her nipple almost flat. Emma yelped in pain and as her teeth parted, the dildo slid into her mouth as far as it would go. Her mother held it there and looked at how much was left sticking out. “Could try harder dear,” she said, giving the dildo a hard push against the back of Emma’s throat. Emma gagged, but with her hair holding her head looking straight forward, there was no way that she could take any more. Her mother pulled the dildo out, scowling. A string of saliva stretched from her daughter’s lips to the end of the dildo. “Very attractive,” she said sarcastically.

Emma watched the dildo drop out of sight. She knew what was going to happen next, but even so, the ferocity of her mother ramming the dildo into her cunt knocked the breath out of her. The dildo f***ed its way into Emma’s tight cunt until the sharp studs jammed into her newly shaven pussy lips and clit. Emma screamed and yanked against her restraints but she could not move at all. Her mother grinned sadistically as she began to fuck her teenager daughter with the monster dildo. Emma cried out every time the studs spiked her tender skin, but that only made her mother laugh more. “Oooo baby, you’re making me hot with all this screaming,” her mother purred, pulling the dildo out of Emma and suggestively tasting the end with her tongue. Her mother cupped herself between her legs and stroked her own leather-clad pussy. She threw her head back and laughed out loud. Regaining her composure, she stared at Emma and said, “Last hole.”

Emma howled in agony as the dildo rammed into her arse with no less f***e than when it was used in her pussy. The internal pain was greater, but at least the silver studs were no longer banging into her clit. It was during this anal attack that the two men returned into the room. “Hello boys,” grinned her mother, not breaking her stroke, “we are just about ready for you two.”

Emma groaned, realising that the two men were going to fuck her again. Her mother gave the dildo one almighty shove which Emma felt was going to split her in half, and then the dildo was yanked out. Emma groaned as the rubber bell end pulled out of her arsehole. She was told to open her mouth, which she obediently did. The shit stained dildo was pushed to the back of her mouth, and her mother told her to suck it, and if she dropped it, she would pay dearly.

Emma stood with the dildo in her mouth as the men began to untie her. They left her ponytail until last, and took great delight in swaying her backwards and forwards, with the weight of her body pulling on her hair. She watched as her mother undid concealed zips in her catsuit to reveal her large but firm breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy. The dildo was snatched from her mouth and she gasped for air. She now realised what the straps were for, as her mother fastened the dildo around her waist, positioning the dildo in front of her like an enormous erect penis. Emma was pushed on to her hands and knees in front of her mothers pointed boot toes. One of the men pushed her head down as he said, “You’d better get used to this.”

When her lips were resting on the patent leather toe-cap, her mother simply said, “Lick.”

Emma began to lick the dust from the toe of her mother’s boot. Such embarrassment! The men and her mother were all laughing as her mother moved her foot away and then pushed the other toe in her mouth. “Well done!” cried her mother, “at least you can do something right! Now let’s try this again.” She grabbed Emma’s ponytail and hauled her daughter onto her knees. The dildo was straight in front of Emma’s face. She dutifully opened her mouth and angled her head back as the dildo rammed into her throat. She succeeded in taking more this time and as her mother began to piston her hips backwards and forwards she heard the men say to her mother that she was, “An excellent young cock sucker.”

The white man wriggled between Emma’s bent legs on his back until his cock was resting against her buttocks. The black man grinned as he lifted Emma’s waist and pushed her down on to his friend’s erect cock. Emma grunted as the cock slid into her cunt. The man began to move his hips up and down in time with the dildo going in and out of Emma’s mouth. The man began to groan as his excitement built. He had been erect for a long time, and the grip of this teenage pussy, combined with the sight of Emma in her kinky slave outfit sucking the strap-on of her leather clad dominatrix mother was proving too much for him. Emma’s mother sensed this and told him to withdraw. He was reluctant to stop, but knew better than to disobey. He pulled out, and at the same time, Emma’s mother yanked the dildo out of her daughter’s mouth. Emma gasped for breath, but her respite was short lived. The black man crawled under Emma and pulled her down onto his huge cock. As Emma cried out, the white man buried his cock in her mouth, relentlessly pushing forwards until his balls rested on her chin.

Emma was penetrated deep at both ends, but she knew worse was to come as her mother walked behind her and said, “I’ve been waiting to do this since I did the same to Vanessa on her sixteenth birthday.”

Emma’s mind was racing. Vanessa had been her best friend from school. She had come to Emma’s house to celebrate her birthday four months ago. She was fine in the morning, but seemed subdued in the afternoon after Emma had gone to the local shop at lunchtime. In the evening her mother said that Vanessa had to leave unexpectedly and a car took her away. Emma had not seen Vanessa since. Her thoughts were cut short as she felt the end of the dildo nuzzle up to her tight arsehole. Her mother’s gloved hands grabbed her buttocks and pushed them apart. She already had the black man’s cock in her cunt. She could not believe that she could take anything else inside her. The dildo slid forward relentlessly. Emma’s screams would not leave her throat, and she made peculiar gargling noises as the studded rubber scrotum pressed into her arse, signalling the dildo was fully embedded in her rectum.

Emma was fucked long and hard in all three of her tight teenage holes. She felt like a rag doll as she was pushed this way and that. Her tits were nipped, squeezed and bitten. Her hair was pulled and her thighs were scratched. She was almost dazed by the time the men began to orgasm. The pain had subsided into a dull throb and she felt ready to collapse. Both men came at the same time and spurted deep inside her. She dutifully swallowed the spunk in her mouth.

The men withdrew, leaving just her mother forcibly fucking her arsehole. Emma’s mother lent forward and pulled her head back by her hair. She growled into her ear, “You little fuck puppet, let’s see what you can really do.”

Up until this point, her mother had been kneeling between her daughter’s legs. She now stood up with her legs bent, purposefully catching her daughter’s legs with her metal tipped heels. She drew bl**d on one thigh. She reached forward and grabbed the metal rings on either side of her daughter’s collar and hauled Emma back on to the dildo. She then began to thrust violently in and out of her daughter’s arse. “You won’t be able to shit for a week!” she laughed as she pounded backwards and forwards. Her mother was immensely fit and strong and sustained this onslaught for a good fifteen minutes. Eventually she tired, and pushed her shattered daughter to the floor.

Emma lay panting for breath on the floor as her mother stood over her, the strap-on dildo removed, her hands on her hips. “On your knees bitch, you haven’t finished yet.”

Emma moved slowly to her knees as her mother walked forwards and thrust her crotch in her daughter’s face. “Tongue my pussy girl,” her mother commanded. Emma was distraught. Surely her mother couldn’t expect her to do this? Her mother clearly could, and grabbed two of the rings on the collar and hauled Emma’s face into her neatly trimmed pubes. “Lick!” she shouted and she was rewarded with the fluttering of her daughter’s small wiry tongue against her clit. She began to rub her crotch hard against the nuzzling tongue and lips, and soon her orgasm was building. “Finger my arse at the same time!” her mother demanded. Emma was repulsed and shook her head. Her mother was furious. “Finger my arse now girl, or by god I will bull whip you until not an inch of your skin is left untouched.” Emma moaned as she continued to lick out her mother’s cunt. She reached behind her mother’s leather clad thigh and found the concealed zip extended back far enough to allow access to her mother’s arsehole. She extended her middle finger and slowly pushed it inside. It was incredibly tight, and Emma had a fleeting thought that there was no wonder her assailants had enjoyed fucking her up there. Her mother began to moan and lowered herself slightly to get more of her daughter’s finger in her arsehole. Emma felt her mother’s pussy become wetter and as her mother orgasmed, Emma pushed her tongue deep inside the pussy being f***ed into her face.

Her mother held her there quite some time, before stepping back. Emma looked up and her mother smiled. “Well done! You may be a natural pussy licker after all!” Emma gave a luke-warm smile in reply. “We will leave you now to get cleaned up in your new bedroom with its lovely en suite bathroom.” Her mother smiled as Emma winced. “There will be a new outfit in your wardrobe which you will wear to join me for dinner at seven. Some one will fetch you then. Now stand up, there’s a good girl.”

Emma staggered to her feet. Her mother gave her a kiss on each cheek and strode out of the room. The two men grinned at the dishevelled teenager and they followed her mother out of the room. The door closed with a hefty thud and Emma was left alone, but with the knowledge that her every movement was being filmed for her father. Crying she walked slowly to her bedroom.

Emma sat on her bed and unlaced her boots. She kicked them off her feet and began to unstrap the harness from her nubile body. The buckles had been fastened so tightly by the men that the straps had left red lines across her body. These were nothing compared to the marks her mother’s riding crop had left on her back and thighs. Emma went to the toilet. She was pleased to see there was some toilet paper left for her. She spent a long time in the hot shower, and felt more human when she got out. The crop marks on her body were fading to a warm pink colour, and looked less angry now. She dried herself and went into the bedroom.

True to form there was a new outfit in her wardrobe, but it wasn’t what Emma was expecting. There was a shoe-box, and a long zip bag. Inside was the most stunning long black velvet cocktail dress, with a plunging neckline almost to the waist, and a split from ankle to thigh. There was no underwear other than a pair of black hold up silk stockings with lace tops. There was a five string pearl choker and a matching bracelet. The shoe box contained a pair of very expensive black velvet shoes, with four inch stiletto heels, and a thin ankle strap. There was a note on the dressing table that simply said, “Look your best.”

Emma dressed slowly, enjoying the luxury of the fine clothes. She applied her make up carefully and brushed her hair so it hung straight down her back. She twirled in front of the mirror. She grinned for the first time since her k**nap. She looked a million dollars.

At seven o’clock a man she did not recognise came for her. He was dressed in a dinner jacket, and was very handsome. He politely said, “Are you ready miss?”

Emma giggled. “I am,” she said. She followed the man upstairs and through into the house she had grown up in. As they approached the dining room Emma could hear the low murmur of conversation and as the man opened the door for her, she was surprised to find her mother hosting a full-blown dinner party. The man announced, “Miss Emma” and closed the door behind her. Her mother swept forward in a glamorous silk suit and kissed her on either cheek.

“My dear, you look simply stunning!”

Emma smiled. She recognised some of the guests as friends of her parents. A glass of champagne was offered to her, which she gladly accepted. Questions came thick and fast as Emma walked through the guests. People asking how her exams were going, was she still riding horses, my hadn’t she grown up and so on. Emma was bewildered by this sudden turn of events and as her nerves calmed down, she began to enjoy herself. She sat between two charming gentlemen for dinner, and by the time the liqueurs arrived, she felt as if everything was back not normal.

Suddenly the dinner gong sounded. The guests fell silent and knowing glances and smiles were exchanged around the table. Her mother stood up. Emma felt her heart sink.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure by now, you have all been introduced to my beautiful daughter Emma. I am sure you will all agree she is growing up into a beautiful young lady.” The guests murmured in agreement. “Now your invites explained the procedure for this evenings raffle, so we will begin. Emma dear, please go over to the carving table.”

Emma walked to the small but sturdy table which was along the back wall in front of the fire. She could feel everyone’s eyes boring into her back. The table was clear except for a white linen tablecloth. There was a small serving table at the side with a large mahogany chest on it. She was joined by the man who had walked her up from the cellar. He smiled and held his hand out. “Your dress please miss.”

Emma stared at him, and then to the dinner table. The guests had moved their chairs so they were all facing the fireplace. Her mother stared back, a fierce look on her face.

“Please miss, your dress,” repeated the man. Emma cringed as she slipped out of her dress. There was a murmur of appreciation from the guests as she stood up. “Please turn to the guests, with your arms by your side,” asked the man. Emma turned slowly. Her face was scarlet red. The guests became quite animated now, drinking in the sight of her beautiful body, accentuated by the stockings, high heels, and pearls.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my beautiful daughter!” shouted her mother. The guests applauded, which further increased Emma’s embarrassment. Her mother continued, “Tonight we have a new way of raising this months charity contribution. I call it, “Toy in the hole.” Each of you by now has a leaflet illustrating various toys. Each toy is 12 inches long, but each toy goes up half an inch in diameter, starting with the first toy at half an inch. Within each diameter there are three identical toys – one for each hole. All the toys are marked in half an inch graduations along their length. When you are asked to place your bets, write down in the chart on the back of the leaflet what length of toy you think Emma can slide into her holes, and what money you are prepared to bet that she can do it. The winner is the person who has most accurately predicted Emma’s ultimate capacity, and as a prize, they get to spend the night with the young lady in question.” The guests were quite excited now, whispering and laughing amongst themselves. “Don’t forget ladies and gentlemen, all money goes to charity, so please bid generously.”

Emma could not believe what she was hearing. She had chatted to all these guests all night, and now she was on display like some cheap sex show. During her mother’s presentation, the man had given her a tube of lubricant and advised, “I think this may be useful, miss.”

Emma had squirted as much as she could into her pussy and arse, but she still could not believe what she saw when the mahogany box was opened. Green felt lined the box, and within each compartment were three identical dildos. Each one was a solid silver rod, with no taper to it. At the twelve inch mark, there was a flat flange to prevent any further insertion, and below this a solid oak handle to drive the dildo home. The half inch graduations were engraved around the shafts. The biggest set in the box looked like the width of a man’s wrist. Emma gulped as she heard her mother shout, “Place your bets ladies and gentlemen, this is for the half inch diameter. A mere tiddler, no bigger than your littlie fingers.”

“I suggest you climb on the table miss,” said the man, gallantly holding his hand out. Emma looked at him quizzically. “On your hands and knees miss is the normal way.”

Emma climbed onto the table thinking there was nothing “normal” about anything that was going on here tonight. She lowered herself onto her hands and knees and waited for what seemed an age. Eventually her mother shouted, “First set of toys if you will my good man!”

The man passed Emma the three half inch diameter dildos on a silver platter. Emma took the first one and slid it into her lubed pussy. A cheer went up from the table. She was so embarrassed. The dildo went in as far as was comfortable, and she reached for the second one. She decided to put this one up her arse and minimise the time she would have one down her throat. She grimaced as the cold metal pushed into her tight hole and slid it into herself slowly. Again, when it had gone as far as was comfortable she stopped. She reached for the third one and licked it to lubricate the metal. She could hear comments from the table such as, “I bet she’s done that before,” and “I’m looking forward to seeing that little tongue on my cock.”

She angled her head and pushed the dildo into her throat, gagging slightly. She could not believe how used to deep throating things she had become. Only two days ago she had been an innocent schoolgirl and now she was demonstrating to an audience her ability to take three dildos at once.

She held the dildo in place with her hand and looked up at the man. ‘I bet I look so dirty,’ she thought. The man smiled and looked over at her mother who nodded a response. The man walked behind Emma and pushed the dildo a bit deeper into her pussy and then read off the measurement. He repeated the same with the one in her arse, and then the one in her mouth. He turned to the audience and pronounced, “Cunt – nine and a half inches; Arse – nine inches; Mouth eight and a half inches.”

The audience applauded and Emma felt a peculiar sense of pride wash over her. The man reached under the table and released a catch that unfastened the top of the table. He turned the tabletop very slowly and rotated Emma through a full circle so everyone could get a full view. He refastened the table in its original place and offered Emma the silver platter. Emma pulled the dildos from her body and placed them on the platter. There was a pause as the guests filled in their cards and Suzy was announced as the current leader. There was a shriek of delight from the end of the table, but Emma could not see which guest was Suzy. Emma was rewarded with a large glass of champagne.

This game progressed steadily through the course of the evening. As more brandy was d***k, the guests became rowdier and more obscene in their comments. Eventually there were only two guests left playing the others had stopped through lack of money or because they were so far behind that they could not win a night with poor Emma. Suzy, the early leader, was a flirtatious red head in a very short sequin dress, and Matt an attractive well built man in his late thirties. Emma had a four inch diameter dildo jammed in her pussy. It wasn’t in very far, but it was in. She was sweating from her exertions and had actually been close to orgasm at one point. She wasn’t sure if she could get the next dildo into her arse, but the adrenalin and champagne had decided she would try whether her body wanted to or not. She squeezed the tip in and cried out. She could feel the other dildo in her cunt being squeezed by this latest intrusion into her body. Gritting her teeth, she gave one final push and the dildo slid in a few inches. It hurt enormously, and her arsehole would not grip it sufficiently for it to stay in by itself. Moaning she held it in place with her hand while she brought the final dildo up to her mouth. She opened her mouth and slid the dildo in as far as she could. There was no way this one would go down her throat, so when it hit the back of her mouth she looked up at the man.

The man had gone. In his place was Emma’s mother, hands on her hips, grinning. “Just come to check you are doing your best dear.” Her mother grabbed the handle of the anal dildo and shoved hard. Emma screamed as the dildo in her mouth fell away. Her mother ignored her and gave the dildo in her pussy a massive shove. “You do the last one dear.” Emma picked up the final dildo, and tilting her head back as far as she could, slid the dildo to the top of her throat. Her mother tried to push it further, but it was in as far as possible. “Final readings of the night ladies and gentlemen!” her mother shouted. “Four inch diameter dildos, five inches up the cunt, four up her arse and three and a half in her mouth.”

Her mother strode away from the table, leaving Emma on her hands and knees. The guest erupted into applause and then quietened as her mother shouted, “We have a winner, by half an inch! Matt you are the lucky man!” More applause as the guests walked over to examine Emma, and as they pulled and pushed the dildos Emma never felt so humiliated.

Eventually the dildos were withdrawn, and Emma was allowed off the table. She wobbled slightly on her feet, as she had spent the last two hours on her hands and knees, had d***k copious amounts of champagne, and had now suddenly stood up, still wearing her high heels. She was invited back to the table, where of course she was the centre of attention, but her dress was not returned. Gradually she got used to her nakedness, and was quite enjoying the attention she got, although Suzy was clearly being a little over attentive. Matt remained at a distance, until the grandfather clock chimed midnight and he walked over and took Emma’s hand. “The witching hour is upon us,” he grinned. He was a good looking man, and Emma was quite happy to be led out of the room by him, amidst much cheering and shouting. She was even more glad when he turned right up the stairs and not down towards the cellar.

They entered one of the guest rooms. Matt turned to Emma and asked if she wanted a drink. “No I’m fine thanks… sir” she replied.

Matt grinned. “You are well trained. Now undress me.”

Emma undressed him slowly. She felt quite sexy, this was more how she imagined her adult sex life would be. She undid Matt’s trousers, and there was a huge bulge in his shorts. Emma felt a tingle of excitement run up her spine. She pulled his shorts down and his erect cock sprang upright. She took it in her hand and began to slowly lick the end. Matt moaned, and his obvious sign of pleasure excited Emma even more. She proceeded to lick and suck and nibble every inch of his cock and balls and then – for once out of her own choice – took his cock deep into her throat until his balls met her chin. He moaned his appreciation. “Damn you are good” he breathed.

Emma knew she was and as she let his cock slowly slide out of her mouth she looked up and replied “Thank you sir.”

Matt and Emma fucked like rabbits for hours, Emma willing let Matt go deep into all her holes. She orgasmed many times over and enjoyed herself enormously. She fell asl**p tired but happy. When they woke up in the morning, they bathed together, Emma patiently washing Matt’s cock and balls and arse, and giggling when she made him come in the bath. Matt returned the favour, and gently scrubbed Emma’s bald cunt with a nail brush, “because she was so dirty.” Matt asked Emma if she would spend the rest of the holidays at his house and Emma agreed willingly, providing her mother would let her.

The arrangement was made, and Emma found herself at a beautiful country house, with her own bedroom, and a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes. Most of her sexual antics with Matt were straightforward and even the more kinky ones (he liked her to dress as a schoolgirl and let him spank her) were harmless. He even let her write to her friend Vanessa, and Emma wrote to say that she knew Vanessa was in a similar situation to her, but things weren’t really all that bad, and she would see her back at school soon.

After a few weeks, Emma received a package, and recognised Vanessa’s writing. She opened it and inside was a letter and a video. As she read, her heart sank. Vanessa was in Hong Kong with Emma’s father who was furious that Emma was not being kept in what he termed, “proper conditions for a submissive slut.” Vanessa was not allowed to say anymore, but recommended Emma watch the video. Emma went straight to the lounge and plugged the video in. Her father’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hello daughter. I thought you might like to watch this video of your friend’s suffering. This is what I imagined for you.”

Emma pressed the stop button. She wasn’t sure what to do. She was a submissive slave to Matt, but she enjoyed it. There she was in a luxurious room, wearing a little black designer dress and strappy stilettos with a glass of fine wine in her hand. Her friend was also a sub, but she was half way around the world, enduring god knows what. She pressed play…

The video was an edited series of highlights, professionally put together. The tape had a printed label “Torment of Vanessa.” Emma could not believe that her father would go to all this trouble just for her, and presumed that he was probably selling the film around the world. The video started with Vanessa being stripped off her school uniform, and undergoing a similar training session to Emma’s, with two well built men taking turns to fuck her deep in every hole. Emma found herself getting turned on by what she was watching, and by the time her friend was being fucked in the mouth and arse at the same time, Emma was sprawled on the floor with two fingers deep in her wet pussy.

For Vanessa things took a turn for the worse as the sheer depth of Emma’s father’s interest in all things S&M became apparent. He had a dungeon full of equipment, and Vanessa was used and abused on all of them. Racks were used to stretch her in every direction. Severe looking women in white latex nurses uniforms carried out unnecessarily deep medical examinations on her, followed by huge enemas which uncomfortably swelled the sixteen year old’s bladder and stomach. Vanessa was hung in chains and whipped with every implement known – crops, whips, paddles, canes. She was dangled by ropes bound round her breasts and pulled tight between her pussy lips. Clamps and weights were attached to her nipples and clit. At one point she was tied facing some wooden bookshelves. Vanessa’s mouth was level with the top shelf. Her tongue was pulled through her huge ring gag and nailed onto the shelf. A lower shelf was adjusted so her nipples rested on it, and these too were nailed on to the shelves. A piece of wood was nailed to a lower shelf that projected between her legs. This had nails sticking up through the end of it which pushed into her pussy and arse. She was left like this over night.

Emma could not believe the cruel tortures imposed on her school friend, but equally she could not believe how turned on she was. By now Emma was naked except for her shoes, having shed her dress and was laid in a chair with a leg over each arm. She had orgasmed twice already, and having d***k the entire bottle of wine, was using the bottle to dildo her pussy. The neck of the bottle was inside her when Matt walked in.

“What have we here?!” he grinned. Emma looked embarrassed, but did not remove the bottle. She explained that her friend Vanessa was in Hong Kong, and that she had received this video of her punishments. The video was still playing, and having undressed, Matt sat down in the chair next to Emma to watch. Emma felt a bit uncomfortable with him watching a film of her friend, but when he asked her to keep using the bottle, she saw his cock harden and she relaxed.

The scene on the video changed to one set outside. It was a country garden party, and all the guests were dressed in fetish gear. There were beautiful young French maids and handsome well-hung waiters in micro shorts serving on. The guests cleared a path as the cameraman walked forward to reveal a fenced off compound containing a number of domestic and farmyard a****ls. A man in a circus ring-leaders uniform was stirring the crowd up. Then Vanessa came into view. She was on her hands and knees wearing black leather thigh length boots, a thick studded black leather dog collar and a tight black leather top. A young girl dressed in fine dressage apparel walked a magnificent black pony towards Vanessa.

Emma shuddered, but was secretly thrilled at the prospects of what might be about to happen. The wine bottle slid further into her pussy. The thick body wedging against her shaven pussy lips. Matt leaned across and kissed her sweat sheened forehead. His cock was massive, and he was gripping it tightly with his right hand. They smiled at each other and turned again to the video screen. Vanessa crouched down as the pony walked over her, his legs passing either side of her body. The young girl brought the pony to a halt and tied his reins to a stand. She knelt under the pony and with a cruel smile reached out. Her leather gloved hand wrapped round the pony’s cock and began to jerk the growing cock. When the cock was semi-erect, she twisted her other hand in Vanessa’s hair and pushed her head towards the cock. Vanessa obediently opened her mouth, and her head was pushed as far forwards onto the cock as it would go. Satisfied, the young rider stood up and watched Vanessa – submissive and uncomplaining – give the pony a first class blow job.

Without taking his eyes of the screen, Matt manoeuvred himself on to Emma’ chair, and angled his cock towards her mouth. She too obediently opened her mouth, and although Matt was nowhere near the size of the pony, his cock filled Emma’s mouth as it pushed straight down her throat. Emma could still see the screen past Matt’s hips, and as his cock burst its load down her throat, she watched the pony do the same to Vanessa. The volume of spunk was enormous, and where as Emma easily swallowed Matt’s, the pony cum filled Vanessa’s throat, then her mouth, then when she could take no more, splashed out of her mouth, down her chin, and over her leather top. Matt withdrew from Emma’s throat, and grinning wildly began to push the wine bottle as far as he could into her pussy. He managed to fit the start of the bottle shoulders into her, and then lowering his head, he began to tongue her smooth stretched skin all the way round the edge of the bottle. Emma never averted her gaze from the screen, and watched as the spent pony was led away to be replaced by a huge Great Dane.

The dog was led over by another young girl, this one dressed in trendy knee length boots, short skirt, and cropped top. Vanessa remained where she was as the dog excitedly licked at her exposed pussy and arse. Emma could see her friend shuddering as the dog’s long tongue lapped at her. She could also see the dog’s cock beginning to grow, and the young girl encouraged her “pet” to mount Vanessa. She helped guide the growing cock into Vanessa’s pussy, and sneered as Vanessa cried out. As the dog’s cock grew and became embedded in the tight pussy, the girl left the dog to it’s own devices, and walked round to Vanessa’s face. She pulled her hair with one hand forcing Vanessa to look up. With her other hand, she lifted her short skirt, revealing a neatly shaven pussy with a large ring through her clit. She walked forward, and smothered Vanessa’s nose and mouth with her pussy, and demanded to be licked out.

Vanessa’s predicament was driving Emma wild. The more dog cock her friend took, the more wine bottle Emma took. When the dog f***ed its knot into Vanessa, locking them together, Matt shoved the bottle with all his might, the shoulders of the bottle forcing their way into Emma. She let out a bl**d curdling scream feeling as if she was being torn in two. Matt continued to tongue her and push the bottle with all his might. Emma never averted her eyes from the screen, and as the young girl began to come, so did Emma, climaxing as the young girl pissed a long steady stream of golden urine over Vanessa’s face. Emma sat back drained. Matt gently withdrew the wine bottle, whistling in astonishment at how much Emma had taken in her sixteen-year-old cunt.

Emma and Matt cuddled as the video continued. Vanessa “entertained” more a****ls – a pig, a goat, another dog, and finally two huge eels were f***ed into her – one up her cunt, and one in her arse. The screen blacked, and Emma’s fathers voice narrated, “Onto the climax of this film dear viewer.”

The garden party reappeared, this time at dusk. Things had clearly progressed at pace, as most of the party goers now seemed heavily involved with each other. Huge masses of leather and PVC clad guests rolled together as gang-bangs and orgies occurred in all corners of the view. The camera focussed on a huge pig roasting over an open fire, and as the camera moved forwards, it picked out a more alarming sight.

Next to the slowly revolving pig, was another wooden spit over the cooler embers at the edge of the fire. Tied to the sturdy wooden branch was Vanessa. She was naked, and strapped in a hog tie position, with her legs bent at the knees, strapped to her thighs, and her arms bent at the elbows and tied to her back. Her whole body was then strapped under the branch, with a strap at her forehead, neck, above and below her breasts, around her waist, and then around her thighs, knees and ankles. The straps were two inch wide black leather and were clearly buckled very tightly. Vanessa was looking straight down and her whole body was going slightly pink from the heat. The pig had a red pepper stuffed in its mouth, as did Vanessa, who also had a matching one in her arse, and in her pussy. A chef was making kebabs and a gorgeous French maid was serving them to the guests gathered round the fire. A roar of laughter erupted from the crowd as a lady dressed in an outfit made completely from silver metal chains stood forward and proudly shouted, “In the interests of safety, please dispose of your skewers carefully!” and with that she walked forward, and without pausing, pushed the skewer through the base of Vanessa’s dangling right breast, and out the other side. A choked scream came from Vanessa whose eyes bulged in their sockets. Other guests came forward and repeated the brutal piercing until Vanessa’s breast looked like a pincushion.

Matt’s cock was becoming erect again, but Emma was wincing at this latest punishment. Nevertheless she kept watching the screen as the chef rotated Vanessa’s spit, so she was now facing the crowd, presenting her other breast for enf***ed piercing. The chef sprinkled vinegar over her wounds, “To aid the cooking.” The crowd cheered and moved forward, their skewers at the ready. As Vanessa’s screams began again, Matt grabbed Emma’s hand and said, “This is turning me on enormously. Let’s go to bed.”

Emma wasn’t sure what that meant, but she was glad to leave the video behind. As they went upstairs, the screen went black, and an advertisement appeared for a forthcoming title: “Emma: The training of a teenage submissive.”

That night Matt fucked Emma’s tight arse mercilessly, and eventually after his final orgasm, he told her he has going to sl**p, and she was not to move. His cock was buried deep in her arse as he fell asl**p. Emma lay still, not daring to move. She decided she was going to be the most obedient submissive ever, to avoid being subjected to the same torments as Vanessa. She had not seen the advert on the end of the video, and she did not know that her father and her beloved Matt were in cahoots together. In the middle of the night Matt woke her up and told her he needed the toilet. Emma breathed a sigh of relief, as she could not get comfortable with him still inside her arse, but Matt had other ideas. He pulled her closer to him, and then pissed deep inside her rectum.

“Good night, cunt,” he sneered.

“Good night, master,” Emma sobbed in reply.
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Where did summer go?

Where did the summer go? It was an unusual summer here in Ohio, not so blistering hot most of the time this year and here we are already labor day weekend. What a holiday weekend it has turned out to be, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the experience and the sheer raw sexuality the has happened right here at my house!

To start the story off right though none of this would have happened if we hadn't put in our pool this year. I had a previous first time experience with our daughter Amy that did not include penetration, how I, we ever had the self control not to go all the way is still beyond me, but any way Amy my wife Lisa and I spent some of the summer visiting her new home away from home college. She is moving for the very first time and although she is excited and nervous she is a little sad to leave. It's not that far to Ohio state but it's not down the hall either

There must be a school somewhere that women even at such a young age learn how to be conniving I mean it was no time age at all it seems that these were just girls we would take to the lake or Kings Island. Now they're grown up too quickly and I have played an unforeseen role in that that did and does still as I write this blow my mind. Let me describe these devious young beauties Amy is 5'5" red hair brown eyes with a pretty face athletic body and a smile that will melt you, of course as her dad I know. Char is shorter 5'3" with dark hair and green eyes also pretty and in good shape. These two have been close for years.

Anyway she is home this weekend and wanted to invite her very good friend Char over for a bbq and pool party of sorts. I say that because Char's dad is a minister and they don't drink, we aren't big drinkers but see nothing wrong in a beer on a hot day or a couple to get a buzz. Amy and Char arranged for a sl**pover they know Lisa works second shift and would be home over night, so there would be two parents here. But Lisa doesn't get home until 11:30 sometimes 11:45, and that is where things got interesting.

Lisa has Monday, labor day off and that was the day of the official party also our son would be here for that, but this is about Sunday night. We ordered pizza had a salad and were enjoying a swim it was still pretty warm and yes as a dad the feelings of just having fun with the girls vs. looking at these beautiful young tight bodies in bikini's is a mental war. The trick is to be in the water if you begin to be aroused, Amy already knew that was probable from not too long ago, I was hoping and trusting that, that was something Char knew nothing about.

The girls left me for a short time to go to the rest room together, something guys of course cannot relate to, so I swam a few laps and dove to the bottom trying to create a little workout time while in the water. I am in my early 40's 6'2" 195 still a pretty physical guy. Anyway this happened a couple of times within an hour and I noticed that they were giggling even more than usual and these two are always laughing it's fun and contagious. I became suspicious and decided to go to the "restroom" myself I went to the kitchen and found that they had been into the stash we'd bought for the labor day party, not only that but it was more than one girl could drink it was both of them and I though Char's dad will kill me. I wanted to confront and scold them right away but I did have to take a leak so it gave me a minute to calm down.

This was Amy's last weekend I wasn't going to be too strict and ruin it, Lisa has always been the tougher on her and she wasn't here so no harm no foul but I would keep my eye on them. As I went back out I could see them whispering to each other and just for fun I said hey no secrets. They laughed and Amy said okay dad Char say's you're pretty hot in your swim trunks, Char said Amy! shhh I down played it and said well coming from such a beautiful young lady that is a compliment. Amy walked right up to me emboldened by what she had drank I guess and pulled me in in tight as if she was going to kiss me and said "dad you know I know you're hot".

Char was wide eyed watching this from her poolside chair and I pulled back telling Amy to get hold of herself. I had no idea Amy told Char everything. I was had, and I knew it. What did Char think of me? I was like an uncle figure to her it was embarrassing and arousing what a set of emotions. I wanted to get away because what happened with Amy was coming back to haunt me. She never talked about it since that night, there had been glances, smiles but we hadn't brought it up. I was thinking maybe it will just be a memory.

At the same time my beautiful sexy seductive and devious daughter not only exposed me, us to her friend but is so close and holding onto me now and I was definitely getting hard, Amy knew it and moved in like a lioness for the kill. She pressed herself against me and kissed me as Char cheered, her cheering faded although pretty loud from her drinking because my focus was on this sensual kiss and hard little body of my lovely daughter. My hands slipped right down to her ass like I owned it, and she responded kissing me even deeper. She said "daddy tonight I become a woman".

Amy was unbelievably bold she reached into my trunks and grabbed hold of my cock leading me over to where Char was sitting. She said take those off dad, I said not in front of Char. She said dad we both know everything and she wants to watch, I looked at her and she nodded her head. I complied and dropped my trunks with my dick springing up and down as I slid them off this made both of them whoop with joy and laugh. Char said this is impressive Mr. G I said Char you're seeing me naked you can call me Keith another laugh from all of us this time.

I sat on the long chair more of a bench and said so am I going to be the only one? Amy was quick to peel off her top, a very nice sight but teased as she slid out of her bottoms revealing a soft wisp of red hair, she almost looked younger and now if there were any doubt that I wasn't fully hard before it was removed. Wow you're so beautiful and sexy Amy, Char sat wide eyed and mouthed taking in the scene, I was n't going to pressure her. We began feeling each other Amy was so wet I knew she was ready and not just doing this some how for Char.

She kneeled down over the bench I was sitting on placing her her elbows on it and her lovely breasts dangling down hating to lose that view this was my signal to get behind her. She was in no mood for foreplay she said daddy start with just the tip okay? I positioned myself just at her entrance and Char was now standing in front of her looking at me and removing her bikini to play with herself.

As exciting as our experience was when Amy did her body slide on me this was different heightened. I was being seduced, maybe black mailed by my daughter with a witness no less wow that messes with your head. On the other hand as a man and her dad, she was so damn sexy I wanted to fuck her and then make love to her, to use her and let her use me. So I pushed a little in. Amy was so wet my head slid in easily it was mind blowing as if I were a virgin as well as her I wanted to give her an orgasm rubbing her G spot so I pushed in a bit more and she tensed up. Daddy be careful go slow, I make no porn star claims I'm 6 1/2" kind of thick big enough but not huge.

After a little while of pure enjoyment holding onto Amy's hips watching her tits sway from above listening to her moans of pleasure and feeling her hot tight little pussy I had to push in a little more, now I felt a little resistance, in truth I'd never had a virgin I assumed every virgin bled but this was more of a stretching of her hymen. I held there and then slowly pushed in Amy groaned in pleasure and Char said her eyes rolled back, finally I was all in and held right there soaking in how it feels to fuck your daughter while another lovely naked girl was watching. If someone had told me this would happen I would have said yeah whatever.

Char was not being ignored by me by any means she has the puffiest pointies, just outstanding. She was taking in the whole scene and sometimes looking me straight in the eye with a hungry look and a snarled lip, very sexy and very un-Char like, but a serious turn on. Not that my mind wasn't still focused on my baby and pleasing her in a way I hoped she would never forget. I wanted her first time to be special, I always hoped as a dad that she wouldn't give it up to some uncaring asshole, and now that was no longer a concern.

Amy was tight like a vice hot like an oven and so wet, now she started to shove back against me she wanted it deep and hard she must be getting close. I had been working her G spot and as she exploded in her first orgasm from fucking I gave her full hard thrusts, I had to kiss her to muffle her. We live in a nice neighbor hood but why take a chance? When I knew she was almost through I stayed fully inserted and held there holding her kissing her looking deeply into her eyes it was pure passion and love making. Just the beauty of the moment and Amy thanking me for fucking her with my cock still inside her gave me a sweet release into her, she smiled wide and kissed me again, made some kind of a cooing sound, she was a woman fulfilled.

I didn't know it but I was in for my final surprise. I was just mulling over in my head how to get the girls especially Char to swear an oath of secrecy when Amy told me that they had a plan all along that Char was next, and she was smiling wide as Amy broke the news. I was very uncomfortable with this even after all that happened and Amy being naked n front of me even at that moment. But they held all the cards, obviously I wasn't going to tell but would they? Only one way forward for me and that was whatever they said and they knew it, I knew I could expect a trip to the freaking mall next.

Amy now stood and Char moved toward me and said Mr. G, I mean Keith I've always wanted a boy to lick me down there. I patted the bench for her to lay down and said well young lady you're in luck and gave her sweet little trimmed pussy a great licking she responded so quickly and came so fast I did it twice, but now this little pastors daughter said to me "I want cock, I want cock". what a turn on so innocent to slut in 60 seconds! I positioned myself to enter her and just to be sure I asked Char have you ever? She said no be gentle like with Amy. I was just a little at a time, but hers felt different on the head of my cock Amy's kind of stretched and gave way, but Chars only gave a little and even though I went slow there was bl**d, not a lot but I could tell it hurt.

I stopped right there and held her she pulled me right down onto her and I had to get those pretty little tits in my mouth she liked that it made her even more wet and horny, she was ready now. When I got fully inserted I held there to let her adjust and she looked at Amy saying your dad is huge well this only boosted my ego and I was ready to give this girl a fucking. All of the sudden Amy squats on Chars face while I was fucking her, never saw that coming, but Char lapped Amy up. As for Char she came twice waiting for me to cum and I soaked that little pussy down I came so hard it shot right back out of her and coated the base of my cock.

What a feeling I couldn't believe my luck two virgins and one was my daughter. I had the feeling I had opened a can of worms but right then I was on heaven. I looked at the clock it was 10:15 I said Amy, she knew mom would be home soon if she saw they had been drinking or obviously ever found out about this all hell would break loose so off we went to shower and sl**p. I waited for Lisa after showering only to have her come home horny, I just looked up and said thanks some one was looking out for me that night.

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First Time Sex in the Forest

I must have been about 7 or 8 when I first realised the pleasure of being naked in front of others. My parents were strictly religious so anything to do with the anus or penis was dirty and it was grievously sinful to be seen by others accidentally or, certainly , on purpose. When one of my friends suggested we looked at each others genitals I was shocked but then excited. We built a little tent out of a clothes horse covered with a blanket and we all crawled inside. Even then , I was the first to volunteer. There was not much room so the other boy and two girls helped me off with my tee shirt. I hesitated about showing my "Mickey Mouse as I then called it but one of the girls gave a quick tug at my shorts and there was my little stiff erection in full view. I didn't understand the powerful feelings this gave me. It was a fantastic sensation but then someone said adults were coming so I dressed in a small panic and pretended nothing unusual was going on and the moment was over. We would , occasionally, repeat the show and I was always the first to volunteer.

A few years later on one hot summer night I couldn't sl**p. I had an overwhelming desire to be naked in the fresh air. I slipped out of bed , dressed in my pyjamas, and crept down the stairs and out of the back door. My home was near the field where we had held the impromptu strip show. I cautiously made my way down the path and through the gap in the hedge beside a small hill. I slipped out of my pyjama top and then , savouring the moment, dropped my pants and stepped out of them. The sensation of the cool air on my body was wonderful and I had a raging erection in no time. I was so naïve that I did not know how to masturbate so I enjoyed the sensation of walking about in the cool night air with my erection swinging before me. I knew I could not be seen behind the Hill but , eventually , I had the urge to stand exposed on the top of the Hill in full view of the neighbouring houses. I knew it was unlikely that anyone was awake and looking at that time but the thought that someone might see me increased my sense of excitement. I walked about ,naked , for the next hour and then ,regretfully , crept back to my home and bed. I couldn't understand why my testicles were aching but ,that night ,I had a great wet dream.

I attended an all boys Catholic school. I was very shy of girls and sex was something not to be discussed. Occasionally , some of the older boys would show me pictures from Girly mags and the sight of naked female breasts guaranteed an instant erection but that was as far as it went. I would buy copies of Playboy and Penthouse and , in the privacy of my bedroom , would enjoy the pictures. I could maintain an erection for hours but .although I always got that ache in the groin and some liquid would seep out of my penis , that was as far as I knew how to go. I had heard the word Masturbation. It meant "to practice self abuse" according to my dictionary. One evening ,I was 16 by then , I read another definition "to manipulate the penis to orgasm" I still wasn't sure what this meant but I was already aroused by looking at my Magazines so I checked the door was locked and dropped my trousers and pants. I knew stroking my penis was pleasurable but I didn't know what to do next. I took my erection between my two palms and started to rub it , like a Boy Scout trying to light a fire, until my penis was bright red. I could feel pleasure building up but couldn't quite get there. Then I noticed that the pleasure was greatest when the swollen end of my penis received the most attention. I rubbed ,faster and faster. A great wave of pleasure built up in my groin and ,with a gasp of delight , semen spurted out. It was everywhere - my hands , thighs and on the floor. I had done it - my first wank ! I quickly found more gentle techniques and would wank 2 or 3 times a day in front of my Magazines. My mother nearly caught me once ,because I had forgotten to lock the door , but if she saw anything she did not say.

I met my wife at work. She was the first girl I had summoned up the courage to invite out. She was the first girl I kissed and ,when we married , she was the first girl I ever had sex with. We were both shy so never experimented with different positions etc .I enjoyed sex with her but it became a little boring as years passed by. I still enjoyed outdoor nudity. On hot sticky nights I would wait till my Wife was sound asl**p and then creep out of bed and into the back garden. I would strip and walk about masturbating. The thought of being seen by neighbours was the added thrill. On a few nights I even walked down the front drive ,almost on to the road and masturbated. Once , I had to drop behind a low shrub when a car came round the corner and almost caught me in its headlights. It was an anxious moment but added to the thrill of the orgasm.

In Summer I would look out for places to strip naked and masturbate. The ideal spot was woodland off the beaten track. I would look for a secluded glade ,protected by trees or shrubs on most sides so that I could not be seen unexpectedly. However, there had to be a slight chance that someone might catch me as I masturbated because that added an extra thrill. Once I had found a suitable spot I would check around the are to be sure no one was about. I might spend twenty minutes checking and double checking before I felt safe enough to begin. I would ,carefully, take off my shoe and socks. Then I would hang my Tee shirt over a branch, slip out of my trousers and then , with one last look around to be sure, would step out of my underpants and enjoy the sensation of breezes on my naked penis and buttocks. It was one of the rules of the game that I would leave my clothes and move across to the clearing I had chosen. leaving my clothes added to the excitement of the slight risk of being naked and helpless if caught. I have explained all this so that you can fully appreciate how I felt about the events I am about to describe.

It was in June last year. My wife and I had booked a Holiday in the Black Forest are in Germany. It was a nice hotel with its own pool and it backed onto woodland climbing up the Mountain. That afternoon I had left my wife sunbathing beside the pool. She was chatting to two other guests we had met at Dinner the night before. I was on the lookout for a good wank spot. I followed one of the footpaths that wound its way into the Woodland behind the Hotel. As I walked on the number of people on the path declined and I started to look for the perfect spot. I left the path and moved deeper into the wood The noises from the Village near the hotel died away and I was surrounded by the silence of the Forest broken only by the sound of the occasional bird call. After walking for about ten minutes I thought I had found the perfect spot. It was a small clearing surrounded by large trees. Enough light could get through the canopy to allow a grassy carpet. There was a semi circular bank of shrubs at the far side and a fallen log lay ,diagonally, across the far edge of the clearing. I did my usual sweep of the surroundings but there was no sign of any other people. Occasionally, I could hear people talking as they followed the footpath I had left earlier but they were below me and some distance away. I would hear them long before they reached me if they left the path and came towards me. They were no real threat. I felt that familiar tingle in my groin. It was time to begin. I walked twenty or thirty paces into the wood and began my preparations. I slipped off my shoes and socks and , carefully ,placed my socks inside my shoes. I unbuttoned my shirt, took it off and d****d it on a low branch. Next, I slipped off my trousers and neatly folded them up beside my shoes. My penis was trying to escape from my underpants but I wasn't quite ready. I had to be sure that no one was near my clearing. I walked back to it and did my last check - all clear. I returned to my clothes and ,at last, slipped out of my underpants and added them to the pile. As usual the sensation of warm air caressing my naked body felt wonderful. I walked away from my clothes and entered the clearing. I started to stroke my chest and buttocks and then to ,gently, caress my penis and balls. Soon, I had a good hard erection. I began to walk about the grassy floor stroking my throbbing penis and enjoying the sensation. Then it happened. I glanced across the clearing towards the bank of shrubs and was shocked to see a man standing behind them looking straight back at me. I stood frozen. I was still holding my penis but my erection was rapidly going. It was too far to run for my clothes and, anyway, the stranger was in the way. The moment seemed to last for ages but was probably only a few seconds. The silence was broken when the stranger said "I'm sorry to have disturbed you but I have been watching you for the last couple of minutes. I can see you are enjoying yourself and did not want to interrupt. Do mind if I stay and watch?"

In recent months I had logged on to several explicit web sites and been increasingly turned on by the sight of naked men posing. masturbating and, especially, fucking. I had even posted some pictures and videos of me masturbating and been pleasantly surprised by the pms I had received. I had bought a webcam and masturbated in front of a complete stranger but here was a real , living , breathing adult male asking if he could watch me masturbate live!

The stranger stepped out from behind the bushes so I could see him more clearly. He was slim , middle aged and wearing running kit . He was carrying a small rucksack. He smiled and my anxiety left. "If you don't want me to watch I'll go - no problems". He had a slight East Coast American accent. When I looked at his shorts I could see a distinct bulge. The thought that my skinny body could arouse him quickly restored my flagging erection. His eyes looked down on it and he smiled again. "Looks like you are pleased to see me. Shall I stay?" My mouth was too dry to speak so I could only nod. "Good" he said "Let me see you work that thing!" feeling slightly self conscious I obeyed and began to stroke my increasingly stiff penis. His eyes remained fixed on my hand as it worked up and down the shaft. I could feel the excitement mounting. The thought of standing naked and masturbating in front of a stranger was intoxicating. The stranger's hand had ,u*********sly ,dropped to his groin and I could see him feeling his erection. Suddenly, he said "Stop! I'm sorry but I just can't stand and watch you." He pulled his singlet over his head in one quick move and then he stepped out of his shorts. I looked ,entranced , at his body. He was slightly shorter in height than I but he was lean and well muscled. He was tanned to just above his groin and below his mid thigh. As he turned to put his shorts and top to one side I saw his well muscled buttocks were a striking white compared to the rest of him. Then he turned to face me and began to walk ,quickly, towards me across the grass. His chest was almost hairless and he ,obviously , trimmed his pubic hair as I did but his penis was amazing. It was thicker and longer than mine but what was most impressive was the erect angle at which it stood up. My penis hadn't managed that angle in years!

I must have looked alarmed as he came towards me. I dropped my hand from my penis. "Don't be frightened but I must do this" he said. He was stroking his erection in his left hand. As he came up to me he reached out and ,gently, took my penis in his other hand and began to stroke me. I felt as though my legs would buckle but the pleasure was fantastic. He took my right hand and placed it onto his penis. It was the first other-one I had ever held. It was thick, warm , very stiff and I could feel it throbbing ,just like mine. "I've always had a thing for uncut cocks" he said as his fingers tickled my fore-skin which never quite drew back over my glans. I was beginning to find it hard to breathe. My heart was pounding and my legs felt like jelly. As his hand stroked my ever stiffening penis he held his other hand over mine and guided the length and strength of my strokes. "Mmm - that feels good" He said. I could still hardly speak but I could feel his penis thickening further and there was a small bubble of pre-cum on the tip of his glans. He had been circumcised and I looked with fascination at his penis as my fingers moved up and down his shaft and over his glans which was swollen with a purple tinge. Meanwhile , his fingers were getting me more and more excited. Pre -cum was running out of my penis and I had never felt so aroused before. Occasionally , he would release my shaft and cup my balls and scrotum then he would return his attention to my penis. He could sense I couldn't wait much longer and he began to speed up his strokes. He would also pull my fore -skin right back over the glans to expose it fully. It was bright purple and streaming with pre-cum. I tried to match him as I worked on his penis. We were both panting slightly now and , when I looked at his face , he had a slight far away look in his eyes but his smile was getting broader. The bl**d was roaring in my ears and I knew this was it. With a loud gasp I pumped out one - two - three spouts of semen. He laughed as I came. "Don't stop now buddy" he said. My hand pumped hard at his rigid penis and , with a gasp , he also jetted three spouts.

We stood for a few moments facing each other. Our erections were subsiding with semen still dripping out. I wasn't sure what to do or say next. He just grinned and said "Hang on". He walked across to his rucksack and came back with a couple of tissues. I thought his naked body was the greatest thing I had ever seen. "Let me" he said and gently wiped my penis dry and then cleaned himself. I still wasn't sure what to do next. What did he want from me? "That was a great way to finish a run in the woods" he said. "Thanks for letting me share. Perhaps we might meet up again tomorrow?" "I can't wait" I gasped. "Great" he said. "same place and time?" "Fantastic" I replied. He smiled, walked across the clearing, dressed quickly and ,with a wave , ran off. I was left feeling like I was in a dream but the warm glow in my groin proved it was all real. I could barely remember where I had left my clothes but I found them, got dressed and walked back to the hotel. "Did you enjoy your walk? You look a little flushed." I laughed ,a little guiltily and went into the Hotel to wash and prepare for Dinner.

I hardly slept that night. The thought of the day's events gave me an almost permanent hard-on and I didn't want to waste it by wanking in the bathroom. So, I just lay there waiting for morning to arrive. Just like a c***d waits for Christmas morning. It was another lovely day but the time seemed to crawl by. Eventually, I left my wife by the pool and headed up the hillside. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the little clearing again but I spotted the point where I had left the path and in a few minutes was back in the clearing where I had such pleasure yesterday. I made sure I was exactly on time. My knees were trembling with anticipation and I had a massive erection. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw the clearing was empty. I walked across to the bushes where the gorgeous stranger had appeared but there was no sign. It was like a kick in the stomach. I sat on the fallen log for about twenty minutes. There was still no sign. Wanking by myself did not appeal so I got to my feet , regretfully, and started to walk back to the path. Just then I heard the sound of running feet and a few moments later the stranger appeared through the trees and entered the clearing. He was panting and breathless. "Sorry I'm late" he gasped "Got delayed but glad you waited. I'll make it worth your while!" He was dressed much the same as yesterday. He put his rucksack down and came across to me. He kissed me ,gently, on the lips. It was like an electric shock and I pulled away. "Sorry, I didn't mean to shock you. I should have guessed you are new to this. Do you mind me asking - are you a virgin?" I blushed scarlet and nodded." Never mind. I can show you what to do - if you want me to?" My heart was pounding again as I nodded." "Good , leave this to me". He came closer to me. I could smell his aftershave and sweat. I noticed he had white teeth and his short black hair was flecked with grey. He put his hands to either side of my face - pulled me towards him and kissed me again. His lips were soft and when his tongue pushed into my open mouth and flicked around inside it was wonderful. The kiss seemed to last forever. He broke away and then pulled my shirt over my head. He then knelt down and gently pulled my shorts down. I had left the underpants off and so my erection sprang into view. "Wow! You must be glad to see me" He joked. He stood up and put my clothes to one side. "Do you want to undress me?" he asked. I pulled his running vest over his head. Again , I noted his tanned almost hairless chest. He ,obviously, kept himself in good shape. I knelt down and pulled his shorts down and his trimmed pubic hair and then his gorgeous cock came into view. He wasn't as fully erect as I but the tip was only a few inches from my face. I reached out to stroke it and , at the same time cupped his balls. His cock stiffened and came even close to my face. For a moment I wanted to put it into my mouth but the thought of what it might taste and feel like made me hesitate. He noticed this and laughed. "Let's not rush into anything" he said. He pulled me to my feet and , once again, kissed me. I could feel my erection pushing into his stomach and his was pushing into my groin. As his tongue moved , deliciously, inside my mouth I felt his hands moving down my back until he touched my buttocks. He cupped them and I felt him gently pull my cheeks apart. I could feel sweat forming in the cleft between them.

The kiss ended and he stood back slightly. "OK so far?" I nodded and smiled back. He put his hands on my nipples and gently stroked them. I had never thought of this as erotic before but it felt good. He then softly kissed each one .Then he kissed my abdomen and continued to work down my body. My excitement built up as I felt his breath on my pubic hair and then his tongue flicked over my fore-skin. It was like another electric shock. It was wonderful. As I looked down on him he looked up at me and grinned. He was kneeling at my feet by now. He continued to stroke my penis and balls but then he began to nuzzle my scrotum and kiss the sides of my penis. Again, I felt the bl**d roar in my head. "Do you want me to?" he asked. Again ,I nodded. My mouth always seemed to dry to speak. He began to kiss my penis, starting at its little nest of pubic hair and then working towards its swollen tip. He paused for a moment and I stood rigid with anticipation and then he slipped it into his mouth. I gave a gasp of pleasure. I could feel his tongue flicking over it and then he sucked it all the way in. I felt the warmth of his mouth as he proceeded to work up and down the shaft. I instinctively began to make thrusting movements with my hips. "Hang on "he said "Lets take our time". and then he resumed his slow caresses. He looked up at me and saw the pleasure on my face. "You taste great "he said and then resumed his rhythmic movement and working with his tongue. I could feel I was about to orgasm but he sensed this and , withdrawing my penis from his mouth, squeezed the tip of it ,just behind the glans, tightly between his thumb and fore- finger. The urge to orgasm passed." I want you to enjoy this as much as possible "he said and smiled. He then began to work on me again. I was quickly aroused beyond control. I knew I was about to cum and tried to pull out of his mouth but he held me firmly by my buttocks and prevented me. With another loud gasp, I came into his mouth. I thought the stream would never end but he sucked me dry and then licked the rest off the tip of my still throbbing , swollen penis. "Mmm that was good!" he said "Now its my turn". Part of me was delighted but part of me was repelled by the idea. Again, he smiled and said "I know you're new and I came prepared." He walked over to his rucksack and pulled out a condom. "I hope you like strawberry" he laughed. He took it out of its wrapper and slipped it on. He still had a massive erection. I knelt before him and , tentatively, took it in my hand. Then I , gingerly, slipped it into my mouth. It did taste like strawberry!. I could feel the head of his penis and the veins throbbing in my mouth. I tried to copy him and tried to lick it along its length and ,especially , at the tip. It felt strange because I could feel the condom also. "That is soooo good. You're a natural" he said. I tried to take him deep into my mouth I was worried I might choke but it was fine. I could smell him as I worked on him. He began to breath more heavily and he pulled my head towards him with greater and greater f***e. His hips began to thrust and I felt the semen spurt out of him as he gave a groan "Jesus that feels good". He gave three or four spasms as he completed his orgasm. His penis still felt thick and stiff but he withdrew it from my mouth. The condom seemed full of his milky semen. He slipped the condom off. His glans was still purple and swollen with a little semen dripping out. "Don't worry. I don't expect you to lick me clean "he joked "It's a little too early in your Education for that!" I felt a bit embarrassed but I have to admit it was a bit of a relief. He walked across to his rucksack, got out some tissues and wiped himself down. He then wrapped the condom in tissue and put it back into his bag. "Mustn't spread litter" he joked. I was still trembling from the experience and sat on the grass for a few minutes to recover. He did the same. We did not speak. "This has been an unexpected bonus on my European trip" he then said "I'm back to the States tomorrow. Do you want to meet again?" It was a bit of a stupid question. My penis was already beginning to stiffen as looked at his naked body and felt the warm Summer breeze on mine. It was as though we were the only two people on the Planet. "My flight leaves at 11 pm. So I must check out of my Hotel by 2pm.Are you available before then?" Was I available?! I usually took my walk in the afternoon so I would need some excuse for my change of routine with my wife. "Absolutely!" I said "How about noon?". "Fine by me "he replied. He leaned across and gave me a quick kiss. Then he stood up, got dressed and ,with his usual wave, was gone. I just lay on the grass for over an hour and enjoyed the nudity, the fresh air and the prospect of what tomorrow might bring. Then I got dressed and returned to the Hotel.

That night I surprised the Wife by an unexpected intercourse session. I usually rubbed her off and then had my turn. I had not reached a climax every time in recent months. That night was different. My erection was strong and long lasting and I reached orgasm by imagining the stranger beneath me. "Not like you to be so vigorous" smiled my wife. I smiled back and went for a shower.

It was another fine day. I promised to take my wife into Town for a meal that evening. The extra time she needed to prepare gave me the excuse to go for my walk earlier than usual. I had a little light breakfast and then set off to the clearing. I wanted to be there in plenty of time. There were more walkers around than previously and I was angry that they might interfere with our meeting. But , as I walked up the hill they became fewer and I hadn't seen one for ten minutes by the time I left the path and cut across to the glade. He had already arrived. I was surprised to see him in a suit. He also had a small flight bag and his rucksack. I noticed he had a lap top carry bag as well. He had been leaning against a tree but stood up and walked across to me. "They've moved my flight up so I haven't much time." he explained. "We'll do our thing and then I must rush. I hope you don't mind?" "I'm glad you still wanted to come." I replied. "Oh yes" he said "I've waited three days for this!" Then he wrapped his arms round me and gave me a long , languorous kiss. I was , instantly, aroused. "Let me help you" he said and quickly helped me out of my clothes. "You look fantastic" he said and walked around me eying me up and down but ,especially, my erect penis. Every day I met him I thought it got bigger. It felt absolutely gigantic now. My foreskin was almost completely back over my glans. This never happened before. "Do you want to go first?" he asked. I wasn't sure what he meant and must have looked confused. "You said you are a virgin. Would you like to fuck me first or wait later." I nearly came there and then. My ultimate fantasy about to be fulfilled! I was left anticipating and half dreading what might follow. As usual my mouth was so dry I could hardly speak. "You go first" he said it will make the waiting all the more worthwhile for me. I'd better get undressed for you." It was like watching my own private strip tease . He took off his shoes and socks. Then he took off his jacket and , carefully, folded it and put it on top of his flight bag. He then , carefully, unbuckled his belt and slipped off his trousers. He could see I was watching avidly and gave me his usual charming smile. "Soon be ready, don't go away!" He was wearing a vest and underpants this time. I could see the bulge in his groin. Slowly and teasingly and stripped off his vest and then pulled his boxers down and stood there naked. His penis was fully erect and he slowly turned around so I can admire him. "OK , now comes the good part." he said laughingly. "I've brought all the essentials". He walked to his rucksack and produced some tissues, condoms and a tube of lubricant. "I always like to travel prepared" he said. I know you're a virgin but I always use protection. It reduces the sensation a little but it's a sensible precaution. Do you mind?" I was delighted. He was obviously experienced but I did worry about infections but , to be honest , I was so aroused I would have done it without protection anyway. I managed to mumble that I was fine about it. "Great "he said "let's get to it!" He took a towel from his rucksack and d****d it across the fallen tree trunk that lay ,diagonally, across one edge of the clearing. He then opened a condom an picked up the lubricant and walked across to me. "Let me put this on for you". He said and ,slowly, slipped it over my throbbing penis. He bent and kissed its swollen tip and then squeezed some lubricant over his hand and smoothed it over my penis. The movement of his hand nearly made me come there and then. "You'll have to do the rest". he smiled. Keeping hold of my penis he lead me to the tree. "Take this" he said ,giving me the lubricant, "spread a good measure on me". He turned and leaned across the trunk with the towel beneath him. His white buttocks were before me. He spread his legs a little wider. I could see his anus peeping out between his cleft buttocks. It was puckered and light brown with a wisp of hairs around it. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Then , I squeeze some lubricant onto my hand and gently worked it into his anus area. "Mmm , that feels good"he said and leaned forward a little more so his anus was pointing up at me a little further." Go ahead - enjoy!" My heart was pounding and I couldn't speak as my mouth was completely dry. My penis was massive and throbbing wildly with each heart beat. I took it in my trembling hand, stepped up to him and placed it against his anus. He opened his legs a little wider. I gently pushed. There was a little resistance and then the tip was in ! It was like being held in a warm vice as his sphincter muscles contracted onto it and held it for a moment. I pushed again and I slid smoothly in. I pushed tight up to his buttocks. My pubic hair was tight against him. The pleasure was fantastic. I savoured the moment and then began to slowly pump into him ,back and forth, back and forth. "Good boy!" he said "Now give it to me!" I didn't need any encouraging. I began to pound into him. My hands were clamped on his waist. I looked down on my penis as it worked in and out. The excitement got too intense. I couldn't wait any longer. I gave in and let myself go. Waves of delight washed over me. I felt my penis jump inside him as I shot the biggest load ever. I kept thrusting as the pleasure continued then gradually slowed to a stop and collapse on top of him."

"Christ , that was absolutely fantastic" I managed to gasp as I pulled out of him and looked at the condom brimming with semen. "I thought you'd enjoy that" he grinned "Let me clean you off". he slipped the condom of me and wiped my scarlet penis with a tissue. He put it, neatly, into his rucksack , like yesterday. He looked at my flushed face. "Now its my turn ! I've waited three days for this. Ever since I first saw you wanking over there. Help me with this". He passed me another condom. My hands were trembling again and I had a bit of a struggle to get it out of its wrapper. He stood in front of me. His penis looked even bigger than yesterday. I was worried I wouldn't be able to take it! I had experiment a little with dildoes and butt plugs so I knew what it felt like to push something into my anus. I tried it out of curiosity and it certainly helped to achieve a good wank but , to be honest, the sensation didn't feel that special perhaps I would feel differently soon? I knelt in front of him and slipped the condom over his erection. Perhaps it was my imagination but it barely seemed to fit! He took me over to the towel d****d over the log. "Bend over" he said. "For what you are about to receive I hope you are truly thankful!" I leaned over the log with my hands supporting me. "Spread a little" he said so I moved my legs further apart and tried to bend further forward. "You look great from back here" he joked. "This might feel a little cool". I hears him squeeze some lubricant from the tube. I felt his right hand on my waist and then, with the fingers of his left hand, I felt him spread the jelly over my anus. He smoothed it around my anus and buttock cleft like sun tan oil - working it in. Then he stopped for a moment and I heard him squeeze a little more jelly out. "As this is your first time I wasn't to make sure you are comfortable". I gasped as I felt one then two finger pushed into my anus. He then massaged the jelly in a circular motion. Mt penis , which had almost collapsed back to normal after its excitement, began to stiffen up again. "OK let me take a good look at you" he said and I heard him step back a little . "Wow , you look very appetising!" he said with a catch in his voice. The thought of him looking down on my naked white buttocks with its little brown wrinkled anus - helpless and exposed to a complete stranger made my penis stiffen even further. A moment I had fantasised about for months was about to happen. "Ready?" he whispered. I managed a grunt of "Yes". I heard him step up behind me. His hands gripped my buttocks and spread them. I felt the swollen tip of his penis touch my anus. There was a pause and began to push into me. Despite my best intentions , my sphincter clamped shut and he couldn't penetrate. "Just relax" he said and began another push. The pressure built up. I deliberately strained a little , like trying to take a large butt plug, and I felt my anal muscle relax and ,with one long smooth stroke, he penetrated me. "Oh , that's good!" he said. I could feel his pubic hair pushing against me as he thrust long and deep. He then withdrew until only the glans remained inside me , like a cork in a bottle, and then he thrust long and deep again. Feeling him inside me made my penis stiffen still further. He noticed and felt between my legs and fondled it. "Oh!!" I said. He released my penis and held my shoulders as he pushed deep inside me with a gradually increasing speed and intensity. I had never felt like this before. I could see why people enjoyed this! "You still OK?" he gasped. "I feel great. Aim good for you?" I replied. "Are you k**ding?" he laughed "You have a great ass!" He continued to thrust into me. His hands moved over my back and caressed my buttocks. I leaned further over the tree and the speed of his fucking increased. "I can hardly wait" he gasped. He put one leg on the log beside me to change his angle of attack and really began to pound away at me. I could feel him thickening further inside me. He was working me so hard my chest was being crushed against the log but I didn't care. Suddenly he stopped. "I want to see your face when I come". he said. He slowly pulled out of me and stood me up. "Come over here." He took the towel and laid it on the grass. "Lie down on your back and spread you legs". I did as I was told. He knelt between my legs and reached forward to hook an arm under each one then he lifted me upwards. I was nearly bent double with my anus pointing at the sky. To be honest , it wasn't very comfortable but I wanted to give him as much pleasure as possible to reward him for the wonderful time I had. I looked down my body. My almost erect penis was pointing back at me. I could see the purple glans only half covered by my fore-skin. His penis really was massive and his balls were pulled tight into his groin. I tried to lean back as far as possible to help him and hooked my legs back with my own arms. He shuffled closer towards me on his knees, took his penis in his left hand and positioned it with the tip touching my anus. He didn't wait this time. He slammed it into me with one powerful thrust. I gasped. He then began to work me again. He gave ten or eleven long deliberate thrusts and then began to make more rapid shorter thrusts. He was panting and his forehead and chest were covered in sweat. He mover faster and faster and his breathing quickened even further. My penis was waving backwards and forwards as he thrust into me. I could see that far away look in his eyes .He was nearly there." Go on "I said "Don't hold back!" "Christ!!" he shouted and I felt him come inside me. He gave four five long thrusts ,pausing for a moment at the end of each one , then he leaned forward and kissed me.

He slowly pulled out. The condom was full again. He slipped it off, wiped himself with a tissue and put it into his rucksack. He turned and came back to me. I was sitting up on the towel watching him. He saw that I had another massive erection. "Good God1" he said "There is no satisfying some people! Tell you what. I've a few minute left and I did promise to educate you. Fancy trying that position?!" The look on his face was his answer. He walked quickly back to the rucksack and pulled out another condom. "Always carry spares" he grinned. He unwrapped it , slipped it over my erect ,but rather sore, penis and then pulled me to my feet. He dropped onto the towel and pulled his legs up to present himself to me. I didn't need any more encouragement. I spread a little more lube on my penis. Then I knelt down , manoeuvred my penis to his anus and with one delicious push I was back inside him. He smile up at me as I began thrusting. The sensation was part pain, part pleasure. It took much longer to reach orgasm this time as I had only recently recovered from the last time but I always notice the pleasure the second time is even more intense. It was true this time. I nearly passed out with the pleasure. He was smiling and encouraging as I came. I pulled out of him and rolled over beside him "I cannot thank you enough "I managed to say. "These three days have been the best of my life!" "No. Thank you. I've never had a virgin before. It was a real buzz for me too. You've certainly livened up this business trip." He walked to his bag and picked up his watch. "Wow!Is that the time?! I"'d better hurry. He gave me a tissue to clean up with and tidied up , as usual. He then dressed as I lay on the ground". "Don't forget the towel" I said and tossed it to him. He smiled and put it into his bag." Thanks". I got to my feet. It felt strange standing naked in front of a well dressed business man. He reached out to shake my hand just like we'd had a business meeting. "Great meeting you" he said." I don't even know your name" I replied. "It's better this way. Straight, uncomplicated sex is the best "he replied. hen he picked up his stuff, waved and walked away. I sat in the clearing the air on my naked body for a few more minutes then dressed and left the clearing for the last time.
[user][/user]... Continue»
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Summer at the beach

It was a stinking hot summer back in '94.
At home on summer vacation, we had a few relatives arriving ready for the big Christmas gathering we usually put on at our place.

The whole week went really well, lots of hugs and kisses, heaps of presents getting opened, partying, drinking (for the oldies anyway) and just a load of good ol' fashioned FUN!

Most of them moved on after Boxing day, heading back home, or venturing farther to continue their holiday. Aunt Sue however, decided to stay an extra week. :)
This I liked, as Aunt Sue was one of Mums relo's I did like. LOL A LOT!
Sue was 4 years Mums senior, making her a healthy looking 56 year old woman.
Mum was pretty hot herself, getting herself back in shape after Dad passed away, trying to encourage another never paid out for her though.

So, with a week of fun (?) still ahead of us, we decided to spend some of it at the local beach. Now, as an 18 year old (age set higher than actual), you might wonder why an 18 y.o. would choose to spend time at a beach with two old ladies??
Well, I like older women in general, and my Mum and Aunt Sue are really two strikingly HOT "older ladies". :)
I also happen to have a fetish for female body hair.
Mum has lots of it, she has never tried to hide things from me, and although she has never said, "hey, do you like my bush?", she has never minded me seeing her in her bra and undies.
Being brought up in an open f****y like this has paid off.
I have become somewhat of an exhibitionist as a result.
You see, I was gifted with a good size penis.....all 13inches of it. :)
When it's soft, it hangs at about 9inches, and is very uncomfortable encased in tight jocks. This has led me to only wear boxes around the house, preferring to free ball in jeans when I go out.

Mum has noticed my manhood hanging loose a few times, stealing glances when she can, but not wishing to be drawn into any thing sexual with a member of her own f****y. Let alone her son.....I'm sure she fantasises though....

I tried my best to keep it discreet with Aunt Sue around, but that didn't go so well either. I overheard their conversation one morning as I made my way to the kitchen for brekkie. Aunt Sue, "you didn't tell me young Timmy was a horse!".
Mum's reply was, "I'm sorry hun, I wanted to tell you before you noticed"...
"I really have no explanation, and NO idea where he got THAT from..."she trailed off.
I took a back step, not wanting to walk in straight on top of their conversation. I entered some 5 minuted later, appearing not to notice, or giving away that I had heard them.
"Morning Mum, morning Aunt Sue" I greeted them. Mum gave me a big hug and Aunt Sue followed. She gave me a good once over, running her eyes up and down my short figure, wondering how the heck I could have such a large tool for a small boy.

So, with breakfast out of the way, we packed lunch for a picnic at the beach.
Mum and Aunt Sue come out to the car just as I was finishing loading it up. They both had on open front shirts tied at the waist, and a sarong tied around their bottom half. They had obviously got into their bathers too, as I could see the straps around their necks. Bugger....I was hoping to see them change at the beach.
Me, well I had decided feeling uncomfortable for a few hours wouldn't hurt, so had put on a pair of budgie smugglers. You know the kind, the lifesaver undies.
And man, were they tight. Checking myself in the mirror I had to lay my slab across my lower abdomen, it reached far to the left and was quite prominent. My balls were another story. I had slid on some boxers to cover things up some.

We made the short trip to the beach without incident, arriving before it got too crowded. Picked a nice spot near some dunes for a little comfort.
The beach by the way, is "clothing optional".
Mum and I had been here often, and it's not uncommon to see people naked.
So, as we settle in, Mum and Aunt Sue laid out their beach towels while I erected the umbrella. Sue was first to strip off her sarong and top. Mum followed suit and before me I had two glorious bushy ladies. Heaven!...
I slid down my boxers exposing my bulging Speedos. Both women looked wide eyed but said nothing, just glancing sideways at each other.
With an hour of sun-soaking behind us, the beach had filled dramatically. People closest to us were no more than 3metres away. A good looking blond with her boyfriend. They were "clothes optional" and were displaying a great set of "silicon boobs", a neatly trimmed bush (Mohawk)and a nice dick. She had been fondling him for about 15 minutes, gently caressing his balls and stroking his slowly stiffening cock. Not caring that people are close by or even watching.
Luckily, Mum had drifted off into a deep sl**p, worn out from constant partying the week before. Under cover of the umbrella, she was safe from sunburn.
Soon, two guys walking the beach, passed by us and noticed the action next door. Their arousal was obvious as they come closer for a better look. Next thing, they both dropped their cocks out and started stroking, merely metres away. Another couple, followed by 3 more in a group, two males and a girl, all stopped to voyeur the action. Perverts! This was great. LOL.
The blond started to work it with vigour knowing she had drawn some attention, obviously not knew at this I thought.
My Aunt, well....Aunt Sue was enjoying it too. Propped on an elbow, she was massaging her pussy not caring that her nephew was right behind her. I checked Mum to make sure she was still sl**ping...She was, thank goodness.
Aunt Sue glanced over her shoulder and saw my swollen tool trying to break free.
It was already sticking out the top of my Speedos in an effort to relieve the strain. She said, "you should take care of that", giving me a wink.
I obliged, not even thinking what I was doing.....Sue's eyes lit up. Finally, she had seen what she had hoped for. 13inches of solid cock.
The guy getting the attention next door looked over and said, "sweet fuck!".
His blond bimbo looked too, and seeing mine, started stroking her boyfriend faster. He shot a nice load up his tummy which she rubbed in. The two guys blew their loads all over the blond and the other couple, along with the trio set off, probably to fuck each other senseless....
My Aunt had swung around to face me, just as she was climaxing, opening her swollen pussy, sending a gusher at me. He glorious hairy, wet hole, gave me something to aim at. A few more strokes and I blasted shot after shot at my Aunt. Aunt Sue relished in the excitement, shoving two fingers into her hairy cunt, making her squirt again. She was drenched, 20 ropes from me is enough to cover anyone. Several shots even made it to the blond which she enjoyed, still wiping off the cum from the other guys. She had a big smile.
Unbeknown to me or Aunt Sue, Mum had stirred as we were cumming, seeing the whole thing. I looked around and Mum had a hand down her bikini bottom, rubbing briskly. She said, "I want some of that when we get home!".

To be continued......... Continue»
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A Boring Summer Holiday

The summer holidays had only started 2 weeks ago and the twins were already bored. Jo and her b*****r Sam were your usual b*****r and s****r, one day they would be fighting like cats and dogs and the next they were best friends.
At 14 they had both realised the other could be a benefit when it came to getting boyfriends or girlfriends. The outcome of that was, the two of them had begun to spend a lot of time together hanging out.
Today though, all their friends were either away or busy so the twins were home alone until mom and dad got home from work. They had watched a movie, eaten lunch, but like all teenagers, there was nothing else to do.
Sam had the idea first but Jo very quickly agreed. “Let’s root around the house, and see if we can find any of Mom and Dad’s secrets. Like all young adults, Sam had come to the conclusion recently that their parents probably didn’t tell them everything.
Sam lead the way upstairs, they went in to their parents room and set to work, to see what they could find. Jo opened her father’s drawers, and they both laughed at his Y fronts. Then she shoved her hand under the mattress, where she found an old porno mag. She sat on the floor flicking through the pages, the girls were hot, Sam sat beside her and they read one or two of the readers’ wives letters. Both were slightly embarrassed, although they both found the stories erotic, neither would admit it, and both laughed them off.
Sam started rooting in his mother’s drawers, pulling out a pair of her silky panties, he sniffed at the crotch, which just smelled like washing detergent. Jo laughed at him,” There is no point sniffing clean panties, you pervert, I’m sure dirty ones would give you a bigger thrill”. As Sam felt the shiny material between his fingers, and gently rubbed his face with the silk material, ha asked his s****r, “Do you wear panties like these, I wouldn’t mind sniffing your dirty panties”
Jo didn’t know how to respond, strangely enough she was beginning to see her b*****r in a different light. Did she find him attractive?
Sam went back to his mother’s drawer, carefully folding her panties and putting them back. He admired the large selection of lingerie, his mother had a good choice of underwear, everything from basques and stockings to G strings. As he admired the garments, Jo was standing right behind him, watching him over his shoulder.
Sam reached into the bottom of the drawer where he found a bag. The small leather bag looked like an old hand bag of his mother’s. He carefully pulled it out so as not to disturb the rest of the drawer. He placed the bag on his parent’s bed and opened it. Jo sat on the bed with him to examine the contents. Sam carefully placed his hand into the bag, the first thing that he felt was rocket shaped, it felt like it was made of cold metal, with a plastic end on the bottom.
Sam pulled the vibrator out with two fingers to show his s****r. Jo let out a slight gasp. “That’s a vibrator, one of the older girls in school showed us one, I wonder does Mom use it.” With the vibrator Sam also found a bottle of lube, “I think that answers your question” he said to his s****r.
Next out of the bag he pulled a DVD. The film was called “Happy Families”. “let’s watch it”, he asked Jo. She wasn’t sure, what if Mom or Dad came home early. Sam told her they would hear the front door, and have loads of time to put it back if anyone came home.
They turned on the television in their parent’s room and slipped the disk in to the DVD player. Both c***dren lay back on the bed beside one another as the film started. In the first scene the b*****r of the f****y was spying on his s****r who was having sex in her bedroom. Sam could feel an erection growing in his shorts, he pulled the pillow over his waist to cover himself. Jo paid no attention to him as she just stared at the screen.
As the second scene was beginning, Jo said to her b*****r, “That was so horny, the guy’s cock looked huge, are all cocks that big”. Sam was embarrassed, he wasn’t sure why she was asking him, had she noticed his erection, or was she just being curious. He answered her by saying “I don’t think so.”
In the second scene the mother seduced the gardener and they were having sex in the back garden. Jo said to Sam “this is making me real horny”, Sam agreed with her, “If you weren’t here Sam I would probably be touching my pussy by now”. Sam looked at his s****r, “If I was alone I would be wanking too”. “Looking under that pillow Sam, I don’t think you would have to do that for long.
Sam blushed. His s****r went on, “I have never seen a cock in real life, only drawings in school books, if cocks look like the one on telly I think I would enjoy looking at them. It looks hot when the sperm shoots out of the top, we saw a video in school on how babies are made. Some of the girls thought that looked funny or weird, but I thought it looked hot”. “Sam would you show me your cock, just so I could say I have seen one.”
“We’re b*****r and s****r, we would probably be arrested”. Jo swore she wouldn’t tell anyone whose cock she saw.
Sam removed the pillow. His tented shorts and the pole inside were clearly visible to his s****r. He undid the button and his hard cock popped out. Jo gasped, “That looks nearly as big as the one on the screen, can you make your sperm come out”
Sam felt a bit relieved. His balls were beginning to ache, and his cock felt so hard, he needed to wank. He gripped his hand around the hard shaft while Jo watched intently. She told him to wait, and she went to the bag and took out the lube they had found. “Will this help”. She poured a couple of drops on her b*****rs purple cock head. Sam massaged it in and slowly started wanking himself. Within minutes he could feel his cum racing for the tip. He groaned as his load shot in the air, landing on his chest and hand. Jo had never taken her eyes off him, and after he had cum, a broad grin filled her young face.
“You have seen mine, now you should show me yours.” Sam said to his s****r.
Jo didn’t want to show her b*****r “hers”. But by now she was feeling really horny. Jo felt like she would like to cum too. But to do it in front of her b*****r, that would be too much.
As the third scene began the b*****r was in the maid’s room, she was masturbating in front of him. Very soon he was putting his cock in her mouth. The maid’s lingerie looked like some of the things they had found in her Mom’s drawer. Jo was finding this very horny, and she noticed her nipples were poking through her T shirt. She so badly wanted to touch herself.
Sam said “I’ll tell you what, why don’t you touch yourself without taking your shorts off, that way I won’t actually see anything, but I will know that you enjoyed yourself as much as I did”. Jo felt this was her solution.
She pulled her T shirt from her shorts. The denim was tight around her slim waist. She tried to slide her small hand in to the waistband. The tips of her fingers were all she could fit. She wasn’t able to reach in far enough to get to the waist band of the pantyhose she wore under her shorts, never mind to her panties, or where she was trying to reach. She had to open the button. She pulled the zipper about half way down, trying to keep everything hidden from her b*****r. She could now reach in to her panties.
The tips of her fingers were able to feel the top of her vagina, the little cap of her clitoris was just with in her reach. She gently rubbed it. She could feel the wetness between her legs. She could feel the excitement growing within her, but she felt she still needed more.
“I can’t get me hand in properly, will you promise not to look if I take my shorts off”
She unzipped the denim shorts and slid the down her legs. Her nylons covered her cotton panties. She could now get her hand in fully. She was able to slide her fingers between her vagina lips and rub her clitoris with her palm at the same time. Soon Jo could feel the pressure she had felt in her own bed, she knew she was about to have an orgasm. The waves of energy started somewhere in her toes and seemed to spread up through her little body. She pushed her free hand up her shirt and pulled at her nipple, twisting and tugging at the hard skin. Her orgasm took over her body, which seemed to convulse as she came. Sam could feel the bed shake beside him as his s****r was having her orgasm.
Jo lay there for a couple of minutes, her denim shorts around her ankles, her knees spread wide, one hand up her T shirt and the other stuffed inside her tight cotton panties.
Sam said “I’m glad you came too, now I don’t feel embarrassed. The only thing is, you have seen a cock, but I have never seen a girls bits.”
“It’s called a vagina Sam, or some girls call it a pussy. If you promise not to tell anyone I will let you have a quick look”
This was going to be Sam’s first look at a girl’s pussy. His s****r made him sit at the far end of the bed. She pulled her nylon pantyhose from her waist, carefully rolling them down over her knees and down to her ankles. From where he was sitting Sam could now see his s****r’s panties along with the secret they hid. Her pussy looked puffy, her panties seemed to be disappearing in her lips, and the crotch around her pussy looked wet.
Jo pulled her hose off. She then lifted her legs in the air and slid her two thumbs in the waistband of her cotton panties. As she pulled the white material up over her ass, Sam could feel his erection growing again. His s****r’s ass was now fully visible and between the cheeks her pussy lips appeared. His cock twitched. Jo pulled the panties up along her legs, and slid them off her ankles. She then dropped her legs back onto the bed and slowly parted her knees.
Sam stared as her pussy lips were now in full sight. She reached down and slightly parted her pussy lips. The pinkness inside was glistening with her moistness. The aroma of her sex wafted across the bed towards him.
“I would like to wank again if you’d let me, your pussy is so hot s*s”.
“I thought you’d like to smell my panties” she said, “I don’t think they would smell too clean now”
She lifted her panties off the bed and threw them over to her b*****r. He took the cotton material had inhaled her scent. Sam deeply inhaled her wet patch as his cock involuntarily jerked.
“Looking at you sniffing my panties is making me so horny again”. Jo reached down and slid her finger inside her labia. The wetness was audible as first one then a second finger disappeared into her pussy. Sam was stroking his own cock, inhaling the panties in his hand and staring at his s****r’s sex mound.
Jo Started to cum, she fingered herself faster and harder, her juices were splashing around inside her. Sam could feel his own orgasm start too. He pulled his s****r’s panties around his cock, just as it started to spray. Hi cum soaked through the thin cotton material. Jo’s orgasm had her shaking on the bed for a number of minutes until it subsided.
Sam went to hand her panties back as Jo suggested they should get dressed. She was about to put them on when she saw the pool of sperm on her crotch. The young girl lifted the panties to her own mouth and inhaled the mixture of his sperm and her cum juices. “Some girls put that in their mouth” Sam said. His s****r took a little lick of her panties, and the pool of cum.
“Hmmmm, Sam you don’t taste too bad, and I don’t think we will be too bored for the rest of the summer”.
... Continue»
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Holiday,Julie did it!

We had talked about this one fantasy for long enough so I thought it was time to put the wheels in motion.Julie wasn't as keen on the idea of her having sex with another man as I was but she finally caved in after much persuading.Whilst we where on holiday in Greece I brought the subject up when Julie had had a few glasses of wine.She said her biggest fear would be seeing the guy again whilst holidaying because it would have to be just a one off.This is probably why it had not happened at home.Why not pick out a candidate,let me know who and I will see if I can arrange something for the last night as we had an early morning departure,I suggested.The seed was planted and it went from there.After a few days of "looking" Julie had made her mind up.A bloke in his early forties used to sit at the pool bar every evening and she had noted no wedding ring and always by himself.He could be described as a loner I suppose.We got chatting quiet easily and tried to find out as much about him without sounding quizical before saying we where going for a meal and may see him later at the bar.He had sat there all evenings since arriving three days earlier so we presumed this was a safe bet.During out meal Julie told me that she had seen him glancing at her tits on more than one occasion so I told her that his eyes had followed her to the toilet also.We had our plan so it was now up to me to be instigator.We had a few more drinks and Julie was now quite merry so back to the pool bar it was. James was sat in the same spot when we got there and looked quite pleased that we had come back. It was pretty obvious to me he fancied the arse off Julie so this should be easy I thought.Julie had one more drink while we all chatted and then anounced she was going up to our room.We had found out all we needed to know about James.Recently separated from his long term girlfriend,accountant,into sports and just generally getting his life back on track and enjoying himself.I told James I would see my wife up to the room and come back down for a drink.Julie quite likes bondage so plan B came into operation at this point.As she started to unzip her summer dress I told her to lie on the bed with it on and put her arms above her head.I soon had her tied to the headboard and slipped on the eyemask that she uses on the plane.How could he resist this sight?I had a hard on like a chisel so god knows how he would cope when I told him what awaited him if he wanted to go through with it.I kissed Julie on the lips and she moaned in antisipation as I said I would be back soon. A quick feel of Julie inside her knickers told me she was more than ready!I was soon back at the bar and before I had chance to brooch the subject, James beat me to it."What an amazing wife you have" he said. "Glad you think so,I replied. ave you had any luck wiyh any of the lasses here" I said. "I've done a bit of groundwork but I'm not as nailed on as you are" he replied.Do you want to bet I thought!! "Julies ready" I said. "What do you mean" he said like some ignoramus."Drink up Jim lad the treats on me" I said. As we got to my appartment door I turned to James and said" Shes ready for you,anything goes, I won't be joining in,I will be observing just make sure you use a condom from off the bedside cabinate and enjoy" James gulped, nodded his head and entered the room to the sight that awaited him."WOW" was his first words followed by him getting out of his clothes in record time."Steady on Jim",I joked as he got on the bed and knealt between Julies legs. His cock was bar solid and about 8" long when he hoisted Julies dress above her waist and peeled down her knickers. I could tell he was impressed by her shaven fanny as he buried his head between her thighs and started licking frantically. Julie was moaning with pleasure and clearly enjoying this attention to her clit and lips.James gently lifted Julies boobs out of the top of her dress and tweaked both nipples as he carried on eating.This sent her into orbit and she came almost immediately as he greedily lapped at her juices.I got my cock out and stroked it as James moved up the bed with his stiff cock in his hand .He looked over to me as if to say can I put it in her mouth so I just nodded.He soon had it between her lips and she was licking and sucking like a pro!James pulled back,he knew he was about to come,so went back down on her tits with his mouth until he could control himself long enough to put the condom on.He was soon on board,pounding away lika a man on a mission.He wasn't going to last long I thought and at that point he let out an almighty groan and emptied himself into my willing wife.He lay there for about a minute and then dismounted with a very impressive load in the condom.He slid the condom off and sighed."Do you want to clean his cock Julie" I asked.She nodded and without further invitation ,James had his flacid tool in Julies mouth once again.He soon got hard and slipped on another condom before having a much longer go inside my wife. She came on more than two occasions and the whole session took about three hours.James got dressed,kissed Julie passionately,shook my hand and asked if he could borrow her for the rest of the night! I laughed and declined as James left the room saying he would see us tomorrow.No you won't I thought but that was mission accomplished. A TRUE STORY.... Continue»
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mother in law

Making it with my mother inlaw (MIL) happened by accident, but it was one of the best sexual experiences of my life! I was 26, & my MIL was living with us at the time - (she was a 56, a widow & still looking good - yoga, swim, walk daily etc). It was summer holiday time & my wife had gone interstate for a few days to visit an old girl friend. After taking my wife to the airport in the morning, I played golf with a few friends & got home late afternoon. My MIL was doing some gardening so I changed into some old clothes & mowed the lawns. After the gardening we had a few beers, ordered a pizza which we enjoyed with a bottle of red wine, then watched a movie with coffee & a few ports. After the movie she said "I might have a quick bath cause I'm a little stiff from the gardening" and went to the bathroom. While running the bath she called out "how would you like to do me a favour & give my back a rub after the bath?" I often gave her and my wife neck messages, so I didn't take her request as unusual. I replied "Yep no problem, yell out when you've finished your bath." She relaxed into bathing while I did the dishes, then I had a quick shower. I was watching the late news with nightcap bourbon when my MIL called out, "I've finished my bath, are you still okay to do my back?" "Be with you shortly" I called back.
When I went into her bedroom she was reading by the bed lamp, with just a sheet over her (it was a hot night). "I found some Vitamin-E oil which should be ok, good for your skin as well." "Sounds good" she said. She put her book down, threw the sheet off, then rolled onto her stomach and pulled her nightie up to expose her back. I silently gasped cause I wasn't expecting what I was looking at - she wasn't wearing any underpants. So I am standing there totally stunned with a bottle of oil in one hand, jaw on my chest, looking at my MIL's bare backside & her nightie up near her armpits. She sensed my embarrassment & said "I don't wear pants to bed." She giggled & said "surely you've seen a bare bum before, common where's that oil." (She was a pretty open type, use to sunbake topless etc, so I just dismissed her nudity now as her being her natural liberated self. Maybe the drinks had made her a bit more daring? But actually looking at her bare tanned backside was still a bit of a shock.) Anyhow she seemed quite natural & comfortable with it all so I poured some oil onto her back & began massaging. After 10-15mins of massaging she said quietly "that feels yummy but it's putting me to sl**p, can you give my hip a quick rub before I nod off, it's a bit sore from the digging." With that, she rolled onto her back & indicated the front of her hip. Her nightie still covered her breasts & although I had not been thinking sexually while rubbing her back, the sight of her pubic hair did spark a thought, but l wasn't about to get amorous or try-it-on with my MIL. I was actually a bit embarrassed but she was just lying there non-phased with her eyes closed, so I applied more oil & started rubbing it over her hip. After maybe 5mins I asked if it felt ok, she sighed & said "oh yeh that feels reeeally good." Then she giggled and said "it's actually a little stimulating." Although her comment sounded provocative I let it slide, however it did raise my curiousity a little which prompted me to ask in a sort of playful manner "oh yeh, so how long has it been since you felt stimulated?" She laughed & replied "too long, maybe 10yrs" - (she'd had a drought), I didn't push for any detail.
Soon after she appeared to be napping off, so here was my chance to escape. I said "you look like you are ready to sl**p, have you had enough?" Without opening her eyes she said quietly "just a little longer." As I continued, she reached out & flicked off the bedside lamp & said "the light is in my eyes, a few mins more & I'll be asl**p." I wondered about the light going off but kept thinking: don't be silly this is my MIL, nothing will happen & I will go back to the TV. So with the room now dimly lit from the hall light, I applied a little more oil to do the last few mins of rubbing. There was enough light to see that her eyes were closed; so I looked down to watch my hand going over the front of her hip. Her patch of pubic was just sitting there which dare I say it, was getting me a little stimulated. I lengthened my hand strokes from her hip onto her groin, which made her move a little but no comment to stop. (I felt a bit embarrassed cause I was getting a hard-on.) I kept the strokes going for a while & was close to stopping when I pushed it too far by letting my fingers brushed against her pubic hair (bl**dy hell, now I'm in trouble, however she didn't react?). Maybe she didn't feel it or chose to ignore it? Although the touch of her pubes felt good this was dangerous turf and I was still wasn't sure of where she was at, so I just continued rubbing. Then I thought bugger it, so I chanced touching her hair again only this time I went further into her hair onto her mound (expecting her to say that's far enough and move my hand away). Her non-reaction this time was a definitely a green light, so I continued moving my hand over her groin with each stroke ending on her mound (still no protest from her). I noticed her breathing had quickened slightly as she raised her hands above head onto the pillow - she was getting aroused. Neither of us spoke as I continued running my fingers into her pubic hair & with her making no attempt to pull my hand away, I decided to venture down further. As my fingers touched the top of her lips she moaned a little & raised her hips slightly in anticipation. (Right now I had a flood of thoughts going through my head, like this is crazy, what I am doing.) She moaned again and my thoughts can back to her - she wanted to be touched, bl**dy hell, here I go into the womanly lips of my MIL.
I eased my finger inside her lips to feel her magical warmth; whow she was hot, wet & ready. My fingers quickly found her clitoris which was raised & firm (she was on fire), she flinched as I touched it. Feeling her hot reaction was magic! After a few rubs over her **** I broke the silence with a dumb question "Are you ok with this?" She responded by parting her legs slightly while warmly saying "I think you can tell how I am, that feels so good....can you keep that going where you are.... I wont take long to pop " (Is "pop" an old term for climaxing?) She began to move her hips rhythmically to my finger (a decade without sex to had certainly not diminished her want to be pleasured). At this point I was thinking she would just get off on my finger, so I increased the pace over her **** & dropped a few times to her opening, then back to her **** which really got her moving. She was lifting her hips in sync to my finger as she said lusterly "Oh god that feels good, I have missed this, I want this, oooh, don't stop". (Her lust was taking over as she showed me she wanted the whole shooting match.) - Without any warning she suddenly flicked off her nightie & said "can suck me" - (at that moment I wasn't thinking of her as my MIL, this was a hot women wanting to pleasured, so I closed my eyes and went with her) The nipple & **** activity soon had her body bucking so much that I thought she was about to "pop". She started mumbled "I'm close, I'm close" then she whispered "I want you inside". With that she reached down & fumbled with the waist band of my shorts "can you get rid of them". I was naked in an instant & as I knelt between her parted legs I looked down at her tanned body and my raised manhood - her hips were already moving in anticipation for my entry. I lowered myself over her & with some urgency she reached down to grab hold of my member & rubbed it between her wet lips - (God she wanted this bad) - I was rock hard in seconds. "oh god, that feels beautiful" she mumbled, then a few stokes later "jesus you feel big" I mumbled back "that's your fault, you've got me on fire!" Then I teased her and said "it's not too late to stop, or do want feel all that inside?" She mumbled back "you bastard, I cant stop, I want it, fill me up" as she raised her knees & fed my knob into her entrance, placed her hands on my hips & pull me forward. I was rockhard & the first few strokes had her gasping, but inch by inch I eased myself deeper. I soon discovered she was a chatty, muttering love-maker as she continued with "oh yes, oh yes, give it to me". A dozen strokes later her body had totally relaxed & she took my full manhood as she continued mumbling "ooh I forgot how good it feels". She pulled her knees towards her chest (so much for the sore hip) and said "common, deep as you can". I plunged deep into her & she cried out as our bodies smacked together and I touched end inside - "yeh, yeh, give it to me, give it to me" (she was crazy). She was building rapidly! "yes, yes, I'm getting close, I'm gunna pop" If she was going to pop, then she may as well do it in style (and I guess I wanted to impress) so I lifted her legs onto my arms, raised myself over her & gave her a quick flurry of deep hard thrusts, the smack of bodies had her shuddering uncontrolably as she shouted wildly "yes, yes, oh oh that's it" Her head lifted off the pillow as she cried out "I'm there, I'm there" and gushed juices like I've never experienced before. While wondering if the neighbours heard her screams (ha ha), I kept the pounding going until she finally collapsed into a blubbering mess, then gradually slowed my movements to let her recover - her full body felt so great I wasn't about to roll off. So while still inside, I put my hands up onto her breasts & within a few strokes we had an insync rhythm going as if we'd been love-making together for years. Each entry felt fantastic, she was off in her own world, lifting her body each time I plunged inside - we stayed like this for maybe 10 mins, just enjoying the motions. She was a great lover, bucking & writhing to my entries with mumblings "oh yes, give it to me, god that feels - jesus I cant stop" and gushed again, then pleaded for a break. She'd dropped her legs down & with me still inside, she pulled me down to lie on top of her my head into her neck. We were in that touchy/feely after sex mode as she mumbled "oh whow, I needed that - thank you." "Don't thank me, you were unreal!" I replied. She squirmed a little & said "you still feel firm, did you do your thing?" I smiled & replied "I am fine, you can owe me one." She said "let's see what we can do about, I can go a little longer, common let me feel your juice inside me". She parted her legs & began lifting her hips to get me going again. This lady was a superstar! I was erect again within a few strokes - "oh your growing inside me feels good". She soon had her knees back on her chest with me shafting deep into her. She'd had her fun, so I just wanted to empty. I was close to letting go my load when she rolled me over so she could ride me. "Sorry but I love being on top." Her energy & stamina was amazing! She nuzzled down as I dissappeared inside - she was now in control - after a few strokes she said "this is my favorite, I can feel you way up inside me." This lady knew what she was doing, she was a master. With each smack of our bodies I was touching end inside her, "that's it, that's it, you're hitting my spot" she mumbled. She was riding me like a jockey (thank god for the yoga) as I grabbed hold of her bouncing boobs. She increased her pounding as she called out "I'm close, quick, quick, give me your juice, *** with me." Whow this lady was a frieking demon. With a quick frenzy of penetrations I let go my load, she knew I was there and smacked down on my rockhard spurting member (which went off like a water cannon), as she shuddered & gave me another spasm of gushing her fluids; crying out "oh yes, yes, I felt you". While I was still spurting she lifted off me & began rubbing her breasts over my member, this lady was insatiable - she couldn't get enough of it - I was heaven and she was an old angel.
Dare I say, it was the best sex I'd had and with a lady in her 50's (obviously my perception of older women loosing their appetite for sex was wrong). We were both exhausted after our hour or so of activity & while laying there, she said "Your size was a pleasant surprise, you certainly hit my hot spot. May sound crazy but I think I just discovered what a real high is, whow that was incredible!" "Maybe you just forgot how good it felt after a 10 year break, whatever it was you were unreal" I replied. "Don't know, but god it felt good" she said. Then she jumped up and said, "I am wet all over, gunna have a quick shower, do you want to join me?" We had a shower during which she treated me to rub all over (probably lushing up on my young body, but I wasn't complaining), then got back into her bed where she thanked me again for waking her body and fell asl**p on my shoulder.

I woke up around dawn, she was still asl**p. Thinking this was just a one night event & given the fact that her ample body felt so good to f..k, my male a****l thing kicked-in so I thought I might try giving her a quickie before she got up for breakfast. Cuddling into her, I reached around to fondle her breasts. This stirred her a little & although only half awake she rolled onto her back which allowed me to nuzzle my mouth over her nipple & put my hand back between her legs (where this all started 5-6 hrs earlier). She stirred & quietly said "mmm, oh that feels nice, I could get use to this". A few mins of nibbling & finger on her **** she was alive, she said "common can you fill me up again". Her body took me full & hard straight away, so I just went wild. Her body was like jelly as I pounded into her, she was back to her normal dialogue of "yes, yes, hard as you can". A few dozen strokes of my pounding as she rubbed her **** and she was shuddering while gushing another load of her fluids (bl**dy hell, she was a climaxing machine & she beat me again). Not done yet, she rolled onto her tummy, put a pillow under her hips & said "I'm buggered, but I know you can keep going, just fill me up, go for it" This lady knew what a man wanted as well as herself! I eased myself back inside, grabbed her hips & began deep penetrations with her yelling "yes, yes, come on, let it go, fill me up", so I pounded her with deep entries. She was lost in multiples as I continued to pound her, each thrust smacking against the cheeks of her arse. She was totally absorbed in a****l lust (and so was I) as I built the pace to empty my load into her - with one last deep penetration I let go against her hot spot, she grunted "I got you" and she joined me with another payload of her fluid. We fell forward & collasped in an exhausted mess. I was still inside her as we spooned & went back to sl**p around day break, we were both mumbled "that was incredible!"

I showered around 10am, she an hour later & we had brunch. There were no red faces, she was as open in chat as she was at sex. She said "You may not believe it, but I didn't expect my rub to go as far as it did. Your massage was really relaxing & I was nearly asl**p, but when you touched my pubes it felt so good I could feel myself getting wet; then I lost control & became a naughty girl." I said "Yep you certainly got pretty hot, but I am glad you didn't stop. The chemistry was magic and way too good to stop - I gotta say, you were sensational." "It was special wasn't it, probably the best I've had but I do feel guilty that I let it happen. I don't regret what we did, if only you were not married to my daughter." I replied with "I certainly don't regret what we did, that was magic! It's just how we handle it so that life goes on uneffected that is important." She sat there silently sipping her tea and thinking. After a few mins she smiled & said "I can keep a secret".

Sat afternoon I had a previous arrangement to catch-up with an old mate for drinks, which turned into dinner that led to me getting home late. I had a quick shower & jumped into bed. Naturally thought my MIL would have been exhausted from our activities & been asl**p ages ago but it turned out that she slept most of the afternoon. I'd only closed my eyes for a few mins when I felt her move into my bed. She didn't worry about any nightwear, just slid in beside me & immediately cuddled up against me "I hope you've still got some energy, cause we've only got 2 nights left". And here I was thinking last night was a once-off. I joked about being tired & said "maybe in the morning." Before I could say anything more she reached down & grabbed hold of me saying "I'll just play for a while, as you go to sl**p". Without any hesitation she eased herself down the bed & went down on me. Bugger me, where had this lady been all my life? She mouthed me until I was firm and with my ***** in her mouth she mumbled "you don't feel tired any more?" She started stroking me while mouthing me, she knew I was close but increased the pace, as I was about to let go she moved up to do her cowgirl thing, just fed me inside & started ridding with the same vigour as the previous night. This time I beat her & emptied my load during her pounding session. She lifted off, rubbed some of my juice over her breasts, then popped me back inside. After lying on me for a while she sat up & began moving on me until I started to grow again & said "yeh that's it, l love feeling it grow". She rode me until I was firm, rolled onto her back and said "common finish me off." She put her knees back near her shoulders & I just went for it; a few dozen strokes later she shuddered & gushed her lot. She said "I could take this all night" - which we did, each time I got hard we'd go for it. We were like wild a****ls over the next 2 days & nights, I reckon we had like 20 sessions between Friday night & Monday morning. Crazy stuff, each session ended with us cuming within seconds of one another.

My wife got home Monday evening & over dinner she told us about her great weekend interstate with her girlfriend, and the terrific party. Lots of Army guys there (the girlfriend had a soldier boyfriend), so maybe my wife got lucky - ha ha. We told her that we'd had a boring weekend, only didn't say we'd been "boring" one another. This may sound a bit warped, but when my wife got into bed and cuddled into me, I started thinking about the activity I had with her mother. I was soon hard as a rock and began a session with my wife that was as wild as what I gave the MIL. I actually forgot myself a little and was pounding her with same a****l lust as the previous 3 nights. She was exhausted when we'd finished and said while going off to sl**p "I should go away more often, that was unreal!" The MIL's appetite remained insatiable, she had it bad! During the remainder of the holiday period, if my wife went out during the day or maybe dinner with a friend, the MIL would hint she was ok for a quickie. When my wife went back to work she'd normally leave around 8am, if I had late start the MIL would join me in the shower then take a quick pounding before I left for work. She was far & away the most insatiable women I have ever known.

She eventually moved into her own seaside house a few months later, it was about 100 miles away. Fortunately it was one of the country regions I did business in, so once a month I would organise my work activity to finish nearby & stay overnight. My wife had said "you should stay at Mum's place instead of paying for a hotel" - so I following her suggestion. Each time I stayed at the MIL's we would have an early dinner, shower & into bed where we would go for it until we were both exhausted. She had become TOTALLY obsessed (and I wasn't far behind her). It was lust gone mad, but it takes two and she knew I was good for plenty of sessions each stay. This was about as good as it gets - and as bad as it gets! Both of us still have no regrets. How we never got caught was a miracle. We went on that way for another 2yrs, until my wife fell pregnant with our first c***d. My MIL ended our activity once the pregnancy was confirmed & also she had started dating a guy in her area - 15 years younger than her.
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My Wife on the beach

We had booked an early summer holiday in Greece to catch some sun. Susan my wife was looking forward to relaxing on one of the many sandy beaches on the Island. We both liked to sunbathe and swim naked and soon found one of the many naturist beaches.

Susan was quite happy to show of her fabulous figure. She is 5feet 8inches tall and has long toned legs, a flat stomach and lovely 36B breast that are full and have nipples that sit up and just ask to be sucked. At 28 years of age she was in her prime and constantly turned the head of many males where ever we went.

On the fourth day of our holiday we were on the beach at the end of the afternoon and gradually everyone else left until we were alone (or so we thought). We were both stretched out on our towels when a voice suddenly disturbed the tranquility. "Good afternoon, I haven't seen you here before."

Opening my eyes I saw a wiry very dark skinned man standing next to us. We both sat up and the man introduced himself as Theo. He explained that he was a local and that this was his favorite time of day for coming to the beach. This explained why we hadn't seen him previously.

As he talked I noticed Susan staring at his midsection, something that as naturists one never does. I found myself joining her gaze however and was stunned to see that he possessed an enormous penis and huge pair of testicles. These seemed out of place on a man who looked to be around 50 years old, and had a bald head. As I looked at him however I noticed that he was very fit and lean with muscles all over his athletic body. Susan seemed to be entranced by him as he spoke with a heavily accented voice.

Theo suddenly said to Susan, "You look as though you could do with a massage, you look very tense." Before she could answer he added, "You see, I'm a trained masseur."

I expected Susan to say no, especially as she was naked, and we were on a public beach. I knew she liked massages and pampered herself with one at home every other month. This was very different however and I was shocked when she said, "Alright, I could use a massage to get the knots out of my shoulders."

Smiling, he replied, "OK then, lie down and I'll make a start."

Susan lay face down on her towel and Theo produced a bottle of baby oil form his bag. He knelt down next her and after giving me a reassuring smile proceeded to pour some oil onto Susan's back. He started by massaging her shoulders and upper back and I could see that he was good at what he did. Soon Susan was becoming totally relaxed and I could see the stress flowing out of her. Slowly Theo worked lower down her back and massaged her lower back.

Without pausing he then started on her feet and calves before moving up to her thighs. As he probed and kneaded I noticed that every now and again he would allow one of his hands to plunge down into the gap between Susan's legs. This had the effect of making Susan relax her legs and eventually she moved them slightly further apart. Form where I sat I realized that you could now see part of Susan's hairs around her labia.

This relaxing of Susan's thighs was not lost on Theo and he allowed his hands to drift down and onto Susan's sex. This produced a slight gasp of shock form Susan, but she did nothing to stop him and so emboldened he slipped a couple of fingers down into her labia and then judging by the sigh from Susan right into her cunt.

I should have stopped Theo at this point as this was not a massage any more but a slow seduction of my wife by a 50 year old man. Just then however Theo said "turn over and I'll do you front." As if in a trance Susan rolled over onto her back bearing all to Theo.

He started massaging her shoulders but then quickly allowed his hands to move onto Susan's breasts. This produced another sigh from Susan but no rebuttal and so Theo kneaded and pinched her nipples which had by now become fully erect. This was not the only thing becoming erect as I noticed Theo's cock starting to swell and I'm ashamed so say so was mine.

Theo moved his massaging down to Susan's legs but by now all pretense of needing massage oil had gone He was sucking her toes and soles of her feet and then was licking and kissing his was up her legs until he was kneeling over her facing her cunt which was now spread open and obviously very wet and aroused. Theo glanced and me and smiled and then lowered his head and started to eat Susan out.

She had never let me do this saying that it was too dirty. Now however she was allowing a complete strange to give the tonguing that I had always wanted to give her. I watched as he darted his tongue in and out of her pussy and allowed his nose to nudge against her clit was standing proud from its protective hood. All the while she had her hands on his bald head keeping him in the right place. I could see her wedding bands sparkling in the sunlight and it looked very erotic.

After a few minutes of this onslaught during which I could hear Susan's breathing become more ragged, she suddenly let out a huge sob and then shrieked as a massive climax swept through her. I glanced round to make sure no one else was around because she was so noisy in her climax. I couldn't remember her having such a powerful climax before and I felt a bit jealous.

I thought things would end here but I should have known better. Theo gradually crawled up over Susan's trembling body and gave her a deep kiss which she returned with vigor. As I watched them I noticed that Theo's cock was now fully erect and looked to be a least 9 inches in length which was nearly twice my size. I was kneeling behind Susan's head and Theo looked up to me and then down toward his cock which he was now rubbing along Susan's wet slit. I realized that he was silently asking me to let him fuck wife!

Of course he couldn't my brain was screaming! She's your wife; she's never made love to another man. He has no condom, she has no protection (Susan is a strict Catholic and has never used contraception). She had never had a bare cock in her before! We were waiting another year or two have c***dren and so I always used condoms.

I couldn't let another man have my wife bareback could I. Unfortunately my little brain was in charge of this situation and said go on let him have her. It will so sexy and besides you always wanted to see her taken by another man with a big cock, now's your chance. She will tell him to be careful and you can tell him to pull out before he comes. Look at her she wants it, let this dark skinned Greek pleasure her.

I found myself nodding to Theo and he smiled at me and started to push his huge cock into my darling wife. I watched in awe as his huge mushroom headed cock pushed into the split of her womanhood. A couple of inches disappeared into her juicing cunt and I heard her gasp as she felt his size. Theo continued to work his big cock into Susan and gradually he worked back and forward until to my amazement he had buried all 9 or 10 inches to the hilt. I moved round to take a closer look and saw that his huge sperm filled balls were tightly pressed against Susan's pert bum.

Theo rested for a minute allowing Susan to adjust to the huge cock that was invading her tight cunt. When he felt she was ready he started to slide his big cock in and out of her all the while looking down at her face. Susan grabbed his muscular arms and stared back at him in disbelief at the feeling of being totally full of cock.

"Oh god you're so big!" she groaned half in discomfort but half in pleasure.

After a few minutes of gentle fucking Susan moved her legs round so that they rested on the back of Theo's calves. As their coupling continued Susan started to moan louder and louder and her breathing became ragged. I knew that this was the precursor to her having an orgasm and it wasn't long before it was full upon her.

Susan suddenly screamed out and arched her back so that she was pressed up against Theo as he continued to plough into her willing white cunt. As she came down from her orgasm she smiled up and Theo and I heard her moaning to him, " good, so good... Please don't stop!"

I of course knew that they would have to stop soon as I suspected that Theo must be nearing his own climax and I knew that there was no way I could allow him to keep his huge baby maker in my wife, not with the huge pair of sperm filled balls he had. Just then Susan moved her legs up and clasped them behind his thrusting muscular bum.

I decided to have another look at his mighty cock as it worked its magic in my wife and moved down beside them. With Susan's legs on his back I could see his big meaty cock slicing in and out of her cheating cunt. I also suddenly notice that his cock had a thick white sticky substance around its base and for a minute I thought he'd already come. I knew he hadn't however and was mystified by this until I remembered reading that when a woman is ovulating she can produce a white discharge. This revelation confirmed to me where Susan was in her cycle, she was at peak fertility today and she had a big bare cock in her that was not her husbands!

They continued moving toward a mighty climax and I just watched spellbound as the coupling continued. I suddenly realized that the pair of them was in a primitive mating ritual in which a muscular more dominant male takes the wife of another man and seeds her in front of a submissive husband. This act had gone on for centuries and now it was happening to me.

I was snapped out of my trance by the frantic moaning of both of them. Sweat was rolling down Theo's back as he strove to reach his own release. His thrusting was getting really savage and Susan was making continual mewling sounds as Theo pounded into her. Suddenly I noticed Theo was staring at me again with big questioning eyes. I immediately knew what he wanted. He wanted my permission to come in my wife. Time seemed to stand still while my brain wrestled with the silent question he was posing.

Did I want this stranger to spray his potent Greek sperm into the fertile and unprotected womb of my wife? Did I really want him to mate with my wife and be the cause of her sweet belly growing large with c***d? Of course I didn't my brain said and yet, and yet I found myself listening to my painfully erect cock. Let him have his way, let him finish what he started. He deserves it after the fuck he's thrown your wife, you can't stop it now, and she wouldn't forgive you.

And so I found myself slowly nodding to this stranger who was fucking my wife on a beach. Nodding to say yes please fill her with your potent seed. I was furiously pulling on my cock as I nodded to him and he briefly looked at my prick before smiling and nodding back to me.

Theo turned his gaze back toward my delirious wife and started to really pound into her. In her semiconscious state it was so erotic to see her heels digging into his bronzed ass as if trying to get him even deeper into her cunt. Susan and Theo stared directly into each other's eyes as he pushed himself toward the climax that would make Susan a mother and me the ultimate cuckold.

Suddenly Susan seemed to snap out of her trance and she must have realized where she was and what she was doing. She quickly looked at me, then at my throbbing cock and then moaned.

I was stunned that she had come back to reality and would actually let another man to cum in her, but with one last mighty thrust he buried his huge baby maker and started to moan and shake. I could tell by the clenching of his muscular ass that it was now too late to stop nature's course as he was now firing his potent seed deep into Susan's unprotected pussy. I knew that his sperm would be looking for her egg to impregnate and I knew he would succeed.

They held their mutual climaxes for what seemed like minutes. Theo kept lunging into Susan and she kept whimpering. Gradually their mating ceased and Theo lay on top of Susan while they both recovered. He kept his cock in her pussy and I then realized he was plugging her and making sure that none of his seed could spill out until it had done its job.

After a while Theo pulled out of Susan and I noticed that very little of his seed was running out of her. What there was seemed to very thick and white and I suspected that this was a sign of highly potent sperm. Theo knelt down gave me a wink and Susan a parting kiss and then walked off. I knelt there stunned by what had transpired. Eventually Susan looked me in the face and said, "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, I couldn't seem to help myself, it just happened."

"He took you bareback Susan, you were unprotected."

"I know she said, but once he was in me I couldn't stop. He just filled me up."

"Well, I hope you don't get pregnant," I said.

"So do I, but I suspect I will since I'm at peak fertility today."

I groaned and looked at her toned belly and wondered whether I would be watching it swell with a love c***d over the coming months.

Having been home for two months and there being no sign of a period, Susan today took a pregnancy test. The result: positive of course and since she will not have an abortion, we are going to have a baby with a dark complexion delivered in the hospital. Hopefully we can pass it off as mine because otherwise our families will disown us! So much for going naked in Greece!
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Holiday in Barbados

We like going on sun holidays and as Linda had always wanted to go to the Caribean this particular summer we managed to get a cancellation to Barbados.

It was not peak season nut the place was busy enough with alot of couples there. It was our first time in one of these resorts and it took a short while to get used to what you were allowed to do and weren't.

There were places it was OK to bathe topless or nude, even walking around topless or nude was allowed in certain places aswell. Linda had always enjoyed bathing topless and seeing the lingering looks turned us both on, the people were friendly here aswell so some even stopped to chat and pay compliments.

I think it was the third day we were there and Linda asked if I was ready to go to the beach. I was waiting for her to be ready to be honest and Linda appeared from the bedroom she was just sporting a wrap around her waist which barely covered her ass. Shall we go to the nude section today she prompted.

As we moved out of the chalet into the light her little wrap around became almost see though and with every small breeze as she walked it lifted to bare her cheeks. As we arrived at the beach there were not many there so we chose a spot and lay down with our books in the pleasant sunshine. We had been there for an hour or so when we noticed a really well hung black man talking to a couple just a few metres away from us. They left together and only moments later another approached us asking if Linda would like to give him a try. Linda looked a little taken aback and so I said not at the moment but thanked him anyway.

Linda then observed that that is where the other three had gone. When the couple returned we went to chat ot them and they let us know tht we were in what they termed as the approachable area of the beach. Their names were Amy and Frank and mainly came here for the big black cocks that they both liked and their friend and others would help them. They were also very kind telling us we looked great and had considered coming over to talk to us before their friend had arrived. as the sun was getting hotter Linda and I retired to a close by bar and had a little lunch. As we talked she told me it was our holiday and we really should try the local produce. Linda had noticed that Amy and Frank had also made their way to the same bar and told me she wanted to ask Amy a question before we went back to the beach.

As we gathered our things to go back to the beach Linda brought her drink with her. Once back in our spot from earlier and having finished her drink she turned it upside down and poked a few flags into the top. We shouldn't be here long she said. Linda was right and as we were talking to one hung black man another came over, and onother. Linda told me that she was going to make up for lost time and 3 would be a good place to start and to make sure I dodn't leave anything behind.

Back at out chalet, Linda was soon sucking on all their cocks one by one they were big when they were flacid but they were huge once she had them all erect. They had her doggystyle on the occasional table, the first bbc man took his time to slowly f***e his cock inside her willing pussy as Linda moaned loudly, once he was thrusting in ant out easily the three of them took turns fucking her pussy, soon it was gaping between each turn as they commented on how easy she now took their cocks. They helped themselves to Lindas sunoil and oiled up her hanging tits and proud ass.

One of them while punding at Lindas pussy began to play with her anus. Linda asked what he was doing and he casually said prepping it babe. Linda continued I don't let my husband fuck my ass. Again he casually remrked then don't let him.

I could see his thumb was all the way in her ass now, pulling it wider as he moved it in and out. Linda was cumming hard as he continued to play with her ass. It was time for a switch of places and the next bbc went deep into her pussy again, long hard strokes as Linda rippled with her orgasm. Then just as she was starting to reach a rhythm again he pulled out and rested his cock across the top of her ass. It was huge Linda wanted more as he now brushed the tip of his cock over her pussy and anus. Linda would push back as he slid the thick tip across her lips. Them expertly he tricked her as she pushed back his head stayed at her anus as he f***ed the tip in. Holy shit, Linda said it I thought it. One of the men placed his sticky cock at Lindas lips as she greegily took him in her mouth as she moaned loudly. Two of them now took turns sliding their big cocks into Lindas ass as between gulps on the other cock she now encouraged them to fuck her ass.

Between changes of cock her ass now gaped to their size. My cock was hard and in my hand as I watched on, the next switch of cock and this time he went for her pussy as he grunted loudly cumming inside her, the next quickly entered her ass again grunting loudly and calling her a slut as he came in Lindas ass. The third man was making Linda swallow his load as he tried to bury his cock as deep into her throat as it would go. Linda was choking and as he withdrew, the mix of saliva and cum was now wiped over her heaving breasts.

As the men left I masturbated over Lindas breasts cumming hard and with increased volume to her delight.

Linda was now wasturbating her pussy as she told me to eat the cum from her tits, she moaned loudly as I greedily lapped at her breasts, then she presented me with her ass in the air and with cum dripping from both holes she told me to finish cleaning her up.

Linda told me I had cleaned her well as she now slipped a well lubricated finger into my ass, dragging me towards her sticky body. She now sucked my softening cock as she delightd in telling me what sluts we both were, she wanted me to take a cock the next time, in the ass just like she had I was going to love it!... Continue»
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A Wonderful Holiday

“It’s a fantastic idea, Beth, they’ll love it!”

My younger s****r had just explained her idea of taking our parents away for a holiday in the sun to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, and as usual with her, I thought it was a great suggestion. Although she was only twenty-three, Beth had always been the star c***d in our f****y, the one who worked hard and really achieved – she’d got a good job straight from university and could probably afford to treat the folks like this, but the nice thing about her was that she was generous with her money too, she genuinely wanted to treat them. And if I was going to be included as well – even better! I was the polar opposite of Beth, three years older but nowhere near her in terms of a career ladder – whilst she’d always tried and won I’d rarely bothered trying at anything in life, academically, professionally or in terms of relationships. But I was okay with that, and the two of us got along just fine, even if our paths didn’t often cross these days.

“Are you going to invite Ann, too?” Ann was our older s****r, three years my senior.

“Well, yes, of course,” Beth replied, “but I don’t know if she’ll be able to come. She’ll have to get someone to look after Jamie and I don’t see John wanting to do that after the past few months.” We both had to feel for Ann – she’d been a cross between Beth and me in that she’d always tried hard in life, but never seemed to get anywhere. Married at twenty to a man the rest of the f****y instantly disliked, she had recently and finally freed herself in a messy divorce, but was left struggling to juggle an underpaid job with looking after her seven year old son.

“Have you talked to mum and dad about it yet, Beth?”

“No, and I don’t want you talking to them either! Leave it with me because I want it to be a big surprise for them. I’m going to tell them they’re going away, but not that we’re joining them or where we’re going or any of that. I’ll organise everything.”

I knew when to back off gracefully, Beth usually got her way and if I was being honest with myself she’d do a far better job than I would with this sort of thing.

“I’m going to bring Paul along,” she continued, “is there anyone, you know, special, that you’d like to come as your guest?”

Beth and Paul had got engaged a couple of months ago – he was a hot shot doing a job I didn’t understand somewhere in the city, but a decent guy if the couple of brief meetings I’d had with him were anything to go by. I was thinking about Becky. I’d been seeing her for a couple of months now, but I wasn’t really sure if it was going anywhere. The plan was for the f****y holiday to happen in September, and it was June now – I couldn’t be sure if we’d still be a couple in three months. “No,” I said, “nobody special. It should be a f****y thing anyway, really, and Paul’s about to become f****y.”

Over the next couple of months I got regular updates from Beth, who was revelling as ever in her role of chief organiser. We were going to Tenerife, close enough that the flight wouldn’t tire the older members of the party out, but far enough to guarantee plenty of sunshine. The apartment was booked, and our parents knew they were being treated but not how. Ann was trying to arrange her affairs and come, but couldn’t be sure if she could, but Beth had booked a place for her anyway. And my relationship with Becky was as up and down as ever, at times fantastic and at times almost non-existent. I’d told her I was going away with my f****y, and she was okay about not coming too – I was confident I’d made the right choice not to bring her.

As far as I was concerned, it would be a nice break in the sunshine, no pressures. The week just couldn’t arrive soon enough.

Chapter 2

“Oh, Beth, it’s fabulous!” my mum enthused, and she was right. The apartment was huge, it’s white stone walls contrasting perfectly with the clear blue sky, the wooden floor cool under foot. The kitchen had all the conveniences of modern life, and the bedrooms were bright and airy. Balconies overlooked the town and sea, and an exterior staircase led up to a roof terrace, which featured a small swimming pool and a bubbling hot tub. It must have cost Beth a fortune.

“Glad you managed to come now?” I grinned at Ann as our parents looked around the kitchen. She smiled back at me, although I knew from talking to her on the plane that she was tired and a little worried about Jamie, who she’d left with her ex-mother in law for the week. I’d wondered how Ann would deal with being away from the k**, but thought that if she could relax a little then she’d really enjoy the break, she looked like she needed it. Ann was tall and slim, but looked older than her years, worn down by the world. I’d remembered her as a vivacious woman in her mid twenties, but the last year had hurt her badly by the looks of it. Her eyes were dulled, she could have done with a haircut, and she appeared distracted and unable to concentrate. I decided then that I’d try my best to ensure she had a good break, especially as it looked like we were going to have to share a room together.

There were three bedrooms – my parents obviously had the biggest, Beth and Paul the second. Beth had asked me if I minded sharing with Ann or taking the sofa in the lounge, and I’d been quite happy with either option, but on closer inspection the sofa didn’t fold out into a bed after all. There were two big beds in the third bedroom, though, and Ann shrugged her acceptance of the weeks living arrangements. We started to unpack our bags.

“Mum and dad look so happy, don’t they?” Ann observed, sitting on her bed amongst strewn clothes. “I’m really pleased for them.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “they like having us lot around too, probably makes them feel young again!”

She laughed. “Reckon I could do with feeling young again too!”

“Well I think you need to relax, s*s. We all know you’ve been having a tough time recently, but hopefully things will be getting better now the divorce is out of the way. I know it’s not going to be easy, but…”

“Not easy!” she interrupted, “I’m not sure you realise quite what it’s like to be a single mother, it’s near on impossible! I can’t just forget all about John, you know, with Jamie too….” her voice trailed off.

“I know, I know, I’m not asking you to forget about it, I just think that this break will be good for you as well as mum and dad. A change is as good as a rest, and all that. Come on, you’re still young, beautiful – enjoy the sunshine, let your hair down a bit, and above all else, relax. It’ll be fun, you’ll see!”

“bl**dy hell, I feel like I’m a c***d again. Holiday with parents, sharing a room with my b*****r, being bossed around by my baby s****r!” but she was smiling whilst she said this. “Of course I’m going to enjoy it, and I’m really grateful to Beth for sorting it all out. The place is great, isn’t it?”

“Not bad at all,” I said, “race you to the swimming pool!” I was hot after the flight and taxi ride from the airport, and the pool looked so inviting. I turned my back on Ann, shrugged my shirt off and sat down on the bed. Kicking my shoes off, I thought for a second that I should go into the bathroom to change into my swimming shorts, but I figured that as I was facing away from my s****r she wouldn’t see me naked, and anyway, we were going to have to share for the week so we might as well be relaxed about it. I slipped off my jeans and boxers, and stood up to pull on my shorts. Turning round to face Ann, I gave a cheery smile. “See you upstairs in a minute!”

The pool was lovely and cool. I dived straight in and swum four or five lengths quickly, before stopping to sit on the steps leading down to it, covered in water up to my neck. I could live with this for a week, I thought. Ann was the next person out to the pool, wearing a black one piece swimming suit and carrying a large beach towel. I greeted her with a wave, and she smiled back at me, following my lead by jumping into the pool. “Oh, that’s nice!” she exclaimed, swimming up to me and standing in front of me to shake the water from her hair. She reached round to pull her hair away from her face, and as she looked upwards I couldn’t help but stare at her chest. Her breasts, always covered in sensible motherly sweaters before, were firm and rounded, and the chill of the water had caused her nipples to swell, pressing hard against the fabric of her swim suit. Very nice indeed, I thought to myself, before coming back to reality with a bump as Ann sat beside me. Christ, I shouldn’t be ogling my s****r’s tits!

Beth and Paul strolled up to the pool too, and we were shortly joined by our parents to make a very happy gathering. Beth had clearly been in the tanning salon, and her bright yellow bikini contrasted with her brown skin beautifully. Her and Paul made for a good looking couple, he lean and fit, she petite and pretty. Our parents looked on approvingly as they splashed about in the pool, every inch the perfect match. “What are we going to do on our first night, then?” dad asked, and we all got into discussing the available entertainment in the area.

In the end we decided on doing very little that night – we were all tired after the flight, and wanted to save some exploring time for later in the week. Paul and I walked down into the town and bought some food and wine, and we chilled out on the terrace eating and drinking, watching the sunset over the bay. The evening was still warm, and I had a pleasant buzz from the wine. This was going to be a great, relaxing week.

Mum and dad were the first to start yawning, and went off to bed at around nine. Beth wasn’t far behind them, but judging by her smile she wasn’t tired. “Come on, Paul, take me to bed,” she teased as she flounced off down the stairs, glancing over her shoulder and beckoning him to follow. He grinned at Ann and me, shrugged his shoulders as if resigned to his fate, and followed quickly.

Ann broke the silence after a couple of minutes. “Did you mean what you said earlier?”

“When?” I replied.

“When you said I was still young and beautiful.”

“Oh, yeah, Ann, of course!”

“But I guess that was just my baby b*****r trying to cheer me up, wasn’t it?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said. “Christ, Ann, you’re not even thirty yet, you’re nowhere near past it. Just because you’ve had a bad experience doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to have to stick with that…where you are in life at the moment…you know.”

I was rambling a bit, I realised, too much wine. But Ann continued. “I just want to feel desired again, I don’t think anyone’s looked at me as a woman for years, they only see me as a mother now.”

If I hadn’t had as much to drink, or if I hadn’t been so relaxed, I probably wouldn’t have said what I then said. “That’s nonsense, Ann. I think you’re very desirable, couldn’t help but admire your tits earlier and your body’s in great shape. You’ve still got that cute smile sometimes, and I love your eyes, when you don’t hide behind your hair.”

Aware I’d gone over the top, I tailed off. Ann was looking straight at me, and I held eye contact for as long as I could. She was blushing, I could see that even in the half light. “Ann, sorry, I’ve embarrassed you now,” I started, but she interrupted by standing up and coming over to my chair, bending forward and giving me a hug.

“Don’t be sorry, you silly boy. Thank you, that was a lovely thing to say, even if you are a bit d***k. I’m sorry to go on about it, you must be fed up hearing my problems.”

I hugged her back. “Don’t be daft, it does you good to talk about stuff. And I didn’t mean that I was staring at you earlier, it’s just that they were, kind of, in my face!”

She was laughing now. “Well I’m pleased you like them!” She sat down next to me. “So tell me all about your life, haven’t really caught up for ages. I heard you were seeing a girl – why didn’t you bring her along?”

I told her about my up and down relationship with Becky. Ann showed a genuine interest, and I found the discussion getting more and more detailed – I’d never really talked about this kind of thing with anyone before. “Don’t know if I should be telling my s****r all about my sex life!” I joked.

“No, go on, it’s interesting,” she came back with. “I don’t have a sex life at the moment, so it’s about as close as I get! And if I’m ever going to have another relationship I guess I need a few dating tips! So, basically, what you’re saying is that the sex is good but when it’s over you can’t be bothered to do more for the relationship, yeah?”

I had to agree. “Does that mean I don’t care about Becky enough?” I wondered.

“Well maybe,” Ann replied. “Do you wonder what she’s doing now?”

“Not really, I guess it’s Thursday night back in England, and she’s probably watching TV with her flatmate, discussing what to do at the weekend. Not too exciting!”

“Whereas you are sitting under a warm, starlit sky, drinking wine with a single woman you’ve already described as beautiful! Do you think she’s wondering about you?”

I was laughing with her now. “No, probably not. Anyway, I thought I was supposed to be the one cheering you up, not the other way around!”

“Come on,” she said, “I’m going to bed. Last one downstairs has to turn the light out!”

She was always going to win that race. By the time I got downstairs she was in the bathroom, so I took my shirt off and sat on my bed, waiting for her to come out so I could go to the toilet. When she walked into the room, she too had taken off her t-shirt, and laughed as she threw it at me. “Still think they’re desirable?” she asked. Her bra was a creamy white colour, obviously built to push up her breasts.

Of course I still thought they were desirable! “Yes, you big tease,” I said, “But I need the loo now, please!” and stood up to walk past her.

As I did, she grabbed hold of my arm and turned me towards her. “Thank, Joe,” she said, “it does mean a lot to me, you know.” She reached out to hug me, and I pulled our bodies closer. It was nice to feel her bare skin on mine, as she rested her head on my chest.

I lowered my head and kissed her gently on the forehead. “Anytime, s*s,” I said. “But I really do need to go now!” I broke off the hug, and went through to the bathroom. I was slightly disturbed to realise that I had an erection, and I hoped Ann hadn’t noticed as we’d hugged. She was a desirable woman, but she was also my s****r! I pulled myself together and brushed my teeth.

The light was off when I went back into the bedroom, and I heard Ann getting comfortable under the sheets. I sat on the edge of my bed and slid my jeans off. I always sl**p naked, but again had that moment of doubt about whether it was appropriate at the moment. But not for long – I slipped my boxers off and quickly threw the sheet over me. It was cool and crisp, the bed comfortably firm. I was tired, too, and closed my eyes as my head hit the pillow. “Hey,” said Ann, gently, “thought you might like this.” Something landed on the pillow next to my head.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“My bra,” she said. “So much nicer to be naked under these crisp cotton sheets, eh?”

“Oh yes,” I agreed, “but how am I supposed to sl**p now, I’ll have those fabulous tits on my mind all night!”

Ann’s wicked giggle was the last thing I remember as I drifted off to a deep sl**p.

Chapter 3

It was just about light when I woke, but only about six o’clock. Had there been a noise, or was it just a throbbing erection that had woken me? I reached down a grasped my thick cock, feeling a tingle deep in my balls. The sheet was pushed to one side, and I suddenly remembered that Ann was in the room too. I glanced over to her bed, but she was sl**ping soundly, lying on her back and breathing evenly. Her sheet had been kicked down in the night, though, and my cock twitched in my hand as I stared at her chest – her tits were fantastic, I hadn’t been k**ding myself. I stroked my hard cock up and down a couple of times, slowly, enjoying the sensation. God I was horny, I must have been having a glorious dream. The tip of my penis was wet with the pre-cum, and slippery as I flicked a finger over the top of it. I rolled onto my side so I could look at Ann and rub myself at the same time, and began a slow, rhythmic motion, imagining licking her puffy nipples, edging the sheet further down to reveal her pussy, her legs parting at the touch of my finger tips, her slippery slit, a triangle of fine hairs, desire in her heavy breathing….faster and faster I pumped my cock, and all of a sudden I was coming, spurting a string of creamy spunk onto the sheet and onto my stomach.

I lay back, breathing heavily, still stroking my sensitive penis as the hardness shrunk away. Fucking hell, I was wanking over my s****r. Jesus, hope I hadn’t woken her up, she’d be horrified. I pulled the sheet back over my body, closed my eyes and tried to get back to sl**p.

I must have managed to, because the next thing I knew there was a light knock at the door and my mum was calling. “Breakfast on the terrace in ten minutes, you two.”

I sat up, yawned and stretched. Ann had just woken up too. “Morning,” she smiled across at me. “sl**p well?”

She made no move to cover her body with the sheet, if anything her stretching out was pulling the sheet further down. “Yeah, think so,” I said, aware that my erection was making a return. “You?”

“Mmm, yes, very comfortable. Lots of nice dreams, too,” she grinned. “Can I have my bra back now?” I’d forgotten about that, it was still on my pillow. I threw it back with a chuckle.

“Cover yourself up, you hussy!” I joked. “I’m not going to be able to get up otherwise!”

Ann simply threw off the sheet, swung her legs over the far side of the bed and stood up, facing away from me. Looking over her shoulder, she winked at me, and walked the couple of steps into the bathroom. I breathed out hard. Her arse was as good as her tits, bl**dy hell, who would have thought it! I reached down to my hard cock again. No, no, had to get up! Grudgingly I stood up, pulling on my swimming shorts. Ann came back into the room, and stood facing the wardrobe. Making up her mind, she picked a dark blue one-piece swimming costume out, and, still with her back to me, bent down to step into it. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to stare at her arse. It was round and full, smooth curves merging into her hips and down to her thighs. She seemed to take an age to stand upright again, and she wriggled her arms into the straps of the suit before turning round towards me. She picked out a short skirt and a t-shirt to go over the suit, and threw these on too, seeming not to notice the bulge in my shorts. “Breakfast, then!” she said brightly, and turned to go out to the living room.

Shaking my head, I stumbled into the bathroom and doused my face in cold water. My erection had subsided enough for me to go out now, so I found a long t-shirt and, as casually as I could, went to join the rest of the f****y.

Breakfast was as relaxed as the previous nights dinner. Everyone had very quickly got into the holiday way of life, I thought, as we discussed what to do later. Paul was describing some of the activities available down in the town – we’d had a quick scout around on our way back from the supermarket yesterday afternoon – and there were several boat trips. “I’d like to go up to Teide, the big mountain in the middle of the island,” Ann piped up, and Paul told her about a tour company that was advertising day trips. Mum and dad were more interested in sitting by the pool and catching some sunshine, and Beth claimed that she wouldn’t be able to breathe up there, so I said that I’d go along with Ann if she wanted. “Cool,” she said, and smiled at me. Stretching out her leg, she rubbed her foot against my calf under the table, and then a little higher. God she was such a tease! I looked sternly at her, and pushed her foot further down. She pouted, as if disappointed, and said she was going off for a swim. Of course, I had to wait a couple of minutes for my erection to go down before joining her!

“You are a very naughty girl!” I whispered to her, as we splashed about in the pool. “You can’t go around giving me a hard-on with our parents around! What if they saw us?”

“Ooh, so it’s not “don’t do it,” it’s “don’t let anyone see,” is it?” she laughed at me. “You’re just as bad as me! You shouldn’t have been gawping at my body, should you? Well if you can tease me with your words, I can tease you too!”

I couldn’t argue. I was enjoying every minute of our little game, even though I knew it was a dangerous one to play. Nothing wrong with a bid of holiday escapism, I thought, and my s****r certainly seemed a lot brighter and happier today.

“Joe, would you put some suntan oil on my back, please?” Ann called to me a little later. She was lying face down on one of the big loungers, and I was sitting reading a book. I walked over to her, and picked up the bottle of oil from her side. Perching on the edge of the sun bed, I poured a little oil into my hand and drizzled a little more directly onto her back. She gasped as the cold oil touched her hot skin. I quickly placed my hands on her back, gently but firmly massaging her shoulders and down her arms, before returning to the middle of her back. “Mmm, that’s nice,” she murmured. “Can you do my legs, too?”

Pouring a little more oil, I sat further down the bed and reached over to massage the backs of her legs. She shifted a little on the bed, and as my hands moved up from calves to thighs, her legs parted just a little. I moved my slippery hands down again, then up, each time noting her thighs moving further apart. My hands moved further up too, and I found my thumbs spreading her arse out a little with each push. She was breathing deeply and evenly, loving my attention. I chanced a little more contact, my finger trailing lightly over her swim suit, down the crack of her arse and smoothly over her pussy. She shuddered slightly – had I gone too far? But the next time my hand moved between her legs she closed them tightly around it, keeping my fingers there, for just a couple of seconds. “Thank you, Joe,” she whispered, “don’t think I’ll burn now for a bit.”

Looking carefully over at the rest of the f****y, I squeezed her arse cheek firmly once, and got up to dive straight into the pool. I needed to cool off!

The rest of the day passed slowly, as we all unwound from the stresses of our everyday lives. Mum and dad seemed to sl**p most of the time, while Ann, Beth, Paul and I read books and jumped in the pool when it got too hot. Ann was careful not to get too close to me, and I didn’t push it at all. Later in the evening, we all walked down into the town for some food, and found an Italian restaurant right on the beach, which served excellent seafood washed down with cold white wine. Back at the apartment, Beth and Paul disappeared to bed, whilst dad fixed a nightcap for the rest of us. Ann said she was going to bed, and I sat on the terrace sipping a small whiskey with my dad. Perhaps our game was over.

When I slipped into the bedroom, I assumed Ann was asl**p. I went to the bathroom, took off all my clothes and walked back to the bed, quietly easing myself under the sheet. It was a bit of a surprise when Ann spoke: “Hey, you.”

“Oh, Ann, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“You didn’t, I wasn’t asl**p. How’s it going with you then?”

“Okay, cool,” I said. “It’s been a nice evening, good food, good company. You alright?”

“Yeah, think so. Missing Jamie a bit, I guess. Not sure what I’m doing here really. But yeah, I’m doing okay.”

There was something in her voice telling me she wasn’t telling the whole truth. “You sure, Ann,” I said, “you sound a bit unhappy.”

She sniffed. Was she crying? “Hey, Annie, don’t cry,” I said, sitting upright in bed. “I’m sure Jamie’s cool, he’s being well looked after, and you should be using this time for yourself, it’s great to get away from things for a while.”

She was crying. I slid my legs over the edge of the bed, and knelt down beside her bed. Reaching up, I stroked her hair back from her face, down to her neck. “It’ll be okay, honest! Relax and enjoy your week. You’ll be able to put everything into perspective when you get home, but for now don’t think about it too much.”

Ann wriggled her arms free and placed them around my neck and shoulders. “You’re just so bl**dy reasonable sometimes!” she smiled. “Give us a hug.”

I eased my arm under her head, and kissed her gently on the top of her head. My right arm slid down her back over the sheet, and I squeezed her gently. I could have stayed kneeling beside her bed for ages, but Ann was pulling me up towards her. I ended up half sitting and half lying on the edge of the bed, and Ann rolled onto her back and pulled me down next to her. “A proper hug,” she demanded, rolling over more so she had her back to me now. I moved so I was facing the same way as her and put my arm around her side. She wriggled slightly against me. “That’s better,” she whispered. “You sl**p well. Think I will like this.”

I kissed the back of her head. “sl**p well, s*s, sl**p well.” She was nearly asl**p, her breathing slow and regular. I breathed in the scent of her hair, tired too but all too aware that I was naked, and that although there was a sheet separating us my penis would be pressing into her back if I moved an inch or two. I moved away from her slightly, and drifted gently off to sl**p.

Chapter 4

I woke up with a start. Where was I? Who was this with me? What time was it? It was still pitch black outside, and I just about made out the time on the fluorescent digital clock on the table. 3:38. My penis throbbed – had I been dreaming again? I still had an arm around Ann’s side, palm resting flat on her stomach, although the sheet was separating us too. I moved my arm slowly down to rest on her hip, adjusting my position slightly so that my cock wouldn’t bump her too much. My arm travelled down the outline of her leg. She was definitely naked too, I couldn’t feel any knickers. I stretched my arm as far as it would go, trailing my fingers back up her leg, over her hip and up her side, to where I could feel the swell of her breast. Slowly, almost dreamily, I stroked down and under her breasts, cupping one gently in my hand, and then down onto her stomach again.

My s****r sighed. Oh god, was she awake? My hand froze on her flat belly, and I listened carefully to Ann’s breathing. Same as normal, slow and regular, she was still asl**p. I breathed out, a sigh of relief, and my hand continued its slow exploration of her body. I traced the same pattern as before, down her leg, up again and up to her breast, gently stroking and back down to her stomach. The next cycle I varied slightly, rather than over her hip on the way back up I trailed my hand lightly over her buttocks, running a finger over her crack, before carrying on up her side. I felt so horny, this delicate, teasing stroking was fantastic. The next cycle I lightly rubbed the front of her breast – her nipples were tight and erect as I brushed over them. I hoped my s****r was having a beautiful, sexy dream, which is what I felt I was in the middle of. Trailing my hand down her front, I reached round further than before to stroke over her pussy and down the front of her legs this time.

Up I went again, a little firmer over her arse now, and brushing my cock too. I was nearly coming, this was one of the most erotic feelings I’d ever had. My fingertip traced slow circles around her nipples, one after the other, and then up further for the first time, gently across her neck and then back down her side. This time I grasped my penis firmly, and pulled on it a couple of times, edging myself closer to the inevitable eruption, but not yet – I wanted this to last as long as possible. I rubbed the small of Ann’s back, and pushed my hand down onto her arse, one finger exploring around her tight hole, and then further down. Were her legs further apart than before? They had to have been, I hadn’t been able to brush across her cunt the last time. I ran my hand back up her front, and across her tits. Her breathing was deeper now – had I woken her? I didn’t think so, but I wasn’t sure I cared any more, I needed to touch her, needed the physical relief. My hand slid back down her front, and I pulled her leg back towards me, pushing my cock into her arse crack. I reached round and put my hand straight over the mound of her pussy, feeling the rough hairs, and held myself against her as my cock twitched, once, twice, spitting it’s seed into the sheet that was all that separated us. Oh that felt good!

I eased my hand away from her pussy, and my sticky cock away from her arse. How was her breathing? Yes, normal, I was sure I hadn’t woken her. My beautiful s****r. I slowly turned onto my back, exhaling as I recovered from my orgasm. It just felt right to be in bed with her, although I had to wonder what she would have thought had she been awake. Was I using her body, abusing her even? I guess I was, but we had both got into this game together, and it felt good to play it. I had to be careful, though. She’d find the evidence on the sheet later, so I had to play it a bit cool, pretend I’d just had an erotic dream if she asked. The thought played on my mind as I drifted back to sl**p.

Chapter 5

Ann woke me in the morning with a gentle kiss on my cheek. “Hey, sl**py,” she whispered. “You should probably get into your bed just in case anybody comes in.” It was a fair point, and I slid reluctantly away from her warm body. A few minutes later mum knocked on the door, and called us for breakfast once more. “Did you sl**p well?” Ann asked me as she got up and went to the bathroom.

“Mmm, yes, it was nice and warm cuddling you,” I said, and got up to put my swimming shorts on.

“I had a really naughty dream,” Ann said as she came back into the room. “You were holding me and stroking my body, getting me very turned on. Oh, you were a very naughty boy in my dream!”

I laughed. “Well that would be bad, wouldn’t it. A nice hug, you asked for, and that’s it. You are my s****r, after all!”

“Well it was only a dream, wasn’t it? Can’t help what you dream about.”

She was looking at me hard now. Did she know? Was it a dream she’d been having? I looked away. “Hey,” she said, “don’t be embarrassed, it was lovely. Very erotic, just being separated by that thin sheet.”

Oh shit! “Ah, s*s, I’m sorry. I thought you were asl**p, I just woke up and felt so horny, and you felt so nice against me, and, I guess I got carried away. Look, I’m sorry.”

She walked up to where I was sitting on the edge of my bed, leaned over and kissed me, lightly, on the lips. “No embarrassment, no saying sorry. I loved it, your touch was so gentle, so caring. Haven’t felt like that in a long time. I wanted to let you know I was awake, but I just couldn’t, I didn’t want it to stop. So no saying sorry, eh?” Another kiss. “Come on, breakfast. Mum’ll be wondering where we’ve got to.” I felt so guilty, but Ann was buoyant, beaming a huge smile at me. I stood up and followed her out onto the terrace.

“What’s everyone up to today, then?” my dad asked as we ate our toast and d***k orange juice under the clear blue sky.

Ann was the first to reply. “I think I’m going to go into town and have a look around the shops. Might buy myself some clothes. Beth, do you fancy coming?”

Beth said that she’d love to. I looked over at Paul – it was pretty clear that he didn’t fancy shopping at all, so I suggested that we could go down to the beach and try out some of the activities down there, jet skis being my favourite. Paul visibly brightened at this idea, and it was settled. The girls went off to get changed, and, after giving Ann a few minutes I went to pick up a towel and my beach shoes.

Ann was sitting on her bed, wearing a short light blue dress, and combing her hair. “Would you like to take me out to dinner, tonight?” she said, looking up at me as I walked into the bedroom.

I was slightly taken aback. “Er, yeah, great, that’d be nice, s*s, yeah.”

“Excellent!” she said, flashing me her biggest grin. “Being taken out by a handsome young man – I can’t wait!” She squeezed my arm and gave me a peck on the cheek as she left the room to go and find Beth.

Paul and I had a cool morning, messing about at the beach. I’d always got on reasonably with him, but this was the first time we’d spent together without Beth around, and I found him to be just like my younger s****r, bright and funny, confident, generous. The time passed quickly, and we decided to go for a bite to eat and a beer in one of the seafront bars before heading back up to the apartment for a siesta. The girls hadn’t returned from their shopping trip by the time we got back, and I went straight to the cool of the bedroom, lay down, and was sound asl**p in minutes.

Chapter 6

Beth was sitting on my bed, shaking my arm gently to wake me. “Come on Joe, I hear you’ve got a hot date this evening.” I blinked a couple of times, and sat up. “I think it’s really nice that you told Ann you were taking her out to dinner. She could do with cheering up, I think. Hopefully a bit of retail therapy earlier has helped, but it’ll be good for her to have a nice meal and a bottle of wine too. Where are you going to take her?”

I looked over to the clock. 6.42. God, had I been asl**p that long? “Er, not sure, Beth,” I mumbled. “Did you have a good shopping expedition then?”

“Yes, excellent!” she smiled. “Ann’s bought a new dress and had a haircut, I got some lovely tops – there’s more shops in this place than in London!”

Her enthusiasm had woken me from my slumber. “So I guess I should be getting ready then.”

“Oh, yes, sorry,” Beth replied. “Ann’s in my room, so I’ll leave you to it and see you later.”

I quickly jumped in the shower, and had a shave. I selected a pair of faded blue jeans and my favourite white t-shirt, brushed my teeth and was up on the terrace with a beer in fifteen minutes. It was about ten minutes later when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I turned round to greet Ann, and just had to stand and stare – she looked fantastic! Her long, light brown hair was now short and blonde, and she was wearing a figure hugging dark blue dress which came down to just above her knees. I couldn’t ever remember her wearing makeup before, but she’d obviously been borrowing from Beth, and her face had a beautiful glow. Her eyes were shining brightly as she strolled over to where I was standing. “Wow!” was all I could manage, “you look beautiful, s*s.”

“Okay, none of this “s*s” business tonight,” she said. “I want you to treat me like we’re on a proper date, a couple who’ve only met a few times before. I need a bit of practise at this sort of thing for when I get back home again. Is that alright? But thanks for the compliment, anyway!”

“Yeah, sure, Ann,” I wondered about what the rules were for the evening. “Do you have anywhere in mind for dinner?”

“Well I noticed a nice looking seafood restaurant near the beach earlier, and I thought you might like to take me for a drink in that bar just further along from the jet skis before that.”

It all sounded great to me. I formally offered Ann my arm, and she placed her arm through mine as we left the apartment to cries of “Have a nice time” and “Don’t be too late” from the others.

We walked slowly into town in silence, enjoying the peaceful early evening and the last of the sunset, and settled at a table on the terrace, gentle waves lapping rolling up within a few feet of us. She did look beautiful, her eyes especially were something else – there was a sparkle there in the candlelight which I’d never noticed before. “I love your new haircut, Ann, really suits you. And that dress – it looks fabulous on you. I’m very proud to take you out to dinner tonight.”

I swear she was blushing a little. “I’m glad you like it, Joe,” she said quietly, “I want to look good and I haven’t always bothered in the past. Does it make a difference to how people see me, do you think?”

“Well I guess so. I mean, now there’s no way anyone would treat you as a mother as opposed to as a sexy woman, I think the haircut is more modern, makes you look younger. You know what I’ve said before about your body, and the dress really shows it off. You’re gorgeous, and I hope you know it too!”

“I feel different to normal, you know, sexier, maybe younger. Less worn down, anyway. And I think that’s a lot to do with self-esteem. And you’ve really helped me by telling me that you like the way I look, really. So thank you.”

Our drinks arrived, and we sipped in a comfortable silence. The bay was tranquil at this time of night, the first stars starting to shine and reflect off the black sea. “I think I need to be loved,” Ann broke the silence. “I haven’t been with a man for over two years now, and you start to think it’s never going to happen again, do you see?”

“Yes, I suppose. It’s easy to get into a rut, and when you do it’s tough to get out of it again. But I don’t ever want to think of you being unhappy, you deserve all the happiness in the world. You’re a beautiful person as well as having a beautiful body!”

It was a corny line but I think I got away with it – Ann was laughing. “Is that what you say to all the girls?”

“Well, some I suppose. But only the ones I like!”

Dinner was really good, a very simple meal of fresh seafood served on another terrace overlooking the sea. The highlight was probably when a young Spanish guy came in selling roses – he stood by the table and asked me if I’d like one “for your beautiful wife,” which made Ann laugh out loud. The rose seller apologised, and asked if I’d like one “for your beautiful girlfriend,” with a smile. Of course I bought one, and presented it to her with a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“There,” I said, “he obviously thought we were the perfect couple.”

“Rubbish, it’s just a sales line, bet he says that to everyone.” But I could tell she was secretly pleased, and stretched my feet out to squeeze her leg between mine. She smiled sweetly at me across the table.

It had been a lovely evening. When we got back to the apartment everyone else was in bed, and I went to open our bedroom door too. “Ah, no,” Ann stopped me. “We’re on an early date, so you should just give me a goodnight kiss and leave me at my door.” And then, almost as an afterthought, “you can come in in ten minutes.”

I bent to kiss her on the lips, and she kissed me back gently. I pushed my lips a little harder against hers, trying to open her mouth with mine, but she pushed me away laughing. “Boys, boys,” she smiled, “always after one thing. But I’m not the sort of girl to put out on a first date. Good night.” I was left standing there as she closed the door gently on me.

After the required ten minutes, I softly opened the door and slid into the room, which was in total darkness. Quietly undressing, I got into bed and lay down, listening for my s****r’s breathing. After the previous night I couldn’t tell if she was sl**ping or not, but she was certainly peaceful. I turned onto my side to face towards her, and it wasn’t long before I was dozing off.

I was woken in the night by the sound of my bedsheet being pulled down and Ann getting into bed next to me. “Shhh,” she whispered, “don’t wake up. Just needed a hug, that’s all.” She snuggled up to my back, placing an arm across my chest and lightly kissing my shoulder. Her tits were pressing on my back, and although I was still half asl**p I could feel my erection growing. How was I supposed to get back to sl**p now? But somehow she seemed to have managed to, her soft breath even on my neck and her hand totally relaxed across my stomach. I didn’t dare to try and wake her or touch her, and eventually must have drifted off again.

Chapter 7

“Morning, sexy boy.” She was whispering in my ear, and it was a lovely way to wake up. “Come on, I want a swim before breakfast.” Ann was up out of bed and rummaging in the cupboard. She came up with a bikini and sat back down on the bed next to me. “I bought this yesterday too,” she said, “hope you like it as well.”

She stood up in front of me, her body gloriously bare. She bent to slip on the bikini briefs, her tits swinging freely as she stepped into them. They really were brief, smaller even than Beth’s yellow costume, and an eye-catching red colour. I was staring at my s****r’s pussy through the thin material – I could see a few fine hairs poking out from under the crotch. She turned round and the view from the back was even better, just a thin string across her arse. I reached out to stroke her behind. “Uh, uh, no touching!” she teased, moving away from me and putting the top on. Again it really was brief, just two triangles to cover her nipples but not the whole of her beautiful tits. “So, what do you think?”

“Oh yes, very nice, very nice indeed!” I complimented. “But see what you’ve done now?” My erection was making the sheet look like a tent.

Ann just laughed at my predicament. “See you in the pool in a minute!” she called, and walked out. I thought about wanking off again, but perhaps a cool swimming pool would be a better way to calm my overexcited body down – I grabbed my shorts and made for the terrace. Ann was at the top of the stairs. “Shhh, she warned as I started up them. “Come and look!”

I crept up the stairs to the little slit window she was standing next to, and peered in. It was our parents bedroom, and what I saw caused me to take a step backwards – dad was kneeling behind mum, and fucking her in the doggy position. “Oh god, I shouldn’t be seeing this!” I joked quietly.

Ann, though, was paying rapt attention. “Don’t you think it’s exciting to watch other people having sex, though,” she whispered.

“Yeah, I guess, but they’re our parents!”

“I think it’s great that they still do it. There’s hope for me yet! Look, they’ve changed around.”

I had to look. Dad had moved underneath mum, and she was in the process of throwing a leg over him. She reached round behind her and grasped his thick penis in her hand, and gradually moved back so she could place it at the entrance to her cunt, which looked sticky and wet to me. Dad’s cock was easing into her hole, little by little, and mum threw her head back as she felt the full length inside her, before starting a rhythmic up and down motion. Ann and I could clearly see dad’s cock sliding in and out, wet and slippery now, and the rhythm increased in pace. Suddenly mum stopped. “She’s coming, she’s coming,” Ann whispered, and I saw her arse quivering as she shook slightly with the power of her orgasm. Mum slid off Dad’s long prick, and again changed position, this time straddling his head and placing her pussy down onto his mouth, where we could see his tongue licking out in anticipation. Mum bent to take his cock in her mouth, sucking it in deeply, and again starting a rhythmic bobbing up and down. It wasn’t long before she lifted off and we saw dad shoot a great torrent of spunk into her open mouth and face as she milked his prick dry, and then turned to face him, cuddling up closely on top of the bed clothes.

I reached out my hand and held it lightly on my s****r’s arse. She didn’t move away this time, and I started gently rubbing from her lower back down to the tops of her thighs, and she pressed back into my hand, encouraging me, whilst she stared through the window at our naked parents. My finger slipped between her legs, and grazed lightly across her cunt, feeling a small damp patch. She groaned lightly – “oh, Joe, no, stop,” but didn’t move away at all, and I pressed a little harder, edging my finger under the thin strip of material that was her new bikini. Her cunt lips were puffy and wet, slippery under my touch. I don’t know what would have happened if we hadn’t heard Beth about to come up the stairs we were standing on. Ann suddenly broke away from me and fled to the terrace, and I followed as quickly as the erection in my shorts would allow, reaching the top of the stairs to see Ann leaping into the pool. I quickly followed.

Beth was in a jovial mood. “Morning you two!” she called, “you’re up early!”

Ann stood up in the shallow pool. “Morning, little s*s, how’s you?”

“Ooh, get you in your new bikini!” Beth smiled. “You’ll have all the boys on the beach after you!”

Little did she know! But the cool water was having the required effect on my penis, and after a few minutes determined swimming I could just about face the f****y as they gradually all congregated on the terrace. I had a slight difficulty looking mum and dad in the eye, though. Was it just that I was jealous that they were getting more sex than I was? God, this game with Ann was driving me mad. I was seriously thinking that I wanted to fuck my s****r – what was going on?

It was going to be a beach day – mum and dad especially wanted to go down there as they’d spent most of their time around the apartment so far and wanted to explore. I was quite content with that, perhaps I could go off jet skiing to take my mind off Ann’s body! I waited upstairs while she gathered some clothes together and the rest of the f****y got ready.

Ann was very happy to strip off down to her tiny bikini once on the beach, and I had to admit that it would be a tough call between my two s****rs as to which one looked the best. Beth was darker skinned, having done a bit of pre-holiday tanning, but Ann was catching up, and her newly blonde hair looked fantastic when contrasted with the deep red of her costume. Beth’s tits were smaller than Ann’s, but perfectly formed, and her yellow bikini suited her beautifully, giving glimpses of bare breasts and arse but all the while being perfectly respectable. Whilst I’d never considered myself to be the worst looking bloke in the world, I now realised that my s****rs had got most of whatever beauty genes we had in our f****y. I ran down to the sea to escape my thoughts.

It was a beautiful day, hot but not uncomfortably so and the cooling sea always beckoning. Ann looked like she was enjoying herself – at one point she swam up to me as I was cooling off, jumped on my back and said, “Guess what, I’ve just been wolf-whistled at!”

That made me laugh. “Only once?” I asked, “I’m not surprised, s*s, you look very glamorous.”

Ann smirked at me, and, with her back to the beach, pulled up her top to reveal those perfect, full tits and large, erect nipples. I reached out to stroke them, but she quickly covered up again and dived beneath the calm surface of the water, appearing again a few yards away. God she was such a tease! I swam after her, and grabbed her round the waist, both of us laughing as we struggled, my hard cock pressing into her back as I held her tits, massaging them fiercely. She managed to break away again, and swam back to the beach, where she lay on her back on a towel, legs wide apart. I could see the thin film of material covering her cunt had slipped to one side, and Ann sat up and pulled it into place again, looking straight at me as I walked up the beach to join her. Beautiful!

Chapter 8

We all spent most of the day around the beach, and by the time we got back to the apartment everyone appeared really tired. We’d grabbed a few easy to heat up things for dinner, and sat around the pool eating in near silence, before drifting into our various rooms for showers. I won the toss of a coin with Ann for first use of our room, and stood under the warm water for several minutes, washing the salt from my body and hair. Ann went down when I returned to the terrace, and I sat and d***k a cold beer with Paul as the stars started to come out. Mum and dad were shattered, and went off to bed at about eight o’clock, but Beth and then Ann came back upstairs after their showers, and we all relaxed with a drink together.

I finished my beer, and asked if anybody else wanted one. Beth and Paul both declined, and Ann was only half way through hers, so I wandered down to the kitchen just for myself. Ann followed me downstairs, almost making me jump when I stepped back from the fridge. “Let’s take these into the bedroom,” she suggested.

“What’s up, s*s?” I enquired, noting her eyes, shining with mischief.

She put a finger to her lips to indicate that I had to be quiet, and ushered me into our room. “I was talking to Beth earlier, and she told me that she really wanted to do it with Paul in the hot tub, but you and me were always up later than them so they couldn’t! So, basically, I said we’d leave them to it tonight!”

I shook my head in wonder. “Is that what you girls talk about when you’re alone, eh?”

“Well, not usually, no. And you’re not to know, either, she said, she wanted me to make some other excuse.”

“Okay, okay,” I said, “so are we supposed to be playing cards, or something?”

Ann giggled. “Well I thought that we could go and spy on them – I don’t know about you but I found it curiously erotic watching mum and dad this morning, and I think we could tiptoe up those stairs and see what was going on without them noticing. What do you think?”

I smiled at her. “Ann, you’re truly wicked. But I like you for it!”

“I saw you looking at Beth on the beach this morning,” she said. “So, do you think she’s more beautiful than me, then?”

“Oh god, don’t make me answer that!” I cried, as Ann pouted at me. “I have two very beautiful, very sexy s****rs, who walk around with very little on all day. Its enough to drive me mad!”

We quietly opened the door and crept into the lounge. All the lights were off, but the door up to the terrace was slightly opened, and we walked over to the bottom of the stairs. “You first,” I ushered Ann upstairs, and followed her into the open air. One stair at a time, we carefully went up. Ann crouched down four or five steps from the top, shielded from the terrace by a low wall. I stopped behind her, glancing into the window of our parents room and finding it dark and quiet. As I’d done earlier that morning, I reached up and put my hand on Ann’s arse – like the morning she made no move to stop me. Slowly she raised her head above the wall, beckoning me to do likewise.

We were perfectly positioned, a couple of pot plants between us and the hot tub. Beth and Paul had their backs to us, sitting in the tub, and were kissing deeply – I could see my younger s****r’s face, eyes closed as her tongue explored Paul’s, her hand at the back of his neck, pulling their mouths together. Her hair was wet, plastered against her forehead – they’d presumably been for a cool swim before entering the tub. Beth eased off the kiss and pulled back from her fiancée. Smiling, she stood up in front of him, and slowly, teasingly, reached behind her back to undo the clasp of her bikini top. Unclothed, her tits were as fantastic as I’d imagined them to be, and she showed them off by swaying gently to some imaginary music. We overheard Paul murmuring – “come here, baby, come here.”

Beth was in no hurry, though, and she reached up to touch her tits, slowly circling the edges before lightly brushing over the nipples. We were close enough to see them rise up to her fingertips and see the pleasure in her face – I glanced at Ann, whose mouth was slightly open as she stared intently at the scene in front of her. Beth bent over and kissed Paul’s lips, pulling him into an upright position and holding him tightly against her, then backing away and kissing his chest, nipples, and down to his stomach. He still had his shorts on, but we could see his erection protruding from the top of them, and Beth knew what to do about that – she knelt down slowly in front of him, reached round Paul’s waist and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang forward, and Beth licked her lips in anticipation as her stepped out of his clothes. His penis was a good size, thick and long, and I found it intensely erotic to watch my s****r take it in her hand, look up into Paul’s face and suck it deep into her mouth. He leant his head back and groaned lightly into the night air as she withdrew her mouth from his cock and sucked it in again. My hand reached out to touch Ann’s arse again, just gently, holding it there, which she seemed fine with. I didn’t want to break her concentration or make any noise.

Paul was pulling Beth to her feet in the pool, and now he knelt in front of her. Running his hands down her front, her came to her skimpy bikini bottoms, put his fingers inside the material round her hips and pulled them down, so she stood as naked as he was. I almost let out a small gasp as I caught sight of her pussy for the first time – it was totally hairless, and I could see her dark pink clitoris protruding from the lighter coloured lips of her cunt. Paul bent his head to lick between her legs, which parted magically to allow him access, Beth screwing up her face with the pleasure he was giving her. “No, not yet,” she whispered to him, “I can’t come yet, I want you inside me.”

Paul stood up, and backed over to the side of the tub, sitting down and beckoning her forward. My s****r stepped over to him, kissed him hard on the lips as he reached for her pussy, and knelt on his lap, allowing him to place his cock between her legs. They shuffled into position slowly, before Beth sighed loudly, presumably as his cock found its way into her hot hole, and they held still together for a moment. I squeezed on Ann’s arse and she glanced at me, smiling. Beth was humping up and down on Paul now, her wonderful tits bouncing in front of him before he reached out his mouth and caught one between his teeth, sucking it almost brutally hard. “Oh, yeah, baby, oh yeah!” Beth gasped, “fuck me, Paul, oh yeah, oh god I’m coming, I’m gonna come!” and held her eyes tightly shut as she bucked up and down on him. It was fantastic to see her so turned on, so abandoned to her pleasure. Paul was still thrusting into her, and it was only seconds later that we saw him bury his head into her shoulder, and shudder as he too reached his orgasm.

They held each other tightly and only broke after a minute to kiss deeply, beautifully. Ann turned to me and pointed for me to go back downstairs, and with a quick glance to look at Beth’s fantastic body one final time, I slowly crept back to our bedroom, Ann following. We collapsed on our own beds, bursting to say something after so long in silence. “She’s a saucy minx, that baby s****r of ours!” I joked.

“Yeah, and a sexy one, too,” Ann agreed with me, “They looked like they enjoyed that!”

“I’m quite getting into this voyeur thing,” I said. “Don’t think I’d seen anyone fucking before today and now I’ve seen two other couples!”

“Oh yeah, I find it really erotic. Frustrating, sometimes, but really erotic too. I just wanted to walk over there and join right in!”

“So have you watched other people before then, Ann?” I asked, curious now.

“Well not really,” she replied, “but I just like the thought of seeing someone else getting off, you know?” I didn’t before, but I was starting to think I agreed with her. “Joe,” she continued, “would you like to get off, for me?”

“What? How do you mean?”

“Well, you know. I want to see you masturbate, make yourself come. I felt you do it a couple of nights ago, I want to see it now!”

I was so horny I almost didn’t know what to do. “Well I will if you will!” I smiled across at her, not really sure how she’d react but pleased when, after a tiny pause, she nodded.

“Get undressed then,” she whispered to me.

I pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, and lay back on my bed, running my hands over my chest. Ann too undid a couple of shirt buttons and threw off her top, revealing the fact that she hadn’t been wearing a bra that evening. Looking straight into her eyes, I lifted my hips and pulled my shorts down, taking my boxers with them. My hard penis lay onto my stomach, twitching slightly. Ann, perched on the edge of her bed, leant forward for a closer inspection. I reached down and grasped my cock firmly in one hand, moving it up and down slowly, and Ann licked her lips provocatively. “You’ve still got too many clothes on,” I said, and she nodded her agreement before standing up, turning her back to me and pulling her skirt down, just a little at first, revealing her arse to me gradually, bending over as her clothes reached her knees, and finally stepping out of them altogether. Naked, she turned back to me and sat down on the bed again.

“Is that better?” she asked, spreading her legs apart and reaching down to her hairy pussy, using her fingers to part her lips and show me her protruding clitoris.

“Yeah, that’s beautiful,” I said, increasing the pace of my cock stroking.

“I want to see you come,” Ann asked, “come for me, Joe.”

“I’m going to, s*s, I need to come so much, I’ve been wanting to all day!” I reached down with my other hand and gently squeezed my balls, looking at Ann, who was gently rubbing a nipple with one hand and around the tops of her thighs with the other. “I want to see you come too.”

“I want to, I need it like you, everyone else in this house is getting some and I’m not. I love the way you look at my body, though, makes me horny and I haven’t felt like this for ages. I’m all slippery and wet, and it’s good looking at you too. Your cock’s beautiful, yeah, keep stroking it baby, make yourself come, let go.”

I was close to doing just that. Ann leant her head back a little and I could see her fingertip exploring her sticky cunt. She was biting her bottom lip, ecstasy and agony close partners, and her tits were thrust forwards, nipples hard. “Oh, Ann, I’m gonna come,” I gasped, holding my cock at right angles to my body and still for that wonderful moment when you can feel the spunk rushing from your balls but before it leaves your cock. “Oh, yeah, that’s so good!” I erupted, three, four spurts of creamy sperm into the air and back onto my stomach, and slowly kept stroking my cock, milking the last few drops from it.

“Oh, Joe, that was beautiful,” Ann breathed. “I’m so hot, I need to come too.” She was rubbing herself hard now, her clitoris a blur under three fingers held tightly together, her left hand grasping the bedclothes to support her position. Her feet were splayed on the floor, and her arse was bucking back and forth as she frantically frigged herself.

I rolled onto my side to watch more closely. “Annie, I really want to suck on your tits.”

“Come on, they’re all yours,” she breathed, and I stood up and knelt before her, between her legs. The scent of her wet cunt was intoxicating. I looked up into her eyes, reached out a hand and caressed her face, before bending my head to her chest and taking a nipple gently between my lips. Rolling it over my tongue, I heard her low groan of pleasure, and reached out to rub her other nipple. “Joe, more, oh god, yes,” she cried, and her torso rocked forwards against my head, shuddering. Her movements slowed and I relaxed my hold on her nipple, allowing her to ease back and free her tits. She lay back on the bed, feet still on the floor, her cunt exposed before me. “Oh god that was good!”

I bent my head forward and kissed her stomach lightly, and lay my head onto her belly while she stroked my hair. My s****r’s cunt was inches away from my face, and I couldn’t resist moving my head down and pushing it between her legs, poking my tongue out and touching gently onto her enlarged clitoris. Ann moaned gently, “no, Joe,” but didn’t make any move to stop me, and I continued just licking around the edges of her pussy, slowly, slowly. I could feel her juices on my tongue and chin, and felt her start to respond to my tongue, pushing her cunt forward to meet it and make my light touches harder. Her hands were on my head now, pulling my face into her, wanting me to tongue her harder. I licked up and down, keeping my nose on her button whilst my tongue explored her hot hole, and felt her legs squeezing my ears. Keeping up the pressure on her cunt with my tongue, I reached up and fondled her breast with my left hand, remembering that my hard sucking on that had helped her come a few minutes earlier, and felt the trembling of her legs as confirmation that she was close again. Ann thrust herself against me, her hips bucking, and I placed my lips directly over her clitoris and sucked hard on it, as she held my head tight into her. Calming down, the pressure on my ears eased as she relaxed her leg muscles, and I put my head up from between her legs, my chin covered in her juices. She pulled me up towards her.

I eased myself up, laying between her legs, my stomach sticky with my come now against hers. We kissed deeply for the first time, tongues exploring each others mouths. My cock was hard again, and I shifted position slightly so the tip was touching on her pussy. She broke off the kiss. “Joe, no, I can’t. It feels so good, but I can’t fuck you, you’re my b*****r! Just kiss me.”

I knew she was right, but I was disappointed anyway. I rolled off her so we were side by side, and we kissed again, more gently now. “That felt so good,” she repeated, “I don’t think I’ve ever come twice so quickly before.”

“Felt pretty good to me too,” I said. “I know we shouldn’t be doing this, but it just feels right, you know? I love the way you look, the way you feel. The way you taste!”

Ann laughed. “Well I feel a lot better now anyway, I was jealous of everyone else but not now!” She snuggled into my arms, and I reached down to throw a sheet over us. Her warmth felt beautiful as she lay her head on my chest, and I closed my eyes, breathing her in. God I was tired. I fell asl**p with my beautiful, sexy, naked s****r cuddled up to me.

Chapter 9

Sunlight streaming through the window woke me in the morning. Ann had rolled over in the night and had her back to me now, and I took a moment to look over her still sl**ping form. Her body was fantastic, the gentle curve from her waist to her hip full of erotic possibilities. I eased myself over to her, my hard penis nudging towards the crack of her arse and my arm reaching over her hips to stroke her stomach. I kissed her neck, and moved my hand up to touch her breasts. She woke slowly, stretching and turning over onto her back. “Morning, gorgeous,” I whispered, “how you doing?”

“Mmm, okay I think. You?”

“Yeah, good. You okay about last night? I mean, I find you so attractive, but I know it can’t go on, but, you know, it was good….”

“Yeah, I’m okay about last night,” she said. “It felt fantastic, you make me really horny, and I feel very sexy around you. We’re away for a week, and I think we can play this game whilst we’re away. What do you think?”

I bent to kiss her lips, and she threw her arms around my neck to pull me closer. My hand reached down, across her belly and hips, across her groin and pubic hair, to where her legs were parting, waiting for my touch. I slipped my finger onto her clitoris, kissing her hard now, and she responded by reaching out her free hand and stroking it across my balls and up my cock. Her cunt was getting wetter by the second, and I touched my fingertip into it and spread some of the juices across her clit, making it slippery between my fingers. Ann grasped my penis, moving her hand up and down over it quickly two or three times, and pushed her pussy against my finger, which I eased into her cunt up to the second knuckle. She squeezed her legs tightly around my hand, and I wriggled my finger inside her, holding my palm against her clitoris and trying to make circular movements around it. My s****r legs were shuddering around my hand now, and I thought she was close to coming. The speed she was stroking my cock increased, and she broke off our kiss, gasping as her body shook with the f***e of her orgasm. “Oh, jesus, fuck, that’s amazing!” she exclaimed, turning her attention back to my straining cock.

Wriggling free from almost underneath me, she kissed my chest and plunged straight down towards my groin, and placed her lips over the red end of my penis. Using two fingers to make a circle tight around the base, she bobbed her head up and down, taking most of the length into her mouth all at once. Oh, it felt fantastic, her lips so tight. When she started to move her fingers up and down around the base in time with the movement of her mouth it very soon became too much for me. “Oh, Ann, yeah, I’m gonna come any second,” I warned her. She just kept on sucking, and I felt my balls bubble up and my spunk shoot out into her waiting mouth.

“Mmm, that felt nice!” she said, wriggling up to me again, one hand still on my softening cock. We kissed, and I could taste the spunk on her lips. “Can you wake me up like that every morning?”

I laughed. “We talked about that. Only whilst we’re on holiday!”

“Okay, okay!” We could hear movement from outside the room as everyone else was getting up. “Guess we’d better go and join them outside?”

“Yeah, suppose so,” I said, “although it’s kind of nice here.”

She laughed, throwing the sheet off, jumping out of bed and heading to the bathroom. I got up too, slipping on a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt. As Ann finished in the bathroom and came out, I moved past her to go to the toilet, squeezing her arse as she passed. By the time I got back into the bedroom she was upstairs with the rest of the f****y.

It was another beautiful sunny day, clear blue skies and a gentle breeze stopping it from being oppressively hot. We all lazed around the pool for the morning, reading books and swimming when we got too hot. I volunteered to oil Ann’s back for her, and by sitting on the edge of her sun-bed I could touch her without being seen by the others. While massaging oil into her back with one hand, I rubbed between her legs with the other, my finger wet and oily slipping under the material of her bikini and finding her cunt. I only had a couple of minutes, it would have looked strange otherwise, but I rubbed it hard for a few seconds, just to tease her. Slipping my finger away, I stood upright. Ann looked at me hard. “Thanks, Joe,” she said for the benefit of anyone else looking, and then, under her breath, “you bastard, you tease!” I smiled sweetly at her and jumped in the pool.

She got me back when I went downstairs to make some sandwiches for lunch though. I’d just got a load of food from the fridge and had laid it out on the table when Ann came down to the kitchen, walked straight over to me and put her hands down the front of my shorts. My penis instantly became alive, and she grasped it tightly, massaging it until it was fully erect before bending over and taking the tip in her mouth. I groaned as she slipped her tongue around the glans and sucked deeply, and she simply stood up, smiled at me and walked off. Just in time, too, because Beth came through the door moments later. I had to turn and face the sink until my erection had subsided.

We spent most of the afternoon dozing, reading and swimming too, all very relaxed. Beth spoke up at around three o’clock. “Joe, Ann, we were thinking of going out into town later, maybe having a few beers and going to a club. Can’t really come all this way without going clubbing can we? Do you fancy coming too? Not sure it’s mum and dad’s cup of tea though!”

I looked at Ann. “Yeah, why not, sounds cool,” she said, and I nodded my agreement. Our parents were quite happy to be left on their own for the evening, so it was settled.

Chapter 10

“So, what do you think?” Ann asked, emerging from Beth’s bedroom on the stroke of eight o’clock. She looked wonderful. She was wearing a short black skirt and high heeled sandals, which I think she must have borrowed from Beth because I hadn’t seen them before. Her legs looked tanned and toned. She had a pale blue shirt on, the buttons undone just enough to encourage you to look at her perfect tits, and her hair had been slightly spiked for the night. She could easily have passed for the same age as Beth. I looked her up and down approvingly.

My younger s****r came out into the lounge too. “What do you think, then?” she asked of Paul and me. She too, was looking pretty good. Her skirt was red, and as short as Ann’s, and she was wearing long black boots with heels making her as tall as Ann. Her tight red t-shirt showed off her breasts perfectly, and she’d done her hair in a loose pony-tail. Paul wolf-whistled in appreciation.

I glanced at him. “Don’t know about you mate, but I’m going to be proud to e****t these two beautiful young ladies into town tonight.”

“Yep,” he agreed, “they don’t scrub up badly when they put their minds to it!” Beth hit him playfully on the arm. “Sorry, sorry, just k**ding!” he said. “Joe’s right, you both look great tonight. Going to have to watch out for all those other dodgy blokes in discos though, they’ll all be chatting you up!”

We went for a couple of drinks by the seafront first of all, and it was good fun to go out with Beth and Paul – my parents were great, but they’re not really into partying in bars and clubs, so it was cool to go out with people of the same generation. I learnt about Paul’s proposal to Beth – the way they had told it at the f****y gathering to announce their engagement, Paul had very romantically gone down on one knee in front of a big group of their friends, but with no parents to impress the truth came out! He was on one knee, but only because he was too d***k to stand. Beth had been angry with him, he’d asked for forgiveness, and she’d said that she’d forgive him if he proposed to her. Paul had agreed, to a huge round of applause from their friends, but apparently had forgotten about it until the morning, when Beth had asked him where he was going to get the ring from! Paul said that he was a bit taken aback, but when he thought about it, “knew I wouldn’t get anybody as good as her again, so why not?”

There was a slightly awkward moment when Beth asked Ann and I if we were going to be chatting anybody up later in the evening. We glanced nervously at each other. “ I don’t think so,” Ann said, “I’m not really one for holiday romances, and besides, I wouldn’t want to bring anyone back to the apartment – might disturb Joe’s beauty sl**p!”

We all laughed and the awkwardness was over. Beth and Paul went to get more drinks, and Ann and I smiled to one another. “Don’t want to disturb my sl**p – ha!” I grinned.

“Well not by shagging some dodgy lad I’ve met in a club anyway,” she retorted. “Although you did say you were getting into this voyeurism thing, so you never know….”

“Ooh, so you might be chatting someone up later then!” I said.

“Maybe,” Ann replied, “but only till Beth and Paul go home!” She laughed saucily. I really wanted her now, and would have leant over to kiss her if our companions hadn’t returned with the drinks at that moment. We had quite a few more drinks before moving on to a club a little further down the beach. My head was buzzing by the time we got inside, and the throbbing bass sounded good. I’m not much of a dancer, so I propped myself up at the bar and watched whilst the others hit the floor.

I guess it was quite comical to look at. As soon as Beth and Ann started to dance, four of five guys moved in, creating a circle around them. Paul was almost crowded out, and he strolled back to the bar to join me, laughing. “Girls, honestly!” he joked, “couple of drinks inside them and they’ll flirt with anybody!” It certainly looked that way – my s****rs had their arms in the air and were throwing themselves around with the music. I could see one guy with his arm around Ann’s waist, yelling something in her ear, and felt a momentary pang of jealousy as she smiled at him. The two of them moved slightly away from the scrum, dancing face to face now.

Beth walked, or rather staggered, back to join us. “Shit,” said Paul, “looks like she’s had a few too many. Might have to take her home.” Beth was obviously struggling, not able to speak at the moment, wedged into a corner so she didn’t fall over. “Are you going to be alright with Ann?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” I replied. “You get her home and make sure she’s okay.” Paul half carried Beth out, giving me a wave over his shoulder as he left. I turned back to the dancefloor.

Ann had her arms round her partners neck, and they were touching foreheads. As I looked, Ann glanced up at him, and moved forward to kiss his lips. He responded by reaching his hand from her waist to her arse, pulling her towards him. They had virtually stopped moving with the music now, the kiss taking over. I wasn’t sure whether to be pleased for Ann, or whether I should rush over and break them up – in the end I did neither, simply sitting and watching. My s****r made up my mind for me after a few minutes, though – they parted and exchanged a few words, before he went off towards the toilets and she walked back to me.

“Who’s the mystery man then?” I asked with a smile.

“Come on, take me away from this place, quick!” she replied, glancing over her shoulder.

Surprised, I ushered her outside, and we walked quickly away down the beach. “What’s up, Annie, you looked like you were having fun out there?”

“Well, yes, I guess. But I didn’t really want him, and the only way I could get rid of him was to tell him that you were my boyfriend, and then it started to get complicated. I think he assumed we were some kinky couple, and you got off on watching me with someone else, and – oh god, I don’t know! Doesn’t matter anyway. I didn’t want him because I want you!”

She stopped in the street and faced me, reaching to take my hand before standing on her toes and kissing me on the lips. “Joe, you make me so horny, I want to make love to you. Not just kissing, rubbing, sucking, I want you inside me, I want to feel your cock, I need to. Please.”

“Ann, I love you, you turn me on so much too, but you’re my s****r! We shouldn’t be doing this!”

“I know, of course I know. But it’s an escape, this holiday, that’s all it is, and I’m enjoying myself for the first time in, christ, years! We’ve only got two more days – don’t make me stop now. Joe, I really need to get fucked, I’m aching inside. Come on, you’ve got to do this!”

She took me by the arm and led me down onto the beach, and we both slipped our shoes off. The black sand, too hot to walk on in the day, was cool underfoot. The booming sound of the bars was fading as we walked further away from the town. Ann stopped as we reached a row of sunbeds laid out on the beach, and stood in front of me. She put her arms around my neck, and we kissed deeply, passionately. My hands were on her waist, her shirt rode up on her hips and I felt her bare skin. There was no resistance in me now, I was alone on the beach with a beautiful, sexy woman, and I wanted her. I undid her shirt from the bottom up, pausing after each button to stroke her stomach. The last button came undone, and her glorious tits were finally on view. I reached to stroke them as she threw her shirt off onto the sand. Her nipples were hard through her lacy bra, and her breathing was heavy now. “Take it off,” I told her, and she complied, the bra joining the shirt on the beach. I bent to take a nipple in my mouth, a groan of pleasure my reward, and my hand travelled down her stomach, over her skirt and up her thighs. Her legs shifted apart quickly, and I pushed my finger firmly against her pussy. I could feel the dampness through her knickers, she wasn’t k**ding when she said she was aching inside.

Pushing my finger under the material, I found her wet hole, and rubbed her clitoris back and forth, round and round. Ann was gasping for breath into my shoulder as I slipped a finger into her hot cunt, her hips were bucking and her legs trembling. I pushed one finger between her spasming lips, feeling them tighten around it and wanting it to be my cock fucking her rather than my finger. Ann didn’t seem to mind what it was at that point. “Oh god, oh god, I’m coming, yes!” her voice was wavering as I continued to thrust my finger in and out of her. “Oh god that’s so good, don’t ever stop!” I didn’t want to, but my cock was straining so hard against my trousers that it was getting uncomfortable. I extracted my fingers from her knickers, and quickly undid my jeans. Ann sat on the edge of a sunbed, and pulled her knickers down and off. She motioned me forward, and I stepped in front of her. Her hands found my waist and pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down, freeing my hard penis, which she took in her hands as I stepped out of my clothes. Ann lovingly licked the tip of my cock, already slippery with pre-cum, and then wrapped her lips around the head. She reached between my legs to gently massage my heavy balls, and I closed my eyes, holding her head against me as she sucked harder.

“Annie, Annie, this is so good, but I wanna fuck you, babe,” I said, aware that I was near to shooting my load. She looked up at me, smiling, and eased herself back on the bed, pulling her skirt up. I knelt on the bed between her legs, and leant forward to kiss her lips, bringing my cock up to brush against her thigh. Adjusting my position, I felt the tip of my penis on her wet cunt lips, and pushed forward slightly so the tip was just inside her. “Are you sure?” I said, and she nodded her assent. I pushed a little harder, her lips sliding back to accommodate me as her cunt got used to being filled, and little by little, I was fucking my s****r.

Her hands reached around my back to pull me as deep as possible, and she groaned as I leant more weight onto her and touched her clitoris with this different angle. Her beautiful cunt felt wonderful around me, tight and yet soft, and I attempted to be slow and gentle with my movements, but I think Ann just needed to get fucked. “Come on, harder,” she urged me, and I increased the pace of my movements. She left one hand behind me but moved the other to her tits, pulling hard on one nipple and gasping with the pleasure and the pain.

“Oh, Ann, I need to come,” I said, feeling the rising in my balls.

“Oh yes,” she said, “Come on my tits, not inside me, come on me.”

I pulled my cock from her cunt, and knelt forward over her, stroking myself. My s****r looked up at me. “Come on my tits, Joe,” she ordered, just as the first gush of spunk rushed from me, and landed on her stomach. A second spurt, higher on her tits and neck, and a third, splashing onto her belly. She leaned forward, and managed to take my cock into her mouth, slurping down the last few drops before collapsing onto her back on the bed again. I collapsed forward too, kissing her lips and falling to her side as we both regained our composure. “That felt wonderful,” she smiled at me.

“Yeah, fantastic,” I grinned back into the night sky, “You’re so fucking sexy, it’s unbelievable!”

She leant up on one elbow to look at me. “Take me back and lets do it again in a comfortable bed. This might be a good place for a quick fuck, but I want you to make love to me.”

We sat up, looking around a little guiltily to see if we’d been spotted, but there was nobody else to be seen. I pulled on my trousers, and Ann threw her shirt on, laughing sexily as she handed me her underwear, which I put in my pocket, and we walked on up the beach and towards home.

There were no lights on when we got back to the top of the hill, and we moved into the apartment silently. Ann went to the bathroom in our bedroom, and I got a couple of glasses of water from the fridge. She was in bed when I got back, and I put the water down and bent to kiss her. “Come here, quickly,” she urged me, and I wasted no time in taking my clothes off and joining her under the sheet. She was naked, of course, and rolled onto her side to kiss me as I put an arm round her. She pushed her leg over mine, and rolled me onto my back, straddling my body as we continued to kiss. My erection was bumping on her arse, and she reached round to grasp it in her hand, shuffling herself back to meet it and easing the tip into her cunt lips. “Mmm, you feel good, I want you inside me again,” she whispered, as I moved my hips up to push my cock into her. She leant forward over me, her chest sticky with my spunk, and the full length of my cock buried itself in her. “Oh fuck, yeah,” she gasped quietly.

I reached my hand round her arse, running a finger down the crack as she shivered in anticipation, and leaving my finger tip against her arsehole. She bucked up and down on my cock, and I eased my finger just gently into her arse, which contracted around it tightly. She sat upright on me, and I reached up for her tits, rubbing her hard nipples, before sitting upright too, where I could kiss her lips and bend to suck those beautiful tits. Ann’s slippery cunt was sliding up and down my cock, I felt so close to her. She pulled my head into her chest, and squeezed my neck tightly as I thrust into her. “Oh baby, I’m coming again,” she cried into my shoulder, shaking as she tried to rub her clitoris as hard as she could against me. “Oh, yes, oh yes!”

I was close too. “I’m going to come, s*s,” I warned her, and got ready to unleash my load into her hot cunt, but she quickly slipped off me and bent her head to take me in her mouth again. Only just in time – my cock spurted again and she took it all in, swallowing most of my come and letting some roll out the corner of her mouth and onto her chin. She lay back onto my chest, panting.

“Joe, I want you to come inside me, but you can’t, you can’t. I’m not on the pill, I don’t want to get pregnant.” She looked up at me. “Get some condoms if you want.” I felt awful – I hadn’t given that a thought. I just never considered that our game would end up with us fucking, so I hadn’t taken it that extra step further to talk about contraception, and I’d been too d***k and too horny to think about it now we were fucking.

“Oh, Annie, I’m sorry, I should have thought,” I said, as she lay on me.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re fantastic, I love fucking you even without that at the moment. I don’t really like condoms, lets wait a couple of days and then it’ll be safe, no problems.” I stroked her back as her breathing deepened and she slept. I wasn’t far behind her.

Chapter 11

Ann woke me up in the morning with a kiss on my forehead. “Morning, sexy,” she whispered to me, “are you going to take me sightseeing today then?”

We’d talked about going to Mount Teide, which involved getting a coach from town halfway up the mountain, and then a cable car to near the top. “Yeah, sounds good,” I said, waking up slowly. “I’d just better jump in the shower first.” We kissed again, but before my erection could lead me further astray I broke it off. “Shower!” I laughed. “You are insatiable!”

I jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. The warm water felt good, washing away the slight hint of hangover at the back of my eyes, and I closed my eyes to let it fall into my face. It gave me quite a start to feel a hand on my back, and I turned round quickly to see Ann joining me under the jets of water. She stepped towards me, arms outstretched to reach round my neck, and we embraced. The water ran down our chests between us as we kissed. Ann’s hand fell to my waist and she pulled me closer to her, feeling my hard penis on her stomach. “Are you all nice and clean now?” she asked, in a little girl voice.

“Pretty much,” I replied, “do you need a bit of a wash down?”

“Yes, I think I probably do.” I broke away from her embrace, and picked up a bar of soap. She stood in front of me, hair wet under the shower, and I gently ran my hands, covered in soap, over her front. Her tits were standing proud, nipples hard to my touch. I dropped to one knee, running my soapy hands over her legs, up her thighs and across her bush. Her legs edged apart.

“Turn around,” I instructed, and she complied, facing the shower wall as I ran my hands over her back now, and down to her arse. I cupped her arse cheek in my hand, slipping a finger between her legs and rubbing her fiery cunt, wet not only from the shower now. Reaching round in front of her and stroking her stomach, I moved closer behind her and placed my cock between her arse cheeks, feeling her bend slightly to rub herself on me. I reached down and grasped my penis, forcing her legs apart more as I rubbed the tip on her cunt hole, before shoving it into her, not roughly but not gently either. My s****r groaned, pressed up against the wall. I pushed into her as far as I could, and held myself there, standing on tiptoes and reaching round to pull her belly back towards me. Standing like this, I could just about reach round her and rub my finger on her clitoris, although I couldn’t move much whilst doing so. Ann’s hands were above her head, palms down on the tiled wall, she thrust back at me as hard as she could whilst I kept as still as I could.

“Oh, yeah, keep rubbing there,” she cried above the sound of the rushing water, and I felt her body tense and shake as she reached her orgasm. I moved my hand away from her clitoris to enable me to thrust into her more easily, and held onto her hips as my cock pushed its way into her cunt. Oh, I wanted to come inside her so much, but I knew I couldn’t – I grunted as I neared coming, pulling my cock from her and spraying my load onto her lower back and arse cheeks. We stood under the water, regaining our breath for a couple of minutes.

“Ann, you are fantastic. Sex with you feels so good it’s untrue!”

She smiled at me. “You’re not so bad yourself, you know. Now come on, get out the shower. Your turn to make breakfast, and then we’ve got a coach to catch.” Reluctantly I stepped out of the shower and dried myself, whilst she washed her hair. She came out to breakfast shortly after me.

The walk down into town only took ten minutes, and we were in plenty of time to catch the rest of the coach party. Ann was looking as good as ever, wearing a knee length skirt and walking boots, and her low cut white t-shirt. “Hey, guess what?” she asked me as we sat down on the coach. “I accidentally forgot to put any knickers on this morning!” Sitting in the window seat, she picked up the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to show me. “Makes me feel ever so naughty!”

The coach started up, and I rested my hand on her leg, just above the knee, edging it up a little at a time until I my fingers sat between her thighs. “Annie, let me rub your pussy,” I whispered in her ear, and she parted her legs just a little. I shifted position slightly, my wrist had been at a bad angle, and, with a quick glance around the coach to check we weren’t being observed, stuck a finger onto her clitoris. I rubbed it lightly, in a circle, and that was enough to get her juices going – I dropped a finger down to her cunt to make it wet and slippery, and bought it back to her button. “Oh yeah, I love it when you’re all wet for me,” my mouth was close to her ear. “I want to rub you till you come, right here on the bus.” She was trembling, legs squeezing round my hand, turned on by how close we were to several other people. I continued speaking quietly into her ear. “Your tight cunt is squeezing my finger, feels like you’re close to coming. I want you to come, Ann, nice and quiet so all these people don’t hear, unless you want them to hear that is. Do you want them all to know I’m rubbing your cunt? Does it turn you on to do it in front of all these people?”

“Yes,” she whispered, “yes, it turns me on. I want to straddle you and fuck you on the bus seat, I want everyone else to see us fuck. Oh god, I’m gonna come, just keep rubbing me, oh yes!” I could feel the extra wetness on my hand as she came, shuddering, biting her lip to keep quiet. I slowly withdrew my hand from underneath her skirt, and bought it up to her face.

“My fingers are going to smell of your pussy all day now,” I said, “and I’m going to be turned on all day by it.”

The rest of the journey was interesting for the dramatic scenery, as we wound our way up into the mountainous interior of the island. It was an almost lunar landscape, and it was a bit of a shock to find a large car park where the cable car station was – it had been a long time since we’d seen much sign of humans at the side of the road.

We all crowded onto a cable car, which swayed slowly up the mountainside. At the top there was a restaurant, and a wide path led up to the summit of Teide. We strode out confidently, aware that there was less air up here but taking it quite easy, and made it to the tip of the mountain in less than ten minutes. “Oh, it’s beautiful!” Ann cried, as we surveyed the scene below us. The sky was a brilliant blue, and a few wispy clouds clung to the mountain below. The sea was in the distance, sunlight sparkling off it, and the darker patches of forest to the north contrasted with the arid landscape around the volcanic mountain.

It was beautiful, but it was also quite cold, the wind blowing fiercely. We stayed up there for as long as we could, savouring the scene, but in the end had to admit defeat and walk slowly back down to the restaurant for a hot drink. “Do you think they’ll have anywhere we can sneak off so you can ravish my body?” Ann asked as we walked into the heated room.

I shrugged, but kept my eyes open as we d***k warming chocolate. Ann went to the toilet when she finished her drink, and came back to report to me. “There’s too many people about,” she said, “can’t really sneak into the toilets. God, I feel like I’m about fifteen again, having to try to find all the places you can go for a snog!”

The cable car was crowded too, but that was to our advantage. Hemmed into a corner, Ann looked out of the window as I leant in behind her and left my hand resting on her arse. She twisted her head to look at me. “You are a naughty boy!” she whispered, reading my mind. I lifted her skirt and squeezed her cheek, sliding my finger between her legs. She was getting used to this, and I loved the way her legs parted to allow me access to her pussy. The cable car ride was only five minutes or so, but I managed to make her come again by the time we got to the bottom. I wondered if I was the only one in the car to sense the smell of sex in the air.

Ann fell asl**p against me on the coach back. I sat there, wondering about whether our game could continue, whether it made me a bad person to want my s****r so much, but most of all, when I could get to fuck her next.

Chapter 12

It was our last night, the flight home was the following lunchtime. Beth and Paul had cooked dinner, and mum and dad were talking about how grateful they were to Beth for organising the holiday, and to all of us for making it special for them. We decided to go for a couple of drinks at our favourite bar after eating, to toast my parent’s anniversary.

As is always the case, the end of a holiday was tinged with melancholy, but everyone said they had enjoyed the break. I knew I had, even if I was a little confused as to what it would mean to me when we all got back to Britain. The wine was flowing well, and even my mum was a little bit tipsy by about half past ten, when my dad thought it was time they strolled back to the apartment. Beth, Paul, Ann and I stayed for another bottle of wine, but weren’t too far behind them, although all the lights were out when we got back. I suggested another drink on the terrace, and Ann agreed, although the other two decided to call it a night. “Just me and you left then, s*s,” I said, bringing a couple of glasses of wine upstairs to Ann.

“Just me and you, and the hot tub!” she replied, eyes glinting mischievously again.

I smiled back at her. “Just what do you have in mind?”

“Step this way,” she said, “bring your wine, leave your clothes!” Bending down, she flicked the button to turn on the bubbles, and stood in front of me. Ann raised her arms above her head, and brought them down her sides again, then reached up to undo a couple of buttons of her shirt. She kicked her shoes off, and pulled her shirt up over her head, exposing her lacy bra. Pushing her tits together, she bent her head, almost but not quite able to lick her own nipple. She turned her back to me and slowly eased her skirt down over her hips, kicking it off and leaving her just in her underwear. Still with her back to me, she undid the clasp of her bra, and let it fall to the floor in front of her, before she turned back to face me. I stepped towards her. Ann took the wine glasses from my hands, and put them carefully by the side of the hot tub, then came to me again. She pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, bending to kiss my chest, and then tugged at the buttons on my jeans until they came loose. Pushing them down, she knelt in front of me to pull them right off, and I stepped out of them. Ann reached up and pulled my boxer shorts down too, my cock springing free – she grasped it firmly. “You’ve made me come twice today without me making you come,” she said. “I think I’d better put that right.”

Her lips slipped around the tip of my cock, and I let out an involuntary moan as she took me into her mouth. She glanced up at me. “Is that nice?” and went back to her work. Oh, was it nice? I never wanted it to stop, her lips were firm yet soft around me, insistently working on my shaft, and her tongue was licking all over inside her mouth. I closed my eyes, trying to hold back and enjoy this as long as I could, but there was no way I was going to last long, I’d been horny all day and this was going to be the release. I held her head, warning her that I was going to come, and she intensified her sucking, making the moment of orgasm almost too much to bear, my legs shaking hard as I emptied my balls into her mouth. She eased the pressure of her sucking, looking up at me as if to gain my approval, and I reached out my arms to help her to her feet.

“That felt fantastic,” I said, “probably the best blow job I’ve ever had.” I hugged her close to me, stroking her back and crushing her tits into my chest. We broke apart, and kissed, gently. She laid her head to one side and I kissed down her cheek to her neck, lazily, in no hurry – we had all the time we wanted. Ann put her arm over my shoulder, and I kissed along it, underneath it and to the side of her breast, before moving round to the front of her chest and taking a nipple gently between my teeth. Now it was my turn to kneel in front of her, and I ran my hands down her sides, feeling her shiver of anticipation as my fingers found the waistband of her knickers, and pulled them slowly down her legs. I pushed my face into her belly, the faint smell of her pussy in my nostrils, and kissed her stomach. She kicked her knickers off, and indicated that I should stand, and we stepped together over to the hot tub. It was big enough that we could both lie down in it, which we did, relaxing and getting used to the water temperature, before she rolled over into my arms. Kissing her deeply, I pulled her body close to mine, pleased that my erection hadn’t stayed away long.

Ann stood up and I sat on the seat at the side of the tub. As we’d seen Beth do a couple of nights before, Ann straddled my legs and sat down on me, my cock pressing on her stomach now. She bent to stroke it, and shuffled more upright to place her cunt lips around the tip. She was so wet, she eased herself straight down onto me, and moaned lustily as I filled her completely. She slowly started a rhythmic motion with her hips, grinding her pelvis against mine, and I gradually got the rhythm together, timing my thrusts with hers. The speed increased imperceptibly, and I reached out with my lips to grab and suckle a nipple to help her towards her climax, which came in a rush, her head banging onto my shoulder with the f***e of it. Her legs shook around mine. “Oh Joe, that’s wonderful,” she groaned, starting her motion again.

I could feel my balls bubbling again. “Annie, I’m gonna come again, you’d better get off me.”

“No,” she said, “I want to feel you come inside me now, I have to.”

This was too much, it was what I wanted to feel but hadn’t dared to expect. My balls contracted and I felt my cock bursting as I filled her cunt with my sperm. We shook in unison as her cervix contracted around my penis, drawing the last drops from it. She bent to kiss me, hard, on the lips. “That’s so much nicer than you having to pull out,” she whispered, “so much nicer.”

My penis was shrinking now, and she stepped back and off me, floating away to the other side of the tub. I leant my head back on the wall, regaining my breath. “Come on,” she said, “it’s our last night, so take me to bed and hug me.”

We stepped out of the tub, and quickly towelled ourselves dry, and picking up our clothes, we stepped quietly through the apartment to our room. Ann went to the bathroom, and I lay on my bed, tiredness enveloping my eyes. I was half asl**p by the time Ann slipped under the bed sheet, kissed my lips and lay her head on my chest.

“Good night, baby b*****r,” she said, “sl**p tight.”

Chapter 13

Day seven, the end of the holiday. My first thought on waking was a dull, depressed one, not helped by my slightly nagging hangover. I rolled over on my side, and only then did my mind return to Ann, who was lying with her back to me, sl**ping peacefully. I smiled inwardly – the holiday had been great, and it wasn’t all over yet. I reached out and ran my hand down her side, from her shoulder down her arm, over her hand and onto her hip, and down the outside of her thigh. My s****r stirred slightly, but didn’t wake up. I shuffled my body close behind her, my cock hard now, pressed against the small of her back, and reached over her arm to stroke her stomach. I used my knee to bend her right leg, so she was nearly face down now, and rubbed down her back and over her arse crack. Ann whimpered gently as I ran my fingers between her legs, parting her thighs for me. I gently stroked around her cunt lips, noting how heavy her breathing was becoming, and eased her over a little more so she was completely face down.

I knelt over her, pushed my right leg between hers, and bent to kiss the back of her neck. I was sure she was awake now, but she didn’t say anything or move other than where I put her – she seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. My kisses went down her back, my hand on her arse until my mouth wanted to kiss there. I moved back down the bed to allow me space to kiss the tops of her thighs, and gradually started concentrating my attentions onto her arse. I cupped my hand and slid it up to her pussy, and Ann lifted her hips a little to let me rub her hard little clitoris. My tongue moved between her legs, licking her pussy, tasting her arousal. I lifted my head, and knelt up, stroking my erection. I bent to kiss the back of her neck again, and lowered my body so that my cock was against her arse cheeks. Easing her thighs apart further, I pushed my penis between them, and felt her tense against it. Reaching down, I rubbed my thick cock on her cunt lips, and heard Ann almost growl with anticipation. I slipped it in, just a little, and then out again, repeating this move a few times, turning us both on with the frustration. Finally, I gave a bigger thrust, and pushed my cock in as far as it would go, Ann’s hips rising from the bed to encourage me deeper. I held us in that position for a few seconds, and then started a slow, circular motion with my hips, which Ann met with thrusts of her own. Fucking her from behind felt wonderful, I felt lost, there was nothing else in the world. Ann bucked hard against me, her thighs trembling, and I noticed her hand was clasped tightly around the bedpost as she shook underneath me. My balls contracted, once, twice, and I held my cock still and deep inside her as I emptied my load into her womb.

Collapsing on top of her, I eased my sticky cock from her cunt, and rolled onto my back. Ann looked over at me, smiling. “Morning,” she said, “that felt like a good way to wake up!”

I leant over to kiss her. “Morning sexy,” I said. “Felt pretty good to me too. You alright?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Shame we’ve got to go home, I could stay here with you all day.”

My depression returned fleetingly. “Ah well, all good things come to an end.”

“Come on, we’ve got packing to do.” Ann jumped out of bed, and grabbed her case from the cupboard. I lay back and watched her, wondering if this was the last time I was going to see her naked body. I wanted to remember it for as long as possible. Ann put on her short black skirt, and picked up a bra from the floor. “Guess what?” she asked, and continued before I could reply, “I’m not going to wear any knickers today, just so I can feel your come on my thighs all the way home.”

Oh god what an amazing thought. “But how am I going to keep my hands off you now?” I pleaded as she put on her bra, and found a white t-shirt. Ann smirked at me, and walked out to the lounge. I could only shake my head in wonder, get up and pack my things too.

We were met by a bus to take us to the airport, and the journey passed uneventfully. Waiting for the plane, Ann and I wandered round the duty free shop and picked out a couple of bottles to take back with us. “You don’t have to, you know,” she nudged me in the ribs.

“What? Don’t have to what?” I was confused.

“Keep your hands off me.” Ann gave me that wicked smile.

“Oh, yeah, sorry, I see,” I said. “I’ve been having a hard job controlling myself, but there’s loads of people about. Including our parents!”

“Come with me,” she said, leading me by the hand. I put the bottle back on the shelf and followed, it looked like I had no choice! Ann led me up some stairs, and towards the toilets. There was one door, which opened up into the ladies on one side and the gents on the other. She went straight for the ladies, hustling me inside and looking around to make sure we hadn’t been seen. She pushed me into one of the cubicles, and locked the door behind us, turning to me with a smile. “Come on, we haven’t got much time,” she urged. “I want you inside me again.”

I undid my jeans, and she reached for my cock, pulling it from my boxers. Bending down in front of me, Ann took me in her mouth, sucking until I was fully erect and then standing up. “Fuck me, Joe,” she commanded. I reached my hand under her skirt, feeling my dried spunk on her thighs, and pushed her legs apart to rub her cunt, already so wet and willing. I sat on the toilet seat, pushing my jeans and shorts down below my knees, and encouraged her to straddle me. She didn’t need much encouraging! Ann lifted her skirt up and threw her leg over mine, rubbing her pussy against my cock before lifting herself up and impaling herself on me. “Oh yes!” she cried as my full length buried itself into her. She started humping up and down on me, hard. “I wanna make you come in me again,” she gasped as I reached behind her and placed a finger tip on her arsehole. “Oh jesus, I’m so close, oh yes I’m coming, Joe, come with me, come with me.” I was – closing my eyes and shaking with the exertion as my penis squirted into her again. We slowed our movements gradually, and kissed on the lips. Parting, we laughed at ourselves – as bad as horny teenagers sneaking away from the parents for illicit sex. Ann eased herself away from my shrinking prick and stood in front of me. “I love the feeling of it running down my legs,” she said, showing me her pussy, my cream oozing from between the lips.

We had to rejoin the rest of them – our flight was in half an hour. Ann listened at the door to make sure there was no one else around, and we ran out of the toilets. “Wondered where you’d got to,” said Beth, ever the organiser, as we got back to where everyone else was seated. “Come on, they’ve just called our flight.”


I haven’t slept with my s****r since that holiday. We didn’t even have a seat together on the plane home, and when we got back to our parents, Ann drove off quickly, wanting to be with her son. She phoned me four or five days later. “Hey, I, er, got my period,” she said, and, although it hadn’t been worrying me too much I had to admit I was pleased! “We still friends?” she asked.

Of course we were. I think I’ll love my s****r as long as I live. I’ll certainly always remember our f****y holiday together.... Continue»
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